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Lois Lane: Sex Slave

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Synopsis: The famed reporter enters a warehouse to investigate crime only to be captured and enslaved by those she was hunting...

Lois Lane: Sex Slave

By Echotango

Caught snooping around a warehouse Lois suffers a terrible fate…

Chapter One: Capture

And it was confirmed today that Superman will remain away from Earth on a top secret mission for the next three months, the white house said…” Lois Lane listened to the radio and smiled, Superman had left town over a week ago and the twenty-six year old brunette had broken the story three days before and now the radio was finally catching up.

She felt like chuckling with glee but she restrained herself since the radio was actually on a table between two (female) armed guards who Lois was avoiding by creeping round some boxes.

Lois had a tip the warehouse she was in was being used for smuggling and since her superman stories had dried up (it helps to have him in town) shed snuck into to check it out.

She startled as she thought she heard something and glanced over her shoulder. Nothing Just nerves I guess Lois thought and ran a hand through her short hair, Maybe if I grow it out Superman will notice me more…or Clark her friend Clark Kent was away as well reporting from Afghanistan and Lois was feeling a bit lonely without either of the men in her life. She crept onwards…

At that second strong arms suddenly wrapped around her chest and something was shoved into her face, “Well what have we here? A spy!” came a female voice oddly distorted as Lois smelled the sickly scent of Chloroform. Her head spun and in seconds she was knocked out…

Much later Lois woke with a splitting headache, further she felt uncomfortably warm and she couldnt move her arms and legs. She opened her eyes and gasped in shock.

She lay on a bed covered in sheets of what looked like latex, and she was hogtied her wrists bound to her ankles behind her back. She lay on her side and could feel something covering her entire body. Her neck was stiff and it was hard to raise her head but she looked round until she saw a floor to ceiling mirror across from the bed in which she could see herself. She screamed in horror at what she saw…

Except for her eyes and two nose holes she was covered in latex. Her entire body below the neck was sealed inside a red latex catsuit, and over this her legs were covered with fetish leather thigh boots with what looked like seven inch heels. Around the knees and ankles were straps holding her booted legs together, along with another one at the hips. She had a zip over her sex and Lois quickly realised (to her utter horror) that there were “things” inside her pussy and anus; she was wearing a butt plug and dildo!

A tight leather corset was wrapped around her stomach compressing her waist to an hourglass shape (and making it just a little harder for her to breathe), and her arms were wrapped in a leather arm binder monoglove, ensuring her limbs would be useless even if she wasnt hogtied.

A tight leather posture collar encircled her neck running from just under her chin to her collar bone, with an O-ring front and centre. Then a red latex hood covered her entire head, padding over her ears dulled her hearing and the only openings were for her mouth, nostrils and eyes.

However the mouth opening was a ring gag which Lois was unable to force loose and pushed inside it was an inflatable rubber thing that filled Loiss mouth and over this was a black leather gag strap that stopped her spitting the thing out.

Lois gasped in horror and shame she looked like some kind of toy a brightly painted parody of a women with only her darting eyes to tell the truth, what was happening here? And worse she hadnt told anyone where she was going and even worse even if she wasnt gagged “Help Superman, Help,” wasnt going to work over fifty light-years!

She squirmed in her bonds for a few moments quickly growing sweaty and beginning to ache from her bondage before finally someone else entered the room, Lois just starred at them in shock…

Two women stood there (at least Lois though they were women) and both were dressed almost as strangely as she was. Both girls wore a head to toe black rubber suit like a wetsuit (which it probably was actually) each had highlights picked out in a different color, one red one blue, and both wore two inch heeled knee boots (again one red one blue) latex gloves, and a gas mask over their faces with a glass faceplate through which Lois could just make out faces.

Red suit pulled off her gasmask revealing a face that might have been a few years older than Lois, then Blue did the same revealing a similar face about Loiss age, she guessed they were sisters.

“Hello Miss Lane,” Red spoke, “I am Red and this is my little sister Blue,” How original thought Lois at that comment. “As you may have guessed we run the enterprise you infiltrated tonight, and let me tell you, I am so glad you didnt tell anyone you were coming, its such a pain to have to evacuate because of a noisy reporter,”

“We hacked the Daily Planet system by the way,” Blue put in, “and we were just wondering what to do with you, We were just going to dump you somewhere but them my dear sister had an idea.” Red went on,

“Blue and I used to work for Intergang supplying bright young things for shall we say, unwilling adult activities,” Sex slaves! Lois realised, “But you and Superman smashed Intergang, and we lost a lot of power and money as well as forced us to stop (for a while) doing the job we love. So we decided…”

“…That since you messed up our old operation and tried to wreak this one…you Lois Lane will be our newest slave…” Blue concluded gleefully…

Chapter Two: Initiation

Slave surely their not serious Lois though for a second before realising that with her bound like this if they wanted to do it there was little Lois could do to stop it especially when the only guaranteed help was over eleven weeks away!

Having made the announcement Blue walked forward and held up a remote control, “You cost us a lot Lois but soon you will call us mistress!” with that she pressed a switch and painful electrical shocks erupted over Loiss body, there were “devices” other than Dildos in suit Lois realised as she screamed in agony, until finally her “mistress” had enough and let go,

Red spoke, “We own you Lois do well and you will be rewarded, resist and you will suffer even more than this,” She undid the hogtie, and the leg straps and then the two girls brutally hurled Lois upright until she stood on her towering heels (with difficulty).

Seeing the door was open Lois suddenly took off towards it tripped and fell on her face, she screamed in pain as she landed on her latex coated tits. The girls just laughed and hauled her up again. With some difficulty they then frogmarched her into the centre of the room, and red pulled down a long chain that hung from the ceiling and locked it to Loiss collar ring. There was plenty of slack so Lois could fall over and not throttle but she wasnt going anywhere…

Blue walked over and ran a hand over Loiss bound body and even through the latex it stimulated Lois who gasped in horror as she realised how much more sensitive the shock had made her skin! Blue spoke but Lois could not hear due to her padded ears. So Blue spoke up, “Time to learn to walk slave, of course often youll be in other clothes or even naked but youll spend a lot of time in heels so I want you to start walking around in a circle.”

Lois just stood there in shock and fear at what was happening they cant do this its 2008 slavery doesnt happen. Blue just smiled and rather than the remote went and picked up a Cat-o-Nine Tails hanging from a nearby wall.

Walking back she swung it at Loiss rubber coated heinee hard, Lois screamed in pain as the whip hit her rear end, and staggered and nearly fell, Another crack and Lois realised that there was nothing she could do she was in their power and had to obey to survive. She shuffled forward as well as she could “Crack” another whack hit her and Blue said, “No! NO! NO! Lift up your leg Knee bent, lower it, lift up the next leg like a horse!” another crack,

Lois did so it was easier to move and soon she was walking around the circle relatively easily, but this was even worse than before because not only was she obeying them she was walking like shed once seen in a ponygirl film shed accidentally accessed on the net, worse still the constant movement was moving the dildo and plug in her and arousing her pussy.

