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My Master's Suck Slave

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Synopsis: ...the night of my debut as my Master’s suck slave at a party...

My Master's Suck Slave

i felt butterflies in my tummy on the night of my debut as my Masters suck slave.
When my Master & i arrived at the place of festivities, i thought my knees would
fold from the heady mix of excitement, nervousness and the urgent need to please my Master, and the dread of being exhibited and made to perform for this crowd of
dominant strangers, friends and acquaintances of my Master. i felt a raw, hot red blush
spread all over my skin….too much excitement….too much wetness…and fear…

Would i please all those men and women i would have to please? All those cocks i would have to suck, and all those pussies i would have to lick, to please my Master, and make my Master proud of His suck slave? i would be representing my Master after all…whatever i would do, however i performed would be a direct representation of my Masters dominating techniques…i knew i just had to make my Master proud that He owned me…i could not bear the thought of disappointing or displeasing Him, my one & only dear Master…

Suddenly, i felt my Masters hand on the back of my neck, as we entered the house.
i heard His words whispered in my ear, in His oh so seductive and sensual voice…
”You will make me proud, wont you my slave? i want to see you perform as the best suck slave ever, sucking all those cocks and licking all those pussies for as long as i wish, do you understand? Trust me, you do not want to face the punishment i would give you
if you dare fail me tonight…”

i couldnt help but let loose a shiver and an excited sigh as i listened to my Master and felt his silken touch on my neck…

“Crystal clear, my suck slave?” my Master asked me.

“Yes Master!” i answered, “i will be the best suck slave for your entertainment, Sir!”

“You better be,” my Master replied, with a wicked laugh, as he led me into the next room.

Just before my Master & i entered the room where the murmur of voices was coming from, He pushed me down on my hands & knees and took a solid hold of the leash attached to my collar. Dangling on the ring of my collar was a small silver oval with
my new name written on it: “suck slave”. This was my new name for this night and many
nights to come…

i could feel the eyes of the room on me, but i kept my eyes staring down at the floor as my Master led me through the room, pausing now and then to chat with people he knew,
and meeting others introduced to Him by the host. My Master made a point of pointing
out my new name tag, and asking each man and woman if they wanted a sample of my sucking skills during the evening. Each and every voice said yes, amused by my specialty on offer by my Master…

After awhile, the host came back in the room and announced that dinner was served.
Everyone headed into the dining area, with my Master pulling me along on my leash.
Once my Master was seated, i lay down at his feet, where a bowl of water was placed,
for me to drink. My Master then grabbed my head and pushed it into his cock and balls, under the table, as He dined and chatted with His table companions. i ran my tongue quickly over the fabric of his trousers, feeling the wonderful hardness of my Masters cock and balls, and rubbed my face all over their wonderful solidness, until my Master
threw a condom at my feet. i took it as my cue to open my Masters zipper with my teeth,
like a good little pet, and pulled the trousers down and pulled my Masters cock out so i could pull the condom on my masters hardening cock…Finally, i was able to do what i
was there to do all night…starting with sucking my own Masters cock as He enjoyed His own dinner…i drew my Masters cock deep into my mouth, down my throat, sucking harder and harder, then licking His wonderful cock all over with my kitten tongue, and then washing my Masters balls all over for awhile, and sucking on them gently…and then back to more sucking and deeper sucking, until i felt my Masters fingers tighten in my hair, shoving His cock deep into my throat, fucking my mouth hard, as he continued to talk with the other diners…ooooohhh…it felt so good to suck my Masters cock, how i loved sucking it, being His suck slave, my Masters cocksucker…my Masters hand grabbed my head, fucking my mouth with His cock, driving his cock in and out, faster and faster, pushing His cock til it hit the back of my throat and i started to gag…and then he pulled back….and let me continue sucking and licking and kissing His cock and balls until my Master came inside my Mouth. Once my Master came, he waved his hand and i took that as my cue to remove the condom. i then took the napkin placed next to my bowl and wiped off my Masters cock and balls, dipping the napkin lightly in my bowl of water, to cleanse my Master. My Master then looked down at me as i took the condom and licked all the come out of it, eating my supper, my Masters come, as my Master watched. When i finished my Master said, “Good, lets see how youll do sucking all those other cocks and pussies later…”

