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Tammie's Training

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Synopsis: A young woman and her mother are enslaved, modified, and sold.
                   Tammy's   Training  (bdsm, very extreme)

WARNING!!! This story involves the enslavement, torture and sale of young women.
If you are offended by such actions, or think you will be, then do not
proceed!!! If it is illegal in your area to read such material, then proceed no

Material herein is the property of the author, and should be treated as such.
The following is fantasy, and should also be treated as such.

 The ages of the victims has been purposely left out. I describe them as teens,
which can be eighteen, as I imagine them, *w*, or any age you wish them to be.
Such is fantasy.

           Chapter One.....The Beginning

   Gym was the last class of the day, and she lingered in the shower longer than
the rest of the girls. She took her time at her locker as she dressed, so that
noone would notice that she put no underwear, just the thin dress over her naked
body. He would be waiting for her today, parked outside the school.

   Tammy would not be going home after school today, but she didn't have to call
home and tell her mother, as she always did when she would be late. Her mother
knew exactly where she was going, because her mother had set this arrangement
up. The man who waited outside was a man she knew only as Mike. He was her
mother's lover, her mother's trainer, her mother's Master. And now her mother
had given her to him.

   Her mother called her into her bedroom one evening, and sat her down in front
of the computer. On the screen was a series of images, of things she knew
existed but had never actually seen. Pictures of women in bondage, of women
being beaten or having been recently whipped, women taking men and even animals.
As her mother scrolled through the images, she explained that she had taken a
lover, a man that she had met on the Net. A man that knew what women truly
wanted and needed. She went on saying that he had shown her that a woman's place
was to be subservient to the male, and that through her submission she had found
release, and great joy. She said that she wished she had known these things
years before, when she was young, and could be molded into the perfect slut that
her Master was teaching her to be now. She said she felt that she had missed out
on all those years of serving as she now knew that a woman should serve, to be
opened and used by males. She did not want her daughter going through years of a
boring marriage, married to a limp dick man like her father, so she had
volunteered to give her to Mike; to be trained at a young age to please men.

   Tammy was no stranger to sex, she had her first fuck three years ago. She ran
with a fast crowd, and she was sexually adventerous. Her lip and nose sported
piercings, and she had considered even having her navel and nipples pierced, as
some of her friends had already done. The thought of fucking one of her mother's
friends didn't bother her at all, and she would have done it anytime if her
mother had wanted her to. But this was different. As she looked at the images on
the screen, and heard her mother talking, she felt a strange excitement that
made her tremble. But what really surprised her was how excited her mother was
getting as she talked about giving her to this man. She told her daughter about
some of the things Mike had done to other women, and scrolled to a new series of
pictures. These were pictures of women who's heads had been shaved, women who
had been ornately or obscenely tattoed, women that had multiple body piercings,
with all sorts of rings and weights hanging from their bodies. These pictures
began to excite her and she had to squeeze her thighs together to keep her hand
away from her now moist cunt.

   "Oh, Tammy," said her mom, " can't you just imagine having these things done
to you?"

   She was looking at a woman that had the word 'cocksucker' tattoed on her lip,
and the word 'slut' just above her shaved cunt. The woman had welts on the
insides of her thighs from a recent whipping, and cum dripped from her obviously
well fucked slit.

   "Tammy, after Master trains you, he's going to have us do things together;
nasty, slutty things that will please him. I need to please him Tammy, so
please, please say that you will do this."

   Her mother was rubbing her own cunt through her nightgown, and now leaned
over and kissed Tammy full on the mouth. Tammy was shocked, but excited too, as
she felt her mothers hot, wet tongue snake into her mouth.

   "Undo your pants, hon," her mom panted.

   She stood up and undid the belt and buttons on her jeans. Then her mom slid
her jeans and panties down, and she stepped out of them. She felt like she was
dreaming as her mother slipped her middle finger up into her cunt. She was
kissing her mouth again, and slipping her finger over Tammy's clit, and Tammy
groaned and came against her mother's hand.

   "Oh, thank you baby, thank'll do it. This will be soooo good. I'm
so happy for you , baby."

   And as Tammy stood there, naked but for a T shirt, her mother slid to her
knees and locked her mouth around Tammy's cunt. Tammy couldn't help herself, she
spread her legs and squatted down against her mother's sucking mouth, grabbed
her by the back of her head and came again, hearing her mother moaning and
feeling her sucking the juices from her young cunt.

   "Go to bed now Tam, go to bed, we'll talk tomorrow."

   As Tammy picked up her jeans and panties, her mother was at the computer
keyboard, her face still wet from Tammy's cunt juices, and Tammy saw her typing,

   "My dearest Master......."

                      Chapter Two.....First Meeting

   The school parking lot was emptying quickly as Tammy walked out of the gym.
She stopped to read the note again that her mother had put in her purse that
morning. She found it under her panties and bra that were stuffed in on top of
it. She also got out the note to Mike that her mother helped her write that
morning. The note from her mother simply said, 'silver Lexus, black tinted
windows parked just north of the school'.

   The note to Mike wasn't much longer. It read,

   "Master, I am Tammy. Please train me like you and my mother know I need to be
trained. I am yours."

   As she approached the street in front of the school, some of her friends
drove by and asked if she wanted to go to Burger King with them, they were just
going to hang out. Tammy told them, no, she had things to do, and then she saw
the car. She waved goodby to her friends, and began walking across the street to
the car, the note in her hand. As she neared the drivers side, the window went
down and a mans arm came out, a black leather glove on the hand. She handed him
the note.

  He was older than she had expected. Wavy grey hair that just touched his
shoulders, full beard and moustache. He was very pleasant to look at and she was
relieved. She stood in the street as traffic whizzed by her. She felt totally
self concious as her dress almost blew up high enough to expose her naked ass,
while this stranger read her note.

  "Get in," he said.

  She walked around to the passenger side as the door opened. She got in and
closed the door.

  "Hi, I'm Tammy and.."she started to say.

  "Don't speak. You will not speak unless I tell you to speak, is that

She found herself nodding, but was a little alarmed at the sombre tone of his

   "Pull your dress up," he commanded.

She pulled the front of her dress up until it exposed her pussy.

   "No, the whole thing, up around your waist," he said.

She lifted her ass and bunched the dress up around her waist and sat back down,
the black leather seat cold under her young ass cheeks.

   "Now spread your legs," he said.

She spread her legs and felt the cool air rushing against her exposed cunt.

   He started the car and pulled out. She felt his gloved hand caressing the
inside of her thigh and she looked down. She saw her white legs spread open
against the contrast of the black leather seats, and saw his tight, black
leather glove slide up between her splayed  legs. A smooth leather finger now
found its way to the entrance of her cunt. It traced a slow trail up and down
her slit, and she felt herself opening to accept it. She spread herself even
further as he finger-fucked her, and she started to respond as he spoke.

   "You are here for one reason, and one reason only. Your mother has given you
to me. It is her desire that you be the total slut that she wishes she could
have been. Make no mistake, she is my slut, but her desires are that you will
act out all the depraved cravings that she wishes she could have acted out. You
will be every man's dream. A perfectly willing and submissive slut. A man's
fucktoy. A sex slave. When I am through with you, you will willingly spread your
legs, your mouth, and your ass to take in male cock and to make that cock cum.
You will live to have male cocks cum in you and on you. You will learn to crave
any fluids that come from a man. You will learn to drink piss, swallow cum and
even eat a man's shit if that is what he wants. Do you understand my little

   Her sopping cunt was grinding against the leather finger, her hips lifting
off the seat as she listened to his obscene words. As she squirmed against the
gloved hand, telling him that yes, she understood, she came. And as she was
coming her head turned against the window, and in a passing glance she saw her
friends going into Burger King as the car sped swiftly by.

                   Chapter Three......Stripes

    Tammy was almost giddy when she got out of the car. Her legs were wobbly and
she was trembling with lust. She was ready to be fucked. If this man was going
to fuck her, then she was ready. If this training that he talked about meant
getting fucked by this man, then let it begin. They were at a Holiday Inn and
she was being guided down a hallway. He carried a long gym bag with him. Just
ouside the door to a room, he stopped. Then he said,

   "Strip, Tammy."

   Automatically she began to say,

   "But I can't just.."

  The slap caught her against the left cheek so hard it pivoted her head. The
second slap pivoted it back the other way.

   "I said, strip."

   Her dress fell off her and puddled around her feet, and she stood naked in
the motel hallway. Her hands were pulled behind her and she felt the cold metal
against her skin as handcuffs were placed on her wrists. The motel room door
opened and she was pushed inside.

He pushed her to her knees in the middle of the room. He told her to look at the
floor, and she was crying, and tears were dripping on her breasts. She could see
that he was getting undressed. He stood before her, his erect cock bobbing in
her face.

   "Open your mouth," he said.

   She opened her mouth and he stuck his cock in.

    "Now my little cocksucker, you will suck this cock like it is the sweetest
thing you can imagine. And when I cum, you will not lose a drop, hold it in your
mouth, and show it to me before you swallow it."

   Tammy knew how to suck a cock. She started on it, slowly. She had to spread
her legs a little further to maintain her balance, so she could move her mouth
up and down on the shaft without falling over. He held her face in his hands as
she worked him, telling her what a good cocksucker she was, stroking her cheeks
with his fingers. Just before he came he pulled her mouth off of his cock with a
loud pop, held her head up by the chin, and slapped her face again, once on each
side. Before she could even react he slid his cock back into her mouth and came.
It totally surprised her and she coughed, spitting the first injection back out
onto his stomach. The rest of it she let spurt into her mouth and held it there.

   "Tilt your head back and open your mouth, whore," he said.

    She tilted her head back and opened her mouth, but she had trouble not
swallowing, as the cum wanted to slide backwards down her throat.

   "You disobeyed my order. You spit my cum out, and now you will be punished,"
he said.

   "Now, do not swallow until I tell you to."

   The very first swing of his belt caught her full across her tits, right on
the nipples. She immediately swallowed her mouthfull of cum as she tried to
scream. She found herself screaming against a hand pressed against her mouth.

   "You disobedient little slut," he said. "Now I have to whip you."

She was forced to spread her knees far apart, and bend over with her forehead on
the floor, her hands still handcuffed behind her back. He told her,

   "Now my little slut, I'm going to whip you. I have twenty srokes of my belt
in mind for you. If you fail to hold yourself up, or attempt to avoid my belt, I
will add five more strokes each time."

    He gagged her. The first stroke made her clinch her legs together. He told
her to spread them again. The second one made her suck in air and the third one
made her roll onto her side, trying to rub her burning ass on the carpet for

   "You stupid cunt, you have just earned yourself five more."

And he began his count.

   Just before she took number 25, a vicious blow caught her right on her cunt,
and she rolled over again. She was sobbing now, almost hysterical, but he got
her back into position. Another blow to her cunt lips, and she went down again.
She took fifty strokes before it was over.

   He spent the next ten minutes softly caressing her blistered ass, telling her
that she only had to do 20, but due to her own stubborness and disobedience, she
had to take fifty, and wouldn't it be easier to just take the twenty in the
first place. Then his fingers went to her cunt and he fingered her until she was
wet. He uncuffed her and laid her on her back on the bed. She didn't even think
she could lay on her back, her ass hurt so bad, but the threat of another 50
strokes had her laying there, legs spread. He proceeded to tell her that her
cunt was always to be open for him. He told her that her hair was to be
permanantly removed, that he already had an appointment for her to have it done.
He explained that men liked to see their cocks slide into a bare cunt, that it
made a woman look more naked, and that's why it was being done.

  He slid a greased butt plug into her ass as she lay there. He then handed her
a dildo and ordered her to fuck herself with it. As she  moved the rubber shaft
in and out of her now excited cunt, he was telling her that he would have her
nipples and cunt pierced, that she would wear his brand that would mark her as
his slut. She was so overwhelmed with feelings that she began to cum against the
rubber cock imbedded in her cunt, and she came, her asshole contracting against
the rubber plug in her ass.

  He pulled the dildo away from her and thrust his cock into her young, hot
cunt. He pulled out and popped the plug from her tight, clenching asshole and
inserted himself there. When he began to spurt up her ass, she was sucking on
his tongue and her milky white legs were totally wrapped around him.

  "It's time to take you home," he told her. "But there's one more thing. You're
mother wants to see some marks on you".

   As she moaned no, please no, he tied her ankles to her wrists, face down on
the bed. Without another word, he gave her six vicious cuts on her ass with a
bamboo cane, without pause, heedless of her sobbing moans. He rubbed her welted
ass and slid his finger in and out of her asshole, still oozing cum, which he
made her suck off of his finger as he told her what a little slut she would be
for him.

          Chapter Four.....Back Home

  She was so sore that she couldn't sit upright on his car seat. So, he had her
lay on her side, her dress again bunched up around her waist, her head facing
the car door and her ass facing him. He alternately rubbed her ass and
finger-fucked her cum lubricated asshole with a leather gloved finger on the
drive back to her house. Before she got out of the car, he slipped a gloved
finger up her hot slit and made her thank him for the training he gave her that
afternoon. She was getting hot again, so he made her take his cock out, and made
her suck it, right there in front of her house, while he rubbed his leather
gloved hand over the welts on her ass. He told her to take it all, and as he
came she sucked it all down and held his cock in her mouth until he was soft

  "Go see your mother. I will be seeing you shortly," he said.

