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Synopsis: Chantal finds herself in the company of a lowly cat burglar.

Permit me suggest what should happen to the character in the game.

She is sitting in her palatial boudoir at her dressing table. She has on black lace panties, garter belt, stockings, heels, bra, and black opera gloves. She also has on dangling, elegant earrings that sway with every movement of her head. She is putting on evening makeup including alizarin crimson lipstick, blue eye shadow, mascara (that runs), and eyeliner the works! Her work normally takes over and hour and she is intent on each detail. She is admiring her work in the mirror while smoking with an elegant black cigarette holder. She suddenly notices in the mirror a movement behind her.

A man dressed in black with a mask steps out of the shadows. He looks like a cat burglar and he is holding a gun with a silencer. The elegant woman is momentarily frightened and screams. He tells her in a calm, cool voice that no harm will come to her if she cooperates. She composes herself and challenges him. He explains that her servants are either tied up or have been sent on fake errands that may take days before they return. Since she often sends them out, this startles her. She suddenly understands his intentions and becomes angry. Her eyes flash as she curses him and tells him he is fool if he thinks he can get away with it. She looks incredibly beautiful sitting there posed with her elbow on the dressing table with the smoldering holder in her gloved hand.

The man then explains his intentions. He demands that she is completely obedient. He steps forward and brushes her hair back from her eyes. She feels the coldness of the steal against her neck and shivers. She contemplates his words as she puffs on the cigarette holder, acknowledges his demands and agrees. He tells her first to lift her breasts out of her bra. She grudgingly complies and exposes her large, creamy white breasts. Her nipples harden with excitement and she blushes. He tells she to cover her nipples and aureole around them with lipstick. Her trembling hand picks up the lipstick and she hurriedly completes this task.  He complements her coloring within the lines but she is not amused by his joke. He tells her to sit up and shoulders back. She complies with this and her breasts jut out over the folds of her black lace bra. Her breathing becomes heavier and irregular as he inspects her. She looks away into the mirror and glares at his reflection.

He deftly steps out of his black trousers and exposes himself. She shuts her eyes and draws on the cigarette holder.  He steps up in front of her and presses the end of his member into she painted nipple, penetrating until the end disappears into folds of creamy white flesh. He orders her to cup her breast with one hand and to place the other on top to squeeze her breast flesh around this member. Her large breast folds around the shaft up to he pubic hair and she grunts through her teeth. The holder is clasped in her teeth to one side as the smoke slowly twists in front of the mirror. She gasps and looses the holder as he cruelly pumps in and out of her breast for what seems like hours and then switches to the other nipple. She is panting and trembling when he finally withdraws from her second breast. His member is well painted with lipstick and her breasts and smeared. She looks like she is hyperventilating and dazed. He tells her to relax and take a few puffs from her holder to calm down. She complies and her breathing slows after a few minutes. He then tells her to hold her breasts together. She looks up at him furiously but excited with she nostrils flared. He inserts his member between her breasts and pumps furiously in them. She grunts and curses as his member strikes her chin. She turns her head away and sees him through tearful eyes in the mirror. He withdraws and tells her to have another cigarette. She fits a cigarette into the holder with trembling hands, lights it and puffs. He watches her swollen chest heave in the mirror and smiles. She curses him and asks if he is satisfied. He laughs and says he has not started to be satisfied. He next tells she to put an extra heavy coat of lipstick on she lips. As she looks into the mirror, she realizes what is coming next. He can see her mind working as she looks into the mirror and applies the lipstick.

She finishes coating her lips and puffs on her holder. She is hoping to delay the inevitable. He asks she if she know what is next. She shakes her head and curse him. He asks if she has any experience. She tell him “NO”. He assures she the she will be most expert if a few days. He tells her to lean forward and open she painted lips. She hesitates and then complies. She looks absolutely gorgeous in the mirror with the smoldering holder in her gloved hand and elbow leaning on the dressing table. He places his member in her trembling mouth. She recoils and turns away. She trembles and slowly moves back to her ordered position, opens and presses her lips on it. He instructs she to extend her lips as far as possible by saying “GOOOH”. Her lips protrude to their full extent. He then instructs her to pull her lips back by saying “GUMMM”. Her lips fold back under her teeth against his member. He tells her to continue those motions in rhythmic fashion. He watches her beautiful form in the mirror through the smoke as her lips obscenely work over his member. She pulls away to catch her breath. Her lips are a bit smeared and his member has a distinct red ring a little less than half way up.  He complements her on how quickly she learns and tells her to take a few puffs before continuing. She glares at him and curse him. He orders her to take it back in her mouth and this time she must add a new motion. He points to his member about ¾ up the length and tells her to place another print there. She withdraws the holder from her lips and rests her trembling elbow on the table. The smoke twists and rises in front of her profile in the mirror. He watches her image as she opens and haltingly moves her mouth up the shaft. He tells her to extend and hold her lips out, then extend her tongue past her lips as far as she can. She complies with this and her tongue extends over and inch beyond her lips. She holds this position for over a minute wonders what is next. He admires her profile carefully examines the motions of her breasts heaving, her hand shaking, her earrings swaying, her chin trembling and her eyes welling up with tears.  He tells she to pull both her lips and tongue back in the “GUMM” motion. She pulls her lips and tongue back in and mumbles “GUUMMFF”. He tells her to repeat these three movements in syncopated rhythm. She begins rhythmically extending her painted lips, darting her tongue out and then dragging them back in along his shaft. A tiny strand of saliva escapes from her mouth, hangs for a moment and then drips on her breast. He watches as she obeys. She produces more and more saliva and tears until crocked lines of mascara trace the corners of her eyes down around the wrinkles of her mouth and a puddle collects in her cleavage. He tells her to move faster. Her eyes widen and nostrils flare and she struggles to breath. He pushes his member deep into her mouth and orders her to continue. Her nose is pressed against him and she tightly shuts her eyes. The “GOOH” and “GUMM” motions cause her to close her palate against the head of his member. She is now shaking with anger and little grunts staccato her GOOH/tongue/GUUM rhythm. Suddenly, she tastes him and her eyes bolt open wide. She tries to withdraw but he cruelly holds her head in place. She struggles and makes garbled protests. He bumps her forehead with the barrel and commands her to continue.  She struggles for a moment then resumes her rhythm. He orders her to swallow all of it and continue. He watches as her expression in the mirror as it turns from disgust to rage and then to forlorn.  She shuts her eyes and her throat contracts in several swallows. Her earrings sway as her head moves back each time. She opens her eyes once more when she can no longer sense his ejaculations and she continues the rythum. He finally releases her and she jerks backward. Her swollen chest heaving and shoulders shaking as she looks away into the mirror and weeps. She takes a few last puff on the holder to kill the taste in her mouth.  She struggles to put on a show of magnificent composure through a stream of tears. He notices her panties are quite wet and orders her to take them off. She stands and her huge breasts wobble. She is absolutely breath taking with her face beautifully painted. She stands there trembling before him and feels weak in every fiber of her body. He tries to take her by the hand and she jerks away cursing him.

