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Mother Gets Caught

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Synopsis: Jill was a happy wife and mother of two children. One day while her husband was gone on a trip she got out her two vibrators and began to play. Her daughter caught her and took some very damaging pictures of her and began to blackmail her.She was mortified but what could she do?

Mother Gets Caught.

Authors note:

       This story might be a little “soft” for some but I still think it is a good story. Maybe some can take the basic story and modify it to their own satisfaction but I enjoyed writing it like this. Let me know what you think. THX.

I came home from school. My dad wasnt home, yet. He wouldnt be home for a few hours. I am fifteen and I am in the eighth grade. My name is Sandy. Mom is usually home but I deemed to be home alone. That was not unusual. She was probably shopping or something.

       When I went upstairs, I heard some noises that sounded like l faint squeaking and some moaning. I quietly sneaked upstairs and discovered that it came from mom and dads room. The door was open a few inches so I peeked in. When I looked in I almost barged in and yelled but I suddenly had a better idea. I didnt know why I did this but it seemed right somehow.  I took my cell phone out and proceeded to take a nice video. I watched as my camera phone got every moment of my mother.

       She was lying on her back, legs spread wide with to vibrators. One was in her ass and the other was being shoved up her pussy. She was working them both in and out while moaning and talking to herself. She had no idea that I was there and watching. I kept my camera phone on and recording every moment. I only wish I had sound too. She kept yelling at no one, “FUCK ME! DAMN IT! FUCK ME HARDER!”

       I kept thinking of what to do with this but I figured I would think about it later. Right now I just wanted to watch. She kept shoving those things in and out harder and harder. I thought she might even hurt herself but she seemed to not only like it but want more. I knew how she felt. I had rubbed myself many times already. I had heard at school about a lot of sexual things that most people would find weird and this was one of them. Soon she was Cumming. I knew what that felt like too. It was a great feeling! She began to scream louder and louder. After she had finished, she just lay there in a big sweaty lump with those two vibrators humming away in her ass and pussy.

       I snuck back downstairs and slammed the front door to pretend I had just got home. I yelled, “MOM, IM HOME!” I heard some noise upstairs and a thump. It was about four or five minutes until she came down. She was wearing a casual skirt and a loose top. I could clearly see through the top. She had obviously not had time to put a bra on. Her tits were much larger than mine. I was hoping mine would get that big soon. Boys seem to like the girls with big tits.

       I said “hi” to mom and went upstairs. I downloaded the video to my computer and saved it in two places on my hard drive and another copy on the web where I can store files. I wanted to make sure it wouldnt get taken or erased. No one could get at my online files without a password. I smiled and went back downstairs. I was already thinking of what to do with this video. I went into the kitchen and we had our usually pleasantries about school and her busy day.

       I walked up to mom and pulled out my cell phone. I pulled up the video and let mom watch it. She suddenly got angry and wide-eyed. She grabbed the phone from me and began to yell.

       Mom: “WHERE DID YOU GET THIS?! I am taking this right now and you will be punished for this!”

       Sandy: “I saw you on your bed before. I recorded the whole thing. You seemed to be enjoying you two little friends.”

       Mom: “You will not talk to me like that. You are grounded for 3 weeks and you will be doing a lot of chores around here for sneaking around like that.”

       Sandy: “I dont think so, mom. I have several copies of that video. I dont think I want to be punished.”

       Mom: “Give them to me, RIGHT NOW!”

       Sandy: “NO! I am not giving them to you until you are nicer to me. You are always giving me orders and yelling at me. I want you to stop it!”

       Mom: “Ok, honey. I will try and be nicer to you. Now give me the video and we can talk about it.”

       Sandy: “I dont think I want to give it to you. You are already being nicer to me and I think it YOU that is going to get yelled at for a while.”

       Mom: “Please give me the video. If anyone sees it, It will ruin me. I wont be able to go to work, knowing everyone saw this and your father would get VERY angry at me. I would be humiliated in front of all of my friends.”

       Sandy: “See? You are already being nicer. I actually heard the word, “please” in there somewhere. I will tell you what. If you do what I say, I will keep the video to myself and not show it to anyone. IS it a deal?”

       Mom: “Please, Sandy. Give me the video. Please?”

       Sandy: “We have already determined that I am keeping it. I will ask you only one more time. IS IT A DEAL?”

       Mom: “Ok. I will do it. What do you want? We dont have a lot of money. Please dont ask me to buy you a lot of things”

       Sandy: “Oh, dont worry. I will not be spending a lot of money but I will need some. For now, though, I can see you are not dressed very well, are you? I think you should walk around the house naked for a while, so go ahead, Mom, Strip!”

       Mom: “Please dont Sandy. What if someone sees me?”

       Sandy: “Someone WILL see you in bed with your two friends if you dont take of your clothes right now!

       Mom: “Ok. OK. I will take of my clothes. Please dont show that video.”

       Sandy: “I told you I wouldnt as long as you do what I tell you to.”

       Sandys mom stripped and stood before her naked. She was nervous. She hadnt been naked in front of Sandy since she was a little girl. Sandy just stood there for a minute looking her mother up and down. She reached out and touched one of her mothers tits and felt it. She still was hoping her tits would get that big too. Her mother flinched and pulled away and Sandy yelled at her.

       Sandy: “Stand still! I want to feel your tits! I want to know what they feel like and to try and figure out why the boys like them big like yours are.”

       Sandys mother just stood there but didnt say anything. At first Sandy was just feeling them and then she started to squeeze them. When she began to pinch her nipples a little bit her mother closed her eyes and moan a little bit. Sandy pulled back and stared at her mother for a minute. She knew that it felt good. She had pinched her own nipples before but her mother had just reacted to her touch. It was weird that her mother should get horny form her own daughter.

       Mom, is that all it takes to get you horny? If you get turned on by your own daughter, you must be a slut and get turned on by anyone or anything. That is interesting. For now, I dont want to catch you touching yourself at all. A true slut must be controlled and given instructions. For now make me some dinner.

She told her mother to make her some food and that she was hungry. Sandys mother made her a sandwich and some potato salad and sat down to have dinner with her. Sandy told her that she didnt want to eat with her and that shed have to wait. Her mother began to clean the kitchen until Sandy was finished. All the while that she was eating; she was watching her mother and thinking about what to do, now that her mother was doing what SHE wanted for a change instead of ordering her around all the time. Sandy knew that her life just got better but she had to think about what to do, now.

Sandy told her mother that she was not allowed to eat. She needed to lose weight and Sandy was her new physical trainer. Sandy told her mother that she would only eat what and when she was told to. Her mother had no choice. She agreed.

They both herd Sandys brother come home from school and walk in the front door. Her mother grabbed her kitchen apron and began to cover herself. She didnt want her 14 year old son to see her. Sandy grabbed the apron away and told her that she was suppose to naked ALL THE TIME! Her mother asked het o please let her cover herself. Sandy told her “NO!”

