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Sister Suzanne

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Synopsis: A Belgian nun is captured by rebel soldiers in the Congo in the '60s.

Sister Suzanne

By Shabbadew2002

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Abducted and Raped

When Katanga broke away from the Congo, many Europeans were caught up in the war.  In a small village, the priest and the nuns at a Catholic church fled fearing the violence.  Sister Suzanne stayed behind and, in the confusion, got stranded.   There were few white people left.  Most had fled before the UN troops arrived.  That day, in 1960, two Katangan soldiers found Sister Suzanne alone on the road.

The two soldiers couldnt believe their good luck.  The Belgian nun was young, white and full-figured.  The two soldiers, Sergeant Themba and Corporal Muzi, were young and virile.  The had not had a woman in weeks.  They grabbed and forced her into their jeep.   Suzanne was in shock; one minute she was alone and the next two.... young toughs had her at their mercy.  They drove a few miles and then turned off into the bush.  Under a baobab tree they parked.  Then they began to molest her

"Im a nun,” protested Suzanne.

They made her stand, lean forward with her hands on the jeep; and kicked her feet out to spread her legs.   They pulled off her headpiece, and grabbed at her short hair.  Themba frisked her; the other man stood by.   She looked over her shoulder and saw him grinning from ear to ear as he felt up her breasts.   Licking his lips, Themba cupped and squeezed them.  Suzanne gasped.  He hands slid down to her hips.

Having a man touch her was deeply humiliating.  His hands were soon underneath her habit and he ran them up slowly along the smooth, soft insides of her thighs until he reached her crotch.  A moan escaped her lips as he began to feel her pussy through her cotton panties.   She prayed silently he would stop, but he kept feeling her crotch.  Even biting her lip didnt prevent her from moaning.

The soldiers grinned and elbowed each other at her reaction.  They leered at her when they spun her around.  Thats when they made her put her hands behind her head and stand at attention.  They began talking to each other in their native tongue.  One said something and they both laughed.  Suzanne cringed - disturbed and frightened by the humiliating molestation.

Themba made a little humping gesture with his hands and hips, miming fucking and they both laughed.   Suzanne seeing this, blushed deeply.   Suzanne looked at Themba.  Her mouth was dry, as she saw the look in his eyes.  She knew she was in real trouble.  Cruelty just poured from his eyes.

These two were soldiers in the rebel Katangan army - Moise Tshombes forces.  National liberation was their public policy, but tribal hatred, torture, killing, theft and rape was what many of them really did for a living.  The tall man was Themba and Muzi was the younger, shorter, heavier man. 

Both wore t-shirts and khaki shorts, carried knives and wore boots.  They had gold teeth, smelled of gasoline and hard, male sweat.  The bottom line - they were men who had been too long in the bush.  And what they were hungry for was pussy.  They told Suzanne to strip.  

She took a deep breath and began to take off her habit.   As she disrobed, she was overwhelmed by feelings of humiliation.  Her experience with men was very limited.  Now she saw how much these two men enjoyed her cruel they were.

The adage… Relax and enjoy it flashed thru her mind.  But, she worried what they might do to her.  She feared they would hurt or even kill her.  She slowly unbuttoned and removed the brown, calf-length, long-sleeved habit.  The corporal took her clothes from her as she stripped and threw them in the back of the jeep.

She reached behind to unhook her bra and as she removed it, her breasts bobbed and jiggled.  Muzi stared at her teats….the glands were topped with big, brown nipples and because of her fear, were getting puckered and erect.

Suzanne looked down - saw her nipples sticking out then looked up to see him grinning at her.  Themba made a motion with his hand for her to finish.  Soon, she was only protected by her white cotton panties.   When she pulled them down and handed them to the corporal, he examined the crotch. 

Suzanne blushed furiously down to her breasts.  She tried to cover her them with her hand and her pubic area too, but they made her drop her hands, so she had to stand fully exposed.

Her flesh was soon covered with goose bumps, even though it was over 100 degrees.    Horrified and humiliated, Suzanne stood there, pale and submissive.  Afraid, she knew that basically she would have to accept whatever indignities they wanted to heap on her.

Suzanne felt butterflies in her stomach as they made her bend over the hood of the jeep and spread her legs.  Both soldiers were now fully aroused and engorged.  Themba grabbed her buttocks cheeks and obscenely spread them apart.  This exposed her cunt and asshole completely.  The soldiers enjoyed their power over her, as she closed her eyes in shame.

She clenched her bottom cheeks, nervously, as he took off his belt.  He used it to give her a hard, bare-bottomed whipping.  Each blow sounded like a pistol shot.  Suzanne clenched and grunted as he laid on five hot, hard ones. She moaned after the last one….feeling the spreading pain. 

Her body was snow white, so her buttocks, white and soft, turned bright pink - then hot red.... as the blows landed.  Suzanne felt the stinging heat radiating thru her loins with each hard blow.  She panted and whimpered between blows.  Then after Themba gave her five hard ones - one right after the other, she began to sob.

Some of the blows landed on the “crease”…. where her buttocks and thighs came together.  The young nuns reaction showed that these hurt the most.  She clenched and unclenched her cheeks.  This aroused Muzi who put his hand on his crotch and squeezed his cock as he watched Themba whip her.  

Themba gave her three more.  He switched hands and then laid on four more….hard ones….fast….one right after the other.  Soon the young nuns buttocks were red and raw, with bumpy weals where the blows had overlapped.

Then he gave her two more with all the strength in his arm.  Suzanne cried out after each one, they were so hard.  Her bottom was on fire and she couldnt stop herself from doing an obscene jig!  She writhed and wriggled, trying to relieve the pain.

Watching her naked, dimpled cheeks dance and hearing her cry out drove Themba into frenzy and he grabbed her by her hair and pulled her head back so she had to look back at him.



He and Muzi began feeling her up all over; the two of them ganging up on her.  Suzanne hung her head, as they lewdly fondled her buttocks, pussy and tits.  They grabbed and squeezed, pinched and pulled -making her cry out.

Themba ran his fingers thru her pubic hair, stroked and then separated her plump labia - exposing her clitoris.  It began to erect and already was as big as a bean.  He pushed it this way and that, making her moan.  They took turns putting their fingers into her to feel her wetness and tightness. 

Suzanne bit her knuckle to keep from moaning as they did this.  Fear and the pain from the whipping made her vagina wet.  Some women get very WET in such circumstances.  Suzanne, even though she was a nun, was one of these women.  Their fingers came out trailing strings of her secretions….

“This slut is fucking wet…man….fucking wet!”

Suzanne was humiliated.  Both men together got their fingers inside her - fingering her pussy in the most lewd way.  Then Themba worked her pussy while Muzi pulling on her tits like he was milking them.

Suzanne went, “OH God,” as Themba found her G-spot and began frigging the swelling, bumpy spot.  He used two and then three fingers to stretch her.  He forced them in and out reinserting them several times - enjoying the sound and feel of his violation.  Then he explored her anus. 

Suzanne clenched the sphincter when she felt his finger touch her there.  She was mortified.  He used her pussy juice to lubricate her tight brown hole, so slowly he could get his finger in her anus.

Suzanne went, “OH….OH…..OH…Oh….uhhhh...aaahhhhh.”

He wormed his finger around.  Suzanne felt so degraded.  She then snuck a peek at their crotches.  She couldnt believe the bulges there……they seemed to go down their thighs.  Oh my God, she thought to herself.  Seeing her looking and the reaction it produced, they grinned at her, unzipped their trousers and took out their cocks.   Suzannes eyes flew open.....

She had never seen a grown mans ERECT cock before.  Their organs were uncircumcised, big, coal-black with pinkish-red heads.  The foreskins partly covered the heads and the shafts were thick.  The two men enjoyed displaying themselves to her.  Then, Themba grabbed her by her hair and slapped her face.

“Do what we tell you…understand?”

Suzanne swallowed nervously and answered, almost as if she was in a trance, “Y...yes.”

He hefted his cock in his hand and pulled back the foreskin.  Suzanne stared at it worrying it would hurt her.  She was a virgin.  She had lost her hymen from the normal things a girl does when shes young, like bike riding and horseback riding.  But at thirty-five, she had never had a cock in her pussy.  And as she looked at these men, her reaction was that they were so big. 

Thembas cock, now fully erect, was hard and hot and a hell of a lot.  He slapped her face again. 

Enjoying his power over her, mercilessly, he kept beating Suzanne like a dog.  Both cheeks soon glowed red, and she became submissive to him.....

“Beg…... Say fuck me.”

Suzanne, her face hurting from the slaps, had to say the filthy words……

“F…f…f.. Fuck me.” 

The mortifying words spilled out of the nuns mouth.  Defenseless, she had to say other filthy things…totally in their grip now…submissive to whatever they wanted her to do.  Being made to say dirty words was as humiliating as anything else that was done to her. 

Themba got behind her between her thighs.  He rubbed the head of his cock all over her hairy pussylips.   Suzanne could smell her wet vagina, in the hot still air, as he worked his cock into her ....slowly stretching her vagina open.  She felt sexual feelings for the first time..... in a long time.  Themba thrust his hips forward and Suzanne squealed. He worked his cock into her slowly. 

He pushed it in and then pulled it out, then worked it back in deeper several times.  When he had most of it inside her,  he began to fuck her.  He pounded her easy at first then he just let her have it good and hard.  Then he pulled out until only the head was inside her.