He orders her into the bathroom where his washes the saliva and lipstick off his member. She stands there trembling in wait of his next demand. He then orders her to rest her elbows on the counter top. She shakes her head and begs him not to violate her any more. He promises that he wont hurt her and she may even find pleasure in it. She shuffles over to the counter and assumes the position while quietly whimpering. He slowly moves his hands up her thighs and then massages her labia. She is quite a sight in the mirror with are huge painted breasts hanging and her painted faces in tears. He gently inserts a finger and strokes upward and around inside of her until she grabs his arm. He can feel that she is fully swollen and ready. He then moves around behind her and gently enters her. She groans and shudders as he fully enters her. He starts slowly and builds momentum with her breasts slapping the marble counter top. He slows to half insertion and cups her breasts. He increases the cadence of half insertions until her breathing as deep and gasping. He then grabs her hips and thrusts all the way in over and over. She arches as he brings her to orgasm. Her legs buckle and she then goes limp in his embrace. He carries her to the bed and gently rubs her tummy for a few moments. She looks at him with lust in her eyes. He then beckons her to climb on top of him. She crouches over him lowers her hips. He partially enters her and pumps rhythmically half way in and out to build her excitement. He then slams all the way into her again and again. She collapses on top of him in convulsive orgasm. She kisses and sucks on his shoulder. They rest in their final position for a while- listening to each others hearts.

She then gains her composure and tries to escape by asking to go the bathroom. He catches her trying to open a window. She struggles and bellows out that she will never do that again. He tells her to get in the shower with him and clean up. He soaps her down and gently washer her off. They get out of the shower and he dries her off. She dries and combs her watching him intently all the while. She decides to try a different tact to escape and asks if he his hungry. The go downstairs and he cooks for her while she assists. She attempts to grab a knife to stab him but he shoves the barrel in her face. They carry the wine back upstairs. She falls on the bed and weeps. He watches as she pretends to fall asleep.

A few hours later, he orders her to dress in her bustier again and fix her makeup. She grudgingly complies and lights up her holder to calm her nerves. He produces a video camera and begins filming her. She is incensed and demands to know what he thinks he is doing. He replies that the first time was dress rehearsal and this was a real take. A forlorn look sweeps over her face as she goes back to applying makeup. He moves to get better framing in the mirror of her cleavage. She throws a lipstick at him and it skittles across the floor. He orders her to go pick it up. She stands and glares at him before walking to the corner of the room. He tells her to lift her breasts out of the bustier. He watches through the preview screen as she lifts her big saggy breasts and they spill out onto her chest. He then orders her to jiggle her shoulders and strut back. She thinks to herself that all her years of dance lessons have led to this. She begins in a burlesque strut and her huge breasts obscenely wobble. He orders her to dance and show her talents. She objects and protests that she knows nothing of this type of dancing. He laughs and accounts for her all he knows of her dance training and encourages her to demonstrate her reputation for teasing men. A feeling sweeps over her as she remembers the last drunken party she attended. She struts, grinds and bumps in burlesque style and finishes in a sort of belly dance. Each time she passes close to the camera she looks directly at it.  The video camera almost melts. Seeing she is a bit winded after her exhibition he asks her to sit back down and catch her breath. He tells her she is absolutely incredible and he has never seen a woman with so much talent, intelligence and sex appeal. She tells him to go to hell and lights her cigarette holder. As she is occupied with her activities he moves up next to her for a close-up. She looks up into the camera and then down at his stiff member. A look of surprise, then terror, then rage sweeps over her face and she mutters “not again”.

An interesting bit of game-play might be to have her breasts swell an inch larger each time she swallows the other characters semen. You could add a weak argument that there is some biochemical basis for the conversion of 17-ketosteroids in semen mixed with stomach acid to 17-hydroxysteroids (estrogens). I dont know how true that is but is sounds good.

I dont know how that would translate into a video game. I have seen nothing on the net that portrays the scenario. I guess it would require a great deal of talent and work to make in believable. It would scandalize and infuriate the cigarette holder fetishists at .

I hope you find this interesting and not too stupid or offensive to pass on.

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