  She winced as she slid her welted ass from the car, and heard him drive away
as she made her way to the front door.

  Her father was snoring on the couch as she passed through the living room and
up the stairs. Her mother's door was ajar, so she went in, and closed the door
behind her.

   "Ok, Tammy, baby come here. What did he do to you, baby?"

    Her mother was naked and sitting on the edge of the bed. Her eyes had a
strange gleam in them as Tammy took her mother's outstretched hand.

   "Kneel down here, baby," she said. "What did he do to you, baby?"

   Tammy knelt between her mother's knees, and she began to sob,

   "He beat me, momma, he beat me," and she was sobbing.

   "Shh, it's ok honey. Let me just see," said her mom. And as Tammy knelt with
her head on her mother's thigh, her mother gently lifted the dress off of her
and pulled it free, and she was naked.

   "Come up here, hon, come up on the bed," said her mom.

   Tammy obediently lay face down on the bed, crying into a pillow. Her mother
got up and got some cream, and began to gently rub it into the welts on her
daughter's backside.

   "Oh, baby, the welts on your ass, they're so hot baby, oh, look what he has
done to my baby girl."

    Her mother was now kneeling between Tammy's thighs and gently spreading
Tammys legs apart as she rubbed the soothing cream into the red welts on her
daughters ass.

   "Did he fuck you honey?" she asked, and her hand went down to Tammy's slit,
and began to massage her there.

   "Yes," was the reply.

   "Did he fuck my baby's little ass too?" and her hand parted Tammy's welted
ass cheeks, and a finger wormed it's way into her recently fucked asshole.

   "Oh baby, I can feel his cum," her mother said, as she worked her finger in
and out of her daughters ass.

   "Are you his slut Tammy?" her mother said, her voice growing husky.

   "Yes momma, I have to be, or he will beat me," she replied, crying into the
pillow again.

   Tammy's mother lay down between her daughters spread legs, pulled her ass
cheeks apart, and put her mouth on her daughter's little asshole. She probed
with her tongue, and slipped it down to the hot slit below. Then back up to the
little brown orifice, now putting a seal around the hole, she began to suck. Now
sucking and probing and sucking, she began to get some of the cum that had been
there since her Master had fucked her daughter. She fingered her daughters clit
while she sucked the cum-shit mixture from her baby's ass. Tammy's mother was
now fingering her own drooling slit while she sucked the man-cum from her
daughter's ass, and soon mother and daughter were squirming in orgasm on the bed
that the mother shared with Tammy's father.

  Tammy's mother said,

  "Ok baby, go to your room now, baby, we'll talk tomorrow."

  "But mom, what about school? I can't go to school like this," she wailed.

  "Oh, you won't be going to school any more, honey. You're old enough now to
drop out if you want, and that's what you'll do. It's already been arranged. Our
Master says that you need lots of training."

  If Tammy would have looked at the computer screen on her way by, she would
have noticed this message.

  "Hello, slut. Your daughter will be coming home with my cum in her ass. This
is where you will get the cum from me that you so desperately want. Each time I
send her home, you will suck the cum from her holes. Sometimes there will be the
cum from many other men besides myself, but that is how you will feed, from the
holes of your daughter."

             Chapter Five........Hairless and Pierced

   It took Tammy three days for the welts on her to fade. During that time,
since she was no longer in school, she spent it at home with her mother.
Although Tammy never once had contact with Master, she knew that her mother did,
for she was constantly being bombarded with new questions that she knew her
mother would not ask. Now, nightly, her mother came to her room and slid a large
butt plug into Tammy's ass. Then while she lay prone on her back, her mother
would make her spread her young little cunt lips, while she licked and sucked
her baby to orgasm. Then Tammy, still plugged, would lick and suck her mother
until she came, twisting and moaning against her daughter's mouth. Then she
would take the plug out of her daughter's ass and slip it's greasy head into her
mouth, telling her that it was Master's cock, and make her suck on it like a
pacifier while she twisted her daughter's swollen nipples and fingered her cunt
until she came again. Her mother kept telling her how happy she was that she
would be Master's new slut, telling her all the things that Master would do to
her. Tammy was enjoying the sex, enjoying not being in school, and really
thought that most of what her mother said was just lust inspired bullshit.

   The next day a woman showed up at the door. Tammy's mother seemed to be
expecting her, as she told Tammy to put a dress and some shoes on, and go with
this woman.

The woman told Tammy to pull up her dress, just as Master had, and after a short
drive they arrived at a small business complex, and parked around the back.
Tammy was led into an office like a doctor's office, had her clothes removed and
was strapped into a chair.    Master showed up after a few minutes and stroked
her face, telling her what a good girl she was. She was soon sucking his cock
and swallowing his cum. Still strapped to the chair, she saw a woman come in and
talk to Master. He smiled at Tammy and left the room.

  The laser procedure on her cunt did not take long. She was hairless in
minutes. Her head was a different matter. She screamed in protest as the
shearing of her hair started, but she was gagged and the shearing continued. She
sobbed as her beautiful blonde locks fell to the floor under her chair. As the
laser treatment started on her head, Master came back into the room, and was
telling her how beautiful she would be totally naked, that she would be totally
bare for him, and that she would have wigs to wear when out in public, if she
was good. He told her that if she was not an obedient little slut for him, he
would sell her to a sadist in Morocco. She believed him. And it was true.

   When the hair removal treatment was done, the piercing technicians came in.
This time she was given a shot that brought her blessed unconciousness as they
worked on her. When she woke up, she had a large ring through the septum of her
nose, both nipples had rings thru them, and a large ring was thru her clit hood.
The drugs they had given her were working and she felt no pain, but she moaned
in despair when they showed her their handiwork in a mirror. Totally hairless,
rings thru her nose, nipples and cunt, she realized that she was now a freak,
and the only people in the world that she could rely on were her mother and her

  And her Master was there before her now. He was telling her that for her to be
even more concious of her recently worked on parts, he would whip them. Then
without a word, he beat her head and her cunt with a leather strap, until both
were glowing red.

  There were three technicians in the place, and they all fucked her while she
was strapped in the chair. Then Master had her re-arranged to where her legs
were raised over her head. He then proceeded to putting some biting clamps on
her nipples and he told her,

  "Tammy, you remember the cane, don't you?".

Her gag was removed so she could speak.

   "Yes, Master" she squeaked out.

   "I am going to give you eight strokes. If you take them well, you will leave
here with eight. If you do not take them well they will be doubled. It is up to
you. Do you understand?"

    "Yes Master" was all the the naked, fucked, hairless and pierced teenager
could say. She took her eight strokes, and then sucked her Master off again.

    A woman schooled her in the wearing of a wig, as she stood there, ass cheeks
burning. She had her dress back on and was gratefull for it's covering, as she
looked in the mirror.

    "The nose ring will stay", said the woman. It is welded together. Your
friends will be envious. If they would like to have the full treatment, have
them contact your Master", she laughed.

    This time on her way home, she still could not sit, but this time her Master
had her hold his cock in her mouth, and he was erect again as they parked across
the street from her house. He could see the father walking around in the living,
and he watched while his new slave, the man's daughter, sucked him off. She was
told to hold it all in her mouth, and to feed it to her mother.

  The beaten and freshly pierced teen made her way to the front door, holding
the cum in her mouth, and adjusting her wig. Her father saw her as she made her
way to the stairs, stared at her nose ring, and mumbled something about having a
freak for a kid.

  When she got to her mother's bedroom her mother was waiting, again sitting
naked on the bed. Tammy walked up to her mother, the cum and spit mixture now
starting to force it's way out of her moth and trickle down her chin.

  "Oh, baby, you have something for me, come here," said her mother.

  Tammy bent down and placed her mouth against her mothers open and waiting
mouth, letting the whole slimy mess ooze into her mothers sucking mouth. Her
mother grabbed Tammy's face in her hands and sucked all the remaining sperm from
Tammy's tongue, and ran her own tongue around the insides of Tammy's cheeks,
making sure she got it all. She could feel her daughter's nose ring rubbing
against her own nose. Her mother got up and pulled Tammy's wig off of her head,
and slipped the dress off of her. She ran her hands over her daughter's bald
head, traced her fingers around the nose ring, then down to the new nipple rings
and finally tugged gently on the large ring that protruded from the top of her
bald slit. She ran her hands around to her daughter's buttocks, and traced her
fingers over the eight fresh welts.

  "Did they hurt you, baby?" she said, her voice a hoarse whisper.

  "Yes momma, they hurt me real bad. Look at me!" she wailed.

  "It's ok, baby, it's ok, it's what He wants, it's ok. Do you have something
else for me Tam?" she asked.

  "Yes momma, He said I was to feed you this," and her hands went down and
parted her cunt lips.

  Her mother laid down on the bed, on her back with her head hanging over the
edge. Tammy squatted over her mother's face, and lowered her cunt down to her
mother's mouth. She felt herself becoming aroused as her mother sucked the cum
of the three men that had fucked her earlier, from her cunt. In spite of the
pain that wracked her body, or perhaps because of it, she found herself grinding
her cunt down even harder into the greedily sucking mouth, and she came, her
mother sucking and slurping the whole time.

  "Thank you baby, thank you, that was wonderful, thank you. Now go get some
rest hon. He will want you again in a few days."

                            Chapter Six......A Rest

  It was actually a week before he called for her. In that time she had healed
up nicely, and could pull on her rings without pain. Her mother took great
delight in tugging on them often, and seemed fascinated with them. She was
obviously in close touch with Master though, as a new twist was added to her
daily routine. Enemas.

  The morning after her piercings, her mother woke her up and led her into the
bathroom. A full enema bag already hung from the shower head. Tammy looked at it
in amazement then back at her mother.

  "He wants this done daily Tam. He says that He wants your ass clean and ready
at all times. Men are going to be using you there, hon. He also says that this
is the only way you are going to shit from now on, so you might as well just go
with it."

  When Tammy started to protest her mother said,

  "He said that if you resist, I am to punish you, a strapping, you don't want
that, do you?"

  Resigned to her fate, Tammy got in the tub, on her hands and knees, her still
red-striped ass lewdly raised. Her mothers hands were shaking as she lubed the
nozzle and slid a greased finger into her daughters ass. As she slid the nozzle
in she told Tammy,

  "Master wants to get you to where you can hold a gallon, but we'll start
smaller until you can. If you start to cramp, I'll stop for a minute."

   And with that she opened the clamp and the warm, soapy water started it's
flow into Tammy's bowels. Only a quarter of the bag had emptied, when Tammy

  "Oh god, oh god, mom, please."

  Her mother stopped the flow, and told Tammy to roll over onto her back. She
slid onto her side, and then onto her back.

  "Raise your knees hon," she said.

   The sight of her bald, milky white-skinned daughter laying on her back, knees
pulled back, and an enema nozzle sticking out of her ass was getting mom
excited. With her hairless body and the rings in her nose, nipples and cunt, she
made the perfect picture of Master's slave-slut.

   "Tammy, you are beautiful" her mother said.

And as she released the clamp and let the water flow into her daughter, she
massaged Tammy's  lower belly and could feel the water gurgle into the colon.
The bag was only half empty when water began to squirt out around the nozzle.
Mom reached down and pulled it out and explosion of shit and water blew out of
Tammy's ass. She turned the shower on and let it wash down the drain. Tammy lay
there, holding her stomach, while brown foamy water continued to spasm out of
her ass, in loud farting noises. Her mother was refilling the bag.

   "Good girl Tam, now again. You'll be able to hold more this time."

Tammy looked up and saw the bulging bag above her, and felt the water flowing
into her again. Her mother stopped the flow and had her roll onto her left side,
and started the flow again, massaging her colon. She could actually feel her
daughter filling, just as Master had said. Now onto her back, and more water,
then onto her other side, as she continued to take more. Then back onto her
back. Tammy was beginning to sweat now as she struggled to hold the water, and
just when she thought that she would burst, the bag gurgled. It was empty. Her
daughter looked like she was pregnant, with a half gallon of water in her guts.
Again her mother pulled the nozzle out, and again she exploded into the tub.
Still a lot of brown water, but less solid shit this time. After the third bag,
the water was fairly clean.

  "One more honey, and you'll be nice and clean."

  As Tammy filled with this last bag, her mother got naked and got in the tub,
squatting her cunt over her daughter's mouth. Tammy was now feeling the perverse
pleasure that her mother was feeling, and she began to lick the gaping cunt of
her mother. As mom opened and closed the valve, she bent down and licked Tammy's
cunt. They both heard the bag gurgle as they sucked each others cunts, and when
Tammy started to cum, her mom pulled the nozzle from Tammy's ass. Tammy was
having a mind blowing orgasm, and as her mother watched the water flowing out
her daughter's asshole, just inches away from her face, she came too, grinding
her cunt against her daughter's face.

  Tammy would now do this each and every day, trying to take more water into her
body each time. On the second day, she had fished her enemas, and had been able
to take 2 1/2 qts. She was standing in the bathroom looking at herself in the
mirror when her father walked in. He stared open-mouthed at his bald, naked
daughter. He caught sight of the rings that decorated her teen-aged body. He
just yelled,

  "Jesus Christ!" and slammed the bathroom door behind himself.

