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Cannibal Cruise

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Synopsis: Cannibalism, orgies, sadism and torture in a Dolcett world.



This is a fantasy! Women are lovable persons and I would do anything to make them happy. I am a vegetarian myself.


Cannibal Cruise. Chapter 1.

Year 2095 C.E.

Cannibalism is now practised, to some degree, in nearly every country. The 2005 aviary influenza epidemic brought a dramatic change to the world's female population. Somehow the virus fired some, hitherto repressed genes in women and female animals bringing a sudden change in their behaviour.

Mankind first noticed changes in women. New generations became more reckless, sensual and passionate. Very intense pain was, somehow, turned into sexual pleasure.

Another dramatic change was an unbalance in the ratio of women to men. It is a well known fact that women conceive more girls than boys in times of crisis or stress. Women now give birth to about ten girls for every boy.

Women's life expectancy has also dropped drastically. There is a great variability, which means a percentage still enjoy a 'normal' life span, but the average life expectancy is about 35 years. Girls, in general, burn life at a higher rate than boys. After a full, hectic life they usually die in their prime. There is another reason for early female mortality: Their recklessness and lack of fear of extreme pain brings about a very high number of bizarre suicides and accidents. Pregnancies, somehow, mellow women making them less wild.

Scientists worldwide have devoted much time and resources to look for a solution but have found none. They concluded that pain to pleasure conversion had, once in a distant past, been an evolutionary advantage, leading to a yearning for, ever painful, child-birth and so the relevant genes have been preserved in the human genome. Artificial insemination and parthenogenesis -pregnancy without male intervention, resulting in the birth of a baby girl with her mother's genes- have become widely used to save mankind from extinction.

Many farm animals were also affected by the epidemic which, initially, led to worldwide famine. After several turbulent years, most governments, backed by citizens in democratic countries, came to pass laws to stop the enormous waste of women's lives and bodies. Laws that institutionalized cannibalism, and channelled young women's recklessness and love of risk, legalizing periodical, cannibal state lotteries in which women -in theory also men- enjoy fame, the thrill of courting death and, finally, a delicious meal and a huge monetary recompense if they survive, or a painful/orgasmic death if they don't.

Mankind has adapted rapidly to the new circumstances and nowadays state lotteries are extremely popular in many countries. They are also an enormous source of revenues. On-line betting, on who will end cooked, produces enough money to pay the survivors' recompenses and still leave a huge profit. People assisting to lottery, execution and cook-out also pay handsomely for the privilege. Television and multimedia recordings of the events -very popular with women- also add to the profits.

State lotteries are considered very tame. They are usually followed by quick guillotine executions and a communal cook-out. Private associations and particulars are also allowed to organize lotteries and cannibal feasts. These events are often very wild and imaginative, usually consisting of a continuous orgy.

In western culture countries, the law makes absolutely sure participants in lotteries and cannibal feasts are really willing. To avoid undue pressures, family or friends never benefit from victims' deaths. Third world countries have far more permissive laws.

Not all women are affected in the same way. Some can control their new feminine impulses and, although a minority, there are enough of them to share, equally, with men posts of responsibility in society. One of them is Jessica Joy, captain of the 'Dolcett World Cruise Lines' ship 'Merideth'.

'Dolcett World Cruise Lines', an international company specialized in luxury, cannibal cruises, is universally respected and currently receives subventions from several international organizations in recognition of its efforts to redistribute world wealth and correct sexes imbalance.

'DWCL' has offices all over the world. It also promotes, and generously funds, 'Dolcett clubs' worldwide. 'Dolcett clubs', named after a cartoonist famous for his extremely erotic, woman eating drawings, are non profit associations dedicated to the enjoyment of cannibalism. Members pay a fixed amount weekly towards the celebration of two or three annual cannibal feasts. Girls are obtained by lotteries -with survivor prizes-, volunteers or -where allowed- direct purchase. 'Dolcett clubs' repay 'DWCL' generosity by doing their best to provision its cruises with girls when they touch local ports.

'DWCL' cruise tours are famous the world over. Service is exquisite, crew professional and friendly, girl meat scrumptious! The most popular, and affordable, trips last one week. They are return trips to paradise islands where a cannibal feast, cum orgy, takes place. On-board food is also excellent, usually a buffet including freshly impaled girl kebab. Delicious meat sliced from a, still alive, slowly roasting girl.

The most famous 'DWCL' cruise ships are the nuclear powered, 'Karyn Aites' and 'Merideth'. They sail continuously around the world. A 'DWCL', two months, round the world tour is indeed expensive but, if you can afford it, worth every single penny!

The 'Karyn Aites' circumnavigates the world three times yearly. It offers the 'Meats Of The World Tour'. The challenge of this tour is to offer the passengers a taste of exotic girl meat worldwide. The tour is considered less than successful if more than one tenth of the consumed girls come from the crew.

Customs and laws vary from land to land, and for cruise ships, although granted passage everywhere, the acquisition of meat is often only quasi-legal. To ensure adequate meat supply in any circumstances, the 'Karyn Aites' always carries surplus female crew. Feeding excess crew means an extra demand for local, fresh women. In many ports of call, friendly, 'Dolcett clubs' provide girls but sometimes more are needed. To feed crew and passengers, it is necessary to send a daring 'Lard party' overland to periodically bring aboard as many women as can be obtained in clandestine lotteries or bought locally. Sometimes the provisioning crew is even forced to kidnap local girls.

'DWCL' cruise ship 'Merideth', on the other hand, offers the 'Crew meat World Tour'. This tour is, by far, the most expensive of those offered by 'DWCL' as the number of passengers is limited to about one tenth of the crew. 'Merideth' leaves Acapulco (Mexico) thrice yearly with passengers and a full all-female crew to return, after a two months round the world trip, with one fifth of the original crew and a delighted passage.

Captain Jessica Joy is very proud of the "Crew meat World Tour" organization. It is no mean feat to feed, lavishly, passengers and crew during two months and end the tour with enough crew girls to handle the ship. In four years of cruising, her ship hasn't loaded a single meat girl from ports of call. Its freezers only store vegetables and cooking ingredients, never meat. Daily lotteries provide fresh crew-girl meat throughout the whole trip. As many as twelve girls at the beginning of the tour which drops, as crew is reduced, to three daily at the end.

Girls are always cooked according to local cuisine by superb, on-board Chefs or by famous, invited, local ones. Crew morale is always very high. Happy, high spirited crew girls land at each port to buy local ingredients -for, say, a delicious Hawaian girl luau, sweet and sour woman soup or coconut sauce basted girl roast- with which, very often, they themselves are later cooked. There has not been a single desertion and surviving crew, which always receives a hefty bonus, sometimes re-enlist.

A "Crew meat World Tour" starts several months before the departure date. Despite the slim odds to survive the tour, thousands of young girls flock to 'DWCL' offices, all over the world, to enlist. The delightful thrill of risking your life in such an exotic, luxurious setting plus the enormous bonus granted to surviving crew, makes the opportunity irresistible. There is also the added incentive of meeting extremely wealthy passengers and, perhaps, ending the tour as girlfriend or protegee of one of them.

The crew of the 'Merideth' consists of a professional core which can run the ship almost single handed: Captain, officers, maintenance, communications, Chefs and kitchen helpers, etc. Continuously enrolled in the ship, members of this group are only exceptionally cooked. Complement crew: Common sailor girls, waitresses, recreation, cleaning, etc, are renewed for every tour.

Before being enlisted at local offices, girls are rigorously checked. Only those complying with the strict 'DWCL' standard for meat girls and appropriate character and qualifications are accepted. They are then flown from all over the world to Acapulco to train, aboard the 'Merideth', for the two months previous to the departure date. In this time the 'Merideth' is completely refitted and provisioned for its next tour.

Even at the enormous price, there is always a long waiting list to become a 'Merideth' passenger. The tour always starts with the maximum passage, about fifty extremely wealthy, sophisticated, discriminating men and women.

Departure date! Even after many such tours, Captain Jessica still feels an enormous excitement and pride. The crew, a motley crowd of high spirited, giggling, rowdy girls of different colours, accents and shapes, many of them naked except for the company collar, flirt shamelessly with the embarking passengers. Everything is ship-shape, store full of frozen staples, fresh vegetables and cooking ingredients. Ship cellar crammed with champagne, and vintage wines. Spotless decks waxed, brass sparkling, the 'Merideth' is a ship to make any captain proud!

Jessica checks the manifesto, everything on-board. Crew 450 excited women, passengers 51. Anchors will be lifted as soon as pre-lottery girls are aboard. Here they come, comely girls bought from all over South America. Naked, they climb the stairs, smiling shyly, to the applause and cheering of both crew and passengers. They seem to be finally reconciled to their fate.

Pre-lottery girls provide meat for the first days of the tour, the pacific crossing, to allow crew and passengers to get acquainted with each other before crew girl lotteries start. Live cooked girls never suffer the indignity of being gutted on 'Dolcett World Cruise Lines' ships, they are thoroughly cleaned out with enemas beforehand. To avoid this inconvenience with pre-lottery girls, they are fed a protein, vitamin and mineral concentrate for two weeks before embarkation and while aboard. They thrive on the stuff and certainly look good enough to eat!

According to the manifesto there should be 100 pre-lottery girls. Jessica makes a quick calculation. She knows, from previous experience, that a girl, plus staples, seafood, vegetables, etc., will feed 40 people for one day. Pre-lottery girls will last about seven days. With 450 crew girls and 51 passengers... Yes, at tour end there should still be about 100 crew women left. Chefs know how to make a girl go a long way! Bones for delicious soup, guts and less appetizing meat for sausages, roast gravy for sauces,...

Jessica gives orders to lift anchors. Horns sound from all the ships in the harbour wishing the 'Merideth' a happy voyage. Family and friends shout a last farewell and the tour starts.

John and Sally, newly-weds, are particularly excited to be passengers. Their romance started in this very ship last year. John, thirty five years old, owner of a successful software company, was then passenger and Sally, eighteen, an enrolled sailor.

Crew girls are encouraged to interact with all passengers equally but John and Sally felt such a powerful attraction for each other that, for all the attention they paid anyone, they could have been the only people aboard.

But there was a time every day when they were painfully aware of their surroundings. Lottery time! Sally always came out lucky. They felt then so full of life, so exhilarated, they could barely wait to be somewhere private before fucking their heads off. Sex was then so fantastic they always dropped exhausted afterwards. Later, utterly spent, John begged Sally to mix with the rest of the passage, to attend more to her chores to increase her chances of surviving the lottery.

They lived through a soul wrenching, incredibly exciting, sex charged trip. The tour last lottery was really terrible, John stayed in his cabin the whole morning, thoroughly miserable until Sally burst into his room and engulfed him with breasts, mouth and cunt shouting "Have me. I am all yours, forever!". They were the last to leave the 'Merideth'. John's cabin door locked, they fucked and fucked until they could not move. A mind blowing experience! Sally collected her enormous bonus -she'll never have financial problems again- and moved in to live with John.

They are the perfect couple. Their only disagreement was when John, after their distressing experience, shied from cannibalism. Sally, who wants to live to the full, gently and patiently coaxed him back to enjoyment of cannibalism and all its associated pleasures. After all, she need never be meat again!

They became members of a couple of sybaritic "Dolcett clubs" where money flows and lottery girls are incredibly beautiful. Survivors collect their enormous prizes and join the festivities enthusiastically. Executions and cooking practices are shocking, imaginative, outrageous, cruel, exceedingly painful, highly erotic and ... delicious! Orgies wild.

Finally married, they have decided to spend their honeymoon on the 'Merideth' to recall old times.

A pretty little thing, who introduces herself as Samantha, barefoot and completely naked except for the regulation white collar, offers to show them around the ship. The newly-weds do not need to be shown but decide to indulge their charming, enthusiastic escort.

Lower deck aft a promenade area, covered with sun-shades and comfortable looking cots, surrounds a kidney shaped swimming pool. "This is temporary quarters for pre-lottery girls" informs Samantha. Winking impishly "I bet they are eager for some fun!"

Pre-lottery girls are attached to a rail, surrounding the swimming pool, by thin flexible cables connected to rings at the back of their red collars. They'll spend their last days here and everything is arranged to make them comfortable, a bar, portable toilets... They can use the swimming pool or walk the deck but, currently, most of them are engaged in frantic sex.

Two naked sailor girls, cunts dripping, stand guard while several passengers and crew attend the doomed beauties. A petite brunette with enormous boobs lays on her cot, moaning excitedly, while two lady passengers -no collar- kiss and suck respectively her clitoris and nipples. Further back a, red collared, elfin mulatto sucks a sailor's gushing cunt while a male passenger fucks her own.

A sultry, white skinned Hispanic winks naughtily at Samantha and the newly-weds. Samantha starts to frig herself, begging with her eyes to stop for a while to comfort the poor, poor meat girl. Smiling, John and Sally shed their clothes and lead the way to the beautiful temptress. The girl, Elena, immediately takes charge of matters. Samantha finds herself on the cot straddled for a 69. Elena wishes are crystal clear. She holds John's erect prick and points, "Por el culo. A fondo!". John obliges her, skewering her arsehole deeply.

Sally, not to be left out, caresses Samantha and Elena's breasts while frigging herself. They work at it enthusiastically and are soon rewarded by sundry orgasms. Elena is sucking John's cock clean when she spies a lonely passenger's enormous dong. Without releasing John, she offers her gaping arsehole to the newcomer and begs "Por el culo!".

Samantha, gathering cunt honey from her crotch and then licking her hands clean, leads her charges to the forecastle. Along the way she points different parts of the ship.

Crew quarters aft, "Lots of fun with so many randy girls. You can smell pussy a mile off! A little bit cramped now, but will be roomy enough when many of us girls scream our way to greedy mouths!" she winks while frigging herself.

Passengers' land in the middle. "Luxurious! That's the life! Many amusement areas too. There is even a theatre. Can be used for fancy executions. We rehearsed a couple of naughty plays last month, using bought girls. My! Did they squirm and howl! Lots of fun if you are not the star!" she giggles contagiously.

"Here is the forecastle. Bridge forward, officers' country behind. Have you met our captain? Quite an eyeful she is! Such a tight, pretty pussy! Bet she pees Champagne! Would love to get drunk on it!" sighs Samantha.

"Below decks there are store rooms, machinery and stuff. The whole top floor has the kitchens and... a very interesting hall! Let's go up and I'll show you. My friend Betty, recreation and games, will welcome all passengers there in half an hour".

They climb the stairs to the 'interesting hall'. A frenzied, savage orgy greets them. Passengers and crew suck, fuck, moan, scream,... Sally drops on all fours and John's bursting dick rams her slick cunt deep. A heady aroma creates powerful, irresistible, associations in all present: Impending climax, overpowering sexual energy, a primal instinct to hurt and be hurt... THIS IS THE EXECUTION AND COOKING HALL! Adrenaline flows, mouths salivate, bodies rut. Poor Samantha frigs herself madly moaning incoherently. Sally pulls her near and sucks her dripping cunt. Without noticing, she bites feverish flesh. Samantha screams a wrenching orgasm while Sally laps her bloody cunt juice.

More composed, Sally begs Samantha's pardon.

"Bah! Your teeth did not go in deep. I enjoyed it! I'll forgive you if you lick it often back to health. Come I'll show you the wicked toys!"

Our couple remember the kitchen appliances perfectly well. Transparent pyrex glass for a clear view of cooking bodies inside, tops cleverly made to fit a girl's neck leaving her head outside.

Electric, hot air ovens. A gimbals mounted, enormous 'boiler babe' pot. Fast fryers with hovering wire baskets to lower girls into boiling oil. Fire pits with supports for modern, spitless spits and a full collection of skewers. Luau sandpits, raised from the floor, their near side a guillotine-like neck stock to allow a, face up, luau-ed girl scream to her heart content. ...

"What are these frames?" asks Sally "They were not here before!"

"How do you know?"

"I'll tell you sweety buns. Last year I was in this ship wearing a white collar."

"Me too!" says John. "Without collar." he adds.

"Whoa! Congratulations! Wish I had your luck."

"We like you a lot Samantha. I hope you make it to the end. Would not mind sinking my teeth on these though!" says Sally fondling Samantha's pretty, hand fitting boobs. "Seriously I feel very sisterly to you. In a very erotic sort of way!" she winks. "We'll give you all our votes. If you come out a survivor, we'll help you financially, you'll be quite well off anyway! And socially. You must join our Dolcett Clubs! So exciting!" Sally kisses Samantha on her full lips and admonishes "But you must let John and me take care of your dear, bleeding pussy!"

"Deal! But no biting unless my poor cunty is already cooked!" giggles Samantha.

"What are the frames anyway?" asks John.

"It is a clever, wicked, vertical girl kebab", she grins appreciatively, "The poor dear girl stands on the bottom round platform, legs slightly apart, held by rings bolted to it. Shackled hands hold her arms straight down, one in front the other back, not too close to her body, for even roasting see? They lock a roundel round her neck, to protect her head you know, and then lower the platform until the roundel fits the circular groove on top of the frame. A spit, stored under the floor, now rises from the platform and spits the screaming bitch. Her anus mind! We don't want to spoil her cunt. Now the platform starts to turn and so she does, held by the spit and the turning roundel. It is then time to roll out the semi-cylindrical electric fire which surrounds her and fits nicely around the groove holding the roundel. Lovely to hear and see! Delicious meat too! Thin slices cut with a long handled knife while she is still alive. Scrumptious!"

"Hey! You are an expert!" says John impressed.

"They let us use all the toys during training. I mean they bought some girls to show us what it is like. Not many, two theatre rehearsals and one for each toy here. No one tried the guillotine. They told us it is seldom used. The fun is over too soon!"

"Vow! You really got our attention! You are a girl after my own heart!" said Sally.

"Oh dear, I get so high on this things! I tell you, I could get used to this life! If only I did not have to risk the lottery..." Samantha starts to frig herself "Ouch! It still hurts!"

John and Sally, tongues ready, come to her aid.

Orgy finally declining, John regards admiringly the 'Execution and cooking hall'. Fore wall connected to kitchens, a bar aft, side walls and roof made of glass panels which can be moved to make it an open space. Fully air conditioned. Always very comfortable inside. And the 'Merideth' is rock steady in all kinds of weather. Plenty of couches and mattresses, perfect for orgies! It can be converted into a restaurant, sitting 300, in a matter of minutes or modified, quickly, for many other recreational activities.

Just at this moment an incredibly big breasted, naked blonde picks up a microphone and introduces herself.

"Hello dear passengers." she smiles prettily "My name is Betty and I am in charge of recreation and games. I want to welcome you aboard the 'Merideth' and to thank you, on behalf of all the crew, for making this wonderful tour possible!"

"This is a very special trip. We are all going to share a very intimate and unique experience. Apart from little details, -you, dear passengers, pay for the whole thing, we, crew, do our assigned jobs and provide scrumptious girl meat!" hearty giggles from present crew girls "We are all going to be a big family, sharing adventures, entertainment, table, food, and" wink "bed. After all, the very exciting idea of this tour is to eat somebody close!"

"Vicious cannibals that we all are," laughs and cheers "this 'Execution and cooking hall' will be our main meeting point. I, as recreation and games planner, hope to see passengers and off duty crew here often. We'll have exciting fun and delicious meals."

"Nudity is traditional in this tour. Passengers and crew can wear what they like. I'll always be naked except when outside, if too cold or sunny." holding her enormous boobs "I don't want these beauties burned before their time!" smacking sounds and appreciative cat calls.

"Now lotteries!" sighs from crew girls "Scrumptious pre-lottery girls are going to feed us for at least one week!" big cheers all around. "Passengers may have noticed all crew wear a collar. We, who are to be cooked," mock sadness "wear white ones. There are 420 mouth watering girls wearing white collars today. Officers fancy other colours." sighs and sniggers "420 is exactly the number of votes each passenger can distribute among us, poor edible girls."

"If you, passengers, log on the computer terminal in your cabin, you'll find each of us, white collars, has received one of your votes. From now on you can redistribute them as you see fit. Important! You should assign votes to those you want spared, not the other way around! A certified, absolutely tamper proof, computer program will run lotteries so crew girls with more votes have less chances of cooking. A cooked girl's votes are returned so they can be distributed again. Don't leave them unused or your darling waitress can roast before her time!"

"I, or my substitute if you have a fixation for splendid, juicy breasts," cute pout "will keep my shapely arse" wriggling it enticingly "moving to provide you with entertainment".

"Each activity will involve some game of chance. At meal times, girl meat treats will go to tables which win them in a mini lottery. In surprise theatre plays, roles will be assigned, among passengers and crew, in a raffle. One or more girls chosen by the lottery program will, of course, be the main stars." laughs and giggles.

"Lottery results will be known at 9 o'clock daily." moans from crew girls "Chosen girls will be secured immediately and attached to this rail here" pointing "by cables linked to their collar rings. They'll be available for sex and... any wicked games we may think of!" mixed moans and cheers "While they last, pre-lottery girls will also be held here. Today they'll bring them in at 10 o'clock, 9 o'clock any other day." Big cheers all around!

"Meals will be served in this hall in two shifts. Passengers and crew will share the same food and drink." cheers and smacking sounds "Make your own arrangements. I guarantee it will be much more fun if passengers and crew mix." much fondling and kissing "Lunch shifts are 12 and 1 pm. Dinner 7 and 8 pm."

"Girls will usually be cooked alive for maximum enjoyment of all present. Heads will be cut off before damaged. After some clever handling and make up, they'll grace lucky tables at meals." murmurs of general agreement.

"Cooking schedules depend on menus and will be posted everyday at 9 o'clock. Cooking will start simultaneously for both shifts. Tough luck for any of us, poor girls, who has to feed the second shift, Chefs will stretch cooking time so she is perfect at the right time." Moans, very loud from Betty.

"Lunch will usually be a simple affair. Buffet and girl kebab. Dinners will be more elaborate." ecstatic "Dinner girls will be available since 9 am until about 6 pm for 'food play'!" sternly "Chefs will be VERY annoyed if girls enter kitchens damaged. Try to behave!" murmurs of hurt feelings.

A chubby, middle aged woman, yellow collar and spotless white apron, comes in from the kitchens holding a sheet of paper. She hands the sheet to Betty and greets everybody "Hello children. Hope you have a good time!"

Betty hugs her saying "This is Milly one of our best Chefs."

Everybody: "Hello Milly!"

Betty: "She has brought today's menu." cheers. Betty reads aloud: "Lunch: Full buffet with freshly impaled girl kebabs." louder cheers "Dinner: Juliana girl soup, oven roasted girls in mint sauce and spit-roasted girls honey glazed." loud claps and cheers!

Milly holds the microphone "Soup should start boiling now to be ready for dinner." excited moans. Lecturing: "Pre-lottery girls come ready for cooking -empty bowels and a perfect shave-, but I am most particular concerning soups. Our girl has been thoroughly enema-ed and forced to drink a lot of weak white wine. She is quite drunk, the poor dear! Her bladder is now full of wine. I have tasted her pee. Delicious!" licking her lips "I'll get her." loud shouts "Yea, Yea! Yummy!"

Five minutes later Milly comes in with a voluptuous young Negress, slightly on the fat side but pretty, wearing paper slippers. She is obviously very drunk. A couple of eager, off duty, stewardesses have already lifted the 'boiler babe' top.

Milly sets the soup girl, without slippers, inside the enormous, transparent glass pot, drunk she offers no resistance. "Nice and cosy aren't we?" Milly deftly fits the top around the girl's neck, locks it and goes back to the kitchen.

Betty informs the eager cannibals that kitchen help will now bring a big container, full of near boiling water and connect it to a thick pipe at the back of the 'boiler babe'. Just as she finishes speaking, Milly comes back with two kitchen girls, orange collars, pushing in a wheeled huge container. The pipe connection is soon ready.

Betty picks up the mike, frigging herself "Cannibals get ready. I'll count to ten!"


Everybody surrounds the 'boiler babe' pot. Girl couples stand or sit together, one hand on their lover's breasts, another over their own dripping pussies. Several girls are on their knees, a man behind. All stare intensely at the doomed soup girl.

Samantha and Sally, facing the 'boiler babe', kneel side by side in front of John, hands on breasts and pussy. Samantha reaches back, rubs cunt juice over her tight anus and points John's, painfully erect, cock there.


