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The Thralldom Sperm Donation Center

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Synopsis: A single male who visits a semen donation facility finds himself bound into mindless slavery after one visit. He discovers a hazy world of agonizing pleasure....from which there is no escape.

The Thralldom Sperm Donation Center

This story is intended as sexual fantasy entertainment for adults only.

I was late for my appointment and quite nervous, and glanced at my watch  in panic as I sped through several doors into the main offices of the  large sperm collection center. I had made this appointment months ago and  even with that amount of time for preparation I managed to show up late.  I burst into the main reception area and several men looked up briefly  and then went back to reading their magazines, or pretending to read  their magazines.

The pretty receptionists were very cordial and polite, and the cute  little blond in front looked up at me with a friendly smile on her face.

"I ah....I'm afraid I'm late," I panted, "and I know there's no excuse  but I had this other appointment and....."

She broke in tactfully, smiling all the while.

"It's're still here in time for your appointment."

There was a very pretty woman about in her late thirties standing by the  end of the large reception desk looking over a chart. She wore a long  white lab coat and stethoscope, and seemed friendly in her manner. She  was obviously one of the doctors here, and spoke to the receptionist  briefly, and went through a door to the back area.

"Now, just fill out this sign in sheet sir and you'll be called as soon  as your turn comes up."

The office was very tastefully decorated, with flowered wallpaper and  walnut trim paneling. There were large potted plants around the room and  the beautifully appointed decor gave the area a fresh invigorating  ambience.

I filled out the sheet and smiled lightly at the pretty young woman, and  found a seat in the waiting area. There must have been fifteen or twenty  males there, mostly in their twenties through thirties, but there were  also a few older gentlemen there who appeared to be at least in their  fifties.

I picked up some boring reading material about health and flipped through  it absently. I was a first time donor and had gone through the  complicated screening process months ago in their test labs. Apparently I  had passed their rigorous criteria, and I was summoned for an appointment  a week ago.

The center offered financial subsidy for services rendered, and this was  to be in the neighborhood of one hundred dollars per deposit. I had all  kinds of curiosities about sperm donation, and assumed that I would be  given either girlie magazines, or erotic videos to view while I whacked  off in some side room.

I was to find that the latest techniques were much more advanced and  prurient, and that the extraction process was far more arcane than I ever  imagined.

A pretty black haired woman in a white lab coat called my name from the  rear entrance, and smiled at me as I made my way to her. She held the  large door open as I passed by her, and her expression was one of  complete acceptance and understanding of my coming masturbatory  appointment.

"Hello, my name is Tricia," she said courteously, "I'll take you to an  examination room."

She led me down the long hallway to an open door on the right, and  motioned me inside. The room was well equipped, and larger than one would  find in the average doctor's office. She sat on a rolling chair beside  the examination table.

"I see that you have never donated before", she said, looking through my  chart..... "You're single, age thirty two, and unencumbered with no  sexual or other relationship at the moment, and you also masturbate  often. Very good."

"It's really quite simple, and you will find the atmosphere here highly  conducive to relaxation and productive sexual arousal."

"This facility is one of the premier centers of it's kind in the world  and we are quite proud of our reputation in the acquisition, storage and  dispensation to appropriate parties, of the male ejaculate that we  specialize in. I would say that we have tens of thousands of frozen  deposits here, and couples from all over the world avail themselves of  our services."

"Also, our large stock of sperm are drawn on extensively by a multitude  of worldwide research organizations, and a great deal of valuable  progress has been made in the field of medicine with the help of our vast  sample catalogue."

"We have a completely unique style of donor collection here which  involves, should I say certain unorthodox methods. We feel that the  quality and quantity of our product is several times richer than in most  places of this kind. You will be aided by two attractive women during  your masturbation sessions, who will just sit in front of you and observe  and comment on your efforts. I know this sounds strange but I think  you'll find it quite erotic."

"We find that this has been proven to be extremely arousing to the males,  and that much heavier, and better quality ejaculate samples are  produced."

"I'm afraid there is a bit of an embarrassment factor here, but once the  males become accustomed to our process, this actually aids in a much more  profound ejaculation event, and a more pleasurable session."

"We also found early on that the richest form of semen is produced by  self masturbation rather than being masturbated by a woman or mechanical  device, and we've designed our program with that in mind. However, we use  all forms of masturbation extraction here, at one time or another,  depending on the specific need."

"Now, first I need to give you a cursory examination before your session.  Please remove all of your clothing, and place them in one of the lockers  on the wall."

"Hmmmm," I offered nonchalantly, "this is a little different than I  imagined."

"All of the men say that", she purred, as she sat there  watching..."you'll get used to it."

I took off every item of clothing and placed them all in a locker, and  finally pulled my shorts down, threw them inside, and stood looking at  her helplessly as she took in my body. I was beginning to develop an  erection and she seemed not to take much notice of it as I turned around  for her several times.

"You have a very nice body, and a nice penis and scrotum too. Now please  stroke lightly for me and bring it to a full erection. You can hold this  tissue underneath in case you start dripping."

I looked at her awkwardly and pulled my foreskin back and forth a few  times and a drop of precum began to drool from the tip. I caught it in  the soft napkin.

My cock became extremely hard as she looked at it, and she gripped it  lightly and gave it a gentle flip. I was so hard it bounced up and down  involuntarily.

"Let me see your testicles," she said quietly, and she pulled them up,  spread them, and examined them carefully. She gripped both of them  expertly, and looked up at me smiling. Her large breasts pushed out from  her white blouse, and this made my dick even more strained, as she  examined my large swollen nuts.

She released them and made some notes in her record chart.

"Ok, you can relax for a few minutes while I speak to your observation  ladies, and I'll be right back."

She left for about ten minutes, and I sat on the exam table and  contemplated the high tech equipment in the room.

* * *

Tricia went into the next room, and the director and assistant director  sat near the session cubicle, preparing for the masturbation appointment.

"Is he the one?", Tricia asked expectantly.

"Absolutely", Nichole smiled, "please bring him in."

The director had been anticipating this appointment with great  excitement. This particular donor had scored astronomically in the  perfection of his seminal fluid, DNA quality, and several other factors,  and there were probably only ten males in the world with his exquisite  qualifications. This was extremely rare, almost unheard of. She didn't  intend to lose him, and must use extraordinary measures to insure that.  His seminal fluid could potentially be worth billions of dollars over  time, if marketed properly, and much more, could result in actual miracle  cures for many kinds of diseases."

"He's ready for you mam, and he seems quite aroused already."

"Good Tricia, give him an injection of Ejactrin and bring him in please."

Ejactrin was a revolutionary new kind of aphrodisiac and hypnotic trance  magnifier developed during the past few years. It had been declared  illegal in many countries but supplies of it could still be obtained  through certain underground distributorships. The exotic drug enhanced  hypnosis and sexual arousal by a factor of ten, and in effect, made the  hypnotic process irreversible. The center used it only sparingly, and  only for something of prime importance.

Tricia returned to the exam room and smiled broadly at the 'celebrity  donor'. He had no idea whatever of his importance to the center, or of  the coming acquisition of his will by determined women, and the  irreversible change that would take over his life completely.

"Alright Jim," she cooed, "I'm going to give you an injection to relax  you, it will make you feel quite comfortable."

"Sit please."

I sat on the padded exam table and she rolled next to me. She swabbed my  arm thoroughly and held the hypodermic upward, injecting a small quantity  of fluid in the air. She looked at me for a moment, a strange perversion  in her eyes, and then gently slid the needle under my skin and introduced  the special drug into my bloodstream, swabbing again after.

I didn't feel much at first, then a very unique warming sensation came  over me and I breathed in heavily, and exhaled slowly, as a deep calming  soothed my senses.

"There you go Jim, now please come with me."

I got up and she led me through the door to the next room as she rubbed  her hand lightly over my buttocks. Two women were there, both very  attractive, and probably in their thirties. Their bodies were quite  impressive, and each wore a tight business suit, their skirts  accentuating a well formed ass. They smiled warmly...."Hello Jim, welcome  to our center, I just know we are going to have a long and productive  relationship."

"My name is Nichole, and I'm the director of the facility, and this is my  assistant, Heidi."

I shook hands with them and Tricia led me inside the cubicle. She had me  sit in a special seat, designed specifically for this purpose. I was  still in control of my faculties but felt myself sinking into an  intractable sense of lust, and my dick bobbed awkwardly as I sat down.  Tricia pulled my ankles apart, and fastened metal clamps around them, and then secured them with padlocks, so that  my legs were spread, and I was sitting back in the unique seat which  forced my cock to protrude upward. Despite this, however, it was actually  quite comfortable.

"Don't worry babe, this is just to make the session a little more fun",  she whispered.

Directly in front of me were two seats, and there were various  instruments and devices nearby. Tricia left and went back into the  examination office. The two beautiful women, Nichole and Heidi eased into  the cubicle area and sat in front of me. They were a few feet away, and  shifted until they were comfortable.

Their tight skirts rode up a bit and I could almost see between their  well formed legs. Their breasts were magnificent, and were well exposed.  I could smell a delicate perfume, and another very faint and familiar  odor, and had no doubt that it was feminine in origin.

They placed a clear plastic receptacle in front of me, so that all semen  from my ejaculation would be captured. It had an upward slanting feature  on the opposite end to insure that a powerful spurt of fluid would not  overshoot and be lost. I lay there, breathing more heavily now, and  Nichole spoke softly......

"Jim, we want you to relax and enjoy yourself here, and we want you to  completely let yourself go and get into your masturbation. We're very  experienced at this and I should also tell you that it really makes us  hot."

Nichole shifted slightly and I could see her panties when her tight skirt  moved further upward.

She smiled at me and picked up a small vibrator with a pull string at one end. She then applied a lubricant to her finger and reached down, sliding it slowly into my anus. Then she slid the vibrator in, and shoved it upward into my rectum.

I squirmed slightly, and shifted my hips as the stimulator began to vibrate inside me, and she looked at me with an intensity that was startling to me.

"Before we begin Jim, I want to put you into a deeper state of relaxation  to make the session more effective and enjoyable. Ok now, just let go  completely, and let your stress fade away. I want you to look at this  pendulum and watch the hand as it swings back and forth."

I was very relaxed indeed, by now, and let my eyes follow the pendulum  arm as it alternated from one side to the other. It was relatively easy,  and the regular swinging motion of the arm, as well as the tick, tick,  tick, became very soothing to me within a short time.

I was mesmerized by the women, and their perfume made me even more  intoxicated.

"Watch the arm Jim....back and forth...back and forth....back and forth."

"It is so relaxing very, very soothing to you, and you can't  help feeling very, very good and at ease. Listen to the steady tick,  tick, tick of the calming, so soothing."

"You are beginning to fall into a profound state of relaxation, and rest,  and you can't stop it. You must watch the wonderful pendulum, the  constantly moving pendulum....back and forth...back and forth...back and  forth."

"Just focus on my voice Jim, my soothing voice, and the sound of the  ticking, and let yourself trust and listen, and focus on what I say, and  nothing else."

"Deeper and deeper, more and more relaxed, feeling very, very sleepy. You  must close your eyes now Jim because they are so very heavy. Tick, tick,  tick....hear the steady tick of the are falling into a  deep sleep, wonderful relaxing sleep, you cannot stop it, deep, deep  sleep."

"You hear only my voice, you are able to give yourself up to me and trust  me completely, and without reservation. Deeper and deeper into a  wonderful can trust me completely, deep rest, deep  slumber...wonderful sleep, no stress or worry, just complete sleep and  relaxation."

"Now lets's go into an even deeper state of rest Jim. Total, and complete  relaxation, you hear only my voice, only my voice. You feel so at ease  listening to me. You will obey my voice totally and completely, without  reservation. Deep, deep sleep....deep, deep sleep."

"You can hear nothing but the sound of my voice and the steady ticking of  the pendulum. Obey my words, obey every word I say....deeper and  deeper....deeper and deeper into sleep. You are now in a state of very  restful trust only my hear only my voice."

"You feel wonderful, and are completely bound by my voice."

"Deep sleep....deep sleep....deep sleep."

"Now Jim...listen very carefully to must listen to me closely,  and obey completely...obey me you understand?"

"Yes...yes mam....obey you completely

"We must make a few changes in your life...isn't that right Jim?"

"Y..Yes Nichole."

"You are going to listen and obey every single word and command from me,  is that true?"

"Yes mam", I obey every word...every command."

"First of all you must not have sex of any kind from now on, except when  you are masturbating  for that clear?"

"Yes more sex."

"You will masturbate at least once every fifteen minutes while at home,  and will cause yourself to ejaculate, if possible?"

"Yes mam...I will masturbate.....every fifteen minutes, and ejaculate."

"You will take several small video cameras home with you and install them  in every room of your that not true?"

"Yes Nichole....I will install the video cameras in each room of my  house."

"You will not even be aware mentally that they are that  correct?"

"Yes mam...I will not be aware of the.....cameras."

"You will remain nude at all times while at this true?"

"Yes Nichole...I....will remain.....nude at all times....when home."

"You will take all of the medications and supplements that we send with  you...and you will take them each day exactly as prescribed by  that true?"

"Yes....I will take all medications and supplements.....exactly as you  say."

"You are working here for us now....and you will be very well paid."

"Yes mam...working for you...well paid."

"Therefore you will not need your regular job and you will quit that job  at that true?"

"Yes...mam...I....quit....quit my job and work here."

"You will think this is a great opportunity and will love the idea. You  will be perfectly comfortable with this arrangement."

"Yes Nichole....I will be happy with this arrangement."

"Jim, we are going to begin a conditioning process using pain,  that will  lead to your requirement for, and addiction to,  physical suffering to  produce ejaculation, if that clear to you?"

"I....uh......yes....Nichole....physical....suffering for ejaculation."

"When we abuse you physically, you will immediately become extremely  aroused, and feel the need to ejaculate, and you will crave more and more  of this treatment as time goes by, is that clear?"

"When I bring you awake again you will be in a deeply aroused state, and  will respond to your masturbation duties with great that  true Jim?"

"Yes...will be in.....aroused state."

"Listen carefully Jim...from now on whenever you hear me say the  words...'pain slave', you will immediately fall into a deep hypnotic  trance, and be ready for any command that I give you....right?"

"Yes Nichole...when I hear 'pain slave' I will fall into a deep trance  and be ready for commands."

"Good! When I bring you awake you will remember nothing consciously about  what you have been told to do while asleep, but you will obey all these  hidden instructions absolutely, and to the letter. You will be unable to  do anything else. You will be highly aroused and ready to masturbate for  us when you are fully alert again."

"Yes mam...I remember nothing.....will feel aroused and ready to  masturbate."

"I'm going to count backward from ten now, and when I reach one, you will  be completely awake, and feel refreshed, and extremely hot and horny."

"Yes Nichole."

"'re slowly beginning to awaken....nine.....slowly coming  awake....eight.....more and more aware and slowly  to full consciousness....six.....more're  awakening.....four.....more and more're nearly  awake.....two.....coming to a waking state, your eyes, you  are fully awake now. You feel very refreshed and very, very excited  sexually."

* * * * * * * * *

When I opened my eyes it was as if nothing had happened and I continued  my conversation with them where I had been told to relax. I was so  extremely hot and horny that I was trembling, and my pecker was distended  to a state where it was painful. My balls were so swollen with fluid that  my precum was oozing out and dribbling into the receptacle.

Heidi smiled sarcastically at me.... "Here is some lubricant for your  hand Jim."

"Thank you.....I don't use it most of the time but to tell you the truth  it does feel better that way."

"Oh course it does Jim."

I lubricated my penis and wrapped my fingers around it, and slid my hand  up and down slowly a few times.

Nichole leaned forward a bit and breathed in heavily...."Ok Jim, just  begin jacking off at your own pace, and you can talk to us or ask us  anything while you are masturbating. If you want to use foul or nasty  language it's ok, we like to hear it. And please maintain eye contact  with us at all times, and let us enjoy everything you do."

I massaged my large, full balls as I lightly stroked off. I had about  nine inches and my dick was fully engorged, and extended to it's tightest  state. I stared at the stunning women, breathing heavily in a trance of  lustful need.

"Hmmmmm.....Jim....rub under your cockhead rapidly, it's a very tender  spot."

I did as she asked, and buffed the entire underside of my penis. It was  on fire with pleasure and I began to pump my hips in a fucking motion as  I groaned at them. I stroked my pecker up and down in a regular motion,  and looked at them, totally preoccupied by my rapturous gratification.

She pulled her skirt all the way up exposing her panties. I could see a  large bulge of pussy hair in her crouch area, and she was breathing  erratically as she moved her face close to mine.

Her magnificent tits were open completely for me to enjoy.

She held my chin in her hand momentarily, and smiled deeply into my eyes.

Suddenly she lashed out as hard as possible with her hand, and slapped  the right side of my face.

I sat there paralyzed with shock and surprise, as she hauled back and  whacked the other side of my face just as hard.

I went limp for a moment, and looked at her, unable to focus. I suddenly  felt a strange and overwhelming fire in my balls and cock, and my  dripping pecker jerked uncontrollably several times as I grunted.

"Beat your fucking dick off, I didn't tell you to stop!"

I was twisted in a state of convulsive lust as I wanked my large pecker  rapidly, and grunted and breathed in lust as I looked into her eyes.

She picked up a shock device and I was helpless to stop her as she  pressed it firmly to the inside of my leg. A vicious tearing pain ripped  my skin as she fired it into me, and I screamed and pulled against the ankle clamps as  my cock became locked  into a powerful muscle spasm. It stood out so intensely I thought my  cockhead would split from the pressure.

It was frightening, but I could not stop servicing my swollen dick, and  stroked the awful looking thing madly as Nichole and Heidi pressed their  faces next to mine.

"Make it spit now!", yelled Heidi.

She took a pair of stainless steel tweezers and began to pull hairs from my  leg.

I screamed involuntarily but only moved my hand faster, and felt a  terrifying orgasm approaching that I could not stop.

Just as I exploded in pleasure Nichole pinched my nose as hard as she  could, and I gasped  from the sharp pain and jerked violently upward. I  pissed thick pulses of milky white fluid into the receptacle, and was  unable to stop the agonizing gusher as it tore from my wide open  pisshole.

I could hear myself grunting and yelping, but the sound was strange to  me, and seemed that it was coming from someone else.


I looked in horror as my thick destended sausage spit endlessly into the  capture bowl. I yelped each time it erupted, and looked into the lustful  eyes of Nichole, who was now pinching my nipples painfully, while she  leered at me with a sick enjoyment.

They both looked into my eyes from a few inches away and enjoyed the  total abandoning of my modesty and self esteem for their benefit.

The deep humiliation I felt could not be described, and after what must  have been three solid minutes of continuous ejaculation, I slumped down  in exhaustion, and breathed short half breaths, almost unable to recover  from the indescribable trauma. My balls were in agony with a  sharp,  aching pain, and my blood raw prick was still semi hard, oozing a clear  fluid.

As I lay there gasping in horror, they put their fingers into the semen  and smelled it and tasted it.

"Ummmmm......very nice quality Heidi....better than I've ever seen  before, said the excited Nichole....and he could not stop ejaculating  once he began. Excellent!"

I looked at them blankly and could not speak, totally in shock from my  outrageous and copious ejection. The pool of white cream in the  receptacle was still warm as Nichole removed it, and took it with her.  They looked impassively at me as they left, and soon Tricia came in and  released me from all my attachments, and took me back into the examination room.

"Very good Jim...very nice load for your first time. You've done  extremely well.

I sat on the table unable to function as she took a damp  towel and wiped my dick and balls off, and she brought my clothes to me.  I began to dress as she wrote on her chart, and when I was fully clothed  she took my temperature and pulse. She wrote the results down and looked  at me with a friendly smile.

"Now you understand exactly what you must do at home?"

I looked at her, unconcerned about anything but her voice, and nodded my  head in the affirmative.

"Yes mam."

She got up and retrieved a box about eighteen inches square from a cabinet.

"These are compact state of the art video camera transmitters Jim... you  are to install these in every room of your house, it's easy to do. There  are instructions for this inside. You know that you have to do this don't  you Jim?"

I paused momentarily...and stared vacuously at her...."Yes mam....I must  install them in each room."

"There are also special aphrodisiac vaporizers to be mounted in each  room, and refilled as per instructions."

"And you will remain naked at all times while at home and masturbate  yourself to completion, if possible, every fifteen minutes while you are  awake, you will store any semen deposits in the refrigerator, in the  small glass containers provided. Even if you produce only a few drops,  you must refrigerate them, is that clear?"


"You will use the magazines and videos provided in the box for your  masturbation fantasies."

"Yes I....yes I understand."

"There are also medications and supplements inside that you must take  each day...exactly as written in the instructions."


"You will quit your job tomorrow, and not return to your place of  employment."

"I will quit....tomorrow...."

"You will find phone numbers inside that you may call to contact Dr.  Nichole or her staff in the event that you have a problem with your  medications, or an excessively extended erection that becomes painful, or any other problem.  You will remain in contact at all times for any unusual difficulty."

"I.....I will remain in contact....if I....have a problem."

"Two nurses will visit each day to collect the deposits, and to continue  your conditioning program. You are to obey them absolutely, and  mindlessly."

"You are expected to produce more semen within a few days as time passes,  and if you do not, you will be punished by our two nurses. You will go  about your life as usual, but must leave your apartment only for basic living items, you will talk to no one unnecessarily, and must come back  as soon as possible and continue your masturbation duties. You will never  have anyone over, and will not answer the door to visitors, except as  absolutely necessary. Do you understand everything I'm saying?"

"Yes mam.......understand."

"Good Jim, I will see you here in one week and you will be given another injection, and   extraction session with Nichole and a member of her staff."

I smiled vacantly at her...." a week."

I took the box and headed out and to my car in the parking lot.

All of this seemed perfectly normal to me now, and I drove home thinking  how hot the ladies were, and how I would enjoy installing the video  cameras and aphrodisiac misting devices. I would make very good money  there, and would not need my old job. What a wonderful thing this all  was. How could I have been so fortunate to be given these astonishing  gifts.

After I arrived home I spent the next few hours working on my assigned  projects. Once I had installed the small video cameras in every room, I  conveniently forgot about them, and mounted the misting vaporizers on the  wall of each living space. Then I went about my normal living habits in  the nude. This also seemed quite normal to me, and the fact that I was  playing with myself three or four times every hour seemed the right thing  to do.

The first evening I brought myself to ejaculation each time I stimulated  myself for the first two or three times, but found I could not cause an  orgasm after that, but continued to beat off desperately every fifteen  minutes according to my instructions.

After a good night's sleep, I masturbated when I woke up, and produced a  fair sized quantity of seminal fluid. I called my employer and told them  I was quitting without notice, and the stream of obscenities I heard over  the phone didn't even phase me.

Again, after two or three very strained  ejaculations, I could not come to orgasm again, but continued my daily  drug and supplement regimen, and made an attempt every fifteen minutes,  as instructed.

The magazines and videos were unusually filthy, and soon I was in a  constant state of sexual arousal due to the erotic misting  machines....and it all seemed quite normal to me. I had to keep a towel  handy constantly because of the dribble of precum, and walked about with  it at all times.

I watched TV the next day and had dinner, and lay there watching a good  movie, as I jacked myself off, and almost achieved orgasm, but could not  quite make it. I carefully placed each deposit of semen that I was able to  produce in the sealed glass vials, numbered them, and stored them in the  refrigerator. I had been given sixty four containers initally, but used  only a few, during jackoff sessions when I was able to produce liquid.

It all seemed very good, and very normal for me. What a marvelous way to  live.

The nurses would be here soon, and I showered and took my medications,  and sat down to watch television and stoke myself off until they arrived.

The Thralldom Sperm Donation Center-part 2

This story is intended as sexual entertainment for adults only

Later that afternoon I heard a knock on my door and raced over to answer. I knew my Sperm Center ladies were coming, and knew also that I had absolute obedience built into my medication, and the painful training session I had experienced at the hands of Nichole and Heidi.

I opened the door and stood back out of sight of the hallway, and two attractive young  nurses in full uniform came in, and closed the door behind them and locked it. I stood looking blankly at them, and my cock was erect and bouncing from my latest masturbation efforts. I hadn't ejaculated yet, and could feel the pressure of my stored semen building inside my swollen balls.

One of them shoved against my back and pushed me along, and over to the couch. They had a briefcase with them, and as I stood next to the sofa, one of them opened it and brought out two flat metal plates. The pretty blond nurse took out a hypodermic syringe, and quickly gave me an injection. The intense warmth that I had experienced at the center the first time took over my mind and body again, and I slipped into an intractable morass of lust and sexual craving.

They spread a waterproof sheet onto the couch, and lay the plates on top in such a way as to make contact with both my buttocks. There were sharp needles protruding from the plates, one on either side, and the dark haired beauty tore open an alcohol swab packet, and cleaned them, looking at me as she carefully soaked and wiped them. She then lay two broad patches of gauze over each needle.

She thoroughly cleaned both my asscheeks, and  stuffed a ballgag in my mouth. She tightened the straps behind my head, and pushed down firmly on my shoulders. I lost my balance and sat down heavily on the surface of the plates, so that the sharp skewers pierced deeply into my skin.

I screamed through the tight mouth gag, and my eyes lit up in agony, as I jerked upward involuntarily. They both held my shoulders down firmly as I squealed and shifted around desperately. Before I knew it the short haired blond nurse had pulled out a condom, and slid it expertly over my rock hard penis.

I squirmed in agony as she did so....the needles were excruciating, and the exquisitely stinging pain was unbearable.

The two sat next to me, one on each side.

"Jack yourself off, now!"

I shook uncontrollably as I fought the urge to move

"You will remain still at all times, and will not move no matter how much pain you may feel."

I nodded blankly, and they held me down firmly as I reached in front of me and began to stroke my dick.

It took every ounce of my will power to remain still. The pain was incredible and they sat back as I grunted in agony, barely able to keep my eyes open as they watered and burned.

"Jack off, now you half wit, whack your dick off"

The cute blond was obviously enjoying my misery, and I watched her lick around her pretty lips as she watched.

I jerked and grunted and tears ran from my eyes as I began to build an up and down rhythm. Soon my hand was sliding quickly around my swollen penis and the sharp pain made me scream into the gag, saliva dribbling from my mouth as I groaned and stroked.

I went into a frenzy of pleasure, and felt my whole body building to an orgasm, and the pain drove me into an insane fit of uncontrolled lust.

I could feel the wetness of blood around my asscheeks, and the cruel needles inflicted an indescribably sharp pain deep into my tortured buttocks.

The dark haired one looked around and into my sweating face as I neared ejaculation, and she licked her lips and breathed heavily, obviously satisfying her perverted sexual needs at my expense.

"Well you can't enjoy pussy anymore jackoff boy,  but you can sure have all kinds of fun playing with that pecker of yours can't you?"

My eyes were glued to theirs, and they looked at me intently as I neared climax.

I was howling through the gag now, sweating and grunting, and pumping my hips up and down as the ejaculation reflex took over, and my eyes opened fully when the massive wad of warm scum blasted out of my pee hole.

I jerked in convulsions of pain, through the intense pleasure, and pumped my cock upward again and again as thick spurts of my gonad milk spit from my gaping pisshole, and filled the condom. I couldn't stop, and they grinned widely as I screamed again and again through the gag, fucking my hips, and forcing out more nut juice, even when there was none.

I stopped and grunted like a pig, gasping and struggling for air, and fell limp, unable to move.

The blond carefully pulled the used condom off my dick, sealed it, and placed it in an iced container, and put it in the suitcase.

They looked at me with amusement.

"Would you like to get up now?"

I nodded my head desperately, and slowly pulled myself upward. The vicious needles slid out, and the relief was incredible. There was stinging, but the agony of the sharp needle tips ripping at my inner tissue was gone.

One of them wiped my asscheeks with an alcohol swab and put Band Aids on the wounds. They removed the blood soaked gauze from the pads, then placed everything back into the case.

I stood there shivering, and they pushed me back down onto the couch. The dark haired nurse pushed my legs apart, and pinched my balls firmly between her fingers.

"It's time for another load", she frowned, "you must stay on schedule."

I was very sore, but obeyed at once, and rubbed the underside of my large penis gently. Within a short time, my dick began to harden again, and I was stroking my hand smoothly up and down as they watched. I flipped my erect cock a few times when it was hard again, and gave it four or five jerks at once, maintaining my masturbation rhythm.

The stunning blond nurse held a collection cup below my penis, and I looked at them intently as I began working toward another orgasm.

"This is all you're going to have from now on", she whispered, "no more fucking for you. You're just too valuable. Bet you're gonna' miss that pussy ain't you?"

The other one was becoming aroused again, and it became apparent that the two were addicted to watching men masturbate.

The dark haired nurse ran her tongue around her glistening lips.....

"We've been watching you....and so have a lot of other people."

I looked at her in puzzlement as I whacked off, and tried to assimilate what she had just said. It didn't quite make sense to me and I let it slide past me.

"Come on boy, get into it. Feels fucking good don't it?"

I was grunting again, and humping my hips as I looked at them, and my eyes were squinted in pleasure as I held my mouth open, gasping and groaning, and they were enjoying every moment, and looked intently at my pisshole as my next ejaculation came over me.

My pecker spit another wad of white scuzz, and the two watched it bubble out and shoot down over my fingers and drip into the collection cup. They looked at my spurting dickhead, and watched intensely as I drooled and jerked uncontrollably. It was a major turn on for them, and I was sure the two were kept quite busy at the center, watching the thing that turned them on most.

I lay there with a pool of cum all over my lower area, and the two young women looked at the mess with pleasure.

They stood, and one of them sealed the cup and took it to the refrigerator.

The dark haired nurse pulled some kind of device from the briefcase, and handed it to me.

"Listen will clip this to your lower scrotum area and flip this switch on each time you jackoff from now on. It is designed to deliver a steady and painful shock to your sack while you are masturbate. Do not masturbate without it from now on. We will know whether you do or not."

She picked up the case and looked down seriously at me.

"Remember,  be sure and jack that dick off every fifteen minutes, do you hear me. You will have to produce more and more semen each week from now on. There will be nurses coming every few days to insure that you are cooperating fully.

If you don't keep up with your quotas you will be punished."

She looked darkly at me...."Don't make us punish you!"

I was convinced of her veracity, and vowed to increase my production capabilities steadily.

