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The Entrapment of Susan Andrews:

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Synopsis: A trusting naive yet attractive head teacher is first trapped and then trained into a sordid world of submission by a student and his parents.

             The Entrapment of Susan Andrews                      

                               A Headteachers Story


                            As narrated to MasterofM


                                Part One: Trapped!

The young student had been given more warnings than were strictly permissible, still though he continued displaying resentful hostility toward me and members of my staff until, during one meeting in my office when the boy had sworn at me personally I finally decided enough was enough.

The meeting of senior teaching staff chaired by myself  reluctantly decided his fate and so, after calling the boy into my office I had excluded fifteen year old Jason Roberts from the school for as long as it took for him to learn to behave,  to be a better student, citing his repeated truancy, his total lack of respect for the school staff and in particular his lack of respect for my authority and for my position of head teacher.

Of course Jason had not taken it well, most certainly I had not expected him to, no excluded pupil ever did but after I had given him the standard letter to take home to his parents Jason had unexpectedly tore it up before scattering the torn paper over my desk, but It was what he said to me afterward that shook me to the core.

You stupid bitch, Jason had snarled. You think you can just fucking well exclude me and that is the end of it? Well you think on Mrs. Fucking  big tits Andrews, oh yeh, everybody talks about your big tits Mrs. Andrews, with those bazookas every boy in the school would fuck you if they could, as well as some of the girls; well you will be begging ME to fuck you when your arse and those big tits are being whipped to pieces and when I squeeze those big nipples until they almost come off those tits youll be begging me to let you suck my cock and come all over your face!.

For a split second I almost lost both my temper and composure as I felt my face reddening to his vile and insulting threats. Jasons nauseating words were like none I had ever heard and most certainly not from a fifteen year old, Disgusting insulting words I never thought I would hear from one as young and immature as Jason Roberts.

Eventually, after managing to gather my composure I looked into Jasons reddened angry face.

I was cursing myself my not having my assistant head sat in on the meeting and trembling both with my own disgust, rage and no little fear; I was, after all, sat at my desk and alone in my office after most of my staff had left for the day, facing a raging youth with only the width of my desk separating us.

But I am the Head teacher, to show weakness now and call for help would be  tantamount to admitting to my more ambitious male colleagues that  I wasnt up to the task of handling angry young students, in short it would be an invitation to push me out of my hard fought for position simply to further their own ambitions.

Finally, choosing my words carefully, I kept my voice as strong as possible and with more confidence that I actually felt right then and trying to diffuse the palpable aura of tension surrounding us I replied to Jason.

You are overwrought Jason, you are letting your anger get the best of you, saying those things to me, about me, you know full well  they were cruel and disgusting words.

You used them thinking they would frighten me, well you were mistaken young man , believe me, Ive heard it all before and really I should be  taking the matter a whole lot further, but I really do understand your anger at being excluded from school Jason but it had to be done, really, exclusion is used as a way of helping you, a severe reprimand. I believe you will come to terms with this and eventually return to school a better and more considerate student.

Right then I actually hoped I never saw this horrible young tearaway ever again but, keeping to my prepared text I then summarised.

I want you to go home now Jason, go home and explain the situation to your parents, at the moment no one else need know about your disgusting tirade toward me and if you see the error of your ways It can remain our secret when you eventually return to school

If I thought I had got through to Jason, then my confidence was soon to ebb away as Jason stared back at me spitefully, his eyes  so obviously burning into my large heavy Breasts and nodding his head with a surly smile spreading across his young face, Jason  made no attempt to hide his so obvious voracious staring at my breasts and replied.

Yeh, lets make it our little secret, just between you and me, after all, we dont want any busybodies interfering in our fun and games Mrs. Andrews do we?

With that Jason Roberts had turned on his heels and left my office, leaving me frustrated at my own stupidity and inability to demonstrate any real authority over Jason.

Had I though, along with my feelings of revulsion and disgust feel illicitly proud of my large yet still firm 38 inch breasts whilst   the boy had stared in frank admiration as he studied my body?

IF so I swatted to appalling idea from my mind as I would an annoying fly, little realising at that moment my well ordered life was about to be turned upside down  and that this boy was to be the catalyst.

Shortly after the boys departure my secretary Janice came into the office.

Is everything okay Mrs. Andrews? I heard that boy shouting in here, should I have called Mr. Palmer?

No, no Janice, its all sorted now, Jason was angry at his exclusion thats all, he calmed down after I explained the situation to him, now hes gone home to explain to his parents and face the music I assume.

I could tell Janice was doubtful but, having realised I had already made the grave error of not having another responsible adult in the office whilst I interviewed the boy, the last thing I needed had been to be seen as a weak helpless woman by calling  my deputy head to sort out the boy.

Much later though, I would rue my decision not to call in outside help to deal with Jason,

I was held back from doing so by my long held belief that all my students, no matter how ill-disciplined deserved a chance to redeem themselves, that these matters should be kept within the confines of the school and  I naively believed Jason, despite his sick tirade, to be worthy at least of my best efforts, I would give him the chance to redeem himself, before that though I would have to talk with his parents, how though would I be able to repeat to them the tirade of disgusting threats Jason had so vehemently directly toward me?.


After asking my secretary for the pupil file on Jason, I noted the boy at least appeared to be from a decent background.

An only child, his parents together ran some boarding stables on the edge of town, complete with its own equestrian clothing and tack shop.

Surely, given this background, Jasons parents must be entirely unaware of their sons activities, his anger and choice of language when angry, surely that must be aware of the boys problems, given that the file noted that three letters had been sent to them regarding the boys truancy.

Eventually I decided  I would ring Jasons parents the following morning, right then was not the time, I would let Jason go home and think about his misdeed and hopefully explain his misdeeds to his parents in lieu of the letter he had so callously torn to shreds.

Not only that, I myself needed time to calm down, to consider how I would approach the subject with Mr. and Mrs. Roberts, how would I raise the matter of Jasons appalling  language and explicit threats of sexual violence toward me?.

Never before in all my years of teaching had I experienced such an dreadful tirade at the very least I required a full apology from the boy before I would even consider to lift his exclusion order, if Jasons parents were as decent as the pupil file painted them to be they would be horrified to hear of his disgusting behaviour toward me.

I looked down at the photo of my husband and two children  upon the desk , Ben aged thirteen and Sandra, at fifteen years old the apple of her fathers eye, both of my children were students at another school thank goodness, one nearer home, nearer their father who, for the past five years had been confined to the role of house husband after loosing the use of one arm and one leg in a car accident, leaving myself, Susan Andrews, now at thirty eight years old, to pursue my  teaching career  to the extent that two years ago I had been given the ultimate accolade, that of  Headship of  Bartholomews School, presiding over the education and wellbeing of over a thousand students.

The photo was an old one, taken before my husbands accident and as I looked with sadness at the complete man I knew before, the man I had last made love to a very long five years ago, since then I had been celibate, I had taken no lovers, even though I knew myself, at 5,9 inches and of slim build aside from my large breasts, to be still attractive to men,  only my fingers in the privacy of my bath gave me the relief I occasionally needed.

Eventually I cleared my desk, time to go home, back to the sanity of my family. 

But that night, lying there in my bed I had closed my eyes, waiting for my usual tiredness to swiftly send my into a deep sleep, but sleep didnt come instead, in that strange period between wakefulness and sleep,  I was , out of the blue,  back in my office and an unheralded vision of Jason Roberts flashed before me…………

After locking this very office door, the menacing vision approached me whilst I sat rigid with horror and glued to my chair.

Suddenly Jason Roberts was standing over me; his hands reaching down; tearing aside my blouse and bra with strong young hands and then unzipped himself.

Ive seen how you look at me Mrs. Andrews, you bitch,  how you look at my crotch when you think Im not looking, well here it is, this is what you wanted and this is what you are going to get!

I sat, frozen in fear, unable to tear my eyes from the huge throbbing penis the boy produced from inside his pants whilst his other fingers were cruelly tweaking my exposed nipples.

That though was only the beginning, for then the boy was stripping me and pulling me from my office chair he tore away every last shred of my clothing until I lay sprawled naked at his feet.

Then he was grabbing a handful of my long raven coloured hair, forcing my head up toward his crotch, cruelly forcing my mouth to his penis, its slick purple coloured head seeping with his pre come.

Powerless to react to his brutish young strength I found my lips slipping over a huge throbbing penis that was much larger than my husbands member, further and further Jason pushed his cock into my mouth, almost choking me as I gagged against the intrusion,

Take it you fucking bitch, take it all Snarled Jason until I was

Feeling Jasons new found pubic hairs brushing against my nose

I lay there, no my office carpet, frozen in helpless fear as Jason then began pumping his penis back ad forth until eventually A torrent of young hot sperm suddenly gushed into my mouth and on down my throat whilst the Jason crushed my mouth and nose up against his pubic area, ensuring I swallowed every last drop of his hot and salty semen………………………………

Suddenly  I sat bolt upright in my bed, frantically shaking my head to clear this vision of madness, had my abstinence from sex come to this, crazed visions of being abused by a young boy?. But why was I throbbing so, why, when my fingers went between my legs did I find such wetness there?

Eventually I fell into an uneasy slept and although the terrible vision did not return I did none the less feel a odd sense of foreboding when I woke the following morning, A foreboding that stayed with me throughout my morning shower and breakfast.

It was then with some relief that in my office after the morning staff meeting I  quickly approached the issue of Jason Roberts parents, thinking a frank discussion  with them would go a long way toward laying to rest my ridiculous probably totally unfounded fears about their son Jason,

I was after all head of a very large school, strong willed  career woman well versed in the antics of her students, a powerful woman used to riding roughshod over the arguments of staff and pupils alike, so why on earth should I allow an probably pre pubescent nuisance like Jason Roberts to spook me that way?.

Certainly my conversation with Jasons parents went well enough, although they knew he had for some reason been excluded from school as for the reason they were, the told me,  absolutely mystified and therefore were very pleased to get my call.

Of course a meeting was absolutely essential they told me,  the sooner the better, the only problem I was  the Tack and Clothing shop was experiencing a busy period and that unless I could make it out to them , they could not get to my office until later that evening.

Well, the thought of getting out of the office for an afternoon was very appealing  to me, and as yet another late night at the school didnt appeal to me one little bit I agreed I would visit Mr. and Mrs. Roberts around three that afternoon, from there I thought I could drive straight to my house and get home early for a change.

But it would be best if the meeting were between me, your wife and yourself, then you can discuss the matter with Jason later on I told Mr. Roberts.

This agreed I spent the rest of my morning and lunchtime in a far more relaxed state of mind, as far as I was concerned Mr. and Mrs. Roberts could take care of their son Jason, they were welcome to him!

So around 2.30 that afternoon , armed with a copy of the letter Jason had torn up, and after punching the address of the Robertss business into the SatNav I drove out to the edge of town, with my mood far more peaceful than of late I enjoyed the slow steady drive, the afternoon summer sunshine doing wonders for me as I went over again in my mind how I would approach the tricky subject of Jason Roberts with his parents.

My first sight when entering the double gates leading to a barn and stables was of the stone built clothing and tack shop and after Parking in one of the spaces provided I hauled myself and my briefcase from the car before taking a deep breath a walking into the shop.

Taking time from attending to a couple of customers a very tall angular woman with long blonde hair greeted me; her long almost horsy face broke into a friendly smile as she extended her long slim hand toward me.

You must be Mrs. Andrews, Im Anne Roberts, but please call me Annie and its really good of you to come all the way out here

Her friendly smile and warm handshake served to immediately put me at ease with her.

No problem at all err Annie, and please, its Susan I replied.

Once again the warm smile, then Annie told me.

Look Susan, as you can see Im a little busy here, would you mind awfully popping over to the barn across the road there, Stefan my husband is just finishing a small job over there, hes dying to meet you of course…. to sort out our little err problem, Ill be over there just as soon as I can shut up shop here

From the shop window I could see the Barn opposite and its open double doors, If Annies husband Stefan turned out to be as charming as his wife then my day would easier and easier. So after thanking Annie I wondered across to the Barn opposite. Once inside I peered into the rather dim interior.

Hello I called

Ah, Mrs. Andrews I presume came a strong deep voice from within the depths of the wooden Barn soon to be followed by Stefan Andrews himself.

Hi, yes but please, call me Susan I replied.

As a strong warm handshake allied to a sparkling grin welcomed me my initial appraisal was that Stefan Roberts was even more striking and charming than his wife.

Slim and good six feet tall, a neat grey beard served only to enhance Stefans craggy handsome face as he smiled down at me, seemingly dwarfing my own 5 feet nine inch frame.

Good to meet you Susan, Im Mr. Roberts, lets chat in here shall we Susan

Looking around the Barn I thought it a good a place as any to talk, more so when I was invited to sit upon a soft inviting bale of straw.

Oddly Stefan Roberts had not invited me to use his own Christian name but was happy to use my own when addressing me; I thought no more about it, only later would I discover the reason for this formality.

So then Susan began Stefan Roberts, himself remaining standing a few feet away from me.

Jason had told My wife and I that he has been excluded from school, what we need now is your side of the story so perhaps you would be kind enough to enlighten me

Although the smile remained his asking for my side of the story worried me a little, after all I was here to explain the reasons behind a joint decision made by senior school staff not to counter any claims made by their son.

Well Mr. Roberts, Im sure you are aware of the letters sent to you regarding Jasons regular truancy from our school, that of course is one reason for his exclusion, another is Jasons continuing disregard for the authority of my staff and myself and the habitual use of some appalling language toward us.

Stefan Roberts nodded his head.

I see what you mean Susan, why though did you not send a letter home with Jason yesterday?

I did Mr. Roberts, unfortunately Jason decided to tear it up and throw it over my desk I replied, then after a little hesitation continued.

After which Im afraid Jason directed a foul mouthed tirade at me………..To the extent that, well Mr. Roberts, Jason issued a stream of threats of violence toward me…some of them, well , Id best tell you that some of them were of a very personal nature

Had I gone too far? Stefan Roberts grin had faded, to be replaced by a steely stare from his piercing blue eyes.

Personal in what way may I ask, Susan?

Oh God, how could I repeat those words to this man, the boys father?

I, well, you should understand this is very embarrassing for me Mr. Roberts I lamely replied.

And you must understand that excluding my son from your school is very serious and embarrassing for us Susan, by the way, who else was in your office at the time?

There it was the question I had hoped would never be asked.

My drawn out hesitation told the Man all he needed to know

So its your word against Jasons, now, for your own sake I think you had best tell me exactly what Jason said to you Susan.

This was not at all how I had envisaged things; Stefan Roberts was beginning to intimidate me with his questions, pushing me into place I didnt want to go,  but he was quite right of course, it was a very serious matter so taking a deep breath I told him, my voice soft and hesitant,  almost whispering

Im afraid we were alone at the time, Jason made lewd comments about the size of, of my Breasts Mr. Andrews then he told me he……..he and many others at the school would like to, to have me……………worse still Jason then made threats toward me of shall we say, a sexual nature which Id rather not go into

What was I saying? Surely there was no need for me to explain these things to this man in such lurid detail!

If there was more Susan you should tell me. I need to know it all if we are to deal with the boy to our satisfaction, you say Jason made threats of a sexual nature toward you but it seems you are not prepared to expand upon those claims

It seemed though that Stefan Roberts was determined to force from me every disgusting detail of his sons tirade and by now I was looking anywhere but at him but telling myself I must be strong ,I looked up at Jasons father with angry eyes and told him.

Look, I really should have called in the Police or at least my assistant head you know, but I was prepared to give Jason the opportunity for his parents to help him, Im afraid much of that young mans tirade was just far too disgusting  and personal for me to repeat to you Mr. Roberts, you will have to ask your son If you want every last vile detail, I came here only to explain to you the reasons behind his exclusion.

Yes, so you did ,and believe me my wife and I are both very grateful, but our problem now is that your story is  very much at odds with that of Jason himself!

This really was too much!

Angrily I stood upright and folded my arms across my chest, bristling with indignation and anger.

