BDSM Library - Female warden + male prisoners = forced fellatio

Female warden + male prisoners = forced fellatio

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Synopsis: And another poor male is victimized by cruel women....will it never end? It's a dirty job but somebody has to do it. Falsely accused of a serious crime while passing through an isolated Southern Town, an unfortunate male finds that there is no justice here....... only something deeply repulsive and insidious. The phrase "You said a mouthful" Takes a whole new meaning here.

This story is intended as sexual entertainment for adults only.

It was a small Southern town, isolated, and obscure, and when I saw the flashing lights in my rearview mirror I was astonished, since I knew I had been driving well below the posted speed limit of forty five miles per hour.  I felt a bit of outrage, but decided that the best thing to do in such a situation is to go along with the flow, and cooperate fully.

I stopped and waited in the car, having pulled out my license and papers, and looked curiously at the approaching officers behind me.  I was surprised that both of them were females, and quite attractive, and were quite well endowed physically.

I had rolled the window down, and looked up as one of the women approached my side.  It was about nine pm at night, and she held a flashlight and shined it into the rear of the car as she walked up to the window.  She was very serious, and flashed  the light into the front seat passenger side.

"May I see your license please?", she said, looking at me intensely.  I quickly gave it to her, and she focused the light on it,  reading it carefully.  She handed it back to me.

"You were going ten miles an hour over the speed limit," she stated, her face expressionless and stern.  I knew that my speedometer had read about thirty seven miles an hour when I passed through the town so this seemed quite unbelievable, and irritating.

"I looked up at her in puzzlement.  "I'm sure I was driving below forty, I just can't understand it."

"Your speedometer must be off some," she said efficiently, we clocked you officially at fifty five."

I paused and looked at her briefly, and shrugged my shoulders..."Darndest thing," I managed, "I'm usually very careful."  She began to write out a ticket and was looking at the back seat as she did so.

She was a very pretty young brunette, and had an air of strong authority about her, and I knew that trying to engage in small talk would not be advisable.   "So you think we're being unfair to you?", she said, as she handed me the speeding ticket.

" officer...I'm sure I must be mistaken about my speed, and I'll be sure to watch the limit carefully from now on."  

The other woman was holding her flashlight looking at my license plate carefully.  She came around to the front next to the other officer and motioned her back to speak.  The two whispered for a short time and the one who had given me the ticket nodded her head.  She came back to the window. 

"May we look in your trunk please?"    A chill hit me and I became very apprehensive, but knew that I had nothing to hide and quickly handed her the keys.

The two went back and the other officer opened the trunk lid.  They looked carefully through the contents, and suddenly the other woman held something up in apparent surprise.  They both quickly walked to my window and the one who had talked to me originally,  spoke. 

"Step out of the car please," she half shouted.  A lightening bolt of fear hit me and I began to shake in disbelief.  I opened the door and got out and looked at the beautiful woman in shock. 

"Turn around please," she said ominously to me, "and put your hands behind your back."

I fumbled for words and found them impossible to formulate.  "What seems to be the problem?," I said hoarsely,  "have I done something wrong?  All I have in the trunk are tools and necessities, please tell me what's wrong!"

She ignored my words and gave me the Miranda warning...."You have the right to remain silent, and anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to a lawyer and If you do not have legal representation someone will be assigned you by the court.  Do you understand what I have just told you?" 

"Yes..yes",  I was frozen with shock and disbelief and shook visibly as she escorted me back to the police cruiser.  "What have I done, please tell me?"

They pushed me into the car without comment and she put her hand firmly on top of my head as I ducked into the seat. Her full breast inadvertently rubbed against the my neck as she did so, and I fell into the back, in total fear and shock.  The other woman had locked my car and they both got into the cruiser.

As the police car moved away the other woman looked back curiously at me, not saying a word.  She was very pretty with a well formed body, as they both were, and I could smell her perfume as she talked over the two way radio.

The drive to the police station took about ten minutes, and having parked outside, we walked into the building.  I was processed and finger printed, and a mug shot was taken.  "We found cocaine in your trunk," said the beautiful policewoman, "a very serious crime, and you will appear before Judge Barnes tomorrow morning.  We believe in swift justice in these parts, and you will be have an official hearing concerning the charges."

My eyes bugged open, and I stared at her in horror after hearing the reason for the arrest.  "Cocaine!  No, no, no, I have no cocaine, please you've got to believe me!"

The petrifying shock of the situation was dawning on me now, and it was becoming clearer by the moment that I had been set up.  The absolute terror of this unspeakable development was quickly reducing me to a shivering, helpless fool.  How could the police do such a thing...why in the hell had I driven through here in the first place...could I find a lawyer to defend me here.

They took all of my belongings and put me in a cell for the night.  After the door was locked I sat on the cot,  numb, and horrified beyond belief.  Nothing like this had ever happened to me before and the experience was quickly shredding my sense of reality.  Why would they set me up like this...what was going on.  I knew I would find out tomorrow morning, and I needed to contact my relatives about this incredible development.

I barely slept, that night, and the fear that gripped my guts was powerful and unending.  I finally managed to doze off and on, and when the morning finally came, I was wide awake and my stomach very unsettled and queasy when a guard came for me, and escorted me through the large police station, and courthouse building complex.

I was astounded by the swiftness of my appearance before the judge, and when we entered the courtroom there was no one else there, and I stood with the attractive police guard waiting impatiently.  She said nothing, but merely  held my cuffed hands behind me.  Finally the judge came through the rear door and sat in her seat, looking carefully at me.

At that time two more female police guards came into the room and stood on either side of me.  The judge was a very attractive woman in her fifties, and was not wearing the traditional black robe, but a form fitting gray business suit.  She was perfectly groomed, and smelled of a strong and intoxicating perfume.

She shuffled through the report and looked at me in a very businesslike manner.   "Mr. Rhodes, you have been charged with possession of cocaine, a very serious crime, and we will give you a speedy bench hearing, and quick justice.  You will find that such a crime here is dealt with swiftly, and severely."

I lost control and spoke up loudly, trying desperately to defend myself. "Your honor, please....please I don't know where that cocaine came from...I would never have such a thing with me.  I have never used drugs....never!"

The expression on the face of the stunning female Judge was unyielding.  

"Do not try to tell me that the cocaine in not yours Mr. Rhodes,  I do not take kindly to such lies in my courtroom."

I suddenly knew that I was the victim of a complete setup, and my stomach did flip flops as she flared at me in anger.  "Please, please let me call my lawyer I pleaded, and my family...I tell you I am innocent of these charges!"

The two attractive female guards moved in closely and gripped my secured hands.  "You will not need a lawyer sir,  nothing will rescue you from this very serious charge.  I sentence you to two years in prison, your sentence to commence immediately, at our maximum security facility.  If you speak again I will double your sentence!"

I was shaking uncontrollably, horrified at this outrageous miscarriage of justice, and stammered, unable to speak coherently.  I knew that I must go along with anything required of me until I could contact my family or lawyer.  Surely this could not be happening to me...this kind of thing just did not happen in this day and age.

The only thing I could do was to cooperate and bide my time until I could figure some way out of this.  One of the guards produced a hypodermic syringe, and squirted in the air in preparation for an injection.

She rolled up my sleeve and quickly jabbed me with the needle as I recoiled against her grip, and injected the fluid into my arm.  A horror rolled over me as the full terror of the situation hit me, and when I felt an involuntary relaxation coming over me,  tears began to form in my eyes, and I became very relaxed and limp.  The guards gripped my arms tightly and escorted me out to a waiting van, and I was placed in the back, sitting against one wall, and cuffed, hands behind to the seat.  There was no one else in the back of the van.

I slumped a bit, half asleep, and felt the jostling and jolting for at least an hour, before the vehicle came to a halt, and I was taken out and into a high security facility of some kind.  There was an electrified fence surrounding the complex, and it was totally engulfed by a thick, impenetrable forest.  I was processed through a reception area, where I was given a full cavity search by one of several attractive women. 

They released my bonds and ordered me to strip in front of them, and as I bent over one of them probed my rectum painfully with rubber, lubricated gloves.  My humiliation was indescribable, and the attractive woman fingering my inner bowels seemed to enjoy her work.  "Hold still sir, or we may be required to be more forceful with you."

I shivered in the nude as the three women looked on and the woman finished her painful project.

Next I was issued prison garb, an orange jumpsuit, and slippers, and taken to a high security prison room with a one foot square window in the door.  There were no windows, and the walls were made of a tough and pliable fabric. The room contained a comfortable bed, toilet, and sink.

I was still very groggy and lay down before long and fell into a deep sleep.  I was completely out for hours, oblivious to the world.  When I awoke my frightening fear came back to me, remembering the impossible situation into which I had been trapped.  Soon breakfast was brought to me, given to me through the sliding window in the heavy door.

The guard said nothing, and I finished my meal quickly, enjoying the delicious breakfast given me.  Later I heard a knock on the small window, and a guard slid it back allowing me to give the tray to her.  I was left alone for an hour or so, nervously contemplating my numbing situation, and when the door opened I jumped up and stood at attention, having no idea what might come next.

Two guards and a nurse came into the room and after cuffing my hands behind me, told me to sit as they stood by.  The nurse was very business like, and carried a small tray with a hypodermic needle and an alcohol swab.  "Please, may I call a lawyer or talk to my family, they're going to be very worried."  The pretty nurse pulled my sleeve up and swabbed my arm carefully.  "I wouldn't worry about that right now," she said quietly, "you have extensive processing to go through, beginning with a minor surgery this morning."

"What...I...a surgery?," I managed as the nurse jabbed my arm expertly with the needle.  She said nothing as she injected the fluid and again I felt a numbing sensation as the drug took effect.  She got up and the two guards led me down a hallway to what appeared to be a medical area.  I was feeling very woozy by now, and they led me into a cold surgical room and sat me in a special chair similar to one that might be found in a dentist's office.

They strapped me in and another woman entered, apparently a doctor, and pulled over a small rolling tray with instruments on it.  "I'm Dr. Paine and I'm going to do a minor surgical procedure on your throat.  You'll have just a little pain when you wake up but it won't be bad at all, so don't worry.  I'm afraid this is necessary." 

A nurse sat beside me and inserted an IV into my arm as I looked on absently, and then injected an anesthetic into the line.  I felt myself fall away quickly, and had no awareness whatever for an indeterminate time.  When I came to I was in some kind of recovery room, cuffed to a bed, and felt a slight soreness in my throat.

Soon the Doctor came in and looked down at me.  "You seem to be doing fine," she said, opening my mouth with her hand, "you'll feel just a slight discomfort for a day or so.  I'm afraid you will not be able to speak for quite some time.  I made a few minor alterations to the nerve plexus in your speech apparatus, and it will be at least a year before the tissue fully repairs itself.  At that point, you will be able to speak normally again, with no side effects."

"We find that this is necessary for the schedule that you will be following during the coming months.  You will be much, much better off if you simply do exactly as you are told here,  and in time you will be released and allowed to leave.  I'm afraid you must serve your full sentence for your crime."

I looked up at her stunned and mortified, and tried to speak but nothing came out.  My eyes bulged out in horror and anger as she looked at me, and the fury I felt could not be described.  "You might even enjoy yourself here in time," she grinned slyly, "your work here will be, shall we say, intensely sexual in nature, and you would be well advised to do exactly as you're told at all times.  There is a punishment area here that you want to avoid at all cost, " she said sternly,  "just do as you're told and do your time." 

"I hope you will not have to be convinced that resistance is completely futile here." 

She left and two guards released me and walked me cuffed to another area, and into a large well furnished room.  There was a desk and extensive library around the walls, and they sat me in a comfortable chair in front of the desk. 

In a few minutes another woman walked in, a beautiful woman, with dark brown hair,  in her fifties, and she sat at her desk and looked over some papers as I and the guards waited patiently.  She laid them down and looked at me, not smiling at all.

"I am Warden Bardeau," she informed me, "and I must speak frankly and candidly with you now, and I promise you are not going to like it."  She sniffed and continued, choosing her words with rote skill.

"You have committed a very serious crime in our quiet city and now I'm afraid you must suffer the consequences here at our Maximum Security facility. We have forty seven other prisoners incarcerated here at this time, serving sentences for various crimes.  I'm afraid your's is far more serious than most, so you will be treated accordingly." 

She got up and walked over to me and motioned for me to stand.  I got up at once, still trembling from the outrage and shock of the whole situation, and she reached down and unfastened my pants and allowed them to fall to the floor.

My cock was becoming hard as she felt between my legs, fingering my balls firmly.  She stroked me softly as she looked into my eyes.  She moved very close to me, putting her lips next to my ear.  Her perfume was intoxicating, and her hair silky hair brushed against my cheek as she whispered to me.

"You won't be able to speak for at least a year," she murmured,  "but there will not be a need for you to speak, and frankly your mouth will be full most of the time so that speaking might be a bit difficult anyway."

