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African Nightmare

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Synopsis: Four male tourists arrested in war torn Nigeria. They are mistaken for mercenaries. One of the party is interrogated tortured and raped by his captors.

African Nightmare

This story takes place in Nigeria. The year is 1968 and the country was in the midst of civil war. The Ibos, a tribe that lived in the eastern region on Nigeria had broken away following the assassination of the Nigerian Premier. The Ibos called their territory Biafra and as this area contained Nigerias oil reserves tensions were running high. In the north of the country Fiat the giant Italian car and engineering company were building a dam on the river Niger. It is in this area my story unfolds. This is mainly a work of fiction but it is based on actual events that occurred!

Having crossed the Sahara in our beaten up Land Rover we were elated as we approached the small Nigerian town of

Kainji. We had decided to honour the hospitality shown to us by one of our girlfriends fathers who was an engineer on the new dam that was being built on the river Niger. He had sent us a message saying that if we were in the area to look him up and that we could stay with him for a few days. Having lived under canvas for the past few months the prospect of sleeping in a real bed looked very promising indeed.

We were four young men in our early twenties who had self financed this African adventure. Having purchased a ten-year-old Land Rover we had set out and successfully crossed the mighty Sahara Desert. Now here we were in the most northern parts of Nigeria heading towards the new Niger dam! When we first entered Nigeria the border officials had warned us that the country was in the midst of a civil war. The eastern region of this volatile country had broken away and wanted independence from the rest of the country. They were the Ibo tribe and had unofficially called their province Biafra. I had read something about this civil war in our newspapers back home before we set out but I had given it little attention until now. Anyway it was our intention to stay well away from the eastern region and travel down the western side of Nigeria.

With high spirits we headed towards our goal. Our surroundings were sparse compared to the jungle conditions we had experienced earlier when we first entered this country. We found ourselves travelling along a narrow dusty road that seemed to be going nowhere. As we rounded a bend in the road we spotted a large sign, which puzzled us somewhat. It said, “Restricted area for the next 50 miles, authorized personnel only allowed beyond this point. Proceed at your own risk!”

We all wondered what this was all about, there was nothing on the map that indicated why this was a restricted area. I suggested that maybe it was something to do with the dam and the large construction vehicles that would inevitably surround it. Anyway, we had been invited to visit by one of its engineers so with this in mind we proceeded.

After a few more miles into this so called restricted area we came upon an army roadblock consisting of a small group of soldiers. We approached quite slowly as the three or four young soldiers appeared agitated on seeing our vehicle coming toward them. I personally found this scenario quite worrying but my three friends seemed quite bemused by it all. I was driving so I stopped the Land Rover and greeted an army corporal that seemed to be in charge.

He was shaking as he shouted for us to step out of the vehicle. When we did not immediately comply he raised his automatic rifle and repeated his order! On the second request we all got out holding our hands up in a friendly gesture meaning no harm was intended. We were instructed to stand very still and watched as one of the other soldiers requested reinforcements on his radio. By this time I was starting to get quite concerned but still my colleagues found the situation amusing! Oh well I thought, maybe its me over reacting as usual.

It was not long before a large Bedford army truck came roaring up and several more commando type soldiers alighted from it all shouting and screaming with excitement. On board was a sergeant who immediately assumed command of the situation.

He got the four of us to line up and demanded to know what we were doing in this area? I volunteered to speak for our party and told him we were heading for the dam at Kainji and that we had an engineer friend there who had invited us to visit.

The sergeant demanded to know his name and I told him. He then asked to see our passports and any other documents we had to prove who we were. The sergeant peered at our passports but did not seem to really understand what he was looking at. The visiting pass stamp we had received at the boarder was very faint and quite illegible. He then said something quite extraordinary; he seriously believed we were a band of mercenaries who had come to blow up the dam! With that he ordered his men to search our vehicle. They pulled everything out onto the roadside making one hell of a mess with our belongings. All sorts of things seemed to incriminate us. We had army surplus clothes that we had purchased back in England and we had snorkels and flippers which we used when swimming in northern Morocco.

I tried to explain that army clothes can be purchased quite legitimately in England but the sergeant did not seem to believe me. He and his men had convinced themselves that they had captured a small band of mercenaries. What made things even worse was that I had drawn a skull and crossbones on our external petrol cans. I had done this as a warning for people not to smoke around our vehicle which is what a lot of them seemed to do. I had no idea at the time that the skull and crossbones were the symbol of the mercenary here in West Africa!

Eventually after a lot of excitement and shouting by the soldiers we were told to put all our stuff back in the Land Rover and get into it. The army lorry had a tailboard which had been dropped down and a bren gun was mounted on to it. For those who do not know what that is it is a large machine-gun that sits on a small tripod to steady it when firing. With that we were told to follow the lorry, I gathered if we did not then the soldier manning the Bren gun would open fire.