Then he rammed it in as far as it would go.   Suzannes right hand came back to paw and hit at his thigh in a useless gesture.

She protested, “OH GOD….no more…no


She felt totally stretched.  It hurt, but the pressure on the front of her vaginal wall had also stimulated the nerves in her G-spot and urethral sponge.  Suzanne could feel those sensations and pressure building.  She felt herself, despite every effort on her part, getting ready to reach an ORGASM.  

She kept praying for this NOT TO HAPPEN.  She had been fighting feelings like that in her body since she was a novice in the convent.  This was a sin for her.  She felt overwhelmed.  With Themba pounding her, the sensation was like having to sneeze; only the sensation was between her legs.  She grunt and groaned and struggled with herself so as not to cum.


Suzanne thrashed her head from side-to-side as the sensations surged through her loins.  Themba rubbed his organ from side-to-side - stretching the mouth of her vagina.  Then, he started pounding her again, and soon, she felt herself getting close to orgasm again. 

She tried to will herself not to feel anything.  By the time Themba had finished and ejaculated, Suzanne had come very close to cumming.  Thembas load was copious and some squirted out from around the shaft of his cock.  Suzanne reached down between her legs to feel the hot slop between her legs.  

She accidentally touched his hard dick.  Still erect, he had Muzi hold her.  They got her legs up and Muzi leaned back against the jeep.  Themba rubbed the head of his dick all around her sloppy pussy, her labia, her clitoris and her dripping sex-hole to tease her.

“Say….. Fuck me…fuck me like a dog….say it…..”

When she hesitated, he slapped her again.  Then she began to whimper and say what he wanted....

“Fuck me…..fuck me……..fuck me like a dog……fuck me….fuck me….fuck me.”

Themba went very deep in this position.  He just pummeled her.  Suzanne soon began to feel herself approaching an orgasm again.  Much to her shame, the feelings grew. 

She began to imagine that it was the Devil, Satan himself, that was pushing inside her body to make this shameful thing happen.  She prayed harder to control her feelings.  She would not allow herself to be broken.  She would not allow Satan to do this to her.  

It felt to her like she was very close to an orgasm.   She felt so close to losing control of her body.  She feared and did not want to experience the deep vaginal-uterine feelings that seemed to be poised to surge thru her body down her thighs and up through her belly to her breastbone.   She pictured these feelings being caused by Satan working inside her body, in her female organs. 

She prayed to Jesus to help her. To give her the victory over lust.....Just then, to her good luck, Themba ejaculated inside her again…and then took his dick out, slimy and dripping.  Semen drooled from her hole and Muzi let her go so she could stand, but only for a second as Themba shoved her to her knees in the dirt and presented his messy, sweaty dick to her.

“Clean it.  Use your mouth.”

Obediently, Suzanne licked the sweat, her secretions and the semen off his cock, balls and thighs.  Standing over her, he made her pay particular attention to the nasty, gooey ring around the base - grinning and joking with his partner.  Suzanne dutifully licked it clean, imagining that this was the penance, the horrid penance she had to pay for feeling those feelings....a disgusting chore, designed to humiliate her as a nun and a woman.

When she finished, his dick was wet with her saliva.  Semen continued to drool out of her raw, swollen, dilated sex-hole to run down her thighs.  They got her standing again and bent over the hood of the jeep. Themba, using two fingers, scooped up some of the mess from her pussy, brought it to her lips he said, “here”, and made her lick it off his fingers.  

Then it was Muzis turn. He stood behind her and forced himself into her.  His penetration made squishy, wet sounds.

“Beg me, white woman!    Say - PLEASE FUCK ME.” 

“Fuck me.  Please fuck me.”

Suzanne was sick.  He made her beg too.  Both of them were using her like a whore….a slut.  Suzanne tried to concentrate on her prayers, but it was very hard.

“Oh God…HELP ME!”

She was feeling lots of things . . . . Anger…fear… guilt and the wicked tickle between her legs and those throbbing feelings deep in her body.  Angry at what they were doing to her and afraid that they would make her feel those feelings and then that terrible thing the devils ORGASM would surge thru her and push her down to HELL...

She was also scared of what else they might still do.  If theyd rape her….what else would they do afterwards.  She didnt want to even think about that.  And guilty that they had forced her to have those “feelings” down there.  They made her “faucet” run..... “Down there”.   And she was more ashamed than she had ever been in her whole life.

Rape was her worst nightmare.   She was devastated as they violated her and she could do nothing to resist them.  When a woman is violated, it's the worst humiliation and the most painful thing that can happen to her.  In her case, losing control and having an orgasm would be degrading and humiliating.  Worse, it made her feel unworthy to be a bride of Christ. 

To be tortured and feel horrible pain, this she was prepared to accept as a “cross” to bear.  Her Savior had suffered and died to set an example for all to follow.  But to be raped and feel arousal and ORGASM, this was a torment to Suzanne.  She was in danger of falling.........

She prayed for strength and when her strength wavered, she prayed to God to save her from this ordeal.  But she knew that sometimes God sent you a cross.   And to be subjected to these gross violations was the worst cross of all.  All of these feelings combined to torment her.

Another part of Suzanne tried to make peace with what they were doing to her.  To rationalize it.   She thought to herself:  Im being forced against my will.  Im their prisoner.  They can make me do anything they want.  So, I have no choice.  I shouldnt feel guilty if my body responds. Im a woman and its probably natural that my body should respond.  I shouldnt hate them, or myself.  God will forgive them and me. Oh God, she prayed, let this cup not be mine to drink.

Nevertheless, the humiliation and the shame grew as Muzi grabbed her by her wide hips and forced his dick in deep.  He pulled it almost all the way out, leaving only the head of his fat cock inside.  Then he rammed it to the BOTTOM OF HER HOLE.  He fucked her HARD - in and out -  in and out and made her cry out: 

“Oh….OH….OOH…UH………Uhhh……OOOHH!......OH…..GOD…..ITS SO DEEP! Oh God! Its stretching me.……..Oh God… God…OH…OH…..OH…..OH…..OH…..OOOHHH...OH GOD!”

Suzanne was being forced once again to the Devils dungeon.  The corporal fucked her like a demon.  Hed stop, then start in on her again.  He fucked her for awhile then he pulled out, made her kneel and got his dick in her face.  Suzanne groaned when she saw his big, wet, uncircumcised erection in her face.  She could smell her pussy on his dick and it made her feel guilty.

He grabbed her by her hair and rubbed his cock all over her face, smearing the wet tip over her lips.  He made her clean under his foreskin and lick up the drooling pre-cum oozing from the tip.   He made her kiss and lick his scrotum and then all the way up to the head of his dick.

Suzanne sucked him, at his direction, and he held her by her hair or her ears and just face fucked her, making her gag and drool madly.  When he began ejaculating, he kept it inside her mouth so that she swallowed most of his runny ejaculate. 

He pulled out at the last second and hosed her face.  He used the tip to wipe up semen splattered on her and made her swallow it.  Perspiration and semen beaded her face, neck and breasts. 

Suzanne felt like she was in a movie and could stop what was happening to her. Her head was swimming with feelings of helplessness. It was overwhelming.  There was nothing in her experience that prepared her for this.  She was in hell, at this point, and knew it.  

She silently prayed to herself, Please God, deliver me from this evil…PLEASE...GOD…PLEASE.


Muzi got her to stand and lean over the jeep again.  He spread her sweaty cheeks.  He began to play with her shit-hole.  He wanted to fuck her ass.  By taking his dick out of her pussy, when he did, he had saved her from cumming.  She was very close at that point...

Themba came over, his dick wet and dangling.  Hed opened a can of grease.  He grinned at his partner and handed him the can.  Muzi got a glob of the stuff and rubbed the grease all over her cringing, tight brown hole. 

Suzanne began pleading like a little girl, begging him not to do that.  He just laughed at her.  He was going to fuck her any way he wanted.  Her sphincter twitched in nervous anticipation.  She squeezed it tight, desperate to keep him out.  He applied pressure and spit on it.  Drooled saliva on her anus and soon her hole was juicy enough, between the grease and his spit, to admit his finger.  When it dilated the sphincter and popped in, she groaned.

He worked his finger around to stretch her.  Suzannes eyes began to fill with tears.  Themba sat down to watch.  Muzi stood behind her, crouched down a bit and lined his erection with her anus.   Suzanne begged and begged him.   She was sickened at the thought of this perversion.  She did not want this violation.  But nothing could deter Muzi as he placed his dick against her greased hole and pushed.   Suzanne kept begging him....

“Please, please…dont.  Please....please…dont …not  there…....youre too big.  Please dont ….PLEASE!"

They both laughed at her.  Muzi, his cock throbbing, ignored her.   Suzanne gasped when it popped inside; hen hid her face between her outstretched arms and began to sob.  Muzi strained to get it all in.  It was difficult because she was so tight.

Muzi worked it, inch-by-inch, into her.  Then, he pulled out a bit and forced it all the way in - as deep as it could go until her sphincter tightly encircled the last inch of his dick.  It was stretched tight around his black shaft like a brown rubber band.

Suzanne let out a deep groan when it was buried to the hilt.  She was sweating like a racehorse.  With Thembas laughter in her ears, Suzanne held onto the hood as Muzi ass-fucked her.  Soon, Muzi was close to ejaculating.  He found he could really hurt her this way and wasted no time in punishing the nun until she was babbling like an idiot.