I was coming to a point where I could not stop my massive ejaculations once started, and it was actually frightening. It was becoming so intense that my balls became twisted knots of pain when I had completed my load. I was so addicted to this however, and the discomfort producing my orgasms, that I had no choice but to continue.

I was so famished I got a snack from the refrigerator, and lay back on the couch to watch TV. I always had a porn tape in the VHS player or a stack of dirty magazines nearby so that I could easily avail myself of the extra stimulation if needed. My balls were becoming larger over time, of that I was sure. My ejaculations were also becoming thicker and heavier, and the extreme pleasure that I experienced was becoming almost unmanageable.

I could not stop, and I could not escape. My mind was will was gone....and I lived each day in extreme addiction, not quite knowing what it was like to live any other way.

After fifteen minutes I attached the pain device to my lower balls and turned on the switch. It really did hurt quite sharply, and I squirmed and began to go into my heavy pleasure mode, carefully stroking my sore cock to produce an orgasm if possible. The pain almost made it impossible to cum this time, yet conversely, the intense pleasure it produced ultimately began to work on my overactive nuts, and my desperately addicted libido.

It wasn't long before I was spitting my last remaining drops of liquid into one of the small cups. This would be the last for the day, and I would welcome sleep. Tomorrow I knew that my need would increase just that much more, and the whole thing would start again. I took my heavy duty supplements before bedtime, and I knew morning would leave me craving another orgasm.


The Thralldom Sperm Donation Center-part 3

This story is intended as sexual entertainment for adults only.

I was awakened the next morning by a knock on the door and I was still half asleep as I trudged over and opened it. I was to remain naked at all times and hid behind the door looking around to see who it was. One of the nurses who had been there the day before walked briskly in and closed it behind her. She had the small suitcase with her, and I was just a little confused since the usual retrieval nurses were not due again until tomorrow. This nurse and the other yesterday apparently had some higher rank in the organization, were involved with duties of a more important nature.

She looked at my nude body with an muted expression of tolerance, and motioned me over to the sofa. I was bound now by a strong internal obedience mechanism, and the drugs that had been given me had begun to erode my free will significantly. I was in an agitated state of need by now, and my penis stood out fully erect and bounced when I sat down. Precum was dribbling from my pisshole, and I looked at her in frightened anticipation.

"I'm here to pick up your present sperm deposits, and to give you new instructions."

I nodded in deference. If there had been some trace of rebellion left in me, it had become hopelessly buried in my hot quivering sexual needs, and I had to obey and do exactly as told.

"Ok, listen carefully. I'm going to take your semen stock to the center and I have new instructions for you. Give me the testicle shock device."

I got up and retrieved the item from a book shelf, and meekly handed it to her. She looked at me, content with her power over me, and the shameful obedience that I displayed for her. I felt a twinge of my manly ego pulling from inside me, but it was not to be reawakened, and I suspected that in a few months, could never be awakened again.

She reached between my legs and stroked my pecker firmly, and pinched my swollen balls between her fingers. She knew the limits of pressure that she could apply to my tender jewels, and looked at me with an interesting expression on her pretty face.

"Very're beginning to grow, and I suspect that your ejaculate volume is increasing steadily with our supplements."

She released my hot nuts and flipped my penis lightly.

"We're going to try some experimental techniques on you......that will....shall I say.....give your sex equipment a bit of a strain in the coming weeks. You don't mind that do you?"

I looked at her and hung on every word, and gulped as I answered.

" mam......I don't mind."

"Good....that's a good slave. You are a slave aren't you?"

"Y....yes mam."

"Now....listen carefully.

"You are to come with me now, to the center, and you will receive several sperm removal treatments during the course of the day. You will be returned here this evening, and you will then continue your  masturbation chores. You will not be using the electric shocker again, however. The center has designed another  program for your sexual usage and milking regimen."

"Dress now, and accompany me to my car."

I was surprised at this change of plans, and went to the closet to retrieve my clothing. It felt very strange to be dressed again, and the clothes felt uncomfortable and burdensome.  The nurse drove me to the rear entrance of the sperm donation center, and we entered a special corridor that led to the interior of the large facility. The center was huge by most standards, and it was obvious that there were many different areas in the complex.

We finally entered the examination room where I had received my initial interview, and the nurse left me there, and departed with her insulated carry bag containing my accumulated semen deposits. I sat in a chair near the examination table, and waited patiently. I had no idea what would be happening today, and I was still bogged down in a world of sexual need and puzzlement. I didn't seem to have the capacity to understand what was happening to me fully, and accepted it as though it was perfectly normal.

Suddenly a very pretty nurse entered, closing the door quickly behind her. She was blond, and her perfect shape filled out her white uniform magnificently. She had a marvelous ass, and I stared at it in pleasure as I rubbed my crouch through my pants.

She looked at me with a sly grin on her face and stood near the padded table beside us.

"I don't want you to do that now Jim, you'll be able to relieve yourself later, ok?"

I nodded automatically and stopped my external stimulation.

"My name is Candice Jim, and I want you to remove your clothing please and put them in the same locker as the last time you were here. I know you need relief badly and that will be taken care of in due course."

I stripped off at once and back to the nude state that I had become acclimated to during the past days. My penis was rock hard by now, and oozed precum as it bobbed and twitched uncontrollably. The nurse sealed the locker and stood on the other side of the room near several hanging wall straps.

"Come here please Jim", she whispered.

I moved over to her and she reached down and gently lifted my swollen balls upward with her hands separating them so that they were pulled apart. She felt each testicle firmly, and rolled them around in her fingers looked at me professionally as she tested them.

"Do you enjoy masturbating Jim?", she said near a whisper.

I looked at her as though I understood everything she said, and I think I did, and smiled a bit as my penis jerked up and down to her manipulations.

"Yes......why...yes mam.....I think I'd rather do that more than anything."

She released my balls and pushed me a bit until I stood under a set of shackles hanging from the wall. She raised my hands over my head and snapped the padded handcuffs securely around my wrists so that I was compelled to stand there with arms raised. Then she did the same with my ankles, spreading them widely, and I stood there facing the wall, puzzled, but accepting of her every instruction.

She placed a hood over my head and then sat beside me and took a hypodermic syringe in her hand. She gently pinched the skin under the base of my scrotum, and swabbed it with alcohol. The coolness of the antiseptic made my dick jerk violently again, and as she inserted the needle deeply inward and upward, I began to experience that all too familiar doorway to ecstasy that pain had brought to me recently, and the sharp stinging  made me huff and grunt in a perverse kind of pleasure.

As she slowly injected the contents of the syringe the pain became intense inside me, and I yelled loudly, pulling violently against her.

She slapped my ass hard in anger.  "Dam it hold still or you'll damage yourself. You can stand it for a short time so just hold for a few seconds while I finish. The pain will go away quickly."

I groaned and pulled against her hands, and finally she slipped the long needle out and threw the used syringe into a container. I breathed in heavily now, and my cock was becoming so hard that it hurt, and I could not control the super flexing of the skin covering my swollen glans. She pulled down on my exposed balls and pinched them, and they exploded with embers of pain as the powerful drug saturated them.

She rolled something under my genitals, and in a moment I felt air pressure gently blowing upward at odd and changing angles causing my penis and balls to move in every direction imaginable. I felt I was on the verge of a powerful ejaculation as the air pummeled my privates, but found that it didn't happen. The pressure became extreme, and I still couldn't evacuate the contents of my testes.

I grunted and squirmed as the cruel air nozzles did their sordid work and Candice moved the unit around to achieve the most intense effect.

"This will help you will build the quantity and quality of your seminal stores Jim. I will be back in one hour and then I will introduce you to several of our pretty volunteer observers. You won't be able to cum right now but you will be crazy wanting to. I've restrained you so that you cannot masturbate yourself. You would not be able to resist, I'm afraid."

"Ok Jim,  just stand there and have fun, no one will disturb you I promise."

She left and I jumped in ecstasy at the twirling and pumping air bullets, and yelped in pleasure as the unstoppable machine continued to torture me with pleasure.

The next hour was an endless series of jerking movements, and I yelled in ecstasy as my semen probed my inner sexual apparatus for a way out. My nuts were becoming greatly enlarged and inflamed, and I could feel them bounce against the inside of my legs.

I yelled at regular intervals now, my hips pumping violently in futile attempts to empty my massive load of warm semen. I could hear nothing from outside, and I suspected that no one could hear me either. The dead silence began to get on my nerves, and I could do nothing but stand there and take it.

By the end of an hour I was bathed in sweat, and hanging painfully from the strong  cuffs. The door opened and the nurse came in and shut off the machine. I was quivering in misery by now, and my nuts really hurt from the heavy pressure inside them.

"Now that wasn't so bad was it Jim?", she murmured, "just a little discomfort huh?"

I wondered what kind of logic ruled this person, but was not able to assimilate the wherewithal to contradict her.

She wiped me thoroughly with a large bath towel, and gently felt of my tormented balls.

"I have to urinate mam", I said plaintively, "I really have to pee."

She thoroughly cleaned me with a damp towel and dried me and released my hands and ankles from the steel cuffs.

"I'm afraid you'll have to hold for now can't urinate yet."

My bladder was paining me and my balls were on fire, and I looked at her in desperation as she led me into the next room.


We entered the masturbation area and there were five attractive women there. Three younger women in their twenties, and two older women, probably in their late thirties. The owner was not here, nor her assistant. One of the older women came to me and examined my penis and testicles carefully. The three pretty young women sat in front of the masturbation chair waiting, and the pretty platinum haired woman examining my swollen balls looked into my eyes attentively.

"We're very happy you're here with us Jim, I've heard so much about you. I watch you when I get the chance. I didn't quite understand that last statement but it really didn't matter. The other woman was a gorgeous redhead in her late thirties, and her bright lipstick against the backdrop of her red hair made her face exotically beautiful. She had a wonderful ass, and large tits, and she examined me also, and pulled my buttocks apart to look at my anus.

The stunning blonde pulled on my erect pecker, and smiled at me.

"My name is Anne", she smiled, and this is Tammy."

Tammy felt my anus and probed it, and rubbed my asscheeks with her hand.

"Hello Jim, I'm very happy to meet you."

Anne rubbed the inside surface between my legs, obviously aroused at the sight of my naked body, and my penis bounced against her hand in pleasure.

"Please sit down in the masturbation chair Jim, I want you to meet three of our pretty volunteer observers."

I flopped down, causing my balls to bounce against the seat, and my prick to flip upward awkwardly. Anne secured my ankles with padlocks again, and I sat there looking at the young women who stared at me. They could well have been cheerleaders. Very pretty, nice ass.

Anne and Tammy sat in front of me also, and Anne leaned in toward me, looking intensely at my eyes. She held a small dildo in her hand and smeared a dab of lubricant around my anal sphincter. She shoved her finger in deeply, removed it, and slid the plastic stimulator all the way up into my rectum. She turned it on and pulled gently on my balls.

"Jim is our 'pain slave' ladies, aren't you Jim?"

I felt myself stiffen at these words, and an intense sexual frenzy surged through me. I became so horny I was jerking in pleasure, and the women watched me intently.

Anne and Tammy seemed quite amused by my highly aroused state.

"Jim, this is Nancy, and this is Dianne, and this is Patricia. They are college students and study human sexuality and physiology."

Anne looked slyly at Tammy...."They are also quite addicted to watching men jackoff."

Nancy moved in a bit closer, her tits titties pushing outward on her sweater.

"Hi Jim....I'm glad to meet you. What a wonderful penis you have! I hope you're not embarrassed."

Dianne was a drop dead pretty blond, and grinned mischievously....."Hello Jim, your body is wonderful to look you like being naked like this in front of us?"

I grinned at this movie star doll and drooled as I shook my head in the affirmative.

"Oh yes makes me real hot!"

Patricia moved in closer also, and her tight skirt rode up on her perfect legs. I looked on in stunned disbelief as she pulled it upward even more, and revealed the beginning of her hairy vaginal area.

She grinned widely....."Jim I want to watch you do yourself....I hope it's not terribly difficult for you."

The young women were each wearing perfume, and the fragrances made my head swim as I grinned shyly at them. My dick became rock hard and bumped up and down uncontrollably. This seemed to arouse them no end, and they licked their lips in anticipation. My cock drained heavily and ran down onto my large balls.

Anne moved in closer, her tits inches from my face.

"Jim we have a special procedure today that you may find a bit discomforting, but we are experimenting, and are always searching for ways to make our donor semen more concentrated and rich."

"Now....Jim here is what we want you to do. Masturbate for us, and do it slowly, just the way you do it alone, and when you can't hold back anymore I want you to ejaculate onto your hand and eat your semen. I know this sounds quite strange but rest assured we have a reason for this. Afterward you will drink a highly potent drug, and then you will return later today for other sessions during which you will have a full ejaculation into our collection receptacle."

"These are the samples that we will keep for our research labs."

They were all grinning slyly at me, and I was so hot that I didn't care what I did.

Anne smiled widely at me.  "Can you handle this?, she chuckled, "some men might find it quite degrading."

"It's ok"....I said deeply...."it's ok I can do it."

How could they have known that I had dreamed of a scenario like this all my life. I was becoming so horny that I was shaking, and the three young women leaned forward and smiled, watching me intently.

Anne and Tammy sat at each side of me in front, and I began to stroke off slowly, and I gently massaged my oversize nuts as I looked from one to the other.

Dianne cleared her throat, and licked her lips, speaking slowly.

"You know girls I think he likes it....does this turn you on Jim?"

Nancy let her tight skirt ride up also, and grinned widely at me. I could see just a few hairs from her pussy, and her dress was inching upward all the time.

"Jim's gonna' be a pervert for us ain't you Jim?  Ummmmm.....come on James, no need to be shy in front of us!"

I flipped my long pecker back and forth and let it snap back in position as I rubbed the underside.

Dianne shifted a bit, and a familiar feminine odor whifted up to me, no doubt produced by a very wet pussy.

"Oh fuck I like this shit!", she exclaimed, "fucking love to see a man whack his dick  off!"

I rubbed the entire length of my large dong, and flipped it and lifted my balls and let them flop over my hand. My pisshole was draining now, and I touched my finger to the large bead of thick cum there and brought it up to my mouth. I licked it off and did it again, eating several emerging drops of precum.

Anne smiled broadly........."Well look at're just nasty aren't you!"

Tammy looked at me and make a tsk tsk tsk sound, and grinned as she watched me sample my nut fluid.

I began to work my rock hard penis now, and Anne offered me an open jar of lubricant.

I dipped my fingers in, and pulled out a dollop of the slick cream.  

I spread it over the full length of my pecker and began sliding my hand up and down at a faster rate. The three young college coeds were staring at my antics feverishly now, and were obviously gripped by lust as they watched me degrade myself in front of them all. They were addicted alright, and it really turned me on. I jacked my self off more rapidly, and looked at pretty Anne and Tammy as they stared approvingly at me.

Anne grinned widely, and pulled her skirt up also.

"I want you to really get into it Jim, hump your hips and give us a good show!"

I moved my hand faster now, and grunted awkwardly, and drooled a bit as I did the dirty for them. Precum was flipping off of my pisshole now, and splattered onto my groin area and legs.

My hand was a blur of motion as I looked from one to the other of the women, and it was then that Anne slid the needle into my hip, and caused me to scream in pain.

She had buried the large needle deeply into the fatty tissue, and the searing agony   sent me into a frenzy of lust, and I jerked and grunted as I neared my orgasm.

The pain sent me over the edge, and I yelled as Anne dug the needle in viciously. I jumped upward so hard that I came off the seat for a moment. I bumped up and down as the ogling women stared at me, and held my hand over my cockhead as the first thick spurt of semen shot out.

The pasty man milk covered my fingers and dripped to my pubic area, as I tried to capture it, and I jumped again as another huge gusher of hot scum splattered into my cupped palm. I jerked and ejaculated at least ten times before I was finished, and the cum accumulated with each pulse into a large pool in my pubic hairs and all over my hand.

The women were moaning and 'oooooing' as I got my nuts off......even Anne and Tammy joined in, and were gasping in pleasure as my flow subsided.

As the last drops of white scuzz dribbled out I raised my hand to my mouth and licked into the pool of dickwad, and began to lap it out and swallow it. It was a mess, and ran down my chin as I slurped it off and gulped it.

Dianne was producing a strong odor by now, and her eyes were glued to mine as she licked her ruby lips. "Oh fuck fuck!!", she gushed, "fucking nasty!"

I continued to lick my hand clean and sopped up a large puddle of cum from my hairs and slavered it down as I stared at Anne and Tammy.

They were quite pleased by the whole show, it was obvious, and I knew I would be doing this for them, and countless other pretty coeds in the future.

Globs of semen ran from my chin as I ate cum, and I licked around my lips and captured all of it.

Anne looked down at the remaining reproductive juice that covered my balls, and motioned for me to eat the rest. She pulled out the blood stained needle and put it into a container of alcohol, swabbed my wound with an antisceptic pad.....then she poured a shotglass of clear liquid from a medicine bottle.

I continued to pick up globs of thick cum and eat it, and when I had totally cleaned myself I drank the bitter fluid down.

She looked closely into my eyes and rubbed the back of my neck.

"You don't have to be ashamed to do this for us Jim."

I grinned and nodded my head in the affirmative.

She straightened her skirt and stood,  looking down at me.

"Does this embarrass you Jim?", she smiled.

I paused briefly, and looked at her in shame....."yes mam.....ah.....I think....yes a little bit."

"You'll get used to it.....we really want you to do it, ok?"

"Ladies, thank you for your help, you are invaluable to our research."

The three cute women looked at me as they stood, and I could detect the distinct smell of three wet pussies.

"Goodbye Jim", they all said sweetly, "thank you for the show. See you later."

They left and Anne unlocked my ankle restraints, and sat beside me.

"Here....", she said, "hold still and I'll wipe you off."

She swabbed the needle puncture again with alcohol, and wiped my genital area with a damp towel. She was looking at me all the time.

"This is more intense than fucking isn't it'll have so much fun with us that you won't ever need pussy again will you Jim?"

"Tell you what, maybe you can eat some pussy or ass sometimes, would you like that?"

"Yes mam."

"Sure you would."

"Ok Tammy will take you to a resting room to wait for a few hours, you can sleep but you mustn't jack off, ok?"

"Yes mam."

Tammy held my arm and escorted me through another room to a rest area section with bed and TV.

"Come on baby", she purred, "you can take it easy for awhile and then we'll have some more fun, ok?"

"Yes mam."

I slept easily, and awakened a few hours later, feeling refreshed and relaxed. The memory of my recent illicit sexual activity came back to me suddenly, and a pang of embarrassment and regret flooded my brain. I knew I would get used to it, but my total obedience and lack of control over my ejaculation mechanism worried me.

No need to be embarrassed, I thought, we're all adults here, and nothing could shock these beautiful women, of that I was sure. I waited patiently for the next session.

The Thralldom Sperm Donation Center-part 4

This story is intended as sexual entertainment for adults   only.

I didn't have long to wait and Tammy entered once again, and   motioned me to my feet.

"Hands behind your back!"

I didn't quite understand her and my hesitation brought a   sharp slap to my face. With a numbed expression I put my   hands behind and she cuffed me.

"Lay down and put your knees back toward your head!", she   commanded, and I quickly obeyed her, having not much else   within my grasp to do.

I lay down and spread my legs back and she sat on the bed.   She took an electrical device of some kind and spread my   balls with the fingers of her left hand and held the tip   under the junction of my testes.

"A little sting now", she whispered, and as she touched the   tender area I screamed out loud and jerked violently. She   held my nuts in her fingers and squeezed firmly.

"Be still!", she commanded.

I was shaking from the pain and my penis became rock hard   almost at once.

She stroked it swiftly and expertly, and my dick was   springing up and down like coiled steel.

"Up!", she barked, and I stood awkwardly and looked at her   with fear and uncertainty.

She pushed me forward and instead of going back into the   masturbation room that I had visited before, she led me into  another room. Anne was there and so were three very pretty   young women.

They were not the same women from my session a few hours   ago, but were just as gorgeous and well endowed. Each had a   perfect ass and tits, and wore a tight skirt.

This was some kind of shower room or equipment room and I   was puzzled as to the nature of this change in their   schedule.

They led me to the center over a drain standing under a  shower head, and secured my feet  spread widely. Then they  uncuffed my hands and  stretched my left arm overhead and  secured it. They rolled  over a small stand with a large,  cupped plastic dish, and  fixed it under my genitals.

The three young women stood in front of me and it was   obvious that they too shared some kind of intense sexual  aberration  by their expression and manner.

Anne stood in front of me and picked up my balls and spread   them awkwardly, and kneaded them between her fingers.

"Jim, I'd like you to meet our next group of observers, this   is Laura." 

Laura was a petite brown haired beauty. "And this is   Candy"....who was a very hot blond, "and this is Misty." 

Misty was very cute light haired beauty with a maddening   sexual aura. I didn't detect positive vibes from any of   these young ladies, and that gave me a bit of concern.

Tammy lubed my asshole and slid in the thin vibrator. She   taped it and turned it on full force.

My dick was so hard I was in pain already, and this   stretched my cockhead so much it was very close to tearing.   My raw pecker bounced up and down uncontrollably, and was   draining a heavy, dripping precum on the concrete floor.

My raw open pisshole gaped widely, and the ladies took in   the sight with great relish.

Misty pinched open my large urinary slit with her purple   colored finger nails, and put her head down, looking deep   inside. She was fascinated by my obscene reproductive   channel, and even more by the thick, viscous nut syrup that   oozed out of it. The running fluid covered her fingernail,   and she stuck it in my mouth,  grinning widely at me.

"How's that taste sweetie?", she breathed, "you get to eat   your own delicious cum."

"Shame on you baby, that's disgusting!"

Tammy chose a paddle from the large selection of instruments   on the wall, and stood in front of me. I was coming to see   that the women here were cruel, and that my sperm   contribution was going to be unpleasant for the coming   times, in a profound kind of way.

She whacked my right front thigh as hard and she could, and   I yelled in pain as the three pretty observers licked their   lips in anticipation.

"Stroke your pecker off for us with your big   balls", she grunted, "you're a sex slave aren't you Jim? Our  sex slave"

I had already entered my hypnotic sexual frenzy, and quickly reached   down and pulled upward on my hanging nuts. I flipped my  cock  back and forth and began to stroke it, and grunted as  I  began to pleasure myself. Candy moved close to my face  and  looked at me intently.

"You gonna beat your prick off for us Jim?  Jackoff   Jim....that's a good name for you....jackoff Jim."

I looked at her as I enjoyed using my hand, and stroked   freely, as she laughed at me.

I grunted as I worked my large dong, and she looked down at   it and at me as I labored away.

Misty moved close also and looked at me wickedly, a few   inches from my face.

"You're not doing much with that pecker of yours Jim,  you  can do better than that can't you?"

She reached down and pulled out a small clump of hairs from   my groin, and I yelled in surprise. The pain sent me further   into a frenzy of lust, and I looked at her gorgeous eyes a   few inches from mine, and sniveled in obedience.

I quickened my speed, and my hand was a blur of motion   accompanied by a loud slapping sound. Laura was blond and   had a very well formed ass, and also moved in close to my   face.

"You're a good beat off boy aren't you Jim....faster....move   that fucking hand faster you pathetic pig.  We want to   see every drop of baby juice from inside your   understand me?"

"You're about a dumb bastard aren't you Jim?"

"That's right you stupid shit nod your head."

The three women were right next to my face humiliating me,   and I looked helplessly from one to the other as they   enjoyed themselves.

Suddenly I felt a searing whack on my ass, and screamed in   agony.

Tammy began to beat my butt cheeks unmercifully with the wicked   looking paddle, and I screeched in pain as she alternated   from one cheek to the other. I was grunting like an animal as I   continued to jerk off, and the girls began taking small   clumps of hair from my legs.

Tammy stopped beating me and handed the paddle to Misty.   Misty grinned widely and took the cruel instrument of   misery, and moved behind me.

She rubbed her hand over my ass, then whacked me hard.

I was trying desperately to cum but couldn't at the moment,   even though my balls were swollen morbidly. My nuts banged   against each other as I desperately wanked off, and I felt a   searing fire  on my ass as Misty paddled me viciously.

She gave me several very hard hits with the paddle and I   howled each time she thumped my ass. I jumped and screamed   and beat off as she did me, and tears were coming from my   eyes from the severe pain.

Soon she stopped and she handed the paddle to Candy, who was   pinching my nose tightly with her fingers. Candy  pulled my   mouth open, and spit a thick glob of saliva over my tongue.   She pinched my nose and I gulped the disgusting mess down.

She went behind me and took her turn whipping me. Her lashes   were very hard, and I was shrieking with pain at each piercing blow.

I had so much pressure built up in my engorged nuts by now   that the tightness was not bearable, and I grunted and gasped as   I jerked my dick cruelly.

Pretty Laura was still tormenting me an inch from my   sweating face, and picked her nose constantly, depositing   the pieces in my mouth. I was gasping desperately now and   swallowed the goobers without even thinking about it.

They knew I was at my breaking point and Anne gave me  the  ok to unload. I was a well trained slave indeed and I   groaned out loud as I felt an earth shaking orgasm coming  on.  Tammy positioned the receptacle beneath me, and as I  wanked  furiously my eyes fell back in my head and I jerked   with great violence. I screamed piteously, and a massive  streamer of  boiling semen squirted out of my poor cock, and  I jerked and  yelled four or five times as I forced heavy  streamers of  thick man juice into the dish.

I was whimpering incoherently as I grunted and jerked, and   the three young women were in my face again humiliating me.

My balls were in full spasm, and the locked muscle was a   fiery agony.

Finally I stopped humping and fell back loosely, and hung by   one hand as I gripped it with my other. I shook   uncontrollably, and gasped for air.

Tammy removed the container, and poured the thick globs of   seminal paste into a coolant bottle, and she left the room.

I was sweating and groaning in misery as cum continued to   drip from my sore penis, and Anne released my one hand from   overhead. I almost fell over but could not because my ankles   were restrained, and the women held me up until my feet  were  released.

Misty put her nose an inch from mine......

"Good boy could a man degrade himself like are a man aren't you...or are you?"

Candy jerked my hair upward as Anne removed the dildo from   my ass.

"You beat your little dick off real good Jim......that's   about all you're good for isn't it?"

"Stroking your pecker for any woman who'll watch. You're   pretty pathetic aren't you?"

------------------------------------------------------------  ------------------------------------------------------------  ------------------------------------------------------------  ------------------------------------------------------------  ------------------------------------------------------------  ---------------------------------

They led me out and I stumbled, barely able to walk. We went   into the masturbation room where I'd had my other sessions,   and they sat me down on the special chair and locked my   ankles in tightly.

I couldn't believe this considering what I'd just been   through.

Anne inserted the dildo up my ass and turned it on and I   found myself captive once again.  I could normally rebound   quickly but I didn't want to do it this soon. Anne and the   young ladies seated themselves around me, and the perverts   rubbed my legs and pinched me.

She brought out the electric device I had experienced  before, and I looked at it in terror as she pulled my nuts  apart. I tried to push her hand away but she slapped me viciously, and I merely sat there in shock. I turned my head quickly and braced myself as she  pulled the trigger. The severe electrocution made me scream and jerk uncontrollably, and she  held my sore balls tightly as she jerked my hardening penis.

The sting was horrendous but my cock was coming to life once  again, and as Anne rubbed the sore spot briskly,  Misty   firmly massaged my huge hanging balls.

She pulled them outward and the other young women took their   turns pinching them between their fingers.

Anne looked at me with that pained expression of hers and   worked the dildo around. My pecker was firm and hard again,   and it hurt sharply. I started to  go into my pain trance   again, and grunted loudly as the hurt and ecstasy overtook   me.

Soon I was rock hard again and the women were slapping my   balls and pecker unmercifully. 

Anne looked closely at me...."Masturbate yourself again have to ejaculate again."

I could barely speak,  but could not control the astonishing   horniness inside me, and gripped my long penis, and stroked   it slowly. I began to get into it once more, and the pretty   young women moved in closely, and observed me as I obeyed.

Laura looked at me intently, her large full tits moving in   and out slowly. 

"There you go that dick....jack your meat off!"

"You're a worthless aren't you Jim?, it doesn't   matter how much you humiliate yourself does it."

They were all next to me now watching me slowly stroke off,   and the look of pain on my face was quite entertaining to   them.

Candy looked closely at me....."It really turns you on when   women watch you jackoff doesn't it. Did you jerk off for   your sister?" 

"I'll bet you liked to beat off while your sister watched   didn't you?"

Misty got in close again also........"Naw.....he jacked off   in front of his mom, didn't you pecker boy......I'll bet you   shot your load in front of your mom all the time, you   sick bastard!"

Anne look at me impatiently.

"Get your nuts off again and hurry the fuck up Jim", she   slurred...."we ain't got all fucking day.....we need another   load....right now!"

She looked at the young women....."I think he needs some   encouragement girls", she yawned...."slap the shit out of him   until he pops his nuts."

The women needed very little encouragement, and Misty smiled   as she held my face in her pretty little hand. She hauled   back and slapped me viciously, and my face jerked sideways   as I struggled against the pain.

Candy pinched my nose and back handed me on the other side   as I grunted in agony. I maintained my stroking motion   through this, and the pain drove me to jerk my meat even   harder.

Laura slapped me hard, and harder still with a back hand. I   was losing my senses a bit but felt an uncontrollable   passion to continue toward orgasm. My raw dick was   splattering precum and my nuts bouncing painfully as I did   the dirty for them.

They continued slapping me, and finally with a loud piercing   scream I jumped against the ankle restraints and pumped my   hips upward violently, and I expelled a tremendous streamer   of hot semen into the collection bowl.

The gooey mess splashed against the bottom of the overhang   cover, and ran down into the glass dish. The young women   watched me closely, obviously highly addicted to the antics   of a male in rutt releasing his seed.

My face was hurting badly, but the pain had helped produce a   major load of hot dick scum. Anne removed the container and   left the room.

Misty gave me a tired look and got up, putting  her  wonderful ass to my face.

"Smooch my butt....kiss it all over Jim!"

I found this easy considering what I had already been   through, and kissed her well rounded ass from top to bottom.   I actually felt a pang of embarrassment as she worked me,   and when she finished Candy and Laura did their thing, and I   was quite surprised at the humiliation I felt.

