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Allie and Nicole

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Synopsis: Allie is a 15 year old girl that loses both her parents in an auto accident. She is taken in by her one time babysitter, Nicole, who has always lusted after her. Poor Allie is humiliated and forced to satisfy her new Mistress in many inventive ways.
Allie and Nicole

Part 1 - Allie and Nicole.	

"Don't worry Allie, you can stay with me, I'll take care of you." Nicole hugged
her unsuspecting friend, she had always fantasized about her young friend ever
since she babysat her when the girl was 6. Now that they were 27 and 15
respectively, Nicole got custody because Allie's parents had made her Allie's

Allie's blond hair and blue eyes were offset by the black dress of mourning she
wore. Her parents had been killed in a car accident and they were the only
family Allie had in the whole world. She was an only child, no grandparents, no
cousins, and having just turned 15 she had nowhere to go. Nicole had a career, a
house, and room to take in a desperate girl. So when her friend Nicole offered
to take care of her, Allie felt great relief.

Over the next several weeks Nicole was a constant presence in Allie's life,
helping her sell her parents house, getting all the estate paperwork handled.
Allie was a wreck. Nicole had an extra bedroom in her house, it was small,
actually barely room for a bed and a dresser, but it was a home for Allie when
she desperately needed one. Nicole helped Allie move in, she only needed to
bring some clothes, Nicole had all her families furniture sold, she told Allie
that she wouldn't need any furniture because Nicole would take care of her from
now on. Allie was still in to much shock to care so she submitted to Nicole's

After Allie was completely moved in, Nicole laid down some ground rules. Since
Nicole was working and Allie was not, Nicole had Allie do all the housework, the
cleaning, the cooking. She said it was for her own good, get her doing something
instead of just sitting around the house moping. She also told Allie that she
didn't think it was a good idea for Allie to go out by herself in her current
state of mind.

So Allie spent her days at home, cleaning Nicole's house, and cooking her meals.
Nicole was very demanding and often had Allie re-clean the kitchen or the
bathroom, saying that it was for Allie's own good, when needed to focus on what
she was doing. Soon Allie was used to doing what Nicole told her.

After about a month Nicole told Allie it was time they got Allie out of the
house. Nicole suggested they go out to dinner. Allie was a little excited. For
the first time since her parents death, she was looking forward to something.
Nicole told Allie that first of all they would need to go get Allie some new

"Allie we need to get you some new clothes, yours have seen better days." Nicole
said this as she held an old brown sweater up for inspection. "I mean really
Allie most of your clothes are quite worn. They are also girl clothes, I think
it is time we get you some clothes suitable for a young woman."

"Yes Nicole, you're right," Allie didn't disagree with Nicole, she felt a little
embarrassed by her comment though. Allie's clothes were all she had left from
when her parents were alive.

Nicole picked through Allies dresser, through her bras and panties, "We are
definitely going to have to do something about these," she said as she held up
an old pair of gray cotton panties, "I mean really, these are for a teenager, we
need to get you some adult underwear to go with some new clothes."

Allie just nodded smiling in resignation.

"Come on girl, let's go to the mall."

Nicole drove them to the local mall in her BMW, and took them to The Bon Marche
where she started to pick out dresses for Allie. Allie stood next to her and
held the dresses as Nicole handed them to her. They weren't dresses that Allie
would have picked out for herself, but she was thankful that her friend was
taking care of her so she didn't say anything. The dresses were short and
flimsy, two were red, one black, and one was a flower pattern.

Nicole led Allie back to a dressing room, found an empty room and walked in with

She turned to Allie and said, "Now let's try on the flower one first." She
looked at the younger woman expectantly.

Allie Thought it a bit unusual that Nicole was in the dressing room with her,
but she didn't say anything. Slowly Allie took off her sweater, revealing her
old boring bra. Nicole was drooling to herself as she watched the strip show.
This was better than she had hoped, Allie was letting her stay in the dressing
room. She must be a born submissive thought Nicole. The girl's beautiful little
B cup breasts were held firmly in the sturdy bra. Nicole couldn't wait to
replace the ugly utilitarian thing with a lacy sexy one, well one thing at time.
Slowly Allie pulled down her old jeans, showing off her tight young body, smooth
legs and firm ass hidden behind some old ratty cotton panties. Nicole could
barely contain herself from ripping them to shreds and taking the girl
forcefully right there in the store. Ahh patience she thought.

Allie was standing in front of Nicole in her panties, bra, and sneakers. They
stood still for a moment, Allie looking down at the floor a bit bashfully while
Nicole surveyed the young woman from her toes to her ass to her breasts.
Drinking in the vision of innocence in front of her

"Come on there Allie," said Nicole impatiently, although she could have looked
at her prize for quite awhile longer, "get dressed, do you like standing around
in your underwear?"

Allie just nodded sheepishly and put on the flower dress. It was quite short,
and came down to barely cover her ass, in truth it was too small for her, but
Nicole told her it was perfect, "The short style is all the rage right now."
Nicole loved how the girl struggled to stand where the dress wouldn't show her
ass or crotch, she could do it, but she had to stand up straight. Of course
right now only her hideously ugly gray cotton panties poked out, but that would
be remedied soon enough thought Nicole.

"Nicole, this dress is too small, I can't wear this."

"Nonsense Allie, all the young women are wearing this style right now, you want
to fit in don't you?"

"I don't know."

"Look I'm not wasting my money on some old boring clothes to replace your old
boring clothes, I want you looking nice and feeling a bit sexy, it'll help your

"OK, I guess."

"That's better, now try on the red one."

The red dress was even better, slinkier with only strings for straps over her
shoulders, again it was a very short dress that was hard for Allie to hide her
crotch and ass from prying eyes. they tried the other dresses on as well, and by
the time they were done Nicole's pussy was wet and had soaked her panties, she
was sure that Allie could smell the mustiness of her sex. Upon leaving, as Allie
was reaching to put her sweater and jeans back on, Nicole stopped her.

"Allie, I would like you to wear one of the new outfits I just bought for you,
could you please wear the red dress, I think you look great in it." It wasn't a
request, Nicole handed her the dress and took the sweater and jeans away from
the girl, Allie would never wear them again anyway, Nicole was going to throw
out all of Allie's old clothes.

Allie put on the flimsy short dress and stood uncomfortably in front of Nicole.

"Perfect, next stop Victoria Secrets for some new underwear." Allie was
mortified, would Nicole make her change underwear in front of her as well. She
shyly walked behind her friend to the checkout counter to pay for her dresses.
As Nicole paid, Allie stood right behind her, embarrassed by how she was
dressed. The other people around her gave her disapproving stares, except for a
few men who were obviously thinking about fucking her. Allie felt worse than
naked, she felt on display, but Nicole insisted that she looked great so it must
be in her head.

After paying, Nicole made Allie carry the bags which prevented her from
controlling her dress and covering her ass. She led Allie through the mall to
Victoria Secrets, all the way Allie was getting stares from men and women alike,
some girls her own age looked and pointed. Allie was humiliated. Her skirt was
shorter than a cheerleaders, her ass poked into view with every other step no
matter how much she tried to hide it, there was nothing she could do.

They got to the store and Allie was actually relieved to be entering the
lingerie store, at least there were less people inside than out. Nicole led her
in a businesslike manner straight to the g-string rack. She picked out a dozen
panties without consulting Allie in the least, she then walked over to the
matching lacy bra rack and picked the matching bras. Allie started to protest,
but Nicole just ignored her, turned her around and held a red g-string panty up
against her ass.

"Perfect, now go put this on and bring me the old stuff." Allie sputtered a bit
but Nicole just pushed her gently in the direction of the changing room. Once
there Allie stood there thinking how she could keep her old underwear, maybe if
she wore the new ones for the day, she could convince Nicole to let her wear her
old underwear later. She resigned herself to wearing them right now, it seemed
to be what Nicole wanted and she was taking care of her now. She slowly took the
dress off, removed her bra, and pulled her underwear down, at least Nicole
hadn't come in the changing room with her. Just then the door opened and Nicole
stood there.

"I was thinking, Why don't you wear the black ones." She handed the black ones
to Allie as she stood there naked and dumbstruck. Allie took the black lingerie,
Nicole scooped up the red ones and before Allie could stop her, she grabbed her
old underwear as well. Allie now had no options but to wear the revealing
underwear. Nicole stood there for a second and looked Allie up and down, Allie
wondered if there was something wrong with her, and looked down. Nicole waited
as Allie pulled the black g-string up her legs and the waistband to her hips.
Nicole closed the door to the dressing room slowly as Allie put the bra on.

Nicole couldn't believe this was happening, no matter how fast she pushed her
Allie was willing, she was going to have this girl sucking her pussy by the end
of the day.

Allie put the short flimsy red dress back on and looked at herself in the
mirror, she looked like a slut, the dress barely covered her crotch and if she
spun around, you could clearly see her ass. The underwear felt weird, it felt
like she was wearing normal underwear that had just completely ridden up her
crack, she was constantly aware of it. It made her think about how scantily clad
she was, nothing would be hidden from prying eyes.

She opened the door to the dressing room and ashamedly walked out to the store
floor. She walked directly over to Nicole who was standing by the register
paying for the underwear. She tried to get her attention to tell her she
couldn't wear these clothes, but Nicole was talking to the clerk, a girl about
her own age, blond, cute. She didn't really hear what they were saying, she was
still in shock.

"Allie go around to the cashier's side she needs the tag off of those panties
you are wearing." Allie walked around the counter without thinking.

"Umm where's the tag?" said the young girl.

Nicole walked around and turned the dazed Allie around so her ass was facing the
girl and lifted the hem of the short red dress, revealing Allie's perfect ass
with the g-string strap running down her crack and nothing else. The tag was
still attached to the hem of the underwear. The clerk looked a little disgusted
as she slowly reached for the tag, grabbed it, pulled it tight and cut the
plastic loop. Allie was completely embarrassed. The girl took that tag and
muttered "whore" under her breath, Allie heard and wanted to tell the girl that
she really wasn't, but she was in too much shock to say anything. She was almost
crying from embarrassment.

After Nicole paid the cashier, she led Allie out of the store, and into the mall
proper. Allie now had another bag to carry and her ass was essentially bare for
the world to see.

"One more stop for you girl and then we'll go out to dinner."

Allie was dreading the next stop, but she couldn't think of what could be worse
than showing her ass to a young girl, displayed so nonchalantly by Nicole.

They made there way to a shoe store, people were gawking at Allie the whole way
there, Nicole walked faster than Allie, so it looked like Allie was by herself.
Once they were both inside Nicole picked up several pump styles for Allie to try
on. A salesgirl came over, again she was young and cute, it must be mandatory to
be cute to work at the mall thought Allie.

Nicole had Allie sit down in one of the chairs to try on a couple of sizes. The
Salesgirl brought out a couple pairs of red and black pumps. She knelt down in
front of Allie and Allie realized she could see right up her dress, the dress
barely covered anything, and on top of that it had ridden up a little as she sat
down. The girl could look directly at her lace covered pussy.

Allie tried not to give the girl a show, but as she moved each foot to try on
one of the shoes her legs separated a little and her lace covered cunny was
visible. On top of the embarrassment, she found herself feeling a little aroused
as she saw the girl look up at her crotch many times during the shoe trying on.
Was the salesgirl looking on purpose? She was still more embarrassed than
anything else and as soon as Nicole was satisfied she put on the pumps and got
out of the store. Nicole paid again and followed her.

"OK, we're all done shopping for you, now I just want to pick up a couple of
magazines and we'll be headed to dinner." They headed to B. Daltons and walked
inside, there weren't very many people there, so Allie decided to hide between a
couple of the book racks. After a few minutes Nicole came over with a few
magazines, Allie saw a Cosmo on top but couldn't see what the other titles were.
They walked up to the cash register, another young woman was working it. They
stood in line, Allie stood very still so her ass wouldn't poke out from beneath
her skirt. The person in front of them had several books to buy, soon there was
a line of four people behind them. Two men and two women. Right as they got to
the front of the line, Nicole handed her a fifty dollar bill and told Allie to
buy the magazines because she had to go check on dinner reservations, then she
walked out of the store.

Allie stepped to the counter and set the magazines down. As she did they spread
out, there was a Cosmo, but there was also a Penthouse, a Hustler, a Swank, and
a Hawk. She was petrified, what would the people in line behind her think. She
saw them all look, the two women grimaced in disgust, one of the men actually
smiled and the clerk just raised her eyebrows.

"Buying a little light reading I see?" said the sales girl, the line of people
chuckled, they realized she was something to be made fun of, not something to
get angry at.

"That'll keep your hands busy tonight." said one of the men.

They laughed at her.

"Looking for some fashion pointers?" said the Sales girl, as she held up the
cover of the Swank magazine, which had a naked blonde conveniently turned so as
to hide her pussy, and with her arm hiding her nipples, but you could see at
least one whole tit.

Allie paid the clerk and rushed out of the store in a such a hurry, she had
forgotten to get a bag for the magazines, she tried to stuff the magazines into
one of her bags, but ended up dropping two of them, the Hustler and the
Penthouse. She crouched down and picked them up, but not before people stopped
to look, they all gawked at the scantily clad girl shoving porn magazines into
her shopping bags. Allie hurried off in humiliation sure the people were
thinking she was a lesbian, and she was going to masturbate to pictures of other

Nicole sidled up to the distraught fifteen year old, she was laughing, "That was
a good gag huh?"

Allie tried to smile and laugh it off, but she couldn't really shake the
humiliation she felt.

Nicole led her out of the mall and back to her black BMW, thinking this girl was
hers. They got into the car and headed off to home.

"Now that you are dressed nice for dinner, I need to get changed. So we'll go
home first and drop off all our stuff."

Allie could feel the leather of the seat all the way up her thigh to her ass
cheeks, it was cold at first and then pleasantly warm.

"How do you like your new clothes Allie?" Asked Nicole, she knew the girl hated
how revealing they were, but Nicole loved how they showed off the girls perfect
body, hard and tight. Nicole wanted her to be used to showing a lot of skin, she
had better get used to it, because she was going to be showing a lot more than
this in the future.

"I like them Nicole, thank you very much." Allie lied.

Nicole reached over to Allie's leg with her right hand and patted her thigh,
high up by her hip, "You're welcome pet." She left her hand on Allie's thigh.
Allie sat still. Why did Nicole leave her hand there? Why did she call her pet?
Nicole's hand felt very hot, her fingers were only an inch or two from Allie's
pussy. She started thinking about Nicole's hand, would she move it? Allie half
wanted her to move it up to her pussy and play with her, and half of her wanted
to tell Nicole to stop it. She was torn, so she just sat still all the way home.

Part II : The couple goes to dinner.

Part 2 - The couple goes to dinner.

Nicole was going crazy with desire! Here she was in her car, with a blonde
haired, blue eyed, teen dream sitting next to her in a short slutty dress. She
had her hand on the girls thigh inches from her pussy. Was she going to be able
to make it through dinner without raping the fifteen year old. Her panties were
getting soaked from the events of the afternoon.

She drove the rest of the way home with her hand on Allie's thigh. When they
pulled into Nicole's garage, she patted her thigh again and got out of the car.
Allie wished she would have left her hand there it felt so nice. She followed
Nicole into the house carrying her bags. They walked into the kitchen.

"It's five o'clock, the reservations are for 6, I'll go get ready and we'll
leave in a half hour." She smiled at Allie, and walked out of the kitchen. As
she walked past Allie she patted her on the ass. "Oh by the way," she said as
she walked down the hall, "I bought you some new nighties for you to wear to bed
as well, they were really expensive, but I want nothing but the best for my
girl. We've got the time why don't you try them on and come back and model them
to me, I would really like that."

Allie stomach sank a bit as she put the bags on the counter. She slowly reached
for the Victoria Secrets bag, opened it up and looked inside. Sitting on top of
her new underwear were three small teddies, one red, one cream, and one black.

"Put the cream one on, I think you'll look the best in that one," shouted Nicole
from her bedroom.

Allie pulled them out of the bag, they were small flimsy silky teddies. They
looked like they wouldn't hide much of her body. She was confused, she knew she
should feel grateful to Nicole for taking care of her, and buying her all the
new clothes, but she just wasn't comfortable wearing such revealing attire. In
her daze she started to get undressed. She pulled the dress off and then her bra
and panties, and slipped out of her pumps. She stood in the kitchen naked as she
held the flimsy little cream teddy up, trying to figure out how to put it on.
She quickly slipped it on, pulling it up her young thighs and up her body. She
slid the thin straps over her shoulders and appraised herself. The teddy fit her
somewhat loosely, but it was so thin it didn't cover anything completely, one or
the other breast was always poking out, and her pussy and ass were completely
viewable for anyone with her slightest movement.

She sheepishly started walking back to Nicole's bedroom, when she got there
Nicole was already dressed in a stunning pant suit, she looked so adult, like
the confident career woman she was. She turned and smiled at Allie, "You look so
sexy, I could eat you up." Allie smiled slightly, she didn't quite know exactly
what Nicole meant by her statement, but the silk felt good on her skin.

"Turn around pet." Allie turned around slowly, "No, no, no, do it a little
sluttily, think about what your wearing, tease a little."

Allie tried to turn around with a little coyness and sexiness, she wanted to get
Nicole's approval, but she hadn't really ever done something like this before.
Nicole was loving this, she had this fifteen year old modeling lingerie for her,
trying to look sexy, in her bedroom. She was going to fuck this girl, and she
was really looking forward to it.

"Well, we'll have to work on that. How does it fit." Without waiting for an
answer Nicole walked up to Allie and before the little girl could do anything
Nicole was cupping her breasts, "Do you have enough room in there?" Nicole
almost drooled as she slid one hand inside the girls teddy and finally touched
the perfect breasts. Allie's nipples were already hard from her constant
arousal, but they quickly got harder from Nicole's massaging.

"The fabric isn't too tight is it?" Said Nicole in a mock innocent tone.

"No, it feels fine," replied Allie in a husky whisper.

"How about down here?" Said Nicole as she moved her left hand down inside the
hem of the girls crotch, she could feel the girls pussy hair tickling the back
of her fingers. Allie was holding her breath and she closed her eyes, her whole
being was focused on Nicole's hands, the one on her breast, cupping it gently
and the one down by her pussy. She wanted Nicole to feel her down there, finger
her, stick her finger inside her.

"f...fine" She answered almost inaudibly.

Nicole slowly moved her fingers down the hem as Allie spread her legs slightly
to allow her access to her privates. "Even underneath?" She said as she had her
fingers a mere fraction of an inch from the girls pussy.


Nicole let her fingers touch the girls cunny, Allie was very wet. "My my, you
are wet, well we might have to do something about that later, but we don't have
time right now to satisfy your horny little urges." She turned her hand and
inserted her middle finger quickly into the girl, she was tight, and slick.
Allie let out a gasp and almost came right there. She kept her eyes closed and
scrunched her eyebrows together in near ecstasy

"Later" It was the hardest thing Nicole had ever done, but she pulled her finger
out of the innocent girl, and told her to go get the other two teddies and bring
them here to try on as she finished getting ready. After the girl had left
Nicole smelled her finger and licked off the girls juices, so sweet and young,
she was going to enjoy having a girl-toy of her own to play with.

Allie walked out on wobbly legs, back to the kitchen to retrieve the other two
negligees. She then returned to the bedroom, her head spinning from all the
conflicting emotions, she wanted Nicole to make her cum, but she felt she
shouldn't be this way, and she felt embarrassed still about wearing these skimpy
clothes. She didn't like girls, she wasn't a lesbian, why then was she so
aroused by Nicole.

When she got back to the room, Nicole looked at her again and had her turn
around again, "Oh yeah that's a good color on you." Allie felt on display, she
was so embarrassed.

"Why don't you try on the red one now, you'll probably look really hot in it."
Nicole just stood there as the teenager took off the teddy in her bedroom and
stood there naked, her breasts were perfect, and her pussy had a small soft
covering of peach fuzz.. Allie picked up the red teddy and started to put it on.

Nicole looked at her watch and said, "Oh we're late, we have to get going." She
grabbed the teen's hand as Allie dropped the lingerie to the floor. Nicole led
the naked teen out to the kitchen.

They stood in the kitchen, Nicole was fully dressed in her stunning navy pant
suit and behind her was Allie completely naked. "Come on horny girl, we've got
to get going. Put your black dress on, with the black bra and underwear, we are
going to a nice place and I want you looking nice. Here I'll help." Nicole
grabbed the black bra and walked around the almost delirious girl and put the
bra on, spending time cupping the perky breasts to make sure they were fitted
correctly. She then picked up the black g-string and had the girl step into the
leg holes and then started to slide it up Allie's tight teenagers legs.

When she got them all the way up she pulled the string in back a bit tight.

"How does that feel?" She hooked a finger under the string and ran her hand down
under the girls crotch as she spread her legs in compliance. Nicole slid her
finger easily into the girls wet cunt again and leaned against the girls back.
When Allie didn't answer her again, she reached around with her other hand and
started to massage the girls breast.

"I asked how that felt," she whispered in Allie's ear.

"MMmmmm...I...they feel fine." Allie struggled to say. Nicole started to gently
finger fuck the girl as she massaged Allie's breast. She held the girl tightly
to her body. "Do you want me to stop?" She asked.

"No...please make me cum." Answered the girl.

"I wish we had time, but we have to get going." With that Nicole pushed her
finger all the way in, Allie gritted her teeth in pleasure, she was right at the
brink of cumming. Then Nicole pulled out. "Put your dress on you little slut, I
don't want to be late." She backed away as Allie gave a moan of desire. She was
kind of dazed for a minute until she heard Nicole tell her to put her dress on

She slipped the dress over her head, the black one fit her better than the
others, at least her ass wouldn't be sticking out with each step. Nicole led
them back to the car and she drove out of the garage.

"Maybe we can take care of that itch on the way to the restaurant. Pull your
panties down to your knees pet." Allie thought whether she should be doing this,
this wasn't like her, she was a nice girl, not a sex craved slut, but she was
too aroused right now to stop. She raised the hem of her skirt, giving Nicole a
nice view of her crotch, and hooked her fingers in the waistband of her panties,
lifted her ass off the seat an inch, and slid her panties down her legs to her

"You have a beautiful pussy Allie." Allie smiled a little, she had never been
complimented on her pussy, but then nobody else had ever seen it before today.
She didn't know quite how to feel. "When someone compliments you, you should say
thank you," said Nicole sternly.

"Thank you Nicole," Allie replied quietly.

"Are you still wet?"

"Yes Nicole."

"Touch yourself, tell me how wet you are, but don't play with yourself."

Allie held her skirt up with her left hand and reached down to her pussy with
her right hand. She moved her middle finger down to her slit and slid down into
the folds of her labia. She was slick and sloppy wet, her finger became coated
with her juices immediately.

"I'm very wet Nicole."

"Do you want to play with yourself?" Asked Nicole, she was getting excited
herself watching the teenager expose herself. "Yes" Allie had her eyes closed,
holding her finger still against her clit, pressing against her sex, enjoying
the pressure, but wanting to frig herself. She had to consciously hold herself

"If you ask me politely, I'll let you play pet." Nicole said sternly.

"May I please play with myself?" Allie begged.

"Ask me again, and this me Mistress."

Allie was too desperate for release to question Nicole, she simply repeated her
request, "May I please play with myself, Mistress?"

"Yes pet you may, but don't cum until I say you can."

Allie immediately started to masturbate in the front seat Nicole's BMW.

"Lift your skirt up a bit more pet, I want to watch you get off." Allie lifted
her skirt up a bit more for Nicole as she frigged her clit. She had her eyes
closed and had her lower lip clenched in her teeth as she furiously tried to get

"Remember, don't cum until I give permission, so you'd better slow down a bit."
Allie moaned in frustration, to keep from cumming right now she would almost
have to stop moving her fingers. "Allie, did you hear me."

"yesss." said the girl as she slowed her masturbating.

"Yes what pet?" Said Nicole sternly.

"Yes Mistress." Allie said without thinking about it as she slowed down until
she was moving her hand in slow circles over her clit.

"Now that's better, spread you legs a bit more pet, I want to see your pussy a
little more clearly." Allie spread her legs as wide as she could against the
elastic of her panties. they were stretched tight, showing how little fabric
they had, looking like just an elastic band. Nicole could see the moist folds of
the girls pussy, glistening with her juices. Allie had stopped moving her hand
entirely and was sitting on the seat panting through clenched teeth, just
pressing her finger against her clit, it was almost too much by itself. Nicole
was in heaven, she had this teenage girl obeying her completely.

They were approaching the building where Nicole had dinner reservations for two.
Just as they pulled into the driveway, with Allie almost moaning in frustration,
Nicole said, "OK pet you may cum now."

Allie started humping her hand as she furiously rushed to her climax. Right then
Nicole rolled down her window and drove up to the parking lot attendant. Allie
was moaning loudly in the passenger seat, her panties around her knees, her legs
spread as wide as she could, her eyes closed, and her hand frigging her teenage
cunt as fast as she could. Nicole turned to the lot attendant, a young man, with
his jaw dropped, watching this young girl get off in the passenger seat of
Nicole's BMW.

"May I have a ticket please," said Nicole, talking somewhat loudly to be heard
over Allie's cries of pleasure. She broke the young man out of his reverie.

"Ummm...yeah." He handed her the ticket absentmindedly and Nicole drove into the
garage, with Allie still obliviously masturbating in the passenger seat. The
attendant stood there dumbstruck.

Allie came, it was the greatest cum of her young life, she panted and went rigid
as her climax peaked. She continued massaging her pussy until she had settled
down a little, and could open her eyes. She noticed they were in a parking
garage, she didn't remember how they had gotten in there. The car was turned off
and Nicole was sitting watching her.

"Did that feel good pet?" Asked Nicole.

Allie was in a daze and barely heard herself answer, "yes Mistress." Did she
just call Nicole Mistress, why did she do that?

Then she started to remember the drive in, the masturbating, Nicole asking her
to call her Mistress, was there something else? Oh my god thought Allie, the lot
attendant had seen everything.

"Nicole did I just...did the lot attendant just see me?"

"Yes he did, pet you were so hot to get off, I wasn't going to stop you, you
seemed to be enjoying yourself so much. You gave him quite a show, he'll
probably be telling all his friends for year. Now pull your panties up, you
horny girl, and let's go, I don't want to be late." Before Allie could say
anything Nicole got out of the car. Allie sat in shock for a minute, what was
happening to her, she wasn't like this, she shouldn't be masturbating in
Nicole's car, only sluts did that. She wasn't a slut, was she?

Nicole opened Allie's door, "Come on Allie, we don't have time for you to bring
yourself off again or we'll be late." Allie got out of the car, she had
forgotten her panties were still around her knees and struggled to pull them up
as Nicole grabbed her behind the arm and led her towards the elevator. Her dress
rode up and she only got her panties up partway, they were not on properly and
her pussy sat half out of the g-string. She had to stop trying because they were
near the elevator, and she didn't want anyone to see her.

They got to the elevator, "This is a nice restaurant pet, so I want you to keep
your horny urges under control." The elevator doors opened and Nicole forced the
dazed girl inside in front of her. A nice well dressed couple entered the
elevator behind them, Nicole pulled Allie to the back of the elevator and let go
of her arm.

The doors closed and Nicole started up an innocuous conversation with the couple
about the weather. Meanwhile she rested her hand on Allie's naked ass, rubbing
it gently. She ran a finger slowly under the girls crotch and slid it within the
folds of the girls labia. Allie made a little intake of breath. Nicole continued
to talk to the couple, now about the stock market, as she inserted her finger
into the girl, one knuckle, two, three. She started to slowly finger fuck the
girl as she continued the conversation with the couple in the elevator. Allie
was on fire, her musky scent started to fill the elevator. In and out, in and

They got to the restaurant floor just as the woman of the couple started to
notice the girls musk, she gave Allie an inquiring look, she knew the slutty
little  girl was aroused, she could smell the girl's juices. Nicole nonchalantly
slid her finger out of the girls cunt, removed her hand from the girls crotch,
and led them up to the maitre de of the restaurant who was standing at his
station. The couple were seated first, Allie had to stand there with her panties
askew, her pussy almost dripping juices, and all she wanted to do was for Nicole
to finish her off. She wanted the chance to go to the ladies room to frig
herself quickly off.

The Maitre De turned his attention back to Nicole and asked if she had a

"Yes, under Johnson." He looked at his schedule briefly and gave them the
plastic smile he had practiced, and then called Cheri over to seat them. Cheri
was a pretty blonde woman, Allie looked at her a little different after the
day's events, she looked at the way the woman's ass moved as she walked, she
pictured the hostess without any clothes on. What was happening to her? She
wasn't gay, she liked boys, didn't she? Allie was very confused. Cheri led them
through the restaurant to their window table, and was going to seat the woman
and the teen when Nicole stopped her, and talked quietly to the hostess.

"I'm sorry to have to ask this, but I don't want my slutty girlfriend to ruin
your seats. She is very wet...down there, you know in her private area. She just
masturbated on the way over and I'm afraid she will stain your nice chairs,
could you get a towel for her to sit on." The Hostess looked shocked, cast a
disapproving glare at Allie and headed off to get a towel. Allie couldn't hear
what Nicole had said, but as she tried to sit down Nicole told her to wait for
the Hostess to get back. Nicole sat down leaving Allie to stand there
embarrassed and wondering where the hostess had gone. The Hostess came back with
a dish towel, she rudely pushed Allie out of the way, muttering "slut" under her
breath and carefully placed the towel on Allie's seat. Several groups of people
at nearby tables witnessed this and pointed to Allie and talked about her in
hushed tones.

Allie was humiliated, standing there as the hostess put a towel down on her seat
to protect it, she wanted to crawl inside a hole and hide, but Nicole told her
to sit and so she did, sitting on the rough dish towel. She could feel its'
course fabric against the back of her naked thighs.

The Hostess told them their waitress would be there in a minute, and left.

Nicole looked sternly at Allie and said, "I don't want you sulking Allie, we are
here to enjoy ourselves, but I didn't want you damaging the nice furniture of
the restaurant. If you just weren't such a horny little slut, I wouldn't have
this problem."

"I'm not a slut." Allie said very quietly.

"Not a slut?! Please, you begged me to finger fuck you before we left, you
masturbated in my car on the way over, is that something a normal fifteen year
old girl would do? I don't think so. Now enough of this petty arguing, if you
can keep your fingers out of you pussy, we'll order some dinner."

They looked up and the waitress was standing there, for how long Allie was
unsure, but it was obviously long enough, because she leaned in close to the
table and said, "Don't worry ladies, I won't hassle you, I'm gay too so I
understand how hard it can be to be a Lesbian in this straight society."

Allie wanted to argue, but Nicole answered for her, "Thank you we appreciate
your understanding, Allie can be so horny sometimes, she has trouble keeping her
hands out of her panties." Nicole ordered both their dinner's not allowing Allie
to even look at the menu, she ordered Allie just a light salad, with a
vinaigrette dressing while she ordered herself veal marsala and some wine.

After the waitress had left Nicole asked Allie if she thought the waitress was

"Yeah I guess." said Allie sullenly.

"Allie that is no attitude to have, aren't you grateful for me taking you out to
a nice restaurant? Don't you appreciate the nice things I've done for you? I
mean it seems as if you are ungrateful."

Allie was startled, she didn't want to upset Nicole, Nicole was the only person
who cared about her, she wanted Nicole to like her. She started to tear up in
confusion, she didn't want to be slutty, but maybe that was what she was, she
desperately wanted to please Nicole.

"I'm sorry Nicole, I'll try to be good."

"That's better pet, now smile and enjoy yourself."

Betsy their waitress brought their dinners and lingered a bit by Allie's chair,
Nicole encouraged the attention she placed on the teen. Betsy looked about 19
was brunette and looked quite athletic. Allie felt very uncomfortable as the
waitress started hitting on her.

Later in the meal, when Betsy came over to ask how things were going, Nicole
asked if she would like to see a little more of Allie's leg's.

"Yes, that'd be great." the waitress said quietly, Nicole nodded and smiled.

"Raise your dress a bit for your new friend pet, let her see a bit more of you."

Allie didn't know what to do, she didn't want to show her legs to the waitress,
but she didn't want to cause a scene. So she lifted the hem of her dress about
an inch up her thighs, not really revealing anything.

"Did she raise it high enough for you?"

Betsy leaned over and looked at the teen's lap, "No, I can't see anything."

"Allie, pull your dress up to your waist so Betsy can see your panties. You want
to be polite and have good manners don't you?" Allie was close to crying, but in
her confused state, she didn't know what to do. She lifted her skirt up to her
waist so Betsy could see her panties, just then she remembered that they weren't
on straight, and the waitress would be able to see part of her pussy, she hung
her head in shame as she flashed her crotch at the young woman.

"Did she show enough to you now?" asked Nicole.

"Oh yeah," said Betsy, as she looked down into Allie's lap and saw the girls
black g-string panties, pulled slightly to the side and the girls soft peach
fuzz pubic hair and one pussy lip peaking out on the side of the underwear, she
could see how wet the girl was and how the she was leaving a wet spot on the
dish towel.

"It's good Cheri got the towel, she's leaving a wet spot." Nicole and Betsy
laughed at Allie.

"Betsy, this may sound a bit forward, but would you like to come over this

Allie was aghast, was Nicole asking Betsy out?

"I don't usually go out with customers, but this little teen has me real hot
right now. Yeah, I'd like to come over, what time should I be there."

Nicole and Betsy worked out the details.

Betsy left to get their deserts. "I think she really wants you Allie," said
Nicole, "do you think she's cute?"

Allie didn't know how to answer her, she had never been attracted to women, she
didn't think she was. But Nicole insisted she must have latent tendencies that
were showing themselves lately.

After they finished their meals, Betsy walked them out, thanking them for coming
in to the restaurant that evening, Nicole returned the pleasantries and led
Allie onto the elevator. Once inside with the doors closed, she turned on the
girl and pinned her to the wall.

Allie looked into Nicole's eyes and saw the feral lust she had for the girl.
Nicole brought her lips down to the teenagers mouth and kissed her firmly.

"I've been wanting to do that all day. You've been teasing me with your slutty
behavior." she brought the girl fully into her arms and kissed her deeply. Allie
had her eyes open wide, she was being kissed by Nicole, she was so confused, she
wasn't a lesbian, she didn't like women. But the kiss and the embrace felt so
good. Soon she melted into Nicole's arms, and closed her eyes and accepted the
advance. Nicole lifted the teenager up and spread her legs pinning her against
the side of the elevator. Allie wrapped her legs around the older woman and
returned her kisses.

Soon they were coming near the bottom of the elevator and Nicole abruptly
stopped kissing the girl, eliciting a moan from Allie, and set her down, fixing
her clothes. She grabbed the stunned girls hand and led her out as the doors
opened, "You're my slutty little lesbian aren't you."

Allie wanted to tell her no, she wasn't attracted to women, and she sure wasn't
a slut. But she had just kissed Nicole passionately in an elevator, and all she
wanted was for Nicole to make love to her. She was a very confused 15 year old.

Part 3 - After Dinner, Allie learns her place.

When they got to the car Nicole turned to Allie and said, "I forgot to give
Betsy my phone number, run back up and give it to her pet, I'll get the car
started." With that she dismissed the startled girl, and got in the car.

Allie stood there for a moment trying to think what she should do, she didn't
want to go give her phone number to the lesbian waitress, it would be admitting
too much, but Nicole had already invited the woman over. She started to slowly
walk over to the elevator. What she wanted was to be home again and within
Nicole's arms. Did that make her a lesbian? She found herself in front of the
elevator doors and pressed the up button.

It was like she was watching someone else, she got on the elevator and went up
to the restaurant. When she got to the top she walked to the Maitre De and
quietly asked if she could talk to the waitress named Betsy, he was not pleased
with her, but called Betsy to the front.

Betsy came out and met her by the elevator.

"Yes, Allie, what is it?" She asked while checking the girl out, looking at her
body dressed in the slinky black dress, she licked her lips seductively.

Allie swallowed nervously, "We forgot to give you our phone number."

"Oh, great." Betsy pulled a pen out of her apron and a pad of paper and looked
expectantly at Allie. She was really looking forward to next weekend when she
could get in bed with the hot slutty teenager.

"555-1234" said Allie, looking down in embarrassment, she had just given her
phone number to a lesbian, so the lesbian could come over and have sex with her.
She was totally humiliated.

"Thanks doll. I'll be looking forward to next Saturday, I'll bring something
special for you." The elevator came back up and Betsy held the door as another
couple got out, Allie walked in. Betsy followed her impulsively, glancing back
to the front desk to make sure she wasn't seen. She pulled Allie to her and
kissed her full on the mouth, pushing her tongue into the girls submissive mouth
and reaching up under Allie's skirt to feel her bare ass. She broke the kiss and
left the stunned girl to stand in the elevator as the doors closed.

Allie rode down the elevator in shock. She had now been kissed by two separate
women in the space of fifteen minutes, she was really confused. The kisses felt
very nice, but she didn't ask to be kissed, before today she didn't think she
wanted to be kissed by a woman. Maybe she was a lesbian. Maybe she was a horny
slut like Nicole told her. The elevator came to the bottom and Allie walked out.

Nicole had brought the car around and was waiting for her in front of the doors.
Allie got in the passenger side.

"Did you give her our phone number?"

"Yes," answered Allie quietly.

"What's wrong pet?" Asked Nicole as she place her hand on Allie's thigh.

"She forced herself on me." the teenager said as she looked down.

"Wow, she's really hot for you. did you like it?" Said Nicole as she moved her
hand up the girls thigh towards her pussy. "I don't know."

"Did you try and stop her?" Nicole's hand disappeared beneath Allie's skirt, and
up to the girls panties. Allie spread her legs unconsciously giving Nicole
access to her sex.

"No" She was hoping Nicole would play with her again, and thinking about Betsy
kissing her made her get a little hot. The waitress forced the kiss on her
without asking. She had just let her.

Nicole's hand found the girls panties and slowly slid under the side. she
started to run her fingers through the girl's pubic hair, stroking her fur.

"She wants you to suck her pussy, have you eaten out a girl before?"

"No," said Allie, she was having trouble concentrating on the conversation. She
spread her legs a bit wider. Nicole continued to drive, just playing with
Allie's pussy hair, nothing more. Allie was starting to go crazy, what was
Nicole doing, she was getting wet. She looked over at Nicole, Nicole was looking
ahead and just driving, she appeared to be ignoring Allie. Allie spread her legs
a bit more, hopefully Nicole would move her hand down into her pussy.

"When we get home, I'll teach you." Nicole drove for awhile in silence, just
playing with Allie's soft peach fuzz.

"Did you enjoy your salad Allie?" Allie looked at Nicole again in frustration,
what was she doing? Why wasn't Nicole playing with her.


"What is it pet?" Asked Nicole as she continued to play with Allie's fur.

"Could you...would you please...could you play with me?" She begged Nicole.

"I would like you to ask me nicely, and call me Mistress, you really are not
remembering my requests." Nicole grabbed some of Allie's pussy hair and pulled,
the girl had to lift her ass as Nicole wrenched on her beaver.

"Oww..Mistress will you please play with me."

"That was much more polite," Nicole pulled her hand back, "We're almost home,
and you have to learn that not all your horny requests can be satisfied." She
smiled slightly. Allie moaned inwardly and moved her hand down into her panties,
and slid inside intent on getting herself off.

"Stop that slut!" Allie was startled by Nicole's demanding tone, and pulled her
hand out of her g-string. "Did I give you permission to play with yourself?"

"No Mistress." Allie unconsciously called the older woman, the domineering tone
that Nicole was using made it seem natural to the girl.

"I am trying to keep your slutty behavior under control, you will play with
yourself ONLY when I allow it." She looked at the fifteen year old sternly. "Do
I make myself clear?"

"Yes Mistress." They drove the rest of the way home in silence.

Nicole drove into their garage and parked, they got out of the car, but as Allie
was starting to walk to the house entrance, Nicole grabbed her and pinned back
against the car and kissed her. Allie, with all her pent up sex, returned her
kiss hungrily. Nicole started to take the girl's dress off as she continued the
kiss. Allie helped, dropping the straps off her shoulders, the dress soon fell
to the floor. Allie was in just her panties, bra and pumps, pinned against the
car and kissing Nicole. She felt Nicole's hand at her bra clasp and quickly her
bra joined her dress at her feet. Still they kissed, now Allie's perky breasts
pressed into Nicole's suit jacket. Nicole pulled back quickly, grabbed the
waistband of Allie's g-string and practically ripped them off the teen's body.
Allie had to frantically grab the roof of the car to retain her balance.

"Take your shoes off slut." Allie complied quickly, she was completely naked
before her Mistress, for that is how she truly felt about Nicole. She was her

Nicole dragged the girl to the front of the car and had her lay down on the hood
of the BMW. She forced the girls legs apart, and put her hand on the girls
pussy. "I'm going to fuck you, and eat you, and make you mine." Allie let out a
little yelp as Nicole entered her with a finger, Nicole bent down and
immediately started to expertly eat the teenagers cunt, she had been waiting for
years to taste the girl, she didn't want to wait any longer. Soon the slim naked
teenager was moaning and bucking on the hood of Nicole's car.

"Ohh...mistress...OHH!" Nicole started to stick her tongue into the girls quim,
fucking her with it. She had the girls pussy lips pulled apart as far as she
could to get access to her entrance and clit. Allie raised her left hand to her
mouth and came. Nicole backed off for a second, "Do you like getting eaten by a
woman?" Nicole was finger fucking the girl as she talked to her.

"Yes, please suck my pussy Mistress." She was calling Nicole mistress now
without thinking about it. Nicole bent back down to the girls parted naked
thighs and started sucking as she finger fucked the girl. Allie came again
almost immediately.

Before the girl could calm down, Nicole led the dazed, naked teenager into the
house. Allie followed, her head spinning from the orgasm that Nicole had just
given her. Nicole held Allie's hand firmly as the two of them went upstairs. She
led the nude girl to the living room.

"Close your eyes slut, I have a surprise for you." Allie closed her eyes, she
stood in the middle of the living room without a stitch of clothing, weaving
slightly from the haze in her head. She heard Nicole walking out of the room and
heading towards her bedroom. She kept her eyes closed. Nicole came back in the

Allie listened as she slowly walked around the girl until she was directly
behind the girl. She placed a hand on the girls ass, and slowly trailed her
finger up the girls crack to the small of her back. Allie gasped a little in

"Put your hands behind your back." Allie complied. Nicole quickly snapped
handcuffs around the young girls wrists. Allie gasped, opened her eyes, and
tried to pull her arms apart.

"Don't struggle little one, we are just playing." Nicole grabbed the links
between the cuffs and jerked a little. Allie stood still again. "I didn't say
you could open your eyes yet pet, this isn't the whole surprise."

Allie closed her eyes.

"Good, now stand there for a minute." Allie stood exposed and cuffed while
Nicole walked around the girl. She reached out and touched a breast, Allie
startled. Nicole slapped her ass. "Stand still, slut." Allie tried to stand
still again as Nicole continued circling her. Nicole cupped one of the girl's
B-cup breasts and started to massage it gently. Allie stood still.

"Good girl. Now, spread your legs for me pet." Nicole ran her hands down the
girls ass and onto her inner thigh. Allie was too confused to argue and spread
her legs. Nicole unceremoniously slipped her middle finger into Allie's slit,
the moist lips folded around her finger. "Still wet are we?" Allie was so
confused, her body was burning with desire, but she was so humiliated. Nicole
slipped her finger back out of the girls quim.

Nicole pulled one more item from behind her back, it was a dog collar. Black and
thick with silver studs around it and a tag that read "Allie the slut". Nicole
reached up and gently secured it around the teenager's throat. Allie didn't know
what it was exactly, it felt like a big leather necklace.

"There you go I bought that a couple of weeks ago and I've been waiting for you
to try it on for me. Now you are the perfect little slut, naked with a collar
that say's slut." Allie was horrified, and started to tear up, how had this
happened, she was a good girl, not a slut.

Nicole attached a leash to the collar and led the cuffed girl into the middle of
the living room.

"Kneel down," Allie kneeled down, she was too broken to do anything else. "Open
your eyes pet," She opened them and saw Nicole standing in front of her, her
legs slightly spread, looking like the completely put together woman in her
beautiful navy blue suit, her black hair perfectly styled, holding the leash of
her naked teenage girl-pet. Allie felt so small compared to Nicole's perfection.
Nicole continued, "I want you to watch me strip, I want you to look at the body
you are going to worship tonight, and from now on. You are going to lick my
breasts, and suck my pussy, and use your mouth to please me any way I desire."

She pulled on the submissive girl's leash and leaned down and kissed her,
thrusting her tongue deep into the teen's mouth.

"Do I make myself clear?"

"yes." said Allie in a whisper as Nicole stood above her.

"Yes what pet?"

"yes mistress." she said, quieter still, as she cast her eyes down to the floor
in submission.

Nicole smiled, "That's better, we'll make you into the perfect little lesbian
love slave yet. Hold onto your leash for a minute," she reached around the back
of the girl and placed the leash in the girls cuffed hand, "as I Undress for
you." Allie numbly took the leather into her hand, "Remember I want you to pay
attention to my body, I want you to begin to learn all my curves and crevices."

Nicole took off her jacket and carefully folded it on the arm of the couch, her
pants followed soon after, Allie now looked at her mistress as she stood before
her in black stockings, garter belt panties and a nice white blouse on top, the
blouse followed the jacket and pants and Nicole stood before her teen-pet in her
black lingerie. She walked right up to the girls face, "smell me slut, I want
you to know my scent." Nicole's crotch was right in Allie's nose, the girl
sniffed and smelled the musky sharpness of Nicole's pussy. "You make me hot and
wet, I can't wait for your tongue to be inside me."

She backed away. She expertly removed her panties from beneath her garter,
quickly unhooking and re-hooking each garter strap. Nicole stood still in front
of the fifteen year old, "Do you see my pussy?"

Allie looked at the triangle of black hair, she could barely see the top of the
woman's pussy lips.

"I asked you a question slut!"

"yes mistress." She answered correctly.

"Do you want to suck it?" Allie looked down and didn't answer right away. "There
really is only one answer to this question for a slutty lesbian like you, I mean
you invited a lesbian waitress over for sex next Saturday. So do you want to
suck on your Mistress's pussy, the pussy you are going to worship, the pussy you
will fall asleep dreaming about, the pussy you will wash and take care of, my

"yes mistress." Allie said with tears in her eyes, she was crying for what she
had become so quickly, for although she felt humiliated and beaten, she did want
to suck Nicole's pussy. It felt natural for her to be naked in front of her
mistress (for that is how she was thinking of Nicole), being told how she would
be used.

"Good," Nicole sat on the edge of the couch, spread her legs and said, "Crawl
over here and hand me your leash, pet." Allie inched over on her knees until she
was kneeling between Nicole's legs her belly button about at the level of
Nicole's cunt. Nicole leaned around the girl and took the leash back from her.
"Good slut," said Nicole as she patted Allie's head patronizingly.

"Now kneel down lower and look at my pussy," Allie sat back on her heels and
looked at the older woman's quip. "See how it glistens for you, I am very wet
for you." Allie looked at the moist skin of Nicole's pussy lips. "Come closer
girl, get real close so you can smell me and see nothing but my pussy." Allie
leaned in, until Nicole's quim was mere inches from her nose. "What do you think
of my pussy?"

"it is very wet mistress." Answered Allie in a small voice.

"Do you like how pink it is?"

"yes mistress."

"I want you to kiss it, gently. lovingly. slowly."

Allie leaned in slowly, perked her lips and kissed Nicole's pussy gently, Nicole
watched fascinated as her teen dream placed her mouth on her cunt. This was a
dream come true. Allie kissed Nicole's clit next, Nicole felt a rush as her pent
up sex almost made her cum just from the girl's gentle kisses, she leaned her
head back and moaned. Allie kissed the right side of Nicole's cunt lips, she
tasted the musky saltiness of Nicole, Nicole's flavor was better than she
thought a pussy would be. Allie kissed the other side of Nicole's cunt. Nicole
wrapped the leash of her pet girl tighter in her hand and used it to bring the
girl in tight against her pussy.

"Now, slut, start licking my pussy." Allie stuck her tongue out and started to
lick Nicole. She wasn't very good yet, thought Nicole, but she will be the best
cunt licker around when I'm done with her. Soon Nicole was cumming on the
fifteen year olds face, humping on her tongue.

Oh what fun she was going to have with her new toy.

Allie and Nicole Part 4 : The Salon

Allie woke the next morning in Nicole's bed, she stretched and sat up.

She was naked.

She grabbed a sheet and wrapped it around herself looking for Nicole, she wasn't
in the bedroom. Allie got out of bed and padded out to the living room, still no

"Nicole?" called Allie, no answer.

She glanced at herself in a mirror and saw she was wearing a thick necklace, She
reached up to undo it and the sheet fell, oh well, she was alone in the house
anyway. She removed it and looked at it, it was an ugly black dog collar. She
began remembering the events of last night and yesterday, "oh no." She had made
love to another woman, for hours last night she had done Nicole's bidding,
sucking her breasts, her cunt, and oh my god her asshole. What had happened to
her. Allie sat down on the couch, and then stood up quickly as if burned, that
was where she had first sucked on her mistresses pussy.

Allie stood still, she had just called Nicole her mistress in her head, slowly
she sat down again on the couch. She sat still for a few minutes as she thought
about the last 24 hours. She was changed, there was no doubt about that, but she
was convinced she could bring the situation back under control. She would just
tell Nicole that they couldn't have sex anymore, and she liked boys not girls.
She especially wasn't a slutty girl, and definitely not, in anyway, property of
Nicole. She was her own woman, and not some little slutty girl toy.

Allie had just made up her mind when the phone rang.

She walked over and picked up the receiver. "Hello"

"Good morning Pet, did you have a nice sleep?" Said Nicole on the other end of
the line.

"Yes mistress." Allie tried not to say it but it came out so easily, this
conversation wasn't going the way she wanted it to.

"Good, you looked so peaceful this morning with my juices drying on your face, I
decided to let you sleep when I went to work." Allie didn't say anything.
"Really slut, you need to work on your manners, you should say thank you!" Said
Nicole sternly.

"thank you mistress" She said Mistress again.

"OK, that's better. Now I have an appointment set up for you at the salon down
on the corner for 12:30, please be punctual, the owner is a friend of mine.
Don't Worry about how to pay for it I have already paid."

Allie didn't wait to be admonished again and said, "Thank you mistress."

"Now I know you are a slutty little girl, so I will allow you to masturbate ONCE
this morning, I've left the magazines you bought yesterday on the coffee table
you may use them to get off to." Allie wanted to tell her no, she didn't want to
masturbate, but Nicole kept on talking. "As a trade off for not being there to
watch, I want you to tell me tonight what pictorials you thought were best, and
which girls you thought were the hottest." Allie wanted to protest, there was no
way she was going to masturbate, especially to pictures of naked women and
girls. She wasn't a lesbian.

"I love you pet, I had a great night last night, and I can't wait to get naked
with you again." Allie was touched by what Nicole said, maybe Nicole was just
playing yesterday, maybe things would be more normal.

"Me to mistress."

"One last thing, I got rid of all your old clothes, they were so ratty and worn,
I didn't want my pet wearing anything like that." Allie was crestfallen, she was
going to have to wear one of the slinky dresses to the Salon.

"Thank you mistress." She called her mistress again, she really had to get a
hold of herself. Ok tonight she would tell Nicole that this had to stop, she
wasn't a slut, and she definitely wasn't a lesbian.

"I'll talk to you tonight pet." Nicole hung up. Allie stood there naked in the
kitchen for a minute with the receiver in her hand, hung up and then made her
way back to the couch, and sat back down in a haze In front of her on the coffee
table were the four porno magazines. She picked up the Penthouse out of
curiosity and almost absentmindedly started thumbing trough it. It was absurd to
think she would masturbate to a porno magazine. She was just curious, that was
all. She had never seen a porn magazine, and wanted to see what men and boys
masturbated to. Of course good girls like her would never get off to pictures of
naked women.

The first pictorial was of a young girl in black and white, she stripped and
spread her cunt, opening it wide so Allie could see her hole. Allie was
surprised, she had no idea they were so explicit in their posing. Allie flipped
along further, the center pictorial had a stunning woman initially dressed in an
evening gown, Allie was taken by her good looks. She seemed to be looking right
at her, she paged along. The woman changed costumes until she was wearing just
these large black boots, her pussy proudly exposed for Allie to drool over.
Allie started to get aroused and unconsciously her hand slid slowly down to her
quip, her middle finger sliding into the folds. The Centerfold was a magnificent
pose of the woman offering herself to the reader from behind laying on her side,
spreading her cuntlips, showing how pink and wet she was.

The third pictorial was a lesbian spread. Allie had an intake of breath, here
were two other women having sex, she was engrossed and studied each picture. How
they undressed each other, how they kissed and how they used their mouths to
please each other. Her middle finger entered her cunt now and she let out a
little gasp. She paged through the spread, the last picture was of the two women
in a 69 each them licking the others cunt. Allie thrust her middle finger deep
into her cunt and came while looking at the picture of the two lesbians sucking

After she had calmed down she quickly put the magazine down like it was a hot
potato. Was she gay? She had just masturbated to a Penthouse magazine. Maybe
Nicole was right, maybe she was just a horny little lesbian slut? Allie shook
her head, partly to clear her head from her orgasm, partly to say no to what she
was becoming.

She showered and then went to get dressed. It didn't matter which dress she
wore, they all were terribly revealing. She chose the flower print one, at least
it wasn't hot red. The matching lingerie went on first, the g-string riding up
her tight crack and the lacy bra that barely covered her nipples. The dress
slipped on easily, it was almost like she wasn't wearing anything at all.

She left for the Salon.

She got to the salon and walked up to the front desk, the receptionist was an
impeccably dressed young woman in a dark suit, with no blouse, reading a
Penthouse magazine. she wore chic glasses that she looked over as Allie walked
in. Allie caught herself trying to see if she could see any of the girls

"I have an appointment, the name is Allie Smith."

The receptionist leaned down to looked over her list, (Allie could just glimpse
the soft curves of her breasts) and shook her head, "No, no appointment by that
name, would it be under another name?" She looked up disapprovingly.

"Well I guess it might be under Nicole Johnson."

The receptionist looked down at her list again, leaning forward, which opened up
her jacket a bit allowing Allie to see a more of her breasts, teasing Allie "Are
you Mistress Nicole's pet?"

"Yes," answered Allie before she could stop herself.

"Ahh, I see." The receptionist smiled looking at Allie differently now, a bit
hungrily, eyeing her up and down.

"no..wait, I mean..." Allie sputtered, but the receptionist just waved her hand

"No need to apologize, we are used to handling your type here, in all honesty it
is our specialty." She looked up and smiled, it was not a nice smile. "Sit over
there slut." She pointed towards a row of small chairs lining one wall, "Jackie
will be with you shortly." Having dismissed the stunned fifteen year old she
looked back down to her Penthouse pictorial.

"I'm not a slut." Said Allie as she stayed in front of the front desk.

"Not a slut?" questioned the woman, "Well you certainly dress like one. you
probably make everyone who looks at you want to rip your clothes off and fuck
you. I sure do. Now sit down before I have to call someone up here."

Allie walked over to the chairs and sat down. She felt the hard plastic on her
naked ass, the skirt didn't cover anything.

In walked beautiful woman dressed in a fine dress, she was tall, elegant
brunette. Behind her walked a young blond girl in short short cutoffs and a
bikini top that barely covered her a-cup breasts. "Sit next to the cunt,
cuntlicker." The girl quickly sat next to Allie.

Allie spoke up, "I am not a cunt"

The woman stopped still, the girl who just sat down nest to Allie looked at her,
startled. The receptionist said, "uh, oh," and picked up the phone and quickly
spoke into the receiver. "You guys wanna show? Mistress Jytte is about to
discipline an uppity slut."

Mistress Jytte, turned slowly and focused on little Allie, "Did you say
something cunt!" Allie looked around nervously, several women started to enter
the room from the back of the Salon, soon there was 5 beautiful hairdressers,
several stunning customers, plus the girl next to her, the receptionist, and
Mistress Jytte crowded into the little foyer. She didn't expect this type of

"Cunt, I asked you a question? Did you say something you little cunthole?"
Mistress Jytte stepped right up to the young teen, looking down at her, Allie's
eyes were below Mistress Jytte's breasts, which almost touched her forehead.
They pushed out proudly from the dress.

"I said, I'm not a cunt." Allie said in a little voice, looking down at Mistress
Jytte's beautiful legs and feet in their impeccable $300 shoes.

"That's what I thought you said. Did I ask for you to talk?" She reached down
and grabbed a handful of Allie's hair and turned her head up to look at her,
Allie winced in pain. "Did I cunt?"

"Oww, no Mistress you didn't" The woman sat down next to Allie without letting
go of her hair and forcibly laid the teen across her knees, before Allie could
do anything, her dress was lifted out of the way and her nearly bare ass exposed
for the small audience. Mistress Jytte let go of the girls hair and grabbed the
girls wrists, she was much stronger than the teen, and held them tightly in one

"CuntLicker pull down cunt's panties, she needs a good lesson in manners." The
scantily clad girl reached over and pulled down Allie's g-string all the way off
the girls legs. She held them nervously in her hand. Allie now was bare assed
for all the women to see, her little girl quim just peeking out from between her
legs. "Please, let me go. I'll be good." Allie whined in a little girl voice.

"I'm afraid you deserve a spanking for speaking out of turn. I think 15 strikes
should be sufficient to teach a slut like you some respect for her betters."
With that she landed a slap down on Allie's bare ass, Allie let out a scream.
"Quiet cunt, I don't want you to upset the other customers here, that wouldn't
be polite. If you make any more squeals I'll just start over from 1 again." With
that she slapped the helpless girls ass again, and said calmly, "one." Allie bit
her lip, to keep from crying out. She felt her flimsy dress slide up her body,
until it was staying on only because Mistress Jytte was pinning her arms behind
her back. The spanking continued, "two" slap, "three" slap, "four". Each firm
slap from Jytte left a hand print on the girls cheeks.