“Ohhhhhh………Oh…UH….uh…..uh….oh….oh….oh…OH….OH GOD….OH MY GOD….OH…OH…OH GOD...IT HURTS!

Muzi, feeling her inner sphincter gripping him convulsively, ejaculated in her shit hole.  She gasped, as he held her hard by her hips, grunted and hosed her bowels - depositing ropes of warm semen deep in her rectum.  Muzi pulled out with a pop and Themba high-fived him. 

Suzanne closed her eyes, feeling shame and hurt in her rectum.  Her asshole felt stretched and raw.  Hed brutally sodomized her.  Her hole, stretched, looked like a toothless open mouth to both men as they bent down to look.  Both men, having cum twice, decided to have some fun with her. 

They pushed her to the ground on her stomach and Muzi held her by her arms.  Themba lit a cigarette and sat on her legs.  Then puffing to make the cigarette hot, he brought the lit tip down to the crack of her ass.  He held it close to let her feel the heat.  He used it to singe the tiny hairs there. 

Suzanne panicked at what they were doing and began to scream and cry.  Themba took his time and treated her to a series of 1st degree burns as he touched the glowing tip to her buttocks.  Burning her over and over again on both cheeks.  Up and down in an ugly line.  Then he spread her cheeks and worked on the tender skin in the dark divide between her cheeks.  Up and down, five burns on both sides.  Suzanne was close to passing out as each was so intense.  She screamed and screamed until she was able to get control of herself.

Finally, he brought it close to her wet anus, still oozing Muzis semen.  He held it close and then ran it all around the rim, giving her shit-hole a burn.  Suzanne screamed as he tortured her most private hole.

They turned her over and Muzi kept a tight grip on her wrists.  Themba sat on her thighs, then used the cigarette to burn her on her belly.  He took his time and teased her with it.  Then hed burn her.  He would drag it in a line to connect two red spots.  He made two rows of burns on her stomach. 

Then he got to work on her tits.  First the tops and then the undersides where her breasts were sweaty underneath.  And finally he went to work on her nipples.  He treated her to a dozen, small, first degree burns all around her aureoles.  There was a lot of pretty white skin to cover and he took his time.  

Suzanne shrieked and then moaned after each burn.   He worked on each nipple in turn.   Suzanne howled and shrieked as her womanly teats were tortured slowly, sadistically and methodically. 

Finally, it was over.  They  let her up,  threw her clothes at her and motioned for her to dress.  She, still crying with her legs shaky and trembling, she pulled on her panties, trapping the semen leaking from her pussy and asshole.  Themba made her spread her legs and rubbed the crotch, making the mess soak thru. 

He used a knife to cut the sleeves of her habit off, and cut two feet from the garments hem to make it obscenely short.   Then they hustled her back into the jeep.   Suzanne felt sick as she could feel her panties full of semen.  Where are they taking me, she wondered fearfully?


They drove until they arrived at a temporary camp.  Bivouacked there were five men from their platoon: Gamba, Salongo, Oba, Dume and Banga.  When they drove up everyone greeted each other like long lost brothers.  There was a lot joking around.   Suzanne looked on fearfully, sitting in the back of the jeep. 

They had a fire going.  Salongo, older with a grizzled beard, was grilling meat over the fire.  News was exchanged and a bottle passed around.  They sat the nun down over in a corner.  Themba kept gesturing at her and whatever he said made the others laugh. 

The sister had a cold feeling running down the back of her neck at the crude campfire atmosphere of these rough men.  She knew it was only a matter of time.  She began to study them to see what they were like.  She wondered what theyd do to her, and how shed react.

The meat, when it was done, was divided up along with some other pilfered items.  They gave her a plate and Suzanne wolfed hers down; she was famished.  She kept sneaking glances at them; not wanting to make eye contact, but trying to see what sort of men they were.  She concluded that they were not going to be any better than Themba and Muzi.  It was only a matter of time….

After the meal, Themba and Muzi took off.  Suzanne looked at the men in turn.  She knew what was coming.  Then, their bellies full,  they were ready for her.  Salongo crooked his finger and Suzanne reluctantly got up.  He pushed her over a pack and made her put her hands on the ground.  He grabbed the hem of her habit and flipped it up, exposing her ass covered by her panties. 

He made her spread her legs.  And then he took real delight in examining  the wet spot in her crotch.  Shed leaked steadily since her earlier rapes.  She cringed, knowing what was coming; and blushed as she was displayed. 

Salongo grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled them down…exposing her ass.   He spread her cheeks, displaying her anus and pussy to the others who hooted and hollered at the sight.  He played with her labia and clitoris and then worked his fingers into her.  He was soon finger fucking her vigorously.  Suzanne began moaning and crying at the same time.  She was so humiliated…..

The squad began dropping their trousers - revealing rampant erections.  Suzanne looked over her shoulder and saw Dume (his name meant the bull) fisting his cock.  Salongo let him go first.  He pushed and Suzanne opened up taking the head and then the shaft.  

She felt stretched wide and deep, yet his dick was still all the way in.  He pulled back and thrust it back in deeper.  He did this a couple of times before he was in all the way until his pubic hair was tickling hers. 

Suzanne let out a loud groan and began wriggling.  This excited Dume who began to pile drive her, taking her breath away.  Sexual feelings shot through her and she could feel herself getting more aroused.   Before this happened,  she felt him stiffen, his cock pulsed and semen filled her.   He withdrew his softening cock; semen dribbled down her thighs and landed on the ground.   Oba took his place.  He grabbed Suzanne's hair and began to ride her and soon came in her.

The campsite reverberated to the sound of wet flesh.  Much laughter, coarse comments and grunting filled the air.  The atmosphere was like a barracks: a raw, nasty group of black men using one white woman.   She felt like shed left her body and was floating in an out-of-body state as the men used her.   The put her on her back and Gamba and Banga fucked her with her legs on their shoulders.

By the time all the men had taken a turn, each stroke in her sloppy pussy sounded like a suction pump.  By the time Banga came in her pussy, Suzanne was very sloppy between her legs.   She lay on her back panting - her face flushed.  Her pussy throbbed, but she hadnt cum.   She stared blankly at the darkening sky.  She had not betrayed herself; she had resisted the devils embrace.  She had not become a slut, a whore. 

Sadness came over her and tears came to her eyes, as she realized how great a cross Christ had sent her.  There she was... lying on the ground with her inner thighs red and raw.... her labia and clitoris swollen and her hole felt so open, stretched and was drooling a river of semen. 

There was sperm on her thighs, ass and all over her cunt.  She was a sloppy mess.  She thought to herself, this is what a whore looks like.  She had a silly, fleeting thought that she was glad that no one she knew would see her like this and this was comforting to her.

They kept abusing her until, one-by-one, they fell asleep.  The tied her to a jeep.  The next morning the squad packed up and drove in the two jeeps, with their captive, to their units camp.   After driving more than twenty miles,  they came to a thickly wooded area.  Finally, there was a sprawl of tents in a clearing. 

As, they drove up,  men waved and greeted them.  They marched Suzanne thru a large open area between the tents.  Seated at tables and hunkered down on benches were dozens of men.  The conversation stopped and they all looked up, every eye focused on the Belgian nun. 


Salongo and Dume brought her to the tent of their commander, Jomo.  He would interrogate her and find out if she knew anything.  Then, if she wasnt of any value, he would turn her over to the men for their amusement.

Jomo was lying down, napping on a cot, when they got there.  There was a table and chairs in this tent which was the biggest in the camp.  He got up and conferred with both men.  Suzanne studied him as he looked over at them several times.  Jomo was older, with a big gut and lots of gold teeth.  He had a hard face and looked weathered and tough.  Suzanne was pushed into a chair.  Then Jomo began to ask her what she did and who she knew…

Since she was a nun, there probably wasnt much she knew that was of military value.  Jomo figured that there was a possibility that she was civilian spy for the UN.   The old man took his time, and when she denied being with the UN, he brought out a suitcase and set it at on the table.

“If youre with the UN, youll be telling me who else is too…..”

“Im just a nun.  I was with the Church of the……”

And then he laughed at her.  He didnt care what she said.  Hed already made up his mind that he was just going to shock her a bit and see what shook loose.  Hearing him laugh was chilling.  Suzannes eyes widened when he opened the suitcase. 

Inside was a portable field telephone, the magneto powered by a hand crank.   Jomo described to her how it worked…what parts of her body he would use it on and what effect it would have.  The young nun listened in horror.  This was a way of mentally torturing her first.  She began sobbing; her armpits wet with fear.

He made her strip.  He told Salongo and Dume, in their native tongue, to put her on the table on her back.   At Jomos direction, they tied her to the table.  Jomo told them how he wanted it done.  Dume tied her wrists together and pulled her arms over her head to secure them there. 

Nest, they pulled her legs open wide and tied her ankles to the corners of the table.  Jomo looked her body over.  She was very white.  Brown hair, cut short.  A square face with nice eyes, a small thin nose and thin lips.  She had big nipples, he noted.  Hmm....plenty to work on, he thought. 