She grinned wickedly at me as she returned to her desk.  She motioned to the female guards and they pulled my pants up and fastened them once again.  The guards pushed down on my shoulders and I sat down.

"Have you ever sucked a cock?, she said absently, looking at me with a curious glint in her eyes, "just nod your head yes or no."  I was flabbergasted at her question, and nodded my head no,  back and forth quickly, my eyes wide open in puzzlement.  A bad feeling was beginning to grip my stomach, and I listened incredulously as she went on.

"You will suck cock here," she smiled crookedly, "a lot of it!"  I looked at her in utter disbelief, and my eyes were strangely slanted, still not comprehending what she could be saying.  "We make gay porn videos here," she continued, "the filthiest in the world, I'm told, and they bring in millions of dollars each year for us.  It seems fair that the prisoners repay the city for their transgressions, and what a lucrative way to do it."

"It will take a while for you to adjust fully to your new world, but rest assured , you will enjoy it greatly within a few months, and even embrace and crave it, believe me."

"Being a cocksucker is not so bad," she snickered, and the nutritious liquid that will be fed to you.   Ummmmm....yummy!," she laughed.

I was trembling with fear and dread now, desperately trying to maintain my sense of mental stability, but knowing that these women had complete control over my life now, and would insure that I obeyed them at all cost.

She looked at the guards and motioned with her hand......."Take him to the punishment room for his tutorial," she said, then make sure he gets his dinner."

The guards whisked me out and down another long hallway and into a reception area where I was greeted by a very pretty women in her thirties.  She wore a white lab coat, and was studying a report as the guards stripped off my clothing.  The orange jumpsuits were made in a special way using Velcro, so that they could be  pulled apart and off of the body easily and quickly, and put back on just as easily.

I stood there shivering, in shock and fear, and anger, and looked at her feebly as she read the report.  "Cocaine possession, resisting arrest.  You have been a bad boy haven't you?", she whispered, "but we shall now indoctrinate you so that you will be obedient while here and do your duties with great fervor. We find that a severe and painful demonstration on entry, has a powerful effect on the new prisoner's motivation.  We require mindless obedience from you, nothing less."

I was terrified now, and looked pleadingly at her, unable to comprehend the new world into which I had been thrust.  She was completely indifferent to my silent pleas, and turned and walked through a door and into another hallway.  There were many doors on either side, and I could hear occasional yelps and moans of pain, and my stomach became nauseous immediately.

The guards pushed me along, and she opened a door and we went into a large room filled with many kinds of obscure fixtures, and a whole collection of what were apparently torture devices.  I was near vomiting now and had to be handled forcefully as they shoved me onto a restraint table, and as I sat, hands still behind me,they  strapped my ankles down firmly.  They released my hands and pulled me back, fastening my wrists, arms, and legs. 

I was completely immobile and shaking in terror as the cold woman in the lab coat  pulled over an electronic device with various wire leads coming from it.  The guards looked on in interest as the woman began to attach electrodes to my penis testicles, and nipples.

She took a small hypodermic needle and injected the base of my penis as I squirmed, and held the spot tightly as my dick became erect.  She flipped my cock back and forth until it bounced, and held it firmly as she inserted a thick, flexible wire inside my urethra all the way to the base.

I jumped from the pain and rolled my head back and forth until she finished, and was sweating profusely now, unable to control my terror.

The woman stood looking down at me, gloating obscenely at my predicament. 

"My name is Brandi, Mr. Rhodes, and my duty is to convince you to cooperate totally, completely, absolutely, and with consummate diligence, any command given you here, especially as pertains to sucking cock and swallowing semen.  In time you will come to crave it but for now I must convince you.  Now, let us begin."

"Mr. Rhodes, from this point on you are a cocksucker, a lowlife cum eating cocksucker, and you must act accordingly each moment while you are here as our guest."  She sat and turned on the device, and a red light came on, and I could hear a faint buzzing sound as she began to turn a large dial on the front.

I looked at her with tears in my eyes and she seemed to enjoy this as she began to induce a current through the flexible copper wire inside my cock.  The sharp pain hit me and I jerked violently, tensing with a major thrust against the thick straps.  I tried to scream but no sound came out, and my open mouth gasped in agony as she slowly increased the current.

She looked into my eyes as she worked, speaking to me firmly.   "All you have to do to avoid this is to do exactly as you are told, and to suck dick and eat cum any time you are commanded to do so.   Are you going to be a good cocksucker?, she grinned, as I writhed in severe pain.  I nodded desperately, unable to endure the unbearable torment.  I was crying now, and she asked again, as she turned another knob below the large one. 

My nipples felt as if they were being shredded with a grinder as the cruel current ripped them, and once again I tried to scream but could not as she looked closely at my eyes.  I swore, oh how I swore I would do anything, anything to avoid this treatment, and tried desperately to convince her as the vicious electric torture  invaded my balls.  My whole body was in excruciating pain now as my nuts exploded in shards of cutting glass, and I jerked violently against the restraints, sweat pouring from my tortured body.

She let up on the current and once again looked closely into my eyes.  "You want to be a cocksucker don't you?"  I nodded yes so quickly that the sweat was flung onto the vinyl cover of the table, and she paused and looked deeply into my wet eye sockets.  "We will see," she said, "we will see."

"If you do not cooperate fully and give one hundred percent in all you do here, you will visit me again, and again, and each time the torture will be more severe. I have countless ways to cause you agony, you must believe me.  Are you fully understanding me?"  I was crying from the fiery pain in my privates and nipples, and nodded my head profusely, looking at her with the most complete subservience that was in me.  I didn't care what I had to do here, I could never endure this again, there was not a doubt in my mind.

"Good," she whispered, "then my work with you is done for now."  She took out another hypodermic and swabbed my arm, injecting the fluid in rapidly.  A calmness came over me as the pain disappeared, and my body relaxed from the tight muscle spasms that had gripped me only a short time before.  She removed the wires and penis probe, and pulled the metal tray to one side.

The guards released me, and cuffed my hands again and removed me from the table.  The entire vinyl surface was soaked from my sweat, and the guards replaced my Velcro jumpsuit, and we left the room and I was taken back to my cell.

My dinner was brought to me and I gulped it down voraciously, still groggy, and feeling the faint ache in my most sensitive areas.  I fell into a complete sleep, and did not awaken for many hours.



That night I was awakened about twelve o'clock and two guards cuffed me, and took me to a large room not far away.  As we walked in I saw several attractive female guards standing in an an open tiled area.  I was still partly asleep and could not make out what was going on.  The woman who had tortured me was there standing in the open area, and was wearing a thick leather strap on her belt. 

She quickly stuck an eye dropper in my mouth and emptied out some bitter tasting liquid.  Just then two men walked in, wearing slacks and dress shirts.  They were well dressed and appeared not to be prisoners.

They walked up and stood near me, grinning widely at my fright and confusion.  The torture woman, Brandi, stood nearby also.

"These gentlemen are going to break you in Mr. Rhodes, and make sure that you are aware of what will be expected of you here."  She looked at me intensely and my stomach became unsettled immediately....."Do you remember what I told you in the punishment room Mr. Rhodes?" 

I was terrified of her and nodded up and down as I looked at her cruel eyes.

Brandi looked at the guards and winked....."Ladies, this is the first cocksucking session for this prisoner, and we are beginning what will be many months of the most disgusting oral and anal servitude possible for him.  As you know our prisoners have their power of speech removed by a special and simple surgery, and their speech normally does not return for a least a year, sometimes two."

Several video cameras surrounded the area along with digital cameras for pictures, and every angle was covered carefully.  The woman in charge of the equipment seemed quite competent, and stood smiling as we waited.

A female guard ripped off my clothing and pushed me downward to the floor in front of the two men.  Fear and shame gripped me as the men unzipped their pants and pulled out their dicks.  They moved close to me stroking their dripping cocks and I knew that I had no choice whatever.  The drug given me at the beginning of the session began to take effect, and my whole body became overheated, and my cock and balls swollen.

One on each side,  they rubbed their large members over my lips.  I could smell their manhood and as their precum oozed out Brandi whacked me lightly on the thigh.  "Suck these men off, now Mr. Rhodes, and swallow their ejaculate."  The first man slapped me with his hard dick and shoved his cockhead between my lips and into my mouth.  Terrified, I began to suck on it diligently as he held my head, and soon he had it pumping in and out to the back of my throat.

They changed off and the other man forced his large meat into my mouth, and I could barely get my lips around it.  I tasted the swampy liquid from his pisshole, and it was beginning to drain quite heavily as I sucked it.  My humiliation was unique in my experience as I received their erect cocks, and soon they were fucking my mouth, first one, then the other, causing me to gag uncontrollably . 

They traded off and my mouth became nothing more than a suckhole to them as they used me.  "That's it cocksucker, eat your fucking lunch,"  came the offensive words to me as my oral cavity was expanded to it's fullest eating the massive dicks.

They became very insistent, moaning loudly, and as a heavy streamer of drainage flowed into my mouth, it was followed by a massive gusher of semen that nearly came out of my nose.  The thick paste splashed out of my mouth and as Brandi lashed me hard, I quickly gulped down the salty scuzz, swallowing at least three times to get it all.  He moaned and held my head firmly as he ejaculated the raunchy mess into my mouth, and it was dribbling in thick globs from my chin as I attempted to get it down my throat.

I started to vomit but another hard slash to my hip reminded me of the price of failure in my efforts here, and I held still as the bitter globs of semen were pumped into my wide open gullet.

His dick finally plopped out and hung before my face dripping as the other man grabbed my head and forced his rock hard penis into my draining oral cavity.  He fucked hard, holding my head solidly as he pushed his dick down my throat, and I gagged desperately, and pulled violently against his grip to get air.  With my mouth still wide open he squirted a thick streamer of hot scum directly in, and over my outstretched tongue, and I gulped heavily as his discharge spewed outward.

"Look up at him you ignorant cocksucker!", Brandi screamed, as the other guards chatted and laughed.  I cannot describe my total shame as I looked up at him watching me, and grunting with a twisted smile on his face.  He continued to splatter a very thick viscous cream into my mouth until I had swallowed most of it, and his dick fell out also, and a torrent of thick scum poured onto the floor.

Brandi became quite agitated that I had lost some of the disgusting slime and forced my head down to the wet tiles and made me lick it up and eat it.  The two men zipped up and left, and I kneeled there in shock, my entire face coated with their dicksnot.

The guards pulled me to my feet and dressed me quickly, and escorted me back to my room.  There were community showers down the hall and I would be allowed to clean myself tomorrow.

I couldn't sleep, and the humiliation that pounded me wouldn't go away.  I had never done anything like this before, and now I had been forced to actually suck another man's cock and eat his semen.  The thought was more sickening to me more than I could describe, but the terror I felt about Brandi was all consuming.  I just couldn't stand another torture session like the one I had already received.

The aphrodisiac given me just before the session had been quite powerful, and I actually experienced a strange kind of sexual arousal during the disgusting activities.  I fell into a deep sleep, which lasted unabated far into the morning.  They allowed me to sleep, apparently to gain my strength, and mental stability.


In the morning I was given breakfast once again through the door, and after finishing the meal and returning the tray I waited apprehensively for what must have been half and hour.  Finally the window opened and a guard told me to put my wrists up to the window to be cuffed.  They brought me out into the hallway and we proceeded about twenty yards to the community shower.

When we entered there were perhaps ten men taking a shower, and they had ankle restraints that forced them to shuffle when they walked.  There were two other female guards supervising them, and all guards at the facility had full projectile TASERS in a holster on their belt. 

No one looked at me, and I avoided eye contact as I was stripped by the two female guards.  "Take your shower now and be quick about it," said the attractive blond prison guard, "we have a full schedule today."

Before my hands were released ankle restraints were also placed on me and I fumbled awkwardly with the shower controls.  I managed to get the water at suitable temperature and soaped myself down as the guards watched.  I made it quick and cleaned myself thoroughly, and felt quite good as I finished.  I dried with a towel provided and stood waiting for instructions.

I was puzzled when they didn't replace my prison garb immediately, and as they moved over to me I knew something was up.  There were five male prisoners left and three of them  had just finished and were preparing to dry themselves.  One of my guards signaled the other supervisory guards, and a knowing expression of understanding passed between them. 

My blond guard called to the three who were nearby...."You three stand right there and don't move."  They looked at the wet concrete floor and nodded, apparently having gone through this before, from their strange expressions.

She shoved me roughly pushing me to my knees in front of them.  They gathered around me, knowing what would be expected of them, and I noticed that each of them began to develop an erection.

"You're going to suck some shower room cock you stupid're going to eat some clean dick this time and swallow hot get your ass to it!"  One of the guards pulled out a small camcorder from a leather pouch on her belt, and began to videotape the action.

I knelt there on the wet shower room floor, feeling a terrible kind of degradation as the three erect cocks bounced in front of my face.  The guard slapped me on the ass and I dove to it, knowing the unbearable punishment for disobedience of any kind.  I must resign myself to this until I could find a way out.  They would all surely be prosecuted for these crimes...a prison committing crimes against prisoners.  It was outrageous.

