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Synopsis: A girl is locked in a chastity belt day and night by her father.

Chastity by TheVariableX

Chapter 1: My life

Chapter Codes: M+/f, f-self, enema, exhibition, incest,  spanking,   teen, chastity belt, HighSchool, consensual, Bondage, BDSM, humiliation, Rated R,

My name is Alexandra and today is my first day in the 11th grade. 

I am naked and wet.  My small wrists are tied to the metal bed frame above my head and a homemade spreader bar above my knees forces me to keep my hairless legs spread wide open.  As usual I am also wearing a simple black blindfold and my mouth is stuffed with a shinny red ballgag.

Gregory has explained it all to me many times.  The blindfold is there so I don't get scared watching him work.   The restraints are for my protection, so I don't get cut.   Finally he makes me wear the gag so I won't distract him with foolish questions.

I try to remain still and keep my breathing even.   Im still wet after my morning shower and Gregory likes to keep the air conditioning on when he does this, so my pink nipples are always hard and stand out noticeably from my red striped white boobs.

I can feel Greg gently massaging my pussy with a cool gel.  It's very important I don't move.  Today he is teaching Zack how to shave my pussy.  Greg, I should probably call him dad, says he is too busy looking after my mum to keep grooming me as well.  Now I can feel younger hands spreading the gel across my mound and around my pussy lips.  Zack's hands.  My brother starts to massage the gel into my pale white skin at dads prompting.

I can't let them know how good this feels.  I just clamp down harder on the ball in my mouth.  Strong hands lift my legs into the air and Zack applies the gel around my anus like dad instructs him.   I feel so powerless as these men treat me like a doll.  Thankfully Zack is careful not to touch me on the many new welts across my backside from the mornings punishment.  I can feel Zack tentatively touch the black rubber shaft impaling my anus.  Dad tells him to touch me all he wants.  If he is going to be helping me he has to know about all my naughty bits. After years of this it's still embarrassing every time, but to have my brother touching me down there is downright humiliating.  I don't even have any hair back there but dad insists on doing it anyway, for hygiene reasons or so he says.

They lower my thighs back down onto the bed and my calves drop over the edge.  The cold air across my lubricated cunt, a word my father calls me sometimes, tickles it endlessly.  I feel the kiss of the cold blade as it touches my skin and I go rigid.  I am used to daddy shaving me since he started doing it as soon as I got even just a few hairs but this is going to be Zack's first time shaving me. 

I can hear mom encouraging Zack as he gently draws the razor down my mound.  He continues to take long strokes across my stubbly pussy pausing to clean his blade.  Every time I hear the swish and jingle of the razor blade in his cup I am one stroke closer to being finished.  As Zack continues to shave my privates dad rests an old firm hand on my swollen tummy. 

Dad wont trust me to shave myself; he won't even let me shower by myself.  I'm so used to his big calloused hands rubbing across my small white body.  He really likes to make sure my strawberry blond hair is clean.  Every morning he makes me kneel down on the cold tiles as he washes it.  I hate it because my knees still get sore from the tiles every time.  Worse still as he takes his time rubbing shampoo and conditioner lovingly into my hair I have to stare at his penis.   It's ugly and huge.  With my eyes shut I could draw the swollen purple head, the long thick shaft and all the veins, even his shaved balls. 

He won't let me shave his sack during our shower; he makes me do it before so I can wash it while I kneel between his hairy legs.  I try not to wash his penis too much, one time I did and he came all over my face.  We were both so embarrassed.  Afterwards he beat me so hard that my poor little ass and thighs really were black and blue.  When we finish showering he sticks a finger in me.  If he decides I have been having naughty thoughts then he canes my ass for that too.  It seems like I have naughty thoughts most of the time these days.  I wish I didn't.  Im not sure I would recognize my own bottom without fresh welts on it.

Now that I'm starting to sprout breasts he makes sure to give them a good and proper wash every morning before school.  He prefers to stand behind me as his large hands cup my little tits and massage them with soap.  As he cleans me I feel hit hot dick pressing up against my back.  Some days I think he would just stand there sliding the soapy white suds across my breasts all day if he didnt have to go to work.  

