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Synopsis: A kinky woman condifeds her darkest fantasy to her lover, who makes it come true for her.


by KinkySwitch

Lisa and John had always had an exciting sex life. She liked to dominate him and slap his arse till it went red and both cheeks glowed but she always kissed it better afterwards and told him what a good boy he was. But after her little games he opened her legs and fucked her hard, sliding in and out of her wet pussy as he continually felt amazed at the level of her wetness. Lisa's cunt was always wet. All he had to do was slip his finger inside and the juices would flow out uncontrollably.

This fascination with her constant wetness led him to ask her something one night while they lay in bed, his cock relaxing after a hard orgasm and her thighs still sticky with his cum, they were lying entwined in an embrace.

He kissed her and swept her blonde hair from her face and asked the question that had been on his mind for a long time:

"What's your darkest fantasy? Tell me and I'll make it happen for you."

Lisa smiled. Her cheeks flushed and she avoided his gaze.

"I don't think I can really's a bit.."

She paused, feeling awkward. It was something she had masturbated over often, once she had even experimented with a brief moment of sweet self torture, something she had secretly indulged in for years, but this had been too much to do alone,it would require the hands of another, steady and experienced...

"It's a bit weird.."

Now he felt his cock hardening again. The last time his girlfriend had been taken over by one of her 'lets change places I need you to hurt me' moods, he had spent a fascinating evening clamping open her cunt with clothes pegs, as each one clamped tight and pinned open her cunt, the lips reddened, she moaned in ecstacy and begged him for more. The juice ran from her open hole as if there was a permanent leak and when he closed the final one harshly over her engorged clitoris, she had arched her back and screamed, then whimpered, throbbing with pain and pleasure and begging him to make her come. He had toyed with the peg as it held her clit in its plastic jaws, then brutally ripped it away. As the pain made her screech he shoved his tongue down there and licked and sucked and she came so loud and so hard that she had collapsed exhausted and motionless afterwards, shattered by the force of her own orgasm.

"Tell me."He repeated, "I'm unshockable, remember?"

Lisa pushed the covers away and looked down at her smooth, bald cunt.

"I've always.."

Her voice was barely a whisper. She took a deep breath, knowing that once she confided in her lover, he would make it happen. This was it. Finally, it would happen, really happen, not just in her head or a brief clumsy solo attempt alone in the house on a rainy afternoon...It was time. And as she spoke she felt a rush of excitement and relief as she knew her secret was now shared.

"I've always wanted it.." and her fingers brushed her reddened cuntlips, "Stitched together."

He looked down at the swollen, hairless lips, getting plumper by the minute as her thoughts made the skin blush and swell. The inner folds were starting to swell and her clit was growing plump. A gleaming line of juice made the middle glisten. She was aching for this.

"With a sewing needle and some thread?"He asked her, "Or surgically.."

And he ran his fingers down her slit, pressing down on her clitoris and she in turn pressed harder against him as juice spilled out and pleasure made her groan.

"Surgically..with a real suture kit...I want it done properly by a doctor or a nurse..while I'm naked..while you watch."

"You want me to watch you being hurt?"

"I want you to tell me the same thing she does - that it's good for me.."

"It has to be a she?"

Lisa had no problem speaking of her fantasy now it was out in the open.

"Yes, I want her to touch me and examine me before she sews me up. I want her to sterilise and clean my cunt first. I want you to fuck me anally while my lips are sealed shut, then I want her to cut the stitches and pull them out of my skin while she licks it all better and makes me cum."

As she spoke he was rubbing her cunt.

"How badly do you want this?"

Her body shook violently and she came moaning loudly, washing his hand with her juice.

"Badly.."She whispered weakly.

That was all he needed to know, she was desperate for this. He told her he would see what he could do to make her fantasy reality. But he said no more, preferring for the moment, when it came, to be unexpected.