I grabbed a dick and forced my mouth over it, and let it slide all the way in.  I started sucking, making slurping sounds as I serviced the stiff penis.  Cum drained into my mouth immediately and I swallowed it at once.  I moved to the next dick, and shoved it in my mouth.  A large set of balls slapped my chin as I sucked on it, and I was disgusted at the prospect of swallowing what was inside those huge nuts.

I let the throbbing peter slip from my mouth and slid my open lips over the third cock.  "Hey!," came the frightening call behind me, "You look them in the eye while you're sucking their dicks, that's only being polite isn't it?"  The other guards cracked up, and they all laughed, enjoying my complete degradation, and the shame was beginning to eat deeply into my psyche as each hour passed here.

I looked up and a man of about twenty five was looking down at me with a half grin on his face, obviously enjoying my shame.  I sucked harder, using my tongue as I ate his hard weiner, and he grabbed my head firmly and began fucking my mouth.  The guards were making lewd comments about my natural skill at this, and soon the long pecker was bumping the entrance to my throat near orgasm.

My eyes blurred over as the first thick streamer of cum splattered in, and I could barely see as I swallowed the tangy mess, gulping and gagging at the same time.  He continued pumping my open mouth, squirting several more spurts of dickwad into my gullet, and as the mess oozed out from my lips  I gulped down the last dribbles of salty dick snot.

His pulled his dick out grinning slyly at me as the next male grabbed the back of my head and began his fun.  I looked up as the well muscled prisoner forced his hard penis head to the back of my throat, and he was grunting in pleasure as he fucked my captured hole.  He was about in his forties, and probably got most of his sexual pleasure getting his cock sucked, and I was satisfying his needs at the moment.

He pulled out and splattered a thick yellow discharge all over my mouth and face, squirting wads of scum onto my tongue.  I looked up at him mortified beyond description as I swallowed a particularly lumpy mass of goo, and as I felt it slide down my throat he grinned widely and pumped in more of the swampy paste.  He finally pulled his dick out and thumped my face with it, grinning all the time as I ate the last of his ejaculation.

The last man, in his thirties, was quick to capture my mouth, obviously in great need of relief, and his huge balls bobbed over my chin as he groaned in pleasure.  "Cocksucker!!!", he exclaimed as he forced his thick dong to the back of my throat,  "Dirty fucking cocksucker!!"  Within seconds he injected a viscous streamer of semi liquid directly into my throat, and I gagged and gasped for air as I tried to swallow it.

He held firmly, his prick buried in my throat as I grasped at the shower room floor, unable to breath.  I felt his copious, but watery gusher of cum flow directly down my esophagus, and I choked on his bitter seminal fluid, and started coughing uncontrollably.  His still squirting penis splashed lines of dripping fluid over my face  as I struggled to clear my air passage.

Finally I knelt there coughing and gasping, and the other guards pulled the men away with them and out of the shower.  The remaining two men who were just finishing their showers did not look at me, and I sensed that they had been victims of this debauchery also at one time or another.

My guards pulled me up and put on my prison orange, and cuffed my hands again.  They removed the ankle restraints and were grinning sarcastically as they led me out.  "You're a good suckboy Rhodes....I think word's going to get around about you!  We're going to have to make you a permanent bottom here.  There are only ten bottoms and thirty eight tops.  You're going to be very busy from now on"



Later that day I began the painful process of training in the conditioning area.  Once again I was led out of my room by two guards, hands cuffed, and we crossed over to the other side of the building, past one of the three long rows of prison rooms in the facility.  I could see some of the prisoners inside, and most of them seemed listless and lethargic.

We entered the conditioning area and I was greeted by the training nurses there.  My clothes were ripped off again, and as I stood there shivering the two pretty nurses pulled me over to a fixture and expertly strapped me into a kneeling position.  My hands remained cuffed behind, and my shoulders rested comfortably on soft pads and my stomach was supported by a soft vinyl surface also.

They strapped me in securely and pulled over a special fixture and fastened it to the floor in front of me.  It had a thick soft rubber dick and balls attached to a mechanical device.  They protruded from the center area, which was placed at the level of my mouth.  Another fixture was wheeled in behind me and placed right behind my ass.  It had a similar rubber appendage, and soon the nurses had it secured to the floor also. 

I knew what was coming and steeled myself to anything that would be done to me.  One of the nurses stood in front of me.

"My name is Debbie, " she said sweetly, and we need to enlarge your mouth and anus."  She smoothed my hair over as she spoke.  "You'll be a much better suck whore with this training.  Also we have a professional prostitute who will educate you in the fine art of fellatio, won't that be nice.  Amber will be working with you soon to show you all the best ways to lick a dick.

I kneeled there in silence and an indescribable rage came over me.  I looked at her blankly, knowing I had no choice, and resigned myself to the unpleasant sarcasm of the two pretty nurses.  My head was secured tightly, and she moved the rubber cock in front of me, next to my mouth.  She lubricated the rubber penis with a clear gel, and pushed it against my lips.

"Open wide now," she purred, "I want that mouth of yours open as wide as possible."  I did so, and she began to rachet the rubber dildo into my gaping oral cavity.  The rubber dick began to expand my lips, and the muscles in my jaws strained painfully trying to accept it.  Just when I was at the end of my endurance she stopped the inward movement, and latched it there, so that I was forced open painfully by the large latex dick.

My jaw muscles were on fire, and saliva dripped from my lower lip into a thick towel  placed there for that purpose.  Next they both began their work at my rear.  One of them pushed a large glob of a thick lubricant into my asshole, and moved her fingers around to loosen my exposed anal sphincter muscle.  I jerked in pain and she let up a bit and gradually widened my butthole, forcing in three fingers.

Next they both placed the rubber cock next to my anus and began to rachet it forward causing it to enter my rear hole, slowly opening it wider and wider.  It was becoming painful and I strained against the straps as they gradually forced it in, inch by inch.  I moaned in pain as my asshole was stretched, and finally they latched it securely, so that I was forced to endure the double invasion of the large, slick rubber dildoes.

I was sweating profusely, and stared at the video camera directly in front of me.

The warden walked in at that time, and grinned mischievously at me in my pitiful, disgusting position.  As she watched,  the nurses sat on either side of me and began to masturbate my dick.  One massaged my balls while the other stroked me off.

Before long I grunted and jerked as a thick discharge was forced from me by expert hands, and they continued their efforts until I was drained of all fluid.

After fifteen minutes in this position the dildoes were slowly pulled from my mouth and anus, and my mouth was so adjusted to this treatment that I could barely close it.  The guards released me, and I was barely able to walk because of the excruciating pain in my ass.


When I awoke in the morning I was extremely sore in my jaws and anus, and strained painfully when I had a bowel movement.  A special salve was given me, and I was instructed to apply it each day as my conditioning progressed.  A female guard was watching me through the window, and grinned knowingly as I grimaced in pain.

After my community shower with several other male prisoners I was taken to another area, and into an office.  The wood paneling was very expensive, and as I sat there shifting painfully, the door opened and a handsome male walked in.

He grinned sarcastically, and sat at his desk.  "I am a supervisor here,  over five other gay males chosen for our suitability to this job.  We use the inmates in any way we please when we're not on a video assignment, and you will find that we are very demanding of our slaves.  Of course we are required to use great care so as not to damage the prisoners." 

"The Judge, the Warden, and the other female personnel run this facility, but they have given us a wide latitude of behavior, with the stipulation that all of our nasty activities must be videotaped, and photographed while in progress.  It really is quite demanding you know."

"Myself and my staff are in a constant state of arousal, and I'm afraid must be satisfied several times each day.  We are quite health conscious, and use extensive supplements to fortify our sexual equipment, and work out in the exercise room to remain in good condition.

"In addition, there is, located here in the facility, a small horse stable,  and the Warden and Judge, who are equine enthusiasts,  often ride in the area near the facility together."

"I must tell you though, that the horses have a use other than the entertainment of those in will be visiting the stables in due time for....shall I say a quite unsavory duty....and you will be required to perform orally in a manner than can only be described as patently disgusting.  You will find that your threshold of disgust will rise steadily during the coming months however, to levels you would not have imagined possible."

"Right now I am in need of a blowjob, and I know you have been through the punishment tutorial, and that anything other than total enthusiasm on your part will result in severe punishment."

My hands were still cuffed behind and he came over, turned on a video camera, pulled his pants and shorts down, and sat in an easy chair next to me.  His huge cock was already erect, and he motioned for me to get down in front of him.  His enormous balls rolled around in his fingers as he fondled them, and I kneeled a few inches in front of his draining penis.

He must have had at least ten inches, and he flipped his hard pecker back and forth making it bob up and down.

"Suck my balls clean, he grunted, and look at me while you're doing it."

Any task that I was commanded to do at this point became a serious business, and as I looked up at his leering eyes I licked his fragrant nuts and sucked one of them into my mouth.  I could barely fit it in, and a sharp pain in my jaw caused me to wince a bit as I sucked and licked his scrotum.

I sucked the other nut as he leaned back in pleasure, and he grabbed my hair and pushed my mouth over his large dickhead.  He forced his wet pisshole to the back of my throat and started moving my head up and down as he groaned loudly.

"What a talented cocksucker you are my lowlife friend, we're going to get along just fine!"

"Suck on it you ignorant bastard,  and get your tongue moving!  Look at me you  cock sucking that dick!" 

My eyes bulged out as I sucked and slurped on his prick, and he looked down at me with genuine contempt.  He quickened his movement and his peter hammered in and out of my sore mouth gagging me each time he pushed into the back of my throat. 

"Eat my fucking wad you dick sucking bastard!," he yelled as he ejaculated.  A powerful gusher of steaming seminal fluid blasted into my mouth and splattered out around my lips as I tried desperately to gulp the swampy mess down.

Thick globs of dicksnot thumped against my tonsils as I gagged and swallowed, and I could not keep up with his copious discharge.  I had swallowed several mouthfuls of the disgusting scum, and I lurched forward in a vomit reflex as I finished the last of it. 

"You'd better not puke you stupid fuck,  you know what the women will do to you."

I looked up at him and swallowed one last time, forcing back my gag reflex.  Viscous dollops of goo dripped from my chin, and my face was splattered with a slimy coating of thick, bitter semen.

He pushed me back and got up, wiping his genitals off with a towel.  Without another word he pulled his shorts and pants up and left the room, as I kneeled there in horrifying shame, having been degraded more than ever before in my life.


Two female guards came and retrieved me,  and returned me to my cell.  As I washed the semen out of my mouth and off my face I looked silently at the female guard staring in at me.  She usually had this sarcastic and unbelievably humiliating grin on her pretty face.....she was a redhead, and was expert at embarrassing me.  She ran her tongue slowly around her lips in mockery, and brushed her hair back as she stuck her tongue out at me.

The full impact of my horrendous situation was beginning to dawn on me, and I shuddered to my core contemplating the impossible months to come.  That night I went into a very deep healing sleep, and enjoyed the complete nothingness all the way through the night.

      Female warden + male prisoners = forced fellatio  part 2

This story is intended as sexual entertainment for adults only

I slept deeply for hours and finally was awakened early in the morning when a nurse and two guards came in.  Once again I sat up on the edge of the bed.  After the guards cuffed my hands behind me, the nurse sat beside me and swabbed my arm.  She quickly emptied the contents of her syringe into my shoulder, and ordered me to stand. 

The guards swiftly pulled my Velcro jumpsuit on me, and attached my restrictive knee restraint cords, and we went out the door down the hallway toward the warden's office.

I felt the powerful aphrodisiac kick in and my cock jerked to full erection, rubbing painfully against my jumpsuit. We entered the warden's office and the two guards sat me in a chair as before, and we waited silently as the minutes ticked by. My pecker was on fire and stiff as a board, making a wet bulge against the crouch of my coveralls.

Soon the beautiful warden came in, followed by the very attractive judge who had sentenced me to this place. They wore expensive business suits and their manner was impeccable as they came over and stood in front of me.

The judge crossed her arms and looked down at me sternly. "Have my staff taken good care of you Mr. Rhodes?", she asked, looking at me carefully. I looked up at her and nodded in the affirmative, the perfect servant, steeped in absolute obedience.

She moved just a bit closer and her expensive perfume drifted around me, as I looked down at her feet. "Good, we wouldn't want you to be mistreated in any way would we?" I nodded again rapidly, still looking at her high heeled shoes. She put her hand on the top of my head and gripped my hair firmly, but gently, pulling my face up to look at her.

"You are being punished now for your crime, and you must know that you deserve anything done to you here."

"It is perfectly within our rights to use you in any way possible to recover monetary damages for expenses incurred while you are incarcerated here. Thus, you will perform for us at any time, and in any capacity, to aid in our production of obscene gay videos. We distribute these videos worldwide for huge sums of money because our product is very unique."

She looked into my eyes coldly as I stared up at her. "Has he been a good cocksucker so far?", she said, looking to the side at the warden.

