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Savage African Capture

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Synopsis: A couple on a honeymoon safari find themselves in very hot water.

Savage African Capture

By Shabbadew2002  

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Chapter 1 


Our trip to Africa was to commemorate our first wedding anniversary.  It was my gift to Midori, my wife.  I arranged a photographic safari as we were both interested in wildlife photography.  My wife was twenty-five at the time and I was forty.  She had been my student.  We fell in love at the University and married when she graduated.  The trip would provide a tremendous opportunity for both of us to photograph wildlife and native peoples.  We entered the unknown armed only with our ignorance.

The first few days were tremendous.  Everything went smoothly and the sights provided us with great shots.  On the fourth day out, it was a hot morning, and as we moved into a rift valley, we came under attack.  The porters suddenly began crying, screaming, dropping their packs and running.  I grabbed my wife and pulled her down.  I looked around for our guide, but he was gone.  We were rushed and overpowered by a dozen men.  I found myself grappling with someone.  I heard my wife scream and then it all went black.

I regained consciousness to find myself suspended by my wrists and ankles to a pole.  I was being carried by two men.  I could hear my wife whimpering and crying behind me.  I called out to her....

“Midori….are you ok?” 

“Where are they taking us?” 

“I dont know, but just hold on.”

I didnt know what to do.  I felt awful hanging from the pole.  There were lots of men, I couldnt tell how many.  We were somewhere in the middle of a column. They marched for awhile... then took a break and set us down.  I felt helpless and Im sure my wife did too.  I was thirsty, but they ignored me when I tried to get them to understand I wanted a drink.  It was so hot.

I heard Midori grunt as she was hoisted up and suspended between, broad, black shoulders; and then we were off.  I tried not to think about the pain in my wrists and ankles. I cursed myself for our bad luck.  The noises of the savannah and the sound of their feet, as they marched, was all I remember of this part.  Midori and I tried to say something to each other but our positions, the heat, and the bush noises made it impossible for us to have any real contact.  All I felt was pain and fear.

Chapter 2 

Public Humiliation

We finally arrived at a village.  There was a horde of ragtag children and motley dogs around.  There was a lot of yelling.  They set us down by a well.  I looked over at Midori and she was a sweaty mess.  We were physically and emotionally drained.  I was dying of thirst and Im sure that Midori was too.  I begged for water.  The men just grinned at me.

Then the leader came over, had the men cut our bindings, and allowed us to stand.  I gestured to him that I wanted water for me and my wife.  Just then a commotion caught my attention.  A big, older man, surrounded by flunkies, was making his way over to us.

This is the Chief, I thought to myself.  He looked us over.  I tried to say something.  He raised his hand to silence me and barked something.  He pointed at me and then at my wife.  The Chief was medium tall and had a big belly.  He was wearing some marks of his office and a loincloth.  His face was broad and very black; an ugly mean face.  His manner was frightening.

I begin to worry what was in store for us, especially my wife.  A crowd had formed - women and children of all ages.  They were a rough looking lot - most of them.  The women were bare-breasted.  I saw a lot of pouting and hanging breasts with very dark black nipples.  Distracted for the moment I remembered our needs.

I tried to make him understand we were thirsty.  I used my hands. The Chief stared at me as if I was crazy and then he smiled and laughed out loud. He gestured to a woman.  She was heavy-set and older, maybe his wife.  He mimicked my gestures and laughed again.  She said something to him, but her face was mean too.

The Chief raised his hand and made some announcement to the mob.  They behaved as if they were at a sporting match.  I was fearful that this was a bad sign.  Then the Chief made a little move with his hand and two men grabbed both of us and forced us to our knees.  Midori and I looked at each other; we were both so thirsty. They brought over a bowl of water, but the Chief grinned as one of the men pulled his penis out from under his loincloth and began to piss in it.

The Chief mimed a dog lapping water. We both looked at each other and understood.  I felt degraded.  But this is what he wanted us to do: lap the water like dogs.  We were so thirsty; we lapped up the “flavored” water.  This act of submission made the mob happy.  My fears were now raging out of control.

I also felt tremendously humiliated.  Midori, who must have been thirstier than I was, put her face in the bowl and lapped it up like a puppy.  The mob took real delight at how she submissively she performed for them.  

This is what I didnt know then, but I know now: these people were a sorry lot.  Dirt poor, they survived by raiding other villages, stealing and taking hostages.  They took vicious and cruel delight in reducing their captives to the level of animals or things.  The first minute we were in camp set the tone for our entire captivity.  They indulged in varieties of sexual savagery that were beyond my comprehension.  And, from this moment on, our situation got worse...

The Chief barked, clapped his hands and at his command, the native women crowded around us.  The Chief clapped again and they began, like a multi-limbed creature, a centipede, to pull our clothes off.  I tried to resist, but there were too many hands.

I looked over to see them stripping my wife nude.  I saw her in her bra and panties and soon she was completely naked.  I was stripped naked also.  I saw the mob passing my wifes bra back and forth.  The women stepped back to let the tribe have a look at us.  Midori covered her crotch and breasts with her hands.  I had both my hands covering my privates.  Our white skin made us stand out in the hot African sun, among all these black people.  We were both very sweaty, at this point....

The faces of those around us seemed hideous.  I remember very black faces with white teeth and the whites of their staring eyes with expressions of lust and cruelty in them like devils.  But worse was yet to come.  The Chief sat down, pointed and at his command, the women again descended on us like flies.  The crowd was overjoyed.  They seemed to love the spectacle of our being displayed and molested for their enjoyment.

One woman, a pretty plump thing, teasingly tickled my scrotum and my penis.  I looked over at Midori, right next to me, and saw that her tormentors were squeezing and mauling her breasts.  This made her nipples respond by getting erect.  They pointed this out to humiliate my wife.  My penis was squeezed and jerked.  I couldnt help myself but I began, to my horror, to get erect.  As my penis stiffened, individuals pointed at me and laughed.  I wanted to die...

My tormentor wagged my half-erect penis at the crowd to make them laugh more.  She mimed that my penis was small and the mob roared with delight humiliating me totally.  Hands were at my ass pulling my cheeks open; and then I felt someone rubbing grease on my anus... and a finger was forced inside me.

Then, someone grabbed at my testicles.  My bag had shriveled in fear.  Whoever it was eventually trapped my testicles in the bag.  Then they squeezed them.  I groaned and the crowd reacted.  They did it again and my reaction made the natives clap their hands in glee.  I saw the Chief grinning from ear to ear at my predicament. 

Then the painful squeezing of my balls stopped.  Someone else began frigging my penis and between that and the finger in my rectum worming around and pressing on my prostate, my penis got fully erect.  I didnt want to lose control in this situation, but my body betrayed me.

I looked over and saw what they were doing to Midori.  They had rolled her cotton thong panties and had the material between her thighs.  One particular woman, a middle-aged crone, began pulling it slowly to and fro - working the panties into a thin, wet cord in my wifes crack.  Midori gasped and moaned as the woman worked it back and forth thru the lips of her cunt.  

Everyone laughed as my wife tried to stand up on her toes to avoid what this woman was doing to her.  The woman began sawing her hands back and forth using the full length of the wet cotton with each stroke.  My wife struggled in the grip of the women holding her, but they just laughed.  There was nothing she could do.

After a minute of this, Midori began writhing and gasping at the slightest movement. Thats when the woman stopped and felt my wife between her legs.  Grinning, she held up her fingers... glistening with my wifes secretions.  The mob roared.  My wife had been humiliated as I was...

The old woman pulled the cord tight again and continued to masturbate my wife.  Midori bit her lip as I could see that she was trying to ignore the maddening friction of the wet panties against her sensitive sex lips.  The woman with cruel skill pulled the panties back and forth so that my wifes sensitive bits: her labia, clitoris, her urethra, the vaginal opening and her anus were teased unmercifully.

Each indignity and my wifes increasingly agitated reactions brought a fresh round of laughs and grins from the mob.  I looked at their faces and saw the depths of their depravity.  I was growing more afraid.  The use of sexual torture was a mark of a much degraded people.

The Chief growled something and the woman began to vigorously manipulate the cord.  He obviously wanted the woman to make my wife have an orgasm.  The old woman pulled the wet cord right up against the clitoris.

I heard my wife begging and whimpering.  Watching my wifes face for her reactions, the woman, grinning, whipped the cord left and right to work her clitoris.  My wifes moans suddenly became louder, her hips bucking and jerking.  Now that she had gotten Midori close to cumming, the woman slowed down, tantalizing her.  I heard my wife, teased to the point of distraction, begin whimpering like she did when she was about to cum...

The mob roared its approval when she began to moan.  I could see the muscles as tight as a drum in her neck.  Finally, the crone jerked the cord to and fro in a blur and made my wife reach a tumultuous orgasm.  Midoris hips began a lewd jig and her writhing left no doubt she was in the throes of an orgasm.  The fact that they could make my wife cum in these circumstances shocked and horrified me.

She groaned, and her coital movements and jiggling ass cheeks excited the mob.  I was horrified as my prick had gotten erect earlier and stayed hard as I watched what they did to my wife.  Between what they had been doing to me and watching what they did to Midori, I was very aroused.  I looked at the men of the tribe and saw the looks of lust and cruelty in their faces.  I looked over at Midori; her eyes were closed and she appeared to be in a world of her own.

I was terribly afraid, at this point, as my wife was surrounded by a hundred savages.  I began silently to pray.  I had not done that in years.  I shuddered at the thought of what might happen next.  The men began drinking from gourds.  This only made me more frightened.  Sober they were savages - drunk they would be worse.

Then I was brought forward so that two young girls could begin playing with my scrotum and penis.  They pulled and tickled my bag and teased my penis.  They kept it up, unmercifully.  They worked on me as a team.  It was torture. They got me worked up and close to cumming, but stopped short of letting me ejaculate. They mob crowded in close to watch them masturbating me.  I lost track of time as they got me close to orgasm. 

I could see how much they were enjoying this.  For me, it was awful.  Then a big, fat, older woman held up a smooth, curved wooden rod.  She greased it with fat.  Two men suddenly turned me around.  Two more women spread my ass cheeks.  I felt fingers rubbing grease on my anus.  Then the big, fat woman pressed the rod against my anus and when it parted my sphincter, she worked it into my rectum. 

I felt the knob against my tight sphincter and then I was impaled.  The knob at the end opened my anus and the rod plowed into my rectum.  I winced in pain as I had never had anything that big in my asshole before.  I remember crying out.  I struggled in their grasp, but I was helpless to prevent this from happening to me.  I screamed...

I could hear everyone laughing and clapping.  I hung my head as waves of shame, pain and arousal overwhelmed me when it was in me all the way.  Then as I tried to adjust to the pressure in my rectum, my erection seemed to grow and throb.  It was hard and hot and pointed at the sky.  I shook my head.  I couldnt believe what this people were doing to me...I couldnt believe that I was hard as they did these things to me....The two girls went back to masturbating me.  I tried hard to control myself, but there was no way, with the rod in my rectum, that I could do that. 

I was humiliated when I began ejaculating.  I felt like my whole soul was spurting thru my penis.  There was much laughter as I came in front of the whole village.  The girls mimed that my load was disappointingly small.  I felt my face go red with embarrassment.  That they could make me cum in these circumstances didnt shock me as much as the fact that they had been able to make Midori do the same, but I was humiliated.  I looked over at Midori and she had her eyes closed.  I dont know if she saw me ejaculating or not.  I hope she didnt...

Chapter 3 

Whipped and Raped

After a few moments, they dragged Midori to an upright pole by the well and bound her with her hands over her head.  The Chief came over brandishing a black whip.  It was a dried bulls penis what I had seen sold in marketplaces on the African coast and called a “bulls pizzle”.  The Chief used the tip to tease my wifes full buttocks.  She clenched her cheeks when he ran it up and down her crack.  The mob laughed and clapped when she reacted.  My wife has a round, white, full bottom and it was erotic to see her so exposed as she clenched and relaxed her dimpled butt cheeks.  

The Chief got ready to whip her.  I watched as he drew back his arm and then with a mighty blow he hit her.  The pizzle landed with a cruel meaty sound.  Midori groaned and clenched and unclenched her cheeks, trying to shake off the blow.  She was soon giving everyone another “show”.  Because with each vicious blow, my wife began to wriggle and work her buttocks.  It was an erotic dance she was doing, shaking under the lash and tied to the pole.  My mind was in turmoil.  I was frightened, but another part of me was mesmerized.  It was like we were in a movie and I was watching it...

As the whipping continued, she even humped the pole, like she was fucking it.  All of this thrilled the savages.  The crowd clapped and roared with every blow.  It was a very sexual whipping, as the Chief concentrated on her full butt and thighs.  With the rod in my rectum, it pressed in a disturbing way on my prostate.  That, combined with the sight of my wife receiving a public whipping, got and kept me erect.  I had been whipped in school, as a boy, and Midoris whipping dredged up all the conflicted feelings those whippings aroused in me.

The crowd went wild and yelled as Midori grunted with each blow.  The Chief took his time whipping her and just lashed her methodically.  Midori would look over her shoulder and then cringe, anticipating each blow.  When it did land it made a meaty sound....Midori began sobbing and crying out.

When the Chief made the tip of the pizzle land in her crack she screamed.  Her buttocks and thighs were soon criss-crossed with angry red stripes.  Her cheeks twitched from the pain in between blows as if they had a life of their own.  I could not take my eyes off the spectacle as my wife was tortured, but I felt guilty and sick inside that I never lost my erection all during the whipping.  Toward the end, Midori lost control of her bladder and urinated to the delight of the crowed.  Then they untied her and make her parade around the water well with her hands on her head to display her whipped ass and thighs. 