Brian (Sandys brother) walked in and stared at his mother. He had never seen a woman naked before. This was his own mother but he still stared. Both Sandy and their mother could see his little cock grow and stiffen right up.

Sandy: “Look mother. You own son likes to see you naked. Cant you see his cock getting hard?”

Mother: “Please Sandy. Please let me cover up in front of Brian.”

Sandy: “You had better stop asking that. Im getting tired of your whining. I will have to think of something to punish YOU with for a change. You have spent a lot of time punishing us and I think it is time for you to be punished.”

Brian: “Why is she naked and why is she listening to you?”

Sandy: “She is listening to me because I told her to, isnt that right, mother?”

Mother: “She is right, Brian. I am listening to her now. Sandy is in charge.”

Brian: “Im not doing what she says!”

Sandy: “Dont worry little brother. You may do whatever you want to. I dont care but you still have to do what dad says. He doesnt know about mom and you CANT tell him!”

Brian: “I promise as long as I can do what I want.”

Sandy: “I dont care what you do as long you as long its ok with dad but you dont have to do anything that mom says. Mom does what I tell her to do, now!

       Mom, from now on you will do whatever I tell you. You will let me do whatever I want. If someone else is in the room you will politely agree with me and let me do whatever I ask. IS that clear?”

Mom: “Yes Sandy. It is clear.”

Sandy smiled and said to her mother, “get on your hands and knees.”

Her mother got down on her hands and knees and waited. Sandy told Brian to get on her back and ride her around. Brain yelled with joy and jumped on his mothers back. Sandy kicked her is the ass and told her to give him a ride once around the house. Their mother almost begged her to not do this but didnt want to make her angry. She was only fourteen and her mother had no idea what kind of punishments she could imagine.

She started to crawl around with Brian on her back. He was laughing and kicking her in the sides and yelling, “Come on horsey, go faster!” She was moving as fast as she was able and he was enjoying every minute of it. Sandy yelled for her to take him up to his room and then crawl back down to the kitchen. All Sandy could hear was Brian Yelling and laughing as they went upstairs. Her mother came crawling back a couple of minutes later.

Sandy: “look at your tits. They hang down and swing around like a big cow. Maybe I dont want big ones like you. They look funny swinging around like that. I will have to ask my friends about that. Maybe you could show those tits to them and we could let them decide. What do you think?”

Mother: “Please Sandy. If your friends see me, I will get into trouble. I am not supposed to be like this with young teenagers. They will put me in jail.”

Sandy: “You will do what I say but I will think of some way to get around that little problem. Besides, I can trust my friends.”

Sandys mother was afraid. She didnt want to go to jail but Sandy still had that video. She didnt know what to do.

Sandy: “I dont want you obeying Brian unless I tell you to. Let him complain to me if that becomes a problem but for now you WILL do WHATEVER I say!”

Mother: “Yes, Sandy. I will do whatever you tell me.”

Sandy: “Dad will be home pretty soon. You will not tell him about any of this. You will remain naked of course. That is a standing order for you. You will be naked at ALL TIMES!”

Mother: “What will I tell your father?”

Sandy: “I dont care what you tell him. That is your problem, not mine. I am still curious about your tits being so big. Here is what I want you to do. I want you to do one hundred jumping jacks for me. I want to see those big tits bounce around.”

Sandys mother wanted to object but she realized that she was beaten.  Her own daughter now owned her body and soul. She began to do one hundred jumping jacks for her daughter. Sandy just watched as her mother jumped up and down in front of her.

Sandy: “Damn! Look at those big tits of your flopping up and down. Dont stop! If you stop, I will punish you. I will be right back. Sandy came back a minute later with her camera. This was a better one than the cell phone and it would take much better videos.

She sat down and saw that her mother was still doing her jumping jacks. She started to get the camera ready.

Sandy: “ How many have you done so far?”

Mother (Breathing heavy): “I dont know. I wasnt counting. May I please stop? This hurts.”

Sandy: “NO! Now start over and count out loud so you dont lose your place.”

Her mother started counting over from the beginning and was getting very tired. She was not one to exercise much and was getting VERY tired. Sandy pointed the camera at her mother and started to record her. This camera had sound so her counting could be heard. Her mother was petrified. Here she was, bouncing up and down, her tits flopping up and down while her daughter was recording it all. She was terrified that someone would see these videos. She had to do what Sandy told her. Sandy was now her owner and boss. What will she do now?

Sandy (laughing): Damn it mom! Look at those big ass tits of your flop up and down. Does it hurt or do they just get all stretched out and hang even lower. I think we should find out. You will be excursing regularly from now on with those big udders of your hanging out and flopping around like that.

Finally her mother reached one hundred and collapsed on the floor, breathing heavy. Sandy took the camera and plugged it into the TV so everyone could watch. She called Brian down to watch as well. Her mother was embarrassed beyond belief. Her own 14 year old daughter now controlled her life and her 11 year old son was now seeing and watching her naked and degrading herself for Sandys amusement.

       Sandy and Brian sat on the couch to watch. Sandy told        her mother to sit on the floor. She was not allowed on the furniture anymore. Sandy turned on the video. Brian began to laugh.

       Brian: “Do womens tits really bounce like that?”

       Sandy: “I dont think so, Brain but I am not sure. I dont know anyone elses that does that. Maybe our mother tits are too big. I am having her start to exercise more and maybe they get smaller. They do look funny, dont they?”

       Brian (Laughing): “They sure do. Can I see them for real?”

       Sandy: “Sure. Go on mom. Do twenty more jumping jacks for Brian.”

       Her mother got up and began to jump up and down again for Brian. She was mortified. Here was her two children staring at her while she jumped up and down for them, naked, so they could watch her tits bounce. Could it get any worse?

       Brian: “WOW! Do all womens tits bounce like that or just moms? Do yours bounce like that?”

       Sandy: “I am not sure about other women but mine dont.”

       Brian: “Lets see yours too, Sandy.”

       Sandy: “You will NEVER see mine and if you ever say that again or even try to see mine, I will have mom punish you!”

       Brian: “Ok. Ok. I promise.”

       Their mother got to twenty and once again collapsed on the floor breathing heavy. She was not fat or overweight but she WAS out of shape and if she kept this up without a bra she knew her tits would sag faster than normal for most women.

       The three of them heard the garage door open and they knew that was their father coming home from work. Brian and Sandy just sat watching TV while their mother went into the kitchen to start fixing dinner. She was still naked and trying to think of a reason why she was naked.

       She heard her husband (Mike) come in the living room and say “hi” to the kids. When he walked into the kitchen he stopped and stared, wide-eyed, at his wife (Jill).

       Mike: “JILL! Why the hell are you naked??!” You shouldnt be running around like that in front of the kids.”

       Jill: “OH come on, Mike, You see me naked all the time and the kids have not even noticed.”

