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My Daughter Slave

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Synopsis: Charlene is a very temperamental teenager, who forces her petite and meek mother to become her slave.

~~My daughters slave~~


Im a single mom, to a teenage daughter. Shes a real redhead and very temperamental. Which she surely has from her father, as Im quite meek. Therefore Ive all to often given in to her whims to avoid scenes. With the result that shes in total control of me now. She decides which clothes Im allowed to wear, especially what Im not allowed to wear, when I get to bed and when Im allowed to get up, what I eat and drink and with whom and especially what Ive sex with. In other words Im simply her slave. Its it been like this for almost a year now and according to her, its never going to change.

It all began last year! Id promised to fetch her up from school. But I forgot all about the time, with the result that I was all to late. Knowing her temper I was quite nervous as I rushed into the school to find her. Because she was of course not, out on the parking lot. I found her in the canteen, together with a group of friends. As soon as she saw me, she blew me up and even slapped my face. Id never seen her that furious before. I became so surprised that I didnt even argue or tried to stop her. But instead I just bowed my head and stuttered excuses. My humble attitude evidently encouraged her, so she continued to rant and rage, grabbed my ear and dragged me out towards the car. To the big amusement of her friends. Stupid as I was I still didnt try to stop her. But just followed her along, whimpering over the pain in my ear.

She stopped by a litterbin, ordered me to take my panties of and drop them in the litterbin. “But Charlene…” I tried vague to argue. With the result that simply pulled harder in my ear, until I stood tiptoe. This was easy for her, as Im very petite only about 1,5 metres and shes almost 1,8 metres. She repeated her order and once again I gave in all to easy, reached up under my quite short dress and slid my panties down, until they slide down around my ankles. She let go of my ear, discouraged I bent down to pick up my panties, while I was bent over, she lifted up my skirt, so everybody could see my bare ass. Blushing deep I dropped my panties in the litter, followed by her friends scornful laughter, she dragged me the whole way out to the car.

I hoped that she would calm down on the way home. But she surely didnt, as she continued to nag and told me that I was in for a prober spanking when we got home. Naïve as I was, I thought that she was joking. But she surely wasnt, because we were barely inside before she ordered me to undress. “But Charlene…” I tried again, which just resulted in another slap in the face rather two as I got one on each cheek. Appalled I once again made it all to easy for her, as I sniffling did as ordered. She ordered me to stand in the corner, nose towards the wall. I could hear her bustle about, but didnt dare to turn around to see what she was doing.

“Come here” she ordered and meekly I followed her into my bedroom and became very frightened, when I saw the implements shed laid on the beside table. There were her hairbrush, a ping-pong bat, the carpet beater and her riding crop. Nervously I tried to calm her down, with the result that she grabbed my nipples, squeezed and twisted them till I uttered a cry of pain. Silly me! I decided to let her spank me, hoping that it wouldnt be to hard and that she would calm down afterwards.

She ordered me to lay down on my bed. Shed arranged my cushions and duvet in a pile in the middle of the bed. Submissively I laid down over it. I really made it very easy for her. It wasnt before she began to tie my arm and legs to the bedposts, I noticed the ropes, shed tied to them. I didnt even try to free myself, but let her tie me down. When I was securely tied to the bed, arms and legs widely spread.

She took the hairbrush and without a warning she began to spank me with it. After a few strokes I began to cry and be for mercy. This really had the total opposite effect of what Id hoped for, as it just encouraged her to hit even harder and faster. When she at long last stopped hitting me I was dissolved in tears. She didnt even give me the time to recuperate, but continued right away with the ping-pong bat. Just as before she began to hit harder as soon as I began to cry. I dont know how many strokes I got, but it felt as an eternity before she at long last stopped. My poor butt was on fire and dark red. The only sounds in the room was my sobbing and Charlenes heavy breathing.

After a while, she reached out for the carpet beater. It hit and I uttered a screech of pain and shock. Good heavens! It was much worse, as the other implements. She continued to beat away on my poor butt and I screeched and yelled from pain. When she at long last stopped, it took several minutes for me to calm down and I just cried and cried.

She left and slowly I stopped crying. After a while she returned and placed herself between my widely spread legs. I tried to turn around, so I could see what she was doing. But I was ordered to look straight ahead, followed by several blows on my still very hot and sore butt. She pressed something against my rear entry and before I even realized what was happening she forced a big butt-plug up in me. Causing me to shriek in pain again. She pressed it into the bottom and left it there. Next she forced a huge dildo up in my strangely enough quite wet pussy and began to fuck me with it; simultaneously she began to fuck me with the butt-plug too. My reaction totally took me by surprise, as brought me close to an orgasm. When she realized it, she laughed, stopped fucking me and gave my still very hot and sore butt several blows, sending the orgasm miles away. Then she began to fuck me again, with the same result as before, bringing me close to orgasm and followed by several blows. She repeated it over and over again, driving me insane. “OK! Slut! Beg me to let you come” She ordered… I forgot all about modesty, dignity and honour. I needed so badly to come “Please! Charlene, allow me to come” I begged. With an evil laughter she continued to fuck me and within minutes I came in a huge orgasm. She turned the dildo on, left it and the butt-plug inside me and left.

After, I dont know how long, but it felt like hours she returned. She removed the dildo, but left the butt-plug and untied me. I was optimistic and thought that she was satisfied. But she just ordered me to turn around, so I laid on my back instead. This was very painful and unpleasant, due to my still very sore butt and the butt-plug. I was sure that she was finished beating me, as I laid on my butt. Man was I wrong yet again.

She grabbed the riding crop! Ups Id forgotten all about it I wondered where she would use it. But I was soon to find out, as she began to whip my tits, she managed to hit my nipples, with the flap, time after time. She also whipped my stomach, thighs and especially my inner thighs. Until wickerwork of thick red swollen stripes covered me and I once again was dissolved in tears.