Just as my Master spoke, the host announced that drinks would be served in the library for everyone.  My Master then led me up to the door to the library, where a maid servant came up to my Master ad said,” This is for You Sir, with Your hosts compliments.” With a quick curtsey, the young sexy female in her ultra-short maids uniform took her leave with my Masters permission. My Master held a small wooden basket by its large handle, which He presented to me saying, “You know how to carry this, my suck slave.”
i obediently took hold of the basket, which held a large assortment of condoms and lubricants and other supplies, in my teeth, carrying the basket in my mouth as my Master led me into the library. My Master then said to me, “You have exactly 1 hour to suck all the cocks and lick every pussy in this room, suck slave. Or you will be punished beyond your wildest imagination.” With those words, my tummy lurched again, the butterflies still floating away inside.

All too soon, my Master stopped before the first person: my Masters generous host. If i failed to please this most important person, my punishment would be swift and all too hard i knew. i presented the basket to my Masters host, being sure to keep my eyes at the level of his cock and balls, as my Master had trained me to do, when performing as His new suck slave. As i presented the basket i said, as my Master had trained me to do, “May i please suck Your cock, Sir?” The host answered, “You may,” then  took a condom from the basket and threw it on the floor in front of me, as he lounged on a comfortable armchair and chatted with my Master who sat beside him, at the hosts invitation. i wasted no item in getting a hold of the hosts zipper to his pants, and drew the zipper down until his flesh was exposed. Apparently, the host did not want to be encumbered by undergarments, so his hairy cock and balls peeped out.
i drew the pants down and started licking his balls and my fingers got busy on his soon-hardening cock. My Master chatted with His gracious host, answering his questions about some of my training. Soon, the hosts cock was rock hard and i carefully slipped the condom onto his hardness, and then dipped my head to suck his cock hard. My Master took a hold of my head and started fucking my mouth with his hosts cock, driving it farther and deeper and faster into my throat. The host then grabbed my head and mashed my face hard into his balls and said in an extremely cruel voice, “You call that licking and sucking, stupid suck slave? Faster! Wash every inch of my balls with your cocksucker mouth!” i started to lick his balls all over frantically, so eager to please, so desperate to please the host or else i would be so punished by my Master. Then i went back to sucking his hard cock each time my Master said “Cock”, and then back to licking the hairy balls when my Master said, “Balls”. i started to gag on the cock as it was driven deeper and yet deeper down my throat, when with a grunt, i felt the man come in my mouth. My master then motioned to me which i took my cue to say, “Thank You for letting me suck Your cock, Sir.”, as i was careful to wipe the hosts cock with a napkin, which i took from the pile of napkins i found in the wooden basket. i then took the used napkin in my mouth & deposited it in another basket in the corner of the room, which my Master directed me to. i came back to my place at my Masters feet, next to where He was sitting next to the host, where i then licked all the come out of the used condom as my Master & His host watched. The host then pronounced that i was adequate as a suck slave, and my Master led to me to the next person, who happened to be a woman.