Her pussy was hairy and she had fleshy, nearly purple inner labia and fat, hairy plump, outer lips.  Her clitoris was partly visible, peeping out of its hood.  He could see that his men had been fucking the shit out of her.  Her pussy looked like it had been used hard and put up wet.  Even her asshole was puffy, swollen and raw.  Yeah, my dogs have been fucking the shit out of this dumb bitch, he thought to himself.

He noticed the burn marks on her belly, her tits and her ass crack.  Cigarette burns too, hmmmm.  Bitch has been thru some shit.  Wait till I get her wired up though.  Shell wish they were workin her over with the cigarettes again, he said to himself. 

With her legs splayed open, and the way he was staring at her down there, Suzanne felt very exposed and vulnerable.  Jomo untangled two coils of wire…one red and one black.   He took the black wire - all of the insulation had been stripped off the last 38 centimeters (15”) - and used it to wrap the big toe on her right foot. 

He wound the wire around her toe from the base to the middle of the nail.  When he was done, her toe looked like it was copper-plated.  Satisfied, he smiled at her.  She gulped and turned away, frightened.  Her lips moved, but no words came out; she had begun to pray.

Then Jomo pulled out the red wire, already attached to a terminal on the transformer.  On the other end he attached a lead that ended in two big alligator clips.  Suzanne looked at them and shivered.  In that moment she felt like she was at the dentist.  That butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling she always got watching the dentist get ready to drill her teeth to fill her cavities. 

Jomo grabbed a water bottle.  It had a spray nozzle and was filled with salt water.  He had Salongo wet her down.... her tits, belly, the inside of her thighs, pussy and ass crack.  Suzanne craned her head forward to look.  Sadistically, Jomo told her the water would spread the shocks.   Resigned, she let her head fall back as he sprayed her.

“Please dont do this to me.  Im not a spy.  Im a nun.  Ive been helping your people.  Please, I beg you.  I dont know anything.  Please dont do this to me.”

“My people.....who do you think my people are,” Jomo laughed?

He began playing with her tits.  Teasing the nipples to get them erect.  They got puckered and erect as he pinched and rolled her big, brown nipples until they were full and tight. Then he sprayed them again, and attached a clip to both.  It made her wince in pain.  The springs were strong and the teeth were broad and ragged.  He took the left one off and re-clamped it.  He wasnt satisfied that he had grabbed it in the meatiest part.

He examined her pussy and found she was a little wet.  He studied her face and derived a lot of pleasure from her reactions.   She was obviously very distressed at him finding her pussy wet.  He thought to himself that he should try to humiliate her as much as possible.... her being a nun and all.

He mocked her for her wet cunt.  It didnt take a genius to figure out that the nun was horrified by what most women accept: that they have a pussy and it gets wet if it is stimulated.

Jomo waited for Suzanne to gather herself.  Her head lolled from side-to-side as she waited.  When she looked down at her clamped nipples, and saw him reaching for the crank, she groaned in fear.

“Do you work for the UN?”

Suzanne said, NO….and Jomo waited.  He leaned in closer and smiled into her terrified eyes.  Then he looked down at her nipples - the tips, now swollen, jutted out of the dark, crinkled circle of her aureoles, in the teeth of the clamps.  Suzanne began whimpering and sniffling as Jomo began to turn the handle.  She writhed in awful anticipation, looking at his hand there - knowing what was about to happen.  Her eyes were filled with horror.

Jomo cranked it all the way around, slow.  Suzanne jerked in her bonds as she felt a stream of hot, itchy, agony searing into her nipples.  He stopped…and asked her another question.  When she didnt tell him anything, Jomo spun the handle around again....this time a little faster. 

Each time he did that, he made Suzanne surge up and down, like a demented puppet. She would lie there with teeth gritted and then when Jomo turned the crank, her nipples and her breasts seem to swell from the electricity surging into them. 

Her hips rose from the table as the current surged into her tits.  She shuddered and bucked in futile attempts to ride out the agony of the torture.  Afterwards, her body twitched from the effects of the shocks.  He hit her again.  She begged and pleaded with him in between panting and groaning.

A moment later, in exhaustion, she flopped back, her head lolling around on her neck.  Her face, as she turned to the left, was partially hidden between her outstretched arms.  As Jomo worked her over, her nipples swelled up as big as cashews; and both the nipples and the aureoles turned a dark, brownish-purple from the shocks.

Jomo kept up a steady stream of questions, trying to catch her in a lie or get her to tell him anything.  Suzanne just kept denying any knowledge.  Her cries and screams, as he turned the crank faster, grew increasingly frantic.  She was in agony being shocked repeatedly on her nipples. 

To quiet her and to make sure she didnt bite her tongue off, Jomo stuffed a rag into her mouth;  and took the clips off her nipples.  He

came up with a single clip attachment for the red wire and used this alligator clip on the hood of her clitoris. It hurt as her nubbin was pinched in the jaws making Suzanne shudder and groan.

He gave her pussy a squirt from the spray bottle, and when he began turning the crank handle very s-l-o-w-l-y,  Suzanne arched up from the table like she was trying to fuck someone.  This amount of current was painful and arousing at the same time.  It produced a stinging, itching sensation in her clitoris and made the sex nerves there throb and pulse.

It was a combination of pain and pleasure and it was very disorienting.  Suzanne  whimpered and groaned as he turned the crank slowly.  For Suzanne, it was a new sensation….pain and arousal at the same time.  Hating it, but being forced to feel it nevertheless, she began to sob and thrash about.

She wriggled her hips as much as her bonds would allow.  Her vagina began to get wet and juicy as the electricity stimulated her sex nerves.  Salongo and Dume watched, in lustful thrall, as Jomo juiced her.

He turned the crank slow and soon the wetness and Suzannes gagged cries signaled that, no matter how much she pleaded her case to Jesus, she was approaching ORGASM.  She began to grunt….and moan…and groan…and finally scream….  music to their ears.  She spit the rag out and just shrieked….


When she climaxed, Suzanne couldnt believe that the machine could do this to her.  It hurt and yet it made her cum; the combination was mind-blowing.  It was an obscene nightmare.  It was as if Satan was riding the awful current.   Jomo kept at it.  . . sexually torturing her making her cum painfully again and again.   He kept asking her about the UN in between shocks.

Suzanne was lost in a fog…unable to concentrate on anything but what was happening between her legs.  She was devastated that the machine had made her reach ORGASM.  She had resisted the men.  But now, over and over, as Jomo shocked her and made her hump her hips and bounce up and down on the table, she had been made to cum, against her will.   Sweating, her back slapped against the wood when he stopped cranking. 

When he juiced her again, her hips went up and down like she was fucking an invisible lover.  It was exciting to watch.  Her hole oozed and dribbled pussy juice until her raw, swollen anus was wet and there was a small puddle between her legs.  Jomo pointed this out to her…

“Shit, bitch!  Youre a real slut!”

Jomo reached down and rubbed the oozing wetness from her pussy all over her labia and clitoris - masturbating her a bit - and rousing her in the process.  Suzanne whimpered and moaned as he rubbed and stroked her wet pubis.

“Thats it ….wake up you fat cow.”

Then, to her shame, as he sent the current into her again, she lost control of her bladder.  A hot stream of urine splashed on the table.   Suzanne began crying after this happened.  The piss formed a puddle, ran and dripped down off the table and onto the dirt.  The sound of her urine dripping accompanied her heaving gasps.  In the distance, dogs barked and men laughed.   But for the Belgian nun, it wasnt over yet. 

Jomo shoved the rag back in her mouth and spun the crank a lot faster.  Suzannes pain thresholds were instantly violated.  Sheer, excruciating agony replaced the sexual sensations.  One part of her brain was glad that the orgasms had stopped.  That loss of control meant she had been unable to resist the Devil.  She wanted to feel pain now.  And soon, she was shrieking like a madwoman in the throes of some of the worst pain she had ever experienced.

In response to the shocks, her clitoris had swollen up as big as a grape….blood red…throbbing and raw.  Her agonized gasping, her anguished cries and her wriggling on the table gave all three men erections.

“Oh God….P le a s e no. . . no more!   P l e a s e dont hurt me anymore, no, p-p-please.   I'll tell you everything…… please!”

After Salongo sprayed her pussy with water again and Jomo spun the crank as fast as he could, she began screaming at the top of her lungs and passed out.  They waited for her to wake up.  When she did, she pulled against her bonds, making her tits flop around on her chest, trying to get away from the torment. 

Suzanne felt like she was just a doll when the Salongo and Dume untied her and got her on her belly.  They pulled her cheeks apart, at Jomos direction, so her anus and the darker skin in the cleft were visible. 

Everyone looked at her puckered, brown ring.  Suzannes humiliation at this exposure and examination were soon forgotten, when Jomo removed the wire from her toe, attached it to a aluminum cigar tube, and began pressing the tip of it.... the blunt tip against her anus. 

When it popped inside, he worked the thing deep into her rectum.  Suzanne whimpered and whined at this new violation.  She was sick when she realized that he was going to send the current into her bowels. Suzanne couldnt believe how business-like, how utterly workman-like Jomo was about hurting her.  It was horrific.  It was like he was a pain mechanic.

She had her eyes closed, as the feeling of penetration - the sheer violation of it made her sink to a new level.  Then Jomo had them turn her over and tie her again. 

Her pussy nestled, like the open petals of a pink rose, wet and available between her spread legs.  Jomo peeled her labia open and attached a double lead again to the red wire.  One lead he attached to the tube in her ass.  The other ended in an alligator clip and he attached this to a sponge.  He wet it and worked it into her pussy. 

