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Meeting Mistress Lynne

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Synopsis: A husband and wife, newly into BDSM meet a woman who teaches her how to better dominate him.

     My wife and I had been together for several years before we got married. By the third year of marriage, sex with my wife had grown a bit boring. She is absolutely gorgeous and is great in bed. It was just the same old things over and over.

     The night that she suggested we try some bondage, was spectacular. She had tied me spread eagle on our bed with some old ties of mine. After making sure I couldn't get loose, she straddled my face. I spent the next hour or so licking her to orgasm after orgasm. The whole time she was both teasing and tormenting my cock and balls. She would tease my cock to the point of cumming and them lightly smack my balls to "cool me down". With my face buried beneath her pussy, I couldn't complain much. 

     Making me beg her to let me cum ended up being a real turn on for her. She had a glimmer in her eyes that I hadn't seen before. She climbed on top of me and slid my cock into her dripping pussy. She rode me furiously. We came together, and as we did, she took my nipples in her hands and twisted them hard. It sent a whole new wave of pleasure down my spine. My body shook as wave after wave of immense pleasure washed over me. Never had I cum so hard. The next morning she woke me up wanting to play again and I happily agreed.

     So naturally, what started out as a fun little game, turned into an all of the time thing. She had decided that if we were going to have sex, I was going to be tied up. Period. End of story. I wasn't complaining. Although it was a little painful at times, our sex life was never better. We were having sex more frequently too. She began ambushing me in different areas of the house. She would walk up to me with a fistful of rope and demand that I strip. Once I was tied to her satisfaction, she would proceed to have her way with me. I was in heaven.

     For a couple months our little game satisfied my wife, but eventually she wanted more. We eventually joined a local BDSM group. I was a bit reluctant, not too happy about sharing our little domination and submission secret in public. Of course, in the end she won and we went to the meeting. We ended up meeting many people with similar interests. It was nice to chat with others about our experiences, not humiliating as I had thought.

     Then we met Mistress Lynne. She was hosting the group from the basement of her beautiful home. A basement that resembled a medieval dungeon. The walls were red and black and the floor was covered with a gray industrial carpet. There were all kinds of strange furniture in the room. Leather covered benches, a large wooden cross, and a leather covered bed were place on different sides of the room. The walls were covered with all kinds of whips, paddles, and leather restraints.

     Mistress Lynne was an incredibly sexy woman. She was very charismatic too. She and my wife hit it off right away. The two were chatting like old friends in no time. During the course of the evening, Mistress Lynne had offered to personally help my wife learn the ropes, so to speak. My wife happily accepted. At that moment, my life forever changed.

     We met with Mistress Lynne the next week at our house. At her request, I was bound hand and foot and forced to kneel on the floor while she discussed a few things concerning my wife's domination over me. When Mistress Lynne began talking about my total submission I started to protest, but she slapped me across the face, told me to shut up and strapped a ball gag in my mouth.

     To my astonishment, my wife didn't protest. She simply looked at me and shook her head as if to say "serves you right for speaking out of turn". I knelt there listening to Mistress Lynne talk about all of the painful things she was going to show my wife how to do to me. Mistress Lynne decided they would start with some bondage. For the next hour, my body was stretched, pulled and bent into all kinds of positions. The ropes were tight and in each position, I was totally helpless. Mistress Lynne really knew how to immobilize someone.

     The bondage lesson ended and they left me in a strict, back arching hogtie. Mistress Lynne rolled me over so I was lying on my back, on top of my bound arms and legs. With my hips pressing up in the air, she took the liberty to show my wife a few techniques in CBT. Cock and ball bondage, pinching, slapping, twisting. Never had I felt pain like that before. Never. Within one minute she had me screaming into my gag.

     My wife practiced everything she learned, every night for the following week. I spent many hours tightly tied up while my sexy wife teased and tortured me. Her favorite position was that uncomfortable hogtie. She would roll me on to my back and sit on my face, forcing me to worship her beautiful pussy while she focused her attention on my cock and balls. Her new favorite trick was to use her pinkie nail and scrape the sensitive skin inside my urethra. I struggled against the ropes that held me, but Mistress Lynne had taught her well. There was no way I was going to get loose until my wife wanted to release me. All I could do was lie there and endure it.

     When she grew tired of playing with me, she climbed off of my face and onto my cock. She fucked the hell out of me, her thrusts crushing my tightly bound body beneath her. We both had monstrous orgasms in the end.

     Midweek I was informed that we would be staying at Mistress Lynne's for the entire weekend. When we arrived Friday evening, I was forced to strip naked and led to her dungeon. My hands were cuffed together and were hoisted by a chain above my head. My ankles were cuffed wide apart to rings in the floor. A two inch wide studded leather collar was locked around my neck and a gag shaped like a penis was stuffed into my mouth and buckled tight. Then my body was shaved smooth. Only the hair on my head was left. It was an odd sensation having my balls bare. It had me feeling very naked and exposed. Lastly, a pair of nasty nipple clamps with a chain between them were placed on my nipples.

     For the rest of the evening, Mistress Lynne taught my wife about corporal punishment. I was whipped, cropped, caned, spanked and paddled. At the end of the lesson, Mistress Lynne put a chastity belt on me, cuffed my hands behind my back, and locked me inside a small steel cage on the floor. The two women left me in the dungeon and went upstairs, saying they'd be back in "a while". "A while" ended up meaning the following morning.

