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Sex Slave Mother

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Synopsis: This is a story about a beautiful young mother trained by her own thirteen and twelve-year-old sons to be their sex and breed slave.

More to come:
Chapter 7: Mother impregnated by her own sons
Chapter 8: Mother's incest group orgy
Chapter 9: Mother married to her own sons
Chapter 10: Mother's little helpers--The Next generation

I am currently working on Chapter 7.  I'll try to finish the chapter
as soon as possible. I'm a slow writer, so please be patient! Make
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This is a story about a beautiful young mother trained by her own
thirteen and twelve-year-old sons to be their sex and breed slave.
Please continue reading ONLY IF YOU'RE ABOVE 18 YEARS OLD.



Thirteen-year-old Mark King and his twelve-year-old younger brother
Tommy have worked in their garage tirelessly for the last couple of
hours trying to get everything ready. While they hung ropes and
installed pulleys in the overhead beam of the garage, they talked
constantly about what they were going to do to their mother. Their
conversation kept both young boys' sexual excitement at a high pitch
constantly. Their young cocks stayed very hard and firm all this time.
What they have been planning for weeks now were some of the most
unimaginably depraved and unspeakably obscene acts to their own birth
mother. Tommy and Mark's junior high school closed for Easter vacation
starting today, they figure out a week without school should be plenty
of time to accomplish their diabolical objective. 

"Now, let's get our lovely mother out here Tommy!" 
Tommy opened the door of the garage peeking into the kitchen. "Mom,
Mark wants you in the garage." 
Susan king, Mark and Tommy's mother was a tall blonde in her early
thirties. She had lost none of her good looks, in fact, the young
blond mother was exceptionally beautiful. If not for her sexy
voluptuous body, she could be one of the world's most beautiful models
that grace the covers of the current popular women's fashion
magazines. However, with her drop-dead good looks, her high tilt full
breasts and a measurement of 38-24-36, she looks more like the
centerfolds of Playboy and Penthouse magazines. With her golden blond
hair swung about her shoulders, glittering from constant brushing, she
looked like she was only in her early twenties instead of a
thirty-two-year-old mature young mother of two adolescent boys.
Widowed for the past two years, Susan almost never dates, now she
lived only for her two young sons. With the income from her husband's
life insurance, she didn't have to work. She stayed at home and
concentrated on taking care of her boys. She was totally devoted to
them. However, Susan had a hard time with her two young sons. They
refused to obey her and they were running wild around the
neighborhood. She was afraid they would get into serious trouble some
day. She had no control over them anymore, not since losing their
father. Maybe she shouldn't spoil them so much by gave into their
every demand Susan thought. But how could she refuse her handsome boys
anything when she loves them so much. They were her life! The young
mother justified to herself. 

Tommy watched his mother's dress swirled about her long slim legs in a
most attractive manner. Her ample tits, still firm with up tilted
nipples, strained at the bodice of her low cut sundress made Tommy's
cock became even harder. 
Susan entered the garage, she felt a little apprehensive when she saw
the lust in Tommy's eyes just before he let the garage door closed
behind them. Immediately Tommy and Mark shoved a looped rope over
their mother's right hand. Susan gave a cry of surprise. They looped
another rope on her other wrist before she could recover, and they
pulled her hands behind her back. 

"What the hell are you doing?" she snapped, struggling. 

Susan's arms ached as her sons pulled her hands behind her and
upwards. They pulled their mother backwards, and tied her arms to the
wall of the garage. 

"Turn me loose, now! The two of you are going to get into serious
Susan struggled, but the more she writhed, the more pain she felt in
her shoulders. She stamped her feet in frustrated anger, glaring at
her young sons. 

Tommy and Mark stood back, looking at their mother as she twisted. The
look in their young eyes was frightening to her. How could she allow
two young boys tied her up? Mark was only thirteen years old and Tommy
has just turned twelve. What are they going to do to her? It must be
sexual in nature by the way they looked at her body with pure
unadulterated lust in their young eyes. Tommy and Mark were too young
for this, they were just little kids Susan thought, wondering where
and how they had gotten such ideas. 
"Let's take off Mom's panties." Tommy said. " Let's see her cunt. I
wanna see if she's really hairy on her cunt." 

"Tommy!" Susan snapped. 

"Ahhh… Mom," Mark said. "You might as well shut up. We ain't gonna let
you loose for a while. We are gonna have some fun with you first." 

Susan saw that his cock was standing up hard. So was Tommy's cock.
They were excited, she realized. None of her threats had affected
them. She was helpless. 

"Please," she said, thinking perhaps that pleading would help. "
Please, untie me. I'm your mother. We'll forget this if you'll untie
me now. My arms hurt." 

"We gotta see your cunt first, Mom," Mark said. 

"Don't say that!" Susan whimpered. "Don't say those words! I'm your

"We can say any fucking thing we wanna say." Tommy said. 

"And we see any fucking thing we wanna see." Mark replied, stroking
his throbbing cock though his pants. 

As they approached her, Susan was struggling and trying to keep them
from grabbing her feet, but they were fast. Her sons looped ropes
about her ankles, then pulled her feet apart, very wide. The ropes at
her ankles were secured to the wall of the garage. The boys work
together, until their mother was spread-eagled against the wall. Susan
felt so humiliated to be tied up this way. Tears were in her eyes. 

"Lift her dress,' Mark said, lets see Mom's panties." 

"Don't," Susan scream quickly. "Don't you dare!" 

On seeing the expression on her sons' faces, Susan softens her voice
and pleaded, "You shouldn't be doing this to your own mother, It's not
nice. Let me go now, and I won't ever say anything about this, never."

"It's too late, Mom, raise her fucking dress, Tommy!" 

"Oh, my God... please!" 

Susan began to sob softly as Tommy grabbed the hem of her dress,
lifting it up, exposing her creamy thighs. Their mother's sexy body
shook as tears streamed from her beautiful blue eyes. Susan felt the
hot flush of shame came over her cheeks, and she turned her head to
one side, as if trying to hide her shame from her sons' eyes. 

They gazed lustfully at their mother's sensuous creamy thighs, seeing
them stretched wide. Tommy lifted his mother's dress higher, and his
eyes went wide as her lace panties were exposed.

Susan wished she had worn another pair, not the tiny, flimsy lace
bikini that hugged her round ass tightly. They could even see the
shadow of her cunt hair, formed in a lovely triangle, through the thin
panties. The crotch was pulled tight, and her blond pubic hair curled
from the edges of it. 

"Looked at her cunt!" Tommy gasped. "She's sure got lots of fucking
golden hair on it. Our mother is a real blond." 

Tommy was more excited now. "Let's take her dress off. I wanna see

"Yeah, let's do that!" 

"Oh, please don't," Susan sobbed. "You've seen enough! Don't take my
dress off." 

Tommy got a knife and opened the top of his mother's dress, slicing
downward. Her dress was tearing all the way down the front, it hung
open, her bra showing, almost overflowing with her full creamy tits.
Susan felt naked before her young sons' lustful eyes. Waves upon waves
of shameful red color flush hotter than ever to her beautiful face. 

Tommy pulled the ruined dress from his mother's body. He stood back
with Mark, both of them staring at their mother with only bras and
panties on her sexy body. Their eyes glowed with awed excitement.
Their cocks stood up in throbbing hardness, quivering sticking out of
their open zippers. 

Susan glanced at her sons, and through the blur of her tears, she
could not help but see their hard cocks, surprisingly long and thick
for their young ages. A lurch went through her, a burning sensation.
Her mind cried out at what was happening to her. Her cunt, she
realized, was getting wet! Her cunt never got wet without being

"She's pretty!" Mark said in a low voice. 

"Beautiful, you mean, " Tommy corrected, looking at their mother's
almost nude sexy body while gripping his cock hard. 

"I think Mom is much better looking and even sexier then all of those
Playboy's centerfolds you hang in you room put together, bro." Tommy
commented to his older brother. "I agree with you there 100%!" Mark

Susan wanted to scream, to get free. She twisted and turned. Not
knowing that her movements turned her young sons on and made them even
more excited. 
Mark came closer, and she felt him running his hand over her large
lustrous creamy tits through the flimsy bra. She whimpered as he
squeezed one, then the other soft yet firm tits. Tommy had stepped to
her side, and she felt his nervous hand moving along her smooth flat
stomach, then it was between her legs, moving back and forth. Susan
felt her cunt twitches, sucking inward as her younger son's palm
rubbed the growing wetness through the lace panties. 
"Let's get her naked," Mark said, his voice sounding husky. "Let's
take everything off our mother." 

They worked feverishly, their hands shaking, removing their mother's
bras and then cutting their mother's panties off. 

Susan felt so ashamed as she became naked before her young sons' eyes.
Her creamy full breasts strained out, her nipples were hard and
arching upwards. 

She whimpered when her sons began to feel her naked tits. They
massaging and squeezing her firm white flesh. She felt a sharp pain
when her pink nipples were pinched and twisted. She felt wet heat on
one nipple, then she turned to look down. Tommy was sucking at her
tit, sucking vigorously, his tongue swirling as his lips pulled at his
own mother's hard pink nipple. 
Mark was watching his brother sucking their mother's tit, and then he,
too, began to suck on the other one. They felt their mother's nipples
begin to throb and getting harder and longer in their sucking mouths.
Susan felt the hardness of their cocks pressing against her thighs,
throbbing and dripping, leaving a wet spot of pre-come on each shapely
thigh near her hips. 

"Please, please." She begged. "Don't do this to me! I'm your mother!
You can't do this to your own mother... it's not right!" 

She felt hands on her naked ass cheeks, hands that stroked and
squeezed their smooth and round softness. They kept sucking at her
creamy tits, using their teeth now, biting hard on her expanded and
elongated rock hard nipples, making their mother cries out in pain.
They began to pinch the smooth cheeks of her ass cheeks brutally.
Fingers pulled at the blonde pubic hair of her cunt, sending a searing
pain through her crotch. She twisted and wiggled, but the ropes held
her secure in the obscene spread-eagled position. 

Mark and Tommy pulled back, looking at their mother's creamy quivering
tits with pure lust in their young eyes. Susan watched them step back,
then squat down. They looked up between their mother's wide spread
legs. Shame flooded Susan's face. Open from the way her legs were
stretched Susan knew her young sons were looking directly at her
obscenely displayed pussy. 

Mark and Tommy saw the pink lips of their mother's cunt slightly
opened like two rose petals fresh with morning dew, covered with fine
silky golden pussy hair. The young brothers also saw her slightly
swollen clit peeking out from its protective hood like a little shy
unopened flower bud. Their mother's cunt was the most beautiful thing
they have ever saw in their young lives. Mark can't resist and slip
his hand to his mother's beautiful blond pussy and cup it, squeezing
with a finger almost inside. 

Susan shook, her hips jerking back. 

"Don't!" she snapped. "Stop! Don't do that!" 
Mark laughed. "Why the fuck not Mom? What are you gonna do to me --
spank me?" 

He thrust his finger into his mother's cunt. 

"Ohhh, damn you!" Susan shouted, "Damn you! Damn you!" 

Mark began to plunge his finger in and out of his mother's cunt, and
to Susan's horror, she was becoming wet. She tried to will her cunt to
stop, but the more her son's finger thrust into her, the wetter she

There was tingle in her cunt that she had never felt before when
having sex with her husband in all their fourteen years of marriage.
Yet, the mere touch of her thirteen-year-old son's finger in her cunt
could induce such incredible feelings in her cunt was unbelievable.
Susan thought if her son kept finger fucking her, she would come. 

"Let me do it," she heard Tommy say. 
Mark pulled his finger out, coated with his mother's cunt juice, he
than put his moist finger tip in his mouth to taste his own mother's
vaginal secretions. 

"Wow, Mom's cunt juice surely tasty" as if to prove his point, he
proceeded to lick his finger until it's clean of his own mother's cunt
juice. Susan felt her younger son shoves his finger in her cunt a few
times and then also brings his cunt juice coated finger to his mouth,
"you are so right Mark, Mom's cunt sure is tasty, butter then honey."
Tommy said. They were taking turns finger fucking their mother's cunt.
The insides of Susan's thighs were slippery with her cunt juice as her
sons switched fingers. 

Susan felt so ashamed and her beautiful face turned all red as she
heard her sons smacking their lips as they suck her cunt juice off
their fingers and commented on how tasty her cunt juices were. She
could not resist looking down her naked body, watching them. They were
so absorbed in staring at her cunt and watching their fingers fuck
her, and than bring their cunt juice coated fingers to their mouths,
they didn't look up. Susan could see their cocks, thick and long and
very hard, pre-come was seeping from their piss holes. A shiver
rippled up and down her spine, and her cunt seemed to steam. 

She could hear them breathing faster and she began to hope it would
end soon. Maybe, she told herself, they would come fast, then untie
her. "Could they come, can a twelve-year-old boy come?" she wondered.
They were very young, and she didn't know at what age her boys started
to come. 
Susan began to whimper softly. There was that familiar tingle in her
cunt, and she could feel her clit swelling, distending into throbbing
hardness. She choked back a squeal, not wanting to come, not wanting
her sons to know that their mother was going to have an orgasm from
what they were doing to her. Nevertheless, she couldn't prevent it.
Her hips were thrusting now, moving back and forth, grinding within
the limits of the ropes. 

Susan clamped her mouth tight, her bottom lip between her teeth. She

"Hey, look at what Mom's cunt is doing!" Tommy said with excitement. 
"She's coming. Tommy!" Mark exclaimed. " Hey, we're making Mom come!" 

Mark plunged his finger in and out of his mother's cunt faster and
faster, feeling it suck and squeeze it. Her clit was throbbing
visibly, and Susan was crying with shame, yet with ecstasy, too. Her
cunt had betrayed her, and there was nothing she could do about it.
Her face was flaming with shame, and her hips thrust back and forth,
fucking on her oldest son's finger. 

"Look at Mom come!" Tommy shouted, gripping a cheek of his mother's
tightening ass. "She's really coming!" 

"Mom's fucking cunt is about to squeeze my finger off." Mark said. "
Look how wet mother's fucking cunt is!" 

The orgasm increased, and Susan cried out as she began to come a
second time. What's happening to me? I have never come like this
before! Susan thought to herself. 

"I gotta... gotta come, too!" Tommy shouted, gripping his cock in one
tight fist and his mother's creamy soft ass cheek with the other. 

Tommy shoved the head of cock to his mother's thigh and Susan felt the
hot, bubbling come juice of her twelve-year-old son spurt over her
smooth flesh. It seemed to scald her leg, and her orgasm increased
suddenly. She shot her hips forward, crying out again with unwanted

"I'm coming on mother's fucking leg!" Tommy shouted, pumping
frantically on his cock. 

Mark grunted, and his cock spewed suddenly on the garage floor between
his mother's wide spread feet, his finger still stabbing into his
mother wet, hairy cunt. 

Susan was wondering a moment ago that her young sons could come at
such young age, now she got her answer. But she could never imagine
that their young penis could eject so much sperm from their young
balls at only thirteen and twelve years of age! 

Susan, still spread-eagled, looked at her sons. They sat on the floor,
looking at her, cocks dangling between their legs. She felt drying
come juice still running down her thigh, and her cunt seemed to keep
on pulsating. Susan had never come like this before in her entire
life. As matter of fact, she never had an orgasm during sex with her
husband or any other man. The only times that she had ever come was
when she masturbates herself, even than it was only rarely that she
achieved orgasm. She didn't know what's happening to her. Susan was so
confused. Her mind was in turmoil. She ought to be mad at her young
sons, but she seemed still in a state of shock and didn't know what to
do. The ropes were cutting into her wrists and making her hands numb.
Her brain seemed to be numb as well. 

"Untie me now, please?" she said quietly. 
"You won't spank us, Mom?" Tommy asked. 

"No, I promise." Susan whispered. 

Mark and Tommy got to their feet and began to untie their mother. 
Every inch of her sexy creamy nude body seemed to blush when she
walked nakedly from the garage, feeling her young sons' lustful eyes
on her bouncing white ass cheeks. Just before Susan stepped into the
house with the garage door closing behind her, she heard Mark called
out to her. "Mom, we gonna play this game with you again soon!" 



Susan soaked in the bathtub; her mind was spinning with what had just
happened to her in the garage. After she was released from her
bondage, still in a bewildered state of mind she had stood before her
young sons without trying to conceal her totally naked body. She felt
as if they had degraded her, come juice running down her thigh, her
cunt quivering and feeling as if those fingers were still jabbing into
her vagina. She went straight to the bathroom and ran a tub of very
hot water, hoping it would wash away her shame. 
Her thirteen-years-old son Marks last words: "Mom, we gonna play this
game with you again soon!" before she leave the garage keep echoing
through her mind. She knew her two young sons will do these lewd acts
with her again and she was totally powerless to stop it. She should
report them to the proper authorities, but they might send her sons to
juvenile detention or worst, take them away from her. She could never
bear to be apart from her beloved sons no matter what they did to her.

Something was very wrong here, she thought. There was unwanted
excitement still stewing deep within her lovely body, and she couldn't
think of anything else except being tied up so lewdly with her son's
finger fucking her. It was burned into her brain, the feeling still
between her legs. She had never come that way before in her entire
life. In fact, she had seldom experienced an orgasm, even when she had
fondled and masturbated herself. She never enjoyed sex at all with her
husband. It wasn't much better with a handful of men she had sex with
to spite her husband over the years for his infidelity. Her husband
thought she was frigid and looked for sex elsewhere after Tommy was
born. At one point in time she even thought she might be a lesbian and
had a very brief affair with a lesbian girl friend. 

She climbed from the tub, rubbing her lily-white smooth and silky
flesh dry with a huge towel. She wrapped the towel about her body and
walked into the hall. She met her two young sons in the hallway. 

Tommy and Mark looked at their lovely mother, grinning lustfully.
Susan stopped abruptly when she saw them, hugging the towel tightly
around her voluptuous body. She trembled slightly as a flush crept
over her beautiful face. Susan felt very vulnerable inside. Her
vulnerability made her that much more sexy, beautiful and appealing to
her young sons. 
"You're naked under that towel ain't you, Mom?" Mark asked, his eyes
burning with lewdness. 

Susan nodded, biting at her slightly trembling sexy bottom lip. They
knew, she thought frantically. They knew what she was feeling inside

Tommy giggled, and jerked the towel away from his mother. Once again
Susan exposed to her two young sons in glorious total nudity. Her
creamy flawless glistening skin clean and fresh still damp from her
hot bath turned rosy pink. She tried to cover her blonde pussy with
one hand, her quivering creamy large breasts with the other
inadequately. She was trembling while crouching down. 

"Aha... come on," Mark taunted. "We already saw it all, Mom. Don't be
bashful now." 

As if in a dream, Susan felt her young sons took her arms and she went
passively with them back to the garage. She was totally naked and
stood very still as they tied her hands to pulleys attached to the
ceiling. Next her delicate ankles were tied, and then Tommy began
pulling on the rope attached to her legs. 
Her shapely legs started to lift off the floor, and soon she was
swinging by her feet and hands as her whole body was lifted three feet
above the floor. Her golden hair hanging down almost to the floor, she
was bent in the middle and her ass cheeks hanging down. 

"You knew what we're gonna do with you, Mom?" Tommy said, twisting her
pink nipple hard enough to make his mother gasp." We decided we're
gonna fuck you." 

"No! You can't do that!" Susan said, her eyes full with shame and
outrage. "I'm your mother! You can't do that to your own mother!" 

"You just watch us," Mark said. He was looking at the way his mother's
golden cunt was bulging between her creamy thighs. "I'm gonna stick my
cock in your beautiful cunt and fuck you good, Mom. There ain't
anything you can do about it." 

"I'm gone fuck you too, Mommy." Susan's twelve-year-old son Tommy said
as he was leaning down and biting hard on one of his mother's
throbbing and extended nipples, making her scream in pain. "We're both
gonna fuck you." 

"Mark... Tommy, please listen to mother, you know this is wrong."
Susan pleaded; knowing it would do her no good. " You're not supposed
to have sex with... your own mother." 

She felt Mark rubbing the head of his cock up and down the golden
hair-lined slit of her cunt. There was an immediate response, and
Susan felt her cunt twitch, getting wet quickly. She began to cry with
shame, not wanting this, yet knowing that she did. 

In a last minute attempt to stop the sins against nature -- incest
between a mother and her own sons. Susan looks at her oldest son with
huge tear drops falling out of her big beautiful baby blue eyes and
pleaded again with him that she thought was the most powerful argument
for Mark to stop what he was about to do. 

"Please stop Mark. You can't fuck me! I'm not on the pills, or
anything else, you may get me pregnant! I'm your very own birth
mother. You just can't make your own mother pregnant!" 

Instead of stopping of her oldest son from fucking and impregnate her,
her pleas only increased Mark's excitement and made him even more
eager with determination to fuck his beautiful young mother.  Fucking
his mother might resulting getting her pregnant had never entered
Mark's mind until now, however the thought of making a baby in his own
beautiful mother's belly made his cock became even harder than ever. 

Susan felt Mark's cock head pressed against the entrance of her
vagina, and she gasped when he suddenly rammed his penis all the way
in. Her eyes buffed out and a hiss came from her lips. Susan couldn't
believe what was happening, her thirteen-year-old son really was
actually raping her!
Mark cupped his mother's hanging ass cheeks and began to fuck her.
Each thrust made her swing back and forth. She felt his cock going
deep, almost penetrating her cervix into her womb. The friction
between her suddenly fiery cunt lips sending sparks of erotic pleasure
through her naked flesh. She felt her son's cock throbbing deep inside
her cunt, the tip of his penis touching her cervix and to her horror,
Susan came. Tommy was pinching her sensitive tits brutally hard as his
older brother fucked her, and Susan cried out with a strange,
pleasure-pain. She could feel Tommy's cock brushing along her side
leaving a searing wet trail of pre-come. The situation was quite
unreal to the beautiful young mother. Her thirteen-year-old son Mark
was raping her cunt while her twelve-years-old son Tommy was abusing
her breasts. She should have been outraged and fighting mad, instead
she was loving every minute of it. Her cunt closed tightly about
Mark's cock, and Susan had never felt her pussy do that before. It
seemed as if her cunt wanted her oldest son's cock, wanted to pull it
deeper into her body, into the center of womanhood, her birth chamber,
her womb; into the place where she gave birth to him thirteen years
She began to moan. "She likes it!" Mark said, wrapping his arms about
his mother' silky smooth thighs and jerking her cunt onto his cock. He
was pushing and pulling her, making her cunt ride back and forth on
his cock.

"Mom loves my thick cock up her fucking cunt, Look, I'm making her
fuck me!" Mark exclaimed!

When Tommy moved around to watch, Susan felt her shame burn even
deeper. It was humiliating to have anyone, and especially her own
preteen son watches her cunt moving back and forth on his older
brother's hard cock. But Susan could not deny how good it was starting
to feel. She began to gasp and pant, enjoying the long hardness of her
thirteen-year-old son's cock fucking her. 

"I don't want this! You're raping your own mother!" Susan shouted out
partly because she was outraged to be sexually abused by her
under-aged sons but mainly she was desperately trying to deny what her
body was reacting to the raping by her thirteen-year-old son.

"I don't want to be tied up and used this way! Stop it. Mark take it
out of me now!" 

A stinging slap across one of her tits shut her up quickly and made
her creamy breasts bounced up and down on her chest erotically. 

"You don't have anything to say about it, Mom," Tommy said, digging
his hands into his mother's large creamy breasts, making her cry out
with pain again. 

Susan began to cry. She didn't know if she were crying because of the
pain in her tits or if it were because she was experiencing something
before which she had never felt. Something seemed to snap inside her
mind. She wanted to be treated so shamefully. She wanted especially
her sons to degrade and humiliate her and for them to do anything they
wanted with her. It would make her very ashamed, yet that very shame
was part of her desire and pleasure. She was enjoying the way Mark was
fucking her cunt, Susan wondered if she were losing her mind. It seems
so deprived to want her own thirteen-teen-year-old son to fuck her.
Yet, She really wanted it! Her young son's cock felt so good in her
pussy. She couldn't admit to herself yet that she could never do
without it anymore. She began to groan softly with pleasure. 

Mark hugging his mother's thighs with his arms, he was thrusting his
cock into her cunt faster and faster. Tommy was pulling and twisting
her nipples painfully, and Susan was coming again. Her cunt gripped
Mark's cock very hard, squeezing it as she came. 

"More! She heard herself moan. "More, please!" 

"More what, Mom" Tommy asked stretching his mother's nipples as far as
he could. 
"C-Cock!" Susan shouted. 

Mark laughed as he rammed his cock hard into his mother's tight cunt. 

"Tell me how much you want it, Mom," he grunted ramming powerfully
into her pussy, his balls beating at her swinging ass cheeks. 

"I don' want to say it... ohhhh, give it to me! "Susan wailed. "Please
don't make mother say those things. Mark I'm so ashamed... I can't say
those words... Fuck me! Oh, fuck mother hard Mark, please!" 

The pain in her nipples was forgotten, replaced by the most exquisite
feelings in her cunt that Susan had ever felt. She was coming in wild,
fiery bursts, and there were tears of ecstasy in her eyes. 

"Fuck me... fuck me... fuck me! She moaned. "Oh, give me your cock!
Mother's cunt wants that hard cock! Fuck mother's hot cunt! I want my
son's beautiful hard cock to fill my cunt!" 

She couldn't believe she was saying those things. Her body being swung
back and forth by the powerful thrusts of her thirteen-year-old son's
cock and she was urging him to fuck her faster and harder. 

"Fuck mother's cunt deep! Go deep! Ohhh, stretch my cunt... fills my
cunt with your cock! Your hard, hard sweetest cock! Fuck your
beautiful hard cock in mother's cunt, baby! Fuck me!" 

Suddenly, sanity returned to Susan. What was she saying, she didn't
want her son to rape her, just think of the consequences of their
incest coupling! Susan suppressed the feeling in her almost out of
control pussy and pleaded with her son weakly. 

"Mark, please take you cock out of mother now before its too late! You
mustn't come in me! This is my most fertile period of the month, if
you ejaculate your sperm into mother's cunt now, there is a very good
change that you might make me pregnant. I don't want to be pregnant
and especially not by my own son! Mark, you are not even suppose to
fuck your own mother let alone make your own mother pregnant!" 

Susan's plea seems to have fallen in deaf ears. She thought by telling
her son that this was the most fertile period of the month for her to
have sex, although it happens to be the truth anyway will surely
convince her son. Instead of stopping her son from fucking and coming
in her cunt, it only makes her thirteen-year-old son even more
energize. Mark redoubled his effort to spill his potent life giving
seed into his own mother's fertile womb. 

Mark plunged deeper and deeper into his mother's birth canal until the
very tip of his penis penetrated his mother's cervix opening. His
entire dome shaped cock head entered his own mother's womb, the center
of his mother's womanhood. Deep inside this very same moist chamber
where he recited for nine months before his mother give birth to him
thirteen years ago. Mark could not hold off any longer, his mother was
yelling, and screaming as she came repeatedly, she cunt was bathing
his penis with her creamy feminine come juices. The scalding way his
mother's cunt was squeezing his cock, his balls growing tight at the
base of cock, made him start to pump his come juice in his mother's
womb in huge quantity. Susan, feeling her son's baby making sperm was
splashing into her womb and coating the wall of her uterus, she
screamed out loud with lewd ecstasy. 

"Yes, yes!" she wailed. " Squirt it into me, my darling son! Squirt
your sweet come juice up my fucking cunt! Drown mother's cunt with
baby making sperm juice... come, come! Don't stop coming in me! I want
it all, every fucking hot drop of your potent sperm into your own
mother's womb! I don't care if you are going to make mother pregnant
any more!" 

Mark gave a very strong push and buried his entire penis up to the
hilt inside his mother's birth channel as if he wanted to get back
inside his birthplace through his penis. His entire cock head passes
through his mother's cervix and penetrated deep into his own mother's
womb. His piss hole open wide to eject a final gush into his mother's
birth chamber, filling his mother's entire womb completely and
deposited millions upon millions of his life giving and baby making
incestuous sperm cells in it, as if he intended to recreating himself
within his own mother's uterus. Susan's cunt was over flowing with her
own son's semen and her own vaginal secretions. When Mark pulled his
cock out of his mother's cunt, Susan moaned, feeling her oldest son's
sperm and her female honey seeping out of her vagina and running along
the crack of her naked ass crack. It seemed to burn the pucker of her
star shaped rosy asshole, and she shivered and come again! Her cunt
was leaking out huge amount of their combined incestuous sex fluids. 

She felt shameful as both her sons examined her cunt and ass, watching
the sperm and cunt juice seeping from her blond fuss covered pink cunt
lips. She felt Mark thrust his finger into her vagina and then he was
shoving it toward her face. Susan clamped her lips tightly, and Mark
smeared his come-wet finger on his mother's lips. When he saw his
mother, stick her tongue out to run along her come juice coated lips,
Mark laughing aloud. Even as Susan's beautiful face turns to a darker
shape of pink in shame, she enjoyed the combined taste of her son's
sperm and her own cunt juice! 

"Let me down now," she whimpered. "Please, don't make mother more
ashamed of myself than I already am." 

Her sons let her down on her feet but didn't untie her hands. They
shoved her to her knees, a rope looped around them and tied to her
neck. Shoving their mother back on the floor, they pulled her knees to
her tits, tying the rope securely. She couldn't straighten her legs
now. She felt so exposed to her sons; her meaty and puffy cunt-lips
were bulging from between her creamy thighs. The cheeks of her ass
were parting, and she felt her asshole puckered as they turned her
onto her knees and head. Her smooth round ass sticking in the air now
and she couldn't see her sons, but she could feel their hands as they
stroked her spreading ass cheeks. Hands ran up and down the backs of
smooth thighs, cupping her cunt and then her ass cheek. Susan felt so
humiliated and ashamed, she knew her sons could see her rosy pink star
shaped asshole clearly, a women's most secrete and private possession.

"You can have mother's pussy now, Tommy." She heard Mark say. "Mom's
got a fantastic pussy, you won't ever feel anything wrapped around you
cock as hot and tight as her cunt. 

"Not you too, Tommy! My baby, you are my good little boy, you don't
want to --aaah-- fuck Mommy, do you?" 

"I'm a big boy! Of course I want to fuck you Mom!" Tommy protested. 

Susan felt her cunt getting hot and wet again, and she knew to her
horror, that she was anticipating her twelve-year-old son's cock
plunging into her cunt. She shivered, causing her ass to wiggle
lewdly. The thought that she might be getting pregnant by her own
young sons may be all but forgotten in the midst of her own sexual

Tommy went to his knees behind his mother's ass. Susan felt hands
moved along her smooth back, over her ass, cupping the creamy firm
cheeks. She knew it was Mark's hands. He parted the cheeks of his
mother's ass cheeks wide open, and Susan felt heat on her face because
her rosy-pink asshole was now ever so slightly opened totally exposed
and gloriously displayed under her sons' watchful young eyes. Her
beautiful face turns to a darker shape of pink. She could not help the
involuntary pucker of it when she felt a finger probe the sensitive
ring for a moment. Mark's hand slipped further down and now her cunt
was pulled wide open. 

"Stick your cock up her fucking cunt, Tommy, go on and fuck Mom." Mark
encouraged his brother.

Knowing protest would do her no good, Susan held her breath, prepare
to be raped again, this time by her own youngest pre-teen son. Rages
was growing inside her once again, they were horrible little boys,
using their own mother this way, tying her helplessly, and performing
incestuous acts on her. 

Tommy's cock lunged inward; his penis went into his mother's cunt fast
and deep, spreading the hairy lips with a suddenness that startled
her. She had been expecting it; of course yet she was surprised that
her youngest son's twelve-year-old cock could be this thick and long.
It went into her cunt so far, she thought the swollen head was
actually touching her cervix as well just like his older brother cock
did a moment ago. His hairless balls smashed against her large erect
clit and the lower part of his stomach smacked against the cheeks of
her smooth rounded, upraised ass loudly. 

