BDSM Library - Breast Work: My tits love wire brushes

Breast Work: My tits love wire brushes

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Synopsis: A young woman returns from work after using her tits to tantalize the men. It's all part of a design to have her breasts tormented in a unique way, a totally demented alteration of them.

There was no avoiding  seeing them and he knew  I couldn't avoid seeing them. They were right there on the  table when I walked in the front door after work. Each was four inches wide and  9 inches long and the hundreds of tiny  tips  sparkled in the lamplight. They glinted because he'd used the grinder on them while he waited for me. I almost went weak at the knees when I saw the big, blocky wire brushes. There was a hand lettered card next to them. It  said :  We've been waiting for the slut's tits.

   My Darling  had finally done it. We had graduated from clothespins and clover clamps and I'd begged him to be  really rough with my tits and nipples. He promised me  something special when I least expected it. The  actual word  he used was "Monstrous".  His voice came from the bedroom:

   "Read the back of the card".

My fingers were trembling as I  turned it over. The message was just like  him, clear, direct and unequivocal. It was no secret between us that  breast and  nipple  discipline    excited both of us. In fact, it  had become our chief turnon.

   It read simply:   I am going to remove the outer skin from your breasts. Your nipples will come later. I am going to take all night to do it. You will sit with your arms behind you and allow me to flay them. We have agreed that there will be no safe-word tonight. Whether or not you will be allowed to cum is up to me. Expect  nothing. Except repeated opportunities to suck me off. You may feel free to wail as you     like. Your throat will be sore enough by morning from the fucking it will get from me.

    I felt him move behind me, lifting my  sweater and  unhooking my  demi cup bra. Then he tightened  it's shoulder straps for the maximum uplift, giving me the cleavage  he loves. My tits were almost  on a plane with my collarbones by the time he was done and had refastened   my bra strap. I looked like and felt like a street whore and I  could tell he loved that. The slutty look gets   him so hard and I love to be like this for him.

    He told me  he was going to work on the  tops of my tits and what cleavage  the brushes could reach, and that would be first. He told me I should share this love session with you here.  By daybreak my juices had pooled beneath the slatted chair where I sat for hours.  I was kind of a gibbering, mindless "thing", unfulfilled and almost insane with   need and my tits were raw and on fire. And the intensity was about to increase.

It was six in the evening and I marveled at  the endurance he would have to  muster to spend  at least the  next 12 hours punishing me.  It would be a full half-day or more. And he would  spend it all    disciplining  my tits. It would be for his pleasure and my agony and pleasure too. He  walked me to the  garage. It was a better place than a bedroom to do what we had to do. All the way he was talking to me.

        "You  acted like a slut today, didn't you. Just the way you said you would this morning. You showed off your tits to those 

           men at the office. Jiggled them around.  Unbuttoned too many buttons on  your blouse. Made them  get   turned on by

           you. You knew if you    were a    slut  you'd have earned  the right to  have these  tits punished. Didn't you!'

And i could only nod.  YES!  He told me how he would be my   punisher. How I would be paid back for all the frustrations I caused those men. He kept on.

        " You wanted to show  those men tits like you're wearing right now, didn't you. Hoisted up like only a whore would do. Your bra so  tight your tits are almost   spilling out of it. Cleavage to make their  mouths turn dry. You wanted them to run their hands over you like this. Don't  try to lie to me."

He clawed his nails over the rock hard surfaces of my exposed tits. They were held together so  tightly in the confines of the little demi bra they were like an offering to him. Their cleavage was compressed into a long, hard line. I shuddered at  his touch. And he pressed me into the chair that  would hold me for the next  half day. It had a slatted, open bottom and no arms. It's back was straight and hard.  I was naked except for the shred of a black bra.

   He turned and was about to  go back when he stopped. 

              "Tell me one more time.  What is it you want more than anything else?"

   The words came out of me in a gasp.

               "Hurt them. Hurt  them real bad. Punish my slut tits   till they can't take it any more.  Please"

                "Alright then, " he told me. " Hold your  hands together   in front of you. Between  your legs. Clasp your hands together. Hold those tits up higher between your elbows. I want to see you displaying them for me. Wait now."

When he came back he held a brush in each hand. He  normally used them to remove paint. Now he  would modify my tits with them. He was true to his word. He would remove all  the outer skin from each globe. He would drive me wild with the painfull arousal. And  I would not be able to orgasm for a long, long time.