   She heard her mother and father in a loud argument, and she heard her father
leave the house. Her mother came into the bathroom a few moments later. She had
Tammy standing against the sink as she rubbed her hands up and down Tammy's
body, gently tugging on her rings.

   "You truly are beautiful this way, Tam," she said. "When I think of what
these men will do to you, it scares me, but I wish it were me doing these
things. He says that I'm too old. Hell, I'm only thirty four, but He says that
He has other plans for me, He's going to make me a cum slut and a fuck pig. He
says that men truly enjoy seeing the young girls pierced and tattooed."

   "Tattooed, mom?" said Tammy.

   "Yes baby, He is going to have you tattooed, to mark His complete ownership
of you. I think someday He will probably brand you, too."

   "OH god, mom, no. Please no."

   And her mother held Tammy while she cried. She was excited at the thought of
seeing her baby girl with tattoos all over her body. Slutty, obscene tats that
would ensure the fact that she could never lead a normal life again. That she
would be committed to be what Master wanted her to be. A body for hurting and
torture, and a series of holes to be used.

She didn't tell Tammy that after a few years, when He thought that she was used
up, she would be sold, that young trained girls like Tammy would fetch a good
price overseas, and that He would split the money with her.

  Tammy, on the other hand, sobbed into her mother's shoulder, and wondered
where her life had gone. It had all happened so fast. She was grateful that her
mother still loved her, even though she knew that she was in this mess because
of her. She also knew that she could not resist Master, and actually felt sorry
for her mother, getting caught up with this evil man. She was also beginning to
realize that her life would never be the same, that her past life was gone, and
her new one just beginning, whether she liked it or not.

  After Tammy had calmed down, her mother told her,

  "Well now that your bald head isn't a secret anymore, you won't have to wear
the wig around the house anymore. And I don't think that your father will be
around much longer anyway. Fuck him, we don't need him anyway honey. Master says
that if he leaves, He will give us enough money to pay our bills, as long as we
please Him. Plus, He would be able to come right here to the house and see His
girls right here. Wouldn't that be great?"

  Somehow Tammy didn't think that would be so great. At least now she had a safe
haven, she could crawl into her own bed and feel protected and safe. She did not
want to be at this man's mercy 24/7.

  Her mother interrupted her thoughts.

   "We need to go through your clothes hon. He has specific instructions on what
we can wear."

  And she led her naked daughter down the hall to her bedroom.

  "Master wants his sluts to be open and available at all times Tam. You
especially, because you will be active. Me too, because He is going to use me
later. I can't wait Tam."

  She began by opening her daughter's dresser drawers, and dumping the contents
on the bed. She started to make a pile.

  "All of this can go to the Salvation Army Tam. What a shame though, I just
bought you those pretty panties a week ago."

   And all of her panties and bras were dumped into the pile. Her T shirts went,
and all of her jeans.

  "You'll be naked most of the time Tam, so you won't need much. Thigh high
stockings, He's big on those. You can keep all your dresses. He gave me some
money to buy you some more dresses and garters and nylons and heels. Oh Tammy,
shopping will be fun. Buying what He wants to see you in will be exciting."

  Tammy looked on forlornly as her mother packed the last vestige of her former
life into garbage bags, and carted them off down the stairs.

                       Chapter Seven......The Tattoo Man

    When her mother said that Master was going to pick her up the following
afternoon, Tammy's stomach jumped. She knew this was coming, and yet the thought
scared her. She began wondering if she was prepared, knowing she would be
punished if she displeased Him. She had done everything that He asked. She had
gone through her clothes and purchased new ones. Her new piercings were healed,
and her rings were now comfortable. She actually now enjoyed the feel of them.
His only other wish was that she able to hold a one gallon enema. With her
mother's help, she had just that morning been able to take a full gallon, but it
had taken four increased fillings to get her there. She managed to take the
gallon on the fifth try, but wasn't able to hold it long. Her mother said that
He had sent her a scenario where a woman was whipped and then enemaed. She was
plugged and whipped again while she held it in. She was only allowed to release
it after fucking the men there.

Tammy knew that she was not ready for that.

   She had been going around the house without her wig for a few days now. And
her mother was right. Her father had packed his bags and moved out just that
morning. Her mother was very happy, because now Master could come over to their
house. She felt sorry for her mother because she wanted to be used by this man
in the worst way, but He only had eyes for Tammy right now.

  When He pulled up in front of the house it was just past noon. Tammy had on a
simple, short black dress, black thigh-high stockings and a pair of 4" black
high heels. A blonde wig hung down to her shoulders. Her lips were painted in a
bright red lipstick. Her ass had a huge glob of Vaseline in it. She looked, and
felt, like a whore.

   "You look great Tam," her mother told her. "Try to enjoy yourself and I'll
see you tonight sweetie."

  As she walked out to His car, the neighbor across the street was watering his
lawn, and he stared slack-jawed as Tammy opened the car door and got in. Without
being asked she hiked her skirt up around her waist and spread her legs.

  "You look good, slut", He said.  "Put these on".

  Tammy picked up the dog collar, with leash attached, and buckled it around her

  "Now, put the leash on your clit."

  She unsnapped the leash from her collar and snapped it to the ring in her clit

  "Drop it on the floor."

  She dropped the leash onto the car floor, and its weight pulled the ring out
taught, and her clit was now protruding out of the top of her slit.

   "Put your hands on your thighs and spread your legs wider," He said.

   "Scoot forward on the seat".

   "You are in that position because it opens your cunt, my little slut," He

   "And where I am taking you now are some men that are going to fuck that cunt
of your's, because that is what you are for. You are a fucktoy. Your body
belongs to me, and I am going to use it while it is fresh. Do you understand
that my little cunt?"

   "Yes Master", was all she could get out.

   And as they drove they passed the Burger King again and she saw all of her
friends cars parked there. They were all inside laughing and playing grab ass.
But not her, not Tammy. She was sitting in a speeding car, pierced, exposed and
going off to be tortured and fucked by a bunch of men she didn't even know. Her
cunt began to get wet, and she felt a wave of shame creep across her face.
Still, she held her legs outspread.

  "Your slut mother is going to get a good feeding tonight my little fucktoy.
After I move into your house, I'm thinking of putting your mother on a diet of
cum. She can live only on what she can suck out of your holes. So if you don't
take a lot of cock, she will starve. Isn't that a brilliant idea slut?"

   "Yes Master" Tammy replied. She had a vision of her mother sucking her holes,
and wanting more, more, feed me baby, please, I'm so hungry.

   They stopped in front of a warehose looking building. He got out and came
around to her side of the car. He reached down and picked the leash up off the
floor. He pulled it until her clit ring stood out straight from her body.

   "Come on slut, you have work to do," He said.

   "Put your hands on top of your head."

    She did, and was led into the building by her leash, which lifted her dress
so high that the tops of her new thigh high stockings were visible.

   The first thing she saw in the darkened warehouse was the big, square wooden
table. A light shown down on it. Large metal rings were recessed into it's
surface, three on each edge. The second thing she saw was the four big black men
that sat on a couch along one wall. She heard their comments as she, a young,
white teenaged girl, was led into the room by a leash attached to a ring through
her cunt. Her dress was lifted off her, and she stood in her stockings and her
heels. Her wig was removed and she was placed, kneeling, on the big, square
table. A small chain with a clip on each end was fastened to her nose ring and a
ring on the table, letting her pull her face up exactly one foot. A similar
chain was attached to her cunt ring and the table. Her knees were spread very
wide and tied to the table, as were her arms, which were supporting her. Her
Master was laying leather implements on the table in front of her and telling
her that these men wished to see her beaten with them before they fucked her,
and so, beaten she would be.

   She began to sob in her fear, so she was gagged, and her Master picked up the
first implement, a leather strap, and struck her with it. Up and down her back,
ass and thighs he hit her, until she faded off into another world that she would
learn to become very familiar with in the years ahead.

   "Too much movement," one of the men said.

So string was tied from her nipple rings to the table. Then another from her
clit ring, back through the crack of her ass and attached above her somewhere.
She could now not move up or down without actually ripping one or more of the
rings out of her flesh. A butt plug, something bigger than anything she had ever
felt anywhere in her body, was now being forced up her ass, and another huge
dildo was being placed in her cunt. A strip of duct tape was placed from her
tits, down through her crotch, and up between her shoulder blades to hold the
rubber monsters in place. The rubber monster in her cunt began to hum, and she
felt her distended clit vibrating against it as her Master began to whip her
with a short, seven-tailed whip. The only relief she could feel was  her clit
rubbing against the rubber cock, and as the pain increased, she found herself
wanting to cum, spasming, wanting to be able to crush her clit against the
rubber dick, but unable to. A riding crop was now being used on her, hard.
Vicious, fat welts were rising from her skin, all along the backs of her thighs
and her ass. She felt like a wound spring, straining against the limits of her
rings, but the constant pressure in her cunt and the constant burning pain put
her over the edge, and she came.

   She found herself untied, on a mattress on the floor. She was in an almost
trance-like state as she felt the first man shoving his huge cock up into her
cunt. He began to fuck  her. And the thin white teen aged legs wrapped
themselves around his broad, black back, and she fucked him in a frenzy, trying
to relieve the burning in her ass. He was relaced by the second man, then the
third and the fourth. They all shot their hot spunk into her cunt hole, and she
pictured her mother sucking this black man sperm out of her cunt. She was tied
to the table again, face up, and whipped again. Her tits, belly and cunt were
whipped until she was red and welted. Then the football player sized black men
fucked her again. Her ass this time, one after the other they took her, until
she received another four loads in her young ass. The plug was put back in her
ass, and the duct tape again placed over her cunt and ass so she wouldn't lose
any of the cum that she held.

  "Let's go feed your mother," her Master said.

   As she lay on her side on the car seat, He attached a series of small chains
through her nipple, nose and cunt rings. By pulling on one chain, He could pull
all of her rings taut at once, and he did so, constantly, on the ride home.

  He parked his car right in the garage this time. He unhooked the chains from
her rings, and attached her leash to her nose ring. He guided her out of the
car, still naked but for her stockings and heels, He was carrying her dress. He
led her straight up the stairs to her mothers room, He had obviously been there

  When her mother saw Him she slid to the floor, naked, on her knees, her head
on the carpet and her arms stretched out in front of her. Master was removing
the duct tape from Tammy's ass and cunt.

  "On your back cunt", He told her mother.

He had Tammy squat over her mothers open mouth and spread her cunt lips, and He
watched as the thick gobs of cum began to drool out. Her mother swallowed and
opened her mouth for more.

  "Sit down slut", He told Tammy.

Her mother reached up grabbed Tammy's welted ass cheeks, and guided her
daughters sopping cunt down to her mouth. Both women were groaning as Tammy's
mom began sucking the cum from Tammy's cunt. He smiled as he watched the
red-striped teenaged ass, the butt plug still in it, grinding against her
mothers face.  Tammy was moaning louder now as she moved even faster.

  "Make her cum. Make your slut daughter cum," He said.

And she did cum, bucking her hips, the leash dangling from her nose ring moving
back and forth across her mothers belly as she moved her bald head back and

  "Scoot up," He said.

Tammy moved forward until she was sitting on her mother's chest. The butt plug
was directly in front her mom's mouth now, and Master began to slowly pull it
from her.

  "Your slut daughter has more food for you, cunt," He said.

Tammy's knees came full off the floor as the flared head of the plug came
through her anal ring. The hole was obscenely distended, and a thick stream of
brown-white spunk followed the plug out. As Tammy leaned back, He held her moms
head off the floor and watched the thick reeking stream flow into her open
mouth. She took all that flowed out and swallowed greedily. Then she licked the
inside of the hole as far as she could get her tongue into it, finally locking
her mouth around the gaping hole and sucking until He was satisfied that Tammy
had been thoroughly sucked clean.

  The sound of a car door outside had Him going to look out the window.

  "Ah, our guests have arrived," He said. "Bring her downstairs."

  Master and two other men stood in the kitchen as Tammy's mother led her down
the stairs by the leash in her nose ring. She handed it to Him. He sat Tammy
down in a high-backed kitchen chair and removed her stockings and heels. Then he
tied her ankles to the chair, He brought her arms down and tied her arms to the
chair also. A thin cord was tied to her nose ring, run around the back of the
chair, and tied to the ring again. She was gagged. She was also scared, and

  Her mother was kneeling on the floor, knees spread, head bowed. One of the men
was removing items from a box, and now Tammy knew now why she was tied. This was
the tattoo man.

  He started on the top of her head. The tears started down Tammy's face, but
she found that crying made it very hard to breathe, so she just bit down on the
gag, and prayed it to be over. It took a very long time. The outline on her head
was of a bound woman, tied naked on her back. Her knees were widely spread and
her cunt had clips that forced it wide open. The gaping cunt was in the center
of the top of Tammy's forehead. The knees were just above each of her ears. The
figures cuffed and outstretched arms went down the back of Tammy's skull. The
figure on her head had the words 'whip me and fuck me' across the stomach, and
indeed, bright red whip marks adorned the woman's body. Just under the woman's
ass, right above Tammy's eyebrows, he  tattooed the word 'slut' in big letters,
the 'S' and the 'T' being centered directly above her eyes. All the letters had
bright red-orange flames coming off the top of them. The man moved to her face

The words 'tie here' were tattooed across the bridge of her nose, with a crooked
arrow pointing down her nose to the ring there.