i presented the basket to the lady before me, being sure to keep my eyes on the level of her pussy, where i saw she was wearing an extremely short skirt and very sharp high stiletto heels. i then said to her, “May i please lick Your pussy, Maam?” She said “Yes”, with an amused silky tone to her very feminine voice. i then drew up her skirt with my teeth until her shaved pussy was exposed to my eyes, where i could see moisture already apparent, since she was in an aroused state. Before i could dip my head to her luscious lips, she stopped me with a hand. She then poured some of the cognac she had been drinking onto her pussy and simply said, “Lick it all up, suck slut.” i bent my head eagerly to taste the smooth velvety liquid which mingled with her delicious pussy juices. i licked every single trace of the alcohol and then dug deeper into her pussy, driving my tongue deeper, flicking the swollen clit with my tongue, and then fucking her pussy with my tongue. My Master ordered me to lick faster and deeper and i licked and tasted and teased with my tongue faster and faster, working my tongue first all around the clit just barely grazing it, and then attacking the clit with my teeth, lightly pulling at it for a little while. From the moans coming from the woman, i could tell she was getting very close. i started attacking her clit more and more, washing it completely with my mouth, until the musky pussy juices started running down all over my face. “Fuck it you slut!” she screamed at me, and then she grabbed my head and ground my face into her pussy really deeper until i thought i would suffocate and i could feel her pubic bone digging into my face. My tongue ran all over her clit roughly until she came in my face hard, her pussy muscles contracting over my face. When she finally let go of my head, i rushed to take another napkin from the basket, to wipe off her sopping wet pussy, after having licked off all the pussy juice i could reach. i then said to the lady, “Thank You for letting me lick Your pussy, Maam”, as my Master had taught me to say, as a proper suck slave would. The woman then gave me a pat on the head and then mentioned to my Master that she would like a private session with Him and His suck slave one day, if He permitted. As My Master said to the woman that they could discuss it later in private, i held up my face to my Master so that He could see my face was properly and thoroughly covered in pussy juice. My Master then smiled down at me and said, “Good”, which made my heart beat faster. It always made me so happy and excited to hear that i had pleased my Master. In the meanwhile, the room filled with cocks and pussies was waiting for my sucking and licking attentions…

As my Master examined my pussy-drenched face, suddenly He smiled a very wicked smile and said, “Now the REAL fun begins, suck slave.” i felt a shiver ho through me at His words…What new torments was my Master going to put me through. i was to find out all too soon…My Master then turned to me and said, “Close your eyes.” Oh no! i wouldnt be able to see what was next! And i wouldnt have the luxury of even having a blindfold! i knew that if whatever i experienced, if it startled me into opening my eyes, my Master would punish for sure. i hoped with all my heart that i would be able to keep my eyes closed no matter what happened…

i then felt my Master yank on my leash, which was my cue to go back down on my hands & knees and follow where my Master was walking me to. Then my Master stopped at a spot of His choosing, which felt like the center of the large room, if i had judged the distance correctly. My Master then whispered in my ears, “Time for musical sucking, my suck slave. Every time the music stops and someone yanks your leash, you are to go suck the cock or pussy of the person who yanked your leash. Now, go!” And with that my leash was yanked to the left, and when i followed my leash, moving carefully with my eyes still closed, and still on my hands and knees, i felt my head shoved unceremoniously into some unknown mans cock and balls. The man ordered me to wash his balls thoroughly and suck his condom-sheathed hard cock. Suddenly the music stopped & my leash was yanked, until i then felt my face shoved into a very wet pussy. The woman said to me, “Eat all my pussy fruit, bitch”. When my tongue buried itself into the wet folds of her shaved pussy, i quickly followed some grapes, then a cherry, then another unidentifiable piece of fruit, all of which i ate quickly & frantically, as my Master said, “Faster! You better make sure all the fruit is gone or you will be punished!” After my master was satisfied i had eaten all the fruit, the woman commanded me to lick her pussy inside out, sucking out all the fruit juices mixed in with her pussy juices, and then to suck on her clit hard. Soon, she came hard in my face and i was drenched with more pussy juices. As she came, the music stopped again, and my leash yanked me to a new direction to suck and lick more cocks and pussies.