After this, they hustled both of us into the Chiefs hut.  To my humiliation, I still had the rod up my rectum.  The Chief sat down on a chair to supervise as they made Midori lie down on a pallet and forced her thighs up to her breasts, exposing her cunt.  Men crowded around her and began to rub and finger her.

There were a lot of men in the hut.  A few women were at the door outside peeking in.  Midori began to moan as they continued to molest her.  Two men played with her breasts, making her nipples erect.  I didnt want to watch, but I couldnt turn away either.  The Chief caught my eye and then pulled aside his loin cloth revealing a huge penis.  He grinned evilly at me.  It was a big as a cucumber and thick as my wrist.  He stroked it slowly, watching his men molest my wife, and grinned at me. 

Midoris eyes went wide as he got up to stand over her and display his huge erection to her.  He had pulled back his foreskin to display the big purple head, then wagged it at her and looked over at his men - grinning all the while.  My wife was a virgin when I married her.  And her vagina was still very tight.  Now, she was about to be raped by a monster.  She kept shaking her head no-no-no and protested, but no one understood us, so it was all in vain. 

And then, all the men began pulling aside their loincloths to display their erections.  I was in shock.  I had never seen another mans erection until then.  And, at that moment, I was in a hut in Africa with two dozen men who had penises bigger than mine.  The Chief stroked his mammoth phallus, the biggest in the hut, and grinned at me, enjoying and savoring the moment. 

Midoris womanhood, as they played with her, was now glistening.  I held my breath and watched as the Chief knelt down between her thighs and rubbed the head of his cock against her labia and her vaginal opening - wetting his phallus with her juices.  After a moment, he thrust forward and Midori cried out as he tried to penetrate her.

She tried to squirm away, but she was being held down.  The head of his cock pressed up against her vagina but wouldnt go in.  It was too big!  He barked and someone brought a pot with some grease.  He lubricated himself and then he greased up my wifes sexhole.

He put his cock up against her vaginal opening, pushed and pop…it went in! Midori groaned out loud as he plowed into her.  The men cheered as their Chief raped her.  He got most of it inside her and then he pulled it out until only the head was inside.  He looked over at me, smiling and showing his teeth.

Then he pushed it in all the way making my wife moan as she was stretched open very deep and wide, I could tell.  I could not look away as he penetrated her.  I was helpless to do any thing about it, but it was totally compelling to me.  My penis had stayed painfully erect and my testicles were aching.  With the rod buried in my rectum, it pressed on my prostate and that made my penis drool even more.  I was sweating and as I squirmed with my hands tied behind me, I wished I had a gun so I could free us.

The Chief took his time as he fucked her….letting her get used to his size.  Midori had her eyes closed, but began breathing deeper and then began panting as he fucked her.  He lay down on her fully, covering her completely with his big body and from where I was, I could see his bag, his scrotum, slapping against my wifes anus.  There was a lot of wetness there....and it was getting pretty messy.

As he penetrated her his cock was so thick it forced her sex lips into her hole on the in-stroke and they clung to the shaft when he pulled out.  It looked like two pink rubber bands were stretched around his cock.  The shaft of his big, black dick was streaked with her juices.  I could tell Midori was getting close to orgasm from the sounds she was making. 

I tried to block out the wet squishy sounds and her moans.  I felt terrible as another man was penetrating my wife with his erect penis.  There was no escape.  I was surrounded by a hut full of black men with erections.  The Chief began humping Midori for all he was worth.  Midori moaned steadily, aroused against her will.  I could see he was going to make my wife have an orgasm…

He sped up and my wife went, cried out.  Shed cum!  The men clapped when they heard her cry out.  I knew, from experience, that shed just had an orgasm.  He made my wife cum! Then the Chiefs hips and ass did a little jig and he ejaculated deep into her vagina.  As he pulled his cock, it made a wet, slurpy sound like a mule pulling its hoof out of thick mud.  Midori groaned when his cock popped free. 

When the Chief stood up his cock was still hard, but it was grossly streaked with semen and the secretions from my wifes pussy.  Midoris legs were spread and her sex was gaping open.  She had been really fucked, I could tell.  The labia were swollen and reddened, nearly purple.  Her sex-hole was open and a river of slop drooled out of her vagina.  It was a disgusting sight…

The men all lined up and I was forced to watch as each man took his turn with my wife.  The men were well endowed and made my wife cum repeatedly.  She was in another world as she was raped.  At least twenty men raped my wife in front of me during the first hour.

My penis had stayed erect and I was drooling pre-cum all during my wifes ordeal.  I began to ache.  I needed relief and soon began to crave it.  As I gawked at one particularly sloppy rape of my wife, with the rod pressing on my prostate, one of the men grabbed my prick and jerked it two or three times, making me ejaculate.  After that, I looked around.  A lot of the men were grinning at me evilly.  I felt worse than ever - ashamed of how I reacted.

Next, they put my wife on all fours and fucked her like a dog.  They all took turns raping her this way.  Men had lined up outside the hut, and when one man was done, another took his place.  As they took their turns, my wife was in another world.  She would grunt, moan, groan and then cry out as they made her cum.  As they worked her over her sex became a sloppy, disgusting mess.  They used a rag to clean her after every few men had ejaculated in her and this rag got very wet with semen and her secretions.  When they wiped her pussy with it one time, she came - she was in such a state.         

Then, those who wanted seconds or thirds lined up with hard, hot cocks and fucked her again.  The smell in the hut was not to be believed.  My wifes sexual juices and the sweat and semen created a musky odor that hung heavy in the little hut.  I tried to block it out, but my nose was filled with the smell of sex.  I can still smell the stink, as I write this…..

It was totally degrading as they made me watch her being raped repeatedly.  When they finished with her, she was a sweaty, sloppy mess.  Her vagina was filled with semen. Her genitals were so swollen, I couldnt believe it was my wifes pussy.   There was sperm all over her mound, her pubic hair, on the inside of her thighs, and it just ran out of her sex hole and down the crack of her ass. 

Finally it ended.  I think Midori had been raped close to two hundred times, perhaps more.  They took me and threw me into a small hut.  The next morning I was given food and water and was made to eat out of the bowl like a dog.  We were kept separated.  The Chief and the leaders raped my wife daily.  They made her drink something made from herbs and roots which, I believe, kept her in a state of arousal and prevented pregnancy. 

The Chief allowed his people to do these things because it probably provided a powerful bonding experience.  A diversion...  I dont know if they had ever had Asian captives before, but they certainly enjoyed tormenting us.

Chapter 4


It wasnt long after this that I was taken to a hut filled with the married women.  They grinned at me evilly and I knew I was in for a very bad time.  They overpowered me, took me to the ground, bound my hands behind me and made me kneel.  Then two women shaved my head, leaving only two small tufts on either side of my head.

They smeared mud on these and one woman formed the tufts into “horns”.  They painted my eyes, nose and mouth.  Then they lashed my arms to my thighs. The bondage hurt and I was soon in hell. They made me duck-walk out of the hut to the center of the village.  The children were the first to notice me and started to yell at the sight of me.  Soon many of them were out of their huts staring and laughing as I was marched around.  I had been turned into an animal.  Naked and forced into a painful squat, I had been transformed into a pet.  One of the boys tied a rope around my neck and led me around like a dog.

It was totally dehumanizing.  The children hit and poked me with sticks.  I made several painful, humiliating passes around the water well.  I felt like I was going to cry and despite my efforts to control my emotions I began to sob.  They marched me over to the Chief who laughed at my appearance as soon as he saw me.  My wife was at his feet, naked.   She looked at me and I saw the horror in her eyes.  I couldnt look her in the eyes or say anything, I was so humiliated.  But the look in her eyes said it all.  I had been reduced to a “thing”.

The next day, they hung Midori from a tree branch over an ant nest.  The women spread and staked her legs; then painted a line up each leg with honey using a brush.  It was a trail from her ankles up her thighs to her cunt.  The woman smeared honey heavily on her pubic hair and cunt.  When her pussy was gooey with the sweet stuff, they spread her buttocks and smeared some in her crack and on her anus too. 

She started to squirm and whimper as hundreds of ants swarmed over her feet.  She yelped and screamed as the ants, angry at their nest being invaded, began to torment her.  They were the little black kind, not known for their bite, but the sheer number of them guaranteed that she was in for a very hard time. 

Finding the honey, the ants began to feast and then climbed higher looking for more.  She wriggled her hips and shook her ass as the ants climbed up her body.  She looked down, in horror, as the ants climbed toward her cunt.  It was just a matter of time before the little beasts found her “honey pot”.

She screamed as she saw where they are going.  They had their way with her and soon she began to do a jig, which delighted the crowd.  They laughed and pointed and giggled at her predicament.  The ants were in a frenzy.  Excited by the honey, they scampered and darted this way and that.

Midori, her eyes wide in horror, yelped and cried out....begging for me to help. I was dragged over to watch.   I dont know what was worse - my feeling of helplessness or hers.  She writhed and squirmed trying to get them all off and really wriggled her hips and ass.  They all seemed to be enjoying her plight.  I had never seen anything like these monsters in all my life.  But it got worse.

Midori began to sob and it was heart rending to hear her as they insects swarmed and climbed her legs.  The swarming insects, as they advanced on her pussy, drove her nearly mad.  Soon there was a black line up both her legs.  Midori did a jig as the first ants reached her cunt.

Midori has a horror of bugs getting inside her.  With the ants swarming over her pussy and ass hole, Midori began screaming for help.  I could do nothing, of course.  The natives laughed as she was giving them a great show.  Soon, there were hundreds between her legs, feasting on all the honey there.  Midori grew hoarse from yelling.

Thats when the men brought forward an anteater on a leash.  As the animal smelled the ants, its long, sticky tongue shot out.  They led it over to Midori.  She moaned as its soft and sticky tongue wormed its way up her legs in the most obscene way.

I was transfixed as the creature did what nature intended it to do.  The animal lost no time in licking up the ants on Midoris legs.  When it shot its tongue out to scoop up the ants on her inner thighs, my wife moaned as the pink tongue was a soft, sticky worm.  Then, as the beast turned its attention to the ants swarming in her crotch, its tongue began to seek out the folds and crevices where the ants were hiding. 

The nasty tongue began to dart into every part of my wifes crack.  First her labia and then her sexhole and between her ass cheeks to lick her anus too.  Midoris reactions showed that this was arousing her despite the awful bestial origin of the thing that was doing it to her.

Midoris eyes showed her horror as the animal licked her.  She began to moan it stimulated her and it was obscene.  She tried to get her hips away from the machine-like, licking tongue, but it was no good.  The animal licked her unmercifully and soon she was jerking her hips in a coital way.  The mob found this all very amusing.  I got an erection...

When our eyes met, Midori looked down and saw my erection.  I could tell that I had wounded her.  In truth, my body had betrayed me.  I couldnt help myself.  I was sickened, but the spectacle of the anteater licking her pussy was more than I could handle.  The beast drove my wife over the edge when it got its long tongue into her hole. 

It thrust his long, sticky, pink tongue deep into her vagina, worming it around and around and in and out.....catching ants.  Midori was rocking her hips back and forth and soon began to speed up her coital rocking and rolling....

Finally, she cried out and came!  The anteater had made her cum in front of me and everyone.  Only then did they cut her down.  She jumped around in a frenzy, trying to get the ants off.  They pushed her to the river and let her get wash herself.  I was taken back to the village, where a group of young girls with pouting tits and black nipples took control of me.  I was given to them by the older married women.  I was bound  worried what they were going to do to me. They seemed so casually cruel....

Chapter 5 

Tortured by the Girls

I was taken by the girls, all five of them, to a clearing just outside the village.  They were laughing and chattering like birds as they made me lie down.  They began to sexually torment and humiliate me like the married women did the first day.  They took turns playing with my penis and testicles and then began masturbating me in earnest.  They got me to the point of orgasm.  Just when I thought I was going to ejaculate, they stopped and let me twitch in frustration.

There were a lot of grins and laughter at this.  I wanted to cum so badly, but they kept bringing me to a boil and then stopping.  Then one of them knelt between my splayed thighs, trapped my testicles in my scrotum and then cruelly twisted my bag.  She laughed as she slowly and sadistically squeezed my nuts until I screamed and lost my erection.  It hurt terribly- the worst excruciating pain.

Then the other four girls sat on either side of me and played with me again... pinching my nipples, getting me erect and then making me writhe and squirm.  I  wanted them to let me cum.  My penis dripped so much pre-cum that my balls got wet.  They seemed to really enjoy doing this to me. 

I prayed silently for release and I was so close, but before I began to ejaculate, they stopped touching me and smiled as I twitched and throbbed in frustration.  Then, one of them would squeeze my balls to make me lose my erection.  This was repeated several times.

This went on until I was nearly insane and began to babble like an idiot. This amused them to no end.  Then one of them produced a curved, slim white rod with a bulb at the end - probably carved from ivory.  She squeezed the tip of my penis to make my pisshole flare open and inserted the tip of the rod into my penis.  I howled as she forced it in slowly.....

She kept pushing and I gasped and cried out as it was forced it into me fully.  When the bulb protruded from the tip of my prick, she slapped my organ.  They took turns doing this to me.  Then, they all took a turn taking the rod out and forcing it back in.  I was soon crying like a baby.  They laughed at me and made clucking noises, mocking my reaction to what they did to me.

Eventually, one of them, the girl with the biggest breasts, who had simply enormous black nipples, jerked me off.  As she did so, she talked to me, in her language, like I was a baby.  Talking baby talk to me as she squeezed and jerked my prick.  She kept it up until I ejaculated.  It felt so good, I groaned out loud with relief. 

She scooped up the semen, splattered on my belly and chest, and wiped it on my mouth.  I did what she mimed for me to do as she reached down with one hand to grab my balls again…I understood and not wanting to be hurt anymore, I licked my lips.  It was a bit disgusting….