She squirmed as he forced it into her vagina.  She tried to turn her head to see what he was doing, but he had it half way in her hole before she knew what was happening.  She mewled in fearful anticipation, gagged with the rag, as Salongo again sprayed her between her legs.   Jomo took the crank in hand and sent juice into her shitter and pussy.  When he spun the crank slower, she just writhed and howled. 

This time, with the wet sponge in her pussy and the tube up her ass, the double deep penetration of the current was enough to light up a Christmas tree.  The shocks were so severe, that her body arched up with just her heels and her shoulders on the table when he juiced her.  When he spun the handle fast the current, sizzling from her pussy to her rectum, made her lose consciousness.  Dume slapped her awake so the torture could continue.

When he kept shocking her, she screamed like a lunatic.  When she collapsed after a shock,  she continued to twitch, whimper and moan.  Salongo and Dume grinned their appreciation at Jomos skill.   Because, soon Suzanne started to babble that she worked for the UN.  

She was lying, of course, but she gave Jomo names - anything he wanted.  She couldnt take it any more.  She would tell Jomo her mother was a goat, if thats what he wanted.  The nun spilled her guts.  She didnt want any more shocks in her pussy and shit-hole.

Suzanne whimpered, “please dont hurt me any more…I....I...Ill do anything you want.”

Salongo grinned when he heard that.  Jomo smiled at the men…He had some doubts that the information hed squeezed from the nun was of any value, but for now, he was done with her.  Salongo untied her.  Jomo removed the wires and contacts from her body.  They got her off the table and pushed her into a chair. 

Suzanne sagged there like a doll, her inner thighs and crotch wet with her secretions and smelling of urine.  Her head lay over the chair back.  Her mouth was slack and partially open.  Now, Suzanne was a just a fuck toy that the men could do with as they pleased.  Salongo and Dume had plans….


Later that day they took Suzanne out, still naked and marched her to the center of the camp.  The men all began yelling as they ogled Suzannes naked female form.  She became very frightened.  At the very least, she knew she was in for a terrible ordeal and there was nothing she could do. She looked out at the men and felt a stirring in her loins and hated herself, in that moment.  She had lost the battle to control her body when Jomo juiced her.  Now, she feared that the dam had broken and she would find it impossible to control herself.

Salongo held up her tits displaying her to the men.  He squeezed them and pulled on her nipples. The men yelled and crowded around.  Suzanne was medium tall and plump with full, fat tits the size of grapefruits that hung down some.  She was nice, fat white cow.  The men hadnt had any women in awhile.  Suzanne looked like fresh, hot white meat to them.

They cleared a  table and put her on her back, her ass at the edge.  The spread her legs and her pussy glistened wetly in the sunlight.  It was an invitation to fuck her.  Two men came up and grabbed her tits; one of them bent down, sucked and bit her nipple.  

A man dropped his shorts and quickly rammed his dick in her pussy.  He began to power fuck her, cumming after a few strokes.  The next man quickly took his place.  Not having had a woman in awhile, many of them came quickly to a convulsive orgasm.  The men were pulled off by others, if they took too long to have a go at her.  

Hands were everywhere -  feeling her, pinching her nipples, pulling on her piss flaps and probing the folds and crevices of her boy.  Someone got his finger up her ass, at the same time another man was fucking the shit out of her pussy with his hard dick. 

The sensations became too much for Suzanne.  She had an orgasm that overwhelmed her.  They grabbed her by her hair, jerked her head around and forced their dicks into her mouth.  They face-fucked her; and she was forced to take load after load and had to swallow it all.

She soon had a pussy full of cum - loose and packed with semen.  Finally she was turned over with her upper body on the table and her feet on the ground.  They lined up to get behind her and fucked her like a dog.  She had two more orgasms.  All the men had fucked her more than once. Then they started fucking her ass.  Stretching and hurting her there until she began to sob.  Finally the ordeal ended, four hours later.  Some men had taken three turns with her. 

Suzanne was sickened that she came as she was raped and sodomized.  They had turned her into a whore.  As a nun....she was sickened.  It was a scene out of hell.  God was testing her….yes…that was it….God was testing her.  She felt she must try and get back and reclaim her chastity. 

This was one of the vows she had taken as a nun.  She was in turmoil that these ordeals had compromised her integrity as a nun.  That she was violating her vow of chastity if she responded to what they did to her.  She tried to rationalize it, but feared that she was doomed to hell for what she had been made to what they had made her become.

Suzanne lay, at the end, on her back, on the table, in a puddle of sweat and  semen.  She sprawled with her legs open, her swollen sex lips and open hole on display.  Her breasts were dappled with bite marks.  Her nipples were still puckered and erect.  She gazed up to heaven - her mind in turmoil and her body exhausted.  She heard the soldiers laughing, but they seemed far away.  And then she was pulled from the table, dragged off and tossed into a tent where she quickly fell asleep.


The following morning Suzanne woke up and looked about.  She was still naked… she put her hand between her legs to feel her swollen labia and clitoris. Everything was still puffy and swollen…. her asshole was still sore too.  She looked up to see Salongo standing there.  He made her stand up.  

“Follow me,” he said.

Suzanne followed him, naked.  She walked with her legs held open as she was hurting there.  As they exited the tent, Suzanne looked around.  There were not a lot of men around.  What few were still in camp were lounging around in their shorts.  Some were smoking; others were cooking breakfast in pots.  Her big tits bobbed and swayed as she walked.  Hard eyes followed her every move.

Salongo took her to the river, tossed a bar of soap in the water and told her to  clean yourself.  There was no one else around.  Suzanne went in, dunked herself in the muddy water,  got herself completely wet and washed her hair and soaped her body.  Thats when five men, just back from patrol, showed up and began stripping down to get themselves clean. 

As they got naked, they devoured Suzanne with their eyes.  They began to talk trash and their gestures and words left no doubt as to what they wanted.  Some of them hadnt had a woman in months.  Soon every one of them sported a hard erection.  They were lean and muscular as greyhounds; and all of them had hard, hot dicks. 

One of the men was simply huge in his equipment.  Suzanne tried not to look at his cock.  She was wishing that all of them would all vanish.  If I ignore them maybe God will have mercy on me and make them go away, she thought to herself.

The idea that black men have mammoth penises would have been proven right that morning, because the man with the huge cock now had an erection that seemed to be 30 centimeters long (12”) and as thick as his wrist.  Suzanne gulped  - figuring she was going to be violated again and the thought of this man raping her made her stomach flutter with fear. 

This man, with the huge dick, was an ugly, scar-faced, lean brute.  Suzanne got down into the water in the deepest part and tried to submerge her whole body - her big, wet tits bobbing, like water wings, in the creek as she squatted down. 

The men looked to Sergeant Salongo for permission.  He finally gave them the “OK” sign.  They lost no time, scrambled over and pulled her out of the river.  They were yelling and hollering and in a flash had totally surrounded her.  They closed in on her and she seemed to vanish in their midst - like she was being swallowed up by a multi-limbed, black monster with five heads. 

They bent her over and one man entered her pussy with a single thrust; then he began fucking her like a madman.  Someone grabbed her by the hair and made her open her mouth, so he could fuck her there.  Others grabbed her tits and squeezed.

One man reached under and began to rub her clit as she was being fucked.  As the first man pumped his seed into her, he was immediately replaced by someone else.  After each soldier fucked her, he took his place at her face, so he could get his dick in her mouth.  Salongo fucked her too.

Finally, after taking these men, Suzanne had to take the man with the biggest dick last.  Salongo made him go last.  He wanted her to be stretched and wet for this man.  His name was Yera.  He wasnt much to look at, but he had a cock most men would kill for.  It was monstrous.   The head was purplish-red and from the top of the shaft to the tip, it was as big as Suzannes forearm from her elbow to her wrist.  It looked like it belonged on a horse.  His testicles were big too.

The dick bobbed up and down, like a mammoth club, as he got behind her.  The look on Suzannes face was priceless as he got ready to fuck her sloppy hole.  Suzanne wasnt sure if it would fit, and her face showed fear.

But Yera was determined to make it fit.  As he entered her and then stretched her vagina, she felt totally impaled.  Her whole pelvis felt penetrated as he violated her already, wet, stretched hole with his big dick.  When he pulled back a little, it looked like her insides were being pulled out.

When he thrust it in, Suzanne thought it would come out of her mouth.  As he penetrated her to the fullest extent it seemed to the men that you could see her stomach bulge.  Everyone watched it going in and out of her.

You could hear slurpy, wet, nasty sounds as it went in and out.  Her vagina was packed full and the wet, nasty sounds added to her moans and cries and made for a nasty show.  On each in-stroke it didnt seem like it was going to fit inside again.  Then somehow, it was all inside her again.  He filled her hole, framed by her red, swollen labia. 

The hole was stretched tight the labia looked like two rubber bands stretched to the max.  It looked like a python had squeezed itself her hole.  On the in-stroke, his bulky dick dragged her labia into her vagina too.  And everything glistening and wet with her secretions.  Suzanne juiced heavily, and as he fucked her, she CAME!  She cried out like a brothel slut:

“Oh God……fuck me.  Im a whore fuck me fuck me FUCK ME FUCK ME. . FUCK ME . . .FUCK ME. . .FUCK ME FUCK ME. Oh God…oh God....OH GOD…Fuck me....Fuck me…FUCK ME!”