  When the man started on the word 'cocksucker' on her top lip, she was jerking
around so much that it took a half dozen cuts with a riding crop to make her be
still. He finished her face with the words 'cum slut' below her bottom lip.

 He took a break, and sat in a chair while the second man prepared his tools.
Tammy's mother was made to stand up to admire their handiwork. Her eyes were
wide and she was breathing heavily, obviously excited. The men were laughing
about her getting excited seeing her daughter like this. She was made to kneel
between the first tattoo mans legs and take his cock out.

  "Tell the man thank you for doing such a good job," said Master.

  "Thank you Sir, for making my Tammy so beautiful," she said.

Then with the sound of the tattoo needle starting again, she lowered her head
and began sucking the mans cock. She could hear her daughter grunting under the
needle, as she worked her mouth on the man's cock. Her Master knelt behind her
and slipped into her cunt, and while her daughter was taking her second round of
tattoos, Tammy's mother came against the cock imbedded in her cunt, and
swallowed the cum that she sucked out of the cock in her mouth. She knelt
between her Master's legs, His cum oozing from her, as they watched the second
tattoo man go to work.

   The words 'please whip my tits' were tattooed across her chest. Each breast
got a figure of a riding crop on it. A snake-like whip went up her stomach, the
handle  down below her navel, and the tip ended between her tits. At the tattoo
man's request she was untied, and moved to the kitchen table, where her mother
helped them lift Tammy up, onto her back, and helped them tie Tammy's legs
widespread, so the tattoo man would have better access to her cunt. A series of
orange and blue flames were tattooed along her labia, and the words 'moms dinner
hole' went across the top of her slit. The men all got a kick out of that, and
even Tammy's mother had to giggle. The insides of both of her thighs had the
words 'whip me hard here', fully a foot long.  She was turned over. Down her
back, a large erect cock went down her spine, the head of it pointed at her ass
crack, with cum spurting out the end of it, and the words 'beat me until I cum'
were on each ass cheek. Under that on each ass cheek were the words 'moms dinner
hole#2' with arrows that went all the way to edge of her now closed, puckered

   Tammy was a blubbering idiot when they finally untied her and removed the
gag. Her mother held her while she sobbed. A large mirror was brought into the
room and when Tammy saw herself, she sobbed even louder. She now knew that she
was a total freak. That she could never go out in public again, that she would
only be a slave and a fucktoy, to be beaten and used, over and over again. It
would be her life. And she was right.

  She was quite a sight, and they made her stand and turn as they commented on
this tattoo or that one. Her mother had a strange gleam in her eye as she sat,
holding Master's legs, watching her daughter. Her hand was down in her crotch.
It had taken them all evening and night, and they were tired. Master offered
them the use of her newly decorated body, so she was made to lay on the floor.
Her mother held her shoulders down, and the first man entered her daughter and
fucked her. When he was done, her mother bent down and captured his cock in her
mouth as it pulled from her daughters painfully screaming cunt. She sucked the
cock clean, and then put her mouth to the bare, tattooed hole and sucked the
sperm out. The second man took his place and again her mother was waiting, and
slurped the cock into her mouth, then sucked the man's spunk from her daughter's
hole. Master was lubing up the end of His cock. He had Tammy's mother pull
Tammy's knees far back alongside her head, and He slid His cockhead into Tammy's
ass. She let Tammy's legs down onto His shoulders as He fucked her baby girl, so
she could get her head down to await Master's cock. Just before He came he
pulled out of Tammy's ass and stuck it her mother's mouth. He held her head down
on His cock while He spurted into her sucking mouth. She held it there for a few
moments, savoring the taste of her daughter's ass, and her Master's cum. Tammy
was rolled onto stomach, so her mother could get her face between her ass cheeks
and suck the sperm from her poor, moaning daughter's asshole.

  Tammy could not walk. The exhausted teen's legs would not hold her. So her
Master clipped the leash to her nose ring and made her crawl up the stairs,
tugging hard on the leash. She crawled up into her bed. And in the warm bed that
she had felt so safe and secure in just days ago, her hands were tied above her
head to the headboard, she was covered and left. She fell into an exhausted

               Chapter Eight.......Tammy's Decision

  She awoke to the smell of breakfast cooking, and realized she was starving.
Then she realized that she was still tied, and as she looked down at herself,
the whole night came rushing back as she remembered what she looked like. She
was so sore, it felt like her body was on fire. Master entered her room with a
plate of food. He untied her hands and gave her a glass of juice and two pills.

  "You will need these for a few days, until you recover," he said.

She asked if she could go the bathroom, and was told she could go after she ate.
As He watched her devour her food, He told her what she could expect in the days
to come.

He said that as she already knew, she was to be a total fuck slave. That He knew
many people that wished to use her. He told her that she had no say in how she
would be used, but that if she dedicated herself to doing what He wanted, it
would go much better for her. Failure to please would earn punishment, and He
could punish her in ways that she did not want to think about. He told her that
if she tried, she could learn to get sexual satisfaction during her upcoming
trials, and indeed, that He had seen her cum already.

  He said that he knew how she felt at the moment, but if she tried to harm
herself, He would have her arms surgically removed, that He had owned armless
and legless slaves before, and He would not hesitate to have it done to her.
That got her attention, and she began to cry again. He took the plate from her,
and without another word, He clipped the leash to her nose ring and stood her
up, then led her down the hall to the bathroom.

Her mother was on her knees, her ass facing the bathroom door. She had a series
of red welts on her ass, and a butt plug had been put in her ass.

  "Your mother is holding her enema. She will continue to do so until she has
given you yours. The worthless pig could only hold three quarts, but she tells
me that you can hold a gallon. Get in the tub."

  Her mother then began the process that she was already familiar with. Three
increasingly larger fillings and expellations. He stood and watched the whole
process. He told her mother to plug Tammy when she had taken the gallon, and a
plug was on the edge of the tub. Tammy's tattoos felt like fire as she lay
there, but she could tell that the pills were having an effect. She twisted and
turned in the tub, taking more and more water as she did, and finally she heard
the empty bag gurgle. She had never been able to hold this amount for more than
a few seconds. This time though, as the nozzle was quickly pulled from her ass,
the plug was right there, and she felt it slip into her ass all the way. She
thought she would explode. Her gurgling guts felt like they weighed a ton. He
stood her up as He had her mother get into the tub on her back. She was in
obvious discomfort as she did so, her stomach bulging from the fluid she held.

  Tammy squatted over her mother's face as he directed, but she had to pee so
bad it started to squirt out of her.

  "In her mouth, now!" He yelled.

Tammy dropped her squirting cunt onto her mothers mouth, and was amazed as her
mother was swallowing all the piss down, even sucking it from her. God, it felt
so good. He gave Tammy's ass a shove and she scooted forward. He reached down
and grabbed the base of the plug in Tammy's ass.

   "Here comes your breakfast cunt," He said,and pulled the plug from her ass,
and the torrent hit her mother directly in her open mouth. She gulped and
swallowed as much as she could, finally locking her mouth on Tammy's ass and
sucking out the rest of the shit water.

She started to gag.

  "If you puke, you will eat it," he said, and she managed to keep it down.

Tammy had never felt so empty, and liked the feeling. She stood up as He had her
mother kneel in the same position she had just been in. He had Tammy hold the
empty enema bag under the plug in her mother's ass, and told her He wanted all
of it in the bag. He pulled the plug from her mother's ass and Tammy held the
bag and caught all the warm, but fairly clear water. The bag was full, and He
took it and re-hung it on the shower head. Then they were both put back in
position. Her mother on her back, Tammy faced backwards squatting over her
mothers head. He handed her mother the nozzle and she slid it into Tammy's ass.
He released the clamp, and her mother's warm shit water flowed into her. Tammy
moaned, that felt so good. When the bag emptied, He pulled the nozzle, and again
Tammy's mother drank the fetid water, licking and sucking her daughter's asshole

  "Very good, girls," He smiled. "Now get cleaned up, and join me in the
bedroom," He said.

  When they joined him in the bedroom, Tammy saw that a cross had been installed
on the wall. She was taken to it and tied to it. He told her that because of her
mass of tattoos, she would not be beaten or whipped for a few days. Her mother
would take her place. She would be beaten daily, or until Tammy told Him that
she was ready for Him. Weights were hung from Tammy's nipple rings and cunt
ring. He kept adding weights until she gasped, her tits pulled cruelly down, and
the weights hanging from her cunt ring stretching the skin a full two inches
below her cunt.

  Then Tammy watched as her mother was laid on her back, a spreader bar tied
between her ankles, her arms tied to the headboard, a ball gag in her mouth. She
watched as her mother was beaten with His crop. The whole front of her body. He
put clothespins on her nipples and whipped them off, he put a whole series of
clothespins entirely around both her tits, and he whipped those off. Then he
would slap the insides of her thighs, and finally slap her directly on her newly
shaven cunt.   She was having trouble breathing around the gag, and the sound of
her ragged breath screaming through her nose filled the room. He untied her legs
and let them go free. He knelt on the bed above her head and removed her gag.
She was gasping for air, and mumbling, please, please.

  "Please what cunt, more of my whip?" he asked.

  "Yes, please Master, I need to cum," her mother said.

   He bent over her head and let her take his erection into her mouth. She
sucked like it was giving her life itself, which in a way, it was.

  "Open your legs," He said. He raised the crop up between her spread legs.

  "Raise your knees, spread them, wider, give your cunt to me."

She spread her knees as far as she could. The crop came down full force on her
gaping, wet cunt. A low moan escaped her mouth around his cock. Her legs came
together, stretched back down to the end of the bed. He slapped her knees with
the crop.


  And slowly she began to pull her knees back to her chest again, and slowly
spread them until she was fully open again. Whap! the crop came down again. The
scene replayed itself, the legs closing and stretching, the crop opening her
back up, to take it again.

Then he gave her three fast vicious cuts to her cunt, and she screamed around
his cock, and He was fucking her face and cuming in her mouth and she came, and
as she was coming He turned the crop around and rubbed it up and down the lenth
of her slit as she bucked against it.

  He got off the bed and untied her. She rolled off the bed and fell to her
knees, hugging His legs and thanking Him over and over for allowing her to cum.

  Tammy had watched the whole thing, and as she stood there, the weights
constantly pulling at her, she found that she was highly aroused. Her juices
were dripping from Her cunt. He noticed too, and approached her with the crop.
He brought the handle up from below and teased her clit with it. She was getting
very excited, and finally He had her mother crawl over and make the girl cum
with her tongue, slurping and sucking the juices from her daughter's hot cunt.

  After five days Tammy was fairly well healed. The enema sessions were now as
much a part of their morning routine as brushing their teeth was. He would
sometimes add a little something, like pissing in the bag, and making them enema
each other with it, passing it from body to bag to body until it was gone, or
making the mother drink it from her daughter's ass. She was becoming quite an
accomplished piss drinker, and could drink quarts of the turgid enema water that
came from her daughter's ass.

  Tammy still watched her mother's daily beating, and it never failed to excite
her to see her mother twist under the whip. He would now have Tammy suck her
mother to orgasm after her beatings. Tammy knew how good it felt to have your
cunt and clit sucked on after having been whipped, and she took a perverse
pleasure in doing this to her own whipped mother. She had a thought in her head,
and she considered it all day, and then that evening she told Him.

   "Master, I am ready," she said. She was standing next to His chair while He
ate. Her hands were on top of her bald head, and she stood with her legs spread.
Between bites, He liked to take his fork and poke it into the edges of her
labia, sometimes hard enough to leave litlle marks there for days.

  "Ready. What are you ready for my little slut," Master said.

  "I'm ready to take her place Master. My mother's place," she said. He stared
at her.

  "You know Master, the whippings," she was ready to cry.

  "My what a sweet little slut," He said. "You shall have your wish, starting
tomorrow. I have been itching to whip you for days. You shall be rewarded for
this. You can be the first to try my new toy. I was going to try it out on your
mother tonight, but I will give you the chance. Would you like that,slut?"  He

  "Oh yes, Master," she said, having no idea what it was, but thinking it would
be a reward.

  "Fine, clear the table and then come here."

He had her get up on the kitchen table, on her back. He pulled her knees back to
her chest, then tied cords from her nipple rings to the big toe of each foot. He
wheeled in a dolly. A cord was wrapped around it and He plugged it into the
wall. Another two cords had what looked like fat, long metal dildos on the ends
of them.

  "It's my new electroshock machine. This should be fun."

Her eyes bugged out as the meaning of his words sunk in, and she started to say
something. That got her two vicious slaps across her face. Then He was standing
next to her head.

  "Stick out your tongue," He said. "Now."

She stuck her tongue out. He had two sticks, like chopsticks, the ends held
together with a rubber band. He spread the sticks and slipped them over her
tongue, fastening the loose ends with another rubber band.

  "The next time you mouth me, the tongue comes out, surgically. Do you
understand cunt?"

She was nodding her head up and down. She did not want to make Him angry as her
mother had earlier. She was just a few yards away, hanging by her wrists from a
ceiling beam, her feet barely touching the floor. The end of her tongue was
clamped and a one pound lead ball hung from the clamp, down between her clamped
breasts. Her whole body had fresh welts on it, as she had dared to question
something He said.