We went on for some miles before we came to the village of Kainji. Our small convoy drew a lot of attention from the villagers. On seeing us they ran behind our vehicle shouting and jeering. Word had quickly spread that the army had captured some mercenaries. Propaganda was all over the radio in Nigeria and the people were extremely on edge as a result. Eventually we entered a small compound that housed many more Land Rovers, some had been dismantled. I guessed that was for parts as they were quite scarce in Nigeria. A large one-story building stood at the centre of the compound and we were led into it. As we entered I quickly realised it was a police station as I could see several cells over to my left. These cells housed some very scary looking prisoners and on seeing us started to jeer and make obscene remarks.

Thankfully we were not put in these cells but in an empty office with barred windows. There we were left for what seemed like hours. We reflected on our situation, my other collegues Mike, Ian & Roger still remained quite unfazed by our predicament. They were sure that our engineer friend that worked at the dam would vouch for us and things would be just fine! During our discussion we heard a lot of shouting and heel stomping from outside and with that the door opened and in walked a Nigerian army captain. As soon as he walked in he ordered us to stand as we were huddled on the floor due to a lack of chairs.

His opening words were “Who are you people?” He seemed quite jovial but I could sense some kind of menace in his voice.

I decided to speak up for the rest of us and told him “We are tourists pure and simple.” I now realize this was a terrible mistake on my part. He went on to say that there was nothing pure or simple about our situation and that the whole village had surrounded the compound we were in and were all trying to catch a glimpse of the mercenaries. Our soldier captors were now acting as our bodyguards trying to keep the crowds outside from entering the compound.

The captain continued to ask questions as to who we were and where we had come from. He was particularly intrigued by our army surplus clothes we had with us. I repeatedly tried to explain how they can be legitamately purchased in England but for some reason he did not believe me! He took the name of our engineer friend and went off to make enquiries about him. I turned to my colleagues and told them I did not like the way all this was going. Again they poo pood my fears and told me not to worry but hey, I was a natural worrier and I thought I had good reason too given the situation we found ourselves in.

A little while later the captain returned and was looking very grim faced. He told us that the engineer we mentioned did not work at the dam and now wanted to know what we were really doing in this restricted area. I was dumb struck, our friend had definitely invited us to visit him so where was he now? The mood of the captain had changed for the worst. He was becoming more and more agitated by our insistence that our story was correct. I told him there was nothing else to tell him other than what had already been said. He started to pound the table in front of him and kept screaming that we were liars. I did not know what else to say, well as far as I was concerned there was not anything else. For some inexplicable reason our friend was not working at the dam and now we were in a whole lot of trouble because of it!

The captain called in some of his men and we were bundled out of the office and into one of the holding cells. It was very sparse with little light and we could still hear the jeering and taunts from the other prisoners.

They were shouting things like “Hey white boy, drop your trousers, I want to fuck you!”

Now I was feeling really scared by the situation I found myself in. Mike, Ian and Roger had also lost their air of confidence. We all looked at each other and thought about what would happen to us? We just sat in this nasty little cell not saying very much, we were all in a state of shock by these unfolding events. After about an hour two very burly soldiers appeared at the cell door. Just behind them stood the captain, we all tensed up and awaited our fate.

Chapter Two

“That one bring him, he seems to have the most to say.” To my horror the captain was pointing at me.

The soldiers opened the door, grabbed me by the arms and dragged me out of the cell with some force. I was marched down a long corridor and into a dimly lit room. It was only lit by a couple of bare light bulbs and had an odd smell of sweat and electricity. It was that smell you get when electrical wires are overheating. It took my eyes a while to adjust to the darkness of the room. In it I saw a large heavy table that had a metal top and leather straps at all four corners. More leather straps hung from the ceiling and these in turn were attached to chains. I was filled with abject horror. Four more large soldiers stood at the far end of the room.

God! I thought to myself this is a torture room, they are going to hurt me really bad and I had done nothing wrong!

I stood in the centre of this awful room surrounded now by at least a half dozen soldiers and their captain.

He glared at me, and then spoke. “Now, let us stop all this nonsense about visiting an engineer friend. I want to know why you have really come here and more importantly who sent you and who is paying you?”

I just shook my head. “I have told you over and over why we came to Kanji, no one sent us and no one is paying us to do anything!” I gave the captain a pleading look.

The captain frowned and slowly moved toward me. “You are a very pretty boy and if you want to stay that way you will answer my questions because my patience is running out!” He tapped my face with the flat of his hand in what normally would have been a gesture of affection.

“Take a look around this room young man; it is filled with some very unpleasant devices used to extract information and confessions from stubborn people. You will tell what I want to know in the end believe me. So save yourself a lot of pain and unpleasantness. Now be sensible and talk to me!” He continued to tap the side of my face with his hand.

