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Steve and Carol

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Synopsis: Finding Steve's Playboy magazine and hand lotion used for masturbation, Carol teases him to distraction!

Steve and Carol are parked in a steamy automobile on a deserted road
under a full moon. "Please Carol, Steve whimpers, let me make love to
you- I'll do anything". Carol pulls away from him quickly. "I told
you Steve, I'm not that kind of girl" If you ask me again you can
just take me home. Steve begins to blubber, " I'm sorry - you just
turn me on so much, I lose control of myself". Carol looks at him
coldly, then smiles sweetly." Well.. Ok".
She begins to slowly lick his ear again, her breast pressing against
his chest. Steve moans as she rubs his swollen cock through the thin
fabric of his jeans. She gives it a hard squeeze. Then pulls her hand
quickly away. "Oh my god your soaking through your pants she says
angrily, did you cum?" "No"! "It's just that we've been at this for
hours, I guess I'm leaking a little". Carol looks at him and smiles
evilly. "I bet your gonna masturbate yourself when you get home,
aren't you". Steve stares at her in disbelief. Carol smiles at him
"I know you do it Steve, all the guys who have dated me do, sooner or
later". She laughs. His face turns bright red. "Oh, Stevie, your
embarrassed, don't be. I masturbate almost everyday". Steve looks at
her quickly "Then why won't you let me make love to you"? Carol looks
at him and slowly smiles. "I told you. I'm not that kind of girl".
She leans in and whispers in his ear as she traces the outline of his
hard cock.
"So what do you use when you do it"? "Hand lotion"? "Vaseline"? Steve
stares ahead silent. "Oh come on" she teases, "I'll tell you if you
tell me"… Steve swallows, "I use hand lotion". Mhhhh, Carol
purrs. "Do you do it slow of fast". "I guess, kind of fast," Steve
says quickly. Carol looks him in the eyes. "Do you look at nasty
magazines when you masturbate Stevie"..?
Steve looks at her in shock. "No"! Carol softly strokes his cock. "Oh
come on Steve, I bet if I looked under your bed I'd find a nasty book
or two, wouldn't I"? Steve is silent, then slowly nods. Carol
giggles "I thought so." "Are you going to masturbate yourself when
you get home tonight"? Yes, he croaks. "Would you like to masturbate
for me now, I'd love to watch you. Steve stares at her, he hesitates,
then whispers, "Yes". "Good", she exclaims, "I'll drive".
"Drive?" "Drive where?" "To the liquor store, we need to get you some
hand lotion and magazines". Carol gets out of the back seat and
climbs in the front as Steve calls out to her. "But, I don't"… Carol
turns around stopping him "Do you want to masturbate for me or not"?
Steve quickly nods his head "Yes!, But"… Carol cuts him off
again. "This is the only way I'm going to let it happen".
"Come on, it will only take five minutes, then we'll come back here
and you can jerk off". Steve stares at her silently. "Or," she
pouts, "You can go home and do it all by yourself". Steve slowly
hands her the keys. "Great"! she exclaims, "I'm so excited!" She
starts the car.

They pull into an all-night liquor store. Carol shuts of the engine
and turns around. "Now be sure to pick out some sexy magazines
Stevie," she teases. Steve slowly opens the door and gets out,
walking towards the store slowly, then turns back to look at
her. "Steve", she shouts a little angry "Move, we haven't got all-
night". He turns and goes into the store. A man and woman look at him
from behind the counter. He quickly goes down an aisle and grabs a
bottle of generic hand lotion, then goes to the magazine rack. Dozens
of nudie magazines stare back at him.
He grabs a Playboy and goes to the check out counter. The woman takes
his items. "Anything else… sir" she asks sarcastically. Steve,
embarrassed shakes his head. She rings up the purchase and puts it in
a brown paper bag. Steve grabs it and leaves quickly. He jumps in the
front seat. "Ohhh, let me see!" Carol grabs the bag from him and
peers in, then, in disgust pulls the lotion and Playboy from the
bag. "This is it," she asks in a bitchie tone. Steve looks at the
Magazine a little confused. "Yeah", he stammers, "I, I, thought you
wanted me to"… Carol angrily throws the magazine in his lap. "I
wanted you to get a few nasty magazines!" "Playboy is so boring, and
this lotion, I wouldn't rub it on my feet". She throws the bottle at
him in disgust.
"Now go back in there and do it right". Steve looks at her a little
afraid now. Carol softens, and reaches over and strokes his cock
through his pants. "Steven, if you get some really nasty magazines,
maybe I'll masturbate with you". Steve wets his lips then, gets out
of the car and goes back towards the store. "Steve"! He turns towards
her as she leans out of the passenger window, exposing her deep
beautiful cleavage. "Get a few with girls that have really big tits".
She smiles sweetly at him. Steve nods then turns and goes back into
the store.

