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Laura's Execution

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Synopsis: A beautiful girl is sentenced to have her legs sawed off - simply for wearing tights!

Lauras Execution

(The very sexy execution of a beautiful girl - simply for wearing tights)

Part 1: A Cruel Sentence

Laura's trial lasted less than five minutes.  Her name and age were read out for her to confirm followed by the charge of pre-emptively resisting rape to which she pleaded not guilty.

The judge looked Laura up and down savouring the look of terror in her luminous brown eyes and leered at her ample cleavage  and finally took in her long luscious smooth  nylon encased legs.

The accused will lift up her skirt before I consider my verdict. the judge decreed.  Laura didnt understand.  Not only had nobody tried to rape her but she had never heard of such  an offence as pre-emptively resisting rape.  She didnt even know what pre-emptively meant.

One thing Laura did know was that  very few girls as beautiful as she was lived past the age of eighteen.  Only last week two of her school friends had been executed for sedition against the state.  Claire had said that  girls should be allowed to wear trousers regardless of how nice their legs were and Kerry had been found in possession of subversive literature about how the death penalty shouldnt apply to girls only.  It was generally believed that the evidence had been planted on Kerry by a jealous ex-boyfriend but the judge had taken one look at Kerrys subtle young teenage body and imposed the death penalty.

Laura's mind returned to the present, she didnt understand the point behind judges order to lift her skirt but she was too frightened not to comply.  She raised the hem of her denim skirt which barely covered her taut well toned buttocks.  The judge leered even closer at the sight of  a black thong prominently showing behind the ultra-fine nylon of her tights.

Guilty on all counts. called the judge.  Laura Smith, I hereby sentence your legs to be sawed off whilst you are still alive.  Sentence to be carried out within twenty four hours.  Take her down.

Laura screamed on hearing the sentence No! Please!  Nobody tried to rape me! she cried I swear it.

Had you been listening, Miss Smith, said the judge trying to keep the excitement out of his voice, you would have heard that the charge against you was that of pre-emptively resisting rape.  A statute passed by parliament two days ago clearly forbids young women between the ages of fifteen and twenty one from concealing their vaginas in any way shape or form.  By wearing tights and knickers you have attempted to prevent yourself from being raped.  Therefore the sentence is death.  

Fear gripped Laura as she was led from the courtroom.  All she could think was that she was going to die simply because she wore tights today.

*      *      *

The journey to the execution centre was short.  In the back of the security van Laura sobbed uncontrollably as the judges words repeated themselves over and over in her head: Laura Smith, I hereby sentence your legs to be sawed off whilst you are still alive.  She had read about executions like this in magazines and in the papers and had even been quite aroused by them.  She recalled one instance in which a girls legs had been sawed off because she had refused to have sex with her teacher.  Laura had read the article time and again while she fingered herself until she had the greatest orgasm she had ever given herself.  She wondered if many boys and girls would enjoy hearing about her execution as much.  Her arch rival in school, Jenny, certainly would.

When the van stopped Laura was escorted by a female guard in a black short skirt and high heeled boots across a wide courtyard behind fifty feet high walls.  She could barely walk in her high heels on the rough stone ground. 

The guard escorting her stopped at an iron reinforced door, produced a key from her belt and opened the door and ushered Laura inside.

At a reception desk a young female officer sat with her head looking down and moaning softly. 

Oh yes. she sighed Dont stop! she screamed in ecstasy then resigned herself to a calmer disposition.  She looked up at her colleague and Laura.

This ones to be executed within twenty four hours. said Laura's escort as she handed the court order to the officer behind the desk.

The officer studied it for a second.  Very well.  No point in assigning her a cell.  Just get her stripped and take her to the pre-execution area.  Laura began to cry again.

For the first time she could see a blonde girl about her age kneeling between the reception officers legs.  The officer looked down at the girl then up at Laura's guard.  See that this ones executed will you.  Im not satisfied with her performance.

No.  Nooo! screamed the girl Please!  Let me try again!  Please let me try again!

The officer looked at Laura and smiled wickedly Saw off her legs.  she ordered.  And take our lovely new arrival to watch so she knows exactly whats going to happen to her.  Laura was so frightened that she felt herself cum.  She didnt understand why but she knew that despite the fear that she felt gripping her, this was also exciting her.  So was the sight of the screaming blonde girl being dragged along the corridor which displayed the sign EXECUTIONS.