Their degrading words displayed my low position to me, and   as I stared blindly into their well formed cracks, and   inhaled their farts, I endured a special kind of  psychological pain.

After they finished with me they left, and Anne came back to   release me. She took me to the overnight wing, and after a   hot meal, and another injection of Ejactrin, I was secured   in a room for the evening.

Unknown to me I was scheduled for a medical examination and   group ejaculation session tomorrow during which my  enslavement would  become even more painfully obvious to me.  I wanted to be  home again where I could at least feel a  measure of freedom,  but had no idea of their plans for me.

My world was in complete turmoil now, and the thought of   being paid financially for all this had evaporated silently.   I was just a masturbation slave now, and they had locked me   tightly into their little world of pain and pleasure.

I fell asleep naked, with several video cameras trained on   me. I knew that every moment of my life would be observed  completely  from now on. My intimate world and personal  masturbation  habits would never be private again. I would  be a jackoff toy for countless women, and I would supply  them with endless gushers of valuable male semen  during their exotic tortures.

The Thralldom Sperm Donation Center-part 5

This story is intended as sexual fantasy entertainment for adults only.

I awoke the following morning when the director Nichole and a nurse came into the small room. They brought bottles of nutritional supplement with them, and I sat on the bed and swilled down the sweet, creamy liquid. I was famished and I gulped a satisfying amount of apple juice down right behind it.  After sitting on the white bed sheet to take this short breakfast, I stood and walked toward the toilet.

Nichole stopped me......."Bowel movement or urinate?", she quizzed.

"I have to urinate mam."

"No no no....", said Nichole, "you can't pee now. Not until I tell you."

"Did you have a bowel movement last night?"

"Yes mam."

I looked at her in puzzlement..

I had left a brown stain on the white sheet and she was not pleased with this.

"Make sure you clean yourself better next time."

"Yes mam."

"Jim we have to give you a shower before your medical exam so we can make sure that you're clean.   Come with us."

We marched through two doors and into the shower area that I had visited yesterday, and they stood me below the shower head. The nurse was the same blond beauty that had given me the genital air treatment before my last appointment, and she secured my hands overhead. She pulled my legs widely apart and locked my ankles, and pulled over a metal cart containing various cleansing implements.

I was secured firmly, and looked at them in anticipation. My senses were not fully sharpened due to the drugs and conditioning that I had received recently, and I waited stoically as they prepared. Nichole turned on the shower and a heavy spray of cold water rushed over me, and splattered down my naked body.

I yelled from the shock of the frigid wash, and jerked around and shivered violently as Nichole turned the faucet up even more. I was sputtering and jerking around and shaking uncontrollably as the beautiful nurse poured soap liquid onto a heavy scrub brush. She went behind and started with my ass crack, and after pulling my cheeks widely apart began to scrub my anus vigorously. The brush was not very soft and the rough bristles were quite irritating to my tender skin.

She shoved the long handled brush between my legs and began scrubbing my hanging balls and cock, and I jerked in amazement as she cleaned them. My cock was in a quiet state, and hung limply over my nuts.

As she continued her merciless cleaning, my penis started to become erect, and she scrubbed it painfully up and down as it became hard. The irritation was excruciating as she rubbed the course implement up and down it's length, and when she cleaned   my sensitive glans, I yelped and jerked in pain. She scrubbed my large balls mercilessly, and held them in her hands as she cleaned every inch of the skin.

From here she moved lower, scrubbing my legs and feet. I had adjusted somewhat to the shock of the icy water, but was shivering uncontrollably as she continued her cleaning. Nichole merely stood in front of me watching, and seemed quite amused at my discomfort.

"We must be sure your anus, penis and testicles are squeaky-clean Jim", she grinned, "you have a group medical exam next."

"Did you get his rear good Sandy?", she asked, as she moved behind me.

"Yes mam, I got the outside very well."

Nichole took a shower nozzle from the wall and sprayed between my ass cheeks as the nurse scrubbed my upper body. She examined my asshole closely, and spoke to her assistant.

"Give me the rimmer brush", she commanded.

It was a small pointed brush somewhat larger than a cigar, and was about a foot long.

She took the strong soap and rubbed it in vigorously, creating thick suds along it's length.

As the nurse scrubbed my armpits Nichole inserted her soapy finger up my ass, and then the brush, and twisted it slowly as she pushed. She forced it all the way in and I yelped again, and jerked from the discomfort. She forced it deep inside my rectum and moved it in and out, cleaning my anal sphincter thoroughly.

When she was satisfied she took a long thin water nozzle and slid it into my rear hole. She injected cold water inside me and the soapy residue squirted out behind me.

She repeated the inner scrubbing and rinsing, which was becoming very unpleasant by now, and I twisted and squirmed in misery.

When she finished she returned to her place in front.

"Jim I must say you have been very cooperative overall in the short time you've been with us, and we are grateful to you. Do you remember before you came to our clinic?", she questioned.

I looked intently at her and tried to answer but could not, my mind being preoccupied with my distasteful scrubbing, and the curtain of uncertainty that had taken over my life. The dangerous drug Ejactrin was doing it's job, and my mind was already beyond recovery. As they continued to saturate my system with the cruel psychotropic narcotic, I drifted further and further from my former world.

My semen had tremendous importance to them, and did not belong to me anymore.

The nurse was scrubbing my hair and face now, and a round hand brush was used to clean my scalp completely. I closed my eyes as she scrubbed my face, and when she shoved the soap up my nose I opened my mouth, gasping desperately. She shoved the brush quickly into my mouth scrubbing it around inside, and I choked and gagged as she cleaned me with callous efficiency. She took the shower sprayer and rinsed me from head to toe, and sprayed the cold water up my nose and into my open mouth.

I coughed and sputtered as Nichole cleared my air passages, and I looked at her through my the wet hair covering my face. I was praying that they were finished but I wasn't to be so lucky.

The nurse took a battery powered hair cutter and began to remove all of my head and genital hair. She sheared the wet hair off rapidly, and finished by scrapping off the stubble with a throw away razor. I was completely bald now, and the astonishment of it stunned me.

Next she took the device and removed all of my pubic hair, and held my balls firmly as she whisked it all off.

She rinsed me once again and took a large thick towel and wiped me dry from head to toe. I was tired from hanging there, and my feet and arms ached from being in the same position for so long.

Nichole examined their work.

"There we are", she smiled sweetly. "now you're all ready for your physical exam."


I was not aware of it yet, but the cruel drug Ejactrin that had been injected into me so may times now had an interesting side would cause my semen to develop qualities quite similar to cocaine when ingested orally, and I would become physically addicted to eating my own man juice.

This worked out rather well for the center, in that eating my own cum and drinking their potion afterward would vastly increase the quality of my already world class reproductive fluid.

These coincidental concurrences were not in my favor, and would vastly strengthen the hold that this organization had on me.


They released my arms and I slumped over,  balancing my hands on my knees. They unshackled the ankle cuffs, and covered me with a bathrobe, after which we proceeded out and to another room. When we entered I was characteristically perplexed when I saw a doctor's examination table, surrounded by three tiers of seating a few feet away, occupied by at least twelve to fifteen attractive women. They looked back at us curiously when we came in.

We walked to the table and Nichole spoke to the audience.

"Ladies, we welcome you to our center, and appreciate your volunteer service on behalf of our most valuable donors. This is Jim, and he has recently been inducted into our fold as an important contributor of the precious reproductive extract that men possess and share so willingly with us ladies at our complex. He has been signed to a special contract that involves very unique treatment as you will see. His head and pubic hair have been removed to facilitate his usage in the large variety of donor scenarios that he will be a part of."

"We use quite unorthodox methods here at the Thralldom Center, and we will demonstrate that to you today."

They removed my robe and locked it in a closet.

I stood before the gawking women, my erection fully extended, and bouncing up and down to their open smiles.

"The men who donate semen here do so by masturbating themselves, rather than to have a woman do it or some mechanical device. Now in some cases we use the other methods, but for the most part men here jackoff for us and ejaculate into receptacles. Their semen is stored in special refrigeration or cryogenic units, to be catalogued and used at some later date for insemination or research purposes."

"We have found that when our subjects ingest their own seminal fluid, followed immediately by our special gonadotropic drugs, higher quantities of our most valued extracts are produced."

"Some of you have never seen a male eat his own semen but I assure you many do, and we offer extra financial incentives for them to do it here in front of female viewers."

"I think you will find it most erotic."

"But first we must conduct a routine physical exam, after which Jim will masturbate himself and ejaculate for you, and ingest his own semen."

The nurse was an incredibly pretty redhead, and her wonderful ass was near perfection. My already rock hard cock stiffened even more as I looked at her, and my dick was dripping precum on the floor. She took a hand towel and swabbed my pisshole.

"Sit down on the end of the table please", she commanded.

It was similar to a normal doctor's exam table except that I was naked in front of a pretty nurse and a large audience of attractive women.

She rolled next to me on a chair and took my blood pressure as I looked at the audience, and next she checked my heartbeat with her stethoscope, working from my front to the extent of my back.

"Breathe in please....that's breathe normally."

The women were shifting around in amusement, and the sly looks on their faces told me this would be a most erotic examination.

She took my pulse and was writing on her chart all the time.

Next she took an ear viewing probe and slid it in expertly. She went to the other side and switched the light on as she looked deeply into my other ear. Then she took a long Q-tip swab and slid it into my ear rolling it in her fingers. She removed earwax, and did the same with the other ear. She put the swabs in a sealed tube and continued the examination.

She took the same probe with another tip, and looked up my nose, examining my inner nasal passages. Then she took swabs again, and twirled them in my nostrils, and stored them in a sealed tube.

I sat quietly while she did all this and the women waited patiently, staring deviously at me as I looked at them. It was becoming quite uncomfortable for me, but I was compelled to look them in the eye and endure my feelings of embarrassment.

She then took a small pair of tongs and slowly lifted my eyelids. I started to move but she looked harshly at me, and Nichole quietly pinched my ass.

I held as steady as I could as she lifted each eyelid and swabbed underneath. All swab samples were put in sealed containers, presumably for testing.

She took a rubber hammer and tapped my knees, causing each leg to respond normally.

"Stand up please", she ordered.

I did so and stood before her as she sat on the rolling chair.

My dick was dripping precum and she put a towel beneath it to catch the liquid.

She gripped my nuts and spread them widely, feeling all of the nerve and vascular bundles. I was facing the audience, and tried to maintain my equilibrium while she tested me. She took each nut between her fingers and rolled it around individually, firmly squeezing and kneading it with both hands. It was a bit uncomfortable but not really painful.

She held my balls in a certain way and looked up at me.

"Cough!", she commanded.

I coughed several times as she felt my engorged testicles, and she released them and wrote on her clipboard.

My bladder was about to burst by now but I dare not ask Nichole to urinate because I knew she would not permit it.

"Lie down on your back", the nurse grunted, "and put your feet in the stirrups."

I did so and my head was elevated so that I faced the audience directly. She pulled my legs back on each side, and latched the device. She then strapped my ankles and legs so that I could not move them. I was lying so that I was looking directly at my hard penis, and it bobbed uncontrollably as I stared at it. My balls hung below against my ass cheeks.

Nichole stood by patiently as the nurse worked.

"All of these tests are necessary ladies", said Nichole, "and this test is important also. We must have a complete picture of our donor's full bodily status."

The nurse sat on her stool and squeezed out a dollop of lubricant from a tube. She rubbed it over my anus, and slowly inserted her finger inside me. The audience sat mesmerized during the entire exam, enjoying a kind of sexual entertainment that could not be experienced elsewhere.

She slid deeply inside me as I stared at the leering audience, and began to stretch my sphincter a little at a time. It began to hurt a bit and she slipped another finger inside me. I jerked from the sharp pain, and gritted my teeth as she widened my butthole even more. When she slid a third finger into me I grunted from the sharp sting, and sweat began to form on my face.

She worked me for several minutes stretching my poor asshole even further, and I was quivering and grunting as she slid a forth finger inside me.

My face was stretched in pain, and I looked desperately at her as she expertly worked her fingers. She was pressing my prostate at times and the feeling was very strange to me.

I could not control myself and found that I was near begging her to stop.

"Please I..........."

She pulled her fingers out, wiped them thoroughly on a paper towel,  and picked up a strange looking metal instrument from the counter.

She smeared in another glob of lubricant, forcing it deep inside and around my inner asshole ring, and brought the tool up to my rear opening. She slowly forced the ends of the stainless steel device into my anal portal, and once inside she began to rachet it so that it was slowly opening.

The sensation was incredible, and I could feel my asshole being stretched on all sides by the strange tool. I groaned in pain as she opened it, and the audience looked intently at my anal opening, and the inner tissues as it was widened painfully.

She continued turning the ratchet very slowly, and I felt as if my asshole was being ripped apart. I was sweating and groaning now and looked down at her in deep anguish as she continued her work.

I could not control myself and grunted loudly.


My asshole was on fire when she stopped, and I could feel the cold air inside my rectum. I knew it had to be greatly enlarged by now.

Nichole spoke to the women as she looked inside me.

"Ladies.....would you care to take a closer look?"

The curious women gathered around me and gawked incredulously inside my rectal passage. The nurse took another swab and rubbed it all around inside me and over my prostate. I jumped when she did this, and wondered if she might make me orgasm in this way.

She pulled the stained swab out and put it in a sealed glass tube.

Next she took a scrubbing swab and thoroughly cleaned an area near the prostate deep inside me followed by an alcohol swab.

Then she took a small hypodermic syringe and moved it very slowly into the opening.  I was horrified, and yelped when I felt a sting on my inner tissues. It felt like the base of my cock was being hammered from inside, and I tried desperately to remain still.

She slowly withdrew blood from the puncture site, and filled the syringe, then she injected the blood into a small glass test tube and sealed it.

She took a cleansing swab and washed the injection area thoroughly and finished by cleaning it again with alcohol until she was satisfied. Then she applied a medicated salve over the same area.

It still hurt a bit but not badly, and the pain went away before long.

The women went back to their seats and resumed their interested jabbering, and were obviously primed for the main event.

The nurse slowly unscrewed the metal stretcher, and pulled it out. My asshole began to close slowly but I knew it would be awhile before it was back to normal size, assuming, of course, that it went back to normal size.

As the fascinated audience watched, the nurse went back to her work, devising yet another distasteful test. My prick was so hard it bobbed awkwardly with each breath I took. My precum was flowing in a thick, dripping mess onto my lower stomach.

The nurse then brought up another strange device, a metal probe with a broad screw on top. The probe was about a quarter inch wide, and ten inches long. She coated it with lubricant and slowly entered it into my pisshole. I tensed up quickly when she began to force the probe inside me, and as she slid it down into my penis I grunted in pain.

I felt the cold metal inch further and further down my sensitive hole, and the stretching was causing a mild ache the length of my urethra.

I stared at the curious female audience, and conveyed my obvious discomfort and embarrassment to them as they enjoyed my misery. This was entertainment for them but despite my raging sexual needs, was not to me.

The nurse slowly turned the knob on the top of the probe and I could feel the area inside my stretched urethra open even more. The probe was gradually expanding, and my pisshole was becoming wider with each turn. The pain I felt now was unlike any I had experienced before, and I groaned as she continued the process.

I started to grab her hand but Nichole held  my wrists and pulled them back to stop me.

Before long I felt like the inside of my pisshole would split any moment and it was unbearable. My sexual imperative kicked in from the pain, and I went into a frenzy of lust, causing my dick to push against the hard metal inside me.

The nurse quickly pulled the probe out and shoved a cotton swab into my wide open male hole,  all the way to the base of my tortured dick.

She twisted it painfully at the bottom of my stiff penis, and as I jerked and grunted,  she pulled it out again and put the swab in another collection tube.

She stood and picked up her sample tray and set it on the counter, and waited for Nichole to continue.

Nichole stood looking down at me and picked up my balls in her hand. She massaged them and let them fall again.

" you want to jackoff for us?"

I looked pleadingly at her, and she nodded her head.

"You know what to do don't you James?"

"Yes I....I know."

I gently felt my throbbing dick, and slowly began to stroke it, and picked up my balls and squeezed them. They were greatly enlarged, and very sore. I went into a trance of lust, and began stroking fervently, letting the women see my complete humiliation.

My cock was pointed directly at my face and I knew what was going to happen next.

I had never before contained such a wad of cum inside me, and I knew this would be an enormous discharge. I rubbed the underside of my raw, tender penis,  and grunted as I moved my hand up and down in a classic jackoff stroke. Faster and faster came my gasps and moans, and I was humping upward with each stroke as I looked at the amazed women. They got up and came over to me and all stood very close to me grinning in pleasure.

Nichole looked down in satisfaction as I neared orgasm, and licked her lips in enjoyment.

Suddenly she produced an electric probe, and quickly slid it deep inside my anus.

As I jumped and groaned in pleasure she discharged the cruel instrument and sent a searing shock throughout my rectum.

I screamed, and my exploding cock took over, and spit a huge streamer of thick paste into the air, and over my face and into my mouth. I could not control myself now, and merely opened my oral cavity so that the hot jism could splatter in.

The hot baby juice covered my nose and ran down my chin in thick rivulets, and I kept my mouth open as each new jet of white spunk squirted in. With each ejaculation spasm, I groaned and slurped down my own paste and swallowed it eagerly.

The women were cheering me with lewd cat calls, and watched closely as I did myself.

"Oh baby eat it!!"

"Ooooo.....swallow your lunch hon!!"

I tried to hold my spitting penis so that it would go into my mouth but soon the force of the orgasm subsided and I had to grab thick globs of it and force it in my gullet. I was insane with lust as I ate the scuzzy dickwad I was addicted to, and sopped up every puddle of goo and licked it off my hands. I stuck my finger in the thick cream on my stomach and ate it voraciously.

My face was a soggy mess , and I scraped the semen off my cheeks and ate it down, gulping in a disgusting way.

The women were absolutely amazed, and insults came from all directions as I finished my nauseating meal.

The all female group had enjoyed an enormously entertaining show, and were unbelievably pleased.

Nichole handed me a small glass of clear liquid, and instructed me to drink it down.

I gulped the bitter fluid down, and licked my lips.

"That's a good boy Jim.....he is so cooperative ladies, aren't you James?"

She spoke to the women...."Ladies, he's not done yet.

"You may urinate now James, anytime you want."

The intense pressure inside my bladder was now becoming unbearable, and as my gonads slowly relaxed I felt it coming on, and I could only look at my raw dickhole as a thick streamer of warm yellow piss came shooting out. It sprayed all over my face and washed much of the cum off, and I lay there with my eyes closed as the final humiliation was delivered to me.

"Open your mouth and drink it Jim", came the eager command from Nichole.

I could not disobey her and I opened up and the high pressure stream of hot urine splashed into my mouth. I quaffed it down quickly, and took in the next mouthful and swallowed it too. When I finished, the urine covered my face and upper body and head completely, and the examination table was quite a mess.

They released me, and I stood awkwardly, and rivulets of cum and piss poured off of me. The nurse dried me with a large towel, and they got my bathrobe and put it over me. I was taken back to the shower, and scrubbed again by the attractive blond nurse, Sandy.

When I finally lay down to rest, I was exhausted, and enjoyed the soft comfort of my bed. The experience I had just gone through was entirely beyond anything I could imagine, and I lay in numb silence as I rested.

I put my finger down and sopped up the precum from my pisshole, and ate it, savoring the taste and the high that it gave me. I started to jackoff again to eat more of the tantalizing nut cream, but a nurse came in and stopped me.

"No no James......shame on you, that's forbidden!"

"We'll relieve you tomorrow."

She shackled my hands above me in the bed with a remote buzzer in my grip, and left me there in anguish, craving gratification from my own reproductive juice.

I would have to request help if I needed anything.

I fell asleep finally, my mind numb and uncomprehending, and enjoyed a much needed rest break.

The coming days would be even more astonishing for me, I could not have imagined the nasty journey that lie ahead in the weeks to come.


                   The Thralldom Sperm Donation Center-part 6

    This story is intended as sexual fantasy entertainment for adults only.

  I slept very soundly for hours and awoke in a daze, pulling on the wrist restraint straps that immobilized my hands above me. Slowly my surroundings and circumstance became more clear, and I pushed the call button to relieve my intensely full bladder that tormented me now. The nurse came in at once and stood over me.

"I've got to piss!", I grunted, "real bad."

She quickly uncuffed me and helped me to get up and walk to the bathroom. When we reached the stool she pulled the toilet lid up and held my elbow. I groaned as I fingered my half erect penis and waited a bit until a thick streamer of warm urine shot out of my sore dick.  My knees wobbled as I held my hand against the wall and emptied myself. It took several minutes as the gushers of dark urine continued to pulse outward at regular intervals.

Finally I stood back and she shook my dick a bit, and took toilet paper and blotted my dripping pisshole several times.

"My, you had a full bladder didn't you?"

She pulled me and we walked back into the sleeping room and I sat down.

"You stay right there for a moment, ok....don't move, and I'll be back with some nutrition."

I nodded sleepily, and she disappeared out the door and was back within a short time.

She had a bottle of the special supplement drink that they had been giving me and fruit juice. She also brought a hamburger and I quaffed it down voraciously as I sipped the juices. I was erect again, and she gently felt of my penis and balls.

"You're ready to go again hon but I'm afraid you'll have to wait."

She deftly pulled out a hypodermic syringe and injected a small amount into the air, and flipped the tip. She then swabbed my arm and pinched the skin as she slid in the long needle. I felt the contents rush into me, and I felt the warm wonderful sensation that I had come to expect from the injections. The Ejactrin rushed throughout my body and into my brain, doing it's sinister work of total enslavement.

I breathed in heavily as I consumed my meal, and enjoyed the wonderful illusion of freedom and elation that I had come to relish from the powerful drug. My penis became rock hard and began to drain heavily, and she put a thick absorbent towel around it to catch the thick dribble. When I finished she sat the dinner items aside. I looked up at her and spoke slowly.....

"I've got to shit."

She helped me up and led me to the bathroom.

"Have your bowel movement now and we'll give you your shower afterward, ok."

I sat and strained and emptied out as she flushed, and the powerful ventilation fan removed the odor rapidly. I wiped until I was clean and she flushed again. We went into the room again and another nurse was there to assist. They ushered me out and down the hall into the shower area. I felt a pang of fear as we approached the overhead shower fixture, but let them strap my hands above me, and my legs spread again. I was feeling something like a rag doll now, and they did whatever they wanted with me and I had no power to resist.

I dreaded the harsh scrubbing that was coming and steeled myself as they prepared. I received the full cleaning again, including the anal reaming and nut washing, and my eyes were squinted in discomfort after they had finished with me. It wasn't as rough as the last one, however, and one of the nurses rubbed her fingers through my butt crack and spoke soothingly to me. It was a bit confusing for me and I moaned to her soft words.

"Sorry we have to do this sugar....we do what we're told."

They released me, and then cuffed my hands behind,  and took me to the other side of the complex and into a surgical lab. My blood ran cold as I looked at the operating table and surgical equipment, and felt the cold air. I was shaking with fear as Nichole, Tammy and Anne approached me.

They surrounded me and gave me the once over, checking every inch of my body.

There was a young woman there.....she had short dark hair and a very pretty pixie like face. She must have been in her mid twenties, and looked to be about five four. There was something incredibly erotic about her, and her perfect ass and tight business suit made my dick bob up and down uncontrollably, dribbling precum.

She smiled at me in a way that completely disarmed my intense feeling of dread. She had surgical gloves on and gently gripped my large hanging balls in her hands. While doing this she looked me in the eyes as she expertly felt and pressured my testicles and total genital area, and then slipped her finger up my ass, and rubbed it over my prostate. My pecker was so hard I was shaking, and it dripped onto her rubber glove. She removed her finger and pulled me over to an examination table.

"Just lie face down over the edge baby and let Becka examine you a little more."

The director, Anne, and Tammy stood close behind.

Nichole cleared her throat and spoke softly....

"He's stage four Ejactrin now, and is ours completely. We need him converted totally for our purposes, however,  and you are the best in your field of specialty."

Becka moved behind me and spread my asscheeks, holding a strange looking instrument in her hand. With it she could stimulate my prostate and rear testicle plexus and gain information from my reactions.

Her voice was even and professional, and she spoke while she worked.

"I can make him into a 'masturbation machine', she purred, "and alter him to produce many times what he is capable of now."

"It will take at least two surgeries and iv gonad saturation. Assuming, that is, you are going all the way."

Nichole looked carefully as Becka slid the instrument up my ass and against my prostate and balls. The attractive director breathed in heavily and her words contained a profound urgency.

"The higher ups say go the limit, he is too valuable to risk now."

Becka pressed the test device in firmly and began to give me stinging and intermittant shocks. I jerked against her manipulations but held there for her to do what she wanted with me.

"It will cost you", she grunted, "tremendously!"

Nichole merely smoothed back her hair and spoke with absolute determination....

"Cost is not a factor Miss uh.....not at all."

Becka moved the probes around vigorously.

"He's responding well, and his physical structure is perfect for my unique surgical treatments."

She pulled out the metal tool and lay it down on the table.

Becka had been a child prodigy in her growing years, and later one of the most accomplished genital and reproductive surgeons in the world. At twenty three she had become seduced by the corporate world of insane profit and corruption, and now plied her trade and did her research at the same time with the blessings of many different organizations worldwide.

She had used her unique semen extraction and enhancement methods in service of a number different organizations, such as certain horse racing clientele, and various thoroughbred reproduction venues, and had pioneered the discovery and use of certain extremely rare compounds found in seminal fluid. She had worked with this kind of institution before, but was new to this particular group.

She looked carefully at Nichole...

"So is it a go?", she said, pulling off her latex gloves.

Nichole looked seriously at her....."Absolutely!"

"Ok, first surgery in an hour. I'll have to closely monitor him for the next few months to make sure he develops as I anticipate. I've brought my own people with me so we'll have everything covered"

"You realize, of course that you have taken this man's normal life away, you can never go back. Ejactrin is far more potent than you realize....I've used it extensively on stallions and bulls that I have converted over by surgery, and they have to be restrained at all times and milked often, or they will seek relief by rubbing their genitals against any obstacle available. They will do this constantly, and often  harm themselves."

"You can't possibly imagine how many horse and bull cocks I've masturbated and milked and they absolutely will not stop ejaculating once started."

Nichole's eyes widened in approval and she stared at the exhilarated Becka.

"Of course here your donors masturbate themselves."

"He will become an insane masturbation machine....and his output will be more than you can believe."

"I love to see males jacking off, especially when they can't stop themselves, it's a special kind of horny thing for me"

"Too bad about your donor", she said thoughtfully....."I wouldn't mind fucking him..."

Nichole smiled broadly and laughed.

"That can surely be arranged my dear....."

Becka cut her off with a wave of the hand....

"No no, sorry, never will do....just thinking outloud."

"One hour from now, in this lab, have him here. I'll give him general anesthesia and he'll be out for maybe an hour or two. Just got to do some special preliminary work on him. I'll have to deep inject his balls and prostate so he's going to be very sore for a few days. He'll have to be milked even if he's unconscious to prevent damaging back pressure on his testes. Also I'll begin the conversion process inside the base of his penis. A very delicate surgery there, but important."

"He'll have a special gonadotropic iv in his scrotal vascular plexus, and that will be in for two days. We'll give him painkillers so he'll be as comfortable as possible."

By now I was becoming very frightened....most of my consciousness was still intact, and I understood what was being said about me.

Becka gently massaged my nuts and kissed me softly on the cheek.

"Its ok sweetheart....don't be afraid....Becka knows just what she's doing. You're going to be fine and you're going to have a lot of fun believe me....a lot more fun than fucking I promise you, and no babies to worry about. You've got to work with me and do just what I say......ok?"

I was shaking a bit now and my draining penis was oozing semen....I nodded feebly, and looked desperately into her eyes for reassurance. She looked kindly at me and whispered almost noiselessly.........

"It's gonna be alright hon....Becka is not cruel like they are."

She glanced toward the other women and turned to leave.

The facility nurses led me away again and put me in my sleeping cubicle.

They gave me a sedative, and soon I was relaxed and dozing.


The sedative I had been given worked well, and I napped for almost an hour. When I awoke I felt a queasy churning in my stomach, and that uncomfortable tingling of fear one feels at times before any kind of medical procedure. I knew I would be put asleep but I was still terrified of what she would do to my poor balls and cock. I liked them the way they were, and damn sure didn't want anyone messing with them.

I knew that there was no choice for me....and their hypnotic control over me would insure that I did anything they demanded. The door opened and the two clinic nurses came in and helped me to stand up. I looked at them in dread but they didn't look me in the eye, but merely led me away and down to the surgery area. We went inside and there were two pretty young nurses waiting, dressed in cap, gown, and mask.

My hands were uncuffed and they helped me lay down on the surgery table. The air was icy and I was very agitated and afraid of the surroundings. They smiled and were very pleasant as they covered me with a heated blanket and strapped my arms down beside me. They inserted an iv needle in my hand. When that was finished they injected another mild sedative to calm me.

I lay there and began to relax a bit, and the drug helped calm my fears. There were stirrups on the table and they carefully placed my legs in them and raised my knees back toward my head and strapped me in that way. A heated covering was draped over my lower area,  leaving my extremities available to the surgeon.

Becka came in, and was in surgical cap and gown also. Her mask was pulled down below her chin. She came up to me and squeezed my arm and smiled, and made some joke about me freezing my butt off and then rubbed her hand over my forehead.

"It's ok're going to be fine. This is Jennifer, and this is Tia, my two faithful assistants."

They smiled and squeezed my arm....

"We're not here to hurt you Jim....just try and relax."

Becka pulled her mask up over her face.

"Ok Jim, we're going to put you under now, and we want you to have a good sleep, ok?

"You won't feel a thing."

Jennifer took a syringe and slowly injected the contents into the iv line. Soon everything blanked away, and my fear went into nothingness. I could have been asleep for hours or years or whatever and when the veil of unconsciousness began to lift I had no idea who or where I was. Slowly I became conscious, and Becka's pretty face was above mine.

I could feel nothing below, but within a few minutes a slight aching began in my testicles. It was nothing much, just a mild deep aching. My whole genital area seemed very hot, and soon a profound throbbing set in. They knew this and gave me a hypo, and soon the pain was gone. My legs were still raised back and I was covered with a heat blanket over my whole upper and lower area.

Becka leaned down and looked into my eyes.....