     I felt  the    stiff bristles lightly pass over the tops of my tits.  How long   could I last before I broke down? Before I fell apart and pulled away from him?

   The bristles stung as he dragged  them across and over my tits. His voice was very intense.

         "I've hurt you before, more often than you can count. Your tits always recovered. I'm not so sure about now. I'm going to send you places you've never imagined. Your  titmeat is  about to  put you in a world beyond   belief. I'm going to savage these tits in ways you've never even read about."

     I whimpered to him.

     "Please Darling!  Make me cry for you."

  I could  feel my juices start oozing onto the chair seat.

          "Keep your eyes wide open  slutty girl. I want you to see what every man you  seduced today would want to be doing now."

He was going to  keep taunting me while he worked on my tits.

"Sit up straighter and lean forward,  girl. Show me how badly you want it."

He was holding a wire brush in each hand   just above my   captive tits. He wanted me to push my breasts into the wires and move my chest around on them. I was supposed to  torture my own breasts. And I was crazy for it. I took a breath and  leaned into his hands. I couldn't hold in my emotions any longer.

"Ahhhhhhhh. Oh GOD.  Yessssssss......"

I writhed against him. I rolled my shoulders   side to side.  The delicious warmth of the scraping wires sent tingles to my brain and back to my pussy. My clit was begging to be  rubbed.

  "Don't you cum.   DON'T you dare fucking cum. You teasing slut. You wanted this  like the little whore you are."

He started at my chest wall and   rubbed the  brushes down to where my  bra   barely covered  my aureolae. He was methodical. I tried to count but it was too much. Thirty.... forty strokes? Maybe it was fifty. I couldn't take my eyes off his as he worked me.  It was facinating to watch his eyes and the thin sheen of sweat on  his upper lip. And  then I looked down.

"Ohhhhhh. What you've DONE to me.  My POOR  tits!!!"

The portions of my tits that he'd jerked upward in my bra were etched with hundreds of   tiny red lines. Some  were white. Most of the terrible scratch marks were in multiples so the skin of my tits was slightly shredded. Not very deep. Yet.

"You were made to look like this, slutty girl. And I'm just  beginning".

  It was hard concentrating now. I realized what the sharpened  wires were doing to my  tit flesh when I saw the edges of my bra cups. They had sunk into my  skin when he yanked the bra so tight. But the pressure he was putting on the brushes had frayed the black cloth. The satin was in tatters.

  He began again with lateral strokes. The nerve endings on my titskin  screamed.   I cried out. I HAD  to.

"Oh   Baby. You hurt me  so  GOOD. Make your  slut suffer. Ohhh  god.  ohhhhhh  I've been so  bad. My  tits have been so bad. Do.... do... oh please... pleasepleasepleeeeeeeease... do  EVERYTHING to them".

   Time stopped for me. Nothing mattered. Nothing except that his hands and those wicked brushes never seemed to stop moving. They stroked and caressed. They   tore and gouged at my titskin. The  harsh   wires gave me painful kisses. They  took me to a slut's heaven. Oh my god, how I  needed to cum.

"Pleeeeeeease Darling, let me cum. Let me. lemmmme  cum. It's been so long now. You've put my tits through so much. Isn't it  enough you can let me cum now.  Pleeeeease? Just let me get off for a little relief before you go on. Won't you?"

   He gave me no quarter. No simple mercy. Not even ONE mercy cum. He explained to me.

"What about those men at work? Did you think they might've wanted to   cum when you  displayed your tits to them? Did you think about THEIR needs? No.   We have to strip away the skin on  the sides and  underneath these slut tits.  Then, there're the nipples to consider. No cumming for you, sluttygirl"

   I must have slid into subspace  because he slapped me. Told me it was midnight. He'd cut away my bra straps, shoulders and back, and I was holding my  juggs up by the nipples. I started to focus on the  unreal. Until I realized he'd moved a full-length mirror a few feet away so I could see  ...myself?  By my nipples alone, I was holding up two large bags of breast  meat. That's all I can call it.   Meat!   He'd called them "Fuckbags".  It was  so swollen from   the chest I knew,  I didn't recognize myself.  I was like a sadistic cartoon, two  cups larger than a few hours before.  Maybe three sizes. Red, slippery from fluids and completely without skin. There was no  protective layer and every inch of them  burned FIRE. My tits wept a clear liquid that was trying to bathe them with something soothing. It didn't work. I was sobbing in agony.. But it was pleasure too. Lord, it was pleasure. And i could hear him.