       Mike went into the living room and asked: “Do you kids know that your mother is naked?”

       Sandy: “We noticed. We dont care whether she is naked or not. It doesnt bother us as long as our friends dont see her.”

       Brian: “Yea, Who cares?”

       Mike went back into the kitchen and sat down and stared at Jill some more. They both began to discuss their day and pretty soon, Mike got used to Jill being naked and didnt even pay any attention to it. Dinner was ready and Jill called them to eat. They all sat down at the table to eat. The kids picked at their food, as usual when Sandy suddenly said, “I am not eating any carrots!”

       Jill: “Thats ok, dear. You dont have to eat them.”

       Sandy: “Thanks mom.”

       Brian: “I dont want my carrots, either!”

       Jill: “Will eat your carrots Young man or you will go to bed right now!”

       Brian was going to say something when Sandy kicked him under the table and shook her head “no”. He got a pouty look on his face and began to pick at his carrots. Their dinner went without any further problems. Mike told Jill he had to go down in the basement to his office for a couple of hours and didnt want to be disturbed and he left. Jill looked at Sandy and asked, “Do you want me to do the dishes?” It was normally Sandys job to do dishes.

       Sandy: “NO! I am not doing anymore chores around here. You will be doing all my chores! Get to work, mom. I will be in my room. I need to talk to my friends. When you are finished cleaning up, you will crawl up to my room and knock lightly. Be sure to stay on your hands and knees until I answer or I will have you exercising until you collapse on the floor. You need it!”

       Jill: “Yes Sandy.”

       Later when Jill crawled up stairs and lightly tapped on Sandys door. She didnt hear anything and was afraid of Mike seeing her but she had no choice. That video Sandy had would destroy her. Brian came up to her and walked around her and went into Sandys room. Jill could hear a faint mumble of voices but couldnt understand them.

       It was about ten minutes later when Sandy opened the door and told her mother to crawl in and sit on the floor. She told her that Brian wanted to see the video and that she wanted Jill to watch it too.

       Jill: “Please no, Sandy. Brian should not see that. Please?”

       Sandy: “What did I tell you about begging? Now I will have to punish you. Now sit there and be quiet!”

       Brian sat next to Sandy at the computer and they watched the video together. Brian kept turning around and looking at Jill and giggling.

       Brian: “Does she do that all the time?”

       Sandy: “Probably but I only saw her once. Do you do this a lot, mom?”

       Jill: “I do this about three times per week.”

       Sandy: “WOW! You must enjoy it! At school, wed call you a slut. IS that what you are? Is our mother a slut?”

       Jill: “No, Sandy, I am not a slut. Married people have sex all the time.”

       Sandy: “This isnt sex. This is you with two vibrators, playing with yourself.”

       Brain: “Thats not a good video and theres no sound. Can I watch her do that right now, Sandy? Please?”

       Sandy: “Well, normally I would say “no” but mom needs to be punished so I think she should put on a little show for us. Go ahead mom. Get your two dildos and come back in here.”

       Jill: “Yes Sandy.”

       Jill was scared out of her wits. It was bad enough that Sandy AND Brian saw that video but now they would watch her in person. She had no choice. She was at the mercy of a fourteen year old girl. She wasnt sure if she should crawl or not but she did. She didnt want Sandy to think up any punishments that were even worse.

       When she crawled back in with the two dildos she sat down and waited for Sandy to say something. She had already realized that she was not to do ANYTHING unless Sandy told her to. She saw that they had set up two chairs at the foot of the bed. Obviously she was the entertainment.

       Sandy: “Get on the bed like you were before in the video, mom.”

       Brian: “I have never seen a girl do this. I have never even seen what a girl looks like “down there”.”

       Sandy: “Well Brian, you are going to get a front row seat, so pay close attention! Ok mom. Lets see it. Shove those two inside you like you did before. Make sure that you enjoy it to. I think Brian would love it if he could actually see you cum. It would help with his sex education, I think. GO ON MOM! GET STARTED OR I WILL PUNISH YOU MUCH WORSE THAN THIS!”

       Jill: “Please Sandy. Brian should not be seeing this. He is way too young.”

       Sandy: “I am getting tired of you begging. Now you have another punishment coming. Lets go! Shove those things in!”

       Jill began to cry but laid back and turned the two vibrators on. She slowly pushed the first one into her ass hole. When that one was set and she was satisfied it was not coming out she slowly pushed the other one up her cunt. She was crying and red-faced but kept going. She was becoming more and more afraid of Sandy. Brain and Sandy began to talk and watch her as if she wasnt even there.

       Brian: “She can fit two of them inside her? Why does she put one in her butt like that?”

       Sandy: “Girls have an extra hole down there. Its where babies come out. I dont know why she puts one in her ass hole. Maybe thats what sluts do. I guess this proves that our mother is a true slut.”

       Jill continued to work the two vibrators the same as when sandy caught her. She was losing herself to her own lust and wasnt paying any attention to her children. She was moving them faster and faster in and out with loud squishing noises. Her juices were flowing all over Sandys bed. Sandy and Brian just stared at her. Brian would normally made fun of her but he was mesmerized by her little show. Soon she stiffened up and was shaking and yelling.


       Jill came with a vengeance and after two orgasms she just lay there panting with the two vibrators inside her buzzing away.

       Brain: “What happened?”

       Sandy: “Its called an orgasm. Its like when you play with yourself.”

       Brian: “I DO NOT!”

       Sandy: “Its ok. All boys play with themselves. Its perfectly normal. Isnt that right, mom?”

       Jill: Yes Brian. Sandy is right. All boys your age do that. Its perfectly normal.”

       Jill relaxed for a minute. She was happy to be a mother for a minute and help Brian understand until she saw Brian staring at her cunt. She closed her legs and just looked at Sandy.

       Sandy: “Well mom, you have a second punishment coming and I know just what it will be. You will be punished and Brian will get his education all at the same time. Here is what you will do. You will give brains little cock a blow job and if he is up to it, he will fuck you.”

       Jill (crying): “Please no, Sandy. He is my own son and he is too young. It is not right!”

       Sandy: “There you go, begging again. The next punishment will be tomorrow after school and before dad comes home. You had better hurry up before dad gets finished with his work and comes up here and catches you.”

       Jill started crying all over again but got down on her knees on the floor and waited for Brian to come over by her.

       Brain: “What do I do, now?”

       Sandy: “Drop you pants and go stand in front of her and she will do the rest. Trust me you will like this a lot.”

       Brain: “Im not getting naked in front of you!”


       Sandy: “Brian! This is for your own good and besides, I will get naked for you tomorrow but we dont have time now. Hurry up before dad comes up.”

       Jill looked nervously at the clock. Sandy was right. Mike would be finished soon. The only thing she could do is hurry and suck her sons cock and hope he was a typical teenager and would cum fast. MY GOD, What was she thinking? She desperately DIDNT want to suck her own sons cock OR let him fuck her. She was his mother! She began to shake. It was unnatural and wrong!