I begged the captain not to hurt me and asked if we really looked and behaved like mercenaries? He laughed at what I had said and went on to say that mercenaries do not go around with the word mercenary stamped on their foreheads. His remark also brought some laughter from the other soldiers in the room.

The smile on his face was quickly replaced by a scowl. “Very well, you want to do this the hard way then so be it. Kindly remove all of your clothes.”

I begged him once more to reconsider what he was going to do to me but he had reached the end of his patience. He was not prepared to listen to anymore of my pleas. So reluctantly I peeled off my clothes and found myself standing stark naked in the centre of the room surrounded by the grim faced soldiers.

The captain walked slowly around me, looking me up and down. He asked if did body building which I did. I was no Mr. Universe but there was not an ounce of fat on me. I liked the way I looked and so it would appear did all the men in this room.

“You are a very good looking young man, my men and I will enjoy working you over. I hope you will not break too quickly it would spoil our fun and games.” Again his remarks brought howls of laughter from his men.

I was shaking with fear and trepidation because there was absolutely nothing I could say or do that would save me from ministrations of these men. What could I possibly tell them, I had said it all? I did not even know what sort of lie I could fabricate in an effort to get myself out of this situation. I felt utterly and totally helpless and terribly afraid and my nakedness made me feel so vulnerable.

Strong hands grabbed me by the arms and dragged me over to that daunting table. They grabbed my legs and lifted me effortlessly onto it. My arms were pulled above my head and my wrists were tightly buckled into the straps at the top of the table. They did the same with my ankles; they stretched me tight face upwards into a spread eagle position. Never had I felt so totally helpless and afraid as I was now. Once in position my captors stood over my naked body and ran their hands up and down it. To my horror I felt my cock twitch. No, I thought not now, what the hell was the matter with me? How could I get an erection at a time like this?

The captain put his face very close to mine; I could feel his breath on me. “So you find this exciting do you? I wonder if you will feel the same way in a few minutes when we put some electricity through your cock”

That remark filled me with utter dread; I had not dreamed that they would do anything like that to me. What sort of people were they? And how could I stop them, I felt close to tears but where would that get me?

He kept his bulbous face inches from mine. “Well pretty boy, one last chance to tell me what I want to know and save yourself from the pain that is about to come!”

I felt his hand touching my cock, I moaned, what the hell was he doing to me? I felt that treacherous piece of flesh harden at his touch. Try as I might I could not stop it from growing ever bigger in his hand. He responded by massaging it even more.

“Mmmm pretty boy likes that!” This remark once again caused gales of laughter in the room.

His hand moved over my testicles and cupped them, my body tensed. I did not have to wait long before this monster started to squeeze my balls very hard. The pain was indescribable, I gritted my teeth. I wanted to pull away from his vice like grip but I was stretched out too tightly for that.

The captain turned to his men. “Open the door a little so his friends can hear his screams, maybe that will spur them on to tell us what we want to know!”

With all his strength he continued to squeeze my balls. I felt like I was going to pass out but this man was too clever for that. Just as I was about to black out he released his grip on me. There was little solace from that as the aftermath of the pain was just as excruciating. Those two balls of flesh were on fire, pulses of pain rocked my entire body. Rivulets of sweat poured off me, I was in hell and wanted it to swallow me up!

“I see the anguish in your face young man; we are just getting warmed up. This is just foreplay on our part and the best is yet to come. Torturing and tormenting you will be a delicious pleasure for us. So please, take your time for we have all the time in the world as far as you are concerned my pretty one. You scream so beautifully!”

I knew that my friends in the cell could hear all that was going on. I wondered what must have been going through their minds when they heard my anguished screams. The captain had singled me out for some reason, was it because I was the outspoken one or was it because of my looks? Yes I had a nicely toned body and quite a nice face if I do say it myself. However, how long will it remain that way in my current predicament? I was at my wits end not knowing what to do or what to say. These men clearly enjoyed having a prisoner to question and taunt. Even if they did get information from me, would that be enough for them to stop what they were doing or indeed about to do?

“So young man, how do your testicles feel under my caress?” He laughed at his own joke. “Ready for some more fun and games or do you want to give me the information I seek?”

His hand alighted on my cock once more, gently stroking it. He went from gentle to forceful in just seconds. He was an expert in what he was doing and I began to wonder if all these men were gay? They certainly enjoyed toying with me and arousing me. I personally loved other men touching my intimate places. I did not know if that made me gay or not but I know that I did enjoy that sort of thing. I had been terribly confused about my sexuality because I adored women as well. So I guess that firmly labeled me as bisexual. Also to my shame I enjoyed a little pain but not to the extent of what was happening to me now!

“So you can endure having your testicles squeezed I admire your resolve but please be aware I am only playing with you at the moment. Let us take things a little further.” The captain nodded to one of the soldiers who wheeled over a trolley with some kind of telephone on it.