Look Mr. Roberts, I was led to believe from our telephone conversation that your were unaware to the details behind your sons exclusion, that was the whole point of my coming out here to see you, if you are now telling me Jason has already given you some other story there seems no point in going over it all again, we can discuss  various methods of rehabilitating the boy into school life after a suitable period of exclusion. 

But before that can happen, you, your wife and Jason need to come to terms with his misdeeds and then make an appointment to see me in my office. Please make the appointment with my secretary, I shall of course ensure another staff member is present during our meeting.

With that I picked up my case preparing to say my goodbyes but before I could do so Stefan Roberts reply was to shake me rigid.

Jason spoke to us after you had rang Susan, and what he told us made it all the more imperative you visit us today so we can rectify any misunderstanding between the two of you..

You see Jason tells us the reason for his exclusion is you taking revenge upon him after he spurned your advances toward him, he says  you were intentionally engineering false situations that enabled you to interview the boy, alone in your office and that in your office you  repeatedly bared your breasts before him,  asking  him to fondle them and suck your nipples, also Mrs. Andrews, Jason says you touched  his crotch and you begged him to allow you to suck his cock, the cock of a fifteen year old student Susan!

I was speechless; Stefan Roberts words had struck me like a dagger through the heart, bringing home to me my foolish stupidly at not having another member of staff present in my office during our meeting, I wished  that Annie Roberts would make an appearance, surely she could make this man see sense, but she did not and my face reddened in anger and no little humiliation as he continued.

So Susan we have conflicting stories and as Jasons parents we feel obliged to take our sons account at face value, therefore I believe the best course of action would be for you to apologize to Jason, my wife and myself…..and of course reinstate the boy without delay otherwise we will have no option but to take steps to ensure you do so!

This was total madness of course and I told him so, telling him the boy had told his parents a tissue of lies, that not one word of it was true, it was up to both him and his wife to speak again with the boy and drag the truth from him, that only then would I be prepared to see them again.

Okay then Susan, it would appear we have reached an impasse, Im sad you have rejected the olive branch I held before you and Im afraid you are leaving me with no other option but to construct a scenario which will leave you  no alternative but to comply with my wishes

My initial evaluation of Stefan Roberts had of course long since changed but now I began to wonder if the man was not somehow deranged, if the circumstances had been different I would have considered calling upon social services to interview the family, as it was though that would only open a can of worms as to my suspect handling of the affair. Instead I smiled wanly at him and began walking toward the entrance of the Barn.

Goodbye for now Mr. Roberts, please call me when you have come to your senses

It was at that moment Annie Roberts finally made an appearance, walking into the Barn, her arms full of horsy things, a saddle riding hat and what I assumed to be a harness, all matched the riding out fit she wore, cream coloured riding slacks, brown leather riding boots and matching Jacket

Not going already I hope Susan she began when seeing me walking toward her.

I was rather hoping we may take a ride together, I do hope my husband hasnt upset you in any way, he can be rather abrupt at times Susan

It seemed this family swung from one extreme to the other, better though, I thought, to continue with my plan to leave so, stopping before Annie Roberts, I told her.

Im sorry Mrs. Roberts but Im afraid your husband and I are getting nowhere, I suggested to him that you both may with to talk to Jason again before we speak again, so it would be better all round if I  leave you in peace for now

Whilst I was speaking Annie Roberts had placed the collection of horse tack beside her feet and only what appeared to be a leather saddle belt remained in her hands.

I think not Susan she told me.

Bemused by her words perhaps I was too slow, probably though it was because I would never in a thousand years have expected such a thing to happen to me. 

But when Annie Roberts slipped the leather strap over my head and shoulders, then brought it down over my arms and pulled it tightly, trapping my arms  below my breasts, I stood there, frozen to spot and speechless as the taller woman fastened the buckle as far as it would go around by body.

Only then did I regain the use of my senses, instinctively struggling to free my arms, trapped at the elbows against my body whilst looking up into Annie Roberts smiling face and exclaiming.

What on earth are you doing, why have you done this to me! Please; take this thing of me this minute before I scream the place down, you cannot just……….

My tirade though was cut short when a red rubber ball was pushed into mouth from behind me and two leather straps were harshly pulled then fastened, obviously by Stefan Roberts against the back of my neck.

By now of course fear and panic were my foremost emotions as I continued my futile struggle against the constricting leather strap and ball gag and I could do nothing, save for making guttural pleadings into the gag,  but look on in alarm  and sense the first stirrings of humiliation when Annie secured a wide studded black leather collar around my neck before knotting a long length of white corded rope to a chrome ring set into the front of the collar.

Thats much better Susan said Annie. One of her long soft hands was now caressing my cheek.

I heard everything via an intercom in the shop; it seems to me that you have been a very naughty girl Susan, first trying it on with our Jason and now showing such disrespect to Mr. Roberts here, oh my, what are we to do with you Susan?

This rhetorical question went unanswered of course but by then I was struggling in alarm to move away from Annie, only to be held in position by Stefans firm grip upon my shoulders whilst Annies other hand slowly unbuttoned the white blouse I wore, stopping only when her fingers reached the leather strap securing me before pulling the Satin material aside to reveal my white lacy bra beneath.

To my undying shame Annies hand then delved into my size 36 D Bra and I stiffened in dread at her horrific intimate exploration of my body then, to my utter and complete horror, Annies fingers pulled my bra cup away, forcing the lacy material underneath one large Breast and so exposing its nipple.

So, Jason was telling us the truth when he said Susan had big breasts and very large nipples Stefan

Squirming under the womans inspection but unable to move away I could only look down in horror as Annies fingers first toyed with and bought my nipple to a shameful  and unwanted hardness.

Yes, they look magnificent Annie replied Stefan, It Looks as though we have found ourselves a suitable replacement so why dont you take Susan down to the play room and prepare her whilst I lock up, Annie, its just gone 4 now so weve plenty of time to show Susan here the error of her ways, Ill join you directly

Replacement?, Bewildered by his remarks, in  anger and despair I watched Stefan Roberts confidently walking away,  carrying with him my briefcase, containing my car keys, cell phone, purse and of course my files on their son.

The confiscation of my briefcase was as if a security blanket had been taken from me, I now felt even more alone and desolate, fearful of what this so obviously deranged couple were planning to do with me.

My sense of foreboding earlier in the morning had not been misplaced and No amount of teaching and managerial experience could have ever prepared me for this situation, in short I had never before felt such terror as I did then.

I was very, very frightened and the crazy, yet very real possibly this terrible situation had been deliberately contrived before my arrival had began to dawn on me and that perhaps  Jason Roberts was aware of ,and even a party his parents  entrapping me in this barn.

After watching the Barn door close I turned my frightened eyes up toward those of my other captor, Annie Roberts, making guttural pleading noises through the uncomfortable ball gag for her to think again about what they had done to me and what they were planning to do to me.

But if I thought I would to find some solace in Annie Robertss eyes I was to be very mistaken, for the taller woman simply tugged upon the rope leash attached to my collar.

Come along then Susan Im sure you cant wait to discover what we do with naughty girls such as you!

And so, bound, gagged and collared, with one large Breast hanging free of my Bra, I was forced to follow her toward the other end of the large wooden barn.

                              End of Part One



         The Entrapment of Susan Andrews

                          A Headteachers Story

                     As narrated to MasterofM


                          Part Two: Broken!

Ten minutes after Annie Roberts led me by the rope lead attached to my leather collar from the Barn I stood in the centre of what Stefan Roberts had referred to a the playroom 

More terrified than ever and  standing upon a small plastic foot stall where Annie Roberts had stood me with my arms held high over my head, my wrists attached to a hook dangling from a wooden beam, looking around the Barn, noting all its weird and horrifying contents, whilst Annie, who by then was herself wearing nothing more than a lacy black bra, tiny matching thong and black hold up stockings,  busied herself with an assortment of Cameras Camcorders and tripods doted around three large T.V. monitors.

After being led to the far end of the barn I had initially thought Annie was leading me through an outside door when she then opened a Yale lock and pushed open the door, but I was surprised to find myself in what was actually another room, the Play Room, another wooden walled and beamed part of the Barn that held a huge collection of what I was soon to discover, through Annies tuition and their use upon me, all manner of Bondage restraint and punishment items , all hanging from or nearby,  racks, pulleys, chains, ropes, benches and even a metal cage, all to be used for one purpose only, that of restraining and punishing a selected victim, and that victim Annie informed me knew, was to by myself.

Once inside the room Annie had stood me upon the plastic foot stool and wasted no time in attaching my lead to a pulley block hanging for a wooden beam and then hauling the pulley up, via a winch set into a nearby wooden post, Until my neck was forced upward, making it impossible for me to move my head or neck. Satisfied with this Annie released the harsh leather strap from around my body, in essence leaving me free but in practicality still tethered by the neck.

  Instinctively I raised my hands and attempted to release the rope knotted to the leather collar, but of course, as Annie knew only too well, the knot was far to taught for me to budge and my efforts earned only an extremely harsh tweak upon my exposed nipple, leaving me groaning into the ball gag and Annie telling me to stand still and place my arms by my side or she would kick away the stool! 

Petrified and anxious, I had no wish to be left hanging by my neck so the threat was quite sufficient for me to obey my captor.

Meekly dangling my arms Annie removed my already open blouse and placed a padded leather cuff around each of my wrists before

clipping the cuffs together behind my back.

Only then did Annie loosen the rope on my collar and thus alleviate the pressure on my neck.

Having my blouse removed left me feeling even more exposed and helpless and I became more and more concerned that my abduction and planned punishment was now about take on a sexual element.

For the first time I suppose it really dawned on me that Jasons tirade had been no ill advised juvenile outburst but perhaps only the prelude to an outrageous yet orchestrated act of vengeance upon me.

In this dilemma I realised that since she had first placed the belt around my body earlier, to applying these new restraints Annies subjugation of me had been achieved with casual ease.

Certainly I worked out on a regular basis and took self defence lessons but I worried that if my means of escaping this nightmare rested on struggling with this woman  then my chances of overpowering her would be very slim indeed, little did I realise though how prophetic those thoughts may turn out to be!.  

Much To my indignation, after she had loosened the rope on my collar, Annie once again fondled my exposed breast and toyed with my nipple, telling me; 

You were very naughty trying to release yourself Susan, I shall have to tell Mr. Roberts and Im afraid its up to him to decide what extra

Punishment you receive, you see Mr. Roberts is my Master and I am his Slave. My Master is a sadist Susan, which means he gets sexual arousal from  inflicting pain on me, and being a masochist I enjoy the pain of being whipped and beaten,  it gives me sexual pleasure and Master is an expert, believe me, he will discover just how much pain you can take Susan, so take my advice, if he removes your gag  dont say a word unless he tells you to and dont scream unless you really have to scream,  Master will know if you are trying to make it easier for yourself and will punish you even more for it! 

Oh god, I was a Head teacher for heavens sake, this nightmare shouldnt be happening to me, this was utter madness, surely these people must realise they couldnt possibly get away with abducting and abusing a person in my position,

I only wished though that I could bring myself to believe those thoughts for by then  Annie had released my engorged nipple and was stripping away her own clothing right before me,  revealing her tall lean almost muscular small breasted figure until she stood before me wearing only her black bra, thong and hold ups and even in my bondage I could not help but admire her tanned well honed body.

But Annie then was unzipping my own black knee length skirt and I could do nothing other than look down in alarm as it fell away to form a pool of black material around the plastic stool I stood upon, exposing my white lacy panties and the black hold up stockings I tended to wear for the sake for the sake of comfort and hygiene.

I would love to play with you Susan but that is for Master to decide

Annie told me before running her fingers up from my stocking top as far as my pubic mound. Instinctively I pulled away before realising this movement would cause me to fall from the stool and could only stand, panic stricken, when Annie then slid her fingers inside my panties brushing them against my pubic hair. 

Oh dear, this will have to go Susan, Master hates pubic hair!

And then, just as I was digesting her unbelievable declaration Annie drooped to her knees beside my stool before placing her hands upon the top of her head and linking her fingers together.

looking up I saw the tall bearded figure of Stefan Andrews approaching us now   wearing a pair of tight black leather trousers complete with studded leather belt a skin tight black see through tee shirt and black leather boots.

Perhaps in other circumstances Stefan Andrews choice of attire may have amused some people but at that moment in my position the very sight of him left me feeling more terrified than ever!.

So, Annie tells me she would like to play with you, would you like my Slave to play with you Susan?

Having expected him to ask if I was ready to apologize, Stefans question left threw me completely, I could only assume that Annies playing with me would be of a sexual nature, but I had not had sex for five years and never in my life had I been touched by another woman before Annie Roberts had fondled my Breasts and pubic area, so mumbling denials into my gag I shook my head vigorously in disagreement.

Then I was drawing back as far as I could, but none the less unable to prevent Stefan from cupping first, my one exposed breast, before  pulling my white lacy bra cup down and away from its twin to leave both my large breasts pushed out and hanging over my bra. Stefan Roberts was now free to humiliatingly cup and weigh each of my Breasts in his large hands whilst his thumbs pushed against my suddenly stiffening nipples.

Thats a shame Susan, for you at any rate, but of course it gives me the opportunity to persuade you to change your mind…The cat first I think Annie

In stunned amazement I  watched Annie scuttle across the wooden bard floor upon her hands and knees, place a long leather handled multi strapped whip I guessed was the cat between her teeth, and then scuttle back over and take up her original position, kneeling with her hands upon her head. 

Let that be your first lesson Susan, always instantly obey your Master or Mistress Stefan told me whilst taking the whip from Annies mouth.

At that time I thought the man was deranged…at that time.

But then Stefan was removing my gag and for the first time since my abduction began I had the opportunity to swear my eternal revenge upon these people, to shout and scream and to demand my immediate release.

But unbelievably I did none of those things, perhaps because my jaws ached so much I was for the moment unable to speak or perhaps I was heeding Annies earlier warning to me. More likely though, I stayed silent, looking toward Stefan Andrews with pleading eyes because I was at that moment undeniably terrified of the man and I was intelligent enough not to make thing worse for myself with what would only be futile gestures of defiance toward him.

I was about to be chastised by this man, better not to antagonise him into some form of even more terrible brutality and my silence was even verbally rewarded.

Thats good Susan; speak only when you are spoken to, you learn fast! Stefan told me, patting me cheek as if I were a recalcitrant child. 

So are you sure you dont want Annie to play with you, Susan?

Only then did I take his question as permission to reply so I softly replied, shaking my head


No what Susan? Asked Stefan of me.

Remembering Annies word to me but mindful of my capitulation I pitifully whispered, No Mr. Roberts

Well you will Susan, sooner or later you will!

In the event my initial punishment at least, was far less brutal that I had anticipated.

Stefan Roberts began by doing really no more than slapping the tails of his whip over my upper thighs and lower stomach with less severity that I had experienced when being playfully spanked by my husband some years ago, an experience I found to be not at all unpleasant. Certainly none of these blows were enough to cause me any real pain so I had no cause to protest or scream.

Perhaps Stefan was testing me but, when he unexpectedly landed a couple of blows upon my Breasts and nipples the stinging sensation in my nipples caused me to wince and utter Ouch but no more than that and I was expecting the blow when it happened again and this time, prepared for the stinging of my nipples I merely winced and stared defiantly back at my tormentor then doing the same thing over again when Stefan, this time a little harder, again landed the leather tails on my nipples.

  By then I was determined not give this man the satisfaction of hearing me plead for mercy  or to allow myself the self indulgence of crying , realising at the time that my silent defiance was exactly what Stefan Roberts wanted from me.

Okay Susan now turn around Ordered Stefan after aiming another couple of blows over my reddening Breasts.

He could have course have simply walked around me to face my back but, as I was to learn, Stefans power to control me both verbally and psychologically was almost if not more important that the physical aspect.

What I hadnt seen though was Stefan exchanging the cat for a short leather crop and only when this one inch wide leather strap landed across my buttocks did I emit my first howl of protest, wincing to the stinging pain created by the harsh strip of leather.