       Brian walked over to his mother and looked down at her. He was nervous and both Sandy and their mother could tell. He stood over her and stared at her naked body. Brians interest in his mother was obvious to both of them. Brian had nice big erection and all three of them knew it.

       Brian: “Sandy, turn you back. I am not getting naked in front of you.”

       Sandy: “OK.OK. Hurry up and drop your pants. Mom, help him. Dad will be finished soon!”

       Sandy turned her back to them and Jill reached up and rubbed Brians cock through his pants. It was rock hard. Jill started to cry again and pleaded with Sandy to not let this happen and that it was wrong. Sandy only laughed and told her that her punishments were piling up and she had better hurry or dad would catch her himself.

       Jill undid Brians pants and slid them down to his ankles. She reached up and stroked his cock and rubbed his balls. He immediately began to moan. Sandy turned around to watch. Brian didnt seem to care anymore, anyway. Sandy said, “Come on mom talk dirty to him. Maybe that will help.” Jill just looked at her daughter and cried and began to talk to Brian.

       Jill: “Come on Brian. You can make that nice cock even harder for your mother, cant you? I want you to choke me with it and shove it down my throat.”

       Sandy just laughed and watched. Brian looked down and saw something that he would NEVER forget. A woman, his own mother, was opening her mouth and licking his cock like it was a lollypop. She held his balls and took his entire cock into her mouth. Brian was moaning and Sandy was watching but staying quiet. She had never seen this either and wanted to see it close up.

       Jill began to work his cock in and out of her mouth, faster and faster. She wanted him to cum quickly before Mike saw them. She sucked and licked as if her life depended on it. Just as her was about to cum, Jill squeezed his balls while Brian shot his load into his mothers mouth. He instinctively grabbed his mothers head and pulled on it as he came. Jill almost choked on it. Brian must have had an entire quart saved up. She tried to swallow as much as she could but she was not very experienced at giving blow jobs. Mike was not very demanding, which was why she used her vibrators all the time.

       Jill had cum on her chin and it dripped onto her tits. Brian would have fallen onto the floor if Jill hadnt caught him. She helped him onto the bed and then looked at Sandy.

       Jill: “Can I please go clean up before Mike comes upstairs?”

       Sandy: “Get out of here. You look disgusting with that stuff all over your face and tits. I am through with you for tonight but we will have some fun in the morning. You will never stop being punished if you dont start listening. No where have I heard that before?”

       Brian and Sandy both laughed at her last statement for minutes after Jill left. Jill cleaned up and went downstairs. Her and mike watched TV and then went to bed. Fortunately Mike was tired and simply wanted to sleep. Jill lay awake almost all night. She had gotten sick once and spent half of the night in the bathroom. What she had done to her own son was terrible. She could only pray that Sandy would get bored with her and leave her alone.

       The next day while Sandy and Brian were at school, Jills day went normal except that she was naked all day and the idea of giving her own son a blow job weighed heavy on her mind. She was afraid of sandy and disgusted with herself. The kids got home at their normal time that day. When Sandy and Brian came home, they seemed excited about the idea of having more fun with Jill.

       Sandy told Jill to get into the living room and do one hundred more jumping jacks for them. Jill started doing the jumping jacks and this time she was counting them out loud. The kids began to laugh all over again at her tits bouncing up and down. Jill was embarrassed to say the least. There were two young teenagers laughing at her tits bouncing. She wanted to crawl into a hole and die but she didnt dare challenge Sandy. The videos she took would put her in prison.

       Jill reached one hundred and collapsed on the floor, breathing heavy like the day before. While she was on her hands and knees breathing, Sandy laughed all over again and commented on how her tits looked like the udders of a cow hanging down. Jill was too tired and too numb to care at this point. They couldnt do anything more to her that would make things worse.


       Sandy: “Brian, would you like another chapter in you sex education, now?”

       Brian: “Like what?”

       Sandy: “I think youre ready to have real sex with mom. Would you like that?”

       Brian: “I guess so. What do I have to do?”

       Sandy: “We will go back upstairs and I will show you.”


       Brian: “Do I have to get naked again?”

       Sandy: “Of course, silly. How else are you going to have sex? Dont worry. I will not be looking.”

       Brian: “Sure. Yesterday was great and if this is anything like that, I would like to do more of both.”

       Sandy: “You will be doing as much as I want you to. Probably a lot depending on how much she needs to be punished. Lets go.”

       Sandy made Jill crawl upstairs on her hands and knees to Sandys room. Sandy was laughing and kicking her in the ass the whole way. She ordered Jill to lay on the bed with her legs spread and stay there. Sandy put her finger into her mothers cunt to show Brian what it was and where it was. She told Brian to put his finger in his mothers cunt to feel it. He told her it was wet and slimy and pulled his fingers out quickly.

       Sandy: “Brian, I see you cock is stiff again. Thats good. Now get on top of her and push it into that hole you felt.”

       Brain took his pants off and climbed on top of his mother. His cock was stiff as it could possibly get. He pushed it into her cunt and moaned while he shoved it in.

       Brian: “God that feels good. Now what do I do?”

       Sandy: “Start pumping you cock in and out and keep it up until you get that feeling like yesterday. All of your cum will shoot into her. Continue pumping until you are finished. Thats all you have to do.”

       Brain began to fuck his mother. He was slow at first because he wasnt sure what he was doing. Jill just closed her eyes and cried. She wanted to beg and beg but she knew she would get no sympathy from her daughter. Sandy now owned her body and soul. Maybe prison would be better. All this went through her mind in a second.

Soon she began to hump back in rhythm with her sons fucking. She started to moan and hump back. Brian was a typical teenager, though. He had no endurance for this and came VERY quickly! She was just getting horny when she felt his load of cum shoot deep into her cunt. She was praying she wouldnt get pregnant. The thought of giving birth to her own grandchild made her start crying all over again. Brian lay on her for a couple of minutes before he climbed off. He looked at Sandy. He was still naked but now didnt seem to care if Sandy saw him or not. She was giving him a lot of pleasure and he didnt care. After he climbed of his mother, she just lay there. Sandy didnt give her any orders and without them, she was afraid to do anything. Brian and Sandy stared at Jills cunt.

       Sandy: “See that stuff oozing out of her?”

       Brian: “Yes. What is that? It looks icky.”

       Sandy: “That is what you shot into her cunt. Its called sperm, or as most people call it “cum”.”


       Sandy told Jill to use her hand and scoop it up and lick her hands clean. Jill, still crying, took her hand and fingers and licked her sons cum out of her own cunt. It took four handfuls. Brian seemed to have very large loads, when he came. When she was finished, Sandy ordered her mother to get on her knees and lick his cock clean, too. Jill climbed to the floor on her knees and crawled over to Brian and began to lick his cock. She tasted Brians cum mixed with her own juices. Just about the same time as he was clean, his cock became hard again. Apparently Brian didnt have any endurance but he DID recover quickly.