She stood up on the bed with a leg on each side of my body. I wondered what she was up to, when she began to slide the riding crop up my totally exposed pussy. With horror I realized that she was going to whip me there. “No! Charlene, please not there, please” I cried out in panic. In vain of course, she gave me 10 lashes, causing me to scream and cry from the intense pain and beg for mercy.  “Whos in command in this house from now on?” She asked. I got confuse and didnt know what to say. This resulted in further 10 lashes, before she repeated the question. I surely didnt want to get my poor pussy whipped again and replied “You are Charlene! You are” I wasnt sure if it was the right answer, but it was the only one I could think of. But it obviously was the right answer as she laughed smug and asked “Wholl do what ever I say?” Once again I wasnt fast enough, she gave me 10 lashes more and I cried out “Im. Ill do what ever you say” I was willing to say and do anything and everything to prevent her from whipping my pussy again. It was so sore that I was convinced that I never would be able to have any pleasure down there again.

She dropped the crop, unzipped her jeans and let them and her panties slide down in one movement. She kicked them aside and knelt down, over my face. She grabbed my hair and with a “Lick me slut” She pulled my head up towards her pussy. Id never kicked a pussy before. So a little hesitating I began to lick her. But I was eager to please her, so I did my very best. This obviously was good enough, as it didnt take long, before a coquettish squeal revealed, that shed come. She pressed my head so hard towards her pussy that I couldnt breathe. I was afraid that she would suffocate me. So I was very relieved, when she let go of my head. I was quite proud that I was able to satisfy her.

She stepped down from the bed and sat down next to me instead. She picked the riding crop up again. I was horrified, over the thought of being whipped again. Instead she told all the new house rules for me. From this day on, I only was allowed to wear skimpy outfits, short dresses and skirts, flimsy tops, minimal and very tight shorts and absolutely no underwear. I was only allowed to have hair on my head; all body hair including my pubes had to be removed. Beside that I should be to her and her friends disposal, when ever and where ever she wanted it. I agreed to her rules and she untied me.

I thought and hoped that it just was one of her whims and that everything would be back to normal the next day. Well! I surely was wrong again. As it, as already mentioned, has lasted for almost a year.

~~My daughters slave~~


My enslavement surely wasnt just another of Charlenes whims. As I after the morning toilette got the butt plug up again and was ordered to throw all of my clothes out. Well not all, as I was allowed to wear a T-shirt that was so short. That it hardly could cover my yet hairy pussy, not that that little blonde bush covered much. Before she left for school, she took all my money, papers and even the car. Even though she hadnt a driver license. The worst was that she ordered me to meet her at school. Horrified I understood that I had to walk the whole way, wearing that embarrassing short T-shirt. “But Charlene! I cannot go outside like this” I argued weakly. Before I even realized what happened she had placed herself on a chair, pulled me down over her lap and began to spank me furiously. As my poor butt, still was very raw from the spanking I got the day before. It didnt take long before I was crying, begging for mercy and babbling like a child. She showed no mercy though and didnt stop spanking me, until I apologized for being disobedient. Laughing she raised so sudden that I didnt have a chance to get up first and I fell to the floor.

She left and crying I got up and fell down on the nearest chair. Forgetting all about the butt plug, so I got up even faster than I sat down and sat down again very slowly and cautious. I sat there crying, feeling sorry for myself and simply couldnt understand what was happening to me. I considered disobeying her, not to throw my clothes out, not to walk to her school and to remove that very uncomfortable butt plug. But the same butt plug and the pain in my butt did that I didnt dare. I really was such a wimp. Slowly I got up and began to follow orders.

It took quite some time, but at long last my entire wardrobe was empty and Id filled several sacks, I never realized that I had so much clothes. Sniffling, I saw despairing at my empty wardrobe. Then I had to leave to be at Charlenes school. I didnt even consider wearing a skirt or something long enough to cover my nudeness. I really was an easy victim.

Somehow I managed to get to the school relatively unnoticed. So even though I had to run I can assure you that its very unpleasant to run, with something up your butt I was there in the right time. Charlene was of course nowhere to be seen. First I waited for her, by the car, but she didnt show up. So very reluctant I had to go into the school to look for her.  Luckily enough there only was a few students left. Some of them noticed my clothes, or rather lack of same and did of course point out to the others. I got a lot of nasty jeers and some even took photos I really hate cam phones.

I found Charlene in the canteen again, surrounded by several of her friends. From her malicious and arrogant expression, I knew that I was in big trouble again. Even though I couldnt understand why, as I did as she ordered and even was at the school in the right time. But I was soon to learn that she really didnt need any reason to be malicious towards me.

She didnt say a word to me, but just pointed at the floor next to her. Puzzled I stood, wondering what she meant, and looked foolish at her. Annoyed she reached out grabbed a fistful of my hair, fling me to the floor and pulled me around till I was kneeling next to her. My cries of pain and fear only made her friends laugh of me. They surely liked to see me, an adult, being treated like that. I managed to place myself, somehow comfortable, on my knees next to her. This had, at least, one good thing, because, when I kept my legs together and kept my hand on my lap, I didnt show my pussy to the world.

It only was a brief respite though, be cause as soon as Charlene noticed, she ordered me to, to stand on my knees, lean back and rest my hands on the floor and spread my leg as far apart as possible. Realising that it would expose my pussy completely. I didnt want to do it and begged her not to do this to me. Well! It didnt help at all and I just got several slaps in the face, until I crying assumed the humiliating pose. My already very short T-shirt slid up, so I was fully exposed from the waist and down. The few remaining students gaped reckless and sniggering at me. I never felt so humiliated and embarrassed before.

A teacher came into the canteen and I thought that Charlene would order me to cover up, to avoid trouble. But she didnt, instead she waved friendly to the teacher. Who came over and looked haughty at me and said to Charlene “Youre right, it surely looks like a horny slut, who loves to show herself up like this.”