"Hey Mom's cunt sure is hot and tight!" Tommy groaned, "oh shit, it's

Susan's cunt was betraying her once again! It clasped tightly about
Tommy's cock as he started to fuck her. The tightness of her hairy
cunt created an intense friction, and Susan began to moan as Tommy
banged into his mother's pussy faster. 

She saw Mark standing off to one side, watching as his younger brother
fucked her. There was a gleam in his eyes that terrified and excited
her at the same time. She knew this would not be the last time they
raped and abused her body. She also knew she was losing her will to
fight against it. 

Tommy was grunting as his cock rammed smoothly in and out of her cunt.
Susan moaned, but now it was with pleasure again. Her youngest son's
cock excited her beyond believed, just as her oldest son's cock had
done a while ago. Her uplifted ass twisted sexily from side to side
moving of its own volition. Her cunt was stretching about Tommy's
cock, sucking it into her as he plunged with vigorous strokes. She
felt his hands clawing at her hips, jerking her ass checks back
against his stomach. His balls swung back and forth, beating against
her clit. He held her ass cheeks wide apart, and she could feel his
flesh against her tender asshole with each forward stab of his cock. 

Susan realized her cunt becoming hotter and wetter around her son's
cock. She was quickly approaching orgasm again. She tried to will her
cunt to be calm, not to come, not to let them know they could make her
come so often and so easily in this vile, tortuous manner.
Nevertheless, her cunt refused to obey her mind and Susan came. She
screamed as she came repeatedly unable to choke back the ecstasy of
it. Her cunt rippled in fiery waves along Tommy's cock as her whole
body was convulsing strongly. Her entire sexy nude body shivered and
twisted continuously. 

She knew Tommy's about coming in her cunt, but she didn't care any
more except her own orgasm. The deed was done anyway. Her cunt was
already fill up with her oldest son's sperm. Yet the thought that she
might be impregnate by a preteen boy, her very own twelve-year-old son
sent her over the top. Susan's cunt contracted violently and she came
repeatedly again. 

Tommy pushed his cock into his mother's gripping cunt, lifting his
head back and starts to groan as his balls tightened. " I'm gonna
come!" he yelped. 

"Don't you dare come in Mom's cunt Tommy!" 

Mark started to pull his brother's cock out of their mother's vagina.
When Tommy's cock sprung free of his mother's cunt, his prick started
to spurt his come juice all over his mother's creamy ass cheeks. Susan
came again when she felt her ass cheeks were covered with the thick
juices of her twelve-years-old son's young balls. Susan felt a little
regret that her youngest son didn't inject his life giving sperm into
her womb as well. 

"Why the hell you didn't let me come in Mom's pussy!" Tommy yelped at
his brother, fighting mad. 

"I'm the oldest, so I get to be the first to impregnate Mom." Mark
explained. "I want to be sure it's my baby that Mom will be carry in
her belly the first time. You can plant a baby in our Mother the next
time," Mark added. 

"But I want to come in Mom!" Tommy complained. 

"Sure you can come in Mom Tommy, you can come in our mother's sexy
month and her lovely little rosy butthole," reassured Mark. "However,
you can only fuck Mom's pussy, but you can't come in her until I make
her pregnant, understand?" 

"OK, but next baby Mom's having better be mine," Tommy consented
reluctantly after a little while. 

"Let's shake on it! From now on we shall take terms making babies in
our lovely mother's belly." Mark said as the young brothers shake
hands in agreement regarding to the breeding of their own mother. 

After her orgasms died down, rage started to grow again inside Susan.
Her sons talked about her as if she wasn't even here. She, a grown
woman tied hand and feet stark naked on her own garage floor by her
two young sons. Her ass and cunt exposed obscenely, her ass cheeks
cover with her preteen son's drying come juice and her cunt still full
of her oldest son's sperm mixed with her cunt juice was leaking slowly
down her thighs. Both of her sons not only raped her cunt, and now
they were talking about raping her mouth and asshole too, using their
own mother's sexy feminine openings as receptacles for their potent
sperm. When she heard that her sons even going breed her by take terms
making babies with her, one part of her mind was screaming and
disgusted that her young sons not only want to make her their sex
slave but also their breed slave as well. But the erotic and
submissive side of her nature was accepting the whole thing. Susan
could not lie to herself any longer that she loved being raped by her
two young sons now. It might be rape in the beginning or maybe not!
Susan had more orgasm during her raping by her two young sons than her
entire life combined. She didn't think she could ever live without
this incestuous raping by her own under-aged sons from now on. The
thought that at this very moment she might already be impregnated by
her own thirteen-year-old son sent shivers down her spine and Susan
came again and again. 

Mark needn't have to worry about his younger brother got their mother
pregnant before he did. Swarms of Mark's black wriggling tadpole-like
sperm cells were at this very moment reaching and attaching to his
mother's egg. A pair of his sperm cells have both successfully
penetrated and expelled their entire content of genes into his
mother's egg and precedes to fertilized it simultaneously. This pair
of sperm cells thus successfully locking out millions other sperm
cells that Mark had ejaculated just a few moments ago into his own
mother's womb. Before nightfall this fertilized egg was drifting down
Susan's fallopian tube through the clouds of remaining sperm. It was
looking for the cozy and secured chamber walls of her uterus to
implant in and started to develop into an embryo and them became twin
human fetuses. It would be almost one month later before Susan even
found out for sure herself that she was indeed pregnant. Nevertheless,
from this moment on, for all intend and purpose, Susan, a beautiful
thirty-two year old young mother of two adolescent boys was well and
truly impregnated by one of her under-aged young sons. Mark, who just
barely tuned thirteen a few weeks ago, was the father of his own
sisters or brothers! He had made his own birth mother pregnant. Susan
was carrying her oldest son Mark's incestuous twin babies! 

Chapter 3: Mother Trained to be Her Sons' Sex Slave 


It was quit an eventful day for the three members of the King's
family. Susan King and her two young sons will never forget what
occurred in their garage as long as they lived. The two underage boys
repeatedly raped their tied up beautiful young mother on their first
day of Easter vacation. 

Susan was allowed to sleep that night, but she had been secured in a
spread-eagled position in the middle of her bed. Mark and Tommy slept
on either side of their mother's bounded naked body. They didn't
bother her all night, as if giving her and themselves much needed rest
to prepare for things to come. Next morning after Susan made and
served breakfast for her two boys in total nudity, Tommy and Mark lead
their naked mother into the living room. They tied their mother's arms
behind her back, her wrists almost up between her shoulder blades, her
shoulder sockets on fire. Nevertheless, that wasn't all that was
painful. Her sons had cut off a broom, and they now tied the handle
behind her knees, and she was squatting near the window of the living
room. A dog collar was around her slime neck. A leash with leather
strap was attached to the collar and secured to a hook they had driven
into the wall. 
With the way her arms and hands had been bound behind her back, the
handle of the broom behind her knees, Susan had to sit with her
shoulders back. The position caused her large creamy tits to lift and
strain outward. Her pink nipples, to her horror, were like hard
rubber, tingling until she thought she would go out of her mind if she
couldn't scratch them. They did not allow her to eat anything or even
use the bathroom. Now almost at noon of the second day of her torment,
she was near the window, helplessly and painfully bound again,
squatting with her knees pulled apart, her blond pussy quite visible.
Susan could look out the window, see people walking by. She would be
most embarrassed and humiliated if they could see the obscene position
she's in! Fortunately the window was covered by sunscreen. It was so
unreal to her that it was quite a normal Saturday out there, yet
inside the house she was both a prisoner and a victim to her own two
young sons. 

Mark and Tommy loved seeing their beautiful and sexy mother tied up
and totally helpless. They enjoyed being able to touch her any place
they wanted and anytime they wanted. The more lewd they could position
their mother's nude body the better they liked it. And God helps me,
Susan thought, so do I! When she wasn't tied up, she didn't want it,
but once her sons had her bounded and tied up, she found herself
enjoying it more and more. The shame she felt seemed to thrill her,
and she was sexually stimulated by her horrible sense of humiliation
and degradation. At first she was horrified to find her cunt getting
soaked when they tied her up, but no longer. She now anticipated her

She wanted to piss so badly, she wanted to ask them to release her so
she could take a piss, but it would have been useless. They ignored
her pleas, looking at her beautiful naked bounded body with those lewd

"Let's stick something up mother's fucking cunt," Mark said suddenly,
looking at the way their mother's pretty pink cunt lips were spreading
out. He went to the kitchen and returned with a huge cucumber, holding
it in front of his mother's beautiful but fearful face. 

"Mark," she pleading with her son, "please, don't make mother more
ashamed than I am now. Don't put that thing in me, please, baby,
darling, please don't!" 

Mark stood before his mother, pretending the huge cucumber was his
cock, smashing it against her erect nipples, sinking it into her
creamy firm tits. "Wanna have a suck of my big cock. Mom?" he taunted
her. "Come on, Mom. Suck my great big cock." 

"Please don't make me Mark." Susan whimpered. 

Tommy stood at her side, and while Mark was trying to press the tip of
the cucumber into their mother's mouth, he grabbed her tit and twisted
cruelly. Her tongued shot out of her mouth, licking frantically at the
cucumber, her tongue swirling. 

"That's better, Mom," Mark laughed nastily. "Lick on my cucumber
cock." Tommy was still squeezing and twisting his mother's tit, sharp
pain shooting through her chest. Susan licked furiously at the end of
the cucumber, hoping her action would make Tommy release her tit. 

"I bet you'd lick a real cock even better, Mom," Mark said." I bet
you're a damn good cocksucker huh, Mom?" Susan, her tongue racing
about the end of the cucumber, stared up at her son, her beautiful
blue eyes wet with tears and shame. 

"Wanna lick on my cock, Mom?" Tommy said, "I bet your mouth is as wet
and hot as your fucking cunt too." 

"Let me shove this thing up Mom's cunt and you can fuck her
cocksucking mouth, Tommy." Mark said, squatting and then leaning
between his mother's wide-open knees. 

Susan felt her son pressing the cucumber into her cunt She closed her
eyes in shame and felt tears roll down her cheeks. The cucumber was
huge, It stretched her cunt painfully, and she felt as if she were
being sliced in half. The cucumber entered her cunt after a few
thrusts. Susan felt searing pain shoots from her cunt to the top of
her head. Over half the cucumber was up her pussy, the other end
resting on the floor. The boys stepped back and looked at their
mother, whose eyes were glowing with her shame and humiliation.
Tommy's cock had become very hard with excitement. 

"Take it out of me" Susan begged, tears rolling down her smooth
cheeks. "It's too big, it hurts! Please, take that thing out of me!" 

"Fuck you, cunt face," Mark said. 

"Oh, God!" Susan sobbed, "Why? Why are you doing this to me? I've been
a good mother, haven't I?" 

Mark looked at his mother's tear streaking beautiful face almost

"Because we love you Mom! We know what's best for you." Mark said as
his fingers crease her tear streaking smooth cheeks gently. 

"How do they know? They are just boys." Susan wondered when she didn't
even know herself that she has this tendency toward bondage and
humiliation. Especially when it was done to her by her very own
under-aged sons! 

"If you loved me, as you said, then take this thing out of me,
please!" Susan pleaded. 

"What thing?" Mark laughed. 

"This... this cucumber!" 

"Take it out of what, Mom?" he taunted. 

"Out of my ...oh, damn you, Mark! Take it out of my cunt! Yes, my
cunt! Does that make you happy, hearing your mother say those things?
Take it out of my cunt, my pussy, my twat, and my snatch! Is that
better, Is that what you want your mother to say? Cunt, pussy, snatch,

Susan's words caused her skin to ripple, and she knew she was excited
too, She enjoyed saying those words in front of her sons, enjoying
hearing them use such words, and to her horror, found it quite
pleasant when they called her lewd names. The pain in her cunt was
becoming pleasure. Her cunt felt stuffed to capacity, stretched more
than ever and Susan was finding pleasure in it. She saw Tommy's cock
standing up very hard, and she wished they would take the cucumber
from her cunt and Tommy would fuck her. She could hardly believe she
was the same woman of just two days ago. She was becoming a wanton, a
slut who wanted to be tied up, bound helplessly, and eager for her
sons do all kinds of degrading things to her body. 

She ran her tongue over her lips as she stared at Tommy's cock. If her
hands weren't tied up, Susan knew she would have enjoyed feeling that
hard-on, playing with it, jacking him, maybe watching the come gushing
form that tiny piss hole. It was something she had never done before,
jacks a cock off and watches it squirt, but the idea was appealing to
her, especially that cock belongs to her twelve-year-old son. 

Tommy stepped closer to her, waving his cock in circles. Knowing what
her son was about to do, Susan trembled. She had never had a cock so
close to her face before. She watched his cock come closer, warily, as
if it were a snake about to strike, She tried to pull her head back,
but Tommy grabbed a handful of her blond hair, twisting it hard,
making Susan cries out with pain. Holding his mother's hair, Tommy ran
the head of his cock over her throat and chin. Susan felt the wetness
on her flesh, the slippery heat of his dripping fluids. She swallowed.
Almost choking because Tommy had pulled her head back. He rubbed his
cock over her lips and the tip of her nose leaving it wet. She felt
the burning heat of his smooth cock when he moved the tip over her
upper lip, then the bottom one, circling her sexy mouth. 

"Tommy, please, "She whimpered, her eyes staring into his. "Don't do
this to mother. It's . . . so shameful." 

Tommy shoved the head of his cock between his mother's lips. Susan
gulped, holding her mouth open as wide as she could, not wanting her
lips to touch her son's cock. She felt his cockhead on her tongue,
then she felt the head of his cock touch the back of her throat. She
gagged, causing her lips to close around the hard, hot throbbing

Mark laughed, twisting her creamy firm naked tits painfully, watching
his younger brother's cock slided inside their mother' mouth. "Give
her that cock, Tommy," he said. Twisting hard on Susan's tits. "Mom,
you better suck his cock, If you don't I'm gonna tear you tits off." 

The pain was excruciation, and Susan tried to bob her head back and
forth on Tommy's cock, willing to do anything to stop that searing
pain in her tits. Tommy still twisting his finger in her hair jerked
her face back and forth, watching her lips riding on his cock. Susan
wasn't sucking her son now; he was fucking himself with her mouth. The
heat of his cock, the hardness, the throbbing of it against her lips
and tongue, the way it beat at her throat, surprised Susan. It wasn't
as unpleasant as she thought it would be. Mark was still twisting her
tits. Tommy was still jerking her head by the hair, but the pain they
were inflicting on her no longer felt so badly anymore. Susan began to
enjoy herself. The wet sounds of her mouth being jerked back and forth
on Tommy's cock even sounded good to her. 

The cucumber still stuffed up her cunt, began to feel like a real cock
to her. She began to lick at Tommy's cock as he jerked her head back
and forth, she felt him dripping pre-come on her tongue, making it
slick. She was sure her throat would be bruised; he was jerking her so
hard that the head of his cock banged against her tonsils." 

"I think I'm about to come," Tommy grunted, looking down at his
mother's beautiful face. Susan eyes went wide. She never even had a
cock in her mouth before now. She didn't want her son to come in her
mouth. It would make her choke, maybe even throw up. She tried to jerk
her mouth off his cock, but he twisted her hair hard, making her
scream in pain around his cock. She wanted to open her mouth, hoping
his come would drip out and not go down her throat. Tommy cupped his
mother's chin, holding her mouth around his cock. He came. Susan's
eyes gagged as she tried to scream her horror. Her son's come juice
was squirting against the back of her throat, hot and scalding. She
gulped, afraid not to swallow. When she gulped, her tongue pressed at
Tommy's cock, and she felt the spasms of it as her son spewed his
sperm into her mouth. His balls pressed against her chin, his cock
going deep. 

To her horror, Susan felt her cunt explode, gripping in waves of
orgasm around the cucumber. Her eyes rolled. Her mouth was filled with
her twelve-years-old son's hot, thick and creamy come juice. Some of
it seeped from the corners of her lips, dripping to her tits. The
orgasm went on and on, her cunt spilling out large quantity of her
honey girl come juice around the cucumber imbedded in her stuffed
cunt, and Susan was granting around Tommy's cock. 

"That was good," Tommy gasped!

Tommy pulled his cock from his mother's mouth. He ran the wet tip of
it about her lips, smearing them with come juice.

"That was as good as Mom's hot cunt, Mark." Tommy commented. 

"I could see," his brother said. "I think our Mother is going to be a
dammed good cocksucker. She just needs a little more training, but
she's gonna be the best, that's for sure. I'll guarantee it!"

Mark tilted his mother's chin up with his fingers and saw that his
mother's mouth was coated with his brother come juice and looked deep
into his mother's tearful lustful beautiful baby blue eyes and said to

"Mom, guesses who is going to do the training? I knew you are going to
love every minute of it." Mark promised.

"I'm going to train Mom too!" Tommy demanded.

"Of cause, we are both going to train our Mother together." Mark said.

Susan's eyes still glistering with tear drops looked at her young sons
with shame and humiliation. Nevertheless, deep down she knows she
liked what her sons were doing to her and couldn't wait for her
training to begin. The taste of her youngest son's come juice lingered
on her tongue, and she decided it wasn't so bad after all. In fact,
she told herself, it was delicious. She was afraid to lick her come
juice coated lips. She didn't want her sons to know she enjoyed it.
The more she could hide from them, the better it would be for her, she
thought. If they knew she was learning to love all of this, there was
no telling how far they would go to torment her. 

Susan saw Mark was doing something with a strong cord, attaching
something to it. They were alligator clamps of some sort.

"What are you going to do with it?" Susan asked with fear in her
"Just this" Mark replied.

Mark clipped one of the clamps to his mother's erect nipple. The
spring of the alligator clamp was very strong, the sharp metal teeth
of the clamp bite into Susan's tender nipple almost breaking the skin
and it sent boiling pain through her elongated tit. She cried out in

"Stuff this into Mom's mouth, Tommy," Mark said, handing his brother a
pair of her discarded panties. 

"They are nice and dirty in the crotch, Mom won't mind the taste of
her own cunt, will you, Mom?" Mark said.

"Don't you dare, Tommy," Susan snapped.

Tommy stuffed his mother's mouth with her panties. She tasted the
crotch of her soiled panties, and groaned. Her nipple felt as if they
were cutting it from her tit. Mark clamped her other pink erect
nipple, drawing the cords around his mother's neck and tying it there.
The cords stretched Susan's tortured pink nipples to an impossible
length. The tension in the strong cords also lifted the twin globes of
her creamy tits higher by her nipples. Susan's painfully stretched
pink nipples were becoming as hard as rocks. An excruciation searing
pain was shooting through them, Susan thought they were about to be
tearing from her the tips of breasts.  Her eyes looked wild, her
torment showing in them. The cucumber up her cunt felt even larger
than before. The taste of her panty inside her mouth was sour, and she
had to piss badly. Her tits burned with pain, but her cunt was
throbbing and dripping wet. Naked now, Tommy straddled his mother's
face, rubbing his crotch against her. Susan felt the heat of her son's
balls and cock on her face, If she didn't have her panties stuffed
into her mouth, she knew she would be licking and kissing at his
crotch... his balls, his young cock. Mark dropped his pants, as he
watched his brother rubbing against their mother's face. He moved up
behind her, moving the swollen head of his cock in her hands smearing
her palms with pre-come. 

Her head was suddenly jerked to one side, and she felt Mark's penis
sliding along her cheek. Just as the head of cock touched her lips he
came. The scalding come juice splashed onto Susan's lips. Before she
knows it, she opened her mouth, and her tongue shoved the panties
away. Mark's sperms struck inside his mother's mouth and lips, Susan
was trying desperately to get the head of his cock in her mouth before
he finished. Mark laughed, pulling his cock back, gushing come juice
on his mother's lips, chin and her nose. Tommy now standing on his
mother's other side, aim his erupting prick at her wide-open mouth,
shooting repeatedly dead center into his mother's mouth, filling her
mouth to capacity. Susan's mouth now overflowing with her youngest
son's come juice. Tommy then proceeded to spray the remaining come
juice in his young balls on her face and hair. Susan's entire
beautiful face seemed to cover with her sons come juice. Her sexy
mouth remains wild open under the watchful eyes of her two young sons,
her tongue started to rolling and playing with her mouthful of her own
two young sons baby making sperm. Before more of the come juice
spilled down the corners of her mouth, Susan began to swallow her own
sons sperm down her throat all the way to her stomach. She than open
her sexy mouth wide to show her two sons that their mother indeed
swallowed every drop of sperm they just spill into her mouth, that her
mouth was now empty of any trace of incestuous come juice. Susan felt
her cunt convulse again and again with multiple tight burning orgasms.
Mark and Tommy couldn't believe their eyes when they saw the way their
mother's sexy mouth playing and swallowing their combined sperm and
both were fascinated and tremendous aroused by her action. 

Mark and Tommy sat on the couch looking at their mother. Her face was
coated with dripping come juice and her eyes looking pitifully in the
way she pleaded silently to release her. Mark pulled the cunt juice
covered cucumber from his mother's cunt, and rubbed on her sperm
covered cheeks and bought it to her mouth.

"Mom, be a good girl and eat your vegetable now!" ordered Mark.

Susan never thought of resisting, in fact she complied immediately
with her son's demand. She stuck her tongue out and tasted her own
cunt juice mixed with her sons' sperm and then took a bite out of the
cucumber. Between each bite, Mark would pick up more of their sperm
from her face and then continue to feed his mother this slimy
vegetable until his mother ate the entire cucumber. Susan's face burns
with shame each time she took a mouthful of the cunt juice and sperm
coated cucumber. 

The sight and aroma of his mother's dripping pussy was irresistible to
Mark! He kneed down and pressed his face into his mother's crotch. His
chin was rubbing the lovely golden down covering his mother's pelvis.
He could smell the sweet scent being emitted from there, and suddenly
he found his mouth watering in his anxiety to taste the heady wine
like flow being released from her sopping vagina. Opening his mouth
wide, Mark stuck his tongue out as far as he could and probed straight
to the heart of his mother's womanhood; her luscious cunt. His tongue
lanced directly into the leaking middle, tasting the salty overflow.
He drank it into his mouth as his tongue continued probing further and
further into her. Mark was lapping at the roof of his mother's pink
vagina; setting off millions of tiny erotic sparks inside Susan,
making her mind explode with lustful desire. His tongue pierced out
and lapped at his mother's swollen and erect clitoris protruded from
its sheltering hood cover. 

He licked it repeatedly, feeling her jump each time. Mark starts
suckle on his mother's enlarged sensitive clit, amazed at the size of
it and than suck her entire clit into his mouth, sending unbelievable
sensations to his mother. When her son used his teeth to chew on her
clit and than bite down really hard on her pleasure button almost
drawing blood. Susan screamed aloud, the sharp pain in her clitoris
combined with the excruciating pain suffered by her stretched and
clamped tight tender nipples almost unbearable to Susan. Suddenly
Susan's whole body started to shake uncontrollably. Her cunt
ejaculated a load of female come juice blasted all over her
thirteen-year-old son's hungering face. His mother 's aromatic cunt
juices washed Mark's face as thoroughly as if she'd sprayed him with a
hose. Only the juice splashing into his eyes, nostrils and mouth was
the sweetest, most perfumed, most wonderfully delicious liquid he's
ever known. Mark drank and drank from his mother's deep sex tunnel.
Susan can't stop herself from coming again and again, her blond pussy
continued to expelling more and more of the tasting liquid into her
young son's greedy sucking mouth. Mark must have swallowed at least a
cupful of his mother's delicious cunt and female come juice into his
stomach until the flow of her juice slow to a trickle. Nevertheless,
Mark still hungers for more, now his tongue slurping deep into his
mother's hairy opening feeling the insides of her luscious pink outer
cunt lips extensions surrounding his nose and mouth, sensing their
sleekness, licking up even more of her sweet tasting pussy juices. 
Mark finally got up from his mother's wide open crotch after lapping
clean all remaining traces of her cunt juice from inside and out of
her cunt. "Wow! Mom, your cunt juices are most delicious. I don't
think I'll ever get enough of it. Tommy, I think we ought to bottle
Mom's cunt juice." Mark looked directly into his mother's beautiful
blue eyes. His face still cover with her cunt juice while his tongue
sticking out of his mouth keep on lapping up her juice remaining
around his lips. 

"I didn't know that a girl could do that Mom! I mean come like a man!"
Mark asked his mother. 

Susan was still in a state of shock. Her beautiful face turned red and
she dropped her head in shame. She had just ejaculated like a man into
her thirteen-year-old son's face and mouth, she had read about it but
didn't really believe a woman could really do that. Yet she just had
the most powerful multi-orgasm, and she almost passes out from the
violent nature of it. She can still feel her cunt pulsating. She
didn't know what is happening to her, but the fact is she had more
orgasm in the last two days than her entire life combined. Thanks to
her young sons, now she is one well-satisfied woman and mother. She
won't trade places with anyone although she is tied up and abused. She
loved what her sons' doing to her and she didn't want it ever to end.
Suddenly her need to piss was worse than ever. She was hurting badly.
Susan couldn't hold it back any longer. Susan knows her humiliation
and degradation was complete as she felt herself pissing. 

Mark and Tommy were amazed and stunned into silence as they watching
the golden piss spurt form the tiny opening inside their mother's
beautiful blond pussy lips, soaking into the carpet, pooling at her
feet. Susan sobbed in shame, unable to stop pissing. This was, to her,
a final degradation, letting her sons watching her piss helplessly.
She closed her eyes, and she pissed and pissed while her sons watched,
roaring with delight. Her cunt starts to come! Repeatedly, her body
shakes violently, cunt and female come juices started to flow out of
her cunt again, combining with her golden droplets of her piss soaking
her blond pubic hair and leaking down her smooth creamy thighs. When
she recovered from her orgasm, she knew her young sons had broken her,
and from this day forward, she'll belong to her two young sons
completely, body and soul. 

Mark and Tommy led their mother about the house on the leash now,
sometimes allowing her to dress, often only in panties, or perhaps
just a bra, Most of the time, though, she was naked. 

Susan was beginning to enjoy the collar around her neck, being pulled
along like some household pet. She, a beautiful mature woman of
thirty-two years of age, her sexy body totally belongs to two young
boys, not just any young boys but her very own twelve and
thirteen-year-old sons, her own flesh and blood. She was her own sons'
property, their sex toy. They could play with and do anything to her
body as they please at anytime and anywhere. Susan found herself even
more in love with her two young sons each passing day, not only as
their mother but their lover and sex toy. Her cunt began to throb and
pulsate with heat and sent shivers of ecstasy through her body from
just thinking of what her two sons' going to do to her beautiful sexy
body next time. The sexy and beautiful thirty-two year old young
mother beginning to be happy as the sex slave and plaything to her two
young sons. 

Chapter 4: Mother Needs More Training 


Today, the beautiful young mother was fitted with a bra, or rather
parts of a bra. It cupped beneath her full tits, lifting them, but her
nipples were exposed, the creamy swells bulging up. Nylons were on her
long shapely legs, with very high heels on her feet, and a black
garter belt held the nylons up. Her creamy ass cheeks and blond pussy
were not concealed. With the collar around her graceful neck and the
leash always in one of her boy's hands, Susan felt as erotic and
beautiful as she looked. 

It did not take much to get her cooperation now. She no longer fought
against her young sons when she saw the ropes or leash. She accepted
them quietly, trembling inside with growing pleasure. She began to
obey her sons without question. Nevertheless, if she wasn't fast
enough when ordered she received a painful slap across her creamy ass
cheek or her soft bouncing ample white tits. There was always a
leather belt handy and nearby, and the boys used it on their mother
frequently, marking her beautiful creamy smooth sexy body all over
with painful red welts that takes days to heal. The pink welt marks on
Susan's creamy smooth alabaster flesh make her otherwise without
blemished totally nude body looked even more sexy and erotic to her
two young sons. 

"You forgot my milk, Mom," Tommy accused as she placed his lunch
before him. 

"I'm sorry, Tommy," Susan replied, her eyes downcast. "I'll get it

As she turned her back, the belt, wielded by her thirteen-year-old son
Mark, came crashing across her naked ass. Susan yelled, her hips
arching forward as the pain seared her creamy flesh. 

"Don't move!" Mark demanded. "You only get more if you move, Mom! Now,
stand still. You have two more coming." Susan felt tears burn her
eyes. The belt struck her naked ass cheek painfully, and she stood as
still as she could, waiting for the next blow. When it came, the loud
smack filled the room. The stinging pain went through her body, and
she felt her cunt throb. The final blow of the belt on her naked ass
was harder yet. Three strips of red welt of pain across Susan's
unblemished creamy bouncing white ass cheeks. She screamed and
twisted, and Susan bit her lips as a strong orgasm exploded between
her thighs. 

"Now, apologize again but this time address yourself properly the way
we taught you Mom!" demanded Mark. 

"This mother-cunt is really sorry." With tears blurring her vision,
she poured Tommy's milk, taking it to him. Calling herself mother-cunt
made Susan flushing in shame, but it also felt good at the same time.
Yes, she acknowledged to herself. I'm a cunt, my own sons' cunt. I'm
their mother-cunt. 

"You're learning Mom," Mark said as he slipped his hand between her
thighs, feeling her cunt. "Excellent, nice and wet. That's the way we
want your cunt to be, wet and ready for us anytime, you understand

Susan nodded, her hands hanging at her sides as they had told her. She
was not allowed to touch her cunt or tits unless directed by her sons.
She had always to keep her legs apart when she was sitting, expose her
pink cunt meat for her sons to see. As Mark and Tommy ate their
breakfast, Susan stood nearby; ready to get them anything else they

Marks' fingers still pressed against the bulge of his mother's
outward-swelling labia, his forefinger continued pushing, trying to
worm its way deeper into her. Susan's vagina was sopping wet now, made
it easier for him to push three more of his fingers into her bouncing,
writhing fuckhole. Mark felt his mother's vaginal walls gripping his
digits tightly. He could feel her heavy outpourings of cunt juice
bathing his fingers. When he pulls his fingers out, it was coated with
her syrupy juice, then the delicate aroma of his mother's cunt juice
reached up and filled his nostrils. It was a heady, aromatic scent,
and he can't resists the urge to taste the very essence of his beloved
submissive mother. He licked his fingers clean of his mother's tasty
sex fluid, and decided he wanted more straight from the source. He
moved a little lower, pushing his nose and mouth between the parted
pussy lips, licking the sweet stickiness with his tongue, pulling it
into his mouth and savoring the sweetness of her natural flavor. The
sensations of her son's tongue lapping up and down, licking wildly
now, drinking every bit of the delicious honeyed feminine cunt juice
inside her made her producing even more cunt cream. 

Mark licked hungrily, as if he couldn't got enough of whatever fluid
was coming out of his mother's cunt. Mark licked out greater and
greater quantities of the seething, colorless liquid, trying to gorge
himself with it. Then sudden his mother's whole body was shaking with
a strong orgasm, her entire body tensed as she began wildly spasms,
shooting one splash of pussy liquid after another into his gobbling
mouth, letting him drink his fill of the nectar she was spilling out
of her. His cheeks and jaws were soaking with the stickiness she'd

 "I want some of Mom's tasty cunt juice too!" Tommy demanded. 

Tommy replaced his older brother's head between their mother's creamy
smooth thighs, and proceeds to lick up his mother's delicious vaginal

"Mom, kiss me and lick my face clean." Mark moved his cunt juice
covered mouth and chin closer to his mother's beautiful face. 

Susan planted kisses all over her beloved older son's face. Her tongue
snaking out of her sexy mouth first licking at Mark's chin and around
his mouth lapping and tasted her own cunt juice and then slowly
started to lick all over his entire face making it wet with her
saliva. Finally, Susan covered her son's mouth with tender, loving,
adoring kisses, snaking her pink tongue between his lips, tasted her
own cunt juice in her son's mouth. Her son's tongue came to meet her,
and their tongue rubbed lightly against one another. His tongue
lancing into and out of his mother's sweet mouth, exchanging her cunt
juice. Meanwhile, Tommy sank his face deeper into his mother's womanly
cleft, sucking, his tongue knifing into her tight, vaginal channel
again, rubbing a different wall each time. His hands squeezing her
creamy soft round asscheeks. Susan began bucked up and down, her
thighs totally surrounding Tommy's face. Even more of his mother's
tasty cunt juice pours into his mouth, Tommy flicked his tongue
through his mother's feminine passageways all the more quickly,
rubbing her swollen clitoris with crushing pressure, feeling it
enlarge a bit more, and her entire body shaking violently. Her cunt
honey pours continually into her twelve-year-old son's mouth. Filling
his mouth again and again with her nectar. Tommy couldn't swallow fast
enough. Some of this precious juice spills out of his mouth and down
his chin. 