Milly opens a valve and, in a matter of seconds, the big pot is full of scalding water. The Negress, rudely awakened, screams shrilly, again and again. She is not bound. Arms and legs writhe madly. She tries to stand and howls herself hoarse.

Moans and cries are drowned by the scalded girl high pitched screams, hands fly, loins thrust urgently, musky fluids splatter floors giving away heady sex fumes, unheard orgasmic yowls fill the air. Cannibals in full rut!

John's cock spears Samantha's tight anus and rams itself fully in. She screams in pain and ecstasy. He pulls fully out and pierces again. Samantha meets him mid way, bent on impaling herself even further. She and Sally frig themselves madly.

The Negress has calmed down somewhat, her body has adapted to the cruel heat. Her face, distorted by pain, sweats rivers. She shouts incoherent insults.

Orgy moans and screams fill the room.

Betty's amplified voice, moans: "The bitch will boil when I say!"

John withdraws from Samantha's obscenely stretched anus and fills it with three fingers. He moves and plunges his stained cock fully inside his wife's experienced arsehole. He pumps hand and penis making both women howl with pleasure.

Betty voice, panting: "Now!"

Milly pushes a button and bubbles start to rise from the bottom of the pot. The Negress squirms and cries in alarm. Hanging from her neck, she lifts her legs and makes swimming movements. It is erotically comic. She whines continuously, exciting more and more her audience.

The orgy is at its apex. Many try to delay their orgasms to synchronize with the boiling girl's last breath. John can not hold any more and sprays Sally's bowels with his seed, feeling each and every delicious spurt.

The soup girl shrieks a final, orgasmic, high pitched howl and her body goes limp. Boiling water jiggles her full breasts. A yellow cloud, wine from her bladder, tints the water. Blood and juices from blisters enrich the soup.

Milly cuts the Negress' head off with an electric knife and lowers the boiler thermostat. She is thinking that blacks boil better. Their bodies don't turn a nasty fiery red. The bitch also provided entertainment for longer than any soup girl she can remember. Next soup girl will also be black, she decides.

Kitchen helpers lift the boiler top, drop finely chopped vegetables, herbs and condiments, close the boiler and turn its thermostat to low boil. Milly goes back to the kitchens with the severed head.

On duty waitresses, carrying drinks and hot, wet towels, weave their way among the cannibals cleaning and refreshing them. A barely legal brunette giggles seeing Samantha and Sally's distended arseholes. She inserts corners of towel in both holes and wipes inside. New towels and a thorough wipe outside.

Wiping John's cock she sighs sorrowfully "A poor anal virgin I am gals, more is the pity! When can I borrow your stud?"

"Poor little love. Come tonight, cabin 069. I'll lick your little browny and hubby will skewer it for you." giggles back Sally.

"Hey! Do I get to be heard?" complains John.

"Of course darling."

"Try to come early, pretty virgin!"

"What about me!" pouts Samantha.

"You know you are always invited sweety. Come, let me soothe your inflamed chocolate winky" coos Sally.

The hall echoes satisfied murmurs from all present.

"My first soup girl. Poor cunty is rubbed raw!"

"So are my teats lover. You are such a nipple twister! Come let me lick you dry!"


"Whoa! I'd love to boil the bitch again!"

"Come to my cabin. We'll see a replay while I fuck your pretty pussy again."

"Lets! I want full sound!"


"Sandy, will you drink me while I eat my soup?"

"You bet, drippy puss!"


"Terrific! Wasn't she? Pity we don't get an encore!"

"Soup girls are always amateurs. Think she enjoyed it at the end?"

"Sure did! Your pussy was so hot I imagined I was fucking her."

"What! The shameless hussy!"

Betty, recovered, looks at her watch and picks up the microphone again "Friends, your attention please". Conversations peter out to murmurs "Our pre-lottery sisters will arrive in a quarter of an hour. What do you say to a darts contest to choose dinner table?" loud cheers "I suggest we first start choosing dining partners. Four to a table."

Pandemonium ensues. Samantha, grasping John's cock and embracing Sally tightly, as if afraid they'd evaporate, begs "Please, pretty pleease, share a table with Betty and me! Say you will. Do!"

"But of course we will, sweety cunt!" says John "Now, please, let go of my pecker. You'll pull it off!"

Samantha jumps up and down for joy and calls Betty "Look who I found! John and Sally, the most canniballic, scrumptious, sexiferous couple you have ever seen! They are going to share our table!"

"Whoa. She really likes you! Gladiferous to meet you. Give us a kiss! ... All right, all right," offering her big melons "don't be shy, grab a good feel!" three pairs of hands fondle her bazooms "These will be the death of me yet!" sigh "Obsessed with them they all are. Nobody pays any attention to my bum... Which is worth a second look, if I say so myself!" a bunch of hands clamp on her quivering buttocks while sundry lips milk her boobs "Ah! Ah! Ooh! Sexiferous!"

Betty has to go back to the mike. "Well, I see you have sorted yourselves out! I'll tell you how to play this game. Here is the layout of the tables when the restaurant is mounted in the hall." shows a chart "All tables are numbered. Best numbers are at front, where 'things are cooking'." wink "We'll cook twelve girls today. Four for lunch, the rest for dinner."

"Here is another chart with marksmanship points." shows a composite photo of a girl, front, side and back, figures drawn on her body "We'll use the lunch girls. They will be linked in two pairs by bars with anal plugs, otherwise they'll be free to move as far as their cables allow. Dart needles are long and thin. Lots of fun!" doubtful "Hope Chefs won't complain".

"As you can see a clitoris hit is worth 100 points, anywhere in a vagina 80, a nipple -not areola mind!- 90 and a miss 0! Totals of table groups will be carefully recorded and table numbers awarded accordingly. We'll consider even numbers only. Odd numbers are reserved for our sisters on duty."

"While we wait, I'll let you know that anything happening in the hall is recorded as stereoscopic video with surround sound. Our specialist, green collared, sisters handle zoom and whatever very skilfully! The signal is available all over the ship and you can recall any past event in your cabin computer. At tour end, passengers and surviving crew will be given a complimentary copy as a souvenir. All other recordings will be erased."

Just then Milly comes back bringing the soup girl's head. It is really beautiful, smiling, made up and perfectly coiffured. She places it on a stand by the soup pot. "None of your touching and kissing her! She has to grace a lunch table this afternoon!"

Betty "Ah, here come our guests. Welcome girls!"

Sailor girls bring in eleven, red collared, girls, attach them to a rail near the bar, tie their hands at their backs and leave looking longingly at the partying cannibals.

Betty: "Milly, dear will you please choose the lunch girls now?"

With expert eye, Milly selects four shapely, slightly flat chested girls -big boobs overcook in kebabs. Eager hands unhook and re-attach them to one of the kebab frames.

Milly: "Now you listen Betty lass! Have your way with them. Have lots of fun. But no serious damage or I'll tan your pretty bum. Make no mistake about it!"

"Will you really?" coos Betty hopefully.

Milly on her way to the kitchens, smiling: "Get along with you, you... naughty girl!"

Hall stewardesses get two dildo ended bars, four glass helmets and a jar of girl's grease out of a cupboard.

Seeing her former colleague's smiling, pretty head by the soup pot, lunch girls submit gracefully to have their arseholes greased. They shriek and yelp though when, amid much joking and laughing, their rudely fingered and stretched anuses yield to the thick, spherical tips of the dildos. Paired by one meter long bars, they stand nervous, heads covered by glass helmets.

Betty has soon everything organized. Two groups, of four tables each, are supplied with sharp pointed darts, each table has darts of a different colour. They all dip dart tips in a glass with alcohol and while a group of four tables, 16 people, try their marksmanship on the girls, the other stands ready to take their place. New groups form to keep a steady flow of darts hitting the poor girls.

Stewardesses take scores. The rest of cannibals enjoy the spectacle while they wait their turn. Many engage in sex stimulated by the targets' high pitched howls and yelps. A small group has gone to attend the remaining pre-lottery girls' sexual needs.

Betty, Samantha, Sally and John will have their chance at the girls when the current group finishes.

"Betty dear, I wonder if... er... well... Would you mind? Could I..." stammers John.

Sighing "All right. Go ahead, help yourself."

"It is just for luck, you know, tradition and all that. Only a moment while I take aim." He gets behind her and holds, left handed, her left boob. His right hand holds the dart -he is tempted to drop it to grab more of her flesh. Her breast feels so wonderfully warm and cushy! His hand just covers the magnificent mammary areola. Daringly he tweaks her nipple...

"Next group get ready!"

"That must be us." thinks John and takes aim with his dart. "A pussy is 80 points. Must concentrate! Damn heavy..." kneading and lifting experimentally the enthralling mound "I wonder if her feet get wet in the shower..."

Everything happens very fast. John's cock involuntarily rises lodging itself in Betty's arse furrow, tickling her sensitive anus. "Wheyyyyy!!!" she cries, flinching. Both their darts fly ceiling-ward. Everybody follows their trajectory. A lunch girl jumps to protect her bald pussy from two well aimed darts. Down come the errant darts... spot on both the girl's nipples, spearing them nicely. She squeals in surprise looking at the twin dart feathers beautifying her boobs.

Loud clapping greets this superb example of marksmanship. Sally has hit a buttock and Samantha a foot -a passenger's foot! All together it adds to 210 points which will get them a most excellent table! Betty turns her head and smiles tenderly at John, her arse wiggling contentedly.

The contest is finished. Hall attendants remove the girls' glass helmets. They are a pretty sight, darts sticking out from their bodies and little blood beads marking main target areas. It seems everybody aimed for breasts, pubis and buttocks.

Attendant girls remove all the darts and sponge the girls clean, tickling playfully all their wicked parts. When it comes to remove the thick dildos there are complications. The bulbous heads just won't come out.

In comes Milly from the kitchens. "What! Still not finished! It is almost eleven and we have not even started. Hurry up! And I want intact anuses, mind! Kebab spits should fit snugly!

Hall duty attendants, amid much giggling, grease and massage lunch girls' sphincters. Guided by their screams, they finally coax the dildos out.

"All right, get them on the kebab platforms or they won't be ready for the first lunch shift." says Milly somewhat mollified.

Betty, mike in hand, calls everybody to attend lunch preparation.

The crying girls are led to four kebab frames. Under Milly careful supervision, feet and hands are fixed to the raised platforms. Feet shackled directly, hands manacled and attached to the platform by flexible cables.

They stand on the platforms as if about to walk. Heads through and above the circular groove at the top of the frame, left foot and right hand slightly forward, right foot and left hand back.

Pyrex glass roundels are fixed around their necks and the platforms lowered until the roundels fit inside the frame top grooves. Roundels can now turn smoothly thanks to finely machined ball bearings.

Attendant girls position lunch girls and separate their buttocks while spits, controlled by Milly's experienced hands, rise. After penetrating the girls' anuses, shafts continue moving in for another 20 cm. Bodies will be further spitted after the girls' heads are cut off.

Attendants start to rub the girls' bodies with basting sauce. They cry in pain when sauce seeps into dart punctures. All present, even the pre-lottery girls by the bar, are sexually aroused and eagerly expectant of the coming drama.

Milly, always the professional, goes to fetch the hairdresser. This inspired girl, who often does disembodied heads and girls about to cook, is soon on top of a ladder making sure lunch girls play their part at their best.

Four semi-cylinders, insides covered by arrays of powerful, infra-red lamps, are rolled out by excited, boisterous stewardesses and fitted to the kebab frames. Without more ado, Milly switches on all platform motors and fires. Two kebab fires on low power, for the second lunch shift, and two at full power.

Platforms revolve, exposing their precious loads to merciless fires. Soft crying turns into loud moans and then anguished pleas for release. The inside of cylinders glow dully, reddish light reflecting on the sweating, turning feminine bodies. Powerful spotlights illuminate the doomed beauties for better viewing.

Kitchen help use long handled brushes to keep the girls' bodies basted. Sauce, sweat and juices gather on the platforms and flow back into the vessels where kitchen girls dip their brushes.

The girls who'll feed the second lunch shift, moan piteously. Their moans are drowned by their sisters' screams. The latter's skins are starting to turn a golden colour thanks to continuous basting. Their pain must be terrible!

The 'Execution and cooking hall' is full of cannibals. Passengers and crew girls not on duty are here drawn by the exciting spectacle. The roasting girls' piercing screams, the mouthwatering aroma of their cooking bodies and the combined communal sex musk drives everybody frantic with desire. The hall floor is covered by writhing, gasping bodies trying to discharge an unbearable sexual tension.

First one then another of the girls who'll feed the first lunch shift, stop shrieking. Their sisters' moans keep cannibals' excitement at maximum pitch. Sexual tension must be released though and, eventually, a multitude of moaned orgasms bring the orgy to a temporary halt.

Two heads are collected and taken to the kitchens for beautification. Spits rise fully skewering the headless bodies. Stewardesses move among exhausted cannibals refreshing them. Waitresses cheerfully start to set up buffet and restaurant.

Betty, Samantha, Sally and John return to the Hall for lunch in the second shift. They have been walking the decks, enjoying sun and sea breeze. Now they are more than ready for food!

First shift diners have already left, waitresses are busy replenishing the buffet and spreading fresh, white tablecloths over restaurant tables. Two kebab girls are still alive moaning softly while turning and cooking. Kitchen help has removed the other two kebabs electric fires. First shift kebab girls' bodies are carved to the bone.

Our friends' table is up front, with a good view to the cooking area. Fellow diners, in less advantageous places, will be able to follow proceedings as easily. The Hall is full of 'viewing points', places high on the walls equipped with cameras and laser projectors.

People have only to look at one of these points and pattern recognition software will lock on their faces, finding the exact position of eyes and ears. Lasers will then project images directly on retinas, creating incredibly realistic stereoscopic images. Arrays of micro loud-speakers elsewhere will beam surround sound to ears, volume controlled by raising or lowering your head while still staring at the point.

Betty explains that the first shift kebab girls were cooked in a rush for lack of time. Second shift girls should taste better, their meat sliced off while still alive. All salivate at the idea!

The buffet is magnificent! All kinds of seafood, vegetables, salad, tropical fruit, bread,... Delicious vintage wines, champagne,... But everybody queues at the kebabs. There will be time enough for other food later!

Skilled waitresses wield long handled knives to cut thin, golden slices from the girls' bodies. Meat is placed, steaming, on eagerly held plates. An anguished scream punctuates each cannibal served.


Alternative Lunch girls preparation for cooking:


Lunch girls seem to be in a temper. They have chosen a Brazilian mulatto as spokes-girl because she has some English. "We never thought we would be treated in such a despicable way!" she bawls "Why! Many of you were not even looking. They went to entertain those hussies by the bar!"

"Well you can not blame them. After the first one hundred dart throws, the novelty is lost. And you did not put your heart on it. What risible yelps at the end!" counters Betty.

"What! How dare you! I'd like to see you in my place! And what about sex? Here we were, prancing pincushions, giving out our best howls and only a handful bothered to fuck and in a half-hearted way at that!"

"Well, we are all tired, that's why. We just had a super soup girl celebration. Come on cheer up. We'll get you nice and ready for Chef in no time at all."

Attendant girls remove all remaining darts and sponge the girls clean, tickling playfully all their wicked parts. They seem to mellow somewhat but when it comes to remove the thick dildos there are complications. The bulbous heads just won't come out.

In comes Milly from the kitchens. "What! Still not finished! It is almost eleven and we have not even started! All you think of is play, play, play. What is a poor soul to do?" wringing her hands "Always trying to do my best. A honest day work and nobody cares!"

"Calm down Milly, it is just a technical hitch. Here let me help." Betty pulls from the Brazilian and the dildo comes out with a loud 'Plop'. "See, this is the way it is done, carry on girls!"

Milly, somewhat mollified: "All right, get them on the kebab platforms or they won't be ready for the first lunch shift. I'll get our hairdresser to do them. Presentation is all!" she goes back to the kitchens.

Lunch girls, sulking, stand together in a corner.

"Come on girls don't be spoil sports." begs Betty "You'll do great in the kebabs, I promise you. Won't be able to help ourselves just looking at you! Terrific orgy it will be. You'll see!"

"What did you mean 'risible yelps'?" asks the Brazilian still bellicose.

"Well, you know, I did not mean it really. Honest! It was not fair. Must be very stressing being a darts target and all that. And you can not expect a good squeak to come out right with a helmet on. Do forgive me. Please!"

"Oh, all right, I won't bear you a grudge. You are just doing your job. Come on girls get going!"

Lunch girls release their cables and start climbing the kebab platforms.


Cannibal Cruise. Chapter 1. End.



This is a fantasy! Women are lovable persons and I would do anything to make them happy. I am a vegetarian myself.


Cannibal Cruise. Chapter 2.

Dolcett World Cruise Lines 'Merideth' log book:


January the 11th 2095.

Another uneventful Pacific crossing day. Making good time thanks to our powerful electric engines. Estimated Equator crossing in two days, arriving Nuku Hiva island (Marquesas) in four days.

24 pre-lottery girls cooked and eaten so far. Crew lotteries need not start until January the 18th.

Crew and passage in excellent spirits.


Extract from captain Jessica Joy's diary:


This tour is going to be one of the best! Crew girls and passengers have really hit it off! Plenty of merriment and sex and no inhibitions! I had to get serious with some young crew girls though. I am all for fun but duty comes first, they can enjoy themselves during their free time.

Betty, recreation and games, is really wonderful, clever, witty, beautiful,... I spend the days dreaming of her next visit. Dare I let her know how I feel? Careful Jessica! Does she feel the same? Would she come to my cabin? It can be arranged discretely...

Yes, yes, I know all about the loneliness of command but... I'll be a better captain without this continuous yearning!

Everybody loves her. She is so creative organizing new activities! She'll have plenty of votes once lotteries start. Games would not be the same if she were to be cooked. No matter how juicy and tempting her glorious boobs!

Some Chefs have complained of course, it happens in every tour. Food-play games sometimes get out of hand. Some girls entered kitchens slightly damaged, teeth marks, a torn sphincter, dart punctures, neck rope marks,... There was even an unconscious girl, luckily she could be revived before being roasted. I told Betty to be more careful next time she organizes hangings. She was so worried, the poor dear!

Betty has been pestering the Chefs for pre-lottery girls to perform in theatre plays. I have let them know I think it a great idea and they have finally relented.

Everything is arranged. Cross the Equator celebrations will include a play featuring six pre-lottery girls. The girls will be deep fried afterwards and Chefs don't mind if they are badly damaged or even dead.

It is all hush hush but I happen to know the play is about some Christian girls sacrificed in an Imperial Rome arena. Betty, as director, and the chosen actors and actresses -passengers and crew- have been rehearsing in secret. Pre-lottery Christian girls, I am told, need no rehearsals, they are expected to improvise!

Head Chef has reluctantly agreed to let Betty have some more pre-lottery girls for plays in the following days. I know crew prefer wild, outrageous plays at the beginning of the tour when pre-lottery girls are still available. Later plays with, lottery selected, crew girls in leading parts, are usually more tame just including some aesthetically pleasing executions.


Samantha, Sally and John lay lazily on the latter's enormous cabin bed, sated from sex. Sally is trying to extract more information from Samantha about the approaching theatre play.

"So what is your part like?"

"Well, it is short but heart rending." giggles "I have to use a funny wig and wear... Don't you pry Sally! You know Betty wants it to be a surprise. My lips are sealed!"

"Calm down sweety cunt. I was not prying I was worried about you learning your lines. You are such a perfectionist!"

"It is ad-lib really. The important thing is getting into the role, then you just act instinctively."

"You'll be great! Pity you have to wear costume, You have such a beautiful body!"

"But I'll be naked! Just gloves and tail. I mean... a simple costume." changing of subject "Are you going to the cooking hall this evening?"

"I think we'll stay here and watch the stereoscopic broadcast. This bed is much more comfortable than the couches in the hall. We'll miss you, pretty tits!" says John.

Pouting "I'll miss you too. Duty mornings and rehearsals evenings!"

"We'll give a miss to the broadcast and watch the replay with you tonight. It will be more fun!" proposes John.


"What a pity. Funny wig, tail and gloves. You'll look like an ugly animal Sammy!" says Sally.

"Not so! I'll be a very sexy panther. Oooops! You bitch!"

"Don't worry Sammy, no harm done. You know your secrets are safe with us. It is not as if we knew the play plot." John reassures her.

"Ha! It is brand new, Betty wrote it. You'd not guess in a million years!"

"You are right, it is a real puzzle, togas, a wooden cross, sexy panthers,... Betty could not recreate a Roman circus in just a few days!"

"Of course she can! She can do anything! ... Ooops! You bastards!" sulking "I am leaving now."

"Bye love. See you at dinner."


Betty and Samantha enter the cooking hall hungry after the strenuous rehearsal. Heady aromas come from a row of ovens. Four are still in use, golden feminine bodies roasting inside, visible through the clear glass. Girls' heads already cut off, neck openings in the oven tops are covered.

Naked waitresses are busy everywhere cleaning and spreading fresh table cloths after the first dinner shift. Two chattering girls roll a trolley with the remains of an oven roasted girl, her bones almost picked clean.

Betty and Samantha move to the front tables looking for their friends. Sally and John receive them with big smiles. "Look girls we have company!" On the table centre there is a pretty severed head.

"Hey! I know her! Isn't she Elena, the meat girl we comforted the first day?" asks Samantha.

"Yes, the very same, she was crazy about buggering. Kiss her, she has cushy lips."

They all kiss the sensual lips amid much mutual fondling and laughing.

"Pity, no tongue play. She was very fond of your pussy Sammy, if I remember right. Why don't you have her kiss you there. Her lips will then taste better!"

Samantha complies and another round of head kissing ensues with much giggling. Their romping is halted when smiling waitresses fill their bowls from a tureen of steaming soup. Soup in the 'boiler babe' pot has improved with time. Bones and meat are added daily and the soup is now a delicious, tasty broth.

Wines, salads and side dishes are served, trolleys start to weave their way among tables. Some are loaded with sea food and other delicacies, four carry the golden bodies of oven roasted girls. A delicious aroma spreads over the hall making all mouths water.

A trolley stops by our friends' table and a deft waitress serves them. The luck of the draw has assigned a breast and a piece of buttock to their table. The waitress cuts off the roasted girl's right breast, places it on a big dish, nipple up, and slices vertically leaving it, apparently untouched, steaming and ready to be consumed. A nice portion of the girl's buttock soon covers a second dish.

The waitresses are about to move when Sally asks "Can I have a lady finger?"

"But of course!" Smiling the waitress wields again her sharp knife and offers Sally one of the roasted girl's index fingers.

Sally sucks and nibbles the severed finger. "Delicious! Does anyone want to taste?"

"Let me have a little." begs Samantha "It is really good even if mostly bone!"

John has been serving portions of breast and buttock and now fills glasses with sparkling vintage, red wine. "Here is to us all. May we have many of these meals together during and after the 'Crew meat tour'!"

They all drink overjoyed and then fall on the succulent meat. Breast flesh is delicately seasoned with port wine, doubtless injected before putting the girl in the oven. Buttock meat has a stronger flavour also fragrant and delicious.


After a visit to the ship disco and a leisured walk along the decks, Samantha, Sally and John go to the married couple's cabin.

All comfortably settled on the enormous bed, backs over soft pillows, John starts the replay of this evening dinner cooking. Several viewing points in the cabin are set to search mode, looking continuously for faces to beam to.

"Funny seeing the girls put to cook when their meat is already on our bellies!"

"Funny and exciting." says John fingering his wife's juicy pussy.

Sally, kissing Samantha, opens her eyes momentarily and it is as if she were immediately transported to the cooking hall. Eight pre-lottery girls, hands tied at their backs, kneel in front of the ovens, legs spread open. Several cameras combine to show the girls front and back. Deftly handled zoom shows beautiful faces, full quivering breasts, glorious firm buttocks, inviting juicy cunts and pretty, tight arseholes. "They were beautiful! Small wonder their meat was so delicious!"

The girls' bodies are suddenly covered by eager hands and tongues. Assisting cannibals lick, caress, suck and fuck the doomed girls bringing them to multiple orgasms.

"I am glad they had a good time. Poor dears!"