Owww!, Oh God I shouted.

So you like this one Susan the maniac chided me before pulling my panties right up into the crevice between my buttocks then begin a sustained period of blows to both my buttocks, allowing a good few seconds between each blow before adding the next, leaving me squirming helplessly upon the plastic stool , gritting my teeth but unable to prevent myself from moaning aloud to each blow.  

Gradually I lost all sense of time until, with my arms and wrists aching like mad Stefan  had again ordered me to face him but then I looked down in horror to see Annie place another plastic stool of the floor beside the one upon which I stood and then pulled one of my ankles until I stood with one foot on each plastic stool.

Imagine then my horror when Annie pushed the stools apart, thereby spreading my legs further and further apart, completely exposing my pubic area.

That was I believe the end for me, because when Stefan cruelly aimed the leather strap right between my legs to hit square on my vulval lips I cried out in sudden excruciating pain and then again as Stefan repeated the process before I had even got anywhere near recovering from his first blow.

Of course my first instinctive reaction was to protect my exposed genitals and so I closed my legs and ,totally unmindful that I was standing on the two stools, I was crying out to the sudden shock of being left hanging by my wrists and swinging  from the wooden beam above me.

My loud pain induced pleading with both Annie and Stefan was to no avail as Stefan then callously lifted one of my dangling legs by the ankle and then proceeded to beat my inner thigh with the leather crop causing me to plead for him to release me and scream even louder in my distress.

You know what you have to  ask me replied Stefan,  leaving me with no choice at all, hang there in humiliating pain whilst Stefan punished me ever harder or face the inevitable and ask that Annie play with me. 

All you have to do to stop this is say Please Mr. Roberts, I want Annie to play with me

I gasped, No longer caring one little bit about pride or vanity, wanting only this cruel punishment to end there and then so without further ado I capitulated.

Please Mr. Roberts I moaned, I want Annie to play with me!

Never in my life had I been as grateful as when Annie replaced the stool under my feet and lowered my aching arms.

At least they no longer felt detached from my shoulders but it turned out to be a case of out o the frying pan and into the fire as I stood upon the plastic stool and listened as Stefan told me, 

You are a fit girl Susan, so you Annie will have a wrestling match on the blue mat over there, the winner will be the first girl to remove both bra and panties from the other then hold down her opponent for ten seconds whilst having two fingers in her pussy and her tongue in her mouth…………if you are the winner Susan then Annie belongs to you and Jason stays excluded until he shows due remorse, but if Annie is the winner you then belong to her and you apologise to Jason and ask him to return to school. Of course if you still dont want to play with Annie then you stay right there and take another more severe beating, although hanging upside down this time!

Only an hour ago I would never have believed I would ever in my life hear such words as these, even if I had done so I would have looked upon Stefan Roberts ghastly declaration as a sick joke, the product of a disturb mind not even worthy of a reply.

That though was then and by now I knew better, yes in all probability Stefan Roberts did indeed have a sick mind but I knew full well his demand was not a sick joke but a assertion of fact, the prelude to yet more degradation for me despite the fact I was shaking my head in defiance and alarm.

Never in my life had I so much as touched another womans private parts, let alone wrestled with one or kissed her in the intimate manner Stefan was indicating.

But if Stefan Robertss really thought I wouldnt ensure both her and his wife spent a thousand years behind bars for what they were doing to me then he must be well and truly mad but as I looked across to the barn at the blue mat Stefan had indicated I knew that for the time being I had to comply with his demands.

What was the alternative? At least with Stefans demands I would have a chance of victory, no matter how slight and if I could, just could, disable Annie then perhaps, just perhaps, I could find the willpower to overcome my revulsion and do the things Stefan had demanded of me, But God, why oh why should I be forced to these horrendous things, why me for gods sake! 

Miserably I nodded my head in agreement, after which Annie removed the collar and cuffs from my wrists and neck then, under Stefans watchful eyes she left me to replace my bra before taking my hand and leading me across to the room sized thick rubber topped blue foam mating. 


No biting, punching or scratching on either side, all those things are punishable by twenty strokes of the riding crop! Stefan informed us as Annie and I stood opposite one another.

Okay girls, let battle commence!

With  plenty of time spent in the gym I have always managed to keep in trim whilst also being taught some basic self defence moves but nothing could have prepared me for what I was doing right then and

At first, like a couple of the boxers you see on TV, we slowly circled each other. My plan, if you could call it a plan had been to remove Annies bra and panties by means of lunging toward her, make a grab at either garment and then rip them away from her body after

which I would use the self defence moves I had been taught in the gym to first trip her over then dive on her body to trap her on the mat and hold her down, then, well then I would just have to ignore my own revulsion at the idea of doing the repulsive things Stefan had told us to do.

All of which would have been fine had I been fighting a tailor's dummy but Annie Roberts was no Mannequin and towering over me with her slim lithe and tanned body clad only in her revealing black bra and matching thong , Annie seemed more Amazon than dummy.

  As the realisation dawned upon me  that  I would soon be fighting this woman also wearing only bra and panties myself I felt more helpless than ever, in the very short period of time since I had first met her this woman  had dominated me to the extent I was by now in genuine fear of her and what she would be capable of doing to me.

So feeling my only hope would lay a swift decisive conquest of Annie I straight away lunged toward her breasts with one outstretched arm, hoping to grab her bra and rip it away from her body.

But with almost lightening speed Annie side stepped my clumsy lunge before grabbing and pulling my outstretched arm to send me tumbling away from her and, loosing my balance, tumble onto the blue matting.

Annie made no move toward my prostrate figure but instead strangely slowly circled me, waiting for me to rise which I quickly did before again lunging toward her this time though with my head bend over, this time to try to head butt Annies stomach.

Without realising I was in fact blind to what she were doing at the same time, I was taken by surprise as Annie again side stepped me only this to step behind my onrushing body, grab by my arms and then hold me in a wrestlers full nelson with both her arms under mine before her hands were clasped together at the back of my neck, trapping me, pulling me back onto her chest with my head downward facing the floor.

Struggle as I did  when Annie managed to grip both my arms in one of hers, I was still unable to escape the stronger womans grasp and to my  frustration fund myself unable to prevent her free hand

Slipping both bra straps over my shoulders and tugging the entire garment down over my breasts.

Annie then harshly tweaked and pulled upon both my nipples whilst I squirmed around in a futile bid to break free of her strong grip upon me. Then Annie began nuzzling and kissing my neck and, much to my disgust, I felt her hot wet tongue pushing its way into and worming around my ear.

Combined with her continued abuse of my nipples this additional humiliation spurned me on to even greater efforts to release myself from Annies awesome grip and I thrashed my head around trying to escape the hot wet tongue inside my ear.

Eventually I found myself pushed forward by Annie who, unseen by me, had placed one foot before my ankle and so I fell to the matting once again, but this time I was  horrified to discover Annie had unclasped my bra strap, leaving the white lacy garment in her grasp whilst I lay face down on the matting!.

Once again, and with my breath harsh and rasping from my unrelenting exertion, I struggled up, but this time minus my bra and very Self-conscious that my large naked breasts were swinging freely around whilst I squared up to Annie, I glanced toward Stefan who was circling us like some gruesome vulture to see him smiling at my almost naked stance, but it was Annie I should have been looking at because my slight inattention allowed her to close in on me and clasp me in a bear hug.

Squashing my bare breasts against her body,  Annies arms encircled me at the waist, trapping my arms against my sides before her fingers suddenly slipped inside my white panties to first squeeze and then prize apart my buttocks.

Abruptly I gasped in surprise, Annie was pushing a finger into my rectum and unable to move back or forth I could do nothing but endure the appalling ignominy of Annie pushing her finger further into my Anus, wriggling the appalling digit around whilst nuzzling my neck with her lips.

This latest and most degrading of intrusions made me struggle and squirm all the more, but the more I struggled the faster I was losing my strength.

I was huffing and puffing but getting nowhere against the superior strength and ability of Annie Roberts whose finger remained buried, wriggling around deep inside my rectum as gradually I lost more and more of my strength and breath,  recognizing my situation was more and more dire when she whispered. Youll soon be my baby bitch Susie then once again pushing her tongue into my ear. 

But my utter revulsion toward Annies actions and words had so infuriated and enraged me that from somewhere, I at last managed to

find enough strength to break free of her vice like grip upon me and With my arms now free and acutely aware of Annies finger plopping out of my anus, I managed to get a one handed grip upon her wrist and with the other her elbow before placing one leg behind hers. 

With an almighty effort I pushed against my grip on her arm and Annie went sprawling backward, crashing down to lie flat out on the matting whilst I stood over her, thankful I had at last

managed to gain a foothold in what had until then been an unequal struggle.

But as I quickly pondered my next move Annie simply smiled up at me, licking her lips she eyed my naked Breasts and nipples, heaving up and down from my exertions.

Mmm, they look ever better now, I really am going to enjoy playing with those Susie

My brief hesitation after being  taken aback and discomfited by her words was enough for Annie to get herself up to a kneeling position from where, to my complete surprise, she reached out, grabbed the waistband of my panties and in one swift awful movement pulled the white lacy garment down my legs and around my ankles.

Frozen in sudden shock I looked down at my dark patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair into which Annies eyes now burned. Inexplicably my first thought was that I was now totally naked and displaying my body to a students parents.

Having my breasts exposed to these people had been bad enough but now having my most intimate of areas so cruelly exposed to the view of the parents of a boy I had excluded from school only the day before must surely be my ultimate humiliation.

But those few seconds spent dwelling upon my nakedness were to prove fatal because, from her squatting stance, it proved all to easy for Annie to then throw her weight against my stomach and with her hands already around my ankles, throw me backward onto the matting. 

Winded by her shoulder crashing into my stomach I was powerless to prevent Annie from climbing over me and trapping my hands under her knees either side of me and no matter how much I bucked and

arched my body upward I was unable to shift this strong womans body and eventually I ran out of steam. Naked and trapped under Annies lithe strong body, no longer could I think in terms of winning this battle and breathing heavily, I looked up into my tormentors triumphant eyes as she loomed over me, laughing at my impotent resentment of her treatment toward me. 

So with my hands trapped under her knees Annie was free to toy with me as she wished, Soon she began fondling my breasts and nipples and with me on the edge of exhaustion, hugely embarrassed and ashamed at my helplessness, I could do nothing when, lowering her face toward mine, Annie planted very wet kisses over my face and neck. Only when she placed her lips on mine, trying to push her tongue into my mouth did I, though my resentment at being used this way, find the will to move my head from side to side only for Annies

With her face inches from mine Annie whispered.

Youre my baby bitch now Susie so make it easier for yourself and open your mouth

Again I shook my head in denial, unwilling to submit to her repulsive

Demand but suddenly I was screaming in agonizing pain as Annie squeezed and pulled both my nipples to the extent I really thought they were about be ripped from my breasts.

Oh my god, please…….for gods sake stop this! I squealed.

Open your mouth and push out you tongue!

Unable to bear the excruciating pain a moment longer I pushed my tongue from between parted lips and passively accepted the terrible indignity of having Annies tongue press against my own before pushing both our tongues between my lips,  searching out every part of my mouth with her unwelcome intrusion.

With Annies tongue buried deep in my mouth her sudden deftness came as a surprise when, with her lips glued to mine her lithe body suddenly rolled off of me to land sideways on to my prone body,

Trapping my left arm under her body and with amazing deftness she then placed her right arm under the back of my neck before threading her lower arm through the crook of my elbow then grips my wrist in her hand.

All this had taken place with astonishing speed and whilst I was still coming to terms with Annies latest grip upon me her left leg covered my own left leg , not only did this move totally immobilise me again but it also to ensured I could not squeeze my legs together! 

Having achieved all this without removing her tongue from my mouth Annie then began using her spare hand to freely stroke and caress my upper body. Continuing her interminable kissing of my mouth Annies fingers, I have to admit, gently caressed me from the  tops of the black hold up stockings, still amazingly in place on my legs, on up my stomach then breasts until eventually I felt those fingers soothingly brushing my sore nipples.

Only then did Annie break from her kissing of me, and long enough for her to lift her mouth from mine, she whispered.

Oh my poor baby bitch, Im so sorry I had to hurt you but you really were naughty

Whether Annie was being genuine or simply mocking me as a mischievous child I knew not, but I then suddenly stiffened in dread, Annies fingers had left my nipples and this time wandered down on past my stomach to find my pubic area.

Then Annie was again planting soft kisses on my lips and with just one finger making slow circles with her fingernail, she found her way through my pubic hair toward the entrance to my sex.

With her iron like grip on me so complete, I found it impossible to do more than just lie there on the mat breathing heavily my body stiff as a board, shaking my head I pleaded with her.

Please…….please dont do this I said between Annies kisses, my voice soft and croaking,

Shush. Baby bitch, hush now replied Annie before kissing me again. And then I was trembling in apprehension, Annies finger had not only found my sex lips which, for some reason were slippery with my juices but was slipping between them, causing me to gasp aloud in something I knew was more than just the shock of this womans intrusion of my body.

All of a sudden Annie tongue was again in my mouth, searching out my own and to my utter eternal shame, this time I responded, pushing my own Tongue against Annies whilst gasping again as I felt another two fingers pushed inside me to begin a steady back and forth rhythm whilst her thumb pushed and probed my clitoris.

At the back of my mind was the knowledge Annie had now crushed me but, at that moment such was the incredible yet illicit pleasure running through my body I would have gladly apologised to Jason and restored him to school and only dimly was I aware of Stefans deep voice above me.

I declare Annie the winner by means of her opponents submission, that gives Annie ownership of Susan Andrews, what are you going to do with your prize Annie?

Was I disappointed when Annie lifted her mouth from mine? Whether or not I was voluntarily or otherwise engaging in an act of lesbian sex with her was debatable, but I admit I was pushing myself onto Annies fingers and only half aware of her words when she replied to Stefan.

If it pleases you Master I shall train her to obey and serve my Masters and then myself if my Master would so permit…………but Master, first I wish to fuck my little baby bitch Susie to leave my mark on her.

Only later would I discover what Annie meant by my Masters in the plural but right then the enormity of the words fuck her and leave my mark on her consumed me because  I knew I was loosing my uneven struggle to contain my natural long repressed desires.

Very well Annie, you have my permission to fuck her replied Stefan and even before my mind had registered the horrendousness of what may be about to happen to me Annie had turned me onto my stomach, leaving a void in my sex where her fingers had been, she promptly straddled me, her knees either side of my bottom.

But Before then I will give my little baby bitch a  massage said Annie, her fingers and palms were on my back and shoulders, rubbing, caressing, soothing me even and I lay face down on the matting, naively wondering how it was possible for one woman to fuck another, surely though it should be rape, but how could Annie rape me, aside from using her fingers, but as she had already done this I could think only that she must be planning to use her mouth on me. 

I thought also of Annies choice of address for me, that of little baby bitch. I was, even after all I had been through, finding the massage inexplicably relaxing but I could only assume her words baby bitch were meant to demean me.

But oddly I thought also, that by calling me my little baby bitch,  Annie was demonstrating her power over me, that perhaps in her eyes I was now her property,  she had subjugated me and I was now her plaything.

And no longer did I have the strength or will to defy her, So I admitted to myself Annie had in effect broken me; I was now under her patronage and realising that if I were to be subservient toward her then her ownership of me would surely mean she would protect me from too much more of the brutality Stefan had earlier shown toward me.

Then almost as if she were reading my thoughts Annie told me.

Now that you belong to me I shall protect my little baby bitch, but before then you have to answer for your treatment of Jason , after that   your Mistress Annie will train you to be an obedient slave toward her Masters and Mistress

And with that horrendous assertion ringing in my ears Annie pulled my hips upward and back until I was kneeling on the mat facing away from her, this done, she then gently pushed my face back onto the matting.