The warden came near also and looked down into my eyes, as the judge continued holding my hair.

"He is the most promising cocksucker I've seen for a long time", she grinned slyly, "he's taken right to it. He has a natural talent."

The judge looked down at me with a contemptuous smile, and gripped my hair painfully. "Is that so?"  In that case we must take full advantage of his skills. I have no doubt then, that he is going to enjoy the half gallon or so of semen he must eat each day here for the next few years.

"Have you arranged a private session for our entertainment?"

"Please judge, follow me."

The warden walked over to a door and opened it as the judge followed behind. The guards pulled me up and walked me behind them into a large room. The room was filled with a myriad of sexual devices and a central 'performance' area. The judge and warden sat in comfortable chairs and continued talking as two female technicians set up the video and camera equipment.

The warden continued her conversation with the judge....."I've put into effect your latest directive and all male prisoner 'tops' must now wear a cover over their penis during bathing so that it remains unwashed. The bottoms are now required to clean every penis presented to them during oral copulation. This will make the oral servitude more degrading for them, and will insure that each penis is adequately cleansed.

The guards brought me in front of the warden and judge, and removed the knee restraint cord, and ripped off my jumpsuit, leaving me shivering naked there before them. My hands were still secured behind with cuffs, and my pecker was bouncing wildly from the effects of the powerful sex drug.

The warden continued speaking......"Also,  Judge Wickman, the bottoms, or cocksuckers will be required to eat their own semen at times to alleviate any accumulation of testicular pressure. Semen will be a highly desired liquid to them, even their own."

"The cocksuckers are being conditioned on a regular basis in our treatment centers, and complete obedience is achieved as time passes by. After a few sessions with our torture nurses, they invariably become total slaves to anything commanded them.

"Within three months the bottoms are completely addicted to giving oral copulation, and serve our productions willingly, and ravenously.  As you know, the thirty eight tops who service the bottoms each day are being given a special plant extract in their daily meals.  These special chemicals are converted into a powerful aphrodisiac after being metabolized by the body, and this aphrodisiac is excreted into the semen."

"Thus, each time one of our cocksuckers ingests this semen, a profound chemical, and addictive craving is induced.  Within a few weeks the bottoms are becoming quite fond of their blowjob work, and this, in turn is pleasing to the randy males who must be relieved each day." 

"The semen produced by our tops is said to be more powerful than cocaine, and becomes and end in itself for the cocksuckers before long. As a matter of fact they must have it in high quantities to avoid physical withdrawal."

"Also, the tops who receive oral attention each day are given high doses of a powerful aphrodisiac, and special supplements, so that their needs become quite desperate.  They have no other means of sexual release except fucking asshole, and the daily blowjobs given by the bottoms.  At present we have only eight bottoms left, since we were forced to erase and release two of them who had been here for three years."

"We seldom take on new bottoms unless it is absolutely necessary, because a natural born cocksucker is hard to find."

"They were so addicted to sucking cock and eating semen that we had to put them into isolation therapy until the withdrawal symptoms were eliminated.  I'm afraid, however, that the nasty habit will stay with them for a lifetime, and ultimately, they will have to find relief in their own way."

"As you know, we effectively erase any material memories that they might have of this place by forced, high intensity pharmacology hypnosis beginning a month before release.  It is similar to the memory loss experienced by date rape victims, though infinitely more powerful, and is quite permanent."

"We often do gang suck videos, and the ever popular 'bukake' videos that are so lucrative.  Anytime you want to personally fuck or use a prisoner, just let me, or my staff know, and I will set it up immediately.  I use them often myself, but I'm afraid my tastes run in a more kinky direction than might your honor's."

"Also we have, of course, a staff of twelve gay males who serve as performers, and producers of their own video productions, so we have a steady flow of highly obscene, and uniquely nasty gay video events."

I stood there looking at the floor as the warden went on and on, and finally the judge shifted and reached over to fondle my erect penis.

"Very good Sandra," she interjected, "very good.  Now, let us enjoy ourselves with a bit of hot entertainment if you don't mind."

"What a wonderful idea your honor, let's have a talk with the prisoner, and prepare him for the activities to come."

The guards pushed me over to the two women and the warden also reached out and gripped my hanging balls.

The judge pinched my hard penis painfully, making me jerk from the sharp sting.

"Look at me prisoner, and answer my questions truthfully.  If you are not completely candid and honest in your answers I will know it, and I will have you sent to the torture nurses again.  Is that clear?"

I was terrified, and looked down at her with consummate humility, now shaking noticeably from the chill, and my fear.  I nodded my head in the affirmative so that there could be no doubt of my total cooperation.

"Have you ever had a woman on her knees sucking your cock for money?"

I searched quickly and carefully, and a memory from the past came over me, and I slowly nodded in the affirmative.

The judge pinched harder and continued looking coldly into my eyes.

"Did you enjoy yourself?", she continued, running her fingernail over my pisshole.

I nodded in the affirmative again, unable to control my fear, but trying to convey to her my absolute sorrow for such a deed.

"When you were fucking her mouth did you consider her to be a thing to be used, like a condom?"

I hesitated, and tears nearly came to my eyes as I slowly nodded yes.  It had been while I was young, and in the service that this happened, and in truth the prostitute was using me as much as I was using her, but I knew this admission was incredibly damaging to my position.

"Did you cum in her mouth?", she went on, "and did you gloat at her while she swallowed?"

I slowly nodded yes and my sorrow shone on my face, and the terror I felt also.

The beautiful older judge shifted again.  "You are being truthful my stupid friend, and now you and I will have a special relationship, one that I don't think you're going to like, but at least you avoided the torture nurses for now."

The judge looked up at the prisoner and remembered her own degradation at the hands of a rapist when she was in law school, and controlled her rage, as she pinched his balls between her fingers.  She remembered the disgusting taste of the penis forced into her mouth, and the revulsion she had felt when she was made to swallow the semen deposited there.

The truth is, that the warden had also experienced a similar event, and perhaps that is what had bound the two together in their strange project, notwithstanding the huge amounts of money that were possible here.

The warden looked up at one of the attractive female guards......"Get him on his knees and bring in the two males."

While one guard forced me to the floor, the other guard went over and knocked at a side door, and shortly the door opened, and another guard, and two prisoners came in.

The men were well muscled, and in their thirties, both nude and with large dripping cocks.  They had ankle restraint cords attached, and shuffled over to me, standing directly over my face.

The judge was enjoying herself greatly, and gripped my hair firmly as I knelt in front of her.

I want to see you suck off these two juicy dicks and eat every fucking drop of that clear?"

I looked up at her face inches from mine and nodded yes, shaking uncontrollably.

"But first you are going to lick their assholes and suck their balls get to it!"

I was mortified at her request but was beyond any kind of refusal as the guards took us over to the center area.  The two pretty camera women began their work, one operating the video camera, and the other taking digital snapshots of the action.

Two guards grabbed the males and turned them so that their rears were inches from my face.  The video camera work had started, and the technician moved around to capture the best viewing angle.  The males were commanded to spread their ass cheeks and my head pushed forward to do my sickening work.

I knew hesitation of any kind would put me back into the horrifying predicament of being fried by electric current again, or  worse, and as I looked at the gloating face of the judge, I put my mouth to the hairy butt crack and lapped my tongue out forcefully.  I licked the disgusting and pungent asshole all over, my face buried between two hairy cheeks.

I was near vomiting, and retched outloud as I attempted to obey the command.  A guard slapped my head and I continued on, cleaning the revolting residue from the open asshole, and when I had cleaned it thoroughly, my face was shoved into the other ass.

I could not control my retching reflex, and gagged for a moment, almost losing it.  Both guards slapped my ass hard and I dove in again, resolving to finish the task.  I licked the second disgusting asshole clean, and the smell around my mouth and nose was almost more than I could bear when I had finished.

The judge was immensely entertained by this and looked into my eyes with a sadistic glint.  Her intense stare foretold a bleak future in the coming months for me here.

Suddenly they turned the males around again, so that their pricks were nearly touching my face.

They had on penis covers, and the guards removed them for the coming show.

The judge was so hot that she reached between her legs and began to rub her crouch, and she didn't attempt to conceal her outrageous activities.  When the warden saw this she began to do the same, and the camera ladies, being careful to exclude any view but the prisoners themselves, merely ignored this and concentrated on their work.

"Suck their balls clean," came the hoarse command from the judge, who by this time had reached under her panties and was actively masturbating herself.

The warden followed suit, and if the truth was known, probably did this, at least in part, to make the judge feel more comfortable with her auto stimulations.

I buried my nose in the large balls of one of the men and began to lick them.  I lapped all over them and underneath, and finally sucked each nut into my mouth and vacuumed the hairy scrotum clean.

When I had cleaned this set of nuts I quickly went to the other male, and bent down, taking one of his huge hanging balls into my mouth.  My oral cavity was filled to the brink as I tried to suck on it, and my nose was buried in smelly pubic hair as I licked and swallowed the residue.  I sucked the other ball as he held my head firmly, and soon both of his cahones were wet with my saliva.

His smelly dick flopped  over my forehead as I worked him, and the smell of  hedgecheese was overpowering, obviously from a lack of washing for at least a few days.

The judge once again gave an order, and I jumped to it, having become quite aroused by the aphrodisiac given me earlier.

"Fuck this cocksucker's mouth and fill his stomach with dick scum you bastards!", she screamed.

The males needed no further encouragement, and the one whose  balls I was sucking grabbed my hair and shoved his huge penis into my mouth.  I gagged from the smell as he forced it back into my throat, and began to suck on it, licking underneath with my tongue as I looked at the now masturbating judge Susan Wickman.

I was desperate for her approval, knowing that I had placed myself in deep jeopardy in revealing my experience with the prostitute.

She looked at my eyes and grunted as she rapidly rubbed her clit, and her cunt juices began to wet down her panties in the process.  I sucked for all I was worth as the judge looked directly at my eyes, and soon the male was fucking my mouth, gagging me with ten inches of swampy dick.

The man let his pecker fall out of my mouth and the other male immediately shoved his pungent wiener down my throat, gagging me so that I could not breathe, and then began bulging out my cheeks with his large hard dong as he serviced my open suck hole.

I sucked the stinking dick for all I was worth as I watched the judge, and she was near orgasm, in the throes of pleasure.

"Feed this dirty cocksucker, you bastards!", she groaned as she watched in ecstasy, "cum in his fucking mouth and all over his face."

The one male jerked my head up so that I was staring up at him as he fucked my open mouth.  He was near shooting his wad and my teeth were already scuzzed with his nut juice.

"You fucking lowlife cocksucker!", he bellowed.  Just as he finished the word cocksucker, he jerked forward uncontrollably, and forced his long hard prick down my throat, and a thick gusher of bitter tasting semen squirted directly into my esophagus and down into my stomach.  I struggled desperately as he pumped more of the disgusting scum into my digestive areas, and my cheeks bulged out in terror as I attempted to breathe.

He injected what must have been half a cup of semen into me, and pulled out, the his disgusting white scuzz splattered in every direction.

I coughed uncontrollably, gasping in panic as I tried to get my breath.  Unfortunately the other male was getting his nuts off too and he grabbed my head and forced open my mouth just as his huge pecker spit globs of salty glue over my tongue.

My mouth filled immediately with lumps of yellow scum, and I gulped at least four times as I looked bleary eyed up at the grunting male.  He held my head firmly until he had drained out every drop of cream, and his dick plopped out of my mouth and hung limply.  He took it and thumped my face with it as he grinned down in pleasure.

"Good fucking blowjob asshole, you like that paste don't you?"

The female with the digital camera commanded me to hold still while she took pictures of my face. As lumps of swampy cum slavered off my chin and feel to the floor she clicked away with her camera, catching every angle.

She had me smile and lick my lips to complete my degradation, and soon the camera crew left, and the guards escorted the two males from the room.

I knelt there dripping cum and the judge had regained her composure and had straightened her skirt.  She called me over to her by pointing her finger at me, and making the 'come hither' signal with it.  I crawled over to her and sat looking down, waiting for her comments.  My rage was not to be described at that moment, but my terror of punishment was even greater, and I meekly accepted her wishes.

The warden sat there quietly, knowing fully what the judge wanted.

"Look at me asshole," she said testily.  I glanced up at her and stared into her  fiery eyes. I was completely spent and used in a way that I had never experienced before.

"Did you enjoy your meal?", she whispered.

I nodded quickly, trying desperately to prove to her that I had.

She took her hand and rubbed off a mass of semen from my face and rubbed it into my hair.

"In a few months you'll be begging to suck cock, and to eat cum.  There's a lot of dick here to suck, so you may have all you want.  I want you to remember your former life, and what you will become here.  I want you to know that you are to be used by other men here, like a dog, for their pleasure."

"Frankly I think cocksuckers are the lowest form of life on this planet.  You are a low form of life, and I wouldn't even wipe my shoes on your face."

"I think you're due for a visit with our gay staff, at one of their card games.  It's quite a banquet, you'll find out what I mean. They always give me a copy of their productions, and I just love to enjoy them in private."