    Two weeks later, on a dark evening when they had played a gentle spanking game together and the cheeks of his arse were glowing red from her slaps and he had begged her to stop, she demanded that he fuck her.

"No."He told her, "It's nearly eight o'clock and she will be here soon. I found a doctor who would like to carry out your treatment. I hope you're ready for this."

He saw a flicker of fear in her eyes, and a flush of excitement that made her face glow. She nodded.

"I'm ready."

"Are you sure? Because she's going to give you exactly what you asked for."

"I'm sure."She promised him, "I'm ready."

He told her to lie down naked on the bed and as she obeyed him her heart was pounding. She was dreading the pain but at the same time welcoming the sweet realisation of a dream many years unfulfilled.

She was lying on her back now with her knees bent and her legs wide open, welcomingly open, and the way the bed was positioned,  when the doctor came in the first thing she would see was her patient's open legs and juicy bald cunt.

The doorbell rang a few minutes later. She waited alone upstairs, still in the position, waiting in fear, excitement and heavy anticipation. When he returned there was a woman with him. She was tall and slender with long blonde hair and looked no older than twenty-five. She was wearing a white coat and carried a black bag.

"My name is Anna."She told her, "I am here to carry out an operation on your cunt. Are you ready for this?"

Lisa was weak with desire. She nodded.

The woman came over and put the bag down on the bed, to Lisa's excitement she realised she could almost see through the sheerness of the white coat and Anna was naked beneath it.

She opened the black bag and took out a clear plastic case. Inside it was a curved needle, already threaded with a long piece of surgical thread. There was also a pair of silver scissors with thin, sharp, pointed blades. She placed the sewing kit in Lisa's clear view and then took out a tube of lubricant and two pairs of rubber gloves. The items were placed neatly along the side of the bed, much like instruments would be laid out in an operating theatre, and her clit throbbed hard and juice trickled from her hugely swollen cunt as she waited filled with anticipation.

Anna spread her legs even wider, spread her buttocks and inspected her anus.

"Have you shit today?"She asked her.

Lisa felt her cheeks flush.

"No. I haven't , Doctor."

Anna put on her gloves and laid a disposable pad beneath Lisa's bottom.

Reaching in the bag again, she took out a plastic bag and placed it on the bed beside the instruments.

"Is the kettle boiled?"She asked her boyfriend.

Kettle? A spike of fear shot through her body as Lisa wondered how hot the water would be...

He nodded.

"It should be ready now."

"Then bring it up here..and a clean bowl, like I told you."

Lisa's mind was racing as she wondered what her partner had discussed with Anna before this night, what they had planned to do.... But there was no more time for thought.

Anna put on latex gloves and smothered both hands with lubricant.

She slid a finger into her anus.

"You have to have a clear bowel before surgery."She told her, "You feel constipated. I'm going to digitally evacuate your shit."

All thoughts of embarrassment were replaced by  pain and discomfort as Anna pushed two fingers deep into her rectum, then two fingers from the other hand were forced in too. But arousal was over powering all her other emotions and her cunt throbbed as the doctor tugged at the muscle and stretched it, literally pulling the hole wide open with her fingers.

"Push hard as if you are shitting. Do it now."

Lisa strained, harder than she thought she could, intense pleasure and pain overwhelming her. As she opened up the doctor pushed four fingers in and Lisa felt her fingers swirling around deep inside her, breaking up the hard shit and as it fell from her opening it was a sweet relief.

"And again."The doctor commanded.

She strained.

"Harder!"Anna said sharply, "Much harder!"

Lisa groaned and felt the ring of muscle burn as the doctor's hand went deeper, hitting something inside that made her want to shit and shit and never stop. Anna's fingers worked inside her, as something hard and hot passed the spasming muscle inside, her gloved hand was stained and all Lisa could smell was her own shit.

"Good girl."The doctor said and as she drew her hand away Lisa saw she had shit a thick brown turd into her gloved hand.