Fully aware my bottom was now raised before her, Annies hands reached underneath my body to cup and weigh my large breasts now hanging down and almost touching the floor. Once again she squeezed my nipples, although gently this time, making me tingle with illicit pleasure before reluctantly she let go of my breasts to then hold both my hips.

Unexpectedly I was then aware of something large and hard touching and pushing against my sex and before I could react the large intruder was passing between my sex lips, onward inside me, filling me and suddenly It dawned upon me I was being fucked by what I was later to discover to be a strap on penis Stefan had fitted around Annies waist whilst she had massaged me, this then was Annies method of fucking me

I should have, and indeed did at first, feel violated and debased by Annies casual use of me as a sex object. But having experienced her effortless ability to control me, I was by then, both in fear and awe of this woman and dared not oppose her will, leaving Annie free to build a steady rhythm inside me and inevitably the rubber intruder began doing its work, yes I was ashamed of my wanton  capitulation to my repressed desires but  It had been Five years since I had taken a man inside me and that is a long, long time to go without the multiple orgasms I had so enjoyed when my husband had been fit but even then I never felt such sensations I was experiencing at that moment , for even before his accident my husband  had often ejaculated before I had gained total satisfaction.

So together with my already heightened sense of arousal I was soon pushing myself back onto the rubber penis Annie incessantly  thrust in and out of my sex, pushing the intruder so deeply inside me at times that I felt it must surely burst the wall of my womb before, mercifully Annie would then slowly draw back before, holding my hips tightly, begin the rhythm over again, all the while stroking caressing my back, reaching under my body to again cup my breasts and tweak my nipples and then sometimes lightly spanking me upon my upraised buttocks whilst all the while softly whispering to me.

. Mmm, you are such a good little baby bitch, Susie, so pretty and your Mistress is so proud of you.

Somehow I even found myself responding to these words, even a strange sense of pride that I was somehow pleasing her and so, Unsurprisingly, I began to experience climax after climax, juicing with orgasm

Occasionally Annie would withdraw from me completely, teasing me I suppose and certainly it worked, for each time Annie so withdrew from me I felt a sense of loss before she thrust into me again and it was on one such occasion, lost in the fog of another orgasm, only faintly was I aware of Annies words.

Shes ready for you now Master. but most certainly I was aware that suddenly the rubber penis had been replaced inside me by something much hotter, more vibrant and alive. Please…….no…..please no I whimpered, realising when two strong hands gripped my hips that Stefan had penetrated me.

But my whimpering earned only half a dozen slaps to my bottom cheeks whilst this new invader began slowly and powerfully ease its way deeper and deeper inside me until it could go no further, there it stopped, buried to the hilt inside me,  relishing its power over me.

Grip it Susan, grip it with your cunt and ask it to make love to you came Stefans harsh command as he again harshly slapped my buttocks.

Gone now were Annies gentle ministrations and reassuring words, Stefan  was raping  me and I suddenly realised just what Annie had meant when telling me I must Answer for my treatment of Jason.

And so, terrified by the undoubtedly harsh penalty refusal to his demand would bring me I gripped the throbbing penis deep inside me with my virginal muscles, whispering. Make love to me, please make love to me only to be rewarded by harsher slaps to my bottom and the barked command.

Louder bitch! Louder, and tell me who it is you want to make love to you!

Knowing this nightmare would end only with my compliance I replied, loudly.

Please……please make love me Mr. Roberts……..please make love me

As so he did.

Savagely and brutally he used me, plunging in and out of me, spanking me, twisting my nipples and crushing my breasts in his surprisingly soft hands.

Im ashamed to confess this ruthless callous treatment of my body took me to a level of sexual realization I had never before experienced and, unable to stop myself I was crying in pure euphoric ecstasy as his heartless degrading acts grew apace.

Oh god, oh my god, dont stop, please dont stop, thats so good I cried.

Orgasm after orgasm surged through me until, with my hips pulled tight against his body, stream after stream of hot semen splashed into me until I was allowed to collapse into a spent exhausted shameful heap, face down upon the blue matting.

But seconds later I was being pulled up the hair until I faced a still erect penis, its plum like head dripping a mixture of semen and my cum juices.

I looked up but it was not Stefan Roberts pulling on my hair but to my absolute horror,  his son Jason and To my utter despair I realised I had been penetrated and raped by the very person whose vile behaviour I had come to this place to discuss.

Pulling my mouth close to the dripping penis he had just taken from within my Virgina, Jason growled.

I said you would beg me to fuck you Mrs. Andrews, well now that I have done that for you, you can clean my cock with your tongue!


                                     End of Part Two

            The Entrapment of Susan Andrews

                         Part Three


The following morning, To my irritation,  My deputy Alan Palmer followed me into my office after the regular head of department meeting, during which I had confirmed my exclusion of Jason Roberts from school , although not telling the meeting  of my visit to the stables the previous afternoon.

So concerned had I been about the possible implications of seeing Jason alone in my office I had told no one of my visit to his parents stables, at the time hoping the visit would smooth things over enough for the matter of my reckless negligence to go unnoticed.

That had been another fatal mistake of course and as Alan looked into my weary black ringed eyes I wished he would just go and leave me in peace. That though was not to be,

My God Susan, have you had a bad night? You look all in, is everything okay, do you have a problem at home? Asked Alan.

What could I say? My arms ache, my nipples are sore? My pussy is on fire from where I was fucked by Jason Roberts?

No Alan, Im fine, really. I didnt sleep very well thats all, you know how it is, this job, great as it is, gets to you now again, thats all

Did I sound convincing? Looking across the desk told me Alan Palmer was far from convinced by my answer.

Ok, Susan, if you say so, but what about that young thug Jason Roberts any word from his parents yet/

No, but I expect theyll be in touch soon enough Alan I lied.

Yes of course Susan, by the way, did I tell you I know them? Stefan and Annie that is, met them at a few functions Ive been to, although I dont believe they know I am a deputy head teacher

Alans reply had struck me like a thunderbolt and I tried to compose myself, how much did he know about them?, more pertinently did he know anything about my visit to them yesterday?

Oh, well, then you will be able to tell me something about them when the subject of Jason Roberts comes up again

Yes, of course he replied whilst walking across the office to the door.

Oh, by the way, did you enjoy your afternoon off Susan/?

My heart was hammering against my chest with such ferocity that for a moment or two, I dared not look up but when I did Alan remained in the doorway, a thin smile spreading over his chubby features.

Yes, thank you Alan, a drive in the country and a little gardening

Of course he replied, winking at me before departing and closing my office door softly behind him, leaving me trembling in anxiety about how much if anything at all this man knew about the previous afternoon.

Putting my head in my hands I leaned my elbows upon my large desk and for the umpteenth time relived the final indignations I suffered in the Roberts barn…………………………………….

Discovering that it was Jason Roberts,  not his father standing over me holding his dripping penis to my mouth whilst his fist gripped my hair demanding I clean him with my mouth, left me reeling with disgust and the realisation It had been Jason inside me whilst I had urged him on, crying out and moaning in pleasure sickened me to the pit of my stomach.

Instinctively I had looked up toward Annie hoping she may come to my aid and protect me from further indignities but, in answer to my unspoken plea Annie reached down to me, gently stroking my face she told me.

Oh my poor little baby bitch, but you knew you had to answer for your treatment of Jason at school, so today you were a present for Jason and for your penance, you must  kneel before him with your hands on your head, apologise to Jason and ask him to return to school then you must clean him with your tongue and lips and you must do it properly Susan, only by cleaning every inch of Jasons penis you will purge your guilt

Surely, this really was the ultimate family from hell

For the love of God! please…….no more, please dont make me do this, I cant take any more of this madness I pleaded.

But Stefan, standing beside me with that awful leather tawse in his hand simply told me.

You have no choice in the matter Susan,  after all, youve had what you wanted, we all know Jason would not let you seduce him so in revenge you excluded him, then you came here unannounced and seduced my wife into a lesbian sex session and begged my son to make love to you, its all there on film ,everything, you cannot wriggle your way out of it Susan and you could, if I decide take things further, possibly face a jail sentence for what you have done to Jason, so do as you are told Susan, in fact I think after you have apologised Jason would benefit from a lesson on sucking cock from his head teacher……... Or would you prefer another taste of this?

Shrinking back from the frightening strip of leather Stefan held against my nipple I recalled the Cameras and TV monitors Annie had set up whilst I had been tethered , standing on the plastic stool awaiting the arrival of Stefan.

Looking across the room  I now saw those monitors displaying from different angles, clear images of my naked kneeling body beside the equally naked but standing Jason Roberts and yet again my foolhardiness at not having another adult present at our meeting or indeed not informing my office of my visit to the stables hit me like a sledgehammer.

  No one needed tell me how easy it would be to edit and produce a recording of me laying compliantly on the blue matting whilst Annie played with me or of me pleading with Jason to make love to me, the very words Stefan had demanded I use, before Jason then penetrated me from the rear

The exposure of such a recording would ruin me and if I cried rape or brutal assault I knew they wouldnt hesitate to do so and my career, along with its financial rewards would be over, it would destroy my family and, as Stefan cruelly pointed out, leave me facing a possible jail sentence. This family from hell really had skilfully trapped me into a spiders web the like of which I could see no escape.

All the while during my ordeal thus far I had been determined not to let these people shed a tear, not wanting these people to see a strong professional woman broken and tearful, but now, having no option but to comply with Stefans demand the tears rolled freely down my cheeks and such was my revulsion at having to kneel naked before my pupil with my hands upon my head I almost vomited there and then as I looked at the still erect penis that had just minutes ago deposited its hot semen deep inside me, the remnants of which I could feel oozing from between my sex lips as I steeled myself to recite the appalling and humiliating words I  had never in my thought I would ever say., even in my worst nightmares.

Im…….I is sorry Jason…please comes back to school

I at last managed to mumble as I knelt before Jason my hands upon the top of my head, realising also this stance also pulled my stomach inward whilst at the same time pushing out my large Breasts,

Maybe I will you old bitch sneered Jason.

  But if you dont give me the best blow job ever then Ill get some of the kids from school round here and show them some film of me fucking you , Like I told you in your office all the kids at school want to fuck you, Mrs. Andrews but I was the first and now Im going to be the first to get a blow job from you

Jason  wasted no time in pushing the plum like head of his still hard large erect penis against my lips and as I steeled myself for the odious task before me, his odour told me he was not the cleanest boy in the world, none the less I managed to snake out my tongue toward the reddish bulbous head still slick with our combined juices then push my tongue against its slit.

Giving a man oral pleasure is something I had always enjoyed doing and  prided myself upon my ability to make him cry out in pleasure time after time to my oral ministrations, and although my task at that moment was abhorrent to me, Jasons groaning at this action told me I had lost none of my skills, so after licking out the juices from his slit I clamped my lips over his entire head before running my tongue around and around and then back into the eye.

Having my hands upon my head limited me to using my mouth only and so my next move was to push my mouth over Jasons penis further and further until I felt him touch the back of my throat and his young pubic hairs tickling my nose before pulling back to the bulbous head then back down his shaft again whilst all the while running my tongue along the underside of  Jasons huge and throbbing shaft.

Time after time I repeated this process whilst now and then pulling back far enough to again snake out my tongue and push it into its weeping eye, by this time Jason was groaning continuously and something made me look up to his face and make eye contact with him and something he saw in my eyes must have excited him.

Keep looking at me Mrs. Andrews, dont you dare look away from me you old bitch!

But If I thought Jason was about to cum I was mistaken when he grunted.

Yeh, now kiss and lick my balls and get that tongue under my cock but keep looking at me Mrs. Andrews!

What I had always believed to be an act of giving was now anything but, for having to keep my hands upon my head and contorting my mouth and lips under Jasons rather odorous crotch whilst

maintaining eye contact with him under the combined gaze of both Annie and Stefan Roberts  was incredibly  difficult and humiliating and  As I began carrying out Jasons instruction and  placed my lips upon his balls and penis, it occurred to me that my utterly shameful actions  must have been planned in advance, surely this fifteen year old  alone could not have thought of placing me in such a demeaning  position as this!.

After what had seemed an eternity of kissing his balls Jason grunted that I should again take him in my mouth and then, after I had done so, suddenly what could only have been Annies fingers were pushing into me from behind, stroking my own slit and clitoris, actions which, try as I might to ignore, were soon arousing  me to the extent my oral attention to Jasons penis became much more a genuine desire to milk him into my mouth as Annies knowing fingers drove me toward an inevitable climax and my sucking of him became more and more intense.

As I continued looking up to him, Jasons malevolent eyes told me he was surely about to cum and very soon this was confirmed as the first spurt of his pre cum hit the back of my throat.

Ah thats so good he grunted and holding his penis in one hand with the other he held my head and pulled his throbbing member from my mouth until it rested just between my lips.

Oh yeh, here it comes, take it all you old bitch cried Jason and abruptly I was swallowing frantically as seemingly never ending spurts of  semen shot out of his penis and the hot creamy substance first filled, then bubbled out of my mouth and over my lips and chin, there to drip down onto my breasts before Jason eventually withdrew his penis from my lips and wiped the residue of his semen over my breasts, chin,  mouth, cheeks and forehead in a  final crushing act of vengeance upon me.

There you go its all yours, now you can think of me every time you wash that face and your big tits, Mrs. Fucking old bitch Andrews!

It was at that very moment I was powerless to prevent Annies skilful fingers from producing a terrible gratuitous orgasm deep within me!

Aside from having to lick my own juices from Annies, fingers that had ended over two hours of debauchery at the hands of this terrible family.  I was hardly free to go home but eventually I did, minus all my underwear. We will keep that for a while and you had best give me your stockings as well Annie had said.

Although dressed in my white blouse and black skirt, I was minus also by briefcase and cell phone whilst I suffered the indignity of having Annie drive my car to my house with me sat in the back alongside Jason whose hand, inside my black skirt,  slid up and down my thighs as far as my crotch in an obvious and demeaning demonstration of his newfound power over me.

Acutely aware of his dried semen covering my face and upper body I could not fail to notice his pants were sporting the signs of another obvious erection and could only hope I would not be called upon to relieve him!

I was mortified, these people had taken from me not only my cell phone and briefcase containing personal details about me and the file on the Roberts family but they now had my home address, which meant Stefan, driving behind in his own car, had been busy retrieving this information after taking my case from me.

Mercifully, Fifteen minute later my car stopped a few yards past my own driveway and thankfully Jason finally removed his hand from under my skirt,  but before I could alight from the car Annie leaned over toward the rear seat and gave me the last of many instructions she had given me on the way. 

My poor little baby bitch Susie, I shall bring your briefcase to the school in a couple of days but the only person you will talk to about this afternoon will be me when I call you, either at your home or at your school, , although you have had your way with Jason and myself we will protect you but we can only so if you keep quiet other wise Stefan will most certainly complain to the school governors about your behaviour, do you understand what I am saying my little baby bitch?

Miserably I nodded my head. By this time I was more than certain that should I displease them these peoples reprisals would be swift and ruthless Tell me my little baby bitch and call me Mistress Annie, then you may kiss me goodbye!

Yes I understand Mistress Annie I whispered before leaning forward and planting a quick kiss upon her lips……………………………

Fortunately it was still quite early and my kids were still at after school clubs, my husband was watching his interminable sports on the TV when I had at last got through my front door So with a shouted hello I went straight up to my bathroom, there whilst asking myself why I had not thrown myself into my husbands arms and explained everything to him,  I feverishly scrubbed all visible traces of Jason Roberts from by body and repeatedly rinsed my mouth to rid myself of the taste of his semen before managing to go downstairs and greet my returning kids with at least some sense of normality whilst my husband prepared our evening meal, after which I had made my excuses and retired to my bathroom to yet again scrub away all traces of Jasons semen from my body.

But  no amount of scrubbing could rid me of Jasons sperm floating around my womb and  when  the dreadful recollection  I no longer took birth control precautions suddenly dawned upon me I  realised at that very moment my body could so easily be in the early stages of producing  the baby of Jason Roberts my fifteen year old student.! 