Yellow collared female Chefs, some quite young, come in from the kitchen followed by several kitchen girls pushing a loaded trolley. Dinner girls are offered food, obviously stuffing, which they eat willingly. Chefs then direct kitchen girls to use huge syringes to inject more stuffing into the girls' anuses. The girls are then asked to lie on preparation tables face up. Kitchen girls stuff dinner girls' pussies with chopped fruit and Chefs then sew their cunt lips closed. Shrill screams and moans greet every stitch.

The trio is becoming very aroused, John kneels on the floor and laps at the girls' dripping pussies while jacking his dick. Sally and Samantha kiss passionately and fondle roughly each other boobs, mesmerized by the reproduced cooking hall.

Dinner girls are now forced to kneel inside oven trays and skewer themselves on protruding long, thick prongs. Most of the girls scream and have to be pushed down to force the prongs into their anuses, but one of them struggles valiantly to impale herself, screaming a mixture of agony and lust.

"Look! It is Elena! Isn't she great?"

"Bravo Elena!"

Prongs drive the girls' stuffing home and will also hold them in place during their painful ordeal. Chefs proceed now to inject the girls' breasts with a special wine. It is a very delicate operation as the wine must be evenly distributed. Each breast receives many painful pricks until Chefs are satisfied. Girls' cries become less loud as the wine seeps into their blood making them quite drunk. Breasts are now patently bigger giving the girls a voluptuous look.

John climbs back on the bed and lays down, penis erect, offering himself to the girls. Samantha kneels over him and guides his engorged penis into her sopping pussy while kneading frantically her breasts. Sally kneels over his head and offers her dripping pussy. His tongue laps hungrily at her fragrant cunt while his hands grab her buttocks to guide her to his eager mouth.

Eyes and ears receive an intermittent flow of information as viewing points software tries to lock on their moving faces. In the lovers' minds their frantic sex is inextricably linked to what was happening in the cooking hall a few hours ago. More real than real they can see the dinner girls being lovingly rubbed with basting sauces. Trays are slid inside ovens, their height adjusted until each girl's neck fits snugly in the half neck opening, hinged glass tops and doors are then closed.

Betty voice can be clearly heard "Our lovely girls are ready for roasting. And a pretty sight they are!" giggles and happy laughter "Four will be slow cooked for the second dinner shift, the other four will be hot indeed very soon!" Loud cheers.

Chefs switch on the eight ovens. Hot air is blown softly inside, so softly that the poor girls are slow to react. Those destined to feed the first dinner shift start to squirm on their prongs and moan pitifully.

The lovers are spent. They cuddle on the bed following attentively the exciting spectacle. Converting a girl into delicious food never fails to touch a sexual chord in them. Hands move again to penis and pussies as the roasting girls emit high pitched screams.

The heat is too much for four of them and they mercifully faint. Chefs hurry to cut their heads off before they are damaged. Blood spurts from neck stumps but the oven neck openings are promptly sealed. Heads are lovingly taken to the kitchens for beautifying, Sally recognizes Elena's among them. The four remaining girls endure their long agony moaning softly.


Today the 'Merideth' will cross the Equator. John, an old hand at Equator crossing, has been chosen to play god Neptune. Wielding an enormous trident, he chases sea novices, threatening to prick their fleeing buttocks, until they fall into the swimming pool. A coterie of giggling sailor-mermaids follow their lord in his wild cavorting.

There is a pervading air of festive celebration, everybody eager to share in the many activities programmed. There will be running and swimming races, singing and dancing contests, a costume party,... but the main attraction is the 'surprise' theatre play scheduled for ten o'clock this morning.


Betty nibbles her nails, peeping nervously through the stage curtains. The theatre is packed full and she knows that anyone not here will be watching through the viewing points. Actors and actresses mutter their lines in agitation. Opening day is frightening!

John and Sally have good seats. For close ups and different angles there are several viewing points available. From what Samantha has unwittingly revealed they have a pretty good idea of what they are going to see and look forward to it.

Curtains withdraw to show a richly furnished, late Roman empire palace room. A middle aged man and two young women, dressed in rich clothes, sit on comfortable chairs in animated conversation.

Man enters stage from left saluting "Ave Caesar Domitian. Greetings lady Domitia. Greetings chief vestal Cornelia."

Domitian "Hail Satur my good chamberlain. What are your tidings?"

Satur "Very good news, my lord! We have captured the leaders of a group plotting to undermine the might of Rome."

Cornelia "How so Satur?"

Satur "They belong to a Jewish sect, the Christians, who preach against the revered, old Roman religious rites. They also contend, among other things, that a slave is the same as a Consul and that private property should be abolished."

Domitian, aghast "What dangerous nonsense! If their ideas were to spread it would mean the end of civilization!"

Cornelia, shocked "Religious rites are the backbone of society. They unite State with citizens and each generation with its ancestors!"

Satur "There is more madam. We have proof they have established contact with German tribes bent on invading our frontiers."

Domitia, frightened "Is the empire in danger?"

Satur "Not any more my lady. We have utterly destroyed this foul conspiracy -they had spies even inside palace- and when their leaders are also exterminated, I dare say the Christians will be no more."

Domitia "Who are those leaders?"

Satur "Incredible as it seems, it is a sisterhood of six exceedingly pretty, young maidens, who taking advantage of respect due to their sex and comeliness have conspired to commit such evil acts."

Domitian "Faithful Satur, as head chamberlain and Imperial gladiator, I charge you with the task of making public, throughout the empire, the truth of their acts and arranging a punishment fit to their crimes. Punishment to be meted out at the next circus games."

Satur "Your wishes are my commands sire!"

Curtains close to continued loud applause. Betty breathes again and hurries to arrange stage changes.

Curtains open to show a part of the Flavian amphitheatre arena. Thousands of pictures create an enormous multitude who, thanks to hidden loud speakers, cheer at the entrance of Domitian, Domitia and Cornelia. The imperial couple and their guest sit down on high seats cleverly placed to make the theatre spectators part of the Colosseum crowd.

A pretty, almost naked, gladiatrix enters the arena and salutes Domitian loudly "Hail Caesar! Following your inspired commands, games will start with the punishment of six traitorous, Christian maidens who have endangered our beloved Empire." spitting "May their names be cursed forever!"

"The first two will fight each other with a special gladius. The first to blood both her enemy's breasts and buttocks will win. Winner to be granted a quick beheading. Loser to be slowly impaled to death for enjoyment of the Roman people." Great cheers and shouts from the Colosseum crowd -loud speakers.

Gladiatrix exits and comes back followed by three frolicsome arena slave girls dragging two naked young women in, pulling from cables attached to their red collars. The naked girls' breasts and buttocks are marked with a blue circle each. Blue circles barely cover the girls' areolas and also mark the centre of each buttock. Slaves attach the thin, flexible cables to a ring bolted to the floor.

Gladiatrix shows two imitation gladius, Roman short stabbing swords, to the audience. These are made of rubber with bulbous tips from which sharp, two centimetre long, metal points protrude. The points can not cause mortal damage, being too short, but will mark nicely any body part they puncture.

Gladiatrix addresses herself to the girls "Only hits on blue targets count. Die well, you who lived so bad! Here." she hands them the two gladius "Now salute your emperor!"

Christian traitors mumble, Gladiatrix smacks their bums with the flat of her long sword. In heavily accented English "Ail Cesar! Ve, who is about to die, salute you!"

Gladiatrix "Begin the fight!"

The girls, a cafe au lait mulatto and a white Hispanic, take a fighting stance holding their swords clumsily. Colosseum crowd shouts advice and encouragement. "Go at her my beauty! Stick those tits! My bets are on you whitey! Come on, move!"

The mulatto stabs suddenly and pricks the white girl right nipple "Huuuu!! you bitch that hurt!" Big cheers from theatre audience. Whitey stabs wildly, Mulatto tries to protect her titties and is hit on her left arm. "Haagg!" she yelps. Encouraging shouts from audience.

Girls separate looking at their wounds. Blood wells from a deep puncture close to Whitey's nipple, inside the blue circle. Blood also runs down Mulatto's arm but the wound is superficial.

Whitey suddenly lunges but Mulatto sidesteps and she sprawls on the floor. Fast as lightning, Mulatto stabs both Whitey's buttocks. "Huuu!!! Hiiiii!" wild cheers and clapping from audience. Domitian, Domitia and Cornelia, robes in disarray, are having a hell of a time!

Viewing point zoom images show Whitey's buttocks. Incredible! Mulatto has stabbed spot in the middle of both blue circles. Whitey is one left tit away from losing!

Whitey stabs wildly jumping to her feet, hitting Mulatto's belly with a glancing blow. "Haaa!!" Blood from the gash streams down Mulatto's pubis and drips from her pussy. Audience cheers, delighted.

Whitey hits again before Mulatto recovers, this time stabbing her right breast. "Oh?" sobs Mulatto. Bad Marksmanship though, the wound is out of the blue circle. Whitey tries again, this time aiming at Mulatto's left tit. Mulatto spins to avoid the stab, trips on her cable and falls, her bum a clear target. Whitey, gloating, stabs at her left buttock but Mulatto moves to protect her blue circle presenting her arsehole instead. Whitey sword tip hits Mulatto's anus. No harm done though, the metal point just slides inside her flexible sphincter.

Mulatto jumps up and strikes fast as a snake. Her sword tip punctures unerringly Whitey's left areola, clearly inside the blue target mark.

Mulatto shouts exultant, raising her sword high while Whitey cries disconsolately. Theatre audience and Colosseum crowd applaud and cheer wildly.

Gladiatrix takes the condemned girls' swords, unhooks Whitey cable, leads the trembling girl to one side and hooks her there again.

Slave girls struggle on-stage with a wooden block which they finally set by the mulatto girl. They then remove her red collar.

Gladiatrix back at centre stage "Who said Rome doesn't pay traitors? Death is their only reward! Caesar Domitian, most Roman of them all, I beg permission to behead this bitch."

Domitian stands and gives the thumb down sign. Robes raised, he sits down again. Chief vestal Cornelia continues nursing his bursting erection.

Mulatto kneels, wraps her arms around the block and eagerly lays her head on it. Gladiatrix moves Mulatto's hair away from her neck and takes a striking stance holding her razor sharp long sword two handed. Shouting a frightful cry, she chops the girl's head off neatly. Mulatto's body rears up, hands to neck, blood pumping from the stump.

Gladiatrix, exultant, holds the blood dripping, severed head aloft holding it by its hair. Theatre audience stands up and applauds wildly for a long, long time. Deafening roar from audience and Roman crowd. Gladiatrix kisses Mulatto's lips.

Sally claps frantically, cheering and whooping. "Did you see? Beautiful! Beautiful!"

"That it was, dear. A matter of skill, not strength. That girl must have practised a lot with her sword. No wonder Sammy always returned exhausted from rehearsals!"

"Hope the impalement is as good. You know how I love impalements at Dolcett clubs!"

"Did you see our Samantha as slave girl?"

"Bet she is loving every moment!"

Slave girls roll a metal frame to stage left. Soon Mulatto's body hangs from it, metal bars under her armpits. Her head is stuck on a hook a few centimetres above her neck. Slaves wipe away some messy blood and arrange artistically the beautiful body. Well satisfied with their handiwork they exit to come back happily carrying a long wooden pole and pushing a rolling platform in.

Gladiatrix leads Whitey to centre stage, forces her to kneel, bottom up, and locks her hands and feet in manacles fixed to the floor. Giggling slaves remove Whitey's red collar.

Gladiatrix "Hail Caesar! Give the word and this vicious enemy of Rome, a disgrace to her sex, dies!"

Domitian, wiping cunt juice from his lips, "Shaft the bitch's arsehole!" His fist comes out thumb down. Roman crowd shouts approval, theatre audience cheers, many also giving thumb down signs enthusiastically.

Gladiatrix and arena slaves hold the pole and point it into the crying girl's anus. Gladiatrix "At the count of three. A big push girls!"

Sally, frigging herself enthusiastically, looks at a view point to see a close up image of the pole tip stretching the anal sphincter open. In spite of her cries, the girl's lovely vagina oozes creamy juices, she is, obviously, very excited. Theatre audience holds its communal breath not to miss any of the doomed beauty's reactions.

Gladiatrix "Three!"

A piercing scream rents the air as the pole sinks thirty centimetres into the girl's bowels. Her shrill cries drowned by enthusiastic applause, gladiatrix and arena slaves, blushing prettily, bow to the audience.

Slave girls lower the free end of the pole and fix it to a hinged base on the rolling platform. They free the impaled girl' hands and feet and, ignoring her cries, struggle to raise the pole until it is vertical on the platform. They then lock it in place.

The poor girl slides slowly down the pole moving arms and legs in a most erotic way while shrieking lustily. Audience, excited beyond words, engage in all kinds of sex, gladiatrix and arena slaves kiss and fondle each other, hands rubbing dripping pussies.

After some time the girl's screams turn to soft orgasmic moans, she is obviously dying. Arena slaves roll the platform, with its beautiful load, next to the beheaded girl's remains.

Smiling stewardesses move among the audience offering steamed towels and refreshments. The play will continue in a few minutes.

"Terrific! Did you see her face when the pole went in?"

"No I was looking at her wicked parts. Thank God for the replay. Was it funny?"

"Not funny, exciting. She wanted it... at first."

"Her pussy sure was juicy!"

Middle aged man enters the stage "Hail Domitianus! I beg leave to address the public."

Domitianus, buggering his wife Domitia, "Granted, Master of Games."

Master of Games, loudly, "Romans, it has been said we are not a cultural people. Nothing farther from the truth. That we are a strong, virile race and enjoy manly sports does not mean we don't appreciate the finer things in life."

"Next act will deeply appeal to Roman artistic nature. We'll give you a small, but moving, part of the Greek play 'Minotaur'. The story of Pasiphae, king Minos' wife, madly in love with the sacred white bull of Zeus."

Loud cat calls and boos from the Colosseum crowd. They are not in the mood for Greek plays! Alarmed, the Master of Games signals to arena slaves who immediately bring in an exceedingly beautiful blonde. Hands tied at her back, her collar cable is promptly hooked to a floor ring. Master of Games exits.

Crowd seems to calm down somewhat. Three slave girls exit. Three young maidens, wearing white short robes, enter the stage plucking gilded lyres. They place a wreath of flowers on the blonde's head and sing:

"Fair Pasiphae, consumed by desire"

"To consummate unnatural couplings"

"With the mighty white bull,"

"Has from wise craftsman Daedalus"

"A cow-like receptacle implored"

"To induce her bestial groom"

"Her cunty to skewer."

(Editor note: Betty, a genius of dramatic art, is not much of a poetess.)

Daedalus enters the stage pushing a rolling platform on which a solid, wooden 'T' stands upright. One end of the horizontal plank shows three perforations in triangle. He moves the platform to centre stage and bolts it to the floor.

Daedalus helps fair Queen Pasiphae to kneel on the platform, torso resting on wooden 'T', horizontal plank end comfortably lodged between the queen's breasts. He next locks her spread knees to the platform, lower legs sticking out of it.

Daedalus signals the lyre players who promptly shed all their clothes and come to his aid. He gives them three long skewers and explains to the eager girls how to fasten the queen safely to the cow imitation. Daedalus exits.

With girlish exuberance, the solicitous girls proceed to run one skewer through Pasiphae's left breast, past one of the holes in the wooden plank and then through her right one. Giggling they try to tell their screaming queen it is all for her own good as the mighty battering of her lover would dislodge her from the cow disguise otherwise.

Now the queen's breasts are safely in place, it is an easy matter to stick in the other two skewers. Good thinking shedding their pretty white robes, their arms and breasts are spattered with queenly blood! The girls remove the queen's red collar and stand back to contemplate their handiwork.

The queen may not look cow-like, but she is a pretty sight! Wooden 'T' almost completely hidden, the beautiful blonde kneels, apparently unsupported, beautiful breasts enhanced by cruel skewers and nether charms completely accessible. Her face reflects a mixture of pain and lust that excites the girls' passions. They caress and kiss their queen, a bold gal licking her, oh so available, beauteous vagina. Queen's moans turn from pain to desire.

"Sisters, sisters, the white bull of Zeus comes. Let's flee while we can!"

A man, naked except for platform shoes, white bull-like headdress and belt with a long tail hanging from it, enters stage. Enormous, testicle shaped, compressed air containers hang between his legs and he wears a thick artificial penis. Nearing the blonde, he fiddles controls in his belt and his phallic device increases in size.

The white bull walks around queen Pasiphae uttering lusty bellows. Sniffing the queen's hind quarters, his tongue snakes out and starts to lick her pink arse hole. His enormous penis stiffens immediately.

After some passionate bull-bellows the man presses the tip of his prosthetic phallus to the blonde's pussy. Her cunt is well lubricated but the dildo is too thick. He gently twists and rubs until, finally, thanks to the blonde's increasing excitement and lubrication, the tip gets in. Relentless pushing achieves complete insertion, vagina stretched to bursting point.

He starts to pump, first slowly but later with a brisk rhythm. Most of the energy is absorbed by the skewered girl's breasts and her moans are mostly from pain. Increased lubrication and continuous titillation of her clitoris turn them into pure lust.

The man stops pumping. Overcoming cruel pain in her breasts, the girl pushes back wanting the enormous phallus fully inside again. The man gathers juices from her dripping cunt and massages her arsehole, wetting and stretching it until two of his fingers can get in. He then resumes pumping while moving his fingers inside her anus. The girl's moans increase in pitch, a loud cry heralds an enormous orgasm, then another and another... The girl is exhausted, the man panting. He withdraws his artificial phallus leaving her vagina obscenely open.

Rested, the man massages and stretches the blonde's arsehole. He then presents the dildo to her anus. Cries of pain greet each intent of penetration but patient work and extra lubrication finally achieve the desired result. She, in the grip of tremendous sexual excitement, helps in the sodomy.

The enormous phallus finds great resistance penetrating the unlubricated channel and its movements are transmitted to the poor girl's skewered breasts. She cries in tremendous pain but betraying an undercurrent of sexual desire. Her anal muscles finally adapt to the rude invasion and sodomy proceeds at a faster pace.

The blonde's moans are now from undiluted sexual passion. The enormous thick dildo withdraws almost completely before plunging again fully inside her bowels. She cries in ecstasy, another orgasm coming. The man touches controls on his belt and continues pumping. Each time his phallus withdraws it seems to be longer. The blonde, near orgasm, begs for more and the man increases his tempo. She cries an earth shattering orgasm. Sodomy goes on and on, an increasingly longer shaft magically disappearing again and again into the sex mad girl.

Uttering animal bellows, the white bull of Zeus mounts savagely queen Pasiphae. Its enormous, bestial penis comes out of her anus tinted in blood to ram it in again. Pasiphae screams hysterically, blood forms a red puddle under her pussy. The queen shrieks a last, shrill scream and her head drops, blood dripping from her mouth.

The bull slowly withdraws his thick, long penis. Centimetre by centimetre his metre long, red smeared shaft is shown in all its majesty. Pasiphae's bloody anus, grotesquely distended, drips semen and blood on the floor.

A roar of applause fills the theatre. Audience cries itself hoarse cheering. The actor, who has played Zeus's bull so realistically, bows holding his pneumatic, artificial phallus to one side. He bows many times before the audience calms down.

Daedalus, helped by arena slaves, unbolts the platform from the floor and exits the stage. The girls wipe the blonde's face clean and comb her hair. Satisfied they happily turn the platform around showing proudly its occupant to the audience, they then roll it to a place next to the impaled girl. Spot lights illuminate the three executed girls, viewing points show zoomed details continuously.

A short intermission. Towels and refreshments are offered to the audience. Samantha joins Sally and John for a while.

"Hi! How did you like the play so far?"

"Oh Samantha. I have no words! I have never been so excited in my life! And you were great at the impalement!" says Sally.

"Wait till you see me as panther!"

"Hey girl, but you are wet!" notices John.

"You know I am a warm, loving person but when a girl is declared food I can not help myself." frigging her cunt "Oh dear, this things get me so bothered! Oh! Oh! Oh! I must be fucked!"

John and Sally are more than ready to oblige her.

Master of Games, aloud "People of Rome! Domitian, our beloved Caesar, has granted one of the treasonous young women the privilege to test our new, state of the art, cross!" Great cheers, shouts and guffaws from the Roman crowd.

A black, big breasted girl is led in and her cable deftly locked to a floor ring. She is clearly terrified. Three slave girls come in pushing a rolling platform on which a big, 'X' shaped, wooden cross stands. Once the platform is at centre stage the Master of Games himself leads the crying girl to the cross.

The audience watches expectant. A wooden bench is placed on the platform and the girl is forced to step on it. Her lower legs are then tied to the lower beams of the 'X' and her arms to the upper ones. Leather bracelets, with iron rings attached, are buckled to the girl's wrists. Two flexible cables are looped over two pulleys fixed on top of the cross arms. One end of each cable is fixed to the corresponding girl's wrist and wicked, sharp hooks attached to the other ends.

Two excited arena slave girls, moaning from lust, proceed to pierce the negress' big breasts taking care to offer a good view to the enthralled audience. Restraining their obvious eagerness, the girls push both hooks slowly in, each millimetre punctuated by the black girl's shrill screams.

The audience sighs a collective moan. On stage, Master of Games, enormously aroused, takes advantage of the dripping cunt offered by the third arena slave. He pumps himself to ejaculation while she tweaks mercilessly her distended nipples, pain the last push to a bottomless orgasm.

Breasts beautifully pierced, the slaves proceed to untie the poor girl's arms. She finds herself in a very uncomfortable position. The wooden bench has been removed. Her weight rests mainly on her tied legs but arms and breasts, linked by the two cables looped through the pulleys on top, keep her upright. She can lift her body by lowering her arms and so pulling her hooked boobs up but the pain is unbearable. She adopts the least uncomfortable posture, leg sinews straining, pubis sagging down, hooked breasts taking the minimum pull necessary to keep her upright.

Two giggling slave girls now enter the arena carrying a heavy metal bucket from which a long thick dildo sticks up. The smooth dildo is made of copper with a 10 centimetre wooden tip. Its lower end is attached to the bucket with a sliding mechanism for height adjustment.

The girls place the bucket just under the moaning girl's pink, gaping cunt and adjust the attached dildo until twenty centimetres are inside her, ten centimetres of wood another ten of copper. The insertion is easily accomplished thanks to the copious lubrication of the negress' vagina who can not help being sexually aroused by her painful ordeal.

The audience cheers and claps overjoyed when one of the slave girls sets the coals in the bucket on fire with a flourish. Oil flames are soon replaced by a dull red glow as the coals burn.

The heat, transmitted through the copper dildo, reaches the poor girl's sensitive vagina and she starts to squirm. Her moans soon turn to hysterical cries. When the burning becomes unbearable she is forced to lower her arms and pull herself up by her skewered breasts. She sighs when only the wooden tip of the dildo stays inside her tortured vagina but her relief is short lived. Cruel pain, caused by the hooks tearing her tender breasts, compels her to raise her arms and impale herself again on the burning dildo.

The black girl suffers many cycles of cunt burning and breast tearing, her screams and hysterical cries finally bring the audience to a collective climax. The poor girl has no strength left and now just endures the cruel burning of her most sensitive parts uttering pitiful moans and wails that, however, betray an undertone of sexual excitement as the excruciating pain somehow turns into orgasmic passion.

The audience, relaxed, enjoys the stirring view. Steam rises from the girl's tormented vagina and a tantalizing smell of roasting meat pervades the theatre.

Master of Games, aloud "Hear people of Rome! Our generous Caesar has granted an early death to this girl who, although a traitor to our beloved Empire, has given us so much pleasure with her suffering. He himself will use his famous sinew-backed Persian bow to end her painful ordeal."

Master of Games strings a powerful looking bow and sends it, together with a quiver full of peacock feathered arrows, to his master Domitian.

Domitian shows his renowned marksmanship piercing the crucified girl's heart with a swift arrow. Her last scream is unmistakably orgasmic and the Emperor resumes rimming Domitia's anus well satisfied with his performance.

Arena slaves roll the platform with the cross backstage, next to Queen Pasiphae's body. Four exquisitely beautiful feminine corpses make now a most aesthetically pleasing background to the Roman arena.

Master of Games, aloud "Dear people of Rome. There will be a pause in the games now." Loud protests and boos from Roman crowd "Please, please hear me out!" After the crowd calms down somewhat "Divine Domitian has generously ordered the Imperial kitchens to prepare a light snack for us all." Great cheers from Roman crowd and theatre audience.