Days went by and I never saw my wife, as we were kept in separate huts.  Sometimes, I could hear her cry out as she was raped.  I was glad they left me alone, during this time.  The hateful things they did to me had nearly broken me.

Chapter 6

The Mud Suit

The women were the worst at torturing us.  Brought to rivers edge one day, they lashed Midoris wrists together behind her head and tied her elbows to her knees. They hauled her up and got her on a board in a kneeling position.  They scooped up pots full of red mud from the shore, and they covered her with the mud to turn her into a statue.  The most extreme form of bondage you could ever imagine. 

They began smearing gobs of it on her back, her buttocks, her shoulders, her legs and her neck and head.  Every part of her body from the top of her head to her feet had been covered and molded with the mud. The woman, at first, just slapped in on, but when they had enough in a given area, they began to smooth and shape it to conform to the body part it covered. 

They covered her eyes with thick slices of a root and began covering her face with the mud.  They inserted hollow reeds into each nostril and propped open her mouth with a wooden ring.  When they were done with her face, all you could see were the two reeds emerging from a bump where her nose was and her open mouth.

They kept slathering her with handfuls of the red mud.  One creative soul had stuck several tufts of grass on her head to simulate hair.  They left an opening by her genitals and her anus so she could piss and shit.  Bound as she was, she was soon encased in mud.  They turned her into an “object”.

The woman left her in the sun so the mud would dry.  Midori began to make inhuman groans and cries.  She sounded like a sick calf.  Within an hour or two, under the broiling equatorial sun, the mud had hardened into a suit of armor.  My wife had been turned into a “thing”.

I had been brought over, on a leash, to watch. I could hear my wife moaning inside her mud suit of armor.  I was sick inside at what they did to her.  When the mud had hardened, they carried Midori on the board back to the village in a sort of procession.  The children laughed and clapped.  She was set between two logs.  My wife, I could only imagine, was going thru hell inside the mud suit.  She was totally immobile and it must have been like she was baking in an oven.

When she pissed thru the opening between her legs, it made the children roar with laughter.  They gave her water to sip thru a reed from a gourd.  As hot as it was and trapped, my wife must have been sweating buckets.  It was the ultimate torture suit.  Then they brought us both into a hut.  The men began pulling aside their loincloths and soon they were all hard.  There were a dozen men there. 

Her moans and groans were a great source of amusement for them.  I kept my mouth shut though.  I was afraid that they would do something like that to me.  And the feeling of claustrophobic horror I felt was enough to keep me cowed.  They began shoving their cocks into her mouth and in her pussy.  They raped her front and back over and over. 

The sounds coming out of her mouth were heartrending.  There was a sloppy mess of semen all around her mouth and pussy when they were done.  Midori was not released from this bondage, her mud suit, until the next morning.  When the got it off her, and I could get a chance to see her, her eyes told the story of the horror she had been through.

Chapter 7

Village Torments

One night a group of the married women mounted a pole at crotch height in the center of the village.  They greased it up and brought out my naked wife.  They fingered her until she was wet and juicy, tied a cord around her neck and tied her thumbs to the cord.  Next, they made her straddle the pole, squat down and sit on it.  She did it.  In order to make her fuck it, they whipped her ass with a branch.  It made a cruel noise every time it landed and my wife groaned in pain each time.

Midori squatted down obscenely and stood up again, fucking herself on the pole.  The spread her ass cheeks and tickled her anus with some nettles to make her fuck herself harder.  The whole village came out to see.  Soon, I guess, her asshole began itching.  From the way Midori twitched and jumped around, I could tell it was really bothering her.  They handed the nettles off to another woman who whipped her butt with it. 

Soon, Midori began fucking herself silly on the pole.  She grunted, moaned and squatted up and down like a demented doll.  Teen-aged girls came up and pulled on her nipples so hard, that I thought they would tear them off.  They kept this up until Midori orgasmed.  Her ass, when it was over, was stippled with a sting rash and scored with weals.  It looked like shed been stung by bees.  The pole was lathered with her pussy juice.  They began dancing around her, like she was a fertility symbol.  In a way, she was....

On hot afternoon, they tied Midori with her arms over her head to a tree branch.  The young boys were encouraged to examine her.  This was behind the village in a grove of trees by the river.  I was brought over on a leash like a dog.  Naked, humiliated and frustrated, I watched as maybe thirty boys touched my wife and got erections.

They played with her tits and pussy and inserted their fingers into her vagina and rectum.  She moaned as they roughly stimulated her.  When all thirty or so were very excited, their loin cloths were tented.  It was at this point that several older men encouraged them to jerk off.  They soon lifted their loin clothes.  The bravest and boldest started and soon everyone was vigorously masturbating.  One man produced a bowl.

When the boys were ready to cum, he had them crowd around and jerk off into the communal bowl.  One-by-one they all spurted their seed.  There must have been two cups of their hot, sticky discharge in the bowl.  Then they made Midori lap it up. 

They brought me over to watch my wife perform the humiliating and disgusting task.  It was terrible for us to have to witness each others degradation.  I could see that she could barely look me in the eye.  It was some sort of initiation rite for the boys.  Having their seed drunk by the pretty Asian captive.  For her, it was a disgusting trial.  Their ejaculate, still warm from their bodies, was presented for her to drink and Midori gagged twice as she drank it down. 

It was very viscous…so that as she drank it….and they pulled the bowl away to let her swallow….. A string of cum connected her lips to the edge of the bowl.  Finally she was finished.  For a final indignity, they made her lick the bowl clean.

Chapter 8

The Worst Ordeal

We were exhausted and drained by the frequent sexual torture.  One afternoon, four women that I had identified as real sadists, had something really gross in store for Midori.  The brought me in to witness it.

They made Midori stretch out on a pallet in their hut.  Then they forced her thighs back against her breasts so her cunt and anus were completely exposed. One of them began to play with her labia, spreading them and inserting her fingers into her well-used cunt.  When Midoris cunt was all wet and juicy…they showed Midori what they had for her.  It was in a covered pot.

Midori screamed when she saw that there was a small green boa in the pot.  One of the women grabbed it and held it up to show her.  It was about 45 centimeters long (18”).  It writhed and squirmed, as my wife, horrified, stared looked at it.  This was the beginning of the worst thing they did to her.  This ordeal broke my wife totally, I believe.

All the snake wanted, at that point, was to get away and hide in a nice, dark place.   Midori was held down by several of the women and, with her legs and cunt held open, one of them brought the snake close to Midoris well-used, vaginal opening. 

When she saw what they were threatening to do, she cried out to me, “PLEASE DONT LET THEM DO THIS TO ME, YUKIO!” 

But I could not help her.  I could only watch in horror as they forced the snake into her pussy.  The serpent, once they had gotten its head into the vaginal opening, then lost no time in squeezing the rest of its body inside her.  It slithered and wiggled into her sexhole until it was all the way in.

My wifes reaction was not to be believed:  she began to scream like a madwoman!  I never heard her voice make sounds like that before or since.  Then they let go of her.  She humped her hips up and down, with her legs held open, trying to get the thing out of her pussy.  It was not to be. All four women began laughing.  The snake was in my wifes cunt and it didnt want to come out. 

She tried to stick her finger into her hole to get it out of her cunt.  It was no use as the more she attempted to get at it, the more the reptile wriggled into the deepest recesses of her vagina to get away.  Soon, it was wedged solidly in her sex-hole.  Thats when they held her down.  Her stomach looked like it was rippling as the snake squirmed and wriggled inside her - turning around and around in panic.

It pressed on all the sensitive nerves inside, but whatever arousal my wife felt, was second to the feeling of horror with the dirty creature inside her.  A snake like that would have made my wife jump in horror if she saw it in the wild.  She began crying and it was heartrending to hear.  They tied her hands over her head to a pole and staked her ankles so her legs were closed.  One woman went out to tell everyone to come to see what theyd done to her.

With the boa in her cunt, Midori screamed and cried.  It would lie quietly for awhile, and then something she did, some movement on her part frightened it again, making it thrash around inside her.  Midori was driven nuts.  She howled like a beast as it wriggled about inside her.  They staked me out facing her so I could witness her full torment.

One woman rubbed her pussy and this disturbed the reptile.  It thrashed around and as she continued to rub Midoris pussy, she began screaming like a madwoman.  This apparently made the snake go crazy.  When it tried to get out of her pussy, they would force it back into her hole.

More natives crowded into the hut to see what the commotion was about.  I was tethered like a goat and forced to watch this very cruel torture.  I dont know a woman who isnt a little fearful of sitting on grass because of the possibility that something could get in her pussy.  Its a universal fear.  This was the ultimate invasion.  My wife humped her hips up and down, wriggled and writhed like she was on fire.  It was unbelievable to see...

Then some of the teenagers who had tormented me got me on my belly and tied my hands over my head to a stake.  They spread my ass cheeks and raped me first with their fingers and then with a rod.  My penis got erect when the rod pressed on my prostate. 

I felt very ashamed that I kept getting erections from having things inserted in my rectum.  Any normal man would.  Then they turned me over on my back, with the rod inside me, and took turns masturbating me.  They teased me until I was dripping and played with me until my balls ached.  I begged for release.  They did not understand my words, but they understood my distress.  They mimed allowing me to “cum”.  I nodded and begged yes-yes-yes.  They laughed and pointed to their crotches. 

When the prettiest straddled my face, I understood what she wanted me to do.  She lifted her little grass skirt and took a turn riding my face.  I had to stick out my tongue as she rubbed her cunt and asshole over my nose, mouth and chin. The others teased my prick, keeping me excited, but not allowing me to cum.  It was agony as I suffocated at times when she sat down.  I was both aroused and disgusted at the same time by her smelly, musky vaginal secretions being smeared all over my face.  I remember that her clitoris was very big.  She brought herself off using my face.

The next girl took a real long time riding me before she came.  It was both degrading and exhausting as she “rode” my face for the longest time.  Another girl, the ugliest, faced my feet and rubbed her nasty, smelly anus on my nose.  Awful, as I had to smell her shit-hole.  Across from me, I heard my wife crying out as the snake writhed and wriggled in her sex hole.

I began to hump my hips up and down, begging for release.  They laughed and continued to tease me.  Finally, when one girl smeared my pre-cum teasingly over my prick head and underneath my sensitive glans and then took me in hand, I finally ejaculated.  It felt very good to me, at that point. 

She squeezed and milked my prick until I was finished and I remember moaning into the wet, smelly sexhole covering my nose and mouth.  After this, the pretty girl with the big tits and the big black nipples, produced that awful ivory penis bone. The intrusion of that probe into my urethra had been excruciating and I hated it from the first time they did it to me. 

She waved it under my nose.  My face was wet and sticky with their secretions.  I felt so small and helpless, being used and tormented by her.  She saw the terror in my eyes at the ivory probe and smiled sadistically as she oiled it carefully and then squeezed several drops of juice from the cut end of a pepper on the shaft.

I look around the hut and others were watching as she prepared this for me.  One older married woman came over to sit on my chest, squashing the air out of me.  I felt someone holding my penis, squeezing it gently and as it stiffened, stroking me to full erection again.  My frightened penis had erected against my will.

Then the pretty one took my prick and made my pee-hole flare open.  She put the tip of the bone against my pisshole and gently but firmly inserted it into my penis.  The juice from the pepper and the oil made it easy for her to force it all the way in.  Having my prick violated was the worst.  She kept pushing until all of it was buried inside me and the bulb rested obscenely at the tip of my prick with my urethral mouth stretched around the bulb. 

The woman on my chest got off, but others continued to hold my legs.  My penis waved obscenely with the bulb showing and the shaft all the way up inside me.  Soon the capsicum juice from the pepper began to burn and it became apparent why two girls were now sitting on my legs. 

As the burning sensation built, I began to hump my hips slowly at first and then more frantically.  They smiled and giggled as the sensation became unbearable.  Soon my whole penis was on fire as the hot juice went to work on the sensitive inner membranes.

I cried and moaned and finally screamed as the heat built and built and there was no relief.  They left the bone inside me for a long time.  I sobbed as it was awful and I felt helpless.  When the burning sensation finally subsided, the pretty one removed it and the rod in my asshole.  Afterwards, she hefted my testicles and mimed cutting them off.  I bit my lip and wonder if she was serious.  What else would these monsters do to me?

Meanwhile, my wife, forced to hold the green boa in her pussy, was on the edge of madness.  Eventually, they got tired of tormenting her, untied her legs, and the serpent slithered out of her pussy.  Midori had been crying and screaming for two hours.  We were in captivity nearly three months, but they finally traded us to Arab slavers and eventually, after a long and roundabout journey, we made it home to Japan.  We will never forget what was done to us in that village.

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By Shabbadew2002

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Chapter 1

The Village

After our terrifying capture and brutal treatment at the hands of the Ulobi tribe, I was filled with despair.  My wife and I had been subjected to extravagant and cruel torments directed mostly on our sexual organs.  Most of my abuse had been at the hands of the women.  Midori had been raped daily by the Chief and his men and she had often been the target of the womens and the childrens cruelty. 

Both of us were kept naked and the shame was terrible.  I had become dark from exposure to the tropical sun, but my wife, considered more of a sexual object than I was, and had been sequestered to preserve her white skin.

I had grown accustomed to being treated like a slave.  It amazes me now, as I write this account, to look back and see how quickly the human mind can be bent.  As an anthropology professor, I have more training than most in understanding human cultures, but nothing in my experience had prepared me for what happened to us and how we both reacted.

I was thoroughly cowed, I admit it now.  I stopped resisting, and I did so, not in hopes that I would be spared anything, but that it would not hurt as much if I just submitted both mentally and emotionally.  I had given up my male pride as I was turned into an object by the women of the tribe for torment and play.  It was a huge blow to my ego, but as I review it, I realize that it was necessary to preserve my sanity, when I experienced arousal and ejaculation under torture and forced sex acts.