Reeling from this appalling thought I lay awake all night reliving the two and a half hours I had spent in the Roberts barn, It was fortunate we had single beds these days because  Sleep was an impossibility for me, how could life ever be the same again? I wondered if perhaps I should apply for another post as far away as possible but quickly dismissed the idea, the Roberts would soon discover my plans and anyway my family were far too settled and my husbands local medical care to important to even contemplate the idea…………………………………………. 

The authorities were out of course, a head teacher performing seemingly consenting sex acts with a fifteen year old student would face a stiff jail sentence, but how could I get through this alone?. Ironically my best friend was the wife of a policeman and no one in my family must ever know for the shame would probably drive my husband over the edge, so inadequate did he already see himself. 

As far as the school was concerned a Head Teacher has no real friends, only Alan my deputy could be classed as such and certainly from the way he looked at me I was only too aware of his desire for me, we had even kissed during a tipsy Christmas function and I had allowed Alan to fondle my Breasts and nipples under my bra before coming to my senses with and made embarrassing excuses.

Although we remain friends, much to his frustration I never allowed Alan to get as close again, so what his reaction be to me

Confessing all to him? Not a good idea and anyway Alan was ambitious and my certain removal from my post would leave him in pole position for my job. 

It seemed to all intents and purposes life as I had known it would be over for me, I would have to face this alone fully aware the Roberts family would have licence  to, and indeed would, use me, use my body, for as long as the wished. All I could hope for would be to somehow negotiate some form of dispensation with them, to be allowed to continue my home and prefrontal life as normally as possible in  return for my cooperation at other times, surely this would suffice for them, after all why turn down an offer to be to all intents and purposes, a  part time slave for them?, If I could pull that off then at least a door remained open for me to eventually escape the dreadful clutches of this mad dysfunctional family.

Eventually I raised myself from my desk for the school still had to be run and the head teacher still had work to do and eventually at the end of the day I took my weary body home. But of course I could not leave my mind at school and during the day and all that night images of Annie, Stefan and Jason Roberts were never far away.

It was to be just after lunch the following the intercom announced my secretary telling me.

There is a Mrs. Anne Roberts here to see you about her son

Trembling within, I watched Annie confidently stride into my office and with my briefcase in her hand she walked over to my desk then and Placing the briefcase on my desk she folded her arms and sat on the edge of the desk, only inches from my chair.

Although I had been steeling myself for this moment I found I was too tongue tied to trust my own voice but it was to be Annie who spoke first, looking around my spacious office she said.

So, this is your office my little baby bitch, very nice indeed, but before we begin I meeting though Susie I want you to lock the door.

For a long moment I considered asking Annie why she wanted the door locked but after meeting her determined eyes I acquiesced and, getting up from my chair I walked across the office carpet and locked the door, only to find, when turning back, that Annie was now sat in my chair.

This was not at all what I wanted, it was my office, I should be in charge in my own office, locking the door to prevent anyone barging in on our discussion was one thing, but taking over my own desk was something entirely different.

Thats a good baby bitch, now come and kneel beside your mistress

This was lunacy; I strode back across the office to stand opposite Annie on the other side of my desk.

Look Annie, so far Ive not told a soul about what happened the other day but for Gods, sake you cant just waltz in here and take over my office like this, for goodness sake Im a head teacher in the middle of a working day you cannot possibly expect me to kneel in front of you at my own desk, what if someone wants to come in, what then?

But, ignoring my tirade, Annie was opening my briefcase and from it she withdrew an A4 colour photo and placed it upon my desk. Looking down I was appalled to see a photograph showing myself, naked and kneeling before the equally naked Jason, staring up at him whilst I kissed his crotch!

Have it your way Susan, I shall leave you now if thats what you wish but perhaps Ill pin this up in your staffroom on my way out!

Feeling my shoulders slump I knew that yet again my defiance had been easily overcome by this woman.

But so galling was it to be ordered around in my own office I pouted as if I were one of my more recalcitrant young students and  raising my eyebrows I shrugged my shoulders before eventually kneeling in the spot Annie indicated, my expression clearly showing I was doing this only because I had no other option, not that it seemed to bother Annie one bit.

Thats better my little baby bitch began Annie, stroking the top of my head.

But you really must remember to call me Mistress s, You know I cant protect my little baby bitch if she is disobedient toward her Mistress, now then Susie we have a few things to settle but first of all you are to remove your blouse and Bra 

I should have rebelled there and then but at that point  such was my fear of exposure I  decided to comply with Annies demand, after all she was hardly likely to turn this meeting into another lesbian sex encounter in my office, was she?.

So whilst removing my white blouse I was somewhat relieved to see Annie removing a Red Bra from my briefcase and obviously she had it in mind I was to wear this garment.

But none the less I soon found myself totally naked and whilst my nervous eyes cast glances toward my office door,  humiliatingly kneeling before Annie with my hands upon my head as she once again played with my Breasts and gently squeezed and kissed my nipples, an act  which to my utter despair throbbing to in my sex , but also making my blood run cold when telling me as she toyed with my nipples.

Mmm, I think we should consider getting these pierced and ringed!

As a head teacher I knew enough about this teenage craze quiver in apprehension about the very idea!

Eventually Annie had allowed me to dress, but by then, underneath my customary white blouse and black skirt I wore a tiny red thong, a garment of mainly black elastic with a only tiny panel of Red lace covering my pubis  and that red bra, but unlike my customary Bra this one was a padded half cup job that pushed my Breasts together and upward to leave little to the imagination, giving me an outline that would, I was certain,  lead to comments from Students and staff alike. As Annie was only to happy to remind me, I had no other option but to wear these garments today, and everyday at school,  for also in my briefcase were four identical sets of lingerie, one black, one powdery blue, one white and the other in pink and It was no surprise that all this lingerie was the same size as the bra and panties taken from me in the Roberts barn.

Even my stockings were replaced with another set of hold ups, but these were black seamed with wide lacy tops and if I had not found all this astonishing enough, Annie completed my transformation by encircling my waist with a thick gold chain, fastening its ends together with a tiny padlock, for which only she had the key.

The chain, Annie informed was in effect a collar a sign of her ownership of me and I must not, she told me , ever attempt to remove the chain without her permission. 

Absurd as the idea should have been, the feel of the chain and the lingerie under my outer clothing left me feeling improbably desirable, although whilst I had again knelt before Annie before being allowed to replace my blouse and skirt, my mood changed as she told me that as that day was Thursday Jason would be returning to school the following Monday but first of all I was to see him in my office  and then onward  monitor his progress by inviting him to meetings in my office, where, to my unease, Annie told me Jason would also monitor my own progress and ensure I was wearing the lingerie she had bought for me!

Whilst I was digesting this unwanted development Annie placed my new lingerie to one side then removed a dozen more A4 photographs together with a DVD disk. Spreading the photos over my desk my eyes took in the cleverly edited photos with growing dismay.  Half of them were showing me naked and entwined in Annies arms as we lay on the floor on the stables, all of them showing Annies fingers in my sex whilst either kissing me mouth to mouth or her kissing my nipples.

As for the photos of Jason, some of them showed me on hands and knees whilst the naked Jason holding my hips and resting his huge young penis just between my sex lips as if about to enter me whilst another showed him cupping my breast with his penis obviously buried deep inside me and yet another saw Jason wiping his penis upon my bottom after ejaculation.

By the time I looked at a photo of me on my knees servicing Jason with my mouth whilst his sperm bubbled around my lips I was almost physically sick there and then, knowing  If these images ever came to light I would be professionally and personally ruined. I was, quite simple, a the mercy of this terrible family and looking up to Annie, I pleaded a silent question with my eyes but,  simply leaning toward me and taking my head in both hands, Annie  kissed me full on the mouth and this time Im afraid there was no real reluctance from me when she pushed her tongue into my mouth to meet my own.

I shall be in touch very soon but before then do Make sure you watch the DVD my little Baby Bitch, I really is a great piece of editing by Jason!  

As soon as Annie left my office I shredded the appalling photos before rushing into the empty ladies toilet where I knelt over and retched into the bowl and eventually managing to compose myself. Life had to go on and for the sake of my family, my pension and salary, not to mention my sanity I would have to accept it until I found a way out of the horrendous mess I was in So I rinsed my mouth and tidied myself a best I could although I felt and looked like a trapped Animal awaiting its fate.

My reflection in the mirror told me the outline of the Red Bra was just about visible behind my white blouse,  that I could live with, harder though was the unquestionable fact the large breasts I had always kept in check with a sensible Bra were now, thanks to the padded push up   bra, larger then ever and constantly aware  of the red underwear and gold chain I spent the remainder of my day in bewildered apprehension, certain every person I saw would be staring in amusement at this new look. 

Worst of all though was tiny thong. Not used to such garments I found the strip of thin elastic between my bottom cheeks to be most frustrating for every time I moved, the elastic would remind both my sex and my anus of its presence and fully aware an undignified rummage into the back of my skirt would only temporarily solve the problem I told myself I would just have to get used to it.

At least my cell phone had been returned to me along with my personal papers although I was in no doubt all the information on my phone and on my papers would have been copied.

As Annie had taken my original bra and panties with her, short of finding a sweater on a warm summer day, there was nothing I could do but try to stay in my office and, mulling over the pros and cons of whether or not to obey Annie and wear the new lingerie each day.

I was doing just that when Alan Palmer, without knocking, walked into my office.

To me it was quite obvious as to where his eyes burned and I did little to hide my annoyance at his uninvited intrusion.

Alan, it is only polite to knock on my door before entering, would you please do so in future

Alan spread out his arms theatrically.

Well, my apologies Susan but I saw Jasons mother Annie Roberts leave the school earlier so I thought I would ask you how you got on with her

Suddenly I realised Alans eyes were no longer looking at me but, to my dismay the sets of lingerie Annie had left, these I had place upon a side table, thinking I would place them in my briefcase before I left. Only now Alan had seen them and a slow smile was spreading across his features.

I, well Mrs. Roberts was most apologetic about her sons behaviour, she has promised me that he wishes to make a full apology and return to school

Well, well replied Alan. Thats something I never thought Id hear Susan, so, he will apologise to you then?   

Yes Alan thats the idea


This was getting very difficult for me.

Given the personal nature of some of his remarks to me I think it best Alan

Well, it your call Susan I just hope things, err dont come to a head again, not catalogue shopping are we Susan? Once again Alans eyes burned into my breasts.

Flustered and uncomfortable, hoping his remark about head was entirely innocent I simply nodded my head in concurrence and stood up to signify our chat was over, wondering if I were just  paranoid  over Alans remark…………………………….

Two more almost sleepless nights followed without hearing from the Roberts family but the gold chain but with the gold chain around my waist night and day I wasnt kidding myself that perhaps they had decided not to continue their persecution of me and so it was to prove when, in my home study early Saturday afternoon my cell phone alerted me to an incoming call, it was the voice of Stefan Roberts.

Hello Susan, be at the barn today at 6pm sharp, no arguments your attendance is mandatory so make whatever excuses you have to!

That was it, the line went dead. No room for argument or for pleading, only a simple demand that I am at that terrible Barn later in the afternoon and in all honesty I had no other option but to obey Stefan.

Fortunately we had nothing planned family wise and my husband merely nodded his head when I told the first what were to be my many lies to him, this one, that I had forgotten to tell him of long planned meeting with a couple of old friends, So using that an excuse I showered and changed and with a great deal of apprehension set off for the Roberts place, a well justified  apprehension as I was soon to discover.

                                       End of Part Three

           The Entrapment of Susan Andrews

                                   By Masterofm


                              Part Four


                                Jasons Story

Watching the old bitch Mrs. Andrews getting out of her motor my dick was soon getting hard again to the memory of having it buried so far inside Mrs. Andrews I thought it would surely come out of her mouth if I pushed any harder.

Jeez had I ever fucked the bitch, and even after that staying hard and coming in her mouth then shooting my lot all over her face and tits, Christ was that good, a chip of the old block the old man had said, but today was to be all about watching and learning and, as the old man had said, more importantly, recording the whole deal with his selection of digital video filming devices and cameras to ensure a good record of the bitchs initiation as a  Pony Girl

So I stayed where I was upstairs in the barn waiting for the action to begin, determined to do a good job of filming it all, knowing that not only would Mrs. Andrews get to see a well edited complete DVD thus, as before, ensuring her future compliance, but that the old mans bunch of cronies would also be given free access to the finished article, together, I knew, with eventual access to, and use of ,my pony girl head teacher, Susan Andrews herself.

Old Mrs. Andrews was about to discover a world she probably never new even existed until now, all because of her continually having a go at me at school until I got so hacked off I went home and told the old man they could stuff school, Id had enough of it.

Then the old man had surprised me by telling me he knew a lot about my head teacher and that maybe, if I wanted to get even with her, I should carry on getting under her skin enough for her to take some action against me.

How would you like to have your dick in her mouth? he had asked me!  My dick had sprung to attention at the very thought of it and truth to tell most guys in the school would have reacted the same way.

But I suppose I wasnt at all shocked to hear my old man talking this way because a year or so beforehand I had wandered into the barn one night to find the old man and a couple of other guys in there and what really grabbed my attention was that my Mum Annie was naked and strung upside down from one of the wooden beams with her legs  spread wide apart. So for the first time I saw my Mums nipple rings, from which hung some weights hanging from a metal chain attached to her rings.

More than that though one of the guys also had his dick in her mouth whilst another was slapping her hairless pussy with a short leather crop and, shocked as I was to see my mum strung up and being used that way, I couldnt stop my dick from almost bursting my pants, but even when the old man finally noticed my presence all he did was wink at me and tell me.

Its okay son I think youre old enough now to know that your mum is my slave

Instead of running off in disgust and embarrassment I wanted only to stand there and watch these guys playing with my mother and as I stood there stroking my rock hard dick trough my pants she suddenly made eye contact with me, but instead of looking horrified at seeing me there, all she did was to suck even harder on the guys dick and I stood there, looking on in amazement when the guy eventually emptied his dick and balls into my Mums mouth before taking it out and shooting over her face and neck.

That was when I really did have to go, but only because I had to jerk myself off in my room to the amazing scenes I had just witnessed.

Of course I had seen the magazines my parents never bothered to hide, the bondage ones showing women, and some guys, in all sorts of bondage situations and plenty of times I had sneaked one into my room to jerk off to, but that was the first time I had actually seen my Mother and father doing it and what made it all the more dick busting for me was to watch those other two guys with my Mum although I was later to discover those guys had there own shared slaves and that it was my Mums turn that night.

So It was easy enough for me to guess just what the old man was thinking of when he explained what he had in mind for Mrs. Andrews and from where some heavy duty help would come.

Of course I was all for it, I already got a big kick out of goading my bitch Head Teacher and so, with a few absences, some choice words and best of all, some unashamed staring at her big tits and curvy ass she eventually got so hacked off with me she went right ahead and excluded me, just as the old man said she would.

Then another massive stroke of luck came our way when she silly bitch came along to the barn all on her own, meaning that for the time being the old man wouldnt need to call upon his heavy duty help……………

  So, with me  beginning to film her, Mrs. Andrews got out of her car and things started easy enough with the old man coming out from the barn and being his other self, that of a courteous host, helping the old bitch from her motor, kissing her on both cheeks and then leading her into the barn.

She certainly looked confused by the old mans politeness  toward her but as I looked down from my perch up in the hay loft Mrs. Andrews demeanour very quickly changed when she saw Annie.

Oh my god the bitch had cried when she saw Annie all dressed up in her pony girl outfit and harnessed to the little one seat pony cart.

I suppose it must have been one hell of a shock for Ms. Andrews because all Annie was wearing a leather collar, her favourite thigh length patent leather boots and matching leather thong.

But what stunned her most was a set of leather reins clipped to the metal rings set into a triangular head harness. This consisting of leather straps running down either side of her face to form a leather bit gag fastened around the back of her neck and, oh yes, the little bells attached to Annies nipple rings and I suppose the rings must also have been quite a shock to Mrs. Andrews.