Charlene smiled snug and replied “Oh yes! Its such a horny, exhibionistic slut… Arent you bitch?” Once again I was dumbfounded and didnt know either what to say or do. I still hadnt got used to my new role and her language towards me. My hesitating to reply, cased me yet another slap in the face. It took me by surprise and was so hard that I tumbled. “Well! Are you horny bitch?” Charlene repeated. I didnt want to be beaten again, so I hurried to get up and replied “I dont know Cha… Mistress” I almost forgot that I wasnt allowed to use her name, but should call her Mistress. “I dont know” she sneered. “Well! Then reach down and feel if your cunt is wet! Dumb bitch.”

Blushing deeply which caused a scornful laughter I reached down between my legs and felt my exposed and to my amazement very wet pussy. How could I possible be horny in this humiliating situation? But I surely was and I simply couldnt understand why.

“Well?” Charlene never was especially patient. I was in a big dilemma! I surely didnt want to announce for everyone that I was wet, but I surely didnt want to be beaten again. So I heaved a deep sigh and admitted, whispering though “Yes Mistress Im wet.” Do I need to say that Charlene wasnt satisfied with that and forced me to repeat it, loud enough for all to hear.

All laughed at me, making me blush even deeper, which I really thought was impossible. “It really is a quite cute slave, can I borrow it sometime?” The teacher asked smirking. “Yes of course. Ill just have to train it further” Charlene replied. Further training? I wondered what she meant by that. By I was sure that I would learn soon.

Charlene placed a collar and leash around my neck and meekly I crawled behind her out to the car. It was so humiliating, but better being humiliated than beaten and I still was very shaken over my wet pussy. We were accompanied by Charlenes 3 best friends, whom I of course had to address as Miss. Out by the car Charlene opened the trunk and made it clear that I should get into it I surely was glad that I hadnt bought a pickup once again I gave in to her and submissively climbed into the trunk. I could hear the girls get into the car and we drove off. After several hours, we stopped and Charlene opened the trunk. We were in a car park, but I hadnt the slightest clue about where we were.

We took the elevator and entered a strange shop. With leather, latex and all kinds of bdsm gear. Nobody raised an eyebrow as we entered the room. We were met by a huge woman, who greeted the girls warmly and ignored me completely. It sounded like the girls had been regular visitors there so its, just as I figured out, been planed for some time.

Charlene ordered me to get up and to take the T-shirt off. I did as ordered and stood naked in front of them. I was placed and securely strapped to a gynaecologist chair. “Well!” The huge woman said “First well have to get rid of this” and pulled slightly in my little blonde bush. “Yeah such a slave slut, havent hair there” Charlene replied. Her 3 friends sounded very enthusiastic too. “We can it the nice way or the fun way… … Thats fun for us of course” The woman said. “Whats the fun way?” Charlene asked curious. The woman grabbed a tuft hair and tore it of. Causing me to cry out in pain. As soon as the other people in the store heard me, they crowed round us. Laughing the girls and the woman took turns tearing the hairs out, accompanied by my cries of pain and the crowds shouts of joy, until my pussy was completely bald. The woman found a needle and prepared to prick me with it. Alarmed I begged her not to, in vain of course. I feared that it was some kind of drug. But shortly after I got the injection I fell asleep. 

Slowly I woke up, trying to remember what had happened. A little dizzy I got up and looked surprised on the young girl in front of me. Then I realized that I was looking at a mirror and the girl was me. My hair was arranged in pigtail which together with my hairless, but quite reddish pussy, and my tininess had changed me from a woman in her thirties to a girl in her early teens. Charlene entered the room, carrying a pile of clothes, which she handed me ordering me to get dressed. Shocked I realised that it was clothes suitable for a young girl and surely not to an adult woman. As I was very reluctant, she just pointed at a wall, where several whips and canes were hanging side by side. Just the threats were enough to make me dress.

We walked out to the shop again. Where Charlenes friends and the woman waited. The praised Charlene for her cute baby sister.

~~My daughters slave~~


Im still Carlenes slave, it surely seems as its her attention to let it be like this forever.

She often lets the teen boys from her circle of friends fuck me. I find it very humiliating being forced to have sex with a young boy, while Charlene and her friends are watching. 

She even sends me out on the streets, where I have to earn a certain amount of money, before I can get home. Not that we need the money, but just to let me know whos in control. 

But the worst and most humiliating is when she or her girlfriends fuck me with the strap-ons. Shed bought 2 monstrous strap-ons. The first time I saw them, I was sure that they would damage me as theyre mainly used in my butt.

Im of course not allowed to come, when Im being fucked and if I should be so unfortunately to come, Im in for some heavy pussy torture.

Recently she held a party for all of her girlfriends. She tied me kneeling, with my butt up in the air. Then they fucked my butt, with the strap-ons, some even did it several time. Even though the pain was intense and I felt very humiliated, it was very difficult for me to avoid coming. Afterwards they decided that I deserved an orgasm. Id rather would have been without though, as I had to masturbate in front of them. They began to bet on how many orgasms I would get within ½ an hour. The winner would have me for a whole weekend. Its very humiliating to masturbate in front of about 20 teens, who sheer you on. Never the less I managed to get 8 orgasms. Natasha, a lean boyish looking girl won and was very excited over it. She said that we were going to have a lot of fun; Said in way that made it clear that she would have fun. I could see that Charlene was quite mad. I wondered why, but shed always been a poor looser.

A couple of weeks later it was time for me to spend the weekend by Natasha. She came to fetch me up; she put me in a collar and leash and ordered me down on all 4. “You better get used to it, as its how youll stay for the next couple of days” She said. The girls chatted for a while, before Natasha dragged of with me. Meekly I followed her out to her car A pick-up. With was a cage on the truck body. Horrified I realized that I should be in the cage for all to see. But as I didnt dare to protest or argue, I climbed into the cage.