"Don't cum. Don't you cum  you Fucking Slut. You   don't deserve it. I'm gonna  make em another cup size bigger. GOT THAT?   Bigger. Show me  you   love me before we  work on your nipples." And I could  see what he was going to scrape them with. The edge of the  Exacto knife on the table. His  fingernails dug into my earlobes as he guided my  open mouth to his cock. No finesse.  Nothing  gentle. He  just  stuffed half it's length into the back of my throat.

   I tried to scream when  the  hair on his thighs rubbed  my naked tits. All I could get out was a gurgle. Anyone nearby would have heard warbling wails when he pulled out long enough for me to  breathe.

   The way he savaged my face with his  cock, I could barely  tell it was good for him. He was planning something:

      "Oh, I almost forgot. It wasn't just men you teased with  your slutty tits today. Remember how you introduced me to Ann from H and R  at the company party?   Turns out  she's very taken with you. I had a  little phone chat with her this evening  when you were drifting in your  world of pleasure-pain. It seems   she likes what I like. And sometimes what YOU like.  She'll be over at 4  a.m.   She's bringing two kinds of saw blades. We'll have to leave your nipple "work" unfinished  til then. Ann  says she's very 'interested' in helping us accomplish our goal."

  I was immediately attentive and breathing hard. ANN!!!  "Ohhhh Ann".

I was the office  Hottie. She was the  classy one. Cool, witty, Miss Universe  legs. Beautiful in a  slightly overdone way. Her lips were a little too full, Her tits too big but she always  encased them in bras that kept them from  jiggling.  I was in awe of her and so were most of the others. Now  she was coming here, To help him.  To hurt  me. His voice brought me  around.

     "We've still got a couple of  hours and I'm not wasting them. Look  over those clips you bought at the hardware store."

He'd sent me out weeks before to  find alligator clips to use on me. I was supposed to  find   eight that I could 'manage". And another eight that were too rough for me. It was up to me to figure out which was which.

I put on  a  top with a wide elastic, scoop neck and drove to  the old fashioned hardware store. I told the clerk what I wanted and he took me to the aisle. I tested some on my fingers but it wasn't right. Finally I just  asked him if there was some place  I could "try them on". He didn't understand, of course.   I   had to tell him they were for my "chest"  and it was a kind of  game I played. He still didn't get it but  left me alone in the office. I pulled my blouse down. I knew right away which were right and which were wrong. I bought  the sixteen. Now  I'm here in the garage, my tits   with all their  skin removed, oozing   fluids that make them slick and they're burning from the salty  mancum on them.

   "These are the one's  I won't be able to  stand."  I pointed. And he told me.

    "Take the  easy one's and  thrown them in that  wastebasket.  We'll use the  hard ones on your nipples." I almost screamed. I   knew how  they felt.  The "wrong" ones were bigger than the others, had  a stronger spring and sharper teeth. They were long and skinny too so  they could hold a lot of nipple meat in their jaws.

  "You Cant." I said.

  " I can and I WILL.  Stick your tits out for me.  Hold them up.  Wait!    Dip  your hands in this brine  solution first."

I cried out but I  did it. The pain turned me on so much. It was  just  .....Incredible. He called me a sick bitch and I knew I was. My hands were shaking as he  fastened  two clips on the tip of each  nipple. Just on the  very tips. They barely connected, only taking in the tiniest bit of flesh. He watched me  squirm,  Then heard me  squeal as he ripped  them off. All  four at once, two gathered in each hand.  It was just a test to see how resilient my nipples were. Now he  put four on each and  ripped them off again. I started to  sob. He ignored me, except to  say.

   "Like it,  don't you  slut. These nipples will take a lot. They're more  rubbery than I thought. You must be  really turned on by now. They're getting bigger too. Look how they expand as we torture them."

  And they were.  Through my  hazy eyes I could see they were a half inch longer and  wider too. My God, how they responded to him.


He'd  torn the clips off again.  He could see me trying to rub my highs together on my  clit.

   " You     whore !  If i catch you trying to cum  again I'll take  you out on the street and leave you there. You'll get no more pleasure from me  tonight."