"God, you taste so delightful Mom, I never thought anything could be
so delicious," Tommy murmured into his mother's still pulsating and
leaking pussy lips. 

"I couldn't agree with you more Tommy! That's why I think we ought to
save all of mother's cunt juice from now on," Mark said. 

"Hey, we could bottle Mom's cunt juice, and sell it, I bet we could
make a lot of money!" Tommy finally emerges from his mother's crotch;
his tongue stuck out trying to lick up his cunt juice covered lips and

"Don't be absurd. We don't even have enough for ourselves!" Mark
scoffed at his brother's idea of selling their mother's cunt juice.
"Mom, you've been a good girl this morning," Mark said, "so I'm going
to give you a nice reward. Return a favor so to speak." 

He stood up, and Susan saw his cock was hard. He gripped it and began
to jack off. Even though, she just ejaculated twice into both her
sons' mouths, on top of the number of orgasm she has along the way, a
shudder went through her body again as she watched. Mark's eyes burned
on his mother's luscious full breasts topped by protruding taut-peaked
pink nipples and her moist blond pussy, his fist pumping fast on his

Susan felt a tremor of excitement simmering again between her legs as
she watched him. She enjoyed it when they played with their cocks and
balls, using their own hands. She was changing almost over-night,
becoming a much different woman than she had been a few days ago. Her
young sons had taught her about her secret self, and they weren't
finished by any means. 

Susan's eyes became hot as she watched Mark jerking on his cock. She
watched his eye-lid like piss hole intently. When the thick, creamy
come juice erupted, splashing into his plate, she ran her tongue over
her lips slowly, feeling her cunt twitching. The pink lips of her
pulsing pussy glistened with wetness. The plate was coated with cream
sperm, and Mark released his cock. He picked up the plate and handed
it to his mother. 

"Lick it clean Mom!" Mark said. 

Susan took the plate, gazing at the oldest son's milky come juice. 

"Lick it, I said!" 

Susan's tongue shot out, and she ran it through the come, Her tongue
lapped all over the plate, licking the delicious life giving sperm of
her thirteen-year-old son into her mouth, swallowing it down her
throat into her stomach. She handed the plate back to Mark, who
examined it to see if she missed any. "That's a good girl, Mom," he
grinned at her. 

Tommy stood and took the end of the leash, leading his mother back to
the living room. Her hands were secured behind her back again, the way
they usually were when she wasn't doing anything about the house. 

"Now you can squat," he said. 

They seldom allowed Susan to sit in a chair. She had to squat most of
the time on the floor, with her knees always open so they would expose
her cunt. She squatted now; keeping back arched with her full tits

Tommy sat on the couch, his brother at the other end. Tommy, wearing
jockey shorts, drew his knees up and back to his chest, holding them
there, looking at his mother from between them. "Lick me," he said. 

"Take your shorts off," Susan replied. 

Mark jumped to his feet and, with the belt, slapped his mother across
her naked tits, bringing a scream of pain from her. "Nobody gave you
permission to speak! He told you to lick, Mom!" Mark barked at his
mother. "You have no right to ask for anything." 

"This mother-cunt forgot," she moaned, her tits still bounced
painfully. A red angry line had been left across her creamy tits by
the belt. "This mother-cunt's sorry. She won't forget again." 

"Then lick me," Tommy said, wiggling his ass to the edge of the couch.
Susan crawled to her him. She stuck her tongue out and licked at the
backs of her son's thighs, tasting his warm, young flesh. She wished
they would untie her hands so she could touch him and feel his cock
and balls. 

Tommy gazed at his mother from his knees, feeling his mother's wet
tongue lap about his thighs. 

"Now kick my shorts," he demanded. "Lick my cock and balls through my
shorts." Susan pressed her face into her son's crotch, her tongue
sticking out far, running over his cock and balls. She wanted to taste
him naked. Still she felt the now familial sensation as her cunt began
to throb, the blonde pink lips swelling, her clit tingling and
hardening protruding from its protective hood. She traced the edges of
his shorts with the tip of her dainty pink tongue, then closed her
sexy lips about his covered balls, sucking them through the cloth.

"Lick at my ass Mom!" Tommy ordered.

Susan shoved her beautiful face downward, pressing her mouth into the
seat of his shorts, her tongue pressing into the crack of her son's
ass, She could feel the heat of his ass through the shorts as her
tongue probed. His balls were now against her nose, and she inhaled
the scent of him, loving it. She licked up and down his shorts,
feeling them became wet with her saliva. She probed against his
asshole, hearing her son moan in pleasure. 

Tommy slipped a hand down his thigh and pulled the seat his jockey
shorts aside, leaving his balls covered. "Lick me in the ass, Mom." 

Susan stared at the tight pucker of her son's asshole. Her clit became
painfully distended, and she shoved her tongue tightly against that
crinkled asshole. The heat of it seemed to burn her tongue, blister
it. She licked swiftly, tasting her twelve years old son's asshole.
Soft mewls began coming from her as she licked and probed Tommy's
asshole. She didn't dare try to slide her tongue into his ass, not
unless she was told to. 

Just above his ball, she saw his cock straining against the white
shorts, a wet spot forming where the head was. She felt Tommy's
asshole flex against her tongue, and wished he would tell her to stick
her tongue into it. Nevertheless, Tommy didn't say anything. He
wiggled his ass into his mother's face, growling with delight. "Ohhh,
shit!" he frowned. 

Susan felt his ass convulsing against her tongue, and she saw the
front of his shorts become soaked. His cock came inside his shorts.
She murmured in disappointment, wishing it had happened in her mouth
or cunt. 

"You can take your fucking face out of my ass now," Tommy said. 

He peeled his shorts off, turned them inside out, and smeared his come
on his mother's face. Susan could not resist sticking her tongue out
to taste his come. The wetness was shoved into her mouth. "Suck it
clean, Mom," he demanded. "Suck my come out of my shorts." 

Susan sucked greedily; tasting her youngest son's sweet come, her eyes
rolling as her body trembled with erotic sensation. 

Mark slipped to his knees, and ran his hand along his mother's blond
cunt and fingered her asshole. Susan enjoyed the gentle touch of his
fingers on her sensitive asshole. 

But, suddenly, she screamed. Mark had rammed his finger into his
mother's asshole without warning, and it hurt her. 

"Don't!" she yelled. 

Mark jerked his finger from her gripping asshole and slapped her ass
hard, making his mother scream again. 

"What did you say, you cocksucking cunt?" 

"Please, that hurts this mother-cunt," Susan moaned. 

"Too fucking bad," Mark said, and rammed his finger up his mother's
tight asshole again. 

Susan moaned. Her asshole was very tight, and his finger seemed to go
so deep. Her asshole squeezed at his finger. Mark laughed jerking his
finger out and ramming it up her ass again. 

It felt as if her son's finger was sandpaper, rubbing her asshole raw.
She began to sob, but she sat still, without struggling as tears of
shame and pleasure running down her beautiful face. Mark penetrated
his mother's asshole with one finger a few times then pulled it free.
He stood up and rubbed his finger along her lips. Susan smelled her
own shit on it, but she was unable to move her head away as her son
pulling on her long blond hair. 

"Lick it, cunt face!" he demanded. 

Susan whimpered, but her tongue came out and licked at his finger. She
tasted her shit on it, and her stomach churned, but she licked all
around his finger. "You like that, Mom?" Mark asked. "You like your
shit on my finger?" 

Susan knew the proper reply. "This mother-cunt likes her own shit on
your finger." 

"Does it make your hairy cunt wet?" 

"This mother-cunt's hairy cunt is very wet," she replied. 

Mark thrust his finger into his mother's mouth, telling her to suck
it, to make sure there was no more shitty smell or taste on it. Susan
sucked frantically, still tasting her shit on it. Tommy was pinching
one of her enlarged nipples very hard, bruising it, but she didn't
dare cry out. 

"We're all gonna take a walk to the mall, Mom. We want to get some new
clothes for you to wear. From now on, we'll decide how you are going
to dress, while you're in the house, and when you go out," Tommy said.

This morning Tommy and Mark went thought their mother's closet and
throw out most of her conservative clothes and only kept those they
think it well look beautiful and sexy on their mother. They even went
though her underwear drawers in order to make sure only her sexiest
underwear remained. 

Mark squatted behind her, and Susan swallowed a groan as something was
shoved into her asshole. This time Mark inserted whatever it was
gently, and she felt an unusual sensation. 

They untied her then, and as she stood up, the object in her ass felt
uncomfortable. The removed her half-bra, then the garter belts, next
her black nylon stockings. They slipped the dress over her head. 

The dress had a full skirt, and she was naked beneath it. They
wouldn't dare put her collar and leash back on, not in public, she

Mark took her hand and they led her toward the front door. 

"Please, this mother-cunt has a request," she said softly. 

"What now?" 

"This mother-cunt is naked under the dress," Susan said. "It's windy
out there." 

"So what?" 

"My dress... uh, This mother-cunt's dress might blow up," she said,
flushing slightly. 

"Tough shit," Tommy said. 

They walked along the sidewalk, with Susan stepping gingerly. Whatever
it was that Mark had shoved up her ass made walking a bit difficult
for her. Mark noticed it, and he laughed.

 "You'll wear it whenever we go out, so you better got use to it, Mom.
I'll insert bigger ones in your ass gradually in order to enlarge your
asshole."  Mark said.

 Susan's skirt whipped about her thighs, lifting a little now and
then. She knew that a gust of wind would blow it up past her waist,
and people would see she was naked under it. She wasn't surprised to
find her cunt pulsating with excitement. Being shamed, humiliated, was
becoming an enjoyable aspect for her now. 
A few blocks away, a gust finally caught her skirt and lifted it.
Susan squealed softly as she felt her skirt fly to her waist. She
started to push it down, but a quick warning from Tommy stopped her. 

Two men coming toward them saw her dress goes up, and they grinned as
her blond pussy and long creamy white thighs were exposed to them for
a second. A pink flush crept over Susan's lovely face, but she
resisted the urge to shove her dress down. 

Make and Tommy giggled lewdly. 

"That's the way, Mom," Mark said, "Show your fucking cunt to
everybody. Show them what a shameless slut you are." 

At the mall, with Susan walked in the middle of her two young sons
each holding one of her hands, hand in hands, and the threesome
presented a picture of a most loving family. Every where they went,
Susan attracted lots of appreciative male glances. Tommy and Mark were
both proud of their beautiful mother but getting more and more
jealousy. They become progressively more possessive about their mother
by giving dirty looks to some guys wanted to take a second and third
look at their beautiful sexy mother. They felt more relaxed when they
saw their mother pay little or no interest in all the admiring looks
from all the males even some females around them. They went into one
of the big named department stores. At the ladies clothing section,
Tommy and Mark started to choose clothes for their mother. They
quickly selected several light-colored blouses, all semi-transparent,
a couple of pale cotton miniskirt, two very short white hot pants and
a few different colored long dresses all with a very high slit either
in the front, the sides or the back. A middle-aged attendant watched
the trio with interest and amazement. She had hardly ever seen men
choose clothes for their wives or girl friends in the thirty odd years
she's been in the business. Now, she saw a beautiful woman was
allowing two very young boys choose clothes for her. They have to be
mothers and sons she though to herself, the resemblance between them
was so obvious and they sure were a most handsome family. 

"Put this blouse and the dress on Mom, I want to see if they look good
on you," Mark said while pick the items into which he wanted his
mother to change. 

Susan wanted to remind her son that she was naked underneath her dress
but the looked in Mark's eyes stopped her, She hesitated for a moment,
and glanced around the store. Luckily there is no one in lady's
department except the nosy sales woman at the far counter. Susan went
into the change room with the selections. When she put on the blouse
and the long black dress, her heart sunk. The semi-transparent whit
blouse molded to her full ample breasts almost like a second skin,
which leave nothing to the imagination. Her erect and elongated rock
hard nipples poking at the thin fabric of the blouse as if trying to
break free. Even her silver dollar size areolas shown through clearly.
She can't go out like this, but than she has no choice! When she
finally got enough courage to come out, her beautiful face was flush
with a very become pink color to match the color of her nipples. Her
young sons were treated to a most delicious and sexy display of their
beautiful mother's body. Without her even realized it, the long dark
dress she wore was even more erotic and revealing than the blouse. The
dress not only was also a tight fit that molded to her slim hips and
around the sexy curves of her smooth round asscheeks, there were long
slits at the sides of the dress that go all the way to her hips.
Susan walked like a model in front of her two lustful young audiences.
Every step she took, her long slim legs and her creamy white thighs
were revealed and when she made her turns, the creamy half moons of
her ass was exposed to her sons. As Susan's clit grows longer and
harder and begins to throb, her cunt leaks out so much cunt juice she
was afraid that not only it will leave a wet spot on the dress but the
sales woman might even smell it. Even at where she was, the sales
woman could see the young woman was bra-less  under her blouse. When
she came closer, she noticed that the young mother's full ample
breasts crested with pink erect nipples were bouncing freely in her
see through blouse. When she caught a glance of her bare creamy ass
cheek and thigh, she realized that Susan was totally naked underneath
her clothes. How could a mother displayed herself in such a way to her
under aged sons. She was in total shock when she saw that both young
boys were sporting hard-ons in their pants. 
When the sales lady came over, Mark already told his mother to make a
quick change back to her own clothes, cutting short of their private
modeling show. When they went to the counter to pay for their
purchases, Susan was most embarrassed when she saw the disapproved
glance the sales clerk gave her. The sales woman was still watching
the three of them when they were leaving the store together. She saw
each boy got a hand around the slime waist of their mother whose hands
were tightly around their young necks lovingly. They sure look like a
normal loving family from behind. However, just before the trio was
about to turn a corner and out of her sight, she saw both boys slide
their hands down to their mother's round asscheeks and stayed there.
The older boy even started to crease and squeeze his mother's soft ass
cheek and than turn his head and smile at her sweetly. 

She didn't know if she was disgusted or envious of the beautiful young
mother. She knew something was going on among the three of them. She
wouldn't be surprised if they were having some incestuous
relationship. She didn't know if she should report them to the police
or not. 

Mark and Tommy led their mother next into a Victoria's Secret type of
store and started choosing the most intimate and sexy underwear for
her. They asked her bra size and quickly selected several bras, all
semi-transparent with one size smaller than what she indicated. At the
panties section, they selected some of the most erotic and transparent
lace panties for their mother, including two pairs of crotch less
panties and many pairs of throng and string bikinis for her. Then they
went to pick out a couple of extreme sexy and revealing short teddy.
They also selected a dozen pairs of black nylons and sexy fishnet
stocking for her as well. This time, the attendant was a very pretty
young girl in her late teens. She also showed a tremendous interest in
the trio when they first walked in the store. No young boys in their
age group ever come in the store accompanied by adults or not. It was
unheard of that a mother (she assumes Susan is the mother of these
young boys) or any woman for that matter lets underage children to
select the most intimate under garments for her. Susan was relief when
her sons didn't require her to try any of their selection on in the
store. When she and Mark walked up to the cash register with their
purchases, Tommy came up behind them holding a pair of bras that have
openings in the middle of the cups to allow a woman's nipples to poke

"This bra will go well with the crotch-less panties. I can't wait to
see you in them, Mom!" Tommy said just loud enough for the young
counter girl and a couple of other customer within earshot to hear.
Susan's beautiful face was flush with shame and embarrassment but her
pussy was flooded with cunt juice at the same time. She had to talk to
her sons about saying things like this in public. They might get into
serious trouble. The cashier was very nice to them and show none of
the facial judgement as the other clerk did. In fact, it was just the
opposite; she laughed at what Tommy said. 

"I bet your mother will look sensational in them!" She winked at Tommy
and said conspiratorially in a whisper for only mother and sons to
hear. She admired Susan's great beauty and appraised her sexy body
openly. She smiled knowingly at Susan and show great interest in all
of their purchases. Just before they leave, the pretty attendant said
quietly to them. 

"My name is Patty, I co-owned this place with my Dad.  I'm very much
like to know all of you better and maybe we could have some fun times
together. When you are ready, you know where to find me!" 

"We just might, Patty," Mark said while admiring her youthful

Susan was a little jealous, but she said nothing. But Mark saw her
expression. "I like that girl and want to know her better also. But
Mom, have no fear you are and always will be my best girl," Mark said
after they were out of the store. 

"You are my best girl too Mom!" Tommy didn't known what was going on
but he just said that so he won't  be left out. 

Susan's beautiful face broke into a most joyous smile and with tears
in her eye, she said, "I love both of you very much. I mean this
mother-cunt loves you with all my heart! The love she has for her
young sons is almost limitless, she even forgot she had to ask for
permission to speak." 

When they got back to the house, the collar was immediately placed
back around Susan's neck again, and Mark attached the leash to her
"This mother-cunt would like a drink of water," Susan said. 

"You forgot to ask for permission to speak first Mom!" Mark barked at

"Open the top of your dress Mom!" Tommy ordered.

Susan, with trembling fingers, did as she was told. Her tits arched
out. Mark slapped his mother's tits, making them jiggle. The creamy
swells showed the red imprint of his fingers. 

"Don't forget it next time." he said, "And from now, if you're wearing
a dress, you'll lift it and show your hairy cunt before you ask,

Susan nodded silently. 

"Now start over!" Tommy ordered. 

Susan lifted her dress. She held it at her waist, her blonde pussy
exposed to her sons. 

"May this mother-cunt speak?" Susan requested. 

"Go ahead." 

"This mother-cunt would like to have a drink of water," Susan asked. 

"Sure, after you take that dress off." Tommy answered. 

Susan lifted the dress over her head, then, with the leash dragging
behind her; she went toward the kitchen. The naked cheeks of her ass
rolled and twisted sexily as she had been taught. The base of the
object shoved up her as showed. Susan came back into the living room,
she held the end of the leash in her hand, and place it in Tommy's
hand when he held it out. "Let's go to Mom's bedroom," Mark said. 

Tommy followed, leading his mother by the leash. 

"Lean over, Mom," Tommy said, after entering the bedroom. 

Susan leaned over, bracing herself on the bed with her hands. Mark
spread his mother's asscheeks wide open. The object was removed form
Susan's asshole. It was a small rubber cock. Tommy held it up. 

"Stand up, Mom," Mark said. 

Tommy shoved the small rubber cock into his mother's mouth. "Suck on
that awhile." 

Susan sucked at the rubber cock, tasting her own shit again. She was
flushing in shame, but her cunt was moist, anticipated what her sons
would do with her. She stood, watching her son's undress, seeing those
young cocks and balls again, with hardly any hair, she felt her cunt
twitch with heat. 

Tommy, standing next to his mother, his cock standing up, quivering
and dripping, stoked his mother's ass almost gently. 

Tommy slapped his mother's creamy smooth ass cheeks real hard caused
Susan to scream. Tommy smacked her ass a second time, burned her naked
ass even more, leaving his mother's cheeks bright red. Her tits
jiggled and her hips shot forward, and she almost fell. 

"Again! Please spank mommy's ass again!" Susan begged. 

"Who said you can speak and demand anything, mother? You forgot to
call yourself a cunt again. If you don't mind your manners, I'm really
go to give you a spanking you'll never forget!" Tommy screamed at his

"This mother-cunt is real sorry." Susan was trembling; she tended to
forget everything when she was in a sexual high, especially while she
was being punished by her sons. She was just a little apprehensive but
not really scared. She knew Tommy and Mark would never really harm

"On your hands and knees, mother!" Ordered Tommy. 

With great anticipation, Susan got on her hands and knees, like a
bitch in heat, With her soft creamy white ass cheeks sticking way up
in the air. Tommy moved behind his mother, he started spanking her,
beating a crimson tattoo on the rounded globes of her ass. 

Finally Tommy stopped hitting. When he looked down, the flesh of his
mother's luscious creamy white unblemished asscheeks had turned into
an exquisite fiery red color. Tears of intense pain flooded Susan's
beautiful blue eyes. Tommy smiled with satisfaction at the damage he
had done. 

"That's a nice-looking ass now," Mark said, running his hand over the
exposed and abused cheeks of his mother's still red-hot ass. "A
beautiful white ass like Mom's always looks better after a spanking!" 
Tommy then, sliding his finger into his mother's ass cracks; he pried
the bruised halves of her ass cheeks apart and exposed the throbbing
rosebud of his mother's pink ass hole. Tommy probed a finger about her
tight, fiery asshole. Susan could not stop the wiggle of her ass.
Tommy probed his mother's narrow anal opening, digging deeply. 

"What are you gonna do Tommy?" Mark asked, looking curiously at his
brother's finger fucking deep inside their mother's asshole. 

"I'm gonna fuck her ass," Tommy said, he deep stabbed his finger up
his mother's asshole. "But Mom's gonna clean my finger off first." 

When Tommy's finger emerged form Susan's asshole, it was stained brown
to the first knuckle with crap. Tommy put his shitty digit under his
mother's nose, making her sniff it. 

"Smells good ain't it Mom!" 

"Mom, taste your own shit on my finger." 

Tommy thrust his dirty finger into his mother's mouth. Susan took
Tommy's chocolate finger in her mouth willingly and sucked it clean of
her own shit as if she really enjoyed doing it. 

"Now, that's real nasty, Mother!" Mark laughed lewdly. 

Susan's beautiful face turned red in her own shame and degradation. 

Tommy ran the swollen head of his cock up and down the hot crack of
his mother's ass. Than he centering the crown of his cock against the
pucker of her shit hole. Susan felt the head of her son's cock
pressing against the tightness of her asshole. The more pressure, the
better it seemed to feel. 

Tommy pushed a bit harder with his cock. Susan moaned softly as the
pressure increased. The head of his cock felt big, very big, and it
was larger than the rubber cock they had shoved up her ass. Suddenly
there was a searing pain, as if her ass hole had been sliced with a
dull knife. 

The head of Tommy's cock was inside the ring of his mother's asshole.
Susan's asshole clenched hard about it, squeezing as if to press his
cock out. Tommy didn't let her have any respite from the pain. He gave
a thrust of his hips, and his cock shot deep into the fiery smoothness
of her ass hole. 

Susan felt her ass hole stretch, burning with pain, tears in her eyes.
She groaned as Tommy withdrew his cock, only to plunge deeper again.
Her ass hole burned as if someone had built a fire in it. Her ass ring
kept clenching about his cock as he fucked her. She tried to make her
ass hole relax, but found it impossible. Tommy gripped his mother's
trembling hips, driving his cock in and out of her asshole swiftly,
gurgling from the boiling sensation. His balls slapped her. Susan
tried to arch and make her cunt pooch from her thighs, but it was

Mark reached beneath his mother and started twisting a tender nipple,
sending cutting pain through her tit. The pain in her tit and the one
in her asshole seemed to combine and make one enormous ball of
excruciating pain in the pit of her stomach. As bad as the pain was,
she found it stimulation, exciting, even. While Tommy fucked her
aching asshole, Mark shoved his cock down toward his mother's face. 

"Suck my cock, Mom," he demanded. 

Susan lifted her head, and Mark slipped his cock into her mouth. Susan
sucked hard, enjoying the heat of his prick against her tongue,
feeling Tommy ramming his cock into her ass hole. Mark slipped his
cock out of his mother's, then ramped it back in all the way down his
mother's throat. Mark start fucking his mother's mouth. 

Although Tommy's cock felt enormous up her ass, creating a searing
sensation, it became ecstasy. She wiggled her ass from side to side,
her mouth sucking and deep throated on Mark's cock. 

Susan gave a loud, muffled groan as she began to come, Mark yanked at
his mother's hair, making her moan of pleasure turn into a scream of
pain, which was cut off as he thrust his hard cock back into her
mouth. He pounded his cock into her mouth hard and fast, banging the
base of it at her lips, his balls beating on her chin. The round head
of his prick plunged to the back of her throat.

"Take it, Mom!" Tommy grunted, "gonna blow!" he told his mother, ready
to shoot his come in her ass. 

With one last surge, Tommy slammed his cock with such deep force into
his mother's shit pit that his cock-head was lapped by bubbling crap.
At the end of his cock, the mushroom head busted open with an
onslaught of scalding sperm that immediately swamped his mother's
bowels. Tommy's come juice was mixing with his mother's shit, turning
her guts into a boiling caldron. 

Susan was sure she could feel the scorching eruption from her
twelve-year old son's cock head burning deep inside her ass. Her cunt
was convulsing with pleasure-pain as her eyes squeezed tight. 

"Right up your fucking, asshole, Mom! I'm coming in your fucking,
shitty asshole!" 

Susan felt each contraction of his cock as Tommy spurted time and
again, and it seemed as if her own orgasm was increasing in intensity
until every muscle of her body was rigid. 
Mark grunted as his cock was spraying a thick, creamy glob of come
into her mouth exploding at the back of her throat. Susan latched onto
Mark's penis with tight lips, her thirteen-year-old son's sperm washed
over her teeth and splashed around her rippling tongue. Susan gulped
quickly to get it all down without missing a drop. She swallowed
mouthful after mouthful of her own son's tasty thick creamy come
juices down her throat. Mark jerked free of her mouth and sending the
remaining boiling come juice splash all over his mother's lovely face,
her firm tits and disheveled blonde hair. 

Susan's ass hole was filled with her twelve-year-old son's sperm, and
her stomach was full of her thirteen-year-old son's baby making juice.
After he finished coming, Mark twisted his fingers in his mother's
hair, yanking her come covered face up. 

"Now, stick out your tongue and clean my cock, Mom," Mark ordered. 

Susan stuck her dainty pretty pink tongue out and touched the slit of
her son's dribbling cock head and lick up his sperm. Then she wrap her
sexy lips around his cock until the entire length of it entered her
mouth and bath in her saliva. Susan sucked on her son's cock like a
tasty candy bar. 

Susan's cunt pulsated continuously by wave after wave of mind-blowing
orgasms. Her cunt was dripping wet and her shapely creamy thighs were
coated with her cunt juices. 

When Tommy pulled his cock out of his mother's tight asshole slowly,
the urge to shit was strong; Somehow Susan gripped her asshole tight
enough to prevent it. Tommy moved toward her head slowly. His cock
still hard and already starting to drip from his piss hole. The entire
length of his cock was smear brown with his mother's shit and
glistening with his sperm and her ass juices. His cock was in front of
his mother's face. She smelled her shit on his cock, and found herself

"It's my turn, Mark." Tommy pinched one of his mother's erect blood
filled pink nipples, making her scream, thus releasing Mark's cock
from her mouth. 

"Mom, clean my shitty cock!" 

Susan's cunt began to burn again when she saw his shit covered cock up
close. She licked her lips, ready for her son's cock, shit taste and
all. Tommy brushed his cock back and forth on his mother's red sexy
lips, and Susan made a soft whimper as she opened them, slipping her
tongue out. Tommy let her lick the juice off his piss hole, and her
own ass juices and her shit off his knotted cock head. He pulled his
cock away from his mother when she tried to suck his cock into her

"You want to suck my shitty cock, Mom?" he asked. 

"Yes! Oh, yes! Please let your mother-cunt suck your beautiful cock!"
Susan cried desperately, pulling toward his cock. "This mother-cunt
will do anything you want! I will be your whore, if you and Mark
wanted me to! You can do anything at all to me -- fuck me when you
want, in my cunt or mouth or asshole! Piss on me and piss in me, shit
on me if you want to do it!" Susan declared. 

Susan couldn't believed she just said that, she didn't want her sons'
ass in her face, shitting. She didn't want anyone to shit or piss in
her mouth nor did she! Her lips parted as Tommy rammed his cock into
his mother's sexy pink mouth after it just came out of her rosebud of
a pink asshole. Susan groaned as it fucked at the back of her throat.
With her son's cock in her mouth, she tasted her own shit again on it,
she actually began to enjoy the taste of own shit and her eyes closed
with ecstasy. Her cunt erupted into a wild, fiery orgasm. 

Tommy held her beautiful sperm covered face in his by her chin,
looking down at her while he fucked her mouth, grinding into her. 

"Mom, your toilet training will start tomorrow. We're going to piss in
your face every day, make you drink our piss, and if you are a good
girl, we might decide to shit on you. Now, clean my dick and give me a
good blow job at the same time, my darling mother!" 

Susan sucked frantically, shivering at her son's words. Already she
anticipates the things they would do with her and to her. Swirling her
tongue about her son's cock. Tasting her own shit, she tried to image
what it would be like to suck her own son's assholes after they just
shitted, either in the toilet or on her. 

Susan began coming in powerful waves of orgasm. 

Chapter 5 Mother's toilet training

Next morning, Susan stood by the kitchen table, topless, she only wore
the bottom half of a sexy thong bikini that barely covered her ass
crack. The tiny stripe of the bikini seemed to be holding some object
in her asshole. With hands behind her back, subservient as she looked
at the floor like a shy little girl, a faint flush on her beautiful
face as she waited for her sons to finish their breakfast. A slow grin
spread over her lovely face as she recalled the powerful thrusts of
her young sons' cocks as they double fucked her cunt and asshole at
the same time last night. Mark and Tommy fucked their mother very late
into the night almost nonstop until they were too exhausted to go on
any further. The three incestuous lovers engaged in all kinds of
position imaginable for three people to have sex in the young mother's
huge bed.

Mark inserted a dildo with an inflatable head into his mother's semen
and cunt juice filled pussy to seal the opening of her vagina tightly
shut in order to prevent any leakage of his sperm. He wanted to keep
his potent seeds in his mother's birth chamber and canal through out
the night to insure maximum chance that his sperm cells could do their
work to fertilize his mother's eggs, there by made his own beautiful
mother pregnant with his child. The thirteen-year-old boy wanted to
procreate with his own sexy mother.

Although Mark's younger brother Tommy had agreed not to come in their
mother's cunt, however he was not too unhappy about the promise he
made to his older brother these days. Tommy had developed a strong
craving for anal sex. He rarely fucked his mother's cunt now; he would
fancy his own mother's most delicate and tight rosy asshole. Followed
Mark's example, he inserted a huge butt plug into his mother's
well-fucked asshole to keep the huge quantity of their combined sperm
(mostly his) inside their mother's rectum.

Mark and Tommy fitted the dog collar with two leashes attached to it
around their mother's slim neck and than fastened each leash to a
bedpost at the top of her four poster-bed. Mark and Tommy lay on
either side of their tied up naked mother. They each put a hand on one
of their mother's creamy soft full breasts possessively before they
fell to a deep slumber.

Susan lost count of the number of times last night they came in her
mouth, cunt and asshole, let alone the numerous multiple orgasms she
achieved herself. Even now, her blonde pussy still filled to capacity
with her thirteen-year-old son Mark's baby making sperm, and her
asshole also full with both her sons' come juice. Every step she took
she could fell the sex juices sloshing inside her two nether holes.
She could still recall the taste of her young sons' thick creamy semen
as it gushed into her mouth and throat had been tasted like honey to

Susan screamed, Mark slapped her cunt with a stinging force bought her
back from her daydreams. The hand came down directly upon her thinly
bikini-covered pouching cunt very hard, sending excruciating pain
throughout her very tender pussy lips and her extended blood fill
"Mom, pay attention! We are finished, clean up the mass." Mark

After Susan cleaned the table and washed the dirty dishes, she walked
to the middle of the room. Susan stood with hands at her back, she
stuck her ample breasts way out from her chest and her long slime legs
spread wide open as instructed by her sons. She waited for their

"Get me a clean bowl, Mom." Mark ordered.

When Susan walked back to where Mark sat and handed him a glass bowl
with the capacity for at least holding two cups of water. Mark ordered
his mother to step right between his open thighs. Then he closed them
around her legs thus trapped his almost naked mother with his thighs.