She laughed and pushed my face away from her.  She got up, with the warden, and left.  I was escorted back to my area by the guards, and was allowed to take care of my toilet needs and get some nutritious food, as well as a rest break.



An hour later a pretty guard came for me, and after putting on my jumpsuit, I had my hands cuffed at the window, before she entered.  Once inside she attached the knee restraint cord, and we went out the door and turned left, heading down the hallway.

This guard was a real doll, as were all of them, and she pulled down on my handcuffs roughly as we walked to the end of the long corridor.  Most of the guards here were cruel, and delighted in tormenting the prisoners if given an opportunity.

We arrived at the far wall and turned left, going through a secure entrance.  At the end of that hallway she stopped, and knocked on the last door.  "You're 'gonna have some fun now blow boy," she sneered.  "The guys are having a little poker party and you're the guest of honor."  She twisted the steel cuffs so that they pinched my wrists, and just then the door opened and a handsome male answered.

"Here's your cocksucker", she laughed,  "have fun."  She put her hand on my head and mussed up my hair......."Now you be a good suck boy and eat everything you're fed."

She left and two males ushered me inside and closed the door.

There were twelve males there, all well dressed, and snacks and beer were on the large poker table.  They all sat there grinning at me, and the two males removed my knee restraints and ripped my jumpsuit off.  My hands were still cuffed behind me, and all eyes there ogled my body, as the men made lewd comments about what they had heard about my skills.

Two hands pushed down on my shoulders, and I dropped down quickly. "You're going to be on your knees crawling stud, better get used to it. Now you just hobble yourself over here to the table and I'll tell you what you're going to do."

There were a number of video cameras in the room, strategically placed to capture all the action.  There were also three cameras mounted under the table to tape all that went on, so that every angle was covered.

They all looked at me and laughed, enjoying their private joke, and I knelt there shivering, and very apprehensive as to what kind of treatment I would receive from them.

The man who undressed me held me by the hair, and put his crouch next to my face.  "This is very simple, my stupid friend, we are going to play cards for a while, and you are going to crawl under the playing table and suck our dicks while we play.  Now you make sure that you take care of everyone here because we all need relief, and in fact, have masturbated ourselves previously to build a nice wholesome load of cum for you to eat.  Your thanks to us will be to eat all of it."

"You're going to service us constantly during our game, and you will crawl around to everyone, suck their cock, eat their semen, and you're going to do a good job of it.  I can tell you're ashamed already my talented cocksucker, don't don't have to be self conscious in front of us."  He looked down wickedly at me as my nose rubbed his pant zipper.

If you don't satisfy each and every one of us fully, we will give you a bad report and that means a visit with the cute torture nurses in the medical lab.  Now, if I am making myself clear nod your head and run your tongue around your lips."

I was terrified of my possible treatment, and particularly being send back to Brandi and her sadistic assistants again, and I pulled out all the stops, jumping at every command, desperately wanting to do exactly as they wanted.  I looked up slavishly, and slowly ran my tongue all the way around my lips as he looked down at me with a knowing smile.

It was actually quite humiliating, and I felt mortified in a very real sense, that I should come to such a thing.

He slapped my ass hard and sent me scurrying under the table, which was just tall enough for me to fit under while in the kneeling position.  They didn't release my hands and that made movement much harder, but I started squiggling around, and inched my way to the nearest crouch.  None of them were unzipped yet, and I waited uncomfortably, my muscles strained already, and I could hear them talking as they started playing the game.

After the first hand was dealt, they started to unzip their trousers, and soon I was presented with a dozen large, semi erect cocks, all sticking out of their pant zippers.  Most had pulled both their  balls out as well, and waited patiently in anticipation of the relief that only a captured mouth can bring.

I didn't waste a moment and stopped in front of the first one, and nuzzled it with my nose.  It had a nasty smell, and appeared not to have been washed in a few days, as a matter of fact, from the smell, I estimated that all of them were in serious need of cleansing.

Two large balls lay beneath the massive soft prick, and despite myself, I felt a surge of lust as I began to lick the nasty dick head.  I licked the pisshole and ate a drop of cum and put my mouth over the cockhead and began to suck it.  The foreskin peeled back and the raunchy head cheese was drawn into my mouth.  I began to suck it in earnest, and soon the swampy pecker began to harden and before long stood out fully erect. 

I could hear the conversation in the card game as I ate dick, and soon a hand reached down and pulled the huge balls upward.  "Alright you bastard, get to work and suck my balls." 

I immediately sucked each nut into my mouth and licked it, swallowing the funky residue.  The hard dripping peter bobbed over my forehead draining semen down over my nose.  I went back eagerly to the tasty dick and forced my head down over it and bobbed up and down rapidly. 

The hard prick slid in and out easily, and as I quickened my movements I felt a tensing, and a jerk, and a thick syrupy wad of scum blasted into my mouth.  It tasted bitter, but I gulped it down quickly,  and continued moving up and down as the hot dick wad squirted in.  Globs of cum dribbled down my chin as I swallowed, and in moments I had eaten the whole load. I could hear him moan and yelp with pleasure, and knew I was doing it right.

"Fuck boys, I think we got us a real bitch here!"   He ate that whole fucking load!  Ok dipshit, get your ass over to the next one and get sucking!"

I moved on quickly, and knelt painfully in front of the next cock, which had become semi hard.  He stroked it and a dribble of cum oozed out of the pisshole.  I suddenly felt a hand grab the back of my head and pull me forward, and the penis slid easily into my mouth.  It stunk like limburger cheese as I began to suck it, and he held my head firmly as he fucked my mouth.

He bulged my cheek out with the tip of his stiff prick, and a thick pulse of scum shot out and splattered inside, quickly pooling under my tongue and overflowing my oral cavity.  I swallowed the disgusting clumps of congealed semen, and my throat and nasal passages were reeking with the funky aroma of unwashed cock as I ate the last of it.

The card game continued on, along with the laughter and snide comments about their new suck boy, and I knelt there in absolute shame, all traces of manhood gone, humiliated to my core.

Another complaint was shouted, and that was my signal to go on to the next dick, and though my knees and back were hurting, I wiggled over,  and put my face by the next wiener in line.

To my absolute ruin, I was becoming quite aroused by now, surprisingly so, and felt my dick harden as I smelled the next penis.  It also was in need of washing, and I nuzzled my nose all over it, and licked the large balls bulging out from the pants. 

I gobbled the semi erect cock, and shoved it in my mouth, and began sucking voraciously.  I couldn't believe how hot I was as I ate the large smelly dick, and I felt drainage from the pisshole ooze into my throat.

I was needing it to spit in my mouth now, and I was shocked at the eagerness that I displayed as the next meal began to erupt in my oral cavity.  The frothy white glue shot in powerfully, and I gulped it down so quickly that very little was lost.  I ate it voraciously, and the thick white paste covered my face and filled my nostrils as I enjoyed the meal.

It was a large load, and I belched from the ingestion of so much semen.  My stomach was beginning to digest the slime put in there, and the acrid smell was overpowering as I belched again.  He pulled it from my mouth and ignored me, making a joke about my how he was cleaning everyone out in the poker game.

Just then I heard several complaints about my lack of speed in performing my duties, and that lit a fire under me, and I quickly pressed on.  I decided to make the cocks ejaculate much more quickly, and I went on to the forth dick and quickly put my mouth over it.

My legs were hurting but I knew the price of failure.  I sucked on the large erect cock, and moved my tongue more rapidly,  and bounced my head up and down quickly.  I knew that they were primed for ejaculation, and that it wouldn't take much to get them off.  The hard nasty dick tasted good and I sucked with a passion until I felt him jerk, and heard the loud groan.

His semen was very thick, almost like pudding, and I gulped it down and grunted like a pig as I ate the disgusting meal. The taste was very alkaline, and a bit salty, and I swallowed the scuzzy paste as fast as I could.  The dick flopped out of my mouth and I quickly moved on to the fifth pecker, feeling a little panicky that I was falling behind, and not doing as instructed.

"Where's the cocksucker?", came a loud voice, "we're getting impatient over here." 

I sucked off the dripping penis, and slavered my tongue all over the head, and moved it in and out of my mouth swiftly.  I could tell it wouldn't take much to send him over the edge, and when he started to jerk and grunt I held my mouth over the dick ready to catch the expelled semen.

He reached down and held my head firmly as he ejaculated, and spurt after spurt of bitter cum was injected to the back of my throat as I swallowed in panic.  He continued to grunt and jerk, and I must have swallowed a half cup of dickwad when he finally slumped, and the used pecker fell out of my mouth.

The next several dicks became a blur of lust and panic, trying to service each one more quickly, and after four more suck jobs, I fell back on my knees, sweating from the exertion and the excruciating pain in my neck and legs.

It had been only about thirty five minutes or so since the game had started and I had eaten so much semen that my stomach was actually becoming full. 

"Hey asshole, you're out of time, get your cocksucking ass over here and do us right now!"

I was covered with seminal fluid as I wobbled over to the next dick in line.  I grunted in pain as I forced my mouth over the acrid dickhead, and scarfed down the head cheese as I began to force suck the large hard prick.  I slapped my tongue all over and under the salty dick, trying to make his pisshole spit, and was finally rewarded with success.  He got his nuts off almost immediately, and the thick discharge splattered into my mouth, and choked me, and continued to slop all over my face and nose as I gulped it and moved on to the next dick.

I scooted down at once, and groaned in pain as I felt a hand grab the back of my head and force the huge dick down my gullet.  I couldn't breath as the large pecker was forced in and out of my mouth, and I made a squealing sound as the massive gusher of salty slime bulged out my cheeks, and came out of my nose.  I grunted as I gulped, and gagged and nearly upchucked, but managed to swill the mess down.

My stomach was full of thick cum, and I belched periodically, as the nameless pool of sewage was digested inside me.

When I reached the last dick my head was forced over the stiff smelly organ, and my mouth was fucked violently as I gasped for air, my hands still cuffed securely behind me, and I made another squealing sound as the disgusting pudding was fed me.  I slurped and groaned, and my raw swollen mouth went into a spasm, and the muscle cramp was excruciating.

I grunted like an animal as semen began to flow backward in my throat, and gushed out over the putrid dick that was in my mouth.

Finally the massive meat dropped from my lips, and I fell backward on my feet, in severe pain from muscle cramps.

"Alright asshole, you can come out now, I guess we'll let you off easy this time."

The words were a tremendous relief for me, and I half fell, and slowly crawled out from under the table, bumping my head, and was greeted by grinning faces and more insults.  I couldn't stand and had to be helped to my feet by two men. 

I wobbled dangerously, my balance nearly gone, and the pain in my legs and knees was indescribable. 

I heard a knock on the door, and when they opened it two pretty guards came in and replaced my jumpsuit, and knee restraints.

"What the fuck did you boys do to this poor cocksucker!", exclaimed one of the guards, "he's a fucking mess like I've never seen.  Don't you puke you bastard, you're going to digest every fucking drop of cum in your gut.  You understand me?"

I nodded with a feeble gesture, and they walked me out into the hallway and back to my room.

I was so sore I could barely stumble along, and when inside my cubicle they released my restraints and jumpsuit.  I fell into the bed unable to move, and they laughed as they exited the room.  They greatly enjoyed seeing the inmates used and humiliated, the disgust they felt for the cocksuckers here was not to be described.


I slept many hours after that and didn't even dream,  that I remember.  A routine traffic stop had resulted in this horror, and I was still trying to assimilate everything that had happened to me.  It was impossible to do.  I fought back nausea as the putrid mess bubbled inside my stomach, and finally managed to drift off into life saving sleep.

I died to the world while I was out, a fantastically needed reprieve from the unspeakable humiliation that was being forced on me.  Unfortunately, my ordeal had just begun.


I awoke after three in the afternoon, and found my dinner sitting on the window platform inside my room.  After a hearty meal the tray was removed and I waited for someone to appear and take me to my next session.  I had been given an unusual amount of sleep time, but was grateful for the extra healing.

My mouth and nose were filled with dried semen, and I was still belching up strong fumes from the large amount of reproductive fluid that had been placed in my stomach.  I knew that even more would be added before the day was over.

I heard a knock and the window opened, and a pretty female guard told me to put my hands behind and up to the window to be cuffed.  After I did so the guard came in, attached knee restraints, and escorted me out into the hallway and toward the medical torture area.  I became frightened immediately, and she pulled down hard on the cuffs and slapped me on the head.

"Don't worry asshole, you probably won't be punished this time but they have something in mind for you.  So far you've done pretty well, and I'd advise you to continue your complete obedience to them.  After this session I'll take you to the showers.  I hear you performed very well there recently,  word gets around to the tops here, and they are always in need."

We entered the punishment area and I was taken into a room similar to the one in which I had received my first tutorial.  I was shaking with trepidation by now despite the guards estimate of this visit, and left standing, attached to what appeared to be a dentists chair.  She deftly removed my knee cords and coveralls, and I stood there naked in the cold room.  My guts were in turmoil, and the terror inside me was very close to the surface.

