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Essence of Cunt

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Synopsis: A huge titted young cunt seeks its own appalling immolation.

DISCLAIMER: the following story is to be taken seriously only by wanking readers, further more only by wanking readers during the act of wanking, anybody who believes a word of it otherwise is a dangerous madman or madwoman.

That said, dear gentle, intelligent reader,  I assume you wouldnt quarrel with the idea that imagination is free?  Nevertheless please do not read this story if the idea of a young, fresh, hot, big-titted, moronic fucking cunt fervently seeking its own, appallingly painful, debauched and degraded immolation doesnt appeal to you.  However, if, like me, it certainly fucking does, then please join me in wallowing in this disgusting filth and I hope it is disgusting filth.  Additionally I want to repeat what should be obvious to intelligent readers - this story is only remotely comprehensible when read one handed; its delicious qualities and bon-mots should be viewed through the prism of a hard cock or a sopping cunt.  If you are not stroking or rubbing, or thinking of stroking or rubbing, all that follows (and this applies to all my other stories) represent nothing less than complete and utter nonsense.

Warning- the following few sentences may seriously shrivel your cock.  The writer speaks as the close relative of a few brilliant, strong women, both young and old, for whom I harbour the highest admiration, plus the pious hope that females could take over the world (excepting that gorgon, M. Thatcher curses upon her - and a few like her.)  They couldnt make a worse job of it than us men.  I wouldnt mention such boring matters other than to say there may be a LUNATIC OR TWO out there who might take this extreme wank material seriously. Sane, balanced readers who like me enjoy imagining these filthy horrors, and perhaps take part in some consensual, much, much milder versions of the same, Im sure you understand and forgive the previous comments.  Best wishes,  E.B.

PS, if you have actually read the above, men - and to honest who on this site bothers? I certainly dont its like a fucking bucket of cold water, isnt it?  Sorry!  Perhaps you should take a moment or two to get really dirty in your mind before starting on the story try some meditation on the title, might help.  Come on, men, lets get fucking horny, maul some huge tits and destroy some cunt.  Fuck yeah!

Essence of Cunt

another sperm-piss-shit-and-blood soaked epic

by Eric Boss

“Thats it, mate!  Fucking slap the cunt!  Fuck yeah!  Fucking hard!”

This enthusiastic young man was urging on his friend.  It was his friend who was doing the slapping.  They were both hot teenage boys.  A nasty, angry-looking young man mmm was the one doing the slapping - he had seen the fucking cunt first and been immediately furious. His instincts kicked in, and with youthful, superb macho-style, he removed his cigarette from his mouth with his left hand, his upper lip curling in a magnificent, young-man sneer which revealed his white teeth.  Then, raising his bare, muscled right arm he was wearing a tight, sleeveless t-shirt he slapped the fucking cunt viciously hard right across its face.  Fuck yeah!  Isnt that nice, men? 

Just so you know, in this story I shall be making several big-titted young cunts suffer to please your fucking hard cock.  Im going to use these young cunts like fucking punch-bags.

The stupid cunt in question was a fucking slight thing, apart from truly massive tits, and the force of this straightforward, open-handed slap from this nasty, mean-looking teenage boy nearly knocked it unconscious I am so glad to say that.  The cunt had gone reeling across the pavement and was only kept upright by the metal railings that prevent pedestrians from crossing the road.  The nasty, mean-looking teenage boys companion, like him a tough fifteen year-old boy, but bare-chested, with terrific tattoos and silver pendants, and in ripped jeans and lace-up boots, congratulated him. 

“Fucking great, mate!”

The boy who had done the slapping smiled with genuine appreciation of the compliment and quickly regained his good humour as they both laughed and enjoyed each others company. Both hot teenage boys lit up fresh cigarettes but before passing on, the second lad bare-chested, tattoos and pendants - took a step or two in the cunts direction, took his newly-lit cigarette out of his mouth, hawked up a good mouthful of spit and phlegm and spat in its face. His aim was spot on, he probably got a lot of practice.  He, in turn, received the congratulations of his mate.

“Way to go, mate!”

No doubt encouraged by his mates compliment the second lad decided to go one step further, and although it was a waste of a newly lit cigarette, he quickly lifted the back of the fucking cunts short skirt and stubbed out its glowing end right up the fucking cunts shit-hole.  This caught the fucking cunt by surprise and it was left hopping about screaming.

The slimy goo had landed in the fucking cunts eye, and was dripping down the screaming young whores face into its open, drooling and groaning face-hole. It was just as well that the laughing boys continued on down the road because the first lad in particular had a terrific propensity and talent for hating cunts the second lad who had stubbed out the cigarette up the fucking cunts shit-hole had done it more as a prank to amuse his mate than out of pure cunt-hatred but if the first lad had stayed looking at this moronic, huge-titted, fucking young whore any longer, he would probably have beaten it to a bloody pulp with his fists there and then.  Fuck yeah!  How I wish he had, men, but then there wouldnt have been a story to tell, but much as I might wish it, he didnt and while it was not exactly illegal to beat a young cunt to a pulp in public it wasnt encouraged - it really shouldnt be done in the street.

The stupid fucking cunt with the cigarette stubbed out up its shit-hole was eighteen.  Rather I should say the fucking cunt always said it was eighteen, in fact it looked thirteen and probably was. 

Lets talk about its tits.  In accordance with the programme the tits had been enhanced, probably about a year ago and just as the ordinance prescribed they were fucking enormous firm, meaty, sticking a foot in front of the cunts otherwise petite, child-like body.  Fucking nice!  And important from a male satisfaction point of view is there any other? - despite its slight build, this cunt had sufficient strength in its back and legs to support these fucking great tits, it wasnt weighed down by the meat as some of the cunts were.  It was quite hysterical, men, to see some of these young cunts staggering along the street bent forwards by the weight of the massive tits they were forced to have by the programme.  Huge, heavy, meaty tits dragging on the ground almost.  It was quite a sight.  Really good.  It was their own fault; the fucking cunts havent been doing their back and leg strengthening exercises as prescribed by the programme.

Theres nothing quite like a really young fucking cunt with grotesquely huge and firm tits firm is important, I fucking loathe sagging cunt-udders - I know you agree, men.

This young, fucking cunt - which had just been slapped, spat on and burned up the shit-hole by the teenage boys - was not in either of those classes. It obviously had been exercising diligently. Ah!  What a good little fucking cunt!  And also in accordance with the programme, it always thrust these fucking huge, firm, meaty young tits out as far as it could, offering them for abuse.  Highly satisfactory.

Men, a pause here for a bit of description so you can picture the fucking cunt - although it goes against the grain to waste words describing a loathsome, disgusting young whore, so you wont mind if Im brief.  This cunt was one of the ones classified as “Parody School Uniform”.  Before the beginning of the new, enlightened regime it would undoubtedly have been a real schoolgirl but now it was, of course, an “it”.

Incidentally, it was a criminal offence for a male of any age, and I mean any age, to refer to a fucking cunt even family sisters, mothers, cousins, aunts  - using personal pronouns: it was punishable by a hefty fine in the case of a minor the fine was payable by the parents or guardians.  If the unthinkable happened and a fucking cunt referred to itself using a personal pronoun wow!  The punishment was medieval in its horror.  Such draconian measures were necessary - and enjoyable - to maintain discipline. 

So an “it” was simply an object for male entertainment an official decree in all but name.  The decree referred only to the language that must be used, but that had had a stupendously beneficial effect on society as a whole.

The uniform on this fucking cunt looked a bit the worse for wear ripped tights, obvious spunk stains on the skirt even a smear or two of shit, the blouse had lost its buttons, etc.

A pause to talk about its cunt now.  A fucking cunts cunt was likewise kept in the appropriate condition as specified according to the programme the programme that required sensibly - that fuck-holes be permanently and revoltingly disfigured. 

“The inherent loathsome quality of the fucking cunts cunt must be exaggerated as soon as possible after the onset of puberty and in as extreme a manner as can be devised.  This is mandatory. Fucking cunts are to report to the modification clinics with their first blood-soaked period rags in their mouths.  The fuck-holes of all fucking cunts are to be thoroughly and permanently disfigured choosing one of the officially prescribed methods.  Any avoidance, or attempt to avoid, or obtain leniency or any modification in these procedures will be regarded as a serious infringement of the law punishable by severely prolonged public torture and eventual death.  These sanctions apply not only to the fucking cunt itself but anyone aiding or abetting it in the avoidance of cunt disfigurement.” 

What a sensible law!

I wonder what treatment had been chosen by the authorities to compliment the massive tits and school uniform on this fucking cunt?  The officials had a list of revolting disfigurements to choose from and always liked to plump for something that went well with the particular tit classification “Parody School Uniform” in this case. 

So have a think, men.  What kind of cunt disfigurement would you like on a huge-titted young schoolgirl?  What would make you want to fucking kick it hard and repeatedly up the fucking cunt?  What do you want to see when the young fucking whore lifts its short, grey skirt?  Read on.

The classification was always assigned at the time of the tit-enhancement a procedure begun well before puberty.  “Budding tits” were not allowed, the parents or guardians of any young fucking cunt with what could be described as “budding tits” were liable to imprisonment and the fucking cunt in question was removed from their control and immediately put on the tit-enhancement programme.

Special financial inducements were offered to parents or guardians who could arrange for the first blood of a fucking cunt to happen publicly.  In some cases, with the injection of a specific hormone, it was possible to predict when it would happen.  So, a very young fucking cunt with huge tits already in place, having its first period with a large audience of men and boys the humiliation of a grotesquely massive-titted very young whore in these circumstances was glorious and something not to be missed if at all possible I recommend it, men.

Back to our particular fucking cunt in the street.  So what was the particular “cunt disfigurement” chosen for this one? Youll like this, men.  On this fucking cunts cunt no fucking panties of course were really good, localised, puss-oozing sores.  And without needing the fucking cunt to wrench open its sewer we all knew that these virulent, flesh-eating eruptions were growing vigorously up inside the revolting fuck-hole as well as eating away at the flesh of the visible, suppurating cunt-lips. 

What was more pleasing was that the diseased spores had been administered to this fucking cunt only in the past week which was a bit late really the delay caused because it was a stray, I suppose.  But men youll like this - the fucking, huge-titted young whore was thrilled with the result.  So pathetically grateful, so proud, it felt that it was taking its rightful place in the world as a fully-fledged loathsome fucking cunt.  These bleeding, puss-oozing, revolting sores, this virulent rash and hideous blisters made it feel like a revolting grown-up fucking cunt instead of a revolting fucking child-cunt.  Men, Ill leave you to decide which you think it actually looked like. I know what I think.

I feel further comment on a diseased cunt-hole would be enjoyable, so lets consider for a moment “cunt sores” as the sewer disfigurement of choice  - the nature of the administered disease had been genetically engineered to cause the requisite symptoms alone, these hideous sores did not impact on the fucking cunts general health or fitness, which was maintained at an otherwise high level. The programme required healthy fucking cunts able to withstand several years of extreme sadistic abuse.  Fuck yeah!  And importantly, the disease was not in the least contagious for men.  Should any of these diseased-sewer fucking cunts be successful in provoking a male to hate it sufficiently to want to fuck its brains out, the male would always stay healthy.  Brilliant!  Modern medicine, what would we do without it?

To finish the details, the sores inside the fuck-hole made “sexual intercourse” to use the pathetic old style words - unbearably and excruciatingly painful for the fucking cunt, as you would expect.  And I mean total fucking agony, men.  Friction from even a moderately sized cock caused every nerve in its whore body to scream code red!  It couldnt be in more pain if it was electrocuted. Im pleased to pass on this detail, men, because as connoisseurs, I know, like me, you appreciate any exquisite torture of fucking cunts yes, the fucked fucking cunt would feel any cock was setting fire to it up its disgusting hole. Fucking nice! 

This particular fucking loathsome, big-titted young fucking cunt which had been slapped, spat on, and burned by a cigarette up its shit-hole was, at the moment, standing still in the middle of the pavement, obediently if somewhat absurdly, sticking its fucking huge tits out.

In a moment, in fact in less time than it takes to think, “fucking kick it hard up its diseased cunt”, it was going to lose all self-control quite spectacularly, men.  The reason for this was simple - its cunt sores had only really come to full bloom in the last couple of days it was so touchingly proud of them but the hormonal effect of these diseases was having a radical effect on its mind what mind the stupid fucking cunt had, that is

The big-titted young whore, still grateful from the slapping and burning and now still lovingly licking and sucking the boys phlegmy spit into its face-hole, had a blinding moment of revelation, it realised actually men, in all likelihood it had this deep realisation for the first time - it realised that it was fucking desperate for abuse, and that nothing else fucking mattered, at all!  At least I assume that was the reason for what it did.  It suddenly tore at the coverings at its cunt the short skirt and the remains of its tights.  It bared the revolting, scabby hole to the world, and stood there thrusting the thing back and forth and grunting like a fucking young pig. A really young huge-titted desperate piece of fuck-meat!  It was great, so revolting, so fucking funny.

At the moment it was just rubbing and rubbing frantically and digging into its diseased slit, but more often than not over the past two days its hands and fingers had been picking at the diseased scabs, bursting the boils and carefully spreading the stinking puss to encourage more of these disgusting, slime-oozing and flesh-eating sores to grow all over and up inside its putrid cunt.  It loved the fucking endless itching and soreness, and the way it made it scratch at its hole like a fucking animal.  More ambitious than its age and status warranted it couldnt wait for its already rotting cunt to be a fucking stinking, putrefying bloody mess, decomposing like week-old kitchen waste, hopefully crawling with fucking maggots.  The same for its shit-hole, of course.

To repeat, in that one moment this fucking cunt now knew beyond all doubt that it really needed men to fucking hate it!  All men!  Fuck yeah!  All men and all boys of whatever age!  In every fibre of its loathsome cunt-being it fucking wanted, wanted, wanted every man and boy in the whole world to loathe and despise it with passionate machismo.  That was the gnawing essence of its perverted lust perverted lust that had been dinned into it since it crawled out of its whore mothers similarly hideous fuck-hole.

So, the essence of cunt was that it wanted men to fucking hate it!  As you will see later, men, there is a heavy irony here because it was only a few days after it had had this realisation and deeply absorbed this fundamental need into its body and feeble mind, that it would be driven virtually insane by the affection of a totally confused sexy, young, impossibly handsome, teenage jock-boy. But you will be relieved to know, men, that the fucking young cunt survives this horror to continue its destiny as a disgusting piece of fuck-meat, but it practically looses its mind suffering this impossibly handsome boys fucking tenderness and caring.

To return to what was happening in the street now, as a matter of fact, it hadnt known it was going to do what it was doing, at this time what early afternoon?  It was quite surprised by the sudden, blinding, desperate nature of its own exhibitionism.  I suppose it had just been overcome by three things - its basic urges, its training and its recent medical treatment. Sweetly, it felt it should be understood, after all it only wished to be the perfect, loathsome fuck-animal.  Ah, so young, so ambitious! 

Im sure, men, even with your high standards, you would have been moved to at least spit on it, or even reward it with a vicious kick to the cunt.  It would have been so grateful.

It was sticking those massive tits out it had ripped them out of its tit-holder, and was panting like fucking a dog.  Its tongue sticking far out of its face-hole, drool dribbling down its chin.  And it looked thirteen!   To do it justice, it really was successful in looking like an unbelievably disgusting young slut! 

Its newly acquired puss-oozing and sore-covered fuck-hole had, apparently, taken control of its actions.  Yes indeed, men, this tasty piece of young fuck-meat was being driven to new depths - it needed, desperately needed, a level of depravity it had never experienced before.  It felt as if it was existing on planet lust - on an ordinary public pavement on a Saturday afternoon in a non-descript suburban town.

Sorry to go on, men, but I wouldnt want you not to appreciate the details - previously, because of its inherent whore nature and its relentless training, it could never resist thrusting out its tits and drooling in public - but for the last two days!?  It had gone mental with lust and desperation an overwhelming passion that up until now, it hadnt understood.  It would stop in the middle of the pavement and dig into its fuck-pits with both hands, bouncing its huge, fucking tits till they were hitting its chin, grunting like a fucking pig.  Several men and boys who saw it had spat on it, or kicked it or punched in the tits, or slapped its face. 

For this it was truly thankful. It was in heaven for those brief moments.  But just as soon, it was plunged into cunt-frustration-hell because to be honest, most males inconsiderately - just walked by as if it didnt exist.  

Of course it brought itself off, publicly, it had disgusting orgasm after disgusting orgasm, juddering and screaming, but it knew these were nothing, they only increased its lust and hunger for physical abuse.  But now its hamster-like brain clearly understood what was driving it.  It had to be hit!  It had to be hit over and over, and it had to be despised, reviled and fucking hated by a human being with a cock!  Men, boys - it fucking worshipped cocks and their owners, and felt it couldnt live if cock-owners didnt hate it, and show that hate.

But of course, it could live!  The programme saw to that.  It could live in gorgeous, total fucking frustration! And this was an added bonus of the programme, because, as I dont need to tell you, men  cunt frustration was so fucking funny.   Enjoy this, men, I know you will - a couple of times in the last two days, our young fucking cunt, the subject of our study, was thrown into such despair the hormonal result of the disgusting sores up and around its sewer - that it grovelled on the ground, writhing and begging and screaming for a man to kick it.  It was such good street entertainment. 

A crowd of mainly teenagers and young boys had been roaring with laughter laughter in this context was an expression of contempt of course, which should bring the fucking cunt some satisfaction but it brought it only tears and grief. 

For those of us who could appreciate it - this level of emotional pain the fucking cunt was experiencing was also immensely enjoyable.  The adult men the few of them who witnessed this exhibition in the street - had the experience and sophistication to understand and enjoy the mental torture the young fucking cunt was going through and this was cock hardening in itself.  The boys however, just had a good laugh, but as they matured they would learn to enjoy the gut-wrenching, terrible grief, its the only word, that the weeping, grovelling, huge-titted young whore was enduring.  Fuck yeah!  I fucking love it!  It felt it was dying for lack of male attention.  The pathetic young fucking cunt rolled around on the ground in front of them begging them to hit it, scrabbling at its fuck-holes and mauling its own massive tits.

These boys would also learn how to increase this grief, tease it out of the fucking cunt, and keep it in ever increasing misery, pain and frustration for all its short life.

Fuck yeah, fuck yeah, fuck yeah!

A severe intensity of sexual frustration was the norm for all fucking cunts, except when they were being physically used and abused which was, as you would expect, bliss for them.  But for ninety per cent of the time a fucking cunt, according to the programme, had to be kept at an agonising level of frustration.  Men, adult men, intelligent, experienced men, like you and I, dear reader, had developed a connoisseur appreciation for fucking cunt frustration, it was like appreciating a good wine or some shit like that.

But to give this little, big-titted young fucking cunt its due, it was, in accordance with the programme, unfailing polite and tried always to grunt its appreciation to those few men and boys it did persuade to abuse it.

“Oh thank you, sir, thank you for kicking this fucking cunt!  Aaggh!  Oh sir, you did it again!  Thank you, sir, Im really grateful.”

This fucking cunt was a mongrel stray, it had no collar, therefore no owner and it wasnt assigned to any organisation, such as, “Fucking Cunts for Young Male Adolescent Training,” or “Fucking Cunts for the Elderly,” or “Fucking Cunts for Torture Weekend Breaks.”  The authorities didnt hound these fucking cunts, they let them wander the streets, eating scraps.  The reason was obvious we all liked seeing these whores, especially when they were overcome with lust in the street and would rip the coverings from their massive tits and grab anything a can or old bit of wood, complete with splinters and the occasional nail - and ram it like a fucking express train up one or other of their revolting holes. 

“Oh thats it, yes, right up there!  Fuck that nasty fucking hole!” you would hear the fucking cunt grunting to itself.

The revolting quality of the fucking cunts cunt, as I have said was always enhanced in some way.  (For a detailed list of the methods and effects of cunt disfigurement I refer you to Eric Bosss story, “The Palaestra of Grossness” which, I immodestly add, has been described as a masterpiece of filth in some quarters.)

It was refreshing to see a big-titted young fucking cunt, half-naked, in the middle of the pavement, jigging frantically up and down, scrabbling in a waste-basket and then shoving empty coke-can after coke-can up its grotesquely deformed cunt, and all the while gibbering to itself, “Thats it!  Up my disgusting hole!  More fucking pain! Yes, yes, I want it to fucking hurt!  Harder, fucking harder!”  It cheered us all up, so why not let these stray whores wander at will?

So what was our poor little fucking cunt to do?  It had finally realised clearly what was the matter with it.  It knew what it needed, it knew it had to follow its cunt destiny.

But it had had a terrible day - apart from the slap and spit and lit cigarette up its shit-hole described above, it had been completely ignored by all men and boys.  Aah, I hear you cry in sympathy, men.  It was now late evening and it was crawling pathetically in an alleyway, moaning and crying for cock and pain.  It knew that soon exhaustion would overcome it and it would curl up somewhere and sleep.  The travelling soup kitchens had given the big-titted young fucking cunt some food but it needed abuse more than food.  It knew that it had to be where men and boys were, in the fog of its despair it decided to take action.

Men, this was a fucking stupid, big-titted young fucking cunt.  It was virtually mindless, it had been trained to be a fuck-slut all its short life, it didnt have ideas, it had needs. but it did have an intelligence level somewhat above that of a fucking pet dog.  Basically it had, for the first time that day understood that it wanted to be destroyed in appalling agony - for the pleasure of a mans or boys - cock.  Thats all, it was very simple really, it wanted to suffer terribly knowing that it was pleasing cock preferably lots of cocks but just one would do.  It dragged itself under the bridge where it knew the dropouts were, but these drunken winos just threw things at it and cursed it and told it to clear off.

If only their aim had been better, if only some of the cans and stones had actually hit the fucking young cunt, it would have been so happy.  But the drunken old farts were too out of it to put any force behind their throwing and were more interested in their bottles than its tits and cunt-hole.  So the huge-titted, young whore with the itching, diseased twat went on walking. all the while rubbing incessantly at that hideous, sore-encrusted cunt-sewer.  Men to put it simply the young whore with the obscenely huge tits just wanted to be fucked to death as painfully as possible.  A modest enough ambition.

It found itself sitting on the steps of a town house and was carefully and with great concentration picking at the sores right up inside its disgusting cunt as it had been doing compulsively all week - spreading the green puss with its fingers, pushing it further up its hole.  It was really longing to spread this disease all over and up it shit and fuck-holes.  The other hand was lovingly massaging the meat of its huge tits.  It was drooling at the thought of cocks.  It thought it would fall asleep soon. It didnt hear the door open behind it but it did see the light flood out in front of it.  Before it could turn round and, if it was male, beg it to kick its tits, it was pulled up by its long hair and dragged backwards into the house.

Then it was in a room surrounded by men oh fucking joy!  Well, they werent men, they were boys one man and five or six teenage boys.  Now maybe youll be surprised or if you are one of my fans and familiar with my other work you certainly wont be, but these fucking hot, sexy boys were the mans boy-pussy harem.  Not that youd know it to look at them.  Aggressive, nasty, brutish, thuggish teenage fuckers who had sold their asses, and were focused on making as much money as they could while it was saleable.  Expert and experienced, fucking handsome cocksuckers and fuckee whore-boys!  All indentured as boy-prostitutes and living in this luxurious house at the Owners expense with their shit-holes permanently oiled for his use and boy-cocks hanging out at all times why keep them hidden, hed bought and paid for them after all, he wanted to see them and the boys all had slits up the back of their jeans for easy access to their hot, greasy boy-holes.

Oops, sorry men, but a couple of them looked very young!  Im sure they werent but two of them looked to me younger than the fucking cunt. 

The Owner of the house, their employer, a mature, handsome, strong looking man in his forties knowing his boys werent exclusively gay, if gay at all, wanted to give his stable some relaxation.

“Look what turned up on the doorstep, boys!”

The fucking mindless cunt had brains enough to know that it had been given an unparalleled opportunity.  Scrabbling up from the floor where the man had thrown it, it urgently ripped at its fucking blouse and tit-holder and hauled its massive tits out for the boys viewing pleasure.  Then jiggling these massive mammaries up and down it hauled up its short skirt and proudly pulled the revolting lips of its diseased slit wide apart, thrusting it at the group of boys and grunting like a pig.  It had perfect fuck-meat manners.  The Owner was impressed, the boys roared with laughter.

Knowing the disease wasnt contagious; they were on it in a second, mauling the tits and kneeing it up its sore-encrusted sewer.

The Owner watched them approvingly and out of the blue, had a great idea, which sprang, fully-formed into his mind.  He could tell that this fucking cunt was different from the usual big-titted young whores he provided occasionally for his boys entertainment.  He knew it from the moment he saw the fucking cunts really quite extraordinary eagerness.  He also knew from the absence of a collar that it was an unclaimed stray. 

So, to his own surprise he found himself toying with idea of keep it for a few months, say six, and slowly torturing it to death, devising the most exquisite agonies and, along the way, educating his boys in sadism.  This was all new to him, and he was actually surprised by the idea himself hed never done anything like this before, his usual tastes were nothing more than regular teen-boy orgies with himself as the centre of attention.  Ok, he loved to watch his hot thugs suck and fuck each other, with the occasional bit of pissing thrown in, but he was quite vanilla in his usual tastes.  Yet here he was deciding to go for a really heavy, and long, long, torture and destruction scene.  For an urbane sophisticate, he was quite excited. 

There was nothing to stop him, it wasnt as if it was illegal, he was actually saving the state money, the fucking loathsome young fucking cunt was a drain on the social services.