This morning was even worse.  Greg was showing Zack how he likes to wash me so the three of us were crammed into the small shower.  Their naked bodies were always pressing against my soft flesh in one place or another.  He showed Zack how he liked to clean my hair and massage my neck.  He made sure to point out that my breasts needed special attention.  Zack seemed to like touching my breasts at least as much as dad.  No place is out of bounds for their touching.   Having both of them stroking my soft skin at once made me feel all funny inside. Zacks cock was hard the whole time which Dad said was my fault.  Because the devil made me so sexy even good men couldn't help but want to fuck my hot body.  He had been telling me that since I was 13.

When I was cleaning Zack's penis he came in my face too.  I tried to pull back but there was no room.  When we were done dad beat my ass hard again.  Dad made me bend over and touch my toes.  He gave my bottom a few gentle taps with his cane at first; I just waited and wondered if the next touch will be a painful blow or a gentle kiss.  When the cane finally did explode across my pale bottom I remembered to immediately thank him, knowing if I didnt he would just hit me again.  It hurt so much but the worst part was the look on Zacks face.  I could tell he felt it was his fault, not mine.

Dad decided it was high time Zack learnt how to swing a cane.  One day he would have to discipline his wife and daughters.  At first Zack held back and didn't want to hit me too hard after I was already crying from dad's beating.  Dad quickly told Zack that he was going to beat me properly or take the beating himself.  I know Zack didnt want to hurt me so much, but it hurt a lot.  They rained down so many lashes on my tight bum.  It still hurts so badly while I lay here and it must look awfully damaged. 

After the canning dad stuck his finger in me like usual.  When his finger slipped into my cunt easily I knew I was in trouble.  He was angry and decided I was clearly giving in to my filthy whorish urges.  He taught Zack to probe me and made sure he knew how to tell I had been having wicked thoughts.  So also showed Zack how to make sure I was still a virgin, something he would be responsible for doing   twice a day.  I stood with my hands on my head while my brother held open my pussy lips and looked inside me.  Thankfully dad decided my ass had taken enough canning for one day.  Unfortunately he decided to calm me down by canning my small breasts instead.  I screamed as they took turns thwacking my little titties with the cane until the snow white flesh was crisscrossed with angry red marks.  The worst part was being made to keep my hands on my head and thank them eagerly for each hit.

When it came time for my enema dad taught Zack how to make me stand.  In front of the mirror with hands on head, chest out and legs spread wide.  They stood naked but for latex gloves.  It was dad who  first shoved a lubricating finger up my bottom before having Zack repeat the task several times until he was comfortable.  Despite the pain from my tits and ass I enjoyed Zacks finger plunging in and out of my bum.   He had Zack stick the little nozzle into me and then pump on the little black bag so it would stretch out inside my filthy hole and hold tight. 

Dad had Zack fill me up with 2 liters of warm salt water, double what I would usually take.  By time it was all in I just wanted to squirt it all back out again but the inflated detachable nozzle was still in my ass and plugged me good.

On the bed dad stroked my bulging tummy and my sore breasts as Zack made what felt like the finishing touches to my sex.  As he wiped me clean with a wet hand towel I feebly begged through the ball in my mouth to be allowed to relieve myself.  Dad checked Zack's work and was proud of him.  He was proud of everything Zack did.  I didn't hate Zack because dad loved him more than me, but I did hate dad because of it.

Again I felt Zack's eager hands touching my bald pussy.   He was asking dad all these questions and dad was giving him an anatomy lesson right here, while my tits froze and I was cramping badly from the enema.   Zack spent some time poking my little hood and pulling on my labia.  When he slipped a finger inside me Im sure I was even wetter than before.  Thankfully he didnt tell dad.  When he were eventually finished dad released the spreader bar and handcuffs. 

Drooling through the gag I rolled off the bed and Zack quickly guided me, still blindfolded, to the en suite.  Past the toilet I stopped and fumble around in darkness for a faded old red plastic bucket.  My bucket.  Dad always makes me release my enemas into the bucket and then pour it into the toilet.  I can't remember why.  I make uncontrollable noises as I release the plug in my ass and the water comes spurting out with force into the bucket.  My whole family watches as I squat blindfolded, grunting and groaning while I empty my bowels into my Slut Bucket.  I dont know why dad wrote that on the side of the bucket but I cry just thinking about it.  My belly still cramps as the water gushes out of me, but it feels so good.  As I continue to purge dad kneels down beside me and rubs my belly and battered bottom.