I waited for fifteen minutes and was becoming nauseous as my imagination ran wild.  When the door opened I jumped nervously, and looked at Brandi Skaggs as she entered.  Her eyes were cold and expressionless, and her white, spotless nurses uniform gave the impression of an ascetic cruelty that one could not fathom.

She was in her early thirties, blond, and very pretty, and her manner was consummately businesslike, and gave no indication of one iota of sympathy. She was the senior torture nurse here, and the other pretty nurses working with her obeyed her fervently.  Their spotless white uniforms sported the feared red border around the cap and collar, and the short black leather strap that she carried at her side most of the time made one's blood run cold.

Another torture nurse was with her, and they quickly released me and pushed me so that I had to sit down on the chair.  I looked at the two women in deep anguish, trying to let them know of my complete cooperation so far, and my desperate fear of what they could do to me. My hands were still cuffed behind me, and remained that way as they strapped me down tightly, legs spread wide apart, and back, so that my anus and genital area was completely exposed to them.

She activated several professional video cameras, and pulled on a pair of surgical gloves.

They sat on rolling stools beside me, and Brandi opened a towel on the stainless steel tray extending from the chair.  I was in panic by now, and nodded my head back and forth in terror.  Brandi picked up a small hypodermic and gave me an injection in my groin area near my testicles.  It stung very much as she probed the needle in, and she wiped it clean with an alcohol swab,  lay it down, and looked seriously at me.

"Before you shit all over the place I'm going to reassure you that you are not here for punishment....but that is a possibility if our session is not a successful one."

"By now you are becoming addicted to semen, because of the narcotic that is contained there, and you will soon have an intractable need to satisfy your craving.  I want you to nod your head and tell me honestly now, doe's sucking cock and eating semen appeal to you more than when you first arrived here?"

I was still in panic and nodded my head violently in the affirmative.

"I know you are trying to please me but you must tell me the truth cocksucking more enjoyable to you than when you first arrived"

Again I nodded in the affirmative, but with more sincerity and calmness.

" I see that you do enjoy it more.  Now my next question is:.....and this is very important....she looked closely into my eyes and measured my bared soul.....her fragrance was a strange combination of alcohol and perfume.....would you like to drink some horse semen?"

A terrific shock hit me, and my eyes bulged out in astonishment, and I automatically nodded in the affirmative.  I was sweating now, and the baffling question that she had just asked me left me stunned and disbelieving.

"Again.....I think you're trying to please me......once more.....would you like to eat some horse semen right now?"

She knew that she had me between a rock and a hard place big time, and she also knew what my answer was inevitably going to be.  Wanda, her assistant during this session was grinning widely, looking closely at my eyes for my answer.

I was stunned and angry but that mattered not at this point, I knew I had no choice. I was suddenly becoming extremely aroused, apparently from the injection, and my cock was super hard and bouncing up and down, dripping semen.

I had never felt quite this way before, and knew that the drug was responsible, and that an intense orgasmic feeling was gripping me, from head to toe.  I believed that hesitation could result in torture for me now, whether is was true or not, and I again nodded agreeably to her question, dropping all convention and sense of self respect to convey my complete cooperation to her.

She looked at me for a long moment and sighed lightly.   "Well.....if that's what you want....I will not withhold it from you."

"Oh by the way....the aphrodisiac I've just given you is the strongest in the world.  It acts directly on the core pleasure centers of the brain, and whatever you do in this state, will for the next hour or so, I'm afraid, become hopelessly addictive for you for the rest of your life.

"Nasty little drug isn't it?"


Wanda smiled broadly as she went to the counter and picked up a large ceramic glass pitcher, similar in size to the large drink container sold at some fast food places. She removed the cover,  laying it on the counter, and leisurely came over and sat again.

Brandi picked up a large needle with a handle on it from an alcohol filled beaker sitting on the metal tray, and carefully swabbed my asscheeks on both sides with a pad. She held the needle close to my ass and I began to panic, but she calmed me quickly, shushing me with a finger over her ruby lips.

"Don't anticipate me," she whispered, I don't like that."

"Are you sure you still want to drink all of this horsy cum?, she said seriously, fresh horsy cum taken a half hour ago.  Nasty, warm horse semen, thick and tasty!" 

I was in extreme arousal now and nodded my head affirmatively and rapidly.

"Wanda...", she whispered.

Brandi gripped my stone hard pecker and stroked it gently. "Open wide now........big old wide open mouth!"

I spread my jaws to the limit, and my mouth opened like a deep cavern of need.  Wanda slowly tipped the pitcher and a streamer of thick, fetid, lukewarm slime dribbled down in a streamer, splashing into my open oral cavity.  I looked at Brandi as it poured in, and when it began to flood my tongue I gulped it down and opened for more.

Brandi was obviously enjoying every moment and rubbed the needle harmlessly over my tender asscheeks.

Wanda continued to pour, and each time my mouth filled I swallowed deeply, and the disgusting scum flowed down my throat.  I cannot describe the taste of the fresh horse spunk, it was funky and putrid, and had a flavor similar to what might be expected from liquid that had been stored in a toilet overnight. 

It was salty and cheesy, and smelled heavily of some highly objectionable aroma that I could not call to mind at the moment.

I was writhing in pleasure now, my sexual drive in orbit, and when a mass of the unspeakable goo poured accidently over my lips and ran down my chin I swallowed and licked it off and ate it voraciously.  The fact that this swill had come out of a horse's balls didn't seem to matter now, and the extreme need for more and more of the swampy reproductive cream drove me on.

I swallowed mouthful after mouthful of the putrid glue, and Wanda gloated continually as I did my disgusting chore.  Within minutes I had swallowed the entire pitcherful, and belched out loud as the last of it was dribbled in.

Wanda got up and put the container back on the counter, and they looked at my face, which by now was a mass of white milky globs.

Brandi put the needle back in the beaker and wiped her hands off with a towel.

She sat once again as I stared up at her in a strange sort of sexual trance, and stroked my hard red prick. 

"Now...I have another question for you....again a very important one......would you like to suck a horse cock?"

My face was flushed and wet with the rancid discharge, and I looked back at her with not a trace of resistance in my manner.  I kneaded my eyebrows together, made a very slight grimace and nodded agreeably. 

"Please.....again....I want you to reaffirm your you want to suck horsecock and eat horsie cum?"

I nodded sincerely, not fully comprehending what I was agreeing to, but my mind was so inflamed with lust that I knew I must have more of the disgusting seminal fluid that I had just eaten.  I didn't care anymore,  nothing made sense, and I was merely surviving in this insane situation any way I could.

By this time Brandi was giving off an odor that I quickly recognized, and I could see that she was extremely aroused by her work, and the process of degrading men.

"I will arrange for that within a day....but for now....I see that you've got blueballs.

She opened a condom pack and quickly slid a rubber over my tortured pecker.  She roughly kneaded my balls as she began to jack me off.  Her hand was gripping tightly, and her motion was too rapid, and it became painful very quickly, but within moments I grunted into her face, which was only a few inches from mine, and squirted with very strong force, a massive streamer of my captured dick wad.

I grunted and pumped my hips into her cruel hand, and she made me hurt even more when she didn't let up, and caused my balls to scream with pain, after I'd already ejaculated. It was an ejaculation that was too powerful for the muscles in my scrotal area, and the sharp agony got worse until she let up. She finished her work, and slowly milked out the last of the fluid from my swollen nuts.

She then expertly pulled the rubber off, being careful to contain the large amount in the tip, and held it over my mouth.

"I have another question for you want to eat your own cum?"

I was dazed and incoherent, and nodded actively as I looked up at her cold eyes.

"Tell me once again," she whispered furtively.

I nodded again licking my lips in anticipation.  I had deposited a very large wad of thick semen in the condom, and she held it over my mouth and squeezed it all out in one massive dollop, the thick syrup filling my mouth quickly and running down my cheeks.

I gulped voraciously....looking at her eyes with immeasurable lust, and felt the hot spunk slide into my stomach with the rest of the nameless slime.

I burped rudely, the smelly gases erupting from my nasal cavity, and swallowed again to make sure the mess stayed down.

She threw the used rubber into a trash can and looked at me again.

"You will drink a quart of horsecum each day from now on......raw, and fresh from a horsecock.  Soon you will be able to eat your  meal directly from a horse pecker, and I'm afraid you'll find it impossible to swallow, so you will be expected to drink what is collected in the milk pail below.  You won't even be able to breath while the horse is ejaculating, but you'll have a good lunch of it before you're finished."

"The next time you have the misfortune to sit in this chair will be infinitely more distressful  for you, so I advise that you become the consummate cocksucker that we command you to be.  Right now our mayor and his assistant want to fuck you in the ass and mouth and I've no doubt that you will be the good little suck and fuck whore that you are.

They released me, and a guard walked me nude back out into the hallway and to my next meeting.

"I'm afraid we must make a slight detour before the showers, you understand, don't you?",  she smirked widely, running her tongue around her lips.  "You're a fucking mess, looks like you've been eating horse cum."

We arrived at a private area adjacent to an office, and she opened the door and ushered me in.  I was still naked and she had my jumpsuit and cord under her arm.

She pushed hard on my shoulder and I swiftly melted to the floor, kneeling apprehensively.  I looked at her through tired eyes, and the total degradation I felt was palpable.  She tied my leash an eye bolt on the floor, lay my things on a sofa, and left.  My hands were still cuffed behind and were becoming a bit numb from the time spent in that position.

My shoulder sockets ached, and I knew I would have to move my arms slowly forward when I was finally released to avoid severe cramps.  I looked around, absently studying the well furnished room.  There were easy chairs and a TV, and a small refrigerator and microwave.  I kneeled in the center carpet area, a seemingly ubiquitous arrangement at the facility, and was absorbed in my analysis when the door opened.

Two men came in, one in his forties and on the chubby side, and the other younger, perhaps in his late twenties.  They were well dressed and smelled of colonge.  They came around and looked down at me, grinning widely. The younger one took a damp towel and wiped my face off, removing a thick layer of dried horse cum.

"They didn't even clean him up," he complained,  "his fucking face is a mess."

The older one chimed in doesn't really matter to me as long as I get my dick sucked."  He sneered wryly, and then turned and went into the bathroom.  I gotta' take a piss before I get my peter sucked off,  works better that way.

The younger man unfastened my leash from the floor, and pulled me to my feet and shoved me over to a large square padded fixture about two feet tall.  He shoved me onto it, and I kneeled, resting my chest over the soft vinyl surface.  He pulled my legs apart and attached a spreader bar to my ankles, holding them wide apart. Leather straps held my legs securely, and a thick strap around my back rendered me immobile.  A collar and leash attached to the floor kept my head obediently locked in place.

I was now in the perfect position for them to do whatever they wanted to me.  I really didn't have to be tied, since I knew that if I didn't cooperate totally, I would suffer at the hands of Brandi and her twisted staff.  I found that it was a good thing that I was tied, because the pain and humiliation that would soon be inflicted on me would have brought me struggling involuntarily to my feet.

He stripped off his clothes, as did the mayor when he returned from the bathroom, and they stood there naked, their greedy eyes scanning my captured nude body.

The mayor grabbed my hair and rubbed my face in his balls.  He rubbed his dick all over my mouth and face coating it with urine and precum, and at the same time the younger man had produced a tube of lubricant, and shoved his thick fingers all the way up my asshole.

I had somewhat returned to my normal mental functioning, and the disgrace of this situation was beyond my understanding.  The younger male worked his fingers up my ass spreading my butthole and I groaned in pain.  When my mouth opened the mayor took that opportunity to shove his dripping dick in, holding my head firmly.  It soon became erect as he forced it in, and he grunted obscenely as he enjoyed the warmth of my oral cavity.

He began fucking my mouth with a deep humping motion, and my cheeks bulged out as his hard prick moved from one side to the other.

"This fucking cocksucker's got a good mouth Billy, a real good fucking mouth."  He forced his rigid dick in further and further, and soon had it down my throat, choking me with each lunge.  Billy probed my asshole with his hard cock, inching it around and slowly forcing it in. 

Due to the fact that my anus had been widened appreciably of late, his large cock slid in relatively easy, and he forced it deep into my bowels.  He grabbed my hair and began fucking earnestly, grunting in pleasure as he violated my rear opening.

"Nice fuckhole uncle!",  he groaned, nice fucking asshole.  I'll bet sweet cheeks likes that pecker up his ass....don't you cocksucker?  He slapped my rear hard and I could feel his large balls slap against my butt cheeks as he pounded me. 

"Come on Billy boy, let's switch off.  I want to probe that tight bunghole."

They both jerked out of their respective openings, and,  panting heavily, moved around and changed positions.  The mayor propelled his large dick smoothly up my open waste hole, and drove it in to the hilt, fucking in and out with intense lust.