It felt good to feel something other than pain yet it was horrible because she was being aroused by this torture suit! Red seemed to notice this and said, “Hey Blue guess little miss perfect likes being a bound slut,”

“So surprised Red, powerful woman, so many responsabities I bet she was desperate for someone to tell her what to do, hell its probably why she wantss superman big strong man to do everything for her,”

“Well lets give her a treat,” Red picked up the remote and pressed another button, the dildos began to vibrate and Lois fell to the floor as pleasure began to rise in her. No God no not this! Lois thought desperately but in her latex hell she quickly grew aroused and reflex took over as she tried to touch herself to speed the process but she couldnt due to the bondage.

Frustrated she could only grunt and grown as a powerful (and wholly unwanted) orgasm rose and rose and rose and she screamed in ecstasy as she came in the most powerful climax of her life.

Hot tears stung her face, maybe it was the fact she was so stimulated already by rubber rubbing her form, the heat, even the pain of the whipping and the adrenaline of struggling in the suit but either way, enslaved, bound and tortured Lois Lane had just had the best orgasm she had ever had…

Her tormentors smiled as she began crying on the floor her chest heaving. It had been so obvious she had a submissive side, the tough reporter swooning over the big powerful man, and the girls both had half a dozen years experience at bringing it out. Sure it would take a while but Lois would be a submissive slave…

As Lois cried she felt the two girls grab her by the shoulders and pull her up, but Lois did not care she was lost in grief at what had happened to her. She did not resist as they sat on the floor and pulled the bound reporter into their laps so Loiss head rested on Reds left thigh.

She woke up with a start and yelped when Red squeezed her right tit. “Oh isnt she a wonderful slave,” Red noted, as she massaged Loiss bound breasts,

“Yes,” Blue agreed, “A few months training and shell be perfect. Lois moaned as Blue began running gloved hands over Loiss upper legs. Far from blocking feeling the tight second skin seemed to enhance it, “but what will we do with her shes to famous to sell to anyone even with our “security measures”” Maybe theyll have to let me go thought Lois but her heart sunk when she realised how unlikely that was.

“Well lets just keep her for ourselves; Vicky could use a playmate, lets set her up for shipping right away,”

“Yeah,” Blue replied eagerly, “Thats great sis,” she reached over and kissed her sister full on the lips as Lois could only look on in appalled shock…

After a moment they broke the kiss and picked up Lois by the ankles and shoulders. They then took her away to begin the next phase of her slavery.

Chapter Three: The trip

Two hours of struggle on both parts later Lois was in the most horrible position of her career. Shed been stripped naked, and then her dildo and plug removed, and then her dildo gag replaced by a ball gag thrust deep into her mouth. At this point she was given a drink of water and (after protesting and begging to be let go) a kick in the stomach to remind her that the girls controlled her existence now.

Her collar was put back onto her bare neck and then she was forced into a three foot high by two wide by one point five deep wooden crate and tightly bound inside with ropes.

Her ankles were bound to her thighs and then her knees bound together in front of her before a long piece of rope linked them to her collar ring pulling them up to touch her tits. Her ankle/thigh bondage meanwhile was linked with more rope to two metal plates set into the wood about nine inches off the floor, and these ropes were so short that combined with others further up she was lifted off the floor about five inches so that her toes had trouble bending to touch ground. A rope around the waist was also linked to a I bolt behind her back (which was pushing into her spine something wicked as were the ones attached to two ropes above and below her tits and her arms which were bound behind her back with ropes also holding up her shoulders.

Twin circles of rope went round her exposed tits squeezing them tightly and ropes from these were linked to more I-bolts in the sides of the box (along with more support ropes), with the result that every time she moved even a ¼ inch it tugged on her bound tits and hurt. The final ropes linked these I-bolts to the sides of the gag strap and were tight enough to hold her head in place.

There was a final thing though and that was worse. On the base of the box was a wooden rod ending in a large varnished wooden dildo, and as her bound form had been lowered onto it, Lois learned why her butt had been plugged, it had forced her asshole open large enough to hold the monster that was now painfully within her. But even worse a black plastic dildo was attached in front of this and thrust into her sex and while relatively small it was on a stand that was sprung loaded with a weight on the end so that if the box moved or even often if she moved the thing shoved in and out of her sex raping her.

The whole thing was painful torture and while she was well supported it was far worse than the suit because this time…this time anyone who saw her would know that the slave slut inside was Lois Lane.

As a final indignity, Red and Blue had stripped before her revealing their lacy bras and panties. Red had ripped her cum stained panties off and forced them into Loiss mouth before she was gagged leaving Lois with the foul taste of woman juice inside her and her mouth so packed she could do little more than mew.

Now dressed in matching red and blue T-shirts and pants the girls (who Lois now learned were blondes) were preparing to take Lois to their home for further torment. As Lois struggled with her bondage they lifted the heavy front of the crate and slotted it into place.

Now Lois was in the dark with only a small grill in the front for air and to see out through. The crate was covered in markings about fresh produce to keep people from becoming interested and a hoist was used to lift the crate into a space in the middle of a pick-up trucks flat bed already full of crates (the girls were leaving their base after all and this was the last stuff to be evacuated).

The crate was tightly locked down with guide ropes and Lois realised that she was to be transported outside, trapped in her box and able to see freedom inches away, while no one knew a helpless slave was inside, Lois shuddered in fear then shuddered in pleasure and pain as the engine started and she began to wobble forcing the dildos in and out of her helpless body…

The truck left the warehouse as its unwilling passenger was forced to her first orgasm a mew of pleasure punctuating the mews of pain. It was a bright morning and Lois hoped someone would hear her in the box and come save her.

But as she swung in her tiny box and the truck sped through Metropolis no-one noticed, not even the ones reading the Daily Planet with the headline “Reporter missing-feared kidnapped,” Lois wanted to scream that she was here for someone to save her from this agony but she was too well bound.

She grew hot and orgasmed several times before the truck pulled into a space outside a café. One Lois herself used (had used) because it was right across the road from the Daily Planet. And through her tiny portal to the outside world Lois could see the front door. She could even see the clock revealing that it was 8:15 planet morning rush hour!

Her new owners…no she must not call them that…her kidnappers got out muttering about breakfast, and entered the café leaving their helpless slave surrounded by thousands of people.

Lois could smell the fumes hear the roar of conversations and the morning rush hour around her and she screamed for her life but the pathetic mews that escaped bought no attention, and she could not move the box and her efforts only ground her down on to the dildos again.