He was mulling over the idea while the boys were arguing over what to do with the whore, they were of course giving it a good slapping while they discussed animatedly amongst themselves these boys were quite aggressive with each other not co-operative friends eager to help each other in the maintenance of their self-esteem in fact the opposite, they took every opportunity to demean and subtly insult each other, a consequence of their employment as boy-whores, or rather their attitude to their employment as boy-whores.  Their fucking of each other was very, very rough as they tried to outdo each other in machismo - each boy-whore desperate to prove that he wasnt a homo and they did this by causing the other boy as much pain and humiliation as possible.  While this was a turn-on in itself because it was so genuine and macho and sprang instinctively from their sense of their own masculinity, but because the boys had no respect for each other it couldnt be sustained in the long term.

The Owner had been worried about them for some weeks.  This small number of fucking hot, nasty young, very, very sexy boy-whores although decent enough and hot enough individually, as a group were increasingly difficult to manage: in fact they were a pain in the ass, and worse, they were becoming boring.  A viciously sadistic creative project such as the one that had just presented itself might be just the thing to bond his debauched young boy-cunts into a group of friends - friendly boy-whores who could combine to give their master much more pleasure and no fucking hassle.  If they discovered the depths of their latent sadistic feelings towards fucking cunts they would be much more inventive themselves and respect and admire each others cruelty.

Being a decisive man, he took action as soon as he had weighed up the benefits of the scheme.  It was an excellent plan with no significant side effects as far as he could see, only benefits.  If it didnt work, or last six months, he could just throw the fucking cunt out with the garbage, literally.

“Boys, listen to me for a second.”   It took a minute or so to get some order, one of the younger boys kept aiming drop kicks at the fuck-hole.  “Stop that, you can do it later.   I think we should tie the whore up and be a bit more methodical about this.”

He didnt have a “dungeon” or any sadism equipment, and as I said, he wasnt normally in to that with his boys, but a piece of rope was quickly found and the huge-titted young whore was tied by the wrists and strung up to the large chandelier, which was strong enough for the purpose, Ive told you it was a slight thing.

“Now, I think we should keep this fucking cunt, and let you all have some fun with it.” 

“Fuck yeah!”

He wasnt going to tell his boy-whores the full extent of his plan, he knew it might freak them out.  He was going to draw them into it, slowly.  He was confident that their instincts would kick in once they got turned on.  The fucking cunt was effusive in its gratitude.

“Oh thank you, sirs.  Please hurt this young slutty body as much as you like.  Thats what this fucking cunts for, sirs.  Dyou like the sores up this cunt, sirs?”

It looked good hanging there in its wrecked school uniform, huge tits sticking out. It had considerately tucked up its skirt in the waistband to give the boys a good view of its stinking sewer.

“Ok, boys, take your belts off, and lets whip it.”

“Fuck yeah!”  The boys cheered and drew their belts out of their loops and started enthusiastically whipping the fucking cunt.  It was screaming like a banshee in no time, the boys were roaring with laughter, and telling the cunt what a “fucking whore” it was, “a ripe piece of fuck-meat” etc.  They were bonding already but it would take a lot, lot more to achieve what he wanted, however he knew, even from this first exercise in sadism that he had hit on a successful plan.  So the Owner was enjoying himself.  The cunt did its best to keep its legs apart so the sexy whore-boys could get a good aim at the stinking cunt.  And they did, that was really nice.  Belts, now buckle end, whipping into that revolting sore-covered fuck-hole!  Mmm.

After the fucking cunt had been nicely striped from head to foot, the Owner said they should take a break for their meal they always had a communal meal.  What they should do the Owner told them is let the whore down, leave it on the floor, then come back and fuck its brains out.  So they untied the lucky cunt and let it collapse on the carpet and went off to eat in an excellent mood.

The Owner stayed behind for a few minutes.

“Ill join you in a second, boys, start without me.”  He wanted to tell the whore what he had planned.  So he did.  The young, big-titted fucking cunt could hardly believe its luck.

“You mean me, sir?  You are going to do that to me?”

“Do you see any other fucking cunt in the room?”

“No, its just that no-one has ever said anything as nice as that to this fucking cunt in its whole life.”

“Well, there you go, little slut, Im Father Christmas.  I want you in agony for months, starting tonight.”

“Oh thank you, sir.  This fucking cunt has dreamed of this, sir.  It would love to be in fucking agony for you and your boys, sir.  It will be a really good pain-slut for you, sir.”

“But it has to be our secret.  Dont tell the boys whats going to happen.  I have to educate them.  If they knew too much they might start to feel sorry for you and shit like that.”

“Oh no!”  The young whore practically screamed, “This is just a fucking cunt, none of your boys must feel sorry for it.”

“In that case you have to help me teach them.  They have to learn the full extent of their innate loathing for a big-titted fucking cunt like you, and then learn how to make you pay. The cunt is always to blame. As yet they have no idea of just how much they will enjoy causing you to experience the tortures of hell.  A fucking cunt like you knows instinctively you are made to suffer pain for male enjoyment, but boys have to teach themselves to respond to their deeper urges and allow themselves to inflict pain on fucking cunts for their pleasure.  Will you help me teach these hot, sexy whore-boys?”

“This fucking cunt will, sir, you can rely on it, sir.  It wouldnt want to spoil the fun for you, them and itself, sir.”

“If you do forget, slut, or when Im sticking a red-hot poker up your cunt you happen to yell out something about not being able to take months of it, or anything that gives a hint of what Ive got planned Ill break your legs and chuck you in the garbage skip.”

“Oh, sir, it wont, it could never be that ungrateful.  Its a good whore, its special, its always known it was special.”

“I think you are, which is why Im doing it, and why Im telling you.  Now spread your fucking legs, show me that diseased fucking slit, I want to kick you up there - a lot - before dinner.”

“Oh, please, thank you, sir.”  It did open its legs and he did fucking kick it up there a lot before dinner.

Stopping he said,   “You know, cunt, Im really going to enjoy this.  Im going to prolong your fucking death as long as I fucking can, maybe even longer than six months.  I really want to see you in agony, day after day after fucking day.”

“Oh, oh, oh, thank you, thank you, sir!”  He left it juddering and twitching on the floor in joyous orgasms of gratitude and anticipation.

He went to eat, totally trusting that the cunt would stay put on his carpet.  He was right of course.  This young, huge-titted slut, from being in the depths of despair on his doorstep, suddenly within an hour had found its purpose in life.  It was weeping with happiness.  It was going to be the centre of attention of a group of hot, really nasty young men and boys.  It was going to suffer, and suffer and suffer, to keep their cocks hard, and then it would die, horribly, knowing they were spurting their loads.  It couldnt believe its luck!  Only the terrible pain from the full body whipping and its kicked cunt kept it from thinking it was dreaming.

After they had eaten and got a bit drunk not the Owner, he liked to enjoy his pleasures sober they came back and his hot whore-boys gang-fucked the deliriously happy, young, big-titted whore, passing it round like fuck-doll.  They didnt bother undressing it, they just tore at the clothes when they felt like it.  The whore screamed continually as the weeping sores up its cunt did their work, and the scabs and boils round its shit-hole as well got maximum punishment from the cocks and fists of these horny, nasty, excited teenage boys.

Exhausted they went to bed, the Owner liked them to sleep regular hours, eat well and keep fit, he wanted them to look good, and be sufficiently energetic at all times.  He unloaded his sperm in the mouth of the youngest and cutest-looking whore-boy before he retired himself.  The cunt was left on the floor, covered in cum.  It was moaning, and smiling and sucking and licking at the lovely cum.  Thoroughly fucked in the cunt, ass and face-hole, it fell asleep in paroxysms of joy why the fuck am I writing anything about what this loathsome cunt feels?  Anyway for those of you who are interested it was so happy because every nerve in its so young, massive-titted, whore-body was jangling with pain - hackneyed phrase, I know, but exact in the circumstances.

It woke to find its feet being bound together.  It was manoeuvred till it was hanging upside down from the chandelier.  The boys closed the door, chatting to each other and left it.  It was very uncomfortable, after an hour it was extremely uncomfortable, after eight hours the cunt was in awful, awful pain, splitting headache, terrible pins and needles and cramps everywhere, it thought it must have been left to die.  But no, it kept telling itself what the nice man had said, six months of this.  Surely it wasnt going to be left hanging till it died, and just ignored?  This wasnt what he had promised.  It began to cry.  It didnt call for help, it was better behaved than that, but it was disappointed, it wanted to be the centre of attention, not a hanging, forgotten piece of fuck-meat.

The boys came back in the evening and let the cunt down and gave it a good rubbing to restore the circulation.  They did this by walking up and down and jumping on the fucking young cunt.  They found that very funny they loved just standing on the massive tits.  They had been in the gym for most of the day, and playing various energetic sports so they were very sweaty.  They cunt was made to lick their feet and armpits, and sweaty shit-holes etc. 

“Come on, wed better do what weve been told,” this from a particularly aggressive looking fucker with a shaven head.

They got a bucket and all took a shit in it.  Clearly they had been instructed to save it up.

“Theres your dinner. Better eat it all, no other food.”

Now hot, fresh shit was new for our young whore.  Unlike some other cunts it had seen occasionally in the streets, it had never even picked up dog-shit from the pavement with its mouth and chewed on it but it took only a few seconds for the fucking cunt to rise to the challenge.  It was on its knees, massive tits out for male viewing pleasure naturally like its diseased cunt it was touchingly proud of these huge fucking jugs - its few rags hanging about it: it dug its hand in the shit bucket, thoughtfully, with the other hand it displayed its revolting sewer for the boys.  It shovelled the first load of shit straight in its mouth.

Now this cunt had all the brains of a sofa, but it knew there was a lot of the shit, six boys worth, and it had never tasted shit before, and it knew also that it wanted to put on the best show it could.  So it was careful not to spread the shit round its mouth to begin with.  It just chewed and swallowed, doing its best to completely ignore the consistency, smell and taste. It told itself to chew and swallow, and thrust its cunt and smile.  So there we have it.  The cunt chewed and swallowed.  Hand in bucket, hand up diseased cunt, chewing and swallowing fresh, hot whore-boy shit and smiling.  Again and again.  Soon it would be eating shit directly from these same whore-boys shit-holes within no more than a few days the fucking cunt grew to love, no adore, fresh and stale whore-boy shit.  It just loved watching fat, shiny, stinking turds sliding deliciously out of these fucking hot sexy young male shit-holes.  It loved being up so close well, in fact it just loved anything that came out of a male body particularly anything that enabled it to prove what a disgusting piece of big-titted filth it was.  If it was permitted a treat it would get of dish of the boys recent shit, lovingly collected from the toilet bowls, and sit quietly on its own, or on display which was bliss for it and using a tea-spoon it would lasciviously shovel the shit into its drooling face-cunt, with its legs stretched apart allowing the stinking sewer and cunt-shit-hole to be easily accessible, and its huge, firm, meaty tits out and available for mauling and casual burning.

But here for the first time - well in fact it hardly registered the taste.  It just did it with determination.  It was the centre of attention and that was heaven.  The noise of the boys utter disgust was like choirs of angels to it.  And wow, were they disgusted!  It was the most revolting, hideous, horrible sight any of them had ever seen.  But men, you must make allowances, as yet their standards were not very high, they were soon, very soon, to become much more discriminating in their enjoyment of filth.

A couple of them took more initiative and got their cocks out and pissed in the bucket as well.  After this happened it was harder for the cunt to stop the shit slopping over its face-hole and down on to its fucking mountainous, firm, man-pleasing jugs eventually it was reduced to picking up the bucket and sliding the stinking, sloppy contents into its mouth.  And it wasnt going to stop till the bucket was empty.  It was so happy to be working.

Why had this happened in this particular way?  Why had the boys been instructed to hang it up for eight hours and then make it eat shit? Well the Owner had done some research overnight.  He stayed up for an hour or two reading.  As I told you he didnt practice any sadism on his boys, he had no taste for that, but he did have a rather good, and authoritative book on how to viciously hurt fucking cunts over a prolonged period of time which he had never read or even opened before it was called, “Its Fucking Pain, Your Fucking Pleasure” subtitled “How Long Can You Make a Cunt Suffer for Your Fun?”  It was written by a little known but expert writer called Eric Boss.

It wasnt a simple, “How To Do It” book, more a discursive, philosophical treatise on the subject of torture of cunts.  And as the Owner read the preface and opening chapter he found himself glad it wasnt just going to tell him what to do, he wanted to work it out for himself, and enjoy the creativity of doing so.  There was a lot more of the book to read but one of the first things that came home to the Owner was the concept of attitude.  The attitude of the men and the attitude of the cunt.

The cunt of course had to be in pain, that goes without saying, but more than that it had to be kept confused, and uncertain being an intelligent man, the Owner knew exactly what the author was getting at.  To obtain the most satisfaction out of torturing a cunt, the man could never let the cunt think it knew what was expected of it, or let it think it could predict what was going to happen. 

Now although cunts these days were bred to be a stupid as budgerigars, it wasnt possible to take the “human” entirely out of a human-being and even the most stupid tit-and-cunt-and-shit-hole-bearer could work some things out.  So the male in question had to make sure that everything was a continual surprise to the cunt, it was always kept off-guard.  Hence our cunt was in awful, but not particularly damaging, pain all day.  But ignored!

“Its Fucking Pain, Your Fucking Pleasure,” naturally made the obvious point that if you want to prolong a cunts torture you must go at it gradually and not choose activities to begin with that it cant recover from.

Now why the shit eating?  Youll notice that the Owner wasnt in the room.  Because he didnt particularly want to see it, or smell it.  He wanted his hot whore-boys to see, in reality, what an animal this fucking cunt was!

They had to witness how totally willing the fucking cunt was to degrade itself. He wanted them to absorb the truth about this cunt which was that it deeply and truly wanted to exist only as loathsome, fucking disgusting object for mens satisfaction.  They had to see it for themselves.  His choice of the shit eating for the second evening was particularly creative, because it gave the fucking cunt the opportunity to think it had some control. i.e., its determination to perform as the perfect, world-class, disgusting slut, and importantly, it began the moulding of the boys attitude that important word towards their own actions in regard to the cunt. 

A cunt that would eat shit like that could be barely human it was totally human, which was the whole point but this revolting spectacle would help them resist, or ignore rather, any of their own human or - unbelievable as it might seem - tender feelings towards its future appalling sufferings.  “Its Fucking Pain, Your Fucking Pleasure,” was exactly the right book for these circumstances because it explained these subtleties, and the Owner was very glad to have it on his bookshelf.

The boys had been instructed to order the cunt to drink all their piss as well, but some of them had, as you have seen, already added it to the shit mix.  The others, Im afraid, did piss in its face-hole, but they couldnt resist aiming for the tits and the diseased fuck-hole, so the fucking cunt did get to drink a lot of piss but not six full boy-bladders which was a shame.

The cunt was left to sleep on a cold piss and shit-smeared plastic sheet, (it had been laid down before.)  It knew it had done the best it could but none of the boys fucked it, or even got hard.  As a result it went to sleep very worried which is what the Owner intended.

The boys went off talking about this fucking animal.  So far, so fucking good, thought the Owner.  He shoved his fucking thick, long, hard cock up the youngest of the boys and rammed it up him for a good hour, while he ordered the other boys to fuck each other, as hard and aggressively as they could their day of macho physicality had inspired them and also they were despising the fucking cunt so fucking much grovelling as it was happily in piss and shit in the other room - it made them very angry- the Owner was astonished at how well he had learnt the first lesson of Eric Bosss book.  His whore-boys although being more aggressive to each other than they had ever been before, found themselves admiring this quality in each other and encouraging and urging each other to be even nastier and more contemptuous towards a sex partner it was a new, and pleasant experience.  The Owner, well satisfied, retired to his room to read another chapter of that excellent publication.

Next morning, the Owner went into the room - where the cunt had been left - to continue putting into practice what he read the night before.

Men, I have to tell you the room stank!  The Owner experienced a quite new, and pleasantly overwhelming surge of violence.  The stink was terrible, the cunt looked at the nice mans furious face and was so fucking worried.  It didnt know what it had done wrong.

“Youve made my room smell like a fucking filthy urinal, you shitty whore, you fucking turd!  You disgusting piece of dog shit!”  He fucking hated this big-titted thirteen-year-old cunt.  So he stood on the cunts head, with both feet.  He couldnt do it for long as its difficult but it certainly surprised the cunt.  Then he stood with both feet on its long hair.

“Try and get up.”  The cunt did, pulling its own hair in the process.  “Try harder, fucking useless slut!”  The cunt did, pulling its own hair till it was screaming.  The Owner stepped suddenly off its shitty and pissy hair.  The cunt shot forward banging its head painfully against the table.

After a moment, surprisingly, it said, “Is this fucking cunt being a good whore, sir?  The boys last night, did they enjoy themselves, sir?  It wants to be a really good, fucking disgusting slut, sir.”

“First lesson, never speak unless ordered to.”

“Yes, sir.”  He slapped the fourteen or thirteen-year-old big-titted cunt viciously and really enjoyably across the face.  “Fucking get out, I told you not to speak.”  He threw it out the door onto the steps on which he had found it.  It collapsed, weeping hysterically.  He followed it out, hauled it up, grabbing it by its huge jugs.  He spat in its young face.  “If you can get yourself cleaned up, get rid of your fucking loathsome smell, get a new uniform and get yourself fucked several times no, a hundred times today, come back here tonight.  Dont you dare knock on the fucking door.  Just stay on the steps, on your knees, scratching at your horrible fucking cunt, which has to have gallons of fucking sperm dripping out of it. I want you used like a fucking tissue, I want your holes overflowing with fucking thick, slimy sperm.  If they are, then I might take you back.”  Then he held its massive tits with both hands and ordered it to pull backwards.

“Harder, you fucking whore!  Harder, pull these fucking big tits off! You shit-loving cunt!”

The cunt pulled and pulled till it was screaming!  Honestly men, at that moment it would have loved those monstrous tits to be pulled right off its slutty body.  But dont worry, it would come, or something very like it, given time.

“You fucking useless cunt!”

He threw it away, went inside and slammed the door - confident the cunt would be there tonight, conditions fulfilled.

The cunt pulled itself together and staggered off, determined to do what it had been ordered.  Its rags barely covered anything of the fucking cunts huge meaty tits or its oozing, puss-leaking revolting and diseased fuck-hole.

Gentlemen, Im sure, your cock needs to know what the brainless, lust-filled fucking young whore did to get back in the house.  Am I right?   Read on, dear, gentle, filthyminded readers.

First the moronic big-titted young whore staggered as fast as it could to the local C.C.D. - Cunt-Classification Department; the office where it had received authorisation for the tit-enhancement programme and its classification as “parody school-uniform”.   On the way, despite the rampant, overwhelming lust eating away at its twitching and spasming cunt honestly, men, youd swear that this sewer was alive in its own right the puss and sores and virulent disease kept it tingly, aching and longing for big, fat cocks well, despite this fucking disgusting lust, amazingly it ignored all the attentions of men, boys and tramps who wanted to abuse it, and just dashed to this office as fast as it fucking could.  Its only pause was to throw itself in the fountain in the town square where it rolled over and over, scrabbling at its diseased fuck-hole of course, and then stood under the streams of water scrubbing the stink off its huge-titted whore body and out of its long, matted hair, much to the amusement of passers-by and men on buses going to work.

Although it only allowed itself a few minutes in the water, needless to say that it put on a disgusting show in this public shower, its hand stuffed up its puss-oozing cunt it orgasmed continually from the thrill of its own exhibitionism, juddering and grunting like the fucking loathsome whore it was!  Refreshed, it climbed out, making sure that its diseased cunt was well on display and it continued its journey, dripping, holding its rags round it.

Anyway at the C.C.D. office it did what it had to do to be provided with a new school uniform.  It put on a display shoving the handle of the mop belonging to the good-looking, dark-haired young janitor hard and repeatedly up its cunt in order to get into the building it had no pass or papers, you see.  This muscled young man with his big cock sticking out of his overalls then fucked it, bouncing it up and down on this impressive fuck-pole, slapping and biting those huge jugs.  Then kicking it, he let it past him into reception, where it had to staple its own nipples to the desk and be fucked by the male receptionists and security guards.  It was counting the fucks yes men, the moronic whore was actually counting the number of cocks that went up it as if the Owner would know or care so long as it had been whoring all day but touchingly it wanted exactly a hundred cocks up it in one day, it wanted to be a good little whore and do what it was told.  Ah!

As it unpicked the staples from its nipples the total was five so far.  It was fucked by the phone-engineer in the lift, six.  The office guys numbered eight, they used it during their coffee break.  First it was required to fuck itself with the bristle end of a lavatory brush, one of the chaps obligingly went and got it.  It did the nasty while standing on a desk  jiggling its huge tits it had to do this before any of the kind men would fuck it.  The bristles had a good effect on the sores in its cunt, inflaming and infecting them nicely (it wasnt a clean lavatory brush such a nice detail, dont you think, men?) so the fucks that followed were horrendous for it.  Fourteen now, one more than its age. Naturally the men had been stroking pleasantly at the show and then they just used its cunt or shit-hole to come in, so none of them over-ran the allotted break time.  They gave it the order-slip for the new uniform and threw it out. 

It had to make its way to the supply department.  There the two, beefy warehouse men fucked it together, one cock up the diseased and freshly-infected cunt and one up the shit-hole, but first, one of them held its hair and the other pulled on it huge tits with all his strength they needed to show to themselves and each other their hatred of the young cunt.  This double fuck was particularly painful on its inflamed cunt sores, Im pleased to be able to tell you, men.  Sixteen cocks.  Sweet sixteen fucking hard, dripping cocks. The whore had a stream of thick cum running down its leg already.

They gave it its schoolgirl uniform and kicked the fucked cunt out.  They wouldnt let it use the lift but threw it out on to the fire escape and pushed it down the stairs.  Some rough-looking macho-type builders opposite saw this and ran up and picked up the cunt from half-way down the multiple flights of metal steps.  Carrying the fucking cunt - head down - by holding its ankles, they were yelling to their mates on the building site.  They had grabbed its parcel off it, and the upside down fucking cunt was screaming not about its treatment it expected that - but it had to get the new uniform back.  The macho builders laughed hugely at this and having carried the fucking young cunt over to the half-built building, started throwing the parcel around and threatening to put it in the cement mixer.  The poor big-titted young whore was distraught with unbelievable terror at the thought of losing its new uniform - this was very, very funny, men.  A fucking cunt caring about something?  it was hilarious.

Meanwhile the tough-looking man - bulging with fucking muscle - who was holding the fucking cunt upside down - was shaking it vigorously to make the huge tits bounce. They were slapping painfully against its face and belly.  His colleagues really appreciated his sense of humour.  Then, the big, fucking muscled builder, holding the fucking cunt by its long hair, swung it round his head he was very strong and it was very light - threatening to smash it against the wall.  There was uproar on that building site, men, they were having a great time.  Well, without going into the details, it was fucked almost senseless before they gave it the parcel back.  Twenty-eight, and it wasnt ten oclock yet.

It knew where it could get the remaining seventy-two cocks up it.

The moronic whores need for cock was so great that it inspired what might almost pass for a thought in its hamster-like brain.  It hid its parcel containing the new uniform under some bushes in the park, and then it ran with all the energy it could muster to the boys secondary school.  It wasnt far, and it avoided the men who wanted to abuse it on the way, but it apologised to them nicely and shouted that it had to get fucked a hundred times by the evening and had to go where it could be fucked continually the stupid whore couldnt subtract so it didnt know the exact number to say, it knew it was up to twenty eight.  It climbed in an open window of the school, and there was no one around, everyone was in class, it could hear that quiet hum of a scholarly institution at work but of course the fucking brainless cunt had no idea thats what it was.

It ran round the corridors looking for the lavatories or changing rooms.  It found a changing room and ran in.  The changing room wasnt empty.  There were no boys, but there were two male cleaners big, black, muscled male cleaners.

“What the fuck have we here?”  It wasnt the queue of hot boys the fucking cunt was hoping for it was two, big, very big, muscled black cleaners - but it thought it might as well add two more.  So the fucking cunt wasted no time in words, it stuck its massive tits out and spread its diseased sewer and started thrusting and grunting like the fuck-pig it was.

“I think it wants our big, thick, black cocks stuck up it, mate.”

“I think youre right, mate.  What a fucking disgusting whore-bag!  A fucking revolting slag! And its barely more that a fucking child!”

“If its big enough its old enough, and its fucking big enough, mate.  Just look at those fucking huge tits!”

Now men, you need to know that these two big, rough, nasty, muscled black men with monumentally long, thick cocks - didnt get much young white cunt to fuck, and so this was a rare treat for them. 

“Well, mate, which end do you want?  Eh mate?  What hole do you want stick your hard, fat, black cock in first, mate?””

“Nah, Ill do that later, mate, I want to show it what we think of it, first, mate.” 

To prevent interruptions, one of them jammed his mop in the door handle - and then … well men, they used our young, big-titted, disease-cunted teenager in such a disgusting manner I will have to skip over it.  Its really too nasty even for me to describe.

Oh all right, I will then. What they did was sooo fucking disgusting, so full of cunt-hatred, I love it!   It involved fucking shit and fucking piss and fucking vomit. Literally.  They mauled its tits, slapped it and spat on it, shoved a couple of their cleaning rags up its cunt, to wipe some of the puss away and of course, hurt it as much as possible.  They both had a good long piss up its cunt and watched it drain out, of course this made the cunt squeal with pain as the piss really hurt its open sores.

Then one of them helpfully held its head up the arse of the other, while he took a massive shit right into its face, its huge tits pressed pleasantly between his legs  a great deal of his crap went into the cunts face-hole as it had to have the face-hole open because it couldnt breathe.  Then the other hot, black, nasty-fucker had his turn shitting on the fucking young cunts face. Two heavy loads of black-man shit on its whore face and in its fucking face-hole.  Next?  Well, the huge-cocked black men forced their hands down the huge-titted young cunts throat it heaved from the depths of it cunt-being and vomited up the shitty-sick.  Then they shovelled the shitty-sick back in its mouth and held its mouth closed and pinched its nose, forcing the cunt to swallow its own vomit. - then they made it sick again they did this several times, each time forcing the fucking cunt to swallow this disgusting, stinking, fucking mess.