When I am finally finished dad removes my blindfold so I can empty and clean my filthy bucket.   After a thorough wash of my hands, legs and sore bottom I am ready to be dressed. 

As my mum wipes away my tears and dries me gently with a soft towel I look at myself in the mirror.   I hear all the time that I have the face of an angel.  Flawless and perfectly formed.   Even when I have been crying, which I do a lot, I still look good.  Everyone always compliments me on my skin.  Saying it is white doesn't do it justice.  It is the softest pale while you will ever see. 

My breasts are really starting to grow; I can just barely get my hands over them now.  Each is capped by a perfectly round areola.  My pink nipples remind me of the erasers on the end of a pencil.  It seems like they are always erect. 

My body is defiantly petite but under my small waist I have quite large hips.  I have heard people describe them as good child bearing hips, but that makes my dad really angry.  I understand that most other girls my age would have hair on their mound and around their pussy lips but dad has always kept me bald.  When I'm naked I'm sure it makes me look younger than 15, but it's not like I walk around with my pussy showing all day.   My pussy looks different to mums, hers kind of sits open and you can see inside a little.  My pussy is shut tight, just the way dad wants it.

Strangers will often stop and stare at me.   Mum says its because I'm such a pretty girl.  Dad says its because they all want to rape me.  Sometimes I wish I wasn't so pretty, maybe if I just looked like a plain 15 year old girl dad wouldn't be so hard on me.

Mum comforts me and dries me off while Zack goes and fetches my underwear. My mum is 32 and is still very beautiful.  She looks a lot like me except she is almost always happy and smiling.  I probably would be too if I took as many drugs as she did.  As Kassy would be 17 now I guess that means mum got pregnant with her when she was 15.  I guess being a slut runs in my family.   As mum does my makeup I continue to brood.  I know Greg is 47 so he would have been 30 when he knocked mum up!  Thats sick.

First mum puts something on the red marks on my breasts and ass to ease the pain and reduce any swelling.  Mum has a lot of experience with hiding bruises.  Mum enjoys doing my hair and makeup before school.  She puts so much makeup on me I look like a china doll, liquid black eyeliner, heavy black mascara, thick glossy red lipstick and rosy cheeks.

Zack arrives with my special underwear.  I remember receiving my first set of special underwear for my 13th birthday, I remember I wanted a cool backpack for school like the other girls had, I was so disappointed.  My latest set of special underwear is thankfully more comfortable than the first set.  Dad orders them custom made from Germany and he never lets me forget how expensive they are.   How much it costs him to keep me from getting fucked and pregnant. 

I keep my legs spread as Zack steps towards me with my panties.  Shinning stainless steel and edged in soft black rubber.   Standing behind me Zack folds the belt around my hips until the two sides meet.  Before locking me away Zack sneaks a quick stroke of my clean sex.  He lifts the tail of the panties up so it passes along my ass crack, covers my pussy and links up into the buckle with the other two ends.   One of the sides has a little rod on its buckle and the other two parts have holes which fit into it to link them all together.  Another metal plate is pressed firmly onto the stack and a small golden padlock locks the chastity belt closed.

It has been years since I have worn normal panties.  Ever since Kassandra, my big sister, got pregnant when she was 15 dad has made me wear these awful metal panties.  Dad is convinced if he lets me leave the house with white cotton panties on I will spread my legs like a whore for the first boy who smiles at me.  Failing that he claims some dirty old man will rape me, and even that will be my fault for being such a tasty piece of bitch, his words.

I miss Kassy a lot.  Dad made me watch her give birth at home.  She screamed so much.  I still have nightmares of the blood. When it was all over dad put the baby up for adoption and sent Kassy away to a convent.  I haven't seen her or even heard from her since.

This is the first time I have worn this new set of special underwear and it fits like a glove.  I was so embarrassed when dad took me to this filthy looking tattoo parlor and had this big fat bald biker guy take my measurements.  I was naked for hours as he took careful measurements of my whole body, but mostly around my hips, crotch and breasts.  Eventually I had to lie down while he made some sort of bouncy yellow gel mold of my body.  I just wanted to crawl in a hole and pull the earth in over me as I laid there while his assistants watched and took notes.  I guess it was all worth it now.