Desperate fear took Lois as she fought still harder to be heard and gained no more for it, no one could hear her. All these people passing by ignorant of the slave girl fucking herself silly in their midst no one seemed to care.

Suddenly she saw Jimmy Olsen and Perry White walking by talking about how she hadnt checked in the night before and the alert out for her. Desperately she tried to call out to them but they could not hear her. Her best friends whod do anything to save her and they didnt know she was being raped fifteen feet away. Then came worse.

Cat Grant the slutty gossip columnist and Lori from featured walked up and stooped by the truck talking as Lois watched them. Again she tried but they did not notice her even as they talked about her, Cat spoke first shed never liked Lois and said,

“I hear Lane is missing, cant say Im bothered,” she tossed her blonde hair over her shoulder, and Lori replied,

“That bitch always so bossy because shed Supes hoe,” Lori was black twenty-four and had interned with Lois, “Cant say Ill miss her much but shell show up,”

“Yeah,” Cat replied, “shame, hey maybe shell end up like that Central city reporter Linda Park remember the one who ended up enslaved by that cult till the flash found her. Then wed all get to move up in her place.”

“Lori added, “Yeah and can you imagine super bitch collared and chained sucking cock or even our pussies.”

“Hey in that case Id walk her into the newsroom, and make her do everyone. Be nice shame its illegal and the duo walked off giggling as hot tears erupted from Loiss eyes. Not only hadnt they realised she was enslaved six feet from them but they wanted her to be a slave!

For the next hour Lois had to watch as thousands passed and ignored her plight, and soon her panic changed to paranoia and she thought she saw people glancing at her and the headlines change to “Lane starts slavery today-all cheer” surely people saw her here in the street but no one came to help her which must mean they wanted her to be a slave…Hell with people like these maybe it was better to be a slave, Lois shook her head horrified at her own thoughts

Panicked and sore from the pain Lois jumped when Red and Blue returned their identical blonde Lockes swinging in the wind. Red leaned close and said, “Hope you liked the visit girl, its the last time youll ever be here.” They got in and drove off.

Rapidly the beautiful slave and her new owners sped through the city, no one noticing Lois as she was. Soon they pulled into a gate beside what looked like a sex shop and into the back yard. As they stopped a black woman in her fifties came out. “And what can ah do for ye girls,” she asked in a thick accent,

“Nothing today Mistress Olivia just thought you might like to see our new personal slave,” Blue said, the girls leaped out and as Lois struggled with this information, undid the tail gate and then undid clasps so the top of the boxes front panel came away.

“Well ah be, Lois Lane herself, you gals be careful now,” she reached out and squeezed a tit causing Lois to buck and the knot of fear in her stomach to grow even tighter. Another slaver…

“Dont worry Olli we got it covered,” Red replied with a smile, “Is our brother about?”

“Dolly he sure is,” Olivia snapped her fingers and Lois got another shock as a man staggered into view.

“Lois this is our brother like you he once damaged a plan of ours,” Blue informed her and Lois gasped in shock at the sight she saw.

He was about six-one and two hundred pounds but there the normal stuff ended. For one thing he was hairless all his hair even his pubes and eyelashes had been removed, except for his hair which was long and dyed blonde. Like Lois he wore a posture collar round his neck and his body was covered by a far too small pink French maids outfit. This was even smaller because Dolly had a set of 36DD tits and over the right one was branded Doll, even after this though he still had a full length cock and in his balls a ring was pierced from which hung a long leash, black stockings a pink ball gag and a maids tiara were supplemented by pink knee boots with ten inch heels and he carried a heavy tray and a look of defeat in his eyes.

What ever Dolly had been this She-Male was now just like Lois a helpless slave. “Good isnt he,” Red added, “Well bring her to play when shes broken in.” With that she replaced the panel hiding Lois again as Lois just hung in horror of what was happening and what she had just seen.

“Sure but would ye care to stay an hour, I ave some wonderful twins in from Bangkok,” the girls smiled,

“Sure,” replied Blue, “And dolly can show us how his oral training is going…” they left Lois alone again.

Shocked and terrified to learn there were even more slavers than these two Lois bounced her way to orgasm the only joy she had left in her hell.  Twelve hours, Twelve hours ago shed been a free woman and now she was a slave in a box!

Soon after they left two girls entered the yard, a blonde in a red catsuit and a brunette like Lois, she wore a latex tank top and panties, flat heeled thigh boots, opera gloves and a thin collar covered in O-rings. Her wrists were cuffed behind her back and she was led on a leash. Both girls were smiling and Catsuit pulled her slave close and they kissed passionately. The slave looked at the box and spoke.

“Oh wow Mistress, Red and Blue have a new slave in the box,”

“Yes they do Kendra, but you spoke out of turn,” Kendra smiled knelt with her heinee in the air and yelped as five slaps were administered. “Good pet,” the woman told “Kendra”,

“Mistress may I speak,” Mistress nodded, “Cant I ride the box Im a bad girl,

“Kendra you are a really bad girl, youre pulling a plow for a month when we get home,” the girl grinned, and said,

“Thank you mistress,” as they left Kendra with a longing look at Loiss hell box. How can someone be so submissive? Lois thought but then realised that compared to her situation that slaves life was heaven, shed do almost anything for that kind of owner right now…For the next hour Lois was left to stew over what she had seen.

Finally two happy mistresses came back got in and drove off without a word to Lois and she quickly realised that to them she was a piece of property worth no more words than they wanted to.

Now deep in agony Lois knew she had one chance left, to get off the island they had to cross a bridge or use a tunnel, maybe the toll man would notice.

Soon they pulled up to the Erica Durance Bridge, and to a toll booth and Loiss heart sunk it was an auto toll; no man. The fee paid the truck sped off over the bridge and into the country.

Four hours later they entered a walled compound two hundred miles from Metropolis. Barely awake and unable to walk Lois was lifted out of the box, hosed down and given an enema, before being fed a bottle of high protein soup. It was disgusting but Lois was desperate with hunger and drank the lot.

She was then taken into an old stable block, and into one of the empty stables. She was gagged again (this time without panties) her arms were bound at wrists and shoulders until they were squeezed painfully together and her ankles cuffed to a bar mounted low on the floor. The floor was cheap prickly straw but as Lois lay back on it she quickly passed into exhausted sleep…

Chapter Four: Ground rules

The next morning she awoke in fear as Blue shook her, quickly Lois did as she was told not wanting a repeat of yesterdays terrifying trip, shed do anything to avoid that, to her horror she knew she was becoming a slave willing to do anything to avoid worse.

Her legs were unchained and her arm bondage cut, and she was then hauled upright and led to a chain hanging from the ceiling.