I just let out an exasperated whimper; I had run out of pleas.

The captain smiled. “Do you know what this is?” He pointed to the contraption on the trolley.

I just shook my head indicating I did not.

“It is a field telephone that has its own generator. You crank this handle on the casing and it charges up the battery inside to give it enough electricity to make a call. It does not sound much but the voltage goes up very high. There is no wattage behind the current so it will not kill anyone but the electricity it produces causes a great deal of pain when applied to bare flesh!”

He started to unravel some wires that were protruding out of the casing and attached one to a small pear shaped piece of smooth metal. Another wire was attached to a thin piece of flexible tubing about four inches long with a flange at one end. All the time the captain kept looking at me to see my reaction to what he was doing. I do not think my face disappointed him; I was truly terrified at this point.

“Are you getting the picture young man, do you see what is going to happen? Let me enlighten you with the exact details, maybe they will loosen your tongue. This piece of metal goes into your rectum and this tubing goes into your urethra, the opening in your penis. The flange is to stop it disappearing inside. To complete the circuit the current has to travel from your anus to your cock. I am told the pain is like no other. I will let you tell me what it is like when I have shocked you a few times. Of course you can prevent all this by just telling me what I want to know.”

Naturally I had nothing further to tell him, I just shook my head in sheer disbelief at what was happening.

The captain moved toward my prone and helpless body. “Nothing to say then? Well let us see if that will remain the case when you have been shocked!”

He spat on the smooth metal electrode and pushed it firmly into my anus. It felt cold as it slid inside me; I felt my sphincter muscle give way to let that intruding piece of metal inside me. I gave the captain and the soldiers a pleading look but they just laughed. Next he put some kind gel onto the tubing and on the tip of my cock;

He then took hold of my penis and inserted the tube into the opening. I felt my urethra stretch as it went in. I felt a horrible burning sensation as it went down. I let out a loud groan as it slid all the way into my shaft, and only the flange at the end stopped it going further.

The captain smiled. “This tubing can conduct electricity; it will produce a great deal of pain. So one last chance, talk to me.”

He waited for the answer that did not come. Then one of the soldiers cranked the handle to charge up the battery. He gave it several turns and then nodded to his captain who started to turn a large dial on the casing. I felt the current start to flow into my anus, then into my balls and finally up the shaft of my cock. I am ashamed to say that this produced a massive erection from me. The dial was turned another notch and the pain intensified. I felt my anal sphincter tighten and my balls started to retreat up into my groin, almost as if they were running from the pain. The tip of my cock started to get very hot as the current flowed up the tubing. It was an erotic sensation at first but as the captain increased the current the pain turned into something else. It became very sharp like masses of pins and needles being plunged into my balls and cock shaft. When the dial was turned even more I let out a piercing scream that must have been heard for miles. I was involuntarily arching my back as far as my bonds would let me. My genital area was now on fire and my crotch felt like it was in the grip of a large vice. The whole of my groin area had gone into a very tight spasm. I do not know how much time had passed since the captain first turned that dial but I hoped and prayed for it to end. Having endured this inhuman torture for a few more minutes he finally turned off the current. I sank back down on the table sweat pouring from my pain-racked body. I gasped for whatever air I could get into my exhausted lungs. My anal sphincter throbbed in some kind of pulsating dance and my cock twitched uncontrollably. Large globules of pre-cum dripped from the tip.

Once again the captain placed his face inches from mine. His voice lowered to a mere whisper. “How do you like my field telephone trick pretty boy? He sang out the praises of that infernal contraption much to my dismay. 

“My men and I are enjoying your show very much. Let us hope you can show us some more of your anguish.” With that he nodded to one of the soldiers who immediately started cranking the generator handle again.

I braced myself in readiness for the electric shock that was about to come again. The captains hand moved toward that dreaded dial and turned it a notch. A tingle of electricity danced around my anus.  I felt it flow into my rectum and up the shaft of my penis, which in turn went totally rigid. I had absolutely no control over the dam thing. The captain turned the dial another notch and immediately my buttocks clenched and my balls retreated into my groin. I heard him say that he would increase the current much more during this run, which he did without hesitation. My body arched within its constrictive bonds. This time I could clearly hear the crackle of electricity as it pulsed through my flesh. I screamed so loud I thought my throat would burst. My crotch was gripped in painful convulsions and still there was no let up from this assault on my genitals. I felt a burning surge come from deep within my rectum. I now know that this was my prostate releasing its fiery liquid. The pressure of the buildup was immense; sperm just exploded out of my cock and shot the entire length of the room. I had never experienced and orgasm of this magnitude in my entire life. It was not a pleasurable one by any means. The fiery liquid seemed to carry the current with it, burning my urethra as it travelled along its length. I howled and screamed and begged the captain to stop. But he would have none of it; this was the big one, the final push to break me. To make me confess to something I was not guilty of. Then the darkness came.