The small crowd of women started to count along, "five" "six" getting louder
with each slap. They were cheering on Allie's punishment.

"seven" Mistress Jytte stopped, "What are you cunt?"

"I'm a cunt Mistress," said Allie in a quiet, sobbing, humiliated voice.

"That's right, and cunts have no need for clothes do they cunt."

"No Mistress."

"Lay still cunt," Jytte released Allie's arms, Allie didn't move. Mistress Jytte
removed her dress, then unclipped the girls bra and let them both fall to the
floor. Allie lay naked over Mistress Jytte's lap, crying from embarrassment as
much as the pain from her punishment. "Now I would like you to count the rest
for me, cunt." slap. "eight" said Allie through clenched teeth. The Crowd of
women chanted eight with her.

Slap, "nine"

"Good cunt, now louder so my little cuntlicker behind you can hear you."

slap, "ten" Allie said it louder now.

"Better, now cunt, I want you to say 'Thank you mistress' after each spank."

"yes Mistress," Despite her position, Allie could feel her pussy start to get
wet, why was it getting wet, was she a horny lesbian slut like Mistress Nicole
said? She didn't want to be.

Slap her reverie was broken, "eleven, thank you Mistress."

slap, "twelve, thank you Mistress."

The girl named cuntlicker could see Allie's little quip, its' moist lips parted
slightly in arousal, convulsing slightly with each slap. She licked her lips and
slowly started to lean towards the other girls crotch. She found pussies
irresistable, Jytte had been training her since she was 12 to suck pussy. She
loved the taste, the slick feel, everything about cunts. She glanced at Jytte
for permission. "Mistress may cuntlicker please lick cunts pussy?"

"You asked very nicely cuntlicker, yes you may. Cunt, spread your legs to give
cuntlicker access to your pussy. You know it's what you want, I can smell your
excitement." Allie spread her legs, complying with the mistress' order. "Good
cunt, there you go cuntlicker."

The scantily clad girl leaned in and put her tongue against Allie's pussy, she
came immediately.

Slap, Allie almost couldn't talk through her orgasm "thirrrrrteeeeeeen, thank
you....Mistress." The women moved around behind Allie so they could get a good
view of the pussy eating. They started to cheer the girl on, "suck her!" "stick
your tongue in her.." "fuck her with your tongue!"

Cuntlicker started to lick Allie's pussy in earnest, her orgasms continued as
the girls tongue entered her like a little cock, thrusting into her quip.

Slap, "Ahhh, fourteen, thank you mistress.

The girl was an expert at eating pussy, having been trained long and hard. She
kept Allie at her peak, almost in convulsions as the last slap came down.

Slap, "fifteen, thank you Mistress."

Jytte unceremoniously dropped Allie on the floor off her lap, cuntlicker pulled
back in time to avoid being pulled down with her. Jytte picked up Allie's
clothes and handed them to the receptionist, "Give these back to cunt when she
leaves, I don't see a reason why she needs them while she's here do you?"

"No ma'am," answered the smiling receptionist.

Allie lay on the floor as the women stood around her ignoring her. They all
walked back to the back of the salon laughing and talking about how the slut got
what she deserved, two women actually stepped over the prone girl as they walked

"I have an appointment here for cuntlicker. She is to have the A plus treatment,
let me know if she is uncooperative in the least, it has been awhile since she
has been whipped and I believe she is getting haughty." "Yes ma'am," said the
receptionist, knowing that the girl was doomed, they would make sure there was
something she didn't do well enough. Cuntlicker knew it as well, but she enjoyed
getting punished and would fail at something today just to get whipped by her
mistress, she was getting wet just thinking about it.

Mistress Jytte turned around and looked down at Allie who was now crawling back
to her seat to sit back down trying to hide her nakedness from the other women
in the room. "Who is your Mistress cunt? I need to tell her about this gross
lack of respect you've shown me today." "Nicole Johnson mistress." She sat back
down. covering her breasts with her arm and trying to cover her pussy with her
other hand. She turned to the receptionist, "Could you please dial this cunts
mistress for me, thank you."

"Cuntlicker, you and cunt may play with each other while I talk to cunt's
mistress." Mistress Jytte turned away then and spoke to the receptionist,
ignoring the two girls seated in the foyer.

Cuntlicker immediately straddled Allie's naked thighs and leaned into kiss her.
Allie opened her eyes wide in surprise, this young teen was thrusting herself
upon Allie right in the foyer of the Salon. Cuntlicker was prying Allie's lips
open with her probing tongue, wrapping her arms around the back of Allie's neck.
"Nmfff," Allie tried to get a no out as her lips were opened and cuntlickers
tongue entered her mouth. She started to feel the girl rock back and forth on
her thighs rubbing her little quip on her legs. With one hand cuntlicker reached
down and started to unbutton her short cuttoffs. Cuntlicker leaned back out of
her kiss, "please play with me cunt," She half stood above Allie's thighs, she
grabbed Allie's hand and slid it inside her short cuttoffs. Allie was in too
much shock to stop her, when would this end, she was a good girl, but here she
was, naked in a beauty salon feeling a girls pussy, a girls wet moist pussy.
Cuntlicker started to move Allie's hand back and forth on her quip. "Please...."
Most of the women had gone back to work, but two beauticians, the receptionist
and Mistress Jytte remained. They all watched as the two sluts brought each
other off. "look at Cunt and Cuntlicker, they don't even care about the
audience." Said Jytte, Allie heard her through her orgasm and would have been
shocked had she not been cumming so hard from little cuntlicker's thrusts into
her pussy.

All of a sudden one of the Beauticians grabbed Cuntlicker by the arm and pulled
her off Allie, "time for your grooming cuntlicker." Allie's hand came out of the
cuttoffs all slimy with the girls juices, as she was led away, moaning in
frustration. The other beautician came up and grabbed Allie's arm and led her
away as well. "And you Cunt, time for your grooming as well."

The two girls were led through the Salon, past the front area where there were
several women getting a manicure or their hair done, through a curtain into the
back of the store. The women all looked up as the two girls were led by,
examining them like pieces of meat. Allie blushed and looked down and tried to
hide her breasts and pussy from the roomful of women. They watched her naked ass
as she walked through the curtain.

There were three chairs in the room, they weren't like the ones for the women
out front, they looked more like gynecological chairs, with stirrups, and what
looked like straps above the head as well. The beautician unceremoniously pushed
Allie into the chair, and before she could react, in her dazed state from her
recent orgasm, Allie had been shackled in the stirrups and her arms bound by
leather straps above her head. She then began to struggle.

"Stop moving cunt, how do you expect me to shave you if you thrashing about like
that." The woman smiled down at Allie, "My name is Jackie, I'll be taking care
of your grooming today, your scheduled to come in every other day to keep your
cunt nicely shaved and your holes clean for your mistress, she deserves clean
holes to play with, don't you agree?" Allie was freaked out and started to
protest, "Let me go, please, let me go!" Jackie quickly grabbed something from
beneath the chair and pushed it into Allie's mouth, it was a ball gag, she
strapped it around the girls head, it plugged Allie's mouth tight and stretched
her jaws painfully.

"You're not allowed to disturb the paying customers out front, cunt." She made
sure the gag was securely fastened and then walked behind Allie.

Allie couldn't see what she was doing. Jackie came back around and placed a big
bucket under the chair and rolled around a tall wire stand with an enema bag
hanging from it. Allie's eye's grew wide and she shook her head no. Jackie just
ignored her as she pulled on a pair of rubber gloves. She pressed a button and
Allie's legs were forced apart by an electric motor, wider she spread them until
Allie felt like she was doing the splits. Jackie then grabbed a jar of Vaseline
and lubed up her fingers in a businesslike manner. She squatted down and without
warning Allie violated her asshole with her middle finger, swirled it around for
awhile, as Allie moaned like a stuck pig, part in surprise and humiliation, and
part in pleasure at the penetration.

Once Jackie was satisfied that Allie was lubed up enough she pulled down the
enema nozzle, Allie caught a glimpse of it as it passed down below her view.
Quickly, before she could prepare for it she felt the tip against her sphincter,
and then a firm penetration into her rectum, Jackie adjusted it briefly and then
opened the nozzle. Allie felt warm liquid gush into her, filling her bowels.

Jackie stood up and walked behind Allie as she sat exposed, legs spread, arms
bound, enema nozzle up her ass, filling up with the warm soapy liquid, eyes shut
and crying. "No reason to cry cunt, you are going to be getting this treatment
several times a week from now on." Mistress Jytte walked in and came over to
stand by Allie, she put her perfectly manicured hand against Allie's cheek,
Allie's eyes flashed open. "I talked to Nicole your Mistress, she seems like a
very competent woman. We are gong to have lunch later in the week." Jytte
trailed her hand down the girls body and lingered at her nipples playing idly
with them. "She agrees completely with my punishment, and will continue it upon
you this evening." She trailed further down Allie's body, "and as far as she was
concerned," she inserted a finger into Allie's cunt, fully penetrating the bound
girl, Allie arched her back in surprise and pleasure as an orgasm ripped through
her body. "Cunt is as good a name for you as any." she fucked Allie a few times
Finally, with a smile, she pulled finger out and her hand back as the girl
closed her eyes again and sobbed in humiliation and defeat. Why would Nicole do
this to her? She didn't want to be a slut. She wanted to be a regular teenager,
just like the other girls.

Mistress Jytte walked over to her cuntlicker in the next chair who was getting
the same treatment. "Good girl," she said, and patted the girls cunt, "I'll fuck
you in the ass tonight if your good, and well, I'll fuck you in the ass anyway
if your bad, but I'll whip you first." She left the grooming room.

Allie sat there for what seemed like five minutes, Jackie was behind her and she
couldn't hear what she was doing. Finally Jackie came back around and pressed
another button on the chair, Allie slowly rose to a more vertical position, and
yanked out the enema nozzle. Allie grunted as her bowels expunged the soapy mix
filled with her stinky shit. Jackie picked up a sponge and wiped the girls ass.
She stood and took the smelly bucket away leaving Allie in the same position.
Allie heard her empty the bucket out in the toilet and flush it.

When she returned she placed the bucket back under Allie, "Only two more
enema's, then we'll clean out your pussy." She rolled the next enema bag over
and, smiling down at the girl, penetrated her asshole again with the new nozzle.
She opened it up and Allie felt the liquid enter her again in a rush. She moaned
again, as she heard cuntlicker expunge her enema into her bucket with a sploosh.

Jackie left her there as she heard the other groomer talk to cuntlicker, "Good
girl, look at your asshole pucker, do you like getting you enema' "yes ma'am"
answered cuntlicker. Her groomer emptied her bucket, Allie looked over to her
right and could see the little girl, bound as she was and watched as the
beautician came back and thrust another enema into the girl and open the nozzle.

Allie felt the warm liquid as it sloshed inside her bowels, what could be more
humiliating than this. Getting her insides cleaned out like an animal. She
closed her eyes again, trying to forget what she was going through. She
couldn't. Her arms were beginning to hurt, she was getting cold, and she felt so
exposed with her bound legs spread the way they were. The nozzle of the enema
stuck into her, reminding her of her position, she was little more than a piece
of meat, a slut to be prepared for her Mistress. How had this happened so
quickly. Just two days ago she was a nice girl, now here she was bound and being
abused. Jackie pulled the nozzle out without warning, Allie gasped as her bowels
released the soapy water, the feeling of release was pure pleasure, and she
almost came again. The liquid was cleaner now and didn't smell as bad.

"One more to go," said Jackie as she wiped off Allie's asshole and picked up the
bucket again. She walked over to the toilet again and dumped the bucket as Allie
heard Cuntlicker gasp and moan as her groomer released her enema.

Jackie came back and thrust the third enema nozzle into her, "This one is filled
with lily infused rosewater, per your Mistress' request, she wants your asshole
smelling as nice as possible." She opened the nozzle and her insides filled

"Jane, I've got to go out front and make a call, do you need anything?"

"No thanks Jackie, do I need to do anything to cunt?"

"No, she's fine for a bit." Jackie walked out of the room, leaving Allie with
the enema stuck in her rectum, filled bowels and her eyes closed.

After a minute in walked the receptionist leading three beautifully dressed
women, she was giving a tour of the facilities. "And here is where we handle
your slaves, we provide full service, whatever you request." The three women
wandered around the grooming room, looking closely at Allie and Cuntlicker in
their bound state. Allie closed her eyes and prayed for the women to go away,
she didn't want to be seen in this humiliating, bound, exposed position, with an
enema nozzle stuck in her ass.

A tall blond in a navy pant suit reached towards Allie's cunt, turned to the
receptionist, "May I?"

"By all means," responded the receptionist.

The blonde inserted a finger into Allie, she couldn't help herself, she had been
played with so much today, she was on the brink of orgasm constantly. She tried
to thrust against the woman's fingers. "This ones a real hot little slut, I bet
she sucks pussy like a tramp." She continued to finger fuck Allie.

"As you can see," continued the receptionist ignoring the woman finger fucking
Allie, "We have the facilities to: clean, shave, tattoo, pierce, permanently
remove hair, and, with the correct release forms signed, even brand your slave.
We endeavor to be the one stop shop for all your slave design needs. For more
exotic transformations, we can recommend true specialists in the field,
including surgeons."

"Come along ladies, I must show you our full service spa, it is designed to
pamper you in every way." The blond pulled out of Allie, and the four women
exited out of the grooming room, Allie cried into her ball gag, what had the
receptionist called her? Slave? She wasn't s slave, she wasn't a lesbian, all
she wanted to be was a normal teenage girl. Jackie came back, walked up to Allie
and pulled out the enema, Allie expunged her bowels once again.

"That's it for your anus, now let's clean out your vagina," She didn't empty the
bucket yet, she grabbed a douche, opened and inserted it quickly into Allie's
vagina, the girl squealed into her ball gag, "We can't dilly dally here, I've
got just a half hour to get you shaved before my next little slut comes in."
Jackie squeezed the bottle into the bound girl, Allie felt the cleansing liquid
spurt into her and almost came again. Jackie let the first squirt drain out into
the bucket and then squirted the rest into the girl.

"There, now we are ready to have some grooming done down here, I love a clean
pussy, it makes my job so much more enjoyable." She stood up and went to the
toilet to dump the last bucketful and throw away the douche bottle.

She came back and moved a stool between the girls outstretched legs, and sat
down. Allie's pussy was at the perfect level now to be worked on, right at eye
level, Jackie could lean forward and eaten the girl out easily. Jackie grabbed
the electric shaver and switched it on with a click. She smiled up at Allie as
she began sheering Allie's pubic hair away. It only took a few quick minutes and
her mound was all stubble. Click she turned off the electric razor.

Squirt, into her hand went some shaving gel. Jackie lathered up her hands and
then spread the foamed up gel over Allie's pubic mound, lathering up her
stubble. Frustrating the teenager because she was avoiding her pussy lips and
clit, lathering up to the labia, around under her crotch getting even the little
bit of stubble around the girls anus, she was going to be completely bare down
there when the beautician was done.

Jackie looked up at Allie's face, and saw the look of fear on the young girl.
Allie couldn't believe this was happening, here she was securely bound to a
chair legs forcibly spread, having been essentially anally raped by Jackie, and
now she was getting her pussy shaved. How did this happen? "Don't worry," said
Jackie, "I shave hundreds of pussies a month, yours is pretty, it's gonna look
better slick though."

She pulled a new ladies bic disposal razor out and started to scrape the stubble
off the teen, with quick scraping movements. Carefully she worked her way down
the girl's mound, gingerly moving Allie's lips out of the way, adjusting the
folds to make sure she got the whole area devoid of stubble. Each movement of
Allie's pussy lips would send her nearer the brink, but not quite over, keeping
her at the highest level of arousal. Occasionally Jackie would dip the razor in
the bucket of warm water to rinse off the lather and then go back to shaving.
Too soon for Allie, she pronounced the girl done.

Jackie grabbed a warm moist towel and wiped Allies pussy off, Allie's eyes
rolled into the back of her head as she almost peaked. Jackie pulled back just
in time to prevent the girl from climaxing. She stood up and took all her
shaving implements away as Allie lay there bound and moaning for release through
the ball gag.

"One moment cunt, I have to put in the receipt." Allie didn't know what she was
talking about until Jackie came back into her vision. She was holding a five
inch but plug with a tag hanging off the end of it. Jackie was writing on the
tag, "There we go, signed sealed and delivered." She dipped the tip of the anal
plug in some jelly and leaned up close to the girl, she looked down and lined
the butt plug up with Allie's asshole, just pushing the tip into the fifteen
year old's puckered nether hole. Allie shook her head no as Jackie brought her
mouth right down to the young girls ear with the tip of the plug just barely
within the girls sphincter.

"Now you must leave this in until your mistress removes it tonight, if you have
to shit," Jackie paused and smiled cruelly at this comment, "you may pull it
our, but you must immediately reinsert it within your ass. Do you understand?"
Allie nodded her head in defeat, she was so near climax, having been held at her
peak for what seemed all day, that she would agree to anything that would help
her cum.

"Good," said Jackie, and she slid the plug into the girl. Allie arched her back
in ecstasy as her asshole was violated, orgasm rolled over her in waves. Jackie
didn't with a single thrust into the girl, she started to fuck the girls asshole
with it, enjoying taking the bound girl anally. At last she thrust fully into
the girl, gritted her teeth and ground her palm against the knob on of the butt

"OK, slut, you're done." She unshackled the girl's legs unhooked the teen's limp
wrists and stood her up on her feet. Allie collapsed into her groomer's arms,
unable to stand she was so spent. Jackie stood her up again, "Now now bitch,
stand up." Jackie unhooked the ball gag and pulled it away from the girls face,
Allie couldn't close her mouth all the way. "There you go, see you next time."
She slapped the teen s ass and shoved her towards the curtain to the front of
the salon.

Allie walked passed all the women getting their hair done, she was very
conscious of her nakedness, her bare pussy, and the butt plug stuck in her ass.
They looked at her nakedness, each of them telling Allie with their eyes that
she was a submissive slut, barely worthy to lick their shoes, disdainfully
looking at her as a toy to be played with, Allie was crushed. She tried to hide
her perky naked breasts with one hand, and her newly shaven bare pussy with the
other as she hurriedly shuffled past, back up to the receptionist.

When she got to the front desk the receptionist said, "All done? OK, we've got
you scheduled here on Friday at 2:00pm." She handed an appointment slip to
Allie. Allie stood in front of the desk in a daze, naked, as the receptionist
ignored her again and looked back down to her Penthouse.

"'am," piped up Allie, she was completely submissive now, having been
humiliated and dominated all day.

The receptionist looked up annoyed, "what is it cunt?"

"um...Mistress Jytte gave you my clothes, I was supposed to get them back at the
end of my grooming?" Allie could feel the cool air against her newly shaven
pussy, the butt plug deeply thrust into her anus. "Oh yes you lost them earlier
when you were punishment, I didn't notice, you're such a slut nakedness suits
you." She reached beneath her desk and pulled out Allie's dress and shoes, but
no underwear, handed them to Allie and then ignored her again.

"umm, excuse me, my panties and bra are missing." The receptionist looked down
below her desk again, "Well they aren't here, it's not my fault if you can't
keep track of your clothes, probably because you're always thinking of sucking
pussy? right?" She chuckled at Allie. "I like your trim quip, it looks good on a
slut like you." Allie almost started to cry again, but compared to what she had
just been through the verbal abuse from the pretty receptionist was a small

She quickly slipped the flimsy dress over her head and put the fuck me pumps on
and trotted out of the Salon trying to not flash her bare ass and cunt to every
one, and trotted home in tears. How did this happen to her.

Allie and Nicole: Part 5 : Aerobics class.

Allie woke with a jolt as Nicole prodded her with a foot.

"Wake up pet, you have your duties to perform” With that Nicole reached down and
pulled the thin blanket off the girl lying on the floor.  Allie moaned and
raised her sore body up.  She remembered the previous evenings events with
dread, as she made her way to her feet.  The punishment she received for
disobeying a superior woman, losing her panties and bra, and removing the butt
plug without permission had lasted several hours.  She had learned a valuable
lesson last night that she did not want a repeat performance of.

Nicole was already heading for the bathroom, dressed in her elegant bathrobe as
the naked teenager shuffled behind her.  When they got into the bathroom Nicole
stood still in the middle of the room and held her arms out, Allie knew what to
do, she reached up with her sore arms (form being bound for hours last night)
and removed her Mistress' robe.  Nicole stood there in her perfection of
womanhood, she turned and wrapped her arms around the naked teen and  brought
her lips down to the girls mouth and kissed her, gently.  Probing the young
girls mouth with her tongue.  Allie hesitated briefly and then melted into
Nicole's arms, a loving embrace was what she needed right now, the night had
been so painful; sleeping on the floor was so cold.

Nicole broke the kiss and leaned back still holding the naked girl in her
embrace, her ample perfect d-cups pressing against the little pert b-cups of
Allie's, their nipples pressing against each other.  She looked down at the
blonde fifteen year old, "I love you Allie, what I did last night was for your
own good.  You need to follow directions."  Nicole let her left hand slide down
over the teen's ass, down into her crack where her butt plug was still residing
in her anus, "For a reminder, you will now keep this inside you until I say you
can remove it, same rules as the hairdresser gave you yesterday...that you
failed to remember."

Allie squirmed a bit as Nicole idly played with the butt plug.

"Do you love me Allie?"

Allie said, "Yes mistress," responding by saying mistress was becoming an
automatic part of her vocabulary now.

"Do you trust me?"  Said Nicole as she pulled the butt plug out a half-inch and
pushed it back in.

"Yes mistress, unhh," she squirmed against the anal fucking she was getting.

"Good,” She leaned down and kissed the girl again as she started to slowly fuck
the girls ass with her butt plug.  She pulled the girl tight against her finally
as she thrust the plug fully in again.  "Now," said Nicole as she pulled away
from the aroused girl, "prepare my shower."  She released Allie from her embrace
turned her around, and slapped her red beaten ass.

Allie remembered, as she turned on the water for her Mistress, coming home after
the salon experience yesterday crying.  She had made it home without any more
embarrassment.  The first thing she did after she got in the door was remove the
hated butt plug..  She wished she had listened to the beautician, she wish she
had kept it inside her, at least she wouldn't have gotten whipped as bad by
Nicole.  Well maybe she wouldn't have.

She heard Nicole peeing behind her on the toilet; she realized that she had to
pee as well.

The shower got to the right temperature.  "It's ready Mistress."  She looked
over to Nicole as her mistress spread her legs and pointed down to her crotch.

"Come pet, I need a wipe."  Allie walked over to the toilet where Nicole sat
having just peed.  "Kneel down girl-toy and dry my pussy."  Allie knelt before
Nicole, down at the level of the toilet bowl, the faint scent of Nicole's urine
rose to meet her.  Allie reached over to the toilet paper and took a few sheets
and then numbly reached up to the woman's dripping lips.  She gently wiped
Nicole's pussy, as Nicole watched her pet dry her quim. 

How had this happened?  She was wiping a woman's vagina after she has just peed. 
Allie was too tired and dazed to clearly think it through, but she knew this
wasn't quite right.  Good girls didn't wipe other women's pussies, and she was a
good girl.  She pressed the toilet paper gently between Nicole's pussy lips and
made sure it was dry.  She was a good girl she told herself again.

Nicole couldn't believe how easy it was to manipulate the girl.  Here she had
only been dominating her directly for three days and she was already wiping her
pussy after pissing.  Oh what she was going to do to the girl. She almost came
just thinking about it.  Allie was perfect.

Allie continued to wipe her Mistress' pussy, until it was dry.  "Now kiss it
good morning," said Nicole as she spread her legs wider.  Allie slowly leaned in
and lovingly kissed Nicole's pussy.  Nicole leaned her head back and came in a
quick rush, just the light touch of her teen dreams soft lips against her pussy
had made her cum, she had to get a better hold of herself. She came back down
from her brief mini-orgasm and stood above the girl, "You may flush and then
come into the shower with me."  She casually stepped over the kneeling girl and
made her way over to the shower and stepped into the rushing water.

Allie flushed the toilet, humiliated at having to wipe another woman's cunt. 
She stood and walked over to the shower and got in with Nicole.  She stood a
moment in awe at the perfection of Nicole's body as the water ran off it.  Her
body tingled lightly, Nicole seemed bathed in light.  What was happening to her,
she didn't want to like girls, she wanted to be a normal teenager, and like
boys.  She did like boys not girls!  Didn't she? She was so confused, maybe
Nicole was right, maybe she was a lesbian.  She needed some time to think about
it, some quiet time alone, maybe after Nicole went to work today she could sit
down and think.

"Come here pet, you need to wash me."  Nicole handed a bar of soap, not allowing
Allie to sort out her thoughts.  The dazed girl took the bar of soap and began
to lather up her hands.  Nicole turned her back to the girl and pulled her hair
out of the way, "you may start with my back."  Allie started to wash her
Mistress' back, soaping up between the chiseled shoulder blades all the way down
to the small of her back just above her ass.  " Now girl don't forget my ass,
you're responsible for keeping your Mistress clean, you should take pride in
cleaning me completely."

Allie gently started to wash the woman's perfect ass first one cheek and then
the other.  "and between," said Nicole as she spread her legs a bit.  Allie
soaped up the woman's crack and washed her anus, "ooh that feels good girl,
remember sucking on me back there, we're gonna have to have you do that again
soon."  Allie remembered sticking her little tongue deep in the woman's ass, was
that really just two days ago, it seemed much longer.  She was lost in reverie
as she felt Nicole lean back against her, "Yes my pet play with me, wash my cunt
now make me all clean down there," Nicole reached back and grabbed one of
Allie's hands and quickly brought it around in front of her and thrust it down
into her crotch.  Allie began to soap her mistress' pussy, lathering it as the
woman began to writhe against her.  Allie brought her other hand up and began to
wash Nicole's breasts.

Nicole turned and faced the girl, "Kneel and suck my pussy, slut."  She put her
hands on Allie's shoulders and forced the girl to kneel in the shower.  Water
was spraying all around Allie and she found it hard to breath, she was
disoriented as Nicole spread her legs, grabbed the back of Allie's head and
forced the teen's mouth against her soapy quip.  Allie had no choice but to
start licking and sucking Nicole's pussy, the older woman grabbed a handful of
Allie's wet hair with one hand, holding the girl's face firmly against her
crotch, and used the other to balance herself against the wall.

Nicole was in heaven, she was going to love her mornings if they were like this. 
Wake up and get her pussy eaten in the shower by her own personal teen slut. 
She threw her head back in ecstasy as her orgasm built; the shower ran down over
her body and drenched the teen kneeling between her legs.  The whole body
stimulation Nicole was getting pushed her over the edge and she came.

"Yes, yes, girl," she screamed, "ooh, unh, I'm cumming, stick your tongue in me,
cunt.  Fuck me cunt, fuck me."  Allie stuck her tongue out and thrust it into
Nicole's cunt, her cute little tongue couldn't enter her Mistress too far, but
she tried anyway.  Nicole pushed the fifteen year olds face against her crotch
and ground through her climax, Allie couldn't breathe, her mouth was against
Nicole's pussy and her nose was pressed into her pubic hair, water form the
shower was in her eyes, she started to see spots as Nicole fucked her face. 

Finally, as Allie started to feel like she was going to black out, Nicole moaned
one last time and eased up on the girl, letting the naked teen lean back away
from her pussy and take a ragged breath.  Nicole continued to grasp Allie's
hair, and as she came down from her orgasm she dragged the girl to her feet,
brought the girl close and kissed her roughly, biting the teen's lip as she did. 
Grabbing the girls ass with her free hand, moving her middle finger to play with
the butt plug, still firmly embedded in the teens ass.

"I love you Allie, you're my little girl-toy aren't you?"  Said Nicole when she
finally pulled back, gently rubbing her thigh against the girl's young pussy. 
She moved her hand over from under her ass to the girl's pussy and stuck a
finger in, entering the girl and holding it still.

"Yes mistress, oh yes.” replied Allie as she put her head against the woman's
shoulder, shuddering as an orgasm of her own built.  Nicole began to finger fuck
the girl, quickly bringing her to climax.

"You're my little sex slave aren't you?"

"Yes, I'm your little sex slave," she repeated in a haze.

"You're my little sex crazed lesbian?" Said Nicole as she bent down to kiss the
teen again.  Thrusting her finger all the way into the little girl.

"Yes mistress, I'm your little sex crazed lesb..mmmfff," Allie wrapped her arms
around the woman's neck tighter as she returned Nicole's kiss.


They stepped out of the shower and Allie dried off Nicole's body, paying
attention to her pussy and ass, drying the woman's hair lovingly.  She then
helped Nicole with her hair and makeup, learning from her Mistress how to apply
it to her liking.  Nicole was impressed with the girl, she seemed to really care
about Nicole's appearance.

When they were done, Nicole led them back into the bedroom and had the girl help
her dress.  First she put on Nicole's underwear, Black lace panties and matching
bra, Nicole made sure Allie kissed each part of her body as she covered it with
clothing.  Next came one of Nicole's many stunning professional suits, they mad
her look like a strong successful woman.  Again Allie kissed her Mistress' body
as she dressed the woman.

"Good slut," said Nicole during the process.

After she was completely dressed, they headed to the kitchen, Allie padding
along bare naked behind Nicole.  Allie served them both a Grapefruit for
breakfast, Nicole sitting at the table calmly in her suit Allie at first tried
to sit across the table from her until she was reminded to sit down on the floor
next to Nicole's chair, "where she belonged."  Allie knelt, and ate in silence.

When they were finished Nicole said, "I have you signed up for an aerobics class
this morning pet.  I want you to stay in good shape.  Go into your room and look
in your room, I bought you some workout clothes yesterday.  Put them on quickly,
I'll be dropping you off at the club on my way to work, and I don't want to be
late." Allie was shocked a bit, what now?

She got up form the floor and went into her room, the first thing she noticed
was her bed was gone.  Where was she going to sleep?  Her stomach sank,  Nicole
wasn't going to make her sleep on the floor every night was she?  Allie would
have to tell her she couldn't, not that?  She needed a bed to sleep on. 

She saw some clothes folded on top of her dresser and walked over in a daze. 
There was a pair of gray sweat shorts, a gray sweatshirt, a  cutoff t-shirt, and
a tiny one-piece singlet that women wore over lira pants to emphasize their
tight buns, except there weren't any lira pants.  Allie hesitated and almost
walked out to tell Nicole that she couldn't wear these clothes, but she knew
Nicole would win that argument, anyway, she would just keep the shorts and
sweatshirt on while she was there, nobody would see the revealing clothes, they
would be like underwear.

She put the t-shirt on and then the singlet.  The t-shirt came down to just
below her breasts, the bottom of her little b-cups could just be seen, if she
raised her arms her breasts would be completely exposed.  The one piece was even
worse, it was cut down so low that you could clearly tell that Allie had a
shaven pussy.  The bottom of the v-cut was almost under her pubic bone, if she
still had pubic hair it would ALL be displayed. The fabric covering her pussy
lips, seemed to barely form fit around her quip, cupping it and displaying her
mound. The shoulder straps of the one piece were thin and accented her already
exposed breasts, they held the suit tightly against the soft flesh of her pussy,
Allie was going to have a tough time getting comfortable.  The back of the one
piece was little more than a strip of nylon going down her crack. She was glad
no-one would see her in these skimpy things, it was worse than being naked, she
looked like a teen porn star.  Allie quickly put on the shorts and Sweatshirt to
Nicole was there.  She looked at the girl and said, "I'm sorry, did I leave my
clothes in there as well, let me have my shorts and sweatshirt back, I'll put
them away later."  She held out her hand, waiting for Allie to hand her the
shorts and sweatshirt.  Allie was stunned, she couldn't, not dressed like that. 
She started to speak, but Nicole just shook her hand slightly with some
impatience and all the fight left Allie.  She pulled off the sweatshirt and
handed it to Nicole, she stopped and asked, "please Mistress, can I wear the

Nicole looked at her submissive little teen slut, "No little girl, I'm afraid
not, it wouldn't be proper for you to wear it."  She held her hand out again,
"The shorts, Now!"  Allie pulled them down revealing her more than naked body to

Nicole was chuckling inside, her plan had worked perfectly, she knew there was
no way Allie would have dressed like this to begin with, now she was ready for
her day of abuse.  Here she had her teen girl-toy, dressed like a complete
whore, Nicole wanted to rape the teen right there.

"OK, let's go," said Nicole as she set the shorts and sweatshirt down on the
kitchen counter.

"Mistress?" asked Allie quietly.

"Yes pet," said Nicole with annoyance.

"Do I have to go dressed like this?"

"Pet, don't be silly, those are the latest aerobics fashion, you'll fit right in
with all the other girls at the club."  Nicole knew she would stand out like a
sore thumb.

"Mistress?" Allie asked in an even smaller voice.

"Yes what now?" putting on an exasperated tone.

"I have to go to the bathroom."

"You should have thought of that earlier, we have to leave now, you don't want
to make me late for work do you?"  with that Nicole grabbed Allie's hand and led
her teen lesbian whore down to the garage.

They got into Nicole's BMW and headed to the club.  "You look so hot, you're
making me want to cum just looking at you, I bet even the straight women at the
club will want to fuck you."  Allie slunk down in her seat, she was going to
find a someplace at the athletic club to hide and stay there.  She felt
completely naked, the leather of the car seat felt cold against her naked

Quickly, before Allie realized it they were at the club.  Nicole parked and got
out, walked around and opened Allie's door.  Allie was almost crying as she
stepped out of the car, her breasts almost peaking out, her ass bare and her
pubic mound barely contained in the tight singlet.  Nicole slapped Allie's ass.
and closed the door.

They walked across the parking lot to the entrance to the club, Nicole in her
professional looking suit, and Allie barely dressed at all.  They passed a group
of three women along the way, they looked at Allie, pointed, and Allie heard as
they passed, "....barely any clothes, what a slut, I bet she's a hooker..." then
they passed out of hearing.  Allie tried to ignore all the stares, she tried to
focus on Nicole's back.  It was hard as they passed another girl, she turned as
they passed and gawked at Allie's exposed rear, Allie could feel her gaze upon

They finally arrived at the front door and Nicole led them in. There were
several other women in the foyer and a receptionist desk with a cute blonde
behind the counter.  They walked up to the receptionist, the women in the foyer
sneered at the scantily clad teen.  Allie tried to stand right next to Nicole,
she had to turn towards Nicole with her front to hide her crotch, and point her
ass towards the receptionist's desk to hide it.  Nicole wrapped her arm around
Allie's waist, it looked like Allie wanted to stand close to Nicole, like she
was a little girl, or her lover.  Nicole let her hand stray down to the girls
ass, her movement hidden from everyone's view except the receptionist.

"Good morning Josie."

"Good morning Nicole," Nicole knew that Josie was a flaming lez and would love
to see some young teen ass.  So as Allie was concerned with the women in the
foyer, Nicole ran her hand down inside the back of the singlet, pulling it away
form Allie's crack.  Allie let out a little squeal as she felt Nicole play with
her skimpy one piece.

Josie leaned over her counter and licked her lips, "good morning indeed."  Allie
couldn't move to get away or she would show the whole room how scantily clad she
was.  Nicole pulled the back of Allie's singlet to the side to give Josie a
clear view of the girls ass. 

"Mistress, please."  Whispered Allie under her breath to Nicole.

"Hush now pet, I'm just playing."  She let the fabric go, Allie shifted it back
down into her crack, trying to get whatever minimal gain in decency that she

"I have signed my girl here up for aerobics class this morning, the 9:00 class." 
Said Nicole matter of factly to the cute receptionist.

"That class has just started, she'll have to hurry up there to get in."  Said
Josie, a little disappointed that Nicole's game was over.

"Can you take her up there for me, I'm in a hurry." 

"Sure Nicole."  Josie stood up from her desk and walked around, she was wearing
tight navy blue stretch pants and small white tank top.

"Enjoy your workout pet," said Nicole, she bent down and planted a passionate
kiss on the stunned girl, "I'll see you at home tonight."  With that she
extricated herself from the teen's arms, slapped her ass and walked out.  As she
walked away, Allie realized she had no way to get home.  What was she going to

"C'mon ditz."  Said Josie to Allie, who was looking at the entrance with her
mouth open.  Here she was, dressed like a whore, at an athletic club with no way
to get home.  Josie put her hand on the girls ass and pushed her towards the
corridor to the left of the reception desk, "Come on bimbo, the class has
already started."  Allie was startled by the stranger's hand on her bare ass
cheek, and started walking down the hallway. 

As they walked down to the classroom, Allie really had to pee, "Mistress, where
is the bathroom,"  she realized she had just called the receptionist Mistress,
she was so embarrassed the girl was only a couple of years older than her.

"What did you call me?" asked Josie, Allie ignored her hoping she would just
forget about it.  Josie grabbed the thin back of Allie's singlet and stopped
her, pulling the clothing a full foot away from the girls body. 

Josie's desire rose, this teen had just called her mistress, why did she do
that?  Did she call Nicole Mistress also?  If she was a sub, Josie was going to
find out.  "I asked you a question, what did you call me?" she asked as she
brought the teen close to her.

"Nothing," replied Allie in a quiet voice.

Josie stepped right up next to the girl, "I think you did," she whispered in the
girls ear, "I think I heard you call me Mistress, didn't you?"  Josie glanced
around the hallway, it was empty, she quickly slid a hand up the girls tiny
t-shirt and grabbed one of Allie's pert breasts.  "Didn't you?"

Allie didn't know what to do, she tried to pull away from Josie, but the girl
was much stronger and held tightly to her waist and her breast.

"You called me Mistress."  Josie tweaked Allie's nipple, "didn't you?"

Allie's eyes started to tear up, how did this happen to her, she dropped her
head in shame, "yes...Mistress"

"That's better.  I liked that, you may continue to call me Mistress."  Josie ran
her hand down Allie's tummy, until it was just above the top of her singlet.  "I
love a shaven pussy,"  she rubbed her hand back and forth over the bare skin
where Allie's pussy hair would be.  "You're such a slut to be seen in public in
this outfit, everyone can tell you shave."  Allie cringed as she was felt up in
the hallway by the cute blonde receptionist, she wanted to go home, she HAD to
go to the bathroom, she didn't want to be a slut, and a lesbian slut at that.

Josie slid her two middle fingers into the girls one-piece and down over the
lips of Allie's pussy, "I want to fuck you right now." She whispered into the
humiliated teen's ear, "I want your tongue in my pussy."  Allie gasped as Josie
started to play with her clit.  Josie backed the fifteen year old up against a
supply closet door, keeping her finger in the girls workout outfit.  Allie felt
her back against the door, then it opened as Josie turned the knob and Allie
fell into the small closet, Josie let her fall, stepped into the small dark room
and closed the door behind her.

The fall to the hard concrete floor of the supply room, jolted Allie's butt plug
in her asshole, before she knew it her bladder let go.  "No, please no." she
said almost in sobs as she began to pee into her aerobic one piece.  She had to
go so bad, and finally letting go felt so good, that she didn't try to stop it,
at least she was in the dark.  It felt so good to let go.  Her urine came out so
fast it was pushing through her singlet like cheese clothe, making a little
fountain, puddling around her ass, for once she was glad for wearing so little,
there was not very much fabric for the hot piss to soak into. 

Just then the lights came on.  "I want to see my slutty little lesbian whore as
she eats my pussy," said Josie.  She turned around from switching on the lights
and saw Allie peeing, piss flowing through her aerobics outfit, dribbling down
the fabric to pool under the teens tight ass.

"Oh my god, you complete slut.  You're peeing yourself."  Allie closed her eyes
in humiliation, she heard some frantic clothing rustling.  Before she knew it
she felt Josie's firm hands behind her head and her mouth was brought to pussy
lips again.  She began to lick and suck the pretty blondes pussy, noting that it
was shaven as well, she liked the smooth feel of her pussy lips as she started
to suck, trying to forget her situation.  Her full bladder continued to release
its contents as she began to eat the girl out.

"Oh god, what a filthy slut you are, eating pussy as you pee your pants. Oh god,
I'm cumming already," Josie was almost shouting as she climaxed on the teens
face, "Unh, what a whore," she ground into the girls face, "what a lesbian slut,
ahhh,"  she clenched two handfuls of hair.  Allie continued to pee, the warm
yellow liquid began to pool around her ass cheeks, she was in a little dip in
the floor and she was sitting in a growing puddle of piss.  Josie shuddered, and
clasped her strong thighs against the girls head.  She grabbed a shelf for
balance as she came down from her orgasm.

"Wow, I've never cum so fast," she thrust into the girl's face a few times as
she spasmed with the waves of pleasure.  Allie was glad her face was hidden in
the girls crotch, she didn't want anyone to see her humiliation.  Her peeing
finally started to slow, the fountain coming from her pants slowed to a small
stream coming through the fabric, then it didn't have enough force to push
through and dribbled down her crack inside her outfit, joining the puddle under
her ass.   Finally Josie calmed down and moved off of the girls face,

She stepped back and looked at the girl, Allie had her head down in shame, her
disheveled hair around her face, the tiny t-shirt barely covering her breasts
and the small singlet barely covering anything at all.  She sat in a half inch
deep puddle of her own urine, "What a whore, look at yourself slut.  Look!"  She
reached over and brought the girls face up, "you're sitting in your own piss." 
Allie looked down, the bottom of her singlet was soaked, the liquid had wicked
up the straps three or four inches, and must be further up the back due to how
she was sitting.  The puddle of urine went completely around her ass cheeks,
underneath her crack.  It felt so good to have an empty bladder, she almost
didn't mind.

Josie continued, "you'd better clean it up, I don't want to have to report you." 

Josie quickly dressed again and stood over the shattered girl, "Come on slut,
there's a mop and bucket get to it, we still have to get you to your class." 
Allie was stunned, she couldn't go to the class now, not after wetting herself,
she couldn't possibly do that. 

She slowly stood, the piss hung to her ass cheeks and as she stood it dribbled
down her legs in streams, down the inside of her thighs, it streamed down her
calves, and stained her white cotton socks yellow.  She looked around for a
towel of some sort, but the closet had little more than a mop and bucket.  Josie
stood there fully dressed and said, "Hurry slut, you don't want to be any later
than you already are."  Allie reached over to the mop and pulled it out, wiped
up her piss quickly, and squeezed it out into the bucket.  She ran the mop over
the  wet spot on the floor once again.

Allie and Josie left the protection of the Supply closet and headed back out
into the hallway.  Josie held the door for Allie and pushed the girl out, "Your
ass is covered in  piss, what a slut you are."  Out in the corridor, two
athletic women walked by, saw Allie and Josie coming out of the closet, pointed
and gawked.

"I found her in there, you wouldn't believe what she was doing."  Said Josie. 
Allie was shocked, what was she saying, Josie was at least as responsible as
Allie was for what had just happened.  "She was in there masturbating, look at
her workout clothes, she's so wet it almost looks like she peed herself."  She
laughed a little bit, "what a slut."

The two hard bodied women snickered and looked Allie up in down in disgust, they
walked off muttering, "slut" and "whore".  Allie was humiliated.

"Come along slut, we need to get you to your class."  What was she saying, Allie
thought, she couldn't possibly go to an aerobics class like this, urine drenched
clothes, pussy juice all smeared on her face.  Josie didn't let her think about
it, she grabbed the disheveled girl by the hand and virtually dragged her down
the hallway after her.  Shortly they came to the room where the aerobics class
was being held.  Josie didn't even slow down but led them right through the door
before Allie could stop them.

Inside was a class of about 20 women working out as a stunning blonde instructor
led them.  Josie walked right up to the instructor the class halted and watched
the odd pair come in, one woman dressed like a athletic, put together person,
the other like a barely dressed porn star with a wet stain around her crotch and
a what appeared to be yellow urine stains on her white cotton socks.  Allie
tried to walk on the opposite side of Josie from the class so they wouldn't see
the current state of her urine stained clothes. It didn't help, the front of the
class was completely mirrored, so they could see her almost bare ass, wet with
piss as easily as if she wasn't trying to hide at all.

"Billy," said Josie, "Allie here is signed up for your class, sorry we're late,
but she had an accident on the way."  With that Josie turned around and left
Allie standing in her scant clothing, with her breasts barely covered and the
tiny singlet wet with piss and barely covering her pussy at all. 

"Go stand in back of the class and try to keep up slut," said the beautiful

Allie shuffled around the side of the class, all the women stared at her
appearance as she walked around.  When she got to the back she started trying to
do the exercising, but every single thing she did seemed to expose her breasts
for anyone to look at, she was lucky she had a small chest otherwise it would be
a painful exercise routine with no bra on.  The class continued hopping around,
with each movement Allie's butt plug moved in her ass, soon she was getting
aroused, all the tightly clad asses around her didn't help, she kept having
flashbacks to being naked on the floor at her mistress feet.  She started to
feel a different kind of wetness down at her crotch and she realized she was
getting aroused.  No, she thought, she didn't want that, not here..  The butt
plug continued to stimulate her, with all the movement it almost felt as if she
was being fucked in the ass.

Allie tried to concentrate, but the constant movement of her plug, as well as
the discomfort from her feet squishing in her shoes from the piss that had
settled down into them, made it impossible, she always seemed to be a step or
two behind.  The women near her thought she was a complete idiot, as well as a
whore to be dressed the way she was.

She kept getting nearer and nearer to climax, soon she was imagining all the
women around her naked, it wasn't hard with the tight lira outfits they were
wearing.  She started to try to make the plug move inside her.  Finally when she
could stand it no longer, she reached behind her in the middle of class and
pulled her suit to the side slightly to gain access to her anus.  Hoping no one
was watching, she grabbed the butt of the plug between her thumb and forefinger
and started to fuck herself in time with the aerobics, picturing herself
kneeling between Billy the blonde instructors legs.  She began to fuck herself
in the ass.  She glanced around carefully looking to see if anyone was watching,
but since she was in back only one or two would be able to see her, and they
were paying attention to the instructor.  She grew a bit more brazen and pulled
the plug out an inch at a time and began to fuck herself in earnest, trying to
keep moving with the rest of the class.  She closed her eyes briefly in near
As she started to move to her own rhythm, and not with the rest of the class,
the two women closest to her noticed what she was doing.  They stopped and
looked, watching her, amazed and disgusted, they grabbed their neighbors and
pointed to the girl, fucking herself in the ass.

Soon the whole class had stopped and were watching the oblivious teen, bring
herself off in the classroom.  All 20 women stood in shock as they watched the
fifteen year old girl thrusting a butt plug past her sphincter, in and out of
her ass. her eyes closed, moaning.  She couldn't stand it anymore and pulled her
singlet aside in front, revealing her young pussy lips to the audience, she
started to frig her clit.  Her climax rose and she moaned, the women around her
stared at her and were starting to get caught up in her masturbation, they began
to cheer her on, Allie didn't notice.  She was pulling the plug three inches out
at a time and thrusting it in.  She was thrusting it in and out and moving her
other hand over her clit furiously, moaning.  She came in a scream, the crowd of
women cheered.

They laughed at her as she started to calm down, "what a slut" "a butt plug can
you believe that?" "shaved pussy, what a whore".  Allie suddenly realized she
was being watched.  "slut" "cunt" "whore".  She came back to her senses with the
normal girls and women calling her disgusting names, oh my god what had she
done, how horrible, what had happened to her.  She pushed the butt plug all the
way in and ran through the gathered women and out into the hallway, her one
piece not fitting correctly over her pussy lips, but she didn't care she had to
get out.

She bumped into a woman and fell down at her feet, the door to the class closed
to laughter. 

"Hey, watch out." said the woman. 

Allie reached down and quickly fixed her singlet, it barely covered her pussy,
she was still flushed with her orgasm, humiliated and crushed.  Why did she do
that, she didn't want to be this way, she was just a teen girl, not a slutty
lesbian whore.  She wanted to crawl into a hole and cry.

Allie finally rolled over on her back and looked up at the woman, it was Betsy
from the waitress from the restaurant two nights ago.

"Why Allie, what a pleasure, here let me help you up."  She reached down and
grabbed the girl under the armpits and lifted her up, consequently fully
exposing her perky little breasts for Betsy to see.  "Mmm those are nice," she
said reaching under the half shirt to feel one of them, massaging the teens tit. 
"I'm going to really enjoy our Saturday night together girl."  She released the
girls breast. 

Betsy was fully dressed having finished her workout.  Allie felt so embarrassed
standing there barely clothed, while Betsy was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. 
She was still in shock from her experience in the aerobics class.

"Hey what are you doing right now, me and a couple of girlfriends are going to
lunch you want to come along?"  Allie wanted to say no, but at least Betsy
offered a way out of here.

"Sure," she said in a little voice, "can you take me home afterwards?"

"OK doll, let's get going."  Betsy started walking back towards the front of the
club, Allie still felt so exposed with the skimpy clothes she was wearing, at
least the piss had dried mostly, she only had a feint smell of urine about her. 
She walked along behind Betsy, her bare ass fully visible.

When Betsy got out to the reception area she said, "ready Josie?"  Oh no,
thought Allie, not Josie.

Josie looked over in Betsy's direction, and said "yeah," she notice Allie was
with her, "oh hey, do you know Allie too?"

"Yeah, I met her a couple of nights ago," then quieter, "isn't she hot?"

"You'd better believe it, I'll tell you about it over lunch, where's Sandy, and
Ashley?"  Just then two more women walked up, one was a redhead who must have
been six feet tall, the other was a petite brunette with a short bob style
haircut.  All four women were dressed in normal clothes now ready to go to

"Hi girls," there were hugs all around, "this is Allie, she's coming to lunch
with us."  The two new women looked at her then ignored her as they all walked
out.  Allie trailed along behind very self conscious of her state of undress.

They walked out to Ashley's, the tall redheads, car, it was a Land cruiser. 
Ashley was driving, Sandy got in the passengers seat and the other three women
got in the back.  Allie all of a sudden found herself sitting in between Betsy
and Josie in the back of Ashley's Land cruiser.  Ashley turned the car on and
began driving out of the parking lot.  Josie put her hand on Allie's thigh, "How
was your workout girl?"  Betsy put her hand on Allie's other thigh.

"umm...not very good."

"Oh that's too bad," said Josie with little conviction as she moved her hand
slowly up Allie's thigh.

"please, stop." Said Allie in a quiet voice, "please."

Betsy watched as Josie moved her hand up to the girls tummy and started to
massage the girls abdomen right above the top of the singlet,  Betsy pulled the
girls leg a bit wider.  "please" said Allie again, this time it sounded more
like "please more".  Ashley was talking to them about the club, Betsy just said
"uh huh." as she watched Josie fondle Allie.

"Pull her crotch out of the way, Betsy." said Josie quietly.  Sandy turned
around and saw what they were doing.  She tapped Ashley on the shoulder, she
repositioned the mirror, to watch, "Wow, you gonna do her right here in my car?"

"thinkin' about it," said Josie.  Betsy slowly reached for the crotch of Allie's
Allie mouthed the word no, but nothing came out, she felt the girls hand gently
touch her pussy as she pulled the tight fabric out of the way, it was
unavoidable as there was so little fabric.  Allie shuddered at her touch.  The
two women on either side of her pulled her legs further apart, resting her naked
thighs on their jeans covered legs, she now was completely exposed.  Josie
brought her hand down to the girls pussy and gently cupped her cunt. She spread
the fifteen year olds pussy lips and slid her middle finger into the folds of
her moist quip.

"oh man she's wet."  Said Josie as she started to play with Allies Clit.  Sandy
licked her lips and started to massage her own cunt through her jeans.

Betsy leaned over to the young teen and pulled her face towards her and started
to kiss her passionately.  She moved a hand up under the girls tiny t-shirt and
started to massage the girls breasts.  Josie quickly started to moan into
Betsy's mouth.  She couldn't believe this was happening to her again.  She
wasn't a Lesbian, she just wanted to be a normal girl.  She moaned again as
Josie turned her hand slightly and thrust her middle finger into her pussy,
Josie started to finger fuck the girl.  Very quickly, Allie came.  They
continued like this all the way to the restaurant, Allie came twice more, Betsy
continued to kiss her, and Josie kept finger fucking her.  Allie was in a
complete sexual haze by the time Ashley turned off the motor.

Betsy pulled back and Josie pulled out of Allie, she sat stunned in the Land
cruiser.  The other women got out of the car, "come on little girl," beckoned
Josie.  Allie half stumbled, half crawled out of the car.  Josie and Ashley
caught the skinny teen just before she fell.  "I think we are going to have a
lot of fun this afternoon," said Josie.  The other women laughed as they started
to walk towards the entrance to the restaurant.

As they neared the door, Allie realized, to her horror, that her cunt was
completely exposed.  She started to struggle to reach down and re-cover her
pussy lips with the minuscule amount of cloth.  The two stronger women held her
arms tight and she was unable to move her hands down to reposition the outfit. 
"Josie, please can I cover myself."

"What did you call me slut?  I don't think that was very nice way to ask
something." She said as she pulled Allie's arm behind her, Ashley pulled the
other arm behind the girl's back as well.  This thrust Allie's chest out and
caused her little nipples to peek out below the small t-shirt.

Allie was still in a haze from her orgasm in the car she replied almost
automatically, "mistress, may I please cover myself?"

"That's better.  Of course you may cover yourself, we would be embarrassed for
you to go in looking like you do."  They let go of her arms as Sandy opened the
door, the hostess looked up from her post and thought she glimpsed Allie's pussy
as the girl covered herself again.

Sandy asked for a table for five, preferably a booth.  The Hostess led them back
into the dimly lit restaurant.  Allie was in the middle of the group of five
women, she was humiliated walking through the restaurant dressed like she was. 
Here were these four fully dressed women and one in the middle with barely a
stitch on, lucky there weren't many people inside the establishment at the
moment.  As it was, she still got stared at by half a dozen customers, she could
hear comments as she passed, "look at that slut," what a piece of ass","man, I'd
like to stick my dick in that."  How had this happened, all she wanted was to go
home, the only way she was going to get there was for Betsy to give her a ride,
she hung her head resigned, at least she was safe in the restaurant, she could
get a lunch, she was very hungry.

When they got to their table, Allie quickly slid into the middle, with relief
she realized that she was almost completely hidden from view, the tablecloth hid
her lower half, and, if she was careful, her t-shirt would not pop up and expose
anything.  For the first time in hours she relaxed a bit.  Ashley sat on one
side of her and Sandy on the other.  The Hostess gave them all menu's and left.

"So you won't believe what this slut did today," began Josie, "She came in
dressed like a slut and I started to lead her to her aerobics class," Allie was
stunned, Josie wouldn't tell the whole story would she?  She wouldn't do that,
not the part about peeing herself, please not that. Josie continued, "She called
me mistress!  Can you believe that, I think she's a complete sub,"  Allie felt a
hand on her thigh again, they wouldn't do anything here, would they. "She said
she really had to pee.  Well I didn't believe her, and we ended up in the
storage closet,"  Sandy lifted Allie's leg and placed it on her own, Ashley
grabbed the other and did the same.

"She fell on her ass,"  Allie started to shake her head.  Ashley reached up and
pulled the shoulder strap off Allie's shoulder and down before Allie could stop
her, Sandy followed suit.

"I looked down at her on the ground and she was peeing herself right through her
outfit."   The other women were shocked, “No way,” said Sandy.  “I swear, pee
was spurting through her suit.”  Meanwhile Ashley pulled her suit down and off
her legs so fast Allie couldn't stop her.  Oh no, she thought, now I'm naked
form the waist down.

"I pulled my pants off and had her suck me off, man that was great, she's a
great little pussy licker."

Just then, the waitress came up, she was a good looking brunette.  "Have you
decide what you are going to have for lunch."

"Yes we have," said Betsy looking hungrily at Allie, all the women laughed at
the table at the in joke of Betsy's..

They went around the table and ordered, Ashley ordered for Allie not giving her
the chance to even read a menu, she got a small side salad for the girl.  The
waitress thanked them and left.

Allie was terrified of exposing herself now,  She struggled a bit against the
two women holding her legs apart, but she didn't know what to do, making too
much noise would attract attention.  Sandy crossed her legs over Allie's leg
pinning the girls leg with her own, Ashley lifted the girl's leg over her head
quickly and put it behind her pinning it. "no please, not here, leave me alone." 

"Oh hush slut," said Betsy, "We're just having a little fun".  Allie looked
around frantically, but apart from the four women at her table no-one seemed to
notice at all.  Ashley put a hand under Allie's ass and shifted her butt out a
bit exposing her glistening pussy for easier access.  Sandy's left hand found
its' way down into the girls pussy, and began to caress her clit.  Allie's eyes
rolled back up into her head as the touch from the other woman sent electric
shocks through her body.  Sandy started to idly play with her as they listened
to Josie finish her story about the slut Allie.  Allie struggled a bit and moved
her hands down to try and stop the Sandy form playing with her.

"No, no, no, we can't have that," said Ashley, she grabbed the girls arms,
pulled them painfully behind her and tied them together at the elbow with the
outfit they just stripped off of the fifteen year old. "Ow please, don't tie me
like that." whined Allie.

"If you sat still I wouldn't have to bind you, now be quiet and sit still."
These requests were getting harder and harder as Sandy continued her

Allie was now essentially naked at the table, only her urine stained socks and
shoes and her tiny t-shirt were left. She started to feel an orgasm building,
she tried to hold it back.  Why were they doing this to her, she wasn't a
lesbian.  She lost her train of thought as an orgasm built, she bit her lower
lip, and moaned quietly.  Her legs were spread almost in the splits, she was
hunkered down in the seat exposing her crotch, her arms were bound behind her,
she was helpless, a toy to be played with.