Another torment for me is that I had been made to feel powerless when it came to protecting my wife.   This filled me with fear and anger.  It was hellish to see my wife sexually abused.  After that, I felt impotent.  For me to have been diminished in front of my wife was psychologically devastating.  I was in anguish hearing my wife being raped daily; but what was even worse was hearing her brought to orgasm by the young, virile men of the tribe.  With all of this, I had barely managed to hold myself together

And it was even harder on Midori.  Before all this, she saw herself as a “normal” Japanese woman.  What the Ulobis did to her exposed her vulnerabilities.  She had been a virgin when I married her and was a little shy about sex.  Forced orgasms and torments directed at her private parts had their effect on her. 

She had to reconcile her self-image with how her body reacted.  Experiencing arousal and climax from being raped by black men with large penises was hard enough, but to have an orgasm from being licked by an anteater, well....those experiences changed her. 

This brutalization turned her into a masochistic slave.  Her whole life became, in those two months, humiliations, violations and forced painful orgasms.  Her mind, overwhelmed with guilt, fear and shame, had snapped, in my opinion; and she became a puppet submissive to the bidding of anyone with cruel intentions.  I believe she was never the same after they sealed her in mud and turned her into a statue.

I witnessed a number of things they did to her.  Like the time the women stretched her clitoris.  They tied her on her back in a hut.  It was dark and smoky in there, I remember and it was early afternoon.  Four of the older women, two of them wives of the Chief, had Midori staked out, with her arms over her head - wrists together and her legs apart.  They had a log under the small of her back, so her hips were canted.

Midori was whimpering and her eyes darted this way and that as they brought out some pointy edged leaves.  The woman used a banana leaf, a big broad one, to protect her hand so she didnt touch the pointy leaves themselves.  I could tell by the way she handled them she didnt want to touch them.  How toxic they were was revealed a few moments later.  Another woman, I called “big nose”, began teasing Midoris pussy to make her clitoris erect. 

I got turned on watching “big nose” as she wet her finger in her mouth to rub my wifes sex-lips and nubbin up-and-down and then side-to-side.  She alternated this with shaking her whole mound.  Soon, Midori began to breathe heavily and moan softly.  And she began to get “juicy”.  “Big nose” pushed back on the hood to expose her clitoris more. 

Thats when the other woman stepped forward and began to touch the most sensitive part of my wifes body.  A part of her I had lovingly licked and sucked many times.  Now, as the woman raked it with the tip of a leaf, I saw Midori stiffen and then try to arch her body and wriggle her hips. 

There wasnt much she could do staked out like that.  As the woman continued to work the tip all around the bulb, “big nose” pulled back on the hood to keep it exposed.  I can only guess how it felt, as it was never used on me, thankfully.  Midori began to moan and then cry out.  It must have burned as her writhing and struggles left no doubt that it was not very pleasant.

“Oh... Yukio,” she cried out to me, at one point.  But there was nothing I could do, except watch.  They reapplied the leaves three times and Midori was sobbing when they were finished.  But this was only the beginning of the “treatment” I was to discover.

The leaves had inflamed her clitoris and made it swell.  Now they brought out a small section of jungle vine.  It was perhaps 10 centimeters long and not very wide.  It was capped it off at both ends to form a tube. What they had inside, and I didnt know it at first, was fire ants.  Not a lot, just dozen or so. 

“Big nose” took the tube, brought it close to my wifes crotch and carefully took the plug off the top end.  Then, in one swift motion, with a flip of her wrist, she upended the tube so that the mouth was covering the top of Midoris pussy....right where her labia came together to form the hood of her clitoris.  Of course Midoris swollen clitoris was sticking out after having been inflamed by the nettlesome leaves.

As soon as the tube was pressed tightly up against Midoris crotch I could tell that there was something terrible inside that tube.  As the ants swarmed over her clitoris, they began biting her and injecting formic acid into the most sensitive, nerve-laden part of her body. 

She began shrieking as the insects went to work on her.  “Big nose” held the tube there for a few moments and when she pulled it away, she was ready with the plug to cap it.  Then she brushed away and crushed the few remaining ants.  Thats when I saw what had been in the tube.

From where I was sitting, I could see my wifes clitoris sticking up like a reddened, swollen bean.  Midori had stopped screaming, but seemed to be hyperventilating.  Her chest heaved up and down as she tried to catch her breath.

They let her lie there like that for a few moments, and talked amongst themselves.  “Big nose” looked over at me a few times and smiled evilly.  I turned away.  I was afraid of her.  Then the women got Midori ready for the last part of the “treatment”.   They secured her clitoris, including the hood, between two twigs and lashed it tight.  Midoris eyes went from staring the faces of the women down to her crotch and then up to look at me imploringly. 

I felt like totally impotent, at that point.  I was in the corner of the hut with my hands and feet hobbled - facing her crotch.  The women pounded two stakes into the ground by Midoris knees and attached a crossbar.  They tied a cord to the clamping twigs and draped it over the crossbar.  Then they tied a heavy rock to the cord and let it traction her clitoris.

Over the next hour, they just let it pull on her nubbin.  At one point they added another rock to the load pulling on her clit.  Midori just moaned and moaned.  When she wriggled, all it did was make the weights swing and this only added to her suffering.  When they released her, they showed me my wifes new clitoris.  It was three times as large as normal and now poked out of the hood 2 centimeters.  They tormented her by touching it.  It must have been super sensitive, at that point.

After she had been subjected to this cruel treatment, her clitoris was permanently enlarged and was much more sensitive to stimulation.  In this way, she could be brought to orgasm more quickly.  Through systematic abuse like this, they destroyed my wifes sexual persona and installed a new one in its place.  She became an obedient sex slave.

After two months in the village, I had nearly despaired that we would ever escape. 

Then, one day, the village was visited by Arab traders.  I was tied to a stake by the well and saw them as they came into the village.  I learned that they had visited the Ulobis before.  They wanted ostrich skins, feathers and slaves.  Their leader was a tall man whose face was very dark, almost black, from the sun.  The party included nine other men.

The leader wore a large loose shirt, cotton trousers and sandals which laced in front and fit close round the ankle - then went high up on his calves.  A cotton cloak was thrown round his shoulders in folds and over his head as a hood, while the end was thrown over his left shoulder and hung down behind.  He looked like a Taureg, but did not wear the indigo colored face veil.  Obviously a nomadic man of the desert, nevertheless.

When the Chief emerged from his hut, he had my wife with him.  No doubt she had been servicing him.  The Arabs were surprised to see the tribe had two “white-skinned” slaves.  A male slave only brought one third to one-half of what a female fetched in the marketplace, so they were very interested in me, but they were fascinated by my wife.  Her beauty had not been destroyed by her captivity; and I guessed that it was extremely rare to find a female Asian slave.  They offered the Chief knives, axes, coral and silver jewelry. 

The Arab offer was a good one.  Nothing made the womenfolk of his tribe happier than new jewelry, and axes and knives were always welcome for a people that depended on raiding to survive.  So a deal was struck and we were brought forward.  I was particularly embarrassed to be marched naked to stand in front of the Arab leader, whose name was Atallah.  Midori tried to cover up too.

Atallah pointed to my stomach and my legs and then he said something to his men, who began laughing.  I was embarrassed.  But he was impressed when my wife was presented.

She was shoved forward and while she stumbled, the Arabs noticed her grace under pressure.  Midori is 170 centimeters tall ( 57” ) and weighs 54 kilos (120lbs.) with a 87C-66-91 (34C-26-36) figure.  Her black hair is long and shiny and her hands and feet are slender and graceful.  Her skin is creamy yellow-white and she has a luxuriant growth of straight black hair in her armpits and crotch. 

She looked lost and “out-of-it” though.  We had minimal contact during our captivity and I could only guess at her state of mind. When a deal was struck to acquire us, I was hopeful.  In my mind, at that point, anything was better than more time in the village.  I hoped these men were civilized people.  Part of me was in denial that we had been bought as slaves.  Atallah saw to it that we were given clothes.  I was given trousers, a shirt, sandals and the long cotton cloak.

The dress for Midori differed but little from mine in materials.  She was given the barracan, the long cotton wrapper, which was passed over her head and fastened at her waist.  She was also given a long shirt in addition to this, as well as sandals.

I was grateful for the opportunity to cover my shaming nakedness and when I was done dressing, I asked Atallah, in English, “Where are you taking us?”

“We are going home, far to the north,” he said to me in English.

“We are from Japan.  Do you know where that is,” I asked him?


It was a stupid question, I now realize.  He probably thought to himself, does this man think I am so stupid that I have not seen a map of Asia? Did not the Arabs keep learning alive when the barbarians of the East and West were in the dark ages?

“Yes, I know where Japan is,” is all he said.

“My wife and I need to return our home.  You understand?”

“You are now the property of our leader, Muhammad Ali Akbar.  First, we will take you to his tent.  It is up to him to decide what to do with you and your wife.”

“ he a civilized man,” I asked?

“Oh, yes, he is most civilized.”

“Good....This is good to hear.”

Chapter 2

The Tents of the Sheik

And so, we left the village where cruel and hateful punishments had been our lot.  And now we were headed north, to the tents of Sheik Muhammad Ali Akbar.  The camel caravan trek took weeks, and during that time we were treated coolly but civilly by Atallah and his men.  We rode on camels, so during the day, I was not able to talk to my wife. 

But at night, I was able to be with her and we took comfort in each others presence.  I was hopeful that we could arrange for our freedom and return home, and I took every opportunity to encourage that thinking in my wife.

During the trek, I studied the men who had purchased us.  I saw that they were, almost to a man, tall, straight, and well formed.  They were inclined, from their way of life, to be slim and tough with expressive oval faces and aquiline noses.  Although naturally white, their complexions were dark from exposure to the sun.

Every morning there was a quart of dates and tea for breakfast and at nightfall, zumeeta, made of barley flour and mixed with water until it formed dough.  When it had risen in the fire, they dipped chunks of it into oil or hot, melted sheeps fat.  And thin, bluish camels milk, rather salty to the taste, to drink.  It threw up no cream, but coagulated quickly in the heat into curds. 

These were the only provisions which the Arabs took on a trading journey, as it was all easily prepared and nourishing.  Occasionally, game from the hunt was added to the pot.  Finally, after a long, hot journey, we arrived at the desert camp of Sheik Muhammad Ali Akbar.  As we approached, I could see a dozen tents of coarsely woven wool.  They were spread to a great breadth, but were not very high. 

These dwellings, I knew from my studies, were called Beit el Shar, or “hair houses”.  By means of bushes, almost every tent had an enclosure adjoining it for the sheep and goats.  Stakes, driven in the ground, secured the horses.  I did not see any women as we rode into camp. 

I was eager to talk to the Sheik and see if we could secure our freedom.  I had not gotten much satisfaction from Atallah.  Midori and I, once we dismounted the camels, were left to wait as Atallah went to confer with his leader. 

I didnt know it at the time, but we had been traded to a tribe that derived most of its income from buying and selling slaves.  They were one of the wildest of Bedouin tribes and the Sheik was known for his cruelty.  After all the proper greetings had been taken care of, Atallah told the Sheik about us.

And so, we were  escorted into the Sheiks tent.  The entrance was about six feet with the top sloping gradually down till it fastened to the ground.  Inside it was divided by means of mats and carpets. 

Fed on the journey, and now free of the Ulobis, I had begun to feel a little of my old self.  After we were presented to the Sheik, he addressed us in English and began asking questions.  The Sheik was a fat man, shorter than his men with sensual, porcine features. 

He had the appearance of a man who enjoyed rich food.  He motioned for us to sit on cushions at his feet.  As his property, I knew I had to be careful what I said to him.  Slaves had to simply keep their mouths shut.  I was polite, but kept trying to get an answer as to how I could purchase our freedom.

The Sheik, I could tell,  felt that foreigners, especially the women, were spoiled.  He told me that he had heard that Japanese women, like Americans and Europeans, were fixated on luxuries, but were more submissive by nature.  Midori kept her eyes down as she sat at his feet.  She was having trouble concealing her nervousness, I could tell.

The Sheik made me recount to him in detail our experiences with the Ulobis.  He nodded and the faint glimmer of a smile could be seen at the mention of each of the indignities we suffered and this gave me pause.  I did most of the talking.  Several times, he asked Midori a question.  She was embarrassed and answered, but offered as little information as possible. 

Then, the Sheik leaned back expansively and stifling a yawn asked me,  “Do you know much about my people?”

“No, I dont,” I answered politely.

“You Japanese travel the world, but you know so little of its people and their customs.  We are a people not too different from the Japanese.  You beheaded criminals, kept slaves and tortured captives once upon a time.  My people do all these things.”

At the mention of torture, I felt a  shiver go thru me.  I looked over at Midori and she had her eyes closed.

“My people buy and sell slaves.  We bought you both.  And when we get the right price, you and your wife will be sold.  Your wife will fetch a fine price.  Male slaves command only a small amount.  Usually only a third of what a young fertile female, like your wife, can bring.”

He cleared his throat and smiled.  My face must have shown my feelings.  The Sheiks words were at violent cross-purposes with his polite manner.  But one look at his face and I knew that we had jumped from the frying pan into the fire.  Midori began sniffling and then weeping like a little girl at hearing what was in store for her.

“Please, you are a civilized man, you cant do that to us,” I said.

“I can do anything I want,” the Sheik told me with a smug look on his face.

“If you behave, your time in my tents will not be unpleasant, as Allah may blessings be upon him - commands.”

“If you displease me,  I will give you and your wife to my women for them to torment.”

I sat stunned through this, blinking my eyes, with my mouth open.  This was hideous. Unbelievable.  I tried to bluff our way out.....

“I insist you release my wife and me immediately. We are Japanese citizens and you risk the wrath of my government by holding us captive.”