After a long and very humiliating drive through the town of course she took the nearest detour we arrived at her home. She led me inside a shack and had to lie down on my back, on an iron table, it was very unpleasant as there were several points on it. She tied me in diaper position! Giving her a clear view and easy access to my butt and pussy. “Youre nothing as a fucking bitch” She said and continued “Weve got 2 male dogs, but no bitch. So theyre very happy that we got you”. First I didnt understand what she meant. Then shocked I realized it. My scared expression just made her laugh. “Glad that you understand so are you going to be a good bitch or do I have to persuade you?” She laughed and placed the whiplashes of a very nasty looking whip on my totally exposed pussy. I knew if I refused to do it, she would whip me with that nasty whip until I accepted my fate and said yes. I surely didnt want to be fucked by dogs, but I didnt want to get my pussy whipped either and knowing what the outcome would be, I swallowed hard and accepted to be a bitch for the weekend.

She reached out and began to fondle my right nipple, which instantly became hard and erect. “The dogs will fuck you any time they want to and youll come every time… Else…” She gave me a single lash on my pussy, not especially hard, but hard enough to make me whimper and to make me understand what would happen if I didnt come, during the undoubtedly very humiliating dog fucks. “Youre a bitch, so youll of course bark the whole weekend! Understood?” 

“Yes Mi….. OOOOUUUUCCHHH” I replied and cried out in pain as she squeezed my nipple. “I said understood?” I surely didnt want to get my nipple squeezed again. So I did my best to bark “bow-wow.” I said and hoped that was what she wanted. Which it obviously was as she smiled snug and let go of my nipple.

“You only need one thing to be a real bitch” She said and looked questioning at me. “Bow-wow” I said, feeling completely silly. “Yes! Thats right. A tail” she laughed, showed me a big butt-plug with a tail and I whined. Laughing she pressed it up in my butt.

She led me around the house and into the yard and shelter that should be my home for the weekend. If Id expected and hoped for preferential treatment, to the real dogs, I surely was wrong as my yard and shelter was as spartan as the real dogs a pile of hay and an old blanket and two bowls to food and water.

She opened a hatch and called for a dog. A huge Great Dane, it ran directly over to me and began to sniff to my pussy. My first intention was to close my legs, but instead I spread them and eagerly he began to lick my pussy. Once again, as so many times before, my body's reaction surprised me. As the dogs long, rough and eager tongue within seconds had made my pussy soaking wet and in the matter fact brought me to the edge of an orgasm. So I was a sort of disappointed when it stopped licking me. But instead it mounted me I almost collapsed under its weight and tried to penetrate me. Automatically I reached down between my legs and lead its cock into my soaking wet pussy. I became very surprised over how big and hard it was. Id never been fucked with such a savagery before and to my big humiliation, I hadnt any difficulties at all, getting the ordered orgasms. After it finished she left, but let him stay in my yard, it fucked me several times and I got numerous orgasms. Before she returned and let him out.

She only gave me a short moment to recover before she asked “Well! Bitch, are you ready for the next?” I really wasnt as my pussy already was getting sore and I was quite exhausted from all the orgasms, for not to mention my raw back from his claws. But never the less I barked eagerly and even did my best to wag my tail. Laughing she called for the other dog and let in to me. Luckily enough it wasnt as big and heavy as the Great Dane. But it surely wasnt less keen than it. In the matter of fact it was more energetic and fucked me even more times than the Great Dane. Leaving me totally exhausted, worn out and with a very sore pussy.

I simply fell over on the heap of hay that was my bed and fell into a deep sleep. I woke up, as the other dog began to bark. Natasha approached with the food. I saw how the other dogs barked and eagerly waged their tails. So I did my best to imitate them. She treated me just as she did with the other dogs and I barked happily and tried to jump up on her to lick her face, just as Id seen the others do. Laughing she pushed me away and places 2 feeding bowls on the ground, 1 with food and the other with water. Disappointed I saw that I was fed with the same can dog food as the real dogs. But as I was very hungry, so under her watchful eyes I began to lick the food and water into me. The food didnt taste as foul as I feared and eagerly I ate it all.

One by one, we were taken out to run around and catch a freesbee she threw to us. I could of course not catch in the same way as the dogs. But still took it in my mouth and hurried to bring it back to her. After a while she removed the butt-plug and allowed me to relief me. When I was finished, she replaced the butt-plug, locked me into my yard and let the Great Dane into me again. Once again I was fucked several times and got innumerable orgasms. The other dog replaced the Great Dane and even though my pussy was very sore, my back raw and my midriff arching. I still got orgasms.

But I surely was glad when she came returned and locked the dog into its own yard.

I hoped; that I would get the rest of the evening and the night to recover just a little from the heavy abuse of my poor sore pussy. As she ordered me to follow her into the house, I, in my as always naive optimism, thought that I should spend the night in the house. But I was soon to realize that she only wanted to have some fun with me, before bedtime. First she took me out to the bath room and rinsed the dirt and the dogs semen away, do I need to say that she only used cold water. She handed me an old rag, to wipe myself with. Before she led me into her room. This really was surprisingly feminine in contrary to her else so boyish appearance. I was ordered to lie down on my back on her bed. It was quite difficult, as I still had my tail. But somehow I managed to lie fairly good. She tied me spread-eagle and put a pair of nipple clamps on my nipples. I really wonder why my breasts always get so much attention, as theyre very small. I could understand it if theyre big. But the girls always started torturing them and my nipples. I'm quite sure that they got beaten even more more than my butt.

She tied a string, which was hanging down from a pulley hanging in the ceiling. From the pulley the string continued over to another pulley, so the loose end didn't hang directly over me. I wondered why, until she began to attach weights to the loose ends. The more weights she added, the harder the clamps squeezed my poor nipples, but she continued adding weights, till my tiny tits were pulled up in two cones and I cried out in pain.