Anna dropped it onto the pad, peeled off the gloves, rolled it all up and placed it in the bag, which she then sealed.

"Now you are empty."She told her, "And your rectum is nicely stretched, too. If it was up to me you would have your shit removed like this every day."

The door opened and her boyfriend was back. He handed Anna the bowl and set the steaming kettle on the bedside table. Then he sat down and started gently rubbing his cock, eyes fixed on the unfolding scene.

Anna put on a second pair of latex gloves. She set the bowl on the floor.

"Get up."

Lisa got up, her legs shaking and her cunt weeping with juice. As she moved the ring of muscle in her anus felt so wide it rubbed together more like pussy lips.

"Stand over the bowl for me."

Lisa obeyed her.

"Now open your legs nice and wide, far apart as they will go..and squat above the bowl."

Lisa slid down into a squat, her legs wide apart.

Anna reached forward and with two fingers pulled the lips of her cunt wide open.

"Urinate. I need you to empty your bladder before I stitch you."

Desire had swelled her so much pissing was impossible.

"I can't."She admitted, "I need to come first.."

"Lie down again!"Anna snapped, and Lisa did, opening her legs wide as she closed her eyes and prayed for the doctor's tongue to give her release.

Gloved fingers spread her painfully wide.

Anna was telling her boyfriend to hold her still and he did, pinning her down by her shoulders.

As Anna's gloved fingers prodded deep in her cunt, she raised her head and gasped, seeing a plastic tube in her hand that was attached to a bag.

"It's probably best if I cathetarise you."Anna said, and plunged the tube into the tight hole, then kept pushing until the tube was snugly in her bladder.

It hurt for a moment but then Lisa found she was staring in fascination as pale yellow urine ran from her body, down the tube and started to collect in the bag that Anna was taping to her thigh. Having given over the control of her bodily functions gave her a sense of erotic peace, she was now in the doctor's hands and it was all her sex cried out for.

"Now squat."The doctor said. She glanced at her boyfriend, who was wanking a little harder now he had seen the tube forced in his girlfriend's cunt.

"Get behind her and hold her in this position."She ordered him. And as he grabbed her, his  forceful grip surprised her. Lisa squatted over the bowl as he held her still, her anus still gaping and the catheter taped in place.

Anna picked up the steaming kettle. It had passed boiling point a while ago but the steam still rose from the spout and it was filled all the way up to the top.

"I have to cleanse you properly before your operation."She said, "This poor little cunt of your's has been so used and masturbated I have to properly clean it with very very hot water. It's for the best. I have to make you clean!"

And she tipped up the kettle.

Lisa screamed as burning heat spread like liquid fire over her cunt, in her cunt, ran down to her newly distended anus. The doctor continued to pour until the kettle was empty and she was shaking from the pain, even the rising steam from the liquid in the bowl was stinging her pink, reddened flesh. Her clitoris felt like it was about to burst from the sore tenderness and the need for orgasm.

They helped her to lay on the bed, and John sat down again with his legs apart and his cock in his hand, watching as Anna tied bandages to her thighs and tied each bond to the upper bedposts, forcing her to lie there on her back with her legs strapped wide and immobile. Then she tied bandages to her ankles, further forcing her to keep the position. Finally she took another wad of bandage from her bag and stuffed it into her mouth, just enough to serve as something to bite on and stifle her cries.

"It's time for me to operate."Anna told her, holding up a loaded syringe.

Liquid erupted from the hollow needle's point and Lisa's body tensed as Anna descended between her legs.

She gripped the left outer labia in a hard pinch and jabbed the needle in, ignoring the way Lisa's boy arced and she screamed into the gag. She pinched the other side and injected again.

As the pain ebbed away, Lisa felt her body relax.

"I have numbed your cunt."The doctor told her, the outer flesh will feel dull but you can still feel your clitoris.."

And she took her gloved hand and gave her clitoris a twist.