Sandy: “Brian, it looks like you are ready for more. Would you like another blowjob?”

Brian: “You mean like yesterday? I sure would! That felt great!”

Sandy: “Go ahead mom. Suck his cock until he cums. Make sure you swallow it all this time. You were an absolute mess yesterday.”

Jill began to suck Brains cock again. Brian began to moan immediately. This time he grabbed her head right away and pulled on it in rhythm to her sucking and his pumping. He began to get vocal this time also.

Brian: “Oh God! Come on mom, suck me harder! Keep it up! Dont stop! God that feels good!”

Sandy just laughed. Between Brians moaning, she said, “My god, mom, you are a true slut. Only a slut would let her own son fuck her and then give him a blow job too.”

Sandy barely got her sentence out when Brian came again. HE moaned loudly, “OH GOD! KEEP GOING MOM! KEEP GOING! OH GOD!!” He stiffened up and shot another large load into his mothers waiting mouth. She took all of it this time. She was ready for a large load and didnt spill any.

Sandy: “Now clean him off again, mom. If he gets hard again, you will keep giving him blow jobs until he stays soft. DO you understand, mother?”

Jill (mouth full): “Umm  Hmm.”

Soon Jill had Brain all cleaned up but even he could get hard a third time. Sandy ordered Jill to lie on the bed face down with her legs hanging over the side. She laid there with her ass sticking out for all to see. Sandy told Brian that later he would fuck her like this. He would stick his cock into her from behind and fuck her. She told him that it is just as fun but it shows that mom here is now beneath us and is subservient to us.

Sandy: “She belongs to me, now and will do anything that I say. Isnt that right, mom?”

Jill: “Yes Sandy. You are right. I will do whatever you tell me to.”

Brian: “Will she do what I say, too?”

Sandy: “No! She is MINE! If you want her to do something, you have to ask me, first. She will not do what you want unless I tell her to!”

Brian grumbled but got dressed and went downstairs. Sandy told Jill to fallow her down on her hands and knees and make them something to eat. Jill crawled down behind her daughter and into the kitchen. Sandy ordered her to make them some cheeseburgers. It didnt take long and while they were eating, Sandy ordered her mother to crawl on her hands and knees and put her nose into the corner of the wall with her ass sticking out so they could see it better. Jill had given up. She admitted to herself that she was now the property of her own 14 year old daughter and would do anything she wanted.

They finished eating and Jill was ordered to clean up the kitchen and then crawl into the living room for further orders. When Jill crawled in the room, Sandy ordered her to wiggle around so Brian could see her tits jiggle around. Brian laughed at them. Even he said they looked like a cow when she wiggled around like that. Sandy got her camera and took a short video of Jills tits jiggling around and then told her to stop and to put her nose in the corner like before with her ass sticking up. Sandy got her camera and took some more pictures of her ass.

Sandy: “These pictures will make a nice scrapbook. Mom, I will show it to you when its finished. Wont that be fun?”

Jill was still crying but had no more tears left. She was now the family dog to her own children. It was almost time for Mike to come home so Sandy told her mother to get up and act normal and for Brian to SHUT UP about what was happening! Brian smiled and agreed.

Mike walked in and went into the kitchen but didnt say anything. He sat down and ate a little bit but didnt pay any attention to anyone. He seemed different than he usually did when he came home. He ate and went upstairs for a while before returning to the living room. He had something in his hand that no one could see and went into the garage for about five minutes before returning again.

Mike yelled: “Everyone sit down on the couch, NOW and shut the fuck up!!”

The three of them sat down but when they saw the look on Mikes face they didnt speak. He gave Sandy a look that sent shivers through her spine. He pulled out to small flash drives form his pocket and when Sandy saw them she stared wide eyed and her face was white. They were the two flash drives that she had stored all her mothers pictures and videos on. One she had given to her friend and she had NO idea how he got it or even knew about it.

The next thing he did was to throw the hard drive from her computer onto the floor. They all looked at it and saw that it had three very large holes drilled into it. He took the two flash drives and crushed them in his hands. Sandy got more and more scared by the second.

Mike walked over to them and COMMANDED them to all sit and shut the fuck up! He reached down and grabbed Sandy by her shirt and slammed her against the wall. He took his hand to her throat and held her up to the wall so her toes barely touched the floor.

Mike (Angry and yelling): “You little fucking bitch! ALL your pictures and videos of Jill are gone. I have even erased the files that you store on line. Besides these in my hand, those files you had on line are the only ones that you had, except for that camera, there and it will be destroyed shortly. I have seen everything that you have done to her. No one EVER does that to my wife. If you werent my children, you would not live through the night. I MEAN BOTH OF YOU! Do you two have ANY idea how much Jill has sacrificed for you two pieces of human garbage and you repay her with this!!??”

Mike threw Sandy across the room. She slammed against the wall gasping for breath. He came over to Brian and grabbed him. Brian tried to get away but mike was way too fast. He threw him across the room and he landed right on Sandy and knocked her down. Brain got the wind knocked out of him and they both were on the floor gasping for breath.

Jill just stood there watching. When Mike turned to her, she almost ran but she saw the same love in his eyes that she saw on their first date. He walked toward her and she jumped into his arms and just shook and cried.

Mike gently put her back on the couch and covered her with a blanket and told her to rest and relax. He reached down to the camera and pulled out the memory card and crushed it. All the pictures and videos of her were now destroyed. Jill grabbed a pillow and hugged it but kept crying. She was NEVER so grateful to see her husband! They all had NO idea how he knew or how he found all her files. Mike went over and grabbed both of his children and held each one up against the wall like he had Sandy, before. He was holding them up by their necks with one hand around each of them. They were gasping for breath while he yelled at them.

Mike: “You two little basterds have NO idea how much I have had to control myself in the last twenty four hours while I watched you two abuse and degrade my wife. Never have I seen two human beings like you. I am using all my strength right now to keep from twisting your heads off.”

Sandy (gasping): How did you know? Please, daddy. Please dont hurt us.”

Mike (yelling): “Dont you dare beg to me you little bitch. How many times did she (Jill) beg you to let her go and all you did was laugh and make her life even more miserable!

Did you forget what I do for a living you fucking bitch?! I am an electrical engineer and I know more about computers and software than the people that build them and write the software for them. They all COME TO ME when they cant do something! AS to how I knew, FUCK YOU! I know everything that goes on here, EVERYTHNG!!”

Mike dragged his two screaming and crying children down to the basement and chained their arms behind their backs and with one leg, each, chained to a steel support in the basement. He ripped their clothes off and left them, while he went back upstairs. ON the way out, he said, “There you both go. You can fuck and suck each other all you want to for all I give a shit. NO ONE EVER DOES THAT TO MY WIFE! NO ONE! NOT EVEN YOU TWO LITTLE FUCKING PIECES OF HUMAN GARBAGE!!”