She grabbed a riding crop and began to whip my already painfully stretched tits. Causing me to scream in pain each time it landed. She began to whip my inner thighs and stomach too. She hid as hard as she possibly could, leaving a thick red swollen stripe after each blow. I feared that she would hid my pussy too, but luckily and strangely enough she didn't.

With an evil laughter, she grabbed the string and without warning jerked so hard, that she ripped the clamps of my poor sore nipples and immediately began to whip them, with the leather tap of the crop. I screeched in shock and pain. Witch obviously exited her. I never know where the next blow would land, on my nipples, tits, stomach or thighs. After what felt like an eternity she stopped whipping me, dropped her leather jeans, she didn't use underwear, and knelt down with her very hairy pussy over my mouth. I knew what she wanted and began to lick her, she already was very wet and it didn't take long before she came. When she'd recovered from the orgasm, she untied me and lead me back to my yard. Where I crumpled and fell a sleep.

The next morning I really was very miserable. I could hardly move from pain, my pussy was so sore, from the heavy abuse, that any touch would make me cry out in pain, my back was raw, quite scratched and even bleeding from the dogs claws. But still she expected me to crawl around and bark happily. So I got several lashes and kicks before I forced myself to move.

Sniffling I crawled round after the freesbee. Im not sure that even Charlene would have brought me in this condition. Witch I was to find out really soon, as her car rather my car sudden and much unexpected drove into the yard.

I really wasnt sure on how to react or what to do. But as I was a dog, I crawled towards her, barking and wagging my tail, as good and happy as I could in my condition. I saw the anger in her eyes as she saw me and feared the worst. But to my big surprise she ordered me to stand. Which I did, with some difficulties, after spending so long time on my knees. I hardly could straighten up, due to the pain in my midriff and I had to stand with spread legs, as my pussy was all to sore.

Furious she removed my tail, wrapped a blanket around me and told me to get into the car. I didnt even have to be in the trunk. But I still was very nervous though. But her anger wasnt towards me, as she turned to Natasha and began to blow her up. She even gave her several slaps in the face…

Charlene treated me quite well; the next couple of weeks until Id recovered from the weekend. I understood that shed forced Natasha to take my place until I recovered.

Maybe Charlene will tell about it, as I dont know anything about it.  

~~My daughters slave~~


The first weeks after my ordeal by Natasha, Charlene was surprisingly kind towards me. Well she never left any doubt that shes the mistress and Im the slave. But there wasnt any heavy abuse or punishments and best of all no humiliations in front of all her friends or complete strangers. I hoped that she had realized that shed been all to hard and vicious towards me and that this was a new softer behaviour towards me.

I had a suspicion that she had fun with Natasha, as revenge for her all to heavy abuse of me, but as I did spend most of the time in my cage I couldnt tell for sure.

My, as usual, all to naive hopes was shot down one evening, when Charlene and a woman, whom I only knew as the doctor, came down in the basement. The doctor examined me very thorough and quite rough. Making me whimper, this just caused several slaps in my poor butt and an order to be quiet. Even though I, as usual, did my best to obey, I whimpered a little once in a while. I sort of expected being punished for it, but strangely enough both the doctor and Charlene acted, as they didnt hear it. Im not quite sure, if I was relieved or disappointed over it.

The doctor finished the examination and declared me as fit as a fiddle and therefore for use again.

Anxious I awaited my fate, while the doctor proposed things that she thought that Charlene ought to do to me. But Charlene rejected several of them, as she loved my little girlish looks. Reluctantly the doctor agreed that piercings and tattoos would ruin that completely.

It was clearly that the doctor hoped for some fun with me. But Charlene preferred to act as she didnt understand her! I really wondered why, as she normally was more than happy to let others abuse me.  Well she let me lick them both, but nothing else.

Next day, all was back to normal, as she dressed me up, as her little sister. I really hated it, as I found it so humiliating to behave and act like a little girl. We went out to a long drive, Charlene of course drove, as I was a little girl, I wasnt allowed to.

After some hours drive, she drove into a McDonald. I was told to be a good little girl and behave. Which in Charlene phrase, meant that I should behave as badly as I could and really act as a real spoiled little brat. She knew that I really hated that, as I found it extremely humiliating and it took a lot of spankings, canings and strappings before she was satisfied with my bratty behaviour. Normally she wanted me to behave like that, when we were around people who knew us. So I wondered why I should do it in a total strange place. Little was I aware of that we were in a place where they believed in strict discipline and spankings of youngsters, even in public! Which I was to learn quite soon though.

We went into the store and I did my best to be the spoiled brat from hell. I made a fuss out of everything; Charlene had been a great teacher, as I just had to look back at her behaviour to know how what to say and do. Charlene on the other hand, gave it, as the very unhappy sister, who really did her best to satisfy her bratty little sister. Soon I got a lot of reproachful glances and Charlene pity full. An older very stout woman, with 2 very quiet and well behaving children, suggested that Charlene gave me a proper spanking, which was all I deserved.  Charlene acted very upset, as she simply couldnt hit her baby sister. I must admit that she was very good. As usual I was all to naïve and thought that she wouldnt punish me here. So I very rude I pulled faces, at the woman, close to tears Charlene apologised, for my behaviour  to the woman and ordered me to do the same, which I of course refused, stupid me. Because the woman said to Charlene, that is she wouldnt spank me, she would. With a very unhappy face Charlene nodded.

With a very stern voice, the woman ordered me to come over to her, its clearly that she wouldnt take no for an answer, so I stack out my tongue at Charlene and pouting I walked over to the woman.  Who grabbed my arm and before I even realized what was happening I was lying across her lap. First I praised me lucky that I only was going to get a hand spanking.  But I hadnt taking her size, strength and huge hands into consideration. So my god a spanking I got, within seconds I was crying, babbling and begging for mercy. When she at long last stopped, my poor butt was on fire. Do I need to say that I of course hoped that the ordeal was over and that it of course wasnt?