  All I could  do was  whimper as he applied, then wrenched the  cruel clips from the ends of my nipples. He must have done it a hundred times or more. And  OH  how I wanted it  to continue. To never stop. If  only he'd let me cum.

There must be a limit to how much a girl's tits and nipples can endure. He was going to find it. I... I wanted him to. I know that makes me some kind of painslut and I know I am.

  It went on and on and ON. He was tearing tiny bits of girl meat from my nipple ends  The brutal sensations were    transporting me in a whirlwind of  sensation. There was a hot fire burning  all across my breasts. It lanced inward from my  nipple ends. My pussy was dripping  and I could tell the fluids were  running through the slats in the chair seat. It gathered in a pan on the floor.I could tell my nipples still had sensation in them when a burst of pain-energy lit them on fire. It forced me to screech out   wordless sounds. I was like an animal. Like a sex animal being  hurt in deviant love-play.

   Someone else had come into the room.  I heard  his voice.

     "Hello  Ann. Have you ever seen tits like these?"

There was a metallic clank as something was set on the floor. Then a woman's voice, silky, smoky.

     " She really is a slut, isn't she. I knew she was begging for something like this, the way she acted today.  I've brought everything we talked about.  Let's use them on her. The stationary blades with the bigger teeth will fit perfectly at the backs of  her nipples. You haven't let her cum yet, have you?  No, of course not. You've  done beautiful work here, from what I can see left of her bra. Did you know you missed a spot? Right here.  Down in her cleavage.  I'll take care of it."

   This beautiful woman lowered two of the loveliest long nails I've ever seen deep  into the cleft between my tits.I felt  a stabbing piercing.  When they emerged they were gripping a piece of me. It might have been the cruelest, sexiest   thing I've ever seen. She was twisting it around into  almost a complete rotation.  There was a moan to  her voice as  she talked to him.

    " Keep working her nipples while  I attend to this.  I've never  seen a woman so totally turned on without orgasming. She's amazing. We  can't finish this in just a few hours.  Is the rest of your weekend free?"

They'd been on the shelves at the hardware store. He told me to find something I knew I never, ever, could stand to be used on my tits and bring it home. He said he just wanted to  see what  I thought my limits were. They were something the clerk told me could be used to pick up   small things off  the floor. There was a two  foot long  flexible handle, kind of like a cable. There was a button on one end, and when you pressed it these four  prongs pushed out of the other end and opened up like  yawning mouth. The prongs were thin and flat and sharp. When you  released the button the prongs came together, capturing whatever was in it's jaws and dragging it inside the little opening on the end.  I tenatively tried one on  my  left nipple in the store after I popped a button on my blouse.  I  just  couldnt take it.    I bought two of them  to take home.

    Now here he was, taking them out of the cabinet and showing them to  Ann and talking about me like I'm not even There!

  "These are what I told you about on the phone, when you mentioned  your saw blades. Our  tit slut here doesn't think she can handle them. Too harsh for her.  I'll put   em right on the tips of her juggs. The teeth'll bite deep into  her nip meat and almost cut though it. Then it'll drag it  back into that little space, nerve endings and all.  She'll go out of her head. You've never seen a girl get  hot like she does. She'll be like a maniac."

   Ann looked  as if she'd need convincing. She knew about  tenderness and sensitivity in  breasts and nipples.

"If she doesn't think she can  hold up under your pinchers..and she DOES  manage to, I'll give her the other end of the nipple treatment. We'll see how cum-crazy she is  then. We might have to strap her down."

   I watched in shock as  Ann   used two weird looking clamps to fasten a pair of  circular-saw blades to the edge of a  table that  was brought up close to my tits. The  height was adjusted so the  fangs on the blades were about even with my nipples. Then a bunch of things happened so fast I couldn't follow them.

     Ann took me by the earlobes  and turned my face close to hers. I could smell her sweet breath.She ran her tongue over my lips.

"This is from your friend at the office. You know, N.   I just left her. She knows what  I'm going to do to you this morning. She  begged me  to give you ....this."

     This beautiful woman bit my   lower lip. It was pouty to begin with but she just savaged  it with her teeth. She pulled the tender flesh out and moved her head side to side. I knew then that  I loved her.