Sandy moved her hand down under the girls crotch and felt the girls anus.  She
pulled back briefly, "Oh my god, the slut has a butt plug in her."  The other
women, chuckled, Josie said, "pull it out, let me see"  Sarah reached under the
girl, and ignoring the feeble protests from the bound teen, slid the butt plug
out of her nether hole and held it up for the women at the table to see. 
Allie's ass was empty for the first time in almost 24 hours, she felt empty. 
"Oh man, she's had that in her all day, stick it back in."  Sandy positioned the
head of the plug at Allie's sphincter and slowly pressed it back into her,
Allie closed her eyes as Sandy entered her with the butt plug.  The return of
the plug felt surprisingly good to the girl.  Sandy started to slowly fuck the
girl in the ass with her butt plug.  Ashley brought her right hand down and
started to play with the girls pussy.  Allie's orgasm built again, there was no
stopping it this time, she moaned, leaned her head back against the back of the
booth and came.  She made tiny little moaning sounds, clenching her mouth
closed, trying as hard as she could to be quiet.

Just then the waitress came back and started to serve their lunches, she looked
at Allie, "Is she OK?" she couldn't see Sandy's and Ashley's hands playing with
the girl's holes.  "Yeah, she just had a real hard workout and must have some
cramps."  replied Josie.

Ashley reached down and entered Allie's pussy with her middle finger, Allie was
getting double fucked as the waitress put her salad down in front of her.  Allie
tried to open her eyes and thank the waitress, but just then she peaked again
and it took all her concentration to not scream in ecstasy.

They ate lunch, as Sandy and Ashley continued to abuse Allie.  They took turns
playing with her as the other ate, Allie was almost blacking out by the end of

She came around a bit as she  felt something significantly bigger enter her
pussy, she looked down to see a vibrator being pushed fully into her bare quim. 
Sandy pushed it all the way in and turned it on.  The sensations kept her
peaked.  She barely noticed as Ashley put her aerobics outfit back on.  They
stood her up and walked out of the restaurant, Allie's pussy humming from the
vibrator.  The butt of the vibrator pressing against the fabric of her singlet,
visible as a protrusion below her pussy.

They got out to the car and got back in the same seats as on the drive over. 
Allie sat down and almost came as her butt plug and the vibrator almost touched
through the walls of her vagina and anus.  The feeling of being filled in both
holes was almost too much on its' own.  She was in no state of mind to protest
as she felt her shoes being removed, followed by her socks.  Betsy pulled them
off and threw them in the back of the Land cruiser.  At the same time Josie took
her singlet off again and it followed her shoes into the back.  The tiny half
t-shirt was all she had on, Betsy and Josie pulled it over her head together. 
Allie was naked in Ashley's land cruiser, she had a vibrator in her pussy, and
her butt plug in her ass. 

Betsy leaned over and started to kiss the young teen again, forcing her tongue
into the girls mouth.  Allie moaned into the woman's mouth as wave after wave of
pleasure drove through her.  Josie reached under the fifteen year old girl and
pulled her ass forward on the back seat, once she had easy access to the girls
holes she started to double fuck her with the vibrator in her cunt and the butt
plug in her ass.  Allie almost screamed as she came again, Josie began to piston
the two into the girl.  Allie's mind could think of nothing except the
sensations going on with her body, her asshole and cunt keeping her cumming, she
was moaning into Betsy's mouth as she was forcing her tongue into the girls

She was unable to walk by the time they got to Ashley's house.  Ashley parked on
the sidewalk, and they had to drag the naked girl up to the front door.  Allie
stood there, on the front doorstep completely nude for anyone to see, she didn't
even care, Sandy was behind her and put her hand up under her crotch and made
sure both the vibrator and plug were fully embedded in the little teen.

They walked into Ashley's house dragging the girl in, helpless and nude.

Once inside Josie took charge again, “Kneel in the center of the living room
slut.”  With that she pushed Allie towards the center of the room.  Allie felt
relieved that at least she wasn't in public anymore, with her nakedness on
display.  “Wait there slut, we'll be there in a minute.

Allie knelt in the center of the living room with the vibrator still humming in
her cunt and ass still filled with the butt plug, she closed her eyes and her
head fell down to her chest.  All of a sudden she started to cry quietly, the
humiliation of the morning had taken its' toll, and now that she was alone, the
true horror of what she had been through came crashing down upon her.  She
shivered as another mini orgasm rippled through her.  No please stop, she
thought to herself, I can't cum again.  She just wanted to leave and go home,
maybe if she asked Josie nicely she would take her home right now.

The four women wandered back into the living room having gotten themselves a
drink.  They walked up to Allie kneeling in the center of the room and stood
around and talked about her, “I like her tits, they're nice and perky.” Said
Sandy.  “Her shaved pussy gets me hot.” “I want her sucking my pussy” They
ignored her as a  person and just discussed her body, and her uses, talking
about her tongue and holes.

“I think we need to tie her arms behind her, she showed she can't quite be
trusted at the restaurant today.”  Said Ashley as she went over to a cabinet and
opened it, inside Allie glimpsed some devices she recognized from Nicole's use
of them on her.  Ashley pulled out some rope and came back.

Betsy and Josie held her arms behind her as Allie just knelt there and let the
women do with her as they wished.  “As you can see Allie, Ashley has a thing
about tying girls up, it is really much easier to humor her and let her have her
fun.”  Allie was sobbing now, but the other girls didn't seem to care.  Ashley
bound her arms at the elbows again, wrapping them tightly all the way down to
the wrists.

“I just talked to Nicole Allie,”  Allie looked up at Betsy hopefully, and
stopped crying, maybe she was going home right away.  Betsy continued, “she
say's you need to be home by four to start cooking dinner, but that you can stay
for a few hours and play with us.”  Allie shook her head back and forth in

Allie spent the rest of the afternoon with her head between one of the four
women's thighs sucking pussy.  When she was finally unceremoniously dropped off
on the front porch of Nicole's house, she was completely spent.   Naked but no
longer caring she walked inside and started to cook dinner for Nicole without
thinking about it.

Allie and Nicole: Part  6 : Pissing and pierced

Allie woke up on the floor again. Nicole had whipped her again last night.
It wasn't her fault she had lost all her clothes, Nicole didn't seem to
care. Allie's back was crosshatched in red welts from the beating. She
remembered the beating, and began to cry softly, the noise was muted because
of the ball gag jammed in her mouth synched tightly behind her head.

Nicole had come home in a foul mood. Josie had called her at work and told
her the whole story of what Allie had done that afternoon. Nicole was not
pleased with the urinatin episode. She tied Allie's hands to the bedpost,
with Allie Kneeling on the floor, tied her ankles firmly together and
proceeded to whip the girls back with a four foot long horse whip. Allie
cried and begged for her to stop, but nothing came out of her mouth but
pathetic moans through the painfull ball gag.

"Pissed your pants, in front of a friend of mine," berated Nicole as she
swished the whip down on the teens naked back. "I have never been so
humiliated." Swish. Allie yelped, and shook her head no. "Don't talk back to
me slut," Swish.

This continued for some time until Allie blacked out. When she woke it was
dark, she was hogtied naked on the floor, her buttplug rammed in her ass and
a dildo in her pussy. Nicole had carelessly thrown a blanket over the girl
before she had gone to bed.

Allie was completely in shock, why had this happenned to her? She didn't
want to be someones toy, she just wanted to be a normal fifteen year old.
Exhaustion finally took her as she cried herself back to sleep.

She woke in the morning as Nicole was untieing her legs. The sudden rush of
blood to her bound limbs sent new waves of pain through her body. Nicole
left her arms tied and looked down at the young teen girl with her arms
still bound and smiled. Everything was going so well, Allie was now a beaten
submissive teen slut. It was now time for the next phase of her plan.

"Come come pet you have your morning duties to perform." She grabbed Allie
by her hair and pulled her to her feet. Physically dragging her into the
bathroom. Allie found it uncomfortable to follow with her arms tied, the
butt plug in her ass, and dildo still rammed into her pussy, she felt
stuffed, and she had to waddle a bit with the tools in her. "Prepare my
shower slut." Allie still had the ball gag on so she could only moan a bit,
but the pain was really minimal compared to what she had gone through over
the past two days.

Nicole went to go pee as Allie turned the shower on, she had to turn around
to turn the shower knob because her hands were bound behind her. she was in
a haze from the pain and the two implements still shoved up her holes. Once
she had the water running Nicole called her over to the toilet. "Kneel."
Allie kneeled between Nicole's spread legs as the woman sat on the toilet,
her gagged mouth about level with Nicoles belly button.

"Let's take off that ball gag, I don't think you'll need that for awhile
anyway." Allie leaned in slightly as Nicole reached around the petite teens
head to remove the gag. Suddenly the painfull stretching pressure on Allies
mouth was released although it was to painful to close it right now, her
mouth stayed open halfway.

Nicole grabbed the back of the girls head and forced it in close to her
pussy. "You enjoyed pissing so much yesterday, I think you should learn to
enjoy mine as well." Nicole let her bladder go and started pissing on the
girl's face. Allie scrunched her eyes closed, and tried to shut her mouth
but her jaw muscles were too sore and tired. Nicole's piss splattered over
the young girls face, dribbling into her mouth and down her chin onto her
chest. Allie couldn't help but swallow some, she began to cough as the urine
completely covered her.

Nicole pissed all over the girls face, her hair, all down her chest. Her
girl-toy was coverd in the yellow liquid spurting from her pussy. She
couldn't believe how great it felt to degrade the little teen this way. She
had to think of new ways to humiliate her teen slut.

She finished urinating on the sputtering girl and said, "Now girl, lick me
dry" She pulled the Allie's face in against her cunt. At first Allie didn't
do anything, she just sat there with her nose mashed against Nicole's pubic
hair, her mouth pressed against the still dripping pussy. She was completely
disoriented, urine covered, holes plugged, arms bound. But Nicole was
insistent, "stick out your tongue and lick me off cunt!" Finally Allie stuck
her piss coated tongue out and started to lick Nicole's pussy dry, she
already had the salty taste of Nicole's urine in her mouth, the added flavor
of her mistress; arousal might even help diminish the horrid flavor.

Nicole quickly ground her cunt into the girls face and came in a quick
shudder, the domination of the teen had really set her off, she had to get
ahold of herself, she was really getting wrapped up in controlling Allie.

Finally she stood up and over the kneeling girl, "come pet let's get in the
shower, you need to clean me." Allie stood and tried to follow the woman,
but she had to keep her eyes closed to prevent Nicole's piss from getting in

"I'm sorry slut, let me untie your arms." Nicole walked behind the small
teen, and untied the girls arms. Allie cried out as the blood now rushed
back into her arms. Nicole pushed the piss blinded girl into the shower
before her and closed the shower door, "now wash me my little girl-slave."
Allie grabbed the soap and began to wash her mistress, Nicole stood in the
middle of the shower and let Allie work her way around, lathering up her
body, scrubbing it clean, how decadent she felt to have a girl slave of her
very own to take care of her, life was great, and only going to get better.

Allie was crying again quietly, at least the awful urine was washed off of
her body. She quickly tried washing herself during the brief moments she was
behind Nicole, she didn't know if Nicole would allow some time to take a
shower herself, she hadn't yesterday. She washed Nicole's pussy and asshole,
paying special attention to her mistress' holes. She knew Nicole liked that
and anything she could do to make Nicole happy, might make it easier on her,
she didn't want to get whipped again.

Nicole turned the girl around when she had finished cleaning her Mistress
and took the young girl in her arms, "Allie I am trying to train you into a
nice young lady, but if you continue to show this uncontrolled behavior like
pissing in your own pants, I will have to get stricter. Do I make myself

"Yes mistress." Answered Allie in robotic fashion. It felt good to be held,
Nicole's ample breasts felt so soft against her perky little girl tits. She
finally felt safe in her mistress' embrace. There must be a reason why
Nicole was doing all these things to her.

"Good," said Nicole as she leaned down to kiss the girl on the lips, Allie
felt one of Nicole's hands stray down to her ass and find the butt of her
anal plug again, "We are going to the salon today, there is a special treat,
I have a present for you, and you need to be made ready for it." Allie
didn't know what that meant, her attention was suddenly focused on the butt
plug being slowly pistoned in her ass.

Nicole reached her other hand down and started playing with the dildo in the
girls pussy. She turned the fifteen year old around and bent her over and
then began to double fuck the young girl in the shower. Allie began to moan,
"oh yes, mistress, yesss, fuck me." Allie put her sore arms up and braced
herself against the wall as her mistress fucked her ass and pussy, she came
in a rush. "unghhh!"

Nicole removed the dildo from Allie's pussy, but shoved the butt plug back
home, "We'll just leave that where it belongs for now."

They got out of the shower and Allie helped her mistress get ready for the
day, drying her hair, doing her makeup, getting her dressed, all the while
naked and skewered in the ass with the butt plug.

When Nicole was satisfied with her appearance she led the naked girl out
into the kitchen for breakfast. She had Allie kneel at the side of her chair
while they ate, idly playing with the girls little breasts.

Nicole had Allie put on her red dress and pumps today, "You don't need any
underwear pet, you know you'll just lose it." Allie went into her room and
looked at herself in the mirror, she saw a bedraggled teen, her eyes were
bloodshot from crying. She didn't question what she was doing, she just went
through the motions, it was much easier that way. Allie cast her eyes down
unable to look at the girl anymore and grabbed the flimsy short dress and
pulled it on over her head. Her ass was almost exposed, and the top of the
dress clearly showed she wasn't wearing a bra. She quickly slipped on the
red fuck me pumps, tried to fix her hair a bit in the mirror and hurried
back out to the front room.

Nicole didn't wait for any discussion but led them out to the garage right
away and into her BMW. Allie felt the familiar feel now of the cold leather
against her naked thighs.

They headed off to the Salon.

Once there Nicole lead Allie into the beaty parlor. The receptionist looked
up as they came in. "May I help you Ma'am"

"yes, I have an appointment for my slut today, for a routine cleaning and
shave plus a few other items."

The receptionist called Jackie up to the front. Once she got up front she
unceremoniously removed Allies dress without asking her, just pulling it up
over her head and off. Allie didn't protest, she was expecting the
indignity. Jackie handed the dress to Nicole and then led the two women back
into the salon proper.

The groomer led Allie and Nicole back past the front room of women getting
their hair done. Allie could feel their predatory gaze on her naked ass as
she walked past. Once they got back to the back room where Allie had her
pussy shaved, Nicole turned to Jackie and said, "Slut here has a peeing
problem why don't you get a bucket first and let her pee, it probably will
save you from getting pissed on whil your shaving her."

Allie turned to Nicole in shock, she couldn't do that, not pee in front of
another woman, "Mistress, please, let me use the restroom."

"Nonsense Allie, it's easier for them to just have you pee in a bucket."
Allie didn't think that was true, but she didn't want to argue with Nicole,
it was worth it if she could avoid another whipping. Jackie came back and
put a bucket down in front of the girl.

"There you go slut." Allie stepped over the bucket and crouched slightly,
she tuned out the fact that Nicole and Jackie were in the room and slowly
her bladder started to let go, she began to pee into the bucket, a yellow
stream sprayed down to patter in the bottom of the metal bucket.

Just then the curtain was pulled away and in walked a beautiful blonde.

"Nicole, I heard you were here," said the the blonde with perfect breasts
trying to push out from behind a flimsy blouse. She walked up to Nicole,
Allie immediately stopped peeing due to fright.

Nicole turned to Allie, "Don't stop slut, you need to empty your bladder
before you get cleaned, it is the polite thing to do for Jackie here."
Nicole then ignored Allie and hugged the blond woman, "Sarah, so good to see
you, how's business?"

Allie naked and supposed to be peeing in a bucket, she just couldn't do it,
not in front of these women, she was humiliated. They were all dressed and
yet here she was naked, in the middle of them.

"Who is your new little slut here Nicole? She's got a real cute looking

"That's Allie, Sarah, she's got a peeing problem, I just want to make sure
she is empty so Jackie won't have any problems. Come on slut, finish peeing,
we're all waiting for you." Allie was overwhelmed, her mind went into a kind
of shut down and she closed her eyes and tried to pee again. The women stood
around talking small talk as they waited for Allie to pee, finally a trickle
started to come out and then it turned into a yellow stream.

"There she goes." Said Jackie. Allie was in a daze, she was peeing, naked in
front of three women, she never would have done this just a few short days
ago, she couldn't have imagined doing it, she still felt so ashamed and

Once her piddling was done, Jackie had her lie down on the special chair for
sluts, and her ankles and wrists were shackled to the seat. She pushed the
foot lever that spread the teens legs as wide as they could go until the
girl was almost doing the splits. Allie cried out in pain, Jackie calmy
walked up to the girls face and put a ball gag in her mouth, Allie closed
her eyes tight against the painful stretching of her legs.

They casually continued their conversation as Jackie gave Allie her three
enemas. She had to first pull out the butt plug that had been inside the
girl now for two days. The women commented on Allie's body like a piece of
meat, noting her perky breasts, her puffy little teen pussy, and her pink

Allie felt her anus being violated again by the hated enema nozzle. Jackie
opened the valve and filled the girl up with the warm soapy mixture. The
process seemed to go faster this time, Jackie pulled the nozzle out and
Allie let ber bowels expunge their contents. Twice more Jackie thrust the
enema nozzle into the girl and filled her up. Allie was beginning to get
aroused with the constant attention her crotch was getting, the warm liquid
in her bowels was stimulating her.

Jackie gave the fifteen year old a business like douching, pushing the
douche nozzle passed the girl's bare labia, into the young vagina and
squeezing the jasmine flavored liquid into the teens inner, velvet lined,
tubes. Allie grunted in pleasure as she was filled with the cleansing
solution. Jackie pulled the empty nozzle out of the girls quim, the juice
dribble out of the young teen and into the bucket beneath her crotch. As
soon as her pussy was done dribbling out the liquid, Jackie wiped it down
with a warm wash clothe, reaching under the girl and wiping her asshole as
well, pressing the rough cloth into the girls sphincter a bit to make sure
she was dry. She then stood and took the bucket away to dump it out in the

Jackie brought the shaving equipment back and sat on a stool between the
teenagers legs. Allie moaned into her ball gag again. She felt Jackie spray
shaving cream on her crotch and lather her private area up with the foam.
The feeling brought her closer to her orgasm. Jackie saw how close the girl
was and started to rub her foam lubricated hand over the girls clitoris.
Quickly bringing the girl to the brink, Allie moaned and threw her head
back, she was so close. Jackie thrust a soapy finger into the girls pussy,
making the young girl climax in a scream.

"What a slut," commented Sarah. "Does she suck pussy as good as she looks?"

"Not yet," replied Nicole, "but give me a few weeks, and she'll be a good

Jackie shaved the girl as Sarah and Nicole caught up on old times, Allie
listened as they talked about their days at college together. She couldn't
believe how casual they were as she lay naked, securly bound to the chair,
her legs painfully spread, spent and exhausted from her orgasm and the past
days of degradation. Jackie made quick work of the light stubble around
Allie's quim and anus, soon she was smooth again.

She was done being shaved by Jackie and the woman stood up from between her
legs. Allie was glad it was over, now maybe she could get on with the day.

Jackie came back around, Nicole and Sarah came up closer as well.

"One in each nipple and one in the sluts clit hood." Said Nicole, Allie
wondered what she was talking about. She then saw what Jackie was holding,
she knew what they were going to do to her. she started to struggle and
scream into her gag. Nicole reached up to the girls face and grabbed her jaw
with her strong hand, "Sit still slut or I swear I'll whip you right here in
the salon." Allie continued to struggle.

"That's it!" Said Nicole angrily, "do you ladies mind lending a hand in
disciplining this slut." Both women were eager to help. They first tied the
girls wrists together before unbinding her from the chair. Allie's bound
wrists were then attached to a pully mounted on the ceiling and she was
raised out of the grooming chair as they unhooked her arms and legs from it.
She was transfered from a bound position lying down with her legs forceably
spread, to a bound position where she hung naked from the ceiling,
helplessly swinging, her struggles quickly fading.

"Now, do you have a four foot switch I might use on this wench?" Allie shook
her head and looked up at how she was strung up. Her wrists were attached to
a hook with a rope leading to the ceiling. She tried to struggle and free
the rope, but she couldn't budge it.

Jackie fetched a mean looking whip from a closet. Sarah stuck her head out
the curtain and told the ladies out front what was going on. Soon there were
five more women in the back room, two hairdressers, the receptionist and two
beautiful customers.

Nicole gently hit the back of the teen, "Do you know why I'm going to punish
you slut?" Allie shook her head from side to side, she couldn't talk with
the ball gag shoved inside. "For disobeying me, and embarassing me in front
of my friend Sarah." She whipped the girls back hard as an exclamation to
her statement, swish!!

"MMMMMMMMM!!" cried Allie through her gag, she tried to look over her
shoulder at Nicole, just as another strike hit her naked flesh. The other
women cheered as she was struck. Swish, another muffled scream, each
whipping of the horsewhip sent lances of fire across the young girls back.

"When I tell you to do something," swish, scream, "you do it!" swish,

Nicole whipped the girl a good twenty times, until the teen was barely
grunting from each successive swish. Finally she stopped, the girl was
hanging limply. Nicole walked up behind the beaten teen and wrapped an arm
around her waist, "Now be still as Jackie pierces your nipples and clit
hood, or I will continue to whip you!"

With that Jackie came up to the girl with the piercer. Allie opened her
eyes, the pain of her back was settling down to just a burn. Her eyes grew
wide with fear as she looked at the horrible device in Jackie's hand.

Jackie brought it up to the girls right nipple, placed the head of the
device over the nipple and sqeezed. Allie screamed from the pain as her
nipple was pierced with a pop. Jackie pulled the piercer off, took the 2
inch gold hoop that Nicole handed her and nonchalantly strung it through the
new hole in the teens nipple. The pain was excruciating to Allie, tears were
streaming out of her clenched eyes, she was sobbing through the ball gag in
her mouth, she didn't want her nipples pierced. And her clit hood?! Please
not that, they wouldn't really do that to her.

Snip went her other nipple before she realized it. The pain redoubled, her
sensative nipples were on fire. Jackie nonchalantly slid another gold ring
through the other pierced nipple. Allie's chest heaved as she moaned through
her stuffed mouth.

Jackie turned to a couple of the women in the room and asked them to help by
spreading the girls legs. The receptionist came over and grabbed the left
leg and one of the beauticians grabbed the right and spread the hanging
teens legs, giving Jackie clear access to Allie's cunt.

She felt Jackie move the terrible device to her private area. Please no,
thought Allie through the haze of pain she was experiencing, NOt there.

Jackie maneuvered the jaws of the piercer over the little girls clit hood,
positioning it on either side, Allie shook her head. Pressure, and then
pain, Allie blacked out.

Nicole looked at Allie naked and hanging by her wrists. She was exstatic,
her development of Allie into a little slave toy of her own was proceeding
nicely. Allie was almost a perfect little girl to train, compliant enough,
but innocent enough, perfect for dominating. Nicole was truly enjoying
herself, she had such great plans for Allie. Nicole handed the third item to
be put on her girl-toy, it was a little gold lock and key. Jackie and Sarah
smiled at Nicole's gesture.

Jackie slid the lock into the girls new piercing of her clit, and latched
it, handing the key to Nicole.

"Thank you Jackie, now let's get the girl down." Jackie lowered the girl
back to the floor, she lay there limp. Jackie untied the teens wrists as
Nicole put the little key from her sluts lock onto her keychain. They patted
the girl on the cheeks waking her up out of her passed out state. Allie woke
up on the floor her back was on fire from the punishment and her nipples and
clit burning, but the pain was bearable, she felt her arms were unbound, she
reached to feel her nipple rings, they felt cold against her skin, she felt
them enter her nipple on either side. She then reached down and felt what
Nicole had pierced her with down on her pussy. It felt like a little lock,
she looked down, It was a little lock. She understood now, Nicole was
telling her who owned her pussy.

Jackie removed the ball gag from the girls mouth. Allie took in a rasping
breath, and sat up.

Nicole saw the sad look on Allie's face, "I'm sorry pet, but it was for your
own good, you must learn how to obey, it will make our relationship so much
easier for both of us. I wanted you to get pierced, I think it is really
sexy, and you're such a sexy little slut, I thought it would be natural for
you to have a couple of piercings." She helped the naked girl to her wobbly
feet and hugged her, "Look, we'll go buy you a present, make you feel

They slipped the flimsy dress back over the girls head, it was so skimpy
that it didn't hide any of the painful looking red welts on the teens back.
Nicole led her back out of the shop to her car, with each step the little
luggage lock bounced against her clit reminding Allie of what she had
become, Nicole's little sex slave. The dejected teen got in the front seat.

Allie and Nicole: Part 7 : New clothes

Nicole drove as Allie sat in the passenger seat, naked under her flimsy skirt,
with waves of pain washing over her from her new piercings of her nipples and
clit hood.  She reached down and felt the little lock that was now attached to
her clit.  it felt so strange laying on top of her clit.  She dropped her head
to her chest and began to cry softly to herself.  She needed to tell Nicole this
had to stop, she didn't like being used like this.

"If you are going to play with your new toys, slut, you need to let me watch. 
Lift your skirt."  Allie didn't do anything, she just sat still in her

Nicole slapped her across the cheek hard.  "When I tell you to do something
SLAVE," she emphasized the word, letting it sink in, it was time to start
letting the girl truly know her place, "You do it.  Now lift your skirt and
start playing with your new toy."

Allie was stunned by the blow, she slowly lifted her skirt up to reveal her
shaven, pierced pussy.  In a daze she reached down and felt the lock strung
through the skin of her clit hood, it felt strange to have something attached to
her down there. 

"Look down at your cunt, do you see the lock?"  Allie looked down at her bare
pussy, she looked at the lock she was holding in her hand and nodded.

"Do you know what that means?"  Allie shook her head, although she thought she
knew, she didn't want to believe it.

"It means, slut, that I own you."  Allie started to cry again, she didn't want
to be someones slave.

Allie spoke up, "Please Nicole." 

Nicole slapped her again!

"Address me correctly slut."

"Please mistress, can we go home now."

"No girl, I promised to buy you something for being so nice and getting pierced
for me.  Now I think we need to go buy you a new outfit, Betsy is coming over
tomorrow, and we deffinetly want you looking your very best for your first
date."  Oh no thought Allie, not another department store, she couldn't bear

They pulled up to the mall and parked.  Nicole got out and Allie sat still in
the passenger seat trying desparately to come up with an excuse to stay in the
car.  Suddenly her door was open, and there was Nicole.

Nicole was loving this, she had her own little teen slut to use any way she
wanted.  Now that the girl was broken in a little, tonight the girl was going to
learn of the rules that Nicole was going to implement on her.  But first she
needed a new outfit for her date with Betsy tomorrow night.  She reached in the
car and pulled her almost naked girl-toy out of the BMW.

"Come on you little lezzy, let's go."  She dragged the girl in her flimsy red
dress behind her as she walked into the mall, and dragged the near naked girl
directly to the young teen department at JC Penney.  Allie trotted along her
side, protesting in a quiet little voice, "mistress, please."  Nicole ignored
her.  All the clothes were for young teens, cute skirts, little t-shirts in
bright colors.  Allie had stopped wearing clothes like this three years ago.

There were three salesgirls working at the time, Nicole went up to the cutest
blond one and asked if she could help them.  "Hello, Allie here has a first date
tomorrow night and I'm looking for a cute outfit for her.  Could you help us?" 
Allie stood next to Nicole trying to hide all her bits and pieces that were
trying to peek out, but no matter how she stood, she seemed to be flashing her
ass or a nipple would almost pop out.  She was horrified that one of these girls
would see her pierced nipple, or her clit.

"First date huh, who's the lucky guy?" Asked the blonde.

"It's not a he it's a she, Allie is a lesbian, and a kinda slutty one at that."
said Nicole matter of factly.  Allie was in shock and hung her head shaking it
from side to side.  Why had Nicole said that? She wasn't a lesbian.  Then Allie
thought back to last afternoon when she was gang raped by four women and had to
suck their pussies for hours on end.  Maybe she WAS a lesbian.  She looked down
at her feet in humiliation, her hair stringy from being uncombed for a week hung
around her head, she looked like a complete cheap whore.

The three girls had different reactions.  The blonde they were talking to was
repelled and looked at Allie like a slut.  The redhead looked completely
surprised and her mouth dropped open, and the short little brunette looked very
interested in Nicole's comment.

"You're kidding!  You mean she has a date with another girl?" asked the redhead.

"Yup, so I want to buy her something that'll make Allie here look like a little
wet dream.  Something that'll really get her date's pussy wet just looking at
her.  I was thinking about a little schoolgirl looking outfit, can you help us
out."  This shocked the women again, finally the brunnette nodded and led them
over to a rack of clothes that included some pleated skirts and button down
shirts.  The blonde tried to ignore them as they walked away, the redhead just
stared at Nicole dragging Allie behind her as they followed the brunette.

"Is this about what you are looking for?"  She said as she looked Allie up and
down, she could just see the roundness of Allies ass poking out from beneath her
short skirt.  This teen was getting Amanda hot, she wanted the girls tongue on
her pussy.

"Yeah, could you help her try on a couple of outfits?  I've got to run to the
bank, I'll be back in an hour, that should be enough time?  Shouldn't it?" she
said knowingly to the salesgirl.  The little brunnette wondered if Nicole was
talking about what she hoped the woman was talking about.  Nicole winked and the
salesgirl smiled.

"Yes that should be plenty long enough."  She walked around the girl, looking at
her in more careful detail.  Allie kept her head down in shame, she wasn't
listening to the conversation, she was trying to ignore everything and hope they
would go home soon.. 

Nicole said, "Well good, Allie here is well trained and she should follow your
instructions."  She turned to Allie and lifted the shamed girls chin, "Allie,
you pay attention to these nice girls here, they'll get you a nice outfit.  Do
what you are told, I don't want to have to punish you again tonight."  Allie
nodded in automatic aggreement.  Nicole leaned down and kissed the girl full on
the lips right in front of the salesgirl, the redhead let out a gasp as she
continued to watch from the cashier counter.  What was going on? thought Allie. 
Nicole let go of the girl's chin and walked out of the department, she was down
the escalator and out of sight before Allie could say anything.

"Hello Allie, my name is Amanda, I'm gonna be helping you today." Amanda walked
up to Allie while she was still trying to look for her mistress.  "Do you see
any of these skirts that you like?"  She casually placed her hand on the teens
ass.  My god, she thought, this slut is naked under her clothes.  Allie jumped
at her touch.

"Jessica, could you come over and help us."  Amanda took Allie's hand and led
the dazed girl back to the changing rooms.  Allie, was still looking around for
Nicole, where was she?  Jessica came over and Amanda told her to pick several
outfits from the rack and come back to the changing room.

Amanda led Allie back to the dressing rooms and picked one of the ones back in
the corner.  Once inside, Amanda told Allie, "OK take off your dress, we need to
try on some clothes."  She didn't wait for the teen to answer, but lifted her
flimsy dress over the girl's head.  She took a long look at Allie's budding
body, "you're pierced, why you little lezzy slut."  Amanda reached up and played
with Allie's new nipple rings, Allie wanted to tell her to stop, but Nicole had
told her to do what she was told, she didn't want to get punished again, the
whipping from this afternoon still hurt.

Amanda pushed the girl up against the wall of the dressing room and put her
hands around Allie's waste and leaned in to kiss the naked girl.  Allie kissed
back, she felt Amanda's hand snake its' way down her body and find her little
locket attached to her clit hood.

"mmmmm" moaned Amanda as she felt the third piercing on the fifteen year old. 
She passed over the lock and slid a finger into the naked folds of the young
girls quim,  Allie was already moist.  She spread her legs a bit to give the
horny sales girl better access to her sex and moaned into the woman's mouth.

Amanda pulled back from the teens mouth, and slid a finger into the girl, "Oh
yeah you're a hot little whore aren't you?" Allie couldn't answer but just
moaned as the pretty little salesgirl brought her off with her fingers.

Jessica came into the dressing room and dropped the clothes she was carrying in
shock, Amanda had the girl pinned against the wall, she was naked and Amanda was
finger fucking her.  Jessica saw Allies nipples were peirced.  Amanda turned to
her and said, "Don't just stand there come in and close the door."  Allie rushed
to climax and came on the salesgirl's fingers, moaning and grabbing the woman's
arm and almost collapsing against her. 

"You liked that?  Well let's find out how you suck pussy.  Jessica, keep watch
out, don't let any customers back here."  Jessica stood there for a minute in
stunned silence then stepped back out of the room.  Allie closed her eyes, how
had this happenned again?  She didn't want to be molested in a dressing room. 
Where was Nicole?  Where was her Mistress, she would make everything alright,
Allie didn't even notice what she was thinking.

Amanda let go of the teen and Allie half collapsed on the floor, Amanda quickly
removed her pants, leaving her blouse, stockings and shoes on and sat on the
bench.  She spread her legs providing an unobstructed view of her black lace
covered quim.  Her pussy lips were pressed up against the fabric, Allie could
see the wetness of the saleswoman coming through her panties. "Come over here
slut and remove my panties."  Allie crawled over to the woman and reached up
with her hands to remove black lacy underwear.  "Not with your hands whore, but
with your teeth."  Amanda spread her legs a little wider and pointed to her

Allie leaned in, she could smell the muskiness of Amanda's pussy, her mouth
started to water a little in anticipation.  What's happening to me, thought
Allie, I'm starting to like the taste of pussy?  I don't want to like pussy. 
Without thinking she opened her mouth and  grabbed the waistband of the woman's
panties in her teeth and started to pull them off.  Amanda's nicely trimed pussy
was revealed to Allie's gaze, just a few inches away, moist and pink, Allie
could see how wet the woman was.  She felt like she was watching someone else as
she slowly pulled the woman's panties down to her ankles with her teeth.  It
couldn't be real that she was kneeling, naked in a dressing room about to eat
another woman's pussy.  The day had been so horrible already, getting pierced
and whipped, eating a yet another cunt (she had lost track how many women she
had been forced to satisfy), was a small thing.

Once Amanda's underwear was off, the salesgirl said, "OK slut, now start licking
my pussy, I know it's what you do best."  Allie moved forward and brought her
tongue in contact with the woman's quim, she was starting notice how each woman
tasted, some a little tangy, some sharp, she caught herself enjoying how Amanda
tasted, she was almost sweet.  Amanda grabbed the back of Allie's head and
pulled her tight to her cunt.

Jessica stood outside the dressing room, she opened the door a little and peaked
in on the sex show inside.  She couldn't believe this!  She had never seen
anything like this.  She would never have guessed Amanda was this kinky, the
naked teen had her head BURIED between Amanda's thighs, Amanda had her head
thrown back and her eyes closed in exstacy.  Jessica found herself getting a
little excited, she looked back at the entrance to the dressing rooms, but
no-one was there.  She snaked a hand down her pants into her panties and found
her clit and started to slowly massage herself.  She could see Allie's cunt and
asshole, the girl had something embedded in her asshole, oh my god what a slut. 
Jessica started to masturbate faster as she watched the other two girls in the
dressing room.

Amanda looked in Jessica's direction and smiled, "You wanna come in for a closer
look?"  Jessica found herself entering the room, she had never seen two women
making love before, she came inside in a daze, stood right by the door and
closed it. 

"Come sit down next to me and watch as this lezzy slut licks me."  Amanda patted
the bench.  Jessica sat down without thinking, she could see Allie's eyes
looking up at them as she put her mouth over Amanda's cunt and tongue fucked her
hole.  Amanda groaned, "yeah bitch, that's the spot, keep going with that."  She
looked over at Jessica  "Why don't you undo your pants, it'll be easier to play
with yourself then."  Jessica was too worked up to argue.  She undid her fly and
snaked her hand down her pants into her panties, found her little clit and
started to play with herself.

She saw Allie's blonde hair with Amanda's hand gripping a fistfull of hair and
pulling her face into her cunt.  Jessica started to masturbate faster now as
Amanda threw her head back and came, "Unnh!"  Jessica couldn't believe this was
happenning.  Before she could react Allie between her spread legs and was
pulling her pants and underwear down to her ankles.  She was too aroused to stop

This was the third pussy she had eaten today, and she didn't think it was going
to be the last.  Jessica's pussy tasted a little more sour than Amanda's, not a
bad flavor, just different.

Jessica started to breath heavily as Allie started to eat her out, "Oh..oh my

Amanda recovered from her orgasm and stood, She went around behind Allie and saw
Allies Butt plug embeded in her asshole, "Fuck me whore, you have a butt plug. 
What a slut!  Do you want to be fucked in the ass that bad?  OK." Amanda knelt
behind the fifteen year old grabbed the base of the butt plug held it tight
against her crotch, and started to fuck the girl in the ass, stroking into the
girl with her hips like a man.  "yeah bitch, take my cock up your ass."  Amanda
started to get a rythm together as she fucked the young girl in the ass. 
Allie's head started to bump into Jessica's mound with each thrust.  She moaned
in cadence with the ass reaming she was getting, and stuck her tongue out  to
fuck Jessica each time her head was forced into her pussy, entering the woman's
cunt with her tongue.  Amanda was fucking both women.

Stephanie the blond was outside the Dressing room, she was peeking in through
the door.  She gasped.  Amanda turned her head and looked.

"Come on in and join the party.  She can take a third woman, she's a great
little lezzy slut, hot for pussy."  Stephanie shook her head, but she didn't
move from the door.

"When are you ever going to get another opportunity like this.  Even if you're
100% straight, aren't you a little bit curious?"  Amanda continued to stroke
into the girl as she held the conversation with Stephanie.  She thrust in one
last time and then released the butt plug inside the fifteen year old and stood

She came over to the door, opened it and led the transfixed blonde into the
dressing room, "Just come over and sit down on the bench and watch."  She led
Stephanie over to the bench and sat her down next to Jessica.  "Look at the Way
Allie thrusts her tongue into Jessica, she's really into it, doesn't that make
you hot?"  Stephanie nodded slightly.

"Doesn't it make you want to play with yourself, It makes me want to."  Amanda
put her leg up on the bench next to Stephanie and started to play with her clit. 
Stephanie was now just inches from Amanda's cunt, she was sitting rght next to
Jessica as she was getting her pussy licked, Slowly Stephanie lifted her skirt
pulled down her panty hose just enough to gain access to her pussy and slid her
hand in to play with her self.

Jessica had her head thrown back and was approaching an orgasm, Allie felt the
woman start to peak and took her clit between her teeth and bit gently, this
sent Jessica over the edge and she came.  Allie was surprised by the amount of
juice Jessica put out, it was almost like she was peeing, but the flavor was all
cum, she drank it all down. 

Allie looked up at Amanda, Amanda pointed towards Stephanie's crotch, Allie
crawled over to the third woman and knelt between her legs.  Stephanie felt her
pantyhose and underwear being pulled down and before she knew it, Allie had her
head between her thighs and was starting to lick Stephanies cunt.  Stephanie
moaned a bit, and held onto the bench.

Amanda helped Jessica's near limp body off the bench and had her kneel next to
Allie, pushing the naked slut to the side a bit, "Get a close look Jessica, do
you see how Allie eats pussy, look at her move her tongue up and down Stephanies
slit."  Amanda was slowly pushing Jessica closer and closer to Stephanie's quim,
"Do you like how she pushes her tongue inside Stephanie,"  Jessica was now no
more than six inches from the woman's cunt watching the fifteen year old girl
lick and eat and suck on Stephanie's cunt.  SHe had her cheek against Allies
cheek, looking closely as the fifteen year old ate her co-workers cunt, she saw
Allie's little tongue flick over Stephanies clit, saw it enter her vagina,
fucking the woman like a little dick.  She licked her lips, her stomach did flip

Amanda leaned in real close, "Go ahead," she whispered, "stick your tongue out,
taste Stephanie, you know you want too."  Jessica leaned ever so slowly in and
gently stuck her tongue against Stephanies pussy, she couldn't believe she was
doing this, but she had never been so aroused, no man had ever excited her like
this.  She dove in and had dueling tongues with Allie on Stephanie's clit. 
Amanda took one of Stephanie's hands and placed it on the back of Jessica's
head, Stephanie pulled the redhead's mouth against her cunt, and Jessica started
to lick her first pussy.  The two of them started to work on Stephanies cunt,
Stephanie cried out in extacy as the two girls both licked her pussy.  Amanda
watched afor a few minutes as Jessica and Allie both licked the blondes quim,
theire noses firmly pressed into the woman's blonde pussy hair, their tongues
massaging the wet pink skin of her cunt.

Finally Amanda, pulled the dazed Allie up, leaving Jessica alone between the
Blondes legs, she was licking away at the woman's pussy like a pro.  "Now we
need to get you dressed for your Mistress, she'll be here soon."

Allie stood and watched the two saleswomen have sex while Amanda dressed her,
she put on a sheer white blouse that was three sizes to small.  She didn't
button it, but just tied the shirt tails together, it was almost as if Allie was
wearing a Bikini with sleeves,  you could see right through the fabric to her
naked, budding breasts, her little nipples exposing themselves as pink circles
against the sheer fabric.  Stephanie was moaning on Jessica's tongue.  Amanda
then put on her skirt, it was obviously made for a twelve year old, because it
was way to short, Allie had a tough time getting it on, because it was so small. 
It was navy blue, pleated, and barely covered her ass.  White knee socks and
black pattent leather shoes, and a pair of flowered cotton panties, completed
the outfit.

"Perfect, I think the panties add a sense of innocence." said Amanda, as she
pushed Allie to her knees again to eat her pussy.

When Nicole came to pick up Allie she found the three women up front with Allie,
they were all in the little check out counter, surrounding Allie who was
kneeling and had her head under Stephanie's skirt, licking her pussy.  Jessica
and Amanda watched, Nicole saw that Amanda had her hand on Jessica's ass, a
little posesively.  Indeed over the next few weeks, Amanda and Jessica became
more than girlfriends, Amanda had Jessica move in with her, Amanda was the
dominant one in the relationship, and Jessica took to the sub lifestyle easily,
soon she loved eating pussy as much as Allie did.

Nicole loved Allie's outfit, and as they left, she made sure she got the
business cards for all three women, she was going to make sure she invited them
to Allie's sweet sixteen birthday.

Allie and Nicole: Part 8 : Rules

When Allie and Nicole finally got home, Allie was too relieved to think about
anything.  She felt completely demoralized, she had been peed on, pierced, and
used today, all she wanted to do was go home and hide somewhere.  Make it all go
away somehow, forget that she was Nicole's plaything.  How had this happened to
her?  Only a few days ago, she was a normal teenager, now she was Nicole's
little lezzy slut.  She had lost count of how many pussies she had eaten.  Now
at least she was home, there was no more embarassing situations, nobody to see
her nakedness.

Nicole parked the BMW in the garage.  "Come on slut."  They got out and headed
into the house.

Once inside Nicole turned to Allie and told her, "I've been quite lax with you
so far little girl, now I am going to lay down some rules, they may seem a bit
strict at first, but they are for your own good."  Allie looked down at her feet
and nodded. 

"Rule number one, you will obey your Mistress.  Do I make myself clear?!"

"yes mistress," responded Allie in a quiet voice. 

Nicole moved close up to Allie, put a hand down under the girls tight ass and
felt her naked skin under the tiny pleated skirt. "Now my little girl-toy, let's
practice, shall we?"  Allie's stomach sank, what was Nicole going to do to her.

Nicole, trailed her hand up Allie's body lifting the skirt as she went,
revealing her perfect little ass cheeks.  She turned around and walked towards
the living room, and nonchalantly said to Allie, "Take your clothes off."  Allie
numbly complied, removing the tiny skirt, small see through blouse, and her
panties, socks and shoes.  "come into the living room."

Allie walked, naked into the living room, Nicole was sitting on the couch. 
"Good now you are complying with rule number three, you shall remain naked at
all times unless I tell you otherwise."  Allie stood still with her eyes lowered
to the floor, standing naked in front of her mistress.

"And Rule Number Two?  Rule number two states that you will fuck anyone I tell
you to.  They will be women almost exclusively, but I may have you satisfy a man
now and then.  I have a complete list of rules you will need to memorize, I'll
give it to you later."

"Those are just the first three, you will obey each rule unless specifically
instructed by me.  Now turn around slowly, I want to inspect you."  Allie turned
around for Nicole to look at her.  "Show me your piercings one by one and say
'Thank you Mistress for my piercing' for each."  Allie nodded and held up her
left tit, her breast was so small it was hard for her to get a handful.  She
lifted it and said in a quiet little girl voice, "thank you for my piercing,
Mistress."  She knew better than to leave off the mistress.

"Good girl, now with a little more emotion on the others, I expect you to
appreciate the nice things I do for you."  Nicole was loving this, she knew the
teen hated the piercings, the more degrading the better.

Allie grabbed her small right breast, "Thank you for my piercing Mistress." This
time a little louder.

"Smile girl, aren't you happy to get new jewelry?"

"Yes Mistress,"  Allie tried to smile as she reached down to her mutilated Clit,
and lifted the small lock.

"Thank you for my piercing Mistress."

"You're very welcome, slut.  If you behave yourself I might get  you a few more. 
Now come here."  Allie walked towards Nicole.  "On your knees you pussylicking
teen, and crawl over here."  Allie Kneeled down and then crawled over between
Nicole's spread legs.

"Rule number four, you will wear your collar at all times."  Nicole pulled the
ugly black dog collar from behind her back and put it around the teen's slim
neck.  "Remember what it says? 'Allie the slut', I think that sums up what you

"Now stand up and let me have look at my girl-toy in training."  Allie stood up. 
"God you are a hot little piece of jail bait, you look just like an underage
porn star."  Nicole stood up and walked over next to Allie.

"Go make me dinner."

Allie trotted off to go make Nicole's dinner, naked and humiliated.

After dinner Nicole retreated to the Living room.  She had the girl bring her a
glass of wine and then dismissed her to go clean the kitchen.  When the teen was
done, Nicole had her kneel at her feet while Nicole watched the news, idly
playing with the girls breasts, fingering her fresh nipple rings.

Nicole had Allie help her retire for the evening, this entailed getting her
undressed, a massage, and of course eating her Mistress' pussy.  Once Nicole was
tucked into bed, sexually satisfied she told Allie, "Cunt, you'll find the rules
you are to obey printed out on your bed, I expect you to memorize them by the
morning, I will whip you for each one you don't know tomorrow."  She pointed to
the little bedroll at the foot of her bed, a sheet of paper was placed there.

"Now take the paper and go memorize it in the other room, when you have them
memorized, come back in, click your collar to the leash on the bedpost and go to
sleep on the floor as rule number eleven states.  Now leave me to my sleep

Allie went and picked up the sheet of paper and left the room in a shock.  She
could still taste her mistresses pussy on her lips as she sat down on the couch
in the living room and reviewed the list of rules.

The list read:

Rules for Allie the Cuntlicking Lesbian Sex Slave:

1) I will obey Mistress Nicole at all times.

2) I will fuck anyone so designated by Mistress Nicole

3) I will remain Naked unless specified by Mistress Nicole.

4) I will suck at least Three (3) pussy's per day, not counting Mistress
Nicole's pussy.

5) I will Wear my collar at all times when at home.

6) I will address all women as "Mistress"

7) When answering the door, if it is a female, I will ask 'May I suck your
pussy, Mistress' regardless of age, race or general physical health.

8) By the end of the school year I will have seduced one other high school girl
into a lesbian relationship.  As a freshmen, I will seduce a Senior, as a
Sophmore I will seduce a Junior, as a Junior I will seduce a sophomore, and as a
Senior I will seduce a freshman.  By the end of the year I will have them
trained well enough to ask permission to suck Mistress Nicole's pussy.

9) I will Keep a buttplug in my ass at all times.

10) I will be responsible for keeping my pussy bald at all times, no stubble.  I
may set up appointments at the "Salon" to have them take care of me.

11) I will sleep naked on the floor every night unless directed
otherwise by Mistress Nicole.

12) I will exercise three times a week at the club.

13) I will never sit on any furniture without the permission of my Mistress.

14) I will never make any decisions without consulting my Mistress.

15) I will always display a smiling face.

16) I will masturbate every morning.

17) I understand that I am a sex slave and my life is now controlled by my

18) I am responsible for my Mistress' body, it should be as beautiful as I can
possibly make it.  It is the only thing of worth to me.  I take pride in the way
my Mistress looks.

19) My Mistress is my life.


Allie sat on the couch and read the rules through tears as she cried.  Nicole
wouldn't make her do all this would she.  How was she supposed to suck three
different pussies a day.  Then she thought back to the past couple of days, she
had sucked three pussies today, and four yesterday. 

She read through the rules again and after reading rule number 12, stood up and
then sat back down on the couch again as she shook her head briefly.  But she
didn't want to get punished though and so slowly slid off the couch again to the

After an hour or so memorizing the rules, she went back into Nicole's room,
attached her collar to the leash on the bedpost, pulled the flimsy blanket over
her body and tried to sleep.


The next morning Allie woke with Nicoles foot again prodding her in the ass,
"Masturbate slave or have you forgotten about rule 16."

Allie rolled over and looked up at Nicole.  She was standing above her watching.

'C'mon, cuntlicker, spread your legs and start masturbating."

Allie spread her legs and moved her hand down to her dry pussy and felt the lock
secured to her clithood.  She lifted it up with one hand and with the other
started to play with herself.

"Are you thinking about eating pussy?"

Allie lied, "yes mistress," she hadn't been thinking about anything, but now
that Allie mentioned it, she started to think about a moist, musky pussy and her
tongue buried inside it.

"Are you thinking of Betsy's pussy, you'll probably be licking it this evening
when she comes over."

"Yes Mistress." and she started to think about Betsy's pussy, she'd already
eaten the waitress's quim, she could remember the flavor a little sweet.  She
could feel herself start to get excited, her pussy started to get a bit moist.

"Finger fuck yourself, you little lesbian cunt slave."

Allie found the trashy talk only got her more excited, she inserted a finger
into her cunt and began to finger fuck herself as her mistress ordered.  She
could feel the velvet walls of her teen pussy getting wet.

"Fantasize about being forced to eat pussy, with a hard dildo fucking your
cunt."  Allie did, and she got hotter.

"Now the fake cock is fucking your ass, move your butt plug in and out."  Allie
did as she was told and moaned as she got close to her orgasm. Nicole watched as
the fifteen year old brought herself off on the floor of her bedroom.  She was
enjoying this so much, now she had Allie masturbating off at her command.  Her
girl slave was a perfect plaything, every woman needed a teen slut for their
very own.

Allie came with a scream, and continued to fuck herself riding the waves of

As soon as Allie was done, Nicole said, "Get up slave, time for your morning

Allie got up in a sexual haze, and followed her Mistress into the bathroom.  The
pattern was the same as the past several mornings, she started Mistress Nicole's
shower and then knelt between the woman's legs as she peeed in the toilet.  She
was relieved that Nicole didn't pee on her this morning, but this time Nicole
didn't let her use any toilet paper, she had to lick the urine off of Nicole's
pussy with her tongue to dry her.  Allie didn't even flinch, it was so much
better than getting pissed on, such a little thing to her now.  She barely
thought about it as she leaned in and lapped the woman's pussy lips.  She had
come so far in so short a time that she thought licking another woman's pussy
dry after peeing was acceptable.

After finishing her cleaning, Nicole let Allie relieve herself and then they got
in the shower.   Allie washed her mistress, trying to pay attention to rule
numver 17, (she didn't want top get whipped again) quietly repeating it to
herself, "I am responsible for my Mistress' body, it should be as beautiful as I
can possibly make it.  It is the only thing of worth to me.  I take pride in the
way my Mistress looks."

"What did you say slut?"  Asked Nicole.

Allie repeated the rule a little louder for Nicole to hear, "I am responsible
for my Mistress' body, it should be as beautiful as I can possibly make it.  It
is the only thing of worth to me.  I take pride in the way my Mistress looks."

"Good girl, we will review all the rules at breakfast."  With that she turned
off the shower and Mistress and slave got out.

Allie got her mistress ready for the day, it was saturday so Nicole wanted to
lounge about the house.  Nicole put on a form fitting pair of sweats, they were
navy blue with stripes doen the sleaves and the sides of the legs, they hugged
the shape of her body and gave her an elegant athletic look.

Allie answered the questions regarding the rules well during breakfast, Nicole
complimented her on her quick learning skills.

"Allie remember who is coming over for dinner tonight?"  Allie's heart sank,
"Betsy.  I want you to cook something special for us, you may go."  She
dismissed Allie and went to the Living room to read the paper.


By about noon, Allie had been fingered off in the kitchen by Nicole, eaten her
Mistress pussy twice and begun cooking a dinner of pasta primavera, and salad.

The doorbell rang.

"Can you get that pet?"

Allie, stood in shock in the kitchen, "Don't let the person at the door wait
slut, that's rude.  And remember rule number seven."  Allie was still completely
naked except for her dog collar as she slowly went to the door.

The doorbell rang again and Allie slowly walked to the door, grabbed the handle
and opened it, she hid behind the door, hopefully whoever was there wouldn't be
able to see her nakedness.  But she couldn't hide her collar.

In front of her stood a beautiful brunette girl, who looked to be about Allie's
own age.  She was wearing a short pair of cutoffs, a red bikini top, a pair of
mirrored sunglasses, and flip flop sandles.  Allie found herself undressing the
girl in her head, she really liked the girls breasts, they were perky and filled
the bikini nicely, she could just make out the girls nipples poking at the
center.  She imagined her lips around the girls nipple, sucking, sucking,
sucking.  She shook her head to get the image of the naked teen from her head,
she didn't want to fantasize about naked women, she didn't want to be a lesbian. 
She liked boys, she didn't like girls.

She came back out of her haze, still hiding behind the door, as the girl said,
"Hi, I'm Brittney. I'm with the Lincoln High cheerleading team, we're having a
car wash does your car need cleaning."

Allie answered, "I don't think so."  She couldn't ask this girl if she could
suck her pussy, not that.  She stood uncomfortably behind the door, trying to
hide, hoping the girl would go away soon.

"Is that a dog collar you are wearing?" asked Brittney.

No, no, no please no, don't let this be happening thought Allie.  She did a tiny
nod and let her head drop.  Humiliated in front of the cheerleader how could it
get worse than this.

"Wow, why are you wearing it?"  She asked

Allie answered as quietly as she could, "I have to." not raising her eyes from
the ground.

"Can I see it?" the girl asked as she leaned in around the door, she saw Allie's
state of undress, and the rings in her pierced nipples and the little lock
through her clit hood.  "Oh My God. Look at you," said the girl pointing at
Allie, "you have a lock in your clit."

Just then she heard Nicole say from the hallway as she was walking towards the
door, "Who is it Allie?"  She came up to the two girls, Allie naked, collared
and pierced and Brittney the cute cheerleader in her cutoffs and bikini top.

Allie didn't answer, so Nicole introduced herself, "Hello I'm Nicole."

"I'm Brittney, are you guys into something kinky or what?"

"Well Allie here has a very active sex drive, and I just provide the guidance
and outlet for her libido.  No telling what trouble she would be in if I didn't
help channel her lesbian desires."  Nicole was enjoying herself immensely, she
saw that Allie was completely humiliated and dejected, standing naked in front
of them and being talked about like an object.

"She's gay?"

"Do you mean she didn't ask you if she could suck your pussy?"

"What? no way."

"That's too bad," Said Nicole as she turned to face Allie, "That's very impolite
Allie, you are going to need some punishment for not following rule number 6. 
Now do as you are told slut and ask."

Allie was almost crying as she asked the cute, brunette cheereleader, "Would you
like me to suck your pussy, mistress?"  They could barely hear her she spoke so

Nicole jumped in before the cheerleader could answer, "She is a good little
pussylicker, and getting beter all the time. If you've never had a girl suck you
before, this may be a great opportunity to try it out."

"Well I don't know, I'm not gay like she is, and I don't want to cheat on my

"Brittney, having Allie suck your pussy won't mean your gay, just that you
wanted to experiment, a lot of girls try it, and having Allie here suck your
cunt would probably be the biggest come on in the young man's life.  Why don't
you ask him if he wants to watch next time, the two of you would be welcome back
next week sometime, maybe we can even convince Allie to help him out as well,
although she's never touched a real cock."

"Well I guess it might be worth a try," she looked over her shoulder towards the
street, "I'm supposed to get back real soon, we're just trying to round up some
local people, we're having a carwash at the corner gas station."

"Well afterwards why don't you ask if any of the other girls want a fling with
the slut."  Nicole gestured into the house and Brittney walked in, Nicole closed
the door behind her.  "come along Allie, let's show our guest how good you are." 
Allie was almost crying, she wanted to tell Nicole that she didn't want to have
sex with Brittney.

Nicole and Brittney walked into the living room, Nicole was telling the
cheeleader to just relax and let the slut take care of her.  Nicole sat on the
couch and motioned for Brittney to stand in the middle of the room, Allie didn't
need to be told what to do, she knelt in front of the girl and reached up to her

"Allie, that isn't polite, where are your manners, ask permission to see her

Allie stopped and looked up at the cheerleader, "Can I remove your shorts

"Yes."  Said Brittney, obviously nervous.

"Call her slut, she loves it."  Added Nicole

Allie reached up again and unbuttoned the girls cuttoffs and pulled them down. 
She was wearing the matching bikini bottoms underneath.

"May I remove your bikini mistress?"

"yes slut." Replied Brittney, smiling a bit with the feeling of power she had
over the girl kneeling at her feet.

Allie reached  up and hooked her fingers into the waistband of the girls bikini
and pulled them down to her ankles.  Revealing a nicely trimed high school

"May I lick your pussy mistress?"

"yes slut."

And Allie brought her tongue to the girls cunt, licking with abandon.  Brittney
threw her head back and collapsed to the floor as waves of pleasure started to
overcome her.  Nicole got up from the couch as her girl-toy was licking yet
another pussy, and got her digital camera.  She came back and took several shots
of the two girls, making sure to keep Brittney's face out of the pictures, but
getting Allie clearly.  Several pictures had the girl's mouth completely over
the cheerleaders cunt.