“You may whine as much as you like, but you are in my world. My word is law here.  You are slaves, remember that.”

“In the modern world, no man should be a slave.”

He laughed at me and said, “look at you wife.  Then tell me no one is a slave.”

I looked at Midori and I was shaken; my wife acted resigned to her fate.  She had become a slave in mind and body....

“Your wife has already been defiled by the blacks.  She is probably pregnant with their spawn. In the meantime, she is my slave and may provide entertainment.”


At this the Sheik clapped his hands and we were led away.  I protested, but Midori went submissively.  I didnt know it, but we were being given to the women....

Chapter 3

At the Hands of the Women

We were delivered by two guards to another tent - very secluded and with a complicated entrance.  This was where the unmarried women and the Sheiks wives lived.  There was much laughing and tittering like pretty birds at our entrance.  The women all crowded around Midori to touch her face and hair.  I was poked and prodded and recoiled in horror.   They looked as alien to me as the women of the Ulobis, but in their own way.

Most of the women wore a large silver crescent, fastened on the right side of the head and from their earlobes silver rings were suspended.  Round their necks hung rows of colored beads.   All the women, young and old, had blackened their eyelids with kohol, or powdered lead ore, which made their eyes appear larger.  They all wore agebs or charms to ward off misfortune. 

There were beautiful young women wearing their hair in long tresses, to which they had attached beads, pieces of coral and silver.  The young girls, of fifteen or sixteen, had fine figures and were pretty.  Their eyes were black and large; their noses straight and well proportioned and their teeth were exquisitely white. 

The older women wore the hair over their foreheads frizzled, so as to make it project some distance; and dyed with the leaves of  the henna plant, which gave it the appearance of red wool.  The older ones had perhaps been pretty once, but with age had become ugly crones.  All of the old women had tattoos on their chins, the tips of their noses, and between the eyebrows.  I saw many tattoos of the hand worn to avert the “evil eye”.

The woman in charge was an old witch.  I learned later her name was “Yusra”.   With a glint in her eye, she looked us up and down.  Midori shriveled under her gaze.  I was sick when I saw the malice there....

Yusra gave the word, and at her command, we were seized and stripped.  Midori was passive and submissive, but I, feeling the humiliation at being  abused by women, tried to fight back.  But it was no use and soon I was as naked as Midori.

Yusra pointed to the carpet and young girls hastened to do her bidding.  We were soon on our backs, with our wrists tied to our elbows behind us and lying next to each other.  Then Yusra clapped her hands and both of us had our legs pulled up and over our heads.  They quickly tied our ankles to the poles behind our heads.  This bondage canted our hips up and spread our legs wide. Now our genitals and anuses were exposed for the attentions of the women.

Both of us had to endure the countless fingers exploring and touching our private areas.  It felt like a centipede had been loosed upon us. The young ones wanted to play with my penis, testicles and anus.  The older ones concentrated on Midoris vagina and anus.  Some were gentle; others were rough, but all were persistent in exploring and examining our private parts. 

I could look to my left and gazed at Midori as she underwent the ordeal.  Occasionally our eyes would meet and I would try and comfort her, but invariably she would turn away, ashamed.

This went on until Midori got “wet” and I got an erection.  Two old crones joined Yusra and the three of them formed a team.  Fadila, a thin and mean looking woman, pulled my foreskin back to expose the head of my penis.  She cackled and joking in Arabic with Badr, an even uglier old woman, as she made my penis fully erect - so that it was pointing right at my face. 

She squeezed it and frigged it, capping and uncapping my glans until she made me ooze a droplet of pre-cum.  When I groaned, they laughed.  Badr took my balls in hand and stretched out the skin of my scrotum to see how elastic it was.  She was able to stretch my bag quite a bit. 

Then she pulled my testicles down in my bag and when she got them there, she twisted my scrotum trapping my cods.  Then she gave me little painful squeezes. Every time I yelped, the younger girls giggled.  It was all very humiliating.

Yusra teased open my wifes dark lipped pussy and played with the folds and her enlarged clitoris until she had her juicing heavily.  The three women worked on us until they had us both on the edge of orgasm. 

Cackling and joking with the younger women, who knelt in a tight knot around us, the old crone held class, as it were.  The women were fascinated by Midoris big clitoris and kept chatting about it as Yusra rubbed and pulled on it and my wife responded by squealing and squirming.

Midori then bit her lip and closed her eyes.  In the position she was bound, if she opened them she was staring right at her own crotch just as I was.  Just beyond she could see the horrid face of Yusra carefully masturbating her. 

Meanwhile, Badr and Fadila each had a handful of my most prized possessions.  Badr had my testicles in her hand and Fadila continued to stroke and squeeze my penis, making it drool. The younger, unmarried women watched what they did to us with excited and bright eyes.  This was a rare opportunity to see a mans  genitals, I surmised, and they didnt want to miss anything.

Yusra barked a command and soon two of the younger girls went and fetched two small bowls.  Inside the first one was coarse ground black pepper.  And in the second was a finer grade of red pepper. When I saw they were bringing something over, I struggled in my bonds.  But I was securely tied and with my body bowed there was nothing I could do.

Yusra indicated to the girl to put the bowls down between us.  Then she smiled at my wife as she wet a finger and dipped it into the bowl with the black pepper.  She brought the encrusted tip to Midoris anus, leaned over and spit on it.  This made some of the younger girls clap their hands in glee.  She began to work the tip all around the anal sphincter using the rough ground pepper like sand to abrade it.....

As she got it all over the sphincter and began to work it in, my wife began to whimper.  Fadila wet her finger and dipped it in the bowl and then she went to work on the head of my penis.  As soon as I felt the abrasive grains being rubbed into my tender flesh, I groaned out loud.  She worked it all around the pocket at the base of my prepuce.  As the pepper began to do its work, I began to whimper and moan and squirm in my bonds.

Yusra, meanwhile, had worked the grainy pepper into the folds of my wifes small labia and was pulling on each of them in turn....scraping the pepper between the tip of her thumb and forefinger, and making Midori complain with guttural sounds from deep in her throat. 

This made the old woman smile and when she looked up at the others, they grinned back at her cruel efficiency.  Soon, she got more pepper and rubbed it in and around the hood of Midoris clitoris. 

When she got plenty of the pepper packed in there and began to use it like sandpaper on the hood and then just under the hood on her nubbin, my wife began to cry out.

Badr got some pepper onto my asshole.  It began to burn my tight and tender orifice.  She rubbed it around and around and worked the tip of her finger into my anus with the help of a big glob of her saliva.  Both of us were now writhing, squealing and wriggling like mad.  Fadila used the oozing pre-cum from my penis to spread the pepper all over my shaft and then began to jerk me off.  I began to babble.  I probably sounded like a puppy with its foot caught in a trap.

Yusra, meanwhile, even though I couldnt see it, had begun to concentrate on my wifes urethra.  She packed her peehole with the pepper and used the tip of her pinky to work some into the meatus, making Midori howl in the process.  The three women continued to torture us this way for a few more minutes. 

Then Yusra called for the red pepper.  This was hotter still and when all three of them began to work this new irritant into the sensitive areas of our genitals and assholes, we both began to scream and cry.

Yusra got pepper into my wifes vagina and used two fingers to finger-fuck her.  This painful intrusion made Midori try and thrust up and wriggle her hips so violently, that the women watching, started laughing.  Our sadistic audience was enjoying our suffering enormously.

I was treated to the red pepper in my asshole, with Fadilas finger penetrating me all the way to the last knuckle.  Also the tip of my penis, the sensitive opening - the meatus, got the red pepper treatment.  The old woman, biting her lower lip in concentration, worked it into my opening and just rubbed the pepper into it until she had me crying like a baby.  Then she smiled.

Next, we were given the black and red pepper treatment in our mouths.  Our noses were held, and a small piece of wood was forced into our mouths so that it rested on our molars.  Then the women rubbed our lips, tongue and gums first with the black pepper and then the red.  When they were done, our eyes were watering so much we couldnt see.  And we were salivating so heavily that we gagged and choked on all the pepper-laden saliva.

Little leather whips were produced and then the old women gave the younger ones a turn whipping our exposed genitals and assholes.  Not all that hard, but some struck with more enthusiasm.  Over and over, they aimed for and struck Midoris labia and clitoris as well as her inflamed asshole.  And I took repeated blows to my penis, my balls and my anus.  Each blow landed with a wet, nasty slapping sound.

And each time the leather landed, it made us cry out, groan or shriek, depending where it landed and how hard.  Each girl was allowed to hit us several times.  By the time all the Arab women had a turn, my wife and I had taken well over 50 blows each.  Our crotches were so red and inflamed it looked like we had been painted with henna.

I felt my anus working like a mouth, throbbing and spasming convulsively as the pepper burned the sensitive mucous membranes inside me. 

Our cries in Japanese were not understood, but our contortions and writhing brought smiles to the sadistic Arab women.  Then the Sheik showed his face.  He came in as we were still tied up like animals.  He looked us over and smiled at our pain and humiliation.  He came over and looked at our exposed crotches.  It was an additional humiliation.  He looked at my wifes privates very carefully.

“So sore ....yes,” he cooed at her.

He said something to Yusra and the women untied Midori.  They got her to a kneeling position and he held her chin in his hand ...almost tenderly.  Her wrists were still tied to her elbows behind her.

“You are going to do everything youre told....arent you,” he asked her?

“Y......y....yes...yes,” my lovely wife said with tears in her eyes. 

I knew, from this exchange, that our captivity was to another step down the dominance/submission ladder for Midori.  So ended our first day in the hands of the Arab women. 

Chapter 4

A Deal is Struck

Two days later, the Sheik sent for me.  Seated on a chair, the fat Sheik was watching his falconer work the birds when I was brought to him.

“Well, see I remembered that you said you were a teacher.  The Quran teaches us to revere teachers.”

If this is how he treats teachers, then how does he treat anyone else, I thought to myself.  I knew now I was in another alien world where the normal rules of behavior no longer applied.  I decided to try and appeal to the Sheiks generosity as a civilized man.

“Please Sir, we are at your disposal.  We want to go home....And.....I .....I know you paid for us and can expect a good price for my wife.  But if I can give you more than a fair price, would you see fit to release us?  Can I appeal to you, most honorable sir?”

“You want to buy your freedom? Good....that is civilized.  Perhaps if the price is right.....I could be persuaded.  But you must remember that I can get as much as ten thousand American dollars for your wife in the slave markets in Arabia.  And you might fetch one thousand dollars.  Can you give me a profit?”

“YES......If you can get a communication with my bank in Tokyo, I can offer you two million yen....that is over eighteen thousand American dollars for both of us.”

“I would be interested in payment in Euros,” said the Sheik. “Let us say, twelve thousand Euros....that would be the equivalent of 18 or 19 thousand American dollars.”

“Yes....Yes...of course.”

“Well you will write down the numbers and the information.  I will have my people call the numbers you provide.  In the meantime, you are my slaves.  Tonight, I am the host to my men.  There will be much to eat and drink.  And you two will be part of the entertainment.  IF YOU HAVE PROVIDED CORRECT INFORMATION, YOU MAY SOON BE FREE.....In the meantime, you are my property and will do my bidding.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good.  I will send for you. Dismissed.”

With that, I was taken and brought to a tent where I waited nervously for what fate had prepared for both of us.  One of the Sheiks men, who spoke perfect English, took down all the information I could remember about our accounts in Japan.  I also gave him the names and numbers of my lawyer and my accountant.  I knew they both spoke English.  I hoped that this would be the ticket for us to obtain our freedom.

In the meantime, I had not seen Midori for several hours.  We had talked earlier and she was surprisingly fatalistic.  I tried to reassure her that we would survive this and return home.  She just seemed to stare off into space......

Chapter 5

The Feast

The feast promised to be a sumptuous affair.  Allies, supporters, and the Sheiks warriors entered his tent.  Outfitted with overstuffed pillows, the tent was an oasis in the desert.  The guests brought their appetites.  I guessed that they knew from past experience that the Sheik was a grand host. They are soon presented, by small black boys, with platters of succulent fruits, nutmeats, Turkish coffee, kebabs of lamb, and platters of roast rabbit, dove and desert quail accompanied by steaming bowls of couscous and vegetables. 

I was forced to kneel on the carpet with my ankles hobbled and my wrists tied.  Midori was nowhere to be seen.  The food was set before the men of the desert warlord.  The seating was arranged in a semi-circle with the Sheik at the center.  There was much laughing and gluttonous eating.  After an hour and a half of steady feasting, the guests were, in most cases, taking a “breather”.

At this time the Sheik addressed the men, in Arabic.  Whatever he said, there was much murmuring of assent and agreement.  One swarthy man acknowledged the Sheiks words with a raised arm.

The Sheik went on and introduced everyone around the circle.  Then the Sheik gestured to me, kneeling.  The men yelled and howled at my introduction.  I didnt know which way to look.  I was very scared and kept licking my lips, as my mouth was so dry.  The banquet continued.

As the revelers filled their stomachs with tidbits and treats, a troupe of entertainers entered the tent to the accompaniment of a flute.  They were skilled and their juggling routine entertained the men.

A cymbal crashed and at this, three figures entered the banquet tent.  One of them was Atallah and the other man was tall and powerful looking, as well.  Accompanying the two warriors was a small, handsome older man in silk robes and turban.  He began addressing the guests in Arabic.

Atallah and the other warrior went to where one man was sitting; the same man who had raised his arm earlier at the mention of his name.  They grabbed and pulled him up, protesting and sputtering.  The man in silk pointed to him and then to the Sheik.  He raised his voice and then dramatically pointed to the heavens. 

Allah was mentioned, and a murmur of softly spoken praise arose from the men.   The Sheiks eyes were hooded as the two men forced the poor man down to his knees.  Kneeling, he began to pray.  Then, Atallah, standing to the rear of the praying man, bent over and began whispering in his ear.  The man began to cry out and struggle at this.