    Ann kind of took over. She hooked the opened hardware store pinchers onto the extreme ends of my nipples. She let go of the buttons and the blade-jaws took the  last quarter inch of my nipples into their grasp and pulled the  bunched-up bits of  meat toward the opening the blades had  emerged from. My poor nipples didn't want to go there ... they had no choice. But the openings were too small and my  nip flesh  spread out around the rim of the opening. The blade-teeth kept tugging at  my meat. The spring was really strong. I didn't even know how I reacted.My sex juices flowed  through the slatted chair seat and into the bowl underneath.


    Ann..she was the  PainGiver to me  now.. moved the table edge right under my nipples.  Ann handed over the two  tools to him.  He pulled the pincher-cables up and out. My nipples  rose and three inches. The circular saw blades were right under the place where my aureolas ended and the white of my breasts began. Still stretched out, He pulled  the tools on the ends of my slutty nipples DOWN onto the blades.

    Ann was fast. A curved  pruning saw blade appeared in her hands. It was three feet long and had some kind of crosscut teeth that  snaggled in two directions, every other tooth. Used this way it didn't cut. It Pierced!  She pressed it down into my udders  just  back from the   other blades  underneath.

    He was straight in front of me,  Ann was at my back. He was pulling the nipple-end pincers out and down. She  was  pushing the tree saw forward and backward like a side scraper.  I  knew I was  wailing then. A whole series of little cries that didn't make any sense but I had to express  "something."

" No...mmmmm...eeeeeeeeeeeyesssss    ONMYLORDD... yesssss..YESSSS...MY titties......."

   Every  millimeter of skin  covering my tits had been scraped away. Dragged Raw!  My juggs were terribly swollen and swelling even bigger.  I was carrying two  slabs of   fire on my chest. At the ends of each were some of the most sensitive  flesh on my body and  they were being raped by steel  tools. YES... it was nipple fucking. They were being  penetrated and punctured by implements never intended for this. For the  sheer pleasure of a man and woman.  And  for the incredible  agony... and pleasure too... of this woman who put herself in their hands. No one outside the door would every believe what was going on in here.  All these things were running through my mind in a whirl of disjointed  thoughts....reactions. But I was having flashes of being somewhere far away and looking back at myself in the mirror, now moved to my side. They were seeing something else, I guess. I could barely  hear their voices. His.

"The whore is close to breaking. But she's fooled me before.  She comes back for  more. See if  you can make those blades meet in the middle of her nipples. I'll pull harder on my end. I can get another inch or two out of these  nipples."

   And Hers.

"You forget I'm an expert in    tits.  You'll get three inches or more out of them. WORK AT IT! Let's get her nerve endings exposed. Nipples. GOD, look how long they are when you stretch them like that. Give me the Exacto knife! I'll  strip down these nips."

  I howled and tried to cum. He slapped me hard three or four times.

"You cum and  it's over, bitch. No more fun. We leave your tits alone. We tie you up and leave you here and she and I go in  the bedroom and  fuck each other half to death. We leave the door open so you can hear us."

I whimpered and pleaded with them to keep going til they were pleased with me. I sobbed in submission. Ann began  scraping the edge of the knife along the hard, extended...Ohhhhhh so extended..tops and sides and bottoms of my nipples. A breath of air on them was like molten lead.

P....p...leeeeeeeeeeeeease. i'm a teasing tit whore....and..... and..."

Ann went back to acting like  I wasn't even there. Just a piece of meat.   Meat to be hurt.

  "I brought the horsehair gloves in my bag.  I left them out in the rain and sun for a month in case I needed  them for something like this.  I've got a larger pair for you.  Between us we can do something to her I've never managed with a  woman before.  We'll go after her milk glands. They're so damned slippery, protected by the meat of these big tits. Tits you've been making bigger. This girl's more than an E cup now. You like them  BIG, don't  you! Well,  we get to  her milk glands, you'll see  big tits. You'll  go crazy  over them."

I could only see him through  teary eyes. And they barely focused now.  I had never seen a man  so excited. His lovely cock projected out of his   pants.

     " You're  incredible, Ann!  Her  fucking  milk glands. We can crack them. The slut would like to have them torn.  Maybe we can mash them."

I was trembling out of control. What defense  do  two poor  breasts  have against four strong hands in hard gloves. And they were about to take on one breast at a time. I clasped my hands down in front of my pussy. I wanted to touch it  so bad. But  I wrung my hands together so my  elbows pushed my tits up higher for them. They were shiny with sweat. Sweat and the clear fluids that almost poured out of their wretched skinless surface.