Blue (clad in a blue catsuit today) held out leather wrist and ankle cuffs. “Put these on! Or another day in the box your choice,” Lois quickly obeyed and then allowed Blue to cuff her hands to the chain hanging down and lock a leather collar round her neck.

The naked slave girl watched as her mistress held up a remote, “You may have noticed a slight discrepancy between your capture date and when you woke, like how the planet knew you were lost when we took you at 2am. Well you were out of it for most of a day while a little something from our Intergang days did its work.”

She ran a hand over Loiss pale skin and Lois shuddered at how powerful the sensation was, “Its a device created by Darksaid and given to us when Intergang was allied with him. (And thank you for wreaking that). It is a nanovirus that latches on to your every cell and lets me control them remotely,”

What the, Oh no!!!! Lois screamed in horror, “Good,” Blue said, “Now I can do this, she twisted a switch and Lois suddenly felt an orgasm build in her pussy “or I can do this!” Pain erupted in Lois her joints and nerves felt on fire and she nearly collapsed.

“Your body is now highly sensitive Lois which is why you came so hard and you heal faster which is why you feel fine after yesterday. I can control your body anyway I want.” Blue paused and smiled as Lois was near tears from this new horror, Blue spoke again,

“Oh by the way, the nanites also put out a special energy field, as long as they are in you a kryptonian could be three inches away and not be able to see hear or smell you, something about interfering with the brain I believe. SO forget any hope Supes is coming for you!” Lois screamed in horror and rage and Blue smiled as happy as could be with the result.

Blue around her bound captive and then said, “Well its time for you to learn how to be a proper slave. “Ill keep you gagged for now since you havent learnt the first rule, slaves speak when spoken to.” She giggled and Lois flinched expecting an attack, “Now Im going to release your bonds you will do as youre told or I will have to hurt you,”

She undid the bonds but left the cuffs in place as Lois rubbed her wrists to return circulation, instinctively she reached up to remove the hated gag but felt a sting of pain, “No leave it…” Blue told her and Lois lowered her arms.

Blue began to pace “now Rome wasnt built in a day and neither was a slave educated but we can at least start the process. Do you understand?” Lois looked on blankly she wanted to make Blue understand that she did get it so the sadist wouldnt hurt her more than she had. A tear pricked in Loiss eyes as she realised how low shed sunk in some ways she wished she was back in that box at least no one could see her humiliation. Finally she was able to nod the leather collar cutting into her chin as she did so. Blue giggled,

“Good, good, big strong reporter girl, but a little tiny rape and you turn to mush. You really are a little slut arent you?” Lois did nothing, so Blue grabbed her right tit and twisted, Lois howled in pain and she realised there was only one way to survive this, to do as she was told to say what she was told to say and be who they wanted, “Arent you a little slut I said!” Blue repeated and Lois franticly nodded her head as Blue laughed at her total humiliation.

“Now a slave is subservient to all others especially its mistress, and it has a special pose to show this, kneel!” Fearing another tit twist Lois quickly knelt on her knees, “Now back straight, hands crossed behind it, tits thrust outwards and head straight as well.” Lois did as she was told but Blue picked up a cane from nearby and slapped Loiss chest with it, “No arch your back push your chest forward and open your thighs a slave has no modesty its all someone elses property!” Lois shivered as she did as Blue commanded exposing herself to the woman, she felt totally ashamed but she knew that not obeying would be worse.

“Good, Good a slave must always be on display for her owners enjoyment, now as a reward you will finger yourself,” What no! Lois thought however bad things were she wasnt going to do that! Blue grinned raised her cane and slapped it down on Loiss chest, “Slaves,” crack, “Obey,” crack, “Their,” Crack, “Mistress,” crack.

Each whack left a red welt on Loiss chest and hurt like nothing else not so much from pain but humiliation. She wanted to leap up and throttle Blue but when she looked up she saw the girl stroking the remote control.

Seeing the cane had little effect Blue twisted the remote and Lois gasped as pain shot through her body she felt like she was on fire for almost five seconds before Blue twisted the control to off and left her gasping on the floor.

Finally reluctantly Lois reached down and tears in her eyes began to thrust her hand in and out of her pussy. Quickly she grew aroused even as Blue closely watched her working herself over. Blue was pleased, sure she was reluctant and disobedient but she was doing as she was told!

As Lois forced herself towards climax a strange thrill passed through her and a heat grew in the knot of fear that filled her gut, somehow the knowledge that she was a slave and fucking herself in front of her mistress was turning her on!

As Lois came in front of Blue a moan of shock and horror escaped the gagged slaves mouth…

Chapter Five: Fetish maid

After Lois was done and a sticky wet pool of cum had dripped on the floor before her, Blue began clapping, “Well done my slave, now its time for some fun, Get Up!” Lois scrambled to her feet wondering what “fun meant and preying it wasnt more torture.

Quickly Blue cuffed Loiss wrists behind her back snapped a chain to the collars O-ring and demanded Lois walk in front of her. With the occasional aid of a whack of the cane Lois was quickly forced to walk to a store room filled with rubber clothing and gear at the other end of the stables.

Her wrists were uncuffed and the chain locked to a ring at one end of the room with about two feet of spare length. Staying three feet away, Blue tossed her a pot of talcum powder. “Rub that over your body,” Lois looked at it saw a hand resting on the remote and did as she was told, once she was covered in white powder (at least below the neck, Blue said, “You can remove the collar but dont touch that gag!” Lois did so sighing as her neck was released even for a short time from its grip.

Next Blue held out a six inch long rubber dildo, “Ive lubed this insert it into your pussy!” Lois looked at it she did not want to do this, but then pain tugged at her like a ghost and she quickly shoved it inside not wanting another torture. Now Blue handed over a pair of White latex panties and a bra of the same material.

After some effort Lois was able to roll the material up her legs so that they lay smooth on her privates (and held the dildo inside her) and then she was easily able to pull on the bra over her tits and close it behind her. It actually felt quite good the tight rubber was incredibly supporting and her most private area were now hidden from Blues lust filled eyes.

Now Blue handed her a black latex catsuit and Lois spent the next ten minutes struggling to put it on (punctuated by pain and the cane when she went too slowly) before Blue help zip it closed. Far too small it covered her entire body in tight black latex, and restricted her movements because it was so very tight.

Now the suit was on she was bound again as a harness was lowered from the ceiling and wrapped around her shoulders to keep her from moving around.

This done Blue picked up a black latex glove and after Lois was reluctant to obey grabbed her right hand and forced it on before repeating the process with the left. Lois held up her hands and gasped in shock at how useless they now were. Each was covered by a mitt, inside which were pouches for each finger and the thumb (the last held in line with the fingers. She could just about make a fist but gripping would now be a real chore for her.