"Mom, move your hips a bit forward, than arch your back and stick your
cunt out to me."  Mark ordered.

"I'm going to remove Mom's thong bikini Tommy. If you don't want any
accident, you better make sure Mom's butt plug stays in her asshole!"
Mark cautioned his brother.

Tommy moved behind his mother and got ready. As Mark slowly peeled the
scanty thong bikini down from his mother's slim hips, her golden
triangle was revealed. The huge inflated head of the dildo just barely
visible inside the entrance to her vagina. Mark kept tucking and
pulling the thong bikini until it slipped all the way down to his
mother's ankles. Tommy was enjoying the sight of his mother's creamy
ass cheeks and couldn't resist from creasing and squeezing her soft
flesh with his hands. When the butt plug was revealed, he pushed it
even deeper into his mother's asshole. He kept playing with his
mother's soft bouncy ass cheeks like flour dough while made sure the
huge butt plug stay inserted in her asshole.

"Mom, sucking in the dildo with your cunt really hard now! I'm going
to deflate the dildo, and I don't want any juices to leak all over

Susan started to squeeze her cunt muscle really tight while Mark
released the air from the ream of the huge dildo head, which sealed
the opening of her vagina. As the dildo was deflating, Susan's cunt
closed tighter and tighter around the dildo replacing the air pressure
that was sealing her cunt. Mark grabbed the dildo and started to pull
it slowly from his mother's cunt tunnel until the very tip remained in
her. He put the bowl just below her cunt and cautioned his mother.

"Mom, I'm going to pull it out of you now, so suck in your cunt even
harder!" Mark told his mother.

Susan took a deep breath and squeezed her cunt muscle as hard as she
could. Her vagina opening rapidly closed up after the dildo was pulled
out. Only a few drops of juice were dripping out of her cunt hole and
all of it has fallen into the bowl below. Mark bought the glass bowl
closer to his mother's cunt touching her pink pussy lips.
"Mom, open your pussy with your fingers and release all the juices
into the bowl now." Mark ordered.
Susan placed her hands on either side of her blonde pussy; she opened
her pouching outer cunt lips with her fingertips slowly revealing her
glistering deliciously moist red cunt meat. Her vagina opened like a
delicate flower as Susan gradually released her cunt muscle. A slow
trickle of mixed cunt juice and sperm were leaking out of her vagina
into the glass bowl. The trickles then turn into a small river was
continuously spilling juices out of her ever-widening cunt hole.
Finally, when her cunt was slowly emptying of all the juices within, a
thick white gelatinous strand of sperm was connecting her cunt to the
now almost full glass bowl. Susan's cunt lips were pulled apart by her
own hands, and her vagina stretched wide open now. Mark could almost
see all the way deep inside his own mother's moist pink cunt tunnel.
It was indeed a very erotic sight. 
When Mark shown the glass bowl full of his sperm and her cunt juice to
his mother, Susan's face turned all red when she saw how much of their
combined juices was collected from her cunt.

"Look Mom, I think most of my millions of sperm cells are quite dead
now, I hope at least one of their fellows did its job right last night
in your cunt. Do you know Mom, it only takes one sperm out of the
millions of sperms to fertilize your egg and make you pregnant with my
baby? I leaned that in sex education in school." Mark said
knowledgeably while looking at his mother's beautiful face.

"I hope so too, my love, my darling son! This mother-cunt wants to
impregnate by you. This mother-cunt wants to have my own son's baby!"
Susan worshipfully looked at her thirteen-year-old son with both love
and lust in her beautiful blue eyes.

"Did I gave you permission to speak?" Mark asked as he looked at his
mother sternly.

"This mother-cunt's sorry." Susan said in a very soft and sexy voice.
She just felt a little nervous but her heart is beating faster with

"I'm not going to punish you this time Mom." Mark said. 

Susan was disappointed and it showed on her beautiful face. She loved
the spankings and other forms of punishments at the hands of her young

"Did you mean it when you said about having my baby?" Mark asked.

"Yes! This mother cunt meant every word she said, I want you boys to
breed me like a brood mare, my love." Susan looked at his oldest son
with sincerely and said it in a firm voice full of conviction.

"Just a few days ago, you didn't even want me to come in your cunt!
You were afraid I would get you pregnant."
"I have changed in the last few days, I mean this mother cunt had
changed. Thanks to you and Tommy, I discover who I am!"
"Who are you mother?" Mark asked.

Susan turned her head back to look at her youngest preteen son behind
her tenderly for a moment, then turned back and looked directly into
her thirteen-year-old son's eyes with both motherly love and lust in
her beautiful blue eyes.
"I am you and Tommy's sex slave.  I am my handsome sons' mother-cunt.
This is my destiny. I know now that I was born to serve both of you. I
even want to be your breed slave. I want to mate with you and your
brother and bear children for my own sons!" Susan declared in a voice
full of pride and joy.

"You like what we are doing to you Mom?" Asked Mark hopefully.

"Yes, This mother-cunt not only like but love what ever you and your
brother's doing to me." Susan said it a little shamefully as her
beautiful face flush all over with a very becoming pink color.

"Even when we tie you up and beat the shit out of you Mom?" Questioned
Mark uncertainly.

"Yes! This mother-cunt loves it when you and Tommy punish her. This
mother cunt knows that you and Tommy will never really hurt her too
much! I am your mother aren't I, I watched you both grow up from
birth, I know there is no meanness and cruelty in either one of you. I
think I know all there to know about my own sons! Anyway, I love both
of you very very much, no matter how you are going to treat me. I'll
away love my two handsome boys until the day I die!" Susan said and
her face was full of love and tenderness.

Susan's beautiful face suddenly turned painful.

"You guess wrong Mom! I'm bad and mean as I want to be!" Tommy said as
he grabbed his mothers' soft breasts in both hands from behind and
squeezed as hard as he could.

Susan yelled out in pain. When Tommy used his thumb and forefingers to
pinch and pull at his mother's very tender enlarged pink nipples to
extreme lengths. Susan felt like the pain in her chest increased ten
folds and her stretched pebble hard nipples seem about to be ripped
out of her breasts! Her body was shaking violently with orgasms. She
came again and again. Great big teardrops started to fall down from
her smooth cheeks as her cunt juice spilled out of her blonde pussy
lips and rolled down her creamy thighs at the same time.

"Stop fooling around, Tommy!" Mark barked at his younger brother.

"That was truly wonderful what you just said Mom! I'm really happy and
even a little amazed the change in you. We have certainly come a long
way in such a shot time. However, we think you still need more
training mother and there're lots more things Tommy and I are going to
do to you."

"This Mother-cunt can't wait, I'm looking forward to all the training
you and Tommy are going to give to me. This Mother-cunt wanted to be
the best sex slave to my own darling sons!" Susan declared.

"That's my girl!" Mark kissed his mother's lips passionately while
creased her cheeks tenderly with love. Susan's heart was almost
busting with joy and happiness.

"Mom, you are the most beautiful and sexiest mother in the whole wide
world. We are the envy of every boy in school. Nobody's mother even
come close to your beauty and shapely figure! Although you hardly
date, we don't intent to lose you to some sweet-talking bastard,
that's why Tommy and I decided to make you ours. Mom, you belong to us
now. Ahhh...what I really mean is that Tommy and I both are the owners
of your beautiful and sexy body, we certainly don't want to ruin or
damage our sex toy in anyway! Mother, you know how much we both love
to whipping your lovely sexy body and spanking your flawless creamy
bounce asscheeks. However mother, even thought you will be punished
and sometimes quite severely but I assure you my lovely mother it will
never to the point of leaving permanent scars on your creamy smooth
soft skin! Mom, sometimes it sure don't look like we care for you
particularly when we are beating the crap out of you, but Tommy and I
really still love you very much! We love you even more now than
before!" Mark fingers creased his mother's beautiful tear striking
face tenderly and look at his mother with lustful young eyes that also
show some genuine innocent love of a young boy for his own mother.

Instead of hurting his mothers' soft supple large breasts, Tommy's
fingers was creasing and massaging their fullness gently now. His lips
was planting soft butterfly kisses on his mother smooth naked shoulder
and slowly up her sensitive white long neck.

"I love you Mommy." Tommy said softly and lovingly into his mother's
delicate soft shell-like ears while licked and sucked her delicate
earlobe with his mouth and tongue, then tucked ever so gently at her
earring with his teeth.

Susan hadn't heard her twelve years old call her Mommy since the
memorable day in the garage. Was it only the day before yesterday? It
was only two days ago, but it sure seemed like a lifetime had passed
to her already. She thought she'd never hear her boys call her Mommy
again. The endearing words and the actions of the preteen were both
innocent loving and erotic stimulating to his mother at the same time.
Susan was overcome with love for her two young sons. Her big beautiful
blue eyes once again flooded with fresh tears, only this time it was
tears of joy and happiness instead of pain and suffering. She vowed
she would do anything and perform any lewd acts for them from now on.
"Mom, why are you crying again?"  Mark asked as he saw more tears felt
down from his mother's cheeks.

"I'm not crying, I mean this mother-cunt cried because she's very
happy. This mother-cunt has never been happier than right now, knowing
that both of my darling sons still love me even though I'm just your
sex slave now!"  Susan said it with a beautiful smile on her tear
streaking face.

"Mom, you're most precious to us, you belong to us completely now and
we'll love you even more from now on!" Mark promised and kissed his
mother's mouth tenderly.
 Mark brought the glass bowl to his mother's mouth.

"Mom, this is your breakfast juice, it's getting cold. Now, be a good
girl and drink it all up, it's very nutritious and I believe it's
quite good for you Mom!" Mark said.

Susan obeyed immediately and opened her mouth really wide. Her son
started to pour their combined sperm and cunt juices from the bowl
into her mouth slowly. When his mother's mouth was full of their
gooey, creamy sex fluid mixture, Mark stopped pouring. He watched his
mother's throat muscle working as her swallowed the content in her
mouth all the way into her stomach. These sex fluid cocktails of both
mother and son has been stored in Susan's own cunt over night. It
tasted like ambrosia to her although it has a strong favor to it.
Susan smacked her lips together to savory the delicious, wonderful
cream. She opened her empty mouth wide again eagerly for more of her
cunt-aged incestuous sex cream. Mark refilled his mother's mouth with
more of this gooey, white sex cream from the glass bowl. Susan
swallowed a total of four mouthfuls of this delightful incestuous
creamy sex fluid mixture before the bowl was empty. 

"Lick the bowl clean Mom."  Mark said while he handed the now empty
glass bowl to his mother.

Susan licked the bowl with her sexy pink tongue like a cat until it's
spotless. She handed the bowl back to her son for inspection with
anticipation and eagerness. She couldn't wait to taste the stored
juices from her asshole.

"Let me have the glass bowl Mark. I want to feed Mom this time." Tommy

"Mom put your hands on the edge of the table. Now spread your thighs
wide apart then stick your ass way up in the air." Tommy directed his
mother after he got the bowl from Mark.

Susan's round and beautiful ass cheeks, so flawless, so white and
creamy were on exhibition like some magnificent offerings. In the
middle of her ass crack was this huge black dildo inserted into her
asshole displayed so obscenely to her sons' lustful eyes was a
wonderful sight to behold.

"Mark, give me a hand and open Mom's asscheeks for me please."

Mark grabbed the two half moons of his mother's soft round creamy ass
cheeks and spread them wide apart. While he held the glass bowl
underneath his mother's buttocks, Tommy slowly pulled the butt plug
from of his mother's anus.
"Mom, lowers your ass, and bends your knees a little. Now, suck you
asshole in as hard as you can Mom. I'm about to pull the plug out of
your ass hole now." Tommy ordered.

When the huge butt plug was out of her anus, Susan's asshole was
gaping wide open showing the dark red ass meat of her rectum to her
young sons for just a moment before her sphincter muscle close it
completely. A small amount of thick gooey fluid has fallen into the
bowl. Now, gelatinous creamy and brown stringy strands of sperm and
her ass juice were obscenely connecting Susan's closed rosy web-like
asshole to the glass bowl.

Tommy positioned the bowl closer to his mother's shitter. "Mom, push
all the juices out of your asshole now!" Ordered Tommy.

Susan released her sphincter muscle and pushed her anus outward. Her
flower-like pink asshole gradually opened and released more and more
of her ass juice and her sons' sperm into the bowl just underneath her
asshole. When there was hardly any more fluid falling out of her anus,
the glass bowl was only just about half full. The sex fluid collected
from her rectum so far was much less than from her cunt. Tommy wasn't
satisfied with the result, and ordered his mother to push harder. When
Susan pushed her ass as hard as she could, a small amount shit was
dripping from her asshole into the bowl.
"Wow, did you see that Mark? Our mother just shit into the bowl!"
Tommy exclaimed excitedly, his young face registered total amazement.
It was a most erotic sight to see shit coming out of their very own
mother's asshole.

Susan was so embarrassed she wanted to sink in a hole somewhere. She
dropped her red face onto her ample chest until her chin touched her
large breast with shame and humiliation. She couldn't believe that she
just shitted in front of her two boys. She didn't wanted to shit in
front of anybody let alone her own young sons! However, her cunt
started to contract and pulsate strongly. She came repeatedly, spilled
out sticky cunt juice down her thighs. It's bewildering to Susan how
could she have an orgasm just by shitting in front of her sons. Yet
nothing surprised her anymore!

"Mark please gets me some tissues." Tommy requested.

"Mom, I'm going to wipe your shitty ass for you." Tommy said.

Susan has never been more embarrassed and humiliated at this moment.
Having her twelve-year-old son wipe her ass clean for her was like
their role has been reversed, she is the child and her young sons are
the adults now. Yes, she love the idea of being a little girl again
and depending on her young but manly sons for everything, even the
most degrading task of cleaning her ass. Her cunt produced more cunt
juice when she experienced yet another orgasm.

"Imagine, I'm wiping my own mother's ass. I love doing this for you
mother! You big beautiful baby. I'm going to clean your ass every time
after you shit, and you can return the favor by licking my ass clean
after I shit from now on Mom!" Tommy promised.

A shudder went though Susan's body.  A tingling sensation went up and
down her spine. She came, her pussy spilled out more cunt cream when
she envisioned the future prospect of what her twelve-year-old son
just said.
"Go get me a soupspoon, Mom." Tommy commanded while siting by the
dinning table with the glass bowl in his hand.

Susan compiled quickly and eagerly with anticipation.

"Mom, knee down in front of me, and open your mouth, I'm going to feed
you this yummy stuff." Tommy commanded while stirred and mixed the
contents in the glass bowl with the spoon until the mixture of sperm,
ass juice and shit became a very thick creamy brown substance.

When she tasted the first spoonful of this unholy concoction from her
own asshole, she almost gagged and vomited. The thick stringy sauce
mix had a very strong musty and stinky favor. It had a bitter and
nasty shitty tasted to it. Nevertheless, Susan wanted to please her
sons, so she forced herself to swallow it down her throat.  She then
opened her now empty mouth to show her sons that she indeed has
ingested the entire spoonful of this foul tasting sperm and ass fluid
mixed in with a little bit of her own flesh shit down her stomach.
"Taste good Mom?" Tommy asked.

When he saw the distasteful expression on his mother's beautiful face,
he and Mark laughed aloud. Still, he kept on feeding his mother
spoonful after spoonful of this stinking thick shitty sauce mix. He
kept asking his mother how did it tasted between each spoonful to make
fun of her. Yet after half a dozen spoonfuls of this stuff, it didn't
seem so bad to her anymore. The thought that this stringy thick shitty
tasting sauce not only has been aged in her own asshole over night but
were the combinations of her young sons' sperm and her ass juice plus
her fleshly produced shit almost blow her mind. Her taste buds seen to
switch to another level, she started to ingest each subsequent
spoonful with relish and eagerness as if this stuff that just came out
of her own asshole was the most delicious meal in the world.
Tommy and Mark were both astonished from the blissful looks on their
mothers face that she really started to enjoy the taste of this nasty
and smelly stuff from her ass.

"You really like it Mom?" Tommy asked.

"This mother-cunt loves it!" Susan said shamefully, her face brushing

"Well, there is no more, lick the bowl clean Mom." Tommy said and
handed the empty glass bowl to his mother.

After Susan licked the bowl with her tongue, and then she handed it
back to her son for his inspection.

"Wow, it's so clean, you don't need to wash it any more Mom!" Tommy

Susan was embarrassed and her beautiful face turned red once again.

"Mom, Seems to me you really like the stuff, I will feed it to you
every morning for breakfast. How is that sound to you?" Tommy asked.

"This mother-cunt will love every spoonful of it." Susan said it

"Come to me, and turn around Mom."  Mark order.
When she felt her thirteen-year-old son tying her hands behind her
back, she shivered. A thrill went through her stomach, her cunt
pulsating as her nipples became harder and bigger jutting upward from
her creamy full breasts. A leather collar was placed around her neck,
with two leash-like chains on each side. Mark and Tommy each took the
end of the chains dangling from the leather collar around their
mother's swan-like elegant neck.

"To the garage Mom!"  Mark ordered.

Susan turned toward the garage while her two young sons were holding
her two leashes walked behind her. She walked the way she had been
told by her boys. Her hips were rolling and her asschecks was bunching
outrageously. Susan felt her sons' eyes on her sexy rolling ass, she
felt like a whore, making her ass do this. Nevertheless, she thought,
that's exactly what I am. A whore for my young sons, a whore they can
fuck and beat and do anything they want with. And I love it!

In the garage, she was told to sit on an old kitchen chair with the
bottom cut out of it. Susan felt her ass sink in the hole as she sat,
her legs spread on either side. Her ankles were tied to the legs of
the chair. The bottom of the chair cut into her flesh, her ass and her
cunt were hanging through.

Mark and Tommy unzipped their shorts. They took their hard cocks out
and started waving their pricks at their mother's face. Susan licked
her lips, wished they would let her suck them. She wasn't prepared
when both her sons' suddenly began pissing down on her. The two hot,
golden streams of piss struck her in the face made her gasp in
"Oh, God!" she moaned, feeling their hot piss spraying all over her
naked sexy body. A shudder went through her; Susan started to come,
holding her face up toward the spewing piss.

"You wanna be pissed in the mouth, Mother." Mark laughed.

"Yes!" Susan screamed, trying to turn her mouth in toward the streams
of piss. "Piss in this mother-cunt's mouth! Ohhh, god, piss in my
cocksucking mouth!"

"Are you sure you want us to piss in your mouth, Mom."

"Yes, yes, please piss in this mother-cunt's mouth. Ohhhh, I want to
drink your piss, swallow your piss! Hurry my darling sons, please piss
in this mother-cunt's fucking mouth! Ohhhhh, shit I'm going to come!"

Susan opened her mouth wide, thrusting her tongue far out. Mark and
Tommy aimed their cocks, and Susan moaned as both her sons pissed
directly into her mouth. The hot piss flowed from the corners of her
mouth as it filled, running down her stretched neck and onto her naked
tits. She began to swallow with greedy, wet sounds. The taste of her
sons' piss sent her body into shivering ecstasy. Her beautiful face
drenched in piss, her hair soaked. Susan's blonde cunt was convulsing
with orgasm.
Susan was disappointed when they finally stopped pissing. Looking at
her sons, with a smile of dreamy pleasure on her beautiful piss soaked
face. She licked her piss-wet lips.

 "That was wonderful," She whispered shyly, her beautiful face flushed
in pink. "This mother-cunt love being pissed on this way, in my mouth.
God, I'll be your fucking toilet anytime you two have to piss!"

"Did you come Mom?" Tommy asked.

"Did I! Piss in my cocksucking mouth again, and this mother-cunt will
explode! Please, This mother-cunt would like to ask you something."
she said.

"What is it?" Mark asked.

"This Mother-cunt has to piss, please," she said, her face red with
shame and excitement.
"Piss, then." Mark said.

The golden piss streamed from her blonde pussy, splashing on the floor
beneath. She felt it spatter her feet. Her eyes remained on their
cocks as she pissed and she was overwhelmed with erotic feelings in
her body.

Mark stepped forward, cupping his hands under the hot golden stream.
He brought his cupped hands, filled with her hot, golden piss, to his
mother's face and washed it. Again and again he washed his mother's
beautiful face in her own piss and finally cupping a puddle and
lifting it to her lips.

"Drink it, Mom, " he said. "Drink your own piss."

Susan lapped her tongue into her own piss like a dog drinking from a
bowl. Her piss was a little salty, but not unpalatable. In fact, it
was quite tasty and delicious to her. Mark repeated the offering as
she continued to piss a strong stream, bringing it to her mouth so she
could lap it up. Tommy slipped a tall glass into the stream of his
mother's piss. By the time the flow of her hot piss began to trickle,
he was holding a tall glass almost overflow with his mother's golden
Susan cracked her eyes into small slits, too ashamed to look fully at
her sons. The floor of the garage was drenched in her piss. The curls
of her blonde cunt hair along each cuntlip were wet with piss. 

"Wanna have another drink, Mom?" Tommy asked.

"Please," Susan whispered shyly.

Tommy tipped the glass to her lips, and Susan drank deeply, gulping as
she swallowed her own hot golden piss, until the glass was empty. The
delicious taste of her own piss lingered inside her mouth. Her cunt
leaked out more cunt juice as she came.

Tommy and Mark untied their naked and piss wetted mother from the
chair and led her by the leash into the bathroom.

"Mom, sit on the toilet, this time we want you to really shit for us."
Mark said.

Susan felt her heart sink. Tears started to fall from her beautiful
blue eyes. She looked at Mark and than at Tommy's with a pitiful
glance and pleaded with her sons.

"Please don't make mother do this nasty and shameful thing. I beg

"You just shitted in front of us a moment ago Mom. I didn't hear you
complaining." Mark said.

"That was just an accident, I didn't mean to shit when you guys were
watching." Susan explained. When she saw their lustful eyes full of
excitement in anticipation what their mother was about to do, she
realized how much it would turn her on to do something filthy like
that, performing for her two boys.

When Susan started to sat down on the toilet slowly, simultaneously
both her sons were jerking on her leashes so strongly they almost
pulled they mother up by the neck.

"Oh no mother! Turn around on the toilet with you ass toward us, we
want to see everything coming out of your asshole!" Mark ordered his

"Tommy, untie Mom's hands."

"Mom, I want you to put your hands on your ass cheeks and spread them
as wide apart as you can for us!"  Mark ordered.

Susan moved her arms behind her back and placed a hand on each of her
creamy round ass cheek with shaking fingers, she started to spread her
own beautiful ass for her sons viewing pleasures. When her ass crack
was totally revealed, in the center was her slightly puckered
flower-like pink asshole. Susan knew her sons' eyes were zeroing onto
her most delicate and private opening in anticipation of what was
about to come out of their own mother's anus. Susan's entire smooth
creamy skin of her naked body seemed to blush with embarrassing pink

When there was nothing happen for a while, her creamy soft ass cheeks
received a stinging slap from her oldest son, leaving a painful red
palm print.

"Do your business now mother!" Mark demanded.

"I can't, not with my ass cheeks open so wide by my own hands, and you
guys watching and all!" Susan reasoned quite embarrassingly.

"You better push really hard, or I'll beat the shit out of you Mom. Ha
ha, Tommy, you hear that, I'm going to beat the shit out of Mom!" They
both laugh at what Mark said.

Susan groaned and pushed really hard this time, her rosy pink asshole
started to pucker outward slowly and her starry bunhole opened up
slowly like a rosebud. It took her a while to squeeze out the
beginning of the first yellow turd from her expanding rectum. Her
asshole was gaping wide open for a second after the three inches long
turd came out. She felt herself approaching orgasm as the soft long
shit escaped from her rectum. The first turd dropped into the toilet
with an embarrassing heavy splash, and then after that there was two
more that came out of her asshole more easily. Her boys' young eyes
were glued to their mother's asshole. The sight and smell of watching
their own mother's shit coming out of her rosy asshole transfixed
them. Normally, they would never have consider watch anyone shit, it
would surely be the most disgusting and nasty thing to see. However,
when the shit was coming out of a beautiful woman's asshole, and not
just any young woman, but their very own gorgeous sexy mother's
exquisite flower-like rosy pink asshole, it was the most erotic, and
the sexiest sight to behold. At the same time, it was also the
filthiest and nastiest thing they ever saw. They were both excited
beyond believed.
Susan kept her eyes closed as the spasms of one orgasm after another
ripped through her cunt. Her love juices were flowing like waterfalls
out of her cunt. The aroma of her sweet feminine come juices from her
front opening and her noxious smelling shit from her backdoor were
filling the small bathroom. The mixed smell that is coming out of
their beautiful voluptuous mother's nether openings was both
disgusting and intoxicating at the same time to her two young sons.

When there was no more shit coming out of his mother's asshole, his
cock throbbing and dripping, Tommy got behind his mother's wide spread
ass. He pressed the swollen head of his cock forward against her
puckered anus. His mother's shit made good lubricant; it went in so
easily as he plunged his cock deep into her tight asshole. He pumped
in and out of his mother's shithole and reached around and played with
her enlarged blood fill sensitive clit. He pinched it really hard
until his mother scream in pain and pleasure. 

"Fuck Mom's shitty asshole, Tommy!" Encourage his older brother.

With one hand pulling the leash attached to his mother's neck collar
really hard, Tommy grabbed a handful of his mother's long blond hair
with the other and jerked his mothers head backward.
"Mom, turn your head around and open your mouth really wide, I want to
come in your mouth!" Ordered Tommy.

Tommy yanked his shit covered thick cock from his mother's asshole
with a loud pop, and aimed his cock head inches away from her open
mouth. He came powerfully, sending squirt after squirt of incestuous
sperm into her mouth. Susan's wide open mouth was filled up
repeatedly, she swallowed as fast as she could, try not to spill and
waste a single precious drop of her twelve-year-old son's delicious
live giving sperm. She figured if it's not shooting in her womb where
it will do the most good, the next logical place was of cause in her
mouth, from where she could ingested into her stomach.

Tommy inserted his still squirting shitty cock in his mother's sperm
fill mouth slowly, her mouth overflowed. Sperm flowed down the corners
of her mouth and chin. His thick cock was totally immerse and
surrounded by his own sperm and his mother's saliva. Tommy was in
haven. It was most exquisite feeling when his mother's tongue started
to lick around his shaft and wash his pick clean of her own shit with
his sperm and her saliva within her oral cavity. 
After a through cleaning with her tongue, satisfied that her son's
cock was now clean within her mouth, Susan started to swallowing the
mixture of her son's sperm and her own shit that was coated on his
cock when he pulled out of her asshole. When her mouth was just about
empty of all the mixed fluid, Tommy began to piss directly in her
mouth. Susan could taste Her own son's piss mixed in with little bit
of his sperm and traces of her own shit now. She wanted to scream in
ecstasy if her mouth wasn't so full. She couldn't believed that she
actually loved the nasty taste of shit, piss and sperm mix. Tommy kept
pissing in his mother's mouth. His cock plunged so far down her
throat, he practically pissing directly down his own mother's stomach!
It got her so hot and turn on; Susan's whole sexy body was shaking as
she came again and again!
Using the bathroom these days was always a humiliating and
embarrassing situation to Susan. Having her two young sons watched her
piss and shit made her face burned with shame and excitement. Ever
since the first day when she loosed control of her bladder and pissed
in front of her sons, her piss fascinated them. They enjoyed watching
their mother urinating. They love to see their mother's hot and steamy
golden liquid squirting out of her tiny piss hole. 

At first, shitting in front of her sons was even more humiliating than
pissing. It was no longer degrading to her. She had shitted in front
of them so many times now; it didn't make her feel so shameful as it
had at first. On the contrary, she loved it when her twelve and
thirteen-year-old sons watched her shitting now. Susan loved to
putting on such a lewd and nasty show and performance for her two
young sons, it made her feel deliciously wicked and depraved. 
Besides letting their mother used the toilet in the bathroom to piss
and shit, Mark and Tommy really loved to lead their mother by the
leashes totally naked on her hands and knees and crawled through the
back door and into the backyard. As her sons each held a leash
attached to the collar around her neck and walked alongside her, Susan
crawled around the back yard like a bitch dog. Her full tits were
dangling heavily bouncing and swing under her, her naked firm creamy
round ass cheeks stuck up in the air, her blonde hair was hanging past
her cheeks. Their mother looked more beautiful and sexy to Tommy and
Mark than ever in her current position. They felt their proprietary
and ownership of their beautiful mother even more secured and
completed. Susan hesitated when her sons told her to sniff at plants,
and at the fence. She didn't want to act like a dog! But after they
slapped her bare ass a few times, she obeyed. 

"Mom, lift your leg and piss like a bitch!" ordered Tommy.

Susan obeyed immediately and pissed like a female dog with one leg
extended and lifted up exposing her rosy asshole and pink cunt lips
while she pissed on the edge of the patio. Her piss was running down
the backs of her thighs like hot cider. Mark got so excited watching
their mother piss like a dog that he got down behind her and lapped at
her crotch from behind as the piss ran from between her pussylips
directly into his mouth. Mark swallowed mouthfuls of his mother's
golden secretions. As she squeezed the last few drops out, Susan's
cunt started to come, she blasted a load of female come juice into her
son's sucking mouth. Mark drunk and drunk; swallow mouths after
mouthfuls of his mother's delicious liquid, quenching his thirst from
his mother's cunt hole. Mark reared up behind his mother, her piss and
come juice was dripping from his chin, and he plunged his ten-inch
cock up her cunt from behind. He fucked his mother like a bitch-dog.
Tommy pulled on the leash really hard which made his mother lift her
beautiful face up so he could stick his hard cock into her mouth. Her
two young boys impaled Susan at both ends. She wiggled her sexy ass,
and was grinding her cunt on her oldest son's thick cock. Degraded as
she felt, she still couldn't deny the pleasure throbbing in her loins.
Her groans were muffled; absorbed by her youngest son's cock deep
throated her mouth. Her ass cheeks smacked back against Mark's
stomach. Her large tits swung wildly and erotically.
"Mom, you're the best" 

Mark growled as he yanked on her leash, choking her, forcing her to
snap her head back and arch her back.

"What a bitch!" Mark yelled. 

He cock swelled larger inside her, turning harder and harder. He
humped in frenzy, and was grunting with each ramming thrust. He worked
his cock into his mother so deep he felt that his cock's dripping head
had penetrated his mother's cervix into her womb.
"Ahhhh!" Mark bellowed.

He was bucking and grinding rapidly, he couldn't hold it off any
longer. Finally Mark fired his scalding baby making sperm up Susan's
clutching cunt, he was sending spurt after molten spurts into the
depths of his mother's quivering womb. Susan churned her cunt on her
oldest son's spasm cock, jerked with each powerful ejaculation of his
come into her pussy, feeling his freshly shot baby making sperm run
out onto his balls as it overflowed her pussy.

Tommy grabbed his mother's blonde hair in one hand and yanked on her
leash with the other, choking her, forcing her head down and stuck his
hard cock back in her mouth. She was helpless to pull away as he
pissed into her mouth directly.
"Swallow it! Bitch." He yanked mercilessly on her hair.

Susan swallowed as much as she could, but her twelve-year-old son
pissed so much urine, there was an equal amount of his piss ran down
her neck and tits as down her throat, and he kept shouting at her to
swallow. The fluid was hot and delicious. It burned her throat and
gullet going down, then pooled in her stomach.

"You're a good bitch dog! Mom". Tommy said.

Susan was very pleased by her twelve-year-olds praise, even when he
was humiliating her by calling her a bitch. She lived for her sons'
praise and pleasures now.

One morning, Susan was leaded by the leashes total naked once again on
all fours to the backyard. She noticed there was a large rectangular
wooden box in the middle of the patio. After her sons made her pissed
like a dog at the edge of the patio, they led her to the box by the
leash while her golden piss was still dripping from her blond pussy
lips. When Susan noticed the wooden box was filled with cat litter,
her beautiful face turned beet-red with embarrassment when the
realization sunk in. She knew her young sons wanted their mother to
shit into the litter box!  Pissing in the outdoors was one thing; now,
it looks like they wanted her to shit in the open air of their
backyard as well and in the daytime too! 