And then it was so  quiet.  I should have known.  I mean, the way I was displaying my tits for them. I was like a mute challenge. I heard somebody say it.


And the other voice.

   "Yes. TEN. Ten of the hardest you can. The razor strop has a lot of oil in it. It'll swing well.  TEN.  Let me see how deeply you can  bruise them. Right down to her rib cage. Hit her arms too."

He had the  leather in  his right hand. I pushed my tits out higher, farther.


My whole  torso jerked down. My head  fell forward. She pulled it back by my hair. Brutally. He striped my tits again. and again. The  edges of the  lash  raised ridges in my raw titmeat. It tore away  tiny  layers of me. I screeched.

"MORE.....   MORE GODDAMMIT..lash my  whoretits. Hurt  them for the men  I teased ....I  taunted today. My tits  have to.... have to..... Ohhhh pleasetheyhavetohaveit."

Nobody spoke.  Ten. Done. I was  hiccuping sounds I couldnt understand. Every muscle was rigid. I was almost catatonic with need. I could only whisper.

"cum..... please let me cum. I'll do anything. You take me up here and you leave me and you keep raising   the cruelty and my tits have taken  everything you have and you WON'T LET ME  CUMMMMMMM." His voice was very close to me.

"You know, Ann, once we've  done her  milk glands maybe  we should let her get off.   It could be exciting to witness.  Let's think about  it. Now  give me those gloves."

     A steel wool-like surface covered  just the palms and fingers, up to the first joint. The  leather itself looked dried, cracked and old. I could almost feel it on my skin. And my skin, what was left of it, crawled.  Her gloves were different than  his.  Ann's were left open at finger and thumb tips. Her curving, inch long  nails were right there, carefully manicured  in a  dark red polish that looked  so fresh I could almost smell it.  They were all  filed to points.  I couldn't stop looking at them. And wondering what they could do.  To  me.  To my tits that they both  loved working over with a clinical ferocity. If it was clinical, I was their little lab rabbit.

She wanted to tell me about  her gloves.

    "Look at your  tits, slutty girl.  They don't have any protective  covering  any more. Your  surface  nerves are  right out here for the  touching.  Do you know what he told me on the phone he was going to do to you? He said he was going to "exfoliate" your tits.  I'd call that  clinical.  You are like his  science lab experiment.

These  gloves will be  very hard on you at first. After a little while the dry old leather will  soak up these  fluids your  breasts are putting out. It's sort of a saline  bath, wouldn't you say?  It means  your body is making a frantic attempt to put  slick surface on these dirty tits.  So whatever grabs them  next will  slip off.  You can't help it. But  don't worry. I can fix  that. I brought    this along."

I gave an involuntary  shiver as I watched her go into  her bag. It  was  an abrasive chlorine cleanser. Two big  cans. I took a really deep breath and      imagined. She helped me.

     "It'll go  so nicely  with the steel wool. Like two of three lovers in a menage. Your juggs are the  third. I think  these two want to  rough fuck your slutbags. Think of it as intentional pain-rape of  your big tits. And its all legal, because you want it. You want us to violate your milk bags.  You'd go crazy if we just stopped and walked out."

    I was close to the edge of cumming or passing out as  she spoke this sex-torture-tit talk to me.

     " And won't the chlorine  feel  fantasic  when it dissolves into where your pores used to be? Will we have to strap you down then?  You shake your head "no"!  I think we will.  Because we're not going to stop. You asked us to. In writing. And I have another 24  hours of spare time.   Imagine!   All that time to customize your tits."

  I  started mewing like a kitten.  My breathing got irregular. She was torturing me with   talk.

     "You've been looking at my nails.  I  had them done  just for you ."

  Lovely Ann placed eight  fingernails along the tops of my protruding collarbones. She pressed them into my flesh until I could feel them probe the bone itself.  Then she raked them....slowly..almost lovingly down my weeping, skinless and glowing  tits. Tits still balanced on the circular saw blades...dragging  her nails toward my purpling nipples. Nipples with the tips still caught in the crushing grip of the 'pickup pinchers' held  stretched by  his hands. I was writhing and  keening out some kind of terrible  sounds. I hardly heard her speak to him.

     " Five inches. She's ready for it.  Stretch the  slut's  Fucking nipples. RIGHT NOW! Twist the tools halfway around while you're doing it.  You can get FIVE inches out of her.  She's like putty now."