Brittney came quickly, got dressed and left promising to send some other girls

Allie's afternoon continued, as she cooked, and ate pussy. 

By the time 4:00 had come, she had met 5 more cheerleaders, greeting them
correctly by saying, "May I eat your pussy mistress." to each as they came to
the door.  And then sucking their pussies until they came.  Nicole got pictures
of each encounter, it was obvious that Allie was sucking different pussies in
each photograph.  Nicole had plans to post the pictures to a website.

Allie also had dinner ready for Betsy and her Mistress.

"Good job slut, you followed rule four excellently today, I won't have to punish
you for failing that one.  There was the incident earlier when Brittney came to
the door and you failed rule number seven.  We might address that this evening
with Betsy, I'm sure she would enjoy that."

Allie was dreading the evening.

Allie and Nicole: Part 9: Betsy comes over for dinner.

Nicole had Allie go shower and get ready for her date.  She allowed the teenager
to take her time in the bathroom for the first time all week, telling her to
make herself look as beautiful as possible for Betsy.  She also handed the girl
a douche saying, "we also want you as sweet as we can for your guest.  Your
little lezzy cunt should taste good, it will be a great desert for her."  Allie
was humiated by the comments that assumed she would be just a sexual toy for
Betsy this evening.  But she knew it was the truth.

She showered for a long time, releshing the tiny taste of freedom. Enjoying the
massage of the water on her naked body.  But she was unable to forget her
situation as a lesbian fucktoy because of the peircings in her nipples and clit,
and of couse the butt plug embedded permanently into her ass.  She got out of
the shower dried off and then administered the douche to her cunt, inserting the
nozzle and squirting the lavender smelling liquid into her teen cunt.

She spent some time doing makeup, trying to ignore the fact that she was getting
all primped up for a woman.  Even to the point of preparing her pussy to be
sweet smelling for the woman to suck.  How had this happenned, she didn't want
to be a lesbian sex slave.  She only wanted to be a normal fifteen  year old

At six Allie was dressed in her little schoolgirl outfit that Nicole had bought
for her yesterday.  She was in a sheer white blouse, not buttoned but tied in
the middle, you could see her tiny nipples through the sheer fabric.  The
pleated navy skirt was far to short barely covering her ass.  Flowered print
panties underneath only made her look sluttier.  The outfit was finished with
white knee socks and black patent leather shoes.

Finally ready, she walked out to be inspected by her mistress.

"You look scrumptious my little pussylicker, all ready for Betsy.  Remember rule
seven when you open the door.  She will be so surprised."  Allie was dreading
rule seven, she didn't want her first words to every woman to be 'may I suck
your pussy mistress.."  But Nicole insisted.

Allie set the table as Nicole idly watched the news in th living room.  She set
it for a romantic dinner, but with three placemats as per Nicoles instructions.

She had the dinner already to go when at 6:30pm the doorbell rang.

"Get the door cuntlicker, it is probably Betsy."

Allie walked to the door in her slutty schoolgirl clothes and opened it.

Betsy stood in the doorway, looking ravishing.  She was wearing a pair of black
slacks and  a simple white blouse, her hair was done up proffessionally, she was
perfect.  Looking like a modern woman out for a romantic evening with her lover.

Allie looked down humiliated and said in a quiet little girl voice, "May I suck
your pussy, Mistress."

Betsy smiled, "No thank you slut.  I've got something else in mind. Remember
when I said I would bring over a present for you?"

Allie nodded, without raising her eyes, dejected, "yes mistress Betsy."

Betsy took the young girls hand and placed it on her crotch, "Do you feel the
present?"  Allie felt a hard shaft inside Betsy's pants, it felt like a cock or
dildo.  "I'm packing a cock tonight, I'm gonna fuck you like a man tonight." 
Allie tried to pull her hand back away from the waitresses hard cock, but Betsy
held it firm to her fake cock, she started to move the teens hand up and down on

Nicole came up to the door and saw what was going on, "I see Allie gets your
dick hard Betsy," she and Betsy chuckled.

"Yeah, here I brought you a gift to thank you for dinner," with that she handed
Nicole a package with her other hand as she continued to masage her fake cock
with the young girls hand.  Allie watched with wide eyes helpless as Nicole
opened the gift.

Inside was a big black dildo with a harnness so Nicole could strap it on.

"Thank you Betsy, I've been meaning to invest in one of these, just haven't
gotten around to it yet, won't you come in."

Betsy let go of the scared teen, and came in. 

"Did my slut ask if she could suck your pussy?"  Asked Nicole.

"Why yes she did, have you been training Allie?"

"Yes, I gave her a set of rules to obey last night, I'll get her to recite them
to you over dinner.  Allie can you get us a glass of wine we're going to retire
to the living room."

When Allie came back into the living room the two women were sitting on the
couch talking about Allie and how many pussies she had sucked this week.  Allie
saw the huge black strap on sitting on the coffee table, waiting to penetrate
her, she didn't think she could take something that big inside her.

She handed the glasses of wine to the two women.

"Allie, what is rule Number four," asked Nicole.

"I will suck at least three pussies every day."

"Have you accomplished rule number four today?" asked Betsy.

"Yes Mistress."

"Wow, how many pussies have you sucked today?" asked Betsy, amazed.

"Really slut, you aren't remembering rule number 15, smile, be a happy lesbian
whore.  Sucking pussy is what you are good at, and you get to do it every day." 
Allie put a feeble smile on her face.

"Now sit."  Allie sat on one of the chairs in the living room.

"GET UP SLUT!" Yelled Nicole,  Allie jumped up. "You will need to be punished
for sitting on furniture without permission, did you forget rule number
thirteen, you really are a dumb fucking girl-loving slut aren't you?"

"Yes mistress."  Allie sad, both crying and trying to smile at the same time.

"You're a what?" asked Nicole.

"I'm a really dumb..."  She couldn't remember what her mistress had said.

Nicole stood up and walked over to the girl.  "You are a dumb fucking
girl-loving slut.  Say it."  She was standing right next to the sobbing girl.

"I'm a dumb fucking girl-loving slut." said Allie through tears, still with a
smile on her face.

"That's better, but you will still need to be punished, now sit over by me on
the floor."  They sat again, Nicole on the couch next to Betsy, Allie at her
feet on the floor.

"Do you like Allie's outfit Betsy?" 

"Yes I do, she looks like a real lolita slut, like she is out to seduce an

They sat and talked while they drank their wine, discussing Allie like a pet. 
Finally Nicole announced it was time for dinner.  The two women sat down as
Allie served them Fettucine Primavera.  As she was putting the plate in front of
Betsy the woman reached up under her skirt and felt her pussy through her cute
little flowered panties.  For the first time Betsy felt the girls locket drilled
into her clit.  Allie stiffened but didn't move away from Betsy's molesting. 
The girl felt the woman's fingers outline the locket.

"She's got something attached to her clit,"  Betsy pushed her chair back, turned
the teen around and pulled the flower painties down to her ankles.  She lifted
the front of the tiny skirt and looked at the girls shaven pussy.  She saw the
locket embedded in Allie's clit hood.

"Ohh that is so sexy, what a little horny teen you are Allie."  Betsy played
with the locket, flipping it up and down,  the movement on her clit started to
arouse Allie a bit.  Betsy reached down with her other hand and  slid a finger
between the teens pussy lips, "oh my she's getting wet already.  Can't wait for
my cock? huh little pussylicker?  Well no time to fuck right now, you'll have to
wait until after dinner."  She pulled her hands out from under the girls skirt,
turned her around and slapped her on the ass hard.  "Now sit your horny teen ass
down and we'll eat, don't worry, you'll get fucked plenty hard right after we're

Allie smiled remembering rule number 15, "Thank you mistress Betsy."  But she
didn't want to get fucked by a woman, that was supposed to be a special  thing
shared with her husband when she finally got married, not taken by a woman.  She
couldn't let them, not that, she could suck pussy, but to get fucked, how could
she let that happen.  She couldn't.

She was unable to pay attention during dinner, she was so obsessed with what was
going to happen after it.

Nicole kept calling her a dumb cunt slave, and she kept answering yes mistress. 
Unable to answer anything else.

"What a horny little lezzy slut, she's sitting at the table without any panties
on."  Nicole was having a great time, she was going to fuck Allie senseless
tonight, in her cunt, in her ass, in her mouth, the teen was going to be taken
like a cheap whore and Nicole was releshing the anticipation for the fucking. 
She would have to thank Betsy later for the gift, maybe she could fuck Betsy
too? she had a real nice tight body, Nicole winked at Betsy.

After dinner Betsy and Nicole retired to the living room as Allie cleaned up the
dinner, she went slowly prolonging the time before she would have to go out to
face the women.  Midway through washing the dishes Nicole came into the kitchen
carrying the strapon gift from Betsy.

"Allie, I need your help putting this on, can you strap it on your mistress." 
With that she handed the eight inch plastic cock to the girl unzipped her pants
and stood before the girl expectantly.

Allie was numb with fear as she awkwardly placed the cock at her Mistresses
crotch and attached the straps, she had to reach under the womans cunt to string
the harness.

"Cinch it up tight slave, I want to be able to fuck you really hard."  Allie
obeyed in shock, tightening the straps as tight as she could.  Once done, Nicole
thanked her and pulled her pants back up, sliding the cock inside. 

She stayed and watched as the teen continued her cleaning, the skirt was so
short that Allie was flashing her bare ass to her mistress with each movement. 
Nicole walked up behind her little teen sex slave as she washed the last of the
dishes and pressed her body to the girl.  " Are you ready to get fucked?"  She
reached down under the girls crotch and started to play with the girls pussy, "I
want to make sure you are wet and ready to accept my cock."  She started to
massage the girls pussy sliding within the folds of her cunt.  "You're starting
to get wet, are you thinking of my hard cock pounding into you?"

"Yes mistress," said Allie, she was finding it hard to continue to wash the 
dishes.  Nicole could feel the silk begin to flow from the girls bare teen
pussy.  She turned her hand and thrust a finger into the girl.  The teen was so
hot, she thought, I gotta have her, right here, right now.  She unzipped her
pants and pulled the plastic dick out, guided it to the teens opening and
pressed against the little girl.  Allie shrieked as she felt the head of the
plastic cock against her pussy.

"Mistress, please, no don't fuck me."

Nicole ignored the girl as she forced her fake cock slowly past the girls parted
lips and sank inside the fifteen year old.  Allie put her hands on the side of
the sink and hung her head as her virginity was taken by her mistress.

Betsy came to the door of the kitchen to watch the taking of the girl, "Wow what
a horny little girl, she couldn't wait to get some cock could she."  Betsy
unzipped her pants as well and let her cock poke out obscenely from the zipper.

Nicole pulled back and thrust in once more, netting a few more inches. She sawed
back out of the girls tight cunt, pulling the whole shaft out except for the
head of her plastic cock.  She drove into the girl and finally reached bottom,
the fabric of her slacks pressed against the young ass cheeks of the teen, Allie
could feel the harness inside Nicoles pants.

She started to fuck the teen with a slow rythm, the water sloshed in the sink to
the older woman's thrusts.  Soon Allie forgot about her fears and started to
moan as Nicole fucked her against the counter.  she turned the girl towards
Betsy and motioned the other woman forward.  She came towards the fucked teen,
as Nicole pushed Allie dow to bend towards Betsy's crotch and waiting dick.

"Suck Betsy's cock bitch."  Allie opened her mouth and took Betsy's cock inside. 
She was oblivious to what was going on, the cock fucking her pussy was bringing
her quickly to orgasm.  Nicole was fucking her cunt and Betsy was thrusting in
and out of her face.

"What a fucking slut." said Betsy as she fucked the teens mouth.  "Let's move
into the living room."

Betsy pulled out and Nicole stood Allie up, let her cock pop out of the teen and
put the teens skirt back down.  They led the dazed teen out to the living room. 
Nicole and Betsy sat down on the couches, their cocks still protruding from
their pants, "This is fun," said Nicole, "OK slut do a sexy dance for your horny
men here they want to fuck you so let them know what a slut you are, you little
cock whore."

Allie began to do a little slutty dance, flashing her ass as she wiggled in
front of the two women.

"Pull your butt plug out cunt, your asshole needs to be available for our cocks
tonight as well." 

Allie was in a sexual haze and continued to dance as she pulled the hard shaft
from her anus, her asshole felt empty without its plug, she had worn it now for
four days straight.  She continued her strip show for the two women on the couch
and was soon nude and danciing in front of them.

"C'mere and sit on my cock slut." said Betsy.  Allie was in a daze and wanted to
get off, she no longer thought about her virginity, but just about cumming.  She
walked over to the woman on the couch with a plastic cock sticking out of her
pants and brought her quim down in contact with Betsy's cock.  She sank down on
it, she was so wet that she was able to get four inches inside her immediately,
it took two more tries until she had all of the woman inside her little cunt. 
She started to fuck herself on the womans cock.

Soon she was cumming on Betsy.  "Good slut,"  Said Betsy as she fondled the
teens little breasts.

Nicole stood up and walked around behind the girl.

"What is rule number one slave?" she asked

"obey...obey my mistress."  Said the teen between bounces on Betsy's cock.

"Stop moving and lean forward."  Allie did as she was told and felt Nicole 
bring her cock to the entrance of Allie's nether hole.

"Ask me to fuck you in the ass slut."

"Mistress...please fuck me in the ass."  Allie wasn't thinking, she just wanted
to be fucked.

Nicole pressed the head of her dick into the girls loosened sphincter.  Because
of the butt plug, she was able to enter the girl easily, and drove four inches
into her ass on the first push.

"UNHHHH." Allie grunted as she was penetrated in her second hole.

Nicole pulled back and thrust in again.  Soon she was pistoning in and out of
the little girls ass as Betsy fucked her pussy.

"What a whore, only a slut would get fucked in both holes at once."  Said Nicole
as she fucked the little teen in the ass, ramming deep into the girls tight

Allie started to hump back in time with her mistresses thrusts, moaning with
each penetration.  She felt so full, the two plastic cocks inside her were
bringing her to her orgasm.  She started to shake and her eyes went into the
back of her head as her climax hit her.  She collapsed, lying naked on top of
Betsy as the two women continued to piston into the little girl ignoring her
comatose state.

They fucked the naked teen for hours, using her every way they wanted. Using
every hole several times. The night ended with Allie spent and sleeping on the
floor with Nicole and Betsy in each others arms on Nicole's bed. 

The next morning they all woke and took a shower together, Allie washed both
women's bodies as they kissed in the shower. Allie spent the morning making them
breakfast and generally taking care of the two women's needs.

"Wow it must be great having your own personal slave to take care of you."  Said
betsy as she drank her tea while the naked, collared, teen slave put nail polish
on her toenails.

"Yes, every modern woman should have their own personal girl to attend to all
their needs.  We should find one for you Betsy."

"I think you're right, maybe one of those highschool cheerleaders would do."

"Ah Brittney might be convinced of her true place, let me think about that."

Betsy didn't leave until late afternoon, having enjoyed Allie's ministrations
all day.

Allie and Nicole: Part  10: sweet 16th birthday party

"Allie, I've made up your birthday party invites come take a look."

Allie had forgotten about her birthday and all of a sudden was excited,
presents, cake, a party for her.  Nicole really did care about her.  She thought
of all the neat things she wanted.

Nicole was standing in the kitchen dressed in her business suit as Allie walked
in.  The teen was naked as per rule three, and wearing her dog colar as per rule
five.  She also had her butt plug firmly planted in her ass as per rule nine. 
These things were natural for her now, she had been in training now for several
weeks.  Her nipples were pierced and she had a little travel lock emebedded
through her clit hood.

Nicole licked her lips as her little girl-toy walked up to her.  She handed the
soon to be sweet sixteen year old the invite.  Allie took the card with a smile
that quickly vanished as she saw the cover.  There was a collage of photos on
the front.  Each one was of Allie in a closeup eating pussy.  Each one obviously
a different woman or girl, there were hairy ones, trim ones, bare ones.  The
only constant was Allie had her mouth firmly planted on a womans cunt, not even
just her tongue touching the pussies, but Nicole had used pictures where her
whole mouth was fully planted on the quims with gusto.

"I sent them out today to fifteen women, and girls, I think will enjoy you the
most."  Said Nicole, relishing in the crushing of the little girls spirit.

Allie opened the card as her eyes started to tear up.

The invite said "Allie's Sweet Sixteenth Birthday, come enjoy the sweetest of
sweet sixteen year olds."

"It's going to be a great party, I've invited all your new friends.  Betsy's
coming and Ashley as well as Josie, Jackie, Sarah and Brittney and all the
cheerleaders you took care of.  It should be a great time."  Nicole smiled as
she saw the horror form in the young girls face.

This was going to be great thought Nicole, she was going to enjoy the
humiliation her girl-toy would go through.


On the day of the party Allie woke up as usual on the floor of Nicoles room, her
collar attached to the bed by a black leash.  She was otherwise naked.  She
spread her legs and began to masturbate, she was required to masturbate every
morning.  She was getting good at it, the images that filled her brain were not
ones she would have dreamed of several weeks ago, but now thoughts of naked
girls and women were what she fantasized about.  She had been so ingrained as a
little lesbian slut, that she had no reference left for heterosexual situations,
the closest she had come was getting fucked by strapon cocks.  She brought
herself to the brink as she imagined herself sucking on Brittney the
cheerleaders pussy, it was her favorite fantasy, getting ordered around by the
Highschool cheerleader, pulling her panties down spreading the teens legs and
sucking on the pretty pussy.  She came in a rush, frigging her clit in a frenzy.

Once she calmed down, she hopped up and began her day as she had been
instructed.  Unhooked herself and went to prepare her Mistress's bath.

In the bathroom she did not use the toilet, she knew by now that she could only
use it when her mistress allowed.  She drew Nicole's bath and then trotted back
out to the bedroom and knelt by Nicole's bedside.  Bowed her head and said in a
little girl voice, "Mistress I have prepared you morning bath."

Nicole stretched and smiled, enjoying being woken up by her own personal girl
slave.  Allie had taken to her new life very well, she was such an obediant
little slut, Nicole had so many things she wanted the girl to do, she was going
to enjoy all of them immensely.  She pulled the covers aside, exposing her naked
body to the teen.

"Lick my pussy my little cunt slave," said Nicole as she spread her legs and
opened her neatly trimmed pussy up for the girl to lick.  Allie climbed up onto
the bed and brought her teen tongue in contact with her mistress's pussy for the
first time that day, it would be the first of many times.  Nicole grabbed the
girls head in her hands and rode the cute face until she came.

After coming down from her orgasm she got up and led the teen into the bathroom,
where she went through her regular routine.  She sat on the toilet and peed with
her girl-toy kneeling between her outstretched legs.  When she was done piddling
her teen dream leaned in and licked her pussy dry without being told, she was
really taking to the life of pussy slave well.

Nicole allowed Allie to pee herself, which was a welcome change for the girl. 
They then went to the bath and Allie helped her mistress in while she remained
on the cold floor of the bathroom.  She washed her mistress from head to toe,
paying special attention to her cunt and breasts, she knew how much Nicole liked
to be massaged there.  Allie washed Nicoles hair, and then helped her mistress
out of the bath, drying her off with a terry cloth towel.

Still naked with her collar on she helped her mistress get dressed for the day. 
A nice pair of slacks over a lacy high cut pair of panties.  A white semi sheer
blouse on top and a matching bra.  She looked like a elegant sexy thouroughly
modern woman.

They went out to have breakfast.  Allie looking like a bedraggled, naked,
pierced, porn starlet, and Nicole looking like a professional put together
woman.  They ate at the table, Nicole sitting in a chair in a chair and Allie
kneeling at her mistress's feet.

"Today is your birthday party slut, you need to look your best.  Head down to
the salon, I have an appointment all set up for you."  Allie nodded her head and
said, "Yes Mistress."

"You may wear your red dress. You are dismissed."  Allie nodded and went to her
room to put on the dress.  She avoided eye contact with herself in the mirror,
unable to cope with what she had become.  Just walked in to her little room,
pulled the slutty red dress off of the hanger and slipped it over her head
grabbed the slutty pumps and walked back out. 

"Say hi to Jackie for me slut," said Nicole as Allie walked out of the door.

At the Salon she got the usual treatment, she was just happy there were no
"extras" this time.  Just the usual enema treatment and douching, cleaning her
out for a better tasting pussy and asshole.  Jackie did wash and style her hair,
apparently she was under instructions to get the girl looking good for her
birthday party that night.

Allie returned home cleaned inside and out, ready for her party.


Allie came through the front door and stripped off her clothes per rule three
and walked into the kitchen to prepare for her birthday party.

Nicole walked in and up behind the teen, slid her hand up under the girls crotch
and inserted her middle finger directly into the girls cunt to the second
knuckle.  Allie gasped at the intrusion into her pussy, but she didn't pull
away, she knew that her quim should be available to her mistress at all times,
the teen spread her legs slightly giving Nicole easier access to her bare

"Are you excited for your birthday party my little pussylicker?"  Asked Nicole,
not moving her finger at all, just holding it inside the teen.  She leaned in
close to the girl's ear as she brought her other hand up to nonchalantly play
with the ring pierced though the girl's little nipple.  "I bet you'll get to
suck a lot of pussies tonight, I bet you can't wait to stick your tongue in as
many different quims as you can?"

"Yes Mistress."  Answered Allie.

Nicole began to slowly finger fuck the girl.  She was loving her life now, she
had Allie trained as a complete sub.  The girl remained naked and available to
Nicole at all times, she was becoming a great pussylicker, soon the girl would
have no thought at all except how to please her mistress. 

"Are you thinking about all the women coming over tonight?"  Asked Nicole as she
started to finger fuck the girl harder.

"Yesss." Answered Allie as she surrendered to her Mistress's molesting.

"I think you are really going to enjoy the party."  Allie came on her Mistress's
finger.  Nicole had Allie lick it clean and then left the naked teen to finish
preparing for her own party.

At about five oclock Nicole had Allie get ready for the party.

"I got you some nice new clothes for the party Allie.  They're in your room, go
put them on."

Allie padded out of the kitchen, naked except for her colar and headed to her
little room.  She knew that Nicole had something slutty for her to wear, she
caught herself getting almost excited to put on something revealing, wanting to
look hot for the women coming over.  What was happenning to her.  She stood
inside the little room and tried to shake away the lesbian lulst she was
feeling, tried to think.  She found herself on automatic again, unable to cope
with her split personality.

She saw the hanger with the slinky clothes in the closet, there was no other
clothing in the entire room.  They consisted of a tiny black g-string and a
black sheer minidress.  She got dressed, there weren't any shoes so she assumed
she should stay barefoot.  She looked in the mirror, the minidress hid nothing,
you could look straight through the fine cloth and see her pierced nipples, it
barely came down below her ass.  The g-string just accented her pussy drawing
the attention of anyone looking at her directly to her cunt.  She looked like a
little fuckdoll.  She knew it was just the way Nicole wanted her to look.

She walked back out to be inspected by her owner.

"Perfect." said Nicole as the doorbell rang.

"Answer the door slut, and remember rule number seven."  Nicole smiled wickedly.

Allie walked to the front door and opened it. There stood Josie, Betsy, Ashley
and Sandy.  They were all dressed in nice looking slacks and blouses except for
Sandy who was wearing a trenchcoat.  Sandy appeared a little disheveled and her
arms weren't in the sleeves of the jacket.

"May I suck your pussies Mistresses," said Allie, the phrase was automatic now.

The women all smiled except for Sandy.  "I think we'll wait until later slut,"
said the tall Ashley.  They came inside.  Once inside the door, Ashley removed
Sandy's jacket, she was completely naked.  Her hands were bound behind her back
and she was pierced much the same way Allie was.  Allie realized she was looking
at another sex slave.  Sandy was Ashley's sex toy now.

"Do you like Sandy's new look slut.  I enjoyed our encounter so much I decided
that Sandy should become my cunt-slave just like you.  She was not very
cooperative to begin with, but I was able to convince her of her rightful
place."  Ashley hooked a nasty looking leash to the dog colar around Sandy's
throat.  They followed Allie as she led them into the living room.

"Hi Ashley," said Nicole, "I love what you've done to Sandy, I always though she
was a sub, we all knew you were a top."  They all laughed except for Allie and
Sandy.  Ashley sat on the couch and had Sandy kneel by her feet.

The doorbell rang again.

"May I suck your Pussies mistresses." Allie said to a group of five cheerleaders
as she answered the door.  They giggled at Allie and came inside.

The last one in was Brittney, she walked right up to her and kissed the teen
directly on the lips grabbing the girls ass in the process.  The other
cheerleaders cheered as Brittney forced herself on Allie. 

"See I told you I would do it, Catherine, you owe me twenty bucks."  They left
the stunned teen in the foyer as the walked into the living room. 

The doorbell rang once more it was Mistress Jytte, her slave cuntlicker, Sarah
the Salon owner, Jackie the groomer that Allie went too and the little
receptionist.  The slavegirl was dressed as a schoolgirl.  Once inside Mistress
Jytte stripped the young girl as well and led her in to the living room.

"Everyone is almost here, we're just waiting for three more," said Nicole and
with that the doorbell rang again.

At the door were Amanda, Jessica and Stephenie from the department store.  "May
I suck your pussies MIstresses."  said Allie once more.

"Maybe later slut," said Amanda as she led the demure Jessica inside by the
hand, Stephanie followed, a little unsure of what she had gotten herself into.

Once everyone was in the living room Nicole addressed the group, "Thank you all
for coming to Allie's birthday party, should we begin with the presents.  Allie
you sit over here."  Nicole motioned towards a stool at the front of the living
room.  Allie walked over and sat, maybe this wouldn't be to bad, she was
actually going to get some presents.  Her excitement finally returned a bit. 
The women passed their presents foward and soon Allie had a sizeable stack in
front of her.

She picked one up, "This is from Amanda and Jessica." said Allie just like any
sixteen year old would say at her birthday party.  The card was simple and read
"happy Sweet sixteenth"  Inside it said, "Thank you for helping me introduce
Jessica to girl/girl love.  She is my girlfriend now and I am loving it,
Amanda."   Allie read it outloud for all the women, Amanda smiled and Jessica
looked down, embarrassed.

Allie picked up the present that went with the card and opened it up.  Inside
were three pair of panties, each g-string and of different colors.  Allie said
thank you, although she thought it a bit odd to give someone underwear for her

"Why don't you try them on Allie."  Said Nicole.  Allie looked around the room
at all the women, she didn't want to take her underwear off in front of all the
women, she was already very conscious of her scantily clad body, her breasts
being clearly visible through the thin fabric of her dress.  The partygoers
could all see her nipple rings easily. Then she realized that all of these women
had seen her naked, in fact most had molested her and she had eaten all of their
pussies except for the Mistress Jytte's slave cuntlicker, but she had
masturbated the girl to orgasm at the Salon.  The fact that cuntlicker was naked
already and Sandy was naked at Ashley's feet made her submit to Nicole's

Allie stood up and slowly lifted her mini dress to expose her black panties to
the all the women.  She hooked her hands in the waistband of the black underwear
and pulled them down.  Now all the women could see her bare pussy and the locket
pierced in her clit hood.  The women that hadn't seen the mutilation yet, made
comments on her adornment.

"Show everyone your locket Allie, I don't think everyone has seen it yet." 
Nicole was enjoying Allie's predicament.

The teenager turned and faced the women gathered, lifted her skirt revealing her
shaved pussy to the gathered women.  Her pussy lips just peeking out from
underneath her crotch, Her vagina looking just like a pre-teen little girls
cunt, if it weren't for the travel lock pierced through her mutilated clit hood
that looked obscene hanging from the girls sex. She reached down and lifted her
little locket for them all to see.  She bowed her head letting her hair cover
her face so she could hide from her humiliation.  Exposing herself to the
gathered women was bad, but the worst was knowing the five cheerleaders could
see her vagina, because they were her own age. 

"Nice."  said Mistress Jytte smiling, "Should we get something like that for you

"Yes Mistress," answered the naked girl at Mistress Jytte's feet.

Allie picked up the red new pair of panties, it was even skimpier than her black
pair she had just pulled off.   She stepped into it and pulled it up. there was
only a string going up her crack. 

"Turn around and let us see how it looks slut."  Said Ashley, loving the
humiliation of the sweet sixteen year old girl.

Allie turned around holding skirt up above her waist so she could expose her ass
and crotch to the crowd of women for their inspection.  Inside she was crying
from embarassment, but she kept the wan smile on her face as required by her
rules.  Everyone could see her entire ass, the string almost dissappeared within
her crack, emerging above her ass to prove she actually had underwear on.  The
front was just a small triangle of cloth over her pubic area.

"Looks really good, you've got a great ass Allie," said Ashley patting Sandy's
head as the smaller woman knelt quietly next to her. 

Allie did the same with the other two pair of underwear keeping the last pair on
as she sat back down to open her next present.

The next present was from Sarah the owner of the salon.  Allie opened it, it was
a gift certificate for a free tattoo at the Salon.  Allie thanked Sarah, though
she didn't want to get a tattoo.  Sarah said, "it was Nicole's idea, she has a
great idea for one, why don't you come in next week and we'll take care of you." 
Allie heard herself say 'yes mistress', but her mind was screaming no way.  She
knew now that she would be tattooed next week, if Nicole wanted it, there was
nothing she could do to prevent it.  She only hoped it wasn't something

The next gift was from the all the cheerleaders except Brittney, she had her own
gift.  The girls laughed and chuckled to each other as Allie started to open it. 
They tittered and talked about Allie, "what a lezzy slut," "can't believe a girl
would ask for this," "she must masturbate all the time,"  Allie could hear them
and she was crushed to hear these girls, that were almost her own age, treating
her like some kind of freak.  She continued to open the present through moist

Once the paper was off she could see that it was a Nordstrom box, it looked like
a box for a dress shirt, but it was much heavier.  She pulled the top off the
box and looked inside.  She was horrified, they couldn't have gotten her this,
why did they get her this, she would never have asked for this.  She smiled to
the group of women watching her, but didn't bring out the gift.

"What is it pet, don't be rude, show everyone and thank the nice girls for
getting it for you."  Said Nicole, smiling herself.  She knew what it was having
told the girls what to get Allie.  Nicole was enjoying Allie's humilitation at
getting all these blatantly sexual gifts, she knew the sixteen year old was
hating opening all of them.

Allie took the lid off and set it on the ground, she then pulled out her gift. 
It was a stack of magazines.  There was a Penthouse, a Hustler, a Hawk and a
Babyface.  She smiled weakly when she really wanted to throw the disgusting porn
away.  How did they get the idea that she would want these, she didn't. 

"Allie don't be rude, thank them for their wonderful gift.  I told them you
really liked these magazines and they should get you subscriptions, now say
thank you!"  Nicole acted cross, but inside she was ecstatic at her young teen
dreams discomfort and embarrassment.  Allie understood now, this party wasn't
for her it was for Nicole.  She resigned herself, there was nothing she could

"Thank you for my magazines."  She smiled weakly at the girls, they tittered
some more at her.  Allie was completely dejected. 

Allie picked up the next gift, it was from Brittney.

"I hope you like it, I was so embarrassed buying it for you, but I figured that
since Nicole said you really wanted a bigger one, it was a good gift." 

Allie wondered what she meant by that as she opened the box.  Once open she knew
what it was, it was another buttplug.  Only this one was red and much bigger. 
It was going to really hurt inserting it in.  Allie held it up for all the women
to see.

"Thank you for my new butt plug mistress Brittney."  She said automatically.

"Why don't you slip it in and check its size Allie."  Said Nicole as she licked
her lips in anticipation.  Allie shook her head very slightly, but then caught
herself, she couldn't disobey not now, Nicole was sure to beat her hard if she
disobeyed her mistress  in front of all these women.  She knew Nicole well
enough to know the punishment would be painful and brutal.

She spread her legs and leaned back in her chair, pulled aside her new panties
and exposed her plugged anus to the women.  The cheerleaders all pointed and
gaped at her asshole filled already with a plug.  They could all clearly see her
anus but her pussy was still hiding slightly behind its tiny piece of cloth. 
She pulled the slimy buttplug out, it glistened with lubrication as she held
both of the butt dildo's up for comparison.  The new one was much larger,
looking like the big black brother of the one she just pulled out.  Allie place
the tip of the new plug at the entrance to her asshole and began to thrust its
much larger size into her anus.  The women all watchedc as the humiliated teen
pressed the new butt plug into passed her sphincter and into her bowels.  She
was used to being invaded in her nether hole, and it was still lubed from the
other plug so she was able to thrust it in relatively easily.  But its size
still made her eyes water as it filled her rear up.

"How do you like it pet?"

"It feels really big mistress."

"Good, a slut like you needs big dildo's thrust in her holes."

"Yes mistress."

Just then the doorbell rang, Allie looked over her shoulder at Nicole.  Nicole
glanced at her watch, "That'll be your special surprise Allie, stay here, I'll
answer it."

Allie wondered what it was, the women around her ignored her and started to make
some small talk.  Ashley and Jytte had some fun by making their two slaves,
cuntlicker and Sandy, make out while they all waited for Nicole to return.  They
had cuntlicker kneel down and bury her head in Sandy's cunt and eat her as the
cheerleaders gawked and some of the other women cheered.  Josie was actively
rubbing her pussy through her slacks watching the two naked cunt slaves have sex
right in front of the group.

Nicole came back in the room and turned the lights down and switched on some
music.  She then had Ashley and Mistress Jytte take control of their girls

"Happy Birthday Allie, I got a hot stripper for you."  With that in walked a
buxom blonde dressed like a slutty police officer.  Tight poliester pants, black
pumps and a light blue button down shirt that her breasts seemed to be trying to
escape from.

The woman walked into the center of the room and up on the coffee table and
began to do a strip for the whole crowd.  She unbuttoned her shirt one button at
a time.

"Hi everybody, I'm Danielle, we're gonna have some fun with Allie today, what do
ya say!"  The women cheered as Danielle got down and walked over to Allie
sitting in the chair. 

She leaned over the girl, her hair draping down over the girls face, and
whispered quietly into the teens ear, "So you're the slutty little lesbian
teenager?  You're gonna love this."  With that Danielle sat down on Allie's lap
facing the young girl, almost pushing her breasts into the teens nose.  The girl
was stunned, why had Nicole done this to her, a FEMALE stripper?  She didn't
want a woman stripping for her, that was obscene.  She wanted to crawl into a
hole and die, but she remembered rule fifteen and smiled as the whore started to
grind her police pants into her lap, rubbing her bare legs.

The woman continued to remove her shirt and then took it off as she did the
lapdance on Allie. She was wearing a lacy bra underneath that pushed her ample
breasts up.  She leaned in towards Allie and all of a sudden the girl found her
nose pressed between the strippers tits, Danielle grabbed the back of the girls
head and smothered her in her cleavage.  The woman leaned down, covering the
girl in her perfune scented hair and whispered into Allie's ear, "A little help
sugar, can you unhook my bra?" 

Allie reached a shaking hand around the stippers back and unhooked the bra clasp
as the gathered women cheered her on.  Danielle's breasts popped free of their
confines, she dropped her bra with expertise and Allie had her face buried in
the woman's naked chest, the warm skin of the womans breasts against her cheeks
was making her tummy do flip flops, and she could feel a little itch in her
crotch.  No please no, thought Allie, don't let me get excited from this. 
Danielle pulled her breasts away from the humiliated teens face.  She leaned
down and placed a passionate kiss on the girls mouth, it wasn't what she would
normally do for a strip, but this little teenage slut was really getting her

Allie kissed back, her pussy was starting to get wet as Danielle continued her
lewd lapdance.  The woman smelled great, a mix of musk and ginger.  Allie
started to go into a sexual haze.  She felt Danielle take her hands and place
them on her breasts, the girl began to play with the woman's breasts.  Just as
she was getting into it, Dannielle stood up and walked behind the Allie.  The
crowd of women gathered were really getting into the show.  The cheerleaders
were even cheering on Danielle now, getting into the spirit.

Allie tried to shake her head clear, she didn't want this to happen.  But then
Danielle reached around and started playing with her little tits through the
dress, flicking her nipple rings, tweaking her pointy nipples, Allie closed her
eyes and succumbed to the feelings of pleasure.

"Spread you legs slut." whispered Danielle, Allie spread her legs.  "Start
playing with yourself, its OK, I'm supposed to get you hot, that's my job." 
Allie snaked a hand inside her skimpy panties, and began to frig her clit, with
her eyes still closed.  A little thought inside her head tried to tell her that
good girls don't masturbate in front of a group of women, but it was quashed by
a haze of sexual desire brought on by the professional dancer playing her body
like a musical instrument.  All she wanted to do now was get off.

Danielle walked back around in front of the girl and brushed her nipples against
the girls lips, Allie moaned and tried to lick them, but Danielle pulled back
away quickly.  She turned to face the audience and unzipped her pants and slowly
began to pull them down. revealing a perfect ass to  Allie, set off perfectly by
a pair of black g-string panties.  Allie opened her eyes as the stripper brought
her ass closer to her, she reached up numbly to touch the perfect globes in
front of her, with her free hand as she rubbed her clit furiously with her other

"Go ahead sugar, pull them down."  With the request, Allie hooked her hand in
the hem of Danielle's panties and pulled them down.  Danielle put a fake act of
surprise on and stood up with her underwear half off she turned and wagged her
finger at Allie while she waggled her ass at the women.  They were all loving
the show.

Danielle stood just out of the moaning girls reach, bent over at the waist and
pulled her pants off and threw them out into the gathered women, they landed on
Sandy's head, Ashley laughed at her friend/slaves predicament.

Danielle backed up to the girl, still bent over, still with her panties half
pulled down.  "Kiss my pussy slut."  Said the stripper to the sweet sixteen year
old girl.  Allie bent forward slightly and kissed the cunt in front of her face. 
"Oh yeah girl, oooh, pull my panties all the way off."  Allie pulled them off,
and Danielle turned around and danced sluttily naked in front of the teen girl. 
Allie was torn inside, she didn't want to be aroused by a naked woman giving her
a private lapdance, but she was on fire now and needed some relief.

Danielle reached down with her right hand to the teen's spread legs and cupped
the girls pussy, she could feel the slickness of the girls cunt through the soft
fabric, "my you're wet."  She leaned in and placed one of her nipples in the
girls mouth.  Allie started to suckle on the strippers breast as Danielle began
to play with the sixteen year old's pussy through her panties.  She pulled the
girls panties down and inserted two fingers and started to finger fuck Allie
right on the chair in front of the engrossed and cheering crowd of women. 

Allie came in a rush and Dannielle pulled her fingers out and held her hand up
for the gathered women to see, they cheered the woman as she picked up her
clothes and left the sex dazed teen sitting with her legs spread, her moist
pussy glistening for all the women to gaze upon.  Allie slowly came out of her
haze and looked around at the clapping women.  "Great show," "What a slut,"
"Look at her sit there,"  She was devastated, she had just been molested by a
stripper in front of 18 women.  She closed her legs, sat up and smiled a weak
smile, she didn't want to give Nicole an excuse to punish her.

Nicole was talking to the naked stripper behind the gathered women, they wer
smiling and laughing a bit as Nicole handed the woman a stack of bills, Danielle
smiled and asked if she could stay for the rest of the party.  Nicole said sure.

The party of women resumed where they had left off before Danielle had done her
show with Allie, with Allie opening gifts.

Allie opened the package from Jytte next.  Mistress Jytte didn't say much, she
just smiled as Allie opened the three foot long thin box.  Inside was a set os
shackles and a three foot long bar to attach to them.  Allie had never seen
something like this before, she didn't know what it was for, it looked scary.

"Cuntlicker, why don't you go over and help cunt into her new present. 
Cuntlicker crawled over to the birthday girl, took the package from Allie and
knelt between the girls legs.  She gently hooked one schackle to the girls left
ankle and the other to the right.  Before Allie knew quite what was happening
she had a spreader bar attached to her ankles, keeping her legs spread three
feet apart.

"Tell Jytte thank you Allie, that is a really nice spreader bar."  Said Nicole.

Allie, still in a bit of a sexual fog, said thank you to Mistress Jytte as
cuntlicker crawled back to her Mistress's side.

The next package that Allie picked up was from Josie.  Josie seemed quite
pleased, "It took me a long time to fing the right one, but I think this will be
prefect, especially seeing what Jytte got for you."

Allie's heart sank at Josie's comment.  She opened the package in dread, inside
she could see a complicated glove like leather device.  She pulled it out and
turned it over in her hands, It looked like a glove that strapped both your arms
in.  She didn't see how she could put it on.

"Thank you Mistress Josie, what is it?"

"It is an arm restraint, I have been dreaming about seeing you in it for a
couple of weeks now," answered Josie, she turned to Ashley and said, "Can Sandy
help Allie into the restraint, I really want to see her in it."

Ashley nodded, "Sure, go ahead Sandy, help Allie into her new present."

Allie didn't want to wear it, but one look at Nicole's stern face told she had
no choice.  She stood a little unsteadily in the shackles and spreader bar and
handed the leather glove to Sandy as she crawled over to help.  Allie hung her
head as Sandy took her arms behind her back and inserted them into the glove. 
It reached up above her elbows.  Sandy started to tighten the straps up, it
pulled the teens arms tight together up to her elbows, painfully pulling them
together.  Allie was effectively imobilized.

She gasped a bit in pain, tears welled up in her eyes, but she smiled again at
the women surrounding her.

"Thank you Mistress Josie, but there are still two more gifts, I need my arms to
open them can Sandy please take it off now?"

"I think we like you better with it on," said Nicole, "Sandy and cuntlicker can
help you with the last two."  Nicole was in heaven, she had orchestrated the
whole party very carefully to get to this point, Allie was helpless to prevent
what was about to happen to her, she was going to have the birthday party of her

Allie tried to think of something to say, but all she heard herself say was,
"Yes Mistress."  Why did I say that, she thought, I don't want to be bound like
this.  Allie just wanted to go hide somewhere.

Sandy picked up one of the gifts and cuntlicker the other.

They opened them at the same time, one gift was a leather mask, and the other
looked like a strap on dildo.

Allie watched in horror as Sandy lifted the leather mask and proceeded to fit it
onto her head.  It was more like a helmet, and encased her head, too slowly she
realized what was happening to her, she opened her mouth to protest and felt
cuntlicker slide some platic object into her mouth and synch it tightly behind
her head, pulling it so tight Allie thought she would get a headache.  She could
see out the eyeholes, protruding from her face now stretched a black plastic
cock.  She was wearing a face cock, her mouth was gagged now, her arms bound,
her legs spread, she looked like an obscene slave ready to be abused.  She began
to cry, but no-one could hear her inside the leather mask, gagged as she was.

Nicole took some pictures.

Nicole then directed the next portion of the party.  They split up some women
went around behind Allie to fuck her or eat her pussy (which was always clean
and scented for maximum enjoyment) and the other half lined up in front of the
girl, sitting on the couch, waiting for her face cock.  Allie was forced to
kneel and then dragged over to the couch Josie was there already, her legs
spread, her pants off and pussy wet and waiting for the teens face dildo.  She
grabbed Allie by her cock, like an obscene unicorn sticking out from the abused
teens mouth, and guided the girls face between her legs, Allie watched from just
a few inches away as Josie inserted the cockhead into her pussy and then put her
hands behind the teens leather encased head and pressed her inside.  There was
nothing Allie could do as she was forced to fuck the woman on the couch.  Allie
was helpless as her nose was slowly brought in contact with the woman's pubic
hair, Josie moaned in pleasure.

"Oh Allie what a great cock you have,"  She pushed the sixteen year old's head
away and then drove her face back in against her pubic bone, impaling herself on
the teens black face cock.  Soon Allie's head was being pistoned against the
woman's crotch as her face cock was thrusting in and out of the Josie's cunt.

She felt a tongue against her pussy and someone began to eat her out, she was
soon lost in an orgasm as she was face raped by Josie.  The tongue left her and
she felt a plastic cock slide inside her easily, she was so wet from all the

Josie came and pulled the girl from her cunt, she was replaced imediately by one
of the cheerleaders and Allie's face cock was used again to get another woman
off.  She felt her buttplug being removed and a cock slid into her ass as she
felt someone slide underneath her and start eating her cunt from below.  She was
fucking a highschool girl with her face dildo, her hair being pulled painfully
by the cheerleader with each thrust as she was being ass-fucked by a woman she
couldn't see and her pussy eaten by a third.

Allie was gangfucked all evening, evey woman sated themselves upon the girl,
fucking her or eating her out or riding her face dildo.  Allie was a helpless
sex toy, repeatedly used by the women there, Sandy and cuntlicker were brought
into use as well.  At the parties full swing, there were three young women being
fucked and sucked by sixteen others in an orgy of lesbian sex.

As the party quieted down, Sandy was lovingly, slowly, licking Ashley's pussy as
Ashley talked to Nicole about the great party she threw for Allie's sixteen year
old party.  The birthday girl was spent, sprawled on the floor the spreader bar
had been removed, her arms were still bound behind her back and the mask and
dildo were still on.  She could be dead for all the interest Nicole showed in
her, as she sat on the couch and talked with the few remaining guests.

Ashley, Betsy and Brittney the cheerleader were all that were left.  Betsy was
talking privately to Brittney, holding her hand across the table, Nicole could
guess what they were talking about.

Allie would never forget her sixteenth birthday party, she would pray that she
never had another like it, but she knew that her seventeenth would be more
depraved, if NIcole had anything to do with it.

Allie and Nicole: part 11: pictorial 1

"Come on slut, we'll be late for your photo opp." Nicole waited at the door for
her obeydiant sex slave Allie to come out from her room.  Allie came out dressed
in her litte schoolgirl outfit, small navy blue skirt, white knee socks, black
patent leather shoes, a tight white blouse too small and tied together in the
middle instead of buttoned.  Nicole had even allowed Allie to wear panties, they
were white cotton a size too small, but at least she wouldn't be flashing her
naked ass as she was used to now.  Allie was actually happy because it was the
most clothes she had been allowed to wear in weeks.

Nicole slapped her on the ass and handed her a tall glass of water, "Here drink

"Mistress I've already had three, I'm not thirsty."

"Are you disobeying me cunt?"

"No mistress," said Allie, she took the proffered glass and drank it.  She
really had to go to the bathroom now.  "Mistress I need to go to the bathroom."

"You'll be able to go once we get there, but we're late now.  This is a very
important opportunity for your modeling career, I don't want us to be late." 
Allie followed her mistress out to the garage and into her BMW.  Nicole had not
let her pee all morning, she had drunk four glasses of water and her bladder was
really starting to hurt.  Sitting down in the car didn't help.

They got to the photo studio and Allie almost had to cross her legs not to pee
herself.  Nicole ignored the girl and walked into the reception area of the tiny
little ugly photo studio.  Once inside they were met by a cute brunnette

"Ah Nicole, you're here. Great I'll let Shannon know."  she picked up the
telephone and talked to someone at the other end.  "The slut for the pictorial
is here."  She hung the phone up and turned back to Nicole and Allie, "Shannon
will be right out."

Nicole stood next to Allie as the girl looked up at the taller woman, "please
mistress, I really have to go!" she whined.

"Hush cuntlicker," Allie glanced at the receptionist who chuckled at Nicole's
comment, the teen looked down humiliated at being called a cuntlicker in public,
"you'll get to pee soon enough."

A brunette woman with a playboy model type body (36-24-36) came out from a side
door and beckoned to them, "Bring her on in Nicole, I'm all set."

Nicole led the ashamed teen into the little photo studio.  Allie saw a room with
bright lights focused on what looked like a high school desk. A blackboard was
mounted on the wall behind it trying to make it look like a schoolroom.  She
wondered what type of modeling session Nicole was going to have her do today. 
She had been excited about the opportunity for modeling, now her stomach sank a

"Have the slut sit in the chair and we'll start right up."  Nicole pushed Allie
out into the lights.

"Sit in the chair cunt."

Shannon the photographer picked up a camera and took a few quick shots of the
frightened teen.  "God what a hot little slut." click.

"Now slut, I want you to pretend you are in highschool, pick up the pencil and
look thoughtful."

Allie did as she was told, it was hard to concentrate because she had to pee so
bad, but she did trying to look like a normal highschool girl. click, click.

"Now, try to look like you really have to pee."  What? thought Allie, why would
she want me to do that, but at least it was easy because she really had to go. 
She made a pained expression and clenched her almost bare legs together tightly. 

"Now cross your legs and look around like you're looking to see if anyone is
around."  Allie looked form side to side as if looking, click click.

"Allright good stuff hotty.  Now stand up, lets do a couple of poses showing
your hot little ass."  Allie stood, what was going on, why did the photographer
want pictures of her butt.  "Keep a pained look on your face and your legs
clenched, but bend over a bit so everyone will be able to see how sluttily you
are dressed." click.  "lift the back of your skirt, lets get those cute white
panties in the shot."  Allie lifted them in a daze

This was posing for a porn session.  Her photo's were going to be in a porno
magazine.  Her head started to buzz and she felt like she was getting tunnel
vision, she just did as she was asked.  I don't want to be in a porn magazine, I
don't want to do this, I just want to be a normal girl Allie thought as she
exposed her panty clad ass to the photographer. click.

"Great, OK turn back around and sit down, spread your legs and lift your skirt,
while looking around again."  Allie sat back down in the chair lifted her skirt
and let the woman photograph her panty covered crotch. click click click.

"OK, shift your ass out a bit." click

"Now look down at your panties," Allie looked down glad to be hiding her face.
click click

"Now when I ask you to start peeing. I want you to keep looking down as the pee
starts coming out of your panties." 

What!! thought Allie, she wants me to What!! pee myself, and get pictures taken
of it.

"No...I...I can't do that."  said Allie in a tiny little girl voice closing her
legs and sitting up.

"Shit, what do you mean can't, I'm paying for this cunt, get peeing!"  The woman
got angry at Allie.

"No, please no."  Said Allie almost in tears.  click click Shannon got a couple
of good pictures of the distraught girl, they might work in the shoot.

Shannon turned to Nicole furious now, "Fuck, Nicole I thought you said she liked
to pee herself!  I don't like to waste my time!"

Nicole walked up to Allie and bent down to talk to the girl, "Listen slut, don't
embarass me like this.  You know you like to pee yourself, you know you have to
pee.  Just let it go as Shannon wants and I won't have to punish you for
disobeydiance.  You're breaking rule one, fifteen and seventeen.  So smile for
the camera and piss your panties like Shannon tells you."

Allie was dejected as Nicole walked away from the teen.

"Allright we ready now?"  Allie nodded, she didn't care anymore, just wanting
the session to end.

"Now spread your legs, lift your skirt, look down at your panties and when I say
go, start peeing."  Allie spread her legs so her white cotton panties were
clearly visible to the camera, click click click.  "OK go."

Allie closed her eyes and tried not to think about what she was doing.  She let
her painful bladder go.  God it felt good to finally start to pee.  She tried to
hide her sobs as she felt the liquid burst from her.

A tiny yellow spot appeared on her panties right where her cunt was.  Click went
Shannon's camera. It spread quickly as the urine started to spray into the soft
white cotton fabric of her teen panties. Click click click.  Quickly her crotch
area was soaked through and then a stream could be seen emerging .  Allie smiled
slightly from the pleasure of an emptying bladder. click Shannon got the look on
the girls face.

Piss was pouring out of the girls underwear, it started to drain off the corner
of the chair, dribbling to the floor in a stream, splattering the girls shoes
and socks.  Still it increased, soaking her panties all the way up her ass and
most of the way up the front, flowing through her panties in a yellow stream.
Click click click.

Finally her full bladder started to empty itself, she kept squirting through her
soaking wet cotton underwear as the stream became weaker and then peetered out.
Click click.

Shannon got some great shots of the soaked fabric clinging to the girls cunt,
you could see the lock pierced into her clit hood.

"Great fucking shot, look she's pierced down on her clit, fantastic." click
click clickety click.

"Ok slut put your hand inside your panties and get yourself off," click.

Allie looked at Nicole briefly who nodded at her so the teen slid her hand
inside her wet clingy panties and started to play with her pussy. Click.

"Throw your head back like your enjoying it slut." click

Allie did as she was told, she wasn't enjoying the humiliation at all, peeing
herself in front of two women and posing for a porn photoshoot was so
demoralizing her brain was just on automatic.

A new voice yelled at her, "What are you doing bitch!"  She looked up in shock,
there was another woman in the room.  Allie pulled her hand out of her panties
with a jerk.  She looked at the newcomer with fear.  The woman was tall brunette
and dressed in proper looking clothes.  The teacher thought Allie.

"Stand Up!" yelled the teacher, Allie stood.  The woman came up and forced the
teen to turn around and lean over the school desk.  Click clickety click.  Allie
didn't fight but allowed herself to be manipulated by the woman.  She was
actively crying now, tears forming in her eyes, sobs coming out of her mouth. 
She felt the woman raise her skirt exposing her yellow, clinging, soaking wet
panties to the camera lense of Shannon. click, click "fucking perfect," said

The woman was talking to her like a teacher would, "You little pee slut, how
dare you pee in my classroom, you need to be punished, stay there!"  She walked
away leaving the girl exposed across the little schooldesk.  She came back with
a yardstick and started to whip down on the teen's piss covered ass, wack! 
Allie jolted and let out a yelp, but the pain was minor compared to the
punishment Nicole had given her over the past several weeks.  The humiliation
was much worse though, she didn't want to be called a pee slut, she didn't want
to be photgraphed for a porn magazine.  She just wanted to be a normal teenage
girl, WACK!  she hid her face away from the camera, click click.  WACK!

"pull her panties down," said Shannon.  "Please not that," said Allie, but she
was ignored.  "Please no," but she just lay there like the pee slut she was as
the woman playing the teacher pulled her soaked panties down to her knees, fully
exposing her wet bare ass and pussy for the camera.  click, WACK, click, WACK!

"Now fuck her."  Allie barely heard what Shannon said, but turned her head as
the woman unzipped her slacks and pulled out a strap on cock.  Allie shook her
head, click.  The woman fell quickly upon her and pressed her cockhead against
the girls cunt, click, click click.  Allie felt the womans dick enter her and
she started to get fucked. click click.

Her fake teacher pulled her fake cock back and thrust down on the teenager
again.  After a few more strokes Allie was able to accept the entire length of
the womans strapon.  She grunted and submitted to the rape.  This went on for
sometime until Shannon was happy she got all the shots she wanted.

"Now in her ass."  The teacher pulled her cock all the way out and reached down
to remove Allies buttplug.

"No," said shannon, "Let the slut do it, look at your teacher and ask her to
fuck you in the ass as you pull your plug out.  And smile."  Allie was
horrified, she had to ask this woman to fuck her in the ass?  She couldn't do

As if she was watching someone else, she turned smiled and pulled buttplug from
her ass and asked the Teacher to please fuck her in the ass.  Click click click.

"Fantastic fucking job slut.  Now take her in the ass."   Allie felt the knob of
her teachers dick press against her sphincter and then the woman's cock pierced
inside her anus.  She was able to take four inches of the woman inside her on
the first thrust, her buttplug always made her asshole ready for fucking.  She
grunted as the woman fucked her, rocking back and forth across the little
desktop with each thrust.

Once Shannon was happy with all the shots she told the teacher, "OK shoot your
wad on her, then wipe your dick off on her skirt."  Allie looked back as the
teacher removed her shaft from the teens asshole.  The sixteen year old shook
her head as the older woman started to act like she was jacking off.  Then she
squeezed the cum bladder in her pocket, and her white sticky cum shot out of her
cock hole.  Spraying the young girls asshole and cunt with copius amounts of the
jism.  The teacher then raised her aim and sprayed another mamoth shot of fake
semen on the girls skirt, and another on the back of her tight blouse, and
another on the back of the girls head.

"Walk around in front of her and get her face," directed Shannon.

The teacher walked around the humiliated girl pointed her fake cock right at the
girls tear stained face and let loose with a shower of cum.  Allie soon had cum
dribbling off her chin onto the floor below the desk.  The teacher emptied her
load on the girl, getting it in her hair and liberally spraying it on the girls
back.  Once the bladder was empty she wiped the fake cock off on the girls skirt
and stood back to survey her handiwork.

"Great job, thanks Simone, I just want a few more pictures of the slut here." 
Simone, the woman pretending to be the teacher, stepped away from Allie as
Shannon got a variety of closeup shots of the raped teen.  The cum dribbling off
the lock in her clit, click, her pissed panties around her knees, click, her
face covered in cum, click, her hair, her back her skirt, click click click.

"All right slut thanks that was a great session and with that she walked away to
the other side of the room with Nicole.

Allie finally pushed herself to a standing position again, and tried to put
herself back together.  Her panties were soaked, but she felt better with them
on then going completely naked under her skirt.  She tried to wipe off all the
cum, but all she succeeded in doing is rub the jizz into her skin like a cream. 
Her clothes were stained with the woman's cum, and her hair had sticky strands
in it.

Nicole came over, "Great job pet, you made $1500 for that, don't worry I'll put
it towards your rent."  Rent? Thought Allie. What rent? "You might be able to
start paying down the debt you owe me."  Nicole looked at her little girl-toy
all covered in semen, she was quite pleased, Allie would do anything now, she
was ready to start making a series of videos, something like "Little Lez Allie" 
or "Allie and her Girlfriends"  She would have to work out the details with

Nicole led her humiliated cum covered teen out of the photo studio past the
receptionist who snickered at the girl and out to the BMW.  Allie stood by the
passenger door as Nicole walked to the back of the car.  "Slut you are way to
filthy to ride inside the car, come back and crawl in the trunk like a good cum
whore."  Allie dejectedly walked back and crawled inside the open trunk.  "Have
a nice ride cunt," said Nicole as she shut the trunklid.  Allie cried all the
way home.