Samantha joins her friends once more.

Sally, winking naughtily "Sammy, you little pervert. Where did you learn to skewer breasts so sexily?"

"A perfectionist is our Betty. Eat me raw if I haven't put the bloody hook through one hundred water melons these past days! Hope the black bitch noticed my practised hand!"

"She screamed charmingly enough. When will we see you as a vicious, sexy panther?"

"Right after this intermission. I must confess I am very nervous. Kiss me for luck before I go."

"Won't you have lunch with us?"

"I'm afraid not. Must work at getting into the part, and" winking "I'll perform better hungry."

"Can't have you leaving us in such a state! How would you like sitting on this?"

"Whoa! It will relax me no end! Come Sally give me something to lick while I impale myself!"


Chefs enter the theatre leading kitchen girls pushing trolleys full of food. Big trays carry the golden bodies of two perfectly roasted girls sitting on beds of fruit and vegetables. Beautifully made up heads, attached again to the girls' necks, seem to look serenely at the hungry audience. A delicious aroma fills the theatre and everybody realizes how hungry he or she is.

Food is distributed very efficiently. Trolleys roll slowly down the aisle while Chefs carve the girls' bodies, kitchen help fill plates and on-duty stewardesses distribute them.

A most excellent lunch! A happy audience looks forward to the final part of the play.

Master of Games "Fellow Romans! The two remaining Christian maidens will be given to wild beasts for your entertainment." Loud cheers from Roman crowd and theatre audience "If they survive cruel claws and sharp fangs they will be taken to the palace kitchens to be fried in boiling oil. Let their punishment be an example to all enemies of our glorious Empire!" Wild 'Hail Caesar! Hail Caesar!' from Roman crowd.

Arena slaves, wearing heavy duty gloves, bring in two metal poles and insert them into two far apart floor sockets. They carefully adjust their height and then lock them in place. Viewing points show the poles covered with tiny, wicked metal thorns and that only their sharp tips are smooth. The girls then place a long wooden bench just in front of the poles and leave the arena to return dragging the two remaining Christian girls in.

The girls are exceptionally pretty if somewhat plump. The audience greets them with encouraging cries "Give us a good show my lovelies!", "Hi beautiful!", "Glad to have you here!", "Isn't the brunette a dish?", "I'd rather eat the blonde!", "Yummy, yummy!", "We'll meet at dinner luv!"

Arena slaves display the naked girls to the audience making them turn to show off all their charms. Arms at their backs, wrists tied to elbows, the girls' tight, generous buttocks look particularly appetizing.

Without more ado, slaves make the girls climb the wooden bench, their bums against the metal poles. They are then forced to sit on the poles while the slaves spread open their buttocks and guide the smooth tips inside their anuses. The poor condemned girls smile nervously not knowing what is planned for them.

With an irrepressible shout of delight the slaves suddenly push the girls down on the poles. Their anguished screams bring warm applause from the audience. Only ten centimetres of the poles are inside the girls' rectums but they dare not move: The slightest movement bring unbearably sharp pain as the poles wicked metal thorns tear the poor girls' insides.

The excited slave girls remove the condemned girls' red collars and then, amidst uncontrollable giggles, push the wooden bench from under their feet. The Christian girls' hysterical shrieks increase the cannibal audience's sadistic impulses. Everyone awaits further developments eagerly.

The impaled girls slid slowly down the poles, legs flailing, desperately trying to reach the floor with their feet to stop their painful fall. View points show close ups of their bloody anuses swallowing, millimetre by millimetre, the thorny poles. Their toes finally scratch the floor and the girls manage to arrest their impalement. They stand there on tiptoes, foot and calf muscles straining, crying uncontrollably.

The poor dears are only partially impaled, just enough to make any movement extremely painful and to keep them from injuring the wild beasts about to savage them. Exotic animals are difficult to obtain and certainly worth much more than slaves or condemned traitors.

A delicious thrill inflames the audience. Here come the hungry beasts!

A girl, crawling on her knees, enters from stage-left. She wears a simple panther-eared headdress, claw-like gloves and a thin belt from which a long tail trails but we know she is a panther from the way she behaves. Feline, lithe, sinuous, she is the essence of dangerous, cruel, alluring, feminine grace. Her effortless movements are extremely erotic. Pert, firm breasts, crowned by enlarged nipples, and a glistening pussy, seen tantalizingly between her buttocks, tell us she is extremely aroused. She turns to the audience and utters a surprisingly sexy and melodious roar. Her open mouth shows long gleaming fangs. Obviously artificial, they are so well fitted and realistic that they rather add to her wild beauty. Her transparent, tight fitting gloves hold in place wicked, razor sharp steel nails.

The panther is followed by an equally attractive lioness. Both splendid animals roam the arena roaring and showing proudly their lethal weapons. Now a sensual tigress and an extremely flexible female leopard join them.

As the beautiful felines come near the impaled girls, their scent make them nervous. The beautiful panther, bolder than her companions, approaches the blonde Christian and warily sniffs her crotch. The warm, tempting scent makes her lick her chops. Frightened, the blonde tries to kick but the shifting of weight brings an excruciatingly sharp pain to her anus and rectum. Her shrill scream triggers the panther's instinctive reflexes and her slim paw rakes the girl's thigh. Blood wells from five neat wounds on the girl's shapely thigh.

The scent of blood sends the female predators into a paroxysm of lust and violence. The four of them jump on the poor blonde, clawing her thighs and belly. Lioness sinks her sharp fangs into the impaled girl's left breast and chomps her jaws, purring happily. Panther finds all this very unfair as it was she who had found the tasty girl. She fastens her fangs on the inner side of the bleeding breast and growls threateningly.

The audience is ecstatic, the impaled girl's continuous screams -pole causing havoc in her anus apart from having a breast chewed and most of her body raked by sharp claws- and the exciting, beautiful pageant offered to their eyes -plus wonderful close-ups in viewing points- is bringing them to new heights of lust.

After almost tearing the blonde's left breast apart, fighting Lioness for it, Panther decides she can have a whole one for herself and moves to the girl's right boob. Tigress and Leopard decide, wisely, to taste the impaled brunette's breasts. Both impaled girls are now screaming lustily which adds to the general frenzy. Panther releases momentarily her hold on the cushy breast in order to bite a scrumptious areola when a sudden pull of Lioness takes the tasty morsel out of reach. Enraged she sinks her sharp claws in the moving breast and bites deeply into the areola. Her fangs burrow deep and her real front teeth bite through the poor girl's nipple.

Panther is overcome by hunger and lust. She releases her hold on the bleeding breast and retires to chew the delicious nipple at ease. She stops herself just in time as her sharp nailed hand was reaching for her flooding pussy. Better to concentrate on the preys she thinks. Hey! Brunette's buttocks look really delicious. Wonder if I'll be able to sink my fangs really deep. I may even bite another morsel off!

Tigress and Leopard are having a hell of a time! They hold the brunette firmly with their claws and proceed to sink their fangs into the girl's breasts repeatedly. Fang wounds don't bleed very much but leave cute punctures behind. The brunette's boobs now resemble two pretty pincushions. If the girl gives them any trouble they just push her down on her pole and she quietens really fast. She keeps screaming, of course, but that is, after all, rather nice.

Panther moves behind the impaled brunette and lustily sinks her long fangs into her right buttock. The bite is satisfyingly deep and seems to bring a higher note to the poor girl's screams. Biting off a piece of flesh is rather difficult as she can not close her mouth completely. She should have been less greedy. It could just be possible with a smaller bite.

Just as Panther is pondering her cannibalistic possibilities Tigress and Leopard pull rather sharply from the girl's breasts and unbalance Panther who is firmly attached to her luscious buttock. This is really too much. I'll show them!

Three sets of fangs and claws pull the poor impaled girl this way and that until Tigress and Leopard admit defeat and release, rather suddenly, their hold on their victim. Panther's unopposed vigorous pull turns the shrieking, impaled girl around her pole and lands the lusty feline on her sore bum.

Really cross, Panther watches her three companions biting and mauling the Christian blonde. Well, the brunette is all hers now, she muses. She has always loved eating pussy. Panther kneels in front of the trembling girl's crotch, separates her legs with her paws -bringing her further down on the pole- and sinks her fangs into her cunt. This brings new life to the exhausted brunette who yelps for all she is worth. Panther real teeth fasten over the poor girl's clitoris and she bites hard!

Master of Games, aloud "Fellow Romans. We must spare the poor beasts, they need a rest! Our divine Domitian has decreed the Christian maidens are to be taken forthwith to the Palace kitchens."

Master of Games, wielding a long whip, shoos the four felines out of the arena. Panther leaves with a dreamy smile, bloody mouth chewing happily. The proverbial cat who has eaten the canary.

Domitian, getting down to the arena with chief vestal Cornelia and his wife Domitia "Dear friends. I hereby declare this theatre play finished." Bowing to the audience "If we have pleased, that is our reward. If we have offended, we ask your forgiveness."

Clamorous applause and cheers while curtains close. The clapping becomes wild and the curtains open again to show all actors and actresses bowing. The whole cast looks to stage left and applauds until Betty appears flushed from joy and pride. She bows low to her chanted name and wild cheers. She then proceeds to present her companions while the audience goes wild, clapping, cheering and whooping.

"Dolores: Gladiatrix/Lioness."

"Samantha, Sophie, Helga: Arena slaves/Queen maidens/Wild beasts."

"Juan: Satur/Master of Games/Daedalus/White bull of Zeus ."

"Peter, Meg, Celine: Domitian, Cornelia and Domitia."

"And last but not least" showing the whole stage "Our beautiful Christian maidens!"

Applauses, cheers and wild praise last a long, long time.

Cannibal Cruise. Chapter 2. End.



This is a fantasy! Women are lovable persons and I would do anything to make them happy. I am a vegetarian myself.


Cannibal Cruise. Chapter 3.

Extract from captain Jessica Joy's diary:


I love darling Betty! After the sweetest love making I have offered her a permanent job aboard if she survives the tour -I'll sing her praises to all passengers to improve her odds. I know she has accepted because of me, with her bonus she would never need work again.

'Recreation and games' should be a permanent position. Witness the enormous success of the Equator crossing theatre play! Pure creativity and style. None of the usual 'Jack the Ripper' messy crap! Passengers and crew were ecstatic! So much so that they clamoured for a 'wild beasts' scene encore.

I talked to the Chefs, "Look ladies" I said "everybody aboard wants some wild plays even if it means cooking damaged girls." I forestalled their arguments "Just while pre-lottery girls last. Let's make the most of them! Crew girls need the excitement, lotteries will start soon enough. They will not be so eager for wild plays then!" After much grumbling and complaining they finally gave in.

Betty had her actresses repeat the 'wild beasts' scene, this time with three gorgeous condemned gals. How the audience cheered! Actresses playing wild beast got so carried away they ripped some flesh off their victims. Some dinner girls went into kitchens missing nipples, pussy lips or chunks of buttock. Chefs rushed the crying girls directly to the kitchens for a hasty breast filling and oven roasting while sex crazed, bloody fanged 'wild beasts' joined the rutting audience.

When Chefs stop being hopping mad angry I'll try to sweet talk them into letting Betty have another eight pre-lottery girls in a few days time. The girl has lots of bright ideas!


In captain Jessica's cabin, lovers lying on bed.

"I love you Jessy. I'll arrange things so you can eat my best parts if I am cooked."

"Hush baby. You do have a one track mind!"

"It is exciting! I've come many times imagining you carving tasty morsels from my roasted body. A crisp nipple," pushing a luscious breast to Jessica's lips "a tasty rump steak," wriggling her bottom "or strong flavoured cunt filet." pressing Jessica's hand to her flooded pussy.

"Mmmmm! Roasted would be nice but eating your living, juicy pussy is heaven. Come, let's 69!"

"Right!!!! And don't you forget my winky!" jumping in position "Open up. Let me have some honey!"


Exhausted after wild love making.

"We'll touch port at Nuku Hiva tomorrow. Beautiful as the place is, I am happy we'll stay for just one day." says Jessica.

"How so lover?"

"During the 'troubled times' Marquesas islands became independent from France and now this is one of the few areas in the world where cannibalism is illegal.

Because of their silly laws the whole archipelago is in a desperate situation. Sex imbalance is tremendous and there are no institutionalized ways to sublimate women's new impulses.

In Nuku Hiva, largest island in the archipelago but barely 300 square km. in size, scarcely a day passes when less than three women commit suicide or die in reckless accidents. And, their meat is wasted, buried uneaten. Can you believe it?!"

"Poor, poor women. Such meaningless deaths!"

"Most edible animals disappeared after the world-wide epidemic. The only source of animal protein is a carefully nurtured type of pig. These pigs, also affected by the epidemic, are exceedingly difficult to breed and pork meat is a rarity enjoyed only by the very rich. Not that I would ever eat such an ugly, hairy, dirty animal! Passengers and crew usually puke their guts out when they see natives eating that repugnant meat."


"There are secret cannibal societies here but ruthlessly persecuted. Their only way to procure woman meat is either stealing fresh corpses or organizing clandestine lotteries. Both methods are very dangerous.

Body stealing requires quick action, luck and heavy bribing. Clandestine lotteries involve an elaborate deception. A girl willing to participate has to write, beforehand, a letter informing of her intention to commit suicide in a way in which her body can never be recovered. Girls not chosen are given back their letters, those of girls eaten are sent, indirectly, to local authorities.

I know so much about local, secret cannibal societies because the leader of one paid me a visit last time I was here."

"Do tell me!"

"A smiling, middle aged, attractive woman was shown into my cabin. She introduced herself offering her hand."

"Extremely kind of you to receive me captain Jessica. My name is Tarita."

"I took an instant liking to her, shook her hand and, impulsively, embraced her."

"Welcome aboard Tarita, what can I do for you?"

"I admire greatly what you and 'Dolcett World Cruise Lines' are doing and I think the group I am honoured to lead may be of assistance." regarding my body with appreciation "Our stupid laws forbid public nudity and I feel overdressed. Allow me."

"She undresses. What a beautiful body! Golden skin, narrow waist, pert breasts, tight bottom,..."


"Oh, don't be silly! No woman compares to you!"

"Give us a kiss!" passionately given "Now go on."

####### Secret cannibal society in Nuku Hiva as told by Jessica. BEGIN.

So, we were in my cabin and Tarita told me of her group.

"I am current head of an, all women, cannibal society, clandestine of course. A handful of us created the society three years ago, each founder contributing whatever money she could spare and her own body. We bought a nice villa hidden in a remote area of Taipivai valley. It is perfect for our cannibal feasts and orgies."

"We, founding members wrote our society rules and still abide by them. Here are the main ones:

-All members to help each other in any situation. This has given all of us wealth and a better social status.

-Every member must hand a, signed, suicide letter to the directing committee. Committee vows to keep letters safe and use them only when concerned members have been eaten in a society feast.

-All members to participate in all lotteries. A certified, tamper proof, computer program (widely used in cannibal countries) will choose randomly from all members. Selection probability will decrease with the number of lotteries already attended. Same probability for members in the 0..10 attendance group to encourage new memberships.

-Lotteries to take place even if no prize money is available. If available, prize to be shared equally among surviving participants.

-Members to encourage trusted female relatives and friends to join our society. After securing their suicide letters, favoured candidates will be invited, as guests, to our feasts and orgies.

-Honorary male members may be admitted if they demonstrate their ability to assist the society. They also must be well liked by all society women. Men, of course, will not participate in lotteries. Their attendance to feasts will depend on their popularity and usefulness to the society.

-Wealthy, carefully selected, non member, men and women will be allowed to attend our cannibal feasts if they donate generously to the society. Can be banned from orgies for incorrect behaviour."

"It must be awful to live in a place where the excitement of risking your life and the pleasures of cannibalism are forbidden, but I envy you the thrill of enjoying it all against law and convention, dear Tarita."

"Looking back, beginnings were really difficult. Our first feasts were incredibly exciting and addictive. Paying guests, girlfriends and female relatives were invited. Paying guests provided lottery prizes and much needed funds. Non paying women guests were invited in the hope of attracting them to the society. Many became members, but not enough." sighing "Our numbers dwindled dangerously."

"We had eaten half our original group and were on the verge of curtailing lotteries when one of us proposed her fiancée as honorary member. Being director of a big hospital he still supplies our society with corpses of young women. His timely contributions eased the pressure on our numbers and our feasts and orgies continued. Other members also proposed their boyfriends and we soon had several useful men as honorary members. An influential politician and a police officer are a big help with the suicide letters scheme and our boys are not adverse to an occasional kidnapping if we point some nasty bitch to them."

"Things have improved lately. Trustworthy, paying guests attend regularly at our feasts and word, whispered in secret, of our society and orgies has reached many an adventurous girl's ears. Nowadays there is a long queue of women waiting for membership. Lotteries are now held monthly and cooked women are immediately replaced. We feel we are helping our country by spreading cannibalism and correcting sexes imbalance."

"I would be proud to be your friend Tarita."

"You honour me captain Jessica!"

"Please call me Jessy. You'll stay for dinner of course. I hope your business can wait? Would you like to visit our ship?"

"Certainly! I appreciate your kindness... Jessy."

You know how I like showing the 'Merideth', Betty. Tarita's eyes brightened when we reached pre-lottery girls' quarters. So many beautiful, edible women ready for cooking! The girls were randy as usual, and we spent some time pleasuring them.

What really impressed her was the execution and cooking hall. Dinner was in progress, six girls cooking inside luau sand pits, heads sticking from stocks while extremely hot stones transformed their bodies into culinary works of art. The poor gals were almost gone, cries turning to soft orgasmic moans.

"What is the recipe if I may ask?"

"It is no secret, we borrowed the idea from your underground ovens. A bed of red-hot stones, burlap, a layer of palm leaves, a well fleshed girl with yams and sweet potatoes, another layer of palm leaves, more burlap, sand to cover the lot and, voila! A meal fit for gods! Our only contribution has been the stock to lock the girl's neck leaving her head out. Her cries are music to cannibal ears!"

Just then six Chefs, armed with electric knives, start to cut the girls' heads off. Blood and steam come out of their neck stumps.

"What do you do with their heads?"

"We always cut them off before they are damaged. After some beautifying they decorate dinner tables. Sometimes we attach them back to the roasted bodies. The effect is quite provocative."

She admires all our cooking appliances, particularly girl kebabs. Waitresses, naked as almost everybody aboard, are busy setting up the restaurant and I lead Tarita to the captain's table where we join three favoured passengers.

We have an animated conversation going when our current 'recreation and games' -wink to Betty- announces that two girls will be fast fried to provide entrées until luau girls are ready. Cheers fill the hall. Tarita becomes extremely aroused. She fondles the penis of the man sitting next to her and, when rigid, impales herself on it, hips gyrating lasciviously. Her eyes never stray from the fast fryers where both girls are being simultaneously prepared.

Collapsible wire baskets lie flat near the fryers, sides laid down. Girls are made to sit on them in lotus posture, hands at their backs. Legs and hands are then tied in place with fine wire. Wide, lightweight, glass roundels are fixed to necks to protect the girls' heads from the boiling oil.

Wire baskets are recreated, raising their sides, and cables attached. Girls safely inside, the baskets are lifted and manoeuvred over the fryers. Both girls are lowered into boiling oil at once. Their frenzied screams fill the hall, exciting enormously all present. Their bodies can be seen in the bubbling oil through the fryers glass walls. They are almost immediately lifted. Baskets are then deposited on special trays, cables released, basket sides collapsed and roundels removed.

Trolleys bearing the trays are rolled to restaurant tables. One stops at ours, the fried girl's body twitching, her moans pitiful. A smiling waitress deftly cuts thin slices from the girl's body and fills our plates. The girl does not seem to feel the knife cuts, all her nerve endings have been destroyed. I order her fried cunt for Tarita. Captain privilege!

After doing the table rounds, the girls' heads are cut off and their bodies follow several cycles of fast frying -which cooks a thin layer of their flesh- carving and serving until all their delicious flesh has been consumed.

Steaming, delicious luaued girl is served next. Tarita eats little but with great relish. Eating woman's flesh, she confides, often brings her to orgasm.

"I am in love with the idea of cannibalism! The thrill of risking your life in a lottery. The enormous high when somebody else is chosen. Sexual excitement multiplied a million-fold when admiring or performing an outrageously wicked execution. A woman screaming and moaning her way to become a delicious delicacy, pain and lust indistinguishable in her face,... Women bodies are meant to be eaten! We are made to give of ourselves. Such scrumptious curves and secret places,... And I have no words to tell you of the orgies attending this divine practice!"

"Whoa! Tarita You do get carried away! What would you feel if you were the one chosen in the lottery?"

"I have enjoyed so many delightfully orgiastic cannibal feasts that it would be a small price to pay. The idea moves me so much that I am sure I would enjoy my own execution. I have never failed to detect sexual pleasure in an executed woman!"

"How would you like an after dinner drink?"

"Splendid idea, Jessy!"

On our way to my cabin, Tarita questions me about our 'boiler babe'. She has never seen a girl boiled for soup! Over our brandies I replay several cooking scenes for her. She enjoys them so much that I make a copy of my favourite multimedia book 'One thousand depraved ways to cook a live woman' -a collector item- and hand it to her. Her cannibal society is in for a few surprises!

"Human ingenuity is truly amazing, Tarita. I am sure you'll find this collection of stereoscopic recordings educational, inspiring and very, very entertaining."

Holding the memory stick as if it contained the Crown jewels "Oh, thank you, thank you Jessy! We are a little behind the times here in Marquesas, but eager to learn!"

"Tell me of your secret society, dear Tarita, and explain how it could be of assistance to 'Dolcett World Cruise Lines'."

"We have named our society Inanna after the Sumerian Goddess of sexuality and the chase. Our symbol is a voluptuous naked Goddess holding bow and arrow. Legend has it that she went through the seven gates of hell leaving clothing and ornaments behind until, at the last gate, she was entirely naked. The queen of the underworld killed her and hanged her delicious body on a hook. When Inanna returned from the underworld, willing priestesses had to be periodically executed to take her place there. In ancient times priestess-prostitutes worshipped Inanna in her temple Emashmash -the house of offerings. This is the name we have given to our villa in Taipivai valley."

"We want The Marquesas among modern civilized countries, accepting cannibalism wholeheartedly. It will be a long time before Inanna can show herself, proudly naked, to Marquesan society but we want to start preparing the way now."

"We wish to assist 'Dolcett World Cruise Lines' ships in any possible way and would be proud to accept 'Dolcett club' status. Inanna knows of the trouble 'Karyn Aites' experiences whenever she sails our waters. Since departure from Acapulco passengers and crew must endure a monotonous diet of South American girls until the cruiser touches port in the more enlightened lands of French Polynesia.

Far from my intentions to disparage South American flesh -our honorary member, the hospital director, once brought us a freshly killed Argentinian girl and I have to concede excellent flavour and firmness- but it can not compare to our delicately flavoured women's flesh.

Lack of variety during the first week of the trip somehow flaws the acclaimed 'Meats Of The World Tour'. The same can be said of the 'Merideth'. Would not everybody aboard appreciate some fresh, exotic flesh before crew lotteries start?"

"That would be wonderful, but how can it be? We are suspected as soon as we touch port! Local authorities keep careful tab of the number of women who board and disembark and we may not depart until both counts tally.

Last year the 'Karyn Aites', driven by necessity, landed a larding party. Friendly locals directed them to suitable women in Taiohae and they managed to smuggle six aboard. Unfortunately one of them left a message behind and local police boarded and searched the ship. Luckily at that time all the local women had been enjoyably executed and eaten. Although local authorities could not prove their charges they still remain suspicious. Since then nobody from the 'Karyn Aites' is allowed to disembark here without a special permission. Most annoying!"

"Inanna can help dear Jessy! One of our honorary members has contacts in the harbour police. We could visit your ship posing as a group of local dancers, hired to entertain crew and passengers. Once aboard we'd organize a lottery. Chosen sisters would stay behind for you to enjoy and, departing, we'd take an equal number of your South American girls with us. You'd be able to feast on our flesh -a forbidden delicacy- and we'd be free to indulge in -let's say unusual- orgies with our newly acquired, foreign, sisters."