  I started to pass out from sensation overload but she had the ammonia capsule  right there and under my nose. My  eyeliner was running down my cheeks. I cried out in the anguish. I gave little cries of  fear and desire and raw sex and perversion too. I was a deviate and I knew it and I didn't care at all.  I leaned back  in the chair as far as I could to help him. I would have sold my soul for the both of them. Maybe I already   had. THIS... was my place in life. I had  to ...HAD  to tell him.

     " FIVE inches.  Yes.   ohyesyesyesssssssss. You make me more of a whore than i am  able to be...alone.  I'm... your.... your..  breastslut. anything you want.   any      any   thing AHHHHHHH..  pl......eeeeeeeease"  His voice... distant..breathless..

  "Spread her mouth for me , Ann. When I reach the "Five" I'm dropping these things. She'll  eat my cock.  This little paindoll is gonna DEVOUR me."

   Ann  roughly gathered my   hair in her  left fist and  jerked my head back. The lipstick tube was in her right. She'd made sure it wasn't the waterproof variety. She artfully took her time applying it, much thicker than a wholesome girl would wear. It was whore makeup and  we both...we all three knew it.  She wanted me to hear it.

    " He wants to see the marks of your lips on  his  cock when he fucks your mouth.  Lipstick smears on his  dick excites him.  You want    him excited, don't  you  slutty girl. You want  him like a  bull at  stud. You want  him where nothing matters  except   your agony and his pleasure."

   It  really wasn't a question by her.  The more she pulled my  head back the  more it made my tits stick out. He... he..raped my nipples with  the grabber-tongs. It felt like every time he twisted them, he broke something loose inside the ends of my  tit meat. Like tiny ligaments and tissues tearing. When he untwisted  them  they were a fraction of a millimeter  longer. Ann held the ruler   there.  My eyes had rolled back inside my eyelids and I was sightless.  All  I wanted was the sexual  pain.  It transformed itself into something like Heaven in part of my brain.  I prickled all over. I was   giving out little  cries, piteous little  cries like a lamb being  tortured.  I chewed off my lipstick and Ann reapplied it.  But not before biting my  lower lip very slowly. She was whispering to me how   my lips would swell up even more and then  i would have... OH God...... i'd have  real  blowjob lips.  My tits and nipples  looked like they'd been  drawn by some perverted artist.  Like someone had  morphed them, but they were  Real.  Immense, broken, twisted things. I heard a low  grunt from  him.

" THERE!!!   FIVE!! OPEN HER.... Open her mouth. Open her mouth cunt "

  She stretched my lips so wide  his cock never even touched my teeth. Barely touched the inside of my cheeks. It was my throat he wanted. I was being throat fucked like a ragdoll. I gurgled  around it, choking. My lipstick smeared all along the length of his shaft.  I tried to  wail  my pleasure. But I had no breath. He was short stroking my  throat while she  held my head tightly by  the hair. My   face did what they wanted it to do. I had been face fucked before but never with this kind of cruelty.  Only when he pulled  far out was I able to suck   the end of his cock until my cheeks went hollow. There was enough lipstick still on  my mouth I could  squeeze a ring of it  at the base of his uncut cockhead.  I sucked and licked him til I was dizzy.   He grunted and  bellowed with his release while Ann raked her fingernails back up my blazing tits.The stream of his  jizm was aimed into my eyes and hair. The saltiness stung my eyes. My tear glands welled up and spilled over. I was their fuck  animal.

  My  beautiful pain-giver raked her gloved fingers through my   sweat-matted  hair, combing  the strands of his cum. She held out her  fingers for me to lick him. I loved the smell and taste of him on her  rough  gloves. My tongue strained  his cum from their roughness. When she leaned over me to flick  my  right nipple with her fingernail, I whispered to her.

   "She's asking if  her  tits could  feel your gloves. Have you noticed how she seems obsessed with them? She's been  looking at  those gloves almost  lovingly ever since you took them.  Why not give her some 'kisses' from them? It'll give the gloves some suppleness  too."