"Everything went just fine Jim.....just fine. You'll be sore for a few days but we'll give you something to ease the pain. You have an iv still installed in your genital area, so we want you to remain very still and don't try to move, ok? We'll take it out in a few days but,  for now we want you to sleep as much as you can, and just relax."

They detached all the equipment and rolled the surgical table into a nearby hospital room. The iv was attached to the table, and hung above my lower half.

Then they attached a standard iv to my hand, and so that liquid stabilizers and antibiotics could be given me.

As I lay there some measure of feeling was slowly coming back into my privates, and the worse part was the deep aching in my balls and penis. The painkillers had taken care of most of that, however, so I merely relaxed and lay still. They turned the TV on and I was able to use the remote as I desired. That night I slept again, under the influence of powerful sedatives.

The next day they lowered my raised legs down somewhat, but not completely. The nurses washed my balls and penis carefully two or three times a day with a warm antisceptic liquid, and dried them thoroughly. A catheter had been installed during the surgery and remained in for a few days.

On the third day they took out the catheter and lowered my legs down all the way, and it felt good to lay flat again. The aching in my testes and penis became very profound now, and I had to endure the painful introduction of medication down into my inner urethra. Becka did this very carefully so as not to cause any more pain than necessary, but it still hurt and I was in a state of deep depression by now. They let me stand and walk to the bathroom, and the sight of my balls and cock were startling to me.

My poor nuts were swollen twice their normal size, and my dick was larger in girth. I could pass urine but had to do it carefully because of the sting. Becka was usually there when I urinated and sat on a stool and gently stroked my penis to help.

I became aware of a pressure in my nuts and indeed I could understand because of their swelling. On the fourth day I made my way to the bathroom to urinate and Becka sat on a chair next to the toilet. They had evidently stopped giving me anti erection medication and I developed a profound hardon while she sat there looking at my swollen privates. The skin on my dick was noticeably thicker than normal, and my urethra was also enlarged.

Becka looked up a me with that infectiously enthusiastic expression of hers, and gently felt of my hanging balls and hardened cock.

"Very nice progress!", she said proudly. "Now I know you need masturbation relief badly so you're going to do it for me here, ok? Just take it easy and go slowly. I like to watch men jackoff's one of my favorite things, so we'll just have some that all right with you?"

She smiled up at me brightly, and I could feel the slightest grin creep onto my face.

"So alright now.....very slowly stroke off for me, and build your load. It shouldn't take long for results."

"Your discharge is going to be much larger than normal baby, and it will be from now on. Ok stroke yourself off a bit more for me."

"You've been drinking your own semen so I know you're used to that, ok?"

"Yes mam."

I put my two fingers around my penis and slowly moved them back and forth, letting the foreskin slide up and down slightly. I was still a little sore but soon got into it and the pleasure came on me much faster than usual. The base of my cock was very hot inside, and this sent an electric shiver of pleasure through me. I jumped at the extreme jolt of lustful enjoyment, and moved my hand a bit faster, gasping in pleasure and breathing harder each moment.

Becka looked up at me as I worked myself and held a beaker below my cock to catch the ejaculate. I groaned loudly in pleasure as I speeded my movements, and noticed that the pain was a bit uncomfortable now but I could not stop, and I grunted in ecstasy as I looked down at the pretty surgeon. I had my hand against the wall to support myself and my hips began to pump automatically as I neared orgasm. The pleasureful throes that gripped me were beyond description, and I gasped in ecstasy as I went over the edge.

I was drooling as I looked down at Becka, and jerked violently forward, and groaned loudly as a thick gusher of semen blasted out of my pee hole. The viscous river of white goo splashed into the beaker as she held it, and she looked excitedly at the monstrous ejection near her face. She licked her lips as she watched it, and I could smell her womanly arousal as she stared at my moving hand, and erupting penis.

I pumped and pumped and could not stop, pushing out more semen, and finally I went dry and was still pumping. It was becoming painful now, and I groaned as I stood there, trying desperately to will my exploding dick to stop. Becka knew exactly what was happening and gripped my balls near the upper vascular bundles, and squeezed tightly.

I looked down at her in desperation, and was still pumping and jerking forward and back as she applied pressure. Finally the runaway orgasm began to subside, and I humped feebly as I stared down at her with raw, bloodshot eyes. She understood this very well, and finally brought things down by gently massaging my drained nuts. It was very comforting and she tenderly held my still semi hard cock in her hand as she soothed my raw testes with the other.

My balls were on fire by now and she quickly got a syringe and gave me an injection in the arm. The hurt went away quickly, and I could barely move as she helped me back to the bed.

Though I knew she was one of the authors of my destruction in a sense, she was also wonderful, and I knew that money and corruption had yet not seeped into her heart of hearts.

She brought the beaker of my own semen to me and sat on the bed.

" must drink this."

I took it from her hand and tipped it up, and swilled down the large load of fresh cum. She smiled as I ate the last drops and took her finger and dabbed a glob near the corner of my mouth, putting it on my tongue. I swallowed it all and dipped my finger down inside the beaker and took out more, and put it in my mouth.

"I know you like that", she chuckled, "don't lie to me."

Becka had probably been working with men and animals in this way for a large portion of her life, and it was obvious that she was perfectly suited for it. The fact that she was a world famous surgeon as well as a beautiful young woman made the whole picture seem inexplicable.

She personally gave my penis and balls sonic healing treatments for days afterward, and before long the damage and pain had gone. I felt more sexual desire than I had in my life, and I now found myself stroking almost constantly with Becka's observation and approval. I could barely keep up with my semen production, and ate it at every opportunity, as well as contributing substantial quantities of it to the clinic for their usage.

I knew, however, that I might have to undergo a few more surgeries, and I shuddered to imagine what this would mean for my future genital and sexual development, and semen production.

I was placed back in the tender hands of the regular staff after awhile, to test and develop my newfound abilities.


Nichole, Anne, and Tammy became quite active in my daily activities, and wanted to test the limits of my seminal output. I was masturbating most of my waking hours now, usually just playing with myself for entertainment, and as per instructions, refrained from ejaculation until directed by the staff. I was allowed to eat all precum drainage which was pretty substantial in itself.

The three women delighted in finding humiliating new adventures for me, and one in particular gave me heavy embarrassment. There were a number of female waiting rooms in and around the interior of the clinic, and were filled with women who were to be artificially inseminated. They broke me in several days after I had finished my first surgery with Dr. Becka, and took me to the main area.

Women who desired to see such a sex show during their wait were screened and invited to this particular room. After a fresh dose of Ejactrin they led me nude into the area, on a leash, and all eyes fell on me instantly. There were smiles of enjoyment, and surprised shock, and just plain lust.

Nichole stood beside me, and as traffic passed on all sides spoke to those present.

"Ladies, you have chosen to experience our unique form of sexual entertainment here as well as our unsurpassed insemination capabilities, and will, of course be witness to the degradation of some of our handsome young male donors. Just continue with your scheduled appointments, and we will stand over here to the side and give you a little entertainment sample of what you desire to see."

"This is Jim, ladies, and he is one of our very special volunteers and semen producers here, and as such is to be treated in a sexually deviant and abusive way. He has volunteered for this, of course, and is bound by an ironclad contract that he cannot break. He is acutely aware of his humiliation, we assure you, and you will enjoy his utter mortification as he is put through his paces."

"The semen he produces each day has a value that cannot be described, and the special ingredients contained in his male fluid are of great importance to us, and to the world at large, believe me. Thanks to our research efforts, important new discoveries in medicine have already been achieved."

"Jim loves to be humiliated don't you Jim?"

I cringed and just wanted to be anywhere else at this moment, but I knew I must play out the scene, and give them what they wanted.

"Yes mam....I...."

"You see ladies, the more you embarrass him the more valuable is his ejaculation content. Does it feel uncomfortable for you to be here nude in front of all these women Jim?"



"That's quite a hardon you have there James, and you're dripping on the floor."

"I...I'm sorry...."

"Well sorry doesn't get it Jimmy boy....and now you're going to have to entertain all these ladies since you've interrupted their appointment schedule."

"I'm sorry....."

"Play with your balls James, and show the ladies how big and full they are."

I was like a robot now.....but a fully conscious robot able to feel with great intensity.

I pulled my large nuts upward, and let them flop over my fingers, and stroked my cock until my dick was rock hard and standing out with a very painful erection. I could feel the pressure in my nuts begin to rise, and soon this became very uncomfortable. I knew I would have to relieve myself soon.

Nichole knew how to stop my ejaculation when necessary, but the truth was, she was unwilling to do so, as she had proven during my last masturbation session.

The last time I had emptied my load in front of six female visitors in the masturbation area, I had jerked about desperately, making a huge mess, unable to stop my hips from humping. The sight, I'm sure was quite bizarre, and the women had laughed hysterically as they left. It had taken at least ten minutes of pumping before I was able to calm myself and stop.

On these occasions my balls were so traumatized that I had to wait hours before I was able to ejaculate again.

Suddenly Nichole slapped my ass very hard with a leather paddle, making me scream at the top of my lungs. The room suddenly became quiet as she hit my other ass cheek just as hard and produced another scream. This set into motion my insane craving for pain and self gratification, and I was soon consumed with a rabid masturbation need, and jacked off my large cock with complete disregard for the presence of the group of about thirty women who were staring blankly at me now.

I grunted and looked at them, my eyes bugged out in pleasure, and my balls were slapping against my hand as I did the dirty for them. They began to cheer, and cat calls filled the room with their degrading sarcasm.

I could not control myself and was experiencing a pleasure so intense now that it would have been impossible for me to stop. The sarcastic smiles on the faces of the women were more degrading than words can describe, and I nearly cried as I opened my bare soul to them and made a complete ass of myself.

I was performing the most intimate act that a human is capable of, and letting them degrade and spit on my feelings while they watched in amusement. It was more than I could believe and assimilate. My hand moved faster now, and Nichole and Tammy stood back a bit, knowing what was next. Nichole held my leash tightly as I increased my pace, and I slobbered and grunted like an ape as I neared orgasm.

Dr. Becka had done her work well, and with only one surgical procedure. This was only the beginning and I just could not deal with what might come later. I hit my orgasm and jumped a few inches off the floor as my penis spit clear across the room and splattered on several women sitting on the opposite side. I yelled like a primitive creature servicing a nubile and ripe female, and my thick pecker spit wad after wad of creamy nut juice onto the shocked audience of women.

They jumped up and moved aside and were livid with rage as I continued to squirt onto the tile in front of them. My hips were pumping rapidly as I sank to the floor, and I merely kneeled there as I jerked and grunted, with nothing more coming from my penis. I groaned at each body spasm, and finally started crying in shame as the faces of the women flared with disgust for me.

Nichole was beside herself with joy, and Tammy smiled at her and snickered as the two savored the moment. Two female security guards came in, and Nichole nodded toward me on the floor. I was twitching still as the guards lifted me up, cuffed me, and escorted me out of the room. The floor was wet down with my spunk, and most of the women had gone, a few sliding awkwardly on the spent semen as they exited.

Two nurses came in and salvaged as much as possible of my spent cum, taking samples of it off the chairs and walls.

They took me back to my room and gave me a powerful sedative after wiping me down. The two facility nurses were shocked at my appearance, and displayed a quiet sympathy for me.

"Dr. Becka will be pissed at this", one of them said quietly.

The other nurse didn't look at her but helped me to lay down for sleep.

"That's none of our business", she whispered.


My next surgery was to be a month later, and would lead me even further down an impossible road of sexual carnage. I was highly addicted by now to the strange drug they had been giving me, and needed a fix each day. I'd felt pleasure here more intense than any normal human would experience in a lifetime, but at a terrible price.

        The Thralldom Sperm Donation Center-part 7

This story is intended as sexual fantasy entertainment for adults only.

Dr. Becka was livid when she heard of my treatment by the three directors, Nichole, Anne, and Tammy, and made it clear to them in no uncertain terms that I was not to be abused in such a manner, and that this kind of treatment could be dangerous to my modified sexual apparatus.

Becka had a different method of treatment and sperm production clearly more sophisticated and intense than the crude techniques of the three sexually deviant head staff. She forbade any but her own instructions in the retrieval of my valuable seminal fluid.

The beautiful young surgeon had discussed these things with the Corporation bigshots and was given carte blance in this project. She made it known to the perverted three   that it might even be possible that she replace them in their jobs if there were further interference.

Nichole was angry but said nothing in defiance. Anne and Tammy accepted the dressing down meekly, and knew that their loyalty was to Nichole in any material conflict,  but that they must remain silent and obedient to the Corporation Officers.


Dr. Becka had increased her staff by several members that included her pretty and sexually addicted surgery assistants, Tia and Jennifer, along with two other professionals, a gorgeous   psychiatrist, Dr. Janet, and a pretty and accomplished hypnotist, Leann.  She had worked with them many times and  brought them both in for  the project.

She also brought in a renowned young sexual  research  psychotherapist, Dr. Melissa, and three of her luscious protege, Alicia, Holly, and Dani. Dr. Melissa had been conducting deep experimental research into male sexuality for years, focusing on every possible aspect of male masturbation and ejaculation habits, using unorthodox erotic arousal techniques, and forced semen extraction and biochemistry analysis.

Dr. Melissa and her staff had conducted in depth study of thoroughbred race horse semen, visiting many large farms,  being present during the cock milking sessions conducted  regularly by the female employees. The awesome force of  a  thoroughbred horse ejaculating into a large battery  powered masturbation device had always been amazing to her.

This semen was sold for large amounts of money to other  breeders, and she was allowed to take large samples any time she visited. Her research and testing reports were valuable to the wealthy owners. She and her helpers were also allowed to masturbate the stallions by hand if so desired on occasion, and they all enjoyed this immensely.

Becka's friends were all devoted to her and her special projects and had worked with her on many occasions.

All were experts in their particular field and close friends that Becka had cultivated over time. They all shared a passion for the male reproductive system and   specifically penis and testicle anatomy,  and masturbation and ejaculation habits. Dr. Becka knew that my production of high grade semen extract would skyrocket in their tender care.

They were all sexually lascivious and addicted women who had never married,  and had devoted their lives to the strange pursuit that they all embraced passionately.  They were beautiful women, and all were extremely well endowed and the bond that they shared was unique.

Becka had the whole masturbation area altered to her unique specifications. There were a handful of men in the world known to possess these unique reproductive  elements in quantity, and they were located in undisclosed areas. I got the distinct impression,  however, that I was the only one in this part of the world and was at the  top of the list in quantity and purity of the special reproductive elements involved, and garnered a fantastic amount of priority and attention by the corporate leaders. They would spare no expense or effort to harvest my milk in continually greater quantities.

There were, however, several other male sex captives here at the facility who were producing the valuable elements in their semen but of much lower quantity and quality than myself, and their sperm required much more processing and purification. Once they were converted to producers, all of the donors became nothing more than robots, having been stripped permanently of their higher thought processes and individuality by the ravages of Ejactrin and other addictive techniques.

I , of course, had never experienced anything like this in my uneventful life, and my whole world now revolved around my craving for the exotic and enslaving drug given me each day, and my intense need to masturbate and ejaculate for the many female   staff who watched me.

The fact that I was being humiliated while performing for them vastly increased my sexual intensity and output. Pain was also an important factor in my cultivation and Dr. Becka would see to it that the sources of my pain were carefully chosen and administered.

As she had told me, Dr. Becka was not cruel like some of  the other facility staff, and carefully governed the unconventional methods used on me.

I could feel my sexual craving growing exponentially each day like some runaway freight train locked into a journey to ecstasy with no endpoint.


My first meeting with Dr. Becka's new staff was quite stunning for me, and the group of attractive young women  embraced me as their sole project and center piece. In my altered condition I was still able to interact and communicate with them normally, but the memory of my earlier life eluded me.

I felt electric splashes of past recollections, and the feeling that I had been another person in another world. My entire consciousness was focused on relieving myself through masturbation, and my addiction was morbidly profound.

Dr. Becka and her ladies welcomed me when I was brought to the new masturbation room, and I stood completely naked and barefoot before them as they surrounded me. The room contained many kinds of strange equipment most of which I could not identify, and there were several masturbation chairs located around the large area.

Dr. Becka smiled widely and stood in front of me looking up into my eyes. She gently felt of my balls and kneaded each one of them between her fingers. Her nails were cut  short and were functional for this kind of work.

They were smiling and very eager to experiment with their new toy. I trusted Dr. Becka on an emotional level, and I  felt I would not be tormented and abused in the  traditional sense here. As I looked around me from one to the other my penis became so hard that it was painful,  the skin of my red glans stretched to it's absolute  limit.

Becka stroked my thick and hardened penis and flipped it gently, then stood back as the others watched. Semen was dripping from my enlarged pisshole, and Tia held a small towel below to catch the drainage.

"How long has it been since you ejaculated Jim?",  Becka  whispered.

"An hour, I think an hour".

I began to fondle my enlarged nuts and stroked my bouncing cock automatically.

Dr. Becka put her hand on mine to stop me and grinned knowingly.

"Come over here first Jim, I want you to be comfortable."

I obeyed and followed her to one of the special  masturbation seats, and she gently pushed me down into  it. Tia and Jennifer quickly spread my legs apart and  padlocked my ankles. They slid a thin vibrator up my anus, and the women sat around me watching closely.

There were a number of video cameras focused on the masturbation seat and one of them close by trained directly at my face.

Becka moved near me to talk and her skirt moved upward and the whiteness of her thighs became visible to me. I think that this was not her intention but she let me stare at her nonetheless.

"We take videos of everything we do Jim, and these videos are later viewed by our corporation executives, many female professionals in the organization around the world, and the videos are carefully edited and shown on a special pay per view sex site that may be accessed by anyone at all, male or female."

"Does this make you hot Jim, thinking about the large number of unknown persons who will be watching you doing things online that are sexually explicit."

I was pretty lucid now and looked at her with a mixed expression on my face.


My penis bounced up and down painfully, dripping semen into the receptacle below.

"Good Jim.....that's what we need."

Dr. Janet the psychiatrist was next to me smiling.

"Do you know who you are Jim?", she asked.

"I think.....I'm Jim."

"Do you remember the time before you came here?", she  said quietly.

" I.....don't know."

Dr. Janet spoke to Dr. Becka as though she were talking about a robot, but I was still feeling various underlying emotions and they seemed to overwhelm me. I  was near tears in this state, and not far from weeping.

"He's definitely stage 4 Ejactrin, more profound than I've seen. But he still seems completely able to  interact."

My hand once again slid over my cock and simultaneously  Dr. Melissa gripped my hand to stop me. She looked closely into my eyes.

"Just wait a moment Jim", she smiled, "you can do it soon."

"You girls can see what Ejactrin does to a subject, and  you remember the effect it had on some of the race horses we observed."

Holly spoke as she looked closely into my eyes.

"His craving for normal sex has completely morphed into his need for self gratification. Also, apparently eating his own semen reintroduces certain chemicals back into  his system."

Dr. Melissa stroked my hair gently....

"A double feedback mechanism."

"Do you like the taste of your own cum Jim?", she said,  as she continued stoking my hair.

"Yes.....I eat it a tastes good."

"Have you ever eaten another man's semen?"

She looked at me closely as she spoke, her bright blue  eyes filled with curiosity.

"Oh no...I....couldn't."

"It's ok Jim you're doing fine", she whispered.

Dr. Becka slid closer and rubbed the inside of my leg.

"Jim we know you enjoy pain while you're jacking off,  isn't that right?"

I gasped and inhaled quickly...."Oh yes....I like it when I'm stroking myself but not other wise."

"Alright Jim, we're going to do another procedure on you...please put your hands behind you."

I did so reluctantly and Tia and Jennifer quickly  padlocked my wrists to the rear of the chair, and attached another strap around my upper legs, pulling them tightly apart.

Dr. Becka pulled over a rolling stainless steel table with several articles on it.

"Ok Jim I must do another procedure on you but don't be  afraid, but it will sting a bit at first."

I looked at her warily, and became a bit alarmed when she picked up some kind of  instrument from the table. Jennifer took a cotton swab and dipped it into a paste,  then  slowly moved it to my pisshole, and slid it into me as she twisted it. My opening was larger than normal now,  and she worked it about half way down into my fully erect  member.

I twisted and squirmed as she did this, and the sting  became sharp as she worked it up and down. Then the sting went away, and whatever she had put on it had numbed me so that there was no pain, only a strange sensation of  tingling in the tip of my stretched cockhead.

In a few moments I could feel nothing, and Becka slowly moved the metal device over my raw cock. Dr. Melissa held my penis firmly so that it wouldn't move, and Becka  looked at me in sympathy.

"Jim what I'm going to do it insert a small plastic bushing inside your upper urethra that will lock itself  in and form a permanent bond with the surrounding  tissue. It will allow urine and semen to escape  normally. When you masturbate after that it will create a sharp sting that will continue as long as you are stroking yourself off. You will soon find that the painful sting will become highly erotic to you, and will enhance your sexual arousal. The bushing will not cause any damage no matter how much you jackoff, because it is constructed in a special way"

"There might be a slight amount of blood when you ejaculate for us this time, but don't worry, that's normal and your semen will quickly heal the area. Semen has soothing and healing properties that most people are not aware of."

The device was a metallic probe with a gun handle for easy use. At the end of the metal probe was a small plastic object, just large enough to fit into my cock hole.

A clear paste was oozing out of the end of the instrument near the edge of the plastic bushing and lubricated my urethral opening as she gently slid it into me.

I could see the metal tip disappear into my draining penis, and she moved it slowly downward, paying strict attention to her task. I could feel nothing but Dr. Melissa's tight grip, and my dick throbbed every few seconds due to the muscle spasm of my pronounced erection. Dr. Becka finally stopped about an inch and a half in and carefully pulled on the trigger of the device.

I heard a popping sound but felt no pain. Then she flipped a switch and pumped the trigger a few more times and pulled slightly upward and downward again to lodge the small sleeve firmly inside me. She pressed a release button and let go of the bushing, slowly pulling the metal probe back out of me. She lay it beside her and took another instrument which apparently was a fiber optic visual probe.  She slowly introduced it into me, staring at an eyepiece as she gently moved it downward.

She spoke to herself as she worked, and seemed quite pleased.

"Excellent ladies, a perfect deposit. It should seat in very well, and only a small amount of bleeding."

I felt no pain while she did all this and looked curiously at her as she smiled at me.

"Very good. Now my eager friend we will wait until the local has worn off and you may relieve yourself."

Dr. Janet moved close to my face and smiled gently as she looked at me.

"Jim, tomorrow Leann and I are going to give you a comprehensive psychosexual evaluation under deep hypnosis. That way we can learn all of your deepest sexual desires and needs so that we can help you enjoy more intense pleasure and seminal discharge when you masturbate for us. You won't be able to hide anything at all from us.  Is that ok?"

"We'll know exactly what buttons to push to make you horny."

She was so pretty I stared at her eyes in awe as she put her face close to mine.

"Yes.....yes that's....ok", I stammered.

"Good Jim, you don't have to be afraid or ashamed because you're not going to shock  us, believe me.  This is just for us and no one else, ok?"

"Your sexual needs and habits are very important to us."

"Yes mam...."

She continued looking at me as she whispered, and her fragrance was intoxicating.

"Now I wonder what intimate and forbidden secrets you will tell us Jim?", she smiled.

By now the feeling was slowly creeping back into my cock and the pain became very noticeable. I tensed up and looked at Dr. Becka who was observing me clinically. 

"Your penis is beginning to sting, isn't it Jim?"

"Ok now slowly stroke yourself and try to let the pain work for you."

I jacked myself softly and gasped as the sharp hurt bit my cockhead.

"Just go with it Jim and jack yourself off for us.....your cum will ease the pain and make it more pleasurable. This first ejaculation is the worst so just let yourself go."

All the women surrounded me and were smiling and enjoying my efforts as I beat off in pain.

Suddenly I yelled out loud from the excruciating torment and my sexual arousal  boiled over as I stroked off my large cock and approached orgasm. The intensity of my climax was a pile driver of pleasure as I humped my hips and looked wide eyed at the eager women. My large balls slapped back and forth as I did myself and the women's eyes burned with lechery.

Dr. Becka got closer also and smiled at my enjoyment.

"Listen carefully Jim, when you start to cum take your hand off your penis and just let it spurt, ok?"

I could barely hear her voice as my body went into a spasm of lustful gratification, and when the first streamer of my man fluid hit the plastic overhang Becka grabbed my hand and held it as I grunted in ecstasy. I tried pulling it away from her but she held it tightly.

" Jim....let it come out by itself?"

I arched my head back and groaned loudly as the thick syrupy milk spit out from my hardened cock, splattering against the overhang again and again.

Each time my cock squirted it bounced up and down and I became incoherent with pleasure.


I could not stop and Dr. Melissa had grabbed my other hand to keep it out of the way as I pumped out the massive discharge of hot cum.  My dick kept bouncing up and down painfully as it ejected wad after wad from my tightened balls and the thick seminal cream ran in a large rivulet down my prick and into the collection area.

They were all loving it and looked closely as I drooled and grunted.

Alicia licked her lips as she watched the show, and had her hand under her skirt rubbing herself.

"I don't believe this!", she half shouted, "I've never seen anything quite like it."

Beautiful blond haired Dani watched mesmerized as my ejaculation began to ease off, and I lay there in an uncontrollable convulsion of lust.

"My gosh!", she whispered...."this whole thing is going to be lots of fun, I can see that right now."

Pretty Holly had been looking closely at my spitting hole, and shook her head back and forth in disbelief.

"Wow....this is getting interesting", she smiled, "real fucking interesting!"

I quivered and panted, hardly able to get my breath as the last dribbles of thick semen oozed out of my penis hole. There were a few traces of blood in the mess, but nothing significant. My dickhead felt much better now, and most of the pain had ended.

Jennifer quickly took the receptacle and poured the contents into a small refrigerator storage bottle and left the room.

Dr. Becka took her finger and picked up gobs of semen out of the bottom of the receptacle and put them in my mouth as I slurped the white paste off and swallowed it.

"You did real good baby", she cooed, "normally your penis should not hurt unless you masturbate yourself,  but it will sting for a few days. I'll give you a painkiller to help."

She kissed me on the forehead and the other women rubbed my arms and legs and neck gently as they complimented me. This was so intoxicating to me that I could barely contain my joy.

They released me and two nurses helped me to the showers where they washed me gently from head to toe. The cruelty was gone from my shower visits, and the sarcasm as well. I stood quietly as the pretty nurses washed my cock and balls and ass. After being rinsed and dried I was taken back to my room.


I slept for a few hours and was awakened by Dr. Janet. She sat down on the bed beside me and I awoke and looked up at her.

"Jim, it's time for your hypnotic session and analysis. Don't worry, it won't hurt a bit."

I got up slowly and walked with her to the main lab and Leann the hypnotist was there waiting. No one else was there, they were probably doing research on the other men who were donors at the facility, but most of their time would be spent with me.

Dr. Janet led me to a comfortable chair. She and Leann sat beside me and Dr. Janet held a hypodermic in the air and squirted it to prepare. She swabbed my arm and slowly and painlessly injected me with the wonderful Ejactrin that I craved.

I breathed in very deeply and exhaled, steeped in complete relaxation.

Dr. Janet was so beautiful and I looked at her as she emptied the syringe.

Leann was blond and cute, and her reddish complexion hinted that she might have Rosacea and used cosmetics to help with her appearance. She was bright and intelligent and spoke gently as I lay staring at her.

"Jim, what I'm going to do now is induce in your mind a very deep and powerful hypnotic trance so that you will be completely asleep and fully open to questioning and analysis. You should go under quickly and when you awaken you will not remember a thing about the trance, and will feel completely relaxed and rested, Ok?"

"Dr. Janet is going to ask you many questions and test you psychologically in many ways, and all of this will be recorded on video."

I looked at her as I began to experience the sense of well being that I felt after my daily Ejactrin dose.


She placed some kind of a virtual reality viewer over my eyes, and I jerked in awe as a myriad of scintillating colors converged on my mental landscape.

"Just relax Jim, and trust me completely, and let yourself follow my every word. Concentrate on the beautiful colors and how they move in such interesting patterns"

"Oh yes......"

She began talking slowly and carefully......and her voice was so soft and compelling......that I became mesmerized......and within a relatively short time I began to become sleepy......and then gradually drifted off into a trance......and then into complete nothingness.


When I awoke I was back in my room. I sat up and looked around and my mind was completely blank,  but then the familiar surroundings brought me back to full consciousness. I was amazed that the hypnosis went so quickly and that I had gone under so completely, and I absolutely did not remember a single thing about the session.

After I was fully awake and ready to resume normal activities, I was taken to the masturbation area again and given a stimulation treatment which involved blocking my ability to ejaculate temporarily using a local, followed by heavy and erotic genital manipulation to build my seminal pressure. The heavy gonadotropic drugs and supplements that I ingested each day had greatly enlarged the size of my testicles as well as their output. 

I was given my treatment by Tia and Jennifer, while bent over a fixture with my hands and ankles strapped in. My legs were spread widely so that the two had full access to my genitals. A special lotion was applied to my penis to soften the surface of the skin, and a suction instrument placed over it.

The device warmed my stretched penis with moist heat, and  moved slowly up and down, allowing it to gradually lengthen my stiff member beyond it's normal extension.

This was not actually painful and the implant inside me did not torment me during these procedures. Only when I masturbated normally did the sharp sting burn into the inside of my dick.

A vibrator was inserted into my anal opening, at maximum intensity, and I pulled against the restraints in pleasure.

As Tia gave my nuts a mild TENS treatment Jennifer pulled on my growing penis with the suction device and gradually stretched and elongated it with the relentless vacuum tube.

The entire staff was nearby watching, and Dr. Becka sat and spoke to me as she rubbed her hand over my back.

"Just try to enjoy yourself Jim, give in to the feelings and pressures and let yourself go. You love the tiny stings of pain in your testicles don't you?"

"Ump...ah....mmm....y..yes mam...."

My treatment with Dr. Becka's staff was much kinder and gentler than before, but nonetheless had my swollen balls aching as a result of the very mild TENS stimulation throughout their entire mass.

This was followed with firm manipulation by strong hands. They pressured my hot nuts thoroughly by rolling them between their fingers, and pulling on them to stretch them.

