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Synopsis: Born into a family practicing Female Supremacy and raised to be my Sister's property. Locked into a chastity device upon hitting puberty and never granted release, i become a complete slave. Read about my training and service to Females.

                                    Born And Raised as my Sister's Total slave

                                      By slave2MsJuana

                                       Dedicated to Mistress Juana and Female Supremacy

i was raised in a Female Dominated home. my Mother is a firm believer in Female Supremacy and trained Her family in this way. me and my father were to always bow down to Mother and my Sisters. my dad was my Mother's personal slave since before i was even born. i found out that my dad wasn't even allowed to have sex with Mother since a few years before i was conceived. my conception was done thru artificial insemnation. i have 3 sisters and i am the only boy in the family. i was taught from birth that i am to always show Females utmost respect and that no matter what was asked of me i was to do it. my sisters were always to be addressed properly by me. i am 25 as i write this and Miss Ashley is now 30 years old, and very incredible looking. She is 5'5" 117 pounds and happens to be extremely controlling and sadistic. Miss Jessica is 27, about 5'7" weighing about 220 pounds and good looking for Her size. Of course with the way i was brought up, every Female to me looks very good. Miss Jessica has a lifepartner, also a Female Supremacist and They own 2 male slaves together. Mistress Sara is the One that i will talk about the most. She is 21 now, 5'7" about 160 pounds, very strong and sadistic FemDomme. i have been Her bitch since She was born and She loves to make me pay to this day for being a male. Anyways, my Mother had decided that my role in life should be to pay for the sins of my gender and when i hit puberty, She promptly put my cock in a chastity device. i have never been allowed to cum or have any sexual intercourse. i dont even get to touch myself, other than to wash and shave. Mistress Sara is my Owner to this day. i spend every day doing my duty to see to it that She is happy. Back to my childhood tho. Mother always taught U/us that Females are the Supreme Being in life and males should always know that to be within Female presence is reward enough. She taught my Sisters that i, like all other men, am just an object for Their pleasure. She ordered from early on that i was not allowed at table with the Ladies. Instead, i was to clean my Sister's feet while they ate and my father was serving my Mother as She ate. me and my father did all the work around the house. i was a very good cook by the time i was 15. i only owned 1 set of clothes just in case i ever needed to leave the house. me and my father were kept naked and when we weren't busy doing chores or serving, we both were restrained until further use. Mother had father's cage in Her bedroom and he was only allowed to sleep there. father had inherited a rather large sum of money before him and Mother ever met so there was never a need for him to work outside the home. When i was about 14, i started to hit puberty. Mother right away made sure my cock was in a chastity device and locked up. She gave each of my Sisters a key and told Them that they were to only unlock it if They wished to torture me there. It didnt take long for me to actually enjoy hearing the lock click back shut knowing that the pain would subside, at least for a little bit. Mother pierced my cock when i was 14. She said that males should be grateful to have a slave piercing at such a young age. i agreed wholeheartedly with Her. i had my nipples pierced and 4 more cock piercings by the time i turned 15. Mother decided 15 is a good age to start stretching. She started by hanging a 5 pound weight from my nipple chain and 5 pounds on my balls. i thought that was all She wished to stretch, but as She suspended me up in the air, i felt something cold invading my tight virgin asshole. Mother had a hoist that would lift me up in air suspending me for as long as She wished. This was my first experience with it. The higher it lifted me, the wider the plug going in my ass got. By the time She decided i was up high enough, i was beyond screaming and crying. i still knew enough to thank Her for at least allowing lube right now and also to thank Her for allowing me in Her presence. i was suspended up like this for about 2 hours, or so i am guessing. It seemed like 2 weeks. Then Mother and Miss Sara came downstairs so Mother could show Miss Sara how i was to be used. This is really the first time Miss Sara had ever seen anything like this and by the look in Her eye, i knew right away that She loved it. Mother took off the weights on my cock and balls, as She told Miss Sara that if they were left on there any longer that i would have been permanently damaged and that Mother wasnt ready for that yet. my nipple weights were left in place and Mother decided that the hoist should go up a little more. As i screamed in agony, thru my tears, i could hear Miss Sara ask "Mother, which button makes the bitch go up higher?" Mother showed Her and all of a sudden, i am going up even more. i could feel the blood coming out of my asshole as it split open for Mother's plug. Finally, when i had determined that death would be a million times better than this, Miss Sara decided it was deep enough. Mother was laughing and saying to Miss Sara "I cant believe We got that up there 9 inches deep and 3 and a half inches around on the first time. Look at all that blood! I was gonna be easy with him but You just forced it. Good Girl, Sara." At that point i told Mother and Miss Sara both "Thank You for spending some of Your valueable time with me." Mother told me that She would be back soon but that i was going to be impaled like that until morning and i should be happy for the attention. She said She was going to bring me some supper and i was going to have to eat there while impaled like that. i didnt even try to argue. Mother had taught me long ago that anytime a Female wants something, i am to just go along with it and never ask why or object to it but just accept it and be thankful that i was of some use to Her. i was impaled for about another hour when Miss Ashley, then 19, and Miss Jessica, 16 came down to see what Miss Sara was laughing about. Miss Ashley had recently taken on a job at a tattoo and piercing shop and was determined to have some fun already. Having already been told by Mother that when Miss Sara was old enough, i was going to be Her property, Miss Ashley decided to tattoo me with "Miss Sara's bitch" right across my stomach above my cock. Miss Jessica spent the whole time inserting needles in my cock and