"Mom, when you're not shitting in the toilet, you'll do your business
in this litter box from now on. See, Mom, it even has your name on
it!" Mark said.

Sure enough, her name, 'SUSAN KING' was painted on the shorter sides
of the wooden rectangular box. And the words 'Mom's Litter Box' were
painted on the longer sides. Susan almost cried with shame and
humiliation. Her sons wanted her to shit like a dog into the litter
box. Nevertheless, she was excited beyond believed. Just the though of
what she was about to do gave her a strong orgasm. Susan's cunt was
spilling out lots more of sticky aromatic cunt juices down to her
smooth thighs to mix in with her piss already there.

"Mom, shit into the litter box for us like a bitch now!" Mark order.

Susan obeyed immediately. She changed from her crawling position and
proceeded to squat down on the side of the litter box. She moved her
beautiful round ass center over the litter box. Tommy and Mark stood
behind their mother watched her asshole intently, each holding a leash
attached to the collar around their mother's neck. Susan felt like an
animal more than ever at this moment. Well, that's exactly what I'm,
Susan though, I even got my own litter box! I'm my own thirteen and
twelve-year-old sons' pet bitch dog. And I love it!
Her boys enjoyed seeing turd after turd of yellow shit slipped out of
their mother's beautiful expended rosebud. The experience of shitting
into the litter box like a dog so overwhelmed Susan; she yelled out
with excitement and had a most intensive orgasm. Huge amounts of
female come juices spilled out of her pussy lips while shit continued
to come out of her asshole. After Susan finished shitting, Tommy who
could never resist his mother's shitty anus, ploughed his cock all the
way into her rectum, burred his entire shift to the roots inside his
mother's tight moist, warm shit coated asshole. Just a few strokes, he
shot all the sperm in his young balls inside his mother's back
entrance mixed with her fresh shit. When she felt her son's hot
lava-like sperm was filling her ass tunnel, coating and burning her
innards she came again simultaneously with her son. After she cleaned
Tommy's shit-covered cock with her tongue and mouth, her young sons
washed their mother's shitty asshole with a garden hose!
From now on, when her boys were home, Susan was never to be by herself
in the house. Even in the bathroom, she wasn't allowed to be alone. No
matter what she was doing in the bathroom, one or both of her sons had
to be with her. When she sat on the toilet, her knees had to remain
wide open at all times, whether she was pissing or shitting. Susan was
not allowed to piss or shit by herself. When her boys went to school
or gone out, she had to save her piss and shit until they came home.
She could only shit and piss in front of her two young sons. 

Chapter 6: Mother Tattooed, Pierced and Ringed by Her 
                  Own Sons

Mark and Tommy were in hog havens these days. Their own birth mother
truly belonged to them totally, completely and thoroughly. She was
their most treasured procession and private property now. In other
words, they owned every inch of their beautiful mother's luscious
creamy smooth voluptuous body.

It all started as fun and games. At first Mark and Tommy was trying to
make and train their mother to be their sex slave during the week of
their spring vacation. They have succeeded beyond their wildest
fantasy and expectations. The transformation in Susan was really
incredible and astonishing. It only took a few days for her young sons
to change her from a homemaker and mother to an obedient sex slave.
Susan became a submissive whore and sex toy to her own thirteen and
twelve-year-old sons. 

Mark and Tommy have turned their mother into a total sex addict. Her
addiction and craving for sex could only be satisfied and fulfilled by
her own young sons. Once her sons had shown their mother her
submissive and passionate side of her submerged inner self she could
no longer deny them anything. She was now totally enslaved by them.
Susan always thought she was frigid or even sexual deficient, but now,
thanks to her young sons, she finally discovered her erotic and true
submissive and masochistic nature. She wanted to be completely
dominated by her beloved young sons. In order to please her sons, she
would do anything and perform any lewd and degrading acts for their
enjoyment and entertainment. Mark and Tommy had absolute power over
their sex slave mother now and could do anything to and with their
beautiful mother's sexy body!

When Easter vacation was over, Mark and Tommy went back to school with
great reluctance. They couldn't wait for their classes to be over and
returned home to their loving, obedient and submissive mother. Susan
either stark naked or clad only in the sexiest and scantiest underwear
was always eagerly waiting by the door for her sons to come home from
school each day.

Tommy and Mark established a sort of loose routine during weekdays.
When they woke up first thing in the morning, both Mark and Tommy took
terms to piss in their mother's mouth right in the bed. With so much
practice in the last few days, Susan was quite good now at emptying
her sons' full bladder into her stomach without spilling a single drop
of their golden piss. Some days if one or both of her sons couldn't
wait, she'll suck them off until they come in her mouth. They pulled
the dildos from her cunt and asshole one after the other. Juices from
her nether holes were collected separately. Mark always fed his mother
the overnight sperm and cunt juice drained from her vagina, while
Tommy exclusively fed stored ass juice and sperm to his mother from
her own rectum.

Later in the morning, Tommy and Mark went into separate bathrooms,
while their mother waiting outside their bathroom doors eagerly with
anticipation. When one of her sons has finish shitting, he will call
her in for cleaning service. Susan squatted behind her son as he was
bending at the waist by the toilet. Susan inhaled deeply, enjoying the
musty stinking aroma emitting from her son's wide spread asscheeks.
She used her tongue to lick her son's wide spread asscrack up and down
first to clean up any remaining shit on and around his asshole. After
her son's ass crack and the outside of his asshole was cleaned up and
glistening with her saliva, she pressed her mouth on the puckered
asshole and sucked hard and most of the time she was rewarded with
pieces of her own son's remaining shit from his rectum. She swallowed
her son's shit as if they were candies. Finally, Susan stuck her
tongue as far as she can deep inside her son's asshole and ream it out
thoroughly. When her other son was ready, Susan performed the same
wonderful ass cleaning service on him as well.

Sometime, Susan was allowed to piss and shit in the toilet under her
sons' watchful eyes but Most of the times though, she was told to hold
in her shit and piss by her young sons until they came home from
school. At those times, she was usually collared and leashed by her
two boys and then they would led their naked crawling mother to the
backyard so she could piss in the dirt and shit into her own litter
box for their viewing pleasures. Tommy usually fucked his mother in
the ass after she shits, after he filled her rectum with sperm he then
made his mother lick his shit-covered cock clean. As he promised he
would do, he always wiped his mother's shitty asshole clean with
tissue papers afterwards.
Each morning after Susan served her sons' breakfast; she would prepare
their lunch boxes. Her sons' lunches include the usual standard
sandwich, chips and fruit with one notable exception. In each lunch
box, she placed an eight-ounce bottle filled with sex fluid extracted
from her cunt. Their own mother's cunt juices were her sons' favor
drink now.

When they were ready to leave for school, Susan always hugged her boys
really tight reluctant to let them out of her sight. She kissed both
her boys good bye like no ordinary mother did or should. Susan French
kissed them right on the mouth. While their mother was sucking on
their tongues, Tommy and Mark were groping their mother's naked smooth
flesh. If time permitted, sometimes one or both of her sons would
flood her mouth with piss or sperm. As a parting jest, they always
either slapped their mother's soft round asscheeks really hard, or
pinched and pulled her elongated nipples or her sensitive throbbing
big swelling clit until she cried out in pain and pleasure. They would
always leave their highly aroused mother on the verge of an orgasm and
panting for more.
Dinner at the King's residence is an event every day now instead just
only eating food to satisfy hunger. Susan would prepare her sons'
favorite dishes every night. As directed by her sons, the meal must
always include a salad dish and some phalanx shaped fruits and
vegetables. Occasionally a bunch of grapes or fresh berries was also
available. She usually wore a very scanty sexy French maid's apron
around her slime waist just barely covered the string bikini
underneath. An erotic looking garter belts to hold up her black sheer
nylon stocking on her creamy long and shapely thighs and legs. On her
pretty feet she wore a pair of 4" high heels which made her seem even
taller and sexier when she walked. Susan was never allowed to sit and
dine with the boys. She was either chained or told always to stand by
the dinning table with her hands behind her back and be ready to
service them in anyway. Before each meal Tommy would insert large
whole cucumber, carrots or an entire peeled banana all the way into
his mother's asshole. Mark would stuff his mother's vagina full of
grapes and other fruits like strawberries, chunks of banana or
pineapples. Sometimes even combination of lengthy celery and carrot
sticks or cooked food such as meatballs was inserted deep inside her
vagina. The vegetable and fruit would be kept in her nether holes by
the straps of her string bikini usually for the duration of the entire
meal. Her sons wanted the fresh produce to cook and soak up her cunt
juices and ass juices inside their mothers' vagina tunnel and rectum.
While they were eating the food on the table, their mother was
underneath the table devouring their hard and long penis. When they
were ready to come, their mother would hold her salad plate close to
their throbbing cock heads. They would shoot their creamy come juice
on top of the salad.
"Mom, be a good girl and eat your salad, it's got the most nutritious
dressing on top!"

Susan would feast on the salad toped with her sons' precious creamy
sperm with relish. When they took the cooked food, fresh vegetables or
fruits out of their mother's pussy, it was dripping with her aromatic
feminine honey sex juices. Mark and Tommy share these delicious
morsels as if its food for the Gods. Sometime they would feed their
mother her own cunt juice-covered food, but mostly they love to watch
her eating her own ass juice and shit-covered fruits and vegetables
from her own asshole.

After dinner every evening, her sons removed their mother's sexy apron
and her minuscule string bikini. Susan was usually ordered to sit near
the dinning table in the old kitchen chair with the bottom cut out.
The old chair had been cleaned up and moved from the garage and back
to the kitchen again. They tied her hands and legs to the armrests and
the front legs of the chair. An empty half-gallon plastic bottle with
a long narrow neck was inserted snugly half way inside her vagina. The
base of the bottleneck fitted with a rubber gasket, which formed a
watertight seal around the entrance of her vagina opening to prevent
any leakage. The bottle was resting flatly on a footstool underneath
the chair. A huge vibrating dildo was thrusting into her asshole and
secured with a tape to prevent it from sliding out. Susan presented a
most erotic and sexy exhibition clad only in garters and sheers
stockings tied securely on a bottomless chair. 

Mark brought out a new car battery and placed it on the kitten table.
Three long electrical wires ran from the posts of the battery.
Alligator clamps with strong springs were fitted at the other end of
each wire. Tommy squatted in front of his mother with the three clamp
attached electrical wires and proceed to snap one clamp after the
other on each of his mothers' pebble-hard pink long nipples. Susan
drew in her breath sharply as the tiny shape teeth of the clamps' bite
into the tender flesh of her elongated pink nipples. When Tommy
snapped the remaining clamp on his mother's blood fill distended clit,
the spring of the alligator clamp was so strong its teeth bite into
and break the ultra sensitive skin of Susan's large clit. A single
drop of clitoris blood was sipping out between the clamps' shape metal
teeth. Susan screamed aloud in agony. Tear drops were spilling from
her eyes and falling down her cheeks. Her sensitive huge abused clit
throbbing madly as she came. A tremendous volume of cunt juices was
secreting and spilling deep within her vagina gushing out forcefully
into the empty bottle with a loud splash. Mark slowly turned a dial on
the battery and his mother began to moan. Susan was taking the current
in her nipples and clit! Her pink nipples gradually turned into a
deeper shape of pink and red and became more erect and elongated; her
oversize clit enlarged even more. Her vaginal walls contracted
strongly and her cunt juices started to trickling out her vagina
slowly and was dripping into the bottle. As Mark slowly turned up the
current, his mother came repeatedly. Her cunt produced more syrupy
vaginal fluids, which were all captured by the bottle inserted half
way in her vaginal passage.

Susan's nipples and her clit were getting hot, her beautiful face wet
with sweats. Mark kept the control dial in the same level to maintain
a steady flow of electric current to his mother's body for the next
hour or so. As the electric current from her nipples and clitoris
pulsing throughout her body, Susan moan and groan constantly, hump her
pussy up and down the entire duration as her body was wracking by wave
after wave of orgasm. Her clear sticky honey-like vaginal love juice
also maintains a steady flow continuously streaming into the bottle
all this time.

Tommy and Mark were usually doing their homework on the kitchen table
by now. Occasionally they would check on their mother to make sure the
bottle still connected to her cunt and the gasket continued to form a
tight seal around her vagina opening. From time to time they would
both look up from their studies when their mother screamed out quite
loudly every once in a while from experiencing a particular strong
orgasm. When they saw their mother's beautiful ecstatic face looking
back at them mindlessly with lust-glazed eyes, they smile knowingly to
each other. "Mom is having a great time." If their mother's moans and
groans became too distracting, one of them will gag her mouth with a
pair of her own soiled panties or a dildo. 

The whole situation was totally unreal and dreamlike to Susan. She was
virtually naked tied to a bottomless chair with electric wires
attached to her nipples and clit. Excruciating pain and ecstatic
pleasure were simultaneously radiating from her abused nipples and
clit due to the strong pressure of the alligator clamps and the
powerful electric currents from the battery. A huge dildo was humming
away in her rectum. Her cunt kept manufacturing and sprouting feminine
sex fluids into the bottle inserted in her vagina. During all this
times, her very own young sons were fully clothed and doing their
homework right next to her! She couldn't believe this is really
happing to her. Just little more than a week ago, she was a normal
homemaker and mother of these two young boys. Instead of helping them
with their homework after dinner usually, she was now hooked up so
obscenely just like a human juice machine by the same seemingly
studious and innocent little boys at the moment. Nevertheless, the
juices manufacture deep inside her sex tunnel are the sweetest,
tastiest and most perfumed liquid on earth to her own sons. They
collected and stored their mother's mouth-watering creamy feminine
come juice and sticky viscous transparent cunt juice nightly for
future consumption. Susan was still in the grips of her multiple
orgasms; she thought she might just wake up and find out it was all a
dream. However, if it really was only a dream, she doesn't ever want
to wake up from it.

Susan was hooked up to the battery for over an hour. She was almost
exhausted from coming so much. The bottle was little more than half
full with her vaginal fluid and come juices. Mark turned the control
dial slowly higher, when it almost reach the maximum setting, his
mother's pink nipples turned into deeper shade of red, they become
extend and elongated to even greater lengths. Her enlarged clitoris
swell and made even larger then before into an over sized dark purple
throbbing crown of a miniature penis about to be burst. Susan's
voluptuous lustrous body was suddenly shaking and convulsing violently
and uncontrollably from head to toe almost dislodged the plastic
bottle inserted in her vagina. She was yelping and crying out
shamelessly, her face twisted with obscene passion. Susan came
continuously; the electric stimulation induced mind-splitting endless
series of orgasms one after another. Somewhere deep inside her vagina
tunnel started to ejaculate huge quantities of feminine thick
creamy-white come juice which pouring out like a raging small river
flowing rapidly nonstop into the bottle. Susan's senses over loaded
and she passed out.

When Susan recovered, the clamps were removed from her nipples and
clitoris. The swells in three of her most feminine and sensitive hard
buttons: her nipples and clitoris, were down a bit in size and their
color started to return to normal. Nevertheless, each had a set of
deep teeth marks imbedded in it and still a little hot to the touch.
In the pass few days, when her sons' show her the plastic bottle, she
was always quite embarrassed and her beautiful face blushed beet-red
each time. She was invariably astonished but very smug and conceited
at how much cunt juice was produced and collected from within her most
feminine opening; her deep vaginal well. This time was no exception.
The half-gallon bottle fills almost to the top with her vaginal
secretions. Mark usually pour out two tall glasses from the bottle. He
and his brother each took a glass of their mother's delicious and
tasty sex fluids fresh from her cunt. They drink and savor it slowly
with pure delight and enjoyment. Sometimes, both boys will take terms
to offer their glasses to their mother's lips to let her seep and
drink her own delectable cunt juice. They stored the unfinished bottle
of their mother's precious and priceless cunt juice in the
refrigerator. In the fridge, there were already two more half-gallon
bottles full of their mother's cunt cream collected from previous

About this time every night, they were ready for bed. A dog collar
with two leashes attached was put on Susan's neck. Tommy and Mark
untied their mother from the chair. They led her by the leashes into
her bedroom. Susan's mouth, pussy and asshole would be fucked and
filled with her two virile young sons' penis and sperm time after
time. Her sons inserted a dildo and ass plug in her cunt and asshole
to keep all the sex fluids inside their mothers' nether holes over
night. They tied their mother by her leash to the bedposts and went to
sleep on either side of her naked body.

This routine varies a little on any school days. Tommy and Mark
couldn't wait for the weekend to come around, so then they can spend
two whole days playing and abusing their loving, obedient and
submissive sexy mother. 

One afternoon, when Tommy came home from school and opened the front
door of his home. He saw his totally naked beautiful mother kneed on
the foyer of the entrance. Her voluptuous sexy body arched back and
her creamy high ample breasts sticking way out at him. He almost
couldn't contain his excitement. He stepped in front of his kneeing
mother with his crotch almost touched her face. He bent down to kiss
his mother's sexy mouth deep and hard while she unzipped his fries.
She took out her son's semi-erected penis and started to massage it
with her soft delicate hands.
"Hurry Mom, open your mouth wide now, I have been saving it for you
all day in school and can't hold it in any longer!"

Susan held her son's penis with both hands and pointing its purple
mushroom shaped cock head directly toward her wide open sexy mouth.
Tommy started to piss a strong stream of urine spattered into his
mother's mouth. When his mother's mouth filled completely with his
golden piss, he managed to stop from pissing for a moment until his
mother swallowed all of his urine in her mouth. Then he refilled his
mother's sexy mouth with his piss again, and waited again for his Mom
to empty her mouthful of piss. Tommy kept on pissing and his mother
kept on swallowed mouthful after mouthful of his twelve-years-old
son's golden piss. Susan thought she must have swallowed about at
least three tall glasses of her son's salty but delicious urine. Tommy
finally emptied his entire bladder into his own mother's stomach.
Susan stuck her tongue out of her piss-wet mouth and licked up the
remaining drop of piss still clinging onto her son's piss hole. She
looked at her youngest son expectantly while licking her piss wet lips
with her pink tongue in such an erotic and teasing way as if she was
thirsty for more of her own preteen son's delicious golden liquid.
"Mom, put my cock in your mouth now!" Ordered Tommy.
Susan's put her son's penis into her open mouth quickly swallowed the
entire length of her son's rapidly hardening cock all the way down to
the back of her mouth. Her wet tongue licked and played with the
shaft, when her head started to bob up and down and sucked on her
son's cock, she felt his penis grow even longer and harder in her
mouth. Tommy couldn't hold on much longer, all he could think of all
day at school was fucking his mother. His older brother had some
errands to run so won't be home for a while and he has his sexy and
submissive mother all to himself for the first time in weeks.  He
wanted to make the most out of it in the absence of his brother. Tommy
started to thrust his hard cock in and out of his mother's mouth; in
fact he was fucking his mother in the mouth. With a loud cry, Tommy
was ejaculating his semen into his mother's mouth.
Susan let her son spilled all of his come juice into her oral cavity
without swallowing. After Tommy withdrew his semi-erect penis out, she
opened her mouth as wide as she could to show Tommy she had caught all
of his baby making seed in her mouth without spilling any, she became
quite an expert at oral sex now. Susan looks teasingly into her
twelve-years-old son's eyes. Her dainty sexy pink tongue was slowly
playing with her son's sperm around and around inside her mouth and
swallowing little by little until all of it went down her throat and
into her stomach. Susan's wide-opened mouth now completely empty
without a trace of her preteen son's come juice.

Tommy's cock was growing harder again. He asks his mother to take out
the dog collar with two leashes attached. He put it on his mother's
neck quickly and picked up the leashes.

"Mom, go to the bathroom."

Tommy held the leashes in both hands followed his nude mother from
behind occasionally he was pulling hard on his mother's slim neck as
if he were walking a pony. Susan was totally naked except for a pair
of very sexy high-heeled shoes on her pretty feet. Her creamy white
soft flesh of her body was so tempting and inviting to be lashed and
whipped. Tommy wished he had a whip in his hand right now. He watched
the way his mother's hips rolling and her ass checks bunching like a
whore. Her two young sons told Susan that she had to make her ass do
this while walking in the house. Tommy loved and admired his mother's
sexy body from the top of her golden blonde hair to her delicate
dainty foot and her printed erotic toenails. Yet, most of all, Tommy
enjoyed the sight of his mother's flawless round ass. Susan's bouncing
twin creamy white spheres of her nether cheeks were indeed the most
beautiful thing to behold for young Tommy. Yes he wanted to ram his
thick cock up his mother's beautiful ass even more than he wanted it
in her mouth, or even in her cunt.

"Mom, do you have to piss?" They were in the bathroom. Tommy asked his

"Yes, may this mother-cunt piss, Tommy?" Susan asked. Her two young
sons ordered her to ask for permission every time she had to piss or

"Go ahead Mom."

Susan sat on the toilet; her leg spread wide open as she had been told
to show the pink lips of pussy. Her face turned pink with excitement
when she took a strong piss splashing into the toilet. Tommy watched
his mother's golden piss spraying out from her tiny urethra opening
seemingly endlessly until all of her urine was released from her fully
loaded bladder, while he was holding her leashes all this time.

"Mother, brush your teeth, and rinse your mouth. I want to take my
time and kiss you all over, Mom. I wanna kiss you sexy mouth and I
don't want to taste my own piss in your mouth! Did you just take a
shower Mom?" Tommy asked.

"Yes, this mother-cunt took a shower just before you came home, I also
douched my cunt and asshole really good inside and out. I want to make
myself nice and beautiful for you my darling." Susan said in a most
loving and sexy voice to her son.

"That real good Mom, lets go to your bedroom."

In his mother's bedroom, he had his mother laying Spread-eagle on her
back in the middle of the four-posted
Bed. He tied the leashes to the headboard hence secured his mother's
neck. Then took out two pairs of his mother's old nylon stockings and
quickly tied his mother's wide stretched arms and legs to each of the
four posts of the bed.

"Mom, Mark won't be home for a while, I got to play with you all by my
self! I'm going to take my time, and enjoy your body from top to
bottom!" Tommy said joyfully with anticipation while looked at his
helplessly tied spread-eagle naked mother with lustful eyes. 
Tommy took his clothes off in a hurry and climbed on top of his
mother's bounded nude body.  The feeling of his mother's smooth
lustrous creamy flesh against his body was wonderful. Her full, firm
but soft breasts and their pebbled-hard nipples rubbing and poking
exciting across his chest almost made him lose control. Tommy lifted
his head a bit and looking down on his mother's beautiful face with
lust and love.

"Mother, you're so beautiful and gorgeous, I almost want to eat you

Susan was overwhelmed with emotion by her preteen son's words. Her
happiness revealed in a most beautiful smile on her lovely face.
Tommy kissed his mother passionately on her sexy mouth. As he kissed
her mouth deeply, he drove his tongue in her mouth moving it around
and made contact with his mother's soft tongue. He loved the taste of
his mother's mouth and her saliva. He let his own saliva spill into
her mouth. Susan finding her son's tongue deep in her mouth and sucked
on it. She was kissing her son back now, and sliding her tongue into
his mouth. Her tongue was hot and dripping with saliva. Tommy was
sucking on it so hard as if he wanted to swallow his mother's sexy
oral digit. After fifteen minutes of nonstop French kissing, mother
and son were both out of breath.

Tommy held his naked and bounded mother tightly for a moment. He
licked along her sensitive elegant neck, then he moved his head down
on his mother's lustrous creamy breast, his lips pulling her large
pink right nipple between his teeth, actually biting and chewing as
well as sucking. His mind seemed to flash back to his infancy and he
fancied himself taking nourishment from his mother's elongated

"I wish you have milk in your bobs, Mom!" Tommy said while sucking
even harder on her nipple as if really trying to draw milk from it.

"May this mother-cunt speak?"

"You may." Tommy said.
"When your brother or you make this mother-cunt pregnant, My breast
will start to produce milk for the baby and for you to drink, my
dearest son." When Susan said that, both mother and son wish she would
be pregnant soon.

His mother's creamy breast seemed so firm, and yet so wonderfully soft
and tender to the touch. His small hand could only contain and gasp
half this bountiful creamy softness. Tommy squeezed and crease one
breast softly while pinched the firm pink nipple on the crest of the
other breast very hard until his mother cry out in pain and pleasure.
His started to suck on a breast, the elongated and enlarged hard
nipple against his tongue were ambrosia. He alternated from the right
teat to the left, sucking, chewing, biting, and actually almost
swallowing the fleshy nipple along with half his mother's succulent
breast meat deep into his throat a few times, felling the firmness of
her nipple scraped against the roof of his mouth.

"My wonderful son, suck them, chews them, bite them until they hurt."

Tommy had his mother's left nipple between his back teeth now and he
proceeded to clamping down on the tender and sensitive flesh so hard
that almost draw blood! Tommy seemingly wanted to bite off his
mother's elongated throbbing erect pink nipple off and than swallow
eagerly into his belly. Susan cried out in both pain and pleasure! It
seemed like hours that Tommy was sucking and playing with his mothers'
bountiful breasts, and he finally had enough. He left his mothers'
nipples very tender with numerous deep bite marks yet Susan's
throbbing pink nipples were even more expended and longer then ever. 

The strong sexy smell emitted from his mother's under arms stopped him
from going to quench his thirst on her cunt juice. He buried his nose
inside his mother's clean shaving and sweaty armpits and took a strong
sniff. Her mother's sweat and her natural perfume radiate form her
smooth armpits were intoxicating to her preteen. He stuck his tongue
out and licked his mother's entire armpit. 

"That tickles!" Susan giggled like a young girl. 

"Mom, every thing about you smells and tastes good, even the sweat in
your armpits, I can't wait to drink your cunt juices." Tommy said.

"Thank you my darling son. This mother-cunt is really happy that she
pleases you!"

After leaving one of his mother's underarms wet with his saliva Tommy
moved to his mother's other armpit, licking, and inhaling leaving both
armpits wet with his saliva. Tommy turned his body around. With his
knees now planted on either side of her head. He plunged his rock hard
cock deep inside his mother's open mouth all the way to her throat. He
leaned forward and sank his face straight into his mother's steaming
fragrant pussy; his tongue dived straight into her sex chamber licking
out the thick delicious secretions. Tommy occasionally flattened his
tongue against the full-swollen bud of his mother's oversized
clitoris. He lapped like a starving man, slurping long and loud as his
tongue stretched itself to its limit, rubbing strongly against his
mother's blood swollen clit. Lapping his tongue back and forth across
her clit's ultra-sensitive peak. Aromatic fumes seemed to come
steaming out of her overexcited cunt.

As his tongue slurped through his mother's naturally perfumed well,
more and more of his mother's zesty fluids filled his mouth. The
flavorful drippings of her luscious pussy increase his appetite for
Her seething pussy already spurting heavy loads of newly manufactured
lubrication and cunt juice into her son's mouth. Tommy drank
continually, drinking the flushing fountain of syrup expelled by his
loving mother's fuming sex hole. Thirstily, intently, he drained the
flooding tide of expelling sauce. The taste of her vaginal tunnel
roused the strong hunger in him all the more. He couldn't wait to fuck
his mother's asshole!

"Mom, I'm going to untie you, and have you turn over and lay on your

After Susan laying face down in the middle of her bed, Tommy quickly
retied his mother's wide spread hands and legs to the bedposts.
Tommy was kissing his mother's creamy round buttocks, chewing on the
two soft, white spheroids. He then buried his face between his
mother's creamy asscheeks feeling her soft and smooth ass flesh
against his cheeks. He inhaled deeply, smelling the intoxicated fumes
emitting from within his mother's ass cracks. His shaking hands slowly
parted the two creamy white spheres to reveal his mother's flower-like
pink anus. His mother's anus was the most beautiful thing on earth to
him. His tongue licked up and down his mother's sweaty ass crack but
each time he circled around and by-pass her asshole. Susan's asshole
was very itchy by now to be touched by her son's tongue. Finally, the
tip of Tommy's tongue touched very gently, than circle around and
around his mother's most private place. Then he stabbed his tongue tip
into her flower like anus. The soft, pink, web-like flesh was totally
relaxed as his tongue plunged into it, tasting the scented soap she'd
used to cleanse herself. Susan felt her younger son's tongue reaming
her anus, a delight coursed through her body. He licked veraciously,
his tongue trying to ram its pointed tip past the web-like opening,
savoring the purity of her flesh as he probed. He salivated heavily,
allowing his drool to settle in her pink pucker, using the tip of his
tongue to push it further and further in. Susan shuddered each time
his probing oral digit pointed itself into the tiny rear orifice,
licking out her ass juice. Every now and again he left his head from
his mother's ass crack so he could sink his teeth into her soft,
tender meaty ass-cheeks. He bit hard, stopping short of breaking the
creamy skin, but leaving deep indentations, and teeth marks, as if
claiming his mother's ass for his personal use. Susan squirms with
pain and unbridled passion. Her body shaking violently as she came. 

After she relaxed, Tommy went on to mount his mother from behind. He
sank his cock between her soft buttocks. His penis tip pressed against
the anal opening. Gripping his mother around her hips, her per-teen
son began pushing hard, feeling his slippery cock press directly
against the starry entrance of her asshole. He heard her grunt as he
pushes forward, and then felt the fine line of his mother's asshole
open into a round void as the very head of his hard cock now began
entering his mother's most private orifice, thrilling to the constant
pressure of his mother's sphincter.
He grunted, and pulled his mother toward him forcing her ass muscle
finally to surrender as it opened to take the entire swollen penis.
Christ! He thought, what a feeling, what fantastic feeling! The fact
that it was his own mother's asshole made that feeling twice as good.

His mother's asshole began sucking him into her, sending rapture along
the full length of his solid cock. His hands rubbed her creamy
buttocks feeling their smoothness, pinching them and thrilling at the
way they yielded to his fingers. Their soft texture made him hungry to
bite, and had he not halfway into her, impaling her luscious asshole
on his lusting cock, he would have knelt down right there, and he'd
have bitten hard. The tight clutching grasp of her squeezing sphincter
pulled him in a bit deeper.

"Oh, God!" Susan yelps. "It feels so unbelievably tight and absolutely
delightful. Push it all the way in this mother-cunt's ass Tommy."

Tightening the hold he had around his mother's smooth shoulders, Tommy
rammed forward, and with a mighty surge shoved the rest of his
thickness all the way into her. His thighs smacked loudly into those
luscious, creamy buns. He rammed hard, thrusting it all the way in
each time and drawing it out to the knobby point. In again, out again.
The feeling of the soft, wispy tissues of his mother's rectum cling to
the surface of his cock was incredible. He grabbed her large soft
breasts under her body, and griped them tightly and pinched her erect
nipples really hard. His mother moaned in pain and pleasure as she
bucked her elastic creamy ass cheeks hard against him.
"Can't  . . . hold it anymore." He gasped moving ever faster and

"Come, please!" she begged, "shoot that white-hot cream into your
mother-cunt's ass. Shoot, my loving son, shoot!"

Then she let out a loud wail, as she climaxed.

"Ohhhh… Mommeeeee!" Tommy wailed, screaming as he felt his sperm
rushing up through his penile tube and flash into his mother's rectum.
The fact that he was using his own sexy mother's rectum as a
receptacle for his sperm made it even more exciting and perverse.

Tommy's still rock hard penis came popping out of his mother's
asshole. He pulled hard on his mother's golden blonde hair, making
Susan yelp out in pain.

"Turn your head around as far as you could quickly, Mother!"

He plunges his come and her ass juice-covered cock into the back of
his mother's wide-open mouth. Susan tasted her own ass as she licked
and sucked her son's cock that just came out of her own asshole. Tommy
noticed that his penis came out of his mother's asshole cleaner than
usual as he fucked his penis in and out of his mother's sexy mouth.