As Lois stood in fear of whatever came next Blue grabbed her right leg and began to force it in its new boot. Like the first latex suit the boot came up to her thighs but unlike that one these laced up at the front and had eight inch heels that left Loiss feet pointing almost straight down.

Once it was on Blue took her time tightly lacing up the boot (the laces ran all the way up) until the whole thing was closed and the leather boot was like a third skin (the second being the rubber), it was just tight enough to pinch but not to cut off circulation and Lois winced as her pointed foot moved around experimental, as well as (literally) keeping her on her toes the shoe was at least two sizes to big and hurt!

Soon both feet were covered by the boots as Lois carefully tried to walk on them. Along the lace-up and around the top grey material covered the black, the only high light in her new suit not that Lois really noticed.

Wincing often she then had to wait as Blue picked up the next part of her outfit, a black leather corset that reached high enough to include two half moons for her tits to rest in and again with grey highlights.

Unable to do anything about it, Lois grunted as Blue pulled it around her waist and then zipped it closed at the front.

In line with her tits were two white strips running to her waist and riveted to the leather along the lines were thin grey straps which Blue now carefully closed, soon Loiss chest was heaving as she was restricted to a twenty-one inch waist, “Hmm maybe we can go tighter later,” muttered Blue, Tighter than this no chance! Lois thought to herself.

“I am going to remove your gag, keep silent if you know whats good for you!” Blue removed the gag and Lois opened her mouth saw a hand stroke a control and closed it again, what was happening to her even with the pain surely she shouldnt be this obedient? She hated this what was she doing?

Lois had no time to ponder as the inevitable hood was produced, like her first hood it quickly and easily fitted over her head, but it had a few surprises. One the mouth opening (below reinforced nose holes) was not a gag but just a hole allowing her to use her mouth, but the main change was at the sides.

Her ears were covered by latex but not padding so her hearing was only slightly dulled but above them was another matter. Sticking out from either side of her head were two hard black plastic cylinders about two inches long, and from these erupted long synthetic grey “hair like the stuff on an old “My Little pony” toy creating two pig tails that hung to her shoulders.

Now a head harness was held up before her, and then she was told “Open your mouth!” Lois obeyed since she felt pain growing in her joints at the same moment, and a hard rubber pad was pushed into her mouth. This attached to the grey leather harness which went over her head, a pair of straps ran either side of the gag to two oversized O-rings hard against her lower cheeks and from this another strap ran round the back of her head, another one over her head and joined to this was one final strap around her forehead.

In the heart of the gag pad was a screw fitting into which almost anything could be fitted and now only a small area around her eyes was free of plastic. Hood and harness were covered in O-rings and a new posture collar with two grey bands on it was fitted around her neck. Finally her hands were bound behind her back and a new monoglove fitted and this too had Grey shoulder straps and highlights.

Blue stood back smiled and then picked up one final thing and screwed it into the mouth socket. In moments Lois was staring at a feather duster extending from her face!

Blue carefully turned Lois to face a mirror and the slave gasped in shock at the encased woman before her, strange feelings erupted in her the latex clung in all the right places and trapped in her suit Lois suddenly felt free as she realised no one would recognise her for who she was while she humiliated herself. She felt like a different person or maybe like she wore a crystals waiting for a butterfly to emerge. Lois shook her head what was wrong with her? 

Blue led the bound former reporter from the room…

She was led across an open drive and out to a 4x4 with blacked out windows. “Get in,” Blue told her, before lifting Lois onto the back seat, helping her lie down and then securing her with straps over her body.

Red then appeared and the two dommes got into the front seats (blue was driving) and drove off, Red spoke to Blue, “So looking forward to the party?” as Lois gasped in shock at the realisation of what might be about to happen, Blue looked back at the bound reporter and smiled,

“Oh yes I am looking forward to it, today will be very special…”

Chapter Six: A most unusual party

Fear swept through Lois as the car sped towards its destination, a party, was she going to be handed round even more sadists? For a second a tiny hope emerged maybe someone would recognise and help her? But Lois quickly saw that 1: any attendants would be sadists like her captors who would not care to help her and 2: She was unrecognisable under all the rubber which given the fact that all the Doms she had the misfortune the meet were latex lovers was unlikely to be moved by her plight…

Thankfully for Lois in her thick rubber cocoon it was a cool day and lying on a padded seat she was able (to an extent) to relax for a little while as the car sped down the highway.

She willed then to speed and get pulled over but Blue kept a constant 55 until an hour later they reached their destination.

Eventually they reached a large manor house about fifty miles from where the girls lived and turned into a driveway. There Blue flashed a security pass at a bouncer in a fairly standard black suit, and they drove inside the high walled compound.

In about sixty acres lay a large manor house of similar size to Wayne Manor (which Lois had once visited for an interview) but of newer build perhaps built by a robber baron in the 1920s.  The 4x4 pulled into a parking space in a small lot filled with a dozen similar vehicles. The two evil sisters hopped out and then pulled Lois from her seat.

Seeing the uneven drive Lois knew shed never be able to walk on it wearing heels but then Red opened to boot and produced a wheelchair. Lois was allowed to sit in it and then straps were pulled over her thighs and chest, (the latter causing a grunt of pain as her bound arms were shoved into the back of the seat) and then she was wheeled towards the door…

At the door a ramp allowed the chair up to the huge wooden entryway and Lois looked on in shock as she saw the “Doorbell.”

A tiny Asian girl of maybe eighteen was secured to the wall by the door, and attached to her tits were nipple clamps linked to a long chain that looped over a pulley to hang down at about neck level. In her mouth was a gag and attached to this was a large bell. Red reached out and pulled the chain stretching the girls tits horribly and causing a scream to leak out of the gag as the girl rapidly nodded her head ringing the bell.

Smiling Red held onto the bell as tears erupted in the slaves eyes until finally the door opened with the whir of electric motors. Red let go of the bell and wheeled Lois inside. Once inside the door Lois got another shock.

A pair of slaves was on rather prominent display within the doorway, a sign said, “For sale, $5,000 each, $9,000 pair” and each had been heavily modified. Red and Blue stepped over to examine them and left Lois to get an eyeful.

Each girl was butt naked with the exception of a pair of high heeled sandals and each stood with her back to a solid wooden post that was in turn bolted to the wall. Gold metal bands encircled their legs at crotch, thigh, shin and ankles locking them together and tightly closed, and chains attached the ankle cuffs to the poles. Their arms were clad in similar cuffs, a pair on the upper arms, and two more on their lower arms though rather than being bolted together these were attached either side of the pole. At the top of the pole was a hard wooden plate that separated into two halves and had a hole in the middle for the slaves necks. Over this was a wire cage that covered their entire heads, hiding ball gagged mouths and eyes that seemed to scream “What has happened to me?!!” but that was nothing compared to their bodies.