Suzanne shouted the filthiest things as Yera fucked her silly. With so much black cock in her pussy, grunts, moans, groans and filthy words poured out of her mouth.  She took the whole thing. His big balls slapped against her with every thrust.  He grabbed her by the hipbones and just pounded her and this made her have another orgasm....a wet, squirting cum that just went on and on.  He kept fucking her and she came a third time.

He eventually pulled his cock out.  Suzannes vagina quivered and spasmed, but her hole stayed open.  You could see all the way up inside her.   A pearly stream of semen drooled from her hole and ran down the insides of her thighs.  Suzanne was roughly grabbed and pawed and someone else shoved his dick in her and with her breasts hanging down, another man pulled and pinched her nipples.  

Suzanne had another body-shaking orgasm that made her convulse.   After all six men had ejaculated in her, she was a nasty, sloppy mess.   Salongo didnt allow her to wash up and took her back to her tent, with a pussy full of cum to remind her of her status.  Suzanne, with a sloppy mess between her legs, fell asleep.

Suzanne was used as a reward for the soldiers, over the next few days, as they came off patrol.  They whipped her with a belt or a branch if they thought she wasnt enthusiastic enough when they were fucking her or having her suck their dicks. 

The men got all worked up as she was always naked and Salongo frequently made the nun display herself - hold up her breasts - pinch and pull on her nipples, then spread her legs and pull open her pussy, like a whore.  Men fought to be first in line.  And she was cumming regularly.....

One day they made Suzanne kneel, naked, and masturbate in front of ten prisoners brought in to the camp.  The humiliation of having bring herself to orgasm in front of the men was a new violation.  Jomo had the prisoners jerk off on her as she masturbated.   The spectacle of ten men, tied together by a rope around their ankles, huffing, puffing and jerking off, provided fresh entertainment for the bored troops. 

The black prisoners, getting into it as it went on, jostled for position. And one by one, they began to ejaculate.  Their cum landed on Suzannes face, tits, belly and crotch.  Suzanne was soon spattered and wet everywhere.  They turned her into a humiliated, sloppy cum slut in ten minutes. 

When they had all relieved themselves on her, Jomo gave Suzanne to a squad of men, just rejoining he unit and they fucked the shit out of her until she was just a rag-doll.  They all got their turn with her and tossed her from man-to-man.  When she was exhausted from cumming, they had something to wake her up.  Using a glove, someone pulled up a bunch of nettles from a nearby patch. 

Smiling sadistically, they held the sweaty nun down and used the nettles on her nipples.   Suzanne watched helplessly they worked the spiny leaves over her nipples in turn.  The poison spines penetrated,  pumped venom, setting off stinging pain and making her nipples swell obscenely.  When the pain died down, the itch nearly drove her insane. 

Suzanne squirmed and began crying.  Her eyes went wide with terror and she began to scream when she felt someone pulling open her piss flaps….. exposing the swollen nerve-rich clitoris.   A shriek escaped her lips when the torture was repeated on her clit, making it sting, swell and then itch too. 

Hopping up and down…tormented by the sting of the nettles, Suzanne was shaking her ass again. Not long after they had another round and fucked her for another hour.  Finally worn out,  Suzanne was a sloppy mess….. her cunt and ass were gaping reddened holes and her nipples and clitoris had swollen to comic proportions.   She was dumped in her tent.   She could barely touch herself anywhere....her breasts and pussy was so sore and inflamed. 


Suzanne was now the camps entertainment.  When the men got bored, they thought up new ways to abuse her.  After a meal, the soldiers liked to make sport of her.  She was pushed around a circle of drunken men.  This was a prelude to being gang-raped.   One afternoon, Salongo and Dume decided to give her a whipping.  They marched her to the edge of the compound. There was a pole stuck in the ground there, about seven feet high.

Suzanne, naked, sweated and glistened in the late day sun.  Her tits swayed and jiggled as she was pushed to the pole.  Being naked before the men was still humiliating.  The catcalls and filthy taunts were invasive and Suzanne felt violated, standing there, as the crowd of men grew.....

She was soon tied by her wrists to the pole and her arms were pulled taut over her head as they secured her to a hook.  Dume came over, brandishing a whip a fearsome looking thing.

The leather handle was 60 centimeters (24”) long with a loop at the end. The five lashes were 91 centimeters (36”) long and as wide as a finger.   Dume flicked it and it made an ominous cracking sound.  Suzanne whimpered when she heard it.  She hung, like a lamb, from the post, exposed to everyone. 

The fear, combined with the anticipation of humiliating public punishment, made her sweat.   She squeezed her thighs defensively.  Her fears were mixed with anticipation, followed by a yearning for the whip.  Suzanne prayed, hoping she would be able to endure what they were going to do to her, but wanting punishment too.  For what she had become.

Scouring her like her Lord was whipped two thousand years ago.  She had prayed and meditated on the Stations of the Cross and had let her mind linger on the horrible whipping her Savior had endured.  She would bear up like her Lord.  She wanted to be whipped.  

Whether the combination of pain and pleasure she felt when Jomo shocked her or the abuse and the countless rapes had unleashed a masochistic side of herself that had been locked in the basement of her soul, she felt she deserved a whipping for the way she had responded to ravishment. Sister Suzanne, as she waited, wanted to be whipped....

She began whimpering as Dume took a few steps back, standing to her right, and brought the whipcords across her butt sharply.  The five cords whistled through the air and delivered a fine blow across her plump, dimpled ass cheeks.


WHIP! WHIP!  The lashes soon blazed several bright red stripes across her bottom cheeks, low, where her upper thighs swelled into her bottom.  Suzanne pulled hard against the rope binding her hands above her head. 

She tensed her bottom cheeks hard, and then relaxed….absorbing the blow.  Suzanne wriggled her hips and squirmed to alleviate the stinging pain.  The camp roared with the shouts and taunts of the men as she wriggled, writhed and squirmed. 


Dume delivered three quick hard lashes right across the middle of Suzanne's fat ass cheeks, the leather singing through the air, the impacts sounding like pistol shots as they met her tender white flesh.  She began to cry out, as Dume hit her three times across her back........WHIP . . . . WHIP . . . . . WHIP.

Dume delivered another blow with vicious accuracy across Suzannes buttocks, aimed low, and at an angle.  It landed across the top of her thighs…the tips caught her between the dimpled, fat cheeks of her ass.

She cried out, “Oh God, help me!”

Dume tapped her on her butt cheeks  . . . taunting her with the whip handle on her quivering buttocks.  He then landed three successive blows right there…...WHIP…..WHIP….WHIP.   These hurt even more, it seemed and Suzanne began praying out loud to God.  This made the soldiers laugh....

As Dume whipped her, Suzanne keep tensing and relaxing her ass cheeks, squirming to get rid of the stinging pain.  This gave the men erections.  She was soon dancing wildly in response to Dumes whip.  After a really hot, hard blow, she clenched her big butt cheeks tight, like she had to have a bowel movement and was trying to hold it in.  Then she thrust her hips back. This looked like she was inviting or encouraging someone to fuck her in the ass.  She then clenched again, anticipating the whip.  When it landed, she humped the pole in anguish.  It looked like she was fucking it....

Dume gave her a complete whipping; he scourged her on her shoulders, back, buttocks and thighs.  The lashes curled around and caught the sides of Suzannes breast several times, making her cry out.  Her mind was lost in a maze of pain and shame.  Soon her body was criss-crossed with thin, angry red lines.  It looked like shed been stung by bees. 

She got more than thirty lashes… mostly on her buttocks, but some on her shoulders, back and thighs.  When it was over, she hung there, squirming and clenching less...and whimpered.  A man came over and rubbed her buttocks with a mixture of cooking oil,  urine,  salt and hot pepper. 

Rubbed by hand into her flesh, her ass was soon glistening.  As the mixture sank in and began to burn, she began to howl, making the crowd laugh.  She was a fun amusement for them....a relief from the horrors of combat. With that done, Dume push-steered her towards a tent. 

There Suzanne was made to get on her knees, and suck the cocks of a dozen men.  When theyd all ejaculated in her mouth and dutifully, she had swallowed what they gave her,  Dume motioned for her open her mouth.  He put the tip of his uncircumcised penis by her lips.  He grinned at her, savoring the moment....

“Open your mouth…. and swallow.  Understand?”

Suzanne knew what he was going to do and had never imagined such a degradation.  She opened her mouth like a baby bird waiting for its mother bird to feed it.  Thats when Dume urinated right into her mouth.  He stopped his stream, at one point, when her mouth was full and said, “swallow.”  

She did.  Then he resumed emptying his bladder until he was finished.  A few others lined up and took turns using her as a urinal.  Suzanne threw up twice during the ordeal.   


One afternoon, Oba made her kneel before him and hold onto his ankles with her head between his legs.  This spread her cheeks and exposed her anus.  He used a very thin switch to give Suzanne a beating right on her asshole.  Repeated blows right on the sensitive, tight brown opening to her bowels.

“First I make it red on the outside.”

He beat her until she screamed more than twenty, cruel, stinging blows. The sound of it hitting her tender orifice soon had him hard and erect.  Then using cooking grease, his friend Gamba worked some of the grease around her anus and into her rectum.  Then they took turns sodomizing her.  Hard.  Cumming in her ….filling her bowels with their hot, sticky semen.  Soon her rectum was red and sore too.