And to express their all-consuming contempt for the young whore, all the time these two big-cocked black fuckers were viciously slapping and punching the young massive-titted whore - just as the whim took them.

This is so right!  Dont you agree, men?  Personally I cannot express sufficiently my satisfaction and pleasure at the manner in which these two black fuckers were treating this thirteen-year-old, massive-titted cunt.  They deserve a medal.

The lusciously big-titted, utterly revolting young cunt - covered in shit and sick, piles of it on its face and sliding down its massive tits was now told to shove the loathsome mess up its cunt and shit-hole, which it did enthusiastically, despite having vomited five or six times.  It was grunting like a fucking pig it was in a transport of cunt-lust it couldnt have been more animalistic if it actually was a fucking pig, its tongue was stuck right out, its huge, firm young tits were bouncing frantically, anything, it thought, anything, anything for those magnificent, wonderful huge, black cocks.  This young fucking cunt really was nothing more than an animal Im so glad to say.  A cock-adoring, cock-craving huge-titted piece of fuck-meat.

Then the two horny, huge-cocked black men set about shit-and-sick-fucking it back and front, one up the cunt, the other up the shit hole, then they swapped all the time slapping its tits and face, not just light taps, but vicious, bruising, full-arm weight slaps -  mmm, so good - and yanking its long hair.  They enjoyed themselves a lot.  To finish off, of course, the cunt, had to clean both massive, shitty cocks in its face-hole, which it did lovingly sucking up the shit, sick, cum and cunt-slime as if it was nectar.  Uuggh!  This whore was revolting or did I tell you that already, men?

The school bell sounded.  The two huge-cocked, muscled black guys kicked the used shit-and-sick-covered young whore along the floor into the urinal trough one of those communal, long ones, then they stationed themselves by the door to charge a toll for the boys to piss on the cunt.  Not much, a few pence, they knew the lads wouldnt have much money on them, but they established a principle.  They told the boys they could fuck the cunt today if they made excuses and got out of class, but they would have to pay them tomorrow.  The boys were eager.

What of the huge-titted fucking young cunt itself?  Well I have to tell you, men, because it makes me hate it, even more, I hope it has the same effect on my readers, for whom I have the greatest respect not sarcasm, totally true anyway it was fucking overjoyed to be lying at the in the urinal of a boys school!  It lay face up in the trough, luxuriating in stale, stinking piss - which filled the base of the stainless steel urinal, where it was joyously fingering its diseased fuck-holes and alternately happily offering up its gigantic knockers to be kicked and opening its face-hole for the torrents of fresh, horny young boy-piss that came at it. It gurgled, and smiled and murmured its “thank you, sirs” so prettily you might almost have thought it was semi-human instead of just a revolting, huge-titted sex-pig. 

“Please piss all over me, on my fucking big tits, right up my hideous cunt, thats it, hose me down, sirs, I fucking love it, sirs, right in my fucking face-hole if you like, sirs.”

“Eh, boys, can you believe this fucking cunt?”  This was one of the older boys, a handsome, blond eighteen-year-old jock.  “Well, come on boys, lets do what the cunt wants, fucking drown the whore in piss.”  So they did. 

“Also please kick me as much as you want, sirs.  Ill kneel up so you can punch my fucking face in, sirs.”

Again the boys did as they were invited the cunts head was smashed against the back of the urinal repeatedly.

“And dont forget my fucking big tits, sirs, “ it groaned, “please use them as punch-bags, its what they are for, sirs.” 

The boys knew that this would be more fun if the whore was held up by its hair and then they could get a series of fucking good punches at the tits but there was a problem with this as of course no-one wanted to touch the piss-soaked fucking cunts hair.  Luckily the two nasty, muscled black cleaners couldnt care less about the piss and held the fucking cunt up, dangling by its hair and the boys, dozens of them were able to really lay into those fucking huge tits.  This was the best break-time the boys had had in a long time.

The two, nasty, muscled black cleaners had some concerns that a couple of the boys might report what was going on so they issued a few judicious threats here and there, and these big-cocked, nasty muscled black men lied blatantly to the boys that the masters also had been fucking the cunt and shitting on it before class that morning, so any kid who said anything would be spoiling their fun as well and would face the consequences.

Horny boys streamed into the changing rooms continually all day, through the lunchtime and into the afternoon.  All ages of boys, from the youngest, eleven or twelve to the hot, strapping, eighteen-year-olds who really knew how to hurt it and treat it like the fucking piece of cunt-meat it was.  It was dripping in cum.  And all the while the stupid fucking cunt kept count. 

You will be pleased to know, men, that the massive-cocked, muscled black guys, throughout the day, if they thought it was getting it too easy, kept it well and thoroughly slapped and properly punched hard, really hard, right in its young fucking face, particularly when it was used too gently by some of the younger boys - having their first pokes at a fucking cunt, possibly their first fucks ever.  However with the other boys, older jocks etc, they just stood back and genuinely admired the abuse they put the whore through, for example, using the stupid cunt as a football before emptying a load up it all the time they added up their I.O.U.s.  Today had been unexpectedly very profitable for them.

At about seven that evening, the Owner went to his door and looked through the spy-hole.  The fucking cunt was on its knees, softly scraping at the door, thrusting its tits at the wood.  As if begging the actual house to maul its tits for it!   This level of lust was verging on insanity but thats what we want from these fuck animals, isnt it, men?   Fuck yeah, I do!  Do tell me your detailed opinions, dear readers, Id love to hear.

It was in a new, parody school uniform, white blouse - fucking tight and bursting with the huge tits, a tie extending down between the mammoth globes, short grey skirt barely reaching cunt-level, white socks and polished black sandals.  It appeared to be clean.  Its other hand was up the skirt, and occasionally it brought that hand to its face-hole it was eating bits of scabs from its diseased-cunt.  The Owner smiled to himself but thought hed let the whore stew longer.  He left if there till about eight thirty, when he and his tough-looking whore-boys had finished their meal.

He took them all to the door and let them take turns looking at the fucking cunt through the spy-hole, they were laughing.

“The fucking stupid cunt!  Its trying to fuck the door!”  It was.  It was pressed up against the door and rubbing itself over it.

The Owner had instructed them to stay quiet, these fucking hot boys were laughing and talking in whispers.

He opened the door suddenly and the cunt fell flat on its face over the doorstep.  He waved his boys aside and dragged it in himself by its hair.  It was screaming of course, but screaming, “Thank you!”

He told it to stand.  The huge-titted thirteen-year-old fucking cunt looked clean and fresh the big-cocked, muscled black cleaners had considerately allowed it to shower at the school, but the fucking cunt had had to grovel in the bottom of the shower soaping its whore body while on its back with its holes upwards as it didnt want any of the many, many loads of lovely thick sperm up it to leak out.  Afterwards it put improvised stoppers up its cunt and shit-hole.  So now, with its diseased cunt momentarily covered and squeezed into its new parody school uniform it actually looked as if it was ready to swing round a pole at a strip-club.  Then, without being told, it lifted the skirt and spread its legs.  It had a cleaning rag sticking out of its front fuck-hole and another out of its back fuck-hole. 

“So thats to keep the cum in, eh slut?”  It nodded, it knew it mustnt speak. “Ok, you can talk, whore, and now let the cum run out.  I want to see how much slimy, fucking sperm youve got up that stinking sewer.”  The boys looked on eagerly.

“Ive had a hundred cocks up me!”  It couldnt help sounding proud, it knew it shouldnt, after all - having cocks stuck up it was its function - but men, we must forgive it, it was barely more that a child really and imagine, this freakishly huge-titted young teenager had had a hundred cocks up it in one day.  Lets be considerate to it, men, after all we are going to have it tortured to death in the most unbelievably drawn out and agonising ways we can think of for the good of our cocks, so let it have its sense of achievement, for one evening.

It said, “your fucking cunts cunt has had a lot more than a hundred loads up it since this morning, sirs!  Some of the wonderful men and boys honoured this cunt by dumping two or three loads up your cunts holes, sirs.  One boy came four times up this whore, sirs. But this cunt counted the actual cocks very carefully exactly a hundred.”

The Owner roared with laughter and affectionately slapped the young whore really hard across its idiotic-looking face. “You fucking stupid cunt, I didnt mean exactly hundred.  This cunt doesnt have the brains of a sheep!  What a fucking moron, eh boys?”

“Your fucking cunt couldnt count the number of cums and a lot leaked out but it knows there really is a lot of lovely cum up there, sir, because your fucking cunt can feel it sloshing about when it walks.”

They all laughed again, the poor fucking cunt looked puzzled, it was trying to please them.

“Were fucking waiting for you, whore!”

The fucking young huge-titted cunt suddenly looked very nervous.

“Take the rags out, you fucking disgusting cunt, let that fucking sperm leak out, show us what an just what an unbelievably revolting whore you are , and tell us about it.” 

From nervousness it went to total determination, we have to give the fucking cunt credit - it suddenly produced an almost inspired. lip-curling look of self-loathing and gutter-loving debauchery on its whore face a look that can only come from a massive-titted piece of thirteen-year-old fuck-meat that willing gobbles down buckets-full of fresh, luscious whore-boy shit the fucking cunt pulled the rags from its holes and smelled them, licked them and sucked them first because obviously it knew sperm existed to be worshipped and it goes without saying that its intention was to be as fucking loathsome as possible.

With a manic surge of lust it pulled those fucking monstrous udders out of the tit-holders bursting the buttons on the blouse as it did so completely forgetting what it had been through to get this new “parody school-girl” uniform - and it thrust these cock-hardening, monumentally-sized tits out at the boys.  Then it rubbed its massive tits with the nasty spunk rags.  At this point the cum started to leak out of its revoltingly swollen and puffy, bruised and diseased cunt.  It didnt pour, it just seeped thick and glutinous, streaked with blood and shit. The well-fucked young cunt obligingly turned round to show us the hole at the back where thick, slimy cum was oozing from that hole as well.  Fucking nasty!  Fucking gross, I love it!

“This fucking cunt, sirs, took the first sixteen cocks up it at the C.C.D. office.”

“Cunt Classification Department,” the Owner added for the boys. 

It was panting with desperation, after a marathon whoring session, soaked in boy piss, filled with gallons of fucking sperm and unbelievably - already it was gagging for more cock up it.

“Then some nice builders fucked this fucking cunt almost till it couldnt walk that made twenty eight lovely cocks, sirs. But this fucking cunt knew it had to have a lot, lot more cocks up it to please you, sir.  So then your fucking cunt got to the secondary school and this fucking cunt was fucked in the toilets till it had counted a hundred cocks rammed up its fuck-hole or shit-hole.  That is what you said, sir.” 

Cum was flowing slowly down the whores legs, reaching the tops of its white school socks and beginning to soak into them.  Suddenly the man-juice came out of it in a rush like a tap turning on, and it fell from the revolting, scab-encrusted  fuck-hole in great fucking blobs of the stuff onto the carpet.

Men, as you read what the fucking cunt was saying, you should picture the young, massive-titted whore as drooling and panting like an animal, its tongue occasionally lolling out of its face-hole, pig-like grunts escaping from its nose and throat, vigorously thrusting its dripping, diseased cunt at the boys and well - much more.  I would be really grateful if you would picture all this men, because thats what the massive-titted thirteen-year-old fucking whore was doing, plus, it gives your humble author such satisfaction to know that your mind is filled with gloriously disgusting pictures, as mine is.

“I had to beg them to stop fucking your cunt when I got to a hundred because I didnt want to have even a hundred and one cocks up your cunt, sirs…”  They were falling about at this.  The fucking young cunt continued, “so this fucking cunt had to scream and scream that the cunt-hole and shit-hole were worn out, too horribly fucking loose and flabby for satisfying cock-insertion so could this fucking cunt suck them instead?  Your fucking cunt swallowed forty-eight loads of boy cum, sirs, your revolting fucking cunt can sick it up for you if you want, sirs.  The nice, big, black cleaners sold me to the boys, sirs, all day. This fucking cunt thinks they made a lot of money - your revolting, loathsome fucking cunt hopes thats alright, sirs.”

“Im glad those big-cocked niggers made a profit from you, slut.”

Come on men, concentrate, remember all the time the fucking cunt is panting like a dog, tongue out, drooling long strings of slimy fucking spit, and grunting like a pig …

“Those young boys have huge amount of wonderful cum in them, sirs, as you can see.  This cunt is really, really sorry that it couldnt keep every drop of the lovely cum up it, but they sprayed the fucking cunt with it as well, and also it would keep leaking out.  Your fucking cunt did explain to the nice, big, cunt-hating black men who were hitting it a lot …if you would like to look at the fucking big tits more closely, sirs, look, all swollen …” indeed men, the fucking cunt spoke the truth, I can attest that the massive tits were even bigger, fuck yeah!  “This fucking cunt told the nice, big, cunt-hating black men that it needed to keep the cum in its fuck and shit holes, so they helpfully kept turning this fucking cunt upside down and shaking it to get the cum right up its holes.  Is there enough lovely thick sperm up this fucking cunt, sirs?  This fucking cunt sincerely hopes there is, sirs, this fucking cunt has been a good slut, for you, sirs.  Say it has sirs, its been a good, fucking slut, hasnt it, sirs?”  The cunt was crying and begging now, thrusting out us both it diseased holes from which slimy cum continued to ooze in a disgusting and satisfyingly thick stream.

The young, hot boys were, yet again, utterly repelled by the sight of this fuck-animal.  They kept making those, “uggh,” yuck noises and turning away.

“What a fucking revolting cunt!”  The Owner gave the signal which meant he wanted to see his hot whore-boys being sexy, so they turned from despising this whore to groping and kissing each other, and posing, and lighting cigarettes, letting them dangle from their hot mouths like slutty boy-whores for sale which they were of course - and fingering their ever-available, oiled boy-holes through the slits in the ass-seam of their jeans - all of which they knew the Owner liked.  He particularly liked the younger boys to energetically display their sweet, ever- ready oiled, young boy-holes and beg the older rent-boys to fuck them, and fuck em violently.

Men, the fucking cunt was immediately in despair, the boys were more interested in each other than they were in it no matter how revolting it was it wasnt a big enough slut to keep their attention of course this was the Owners purpose the fucking cunt had worked so hard all day and now it was being ignored!

The Owner stayed focused on the cunt, while enjoying the sight of his boys acting like the debauched young men he paid them to be.  He slapped the whore again.  “Oh you pathetic cunt!  Look, you are so ugly and unattractive the boys would rather fuck each other.  Whore, youve turned them gay!  What am I going to do with you?  You are fucking useless as a piece of fuck-meat.”

“Dont throw me out with the garbage, sir, please, Ill do better, sir.  Ill be a better disgusting slut, sir, I promise.”  He decided to ignore the fact it had spoken without permission, and was unforgivably referring to itself in the first person!

“Thats just what Im going to do, Im going to break your legs and put you in the rubbish bin.”  The cunt had an inspiration as far as a vegetable with huge knockers can be inspired, that is.

“Break your fucking cunts legs, sir, please sir, then every morning you and the nice boys can grind the bones together it will keep this fucking cunt in terrible agony the pain will be unbearable itll want to die you can do that for weeks, months even, sir, but dont throw your fucking cunt out.”

“You know I might do that.  Anyway now, I want to see those forty eight loads of boy cum.”

“Yes sir, immediately sir.”  It knelt down and smartly shoved a hand down its throat and vomited violently onto the carpet no plastic sheet tonight the Owner could afford a new carpet.  It heaved and spluttered getting the revolting stuff all over its tits and skirt.  Knowing it had to be as disgusting and revolting as possible, ignoring the exhaustion it felt after vomiting, it pulled itself to its feet again, and spread its legs, thrust out its huge tits and spread open its diseased fuck-hole more of the globulous white stuff was still falling out of that sewer.

The Owner snapped his fingers at the youngest of his boys, who was in a baseball cap and a t-shirt and trainers, he had removed his pants and put the shoes back on.  He was in the process of displaying his cute, whore-boy bottom, wiggling his hips and fingering his boy-hole vigorously trying to entice an eighteen year-old tough to fuck him senseless.  He came bounding over like a little puppy.

“Suck up that cum-sick, boy-slut.”  If the hot, oh so cute, young whore-boy was utterly repulsed at the very thought he certainly didnt show it, without hesitation he knelt down and started to lick at the sick.  What a well-trained young cunt-boy.  This is the way the world should be, dont you agree, men?

However, unfortunately, men, this particular whore-boy wasnt well-trained enough, “I said suck it up, cunt-boy, not lick it!”  Suitably admonished the whore-boy worked harder and began slurping up the sick.  The Owner called another of the fucking hot whore-boys over, one about thirteen, but really nasty-looking.

“Suck the cum from its cunt and lick it up from the legs, and really suck on those sores, I want to see loads of that disgusting puss in your sexy mouth-hole, whore-boy, not just the sperm.”  To another of his whore-boys he said,   “Suck out every drop of cum from its shit-hole, and the same for you, suck and nibble on those scabs and sores, I want to see green, slimy, diseased puss on that tongue and all round those hot, whore-boy lips. And periodically, when youre showing me that sexy, slutty whore-boy mouth, stick out your puss and sperm-covered tongue as far as you can, and then I want you to swap spunk and puss with the boy-whore who has been sucking on the other hole. I want to see this disgusting stuff drooling down both your whore-boy faces.”  These boys for rent were well used to receiving detailed instructions as regards their debauchery.

“Yes, sir.”

The three sexy, whore-boys worked diligently, they knew better than to disappoint the Owner.  Slimy cum and disgusting puss from the scabby sores was soon dripping satisfyingly from hot-boy tongue to hot-boy tongue.  The cum alone was spectacularly revolting.  Really fucking slimy, day-old cum. Cum sliding out of a cunt or a shit-hole after it has been up there a while acquires a particularly glutinous quality that makes it especially disgusting Im sure you know that, men but with globules of the diseased puss covering their mouths and chins as well - fucking wonderful!  Only the appalling stink of the fucking cunts spermy vomit was possibly better.

Ten minutes later, two of the three other hot boys who were not working on the cunt were furiously sucking the tongues out of each others faces while the third boy was sucking on their two cocks, trying to get both of them in his nasty, hot, cunt-boy face-hole.  Meanwhile, the boys sucking the cunts holes seemed to have slurped-up, swapped and swallowed all the cum and puss and cum-sick, so the Owner spoke to these three cum-and-sick-and-puss-suckers.

“Ok boys, Im going to tell you to do something a bit extreme which youve never done before.  Im sure you agree that this fucking cunt is nothing but vermin.”

“You bet, sir!” 

“Its fucking scum!”

“Its like the shit streaks in the lavatory bowl!”

“Its worth less than the snot from my nostril, sir!”

“Ok, since you agree with me, I want you to be sick in its mouth.  I want you to make it eat your cummy sick.”

“Uggh!  Sir?”  They saw the Owners face cloud over momentarily, they didnt like that.

“Are you questioning me?  You have to put in a bit of effort and put up with a bit of discomfort to let the cunt know how little it is worth.  You dont want it to think you have any respect for it, do you?

“Fuck no! Respect for this cunt?  I have more respect for maggots in shit!”

“Well obey me, like good whore-boys.  All you have to do it take out your disgust and anger on the cunt - its what its for, boys! You are allowed to hurt it a lot, really make it suffer, while you are being sick in it.”

They couldnt disobey him, they didnt have it in them.  He had known all along he could have just ordered them to torture the cunt in any way he desired, but that would not have achieved his object.  He had to get them to want to do it.  But just a little bit of coercion wouldnt get in the way, it might speed things up.

The youngest and cutest whore-boy went first, he couldnt wait to get his revenge on this fucking cunt for gods sake, hed had to eat its fucking vomit and suck puss out of its loathsome cunt-sores!  The Owner certainly knew what he was doing.  This nasty, but still very young whore-boy kicked it hard up its cunt that was very enjoyable to watch, he was so keen to hurt it ok, it was slightly disappointing that he was only wearing trainers, but his energy and commitment made up for it.  He took a run at it and it made the whore collapse, screaming. 

What the hot, oh so cute, young whore-boy did next is a bit hard to explain - he stood on its hair, then bent down and pulled its face up, yanking the hair viciously, followed by kneeling at the side of its head and putting his knee under its neck.  In this way he was able to free a hand to put down his own throat, and he vomited into the cunts open face-hole.  The cunt spluttered and choked, the boy pulled it up harder, pulling out some of its hair. Then, young as he was, he put its hands round its throat and tried to fucking strangle it.  This was extremely impressive in one so young.

“Die, you fucking cunt, fucking die!” said the boy, completely transported.  The Owner was so delighted with this, really pleased, he had to get his own, big, thick, long cock out and start gently stroking.  This young boy at least now had the right attitude.  One down, five to go.

The Owner prevented him from killing the cunt, the eager young boy apologised. 

“Im sorry, sir, I dont know what came over me.”

“No, no, no!”  The older man stopped him immediately, and then urgently, with all his authority, corrected the hot, oh so cute, and fucking murderously vicious young whore-boy.

“Whore-boy, you are never, never to apologise for wanting to destroy a fucking cunt!  Fuck no!  Its fucking wonderful what you did! Dont ever say you are sorry again for anything you do to a fucking whore, you hear me?  Its exactly the opposite, you must be proud, fucking proud of your aggressive instincts. Ill tell you what came over you, whore-boy, real, total, fucking manliness, thats what came over you!  Look what a hardon youve given me.  What you did is fucking terrific, whore-boy!  I fucking love it.  Dyou hear me?   Im very, very happy with you strangling the cunt.  I want you to fucking want to kill the whore.  I fucking love it!   I really, really want you to kill the fucking whore. I cant tell you how much I want it. What you did is excellent! Excellent!  First class, Im very proud of you, and you should be fucking proud of yourself!

The young whore-boy was quite overcome by the level of praise.  “Thank you, sir.”  The Owner looked at him, grinning up at him, thought about what this young boy wanted to do to the cunt and massaged his fucking thick, long rock-hard cock vigorously.

“Let me reassure you even more.  I want you to listen very, very carefully to me, and learn something important.  Now, as I said, you are absolutely right to want to kill the cunt now I want you to treasure that feeling, let grow, let it become a dominating passion in you whole life. Let it become a craving, let it be like a drug-addiction to you.  Every fucking cunt you see train yourself to let your craving take over, allow yourself want to kick it death, instantly, brutally every fucking one.  Do you understand what Im saying, whore boy?”

The oh so cute, young fucking whore-boy was gazing at the Owner in wide-eyed wonder.  That he clearly understood and appreciated every word was evident not only was there just the faintest glimmer of a sneer about his hot whore-boy mouth but he kept glancing at the fucking cunt and his hands were twitching he really, really needed to strangle the big-titted fucking young cunt till it was flopping about in its death throes.

“When you said, die, you fucking cunt, die you demonstrated an utterly perfect, beautiful and natural instinct, so fucking right and so fucking enjoyable, so totally masculine. It was a profoundly beautiful moment.  But we wont kill it yet!  Ok?  Not yet.  We are going to do it slowly and cause it fucking agony first. Long drawn out, fucking agony!  Its ours, it belongs to us, so lets keep it in terrible, terrible pain for months, boy!”

“Fuck yeah, sir!  Fucking great, sir!  Dyou hear that boys?”  But the Owner shut him up, the other boys were not ready yet.

How had the other two cum-and-puss-sucking boys managed with their task of vomiting in the cunt?  Well they had turned the cunt upside down, held its diseased fuck-hole open, kicked its tits hard and one of them vomited over its revolting sewer, then they held it up by its ankles and pushed in the sick, shovelling it in that fucking disease-ridden fuck-hole.  They shook it up and down a bit to get the vomit to sink in, right up the virulently diseased sewer.  Then they repeated the process so the other hot, sexy young boy could get his stomach full of vomit up the cunt.  It was work, make no mistake about it, men, these boys were earning their money, but they were fucking hating the cunt.  Fuck yeah!  Wonderful!

The Owner congratulated them.  Now, instead of mere discomfort it was time for some serious pain for the cunt now.  He let his three vomiting boys have a rest, it takes it out of you, remember, being sick.  But he told them to watch carefully and enjoy what was done to the fucking cunt next.  He summoned his other three boys who were a bit put out to be interrupted in sucking face and sucking cock but they remembered they were whores and did what they were told.

He asked them a serious question, “Did this fucking cunt turn you on?”

“No, it fucking didnt, I fucking cant stand to look at the whore.”

“You hear that, cunt?  That is a serious dereliction of your duty, your only function in life is to get cock hard.  This virile, handsome young man cant stand to look at you.  Well, boys do you think it deserves some punishment?  I mean it hasnt made you hard, you had to make each other hard?”

“Sir, if you ask me, I think it deserves fucking serious punishment,” said a deliciously nasty, wiry eighteen-year-old boy who was smoking in that exquisitely sexy, aggressive way that is only be exhibited by a young male determined to emphasise his macho-ness.  His mouth hardened into an expression of determined violence, “Severe punishment, sir, that itll take a fucking week to recover from.”

The Owner enjoyed this as well, very much. It would not be an exaggeration to say he was delighted with this reply.  He vigorously rubbed his very large, thick cock, leaned back, let it stick out proudly and slapped it from side to side, impressing the tough eighteen-year-old with his virility.

The Owner let go of his impressive cock and expressed his happiness by slapping the huge-titted, young fucking whore across the face hard, very hard and repeatedly while he said the following  “Well, how …  slap … about starting … slap …by stubbing … slap. … your cigarette out ….slap … on the fucking cunts nipple?”  A simple enough suggestion to you and me, men, but to the tough eighteen-year-old boy?  He was amazed, and incredibly excited by this idea; he had just never conceived of the idea of burning a fucking cunt before.

“Can I, sir?”