*        *        *

Laura was quickly stripped and the guard took obvious pleasure in groping her soft young body.  Her clothes were immediately incinerated except for her knickers and tights which the guard said would be catalogued as evidence of her crime in case anybody contested her sentence.  They were still wet with her cum and therefore contained her DNA so the evidence was beyond reproach. 

Only Lauras high heels were spared the incinerator.

The guard then handed Laura a pair of black stockings and ordered her to put them on. 

Why? asked Laura terrified.

Officially black stockings mark you as a girl who is about to be executed.  Said the guard The truth is that the executioner likes girls to wear them while hes cutting their legs off. 

Laura nearly fainted. E-Executioner? she stammered. I-I thought that it was a machine.

No. said the guard Its all done by manually.  Its more cost effective and its more painful for you.  Its quite straightforward really: We take you to the Death Chamber were you can if you want to, beg the executioner for a quick death.  Then we tie you down and the executioner saws off your legs.  He can if he wants to cut off anything else as well.  She gave Laura's pert tits and small pointed nipples an impressed glance.  Laura fell to her knees screaming Please! she screamed I cant do this! Please dont kill me.  I didnt do anything.

Covering your cunt is punishable by death. Said the guard And youve been found guilty and sentenced accordingly.  Now put those stockings on.  Your legs are going to be sawed off, theres nothing you can do about that but you can at least make them look as sexy as possible.

With almost uncontrollable trembling hands, Laura pulled the beautiful silky smooth stockings up her perfectly shaped legs.  She couldnt resist stroking her legs encased in the luxurious material.  Secretly, through all her fear and terror she had never felt sexier.

Part 2: A Very Sexy Death

Laura could hear the screams of a girl as she was escorted down the corridor signposted Executions. 

There were only two doors at the end of the corridor, one to the right and the other straight ahead which was were she was being walked towards.

It was from this room that she could hear the girls screams. 

The guard opened the door and Laura froze at the sight which greeted her.  In the middle of the floor was an X shaped frame with the pretty blonde girl Laura had seen earlier tied to it.  Her arms were outstretched and her legs were spread painfully wide.  Like Laura, the girl had been forced to wear the black stockings  and high heels of a condemned girl.

Beyond the sight of the girl on the torture apparatus Laura saw the most horrific sight yet: Girls, naked but for sheer stockings and white high heels were busy sorting body parts!  Legs, tits and cunts were all being cleaned of blood and catalogued.  The legs had clean stockings and high heels put on them and were placed into boxes labelled Public Gallery.  tits were paired up and similarly stored.  Laura could hear the sobs of the girls as they were forced to work.  Lastly her eyes gazed upon another group of girls who were being forced to apply make up to decapitated girls heads.  Laura tried to force the image of her own body parts being processed out of her head. 

Laura was so preoccupied by the gruesome sight that she did not notice the appearance of a tall muscular man.  He was naked and Laura couldnt help but be impressed by the size of his hard cock.  So too it seemed was the guard. Doesnt that ever go down? she asked with a smutty laugh.

Never gets a chance to. he answered returning her smile.

Weve got a resisting rape case here. She was caught in public wearing knickers and tights. The guard said indicating Laura.

What about this one here? asked the man.

She didnt satisfy an officer with her tongue.  Anyway, Miss To Good To Be Raped is going to watch you cut Barbies legs off so she can be even more frightened.  The girl in the restraints screamed again.

*        *        *

The executioner considered the terrified girl for a moment then looked over to Laura.  What shall I do with her first?  he asked her.

Laura was unsure what to say, she was staring at the executioners huge erection.  More and more she wanted to touch his hard cock, feel it inside her, even taste it in her mouth. 

I dont know. she said with her eyes filling with tears. 

Please! Screamed the blonde girl Please dont hurt me!  I dont want to die! 

Laura looked at the girl. She reminded her of the girl shed been jealous of in school called Jenny. 