She ordered her two kids to undress me. I didnt even dare to protest and blushing deeply I let them undress me. When I was naked she ordered me to lie down on my back on a table. All to frightened to protest I did as told. She told the girl to go and fetch her brush; eager to please the little girl almost ran over to their table, went deeply into her bag and returned with a very heavy nasty looking hairbrush. I had to lift my legs up, so I was lying in diaper position. Which gave the nearest spectators a clear view of my pussy; I didnt get much time to worry about it though. As she, with the same determination and skill as with her hand, began to use the brush on my still very raw bottom. Me oh my, I cried, screamed, babbled, it simply was the worst spanking Ive ever received. I kicked and wriggled so much that the children had to hold my legs.

When she at long last stopped my poor butt was black and blue, crying I got back on my feet, I could hardly stand. To my horror shed procured a cane. Oh no I thought Will this never end? She held the cane up in front of me; gosh its a mean, heavy, thick cane. “Ok! Girl” She said “Youll get 24 and I want you to count and thank for each blow. Understood?” She said. “Yes! Madam” I replied miserable, almost unintelligible, through my sniffling. Still crying I bend over the table, when she ordered me to it. “You better count right” I heard her say, because, we start all over again if you count wrong.

The first blow almost sends me screaming over the table. Didnt she do anything soft” Somehow I managed to count and thank. Wondering how on the world, I should get through this and remember how many strokes I got. First time I counted wrong by the tenth stroke and as promised she started all over again. I simply cannot remember how many strokes I got. But we had to start over several times, twice when we were up in the twenties, before I finally got it right. Crying and naked I was send around to all the guests, both adults and children, to apologize for my bad behaviour. Several gave me slaps on my burning, raw butt, causing me to cry out every time.

I still wasnt allowed to get dressed, humiliated, still crying and very quiet, I managed to sit down and eat my happy meal.

I wasnt allowed to get dressed before it was time to leave. I barely could sit down as we drove off. Still towards a, for me, destination unknown.

~~My daughters slave~~


We drove on in silence, except from somebodys groaning, even though I did my best to repress it, as I didnt want to upset her, because I knew for sure that I couldnt stand another spanking for several days. I wondered where we were going next, as we didnt head for home, after a long and for me quite painful drive; we drove into an old mansion. 

As soon as we got out of the car a young girl came running and fling her arms around Charlenes neck. From Charlenes loving embrace and the long tender kiss, I realized that they were more than just friends and became a little jealous. At the same time I felt quite embarrassed to see such a soft, loving and caring side of Charlene.

I really didnt know what to do as the two girls continued to hug and kiss each other, so I began to look around to get an idea about where we were. Then I saw her, the woman who stood nearby, I thought that she was the unknown girls slave. Then I gaped at her and she did the same at me. We could have been siblings, yes even more than that! Twins. We looked totally alike, were both pixies, same blonde hair, and I wondered if this was the reason to that Charlene had died my hair dirty blonde? Blue eyes, same hairstyle and we were dressed completely alike. After a while were we just looked at each other, she gave me a shy little smile and a very timid wave, which I returned. Wondering what was going and who this woman was.

The two girls broke away from each other, looked at us and simply pointed at the ground in front of them. The other women greeted Charlene “Mistress Charlene” made a curtsy for her and knelt down in front of her Mistress. Luckily enough Ive overheard the name of the other Mistress. So I said “Mistress Yvette” curtsied and knelt in front of Charlene. I more felt Yvettes surprise and Charlenes pride, than I saw it, as I of course was looking down on the ground in front of me.

Our young Mistress began to walk towards the mansion; Charlene tapped on her right leg, as a sign on that I should follow.  As I got up, the other slave began to rise to, but as Yvette hadnt made any signs on that she should follow too. I decided that its a test; I whispered “Not yet” and pulled her back down again, before I hurried after Charlene.

Both girls glanced over their shoulders, seeing me follow meekly behind Charlene and she still kneeling were we left her. Yvette tapped her leg too and I heard her came running and felt her next to me. I felt her search for my hand and I took her hands in mine. Hand in hand we followed our Mistress; we really must have looked like a pair of cute little friends.

We went inside and I did my best to look around, as Id never seen such a huge hall before. I surely was glad that she held my hand, as she led the way. We ended in a not less impressive room. It seemed as everything was big in this place.

“You know where to go” Yvette ordered “and take that with you”

“Yes Mistress” She replied and pulled me after her.  To my surprise she dragged me to the end wall, through a very well hidden door, impossible to see if you didnt know that its there, and into the best equipped spanking room Id even seen. Quite curious I looked around; it really was a fantastic well equipped spanking room. As were two, there of course were two of everything, but I really wondered, why many of the things were placed so close together.

Shy we stood there, still holding hands, not really knowing what to say or do. But it was kind of nice just to stand there, next to her, so I still held her hand. I think, she felt the same way, as she didnt let go of my hand either. I had a million questions, which I wanted to ask her. But as I didnt know if were allowed to talk, I didnt dare to. 

After a while, she knelt on the floor, as she still held my hand, she pulled me down too. Reluctant she let go of my hand, instead she moved so close that I could feel her little body pressing against mine, and folded her hands in her lap. As this was a brand new situation for me and it seemed like she knew what she was doing, I did the same. Quietly we just sat there, enjoying not being alone.

At long last our mistress entered the room, smiling snugly to each other when they saw us quietly sitting there.  They ordered us to get up and to get naked and to close together as we possibly could. If they want us to get any closer, theyll have to glue us together I thought as we stood there side by side! I was soon to find out, how close I was to that prediction.