"You are a genius Tarita!" I said, kissing her "I'll do my utmost to convince those above me! If I have my way, Inanna will soon become a clandestine Dolcett club, lavishly funded by 'Dolcett World Cruise Lines'. I'll also propose better terms: Inanna will stay a whole day aboard and take part in all meals and feasts to honour her doomed members. DWCL will not grudge one or two extra pre-lottery girls to feed you all."

"Oh Jessy, you make me so happy. This is what I have always dreamt for Inanna!"

"I can only promise to try, but I am quite certain your proposal will be gratefully accepted."

"Dear Jessy would you do us the honour of attending one of our feasts?"

"Gladly! The honour will be mine."

Perhaps it was not wise to accept -the last thing 'DWCL' needs is one of its captains caught attending a criminal activity in Marquesas- but I saw such sincerity in Tarita's eyes that I could not refuse. And, let's face it, I was thrilled and extremely aroused by the idea.

Tarita picked me up early next morning. I had sailors load a case of vintage wine in her car and we set out on our way to fabled Emashmash in Taipivai valley.

"I am so glad you accepted! You'll probably find our feast primitive. Take into consideration that we have learnt by trial and error, we try to compensate with sheer enthusiasm. Inanna is always thinking of novel methods for lotteries, executions and recipes." sighing "Nothing to compare with what I saw yesterday in your beautiful ship!"

"I would not miss your feast for anything! Will you take part in the lottery?"

"Of course. All members have to! For me it is not only a duty but a privilege. I thoroughly flushed myself out this morning of course, but it is very unlikely I'll be chosen. I have lost count of the number of lotteries and feasts I have enjoyed." giggling "Let's hope Inanna's computer remembers!"

I enjoy our drive, Taipivai valley is only sixteen km. away from Taiohae but Tarita makes several detours to show me beautiful waterfalls and a long winding river. Following a barely discernible packed earth road we finally reach Emashmash a villa you would not notice unless somebody pointed it to you. It is hidden in lush vegetation and hedged by big rock outcrops that conceal its real size. An automatic door opens and Tarita drives her car into an underground garage.

We get rid of all our clothes in a changing room. Tarita becomes a new, younger woman, sparkling eyes and lithe body radiating sexiness. She leads me to the villa impossibly big inner court. I stop to take my bearings. We are in a spacious, well shaded, grassy area where a crowd of naked people, mostly women, lounge on mattresses, some couples enjoying lazy sex. In front there is a kidney shaped swimming pool, well tended gardens further back. Left, there is a kind of small, open air auditorium or theatre. On my right, close to what I imagine is a kitchen, its doors open to the court, there is an outdoor cooking area with open air ovens, pits for underground ovens and firepits for spit-roasts.

A pretty young girl jumps up and embraces and kisses Tarita passionately.

"Maeve my darling, let me introduce you to Jessica Joy, captain of the 'Merideth'. Jessy this is my sweet love Maeve."

Maeve is a beauty, big, mischievous doe eyes, perfect body, golden skin and long raven black hair.

"Delighted to meet you Maeve."

Kissing me "I know all about you Jessica! Tarita has also told me about the exciting activities in your ship. Welcome!"

"I'll show Jessica around, Maeve, we'll join you later. Come Jessy, introductions can wait."

Inside, the villa is luxurious. Sybaritic baths, modern furniture, many comfortable bedrooms, two halls, an enormous dinning room -charmingly decorated with pretty taxidermed heads of past members- and a big fully equipped, spotless kitchen -most of the cooking must be done outdoors- a woman's smoked ham and arm, fingernails and toenails still painted bright red, hang from hooks in the ceiling.

Tarita next shows me the gardens. It is a pleasure to walk among whispering fountains and cool grottoes. Further back there is a wide secluded area covered with soft grass, perfect for a picnic. On the rock wall that closes the gardens, inside a wide, shallow cave I see, neatly ranged, a wooden structure for hangings with sharp impalement poles underneath, a restraining frame, breast piercer and slicer, guillotine, horizontal spitting machine, several unidentifiable machines and a barbecue and grill. There are also two thick wooden tables and three big cabinets for accessories. All the machines seem to be cleverly hand-made and lovingly maintained.

Tarita, a naughty glint in her eyes, explains "We strive for variety. Usually each cooking recipe suggests a method of execution but sometimes we prefer to separate execution from cooking."

"Woman members vote beforehand where they want lotteries to take place. If it is by the kitchen, executions are fairly straightforward and depend on the cooking method chosen. When we feel like some wicked fun we all agree to an imaginative 'program of activities' and lotteries take place here." winking "Occasionally we have some annoying lady visitor as our unwilling guest. Such exciting fun! We love surprise garden barbecues!"

Back by the swimming pool, Tarita introduces me to everybody -first names only and no particulars. Most of the women are beautiful islanders, like Maeve, but there are some exceptions, several blondes and a couple of redheads. Only nine men, strongly built islanders and a Frenchman. A handsome, well hung islander looks at me with interest and so does the pretty blonde hanging from his arm. I promise with my eyes to meet them later. Tarita tells me we are 70 people: 50 Inanna female members, 5 male honorary members, 9 paying guests and 6 other guests including two girls who will replace the members we are going to eat.

"I see you also have a theatre."

Giggles and good humoured banter greet my comment while many voices try to explain at once.

"Girls, girls! I think Tina and Mera should explain. It is their idea after all."

Tina and Mera, two high spirited young gals take me to the semicircular 'theatre'. It has three tiers of benches of increasing height from front to back. The enthusiastic girls interrupt each other's voluble explanations, happy and excited to talk of their pet subject.

Tina, fingering her pussy "We thought we could make lotteries more exciting and entertaining."

Mera, caressing my bum "And combine lotteries with executions!"

Both "And we thought of Inanna's bow!"

"Sorry girls but I don't understand."

"Come have a look at the benches."

There are ten centimetres wide, round holes at regular intervals along the benches.

"Well I still..."

"There are 50 holes in total. One for each of us Inanna women!"

"And we lock an Inanna's bow deep inside each hole. Only the arrow tip sticks outside."

Taking my hands "Come we'll show you."

Holding a long cylinder of the same diameter as the bench holes "This is an Inanna's bow. This is the tip of the metal spit inside -the Inanna's arrow. There is an explosive charge at the bottom."

Excitedly "We girls sit down on the benches pushing the spit tip up our bums. If an electric current triggers the explosive..."

Giggling "Booomm! The unlucky girl is spitted..."

"Only about thirty centimetres deep because of the limit ring in the spit."

"Inanna's arrow lifts her high and leaves her there because the lower end of the spit locks into the Inanna's bow."

"Then we remove the spit limit ring and let her spit herself."

"Fun for at least one hour!"

"And she is almost ready for roasting!"

Tarita, who has joined us "Let's hope it works this time!"

Hotly "It was just a technical hitch!"

Pouting "And silly, dumb Tira! Not enough sense to sit straight!"

Thoughtfully "Won't happen again. We have raised the arrow tips to keep us girls always in line."

"Don't be upset my tender, darling long-pigs. Of course it will work all right! Now run along and have fun."

Tarita, when we are alone, laughing "The first time was a disaster.

We had only three centimetres of spit inside our rectums and poor Tira leaned back on her seat. The spit tip came out through her belly just above her clitoris. We had to un-spit her, replace the charge, get her back in place and fire the bow again. She did not like it a tiny bit!

The other Inanna's bow was even worse. One of the explosive charges was a dud and Helen, although spitted, was not lifted high enough. She dropped back onto the bench -very undignified! We also had to un-spit and do her again."

"Later, everybody had a big laugh and agreed we had had more fun this way. Nevertheless this time I have insisted all of us sit straight with fully ten centimetres of spit inside our bums."

We walk back to the group and after an entertaining chat with irrepressible Maeve -quite taken with the idea of an Inanna lottery aboard the 'Merideth'- I search for the randy couple I had crossed glances with before. There they are, by the swimming pool.

"Hello I am Jessica... Jessy."

"Come, lay down with us. This is Manup and I am Monique." giggling, looking at Manup's cock "Hey, look what you have done! Take pity on him Jessy."

I find myself straddling Monique, her lips on my clit, my cunt nicely cock-stuffed. Monique's succulent, tempting pussy opens to my tongue.


"Are you both guests, Manup?"

"I am an honorary member."

"How did you become one? What do you do for Inanna?"

Smiling "I was introduced by my sister Taira and I'd rather not answer your second question."

"How foolish of me! Please forgive me, I'm not used to consider cannibalism illegal."

"No harm done Jessy. My girlfriend Monique is technically a guest until we have lunch."

"Are you a replacement Monique?"

"Yes for one of the women we are going to eat. I am lucky I have waited for just two months, some poor girls wait for ages!"

"Is it your first cannibal feast?"

"My second, I was here the day Manup's sister was eaten."


"Don't be! We both adored Taira but eating her was great. My first woman flesh. I salivate just thinking of it. Excellent gravy too, a new recipe I was told."

"We got her forearm and a good piece of buttock. Half a breast from the other girl too. Preparing her for the oven was great fun. A good sport my sister was! Monique sure was excited!"

"So were you my bull. Gave me a very sore pussy! Taira had a good life, she ate through quite a few gals herself and was forever telling me about all the orgies she attended and how much fun she always had. Made me mad with envy. I swear she orgasmed at the end!"

Some men are busy firing an oven and preparing a firepit. Several women work in the kitchen. We join them, I help with sauces, Manup chops tropical fruit and Monique busies herself with sweet potatoes. Two long outdoor tables are laid out. Gay, fragrant flowers and head display silver bases decorate them.

I feel a change in the mood of the group. Tension mounts and conversations die. Inanna women try to calculate their odds to survive -uncomfortably low for new members, they wish they had already attended 10 lotteries, common wisdom has it that you are reasonably safe then. Intimate touches develop into frantic sex. This may be the last time they caress, kiss or fuck! Friends and lovers anxious for their loved ones, fervently pray they are spared but deep inside they know they'll enjoy the proceedings as much as anybody else if they are chosen.

Guests are also caught in the frenzied rutting. I look for Manup and Monique. Monique is on her back, feet over Manup's shoulders, his thick penis ploughing her anus, her hand flying over her gaping cunt.

A hand caresses my bum, it is attractive, sultry Ani. Tarita has introduced her as one of the few remaining Inanna founding sisters. Her flexible, still young body wraps around mine and we kiss deeply. We lay down, still kissing, and entwine our legs. Breasts pressing, her hot cunt kisses mine while my tongue teases hers. A symphony of moans and excited cries lead us on until we ourselves contribute to the communal orgasm.


Everybody looks at directing committee members. The moment has come!

Tarita "Time to get ready sisters."

I can not but admire Tarita. Having attended so many cannibal feasts it is unlikely she is chosen today but her composure is remarkable. She and Maeve are the first to enter the special cleaning pool. All Inanna women have thoroughly cleaned their bowels with enemas early this morning but this final cleansing is just a ritual last check. Women help each other to fill their bowels with warm water using the hoses by the pool. Proud and sexy, all force strong jets of clear water out of their anuses.

We all turn to the spitting theatre -'Inanna's forest of arrows'. Tarita walks to a raised table in the centre of the small auditorium, sets the portable Inanna's computer on it, screen visible to everybody, connects a cable to a socket -an interface to the Inanna's bows I learned later, switches the computer on and sits down on the grassy ground, remote keyboard on her lap.

One by one all Inanna members are called, recent additions first. After thoroughly greasing her anus with edible woman-fat, each woman chooses a seat in the theatre and sits down, inserting carefully the protruding spit inside her anus. Tarita types the chosen seat number and, as soon as the woman is properly plugged, the computer screen shows her face and, clearly marked in a view of the theatre, her seat.

Each woman copes with the enormous strain of risking her life in a different way. Some withdraw inside themselves, some find comfort holding hands with near sisters. Many frig themselves and knead their breasts as if there were no tomorrow -which could very well be the case- and a few seem blissfully unconcerned, apparently enjoying the whole thing. This is the case of Tina and Mera, eager to test their brainchild again.

Tarita is the last to go. After greasing her anus she types the delayed firing command and calmly occupies her place.

Tension mounts as seconds tick. Only guests can follow the count down in the computer screen. One minute to go, one woman cries disconsolately, another moans near orgasm. Tina and Mera exhort their sisters to sit straight for a perfect spitting.

A muted bang and two women shoot up uttering sharp, surprised shrieks. Their feet hang 30 centimetres above their former seats. Shouts of happiness from all the spared women. We guests hasten to join the ecstatic women who embrace and kiss us and each other full of enthusiasm.

Ani cups Maeve's wet sex and kneads her breasts while the girl talks to Tarita who rubs her own clitoris and pinches her nipples in spite of cruel pain, her cries a mixture of suffering and lust.

"I'll never forget you dear Tarita!" moaning, aroused by Ani's hands "My dream is to live as intensely as you have lived and to die giving joy to my friends and sisters. Just like you!"

Gasping and panting "Don't grieve my sweet. Help Ani to make our dreams come true. Enjoy my death and feast on my flesh!" rubbing her clitoris faster "This is more exciting than I thought. Pain and sex converge. I'll give you all a good time. Let me have more spit!"

Imperious commands, hysterical crying, shrill screams and foul insults drown Tarita's words.

"Who is the other bitch?"

"It is nasty Lau, Tarita."

"Never had style. She is a mean slut. She deserves a nasty end. Don't spare us, have fun!"

Tina and Mera frigging each other delightedly "Was it not beautiful Tarita?"

"The best spitting in my whole life! Let me ride the pole my pets."

The girls unlock the thick rubber ring which keeps Tarita' anal sphincter from sliding down the pole. Tarita suddenly drops down five centimetres shrieking lustily. Tina slides the ring down the spit. Tarita cries, face contorted in pain, her hands clutching her stomach where the spit tip is tearing her entrails. Slowly her face relaxes and one hand searches for her clitoris. Her moans once again contain sexual excitement.

Everybody joins in a communal orgy on the mattresses by the swimming pool, the impaled women's screams and moans drive us to a pitch of excitement. I find myself under Monique nibbling her nipples and fingering her pussy while Manup lustily sodomizes her. Unknown hands fondle my breasts and a hungry mouth devours my pussy lapping creamy juices avidly. Air, thick with sex musk, vibrates with a multitude of orgasmic cries that transport us to unknown heights of excitement.


Three girls lying close to us welcome Monique to Inanna "This is the way to live dear sister! Your body more than ever an object of desire. The thrill of the Lottery. Feeling a wicked Goddess afterwards, enjoying your sisters' lusty screams and feasting on their flesh. The deliciously exhausting orgies. Living each moment intensely, in a continuous high, waiting for next feast,..."

"And don't forget extras! Lottery prizes. Inanna's helping hand in everyday life. Free use of Emashmash, luxury, feasts and orgies, many surprise parties,..."

"I do love surprise parties! Three last month. Two cute, delicious bodies from the hospital and a divine, exquisite execution in the garden grounds. I'll love being an Inanna woman even if you cook me next month!"

"We new members have a fair chance. Take today: Tarita is a founding member and that bitch, Lau, has been eating sisters for more than one year."

Lau, the bitch, was being a spoilsport. Cursing, kicking and spitting she had kept at bay anyone trying to remove the limit ring in her spit. This was not the expected attitude of a sister. Screaming, crying and moaning was all right. It calmed the doomed woman and excited all present. Cursing and delaying her own execution was 'just not done'.

Several men have finally grasped her arms and legs. Mera is about to release the spit limit ring when a chant of "Slanted, slanted" is taken up by all present. Men hold Lau while Mera unlocks the spit from the Inanna's bow. Lau, spit sticking from her ass, is taken to a big preparation table in the cooking grounds.

Ani and Maeve join us.

Maeve, embracing and kissing me "Ah, here you are Jessy! You are lucky. This is going to be one of our best feasts! We all love Tarita," sighing "I adore her... But cooking and eating her luscious body has always been our most cherished fantasy. She is riding Inanna's arrow most beautifully, moaning lustily. I am sure she has been orgasming the last half hour! We'll cut her head off, marinade her body, -a sauce made with taro leaves simmered in coconut milk- and bake her to mouth watering perfection. I can not wait!"

Ani "Roasting Lau will be most entertaining! We are going to use another of Tina and Mera ideas. The dear girls won't hear of it but I am going to put to the vote we raise their attendance to 20 -the Lottery program accepts such changes if all members agree. Inanna needs our pretty geniuses. They deserve some extra good luck in lotteries!"

Just then several women lovingly carry spitted Tarita to another table in the cooking grounds. We join them in time to see Tina roll out an auxiliary table with a neck stock on top. Both tables joined, Tarita, face up, is moved until her neck can be locked in the stock. She moans continuously, more in excitement than pain.

Maeve "We are all proud of you, dearest Tarita." enthusiastically "You'll taste delicious! Get ready for a royal send off my love."

Many hands caress Tarita and fondle her breasts. Maeve licks her lover's vagina, sucking on her distended clitoris. Tarita's moans change in pitch and, just then, Tina presses simultaneously two buttons in the auxiliary table -a portable pneumatic guillotine actually. A hiss of compressed air and a sharp blade rises into the neck stock severing Tarita's head cleanly. Her body twitches, arms and legs flailing. Her pretty head tries to cry a final moan but nothing comes from her open lips. Her bright, excited eyes slowly dim while great shouts of joy celebrate a perfect execution.

Eager hands prepare Tarita's body. The Inanna's arrow is removed and bunches of aromatic herbs are rammed up the gaping anus. Vagina and anus are plugged with pieces of tropical fruit and the luscious body is left to marinate in a vat full of lu'au sauce. Ani and Maeve take Tarita's head indoors to prepare and beautify it for the coming lunch.

I wander to the other preparation table to see how Lau -the bitch- is faring. Mera is directing proceedings. Lau's original spit, the Inanna's arrow, has been withdrawn and replaced by another of a most original design: A long pole with a crossbar, where the woman's ankles are locked, and a perpendicular short bar, thirty centimetres from the tip, which branches into another crossbar, to lock her wrists, and a rod that, running along Lau's back, ends in a swivel neck ring.

There is a happy, festive mood, everybody looking forward to an entertaining live roast. Amid loud cheers and ribald comments, partially impaled Lau, ankles, wrists and neck perfectly secured, is lifted and carried to the burning firepit. The lower end of her spit is locked into a device firmly set on the ground at one side of the pit.

This ingenious device permits complete control of the spitting pole. Pole vertical, Mera adjusts its height while Lau is lavishly basted with sauce. Indignant complaints and threats follow the removal of her gag. They turn to foul curses and then frantic pleas when the spit tilts holding her slanted body over the fire. Her feet and lower legs are uncomfortably close to the fire, thighs and buttocks somewhat farther, torso still higher, her head is actually out of the firepit. Everybody applauds when the spit starts to turn.

Tina and Mera explain the finer points of this novel roasting method amid general comments.

"Lau will stay alive for a long time, her spit really doesn't go very deep."

"And her upper body is far enough from the fire even if her feet are cooking nicely."

"After eating her feet and calves we'll shift the spit further into the control block to get her thighs going, buttocks next and so on."

"I bet she is still alive when her cunt is ready. I prefer cunt filets rare, you know."

"I like them juicy too. I love freshly cooked meat and this is the best way!"

Lau howls while eager cannibals take turns basting her lower body. Her feet and calves are soon perfectly roasted and Tina starts to carve and serve the deliciously steaming meat. She wields a long handled knife while Mera holds a likewise long handled pan underneath to catch the steaming cuts.

I am one of the first to be served delicious slivers of meat from Lau's calves. The poor woman's cries and moans somehow enhance the taste of her delicious flesh.

Tarita's body, artistically arranged on an earthenware tray, is finally put to cook inside the heated oven. Her beautiful head graces one of the tables.

Ukuleles and drums, skilfully played, move everybody to dance while we wait for Tarita's body to cook to perfection.

Carving Lau's fat cunt filet brings forth a last shrill scream. Her body, joyfully consumed, slowly disappears until it is just a bundle of bones crowned by a roasted head.



I have seldom enjoyed myself so much! A nap and lazy sex after lunch was followed by a lively discussion on how to make the most of the next 'surprise party'.

A fanatic, local female politician, responsible for the cruel persecution of secret cannibal societies, has finally been kidnapped -simulating one of her travels abroad- by Inanna's male, honorary members. Next week she will be the main course in what promises to be an exciting garden barbecue.

Thinking of wicked games to include in the program of activities -Tina and Mera, giggling impishly, explain the use of the machines Tarita showed me at the gardens picnic area- get us all so worked up that we end in the most orgasmic, wildest orgy I have ever experienced.

Later, Ani, who has automatically replaced Tarita as leader of Inanna's directing committee, drives me back to the 'Merideth'. She is fully acquainted with the plans I had discussed with Tarita, concerning Inanna's lotteries aboard 'Merideth' and 'Karyn Aites'. I promise to present Inanna's proposal in 'Dolcett World Cruise Lines' to the best of my abilities and we part hoping to share new, exciting experiences in a few months.

####### Secret cannibal society in Nuku Hiva as told by Jessica. END.

"Wow Jessy! What a story. And you say you don't like Nuku Hiva!"

"Well, I don't. But I do look forward to receive Inanna on my ship!"

"Do you have good news for her?"

"The best! 'Dolcett World Cruise Lines' has granted Inanna full 'Dolcett club' status with a generous annuity. All members will enjoy a full day aboard 'DWCL' cruises docking in Nuku Hiva, no meat-girls or expenses spared to make their stay perfect.

Inanna will stay overnight -Oh girl, is Inanna hot!- and celebrate her lottery next morning just before leaving. We'll keep those members selected -I salivate just thinking of  their delicately flavoured flesh, Betty- and they'll take some of our pre-lottery girls with them."

"I guess a celebration to welcome them is in order."

"Yes. You have to help me, darling Betty! We must talk to the Chefs and prepare unusual menus. They'll love something wicked and sophisticated -have to use the 'boiler babe', they have never seen a girl cooked for soup. And you have to think of new, daring food-games ..."

"Leave it to me sweety-cunt!"

Cannibal Cruise. Chapter 3. End.



This is a fantasy! Women are lovable persons and I would do anything to make them happy. I am a vegetarian myself.


Cannibal Cruise. Chapter 4.

A cruel, merciless, rigid rod invades Samantha's tight anal sphincter. Pain should be unendurable but somehow it is turned into sexual passion. Her pussy floods.

Samantha's pert breasts tingle all over, her nipples are burning, they hurt most deliciously. Face red and flushed, heat burns her back and neck. She can't help moaning lustfully.

If this is dying she is more than ready!

Samantha opens slowly her eyes. Her pussy is really creaming. Excitement wakes her up. She is at home in the country villa she shares with darling Pierre.

The naughty boy is putting his early morning erection to good use. His warm body covers her back, hot breath on her neck sends shivers down her spine. His thick penis ploughs delightfully her sensitive anus. Pierre nibbles her neck, mumbling incoherently. Suddenly he moans his release, flooding her rectum with hot semen.

His breath gradually becomes more regular and Samantha knows he is asleep, his softening penis still inside her. She idly rubs her juicy cunt, too lazy to bring herself to orgasm.

It is so good to be alive! It all seems a fairy tale. The exciting adventures aboard the dream cruiser 'Merideth'. Visiting so many exotic places and meeting such wonderful, interesting people.

Surviving the 'Crew meat World Tour'. Collecting her bonus and moving in with dear John and Sally in their luxurious, South England mansion. Their hectic social life, attending many private feasts and entertaining friends.

Outrageous cannibal orgies at Sally's favourite 'Dolcett clubs'... Meeting Pierre, a shocked, occasional guest at one of them, and introducing the shy Frenchman to some deliciously wicked vices... Becoming a couple and moving to their Villa in the French Riviera,...

And now we are all going to meet again. How wonderful! Captain Jessica and dear Betty will arrive today to spend their holidays here at 'Villa Pucelle savoureuse'. Sally and John will join us tomorrow. I have missed them terribly. We have had so many exciting experiences together...

Betty, is so imaginative... She organized everything when a secret cannibal society came aboard the 'Merideth' in Marquesas. What a good time we all had!

A jolly group the Inannas -or whatever their name-, roaming the ship pointing, laughing, kissing and fucking passengers and crew with gay abandon. There were a few men too, I gave one the blow job of his life!

Two extra girls were cooked that day. Ship Chefs had devised a fancy lunch menu but the Inannas insisted they wanted to see 'girl kebabs' in action. Also the 'boiler babe'.