They're parked back on the deserted road as Carol flips through the
first of five magazines. "Ohhh, start with this one". She shows him a
picture of a girl in a tight red bra. Steve starts to unbuckle his
pants and pulls a bottle of expensive hand lotion from the bag, then
hesitates. Carols leans close to him. "Don't chicken out now", she
whispers. He pulls his pants down, then his underwear. His erect cock
bobs straight up. Carol looks at it indifferently. Steve starts to
pour the lotion on it as she stops him.
"Allow me". Carol takes the lotion and very slowly drips it on to his
throbbing cock. Steve moans. "Ohhh", she teases, "drop after drop,
just like the Chinese water torture". After few more slow drips, she
stops. Now you tell me when to turn the pages… Steve takes hold of
his cock and begins to jerk off. Carol opens the magazine to the girl
in the red bra. "God", she whispers, "look at her tits, there soooo
big". She looks into his eyes evilly. "Wouldn't you like to put your
cock between them". Steve groans again as she turns the page. The
girl in the magazine is pouring lotion all over her breasts. "Oh my
God" , they're so big and shiny, It makes you want to cum all over
them, doesn't it Stevie". Steve speeds his hand up. "Oh shit Carol
I'm gonna"... Suddenly Carol slaps his hand away. "Slow down, I don't
want you to cum yet, we've got a lot of girls to look at still!".
Steve stares at her, not understanding. Carol shakes her head, "We're
going to go through every magazine and find the perfect girl to make
you cum, we may have to go through them twice". "But I can't hold out
any longer" Steve moans. Carol sighs and reaches into her large
leather purse and pulls out a pair of handcuffs. "I was afraid of
that". She roughly grabs Steve's left wrist and slaps the cuff on,
then bends it behind his back and snaps on the right cuff. "What are
you doing"! Steve cries out. "I'm making sure you don't cum to
quickly, you certainly can't be trusted to stop on your own". But
with my hands behind my back I can't touch myself.
Carol smiles and takes the seatbelt and puts it around Tom's waist
pulling it tight. "We'll, I guess I'll have to jerk you off myself
then". "But we're gonna go really, really, slow, I want you to look
at all your options, it may take all night". Carol checks the
seatbelt. "There, that should hold you". She starts to pull off her
pants. Steve looks at her hopeful. "Sorry Steve, I'm not going to
fuck you, but I will masturbate for you". She pulls off her shirt and
slowly removes her bra, exposing her beautiful full breasts, then
strips off her panties. She climbs on top of Steve and straddles him,
her wet pussy just inches from his cock.
"You never did ask me how I liked to masturbate". She grips Steve's
swollen penis with one hand and slowly begins to rub it back and
forth against her clitoris. Steve starts to buck. She grabs his balls
tightly and squeezes. He stops, crying out in pain. "Try that again
and I'll leave you handcuffed and naked out here, understand". Steve
quickly nods his head.
"Your just like every other guy, always wanting to cum first". Carol
resumes rubbing the head of his cock slowly against her clit. Steve
whimpers, but holds perfectly still. "That's better Stevie, you stay
still while I masturbate, then, I'll work on you". She gently rubs
his cock against her. "It could take quite awhile before I'll be able
to cum though , your cocks not as big as I would like, but I guess it
will have to do". She continues the slow maddening rubbing.
Carol picks up a new magazine and turns it to a sexy large breasted
brunette. "Open your mouth Stevie". He slowly opens his mouth as she
puts the top of the open magazine between his teeth. "You hold it up
for me like a good little boy and when I'm finished, I'll hold it for
you". Carol continues to rub his penis slowly against her. "Ohhh,
Steve, wait to you see this girl, she has the biggest nipples". Carol
reaches up and pulls at her own nipples, She looks at him wickedly
and laughs.

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