Each slave was completely hairless, pubes, body hair, arm hair even their head hair had been removed and Lois realised the roots must be dead because their heads did not even show the slight grey color of the recently shaved. Then their pussies and tits had been pierced with heavy gold rings, (and Lois suspected they had actually been wielded shut) and heavy chains attached between the piercings making abuse ridiculously easy. Finally each bore a gold ring through the septum like an animal, and tattoos around their waists like an abstract picture of a bird.

A voice spoke behind Lois, “Do you like them?” Red and Blue turned smiling but Lois had to wait in frustration for the speaker to walk in front of her bound body. She was a redhead in her forties and dressed in a silver catsuit, pumps and a leather corset, she seemed glamorous and sexy in the way of someone who has kept their looks without going under the knife.

Red Said, “Yes they are interesting, what is their story Val?” “Val” smiled,

“Well Me-“Red cut her off,


“Sorry as if a slave can identify you from a first name what a stupid rule,” she smiled them went on, “Well…Red, do you remember the trouble I was having with those two teens who kept breaking into my Summer house?”

Red smiled, “The ones who tried to blackmail you?”

“Yes, Claire Adams, and Jessica Thompson,” she pointed to the left slave them the right one, “Well I said I would pay and had them come to the house at a certain time, when they arrived I produced a gun and forced them to strip naked and tie each other up, before making them write notes indicating they were lesbian lovers and running away to be together,” Blue burst out laughing,

“And you living in the Bible belt I bet that went down well,”

“They were disowned by their parents and the cops didnt even search for them.  Well after that I put them into training, and took total revenge on them, they were just eighteen and very wilful when I got them but Two years later you get the submissive sluts you see before you. I already have my next targets in mind so now they will be sold for a profit.” As the two girls laughed at the slaves misfortune and a note of horror grew even tighter in Lois Val turned and looked at the rubber clad reporter.

“And I see you have a new slave!” she exclaimed happily. Blue smiled,

“Yes we got her very recently and shes already reacting well to training, but shes still rather wilful and resistant even to the needs of her own body, so we plan to do the torture rack tonight,” Lois yelped and tensed in her bonds, what new horror was this, but no one told her Val just giggled,

“Good I havent seen that in a while, I have to go I have some buyers to see,” she nodded to the girls and left. As Lois pondered all this and felt sick to her stomach the girls wheeled her on through the mansion, after a moment Blue said,

“She really should be walking,”

“In those at this stage, you want to be all day?” Red Replied,

“No lets see the other exhibits and then get set up for ours,” Blue replied as they wheeled Lois into an open door…

Inside a blonde girl was on her hands and knees sucking the cock of a big black man while a tightly bound Redhead watched with lusty eyes.

The blonde was about the same age as the slaves in the hall, wore a blindfold and wrist and ankle cuffs and the remains of a catholic Schoolgirl outfit. Lois winched in shock as she saw that the girls tits had been pierced and so recently they were still red and inflamed and then a tit chain attached to the holes and a long leash hung off it which was curled into the mans hands. She was crying hot tears and her upper chest had been branded with the word spy. Red spoke, “My Gerald what is this?” As the black man forced the girl to fuck him he spoke,

“Well you remember Mitzi my lovely slave,” Red smiled and nodded, “Well as you know she learned of my pastime while I was her Maths teacher and asked, begged to be trained when she turned eighteen. She came of her own free will,” (through out this the bound Redhead was nodding happily) “but her sister Stacy didnt believe it, she tried to rescue Mitzi who knocked her out with a candle stick, this was this morning so I enslaved her and bought her here to teach her a lesson.”

He seemed proud but once again Lois was horrified not only at his actions but the fact a girl could fall far enough to aid in the enslavement of her own kid sister, Blue spoke,

“Well I can see youre busy, see you later?”

“Yeah sure doll, nice slave by the way,” he added as they left, the girls smiling the slave shaking in horror.

The girls moved to the next room, and red poked a head inside before pulling out in disgust, “Not again…” Blue moaned, “Hell get us all jailed,”

“You wanna call the police?” asked Red,

“I did it last time, fucking kiddie fiddler!” Lois guessed what was going on and was shocked to realise there were lines even her captors would not cross as they moved onto the next door…

As they entered the next room both Lois and the slavers seemed shocked by what they saw in there.

The room must have been a great hall once and was over a hundred feet long. It had been totally emptied out and a pony trap was slowly running up and down it.

In the drivers seat was a young girl of about twenty-one clad in old fashioned fox-hunting clothes and between the shafts walked two women totally covered in black rubber. Unlike Lois their suits were once piece and she realised they were covered in spray on latex like shed once seen at a fetish nightclub while undercover (long story) with only the straps over their bodies the six inch heel knee boots and the black latex face masks added later, each was ball gagged, bound and like Lois only their eyes were visible and full of fear.

They were Loiss first ponygirls and as she watched them walk directed by the touch of the whip the girl held she felt a tiny thrill of submissive lust, as she fought to get herself under control for a moment Lois wanted to be in their place! But she hated this didnt she, Keep telling yourself that a tiny voice in her head replied.

Meanwhile Red and Blue were over their shock and laughing, Red called out, “Hi Melanie I guess Step-Mom jumped and failed?” The cart stopped nearby and Melanie smiled at them.

“Kinda, she attached me, tied me up and planned to sell me to Union ponygirl farm, should have done her research, Jack freed me the second we got there and now theyre trained as my Ponygirls.”

“Its a cutthroat business,” Blue agreed, smiling they turned and left the ponies to their work…

The next room was even stranger; it was set up like a class room with chairs facing a black board. A thirty something blonde stood at the front, clad in a tight black latex dress, red thigh boots and a red corset, with a shirt collar and red tie round her neck.

Fifteen seats were filled by teenage girls, clad in collars and cuffs, and wearing only tight black latex underwear. A sixteenth girl a brunette of at most eighteen stood up front, as the blonde stood behind her with an old fashioned school cane,

“Sarah what is the slave code?” “Sarah” rapidly began to speak,

  1. “A slave is property; it can be sold anytime its owner wants.
  2. A slave must obey any order it is given
  3. A slave may be modified as the owner wishes
  4. A slave has no property everything is owned by its owner
  5. A slave who disobeys may be punished as its owners sees fit
  6. …I,” her head dropped, I cant remember Miss…” she said shamefaced.