“Can you! Can you!”  The Owner had his hands round the fucking cunts throat, virtually strangling it to death very nearly achieving what the oh so cute, young whore-boy wanted very badly to do.  “Yes, you fucking can!”  The Owner restrained himself and merely held the gasping fucking cunt for the nasty, tough-looking eighteen-year-old whore-boy to have fun with his cigarette.  “Its your ashtray from now on.”

And men it is my truly great pleasure to share with you the fact that the fucking sexy, nasty, tough-looking eighteen-year-old whore-boy did use it as his ashtray from now on.  It was glorious to watch this nasty, fucking virile, eighteen year-old - with tremendous and serious sadism hold a newly lit, cork-tipped cigarette right on the edge of the nipple for thirty seconds or so, really burning the fucking young, massive-titted cunt, and then stubbing it out, hard, grinding it into the fresh, huge, meaty tit-flesh.  As the fucking cunts screams continued he relaxed and roared with laughter. 

Now men, this evening wasnt going to stop at a mere bit of tit burning, dear me no, the Owner had prepared for causing the fucking cunt some serious pain tonight.  He had been shopping today and visited a sex-shop.  He had acquired quite a few interesting things but at the moment he just needed two canes, and a whip.   He kicked the fucking cunt to get it to stand up from where it had sagged onto the floor. They tied its wrists and hung it on its tiptoes from the chandelier again and spread-eagled its legs tying them to heavy chairs. 

“One boy on the tits to begin with.  But listen to me, I only want you to do it, if you are really, really going to fucking hurt them.  Ok?  None of this mild tapping shit.”

“Oh, I want to hurt them all right, sir, I mean its the most disgusting fucking animal on the planet, sir, it fucking deserves this, sir.”  He gave the boy the cane.

“You are right, and we must show the whore justice. If we were to be merciful it might think we didnt mean what we said.” To another boy he said, “You take this snappy little whip to that hideous fuck-hole, this is more difficult because the best shots are under-arm, dyou think you can have a go?”

“Oh I do, sir, I really want to hurt its revolting cunt-hole, I mean just fucking look at it!  All that slimy, disgusting stuff dripping out of that fucking horrible cunt.  Can I say something, sir?

“Be my guest, whore-boy.”

“I never realised before, sir, but cunts are fucking horrible, arent they, sir?”  He gestured towards the still-oozing vomit that was seeping from the loathsome young, big-titted young cunts unbelievably vile, sore and puss-covered fuck-hole.  “It would be a crime not to beat it fucking black and blue, sir.  I want to beat it till its a fucking bloody pulp, sir. I want to whip it until it looks like a piece of mashed up raw steak, sir.”  We want him to make it look like that as well, dont we, men?  Also the Owners cock enjoyed him saying this sooo much.  This was what he wanted, cocks were to be treated with the utmost respect and admiration, cunts were to be treated like fucking stinking, mouldy and rat-infested drains.  He couldnt think of anything bad enough that he didnt want to do to this thirteen-year-old big-titted fuck-hole in front of him.  Read on, men.

“Make it look like mashed up raw steak, eh whore-boy?  Excellent!  Very good, thats what I want to hear.” And to the last boy, “You take its ass with this second cane.”

“Can I put all my strength into it, sir?”

“Of course, boy, enjoy yourself.”  He did.  All three did.  The stupid, useless, big-titted, disgusting, thirteen-year-old fucking cunt was deliciously caned and whipped without mercy fuck yeah!  These amazing, young whore-boys did it with every ounce of the strength, and for as long as the boys had energy and for as long as they were having fun. 

And it was especially gratifying to see a pair of huge fucking tits on such a young cunt-body taking such severe punishment.  I want to remind you, men, that the tits on this particular cunt were fucking monumental and firm, they stuck a foot out from the cunts body all credit to the authorities for what they had achieved. The boy attacking those huge, man-pleasing knockers quickly learnt to vary the angle of his strokes to get a good even pattern of vicious stripes and it was nice to see them bounce in different directions.  All three sexy whore-boys quickly found they got into a rhythm it was knocked backwards by the caning on the fucking huge tits, then forwards by the caning on its arse, then knocked upwards by the whipping on its diseased fuck-hole.  It was really good.

All fun things come to an end: the cunt passed out, but not until they had been at it for half an hour at least.  The boys were in such a good humour.  They cut it down and pissed on it to wake it up.

They got it conscious again.  All six boys had fun seeing if they could stand on the whore all together.  It was a challenge and got them laughing. They didnt leave out the head, and took turns standing on its face. The Owner decided to take a sort of straw poll, to test the water as regard the boys attitude.

“So, boys, what should we do to the whore tomorrow?”

“I think we should get some flag-stones in the yard and some fucking heavy iron and scrap and pile it on the whore and crush it to fucking death.  What dyou think, mates?”  This was the tough-looking eighteen year-old who had burned its tits and then caned the fucking huge knockers so viciously.

The other boys, sadly, took this as a joke, except the oh so cute, youngest boy, who, in his enthusiasm, forgot he had been told they were going to torture it for months, He said, “Fuck yeah, lets do that! Can we see this fucking cunt die?  Can we, sir?  Please, sir?”  The Owner laughed but he knew that it wasnt a joke - the oh so cute, young boy-whore and tough eighteen year old had exactly the right attitude to begin work.  The other four boys just talked about fucking it blind, making it eat dog-shit and bland stuff like that. Even the boy who had so energetically whipped its hideous fuck-hole clearly didnt imagine anything as enjoyable as torturing the fucking cunt to death.   Shame.  But lets see what tomorrow might bring.

The Owner called a halt to the proceedings and took his boy-whores to bed, he fucked the youngest one till he was squealing for mercy and came in the mouths of the others.  But, men, Im ahead of myself, let me tell you what he did before this - he had wanted to give the whore another message.

He had the boys pull it up and did the tit-stretching and hair-pulling thing again.  The cunt screamed nicely.  The Owner who was pulling the huge tits was dissatisfied with the grip he could get on the tit-meat.  The eighteen-year-old tough was pulling the cunts hair.  The Owner told the cunt, and the boys, that tomorrow he was going to get in a piercing expert and have large rings put in the tit-meat to obviate the grip problem. 

“It shouldnt get in the way of future tit-caning, and itll be quite fun watching the cunt experience the pain of the piercings.”  He then whispered in its ear, “Soon cunt, you start the long process of dying, dying in terrible agony.”  The disgusting cunt started to cum, not just an ordinary cunt-spasm cum, but a thundering, whole body shaking, and screaming cum. They slapped it and punched it and it collapsed on the floor, where they kicked it for a bit.  The fucking cunt was pathetically and sincerely grateful as it squirmed in the last throes of its orgasm.

“Thank you, sir, aaaagh, thank you, thank you …”

“Fuck! The revolting cumbag came, sir!  What did you say, what did you say to it, sir?”   This was the youngest boy, the most eager and most curious.

“Never you mind.”

They left it huddled and satiated on the piss-and-vomit-soaked carpet, and went upstairs and did what I said above.  Incidentally he fucked the youngest - darent tell you his real age if theyre big enough theyre old enough he picked him when he wanted to feel really, really fucking dirty.  The fucked up, big-titted young whore, whimpering, whipped and in pain lying in his now stinking sitting room, murmuring its “thank you's” made him feel fucking dirtier than he had in a long time.  He fucking loved it!

Next morning the Owner was up before the boys and had the cunt clean itself (he opened the windows of the room, but couldnt stay in there it stank so bad) Surprisingly the whore didnt look too bad considering the beating it had taken, then he gave it some make up hed provided and had it make up its face like a whore, but the rest of its disgusting body he ordered should be left as it was - fucking stinking and encrusted with cum and stale-vomit.  He positioned this big-titted fuck object on the old table in the kitchen where it was instructed to insert various kitchen implements and vegetables up its virulently diseased cunt and shit-hole.  Youll be pleased to hear, men, that the careful and thorough spreading of the puss and picking of the scabs that the fucking cunt was doing hourly plus the constant fucking were having a wonderful result as regards increasing the severity of the boils and the horrible disease with which its revolting cunt and shit-hole were infected.  Just thought youd like to know.

It was putting on the required revolting porn act when the boys came in for breakfast.

“Are you going to torture your fucking cunt today, please, sirs?”  In its pleasant euphoria it forgot that it wasnt allowed to speak.

“You spoke, cunt!”  The Owner didnt say or do anything immediately; he got on with his breakfast, as did his boys.  They enjoyed the picture before them, and gave it a few, friendly vicious slaps while they were having their cornflakes.  Plus the boys threw food at it, aiming variously for the cunt and the massive tits.

After breakfast, the Owner said to one of his whore-boys, “Get me the toolbox.”  The whore-boy did.  Then to the boys fascination, he had the fucking cunt, bend over the table, stick its tongue out and he hammered a six-inch nail through its fucking tongue. The boys were stunned all part of the Owners plan.

“It has to learn that it mustnt speak unless spoken too.  Were having it pierced later today anyway, and this hole can be used for a tongue-stud.”  Then these fucking hot, nasty boys used its now conveniently positioned - diseased holes for a good morning fuck. The Owner didnt want it pulled about and risk the nail ripping through its tongue so he had one of them sit on its head while his mate fucked it taking turn about.

If you remember men, there were four of these six hot whore-boys whose attitude the Owner wasnt yet sure about were they ready to start on serious torture of the fucking cunt?  Well, he noticed three of these formerly hesitant boys really encouraging him and enjoying it when he hammered the nail into the sluts tongue theyd gone to bed vanilla and woken up as sadists thats progress.  They must have realised just how much they had liked giving the fucking cunt the richly deserved and viciously merciless, whipping and caning it had received last night. 

He wanted to be certain so he devised a small test.  After nailing the fucking cunts tongue to his old wooden table, he noticed the boys cocks, which were all on display as was usual in his house they were all rock hard except one, well come to him later.  He held one of the fucking young cunts hands flat on the table next to its head, in his other hand he had the hammer.

“Now, what shall I do, just break the bones in its hand, or hammer in another nail, it really needs to be taught a fucking lesson?”  All five boys started rubbing their cocks furiously.

“Fuck yeah!  Both!  Fucking cunt! Smash its fucking hand and hammer it to the table as well!  Fucking whore! Destroy its fucking hand!” The Owner was really pleased with this advance but, as you know, men, he wanted all six on board.

“Well, Im not going to do either, because it needs its hands to service our cocks remember.”  The five were disappointed, the sixth was relieved.  Anyway they all six fucked its diseased holes, as I said, enjoying the pain they caused it exquisite pain up its sore-laden, disease-ridden cunt and shit-hole.  Fuck yeah!

An hour later the Owner removed the nail from the cunts tongue and poured antiseptic on the wound, the fucking cunt didnt like this, which was nice.  He made it gargle in the burning stuff and keep washing its mouth in it.  This was horribly unpleasant for the big-titted thirteen-year-old whore and the boys were well entertained.

The man to do the cunts piercing arrived later in the day.  “Just the fucking big tits for today.  But well into the tit-meat, I want to be able to really pull on them.”

“I know exactly what you need, sir.”  He was a large, bearded, bear of a man, and he produced two large metal rings that looked as if they could have been door-knockers.  “Eminently suitable for huge tits such as those on this fucking cunt. Of course with metal of this diameter getting them in the tit-meat is more a mini-operation than a piercing, so Ill just get the anaesthetic ready.”

“Youll do no such thing!”

“Ah, of course, I understand, sir.”  The piercings bear man had given just a flicker of an eyelid but immediately knew the score with the Owner.  He was secretly absolutely delighted but didnt want to blow his cool by showing the extent of his terrific enthusiasm.

The big-titted, fucking young cunt was bent backwards over the wooden table, a boy taking each arm, the sexy, tough, nasty-looking eighteen year-old whore-boy seemed to enjoy pulling the cunts hair as well as stubbing cigarettes out on its tits so he was given responsibility for securing the fucking cunts head.  He wound the whores long hair round his fist and pulled and in that way held its head immobile, the other three boys were told to piss on its huge tits for antiseptic reasons.  The piercings bear man inserted his pleasantly thick and stubby cock up its diseased cunt  - the Owner had told him to make himself at home, and with his tools conveniently to hand he set about gauging a hole in one side of the firm tit-meat, its left tit to begin with - the insertion point well behind the fucking cunts nipple didnt want it ripping out on the first energetic pull.

The huge-titted, fucking young cunt was screaming, so the Owner told the youngest and smallest boy to climb on the table in front of the piercings bear man and put his cock in the cunts mouth.  It did occur to him that with the excruciating pain the whore might involuntarily bite his cock off but the Owner had, naturally, considered this possibility also.  Hed given the nasty eighteen year-old tough on the cunts hair a ring-gag to insert in the face-hole which kept the mouth open - but allowed ample cock access and freedom from the teeth.

So the young boy was sliding his cock in and out of its screaming mouth, the spasming tongue of the screaming whore created a pleasant sensation for him.  He had positioned himself facing the tits so he didnt miss seeing any of the fun.

“Mmm, this is nice, sir.  Any one else want to try?”

“No, you stay there, the others would be too tall and get in the way of the work.”

“Oh yes.” 

The Owner spoke to the piercings bear man.  “Sorry to interrupt you but I want to tell you before I forget, I made a hole in the cunts tongue earlier this morning, Im assuming it will still be open, can you do a nice, big stud through that later.”

“Certainly, sir, it will need gauging again and be extremely painful for the fucking cunt.” 


Meanwhile he continued with the agonisingly painful tit piercing.

The bear man had got a piercing rod through the huge left tit, normally this would be followed quickly by the sterilised ring to minimise the pain.  However here it was different. The words were, men, as you know, maximise the pain. The body piercing bear man, of course, had realised thoroughly what the Owner wanted and decided to take the initiative.  So, the piercing rod was replaced by another, thicker rod but barbed all along its length.  Mmm nice.  He pushed it through the tit-meat and began sliding it back and forth, irritating the tissue as much as possible, and all the time, remember men, he was fucking its diseased cunt.  He was enjoying this job.

“Do you mind if I smoke, sir?”

“On the contrary, I want you to be as relaxed as much as you want.”  The bearded, piercing bear man took out a medium-sized cigar and, as you can guess, after lighting it, he held the lit match under the massive fucking tit he was working on.  The other boys, those who smoked, also lit cigarettes and did the same with their matches.  Like the nasty, eighteen-year-old they had never burned a cunts tits or any part of a cunt, before, so they savoured the moment.  The cunts tits were burning and blistering really well, not all over, just under the fucking nipples.  It was really good, the fucking cunt just had to lie there, held down, and scream round the hot, cute youngest whore-boys cock which for a young lad was not unimpressive in its size and length..  It would be fucking huge when he grew a bit - very young looking teenage boys but with huge, thick cocks … need I say more, men?

The piercing bear man told the boys to pay attention.

“Watch this lads.”  The fucking sexy, wiry, eighteen year-old nasty-looking tough pulling on the fucking cunts hair to control its head had to crane his neck to look round the back of the oh so cute, young boy-whore who was crouching with his cock pistoning in and out of the fucking cunts face-hole.

The piercing man applied an acidic antiseptic gel to the whole length of the thick, barbed rod and slid it back into the big, bleeding hole he had already made in the young whores tit-meat.  The screams were delicious.  The oh so cute, young whore-boy with his cock in its face-hole positively squealed with delight.

“What a pity you cant share this with me, mates!”  But the other boys had their own preoccupations.

“Do the other tit, do the other tit!”  A chorus of boys enjoying themselves.  Unfortunately there was still one boy who was hesitant.

“Ok, so here goes for the other tit.”  He spoke to the fucking cunt, “Sorry darling, this second rod is a bit blunt, so Ill  guess Ill just have to push harder, you wont mind, will you?”  This was great - this bear of a man, roaring with genial laughter, puffing on his cigar and using considerable strength to shove a blunt piercing rod through a very young cunts huge right tit.  Oh men, dont you wish you were there?  Fuck yeah!

“More antiseptic needed, I think, boys!”  He smeared the acidic gel on the barbed rod for the right tit, and more on the first rod for the left tit and then slowly pushed them both into the tit-meat.  The big-titted fucking young whore was in total agony, it thought its tits were on fire they werent actually on fire, that would come later, much later, but it would come.

The large, piercing bear man at length decided to insert the rings, the thickness of the metal being again slightly larger than the barbed rods.  Not wanting to give the cunt any respite as if? - he asked the boy on his left to take over pushing the barbed rod in and out of the cunts right tit keep with it, men - while he put the ring in the other, the cunts huge, left tit. The boy was more than enthusiastic and reached for more of the acidic gel and not only pushed the barbed rod back and forth in the tit-meat but sort of wiggled it up and down, which stretched the hole in the fat tit-meat as well.

“Fuck yeah!  Look at this, boys!”  The whore-boy couldnt contain his excitement.

The piercing bear man shoved the large ring through the hole in the other tit a long, long moment of white hot agony for the cunt and put the retaining ball-bearing which closes the ring in place.  The boy on the other tit anticipating that he was coming to this tit now, shoved the barbed rod through the tit-meat right up to its hilt and then pulled it out slowly down its hole length.  Fuck, was the young cunt sweating and screaming in unbelievable pain? you bet, men.  This sexy whore-boy with the barbed rod through the tit he was the second youngest whore-boy actually - was grinning like a kid with a new train-set.

The other ring was inserted with as much brutality as the piercing bear man could engineer, and the ball-bearing put in that one.

“Dyou mind if I finish off now, sir?”

“Have fun, mate.”

“Excuse me, boys.”  The oh so cute, young whore-boy with his cock in its mouth got off the table, and the other boys backed away a bit.  The piercing bear man, took hold of the two, new very large rings in the fucking cunts tits and pulled upwards with all his strength.  This was great, he lifted up the fucking cunt by the rings in its tits, and still with the cigar in his mouth he pistoned his thick, stubby cock with practiced aggression in and out of its diseased fuck-hole.  The scabs and sores up inside the cunts sewer provided some pleasant extra friction for the cock, by the way.

“Fuck yeah!”  The boys cheered him on.

“Fuck the cunt!”

“Fuck yeah, mate!  Way to go!  Give it to the bitch!”

He bounced the cunt up and down using the tit-rings, and after a couple of minutes he let the whore smash down onto the table as he came, satisfyingly, up its diseased cunt.  By the way, men, the cunt always screamed blue murder when you came up it because sperm was like acid on its bleeding cunt sores I enjoy these small details, dont you?

“That was good, thank you, sir.”

“My pleasure.”  The piercing man cleaned himself up, using the cunts long hair, and collecting his piercing equipment was ready to leave.

“Oh, the tongue, nearly forgot.”  Amazingly the fucked and tortured huge-titted thirteen-year-old whore stuck its tongue out for the expert its desire to please any cock-owner seemed to overcome any amount of pain.  He efficiently inserted a large tongue stud in the stupid cunts face-hole.

But first he used a large-bore, acidic-antiseptic-covered barbed rod to open up the hole made earlier by the six inch nail. However, as a born entertainer, the piercings bear man couldnt just do a job, oh no, men, he was opening up this hole in the young whores tongue for a good twenty minutes amusing the whore-boys by dragging the whore round the kitchen by this rod stuck through its tongue he was holding the rod top and bottom to stop if sliding out, of course.  This provided a lot of opportunity for the whore lads to slap, punch and kick the whore. Five of them really, really needed to do this, men, as you can imagine I would in their position - and the piercings bear man was glad to give them the opportunity. After eventually inserting a huge stud in its tongue, the piercings bear man said,  “Thats quite pleasant for the cock, sir.”

The Owner went with the man to the door while the boys took turns relieving themselves again in the pleasantly moaning and now half-insane with pain - huge-titted young whore.  They were hitting, slapping and punching it a lot now = because their cocks needed it, well five of them had fully discovered this in themselves, the sixth was going to take a bit more time.  Nevertheless it was a really satisfyingly violent, masculine atmosphere the Owner left in his kitchen that morning.

“Thanks for a great job, mate.  I can see you enjoy your work,” said the Owner.

“Oh I do, I really do.  Oh and Ill be glad to pierce the cunt anywhere else you decide, sir, fuck-hole, shit-hole, lips, eyebrows, just say the word.  Or, and I hope you dont take this the wrong way, sir, if you want to help and advice on how to cause the cunt more pain I do have experience in this field - Id be more than willing to help.”

“Im not arrogant enough to take offence at that.  Thank you, I may take you up on your offer.”  The piercing bear man left with his bag and the satisfaction of a job well done.

The Owner would dearly have liked to spend most of the day, with his boys, causing the fucking cunt terrible pain in a variety of ways.  But he couldnt.  He had the problem of the one boy who was still worried about what they were doing to the cunt. 

The whore-boy causing the Owner this problem was sixteen, intelligent, not quite as mean and nasty looking as his other whore-boys, he had more of a sporty physique, and an open-looking, generous and impossibly handsome boy-whore face.  He was just as fucked up as the Owners other hot whore-boys, trained in the same way, same totally sexualised background, there was no obvious reason why he should be reacting so unnaturally.  What was the Owner going to do?  With the others, as you have seen, men, given the opportunity their sadistic instincts had kicked in very satisfyingly but this kid was clearly not enjoying causing the cunt pain apart from normal, aggressive fucking.  The boy was obviously clever enough not to let on, he didnt want his peers to think he was a wimp, but the Owner knew. He considered his options.

He could kick the boy out, send him back to the streets, and just forget the young boy-whore.

He could continue with his plan, and ignore this boys lack of enthusiasm. 

He could try harder to find someway to release the boys natural desire to torture a big-titted fucking cunt.

He knew that his only option was the last one.  If he took option one, he would feel like a failure.  You do understand, men, that naturally he didnt care at all about the boys welfare? Ok the whore-boy was a fucking handsome piece of shit, but he was as replaceable as any sex object, no, it was the Owners pride that was involved, he didnt want to give up.

Just to be thorough, so you understand he Owners way of thinking, option two would endanger the whole project because eventually the other boys would realise that one of them wasnt committed and this might cause them to hesitate at crucial moments during the slow destruction of the cunt; they had to be all openly and energetically devoted to just destroying the cunt in as agonisingly a way as possible.

So the Owner had no alternative but to persuade this sixteen year-old, hot, impossibly handsome whore-boy to enjoy himself.  He didnt know how to achieve it, not yet, but felt confident that he would think of something.  He went back to the kitchen to see how the boys were getting on.  As it happened the boy in question had his cock large, long and thick, incidentally quite like the Owners impressive equipment - up the cunts diseased fuck-hole.  The Owner studied him carefully, he wasnt pulling on the whores new piercings, he was just fucking it and laughing with the other guys.  When he had added his load up the cunts sewer, his second - or was it his third? - of the morning as it was for all six boys, he pulled his cock out and wiped it on the cunts hair so far so normal, but then he gave the whore a little affectionate pat on the cheek, which was unseen by the other boys.  This boy wanted to thank the cunt for taking his load.  The Owner suppressed his anger, reminding himself that information is power, and he could use this information later if he thought about it enough.

The Owner let the cunt stagger about for a couple of hours, bathing itself and tending to its new piercings while the boys did their normal routine of gym and exercises. He gave the fucking cunt a little task though.  The cunt had to remove all the hairs from around its diseased fuck-hole and shit-hole but it wasnt allowed to shave or use a depilatory cream.  It had to pull the hairs out.

“Yeth, thir, of course, thir.”  It would take a while to get used to the large, tongue-stud.

“And the boys and I will be looking in on you to see how its going during the day.  Each hair pulled out individually, but now and then give yourself a treat and pull out a handful, ok, cunt?”

“This fucking cunt just wants to pleath you… thir, thank you …” the battered young whore was attempting to communicate the summation of it total gratitude but was too fucked-up to attempt to negotiate the tongue-stud.

“Start now.”

The fucking cunt obediently grabbed a handful of cunt hair and with a surprising strength, yanked it out.  It yelled nicely.  Smiling warmly, the Owner gave it an appreciative but very hard, kick up its diseased, fucking sewer cum-leaking as it should be, and then an admiring, vicious pull on its new tit-rings to test their efficacy, and then he went to his room to think, and to consult Eric Bosss book, Its Fucking Pain, Your Fucking Pleasure, which was lying on his bedside table. 

This problem was not going to defeat him.  The Owner suddenly found that he was not only very angry about the situation but fucking determined and fucking ambitious.  He was going to get this hot, sporty, impossibly handsome sixteen year-old whore-boy with the horrible kindly look in his eye  - how fucking dare he? he going to get him not only to have the right attitude but also to be the most dedicated, the most vicious, and the most sadistic torturer and killer of cunts of all his boys.  The Owner loved a challenge.

He was skimming through the book looking for inspiration.  His paused at a section called Confuse a Cunt. Now, Ive already told you, men, the book gave no explicit instructions, the reader was expected to work out his own pleasures from the general principles the author was discussing.  Reading about sex, reading filthy stuff, always turned the Owner on despite his comparatively vanilla habits so far with his whore-boys, he was excited by the idea of broadening his own sexual experiences, he already appreciated the power of anticipation and imagination.  Reading Eric Bosss theories about extracting the maximum pleasure from the pain of a young, big-titted whore was very enjoyable for him, inspiring, you might say, men, and suddenly he knew what he had to do. He had a plan. He was thrilled with the idea and optimistic that it would work.  He put his large, thick, long hard cock away and went in search of the hot, young, impossibly handsome whore-boy in question.

This sixteen-year-old, sexy jock, boy-whore with the film-star looks was out in the back yard kicking a football with another of the lads.  But there was no real sense of fun or camaraderie, in fact, as had been the case for the last few weeks, the boys, despite the recent shared fucking and quite extreme abuse of the huge-titted young cunt, were still bad-tempered and irritated with each other.  This was the problem the Owner was addressing. He knew the root reason of course: they were all heterosexual, straight, tough, street-wise boys, forced by circumstances to be gay for pay which is why he liked fucking them naturally. They felt constantly humiliated, secretly resentful and disliked themselves and each other for their “occupation.” 