Annies other equipment consisted of her padded leather wrist cuffs and were clipped to the carts handles and as the old bitch stood there gawking at Annie the old man took her by the shoulders and told her.

As Annie won the wrestling match between the pair of you today you can gain your revenge by beating her in a pony girl race!

If Mrs. Andrews had thought Annie was putting on show she  realised  her mistake when the old man placed a matching collar around her neck and began removing her blouse and only then did she finally find her voice.

The old bitch was looking across at Annie but addressing the old man.

Oh dear god no……..surely you dont expect me to. To…, please no. this is madness! she pleaded to the old man. Strangely though the bitch didnt try to run away, maybe she was just too shocked to try it but for whatever reason the old man soon had her stripped down to her black bra a little thong, one of the sets Annie had shown me when she got them for Mrs. Andrews.

Anyway the bitchs tits looked even better in that half cup bra, Pushed together and upward at the same time they were just massive, you couldnt see her nipples but I was sure they would soon be on show when she had to start jogging, almost as good was her tight ass in that little black thong Annie had given her. I couldnt see her cunt yet but guessed the little triangle of black wouldnt go anywhere near to hiding her hair and cunt lips and together with the gold slave chain the old bitch looked fantastic!

Never in a million years would she have guessed she would have ended up as a pony girl slave just for taking me on and she hadnt yet even been introduced to the guy who would be her eventual trainer and owner!

Mrs. Andrews was still complaining about the old mans treatment of her even after  he had clipped her wrist cuffs together behind her back and only when he put her in the same headgear as Annie did Mrs. Andrews Finally realise all the grousing in the world wasnt going to change things so she shut up and stood still, giving me the opportunity to look down and see those fantastic tis heaving up and down in her nervous apprehension , but as the old man  placed  leather mask over her eyes and clipped her cuffs to the cart handles, Mrs. Andrews was protesting  again, but gagged as she was it was pretty pointless as her moaning came out only as grunts,.

With me still filming with the Digital video camera the old man took hold of the reins attached to Mrs. Andrews head harness and give them a quick tug.

Okay Pony Girl Suzie, lets get things going with a quick lesson, when I pull on your reins and say giddy up! you start  walking, for now Ill walk in front of you so you get the idea, but if you are too slow starting off then you get this across your shoulders

With that that old man demonstrated this statement by slapping the carriage whip over her shoulders and just I loved the way her tits jiggled when she cringed to the whip.

Then, Giddy up!  Said the old man and Mrs. Andrews began walking along the barn floor pulling in her hands the specially made lightweight one seat buggy, its two large wheelchair wheels stabilised by a much smaller bogy wheel that enabled the buggy to turn along with its pony.

So with little choice but to obey him my bitch Head Teacher followed the old mans instructions as he led her humiliatingly around the large interior of the barn, then, when he was satisfied she had got the idea  he called out. Shes ready now and a leather clad guy in a full leather face mask suddenly appeared in the barn

Mrs. Andrews gave a good impression of a real agitated filly when seeing this guy and the old man, gripping hard on her reins told her.

Hes Annies driver whilst I train you Suzie, but after the race hell take over and try you out for himself!

Of course I knew the guy, but my Head Teacher wasnt yet ready to discover his identity, so when walking up to Mrs. Andrews he said nothing but simply reached down and put his hand straight inside her black thong. Her gasp and the look on her face told me he must have slid his fingers inside the bitchs cunt, even better was her horrific facial reaction to having him then take those big tits out from her bra cups and squeeze both huge nipples in turn.

Then the old man was telling the guy We can have them ringed if you wish. And whilst the masked guy nodded his assent and continued his probing of her cunt and squeezing of her nipples, Mrs. Andrews quickly began to helplessly protest into her gag and shaking her head in fear and denial 

Eventually satisfied with his exploration of my Head Teacher the guy took his seat on the carriage my Mum had been harnessed to earlier, and as if as a lesson for Mrs. Andrews, he then harshly slapped the carriage whip across her shoulders.

Giddy up bitch!  The guy told Mum, and straight away she began a slow and to my mind my, graceful trot across the Barn toward the large double doors to be followed by the old man, still leading the now bare breasted Mrs. Andrews from the front but by now a little faster, causing her to break into a trot similar to that of Annie.

A smallish corral outside the Barn was used for the old mans Pony girl racing and zooming out the Camera gave me a good view of this from the upstairs barn doorway.

It was here that Mrs. Andrews, with the old man finally aboard the carriage and his carriage whip landing regularly upon her shoulders, resentfully learned the techniques of Pony Girl Racing, trotting around the circular wooden  interior of the corral, her big tits bobbing and down and her all but naked ass begging to be fucked, she trotted beside the experienced duo of my Mum Annie and her handler until the old man was at last satisfied my bitch Head Teacher was ready to race.

We race  Five circuits around the corral, the loosing pony gets hosed down and then hung upside down in the barn for a couple of hours while we play with her said the old man, knowing full well this would be all the incentive Mrs. Roberts would need to make a proper race of it and even try to win but I knew full well just how good a pony girl my Mum is and that that she was longing another opportunity to toy with my Head Teachers body.

Finally both handlers lined their carriages beside one another and as the old Man began the count down from ten downward zero both guys readied their carriage whips for the off.

Eventually came the old mans voice shouting, ZERO and both guys

Shouted Giddy Up then landed their carriage whips across the shoulders of both Pony Girls who in turn began their task of pulling the carriages around the corral as fast as they could.

Now my Mother is a very fit woman but Ill give my Head Teacher her due for she was pretty fit herself and I guess it was that, together with her fear of being hung upside down in the barn, that made her keep up with Annie stride for stride around the corral, first for one lap, then another and another until both women were noticeably sweating and panting heavily, noticeably slowing even though both drivers were giving the pony girls plenty of whip until, a good ten minutes after the race started both Carriages began their final laps side by side.

Even from a distance it was obvious Mrs. Andrews was by now almost out of breath andsweating heavily, she was almost done for but still none the less matching Mum, herself less obviously out of breath,  stride for stride around the final lap.

GIDDY UP BITCH shouted the old man, slashing his carriage whip over the already reddened bitches shoulders, his natural competitiveness extolling Mrs. Andrews to even greater efforts and, to my astonishment my Pony Girl Head Teacher responded by pulling her carriage over the finish line a good foot clear of Mums own carriage and driver to be declared the winner by both drivers who were quick to dismount and attend to their exhausted breathless and heavily sweating Pony Girls, removing them from the carriage, unclipped the reins from their head harnesses before clipping the cuffs of both women behind their backs.

Then each handler began liberally sponging each others naked charges down with plenty of cold cooling water.

Perhaps she was just too exhausted to complain but to my surprise  as I zoomed in on her Mrs. Andrews simply stood there besides the fencing whilst the masked Driver rubbed every inch of her all but naked body down with his cold sponge and even when having her little thong pulled aside, the bitch  made some protest noises into her gag, but by none the less stood obediently still and kept her legs spread as the guy rubbed the wet sponge around her crotch and Ass.

I continued my filming after both Ponies were cleaned and sufficiently rested and Mrs. Andrews, obviously relieved to have won the race and thereby save herself from being strung upside down, made no protest as she was led by her masked handler back into the Barn alongside my Mother who I guessed, would herself be looking forward to some attention from both men but, if Mrs. Andrews was thinking she would be getting away from there pretty soon I knew she was sadly mistaken.

And so it proved to be, for after clipping her wrist cuffs to a convenient wooden post, my Head teacher bitch stood there, looking on helplessly as, after helping the old Man to attach a pair of strong padded ankle leather cuffs to my Mums ankles and then haul her upside down via a strong rope and winch until her head was a good two feet from the floor,  the masked guy turned his attention back toward Mrs. Andrews.

Seconds later he had silently ripped away  her tiny thong  then unclipped and removed the half cup bra, completely exposing to my Camera her horror-struck expression as the guy hands roamed freely over  her huge but firm tits and delved into  the well trimmed pubic hair and her cunt.

Then his fingers were not only once again inside her but this time staying there as the old man wandered over toward them and I was zooming my camera into her stunned expression as the old man was telling Mrs. Andrews just what she was expected to do next.

Soon afterward, with my cock was almost at busting point I was filming the naked Mrs. Andrews, her wrists still clipped together behind her back and with the masked man repeatedly catching her naked buttocks with his horse crop,  lowering her head over the widely spread and completely exposed upside down crotch of my Mum.

Now get that tongue into Annies cunt and give her the best head job shes ever had said the old man before reinforcing his command by giving my head teacher a vicious blow on the back of her thighs with his own horse crop, causing her, with her gag now removed, to scream in painful anguish, yet absorbing the lesson and even though it surely must have been a new and probably revolting experience for her, Susan Andrews dropped her head a little and with her mouth hovering over my Mothers crotch, snacked out her tongue until the reddish wet member hesitantly begin caressing its exposed cunt lips as the masked guy, more gently now, continued to punish my head teachers buttocks with his crop.

Thats it, now push your tongue down, much deeper, get it right inside her cunt, wriggle it around for a couple of minutes, then take her clit between your teeth, give it a little bite and then get that tongue deep in her cunt again, said the old man, after watching the bitches initial efforts on my Moms cunt.

Then after ensuring her compliance by giving my Head teacher another reminder of his crop upon her reddened thighs, it wasnt long before I could hear my mom making groaning noises as Mrs. Andrews, either willingly or more likely to avoid any further hellish pain to her thighs, began warming to her task.

Whatever, it made for great filming and with mom moaning more and more I zoomed in on my moms crotch.  It was obvious Mrs. Andrews had obeyed the old man when I saw her teeth pulling biting into and then gently pull upon what must have been Moms clitty, making her squeal a little before her tongue again delved deep inside moms cunt.

I guess all this continued for a good half hour, during which I knew mom must have come half a dozen time such was the noise she was making and I suppose the bitches tongue must by then have ached like hell but although unknown to her I knew she had more than that to worry about when unseen by her  the masked guy took out a huge boner from his leather trousers and with what was well accomplished and obviously practised manoeuvre grabbed Susan Andrews hips and pulled her back onto him and when the masked guy slipped his dick into her even to me in the hayloft, the Head Teachers gasp was very audible.

Get that tongue back down there! ordered the old man of her as the other guy rammed his huge dick deep inside the bitch and amazingly, once again, whether through fear or pleasure Mrs. Andrews did just that, pushing her tongue back into moms cunt and coupling the three of them together.

Eagerly and trying to ignore my own rampant needs, I looked down and captured the whole incredible scenario on film, knowing the finished article would be a blockbuster, my own Head Teacher being fucked silly by a masked stranger whilst she herself sucked upon and greedily devoured my own moms juices whilst by now pushing herself back onto the cock  inside her and so obviously enjoying the fucking of a lifetime she was herself getting right then.

Trapped as she was and with the old man now holding her mouth down upon moms crutch there was no escape or rest bite for the bitch and the guys brutal fucking of Mrs. Andrews in this position continued for another fifteen minutes, relentlessly gripping and pulling back on her hips each time he violently thrust into her until on one occasion whilst pulling her back by the hips, he continued pulling her  onto his cock before  lifting her away from my moms crotch and, placing his arms around her stomach bent his own body over, thereby forcing Mrs. Andrews to do likewise,  gradually forcing both bodies down until both were in a kneeling position with her head pressing onto the rubber matting beside the still suspended naked body of my mom with Mrs. Andrews still impaled upon his cock.

In this new position the masked guy continued his brutal fucking of my groaning, moaning head teacher and then suddenly he had pulled out of her and now crouching over her with legs astride her naked body, the guy was pushing and bending Mrs. Andrews until, with her face buried in the matting her ass was now pointing upward and, taking his cock in one hand, the guy plunged into her once more, only this time straight into the bitchs anus!.

After a short shocked silence when her mind was still taking in what the guy had just done to her, her sudden screaming must have been heard for miles around, and then, with his huge hard cock buried to the hilt in her obviously virgin asshole Susan Andrews began alternately screaming and begging for mercy, so much so that for one moment I almost felt sorry for my bitch head teacher as the masked guy brutally speared his huge cock in and out of her Ass, withdrawing almost completely before time after time plunging back into her, his cock disappearing until only a pair of heavy balls were visible to my camera lens, just what that was doing to her insides I didnt know or care, all I knew was that as one hand pushed her head ever deeper into the rubber matting whilst now spanking her ass with the other, the masked guy seemed to be taking more than just his pleasure from Mrs. Andrews, he was hell bent on leaving his mark upon her by giving her a lesson in sexual brutality she would never ever forget until, with  my bitch head teachers shrieks and pleading ever more desperate, the guys grunting became more and more urgent until, suddenly, he broke his silence and in a grunting, horse voice, growled.

Here it comes you bitch, your going to take it all up that classy arse! and abruptly he became static upon the matting, his dick buried to the hilt inside Mrs.  Andrews anus, obviously emptying himself, shooting his load deep inside her rectum whilst she herself was repeating over again, No…oh please god no! until finally he was spent, but even then he had not finished with her and as the sobbing pained head teacher curled up into a self protective terrified ball on the rug her masked abuser had one last indignity in store for her when, grasping her long hair he lifted her face toward his slimy spent cock growling Clean it bitch as he pushed his cum and dirt soaked cock inside of the sobbing, defeated and utterly spent Susan Andrews mouth.

The Old Man then took mum down from her suspension so that she could cuddle, console and then clean the bitch after she had completed her gut retching task of cleaning her abusers cock and then looking up at me gave me the thumbs up, the sign that I could pack up the recording equipment and then begin the task of editing and producing the eventual DVD.

How though I would have loved to have been part of the action down there, sure as far as the old man was concerned Mom was out of bounds to me, I was going to change that soon enough though but for now my bitch head teacher was as sure as hell not because soon I would be back in school and although she would in fact be shared property the bitch would be mine more or less any time I wanted her!



                                   End of Part Four





      The Entrapment of Susan Andrews

                           Part Five

                              By Masterofm



By 10.00 am The following Monday I had somehow managed to drag my aching bruised body into work, conduct the usual head of department meeting, take part in a pointless and annoying discussion with my deputy head, chat to my secretary and then at last, find some time to sit alone in my office and speculate yet again upon how on earth I could prise myself away from the frightful clutches of the Roberts family, truly the family from hell!

And on that that Monday morning  I was every second still reliving my trauma, still feeling an horrendous aching deep inside me, asking myself would I ever loose the sensation that a huge throbbing penis was still buried deep inside my anus? Hurting me, filling me, possessing me, what kind of evil demented person had done that to me, first raping me from behind before spearing my helpless unprotected virgin anus with his huge member?,

Sitting there, at my desk I almost retched again in recollection of the seed bursting from him and splashing the walls of my rectum whilst above me, gripping my hair and hips, he growled the satisfaction of his conquest over me before forcing me to clean every inch his vile disgusting penis with my tongue and lips.

But by far the most terrible recollection was the appalling yet undeniable admission to myself that my rapist had created a series of unwanted yet inescapable orgasms within me and that when it was all over and Annie Roberts took me in her arms, clutching me to her naked body, muttering soothing noises toward her little baby bitch whilst I sobbed uncontrollably, her soft caressing hands had roamed

at will over my equally naked body, exciting me yet again whilst I lay passively in her arms unresisting of her inquisitive tongue

Probing my own as her fingers inside my Virgina bought me, even after everything I had been through, tearfully to yet another climax.

Somehow, at around 10 oclock bruised and battered but thankful the kids were away for the evening, I finally arrived home.

I poured myself the biggest brandy imaginable, gave a per functionary kiss on the cheek to my TV engrossed husband then fled to the sanctuary of my bathroom to once again try and wash a mans sperm from both inside and outside of my body whilst reliving in my mind the astonishing proceedings to which I had been subjected and searching in my mind for the identity of my abuser, could this man conceivably have been someone I knew? Then I recalled Stefans statement to him whilst he so unsympathetically revealed and explored my defenceless body.