Betty arranged some hilarious food-play games and, for a final entertainment, we had the soup and lunch girls try to suffocate each other on clever see-saw gallows. Chefs finally started cooking them.

Inannas loved 'girl kebabs'! They became incredibly excited with the proceedings, several taking turns basting the roasting girls. Two bright, clever girls observed the kebab frames closely, planning, no doubt, on building one for their society.

Cooking a girl for soup was not such a success though. They said it was fun but you could tell they were not very impressed.

For the evening Betty suggested a hunt of dinner girls in the 'Execution and cooking hall'. Hunters were to use detachable tip -needles with coloured ribbons- spears. How the Inannas laughed and whooped chasing and poking the poor girls! Good to start an appetite!

Chefs surpassed themselves at dinner. Preparation and girl cooking was wickedly entertaining, their tender flesh delicious, the rest of the food exquisite.

That night a very pretty Inanna girl, Maeve, shared bed with Sally, John and me. Thinking of her brings back to me her strong, exciting musk...

Early next morning the Inannas celebrated a lottery. They had to leave some of their sisters aboard, taking the same number of pre-lottery girls with them. It was a very emotive parting with much kissing and embracing of the doomed society members.

Euphoria and relief at surviving their lottery brought the Inannas to a pitch of sexual excitement that needed release... We, of the 'Merideth', were eager to help...

About to disembark, they were a happy lot again, fondling appreciatively their new sisters' breasts and buttocks while talking endlessly of 'garden barbecues', 'wild surprise parties' and 'no-limits program of activities'.

The remaining Inannas assumed their new situation with very good grace. Captain Jessica offered them an easy execution by guillotine but all except one refused. They wanted to repay our hospitality with a good show. Four of them asked to be done in 'girl kebabs' -a very uncomfortable death if you ask me.

We guillotined one, a well padded girl, and decided to smoke her body for later use. Chefs cooked the others with a minimum of sauces or condiments so we could appreciate the delicate flavour of their flesh.

The brave girls were game until the very end, giving excellent entertainment. I can almost taste their subtly flavoured meat again...

Something stirs inside Samantha's rectum. A strong hand covers hers over her pussy, another sneaks under the pillow to cup her right breast. Teeth and tongue tickle and nibble her ear.

Samantha's anal sphincter is stretched to bursting point. She gasps as Pierre's thick penis withdraws almost completely to plunge deeply inside her rectum immediately again...

Loud gasps and moans intermingle while the lusty couple writhes on the big bed. Their frantic movements synchronize. Pierre gasps, giving one last strong push, and Samantha cries her orgasm.

"Are you awake Chérie?"

"Of course not. You'll have to try harder, dear Pierre!"

Groaning "I can't right now." In mock desperation "You are insatiable, ma petite Louve!"

"Howl, Hoooooowl!"

"Come on, let's share a shower and then have those lazy maids of ours prepare breakfast."





"Justine, Juliette, where are you?"

"I'll check in their room."

Samantha returns, followed by two sleepy eyed, tousled, young girls.

"So you had a late night again. Naughty, naughty!"

"I am famished! Could we have some of that girl-ham we brought from the club?"

All four sit down to coffee, orange juice, warm croissants and girl-ham. Strong, life giving, coffee soon wakes the yawning girls completely up.

"Another lottery?"

"Yes!" answers Juliette enthusiastically.

"I bet you forced poor Justine to go."

"Shy, virtuous Justine had the time of her life! Didn't you Sis?"

Justine blushes, looking down at her plate and munching ham self-consciously.

"I had to drag her home from the final orgy or we would still be there. I don't know how can she sit on her VERY sore pussy today!"

"Was it good?"

"Well... It is a new, low class club. Only two lotteries per year. Nothing fancy or imaginative, but they are very enthusiastic..."

Eagerly "And there are several male members!"

Giggling "Some of an amazing caliber! My sister, Justine, has measured them all -in all her orifices!

Yesterday there was a full house, more than twenty club members -five men!- and ten lottery girls. All of us stark naked.

Club members admire us, clean shaved girls, with ill concealed cravings. They fancy an impalement and we, lottery girls, eagerly agree to spit our future dinner ourselves.

It is a quick, basic lottery: A cloth covered glass on a table. Each of us picks a coloured, plastic ball from a bag. The club president, a merry lady, uncovers the glass: There is a white ball inside. Marie, a lusty, big breasted girl we had met at some other lotteries, holds a white ball.

She screams and tries to escape. There is an exhilarating, cheerful chase and she is triumphantly brought back to us.

Impatient girls hold her down, over the table, while I pick up the steel spit. I ask Marie where she wants it. She just screams on. I push it hard, up her cunt. She squeals like a... well a long-pig.

We, girls, struggling with the weight, lift her and fix the spit vertically. Marie really howls now, arms and legs flailing desperately, big boobs jumping up and down most enticingly.

We join the blazing orgy. We grope, suck, fuck,... until we can't go on any more. We rest and watch Marie fuck the spit -she moans very sexily, I wonder if she is orgasming.

Still alive, she is taken down and set on a table. The club Chef, -Justine's darling- a strong man, cuts her head off and pushes the spit fully through. We set her to roast over the firepit, taking turns to turn and baste her.

Marie's head looks at us with a silly grin while we enjoy her sweet meat and many other delicious side dishes, all washed down with a heady red wine. I get a roasted foot and ma soeur enjoys tender buttock -with the Chef's compliments."

"Jacques let me taste her roasted pussy too. Délicieux!"

"After dinner the general mood becomes more and more randy. A final, all night orgy ignites. Shy Justine licks every pussy and rides every cock..."

"Really girls, I thought you had more class. What a boorish way to go about it! No cleverly designed lottery ceremony. No refinement, no style. And that poor girl dying before being put to cook..."

"Why do you do it? You can have all the girl-meat you want here with us. And we pay you well..."

"You would not understand Pierre. That's the way we girls are. We love the excitement!"

"And sex after lottery is... Wow! You do understand Samantha. Don't you?"

"Well,... yes. I remember when crew lotteries started aboard 'Merideth'...

I and my friend Lola were on guard duty when the meat-securing detail came to us. We were absolutely terrified... But also incredibly excited -I could not help rubbing my dripping pussy. The detail sailor girls were armed with stun guns but Lola did not offer resistance. They tied her hands and attached a cable to her white collar.

One of the sailors, knowing how I felt, took over my guard duty so I could find relief. I flew to Sally and John's cabin and drove them both to exhaustion -from then on they would always be waiting for me after lottery results.

I loved Lola but I somehow associate her demise to incredible pleasure. It was her gift to me and everybody aboard. She was kebab-ed and I came again and again just biting on delicious flesh, sliced from her still living body"

Juliette and Justine chorus "Wow! I want to enrol!"

"Don't be silly. I was incredibly lucky. You, my little angels, would not stand a chance."

"We are expecting very special guests, girls. None other than Jessica, the famed captain of the 'Merideth', and her sweetheart Betty -in charge of 'Recreation and Games' aboard. Also a nice couple Sally and John -veteran passengers in that ship and intimate friends of your mistress, Samantha."

"We can't have any of you eaten by that barbaric cannibal club while we have special guests, can we? Come, promise not to attend lotteries again -at least not until our guests leave."

The girls remain stubbornly silent, pouting.

Samantha and Pierre look at each other "Look my pets. We can't take you with us to our 'Dolcett clubs' -they are awfully expensive-, but you'll have a good time with us from now on. And knowing our guests I can promise you a lot of 'fun and games' while they are here. Will you promise?"

Two excited voices "Yes Mistress!"



Samantha and Pierre pick up Jessica and Betty at the airport. After a light, delicious lunch in a classy restaurant, 'Le Chatte flambée', they all drive back to 'Villa Pucelle savoureuse'.

"Juliette, Justine. We are home!"

Both girls come chasing each other, giggling uncontrollably. They stop, silent and shy, when they see Betty and Jessica.

"Meet our very good friends, captain Jessica and Betty of the 'Dolcett World Cruise Lines' ship 'Merideth'.

Betty, Jessy, these are Justine and Juliette, our maids. We love the little dears as if they were our own daughters."

"Come on girls, don't be shy. We won't eat you." winking "Not yet!"

"Jessy is joking. Come my angels, give us a big hug!"

Justine embraces Betty. Juliette, more daring, kisses Jessica's mouth.

"Right! Everybody undress! At home it will be as if we were aboard the 'Merideth' -as Sammy has told us so many times."

Excited "Yes Master!"

"Being naked feels wonderful!" seeing Pierre's wide open mouth and the maids' awed looks "Here we go again. Good, let's find somewhere comfortable and you all can feel my beauties -but my bum MUST be fondled too!"

They gather in the big, thick carpeted dining room and tumble together, laughing and giggling childishly. Betty's enormous boobs are licked, fondled and weighed to everybody satisfaction, her bum royally praised, tickled, kissed and caressed. Naughty Juliette licks Jessica's pussy, inhaling deeply its heady aroma.

"Wow! You sexy girl!"

"Isn't she? But you'll find our quiet, shy Justine even more of a nymphomaniac than her sister. We just found out both have been attending cannibal lotteries regularly!"

"Only five times." pipes Justine, pouting "Always for cheap 'Dolcett clubs'. They say top class clubs will fight each other to have us in lotteries -in a few years!"

"If we last that long! What is the best way to cook a girl, Betty?" interrupts Juliette.

"Oh, there are many wicked, exciting ways. But cooking girls is the job of the ship Chefs, I take care of 'Recreation and Games'.

Both maids "Tell us!"

"Well, I prepare sight-seeing tours at different ports of call. Sometimes I take half the crew and passengers to famous picnic grounds...

There is a wonderful park near Sydney in Australia. It is incredibly beautiful with many charming places where groups of friends, big families and cannibal clubs gather on weekends to enjoy a good meal."

Everybody "Tell us!"

"It is in a big area, west of Sydney, called 'Blue Mountains'. The park has lush vegetation and many eucalypt trees. I always connect to Internet to check schedules of cooking and executions before reserving a place for our group. That way we can wander leisurely round the park, enjoying other people's activities, on the way to our assigned place. Anything can happen there: From plain hanging contests to complicated lotteries where several girls sit on rocket-driven spits playing a collective computer game.

Once I saw a big family cooking a woman in a most unusual way -Chef took a lot of notes: Wrap a young, plump girl in banana leaves steeped in secret sauce -secret to poor Chef. Tie her firmly, insert hollow straws in her nostrils so she can breathe, cover her body with wet clay and put her inside a hot oven to cook. After a few hours, break the formed clay pot and enjoy a meal fit for Gods."

"What about your lunch?"

"Oh, I radio the 'Merideth', find out which crew girls to cook, and string the poor dears up -we only do fancy executions aboard. A classic, but always good fun! There are ovens and firepits in the park, our groups usually want their girls spit-roasted."

Awed "You must be always very busy, Betty."

"Yes dears. Your poor Betty is always thinking of new activities, costume parties, ball contests, food-play games, theatre plays,..."

Kissing Betty passionately "My Betty is a sexy, lovely genius!! Her last play was a great, great success!"

"I also love you Jessy!"

"What was the play about?"

"I got the idea from the Nuku Hiva secret cannibal society. Goddess Inanna goes down to Hell and the Queen of the underworld hangs her beautiful, naked body on a hook to eat of her flesh. When Inanna returns, willing priestesses have to be periodically executed to take her place in Hell.

I was lucky to find imaginative ways to execute five -lottery chosen- 'priestesses' and the audience liked it."

"You are too modest. They ADORED 'Inanna'!"

"We DO LOVE the 'Christian maidens in the Roman arena' play. We have seen the stereoscopic recording many times, and Mistress has told us all the juicy bits."

"My Betty did a re-play in last tour. The scene 'Pasiphae and the white bull' was such a success, that we had to repeat it next day: Four 'Bulls of Zeus' mounting four 'Pasiphaes'. What an energetic skewering of royal anuses!"

"Knowing my Pierre's preferences, I am sure he would like to play 'Zeus' Bull' at least once!"

Poor Pierre stammers incoherently, blushing a deep red.

"He may have occasion one of these days."

"How can it be?"

"We have a surprise for you!"

"Do tell, Jessy!"

Coyly "Better to wait until Sally and John are here. That way we won't have to explain twice."



"Uhmmm, Ahhhh, c'est bon, c'est bon... comme tu le fais bien... Tiens, je jouis... tiens... prends tout! Ahhh, Oh ouiiii, encule moi bien a fond!"

A car horn wakes everybody in 'Villa Pucelle savoureuse'.

"Mine, mine! Give it to me Chérie! --Oh Merde! Who is it now?-- Your bum is mine Samantha. Um, Ummm, Give it to meeeee! Je jouis aussi!!"

Samantha remains in bed while Pierre, penis dripping, hurries to open the villa's electric gate.

"They are here! They are here!" Juliette and Justine wait for Betty and Jessica before opening the door to meet the newcomers.

Pierre hurries back mumbling something about helping Samantha clean herself.

Initial shyness lost, the maids help Betty and Jessica to undress the new guests with youthful enthusiasm. Samantha throws herself at John and Sally, embracing and kissing them excitedly.


"Glad to meet you again old chap!"

"Welcome mon ami. How was your trip?"

"Excelent, thank you. Sorry if we woke you up. Took the overnight EuroTunnel train, car and all."

"Not  really sleeping, actually. How is the old tunnel doing?"

"You should tell me, you cunning investor!"

"Poor shareholders still waiting for profits, I am afraid."

"Juliette, Justine! Come, help me bring in some parcels from the car!"

"Yes Mistress Sally!"


"Just the thing for your splendid dining room!"

Unwrapping three big boxes feverishly "You should not have bothered dear Sally. What is it? Justine, Juliette, help me! I can not wait! Oh! oh! Hurry up girls!"

Everybody stares in marvelled appreciation. Three glass encased, exquisitely beautiful, smiling girl-heads stand revealed in all their glory: Blonde, brunette and a charmingly freckled red-head.

Embracing Sally "I ADORE them! So cute! They are perfect. Perfect! Where did you find them?"

"Portobello flea market, in London. A quaint old shop, full of what our cousins from the colonies would call 'junk'. Tasteless things: A girl's hind quarters with a beer-pissing cunt, ..."

Pierre, whispers to Samantha "Le cul?"

"Yes, dear Pierre. 'Hind quarters' include 'le cul'."

"Tasteless my Sally said... I suggested filling her up -beer barrel inside, you know- with a stout Guinness..."

"Wrong colour mon ami. Champagne... Mon Dieu, Champagne would be perfect!"

"Extraordinary rear view, old chap. Absolutely fantastic! A charmingly pink anus and a positively blooming pussy. Deliciously life-like. Glistening with fragrant juices, inviting... I thought some parts might..., that is... It crossed my mind they could be, er... well, you know, 'Functional'!"

"John! This is too much! You already have the real thing!!"

"Attached to us!"

Dreamily "A charmingly pink..."

Incensed "I love anal too, Pierre, but you, you... You are an addict!!!"

Proudly "It is a hobby of mine, Chérie. I am a 'female bum connaisseur'."

Posing and then twisting her body to check "How do you like mine? Should it really be pink?"


"But I would like to know, dear Jessy... He is, after all, a bum cunny-seer!"


Cannibal Cruise. Chapter 4. End.



This is a fantasy! Women are lovable persons and I would do anything to make them happy. I am a vegetarian myself.


Cannibal Cruise. Chapter 5.

"Jessy and Betty have a surprise for us. Now that Sally and John are with us I want to hear about it!"

"A surprise. Capital, capital!"

"Do tell us, Jessy!"

"Well my friends, I'll make it short. Betty and I no longer work aboard the 'Merideth'. We have our own company. It is called 'Ambrosia'."

"'Food of the Gods'. Capital name!"

"Betty and I would be delighted if you'd accept our offer of partnership in the company!"

"What kind of company?

"Luxury, gourmet cruises. Independent, but fully supported by 'Dolcett World Cruise Lines'."

"Just one ship -the 'Yoni Bagh'. Sails like a breeze!"

"Hindi name, is it?"

"I think so. Means something like 'Pussy Garden' or 'Garden of pussies'."

"Terrific name. What?"

"I wish you'd stop reading so many books about the British Empire, John dear."


"Sounds very exciting. Tell us more!"

"My Betty's idea! I'll put you in the scene and she'll tell you the rest." Winking "I'll switch into lecture mode."

"Mankind has adapted well to the extinction of most animals and to drastic biological and behavioural changes in women. All thanks to the practice of cannibalism.

Western culture countries in particular have achieved a remarkable equilibrium. Young girls channel their new, strong impulses into the thrill of cannibal lotteries and the exquisite, female bodies so obtained, together with those of women who die in accidents or suicides, feed us all. Most excellently, I might add: It is a well known fact that consumption of human, female meat boosts sexual desire and delays ageing.

Many democracies -European Union foremost- have subscribed the new 'Human Rights Charter' which states that no human being can be bought or sold and furthermore that persons selected in cannibal lotteries should be executed within the 48 hours following their selection.

Fortunately -fortunate for 'Dolcett World Cruise Lines' anyway- many countries have refused to subscribe the new 'Human Rights Charter'. In them you can organize multitudinous lotteries and consume the women so selected at your leisure or -even more convenient- just buy them.

The 'cost' of a woman in those countries is considerably lower than in countries where the only legal way to obtain her is by arranging -just before she is needed- a lottery, with generous survival prizes.

People don't realize the organization and expenses necessary to run a 'Meats Of The World Tour', always constrained to use local women to feed passage and crew.

'DWCL' promotes and funds 'Dolcett clubs' worldwide but must be particularly generous with those along 'DWCL' routes. Particularly clubs near 'Karyn Aites' ports of call.

Clubs along the 'Meats Of The World Tour' periodically receive the necessary funds to obtain, at appointed times, the  high quality, local girls the 'Karyn Aites' consumes. You could say that 'DWCL' 'buys' women at local prices. Being available only through lotteries, European women are some of the most expensive in the world.

Each 'Meats Of The World Tour' includes a 10 days visit to European coasts. Local 'Dolcett clubs' -about 200- provide 'Karyn Aites', twice yearly, with the 80 European women necessary to feed everybody aboard during that period. Funding these clubs accounts for 40% of the total cost of a 'Meats Of The World Tour'!

What Betty and I proposed to 'DWCL' -what 'Ambrosia cruises' is currently doing- is paying European route 'Dolcett clubs' partially in species."

"Wow! You mean 'in women'?"

"Brilliant! Brilliant, by Jove!"

Clapping gleefully and looking adoringly at Jessica "Mistress Jessica... such a clever, elegant Lady!"

Sticking her tongue out and embracing Betty possessively "Mistress Betty... Charmante!"

"Would it not be cheaper to fly women directly to the clubs, dear Lady?"

"No John. It is illegal to 'import' women into the European Union for cannibal consumption -or to have them participate in lotteries. It would upset the delicate population equilibrium.

"-What 'Ambrosia cruises' is currently doing- Did I hear right?"

"Yes Pierre, in two days you are all invited aboard the 'Yoni Bagh'. Betty will explain further."

"Yes my friends, 'Dolcett World Cruise Lines' has renegotiated its agreements with all Dolcett clubs in the European stretch of the 'Meats Of The World Tour'. From now on, apart from a token economic contribution, every club is yearly entitled to one free, gourmet holiday (one-day, morning to morning) aboard a luxury cruise ship. All high quality girls necessary for entertainment and food included.

Our company, 'Ambrosia cruises' has undertaken to provide, on behalf of 'DWCL', all gourmet holidays. We only invoice 'DWCL' for girls consumed. Price per girl: one third of what 'DWCL' had been paying to clubs up to now."

"Third of the price? Good heavens!"

Sighing "Is not Mistress Betty merveilleuse?"

"High quality girls? Where from?"

"A genius, my Betty!"

With an ingratiating grin "To explain our source of girls I'm afraid I'll have to give a small lecture too."

"Adapting to new circumstances was not at first easy. Jewish rabbis declared woman meat non kosher and Muslim mullahs proclaimed long-pig meat as impure as pork. Such nonsense was, of course, soon forgotten. There is no alternative to woman meat. No cows, pigs or goats to feed the faithful!

But there is a country -almost a subcontinent- which still has problems accepting cannibalism. A high percentage of Indians -particularly South Indians- are vegetarians. This causes a tremendous unrest in that extraordinary country -the world biggest democracy and another subscriber of the new 'Human Rights Charter'.

Without recourse to sublimate their irrational urges in cannibal lotteries, Indian women have become extremely wild and passionate. Reckless behaviour and suicides have reached such enormous proportions that India social fabric is breaking apart: Women, prey to uncontrollable yearnings, conceive less and less male babies. Crimes of passion abound. Uncountable traffic collisions make Indian streets a death trap -it is suicide to step out of your hotel, wild taxi and auto-rickshaw girl wallahs zoom past every which way, apparently intent on trimming Indian population the fast way.

There are cannibal lotteries and feasts in India, to be sure, but deplorably few and taking place only in the north. There are always so many girls eager to participate that survival prizes are usually negligible.

An enterprising TV station, under the pretension of providing outlet to Indian girls' pent up drives, started a 'snuff lottery' programme in which selected girls were 'artistically' snuffed. It was a complete failure! The whole civilized world condemned, unanimously, such a shameful waste of exquisite female meat: It is perfectly acceptable, desirable even, to make female executions 'interesting' and entertaining but only if the end result is a nourishing, aphrodisiac meal.

The TV programme, moreover, was completely lacking in aesthetic values, most snuffings being a reenactment of the traditional 'Sati': Girl or girls being thrown on their imaginary husband's blazing funereal pyre.

Mankind has yet to fully appreciate the glory of Indian femininity! Free from rigid purdah, the new Indian woman is extremely sensual, vivacious and witty. Her graceful movements and splendid body -blessed with incredibly firm, big breasts- inspire instant passions in both sexes. Cinnamon skin and a heady, intoxicating fragrance, emanating from her juicy, dainty, delectable sex, hint at eminently edible, delicately flavoured flesh -a spicy treat fit for the very Gods!

'Ambrosia cruises' has embarked into the necessary, noble mission of making the miracle of Indian womanhood known to the world while offering Indian girls a chance to alleviate their unfulfilled ardours..."

Betty's eyes focus again on her awed, excited, salivating friends "Sorry I got so carried away. We have been doing some promotion work lately..."

"Eminently edible flesh. My God!"

"Mmmm, mmmm, tasty captain Mistress!"

"Blessed with incredibly firm, big breasts. Mon Dieu!"

"Oh, Oh, Ohhhhhhh. What a naughty tongue Juliette, my Angel!"

"Ton pine, Pierre!"

"Yes, you may Justine, let me suckle you. A finger up my bum, my sweet... Delicious tickle... Mmmm!"

"Suck, suck, Sammy mon ange!"

"Mistress Betty, mon amour!"

"Juicy, dainty, delectable sex. An impaler dream! Any Dolcett clubs on stand-by around here, Sammy? This is an emergency!"

"Oh no, Sammy. Don't stop!"

"A proposal, a proposal! If we hurry, we may attend 'Le Chatte flambée' early morning lunch lottery!"


"Let's, by George!"

"Justine, Juliette, our clothes. Hurry up!"

"Yes Mistress Sally."

"And put something on yourselves. You two are also coming."


Cannibal Cruise. Chapter 5. End.



This is a fantasy! Women are lovable persons and I would do anything to make them happy. I am a vegetarian myself.


Cannibal Cruise. Chapter 6.

'Le Chatte flambée' is deservedly famous all over France for its imaginative lotteries and sensual, refined cooking methods. Armand, the owner, leads Samantha, Pierre and their friends to one of the commodious, private chambers facing the tastefully decorated stage where the main events will take place.

"Madame, Monsieur, we are very happy to have you and your friends among us today!"

"Merci Armand. It is always a pleasure to visit this temple of your art. We all look forward to meet your special guests."

"We are fortunate today. Ten exquisite, charming ladies will grace our house. Two will offer their delicious flesh to your discerning palates. They are all eager to make your acquaintance. Oh here come some of them, allow me..."

After introducing three lovely Ladies, the owner of the 'Chatte flambée' discreetly withdraws.

Chloe, Virginie and Chantal discard gracefully their deceptively simple, chic clothes. Inborn elegance even more apparent in the nude, they recline on plush couches, smiling while everybody hastily follows their example.