My butt opening was being violated in a way that was impossible to me, my manhood long gone in a fury of relentless abuse.  I cringed as Billy shoved his shit stained dick in my mouth, and gagged on my own crap as he forced it down my throat.  I struggled desperately, trying to get air, and the coating of shit stain around his large pecker coated the inside of my oral cavity  as he fucked my esophagus.

I gasped desperately for air as he held my nose to his pubic hair, and was near passing out, straining forcefully against the leather straps.  The mayor grabbed my hair also from the back, and slapped my ass hard as he rode me.  My anus was on fire as he yelped and grunted like a demented cowboy, and finally he plopped his long pecker out and slapped my ass cheeks with it.

"Come on boy, git yur ass back here and fill his dam rectum with dick wad, I'm gonna' fucking get my nuts off in his mouth."

They were breathing as though they had just run a marathon, and once again the mayor forced his dirty dick in my mouth and drove it in deeply.  Billy already had his huge prick up my ass again, and fucked the large, raw hole between my buttcheeks, going in even deeper than before.  Suddenly both of them went berserk, and screamed, pumping huge globs of hot semen into my ass and mouth.

I felt the hot paste fill my inner ass at the same time a thick mass of globuled slime was forced down my throat.  I gulped and swallowed as more cum was pumped into my mouth and rectum, and soon felt my stomach, as well as my bowels fill with warm slimy dickwad.

The two were fully spent when they finally pulled out, and sat on the couch huffing for a few minutes before putting their clothes back on.  My face was a mass of thick semen and shit stain, and I lay with my head hanging down, and cum draining from my mouth and asshole.

"Son of a bitch sucks cock real good Billy, and mmmmmm.... that tight butthole!  They enjoyed a good laugh and left me there, still tied to the fixture.

Within a few minutes the female guard returned and released my bonds.  She shoved an absorbent paper towel deeply up my ass to catch the drainage, and helped me to my feet. She didn't bother to dress me, and we went out the door and ambled down the long corridor to the showers. 


The showers were filled to capacity, and we waited a few minutes for someone to leave.  I was in great discomfort, and my guard attached ankle cords and uncuffed my hands. I could barely move my arms, and slowly  lowered them to my side, feeling great relief, but a sharp aching sensation at the same time.  Three other pretty guards were present, tasers at the ready, and kept close watch on the prisoners.  All of the men were tops, and wore a penis cover while showering.  One of the female guards came over and talked briefly with my guard.

"I've got two men with blueballs Elizabeth, can you have your cocksucker service them real quick? Just a fast suck and swallow.".

"I guess it will be ok, I have to get him back to his cell for some rest.  He's been through it today."

"Good!"  The other guard pulled me,  shuffling awkwardly,  over to the far side of the showers where several men were standing.  Everyone had ankle cords, and they stood looking eagerly at me.  She pushed down roughly on my shoulders and I dropped immediately, kneeling in front of three inmates.  Their cocks were hard and their latex covers were filled with seminal fluid..

"You know what to do boy....get to it, and make it fast!"  She pulled her mini camcorder from her belt, and began videotaping the action.

Obedience was my absolute motivator now, and I reached up and grabbed the nearest pecker.  I pulled the small rubber off and seminal fluid gushed out onto my hand.  Without hesitation I stroked the large messy dick and shoved my mouth over it.

The funky smell and taste of unwashed cock was now actually becoming a turn on for me, and I lapped all around the head and swallowed the headcheese there. I jacked the swollen prick off rapidly, sucking at the same time.  It was a male in his thirties, and he looked down in overwhelming relief as I sucked his rancid wiener.  He grabbed my head and jerked forward, shooting his watery discharge into my mouth.  I looked up and gulped, and swilled down the mess, savoring the tasty meal.

The guard was becoming impatient and pulled the other two together in front of me.  "Both of you jackoff in his mouth, and hurry it up!"

They needed no encouragement whatever, and tore their covers off, stroking rapidly over my face.

The pretty guard looked down with contempt, and shoved my head.  "Open your fucking mouth and stick out your tongue you dirty cocksucker, we don't have all day!"

I knew I should have anticipated this and a feeling of uselessness gripped me as they held my head and jerked off.  My tongue was extended fully, and I looked up at them like a dog to it's master.  They were grinning in pleasure as the semen began to spit out of their swollen pissholes, and the thick scuzz splattered all over my face and onto my tongue.  My mouth soon filled to overflowing and I eagerly gulped down the copious discharge, gasping in pleasure.

The guard pulled them away, and they left the showers.  I remained kneeling there with cum dripping from my face.  There was very little left of me, that made me a man, and as I looked at the wet shower floor, I was engulfed in deep shame.

My guard was standing next to me now, and she seemed quite impatient.  "You fucking took long enough", she said, with feigned aggravation, now take a shower and hurry up.  I got up unsteadily, and grabbed a bar of soap and washrag, and began soaping myself down, and it felt so good, as if I could wash away the disgusting things I had done since I came here. I cleaned every part of my body, and rinsed off, and quickly dried myself with a clean towel.


When we arrived back at my cell I was so exhausted I could barely move, and after being locked in, I sat for a long time looking at the wall.  I ate my supper and fell into bed, and this blessed rest was the only thing that mattered to me now.

Shamefully, I was becoming addicted to sucking cock and eating semen, and this tormented me deeply.  The absolute atrocity that was being inflicted on me now was beyond all reason.

I drifted off instantly, and slept deeply the whole night, completely lost to the world.


The following story is intended as sexual entertainment for adults only

For the next several days I spent a great deal of time in the training lab learning the finer points of cocksucking from a professional prostitute.  The gay staff were my teachers as well, enjoying nasty release while forcing their large cocks down my throat.  I was beginning to adapt to deep throat sucking, and my gag reflex was diminishing rapidly.  I had not been forced to the stables yet, to my amazement, but I knew it was coming, and I tried to brace myself for such an event.

I had to report to the medical torture lab each day to drink a quart of horse semen, and I was allowed to jack off while gulping the frothy scuzz, as long as I didn't ejaculate. When I swilled down the pungent cream my erection grew to rock harness, and it was all I could do to avoid emptying my balls of fluid. The filthy smell permeated my nasal cavities for some time after however, and often interfered with the enjoyment of my regular meals.

On several occasions the Warden insisted that I jack off and eat my own semen in front of her on the spot, and to this end I always devoted my utmost efforts, letting her carve out another bit of the small amount of self esteem that I possessed, and frankly letting her have my all, my complete subjugation.  She enjoyed this enormously, and her sarcastic smile always made me feel like a bug under a magnifying glass.

My craving for cock had increased several fold despite my efforts to maintain control, and I became quite uncomfortable when not on my knees sucking the nearest penis.  The truth is I was insanely addicted to cocksucking and eating cum, even though I had been here a relatively short time. I was also highly addicted to the smell and taste of unwashed privates, and the strong odor was one of the major erotic factors driving my intractable urges.

I had set aside my deep shame for the acceptance required to keep my sanity, and to make it through this loathsome experience.  It was not uncommon for me to be fucked in the ass several times each day now, and the constant conditioning had toughened my asshole greatly, and expanded it to do it's dirty chores quite efficiently without undue strain. I actually needed this kind of sex now, and was in a constant state of arousal, ready for my next anal intrusion.

I sucked off groups of three or more male prisoners during the day, and the efficient camera ladies took pictures constantly, of my cum slathered face, which became twisted in pleasure while eating the globs of sticky seminal fluid expelled into my mouth.


Warden Bardeau was omnipresent, it seemed, to enjoy my complete destruction, as well as the other cocksuckers, and to increase our humiliation as much as possible.  She and the Judge were venting their rage at me, and the other bottoms, in ways that defied description. I feared for my life at all times, knowing that if they were capable of such debauchery, they were certainly capable of eliminating any threat to them.

On this particular day I was taken to the shower area early in the morning, but when I was stripped off by my guard, she took me instead to the large men's bathroom off to the side of the showers. I was a bit puzzled, but as we approached the line of urinals there, I saw that the camera crew was already set up and ready for shooting.

A torture nurse was there also, her white and red emblazoned uniform quite out of place in a men's bathroom.  She stood waiting with a cattle prod in her hand.

My hands were still restrained behind me, and my guard was joined by two other guards as well as the Warden. I became quite agitated with this unfamiliar setting, and was looking around nervously.  There were male prisoners relieving themselves in some of the urinals, while accompanied by their guards,  but there was a blank space in the center, with one of the urinals missing.  There were also straps fastened to the floor in that spot, and a small drain directly below.

I became anxious and a disgusting feeling came over me as they brought me up to the spot.  The guards spun me around and forced me to my knees, and quickly strapped my wrists behind me to the wall, and my ankles and knees to the floor.  I knew what was coming and I cringed at the thought, and I sank into a hopeless state that had become so common in my daily life here.

My head was secured to a padded holder sticking out from the wall behind me so that the section from my neck up was completely immobile.  They held my mouth open and shoved a spreader tool in, opening it widely. The Warden came in just at that moment, and looked down at me in obvious amusement.  I kneeled there with my mouth gaping, looking at her through glazed eyes.  She took her fingers and rubbed them over the bottom of the next urinal and shoved them into my gullet, forcing the nasty juice to the back of my throat.

I swallowed the putrid liquid obediently, as she cleaned her fingers, and she pulled them out and wiped them on a towel.  She looked into my eyes with enormous disgust as she spoke.

"It seems that you have not enjoyed the wonderful experience of urinal service, and I feel that the time has come.  We let you suck all the cock you want and we expect something in return."

All men needing to use the urinals to relieve themselves were instructed to form a line, and soon there were ten or fifteen naked prisoners waiting to empty their bladders, with more coming each minute. I figured that all of the bottoms were forced to do this at one time or another, and it was just my turn now.  The video cameras were running, and the digital picture crew was ready to do their work.

The guards shoved the first male in line up to me, and his cock was semi hard as he looked down. He was quite enjoying the event, and his slight smile only increased my mortification.  He held his dick, shoving the tip into my mouth and let loose with a streamer of hot piss.  The torture nurse stood over me with her shock device, and as my mouth filled with the hot urine, she looked in my eyes with great pleasure.

"Drink his piss, all of it!", she commanded, her exotic perfume mixing with the acrid smell of urine.

I thought I had overcome my gag reflex resulting from the disgusting activities here, but I was wrong, I started to retch, and she gave me a shock on my arm, a stinging reminder, not at full power.  I jerked and looked up at the leering male, and gulped a full mouthful of urine.  My mouth filled again and again as I swilled down the salty liquid, and my nose scrunched up in disgust as his piss stream splattered all over my hair and face.

He slapped me with his dick and moved back for the next prisoner to move into place.  It was a muscular male with a very large penis, and he poked his dickhead in and around the inside of my mouth as his urethra erupted in a very thick gusher of steaming urine.  He looked down at me and grunted in pleasure as my mouth filled to overflowing and the excessive amount of liquid gushed out onto the floor.  Another shock stimulated my swallowing reflex, and I gulped the putrid yellow scuzz down and steeled myself against the bitter taste.

He also pissed all over my hair and face and the drain below removed the accumulating offal.  The next male in line eagerly shoved his dripping penis in my mouth and cut loose with a strong gully washer of his hot, salty liquid waste.

I looked up at the Warden as my complete humiliation continued, and she was obviously beside herself with lust.

My stomach was beginning to fill with the constant ingestion of urine from several male prisoners, and there was no let up as the awful torment continued.  After ten men squirted their hot piss down my throat I was unable to swallow more and, understanding this, the torture nurse merely looked down at me as ten more pissed all over my head and body.  I was reeking with urine smell, and barely able to keep the horrendous liquid down.  Finally the last prisoner christened my face by pissing all over it, and a new, and totally overpowering sense of debasement came over me.

The guards washed me down with a hose, and I was released and allowed to take a shower.  Tears were at the edge of my eyes as I looked into the face of the cruel Warden, and she knew exactly what I was feeling, and completely, thoroughly enjoyed it. 

When I finished my shower I was taken back to my cell, and given two hours rest.  I desperately wanted to vomit but under constant threats by the guards, was not allowed to.


There was a small movie theater in the facility, and the Judge and warden insisted on the prisoners watching porn movies at every opportunity. This kept the already desperately horny men in an even higher state of lust, and because they were not allowed to masturbate or pleasure themselves at all unless commanded to do so by the staff, wet dreams became quite common during sleep. However, these night time evacuations were illegal here, and the men were punished for them.  All in all the prisoners desperately needed the blowjobs and assfucking afforded them by the cocksuckers, to avoid spontaneous ejaculations beyond their control.

That evening I was assigned movie duty, which had a special meaning of it's own.  Cocksuckers were required to crawl around among the seats and relieve the highly aroused inmates during the movie.  On this occasion I was brought to the theater, which had a seating capacity of about fifty, though usually no more than twenty five or thirty prisoners were present at any given time.  I was stripped, and my ankles bound with restraints, and the door was opened revealing a darkened room, with a movie in progress.

The guard shoved me to the floor, and lashed my ass with a small paddle.