But the Owner wanted them to be happy in their work, he wanted happy, contented, butch whore-boys for his own sake.  Shit! You didnt think there for a minute that the Owner cared about these boy-whores?  Men, for fucks sake!  Get a grip. They were holes for his big cock, his harem, they existed for his pleasure, he could and would replace them when he felt like it.  He didnt care if they lived or died so long as they gave him pleasure. He wanted to make his own life easier and enjoy better sex, thats all.

He summoned the fucking gorgeous sixteen year-old boy-whore to his study.

Briefly he had the whore-boy perform for him.  Nothing unusual about this even though he looked like a normal if amazingly handsome - hot, fresh, muscular sixteen year-old sports jock he was in fact a debauched boy-cunt well used to performing as a sex-object, it was his job, his only means of survival.  He did the usual stuff, standing with his cock out, a cigarette dangling from his young, sexy lips, telling his boss what a disgusting fucking slut he was, exhibiting his sexy, sixteen-year old fuck-hole, slobbering and panting, saying he fucking loved cock all the stuff he was expected to do.  Then, the Owner surprised him by telling him to find the fucking cunt and bring it to the study.

The fucking cunt was bouncing its very sore nipples up and down jiggly-jiggly letting the new, gleaming and heavy rings it had polished them land painfully on the top of the bruised tits and then swing down to hit the bruised and burned underneath of the amazingly firm, huge and meaty, young tits.  Added to the bruising from the caning last night the cunt was in a satisfying state of real discomfort, pain and soreness, as regards the tits.  All well there then, dont you agree, men?

As to what was happening in its hamster-sized brain, it was tenderly wishing it had a fucking big cock ramming, slamming and battering up its revolting sore-laden and puss-covered cunt and another punching hard up its thirteen-year-old but similarly diseased and loathsome shit-hole. It felt as though it wasnt doing its duty, it felt bereft without cock up it.  Having been gang-fucked this morning before, during and after the piercing the moronic young cunt was already - missing cock acutely.  The sores up its cunt really, really needed to be irritated by the friction of a rock hard cock.

Men, indulge me, but I suspect you may not fully understand the extent of this fucking cunts adoration of hard cock and thunderous fucking because, believe me, the degree to which this thirteen-year-old big-titted fucking cunt craved cock was quite an unusual phenomenon.  The need for cock for this basketball-titted thirteen-year-old could be likened to a babys need for mothers milk the sewer-lips and internal walls of its vile hole spasmed involuntarily like a babys mouth searching for the mothers tit.  “Give me cock, please, wheres the lovely cock?”  said the puss-covered lips and walls of the diseased fucking garbage hole as if twitching in response to a debased evolutionary instinct formed millions of years ago

The suppurating sores mmm, fucking nice - up inside and surrounding the revolting cunt of this so-youthful, slim and huge-titted fucking young whore were angrily inflamed even more at the moment I do enjoy telling you these details, men because, of course it had been obeying the Owners instructions like the well-behaved, moronic fucking whore it was it had been carefully pulling out its cunt-and-shit-hole hairs.  It wasnt finished, it was a big job, and it had enough consciousness to know that it had to make it last a long time, allowing the soreness to spread and deepen.  In line with its very limited reasoning ability it was keeping all the cunt hairs it had removed and was carefully storing them in an old plastic carrier bag.  Fucking hell, this huge-titted young fucking cunt was not only brainless, it was the definition of imbecility.

The hot, sixteen year-old, impossibly handsome muscular whore-boy found the fucking cunt in the kitchen.  It was standing at the ironing-board, naked but jiggly-jiggly, absorbed in thought of cock, hurting its huge tits with the metal piercings (in the way described above, men) and laundering its uniform.

“Youve got to come with me,” said the sexy boy, dressed in his ubiquitous sports clothes, which hed put back on when the Owner asked him to go and find the fucking cunt.

The cunt was stunned, like a rabbit in headlights.  Men, Ill try to give you an impression of what went on in what passed for its consciousness

Oh god of cunts!  A cock-owner, oh bliss, oh heaven, he might shove it up me.  Incidentally the fucking cunt was completely indifferent as to whether this boy was hot or not it couldnt care less actually what any cock-owner looked like, it just fucking loved and adored actual cocks.

Oh god of cunts!  I bathed the body and hair as I was told, I put salt in the water so it was horribly sore, they would be pleased with that but Im not allowed to speak so I cant tell them and they wont know, so they cant be pleased.  (In its thoughts Im afraid the slut often referred to itself using the personal pronoun.)

Oh god of cunts!  I put make-up on because I think they want me to be as slutty as possible, but Im not allowed to speak to tell them why Ive done this, they might think I was trying to make myself feel better which is a terrible thing - absolutely terrible thing for a fucking cunt to do.

Oh god of cunts!  The fuck-hole and shit-hole hairs are only half out thats so terrible as well!  I want to pull them all out, now!  I want, I want, I want to be a good piece of fuck-meat and Im not.

Oh god of cunts!  I washed and dried the school uniform, but I havent finished ironing the blouse and skirt, should a good fucking cunt have done this, or waited for orders?

Oh god of cunts!  Do I turn the iron off or wait to be told?

Now - my big, hard-cocked, fucking filth-loving readers, a pause I want you to think about the muscled, sexy, debauched and impossibly handsome young jock who was looking at this naked young whore at this moment.  Are you doing that?  I hope so, you fucking scum-wallowing, hard-cocked, really nasty readers did I tell you how much camaraderie I feel with you, while Im writing this shit?  Fuck yeah!  We are united as filth loving friends.

Well, let me tell you, men, the actions a red-bloodied whore-boy would have taken faced with a naked, big-titted young cunt with this stupid expression on its idiotic fucking face,

But hang on you can tell me, cant you, men?  Fuck yeah, I can hear you shouting it from here.  He would have grabbed the hot iron out of its hand, smashed its face down on the ironing-board mmm, thats so good, I like the way you are telling me this - and then he would have deftly flipped the cunt over, back on the ironing-board, spreading its legs  the red-bloodied young whore-boy would have pressed this, very, very hot-iron firmly onto its sore-encrusted cunt lips. Whats that?  Oh yes of course, he would have made sure the steam function was switched on to add a nice scalding effect to the burning. 

He would have felt like pushing the scalding hot iron into this twats fucking moronic face but would probable have controlled himself, nothing too self-indulgent, but as you correctly say, this would have been the right and natural response to this situation.

It follows that the hypothetical red-bloodied whore-boy would then have to deal with the Owners response to his treatment of his property, but I think we can assume that the Owner would have been sympathetic and applauded him for his correct intuitive response in this situation.

But this impossibly handsome sixteen year-old jock was not red-bloodied.  He smiled!  Fuck no!  Its the truth, I know, men, but dont complain to me, Im only telling you what happened - he smiled gently at the fucking cunt!  He told it to turn the iron off and come with him.  When the huge titted face-shit-and-fuck-hole holder the last two being diseased, scabby and sore - came near to the sexy boy, he astonished it by taking hold of its hand.  There was no one to see him so he didnt mind showing his true feelings.  Oh fucking god!  The young fucking cunt, as you would expect, was utterly confused, so confused in fact, it began trembling.  The impossibly handsome hot jock was actually close to breaking some very serious governmental laws here, but he would never, of course, have behaved like this in front of witnesses.

As the boy led the cunt out of the kitchen door into the corridor towards the study, he responded to the trembling in a way that terrified the whore more than anything it had ever heard in its life.  That is not an exaggeration.

“There is no need to worry, I have feeling he doesnt want to hurt you now.”  The cunt was so shocked and appalled by the sexy, muscled boys horribly tender whispers, it buckled at the knees and fainted dead away.  Its limited brain simply had no means of processing this disgusting way of treating a disgusting cunt.  This handsome whore-boy was way out of order and was likely to cause deep psychological damage to a previously perfectly usable piece of fuck-meat.

Fortunately the study door was near at hand and the boy entered carrying the unconscious fucking cunt, so for the moment he wasnt able to inflict more damage.

“Put the fucking cunt down.”  The Owner was sitting with his cock out.

“I want to piss in your mouth.”  The sexy, impossibly handsome sixteen year-old whore-boy went over, opened his hot, sexy mouth-hole and performed this part of his duties.  As an experienced boy-whore - hed probably been selling himself since he was ten - he knew, of course, he had to swallow most of the Owners piss, but he also knew to allow it to fill his mouth-hole and let it spill down over his hot sexy lips while keeping his gorgeous dark eyes glued on the Owners face to create for him as disgusting a picture as possible he was trained well enough to provide these pleasures without being told.  He waited for the Owners next instructions.

“Now I want you to make love to the cunt.”

“Yes, sir.”  Amazingly - the boy had not even registered that the Owner had used that extraordinary phrase!  He had been told to **** **** (Im sorry I cant type it twice) to the cunt!  The strength of his own totally wrong and perverted attitude to the cunt was such that he must have instinctively thought of fucking the fuck-meat as m*king l**e  to it. Yuck!

Men, I really should apologise for insisting you read a description of this appalling incident - and Im afraid that theres going to be more of it before it gets better - but come on, get a grip, you have to realise that the Owner was dealing with realities, it wasnt some hot jerk-off fantasy going on here.  This was the gritty fact of the matter.  The boys attitude was an affront to the mans pride, and if curing this boys horribly immature attitude includes using some deeply offensive language and watching some repulsively unnatural behaviour then thats what must be endured.

Just to recap, he knew he could have ordered the handsome young whore boy to torture the cunt but that wasnt the point, the Owner needed, the Owners cock needed, urgently and passionately needed, the boy to enjoy it.  The subtlety of his plan will I hope soon become clear.

Firstly, you notice that he pissed in the boys mouth to begin with?  This wasnt because the Owner needed a piss he did but thats beside the point.  And it wasnt because he enjoyed pissing in the mouths of impossibly handsome muscular sixteen-year-old boys he very much enjoyed this, naturally - but that wasnt the point either.  The point was that the first act of his plan had to be seen as his direct order, his order, with no initiative from the boy, and further that every step of this “attitude changing programme” must be seen to be the result of his instructions and his wisdom.  So that at the point when the boy changed his attitude gloriously, irrevocably changed his attitude it would be solely as a result of his guidance.  The boy would be forever in his debt and a willing, utterly sadistic, pupil thereafter.

Got all that, men?  Good.  Onwards.

The boy fucked the cunt gently on the floor of the study.  (I cant apologise enough for that revolting sentence.)  The boy aroused himself by tenderly massaging the huge tits, while avoiding aggravating the piercings.  He inserted his young, hard cock after lubricating its thick length with his plentiful pre-cum and saliva  - he wanted to minimise the irritation to the cunt sores.  The cunt gradually became conscious that it was being fucked and was pleased to find a cock up it.  It was astonished to find itself being kissed!  It was confused and upset, and not aroused, its cunt stayed dry without its customary, disgusting ooze and sewer-slime dripping out of its hole.

After ten minutes of this appalling exhibition of perverted tenderness the whore-boy looked to the Owner and said,

“Shall I ejaculate now, sir?”

“Yes, whore-boy, allow your spunk to flood its cunt.”  Again a planned and judicious choice of language.  The boy dumped his third load of the morning up its sewer and withdrew from the fucking cunt.  Instead of kicking it, he helped it to its feet.

“Let the cunt get dressed, whore-boy, then take it for a long walk. Its a beautiful day. Oh, and heres my credit card.  Take it out for a meal this evening.  I want you to enjoy yourself.” 

The fucking cunt didnt know if it was on its head or its heels.  Good, that was in line with Eric Bosss principles of Confuse a Cunt.  But the creative part of the Owners plan was in his highly unusual interpretation of these principles Eric Boss would be gratified and proud the Owner was going to confuse a whore-boy not just confuse a cunt. He estimated it would take about a week but during that time this hot, sexy, impossibly handsome young jock would have more confusing, impenetrable, and mysterious thoughts and emotions than he had ever known possible.  Out of confusion would come clarity.  Clarity that would be the perfect, hot, slut-boy sadist!

Later.  The Owner was waiting eagerly that night for their return.  Hed given the remainder of his boy-harem the night off and they had gone to bed early.  When he returned with the fucking cunt the impossibly handsome sixteen year-old muscular whore boy because he knew he was still “on duty” - was dressed sexily and appropriately as a street rent-boy: the Owner personally chose all their clothes and strictly regulated what his boy-cunts were allowed to wear and when they were to were it.  This evening this unbelievably handsome, hot, bulging-muscled, sixteen-year-old jock whore-boy was dressed deliciously as a “scally boy” in a light-weight, white tracksuit and a baseball cap, the top was unzipped to the waist and the whore-boy was wearing a heavy, thick silver neck chain.  Shit-hot handsome and fresh-faced, great pecs and six-pack all on show through the unzipped top, he was smoking and looked exquisitely slutty himself let alone the fucking cunt he brought into the study with him.  As an experienced, hot rent-boy with many years of practice he knew how the Owner liked to see him.  But he hadnt anticipated the Owners first remark.

“Dont bring that fucking thing in here …” the Owner could barely bring himself to gesture in the fucking cunts direction, “put it in the stink room.”  By the “stink room” he meant the room with the chandelier and the sick and shit in the carpet you remember he wasnt going to bother having it cleaned for the moment.

The well-mannered hot, whore-boy took the cunt and left it in the stink-room and returned.  He handed the credit card to the Owner and thanked him.

“Why isnt your cock on view, whore-boy?”

“Oh, Im sorry, sir.”  He got his big cock out immediately.

“Is your hole oiled?”

“Yes, of course, sir.”

“Get this up it.”  He threw him a very large dildo.

“Im not wearing a slit in my pants, sir, as Ive been out.”

“Rip a hole in them.”

“Yes, sir.”  This wasnt difficult, the light, silky, white tracksuit bottoms were actually chosen with this in mind.

“Well, get it up you.”

The boy rammed it up himself without hesitation and with as much force as he could manage, as he knew he had to.

“Tell me about your day?”

The sexy cunt-boy knew he was intended to keep fucking himself vigorously while describing his “date” with the cunt.  This was going to be a feat of concentration for him.  As explained before, he was definitely a “gay for pay” whore.  This meant that he always maintained an air of detachment no matter how disgusting he was being this gave the gorgeous, hot, dark-haired, muscled, jock whore-boy a dignity which was good to look at, for example as now, while he was shoving this thick, fat black rubber dildo hard up his boy-hole.

“It was an odd day, sir.  I thought the cunt would enjoy a rest from its work, and it would be all the more useful to us tomorrow if it had a relaxing day, I dont know if I was right but I assumed thats why you told me to take it out?”

“Never mind my motives, whore-boy, just describe your day.”

“I took it down toward the river for a walk along the towpath, but it wouldnt stop crying.”

“What did you do?”

“I told it I wasnt going to hurt it and that I wanted it to have a nice day.”


“Before we were even halfway there it sat down in the middle of the pavement and screamed, sir. It was embarrassing.  I tried to reassure it, sir, but it just threw itself about and pulled at its cunt hair screaming that it had been a good piece of fuck-meat.”

“Then?  By the way, bend over so I have a better view.” 

“Sorry, sir.”  The muscle-bulging, impossibly glamorous whore-boy was still shoving the large dildo repeatedly up his perfect boy-hole but he manoeuvred himself so the angle was better for the Owner to see and so enjoy him raping his own boy-fuck-hole.

“I had to virtually drag it to the towpath, I had hoped the quiet and peaceful atmosphere there, the swans and so on, would help the cunt recover.”

“Did it?”

“It threw itself in the river, sir, I had to jump in to save it from drowning.  Fortunately it was a hot day, and we both dried in an hour or so.”

“Stop talking for a moment and grunt a bit for me, whore-boy.”

“Yes, sir.”  This wonderfully good-looking, muscular, sixteen-year-old whore-boy, did exactly that, ramming the fat dildo in and out of his hot boy-hole and grunting like a fucking pig.  Pausing, he asked the Owner a question.

“Sir, last night it kept telling us it enjoyed having a hundred cocks up it and being a slut and all that, didnt it?”

“Yes, whats your point?  Shove harder with the dildo, whore-boy.”

“Yes, sir.”  He did, he shoved it very hard up himself.  “But I dont think it does enjoy being a total slut, like it says, because it told me it wanted to kill itself.”

“Really?  How about the dinner?”

“That was awful, sir.  Im sorry to appear ungrateful, but the fucking cunt ruined it.  It wouldnt keep those massive tits covered at the table it kept jiggling and banging its new piercings on the plates, and it continually kept picking at its cunt and putting the flaky bits on its bread.  It passed me its food and told me spit in it and blow my nose and put the snot in it.  Sir, it even wanted me to shove my foot up its cunt, with my shoes on, under the table.  It asked me if it could let all the waiters fuck it in the toilet.  I think its very distressed and on the point of a breakdown, sir.  The young cunt is incapable of giving itself time-off.”

“Well, lets see if you are right, whore-boy.  You might be, and I dont want to lose a useful piece of fuck-meat.  Keep fucking yourself, and come over here and suck my cock, I want to cum in your mouth.  And after Ive used your hot mouth go and get the cunt from the stink room, shower with it, and then sleep with it in one of the spare-rooms, dont go to the dormitory with the other whore-boys tonight.”

“Yes, sir, thats a good idea.  Ill do my best to help it calm down and get it to have a good nights sleep, sir.”  He continued to shove the big, black rubber cock energetically up his boy-hole and sucked dutifully on the Owners thick, long, hard cock.  The Owner had a very satisfying cum he was very pleased with himself and turned on by the erroneous state of the boys mind - this confusion and upset was his doing and he enjoyed fucking his boys minds as well as their hot bodies.  Also he wasnt what youd call indifferent to his hot, muscular sixteen-year-old whore-boy body and his incredibly handsome young face particularly his intelligent, sexy dark eyes and his sensuous full lips which were at present massaging his long, thick, hard, dripping cock.  Life wasnt bad.

“Get the fucking cunt and bring it in here, before you go up to have a shower with it.”

The big-titted fucking young whore was brought in.  The fucking cunt had removed the parody school uniform and it brought with it a definite reminder of the stink room. The disgusting smell of the fucking cunt alone - even though the Owner had just cum - was enough to start him feeling really dirty and nasty again.  His every-ready huge cock, lurched again at the sight of a naked, thirteen year-old whore with gigantic, firm tits with huge rings hanging from them entering his study.  Also, it had immediately began thrusting its diseased cunt at him.  The cunt was so glad, so desperate for abuse, having had to endure politeness and respect all day, it would have cum if the Owner had raised an eyebrow in contempt.

He did a bit more than that.  He kicked it hard up the cunt, suddenly, viciously and repeatedly.  The boy was appalled but obviously didnt show it.  Then the Owner stood over the twitching and moaning cunt it was now in continuous, spasming, loathsome orgasm of course he told the sexy, sixteen-year-old jock whore-boy to stand on its hair while he pulled on the tit-rings.  The tits must have stretched to twice their usual vast size.

“Ok boy, off its fucking hair.”  He pulled the cunt up and releasing the tit-rings, with considerable skill he lifted it up and he swung it about - by its hair - his study was a large, high-ceilinged room and remember, men if you are fucking paying attention! -  this cunt was very light anyway and he was strong.  Obviously it took some strength to get the cunt moving and up in the air but once it was up there the momentum kept the movement going.  The screaming may have woken up his other whore-boys upstairs, but probably not, they were very heavy sleepers.  The impossibly handsome jock boy stood horrified but tried not to show it.  The Owner let the fucking cunt fall.  Then he told the boy to get it up from the floor and hold it still so he could slap its face, which he did for five minutes or more hed missed this and needed to be fucking violent now.

“Dont be concerned, whore-boy, this is for the fucking cunts own good.”  He had registered the boys utter horror. “It will appreciate your kindness all the more.  Its just not used to your admirable care and consideration, so I thought after all your efforts today, Id better treat the fucking cunt in the way it expects. You understand?”

The boy nodded.  Maybe he understood, maybe the sexy whore-boy didnt.

“Now, take it away and make it feel better it might even fall in love with you that would be nice.”

He spoke to the cunt.  “Whore, I want you to appreciate what a lucky fucking cunt you are to have this strong, sexy, handsome young man caring for you.”

The whore was moaning and gasping with pain, pleasure and anticipation, nevertheless its eyes widened in terror at the word “caring”.

“But you are not allowed to speak to him.  Of course you can moan, groan or anything like that but not a single word.  I dont want him upset by your stupid comments. If you say a word broken legs and in the garbage.”

The sexy, sixteen year-old boy thanked the Owner and took the spasming whore away, leaving the Owner feeling fucking horny.  He briefly considering getting his youngest whore boy and the eighteen year-old tough out of bed and watching the oh so cute, young boy get fucked senseless by the nasty, fucking aggressive eighteen year-old and then ramming his own fucking big, hard, thick cock up their hot, juicy boy-holes, going from one to the other mmm fucking nice!  But he decided, as he always did, that although this would give him short-term enjoyment it would undermine his authority with the boys in the long run because he had already given them the night off.   He would fuck them in the morning a pleasure deferred is a pleasure doubled he thought.  He went to his room to read or re-read rather, Its Fucking Pain, Your Fucking Pleasure.

Morning.  In his study the Owner was really and I mean really - enjoying fucking his oh so cute, very young whore-boy while questioning the sexy, sixteen-year-old jock about his night with the cunt.  The oh so cute, very young whore-boy had already been fucked till he was screaming for mercy he didnt get any by the nasty eighteen year-old tough. The Owner was being more gentle but only because he didnt want any noise to interfere with his questioning of the sexy, muscular, impossibly handsome sixteen-year-old jock whore-boy about his night.  To make it more interesting for him, he had the jock and the nasty tough, eighteen-year-old, fuck themselves and each other with a double dildo.  They were on their hands and knees, ass to ass, sharing the dildo and shoving it in and out to an impressive depth - by moving their sexy butts.

“It was a horrible night, sir.”

“Oh Im sorry to hear that, whore-boy.  Wheres the fucking cunt now?”

“I put it back in the stink room early this morning.  I could tell the cunt wanted to stay in there. I left it pulling on the rings in its fucking massive sore tits, sir.”

“I see.  So what went wrong last night?  You showered with it?  Oh, and Id prefer it, whore-boy, if you called it a “fucking cunt” every time you referred to it.”

“Of course, sir.  The fucking cunt wouldnt let me do anything for it or help it in any way, sir.”

“Really?”  The Owner wanted to enjoy the sexy, sixteen year-old jock whore-boys confusion and disappointment, and indefinable sense of failure.  He knew this gorgeous, young sports jock wide, wide shoulders, small waist, defined pecs, muscles all over - wanted to think of himself - despite his what he was doing right at this moment - as totally hetero, and irresistible to cunt all cunt. 

“Push that dildo up those hot, whore-boy fuck-holes!  Harder, you fucking nasty slut-boys.  Come on, or shall I just chuck you out, there are plenty more where you came from?  Come on, you fucking whores, ram it up there!  Fucking work for your money.” 

“Yes, sir, yes sir!”  They did, they didnt want to lose their jobs, they rammed it right up their hot, boy-whore guts.  Mmm, nice.

“In the shower, sir, I tried to wash the fucking cunts fucking massive sore tits for example and the fucking cunt was wriggling and moaning and throwing itself against me.”

“Did it say anything to you?”

“Oh no, sir, the fucking cunt totally obeyed your instructions, the fucking cunt didnt speak a word all night, the fucking cunt just fucking moaned and cried.”

“You look a bit tired, whore-boy?”  The Owner adjusted himself so as to able to thrust more of his hard, thick cock up the shit-hole of his oh so cute, very young whore-boy, who was Im glad to say on his hands and knees moaning in pain.

“I havent slept at all, or at least I feel as though I havent.”

“Didnt the fucking cunt at least give you a good fuck?”

“Well, not really, sir.  I tried to enjoy myself and ….”  The Owner turned his cute, youngest whore-boy onto his back and fucked him looking at his young face.

“But whenever I got my cock up the fucking cunts diseased fuck-hole, sir, it kept wriggling its the only way I can describe it and pushing itself against me and then pulling off my big cock and picking at the sores up its hole.  Then when I gave up trying to please it and give the fucking cunt a good time, I said we should sleep, sir, but the fucking cunt wouldnt stay in the bed, the fucking cunt went under the bed and cried.  I even went under the bed with the fucking cunt, sir, to try to comfort it, but the fucking cunt squealed and I was afraid the fucking cunt would wake everyone up, so I let the fucking cunt stay there.  But the fucking cunts moans and crying kept me awake.”

“How unfortunate.”

“I began to get quite frustrated with it.”

“Just pause a moment, whore-boy.  I want to see that double dildo moving so fast its a fucking blur.”

“Of course, sir, “ the two teenage boys chorused.  They did what the Owner requested.  The double-headed dildo wasnt one of those irritating, floppy kinds that makes this process awkward, it was firm enough to shoot right up into both, hot-boys guts and then stay in position as the boys pulled away from each other.  The boys were grunting with the effort.  After a few minutes the Owner resumed his conversation.

“I hope you didnt lose your temper with the fucking cunt, did you, whore-boy?”

“Oh no, sir, I managed not to,” the tough eighteen year-old took the opportunity to push back hard and ram the large dildo up both their teenage boy-holes.  “Aagh.” Grunt.  “I kept remembering what the fucking cunt had been through and that the fucking cunt needed time to calm down.  But I have to admit, I did feel quite … really did feel very angry with the fucking cunt.”

“Only natural.  Get the fucking cunt out of the stink room immediately after Ive finished with you, tell the fucking cunt you are going to be nicer than ever to it today.  Buy the fucking cunt a new and better school uniform, something above the standard issue.  Now, get that dildo out, lick it clean both of you, then suck each others tongues.”

These fucking hot whore-boys did as they were told - lasciviously liking the copious shit streaks from both their hot boy-holes left on the dildo and then sucking shit-smeared tongues like hoovers.  Mmm nice.   He came, satisfyingly, up the oh so cute, very young whore-boys shit-hole.  Then as you would expect, I hardly need to tell you this, the sixteen-year-old jock had to suck the Owners cum out of the oh so cute, very young whore-boys boy-hole and then tongue swap it with the eighteen year old tough. 