"Mom, I prefer a shitty asshole, so don't clean out the inside of your
ass hole! I love the feeling of your shit surrounding my cock and I
love to see you clean my dick covered with your own shit with your
sexy mouth and tongue. Sometimes, I want to lick and rim your pretty
little pink asshole inside and out and I may want you to clean your
ass, particularly if it's fill with Mark's sperm or mine! You know
Mom, what I love the most is to feed and watch you drink and eat the
mixture of you own shit mixed with my sperm draining from your

"I promise you my love, my darling son. This mother-cunt's asshole
will remain dirty unless you want her to clean it up! This mother-cunt
can't get enough of you or your brother's sperm and has also learned
to love the taste of her own shit. I enjoy cleaning your penis with my
shit and ass juice all over it. My darling, your sperm and my shit
mixture are awfully delicious and tasty to me now. I could drink and
eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner!"

"That's my girl, Mommy."

Susan felt a thrill ran down her spine when she heard her twelve years
old preteen son called her Mommy while praising her. After gave a most
through cleaning lovingly and tenderly with her mouth and tongue,
Tommy's semi-erect penis was sparkling clean again without a trace of
her ass juice and his sperm. Now, Tommy's cock was rock hard again and
coated instead with a sheen of his mother's saliva. 

Tommy's push his penis really hard against the opening of his mother's
pink pussy from behind; the mushroom head of his cock penetrated her
seething cunt immediately. The entire shaft slammed in right to the
base, and his mother's blonde pussy hairs tickled his bare pelvis. He
reached underneath her chest to pinch and pulled hard on her vibrating
nipples, making them swell and enlarge even more as his thumb began a
wild punishing massage. Susan cried out in both pleasure and pain as
her dripping vagina contract more tightly against her son's penis
attempting to suck him all the way into her.

His mother's squeezing, pressuring cunt walls were every bit as tight,
to him, as her anal channel. He has a full view of his swollen prick
pushing into the golden fur-lined of her puffy, pussy lips. The
vaginal walls made loud, deliriously thrilling sucking noises each
time he pushed in. Rivers of thick, transparent cunt juice came
running out, bathing his cock and pelvis. The sweet-smelling liquid
pooling around the base of his thrusting cock, but most of it seeping
and leaking along her thighs and wetting the bed.

Now Tommy's movement began to speed up, ready to sent gushers of
baby-making semen into his mother's vagina. Suddenly, Mark busted into
the bedroom. He grabbed his younger brother by his stomach firmly from
behind and pulled his body backward forcefully thus yanking his penis
from their mother's cunt completely.

"You Mother fucker! I know I can't trust you alone with our mother!"
Mark was hopping mad and quite furious with his younger brother.

"I was just about to pull out of Mom. I won't have come in her pussy

Tommy said defensively. Actually he didn't really know for sure what
he would have done if his brother hadn't come home early in the nick
of time. The thought that he had promise his brother he won't come in
their mother's cunt did across his mind momentarily at the peak of his
passion. Still, his older brother got to do everything first for all
their life, he really won't mind being the first one this time to
knock up their own mother for a change.

"I don't believe you! If I catch you next time, I'm gonna beat the
crap out of you!" Mark screamed at Tommy. 

Mark was still very angry with his younger brother. The King brothers
were almost came to blows with each other. All the years when they
were growing up, Susan never saw her sons fought over anything. They
had always shared everything with each other. Mark was very protective
toward his younger brother and Tommy always looked up to Mark.
However, at this very moment, both young boys were extremely tense.
They were fighting over their own mother. She was the prize and the
bone of contention between her two young sons. Each wanted to be the
first to impregnate their birth mother! If the situation was not so
explosive, Susan would have laughed out loud that Mark had called his
younger brother 'mother fucker'. It's like the pot calling the kettle
black. Her darling young sons were both little mother-fuckers! 

"I must find a way to lock up mother's cunt, so you or anyone else
won't have a chance to come in her pussy before I knocked Mom up!"
Mark looking at his brother sternly.

"How are you going to do that?" Ask Tommy curiously. The fight over
the use of their mother's cunt was forgotten for a moment.

"I don't quite know yet, I'll think of something."

"How about a chesty-belt?" Suggested Tommy.

"No, not those ugly medieval thing. Besides, where can we get such a

Mark rejects the idea while taking off his cloths in a hurry. When he
noticed that his brother's come juice started to bubbling out of their
mother's well fucked asshole, he barked at Tommy.

"Tommy! Quick, get me the butt plug before your sperm leak into Mom's
cunt!" Mark climbed on top of their bounded and spread-eagled nude
mother's smooth creamy back. He took the huge butt plug from Tommy and
pushed it all the way into his mother's asshole thus sealing his
younger brother's sperm inside their mother's rectum. 

Mark plunged his long and hard penis all the way into his mother's
vagina until her golden blonde pussy hair mashed with his slightly
darker shaded pubic hair. He proceeded to fuck his mother's cunt
earnest, in and out motion. 

Moved around to where his mother's blonde head lay, Tommy hovered
directly over her and sank his hardening cock into her mouth, allowing
his mother to cleanse her own drying cunt juice from his thick rubbery
cock. Tommy started to plunge his penis in and out of his mother's
sexy mouth in unison with his older brother's fucking motion at the
other end. Susan was in ecstasy. Her young sons fucked her at both
ends. All three of her orifices were stuffing to capacity. 	
"Please, my darlings, come in Mommy's mouth and cunt."
"Who said you can speak, mother?" Mark barked at his mother.

Mark slapped his mother's creamy soft asscheek really hard leaving a
red imprint of his palm. Than he proceeded to spank his mother's
tender unblemished white asscheeks into over heated pink and red globs
of bouncing hot flesh. Susan cried out in pain each time her son's
punishing hand came down hard on her bruising tender flesh. Than her
entire body was shaking and trashing against the nylon bindings as she
orgasm again and again.

"I'm coming! I'm coming! Please, my dearest Mark darling, don't stop,
please, don't stop spank your mother-cunt's ass! Spank Mommy harder,
hurt Mommy's ass please! My son, my lover, my master." 

Inflamed by his mother's words and encouragement, Mark continues
spanking his mother's now red hot asscheeks harder and harder, making
Susan screaming and moaning both in pain and pleasure. Tears were
falling from her beautiful baby blue eyes, wetting her smooth cheeks.
Mark felt the surrounding walls of his mother's vagina tissues
expelled and secreted an abundant amount of viscous clear gel-like
feminine come juice bathing his entire penis and wetting their pubic
areas where mother and sons' sex organs joined tightly. His mother's
vagina muscle was squeezing his manhood tighter and tighter until he
couldn't hold back any longer. 

"I'm going to come in your fucking tight pussy so much, you're going
to have twins Mom!" He didn't know how prophetic it was that he just
said about his mother having his twin babies.

Mark promised as he pulled his shaft all the way out of his mother's
vagina until just his mushroom shaped dick head remained at the
entrance of her pussy opening. He gave a tremendous push, plunged his
long hard penis all the way back into her cunt tunnel, his entire cock
head penetrated beyond her cervix opening deep into his mother's
uterus. His piss hole opened wide to ejaculate his baby making sperm
continuously right inside his own mother's birth chamber. Susan's
thirteen-year-old son's young balls produced so much semen, so that
her entire womb was flooded with her son's potent sperm. Soon, her
uterus and sex canal was fill to capacity with baby making incest come
juice. At the same time, Susan came wave after wave herself in
multiple orgasm again and again; she was sprouting and excreting her
own feminine juices into her vagina. Susan's sex chamber couldn't hold
all of their sex liquid inside any longer, slowly these incestuous
mother-son sex fluid mixtures was leaking out of Susan's vagina and
soaking their still tightly joined loins.

"Get ready, I'm going to come Mom!" Tommy yelled as he was pulling
tightly on the leashes attached to his mother's neck collar and
jerking her blonde head closer against his dick head. Tommy plunged
his entire hard penis all the way deep down inside his mother's
throat. His mother's lips were mashed tightly against his sperm filled
young balls. He repeatedly ejaculates his come juice directly down her
throat. Tommy was sprouting his preteen sperm right into his own
mother's stomach.	
Tommy pulled his still shooting penis slowly out of his mother's
throat until his dick head remained in her mouth. Soon, Susan's entire
mouth cavity was filled with sperm. She was in heaven, now all her
openings not only stuffed with cocks but all three orifices: her
mouth, cunt and asshole were all filled to capacity with her own young
sons' baby-making sperm. 
"Wow, that was great, Mom!" The two brothers almost said the same
words in unison after they both deposited their potent life giving
seed inside their own mother's sexy body. 

Susan was very happy that her young sons were pleased with her. With
traces of tear still remained on beautiful face, she smiles radiantly
and joyously. She raises her head a little from the restrained of the
leashes to look at her youngest son in the eyes. Although her
beautiful blue eyes still moist with tears, it was filled with love
and lust as her pink tongue playing with his sperm in her wide-open
sexy mouth. She slowly drinks and swallows all of her youngest son's
delicious sperm slowly for his viewing pleasure.
"Tommy, get the expandable pussy plug for me please." Marks ask his
brother, after his cock started to soften inside his mother's vagina.

Mark inserted the dildo inside his mother's pussy the moment his pull
his penis out of her. He started to pump air into the rim of the dildo
head just bury inside the entrance of her vagina. When the dildo
inflated to almost maximum size, it's huge expanded head press tight
against her vagina walls thus effectively sealing all of the baby
making semen he just ejaculated inside his own mother's sex tunnel.
Mark moved to where his mother's blonde head lay. In anticipation, she
already had her sexy mouth wide open and her dainty pink tongue hung
out. Susan began to lick and suck clean her oldest son's penis of any
traces of his sperm and her cunt juice. 

"Tommy, I like the way you tied mother up with the leashes and nylon
stockings. It makes Mom look even more sexy and helpless." Mark

"Thanks, bro." Tommy said, pleased.

"Just remember don't come in Mom's cunt. Promise me Tommy!"

"I said I won't. Well...OK, I promise!"

"What are you gonna do with Mom's pussy? Have you thought of
anything?" Asked Tommy.

"No, not yet. Wait a minute, hey I got it, by George, I got it!" Mark
said excitedly. 

"What? Please tell me."

"It's so simple. I don't know why I haven't thought of it before! All
I have to do is put a lock in mother's cunt. Of cause, I'm going to
pierce Mom's pussy lips first!" Mark said joyously, really pleased
with himself. 

"Wow! That's a super idea Mark! I bet Mom's pussy will look even more
sexier and prettier with a lock hanging on it." 

When Susan heard her thirteen-year-old son wanted to pierce her nether
lips, she was at first a little apprehensive about the pain of being
pierced down there, but soon the idea of wearing a lock in her cunt
lips seems most erotic and exciting to her. A lock in her cunt will
definitely make her look and feel more like a sex slave and she'll
become even more of a procession to her sons than ever. Susan
immediately had a strong orgasm.

"Mark it's really unfair that you have our mother's pussy all to
yourself!" Tommy complained.

"Well, you can still fuck Mom's cunt, only with my permission and
knowledge of cause. This is the only way that I can be sure that you
wouldn't come in Mom's cunt and get her pregnant before I do! I'm
going to lock up Mom's cunt as an insurance policy." Mark said it with

"I promised you I won't come in Mom's cunt! Well, you can have Mom's
cunt for all I care, as long as I get to make Mom pregnant with my
share of the babies in her belly. I prefer Mom's asshole any way. If
you are going to have our mother's cunt all lock up, I want Mom's
asshole Mark! Mother's asshole belongs to me, it's only fair!" Tommy

"I won't fight with you over Mom's asshole and I don't like shit all
over my dick much anyway. I prefer our mother's sweet smelling and
honey tasting pussy any day. OK, Tommy, let's shake on it. From now
on, Mom's pussy belongs to me and her asshole belongs to you. Agree?"
Asked Mark.

"Agree! If you're going to put a lock in Mom's pussy, I want to put a
lock in Mom's asshole too." Tommy said to his older brother.

Susan was getting more and more excited as her sons talked about the
ownership of her most private and secretive nether openings, their own
mother's cunt and asshole. She was amazed at the change in herself,
just a little over a week ago she would be outrage and furious at her
young sons for talking about processing her most private parts as if
she wasn't even in the room! Now, she was not only content but
actually quite ecstatic also for finally accepted her role in life of
being her own young sons' procession and sex slave. 

Susan enjoyed tremendously from being tied up so obscenely by her
preteen son on her own king-size bed. Both her cunt and asshole were
filled with their incestuous sperms. Both of her nether holes were
also plugged up with a huge dildo to prevent leakage and in the case
of her vagina it also to insure maximum exposure to his
thirteen-year-old son's semen for fertilization purposes. She wished
her son would impregnate her soon. Although Susan couldn't call her
body her own anymore, nevertheless she was extremely happy that her
lustrous sexy body belonged to her two sons now. She didn't really
mind that she has no say what so ever even about her very own cunt
hole and asshole. On the contrary, if her thirteen-year-old son wanted
to claim her cunt exclusively for himself and her youngest son wanted
his own mother's asshole to be his very own personal property, she
would be most happy to oblige. Her young sons at this very moment were
even planing to place locks in her cunt lips and asshole. The idea
excited her so much that her cunt leaked out more and more cunt juice
into her sealed vaginal cavity. When her most precious and private
openings were under locks and keys, it definitely would make her looks
and feels even more of her sons' procession and property then ever
before. She envisioned how her cunt and asshole will look like with
locks hanging from them, she came violently and spilled out more
feminine come juice into her tightly sealed vagina canal.

"You gonna do it yourself? I mean about the piercing. Do you know
how?" Tommy asked.
"Of cause not! I want it done by a professional. Besides, we don't
have any instruments. I know someone who could do a really good job."
Mark replied.


"Jimmy, who owns the Tattoo Parlor downtown." Mark answered.

"I don't know Mark, I think we might get into big trouble if someone
knows what we are doing to our own mother." Tommy said with concern in
his voice while looking at their totally naked spread-eagled mother in
glorious bondage on her own bed.

Susan had the same concern as well. She was the only adult here and
wanted to caution Mark and let him know about the repercussion of
exposure. Susan knew what her sons did to her were not only highly
immoral but definitely illegal with or without her consent. If anyone
should ever find out the incestuous relationship between her and her
underage sons, not to mention all of the other most degrading,
indecent and obscene acts she was made to perform for own sons,
although it was entirely consenting and willingly on her part. The
wrath of the law would surly come down really hard on them, most of
all on her; she being an adult and their own mother. The authority
would put her in jail and throw away the keys. The thoughts of going
to prison didn't scare her half as much as the prospect of losing her
two precious young sons. She would surely die if anyone would take her
beloved boys away from her. They were her life and the sole reason for
her existence and living.

"I'm no dummy! Of cause I am aware of the danger. Didn't we make a
pact and promise each other never to tell another living soul that we
fucked our own mother, and we even owned her body? I know this Jimmy
guy, he won't tell!" 

"How do you know?" Tommy asked, still unconvinced.

"I happen to know this kid with whom he's living with. His name is
John. He's a little older than I. His father is a drunk and abusive to
him, so he dropped out of school and ran away from home." Mark

"So what, why can we trust this Jimmy anyway?" Tommy questioned.

"They are having sex! He is gay." Mark said.

"Yak! A faggot!" Tommy said distastefully.

"Don't call him that! I have met Jimmy, he's really a nice man, who
just happens to love young boys." Mark said.

"We are just nice young boys who just happen to love older women."
Tommy joked. Both brothers laughed at Tommy's remark while looking at
their obscenely bonded naked mother.

"I'm going to talk to Jimmy first before we take mother to see him.
Now, let's untie Mom now, and let her make dinner." Mark said.

After they release their mother from her bondage, Mark put a wide
leather belt around his mother's slim waist. He pulled the belt
tightly, thus made Susan's waist even smaller. They attached a thinner
strap to the front of the belt and pulled up between her legs and
attached to the back of the belt. The strap cut into Susan's pussy
lips and ass crack thus keeping the dildo in both of her nether holes
in place. Tommy and Mark each holding a leash attach to the dog collar
around their mother's neck and following her to the kitchen. With the
strap cutting tightly in her loins and a pair of 4" high heels on her
feet made walking very difficult for Susan but gave her young sons who
were just few fleet behind her a most erotic and sexy display of her
naked perfection. 
In the kitchen, Tommy and Mark released the hold on their mother's
leashes. They went to the refrigerator, and each pours a tall glass of
their mother's refreshingly chilled cunt juice form one of the
half-gallon plastic bottles. They sat by the dining table and were
seeping and savoring the most delicious and aromatic drink on earth:
their own mother's creamy vaginal secretions and feminine come juices.
Susan was virtually naked except for the leather belt and strip that
were cutting into her loins to keep the dildo in her nether holes. She
presented a most erotic sight while she was working around the kitchen
with two leashes dangling form her neck collar and trailing behind her
smooth naked back. Her two young sons watched and admired every move
their sexy mother made.
At dinnertime, Tommy and Mark were sitting at the dinning table and
were drinking more glasses of the delectable sex juices extracted from
their mother's cunt. Susan stood close by the dining table and her
leashes were tied to the legs of the table. While her sons were
feasting on their favorite dishes prepare lovingly by Susan, she was
eating with great relish on a large plate of salad. It was mixed
generously with the combined ass juices and incestuous mother-son sex
fluids drained form her very own vagina and rectum. 

"Mother, Tommy and I have decided from now on, your cunt belongs to
me, and your asshole belongs to him. I guess you also heard us talking
about putting locks in your pussy lips and asshole back there in your
bedroom. What do you think Mom?"   Mark asked his mother. 

"My dearest son, this mother-cunt already belonged to you and Tommy.
You are the owners of my entire body. If that's what you and Tommy has
decided, I'll gladly comply. Mark indeed it's my privilege to offer my
cunt to you my love. And Tommy, my precious darling boy, Mommy's
asshole is all yours to do with as you see fit. Of cause, this
mother-cunt will be most proud and honor to wear her own sons and
masters' locks in her cunt and asshole!" Susan said passionately while
she was looking at her manly thirteen-year-old first born son and then
at her adorable twelve-year-old youngest son. Her beautiful blue eyes
were radiating and shinning with adoration, worship and love.

When Susan washed all the dirty dishes after dinner, Mark handed the
leashes attached to their mother's neck collar to his younger brother
and told him to take their mother to the bathroom.

"Tommy, I know you love to give mother her bath. Make sure you clean
and douche her cunt really good. I want to extract more cunt juice
from Mom. Our supply is running low!" Mark said.
Next afternoon, Mark and Tommy came home almost two hours later then
usual. Susan was waiting anxiously by the door for them wearing only a
pair of red crotch-less panties.

"Sorry Mom, I guess we should have called. We went downtown to see
Jimmy the tattoo guy right after school." Mark said.

Susan was both relieved and a little gratified that her sons still
showed her a little consideration even though a belated one and she
was only their sex slave now. When she try to open Mark's zipper, he
stopped her.

"I'm sorry to disappoint you Mom, we couldn't wait any longer so we
both pissed at Jimmy's. Besides we don't have time, so there is no
after school treats from our pricks for you today. We are taking you
to see Jimmy right away Mom. Why don't You go put on something that
will make you look a lot younger. I told Jimmy you are our girl
friend." Mark said.

When Tommy saw that his mother was quite puzzling why his brother said
that to Jimmy. He explained gleefully.

"Mark was just too embarrassed to tell Jimmy right out that we want
him to pierce and put locks in our own mother's private parts."
Susan had to smile at that.

"I wasn't embarrassed. I was just being cautious. I didn't want Jimmy
to know right away that you're our mother. One can never be too
careful." Mark said. 

"May this mother-cunt speak?" Susan asked.

"Go ahead, Mom. Oh, by the way Mother, don't call yourself a cunt in
front of Jimmy and you don't have to ask for permission to speak if
anyone talks to you. We don't want to give ourselves away OK." Mark

"This mother-cunt thank-you my darling. There might be a problem
though; all the clothes this mother-cunt has now are either too sexy
or too mature for your supposed girl friend. Wait a minute, there
might be something in the attic."

Susan found the white V-neck sweater and a matching pleated navy blue
mini skirt from her college co-ed sorority days. The clothes still fit
her perfectly. With her blond hair braided in a long pony tail swing
down her back and with light make up on her beautiful smooth face, she
looks like a young girl barely out of her teens instead of a mature
woman of thirty-two years of age. When they are standing together,
Susan looks more like Mark and Tommy's older sister instead of their
mother. Susan knew it wouldn't work pretending to be their girl
friend. There was just too much family resemblance between them.
Anyone will guess they're closely related a mile off! But she wanted
to humor her oldest son and didn't say anything about the obvious.
"So, this is the girl friend you told me about." Jimmy looked at Susan
appreciatively for a moment then turn to address the boys when they
arrived at his downtown tattoo shop. "Don't you thing she is a little
too old for you boys? Tell me the truth now, I bet she is your older
sister!" Jimmy said it with an arched eyebrow and a teasing smile on
his benevolent genteel face. Before the shamefaced young brothers
could respond, Jimmy turned to Susan.

"Young lady, was this your ideas or your brothers' to come here in the
first place?" Jimmy asked.

Susan was dreadfully embarrassed and was blushing furiously. However,
she finally answered shyly.

"Tommy and Mark wanted to pierce me down there but it was with my
total consent." Susan said truthfully.

Jimmy can see and feel the love and devotion for the boys shinning
through Susan's eyes and from her body language.

"Looks like the three of you have a very unusual and extremely close
relationship. But first, let me turn on the close sign, I don't want
any interruptions." Jimmy said.
Jimmy came back after he locks the door and draw the blinds. He looks
at the three of them quietly for a moment.

"You can trust me to keep your secrets. Everyone has his or her own
skeleton in the closet. My philosophy has always been live and let
live. Mark, you know a little about me already, so whom am I to cast
stone and condemn someone else's life style and practices." Jimmy said
with sincerity.

"In that case, I guess I have something to confess to you Jimmy. You
see, Susan here, she is not our sister, she is actually our own
mother." Mark confessed. He felt he could trust Jimmy after listened
to what he just said.

"Extraordinary!" Jimmy commented. 

"Mark told me you'd do almost anything he and his brother tell you to
do. Is that right?" Jimmy turned to Susan and asked.

"Yes, my sons' wishes are my commands! Tommy and Mark are my masters.
I am their sex slave." Susan said proudly and openly. 

"Oh wow! Incredible! This is the most extraordinary thing I have ever
heard for a long time! And believe me, I have seen and heard a lot in
my profession, this certainly beats them all!" Jimmy said

It's so thrilling to tell someone finally that she is the sex slave of
her own young sons. Yes, if its not against the law, she would stand
on top of the Empire State Building and shouted to the whole world
that she belonged to her beloved young sons totally and completely
body and soul. After meeting Jimmy, she too knew he could be trusted
with their secrets.

Tommy and Mark each put one arm around their mother's slim wrist
possessively. And in turn, Susan put her arms around her sons'
shoulders tenderly. Their young eyes beaming with pleasure and
approval of what their lovely mother just declare. They too have been
dying to let someone know about their incestuous and domineering
relationship with their own mother.
Jimmy watched intently as mother and sons were lovingly embracing each
other. They sure were the most handsome and loving threesome. Even
though the young mother and her two underage sons were practicing
incest and perversions, but there is no denying the fact that a very
strong and loving bond existed between the three of them. 

"Let me reassure you once more, you secret is absolutely safe with me.
I don't think I have to remind all of you, particular you two boys.
The so call moral and decent church going people out there, to them
what you are doing to your own mother is consider the most sinful,
perverse and immoral act on earth. A slip of the tongue to a teacher
or schoolmate will land you two in big trouble, not to mention what
will happen to your mother. I ought to know; it used to be very bad
for gays and still is to some extent. To make matter even worse, I'm
also a pedophile. Imagine a gay pedophile; we are probably considered
to be the most depraved and hated people on earth. If discovered,
we'll be hunted down like dogs. I can't emphasize the importance of
secrecy. All I can advice you is to be very careful what you say and
do in front of other people." Jimmy said.

"Thanks, we knew that, and we are keeping our mouths shut!" Mark said
and Tommy nodded his head in agreement.

 "Now, let's get down to business. Susan, would you mind taking your
clothes off? I like to exam all my clients first." 

Susan looked at Mark as if asking for permission.

"Take your clothes off Mom." Mark ordered.

When Susan unbuttoned her sweater, her quivering full creamy breasts
was immediately exposed. She didn't wear bras underneath the sweater.
Then she slipped her pleated mini skirt down her hips, revealed her
blonde pussy. She wasn't wearing any panties either. She was naked
underneath her clothes. Susan wasn't allowed to wear underwear when
she goes out. She let the skirt dropped down from her smooth white
thighs and slime long legs then stepped out of them. Susan was
dreadfully embarrassed now; her beautiful face blushed crimson. She
was naked in front of a relatively complete stranger while in the
presence of her two young sons for the first time in her life. On top
of it all, she was the only one in total nudity while all three of
them were still fully clothed! 

"Exquisite!" Jimmy exclaimed while he took in Susan's sheer physical
beauty. She was the most beautiful and well-built young woman he ever
saw, and he had seen quite a few over the years in his profession.

"Do you boys know what you have here? You mother is a jewel among
women, her body is a work of art, total perfection!" Jimmy declared.

"Of cause we do! That's why we want to lock up all our mothers'
treasures." Mark said seriously.

"Susan, come sit on this chair." Jimmy directed.

Susan sat down on the chair he indicated. It was not unlike the ones
in a dentist office, except this one has got the stir-ups. She looked
around nervously at the trays of needles and all sorts of tattoo
instruments on the near by rolling stainless steel trolleys.

"May I?" Jimmy asked and then proceeded to cup Susan's full firm
breasts. He ran his thumbs over her sensitive nipples. Jimmy held
Susan's erect pink nipples in his thumbs and forefingers of both
hands. He squeezed them gently, then a little harder; he was robbing
and massaging the pebble-like hard knobs. Susan's large nipples began
to throb and enlarged and elongated a little more.

"Susan, You have very good size nipples for piercing." Jimmy told
Susan, and then he turned and asked the young brothers. "Have you boys
ever considered putting rings in your mother's nipples? The size of
her nipples can hold at least two rings."

"Hey, that's a great idea! I bet mothers' nipples will look marvelous
with rings in them." Mark and Tommy both exclaimed.

"I could make Moms' nipples much bigger then that." Mark said.

"So could I." Tommy added.

They each proceed to grasp one of their mother's large rock-hard
nipples between their fingers and squeezed it, gently at first, then a
lot harder. Eventually, they were pinching and pulling their mother's
nipples really hard. Susan cried out in pain and pleasure. Her puffed
up red nipples swelled even more and expanded to a huge size both in
thickness and in length like they might burst.

"I'm coming!" Susan screamed.

She climaxed, her body writhing. Her vagina poured out huge amount of
cunt juice, soaking her blond pubic hair and running down her creamy
white thighs.

"This the most amazing thing I have ever seen!" Jimmy exclaimed.

Susan was both embarrassed and excited at the same time. She had never
achieved orgasm this fast before. Apparently, when her young sons
tortured her sensitive nipples in front of an audience, it seemed to
inflame and excited her beyond believed. This was another new facet
she just discovered about herself. 

"This is really excellent; your mother's nipples are over half an inch
in length! I think they can even support a large gauge barbell in them
besides the rings." Jimmy declared while touching Susan's now
over-sized and throbbing blood filled nipples.

"What are barbells?" Mark asked. 

"They are stainless steel, 14k gold rods or other materials that can
be inserted into the pierced nipples, sex organs or even tongues. Then
two threaded Balls of the same material can be screwed at both ends to
keep the rods in the pierced organs. Here, let me show you one." Jimmy

"This is really neat. Mom see, it surely will look wonderful in your
nips." Mark said while robbing a 14k gold large size barbell against
his mother's huge erect pink nipple. 
"Susan put your feet in the stir-ups. I am going to tilt the chair to
lift your pelvis. Let's have a look at your pussy." Jimmy said while
adjusting the chair.

Susan shapely thighs and legs were spread wide apart, her cunt and ass
exposed obscenely.

Susan's vagina still dripping with cunt juice, the aromatic flumes of
her sex fluid drifted into their nostrils and permeates the whole
room.  Mark can never resist his mother's delicious vaginal secretions
and dived into his mother's wide spread loins and proceed to lick up
all her syrupy wetness in and around her cunt hole. 

After wiping clean the entire area between Susan's thighs from her Mon
Venus to the tip of her asscrack of her cunt cream with a moist towel,
Jimmy was ready to exam the tender pink folds of Susan's blonde pussy.
He left and stretched the outer and inner flesh of her cunt lips to
test their resilience and elasticity. Susan was extremely aroused by
Jimmy's manipulation of her private parts in front of her two young
sons. Her large blood filled throbbing clit notably extended form its
protective hood like a glistening jewel. 
"Susan, you have one of the most beautiful vulvas I have ever seen.
Your pussy lips were just like that of a young girl's. The outer lips
of your pussy are so thick and full they enclosed and enveloped the
entire inner lips of your pussy. But the most striking feature about
your pussy is your unusually large clitoris." Jimmy said admiringly.
Susan was embarrassingly pleased. 

"You boys want to put a lock in your mother's pussy, and I got the
impression it is not just for decorating purposes. Am I right? What
kind of locks do you guys have in mind?" Jimmy asked the young
"I don't know, may be a padlock. I just want to lock mother's cunt
lips together, so nobody could get inside her cunt and fuck her
without my permission." Mark said while looking at his younger brother
meaningfully and pointedly.

"And I want to lock up my mother's asshole, so no one could get into
mom's ass unless I say so." Tommy added.

"I can't believe this! Am I hearing this correctly Tommy? Are you
saying you actually want my to put a lock in your own mother's asshole
too? You boys never mentioned this before." Jimmy asked in a voice of
utter disbelieve.

"It was ah... a little embarrassing to tell you that we want you to do
it to our mother's asshole as well." Mark said it with a red face.

"That's right. My brother and I have an agreement that mother's cunt
belongs to him and I own Mom's asshole!  Yes, I certainly want you to
put a lock in Mom's asshole, since you are going to put a lock in her
pussy. I want to be the only person on earth that's going to have the
key to the lock in Mom's asshole so that no one else can open Mom's
shitter but me!" Tommy declares boastfully.

"This is getting more and more incredible!"  Jimmy was flabbergasted
and exclaimed. "And you have no objections to all of this Susan?"
Jimmy turned to ask Susan.

"Of cause not! As I said before, I'm Mark and Tommy's sex-slave. I
belong to my sons; they owned me and I'm their personal property now.
My body doesn't belong to me anymore, my son can do whatever they want
with me and my body!" Susan said joyously and proudly.

"I be dame! If my sex preference is not what it is, I would most
definitely be envious and jealousy of you two young rascals!"

"Well, let's get back to the business on hand." Jimmy said.

"Your mother's pussy lips are ideal for piercing, thick and meaty. If
your purpose is for enclosing her vagina, I believe three or four
small locks are more effective than just one large lock. Instead of
inserting the locks directly into her pussy lips, I would also
recommend that we pierce and install eight rings in your mother's
outer cunt lips, four on each side. Each lock is than use to
connecting a pair of rings on both sides of her outer pussy lips
together. This way it's much more practical when you want to open or
close her vagina. I believe your mother's pussy not only will be most
secure but also will look quite exquisite with four locks hanging on
it. What do you guys think?" Jimmy asked.

"I like it!" Tommy agreed heartily.

"I love it! Mother, your cunt will be even more magnificent and
spectacular than ever!" Mark exclaimed.

He creased his mother's blond pussy lips tenderly while trying to
picture his mother's cunt lips adorned with eight rings and four locks
in them. "Mom, all these pussy hair will have to go! I don't want
anything to covering up the new decorations that will go in your cunt
lips." Mark grasp a handful of his mother's blond pubic hair and
pulling really hard as if trying to pull them all out by the roots.
Susan moaned in both pleasure and pain, her pussy leaking out more
vaginal secretions.
"You gonna shave Mom's cunt?" Tommy asked.

"Yea, I think Mother will look even younger with a hairless pussy.
Jimmy will probably think she's our younger sister then!" Mark joked
while stroking his mother's ultra-sensitive large clit making it even
bigger and harder.