Soon there are two groups engaged in pleasant conversation, sipping excellent, chilled champagne. Chantal and Virginie have joined Jessica, Juliette, Betty and Justine. They all giggle with contained laughter as Virginie tells yet another of her funny, risqué stories.

Lovely Chloe holds the attention of Samantha, Pierre, Sally and John.

"Armand suggested we meet you -I guess because we three can speak English. I am delighted we followed his advice!"

"It is our great pleasure Chérie! Do you know Armand well?"

"O yes, this is my third 'Chatte flambée' lottery. Armand is a man completely devoted to turning lovely Ladies into ambrosial culinary pieces of art. Unfortunately the poor soul is a sentimental and suffers awfully. I had to comfort him, after my last lottery, when Chef Nicole stuffed poor Cécile's belly. Armand's eyes were full of tears!"

"Chef Nicole?"

"Armand's wife -and a great artiste! Mmmm, 'Cécile rôtie à la sauge et à l'orange' was simply divine. A continuous, gastronomic orgasm! Best delicacy I have ever eaten!"

"Are you not afraid?"

"Of finding myself in Nicole's, not so tender, hands? Terrified! On the other hand I love the thrill of the lottery, living intensely each moment as if it was my last... Such an indescribably high when I am not selected! So sexually aroused..."

"Chloe, Virginie, Chantal. Sorry to interrupt..."

"Coming dear Armand!"

"A kiss, dear friends. Wish me luck!"

"Come back to us!"

"Lottery survivors always remain as Armand's guests. You'll have me for lunch -one way or another!"


Ten beautiful, naked, elegant ladies walk gracefully to centre stage. Their ankles are automatically shackled in place as each mounts one of a line of raised platforms.

A pretty maid, naked except for high heeled shoes and a cute white coif, holding a silver tray offers one fashionable handbag to each lottery participant.

Armand's cultivated, caressing voice explains lottery rules. Samantha whispers a translation to her friends.

"Dear ladies, please accept these Louise Vuittoun handbags. The famous Designer Handbag brand has been kind enough to sponsor our little divertissement."

"Inside the bag you'll find hand mirror, a pair of bracelets and two anklets. Ladies, please put on bracelets and anklets and hold the mirror in your hand."

Springs hold bracelets and anklets open. Each assumes its round shape when locked over a beautiful feminine limb.

"If you look into the long mirror above and in front of you, dear ladies, you'll share a magnificent sight with us: Yourselves! Ten young, exquisitely beautiful women wearing only sparkling jewels. A sight to gladden the heart of even the most jaded of connoisseurs!"

A spotlight goes on over each of the young ladies, illuminating a round patch of floor in front.

"Our guests wish to enjoy the pleasant company of eight of you, lovely ladies. To grant their wish you'll only have to use your hand mirrors to direct the special light shining over you to the big mirror in front so that it reflects and falls over your bracelets and anklets.

A clever device inside will spring the jewels open when light shines over them. As soon as all four jewels are open, the shackles holding you to the stage will release your lovely ankles.

Regrettably this will only happen to the first eight of you who succeed in this exercise. After submitting to the tender ministrations of our talented Chef, the remaining two ladies will be essential in making today's lunch a memorable event in the lives of all present!"

Young women's faces reflect conflicting emotions: pride, lust, eagerness, anxiety, fear, ... Inner poise finally prevails. Conscious of their loveliness and appeal, a beguiling smile on their lips, they proudly display themselves to the entranced audience.

"You may practise for a while before we start, my dear girls. Your jewels are not active yet and will only beep when shined on.

While you get acquainted with the game, complimentary, cold hors d'oeuvres will be served to our dear guests."

Several naked, smiling waitresses come in from the kitchens. Pushing trolleys loaded with exquisite wines and delicacies they start serving tables.

Appreciative murmurs greet the last trolley contents. A roasted woman's torso, cleanly cut at the waist, stands upright on a silver tray.

Her beautifully preserved, pretty head, facial muscles skillfully set into an impish grin, has been joined to her roasted neck once again. Her arms, keeping the posture they had when she was spit-roasted, are raised above her head, hands held together, as if trying to show to advantage her impossibly big breasts.

A skillful waitress, biting her lower lip in concentration, proceeds to carve the glorious, roasted globes into fine slices. Her electric knife touches a breast and thick gravy squirts from the roasted nipple filling the restaurant with a heady, mouthwatering aroma.

Samantha and her friends salivate unashamedly when a spirited, pretty girl brings them a tray with a roasted forearm -hand still attached, Armand knows of Samantha partiality to 'lady fingers'- and several breast slices. They are not very hungry but the delicious fragrance emanating from the tray is not to be resisted.

"What are these deliciously tasting, coloured patches in the breast slices?"

"Oh, it is one of Mistress Nicole's ideas, Madam." proudly "I know because she is teaching me. I'll be kitchen assistant soon!

She had a clever device made to her specifications. It is like an enormous syringe with a thick needle. You puncture a nipple -can be used on buttocks too- and a thin, flexible, metal probe goes in through the needle. The probe unwinds and expands inside, making room for the charge of filling which is injected next. The probe then collapses and is withdrawn." sighing ruefully "Filling recipes are Chef Nicole's secret, and she is not telling!"

"Sounds very painful!"

Giggling happily "Sure is! Didn't poor Annette cry and howl! It is her juicy breasts you are eating. Using 'the Nicolette' is tricky, breasts should fill nice and evenly, enormous but still naturally shaped. It took Mistress Nicole -what an artist!- more than half an hour of careful work to fill each of Annette's breasts yesterday's evening. It was quite entertaining. I can't wait until I am allowed to prepare a girl all on my own!"


Delicious appetisers and plenty of chilled wine make for a very relaxed and receptive audience. Lottery participants, apparently unconcerned, await Armand permission to start their deadly mirror game.

"You may start now my dear ladies."

Sally and Samantha are incredibly excited. For them lotteries are inextricably linked to orgiastic days aboard the 'Merideth'. They sit on each other men's laps, Pierre's long penis exploring Sally's bowels while John's thick cock fills Samantha's gushing pussy most deliciously.

Jessica, Betty and the merry maids share another couch, loud moans and sighs an indication of their mounting enthusiasm.

"Look at Chloe. She is so cool!"

Relaxed and enjoying the game, Chloe methodically points the beam of reflected light onto one after another of her jewels. She is rewarded with a most satisfying click each time she succeeds.

She is not the only one. Most of the other girls have already opened some of their anklets and bracelets.

There is one however, Cèline, who has fallen prey to panic. Fear fills her brain and there is no room for anything else. She can't even manage to shine the light over any part of her body much less over an anklet or bracelet.

Joyfully "That girl is as good as cooked!"

"Hope she is well impaled first!"

Giggling "Sally, you are incorrigible!"

Chloe has only one bracelet on. She is already thinking of the coming, wonderful lunch with her new friends when the mirror slips from her hand and falls clattering on the floor. She drops down fast, leaning on her hands, trying to recover the life saving tool but her shackled ankles do not allow it.

Samantha slowly opens her eyes after an earth shattering orgasm. A moment later Chloe desperate situation makes her cry in despair. Disengaging herself from John's still rigid penis Samantha rushes to help. Sally is not far behind.

Preternaturally loud clicks all around tell Chloe her time is running frightfully short. Samantha comes then unexpectedly to her aid. Lost mirror recovered, Chloe stands up and tries frantically to get her bearings. A last click and a communal sigh make her drop the mirror in surrender.

Mistress Nicole, renowned Chef of 'Le Chatte flambée', an attractive, mature woman, naked but for her immaculately white, cook hat, is on stage.

Her slender, sensual body draws many excited stares: Full, slightly sagging, breasts crowned by big, dark areolas and elegantly pierced, erect nipples; Narrow waist highlighting a full, tight, succulent bottom, followed by long, well turned legs; A sweetly convex, muscular belly displaying pubic hair trimmed to resemble an arrow... Cupid's arrow points the way to her dainty pussy from which a classy, decorative, silver and gold tampon cord hangs...

But it is her beautiful, sensual face, framed in raven black hair, which awakes passions. Her grey, beguiling eyes, bright with lust and mischief, inspire wild, erotic fantasies full of depraved, exquisite pleasures.

Armand looks at his wife with adoration, dreaming of the night to come: A shared, arousing recollection of today's executions and wicked cooking procedures. Replaying stereoscopic videos of the most stimulating scenes... "My angel will coax and plead again for a woman to execute leisurely in our bedroom. She is so eager to try her new toys!

We could do it tonight... There should be a girl available, ready to stock the smoking chamber tomorrow. Wicked, intimate executions make my darling Nicole so wild and hot... What a deliciously exhausting experience last time!"

"I'll pull slowly, shining, silver and gold cord between my teeth... Lovely Nicole will want to be impaled deeply and repeatedly. Rigid, impaling penis red with menstrual flow, I'll bite her tender buttocks and breasts, nibble her bloody vagina... My Nicole, all mine! What bliss!"

Armand is on the brink of orgasm. He contains himself with great effort. "If young ladies must suffer and die to keep my dearest Nicole radiant and full of life... So be it!

Back to work... What is my better half saying?"

"... delectable Chloe and delicious Cèline. Cooking these splendid specimens is a great privilege. I have chosen a deceptively simple recipe to preserve the exquisite taste of their tender flesh: Both will be oven roasted... but with different seasonings to underline each woman's own, distinctive flavour. Chloe's theme will be 'Mint', Cèline's 'Honey'. Mint and Honey, main chords of two symphonies of flavours chosen to enhance a roasted woman's natural richness!"

Chloe and Cèline sit, hands tied at their backs, on high stools set at both ends of the stage. Kitchen assistants feed them food pellets, offering wine now and then to wash it down.

Chloe, pale but apparently in control of herself, seems to eat with an appetite -no breakfast and a thorough flush for lottery girls!

Cèline, however, is a nervous wreck. Crying disconsolately, she refuses to eat. Cruel twisting of her tender nipples helps her along.

"Dear Chloe and Cèline are helping us with the stuffing."

"Don't be such a spoilsport Cèline, dear!"

"Each girl is being fed a different mixture of ingredients, carefully chosen to complement their personal 'theme'. Each will also receive her own special kind of anal stuffing just before being put in to cook. Oh, and I have chosen pineapple to fill Chloe's pussy and mango for Cèline's."

Nicole bows to polite applause. "A surprise dear friends: You are going to feast on Goddess' flesh today!"

"Yes, Chloe and Cèline will become Goddesses before being roasted! My assistants and I have perfected a procedure I call 'flesh sculpting'. Our young women's breasts, buttocks and pussy will be enhanced to divine proportions by the injection of carefully prepared extra tissue, donated by a third woman, shortly to join us."

Excited comments precede enthusiastic clapping.

"Monique, in charge of supplies, attends all the Restaurants guild's daily lotteries. She should be here soon, bringing us two meat girls. Guild's lotteries are quite businesslike and selected girls often too young and plain, but we only need the poor girl's ass cheeks, breasts and pussy. As there is plenty of time today I would suggest we have some fun with her first."

Cat calls and wild applause greet Nicole proposal. 'Le Chatte flambée's clientele is losing its exquisite manners appallingly fast!

"Please let us know your choice by clapping louder when I introduce the girl you want. The other will stock our smoking chamber tomorrow.

Ah, here is Monique!"

Monique a buxom, efficient looking woman climbs the stage pushing two Asian, teen-age girls in front. The frightened girls try to hide behind her.

"Hello girls."

In chorus "Selamat Pagi!"

"Can you speak English?"

"Sedikit... a little, Madam."

"Where are you from? What are your names?"

"Indonesia, kota Solo. Saya nama Leoni. She Lina."

"Welcome Leoni and Lina! I want to introduce you to some very good friends. But, please, first undress like all of us."

The girls start to remove their clothes, obviously awed by the small, select audience and elegant surroundings.

"Pray, tell us. Why did you attend the Restaurants guild's lottery?"

"We all female group, university end of career trip Europe. Saidatul -best girlfriend- dare us all lottery go. Get money for extra week Spain."

Lina embraces Leoni crying disconsolately.

"Did you know about lotteries?"

"Yes,... No. Lotteries only kota Yogyakarta. Solo, we buy perempuam makam... woman to eat." incensed "Lottery ini not fun, over in ten minutes!"

Lina, still crying, starts to pull down her satin knickers. A dribble of cum links her smooth, pink, hairless pussy to the soaked crotch of her panties.

"Must have been a very exciting ten minutes!"

"Lottery no fun! Wicked games cooking girl, fun! Home, family buy new girl, always several days much, much fun. Girl hurt, twist, moan moan, everybody plenty excited, I be licked deep. I lick, suck mum, dad, auntie,... everyone. Dad, brother, uncles skewer my pantat er... bum, I like lovely itch!"

"Only your bum?"

Shocked "I virgin!"

"Me, Lina, virgin too. Only bum!"

Chef Nicole moves behind both girls, hands weighing their breasts -Leoni's quite firm and prominent, with big, dark areolas. Nicole's hands wander down to cup the girls' warm, dripping wet pussies. "Yes, wicked games are fun! Which are your favourites Lina?"

Humping Nicole's hand and moaning lustily "Elder sister's hot tongue my pussy, nibbles tickly button." Nicole's fingers rub her gently "Ahhhhh, I plenty juices, uhhhh... she licks licks, I much wild hot. I push sharp, thin, bamboo sticks inside lunch girl's breasts. Mmmmmm... she cries nice, I heaven Ohhh, aaahhh... One last, long, thick stick, I push hard, she girl howl howl..." Nicole's fingers move faster "Stick one breast, two breasts mmm...mmm. Girl much hurt, plenty good shriek, family crazy happy. I come mmm...ahhh, I come uhhh... I commmeeeee!"

What a gifted girl! Pussy juices escape through Nicole's fingers to drip on the floor, forming an aromatic, big puddle. Chatte flambée's guests, eyes riveted to the stage, grope and fondle each other moaning and talking incoherently.

Lina is in a faint. Chef Nicole holds the young girl up, kissing and caressing her until she comes to.

"And you Leoni, which wicked games do you like best?"

Suddenly wary "I good girl, do same same family."

Gently nibbling Leoni's neck and fondling the girl's flooding pussy "We know you are a good, virgin girl, but it is very rude to cook a girl without a little fun first." One finger insinuates itself inside the girl's steaming vagina and wriggles.

Sucking the finger in with her pussy muscles "Mmmm, yesss, yesss. We play, three, four days before cook girl. Ahhhh nice! Girl plenty loud scream, sexy wriggle. Family much fuck, suck. Daddy loves Leoni creamy cunty, he greedy lick lick, all time! First cousin besar... enormous big. I like suck ahhhh, mmm grow more big!"

"First cousin's long penis. How tasty!"

"He plenty thick too! Always try skewer bum mine. No can! Hurts, ahhh, ohhh, mmm hurts good! One day, roast day, whole girl satay, auntie pushes long, enormous thick, bamboo pole up girl's bum hole. Girl shrieks shrieks loud good, crazy hurt!"

"I, first cousin much excited. Opens bum hole my! Uhhhhh hurts plenty good! Now he almost out... Push back, no no, I no want empty bum!"

"Auntie big push, girl sexy cries, kick legs wild. First cousin full in fast! I breathless, I satay girl too! First cousin tickles pussy, squeezes breasts... ahhhohhh, mmm I heaven, I heaven! Whoooaaaa! nice slide pain, almost out!"

"Mummy hold girl's head. Auntie one last, hard push. Howl sudden stop, pole out girl's mouth. Everyone cheers! Auntie proud."

"First cousin in out, in out, plenty fast! Itch itch, plenty hurt crazy good! I open mouth for fantasy pole, cousin trembles, twists breast, he come, I come, I come plenty muuuuch!"

It is quite a few minutes before Leoni recovers somewhat. Both girls lean on Nicole, idly rubbing their pussies, a dazed look on their faces.

"Mes petite filles... I am sure everybody here already likes you very much. We also love wicked games! We celebrated a lottery early this morning. This one was quite fun!" pointing to Chloe and Cèline "These two pretty ladies were selected and we are going to cook and eat them. But first we'll play some naughty, wicked games, will you help?"

"Naughty games? Cantik nyonya nyonya, er... cute ladies for eat? Cook hari ini... today?"

"Yes my dears, want to play?"

"Yes, yes! We hungry! Pretty ladies enak... delicious!"

"Wonderful my pets! Why don't you introduce yourselves? Come, don't be shy!"

"I Marlina Tasik, Lina. I love play with you. I know plenty wicked games!"

Loud clapping greets Lina's impulsive introduction.

"Hi, I Leoni Andriyati. I want be friends!"

An even louder applause receives Leoni's words.

"I am so happy my dears. We'll have a great time playing wicked games together! But I am a little worried about you, Lina. You must be starving, you fainted a while ago! How would you like a nice girl-ham sandwich?"

"Terima kasih banyak... thank you very much Madam."

"Call me Nicole." winking "I really look forward to play with you soon!"

Monique asks a waitress for two light lunches, served in her office, and takes Lina with her.

Caressing her breasts "Dear Leoni, I think you are a very pretty young girl, I like your titties very much." leading her to a raised platform in stage centre "Come show yourself to us!"

Clamps clasp Leoni's ankles as soon as she steps on the platform. Nicole holds playfully both girl's hands while fondling her breasts. A kitchen assistant slips a pair of handcuffs smoothly over the girl's wrists.

Cannibal Cruise. Chapter 6. End.



This is a fantasy! Women are lovable persons and I would do anything to make them happy. I am a vegetarian myself.


Cannibal Cruise. Chapter 7.

"Ah, It is good to be back home again!"

"But what fun at 'Le Chatte flambée'!"

"How wild dear Chantal and Virginie!"

"That greedy cannibal, Virginie, sucked my nuts dry in three slurps. I could not swallow her juices fast enough! Heavenly 69, Mon Dieu!"

"Chantal, a veritable diablesse! Completely exhausted us. N'est-ce pas Justine?"

"Oui, ma soeur. Oh la la, what a wicked tongue!"

"That's what surviving a lottery does to a girl! Pity about Chloe. But she was just great!"

"Good sport. A fine, plucky lady. My word!"

"Could not help enjoying her 'Godessification'. Boobs bigger than mine, what voluptuous girl flesh! Turned out delicious too!"

"Delicious is not enough, Betty. Sublime, divine, exquisite,..."

"I got off hearing Cèline's screams. Did you see her face, cross eyes looking at her pumped out titties? Such fun!"

"I thought the Indonesian virgin had been your favourite, dear. Such delicious clenching of your cunny on my old fellow. Jolly fantastic!"

"Oh that too, John. Such artistic, slow slicing of her buttocks and breasts! And I did love her final, sudden impalement, spit tip coming out of her ruined chest. Chef Nicole has a gift for wicked entertainment."


"Lemonade by the swimming pool, capital idea!"

"Cool drinks, Juliette, Justine how nice. Thank you!"

"Finished cleaning, Mistress..."

"Salads ready in the fridge for dinner... Can we hear about 'Ambrosia' and the 'Yoni Bagh', Mistress?"

"Oui, oui, please! About 'gourmet holidays and having fun with firm breasted, eminently edible, delicately flavoured Indian beauties'!"

"Yes, my naughty, cannibal angels, stay with us. Betty, we are all salivating just thinking of your wicked schemes. Please do go on with your story."

"All right, I'll tell you about Ambrosia cruises."

"Our 'Yoni Bagh', carrying a select group of delicious, beautiful Indian girls and an all vegetarian, male crew -except for Captain, first officer (Jessy and yours truly) and cannibal kitchen staff- will leave Bombay four times every year to sail along the Red sea, through Suez canal and along European coasts -stopping at selected ports: Iraklion, Siracusa, Sorrento, Rome, Monte Carlo, Marseille, Barcelona, Mallorca, Malaga, occasionally also Funchal in Madeira- to return, leisurely, back to Bombay the same way."

"All vegetarian, male crew. Good heavens!"

"Yes, nothing is too good for our dear Indian girls. A crew of handsome, strong, lusty studs. The best male sailors India can offer... and generously paid too. Betty's idea. Vegetarians simplify provisioning no end!"

"Thank you Jessica, dear. 'Yoni Bagh' has two kitchens: Vegetarian and cannibal, both ruled by expert Chefs.

Vegetarian kitchen to prepare exquisite delicacies for crew and Indian girls.

Cannibal kitchen to cook for officers, cannibal Indian girls -if any- and kitchen staff. Also to provide service for all cannibal feasts and orgies taking place aboard."

"Does it mean you use high quality girls to feed kitchen staff?"

"Of course not! Our delectable Indian girls only attend lotteries for luxury cannibal feasts and orgies. Girls for everyday meals are cheaply bought along the way: Aden, Cairo, Casablanca, ... Even if vegetarian, Indian girls are quite wild! Back in Aden they begged us to let them execute two girls we had just bought. Such fun! What a wicked, naughty..."


"Sorry Betty, I got carried away. Do go on."

"We are not telling it right. I better start with the girl selection campaign in India."

"'Ambrosia cruises' offers an 'once in a lifetime' experience to courageous, charming, pretty Indian girls. A two month cruise along the Red and Mediterranean seas, sumptuous lodgings and exciting entertainment -aboard and on land- the very best in vegetarian and cannibal cuisine... all shared with an extremely lustful, all male crew. Add a chance to appease unfulfilled ardours by participating in cannibal lotteries, and the possibility of becoming very rich, and the offer becomes irresistible.

Thousands of girls swamped our offices as soon as we started advertising. All eager to sign a 'multiple lottery contract' and be included in the 'Yoni Bagh' maiden cruise."

"That 'multiple lottery contract' must be the key to the whole project. N'est-ce pas Betty?"

"You are sharp Pierre! Yes, a nice piece of paperwork. I have had to explain it so many times to enthusiastic Indian girls that I know it by heart. Here it goes once more:

'Ambrosia cruises' fixes, every year, what we call the GirlPrice, that is the amount we pay for every girl selected in lotteries aboard.

For a given two month cruise the prize to be shared among surviving girls is the total price of all the girls selected in lotteries:

TotalPrize=NumberOfSelectedGirls x GirlPrice.

Each time a girl participates in a lottery, her probability of being selected is calculated.


a) 10 girls lottery, 1 selected; Probability=1/10=0.1.

b) 25 girls lottery, 3 selected (At once, not one after another); Probability=3/25=0.12.

A computer aboard stores, and displays for all to see, the sum of probabilities accumulated by each surviving girl in lotteries attended -her RiskCount. After participating in example lotteries 'a' and 'b', a surviving girl would have accumulated a RiskCount of 0.22.

According to her contract, a girl can be included in a lottery as long as her RiskCount is lower than 0.5. Once over 0.5 she can refuse participation or accept, and increase her RiskCount.

At the end of the cruise, TotalPrize is shared according to each girl's RiskCount. In an hypothetical case in which all survivors have 0.5 RiskCounts, each girl has survived 50% odds of being eaten and receives 1 GirlPrice as prize or bonus."

"Not much for the risk. Poor gals!"

"Not so, John. A GirlPrice is about one third of what an expensive Dolcett club has to invest in lottery prizes to obtain a high class girl in Europe. And that is an enormous amount in India, enough to set you up for life. And you have to take in account how wild Indian girls are. Sometimes I wonder if they would not do it for free, just for the excitement..."

"Where is the profit, Betty cherie? You charge 'Dolcett World Cruise Lines' a GirlPrice per girl  consumed -one third of what 'DWCL' has been paying to clubs up to now. You pay the same amount to each surviving girl and then all the other costs, insurance, crew, fuel, ..."

"You are right Pierre. We pay surviving girls a little less than what we get from 'DWCL' but the difference would not pay for all the expenses. There is a twist to our business..."

"We carry extra girls. My Betty's idea!"

"Don't be modest, dearest Jessy, you had a lot of bright ideas too!"

"No, you, darling you. You are my brainy, sexy angel and I adore you!"

"You are my inspiration. Oh, how I love you Jessy, my cute, darling captain!"

"Hold me tight Bubblyboobs."

"My sweet Juicypuss... Oh, what bliss!"

"Sally, John, have you seen our backyard garden? I'll show you. Lovely flowers this time of the year. Juliette, Justine, you come with us too."



"Yes, we carry extra girls."

"After providing quite a few feasts and orgies for 'DWCL friendly' Dolcett clubs, there should remain aboard the 'Yoni Bagh' enough Indian girls to select, in lotteries, twelve extremely high class, extra girls."