We can ring her if you wish! Stefan had said and my mind reeled in turmoil, the masked man had nodded his agreement. Who the hell was this man who thought he could discuss me with Stefan so cold-heartedly? 

Only with the help of more large drinks did I finally find sleep that night, even then I was up at six the following morning searching internet sites for and downloading written material and images of Pony Girls.

What I read and saw there troubled me more than it should have for how else could one decide she had made a far better Pony Girl than those young women in the photo images!. And as for those nipple rings I course I had seen those of Annie at first hand of course but with so much else happening on that fateful evening those little gold rings had captured my thoughts only for a short period of time, but as I sat there before my lap top computer viewing image after image of both women and men adorned with all manner of body piercing and reading of  how easily these people were aroused by the simple act of touching those parts I shuddered in both fear and contemplation of how those rings would look upon my own nipples.

But were these people really planning to deface my body in that manner?, if so then my so far ill fated attempts to escape their clutches must be redoubled, as it was my treatment at their hands the previous evening had ensured that I must find a way out without destroying everything I had so painstakingly  achieved over the years.

Sitting there still thinking about those nipple rings I absent-mindedly allowed my fingers to delve into my dressing gown and stroke my nipples and slightly arousing myself, oh god, if I only knew who my masked abuser was?. Still though and despite everything I continued  arousing my nipples as in my mind I recalled visions of myself of being dressed in that strange equipment and running around that paddock, pulling Stefans little cart, of being washed down by the masked man before being led back into the barn, sure I had told myself that after winning the race  I would be soon going home, but in reality I HAD known, known full well I would soon  be all but raped by the masked man washing me down, the simple logic of looking down at the huge bulge in his leather trousers was enough to tell me that and the brutal truth was that at the time I found the very thought of such a thing happening to me actually exciting me!

I MUST escape them before its too late I told myself, suddenly aware that If I did not do so then the terrible hold these people had over me may eventually become superfluous!

Spending the rest of the Sunday as normally as possible required a massive effort on my part but I managed to pull it off and give the family a proper day together even if every spare moment was spent reliving the nightmare moment my masked abuser had speared my still sore and aching anus with his huge penis, indeed, to me it still felt as though it was alive and throbbing, buried deep inside my rectum and for a moment it had occurred to me that perhaps this was precisely what the man had intended, leaving with me an unending reminder of his power over me and so, with this awful

realisation consuming my thoughts I finally came to the conclusion that I must speak to someone and realistically, despite her husband Bob being a policeman, the only person I could trust was my best friend Liz.

But sitting at my desk on Monday morning I wondered if I really had chosen the right person to unburden my troubles upon, but Liz had been my closest friend and confidant for many years so, I telling myself that as we had confided in each other many times over the years I could surely rely upon her discretion, I had arranged to meet her for lunch that day.

Much of my morning had been spent shamefully neglecting my work, thinking instead of just how much, or little information regarding my plight I should relate to Liz over lunch, eventually though, after our usual hugging and cheek kissing greeting I settled down and nervously gave my increasingly astounded friend a very much abridged and less than truthful account of the problems confronting me, leaving aside my more intimate experiences at the hands of the Roberts family, my introduction to the world of Pony Girls and my ordeal at the hands of my masked rapist I condensed my account into that of being stupid and naive enough conduct without a witness my disciplinary meeting with Jason Roberts, allowing him to accuse me of sexual harassment toward him as a minor and then to compound my stupidity by going out to the Roberts place, again without a witness or even telling my secretary, there to confront the boys parents with Jasons accusations in the naïve belief this would then put an end to the boys nonsense.

Ever more mindful of Annies parting shot that I would soon be viewing another stunning DVD of my Pony Girl initiation and much more besides, better even than the one that had starred in earlier, I completed my much abbreviated account by telling Liz that the Roberts boys parents had disbelieved my version of events and that unless I agreed to take part in certain sordid sexual acts with them they would have no hesitation in reporting my advances

to both the school governors and the appropriate authorities, that my subsequent visit to their house had simply been to further my advances toward their son.

What do you mean by sordid sexual acts whispered Liz across our lunch table.

As always these days I was aware gold chain around my waist, along now with the aching in my rectum giving me a constant reminder of these horrors,  but I just couldnt bring myself to explain to Liz about Pony Girls and nipple rings, not to mention masked anal rapists, even to my best friend.

Bondage games I think I replied softly.

Liz nodded her head.

Oh my God Sue, thats terrible, but surely they cant get away with it ,no one would believe these people if they were to do such a cruel thing as to lie about you that way, I really think that you really must report these people to the Police!

I had half expected Liz to say something like this and

Seeing the look of determined anger upon her features I then summoned up the last and hardest piece of information I had decided to impart to Liz, a half truth, half lie that would surely dissuade her from any more talk of reporting the Roberts family to the Police or my school.

Thats impossible  you see I think there is another Man involved in this, one that I somehow know and there is one more thing I should tell you Liz,……..I. well, It was utterly stupid of me I know, but the Roberts have a, well a compromising photo of me, one that could destroy my career, you see when I decided to leave their place that afternoon Stefan Roberts had given me a choice, he told me that I could either leave right there and  then, in which case they would report my so called sexual harassment of my son or I could strip off and reveal my body to Mrs. Roberts who was, said Stefan Roberts, always keen to compare her own body with that of another, as he put it, beautiful woman.

Oh my God Sue, dont tell me you did whispered my astonished friend.

Please Liz I pleaded with her. I was desperate, you must

understand I was watching my whole career disappear before my eyes and I really thought it would have bought an end to the matter there and then, Mr. Roberts told me it would be a private gesture between myself and his wife and assured me that afterward I would be free to go.

….stupidly I believed him Liz, you see his wife showed me into a small room where I was to remove my clothes before she came in and compared our bodies

Eventually I summoned up the courage to do so, but only as far as my Bra, pants and hold ups, then I waited for Mrs. Roberts to come in,….but, oh my god Liz, It wasnt Mrs. Roberts walking through the door, but, oh Christ, it was Jason Roberts, the very boy I had excluded from school!

It was crazy Liz, I was so astonished that before I recovered from the shock of seeing him there the dreadful boy had pulled my bra away from my breasts and pushed my body downward until I had no option but to kneel in front of him whilst he pushed his groin into my face, try as I might Liz I just couldnt move away, then he was holding me with one hand gripping my hair  and forcing my mouth over the erect penis he had taken from his pants…I know I should have bitten it or something Liz but by then I could see Stefan Roberts to one side, taking photos of me and before I knew it Liz, the boy had cum in my mouth….Oh god Liz, it was so revolting, his sperm was running out of my mouth and down my chin, then the disgusting boy was wiping his member over my face, spreading his sperm 0ver me whilst all the while his father took picture after picture with his camera, then he showed them to me Liz,  telling me they were hard irrefutable evidence of my perverted desires and that I would from now on do exactly as they say…. oh my God Liz the photos looked for all the world as if I was willingly committing a lewd sexual act upon a pupil!, not only that, somehow they had taken photos of me removing my clothes beforehand to give the unmistakable impression the whole thing was my own idea! 

Oh Jeez Sue, you poor thing, Im so sorry……..what a mess…..I mean the whole thing, I can see why you dont want this getting out but what other option do you have than tell report these people, surely you cant allow them to dictate to you in this way  ?

None at the moment Liz, thats why Im telling all to you, so my best ever friend can help me think of a way, there is no one else, no even my husband, you know how vulnerable he is Liz, this could finish us completely, at the moment I am in the clutches of a family from hell with no means of escape other than ruining myself and my family

So you have told no one else at all Sue, no one at school, what about your deputy, Alan somebody or other, or are you worried he may be even be in on this?

God Liz, who knows, I hope not, anyway there is no way could I confide in him, he would readily stab me in the back just to take over from me, no Liz, you are my only hope

Which certainly was true, maybe Liz could think of a way out of this mess for me and although I was no nearer discovering the identity of my masked rapist Lizs mention of my deputy Alan Palmer had shaken me little, could it have been his huge penis penetrating my Anus?....why else would my assailant have worn a mask and carefully avoided speaking unless emitting almost unintelligible grunts, could it be a plan to take my job, or was I now being totally irrational by blaming the first person who came to mind but hadnt Alan admitted to knowing the Roberts family?

Ive an idea of how we can end this for you Sue but we are going to need Ians help said Liz, breaking a silence that had come between us.

Oh God no!, I replied fearfully, no way would I allow Liz to bring her detective husband into this, but Liz, holding up her hands to my ploughed on.

Hear me out Sue, not all of what you have told me need be passed on to Ian, he can go and see this crazy family unofficially and, as they say, lean on them rather heavily, all Ian needs to know is that the

Roberts are trying to blackmail you for sexual favours, that that you are innocent but dont need the resulting possible sneering and snickering a court case would bring, Ian can threaten them with the very long jail sentences their attempted blackmail would surely bring them, in effect frighten these people into a cessation of their activities. 

Lizs idea certainly had its merits but I wondered again if getting a policeman involved, even unofficially and although knowing Lizs husband for over ten years now I had never really got to know him that well, perhaps it was his Police background but I had always seen Ian as a hard, powerful Man, friendly enough to me but always treating me as, well I thought at times, an inferior, as though I should in Some way be deferential toward him although in a very paternalistic way, but Strangely I had never taken offence at this thought, indeed I felt myself respecting him at all times even to the extent of sometimes finding myself annoyed when he seemingly took no notice of my sometimes less than deferential and mischievous attitude toward him when after having one to many drinks during our occasional dinner parties.

You must ask me Ian had said to me, leaving me confused and querulous at the time and even now, given his obvious attachment to Liz, still no the wiser about this strange statement.

But I knew Ian was a man you could trust  and so, with no other alternative I took up Lizs idea, stipulating only that Ian must promise to keep everything to himself, no one else must every know.

By that afternoon sat again at my desk I knew I would be on hot pins for a couple of days until Liz got back to me after discussing my plight with her husband, but I still had my worries about Alan to consider plus the return to school of Jason Roberts, certain as I was that it wouldnt be long before that particularly unpleasant young man, my initial rapist, was causing me trouble again for already I had received reports Jason had taken up with another troublemaker, Billy Jones a thuggish youth the same age but somewhat bigger even than Jason himself.

It turned out to be the Wednesday morning before Liz rang my private line to give me the news. Ian, she told me, had been very annoyed to hear of my problems and would be taking appropriate action on my behalf, but he would need a few days to check out the Roberts family before confronting them, before then I was, Liz told me, not to aggravate or displease the family if at all possible, Ian wanted, he had told Liz, to catch them relaxed and off guard.

Still though I again expressed my concern to Liz about my dreadful secret being revealed, even to her husband, he was after all a Police Detective. But Liz had again assured me I could rely on Ians absolute discretion, after all was I not the best friend of his wife and there was no way would Ian would do anything to betray her, Liz told me.

All very well, but Jason had returned from his exclusion on Tuesday and already we had crossed swords, that, together with my now near obsession that my Deputy head Alan was indeed my masked rapist after Liz had sown the seeds of doubt in my mind was causing me to tremble in fear whenever I came across either Alan or Jason,

For it seemed to be that I sat at my Head teachers desk every day

fully aware I had been raped and abused by a pupil whilst suffering a similar yet more brutal rape and anal rape from my deputy head, indeed, every time I saw Alan I could not help but look toward his crotch and again decide it surely must have been him, been  his penis so brutally penetrating me, controlling me, possessing me. 

Was that a sly smile every time he looked at me, spoke to me?, surely he must have been aware of my flushed features, my staring at him, at his crotch.

But it was on the Thursday of that week that Jason was sat on an outside wall alongside his new friend Billy and casually called over to me during the break time I had decided to supervise that day.

Hey, Mrs. Andrews!, get those big tits over here!

Suddenly stunned I looked around; thankfully at least we were out of earshot of other pupils aside from the boy with whom he sat, and so, knowing I would ignore the boy at my peril I made my way across to

them, conscious yet again of the image flashing before my eyes, that of kneeling before Jason after he had all but raped me and having to lick  both his and my own juices from his penis after he had cum in my mouth.

Got something here for you bitch said Jason, handing me a DVD case.

The old man says for you to look at it and then hell be in touch with you about some more Pony Girl training.

Although stunned by Jasons imperious attitude toward me I had at least been expecting something like this but what worried me more was the Billy didnt appear to be the least bit surprised by Jasons taunting remark and simply sat on the wall staring intently at my body, so without replying I took the proffered DVD case and turned to go, grateful at least no one else had overheard Jason.

Hey, before you go Susie bitch, I told Billy here you have the best and biggest tits in school and about that  gold chain you are wearing before you get your tits ringed properly, but Billy does not believe me about your tits so you are going to have to show those big jugs to him, we will come to your office at going home time,  then you can strip off for us !

Turning on my heels and walking away I was of course Infuriated yet powerless to prevent this worrying turn of events, it was bad enough that Jason Roberts seemingly now had carte blanche to do as he wished at school, but, hoping it would be only a temporary position until Ian managed to extricate me from my dilemma I had at least come to terms with the idea, but I never imagined Jason, normally a loner at school, would introduce another pupil to his evil objectives. To have refused Jason would most certainly have led to an unsightly

confrontation before a host of other pupils and of course only the previous day Liz had passed on to me her Husbands advice to neither aggravate or displease the family, leaving me for the time being at least, no other option but to accede to Jasons demand.

Later, hearing the bell signalling the end of the school day I turned toward my office window desolately and dejectedly watching the usual rat run of pupils of all ages rushing toward the school exit to either laughingly walk home, catch the bus, or await the arrival of parents cars, a happy everyday normal occurrence a world away

from my current sordid plight and so it was, thinking of the DVD sat in my briefcase as I continued to watch the scene below me that from behind me I was stunned to hear, unannounced, the emboldened voice of Jason Roberts.

Okay Susie Bitch, get stripped, its time to show off your big tits and nipples to Billy here!

Whirling around in surprise after momentarily forgetting it was my secretary Janices afternoon off, I saw that both the boys I had seen earlier were standing casually beside my desk,  Jason smirking in his usual malevolent manner toward me whilst Billy Jones, a boy I had come across only once or twice before now at  least looked a little uneasy now that he was in my office, so Billys nervy demeanour at least gave me some hope I may yet be able to dissuade theses boys from forcing me to strip for them so, I directed my reply toward Billy.

I really dont think this is a good idea, do you Billy? think about it for a moment, what would your parents say if you came home excluded from school .

For just a moment, as he turned and looked in askance toward Jason I really thought I had got through to Billy, but then Jason was interrupting.

So, go ahead and exclude him Susie, and me again whilst youre at it, go on do it now, after all Im sure Billy can get by for now just watching my fucking the living daylights out of you on this DVD Mrs. Andrews, hey, we can even use your own laptop,  

To my dismay Jason was holding a DVD case in his hand, tapping it against the laptop computer sat on my desk. It dawned upon me that this was no casual attempt to demonstrate to his friend the power he held over me, no, knowing my secretary always had a half day Thursdays Jason had carefully set this up, probably selecting his friend Billy some time ago to provide a further catalyst with which to humiliate me, so all that was left for me at that moment was to plead with them, Billy especially in the hope he may at least feel some form of guilt and have second thoughts, so looking at each boy in turn I did just that.

Please……please boys, dont make me do this,  not here in my office, its still busy in school, you know there are teachers and students still around, please, not here, think about what you are doing please!

But even as I pleaded with them Jason turned toward Billy, jerking his head toward my office door, Billy was quick on the uptake and moments later my door had been locked and the light I always had on even during the day, switched off.

Hey, there you go Susie bitch, no one is going to disturb us now, not unless you want them to watch this porn movie with us! 

After holding out the DVD case and laughing at his joke Jason then decided to sit in my own leather swivel chair and, turning toward me, still stood by the window, his attitude then turned far more fractious.

Now you are starting to get on my fucking nerves bitch so start showing Billy here what his Head Teacher is hiding under those fucking clothes  before I rip them of myself!