Allie and Nicole: Part 12: wrong dance

Nicole stood at the front door in her tight, black,  leather pants and white
blouse waiting for Allie to get ready to leave.  Allie finally came out of the
bedroom.  She was wearing a flimsy red dress with string shoulder straps, it was
almost see through, and barely covered her ass.  With the tiny dress she was
wearing three inch red pumps with little fuck me socks and matching thong
panties.  Wny little move she made would expose her ass for the world to see.
	"Let's go pet, you have a party to entertain"  She patted Allie on the butt
as they headed out the door.

	They drove downtown to the University area.

	"Where are we going Mistress?"  Allie was very worried about the evening,
Nicole had not told her anything, jsut that they were going to a party.

	"Quiet, quiet now."  NIcole smiled over at Allie, relishing her next bit of
information, "Well you know we are trying to find some ways for you to reimburse
me for the rent you owe, so I've hired you out to a fraternity to strip for
them.  You'll make me $ 500.00.  Not too bad for a couple of hours work.  Maybe
we can do some more bonus work afterwards."

	Allie's eyes got huge, "I can't do that," she said her voice full of fear.

	"You have too, everything is already arranged.  Don't worry; I'll be there. 
I won't let the horny frat boys do anything to you."  Nicole smiled a with an
evil glint in her eye, "at least not anything I wouldn't do."

	Allie's face got pale, there was nothing NIcole hadn't done to her in the
past several weeks.  She had humilitated her, had her eat uncountable pussies,
fucked her in all her holes, forced her into a porn shoot, had her bound and
gang raped by fifteen women at her birthday.  What was going to happen tonight. 
Allie was really scared as they pulled off the highway and headed to the greek

	They parked in the alley behind the house and knocked on the side door. 
Nicole held Allie's hand firmly in her grasp.  The teen stood close to the
taller woman, cold in the night.  Her nipples poked out hard through the thin
fabric of the dress.  A breeze blew by and her dress was flipped up.  It was
like being naked, she felt so exposed.
	The door opened, three girls stood in the doorway.  Two blondes and an
brunette.  Dressed in sweaters and jeans, each had a beer in her hand.

	"What are you doing here," The prettiest blonde in front asked.

	Nicole pointed towards Allie, who was trying to hide her nakedness from the
girls, and said, "She's the stripper, she's been hired by the Gamma Phi Beta
Fraternity to strip for them."

	"You've got it wrong, this is the Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, we hired a male
stripper for tonight."

	"Damn, my assistant must have gotten it wrong."  Of course there was no
'assistant', and everything was going exactly as Nicole had planned, now she
just had to convince the girls to let Allie strip for them.  "Look, I'll make it
up to you, I'll get you a male stripper next Saturday for free.  But now what am
I going to do with her?"  Nicole pointed over her shoulder derisively at Allie. 
"Her night was already booked for this strip, it's too late to get another gig. 
You girls still want a show?  Are you curious what a guy likes in a woman? 
She'll strip for you," and whispering, "truthfully she prefers girls."

	"I don't know, let me ask the sisterhood.  Wait here."  And the three girls
closed the door again leaving Nicole and her teen slave standing in the cold. 
Allie shivered.

	Right after they left, Allie grabbed Nicole's arm from behind, "Mistress, I
can't strip in front of these girls, please don't make me."

	"Nonsense, your a slutty whore, you'll do great, just imagine you're trying
to turn me on.  And if that doesn't work then remember, I'll whip your hide if
you don't make these girls hot."

	The three beautiful young women came back, "You promise, a male stripper
next week for free?"

	"Yes, the best one I can get you."

	"OK, put her on the stage."

	Nicole grabbed the stereo from Allie and dragged Allie through the doorway
and into the Sorority house.  Allie couldn't believe this was happening, how did
she become a lesbian stripper.

Nicole left her standing in a hallway, outside the TV room of the house.  She
walked in and greeted the audience.
"I know you were looking for a hot dancer tonight, well I've got one for you,
here she is, Allie the Slut!"  She pressed  play on the stereo and some loud
music with a good beat started playing.

	Nicole poked her head back into the hallway and said, "C'mon slave, the
sisterhood is waiting to see what you got." 

	Nicole held the door open and Allie really had no choice.  She walked out
and was greeted by a chorus of catcalls, the sisterhood had been drinking in
preparation for the stripper, and even one of the wrong sex was going to get
cheered on.  She walked to what must have been the center of their TV room and
started to do a sexy dance to the music, running her hands up and down her body
and through her hair.  She spun and flipped the back of her skirt up.  That got
a few extra cheers.  The girls were really getting into it.

Allie tried to ignore her feelings, she tried to forget the fact that here she
was a sixteen year old girl, doing a strip tease for a group of horny sorority
sisters.  Some of the girls were just a year older than she was.  She tried to
tell herself to stop, to run and hide, but she could feel Nicole's gaze on her
back, and the music helped her forget.  She continued her dance for the thirty

She let the music wash over her, she tried to forget that she was doing this for
a sorority house full of girls, she just started to do a sexy strip. 

The music drove her on.  She danced and spun moving her hands up and massaging
her tits.   She turned and flashed a tit to the crowd, they whistled at her. 
Allie flashed the other breast and then spun around, the girls were actually
enjoying this, and she was getting them excited.  She dropped both the straps
from her shoulders and covered her tits with her arms, turned and teased them. 
She faced away from the crowd of teen girls and spread her arms, her dress slid
down and off her body, showing her almost bare ass, just a thong going up her

She forgot about herself and became the stripper, it was like she was watching a
show about the lesbian teen whore, that stared Allie.  She had no control of
what she was doing.  She remembered to smile as she continued her dance.

She turned and faced them and started to strut, her now bare tits still coveered
by her hands, she paced up to one of the girls in front, a cute blonde with blue
eyes.  Allie crouched down in front of the girl and slowly peeled her hand away,
giving the sorority girl a peak of her nipple.  The girls eyes grew big when she
saw the piercings, "Oh my god," the girl said as Allie stood up and flashed the
whole audience.

"she's peirced", "look at her nipples", "rings"  The audience murmured as she
exposed her nipples and rings for everyone to see.  She looked around and saw
several of the young women were beginning to breath heavy, she was having an
affect on the crowd of young women.  Allie began to smell the combined musk of
their gathered pussies.  She felt a sense of accomplishemnt as she realized she
could make girls hot just from dancing and stripping in front of them.  It was a
thought that a few short weeks ago would never have even crossed her mind, now
she was proud of it.  She realized that she was becoming the  lesbian slut that
Nicole wanted.

She sidled up to one of the girls sitting in the front row.  The girl was a
pretty redhead, Allie was looking at her legs, they were magnificent, wrapped in
a pair of tight blue jeans.   She seemed very focused on Allie.  Allie
approached her and swayed in front of her seductively a couple of times and then
leaned over her, letting her hair completely cover the girls face, bringing her
tits within inches of the girls nose.  "Do you like the way I smell?" she
whispered softly to the coed.

She backed away and then leaned in again, this time brushing the girls nose ever
so slightly with her breasts, and whispering in her ear, "is your pussy wet?". 
She could feel the girl's breath coming in quick gasps on the flesh of her tits. 

She repeated again but this time firmly ran her cleavage right up the girls
face, grabbing the back of the girl's head and mashing her face into her chest. 
Again she whispered in the girl's ear, "I want to suck your pussy."  She
released the girl's head and danced away back out into the center of the room,
they cheered her performance and started giving the girl a bad time, her name
was Sue.

She teased the back of her panties down below her ass, the string of the back
caught under the cute little curve of her ass, holding there in a maddening
tease.  She gyrated her tight ass and gave the girls a good show.

  She turned to face them and pulled the hem out on the front of her panties
while she played with one of her tits.  She looked down at her shaven cunt,
winked to the crowd of college girls, and then let the hem snap back into place. 
She spun again and with her back to the audience, slowly pulled her panties down
to mid thigh.  She turned and showed off her bare pubic mound to the coeds,
exposing her mutilated clit hood with the locket going through the sensitive

The sorority sisters exclaimed in surprise at seeing the piercing of her clit. 
"what a slut,"  "Wow, that must've hurt."  "OH my god"

Allie danced in front of the sisterhood, with her panties bunched at mid thigh
letting the girls see her cleanly shaven pussy, with the locket bouncing a
little with each gyration.  She danced over by a petit blond, who looked to be
barely fifteen let alone college age, stood in front of her and spread her legs
a little and said, "Pull them down honey." 

The girl swallowed but didn't move, Allie reached down and grabbed the young
girls hand and placed it on the skimpy red thong underwear, stretched between
her spread thighs.  She closed her legs on the girl's hand and ground into it. 
The sisterhood cheered as the young teen started to squirm and try to pull her
hand out from between Allie's legs.  Allie grabbed the girl's wrist firmly and
pulled the reluctant hand up to her cunt.  She ground into the girl, enjoying
the way the small squirming fingers felt on her wet sex.  She started humping,
approaching climax.  The girl was freaking, here was this slutty lesbian
stripper, getting off on her hand, right in front of all her sorority sisters,
the worst part was she could feel herself get a little excited.  Allie was
oblivious, she imagined all the women here watching her cum, and it brought her
off with a moan.

The music stopped and Allie backed off the girl's hand.  She took a step back,
turned around, and pulled her panties all the way down and off, giving all the
sisters another flash of her ass, but especially giving the cute blond a look at
her moist lips through her crack as she bent down.  She handed the girl her
panties and sauntered back to the door to a resounding cheer, the girl held them
limply in her hand and then threw them behind her.  Several girls reached for
them, a brief tug of war ensued over Allie's wet, red, g-string panties.  The
winner held them up to a brief applause.

After she was done Nicole stood in the center of the room and asked the girls if
they would like to extend the evenings entertainment.  She got a resounding
chorus of yes's. 
"Allie here is the best pussy licker in town.  I know you girls are straight,
but you may never get this chance again.  For forty bucks a head, or should I
say pussy, she'll suck anyone off who wants to sample her." Allie was standing
next to Nicole completely naked.  She grabbed onto Nicole's sleeve and said, "I
can't do that."

Nicole ignored her plea, "Who wants to volunteer a bed, and we'll get started."

They quickly headed into the house proper; Nicole led Allie naked through the
house, with the sorority girls following.  They found a room and Nicole took
Allie inside.

"OK, my lesbian whore, we should be able to get another $1,000 dollars out of
this, I think there was about 30 of them. If you suck off one every 10-15
minutes, we'll be out of here by 4:00am, and home by five"

Allie was resigned to her fate for the evening.

"Now Allie, kneel and I'll send them in one at a time."

Allie knelt in front of the bed as Nicole went outside the door and organized
the growing line a bit.  She sent the first sister in, the cute blond who had
answered the door.  Once the door was closed she dropped her pants, sat in front
of Allie and spread her legs.  Allie leaned in and began to lick her first pussy
of the evening.


They actually didn't finish up until about six in the morning, Allie had licked
50 pussies that night.  She was exhausted.  Nicole put the girl in the bed and
threw a blanket over her and  went down to have breakfast with the sisterhood. 
Allie lay in the bed naked, bedraggled, her face covered in pussy juice and
tried to sleep. 

When it was finally time to leave, they couldn't find Allie's clothes, one of
the sisters loaned her a sweatshirt that barely covered her ass.

Allie rode in Nicole's BMW, falling asleep in the passenger seat, the sweatshirt
riding up and giving Nicole a view of her teen pussy all the way home.  Nicole
was in heaven.  Allie was now her complete teen slave. 

Nicole had also given her number to a select number of the girls, she expected
to be able to prostitute Allie out to a few of them.  The girl was going to
continue to bring in more money for Nicole, she was sure of that.

Allie and Nicole: Part 13 : Allie goes to private school.

"You realize that we run a strict school here."  The headmistress, Ms. Smith
looked across the desk, over her glasses and gave Allie a stern look.

"Of course we do." responded Nicole sitting in the chair next to the intimidated

"We have a school uniform and code of conduct that all the girls here at Trinity
adhere to."  She looked back at the teens file sitting in front of her, "You do
have the required grades to enter, I will pass along my recomendation to

"Thank you Ms. Smith." said Nicole.

"Now I believe Tammy was going to give you a tour of the school."  Headmistress
Smith pressed her intercom, "Janet, will you please send in Tammy."

In through the door walked a petite brunette girl of about Allie's age, she was
even smaller than Allie, looking like  a little girl, her breasts barely growing
yet.  Nicole looked at the girl and wanted the girl's virgin pussy right then. 
She looked so adorable in her school uniform, the plaid skirt, the white shirt,
kneesocks and black shoes.  Nicole licked her lips.  The uniform was half the
reason she was sending Allie to this expensive all girls school, she wanted to
dress her girl-toy in a schoolgirl uniform everyday.  She would enjoy having a
young schoolgirl to fuck everynight.

"Please give our guests a tour of the school Tammy."

"Yes Maam," answered the girl.

"Follow me."

Nicole stood and helped Allie to her feet, the girl was finding it hard to
concentrate.  She was impaled in her ass and pussy and walking normal was
difficult.  She, of course, had her butt plug embedded in her ass, but as they
drove into the schools parking lot, Nicole had her lift her skirt and pull her
panties down and thrust a seven inch dildo into her cunt.  She had smiled and
told Allie to act normal or she would be punished severly that night.  Allie had
to try to walk while being double fucked.  She was in a haze, her thoughts
focused on her crotch as Tammy led them out of the room and into the hallway of
the school.  If she lifted her skirt the knob of the dildo could be seen
protruding into her g-string panties, there was barely enough fabric to hold it
inside her vagina.  She was walking around the all-girls school while being
douple fucked.

It was between periods, so the hallways were full of young women dressed in the
school uniform.  Nicole was in heaven as Tammy led them to the library.

"What year in school are you Tammy," said Nicole as they approached the
library's entrance.

"I'm a senior,"  she turned and smiled up at the strong woman, blushing she
continued, "I know I look young, but honest I'm seventeen."

Nicole's interest in the girl heightened, this might be the candidate for Allie
to seduce, she needed to find out a bit more about the girl.

Tammy led them around the school, the halls bustling with young women.  She
showed them the cafeteria, the auditorium, the gym, the pool, and a couple of
empty classrooms.  After about twenty minutes, Nicole asked Tammy if they could
use a restroom.

Tammy led them into a restroom, classes had started again so it was empty. 
Tammy was going to wait outside, but Nicole insisted that they all go in.  Tammy
complied, Nicole smiled as she saw the girl obeyed her simple instruction, so
far so good.  They opened the swinging door and walked in.  Allie was in a haze
from the dildos rammed into her holes, she just followed her mistress and Tammy
into the bathroom.

"Allie, you may take a piss."  Tammy looked shocked at Nicoles statement, Allie
turned and looked at Nicole with a petrefied little girl look on her face, but
she didn't say anything and just waddled to a stall.

Nicole watched Tammy as she said to Allie, "Leave the stall door open, and make
sure our friend Tammy here can see what you are doing."

Tammy was completely blown away, but she didn't know what to do.  She just stood
in the middle of the bathroom and watched as Allie walked into the stall and
turned to face the other two women.  She lifted her skirt and pulled her skimpy
panties down, exposing her mutilated clit hood to Tammy.

Tammy gasped.

"Yes she is pierced down there, she also has rings in her titties, maybe she'll
show them to you later?"  Nicole continued talking to the girl calmly as she
kept degrading her girl toy.

"I usually don't let Allie wear any underwear, but today she had to because the
horny little girl has a dildo rammed up her pussy, and she had to have something
to hold it in."  Nicole smiled at the startled high school girl.  Allie hung her
head as she stood with her panties around her knees.

"Pull out you dildo pet and show the nice girl what a horny lezzy slut does all
day."  Allie reached under her crotch and pulled the dildo slowly from her cunt
and held the black plastic shaft up for Tammy to see.

The girl freaked and started heading for the door.  Nicole grabbed the girl by
the wrist and pulled her to her side, holding her firmly.  Tammy calmed down as
Nicole talked to her, she was unable to pull away as Nicole enticed her

"Aren't you a bit curious Tammy? Do you wonder why she does this?"  Tammy did
actually wonder how a girl could stick something like that into her and then
just walk around school.

Nicole leaned in close to the girls ear, she had to lean down quite a bit,
because the girl was a lot shorter than the tall dark haired woman. "Do you
wanna see something real cool?" she whispered.

Tammy was looking at Allie, who was still holding the dildo up in front for
Tammy to see.  Nicole was happy to see how well trained her teen slave had

"Tammy, do you want to see my pet do a trick?"  Nicole whispered gently into the
dumbstruck teens ear.

Tammy swallowed and answered without really thinking, "yeah."  Allie started to
cry inside, she knew Nicole was going to have her humiliate herself in front of
the other girl, she just knew it.

Nicole wrapped her arm around the highschool senior, holding on to her she said
to Allie, "Pull your panties back up pet."

Allie was almost sobbing, she knew Nicole had something humiliating in store for
her.  It was twice as bad in front of a girl her own age, someone who was going
to be her classmate.  She was doomed, the word would spread what a piece of
lezzy trash she was before she was even enrolled.  She pulled up her tiny
g-string, unable to disobey her Mistress, even now, scared of the retribution.

"Watch this Tammy." Whispered Nicole as she ignored Allie's distress. "Pee in
your panties pet."  Nicole smiled as Allie complied with her order.

Allie sat down, tears were beginning to stream out of her eyes.  How had this
happened, she hated this, she just wanted to be normal, not sitting in front of
another girl peeing her panties.

"And Allie, lift your skirt like the good slut you are to make sure we can see
you soil your own underwear."  Allie lifted her skirt exposing her panty covered
pussy to her Mistress and Tammy.

Tammy was breathing a bit heavy, her eyes glued to the spectacle happening right
in front of her.  She saw a small wetspot form on the front of the teen's white
panties and begin to spread as the Allie began to pee herself.

Allie let her bladder go, she had peed in front of many women, in many
embarassing situations, Nicole seemed to enjoy the abject humiliation that Allie
went through each time she wet herself.  She felt the piss slither out the front
of her panties and begin to dribble in an uneaven tinkle into the toilet.  Soon
her panties were soaked, stained yellow and sticking to her crotch.  The pee
came out in a thick yellow stream, it looked like a faucet placed against the
teens thin cloth underwear.  Allie hung her head in shame.

Nicole held onto Tammy as her girl-toy finished wetting herself.  Tammy was numb
with shock.  She didn't know what to think.  She had just watched another girl
pee her panties.  She felt Nicoles hand on her ass now, it was rubbing her.  She
moaned slightly, her eyes never leaving the sight of the freshmen's soiled

"Stick the dildo back in you pussy slave."  Nicole said it softly, not looking
towards Allie, but almost whispering the phrase into Tammy's ear.  The senior
girl moaned slightly as she watched Allie re-insert the big black dildo into her
cunt.  She felt Nicole lift the front of her skirt and bring her right hand in
contact with her pussy, she spread her legs to give the woman easier access to
her teen cunt and moaned as Nicole started to molest her through her panties.

"Crawl over here slut and kneel between Tammy's legs."  Said Nicole, still
speaking softly into Tammy's ear.

Allie crawled over and knelt between Tammy's legs, her mistress pulled aside the
leg of Tammy's panties and Allie knew what to do, she leaned in and began to
lick the girls pussy.  She tasted musky and a bit salty.  Allie licked with her
now expert tongue..  Nicole  continued to hold the girls underwear aside as she
thrust herself on the girl, bringing her mouth down on the smaller woman,
kissing her passionately as Allie sucked her off.  Tammy moaned into her mouth
as she was virtually raped in the bathroom. 

She came, thrusting into Allie's mouth as the little teen whore planted her
mouth completely around the other girls cunt, thrusting her tongue as far inside
Tammy's pussy as she could. 

Tammy collapsed into Nicole's arms, spent from the best orgasm of her young
life.  Nicole continued to french kiss the girl as Tammy's eyes rolled back into
her head.  Allie kept sucking, she knew by now not to stop until told to by her

Nicole finally leaned away from the schoolgirl.

"You may stop licking Tammy my little cuntlicker," she patted the girls head, "I
know you love to suck pussy, but I think she is spent."

Nicole let Tammy's skirt fall back down, without re-adjusting the girls panties,
her pussy stayed peeking out.  Nicole lifted one of the girls limp hands and
wrote on it with a pen she pulled from her purse, "Allie 555-8873".

Then they helped the girl wake up, she moaned and her eyes fluttered. 

Tammy was in a sexual haze as Nicole led the two teens back out or the restroom
into the hallway.  She thought this school was going to be perfect for Allie.

Allie and Nicole 14

"Good morning class."

"Good morning Miss Jones." Allie greeted their teacher along with the other
twelve girls in her class. She was not sitting as comfortably as the others
because she had her butt plug rammed up her ass as usual. But she had become
used to it by now, it was a part of her. It kept her mind constantly occupied
with her crotch and ass. Reminding her of her place as a the property of her
mistress. Trinity all girl school prided itself in the size of its classes; this
allowed them to pay special attention to each student. Their teacher, Miss
Jones, was a stunning blond woman, with professional looking glasses in a nice
pair of slacks and a black sweater. She enjoyed her job immensely, teaching
young women was very rewarding to her. Of the current classes she taught this
one was her favorite, "Human Sexuality". "Welcome girls. This is the Human
Sexuality 2 class, so if you are registered for a different class, please let me
know." Miss Jones smiled as a couple of the girls squirmed uncomfortably. "This
class deals with homosexuality, specifically female homosexuality, or in the
vernacular, lesbianism."

"Who is familiar with this term?" Allie raised her hand before she thought about
it. Once it was raised she realized her hand was the only one up. She blushed as
the whole class of girls turned and looked at her. "Yes miss Smith, can you give
us an explanation."

Allie stood slowly and faced the teacher, "A lesbian is a woman that is
attracted to other women, she likes to have sex with women and girls and may
utilize dildos and strap-ons to pleasure her lover. One of the main ways of
satisfying her lover would be to suck the other women's.." she was interrupted
by Miss Jones.

"Thank you Allie, that is quite enough detail." She smiled as Allie sat back
down in embarrassment. The rest of the class tittered at Allie; stories had been
circulating about her. They sounded too outrageous to be true, but it was fun to
poke fun at the new girl anyways.

Allie's cheeks burned in embarrassment, and her eyes bugged out as she sat on
her butt plug a bit too hard and sent a shock of painful pleasure through her.

Miss Jones was very curious now, she had heard the rumors about the girl too,
and frankly they couldn't be true, could they? She intended to find out.

"Now girls," she continued, "The purpose of this class is to enrich you, and
give you information about other lifestyles." She walked around the front of the
desk and towards the back of the class slowly going up and down the aisles,
surveying the young women in their seats. Most of them seemed uncomfortable with
the subject matter she described, but Allie, she noted, showed no discomfort.

"We will talk about relationships, different types both normal, butch/femme, and
others. We will discuss local scenes, how they are portrayed in the media and
pornography. We will see a variety of movies, and read a variety of material.
50% of your grade will be on your final, this will be a presentation at the end
of the quarter on a subject of your choosing."

She made her way back up to the front of the class.

"Today's class will be devoted to the basics." She smiled, "To understand
lesbianism, it is first important to understand a female body."

Miss Jones couldn't go into as much detail as she would have hoped in 50
minutes, but she went through the slide show for the female anatomy that she had
personally put together. She had put together the presentation carefully, using
PowerPoint and the latest pictures she could get off the net. Each of her slides
was specifically chosen. She picked them so that they clearly displayed the
current item female anatomy being discussed, but also presented it in an erotic
fashion. The girls in her class got to see several up close pictures of a
breast, but they were photos of moist nipples or nipples with lipstick marks.
They saw pictures of vaginas, but they were pictures with the pussy lips spread
wide by a beautiful model or a finger inserted in masturbation.

When the class was over she turned on the lights to a lot of stunned teen girls.

"There is your introductory, tomorrow we will cover basic tongue technique. Here
is your syllabus, note that your first test is in 4 weeks, so we will need to
study hard. I suggest you find a study partner as most of our material in this
course will require a second person to practice with."

The bell rang and the girls got up to go. It was the last period of the day so
everyone was headed home.

"Miss Smith," said the Teacher as Allie walked by.

"Yes Miss Jones."

"I would like to stay a bit after class please." Allie stood still by her desk
as the other girls all filed out. Miss Jones watched Allie closely. Once all the
other girls had left Miss Jones stood and locked the door. "Allie, please sit
down." Allie started to sit at one of the desks. "No, no, over here on my desk
please." Said Miss Jones as she made her way back to her desk.

Allie walked over and sat on the corner of Miss Jones Desk.

"NO, no, girl, right here in front of me where I can get a good look at you."

Allie scooted over until she was sitting right in front of Ms. Jones. She kept
her legs closed in fear of the teacher looking up her skirt. Nicole didn't allow
her to wear panties even to school. Allie spent the whole day scared that a gust
of wind would lift her skirt and show her naked ass to all the other girls in
school. Not only that, but it would reveal her butt plug to Miss Jones as well.

"You seem to know a lot about the subject matter?"

"Yes, I mean no, I mean I don't know Ma'am." Allie answered lamely.

"Well what is it girl? Are you gay?" Ms. Jones took her glasses off and stood up
in front of Allie.

Allie was startled, she had never been asked directly like that before. She
gulped and answered as she had been trained. As she fell into the comfortable
role of submissive.

"Yes." She said in a quiet voice.

"I didn't hear that."

"Yes Ma'am, I'm gay." She started to softly cry sitting on her teacher's desk.

Ms. Jones smiled and put her arms around Allie, "It's ok Allie. There are lot's
of Lesbians in the world." She looked into the girl's eyes as Allie raised her

Allie sniffled a little and smiled slightly. Ms. Jones took the chance and
leaned down and kissed Allie on the lips gently. "Lots of women like women
Allie, lots." She kissed Allie again this time with more passion. Allie moaned
slightly into the older woman's mouth and returned the embrace. She Spread her
legs slightly and let her teacher stand between them, hooking her ankles behind
the woman's knees. Ms. Jones leaned against the girl and kissed her deeply.

Allie's skirt started to ride up her thighs as her teacher made the forceful
advance on her. Allie opened her eyes and moaned "no" into Ms. Jones' kiss, but
all that came out was another sound of passion. Ms. Jones pushed against the
sweet sixteen year old until the girl's naked pussy pressed against the crotch
of the teacher's slacks. The skirt was bunched up at Allie's waist and her legs
were now wrapped around the older woman's firm ass.

Before Allie could react, Ms. Jones had Allie's blouse unbuttoned and her hand
inside the girl's shirt.

"No, please." Allie protested weakly as she felt her teacher's hand slide inside
her bra and find the baby smooth skin of her breast. Allie said, "please no,"
just as Miss Jones fingers came in contact with her nipple and the ring looped
through it.

"oooooh, you slutty little girl." Said Miss Jones as she started to tweak the
girl's nipple ring with her fingers.

She kissed the girl as Allie's protests became weaker and weaker. Ms. Jones
pulled her hand from under the girl's bra and shifted it under the skirt.
Sliding it up the girl's naked thighs, finding her bare pussy. Her fingers
encountered the luggage lock embedded in the girl's clit. "Oh My God! You really
are a little lezzy aren't you?" With that she slid her fingers into the teen's
slit and felt the wet arousal of the girl, sliding it from one end of the bare,
moist slit to the other.

"Ahhh," Allie gasped at the molestation.

"Let's see how hot you are." Said the woman as she turned her hand and slid a
finger inside Allie's cunt, first only one knuckle but quickly embedded her
middle finger deep inside her young student.

Allie grunted deeply in shock and pleasure, "UNGH." as her pussy was violated by
her sex Ed teacher. "Oh God!" She almost screamed. Miss Jones finger fucked the
sixteen year old on her desk, bringing the girl off in just a few minutes, "she
must be really turned on all the time." Thought Miss Jones.

"Now girl, I would like you to return the favor." She pulled her fingers out of
the girls shaved pussy and licked her fingers clean as she continued, "mmmm, you
taste great, follow me into my office please." She helped the unsteady teen to
her feet and led her back into her office and closed the door.

"Kneel girl." Said Miss Jones pointing to the floor at her feet. Allie walked
forward in a daze, her shirt open to the waist, her school tie hanging loosely
around her neck. She knelt in front of her teacher.

"Pull my slacks down you little slut."

Allie reached up, she licked her lips in anticipation. "At least this'll go
towards my required three pussies a day," she thought to herself. She unhooked
Miss Jones belt and unbuttoned her slacks, smoothly unzipping the woman's pants
and pulling them down with experienced hands.

Miss Jones sat down and let Allie slide her pants all the way off. Allie crawled
forward until she was between the older woman's parted thighs; she was
comfortable between women's thighs.

Miss Jones put her hand behind the girls head, "look up at me girl, I want to
see your eyes as you suck my pussy."

Allie looked up at Miss Jones as her mouth was forced onto her teachers trim
quim. She started sucking, concentrating on her clit.

"Oh FUCKK, that feels good." Miss Jones threw her head back as the teen licked
away at her slit. "God what a little pussy slut you are!" She held the girl's
face firmly against her cunt as she approached orgasm, Allie couldn't breath.
She tried to pull away as her teacher began grinding into her face.

"Unghhh! Oh yeah!! Un-huh!! So close AAAHHHGG!!" She grabbed the girl's head in
both hands and rode the girl as she came. Twitching against the sweet sixteen
year old. The spasms seemed to last forever as Allie still tried to pull back
away from her teacher's cunt.

Finally she relaxed, letting Allie rock back and grab a rasping breath. "That
was great girl, we'll have to do that again tomorrow."

She stood and pulled her pants up, pulled the disheveled teen up to her feet and
kissed her deeply. Miss Jones slapped Allie on her naked ass and the two of them
walked back out to the classroom.

"See you tomorrow Allie."

"Yes Miss Jones." Said Allie as she buttoned her blouse and left the classroom.

Allie and Nicole 15: Allie the Lezzy Hooker.

Allie woke up on the floor as usual.  She spread her legs and started to
masturbate per rule  sixteen.  Her fantasies now were filled with women and
girls using her body in variety of ways.  She never thought of a man or a real
cock.  The only cocks she knew were plastic ones.

She settled on one of her favorite fantasies, where she was bound and forced to
suck pussies of unknown women.  It was close to her reality anyways.  She
quickly built and came.

After Allie had come down from her orgasm, she crawled out from under her thin
blanket and stood.  Her Mistress Nicole had a partner in bed with her.  Josie
from the Aerobics club.  They were cuddled under the covers.  Nicole was
spending more and more time with Josie, they both treated Allie like their
personal sex toy.  If Allie could still cry over her situation, she would be,
but all she felt was a weird sense of jealousy as she saw her mistress'
affections being taken by another.

She knelt by the side of the bed and spoke softly,"May I lick your pussy

Nicole moaned and stretched out of Josie's embrace.

" slave, but maybe Josie would enjoy your tongue this morning."

Josie rolled over kissed Nicole and then responded, "Yes that would be
wonderful, little Allie." 

She threw back the covers exposing the two naked bodies to Allie and spread her
legs, "crawl up here slut and start licking my pussy."

Allie crawled up on the bed and between the other woman's thighs and started to
tongue fuck Josie.  Nicole cuddled up next to her lover and they started to kiss
as Allie the little lesbian slut licked her first pussy of the day.  She felt an
accomplishment as she was already one third of the way through her required
three pussies a day.

"By the way slut." said Nicole.  "I'm not counting this servicing of Josie as
one of your three pussies for the day.  You've sucked Josie's pussy so many
times it doesn't count anymore.  The purpose of that rule is to broaden your
experience, to taste new quim as it were.  So you still have three tasty pussies
to sample today." 

Josie was shocked and a little tear started to run down her cheek dripping onto
Josie's naked thigh.  She continued to bring Josie off.

"GOD your good bitch, lick my Pussy you little lezzy whore!!"

"ahhhhh!!"  She screamed out as she came, Allie felt a bit of pride at how she
could satisfy a woman now, she was quite skilled.

Josie rolled over and embraced Nicole, "I love your little pussy slut."  They
kissed and got out of bed and headed to the shower together with Allie trailing

Allie washed both of the women's bodies, their hair, their breasts, and she paid
special attention to their pussies.  She cleaned herself in quick scrubs and
rinses, she knew she wouldn't be permitted the time to spend on herself.

After they were all dressed they went to the kitchen and had breakfast, Allie
made a nice fruit platter breakfast for the other two women and then a bowl of
GrapeNuts cereal, dry, for her.  She ate sitting on the floor next to Nicole's

The doorbell rang mid way through the meal.

"That'll be your limo Allie.  Go put the clothes on I laid out for you in your

Allie looked up stunned, limo?!  What limo?!

"Hurry girl, you have an appointment to keep."

Allie hopped up and padded over to her room. Laying on the bed was her red
g-string and a pair of sandals.  She looked around frantically as she pulled on
the g-string, but didn't see anything.  She came out bare chested and went up to
the front door.  Mistress Nicole was standing there, waiting.

"Allie!  Hurry up girl."  Allie crossed her arms in front of her, trying to hide
her bare breasts as she came up to her Mistress.

"Mistress!? I can't go like this?" Allie whispered.

"That is exactly how you were ordered on the web site girl now let's go!"  And
she dragged the teen out the door to the limo and virtually thew her in the back

What web site? thought Allie as as she sat in the back of a limo, almost naked,
she couldn't see the driver, at least the driver couldn't see her.  She sat
quietly, scared, and cold as the limo drove on.

Outside the tinted windows she could see them headed out of town to the
countryside.  Finally after about twenty minutes when nothing happened except
the limo continuing to drive, she relaxed a bit and dropped her arms from over
her breasts.  Her pert little a-cups were pointy in the chilly air of the limo.

She sat back and relaxed, it was actually the first time in a long time she had
to be by herself.  She began to softly cry to herself at what she had become,
little more than a toy for Nicole.

She rode in silence for another twenty minutes when the limo finally pulled off
the highway and into a very exclusive neighborhood.  It pulled into a long
gravel driveway and stopped in front of a beautiful mansion.

She heard the limo driver get out and the crunch of his shoes on the gravel
drive as he moved around the car to her door.

Click click.  The door opened.  Allie once again covered her breasts.  She
looked up at the driver, but he ignored her.

"Excuse me?"  She said in a little voice.

"To the house whore."  He said in a bored tone, Allie was shocked by the man's
mean tone and ran towards the house with tears of shame dripping from her eyes. 
She heard the car door close and quickly the limo drove away. She stood in the
quiet, at the door of a strange house, naked except for a g-string and sandals. 
She turned and rang the doorbell, she had to try to hide her little breasts with
one arm as she pressed the button.


She waited.  No answer, she rang again.

And waited.

Again no answer.

She stood foot to foot.  Looked around and rang the doorbell again.

Suddenly the door opened.  A woman in a maid's uniform stood there, she looked
at the near naked girl, up and down, assessing what she was seeing.


Allie didn't know what to say, "ummm, I have an appointment."

"One moment please," said the maid as she closed the door again.

Allie was in shock.  The only sound to be heard in the quiet summer morning was
that of a distant lawn mower.  She waited for what seemed like hours when the
door finally opened.

She heard another car enter the long driveway.  A Jaguar XJ6 pulled up in front
of the house.  Allie creeped back against the doorway trying to hide as the car
parked off to her right.  She heard the doors open and peaked around the corner,
two women got out dressed in tennis outfits, white tight t-shirts and short
white skirts.  They laughed as they got out and headed around the side of the
house much to Allie's relief, she didn't know what she was going to do if they
headed this way.

"Ahh you must be Allie."  Said a voice behind her making Allie jump in surprise,
she hadn't heard the door open.

She turned to face the woman, covering her breasts with her arms.  She was
stunned as she looked up at a beautiful woman with green piercing eyes and black
hair.  She was dressed in black slacks  a white blouse with wore a simple gold
necklace.  The woman's eyes seemed to freeze Allie in place and the girl let her
arms drop revealing her pert pierced breasts to the other woman.

"mmmmmm...I see you come as advertised, come here girl."  Allie stumbled over
closer.  Once she was within arms reach, the woman reached to the hem of Allies
panties and pulled them Allie gasped as the blond woman unceremoniously looked
down inside the girls g-string and smiled.  "I wouldn't have believed it if I
didn't see it, you really do have a lock piercing your clit."

"Yes ma'am." answered Allie, she couldn't think of anything else to say. 

The woman let her panties snap back into place, "You may call me Mistress, as
I'm sure you are accustomed."

"Yes Mistress."  Allie answered automatically.

"Now come in, come in."  and she finally held the door open and let Allie enter
the mansion.  Allie walked in the door stunned and obedient.  She felt the woman
gently hold her left wrist and then take her right as well.  Before she could
react, still in stunned shock from the whole process of getting to the mansion,
her hands were secured in a pair of handcuffs behind her back.

"There you are, just like you know you should be."  Allie tried to free her
hands but it was too late, she just cast her eyes down.  "Now," continued the
woman, as she casually reached up and affixed a collar around Allies throat, "we
will continue on with your task."  Click went a leash and Allie allowed herself
to be led from the marble foyer to the expansive living room.   A rich persian
rug spread across the floor and antique furniture filled the room with an
ambiance of wealth.  Allie could do nothing to hide her nakedness as the
Mistress of the house led her to the center of the room.


Allie knelt.

And the Mistress left.  Walking back out the way they had come in.  Allie turned
her head and watched her go, but continued to kneel as she had been instructed,
her hands hooked behind her back, the leash laying on the floor in front of her.

She heard some voices in the foyer.

"Go get her and bring her to the living room, I have a gift for her."  That was
the Woman's voice, who she was talking to, Allie couldn't see.

Allie heard the woman come back into the room, her heels clicking firmly on the
marble floor.

She sat down in front of Allie, in a large wingback chair, and ignored the near
naked sixteen year old.

Allie knelt uncomfortably in front of the chair awaiting instructions as she
heard some yelling and feet stomping upstairs and then a loud bang like a piece
of furniture had been turned over.  Then she heard a scream and then it was
quiet.  She looked up at the woman in the chair and felt a bit frightened for
the first time.  The Mistress of the house had a wicked grin, and peered out
from beneath her eyes, staring towards the entrance of the living room with a
palpable relish.

Muffled sounds could be heard upstairs as a door opened and the sound of
struggle grew closer, coming down the stairs.  Allie craned her head around to
look just as a girl tumbled to the floor in front of the doorway.  She didn't
look any older than Allie and was dressed in what looked like a school uniform,
with a plaid skirt and knee socks.  As she rose on her hands and rolled over.
Allie saw her brown eyes for a split second as she glanced her way before her
tormentors came into view.  Two maids and a blond woman dressed impeccably in a
fashionable suit. 

Each maid grabbed an arm and lifted the girl to her feet.  The other woman
grabbed her school tie and they dragged the teen into the living room.

"Alex I won't do it, I tell you I won't."  pleaded the girl to the woman seated
in front of Allie as she was brought forward against her will into the room.

"Please," Said Mistress Alex, "Call me mom."  And she smiled again, it wasn't a
pleasant smile at all.

"You're not my mom, you just married my dad!"  The girl yelled back.

"Ahh the spirit," and she stood, towering over the little girl, "put her in her
chair girls."  And she pointed to her right.

The girl really started fighting then, but the blond woman smiled back at Alex
and grabbed the girls hair viciously making the girl scream. The three women
dragged the girl to Allies left and force her into a chair.  On a closer
inspection Allie saw it was no ordinary chair.  The arms had shackles and there
was an elaborate system of ankle restraints. 

"Your father, may he rest in peace, was a kind man. He only wanted the best for
his only daughter, well girl so do I."  She chuckled ever so slightly as the two
maids secured the girl to the chair with practiced expertise.  "Once you realize
that the future of this family, your future, will benefit most from a union with
the Cantrell's everything will go much easier for you."

"I'm not marrying Tawnee, you can't force me to marry a girl!" 

"Oh we can get a legal marriage for you two girls, we'll just go to Hawaii.  Now
enough chatter."  And with that the blond woman forced a ball gag on the girl.

"Now that's better.  Susan?"

"Yes Mistress," answered the blond woman.

"Strip Lauren...the fun way."

"Yes Mistress,"  answered Susan, smiling.  "Bring me the scissors." She said to
one of the two maids, dismissing her with a wave of her hand.

Lauren moaned into her ball gag and struggled briefly, then stopped.  She knew
by now it was useless, she had been put in the chair enough times by now to know
there was no escape.

"Now, Lauren, you refuse to accept your place within this family," Continued the
Mistress.  "I have today purchased the services of a professional whore to help
you in your training."  Lauren looked directly at Allie and their eyes locked,
she shook her head slightly.  "I am going to leave you two together for the next
several hours and we shall see how you feel at the end of that session."

"You!" And she turned on Allie, "You're job is to pleasure my step-daughter. 
Make her cum as often and as hard as you can. If you fail," and she reached down
to cup Allie's chin, "then I will whip you both until you beg me to stop."

"Yes Mistress," answered Allie, she knew women like this, she knew the enjoyment
Mistress Alex would get from the whipping.

The maid handed the scissors to Susan and she began to cut and rip the girl's
clothes off her body, using the scissors to get a rip started and then tearing
with enthusiasm.  Quickly Lauren's tight young body was exposed to Allie.

Allie admired her young breasts, they were fully than Allie's own, a B-cup or
maybe even a C, perfect.  Allie found herself getting excited, the fact she was
bound and going to be forced to service the girl didn't matter, it was what she
was used to anyways.

The blonde woman finished tearing the girls clothes from her body, stood and
started pumping a foot pedal on the side of the chair.  Lauren's leg's were
lifted and spread, and her ass was slid forward, the chair's purpose was made
clear to Allie, it was designed for licking pussy.

"You may begin whore."  Said Mistress, and she pushed the back of Allies head in
the general direction of Lauren's spread thighs.

Allie half crawled forward on her knees until she was between the smooth skin of
the girls legs, leaned in gently and kissed the skin softly to either side of
the girls pussy.  She noted the girl's soft pussy hair, her sharp scent, her
pussy glistening despite her protests.  Some things were hard to control.  The
lips were puffy and pink, and Allie found herself enjoying the anticipation
before she tasted the girl's sex. 

The girl moaned, a sound that could clearly be heard as "no".  Allie continued,
she kissed her way around the girls quim, nuzzling through the peach fuzz of her
pubic hair.  Allie felt the girl begin to sob as she began to lick around her
crotch, never touching her actual pussy lips, just barely brushing up against
her labia.  The glisten on Lauren's pussy lips grew to full wetness, the
muskiness intensified.

"mmmmphhhh."  Moaned the girl, this time incoherently.

Allie knew it was time to taste the girls sex.  She blew on Lauren's cunt,
making the girl squirm in her bindings, then leaned in and kissed her knobbin of
a clit.


Allie sucked onto the girl's clit, flicking her tongue against it's hard little
tip.  Lauren's body convulsed into an arch.  Allie smiled at her ability to make
women orgasm.  She was the best, she was a good little lezzy whore, her mistress
would be proud.

"You are worth every penny Allie, every penny."  Said Mistress Alex as she stood
over her step-daughter while the girl orgasmed from Allie's licking.  She
reached over to one of her maids and started to unzip the maids dress.  "I
wasn't going to stay, as I have several pressing appointments, but I think I
will indulge myself for a short while."  The maid's small dress fell to the

"Come Coquette, come satisfy your Mistress as we watch my step-daughter get her
lesson."  She led the maid, now dressed in only her bra, panties and black pumps
over to the wingback chair.  "Remove your Mistress' pants."  Coquette knelt and
unzipped the silk pants letting them collapse in a heap at Alex's feet.

Alex sat spread her perfect firm legs and pulled the hem of her black lace
panties aside and motioned for her maid to begin her ministrations.  "And
Coquette, try to do as good a job as the whore."

Alex watched Allie began to tongue fuck Lauren.  She held Coquette's head
against her pussy firmly as she watched.

"Susan, you may make use of Miranda, if you wish.  Oh, right there bitch, right
there."  Alex exclaimed as Coquette started to nibble on her Mistress' clitoris.

"Thank you Mistress," said Susan. "Come over this way Miranda and please me." 
The blond and the other maid fell into each others arms and quickly disrobed,
they had been waiting and hoping for permission from their Mistress and weren't
about to waste the opportunity.

Allie continued to work over Lauren, licking her entire body from fingertips to
toes. She worked her way up to the girls face and kissed her eyes and cheeks
then forced her mouth wide over the ball gag and kissed the girl on the lips,
mashing against the girls face in passion.  Lauren kissed her back, both their
mouths stretched tightly around the ball gag.

Alex came upon Coquette's tongue, she lifted her legs in the air and grabbed her
maid's head in both hands as she jammed her cunt against the other woman's
mouth, fucking her back as she climaxed.  "Oh god, Oh god!!"  She half collapsed
letting her legs fall across Coquettes back pinning the woman against her cunt
as she twitched and came down from her peak. 

"ung, oh my..."  Alex coughed and then seem to compose herself again.

She stood, adjusted her black lace panties over her cunt, then snapped her
fingers at Coquette, "Dress me again maid."  Coquette helped her Mistress put
her pants back on.

Alex walked over to the chair.  Lauren was writhing on it as Allie licked her
way back down the teens body and between the girls legs once more.  Allie saw
the girl was actually dripping from her pussy now as she dove in and started to
eat the tangy pussy once more.

"Now, daughter, we shall see what sort of tune you sing after I leave you with
this fine pussy licker for an hour."  With that she began walking out of the
room.  "Come ladies, enough playing we have other things to attend to."  She
left leading three naked beauties from the room, all of them disheveled.

Allie was alone with Lauren now.

"Lauren?" whispered Allie.

Lauren moaned, "mmphh"

"I want you to enjoy this."

Lauren moaned again, "mmmphh"

Allie stuck her tongue inside the girls cunt as far as she could pressing her
lips firmly against the other girls crotch.  Lauren's back arched in pleasure. 
Allie moved her tongue up and down inside the girls vagina, sucking, almost
drinking the girls juices.  Lauren came again in a shudder that rattled her
wrist shackles.

"Did you like that?" asked Allie as she pulled back from the other girl's quim.

"mmph." was all Lauren could say, but Allie heard a yes in the moan.

"I have to continue Lauren, I don't want to be whipped, I don't like getting
whipped.  So please enjoy it, I will do my best to pleasure you."

Lauren nodded weekly as Allie went back to licking the girls body.  She did
enjoy pleasing women.

Allie's arousal had been building during the whole she tried to sit on her heels
and rub herself, but it wasn't enough, she needed more.

Allie stood and straddled on of Lauren's bound legs and started to rub her panty
covered quim against the girls smooth thigh.

Lauren tilted her head up and looked at Allie as Allie started to fuck her leg. 
Allie leaned in and sucked the girls nipple.

"I need more Lauren, I want your tongue on my pussy."  She got off and stood
next to the bound girl, "Lean forward as far as you can."  Lauren complied,
tilting her head away from the back of the bondage chair.  Allie leaned in, with
her hands still cuffed behind her it was all she could do, and tried to get her
mouth down to the tie binding the ball gag. 

"Just a bit further."

Lauren stretched, finally Allie got her teeth on the loose end and pulled. 
Luckily it was a simple knot and it came partially free, Allie reached in with
her teeth again.  Allie was frantic as the ball gag finally was free and Lauren
spat it out.

"Thank you Allie."  Said Lauren, Allie didn't answer but started to awkwardly
climb on to the chair. first a foot on one arm then up, then she balanced and
put her other foot up on the back of the chair, now her g-string covered quim
was approaching the bound girl.

"Please Lauren, I need to cum, lick my pussy."  And with that Allie half
crouched / half thrust her cunt into the girls face.  Lauren didn't have any
choice as Allie's quim was suddenly on her mouth.  She started licking it
through the silk of her underwear.

"ahhh.  damn.  pull my panties out of the way with your teeth."  And Allie
leaned back a bit.  Lauren grabbed the leg of Allie's panties in her teeth and
pulled it out of the way.  Allie's locket pierce clit was suddenly exposed right
in front of her eyes and she gasped.  Allie didn't hesitate again but thrust her
bare pussy against Lauren's mouth, seeking relief.

Lauren started licking Allie's pussy, gently at first but with more fervor as
Allie rode her tongue, balanced precariously over the girl. 

"AHHHH!!  UNNNGHHH!! FUUUCK ME!!" Screamed Allie as she came in a rush.  She was
so worked up it only took a minute.  She let Lauren continue for awhile and then
slowly, carefully she worked herself into a very awkward 69.  It was hard with
her hands bound to remain balanced, but with careful concentration and
cooperation by both girls they were able to keep both their tongues on the
other's pussy.

Allie's knees rested on the back of the chair, Lauren cradled Allie's head in
between her legs.  Frantically they continued sucking and licking until
exhaustion overtook them. 

By the time Mistress Alex returned a full 2 1/2 hours later the two girls were
asleep in the awkward 69, both faces firmly planted in the other girls crotch,
both mouths soaked in pussy juice.  Alex made sure she got some great photo's
before waking them up.


Allie stood on the threshold as the door closed behind her, holding an envelope
filled with money.  It was dark outside, not cold but Allie's sweat covered body
made her shiver as a slight breeze crossed her skin.  The limo waited for her
again, she stumbled down the path and into the open door.  Before she knew it it
was pulling out of the driveway and back on the road.

She was still in a haze from the day and absentmindedly started to play with
herself, knowing she had about 40 minutes until she got home.  Her mind was
filled with images of Lauren bound and helpless and open to whatever Allie
wished to do to her.  She came as she thrust a finger deep inside her pussy. 

By the time she got home she had cum 4 times and was working on another when
suddenly the door opened and the chauffeur said, "You're home whore."

Allie quickly covered herself and then sprinted out of the car to the front door
of Nicole's apartment.  She knocked and the door opened.

"Ahh Allie, you had fun I trust?"  Said Nicole.

"Yes Mistress."  Answered Allie as she entered the apartment.

Allie and Nicole Chapter 16 : Tattoos

Allie woke in Nicole's bed, with Nicole's arm draped across her.  She couldn't
quite remember the last time she had slept in a bed.  Had it been weeks? Months? 
She enjoyed the comfort, the feel of Nicole's naked body against her back. 

Then she felt the pain again.

Her wrists hurt from being bound to the bedpost and her back and ass hurt from
the welts, but the memory of the pleasure of last night was greater than any
misery she might feel.

It started to get her pussy wet to just remember it all again.


After she returned home, Nicole had grilled her on her experiences.  She had
gone into detail about Mistress Alex and her daughter Lauren, how she had been
forced to pleasure the unwilling teen to train her into becoming a willing
lesbian bride.  Nicole had seemed very happy with her performance and how she
obeyed Mistress Alex.

They were on their way to the bedroom to retire, Allie to the floor and Nicole
to the bed, when Nicole had stopped and asked Allie how many pussies she had
sucked that day.  Usually it was more than three, usually she was well in the
safe area of 5 or 6 but on that day, the day her services had been sold, she had
only sucked one.

Nicole grew quiet.

Allie had pleaded with her Mistress, it wasn't her fault, there hadn't been an

Nicole backhanded her to the ground.

"There is always an opportunity."  She towered over the naked, collared teen. 
"What should be your punishment for disobeying rule 4."?

"Please Mistress, nothing, I tried to be a good girl, I tried to do what I was
told."  Allie started to cry; knelt at Nicole's feet and wrapped her arms around
the woman's silk pant clad legs.

"The rules are explicit my little cuntlicker, even if I allow you to count
Josie's fine pussy this morning, you are still one short."  Nicole smiled down
at her little teen lez toy.

Nicole reached into the girl's hair and grabbed a firm hold and started to drag
the pleading, crying girl into the bedroom.

"I thought I had been clear about the rules, they must all be followed to the
letter.   Masturbating in the morning, keeping your pussy clear of stubble,
showing respect to your betters and sucking three pussies a day are all
important in your education."  Nicole taliked calmly as she dragged the
struggling girl, smiling and condescending.  "You could have pleaded with the
mistress of the house, you could have explained your situation, I'm sure she
would have allowed you to suck a couple more pussies."

She threw the girl down on the floor; Allie lay there sobbing, naked.  Nicole
licked her lips, Allie looked so vulnerable she wanted to take her right there. 
She slowly unbuttoned her slacks and let them glide off her smooth legs.  She
slid her black lace panties down and off and stepped over the crying girl.

"Roll over and kneel girl."  Allie turned and saw her Mistress above her with
her glistening quim waiting to be serviced.  She quickly obeyed and buried her
head in the dominant woman's crotch, licking furiously, hoping that if she
satisfied her Mistress well enough, her punishment would be mild.

"Fuck yeah bitch," Nicole yelled, "you really know how to lick pussy now."

Allie pressed her tongue inside her Mistress' cunt, suckling the slick walls of
her pussy, lapping up the flavor of the vagina she was forced to worship.  She
nibbled on Nicole's clit making her mistress scream in orgasm.  Nicole gripped
the girl's head in her thighs as she rode her down to the floor pinning the girl
with her pussy, grinding into the girls face, fucking herself on the teen

"DAMN!! Unhg!!"  She grunted as the waves of pleasure drove over her.  She loved
using her submissive little slut.

Nicole relaxed and slid back off her pussy slave, sliding down until her wet
pussy rested over the teen's bare crotch.  She took the girls face in her hands
and started to kiss her teen's pussy-juice-soaked face.  Allie lay in shock as
her mistress kissed her gingerly, she kissed her Mistress back hungrily when
their lips met, she moaned as Nicole slid her left hand down the girls body and
between her legs, slipped quickly into the moist folds of her quim.

Allie spread her legs and let Nicole play with her.

"Yeah there you go little one, ask me to cum."  Nicole started to finger fuck
the girl's bare pussy, grinding her locket into her clit. "Beg me to cum." 
Nicole leaned back on her elbow and looked down at Allie as the teen closed her
eyes and started to moan.

"Oh oh oh Mistress, oh oh."  Allie lifted her legs up and put her hands behind
her naked thighs and pulled her legs apart, opening herself completely up for
her Mistress.

"Mistress, please, may I cum."  Nicole didn't answer, she just continued to
finger fuck Allie.

"Please Mistress UNGHHH. oh oh oh."  Nicole kept on fucking her, driving two
fingers sloppily in and out of the girl's wet pussy.

"Mistress, Mistress, MISSTRESSSSSSSSS, AHHHHHHH!"  And Allie came, shuddering on
Nicole's fingers; she grabbed the older woman's arm and jerked against it as her
orgasm overcame her senses.

Nicole extricated herself from the twitching naked teen.  And waliked over to
the armoire against the far wall.  She opened it and pulled some rope from
inside.  Waliked back over to the still recovering girl and grabbed both wrists
and bound them.  Allie came out of her haze quickly.

"Mistress no please, please let me lick your pussy again, don't punish me, I'll
be good," but she didn't struggle.

"Girl, you not only didn't fulfill your quota of pussy-licking today, but you
orgasmed without my permission."  she pulled the girl over to the bedpost and
lashed her wrists securely to the bed.  "I think you need a reminder of your
place in this world."

Nicole nonchalantly waliked back over to the armoire and stood in front of it
ignoring the girl's pleadings.  She smiled and pulled out the strap-on that
Betsy had given her so many weeks ago now and strapped it on.  She was already
enjoying herself.  Next she pulled out her favorite whip, a four-foot horsewhip,
nice action, plenty of sting, hard to permanently injure.  She removed her silk
blouse and hung it on the door of the armoire and then made her way back towards
the bound teen, her plastic cock swaying lewdly in front of her as she
approached Allie half kneeling next to the bed.


She whipped the girl's ass without warning.

"AAAAAAH!  Please Mistress, tell me what I can do."


Again she hit the girl's ass.

"ahhhh ahhhh wahhhh!" the girl was crying now.

"I believe we need ten strokes for each unsucked pussy and ten more strokes for
cumming without permission.  Beg me for each stroke or I will double the

Allie was used to the rules by now and quickly said through clenched teeth,
"Please mistress whip me."


"AHHHH One, please Mistress whip me."


This continued until they reached ten strokes.

"Good girl, there is the first portion of your punishment," and with that Nicole
stepped over the girls ass, placed her cock at the girls vaginal opening and
thrust in, "we're gonna stretch the punishment out with a little pleasure in
between sessions.  I want you to enjoy this experience, for of course part of
your purpose in life is to get punished, it is what a slave is."

Allie's pussy was still so wet from the molesting by her Mistress that Nicole
quickly entered the girl and began to fuck her in earnest.  Driving the bound
girls body into the bed with each thrust.

"Remember girl, if you are about to cum, beg me for permission first, I would
hate to have to increase the total lashings."

Allie rested her weight on the ropes binding her wrists to the bed and took her
Mistress' pounding, thrusting cock deep into her cunt.  With each thrust she got
closer to another climax.  Soon she was driving back against Nicole's plastic

"oh unh un UUNGH, Mistress...oh."  Nicole felt Allie tense up, the teen arched
her back.

"I gotta cum Mistress, please...ungh."  With that Nicole slid out.

"Not yet slut." 

And Allie groaned, "No, please keep fucking me!"  She humped the air in
frustration, until Nicole touched her back gently with the tip of the horse
switch.  Allie stiffened and gritted her teeth.

"Please Mistress whip me!"

"Good girl,"  SWACK! 

"AHHH...One! Please Mistress whip me!"  Tears started to flow down the girls


"EEAAHHH...Two!...unnnn...Please Mistress whip me!"

Nicole again whipped her girl ten hard strokes and then entered her from behind,
fucking the teen fast and hard until she almost came.  Then pulled out once
again, leaving the girl frustrated and empty, begging for her Mistress' hard

Allie had sweat dripping off her back now, the pain and frustration of being
brought to the brink was making her crazy, she wanted the whipping to begin
immediately and wanted to reach ten strokes as fast as she could so her Mistress
could slide her big hard cock back in her cunt again.

"Mistress Please whip me."