Mike turned the lights out and left them in the dark and then went back upstairs. Sandy and Brian just sat there next to each other, crying. They slide together to keep warm and shook both in fear and because of the cold. They were terrified of their father right now.

Mike went back up to Jill and sat down next to her. He held her in his arms while she just sat there shaking. Everything that just happened went by so very fast. She kept waiting to wake up and find out that Sandy was laughing at her, still. There was just Mike. She kept crying while he quietly held her. She knew she was safe.

Jill: “What are we going to do about Sandy and Brian?”

Mike: “I am not sure, yet but those two will not see the light of day until I DO figure it out. I will not stand by and let anyone hurt you, not even our own children.”

Jill: “Lets go to bed. Suddenly I am very tired. Should we give them a blanket or something?”

Mike: “NO. Screw them!”

Jill: “Ok but I dont want to hurt them. Please. Cant we make this right without hurting them?”

Mike: “I will try to fix this without hurting them. I really dont want to hurt them either.”

Jill: Lets go to bed and sleep on it.”

Mike (Grinning): “Want makes you think you are getting any sleep tonight?”

They both laughed and went upstairs. ON the way up, Mike asked, “Would you still consider walking around naked? I think I like that idea.” Jill giggled and said, “I will if youre a good boy.”

The next morning, they woke up and got out of bed. Jill asked why Mike didnt go to work. He told her he had taken some vacation time and that the two of them needed to take care of the two basterd children of theirs.

He went downstairs and saw them chained up just like he left them. He smiled as he noticed that they both had pissed on the floor during the night. They were both sitting in it because they couldnt get far enough away. He laughed as he unchained their legs but left their hands tied behind their backs. They smelled of piss and sweat.

Mike: “Come with me.”

Mike grabbed each of them by the arm and pulled them upstairs and out into the back yard.

Sandy: “Please daddy. Someone will see us like this.”

Mike: “Tough shit. You should have thought of that when you were putting my wife on display.”

Mike grabbed the garden hose and sprayed the two of them down well enough to clean them up and get the piss off them. They both yelped because of the cold water but they didnt dare run. They were completely naked and praying that no one would see them. It didnt take long. When Mike finished, he dragged them back into the living room and untied their hands. They were untied but afraid and just stood there. They looked at their mom but she only stared back with no emotion.

Mike: “We need to dry you two off. I want you both to do one hundred jumping jacks right NOW! Lets go! I want hear you count each one.”

Sandy and Brian began to jump up and down. Mike laughed and told Jill to watch Sandys little titties bounce along with Brians tiny little cock. After one hundred they both stopped and lean over panting heavily but they were now dry.  Jill was still sitting on the couch wrapped in a blanket. She was sitting very still and without any emotion. Mike figured she was badly traumatized and in shock by what had happened. It was understandable. Her two children whom she loved dearly had betrayed and humiliated her.

Mike told Jill to stay there and lie down on the couch and try to rest. He told he would be back in a little while. Jill just stared, curled up in the blanket. Mike began to cry and leaned over and kissed her. She seemed fine yesterday. This was obviously a delayed reaction to what had happened. This just made him angrier.

Sandy and Brian sensed what was happening. They backed up a little as Mike turned around and stared at them. They have NEVER seen him like this. He had a primal look on his face, as if he was in the wild attacking his prey. He grabbed each of them by an arm and dragged them upstairs. Maybe “dragged” isnt the correct word. Their feet barely touched the floor. They were crying and pleading with him which only made him angrier. He threw them on the bed and told them to stay there and “shut the fuck up!”

He left for a minute and came back with a small bag and his camera. The camera was a high quality device that was set up on a tri-pod. He shoved Brian down in a chair and told him that if he made so much as a “peep”, he would regret it. He slunk down in the chair and remained absolutely silent. He pushed Sandy down on the bed and gave her his orders.

Mike gave her a series of orders and told her that shed better get it right the first time or they would keep re-filming it until it WAS right! Mike sat down next to Brian and watched. He wasnt watching because he was a pervert, he was watching to make sure it was done right. His only thoughts were on Jill. The camera was set up so Mike and Brian were out of the picture.

Sandy walked naked up to the camera, turned it on and pretended to adjust it. The camera picked up her every move and the audio picked up all of her mumbling to herself. She kept mumbling about how her boyfriend was going to love this video for his birthday. It recorded her walking naked back and forth to get the camera just right facing the bed. She went over to the bag and pulled out her mothers two vibrators. She almost began to cry but held herself. She defiantly DIDNT want to repeat this!

She got onto the bed and lay back with her legs up in the air. She was very flexible being so young and it looked very sexy.  She was mortified. There was her little brother and her father staring right up her cunt and asshole. She picked up one vibrator and lubed it with a little Vaseline that she had and slowly shoved it up her ass. She moaned and pretended to enjoy it. She closed her eyes and moaned loudly as it buried itself in her asshole. She reached down and turned it on and everyone as well as the camera heard it begin to happily buzz away in her ass. She grabbed the other one, lubed it up and turned it on. Buzzing all the way, she slowly shoved it up her cunt. It was very painful. They were large and she was a virgin. Both her ass and cunt were very tight.   It did have a certain amount of pleasure but she was buried in pain and embarrassment to notice any pleasure at all. Mike was hoping this would be the case. The last thing he wanted was for her to enjoy it. He only wanted the camera to THINK she was enjoying it.

Mike stood up and stared at her. She knew what it meant. She began to moan and groan in what seemed like she was a slut desperate to cum. Mike looked at Brian and noticed that he simply stared at Sandy. His little cock was even hard as a rock. He reached down to touch himself but Mike grabbed his arm and silently squeezed it. Brian got the message. He pulled his hand away but didnt stop staring at Sandy. He had never seen her naked and defiantly never seen her do ANYTHING like this. He only wondered, “Did all women do this?”

Sandy moaned and began to yell obscenities at no one except the camera. As far as anyone was concerned she was alone.  Sandy yelled like she heard her mother yell.


       Mike reached out and turned the camera off and went over to Sandy and yanked the vibrators out of her. She yelled in pain but he didnt care. Sandy just lay there for a minute with both her ass and cunt spread wide open and blood oozing out of her cunt. She was obviously a virgin. Mike pulled Brian off the chair and threw him onto the bed while pulled her off the bed and onto Brians chair. She still had a combination of her juice, Vaseline and blood all over her ass. It made a small squish as she was thrown into the chair.

Mike: “Now its your turn, Brian. Get to work and make it convincing or YOU will be doing this over and over until you get it right!”

Brian did the same thing as Sandy. He walked up to the camera, turned it on and began to adjust it. All the time he mumbled to himself about the camera angles and the sound settings. Finally he pretended to get it just right and climbed onto the bed. He pulled his legs up so his ass was clearly in view and then he grabbed one of the vibrators, lubed it up and slowly shoved it up his ass. He yelped in pain but then pretended to enjoy it when he saw Mike stand up and stare at him. Brian and Sandy were terrible afraid of their father. Sandy had already regretted what she had done but it was too late. All she could do is cooperate and hope everything would work out.