Chapter Three

I could hear the murmur of distant voices, slowly my senses started to return. My head swam; I felt so many sensations about my body. The extreme ache and soreness around my genitals were at the forefront of the pain. In fact it was a strange mixture of numbness and pain, unusual I know but such was the effect of electricity on flesh and the nerve endings it contains.

I was still strapped securely to the table, I had passed out to my relief but now I was back and still in this awful predicament. The electrodes had been removed and to that end I was thankful but I was under no illusion that this was the end of my torment. The captains face was once again inches from mine. He was massaging my now limp and painful cock.

“Oh what have I done, I have killed that wonderful erection you had!” His sarcasm was not wasted on his men who laughed uncontrollably at his lame joke.

He was not fooling me with his sarcasm; I knew there must be more to come for no information was gleaned from me, there was none. One thing was for sure, I did not want to be electrocuted anymore. It was an experience never to be repeated. I really wanted to give this man the information he required but it would have to be a complete fabrication on my part. Anything to prevent more assaults on my broken body I thought to myself. I needed time to come up with something but how long had I got. Then I thought better of it, they would check on my story would they not? And when it was deigned to be untrue then I would be back at square one. Despair was suddenly all about me, I could not see any way out of this. As far as I was concerned my fate was sealed.

I snapped out of my thoughts and stared at the big face of the captain. After several more attempts at telling him that my colleagues and I were innocent the soldiers started to unbuckle the straps that were holding my arms and legs. I felt very weak and unable to resist the rough handling of these large and powerful men. They dragged me off the table and into the centre of the room where they fastened my wrists into the straps that hung down from the ceiling. Then in turn my ankles were buckled into straps that were attached to the floor. I found myself spread-eagled once more but this time in a standing position.

“You like your new position pretty boy?” The captain was standing behind me and patting my ass.

“Change of tactics, we tried the clinical approach with nice clean electricity but all that did was give you an orgasm and make you scream a lot. Not very effective as far as I am concerned. So I think we had better try a more old fashioned method!”  He went over to a wall where there was a selection of whips.

“Which one do you prefer, this multi-tail or this small single tail? I am told the single tail has an incredible sting to it. It bites beautifully into the flesh. Whatever it does I am sure you will dance and sing to its tune!” He unhooked the single tail whip and gave it to the biggest soldier in the room.

The captain stood in front of my fully exposed body and again cupped and played with my testicles. This time he did not crush them he just fondled them, once more affecting an embarrassing twitch from it. I could not believe it; despite all that had happened my penis was responding to this mans touch again! The soldiers and the captain began to laugh at my embarrassment and at the return of my erection.

“Young man you are something else and so is this cock of yours. It is more defiant than its owner!” Again great gales of laughter ensued.

He circled behind me; I could feel his hot breath on my neck. His hand alighted on my buttocks and started to knead them like bread doe.

“You know what? This is a fine piece of ass young man; it is a great pity we have to mark it. Do you want that….hmmmm?”

Again I had no words for him, there were none; I had resigned myself to my fate. I was at the mercy of these soldiers and their captain. I sobbed inwardly at the thought of this new turn of events. I had never been lashed with a whip and most definitely did not want to be. It was out of my hands now; I prayed that unconsciousness would come swiftly.

His hands continued to play with my genitals and anus. I felt his fat finger encircling my sphincter, which made my cock go even harder. It stood up like a flagpole for all to see, there was nothing I could do to make it go down. I heard the sound of a zipper being pulled and suddenly I felt something being pressed in between my buttocks!

“Wha….what are you doing?”

I was stunned, the captain was rubbing his engorged penis in between my ass cheeks, and it felt enormous!

“You like that little white boy, would you like it in you?” He continued to rub himself against me.

“No please, I dont want this, this is a violation, and you are an animal!”

I was begging him to stop but he carried on. He kept up his incessant rubbing action and my cock continued to buck and twitch. He then reached around my stretched body and grabbed a hold of my dick and started to stroke it up and down with great vigor. All my protests were in vain as this monster pumped away at my shaft. Soon my balls tightened and once again I found myself shooting semen across the room. I felt my legs buckle as I came; now I knew what a knee trembler was! This latest episode again brought gales of laughter around the room.

“Oh my darling white boy you respond to my touch so beautifully. Please tell me what I want to know then we can play with you properly without all the nasty torture. To ruin this body would be a sacrilege.” The captain gently tapped my ass.