  He put one electrode in Tammy's ass and the other one in her cunt, then he
stepped back and cranked the control knob. Her body tensed and then began to
jerk, she was afraid she would rip her nipple rings out, or bite her tongue off.
He stopped, and she relaxed, but still couldn't stretch her legs. He gave her
another shock, and watched her intently, as she tried to scream for her mother.
He shocked her one more time, and held it a little longer. He pulled the
electrodes from her, untied her toes, and pulled her to the end of the table. He
placed His cock against her anus and pulled her off the table and she impaled
her on His cock. She wrapped her arms and legs around Him, kissing and sucking
on His neck as He fucked his little slut. She ground her cunt against His belly
and started to cum, and felt Him shooting His hot seed into her ass. She hung
there, still impaled, mumuring,

  "I love you Master, I love you Master."

He smiled as he carried her into the living room, and laid her on the floor next
to her dangling mother. He untied her and let her down. It was time for her
feeding, from Tammy's fresh fucked ass. As her mother fed, He asked Tammy if she
could feel the electric shock in her fillings.

  "Yes Master, I could," she moaned. She was rubbing her young asshole and cunt
on her mother's mouth.

  "I will fix that, my little slut. I will have all of your teeth removed, would
you like that?" he asked. The young girl just moaned.

   "Oh yes, Master," as she came against her mother's sucking mouth.

             Chapter Nine......Taking Mom's Place

  True to his word, he was preparing her to take her mothers whipping the next

She was tied to the cross, and had just been brought from the bathroom. A full
gallon of water hung in the enema bag above her. A double nozzle enema setup was
in her ass, one balloon inflated inside her ass, the other outside. He did not
want to chance her blowing her enema out before he was done whipping her. This
gallon of water also had a quantity of lemon juice in it, as he wanted to see
her face as she cramped against the concoction. She would be made to hold this a
long time, and he knew she would have to piss a lot, so he showed her mother how
to slip a catheter into her daughters small urethra, and how to open and close
the clamp. He put four clothes pins on her labia, two on each side, and tied
them to her thighs with a piece of string, holding her cunt wide open, the
catheter dangling obscenely. He stuck a long needle directly through the tip of
each nipple. He stood back to admire her, and had her mother start the water. He
took some pictures of her. She was moaning in pain, and the water was beginning
to fill her.

  She was quite a sight, perhaps his best one yet, he thought. Totally bald,
obscene tattoos decorating her body, rings and needles in her tits, a ring and a
catheter in her  hairless, clamped and spread cunt, and the balloon of the
nozzle just visible between her ass cheeks. Suddenly she tensed, and her eyes
got real wide. She was feeling the lemon juice. Her mother stopped the flow.
Master stepped up to Tammy and rubbed her belly, then lowered his fingers to her
clit, and toyed with her clit ring.

  He put his mouth on hers. Tammy was surprised, he had never kissed her before.
As her body tensed and cramped, she was sucking on her Masters tongue, loving
it. He lowered His head to her moist cunt and flicked his tongue over her clit.
He could have made her cum right then, but he stopped. He nodded to her mother
and she started the flow again. The bag was half empty. The horrible cramps hit
her again, and she started to sweat.

  Master asked her,

  "Do you have to piss, slut?"

She nodded yes, and was wracked with cramps again. Master had her mother kneel
down and take the catheter in her mouth. He opened the clamp and a rush of piss
flowed into her mouth, causing her to swallow four or five times, bringing the
girl some relief.

  "More," he said, and the flow was started again.

Tammy was just about beside herself as the cramps wracked her body. Master stood
back, and with a wide leather strap, he hit her on the flanks and rib cage.

  An "Oh, god," escaped her lips. He stopped the flow again, and had her mother
take another drink from the catheter.

  He approached her again, kissing her mouth, licking outside of her mouth,
licking the word 'cocksucker' on her top lip.

  "Do you love me my little cocksucker?" he asked her.

  "Yes, I love you  Master," she moaned.

  He stood back and began to strap her thighs, below where the clamps were tied.
Another nod started the water flowing again, and he strapped her stomach as the
bag gurgled.

  He kissed her again, and ran His tongue over the words 'cum slut'.

  "Do you love me my little cum slut?" he asked her.

  "Oh god, yes Master, I do I do," she wailed, and broke down crying.

Master began rubbing his finger up and down her slit and she was uttering an oh
yes, oh yes as he stroked her. Her mother opened the clamp on the catheter and
took another mouthful of her daughter's piss.

  "Last night you told me that you were ready for me to whip you. Are you still
ready, slut?", he asked her.

   "Yeeees, Master, just please, make me cum," the tortured teen wailed.

He picked up a short, stiff leather spanker, and began to slap her with it. He
paid particular attention to her bulging stomach and it's gallon of water and
lemon juice, but he slapped her everywhere. He removed the needles from her
tits, and slapped them, repeatedly, back and forth, he slapped the top of her
head, her neck and armpits, her ribs and flanks, then down her thighs. She was
wailing in a strange, hoarse voice as he had her mother take a drink from her
catheter. He had her hold it straight up, against her daughter's tattooed
stomach, and he gave her a vicious cut straight up into her open, spread cunt.
She screamed. He stood between her legs and removed the clothespins from her
cunt lips, and she screamed again. Then he thrust his cock into her, and as he
fucked her, he kissed her, and she kissed him back, sucking on his mouth while
she came.

  Her mother was behind him, spreading his asscheecks and licking and sucking
his ass while he fucked her baby girl. He thrust up into her as hard as he could
and held there, feeling the head of his cock up against her cervix, the very
entrance of her womb, as he pumped his seed into her. Her mother cleaned his
cock and fed from her daughter's cunt, before Tammy was taken down from the

  It was time to release the gallon of water burning in her guts, but she
couldn't stand. So her leash was again attached to her nose ring and she crawled
to bathroom, being pulled by her Master, her mother holding the bag that was
still attached to her ass. Her mother lay down on her back in the tub. She knew
what to do, this was part of her everyday feeding. Tammy drug her tortured body
over the side of the tub, and took her position over her mother. When He
deflated the balloons, the whole device literally blew out of Tammy's ass. The
volume was so great that the initial sream shot over her mother's haid, but she
did her best to take as much as she could into her mouth, swallowing as fast as
she could, and finally licking and sucking Tammy's asshole gaped as the fluid
continued to come out for a long while. Her mother had swallowed some air and
began hiccupping.  He reached down and opened the valve on Tammy's catheter, and
hosed her mothers face off with the great volume of piss. It was still flowing
when he stuck it in her mouth. Tammy was literally moaning with relief. She was
spent. He turned the shower on his two fuck slaves, telling them not to come out
until they were both clean.

  He was happy, it was early. They still had all day.

   Chapter Ten.....Dental Work

    His decision to have Tammy's teeth removed was an easy one. First of all,
men didn't like the feel of teeth scraping against their cocks when they were
being sucked off, and she would be doing a lot of cocksucking. Secondly, he knew
that the man he had in mind to sell her to later, would just take a bat and
knock her teeth out if he didn't like them. He was a cruel bastard, but he paid
top dollar for girls like Tammy. Top dollar. He had  a growing affection for his
little teen slut, and thought he could remove her teeth in a much more humane
way than that evil bastard would do. He had also pretty much decided to sell the
mother too. Perhaps the evil one would make him a package deal.  He would
probably not be able to pass up a mother/daughter combo. They were rather rare.

  He decided to have Tammy's teeth removed right away, but damn, he was also
tired of constantly waiting for her to recover from some ordeal. Well, he would
use her tonight and have the dentist come tomorrow. Hell, He'd have the mother's
teeth removed too, while the man was there.

  He went into the living room to tell them about His dental decision. He had no
intention of telling them about their future sale.

  They were on the living room floor, ass to ass. Their ankles were tied
together,  as were their wrists, and two large double headed dildos were
embedded in them. Cunt to cunt, and ass to ass. They were under threat of a
severe beating if one of them fell out. When He left them, there was a full foot
of two rubber dongs between them. Now they were asscheek to asscheek, grinding
their asses against each other, pulling away and sliding themselves back
together again. As they worked toward their orgasm, He told them of His plan to
remove their teeth. To them, it was just another chapter in their life, and they
didn't even slow their fucking down.

  He was seized by the contrast of the tattooed girl and the unblemished skin of
the mother. He thought about doing the mother too, but she was the one that did
the outside chores, like grocery shopping. He decided to think about doing just
the non-visible parts of her.

  As His girls writhed in sexual lust against the dual dildos, He told them that
He was taking them to a party that night, both of them. He explained that Tammy
would be taking a few miles of biker cock that night, and that He wanted her
mother there to be fed. Lord knows, the only nourishment she had had the last
few days was cum and enema water. He reminded Himself to start putting vitamins
in Tammy's enema solutions.

  After their mutual orgasm He made them rest. Then later that afternoon, He
tied them both on their backs, and played with them for hours, bringing them
both close to orgasm time and again, but never letting them cum.

  It was two very horny sluts that were loaded into His car that evening. Both
of them dressed like whores. Tammy was wearing her wig, but the words on her
face and mouth left no doubt as to what she truely was. He thought it was very
cute, the three of them in the front seat, the girls with their dresses up
around their waists, knees as far apart as they would go, mother and daughter
holding hands. He could hear the mother's stomach growling as they drove to the
biker clubhouse. He asked her if she was hungry,

  "Starving, Master," she replied.

  "You will be full soon, slut, I assure you." He then went on to explain to her
that she would also be the piss toilet, but only for the men that fucked her
daughter. He smiled to Himself, knowing that every man there would want to fuck
His little tattooed slut.

  When they walked through the door, there was a full blown party going on.
Music so loud you couldn't hear yourself think blasted. Tammy saw women on the
floor being fucked, lines of men waiting their turn to fuck them. A barrel
chested man, naked from the waist up, and every inch of visible skin tattooed,
was talking to her Master. He indicated a mattress aganst a far wall. But first
Tammy was guided, by the leash in her nose ring, to a small stage, where naked
women were dancing. She stood on the small platform and her wig was removed from
her, and her dress. She stood in all her glorious, tattooed beauty, clad in her
stockings and heels. Appreciative hoots and calls went up from her audience,
heard even over the blasting music. Tammy smiled at them. They liked her, this
was where she belonged. Her Master kissed her and had the tattooed man hold her
hands above her head until she stood on her tip-toes. She was a magnificent
sight, the bald teenager with the slutty tattoos, and a roar of approval went up
from the mass of people crowded around the stage.

  Her naked mother was on her knees on the floor in front of the stage. And as
her Master began to flog her, Tammy could see a man fucking her mother. As her
flogging went on, she could  see that another man was at her mother's face, his
cock thrusting in and out of her mouth. Tammy had to close her eyes now as the
whip bit into her. Her Master was giving her the hardest whipping she had ever
had to endure. He was in front of her again and kissing her, and she kissed Him
back. He was tying ropes around her young tits, and the rope was being pulled
from above. Her young tits lifted until she was on her tip toes. Her hands were
cuffed behind her, and still the constant upward pressure continued. Her Master
now picked her up by her ankles, and then slowly let her down. Her feet no
longer touched the floor. She was actually hanging and swinging by the ropes
that bound her tits. The whipping began anew as her Master worked on her. She
tried to hang as limply as possible, to not increase the incredible pressure in
her tits. As she spun around, her body taking the lashing on all sides now, she
caught glimpses of her mother, on the filthy floor of the room, doubly
penetrated, a cock in her mouth, and holding a cock in each hand. She was
covered in cum, and there were many men waiting their turns.

  As Tammy swung there by her tits, being whipped, she felt her mind slip. She
could look down at her obscenely bulged tits, could feel the whip against her
body, but the pain was just something that was there. The sound of the music and
the hollering faded and Tammy swung there, in a little coccoon of bliss, and
watched the world spin around her in a blur.

  Her next realization was of being on her back, taking a big man's big cock.
One after the other they fucked her, stopping only long enough for her
well-fucked mother to suck the sperm out of her daughter's body. As these men
fucked her, she could see her mother swallowing the piss of these beer drinking
men. She must have swallowed gallons, she looked nine months pregnant.

  Tammy was still oozing cum on the ride home, and her mother was on the floor
of the car, sucking it from her cunt and ass. Their Master was telling them that
Tammy had taken fifty two cocks that night, and that slut-mother had sucked out
the cum of every one of them.

  When they got home, He had Tammy impale herself in the ass on his cock, while
He lay on His back, and her mother continued sucking the sperm that still oozed
from her daughter's ravaged cunt. After He came in her ass, he had the mother
suck that out too, and He turned over to sleep. He told the mother to keep her
daughter's holes clean through the night, that if there was cum on His sheets in
the morning that she would pay. And throughout that long night, Tammy's mother
paid vigilance to her daughter's cunt and asshole, sucking out the sperm that
continued to keep oozing out of her teen-aged daughter's holes.

  The next morning Master had the girls do their enema routine. The mother had
finally gotten to where she could hold a gallon too. So while they were doing
that, their Master was entertaining a distinguished guest down stairs. A
dentist. He planned on gassing his patients so the men were lugging equipment
into the room, gas bottles, hoses and the like. Tammy came down first. After she
was unconcious the Doctor was obviously excited looking at her lewd body, so 
Master let him fuck her, but had to go upstairs to get her mother, so she could
be fed.