The Owner handed his credit card again to the sexy sixteen-year-old.

I have to remind you, you hard-cocked men, that the Owner was really enjoying manipulating the mind of this hot, bulging-muscled, impossibly handsome sixteen-year-old, sexy whore-boy, who trusted him totally.  He was not only going to take away all the finer feelings that this boy had ever had but when he had finished with him the whore-boy would be a mean, nasty cunt-hating bastard for the rest of his life.   Mmm, nice.

Men, it needs to be done, you should do it too take whatever opportunities are presented to you, youll enjoy it. But more than that its your responsibility. Any young guy you see being fucking respectful to a cunt even being remotely polite put him right!  All cunts are fuck-meat, teach him.  Hell be grateful to you forever.

Anyway without going into the details, over the next few days the Owner suggested ever more extreme ways for the boy to be “kind” to the fucking cunt.  And then listened, with increasing amusement and satisfaction to descriptions of the ever more extreme reactions of the cunt.  This hot, bulging-muscled, impossibly handsome sixteen-year-old, sexy whore-boy never for one minute suspected the Owners true reactions or intentions.

“The fucking cunt climbed up on the railings, sir, and fucked itself like a fucking express train on one of the spikes.  The fucking cunt was bleeding, sir. I was really worried for it.”  Next.

“Youll hardly believe this, sir.  The fucking cunt got the tit-rings over two restraining hooks in the multi-story car-park, hooked its feet over the front bumper of a car and begged the driver to reverse away the fucking cunt wanted to pull its fucking huge tits off, sir.”  Next.

“Sir, the fucking cunt ran away from me at the shopping mall.  The fucking cunt threw itself on the ground and persuaded a decrepit old guy to fuck it up its revoltingly diseased hole with the end of his walking stick.  It drew quite a crowd.  I was ashamed to be associated with the fucking cunt.”

“I know what you mean, whore-boy.  Go on.”

“There were children there.  But every one, young and old, seemed to enjoy the disgusting exhibition the fucking cunt put on.”

“But how is it in general, whore-boy?  Is the fucking cunt appreciative of all you are doing for it?  Is it affectionate towards you?”

“Actually, I think the fucking cunt might hate me, sir, at the moment.  Do you think I should give up trying to get the fucking cunt to behave normally, sir?”    This was an important moment.

“Ah, what is normal?  I dont want you to give up just yet.  Here, take this extending dog lead and collar, it will help you keep more control of the fucking cunt.  Oh and take this as well …”  He handed the sexy, sixteen-year-old whore-boy an electric cattle prod.  “We cant have you being embarrassed again in public by the fucking cunt.  Try a little stick along with the carrot.  Not enough to hurt the fucking cunt just get it to concentrate on the friendliness and compassion you are showing it.”

“Thank you, sir.”  Next.  This was to prove the final, and climactic day of the experiment.

After his latest attempts the sexy, sixteen-year-old jock whore-boy had lost it.  He was in floods of fucking tears, men.  Not just crying, but sobbing with his sense of utter failure.

“Im sorry, sir, I cant help it.”

“Sit down, whore-boy,” said the Owner, who now had a massive hard on mmm, power!  “The fucking cunts in the stink room, I assume?”  The impossibly handsome muscular whore-boy nodded.  “Wait a minute.”  The Owner went to the door and called the other five whore-boys.  “And get the fucking cunt and bring it in here.”

“Sir, sir, please, no!  I dont want the other boys to know Im like this.”

“You need their help, whore-boy.  Dont worry, itll be ok, in fact itll be fucking good, Ill explain everything.”  The Owner was quietly thrilled beyond belief!  It was so fucking exciting to see this impossibly handsome, hot, sexy, muscular, sixteen-year-old breaking down in front of him, needing his support and guidance so fucking much actually it was far more than he had expected.  He leaned against the front of his desk and took out his large, thick cock and heavy balls.  He made himself comfortable expecting a fucking hot scene to unfold.  He wasnt disappointed. 

Because today it would begin.  Today was the day the real start of his project to destroy the fucking cunt in maximum pain and taking as long as possible and with the full co-operation of all his six boy-whores.  Fuck yeah!  Life was good.

The boy-whores were assembled round the edges of the room, some smoking, cocks out, boy-holes oiled and with availability slits in the back of their jeans or shorts as usual. So fucking cool! The fucking cunt was gagged with a bright red ball gag the Owner had acquired a stock of equipment over the past few days in readiness.  It was positioned lying naked on the carpet and even though its diseased fuck-hole was oozing slime like a fucking river he didnt mind.  But he wasnt going to ruin this room as well theyd move into the stink room before things got serious, however, for now a bit of cunt slime wouldnt matter.  The fucking cunt was thrusting its cunt in the air and throwing its massive tits from side to side, its hands were tied underneath it.  It was groaning in lust simply from the exhibitionism.

The sexy, distressed, impossibly handsome sixteen year-old jock boy was sitting near the Owners desk, his head collapsed in his arms on the top of the desk.

The Owner stroked his cock gently and addressed his five boy-whores all of whom were getting hard even though the sight of their collapsed colleague was puzzling.

“I have to share something with you thats very serious, boys, and very important.”  Even though the Owners impressive, thick long cock was now rock hard and leaking pre-cum which was visible all round the room he didnt order one of his boys to suck him, he simply stroked it gently and watched his deliciously nasty boy-whores.  He absolutely didnt want gay boys, he relished these tough, straight boys so much.

“This fucking cunt has caused this!” he gestured to the wrecked, sexy sixteen year-old, who sobbed more uncontrollably now the boys were in the room and his humiliation complete.  “This fucking cunt has caused this!” he said again.

Now, men, in my opinion his words were expressive of the total fucking hatred felt by men towards big-titted fucking cunts since time began! Is this possible, what dyou think, men?  He sneered and spat and snarled it was no fucking act he experienced every syllable of this short sentence - from his mouth, his snarling lips, right down to his fucking hard, dripping cock, he lived the thought, if you follow me.  This fucking cunt has caused this!  But he didnt begin immediately trampling the whore to death, he had an impressive level of control.  The boys however, even though they didnt know the cause of the Owners anger, all five began to feel similar snarling impulses build up in them, it showed particularly in the style of their smoking, those that were, that is.  The other two thrust their hips and rolled their shoulders, instinctively feeling hatred towards the cunt.

“I want you to know that this tragedy could have happened to any of you whore-boys.”  The whore-boys looked puzzled, because they doubted the cunt could have affected their emotions, but they waited, confused but excited by the unusual, solemn and fucking aggressive atmosphere.

“Your friend here, your good, sexy, hot friend here cant get it hard any more.  Hes impotent.”  The boy-whores gasped.  The sexy sixteen year-old jock stopped sobbing momentarily and looked at the Owner he hadnt told him this, how the fuck did he know?  And now all the boys knew.

“And its this fucking cunts fault!”  He let go of his magnificent hard tool and went over to the fuck-meat lying on the floor and did what he wanted to do since he had laid eyes on it this morning, he gave it one huge, fucking hard kick up the cunt.  With all his fucking strength.  The boys cheered. The fucking cunt screamed under its gag and went in total, twitching, panting fucking orgasm.  The Owner spat on it.  “This fucking cunts going to pay for it.”

He spoke to the sobbing, sexy, sixteen year-old jock whore-boy, “In no way have you done anything wrong this object on the floor is a loathsome, ungrateful fucking cunt, and it has to learn what its place is.”

The sexy, sobbing sixteen year-old jock objected weakly, “But, but, sir, how is it its fault?  Its me, Im not a real man, sir, and it cant stand me.”

“Boys you see what his fucking cunt has done?  It has totally messed up his mind.  I want you to do something about it.”

“Anything, anything,” they were genuinely and sincerely eager to help their fellow boy-slut, “what can we do to help, sir?”

“He has to stop blaming himself, he has to realise where the blame really and truly lies.  Do you think you could talk to him and make him understand that?”

“Fuck yeah, sir.  Well give it a go.”  The oh so cute, youngest boy-whore, always eager, ran across the room, jumping on the whore as he went and grabbed the sexy sixteen-year-old by the shoulders.

“Its just a fucking hole for cock, mate.  Its a shit-eating fucking animal, a piece of big-titted fuck-meat.”  The oh so cute, youngest whore-boy, ran furiously back to the fucking cunt and viciously jumped up and down on its massive jugs. The other whore-boys went over to the sexy, sixteen-year-old muscle-bulging jock whore-boy and starting contributing their advice.

The tough eighteen year-old nasty whore-boy got so angry on the sixteen year-old whore-boys behalf he leapt over to the fucking cunt, pushed the jumping, oh so cute, youngest whore-boy away and grabbed a tit-ring and pulled it half up.

“Mate, mate!  Blame this fucking cunt!  This fucking whore has done this to you!”  And in a frenzy of righteous indignation he shoved his lit cigarette up its cunt, while slapping its face in a blaze of uncontrolled fury.  This was so good.

The deliciously cute, and edible youngest whore-boy leant down in front of the impossibly handsome, hot, sixteen-year-old, hot jock whore-boy and considerately got his large, soft cock out for him.  “Look at the cunt, mate, blame it mate, its - its fucking fault!”  And he licked the sexy, sixteen year-olds meaty soft cock, and sucked on it with affection, determined that his older friend should not feel humiliated any longer.

Various of the boys had taken up the theme compassion for the boy, hatred for the cunt and so they were all taking out their anger on the big-titted fucking whore and telling the sexy, sixteen year-old whore-boy that it wasnt his fault, he should blame the fucking cunt and punish it for causing him such unhappiness.

Now, I ask you, men, could any totally straight, handsome, red-blooded, sixteen year-old boy resist this peer-pressure?  Having felt utterly unmanned for several days now all this was music to his ears. His cock - his glorious fucking young big cock - started to get hard.  And he began to hate the bitch!  Ureka!  There should be church bells ringing.  It wasnt just a bit of hate or annoyance it began in his stomach, it suffused his whole being he fucking hated, hated, hated this fucking cunt!  What it had put him through, and what he had reduced him to!

The whore-boys lead him to the centre of the room where the fucking cunt lay stretched on the floor.  The whore-boys generously pulled apart the fucking cunts legs - so wide they cracked, leaving its revolting fuck-hole available for him.  The sexy, hard-cocked, muscular sixteen-year-old whore-boy drew back his leg and kicked the cunt so hard and with total fucking hatred - right up its revolting, sore-encrusted fuck-hole. What a relief for this hot, sixteen year-old muscular whore-boy!  He needed this so much. So of course he did it again, and again, and again.  The boys and the Owner cheered till it must have been heard down the road!

The Owner stopped the proceedings.  “Time to get serious.  Take this fucking cunt into the stink-room. Its going to find out what real pain is.”

“Fuck yeah!  Fuck yeah!”  The cheering was huge and joyous.

Some sharp needlework pins the Owner produced them in the stink-room.  He gave one or two to each of the boys.

“Get those pins under the fucking cunts finger and toe-nails, really dig in the flesh, up as far as you can go, then push them in and out.  Lets see how the fucking whore likes that!  Come on boys, enjoy yourselves!”

“Fuck yeah!”  These hot, sexy, boy-sluts had such, vicious, sadistic and macho fun doing this.  The screaming from the fucking cunt was monumental.  Surprising how something so simple can be such fun and cause such indescribable pain.  And of course fucking a screaming whore was always so much more fun.  Remember men, just shoving a cock up its diseased fuck-hole or shit-hole caused it indescribable pain and now it had pins digging into the flesh under all its finger nails and toenails as well. Fucking nice!  It was wriggling like fucking an eel.  They double-fucked it and naturally slapped it silly as well as pulling on the tit-rings to punish the massive tits.

“Thats it, mate!  Pull those fucking tits off.  Pull on em, yank them, thats it!  Fucking harder! Make the fucking cunt fucking scream!  Fuck yeah, boy!”  This was addressed to the newly hard-cocked, sexy, muscular, impossibly handsome sixteen year-old boy-whore.

“Fucking enjoy yourself, boy,” the Owner said.  The reformed, sexy, muscular, and now snarling boy-whore was, not surprisingly, having the time of his life, he pistoned his gloriously hard cock in and out of its revolting cunt with total fucking hatred his desire for revenge was a hundred per cent.

“Thank you, sir, thank you for everything youve taught me.”  Then he yelled in the face of the young piece of fuck-meat.  “You fucking ungrateful fucking revolting cunt!  I hope youre in fucking agony!”  It was, men, oh it certainly was.

The Owner told all his boys not to cum up it, not yet.  He had them remove

the pins, provided them with pliers and told them to pull out the all its fingernails and toe nails.  This was great too, and kept the boys cocks nicely hard.  A lot of blood but who the fuck cares?  And the boys had to co-operate and work as a group  holding its hands and immobilising the cunts body etc.  Not as easy as you might think, removing a cunts finger and toenails, certainly considerable more difficult than typing the words.

The fucking cunts unbelievable pain was so enjoyable I know you want to know that, men.  Fuck year!  Then, on the Owners instructions, some acidic antiseptic paste was coated over each of the ten wounds fucking gorgeous screams of agony, they had removed the red-ball gag to enjoy its screams.  “Now fuck it again, and cum up it this time.”

They did, with heart-warming whoops of friendly joy they cheered each other on.  Each load dumped up the whore was a cause for congratulations, backslapping it as if each hot, nasty, sexy boy-whore had just scored a winning goal at Wembley!

The next bit to be honest it was a bit tedious but the Owner told them he wanted to preserve the whore for as much fun as possible for a long time he made them put basic dressings on whores wounds.  “Got to look after your toys, boys.”  Then he asked his hot boys a question - he was pulling on the tits at the same time as the eighteen year-old, fucking nasty, boy-whore pulled on the hair.

“What would be justice for this fucking cunt, boys?”

“A fucking long, slow agonising death.”  This was the newly hard-cocked, muscular, sixteen year-old boy-whore.  The Owners cock gave a wonderful spasm of lust.  He had succeeded totally with this hot, glamorous and fucking snarling whore-boy.  “Thats what this fucking cunt deserves, sir.”  The whore-boy couldnt resist another hard, vicious slap across its face.

The oh so cute, youngest boy-whore always eager was casually but fiercely pinching the tips of the fucking cunts now plastered fingers what talent!  He was instinctively and naturally searching for ways to cause it as much pain as possible all the time.  He asked the Owner a question,  “Are we punishing the fucking cunt, sir, for its behaviour, or are we just enjoying ourselves?”  Mmm, a really intelligent, insightful, question.

“Well, whats your opinion, slut-boys?”

There was a slight pause, and then the newly hard-cocked, fucking hot, muscular, impossibly handsome and now sneering sixteen year-old whore-boy who had been through such trauma, shouted at the top of his voice, “Well, Im just enjoying myself!  I want to kill the fucking whore while I cum up it. Just for fun.”

“Attaboy!”  The cheering and backslapping was tremendous.  They were all agreed.

“Ok, boys, then we are going to do just that keep it in fucking agony for as long as possible, then fucking destroy it.”

“Fuck yeah!”

“Just because we want to!”  The boys were ecstatic.  The end?

Men, shall I leave it there?  Maybe I should, I dont want to bore you.  After all you can imagine the rest of the story, just one agonising torture after another for the young, big-titted whore with the diseased cunt, and sore-laden, scab-encrusted shit-hole.  Youve heard it all before yawn.  And then it fucking dies.  Next story.

Ah shit, what a tease I am!  Of course Im not leaving it there. I wouldnt do that to your cocks or mine.  Im going to describe it all in loving detail.  And whats more, and youll be so glad to know this, men, its going to be fucking nasty, really fucking nasty.

Next day, gym, exercises and sports for the boy-whores, and the Owner too, he was fucking fit, similarly.  The whore had to bath itself, change its own finger and toe dressings, and put on its schoolgirl outfit.  It was still - apart from the absence of finger and toenails - a fucking luscious, huge-titted piece of fuck-meat.  Remember its fucking grotesque, firm tits stuck out about a foot from its young whore body.

The Owner put a lot of thought into how to begin its long, slow, entertaining death.  He decided to start with furthering its degradation.

“Ok, its been having it too easy.  It has to realise, fully, that a used piece of toilet paper is more important than it is.  Spit on it, come on, who can get the most spit on it?”  The boys were in a circle and just pushed the massive-titted thirteen year-old between them, laughing, slapping it anyway at all, getting the huge ringed tits bouncing, pissing on it.  “Ive got a surprise for you tonight.”  He had called the piercing bear man, who arrived that night with a large dog.

“Come in, mate.”  The boys were so excited by this. Despite being experienced whores they had never witnessed or taken part in, bestiality.  First the fucking cunt was made to suck the dogs cock, and then suck on the dogs shit-hole.  The piercings bear man was an experienced dog-handler and knew how to get the animal to perform.  Then the whore was cunt fucked and then shit-hole fucked by the dog.  It was a nice evening.  I dont really know if its cunt and shit-hole diseases were communicable to animals, I hope not, dont want to make a nice doggie ill.

With the dog cum up it, and in its shredded school-uniform it was told to lie in the bath, plastic gloves on to protect its wounded hands and something similar for the feet fixed with elastic bands round the ankles, the boys were instructed to piss on it, and shit on it.  It stayed there all night, and the next day, and the next, adding its own piss and its own shit to the stinking mess it was lying in.  It was a bit gross for the boys to keep pissing on it and shitting on it but the Owner insisted they persevere.  The sight and stink was unbelievably appalling after a several days six boys remember.  The cunt was only allowed to eat and drink the mess it was lying in and ordered to massage its face and tits in the filth, plus rubbing it thoroughly in its hair. There was so much piss after a couple of days the cunt was told to pull the plug and let some out, couldnt have it overflowing the bath.

Then came the vomit.  The boys found this the hardest but the Owner insisted.  Straight in the cunts open mouth where possible.  Over its face and tits anyway.  Added to the shit and piss in which the fucking cunt was stewing it made a terrific skin tonic for the loathsome, huge-titted fucking young whore.  Ha.   I told you youd enjoy this well I am so fuck you if you are not dyou fancy a good hard kicking in the balls, boy?  Fucking nice for me, that is.

“Ok, boys, shit and piss in the toilet now, but just for a the next day or two.  Whore, pull out the plug.”  The piss drained away slowly the shit and vomit was blocking the plughole.

“You can get out of the bath when youve eaten all that stinking mess and the cleaned the bath with your tongue, cunt.”

The fucking animal set about doing as it was told took a while though, a day and a half, as the cunt would keep adding its own vomit to the mess stupid whore! 

Meanwhile the Owner had been in telephone discussions with the piercings bear man again.  He had now decided what had to be done next to the fucking cunt.  He decided it had to be frightened beyond belief; the cunt had to terrified; the piece of fuck-meat had to be scared out of its wits literally.  Having degraded it to lower than the level of a piece of used toilet paper actually it was being used as a permanent a lavatory by him and all the boys now - the next move was to fucking terrify the big-titted loathsome young whore to such an extent that it lost its mind phrases such as scare it out of its wits, terrify it shitless until the cunt was virtually insane with terror  he had learned this technique of course from Its Fucking Pain, Your Fucking Pleasure never let the fucking cunt know what to expect.  It took some time for the Owner to get the piercings bear man to understand what he wanted because this man, although an expert, his expertise was in pain not in psychological matters.  But eventually between them they came up with an idea.

“Now, boys, I suggest you dont go into that bathroom for a day or two, you may not like what you see.  Its up to you, of course, but put it like this, this fucking cunt is going to be in hell for a couple of days, and it wont be a pretty sight.  But youll enjoy hearing its screams.”  The Owner studied the faces of his sexy whore-boys, and had another thought he didnt want to hold back their education.  “If, after really thinking about it, you decide youve got a strong enough stomach, by all means have a look at what weve done to the whore, the last thing I want to do is stop you appreciating a really choice example of cunt-hatred.  But dont say I didnt warn you it may be too advanced for you.”

The boys were intrigued, but knowing that the Owner only ever gave them good advice, they were cautious.  They didnt want nightmares, they wanted the cunt to have nightmares, but they wanted to sleep easy.  They left the bathroom door closed.

The piercings bear man came with a largish container of some kind, then left after a short time.  The cunt was screaming horrifically, not in pain, but screaming for help and mercy.  Some how because the boys couldnt see what was happening it was even more cock-hardening.  They fucked and sucked each other with great glee using the whores piteous screams and cries as a soundtrack.  They swapped ideas about what might be happening to the cunt in the bathroom.  The Owner interrupted them.

“Ill tell you this much,” he said, “the cunt is fixed in the bath, but if the fucking young whore was just a little bit stronger those taps and shower fittings would be pulled out of the wall by now.  It doesnt like what weve done to it.”  The understatement of the year.  He laughed hugely not at the joke which was mediocre but because of the situation - which made him so happy.

The muscular, newly reformed, impossibly handsome sixteen year-old jock was determined to see what the Owner and the piercings bear man had done to the fucking cunt.  Of all six boys he had the courage and audacity to open the bathroom door.  Was he horrified?  Did the hot young jock leave as soon as he caught sight of what theyd done to the loathsome young huge-titted whore?  Fuck no, men, on the contrary, he was fucking turned on by what he saw.  The revolting young cunt was being treated in exactly the manner this impossibly handsome, muscular, hot sixteen year-old stud wanted.

“Fuck yeah!  You fucking, loathsome cunt!  Enjoying yourself?”

The massive-titted thirteen year-old cunt was lying in the bath its face a frozen picture of utter terror.  It was fixed at the neck and feet and totally covered in maggots and slimy black leeches.  The fucking big-titted young cunt was trembling in terror, uttering little screams and groans, it had lost its voice from screaming.  The crawling maggots were covering every part of its formerly luscious young body.  The hundreds of leeches were sucking its blood from its massive tits and sore-encrusted cunt. The muscular young jock, far from being horrified fucking loved it.  He moved into the bathroom to get a better view.

“Open up, whore, drink my piss.”

The traumatised whore obediently opened its face-cunt to reveal maggots crawling in its throat and over its tongue, and in its nose and eyes.  The sexy boy had the most enjoyable piss of his young life.  Fuck yeah!

It really needed maggots and such like to make it absolutely real, the word is actually “manifest”. Stay with me, men.  Crawling maggots made it manifest that cunts were for hating, loathing, fucking despising and nothing else.  I hope you are following my logic, you filthy-minded, hard-cocked, wanking readers.  Mmm, I am so much on your side.  If only this was real, eh fellas?  Well, believe me, its fucking real while I write it, men, and its fucking real while you read it.

He reported back to the other hot lads.  He encouraged them that it was great and theyd fucking love seeing the whore covered in maggots and leeches oh, I would, wouldnt you, men?  Having been re-assured by one of their peers, they all took turns in visiting the terrified fucking cunt and adding their piss and shit to the maggots and leeches covering its young, huge-titted, thirteen-year-old body.  Fucking great, really satisfying.  Gives me that extra cock surge...

“Fuck yeah, boys!”  The Owner was really proud of them.  “Now, how do we continue to terrify the fucking cunt?  And I mean fucking terrify it!   We want the loathsome fucking whore completely out of its fucking mind with fear.”

The boys had a brainstorming session, with the sixteen year-old muscular jock as their leader.  He had somehow assumed this position over the past few days, and even though he wasnt the eldest, his courage in being the first to “open the bathroom door” had confirmed his status.  They had a good talk and they came up with some good ideas, and had a good laugh as well.

“I know it sounds cheesy but this might frighten the shit out of the cunt - devils in the night?  Well buy horror masks and creep in on it in when its asleep then yell and scream and fuck its brains out wearing the masks.”  Oh, fucking shit, how boring.

“Could be fun.”  Surprisingly, it was.  The stupid young cunt passed out with terror.  You see, being a superstitious, tortured and big-titted, fucking moron it was perfectly ready to believe it was in hell.

“Make it watch films of medieval tortures, you know, fucking cunts boiling in oil, on the rack, being disembowelled alive …?  All the while telling the fucking cunt thats whats going to happen to it very soon.”   Well maybe not soon, but certainly within the next few months.  Showing the fucking cunt this specially acquired dvd of medieval tortures proved extremely rewarding the cunt passed out several times, shat itself watching several cunts being spit-roasted alive the boys really enjoyed this and their cocks had a fucking good time.

“We could get some battery acid and use a funnel and stuff and experiment with dropping different stuff down the funnel into the acid, bits of metal so that it really sizzles, then we could drop in a mouse or a hamster or something.”

“Yeah, so the fucking cunt realises we are experimenting to see what acid to use.”

“Fucking great!  I know, we could all wear white coats like scientists or lab assistants and pretend to take notes on how long different animals lived and that shit.  We could do the same thing with stronger acids, if we could get some.”

“No problem,” said the Owner.  “Of course all the while we tell the fucking cunt that when we have decided which acid we like most were going to use the same funnel to pour it up its fuck-holes.”

They played out this charade with the utmost seriousness, the fucking cunt was paralysed with terror,        when the first little wriggling mouse went into the acid it literally went rigid with fear fucking good!  Of course, eventually they boys would use the same funnel to pour battery acid right up the cunts revolting, sore-encrusted sewer.

Now men, you may have a quibble in your mind “I thought the fucking cunt wanted to be tortured, destroyed etc I thought it was fucking desperate to please any and all cocks by suffering.”

You know men, I feel so flattered to have such attentive, filthy-minded and sadistic readers the explanation, which Im sure is at the back of your mind anyway is that the fucking cunts voracious twisted emotional desires are one thing, its actual appalling physical pain is another so there it is, men, the fucking cunt wants it and the fucking cunt is terrified of it both at the same time.  Im glad to have cleared that up.

“We could get together a whole collection of weird and vicious-looking things and tell the cunt every one of them will be going up its cunt-and-shit-holes.”