Brian shoved the vibrator up his ass and turned it on. While holding it in with one hand he began to slowly jack off. He stroked his little cock faster and faster when he saw Mike give him a signal to slow down. He pulled his hand away and rubbed it slowly and started jacking off all over again except this time he stroked much slower. Like his sister the pain of the vibrator up his small ass blended with the pleasure of his stroking but the pain won out. He tried his best to ignore the pain. His father had commanded him to cum and if he didnt, he would have to start all over. The vibrator was an incredible source of pain and he wanted it out. He continued to Jack off. All the time he was moaning and saying to no one in particular, “FUCK ME! OH YEA, FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER!”

Sandy was only staring at him. She had never seen a guy jack off before. Then suddenly Sandy and Mike heard Brian yell, “OH GOD! IM FUCKING CUMMING!” Brian blew his load all over his stomach. The first shot even hit him in the chin. Sandy almost gasped but remembered at the last second to be silent. While he was still shoving the vibrator in and out of his ass, Brian took his hand and scooped up every drop of his own cum and licked his fingers clean of it. When he had licked it all up, he said, “OH GOD, I LOVE THE TASTE OF CUM!” His father made both him and his sister memorize the words they were supposed to say. They were both embarrassed and mortified beyond belief! They had done the most unspeakable things in front of each other AND in front of the camera. The camera also caught all of the audio and it appeared as if they had done it to themselves the way they “SET” up the camera.

Mike waved at Brian and he yanked the vibrator out of his ass with a yelp and waddled over and turned the camera off. His ass was so sore that he couldnt walk straight.

Mike told them to stay in this room and stay silent. They were not to speak or move. Sandy was ordered to sit on the floor facing one corner and Brian on the floor facing another. Mike said on the way out, “If you move, speak or make any noise whatsoever you both will feel pain like you could never imagine!” They just sat there. They were even afraid to answer him. HE left the room with the camera and Brian and Sandy were left in the dark. They both had NO idea how he was able to tell what was going on in the house. They just sat there and didnt make a noise!

Mike went down to Jill to check on her. He didnt understand why she was quiet and troubled, today. Yesterday and last night, she seemed fine. He assumed it was some kind of post traumatic thing. He finished he work with the camera and sat down beside her. When he pulled her to him, she grabbed him tight and just cried. He put his anger for his two children on hold. His love for Jill was more important than those two were. HE just held her all the while she cried. Finally she cried herself out and fell asleep in his lap. He stroked her hair and sat back. He prayed that she would be “ok”. She slept for over an hour until she slowly woke up. She grabbed Mikes legs for a second and then looked up at him and smiled. He was so relieved. She seemed to be alright. He pulled her up, hugged her and asked, “Are you alright? Please be at peace. You have nothing to fear from those two ever again. I will show you my solution to their behavior after I am finished.”

Jill: “You didnt hurt them, did you?”

Mike: “No but I wanted to. If they were not my own children, they would have gotten hurt but I have found a better way. I will show you when I am finished. Lay here for a while. I will be finished in an hour. Rest.”

Jill: “Ok. Thank you for being here for me.”

Mike kissed her as she lay back down. He walked back upstairs and into the bedroom where they were still sitting in their corners. Mike grabbed each one and threw them on the bed. He spent another half hour teaching them what to do along with their new lines.

Mike was sitting behind the camera again while Brian pretended to set it up and adjust it like before. Sandy was laying on the bed on her back so the camera got a clear view of her cunt.

Brian walked over and climbed onto the bed and asked, “What do you want to do, bitch?”

Sandy: “Please Brian. Please fuck me. I need you to fuck me! Please?”

Brian: “Since you ask so nicely, ok.”

Brain jumped on Sandy rather roughly and jammed his cock into her waiting cunt. She stuck her legs up and used them to grab onto Brian. He began to hump and fuck her like a madman. It didnt take him long. Soon he stiffened up and shot his load right up her cunt and then collapsed on top of her. When he pulled out he moved back just far enough for the camera to get a nice clear shot of his cum dripping of Sandys cunt. Brain leaned over and stiffed his mouth into her cunt and began to lap it all up. When he had her all cleaned up he leaned back and told her, “You know how I love the taste of cum. I will always lick it out of you. You should thank me for that.”

Sandy: “Thank you Brian. You are always good to me and you fuck me better than anyone else.”

       Brain: “No problem sis. Anytime you need a good fuck, let me know. I will always like your nice tight cunt to fuck.”

       Sandy: “What about me, Brian. Dont I get to cum, too?”

       Brian: “Tough shit! IF you cant cum before Im finished with you then you will have to take care of it yourself. Im done with your cunt today. Ill be back tomorrow.”

       Sandy: “Thank you Brian. I will always be waiting for you. Youre the best!”

       Sandy grabbed one of the vibrators and shoved it up her cunt. The camera was catching and hearing everything. She worked it in and out of her cunt for a full five minutes until she finally yelled, “OH GOD, IM CUMMING. FUCKING GOD, IM CUMMING!” She came with a vengeance and the camera caught her cunt juices squirting and running down her ass and onto the bed.

       Brian just sat in his chair, quietly and watched. He was getting an education, too. He was watching his own sister scream in pleasure by a vibrator up her cunt. They were both still terribly mortified over what they had done and even more so that it was all recorded on video.

       Sandy: “Please daddy, please dont show those to anyone.”

       Mike: “What did I tell you two about begging? Dont EVER beg to me again. Your mother begged and begged to you two and all you did was make things worse and laugh. I will decide what to do with these. When I do, you two will find out. Now each of you go to your room and stay there until I get you.”

       Just as Sandy got up and was beginning to say, “Yes daddy”, Mike kicked her in the ass and right out the door. She hit the wall of the hallway and fell down. She scrambled down the hall and into her room. Brian got the same treatment. He hit the wall and ran into his room. They both stayed there and waited. They didnt make a sound. A mouse running across the floor made more noise than those two did.

       Mike took care of the videos and then went down to Jill to explain everything. Jill started crying again but said nothing at first.

       Jill: “These are my children. How can they be so cruel? What have I ever done to them? I love them. Why did they do this to me?? Oh God, I must have done something but what? Whatever it is, Mike, I will make up for it. I have to try. I love them.”

       Mike: “You didnt do anything. Those two are both twisted.  They dont know what love is. They have No idea what sacrifices we have made for them. They wouldnt care anyway. Please sit. I will be back in about a half hour.”

       Mike went to his computer system down stairs for about twenty minutes and then went up to Brians room and dragged him into Sandys room. He had recorded the conversation he just had with Jill and played it back for them. He got angry all over again. He grabbed them by the neck and held them both up against the wall, one in each hand.