I wondered what he did and what were they going to do to him.  But from the gestures and a good guess, I figured out that the man had violated a woman forbidden to him.  Perhaps someones wife or daughter.  I was about to witness desert justice.

Atallah held up, what I knew from my studies in Japan was called an assaiki.  It is also known as a kurassha.  This is a device known to all those who work with livestock.  It was an emasculation tool used to castrate cattle, goats and horses. 

It worked by crushing the spermatic cord, the conduit containing the blood vessels and the nerves that gave life to an animals gonads.  It looked like a pair of pliers with flat, narrow jaws… no teeth - just two smooth steel jaws that came together flush and mounted on wooden handles.  The man stared at it, looked in horror at Atallah as it dawned on him what was his fate.  His eyes were open in shock and horror and he began to cry out to Allah for mercy.

He attempted to get away, but the two warriors held him.  They pulled him to his feet, stripped off his pants and hauled him up on a small table.  Other men stepped forward to hold his arms and legs.  The man who he had wronged was allowed to hold onto one of his legs.

The men at table stared open-mouthed and then began talking excitedly among themselves.  This was special…an unexpected delight….and they felt honored to have been chosen by their leader for the privilege of witnessing a castration.  And then it was time....

Atallah reached over and grabbed the mans testicles in their fear-shrunken sack.  He located one testicle, drawn up and almost inside his body.  He pulled it painfully down until he had it low in his scrotum.  He began feeling his way around to locate the cord, I could tell.

When he had it in between his thumb and forefinger, he opened the assaiki and positioned it carefully to trap it between the jaws.  I could tell from the mans frantic struggles that he knew what was coming next.  And as I watched, Atallah squeezed the handle shut and the jaws bit with a sickening sound.  It made a cracking sound - like a stalk of celery being snapped as the device crushed the cord. 

The man let out a piercing scream and a gurgling sound; then promptly blacked out.  Atallah kept the jaws closed for the half minute necessary to totally destroy the cord. Then, he pulled the second testicle down - found the cord and set the jaws.  The man was still unconscious.  

Atallah squeezed and it made the same disturbing, sickening sound.  He kept squeezing until he was sure he had destroyed this gonad.  In a few weeks, deprived of blood and nerve impulses, the mans testicles would wither and literally dissolve.  Within two months, his ball sack would be empty.  He would be a eunuch.

I saw the quiet satisfaction on the faces of the Sheiks men.  I felt sick at what I had witnessed.  They hauled the poor man out like a sack of garbage.  I had never seen such casual brutality.  It was unbelievable to me.

The Sheik stood up.  He addressed, first in Arabic, the men.  And then in English he told me what he said, “I discovered that he violated a mans daughter.  I exacted my vengeance, as Allah, his name be praised, would have wanted it.” At the mention of Allah he raised both hands and his eyes to the heavens...

And then a small smile played across his face.  Servants entered and quickly set about removing the table and straightening out the mats and  carpets.  I gulped in fear, as I could only imagine what else was on the bill for the evening.....

Chapter 6

Midori Exhibited

After some time elapsed and the guests had eaten their fill, two young black boys entered the tent.  They looked to me like jesters as they rolled out a drum-shaped platform  and set it up in front of the encircled guests. They marched around it, but the smaller boy was funny as he was clumsy and had trouble inserting a pole into the middle of the drum. 

The boys antics made these rough men laugh at their tomfoolery.  Finally they finished.  The gaudily decorated pole, now mounted, was about 183 centimeters (6) above the platform, which was painted in primary colors, as well. 

The boys continued to caper.  From a box, they hauled out two rods.   The bigger boy waved his rod.  It had a knob on the end, and was covered with some sort of hide.  The younger boy removed what looked like a black leather dildo, about 20 centimeters long (8”), mounted on a pole.  It was adorned at the base of with ostrich feathers.

The boys menaced and teased each other with the prods - continuing their comedy. There was much laughter.  I knelt nervously and watched the proceedings. They were like the fools in the court of an old King.  The cymbal was struck again; the sound catching everyones attention. At that moment, through an opening in the tent on the opposite wall, came a procession of several people.

The first were musicians, one with a little drum and the second with a flute. The man in silk with the turban was back.  He was once again the Master of Ceremonies.  Then two guards were on either side of a woman. These three bought up the rear. The female, of course, was my wife, Midori....

What are they going to do to her or make her do, I wondered?  Her black hair, shoulder length, had been combed and formed a halo around her face.  She  looked very pretty indeed, as she had been made up with kohl around her eyes and she was wearing silk top that left her midriff bare.  Her silk pantaloons were very sheer and I could see that she was wearing panties underneath.  It was a very sexy outfit.  Very Arabian Nights. She did not smile, however.

The musicians marched around and played a little tune. Then the Master of Ceremonies began to address the assembled guests in Arabic.  He gestured at Midori and an excited murmur passed through the tent.  He clapped his hands and said something to the men who brought her forward.  At his command they pushed her until she reached the drum-shaped platform.

They got her up on the drum.  The two men standing next to her the platform were tall and made her look like a white porcelain doll.  I watched - enthralled by the scene and wondering what was going to happen next.  Midori, turned to face the crowd, then seeing everyone looking at her lustfully, covered her face in her hands, embarrassed.  The music started up again and the boys began to caper and dance around her.

The Master of Ceremonies said to her, in English, “DANCE!”

Midori looked at him blankly and blinked. Then the bigger boy bounded over to her and used the pole he held to prod her.  He poked her thighs, her ass and between her legs.  She jerked as he tormented her.  I could see that the hide covering the knob at the end must have been very rough...Later I learned it was boars hide.  The bristles on boars hide are like pins and needles.

She began to dance.  She wriggled her hips and I found myself staring at my wife in a new way.  She was very sexy.  And the fact that she was being forced, somehow, only added to the heat I felt as I watched her do a “bump and grind”.

“Strip,” she was told. 

“You are on display and your admirers want to see if you are good slave material.  Show them all your charms. Strip.”

Midori grimaced as she pulled off her silk top.  With it off, her breasts were on display…exposed so everyone could now see her pretty milk glands, topped with dark brown aureoles a full 5 centimeters (2”) across.  Her nipples were as big as peanuts, and began to balloon even larger, as she stood there.

“Hold up your breasts and stimulate your nipples. Show your admirers that you have a good set of milk pots.”

Midori did as she was told and held up her tits for everyones enjoyment.  I realized, as I watched her, that deep down - her real sexual self had come “out of the closet” in captivity.  I know now that my wifes sexuality contains a strong need for sexual humiliation to achieve her fullest sexual release.  In the hands of the Arabs,  she knew she would disgrace herself again in front of me.  Just as she did in the Chiefs hut back in the village.  I could only stare at that moment.

Ordered to, “strip completely”, she undid her pantaloons and hooked her thumbs in the waistband and slowly lowered the garment, allowing us all to enjoy the sight of her panty covered ass as it was revealed from under the descending material.  She pulled the garment down and stepped out of it. Then she did the same with her panties.  Down to her knees and then to her ankles.   Now she was completely bare and clad only in her sandals.

My wifes ass was now on display.  All eyes enjoyed the contours and fat fullness of her rear cheeks, as the guards made her spin around.  I closed my eyes, horrified, at the scene developing in front of me.  I knew her body so well and yet, I was seeing it again anew as I watched her stripped naked in the hot confines of the Sheiks tent.

Midori has wide hips and full buttocks. Her pubic hair is full and she is hairy from her pubic bone down to her genitals; it is black, straight and full.  Trim thighs and calves complete the picture.   Confronted with the exciting view of my wifes body, especially her buttocks, the guards made my full-bottomed wife spread her legs.  I was not surprised that I was growing erect as I watched.

“Now show everyone your honey-pot. Spread the lips of your womanhood and show us your honey-pot,” the Master of Ceremonies commanded her - enjoying his role to the fullest. 

Midori reached down and ran both hands over her hairy bush with one finger as she spread her fat labia.  She was wet, I could see.  With two hands, she pulled the portal to her sex open for everyone to see.  She closed her eyes trying to blot out the shame she felt as she exposed her pussy to everyone.  I could see her enlarged clitoris was as big as a shelled peanut.  The hood did not cover it anymore.

“Good…good….now you want to invite your admirers to sodomize you…So turn around, bend over and spread your buttocks so we may see your asshole.”

Midori turned slowly and bent over slightly.  She was into her “slaves mind”, I could tell.


Midori sucked in her breath and bent over so that her waist was parallel to the ground.  Then she put her hands on each of her butt cheeks and pulled them apart fully, revealing her tight, brown rosebud.  Nearly hairless, it was surrounded by a valley of slightly darker skin.  I found myself looking at it breathlessly too....I couldnt take my eyes off her.

Midori surrendered totally.  She put her fingers inside her honey pot and her asshole, almost without being told to do so.  Ordered to dance again, she began a series of gyrations that left me shocked and had the men whistling, clapping and hollering.  I did not know my wife had such things in her....I remember thinking to myself at that point, she was changed totally by her experiences in the village.

The music stopped and the MC ordered her to stand with her hands behind her head.  He summoned the two black boys.  They were brought forward to tease and torment her now.

One boy used a feather to tickle her.  Midoris eyes opened wide, and she groaned and began to writhe.  The musicians played on the drum and flute and made up a melody to accompany this new game.  When she reacted to a feather being stroked along her side and tried to cover up, the boy tickled her tits or her soft belly.  When she tried to push the feather away, the other boy prodded her with the hide covered goad.  This game went on and allowed all of us the opportunity to see her move her naked body....

The smaller boy got a stool and quickly set it on the drum, behind the pole.  Clowning, he reached around and grabbed Midoris breasts in his hands.  Midori protested and tried to push his hands away, but the boy with the goad kept using it on her inner thighs and every time he did that, it hurt and Midori had to react, or try to.  Meanwhile the boy squeezing her tits kept it up.

He squeezed her full globes and pinched the tips of her teats.  When she stopped moving in time to the music to deal with this distraction, the other boy tormented her with the prod on her buttocks to make her wriggle and gyrate to the music.  Midori was doing an obscene little dance thanks to the nasty prod.

With the boys tormenting and teasing her, her nipples swelled and puckered.  The smaller boy teased them until Midori began to wet her thighs in her excitement.  She was being forced to wriggle her hips and keep time with the music.  The boy goaded her to gyrate her hips even more. There were more than a dozen red marks scoring her soft creamy skin everywhere......her butt cheeks, inner thighs and lower belly.

She was sweating heavily and the hair in her armpits was matted by her perspiration.   The smaller boy went from squeezing her tits -  already hot, full and sticking out from the attention theyd been given, to poking her with the dildo.

The bigger boy got up on the platform and with a smirk at his audience, began to run his hand up Midoris thigh to insinuate it between her legs.  He made a point to rub her crotch slowly and fully.  Midori moaned, bringing a response from her audience, now fully enjoying the show.

Then he made Midori spread her legs wide.  She was slow to respond, so he used the  prod to jab her thighs.  Stung, Midori spread her legs out obscenely as wide as she could and thrust her hips forward.  He made her spread her thighs even wider apart to expose her genitals to her admirers.  Every man in the audience, except me, clapped. The boy then rubbed her pouting mound and labia at his leisure.

Her genitals got juicier with her womanly secretions.  He rubbed her mound with his index and middle fingers looking to make her respond even more.  Midori groaned and moaned as he played with her pussy.

The Master of Ceremonies now began a running commentary for the men in Arabic and every so often he urged Midori, in English, to, “wriggle your hips and ass… invite us to fuck you.”

The boy spread her labia apart so that everyone could see the pink insides of Midoris oozing sex.  She was dying of shame, at this point.  As a middle-class Japanese woman, this had to be awful; and she was aware that I was being forced to watch.  She was mortified, Im sure, to have me as a witness as she was degraded.  But the humiliation added to her dripping excitement, from what I could tell.

They  rubbed her fat clitoris, so that the engorged bud soon grew even larger and throbbed.  Her womanly secretions had lubricated her vaginal sheath and was drooling her sex slime down her inner thighs.  The smaller boy stood behind her and began to explore her asshole.

“Oh.....OH.....OH,” Midori groaned.

The bigger boy reached up to pet and play with her tits and then began to suck on them like a baby.  This brought the greatest response from the Sheiks dinner guests.  The suction on her nipples made her even more aroused.  She was responding to what these little monsters were doing to her.

“,” she said, as the boy began to finger-fuck her, at the same time.

He worked her clitoris making her moan and grunt as he drove her closer to orgasm.  Legs splayed out obscenely to the side, my wifes wet cunt flowed as the two black boys worked her over good.  I hid my face behind my hands and through splayed fingers peeked in horror as they sexually molested my wife. Thats disgusting, I thought to myself.

Midori moaned and came.  Midori had a strong orgasm from the finger-fucking, clitoris rubbing and the nipple sucking. Having made her climax one way, the little devils had more in store for her. The bigger boy used the goad to force her to keep her thighs open as wide as she could and teased her clitoris back out of its hood where it had retreated following her orgasm.

She began to moan as he teased her nubbin again.  The other boy took the black dildo on the pole and he tried to get it in her vagina.  Slapping her thighs to keep them open, they worked on her together.  He got it inside her and began to fuck my wife with it.  She began to hump her hips up and down as he fucked her with it....and soon....

I heard her moan. They did it again.  Made her cum.  The Master of Ceremonies led a chorus of applause as Midori cried out in orgasm again.  The bigger boy began to slap her tits in turn.  The musicians, sensing a beat begin to play…the drum beat started up and they began a comic flute melody.

As this was happening, the other boy used the dildo to frig her in time to the music.  He stuffed it into Midoris cunt and began fucking her in time to the music.  He soon had all of it up her vagina...