Yvette came with 3 thigh high boots; the one was very odd looking, almost as a double boot. It was just that, as she was ordered to stick her right foot into it and me my left. It felt strange sharing one boot; our feet were only separated by a soft piece of leather. The girls had to help each other zip the leg, as it squeezed our legs tight together; its so tight that I couldnt move the captured leg an inch, if she didnt move her leg as well. We got the two other boots on too and stood insecure staggering, as they were so high-heeled that we stood tiptoe. Id never worn such high heels before.

But the 2 meanies were far from finished with us, as they came with a very strange looking corset; its almost a double corset a corset to each of us held together by a broad leather band in the back and several straps. Meekly we held our arms up; while they tightened the corsets and wow did they tighten them. I could hardly breathe and got a wasp like waist. The girls tightened some of the straps and soon our hips and shoulders were pressed as tight together as our legs. I really wondered what to do with my left arm, as it surely was in the way. I was ordered to hold her round the waist, so my left hand rested on her left hip There was a cutting in the corset, which had just the right size and shaper after my arm, so I could feel her naked back against my arm my arm was strapped firmly in place. They repeated the trick with her, with the result that I only could use my right arm and she her left. A piece of leather was fastened to the corsets front and it looked like we were Siamese twins, connected from the feet to the neck.

Our young mistress looked and sounded very enthusiastic and happy over the result, as they slowly walked around out, enjoying the sight. “Maybe we should have bought the latex cat-suit instead”? Yvette asked. A moments silence then Charlene replied “Naeh! We wouldnt be able to do this” and without any warning, she hit my pussy with a riding crop, causing me to cry out in pain and desperately trying to keep my balance, to prevent us from falling. “Ohh yeah! I totally forgot that” Yvette giggled came around and looked at us, a clearly red mark showed where Charlene hit me. “That surely looks nice, but something is missing” she said with a quite mean laughter. We both knew what was coming; I could feel her shiver and did my best to hold her tight. Even though we were prepared for the cut, it still caught us by surprise and once again we had to struggle not to fall.  

“Nor this” Charlene giggled. I cried out in pain, as she hit my right nipple. Shit my poor nipple, I really wondered how she could hit them so exact and hard every time. A moment after she cried out too, as Yvette hit her nipple as well. Giggling they began to walk around us and began to hit us, here, there and everywhere. We never knew where they would hit the next time, but one thing was sure, we were always hit the same place. Staggering and swaying, we clang to each other desperately trying not to fall and cried out in turns, as we were hit. We sighed in relief when they at long last stopped.

But then they began to discuss, if they should hit us simultaneously or just after each other, as theyve done so far. Which they of course had to experiment on us right away. Silly me, who thought that my tits and especially my already very sore butt, could stand anymore! Well the girls surely showed me wrong. At long last they decided that it was funniest for them to hit us after each other.  At least were getting used to it, so we werent as rickety as we had been.

They looked supercilious at us and Charlene asked, sugary “We surely hope that you like being so close?” I simply knew that they had some vicious ideas and it really didnt matter what we said. Well at least it never did, what I said. It felt very strange to be tied together like this, but it both felt a kind of nice and very uncomfortable at the same time. As I knew that no matter what I said, it would be as they already decided. So in attempt to make is, hopefully, as easy for me as possible, I replied “Oh yes, Mistress I like it very much”… Shed quite obviously come to the same conclusion, as she more or less repeated my reply.

“Thats good for you! Because thats how youre going to stay until next Sunday.” Yvette said laughing and continued “Youll have walk, talk and think as one. Youll simply have to do everything together. In other words, you simply are one”… We must have looked like a pair of living question marks, as we glanced very confused at each other. Its only a couple of hours ago we first met and we still didnt know who we were and now we should be tied together for over a week.

“As youre one, youll of course be punished together, if one do something wrong, both gets punished” Charlene carried on. “But thats unfair” My twin burst out. “Who said anything about fairness” Yvette replied and began to use the crops on my already quite sore and discoloured tits. As Yvette hit me, Charlene of course hit my twin. Who begged for mercy and forgiveness, in between her cries of pain. “Do you understand?” Yvette asked angry. “Yes Mistress, Im sorry Mistress” She replied sobbing. “Feel her count” Yvette ordered, silly girl I thought as reached down between her own legs. Which of course resulted in hard slaps in our faces? With a “Im sorry Mistress” she hurried to feel my, as usual very wet pussy I still wondered why it got so wet, as I still did my best to convince my self that I hated it. “Well?”… …”Its very wet Mistress”… I was of course ordered to feel her pussy as well it was exactly as wet as mine. I wondered if she felt the same way and was exactly as confused as me over it?  “Its very wet too Mistress” I told. “Youre simply 2 horny sluts” Yvette noted and continued. “Just to show how unfair we are. Well not only punish both, if one of you should be so totally stupid and disobedient and come without permission. But the one who didnt disobey will get twice as many lashes as the one who did” Even though it surely was extremely unfair and that we could be sure that they would do what ever they could to make us come. We just said “Yes Mistress” as we didnt dare to protest or argue. Well I surely didnt because I never did and she obviously didnt either.

They walked towards a door and orde4d us to follow. Slowly and very cautious not to fall, we tottered after them, into a big totally naked room. We looked very bewildered around! What was this room meant for and what should we here? But we were soon to know as Charlene explained “This is your practice room. Here youll practice in walking, funning, crawling, curtsying, in other words how a good slave girl move.” Yvette pointed at a button which was so highly placed, that I really wondered how we ever should be able to press it and said “When you think you can do it press that button and well come and check on you”… …”Yes Mistress” We replied meekly, not daring to point out that it probably was impossible for us to ever reach it.

Just before they walked out they door, they turned around, Charlene said. “Almost forgot. Mom this is sis” and Yvette added “Sis this is mom”… …”Oh yeah by the way… Dont get lazy as we can see your every movement and hear if you fart before you can smell it” They laughed before they left the room and locked the door behind them.