Jimmy looked at Susan's lovely youthful appearance admiringly.
"I still can't believe she is old enough to be your mother! By the
way, it's a good idea to shave your mother's pussy lips anyway, it
speeds up the healing process." Jimmy said.

Mark squeezed and pinched his mother's large throbbing clit really
hard, making her cry out in pain. Susan's body was shaking and
trembling with a strong orgasm. Her pussy poured out huge quantities
of cunt juice soaking her son's hand than seeping along the crack of
her ass. When the juices reached her asshole it dripped down and
pooled on the seat of the chair underneath her wide-open asscheeks. 

Jimmy was amazed at the amount of cunt juice flowed out of Susan's
pussy and commented about it.

"Mom's a real juicer all right, her cunt gushes out cunt juices by the
gallons every day." Mark boasted proudly.
"You are kidding me of cause!" Jimmy said unbelievingly.

"No, it's true! Well, at least over half a gallon anyway." Mark
amended truthfully. 

"We collected Mom's cunt juices in bottles and save them in the
refrigerator. It's the only juice we drink these days except for milk.
I hope Mom's tits will produce milk soon. So we could have Mom's
delicious milk directly from her tits instead of regular milk from the
supermarket!" Tommy said.

Jimmy was shaking his head in astonishment.

"How's she going to have milk in her breasts? Are you pregnant Susan?"
Jimmy asked.

"I'm not quite sure yet, but I hope I will be soon!" Susan replies
wishfully while looking at her young sons lovingly and maternally.

"When I make mother pregnant with my baby, she'll have lots of milk in
her tits for us to drink." Mark said logically.

"You mean...? Jimmy hesitated and doesn't quite want to believe what
Mark have just said.

"You want to impregnate your own mother?" Jimmy questioned in utter

"Of course! I want to have lots of babies with mother." Mark
Once the relation with their own mother was out in the open, Mark
seemed to unable to stop himself from a compulsion to tell Jimmy about
"Yes! What's wrong with it. I wish Mother were pregnant right now with
my baby. She'll be our child's mother and grandmother all at the same
time!" Mark said excitedly. 

Jimmy was lost for words for a moment. After looking at Susan's very
beautiful but still youthful and almost girlish face for a few
minutes, he then said to the boys.

"As I said before, I still can't believe she's old enough to be the
mother of you two rascals. Now, you want to make your mother pregnant
with your child so that she'll become a grandmother!"

After a small pause, Jimmy continued? I don't even know why I should
be shock after hearing you boys want me to put a lock in your own
mother's asshole! And the fact that your mother even admitted herself
to be your sex-slave! Don't get me wrong though. I am not passing
judgment here. In fact, as far as I'm concern there is nothing wrong
in getting you own mother pregnant. Pregnancy resulting from incest
are much more prevalent than society let on, and the risk is not as
great as publicized." Jimmy said.

"I'm glad you think it's OK to knock my own mother up." Mark said

Mark was quite over joy after hearing what Jimmy just said. He valued
his opinion highly. It sure sounded like Jimmy had almost approved the
fact that he was trying to breed his own mother!

"I'm next in line to make a baby in Mom's belly right after Mark!'
Tommy said, he didn't want to be left out.

"I don't blame you boys, anyone have a mother as young, beautiful and
sexy as Susan here, would surely want to keep all the breeding in the
family!" Jimmy said with encouragement.

"I couldn't have agreed with you more Jimmy. I intend to impregnate
mother as often as possible. I'm old fashion that way, I like to keep
my woman bare foot and pregnant at all times!" Mark said.

"Me too! I want to see and feel Mom's belly fills up and swelling with
my babies inside. And her tits fill up with sweet milk." Tommy added.

"Let's get back to business at hand shall we." Jimmy said while return
to examine Susan's vulva areas.

"Look at the size of her clit!" Jimmy exclaimed! 
The size of Susan's clitoris now was indeed very impressive protruding
like a huge shining and translucent precious gemstone from the shelter
her clitoral hood. Jimmy creased the throbbing enlarged blood fill
glisten female organ in amazement. Susan's over-sized clit was almost
the same size and length of the last join of his little pinky!

Susan's entire alabaster creamy white body seems to turn pink and her
beautiful face blushed crimson. During the entire exchange between
Jimmy and her two sons, Susan was constantly sexually aroused and
stimulated by their conversation and discussions in regarding to her
piercing and wearing locks in her cunt lips and even in her asshole.
Pussy juices were continuously trickling out of her vagina. When she
heard her young sons told Jimmy about wanting to impregnate their
mother, Susan's achieved a series of orgasms one after another without
even being touched by anyone. Susan's cunt gushes out more female sex
fluid. The sticky aromatic pussy cream on the seat under her ass
cheeks has grown steadily from a puddle to a small pool now.

"Mom's clit was even bigger after we hook it up to a battery." Tommy
said boastfully.

"You boys actually torture your own mother's clit with electricity!"
Jimmy was shocked, his face showing both displeasure and disapproval
with the young brothers.

"Well, Mom loves it." Tommy said it a little shamefully but
defensively. He was regretting he ever said anything about the

"I made sure there was never any real harm done to Mom's clit or her
tits. Mother really enjoyed the pain induced by the electricity. She
came continuously when her nipples and clit were attached to the
battery. Just ask her yourself!" Mark tried to justify what they had
done to their mother.

When Jimmy turn to look Susan questionably. Susan answer a little
shame faced but quite honestly.

"I love it when they pass electricity thought my nipples and clit. I
wouldn't call it torture exactly. To me, it's sexual stimulation. I am
absolutely convinced that my sons will never really harm me. I believe
I'm a masochist and I don't mind at all when they even hurt me a lot.
In fact, I love it when I'm being punished by my sons!"

"If that's what turn you on, what am I to say, except to each his or
her own!" Jimmy said.

Jimmy then turn to Mark and Tommy and said, "You don't know how lucky
you boys are. There must be hundreds of millions of young boys and
grown men too out there dying to be in your shoes right now!" 

"We surely do, that why we love our mother with all our hearts! We
want her to belong to us completely!" Tommy and Mark said it almost in

First Mark embraced their mother lovingly on the reclining chair and
kiss her passionately on the mouth and said ever tenderly and gently
into her ear,

"Mother dear, I'll always love you and process you, my slut!"

Then Tommy embraced Susan. After kissed his mother passionately on her
sexy red mouth, he proceeded to bite her shall like ear gently while
pinching and squeezing her enlarged pebble-like pink nipple really
hard at the same time. He said to his mother with a most loving and
tender voice.

"I love you Mommy my pet, you are mine forever and ever."

Susan's heart was bursting with happiness; her beautiful blue eye were
overflow with tears of joy. Some of the tears may even be the result
of great pains suffered from her twelve-year-old son's brutal pinching
on her tender nipples. Big teardrops started to roll down her smooth
cheeks. However, a most beatific smile appeared on her tear streaking
face while she look at her young sons with loving and worshipful

The tender and loving but sexually overcharged family scene between a
beautiful young mother and her two very young hansom sons almost
bought tears to Jimmy's own eyes.

"Where were we? Ah... Your mother has an unusually large and beautiful
clitoris, its made for piercing. You guys said it will become even
bigger and longer after electric stimulation." 

After Tommy and Mark both nodded their heads emphatically, Jimmy

 "I couldn't resist the urge to work on your mother's over-sized love
button. I would love to pierce her clit with your permission of cause
and fitted it with rings and other ornamental charms or may be even
barbells. What do you boys think?" Jimmy asked.

"I love it!" Both Tommy and Mark agreed whole heartily.

"I think Mom's cunt will look sensation with rings in her clit as well
as her pussy lips. You're the expert here, We never though of piercing
mother's nipples or her clit at all. Oh, and what about tattoos? We
will definitely want your opinions and recommendations regarding to
these matters. However, Tommy and I would like to choose what goes
into our mother's cunt and nipples. And what tattoos to put on her
body, alright with you Jimmy?" Mark asked.

"Of cause!" Jimmy agreed.

Susan was at first a little perplexed as time went on, that Jimmy was
beginning to develop a tendency to talk to her indirectly and more
often than not he will talk about her with her young sons. Lately, he
hardly even asked for her opinions anymore. When Jimmy was talking to
her sons about piercing her nipples and clit they ignore her totally
as if she wasn't even there. He consulted only with her boys about
some of the most important issues regarding to her body such as the
permanent modification or even alteration of her most private and
feminine parts. Her feelings and concerns were totally disregarded.
Important decisions were made without her approval or her input! She
didn't realize that Jimmy comprehended quite early on in regarding to
the relationship between Susan and her two young sons. He concluded
quite correctly that any decisions to be made about the young mother's
piercing and tattoos were to be decided by her own under-aged sons.
Susan should have been furious to be treated this way by Jimmy.
However, she wasn't even annoyed, on the contrary, she was actually
extremely please that Jimmy started to look upon her indeed as her
young sons property and sex slave. Since she gave herself to her young
sons, Susan regarded them as the men of their household, her masters.
Even though, she was the only other adult in the Tattoo shop,
nevertheless, to Susan it was only natural that Jimmy was dealing
directly with her young sons instead of her. Her two sons spoke and
acted on her behave now. Although Susan had no say whatsoever on what
was decided between Jimmy and her beloved young sons, she had no doubt
what so ever that she was going to love everything they were going to
do to her sexy body.

Susan was a little apprehensive about the pain of being pierced and
tattooed. Mark never mention about tattoos until now. She hope that
her sons won't over do it with the tattoos on her body.

"So you boys want to have a few tattoos put on your mother as well.
Any particular designs you guys have in mind?" Jimmy asked.

"I didn't know we're going to have mother tattooed?" Tommy ask his
older brother.

"I only thought about it when we first came in and saw all the
pictures of tattooed bodies hanging on the walls." Mark answered.

"Hay, I would like to tattoo my name all over Mom's butt! We can talk
about tattoo later, what about my lock in Mom's asshole?" Tommy

"Well, let's have a look at your mother's backdoor first. Susan, turn
over on your front for me please." Jimmy asked the naked young mother.

Susan took her bare feet out of the stirrups, and then turned over on
the reclining chair. She opened her legs wide and stuck her feet back
into the stirrups again backwards this time. The unblemished white
moons of Susan's ass cheeks were slightly open showing the shadowy
crack between her asscheeks. Her buns were quivering and her cunt was
leaking pussy cream with anticipation and excitement.

Jimmy put both hand on Susan's neither cheeks and slowly move them
apart wider and wider until her asscheeks were wide open. In the
middle of her asscrack was Susan's slightly open pink ass hole
glistening with sweet aromatic cunt juices dripped down from her
vagina. It was one of the most beautiful asshole Jimmy had ever seen.
Susan's star shaped rosy-hued color asshole was entirely surrender by
a ring of the softest fine golden down like ass hair. In the center
was a most delicate small opening with web-like strands radiating
outward drenched with secretions of her arousal.

"What a Beauty!" Jimmy declared as he stuck a forefinger from each
hand into Susan's asshole and started to open her sphincter wider and
wider. Susan's asshole stretched easily until it became a gapping big
hole revealing the bright pink ass meat inside of her rectum.

Susan was groaning endlessly and her body was convulsing and shaking
continuously by orgasm. Her most secretive opening was manipulated by
a relatively stranger in front of her two young sons! Although she was
extremely embarrassed but she was also excited beyond believed and she
loved every minute of it.

"You mother's has a very flexible asshole with very strong muscle, see
how tightly it clasps my fingers." Jimmy talked and showed to Tommy
almost exclusively what he meant by it.

"Tommy, your mother has one of the most exquisite asshole I have ever
seen. I think I could almost have a go myself for this particular one.
I bet you got a lot of enjoyment out of fucking your own mother divine
asshole. You lucky mother-fucker!" Jimmy was almost envious of the
twelve-year-old preteen. He and Tommy were almost kindred sprit, as
one asshole lover to another. 

"You see this strip of skin between your mother's asshole and her
vagina. This is a perineum. See how thick her asshole wall is Tommy."

Jimmy than proceeded to stick his middle finger from the inside of
Susan's gapping asshole and started to stretch the side of her pink
asshole wall through the perineum and pushing Susan's meaty ass wall
not only into but almost out of her vaginal opening. It was an amazing

"Piercing of the asshole is very rare. I have only done it a couple of
times myself. Just your luck that your mother's asshole is the perfect
candidate for piercing out of thousands and that my expert opinion. We
can pierce from her perineum diagonally into her asshole wall. And do
the same thing on the other side of her asshole wall. Two small but
thick rings can then be inserted into the holes. One lock is needed to
join the two rings together. What do you think Tommy?"
"It's alright." Tommy reply half-heartedly.

"You don't like it?" Jimmy asked.

"Well, Mark is getting four locks on mother's cunt and I only going to
have one! That's really unfair!" Tommy said.

Jimmy almost laughed out loud. But he said serious to Tommy.

"You see Tommy, your mother's asshole is very small compare to her
pussy. But let's see what we can do here."
After he re-examined Susan's asshole, Jimmy said, " It's a little cram
for space down here, I think we probably could squeeze in two more
rings in her asshole. Her anal tissues looked very thick and healthy.
I don't foresee any major problems. But I'll have to look for a couple
of very small but strong locks though."

"That just great! Thanks partner." Tommy was all smiles now. 

"There is just one problem though." Jimmy said.

"What problem!" Tommy was anxious again.

"Well, I don't think your mother will be able to sit down comfortably
after the rings and locks are put into her asshole. Further more,
going to the bathroom will also post a problem if the locks are not
removed first." Jimmy said.

Tommy was quite relieved when Jimmy told him what the problems were.

"Not to worry, we don't allow mother to sit down on her ass anyway. As
for the bathroom thing, I thought the whole idea of putting locks in
Mom's asshole is that I will have complete and total control over
Mom's shitter. She only shits when I give her permission to shit!"
Tommy said forcefully.

Jimmy was really staggered to hear that a twelve-year-old boy not only
wanted but also practically obtained such outrageous and unimaginable
control over his own mother's asshole, even her bowel movements! Jimmy
himself was so enthusiastically and eager to help these two young boys
to subjecting their mother ever deeper into her sexual enslavement to
her own young sons. He was a little uneasy about the whole project

Tommy was still thinking of the merits of asshole rings and locks.

"There are a number of advantages of inserting rings and putting locks
in Mom's asshole. For one thing, the ass plugs could be kept in her
ass for as long as I want without them fuckers falling out of her
asshole. Hay, I just thought of another great idea! We could attach
leashes to Mom's rings or locks in her asshole or her cunt and lead
mother around from where she shits and piss instead of just by her
neck all the time! What do you think Mark?" Tommy ask his older
brother eagerly.

"Capital idea! I can't imagine why we didn't think of it sooner. We
can also lead mother by her tits or clit! Oh boy, I can't wait to see
Mother pierced and ringed already." Mark said impatiently.

Susan was also picturing herself in her mind's eyes that she was being
lead by her two young sons around with two leash attached to her most
feminine and secretive openings or her erect nipples and even her love
button. She was so aroused and excited, she cried out when strong
multiple orgasms wracked her body. She too was equally if not more
anxious to be pierce and ringed.

Susan's passionate screech draw the attention of her two sons and
Jimmy. They were amazed when they saw her body convulsing shamelessly
with one orgasm after another. Her vagina gushing out creamy cunt
juices in abundance.

"It sure looks like Mom must have love the idea too!" Mark commented.

Susan's beautiful lustful face turned red with embarrassment.

"You like being lead by a leash Susan?" Jimmy asked in amazement.

The question was even more dreadfully embarrassed and mortified to
Susan. However, she answered truthfully.

"Yes, I love being collared and lead around by my two sons on leashes.
The dog collar and the leashes make me look and feel even more like I
absolutely and undeniably belong to them, that I am the property of my
own sons. When I'm collared and leashed I felt like a bitch dog. In
fact, that I was just my sons' pet, and they are both my masters and
owners." Susan said it in a shy but proud voice.

Jimmy realized without a doubt now that Susan was indeed a true
submissive. He felt a sigh of relief. He no longer felt disturbing or
still harboring any more misgivings now about his own participation
and contribution to the final degradation and the total conversion of
this beautiful young mother into an absolute sexual slave to her own
young sons.
"I think we are done for the day, Susan you can put you cloths back on
now. I don't think it's a good idea for all of you to come downtown
anymore. You'll certainly attract too much attention. Your mother
being too beautiful and you boys are being too young! I set up shop at
home sometimes to work on my most special projects on weekends when
the shop was closed. We will start with the tattoos on this Saturday
OK." Jimmy said.

When the King's were ready to leave, Jimmy handed two picture albums
to the boys.

"These albums content some of the best tattoos and piercing work I
have done on both men and woman over the pass thirty years. Look over
them carefully so that you might get some ideas."

Mark and Tommy thank Jimmy whole-heartily for his help. When asked
about the cost, Jimmy waved his hand.

"As I said it before, You are the two luckiest mother-fuckers in the
whole world no punts intended." Jimmy laughed and then continued to
say "Do you know how rare it is to find a woman with nipples, cunt
lip, clit and even her asshole are all perfect for piercing and
ringing. Your mother's not only has all of it but she also processed
the most smooth and flawless creamy skin, perfect for tattoos as well!
She will be my best work of art yet! I'll only charge for the
materials, and the rest just lets put it down as a labor of love!"

During the next few days, Tommy and Mark went through Jimmy's picture
albums meticulously, selecting and rejecting ideas left and right.
They finally decided to have their mother's inner pussy lips pierced
with multiple rings so that they could pull their mother's vagina open
by the rings in her inner labia. In addition, they agree to have her
tongue and naval pierced as well.

"Look at this picture Mark, see what's that hanging down from this
women's pussy!" Tommy show it to Mark.

"It looked like a silver disk or some sort of medallion to me. There
seems to be some words engraved on it. Hey, I thing a medallion like
this will certainly look real nice hanging way down from Mom's cunt
with a chain!" Mark said.

"I'm going to hang one on Mom's asshole too!" Tommy added.

"We can also engrave words on the medallions too. Let see, I want my
name on one side and how about 'Tommy's Asshole' on the other side."
Tommy said.

"Not bad, let me think about it first, and I think Mother ought to
have a medallion for herself as well!" 

"Let's discuss what kind of designs we want to tattoo on Mom's body
now." Mark said.

"All I want is tattoo my name all over Mom's beautiful sexy body from
head to toe!" Tommy said seriously.

"That's really funny, ha ha. I don't like any of the designs such as
dragons, flower and butterflies, etc. we'll put it off right now and
discuss this in the future. I also love to put me name on Mom's sexy
body as well, if anyone ever sees the tattoos, they will definitely
know that Mom belongs to us, but we don't want to go overboard on
this. I don't want to use our mother's gorgeous body like some
graffiti walls. Let's just tattoo our names on Mom's breasts, pussy
and asscheeks right now Ok." Mark said.

"Alright, are we really going to show off Mom's sexy body someday?"
Asked Tommy.

"May be, why else we are planning to have our mother tattooed, pierced
and ringed as well as hanging locks and medallions in her pussy and
asshole." Mark said.

"I get to put my name on Mom's pussy lips too right?" Tommy asked. 

"Alright." Mark agreed.
"Since I'm a lefty; so I prefer all me names be put on Mom's left
breast, left cunt lip and left asscheek. Both Mom's inner and outer
cunt-lips will be tattooed with our names right, Mark?" Tommy asked.

"Of cause! I also like to tattoo 'Sex Slave Mother' right above Mom's
clit, and may be just a small s/m design right underneath it. What do
you think?" Mark asked.

"Great ideas! Looks like all that glorious beautiful blonde pussy hair
of mother's will have to go one way or another!" Tommy said

"I hate to have all of it shave off too. I guarantee you our Mother
will look even better with a bald pussy. We might as well shave our
mother right now." Mark said.

"You can shave Mom's cunt but I want to shave Mom's asshole!" Tommy

"Ok by me. I never guessed you would turn out to be such an asshole
freak!" Mark joked.

 "I don't know I'll ever go for some other female assholes, but I just
can't seem to get enough of our mother's most gorgeous and tight
rosy-pink asshole!" Tommy admitted.

"After we shave mother, let's call Jimmy on the phone and tell him
that we just mostly want our names tattooing on Mom for now. I think
he will be disappointed." Mark said.  

"Don't forget to tell him that we want him to pierce Mom's inner pussy
lips as well and about the medallion we want mother to wear in her
cunt and asshole." Tommy added.
It was early Saturday morning when they arrived at Jimmy's house.

"Hi, Susan, Hello boys! Come right in, welcome to my home. Follow me
this way to my workshop please." Jimmy greeted them by the door. 

Jimmy's workshop was very similar to his tattoo shop downtown only
smaller. Pictures of tattooed and pierced men and women were hanging
on the walls. A recline chair with stirrups was placed in the middle
of room. There was couple of work branch against the walls with all
kinds of tattoo and piercing instrument.

Take you dress off mother, I want you to show Jimmy your shaved
pussy!" Mark commanded.

Susan let her dress fall from her voluptuous sexy body to the floor.
She didn't have any underwear beneath the dress. Except for a strip of
the ruby red choker-like ribbon around her elegant swan-like neck and
a pair of black nylons on her slime long legs with 4" high-heeds she
was totally naked. 

"Charming!" Jimmy commented laudably.

"Smooth as a baby's butt." Mark drew attention to his mother's
hairless loins.

Jimmy was admiring Susan's luscious sexy nude body and paid particular
attention to her shaved pussy glistering with her aromatic vaginal

"I shaved Mom's asshole! In fact, I shaved Mom's armpits and her legs
as well." Tommy said proudly.
"Turn around and open your asscheeks to show Jimmy your clean-shaved
asshole Mom!" Tommy ordered.

Susan compiled immediately and turn around to presented her luscious
asscheeks to Jimmy. When Jimmy noticed there was half a dozen whip
marks on Susan's otherwise unblemished creamy buns, he was astonished.

"What have we here, somebody has been a naughty girl." Jimmy joked to
cover his shock.

"Mom's been quite forgetful lately. I have to punish her this morning
for failing to call herself a cunt in numerous occasions." Mark said.
"You want your mother to call herself a cunt?" Jimmy was amazed.

"Sure, actuarially she has to address herself as 'mother-cunt'." Mark

"Wait a minute, I think Mom's should call herself 'mother-asshole'
when she speaks to me. I believe this term is more appropriate since I
own her asshole now. Don't you think so Mark?" Tommy asked.

"You are quite right Tommy." Mark agreed readily with his younger

"Go ahead Mom, you may speak to me now." Tommy ordered. 

 Susan was extremely embarrassed and her beautiful face turned all
crimson and the redness seemed to spread to her entire creamy nude
body. She knew Tommy wanted her to call herself an asshole in front of

Nevertheless Susan declare bashfully but quite proudly at the same
time. "Tommy, this mother-cunt will be honored to call herself
'mother-asshole' from now on when I address you. I'm your
mother-asshole my darling son and master!"

"Don't you ever forget it Mom, or I'll whip you ass like Mark did this
morning. However, I'll give you twice as many lashes and whip your ass
twice as hard too! You won't be able to sit down for a week, that is
if you are ever allowed to sit on your ass." Tommy threatened.

"This mother-asshole won't ever forget, Tommy my love!" Susan answered
solemnly and respectfully.

Jimmy was flabbergasted at the exchange between mother and son.

"You boys surely got your mother well trained!" Jimmy commented. 

"We sure did, but I think mother still needs a lot more training
though." Mark said.

Jimmy was still in total disbelieved and quite marveled at the extreme
degree of inordinate submissiveness of Susan. And the most amazing
thing was that the young mother seemed to be most content and really
got a tremendous enjoyment from being debased and humiliated by her
own young sons.  

"Let's get started. Susan, you sit down on the chair please. I will
tattoo your breasts first." Jimmy said.

"In addition to your names you boys really want me to put 'SLUT and
BITCH' on your mother's breasts and her inner cunt lips as well?"
Jimmy asked again just to be sure.

"Of cause! Mom's my slut, ain't you Mom?" Mark asked his mother.

"This mother-cunt is your slut! I'm what ever you wanted me to be!
I'll even be a whore if that's what you want me to be, my darling
Mark, my son and master!" Susan answered solemnly.

"Hey, don't you dare go whoring around Mother! However, you will be my
whore and slut exclusively." Mark said. 

"I promise you my son, this mother-cunt will be the best whore and
slut she can be for you only!" Susan promised.
"Mommy you're my bitch, ain't you?" Tommy asked and before his mother
could respond he added. 

"I have always wanted a dog when I was growing up, remember Mommy?
Now I finally got myself a really nice bitch in you, my lovely mother!
You are my obedience pet ain't you Mother-bitch?" Tommy asked his
mother while petting her on her golden blond head a few times to
praise her like a dog. 

Susan's heart was busting with sexual excitement; her cunt juice was
dripping out of her vagina in abundance. 

"This Mother-asshole is your bitch! Tommy, my beloved son and master,
I will be the dog you always wanted! I will be your most obedient and
loving pet." Susan solemnly promised his twelve-year-old son while
picked up Tommy's other hand and was licking his palm like a dog and
panting like a bitch in heat!

When Jimmy listened to the exchange between mother and son and watch
Susan's behavior he knew that 'bitch' and 'slut' were quite
appropriate words for this young mother now.

Jimmy filled the Tattoo gun with ink and started tattoo letters on
Susan's flawless smooth creamy skin. The tattoo gun was punching the
needle rapidly into her skin while apply permanent ink into the tinny
puncher wounds. Although the tattooing process was quite painful to
Susan but it wasn't unbearable. After two hours of non-stop work,
Jimmy had finished all the tattoos the boys wanted on their mother's
body both skillfully and artistically. The letters 'TOMMY'S' was
tattooed on the upper swell of Susan's creamy soft left breast in
bright red color and on the under side of the same breast the letters
'BITCH' were tattooed. The words 'MARK'S SLUT' was tattooed the same
way on Susan's right breast. The words 'SEX SLAVE MOTHER' was tattooed
in an arched design just over her Pubic areas and right underneath was
a small illustration in black ink of a big breasted female on all four
with a leash attached to her neck. The letters 'TOMMY'S' was tattooed
vertically on Susan's left outer pussy lip and 'MARK'S' was tattoo on
her outer right pussy lip in upright positions as well. On Susan's
inner left and right pussy lips the words 'BITCH' and 'SLUT' were
tattooed respectively. In the middle of Susan's creamy round left
asscheek, the words 'THIS ASS BELONGS TO TOMMY KING' were tattooed in
two lines in bright red letters and the words "THIS BUTT IS FOR MARK
KING' were tattooed the same way on her right asscheek.

The brothers were extremely delighted about all the tattoos on their
mother creamy skin! They now have put their personal stamp, their mark
of ownership on all of the most feminine and private places of their
mother's body.

"We will do all the piercings on your mother to-morrow. Susan, you
will be on a liquid diet for a week starting today and you boys will
also have to give her an enema before you come over tomorrow morning.
I want her asshole to be meticulously clean for the piercing." Jimmy

When he found out they didn't know anything about enema, he gave Mark
and Tommy an enema kit and gave them instructions before they leave
for home with their tattooed mother. 

When they got home, Tommy and Mark wanted to try out the enema kit
right away. They took their mother to the bathroom and order her to
shit into the toilet while they prepare and hung the enema bag on the
shower rod. Tommy wiped his mother's asshole clean after she finished
shitting. Susan was inside the bathtub on her hand and knees with her
ass in the air. Her cunt was dripping pussy juice with anticipation.
Tommy coated the nozzle of the hose generously with her sticky vaginal
secretions for lubrication then inserted the entire nozzle into his
mother's asshole. Mark opened the valve to allow the warm soapy water
to flow down the tube into their mother's asshole. Mark continuously
filled the enema bag with more soapy water when it was gradually
emptying into his mother's bowels. Susan breathed deeply as the enema
fluid was filling up her bowels and push against her stomach. When her
oldest son finally let the bag run out of fluid Susan's stomach was
bulging out as if she was six month pregnant. Tommy pulled the nozzle
out of her asshole and replaced it with a huge ass plug. She was
squirming with discomfort while holding the enema fluid inside of her
for about fifteen minutes. She groaned deeply when she was finally
allowed to release the pressure from her bowels right after Tommy
removed the butt plug.

"Look how far it's squirting out of Mom's asshole like a water
pistol!" exclaimed Tommy.

Susan was blushing furiously when her young sons watched intensely as
she was relieving the wasted water from her bowels quite forcefully
into the bathtub.

Next morning Tommy and Mark gave their mother another enema just
before they went to Jimmy's house. Susan was ordered to wear a very
low cut backless short dress that barely covered her asscheeks. The
black dress was holding up by two thin spaghetti strings on her bare
smooth shoulders. It molded the voluptuous contour of her body like a
second skin that almost leave nothing to the imaginations. Her
elongated erect pink nipples and their surrounding large dusty pink
circular auroras could be seen clearly through the semi-transparent
material of the dress. But the most eye-catching thing of it all were
the bright red tattooed names of her own sons on the upper swells of
her creamy full breasts that were half exposed by the deep cleavage of
the plunging neckline that barely covered her nipples. Her sons picked
out this sexy dress for their mother to wear purposely to reveal the
brand new tattoos on her breasts. Fortunately, they came by car,
otherwise Susan might likely be sent to jail for indecent exposure.

"You look sensational in that dress Susan! It show off the tattoos
beautifully!" Jimmy exclaimed when he opened the door and admired
Susan in her low cut dress 

"I only wish Mother can go topless and show off the words 'BITCH' and
'SLUT' tattooed on the underside of her breasts as well!" Mark

"We decided to allow Mother only to wear such low cut dresses to go
out from now on. I suppose tattooing her own sons' names on her
breasts wouldn't get Mother arrested!" Tommy added.

"It may not get her arrested but it does raise suspicions though since
the apostrophe 'S' after your names suggest possession and ownership!"
Jimmy pointed out.

"Well, we want everybody to know that we owned Mothers' breasts as
well as everything else!"

"You boys have to be more circumspect and cautious about the
relationship between you and your mother." Jimmy warned.

"We will." The young brother promised.

"Let's get started Susan, shall we?" Jimmy said and directed the now
naked young mother to the chair.
"We didn't forget Jimmy, we gave Mom her enema last night sort of like
a practice run and then one more this morning just before we came
over. Mom's asshole is clean as a whistle now. I love to stick the
nozzle into Mom's asshole and filling her rectum with warm soapy water
and watch her stomach expanded like she is going to have a baby! I'm
going to give mother an enema everyday from now on and see how long
and how much enema fluid she could hold inside of her shit tube."
Tommy said.

"I know you will find new ways to torture you poor mother!" Jimmy

"Well, Mom loves it! She loves everything we are doing to her!" Tommy
When Jimmy glance at her, Susan's face was blushed crimson with

Jimmy pushed one of the trolleys by the chair. A set of piercing
instrument and medical supplies lay out on the white cloth that
covered the trolley. He pick up a device looked like a cattle pod and
said to the young brothers.
"Since you boys told me your mother is quit susceptible to electric
stimulus I'm going to zip her nipples with this stun gun. I want her
large nips to be even longer and bigger before I mark the spots for

"Could I put this in Mom's pussy first so she wouldn't leak pussy
juices all over your chair like she did before." Mark asked and
showing Jimmy the short but huge inflatable dildo.

"Go ahead, I don't think it well be in the way." Jimmy said.

After Susan's vagina was seal with the inflatable dildo, Jimmy touch
her left nipple with the stun gun. Susan cried out in both pain and
pleasure as a strong charge transmitted into her oversized and supper
sensitive pebble-hard nipple.

When Jimmy saw that even as tears falling from Susan's eyes, her
beautiful face was twisted with obscene passion. He then touch her
other nipple with the stun gun, the same response was produced in
Susan. After each nipple was zipped three to four times, both nipples
were become a throbbing half an inch long rock-hard hot flesh. Susan's
body was convulsing and shaking with one orgasm after another while
her pussy emitted a huge amount of cunt juice into her sealed vaginal
cavity continuously.

Jimmy make accurate measurements of the nipples and made three marks
on each one with a permanent marker; one near the very tip of Susan's
nipples, one at the middle and one at the base of Susan's nipples
where her silver-dollar size dusky-pink aureoles begun. Jimmy
disinfect the enlarged and elongated nipples with rubbing alcohol, and
then apply some lidocane with a cotton swap to numb her nipples in
order to reduce pain. 