“Now its red on the inside too,” Oba mocked her.

Then they made her suck and lick their cocks clean.  This was after they had been in her shit-hole.  Calling her a shit-hole slut all the while degrading her as much as they could.  The soldiers looked for new ways to torment her. 

There were stories about the women of a certain tribe, famous for the way they punished captives.  Supposedly they tied them down and spread sugar or honey on their clits, penises and nipples. 

Then they caught a few flies, pulled their wings off and put them in a small cup.  Then, they would upend the cup onto their captives sensitive bits.  The crawling, biting flies would provided a maddening torment that was repeated with fresh flies until the victim went crazy. 

They did this to Suzanne.  Gamba and Oba caught flies and set them to dancing on her nipples.  This proved to be a hellish torment, but when they upended the cup on her clitoris this provided sensations that are best left to the imagination.  The feeling of the little monsters walking on the nerve laden bud was almost too much for her to take....

When Suzanne proved unable to lie there without being restrained, they tied her hand and foot.  The flies scrambled crazily over her nubbin and sometimes they bit her there - adding to her misery.  She begged for them to stop.  They used a lot of flies making Suzanne scream herself hoarse.  

Another time a soldier caught a toad and they had fun inserting it into Suzannes cunt.  African toads exude a milky toxic substance from a gland near their eyes and this causes a painful itching if it gets on your hands.  The horror of having a slimy reptile in her pussy was awful enough, but the virulent itching when the milky fluid came in contact with the mucus membranes in her pussy nearly drove the 35-year old nun insane. 

The creature would lie quietly for awhile and then it would thrash around when someone pushed on her belly or when they made her rub her pussy.  The frantic bouncing of the brown reptile off the walls of her cunt made her scream her head off and this amused the men.

Making her masturbate was a terrific fun for the men and a real humiliation for Suzanne.  She had not masturbated since she was very young, and being forced to do it in front of everyone was very distressing for her.  If they fucked her now, that was bad enough,  but for them to make her do it to herself was worse.  And they made her do it until she squirted to prove that shed cum.  Gamba and Oba liked to make her play with herself and took every opportunity to degrade her this way. 

Then there was the time three soldiers blindfolded her and tied her thumbs behind her head to a rope around her neck.  They played with her pussy to make her clitoris swell and protrude.  Then they tied a string around her clitoris.  They pulled her around by it.  This soon attracted a small crowd.  Much laughing, mocking her as they swigged from an open bottle.  Then someone got the idea of tying her to the hot radiator of a jeep that had been driven many hot miles.  The radiator was boiling.  You could see the heat waves radiating off the metal.

They tied her so that she was inches away from the sizzling grille.  Then one of them got behind her and lit a cigarette.  Grinning at his comrades, he puffed on it until it was hot and glowed.  He touched it to Suzannes buttocks, making her jump.  And this, of course, made her lurch forward and push her pussy right up against the hot grille.  The men just roared with laughter. 

Now the game was on....he treated her to two long rows of 1st degree burns all over her ass cheeks.  Suzanne had to try and accept the pain and not move.  If she did, she burned herself on the grille.  This was a cruel torment, especially when he began to use the tip of the cigarette to burn her on the darker, more sensitive skin where her buttocks curved inward towards her anus. 

Sometimes she was able to stand still and other times, she lost the battle and jerked forward to burn her pussy.  Soon, there were red marks from the hot grille all over her inner thighs and her pussy mound and her outer labia.  She yelped, groaned and sobbed like an orphaned child.  The game and her tears made the men hot.  Soon, they rolled a pair of dice to see who would go first.  Then they took turns fucking her in the ass.....


Then one day they brought another white prisoner to the camp.  Some of the troop had captured a young Belgian priest.  His name was Father Jean.  He was a good looking young man, slim and slightly taller than average; and only 24 years of age.  The Congo was his first out of country assignment. 

The unspeakable “things which nice people cannot discuss” took place: When you read news reports in our time of revolutions, rebels and civilians being “captured” or “detained” you can bet that after their disappearance the detainees are turned over to the soldiers for “fun”.  Often this includes sexual humiliation.  Women detainees experience not only sexual humiliation but often actual assault. After Father Jean was captured by the soldiers he was stripped,  mocked, taunted and then beaten. The soldiers formed a circle around him and beat him. 

Bruised and bloody, they finally turned him over to Jomo for interrogation.  Jomos interrogation methods definitely involved sexual humiliation as well as torture. The poor man was stripped naked, whipped on his buttocks and subjected to electric shocks on his genitals.  Jomo wrapped a wire around his big toe and attached a clip to the underside of his penis right where the head meets the shaft - the most sensitive area on a mans body. He questioned the priest and shocked him when he didnt like the answers. 

Later, he shoved an aluminum cigar tube up his ass and juiced him until he ejaculated.  Running a light electrical charge into his prostate and the head of his penis hurt, but it also forced the man to cum.  Father Jean howled and screamed, but in the end Jomo found him to be as useless, as far as military intelligence, as Suzanne was.  From a distance Suzanne had heard the screams when Jomo was juicing the priest.   When Jomo was done with him, he gave him to the soldiers for fun.  Several of them raped him.  To have another mans erection forced into his rectum devastated poor Father Jean.... 

Salongo was the first one with idea to make Suzanne and the priest perform sexually.   The soldiers brought her to where he was.  She was shocked and horrified at his condition.  His face showed signs of abuse - evidence they had beaten him.  He was naked and mumbling.  She didnt know he had been sodomized.. 

But soon she was feeling humiliation when they made her take off the mens boxer shorts and t-shirt she was wearing.  Suzanne couldnt look him in the eye then. Now, naked in front of him, she was humiliated. She wanted to cover her tits and pussy, but knew shed better not. 

They made brief eye contact, but both looked away ashamed.  Salongo reached over with a stick to prod the priests prick and mock him. Father Jean didnt protest or say anything as Salongo had sport with him. He had been beaten, tortured and raped into servility and obedience.  Salongo came up with a cruel game.  He began ridiculing the size of the priests equipment.  Saying it was small and useless.  He made reference to the fact that the priest had been ass fucked.  Suzanne looked at him, feeling real sympathy at that point.

“Maybe you are a fag,” Salongo taunted him. “Why dont you have a hard-on - standing so close to a naked whore? like her?  She has nice big tits…Yes?  Shes a nun. One of your kind.  But, shes our whore now.  How come your little prick isnt hard?  Dont you like girls?”

It was deeply mortifying, what Salongo said, for both of them. Being described as their whore was very degrading for Suzanne. And being emotionally castrated was deeply humiliating for Father Jean. Both their faces were red.   

“If I tell you to fuck her, are you ready, priest,” Salongo asked?

Suzanne was worried now.  It was as if the Church itself would be there to witness her shame. The priest wanted to resist, but theyd taken the fight out of him.  He was there now, as she was: for entertainment.  He just hung his head and stared at the ground.

“Hold up your tits, whore.  Show him your tits.”

Salongo made her put on a show for him. When she began playing with her tits, Father Jean closed his eyes, so he wouldnt shame her or himself, but when he did that, someone slapped him on the back of his neck with an open hand.  It sounded like a pistol shot. 

“Open your eyes priest, and look at the whores tits.”

He reluctantly obeyed and let his eyes rest on Suzannes big, brown nipples and heavy tits.  He panicked, at this point, and begged for them to let him go. His penis was still soft.  Salongo pointed at it and told him if he didnt get an erection, he was going to beat his ass with a cane.  And then he showed him a thin rattan cane. 

The priest stared at the cruel, thin rod.  They got Suzanne standing right in front of him.  He was sweating and as she got closer, he tried to avert his gaze.  Salongo smacked him again on the back of his neck again and the blow caused some of his sweat to land on her.

“Look at her.  Look at her tits and cunt, priest.”

Then they made her spread her legs and rub her crotch.  Soon, she was wet and her labia were glistening.  Poor Father Jean was forced to look and soon his cock started to stiffen.  It grew and soon, as the foreskin retracted, the bright red, almost purple head could be seen.  When it was fully erect, Salongo made him bend over and had another man hold him by his crossed wrists.  Then Salongo cruelly beat him on his buttocks anyway.

“Control yourself...youre supposed to be a priest,” Salongo said, laughing at him.

Suzannes pussy got wet watching Salongo humiliating the priest.  Somehow, the spectacle of a man being sexually shamed was perversely arousing to her.

Father Jean began to moan as Salongo beat him.  To his shame and horror, his prick didnt go down.  It was sticking up below his hairless stomach at a 45 degree angle.  Salongo mocked him about it; got him standing and gave his penis a judo chop, right on the shaft to make it deflate.

This was the pattern.  They made Suzanne assume degrading, sexual postures to arouse him and then do things like rub her nipples up against his chest.  And when his prick got hard they whipped him.  Then someone would give it a judo chop or squeeze his balls to make him lose his erection.  It was a very cruel game with lots of verbal abuse for both of them. 

She was called a slut and a whore.  He was beaten for his erection.  Suzanne was told that only a “whore” had a hot, wet pussy like hers.  He was tantalized and then punished when he responded the only way a man can. Poor Father Jean game went on until they made her kneel at his feet and take hold of his prick and masturbate him until he ejaculated on her face.  He shot a big load of semen and this made the men laugh and clap.  He spurted eight or nine times.