Oh god I thought to myself, they want to rape me now. Was there no end to this travesty? Then I heard the captain spit. I heard him mutter lubrication. With that he pressed his big fat cock head against the entrance to my anus. I clenched my buttocks in a futile effort to stop him entering me. He pressed with even greater force until finally my sphincter gave way and allowed that bulging shaft to enter. My anus burned as it was spread wide open by his bulk. I felt his cock travel deep into my rectum spreading the walls to their very limits. I cried out in pain as he started to pump into me with renewed force. A great heat started to build up in me, his spittle was not the greatest of lubricants but he did not care one bit as he continued his powerful thrusts. The pain of the assault grew even greater as he continued to pound into me. I felt his enormous shaft sliding up and down my gut like a piston. This was quickly followed by his release. He had filled my ass with his sticky semen and as he withdrew his cock it made a squelchy plopping noise. His juices ran out of my ass and down the insides of my thighs.

I heard him give a satisfied sigh as he put away that great lump of black meat. My ass throbbed from the assault, there was no mistaking that I had been sodomised and very brutally at that.

I hung limp in my restraints, the captain moved around to face me once more.

“That was very nice young man, you accommodated me very well. You are so deliciously tight; you sucked the juices right out of me. It has been so long since I have had a nice piece of ass like yours. So please tell me what I want to know then my men can enjoy you as well.”

Once again I reiterated that there was nothing I could tell him. I begged them not to contemplate gang raping me but my pleas went unheeded. I was now their toy, their plaything. I know knew that I was going to become that of a receptacle for their cocks

The big soldier that had been handed the whip took up position just to the rear of me. He looked at his captain and awaited his signal.

“So you wish to continue with the game young man, then so be it. You will now sing to the whistle of the whip. Take your time; this is the part my men and I love most. It will be our pleasure to watch you dance.” Again this was followed by hoots of laughter.

Then it started, the first lash landed squarely across my back. The sting from it took my breath away. The whole of the area where the whip struck stung like hell. It seemed like all the nerve endings in my back where concentrated along the thin red line that had formed. I had let out a gasp as the air was knocked out of my lungs. This was a pain that I did not like at all but yet again my cock started to harden. Everyone in the room noticed it, they seemed delighted that my cock was defying them and embarrassing me!

Then the second blow came, this time it landed across both my buttocks. The tip of the whip encircled my hips and caught the shaft of my cock. I let out a most anguished cry at the pain this blow caused. My cocks response was to go even more rigid. On seeing this the soldier struck me across the buttocks three more times in succession. Each time catching the tip and shaft of my penis. Fire now burned in my loins, this latest erection excited the captain and his men a lot. I heard him say not to punish my cock too much; they wanted to save some of it for later. So the blows were redirected across my back. This time the tip of the whip snaked around and caught one of my nipples. These delicate nubs were some of the most erogenous and delicate parts of my body. The pain from the lash caused me to scream and sob uncontrollably and to my shame made me wet myself. I was no longer in control of my bladder; it emptied into a puddle on the floor.

Lash after lash rained down on my back and buttocks and for good measure the soldier with the whip directed some blows across the backs of my thighs as well. I shuddered to think what my skin looked like back there but I guessed it was not good. Unlike electricity my skin did not grow numb with continuing punishment.  As each lash struck my body the pain intensified and my voice was reduced to a croak with all the screaming. I squirmed and struggled as much as my bonds would let me and tried to pull my body away from the incessant lashes.

In my delirium I heard the captains voice. “Oh yes you have not disappointed me pretty boy, you dance so wonderfully. Tomorrow you will delight in the pain from the welts on your back. Pain now and pain later and this could have all been avoided if you had given me the information I asked for.” Slowly his words seemed to grow fainter as I sank once again into the arms of Morpheus.

When I awoke I found that my hands were handcuffed behind my back and was lying naked on the floor of that dreadful torture room. As I slowly regained my senses the pain from the lashing returned with a great vengeance. The captain and his men were standing over me with arms folded.

“Still you continue not to speak to us. You either have a death wish or you are innocent as you say. Many would have broken by now. You do not look like the brave type to me but then again maybe looks can deceive.”

I saw the captain nod to three of his men who then pulled me to my feet. I winced from the burning pains on my back. I was totally helpless to resist with my arms cuffed behind me. They dragged me over to an old roll top bath tub that had been filled with water.

“No please, no more.” I croaked!

“You leave us no choice in the matter; we must try all ways to get you to tell us what you know.” The captain patted my sweat soaked face. “Now come on young man, end this now and save yourself anymore unpleasantness.”

I just stared back at him and gave him a pleading look with my eyes but that did not work for me. Next I found myself being lifted by the three huge soldiers and was plunged head backwards into the bath of cold water. As my head went under I was filled with shear panic. I tried to hold my breath for as long as I could but in the end my lungs felt like they were going to burst and I started to gulp! The water burned as it tried to enter my lungs. Then I felt my prone body being lifted up out of the water. Immediately I started to cough and splutter, desperately trying to replace the water in my windpipe with air. So many feelings were going through my brain. My lungs were on fire, I felt nauseated and panic stricken. In a way this was by far the worst torture of all and I think these men knew it.

