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The Weekend Test

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Synopsis: This is a true story of how my wife enslaved me in the worst of ways.

The Weekend Test

       My wife read my true feelings about her and our lifestyle together. She had let me know she would reconsider my request to serve her in the way that she felt appropriate. That had been a few weeks back, I had pretty much forgotten about the conversation. That was until one Friday while I was out working.

It was around noon when I received an email on my pda. It was from my wife. My jaw dropped as I read the email.

Dear slave,

       This weekend will be your test of how you really feel about serving Me. Enclosed in this email you will find some rules and instructions that must be followed. First of all I want you to know that the children are gone for the weekend. I am away for the day receiving a spa treatment I deserve. The rules are listed below.


  1. I am the Goddess and you shall treat Me in the manner I deserve!
  2. When the children are away you will remain naked in the house at all times!
  3. All sexual activity is at My discretion at all times!
  4. you will be required to do all of the house work!
  5. you May not close any of the blinds in the house. I enjoy the light and the view, just pray that the neighbors dont learn to enjoy the view.
  6. Punishment will be received at my discretion and will have different levels.
  7. you are not to try and top from the bottom or all of this will be over.
  8. If you desire to use a safety word this will end at that point immediately and will not resume. Your safety word will be coward.
  9. you will serve all of My needs at all times no matter what they are!
  10. you will refer to Me as Goddess or Mistress. Except in public you will use Mam.

you now know the rules it is time for your instructions.

you have one hour to get home, once there you will strip naked and begin cleaning the house. I will arrive home at 6; I expect dinner to be ready. You must figure out on your own what I want to eat. Better guess right! Only one plate at the table, I will inform you where you will eat.

Good Luck slave


Needless to say i was shaking in excitement and fear at the same time. With only an hour to get home i rushed through the traffic. Once in the house i walked through the house to make sure that the children were truly gone. In our bedroom i removed my clothes and started to think of what house work should be done. i cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms, vacuumed all the carpets, and mopped all the hard wood floors. Started on the laundry and dusted the furniture. Soon it became 5 and i knew that dinner needed to get started.

At 6 my Goddess walked in, i walked out to meet Her. She looked at me for a moment, i just stood there. When she spoke she said “mistake number 1 my slave, now get on your knees and greet me appropriately. i kneeled and kissed her shoe covered feet. She asked about dinner, and told me to escort her to the table.  She looked at the candle lit table and smiled. She sat down and i went to retrieve Her meal. i had prepared Her favorite meal. She was pleased and told me that i may join her at the table.

After dinner She told me that i was on camera all day. The shock of that comment made my stomach sink. She explained to me that She had installed wireless cameras discrectly in the house. Also that the spa she had gone to was one She had found that was special for the FemDom community. All day while She was relaxing with the spa treatment, She was abel to view me on the computers in the rooms. She looked at me and laughed, yes you were in view of everyone.

you failed the first part of the instructions, I never told you to inspect the house. I told you as soon as you arrive to strip naked. As she sipped on her wine after dinner, she discussed the comment made by other Ladies of the spa. Then she began to inspect my house hold chores. She kept count of all of my failings.

She instructed me to go up stairs and wait for her. i went up to our bedroom and kneeled on the floor awaiting her. It seemed like an hour before She joined me. She had apparently gone shopping in the spa boutique. I looked up at Her and was amazed and her transformation. She wore black knee high spiked heel boots. A leather mini skirt and a silk black shirt that formed her body so well. She looked at me a scolded me for looking at her with out permission.

She took my hand and walked to Her high back chair. She sat down and told me to lie across Her knees. She caressed my back and talked about the infractions She counted so far. Between failure to follow instructions, disrespectful behavior towards Her, and mistakes in the cleaning. She had come to the conclusion that i would receive 40 spankings.

She pulled out a wooded brush and began to redden my ass; She stopped occasionally to allow me to catch my breath. i had tears forming in my eyes from the pain, i was truly afraid of this Lady. After She finished She pushed me to the floor. i quickly got in a kneeling position with my head down. She stood and walked to me grabbing my face in Her hands pulled my head up. She looked at me sternly and told i was expected to thank Her for any punishment i receive. i said “thank you my Goddess for punishing me for my infractions.