The machine stroked me very gently and I absolutely could not ejaculate no matter how prolonged the treatment. The pressure in my hot melons became so strong that semen dribbled out constantly and was absorbed by a thick towel below. I grunted in lust as my large engorged sex glands hung below me full of man milk, and humped my hips involuntarily desperately wanting to expel it.

After fifteen minutes of this intense stimulation they released me and I stood naked before them, my cock bobbing up and down obscenely, and dribbling steadily into a towel held below it by Jennifer.

I could not imagine what they knew about my intimate sexual history after the tests by Dr. Janet and Leann, but was convinced that they must be aware of every single humiliating detail of my erotic past.

Dr. Becka sat close to me looking up with an enigmatic smile on her face.

"Dr. Janet has some very intriguing revelations about what she learned during your psychological exam Jim."

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, shame on you!"

She and the others laughed in a good natured way, and smiled in pleasure at the perplexed look on my face. Pretty Becka gently massaged my distended balls and her touch made me jump with pleasure which made me even more aroused and miserable. She took her fingers and squeezed the nerve bundles at the top of my scrotal sac. She pinched them tightly and I jumped from the sting, and groaned out loud.

"I know your testicles are full Jim, just a little more and you'll be able to shoot your load for us. I know the pressure hurts.....the girls certainly pumped you up didn't they. Don't worry Jim, they know exactly what they're doing, I won't let them go to far."

When she was finished I was led me over to a different masturbation chair and they secured my feet and slid an even larger vibrator into my rear sphincter. Beautiful blond haired Dani sat next to me and smiled and rubbed her hand over my chest.

"We found out how nasty you are!", she giggled, "we've got something for you baby."

They all sat around me and Dr. Janet was on my other side close by.

Janet gripped my chin gently and pulled my head around and smiled into my eyes.

"How do you feel today Jim?", she murmured.

She was highly erotic just to be near, and I quivered as she touched my cheek.

"I feel....good mam...."

"We uncovered some very interesting information about your sexual world", she said, "this will allow you to have a more complete fulfillment in your masturbation sessions."

"Holly and Dani are such lecherous young women aren't you ladies?", she chuckled.

Dani smiled and nodded slightly and stood as she reached under her skirt and behind to the rear of her panties. Alicia did the same and they looked down at me as they guided their fingers to their rear cracks. They each inserted a finger into their anus and pushed in deeply, sliding completely in, and moved it around as they licked their lips.

After a full thirty seconds exploring the deepest recesses of their rectal area, they pulled their fingers out and sat in close to me. Dani and Alicia slowly moved their fragrant phalanges to my nose and held them there. Their cute appendages had a noticeable brown coating, and the pungent fragrance was quite erotic.

Dani kissed me on the cheek and snuggled close to me.

"Do you like that smell baby?", she purred.

Alicia was having fun also and they rubbed their fingers all around under my nose and into my nostrils. The odor was incredibly erotic to me and I tensed up in unbridled lust.

I quickly reached for my engorged penis and began to jack off rapidly. Dr. Becka didn't say a word but let me go to fully pleasure myself. I yelled in pain as the tiny implant tortured me, and the sharp hurting made me shift into high gear, grunting and groaning in an extremely intense reaction to the nasty miasma that saturated my nostrils.

They repeated the process, reaching back again and again as I jacked wildly, and soon my nose was covered with a deeply erotic coating of shit cream inside and out. I went totally out of control and jumped and humped in ecstasy as I sniffed in the rancid fumes with unbridled pleasure.

I hit a wall of rapture and suddenly jerked violently, my ass coming completely out of the seat for a second, and a rocket propelled wad of thick white dick paste splattered onto the undersurface of the overhang. Three separate globs of heavy dick snot slopped against the plastic, making a noticeable sound.

I screamed loudly as my huge gusher of hot semen pumped out insanely, completely soaking the entire inner surface of the special container. Thick lumps of white penis scum ran down my cock and over my hand as I grunted in mindless pleasure, looking into Dani's gorgeous eyes. She was laughing by now, totally perplexed by my catastropic explosion of man juice, and licked her lips as she enjoyed the uncovering of my inner most sexual place, open bare for her to enjoy and manipulate.

"Oh sweetie look at your must like that a lot huh?"

Finally I lay gasping in pleasure as the group laughed at my antics, but it was more a kindhearted amusement, and joy that they had tapped into one of my innermost hot spots.

Dani and Alicia washed their hands thoroughly and wiped them as they grinned wickedly at me.

Alicia bent forward and looked into my eyes.....

"Oh darling we've got your number don't we?"

I looked to the side with an exhausted expression and grunted quietly.


The two nurses, Kathy and Jill,  took me and scrubbed me again, and my enlarged cock and balls flopped around randomly in their hands and slowly began to become semi hard again. The pretty young RN's were enjoying themselves soaping my genitals and anus, and smiled at me as they gently fingered my large nuts and slid their fingers up my ass.

As they rinsed and dried me my erection became more pronounced, and they took me quickly back to my room. The pretty dark haired nurse, Jill,  gave me a medication, and I took the glass of water and washed it down.

"You need to rest for awhile, this will help with the pain and help you sleep."

The implant made me fearful now, but my need was too much, and reluctantly I touched my nearly erect penis and began to stroke it gently as I looked up at the two comely nurses.

I yelled in shock and let go....grunting in frustration as I looked at my fiery red dick. They grinned in amusement and rubbed their hands over my hair.

They both laughed out loud and the short haired blond nurse, Kathy, massaged my neck firmly.

"Better leave it alone for awhile Jim and rest, your poor dick has been through a lot."

They smiled good naturedly and left me. I finally gave up on the idea of playing with myself and took a break and fell into a nap. My cock was hard again but not to it's full capacity, and the cum drained out of me and wet down the sheets.

I woke up in a few hours and was incredibly horny, and massaged my burning testicles, and then went to the sink and got a large drink of cool water and slaked my thirst and lay down to rest again. By now my balls were bloated fully again, and the inner pressure forced my scrotum outward and made the surface hard to the touch.

My dick was a bit sore where the implant was located, and I merely massaged my nuts for relief.

My evening nutrition was brought to me, and I enjoyed a good meal and the liquid and tablet supplements. Then Jill sat beside me and took a medicated swab and slid it gently down into my penis hole. I jerked in pain at first but soon felt relief, and her smile and nice tits soon made me feel much better.

She gave me sleep meds and I drifted off as she very gently massaged my penis and balls. Her touch was wonderful.


By now my entire past had been virtually erased by the Corporation, my apartment lease cancelled, my property disposed of, all other services and obligations paid and cancelled, and my former life expunged.  I had no home other than the Thralldom clinic now. I couldn't even remember that I was supposed to be paid for all this...the thought would never occur to me in my condition....the present was the only thing I knew of.


I awoke after a very restful night's sleep, and was brought my morning nutrition. I drank a large glass of thick gonad supplement, and took several horse pills, and my penis started to harden soon after. The soreness in my dick was practically gone, and my overworked cock had taken back most of it's normal color.

My balls were engorged and hurting for release, and fortunately Dr. Becka came to get me for the next session. She smiled broadly and looked down at me with her gorgeous eyes.....and wiggled her finger in a come hither motion.

I got right up and walked in front of her and she followed me, rubbing my butt crack as we walked.

"How do you feel this morning Jim? Is your penis feeling better?"

"Yes feels.....a lot better."

"That's good Jim, the nurses will give you a med treatment in your urethra for the next several days and that will help with healing and pain relief."

"How about your balls do they feel better?"

"Yes....except.....they feel really swollen."

"Hmmm.....I can see that they are Jim....we'll just have to do something about that won't we?"


We entered the masturbation area and Dr. Becka's staff were waiting, and smiling in anticipation.

Dr. Becka led me to the stimulation fixture and had me lean over it as Tia and Jennifer spread my legs widely and locked me in. It was actually quite comfortable and I was supported in the right places so that there was no strain on my back or arms.

Becka sat behind me with Dr. Melissa and they both carefully examined my genitals, gently rubbing and bringing me to full erection. Their hands were cool and soft and made my dick force itself outward until it bounced up and down in extreme tumescence.

I'm sure Dr. Becka could tell I was in danger of ejecting my fluid any moment.

"I'm going to numb you temporarily so you can't ejaculate Jim, in a half hour you can get yourself off for us, Ok?"

All I could do was grunt in agreement, and Becka took a hypodermic and swabbed me under my balls, then injected a small amount of fluid into the base of my scrotum.

I barely felt it actually and in a few moments could detect a strong tingling in that area.

Dr. Melissa rubbed her fingers lightly up and down the length of my cock while Dr. Becka examined my testicles thoroughly, carefully feeling both of my swollen nuts, and every nerve plexus and vascular group in them.

I groaned in pleasure as my precum began to dribble onto the absorbent towel beneath my stretched penis. Everytime Dr. Melissa rubbed my cock I grunted in ecstasy, and it bounced up and down obscenely.

Dr. Becka was intent upon carefully examining my nuts and Dr. Melissa rubbed my pisshole with her fingers.

Becka was talking to herself as she pinched my balls tenderly, and seemed pleased.

"His aggrandizement quotient is off the charts, he's increasing capacity very rapidly. Also his seminal fluid is producing twenty percent more x-factor."

"Let's milk him with the semen extractor and see if we can push the envelope a bit."

The staff were sitting or standing nearby, observing everything carefully.

Dr. Melissa was breathing heavily as she rubbed my fully turgid member, and my precum wet down her fingers liberally.

Dr. Becka picked up a cylindrical device about a foot long and Dr. Melissa gently coated my stiff penis with lubricant.  Becka carefully slid the milker up my dripping cock. She turned it on the lowest setting and it tenderly enveloped my pulsing prick in a velvety material.

The device was ingeniously constructed and stroked me without producing pain from my implant. I gasped in pleasure as the two women did me, and they seemed to be enjoying themselves also.

Dr. Melissa massaged my large hanging nuts and sent my already rock hard penis into further convulsions of enjoyment. She pulled down on them and pinched them, one in each hand, so that they were stretched and pressured, one to each side.

"You like that big boy?", she breathed.

I gasped and moaned my assent as Dr. Becka continued her smooth assault on my jerking pecker. The muscle spasms in my sexual apparatus became stronger by the moment and I grunted out loud and tried to eject my load. It did not happen and the pressure in my captured balls increased accordingly.

I groaned in pain as Dr. Becka continued her gentle milking, and my bulging testicles lay in Dr. Melissa's hands as she firmly kneaded them.

At the end of a half hour I was sweating and humping my hips in need,  trying desperately to ejaculate my huge load.

Dr. Becka let out a sigh, and pulled the milker off me.

"Ok, release him", she said to Tia.

Tia and Jennifer unshackled my restraints and helped me out of the fixture. I could barely stand and they helped me over to a nearby masturbation chair. This chair was different from the others and had a long ramp about four feet wide leading away in front which was at least fifteen feet long. The ramp had a black, smooth surface and graded markings along either side.

I was glad to be able to sit down and after they had secured my ankles and installed a vibrator in my anus, I fell back and relaxed. Semen was running profusely from my pisshole now and they knew I was not far from evacuation of my man fluid.

The chair was odd in that it was tilted forward so that my dick was pointing straight out, and at a slight angle upward.

Dr. Becka and Melissa sat beside me and cute Dani in front of me. She grinned widely and licked her lips.

Dr. Becka carefully gripped the lower base of my jumping cock and pinched firmly.

"He'll ejaculate his load in about two minutes ladies."

She looked at Dani and nodded her head. Dani quickly bent down and gripped my erect penis and licked the cum off my pisshole. She enveloped my cockhead and sucked furiously, lapping her tongue around my sensitive glans as she moved her mouth up and down.

I jumped wildly and tried to evacuate my throbbing nuts but again my load stopped and boiled inside me. I yelled in agonized pleasure as the pretty Dani sucked my dick but I could not quite produce an orgasm.

After a minute Becka tapped Dani's shoulder and motioned for her to move back. The petite blond had precum dripping from her lips and the area around her mouth was shiny with fluid.

Becka pushed in underneath my balls and rubbed her finger around firmly several times.

"Come on Jim, beat your meat for us!"

My hand quickly gripped my pulsing cock and I jacked it furiously as I looked glassy eyed at them and groaned in pain as the sharp stinging bit at my long pecker. The needlelike sensations soon became all consuming and fired up my uncontrollable carnality so that I was nothing more than a rutting animal.

I went into a humiliating and disgusting show of runaway eyes bulged and my mouth was twisted in drooling pleasure as I humped wildly and looked from one to the other of the mesmerized staff, all traces of my self esteem gone.

Dr. Becka and Dr. Melissa looked closely at my flogging dick, and Dr. Becka whispered to me quietly....

"Stop masturbating when you begin to ejaculate Jim...just let your penis squirt on it's own."

I could hear what she said but was slow to react as I looked sideways at her and panted in ecstasy, my tongue hanging loosely from the side of my mouth.

The orgasm was the most powerful one I would experience to this moment, and when my semen spit violently out of me I screamed in extreme bliss, grunting like a pig.

Becka slapped my face hard and grabbed my hand, pulling it roughly away from my cock.

"I said let it spurt by itself Jim and I fucking mean it!"

Her manner sobered me instantly, and I jerked my head back, and my hips pumped  forward with a vengeance and I expelled three distinct globs of thick white male pudding, and they shot outward and formed a trajectory as they landed in front of me far away.

My cock bounced up and down furiously as it spit a thick stream of viscous reproductive paste a few feet away, then another, and another, and the ramp surface became sopping wet with my creamy spunk. I groaned as the orgasm began to ease off, and humped myself forward as the last gush of sperm laden fluid poured from my stunned dick.

I fell back exhausted and rested, as the women marked the farthest point of my massive ejaculation.

"Eleven feet six inches!", yelled an excited Holly, "you have got to be kidding me!"

Dr. Becka gently massaged my spent pecker, and looked into my bloodshot eyes. She wiped up sperm for several minutes and fed it to me as the other women brought what they had removed from the ramp. They fed me all of the semen possible, and my two nurses stood by waiting to bath me.

Becka held my face in her hand and spoke seriously to me....

"When I tell you to do something Jim you must do it without hesitation.....Ok?"

The last thing I wanted was to displease Dr. Becka whom I was greatly fond of....

"Oh yes....oh yes mam....Dr. Becka!"

She kissed my cheek and rubbed her hand up and down my back.

"It's ok Jim, we're going to work just fine together aren't we?"

"Oh yes mam....!"


My two nurses, Kathy and Jill led me away to the shower area and soaped me down thoroughly, and scrubbed every part of me as I stood there and stared ahead vacantly ahead.

They took me to my room and brought food and more supplements and meds.

I had, by this point,  lost any significant desire to masturbate myself while alone, because of the pain, despite the driving force of Ejactrin, and because I was aware that I needed the full treatment in the masturbation lab to fully release my spunk and to satisfy myself completely.

Since I knew I would be called on to ejaculate each day more than once, I decided to restrain myself until I could enjoy my usage by Dr. Becka's highly trained staff.

After another mild relaxant sedative I drifted off to sleep for several hours. Later that day I would be called on to do my duty once again.  Nurse Kathy was gently massaging my balls as I dozed off, and the feeling was wonderful.


                      The Thralldom Sperm Donation     Center-part 8

Realizing that I had experienced a very difficult and strenuous day, Dr. Becka allowed me to sleep through the afternoon and into the night. I awoke at 3am in the morning and lay there,  pleasantly coming awake and  conscious of my surroundings.

The lights came on and one of my pretty nurses, Kathy,  came into the room and sat beside me. She gave me a capful of liquid to drink, and when I'd finished the tart potion,  she pulled the blanket off and began to massage my penis and  balls. She squeezed my nuts gently and  lightly stroked my hardening cock.

"Dr. Becka wants you in the masturbation area for a special session. No one else will be there but you and her."

I quickly came fully awake and alert, and blinked at her in surprise. She pulled on my dick and I slowly arose and followed her.

We went into the large masturbation room and Dr. Becka greeted us with a smile on her face. She slid my hard penis into her hand and pulled me by the balls.

"Come with me please Jim,  we're going to have a session with just the two of us."

She grinned slyly at nurse Kathy as she led me over to one of the jackoff chairs.

"You can leave us Kath, and get some sleep,  we'll be fine."

Nurse Kathy smiled and left the room, and Dr. Becka had me sit down and clamped and locked my ankles. She looked up at me with a pleased smile on her pretty face.

"I wanted us to be alone Jim,  just you and I for this session."

"I'm experimenting with new techniques, and I think these early morning hours will be worth exploring."

My penis was rock hard by this time, and bounced uncontrollably up and down, flinging precum to my groin area. One of the bathrooms was closeby in front of us, and she walked to it and went inside, leaving the door all the way open.

She was wearing a black business suit and stood near the toilet stool looking furtively at me. She slowly pulled up her skirt all the way, and pulled her black panties down to her knees. Still looking at me she sat on the stool, and moved around briefly until she was comfortable.

The medication I had been given earlier was a booster for the powerful Ejactrin drug, and increased and attenuated it's power. I was in the throes of pleasure by now, and squirmed uncomfortably as I looked her in the eyes.

Within a few minutes she began to strain as she gazed at me, and bent over slightly as she passed her bowel movement. I heard a long wet fart, a splash, and then another fart and splash, and a vent fan removed the odor.

She was still looking at me as she continued her toilet. Watching her was actually a little embarrassing for me, and I diverted my eyes briefly,  but was compelled to return them to hers. She smiled at my embarrassment. When she had finished she took a roll of toilet paper and began to clean herself, looking at the used paper each time she wiped, and then to me before she tossed it in the bowl.

She cleaned herself as thoroughly as possible and flushed again, then stood and pulled her panties up and smoothed her tight skirt down over her well formed hips. She didn't wash her hands, or use the bidet, and came out and sat in front of me in the operator's chair.

She smiled and kissed me on the lips briefly.

"You're not embarrassed are you Jim?", she said, matter-of-factly.

I looked at her and nodded my head no.....

"Uh uh....", I lied, as I shifted slightly.

She looked closely at me, and pulled a power cord from beneath the chair and moved it down to my left calf. My left hand was secured to the chair arm and my right hand free for masturbation. The cord had a special electrode at the end with two needle tips protruding from the tip.

She wiped a patch of skin on my thigh with alcohol and looked at me  as she slid the needles in, to a depth of about a quarter inch. It was slightly more painful than an injection, and she taped the electrode firmly to the skin.  I shivered slightly as I looked at her, and she  maintained a mischievous grin while all this was going on.

"Ok baby", she purred, "listen to Dr. Becka and do as you're told, ok?"

I nodded obediently, having received the message from an earlier session that I was to obey her implicitly.

"I know what you like Jim and we will give you all you want. You like bodily smells don't you Jim?"

I nodded yes and started to reach for my cock.

She shoved my hand away.

"No!, not yet, she whispered."

"You really like the smell of a woman's rear, don't you Jim?"

I licked my lips nervously as I stared at her.

She raised up slightly and pulled her skirt upward so that she was not sitting on it. Then she took her hand and reached under the back of her skirt, and into her panties, and slid her finger into her rear crack.  She gasped slightly, then slowly shoved it up her anus, and moved it around inside her. She then pulled it out and brought her hand slowly out from behind her and up to my face.

I could see a noticeable brown smear of  fecal matter on her finger, and as she held it right up to my nose I inhaled deeply and gasped at the erotic and pungent smell. I started to grab for my cock....

With her other hand she slapped me lightly in the face.....

"No! No!", she said, "I told you to wait!"

She pushed her finger up my nasal passages and the funky smell drove me into a frenzy. She smeared brown cream inside and then rubbed her coated finger all over my nose and mouth.

The smell was nasty and overpowering, and my penis locked up, and then bounced every few seconds. Precum was flowing down my swollen member by now, and pooling in my pubic hair.

Her shit cream covered my mouth and nose, and she reached back two more times and delved deeply inside her rectum. The brown waste matter was becoming thick around my lips and deep inside my nasal passage. She forced her finger inside her funky rear one more time, moving it deeply and all around inside her rectum. She pulled her brown digit out and  shoved it in my mouth, coating my tongue with her trenchant fecal matter.

I sucked the rancid feces off and swallowed it, a lustful expression on my face, and shook with excitement as she repeated the process again.

She pressed the intercom button and spoke briefly......

"Bring him in."

Soon a door opened and a nurse unfamiliar to me brought in a nude male. They came over and stood to my right. The male seemed unresponsive and obeyed the nurse without question. She whispered to him and held a large collection cup under his penis. It had a raised shield in the front to collect spurting semen.

He began to masturbate rapidly and soon brought himself  to    ejaculation. He squirted a large amount of fluid into the cup, and it was  a full minute before he was able to stop. The thick semen filled the bottom of the receptacle and the nurse handed it to Dr. Becka.

I looked at them both as Dr. Becka held the cup below my bouncing cock. I was quite nervous by now at what seemed to be happening, and as the nurse and male left the room,  I stared in apprehension at Dr. Becka.

She moved closer to me and talked to me, looking into my eyes.

"I want you to ejaculate into the cup and drink the entire contents Jim."

I began to shake, and her eyes so close to mine caused me to freeze up momentarily. I couldn't find words for a second, then stammered   incoherently.

" couldn't....Dr. Becka , I can't...."

She wiped her finger all over my mouth again as she spoke quietly to me.

"You have to do what I say Jim", she whispered, "I  thought I made that clear to you."

"B..but I....couldn't."

She moved back and slapped me hard enough to sting badly,  and then moved close again, and searched my watering eyes to capture all that was inside me. I could not refuse her,  and I knew it....I could deny her nothing.

"You will be drinking semen from the other males here Jim,  because I believe it will increase the output of what we need. You must drink your cum and theirs too."

She placed the cup below my penis and locked it in, and  then reached over and began to apply electric current to my calf. The sharp sting made me jerk, and as she brought up the power I tensed in pain, as I

looked at her through blurred eyes.

"You may relieve yourself now baby, give me a good load."

I grabbed my aching cock and began to jack it off with a vengeance, and stroked up and down as I grunted and looked at her. She was quite pleased, and as my body tightened from the electricity, I went into a severe frenzy of lust,  and drove myself madly to relieve the pressure my testicles.

The smell of her shit all over my face and in my mouth and nose drove me to my absolute limit, and I began to groan loudly and grunt in ecstasy. I had no doubt,  however, that the room was sound proofed, and my yelling would disturb no one.

She moved in closely again as I approached my orgasm, and smiled widely as my body arched with extreme violence, and a groaning yell escaped from my open mouth. My  engorged penis spit a thick, lumpy, viscous streamer of male fluid into the cup, and it poured out in a  gushing mass into the partly full receptacle.  I jumped and drooled as she watched in amazement, and enjoyed the victory of her   experiment.

I jumped in pain as the fiery sting on my thigh and in my cock forced every drop of semen from me. She turned the current off, and I slumped   back, breathing heavily, and looked at her as perspiration poured from my face. I licked my lips absently and took more of her shit cream into my mouth.

"Oh that was so good baby, you did so good for Becka. I'm so proud of you."

She released the cup and brought it up to my mouth.

"You must drink all of the semen Jim, you must do anything I want you to. You don't have a choice do you?"

I looked at her, exhausted, and feebly nodded yes. She held the cup to my lips and I opened my mouth and tilted my head back. She began to pour the scuzzy mess over my tongue, and I gulped it down quickly, The gooey combination tasted essentially the same as before, just a little more salty, and I slavered the funky mess down along with the residue of Dr. Becka's shit cream.

Dr. Becka was extremely erotic to me, and just thinking of her made me want to have an ejaculation. Now, having tasted her fresh shit I was  even more aroused to be near her.

After I had finished my disgusting meal she cleaned my face and mouth thoroughly, released me, and took me back to my room. She decided to tell the other members of her elite crew about her early morning session, and that they would  plan coming extractions with my  special olfactory needs in mind.


This was Dr. Becka's research project, and she would design her methods around the results achieved from these experiments. She and the other ladies would do this again with Jim, with  variations, as many times as she thought necessary, since he was fantastically aroused by her, and the smell of her's, or for that matter, any, female's natural bodily odors.

The lab results would be the final determining factor, and she would be eager to see them tomorrow after Jim's next major ejaculation. She suspected that the other robotic males here would be helpful in Jim producing higher concentrations of the precious element they were searching for. He was an elite producer of this element, even among   all other similar males throughout the world, or so she had been told.

They would cultivate and farm him in extreme ways necessary for their goals. Jim was obviously highly aroused by the smell of a woman's fecal matter and other musky female odors, no doubt, and  they would use that in any way that was effective.


The next day Jim was allowed to sleep longer than usual to replenish his strength and seminal output. After breakfast and toiletry needs, and a dose of Ejactrin, nurses Kathy and Jill bathed him in the shower area, being careful not to over stimulate his already profound erection.

They soaped his pecker, balls, and anus judiciously, and gave him their full feminine attention, smiling and speaking to him with erotic tenderness.

Afterward they took him to his room to await the next request for his presence by Dr. Becka.


About that same time Dr. Becka was more than surprised by the  unexpected arrival of the top Corporation executives,  three  sophisticated women whose sexual desires were quite perverted, from what she had heard.  She hoped that they would leave the important clinical decisions to her, with respect to Jim's treatment.

She thought they had indicated this to her by giving her carte blanche control of Jim's care.

She met them in the clinic boardroom, and surprisingly, during the meeting, guards were present outside in the hallway. This was quite disturbing to Dr. Becka, and she could find no reason for such a display.

Those present at the meeting were,  Ailene Joyce, Executive Vice President of the Corporation, Alice Lawler, a senior Vice President, and Dianna Reid, senior legal counsel.

There was another woman with them who was known to Becka, Elsa Van Brukin, a world famous research psychiatrist and hypnotist.  Becka could detect a profoundly serious aura around them all, and so became attentive and solicitous to them, highly curious as to their intentions.

Ailene Joyce, was a woman in her mid sixties, attractive for her age, with sandy Blond hair and well earned facial creases, and possessed a marvelously formed body for her years. She was obviously hardened to her position and one who was in complete control of those around her.

She smiled in a friendly way as she spoke to Becka.

"Dr. Becka, so nice to finally meet you. I've heard much about you and your elite team of assistants. I don't think anyone in the world could do a better job in this situation,  and the Corporation thanks you sincerely."

"What I have to tell you is of world shaking importance, and that is why we have all come here in this manner."

"I'd like to introduce you to my inner staff...."

"This is Alice Lawler,  one of our top Vice Presidents, and Dianna Reid, our senior legal counsel."

Alice Lawler shook Becka's hand cordially, as did Mrs. Reid.

Mrs. Lawler was a pretty red haired woman probably in her late fifties, and Mrs. Reid also an attractive and sophisticated woman of a similar age range.

Alice moved a bit closer to Becka, and held her hand as she spoke.

"I greatly admire your work Dr. Becka, your reputation is unparalleled in the world."

Becka tactfully downplayed the compliment but was actually quite honored at the suggestion. At her tender young age she still thought of herself as too young to be of  consequence. Of course this had been proven wrong by her genius in her field.

Dianna Reid shook her hand also. She smiled in a sincere way at Becka, her eyes glowing with admiration.

"You're so pretty dear", she said, "such a pretty young genius."

Becka smiled and thanked her, and tried to escape the awkward moment, as she invariably did when receiving such compliments.

"And this, my dear, is Elsa Van Brukin, just about the most famous psychiatrist and hypnotist in the world."

Elsa smiled broadly and shook Becka's hand...

"Dr. Becka, it's an honor, I assure you."

Becka was star struck by the famous hypnotist and research    psychiatrist, having read her published articles and one of her books.

"Dr. Brukin," she said with great respect, "the honor is mine."

Becka couldn't quite figure out why Van Brukin was here but knew it was no doubt in connection with her prime donor  Jim.

Ailene continued.......

"Our scientists have made some amazing discoveries with regard to our semen slaves and the highly unique X-Factor chemical that they produce, unfortunately, in such small quantities. I call them slaves because that is precisely what they are, and should be honored to be involved in such an historic endeavor."

Dr. Becka furrowed her brow slightly, looking down at her brief on the boardroom table. She hated this kind of attitude, especially among higher ups, but truthfully had no control over the ingrained feelings of those in positions of  high authority.

She could see by the sympathetic expressions of the other two  corporation women, that they agreed fully, and were quite accustomed to kissing up to their hard driving leader.

Mrs. Joyce was second in command under the powerful corporation CEO,  Mandrake Lassiter, and bowed only to his decisions in matters of importance.

Ailene sipped her coffee and stared seriously at Becka.

"Dr. Becka, what I am about to tell you must be kept in absolute secrecy, and only you will be privy to this information."

She licked her lips as she spoke, and Dr. Becka had the profound impression that she was a woman of deep carnal needs.

" We found out early on, of course,  that masturbation seems to be necessary to produce our rare chemical substance in any noticeable quantity, and  that normal sex in any form does not. Being masturbated by someone else does not work, nor any kind of machine  generated ejaculation."

"There is something about the process of  self masturbation in our donors that releases X-Factor into their semen. Some chemical or psychological trigger that is unknown to us initiates the chemical  activation required."

"Also, as you know, we discovered that having our slaves eat their  own seminal fluid enhances the production of their  X-Factor, and this fact has been proven around the world at our countless semen donation facilities."

"But more importantly, recent tests have revealed that eating semen from other prime donor slaves enhances X-Factor output far more, I should say, astronomically. The  combined DNA interaction between the different samples seems to have an amplifying effect that is totally beyond what would be expected."

"And here is something else of even more importance.....the semen eaten by the receiving donor loses it potency in seconds when exposed to the air. We found it necessary for our receivers to ingest semen directly from a penis by performing fellatio. Only then is the ejaculate at it's ultimate potency."

"Of course that is no problem for our target receivers since they are stripped of free will anyway, and are easily converted to fellatio and eating the ejaculate produced."

"However, as of this moment, only one male donor in the world is producing our Factor in high quantities, and that slave is under your care Dr. Becka....his name is James, I believe."

"Frankly, the output of our other best donors around the earth has diminished to a level that is almost unusable. We've tried feeding them their own, and each other's semen, and even, frankly, horse and bull semen, and many other kinds of semen, experimentally, but the effect only works with other prime donors, and when the receiving slave has a high output to begin  with."

"With this in mind, Dr. Becka, I would suggest that you put James on such a diet of fresh semen from your other donors, and you may have your hypnotist remove his memory of this, or have him fully conscious during his oral feeding. It's entirely up to you."

