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Persian Slave

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Synopsis: Set in Ancient Persia about 500BC. Young wife of Persian nobleman is enslaved, gang raped by soldiers, and sold to a brothel.

Persian Slave

A work of fantasy by Wolf Ferret (

Set in ancient Persia about 500BC.

Darya was bored. She was 19 and had lived in a harem all her life. But her father had been a very rich man. His harem had 3 wives and 4 concubines plus all the attending slave girls and many daughters. There had always been plenty of playmates and women to share the gossip.

Now she was married to Baron Firuz.  He was 20 years older than Darya and she was his only wife. He also had only 3 concubines. Being the official wife made her mistress of the harem.  That would remain true even if he took another wife. The senior wife was always had complete control of the harem.

Given that she was the second daughter of a junior wife, she was lucky to have a husband at all. Most of the daughters had been given as concubines to men her father wanted as political allies.

Firuz had been away at the Emperors Court for 3 months and had taken two of his concubines.  The only one left was a stupid girl named Arzu. She was currently using a cucumber to entertain herself. That was common enough in harems. One man couldnt keep all those women satisfied. Cucumbers were a common substitute among the non-virgins. Virgins were only allowed to use their fingers; there was too much risk of breaking a maidenhead with a cucumber thrust too deep.

She preferred a cucumber to Firuz. She didnt enjoy the times when he stuck his thing into her and pushed it around. The women in her fathers harem had warned her that might happen. They said she would get used to it in time and would learn to enjoy it. But they had been married less than a year when he was called to Court.

She was considering ordering Arzu to join her so they could entertain each other when a slave girl entered.

“Mistress, a troop of soldiers has arrived. The Captain is demanding that all the women in the harem join them in the Reception Room. The Head Steward says you should come and bring all the other women.”

That was unprecedented. Strange men were not allowed to see the women of the harem. The Head Steward was the most senior slave on the estate. Firuz had told Darya to obey him even though she was a free woman and he was a slave.

“Tell them we will be there in a few minutes. We need time to dress for meeting men.”

“I was told you should come immediately and if I return without you, the Captain will order his men to drag you out!”

Darya stared in disbelief but snatched up a veil, told Arzu “Put on a veil and follow me”, then she, Arzu and the 3 slave girls serving in the harem, followed the messenger to the Reception Room.

Darya was seething with anger. How dare any man except her husband give her orders! And the harem was sacrosanct! The threat to enter it was a terrible insult to Firuz.

The scene in the Reception Room shocked her. About 20 soldiers armed with swords and spears and carrying shields surrounded two men, identified as slaves by their leather collars. One of the slaves was the Head Steward; she thought the other was the farm overseer.

The soldiers turned to look at them. One, with a sword and no spear, was probably the Captain. He said:

“Finally, the sluts took long enough. Why are they wearing veils? Remove them!”

Two soldiers stepped forward and tore the veils off Darya and Arzu.

Darya was in shock. Upper class women never appeared in public without veils.

“Stop this at once. How dare you touch me? My husband, Baron Firuz, will complain to the Emperor about your shameless behaviour.”

“Baron Firuz and your father are dead. They have been executed for treason.”

“The Emperor has declared this estate forfeited to him. He has ordered that all relatives of the traitor are to be enslaved and sold on the public auction blocks.”

“You are overdressed for slaves. Tie them and strip them!”

Soldiers seized Darya and Arzu by the arms and tied their hands behind their backs. Then their clothes were ripped off them. They were soon standing naked in front of the whole troop of soldiers.

Darya was weeping and blushing in shame. No man beside Firuz had ever seen her naked. Now 20 soldiers were staring at her avidly.

“Good hips - well shaped for fucking and child birth, good breasts to play with, the right height to fit under men. Shell do well in a brothel once we have her broken in.”

“But her hair is too long for a slave and she needs a collar.”

One of the soldiers used his sword to cut Daryas waist length black hair off at her neck. Then he took a leather collar, wrapped it around her neck and sewed the ends together.  Only free women were allowed long hair and only slaves wore leather collars. She was now publicly marked as a slave.

“You are now slaves. You must call all free men Master and all free women Mistress. You no longer have names your owners will decide what to call you. Do you understand?”

Arzu bowed her head and said “Yes, Master. This slave understands.”

Darya just stood there. Her head was whirling. She couldnt believe what was happening to her. How could she be naked in public and be wearing a slave collar? It must be a nightmare. If only she could wake up.