Jenny was always getting away with things that other girls were being executed for.  For one thing she couldnt keep mens cocks out of her mouth.  Every day at school boys and some teachers would come to Jenny and shoot their load into her mouth.  Jenny would always swallow since refusing to do so was illegal but even if she didnt it was unlikely that anyone would report her.  Laura really hated Jenny and for a moment she imagined that it was Jenny and not some innocent girl that she was about to watch being executed.  She was starting to get excited.

Cut off the ends of her nipples. said Laura without thinking.

I like that. said the executioner picking up a thin curved knife and turning it towards the girls pert young tits.

You bitch! Screamed the girl You fucking bitch!

The executioner brought the cruel blade up to the helpless girls tit.

No! she pleaded Please!  The man pressed the cold blade against the girls soft tit.  Tears streamed down her pretty face and she shook her head violently repeating over and over again No! Please!

Ignoring the girls pathetic pleas the executioner slowly sliced the small tip of her hard nipple away.  Blood spurted out from the tiny wound and the girl gave an ear piercing shriek.  Laura noticed that the girl had cum.  It dripped thick and white from her exposed cunt.

By the time the executioner had cut off the girls other nipple Laura's middle finger had found its way up her own wet cunt.

Does this excite you? asked the executioner.

Laura was suddenly embarrassed but she didnt remove her finger.

I - I need to play with myself. she sobbed. 

Most girls who watch this do. said the executioner as he looked Laura up and down.

He went to a nearby brazier with a thin metal rod  with a wooden handle heating in it.  He pulled the rod out of the hot coals and was satisfied with the dull red glow of the tip.  Laura's eyes widened as she guessed what it would be used for and hoped she was wrong.  The glint in the executioners eyes told her she wasnt.  She considered her finger in her own cunt and tried to push the thought of that cruel instrument going inside her out of her mind.

The executioner turned back to the screaming blonde girl who it seemed had also guessed the purpose of the hot metal rod in his hand.

Oh god! she gasped No! You cant! Please! Please dont put that inside me. Please! Im begging you! The executioner parted the girls wet cunt lips and pushed his finger inside her body.  His finger went into the wet cunt easily and he twisted it around.  When he was satisfied that her cunt was loose enough he pulled out his finger and tasted it.  Then he parted the wet cunt lips once again and inserted the thin metal rod taking care not to let it burn either his fingers or the exterior of the girls cunt. 

Laura didnt think that the girl could have screamed any louder than she did when her nipples were cut off.  She was mistaken.  Her shriek filled the room as the hot metal seared the insides of her delicate cunt.  Laura could hold back no longer and felt herself cum violently.  The executioner pulled the rod out of the girls tortured cunt causing her to scream louder still.

Laura's nipples were so hard she thought they were going to explode and her cunt felt as though it would never stop cumming.  The blonde girl went silent.  The executioner seemed disappointed. I hate it when they go into shock. he said as he returned the poker to the hot brazier.  It heated up again in just a few second and her pressed it to the motionless girls tiny nipple wound.  She screamed again seemingly coming back to reality as the hot metal cauterised her mutilated tit.  He repeated the process with her other tit then returned the poker once again to its resting place in the hot coals of the brazier.

Shes not going to last much longer. said the executioner lifting a large hand saw.  It appeared to have been well used and either rusted or covered in blood.  Laura felt a fresh surge of terror as she looked at the cruel teeth on the saws blade.

Well take note. said the executioner Because this is what Ill be doing to you in a few hours.  Laura couldnt speak.  She just stared into the girls terrified eyes.

Please! screamed the girl Not my legs! Please dont take my legs. 

Yes. said the executioner in a taunting voice as he rested one hand on the girls cunt to steady her body.  He positioned the saw to one side just beside her cunt were her inner leg met her pelvis.

The girl came once again as the cold steel touched her soft delicate skin.

No!  No! Nooo! cried the girl.

Yes yes yes!  the executioner continued to taunt her and began to saw back and forth into her body. 

The sound of the saw cutting through the girls bone was drowned out by her uncontrollable screams.  The executioner sawed slowly in a controlled motion in order to prolong the helpless girls pain for as long as possible.  Amazingly Laura thought, the girl was still screaming after the first leg was severed and the executioner had begun on the second.  After about two minutes of sawing the second leg the girl fell silent and Laura could now hear the sickly grinding sound of the saw cutting the dead girls bone and the squelching sound of the blood pouring from her horrific wounds.