       Mike: “Did you hear that you little basterds? YOU torture HER and she blames herself. Do you two have ANY FUCKING IDEA how she feels right now??!”

       Sandy (choking): “Im sorry…..”

       She never got a chance to finish what she wanted to say. Mike knocked their heads together hard but just short of knocking them out.

       Mike: “SHUT UP! Let me tell you two fuck heads a little story. Your mother could have had a job with the best engineering corporation in the country. She would have gotten rich but she turned it down because she wanted to raise her own children. She wanted to be with you two ungrateful little fuckers. She wanted to be there to pick you up when you fell. She wanted to be there when you had each birthday. She wanted to be with you on your first day of school. The list goes on and on of all the things she wanted for you two. This is one of the most despicable things that I have ever witnessed!

       Now lets get down stairs. I have something to show everyone.”

       Mike dragged them downstairs and threw them on the floor. Jill just watched them and cried. Even Sandy and Brian could see in her eyes the love that was betrayed. They looked at each other and hung their heads down. They finally understood but it was too late. They had their chance the first time that Jill had begged them to let her go.

       Mike slapped them and told them to watch and be silent! He whispered to Jill that this might be disturbing but it is necessary and that he would explain after they had left. Jill sniffled and nodded. She trusted Mike and his judgment. She knew he didnt want to hurt them.

       Mike got up and slid a disk into the CD player. It was about an hour long and contained all the video of Sandy and Brian that was recorded earlier. The picture and sound quality was PERFECT! Jill was shocked a little but didnt say anything. The two kids were embarrassed and mortified all over again at what they saw. The video made them look like freaks and perverts.

       Mike: “Listen to me carefully you two. I have made several copies of this and I have uploaded it to several places that no one would be able to get at even if they knew it was there. One of the places I have put it is in you schools computer system. It is buried deep. It is kind of like a virus but much more sophisticated. It has a time trigger. If I dont enter a stop code at least every three days the program will run and broadcast this video all over your school. This same video is buried deep in three other computer systems. One is at the mall you two hang out at. Another is to all our relatives. The third is to all of your friends computers. It is all automatic. If the stop code is not entered, everyone that you know will see and hear about what little freaks you two are.”

       Sandy (crying): “What do you want us to do?”

       Mike: “You will forget about everything your mother has done. It NEVER HAPPENED! If either of you so much as talks about it in your sleep, you will regret it! You will also do ALL of your homework all the time and obey your mother and I as if we were GOD! You will never argue with us. You will instantly do what you told. I dont give a shit what your friends think. They will have a lot more to think about if you dont so EXCATLY what you told, WHEN your told! Even to you two fucking idiots, this should be relatively clear. IS IT?!!”

       Brian and Sandy: “Yes daddy.”

       Mike: “GOOD! Im glad we understand each other. You will have a lot of time alone for a while to think about what youve done to someone that loves you more than she loves herself. Now get out of here and go vegetate up in your rooms. You will notice that both you computers and you TV sets are now gone. If you need to entertain yourself, read a fucking book!  Dont leave your rooms unless I tell you to. NOW GO!”

       Brian and Sandy ran upstairs. Both were crying. They were humiliated beyond belief and they were more afraid of someone seeing those videos than anything else on earth.

       Jill: “What will you do with that video? You cant show that to anyone. It will ruin them. I dont want to hurt them, like that.”

       Mike: “I know, Jill. Unless they do something REALLY stupid, I dont want it to get out, either. I really dont want them to get hurt either but I am trying to teach them something and this is the only way. Their lives will be different than other teenagers but they brought it upon themselves. Please believe me. I dont want to hurt them either.”

       Jill: “You are right. I dont know how to deal with this any other way. I would not want those videos of me getting out, either. It would ruin us all. Did you know I was using those vibrators like that? How could you know about it?”

       Mike (Smiling): “Yes, I did. How do you think I got through all those long trips on the road? You always made me horny as hell when you did that. All I could do is sit and jack off while watching you shove those vibrators up your ass and cunt. You have NO idea how hot that is! AS to how I knew about you and those basterd kids of ours..?? I have the entire house wired for video and sound. It might seem paranoid but looking at it now, it was WELL worth it! The pain they would have put you through would have been unbearable. If you EVER have troubles like that again, TELL ME! You and I are a team in everything and I would NEVER let anyone hurt you, even those two brats upstairs.”

       Jill: “I should be angry at you wiring the whole house but somehow it makes me feel safe. (Smiling) It also makes me horny to know that you can see me all the time and I will be able to tease you constantly. I think I WILL walk around naked around here a lot just so you can watch me.”

       Mike pulled Jill onto the couch and pushed her back and knelt between her legs and began to slowly lick her pussy up and down. Jill simply leaned back and moaned and said, “What about the kids?” Mike licked, looked up and said, “If I see either one of them out of their rooms they will regret it. Now be quiet and dont bother me when Im eating.”

       Jill laughed but soon went back to moaning along with Mikes tongue. All the thoughts of what had happen dissolved out of her mind as Mike worked on her with that expert tongue of his. Mike lick and slurped at Jills pussy. Her juices were flowing like a river when suddenly she yelled and squeezed Mikes head tightly with her thighs. Mike kept licking and drinking up all of her juices. She shuddered in at least three orgasms before Mike looked up at her and smiled. Jill pulled him up and kissed him, tasting her own juices on his mouth. Mike pulled her onto the couch and they slept there together for a couple of hours.

       Brian and Sandy were upstairs in their rooms shaking with fear. They had finally put some clothes on but they both just lay on their beds staring at the ceiling. They had finally realized what they had done. They had hurt someone that loved them. They had hurt someone that they should be defending. They both knew that they deserved what they got and more. They both began to cry and not because of what their father had done. They cried because of what they had done. They both prayed that their mother would forgive them one day.


Brian and Sandy had a very different life form that point on. Neither of them had any real friends. They both were forbidden to see anyone or have anyone visit them at home. The only others they saw were in school and they were not real friends. Those people were simply acquaintances and not friends. The other kids at school thought that Brian and Sandy were weird and most wouldnt even talk to them.  All they had was each other.

As they grew up and got out of high school and into college, they made a couple friends but had always been “loners”. They still had each other but that was all. Even their mother and father were never the same towards them. They were always there for them and loved them but it was never the same. Brian and Sandy had to live with what they had done for the rest of their lives. Their own mother had never really forgiven them.

Jill and Mike lived happily after their kids left home. The last thing he told them as they left was, “You two are on your own. Have a good life.” Then he slammed the door in their face and never contacted them again.

They still loved their mother and father and always hoped that they would forgive them. All they could do is hope. Brian and Sandy would often get together and talk but mostly they would simply hold each other and cry.

……all they could do is hope…….

The End

PS: A happy ending is good for the sole once in a while, isnt it? “Happy” being a relative term but you know what I mean.










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