“Fuck yeah!  That sounds great.”

“Start with, say, a pineapple…”

“baseball bat…”



“exhaust-pipe …”

“Yeah, that sort of shit, and then move on to … um, traffic cones …”

“a fire-extinguisher …”


“footballs …”

“… a motorcycle helmet …” the other whore-boys roared with laughter at this.

“Anyway why not, eventually.”  This was the Owner talking.  “Properly greased up, of course wed break the fucking cunts pelvic bones but who gives a shit!”

“Fuck yeah!”

“And finish with some totally wild stuff like pet animals mice, rats, a rabbit, or snakes, a jar of cockroaches fuck yeah!  Oh and also fun stuff like how many plastic bags can be crammed up its cunt?  Or how many boots, or broken plates and cups mmm thats nice or kitchen scourers, bent wire-clothes-hangers how much of all this shit could be crammed up its fucking nasty cunt-sewer?  The contents of the kitchen food bin?”  Fuck yeah, men!  I for one, certainly want to see the contents of my kitchen bin fucking rammed up its putrid fuck-holes,

The boys had a hoot collecting all this stuff, laying it out, and telling the fucking cunt the precise order in which all the stuff, and animals, were going up it.  The fucking stupid cunt believed every word why shouldnt it?   Actually, as with the motorcycle helmet, every one of those things eventually did go up it, Im glad to say. 

The hot whore-boys didnt actually force any of those things up it in this session - just showed the fucking cunt what was in store.  For now the fucking cunt spent three hours screaming in anticipation and begging for mercy.  Then the hot whore-boys all fucked its rotting cunt-sewer and shit-hole while it was screaming in agony anyway.

“Hey sir, can we electrocute a cat, or a dog?”

“Now this sounds interesting.  Why exactly should we electrocute a cat, or a dog?”

“Well, wed get the fucking cunt to watch it close up so close it can smell the animal burning up?  Of course wed torture the nice big doggie, or pussy-cat first and then let it die really, really slowly, screaming, whining, or whatever animals do, in fucking agony in front of the fucking cunts eyes?  All the while telling the fucking huge-titted cunt that its going to suffer the same stuff soon, very soon.”

“What an excellent idea!”  It had been his youngest whore-boy who came up with this, the oh so cute one.  Now this oh so cute, very young whore-boy was beaming with satisfaction at being praised so highly by the Owner, who added,  “For this brilliant scheme of yours, I think we should call in an expert, dont you?  I want to make sure we do it right, as personally I have no experience of what you propose, and we would want to extract the maximum amount of fear from the fucking cunt.”

The Owner rang the piercings bear man who had helped out so terrifically with the maggots and leeches as a terror-inducing bath for the basket-ball titted, thirteen-year-old fucking cunt. 

The piercings bear man was delighted to help, as the Owner expected.  He charged a substantial fee, which was only fair but he positively gloried in his work especially when he was given an unusual challenge. And this was way out of the ordinary.  He leapt at the opportunity. “Torturing a dog or a cat, or a dog and a cat, why not? - with electric shocks and then frying them with electricity all to be done to terrify a thirteen year-old, huge-titted fucking cunt as much as possible?”  He pondered it for a while. 

His first decision was that both animals, the cat and the dog, should be female identification - would help with the terrorising of the viewing, massive-titted, young, fucking cunt.  Secondly he came up with the brilliant idea that both animals should be heavily pregnant the fucking cunt would think that they were going to breed it first and then torture it when it was about to drop a kid. Pregnancy in the animals had an added advantage - they could rip the animals guts open and torture the puppies and kittens too.  He was fucking pleased with this.  He set about planning where on the animals bodies to administer the shocks and their increasing severity, and assembling the equipment, not forgetting that he had to acquire a pregnant dog and cat.  All this took a few days.

Now men, I can hear what some of you are saying.  “Torture of animals is way out of bounds.  A fucking cunt, of course, deserves all it gets, but an innocent dog and cat?  Not to mention the mice and hamsters dissolved in acid thats just gratuitous cruelty.”  Well, you may well be correct, men, and Im not justifying what was done here, just reporting it.  But playing devils advocate the animals were tortured for a bloody good cause terrifying a huge-titted thirteen-year-old cunt - I dont know if that goes some way to placate your consciences.

I was going to describe in some detail the day that was spent torturing the animals, and frightening the shit out of the huge-titted fucking young cunt in the process but in deference to the animals rights lobby Ive cut that section suffice it to say that the boys, the piercings bear man, and the Owner all had an amazing party, the fucking young cunts terror kept them rock hard all day.  Personally, Im glad to say that they, and I, didnt give a flying fuck about the animals “gratuitous” pain, it served a higher purpose their cocks!  Fuck yeah!  God, some you of you are such fucking wimps I wish I had you here, youd provide some pleasant entertainment for me.  What I wouldnt do to your cock, balls, tits and shit-hole!  Oops, almost forgot your fucking face-hole, mmm, my fist rammed down it, making you vomit, you fucking scum!  Just had to say that, Im sure you understand.

The Owner decided it was time to have an actual intense torture session on the fucking cunt one more “terrifying the whore” day and it just might enter the cunts excuse for a brain that they are all talk and no action.

This was the plan:

a thorough, full-body whipping of the big-titted, thirteen-year-old cunt as a warm-up, using belts, whips and canes but concentrating on the huge, firm tits, and rotting cunt of course.

(although only a preliminary it was intensely enjoyable in itself: all the cocks were hard and dripping, the fucking cunt was screaming nicely throughout, and the boys put on an excellent performance.)

the boys brutally slapping, punching and kicking the fucking cunt until it was comatose.

(the Owner joined in with this, but he wore boxing gloves so he could really get involved - energetically working up a sweat and using the fucking cunt like a punch-bag, he particularly loved smashing the young whores pathetic young face in by doing this he was really able to feel how much he really hated and despised the huge-titted thirteen-year-old fucking whore.  Yeah mate, give it one for me - punch it really hard, right in its fucking whore face!)

a flat, square electric heating plate beneath the feet of the young, big-titted fucking cunt: the Owner acquired this from the ever-helpful piercings bear man; the slutty piece of massive-titted young fuck-meat was to be suspended from the strong chandelier, its feet flat and lightly resting on this electrically heated plate; turn the hot-plate on, then the boys and the Owner would just sit back and watch the cunts dance of pain as it tried to avoid having its feet burned - over and over.  The constant jiggling of the massive, firm tits would be particularly nice.

(This was so much fun that it went on for a couple of hours.  It followed nicely after the energetic slapping and punching as the boys and the Owner didnt have to do anything.)

Its totally burned and bloody feet youll enjoy this, men - would then be held in a bowl of coarse antiseptic liquid household bleach but slightly diluted  - which would be terrifically enjoyable in itself for the Owner and the whore-boys, not so much so ah shame! - for the fucking cunt.  The half-dead piece of fuck-meat was then to be left for an hour to bandage its feet as with the fingers, they didnt want to lessen its entertainment value by letting it getting infected yet.  The whore-boys and the Owner would then take a break.

(In the break the Owner went over the activities so far, and judged that his

whore-boys were motivated as never before in their lives, he was thrilled by how much this project was doing for their morale.)

Fill the fucking cunt with man-piss using all three holes until the fucking whore is bloated and in agony, then expel the man-piss from its holes by stamping on the fucking cunt, punching it, throwing it about, jumping up and down on it, making it vomit, etc.

(This necessitated some preparation the whore-boys and the Owner had fun pissing in buckets for a couple of days producing a dozen or so litres of piss acrid piss.  Have you ever stored piss?  The smell after a day or two is indescribable, particularly if it is kept warm, a sweet cloying stink, a smell that lingers horribly at the back of the throat -  absolutely vomit inducing in itself.  Naturally the fucking cunt was forced to drink a third of this horrible but male fluid via a funnel, the other two thirds of the vile stale piss was pumped into its cunt and ass till it was swollen like a pregnant pig, stoppers put in its holes to prevent unwanted leakages.  The six whore-boys and the Owner then, pleasurably added fresh piss into the cunt via the funnel in its mouth.  All this, you will be pleased to hear, was slow and increasing agony for the cunt producing cramps and shooting pains that just got worse and worse mmm, nice. After experimenting with how to cause it more agony   weights on its fucking belly etc the eventual expelling of the piss, of course, only took a few minutes but that was fun!  You should have seen the boys jumping up and down on the fucking young cunt.  It shot out piss like a fountain from its shit-hole and rotting fuck-hole.  And it vomited up gallons of the stinking stuff.  The smell was unbelievable, and in this philosophy the stink was all the cunts fault, of course, so they could hate and despise the fucking cunt even more.  It was left to clean up using its tongue.  The Owner then fucked all his whore-boys in turn and they shot their loads in each others mouths.  What an enjoyably disgusting sight this was thick, glutinous man scum coating their hot lips and mouths and licking and sucking it from each others faces, lapping up the slimy white stuff and slowly dribbling it into another hot boys open and eager mouth.)

All in all, a most successful first full-torture day.  As there was still five months to go of their six month project - to cause the fucking young, huge-titted cunt agony and eventual death - they let the cunt alone for a few days recovery. 

The effect of all this activity on the whore-boys, and the Owner as well, was quite dramatic all of them had never felt so fucking masculine, so fucking butch, so full of fucking male hate of cunts you could see it in every gesture, every move, the way they smoked, they way they smiled, the shine on their brilliant white teeth, even their voices changed - deeper, richer, more authoritative.  Even the youngest, oh so cute whore-boy acquired a new seriousness, and although he didnt look any older he was just so much more confident and determined about his debauchery it was all very satisfying.  Their heads were held higher, their posture had more manliness about it, their cocks were just a bit harder for longer and that little bit thicker.  Fuck yeah, men! 

Thats what having a screaming, slutty thirteen-year-old, big-titted fucking cunt constantly on hand can do for you!  What would they be like after torturing it for the full six months?  Read on, you fucking hot dirty fuckers!

The Owner had a long meeting with the piercings bear man.  But in order to keep their minds totally on the subject of sex the Owner had the two youngest whore-boys perform for them while they were discussing things.  The men went through the options.  How to keep the fucking cunt alive but in agony and approaching ever nearer to an agonising death? 

“If we whip it too much itll just get boring, and it would take quite while to whip the fucking cunt to death.”

“Also I dont fancy the sight of it after a couple of weeks constant whipping a fucking bloody mess, I would want to just chuck it out.”

“Important point.  The same applies to mutilations.  I mean if you start slicing its tits off mmm nice but youve lost the pleasure of seeing those fucking firm, gorgeous man-pleasing-melons, havent you?”

“So not mutilations or prolonged whipping, yet.”

“Electric shocks are a possibility.”

“Definitely.  Although we did that the other day, dont want it to get boring.”

“Something new then, for now.”

“We could continue with the process of cunt deformation.  The State Programme is responsible for the sewer and shit-hole diseases already administered to this particular fucking cunt but there are, of course, many other types of cunt deformation which we could add ourselves.”

This really satisfying, fucking nice idea got the two men very excited,  The two young, hot, cutest of the whore-boys were interrupted in their vigorous licking and tongue-sucking and were thoroughly and very painfully fucked.  They needed to go to bed afterwards nursing their oh-so-sore boy-holes.  The perils of being a hot, young whore-boy.

“How are you doing, cunt?”  the Owner was addressing the fucking young whore in front of him, now recovered from that full-on torture session.  It stood trembling and naked, the flesh of its young, huge, pierced tits jiggling like two massive jellies and lower down of course, the sores on its disgusting cunt large, bloody and seeping.  The sight of this revolting snatch gave the Owner a really enjoyable surge of hatred for the loathsome, fucking young cunt.  His handsome mouth twisted easily into a primeval masculine sneer.  But the cunt was whining.

“Oh, thank you, sir, thank you, for even speaking to a cunt like this cunt.”  It raised those firm, enormous fucking tits up towards him and like a good piece of thirteen-year-old fuck-meat, it spread its legs and shoved out that revolting fuck-hole, offering its diseased sewer to be kicked.  And boy, did he kick it, fuck yeah!   Hard.  Very hard!  Then, pulling it up from the floor by its long hair he indulged himself in a recently discovered favourite pastime, just slapping and punching and kicking a young cunt for no reason.  Except hate and contempt of course, which as you know, men, goes with a hard cock like a horse with a carriage.  After a while, he stopped.

“Its a long time since I spoke to you, fucking cunt.  I want to know if you are enjoying yourself?”  The loathsome big-titted fucking young cunt stared at him from the floor where it had collapsed: he watched its eyes turn up and go back into its head and as it went into an extended, juddering, utterly disgusting and groaning orgasm at the question.  “I guess thats all I wanted to know.”

Later that day the cunt was tied down on its back, legs spread, and the whore-boys enthusiastically started the job of enlarging its fuck-hole big enough you remember, men to take a cycle-helmet eventually they were going to stop short of that for this month because that would entail damaging the pelvis and they wanted the cunt to walk for a while yet.

The cunts cunt was, as you know, utterly diseased, a thoroughly revolting, scab-encrusted slit but nothing contagious about it for the boys. The cunt muscles were still intact, and it had retained more or less the normal structure of a cunt. 

These hot whore-boys started with some really good fun, punch fucking of the cunts cunt.  They took it in turns to see if they could get up to the elbow with one really good punch.  The youngest, oh so cute, whore-boy had acquired some really dangerous looking “knuckle dusters” joined metal rings that go over the fingers to cause maximum damage when punching.  He was beaming with pleasure as he caused some seriously good, permanent and enjoyable damage to the cunt-hole. 

The strongest of the boys, the nasty-looking, pierced eighteen year-old had the other lads untie the fucking cunt so he could lift it up with one arm up its cunt.  The others cheered him.  The cunt was tied down again afterwards, because despite its deep desire for its own destruction by males it might not submit willingly to the next procedures.

A medical instrument called a speculum was used next like a sort of many-sided spoon in which a screw mechanism is used to push them apart into an ever-larger circle. But this speculum was specially manufactured for sadists. So they turned it by degrees, slowly, until they had achieved a nine-inch diameter hole and by this means the whore-boys were able to view up the fuck-hole into the diseased passage.  Since this was a stretching procedure the aim being to destroy the muscles which close the cunt the shit-hole was to be used for fucking from now on, leaving the cunt-hole for torture-fun they left speculum in place for several hours.

This provided them with lots of opportunity for using the cunts wide-open fuck-hole for innocent amusement.  Ashtray naturally several cigarettes were stubbed out right up there.  A white mouse was allowed to wander in the boys put food up there for it.  Various household-cleaning materials with applied to the scabbing on the inside of the cunt the boys enjoyed themselves betting on which substance would get the best reaction.  Toilet bleach won over floor cleaner.

Finally after removing the speculum, it was time to get the football up there. “Ok mates, When weve finished with it I want the fucking hideous cunt-sewer on this whore to be wide-open, flapping and fucking gross.  Eh boys?”

“Fuck yeah!”  The muscular, hot, impossibly handsome sixteen-year-old jock whore-boy really was the undisputed leader of the group now and commanded total respect for the level of his hatred of fucking cunts. They all agreed - these masculine hot, nasty whore-boys that they wanted the cunt-sewer to be utterly fucking ruined permanently opened up a gaping fucking hole.  So a football was greased …

“It wont go up,” said a hot, thirteen-year-old, dark-eyed and black-haired whore-boy.  He had a large, thick cock out and was stroking it pleasantly as he spoke.

The sixteen year old, hot, muscular jock whore-boy disagreed vehemently, “Yes, it fucking well will, even if we have to kill the fucking cunt, its going up it.”  And he was right.  With a great deal of shoving - up it went.  Just less than half of it still showing.  The big-titted, fucking young cunt was untied and told that the football was staying up it permanently!  Then they fucked the young, big-titted whore in the ass and had fun kicking and mauling those still huge, and firm tits.  It was an interesting sensation fucking its shit-hole with a football in its cunt, caused a lot of laughs.

So in this way the muscles would eventually be ruined forever and the whore-boys would get what they desired a flapping, gaping hole.  After a week or so unfortunately, the football had disappeared up the fuck-hole, leaving the fucking cunt looking fucking pregnant.  The boys had to jump up and down on the whore to get it to emerge again.  They decided that a spherical object couldnt be used for cunt ruining because of this handicap so they opted for jamming a huge log of splintered wood up it for the whole of the next week. 

Removing it the boys decided that the cunt-hole was ruined sufficiently for their satisfaction.    The next few weeks were hugely enjoyable - the young fucking cunt was inhumanely tortured via this huge, gaping fuck-hole there was no limit to what was forced up there actually there was a limit the cunt had to walk afterwards. 

The sixteen year old, hot, impossibly handsome muscular jock whore-boy thought up a nicely original move on his instructions they all collected their shit for several days and then simply packed it up that revolting gaping hole.  A bit smelly and nasty for the sexy young whore-boys but this was more than compensated for by the sheer joy of treating the thirteen-year-old, huge-titted cunt like their personal, fucking shit-container.  Fuck yeah!  Fucking nice!

Two months in and the young fucking cunt had a diseased fuck-hole the size of the Channel Tunnel, but its shit-hole and huge knockers were still intact.  The whore-boys and the Owner enjoyed watching the whore with its favourite dildo rammed up its gigantic cunt while they ate their breakfast. 

“Get it up there, you mangy fucking cunt!”  It was, of course, the fire extinguisher, empty, too heavy for the cunt to manipulate otherwise, but it was the about the right size to give its revolting gaping cunt-hole some satisfaction.

Now, it was the hot, impossibly handsome, sixteen year old muscular jock whore-boy who came up with the radical suggestion that should get in a couple of fresh, young massive-titted whores to use while they destroyed this one.  The Owner thought this was an inspired idea, so much so he elaborated on it.

“I want you whore-boys to find yourselves a fucking cunt apiece.  A cunt you can own personally and eventually destroy all by yourselves.”


“Well, what are you waiting for?  Get cunt hunting.”

There were plenty of stray fucking cunts wandering the streets, not dissimilar to the original, huge-titted cunt they were now about to torture to an agonising death and do so very slowly.  Over the next few days the boys collected six balloon-titted fucking young cunts all barely more than kids to be honest, slim, slight things with baby faces and monstrously grotesque, basket-ball sized tits, all claiming to be eighteen fucking liars!  And men, unlike the original big-titted whore, these new, child-like cunts hadnt done the prescribed back and leg strengthening exercises and with the weight of their monumentally huge tits they could hardly walk upright! The boys had fun holding these cunts up by the hair and forcing them to totter along on seven inch high heels fucking gigantic tits sticking out in front of them.

These new, young fucking cunts were, as you would expect, men, all fucking morons, simpering, giggling and fucking begging the hot, handsome whore-boys to maul their huge, fat, firm tits.   The whore-boys, with their newly developed sense of there own maleness their superior manliness god! they fucking despised these big-titted, revolting young whores.

The Owners house, large as it was, was chaotic now.  Until, that is, the boys had trained their fucking cunts.  They worked at this individually and with great concentration.  Using every scrap of knowledge and experience gained from the work they had watched and participated in on the original fucking cunt, each hot, sexy fucking whore-boy trained his own very young fucking cunt to perfection.

The Owner explained to them having been thoroughly inspired by, as you remember, men, Its Fucking Pain, Your Fucking Pleasure, by Eric Boss, that all these new balloon-titted teenage whores would be destroyed in as painful a manner as possible, eventually, maybe over a couple of years, but for now they were there to provide holes for hard cocks and tits to maul and torture while the whole team began seriously to burn and dismember the first huge-titted cunt.  The point being that this cunt wouldnt have usable holes for much longer, so they would need cunt-sewers, shit-holes and face-cunts in which to insert their gorgeous, rock hard cocks.  There were, of course, weeks of fun and entertainment still to be had from the original cunts prolonged agony.

The new cunts were all different “Cunt Classifications” you remember about that subject, dont you, men?  Who could forget?

One was “Slutty Street-Whore” and for its statutory twat disfigurement it simply had - and Im afraid rather unimaginatively - crude, lavatorial cock-pictures and “stick your cock up here” etc tattooed round its revolting fuck-holes.  But as you would expect from the Cunt Classification Department the execution of the work was very good, with excellently designed and expertly done graphic tattoos - creating the perfect impression of a disgusting toilet wall on the cunts skin all across the young cunts fucking groin area, round the fuck-hole, at the top of the fucking thighs and arse-cheek, it really looked as if it was a fucking horrible toilet wall.  Ok, on a huge-titted, fucking very young and baby-faced cunt it looked fucking debauched, very, very nasty and satisfyingly appropriate - as far as it went, but Im sorry, it was nothing special and this must be admitted.

Another was, “Parody Fuck-Nurse”, in a white rubber uniform, really stretched painfully across it football-sized tits.  The lips of its cunt looked as if they been ripped and cut with crimping scissors the cunt-sewer was still intact for cock-entry but the outside was a fucking revolting mess as if it had been chewed by a crazed dog in fact it had been actually.  They had had a fun day at the C.C.D. that day, men.

A really good trick with this whore in the white rubber, the whore-boys discovered, was covering it in car-oil, then giving it a really good punching in the face and tits, before fucking the arse off it gang-fucking of course.  Try someone punching its fucking face in while you fuck its shit-hole but the whole cunts body huge tits particularly all covered in grease.  Try it.  Fucking nasty, so good.  You wouldnt be able to resist beating the fucking cunt to a fucking pulp I know what you are like, men.

A third was a, “Porn-Star Whore” this was especially nice on such a young cunt.  It had had injections to its face-hole lips to inflate them to the required exaggerated cock-sucking size plus permanent pink gloss tattooed on the full lips.  Eyeliner and eye shadow had likewise been permanently tattooed on the young cunts face.

The cunt deformation was most unusual and really entertaining.  Pay attention, men.  Interestingly its cunt-hole and shit-hole had been pierced all round with a series of very small but very powerful magnets. It wasnt a tall cunt, this didnt work on tall cunts but it was quite a sight to see any metal litter on the ground, magically apparently - shoot up and attach itself to its fuck-holes. It was fun to spread nails, pins etc on the ground and watch them shoot up and attach themselves to the cunt and shit holes.  But importantly in regard to loathing fucking cunts and if there is a theme to this opus its LOATHING FUCKING CUNTS - it made its cunt and shit-hole look like the bottom of a rubbish bin.   

But that wasnt the best.  I told you to pay attention.  Up inside its fuck-holes, in a very delicate and time-consuming procedure, the Cunt Classification Department had lined both that is - its shit-hole and fuck-hole - with small round metal studs a most unusual and stimulating effect on a cock when fucked in the normal aggressive way but and this is the fun part - the C.C.D. also provided specially made condoms for use with this whore: these quite expensive condoms had tiny - but again powerful - magnets imbedded along their length.  Fucking a fully-treated “Porn-Star Whore” while wearing one of these specially treated condoms created a totally unique sensation: firstly the cock would be pulled in rapidly by the powerful magnets and then the width of your cock would be considerably increased by the sideways force exerted filling it with more blood,  mmm, really nice, and likewise stretching it lengthwise like a flesh and blood cock pump - that was very nice as well but to pull your cock out it required you to really pull hard against the effect of the magnets up inside the whore so that listen to this, men - eventually your cock would pull the lining of the cunt-hole or shit-hole inside out fucking nice, really satisfying to pull a cunts cunt or shit-hole inside out with just the outward stroke of a fuck.  I tell you, men, it was fucking unbelievable agony for the oh-so-young, big-titted fucking whore.  Really good, dont you think so, men?  Really fucking special.  Your cock would remain attached to the lining because of the magnets and using your fucking rock-hard, big, thick, fucking wonderful power-driving cock, you could continue shoving the lining in and out of the whore as an extended torture fuck.  Unutterable mind-bending pain for the massive-titted young whore screaming, white-hot agony might just about describe it adequately, and one of the nastiest, most primitive and satisfying fucks for you.  You could just shove the arse lining or whatever back inside the whore when you had finished.  Of course the whore died quite soon after a lot of fucks like this. But who gives a shit. Best to get one fresh and use it a lot, while it was in mint condition.

Actually the Owner didnt allow this, he stopped the whore-boys using the magnet-studded condoms, which were expensive, as I said.  Anyway after his boys had gone to the trouble of finding the fucking cunt and training it, he didnt want the fucking cunt used up in two weeks rather than two years.

The fourth, stray young fucking cunt they found was really, really special, so much so they couldnt believe it was, in fact, a stray, but it there it was wandering the streets, so something must have gone wrong somewhere.  “China-Doll Whore”.  This very rare classification required firstly, mutilation of the cunts face-hole to form a permanent, sweet, rosebud shape, secondly, two little red circles tattooed onto its cheeks.  Its clothes were a pretty pink gingham frock with a lacy underskirt, white fishnet stockings and seven-inch high heels.  And thirdly, its cunt - its pretty doll-like little twat - had a permanent infestation of thousands of tiny white maggots.  They bred up its child-like holes continually, became little flies, which flew back to its sweet dolls cunt-sewer and laid hundreds of miniscule eggs, which became more maggots.  Thus its cunt was alive with crawling white maggots what a sweet, innocent looking, cute, blond huge-titted, revolting young cunt it was.

This type of cunt deformation was masterly and the C.C.D. knew it so to preserve its rarity value it was seldom imposed on a cunt.  The raw material had to be blond and petite to start with but when on those few occasions a “China-Doll Whore” was created it was so profoundly effective in producing a complexity of instant, violent cunt-hatred in every male who looked at it that these young fucking cunts rarely lasted more than a year before they were kicked to death, or hacked to pieces with a fucking machete. 