With the two pretty legs cut cleanly off the executioner sliced the dead girls tits off and finally cut out her cunt. Laura stood motionless unable to comprehend what she had just witnessed.  After a few moments she gave out a hideous scream as the two girls came to collect the dead girls body parts for processing.

The guard who had stayed silent during the whole of the execution grabbed Laura by her arm.  Time to go to the pre-death cell.  She said coldly and led Laura out of the room to the other door in the corridor which she opened and pushed Laura inside and locked the heavy iron reinforced door.  The executioner will be along when hes ready for you. said the guard through the small shutter.

How - How long?  Laura managed to ask .

As long as he likes. answered the guard in her dispassionate tone.  Its more frightening if you dont know when youre going to die.  With that the guard walked away and all Laura could hear was the sound of her high heeled boots on the stone floor getting further and further away. 

Laura realised with dread that the next time she heard that sound would mean that she was going to die.

Part 3: Death In Black Stockings

The cell was cold and empty save for a wooden bench. 

The euphoria Laura had felt at witnessing the blonde girls execution had now been replaced with overwhelming fear and despair.  She stroked her silky smooth stockinged legs, reassuring herself that they were still attached to her body. 

She raised her hand higher and tenderly rubbed her sticky wet cunt.  The orgasm had been good, she couldnt deny that.  She pushed her finger into her cunt and as tears welled up in her eyes she began to have one last play with herself.  She pushed her finger inside herself as deeply as possible.  It felt good.  She had always been good at pleasing herself, almost as good as she was at pleasing men. 

That thought stayed with her: Had any man ever complained about a blow job shed given him?  Or had a man ever failed to cum inside her mouth or cunt?  Had she ever failed to produce her own cum whilst a mans tongue was inside her cunt or licking her clit? 

I can please men!  she gasped to herself.  She thought of the executioners muscular body and his big cock.  It was so obvious she thought: I just need to please him enough so hell want to keep me alive.

She felt her cum leave her wet cunt as she brought herself to an orgasm.  Oh god! She thought to herself as she looked down between her legs at the pool of thick white cum.

Theres so much of it!  Just like the blonde girl before she died!

She put her finger back up her cunt and repeated the whole self pleasing routine.  She came again after a few minutes and again she was amazed by the amount of cum that came out of her.  She wished that there was a man there to lick it up and tell her how nice she tasted.  The thought made her cry again: the only man likely to do that to her now was the same man who was going to kill her.

*        *        * 

Laura had lost all concept of how long she had been in the cell.  She just sat with her slender finger up her wet cunt giving herself orgasm after orgasm.  In her ecstasy she had managed to push her fear to the back of her mind.  When it did resurface and threaten to take a grip she began to play with herself again. 

She was in the middle of fingering herself when she heard footsteps from outside the cell: The unmistakable sound of the guards high heels on the stone floor. 

Her heart pounded inside her chest. 

The footsteps got louder then stopped. 

Laura fingered herself frantically. 

Outside the cell door she heard the sound of a key being put into the lock. 

No! she thought Im not ready! Im not ready!

The door opened.

Laura screamed.  As loud she thought as though she were already having her legs sawed off.  She came once again adding to the large pool of cum she had made between her legs.

Two female guards walked in followed by the executioner.

These little tarts always have one last play with themselves. laughed one of the guards. 

No! cried Laura sobbing loudly Im not ready!  Please!  I need more time!  Please!

The executioner walked towards her.  He was still naked and erect.

Its time. he said If you really want to live a bit longer then you had better use the time - creatively. 

Laura nodded and fell to her knees. 

The executioner moaned as Laura took his hard cock in her soft hands and gently caressed it. 

Youre good. said the executioner But I hope youre not going to make me spill my seed on the floor?

Laura nodded slightly and took the long shaft of hard flesh into her warm wet mouth.  She looked up into the executioners cold eyes,  her own pretty eyes tearfully pleading for mercy.  She wrapped her arms around his muscular waist and pulled herself against him so that she could take as much of his cock in her mouth as possible.  It throbbed and pulsed in her mouth as she sucked it hard and licked it by curling her soft tongue around its haft until finally it exploded and his thick potent white cum filled her mouth.  Tasting his cum in her mouth Laura swallowed it fully as he moaned loudly at emptying his load into such a beautiful girls mouth.