The blonde looked at her with annoyance, “On enslavement a slave turns over all property to their owner, bend over,” the girl did and as Lois and the other slaves watched received six of the best from the teacher. Lois bucked in her bondage wanting to help the girl and nearly knocked the chair over, Blue looked at her in disgust,

“Right tours over lets get her ready…”

Chapter seven: The torture rack

Lois was wheeled to another room which was empty apart from a large bench in the shape of a cross. She was pulled out of the wheelchair, her arm binder removed, and as she tried to struggle forced onto the table and made to spread her arms before straps were wrapped over them at shoulders, elbows and wrists, then her legs were strapped down tightly and a final strap went over her collar. As she struggled and wondered what this was about, the duster gag she wore was unscrewed and then the harness removed. In its place a standard ring gag was forced inside her mouth before she could ask any questions.

Once that was done the two girls stripped naked in front of her and pulled on tight latex dresses and then surgical gloves. As they did this a motor whirred and Loiss bench tipped up to a forty-five degree angle allowing her to see the door.

All the slaves and owners shed seen earlier began to file in Val with her two bald girls now wearing collars and leashes and gripping each other very tightly, Gerald, Mitzi (who pranced happily in) who was leading her sister Stacy by her nipple leash (and who was reciting Hail Mary until Gerald silenced her with a slap), Melanie with her step-Mom and the unknown second slave in tow, and the blonde and her class who sat on the floor legs crossed like they were waiting for an assembly, (in a couple of cases they winced clearly having been caned). Lois felt sick she wanted to run away but couldnt all these people would see what was coming next!

Red and Blue walked in front of her, “Hello everybody, this is our new slave, she hasnt got a name yet but shes still rather wilful so we thought wed teach her a lesson of pain!” the Doms all smirked happily, the slaves all gasped with horror as did Lois, what was she about to receive? More pain than before?

Blue spoke, “As you know we vet our slaves very carefully and we discovered this ones greatest fear!” No not that! Thought Lois as Red opened a case to reveal a series of long needles. Lois hated needles she hated getting shots or anything with them involved. “So ladies and gentlemen, what first tits or pussy?”

“TITS!” a great clamour went up. As Lois tried to prepare herself, Blue took a needle from Reds case, and showed it to Lois, it looked so sharp it would rip her apart! Blue then reached out and massaged Loiss left bound tit, an involuntary moan of pleasure turned to shock and horror as Lois felt it grow aroused,

“No!” she gasped into the gag, but it did no good, Blue lifted the needle and stuck it straight into Loiss aroused breast. She screamed in horror and pain as the thing pushed like hot lightning into her sensitive tit flesh, until it nearly reached her breast bone, Lois screamed in horror afraid to breathe in case the needle pushed into her heart!

Moments later she screamed again as another needle pushed into her skin this time in her right tit, a tear pricked in her eye and Blue noticed, “There, there slave, dont cry,” she said in mock concern before adding “We havent even started yet!”

With that another needle was forced through the rubber, this time into her sensitive crotch area. Lois screamed the house down! It was so horrible, shed do anything, submit to anything but please just let this stop! The process was repeated with another needle in each place and Lois screamed even louder every time a new one was put in place.

Under the gag Lois began to beg, “Please Ill do anything…stop this…please…” Evidently Blue heard because she said,

“Anything?”   Lois looked up at her knowing that the right word would stop this but also force her to accept her role as a slavegirl, but she could take no more and she did the only thing she could while gagged,

“Aha…” she moaned and Blue smiled, before lifting her skirt to reveal that she wore no panties and that she shaved her pussy,

“Right give me Head slave!” Lois gulped looked from Pussy, to needles and back again, before (as far as she could in the collar) nodding.

A motor whirred and the bench sank back to horizontal as the spectators stood up to see what was happening. Once the bench was in place Blue straddled Loiss face with her crotch and lowered herself down.

Lois took a deep breath said another prayer for someone to save her and stuck out her tongue, before gently licking the other girls pussy, she tasted wet cum and knew Blue was already pretty far gone as a moan escaped the mouth of the other girl.

Just lie back and think of England Lois she told herself as she extended her tongue and began to lick the other girls pussy faster and faster, she got a mouth full of cum as in no time at all Blue came…

Red spoke, “Ah such a good suck for a first time, lets give a round of applause” the Doms began clapping as Lois was forced to swallow the cum to avoid choking.

“Yeah shes quite good for a first timer,” Blue replied, “Maybe shes had lessons-“Blue stopped and mouthed the words “Holy Fuck!” Time seemed to slow as Doms and slaves spun around to see the rooms door explode and a blur of blue rush through it.

Suddenly Gerald went flying, then Val, Melanie, the blonde, and finally Red and Blue who hit the back wall with a thud, “I knew that anti-Kryptonian field was no good…” Red moaned right before she passed out.

The face of an angel appeared standing over Lois, clad in red and blue, with flowing blonde hair and an expression that would rend steel, Kara Zor-El…Supergirl…

Chapter eight: The inevitability of exposition.

Karas expression changed to shock, as she saw the needles, the cum and the suit Lois wore, “Great Rao…” she breathed before ripping the gag off Lois, and then the hood to exposed Lois sweaty and pained face,

“Kara…” she tried to speak,

“No Lois rest, half the Amazon guard is outside the door were here to help,” but Lois knew suddenly what she had to do,

“No…Kara…Paedophile, four roomss down…I think…he…has a…kid…with him…” Kara blurred and vanished as a wave of tiredness swept over Lois and she let herself pass out...

When she woke she could hear the sea outside her window and gulls calling in the morning air. She opened her eyes to find herself lying in bed, naked, in a well appointed if primitive looking room, with the sun streaming in the window, Paradise Island it must be Paradise Island she realised, she looked around and saw Kara sitting in a seat by the bed,

“How long?” Kara looked at her happily,

“About eighteen hours,”

“How did you find me?”

“Your…well captor, “Red” was right, Intergang got sold a bill of goods on the anti Kryptonian thing, I was out of town when you were captured…sorry about that, but I came back yesterday and when I heard I started scanning the state with my X-ray vision, and found you, and a cache of Green K so I called in Wonder Woman who called out the Amazon Royal Guard when she realised what they were facing…Amazons do not like slavers, took about an hour to gather our forces and Im sorry,” Lois looked at her,

“Hey you saved me from the proverbial fate worse than death I think were even Kara, especially since if like me in that warehouse you charged right in youd be kneeling next to me wearing a kryptonite necklace if not dead by now.” Kara nodded in understanding, “By the way what did you find in the other room?”

“Cammy and Lucille Anderson, 16 and from England so just about legal over there if not in America, to answer the other question we dont know his name yet but his codename is the “Photographer” apparently because he likes to take professional quality pictures of the girls he abuses, and he murdered the girls entire family.” Lois shook,

“And I though Id been through a lot,”

“Yeah its bad, its gonna be a long road for a lot of the slaves, but the Amazons have offered to take Cammy and Lucille in, theres no one left in Mans world for them, maybe here they can rebuild their lives.”