Oh, and men, in case you were wondering, you could still fuck it, and fuck it hard, yeah, you could still fuck its moronic, maggoty fucking young brains out.  Took a bit of thinking about before most men could bring themselves to shove their cock into a cunt full of maggots … but there you go.  The thought process usually went as follows: remember, these maggots are genetically modified to be totally harmless to men, and couldnt live in or on male bodies. Remember that it was well known that the experience of thousands of harmless maggots crawling round a hard cock was really quite something so much so that many men found themselves able to steel themselves to sticking their cocks up it.  It helped if you slapped the fucking cunts face first, really hard, hard enough to “punish it for having a maggoty fuck-hole” I fucking love the irony of that, blaming the cunt for something of which it is quite innocent.  Are you with me, men?  However to sustain a really good maggot fuck - you had to concentrate on beating the young fucking cunt to a pulp while you were up it so that all blame was transferred to it, then you could really enjoy having thousands of genetically modified maggots massaging your hard-on.  Youd have to try it to know what I mean.  Oh and men, some of the thousands of maggots inevitably would be massaging you from the inside of your cock having crawled down inside your pesthole come on, men, don't be pussies, it was fantastic they died within half an hour of contact with any male tissue and were efficiently pissed-out or ejected with the next cum.

The next cunt was a novelty item, “Cunt Dartboard”.  Its huge tits were permanently uncovered and tattooed as targets.  The cunt-sewer on this whore had a permanent round hoop fixed in it to provide a large enough hole for games of ping-pong or more pleasurable games using billiard balls.   Men and boys enjoyed making up their own rules when using this type of whore a favourite was to hang the cunt upside down and see how many billiard balls could be got in its cunt-hole.  A cunt full of billiard balls I think the record was fifteen was then jiggled up and down, or whipped or jumped on viciously.  Of course the huge tits were for games of darts leaving the shit-hole conveniently free for cock insertion when needed.  Ass-fucking a massive-titted whore a massive-titted whore in its very early teens and in utter agony from a dozen billiard balls up its cunt-sewer was good, very good.  Just make sure you bounced the young fucking cunt about a lot.  And if you had a mate who was an excellent dart-player youll understand why he should have flawless aim you could force the very young cunt up by the hair and have a dozen or so darts right in those firm, fresh, huge target-tits.  Darts with sharp points going deep in the young flesh heres an idea -  how about, before your mate throws them, dipping the points of the darts in a irritant to drive the cunt crazy with pain - deep in the tit-flesh?

Before I tell you about the last very young fucking cunt, you might be interested to know, men, that the Owner investigated the possibility of having the vocal chords of these fucking cunts removed.  Im sure youd have felt the same, men, he couldnt stand the fucking noise of these moronic teenage whores.  However his whore-boys were there before him and in their training sessions meticulously taught their big-titted, very young whores, by inventively brutal motivational techniques, to only gasp, drool and moan, to order.  There wasnt another sound out of the fucking cunts.  The Owner was saved the expense.

The last fucking cunt was a young nigger whore!  So, Im being fucking racist!  Consider this, men, which is worse - pouring acid up a thirteen-year-olds cunt or using the word “nigger”?  This sexy young, huge-titted nigger cunt was a, “Parody Tennis-Player Whore” type quite conventional looking really, massive, basketball-sized, black tits sticking out on view, a tennis racket handy to smash them with.  Followed by punching the nigger cunt right in its thick-lipped nigger baby-face!  Fuck yeah!  Do it fucking hard!  But it was its nigger cunt that was spectacularly deformed by the C.C.D. and it was this that made it spectacularly special.  By means of a clever piece of surgery its internal plumbing was altered youll fucking love this, men, I do so that its shit-hole was connected to its nigger cunt-sewer.  Fuck yeah!  This nigger cunt shat out of its twat!  Fucking revolting.  And it had a drug implant to keep it in a permanent state of diarrhoea. 

Its white, frilled skirt was conveniently short enough for its fucking disgusting, oh-so-young, nigger cunt to be always on display, and delightfully, this massive-titted, young nigger cunt mostly had little lumps of shit squeezing out of its black-lipped hideous cunt-sewer it literally was a sewer.  Watery shit dripping was down its thighs - all the time, and shit nuggets always in the folds of its nigger cunt lips and of course the occasional great fat turd sliding out of it cunt. It couldnt stop shit of whatever consistency, hard, soft, or watery, from falling out of its cunt. Continually, night and day.  On such a young, sweet, obscenely hugely-titted black whore the effect was utterly revolting cock-hardening and totally cunt-hatred inspiring. 

So these six fucking cunts had moved into the Owners house.  Imagine what the sight of the whore-boys working on the original cunt did to these young fucking cunts?  It drove all six huge-titted young twat holders virtually insane with terror, which was fucking, nice, I tell you, men.  Do you know what, men?  As a result all six, after only a few days training, responded with alacrity to the whore-boys every whim.  Wasnt that sweet, men?

Let me explain something about subservience and cunt-hatred, men.  The whore-boys following the hot sixteen-year-old, impossibly handsome, muscular jock boys lead had only to snap their fingers and huge tits would be offered up for them to maul or burn.  A second snap of the fingers and the cunt would bend over and a deformed fuck-hole and a gaping shit-hole would be ready at a convenient height for use in whatever way the hot, nasty whore-boys wanted.  But suppose that for the sake of argument a shit-hole wasnt gaping open sufficiently for a particular boys viewing pleasure.  The boy, as you can imagine, would instantly be in a furious rage and possibly gauge the cunts eye out in response.   Mmm, personally I hope so.  Nice.   Satisfying and cock hardening, I hear you say. 

Oh men!  You have so much to learn,

That sort of anger is justifiable, the weakest and least enjoyable kind.  The fucking cunt was slipping up on its duty if a boy wants a shit-hole fucking gaping then thats what a boy should get, instantly.  If he doesnt, the fucking cunt deserves to lose a fucking eye at least, if not have its fucking tits sliced off. 

But listen.  What if the fucking cunt doesnt deserve it?  What if the fucking cunt hasnt done anything to deserve losing a fucking eye?  This is where the really fucking satisfying and advanced cunt-hatred comes in.  Imagine a young fucking cunt, huge-tits out, revolting cunt-sewer of some sort pleasantly on display and thrusting at you: the cunt is smiling and simpering and you are smiling indulgently at it.  Everything is fine and dandy, the cunt is doing everything right, you couldnt find fault with the cunt if you tried.  Men, youve probably guessed it, that is the moment to fucking smash its face in!  Need I say more?  After you knocked the fucking cunt flying and its unconscious on the floor, throw a bucket of water over the useless slut, drag the piece of fuck-meat up, then holding it by its hair with one hand, punch it tits and face fucking hard with the other. Over and over and over again. Then fuck it senseless, yeah man, ram that rock-hard cock up the half-dead, bleeding and screaming huge-titted cunt, then you simply strangle it to death as you cum up it youve done the moronic fucking cunt an honour, mate.  Honestly if you havent cum up a spasming, big-titted young fucking whore while you are strangling it …. well what can I say?  Anyway after youve had a good cum you just throw the remains away as you would a sperm-filled tissue or a wank-rag.  Now thats what I call a pleasurable fuck.  Are you with me, men?

To continue the story.  The cunt they were destroying first the one weve come to know and loathe was now left hanging from the chandelier almost continually: no attempt was made to tend its wounds any more the more infections, scab and puss the better.  The room was increasingly wrecked the stink and the spunk, piss and blood stained furnishings provided the perfect degenerate setting.  The Owner even encouraged his whore-boys to be creative with spray-cans so the walls of this previously luxurious room were nicely covered with scrawled, obscene graffiti.  The rest of his house remained pristine the new cunts were kept elsewhere and were moved into the stink room when needed.

So, the motorcycle helmet went up the fucking screaming cunt, youll be pleased to hear, men.  Pelvis broken, legs left dangling.  The hot, sixteen year old, muscular jock whore-boy suggested they leave it jammed up there as it looked so cool.  His words not mine.

“So fucking cool, boys!”  It was him who broke the fucking cunts legs.

“Well, they were just hanging there.”  The other whore-boys, who laughed at this, had their cocks up their own revolting young whores, and were, with their cigarettes, each pleasantly burning a massive pair of fucking tits, while the hot, sixteen year old, impossibly handsome, muscular jock whore-boy was working.

The spare young whore (work it out, men) was the maggoty one “China-Doll Whore”.  The hot, sixteen year old muscular, jock whore-boy had had to be warned by the Owner for nearly using up this young fucking cunt on several occasions well, understandable, eh men?  But the Owner did promise him that. “China-Doll Whore” would be the first on the list to be used and destroyed after they had got the maximum agony out of the first one and then had discarded its remains. 

During the leg breaking - not just one fracture, multiple for fucks sake, the hot, handsome sixteen year old and muscle-bulging, jock whore-boy was entitled to enjoy himself - hard to believe this was the same fucking hot, devastatingly handsome whore-boy who a couple of months back was perverted enough to want to be kind to the hanging cunt, but we all make mistakes especially in our youth anyway, during the multiple-fracture leg breaking, “China-Doll Whore” was squirming on the stinking carpet obeying his orders by transferring handfuls of the tiny white crawling maggots from its rotting holes to its face-hole, nose, lips and eyes thousands of maggots crawling over its permanently doll-like face up its nose was particularly cunt-hatred inspiring.  The hot, sixteen year old muscular jock whore-boy made a mental note that he wanted to see all the new young fucking cunts in a maggot bath at some time.  Wonderful to see such total, all consuming cunt-hatred in such a youthful, clean-cut, handsome young man.  He motioned the fucking young maggot cunt over to him and stuck his cock up its shit-hole and was able to lean over and continue his multiple smashing of the hanging cunts legs.

He had a really good cum he reached out with his other hand and yanked the maggotty cunts head up by its blond hair and forced his hand down its fucking throat.

Forcing cunts to vomit had become his favourite recently.  He had discovered something that he really loved.  In fact he became addicted to it.  The Owner had certainly succeeded in creating a cunt-hating bastard out of this gloriously handsome youth.   What the muscular whore-boy liked doing was keeping his hand jammed down a cunts throat after it had vomited repeatedly - until it had expelled even its stomach acid, and then to keep tickling its throat so it retched again and again on an empty stomach!  He found he could do this for hours and never get bored, the torture of the cunt was just fantastic, and so primitive, requiring no special equipment, just a strong young mans hand and arm, the other arm helping to restrain the fucking cunt.  The teeth were no problem, the fucking cunt had no energy to try to bite.  Dry retching was unbelievable agony for the fucking cunt and after a couple of hours or so having its throat tickled and scratched it would be as good as dead.  The impossibly handsome, sixteen-year-old, jock whore-boy would then keep at it, for a whole evening.

“Come on, sweet fucking cunt, be sick for me, come little whore, thats it, lets see that throat and stomach heaving.”  On and on. He fucking loved continuing to make a virtually dead cunt wretch. But of course it wasnt dead, it was just used up for that particular session, it would recover in a week or so. 

But now “China-Doll Whore” was not at that advanced stage, it was vomiting maggots over its huge tits live maggots, maggots never seemed to die on or in this cunt in fact I didnt tell you this, men, sorry, as you know I dont like to omit any details, they bred beautifully in its stomach and guts as well, thousands of the them would be vomited out of its face-hole - anyway, that was a good cue to unleash a nice load up the disgusting, maggotty cunts shit-hole.

The piercings bear man was called in to give some sort of injections to the hanging whore, to keep it alive longer and in fully conscious agony. Remember that, men, as you read on.

Unfortunately the now fucking hideous, half-wrecked, revolting whore had, over the last few days, used up it vocal chords completely no more screams shame.  But since the other six cunts had now been told that everything that was being done to this fucking cunt and worse would, in the end, be done to them their screams of terror while being present at the entertaining use of the original fucking cunt more than made up for it.

So what did the Owners hot whore-boys do to the young, big-titted fucking cunt hanging from the chandelier?  What didnt they do to it, rather.  Using syringes designed for use on horses, they injected its huge tits with toilet cleaner and did this on a daily basis varying the brand and type.  You should have seen the boys mauling their other, individually provided gigantic tits and reminding their own cunts that it would all be done to them eventually.  This in itself was so enjoyably vicious.  Our cocks love it when we play with the fucking cunts pea-sized minds, dont they, men?  The boys joked with each other about the brand of toilet cleaner they would use “Parazone?  Toilet Duck?  Harpic?  Which type will you use in your tits, mate?” 

Naturally the whore-boys made no reference to the cunts identity its tits and holes belonged to them totally - to do with as they pleased.  The holder of the tits, cunt, shit and face-hole was irrelevant full stop!  These tits and holes were in the same category as any other belongings the boys might own.  So they referred to the tits, cunt-holes, shit-holes, face-holes, etc as their own property.  For example, “Are you going to inject the toilet cleaner very slowly into your big tits?  I think Ill inject battery acid slowly into one of my tits, and bleach fast into the other.  I want to see which of my tits gets eaten from the inside first and which speed gets the most reaction from the fucking cunt.”

“Hey, thats a great idea.  I think Ill try that with my tits.”  You get the picture.  The grammar can be confusing at first, I agree.

Well, enough of the future.  Back to the present.  Actually they poured battery acid up the hanging cunts shit-hole. The had it on the floor upside down for convenience of pouring, had to be careful with the acid, didnt want any of the whore-boys getting burned.  They had fun holding its legs while it screamed and squirmed in fucking agony. These legs were floppy, disjointed broken things remember that provided a source of great fun by themselves, lots of individually broken bones to grind together, plus dont forget the motorcycle helmet up its twat. They flushed out the acid with piss fresh and stored after about an hour or so, they didnt want the cunt to die today.

Another day they also had fun nailing its hands theyd wanted to do this from the very beginning if you remember, men.  Each finger was hammered in separately to small boards so the cunt could wave them about in agony. This actually was quite skilfully done, think about it. Then they prized each finger off with a claw hammer before smashing the hands to a bloody pulp.  Mmm, so good.  “Fuck yeah, mate!  Hit them harder than that.”  They considered hacking them off the end of its arms but thought the whore would bleed to death too soon, so didnt.

They pulled out is teeth using ordinary workmans pliers horribly messy and the resulting whore-face-hole was fucking ugly, but it was necessary of course couldnt miss out on such a primitive and satisfying form of torture.  All the time they could have their cocks up their own big-titted, screaming whores, which was wonderfully convenient.  Electrocution for days at a time, as you would expect.  Shit shovelled down its throat - dog-shit, horse-shit, anything basically, washed down with stale cum originally from the whore-boys, which the six cunts had been instructed to collect from their own cunts, shit-holes and mouths.  Smegma stale cum that collects under foreskins - was carefully removed by one of the six cunts “Slutty Street Whore” I think, every morning and then when enough was gathered it was carefully stuffed up the hanging cunts nose, blocking both nostrils with solidified, stale cum nice touch the cunt couldnt breathe and when it could it was deeply inhaling the stink of weeks old stale cum straight into its lungs.  Delicious.  Forced vomiting and re-eating the vomit hour after hour naturally, but this was really fun.

The stink room was like the set for a horror film now, except that the agony, blood and guts were real.

One day, the youngest, cutest of the whore-boys remember him, men? took a break from the relatively mild torturing of his own, very young, huge-titted fucking cunt he owned the “Cunt-Dartboard” (the Owner wanted them to think of themselves as “owning” their fucking cunts) and was already proud of his skill at lobbing billiard balls in its cunt-hole and scoring bulls-eyes on its massive tit targets - with barbed darts dipped in a marvellously concentrated irritant - so painful for the huge-titted, fucking stupid whore anyway he somehow acquired a sledge-hammer which actually he could barely lift he had asked permission it was granted to smash the hanging cunts feet.  The loathsome, massive-titted, fucking young cunt still with a motorcycle helmet jammed up it fuck-hole, and smashed hands, was lowered enough for the feet to be conveniently flat on the floor.  He set to work.  This was great.  As with the hands the crunching of all those small bones was terrific and the pain … mmm … really good.   Plus it terrified the shit out of the six other massive-titted whores literally, fucking shit pouring out of the cunts.  Utterly disgusting, mmm, nice. 

It was particularly revolting to watch the massive-titted, young nigger, “Tennis-Player Whore” which because of its total terror - had even more shit pouring out of its hideous twat.  This fucking revolting massive-titted, young, nigger-whore had the added interest of utterly loathing, despising and hating its own fucking twat as well.  It couldnt stand what had been done to its slit and shit-hole by the C.C.D. and as a result was half-insane with self-hatred and self-disgust and particularly as it was a fucking nigger for the boys, it made verbal abuse of this huge-titted, revolting young black whore even more satisfying it always eagerly agreed with the boys!  It was convinced of its status as a piece of fuck-meat-toilet-paper on three levels, one, it was a fucking cunt, two, it was a fucking nigger and three, it had stinking shit constantly pouring out of its black twat!

Interestingly, “China-Doll Whore” was actually proud of its maggoty cunt, as was the original fucking cunt with its virulent cunt diseases, scabs and boils.  “China-Doll Whore” exactly the same as the original fucking cunt, would be showing off its crawling, maggot-covered fuck and shit-holes as if it was a tremendous personal achievement - it made punching the maggotty whore really hard right in the fucking face a real pleasure.

The nasty eighteen year old thoroughly enjoyed burning cunts now, it was his favourite pastime.  He wanted to burn off the dangling cunts smashed hands and feet. So naturally the Owner didnt want to get in the way of such a laudable desire.  A propane torch was provided by the piercings bear man and that nasty hot eighteen-year-old whore-boy achieved his ambition.  He had such fun Im glad to say.  To provide extra stimulation for hard cocks the six young huge tit holders were all lied to  - very formally by the Owner they were told that their massive tits were next for the blowtorch that day.  Their mindless terror made for a great fuck for all the whore-boys.  After all they were watching a cunt have its hands and feet burned off.  It was a horrible smell but the feel of an utterly terrified cunt squirming on your cock cant be beat especially young cunts like these with fucking massive, basket-ball sized tits.

The hanging fucking cunt was now minus hands and feet but still with a cycle-helmet jammed up its twat.  It remained in state of almost permanent agony but surprisingly it still orgasmed over and over just at the sight of a hard cock.  What was left of this thirteen-year-old massive titted fucking whores twat-hole juddered and spasmed almost threatening to expel the cycle-helmet the fucking cunt didnt know if it was in agony or ecstasy.  The whore-boys as a team had got their cunt-hatred honed to a fine art.  There was nothing they wouldnt do to any cunt the only limitation was making them last not using them up too quickly.

One thing however, they knew they would want to save till last with the hanging cunt - was its eyes it had to see hard cocks they realised and why deny the dying whore this joy.  It was achieving everything it desired total agony for the sake of hard cocks. 

For the last few weeks of the hanging cunts totally fulfilled existence the whore-boys developed a comfortable routine of several hours hard “cunt-loathing” fucking and inventive pain-creation in the stink room followed by a couple of hours of oiled-hole service for the Owner.  They were so good-humoured and cooperative, genuinely enjoying their increasingly filthy boy-whore work for the Owner he could hardly believe his luck.   The whore-boys were swapping spunk, and piss and holding shit-logs in their hot, whore-boy mouth-holes and much, much more disgusting stuff all with good humour and total commitment.

The Owner called a meeting of the boys minus the six fucking cunts, it was to consider how were they going to finish off the hanging cunt?  Various schemes were discussed and rejected.  The hot, muscular, impossibly handsome, sixteen year old jock whore-boy wanted the boys just to trample it to death, but surprisingly given his leadership role it was thought that they could do a milder version of that to their individual cock-hole cunts anyway and that something more spectacular could be done with the hanging cunt.

Exploding tits - which would then continue to burn, until the whore was used up.  What do you think, men?  Will that fit the bill?  The whore-boys certainly thought it was a great idea.  But in case you dont, I just want to say Im truly sorry if any of my superior, filthy minded readers with their dirty, big, luscious, hard cocks in their hands think its rather a predictable, tame ending for our well-known and fucking loathsome massive-titted young cunt.  Write your own fucking story.  God, I wish I had you here I stick my hand down your throat till you vomited and then youd have to eat it, then vomit again and eat that, mixed with a my recent shit! 

That said the piercings bear man was called in for his expertise and after a few days research he had the solution.  Quite simple really he delicately opened each massive tit from the side, inserted miniature packed explosives plus radio controlled ignition devices and sewed the tits up in he didnt need to be neat or sanitary, in fact the sixteen year old hot jock whore-boy had a brilliant idea, more than redeeming his reputation after his rather tame suggestion for trampling the whore to death he wanted to bloat the cunts toilet cleaner eaten tits from the inside with packed shit he really did hate fucking cunts with the most extraordinary loathing, it was nothing short of beautiful so loads of fresh and stored shit, dog-shit too, were packed and stuffed into those already massive tits.  The skin looked as if it would burst.  To be exact the tits were bloated to fucking inhuman proportions each shit-packed tit projected two feet from the ruined thirteen-year-old body.

So with the addition of a not too strong acid up its shit-hole to keep it in agony but alive the cunt was left hanging for a few days with shit-and-explosive-packed gigantic tits until the day came for the occasion.  Timing was everything here, because the fucking cunt might die on them any day and spoil the moment fucking selfish whore.

The whore-boys were told that in honour of the exploding tits they were allowed to be extra-specially violent to their own massive-titted whores.  The nasty eighteen year old who enjoyed burning whores besides cigarettes he had several lighters, candles and mini-blowtorch handy, he was all ready to have fun with his own, young whores massive tits.  The oh so cute, youngest whore-boy who loved smashing cunts bones was allowed to break his cunts fingers, all of them he was going to do it slowly and with his hands this time.  The sixteen-year-old hot, impossibly handsome, bulging-muscled, jock whore-boy was going to stuff dog-shit decayed, rotting dog-shit infested with worms, of course, down the throat of his own, young maggoty whore plus he was going to strangle his fucking cunt, well, half-strangle it - if he could control himself that is, which would take some doing as his hatred for fucking cunts was all-consuming.  Actually the thought of what he wanted to do next would help him not go to far, because after forcing it to eat maggoty shit and then strangling it, he would then make it vomit for fucking hours and hours I told you, men, he never tired of this.  If the fucking cunt eventually stopped responding to throat tickling because it was half-dead, a glass of ordinary salt water poured down the throat, even of a whore that had been retching for three hours would make it vomit again.  The muscular, sixteen-year-old, impossibly handsome jock whore-boy knew all the tricks.  The other three boys decided respectively on tit whipping, skewering the tits and destroying the shit-hole with a spiked dildo.

Surprisingly the Owner wasnt going to be present for the exploding tits: he gave the task of firing the explosives to the piercings bear man and he contented himself with a last word to the fucking cunt.

“Its been an experience, cunt.”  He was holding his nose, the stink room wasnt for him. This appalling smell and utterly degenerate ambience, however was great for the whore-boys since it made them hate the cunts with more vigour.

The cunt couldnt speak wrecked mouth and throat but its eyes spoke volumes forgive the literary cliché, a rare lapse in my usually impeccable style: it was so grateful.

“I just want you to know, before we finish with you and throw your remains out with the garbage, you fucking cunt …” he paused for effect, “that never once, since I found you on the doorstep, in the whole six months since youve been here, not once, not for a single second, have you given me a hardon.”  The cunts eyes were as wide as saucers Jesus, another literary cliché, Im losing my grip, but then this is a long story.  “Ok, the sight of the boys using you has made me hard, but you, with your revolting massive and now shit-filled tits, not forgetting your hideous, diseased-cunt,” … he paused to pick up a hammer and ram the motorcycle helmet up further inside it … “cunt, you have never turned me on in the least.”

He looked into the fucking cunts tear-filled eyes.

“Id be more turned on by a rotting chicken.”

The Owner called the boys in and let them enjoy themselves.  After the explosion, which tore the gigantic tits apart wow! this was messy - it hung burning for several enjoyable hours in unbelievable agony, it had, as you remember, men, been given an injection to keep it conscious..  The six, big-titted hole providers were insane with terror and obviously, as you would guess,  the whore-boys and Owner lied to them telling them it was going to happen to them - that very day.  They always believed them, their treatment hardly let them to think otherwise.

So, the fucking cunt died, as the Owner had decided all those months ago - in terrible and prolonged agony this was very successful and a credit to all concerned.  The fucking cunt itself was unfulfilled, broken-hearted and aware that it had singularly failed to achieve its essence.  I know you are with me, men.  Why should a fucking cunt be allowed to succeed at anything, particularly the exquisite honour and privilege of knowing it made us men get hard.  It was just a fucking cunt.  Fuck yeah! 

The Eric Boss credo - total despair and more and more pain for all fucking cunts. 

Email me with your fucking filthy comments please, I really need it.  Im going to quote a couple of comments from fans in order to encourage you. An appreciative but nevertheless fucking male wimp emailed me the message “After reading your story I feel like a total fuck-pig.”  You see, it encourages me to know Im doing some good in the world.  Another example, a fucking cunt emailed me offering to be an “it” for me to use as an ashtray etc.  Unfortunately we live on different sides of the world, however I did send it a series of vivid instructions about what it could do with its revolting huge tits and stinking sewer.  I am really humbled to know that I can be of service.  Tell me more, you filthy fuckers!

I was going to say that this is a plea from the heart, but its a plea from a hard cock, which is much more important.

End of story.

Sorry men, that this has been so long getting to you I cant devote as much time as I would like to fucking filthy masturbatory sex.  So, what am I going to write next for you?  I want to try my hand at a totally gay piece.  A training school for whore-boys who are regularly tortured and prepared for a short life of unbelievably disgusting behaviour and unutterable pain.  Oh alright, Ill have a few fucking cunts hanging from the surrounding walls in agony, just to prove my heterosexual credibility but really its just hot boys boiling in oil and providing hungry perverts like me and you with ever more disgusting excitement.  It will be fucking gross, I wouldnt read it if I were you.  E.B.

By the way, when are some of my fans going to contribute so-called “reviews” of my stories to counteract the nonsense written by cunts who probably didnt bother to read the whole story anyway?  Come on, this  negative stuff written about my work besides being embarrassing its probably putting potential hard wanking fans off - be generous, I need to corrupt more of you.  (I refer idiots to the disclaimer at the start of this opus.)  E.B.

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