"One, please Mistress whip me."  No scream this time, the pain was just a
passage to pleasure, each stroke brought her closer to orgasm, each stroke
brought her Mistress' cock closer to penetration.


"ahhh...Two, Mistress Please whip me!"

Swack!  The pain was her path to relief.

"Three, Mistress please whip me!"


"yaAHH...Four, Mistress please whip me!"

Her deliverance.


"Five, Mistress please whip me!"


"Six, Mistress please whip me!"  Her back now had a growing cross hatch of red


"eewaaah!!...Seven, Mistress please whip me!"  She started to hump the air again
in anticipation.


"AHHHH!!...Eight, Mistress please whip me!"


"NINE!!" Allie screamed the number out,"NINE, MISTRESS PLEASE WHIP ME!"

Nicole was wild with desire looking at her bound sex toy.


"TEN!"  Nicole dropped the whip and descended on the girl entering her
completely in one smooth stroke, immediately thrusting violently into the
sixteen year old girl.  Allie screamed in ecstasy as she was impaled by her

She came almost instantly to the fucking she received, her eyes rolled up into
her head, she hung onto the rope binding her in a fierce grip and rode the waves
of pleasure that pounded across her body with each drive from Nicole's plastic

That's when Allie passed out.


Nicole snuggled up against Allies back and gently played with one of her nipple
rings, letting Allie feel the press of her cock in the small of her back. 
Nicole had slept while wearing the strap-on!  Allie's moistening pussy got even
wetter.  She leaned her head back towards her Mistress and they kissed as they
woke more fully.

"Please stick your cock back in me Mistress."  And Allie lifted her right leg
and put it over the back of Nicole, opening up her sex to her lover.

Nicole smiled, "Yes, my little slut, anything you ask."  And Nicole reached down
and guided the head of her huge plastic cock to the teens slit and forced the
head to pop inside, she entered her girl-toy about 4 inches.

Nicole fucked Allie gently.

They snuggled and fucked for 20 minutes or so, enjoying the rhythm of sex.

Finally Nicole whispered in her ear, "Did you enjoy your punishment last night

Allie had her eyes closed, "Yes Mistress I did."


Allie knelt as she had been taught, with her legs spread slightly, her locket
hanging loosely from her clit hood, her pert little breasts with their rings
pointing from her thrust out chest and as usual a butt plug uncomfortably wedged
into her anus.

"Remember this girl?", Nicole handed the naked teen at her feet a piece of

Allie looked at the sheet.  It was the gift certificate for the Salon.  The gift
certificate for the free tattoo.  Her heart sank, she had forgotten the present. 
She looked back up at her Mistress from her kneeling position and handed the
slip of paper back.

"Yes Mistress."  She said in a quiet voice, smiling at her mistress, but inside
her stomach tied itself in knots, dreading the day even as it had barely begun.

"No you keep it.  I have decided finally on an appropriate tattoo...or two." 
She smiled a little wickedly at her "ward".  "I have an appointment set up in
half an hour we need to hurry if we aren't going to be late."

Nicole leaned down, grabbed the back of Allie's head and forced their lips
together, passionately kissing her girl-toy.  Allie hungrily kissed her mistress
back as she felt Nicole's other hand play with her nipple ring.  Nicole broke
the kiss, stood, pulling on the girl's nipple ring, stretching Allie's nipple
painfully, then let go and left the table. This was the sign to Allie to clean
up after breakfast and then go put on the clothes for the day that Nicole had
chosen for her.  She loaded the dishwasher, and then padded naked to her old
little bedroom. 

On the bed was a flimsy pair of very short, very white shorts.  A simple tank
top, white ankle socks and a pair of sneakers. 

She pulled on the shorts first.  It felt like she wasn't wearing anything, her
bare pussy was visibly pressing out from behind the flimsy cloth.  Allie guessed
the shorts were for an 8 year old girl they felt so tight, and the fabric was
virtually see through.  They rode up her ass and the full curve of her ass
cheeks were exposed for all to see.  The sides of the shorts were only a couple
of inches long.  Allie knew there was no use in fighting over what she was
supposed to wear, at least Nicole wasn't making her go out completely naked.

She put on the tiny tank top.  The fabric was almost a mesh, her nipples, their
rings, her areola's, were all clearly visible from behind the lightweight cloth.  
She quickly pulled on the socks and shoes.

"Let's go pet, we don't want to be late."

Allie waliked out and Nicole looked her up and down, "I wanna fuck you again
right here and now you look so sexy."  She pulled the sweet sixteen year old
against her forcing her jeans clad leg between the girls thighs and kissed her
firmly on the mouth.  Grinding against the girls locket embedded clit.

Allie gasped as their lips parted, Nicole didn't let her gather her wits but led
her out of the house by her hand.

Once in the car Nicole told Allie to start playing with herself through her

"I want you plenty wet by the time we get to the salon."  Allie put her hand on
her sex, and started to play with her locket.  She had found over time that one
of the best and quickest ways for her to cum was to play with the locket that
was piercing her clit hood.  By flicking and pulling it she could get herself
aroused, no matter how demeaning a situation she was in.

"Pull your shorts aside and stick a finger in as you play with your locket pet." 
Demanded her mistress.

Allie did as she was told, inserting a finger inside her vagina as she continued
to frig her locket.

"Now, no cumming until I allow it."

"yeesssss...Mistress."  Answered Allie, she was starting to get wet as she
fucked and frigged herself.

They got to the Salon and Nicole parked in the front parking lot.

She hadn't told Allie to stop so she obediently continued.  Nicole waliked
around to her side and opened the door.

"Now pet, pull your finger out and lick it, but I want you to continue to play
with yourself through your shorts, as we walk in."  Allie was in a sexual haze
but even through that she knew this wasn't right.  Some distant part of her was
screaming for her to stop, but the lezzy pet that she was obeyed her mistress. 
She brought her glistening finger to her mouth and licked it as Nicole helped
her out of the car.  Allie kept one hand down in her crotch playing with her
pussy and let Nicole lead her to the Salon's front door.

Two women came out as Allie and Nicole were walking in.  Nicole stopped,
recognizing them.

"Janet, how nice to see you."  She said addressing the tall brunette woman.

Janet introduced her to the other woman a stunning blond and they stood around
and chatted ignoring Allie as she stood by her mistress and played with herself.

"Excellent little slut you have there Nicole, got me hot just watching her." 
Said Janet after they had exchanged some small talk.

"Thank you Janet, I've been training her for some months now, I'm fairly pleased
with her progress.  Her services are available if you ever need some party

"What an excellent idea, I do have an event coming up that she would be a
perfect addition too.  I'll call you next week.  Ta ta."

Nicole said her goodbyes and they parted.

They entered the Salon, with Allie nearly crying and nearly cumming at the same
time.  She was so humiliated, but had been masturbating for ten minutes now and
was very close to cumming.

They waliked up to the receptionist and Nicole handed her the gift certificate. 
The receptionist, it was the same one who had come to the birthday party, looked
over the certificate and smiled.  She looked over at Allie and stood to get a
clear view of the teen masturbating in the lobby.  "Sarah will want to know you
are redeeming this, let me call her." 

It only took a moment and Sarah, the Salon owner came out front.  She was
resplendent in a pair of tight slacks and nice white blouse. 

"Great to see you again Nicole,"  She went up and hugged the other woman. "So
you've brought little slut Allie in for her tattoo, have you decided on what you
want to emblazon on the girl?" She smiled at Allie, enjoying watching the girl
play with herself through the tight white shorts.  Allie's hand was starting to
make squishing noises because of how wet the thin cloth of the shorts were

"Yes Sarah, I have and I think it is going to be just delicious."  With that
Sarah led them back through the Salon to the back half where Allie, and other
owned girls were taken care of.  They waliked past several elegant women getting
manicures and various other stylings.  Sarah knew them all by name and greeted
each.  Allie found it difficult to keep masturbating and walking at the same
time, but she knew she had to continue.  Her shorts were now almost transparent
from her pussy juice.

Once behind the curtain in the back room of the salon, Jackie came up and said
Hi.  She unceremoniously pulled Allie's flimsy shorts and tank top off and led
the teen to her chair.  Allie didn't struggle, she knew it would only make
things worse.  But immediately put her hand back in her crotch once her shorts
were removed.  Her pussy was sloppy wet now, she was furiously flicking her

"Mistress, can I cum please."  She was so close now, she didn't care that there
were two other women in the room, she just needed to cum before she was bound to
the chair, there was no telling how long she would be in that position.

"No no girl, in fact stop now and help Jackie do her job of getting you ready
for your tattoo."

The naked girl pulled her hand out of her crotch with a moan of frustration and
crawled onto the grooming chair that resembled a gynecological examination table
more than a chair that belonged in a beauty salon.

Jackie secured the girl to the chair while carrying on a conversation with the
other two women.  Pulling the girls arms above her head and locking them in the
bindings.  Putting each ankle in their shackles.  Pressing the automatic button
that spread the girls legs till her crotch area was completely exposed, the
tendons around her pussy stretched and taught.  They ignored the girl as she was
bound to the chair like a piece meat or a canvas being stretched on its frame. 
Her pussy gleamed from all the lubrication of Allie's self abuse.

Allie stiffened as Jackie pulled her butt plug out and jammed the nozzle of her
first enema into the sixteen year old's anus.  The lubrication from her plug
allowed Jackie to smoothly invade the girls rectum in one stroke.  Jackie smiled
and fucked the girl in the ass with the nozzle a few times.

"You like that girl?"  She said as she stood and leaned over the naked, bound
teen, and inserted two fingers into the sixteen year old's sopping pussy.

"Yes...unh...yes."  Jackie fucked the girl for a few strokes more then jammed
the nozzle fully inside the girl's violated asshole and opened the flow of warm
liquid into the girls bowels.  She kept finger fucking Allie as her bowels
filled.  Allie started to hump the beauticians fingers.

"Mistress!!"  She screamed, Jackie pulled her fingers out out of the teen's
vagina.  Leaving the girl's eyes rolled up into her head, but still not

Sarah and Nicole chuckled a bit at Allie's predicament.

Jackie let the fluid fully invade the girl and then pulled out the nozzle and
let the nasty liquid drain into the bucket.  She emptied the bucket and
reinserted the nozzle for her second flushing. Allie barely flinched as she was
anally violated once again.

Suddenly there was a commotion at the entrance to the back room, the curtain was
pulled aside and a group of 7 women came in.  Allie's jaw dropped as they all
entered, getting a complete view of her legs forced wide and an enema nozzle
jammed in her asshole.

Sarah turned to Nicole and said, "I hope you don't mind, but I have invited a
tattooing class in for instruction from the local community college."

"Of course not," answered Nicole.

"Welcome Rebecca, glad you could make it," and with that Sarah hugged the
teacher of the class.

"Gather around girls," said the teacher, and they all gathered around behind
Jackie as she pulled the enema nozzle out and let the soapy water drain from the
girls anus.  Allie was aghast, but there was nothing she could do bound as she
was, she closed her eyes and started to quietly sob as she heard the disgusted
comments from the community college girls.

"eewwww, lookit that."

"She's getting an enema."

"Gross, lookit her pussy, she's got lock in it."

Nicole stepped forward and smiled, "Girls, girls, no need to get excited about
little Allie here."  and she waliked around in front of them as Jackie squeezed
her way through the crowd of girls off to empty her bucket.  She stood in front
of Allie and casually reached down and played with the teen's locket piercing
her clit hood.

"Allie is just a slutty little lesbian and not worthy of your disgust, she is
merely a sex toy.  Today we are going to see her adorned with a new branding of
her status.  It is right that she is bound and naked, it's what she wants and
what she likes."  Nicole smiled as several of the students nodded, and the rest
of them seemed to settle down. 

"Good, now let's let the professionals do their work."

Jackie came back with the douche.

"Sorry ladies, this is the last step and then we can begin the tattooing."

Allie tried to imagine this wasn't happening, kept her eyes closed and imagined
she was somewhere else.  She yelped through her gritted teeth as Jackie thrust
the nozzle roughly into her pussy and squeezed the rose water smelling douche
into her vagina.  Allie moaned as her cunt was violated right in front of the
other women.  Jackie emptied the container inside the girl and then pulled out. 
She let the fluid drain out of the girl into the bucket.

"ok, we're ready to begin."  She said as she came back to the chair, this time
with a box of equipment.

"Do you have a design in mind Nicole?"  Asked Sarah as they watched Jackie set
up between the girls legs, wiping the the girls crotch down with a damp rag,
getting her ready.

"Why yes.  Of course."  and she smiled down at Allie as she explained her idea
for a tattoo. 

"I have two ideas, first I would like my possession of Allie to be clear.  I
want a label down around her cunt, just above her pussy.  It should say,
'Property of Mistress Nicole' on one line and right below it, "For women only." 
That way anyone who can see her pussy will know she is my personal dyke slut."

"Easy enough."  Said Jackie as Allie shook her head no."

Allie lifted her head and looked down her naked body towards the crowd of women
watching her.  "Please Mistress, don't do that." 

Nicole ignored her, she just tapped Jackie on her shoulder and motioned towards
Allie's head.  Jackie knew what Nicole meant and quickly grabbed a ball gag and
soon had the bound girl fully gagged as well. 

"Now without any further interruptions."  Nicole looked at angrily down at
Allie, who now had her head lowered back against the table again in defeat.

"My other idea is of a chain around her ankle, like a lot of girls have now." 
Then she grinned mischievously again, "but Allie's chain will be a daisy chain. 
A chain of dykes eating pussy wrapped around her ankle.  I just think it would
be so cool."

Allie shut her eyes as tightly as she could.

Jackie pulled out a pen and started to draw the label text down by Allie's pussy
per Nicole's directions.  Allie flinched as the small sharpie pen began its
track around her pussy.

"Closer, wrap the 'for women only' right around her lips, just outside her
labia."  Jackie wrote it there.

"Now" continued Nicole, "The Property of text a bit higher, centered in the
middle of where her pussy hair would be if we allowed it."

Jackie wrote it out there.


Jackie wrote it bigger.


She set about her work.

Allie shrieked as the tattoo needle began it's work, the sensitive skin
surrounding her pussy was on fire as Jackie started to mark the girl with
Mistress Nicole's name.

Jackie took her time, describing to the girls gathered around the naked bound
teen how to hold the tattoo pen and carefully apply the ink. The girls asked
questions and watched carefully as the words "for women only" was applied.

Jackie was quickly done with the work around Allie's pussy and moved out to her
ankle to work on the much more intricate design of a daisy chain.  Blood
trickled from a few small spots around the girls cunt.  The new pain around her
ankle was minor compared to the searing she had just withstood.

Jackie told the other ladies that the tattoo around the ankle was going to take
awhile it was more complex than the simple writing at the girl's crotch.

The class thanked Jackie and Sarah and left.  Sarah followed and closed the
curtain to the front room behind them.

She turned back and  said, "God, I couldn't wait for them to leave,"  With that
she waliked over to where Allie's head was on the grooming chair and removed the
girl's ball gag. 

Allie said, "Thank you mistress."

"Oh shut up you little whore, I just want you to lick my pussy."  She said with
a half chuckle and turned to Nicole, "You don't mind do you Nicole."

Sarah unzipped her tight slacks and pulled them down to her knees, exposing her
exquisite pussy.  She gingerly stepped over the bound girl's head and sat down
on her mouth. 

"Now little girl, suck me." 

Nicole watched as Sarah rode the girl's face, as Jackie worked on the intricate
daisy chain around the slender ankle, as the girl's tortuously stretched legs
shook with the pain and shame.  She loved it.

Allie started licking Sarah's pussy, sucking and flicking.  It was second nature
for her now, she knew what to do.  Even bound, and in pain she could suck a
pussy and drive a woman mad with pleasure.  Sarah hooked a finger in each of the
girls nipple rings and started to buck down hard on Allie's mouth.

Sarah ground down on the girl and moaned as she rode the teen tongue to her
climax, shaking and almost pulling the rings out of the girl's nipples as she
convulsed in orgasm.

Allie screamed as she felt her pierced nipples getting pulled to the tearing

And then Sarah collapsed upon the naked girl.

"oh...god...That was great."

She slowly rose up off the bound girl and took a step back gingerly.

"Girl, I'm gonna repay you for that wonderful service.  May I Nicole?"  She
asked Allie's mistress as she pulled her pants up and zipped them once again.

"Of course Sarah, I'm enjoying the show immensely."  Nicole smiled

Sarah waliked out of the room briefly but was back in a short minute.  She
smiled as she held up a strap on, winking at the bound teen as Allie's eyes got
wide.  It was a ten inch monster.  Black and slick looking.

"Had to borrow Corrine's."  She waliked over to Nicole and stepped into the
harness, "Mind synchin me up Nicole?"

"Not at all."

"I hope Allie's new warning label doesn't mean she can't be fucked with a
plastic cock."  Sarah and Nicole laughed.

"No no, as long as the person doing the fucking HAS a pussy, it's ok with me. 
Besides, her asshole is free game, maybe some lucky guy will get to fuck her in
the ass."  They laughed as Sarah made some final adjustments to the fake cock
now swinging lewdly from her crotch.

She waliked around to the girl's head and placed the cockhead at the girl's

"Kiss it."

Allie kissed it looking a little scared at the size of Sarah's black cock.

"Ask me to fuck you slut."

Allie knew she had no choice, she was going to get fucked.  Either she asked for
it or Nicole would beat her later.

"Please fuck me Mistress Sarah."  It was a quiet statement, but enough to bring
a big smile to Sarah's face.

"Jackie, do you have any lubrication around here?  I don't think she is wet
enough to take me."

"Do we have lubrication, of course we do."  She pointed Sarah over to a

Sarah got the bottle of astroglide and came back over to Allie, this time
standing between the girls stretched legs, her pussy lips were even half parted
because of the stretched position, almost inviting Sarah's cock inside the girl. 
Sarah opened the bottle and dribbled the fluid onto Allie's cunt lips, Allie
startled as she felt the cold fluid hit her tortured crotch.  Sarah then coated
the black dildo and pretended to jack herself off a couple of times.

Allie watched as Sarah positioned her cock at the entrance to the teen's pussy,
gently placing the cockhead between the girl's pussy lips.

"Allie I just love your new tattoo's, it tells anyone fucking you who you belong
to and what you are."  With that she thrust into the girl, spreading the girls
pussy lips with her shaft, netting about three inches.  Allie started to cry as
Sarah drew back and drove into the little teenager again.  On the third thrust
Sarah reached bottom and stopped.  The leather harness rested against the newly
tattooed skin on the girls mons.  Allie cried out in pain.

"Nicole would you mind putting the ball gag back in."

Nicole pulled her hand out of her pants and retrieved the gag and silenced the
girl with practiced ease.  Allie clenched her eyes shut, squeezing tears out of
the corners as Sarah started to fuck the bound girl.

Jackie had to stop her work on Allie's ankle because the pounding was making the
girl's ankle shake too much.  She stood up to stretch and watched her boss fuck
the little teen whore.

Sarah started a fierce rhythm into the girl.  Allie moaned with each full
thrust, each time Sarah hit bottom, her crotch exploded in searing pain.  Each
thrust brought with it pain, each thrust brought with it pleasure.

She began to lose herself, she began to ride the pain as a means to her
pleasure.  Soon her moans changed their timbre.  She arched her back as Sarah's
thrusts drove into her cunt relentlessly.  Sweat dribbled off her ribcage and
fell to the black vinyl of the seat.  Her body was overwhelmed with sensation,
pain and pleasure were mixed.  Her chest heaved as she struggled to keep pace
with the fucking she was getting.

Sarah and the other two women marveled at the bound girls convulsing body as she
was driven wild.

White light exploded in Allie's mind.  She climaxed upon Sarah's cock, screaming
uncontrollably into her ball gag.  Then nothingness took her.


Allie awoke again.

This time back on the floor of Nicole's bedroom.  She felt the pain around her
ankle and above her pussy and knew she had been branded.  Marked for life as
Nicole's property.  She reached down to her crotch and felt the bandage on top
of her pussy mound, covering her new tattoo.

She looked down at her ankle and saw the bandage around it as well.

Tears came to her eyes again.

How had this happened, she just wanted to be a good girl.

Allie and Nicole: chapter 17
Coquette & Lauren
Takes place before Allie and Nicole 15: Allie the Lezzy Hooker. Sub plot sure to
involve many of our favorite stars from yesteryear and introducing some


Lauren Jacobs : Betrothed to Tawnee Cantrell
Alex Jacobs : Lauren's Step-Mom
Susan : Alex's "personal" assistant
Coquette : Maid assigned to Lauren
Miranda : One of the housemaids

"Coquette?" Asked the tall black haired woman sitting at the desk.

"Yes Mistress."  Answered Coquette, she knew by now to be obedient to the woman
and nearly wilted as the strong green-eyed gaze was directed at her by her
mistress and owner Alex Jacobs.

"I have a new duty I want you to attend to."  Alex stood and walked around the
desk and sat on the edge right in front of the slim maid.

Coquette waited as Alex smiled and said, "I am going to have you seduce Lauren. 
You are going to be her devoted servant that turns her into the lesbian teen
that I need her to be."

Coquette's stomach fluttered, she didn't think she could do that, but she
answered, "Yes Mistress."

"Good, good, I'm so glad you said yes, I would hate to have to do something to
you that you might regret."  And she smiled, in a way that Coquette knew that
Alex would have thoroughly enjoyed punishing her until Coquette agreed anyways. 
Coquette smiled weekly.

"I have a detailed list of your duties, Susan will take care of your day to day
assignments.  But first thing tomorrow you will waken her, you will inform her
that you are to help her through her morning routines."  Do not leave her sight,
whether in the bedroom, the shower, or the toilet, understood."

"Yes Mistress."

"You are to select her wardrobe, clean her bathroom, make her bed, dress her and
do her makeup and hair.  You may tell her that you will be whipped if you don't
do all your duties," and with that Alex stood and came close to the smaller
woman and almost purred as she said quietly, "which of course is true."  She
smiled again, Coquette could see the visions of pain and pleasure behind her
Mistress' eyes.  She couldn't hold the gaze but dropped her eyes.

"That will be all Coquette, you may go see Susan, and she will give you your
specific instructions."  Alex dismissed the other woman with a wave of her hand
and walked around the desk, back to her paperwork.


Coquette closed the door to Alex's office behind her and headed across the hall
to Susan's office.  She hated Susan!  As Alex's #1, she always came down hard on
the other girls in Alex's Harem whenever she knew she could get away with it. 
Frequently punishing them for the most insignificant things.

As she entered Susan looked up from her paperwork, she was responsible for
running the Mistress' household, and took her job seriously.  With the
punishment Alex loved to dole out it was no surprise.

"Coquette, so nice to see you."

"And you ma'am."  Although Susan was Mistress Alex's property the same as the
rest of them it was always implied that she held power over the other girls.

"I see you've just come from our Mistress's office?  Well let's not beat around
the bush.  We've got a new outfit for you, one much more suited to being the
girl's personal servant, her bedroom maid as it were.

She stood and led the short brunette out of the room down the hall and into the
servant’s quarters, where they all lived.  It was appointed nicely with a common
room for dressing and preparing themselves, a communal bathroom and several
private bedrooms leading off to one side. 

"Wait here," Said Susan and Coquette stood in the center of the common room as
Susan opened one of the many closets.  She pulled out a maid’s uniform that was
inside a plastic cover.

"Here you go put this on please."

Coquette quickly stripped, she was used to taking her clothes off in the
household, the request was frequent, and rarely did a day go by that she wasn't
sucking on a pussy or being sucked on, it was exhilarating.

"And your undergarments."

Coquette removed everything until she was naked before Susan.

"Coquette you really have a cute little body and your breasts are exquisite." 
She said this as she reached out and cupped the maids D-Cup breasts. "You will
fill out your new outfit nicely."  She smiled.

She handed the girl the dress, put it on.  You will have an appraisal by
Mistress Alex in half an hour."

With that Susan left Coquette alone.

Coquette pulled the plastic off of the clothes hanger.  It was a caricature of a
maid's uniform.  It had a frilly skirt that was also extremely short, it's
bodice looked tight and if it covered her tits she would be amazed because the
neckline came down so far.  With the dress there was a pair of stockings and a
pair of completely sheer panties completely see through.

Coquette put the outfit on, it took some work.  Once it was on she looked at
herself in the mirror.  She almost laughed.  She looked like a fuck doll.  The
skirt was barely long enough to cover her ass, the frilly skirt almost sticking
out horizontal.  Her breasts were uncomfortably pushed up and the lace lined
neckline dipped down so low her nipples were virtually popping out.  As it was
her areolas were clearly visible to someone standing close enough.

She looked for a moment more and then noticed she was running out of time and
headed back out of the staff quarters and into Susan's office.

"I'm ready ma'am."

"You look delicious Coquette," Said Susan looking up at the maid," You look like
a complete whore, perfect,"  She stood up and walked around the desk, "Come
along let's go."  And she led Coquette across the hall to Mistress Alex's

Alex was sitting at her big desk, pushed back from the edge a bit, in her big
chair.  Between her spread legs they could see a woman's blonde head.  Alex
glanced up, "Just a moment," as she bit down on her lower lip and threw her head
back in pleasure, "Ahhh Yeah!!  Right there Miranda, Right There!!"

Coquette and Susan stood quietly as Alex climaxed on the other maid's tongue. 
She ground into the other woman's face, moaning and praising the maid's skill.

"Thank you Miranda, that was very good,"  And she pulled Miranda's face up from
between her thighs and kissed her on the lips.  "That's all for now, if I want
your services again, I'll ring."  Miranda stood as she was dismissed, Alex
slapped her on the ass and shooed her out of the room.

Alex stood and carefully smoothed her skirt, took a deep breath and said, "Now
let's have a look at you Coquette."  She walked around the girl, lifting up the
back of the skirt to look at Coquette's practically bare ass.

"Nice, nice."  She walked around front of the maid, and peered inside the maid's
bodice.  "Great."

Alex walked back around her desk.

"Susan, she'll do fine.  I want her reeking of pussy tomorrow morning, have her
used tonight,"  Alex smiled in a wicked way.  "Make sure that whomever is
fucking her rubs pussy juice everywhere on her."  She turned to face Coquette,
"I want my step daughter to smell you before she sees you, remember no shower
tomorrow morning.  You'll get your  final briefing tomorrow morning at 5:30 am" 
with that she dismissed the two women.


Coquette woke the next morning on her tummy lying crossways on her bed.  She
tried to open her eyes, but the left one was stuck shut.  Dried pussy juice held
the eyelids together, she actually had to pull them apart with her fingers. 

A sheet half covered one of her legs besides that she was completely naked.  She
was sore.  She'd been used hard last night.  First had been Miranda, but then
they often spent the night together.  They shared a room together and often a
bed so it wasn't unusual.  But she was different this night, having gotten the
orders from Susan.  At every opportunity she rubbed her pussy against Coquette.

Coquette was frustrated at first because Miranda seemed more intent on
smothering Coquette in her pussy juice than in pleasuring the other maid.  She
rubbed her naked quim up and down Coquette's legs and arms.  She rolled Coquette
over and gave her a massage all the time rubbing up and down the other woman's

This continued with Susan when she came in later.  Susan also brought a couple
of Alex's dinner guests from that evening.  They used her in many ways late into
the night.

By the time she woke the room hung heavy with the musk of sex.  She rolled over
and looked at the alarm clock showing 4:30am.  It buzzed again.  That must have
been what woke her.

She got out of bed with a groan and stumbled out to the common room.

"Good morning Coquette?"  Susan, already dressed, stood there holding her new
maids uniform.  "You look particularly ravished this morning." 

"Miranda!"  Susan yelled.  The other maid came stumbling out of the bathroom,
still naked as well.

"Yes Ma'am?"

"Help Coquette here into her new outfit.  Then take her to our Mistress'
office."  Susan chuckled at the naked maids and left.

"Good morning Coquette. Did you have fun last night?" said Miranda as she pulled
the skimpy outfit out off its hanger.

She carried on small talk as she got the other maid into her dress.  It felt
even tighter to Coquette today than it did trying it on yesterday.  Her nipples
seemed to be having a hard time staying inside the top of the dress, Coquette
and Miranda tried several times to get them to stay, but the slightest movement
and they popped out again.  The underwear was little more than see through
clothe with thin black elastic bands at the leg holes and waist.  The stockings
and black pumps finished out the skimpy outfit.

Miranda stood back and surveyed her handiwork. 

"Coquette you look like a walking advertisement for sex."

Coquette smiled, she was going to enjoy her new responsibilities.

They knocked at Alex's door.


The two maids entered.

Alex stood in front of her desk, wearing only a sheer robe that accentuated her
perfect form.  At her feet knelt Susan, naked with red welts beggining to show
on her back.  Their Mistress was tapping Susan's back with a long thin whip.

"Hello girls."  Said Alex, not explaining anything to them. 

"Coquette, I want your panties completely soaking wet."  Swish wack!  She
whipped the kneeling woman's back again.

"Sit down there as I instruct Susan in appropriate behavior with my personal
guests." She motioned towards a chair to her left.

"Miranda get between those thighs and start licking, I want her dripping wet
when she enters my stepdaugher's room."  Whack!

Miranda and Coquette hurried to comply.  Coquette sitting down quickly and
reaching to remove her sheer panties so the other maid could lick her pussy.

"No, leave them on, Miranda will just have to please you through your panties, I
want them as sticky and as moist as your pussy."

Coquette pulled the panties back up, shifted forward in the seat until her ass
was hanging off the end and spread her legs wide.  Miranda knelt and started to
lick Coquettes pussy through the sheer fabric of her panties.


"When one of my guests!"  Whack.

"Wants to fuck you in the ass!" Whack!

"You say yes!" Whack!

"And bend over and pull your cheecks apart!"  Whack!

Alex continued in her punishment as Coquette was brought back up to orgasm once
again by Miranda's tongue.  Coquette put her hands behind her knees and pulled
her legs wide apart, encouraging her lace covered quim to Miranda. 

"Yes Mistress," Whack!,  "aaeee!"

Miranda pressed her tongue through the thin fabric and started to flick
Coquette's clitoris,  Coquette started to moan as she watched Susan's punishment
and Miranda worked on her cunt.  She was quickly wet and Miranda made sure that
all the combined juices and saliva were liberally spread around Coquette's panty
clad cunt.

"Now go apoligize to Sharon. Git!"  Whack! she hit Susan's naked butt once more
as the woman fled the room.

Miranda did not stop her ministrations, she could tell their Mistress was in one
of her tempers.

"Now bitches, don't get smug, I've a mind to whip the two of you for simple
pleasure."  Then she relaxed and smiled, "but we have a much more important task
in front of ourselves."  And she came over and stood next to the chair and
watched for a minute as Miranda's tongue flicked against Coquette's pussy lips. 
Alex reached down and pinched one of Coquette's exposed nipples and pulled it
painfully.  The pain brought Coquette off.  She screamed as the climax exploded. 

"Good girl, that will be all Miranda."  And Miranda extracated herself from
between Coquette's thighs and left the room.

"Now girl, let's take a look."  And she reached down to Coquette's pussy and
started to gently run her index finger up and down the  maid's pussy lips
through the cloth of her panties.  "Yes, yeeees, nicely wet, I expect you to try
and remain this wet throughout your stay in my daughter's room."  She pressed
her finger into Coquette's cunt, drawing the fabric with her finger as it slid
in one knuckle deep, then two then finally three.

"Yes quite good,"  She sniffed, "and you reek of pussy, perfect.  At least I
have one bitch who does what she is told.  Now off with you.  Go wake my
daughter and do your best to seduce her.  I will be watching."

Coquette stood unsteadily and walked to the door in a haze of sex.


She opened the door to Lauren's room, inside it was too dark for her to see
anything right away. She could smell herself, the musky scent of a woman's sex
hung on her like oil.  It followed her like garlic, she reeked of pussy.

She closed the door as her eyes started to adjust to the dark. 

On the bed she could see Lauren's dim form sleeping.  In spite of the fact she
was being forced to do this by Alex, her tummy was doing flipflops in
excitement.  She'd always lusted after Lauren, and now she was going to get her
opportunity to indulge herself.  She was going to enjoy this.

Coquette walked across the room and threw open the curtains, "Miss, it is time
to wake up."  The red glow from the dawn spread across the girl's room,
revealing the girl's blond hair strewn across her silk pillows.

She walked over to the bed and turned the light on by Lauren's bed as the she

"Miss Lauren, time to wake up."

She leaned close into the girl making sure that her musky reek was clearly
evident for the girl and whispered. "wakey wakey."

Lauren woke up stretched and took a deep breath.  Her sense of smell was
overwhelmed with the stench of pussy.  She stopped taking her breath and opened
her eyes in surprise.  Standing right next to the bed was Coquette, but she was
wearing the tightest little maids outfit Lauren had ever seen.

"What are you doing here?!" She asked as she pulled the sheets up under her

"My duties have been re-assigned, I am now to be your bedroom maid and personal

Lauren coughed, the musky smell of sex was thick, Coquette reeked of pussy.

"I don't need your help, you may go."  She was freaked, she knew her step mom's
plan, to marry her off to Tawnee Cantrell, a purely financial decision, she
couldn't do that.  She wanted to have a normal life and marry some nice man when
it was the right time.  Again she wished she could just get away from this

"Miss, I have been given strict, STRICT, instructions by you mother to attend to
your needs.  I will be severely punished if I fail."  With that Coquette grabbed
the edge of the sheet and tried to pull the covers back.  Lauren held on tight
preventing Coquette from pulling them off.

"She's not my mom!" She hated her step mom but she didn't want to be the cause
of any whipping or other horrible torture that her sadist of a step mom seemed
to enjoy so much. What harm could it cause to let Coquette help her through her

"OK, you can stay, but I don't want you to get in the way."  She said and
allowed the scantily clad maid to pull her sheets off, revealing Lauren's tight
teen body clad in a pair of cotton panties and a t-shirt.

"Thank you miss Lauren."  She held out her hand and Lauren took it as the maid
helped her out of bed.  She led the girl into the bathroom sauntering,
displaying her near naked ass with each sweep of her hips.

Lauren rolled her eyes, this wasn't going to work.  She'd show her step mom, she
could ignore the sluttish advances of the maid, she didn't LIKE girls, she liked

Lauren stopped at the doorway to the bathroom; Coquette had just walked in like
she was supposed to.  "Umm...what are you doing?" She asked.

Coquette stopped, turned and batted her eyes at the girl, "I am only doing what
I have been instructed to do," with that she parroted her Mistress' orders,
standing up a bit more, trying to appear dominant, "Select her wardrobe, clean
her bathroom, make her bed, dress her and do her makeup and hair."

"Well can you wait until I am done going to the bathroom?  Maybe you can make
the bed while I go to the toilet."  Lauren stood foot to foot.  She didn't know
what to do.

"The orders were quite specific Miss."  And with that Coquette motioned for
Lauren to enter the bathroom.

Lauren hesitated and then slumped her shoulders and walked inside, she didn't
know what else to do.

The bathroom was expansive, with a lot of floor space in the middle of the room. 
Off to one side was a toilet, opposite to it was the shower large enough for
several people to comfortably shower together and opposite the door was a long
counter with a wall to wall mirror. 

"Why don't you relieve yourself while I get your shower started Miss Lauren."

Lauren meekly walked over to the toilet she turned and looked back at Coquette
to make sure she wasn't looking.  In one quick motion she pulled her panties
down and sat on the toilet seat. Trying to hide anything from the maids prying
eyes.  She let her blond hair drape down over her eyes and peered out from
beneath it as she watched Coquette start her shower. 

Coquette kept her back to the girl as she reached in to turn the faucet, briefly
exposing her near naked ass to the girl.  Lauren's mouth gaped briefly at the
sheer fabric covered ass; she caught a glimpse of the moistness of the maid's
pussy.  She closed her eyes tight and shook her head trying to shake the image
from her mind.  When she opened them again, Coquette was walking towards her.

"Your shower is ready Miss."

Lauren hadn't peed yet, she started to panic.  She tried to pee, gritted her
teeth and pushed but nothing came out.

Coquette walked up and stood next to the girl, "C'mon miss Lauren."  Lauren kept
her head down, her hair over her face.  She couldn't believe this was happening. 
She tried to forget what was going on, focus on urinating, and slowly she felt
the pee come. 

"C'mon Miss, you can do it," Coquette encouraged her; Lauren opened her eyes and
looked up, immediately wishing she hadn't.  Coquette stood right in front of her
leaning in slightly, exposing both of her pointy nipples right at Lauren's eye
level.  She closed her eyes tight again, trying to shut out the embarrassment. 
Finally she began to pee.  It came slowly at first and then she pushed harder to
end the humiliation faster.

Lauren felt something touch her lips, she almost jumped back and her eyes flew
open again, she stopped peeing in fright.  Coquette had brushed her NIPPLE
against Lauren's mouth as she leaned across the girl to get some toilet paper.

Lauren freaked and started to push the maid away from her.

"What are you doing, get away..."  She cried as tears started to roll down her
cheeks, why was this happening to her.


Lauren stopped and grabbed her cheek where the maid had struck her; she looked
at the maid who was gritting her teeth in anger.

"Listen here you little bitch..." Coquette seemed to get hold of herself,
stopped, smiled and calmed down, "Miss Lauren."  Coquette carefully folded the
piece of toilet paper she had retrieved.  "You should accept the situation; I
know there are many ways that your mother would LIKE to instruct you in the
behavior she requires from you.  Accepting me as your personal maid is far from
the most severe."  She smiled with faux sympathy.

Lauren started to cry in earnest.  Sobbing as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Now miss Lauren are you done peeing?"

Lauren nodded in defeat.

"Then spread you legs miss, so I may attend to your needs." 

As the tears streamed down her cheeks, Lauren spread her legs exposing her quim
to Coquette.  Coquette reached in and gently, ever so softly, touched the soft
folded tissue to Lauren's cunt, dabbing the moist urine from the girl’s nether

She looked directly into Lauren's eyes, "I will be attending to all your needs

She made a final wipe and ever so gently trailed her middle finger behind the
wad of toilet paper, sliding it inside the teen’s pussy lips, touching the
smooth inner skin.  Lauren squealed through her tears from the unwanted
molestation, but didn't pull away; she didn't want to get slapped again. 
Coquette stopped with her finger resting within the folds of Lauren's quim.

"ALL your needs."  With that Coquette finished the smooth stroke and stood up.

"Now now Miss, just having a little tease."  She half stood over the girl as she
sat on the toilet and nonchalantly dropped the toilet paper into the gap between
the girl’s legs and then, as Lauren looked on in horror, Coquette licked her
finger and smiled.

"Come girl, your shower is ready."  With that she backed away and held her hand
out, indicating for Lauren to stand up.  Lauren took her maid's hand and stood
in a daze, and allowed Coquette to lead her over to the shower.  Coquette pulled
the girls t-shirt over Lauren's head.

She admired the girls body, "Miss Lauren, you are beautiful.  I love your perky
little breasts," She reached in and cupped the closest one.  Lauren just looked
down in shock at the woman's hand on her chest.

"mmmm, we are going to have soooo much fun together, you are never going to want
to leave your suite."  Coquette turned the girl towards the shower and slapped
her on the ass, "Now git in there and clean up."

Lauren entered the shower turned and in a small voice said, "Aren't you coming
in with me?"

"No," chuckled Coquette, "not today my little slutty sweetheart, I can see you
are enjoying our little play, but no."  She held the sides of her skirt and
piroetted, "I can't get my sexy outfit wet, maybe tomorrow I'll go sans clothes
if you want."

"No, no it's ok."  Lauren said quickly and turned and headed into the large

As soon as Lauren had gone behind the frosted glass of the showr Coquette made
her way over to the chair in front of the mirror sat down, put her hand inside
her soaked panties and slid her middle finger inside her pussy. She quickly
finger fucked herself, getting herself as wet as she could.

Lauren stretched the shower as long as she could trying washing her hair twice,
and finally standing in the spray doing nothing but stalling.  Finally Coquette
stuck her head around the corner of the shower and said, "C'mon honey, you're
gonna be late for your tennis lesson."

Lauren half-heartedly turned the shower off and walked to the shower entrance
into the warm towel held by her maid.  Coquette wrapped the girl in the terry
cloth towel and hugged her tightly.

Coquette dried the teen with a towel, working her way around behind the girl. 
Lauren stood in shock as she let her maid dry the water droplets off her body. 
Coquette rubbed down one leg, admiring the girl's nakedness as she did so.  Then
she rubbed down the other leg.  And finally she used the towel to wrap Lauren's
hair, leaving the girl completely naked otherwise.

"All dry?"  said Coquette innocently.

Lauren nodded.

"Good, then come sit and I'll do your makeup and hair."  She led Lauren to the
chair sitting in front of the full length mirror.

Coquette began with Lauren's hair walking around the girl with the blow dryer,
always trying to stand as close as she could.  She kept her exposed nipples in
the girls face as much as possible, brushing against her cheeks and twice
against the girls lips.  Lauren tried to shy away, but whenever she did Coquette
scolded her and told her she was going to get the maid in trouble with her

Finally Coquette was done with Lauren's hair and makeup.  She helped the naked
girl stand.

While still holding the girl's hand she stood back slightly and looked at the
embarassed girl's body, "You are a very sexy girl Miss Lauren, I can't wait
until I taste your pussy."

Lauren shook her head feebly, the steady petting and inuendo's and the brushing
nipples had put her in a haze, she didn't want to be aroused by Coquette's
obscene dress and behavior, but she felt different now than half an hour ago
when she first woke.  Now her pussy was tingling, her nipples were hard.  She
wanted to feel Coquette's finger sliding inside her pussy lips again.

Coquette stepped up to the teen, gently turned her around and led Lauren out of
the bathroom by her hand.

Coquette chose her outfit for her, a tight sports bra and short tennis skirt
matching ankle socks and her k-swiss shoes.  For panties, Coquette pulled out
the skimpiest pair of underwear that she owned. 

Coquette helped Lauen get dressed pulling the panties up and each sock.  Helping
each little breast get fitted into the sports bra.  The skirt came last.

"Now then girl how does that look," Coquette stood right behind the flushed teen
in front of the full length mirror.  Lauren saw the two of them looking back. 
Her brain was fuzzy from all the events of the morning.

"How does it fit you," she saw the maid's hand reach around in front of the tiny
white skirt and under the fabric, "down here?"

She felt the hand easily slide under the tiny scrap of cloth covering her pussy
and find her quim.

"ooh you're so wet for me Miss Lauren, I had no idea you were such a little
lezzy slut."  With that Coquette started to massage the girl's clit.

Lauren mouthed a weak "no" as she succumbed to the pleasure, letting Coquette's
fingering of her pussy finally free her of her resistance.  She collapsed
against the maid.  Coquette let the two of them fall to the floor, landing on
top of the teen.  She stayed on top of the girl but shifted her hand around to
molest the girl from behind instead.

Lauren felt Coquette enter her vagina with at first one finger, then two and
start to finger fuck her.  She moaned along with the thrusts. Coquette half
kneeled between the girl's legs and pulled her panties down.  She kept fucking
the girl with her fingers as she scooched out of the way and pulled the girl's
panties all the way off, chuckling at how short a time Lauren had worn them.

Once Lauren's panties were removed, Coquette lay down between the teens thighs
and brought her tongue against the girls pussy and started licking furiously. 
Lauren was lost in ecstacy.  Coquette continued to finger fuck the girl and
licked up and down her crotch from her pussy up to her anus, pressing her tongue
inside the girls sphincter.

Lauren exploded in orgasm.  "OH GOD!!"

Coquette smiled as she slowly rose from sucking on the girl.  She kept her
fingers inside Lauren as she helped the spent girl to her knees.  She pulled out
only as she helped Lauren to her feet.  The stunned girl had to be physically
held up.

"Hurry up girl." Said Coquette as she let the girl go. Swaying, Lauren made her
way to the door.  Coquette put her tennis racket in her hand and pushed her out
of the door.

It wasn't until Lauren was halfway down the steps that she realized she wasn't
wearing any panties.

Part 18 - Conspiracy and Revenge

Part 18 - Conspiracy and Revenge.





Allie – oh poor Allie how do I count the pussies

Nicole – you evil woman

Mistress Jytte – more evil than Nicole?

Isis – A heroine and Allie’s savior?

Josie – Nice athletic club you have there.

Dildo #103 – in a co-staring role and an exercise bike.


Poor Allie, even when you gain hope it is still back to cuntlicking humiliation again.





"Wakey wakey"  Nicole said prodding Allie with her toe.  Allie uncurled from the fetal position she was sleeping in, rolled over and looked up at her Mistress.


Nicole stood over her completely nude, Allie was struck how regal her mistress looked, towering over her, proud of her nakedness.  Her hands on her hips, a slight smile on her lips and her pubic mons an invitation to Allie of her future and her present.


She remembered some words spoken to her by her Mistress many months ago now, "...the pussy you are going to worship, the pussy you will fall asleep dreaming about, the pussy you will wash and take care of, my pussy?"  She realized that the words were essentially true now.


Nicole reached down and grabbed the corner of the thin blanket covering her girl slave.  She lifted it off of the nude sixteen year old.  Revealing her nakedness, chained by her collar to the bedpost.


She knew what was required of her.  The rules she lived by were clear and rule 16 required her to masturbate every morning.  Allie spread her legs and started to play with her vagina. Sliding a finger into the folds as her Mistress stood above her.  Her fingers rubbed her clit, rolling over the hard shaft of the little travel lock embedded in the clithood, her hand rested on the tattoo ringing the top of her bare pussy.  Quickly she became moist, this allowed her to use the slickness from her slit to speed up her frigging.


"Hurry up girl!"  Nicole smiled down at the naked girl still chained to her bedpost.  How delicious she looked.


Allie played with the lock, it was a quick way to get herself off.  She flicked it up and down and pulled it in an ever faster frenzy until she gritted her teeth and came, all the while staring at her Mistress' body.


"Good girl."


Nicole unhooked the girl's leash from the bed and led the teen into the bathroom for her morning pampering. 


While Allie turned the shower on, Nicole sat on the toilet.


"I'm waiting for you girl."  Nicole smiled from her seat on the toilet.


Allie's heart sank, she knew what Nicole had planned for her and she hated it.  But she gritted her teeth and made her way over to the toilet and brought her head down between her Mistress' legs.


"Beg for it."  Said Nicole as she looked down at Allie's face inches from her crotch.  The girl had her mouth tightly closed and her eyes clenched.  Her blond hair framing her face.  "Beg me to piss on your face."


Allie heard herself speak, she didn't really think about it, only the fact that she wanted it over as soon as possible.  "Please, Mistress, pee on my face."


"Now that you ask so nicely, I think I would like some of your tongue on my pussy first, lick me."  Allie leaned in and stuck her tongue on Nicole's pussy and started to lick.  She knew how to please her Mistress, she had been doing it for a long time.


"Now, keep licking me, don't stop."  Allie knew what was coming, she prepared herself. clenching her eyes even tighter as Nicole said, "Here it comes slut," and urine started to spray out of Nicole's pisshole right into Allie's mouth.


She did as she was told and kept licking Nicole's pussy as the yellow liquid splattered into her mouth, off her cheeks, down her chin streaming down her neck across her pierced breasts and dripping off her body to the cold tile floor beneath her.  Allie couldn't help but swallow a lot, she half gagged as Nicoles pee slid down her throat into her stomach.


She kept licking as Nicole pushed out the piss as hard as she could at the girl.


She kept licking as Nicole leaned her head back and screamed out, "Oh yeah."


She kept licking as the stream turned to a trickle.


Nicole grabbed the back of her head then, held in the last of her piss and brought Allie's mouth firmly against her pussy.  "Drink the rest cunt,"  With that she let the last cup go, straight into Allie's mouth, giving the girl no choice but to drink her piss, forcing her urine into the girl.  Allie had to accept her Mistress's urine, swallowing the foul tasting liquid.


Nicole humped the girl’s mouth as she came in a rush, her cum juice mixed with the last of her piss as Allie sucked it down.  A shudder ran through Nicole as she came down from her orgasm.


"God that felt good, peeing and getting licked at the same time,” She let go of the girl when she was done.  "We're going to do that more often."  Allie coughed lightly as the yellow piss dripped from her nose, eyelashes and chin.


Nicole unceremoniously stood up, stepped over the kneeling girl and walked to the shower, "come slut, you can clean up the mess you made later,"


Allie crawled after Nicole here eyes burned from the piss dribbling into them, glad now to get under the cleansing water of the shower to wash the other woman's piss from her body.




After Breakfast, Nicole had Allie get into her workout clothes yet again, they consisted of her tiny singlet, that was more like a small bikini where the straps went over the shoulders instead of around the waist, the triangle of cloth at her crotch wouldn't have covered a woman's pubic hair it was cut so low.  It barely covered her pussy lips, ending just above the teens pierced clit hood.   Allie didn't have to worry about that as her pubic hair was removed twice a week at the Salon. 


What she did have to worry about now was her new tattoo which was clearly visible above the edge of the singlet.  Anyone could read the words emblazoned right on upper part of the girl’s pubic mons.  It read in bold black ink "Property of Mistress Nicole" and below that the words, "For women only."


Allie immediately saw how exposed her branding was, she couldn't go to the club like this, everyone would know everything.


For the top Nicole had Allie put on a tiny half-t that was cut just below her aereola's.  Any movement by the girl would expose her nipples to anyone looking casually her way.  As it was the rings embedded in her nipples peaked out below the bottom of the shirt.


She walked back out to the foyer where Nicole was waiting for her.


"Mistress please, I can't go like this, everyone can see my tattoo's."


Nicole smiled an evil smile, "Slut, they don't need to read anything to know you are my slutty little lesbian plaything." 


She took Allie by the hand and led her out to her BMW, opened the passenger side door and had Allie sit inside.


Once Nicole was inside she told Allie the itinerary.  "I have to head to the office this morning so I'm going to drop you off at the Salon.  You'll have to make your way to the club on your own."


She turned and smiled at Allie, "I'm sure you can find some way of paying for a ride from the Salon to the club, use your imagination."


She pulled up across the street from the Salon and made Allie get out and then sped away with a "See you tonight," wave. 


Allie stood in shock for a second on the sidewalk. 


She was in plain sight.  The street was mostly empty, but a couple of cars went by.  She took a tentative step to cross the street, but a car came wizzing by and tooted its horn as it zipped along.


She hopped back on the side walk, her t-shirt flipping completely up to expose her naked breasts, She grabbed the edge and pulled it back down.


The traffic was too thick she was going to have to cross at the crosswalk.  She put one hand down in front of her crotch trying to hide her mistress' name emblazoned above her sex and with the other hand she held her mini t-shirt down over her pert breasts.  Allie trotted to the corner as quickly as she could, painfully aware of her bare ass with only a tiny strip of cloth going up the crack.  She pressed the crosswalk button and waited impatiently.


She hit it repeatedly with frustration.  She wanted to get inside the Salon as quickly as she could.  She banged on the button several more times.  She didn't hear the woman come up next to her.


"What have we here." purred a voice next to her as Allie felt a possessive hand placed on her bare butt cheek.  Allie squealed, jumped and turned.


Mistress Jytte stood next to her in powerful feminine perfection.  She wore an elegant gray outfit with a wide brimmed black hat and dark sunglasses and smelled of exotic expensive perfume.


"Good morning Mistress Jytte." answered Allie, still in shock.


Mistress Jytte smiled down at Allie, leaned back slightly and looked at the girl's bare ass and slowly, possessively, brought her right hand back and placed it on the teens left buttock.  This time Allie didn't flinch but let the other woman feel her cheek.


"Going to the Salon this morning slut?"  She asked nonchalantly, sliding her hand under the little strip of cloth running down between Allie's cheeks.


Allie couldn't focus, she was like a deer in headlights.  Here she was essentially naked on a street corner with a woman's hand on her bare ass.  She tried to say something but no sound came out of her mouth.  Mistress Jytte’s hand continued down the curve of the girl’s ass and close enough for her middle finger to just slide in between Allie’s pussy lips.  She rested her finger there gently nestled within the moist folds.


"I asked you a question cuntlicker?" Mistress Jytte's voice barely changed but Allie sensed the threat inside it.


"Mistress please, I need to get inside..."  She knew it was the wrong thing to say as soon as it left her mouth.


Allie didn’t dare move, but she felt the elegant woman’s finger probe carefully for an entrance into the girl.  Suddenly it found her vaginal opening and slid in; two knuckles, then three.


Allie squealed quietly as she was getting violated on a public sidewalk.


"Answer my question you little fuck."  Again the calm voice.  Smiling down at the girl.


"y-y-yes mistress I am."


"Good, go ahead and cross I'll walk behind you, enjoying the view."  The light seemed to change on Mistress Jytte's command and she slid her finger out of the teen’s quim and slapped her on the ass, pushing her out on to the crosswalk.


Allie started walking, conscious of the "view" she was giving the older woman.  Her bare ass exposed, a red palm print beginning to emerge on one of the cheeks.  She couldn't do anything about it, because she was still trying to save some small part of her dignity by covering the tattoo on her mons and holding her mini t-shirt down.


They crossed the street and continued down the sidewalk to the Salon.


 Allie ran quickly up the steps and inside the confines of the Salon away from prying eyes.  Mistress Jytte chuckled as she followed.  Enjoying the teens jiggling ass.


The receptionist looked up as Allie entered, "Ahhh, Allie, so nice to see you again, you may head on back, Jackie is expecting you."


Allie knew the routine by now and trotted back to the back of the Salon, past the front area that catered to the real women.  She kept her head down as she walked through the room, hiding her gaze from the several regal women getting pampered by the stylists and manicurists.


She felt the air against her bare ass, reinforcing her near nakedness.  The singlet went up the crack of her ass like a g-string, it was fully exposed for anyone to look at.


She quickly skirted inside the curtain, getting into the relative privacy of the backroom.  Jackie looked up at her from between the legs of aonther girl who was just getting the final touches of her shaving.  The girl turned her head and looked at her, she couldn't move anything else because she was securely bound to the grooming chair.


"Go ahead and strip Allie, I'll attend to you next."


Allie mechanically removed the skimpy outfit she wore.  Shortly she was nude in the grooming room.


"There you go Missy, smooth as the day you were born."  Jackie emphasized this statement by licking the girl's quim in one long swipe.  Missy moaned through her ball gag from Jackie's tongue.  Jackie unhooked the girl from the chair, removed the ball gag and swatted her on her ass.




Missy trotted over to where her clothes were and got dressed.  She only had a short skirt and a simple white t-shirt, no shoes and no underwear.  She glanced briefly at Allie, they looked at each other and understood each other completely, then she was gone.


Allie sat down in the recently vacated chair to receive her twice-weekly grooming.




Back out at the front desk after Jackie had cleaned and shaved her, Allie stood meekly to one side trying to get the receptionist’s attention.  The receptionist was talking to a woman that looked a lot like Kathleen Turner: red-haired, regal, buxom and strong.


"I would like to make an appointment for my girl Sydney, it will need to be on Tuesday afternoon."  She spoke disdainfully to the receptionist.


"Yes ma'am, is Sydney your daughter or ward?"  Asked the brunette behind the desk.


This question elicited a smile, "Why my ward of course,” she looked directly at the receptionist, "I would like her to have the special treatment you provide to troublesome girls."


"Yes ma'am.  Would you like to select any premium services to be performed on your ward?"


"Not at this time, although I would like a price list please."


"I'm sorry ma'am that is strictly confidential; you will need to speak with Sarah the Salon owner for those prices."


"I see, well that will be all for now."  And as she was about to leave her gaze fell upon Allie, seemingly for the first time.  "What have we here?"  She smiled, "All slutted up and no place to go?"


"Yes ma'am, I mean no ma'am, I mean...I...I'm'm going to workout."  Allie stammered.


"My you are a shy one,” she looked Allie up and down, focusing on the tattooed skin above Allie's crotch.  "Property of Mistress Nicole...hmmm...for women only.  You are well adorned girl."


"Yes ma'am," answered Allie she turned to the receptionist and asked quietly, "Please, I need a ride to the 'Living Well Ladies club' over on Main Street."


"We aren't a taxi service girl."  Said the receptionist.


The Kathleen Turner look-alike spoke up then, "Please miss no need to be rude, I'd be happy to give this young woman a ride to the club."


Allie's heart sank.


"I couldn't Ma'am..." blurted out Allie.


"Oh but I insist."  Said the Redhead as she grabbed Allie's wrist.


She led the nearly naked teen out the front, down the steps of the Salon and to her Mercedes.  Opened the door and before Allie knew what was going on she was sitting in the passenger seat of the car, her naked ass cheeks shocked by the cold leather of the seat.


The woman walked around to the driver's side and got in.


"I have to run by home first, but it's on the way, I'm sure you don't mind."


"No Ma'am," said Allie, somehow she had expected something like this.


Once away from the Salon, the woman’s demeanor changed she turned to her, "We don't have much time.  You're gonna have to trust me."  Allie didn't say a word .


"You may call me Isis.  I am the head of an organization who's purpose is to free girls like you and punish those responsible."


Allie's mouth dropped, what was going on?  Getting raped she could have expected, being used as a lesbian whore she would have expected, the words just spoken to her floored her.  She was prepared to get fucked and to suck pussy, but not for unexpected hope.


"My organization has been in the area for six months now, we're going to take down the Salon and its patrons, and you’re going to be one of the integral pieces to our plan."  With that she pulled over into a nice driveway of a nice house.


"Do you think you could do that Allie?"  Asked Isis as she turned off the car, "Do you think you could play a part in this?"


She could barely process the information.  She wasn't going to get raped by this woman.  She was going to get free of Nicole?  She could barely get her brain around that thought let alone truly believe it.


"I don't know,” She almost said she would have to ask her Mistress, but caught herself, “What would I have to do?"


"Come with me and we'll go inside and talk."


Allie got out of the car and followed Isis to the front door.  She opened it and inside were three more women working, two on computers set up in the main living room and the third on a phone.