Humiliated and defeated once again and fully aware of Billys young eyes taking in every single movement of my fingers, I slowly unbuttoned my white blouse, dreading the moment when I would have to remove it, I held my hands by my sides after undoing the final button only for Jason to then tell me to drop my skirt.

Hey Billy, you want to see Susies   cunt before her tits or what said Jason to my horror when my black skirt lay in a pool around my ankles, leaving me shamefully standing there wearing only my black panties and hold up stockings beneath the white blouse.

Aware now it wasnt just my breasts I was expected to display for those young monsters I couldnt help but to glance at Billy, sat on

the edge of my desk next to Jason, his young face red and intent his nervous demeanour had disappeared and now emboldened by Jasons power over me, Billy looked up at me with greedy eyes.

Let see your tits next Mrs. Andrews so get rid of that blouse and come over here!

God, what a mess!, Jason was bad enough but now I was also expected to submit to his friend, but  fearing the resulting exposure should I refuse this demand more than my current humiliation and with my heart pounding the walls of my chest, I eventually removed my white blouse, leaving me as good as naked, standing before a sixteen year old student and his friend.

There you go Billy, I told you the bitch had to wear a gold chain, it marks her out as a Slave! Said Jason as I stood before them, mortified at being spoken about in such terms in my own office, me, the Head Teacher, degraded by my pupils, but that comment was as  nothing compared with the utter degradation what was to follow.

Okay Mrs. Andrews, Jason reckons he fucked you, is that right?

What could I do, what could I say? Humiliatingly I nodded my head looking anywhere but at Billy or Jason.

Tell him! barked Jason.

Yes Billy I whispered in disgust.

Okay then, so if Jason  Fucked you the least you can do for me is take off that Bra and show me your tits isnt it?

Yes Billy I whispered and slowly, disgust churning in my stomach, I unclasped and removed my bra, allowing the black material to drop from my fingers onto the floor beside me as I stood there, my large breasts and, to my horror, semi hardened nipples now fully on display a couple of feet away from Billy, now noticeably breathing heavily and whistling between his teeth and now, spurred on by what he saw as my subservience toward him Billy stepped up his malevolent treatment of me.

Wow, thats some set of Jugs you got there Mrs. Andrews now be a good girl and hold them up to my face with your hands, I want a good look at those big nipples!

Shortly afterward and surprised by my compliance, Billy Jones had placed his hands behind my back and, clasping my buttocks, was

pulling my body toward him and then, to my repulsion, was taking each of his head teachers nipples in turn between his lips.

It was to my eternal shame that, with me still cupping each of my breasts in my hands, I had closed my eyes as my nipples responded to

Billys treatment of them as, kissing and gently biting each nipple in turn, they were almost immediately hard and throbbing, so much so the throbbing sensation was rapidly repeating itself between my legs..

Aside from a murmured please…no I hadnt really fought Billys advances, the idea had seemed pointless, I would just allow this boy have his grope of me. Certain he would soon be on his way home, perhaps there to relieve himself and masturbate in the privacy of his own room.

Only when I realised Billy hands were around the waistband of my panties and beginning to pull the black material over my hips did I show defiance, dropping my hands from my breasts to grip Billys only though to find the cold steel of a pair of   handcuffs snapping over my wrists.

Stunned at this turn of events I belatedly realised that whilst I had stupidly allowed myself a moment of madness in enjoying Billys treatment of my nipples, unnoticed by me Jason had obviously slipped from my office chair to stand behind me, his handcuffs at the ready so now, naked and completely powerless to prevent these students from doing as they wished, far from allowing myself to believe I was at least partially in control of my situation, things had taken a far more menacing turn and from behind me Jason was telling Billy.

Right Billy lets get the fucking bitch up on her desk

Despite my pleas for them to think again about whatever they were  planning to do with me it took these strong young boys no more then a few seconds to clear a space on the top of my desk then seemingly effortlessly lift me upon my desk, laying me face up whilst, ever mindful it was quite possible a member of my staff could knock on my door at any time,  I continued s pleading with them, albeit for fear of being overheard, far more quietly than I would have wished to, for whilst Jason held my ankles down and one of Billys hands gripped my long hair and forced my head to remain on my desk,  his other hand began exploring my body, Stroking my breasts and nipples, then running his fingers down my stomach and into the waistband of my panties.

Before long I was gasping in shock and surprise when I felt his fingers entering me the slip deeper inside my Virgina which to my horror I realised was wet and slippery.

Jeez Jas. Mrs. Andrews is as wet as a sponge! commented Billy humiliatingly whilst, unable to break free of Jasons iron like grip on my widely spread legs, I squirmed helplessly around the leather surface of my desk begging these boys to stop this debasement of my body.

Yeh Billy and I bet shes gagging to give you a great blow job! Replied Jason with excruciating degradation and moments later with his crotch level with my head, twisting my hair, Billy was forcing my face toward the young erect penis he was withdrawing from his pants.

Please Billy, please no, dont do this I pleaded, but the young student had long lost any sense of remorse he may have felt and was pushing the plum like head of his penis against my lips and although for a long moment I defied my student by keeping my lips compressed together, it took only a single but very spiteful squeeze of my nipples from Jason for me to submit to Billys demands and allow his penis to slip inside my mouth.

You had better give Billy the best blow job ever or hes going to have to fuck you as well Susie warned Jason, squeezing my breasts and nipples as Billy began sliding his young hard penis back and forth in my mouth.

The last thing I wanted was  Billy inside me but fortunately he was at least clean and fresh smelling  so in the hope I could get this nauseating task over as soon as possible and be rid of these monsters I began to service Billys penis with my lips, pressing them hard against his iron like shaft then lapping my tongue around its plum like head before pushing it into the little slit at the top,  tasting and swallowing his now very evident pre cum juices to leave  Billy groaning in pleasure and rewarding me with his unwanted declarations of appreciation by stroking my face with his hand as one would an obedient pet and telling me.

Ah Jeez Mrs. Andrews, thats great, none of the girls Ive had have given me a blow job like this, Jeez Jas. I think Im going to cum in a minute

Make her drink it all Billy, then clean your dick on her face and tits laughed Jason cruelly, but to my anxiety, as he said this Jason was also climbing up upon my desk  and moments later, having spread my legs apart, was kneeling between them.

WATCH Demanded Jason,  and feeling his hands upon my black panties I averted my eyes from Billys body to see, not for the first time, Jasons huge menacing Penis, now hard and erect and  pointing almost vertically upward from his groin.  Jasons strong young hands were then ripping the thin nylon material of my black panties into small shreds and yanking the pieces away from my groin.

I realised Jason had tricked me into complying with them, maybe Billy wasnt going to fuck me but Jason most certainly was. I wanted to shout and plead with Jason, to beg him not to defile my body again but Billys penis throbbing deep inside my mouth was growing ever larger and harder and aside from my futile attempts at removing those cold steel handcuffs encircling my wrists behind my back and squeezing my thighs together, any idea on my part of  protesting against Jasons actions was all but impossible and then  suddenly I was helplessly looking on as with an iron like grip Jason was gripping the backs of my legs, behind the knees and spreading my legs obscenely wide, lifting my bottom from the desk with his strong arms and pushing them up and over his shoulders whilst his kneeling frame, spearheaded by his huge penis slowly inched forward toward my now very exposed  sex  until to my horror-struck anguish I suddenly  felt it nestle inside my pubic hair before coming to a halt at the very entrance of my sex lips.

Look at me Susie; look into my eyes Demanded Jason of me in an intimidating manner far more mature than his tender years, then;

Dont you dare take your eyes from mine he continued when I had obeyed his demand.

Just as I had in the Roberts Barn I forced myself to stare into Jasons  hard young eyes during a sexual act, but this time I was lying on my back, on my own desk in my own office, knowing  Jasons penis would soon be pushing aside my sex lips whilst  another Students penis was I knew, about to about to explode in my mouth.

Had this been a happier loving occasion, had it been my husband taking me, just as I had fantasised he one day would when I had first entered my new office, I would have been amazed and joyful at his capability to retain his composure, his ability to remain nestled just between my sex lips without thrusting into me, but I wasnt, it was Jason Roberts who was  about to take me,  smiling malevolently into my eyes as  Billy, with a sudden roar of; Oh Jeez Im coming! suddenly began gushing his hot salty juices into my mouth, very nearly choking me as huge globs of semen filled my mouth,  sliding down the back of my throat then bubbling out from my mouth onto my lips, still glued around the erupting penis Billy had continued  to hold against my lips as all the time Jason Roberts, his own Penis still nestling just inside my sex lips, stared coldly into my despondent eyes, demonstrating again his effortless and crushingly mature subjugation of me, his cold eyes needing no words  were telling me that  no matter how much I wanted him to get his evil undertaking over and done with, he would take me only when he himself was ready and that, I assumed, would only be when Billy had completed  his shameless task of cleaning his Penis on my skin, leaving trails of semen over my mouth face,  neck and breasts even as

I maintained eye contact with Jason.

And then I was gasping aloud,  Jason had pushed his huge penis  just far enough for its enormous plum like head to slip  between my sex lips and set my clitoris throbbing with  appalling spontaneous desire and whilst I gasped in a futile attempt to hide my desire I was suddenly wide eyed eyes in surprise to hear a sudden knocking upon my office door.

But if I thought this sudden intrusion would jolt these boys into fearfully curtailing their abuse of me I was soon mistaken for Jason simply smiled down at me, callously exclaiming.

Take you eyes of me and you get hurt real bad before pushing another inch or so into my sex.

But horrifyingly for me, my locked office door was being shaken but pushing himself a little further inside my Virgina Jason again ignored this attempted intrusion into my office.

Susan, are you in there, are you okay Susan?

My deputy heads voice was shouting through the locked office door, leaving me horror-struck and fearful of discovery.

Shall we invite him in asked Jason of me, seemingly unbothered by this sudden turn of events.

Please…oh…god no…please no! I whispered in disbelief.

Then be a good bitch for me and wrap your ankles around my neck replied Jason immediately.

Without hesitation I  quickly complied and soon the backs of my thighs rested upon the tops of Jasons after my buttocks had risen even further from my desk allowing me to clasp my ankles together behind Jasons neck, the effect of which was to push Jasons penis inside me right up against my clitoris and with his hands now and squeezing my cum covered Breasts and nipples, Jason began gradually pushing further and further inside me, creating the most incredible sensation had I ever experienced as I lay passively upon my desk,  all the time  willing Alan Palmer to go away, but to my utter consternation  Alan was again knocking upon my door.

Susan, are you okay?, you must be in there because your car in still in its parking slot

Yet again Jason was totally indifferent to my deputys ever more impatient entreaty and locking eyes with me, his face much closer now, Jason pushed himself as far as he could go until his huge rock solid Penis was pushing against my cervix, completing filling and possessing  me as he taunted me.

Perhaps Billy should let Mr. Palmer come in and join us Susie, hey, maybe he can fuck you when Ive finished with you, how about it Susie?

Shaking my head in panic I again whispered.

Oh god please no Jason, please dont

So you just want me to fuck you then Susie? replied Jason.

With his penis buried deep inside me and realising I was now trapped in Jasons verbal taunting I had little choice but to agree.

Yes…..only you Jason I replied.

What about Billy Susie, you have to ask Billy to fuck you as well

Oh God, this was awful, the worst moments of my life, but what choice did I have?

Please……Billy, I..I want you to fuck me as well I whispered, hoping Jasons taunts would now be over, but almost immediately I was gasping in the unavoidable pleasure created by the continuous friction between his member and my clitoris as Jason first withdrew his penis a little and then once again plunged deep inside me and  with his eyes burning deep  into mine he told me,

Tell me then Susie; tell me how much you want me to fuck you, tell me how much you love my big cock,  talk dirty to me while I fuck you,

Foul language had always been anathema to me, but now required as I was to utter such obscenities whilst Jasons penis sawed back and forth into my Virgina and against my clitoris giving the most unwanted yet complete sexual experience I had ever known, I suddenly found those words so much easier to voice, even as I heard Alan Palmer shout through my office door:

It know your in there Susan, Ill come back later

With my eyes still locked into Jasons I gave him my utter obedience by thrusting upward onto his Penis and shamefully telling him,

Oh my god Jason, fuck me hard, fuck my wet cunt. .yes thats so good, I love it, I love your big cock fucking my cunt this way, Christ Ive never been fucked this way before….oh my god thats so good…Christ your cock is so big Jason..

God, I want to feel your cock inside me forever…I want you to cum inside me Jason… I want to feel your hot spunk slashing inside my cunt… I want my tongue to taste my juices on your wonderful cock.

Shameless deplorable words that to my absolute shame and disgrace bore more than just a passing resemblance to the truth, for as Jason gradually increased the tempo of his see saw like fucking of me  the first of a series of incredible orgasms  began coursing  through my body , taking me to heights of ecstasy never before dreamed, whilst during this feverish coupling Jasons triumphant eyes remained locked into mine, giving me the implicit message that I was his property.

So my hope that these boys would soon gone evaporated along perhaps with my hopes that my best friends husband would ride to my rescue like a knight in shining armour, for now it was hardly likely these two young tearaways would slip unnoticed from my life when they had  finished with me, a thought soon reinforced when from beside me Billy was telling Jason.

Jeez Jason, thats some fucking you are giving Mrs. Andrews, I think maybe Ill drop back here next week to give her a good fuck, then she can better compare who gave her the best fuck!

But Jason was now beginning to groan in pleasure and his eyes were telling me he was about to cum inside me. By then I had lost count of the number of Orgasms I had achieved  and as Jason gripped my nipples ever harder his body suddenly went rigid and stiff , another huge orgasm flooded through me and suddenly, just as he pulled back from me a little, I was aware of the first spurt of Jasons hot sperm splashing against the walls of my womb, guilt I knew, would come later and lots of it, but for now I was lost in a world of ecstasy  I had never before known existed.

Ohh….Shit….here it comes Susie; here it comes exclaimed Jason and Much to my unending self abhorrence I found myself thrusting upward toward him, clutching his neck harder still with my ankles as Jasons cock began pumping his seemingly never ending stream of hot juices into me. A week or so beforehand I had worried about the possibility I may carrying a rapists baby inside my womb and the strength of Jasons virility during this current coupling between us could only reinforce this possibility, but even though my wrists were cuffed together behind my back , such was my blissful collusion and  obvious pleasure toward Jasons continuing use of me there could no way any  witness to this act would have said I was being raped in any way shape or form.

Then it was over, Jason had filled me to overflowing and when he had finished with me he and Billy had flipped me over onto my stomach. I begged them to spare me further indignations but Billy

simply unlocked my handcuffs and told me he would be back

soon to take his own place on my desk and as I sat upon the inlaid leather top of the desk, my guilt and tearful humiliation then really did set in for both  boys had spotted a trail of Jasons semen emerging from between my sex lips and were now laughing  at my embarrassment.

Hey Susie, you had better clear up that mess, maybe I should get you one of my moms butt plugs for you cunt

said Jason cruelly.

Then they were gone, not though before Billy had taken my bra and ruined panties, according to Billy, as a souvenir, and then to my astonishment told me.

Maybe I will show them to your son if you dont come across for me, he plays in the same football team as me Mrs. Andrews, a little young maybe but good all the same

Leaving me shocked to the core and to tearfully clean myself as best I could before dressing without underwear and all the while ask myself why I hadnt replied to Alan Palmers incessant knocking upon my door, surely if I had just shouted to him in distress I would have been spared and left  only to explain to Alan my situation in shameful embarrassment.

As much as I tried to dismiss it over the following hours, the reprehensible and appalling truth was that me doing so would have brought a premature end to the most erotic and licentious sexual encounter I have ever experienced, perhaps worse was the unquestionable stimulus I felt at  being aware of the presence of Alan Palmer, that he was outside my office door, waiting for me to answer him as I asked myself if  he  really was unaware I was inside, laying naked and handcuffed  upon my own desk whilst  two of my students were taking me ? It was these thoughts that to my utter shame had provided the exhilarating illicit catalyst for my sexual excitement!


                             End of Part Five


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