The captains face hovered over me. “I can see you are not enjoying this young man, surely now you will tell us what we want to know. If you do not I fear the shock of all this may kill you and we do not want that now do we?” He nodded to his men once more.

Again I was plunged backwards under the water; I had little chance of taking much air into my burning lungs. It was not long before I was gulping water again. This form of torture was not only painful to the lungs but had a severe mental affect on me as well. The fear of drowning is one of the most terrible fears imaginable. I was under no illusion that this time I could die! Darkness slowly replaced the red mist that was present at the back of my eyes.

I do not know how long I was out for but when I came round I was on the floor in the recovery position. I was lying on my side with a large pool of water around my head area. My hands were still cuffed behind my back. The captain and his men were at one end of the room talking to a man in civilian clothes. This man then left and they came over to me.

“Well well!” I heard the captain say. “It would appear that your story is true after all. The engineer that you were trying to visit has gone home to the UK, he went some time ago having had a bout of malaria.” His words came to me like a blessed relief.

His men then dragged me to my feet to face him.

“Now we have a dilemma do we not? We have tortured you for no reason. However, there is still the issue of you and your friends entering a military restricted zone without permission. This in itself is a violation of the conditions that have been imposed in Nigeria during these troubled times. We cannot have people like you running wild in a country that is under Federal law!” He stared at me with a fixed gaze.

I was then marched back to the cell that held my three friends who were huddled down one end. They had been listening to my ordeal and fear was written all over their faces. I could see the horror in their eyes as they stared at my wet and whip-lashed body. The Captain once again reiterated the point to them that we had trespassed into his territory and that this was a serious offence. My friends apologized to him and pointed out that this was done in all honesty and that no offense was intended. His reply was that ignorance of the law is no excuse and that we all would be punished! My friends having heard my previous punishments were horrified by this and begged the captain for mercy.

At this point he struck up a deal with them. I could not believe what I was hearing. They agreed offer me up to face punishment alone and say nothing more about what had occurred here. In turn they would be free to go on their way provided they leave Nigeria at the first opportunity. I could not believe it; I was being treated like a sacrificial lamb. I begged my friends to reconsider what they were doing but they just wanted to look after their own skins. They had heard my cries at the hands of these soldiers and were terrified it would happen to them!

My friends left the cell with heads bowed and could scarcely look at me as they went. I was in total shock at what had just occurred, how could they do this to me? Fear is a terrible thing and it makes people do terrible things. I heard the Land Rover start up and leave the compound. Now I felt so alone and desolate, so many things were going through my troubled mind. What was to become of me? What were they going to do to me? Had they not done enough? So many questions!

My thoughts were interrupted by the return of the captain and his men. They had successfully seen off my so called friends and now once again I faced them. I was sitting at the far end of the cell and still totally naked. I was ordered to stand up. The captain stood squarely in front of me.

“You will be sent to a civilian prison where you will be remanded until a magistrates court can be convened. Then you will learn what your punishment will be! You will remain here until I can organize an escort for you. In the meantime my men will entertain you. They have been very patient during your interrogation; now it is time for a little recreation!” The captain then sat down at the opposite side of the cell.

Two of the soldiers brought in a heavy wooden table and placed it in the centre of the cell. I was then uncuffed and dragged to the table. They bent me over one end of the table and secured my ankles to the table legs. They then secured my wrists to the legs at the top of the table. It was then that I knew what was going to happen. I was going to be gang raped by the soldiers. The captain had fucked me, now it was the turn of his men. I croaked out some sort of protest but it was all to no avail. These men were hungry for my ass; they were all over me like a pack of wolves. One was even salivating as he released a massive black cock from his trousers.  I saw him go over to a medical cabinet and get out a large jar of Vaseline jelly.

“This is for your ass.” Said the soldier.

I just shook my head in protest and braced myself for the assault on my sphincter muscle. The soldier scooped out a generous amount of gel and smeared it on his cock and on the entrance to my anus. After that I did not have long to wait as I felt his massive cock head push at the entrance to my rectum. My anus put up a fair piece of resistance before finally relented to the soldiers incessant pushing. My sphincter muscle burned as he entered me. I felt his huge bulk travel deep into my rectum pushing the sides out to the max. The soldier let out a muffled moan as he started to pump my ass. He shoved his thick cock into me right up to the hilt and then out again. He pumped with great force. The previous proceedings had excited him and he was desperate to let his seed gush. I did not have long to wait as I felt him orgasm and release his sperm into my convulsing rectum. The soldier let out a mighty roar much to the delight of his friends and of course the captain. As he pulled out of me I heard the loud sounding plop again and he gave my buttocks a playful slap as he did so. While he was putting his cock back in his trousers I felt his sperm running down the insides of my thighs. He must have released quite a load as it just flowed and flowed out of my ass.