The Captain nodded to a soldier standing behind her. The soldier kicked her feet out from under her and she fell to the floor. He held her face down with her head between the Captains feet.

“Kiss my feet and call me Master!”

She shook her head in despair “Please, please stop this. It must be a mistake. Let me go. I am not a slave!”

The watching soldiers laughed and grinned. This was going to be an entertaining day.

“Steward, do you have a whipping post?”

“Yes Master.”

“Show us where it is. And gather the house slaves to watch the punishment of this disobedient slut.”

Darya was dragged to a courtyard at the rear of the house. She was tied spreadeagled to two vertical posts about 4 feet apart. The position revealed all of her young body to the watching slaves and soldiers. She was weeping and knew that she was completely exposed but she still refused to believe she was a slave.

“Steward, where are your whips?”

“We almost always use a leather strap with a belt to protect the kidneys. It is very painful and leaves bruises but does no permanent damage. If the Master is very angry, we use a whip that cuts the skin and leaves scars. Then the slave will be sold for whatever he or she fetches at the market.”

“Hmm, no point in spoiling the sale price of this one. We will use the strap and belt and give her 24 lashes.”

The leather belt was a large pad that covered her lower back. It was attached to a narrow strap that was tied around her waist and did nothing to protect her modesty. The sole function was to protect her kidneys from damage during the whipping.

The leather strap was about an inch wide and 4 feet long and had a piece of lead sewn into the tip. That gave more force and control when it was swung. The strap was handed to one of the strongest soldiers who took a stand on her left.



“YAEEE! Stop! Please Stop!”



“Please! No More!”



At three she broke.

“Please Master, please, your slave begs you! Please, no more!”

“Ah, she has finally realized that she is a slave. Now we can punish a disobedient slave. Start over at one.”




The remorseless count continued until it reached 12. Then the strap was given to another soldier who took position on her right. His strokes would cross those of his companion.




“Twenty four”

A bucket of water was thrown over the sobbing slave girl who was hanging limply in her bonds. The floggers had been systematic. They had started at her shoulders, worked down to the top of the belt, and gone on to whip her ass. The strap was long enough to allow it to wrap around her body. The weighted tip sometimes bit into her breast, or her belly or her pubic triangle.

The Captain stood in front of her.

”What are you?”

“Master, I am a slave.”

“These soldiers are all free men. What do you call them?”

“I call them Master.”

“Understand that the Emperor now owns you. He can do what he wants with your body. He has chosen to let these soldiers play with you. You will not complain or object no matter what a soldier does to you. When the soldier finishes with you, you will say Thank you, Master loudly and clearly. Do you understand?”

She gulped and replied,  “Yes, Master, I understand.”

He began to run his hands over her face, then down to her breasts. He fondled her breasts and squeezed her nipples. Then his hands ran over her belly and through her bush until his fingers were touching her pussy lips. Two fingers slid inside her and began thrusting in and out rubbing against her clit.

He finished by pulling her head forward and giving her a long deep kiss.

He stepped back and she whispered “Thank you Master.”


“Not loud enough. Try again.”


The soldiers formed a line. The officer had been gentle. Some soldiers were gentle but others were inventive and cruel. They might slap her face or breast, suck her nipples, bite her breasts or dig fingers deep into them, or shove their fingers into her ass. No matter what they did, she was not allowed to complain. Any sound even a moan or groan was treated as a complaint and met with a THUNK! And every man had to be properly thanked.

The soldiers were allowed seconds. One might finish and go to the end of the line for another turn or he might go off for food and drink and come back later.  If no soldier was playing with her, the watching slaves were allowed a turn.

The public feel up went on for hours. She was allowed no rest but was given water to drink when she looked weak. Her bladder let go sometime during the torment and all the watchers laughed as she publicly pissed.

At first her mind was active. “Dear Gods, Im innocent. I did nothing to cause this. It was all the fault of Firuz. Dear Gods, please make them stop! Please, please have mercy on this poor innocent woman.”

But the Gods did nothing. The men kept on with their endless exploration while she hung helplessly in her bonds thinking “How much longer? Will they never stop?”