"These are my assistants,” Isis pointed at the blonde on one of the computers, "Aphrodite, she's the one that handles our extraction.  We want to make sure that once we are done we leave no trace."


"Athena,” pointing to the brunette on the other computer, "She acquires the information, the data, the dirt.  Through her we learn the weaknesses of the bitches, with which we bring them down."


"And Aurora,” she pointed to the blonde on the phone, "my right hand maiden.  The person we have to do any actual hands on work, our muscle."  Allie didn't think she looked like muscle, she looked like a model.


"And now you Allie, now you are part of our team."  She turned back to the near naked girl.  "Do you think you can help us and bring down the evil cabal of women centered on the 'Salon'?"


"Can you be our inside girl?" 


Allie couldn't believe it, she hadn't even dreamed of being able to get out from under Nicole, and here it was offered to her.


"Y-y-yes, yes I can."


"Great.'  And Isis pulled the girl into a hug.  "You're going to have to be strong for awhile longer, we have an event chosen that should allow us to nab almost all the evil bitches in one fell swoop."


She walked over to the table by Athena and picked up a file folder, opened it and handed Allie a picture.


Allie gasped as she saw the picture.  It was a picture of the girl Lauren, who Nicole had whored her out to.  The last time Allie had seen her she had been looking down at the girl's pussy, but it was her she was sure of it.


"Yes we know you've met her.  The occasion where we hope to nail all these women is the marriage of Lauren Jacobs to Tawnee Cantrell.  This is going to be the event of the year for the clientele of the Salon.  And here's the kicker, we know that you and Nicole are going to be invited."


She took Allie's hand in hers and looked her in the eyes, "Allie, here is what we want you to do..."


Allie listened intently to the plan.




Allie was in shock about the afternoon's revelations.  She barely noticed as Isis dropped her off in front of the club.  She didn't care as she walked in, nearly naked in front of all the other women.


She finally came out of her reverie as she stood in front of Josie at the receptionist’s desk.


"Hello slut."  She said matter of factly.


"I am not a slut."  Answered Allie before she could stop herself.


"Oh you're not are you?"  Leered Josie.  "Just look at yourself in your stripper outfit."  Josie looked down at herself: Nipple rings peeking out from beneath her cut off t-shirt, her tattoo clearly visible above the miniscule covering of her sex.  Tattoos, piercings, nakedness, her body pulsated with the message "SLUT"!  And not just a run-of-the-mill slut but a GIRL loving slut.


Briefly she tried to hold onto the thought of her future rescue, but as she stood their stunned Josie reached across the table and unceremoniously clipped a chain to her nipple rings.


"There you go, that's better."


Josie walked around and looped her finger into the chain and pulled gently, coaxing Allie's nipples out from under her cut-off tee.  Two quick pulls and the nipples popped out.


Allie didn't fight it, she had forgotten how; even the possibility of freedom didn't spark anything in her anymore.


"Follow me dyke-whore," and with that she led Allie into the club.


She opened a door and switched on the light, inside were rows of stationary bikes.


"There's no class scheduled in here for awhile, let's get you set up on one of these bikes for some exercise."


She led Allie over to one of the bikes in the back row and told her to stand still.  Josie then pulled a dildo out of her bag and held it up for Allie to see, it was black and ribbed and about 7 inches long.  She attached it to the seat of the bike by a handy strap and motioned Allie to mount the bike.


Allie hesitated.  She already had her customary butt plug embedded in her ass, being double fucked on an stationary bike was not her idea of a fun way of getting exercise.


"Get up on the bike bitch!"  Said Josie firmly, slapping Allie's ass in the process.   Allie jumped and stepped up on the bike.


"Stand up taller,” Allie stood on her tiptoes on the bike pedals as Josie pulled her tiny singlet aside exposing her pussy as well as the locket hanging from her clit.  She held the securely strapped dildo with one hand and guided it towards Allie's pussy lips.   Allie felt the plastic cock pressing against her pussylips.  She slowly sank down on the ribbed dildo.


She only got about an inch in, she wasn't very wet and the dildo was pretty big.


"There you go," said Josie, "deeper now, I don't want to have to report back to Nicole that you were less than helpful."  Allie certainly didn't want that.


She tried going up and down on the plastic cock and managed another inch, she was starting to get a bit lubricated, but the dildo was so big it hurt with each short stroke.


"Good slut," Josie looked at her watch, "Just about time." 


What did she mean ‘just about time’  thought Allie.


Allie had about four inches of the fake cock in her as the door opened to the room and in strode a bunch of women.


"Right on time Ladies," said Josie.


Allie freaked out!  She had to hide what she was doing!  She sat down with all her weight on the plastic cock, it absorbed into her body too slow and pulled her pussy lips inside with it, she crossed her eyes in pain with the self-rape.  She was able to get all but the last inch inside then she had to sit still, with her legs together, hiding whatever she could from view.


Her eyes were watering.  She gritted her teeth against the pain from her vagina.  But Allie was pretty sure no-one had seen the phallus enter her quim.


"Enjoy the spinning class Allie, I'll be back to pick you up in half an hour."  Said Josie and then left her alone.


Allie couldn't speak.  All she felt was the pain at the entrance to her pussy, and the rubbing inside her from the big black dildo in her cunt and her butt plug in her ass.  She leaned forward a bit and held onto the handle bars to keep from passing out.


The other women all took seats on some of the bikes.  Allie was relieved to notice that none of them took a bike on the back row.  At least they wouldn't likely notice anything different about her.  Amazingly nobody seemed to notice her impalement.


The instructor got on her bike in front and started the class.  They started pedaling, just a warm up for starters.  Then the she started to take them through a fictitious bike route.


“Ok girls, here we come to a hill.” And with that she stood up. All the other women stood up except for Allie.  She debated what would be worse, standing or not standing and decided she should stand, it would be the least obvious (hopefully).


Allie stood up like the rest of the spinning class, the huge cock slid out of her cunt, at least she was getting a little moist now so the pain was going away.  They pedaled like that for awhile, Allie started to breath hard in part from the workout but also because of the action in her cunt.  She had about 2 inches of cock still inside her and with every pedal action it went in and out about an inch, it was a maddening action and soon the shaft of the plastic cock had moist drips running down it.


“Ok class,” said the instructor. “We’re at the top, sit back down.”


Allie collapsed on the dildo, sinking it deep into her vagina, “aaahhhhooooohh” She moaned.


“Come on now that wasn’t that hard.”  Laughed the instructor.


Allie pedaled rising up and down slightly, she was now actively fucking herself on the dildo strapped to the bike.  She couldn’t believe how quickly she had gotten wet.


“Ok now faster.”


Allie started pedaling faster, her thighs now damp as they rubbed against the bike seat, the cock sliding in and out about an inch as she moved with her pedal cadence.  She started to lose focus around her as the bike ride started to become a fuck ride.  She started to hear the instructor less.  She started to concentrate on the rubber cock going in and out of her pussy.


She didn’t notice as the women began to look at her strangely.


She just started to rise up and down on her bike seat faster and higher with each pedal.  “Ahh, oooh.  Ahhh.”  Allie panted.


She didn’t notice the rest of the women stopping their exercise nor when they got off their bikes and began to gather around.  Allie just closed her eyes and increased her pace, each time she came down on the cock she would jam her clit locket into the seat giving herself a jolt of pleasure with each fuck.


“AAAHH GOD!” she obliviously screamed.  She was rushing now to her finish. “Ahh, ohh, ahh, OHH. AHH!OHHAAAEEEE! FUCK!”  She came as she ground her locket down on the seat.  Her hands gripped the handlebars as the bike the bike shook violently as her orgasm rolled on.  She passed out and started to fall off the bike, the slimy cock slid from her pussy and she was caught before hitting the ground by several of the women standing around.



The beating she received that night from Nicole was harsh for the embarrassment she had caused at the club.  Allie was sure that Nicole reveled in the embarrassment, doubly so for the excuse to whip her young teen pet.







Part 19 – Lauren's Tennis lesson

Part 19 – Lauren's Tennis lesson






Lauren Jacobs : Betrothed to Tawnee Cantrell

Alex Jacobs : Lauren's Step-Mom

Tawnee Cantrell : Betrothed to Lauren Jacobs

Elizabeth Cantrell : Tawnee's Mom

Sonya Jameson : Tennis Instructor


Oh that nasty Tawnee, how could she violate that nice Lauren girl so…



…continued from Part 17 - Coquette & Lauren…



It wasn't until Lauren was halfway down the main staircase that she realized she wasn't wearing any panties.


She stopped turned, took two steps up the stairs, stopped, turned back down.  She couldn't go back in there right now, not after what had just happened.  She swore to herself that she wasn't going to let that happen again, her stepmom wasn't going to win!  She wasn't going through with the wedding to Tawnee Cantrell.  She wasn't a lesbian!


Was she?


She took a step down, stopped again and looked back.  Then shook her head and ran the rest of the way down and out the front door.  The air felt cold on her still wet pussy.


She made her way around the mansion, past the pool and across the large backyard past the holly hedge maze, to the tennis courts.  She saw her instructor Sonya Jameson already there hitting a few balls sent her way by the ball machine.


Lauren ran up to the gate but slowed her pace as she realized that the wind was whipping her little tennis skirt up and exposing her bare ass for anyone to see.  She just wanted to make it through this lesson without anything happening.


As she opened the gate she saw that Sonya was not alone, Tawnee was there as well!  She was dressed in a white tennis skirt with white polo shirt on top.  Tawnee smiled at her in a lecherous way.  Tawnee was all in favor of the proposed union between the Cantrell’s and the Jacob’s.  She liked girls and had made several attempts at some premarital sex with Lauren.  She snapped her gum she was chewing.


"Hi lover," said Tawnee almost laughing at Lauren's obvious distress.


"Hi," said Lauren in response, she was even more keenly aware of her nakedness, hidden by a mere inch or two of fabric from Tawnee's eyes.  Lauren felt as though Tawnee knew she was naked under her tennis skirt and it was all just a matter of time until she had Lauren's pussy lips parted and her tongue buried inside her.


"Hello Lauren, ready for your lesson?"  This came from Sonya the instructor breaking Lauren's trance.


"umm.."  Lauren seemed to be having problems forming an answer.


"You look a bit flushed Lauren, are you feeling ok?"  She said as she came over to the teen's side and put an arm around her.


"Yes, yes I'm fine."  Answered Lauren her gaze drawn back to her "betrothed".


"Ok, if you're sure," said the redheaded instructor.  "Let's start out with some simple forehand ground strokes."  For some reason Lauren thought her instructor meant more than tennis when she said the word groundstroke.


She told Lauren to line up near the right side of the court and Tawnee to stand in back of them to observe then started the machine.  The first ball came across the net and Lauren swung at it hopelessly missing it.  She was too focused on trying to not flash her bare ass to Tawnee.


"Come on Lauren, put a little effort into it," admonished Sonya.


The next ball came over the net.  Lauren got to it and hit a limp return shot, barely retaining her modesty.


"That was a little better, but I really want to see you get a good return, remember get to the ball, square your shoulders."


The next ball came over before she was ready.  Lauren ran wildly towards it and swung.  The ball hit off the rim of the racket and dribbled off the edge of the court.  In the process her short tennis skirt had flipped up and given a nice view to both Tawnee and Sonya.


Sonya exchanged a knowing look with Tawnee.


"Let's work through a full basket Lauren,” Sonya worked the girl hard, enjoying the brief flash of skin every stroke Lauren made.  She ran Lauren ragged.  Lauren was soon sweating running after all the balls.  She could feel the sweat trickling down her back, freely flowing down the crack of her ass and then continuing down the inside of her legs in lines and drips.


"That's enough Lauren, take a break,” said Sonya, “and thanks for the show,” Lauren blushed as she walked over to the bench to take a drink of water.


Tawnee moved up to take her turn.  Sonya had her do a light work out nothing major, it was more casual then the strenuous one she had just given Lauren.


After Tawnee’s session they took a water break.  Tawnee picked up her backpack and winked at Sonya and then headed to the little guest house adjacent to the tennis court.


Before Lauren was fully rested Sonya had her come up for some one on one instruction.


Sonya stood right behind Lauren to help with her forehand.  They stood together, almost spooning as the instructor leaned in and said softly, "Just like that, nice long slow strokes."


Lauren could feel her little skirt ooch up on her instructor’s hips.


"You need to drive through the ball from your hips.”  With that comment Sonya smoothly put a hand on Lauren’s hip, but from under her skirt, on her bare skin, exposing her full ass cheek.  She nuzzled into the teens neck and pulled the girl tightly back against her.


“You’re a hot little girl, coming out here without any panties,” She reached her hand further around her fingers encountering some of Laurens pussy hair, “are you cruising for some action?”

“No,” said Lauren, trying to break free of the strong tennis instructor, but Sonya wrapped her other arm around the girl’s waist holding her firmly.


Lauren caught sight of Tawnee coming back out of the guest house just then.  There was something odd about her skirt, Tawnee saw Lauren look at her and smile wickedly then lifted her skirt.  Lauren gasped, Tawnee had strapped on a dildo, a big black mean looking cock.


She knew who it was meant for; she knew who’s pussy it was destined to fuck:  Lauren’s!


Lauren desperately shook herself free from Sonya’s grasp, dropped her racket and bolted for the gate at the opposite end of the tennis court.  Tawnee whooped and gave chase after her.


Lauren escaped into the holly maze.  She ran and ran and tried to lose Tawnee.  Left, right left left, right.  Around the maze she went.  She was breathing hard now, scared.  She started to feel like she was going in circles.  Panicked!


“I hear you my bride!”  Shouted Tawnee from behind one hedgerow.


Lauren squealed and ran faster.


“I’m gonna fuck you.”  Tawnee taunted again and then started laughing.


Lauren ran on, left, left, she was pretty sure she knew where she was now, she knew the way out.  Just another left and a right.  She turned the corner.  NO! she thought a dead end!


She turned to head back…there stood Tawnee, blocking her path, Lauren was cornered.


“Now my betrothed, now I’ve got you.”


Tawnee ran directly at Lauren and tackled her to the ground.  The wind was knocked out of Lauren and she was momentarily dazed.  Tawnee rolled the partially limp girl onto her stomach and pulled her hands behind her back, tying them securely, with some rope from her backpack.  Lauren was helpless below her now as she stood above the other girl.


Tawnee put her foot in the middle of Lauren’s back and held the girl in place firmly as she pulled aside her skirt revealing the lewd looking black cock hanging from the strapon around her waste.


“My mom told me I can’t fuck your pussy until we’re married, but that doesn’t mean I can’t fuck you in the ass!”


Lauren lay on her shoulders her cheek pressed into the ground a holly leaf pricking the smooth skin painfully.  She could do nothing as the stronger girl pressed down on her back with her K-Swiss.  Tawnee pulled out some astroglide lube and squirted some on her fake cock, getting it ready to penetrate.


Lauren tried to turn her face towards Tawnee but succeeded in only scratching her cheek more, “Tawnee, please don’t do this, you don’t have to do this.”


Tawnee ignored her pleas and flipped Lauren’s tennis skirt up out of the way, exposing the girl’s virgin anus for raping.  She squirted some more astroglide on Lauren’s crack, Lauren jumped at the cold liquid squirt but could do nothing from under the foot of her betrothed. 


“Please Tawnee, I’ll suck your pussy instead, please don’t do this.”


Tawnee nonchalantly kicked Lauren’s knees apart and then changed position, while not allowing the other girl any chance to get away.  She stood over her ass pressing down on Lauren with one hand as she lined up the head of the 8 inch cock with the other girl’s anal opening that was flexing, trying vainly to prevent penetration.


Tawnee’s big black strap on cock pressed at Lauren’s anal rosebud, Lauren was pleading frantically now, “No, Tawnee, please no…no.”   The plastic head barely pierced the bride-to-be’s sphincter, spreading it ever so slightly.  Tawnee paused her forward pressing, the head of her cock not quite all the way inside.


“NO NO NO NO Please Tawnee!”


“I’m gonna fuck you all the time when we’re married,” With that she pushed the head all the way in!  There was an audible pop as it slid inside Lauren’s nether hole.


“EEEEeeee” squealed Lauren as her fiancée penetrated her ass.  Tawnee stopped again with just the head inside.


“Feel that?”  She moved an inch deeper.


“eeheee  ow NOeee” responded Lauren.


“Your ass is mine whenever I want it. My mom doesn’t care as long as it ain’t in your pussy.”  Tawnee leaned hard against her reluctant bride and sank five inches of her plastic cock into the other girl’s virgin anus. 


“And your mom bought me the cock!”  She said as she rammed it in deeper.


“OWWEEEEEE!”   She cried, “Stop it, owweeee oweee OW! OW!  NO!  Pull it out please!”


“OK, you want it out…” Tawnee leaned back out of the girl until the head had just barely popped out and then she drove back in as hard as she could, pushing hard against Lauren’s lower back as she netted seven inches.


“UNnnggh,” was all Lauren could get out as she was violated by Tawnee.


Tawnee pulled back and drove down on the girl again, this time hitting bottom, eight inches of plastic fantastic buried in her bride to be.  “This is where you belong, on the end of my cock.”


Tawnee pulled back and sawed back into the girl with a few slow strokes.  Lauren began to cry, the wailing in time with Tawnee’s thrusts, “ahhWAAA  ahhha hhaWAAA whyyyWAAA hunhhunhWAAA!!”


Just then Sonya turned the corner in the maze and came across the erotic site of the two teens engaged in anal sex.  She stopped to watch as Tawnee started to increase the speed of her thrusts into Lauren’s rectum.


“AHH  AHH  AHHH  AHH  OOHH  NOO  AAHHH.”  Allies cries now were louder and continued in rhythm with the fucking she was receiving.


“There we go,” Tawnee’s pace now a rapid fire fucking, her hips moving as fast as she could, pummeling into Lauren.  “That’s it girl, take my cock.”  Lauren was getting driven into the ground.  Soon she was lying flat with Tawnee kneeling astride her ass as she continued to ass fuck her prone bride.  “FUCK YEAH!  Take it you prissy little bitch!”


Sonya slid her hand inside her sweat pants and inside her panties and started to play with her clit.  She was already wet.  She pulled her pants down and walked up to the girls as Lauren continued to get raped.  Soon she was standing next to Tawnee and could see the plastic cock pistoning in and out of Lauren.


She casually walked past as Tawnee looked up, “Go ahead, make use of her mouth, it ain’t doin nothing.”  And she smiled.


Sonya sat down on the grass with her quim right above of Lauren’s head, her legs spread and her pussylips glistening.  She grabbed hold of a shock of Lauren’s hair and lifted the girl’s face turned it and then scooted in, until Lauren’s lips came touched her nether lips.


“Get busy girl, you know what I want.”  Lauren could do nothing, Sonya started to grind her pussy against Lauren’s face.


“C’mon Start Licking!”  Commanded the tennis instructor.


Tawnee stopped her rapid fuck and leaned down close to Lauren’s ear, “Lick her now, or I will fucking punish you like your mom or even worse!”  Lauren stuck her tongue out and started to lick the other woman’s pussy.


“More tongue bitch!” said Sonya.


“C’mon little whore Lauren, show some gusto!”  Tawnee started to move in and out again.


Lauren got fucked in the ass for twenty minutes by Tawnee as she made Sonya cum, then the two girls switched up on her with Sonya fucking her ass some more and Tawnee getting satisfied on the girl’s tongue.  By the time they had sated themselves Lauren was a heap on the ground with grass stains up and down her front, scratches on her face and thighs and knees from the holly and an asshole that felt on fire and empty without the massive cock embedded inside her.


Tawnee’s last act before she untied Lauren was to make her suck the strapon clean.



Lauren stumbled up the steps towards the sprawling patio where lunch was set up for the Cantrell’s and the Jacob’s.  She didn’t want to go to lunch right now,   All she wanted to do was get in a scalding hot shower and wash the filth of rape off her body, brush the taste of pussy from her mouth, throw away her clothes that had the stench of Tawnee’s perfume embedded in them.


“Lauren, glad you could join us.”  Said her step-mom Alex as she came to the top of the steps, “please join us.”  Sitting at the table were Alex along with Lauren’s future mother-in-law Elizabeth Cantrell.  They both smiled.


“I…I’d really like to go up and take a shower after my lesson.”  Answered Lauren.


“Nonsense, as your mom I insist.” She pulled the seat out next to her.  As Lauren came closer Alex looked her up and down, “You look horrible my dear, what happened?”


“I..uh…I tripped…er…I fell down in the maze.”  She answered as she slowly sat in the seat, trying to hide her discomfort from the fire in her asshole and hide her nakedness under her skirt.


Alex chuckled, “Were you and Tawnee playing a game?  It’s so good to see the two of you getting along now.”


Just then Tawnee came to the top of the steps.


“Hi Alex, hi mom.”  She walked straight up to Lauren, put her hands on the other girls cheeks and before Lauren could react, kissed her straight on the lips.  “That was great in the maze, thanks for the fun.”


She let go of Lauren’s face and all Lauren could do was look down in shame.


They ate lunch and during the meal all Lauren was thinking about was Tawnee’s cock driving into her ass again and again and again…





Part 20 – Leading up to the Big Day

Part 20 – Leading up to the Big Day





Lauren Jacobs : Betrothed to Tawnee Cantrell

Allie – oh poor Allie how do I count the pussies

Alex Jacobs : Lauren's Step-Mom

Tawnee Cantrell : Betrothed to Lauren Jacobs

Isis – A heroine and Allie’s savior?

Coquette : Maid assigned to Lauren


Too much going on, too little time.




“Allie have you fired a gun before?” asked Isis as Allie aimed down the shooting range in the basement of the rescue operations house.


“No ma’am.”  Answered Allie.


Isis went through the process of gun safety, loading, aiming, firing and back to safety.


Allie fired the gun down the range enjoying the feeling of power. 


She was ostensibly whored out to Isis as far as Nicole knew.  Getting abused by the redhead vixen was what Nicole thought was happening.  Although Isis promised that she would still use Allie’s services, she wanted to make sure Allie satisfied rule number 4.




It was the happiest moment in the past year and a half for Allie.






“No no no, you stupid bitch!”  Alex stood up and slapped the seamstress across the face, “Where did you learn to do your fucking job.”


Lauren stood up on a platform in a white wedding dress, it was tight around her waste and pushed her pert breasts up.  The back was cut down halfway down her back, the hem down to her ankles.


“She must look like an angel AND a whore!’  Said Alex, almost yelling.  She calmed down and smiled, and continued in a smooth voice oiled with malice, “I want everyone to know her for the most beautiful object in the room, but also to understand the contract into which the Jacobs’ and the Cantrell’s are entering.”


Alex turned and faced Lauren, “She will be but the most high priced whore there, one worth millions yes but still a whore…” Alex smiled again, “and I am her pimp.”  She turned on the cowering seamstress again, “And I WANT THE ENTIRE AUDIENCE AWARE OF THAT FACT!”


“Show more leg, more cleavage, more back.  Put gloves on her, a bigger veil.  This dress needs to be your ultimate creation.  Your pies’ de resistance’.  You will never have another opportunity to create a dress like this.  One in which innocence and debauchery are wed!”  at that she laughed with an almost cackle like tenor.


Lauren shook her head slowly unable to say anything through the ballgag in her mouth, her feet securely anchored to the platform and her hands tied behind her back. 


She was a living mannequin, held even more securely by the ice cold metal rod attached to the platform between her feet and jammed 6 inches into her rectum (her vaginal cherry must remain intact at all costs).




“You will be whored to Lauren tomorrow.”  Said Isis, languidly as Allie was between her thighs kissing her pussy after bringing the mysterious woman to another orgasm.


How does she know that?  Allie thought.


As if reading her mind Isis answered, “I have my ways of finding these things out, trust me.”  She reached down and gently brought the girl up to lie next to her.  “You must tell her that she is to go through with the wedding, it must proceed, the plans are in place and to divert now would be disastrous.”


“But Isis, I can’t tell her that, she won’t believe me.”


“Allie you are the closest person we have to Lauren, you are going to have to ensure that she goes through with the wedding.”


Allie thought about Lauren then, she felt more for her than she should considering the only time they had met was for forced sex.  She wondered why?  She knew she wanted to help the other girl.


“Yes Isis, I will make sure she goes through with it.”


“She will be freed during the reception, as will you all.”


Allie said thank you and kissed Isis’ breast.




Coquette continued her bedroom duties with Lauren.  Lauren was soon accustomed to being woken by Coquette’s tongue on her pussy.  She began to accept it and indeed enjoy certain aspects of the “pampering”:  the attention paid to her beauty by Coquette, the selection of wardrobe, the treatment like a princess.


A lesbian princess, but a princess nonetheless.




“Ahh Allie so glad you could make it back here.  You were certainly the favorite of the many whores I have bought for Lauren.  You obviously take great pride in your ability to please a woman.”  Alex enjoyed making the girl squirm exposed as she was in front of the mansion.


She had requested that Allie arrive dressed in only a tank top, nothing else.  She stood now outside the front door of the Jacobs mansion, she knew better than to speak and knew also that Mistress Alex enjoyed having the girl exposed on her doorstep.


“Come in, please.”  Said Alex finally


As Allie walked past, Mistress Alex slapped her ass.   Once inside Allie could see the bustle of preparation for the coming wedding, it was Wednesday and the big event was happening on Saturday with the Rehearsal Dinner on Friday night, she and Nicole were invited.  There were at least 6 maids walking around cleaning and moving furniture and setting up the formal dining room.


“Big day coming up,” said the Mistress of the house, “My little Lauren married off.  I’m so lucky, it’s not so much I’m losing a daughter as gaining a daughter-in-law.”


A woman bearing a large three ringed binder approached them.  She looked Allie up and down disapprovingly.  She was the Wedding planner.  Alex ignored Allie as she discussed some changes to the plans.  Allie stood behind Nicole worse than naked in her little tank top.


After the wedding planner had left, Alex led Allie out back to the patio overlooking the gardens.  Seated at the table were several girls and women all dressed for an afternoon lunch.  Allie’s heart skipped a beat, Lauren was one of them, seated with her back to her.


They all looked up as Alex and Allie approached.


“Lauren my dear, I’ve hired a whore for you.  You may enjoy her services this afternoon and evening.”  Some of the women laughed lightly, Lauren turned and looked to see who it was, her mouth dropped open when she saw it was Allie.


“Spin around girl, show off your wares, I’m paying through the nose for you.”


Alex pushed Allie in front of her and made Allie spin around in front of the gathered women.


“Do you see ladies, the slut has a locket in her clit, isn’t that wonderfully perverted?”


They all looked carefully at Allie’s pussy to see the locket embedded in her clit hood.  Allie was so used to it now, the blatant humiliation barely dented her crushed pride.


“And her ass is just superb, young, tight and firm.”


Alex turned Allie so her back faced the audience and gripped Allies right ass cheek firmly.  The girl submitted to the evaluation like a fine racehorse.


“And she licks pussy like a pro,” She laughed, “heh heh, but then she is a pro.”


“Come on girl,” Said Alex, speaking to Lauren directly, “head upstairs and have some fun.  She’s not a cheap whore.  I don’t want to waste my money.”  Alex pulled Lauren from the chair as some of the women chuckled and gave advice to the girls about pussy licking.  Alex physically pushed both girls towards the doorway back inside.  “I’ll be in to check on you in a few minutes.”


Lauren and Allie looked at each other sheepishly, Allie was painfully aware of her nakedness.  They walked upstairs in silence.


They entered Lauren’s room and almost bumped into a table that had been placed just inside the door. On the table were three things: a note, a bottle of lubrication and a strapon dildo.  They stopped, looked at each other and slowly closed the door.


Lauren picked up the note:





Dear Lauren,

I hope you enjoy my little gift to you.  This is a little pre-wedding present that I know you will enjoy. 

I will be up in a few minutes and I hope to see you fully utilizing the cock I have provided. 

Remember you aren’t allowed to get fucked in your vagina that is reserved for Tawnee on your wedding day but Allie is allowed to have anal intercourse with you.  I know how much you like that, Tawnee has told me all about your anal tryst in the maze with her and your tennis instructor you naughty girl! :)


Your Loving Mother,


Ps. I would hate to have to whip the two of you for disrespecting my gifts.





Lauren shook her head and handed the letter to Allie limply.


Allie read it.  She looked at Lauren, “I’ll be gentle Lauren.”  And with that she reached over and grabbed the shaft of the Strapon, she had never been on the fucking end of one of them but always the one being fucked, in a way she was looking forward to it.


Lauren walked towards the bed and sat on it not doing anything but merely staring off into space.  Allie pulled the strapon up her legs and synched it up tight until it felt like it was a part of her body, she looked down at the black plastic cock hanging from her crotch and felt sorry for Lauren, how was she going to fit her member inside the other girl.  She picked up the bottle of lubricant and walked over to the bed and sat down next to Lauren.


“We’ve got to do it Lauren, you read the note, I don’t want to get whipped, not again.”  Allie leaned in close to Lauren.


“I know Allie, but I’ve been fucked in the ass a bunch of times the past week, Tawnee has been fucking me whenever she gets the chance and me alone.”  She turned to face Allie, “So it’s not you, I just don’t wanna be fucked again.”


“You haven’t had me yet Lauren, I think I can make it enjoyable for you.”  With that she leaned in close to Lauren and tried to kiss her.  Lauren backed away slightly then paused and looked at Allie quizzically.  The two girls looked at each other for a moment.  Then Lauren’s gaze softened she closed her eyes, leaned back towards her and the two girls gently kissed.


They kissed for a few minutes then Allie gently pulled the light sun dress off Lauren’s head, she was of course naked underneath. 


“Lie on your stomach.”  Lauren lay on the bed on her tummy and looked back at Allie nervously.


“I will make it feel good Lauren, just trust me.” 


Allie put her hands on the girl’s hips and raised them up until Lauren’s ass was pointing up and her shoulders were still on the bed.  She spread the girl’s legs and then positioned herself in close to Lauren’s ass.


Allie put one hand on each cheek and spread Lauren’s ass exposing her anus for clear access.  Then, ever so slowly, Allie brought her tongue down in contact with Lauren’s anal rosebud.


Lauren gasped, it was so dirty, so perverted, nobody had ever licked her there.  Allie started to lick Lauren’s asshole slowly, moving her tongue across the tight opening.  Slowly, luxuriously licking her entire anal area.  Getting it all wet from the taint to the top of her crack, but all the time she avoided Lauren’s pussy, she didn’t touch it, she just focused completely on her anus.


“Relax Lauren, it’ll be better.”


Lauren tried to concentrate on softening her sphincter muscles as Allie went back to her ass licking.  Allie put all the tricks she had learned about eating pussy into her efforts to eat out Lauren’s ass.  She still ignored Lauren’s pussy.  She flicked her tongue against the tight opening like she would a girl’s clitoris.


Lauren started to reach down to play with herself.


“No, stop.” Said Allie, “This isn’t about your pussy, it’s about your ass.” Reluctantly Lauren stopped moving her hand towards her cunt.  Even so it was starting to glisten as Allie continued to tongue and lick and play with her anus.


Allie made a point with her tongue and tried to press into the other girl. Lauren squealed as the tip of Allie’s tongue tried to squirm inside her.  Lauren tried again to relax her sphincter and finally Allie’s tongue penetrated.  She slid it in and licked around the circle of the hole.  And then pressed in deeper.  She started to ass-fuck Lauren with her tongue.


“Lauren,” She said between poking her tongue inside the other girl, “I think I’m falling in love with you.”  With that she fully penetrated the other girl’s anus, jamming almost a full inch of her tongue inside Lauren, ass fucking the girl with her firm tongue.


“OOOhh Allie, ooh ooh.”  Allie was moving her head up and down as she tongue fucked Lauren’s nether hole.  Lauren started to feel her excitement build.  Maybe it was possible to enjoy anal sex, if your partner cared about pleasing you. 


She felt an orgasm growing, “Allie,  ahhhh, I don’t believe it, aaah, keep going, ooooh, I think, whhhoo, I think I’m gonna cum, keep going, keep going.”


Allie increased her pace, her tongue moving in, out and all around Lauren’s anus.


“AAAhhh,  OOhh, ohh, ooo.”  Lauren was so close, they both knew it.  Allie jammed her tongue all the way in as far as she could and planted her lips around Lauren’s anus French kissing it.  She pulled the other girl’s hips tightly, forcing her tongue as deep inside as she could.


“AHHHHH OOOOOOOO!” Lauren came in a rush.  Allie held her position, French kissing Lauren’s anus while she moved her tongue around inside.  After a minute Lauren started to calm down a bit and Allie pulled her mouth away from its nether kiss.


“I think you’re ready honey.”  She said and she pulled back and half stood over the girl as she brought the head of her fake cock up in line with Lauren’s moist anal opening.  “Are you ready for my cock?”


“Anything Allie, I’m ready for anything my love.”


Allie put the head of her cock against the glistening opening and pressed gently against the other girl.


Lauren pressed back against Allie in desperation, wanting the other girl inside her.  Allie was caught off guard and before she could react Lauren had embedded 5 inches of the cock inside herself.


“Oh GOD Allie that feels so good, FUCK me, start fucking my ass.”


Allie started a tender ass fucking rhythm.  Soon taking full strokes into Lauren.


“Oh Allie I do love you to,  Unghhhhhh,  AHH FUCK me.  AAHH.”  Allie started to speed up.


“Can you cum again for me my love?  Can you cum from an ass fuck?” With that she increased her pace.  Allie reached down with her hands and spread Lauren’s ass cheeks apart, watching as the shaft of her plastic cock pistoned in and out of her anus.


At this moment Lauren’s step-mom, Alex opened the door, with her were several of the lunch guests.  At first the two girls didn’t notice as the women entered and walked up to the bed.  They watched as Allie pounded into the other girl and Lauren moaned at with each thrust.


But then Alex sat down on the bed right next to her daughter’s head and Lauren looked up suddenly and gasped.  Allie stopped and the two girls rolled onto their side, Allie’s cock sliding from its warm embrace within Lauren’s anus, flopping between the girls ludely resting in Lauren’s crack.  There was nothing they could do to cover up, nothing to hide their shock at being interrupted in the middle of anal sex.


“No, no girls, don’t stop on our account, please continue.”


The women all had glasses of wine and seemed ready for a show.


Lauren and Allie didn’t move but just glanced at each other.


“Come come, it’s not like it’s something new.  Allie here is a PROSTITUTE, she gets paid to fuck whom she’s told.  And you my dear daughter have had anal sex many times this week.”  She smiled almost gently at the two girls, “You are two sluts.  We all heard how close you were to your orgasm Lauren.  We wouldn’t want to deprive you of the pleasure of cumming from a good assfuck.  Lord knows Allie knows how to fuck.”


Allie looked down, humiliated, at the brutal truth of Alex’s statements, her hair hiding her face.  Lauren shook her head, trying to disbelieve it.


Alex took Lauren’s chin in her hand looked her directly in the eye and said menacingly, “Continue, I insist!!”


She let go of the girl’s chin and then pressed down on Lauren’s shoulder, guiding her back down fully onto her stomach, then motioned Allie to re-mount the other girl from behind.


Allie knelt astride Lauren’s ass again, glanced around the room at the women anticipating the penetration of Alex’s daughter.  And then gingerly lined up the head of her fake cock at Lauren’s asshole.  Lauren buried her head in the mattress and began to softly cry as she felt Allie’s cock probe for her anal opening, find it and begin it’s entry inside her again.


Allie began to fuck Lauren’s ass in front of the lunch guests.  As she got into a good rhythm again, Susan came in with a bottle of wine to refill the guest’s glasses.  They watched as Allie got a good pace going.


Soon Lauren started to get close to an orgasm again.  She tried to fight it, but the whole situation was just getting her hotter and hotter.  She turned and looked up at her step mom, and mouthed the words “I hate you,” as the orgasm built within her.


Alex smiled and mouthed a response, “Fuck you.”


Allie pounded her strap-on into the other girl and finally Lauren cried out again as she came and collapsed limp under Allie.  Allie lay down on the prone girl and gently fucked her asshole as they both calmed down.


They lay there for awhile, Allie making slow strokes inside the other girl. 


Alex said, “Wasn’t that nice.”  And she stood up, “I’ll leave you two, you may keep playing Lauren, I have bought the whore for the whole afternoon and evening, so may have your way with her.”  And she led the rest of the ladies from the room.


After the women had left. Allie rolled them onto their sides so they were spooning staying embedded in the other girl’s ass.  They didn’t say anything for awhile, just enjoying the motion of their bodies and the skin of the other girl.  Allie played with Lauren’s breasts as she kept sliding slowly in and out of her ass.


Finally she spoke softly into the other girl’s ear, “Lauren?”


“Yes Allie,” she answered blissfully.


Allie kept the slow rhythm, sliding in and out of Lauren, but only an inch or so now.  Lauren rocked with her, enjoying the feeling of Allie’s cock and how their bodies felt moving together spooned.


“Lauren I need to talk to you about the wedding.”


Lauren came out of her sexual haze a bit.  “Why bring that up now, can’t you let me just enjoy you?”  And she rocked a bit harder, trying to impale herself fully on her lovers cock again.


“It’s important.”  And with that she held still inside Lauren. “There is a plan afoot to free you.  To get you out of the marriage to Tawnee.”


Lauren half turned and looked at Allie.  “What do you mean?”  She turned fully around letting the cock pop out of her anus, it hung between the two girls slimy and forgotten.


 “I can’t tell you all the details, only that you, and me and others will be rescued from our current situations that day.”  She looked Lauren in the eye and said the next words clearly.  “But not until the reception. You have to go through with the wedding itself and make it to the reception.  Everything depends on it.”


“Allie, I…I don’t know, I was going to try something…to get out…”


“Please Lauren.  This is my chance too, to get back at Nicole, to get free of my slavery.”  She took Lauren’s hands and held them against her chest.  “Please trust me, I need you.”


Lauren looked at her, studied the other girl’s face, “Do you really love me Allie?”


“I do Lauren. I don’t know why exactly, I just know that I do.”


Lauren leaned close to Allie and kissed her, “I trust you Allie, I’ll go through with it.”


They held each other for awhile kissing gently and then Allie smiled coyly. “Can you do one more thing for me love?”


“Sure Allie anything.”


“Can you fuck me now Lauren, just like I did you?  In the ass?”


Lauren strapped on the dildo and obliged her lover.





“Well Lauren did you like getting fucked in the ass by the whore Allie?”  Asked Alex, the next morning at breakfast.


“Yes I did Alex.”  Answered Lauren, Alex didn’t care that both Tawnee and her mom were there.


“Was she good?”


Lauren looked directly at Tawnee, and said pointedly, “She’s the best fuck I’ve ever had.”


Tawnee was furious.  Lauren smiled inwardly.  It was the first time she’d ever been able to get at that bitch.  It felt good.





“Did you tell her of our plans.”  Asked Isis later that week at Allie’s next training session.


“Yes, she’ll go through with the wedding.”  Allie remembered the whole evening as if it were a dream.  Now she had even more reason to go through with this, for herself but also for someone she loved.  She hadn’t loved anyone since her parents died.


“Good, you are going to be responsible for getting her out of the whole situation.”





“Mademoiselle, do you like my tongue?”  Asked Coquette.


Lauren longed for another’s tongue not her maids but she tried to fantasize that it was Allie licking her.  She thought of a way that would help her fantasy.


“Coquette, lick my ass.”


“Miss, I”ve never….”


“Don’t lie Coquette, I know you’ll do what you’re told, now stick your tongue in my asshole.”


Coquette moved up from the teen’s pussy to her anus and started licking.


Lauren tried to imagine it was Allie.  It helped, but Allie was much better at licking than Coquette.


“More Coquette, more enthusiasm.”


It was going to take a bit but Lauren was quite sure she could cum on Coquette’s tongue this morning.



Part 21 – Chocolate





Lauren: the "bride"

Tawnee: the "groom"

Alex: Lauren's step-mom

Allie: dessert course

And introducing - Chef Pellastrano


Ahh chocolate...don't we all just love it.  Poor Allie, now she

becomes a pawn in the Cantrell-Jacobs plans.  How will she EVER

escape this madness.



Lauren woke the day before her wedding with a purpose.  She now realized that she loved Allie deeply and going through with the farce of a wedding to Tawnee was something she must fight.  Even though Allie herself had told her that she must go through with the wedding it still was more important to be true to herself and end it before it began.


She decided she needed to talk to her step-mom and reason with her.


She had to convince her that she just couldn’t go through with the wedding.




“Show her in Susan.”  Alex was at her desk going over some of the final preparations for the wedding.  Susan opened the door and let Lauren come into the office.


“What is it Lauren, I am very busy finalizing your wedding plans.”  Alex looked annoyed at Lauren.


“I…umm…Alex…I”  Lauren stammered.


“Out with it girl!”


“I-can’t-get-married-tomorrow-because-I-love-Allie-and well I just can’t.”  She blurted out in a rush.


Alex put the paper she was holding down on the desk and leaned back in her chair.


“Can’t get married hmmm.”  She put her elbows on the arms of her chair and brought the tips of her fingers together. “Can’t get married, now that’s interesting.”


“I just can’t, I don’t love Tawnee, I love Allie, and if you force me into the marriage with Tawnee I’ll hate myself.”


“Hate yourself, yeah.”  Alex sat still thinking for a minute, “Do you mean to tell me that you really love that whore Allie?”


“She’s only a whore because she’s forced to be one, and yes I do love her.”


“Well now,” said Alex as she smiled, “That is interesting.  My own daughter in love with the whore Allie.  Yes quite interesting.”


The smile left her face and she looked Lauren directly in the eyes.


“Nope, I’m sorry the wedding is on.  I will not have my daughter marrying some FUCKING prostitute.”  She stood up and walked around the table, and stood in front of Lauren.


“You,” she said point a finger at Lauren, “are the key part of a bargain that I have spent years putting together.  I won’t have some teenage crush, based no doubt on some professional sexual skill with tongue and some cheap plastic anal cock action to ruin my plans!”


Alex walked around behind Lauren, leaned in quietly and whispered, “After you are married you may work something out with your wife about keeping Allie around as a plaything.  Who knows maybe Tawnee will become infatuated with her talents as much as you have.”


Lauren tried one last time, “please?”


“Fuck no!” answered Alex.


“Now,” and she walked back around the table and sat down, “get the fuck out!”


Susan opened the door and Lauren left, crying softly.


After she was gone Alex smiled and looked up at Susan.


“She’s mine now,” Said Alex.


“Mistress what do you mean?”


“Call Nicole, I want to talk to her about buying Allie for an extended stay at the manor.”


Alex smiled and started to chuckle, “Don’t you understand Susan, I have my lever. That twat of a step-daughter will do everything I ask once I have her precious Allie under my toe.”




Allie arrived once again on the doorstep of the Jacobs manor.  This time without a stitch of clothing.  She just stood naked and resigned in front of the door.  The humiliation had lost its sharpness.


The door opened and Allie recognized the woman Susan.  She didn’t let Allie in right away.  But enjoyed the view.  Allie just stood there on the threshold naked with her head bowed in despair.


Finally, “Come in whore.”


Allie entered.


“Come with me.”  And she led Allie down the hallway to Alex’s office.


Once inside Susan told her to kneel in the middle of the room, facing the desk, away from the door.


“Mistress Alex will be here soon.  Remain where you are until she comes for you.”


With that Susan left.


Allie waited for some time, she lost track, but it seemed like it must have been 20 minutes or more.  Finally the door opened and Alex came in.


“ahhh yes, the whore.”  Allie let her head hang, there was nothing she could say or do.  Alex entered the room and slowly walked up to where Allie knelt.  She casually ran a hand across the girl’s head as she walked past.


“The FUCKING whore that has besotted my step-daughter.”  With that she sat behind her desk.  Allie could just barely see over the edge from her position on the floor.


“What are we to do with you…?”


Alex picked up the phone and dialed.


“Elizabeth it’s Alex…Yes yes I’m excited to be done with this too…Yes she is going to be a little spirited fun for Tawnee, but then Tawnee likes her that way now doesn’t she.”


“Look I’ve got a solution to our worries and I’m wondering if you want to help me out with a little something.”


“Well you know that little lezzy whore, Allie?  Well it seems my little slut of a daughter Lauren has fallen in love with the cunt.”


Allie looked up at that statement…Lauren loved her.  At least there was one person in this world that thought of her as more than a tongue and a cunt.


“I know it is funny isn’t it.”  Alex continued chuckling along with Elizabeth on the other end of the line.


“Well I’ve purchased her services for the next several days from Nicole…ya that Nicole.”


“Well what I was thinking is you have those girls lined up to participate in the rehearsal dinner?  How about using the little bitch here instead of one of them.”


“Delightful, I’ll send Susan over with the cunt shortly…I’ll see you at six.”


She hung up the phone.


“There now I think this will be fun…well not for you, but for me it is going to be very, VERY enjoyable.”  Alex smiled one of her evil smiles.





Allie was brought in; hog tied and laid down in the middle of the kitchen.  Three other naked girls were brought in and placed next to Allie.  They were all on their stomachs, all hogtied and gagged, mere ingredients for the dinner, garnishes as it were.


The kitchen staff was very busy getting it all prepared, there were three different platforms being developed.  One for the appetizer, one for the main course and one for the dessert.  Allie was of course destined for the dessert course.


The head chef was an imperious man with a fastidious mustache.


“Now teams are we fully prepared.”


Allie craned her neck and noticed there were three groups of chefs and attendants standing ready.


“Then we begin.”  And he clapped his hands.


Suddenly there was a bustle of activity and Allie grunted as she was lifted up off the floor.


Before she knew it she was bound to a unique chair.  It sat on a pedestal and held her legs spread and arms position such that her hands were raised to the side as if she were holding trays of food.  Her ball gag was kept in her mouth as the dessert staff began their preparations. 


It was 10am, the rehearsal dinner wasn’t until 7pm and dessert would be around 11.  Allie was in for a long wait.


The preparations began with a thorough cleaning inside and out.  Her vaginal area was shaved smooth she was rubbed down with a light alcohol based soap.  She was given three enemas and two douches. 


Once properly cleaned she was securely attached to the pedestal by an anal plug.  The chair was ingenious.  It was designed to bear her weight in this position with as little stress on her muscles as possible.  For although no-one involved had any qualms about inflicting pain on the girl, it was required that she remain as still as possible so the layers of chocolate would not crack.


For there would be a lot of chocolate.


The frame of the chair was shaped to her position so all the weight was held by the metal structure.  Even her fingers were held in place by little spidery metal arms.  Two zip ties per finger kept each one immobilized.


A nurse came around to each of the girls being prepared in turn.  Her job was to insert a catheter into the urethra of each.  The girls would be immobile for 9-13 hours.  They all had their anus’ plugged but stopping the pee was a harder task.  From trial and error it was determined that letting the bladder empty was the safest way to keep the respective dishes from being spoilt by an unexpected urination.


She also administered a relaxant to Allie via a shot.


Quickly Allie was stoned and didn’t care as much what happened.  She watched the rest of the proceedings as if it was happening to someone else.  Detached and high.


The last step before they began preparing Allie as the dessert was to prepare her head.  They carefully wrapped her hair.  It would be allowed to be free after completion, the effect would be stunning.  They plugged her ears and inserted straws in her nose so she could breath.  Then ever so carefully then glued her eyes shut with organic glue.


Allie was told to keep them closed.


She was ready for the first coat.  The head chef came over to supervise the appliqué.  He told her that she was going to be sprayed with a hot liquid everywhere, it was going to hurt some but she could bear it, there would be no damage.


It was a hot toffee like substance.  The base for the creation. 


The head chef picked up an air paint sprayer and started spraying the girl.  A quick burst first so the girl could get used to it then a long blast over her entire front.  The heat burned Allie briefly where ever it touched.  She couldn’t move an inch if she wanted to.  It hurt worst where it touched her face.


The head chef did her nipples and cunt last.  He had his staff bring out some ice cubes and rubbed them on Allie’s nipples making them hard and pert.  Once satisfied he quickly had them dried and then shot them with the toffee, freezing them in their aroused state.  The rings in her nipples were slightly lifted as well to make sure they remained prominent for the later steps.


He paid careful attention to her pussy.  For this he pulled out a brush.  Positioning the labia and the inner lips in as much of a pout as possible.  Working around the catheter and providing a tantalizing glimpse into the teens most private depths.


He finished the first coat and Allie was quickly wheeled into the large freezer to harden.


She was in there for 15 minutes and then brought out for a second coat of the toffee.  This one was thicker and applied more briskly.  Allie barely felt the heat this time.  Again the maestro used the brush on her quim.  But the rest was sprayed.  Allie had a hardened shell over her entire body from her fingertips to her cunt to her toes.


Again she went into the freezer, this time for 30 minutes.


By the time she came out it was after 12 noon and it was time to begin the layers of chocolate.  The master chef did all the spraying.  It was important to put the chocolate on thick where the drips added to the artistic impression and not detract from it.  


The face and the breasts and the pussy were carefully sprayed with chocolate so that their shapes were always clearly visible.  The arms and legs were covered more liberally, the chocolate allowed to flow more.


Four coats of chocolate, a 40 minute stay in the freezer each time.  Allie needed the cooling otherwise she would overheat.


Finally the last coat of chocolate went on her.  She was covered in a half inch of chocolate in places, in others it was much thinner.  Her face and pussy had the thinnest covering.  You could still make out the locket embedded in her clit, her nipple rings and of course the ballgag in her mouth.


It was 5pm and the dessert staff still had a lot of work to do.  They wheeled Allie the dessert into the freezer and started to paint her.  The paint was a mixture of white chocolate and red food coloring, It made a bright shade of pink.  Her lips and nipples and pussy were all carefully painted to display the beauty of their creation.


The last bits were added.


Trays were placed on her hands that contained caramel and other delectable dipping sauces.  Her hair was carefully removed from its confines and styled by an attending hair dresser.


The last thing done was the master chef came into the freezer and ever so precisely cut the chocolate away from Allie’s eyes with a knife, it was delicate work and only he could be trusted to do it.  Once free the glue holding them shut was cleaned away and Allie could see again.  A mirror was brought out so she could see herself.


She was a chocolate woman both delicious and lecherous at the same time.




The rehearsal dinner was an extravagant affair.  It was the event of the year for the social circle within which the Cantrell’s and Jacobs’ belonged.  Most in attendance were of course women although there was a smattering of men.  Each and every person there was dressed to perfection.


Tawnee was dressed in a black evening dress that showed off her superb strong young body.  Her kickboxing lessons had produced a body of tightly wound strength.  She had not an ounce of fat on her.  The black dress accentuated her breasts that hung in defiance of gravity high, pert and strong.  The dress was slit up the side up to her waist which allowed her muscular leg to peek out occasionally as she walked.


Handcuffed to black gloved wrist was the white gloved wrist of her bride-to-be Lauren.


She was dressed in the matching dress to Tawnee although hers was white.  It fit her quite a bit differently than Tawnee.  For where Tawnee had wiry muscle Lauren was soft and nubile.  Where Tawnee had a six pack Lauren had smooth perfection.


And where Tawnee was actively smiling and openly enjoying herself, Lauren was despondent and showing a façade of a smile born from the threat of pain and degradation.


She went along beside her betrothed as a white shadow talking only when spoken to, attending only to those who required it.  She was near hopeless.  Only Allie’s promise of escape from the nightmare kept her from snapping right in the middle of dinner. 




A small gong intoned to get the audience’s attention.


Susan announced the first course: “Chef Pelastrano is pleased to present; la Mer”.


The kitchen staff briskly wheeled out a table with the appetizer into the center of the room.  A living mermaid lay upon it; her naked breasts freshly pierced with 4 inch fish hooks.  She was bound in chains as if caught on the deck of a fishing trawler, her hands secured above her head on a metal ring.  She was surrounded by a wide variety of seafood appetizers.  Her lower body covered in a creamy topping for all the assorted finger food.


The girl of course had a gag in her mouth, it was required that she not ruin the festivities.


The guests all gathered around the delectable girl and partake of the starter.  Hands often lingered on her, comments were made about the superb presentation.  Everyone anticipated the next courses to come.


Talk proceeded and drinks were refreshed until dinner was announced and all the guests took their seats.   The appetizer was wheeled back to the kitchen where it was unceremoniously shoved against the back wall, ignored for now, the girl still bound now completely naked, the creamy topping having been scraped clean off her lower body.


Once they were all seated the lights were dimmed and the chef himself came out.


“Ladies..”  He looked around, “..and gentlemen.  I have had the privilege of presenting my pièce de résistance tonight and I hope you enjoy eating it as much as I did creating it.”


“I present to you, Wellington a la Femme!”


And with that the main course was wheeled out.  There was an audible gasp from the crowd, there were even a few screams. 


For what appeared on the table was a skewered and bar-b-qued naked young girl!


A one inch thick iron skewer rod appearing to enter her mouth and pass through the cooked body of her torso and exit her anus.  She was lying on her back, with her crispied stomach thrust up, her ankles and wrists bound to each other, her head pulled back, a dirty burnt rag tied tightly over her eyes and the lips of her mouth around the steel rod like a big black metallic cock.


The chef let the crowd work itself up into hysterics, for there were limits even with this crowd to what they were willing to do.  There were a few people in attendance that licked their lips and appreciated the possibility of actually dining on human flesh, but most were horrified.


There was a crescendo of noise as the outrage roiled in the crowd.


Once he was satisfied they were properly roused he ripped the lower covering away from the table exposing his illusion to the audience.  For below the table everyone could now see it was not one girl but two.  Positioned in such a way that one girl appeared as the head and shoulders and breasts of the cannibalistic feast and the other girl the waist, cunt and legs.


Stunned silence filled the room followed shortly after by a round of applause accompanied by “Bravo” and “Maestro”.  Chef Pelastrano beamed in pride and bowed to crowd.


The two girls were bound severely under the table.  The girl portraying the lower half of the body had a face dildo strapped to her head with a vibrating dildo attached.   Her head was between the legs of the other girl, her plastic face-cock was embedded in the upper girl’s cunt.  It had been inserted hours ago and by now the upper girl had cum many times.  The lower girl’s face was covered in cum juice and piss as the top girl had also been unable to hold her bladder. 


Chef Pelastrano clapped his hands and his staff went to work.  They brought out two more tables with the side dishes on it and handed Chef Pelastrano a long carving knife.  They also re-attached the lower covering to the table, the illusion became real once more.


He ceremoniously sharpened the blade as his staff continued to prepare to serve the course. 


Chef Pelastrano handed the sharpener to his sous chef and accepted the proffered carving fork.  Then he turned to the body of the girl, slicing into the soft flesh of her stomach and carving the ne-human flesh into single servings.  The first plate was brought forth and the chef placed the first slice upon it.


He handed the knife and fork to his assistant and carried the plate to the head table.


“Mademoiselle, I hope you enjoy the meal.”  And with that he placed the slice of girl meat with flair in front of Lauren.  Lauren was almost sick to her stomach with the display.  She understood there were some in the audience that were disappointed with the charade.  Wishing that the soft flesh of a girl were the true serving on their plates.


The chef turned and spoke once more, “Enjoy!”  and with that his staff fairly flew around the table.  Slicing the girl up and serving, the red juice from the meat flowing onto the table like thin blood.  The meal was enjoyed by all in the crowd save Lauren who didn’t touch her meal.


The whole time she sat she and Tawnee had to move their attached hands in unison.  Lauren could think of nothing that could make this night worse.


And then came dessert.


After all the dinners had been finished and the tables cleared and the wine glasses refilled, the dessert  was served. 


Allie was wheeled out.  She was on her pedestal looking like a lude mix between an old tree, a statue and a woman.  Her legs were spread and her arms raised holding the two trays of dipping sauce.  The chocolate delicacy before them made the guests murmur in approval.  The painted pink of her pussy and nipples stood out to the crowd.  The dessert chefs had even painted her locket and nipple rings gold to set them off against the brown of the chocolate.


Chef Pelastrano came out again this time this time equipped with a hammer.  The murmured approval turned into applause as he approached Allie in the middle of the room.  The guest all rose and gave him a standing ovation.


“Ladies and Gentlemen. With this dessert there will be a small break with decorum.  This is a participatory dessert.  You must come up and sample the dish yourselves.  It is a form of art that requires the audience to enjoy more than the mere flavor of the chocolate morsel but the unveiling of the female form during the process.”


He turned towards Allie, raised the hammer and whacked her right in her stomach, shattering the chocolate covering her tummy.


“That should be sufficient for you to begin.”


“Please come enjoy.”  And with that he bowed and walked away to applause once more.


The guests all stood and made their way to the center of the room to surround Allie.  Lauren wished she could hold back and not participate in the degradation of her true love but Tawnee insisted.


They made their way to Allie, the guests made way for the pair.  Once in front of Allie, Lauren could see Allie’s eyes peering out from behind the chocolate mask.  A small portion of the chocolate around the stomach had already been peeled and eaten. 


Tawnee reached in with her cuffed hand, dragging Lauren’s hand in as well.  She gripped one of the nipples between her fingers and viciously snapped off its chocolate covering, smiling at her competitor for Lauren’s love, as the pain from the chocolate being broken registered in Allie’s eyes as they rolled up into her head.  She could do nothing else she was bound so tight.


For Tawnee knew that what Lauren gave to Allie freely, Tawnee could never have save a pale reflection of it that she could extract from her bride through force and pain.  She hated Allie for it.   For now she realized that what she truly wanted was to own Lauren completely and as long as Allie was in the world Lauren could not be fully hers.


She was going to have to get rid of Allie.


She held the chocolate nipple up to show Allie and then popped it in her mouth, crunching and crushing the milk chocolate purposefully.


“Delicious” She said.  She reached up to the other nipple and snapped it off as well, Allie moaned in her ballgag.  Tawnee dipped it in the caramel sauce tray on Allie’s hand-pedestal and then turned to face Lauren.


“Open your mouth Lauren.”  Lauren hesitated.