  Then Tammy's mother and her Master watched as the dentist wrenched the teeth
from young Tammy's mouth.  She was young and her teeth were removed fairly
easily. Some of the

mother's teeth broke though, and the gums had to be cut so the dentist could get
another grip on the roots, prying them back and forth until he could extract

  His toothless whores were on heavy pain medication for a week, but once a day
he led them into the bathroom for their enemas. And once or twice a day He
inserted just the head of His cock between their lips and injected their
protein, which they greedily sucked down. After a few days they were eating soup
and feeling much better, so he started their whippings again, tying them
together, their faces in each other's cunts, so he could whip one, then roll
them over and whip the other, while they sucked each other's cunts with their
toothless mouths. Daily He used their smooth gummed mouths, and they would gnaw
on His hard cock like a teething baby, until He squirted in a hot mouth, and
watched  them swap the cum between their toothless mouths.

  He took them back to the biker clubhouse to try out their new, toothless fuck
holes. He tied them on their knees, ass to ass again, a very long double-headed
dildo inserted in both of their assholes. He laid a leather strap across their
backs, and called the men up two at a time. If one or both men wished to strap
the girls before they got their cocks sucked, and most of them did, the women
had to put their heads down on the floor, arms stretched straight out, while
they were strapped. Then up on all fours to take a cock in their mouths. Master
ordered them to swallow every drop if the men chose to cum in their toothless
holes. Some of the men let the girls suck until they came, but many of them just
grabbed their heads and pulled them into their hairy bellies, fucking their
faces and shooting down their throats. A lot them shot their cum on the lewd,
spread, female figure tattooed on Tammy's head, so she had a lot of cum dripping
down her obscenely tattooed face.

  Fifty eight men used their toothless mouths that night, and most all of them
strapped them a few times first. When all had had a turn, Master produced the
second long double-dildo and inserted it between the cunts of his whores, a foot
of rubber cock into each of them, and ordered them to make each other cum.

They were quite a sight, their red, welted asses grinding against each other,
sometimes pulling apart far enough to glimpse the two long rubber dildos that
were in their asses and cunts. Witnessing this, some of the men were erect
again, so the girls took cocks in their mouths again and sucked as they ground
their asses and cunts against the rubber invaders, both of them cumming now, the
men coming and pulling out, to be replaced by two more. Another three men stood
over the thrashing girls and jacked off onto Tammy's head and face.  

 Master was well pleased with his bitches, and He had Tammy suck His prick on
the drive home while He softly stroked her bald head, and she softly moaned as
He came in her mouth. Without being told, Tammy lifted her head off of His cock,
and turned in the seat and deposited it in her mother's open mouth. Yes, He was
well pleased indeed.                                               

                       Chapter Eleven.....Fresh Meat

  He knew it was bound to happen sooner or later. A knock at the door. 

  It was the day after their second trip to the biker club house. The girls were
both naked upstairs, kneeling on the bedroom floor, holding their gallon of
water in with butt plugs. Through the peephole in the door he saw a wonderful
sight. A perfect little Gothic princess, a friend of Tammy's.

  He opened the door.

  "Hi, I'm Tammy's friend Rachel, is she here?" she asked.

He took in the sight of the princess. Eybrows pierced, a ring through both
nostrils, five piercings in each ear. Long, straight, coal black hair fell to
the small of her back. A cut-off T shirt just barely covered her braless
breasts, and he thought he could see nipple rings or studs through her shirt.
Her pants were slung so low on her hips, they were in danger of falling down. A
bright ring glistened in her navel.

  "Um, look, Rachel, Tammy's here, but she has a whole different life now, she
looks a little 'different' now, and doesn't really want anyone to see her, um,
as she is now."

  " Bullshit, I'm her best friend. Who are you?" she asked.

  " I'm Mike. I'm Tammy's Master, and her mother's too. They both belong to Me
now." he said.

  "Oh yeah, where's Tammy's Dad?" she asked.

  " He left, and they belong to me now. I am training them."

  "Master, huh, training. You mean like s&m and stuff?" she asked.

  "Yes Rachel, that is exactly what I mean," he said, giving her a warm smile.

  "So, like, can I see her, like, how different is she ?" she asked.

  "Would you like to come in,?" he asked.

  "Yeah, I've never seen s&m stuff, I mean like, up close."

He held the door open and she came into the living room. Hanging from a beam in
the room were two sets of easy-lift chain hoists. He had planned on having His
sluts swinging from them by their tits. He thought perhaps His plans might not
change after all.

  "Wow, what's this for?" she asked.

  "I suspend the two of them here before we start a, um, session," he said.

Along the wall hung an assortment of whips, crops, floggers and straps. His
electro-shock device stood in a corner. A bookshelf held an array of plugs,
dildos, clamps and ropes, handcuffs. The coffee table and the  kitchen table had
been modified with rings on the corners and the legs. Rachel's eyes were wide.

  "Do you use this stuff on them, Mike? I mean, on Tammy too?"

  "Yes Rachel, all of it, they are my slaves, they have no say. As a matter of
fact, I was just getting ready to use some of it on them before you arrived, so,
if you would like to stay and watch?", said the spider to the fly.

  "Wow, that'd be way cool. So, where's Tam?" she asked.

  "I must warn you Rachel. Tammy has been, shall we say, modified. She has been
shaved, pierced, and tattooed. Her and her mother's teeth have been removed so
that they may please men better. After you see her, you must swear to keep what
you see secret. If you don't, you will have to deal with me", and he smiled at
her again.

  Rachel was trembling with excitement. He thought it was all she could do to
keep her hands away from her crotch.

  "I can keep a secret, Mike, really. This is way cool. I want to see it all."

He put his arm around the young girls shoulders, and lowering his face very
close to hers, he whispered,

  "Then you shall see it all my sweet. All of it."

And he kissed her, full on the mouth. She was panting with excitement and as he
tongued her mouth, he lightly rubbed His finger up and down the groove in the
front of her jeans. She pushed her crotch against his hand.

  "God, this is so fucking hot! Are you going to fuck me Mike?" she panted.

  "Yes, my sweet Rachel, I am. In time, in due time," he replied.

  "Now you wait right here. I will go and get her," he said.

  " Yeah, get Tammy," and she squealed. "This is so fucking hot!"

  The girls were just about to explode as he helped them into the tub, and he
watched the releases and the feeding of the mother. He had put a variety of
vitamins in Tammy's bag, to feed to her mother, and he was pleased with the
amount of water she drank from her daughter. When they were done, and clean, he

  "Tammy there is someone here to see you. Your friend, Rachel."

Tammy looked dumbfounded, and her toothless mouth tried to form words.

  "Silence, slut!!" he thundered.  "She knows all about you, and your mother. I
want this little bitch, and you will help me get her. I will make her my slut. I
think she's almost there now, but she'll need some special training for sure.
You will tell her nothing except how much you love Me, and your new life. Is
that understood?  I am going to give you sluts a special treatment today, and
Rachel will watch the whole thing. Is that understood?"

  "Yes, Master," she said. Tammy had no qualms at all about leading her little
slut girlfriend into her Master's clutches, she was just mortified that someone
she knew would see her like this. But perhaps Rachel might soon look like this
too, she thought. That brought a small smile to her lips.

  He tied the mother to the bed, her legs pulled back tightly, an inflateable
cock gag in her mouth, and a vibrating plug in her ass. He turned the vibrator
on low. He cuffed Tammy's hands behind her back, clipped the leash to her nose
ring, and led her down the stairs. Right up to a very shocked Rachel, who stood
there looking at Tammy like she had just seen the Devil himself, which, in a
way, she had..

  "," she said. "Tammy, it's me, Rachel," she said.

  "You may speak slut," said Master.

Tammy managed to mumble out a response, then lowered her head again.

  "Go ahead Rachel, touch her, she's very real," he said.

Rachel ran her hands over her friends head, in total awe of the lewd figure
tattooed there.

She ran her fingers across the slutty words on her face, and traced her finger
across Tammys tattooed top lip. She traced the figure of the whip on her
stomach, and the riding crops tattooed on her tits, traced the figure of the
spurting cock on her back, read the rest of the slutty words on her body.

  "You see Rachel, Tammy is my sex slave. I have trained her to be a slut, to
take the cocks of many men, and she is coming along nicely."

  He was now toying with Tammys slit and clit ring,

  "Open," he said, and Tammy spread her legs as his finger entered her. He
pulled it out, wet, and put it in her mouth, where she sucked on it.

  "You see how well she responds, she is a true slut. Do you like to fuck,

  "Yes, Sir," she whispered, still mesmorized by Tammys body.

  "Tammy has taken the cocks of over eighty men in the last few weeks. Last
night her and her mother sucked the cocks of thirty men apiece. Open your mouth,

   "Now, notice she has no teeth. I had them pulled to make her a better
cocksucker, oh, and so she wouldn't feel her fillings when I shock her, which I
will demonstrate soon."

  Tammy moaned at this, as she was still sucking his finger. He pulled on her
nipple rings, and tugged on her clit ring. Then he gagged her as Rachel watched.

  "Are your nipples pierced, Rachel?" he asked, as he toyed with his slut.

  "Yes,Sir," she replied.

  "Show me," he commanded.

Without hesitation, Rachel pulled off her shirt, to display the most perfect set
of tits he thought he'd ever seen. Large, but they stuck straight out from her
chest. A set of nipple rings adorned them.

  "Put your hands on top of your head, Rachel," he said.

She did. He stuck a finger back into Tammy's slit, and with the other hand began
to stroke Rachel's belly up to her firm tits, brushing the back of his hand
against her nipples, and giving each ring a tug. He had both girls moaning.

  "Where else Rachel, show me," he said.

Rachel kicked off her shoes, and slid her jeans down her hips, and stepped out
of them. She hooked her thumbs into her thong panties and pulled them down, and
stepped out of them too.

She pulled off her socks and stood up, quite naked. Without being told to, she
put her hands back on top of her head.

  She was gorgeous. He stroked his hand down her belly to her naked, shaved
slit, and felt the clit ring that she had wanted to show Him. He smiled. This
girl was hot.

  He put a finger to the entrance of her cunt, and said,


She parted her legs and he slid into her tight, very wet slit. He now had two
teenaged girls squirming, their cunts penetrated by his fingers, one on each

  He grabbed the rope that dangled from one of the chain hoists, and tied
Rachel's wrists together with it. She made no protest as he pulled the chain
that lifted her until she could not quite stand flat footed. He did the same to
Tammy, and the two girls hung there, side by side.

  He got some small weights and hung them from Rachels nipple rings, then he
began stroking her body, finally going to his knees and pulling her dripping
cunt to his mouth. He pulled her legs up off the floor and her cunt was full in
his face, her legs over his shoulders. She came almost instantly, and he let her
back down.

  "I would normally punish you for cumming like that, but we must let you learn
the rules, isn't that right, Rachel?" he asked.

  "Yes Master," she said.

He smiled, she caught on fast. He knew he would have to start slow with her. He
didn't want to scare her off before he had her hooked, but he really wanted to
watch her lucious body dance under his whip.

  He turned his attention to Tammy, turned her so that her backside was facing

 "Now, Rachel, as you can see, Tammy went through a rather prolonged beating
with a leather strap last night, so today I will concentrate on her front."

  He had lowered Tammy, and as He spoke he was tying the ropes around her tits,
tight up against the chest. Rachel watched in disbelief as her friend was
hoisted off the floor, and dangled there, slowly swinging by her tits. He picked
up a crop, and lightly slapped her bulging tits, as she slowly swung, moaning.
He hung a half pound weight from her clit ring, and began to crop the top of her
slit and belly, then back to her tits. He ran his hand up to her cunt, and
brought it back, sopping wet. He stepped over to Rachel and showed her his hand.

  "This excites the little slut," he said.  Then rubbing his hand through
Rachels cunt slit, he said,

  "And I see it excites you, too."

  He hung some heavier weights on Rachel's nipple rings, put a ball gag in her
mouth, and hoisted her off the floor. He tied a spreader bar between her ankles.
With a series of small chains, he connected the two girls' nipple rings and cunt
rings to each other. As they swung there, the chains would pull tight in the
rings, fighting against the weights, and they would sway back the other way. He
loved the sight. He stepped behind Rachel with a short leather paddle, and began
a fast smacking on her ass cheeks, and she started twisting to try and avoid the
smacks. When she did, she jerked the chains that connected her nipple rings to
Tammy's purple, bulging tits

  "You're first taste of pain, my sweet."

And he gave her ten very hard smacks to the bottom of her ass crack.  She was
crying, and sucking air around the gag as he let her down. She stood there, the
spreader bar still in place, her head down, sobbing. He stuck a finger up into
her cunt and she moaned and thrust her cunt out to meet it. She was very wet.

  "Stand right there my little slut," he said.

He let Tammy down, and she was screaming behind the gag as he untied her
horribly purple tits. He sat her down in the chair next to the electro-shock
machine, and tied her into it. He slid the electrodes into her cunt and ass,
uncoiled some slack in the cords, and layed the control box a few feet away. He
untied Rachel and removed her weights and her gag. Then he laid on the floor in
front of Tammy, and put the control box on his chest. He looked at Rachel, who
was just standing there, unsure what to do.

  "Come here, Rachel," he said. As she approached his feet, he reached up and
took her hands, and pulled her down.

  "Straddle me," he said.