Midori, in the throes of her excitement, began to squat up and down on the dildo.  I couldnt believe it.  She went up and down, up and an obscene little squat, in time to the music as he fucked her.  The other boy slapped her teats in time too.  She sweated, grunted and squatted up and down. Her cunt was very juicy and the dildo dripped with her excitement.

They worked her up to another orgasm.  Fucking her mercilessly and slapping her tits.  Midori grunted and moaned in turn as they had her completely in their grip. She screamed.....

As Midori came, the boy pulled the dildo out and held it up, wet and glistening with her pussy slime, to the audience. The Master of Ceremonies again led the audience in applause.  Next the boys turned Midori around so her buttocks were displayed.  The bigger boy got a cane and he brandished it like a sword.  Swishing it this way and that.

Midori looked over her shoulder and began to clench her buttocks in fear at the cane.  The other one got on the other side of her ample bottom and began to pat and point to her sore cheeks.  The men encouraged the cane wielding boy to attack her on the spot the other boy pointed to.

“No please dont beat me …Ill do what you want …please,” I heard her beg. 

They took turns smacking her bottom with the cane. It made a satisfying sound, a crack, or a splat as it landed on her full cheeks.

Midori clenched her buttocks together sexily as they whipped her with the cane. Her full dimpled cheeks fluttered nervously before the cane landed, in anticipation of the hurt - then she clenched her cheeks together tightly before it hit - and right after too.  The she squatted down just a little - dipped her hips and gave them a little shake to get rid of the sting.

It was a very erotic dance.  The musicians made up a little tune to accompany it.  Then the smaller boy pulled her cheeks apart to “discover” her anus.  He made a big fuss over her asshole.  Each of them touched and explored it.  They used the feather to tease it. Then the big one smeared some oil on the black dildo topped rod. He got ready  to sodomize her with it.  With his comrade holding her cheeks open, he rubbed the tip over and around the hole, smearing the oil on her anus.

Midori wailed and pleaded, but the boy forced it against her tightly clenched sphincter.   With pressure it popped inside and was soon fully seated in her rectum.  The feathers at the base tickled her stretched anal sphincter as the boy began to draw it out only to push it back in again.  He would force it and then draw it back out punishing her with it.

His comrade wanted a turn and fought for the position of holding the rod so he could ram it in-and-out.   As they mock fought with each other, the rod hung down, suspended by the knob wedged in her asshole and held firmly in place by her anal muscles.  

Oh, how degrading this is, I thought to myself. And it must have hurt too....

The musicians made up a new tune to capture the new game. The two boys now alternated between inserting the dildo in and out of her asshole with rubbing her clitoris.  As they kept it up, Midori was pushed over the edge - again.

She screamed in English, “Oh fuck……OH FUCK….OH FUCK…..oh fuck….OH FUCK….OH SHIT OH SHIT..OH SHIT,” and came.

Much laughter at the table as she gave the guests a show.  But there was much more to come. The guards chased the boys off, turned her around and made her bend over.  They pulled her cheeks apart so that you could see everything.  It was very obscene as they showed her pink insides: labia, clitoris, urethra, vagina, and anus everything!

She wanted it to end and said, “ more. please.”

Her sex lips were swollen and very wet.  In fact, it had started to run down her thighs.  Her clitoris was swollen very big too.  The treatment the Ulobi women had subjected her to had enlarged her clitoris so much it was obscene.  It was a big as a shelled cashew nut now.

Chapter 7

Midori Punished

The Master of Ceremonies came over to her.  He grabbed her by the chin and said to her in English, “are you a slut?”

He repeated his question in Arabic, so the men could understand.  Midori didnt want to answer, I could tell.  It was bad enough that she had made a spectacle of herself.  But to have to admit that she was a “slut” was mental, emotional cruelty.  The rape of her mind. 

The MC would not be denied, however.  He had been well prepared by the Sheik, I now think.  And making my wife admit her sluttiness and confess to being a whore was all part of his plan.  Or at least it was how he saw women and all part of the evenings entertainment.

“Well, are you a slut?”


“Are you a whore?” 


The MC made the translation into Arabic.  The men began whistling and yelling at her admission.

“Since you have admitted that you are a whore, do you know what the penalty for being a whore is in this land?”

My wife looked at him and then over at the table to lock eyes with the Sheik.  It was the first time she had dared to glance his way.  She looked back at the MC and said, “No.”

“Whores are to be whipped on their fat slutty asses.”

As he was translating for the men, I could see Midori saying something, but I didnt catch it.  She had been reduced to a humiliated slut and then made to admit that it was a crime.  But he wasnt through with her yet.

“Since you have admitted your crime, it would be better for you if you asked for your punishment.”


“Did you not reach a sexual climax at the hands of the boys?”

“Yes.”  Midori looked crestfallen and humiliated as she admitted this...

“Is this not the behavior of a slut....a whore?”


“Do you want the man who whips you to be merciful?”


“Then ask to be whipped, whore.”

Midori bit her lip, gulped and then said, “Y...yes.....Please whip me.”

At that the MC gave a command and a heavy-set warrior stepped up.  And he carried with him a whip about 76 centimeters long (2 ½ feet).  It consisted of a half-dozen knotted cords attached to a leather covered wood handle.  The handle was shaped obscenely like a cock.

There were more than twenty-five men in the tent.  I looked at their strong male faces; they were all filled with lust and excitement.  I gulped.  Midori had her eyes cast down, at this point.  I struggled with my emotions as I waited and watched.  I didnt have any choice.  I had to watch what they were going to do to her.  Midoris eyes widened with fear at the sight of the whip. 

As her torturer stepped up, two men bound her wrists and looped them over a hook on the pole.  Her legs rubbed together with nervous anticipation and she jerked this way and that in her bonds at the prospect of the whip cords landing across her womanly buttocks. 

I remembered how my wife reacted when the Chief whipped her in the village with the bulls pizzle.  I was aroused by seeing her whipped then.  I knew, deep in my heart, that I would be aroused again by watching my wife being whipped.  I was learning new things about myself as well.....

Midori opened her mouth to plead, but hardly a word escaped her lips before the Master of Ceremonies cut her off sharply.

“Be silent,” he ordered her, “the only sound we are going to hear is the sound of the whip on your fat Japanese ass.”

And then her repeated what he said in Arabic; and at that, the men began clapping and cheering.  I was going to see her get her ass whipped again.  I half-hated myself and the sick desire to see her full buttocks dancing and shaking under the lash.  But it was true.....I wanted to see it.

Midori's breathing picked up, her eyes fluttered slightly as she pleaded in a half-whisper, "Please.” 

“What did I tell you about talking,” he said.

“I'm sorry,” she whined.

“ quiet woman,” he told her. “We have ways of curbing the tongue of a woman.”

One of the guards produced a leather covered dome-shaped object - a wooden bowl with the bottom surface covered in hide.  He pushed Midoris hips back and mounted the dome to the pole.  When it was in place, this pressed against Midoris lower belly and mount of Venus.

The hide must have hurt (more boars bristles) because she pushed her hips and ass back to get away from the dome.  This was her posture on the platform: with her wrists lashed together over her head - she hugged the pole, but the dome forced her to stick her full, round ass out.  Her full white bottom cheeks were slightly parted by her enforced position. Her legs trembled as one of the men examined her cheeks. 

He bounced them up and down lewdly in the palm of his hands, each cheek occupying one of his palms.  The full hinds jiggled when he shook them. The men around the table laughed at the lewd spectacle. I heard her whimper.  I felt myself throbbing as I watched him molest my wife.....

The torturer picked up the whip and stepped back as she clenched her bottom cheeks, her arms pulling and testing her restraints….her buttocks in an unconscious obscene dance.

She kept flexing and relaxing her cheeks, providing entertainment. The torturer swung the whip to limber up, swishing it through the air and enjoyed the sound it made.  Midori began to weep softly, as she waited for him to begin.  Because she spoke out of turn, she had to endure another torment. They gagged her.  And the gag they used on her was a particularly disgusting one.  They had extracted semen from a horse - a full cup of the beasts semen.  It filled the cup almost to the rim.

It was slimy, white, viscous and nasty.  When the guard dipped a finger in it and withdrew it,  stretched a string of the semen more than a foot!  They brought the gag and the cup over to her.  One man dunked the rag into the cup.  Midori shook her head no-no-no.  They had told her what it was....

Midori, her eyes wide, watched as he submerged the rag completely in the glutinous juice.

“Open your mouth,” he told her.

He stuffed the soaked gag into her mouth.  Gulping and trying not to swallow or bite it, I could see that with the slimy gag now in her mouth she was struggling not to gag and vomit.   They secured it with a rope tied around her neck.  She breathed hard through her nose - huffing and puffing.

The torturer took a few steps back, standing to her right, and brought the whipcords across sharply.  The 6 cords whistled through the air and delivered a  cut low down across her straining ass cheeks.


The cords blazed red stripes across her bottom cheeks, low, where her thighs swelled into her bottom.  She pulled hard against her bonds, her black hair whipping around with the impact of the blow.  She tensed her bottom cheeks hard, and then relaxed - absorbing the blow.  Then, she wriggled her hips and squirmed trying to alleviate the hot pain, I could tell.


He delivered three quick hard lashes right across the middle of her buttocks, the cords singing through the air - the impacts sounding like pistol shots as they met her dimpled white flesh.

He delivered another blow with vicious accuracy across her bottom at an angle and the knotted tips caught her between her cheeks.  The flesh was very sensitive there.

She grew was frantic and moaned through her gag.  Her hair flew from side-to-side as he whipped her.  She bit the gag and I can only imagine that this released more of the horse semen into her mouth forcing her to swallow.  She kept making gagging sounds. 

Midori keep tensing and relaxing her buttocks, squirming to keep away from the hide covered dome and trying to ride out the pain.  He taunting her by tapping with the handle on her quivering buttocks.  She was giving the men a lewd and seductive dance as she did so.

After a really hard blow, she thrust her bottom back and out. She pushed her hips as far from the hub as she could - as far as her bonds would allow.  She looked like she was inviting someone to sodomize her.


Again and again, he scourged her.  She was lost in a storm of pain and humiliation.  She kept biting on the gag until she had squeezed all the semen out.....

She got 20 lashes.  When it was over, she sobbed and her shoulders shook with each sob.  She couldn't keep her bottom cheeks from moving: squirming, clenching and wriggling.  Her erotic writhing sent bolts of lustful energy through the room.  The MC had one of the guards rub her pulpy, beaten buttocks with boiled sheeps fat.  A special mixture just for her, it had been seasoned with salt and hot pepper.  Rubbed by hand into her buttocks, her cheeks were soon shiny and glistening.

Midori, feeling it burning her, howled.  The Master of Ceremonies motioned for her to be untied. They released her and untied her gag. 

Chapter 8

Midori Gang Raped

The guards returned carrying a pallet. They placed it in front of the pedestal. The pushed my wife over to the pallet, as the boys busied themselves getting the pedestal out of the way.

Midori was now on her back on the pallet.  Eyes lidded, she lolled around whimpering from her ordeal.  The guards proceeded to pull and hold her legs apart again. They got her ready for the Sheik and his men.

Sheik Ali Akbar stepped up and took out his fat circumcised cock.  He stood over her and talked to her.

“Are you a slave,” he asked her?  “Are you a whore?”

When he made her say, “Yes,” he rubbed the head of his cock over and around her wet labia.  He took his time - diddled the tip of her distended clitoris and then he shafted her.  Soon, I was watching his fat hips doing a jig as he fucked my wife.  She moaned as he fucked her and came in her wet pussy.  Soon, men were lined up to take their turn.  I discovered, to my horror, that I wanted to fuck my wife too!

Then the Sheiks favorites were allowed to have her.  The first, of course, was Atallah.  The other man had a long scar down his face.  He was heavier, with a heavy layer of fat on his stomach.  Both men were over 1.85 meters (6) tall.  Sweating in the heat, they disrobed and the sight, which greeted my eyes, was intimidating.  They were very big in their equipment.  Curving up from their loins were two very big cocks. They looked like clubs.

They held these cudgels and took positions at the foot of the pallet.  Midori looked up and saw them. She gulped and awaited her fate; her pussy twitching with anticipation.

Atallah brought his cock over and began to wipe it all over her face.  It got bigger and harder and as he wiped the enormous purple head everywhere.  Leaking, it left a sticky trail as he marked her.  He rubbed it over her lips.  Midori opened her mouth and kissed it.  I was beside myself.  I could not believe my sweet wife was behaving like this.

First, her disgusting arousal and sexual climaxes with the two black boys.  That was painful enough.  But to see Midori kissing another mans penis like she was hungry for it was the depths of depravity for me.  I was aroused against my will as the other man put her thighs up on his shoulders and wiped his cock head all around the wet mouth of her sex.

I heard her moan as he teased her. Atallah was enjoying her mouth.  She kissed his big cock at his direction.  She used her lips to give it wet sucking kisses.  The Sheiks men watched as the two favorites worked her over. 

They turned her over to put her on her elbows and knees. Now they went to work on her in earnest.  Midori fellated the other man now, as Atallah put his cock at the portal of her womanhood.  Midori was ready.....

“Fuck me,” she said loud enough for everyone to hear.

A murmur ran though the assemblage as they heard her ask for it.  She was penetrated slowly at first in her cunt.

She grunted as Atallah forced his big, thick cock slowly into her vagina.  She was sloppy with the Sheiks semen, so it went it easily.  She kept mumbling that it was so, big.  He plunged his cock headlong into her wet sex.  When he withdrew it, it was coated with her secretions and semen.  Her labia were forced into her vaginal sheath by his penetration.  It looked like a python was squeezing itself into her..... She cried out as she experienced pain at the intrusion.

He drove it in, despite her protests, so that her vagina finally enclosed him fully. Then he began to thrust it in and out.  Fucking her hard.