“Open up my bride.”  Tawnee said it through a gritted teeth smile.


Lauren acquiesced and opened her mouth.  Tawnee put the chocolate in the other girl’s mouth and then leaned in and kissed her deeply.  Allie started to cry softly as Tawnee led Lauren away from the living dessert.


The guests closed in around Allie and began to rip the chocolate covering off the girl.  Each little rip was like pulling a band-aid off your skin.  Some women did it fast some did it slow and easy.  But with all the hands reaching in and grabbing and snapping and ripping and cracking.


It was the most refined torture Allie had ever experienced.


Elegantly dressed women and men cracking layers of chocolate off of her skin, first here on her stomach, then there on the back of her arm, then her inner thigh, then the back of her neck, then wrist, elbow, finger, toe, calf, breast, hip.  Each pull, each tear, a little sharp pain.  Water torture of a thousand cuts.


She was going insane.


She wanted to scream but all that was coming was a warbling moan.  Her eyes were scrunched tight.  Her breathing labored.


And it went on and on.  And the guests didn’t care, they would reach in and rip a chunk off the girl, and then go back to their small talk with the other guests.  She WAS merely the dessert.  To be enjoyed.


Finally as most of the chocolate had been removed, Alex came forward.  The chocolate covering Allie’s cunt was still intact. 


“Oh, my…saving me the best part how nice.”  She reached down to the girl’s crotch and while looking Allie directly in the eye ripped the chocolate away from her vagina.  Allie screamed as the pain overwhelmed her.


She passed out as Alex laughed at her.




She woke in pitch blackness again.  She knew where she was, back in the trunk of Alex’s Jaguar.  Allie cried quietly to herself in the stuffy darkness, still bound, still with chocolate pieces stuck to her in places.




Part 22 – The Wedding





Deep breath: Allie, Lauren, Alex, Coquette, Miranda,

Susan, Nicole, Isis, Tawnee, Elizabeth, Aurora.

If I missed someone then too bad.


The beautiful day.  Wed, bred and fed.  What a day.




It was the wedding day.


Coquette knew she had to provide extra special service to her mistress.  She snuck into her room at 5:30 to begin getting everything ready.  As soon as she had the bathroom already for Lauren she stripped off her maid uniform and knelt by the bed.


“Miss Lauren, it’s time to wake up, it’s your wedding day.”  Lauren rolled over facing away from Coquette.  Coquette knew this as part of the game, they’d been playing for months now, ever since Lauren’s mom had made her Lauren’s bedroom maid.


Coquette carefully lifted the covers up and crawled into bed with the other girl, it was why she had come in so early she wanted enough time to fully enjoy Lauren’s teen body for the last time.  Tomorrow it would be different, Lauren would belong to Tawnee and Coquette was unsure if her services would still be required.


She spooned up next to Lauren, “What would Mademoiselle like this morning?”  She whispered.


“You know what I want, lick me like Allie, I want to dream of her again.”


Coquette smiled, Lauren had been fixated on her ass ever since Allie had been here earlier in the week.  Coquette had been licking more anus than pussy as of late.  She crawled under the covers and made her way to Lauren’s privates.


Lauren sighed as she woke to her fantasy of her lover.  She felt her blood rise as her bedroom maid’s tongue explored her anus.




After her shower, Coquette led the naked Lauren from the bathroom and out into the bedroom proper.  She led her to the center and then let go of her hand.  Lauren stood there and waited.


She first helped Lauren into some silk stockings.  Rolling them up her legs slowly, both girls enjoying the feeling of the silk on the finely shaped legs. 


Coquette opened the closet and brought out the wedding dress.  It shown in the dawn light like pearls.  It hung flimsy like it was made of spider silk.  Coquette brought it over and held it up in front of Lauren.


“You will look spectacular in this dress.”  With that she began to help the bride into it. 


It was a delicate task, the dress was cut so as to accentuate Lauren’s form.  It was form fitting and unforgiving in a few locations.  The hips and waist were tight.  The back was cut open in a large oval, synched together at the neck and just above her ass and open between.  The front fit her like a body suit, her breasts showing their full shape the curves fully exposed, the nipples poking sharp points.


It looked like it was painted on.


Coquette couldn’t resist, she reached up and pinched Lauren’s nipple through the lacy fabric.


Coquette knelt and helped Lauren with her white patent leather pumps, caressing the stocking covered legs.  She reached up the dress from her position on the floor, all the way to the top of her stockings.  Lauren started breathing a bit heavier.


Her hand snaked up the girl’s inner thigh and touched the moist pussy lips.


“Does Mademoiselle desire something more?”  With that she gently entered the bride to be with just a fingertip of one slender finger.  Gently and barely splitting Lauren’s dripping labia.




Coquette, pushed further, two knuckles deep.  Then back out to barely touching.


“More still?”


“Yesss! Oh goddammit Coquette, yess!”


Coquette sank her finger fully into Lauren’s pussy and wiggled it gently.  Lauren moaned.


“Mademoiselle is quite wet.”  She pulled the finger out and re-entered Lauren with a two fingers and started to finger fuck the girl.  She thrust her two fingers deep inside, stopped and held them there for a few seconds and then pulled out, leaving the girl flustered and craving. 


“I’m sorry Mademoiselle, I don’t have time to continue.”


Lauren rubbed her thighs together trying to get off as Coquette stood and put the veil on her.  She then stood back to survey her handiwork.  Before her stood a work of art to rival any statue of the renaissance.  A Botticelli encased in pearl white lace.


“Mon due!  Miss Lauren!”  She brought her hands to her face, “you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.”  She was overcome with emotion as she saw this bride-to-be in front of her.  Smiling and almost crying she hugged her, an honest emotional reaction to Lauren’s stunning beauty.


“I must go.  You must come down and present yourself to your Mother.”  With that she ran out of the room.




Lauren came down the main staircase in resplendent perfection.  A princess in white.  Each step a precise placement as if she was born for this act, this farce of a comedy.


She played her part well; she kept repeating to herself Allie’s promise of freedom after the reception.  Only those thoughts kept her sane.  Only the promise of redemption allowed her to place each foot in front of the other.


Alex and the entire house staff waited in the foyer as the bride to be made her way down the grand staircase.  She looked like an angel; the dress hugged her body and wrapped Lauren’s beauty in white lace like fine porcelain.  The veil was cut to come down just above her breasts, hiding her face demurely behind it.


The women gathered at her feet were stunned by her presence.  Even Alex was momentarily struck to insignificance by the majesty on display.


As she approached the illusion changed.  It was as if Lauren walked through a fog into the clear, the soft focus of the dress sharpened.


The dress was a trick of genius, made to look demure but only from a distance.  As Lauren approached it faded into nothingness.  The lace became that, merely lace.  Hiding nothing, enticing the onlooker to imagine things, naughty things, moist and wonderful things.  Drawing sexual thoughts upon the bride like oil.  The light shone through it, skin was clearly seen, a nipple here, her peach fuzz covered mons, no bra.  Nakedness would be more naked.


Lauren reached the group gathered at the foot of the staircase and they remained stunned, although now it was a ravenous shock of fantasy that held them still.  Here she was now transformed into a sexual goddess to satisfy all their wishes.


Finally Alex broke the silence, “My god!”  


I am going to pay that seamstress double. She thought to herself.


“Bring her.”  Said Alex, she needed satisfaction and they didn’t have much time.


Miranda grabbed one of Lauren’s arms.  Coquette looked torn but one stern look by Alex and she grabbed Lauren’s other arm.  Lauren snapped out of her princess daze and started to struggle against the two maids.


“No, NO GOD DAMMIT!”  she turned to Coquette, “Coquette stop this, not you too, please stop!” 


Coquette started crying softly but shook her head and together with Miranda they dragged her into the living room.  Susan removed Alex pants.  Alex sat down in her cane backed chair.


“Bring the little slut bride to me.”  And she spread her legs, casually putting one leg over the arm of the chair.  “And girls…don’t damage that glorious dress.”


Coquette and Miranda brought Lauren forward and placed the girl on her knees in front of Alex’s spread thighs.


“Now girl, I have refrained from using you as I felt it not proper given our relationship as mother and daughter.”  She smiled wickedly, “But on this occasion, the occasion of your wedding where your obedience is being transferred to Tawnee, I feel you owe it to me.”


She waved at the two maids.  They lifted her veil out of the way and pushed Lauren’s face down until her lips were in contact with her step-mom’s pussy.  “God Lauren, I’ve been dreaming of this since the day your father died.” 


Lauren did nothing, she kept her lips tightly closed.


“Come on girl begin licking, I don’t want to have to whip you, it would be a bothersome task without hurting your spectacular dress.”


Lauren shook her head side to side.


“Very well.”  Grimaced Alex, “Susan can you carefully pull her dress up so it doesn’t become damaged.  If she wants to go to her wedding with visible welts on her ass so be it.  It will only prove to those attending that she is a disobedient little trollop and that her future wife will have to beat her as well.  Nothing but the truth I suppose.”


Lauren felt the dress being slid up and out of the way, exposing her ass for whipping.  Susan brought a four foot cane down gently to touch the superbly shaped ass cheeks. 


“You have one last chance here Lauren, these welts which you will receive will be completely viewable by everyone at the wedding.  You will lick my pussy, whether it is before getting a beating or after, is no concern of mine.”


Lauren shook her head again, her lips sliding back and forth across Alex’s pussy as she did so.  Alex raised her hand and Susan drew back the cane, an evil glint was in Alex’s eye.  Lauren looked up, their eyes locked, her lips still tightly closed.


“Three,” Alex said and smiled down at the girl with her closed mouth pressed against her quim.


“Two…come girl this is pointless…but in the end so enjoyable,” Alex rubbed her pussy against Lauren’s closed mouth.


“One…”  Just as Alex was beginning the motion to drop her hand, Lauren’s lips parted and her tongue snaked out, Alex held her palm out to Susan and the cane stayed put in the ready position.


“Ahh yessss, give it to your mommy, that’s what she wants,” Alex leaned back a bit more comfortably in the chair and pressed her pussy into the girl’s licking tongue more.


“With enthusiasm girl,” said Susan as she tapped Lauren’s bare ass with the cane as a reminder.  Lauren tried to forget herself, tried to imagine she was licking Allie’s pussy and not her step-mom’s.  Coquette and Miranda held her face tightly to Alex’s vagina and she went about her business with an expert tongue.


Soon she had her step-mom moaning and Alex added her hand to the back of Lauren’s head.


“FUCK, gawd your good.”  And she started to hump on the girl’s tongue, ramming her mound into the girl’s nose.  “Ahhh,  OOOh,  fuck yeah, eat me you little cunt!  Ahhhh!”  


Lauren tried to continue her licking but Alex’s humping of her face made it impossible.  Alex was rubbing her pussy all over her face as she approached her orgasm.


“AAAahh I’m Cumming you BITCH!”  And Lauren felt Alex’s pussy squirt juice over her face.  “Yeah! Oh god…”  Alex slowed her grind until she was just rubbing her cunt against the girl’s chin and mouth.  “God that was great.”  And she released the back of Lauren’s head.


Coquette and Miranda pulled Lauren back away from their Mistress’s pussy.  Lauren coughed and heaved in a deep breath.  Her face was wet with Alex’s pussy juice.


“Oh my dear, I’m sorry I smeared all your fine makeup.”  She turned and spoke to Coquette, “Fix her, but do not wash any of my pussy juice off her face, I want her to remember me as she says her vows to her new Mistress.”  She smiled down at Lauren, “Think of it as an early wedding present.”


Coquette helped Lauren to stand and then did as she was told, she didn’t know what to say, she felt as if she had betrayed Lauren.  Did she have feelings for her?




When Coquette and Miranda had Lauren put back together they brought her back before her step-mom.


Lauren saw that Alex had another girl naked and kneeling in front of her, her wrists tied behind her, tightly bound to her ankles.  She wore a hood but Lauren knew immediately who it was, she would recognize the body of her lover anywhere.  It was Allie.


“Ahh I see I can’t hide the identity of our guest from you.”  She pulled off the hood and Lauren could see the ballgag in Allie’s mouth preventing her from speaking.  Allie looked around the room and spotted Lauren and shook her head slightly.


“Allie..” said Alex as she jerked the chain leading to the collar around the girl’s throat, “Allie did you know that my daughter loovess you?”  And with that Alex smiled.


The smile left, “It will be her undoing.”  Alex pushed Allie with her foot until she fell, unable to balance.


Alex stood up over the hogtied girl, still holding the leash, one foot on each side of her bought whore.


“Do you know what I have here Lauren?” said Alex as she pointed down at Allie below her.


Lauren shook her head.


“I have your cooperation.”  Alex smiled and lifted one of her dress shoes and started to gently rub the toe into Allie’s pussy.  The shiny toe of the impeccable shoe split the girl’s bare vulva and almost entered her vagina.


“I…I…don’t understand.” Said Lauren.


“Lauren.  You know me to be a serious woman correct?”  She said almost casually while looking down at Allie as she started to grind her toe forcefully into the teen’s sex.


Lauren just nodded.


“You know this deal, of which you are the sweetener, is the most important one I have ever done.”


Lauren started to understand and shook her head slightly.


“If you don’t go through with the marriage today…”  She was still rubbing her toe rhythmically into Allie’s cunt.  Allie was starting to get wet, she couldn’t help herself.


Lauren shook her head more vigourously, “No, you can’t.” she whispered, now seeing how evil Alex truly was.


“If you don’t do as I demand and marry Tawnee than…I shall KILL Allie.”  With that she pushed her toe firmly and forcefully down on the girl’s mons eliciting a moan, part in pain part in pleasure.


“No, no no, you can’t.”


“Don’t argue with me you piece of fuck!”  Alex stepped over Allie removing her toe from the girl’s vagina.  “I’ve worked hard for this and you will do what is required!”  She added emphasis by poking Lauren between her lace covered breasts with her finger.


Lauren started crying.


“You know me to be serious.  You now understand that you must go through with it, you know this is not an idle threat.”


Lauren just continued crying.


Alex turned to Susan, “Put the whore in the trunk of my Jag.”  Turning back to her daughter, she smiled a warm smile, “We’re going to church for Lauren’s wedding day.”




The church was full.


They watched as the wedding party entered.  In a caricature of a groom, Tawnee entered first wearing a black tuxedo tailored for a woman.  Form fitting and flattering; she pulled it off with a string of black pearls instead of a bow tie.  She looked ravishing.


The audience hushed and the organ began and everyone turned to watch as in came the Bride.


There was a stunned intakes of breath as she was visible to the assembled crowd for the first time.  Lauren felt the power she had over them, her beauty overpowering.  They were all of them insignificant to her goddess like beauty.


She stood still for a moment actually relishing the feeling.  The perfection of the moment.


Then she began to walk down the aisle towards her wife to be.  She was broken inside.  With Allie as a prisoner of her step-mom and she saw no other way out but forward.


As she made her way down the flower peddle strewn aisle the illusion she presented to the gathered crowd once again changed from awe to lust.  The women could all see through the charade of propriety into the truth of whoredom. 


Their lustful gaze hit her like knives.    


She continued her slow wedding march, once again merely focusing on putting one step in front of the other. She forced herself to walk through the wrongness of it all, hoping against hope that at the other end she would be free.


When she approached the dais, Alex stood and took her hand, the music stopped as Alex leaned in closely, “Remember Allie.”  She whispered.  Lauren shivered ever so slightly from fear.


The female pastor came forward.


“Who gives this woman to be married?”  She asked.


“I do.” Responded Alex.


She placed Lauren’s hand into the waiting hands of Tawnee and sat down.


As Lauren walked up the three steps to the dais to stand with Tawnee, there was an audible gasp that came from the crowd.  A trick of the lighting of the church made Lauren’s dress virtually transparent.  For all those sitting in the pews of the church, Lauren appeared naked. 


They could see all the curves of her body.  They could clearly see her nipples poking out and the crease of her ass cheeks.  They could see the curve of the pert young breasts, how they hung tight and proud from the bride’s chest.  For some of the lucky ones on the right side of the church, they could just make out the girl’s pubic hair, faint though it was it was still obviously visible.


The only piece of clothing that didn’t completely disappear in the light was her veil.  Tawnee in her feminine cut tuxedo was marrying a virtually nude Lauren.  There were more than a few moistening pussies in the audience and imaginations ran wild with ravishing thoughts.


Click click went the wedding photographer.


The Ceremony went on with all the appropriate events.  Readings, homilies, the service contained all the necessary pieces and through it all Lauren stood up in front of the assembled women, naked but for a film of lace.  Lauren participated as she had to; all the while her thoughts were on Allie.


Finally the priestess asked, “Do you have the rings?”


Tawnee pulled them out of her pocket.  She gave one to Lauren.  They were identical: one big diamond in the center and several stringing down along the band.  The priestess helped Lauren place the ring over Tawnee’s ring finger.


“Lauren will you please repeat after me.”


“I Lauren Jacobs”


“I Lauren Jacobs.”  She said with a slight tremble in her voice as she continued to repeat the vow spoken by the priestess…


“Take thee Tawnee Cantrell to be my wedded wife.”  She looked at the other girl through a light headed haze.  This all seemed a dream to her.  A nightmare.  The vow flowed from the priestess through her still.


“All that I am and all that I have, I offer to you.”  All?!


“From this day forward I will obey you, be devoted to you, prize you above all others and remain faithful to you all the days of our lives.” ?!All the days of our lives?!


The priestess smiled and then turned to Tawnee.  Tawnee placed her ring on Lauren’s ring finger.


“Tawnee will you please repeat after me”


“I Tawnee Cantrell take thee Lauren Jacobs to be my wedded wife.”  Tawnee smiled at this, a wicked grin of satisfaction.


“From this day forward I accept your obedience, your devotion, your faithfulness and promise to guide you and lead you through all the days of our lives.”


“With the power vested in me by the great state of New York, I now pronounce you woman and wife.” Spoke the priestess triumphantly.


“You may kiss the bride.”


Tawnee brought Lauren against her and kissed her deeply.  As she did so she turned Lauren’s back to the audience and then snaked a hand down the back of Lauren’s dress.  The crowd started clapping.


“It is my pleasure to introduce to you all for the first time.  Mrs. and Mrs.Tawnee Cantrell.”


And with that the two girls walked down the aisle and out of the church.




The doors to the limo closed as they said goodbye to the crowd and as it pulled away Tawnee tackled Lauren and the two girls started wrestling.  They knew what was at stake.


Lauren’s virginity.


Lauren scrambled to the back of the limo as Tawnee grabbed her by her waist, she reached up her dress, pushing it up out of the way.


“Can’t we talk about this Tawnee?” 


“Sure Lauren, Let’s fuck, what do you say.” As she let her reluctant lover escape momentarily.


She knelt in the front of the limo and unzipped the fly to her tuxedo and pulled a black cock out.  It protruded 8 inches out into the air, looking mean and ready to penetrate Lauren’s vagina.


Lauren shook her head, “What is it about you and strap-ons anyways?”


Tawnee laughed and dove into the wrestling match again, trying to pin Lauren against the back of the car, Lauren fought valiantly, but soon found herself pressed between Tawnee and the back seat.  Her legs spread forcefully now to either side of the other girl, she tried to hit her, but Tawnee caught her hand.


Lauren tried to push back against Tawnee, but the other girl was stronger.  The head of Tawnee’s cock was searching for her defenseless quim, trying to find its home.  Poking, poking, it pressed under her ass, then briefly at her vagina opening but Lauren gasped and shifted quickly popping the plastic cock on top of her mons. Lauren struggled, until finally Tawnee had her pinned securely against the back seat, her two wrists caught, her legs splayed to either side of Tawnee’s crotch and her black dildo lying on the peach fuzz mound, waiting menacingly.


Lauren was helpless.  She stopped struggling and looked Tawnee in the eyes.


“Please Tawnee, be gentle with me.”  She couldn’t think of a way to fight anymore, she just didn’t want to be brutalized.


“You want me to be gentle?  I’ve fucked you in the ass a dozen times as hard as I want, you know I can take you.  Why should I be gentle now?”


“Because I will be a good wife and fuck you back if you do.”


“Oh you will, will you?”  Tawnee thought for a moment, “If that’s the case then prove it.  I want you to take my cock in your own hands and guide it into your vagina.”  She let go of Lauren’s hands but still pressed down on the girl’s legs.


Lauren reached down and felt the large shaft of the plastic cock resting on her tummy.  It felt huge, she glanced down.  What would if feel like in her pussy?  Would it feel like it does in her ass?  It looked so big.  She bit her lower lip in apprehension.


“Back up a little.”  She said finally as she grabbed the shaft in her hand, it felt so big.


Tawnee leaned off Lauren a bit, a little gap opened up between them.  Lauren bent the fake cock a bit and positioned it at the entrance to her quim.


“Remember Tawnee, gentle.”


Tawnee leaned in a little, the head of her cock pressed into Lauren’s lips.


“Slowly.”  Lauren closed her eyes and leaned her head back as the cockhead of her wife penetrated her vagina. 


“Oohhh ooooh, yeah, slowly…ooh… back out now.”  Lauren placed her hands in the small of Tawnee’s back as her wife pulled back and then leaned down on Lauren again.  Three inches were inside her.  Back out and back in slowly four inches and Lauren felt the tip against her hymen.


“You’re there Tawnee, I can feel you at my hymen.”


“I’m going to take your virginity now Lauren and make you my wife.”  With that she pulled back again and pressed in against the small flap of skin.  Lauren scrunched her eyes together as the skin ripped, “AAHHHHEEE!”  And with that Tawnee was through and her cock pressed in deeper.


“ahha  haaeeee, owweee. Oweeeeee! ”  Lauren cried as Tawnee started to fuck her virgin wife in slow strokes that got deeper with each thrust.  She kept up slow long strokes until the pain began to leave Lauren’s vagina.


“Feeling better now?”


“a bit.”


She began to enjoy the feeling of vaginal sex, it was definitely different than anal.  It felt weird to her in a way after getting used for weeks in the ass.  She was so used to being ass-fucked this was a totally new experience; she might like it better even.


“I’ve got a surprise for you.” Said Tawnee as she began to increase her pace.


“What is it Tawnee?”  Said Lauren as she cupped Tawnee’s tight ass through the tuxedo pants.


“I can cum with this cock.”  Tawnee stopped for a minute and held four inches of her cock inside Lauren as she pulled something from her pocket.  It looked like a plastic ball, about the size of a tennis ball.


“See this? This is full of cum, when I squeeze it, it comes out of my dick just like a real one.”  She put it back in her pocked and started fucking Lauren again.  Lauren was in shock and tried to think what to do.


“But it isn’t real is it Tawnee?  The semen, it’s just fake, like the cock right?”  She put her hands up against the stronger girl’s shoulders.


“You’re right Lauren you can make fake semen pretty easily, but I found something better.”


Lauren’s stomach did a flip flop, “What did you find?”


“Well it turns out my dad had a bunch of his semen frozen before he died, so I filled it with that. I’m gonna be cumming inside you with my dad’s seed.  I am going to impregnate you with as close as I can come to my own semen.”


“No, Tawnee, don’t do this.  This wasn’t part of the bargain.”


“What do you mean Lauren?  You’re my wife. I can fuck you anytime I want.  And what do you think ‘consummate’ means. Just fucking with a shaft of plastic?”  She started to speed up and really fuck the other girl.


“Consummate means ejaculate, and to be official it needs to be REAL. I am going to consummate this marriage before we get to the reception, you are going to have my seed inside you for the whole reception, you are going to feel my cum inside you and know me for your wife and Mistress and yes HUSBAND.  You are mine to do with as I wish.”  Her speed increased even more until Lauren was getting pounded against the back seat relentlessly.


Lauren was shaking her head helplessly as she was getting fucked.  The rapid fire fuck was bringing her closer to an orgasm against her wishes, she fought against the rising wave of pleasure, but it continued its rise. 


Then Tawnee pressed fully into her and stopped.


“Are you ready my whore-wife?”


Tawnee held Lauren firmly too her with her cock fully embedded in Lauren’s deflowered vagina.  Her black tuxedo pants pressing against the naked crotch of her wife, her fake cock poking out of the fly and straight into Lauren. 


“Here I cum”


She held the cum bladder up for Lauren to see it and then squeezed it.  Lauren felt the true-jism ejaculate inside her.  Tawnee deposited her semen inside her bride, she had her own mini-orgasm at the mere thought of impregnating Lauren with her seed.


She stayed buried inside the girl as she squeezed the sac in slow forceful presses.  As Tawnee finished squirting her seed deep into Lauren’s womb, Lauren felt her orgasm grow nearer despite her best efforts to fight it.  She shivered and gave out a quiet moan, as she reached around to Tawnee’s ass and pulled her girl-husband as deep as she could into her.


“eee”  squeaked Lauren, still fighting against ecstacy.  “mmmmmmm”  She tried to bite her lip and hold the orgasm at bay, but it was useless, it washed over her as her marriage to Tawnee was completely consummated.  She felt each spurt of cum into her and with each one her orgasm jolted a bit stronger.  Tawnee drove on Lauren’s pubic mons, staying fully embedded but rocking, and driving her wife against the back seat, lengthening and strengthening her bride’s orgasm.


“Yes my slutty wife, you loved getting fucked on the way to the reception.”


Lauren continued to cum as the limo pulled up at the reception. Tawnee started to move inside her wife with a few final strong strokes.  Then she pulled out and leaned back, leaving her wife exposed and shaking.  She pulled out a white kerchief from her tuxedo pocket and wiped the extra semen and drips of blood off her strap-on dildo with it, then handed it, semen and blood stained now, to Lauren and zipped her cock back in her pants.


“You may want that to wipe off before we have to go.”


Lauren absent mindedly took it from Tawnee, she stayed sprawled against the back seat with her legs completely spread, her pussy completely exposed and Tawnee’s seed mixed with a few drips of blood from her deflowering, dribbling out of her cunt.  She was in a sexual haze and still shaking slightly from the forceful fuck she had just received.


Her virginity had been taken.  She had been made a woman by Tawnee, her girl-husband / wife / mistress.


“You’d better cover up wife, we’re here, we need to get to the receiving line.”


The limo door opened and Lauren quickly put her dress down hiding her nakedness.


It wasn’t until she was halfway up the path to the receiving line that she realized she was still holding the semen and blood soaked kerchief in her hand.


Part 23 – The Reception




Deep breath: Allie, Lauren, Alex, Coquette, Miranda,

Susan, Nicole, Isis, Tawnee, Elizabeth, Aphrodite,

Aurora, Athena, Mistress Jytte, Sarah, Betsy, Jackie

If I missed someone then too bad.

How many kisses, how many gropes.



Lauren stood at the end of the receiving line next to Tawnee.  She tried to hide her kerchief but there was nowhere to put it.  She could feel juice leak from her cunt, she didn’t know if anyone could see anything, she didn’t know if it was red from her blood or white from Tawnee’s semen.

She glanced down and didn’t see anything, but Tawnee had filled her so full of cum that she could feel some sticky juices dribbling down her inner thigh, she really needed a few minutes to clean up.  She tried to keep Tawnee’s sperm inside her but it still seemed to be working its way out of her pussy.

She turned to tell Tawnee that she needed to take a break and head to the bathroom, but just then the line was starting up.  The first person in the line reached Tawnee and shook her hand, “May I kiss the bride?” the woman asked Tawnee pointing directly at Lauren.

“Of course.”  She answered

Lauren turned, startled briefly by the conversation and then the woman took her in a tight embrace and French kissed her, forcing her tongue into her mouth.  The kiss lasted for a good five seconds Lauren’s arms hung limp at her sides her eyes were wide in surprise.

The surprise sent a jolt through her body and Lauren felt a bit more of Tawnee’s semen seep out of her vagina.  The drips were making there way down further.  She could swear there were drips all the way down to her knees.

She ended a kiss and immediately the next woman in line stepped up and grabbed Lauren tightly and planted a deep passionate kiss on her.  The next one grabbed her breast and massaged it as she kissed her.  The next one slid a hand down her back and into the hem of her dress.

Lauren had a brief respite, but only long enough to see the line snake up the path and around the corner of the house, she couldn’t see the end.  Then the next woman was upon her and planting another kiss.  As she came up for a breath another was upon her, the woman snaked a hand all the way down inside her dress to palm her naked ass and with the other pulled her tight and kissed her.

The next pinched her nipple as she kissed her.

The next woman massaged both breasts as she kissed.

It went on and on, she kissed twenty then thirty women.  She went on automatic, the sensual experience of getting kissed by so many women started to affect her.  She started to moan to the gropes and pinches and kisses.  Her nipples hardened to little rocks, red from the pinching.

Lauren felt her own juices mixing with her wife’s cum, her pussy become a sopping mess under the thin film of a dress she wore.

Then Allie’s Mistress, Nicole, was there, “I hope Allie is providing a good return for the generous sum Alex is paying me.”

“Why yes she is, I guess you could say she was an integral part of the whole wedding,” answered Tawnee and she and Nicole had a little laugh over the joke.

“It was a wonderful wedding, I’m sure the new Mrs. Cantrell here will make a wonderful wife. May I kiss her as well?”

“Of course.”

Nicole grabbed Lauren and kissed her full on the lips.  Lauren didn’t even struggle anymore.  Just accepted the advance.  What could she do?

It took 45 minutes for the receiving line to completely finish, Lauren lost track of how many kisses she had forced upon her long before the end.

Susan came up and spoke quietly into Tawnee’s ear. 

“Excuse me Mrs. Cantrell, but the schedule must be maintained, you and your wife need to move onto the next item on the agenda.” It took Tawnee a second or two to realize that Susan was talking to her.  She was married now, she was Mrs. Cantrell.

“Yes yes, Susan, thank you.”  She grabbed Lauren’s hand and led her into the house as the rest of the guests made their way out around back to the lower patio to the main reception area.

“Wait where are we going,” said a flustered Lauren.  Her brain felt like mush.  Getting used in the morning, seeing Allie as a hostage, the stress of the wedding, getting raped in the limo, the mass grope of the receiving line.  Lauren had almost nothing left, her eyes were glazed she stumbled along after Tawnee.

“Don’t worry Lauren, it’s just another formality.”


“Aurora, the plan is in place, is the team ready?”  Said Isis as she and Aurora meandered around the grounds impeccably dressed and seemingly perfectly at ease.

“Yes ma’am, all the champagne is drugged.  We’ll be able to move in shortly after the toast.  It should be straight forward, much like the Florence exercise we undertook last year.”

“Don’t get overconfident Arro,” Isis used her pet name for her lieutenant, “I’ve done dozens of these rescues, big and small, and I’ve seen plenty of them get all screwed up at the finish line.”

“Yes Ma’am, everyone is trained for the contingency plans you have outlined.”  Aurora flashed the special gun in her holster under her jacket.

“Careful,” Isis glanced around, “Don’t get overconfident.  Remember these are some powerful, tough women.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

They continued their nonchalant walk around the reception.  Isis was concerned about Allie, she hadn’t seen her around the party as of yet.


Tawnee dragged Lauren into the Jacobs’ mansion and into the main salon.  Lauren saw that the furniture in the room had been moved around.  The chairs were lined up in a rectangle of two rows so the attending guests would all have a nice clear view of the center of the room.

And in the center of the room was a bed.

Lauren shook her head clear and started to struggle against Tawnee, “no, no, NO NO NO NO Fuck NO!”

Susan dropped her folder and helped Tawnee drag the struggling bride up to the bed.


As they made their way through the crowd Lauren could see more of the bed now.  There were three cameras set up around it.  They’re gonna FILM it!

The 50 or 60 guests in attendance started a nice round of applause as the bride was brought forth.  Tawnee let go as several more women came up and took charge of securing Lauren to the bed, preparing her for her proper de-flowering.

Lauren was physically dragged up onto the bed, she struggled against her captors the whole way, screaming and cursing but all that caused was for a couple more guests to step forward and help.  Soon there were 9 women helping in binding the girl to the bed. 

First a collar was attached and secured to a “D” ring near the head of the bed.  She could now only lift her head a few inches up from the mattress.  Her wrists were pulled painfully tight to the upper corners and shackled to a pair of waiting chains. Her slim teen arms were stretched tightly. 

Her ankles were secured to a three foot spreader bar and the bar tied off halfway up the bed, effectively raising her ass up and exposing her vagina for the “official” consummation.

With Lauren severely bound to the bed, the guests all sat down.  Lauren struggled against her bindings for a minute and then collapsed as best she could and cried.

At the foot of the bed with an unobstructed view of Lauren’s ass sat Alex and Elizabeth at a large oak table.  Each of them had their attorney sitting next to them and a pile of business paperwork ready for signatures.

Susan walked up to the bed and carefully lifted Lauren’s dress out of the way.  The crowd grew silent as they saw her pussy for the first time.  They could all see the trails of dried cum going down her legs and new drips of Tawnee’s semen emerging from her vagina.  There was a gasp and some murmuring from the crowd, Lauren wasn’t a virgin.

The murmur grew quiet until the only sound in the room was the chair scraping back from the table as Elizabeth stood up in a temper and Lauren’s soft crying from her bound position on the bed.

“Tawnee, what the FUCK have you done!”  She stormed around the table and slapped Tawnee’s cheek, knocking the girl down.  “You knew about the ceremony and yet you fucked her anyways.”

Tawnee looked up at her mom with hatred in her eyes.

Alex stood up then and said, “Elizabeth, we can still go forward with the proceedings, we have two notaries here, if Tawnee swears in front of the notaries and gets something signed that says she took Lauren’s virginity AFTER the wedding ceremony, I don’t see any problems.  We of course should go forward with this consummation for our guests’ enjoyment.”

Elizabeth calmed down a bit and Tawnee, Elizabeth, Alex and the attorneys gathered around the table as the proper paperwork was signed and notarized.

The deal was done.  Lauren was effectively sold for $187 million in holdings in the Cantrell’s business concerns.  Alex Jacobs now had a 28% stake in the Cantrell International Hedge Fund LLC.  The two families were now bound together financially and by marriage.

“Well,” said Elizabeth, “Susan do you have a second bladder of semen.  It seems my daughter has ejaculated prematurely.”

The whole crowd laughed at Elizabeth’s joke.  Except of course Lauren who was crying on the bed, virtually ignored by everyone at the proceedings.

Susan left the room but came back shortly with a second bladder full of cum.  She handed it to Elizabeth. 

She held it up for the guests to see.  “Spouses have performed the conjugal act as both a symbol of and an actuality of marriage since time immemorial. We gather here today to see this ancient rite continued.  Today we will watch as my daughter Tawnee Cantrell takes her wife’s virginity (well we’ll just have to imagine that part) and thus consummate the relationship.”

She handed the bladder to her daughter.  Tawnee quickly attached the replacement and then unzipped her pants to pull out the plastic cock.

“Bring the whore, I want this cunt cleaned up before my daughter fucks it again.”

Coquette and Miranda dragged Allie out from behind the row of chairs.  She was naked and her hands were bound behind her, tightly up to the elbows.   The two maids lifted her up onto the bed and moved her face up to the cum filled pussy.

“Clean it for us whore, clean it for her wife.  I want it glistening and ready for my daughter’s cock.”

Allie didn’t want to participate in the travesty of a consummation.   She sat back on her heels and shook her head refusing to clean Lauren’s pussy.

Elizabeth scanned the crowd quickly and spotted Nicole.  “Nicole, your bitch won’t perform, do you want to whip her or should I?”

Nicole stood and casually walked over to the foot of the bed.  “Oh, I would love to help the festivities.  Please allow me.” 

Susan handed her a 4 foot horse whip and then stood back.  Nicole bent it a couple times.

“Now Allie, you know how much I enjoy this.  Are you quite done embarrassing me?  You can spare yourself the switch here if you do as you are told.”

Nicole didn’t wait for Allie to answer but swung the whip, Sthwissssh…SNIICK! Hitting the middle of Allies back, across the tops of her arms as well, bound as they were.. 

“AAEEEEeeee!”  Allie screamed and squirmed, but stayed kneeling and refusing.

Nicole smiled to the audience who were thoroughly enjoying the little wench getting disciplined.

“Allie, Allie, Allie, you should know by now that I can whip you much longer than you can take it.  And believe me, if you refuse for too long I will take you straight home and beat you senseless.  I would have to, you must learn obedience.”

Swiiish.  PHHHAAACK!


“Now Allie, stick out your tongue and start cleaning Lauren’s beautiful pussy.  You don’t want to make me mad.”

Allie snaked her tongue out and started to lick Lauren’s pussy.  Tawnee’s semen gave it a different flavor, one she wasn’t used to.  She sucked the cum and swallowed, forcing herself not to gag.




Isis and Aurora stood outside on the back patio with the rest of the guests that weren’t on the “A” list and therefore not admitted to the private ceremony inside.  They had to be satisfied with the close circuit broadcast on the four plasma screens put up around the patio.

There, emblazoned in 1080i perfection was the entire scene.

Isis no longer wondered where Allie was.  She could see her very clearly, her tongue lapping away at the bride’s vagina, cleaning the pussy for Tawnee to fuck.

In many ways they had a much better view than those attending inside.  They could clearly see Allie’s tongue enter Lauren’s pussy, her lips press against the bride’s labia, even down to the detail of the thin trail of saliva connecting Allie’s lower lip to the vulva of the girl as she pulled back for a breath. 

The several hundred guests gathered outside mingled, drank wine, talked small talk and passed comments and judgments on the consummation ceremony taking place indoors.  It was a very elegant affair of course.


Finally Elizabeth pulled Allie away from Lauren’s pussy by her hair.  Lauren was properly cleaned and her entire crotch area was glistening and almost pulsing in anticipation. 

“Thank you Nicole, I am done with your pet, you may have her back.”  Said Alex, as she pushed Allie over on her side, she toppled out of balance and slid off the bed to hit the floor painfully, she had no way to protect herself.

Tawnee climbed up on the bed and knelt behind Lauren.  Lauren felt Tawnee behind her and as the head of Tawnee’s cock kissed her vagina she started to squirm around, trying to prevent the inevitable.  Tawnee grabbed Lauren’s hips and through her strength lined up her cock with her wife’s pussy.

Lauren turned her head to the side and saw Allie lying on the floor.  Their eyes locked together and suddenly Lauren calmed down.  Allie mouthed the words “I love you.”  Lauren knew then that this all didn’t matter.  Allie was there with her, she could bear it.  She floated out of her body and let what was going to happen simply happen.

She mouthed a reply, “I love you.”

Just then Tawnee was ready. “With this thrust, I thee wed,” she said and then impaled her bride with her cock.  It slid in smoothly to 5 inches thanks to the expert tongue work by Allie.   Lauren closed her eyes and whispered quietly to herself, “I love Allie, I love Allie, I love Allie.”

The crowd clapped with some approving polite cheers.

Tawnee pulled almost all the way out, just leaving the head inside Lauren’s nether lips and then sank back in all the way into her wife. The screens outside showed the close-up of the strapon embedded fully into Lauren’s pussy.  Tawnee started a slow rhythm in and out of Lauren’s cunt.

Lauren whispered in time to the thrusts, “Allie….Allie…Allie.”  Allie could see what she was mouthing and started crying along with her love at the tragedy.  How could they all be so cruel?!

Tawnee built up her speed.  The whole scene had the character of ritual to it.  The fucking was rhythmic and machine like.  The attending women were having their wine glasses refilled.  Elizabeth and Alex were finalizing the paperwork.  Allie remained on the floor next to the bed like a sacrifice.  Nicole was enjoying the display immensely.  Even Mistress Jytte in attendance showed more than her usual bored disdain, she had a rare thin smile.

And they all waited for the appropriate time.  The finale’.

The crowd started to chant along with Tawnee’s fucking.  “Tawn-ee…Tawn-ee…Tawn-ee”

The passion built.

They all felt the crescendo approach.



Tawnee pulled the cum filled bladder out of her pocket and held it up for all to see.

“TAWNEE,” thrust, “TAWNEE,” thrust, “TAWNEE,” thrust…  Elizabeth held her hands up for quiet.

The crowd fell silent.  Even the audience outside watching the televisions stopped their conversations, waiters and servers stopped moving.  They all watched the ultimate act happening in high definition perfection.

“allie.” Lauren whispered once more as Tawnee sank into her and stopped thrusting, holding herself still, fully embedded in her wife’s cunt.

Tawnee squeezed the ball of cum, ejaculating semen into her wife’s womb.  The crowd erupted in applause.  Outside the small orchestra began playing chamber music and the guests picked up their conversation where it had paused.

Both Allie and Lauren continued to cry as Tawnee squeezed and squeezed the cum bladder until it was dry.  She then started fucking Lauren fiercely for a few minutes.  Then pulled out.

She walked over to the side of the bed where Allie was and pulled her to her knees.  Allie knew what to do before being told and started to lick and clean Tawnee’s cock.

The guests all came up around Tawnee to congratulate her.  They stood around her, ignoring Allie as she licked the plastic strap-on dildo clean.  As Tawnee was shaking hands and saying “thank yous” she reached down and nonchalantly pushed Allie away, she fell to her side again, naked and forgotten at the feet of the women talking to Tawnee.

Lauren was unbound from the bed and helped to her feet.  Her eyes were red from crying.

Tawnee turned to Coquette and Miranda, “Fix her up quickly, we need to go outside for the rest of the festivities.”

Coquette and Miranda took Lauren to the bathroom and fixed her makeup and smoothed her dress again, making her more like a bride again.

Nicole pulled Allie to her feet and untied her arms and led her out of the house to the rest of the party.  Allie was in a daze.

It was then that she spotted Isis.  Her heart lifted from the bottom of despair as hope rushed in.  Isis put a finger to her lips.  Allie nodded slightly and followed Nicole out to the pavilion.  Nobody commented on Allie’s nakedness, there were a few other girls in minimal or no dress around the party.

After a few minutes Tawnee and her bride Lauren emerged from the house.  Lauren was still in complete shock but Tawnee smiled, enjoying the whole affair immensely.

The rest of the reception went on as a caricature of a normal party.  There was dancing and cake cutting even a bouquet toss.  Soon everyone was seated around the tables and the champagne was poured in anticipation of the toast by Alex the mother of the bride.

The bridal party was seated at the head of the table.  Alex stood with a glass of champagne and started her toast to the wedded couple.

“I would like to thank you all for coming today,” Alex waited for the clapping to die down, “As the mother of the bride I want to say that you’ve never fully experienced life until you’ve experienced your daughter.”  Laughter filled the room at her joke.  She let the room quiet down to some light chuckles.

“We have many people here in the room…”  Alex shut up all of a sudden as Lauren screamed, “AAeEEAAAE!”

“Get your fucking hands off me you GODDAMMED BITCH!” And with that Lauren punched Tawnee in the face. 

…to be continued…

Part 24 – Escape




Lauren: Will she escape Tawnee’s evil marriage?

Allie: Will she ever be free of Nicole?

Tawnee: Saucy!

Isis: Our Heroine.

Elizabeth: Evil bitch.

Alex: Eviler than Elizabeth?

Nicole: Eviler still?

Death and Blood and mayhem galore.



“Get your fucking hands off me you GODDAMMED BITCH!” And with that Lauren punched Tawnee in the face. 

Tawnee fell back and the crowd hushed.  Lauren looked startled at what she had just done then jumped up and leapt off the back of the raised platform and ran across the lawn into the holly maze before anyone could react.  She kicked off her patent leather pumps as she entered the hedgerow, she could run faster barefoot.

“Dammit!”  Said Isis.

“Holy shit.”  Said Allie under her breath.

“Fuck!” Said Alex. 

The crowd started talking all at once. 

Tawnee’s mom Elizabeth helped her back on her feet.  “You ok Tawnee?”

“Yeah!”  She said while holding her nose.

“Go get her Tawnee, Teach her a lesson, she needs a good beating to show her her place.”  Tawnee scrambled to her feet and ran off the back of the platform in pursuit of Lauren.

The toast was forgotten, some of the ladies took a drink but most put their glasses back down without a sip.  The drugged champagne wasn’t going to work.  They were going to have to get messy.

“Aurora, go to plan B, go to plan B.”  Isis spoke into her bracelet.

Isis pulled a dart pistol from her purse and shot the three women at her table before they even knew what was happening.  Aurora and her team quickly engaged the rest of the crowd.

“Aeeeeaee” Someone screamed and then the entire place erupted in pandemonium.  Women started running in all directions, Isis shot 3 more quickly as they started running past her and then the fray cleared around her a bit.  She saw Allie and Nicole across the pavilion and started making her way across to them.

Allie looked up all of a sudden at the scream as Nicole put her napkin down and stood, “Come girl, we need to leave NOW.” 

Allie was sure this was her only opportunity to escape.  She rolled under the table, away from Nicole’s grasp.

“Allie, this is your only chance, we’ve got to go, I don’t know what is going on, but if you come with me I can get you to safety.”

“Fuck you Nicole, this is where I get off!”

“You worthless, ungrateful, little cunt, GET OUT HERE!”  Screamed Nicole as she walked around the table.  Allie kept scooting out of Nicole’s reach.

“No fucking way, it’s over Nicole, they’re here for you, not for me.”

Nicole looked up at that comment and noticed that the people going down were all the well dressed women, not their sluts.  “Oh crap.”

“What have you done you little SHIT!”  She bent down and glared at the girl hiding on the other side.

“Nothing that you don’t deserve!”

“I’ll get you for this Allie, don’t you worry about that you little piece of FUCKMEAT!”  And then she stood back up and walked away leaving Allie by herself under the table.

Isis worked her way over to Allie, she saw Nicole make her way out of the tent at a sprint, Isis hoped there was someone up there to get her.  She reached the table and bent down to talk to Allie.

“Allie, I need you to go help Lauren, all my girls are busy with this clusterfuck and I won’t have someone free for a bit yet I think.”  Allie scrambled out from under the table.  “She ran into the maze.  Here’s a gun in case you run into trouble.”  She put the now familiar weight into Allie’s hand.  Allie checked the safety and switched it off.

“Now GO!” Isis slapped Allie on her ass and Allie sprinted up and over the platform, jumped off the back of the platform and right into the maze.


Lauren ran as hard as she could, to try to get as deep into the maze as possible.  She knew the maze pretty well, but the last experience in it worried her.  Getting trapped and ass-raped by Tawnee was not something she was looking forward too experiencing again.

So she ran!

Left and right and right: FASTER she thought and faster she went.  The lace dress was soon a tattered mess from the holly, her only hope was to get out of the exit and up to the driveway and steal a car before getting caught by Tawnee. That bitch is strong! She thought as her chest heaved with the effort.

Her pell-mell dash into the maze had confused her a bit, but she was working it out, left, right, right, left, there we are, the next one is the exit.  She turned the corner and there it was, she had done it, the opening was just ahead 100 feet.

Lauren skidded to a halt.

Tawnee was blocking the exit!  She had run all the way around the maze to the other side to block her bride’s escape.

“AAAHhhheee,” Lauren turned and fled in the opposite direction.  Tawnee laughed and chased after her.

Lauren dodged back the way she had come right, left, left, right.  She was running terrified now, just wanting to escape.  She could hear Tawnee getting closer with each step.  The other girl was a better runner.  Lauren felt a hand swipe across her back, tearing some of the lace dress.

“Ahhhh!”  She screamed and gave a burst of speed.  But it was short lived.  Tawnee finally snaked a hand around Lauren’s waist, pulled, grabbed her slim midsection with her other hand and tackled her wife to the ground.  The two girls landed in a scuffle.

Lauren fought back with all her might, but Tawnee had height, weight and strength on her side and Lauren was soon pinned.

“Damn Lauren you do have spirit!”

“Fuck you,” And she spit up in the face of the other girl. 

Tawnee slapped her and wiped her face with her sleeve, “That can be arranged bitch.”  And she slapped Lauren again.

“Not again you worthless fuck!” Said a new voice,

Tawnee looked up just as Allie’s foot swung and caught her on the side of the head.  She fell sideways in a heap from the blow, knocked cold.

Allie got down next to Lauren and helped her up gingerly.

“Are you ok Lauren?”

“Yes Allie, thanks for saving me,” And the two girls hugged, Allie naked, Lauren almost so in her torn and ripped lace wedding dress.

“Come on, we’ve got to get back to the others, they should have the situation all taken care of by now.”  And they started jogging back towards the entrance to the maze, holding hands as though they had always been lovers.

They glanced at each other and a smile actually broke on Lauren’s face.

“Is it over Allie, really over?”  She asked.

They turned a corner…WHAM!  Allie felt her hand get smacked and the gun went flying under the hedge to her right.  Lauren pushed her out of the way as Nicole swung a shovel back for a reverse swing.  The shovel connected with Lauren’s stomach and she fell in a heap.

Allie backed away, looking down at Lauren, who held her stomach and gagged, as Nicole turned to face her.  She was more pissed than Allie could ever remember seeing her.  Allie scanned the ground for the gun.  Nicole stood, in all her evil beauty, between Allie and the pistol.  There was no escape, not if she wanted to save Lauren.

“No, Allie, it isn’t over yet.” Said Nicole with contained malevolence. 

Nicole was resplendent in her Formal attire, black slacks, cream blouse.  Once again Allie felt helpless in her nakedness before the amazon goddess that stood before her.  Lauren looked up at Nicole and then back to Allie.

“What have you done Allie!”  Nicole smiled briefly and then it turned darker and became a grimace of anger, “What have you FUCKING DONE to my PERFECT life you worthless cunt!”

“I’m gonna fuck you up real good!”  And she swung the shovel casually in front of her. 

Suddenly Lauren reached up and grabbed the shaft, halting its swing.

Nicole glanced down incredulously at the interruption and with fire in her eyes kicked Lauren, hitting her in the stomach again.  Causing Lauren to cry out in pain and crumple into a fetal position.

Then something happened.

Something that Nicole did not expect.


Seeing Nicole kick Lauren broke through the fear and released an anger from deep within.  The hatred for this bitch who had owned her and pissed on her and beat her and fucked her and whored her and humiliated her and abused her and stolen her life, roiled free in a wash of orgasmic magnesium flame.

“AAAHHHH!” She screamed in unintelligible hate.  She ran full speed at Nicole and made a diving tackle at her.  Nicole was caught off guard by her submissive pussy-licking pet attacking her, she fell back under the onslaught, the wind was knocked out of her and the shovel fell from her grasp.  Allie was on top of her like a jungle cat, hitting and punching her face as hard as she could. 

Nicole grabbed one of Allie’s arms and rolled the two of them over so she was on top.

Allie got her feet under Nicole’s stomach and pushed with all her might. Nicole flipped up and over and landed on her back.  Nicole rolled over and tried to scramble away but Allie pounced again on the back of the older woman and started beating on her again.

Nicole tried to crawl free, but Allie slammed her head against the ground.  Nicole was in trouble.  Allie stood over her and started to kick her in the stomach, smiling in a feral way herself now.  With each swift kick Nicole moaned in pain.

“I’m leaving you Nicole, I’m FUCKING leaving you, you bitch!  Me and Lauren are getting out of here and you can’t do anything about it.”  Yelled Allie standing over her one time Mistress now beaten on the ground in front of her.

Nicole rolled halfway onto her side and looked up at Allie, “You will always be mine Allie, you will never be able to purge me from your soul.” 

This sent Allie into a mindless rage.  She kicked Nicole in the stomach again.  She looked around and spotted the shovel lying on the ground.  She walked over and picked it up and turned back on her tormenter.

“YOU MOTHERFUCKING BITCH!  I’m GONNA KILL YOU!!!”  Allie started running at the beaten mess on the ground that was Nicole.  She raised the shovel ready to bring it down on Nicole’s head, ending her pain once and for all!

And then Lauren stood in front of her, blocking her path with her arms raised, “STOP Allie!  Not like this!”

Allie’s wild wide eyes darted from Nicole to Lauren.  She tried to talk but all that came out was a rasping breath.

“Not like this Allie, you’re not like them,” Lauren reached up and grabbed hold of the shovel, “give me the shovel Allie.”  Allie’s grip loosened and as the shovel left her grasp she collapsed to the ground.  Lauren threw it away and knelt down beside the other girl.

“It’s OK.  You did the right thing.”  She hugged Allie their nakedness didn’t bother them, the closeness was all that mattered.  Allies rasping breath soon turned into sobs as she cried for all the pain she had been through and the 18 months of her life that had been taken and whored from her.  She sobbed until she was exhausted and there was nothing left.

Then Lauren helped her stand, Allie went over and retrieved the gun and the two of them started to walk out of the maze.

“AAAAAHHHHAH” came the yell, Allie was tackled out of Laurens grasp!  Nicole had roused herself and come after her sex slave.  Lauren had no time to do anything but squeal.

“FUCK! YOU! FUCK! YOU! FUCK! YOU! FUCK! YOU!”  Nicole screamed. 

It had happened so fast, Allie was on her back, Nicole’s hands on her throat, choking, choking, choking in a mockery of a missionary position.  Allie’s legs spread around Nicole’s crotch as she was being choked.  Darkness seeped around the edges of Allie’s vision.

“FUCK! YOU! FUCK! YOU! FUCK! YOU! FUCK! YOU!”  Nicole screamed.  With each word she seemed to thrust against the naked girl.

Lauren grabbed Nicole’s arm and tried to break her grip, but it was like iron.  A wild devils evil filled Nicole’s mind as spittle followed the words spat from her mouth.  Nicole continued to fuck choke Allie, banging her head against the ground.

“NO NO NO NO,” screamed Lauren as she beat on Nicole’s back.

“FUCK! YOU! FUCK! YOU! FUCK! YOU! FUCK! YOU!”  Nicole screamed. 

BANG!  Allie fired the gun.

BANG! again.

“FUCK! YOU! FUCK! YOU! FUCK! YOU! FUCK! YOU!”  Nicole screamed. 

BANG! again.


Nicole’s grip weakened, she shook her head as if trying to clear it.

BANG! again.


Her hands fell loose as she collapsed on top of Allie, Lauren still hitting her back crying uncontrollably now.

“fuck…you…” Were Nicole’s last words, spoken in more of a whisper than a voice.

Nicole died.  Allie felt the blood from the mortal wounds flow in a stream over her body.  She was barely conscious, a haze surrounded her vision.  Lauren pushed Nicole’s corpse off Allie and pulled Allie across her lap in an embrace.

“Allie, please be all right, please be all right.”  Lauren’s tears fell on Allie’s cheeks.  Allie smiled and reached a weak hand up to touch Lauren’s moist cheek.

“I’m all right my love.  It’s over.”

They stayed on the ground for awhile as Allie recovered her strength.  Then Lauren helped her up, took her hand and led her away from the remnants of her mistress lying on the ground, led her away from all that had happened.

“It’s over.”




The evening air was cool but not cold.  Lauren drove the Porsche with the top down, Allie lay back in the passenger seat with her eyes closed.  They were both fully dressed in jeans and turtlenecks and sweaters.  The sun was setting in front of them.

“Lauren?”  said Allie.


“Where are we going?”


The car hummed along at 70, the wind rushing by, smoothing their emotions with its passing breath.  Lauren was silent for many minutes as the miles droned by.  The rhythmic sounds of the highway lulling away the pain.

Lauren finally asked Allie, “What are you thinking about?”

“My parents.”  She turned around, looked at Lauren and reached out her hand.  Lauren took it, “Don’t leave me Lauren, I need someone right now.  I need you.”

“I won’t leave you Allie,” she squeezed Allie’s hand, “I love you.”  They smiled at each other and Allie closed her eyes again as she clasped her loves hand.

The road fell away behind them as they added miles between them and the evil life they had escaped from. The rushing of the wind, the purr of the engine and the setting sun their only companions.



Alex ended up in prison, which suited her personality fine.  She was soon working with the warden in an organized prostitution ring.  In fact due to her nature she soon became the de facto GodMistress of the prison.  She sold her whore’s services inside and outside the walls.  The pickings were easy and she was ironically even able to utilize some of the new “stock” brought in by Isis and her corporation.

The warden of course made most of the money, but Alex made out fine and she also had great plans for the warden once she had served her time.  The warden didn’t know to fear Alex.


The Salon:

The Salon on Main Street was unceremoniously demolished and is now just a parking lot. Jackie the “groomer” got a job at a straight beauty parlor but got fired and later convicted for molesting a teenage girl while she was getting her hair washed.  She’s now one of Alex’s bitches.


Dateline Bermuda – Mistress Jytte:

“Yes my dear cuntlicker I do like Bermuda, and it is ever so much pleasanter with you sucking my pussy.”  The lady called Mistress Jytte said as she lazily drank her Pina Colada. 

With her perfectly coifed hair topped by a lavish wide brimmed hat, she lounged on a veranda otherwise naked with an unobstructed view of the blue ocean as a naked teenage girl kneeled between her legs and lapped at the pussy she worshipped.

“Life is good my dear.  OOOHHH so good.”

The waves washed the shore as another orgasm filled Mistress Jytte with pleasure.


Allie and Lauren:

The two girls had escaped and moved to San Francisco.  Isis’s team had a law firm that represented the young women enslaved by the mistresses.  Through that firm Lauren was able to secure a significant inheritance both from the Jacobs’ estate and the Cantrell’s due to her disputed marriage (it was more of a settlement).

There were also significant moneys owed to Allie via Nicole’s nefarious dealings.  Allie was a wealthy young girl in her own right.

They lived together, they were making a life together, they were in love.

Lauren is pregnant with a boy from Tawnee, the two girl’s had decided to keep the baby.

A Saturday Morning:

“Allie?” asked Lauren as she spooned Allie in bed.

“Yes love,” answered Allie dozily.

“I’m glad my mom hired you that day last year.”

“mmmm, your pussy sure was one of the tastiest.”  She turned and kissed Lauren.

Laruen continued, “I’m glad for all the pain I went through, all the humiliation.”

“Why?”  Said Allie, concerned now, she rolled over and looked Lauren in the eyes.  There were tears there.

“Because through all the evil I found you.  My dearheart.”

“I love you Lauren.”  Said Allie as they kissed.

Here ends the tale of Allie and Nicole.

Annie the Slick


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