Next she locked a cage on my penis and balls. i was told that would stay unless she felt the urge to use me for Her pleasure. She then had me climb on the bed with my back to the foot board of our bed. It is one of those large iron beds with a big footboard. She attached the leather anklets to my legs and ran a long rope under the bed. She tied one end to my right leg and then pulled the next rope through the d ring of the left. She pulled until my legs were spread wide across the bed, and then tied the rope off. Next she did the same with my across the top of the footboard. She placed a ball gag in my mouth and a silk blindfold over my eyes. She told she was ready to relax for the night. She turned on the television. to watch a movie. Some where along the way She decided to make me more uncomfortable with out even warning or saying anything. She grabbed my nipples and twisted them had. i screamed behind the gag, I could hear Her chuckle at me. Next she applied nipple clamps to me i grimaced as they bit in.

When Her movie ended She let me know it was time for us to sleep. i was relieved thinking that things were going to calm down now. She came to me and kissed my forehead and said goodnight. Inside my mind i was screaming NO, she was not going to make me sleep like this. She saw the look on my face and said yes My slave this is how you will sleep. Well with one exception, she tied a length of fishing line to the chain of the nipple clamps. She told me the other end was tied to Her toe. “you better hope I sleep restful tonight.

To Be continued.

The Weekend Test (part 2)

       It took quite a while for me to fall asleep, and even longer to stay that way. Goddess did not sleep completely restful and my nipples were getting rather sore. When morning did come, I was awaken when She removed the clamps and gently applied ice to soothe my nipples. She removed the ball gag and held a glass of cold water to my lips, i gently drank to quench my thirst.

       Goddess told me to listen very closely because she had thought of some new rules. She let me know that from the time we had started dating that she had kept herself clean shaven to please me. WELL NOW IT WAS TIME TO PLEASE HER! you will shower this morning and I expect all your hair to be removed from your balls and surrounding area. Do you understand slave, i shook my head yes and replied Yes Mistress. I will give you a hour to shower and prepare breakfast starting NOW. With that she walked off. i started struggling at my bonds thinking how the hell am i going to do this. i screamed out at Her to release me. She came back and told me i had failed the first test. She knew i would be inpatient and that for screaming to Her i had earned a demerit. i thought to myself a demerit what the hell is that for. She untied me and told that i better get going 15 minutes had been wasted while i had allowed my self to stay tied up.

i showered and shaved and rushed to get Her breakfast ready. Having only 5 minutes to get Her breakfast ready i made cereal. She was not happy but then she poured me a bowl as well. Just when i thought things were going to be somewhat normal She placed the bowl on the kitchen floor. If you can only prepare something simple for Me then you can eat like the dog you are. i just stood there in shock till She grabbed a nipple and pulled me to my knees. Go eat dog was all She said before sitting down to have Her breakfast. Ashamed and degraded i crawled to the bowl and placed my face in the bowl and began to eat.

After cleaning up breakfast Goddess called me into the living room. Inspection time slave. Spread your legs and hands behind your head. She pulled Her riding crop put and used it to lift my balls. Out of the blue she smacked it against my balls. I found a hair you better hope I dont find any more. After 6 more blows to my balls i wanted to curl up in a ball. Goddess decides it was time for me to learn more.

She had placed eye hooks in the garage i used to house my bikes. She took me in there and attached the leather cuffs to my hands and ran the rope through the eye hooks. She pulled on the ropes till only my toes touched the ground. She tied off the other end to a hook in the wall. The ball gag was placed back in my mouth, and She stood back to marvel at Her work. Walking in front of me She grabbed my face and reminded me of my demerit. 20 should be a good number she said as she laughed. She used Her riding crop across my ass and across the back of my thighs till i was squirming in pain. When She finished She told i could hang here for a bit and if i was a good boy she would not open the garage door for all the neighbors to see. i tried to scream be hind the gag, She heard me and laughed as She closed the door behind her and turned off the lights.

The darkness of the room was overwhelming, i could hear the ropes creaking as i swung there. The heat emitting from my skin from the spanking, helped to keep my mind on Her. i love my Goddess with all my heart and now i was wanting to serve her with everything else i have. i never knew how powerful and deviant She could be. Soon the lights came back on, and She was there holding a blind fold. She covered my eyes and pushed on my body causing me to swing some more. I was ready to get down and thinking that was what was about to happen, till the door closed again.

It seemed like another hour passed, my arms were on fire and hurting so bad. She came back to me, she whispered in my ear how does it feel to be a internet star?

(to be continued)

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