binding up my freshly stretched balls really tight. Then, Miss Jessica started to crush them with a special clamp my Mother had purchased for this purpose. Laughing as i squalled, Miss Jessica tightened them even tighter and stepped back and started to slap them hard and furious. She continued with this for about 20 minutes before Mother came downstairs to bring me some supper. i never got to eat real food but tonight i did. Mother told me how proud She was that i was being such a good bitch and decided that i earned some real food. my father had cooked hamburgers for the Females that night and i actually got to eat real hamburgers but only after Miss Jessica and Miss Ashley had taken them and wiped their asses and pussies with it. i was used to eating lots of dog food and such that had been seasoned with Their piss and shit so this really wasn't a problem. Miss Jessica fed me, leaving my cock bleeding with the needles in it and my balls throbbing from the crusher. i was just thankful that i got to eat. After i finished, i realized how well Mother had planned this hoist system. With my ass being up in the air and cruelly impaled, my face was actually positioned just beneath Miss Jessica's big beautiful ass and Miss Jessica desired some oral service. This was the first time i had been made to perform such an act altho i had known the time was coming and was eagerly anticipating being of some use. i started licking as best as i could around Her asshole and all of a sudden i felt the snap of a whip on my balls. "boy, you better lick harder and get right in the hole, bitch." i couldnt even scream out or i would get it again. i just dove right in and licked as furiously as i could. i could feel blood running from my crushed and whipped balls but i just kept on licking. When She decided i was done, Miss Ashley wanted in. So Miss Ashley stood in front of me, spread Her asscheeks and i started in again. Miss Ashley had me lick Her ass for about 30 minutes before She decided that She was done. i thanked Them both for the dessert as They released the crusher and left me suspended there for the night. Needless to say, i did not sleep at all that night. It was a very long, brutal night that i will never in my life forget. The following morning, Mother came downstairs and told me how this was nothing compared to what all will eventually be done. i told Mother how happy i was that Her and my Sisters enjoyed Themselves with me. She laughed and said "boy, I knew you were going to like this." i told Her how much i looked forward to learning even more and how eager i was to make Her and all Females happy. "Good" She said "because You are going to be Your younger Sister's personal property once She is old enough to use You. And dont think for a second that you are going to ever get to have sex because having sex with your Sister would be wrong. Besides, that would defeat your purpose and place in life." i agreed with Her. She then put a collar on my neck and locked it up. The collar was black and had "Miss Sara's slut" written on the front in pink stitching. Then, She put a leash on it and told me i was to follow Her upstairs. W/we went then into the living room and She announced that my initiation had begun and that i was to be trained to serve in every way They ever desired. She announced that since Miss Sara was too young yet to know what She wanted me to be trained for, Mother decided it best for me to be trained in everything Miss Sara could ever want. i was kneeling behind Mother when Miss Jessica and Miss Ashley decided that since my ass was now free i should be plugged, bullwhipped, and then caned for a start. Mother laughed and said "well, what are we waiting for?" i was cuffed up to the cross and Miss Ashley and Miss Sara both started to whip me. "Count them." Mother commanded. i started counting each stinging blow. Miss Ashley was using a 4 foot whip that stung really bad and i could tell it was leaving some wicked welts but Miss Jessica had Her beat. Miss Jessica had a 6 foot blacksnake whip that cut with every blow and She knew how to swing it very good. Most of the blows were cutting my ass open and also hitting my slave balls. i was screaming as i counted. Miss Ashley stopped at 50 but Miss Jessica wasnt going to let me off that easy. i kept counting as She shredded my ass with Her brutal blows...100...125...150..then She stopped. At this point my ass was shredded and welted really bad but that wasnt going to stop them from giving me the caning. Mother decided to administer this one for me. "bitch, count them." She ordered. Then She mercilessly caned my shredded and welted ass as i screamed out. She stopped at 50, and then bent me over a bench set up. Miss Jessica was ready. The plug was ripped out harshly. i was relieved, for a split second. Then, Miss Jessica rammed Her 11 inch strap on in my ass in one thrust. i squalled and tried to pull away, which made Mother very angry and She came in front of me and made me clean Her ass with my tongue to shut me up. Miss Jessica was really giving it to me good and hard. She kept pulling it out so She could thrust it back in. Mother pulled away and Miss Ashley came in front of me. She had on a 8 inch strapon and commanded me to start sucking it. After about 2 hours of this, They Both stopped and pulled away. Mother thrust the plug back in my ass and told me i am going to wear a plug all the time from now on. i thanked the Females for allowing me to serve and Mother stood me up and cuffed me back up on the cross, but this time i was facing Them. Then, i had a gag thrust in my mouth and a blindfold put on. i could hear Mother put an iron in the fireplace. i was pretty sure this was going to be hard for me but i knew my place and knew that i was going to take it. i had 15 pound tied to my balls this time and had 10 to my nipples. i felt the weights ripping at my ballsack and tried to scream from behind the gag. It was no use. The more i tried to resist, the more the weights moved and hurt. i decided it would be best to hold still. Then i felt a searing pain right next to my balls on my thigh as Mother branded me with a "S".  If i could have screamed i would have. i had never imagined pain like that in my life! Mother didnt leave the weights on much longer and i was put in my cage for the night. As i lay there thinking about what all had transpired the last few days i realized how deep my commitment was and how much more i was willing to be put thru for my Mother and eventually my younger Sister. At this point, laying in my cage, bruised, broken, bleeding, and freshly tattooed and branded, i realized how lucky i am to be able to serve in such a manner. With these thoughts, i fell asleep.

More To Come if You like this story, i will keep writing it

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