"It seems likely that his humiliation while eating semen from other males in the presence of attractive women, while fully conscious, would be quite humiliating for him, and thus produce a higher quality of our precious X-Factor."

"I've already arranged for ten more prime donors to be flown in and housed at the clinic within a few days, so that there will be a generous amount of fresh sperm for Jim to ingest."

Dr. Becka looked curiously at the driven woman, compelled by her power and intensity. Becka was amazed at this new information and didn't quite know how to process it. She had sworn to herself that Jim would not be abused again, at least in a cruel heartless way, as he had with Nichole and Tammy, and now the supreme boss was angling toward another direction that Becka wasn't fond of.

Becka sipped her coffee and listened attentively, then spoke.

"I suspected that the semen of other prime donors might be useful to increase the concentration of X-Factor, and I've  begun experiments in this regard. Since you have verified my theory I'll begin more intensive treatment in this direction."

Ailene smiled at Becka, and looked at the other women again....

"I'm not surprised at your ingenuity Dr. Becka."

"To continue, your special donor slave, James, has taken on fantastic   importance now, especially since our efforts to recruit new talent has been failing more and more over time."

Aileen looked keenly at Becka, licking her lips again.......

"Let me give you an idea of how valuable X-Factor is Becka",  she said, adjusting herself in her chair."

"What I'm going to tell you now is strictly top secret, and not even the US government has knowledge of these facts, and we intend to keep it that way. Fortunately, no one outside the organization is privy to this knowledge because of our unprecedented security measures."

"This unique chemical we call X-Factor is produced only by virtue of an extremely rare genetic disorder. Basically non destructive to the donor, but altering his sperm and semen composition fantastically."

"We've tried desperately to replicate the chemical in the lab, but our chemists say it's impossible at the present time for some arcane scientific reason."

"It is only produced by some males with this strange DNA    configuration, and only an extremely small percentage of  these males produce it in noticeable quantities....maybe I should say.....almost none."

Mrs. Joyce looked pensively at her vice presidents, and stared at them briefly....

The two other women were suitably agreeable.

She looked at Dr. Becka again.

"This unique chemical seems to be a universal catalyst for new kinds of chemical reactions, that would ordinarily be unattainable. A universal enzyme, if you will,  for producing impossible compounds."

"We've already discovered a number of strange substances that  have properties unlike any known to science."

"This makes X-Factor the most valuable substance on earth."

She licked her lips again and sipped her coffee, and looked deeply into Dr. Becka's eyes....

"The scientific importance of this discovery is staggering and incomprehensible.....and historic"

"We estimate the value of a single gram of this extract to be worth millions. Properly handled, the end value of our X-Factor down the line could be eventually in the trillion dollar range, as new discoveries are marketed. There is virtually no limit to this"

"And that doesn't include the stunning value to science on the earth, in medicine and countless other ways....perhaps a cure for cancer."

"Until we can duplicate this substance artificially, our mutant donors are our only source."

"And your donor, now almost our only viable producer. Believe me we are absolutely desperate to find others, even one more, but have not been able to do so"

Becka sat staring at the woman, unable to comprehend what she had just heard, and searching desperately for a suitable reply.

Finally she cleared her throat and looked at the serious women.

"What do you want me to do?", she whispered, taking a big gulp of her tepid coffee.

Ailene eagerly answered her question...

"Just do what you have been doing sweetheart, but with the addition of other new elements and resources to enhance your efforts....unlimited resources. You are in charge of this project, and I have seen to it that Nichole and Tammy and some others have been transferred to other facilities."

"Yes I'm aware of your problems in this will not be bothered again by anyone....I assure you."

"Also...we must build in high security here at this donor facility in a quiet way so as not to be alarming to the people normally coming and going here."

"She laughed out loud briefly at her play on words, but became serious again at once."

Dr. Becka smiled lightly at the meaning, actually a bit amused, and allowing herself a precious moment of levity.

"Yes they are coming here aren't they dear."

Becka paused, and spoke to all of them......

"I've got to tell you that I am astonished by what you have told me and this takes us into completely uncharted territory."

"Let me briefly describe my methods in extracting semen from Jim.  This simple guy is deserving of  respect and humane treatment despite his enormous importance.....perhaps because of it"

"I have been using the drug Ejactrin, with great success in    stimulating his seminal output and libido, and I have also carefully chosen and administered pain to enhance the process."

"I performed penis and testicle surgery on him some time back, and this has been very successful. He now has an erection a great deal of the time, and I made a few alterations during my procedures to allow more blood flow to his hardened phallus and testicles so as to prevent damage and enhance growth by more than 100 percent."

"With the help of powerful supplements his prostate and testicular output have been enormous since the surgery, and he is producing high intensity ejaculations at least twice each day under carefully controlled conditions."

"I've implanted a special plastic bushing of my own design into his penis about an inch into his urethra. The procedure was successful  with very little trauma, and the stinging sensation from the implant is produced only when he  masturbates, and basically not otherwise."

"This enhances the intensity of his sexual performance greatly."

"As you're all aware, the donors here masturbate themselves to ejaculation rather than being stimulated externally, except in some rare cases where another method is called for."

"Self abuse does actually produce a more intense experience for  them, and the embarrassment and humiliation that the slave donor feels in the presence of attractive women or strangers are important in this."

Becka used the term slave only to enhance her explanation to the female executives, and it was not a word she was terribly fond of.

Alilene then spoke to her seriously.....

"Now Becka, what do you think of what I have told you."

Becka was thoughtful for a moment and spoke slowly....

"First of all I am aware of your responsibilities and the absolute mandate to enhance the extraction of this element from Jim, and hopefully some others."

"I want to make it clear though that this process be controlled and performed by my staff and I, and we must have full freedom to do so in ways that seem most effective to us. I am increasing Jim's treatment regimen and intensity day by day and this is designed to bring his viable output to the maximum possible level."

Ailene smiled gently at Becka, and looked at her earnestly.

"I want you to continue as you have been but I'm going to add certain elements that are essential now. One is the high but unobtrusive security that will be in place here. Jim must be under constant guard to insure that he doesn't leave, and that no one can get to him."

"We feel that Jim is best left here at this facility, that he is familiar with, rather than being moved to some other location. This could disturb his production greatly and even be damaging to his physical and mental health."

Becka listened and nodded her head agreeably, then spoke.

"What else did you have in mind", she inquired.`

Ailene looked with interest at Elsa Van Brukin and continued.....

"As you know Elsa is probably the foremost hypnotist in the world, and she is going to help us enhance your extraction process as pertains to Jim."

"Would you please explain, Dr. Van Brukin........."

Elsa looked carefully at Becka....

"What we're going to do is lock both you, and your whole staff  into complete hypnotic focus on Jim, by use of deep trance conversion, and an enhancement drug that you are familiar with."

"Your erotic preoccupation with his masturbation activity during treatment will be greatly magnified. You will all have an insatiable need to embarrass and humiliate him, and participate in, and even be orgasmic when viewing him masturbating or producing ejaculations."

"This will not make you cruel but I guarantee it will remove your guilt and let you have a lot more fun. Remember, Jim will be having fun too despite what he is put through. At some later date the hypnotic suggestion implant that you all experience can be completely removed by techniques that I have perfected myself"

"After our session it will be as if your whole world revolves around Jim's carnal usage."

Ailene broke in and continued....

"You will all open your bodily processes to Jim in the most intimate ways possible, and you will bring in observers if so needed to enhance your efforts. I understand that you already show anonymous videos of his sexual activities free of charge to both women and men on certain underground cable venues. I'm sure this is erotic to him."

"Jim's semen will be measured and tested at least twice each day to monitor his progress and output and the concentration of our Factor. If you think it is necessary, you can perform more surgeries, and whatever experimental procedures you deem necessary. Just keep us informed of all activity on a daily basis. We will remain here until tomorrow and observe, and maybe have some enjoyment of your slave also"

Ailene grinned slyly at her staff, then spoke candidly again to Becka.

"You will all be assigned to this process until further notice and will be paid huge sums of money for your efforts. You'll find out what I mean by huge, if you want to continue. Only you will be privy to this secret information Becka, and you are compelled to tell no one under any circumstance. You will have any equipment you desire and access to any expertise that you ask for."

"One thing though, monitor his vital signs, diet, and all other physical and psychological parameters to insure that he remains in perfect health. I leave that in your capable hands Dr. Becka. Our investment cannot be damaged in any material way, you understand don't you?"

Becka nodded vigorously as she took in what the powerful woman was telling her.

"Mrs. Joyce believe me I've been monitoring Jim's every activity since I came here. I would never allow him to be harmed in a tangible way. To tell the truth I like Jim and have developed an affection for him.....he's just an average guy stuck in an impossible situation and I want to make sure he remains as healthy as possible."

Becka was stunned by all that had been revealed to her, but greatly interested and erotically aroused, not to mention the scientific research possibilities here and the fame that could come from it all.

She looked at the women carefully......

"Yes, I will do it, and go all the way, but I'll have to consult with my staff today and fill them in on necessary details. I'm sure they will all jump at the opportunity. Of course I'll tell them nothing of the secret information you've revealed to me."

Ailene was overjoyed and took Becka's hand in hers.....

"Thank you Dr. Becka, I want you to be completely for all of this, and your staff also, so that you are all dedicated to the maximum extraction of Jim's semen. I don't have to tell you how important this is"

"Also dear,  Dr. Van Brukin has something to suggest to you."

Elsa smiled at Becka and spoke carefully.....

"Dr. Becka, during our research, we've found that concentrated and well delivered humiliation and submission techniques greatly improve the donor's Factor concentration.  I'd suggest that you devise your own kind of humiliation and submissive methods along with the other attractive members of your team. Also bringing in carefully screened   strangers at times to enhance your efforts in well controlled extraction sessions would seem advisable."

"If you want I can apprise you of many techniques known to be effective in this regard."

"I want to set up deep hypnotic sessions for you all as soon as possible. Each session will take about a half hour. If you and your staff are agreeable, we can begin tomorrow morning and be finished by the afternoon. Does that seem alright to you?"

"Of course," Dr. Becka smiled, "if you like we can use the    masturbation area for the sessions, since it has implements    designed for this purpose already."

"How about 9 am tomorrow?"

Dr. Becka nodded agreeably....

"I know there will be no hesitation by my staff in this, but I'll inform them of all necessary details today."

Dr. Van Brukin smiled in satisfaction.

"That's fine....we'll start tomorrow morning."

Becka smiled slightly...."I will be hypnotized first Dr. Van Brukin."

Aliene broke in at this point, and spoke to Becka.

"We have another surprise for you my dear, a new, and more effective form of Ejactrin nicknamed DungeonX, or DX. It is much stronger, without some of the harmful side effects,  and completely removes all restraints to the libido. The  donor, however, remains conscious and involved, having the same feelings he would normally have."

"The thing is, this drug will make permanent robots out of the men, but leave all their emotions and feelings intact.  It will actually restructure certain parts of the brain so that new growth areas appear, all designed to facilitate obedience."

"Also, and importantly, another exotic new drug has been added to the DX cocktail for enhanced performance...."

"Our scientists call it 'Diprotocol', and it greatly intensifies feelings of embarrassment and humiliation in the subject when he is being primed for, and during ejaculation."

"It forces them to experience these feelings in the most intense way possible. We've experimented with it, and Factor production increased greatly, even in those men producing miniscule amounts of our substance. We call the new drug combination  DXD."

"For someone like Jim, the effect should be striking."

Becka listened with interest, and her face became opaque for a few moments....

Ailene leaned forward and spoke seriously....

"Is there something wrong my dear?"

Becka looked at Ailene with a strained expression and sat back in her chair, her arms stretched out in front of her.

"The thing is Ailene, Ejactrin already makes robots out of the donors, and the damage is permanent the way it is."

"Precisely", whispered Ailene, "they are already altered beyond repair. DXD will scarcely be more destructive but will merely remove what free will the slave has left.  It will also increase their concentration of Factor X by several times."

"Of course the donors will experience all the emotions associated their treatment during extraction sessions, but they will also have sexual adventures that no other male could ever conceive of."

"They will experience more sexual pleasure than a man could in several lifetimes."

"Jim should produce substantially more  X-Factor, as well as any of the other prime donors receiving the drug."

Becka looked at her carefully and finally acquiesced.....letting out a deep sigh.

"As long as Jim is protected and taken care of in the short and long term, and his care and extraction treatments are left to my discretion."

Ailene touched Becka's hand again, and smiled reassuringly.....

"Of course Becka, that goes without saying.....the Corporation is very strict about this."

"Jim will be well looked after especially in your capable hands."

"This also goes for all of our other prime donors receiving the drug."

Becka nodded and started to rise, but sat down again for a moment.

"Oh you know, I've had the Corporation build a new kind of masturbation chair of my own design that might be interesting to you. It fits right in with what the scientists have discovered about the ingestion of prime donor semen."

Ailene perked up brightly.....and listened with interest.

"Ah yes, the special chair you had our labs construct,  you must explain it briefly to me."

Becka proceeded to inform Ailene of the elemental concept involved in the chair's use, while the Executive Vice President listened carefully.

Ailene opened her mouth widely in approval....

She was absolutely astonished by the idea, and found that it greatly appealed to her. She licked her lips again and smiled at Becka.

"I love it dear, I absolutely love it. I'm afraid we will be unable to view a demonstration of your invention this trip however, but we certainly will next time around, you can be sure."

"Please let me know how you are progressing in the chair's use."

"I will leave a supply of DXD with you so that you can experiment carefully with it and explore it's effects and potential."

Becka nodded in agreement and spoke to Dr. Van Brukin......

"I'll see you tomorrow morning Dr. Van Brukin", Becka  said cordially, "in the meantime I'll talk with my staff and make sure they're all informed and ready for the hypnotic procedure. I know there will not be any problem with this,  they're as intense about our work as I am."

"Frankly it should be an interesting experiment. Some of my people are already experiencing orgasmic release in sessions with Jim."

Ailene stood and spoke to Becka as she prepared to leave.

"I'll stop by tomorrow afternoon before we leave,  Dr. Becka, all of us, and observe your masturbation area, and maybe participate in your activities."

Becka smiled lightly and left the room.

'Such an extraordinary meeting', Becka thought,as she walked down the hallway, 'and such stunning news.....what could this mean for us all, this whole thing is major, almost too much to assimilate.'

************************************************************ ************************************************************ ********************************************

Becka called her ladies together after her meeting with the  Corporation's top executives and explained the new developments and that they would be involved in a project much more important than they had imagined.

She didn't reveal the secret details given to her, only that there was an important need now to ramp up Jim's extraction  process. She told them about the famous psychiatrist and hypnotist, and that they would all be asked to undergo a powerful hypnotic conversion to enhance their sexual interaction with Jim.

The women were all agreeable to the new schedule and the hypnosis, but were puzzled as to the exact reason for the major change. Becka merely told them that Jim was basically the primary X-Factor donor in the world now and that the Corporation insisted on special procedures and security to insure continued farming of their target substance.

They actually were quite turned on by the idea, and knew it would provide for an even more interesting and entertaining process. Becka set up their schedule for hypnosis, and told them she would go first, starting at 9am in the morning.

They were also fascinated by the development of a more powerful Ejactrin drug, and what it would mean for their work with Jim.

Becka told them that they would be using her newest masturbation chair during their next extraction session with Jim in about an hour. She'd had it constructed in the Corporation labs using her specifications, and they were all intrigued since it had been sitting there for awhile and Dr. Becka had offered no explanation.



Jim had a good nap, and awoke when Dr. Becka came for him. She was smiling broadly and rubbed her fingers into his asscrack and over his butthole as they walked to the masturbation area. All the other women were there and smiling broadly, and Jim's enormous erection was bouncing and dribbling precum.

Tia quickly put a towel under his large penis, and dabbed the pisshole carefully. Once again they put him in a fixture slightly bent over with his legs spread widely, and strapped him in.

Becka rolled a stainless steel table up behind him and sat on a stool there. The other ladies were rubbing his body in a soothing manner, and Dr. Becka talked to him quietly.

"Well Jim, it seems I need to give you a few more injections, but don't worry, I'm going to numb you first."

"Just relax and don't tense up, ok?"

"Yes Dr. Becka."

Becka swabbed the area at the base of his balls and carefully slid the thin hypodermic needle into a specific nerve plexus. Jim could barely feel it, and after  Becka injected a good dose of the numbing drug there was no sensation at all. Becka gently massaged Jim's growing  testicles, noting that they had become surprisingly larger in the past weeks.

His balls were completely numb within a short time, and the sensation was strange as she kneaded his oversized nuts. Then he heard her  pick up something from the cart and she held one of his balls firmly in her hands.

"Ok now, I'm going to inject both your testicles with a special growth hormone. You shouldn't feel anything sweetie. I'm afraid it's necessary....I'll be finished in a few minutes and the way I do it there will be very little pain afterward, just some soreness, ok?"

"Yes Dr. Becka."

Jim could feel a bit of pressure but nothing else as she swabbed his scrotum and eased the needle deep inside the left testicle. She slowly injected the entire contents of the syringe into the plump ball, and it twitched in her hand as she did so.

She knew this would continue an accelerated growth process that  would eventually make Jim's gonads huge so that they could produce large amounts of semen.


Alicia was rubbing her hand over my face and kissing me on the lips, and her tongue slid inside my mouth. It was fantastic and I almost forgot about Dr. Becka as she injected my other nut.

After cleaning my hanging balls carefully Dr. Becka began to gently finger them and my growing cock.

She picked up the electric masturbator and slid it up my hard penis. My cockhead popped inside with hard pressure, and she began to jack me off with it as she massaged my balls. It sucked and pumped as she moved it and I jerked hard, trying to eject my cum. I couldn't do it, of course.

Jennifer sat behind me and slid a thick, lubricated dildo into my anus, and as it vibrated, slid it in and out.

Becka jacked me for ten minutes as Jennifer did her work, and Dani stood and french kissed me as I was worked over by the two. She ran her tongue deep into my ear and kissed me all over my face and neck and her perfume was very erotic.

Finally my testicles began to regain feeling again, and Becka firmly kneaded them in her expert hands.

They didn't really hurt much, just a dull ache, and as she massaged them even that went away. She removed the masturbator with a slurp, and began stroking me by hand, making my plump melons swing back and forth, bouncing gently against her fist.

A surge of sexual need rose up inside me, and my entire genital area was on fire with the need to have an ejaculation.

I humped my hips into Becka's hand,  as her fingers encircled my hard penis and she allowed me to fuck the tight hole she created.

"That's it baby, you still know how to screw don't you?"

"You won't be able to cum for another ten minutes or so and then we'll let you jack yourself off and have all the fun you want."

The inner pressure in my balls had become so powerful that I felt they would explode, and Becka continued to pull down on them and knead them  firmly.

I was gasping now in need, and my lust took over as I ground my hips into Dr. Becka's clenched hand.

Just then Holly got on her knees in front of me and began to lick my cockhead. I jumped as her soft tongue cleaned my pisshole, and I could feel my drainage being slurped up by her cute lips.

Becka released my dick and let Holly take over, and soon pretty Holly's mouth was deep throating me and sucking expertly. She also gently rubbed my balls between her fingers and pulled down on them.

I groaned loudly as she sucked, and Dr. Becka and the others   watched as I jerked against the restraints. It was more than I could stand and I began to moan loudly in desperation.

I was trying to cum but absolutely could not, and sweet Holly's sucking became unendurable, as she stretched my engorged nuts.

I pumped her mouth desperately and she let my large pecker slide down her throat.

Then Holly stopped and got up, and Alicia went down on me. Alicia was gorgeous with a very cute ass and I jumped in pleasure as she licked my balls and sucked on them. She stroked me expertly as she cleaned my hairy nuts, and I yelled in pleasure, shaking so badly the fixture vibrated.

Finally she stopped and they released the straps and Dr. Becka and Dr. Melissa led me stumbling over to another of the strange masturbation fixtures that were present in the large room.


Jim sat down in the seat and was secured with his legs over a wide set of stirrups so that they were spread apart and his knees forced backward. They all gathered around to see how the contraption was going to work since Dr. Becka had revealed little information on it's construction.

She smiled at the others and took a special remote control in her hand.

"Just a little invention of mine ladies that I had the Corporation construct to my specifications....entirely  experimental", she grinned.

"Now let's see how it works....."

She began pressing buttons and the whole seat started to rotate backward so that soon Jim's penis was more directly over his face.

Jim lay there on his back and looked at Becka curiously, not quite understanding what crazy thing they were going to do to him now.

When Jim's already erect cock was positioned almost overhead,  she pressed another button and very slowly brought Jim's hard cock and face closer together.

Dr. Becka did it very carefully, and monitored Jim's state constantly. When she had reached a stage where Jim seemed to be on the verge of being uncomfortable she stopped. 

"Are you ok baby?", she said gently, "can you still breathe alright?"

Jim looked at her and shifted a bit to make himself more at ease.

"Yes mam but please don't take it any further."

Becka smiled and rubbed Jim's leg smoothly with her hand.

"Ok Jim we'll stop here this time but I'm going to have to ask you to go a little further with this each time we do it,  ok? We'll go as slowly as you want."

Jim took a deep breath, and was obviously still able to breathe easily, but he seemed puzzled and looked nervously at Dr. Becka.

"It's ok Dr. Becka, I trust you."

"That's good Jim, thank you."

At this point there could be no doubt what the final purpose of the machine chair was, and the others grinned knowingly at each other.

Dr. Melissa smoothed Jim's hair over and spoke to Becka....

"Actually it's quite clever girl, but do you think this can be taken all the way?"

She grinned slyly and massaged Jim's balls.

Becka looked at them all and nodded to herself...

"Done in a careful way I think it's possible."

The rest of the group knew approximately what the discussion was about but waited patiently as Dr. Becka continued the procedure.

Jim's fully erect ten inch penis was now bobbing stiffly over his mouth less than a foot away, sprinkling precum on his face.

Becka then lubricated Jim's hard dick with oil, and took a special vacuum cylinder and slipped it tightly over his large cockhead.  She attached a tube to the side and began a suction so that his cock was drawn downward even more into the cylinder. Then she took the compressor nozzle off and worked the opposite end of the cylinder into Jim's mouth.

It was specifically designed to fit comfortably, and Jim lay there still looking at Becka amazed by this whole process,  his mouth wide open and stretched over end of the clear plastic cylinder.

Jim was breathing adequately through his nose but was staring desperately at Becka for reassurance.

She smoothed his hair over with her hand and spoke gently to him....

"It's ok Jim, you're doing just fine. You do want to obey Becka don't you?"

Jim's expression softened as he looked at her, and nodded as he lay there waiting, hoping to get this whole thing over with.

Dr. Melissa lubricated her finger with the oil and slid it into Jim's open asshole to the hilt, and began to move it around, pressing gently against his engorged prostate.

The beautiful blond haired Dani began to knead his large balls between her fingers, as she stared at him in his strange position.

Jim's cock was now six or seven inches from his mouth and dripping precum downward. Jim began to swallow it, and tried to pump his hips. His need to ejaculate now was overpowering.

Becka kissed Jim on the forehead and smoothed his hair over again.

"Now sweetheart,  jack yourself off and cum in your mouth and eat it all."

He moaned as he grabbed the lower part of his extended  penis, and began stroking it vigorously, breathing hard as he grunted in pleasure. He humped upward trying desperately to unload.

He pumped his hips as he drove himself toward ejaculation. All this was being video taped, and the Corporation people would be very interested to see this new method of treatment.

Becka was anxious to see how this procedure affected Jim's X-Factor concentration, and planned extensive chemical tests during the coming week.

She could demonstrate this interesting little device to the Corporation big shots on their next visit sometime in the future.

Jim screamed like an animal and lapped his tongue upward into the cylinder.

He made a loud guttural sound and whined piteously as he ejaculated his load, and relieved the unbearable pressure in his balls. His large nuts actually jerked visibly, and bounced up and down as they emptied.

The hot semen gushed into the cylinder and directly into Jim's mouth, and his eyes opened widely as he gulped down his enormous discharge. He swallowed and jacked at the same time, and the thick white froth filled the clear plastic tube as he jerked, splashing against the walls as he continued eating his own seminal fluid.

The ladies were laughing in shock by this time, not being able to control their reactions, and they were amazed that such a thing was possible.

Jim could not stop ejaculating and his tortured balls continued to jolt  and spasm even after no more semen was coming from his thick pisshole.

Becka mercifully pinched the nerve plexus at the base of his testicles and soon brought his runaway orgasm to an end.

She pulled the cylinder from his mouth and cock and lay it in a metal tray. Jim's lips were covered with his thick man juice, and it ran from his mouth and dripped onto his chest as they  watched.

Becka was overjoyed at the preliminary success of her experiment, and wiped a towel over Jim's sweaty forehead.

"Good boy Jim, I'm very happy with you today", she gushed,  "you did so well, I'm very proud of you."

She lowered him down with the remote so that he was sitting at normal level now. Semen dripped from his face, and he sat there stunned, but none the worse for wear.

They unstrapped him and the nurses helped him to walk as a pretty female guard dressed in a lab coat walked alongside  them.

Becka stood and wiped off her hands as she spoke to the nurses.....

"Take him for a complete blood and semen analysis before you shower him", she said, "there is enough semen left in his urethra and around his mouth for that purpose. Make sure the lab sends the results to me as quickly as possible."

Nurse Kathy smiled nodded her head as they left.

"Yes mam."

Dr. Melissa grinned wickedly at Becka after they were gone.

"Do you think we can stretch him so that he can suck his own dick eventually?", she said, half joking.

Becka smiled knowingly at her and the others.....

"That's the will take time though, but ingesting his own semen directly, and I might add, the semen of other prime donors in the same way, should magnify the effect we're looking for."

They gazed at her in shock, fascinated by the idea that Jim would be sucking himself off eventually. However, it was something they would all be eager to watch.

"You know some men are actually able to suck their own cock", Becka said clinically,  "so I believe we can flex him enough in time for Jim to be able to do  it."

"I'll have the Corporation call in a top notch physical therapist, and or chiropractor or anyone else who can help with it,  but I know it's possible."


The next morning Becka was up and ready for her hypnotic session, and entered the masturbation area where Dr. Van Brukin was waiting. The doctor had prepared the setup for her trance inducement, and had taken several items of equipment from a leather bound suitcase.

She would be using instruments of her own design of course, and prepared to give Becka a mild relaxant known to aid in hypnosis. Dr. Becka sat in a chair in front of the strange looking implements, and allowed Elsa to inject her.

She grinned and breathed in heavily as the soothing drug began to work. This would be of great interest for her, having first hand experience with the world's greatest hypnotist.

Dr. Van Brukin smiled gently, and activated the visual and auditory devices. Becka was soon on her way to nether land, and her body went into a deep state of relaxation.


That afternoon after all of Dr. Becka's staff had completed their hypnotic treatment, they met in the masturbation area to discuss their feelings, and the noticed effects of this strange and exotic preparation method.

Tia laughed as they talked and cut up, and squirmed a bit as her lower area began to warm up somewhat. She soon found herself becoming wet, and smiled wickedly at the other women.

"Oh shit", she chuckled, "I feel something funny."

The others laughed good heartedly at her, but were slowly becoming aware of the same kind of problem.

Becka squirmed a bit as she walked among them, and did a leg stretch, panty adjustment maneuver that had them all laughing hysterically.

Dr. Janet looked at her and grinned mischievously...

"What did you just do girl?", she said.

Becka let out a silly laugh and squirmed again from the warmth developing in her genital area.

"Don't ask me", she giggled, "I bet any amount of money you're all having the same reaction."

"And Jim is not even here."

They grinned at each other as they moved around the room.

Becka looked at them seriously....."I think I'd better go get the Corporation ladies",  she said, an urgent tone in her voice, "they were coming in a few hours but I don't think this can wait."

"Go get Jim and bring him here but don't do anything while I'm gone."

She left abruptly and the others stood there in puzzlement.

Within ten minutes she returned with all three Corporation leaders in tow, along with an anxious Dr. Van Brukin, and Jim stood there naked and surrounded by Dr. Becka's staff.

His erection was off the scale and dripping as Tia sopped up his precum.

Ailene and the others smiled widely, and Becka rubbed her hand over Jim's asscheeks and cupped his large balls. She rubbed the bottom of his rock hard penis, making it bounce up and down.

"Ladies, I am truly sorry to disturb you in such a way but....I'm afraid this can't wait. Now is the best time for you to observe our top prime donor, Mr. James, whom I'm afraid is about to ejaculate for us."

Ailene licked her lips again, more slowly this time, and Alice and Dianna moved in closely to observe. They grinned slyly as Dr. Becka took a small hypodermic syringe and cleaned the base of Jim's balls with an alcohol swab.

She knelt on one knee, her face inches from Jim's throbbing penis, and carefully injected a generous quantity of the stasis fluid. She swabbed again and gently flipped his draining cock, and smiled slightly as she pulled down on his engorged balls.

She rose again and lay the hypodermic aside.

"Now ladies, this is a modified version of the numbing agent I use before Jim's testicle injections, and will make an orgasm impossible for him for at least thirty minutes, no matter how much he is stimulated."

"Jim will be completely unable to ejaculate, and in that time we may examine him and stimulate him in any way without fear of him ejecting his semen."

"Now James, come over to the examination table please."

Jim nodded obediently to Becka and followed her to the special padded exam table that was equipped with several kinds of restraint straps and a unique stirrup setup.

He lay down and all the women surrounded him as Dr. Becka pulled his legs over the wide padded leg styrrip spreaders. She strapped him in securely, including his masturbation hand for the moment, and slowly cranked his legs back toward his head.

Soon his asshole was open and exposed and his thick penis was bouncing involuntarily, and draining onto his pubic hair.

Both she and her staff were now experiencing heat and wetness in their genital area, and the odor in the room was becoming noticeable. Her staff was rubbing and caressing Jim all over by now, and Holly kissed Jim's penis head, licking off the precum accumulated there.

Becka smoothed back Jim's hair and kissed him on the lips.

"Ok James, we're going to have a little fun with you and you're not going to be able to cum, ok?"

Jim shifted a bit and his penis bobbed above him.

"Yes mam."

Becka stroked his prick gently, and felt of his nuts, checking the area at the base of his cock.

"Good boy!"

"Now , Mrs. Joyce, would you like to examine Jim's equipment more closely?"

"Please Becka, call me Ailene, we are, after all, on a first name basis aren't we?"