Jimmy put on a pair of latex gloves and selected a small gauge needle
to pierce the spot near the tip of Susan's left nipple first. After a
small hole was made, a few drops of nipple blood were spilled. Susan
felt like she was just giving a shot by the doctor. Jimmy pushed a
small stainless steel rod through to keep the wound open until the
flesh healed. A medium gauge needle was used to pierce the middle
marker. As the sharp point of the needle exited the other side,
Susan's erect pink nipple looked like a tiny weenie on a skewer about
to be barbecued. More nipple blood was tricking from the larger wound
this time. A large gauge needle was used to pierce the base of the
nipple. Lots of blood was flowing out from the large hole made where
Susan's nipple and aureole connected. Susan felt such intense pain
that almost made her pass out. Jimmy quickly inserted a stainless
steel rod about 1/8 inches in thickness into the hole. After Susan's
left nipple stop bleeding, and traces of dry blood were clean up with
rubbing alcohol, Jimmy did the same to her other nipple. Now, each of
Susan's half an inch long erect nipples were pierced with three holes,
and a set of three different thickness steel rods were inserted into
each nipple. The stainless steel rods seemed like some ancient
instruments of torture inserted lengthwise inside Susan's magnificent
erect pink nipples protruding way out from the crest of her creamy
full breasts. 

"How are you doing Susan?" Jimmy asked.
"I'm ok, thanks." Susan said with a sob.

She was holding up extremely well during her nipple-piercing ordeal.
In fact, she had quit a few orgasms, she was shaking so much, and
Jimmy almost missed his marks a couple of times.
"That's my girl Mom!" Mark praised his mother and then kissed her tear
streaking cheeks tenderly.
"I love you Mommy." Tommy said lovingly while French kissed his
mother's sexy mouth passionately.

Susan's heart was overwhelmed with love for her two young sons. She
wouldn't even mind at all if they want to pierce her nipples ten more

"You boys make sure the rods stay in and keep the piercing clean at
all times. It would take about a three to four days for the wounds to
heal. Next Saturday I would remove the rods and put rings and barbell
in their place." Jimmy told the young brothers.

Susan's clit was next. Her naturally large sensitive clit was also
zipped with the stun gun to an obscene size and length. It was also
marked and pierced three times. Susan's enlarged throbbing clit like
her nipples was now sporting three different size steel rods also. The
thickest was at the base of her clit. Susan's had twice as many
orgasms during her clitoris piercing than her nipple piercing.
Susan's oversized and elongated clitoris was sticking way out form the
top of her pussy slit, the nerving endings of her enormous love button
was throbbing and pulsating madly like a beacon drawing all their

"Boys have you notice the steel rod at the base of your mother's clit?
It will be replaced with a large gauge barbell of cause. But you can
see, as it is, even this shot rod is sufficient enough to prevent her
clitoris hood from coving up her clit. Your mother's clit will always
be sticking way out and on displace as long as this rod or a barbell
is inserted! It has the same effect as if her clitoris hood was
surgically removed." Jimmy informed the youngsters. 
"Amazing! Spectacular!' Mark and Tommy exclaimed at the same time.
When Susan's' outer pussy lips were pierced and four 1/8 inch thick
steel rods were inserted in each lips, Susan's was almost exhausted
from the pain of piercing and the pleasure of coming so much! Her
vaginal tunnel was almost filling to capacity with her feminine come
juices and cunt juices.

"Although you mother's inner lips are quite thick, but the pierced
holes will be easily stretch out of shape in the long run. I'm sure
you boys certainly don't want to damage your mothers' beautiful inner
pussy lips. I have a rivet gun that makes holes with stainless steel
metal rims similar to the ones in your tennis shoes for the shoelaces.
I suggest a series of eight holes along each edge of her inner pussy
lips. The metal rims will protect the holes in her pussy lips from
tearing. You can insert rings and locks or other ornamental objects
into the holes anytime. Hay, You could even thread shoelaces through
them if you wanted to! The only draw back is that once the metal rim
of the holes are riveted into the flesh of your mother's pussy lips it
will be more or less permanent. The metal will be imbedded and
anchored firmly inside the flesh of her inner cunt lips. You could
remove it in the future but it could damage her pussy lips though.
What do you guys think? This way, Mark you can lock up both your
mothers' inner and outer pussy lips." Jimmy said.
"Simply outstanding! I'm all for it. Mom, you pussy will be as secure
as Fort Knox." Mark said.

"Before we proceed with the inner lips, Mark you can take the dildo
out of your mother's cunt now." Jimmy requested. 

Mark placed a tall glass right under his mother's cunt while pulling
out the dildo. Susan's aromatic creamy white vaginal secretions and
come juices leak into the glass continuously for a few minutes. When
the flow finally stopped, the glass was fill to the top with her sex
fluid. Jimmy was amazed at the amount of feminine sex liquid produce
by Susan in such a short time while she was being pierced! Mark took a
big gulp of his own mother's cunt cream; a most satisfying smile
appeared on his face. He then passed the glass to Jimmy. Jimmy took a
small sip and swallowed the aromatic juice and then take a couple of
big gulps before pass the glass to Tommy.

"Ambrosia, simply delicious." Jimmy declared.

The entire glassful of Suisan's creamy cunt juices and come cream were
finish in no time at all between the three of them. 

After disinfected and numbed Susan's inner labia Jimmy measured and
marked her outspread pussy lips one after the other. Jimmy cleaned the
head of the rivet gun with alcohol and filled it with stainless steel
rims with holes about 1/16 inches in diameter. The rivet gun resembled
a one-hole plunger and just slightly larger in comparison. Jimmy
proceeded to rivet the metal rims into Susan's labia minors. The
riveting was quick just like Jimmy said it would, and it was quite
bloodless and relatively painless to Susan. Now Susan's inner pussy
lips sporting a total of eight pairs of stainless steel rimed tiny
holes along both edges. It looked quite exotic and stunning! 

"Mom, your cunt lips look really fantastic right now and simply
begging to be laced up! I'm going to enjoy tying your inner cunt lips
up like a pair of shoes every day from now on." Mark said joyfully,
quite happy with the result.
Susan wished she could see it for herself the modifications her sons
have done to her cunt so far. However, she was glad that Mark was
quite happy about her new and improved pussy so far.
"We have discussed the medallions you boys wanted to hang in your
mothers pussy and asshole on the phone and also yesterday." It will
have to be very thick barbell or rings to support the weight of the
medallions. The combine weight of the medallions and the chains to
attach to her cunt will stretch her pussy lips too much. The best
location will be at the perineum that's the strip of area between your
mother's cunt and asshole. Rings are out of the question, since they
will be in the way of sexual intercourse. I presume you boys want to
continue to fuck your mother after the medallions were hanging in her
cunt." After the young brothers nodded their heads vigorously. Jimmy
continued. "A barbell with a quarter inch in diameter, which is about
the thickness of a pencil, will be perfect. I'll be pierce diagonally
into her vagina and asshole from the perineum.	

After Jimmy made two marks on Susan's perineum about half an inch form
her vagina opening, he disinfected and numbed her perineum area and
the inside of her vagina tunnel with rubbing alcohol and lidocane. He
then inserted a vagina stretcher into Susan's vagina tunnel in such a
position not to block the vaginal wall by her perineum side and
started to stretch her vagina opening into a great big gapping hole. A
very large gauge needle was selected. Jimmy stick the huge needle
through the flesh of Susan's perineum at the pre-selected spot and
pierced diagonally deep into her vagina cannel. The sharp point of the
needle came out from the glistening deep-pink wall of Susan's vagina
almost an inch deep from the entrance! Susan almost fainted from the
pain. The severe pain was almost unbearable to Susan, and she was
crying really hard for the first time since the piercing began. Great
big tears were falling form her eyes. Both Mark and Tommy were very
sympathetic to their mother's sufferings. They were trying to comfort
her as much they could by embracing and planting kisses all over her
tear streaking beautiful face.
After a long pencil-thick stainless steel rod was inserted to the
freshly pierced hole, the flow of Susan's vaginal blood slowed down
and finally stopped. Jimmy cleaned up the bloody mess and let Susan
took a much-needed rest then he proceeded to make a second piercing
into her vaginal tunnel.

The procedure for piercing Susan's asshole was about the same as for
her vagina. Her anus was also spread wide open with the stretcher
showing her moist dark-red glistening ass meat of her gapping rectum.
Four small holes were made around the edge of Susan's asshole and a
large hole was made diagonally deep into her ass tunnel from the
perineum. This final large hole that was cut deep into Susan's most
secret and private anal passage was the limit of her pain tolerance.
Susan screamed loudly and then passed out from the excruciating pain.
Stainless steel rods were inserted into the wounds while she was
unconscious to stop the blood flow and to keep them open for rings and
the large barbell later on.	

When Susan awaked a few minutes later, she was crying profusely from
the throbbing pain radiating from all of her piercings. She was able
to endure the pain from her pierced nipples, clits, inner and outer
pussy lips as well as the four small holes pierced through her anus.
However the penetrating and intense pain from the large punctures that
were cut deep into her vaginal and anal tunnels were quite unbearable
to her. Great big teardrops were streaking down from her beautiful
face continuously.	

"We are all done for today! You did extremely well, Susan considered I
just pierced and made forty holes in your most feminine and delicate
parts. Here, swallow this two pain killers" Jimmy praised her.

"Wow, that many holes! Mom, you're really a brave girl, I love you
very much!" Mark creased his mother blond hair tenderly.

"Mommy, please don't cry, it's all over, and I love you very very much
too!' Tommy trying to wipe away the tears from his mother's cheeks

Susan's beautiful tear streaking face was blossoming into a most
joyous and blissful smile and her heart was overflow with love for her
two young sons, she would endure forty additional holes in her body
and any amount of suffering if it pleases her beloved sons, her

"Susan, let me lower the back of this reclining chair for you. Why
don't you close your eyes and rest here for a while. The pills will
take affect shortly to reduce the pain and you will be feeling a
little drowsy." Jimmy said. 

"Tommy, since your mother's asshole belongs to you, so this is a job
for you. I want you to pay special attention in cleaning her asshole
in the next few days particularly after shitting. Use warm soap and
water in a squeeze bottle to wash it real good inside and out. I don't
want the wounds to get infected. That's why she must be on liquid diet
for the next four to five days. I will also give her some penicillin
to take and give you boys some antibiotic ointments to put on all the
piercing we did twice a day until the wounds are all healed. Oh,
before I forgot, I want you boys to put this European hair removing
ointment on your mother's cunt and asshole once a day. This cream will
prevent any hair growth for about three months. You will find it very
difficult to shave pierced and ringed cunt-lips and asshole. I suggest
you boys might want to have her hair down there permanently removed by
electrolysis." Jimmy said.

"I thing I would like to keep Mom's pussy smooth and hairless from now
on. Luckily I have saved all of Mom's beautiful golden blond pussy
hair when I shaved her the other day!" Mark seemed to like the idea of
removing his mother's pubic hair permanently. 

"I love to shave Mom's asshole for her and also her long sexy legs as
well as her hairy armpits! I wouldn't dream of have it remove
permanently." Tommy disagreed.

"As I recalled, your mother's asshole were covered by mostly soft
feathery down-like hairs. I don't think it will present any problems
at all." Jimmy said.

Jimmy opened the drawers of the worktables along the wall and called
Tommy and Mark over.

"Why don't you boys take a look at my extensive collection of rings,
barbells and other body adornments. Select the ones you want to put in
your mothers' piercing and I will tell you it's suitable or not. I
just happen to have a few silver medallions on hand too. They are
about the size of a silver dollar and weight about 2 ounce each, just
about perfect for the job. Write down the letters and words you wanted
to be on the medallions and I can even have the engraving done by next
weekend in time to hung them in your mothers' pussy and asshole."
Jimmy said.

In the next hour, Tommy and Mark selected different size rings and
barbells that will go into their mother's pierced nipples, clit, pussy
lips and asshole. When Tommy picked up a miniature silver bell among
the hundreds of ornaments and other body decorating baubles, it
produce a very clear and distinct tingling silver-bell sound, he was
immediately fallen in love with it. He can't seem to put it down!

"You have excellent taste Tommy. The silver bells are among the most
favorable sexual adornments with women. It can be worn inside the
rings in a woman's nipples or her clitoris. The bells not only very
decorative but also give out a tingling sound with the slightest body
movements. However, the most attractive feature of the silver bell is
that it vibrates when it tingles thus induce a most intense erotic
feelings in a woman while she was in motion. Some wearer could also
having orgasm almost ceaselessly just from walking and her nipples and
love button will almost constantly in a state of erection." Jimmy

"Wow, that sounds great, just what mother needs! Lets put silver bells
in all three of mother's hot buttons. Ok Tommy?" Mark asked.

"Sure, but I also want a couple on Mom's asshole too!" Tommy

"Why not, with five silver bells ringing all at once in her nipples,
clit and asshole; mother will become an one woman walking Christmas
jingle bell symphony." Mark said jokingly.
When Susan was well rested and ready to leave, Jimmy handed Susan a
bottle of strong pain medicine and a rubber pool lifesaver. When
seeing the perplexed look in Susan's eyes. He said to her.

"You have to sit on this while driving and for most of the next week
until your piercings heals. Oh, I forgot once the rings and locks are
inserted into your asshole you would have to sit on it or a donut
shaped cushion all the time." Jimmy explained.

"Mother will only be needing it for driving, since she is not allow to
sit on her ass usually! Mark said.

"Now, you boys take your mother home and take real good care of her.
Make sure you keep all of her piercings clean and free of infection."
Jimmy gave the young brothers some last minute instructed while he
accompanied the King family to the front door.

When they arrived at Jimmy's driveway next Saturday, Mark stopped his
mother when she was about to step out of the car. He ordered his
mother to remove her dress first. Susan was almost in shock, she
didn't have any underwear on; she'll be totally naked and the car was
only a few feet from the sidewalk! Fortunately it was a curved
driveway boarder by thick shrubbery and the car was slightly out of
direct view from the sidewalk. 

After a moment's hesitation, which prompted a hard pinch on her soft
asscheek by Tommy, Susan removed the short dress quickly and sat at
the wheel on the rubber lifesaver naked except for her nylon stockings
and high heels. Mark held out a wide black dog collar covered with
rhinestones. A shinny silver dog tag was hanging on the collar. On one
side of the tag under the 'Name of Dog:' the boys put down their own
mother's name, 'Susan King' on the tag. On the other side of the dog
tag under 'Name of Owner:' they put down their own names, 'Mark and
Tommy King' than follow by their home address and telephone numbers.
The dog tag was Tommy's suggestion and his was quite please with
himself that he had thought of it first. 

"Every dog's required to have a collar and dog tags so should our
'bitch mother'!" Tommy told Mark a couple of days ago when they were
in a pet story with their mother to pick out the brand new rhinestone
dog collar for her to wear.

Mark ordered his mother to lean over as he put the dog collar around
her long and slime elegant neck and than locked it with a padlock.
Mark clipped a dog leash to the front ring of the collar while Tommy
clipped another dog leash to the back ring. 

"Come on bitch!" Mark jerked on the leash urging his reluctant but
obedient naked mother to exit the car and follow him to the front door
while Tommy held his mother's other leash walked a few steps behind

When the door opened, Jimmy and a young boy greeted them. Susan's
beautiful face turn beet-red from shame and humiliations when she saw
the astonished expression on their faces and the open mounted reaction
to her being totally naked, collard and leashed by her two young sons.
"Hi Johnny! We miss you last weekend." Mark said to Jimmy's young

Johnny was still in a state of shock. He couldn't believe what he was
seeing and unable to tear his eyes away from looking at Susan. His
eyes kept alternating between the bright red letters tattooed on her
large creamy breasts as well as on her hairless outer pussy lips and
the uncommonly huge erect clitoris with three steel rods inserted
inside stuck way out from the top of her shaved cunt. His face was
full of awe and wonderment.
"Mom, open your cunt lips and show Johnny your gift wrapped 'box'!"
Mark ordered.

Although Susan was extremely embarrassed, she was also extremely
aroused. She felt a great sexual excitement was building inside of her
and her pussy was so wet it was actually dripping down on the floor.
She realized at this moment that she was an exhibitionist as well. She
wanted her young sons to humiliate her in public while she was naked
and in a state of total submission. She wanted them to expose and
display her pierced and tattooed body in front of spectators and
eyewitnesses, the more the merrier! She wanted everyone to know that
she belong to her young sons.

Susan spread her outer pussy lips wide open with her own hands,
revealing her tightly closed tattooed inner pussy lips. A blue ribbon
had thread though all sixteen holes in her inner lips and interlaced
them seamlessly together thus enclosed her vagina opening. The ends of
the ribbon were tied into a small butterfly bow at the two upper most
holes presenting a most attractive and erotic sight. 

"I bought at least a dozen different color ribbon for Mom to wear for
every occasions. This one is to match Mother's beautiful blue eyes."
Make explained. 

"Turn around Mother, I want Johnny to see the tattoos on your butts!"
Ordered Mark.
Susan complied immediately!

"Wow, this is just unbelievable! The most extraordinary thing I have
ever seen! When Jimmy told me about you and your mother, I thought
that he was either lying or grossly exaggerating the facts. I have to
admire you guys though, how the hell did you do it? If only the kids
at school can see your names tattooed all over your mother's body even
on her pussy. There will be no doubt on anyone's mind who owns this
piece of ass! I like to see their faces when they see you guys leading
your own naked mother by the leashes!" John finally responded to his
young junior-high friend. 

Mark and Tommy both looked at their leashed and collared beautiful
naked mother with pride of ownership.
"Oh, Tommy and I started to train our mother just about three weeks
ago. She has come a long way, but Mom still need a lot more training
to be our perfect sex slave. It is also our profound wishes that we
could somehow show our mother to the kids at school and the whole
world too if possible!" Mark answered his friend.

"Lets all go into the house quick before one of my nosy neighbor
spotted Susan and call the police! The whole world will definitely
know about you two rascals and your mother by then!" Jimmy cautioned
them with prudence.

When Jimmy took all the stainless steel rods out of Susan's pierced
feminine and private parts in his workshop, and examined the pierced
holes carefully, he was very satisfied that they all healed up
beautifully. Jimmy replaced the steel rods with varies sizes of
barbells and gold rings into Susan's opened pierced holes. Three tiny
silver bells were fitted into the small rings before they were
inserted into the tips of Susan's nipples and clitoris. Two more
silver bells were also fitted into the small rings in Susan's asshole
in accordance to Tommy wishes.   

Susan immediately felt the weights of the newly inserted rings and
barbells. They were much heavier than the steel rod they replaced. Her
erect nipples and raised clit were pulled down slightly by their
weights. The silver bells in her nipples, clit and asshole were
jingling with the slightly movement thus stimulating her already
highly sensitive large erect nipples and clit made them event more
stiff and distended. The nerve endings in Susan's clit was on fire, it
was visibly throbbing and pulsing rapidly. Susan moaned and groaned as
she came, huge amounts of creamy come juice and clear sticky cunt
juice was flowing out of her cunt continuously and was wetting the
chair she sat on.

"You boys take a look at these medallions and make sure the engravings
are correct before I hang them in your mother's cunt and ass holes."
Jimmy gave the three engraved medallions to Mark.

Mark gave Tommy his own medallion to look over. He showed the other
two medallions to his mother.

"Mother dear, these two medallions are going to hang in your pussy.
This one is mine, see on this side my name 'MARK KING' is engraved and
the words 'Son and Master' are underneath my name. One the other side,
the words 'This cunt belongs to MARK KING' are engraved. You have a
medallion too Mom! Let me show it to you. Mother, your name 'SUSAN
KING' is in capital letters on one side with the words 'Sex and Breed
Slave Mother' engraved right underneath and on the other side are the
words 'Property of Mark King and Tommy King'. Do you like it Mom?"
Mark asked.

"This mother-cunt loves it! The words on the medallions said it all,
that my cunt is all yours, and I belong to both you and Tommy! There
will be no doubt on my mine or anyone else that I'm a sex and breed
slave to my own beloved sons!" Susan said enthusiastically and
passionately. Her voice was trembling with erotic arousal and
excitement while her pussy was dripping profusely!

"Mommy, my medallion is going to hang in you asshole! On one side is
my name and 'Son and Master' and the other side reads 'This asshole
belongs to TOMMY KING' similar to Mark's. What do you think?" Tommy

"This mother-asshole thinks its great! Anyone reads it will definitely
knows my asshole is own by you Tommy, my love, my dearest son and
master!" Susan said joyously.

"That exactly why we wanted to engrave these words on the medallions,
they sure do complementing with the tattoos on you body and the dog
tag on your collar!" Mark said.

"If everything is satisfactory, I'll hang them on her cunt and asshole
now." Jimmy said.

The medallions were attached to the ends of three short silver chains
and the other end of each silver chain were inserted into the rods of
the outside barbells pierced through Susan's vagina and ass tunnel.

"By the way, the balls of the barbell that is now deep inside your
mothers' ass and vagina are flatter and wider than the ones outside.
This way they securely anchor the barbells and preventing them from
pulling out of your mothers' cunt and asshole by the weight of the
medallions.  In addition, the flatter surfaces will not hinder you
boys from fucking your mother in the pussy or her asshole." Jimmy

When Susan got up, the medallions were hanging down to about her mid
thighs. The weight of the chains and the three medallions was pulling
heavily on her nether holes.

"Everything is in place except for the locks. I think you boys would
rather like to put them on yourselves." Jimmy said while gave the
locks and keys to Mark and Tommy.

Mark stoop in front of his mother's loins and put the four padlocks
one by one through each pair of adjacent rings inside his mothers'
right and left outer pussy lips and then snapped the locks shut. At
the same time his younger brother was behind their mother putting two
very small but strong German locks through the rings in her asshole
and locking up his own mother's shitter.

Susan's was so turned on when all the locks were snapped shut and
hanging from her asshole and cunt lips. She felt the added weights of
the locks were pulling one her pussy lips and asshole. She cried out
from having a strong orgasm. From this moment on, her basic body
functions, pissing and shitting were absolutely under her own
thirteen-year-old oldest son and her twelve-year-old pre-teen son's
total control respectively. Although she had to have her sons'
permission to shit or piss before, but she could have go ahead and
done it on her own. However, now she had to wait for her young sons'
pleasures and good well to physically remove the locks first in order
for her to piss or shit!
Tommy and Mark tried the keys on the locks a few times to make sure
they worked as well as to feel the power of control. They were both
grinning happily from ear to ear, their own beautiful mothers' most
secret and private feminine openings; her vagina and asshole were
secured by multiply padlocks now, and they are the only ones that
possessed the keys to open them! 

Susan was a little embarrassed when everyone were looking and admiring
her newly decorated nude body intensely. 
"Mother, you look sensational!" Mark said.

"Mommy, you are now more beautiful to me than ever!" Tommy observed.

"Mrs. King, you look fantastic! You guys must be the envy of every boy
in school!" Johnny said.

"I have to admit, I sure did a good job on you Susan!" Jimmy said.

"Looks like our new and improved mother needs an entire new wardrobe
Tommy. I don't think she will be able to wear any underwear or
swimming suits from now on! Let's take her back to Patty's lingerie
shop at the mall. Do you know Tommy that Patty likes our mother a
whole lot 'cause I saw the way she was looking at mom!" Mark said to
his brother.

"What way?" Tommy asked.

"Like the way you looked at Mom most of the time with desire and
lust!" Mark answered.

"Oh, that way! Hey, it may be fun to watch Mom with a girl!" Tommy
said eagerly.

"I wish we could show Mother off somehow! Hey, Tommy why don't we put
on a show just for Jimmy and Johnny right now!" Mark said

Mark attached a leash to their mother's large middle clit ring and
Tommy attached another leash to two of the rings in their mother's
asshole. Mark was leading his mother by her pierced clitoris to the
living room while Tommy was following behind his mother tugging on her
anus. The boys were parading their naked tattooed, pierced and ringed
mother by the leash attached to her securely locked up nether holes
around and around Jimmy's spacious living room. The silver bells in
Susan's nipples, clit and asshole were jingling and the three
medallions attached by gold chains to her vagina and asshole dangling
down to her mid thigh were generating clinking metallic sound when
they swing against each other with every step she took! The
combination of jingle bell tinkling and the metal clinking sound
produce a very surprisingly incredible pleasant melody. Susan was
sexually stimulated beyond believed and she was coming so much that
her cunt was dripping cunt juice non-stop directly on to the carpet
throughout the procession! Mark reattached his leash from his mother's
clit to her neck collar, then order his mother to crawl on her hands
and knees around the room. He was pulling his crawling mother by her
neck, while his younger brother was behind their mother still held the
leash attached to her asshole. Jimmy and Johnny were standing in the
middle of the living room watching the whole thing with fascination.

"How do you guys like the show? Mom looks unbelievable isn't she? I'll
give anything to be able to show her off to the public!" Mark said.

"I know you boys have this enormous desire to exhibit your mother. I
know I would if I owned her so completely like you boys do! I think I
have just the right forum for it! There is an exclusive 'Tattoo and
Body Piercing' convention coming up in a couple of weeks. The
convention is a platform for individual artists to show off their
special and unique work to each other. Some of the artists' models and
clients will also be attending. I think this is the best opportunity
to show your mother and my best work off. You boys may be a little
young, but I believe this bunch will accept your peculiar and unique
relationship with your mother! These people are very open minded,
non-judgmental and very discreet. Your secret will be quite safe with
them!" Jimmy said. 

"How many people will be there?" Mark asked.

"There will be at least over one hundred people present at the
convention." Jimmy answered.
Susan was still on her hands and knees. When she heard her sons were
going to show her off to hundreds of people, she felt quite
embarrassed at first. However, the thought of hundreds of strangers
are going to see her tattooed, pierced and ringed naked body in
addition to the locks on her cunt and asshole, it almost blow her
mind! This is exactly what she had always wanted and dreamed of.
Everyone at the convention will know instantly that she is the
property and sex slave of her thirteen and twelve year old sons. Susan
screamed out, as her whole body was shocking and convulsing
uncontrollably when one strong orgasm after another rocked her body!
Huge amounts of creamy white female come juice was ejaculating from
deep inside her vaginal tunnel and was sprouting out from her pussy
lips splashing continuously directly onto the living room floor,
quickly forming a small puddle on the carpet!
"I have never seen anything like it!" Jimmy and Johnny both exclaimed

Tommy slapped his mother's left asscheek really hard, leaving a red
palm print on the spot where his own name was tattooed.

"Bad doggy! Now lick up the mass you made bitch!" Tommy ordered his

Susan obeyed immediately and lowered her head to the carpet. She stuck
out her dainty tongue quickly licking up the sticky and stringy creamy
female come juice she just spilled from her own cunt before it could
absorb into the fabric.
"I'm sorry mother ruined your carpet. I should have anticipated that
and stick a dildo in her cunt!" Mark apologized.

"Don't worry about it. If I have to put in new carpets it's still
worthwhile just to see the way your mother ejaculated!  Looks like
she's doing a fairly good job of cleaning it with her tongue right
now!" Jimmy responded yet still amazed.

It was one of the most satisfying series of orgasm she ever had;
however Susan was extremely embarrassed and humiliated. Her lovely
face turn all red about the mass  she made on the carpet and also the
fact that she was on all fours now licking up her own female come
juice with her tongue like a bitch dog for all to see!

Jimmy wanted to take some pictures of Susan for his picture album
collections. At first he just shot mostly close ups of Susan's tattoos
and piercings than he took some pictures of Susan in different angles
and varies sexy posts. Tommy and Mark also wanted Jimmy to take some
pictures of the two of them holding the leashes attached to their
mothers neck collar or her pussy and asshole! Jimmy ended up shooting
four rolls of films and he promised the boys a copy of the pictures
after they were developed.
"Jimmy we forgot to tell you that we wanted to pierce Mother's tongue
and her cute belly button as well. However, I'm glad we forgot it
though, since both Moms' asshole and pussy were out of commission. Her
sexy mouth surely got overworked in the last seven days!" Mark said to
Jimmy when they were leaving. 

"No problem, bring your mother in tomorrow, I'll pierce her tongue and
naval for you boys. By the way, You two can resume fucking her cunt
and asshole, the barbell in them will only enhance the fucking
sensations!" Jimmy said.

A week later, Susan's constantly elongated erect nipples were linked
together by two gold chains attached to the barbells inserted in the
base of her nipples. Tommy and Mark also attached gold chains to the
large thick middle rings inside their mothers' nipples and her
perpetually protruding huge clitoris. All three strains of gold chains
were connected together by a small ring. The boys love to attach a
leash to this small ring and pull their mother along by her nipples
and clit all together at the same time. The chains can also be
detached so that all three of Susan's feminine hot buttons could be
pulled individually. The gold chains were hitching to her naval ring
when they were not in use.  

There were now also two short gold chains draped from Susan's nether
holes down to her mid thighs. Upon requests by the boys, Jimmy had
inserted the last links of two gold chains into the rods of the
barbells deep inside of Susan's vagina and rectal passages
respectively. Tommy and Mark love the most nowadays was to attach
leashes to these two free hanging chains in order to follow or lead
their mother in effect by the inside of her cunt and asshole

For punishment nowadays besides spanking and whipping, her young sons
love to pull on Susan's nipple chains and clit chain, either
individually or together. They would hold the chains taut so that
their mothers' nipples and clit were stretched to the maximum just
short of tearing them off. Small weights were often hanging on the
rings in her nipples, clit, cuntlips and asshole. Large dildos were
stuffed inside her locked up ass and vagina for long periods of time.
On a few occasions, Tommy and Mark had ordered their mother to stick
out her now pierced tongue. They would then tightly drawn on the
double strains of gold chains that were connecting her nipples at the
base and hooked the chains on to the newly installed barbells through
her delicate tongue thus made Susan uplifted her own huge breasts
slightly upward by her dainty sexy pink tongue!  

In the days that followed the insertion and installation of Susan's
piercings, she would stand in front of the full-length wardrobe mirror
looking at her newly modified, tattooed and decorated voluptuous
reflections for hours if permitted by her sons. The rhinestone dog
collar complete with dog tag was almost a permanent fixture around her
elegant long neck now. Susan loved to trace her sons' names tattooed
on her breasts, cuntlips and asscheeks with the tips of index finger
over and over again. She couldn't help but admire the adornments in
her erect nipples, clit and her nether holes especially the locks
hanging in her pussy lips and asshole. On those rare occasions when
her outer pussy lips were unlocked, she could then really enjoy the
sight of her constantly laced up inner cuntlips with various colored
ribbons. She loved to pick up the three silver medallions hanging from
her vagina and asshole one by one read and reread the engravings on
them. Any slightest movement of her body, the silver bells inside the
tip rings of her nipples and clit, in addition to the bells in her
asshole rings will produce a crystal clear jingling sound. When she
took a step forward or backward or swerve her body from side to side,
the three medallions hanging down from her nether holes between her
thighs will swing and clinking against each other. The feel and sound
of her sexual adornments make Susan look and feel utmost erotic and
sexy. The vibration generated from the ringing of the silver bell in
her most sensitive hot buttons gave Susan constant sexual stimulation
that almost gave her continuous non-stop orgasms. Her vagina was like
a leaky facet dripping out feminine come and cunt juices all day long!

Mark informed his shock and stunned mother a few weeks later.

"Mother, Tommy and I have decided to make all the rings and ornaments
in your nipples, clit, cunt-lips and asshole permanent. And one more
thing Mom, the tattoos on your butt, we want to redo them. Actually
the letters will be retraced only this time it will be done with
pinpoint laser. Originally I wanted to use a hot branding iron to
brand our names on your beautiful ass, but Jimmy convinced us that
laser would be much better and neater for lettering besides it leave
no scars on your smooth creamy buns. Mother, when Tommy and my names
are permanently burned and carved deep into the flesh of your creamy
asscheeks, you will be our sex slave forever!"

           The saga of Susan King to be continued...

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