They stopped the torment shortly before sunset. Several buckets of water were thrown over her before she was released and dragged inside to rest in the slave quarters for an hour or two.  Then she was taken to the dining room. The Captain and his soldiers were having a feast. She and Arzu were put to work carrying pitchers of wine and beer around the tables. They were both naked. Three other slave girls served the food but they were allowed standard slave tunics that covered them from the neck to just above their knees. Only Darya and Arzu were naked and groped by the soldiers. Arzu tended to flinch when a male hand fondled her breast but Darya was long past that reaction.

The feast ended and the Captain left, taking Arzu with him. The senior soldier, a sergeant, ordered the three slave girls to strip and dance naked for the men. They complied without hesitation. Then he left the room, taking one of the girls with him and telling the other two that they could leave.

Darya tried to leave the room with the other girls but was pulled back.

“Oh, no you dont. We have plans for you. Lie on your back and spread your arms and legs.”

“Please, please, havent I suffered enough? Do you have to rape me after everything else?”

A soldier slapped her face and breast and she was bent over a table and soundly spanked.

“You forgot to say Master. And you still dont understand that you are a slave. Only a free woman can be raped. A slave belongs to her owner and he can do what he wants with her body. The Emperor owns you and hes given you to us for our pleasure and amusement.”

“Lie on your back and spread your arms and legs.  And remember, that when we mount you, we expect good rides. If you dont perform to our satisfaction, youll be whipped until you learn.”

She lay in the spread eagled position and wondered how many would take her. Were they all going to rape her?

The first man mounted her and the watching men shouted commands.

“Wrap your arms and legs around him. Pull him into you. Give him a long kiss. Move your hips”

He kept thrusting while she tried to understand the orders. She was confused. Firuz had wanted her passive while he did all the work they wanted her to move. The man on top of her finally dumped his seed into her and rolled off. Two soldiers held her arms while a third hit her breasts with his sword belt.

“Slut, you were much too quiet. Get those hips moving and give the men good rides!”

The next in line mounted her and she tried again. They still werent satisfied. This time her legs were lifted and spread and the sword belt whipped her pussy lips.

The third ride was agony with the cock rubbing her abused pussy lips but she managed to satisfy them.

Man after man… with an occasional break while they shoved a roll of cloth inside her because her pussy was becoming too sloppy. They squeezed the wet cloth into her mouth. Why waste all that seed?

Her tunnel felt as if it had been rubbed raw. She was short of breath, the weight of men on her made it hard to breath. Shed lost count - had all the men mounted her, were there more to come, or were they taking seconds? Finally, there was a long interval when no one mounted her.

“On your knees, bend over and put your head on the floor. We have another hole to play with.”

Two men held her ankles and another held her head touching the floor. Hands under her belly kept her ass in the air. Darya was completely confused shed never heard of this position. Then fingers touching began spreading her ass cheeks and pushing into her shit hole. A cock pushing into her ass followed the fingers and was repeatedly thrust deeper and deeper into her. She screamed in agony and the watching soldiers laughed. She couldnt believe anyone would do such a filthy thing but the man spilled his seed into her and was immediately replaced by a fresh cock.

The anal rapes went on and on, while her screams turned to sobs and desperate pleas for mercy. Sometimes her pleas would be met with the lash of a belt on her ass and the comment “You forgot to say Master.”

The closest they came to giving her mercy was the occasional soldier who preferred her pussy to her ass.

The soldiers finally tired of their game and let her collapse for a time. She was so tired and weak that she didnt even weep she just laid on her belly with her eyes closed and hoped the torment was over.

“Back on your knees, open your mouth.”

A hand in her hair pulled her up and she saw a cock in front of her. She knew about this, Firuz had never done it but the women in her fathers harem had talked about it. But this cock was filthy. It was covered with male seed and her shit. But by now she had learned not to protest. She leaned forward and began to lick it clean. Then she took it in her mouth and ran her lips up and down the shaft until the man came in her mouth.

Cock after cock … dawn was breaking before they let her stop. They allowed her some bread and water and tied her hands behind her. She was led to the front court- yard to watch as a slave dealer led Arzu and some of the younger slave girls away. All were wearing slave tunics, had their hands tied behind their backs and were bound together by a rope tied to each collar.

Darya wondered why she was being left behind. She heard the Captain speaking to the Sergeant. “Ill stay here with half the men and wait for the new owner. You and the other half of the men take this slut into the city and have her sold at the public auction block. Once shes sold, report to the barracks.”