Soon i lost track of how many cocks i sucked and how many pussies i licked. i felt every size and shape of cock fill my mouth and fuck my mouth until i gagged, and i wondered if maybe i had even sucked some cocks more than once. It felt so odd to have no idea whose cock i was sucking & which pussy i was licking. i felt like i was nothing but a sucking mouth being used by my Master to service everyone He chose. Cock, then pussy, then pussy then cock, and then pussy after pussy, was shoved in my face. This cock had whipped cream all over it which i was made to lick off. That pussy was dipped in champagne, which i was made up, along with the pussy juices of the woman whom i was servicing.  As i sucked and licked, i felt my fat ass being first spanked and paddled, then whipped and finally caned by my Master, as he barked out instructions, and i could feel my fat ass giving off red hot heat. Ooooh…how it would hurt for me to sit down the next day! My fat ass felt like it was on fire from my Masters careful attention as He commanded me to suck and lick more cock and balls and pussies…

Suddenly i felt 2 cocks being thrust in my mouth at the same time and i struggled really hard to suck them both properly as their hardness was starting to make me gag. Both cocks were pulled back a little out of my mouth, and then thrust back in. My mouth was being fucked by 2 cocks at the same time. i could hear both men laughing as they fucked my mouth, taking turns at calling me cocksucker, nasty slut, miserable sucking mouth and more. i felt 2 sets of hands grab hold of my head and get a firmer hold as they fucked my mouth deep and hard with their cocks. Then they made me wash their balls all over as one of their cocks was rubbed into my face. And then they switched positions, the other balls in my mouth, with the other cock being slapped into my face. Then both cocks were back in my mouth which i tried frantically to give both equal sucking power. My leash was then yanked and i went on to eating out another pussy. After all the pussies i had been made to lick and suck, i could  a river of pussy juice running all over my face, all over my hair, down my chin, and down onto my neck. Again the leash was yanked, and now i went to suck another cock. This man decide to yank my tits out of my corset and i felt his lubricated cock thrust between my tits. He made sure my tits were wrapped all over his cock as he fucked my tits hard and made me give lots on tongue attention to his heavy hairy balls. i could felt his nails biting into my aching tits as he fucked my tits harder and harder. With a shout, he then came all over my tits, with his come splashing my face where i was still washing his balls thoroughly. As the man came, my Master whipped my fat ass harder and harder while saying, “Come on cock sucker, suck slave, you nasty dirty slut! Suck those balls well or else….” My jaws were now aching from sucking and licking the multitude of cocks and pussies. But i kept hurrying to obey my Master, because i wanted my Master to be proud of my performance as His suck slave.
After being showered with the mans come, i then felt my Master grab a hold of my leash, and He then led me to another spot where He commanded me to sit on the floor with my knees bent & my legs spread wide open. i felt my Masters fingers thrust into my pussy suddenly and he laughed to find how soaking wet i was. My Master then ordered me to suck off his fingers which he shoved into my mouth. i eagerly licked off all of my creamy pussy juice that covered my Masters fingers. My Master then ordered me to play with myself, so everybody could watch His dirty little nasty suck slave play with herself for their amusement and entertainment. My Master gave me orders to finger-fuck myself, and then play with my clit, as He said a number He designated for each action. “One. Two. One. One. One. Two. Faster. Harder. Deeper. You can do better than that slut. Faster! Tilt your head up and open your mouth as you play with yourself…” i struggled to obey perfectly, feel so hot and wet and nasty and wanting to cum so badly! But i knew i could never dare cum without my Masters permission, no matter how close He brought me over & over again. At one point my Master put a large dildo in my hands and made me fuck myself hard with it as He made me say, “i am fucking myself for my Masters pleasure!” over and over again….

For awhile my Master punished my tits hard with his paddle, then with his whip, sometimes slapping my face as he asked me, “What are you?”, at which i answered, as my master had trained me to say, “i am your suck slave Master, who will suck any cock and lick any pussy at Your command, Sir!” Right at the point where i thought i couldnt take more, feeling completely humiliated by being made to suck and lick all of the people in the room and play with myself in front of them all, and on the verge of coming, suddenly i felt gobs of liquid strike my face, my hair, my neck and my tits all over. i tasted it in my open mouth and realized that it was cum and that men standing all around me had cum all over me at the same time. As the men started coming all over me, my Master gave me the order to cum hard so that everyone could see his suck slave cum for them. i came and i came and i came and i came so hard until i thought i would never stop coming, being sure to thank my Master out loud for letting me cum, as all the men came all over me at the same time. Finally i finished coming and all the men had spent themselves on me. My Master told me to stay like that, with my legs spread wide, my tits and fat ass throbbing with red hot heat from being punished thoroughly by my Master, and my hands on my head, where i could feel that my hair was slick with all the cum all over it. As i struggled to keep my tired arms on my head, all i could think of was that i hoped i had pleased my Master with my public performance as my Masters suck slave…