Midori tried to concentrate on the big cock in her mouth.  She was only able to get the crown in her mouth. Her cheeks bulged as he forced it in.  She drooled and her saliva, thick from gagging, dripped down her chin. He pumped his cock in her mouth and made her gag when it reached the opening to her throat.  I saw her eyes bulge as she was violated from both ends.

They got a rhythm going and the musicians struck up a tune to accompany the vulgar show.  The cock in her cunt was ramming in and out of her now smoothly. Her womanly secretions and all the semen had coated it so that his ravishment of her sex was eased.  There was a messy ring of accumulated fuck lather that had formed at the base of his cock as he drilled her relentlessly.  She was pushed closer and closer to orgasm.

She bucked her hips back to receive more of the cock fucking her. And she sucked now with her cheeks hollowed on the invader in her mouth.  Her lips formed an obscene perfect oval around his thick manhood.  She made a huffing sound as she had to breathe through her nose.  The warrior with the big belly was close to a climax and began to move his hips - doing a jig as his heavy buttocks clenched.

Just then his cock erupted in gouts of ropy streams.  It filled her and was forced out of the corners of her mouth to dribble down her chin.  Midori swallowed as his cock kept spurting.  She swallowed again and again to keep up with the flood.  When he was done, he pulled his cock out.  She gulped a big breath of air, as soon as he was clear. Atallah, with his cock in the warm, wet depths of her sex, kept fucking her with powerful strokes.

She shrieked as she came hard again.  He kept fucking her and made her cum almost continuously.  Some of the men applauded.  Then, he began to approach his orgasm. He tensed up ….his powerful buttocks clenched and with a roar heard by everyone, came deep within her stretched, hot vagina.

His testicles bobbed up and down several times; then they drew up tight in his scrotum as he shot his seed deep into her.  He finished with a flourish: he pulled out to spurt some semen on her ass.  Both men stepped away, to more applause.

She collapsed on the pallet, but with her ass still up in the air. A stream of white semen ran like mountain stream out of her violated hole.  I heard her whimper and make soft moaning sounds.  She waggled her hips in the after glow of her fuck. 

Over the next hour, all of the men at the banquet, all 25 desert warriors, the Sheiks handpicked men, turned my wife into a sweaty, sloppy mess.  Soon she had semen everywhere.  Her belly, her thighs, her ass and her pussy was a messy swamp.  Men, with no pants, stood around waiting their turn, watching their friends hump my wife.  I was forced to stay on my “spot” with a painful erection in my pants.

They fucked her in her pussy and sodomized her ass.  The Sheik finally took pity on me.  He was going to let me take a turn too.  He brought me over to Midori.  She barely acknowledged me.  She was sweat soaked.  And there was semen all over her.  But she looked so hot and I was so hot....

“Fuck your wife, Professor.  She is a slut and needs to be fucked,” the Sheik told me. 

I was throbbing with excitement and shame.  I climbed up on the pallet and pushed my wife down.  As soon as I found her wet, slack vaginal opening, I pushed and entered her. Midori was so fuck happy she barely noticed it was me who was rutting like an animal between her legs.  I am embarrassed now that I did that.....

I was so excited that I came in less than a dozen strokes.  She was so open and slimy that I barely felt the walls of her vagina around the shaft of my prick, but it was so hot, that it didnt make any difference.  I came like a rabbit.  I was only able to thrust a few times before I found myself cumming.  I was the last one to fuck her.  Her bun was completely “buttered”.  I couldnt look anyone in the face when I got up....

Everyone had enjoyed the entertainment.  I was ashamed that I had gotten aroused too.  The Sheik made me fuck my wife...and I did it. I assumed that the party was over.  I was wrong.

Chapter 9

Midoris Ultimate Rape

The Sheik had a final amusement and indignity for my wife. This was a debauchery that he would only visit on a very few.  A real outrage. It was a measure of the contempt he felt for foreigners.  But it accurately reflected his appraisal of my wifes needs as a woman.  He saw her as a true slut and harlot.  He had arranged a final experience worthy of her.

The MC clapped his hands and, at the signal, a young man entered the tent leading a big dog.  A true wolf of the desert and a protector of the Sheiks flocks, the beast had short black fur and the muzzle of a German Shepard.  The animal was alert and sniffed the air with authority.  At his approach, the men sat up and began watching the proceedings closely. 

He led the brute over to where Midori was slumped. Her hips had sagged and she was lying on her tummy, where I had left her.  She was still whimpering from the fucking shed received.  She looked over her shoulder at the dog and the handler.

Uncomprehending.....  Someone pushed her over on her back. Then two men pulled her legs back up until they were on her breasts.  She was in a horizontal squat; her whole pelvis, her cunt and asshole, was exposed to everyones view in this posture.

The handler led the dog over to her exposed crotch. The dog, smelling the odor of her cunt with all her womanly secretions and the packed semen, gave a little bark.   The dog was attracted and wanted to investigate.  The handler let the animal approach her messy genitals.

It pressed its nose right up against her wet sex and its tongue flicked out to give it a little taste.  Liking the juices it found the dog began to lap at her cunt in earnest, to give it its full attention.

“OH NO…NO,” I heard Midori plead.

It was no good. The dog was wholeheartedly into licking her cunt.  Midori found herself climbing the stairs to another orgasm as a result of the dogs attentions.  The animal explored every fold and wrinkle of her swollen womanhood.  Her labia, black-tipped, and now swollen purple, were pushed this way and that by the dogs pink paintbrush of a tongue.  The dog even thrust its tongue into her vagina to get at the source of his treat.

“OH Shit…OH SHIT,” my wife screamed.

I think Midori found the oral penetration and pussy-lapping as good as the fucking she had received from the men.  After worming its tongue around inside her vagina, the beast returned to licking her from her asshole all the way to her clitoris.

When the dog did this fast, Midori came with a shriek.  They kept the animal at her cunt, making her cum almost continuously. The men  laughed and cheered.  Jaded only a moment ago, they found it tremendously entertaining they she was responding again.  It confirmed their feelings about all foreign women.  Miserable, materialistic sluts. To see and hear my wife howl like a beast herself was a delight for them.

Her whole pussy was wet from her pussy juice, which flowed now very heavily in response to his licking of her cunt, and the dogs plentiful saliva. Her pubic hair was matted down and she was screaming and moaning like a lunatic as they kept the brute at its business.

The dog was excited too.  Its red spear was protruding from its sheath. The men placed a pillow under Midoris head elevating it. Then the handler led the dog up to straddle her face.  My wife, her blood on the boil, was encouraged to kiss and lick the tip of the beasts repulsive slimy penis.  It got redder and had fully emerged from its sheath and glistened in the flickering lamps of the tent.

As long as a normal mans cock, it was already starting to spurt the dogs thin semen, encouraged by Midori as she kissed and licked the spurting tip. I now know that a dog produces more semen than a man and the dog was now jetting an almost continuous thin stream into her mouth or on her face.  I couldnt believe how much she seemed to be into it....Midori was in an erotic dream.  She only felt now - she couldnt think, I was sure.

They will show me what to do, was all she was capable of forming in her mind now, I think.

She eagerly accepted the dogs cock in her mouth and willingly sucked and swallowed the abundant ejaculate the dog produced.  It was disgusting, really disgusting for me to see her fellate a dog.  I was shocked.

I dont know this woman,  I thought to myself. However, my prick was erect again as I watched her with the dog.  I found myself throbbing and leaking pre-cum as I stared.....

Then they turned her over to put her on her elbows and knees again. The handler maneuvered the dog so that it got the idea of mounting her.  The dog jumped up to straddle her back with its front paws.  It locked its paws around her hips as its haunches were already humping, looking for her reproductive tract.  Someone helped the beast locate her sloppy sex.  As soon as the dog felt the opening it rammed its cock into her.

Midori gasped as the bestial cock found the mark. The dog began to pound her cunt like a jackhammer.  It soon had all of its red spear in her depths.  She bellowed like a cow as she was doggy fucked from behind. The dogs knot had already swollen to a huge size at the base of its cock. This anatomical quirk enabled a dog to lock itself to a bitch so that the animal can completely fill the bitchs vagina with its copious seed.  For Midori it was a new sexual sensation as the knot crowded her vaginal opening…bumping her as the dog tried to get the big knot inside her vagina.

Midori felt the pressure as the musicians tried to capture the rhythm as the dog worked to force the fist-sized knot into her cunt. I heard her shriek, no-no-no as the mastiff finally squeezed the knot inside her vagina.

Once inside her it swelled and locked to her.  The beasts cock vibrated and discharged its semen in her with steady hot spurts.  Midori came several times as they were locked.  With its cock stuffing her fully…the knot had swollen to the size of a tennis ball and pressed on her G-spot and urethral sponge..... and now hot (hotter than a mans) semen was flooding her cunt like volcanic lava.  It drove my wife to new sexual peaks.

It took 10 minutes for the knot to go down.  She whimpered when her orgasms finally tapered off.  The dog turned around and this put her ass-to-rump with the dog, making the men laugh.  Waiting for the animal to uncouple, the overall level of excitement in the tent subsided.  Eventually, the swelling knob deflated, releasing Midori.  She collapsed on the pallet.

Shes really done now, isnt she, I remember saying to myself.

The men moved the pallet to one side, with Midori still lolling on it. Then they brought in...... a donkey!  They pulled back the carpet covering the sand and positioned the gray animal in the center of the tent. They forced the quadruped onto a frame so that its upper legs were elevated.  The animal brayed in excitement.  

Midori was exhausted, but they made her stand and brought her over to the donkey. The MC told the guests that Midori was going to take the measure of this beast too.  Everyone was now on the edge of his seat, so to speak.  My eyes were bugging out of my head as I took in the spectacle.  I wondered, can my wife take a donkeys cock in her vagina?

They made Midori get down and explore the beasts testicles and penile sheath.  It was a crude and vulgar burlesque of her exploring my penis on our wedding night.  Midori cupped the donkeys balls and rubbed them.  She examined the slit where its penis would soon emerge.  Soon, a mottled black monstrosity began to appear.  It came out a bit at a time.  The men urged Midori to fondle it and pet it…to make it come out.

Midori gripped the emerging shaft, with one hand and began an up-and-down massaging of the beasts organ.  Jerking the animal off.  This made more of the  thick black penis appear.  Now almost as long as her forearm, Midori gave it her full attention with two hands, making it stiffer.  Her eyes were as big as tea saucers as she watched the cock grow to monster size...

How big will it get, I thought to myself?

Finally it was fully engorged - the crown was as big as a lemon!  The handlers knew it was time to get it inside her before it got too big.  They made Midori bend over and rest her palms on a bench.  And back up to the beasts cock rearing up like a spear.  When they had positioned her bottom close to the donkeys huge cock. I estimated that it was 38 centimeters (15) long. One of them guided the massive head to her vaginal opening.  Hands were on her shoulders to keep her in position.

Another man took the donkeys cock and rubbed it over her wet sex.  Her pussy, lubricated with the semen of 27 men, a dog and her abundant juices, should have allowed the donkeys cock head to squeeze into her vagina, but her handlers smeared boiled sheeps fat in and around her hole to make sure it would go in easily.  She groaned as it stretched her o-p-e-n.

There was really no time for her to adjust to the stretching pressure because the donkey…feeling the wet sheath of my wifes vagina, began to hump.  The musicians began a drumbeat to accompany its thrusts.  Soon, the beast was braying and humping her - forcing its huge cock in and out of her tight womanly passage.  In-and-out - in a totally obscene way.  Illuminated by the torches in the tent, this was a spectacle from ancient Rome itself.

My 25-year-old Japanese wife was being fucked by the humongous cock of a donkey.  Unbelievable, was the thought on everyones mind.  I was numb with shock!  Over and over the beast impaled her - until ¾ of its beastly cock had fully penetrated her. The donkey brayed louder and louder as her tight vaginal sheath pleasured it.

It got closer to hosing her with its viscous seed.  Midori was close to orgasm too.  She had the thick, hard, super cock rubbing and stretching her and bringing her close to a massive orgasm, I could tell.  Her cunt was juicing heavily as he fucked her brutally, and Midori was wet to her knees.  Her clitoris was sticking up, angry red and throbbing.  She screamed as she came.

The donkey began to bray in a steady honking cadence as its testicles contracted and its cock erupted like a VOLCANO.  Its ejaculation sprayed her like a fire hose had been turned on.  Streams of semen blasted up into her tract, only to be forced out of her tight hole by the pistoning of its cock in her cunt. The musicians made the tune theyd been playing end in time with the animals tremendous orgasm.  It ran in ribbons down her thighs to drip off her knees.  It was pinkish in color....tinged with her blood.  She had been torn in several places inside her vagina. 

Totally exhausted, Midori almost collapsed, but hands grabbed her and pulled her off the mammoth invader stretching her cunt.  Midori probably had 28 centimeters of the animals cock imbedded in her cunt, at its deepest penetration.  The men give her a standing ovation.  In a perverse way, she earned their respect. 

A few days later, the Sheik had me brought to him.  My contact information had yielded results.  I was given a cell phone and after several fumbled attempts, I was wiring twelve thousand Euros to the Sheiks bank account in Saudi Arabia.  Three weeks later my wife and I were back in Tokyo. 

The end result: I now treat my wife as my sexual slave.  I punish her regularly with the whip and a strap.  I fuck her in her mouth, pussy and ass any way I want.  I have abused her by forcing live eels in her vagina and rectum.  I insert a vibrating “egg” in my wifes pussy one that operates with remote control and I make Midori wear it when we go out.  I force her to experience arousal and orgasm in public.

I have taken to inviting trusted and close friends over to exhibit my wife to them; and I make her perform sexually.  She has to take them in her mouth, suck their cocks and swallow their cum.  I am thinking of other things too.  We shall see what the future holds.....

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