“Shes to be kept naked until her new owner provides clothes. And when you get to the city, take a long route to the auction block, the Emperor wants her to be very publicly displayed.”

Her mind whirred at what she heard. Even slaves wore something in public. Only criminals being punished were paraded naked through the city. A murderer on the way to the gallows or a thief on the way to have his hand cut off might be publicly shamed but what had she done? And it wasnt just the nudity, bruises and bite marks covered her body and dried male seed ran down her legs from her pussy and ass. The whole city would know what she had suffered.

But she was given no choice. She was marched off with the sergeant holding a rope tied to her collar and a spear tip in her back forcing her to walk in front of the squad. The walk to the city walls took hours, the squad stopped for a rest break once an hour. She was given bread and water at each break but had to pay for it by sucking the cock of the soldier who fed her.

Once they met a caravan of mules. She knelt at the side of the road and sucked the cocks of all the mule drivers. They wanted to buy her but the sergeant had firm orders the public auction block in the city.

Her public shaming really began after they passed through the gates in the city wall and walked the streets. People saw a naked woman escorted by a squad of soldiers. They assumed she was a criminal under sentence and threw small stones and pieces of shit at her. The soldiers did nothing to protect her.

She was led through the market where fruits and vegetables were sold. There she was pelted with rotting fruits and vegetables. The animal market was worse. A lot of cow, sheep, horse and camel manure were thrown at her. They passed a filthy spot where a group of animals had been standing. It was covered in manure and piss. A spear shaft between her legs sent her tumbling face down into it while the watching people laughed and jeered at her.

They reached the slave market. She was so filthy that the guards wouldnt put her in the holding pen. She spent the night outside. When morning came, several young male slaves waiting to be sold were put to work washing her down with buckets of water and rough cloth. She paid for their services by jerking them off. Then she was given a breakfast of bread and water.

It was soon time for the slave market to open. All the slaves, men and women, were stark naked. They stood in a line at the side of a stage. They had to keep their legs spread and hands on top of their heads. Buyers passed along the line to examine them.

Darya though some of the buyers were men looking for house slaves. She understood that. Large harems naturally produced many sons. They were not allowed in the harem after age 8. But a house full of pubescent boys was a problem. The solution was to let them have their way with any house slave who caught their attention. A girl on her knees scrubbing the floor, or making beds or serving food was fair game to them.

But other men made comments that suggested they were looking for women to staff their brothels. She hoped and prayed that shed be purchased as a house slave or at worse a field slave.

The sale began. The first slave mounted the stage and the line moved down one position.

The auctioneers assistants held the slave and turned him while the auctioneer gave a standard spiel.

“Elderly male, used to be a free scribe. Can read, write or do numbers. Drunkard and gambler. Being sold by order of his creditors.”

The next was a strong young man.

“Young male. Builders Laborer. Third offence of drunk and attacking the night watch. Being sold by order of the magistrate.”

The next slave was a woman.

“Middle aged woman. Slave since being captured in war as a child. Reputed to be a good cook. Being sold as part of deceased estate sale.”

Now it was Daryas turn.

The assistants held her hands over her head and turned her to display her entire body. They bent her backwards and spread her pussy lips. The auctioneer slid the handle of his whip into her pussy.

Then she was forced to face the bidders, hands behind her back and her legs spread.

“Young woman. Formerly wife of Baron Firuz. The Baron has been executed as a traitor. Sentenced to slavery by the Emperor.”

The private buyers were scared off by the “sentenced to slavey by the Emperor. Why risk the Emperors displeasure by adding her to their household? But the brothel managers thought the Emperor would be amused to learn that she had become a whore. Bidding was strong and she was sold to the owner of one of the largest and best-known brothels in the city.

The brothel was part of an inn that sold food and drink. Darya was taught erotic dancing to the beat of a drum and, when not dancing, served wine and beer by circulating among the tables. Groping her was free. But the customers could arrange to rent her body for anything from half an hour to an evening by negotiating a price with the manager.

He was a firm believer in the bastinado as a tool of learning. If she danced badly or the customer wasnt satisfied, she was publicly whipped on the soles of her feet. It was always done in the bar. Her screams amused the customers and attracted new ones from the street.

Naturally she became pregnant after a few months of heavy service. When she became too big for face to face fucking, she was fucked from behind doggy style while she was on her hands and knees. And the customers were allowed to buy another type of drink good, clean milk direct from the source.


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