I sat like that for awhile, pussy completely exposed with my spread open legs, and sticky come all over my face, my hair, my neck and my exposed tits, with my hands on my head, until I thought my arms would give way from holding their position when I heard footsteps walk up to me. I recognized the sound as belonging to my Master and couldnt help but let loose an excited shiver and sigh…What would my Master wish next from His suck slave I wondered? I was soon to find out. Suddenly I felt my Masters hand on my chin, pulling it up as my Master said,” Look at me my suck slave.” So I looked up into my Masters beautiful face and saw Him look down at me with a smile. “It seems You were a very popular party favour tonight, my slave…” As My Master uttered those words with an Owners satisfaction, I heard another pair of footsteps walk up to where my Master & I were, and I glimpsed a flash of a sexy maids uniform out of the corner of my eye.

“My Master extends my services to You Sir, with His compliments. May I be of any assistance or service to You Sir?” The sexy submissive spoke to my Master in a very soft submissive voice, her eyes cast down, and with a pretty pink blush suffusing her features and body…My Master eyed her with a wickedly speculative gleam and said, “Very nice. You must thank Your Master for me. Yes, I think you are just what I require right now. Come and assist me with my slave, slut.” The submissive dipped into a graceful curtsey and said it would be her pleasure to serve my Master. My Master looked down at me again and gave me a thorough going-over with a critical eye. “My suck slave needs a good wash. Take us to the nearest wash station, slave.” The submissive was quick to obey my Masters command and led my Master, as I followed them both, on hands and knees, once again pulled by my leash by my dear Master.

Soon, we entered into an opulent bathing area, where an enormous bath was the centerpiece, all gleaming golden faucets and pristine white marble. The maidservant quickly filled the tub with steaming hot water, filled with an aromatic array of bath liquids, where she gently led me into, and started to wash my sticky body all over, after having removed my corset. Ooooohh the water felt so good…I was quick to thank my Master for allowing me to be bathed. My Master was so kind to me…

My Master pulled up a nearby chair so He could watch & direct the pretty blondes activities. First, He told her to wash my tits all over slowly, and then run her washcloth down to my pussy. My Master then made me get on my hands & knees in the water with my ass sticking out in the air, so that the slender female fingers could scrub away thoroughly my asshole, opening it up wide for His inspection. Then I was lying on my back again in the tub as she shampooed my hair and drenched my face and neck and skin with wonderfully cleansing bath liquid. I couldnt help but feel my excitement growing at the proximity of the female maidservant. She looking so cute and coquettish in her ultra-short and sexy silky maid uniform. Suddenly, my Master bade her to stop and said, “You have too many clothes on you, slave. To wash my suck slave completely, you must take off all your clothes and get into the tub with her. Do that now.” The girl jumped to obey my Masters command, and soon she was completely naked. My Master made her stop & show all of herself to Him, turning around slowly, so that my Master could inspect her bare pussy, and her little pink asshole. My Master then thrust his fingers into her cunt, and laughed as He declared it to be sopping wet. “What a hungry slut you are! Do you like touching my suck slave, hmmm?” The girl ducked her head shyly and replied, “Yes Sir. Very much Sir.” At that my Master looked at the two of us and had a thoughtful look on His face. I was sure that my Master had new torments in mind for the both of us…

“Get into the tub with my suck slave. The two of you stand up.” We both hurried to obey, the water splashing a little with both of our movements. As I stood up I felt the foam tickling my skin all over…running from my wet tits down to my ass and pussy…I felt a delicious shiver run though my body at the thought of being further teased and tormented by my Master….