  And then, he was holding both   gloves  in the fingers of one hand.He held them by the cuffs and raised  his hand high. He brought it  down. The hard fingertips  of the empty glove leather  whacked my  udders, right on the tips. It must have sounded  like the shot of a pistol. I know I cried out. My tits were bouncing as he established a rhythm. Droplets of  fluid from  my tormented  tit sacs lifted into the air.  I was  crying out for his rough  kisses.  I could feel the pain induced fluids starting to run down my thighs. I couldn't help myself any more. I just took what they gave me.

    Ann's  hands were  busy now, moving from up behind me, gathering my  wobbling tits from the sides. She  sank her long nails into them close to the bases. She held the tit meat rigid.  It was time for   my milk glands. He  put the gloves on and prepared to  explore.  I'm almost certain  I heard him growl.

    His fingers   dug me. There's no other way to describe it. They felt and probed. When he isolated    a slippery gland he  held  his  fingers either  side to keep it from escaping.   From the side, Ann was moving with a carpenters'  C clamp opened wide. She positioned it over the little mound of meat between his fingers and started screwing it closed. He had to  hold my tit very tight because the gland wanted to get away. 

    The  round swiveling metal plate and the  base of the clamp made contact with my  girl meat. He had my  tit twisted in   his hands so the gland couldn't move while Ann  screwed it tighter. I could tell what to expect from what she was saying  out loud.

     " We're going to burst them one at a time. This pain bitch will never   nurse a baby. Not that  she ever could, considering what we've done to her nipples.  She's in for a rare treat. She's never felt anything like this before. She  may never again."

    She said later that I  began making  noises like you hear at night at the zoo  where one animal is  tearing apart another of a lesser prey.    I remember babbling and shrieking when the  tearing and popping  noises made me realize I was being totally dehumanized. I could comprehend was was happening and still not fully appreciate the barbarity of it. OH GOD, it was perverse. One after another of my precious girl glands were  ruptured. A pinkish  fluid was leaking from my nipples. Ann was ecstatic.

    " Look how they're swelling. This is the formula. We can make them as big as we want them. We have her almost on the crest of the wave where she's been trying to go. She almost gets there but then she needs more pain to get higher. We could  make it an almost endless cycle. But we're going to let her cum before long. We're  going to let her cum a whole lot. She may try to tear your cock off. But first she  needs to taste me."

    I was slumped down in the low chair when  Ann straddled me. Her beautiful legs  spread wide and I plunged my tongue into her with  a wild cry. I sucked  her lips and devoured her clit between my  lips and my teeth. She was crying too.

    "Bite me, you little pain bitch!  Use your fingers in me. AHhhhhhhhhhh. Yesssssss! Tongue fuck me. Yeaaaah. Don't  stop. Don't just stand there,  mister!  Milk her teats before they explode. Squirt them on the floor. Get that  slut milk out of her.  Use the gloves on her clit. Scrape it  raw.  Yeah, like that. now  cum  you whore.  cum like  you've been wanting to cuz he's gonna  fuck you next.     Oh  God... i'm cummmming. Ahhhh ohhhhhh yessssssss"

     His  rough gloves were sanding my clit. He was pinching and pulling at it with one hand and milking one tit  with  the other. Milking me like a reluctant   pig whore. Thick pre-milk was  oozing through his fingers as he brutalized my udders. My cum covered eyes were blurred and unfocusing. My tongue was lashing her pussy flesh. I somehow knew he was kneeling between my legs and.          His cock.       Was in me. Hard, rough, fucking. Shouting something.

    The crest was right there.  My pussy was like a river, running  cum. The cum brought on by pain. girl-cum. I was bleating out my   torments and my orgasms.   The pain  was force-inducing  exquisite pleasure. How could  every woman not want this.

       "Hurt me! Fuck me like a pig. I am.  aaaaaaaaa   AHH   fuck  your pig.     My tits.       Hurt.      My tits.      AHHH   AHH    eeeeeeeeee".

  I was shivering in ecstacy. My body was covered in gooseflesh.  My teeth were chattering as though  we were in a deep freeze. But I felt blazing hot all over. My tits were absolutely on  fire.  The whole room must have reeked  of  hot cunt fluid. My legs were running with it   down to my ankles and collecting on the concrete floor. It was mingling with Ann's and   his own   hundred degree mancum  that had run off my face and  out of my pussy.  It made  up a witch's  sex-brew that I would have to lap up later, down on my hands and knees.

    We all rode the crest.Time died.  We  rode.  Rode  rough.   Until he collapsed.  Ann had other plans.

(more to come......)

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