"Get your butt in there and do it right, I don't want to hear any complaints later from anyone in there. You got it you filthy son of a bitch?"

She took her foot and shoved my ass and I fell over on the floor as she closed the door.  It was very dark, and I could see outlines of peoples faces in the light of the movie, but nothing else.  There were five rows of ten seats, and I could barely make out the first row.  There were guards posted at the back of the room, but they would do nothing to interfere with my duties in the dark.

I was sure that these episodes were videotaped in some way, probably using special nightvision cameras, but I could see nothing like that in the darkness.

The prisoners knew that I had come in to relieve them, but they could see very little, and had to rely on my efforts to get to them.  Frankly I was very, very horny, and I needed to suck cock, and I set out down the row in search of oral relief.

I moved next to the leg of a prisoner in the front row, and put my head between his legs.  He noticed me and pulled down his pants and exposed his cock and balls to me. There were pretty women sucking and fucking in the movie, and the males here were impossibly hot now, and their only gratification tonight would be my mouth.

I nuzzled the hairy balls in front of me and licked the erect prick all over with my tongue.  It gave off a strong odor, and I moved down and began to lick his nuts as I stroked his wiener.  I sucked his balls thoroughly and lapped my tongue around the base of his cock and the pisshole.  It wasn't more than a few moments before his penis exploded, sending a thick wad of goo in the air and all over my mouth and face.  I gulped and slurped down the tasty fluid voraciously, eating every drop as it ran down his large dick.

I licked and sucked all of it off, and cleaned semen out of his pubic hair where it had soaked in.  He let out a sigh of relief and I licked around my lips and continued down the line.  They knew I was coming and all had their pants pulled down, stroking their cocks.  The next cheesy dick had a thick body and smaller head on it, but when I peeled down the pronounced foreskin I was rewarded with creamy patches of the funky cheese that accumulates on an unwashed cock.

The smell was overpowering and sent me into a frenzy of lust as I quickly licked it off and swallowed it.  Some accumulated around my mouth and I licked it off eagerly.  I moved down and smelled the hairy balls and sucked each one into my mouth while licking it, and he moved his legs up a bit and exposed his asshole.  I just wanted to get the dick cream but took time to delve my tongue up his ass. The combined smell was atrocious.

I moved quickly, and shoved my mouth over his long prick and forced it into my throat.  The hard penis moved into my gullet as I pumped my head up and down, providing the nasty stimulus that was needed.  He slumped back and jerked wildly, and his pecker spit huge globs of thick snot into my mouth and over my face.  I gulped nearly a mouthful of the delicious dick cream, and it flowed down into my stomach with the accumulating meal already there.

I lapped his pecker all over and cleaned off the drainage and ate it also.  I continued down the aisle enjoying myself, and each dick had it's own unique stink and taste.  I was to the point where I couldn't get off without the stench of an unclean cock, and was in an extremely horny state as I finished the first row.  I crawled between the seats in front of the men in the second row, and they knew why I was there. 

The first male in the row grabbed my hair and shoved me between his legs, and his bouncing dong rubbed against my nose.  I lapped it eagerly, making it flip back and forth, and as he forced my mouth over his huge dick, I opened as wide as possible and let him push down until my gums were down nearly to his pubic hair.  I was able to breath, having become much better at this because of my training, and my nose was smelling his fetid pubic hairs as I looked blankly into them.

He held my head firmly and began to fuck my mouth, all the way in and all the way out, and his stiff pecker was lubricating my esophagus with thick goo as he did so. In a moment he grunted and jerked, and forced his large penis in deeper, and his thick slime was pumped directly into my stomach.  I felt the gusher of thick pudding pumping in, and my gut took in a large amount of his male reproductive fluid.

His dick plopped out of my mouth and I moved slowly down the aisle, barely able to get past the knees of the prisoners there, and they forced me against the backs of the chairs in front, letting me know that they controlled me, and that my only reason for being alive was to eat the mess in their balls. A few of them made me lick ass, but I concentrated on their privates, and the hot lunch I so desperately craved.

I was making steady progress, and due to the fact that I had been eating enormous amounts of semen each day, both prisoners spunk, and horse cum, I could comfortably fill my stomach to bursting with the intimate male fluid, and still have room for more.  I was belching as usual, during my feasting time, and I came to savor the pungent gas as it was expelled from my mouth.

By the end of the movie I had sucked off every prisoner there, and I was actually craving more.  The lights came on, and I stood, balanced against a seat, and wobbled over to the door as the whole theater cheered me.  My face and hair were covered with a thick, half dried mass of semen, and globs of it ran like syrup from my lips and chin.

My guard was there to retrieve me, and she took me back to my cubicle, where I washed myself off and removed most of the fragrant seminal fluid.

I slept very soundly.  I was incredibly satisfied, and my sense of shame was not nearly as pronounced as it had been when I first arrived here.



The next morning I ate breakfast and was taken to the showers.  I was returned to my room and waited there for a half hour.  At about eleven thirty Brandi Skaggs walked into my cell with two guards, and they stripped me naked and attached knee cords, and walked me down the long corridor toward the other end of the enclosure.  I highly suspected that my time in the horse stables had come, and I was correct about that.  Brandi walked ahead of us, her perfectly formed asscheeks rubbing against each other, filling out her tight nurses uniform nicely.

I didn't think I was ready for this, but had no choice, of course, and hoped my craving to suck cock would be adequate for the task.  We walked briskly from the immediate area, and around to the back of the facility.  I could smell the stables as we approached, and we entered the front office, and I waited with the guards as Brandi went through the door into the main stable confines.

My stomach was doing flip flops, and I stared nervously at the door.  Suddenly Brandi opened it, and motioned for us to go in. There were several stalls, and at the far end I could see two horses, both stallions, and obviously very well taken care of.  We waited as the stable personnel removed one of the magnificent horses, and walked it to a nearby area that I couldn't see. 

As we waited the stable women moved the creature into position, and were apparently attaching restraints to the animal's front and rear legs.  After about ten minutes they motioned for us to come over.  I was so agitated by now that my guts were queasy and I felt a bit nauseous.

As we approached within a few feet I could see that the stallion was held tightly in position by several broad, heavy straps, and stood over a sunken area with a seat mounted at the bottom of it.  The front of the seat faced the creatures massive cock so that the person sitting there was but a few inches away from the huge penis.  The horse was apparently used to this and stood motionless and waiting as we approached.

The guards shoved me downward and into the thick seat, and strapped in my legs and chest.  My arms were kept free, and the presence of the massive prick made me cringe.  It was a mere few inches from my face.  I was so queasy that I shook all over and looked desperately from one to the other of the women there.

They pulled a collection trough in front of me and secured it so that it rested about a foot below my face.

The head torture nurse pulled up a chair and sat beside me, and carefully slid an electric probe up my penis, and electrodes to my testicles.  I jerked from the sharp pain of the insertion, but knew better than to try to stop her with my hand.

Brandi took out a leather pouch, and produced a large hypodermic needle, and drew in a large quantity of fluid from a hefty sized vial.  She squirted out a small amount and flipped the tip with her finger.

She looked at me with her cold eyes. 

"This injection is twice what I gave you the last time you visited me.  I told you then that this was the most powerful aphrodisiac in the world, and that you would be permanently addicted to any sexual activity that you engaged in for an hour afterward."

"Now you lowlife piece of shit, you will do exactly as you are told or I will make you hurt more down there than you can possibly imagine.  I don't want you screaming, so do us all a favor and do exactly as you're told.

She swabbed my arm and injected the large amount of fluid into my vein.  She swabbed again, and before she put her equipment away, I felt a pile driver of lust hit me that I've never experienced before.  I was gasping in lechery, and my penis rose to rock hardness, despite the metal probe inside it.

Brandi moved closer to me as I stared at the huge horse cock an inch from my face. The sheathing of the massive penis was partly drawn back, and the enormous bulb of the stallion's pecker head was dribbling semen heavily into the trough.

"Play with his dick now, and stoke it and jack him off a bit.  Not too hard or rough, but stoke that big pecker and make it hard."

I obeyed at once, and awkwardly grabbed the enormous prick with both hands.  I slowly jacked it off, and moved my hand all the way back and upward until the gargantuan horse dong became very hard and was pushing all the way back against my face.  My head rested against padded area, and the horse's unbelievable prick was bouncing all over my face as I stroked it.  The thick semen poured out in rivulets all over my face, and I involuntarily licked the cream off and ate it.  I had been eating horse cum for awhile now and was highly addicted to the flavor.

Brandi put her hand on my hair and gripped it....she looked into my eyes with a cruel smirk on her pretty face.

"Now you suck on that pisshole boy, suck some cum out and swallow it. You'll find that there's nothing quite like fresh horse semen right out of the dick."

The smell of manure and the swampy odor of the horse cock drove me into a relentless state of lust, and I quickly lapped the large pisshole and ate the copious discharge  oozing out.  The taste of the horse dick was disgusting, and smelled like some nasty thing that you might find in an outdoor toilet.

"Now you worthless cocksucker, eat it, and let me see that look of satisfaction on your face."

The huge penis was now hard and pushing back on my chin and I opened and took the stinking horse dick into my mouth.  A flood of humiliation made me shake all over, and as Brandi pushed my head forward, more of the putrid horse dong shoved into my gullet. 

Video cameras were everywhere, and the camera crew were relentlessly taking digital pictures from all angles.

Brandi jacked the huge horse dick off gently and it grew in my mouth and soon gagged me and opened my lips so that I thought they would split.

"Suck on it you son of a bitch!", she grunted.

Brandi was becoming a bit agitated now and that was the last thing I wanted and I began to suck the thing, the massive stinking horse dick stretching my mouth open, and the salty cheesy horsecum was almost filling my mouth now.  I swallowed continuously trying to keep ahead of it.

"Now when this horse pecker shoots off",  she chortled obscenely, "you won't be able to breath, but try to swallow as much as possible.  The rest will fall into this pan and you will drink it all after he gets his nuts off in your mouth.

The horse made quiet neighing sounds, and apparently was enjoying this greatly.

I was so hot now that I just had to suck it, and I began jacking the huge pecker off as I forced it in and out of my open oral cavity.  I took it out and rubbed it all over my face a few times covering my cheeks with horse semen. The stink in my mouth and all over my face was making me hotter than I had ever been in my life, and I began to suck the great dick with an insane need, eating that smelly horse pecker, doing the most disgusting deed possible.  The horse moved slightly from my eager blowjob, and neighed more loudly as I continued my unspeakable servicing.

I jacked the enormous dick rapidly now and  precum was flooding my mouth already.  I gulped mouthful after mouthful of the raunchy cum, and after a few minutes the horse began to move around against the restraints.  I was in a frenzy of sucking that I could not stop now, and I felt the great dick begin to spasm and jerk.

Suddenly a massive gusher of white semen shot out of the huge penis, and the pressure forced the gigantic discharge out of my nose and flooded my mouth so that I couldn't breathe.  I gasped and tried to swallow, but this was almost impossible. My entire face was blasted with hot, equine dick juice, and it covered my entire body as I held the gushing member in my mouth.

I gulped over and over and over as the massive deluge flooded my mouth and nose and hair, and I ate a quart of horse cum right there, but I knew that was only a part of it.  The thick foamy horse semen accumulated in the trough below, and soon the trough was near overflowing.

I continued to suck voraciously on the large pisshole slit, and as it continued to eject  it's unspeakable contents,  I gulped more and more of the putrid smelling semen.

The video camera women were moving in and out and around me to capture every possible angle, and the digital cameras snapped countless times as I sucked the horse's nasty dick.

Finally the flow decreased to a more manageable level, and I was able to gulp it down more efficiently.  I was still sucking the stallion's cock when the last of the hot fetid scum dribbled into my mouth.  I knew I had swallowed a half gallon of seminal fluid  and I was belching uncontrollably, bringing up the disgusting smell contained in my stomach.

The enormous dong dropped from my lips and hung next to my face, completely spent.  I didn't feel like drinking anymore cum but Brandi removed the trough and poured the contents into a pitcher.

She held it to my mouth and I had no choice, and had to make an effort to get it down.  I drank the thick horsie cum as she poured, and it took every ounce of will power in me to finish it off.  My stomach was so full it looked like it would burst.  I had never drank that much liquid at one time.  I belched again, and focused on keeping it down.

Brandi sat looking at me with a true look of contempt on her face.

"Anyone who sucks horse dick is a complete cocksucker," she said, wiping her hands off.  "You miserable fucking cocksucker bastard, you make me sick!"

The guards removed me and pulled me out and I wiped myself off with towels nearby.

They took me back to the other part of the complex to the showers and I cleaned myself thoroughly there, still belching gas from the huge amount of equine reproductive fluid contained in my swollen belly.


I was given the rest of the day off, and I took advantage of the opportunity to sleep and try to forget what I had just done.  It was all on video and pictures though, something I could never take back, and I wondered about the countless people who would watch me do this disgusting thing for all time to come. The mortification inside me was indescribable.

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