She spread her legs and dropped with her knees alongside his legs, her young,
dripping cunt splayed wide. He grabbed his rock hard cock, and pulling on her

   "Suck, Rachel."

Rachel bent over and took him in her mouth. She began to suck with abandon, her
hands grabbing his hips as she slid her mouth up and down on his shaft. He
reluctantly pulled her head off of his cock, and pulled her up to him. She
scooted forward and poised the entrance of her young cunt over the head of his
cock, and she sunk slowly down on it, impaling herself right down to the base.
He thought that it had to be the hottest, tightest cunt he had ever been in. She
had her hands on his chest, and would lift herself up and then slide back down,
grinding her clit against his cock base. She was moving faster now, and moaning,
'oh, god, yes, yes, fuck me, please'. He looked at Tammy as she watched her
friend pistoning on her Master's cock, and he cranked the knob on the control
box. Tammy lifted and tensed against her bonds. Five long seconds he left it on,
then stopped. Then as his new playtoy rose up with just the head of his cock
still in her, he cranked the knob as she came back down. Then he started to
crank the knob in time with their fucking, and he could hear Tammy's cunt
squishing against the electrode, in perfect time with the fuck. Then he cranked
the knob on, set the box down, bent Rachel backwards on the floor, and fucked
her fast and hard. She wrapped her legs around his waist and came as shot his
cum up into her.

   Tammy was flopping in the chair like a fish out of water, and he reached over
and turned off the current. She was drenched in sweat, and she sat in a pool of
her juices. He left her just like she was, her muscles still twitching. He
cuffed Rachel's hands in front of her and led her up the stairs.

   When they walked into the bedroom, Rachel saw Tammys mom tied and gagged,
grinding her ass against the bed, trying to get some relief from the maddening,
vibrating plug that had been in her ass for over an hour. Master smiled at her.

  "I believe you know Rachel, " he said. Tammy's mom's eyes grew larger as she
saw Tammy's naked friend, and she nodded her head.

  "Rachel is my new trainee," he said, and then "isn't that right Rachel?"

  "Yes Master," she said meekly.

  "Tammy's slut-mom is also my slave, and her job is to keep Tammy clean. When a
man cums in Tammy, she sucks it out. It is also pretty much how she gets her
nourishment. I call it her feeding, and she has fed from Tammy's cunt and ass
over fifty times these last few weeks alone. And now you will feed her her
Master's cum."

  "But, Master I.."

He grabbed her chin and threateningly said,

   "Don't make me punish you, Rachel, just do it."

    He guided the girl, holding her cuffed wrists as she swung her leg up onto
the bed, her wonderful, firm tits swaying side to side. God, he couldn't wait to
see her hanging by those. He deflated mom's gag and pulled the rubber cock out
of her mouth. He guided Rachel to a position over slut-mom's mouth, and said,

    "Feed her, Rachel."

    Rachel lowered her cunt to her friend's mom's open mouth.

    "Spread your cunt," he said, and her small cuffed hands went down and parted
her young cunt lips, and she sank down against the mouth. As Tammy's mother's
tongue snaked into her, sucking and licking, Rachel was immediately aroused, and
she pulled her slit open wider as her cunt was deeply sucked.

    Master waited a few minutes, then stuck another vibrator against slut-mom's
clit. The results were instantaneous. Slut-mom bucked against the vibrator and
started to cum, sucking on Rachel's cunt, and Rachel came too. Rachel put her
hands out in front of her, and lay there a few moments, rocking her hips against
the toothless mouth that was now sucking her juices from her cunt. Master sat
her up.

   "Do you have to pee Rachel?" he asked.

   "Yes, Sir, I do," she replied.

   "Then do it, now, in her mouth."

   Rachel looked down at the mouth locked around her pussy lips, and that mouth
gave her a suck.

   "Do it Rachel, she wants it, she's waiting, and so am I."

   Rachel moaned, and overwhelmed by the depravity of it, she let some piss out
in little spurts. The mouth swallowed, and began to suck again, and poor Rachel
felt herself let it go, and slut-mom swallowed down every drop, and was even now
sucking Rachels piss slit clean.

  "Oh my god, that was way cool," said his new fucktoy.

  Master had Rachel lay face down on the bed, while he untied slut-mom and
removed her ass plug.

  "Go wash this and bring it back to me," he said to slut mom.  She had a little
trouble walking after the  length of time she had been tied up.

  "Get up on your knees, elbows and knees," he told Rachel.

  He was dipping his finger into a vaseline jar.

  He knelt between her spread knees, and he asked her if she had ever had a cock
up her ass.

  "No, Master," she replied.

  "Well you will before this day is out," and he applied his greasy finger to
the puckered hole. He circled the hole and then slid his finger into the virgin
ass, slowly sliding it in and out. It was very tight, and Rachel was oohing.
Slut-mom handed him the inflateable plug, and he started it into her ass. She
gave a slow moan as the deflated plug entered her ass. He grabbed the dangling
ball and squeezed a few times, and she felt it grow in her, and he squeezed a
few more times.

  "Oh, Oh, please, no Master."

  He grabbed the ropes that had held slut-mom, and tied Rachel's elbows to her
knees. Then a spreader bar was tied to her ankles. He picked up the ball and
squeezed two more times.

  "Nooooooo, noooooo," Rachel let out a pitifull moan.

  He intended to give her ten squeezes of the ball, and that was only six.

  "Gag her," he told slut-mom.

   The rubber cock gag was slipped between her moaning lips, and it was pumped
up until her mouth was quite full, and her protests unintelligible. Then he
stood alongside of her and  took a leather strap to her ass. It was still a
little red from before, but he gave her ten hard swats. She would have been
screaming mightily if not for the gag. He gave the ball two more squeezes. Then
another ten with the strap, and another two squeezes. 

   She felt like she had a baseball bat up her ass, and was trying to rock side
to side on her knees to relieve the pain. He slowly deflated it and her relief
was obvious, as she sagged noticeably. He gave six quick squeezes to the ball,
and she started moving around again.

   "Listen to me, you are going to take and hold ten inflations of this ball, or
I am going to whip you until you do. Do you understand me?"

   After a few seconds she nodded, her burning asscheeks and thighs convincing
her. He slowly squeezed the ball four more times. Then as she knelt there, he
gently massaged her burning ass, slipping his hand down and rubbing his finger
along her slit. He rolled her onto her back. He stood at her head and pulled the
spreader back enough to expose her cunt, then told slut-mom to eat her cunt, but
not to let her cum. She licked and sucked Rachel's over-stimulated cunt, and the
girl couldn't help but respond. He reached down and deflated her gag and removed
it. He moved forward a little and dropped his flacid cock into her mouth. She
sucked him as slut-mom worked on her cunt. When he began to get hard in her
mouth, she began to get excited, and slut-mom had to stop.

  Poor Rachel wanted to cum so bad, to relieve the sensation in her burning ass
and stretched ass hole. He told slut-mom to stop, and he untied his captive, got
her off the bed and stood her up. He had her put her hands on top of her head,
while he put large rubber bands around her tits, then lightly slapped them, back
and forth, stopping to suck on her nipples, then slapping them some more.

   He clipped a leash to her cunt ring and smiled,

   "Let's go see how Tammy's doing," he said.

   Rachel had a tough time walking down the stairs with the inflated plug in her
ass, but she slowly made her way behind him, an occasional tug on the leash to
help her along.

   He had her lay over a padded spanking bench, and tied her arms and legs to
it, the black balloon and short piece of hose  sticking from her ass. He hung
some weights from her nipples and clit.

   He watched as slut-mom removed the electrodes from Tammy's orifices and
untied her. Tammy's muscles had spasmed so many times that she could hardly
move, so he told slut-mom to put her to bed, but only after she peed. So
slut-mom lay down on the floor, and coaxed Tammy down to straddle her mouth. It
took a few minutes, but she finally coaxed a large piss out of her daughter, and
drank it down, cleaning Tammys cunt. She looked to Master for approval, and he
smiled at her.

  "Go put her to bed, and then you do the same. Tonight, sleep with the large
butt plug, and the black dildo in your fuck holes."

  "Yes, Master," said slut-mom, and she guided Tammy up the stairs.

   Now he eyed his latest prize, the delectable Rachel. He moved behind her and
rubbed his cock up and down her wet slit. She was tight before, but almost
impossibly so now, with the inflated plug in her ass. He continued to force
himself into her cunt, and she was moaning as it continued its slide up into
her, inch by inch. He let a little of the air out of her plug, and could slide
in and out of her a little easier. She moaned,

   "Please fuck me, Master."

   He untied her and laid her down on the floor, on her back. He regained
entrance to her cunt, and let a little more air outof the plug in her virgin
ass. He kept letting air out until he could piston his cock in and out of her
tight cunt. When it was totally deflated, he slowly pulled the contraption out
of her ass, while continuing to fuck her. She was going wild now, and he pulled
out of her gripping cunt, pushed her legs back, and pressed his cock against her
ass. It went in easily. He put a finger on her clit and rubbed it while he
fucked her ass, and little Rachel came, came with her first cock in her ass, and
as he felt her sucking asshole contracting against his cock, he squirted his cum
up into her bowels. He lay there, contented, and told her,

   "Now go feed mom."

She pulled off of him and scampered up the stairs.  He followed a minute later,
and was delighted at the sight of Rachel holding her sweet ass cheeks apart as
she sat over slut-moms face. Her face was sheer bliss as slut-mom's tongue
snaked up her asshole and sucked his sperm from her deepest recesses.

  He went back downstairs and she bounded down a few minutes later.

  "Master, that was great, she made me cum again."

  "Yes, she's a good slut," he said. Then he asked her if she lived at home, and
she told him yes, but that she was of legal age and could move out if she wanted
to. She said that she would be back tomorrow. But she wanted to know if she
would wind up looking like Tammy. He told her that if she pleased him, she would
be his princess, but that she would be required to take whippings, and to take
other men.

  "I will do whatever you ask of me, Master," said his new little fucktoy, and
he smiled. He told her to wear a simple dress, and be naked underneath it. She
would not be needing many clothes.

  She kissed him on the cheek, and headed for home.

                Chapter Twelve......Goodby, Girls

  He had been thinking hard. If he could get Rachel to belong to him, to leave
her parent's home and be his, he could sell both of the sluts for a good price.
He could just walk away with Rachel, a rich man. He had a friend in a European
country that owned a huge castle. He was also involved in the training and sale
of young girls, from all over Europe. There he could properly train Rachel the
pleasure and pain of extreme sado-masochistic sex. He thought she had the nature
of a pain slut, and he wanted to exploit her to the fullest.

He had ambivalent feelings toward Rachel. On the one hand, he wanted to make her
just like Tammy; hairless, tattooed and toothless. He loved seeing his little
sluts like that. Knowing that he had made them into something that they now had
no choice in being excited him. They were committed for the rest of their lives
to being fuck toys for some man or groups of men; kept concealed, and used at
their owner's discretion and pleasure.

  On the other hand, Rachel was beautiful, had a fantastic body, and was
submissive. He could mold her into anything he wanted. He could use her for
years, then modify her and sell her. Tammy was going to be sold from the
beginning, but now if Rachel joined him, he could modify Tammy's mother to be a
mirror image of her daughter, and fetch an even better price. Yes, it was
starting to fall into place.

  The sluts were upstairs getting empty and clean. He knew that after this
length of time, and the amounts of fluid he made them take daily, it would be a
long time before they could ever shit normally again. He would include that in
his notes to their new owner.

  He was looking forward to his day. He was going to bullwhip the sluts. This he
had been wanting to do. To give them a real whipping while they hung suspended
off the floor by their tits. And to top it off, he had decided to have their
tongues removed, and a surgeon was coming over that day to do just that. They
didn't talk since their teeth were removed anyway, and they definitely didn't
have anything to say that anyone wanted to hear. He did know from experience
that once a tongue was removed at the base, great difficulty swallowing was the
result. That was ok though. They would have to be nourished on occasion through
a feeding tube down into their stomachs. That could be incorporated into the
morning enema sessions, and he made a note to tell the new owner. They could
still swallow cum, either by having it injected straight down their throats, or
by tilting their heads back and letting gravity take it's course. They would
learn. Perhaps another night at the biker clubhouse would be good, after they
healed, providing they weren't sold by then.

  His thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door. A glance at the clock
told him it 10:30 a.m. Hmmm. Yes, it was his lovely Rachel standing on the
porch. When he opened the door, she flung herself at him, hugging him.

  "Oh Master, I couldn't think of anything but you, and she was kissing him and
crushing her teenaged body against him, standing there in a little short dress.

  "Enough," he said. "What's this?" he asked, pointing to the two gym bags on
the porch.

  " Me and my parents had a HUGE fight last night, Master. They think I'm a
freak anyway, so they threw me out. We fought again this morning, and I left and
told them I was never coming back, my sweet Master."

   She was grinding her crotch against him, and he ran a hand up under her
dress; she was sopping wet.

   "Please fuck me Master, I need you so bad," and she started crying.

   He pulled her through the door and picked up her bags and brought them in.
This was beyond his wildest dreams; already his plans were solidifying.

   "Please fuck me Master...", the slap across her face brought her up short.

   "You will shut the fuck up, slut. You will speak when I tell you to speak, is
that clear?"

  "Yes Master, yes Sir."