Becka smiled and nodded as Ailene moved between Jim's legs. The older woman was astounded by the size of his cock and balls. She put her face down near them and took them in her hands and pulled downward, squeezing firmly.

Jim groaned as she did this, and his dick convulsed involuntarily, bobbing quickly up and down. She pulled his asshole wide open and put her face in closely as she kneaded his testicles.

"Very nice, very nice indeed Becka. It looks like Jim is going to have a full load for us, aren't you Jim?"


Ailene looked at her staff....."Ladies, don't you want to take a look?"

She grinned widely as Alice and Dianna moved closeby.

Becka was also near and rubbed Jim's leg soothingly.

She looked slyly at the three executives......

"Ladies I encourage you to do anything you want with Jim, he is completely unable to ejaculate now. We're all mature women and I think we would all like a piece of him at the moment, if you don't mind my candor."

"Do anything you want and don't worry about feeling self conscious, we will all be giving Jim the treatment in time."

Ailene grinned wickedly and licked her lips as she held Jim's stiff cock in her hand. She jacked him off several times and finally licked off a large blob of precum and swallowed it.

Alice and Dianna looked stunned, and watched as their boss enjoyed herself in the most obscene way possible.

Ailene lapped around Jim's thick glans and peeled back his foreskin cleaning underneath and all around it.

Her amazed assistants developed intriguing expressions as Ailene shoved her mouth over Jim's dick and began to suck it furiously. She seemed to lose control and all the women looked in astonishment at each other, making 'do you believe that'  twists with their lips.

Ailene pulled her head back suddenly, and the large cock popped out of her warm mouth. She quickly wiped her lips off and gave her staff a 'so what'  look, as she accentuated her dominance over them.

"Thank you Becka, that was so enjoyable, truthfully it's been awhile."

I short order Becka's crew began to take their turn with Jim, first wiping off his engorged prick and then sucking it off eagerly. One by one they did fellatio on him as Becka stood and looked on with amusement.

Jim was flailing around in pleasure but was held securely enough that his restraints prevented him from moving very far.

They traded off, giggling like idiots, as they sucked Jim's fiery red penis. By the time everyone of her staff but Becka had given him a quick blowjob, Jim was moaning outloud and his balls were quivering in need.

Dr. Becka took out a speculum and lubricated Jim's anus liberally. Then she slid it in and began to rachet his rear hole open slowly.

"It's ok Sweetie, I need to show these ladies something."

Jim arched upward in discomfort as Becka opened his anal sphincter, and very slowly it gave way to the pressure. Soon his outer rectum was open to view, and Ailene and her staff looked inside curiously.

Becka inserted her finger into the opening and rubbed against his swollen prostate gland.

She took a small dental like mirror and held it so that they could see the enlarged gland clearly.

"You can see that his fluid reservoir is greatly enlarged, and this gives him much higher capacity."

Ailene stuck her finger inside and rubbed the swollen sac firmly as Jim squirmed  and moaned.

"Very impressive Becka, the fountain of healing and wealth no less!"

She wiped her finger off and Becka loosened the device, pulling it out with a slurp.

She wiped Jim's anal opening thoroughly, delving inside to remove excess lubricant.

The smell of feminine odor permeated the room by now and Ailene Joyce scrunched up her nose and laughed....

"Oh my ladies, is this the result of your sexual hypnosis?"

Elsa Van Brukin broke her silence as she moved in to view Jim's genital equipment.

"This is normal, I can assure you Ailene, and they will be in this state around Jim until I remove the post hypnotic suggestion."

Becka moved around to Jim's face and smoothed his hair over with her hand....

"Ok sweetheart, you can relieve yourself soon."

"Girls, since we know Jim is extremely fond of feminine odor of one kind or another, let's give him a good dose of it and have him jack off for us to demonstrate his capacity to Mrs. Joyce and her staff."

Becka quickly pulled her skirt up and pushed her hand down the front of her panties, inserting her fingers into her wet vagina. She pulled her sopping fingers out and rubbed them over Jim's face, and into his nose.

He jumped and inhaled deeply in pleasure as he smelled the aromatic vaginal juice.

She repeated this and put her dripping fingers in his mouth.

Jim swallowed the heady cream and groaned outloud as he thrust his hips upward and squirmed in pleasure.

"Now girls, you may do the same, I know you are all very wet by now."

Dr. Melissa was the first to reach into her intimate opening, and her fingers were soaking wet when she rubbed them all over Jim's face. She smeared her odorous feminine discharge into his nose and mouth and moaned when he ate the fragrant juice.

Jim was bucking wildly now, and looked in ecstasy back and forth at Becka and her staff.

Each of them did the same in turn, and by the time they had finished Jim's face was dripping with the most obscene coating of pussy cream imaginable. He squirmed vigorously, driven by an overpowering lust for release.

Ailene folded her arms and looked on in disbelief.....

"You have got to be kidding me!", she whispered.

Dr. Becka unstrapped Jim's masturbation arm and he grabbed his thick, enlonged cock and began jacking it with a fury. He was slobbering a bit and grunting like a pig as he pleasured himself, and looked from one to the other of the women present.

Becka moved next to Ailene and whispered to her while Jim was beating off....

"I'm going to let him eject his contents now to show you how powerful his ejaculations have become. We will vacuum whatever semen we can from him afterward and probably from the floor also, after he's vented."

Ailene looked at her in fascination as Jim increased his pace, his hand a blur of motion as he made low guttural sounds and his balls flopped forcefully against his hand.

Becka chuckled....."Better stand back girls, here it comes!"

With that Jim screamed in unbridled ecstasy and jolted violently against the straps.

His hips were forced upward so powerfully that the straps were pulled taught, and his penis hole spit a long rope of fresh seminal fluid into the air. Another, and then another thick gush of cum hosed out of his long pecker, and actually splattered against the ceiling, and began dripping on the viewers.

Ailene had been hit by a few drops of the gelatinous white paste, and it was dripping on her head now.  She looked upward without thinking, and received several drops in her face.

She jumped back and laughed outloud in absolute amazement.

Alice and Dianna, as well as several other of the women also received a few drops, and all of them laughed hysterically as Jim's massive cock continued to spit his rich semen into the air, and all over his face and chest.

Tia and Jennifer quickly took their special battery powered vacuums and sucked up every glob they could from the mess. Even so, there was quite a bit collected, and they deposited the result in containers to be refrigerated and tested.

Jim lay back gasping in exhaustion as Becka smoothed over his hair and wiped the perspiration from his forehead.

"Oh that was so good baby, so good. You had a lot of fun didn't you sweetheart?"

Jim nodded feebly and smiled at Becka, and the others were rubbing his body, soothing him with their hands.

They released him and nurse Kathy and nurse Jill helped him up and toward the exit door.

Becka was washing her hands now and wiped them with a towel.

"Kathy, have Jim's semen tested and then give him a nice relaxing shower. Treat him well girls."

Nurse Kathy and Jill smiled and nodded, and headed off with Jim as they helped support him. The pretty armed security guard was always present, and accompanied them as they left.


Becka followed Ailene and her staff back to the board room and they sat and talked briefly.

Ailene grinned and wiped the semen from her expensive suit.

"Well.....I guess that speaks volumes for Mr. Jim's abilities Dr. Becka. I'm sure you and the other ladies will continue your nasty work on our poor slave."

"I dare say this may have been a valuable deposit today. He certainly has fun doesn't he!"

"Of course you know that his ejaculation must be by masturbation and you are not to allow him to discharge his semen in any other way."

Becka smiled lightly, and straightened her blouse...

"Of course Ailene, you can be sure of that, however we may try fucking him or other forms of penis stimulation over time to build his load. I will experiment with and test various treatments, and convey my results to you."

Ailene was becoming very fond of Becka in the short time she had known her, and knew that they would have a friendly and productive relationship over time.

"Thank you Becka, you have my complete anything you like that will enhance production of our Factor. I had my people leave a generous supply of DXD in your drug stores area, and you may test it any way you choose and let me know how it works for you."

"Thank you Ailene, now I must leave and take care of several matters that need my attention."

Ailene stood, and shook Becka's hand.....

"We will visit again sometime in the next few months Becka, and we can do an even more in depth study of your slave James. Right now we must speed back to Corporate Headquarters to take care of important business. I will talk to you later by phone."

Becka smiled and left, and was, by this time, quite tired from the events of the day. She went to her quarters and had a shower and slept deeply for many hours.


Becka's thoughts were buzzing with excitement as she drifted off, and she felt that a whole new world had opened for her.........

Tomorrow she and the other's would begin experimenting with the new drug, DXD, and she would continue her slow and careful metamorphosis of Jim's sexual apparatus. It would be an exciting year ahead.

The Thralldom Sperm Donation Center-part 9

This story is intended as sexual fetish entertainment for ADULTS  ONLY.

Jim was taken by the two nurses to the main lab where the semen  from his face and inside his penis were analyzed. Nurse Jill was  a well endowed thirty something woman in the fullness of her  monthly cycle, and she and Kathy had also been 'hypno trained'  for the coming project. Kathy was an incredibly pretty and well  endowed young RN specifically chosen and groomed by the more  experienced Jill.

Dr. Becka had made it clear to Jill and Kathy that Jim's careful  usage had importance tantamount to the 'Manhattan Project'  during WWll, and the two stunning nurses took their assignment  quite seriously.

In their previous lives nurse Jill had been a professional  exotic dancer and exercise enthusiast, and the short stacked  Kathy a gymnast and body builder. Both were quite impressive in  their tight nurses uniforms. They were also both confirmed  nymphomaniacs and had never married. Needless to say neither did  without cock or male companionship and were quite active in this  regard.

In the throes of their hypnotic obsession with Jim they found  themselves handling his genitals constantly and the insatiable  sparkle in their eyes told of an unknown inner lust of huge  proportions. They had agreed mutually to wear heavy vaginal  napkins all during the project to prevent odor and embarrassing  wetness.

It would not be an easy job! Dr. Becka hinted that everyone  might be fucking Jim or sucking him off once certain protocols  had been set in place, and under the influence of reliable  ejaculation blockers to build his seminal stores but in the end  he would be jacking off for the women to release his valuable  sperm for usage.

This also was so arousing to all the women that they were  actually brought to the point of orgasm just watching him  masturbating and ejecting his enormous load of cum. Every woman  in the prestigious group was now totally centered around Jim and  his cultivation to a point that was near insanity.

Dr. Becka insisted that all of them masturbate daily at least  twice to release the dangerous physical and mental pressure  driving them.

Jim was the object of constant kissing,  nuzzling, and fondling  by the ruddy faced and sweating women taking care of him. Dr.  Becka was amazed at the degree to which she had been ignorant  about the implications of the strange situation thrust upon her  and the others. She had to admit that this intense sexual  excitement was incredibly addictive, but knew that she and the  others also must maintain professional objectivity however long  this secret group existed.

She was informed by the powerful Ailene that she would receive  twenty million dollars per year and the others ten million. Her  astonishment at this revelation was not to be described. The  other women were totally speechless about such a reward also,  and dollar signs flashed in their eyes despite their genuine  dedication to Dr. Becka and to the harvesting of Jim's unique  male element.

This factor only intensified their sexual need for release at  Jim's expense, and Jim became a virtual fountain of white creamy  sperm milk for their lustful eyes,  forced out by his own hand at the complete mercy of  the sexually crazed staff.

**************************************************************** *******

Becka was pleasantly surprised by the results of Jim's semen  analysis test, which indicated a high yield of the target  element, and determined to greatly improve on this in the coming  weeks. Jim would begin his daily regimen of DXD today, and also  his physical conversion into a self fellating male.

Dr. Becka had recruited the help of three specialists capable of  bringing Jim and his penis together and they would design a  program to achieve this goal. A world renouned chiropractor,  neurosurgeon, and physical therapist would slowly stretch and  safely bend Jim's spine so that he could suck his own cock and  ingest his semen directly. They would use Becka's special  fixture to aid in achieving that goal.

At the same time Dr Becka would begin a penis growth and stretching program that would be far beyond any that could be imagined. This would make sucking his own cock even easier, and he could swallow as much as he was able to produce of his thick sperm cream.

It was obvious that the sperm donated by the other male had increased Jim's X factor noticeably. With ten males here now and more to arrive Jim would be drinking quite a volume of fresh sperm. With the addition of the amazing DXD Jim's production of the extraordinary enzyme should increase exponentually.

There were now ten males in the facility stable to feed Jim, and  they had also been converted to mindless robots by the use of Ejactrin. They were endlessly obedient to any of the staff's directions  and produced large quantities of fresh cum.

**************************************************************** ********

Jim had enjoyed a full night's rest under the influence of  special sedatives, and nurse Jill and Kathy had helped him with  his basic bodily functions after his very unique breakfast and  supplement regimen. He was due in the main masturbation room in  ten minutes and Jill sat beside him massaging his large balls  and cock. Jim was already fully erect and his massive penis was  swollen so that his glans was stretched tightly, and his precum  had begun to dribble out and required the nurses to hold a towel  under his large urethral opening to prevent a mess.

Kathy and Jill both licked their lips as they looked at his  massive penis and the thick precum oozing out, and the three  stood and walked over into the large treatment area.

Dr. Becka and the full staff waited patiently as their naked  sperm slave was brought into their center. Becka had never felt  so much sexual need, and smiled and grabbed Jim's fine prick and  stroked it gently. Her hand was soon covered with sticky male  fluid, and she dried his open pisshole with the towel brought by  the nurses.

She knew that she and the others would have to exercise great  restraint when dealing with Jim and that their needs would have  to be satisfied in a way conducive to Jim's sperm harvesting.

Becka had Jim sit down so that his ankles and arms could be strapped tightly and prepared a large hypodermic syringe full of DXD. She squirted a little out of the tip and swabbed Jim's arm with alcohol. She pinched the skin as she slowly shoved the thick needle in. Jim winced in pain and his cock sprang to life bouncing up and down as Becka slowly injected the strange blueish fluid.

The horny women watched carefully as the syringe emptied and licked their lips in anticipation. Suddenly Jim lurched forward and froze, his body shaking momentarily. His eyes widened and he began to breath rapidly, and his penis became so hard that it forced out a thick glob of precum that dribbled slowly down the side of his massive cock.

Alicia gasped in surprise and  put her hand to her mouth...

"Son of a bitch!, she blurted, "that fucking shit is unbelievable!"

Dr Janet put her hand on Jim's neck to soothe him.

"Careful Becka," she half whispered, "stay his friend if you're going where I think you're going!"

"Jim is very vulnerable now" ....."

"I know me!"

Jim struggled instinctively and began to twist his wrists, wanting desperately to masturbate his oozing penis. He was moaning loudly and shaking in ecstatic lechery, and he pleaded piteously to the women to masturbate his fiery cock.

They were all stunned by the show, and looked incredulously at each other. Dr. Becka stroked Jim's hair and looked at him sympathetically.

"Oh Jim I can't imagine how you feel baby."

Jim groaned and drooled and begged to be able to relieve himself.

Becka put her cool hand on Jim's face and rubbed his cheek as she stared at him sadly.

"What have I could I do this to any man?"

The others were sympathetic and gathered around and stroked Jim's arms and hair to comfort him. His penis was forcing out a substantial amount of fluid now even though he had not yet ejaculated. Dr Melissa kissed Jim's cheek and petted his hair as though he were a dog.

"He was already beyond change", she said solemly to Becka..."You said we could do anything we want as long as Jim finishes by masturbating so now Jim is going to have all the hot sex he could ever want and more pleasure than any ordinary man could imagine."

Becka quickly injected the ejaculation blocker to the base of Jim's penis and began to fondle his enlarged cock and balls.

She stood and looked at them all fatalistically....

"We must do certain things now to Jim beyond physical manipulation."

"Don't question anything I do, but follow my lead exactly. We'll have a meeting after Jim is relieved this time, and I'll explain what methods we must use to bring him to orgasm several times each day. There will be many new techniques that we will be using, all proven to increase concentration of our secret element."

She looked seriously at the eager women....

"We are to enjoy what we will be doing can rest assured that Jim will....beyond what we could imagine. Reach inside and find pleasure from our perverted sexual games. I'll tell you now that we must humiliate and degrade Jim in profound ways but we will not do it for the sake of cruelty. Is that understood......It is just necessary!"

"It can't be helped!"

Dr Becka released Jim's hands and ankles and pulled him up. He was shaking like a leaf and rubbed his shaking hand over his super hard penis. Becka slapped Jim hard and gripped his huge balls in her small hand.


"Not until I tell you to!"

Jim was so pathetic and looked hurt at this new development.

She pushed down on his shoulders as she spoke evenly to him.

"Get on our hands and knees James...."

Jim looked pitifully at his friend Dr Becka and fell down in the crawling position. Becka smiled widely at him....

"Good boy're such a good slave aren't you?

Jim nodded instinctively, not exactly sure of what she was saying.

Becka attached a dog collar to Jim's neck and snapped on a leash.

Dani snickered quietly, and grinned at Becka.

"Oh oh....are we going that direction?"

Becka nodded....

"In that case I want him to lick my ass!!"

The cute little blond twisted her nose in pleasure staring at the crawling sex toy  before them.

Dr Becka looked at her calmly....

"All in good time Dani....."

Becka gripped Jim's hair and pulled his head so that he was looking up at her.

"You are going to be our slave James, our complete and absolute slave and you must obey each and every one of my commands instantly!"

"Is that clear?", she said carefully.

Jim was astounded at this turn of events but knew that he would obey Dr. Becka completely and without hesitation no matter what.

Becka took a thin plastic rod and lashed Jim on both asscheeks. He yelped in surprise and began to shake uncontrollably.

Becka then held his chin up to her and looked at him harshly....

"Stop shaking this instant, I don't want to see that shit anymore!!"

Jim nodded meekly looking at her through bulging eyes.


"Now.....follow me!"

She led Jim around the room as the laughing women gloated in amusement, and made him start and stop several times trying to confuse and humiliate him.

It was devastating for Jim and he jumped and tried desperately to obey and do exactly as commanded.

Finally they stopped at a circular area with surrounding seats, designed for specator viewing. She then took her cell phone and made a call.

"Send one in please", she said.

She squatted and pulled Jim's head up to her...

"Open your mouth baby", she said sympathetically.

Jim did so and she gathered a mouthful of spit and deposited it into his oral cavity.


Jim looked at her numbly and gulped down her creamy saliva. The other women were highly entertained by this but Holly made a slight grimace as Jim ate the swill.

"Gather around ladies" she said quietly.

They all stood nearby and waited expectantly.

Soon there was a knock at a side door and a security guard led a hooded male slave  into the room. He was nude and had a profound erection.

Jim was breathing heavily now wanting so much to jack himself off but knew better.

"Over here", Dr Becka whispered.

The guard led the male into the circle and instructed him to prepare himself. The well endowed slave began to stroke off slowly and his precum dribbled to the floor.

"You're going to suck cock now James and swallow semen....there is nothing you can do about it. Is that understood?"

"You must now eat semen directly from a penis."

Jim's eyes were glazed over in degradation but he looked up to his master Dr Becka and knew he could not refuse.

He nodded slightly.

Becka pushed him so that his face was next to the hard cock. The others gathered around to watch.

Alicia was becoming overly aroused by now, as were the others, and she pushed Jim's face onto the bouncing penis.

Becka slapped Jim hard on the ass and he yelled loudly....

"Suck it and swallow his semen, NOW!!!"

Jim closed his eyes and slid his mouth over the obsene member and just kneeled there.

Becka yelled again in anger and slapped Jim's ass.

Jim made a strange whining grunt and looked sideways at Becka, the large pecker filling his mouth.

"Suck his cock and make him ejaculate in your mouth then swallow all of it!"

Jim looked at the beautiful women around him and their breathless smirks, and grabbed the penis as though it were his own. He began to stroke it off, and sucked weakly using his tongue to lick the salty dick. His arousal was insane by now and became focused on the large draining prick in his mouth.

The women began to insult him shamelessly, and as he looked at them out of the corner of his eye be stroked the penis more and more rapidly, licking and sucking the huge male sex organ. The hooded male slave began to groan in pleasure and pumped his hips in and out desperately needing relief.

Suddenly the slave grunted loudly and jerked, and a thick stream of salty cum splashed into Jim's mouth. The women were all so wet by now that there seemed to be a natural vaginal steam coming from them, and the odor of their femininity in the room became overpowering.

This was an additional stimulus to the insanely horny Jim, and he jacked the draining penis even harder, sucking with a vengeance.

He swallowed the absolutely disgusting mess at once, and grunted in pleasure as he gulped down the next several squirts of milky seminal fluid, it's thick foamy consistancy allowing it to slide down his throat smoothly. He wanted so badly to masturbate now but dare not and relieved his raging need by eating the disgusting male reproductive fluid as he looked at the man's pubic hair right before his eyes.

The women were insulting Jim with great passion by now, and Jim's ego shrunk to an even lower place as the pretty women witnessed his complete humiliation.

The hard cock became limp after ejecting it's nasty contents, and Jim continued to suck out every drop.

The large spent dick fell from Jim's mouth, and he kneeled there staring at it hanging limply right in front of his nose. There was a small puddle of semen below his face, and Becka pushed his head down so that his nose was touching the spent liquid.

"I want you to lick it all up James", she said quietly, "and I want you to feel your shame that understood?"

Jim nodded in submission, and his humiliation ate deeply into his psyche. He was astonished that his friend Dr Becka would do such a thing to him, but he had come to trust her completely by insane,  all encompussing trust....and he went blindly along with her degrading will....and licked up every bit of the cloudy scuzz on the floor as Dani's foot nudged his sopping face.

Holly pushed Jim's face into the mess, and his mouth was covered with a sticky film of semen and dirt. She squatted down and looked at Jim with lust.....

"James is going to be a good slave, arent you bitch?"

The women's hypnotic fixation would now be concentrated toward Jim's utter embarrassment.

Becka pulled Jim up to his feet and he stood looking meekly at her....

His face was an absolute mess, and dirty cum dripped from his chin.

"I'm very pleased James", she said proudly, "very very pleased, you've made me truely happy!"

Jim managed a strange smile at these words, and looked sheepishly at his idol, the petite doctor who was in charge of his life. Her smile was all the reward he needed, and he licked his lips to clean them off.

Dr Becka grinned and slapped Jim's ass lightly.....

"Good boy!!"

This is the kind of activity Becka had wanted to avoid but if it  must be done she would be the one to do it, not other female  staff members who didn't know Jim or exactly how or why this should be done to him. Becka felt great affection for Jim, but  the mandate for the total extraction of his special element  prevailed over all and everything.

The security guard by this time had removed the hooded male  slave from the room and Becka led Jim over to another part of  the large masturbation treatment area.

She knew she must wait until tomorrow to allow Jim to relieve  himself so that any possible chemical interactions might mature,  and she knew this would be impossible for him, but they must  make him wait.

She would put a strong block on his ejaculation capability, and  let the women enjoy sexual release using Jim in most any way  they wanted.

She would allow her staff to use him as though he were a male whore, but it would be impossible for him to have an  ejaculation, beyond heavy precum drainage, until tomorrow  morning when she released the heavy block from his testicles.

The tests on this first load of semen under the influence of  DXD, the digested male semen, and his humiliation at their  hands, would tell her a great deal about the viability of these  new methods.

If the results were not satisfactory after thorough testing,  these new techiniques would be altered or discontinued. Ailene had assured  her, however, that embarrassment and humiliation has increased  the X factor concentration dramatically during intense testing, and of course this was compounded by the awesome effects of  DXD.

Becka left the area to attend to other important matters, and left the highly  aroused staff to use Jim in the most degrading ways possible. He was fucked and sucked, and his mouth used to relieve all of them front and rear, one after the other, again and again.  He could not ejaculate, of course, and his balls were swollen into large pinkish melons by the time the panting, perspiring women had finished with him.

When Jill and Kathy finally led him back to the showers he could barely walk and his massive penis was raw and engorged as a result of his disgusting usage.

Jill and Kathy scrubbed their new sex toy carefully and gently, but they also relieved themselves at his expense, fucking him mercilessly in his cubicle until he was given a powerful sedative to put him into a deep sleep.

Jim had become a trashy sex object to all of the women, even Becka, though she could never admit this to herself consciously.


The Thralldom Sperm Donation Center-part 10

This story is intended as sexual fetish entertainment for ADULTS ONLY.

Jim was so tired from the day's activities that he slept soundly through the night. It had been necessary for them to restrain Jim's hands by use of the special neck strap setup so that he could not masturbate in the event that he awoke during the night. He would never be able to control himself.

He was, however, absolutely exhausted by his community rape at the hands of Dr. Becka's assistants, and his penis and balls were raw and engorged.

Both nurse Jill and nurse Kathy were using nearby housing accomodations close to his room at this point so that they could be available for Jim's needs 24/7.

Jim was still sleeping as nurse Kathy brought in his special liquid nutritional package. She sat next to the bed and gently stroked his cock as a continuous stream of thick off white semen oozed out from his large pisshole. She whispered to herself as she rolled his large nuts between her slim fingers.

"Mmmm baby you're gonna have a busy day!"

Nurse Jill came in and put her hands on her curvy hips.

"Well James, looks like we have a full schedule today!"

They released his strap restraints and Jim sat there looking blankly at them.

"Time to go in Jimmy boy....let's see what your good friend Dr. Becka has in mind for you this morning."

Jim nodded feebly, shivering with lust due to the vast build up of his carnal need and the ball busting pressure in his testicles.

They led him out into the large masturbation area and over to the whole group who were being briefed by Becka for the day's activities. It was nearly 11am and Becka looked with great interest at her slave as he approached.

Jim's cock was bouncing stiffly and his face was ashen with sexual need. He would soon have it, and Becka would have the results of his semen tests within a few hours afterward.

They surrounded Jim as he was left to them by the nurses, and rubbed his asscheeks and chest and cock and balls. He grunted in pleasure as he struggled to keep his hand to his side. They allowed his erect penis to drip onto the floor.

Dr. Becka rubbed his face gently smiling her special smile just for him. She looked directly into his blurry eyes and smoothed his hair over.

"Look at me baby.....Becka cares for you but there's nothing I can do to stop your sperm harvesting. It's more important than you know. You could make important discoveries possible beyond your imagination."

Jim looked at her with a sweet puzzled expression, and Becka knew that he had no idea what she was talking about.

She would maintain her special respect and affection for Jim but she knew she must go all the way with the necessary protocols.

"You're an obedient slave aren't you James?", she said quietly as she smoothed his hair over.

Jim nodded in full agreement as he looked at her, and she began her work session with him.

"Come with me James."


Becka had recently renovated the bathroom area, making it larger than before knowing it would be a key element in Jim's humiliation. A number of high tech video cameras had been installed in the room to capture their activities from every possible angle.

There was an enema setup for inner cleansing, among other facilities, and shelves full of special antibiotic preparations and stomach protectants. Becka knew that the key to Jim's most dramatic arousal buttons lie in the smell of a woman's anal area, and the residue of fecal matter produced after a bowel movement.

Becka would guide this type of procedure carefully, to insure utmost effectiveness.

Shortly, when they had collected Jim's large mass of sperm, she would make sure the lab rushed the results of the tests to her as quickly as possible. She was highly curious, but suspected what the outcome would be.

She led Jim into the bathroom and the whole group gathered around. Dr. Melissa was highly aroused by the techniques they would be using and grinned slyly at their new toilet slave. Her loyal assistants Dani, Holly, and Alicia displayed the same attitude.

All of the women were very much aroused by this new venue of humiliation, and moved closer to watch or participate.

The toilet stool was constructed in a special way to allow for various and sundry uses, and was larger than an average size bowl.

Becka grabbed Jim's super hard prick and whispered to him.

"Get on your knees in front of the stool slave!"

Jim looked at her briefly and dropped down with his hands on both sides of the bowl and chin nearly resting on the front lid.

Becka quickly slid a special semen collection container between Jim's legs and slapped his inner thighs.

"Wider James."

"That's a good boy."

Jim was about ready to explode as he kneeled there desperately waiting for Dr. Becka to give the word.

Becka sat beside him on a rolling chair and rubbed Jim's asscheeks, then slapped them hard. Jim grunted in pain but remained still.

She swabbed the area between his balls and asshole, or taint, as the ladies called it, and slowly shoved the thin hypodermic needle deeply into the nerve plexus.The smell of alcohol was particularly erotic to Jim, and he tensed in lust as Becka injected the block releaser.

He winced in pain and moved slightly but remained still for Becka to finish the injection.

Dr Becka massaged and rubbed the site of the injection and pulled down on and fondled his huge nuts one in each hand.

Jim had a bad case of 'blue balls' and Becka knew the cure for that.

"You are now being watched by thousands of people all over the world James.....just think about that while you jack off for them."

"Did you hear what I said?"

Jim mumbled and said yes as he trembled in need, and Becka could tell that he was aware of what she said and was trying unsuccessfully to hide his aversion to it.

She squeezed his bulging testicles and flipped his long hard prick. It bounced back and forth dripping cum on the floor.

"We have not cleaned the toilet for a week James, and you will now lick the entire toilet lid and clean it with your tongue."

Jim grunted and shook all over from the sting on his ass and the ache from the injection. He would now be able to ejaculate again within seconds.

Dr. Melissa moved closer.....

"Wait Becka, I have something for him."

She stood over the toilet and began to drool her saliva onto the lid, spitting in several spots.

Her assistants Holly, Dani, and Alicia moved closer also and began to do the same as Jim looked up at them with squinted eyes. He was losing control quickly and Becka knew it.

The giggling beauties laid down their disgusting gloss on the lid, followed by Pia and Jeniffer. The lid was sopping with their spit as Becka whispered in Jim's ear....

"Lick the saliva off and swallow all of it as you jack yourself off.....NOW!"

Jim let out a piteful groan as he grabbed his tortured cock, and jacked it with a vengeance unknown to him previously.

He stroked so rapidly he lost his grip and slapped his hand back onto his favorite plaything. He grunted like a pig as he slurped off the clear, viscous saliva from the unwashed lid, and this sent him into even greater paroxysms of lust.

He yelled through clinched lips as he lapped off and ate the swill, along with the toilet residue left by the women during the past week.

They began to laugh at him since his antics were indeed comical, and slapped his humping ass as they insulted him. The trough beneath him was large and specially built to capture even the most humongus discharge, and within a few moments he screamed shamefully and grunted like a pig in a barnyard as he jerked inward, clinching his buttcheeks together tightly, and splashed out a thick milky fountain of his nut fluid.