We looked dumbfounded at each other. “Hi sis” I whispered and have her a little hug “We better get started. She gave me her shy little smile and whispered “Hi mom, yes lets get started.

To be continued….

~~My daughters slave~~


First we just stood there and tried to find a fairly good, not all to strenuous position. Which actually was quite difficult, when I stood fairly good, she didnt and vice versa. But at long last we found a satisfactory compromise, so it wasnt to strenuous for any of us.

But gosh it really turned from bad to worse, when we began to try to move. It took god know how long, before we just were able to move out of the place. Then we had to practice in walking. I can assure that Ive never tried anything as difficult and trying before. We reeled round as a couple of drunks. When we at long last had to move fairly normal! We had to learn to run, to get down on our knees and up again and what strangely enough, showed to be the most difficult, to crawl. 

There was a cubby-hole, with 2 naked figures showing Charlene and Yvette, holding a sign between them, saying water and 2 arrows, pointing towards their pussies. As we both were very thirsty, we knelt down, leant forwards to lick... With a seconds interval me both cried out in pain and shock, as we got heavy electrical shocks on our tongues. Horrified we looked at each other. Was this some new way to torment us? I thought like crazy, as I was sure that it had a purpose, besides giving us an electrical shock. From the quite uncontrolled shaking, I could tell that she was close to a breakdown. Which probably only would get us in ever bigger trouble. Yes of course, but could it really be that simple. “We have to do it at the exactly same time” I burst out. So we tried again, we got several shocks but at long last we got it right and was able to satisfy our thirst. 

Even though we both felt that were very good at it, we continued to walk, run and crawl back and forth in the room, as we obviously didnt dare not to.

Our Mistresses returned, together with some maidens who brought a table and a bench we looked nervously at each other, as the bench was equipped with 4 big strategically placed dildos its simply impossible for us to sit down, without sitting on them. But we sort of forgot all our worries and concerns as we saw that theyve brought food too. When everything was placed to the girls satisfaction, they yelled and screamed and hit the hapless maidens a lot during the process, they quite obviously were equal temperamental too.

“You better get those ready” Charlene said and nodded towards the dildos. I of course knew what she wanted! Its simply the most humiliating of all for me, even worse than being used as toilet or ashtray, to suck and lick the dildo to get it wet enough.

I gave sis the little squeeze and together we moved over, knelt down and sucked the dildos, till our Mistress were satisfied and then we were ordered to sit down. Unable to see or guide the dildos in place, we very carefully and insecure we felt our way and hoped for the best. The girls had of course not the patience for that and simply pressed us down and forced the huge dildos into us. Laughing of our suffering.

We looked quite silly at the table, one plate, one fork and one knife. “Remember youre one” Laughing they left again. This time sis took control, took the fork, stuck it into a piece of meat and said cut. I took the knife; cut of the piece and giggling she fed me with it. Then I cut a piece of for her and so on, until the plate was empty.

Once again our mistresses timing were perfect and they entered the room, just as we laid down the cutlery, and ordered us to follow them. With some difficulties we got up and hurried to follow them. Quite ashamed we found out that we actually should do everything and anything together even going to the bathroom. Which really were very difficult for the both of us. But if we had to, we had to do it together and simultaneous.

I still dont know how, but somehow we managed to do that too.

Back in the dungeon, we were allowed to get out of those very uncomfortable and quite torturous boots and they even removed the corsets. Even though we werent tied together we still stood as close together as if we still were.

They opened another door, into an, except from a big black box, empty room. Yvette pressed a button and the upper ½ of the box slid up, revealing a very bizarre inside. There simply were cutouts for 2 figures, undoubtedly us. I looked very nervous on the enormous black dildos, which only could be intended for our butts. Id never had anything that big up there before.

Were ordered to get into the box and place ourselves on the big black monsters. I cried, moaned and groaned as the big thing relentless forced its way into me. When it at long last was disappeared totally into me, I was ordered to lie down. It really was a tight fit, as I couldnt move at all.

Then its sis turn, babbling she placed herself on the huge thing and begged for mercy as it relentless slid into her. In vain of course and shortly after she laid, crying next to me.   

Yvette placed a stopper in my one nostril and a rubber tube in the other, making it very difficult for me to breathe. Then she turned a switch and merciless something extremely big was forced into my pussy. Rather our pussies, as I from her groaning that it happened to her too.

I couldnt help whining either, as I was totally and painfully filled up.

The top of this awful box slowly began to slide down again. Frightened I stared up in it; its cut out just like the bottom, with yet another huge dildo, which quite obviously was meant for our mouth. Horrified I realised that we should spend the night, locked into that dreadful box. It scared me so much, that I for once began to complain. I expected that either Charlene or Yvette would hit me, but instead it began to tickle inside my pussy, not quite unpleasant, but slowly it began to become quite painful and I realised that the dildo in my pussy was electrical. As I surely didnt want to know how paifully the could do it, I began to babble away, begging for forgiveness, I even ended pleading them to shut it, to our cruel mistress big amusement. I realised that sis reaction had been semilar to mine and that we both actually pleaded them to shut it.

The breathing tube, disapeared up in the top, where some kind of mechanism kept it straight. As the top came closer and closer. The dildo pressed towards my lipps and even though I opened my mouth ad wide as I possibly could. It forced my jaws even further apart. I ckoked as it forced its way down into my throat. ”Forgot to mention” Yvette yelled just before it shut tight ”If you waste anything during the night, its gathred in a tank and when the tank is full, its pumped up, into the others mouth.” In other words, if any of us peed, the other would have to drink it.

The lid shut tight and we laid in total darness and silence. I hardly could breathe through the tube and all my holes hurt as theyre totally blocked out. Having to spend the nigt in this coffin, scared the wits out of me. I found comfort feeling her arm pressing against mine. I dont know how, but somehow I manged to turn my hand and grab hers. 

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