“Start sucking each others tits quickly! Now!” my Master said with a very stern voice. As He spoke, He came closer to the both of us as we quickly began to suck on each others luscious wet tits…Mmmm….it felt so good to taste those perky tits, I nipped at them lightly with my teeth and groaned as she returned the attention onto my own tits, where my nipples were quickly hardening again…As our heads dipped low to suck each other tits off, my Master grabbed a hold of first our asses with each hand…squeezing our round globes hard and His rough touch made me let out a small gasp as my Master kneaded my oh so tender and still very red punished ass. My Master then looked very critically at the other girls ass and declared it to be much too white, saying that it needed much more colour. As He said that, my Master then grabbed a paddle that hung on the wall of instruments next to the tub, and started paddling the poor girls ass hard, soon making her cry out with pain. When her mouth let go from sucking on my tits for a moment, my Master paddled her harder telling her He didnt tell her to stop sucking…
We both sucked and licked each others hot wet tits as fast as we could, not wanting to displease my Master and suffer the consequences. Soon the girls ass cheeks turned very pink, and then graduated to hot angry red hue, looking all swollen and tender. Suddenly my Master ordered us to stop sucking each others tits. My Master then dropped His pants and threw a condom at the girls face and told her that she knew how to use it and go to work quickly. The girl wasted no time slipped the condom onto my Masters hardening cock and dropped her mouth onto it, bending over to suck at my Masters cock eagerly. My Master then ordered me to spread her legs wide, and start playing with her pussy as she sucked deeply at my Masters pumping cock. He started fucking her face harder and hard and then grabbed my head and shoved it into the girls pussy and told me to do my suck slave duty. I quickly dug my tongue into her dripping wet pussy and started sucking up all her wet pussy juices, as she sucked and licked away on my Masters hard cock and balls. My Master then pulled His cock out of her mouth quickly and ordered us both on our knees in the tub facing His cock. He ordered both of us to keep our eyes on His cock we put both our hands on His cock as He started coming and spurting onto both our faces, into our hair, and down our necks. Soon we both had my Masters delicious creamy come all over our skin and my Master then ordered us to lick His come off each others faces, kissing each other as we did so. Oh it was soooo hot! So hot and nasty to be licking and drinking my Masters come off of anothers submissive face. We were both moaning in pleasure as we kissed and licked each others sticky faces. My Master made us stop for a moment so we could clean off His wonderful cock and balls, which we both did with tender loving care…My Master then stepped into the tub Himself and we both started washing His wonderful body all over…it felt so nice to be washing my Master…and having some sexy female joining me in this wonderful service. My Master then noticed some small bars attached around the tub…and saw instantly that they were easily used for handholds and footholds. He then ordered me to step up into them, so that my hands and feet up on them put me in a wide open leg-spread position. My Master then grabbed the blondes head and shoved her face into my pussy, telling her to continue cleaning His suck slave properly, making sure to get all of my pussy juice. Ooooohh it felt so goooooood! To feel that silky tongue digging deeeeep into my wet pussy and then attacking my clit again and again. My Master whispered in my ear, “This is your reward for being such a good suck slave tonight, my slave. Be sure to thank me for this treat.” I thanked my Master over and over for being so kind to his suck slave, that I was so very grateful for Him for letting me have this special reward.  My Master slipped His wet fingers into the girls pussy as he grabbed her hand and placed it around His cock, making her stroke his cock as her face fucked my pussy, and my Masters fingers fucked her pussy…My Master then told me to come hard at His count of 3…and told the girl to come at the same time….1…..2….faster and faster she licked and sucked my pussy….faster and faster her hand stroked His cock…I could feel the wave coming so close…..When My Master said 3! With a shout, He came all over the back of the girls hair and His come also splashed my face…as the girl & I both screamed as we came hard…my pussy contracting hard over her pussy-juiced face…we both thanked my Master over and over as we came and we came and we came so hard in the water……

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