“Sounds nice,” Lois noted, “Tell me the rest,”

“Lois you should rest,” Rage built in Lois,

“TELL ME, I HAVE BEEN RAPED, TORTURED, ABUSED AND STUCK WITH NEEDLES, if I stop I…have to think about it,” she admitted, and Kara nodded,

“Okay, okay! Your attackers Red and Blue? Are Meg and Jamie Barton,”

“As in the Bartons?”

“Yes the shipping dynasty, Mom and Dad died in a car crash five years ago, leaving them, their elder brother, Eric and kid Sister Vicky in control of a fortune of five billion dollars. And it turns out they and the brother were rather kinky, they started playing the S/M scene then went…extra legal,”

“So wheres Vicky and what happened to leave Eric as he was?” Kara looked grim,

“Vicky was never kinky and was enslaved when she hit eighteen three years ago, about two weeks ago she was shipped to a Arab sheik for “Refresher training” (a teams on its way), as for Eric it seems he got a little big for his boots and they…dealt with him,” Lois felt sick as she realised just how horrific her captors were.

“Can he be helped?” Kara shrugged,

“I dont know, we used the Amazon purple ray to clean the nanovirus out of you and heal the holes,” Lois lifted her sheets and saw that sure enough her tits and pussy wounds were gone, “But it only works on disease or to speed healing and well Erik “healed” months ago he just healed wrong,” Kara stood and paced,

“We raided that Mistresses five hours ago and bought him here…as far as Diana can tell he was put part way through a sex change leaving him with both sets or organs, and then given plastic surgery to reshape his face to be more…female,”

“God thats horrible,” Lois noted,

“I agree, and theres worse, hes been hopelessly addicted to heroin probably to keep him under control and…they cut his vocal cords,” Lois was horrified, “The Amazons can reverse the sex change but fixing his face will be far harder and fixing his vocal cords may be a lost cause, and without that I dont see how he can be put in a mental state to aid recovery.”

“We can try, for all of them,” Lois said grimly,

“And you as well Lois,” Kara stroked a hand over Lois who jerked back,

“Sorry, reflex,” Lois said and after Kara nodded went on, “You know your very kind, not like your cousin, I know hes attracted to me, but he can be very…”

“Cold? Tell me about it, when I first got here I was still only seventeen so he dumped me in an orphanage and used me as his “secret weapon” for two years,” Kara looked grim,

“So thats why you dont get along,”

“Yeah hes family but,”

“You choose your friends you cant choose your family,” Lois finished. She flung off her sheet saw Karas eyes go wide and giggled, “Sorry after all that rubber I dont really want to wear anything right now,” Kara smiled,

“Its alright Lois I think youre very beautiful,” Kara said smiling and with a strange wistfulness in her voice, Lois gasped,

“Youre a lesbian?”

“Huh? Oh your primitive earth taboos, on Krypton we outgrew those centuries ago, you went with who you wanted regardless of sex, and yes I do think youre hot,” Kara grinned sheepishly.

“Okay…” remarked a slightly shocked Lois, she looked Kara up and down, taking in the beautiful young blondes body. Just barely twenty Kara combined a near perfect physical form with a personality to match, and she had just noticed a much warmer personality than Superman (who was rather more focused on his mission then relationships), but still,

“Ive been raped and abused Kara I dont think now is a good time,” Kara looked grim.

“Lois back home they taught us that sex is a natural enjoyable thing with no stigmas attached to it, and that the act is never evil only the intent of those doing it. You were raped and now you have to re-learn the joy that can come of sex between two happy consenting adults rather than at the hands of rapists.” Lois thought about it for a moment,

“I guess you are correct Kara,” Lois finally admitted and Kara smiled, before floating out of her chair and hovering over Lois, who now realised she was still exposed to the world since dropping the sheet. She snatched it up to hide her tits and Kara giggled,

“Gee Lois you are a prude, Ill tell you what Ill show you mine since I saw yours.” And with a smile she reached up and pulled her top over her head and dropped it to the floor to reveal her lacy bra, (Kara wasnt wearing her cape). A warm feeling passed through Lois like liquid joy as she watched Kara reach behind her back and undo her bra straps.

Quickly she exposed her naked pert tits and Lois felt a rush of pleasure and a rush of horror, she was going to be raped again! “No! NO!” she yelled pulling the covers over herself shaking, Kara reached out,

“Lois, Lois? Oh Rao youre a mess, and I know just how to fix it…

Chapter nine: Turnabout is fair play

There is a term in old Kryptonian “Fal Tor Vov” which loosely translated can mean, “Turnabout is fair play,” and that was what went through Kara Zor-Els mind half an hour later as she led Lois through the streets of Paradise Island.

Lois meanwhile had (after putting on an extremely loose skirt and top) allowed herself to be led from the safety of her bed and now wondered what Kara intended to show her.

She watched as the Amazon population, a large group of beautiful women watched her as she passed, “Kara why are they watching me?”

“My guess sympathy,” Kara replied,

“I dont understand,”

“Do you anything of Amazon history?”

“Not really no,” Lois admitted and then Kara began to speak,

“Three thousand years ago the demi-God Heracles was set twelve labours and one of these was to obtain the girdle of Queen Hippolyta. He tried to persuade her to give it to him but failing that he took it by force, burned the home of the Amazons and enslaved all of them. It took the Gods intervention to get them out and Heracles was cursed for all time as punishment for what he did,”

“And since Amazons are immortal, most of the population lived through that then, strange I never heard of it before,”

“History is written by the victors or in this case those who stayed in Mans world,” Kara noted as they turned a corner and walked towards a grim building of hard stone.

They entered and Lois stared for a moment in shock before a savage and evil grin appeared on her face. “Yes this will do quite nicely…” she noted as she looked on her former tormentors.

Red and Blue were dressed in the same outfits shed first seen them in but now with ball gags and arm binders.  Around them stood about a dozen Amazons with whips that were lecturing them on the evils of slavery and providing “encouragement” with the whips when the duo didnt seem to be listening. “See how you like it,” Kara muttered beside Lois,

“Yes,” Lois agreed happy to see her tormentors get their just deserves, “And the others,”

“The same, they will be punished severely by the Amazons until they learn the error of their ways,”

“Oh should be sometime next century then” noted Lois,

“Yes and since this is just punishment not sick sex games, our incestuous friends wont be having any fun either!” Kara grinned, Lois looked at them and saw the hate and humiliation in Red and Blues eyes as well as barely concealed Lust.

“Kara, I have an idea…” feeling much better she took Kara in her arms and kissed her fondly before undressing and making love in front of the smiling Amazons and the furious Doms…


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