He attempted to withdraw his organ but Laura tightened her hold around his waist giving a tiny moan of protest.

Both guards laughed as the executioner pushed Laura away from himself.

Did you really think that you were the first little tart to think that if she gave me a good blow-job Id let you live?

I - I just thought that -

- that you could give me the ultimate blow - job?  That Id keep you alive as a sex slave?  That maybe you could suck me off while Im carrying out other girls executions?

Laura broke down in sobs.  She had thought those very things!  Obviously so had all the girls who were executed here.  There was no hope:  She was going to die.

Please!  she begged All I did was wear tights!  I didnt know it was illegal!

Well if we made the law obvious to you little tarts, youd all be more careful and I wouldnt get to kill as many of you, would I?

What? asked Laura in disbelief.

Isnt it obvious?  said the executioner.

These laws are passed just so as we can execute little sluts like you.  Youre just girls.  Youre sexy, youre beautiful and your purpose is to exist for mens pleasure.  And it will be my pleasure is to cut off those beautiful legs.

Laura felt her fear finally take a grip.  She screamed as the two female guards pulled her to her feet and led her out of the cell.  The executioner followed behind them.  He was really looking forward to carrying out this particular execution.

*        *        *

Laura was dragged screaming into the adjacent room where she had witnessed the blonde girls execution.  The female guards were stronger than their physical appearances would have betrayed and Laura struggled futilely in their grips.

The X shaped rack had been hosed down after the last execution and was now clean and ready to receive its next victim.

Behind she could see that the girls were still working on the dismembered body parts.  She realised that they would soon be doing the same to her legs: cleaning the blood off them and dressing them up in sexy stockings and high heels for anybody and everybody to come and look at and grope.  The thought of the boys from her school coming to look at and have a feel of her dismembered legs repulsed her.

Laura stared wide eyed at the dreadful device as she was dragged toward it. 

Oh God! She thought to herself, Its really going to happen!  Im really going to die!

The two guards bound her wrists into the leather straps which held her arms wide apart.  Her upper back was pushed forward by the shape of the rack making it easier for the executioner to cut off her protruding nipples and tits if he so desired.  Laura tried to pull at the restraints in a hopeless attempt to free herself.

The guards then secured her ankles in the same fashion, spreading her beautiful legs painfully wide apart.  One of the guards couldnt resist stroking the length of her long nylon covered legs. The width of her legs meant that her cunt lips were parted and ready to receive whatever cruel torture the executioner saw fit to insert into her.  Laura thought of the hot poker and came in fear.  The female guard who had been savouring the feel of Laura's sensational legs gently licked her cum.  Laura screamed in protest Get off me, you fucking dyke!

The guard only laughed and pushed her tongue as far into Laura's cunt as she could. 

Her colleague laughed Never been licked by a woman? she asked Dont you want to know how it feels before you die?

Laura had to admit that she had secretly been curious about being with other girls.  She said nothing though.

The two guards stood back and let the executioner take his place.  He looked at Laura's tear streaked face happy that she was frightened enough  for him to begin.  His cold eyes softened slightly as he looked her helpless body up and down.  You look really beautiful in black stockings.  he said to her in an almost kind voice And youve got the most beautiful legs Ive ever cut off.  He finished.  Laura started to scream again.

The executioner held up the same thin curved knife as he had used on the blonde girls tits.  Laura gasped as he drew the sharp blade closer to her extremely hard little nipple. 

Now, said the executioner What was it you asked me to do to that poor girl before you? 

Laura screamed remembering her cruel suggestion.

You told me to cut off the ends of her nipples, didnt you?  Laura felt the cold blade being pressed flat against her helpless tit just beside her erect nipple.

I didnt mean it! she screamed I didnt mean it!  Oh god!  Please!  Im sorry!  Please dont cut mine off.  Please!  Im begging you!  Ill do anything you want!  Anything!

What I want said the executioner Is for you to scream and beg for mercy while I slowly cut the sexy bits off your body.

No!  Noooo!  screamed Laura.