  "Now get those clothes off, slut" he ordered.

  When she was naked, he showed the eager little slut the slave positions that
he would require her to assume when in his presence. He also told her that he
would require her cunt hair to be permanantly removed, that he thought shaving
an unnecessary chore, and that her septum would be pierced, so that he could put
a nose ring there to attach a leash. That was fine with her, she LIKED

  She was so eager and so horny that he put her over the padded bench and
brought out the crop.

  "You will take ten of these with your hands locked behind your head. I will
not tie you, you will just take them. If you remove your hands from your head, I
will start the count over. Do you understand?"

   "Yes Master, yes," said his willing little teenaged slut.

    After the first two strokes were absorbed into her swaying little ass
cheeks, he made her count them. She hissed the count out between her teeth as he
applied the ever increasingly harder strokes. After she took the tenth stroke,
he took her from behind, and his little teenaged slut just moaned and begged for
him to fuck her, and he again shot up into her  hot, tight cunt.

   He knew the sluts would be down shortly, so he tied Rachel to the chair next
to the electro-shock machine. The sluts came downstairs, and after having
slut-mom suck the cum from Rachel's cunt, much to her delight, he positioned
them both under the hoists, gagged them, tied the ropes around their tits, and
hoisted them up. As they swung there, he picked up a long bullwhip, stood back
and swung. It made a wicked whooshing noise before it cracked against the
swinging female forms in front of him, and he swung it again and again. The arc
of their swing was getting longer now, and they were twisting, so the whip hit
them all over, sometimes the back, sometimes the front or sides. It was a
vicious whipping, and when blood began to seep from some of the many welts he
had inflicted, he stopped.

  He was breathing hard from the exertion of whipping them, and dropped the whip
and stood behind Rachel, stroking her hair and neck as they watched the swaying
women slowly stop swinging, and finally come to a stop. He let them down far
enough to untie their tits, then fastened their wrists and hoisted them back up
to standing on their tiptoes.

  He untied the now very excited Rachel, and took her upstairs. He had her kneel
in  the bathtub, and explained to her that one of his preferred holes for
fucking her, was her ass, and he would stretch it and clean out her bowels
daily. She pouted; her ass was still very sore from yesterday. But no matter. He
started with a standard 2 qt bag, greased the nozzle and slid it in her perfect
little ass. Three times he gave her the bag, and on the third try she was able
to hold the two quarts, before blowing it out in the tub. He turned the shower
on, rinsed her off, and had her kneel on the floor, head down, her pretty little
ass in the air. He greased the end balloon of the Double nozzle, and as she
yipped and squealed and moaned, he slid it in past her sphincter, and inflated
the inner balloon, then the outer. The bag held three quarts, and he started the
water into her, telling her that if she did not take it, he would bind her and
make her take it.

  She was moaning loudly after about a quart, so he stopped. He rubbed her ass
around the inflated balloon, and told her what a good girl she was, taking water
and cleaning her ass for her Master. He played with her slit until she began to
get aroused, then he opened the valve. As it flowed into her, he alternated
between slapping her ass with a small paddle, and playing with her slit. Rachel
was hot. She fought between the feeling of her cramping bowels and the fire on
her ass and in her gaping cunt. He stopped the flow and paddled her some more,
then slid a finger into her cunt, and opened the valve. He did not stop it this
time, and as the last of the water entered her, she came, bucking against his

  He knelt in front of her and pulled her head up off the floor by her hair. He
grabbed his cock and slid it past her lips into her mouth. As she sucked him, he
leaned forward and began to slowly but firmly paddle her ass, the nozzle still
firmly planted in her hole. The closer he came to orgasm the harder he spanked
her, and he began to fuck her face until he finally shot into her panting,
gasping mouth.

  It took almost a half an hour for her to finally get all the water out, her
guts kept spasming and another gush of water would squirt from her ass, but
finally she was done. He had her shower, then made her kneel and take a medium
butt plug into her ever-so-sore asshole. He would have loved to have slut-mom
clean her out, but she was still suspended downstairs. And besides, she and her
daughter had a Doctors appointment in about fifteen minutes.

  He led Rachel back downstairs, her leash on her clit ring, her hands cuffed
behind her, and walking very gingerly. While they waited for the surgeon to
arrive, he had Rachel kneel before the tortured females and suck their cunts.
She did so with relish, and managed to make them both cum before the Doctor

  The Doctor arrived with a woman that Master assumed was his nurse. They were
not surprised to see the patients hanging from a ceiling beam, covered with
welts. Nor were they surprised to see Tammy's obscenely modified body, or the
young, naked and handcuffed girl kneeling on the floor. In the line of work the
Doctor was in, amputations mostly, and the clientel that he dealt with in his
very private practice, they were not easily surprised.

  Master had told the Doctor earlier that he didn't want either woman to know
what was going on, so the only thing he removed from his bag was a syringe. He
gave Tammy the shot first, then the mother, and they were soon passed out cold.
Then the Doctor and Master wheeled a whole array of things in from the Doctor's
van. Indeed, it was a mobile operating room.

  Tammy was first. Master untied her, and the two men carried her to the kitchen
table. Then he and Rachel watched, and Tammy soon had IV's, suction hoses and
tubes running from her body, and her mouth was clamped wide open. In what seemed
like no time at all, the Doctor held up a piece of flesh about 4" long. It was
Tammy's tongue. He showed it to them, then dropped it in a jar.

  Rachel was pale and trembling, but Master nodded his approval at the man, and
he returned to the work of stitching her up. That took longer than the actual
removal process. Master sat on the couch and held Rachel's head in his lap,
stroking her hair. If the nurse hadn't been there, he would have had her suck
him again while the operation was going on.

  When Tammy had been processed, they carried her on a stretcher to a downstairs
back bedroom that had been set up just for that purpose.

  After slut-mom was on the table, being prepped by the medical team, Master
remebered some phone calls he had to make. The first was a call to his hair
removal friends, who said yes they could come that afternoon. The second was to
his tattoo artist friends. Master figured that this would be a good time to make
her a mirror image of her daughter, since she'd be doped up for a few days at
least. They said they'd be there tomorrow, and they said that yes, they could
pierce Rachel's septum, and give the mother her piercings while they were there

  He returned to the room just as slut-moms bloody tongue was being lifted out
of her mouth. He smiled and gave the surgeon a big thumbs up.

  Then, for amusement, while they waited for the mother to be stitched up, he
sat before the kneeling Rachel. He had the nurse bring him the the jar of
tongues, and he placed it between Rachel's knees. He made her open her mouth and
stick out her tongue. Rachel was whimpering and shaking, but she did as she was
told. He clamped her tongue with the two-stick clamp of his, and a full two
inches of captive tongue stuck out of her mouth. Then as the Doctor worked on
the place where slut-moms tongue used to be, a wide-eyed Rachel stared up at her
Master's face, as he used a wetted thumb and forefinger to grip and squeeze her
tongue, letting it slip out of his grasp, then squeezing it again. To the young
Rachel, kneeling naked on the floor, the butt plug still in her ass, the Doctor
working behind her, her Master's actions made a lasting impression, to say the

  Later that afternoon, and the next day, teams of people were at the house,
working on slut-mom's transformation into a mirror image of her daughter. A team
of carpenters was working in the garage, making what Master called 'transport
containers'. He showed no interest. He was only interested in training and using
his new fucktoy, Rachel. He kept her upstairs.

  A nurse took care of the toothless, tongueless women downstairs, and the only
time Rachel went downstairs was to have her septum pierced. They had to pierce
her while she was standing, though. She had inflated plugs in her cunt, ass and
mouth, the squeeze balls hanging. Her tits were clamped in a long, wooden
vice-like clamp, that was tightened down to where her tits were almost
flattened, and they were turning purple. Her nipples had needles through them.
Her ass and thighs, front and back, had a series of red weals on them, the
result of repeated sessions with a thin, bamboo cane. Her back bore the markings
of a flogger along it's length.

  They punched the hole through her septum and installed her ring, and they were
obviously excited by her young, abused body. So, Master deflated the plug in her
cunt, leaned her back against his chest, and the tattoo men fucked her, both of
them commenting on how tight her cunt was with the inlated plug up her ass.
Master replugged her cunt, and took the bowlegged-walking young Rachel back
upstairs, leading her by her new ring.

  Finally, Master was informed that his two modified slaves had healed. He sat
on the couch with his beautiful young charge kneeling between his knees, her
head on the floor and her ass in the air. Master used her upturned ass as a
footrest, and told the nurse to bring them out.

  Oh, what a sight they were. They were kneeling on the floor, facing him, their
leashes dangling from their nose rings in front of them. Identical tattoos,
identical piercings. This was even better than he expected. He laughed, thanked
the nurse and dismissed her.

He got up, and approached them.

  "Well, good morning, girls! How are we today?" There was silence.

  "Answer me" he commanded.

  Just a series of unintelligeble sounds came from their throats, and tears ran
down their cheeks. His first thought was that he should have removed their voice
boxes too, but he had spent enough money on them already, and dismissed the

  They had been aware for days now that their tongues had been removed, and both
were in a state of complete despair, the mother especially. She had been told a
long time ago that her daughter would be sold, and that she would stay with her
Master. Now she saw her body, and saw her Master with his new slut, and she knew
what her fate was to be.

  Master couldn't wait to feel their tongueless, toothless mouths around his
cock, so he had Rachel crawl over to him. She sucked him until he was hard and
wet, then she guided his cock into Tammy's mouth. He slid his length all the way
into her throat with no obstruction, and could feel the tightness of her throat.

  "Suck," he commanded.

  The feeling of her toothless gums on his shaft, and her throat constricting on
the head of his cock was almost too much, and he had to pull out before he shot.
He moved over to slut-mom.

  "You always were a good cocksucker. Let's see if you've improved."

  He slid into her throat, and she sucked down, and the clamping of her hot gums
and her gulping, sucking throat made him lose control, and he grabbed the back
of her head, held his cock as far down her throat as it would go, and shot his
torrents of cum into her.

  He pulled out and told her to open her mouth. He could see the cum in the back
of her mouth, and the little nub of tongue trying to help it down.

  "Next time, use your tongue stub while you suck," he told her.

  "Now, if you girls can do that forty or fifty times a day, you might live a
long and happy life." He laughed. "Your new owners will love you, I'm sure."

   This was Tammy's first inkling of her fate, and she was sobbing and making
dog-like growls from her throat. He pulled them up by their leashes and pulled
them out to the garage. Tammy fell to her knees and grabbed the leash with both
hands. She was hysterical. He grabbed a dog whip and beat her with it unti she
would stand and walk again. Slut-mom just stood with her head down, sobbing.

   Two long, wooden, coffin-like boxes waited in the garage. He stood with his
whip and made the women lie down in the boxes so he could check to see how they
fit. They were cleverly constructed for the transport of human cargo, and Master
was pleased.

  That night he took his pleasure with them for the last time, whipping them
with a leather strap, penetrating their holes, then cuming down their throats,
while little Rachel sucked their cunts until she made them cum. They slept that
night, or tried to,  with their hands bound. He could take no chance that they
might try to take themselves out of the picture before delivery was made.

  The next morning, all was ready. All three women were bound in the bathroom,
their enemas draining from them. They would be made to drain longer than usual
today, because two of them had a long plane ride ahead of them, and they
wouldn't be allowed to shit until they reached their destination, a couple of
days probably.

  Movers had been removing his things over the last few days, and now he was
down to just a couple of suitcases, sitting at the bottom of the stairs.

  When he was ready, he brought the girls down; he led one and Rachel led the
other. He made them lie in their boxes, on their backs. They gave him no

  Their knees and ankles were spread and firmly anchored to the sides of the
box, arms alongside their asses, and firmly strapped to the floor of the box. An
inflated plug was in each of their asses. A catheter ran from their pissholes to
a large, rubber bag mounted between their legs. Inflateable gags were in their
mouths, and inflated. Breathing tubes were run down through their nostrils and
attached to vents on the outside of the box. Finally a strap was run over the
forehead to anchor the heads in place. When all was set, he looked down into
Tammy's pleading eyes. He pulled out one of the syringes that the Doctor had
given him, stuck it in her arm, and depressed the plunger. He smiled at her and
told her,

  "Have a good flight."

  Then he placed the wooden lid on the box and screwed it down. Slut-mom's eyes
were even more pitiful. As he injected the drug into her, he patted her head and

  "Take good care of her, Mom."

Then he screwed the lid down on her box

  He opened the garage door so the movers could remove the crates, and he took
Rachel in the house. He still had some time before they had to leave.  He made
her kneel at the living room window, her chin resting on the sill. He was
lubricating her ass and playing with her dripping cunt.

  The moving van pulled up. He opened Rachel's mouth and made her hold a riding
crop between her teeth. As the movers wheeled the first box into the truck, he
slid the entire length of his thumb into her ass and his outstretched fingers
into her cunt. As the second box was wheeled into the truck, he pulled his hand
out of her and poised his erection at her asshole. The movers were getting into
the truck now, and he was sliding into Rachels sweet, spreading asshole. As the
truck drove away, he buried himself up to his balls, leaned back and pulled her
to him, picking Rachel up by the backs of her knees. He carried her, impaled, up
the stairs. He glanced at the clock on the wall. Perfect, the bank didn't open
for another hour yet.


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