Lisa moaned with pleasure and pain. The doctor took hold of both sides of her labia, now glowing bright pink and tremendously swollen, and brutally pulled on the lips and twisted them about.

Lisa could see it happening as she looked down but felt only a vague tugging sensation.

"Any pain?"

Lisa shook her head.

Anna removed the gag from her mouth.

"I am now going to sew you up."She told her, "You need this poor little cunt of your's stitched up because you have masturbated too much and if I don't sew you up your cunt will become sore. It will swell and ache. Do you know what I'll have to do if you become too sore and swollen?"

"Tell me Doctor."She whispered, still recovering her senses.

The doctor lifted the thin silver scissors.

"If I can't sew up your cunt I will have no choice but to cut off your clitoris to stop your addiction to masturbation. You have been a very naughty girl and now I must sew you up all the way."

"You know its good for you."Her boyfriend said, and as he spoke he was stroking his cock.

Lisa felt a calmness descend on her as the doctor raised the curved needle that was already threaded with a length of nylon thread. She shifted her shoulders a little so her head was higher on the pillow and gave a sigh as she watched Anna pull up her red, swollen labia and push the needle through and out the other side. She pulled on the thread and it glided through her flesh, there was a tugging on the other side and the curved silver needle slid through her other cunt lip and again she drew the thread all the way through. Lisa watched in fascination, now and again closing her eyes and sighing as the rhythmic tugging stitched her sex closed. Anna worked beautifully, sewing slowly, carefully, gracefully. There was little blood and what spots of blood did appear she quickly wiped away with a sterile cloth.

As she tied off and cut the final stitch, she looked down at the bound woman whose face worse a look of total satisfaction. Her red, swollen cunt was firmly stitched closed with ten neat, black stitches.

"Your cunt looks much better now."She told her. "Do you like it?"

Lisa nodded.

"I need to come." It was all she could say.

The doctor used the scissors to cut through the bandages and her bonds fell loose.

"You can fuck her anus now." She said to John, who was struggling as he stroked his cock and using all his will power not to come.

As Lisa got on all fours he slid his cock deep inside she felt the numbing wearing off, the stitches were pulling as her swollen clit fought to be free from its prison. As he fucked her loosened hole she groaned and kept her head down, focussed on the sight of her stitched lips. Her hand went down and she placed her fingers over the sutures, wanting to press and rub but knowing this voluntary infibulation made it impossible. He came hard inside her, as his balls hit her sealed up mound yet again she shrieked and begged to come.


As he drew out of her she collapsed on the bed and Anna rolled her over.

She had the scissors in her hand.

"Do you want to come yet?"

"Yes! Oh Please, YES!!"

"Do you want me to remove your stitches?"

Those words made her groan.

"I love my stitches Doctor.."

Anna was between her parted legs, snipping the stitches and ruthlessly plucking the nylon from her labia.

"You have been a very good patient."She told her as her now freed cunt gaped open, red and stunningly swollen, the clitoris gaping out enormously as if gasping for air. Little puncture wounds adorned each side of her ripe cunt.

"And you have a beautiful pussy. It's so clean and ready to come I will have to eat it."

Anna clamped her mouth on Lisa's distended, sore cunt and began to lap at her flesh. She sucked on her clitoris, as she assaulted the engorged button with her tongue, orgasm swept through Lisa's body.

"OH YES..THANK YOU..thank you doctor!"She cried, bucking her hips, thrashing wildly as she peaked and juices flowed and she screamed out a final time.

After the last throb of orgasm, Anna removed the catheter and cut off the remainder of her bonds. She gathered up everything she had brought with her and left, pausing only to say that she would happily come back and do this again anytime.

Lisa could only lay there, still admiring the needle marks in her cunt, and when John sat beside her and asked her if she was happy now she had lived out her fantasy, as she curled into his arms with a smile on her face and as her cunt vaguely throbbed she could only say one word:


The End

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