The new chastity belt feels quite comfortable I can walk in it fairly easily too.  Dad still hasnt let me take off the red ballgag; he doesnt want to hear my opinion anyway.  It has these little holes in front of my pussy.  Dad said it was so I could pee through them if I have too.  I felt between my legs and the metal band passing through my ass crack had a decent sized hole.  Dad said I could probably even poo through these panties if I needed to, but he would keep giving me morning enemas anyway.  I think he likes doing it.

While I walked around naked in my panties to get a feel for them Zack brought more shinny metal objects into the bathroom.  Dad told me since I was blossoming into such a fuckable girl he has to take more precautions to keep me safe.  Zack steps forward with what looks like a metal bra.  Dad tells me how he has seen my touching my nipples.  The fact that they are so pink and beautiful is surely the sign of the devil at work.  Zack reaches over my head and places the rubber lined cups of the chastity bra over my small breasts.  The rubber and steel straps of the bra were quickly joined behind my back and padlocked in place.  The cups felt strange and new over my freshly canned breasts.

Dad was right about my filthy urges.   One night Gregory had walked into my room, which of course has no lock, and caught me touching myself.  After the beating he made me wear my chastity belt night and day.  Since then I had found I can still enjoy myself by rubbing and pulling on my nipples, now even that is denied me.   Fortunately for me I am very flexible.  If I spread my legs out Im able to slip a finger up under my chastity belt and touch myself.  It wasn't much but it feels good. 

Zack holds up two new circular bands of steel and rubber.  I cannot even guess what they are for.  When dad tells me he knows about me touching myself under my panties I shudder, expecting more punishment.  Instead he simple clips the two bands around my upper thighs and padlocks them shut.  I am still wondering as to their purpose when he takes two fistfuls of slender silver chain and begins weaving it through ringlets in my special underwear.  Two lengths of chain go between the thigh bands and I now realize I will not be able to spread my legs like a slut anymore.   The outer sides of the thigh bands are chained to the hips of my chastity belt.  My panties are then chained to the center of my new bra.  Two more chains hang from the center of the bra with no obvious destination in sight. 

Another black and silver band is held forth by my brother.  He solemnly approaches me and after stroking my cheek lovingly he clips the collar around my slender neck.  The loose chains attach to the collar forming a lengthy bodywork of steel to protect my virginity.  Sometimes I wish I could just run away.  More bands are attached to my wrist and ankles and again I wonder what possibly purpose they serve.  Gregory seeing my confusion laughs and places a kiss on my forehead.  Apparently they serve no purpose but had to be purchased as a set and my father doesn't like to waste things.  Besides he says they look good on me.

Now that I am dressed in my underwear Zack retrieves my new school uniform.  An unusually short blue pleated skirt  When Zack dresses me in the skirt I am horrified to note that the top of my panties are visible above its waistband and the thigh bands visible under its briefness. 

A white schoolgirl blouse is next.  Again I am surprised when it leaves my flat midriff bare, leaving the top of my panties exposed and the chains running clearly across it.  The chastity bra hides well under my shirt and makes my bosom seem larger.  The shirt buttons up over my cleavage but my new collar and its attached chains will be painfully obvious as they bind my pretty neck.  Zack actually has to release my ankle cuffs briefly to pull my white knee socks up my legs.  Lastly dad has bought me a pair of smart looking 4 inch black heels.  I have never understood why dad only buys me high heels. 

When at last dad removes my gag I complain that all the other kids will see my special underwear.  Dad has decided we arent going to try to hide it this time.  We will be very upfront and let everyone know they can't have me.  As I walked around my bedroom in the new heels my chains jingled.  All the students and teachers would know at first glance that I was wearing this horrible metal bondage. 

By now mum has packed our school bags, made the lunches and kisses us goodbye.  Dad unlocks the many locks on our homes sturdy front door.  He hugs me warmly before I leave.  His hands fall down to stroke my uncovered ass cheeks as he kisses me firmly on the lips.  This shouldnt be normal but for me it is.  When dad slips his tongue into my mouth even I am surprised.  Dad has been kissing me on the lips and touching me more and more lately when mum isnt around.  I know he wants to fuck me.  I know one day he is going to lose control and rape me.  I have to get out of this house.

I practically run out of the house into the early morning light.  The bands on my thighs and my new heels force me into an awkward shuffling.   The chastity bra is heavy and the chains running across my skin feel cold.  With the jingle of many slender chains my big brother takes my hand and leads me to the bus stop.  We dont talk at first but our eyes can exchange so much information.   

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