"Pardon Jessica, Pourquoi 'extremely high class'?"

"There is a little trick. We select who attends which lottery and are careful to reserve the best girls for the last lotteries. It is all legal and fair, all girls have the same survival odds. You tell them Betty."

"Yes before the 'Yoni Bagh' starts the trip back to Bombay all girls with RiskCount 0.5 or higher -those who have already survived the trip- are flown home with their prizes, leaving aboard a very select group of Indian girls. As Jessy advanced, these girls have been carefully selected from the start and kept from attending lotteries in the first leg of the cruise. They are not only chosen for their beauty, ideally they should be clever, witty, sexy and full of lusty mischief. Most cannibal Indian girls in the original group are bound to belong to this special subgroup.

We have spread the word amongst the most expensive, sophisticated, European Dolcett clubs that the 'Yoni Bagh' is available for extremely luxurious gourmet cruises with unconventional, artistic and imaginative onboard entertainment and exceptionally exquisite Indian girls as main subjects of our Chefs' superb ability."


"Terrific. My word!"

"Oh la la. 'Unconventional, artistic, imaginative'. That is quite a promise!"

"Yes Pierre, I admit to being a little nervous but don't forget Jessy and I have had some practice aboard the 'Merideth'."

"Do you remember the Inanna underground cannibals from the Marquesas Sammy? They have shown us some videos where they have fun with their new South American sisters -swapped aboard the 'Merideth'. Just re-enacting some of their wicked activities at 'surprise garden barbecues' would keep us busy for several cruises!"

"And we have learnt a trick or two from the Dolcett clubs we have already entertained. Why, some of them had very definite ideas on how to perform exciting executions and brought such clever implements aboard..."

"Already entertained?"

"Yes, our cruiser has entertained several 'DWCL friendly' Dolcett clubs -most satisfactorily I am proud to say- while completing the first leg of her maiden cruise. Fifty surviving girls have already flown back home with their prizes. A group of thirty beautiful, lusty Indian girls and a dozen chosen houries, bought in Casablanca for entertainment purposes, await new, paying passengers."

"The 'Yoni Bagh' is currently docked in Marseille. Betty and I have been able to accept your kind invitation because the 'Sado-Epicurean society', our esteemed customers, won't arrive in Marseille until the day after tomorrow.

As I said before, you are all invited aboard."

"Jolly good! Jolly good!"

"Betty dear, have you considered the entertainment value of a sexy, slow impalement?"

"But of course Sally. It is an all times favourite. And I know of quite a few naughty variations..."

"Houries love enculer n'est-ce pas?"

"Oh wonderful! It will be as in the good old times aboard the 'Merideth'!"

"Juliette, Justine. What's the matter? The cat... I mean the cannibal got your tongues?"

"Do you mean... We... Mistress Jessica?"

"But of course my angels. You too are coming with us."

"Ahhhhh! We are going! We are goiiiiiing!"

"When? When? Now, please. Now, now! Let's go. Let's go!"

"Yes, yes! We may be on time for a lovely execution! I have never seen a Houri-whatever done in before!"

Girls, girls. Let go of us! We can not go out like this. Juliette, bring down some clothes, there is a good girl!"

"Yahoooo! Yupeee! We go houri-roasting!"

"Well hung, stud sailors. Hoooraay!"

Cannibal Cruise. Chapter 7. End.



This is a fantasy! Women are lovable persons and I would do anything to make them happy. I am a vegetarian myself.


Cannibal Cruise. Chapter 8.

Samantha can't help creaming her knickers. There it is, the 'Yoni Bagh', a floating fairytale palace illuminating with her lights Marseille's harbour. A flood of memories run through her mind, a kaleidoscope of images with associated sounds and aromas: Tempting full breasts, scent of fresh sweat, rigid penises, male and female faces contorted with pleasure, open mouths uttering passionate incoherent cries, luscious roasted female buttocks, exciting heady mixture of pussy secretions and semen, a gravy dripping pussy filet, excited moans, anguished, desperate cries from a dying woman,  the unbearably delicious taste of a crunchy, roasted human nipple in her mouth, the smell of fear, dripping pussies, shrill, pain-crazed shrieks, excruciating suffering turned into orgasmic passion, arousing aroma of roasting flesh, coming from a just open oven, a golden female body turning slowly over red-hot coals, her own clothes being ripped open, hands, hundreds of hands, caressing her body, teeth biting her bare neck, her anus mercilessly pierced,...

Wrapped in Pierre's strong arms, she comes again and again, lost in multiple orgasms. His sweet kisses bring her slowly back to the here and now. The 'Merideth', her nemesis turned womb for her glorious rebirth, is sailing other seas. This is the 'Yoni Bagh'. She is going to relive a momentous part of her life but now without limits or reservations. Free from lotteries, enormously exciting as they had been, free to indulge in all kinds of wild experiences, no matter how outrageous, perverted or cruel. She is eager to experience all that comes her way, eager to devise new, wicked ways to extract excitement and pleasure from life...

Yes. Oh yes! She and Pierre are going to be partners of 'Ambrosia luxury gourmet cruises'. Pierre will take some convincing, he is tenderhearted, like most men, but she knows exactly what to do. She playfully clenches her anal muscles. Pierre moans, his penis stiffening immediately... Giggles and outright laughter wake her out of her reverie.

They are all standing in the pier, a delighted group of friends watching the dreamy couple.

Blushing, Samantha disengages from a rampant Pierre, lowers her skirt and retrieves her torn knickers from the ground.

"Welcome to our pride and joy 'The Yoni Bagh'. Ah, there are our naughty princesses! Come down girls and meet our friends."

"Acha, captain Memsahib!"

A splendid coterie of beautiful Indian girls, attired in magnificent, shape enhancing, silk saris come down the gangway and surround the happy friends.

Introductions are a confusion of giggled Namastes while the Indian girls, gracefully raising their hands, palms together, avoid being kissed by their new friends.

"Don't be misled by their coyness. In India public display of affection is not seemly but wait until we are all onboard with our clothes off! Come let's all aboard."

"Hi Babita. What did you girls do these last days? Did you behave?"

"Certainly not Bettyji! We found Marseille's people almost as passionate and fun loving as us. I am afraid we have broken many a heart! We have also toured all dens of sin available. Quite a shock for us, poor innocent  girls!"

Amid giggles "Mumtaz bought some dirty movies!"

"Did she? Were they any good?"

"You bet! I mean... Disgusting really! Arab snuff movies... But well... you get used to it and... We somehow got to like them. Nadira insisted we watch them, she kept bothering us... touching, you know and kissing... Got us in quite a state!"

"Yes, we had to have an orgy there and then. We called for our dear sailors, pussy scent got them quite frantic... Lingam of Brahma, had we a romp!"

"We are quite fond of the dirty movies now. They are mighty pukkah really!"

"It was Babita who said the Moroccan women we have aboard could pass for Arabs and captain memsahib had said we could have fun with one..."

"Come on girls! I had just mentioned it and you all trooped into the kitchens asking for Aisha. And it was Mumtaz who thought she would play Kali, the destroyer, and you all wanted to be her nautch girls for the temple sacrifice scene. We all enjoyed the game!"

"It was better than in the movies! Poor Aisha lasted almost a whole day. A good sport she was!"

"We'll have her leg roasted for dinner. Guess what dear captain? Nanda, Mahima and Jaya are going to try Aisha's leg too! Fifteen cannibals out of thirty Indian girls!"

"That's my girls! I want you all to have a good time. Nothing like a happy passage!"

"Why don't you all meet us in the hall later? Jessy and I are going to show our friends the ship."

"Acha, Betty Memsahib!"

"As you can see the 'Yoni Bagh' is far smaller than the 'Merideth', but laid out in the same pattern. It is more modern and fully automated. I could sail it single-handed. We hire sailors mainly to keep the girls happy, but they are also quite handy as waiters or if a girl becomes rebellious.

Power plant and engines occupy very little room. Most of the space is devoted to lodgings and entertainment. Our Indian girls use quite comfortable communal quarters, a little cramped at first but quite adequate once lotteries start and girls are cooked. We'll give their quarters a miss. They are quite proud of them and will love to show them to you."

"This is officers' land, these are our quarters and there are also a few staterooms for our wealthy customers. You'll use this one. How do you like it?"

"Whoa! It is super! Look Justine, there is a bed for each of us and a big communal one to share!"

"Betty, dear, will you carry on? I have to update the log book and take care of some other things. I'll meet you later on at the hall."


"And this is where we keep the girls we buy for entertainment. Just a few to feed cannibal staff and keep the girls amused on the Bombay-Europe leg. Quite a lot on the return trip when we'll cater to more jaded -and wealthy- customers."

"Pretty gals, but the poor dears scarcely have room to move in these close rows of bunks. And they all seem to be asleep,"

"We don't have the room the 'Merideth' has. We keep them shackled to the bunks and drugged except for those we'll need in the next couple of days. We keep undrugged girls next door where they live quite comfortably. We feed them the same mixture we used for pre-lottery girls aboard 'Merideth' -clean bowels, no need for enemas. No trace of drugs after one day and quite lively the day of their debut!"

John caresses a juicy pussy and sniffs appreciatively his fingers.

"Crew wipes regularly the drugged girls' pussies. They pee, you know."

Sally kneads a full breast "They are top quality!"

"Oh yes. We could buy cheaper ones but we have a reputation to make! Compared to our Indian princesses they are sold cheap in Casablanca, Cairo, Aden... But we'll need many, four daily as an average. Even if the main dish is one of our princesses our clients would not be satisfied with just one pussy filet... And they'll want entertainment... We'll wake up five tomorrow for the 'Cruise inauguration extravaganza'..."

"How many are there next door?"

"Just Fatima. You heard what the Indian girls did to Aisha. We'll have some fun with Fatima tomorrow. Come let's meet her."

"Hi Fatima! How are you feeling today?"

"Fatima sleep, always sleep."

"You'll be better tomorrow my pretty. Come kiss these friends."

"Upon my word young lady, you are a dish! Come give us a kiss!"

"Fatima, my darling, what a fine cunty you have. Let me lick!"

"Let me feel your beautiful titties love!"

"Mon Dieu, what a lovely bottom Chérie!"

"Hmmmm, Ahhhh... Fatima likes...."



"You have seen all except for the execution and cooking hall where Jessy and the girls are waiting for us. It is smaller than that in the 'Merideth', more personal and cosy. Here you get more out of the experience... a heightened intimacy with the poor executed girls... Hope you like it!"

Execution and cooking halls have an aura of sensuality that invades anyone stepping inside. Add the sight of thirty naked, excited Indian beauties and the strong musk emanating from their juicy pussies and the effect is overpowering. Clothes fly from the newcomers and a frantic, wild orgy ensues.


"Dear Babita. I do declare, you and your sisters are really wild. I would take you all home with us!"

"Don't joke John sahib. We have what we have, let's make the most of the rest of the cruise" an impish smile "or until I am cooked."

"I know what you feel dear girl, I was once in your situation. Forget the future until the cruise is done. Try to enjoy every single moment!"

"I can't help it Sally memsahib. Bettyji has promised a job in 'Ambrosia' to any of us who survives this maiden trip. That, more than the prize, is my dream, recruiting girls for these cruises, sharing the excitement of  this project, belonging to the budding community of cannibals in Bombay, sailing again aboard the 'Yoni Bagh' -as representative of 'Ambrosia'... This cruise is the most marvelous thing that ever happened to me. I was vegetarian but took to eating human flesh as fish to water. I love orgies and sensual executions... This... this is the life!"

"Hush dear Babita. I survived a cruise, so did our friend Samantha and maybe you will too."


"It is Chef Mei Ling. She is going to cook what is left of Aisha. Come, let's see!"

"Roasted leg. Puagh!"

"Don't worry Sridevi, you'll get your Thali. But please eat a double portion in case we get to cook you one of these days!"

A kitchen assistant brings in Aisha's remains, lower body and head, on a trolley.

"Ayeeyah, captain Jessica. Look what these naughty girls did to poor Aisha! Dew neh loh moh! How can I cook great dishes from damaged goods?"

Indian girls hold their breath and look guilty while Jessica bends down to examine what is left of the body.

Aisha had dainty feet, toenails painted bright red, but the soles of her feet are badly charred. All the girls look elsewhere when Jessica looks up.

Aisha's shapely legs are covered with cigarette burns and her thighs show deep punctures 'Some nifty skewer work here' thinks Jessy.

Aisha's pussy lips are a veritable pin-cushion and her clitoris seems to have been bitten off.

'Let's have a look at her backside'. The poor girl's buttocks are criss-crossed with deep whip welts but it is her gaping anus that shocks Jessica. 'I could put my fist inside. God knows what the naughty girls have used!'

Aisha's head shows a silly grin, a tribute to the kitchen's esthetician's efforts to erase a rictus of agony.

"Emmm... Dear Mei Ling, my apologies. You are right of course, but... Girls will be girls. You know how it is when they get carried away..."

All girls breathe again, relieved.

"But I'll talk to them most seriously. They should be more careful next time!"

"Miss Mumtaz, would you please come with me?"

"Glubb... Yes captain memsahib, Madam."

Whispering "Uhmm... Mumtaz my sweet, could I borrow your dirty movies for a couple of hours? I believe I don't have them in my collection."

"Yes Madam captain, my pleasure!"

"Ahem... You have not recorded, by any chance, poor Aisha's last day. Have you?"

"Well... yes. One of the hall's 3D cameras happened to be on. I have added the recording to the movies memory stick."

"Good thinking! Thank you dear girl." Louder "And I don't want any more complaints from our gifted Chef, Mei Ling. Make sure you respect her work. Life is not just having fun!"

Mollified, Mei Ling directs dinner preparation. All of Aisha's remains will be cooked to feed the increased number of cannibal Indian girls and the new visitors.

Aisha's lower body is carefully washed -toenails' varnish removed-, her body cavities filled with apple mash stuffing and all of it is lovingly basted with one of Mei Ling's secret mixtures.

The Chinese Chef pushes the tray, with its succulent contents, inside a pre-heated oven and then busies herself with Aisha's head -Captain Jessica loves eating ears, tongue and lips the way she cooks them!

An irresistible aroma fills the hall. Cannibals, hungry from the recent orgy exertions, salivate. They'll have to wait a couple of hours. Cooking a perfect roast takes time and Chef Mei Ling is satisfied with nothing but perfection.

Nadira, Mumtaz and the visitors follow Betty on a tour of the 'execution and cooking hall', her pride and joy.

"I can't help but compare it with that on the 'Merideth'. This is smaller and we have limited resources. There are several 3D cameras but we could not afford 'viewing points'. They are not really necessary, it is so cosy and intimate here, that you can get really close to the action!

The hall is multifunctional. Floor and walls covered with hidden sockets and fittings so that different modules and gimmicks allow all kinds of facilities: Torture and punishment areas, games, girl hunting, recreative executions, theatre,..."

"Looks a bit bare..."

"It is supposed to be... until you need it for a particular activity. Let me show you. Suppose we want to hang a girl..."

Betty leads them to a corner, opens a cabinet and extracts some hardware. Climbing a small, portable ladder she hooks a device to a socket in the ceiling. She activates a remote control and a noose winds down to stop head-high.

"See? Now it is just a matter of dragging some mattresses here for the audience and..." Pushing a button that starts the noose winding slowly up "Make her dance!"




"And if you want to enliven things up a bit..." Betty unscrews a metal cap from the floor, just beneath the noose, and hits another button in the remote. A pole starts to rise from the floor.


"Shiva's own Lingam!"



"Parvati's Yoni be blessed!"

"There are other poles hidden under the floor at strategic places. And look..." She unscrews the pole's sharpened tip. "We can screw on any kind of tip we want! We have quite a selection!"

"Uhm... I wonder if Fatima would like to..."

Wagging a finger "Naughty, naughty Nadira!"


Yoni Bagh's sailors have laid out the tables. The company is more than eager to enjoy dinner. A trolley comes from the vegetarian kitchen loaded with delicacies. Indian girls turned cannibal boo good-naturedly when their sisters help themselves to the food.

A steaming, delicious looking Aisha's roast is greeted by loud cheers and much smacking of lips. Sailor-waiters start to carve and serve the hungry cannibals.

All eyes are on Nanda, Mahima and Jaya, the new cannibals to be. Babita gets up and helps her friends. She cuts up three little pieces of rump roast, dips them in gravy, forks each of them together with fresh lettuce and lovingly feeds the morsels to the wary girls.

Cautious chewing with closed eyes and the tasty meat is finally swallowed. Faces change from wariness to bliss.


"Why did I wait so long?"


No need to help them now. Food disappears from their plates at a surprising rate.

"You don't know what you are missing my squeamish, vegetarian sisters! You loved playing with Aisha. Why won't you enjoy her completely?"

"I'd like to taste her, Babita."

"Me too!"

"Gopika, Meera come by me. I'll feed you from my own plate."


"A splendid dinner, with a splendid company my Princesses."

"Dear captain memsahib!"

"As you all know, we'll have the 'Sado-Epicurean society' aboard starting the day after tomorrow. We are going to enjoy this last part of the cruise. There will be the thrill of lotteries again and Betty and I will make sure there is always plenty of entertainment and fun."

Silence and thoughtful looks greet this announcement.

"My dear princesses, tomorrow will be your day. A holiday's holiday! We'll do whatever you want to do. And Fatima, Aisha's friend, will be invited to share in all the fun!"


"Whoa, thank you dear Betty!"


"Sweet, sexy Fatima!"

"I know exactly what we can do!"

"I suggest a cold lunch so we have plenty of time for festivities. We could then have a great holiday's dinner with Fatima as special guest...

Good night my princesses, Jessy and I are going early to bed, tomorrow will be a long day!"

Enthusiastic big cheers.

Cannibal Cruise. Chapter 8. End.



This is a fantasy! Women are lovable persons and I would do anything to make them happy. I am a vegetarian myself.


Cannibal Cruise. Chapter 9.

Sally dives headlong into a pile of mattresses just in time to escape being hit by half a dozen glass cups. The noise, as they smash into the floor, shattering in thousands of flying pieces, is drowned by a frightful screeching issuing from the kitchen.

"Dew neh loh moh on all foleign devils! Am I a dilty lump of foleign devil dogmeat? No, I'm a civilized person! Me, Teh Mei Ling, Chef number one in the whole wolld! Sullendel my kitchen to a bunch of spoiled Indian blats? Nevel!!! First I kill that motherless turd of a ship captain!

"Please, calm down sweet Mei Ling. It will be only..."

"I kill you too! You stupid big uddered cow! You... You stupid lump of dog turd!"

"...only for one d..."

A loud thud stops Betty in mid-sentence. An enormous kitchen cleaver quivers by her head, stuck in the wall.

"Thousand cuts!"

"What you say?"

"Captain Jessica agrees to let you perform the 'death by one thousand cuts' for our guests."

"For true?"

"Cross my heart!"

"Thousand cuts my way?"

"Yes, yes. All thousand cuts in breasts."

"Big bosomed Moroccan bitch?"

"You can pick the one you like best."

"Kitchen just one day, heya?"

"Yes, yes. Just one day and the girls promise to leave everything spotless clean."

"Ayeeyah. Why didn't you say so honoured tai-tai of brave captain Jessica?"


It had all started last night when the future partners of 'Ambrosia luxury gourmet cruises' and their lusty maids were invited to the Indian girls' quarters...

The girls are incredibly excited by Betty's promise: A whole day to do absolutely what they want. No matter how bizarre!

That's exactly what she said, isn't it? She would not take back her words, would she? Of course not! Bettyji is the right kind of girl, a good gal through and through.

And Fatima is invited! They had all watched sweet, voluptuous Fatima while she was sleeping the drugs off. Fatima with her full, turgid breasts, wide hips and meaty pussy... The perfect companion for a wild holiday!

The girls show their quarters perfunctorily to their dear guests. Comfortable beds, half of them -now that many are unused- joined to make an enormous communal bed. A bed that, judging by its ripe pussy aroma, is regularly used for orgies.

Three walls tastefully decorated with taxidermed heads of former sisters -heads that have survived the rigours of cooking- and a fourth almost completely covered by an enormous 3D screen.

The guests are barely settled on the communal bed when all the girls clamour for a 'dirty movie'.

"A movie Mumtaz. The one we have not yet seen. Hurry up!"

The wall disappears to show a dining room. Tridimensional video, surround sound and a scent device perform the magic of transporting the communal bed there.

Cutlery clinking, soft murmurs of happy diners, anguished moans from a woman being cooked and the pervading aroma of roasting flesh tell you this could be a typical high class restaurant anywhere in the world.

Slow camera panning shows an open kitchen area where a fat woman is roasting in a vertical kebab. It is the standard gradual-roast equipment and the electric fires are now hip high, her lower legs and left buttock already carved. The partially impaled woman's moans attest to the freshness of the roast.

The first sign that this is an Arab restaurant comes when the camera lets us see the fortunate diners, a fat, jaded looking man and his thirty naked wives. The women, eyes bright with lust, look occasionally to the camera with a predatory smile.

Next we are shown the restaurant staff, pretty waitresses dressed in transparent, 'thousand and one nights' outfits. Not a single man amongst them.

The camera now turns and we find what it is the wives are looking at so hopefully: A wide, well lit stage.

A neon sign in Arabic script (subtitled 'The Extreme Snuff palace') leave us in no doubt this is not a normal restaurant!


Sizzling, red-hot irons cooling on quivering flesh, chopping noises, pain crazed shrieks, stakes puncturing velvet skin, full-throated cries, desperate moans, hysterical crying,... The movie sound track is gradually drowned by pleasure moans, passionate grunts, licking sounds, shouted orgasms,...

Blood, burning flesh, the smell of fear,... all the movie's scents are completely swamped by a powerful aroma of sex juices. Thirty-four flooding pussies and two heroic penises have released an aphrodisiac cloud of musky fumes that envelopes the crowded communal bed.


"Fucking fantastic! I mean... Not bad at all by George! Best orgy ever, What?"

"Such a dirty movie! It is all my fault. I am a bad, depraved girl. Depraved and wicked! Spank me Samantha memsahib!"

"No, no spare Mumtaz! Spank me Samantha. Very hard!"

"And me!"

"Me too!"

"Yes, yes spank us!"

"Oh la la, quelle ardeur! Even ma soeur Justine is exhausted!"

"My first pussy's juice bath. Ah my girls, did my penis and tongue wriggle inside your ambrosial honeypots! Merci, Merci beaucoup!"

"I missed a spectacular impalement. And I don't mind it a bit! Oh my Princesses I love you all!"

"John sahib, what a frightening impaling stake between your legs! Oh, oh, why did we show you that cruel movie? Now you'll rend my tender yoni and pierce violently my body!"

"Will I? Yes by Jove! But you'll have to do all the work. I can barely move."


"I grant you it was exciting but Arabs are all sick psychos. 'Chop, chop, bang, bang, thank you Madam'. Thirty girls in as many minutes.  No time to enjoy it!"

"Yes, crude, no sensibility, no art. Give me a long, unhurried one any time!"

"Which brings us to tomorrow's plans. It is our day and we are going to make the most of it!"

"Yes, yes darling Fatima will share in all our games!"

"But we must be careful not to overtire the sweet girl. She is our special guest for dinner!"

"Dear Indian sisters -and guests- let's do some brainstorming."

All kinds of wild suggestions are listened to and, heads rocking in thought, carefully weighed. Finally a very complete schedule is enthusiastically agreed on by all present.

"What about dinner, it should be something memorable!"

"If I may make a suggestion?"

"Dear, shy Amrita, please."

"I live in the north, where a long, long time ago, before 'the big change', there were some meat-eaters. My grandmother used to tell me incredibly detailed stories passed from generation to generation. It is from her that I know of a long forgotten recipe to cook in one of our Indian tandoor ovens. I consider myself a good cook but I have never tried that recipe because the necessary ingredients can no longer be found in India. I remember the recipe word by word and, if we could obtain all the victuals and one modern, clear glass tandoor oven, I am sure I could cook a most delicious dinner."

"Bravo Amrita. That's what we'll do!"

"But where will we find the ingredients? And the oven?"

"The main ones are already aboard. For the oven and the rest... I don't know if could impose on our dear guests..."

"But of course my young Lady. I am entirely at your service!"

"We all are, ma petite!"

Cannibal Cruise. Chapter 9. End.

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