The soldiers had more cruel tricks.   She was tied naked, with her hands over her head to an overhead beam, facing him tied the same way.  His wet prick leaked all over her tummy.  They spread her legs and made her stand on a box.  They tightened the slack in her bonds so that his prick, fully-erect, was right between her legs.

Salongo gave the order, “beat them.”

The men used canes on the both of them - him first.  As they beat him, the heat it produced and the intimacy of their positions caused him to rub up against her.  Soon, he was moaning as they whipped him and Suzanne could feel his prick throbbing between her legs, as he bumped up against her and it slid between the lips of her sex.

She was caned next and when her wide hips lurched forward with the blows his prick rubbed between her wet thighs.  This made her hotter  Then they beat both of them at the same time.  The whipping and the heat in her pussy coupled with his prick between her legs soon had her sweating and juicy.  She looked up at his face and saw he was struggling to control himself.

“Im sorry…I cant help it Sister……I… cant….Oh God,” he said.

She told him it was “OK”, but his cock rubbing back and forth thru her wet sex - driving her crazy; and it was almost impossible for her to control herself.  She had to stifle the urge to hump him.  She instinctively clamped her thighs together in anticipation of the next blow and as she did so, she trapped his prick between her thighs.

As she did so, she heard him gasp and then his hips humped her as the next blow landed on his butt.  She cried out as the cane landed again on her butt cheeks; and she felt something wet and dripping down her thighs.  The men were all laughing and pointing.  Father Jeans face told all - hed cum right between her legs. Hed lost control.

Her squeezing him as she was caned caused him to cum on her.  He was so ashamed; and hung his head.  The humiliation they both felt was overwhelming.   Salongo came over to inspect.  He bent down and examined them.  Semen was wet on her legs as she hung there still pressed up against him.

“Im so sorry…I couldnt help myself,” he apologized to her.

She told him, “its OK, Father.” 

She was really ashamed because she had cum too.  Salongo reached down between her legs and felt her.  He slid his fingers thru her sex, saw she was very wet; brought his fingers up to her face.

“You liked it……you WHORE. Filthy WHORE!”

They were both puppets in a sadistic play. The two of them looked and groaned when they saw Gamba and Oba hauling over the portable telephone from Jomos tent.

She was told, “you have 15 minutes to make him cum….use your mouth whore.” 

If Suzanne did it in time, she would win and Father Jean would be hooked up to the generator.  If he held out in this cruel game, she would be wired for a session of “shock and shake”.  This was real mental torture to pit them against each other.  They were both mortified forced to play another sick game.  Nevertheless, she was on her knees in front of him in a flash.  She knew she had no choice.  The real horror for her was then emotional pain she felt as she was forced to show her nastiest side to him...

First, she used her tits to stiffen him.  She retracted his foreskin and rubbed the tip of his prick all over her nipples.  Next, she used her mouth on him.  It was very degrading for her to be showing him what whore tricks shed learned in camp.  And very quickly, Father Jean got hard and erect again - against his will.

She kissed his prick and balls, wetly, up and down; and then put the whole head in her mouth - sucking on it to get him to release his load.  He tried manfully to control himself, but Suzanne was too experienced now.  She felt him struggling, trying not to cum, but when she licked him, slowly, from his nut sack up to the head of his cock, he was a goner.

She made him cum when she began using her lips in a tight wet ring to envelop the mushroom head at the top of his shaft and pull it in and and out...sucking on it hard.  This worked.  He gushed and spurted hotly in her mouth.  She let him finish into the air, so the soldiers could see she had done her job.  She kept milking it; she wanted there to be no doubt who won. 

They wired poor Father Jean to the generator.  Attached the black wire to his toe; and the red wire to the aluminum cigar tube they inserted in his rectum.  Suzanne watched fascinated as Salongo cranked the handle very slowly to make just a little electricity flow.  The priest began squirming, twitching and groaning.  The electricity made his pubic hair stand on end and his cock began to stiffen and twitch. 

As Salongo turned the handle slowly his cock began to swell and lengthen until he had a full erection again.  As more electricity was applied, his cock began to throb; and the head grew almost purple.  It looked like a balloon ready to burst.  There was foam at the corners of his mouth and he began babbling.  Then, they stopped. 

Oba slapped at the his cock.  It wouldnt go down. The soldiers drinking and enjoying the show, laughed at his humiliation.  Oba grabbed him by the ear, like a child, and announced the next “game”.  Heres what it was:  he had to use his mouth on her and then fuck her.

“Lick the whores cunt and then fuck her,” Oba said.

The men made her lie on a table so that her buttocks and pussy were fully exposed for him.  In this degrading position they inserted fingers into her cunt and rubbed her until she squirted. Being fingered... masturbated in front of him was the worst for her.  It was like whatever mask she had been able to keep on her face, was ripped off at that point and the priest could see what she was...

The sound of squelching noises as fingers were relentlessly reamed in and out of her cunt grew louder.  Her pussy smelled too, as her cunt leaked its secretions in response to the stimulation.  Someone said something about that and all the men laughed. 

“You got 15 minutes to make her cum,” Oba said to the priest with a grin. “If you lose - we shock you again.  Whore, if you cum - you get shocked.”

They pushed him over to her wet, waiting cunt.

“Im sorry….but theyre making me do this…..I have to do it……I have no choice…..Im sorry.”

Father Jean kept apologizing.  She didnt say anything.  She thought to herself, Im not gonna cum.  The men forced him to get down on his knees before her and put his mouth on her cunt.

“Get busy…if you know whats good for you.” 

With that hanging in the air, he began to kiss and lick her pussy.  He used his lips and tongue on her hot sex.  Then, encouraged by Oba and Gamba, he stuck his tongue in her hole.  The more he did it, the harder it was for Suzanne to control herself.  Bored, they made him stand and rub the head of his prick around her pussy, making her moan.  Following this, they made him put it in.  They slapped him to get him thrusting his cock in and out.  He speeded up and soon he was fucking her fast and hard. 

As he fucked her, Suzanne felt her self-control crumbling, melting.  She felt a deep boiling, building pressure inside.  She imagined the Devil was inside her making her sin with the priest.  She had a terrifying vision of Hell.  She knew at this moment, that she was going to hell.

She tried to control herself, but this only made it worse.  She felt herself close to the edge.  But she also heard him groan when she squeezed her cunt muscles.  It put pressure on his prick.  It now became a war between them.  Suzanne held onto the table as he thrust his cock into her and reamed her cunt.  She was building up very quickly to a sexual peak.  She was losing control.  Her whole pelvis bore down and she could feel the ORGASM coming, coming, coming, coming.

She began crying, “Oh God....OH GOD.”

She came hard.  Her cunt went into spasms and wave after wave of pleasure washed all through her pelvis from her clit down into her cunt, up into her belly and down her legs.  She found the forbidden thing she was doing, having sex with the young priest, very hot.  She was covered in sweat from her exertions and after cumming, she was very wet between her legs.

Suzanne had a big “wet” cum.  Shed squirted a lot of pussy juice and most of it splashed on the priest.  Father Jean stood up and still had an erection. He hadnt cum.  Her secretions wet the table, her thighs and was all over his groin.  The pungent sexual smell filled the air.  It was obvious to everyone who won.  Suzanne began sobbing....

“You lose whore……wire her,” Salongo said to her cruelly.

“Oh God no….please…….please………”

They tied her to the table and wired her to the telephone.  They put the clip on her clitoris and the cigar tube up her rectum.  Her wet cunt was a sloppy mess and she slipped and slid on the table when Salongo turned the crank very slowly to send a light charge into her. 

The immediate effect on her aroused, wet cunt was pain, but it also made her cunt hotter the more he juiced her.  She grunted, moaned, groaned and then screamed as Salongo kept juicing her.  The men laughed and enjoyed themselves.  They made the priest watch her suffer.  Salongo took the clip off her clit. He had a new idea.

Next, they strung both of them from the upright, belly-to-belly.  They forced a greased cigar tube up his rectum, and got his prick in her pussy. It took a little bit to get them hooked up but, once they were coupled, they beat the both of them on their butts with a paddle.

Father Jean humped her, as they were beaten.  Goaded by the paddle, Suzanne thrust back and they both came.  Then they attached wires to the tubes in their assholes and Salongo turned the crank slowly again on the portable phone.  United by their wet genitals, the current formed a path between their two bodies. 

Salongo discovered that he could keep them fucking and fucking by juicing them just a little.  They humped each other liked crazed weasels as the current had its way with them. Suzanne came and came....she seemed like a demented puppet..

It was painful and humiliating, but they kept making the pair fuck.  Finally Father Jean, after spurting inside her twice, lost his erection and couldnt get another one.  They beat him for his failure.  Then they threw Suzanne, twitching, trembling with a hot, wet pussy on the table and took turns fucking her. 

After theyd all cum inside her, they made the priest clean her packed cunt with his mouth. He threw up as it was a very disgusting and humiliating task... Afterwards, when they got her standing, everyone marveled at her sex: it had swelled to twice its normal size.  When they untied her, she couldnt walk  They had to drag her off.  Two months later Jomo sold her to another tribe.   Suzannes abuse and humiliation were not over.  Her life would never be the same.  For one thing, she was pregnant . . . . .

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