The executioner licked his lips gleefully and sliced off the tiny end of her cute little nipple.  Laura screamed as she saw her beautiful nipple being destroyed.  Blood spurted from the tiny wound as the executioner moved to her other tit and repeated the cruel cut.  Both Laura's tits spurted blood as she screamed in pain and shock.  For such tiny cuts, the pain was excruciating, far more intense than she had expected.  She had always had sensitive nipples and she liked boys to play with them and to kiss, lick and suck them.  She had never thought, obvious though it was, that they would be even more sensitive to pain than they were to pleasure.

Laura didnt fully understand how or why but she had cum yet again!

Satisfied with her pain and eager to make her death as agonising as possible the executioner withdrew the hot poker from the smouldering brazier.  He held its dull glowing red tip up for Laura to see.

No!  She screamed Not that!  Please not that! 

Yes said the executioner in a mocking tone You dont want to bleed to death now do you?  You wouldnt be able to feel the pain of your legs being sawed off if that happened.

He pressed the red hot tip to her bleeding nipple and she screamed again as the hot metal seared her sensitive tit and sealed the wound.  He did the same again to her other tit and again Laura's world was composed entirely of pain of a type she never thought she could feel an survive.

The executioner stood back to savour the sight of Laura, helpless and screaming in agony.

Behind the executioner Laura noticed that the two guards had their hands up their short skirts fingering themselves at the sight of her being tortured.

Laura watched as the executioner replaced the poker in the hot coals of the brazier.  The throbbing in her cunt turned into a psychosomatic pain in anticipation of where he was going to put the cruel instrument next.

He withdrew the poker a second time and looked at Laura's open cunt.  He felt it and easily pushed his finger up into her sensitive channel.  She had played with herself so much in her cell that she was nice and loose and could easily take the hot poker up her cunt.

The executioner pulled out his finger and parted her cunt lips just a little wider so as no external damage would be done.

Laura felt herself cum again and this time the thick white globule dripped from her wide open cunt onto the red hot tip of the poker where it sizzled and evaporated into oblivion. 

Trying to cool it down? asked the executioner Or are you just such a horny little slut that this whole thing is exciting you?

He expertly guided the hot tip between her parted cunt lips and up into her well lubricated cunt hole. 

NO! NO! NOOOOOO!  screamed Laura as the poker was pushed deep into her cunt.

Laura's whole body convulsed in agony.  The searing heat between her legs made her scream so loud she felt as though her throat would come flying out of her mouth. 

The executioner carefully withdrew the poker from Laura's cunt so as not to singe her cunt lips.  Even now that the poker had been taken out of her cunt, Laura could not stop screaming.  The executioner and the two guards stood enjoying Laura's pain  until her screams finally died down.

*        *        *

Laura sobbed helplessly knowing that her ordeal was still not at an end.  She looked down at her poor little tortured nipples.  They stung intensely both from their ends being cut off and from where the executioner had applied the hot poker to cauterise the wounds.  The inside of her cunt burned from the insertion of the poker. 

She was trying to make sense of it all.  The judge had said nothing about her nipples being cut off or hot pokers up her cunt.  She wondered if this was legal then she realised, feeling stupid, that it didnt matter if it was legal or not:  no girl was ever likely to be able to report the executioners actions.  She came out of her train of thought as the executioner came back into view.

Laura stared as the executioner took the dreadful curved knife that had caused her so much pain and cost her her nipple ends.  What now?  She thought to herself with a new wave of panic coursing through her body. 

Its nearly time for you to die.  said the executioner excitedly.  But theres still your lovely little cunt to cut out.  he neared Laura positioning the knife between her legs.

Laura screamed in protest.  Hadnt her poor cunt suffered enough?  Obviously the executioner didnt think so.  He teasingly waved the tip of the knife blade millimetres away from Laura's cunt.

Please!  sobbed Laura weakly, unable to scream any more.  Please!  I cant take any more! 

The executioner plunged the tip of the blade into the area just beside Laura's cunt and dragged it down and around the bottom of her slit then up the opposite side finally completing a full circle.

Laura was suddenly able to scream again.

The executioner hooked his finger into Laura's cunt and tugged it as though it were a ring pull on a coke can. 