All six of these huge soldiers had equally large cocks. It is true what they say about black men, they are very well hung. I was finding this out to my cost. One by one they took me; the assaults on my ass were relentless. My rape must have lasted for hours for it was nightfall before the last soldier finished. I was thankful for the Vaseline lubricant for without that they would have torn me apart. When it stopped I just lay there, sweat soaked and trembling. My ass throbbed and pulsated and dripped great quantities of cum.

The captain ordered his men to untie me and made me kneel at his feet. I looked up at him pleadingly and begged him not to do anything more to me. He just laughed as he pulled his big cock out of his trousers. It was inches from my face, its bulbous head bobbing in front of my eyes.

“Suck it!” I heard him say in a whispered voice. “Suck it or I will beat you with a cane, the choice is yours pretty boy!”

So with some reluctance I took his bulk into my mouth. As I opened my mouth to accommodate him he shoved it right down my throat causing me to gag profusely. This caused a lot of laughter in the cell. I could hardly get my mouth around this mighty cock as it had such a large girth. I could now see why it hurt my ass so much when he fucked me. He grabbed hold of a clump of hair at the back of my head and pulled my face into his groin, making me take more of his meat into my mouth. I coughed and spluttered and thought I was going to vomit. Luckily for me it was not too long before he released his salty sperm down my throat. His orgasm was incredible; it came out of his shaft in torrents. Again I gagged and spluttered as great globules of his semen ran down my chin. As he withdrew from my mouth he rapped the side of my face with his cock in a playful manner. It felt really heavy as he continued to hit my cheeks with it.

“Ah the little white boy likes to suck big black cocks, dont worry you will get plenty more of them where you are going!”

With that last remark the captain and his men left the cell. I sank down on the floor desperately trying to get the taste of his semen out of my mouth. It tasted like old sea water. I little while later some police officers came in and escorted me to some kind of shower area. There I was made to stand by a tiled wall while they turned a hose on me. The water made me tense up as it was very cold and the pressure of it stung my skin.

I tried to protect by balls from the pummeling I was getting from the water jet. The police officers took great delight in trying hit my scrotum with the water. Try as I did they still managed to hit their target on several occasions and it doubled me over in pain. This drenching seemed to go on for ages before they finally led me back to the cell. There I lay bruised and battered on a plain wooden bed with no mattress.

As I lay there I contemplated what had happened to me. My back, buttocks and legs all stung like hell. My ass felt like a train had gone up it. I had no idea what was to become of me. If recent events were anything to go by then my future looked bleak. I then fell into a fitful sleep.

Chapter Four

I was awoken by a shaft light as it streamed on my face from a barred window on the other side of the cell. As I came to my senses the wounds on my body reminded me of my ordeal. I do not think there was a square inch of my skin that did not hurt. I could see the deep red welts on the backs of my legs where they had whipped me. I could feel a horrible burning sensation in my urethra where the electrode had been pushed down inside it. I was dreading going for a piss and it was not too long before nature called. There was a small bucket in the corner of the cell which I guessed was put there for that very purpose. As I stood over it and let the urine flow I was hit by an almighty pain in my cock shaft. It felt like a thousand hot needles being stuck into me. I moaned inwardly as the urine burned and burned. Glad it was all over I sank back down on my wooden bed.

Shortly after that some police officers followed by the army captain came in with my clothes and ordered me to dress. I was then taken outside and bundled into a police Land Rover. As I walked across the yard I could see crowds of villagers all lined up along the perimeter fence. They sounded like they were baying for blood. It sent a shiver through my body.

The soldiers lined the edges of the road outside keeping the villagers away from the vehicle as we left the compound. We then sped away up a jungle lined road. We traveled for about half an hour before reaching what I now knew was the magistrates court. On arrival I was bundled straight into the building by my guards. Once inside I was taken down to a holding cell next to the courtroom.

After a short interval I was taken into the courtroom and placed in the dock. Three magistrates then appeared and sat before me. The Clerk of the Court read out the charges and asked me if I pleaded guilty or not guilty to unlawful trespass in a restricted zone. I just wanted to get this over with so pleaded guilty to the charge. I was told to remain standing.

The magistrate in the centre then spoke. “You have pleaded guilty to the charges put before this court. As this country is in a state of civil war this offence is a very serious one. I have no choice but to sentence you to nine months imprisonment with hard labour. However as you saw fit to plead guilty I will give you an alternative sentence.” His last words brought a sigh of relief from me but it was short lived as he continued.

“You can have the prison sentence commuted to one thousand lashes spread over one month together with thirty hours of electro torture spread over one month!” He then paused and awaited my reply.

My cock hardened as I chose the lashes and the electro torture. It hardened even more when I was led away for punishment. The thought of my erection and the days to follow made me smile inwardly. I know knew I was a total pain slut. And the thought of all those big black beefy guards…..mmmmm!

The End

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