     I awoke the next morning in a good deal of pain. My legs were severely cramped and my arms were numb from being cuffed behind me for so long. The rest of my body felt like one big bruise. When the two women entered I was released and given a half hour to stretch, shower and clean up. I spent the rest of the day bound either on the floor with rope or strapped to one wooden apparatus or another. They manipulated me through both pain and pleasure. The pain was a good motivator for getting me to say and do all kinds of humiliating things. The day ended with me locked back into the chastity belt, my hands cuffed behind me and then locked in the tiny cage for the night.

     I spent most of Sunday tied spread eagle on the bed. I was told that they had planned a big surprise for me at the end of the day. They took turns first torturing and then sensually teasing my my cock and balls. As one of them "played" with me, the other was straddling my face, forcing me to lick her to orgasm. I licked their pussies for hours.

     Mistress Lynne owned a nasty penis whip. Each one of the tails was braided leather and had a knot at the end. The braiding made the tails course. I don't have to tell you how the knot on the ends felt. Every inch of my cock and balls was whipped raw, making them extremely red and sensitive. Mistress Lynne then placed little metal clips all over my cock and balls. They hurt like hell. She flicked at the clips for a bit causing them to bend and move, pulling the skin with them. Mistress Lynne used a riding crop to remove the clips. I didn't see it coming with my wife's pussy being ground into my face. The crop connected with the clip and tore it from my already sensitive skin. I scream into my wife's pussy. They laughed at me and continued to remove the clips. Some came off with one swing of the crop, some did not. 

     Mistress Lynne and my wife took a short break to let me recover a bit. When they resumed, they switched places. Now I was forced to lick Mistress Lynne's pussy while my wife had her way with my cock and balls. She poured oil all over my cock and began a long, slow mind blowing tease. She paid particular attention to the head of my cock. She kept me on the edge for what seemed like forever, but never let me cum.

     The end of the afternoon had come and it was time for my surprise. I was bent over a leather covered bench and tightly strapped down. As Mistress Lynne finished tightening the last strap, my wife stepped in front of me and gave me my first view of my surprise. An eight inch dildo was strapped to her hips. She said that today was the day I was going to lose my virginity. I struggled to get away but as always, I couldn't move a muscle. She wanted me to beg her to fuck my ass. I refused. I certainly did not want to have that monster dildo inside me. My wife took my head in my hands and told me sweetly that I was going to beg for it whether I wanted to or not.

     With that, Mistress Lynne began assaulting my ass with a wooden paddle. She told me that the beating would not stop until I begged both for forgiveness for my defiance and to be fucked up the ass. It was a battle that I could never win. I was still very sore form the day before. Each swat of that paddle seemed to increase in intensity. By the seventh swat I was crying. By the fifteenth swat I was begging them to forgive and then fuck me. After I was done, Mistress Lynne gave me another "five of her best" to make an even twenty strokes before putting the paddle down. 

     My ass was given no quarter as my hole was lubed and my wife began to push her cock into my ass. She was gentle about the initial insertion, gently sliding in and out, a little further each time. The pain was intense. I felt like I was being split in two. But after that beating with the paddle, I had no will to fight the inevitable. When my wife finally got her cock all the way inside me, she held me by the hips and began slowly moving the entire length of the dildo in and out of me. She gradually gained speed until she was literally slapping her hips against my battered and bruised ass cheeks. I sniffled and cried while my wife had her way with my ass. To my genuine surprise I stayed rock hard the entire time.

     When my wife was done raping me, I was again tied spread eagle on the bed. Mistress Lynne and my wife both stripped and climbed on top of me. To my amazement, they began kissing and fondling each other. They had sex on top of me for the next hour or so, both of them cumming repeatedly. I was all but forgotten lying tied down beneath them, forced to watch, listen and smell another woman fuck my wife. God it was exciting.

     We left Mistress Lynne's with me still naked, handcuffed and locked into that damned chastity belt. I needed to cum so badly. I wasn't permitted to speak, only listen as my wife detailed the changes that were going to take place in our marriage. Things like all domestic duties were now mine. She would make all of the household decisions from then on. I was to be naked at all timed. Only my collar and chastity belt were to be worn. I was only allowed to wear clothes when I was to go outside of the house. My body was to remain hairless or I would be severely punished. 

     I was to be kept in chastity as well. Orgasms were now to be totally controlled by her. She was going to discipline me whenever she saw fit. Harsh punishments were to be administered for bad behavior. Any spare time I had between my job and my daily chores would be spent in tight bondage with, more than likely, her sitting on my face.

     It's now a year later and I am still a slave to my wife. I love her with all of my being. She is the center of my universe and I would be lost without her. We still see Mistress Lynne every week. She and my wife have become the best of friends and I spent many long hours both in their ropes and under their lashes. Mistress Lynne has trained my wife to be a very sadistic woman. A lady to be loved and respected, but also feared. One look from her can cause my knees to shake.

     My wife has recently been allowing some of her friends to use me as a release from their daily frustrations. She allows them to beat me, fuck my ass, and lick them to as many orgasms as they can stand. The one rule is that under no circumstances am I to be allowed to cum. It was humiliating at first, having her friends find out that I was tied up, disciplined, and sexually denied daily by my wife. But I really don't mind so much anymore. My wife has some very, very hot and sexy friends.

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