Laura's body convulsed, as though an electric current were going through her, as her perfectly symmetrical cunt was detached from between her legs.  The executioner called over a beautiful brunette in white high heels and sheer stockings and handed her Laura's severed cunt.  The girl gave Laura a tearful sympathetic look.  Laura was delirious with pain now.  She was beginning to loose her rationale as she screamed after the girl: Bring it back you fucking bitch.  Give me my cunt back!  The two female guards couldnt help but laugh as Laura made her ludicrous demand.

The executioner looked at the blood pouring from between Laura's legs.  He picked up the blood encrusted hand saw that had taken the blonde girls legs and approached Laura for one last time.

The executioner positioned the saws cruel jagged teeth right where Laura's leg met her the inside of her pelvis.  He placed his other hand on the bloody mound where her cunt had been cut out. 

As she felt the cold merciless teeth of the saw touch her delicate skin, Laura closed her eyes tightly hoping to shut out the final ordeal.

No! No! No! she repeated over and over again, keeping her eyes squeezed shut.

The first draw of the saw was only enough to break the skin but Laura's eyes shot open as the executioner began to saw.

NOOOOOOOO!  screamed Laura as she felt the next thrust of the saw make contact with something hard.  The next draw of the saw made a grinding sound as it bit into the bone of Laura's pelvis.  He repeated the motion each time the saw burying itself a little deeper  into Laura's body.

The pain she felt when her nipples were cut off was nothing compared to what she was feeling right now.  Even the poker up her cunt was like a tickle compared to this.

Laura screamed.  The pain in her body was beyond description.  The deeper the saw got the more her pain intensified.  She wanted to die but oddly enough she did not feel herself slipping away.  After a few minutes of the unbearable pain Laura stopped feeling the saw cutting into her but the grinding sound continued.  She realised that it was now cutting the wood of the rack beneath her which could mean only one thing. 

The executioner called the sexy brunette girl over again and Laura watched wide eyed as he handed the girl her cleanly sawed off leg.

Laura began to feel cold and numb.  She stopped struggling against her restraints.  Her vision was blurring.  The executioner returned to the task he loved so much and Laura suddenly found herself revived by the pain of her other leg being sawed off.  Laura was screaming again although the pain of her second leg being sawed off didnt seem quite as intense.  Within a few minutes that leg was off as well. 

Laura had stopped screaming and was just making illegible noises and trying to gasp for breath. Through her blurred darkening vision she saw the executioner handing the brunette girl her second leg.

My god! said one the guards Shes still alive!

Yes.  said the executioner happy that such a beautiful girl had been so frightened and had lived through such pain.

It does happen occasionally.  Shell be dead in a few minutes though.

Enough time to cut her tits off?  asked the guard who had licked Laura out.

The executioner nodded and let the guards have their fun.

The last thing Laura felt before everything turned black was the searing pain of her tits being sliced off her body and the last sound was that of the two female guards laughing and making kissing sounds as they held her tits up to their mouths.

The executioner looked at Laura's titless, cuntless, legless and lifeless body and with one swift swing of a sharp machete decapitated her pretty head.  He then ordered that Laura's tits, legs, cunt and head be made ready for display. 

The rest of Laura's body was incinerated.


Laura's legs, tits, head and cunt were all displayed in the public galleries. Her legs were so beautiful that they were given the honour of being displayed beside the legs of a well known member of an all girl pop group who had been executed a month earlier for wearing a skirt which was half an inch longer than regulations demanded.  Lauras legs had been dressed in  the same beautiful sheer nylon stockings and  black five inch heels in which they had been sawed off. 

The legs, tits head and cunt of the pretty blonde girl were sent to schools around the country and shown to girls during oral sex classes as a warning of what would happen to when they failed to please.  Only one percent of girls ever failed their oral sex exams which was more to do with the examiners wanting to see a sexy girl getting her legs off than her ability to please.

The law prohibiting girls from wearing tights and knickers was never publicly decreed so many more teenaged girls were executed before the law became fully realised.

Laura's arch nemesis, Jenny was so elated on hearing the news of her biggest rivals execution that she sucked the cocks of every boy and male teacher in school.  Jenny was a regular visitor to the galleries and she would stay for hours stroking Laura's beautifully preserved legs and tits and fingering herself.

At the base of the display of Laura's legs was a plaque which bore the inscription:

Laura Smith

Aged 18

Executed for the Crime

Of Wearing Tights


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