The sting of his implant caused him to shake his head violently as he whacked off like a jackhammer, fully conscious of the taunting language heaped on him by the intensely aroused women.

A group of well placed video cameras recorded his humiliation from different angles, and there would be no view left unexposed. Jim was now performing for tens of thousands of people both male and female around the world who had tuned into the Center's special online porn website to view a show that had been advertised widely.

The large number of horny pay per view customers ogling Jim now in his most extreme humiliation were being rewarded generously, Jim's self esteem having been stripped off completely as he bared himself totally and with full shame for them.

Jim screamed again and again as his huge dick hosed the large plastic receptacle below him, and he was drooling in mindless pleasure as his large balls spasmed uncontrollably and flopped up and down to his stroking motion.

The receptacle began to fill rapidly with Jim's foamy nut milk and a nasty film of suds covered the top. Jim finally slowed his pace and groaned again and again, milking out the last splushes of his thick reproductive fluid.

Dani leaned down and looked at the mess in awe....

"Son of a bitch he's put out more than the fucking horses we milk!"

She slapped Jim's ass and chuckled in ridicule.

Dr. Becka sat beside Jim in awe, and dipped her finger into the thick sudsy slop below him. She smelled, then tasted the semen briefly, and nodded her head in approval.

Jim was ready to collapse by now and grabbed the slick toilet lid, hanging on for dear life. His ruddy face was slick and smeared with the women's spit and anal residue, and as it dripped from his chin into the bowl, he licked his lips and panted in exhaustion.

He was going to fall over so they all grabbed and supported him as nurse Jill and Kathy helped load him into a wheelchair they had brought into the bathroom.

A lab technician closed the receptacle and picked it up, heading directly to the main testing lab.

The two randy nurses wheeled Jim to the showers, and carefully helped him stand so that his hands and feet could be secured for his scrub down. Kathy enjoyed shoving the long unique cleaning brush up Jim's ass and deep into his rectum, and cleaned him gently but thoroughly inside. Jim merely groaned as he was serviced, and clung to the soft straps around his wrists.

Jill loved to soap his balls and penis, and the two sat in chairs as they worked him over. Jim's dick was becoming erect already, and the two were eager to finish him so they could have their way with him back in his room.

Back in his cubicle they gave him his mid day nutritional drink along with special supplements designed just for him.

They fucked him for a half hour in his room, enjoying the pleasures of his now hard cock, and he managed to give them both a load of his hot male cream. They also enjoyed having Jim suck his seed out of their vaginal openings and made sure he swallowed all of it.

A mild sedative sent Jim to dreamland after that, and he was allowed to sleep for four hours. It was clear that he needed rest and relaxation after the trauma of his extreme ejaculation session in the bathroom.


Dr Becka was ecstatic at the results of Jim's latest semen analysis, and her joy could not be contained as she broke the news to her horny staff.

The analysis showed an extreme increase in the amount of the desired X factor in the bathroom seminal fluid.

Both the fellatio ingestion of another slaves cum, and Jim's patent humiliation in the toilet had proved to be phenomenally successful. Dr Becka could go forward full blast now, and poor Jim would be sucking as much cock as possible, in addition to eating his own cum.

Becka didn't like the unsavory guilt in the back of her mind each time she thought of Jim....which was, 'Wrong time, wrong place'. He had done nothing to deserve this but at this juncture the point was moot. Things would go along as planned, and would ultimately be very successful, and might possibly be an historic chapter in time.

Dr Becka's team of self fellatio experts were working diligently to make him suck his own cock, and they would be given full approval for more radical work in this area. Her special chair had been quite helpful in this regard.

Becka had been watching his training by camera so that she would not be there to interfere with the unique process.

She had made it clear to the team exactly what were their limits, and that she would carefully monitor their activities during all sessions. Any cruelty or undue or inappropriate usage of Jim would not be tolerated. They would, of course, have a wide leeway to do their work, and Becka made it clear to them that they could enjoy and enhance Jim's humiliation and the careful trampling of his self esteem.

Her team of three members, Dr Shirley, Dr Patricia, and Dr Kimberly, were doing quite well in this regard and Jim was now within a few inches of being able to lick his own penis. They had been ejaculating him in his mouth and face so that he could eat his cum, but before long he would be able to experience the unique pleasure of sucking his own cock and eating his semen right out of his own pisshole.


After his evening supplements Jim was taken for a session with the self suck team and he had begun to display strong aversion to these visits. Jill and Kathy practically had to force him to the room, and he pleaded with them not to go there. The two nurses knew that he was under severe stress but their mandate was to follow Dr Becka's orders to the letter.

An omnipresent armed female security guard with a taser on her belt followed close behind and was permitted to watch the treatments in the chair and also anything that went on in the masturbation area.

They left him with the three attractive and obscene women, all experts in the process of spinal alteration, and he stood there shivering, looking furtively from one to the other.

These women had also undergone the hypnotic process focusing their sexual energies on Jim, but they were not aware of the true reason for Jim's peculiar conversion.

Dr Shirley was a pretty 40 year neurosurgeon, and a member of the team in the event surgical intervention was necessary. Dr Becka had chosen her for her credentials, as well as her sexual proclivities and Dr Shirley was found to have leanings toward bondism and similar fetishes in her private life.

Dr Kimberly was an attractive woman in her early fifties and a top chiropractic practitioner. She also was found to have an inclination toward kinky sexual practices, and was inclined toward male domination and control.

Dr Patricia was a petite and pretty woman in her mid thirties, and was considered to be one of the top experts in physical therapy. In her secret life she was known to be a masturbatrix and female dominant.

She found this activity to be deeply erotic and was enjoying Jim's discomfort and the nasty goal that they were moving toward. She was quite pleased watching a male being forced into such a bizarre act.

'The Pretzel Maker', as they called the strange training chair, was quite fascinating to them, and was becoming a source of great entertainment.

Shirley gripped Jim's large nuts and gently stroked his already erect cock.

"So nice of you to join us Mr. Jim, we're going to have some more fun today aren't we sugar plumb?"

Dr Shirley looked closely into Jim's eyes and grinned slyly.....

"Ohhh baby don't be afraid, we're helping you to do something really nasty and fun, aren't we ladies?"

In the first part of the treatment Jim was strapped onto a traction table and his back given a wet heat treatment, then tens muscle stimulation to loosen knots, followed by a full spinal traction. As he was extended he grunted and groaned and squirmed, and they had to smack his ass several times to quiet him.

Dr Patricia had reached under the open bottom table and was gently fondling and pulling on Jim's already erect cock and had it hard and fully extended.

Next he was taken to the chiropractic area and given a comprehensive spinal adjustment. He grunted in displeasure as he was twisted and popped and felt great relief when Dr Kimberly had finally done with him.


They held Jim by his arms and rubbed his buttocks and neck as they guided him into position onto the pretzel maker chair. He was soon strapped in and they added the unique attachments necessary for the session. The chair could bend Jim as much as needed so they had to be extremely careful not to go beyond certain limits.

A vibrator was inserted into his rear hole against his prostate to excite him further in releasing his large wad of seminal fluid.

A specifially designed transparent suction tube was slid onto Jim's already hard penis and another suction tube placed over his tongue and fitted into his mouth.

The tube sections were joined by a short connector joint, with a nozzle attachment on one side. A rubber hose was clamped onto the nozzle as a vacuum source, and the chair was rolled up and back until his cock was above his face.

Jim was always very uncomfortable during these treatments, and lay there trembling, looking pathetically at the women.

Dr Patricia smoothed his hair over and whispered in his ear......

"Come on sweetie you can do it.....just think what fun it will be!"

"How many men can suckie suckie their own dick?"

Jim waited nervously as the power was turned on and the vacuum slowly pulled his fully erect penis forward and down to his mouth.

At the same time the vacuum pulled his tongue outward toward his approaching cock, and they gradually came near touching.

Then very slowly backward pressure was increased stretching Jim's spine to the limit. Finally Jim's tongue was touching his pisshole and the ladies cheered at their accomplishment. He groaned and struggled but finally settled down as the first drop of precum rolled onto his painfully extended lapper.

The three randy women looked closely as the cock tube began to move back and forth masturbating him. The implant was sharply painful at first, and he jerked and grunted as the masturbator increased it's pace.

He groaned outloud in lust as his balls began to pull upward and he knew he would have no choice but to receive the gusher he knew was coming.

His pisshole was now laying on his extended tongue and as he neared orgasm he grunted desperately dreading the disgusting mess he would have to swallow.

The jacker increased it's pace until Jim was gasping and groaning in ecstasy, and with one enormous moan he jerked violently, and his seed began to gush outward all over his tongue and mouth.

Dr Shirley slapped his ass very hard, and her contorted face stared closely at him......

"Swallow your lunch James and I mean it!"

The end of the tube nearest Jim's mouth filled instantly with white frothy semen, and as the vacuum direction was reversed it was all forced into his mouth. He gurgled and swallowed and gagged as the mass of thick cum was pushed into his throat, and he ate it desperately, swallowing it in huge gulps.

The air pressure shoved it all down into his gullet and his eyes were open wide as he quickly ingested a large volume of his own nut cream. He swallowed and swallowed as more of the off white sludge poured in, and his stomach began to fill with his own disgusting seminal fluid.

Finally he finished jerking and relaxed. His long tongue still fully extended into the suction tube.

A few more sessions like this would allow Jim to be able to lap at his own peehole without the help of the chair. This is what they had been working for.

The women laughed and goaded Jim, insulting him unmercifully as he looked shamefully at them.

Dr Kimberly kissed Jim on the forehead.

"That's a good cocksucker!", she whispered, "now wasn't that delicious!"

"Just think of all the cock you'll be sucking and all the yummy cum you will be able to eat! Mmmmmmm!!"

They released him and Jill and Kathy wheeled him back to the shower where they scrubbed him completely.


Once in bed they restrained his hands with the neck straps, and gently massaged his neck and cock before giving him a strong healing sedative injection. He fell asleep quickly, and they attached the heart and respiration sensor to his sternum for overnight monitoring.

Tomorrow morning Jim would visit the whole group again for another, and more intensive treatment session.

Nurse Kathy sat for a short time beside Jim on the bed after Jill had left and sucked on his semihard penis. She ate the residual precum oozing out and savored it as she lapped her tongue around the large head. She loved the taste of semen and removing some of his precum would do no harm.

It was evening and she left him to a good long sleep. Tomorrow would be quite taxing for Jim to say the least.


Jim slept very well through the night, and awoke about ten am having enjoyed many hours of restful slumber. His exhaustion and the powerful sedative had knocked him out completely.

After finishing his morning nutrition and toilet needs he was taken again by his two devoted nurses to the masturbation floor. Dr Becka and her horny team were waiting patiently and they pulled him into the center of the group. Jim's cock was already hard, and his large balls were swollen with his seed, the center of a whole universe of attention now.

The team members usually wore dress skirts and blouses, being attired in a more businesslike way for the sessions. Having fully clothed women using him in such dirty ways seemed to be a major turnon for Jim, and they capitalized on this fully.

Leann, the talented sexual hypnotist, was waitng by a comfortable chair closeby grinning sweetly at him.

Dr Becka reached down and fondled his penis and scrotum expertly, and pressured and felt of both nuts with complete attention.

"How are you you have any pain this morning?"

Jim grinned slightly and was obviously craving her attention.

"No mam.....I'm ok."

"Good you gave us a lot of spunk yesterday didn't you?"

She grinned and smoothed his hair over, and gently rubbed her fingers over his cheek.

Jim seemed a little embarrassed at this question but he loved her hand on his face.

He finally answered with a tense....."Yes Dr Becka."

"Are you going to be a good slave for Becka today?", she asked, stroking his now erect penis.

Jim grunted and nodded yes.

"Alright slave, kneel and put your head to the floor."

Jim looked at her and dropped down, into the kneeling position.

"No no James, with your ass toward me please."

He shuffled around and Becka nudged his inner thighs with her foot....


Jim put his head down onto the floor and opened his legs fully for Becka, his balls hanging loosely under him.

Becka wet down her finger with saliva and rubbed it over his asshole and shoved it in a few inches and back out again. She loved seeing Jim like this, showing his cute anus to her, all spread and waiting.

"Now there is a clean asshole!", she pointed out to the group, "Jim may not find our buttholes that clean, isn't that right ladies?"

A murmer of concensus could be heard from the always aroused women, as they laughed and agreed with her.

She gripped his large nuts and fondled them as she checked his testicle physiology. Pressing firmly on each of his swollen balls. she then pulled downward spreading them with her fingers.

Jim made a slight grunt but truth be known he loved the feel of Dr Becka's hands on his large male eggs.

she then took out a metallic instrument and smeared a conduction gel over his 'taint' area above his nuts.

The others looked closely with interest, since they had not seen this particular device before.

Becka grinned up at them as she squeezed both of Jim's captured testicles.

"Something new from the Corporation", she said, "courtesy of Elaine."

She held the tip of the instrument, about the size of a phone receiver, next to Jim's taint plexus.

"Little sting now James.", she whispered.

She pressed a button and a small shock pulsed through the tender area. she grabbed his nuts and pulled downward on them while squeezing firmly at the same time and Jim gasped in surprise more than from pain.

"Easy baby, just a different way to keep you from ejaculating."

It wasn't really painful but just enough to sting a little, and Jim had to admit, preferable to a hypodermic needle.

He calmed down quickly and she massaged his large full balls in her hands.The other women were standing over them chattering to each other.

Becka attached a dog collar and leash to Jim's neck and had him crawl over to Leann and the comfortable chair.

"Now, listen to me Jim....Leann is going to hypnotize a special way....  so that you'll love sucking


Jim frowned and looked up into her pretty eyes.

"Dr Becka pease don't...."

"Listen to me Jim, you must obey me in everything I say....Ok?"

"I thought we had that settled!"

Jim looked sheepishly at Leann dreading such a thing.

"You will sit in that fucking chair and do exactly what Leann I making myself clear James?"

Jim hung his head and sat down as the women laughed and made lewd comments.

Dani snorted and ruffled Jim's hair...

"You're going to like giving blowjobs Jimmy Boy, ain't he girls?"

They all agreed and sat in a circle around him, watching in amusement.

Leann took a hypodermic and gave Jim an injection, and pulled his head back to rest on the comfortable chair.

"Just relax Jim....this will put you to sleep and when you wake up it will all be over and you'll feel very rested and very horny....don't be ashamed Jim, it's ok."

Jim looked at Dr Becka again and started to speak but he suddenly blacked out and went into a deep trance like state.

The powerful drug, along with a concentrated hypnotic session during sleep would have a strong and irreversibe effect on Jim's psyche.

...And then there was no awareness for Jim, just nothingness and sleep.


When he began to come around again, he didn't know where he was at first but his senses gradually came to him. The entire group of horny women were still sitting around him, with amused expressions on their faces.

The odor of intimate female scent filled the room and permeated Jim's nostrils.

Leann was sitting in front of him and rubbed his cheek with her hand.

"I see you're back with us Jim, my you had such a good rest didn't you?"

Jim could remember nothing, and looked blankly at the pretty Leann.

She smiled and rubbed his cheek and then moved her finger slowly down to his mouth and slid it in.

Jim's reaction was immediate, and he began to suckle her finger vigorously, looking at her and licking around it as he sucked on it.

The group broke out into uncontrolled laughter, and rubbed Jim's arms and head as they made lewd and insulting comments to him.

He pulled his face away from Leann's finger and looked at the group with a mortified expression.

Leann stood and smiled at Becka....

"It took very well", she said, "the drug makes the post hypnotic suggestions powerful and permanent."

Becka looked down at Jim as she rubbed the back of his neck....

"You're going to like it Jim, just give it time."

She squatted down and looked him in his eyes....

"There's no shame in being a cocksucker James, is there ladies?"

The group was breaking up by now and  as they laughed....

Holly snickered sarcastically..."We're going to have to get Jim a set of kneepads now though...but you won't mind that will you Jim?"

They laughed and ridiculed him unmercifully as Dr Becka stood looking sadly at her complete slave.


Jim was incredibly horny by now, and the drug and hypnosis were a large part of the cause. Becka pulled Jim up from the chair by the leash and made him crawl over to the staging area where he had given another male slave oral sex.

She called on her cordless phone, stroking Jim's hair lightly as she talked.

"Send them in please."

She smoothed Jim's hair from his forehead as they waited, and soon the door opened and three nude hooded males walked into the room followed by their nurse attendant.

She had them stand side by side and it was obvious that they were in a trance, and also obvious that their balls were swollen with semen....they had blue balls big time.

Dr Becka pushed down on Jim's shoulders and he fell to his knees before the three well endowed males.

Becka pushed Jim on the shoulder...

"Closer James."

Jim's face was now within a few inches of the large erect cocks and the precum oozing out became extremely erotic to him.

Becka pushed his face against the three dicks and precum coated his lips and face.

He became highly agitated and began to breath heavily, reaching down for his dick.

"Yes you may jackoff James...what do you want to do with those cocks?"

He licked his lips and grabbed one and rubbed it all over his face. He seemed to lose control from then on, and he gripped the base of the stiff penis and shoved his mouth over it.

The ladies cheered as Jim began to suck hard, moaning strangely as he jacked off his swollen pecker.

He went berserk, and sucked and jacked the slaves penis as he stroked himself off.

The group was enjoying all this beyond words, and Tia and Alicia had begun masturbating themselves.

Soon most of the sweaty women were fingering themselves, completely turned on by Jim's unbridled lust.

Before long the first slave ejaculated a huge load of cum into Jim's mouth and Jim's eyes bulged out as the mess bubbled out from his lips and nose and dribbled to the floor. He gulped a full mouthful of the disgusting ball cream and continued to eat the next several spurts of sperm deposited in his mouth.

He was out of control and soon had another cock in his oral cavity sucking vigorously on it. He began to move his head in and out rapidly, lapping his tongue around the salty prick, and jacked it off with the fast motion of his hand.

Jennifer was in the middle of an orgasm as Jim received the second load of scuzzy dick snot in his mouth. The raunchy mess splushed in so hard some of it shot out from the side of his mouth and Jim gulped it desperately trying to get it all.

His eyes were like saucers now as he swallowed three more mouthfuls of pecker juice and when the cock was spent Jim dropped down to the floor and licked up the white spluz there then ate the cum off the male slaves toes.

He was frantic now as he moved up to the next cock and forced his mouth over it and sucked like a vacuum cleaner as his tongue lapped it all around. He was groaning and grunting like a pig, and grabbed the slaves balls and began squeezing them, hoping to speed up the process.

He was rewarded quickly with a huge mass of thick yellow sperm foam, and the gusher shot out into his swallowing mouth and splattered all over his face and hair. He was squealing like a boar in rut as he slurped down the nameless testicle scum. He gulped until he actually had to stop and belch from the digesting swill already in his full stomach.

He groaned pathetically as he ate the last of the disgusting reproductive fluid, and looked at the women as they watched him in amazement, having brought themselves to orgasm also.

Holly groaned loudly as her smelly cuntjuice ran down her leg.

"You cocksucking son of a bitch!", she blared, "I don't believe this dick eating cum guzzler!"

Dani was also coming down from an orgasm and she walked over and slid her hand into her wet cunt, cupped in a palmful of thick juice, and splushed it all over Jim's already sopping face, rubbing it in and sliding all her fingers into Jim's mouth. Jim sucked them clean and belched again, an acrid disgusting odor coming up from his stomach.

"You lowlife prick sucking bastard! You like pussy juice too don't you?"

Jim's face was nothing but a mass of semen paste and vaginal leavings that slavered off and fell to the floor in shards. Jim was on his knees now licking the tiles clean and slurping the disgusting combination off the last slaves toes.

Jim then fell back on his haunches exhausted, and was ready to collapse when Jill and Kathy helped him into a wheelchair. They took him to the showers again and was very gentle with him, washing him thoroughly but with greater care than usual. The two nurses had become attached to Jim, and could not help but feel affection for him.

The took him to his room and sedated him again, and he was soon sleeping peacefully. It was not necessary to restrain him this time since it wouldn't matter if he jerked himself off. This latest load of his cum was important to Becka and she wanted him to have a nasty case of blue balls when he jerked off this evening after he was prepped for


His testicles were now large spongy goldmines, and his sperm gained in value each day.

Dr Becka was very tired after todays activities and made a full report to Elaine, telling her of the latest revelations.

She would personally farm Jim's latest gusher of sperm cream, some for testing and some for transport to the Corporation if it was of high quality. Elaine had made it clear that Becka was to milk Jim of all the X factor possible each day, and that more male slaves were on the way to keep Jim well fed and producing.


Becka lay down and slept soundly for several hours, in anticipation of Jim's masturbation harvest this evening. She would learn more as the days passed about how to fertilize and farm his sperm fluid, and she would increase his output continually if possible.

In semiconsciousness just as she fell asleep she wondered if Jim would ever be able to forgive her for what he had become. But she doubted that he was fully aware and capable mentally. She vowed to protect him carefully at any rate no matter what, but that could become more difficult as time

                   The Thralldom Sperm Donation Center-part 11

    This story is intended as sexual fantasy entertainment for ADULTS ONLY.

Jim awoke in the late evening, and his nuts were so terribly swollen that it hurt him to move,  but he immediately grabbed for his cock and began to stroke off feverishly, and Kathy and Jill watched in amazement.

Jim yelled in pain from the cruel implant that had grown into his urethral tube and the agonizing swelling of his enormous testicles. He panted and beat off until he was yelling in agony but found no relief.

Kathy and Jill grabbed his hands and stopped him as he struggled to find satisfaction. Kathy went quickly into the main masturbation area and Dr Becka was just coming in from her nearby facility apartment.

Becka immediately came to Jim and sat on the bed and calmed him as the nurses  held tightly to his wrists.

"Stop it James, you're going to hurt yourself. I don't want you disabled before you can empty out properly for me baby."

She lifted Jim a bit and he rose and followed her to the main room. His large balls were morbidly swollen and actually were blue in color. This worried Becka and she knew Jim would have to evacuate his semen immediately. The staff were all present for Jim's usage, and Becka had him get down on all fours and put a dog collar around his neck.

As Dr Melissa held the leash Becka sat behind Jim and took her mini shock device and rubbed it over his taint area, pressing in hard as she electrocuted the tender spot between his balls and asshole. This would release his blockage and make it possible to ejaculate.

He jerked in pain and  was shaking now, unable to control his movements. His dangerously full nuts swung and bounced against his legs as Becka led him by leash once again to the bathroom. She stopped him in front of the stool and nodded to Dani, who was grinning mischievously.

Dr Melissa slid the large sperm collection container under Jim's penis, and adjusted it to catch all of his expelled fluid.

Dani stripped off all her clothes and sat down on the stool and put her hand on her sopping pussy and rubbed it, sliding her fingers into her wet hairless cunt. Dani had a fabulous little body and very nice tits and was quite a nasty young woman.

Becka held Jim's leash as Dani grinned down at him and began to strain, beginning her bowel movement.  Becka pulled Jim's head down near the front of the bowl as Dani forced out her shit with grunts of satisfaction.  She smiled down  wickedly at Jim's face and as she forced out her waste Jim licked his lips in anticipation.  He knew what was coming.

Jim looked at her pleadingly as he listened to the splashes in the toilet, and tried to grab his penis again, and was quickly stopped by Becka who pulled up on his leash.  The stink began to fill the room and Dani wiped her ass several times removing most of the fecal matter from her well formed rear hole, then flushed the toilet.

Becka was becoming impatient by now and motioned with her hand for Dani to hurry up. Dani complied and stood up, turning around so that her rear was close to Jim's face.

Jim was shaking in lust by now and licked his lips as he stared desperately at the cute blond's nice buttcheeks.

She spread them for him and pushed backward, shoving her stained asscrack into his face.

Becka pushed Jim's head into the fragrant rear crack, and his nose pressed against Dani's tight brown asshole causing her to moan in pleasure.

"Ok boy, go get it", Becka chided, "go get that brown stuff!"

Jim began stroking hard as his tongue slid deeply into Dani's uncleaned anus, and he gasped loudly as he beat his super hard cock.


They all had to laugh as Jim displayed his insane craving for Dani's shithole, and Dr Becka rubbed his back as he ate out the foul crack voraciously.

Becka was delighted at his enthusiasm, and within seconds he screamed loudly like some deranged lunatic, and jumped nearly into the air, spitting his enormous semen wad into the collector.  Several thick ropes of salty sperm shot into the container, and shlurped against the overhang, running down the sides in long thick rivulets.

"MMMphhahhhh!  Schlup....slurp....mmmm...ulp!"

His face was a wet mass of brown cream as he jerked uncontrollably, requiring Dr Becka to hold firmly to his leash. 

He ejaculated again and again pumping his hips in and out until he was hardly able to move and had his tongue buried deeply up Dani's cute bunghole. Dani managed to masturbate herself to orgasm, and as she jerked and groaned in ecstasy her pussy squirted out a thick streamer of her female ejaculate into the toilet.

They both were quivering masses of pleasure and came down about the same time as Dani slumped over the stool and Jim sat back on his haunches, and nearly fell over.

Becka was quite pleased with this huge load, and it was quickly removed to the testing lab. The seminal fluid was very thick and milky and nearly filled the large receptacle.

Jim sat there staring up at Becka, his face stained with Dani's fresh shit, and he licked his lips, savoring what was left around his mouth.

Becka looked down at him with a benevolent expression on her face, and wiped his mouth off with tissue paper.

She petted his head like he were a dog and talked soothingly to him.

"Good boy did real've made Becka very happy!"

Jim smiled slightly, his mouth surrounded by a noticeable brown stain, like some enlarged asshole.

Nurses Jill and Kathy loaded him into the wheelchair once again and took him to the shower area. They were quite fond of Jim now, and made sure his shower was pleasant and comfortable for him.

They always had sex with him after his bath, and though his cock was just barely semihard now, they enjoyed themselves by sucking on it and pushing his face into their hairy muffs. They wet down Jim's face with their excessive vaginal draining and female odor, and were delighted when he drank their discharge, and licked inside them.

A powerful sedative sent Jim into the bliss of dreamless sleep, and he was not to awaken until morning.


There had been several important meetings recently at Corporation Headquarters concerning the extraordinary enzyme substances being produced by a unique individual in the LA Sperm Donation Center, and similar substances by  a few other donors worldwide.

Fifty donation facilities around the world had now become the focus of a frenzied effort to duplicate the strange chemicals that had been discovered in the semen of a select few males. Unfortunately the combined work of all the Corporation's advanced chemical research facilities had come to nothing so far.

It was difficult enough to synthesize and produce promising new drug compounds each year, but to identify precisely and reproduce the completely unknown and impossible new super enzyme was next to impossible.

The DNA composition of the Corporation's primary donor in the LA Center was a genetic anomaly that just couldn't happen. The odds of this kind of DNA profile occurring naturally were one in trillions.

There were other donors capable of secreting a similar, more primitive enzyme, but in a much less potent form and quantity.  The corporation had been doing research on the project for years but until recently could not retrieve enough of the chemical to be of value in their labs. It also tended to deteriorate rapidly and after a week was useless to them.

The astounding discovery of a thirty two year old donor in LA capable of producing x-factor at ninety eight percent purity and potentcy had brought the Corporation's efforts to a standstill, and all eyes were on him now. He was apparently in good health and producing daily under the careful handling of some of the top experts in the world.

Because of the fear of possibly jeopardizing extraction quantities, or losing them altogether, the male was not transferred to the company's large research lab in Nevada, but would remain at the LA sperm donation center and handled there indefinitely.  He was now in the care of one of the world's foremost sexual and reproductive research teams until further notice.

Factor x was on the verge of opening the world to a cure for cancer, among countless other miracles,  and every molecule of it was precious. He would remain there for at least a year until sufficient quantities of the element could be stockpiled.

Comprehensive research by the Corporation had revealed, among other things, that apparently at a young age the male had been exposed to excessive  radiation during a pelvic x-ray after suffering a possible fracture. The machine had malfunctioned and produced a dangerous energy output.

Though he was tested and observed for years afterward no sign of cancer or other cell damage ever materialized.

This seemed to be the most logical explanation for the unique and foreign substance produced by his testicles. Several new kinds of super enzymes resulted from the rare accident,  enzymes apparently equipped with the ability to swivel inner elements from one point to another to change molecular structure.

Unheard of new compounds were being synthesized, and an entire new science had materialized overnight.


Ailene and her corporate assistants sat at the conference room table looking carefully at their notes, and she sipped her coffee she looked from one to the other of them.

"Ladies, what I am going to tell you now is of the utmost importance and requires complete secrecy."

Ailene had a way of making it obvious at once that something momentous was coming, and they knew to sit and quietly listen to what she had to say. They had become part of one of the most important discoveries in scientific history by association, and the excited tension they were feeling was palpable.

"Our prime donor at the Los Angeles center has become important in a way no one could have imagined. Our full complement of x factor donors has been depleted to a point where their sperm is virtually ineffectual now. The enzyme complement they produce is similar to, but vastly weaker than our donor Jim's in LA."

"They don't have the extensive mutational damage that Jim apparently suffered, and residual deterioration of their existing ability is progressing rapidly."

"I am taking steps now to insure that our team of 'extractors' at the LA facility will be bound totally and permanently to Jim and his continued milking.  If any of them were to leave or become emotionally difficult for whatever reason his output of our factor could be jeopardized.  I don't have to tell you that we cannot allow this to happen!"

Dr. Van Brukin looked carefully at Ailene and listened attentively.

"We must convert Dr Becka and her capable team by use of a bastardized version of DXD. One that insures complete and permanent obedience, but without the obvious side effects associated with our primary DXD."

"They will, of course, be unaware of the process, and injections of the new DXD drug will be given during regularly scheduled hypnotic strengthening sessions."

"The new version is called DXD alternate, or DXDA. It is more difficult to synthesize but in the low quantities required for the conversion will serve very well for our purposes."

The other members of the special executive board looked silently at Ailene, and and each other as they assimilated what she had said.

Dr Van Brukin spoke first, clearing her throat before talking.....

"Is that really necessary Ailene?", she said quietly.

"That would destroy Dr Becka as an individual as well as the others of her team."

Ailene folded her hands in front of her and sighed audibly....

"I'm afraid there is no other way to effectively safeguard our secret activities, and insure that the process continues unhampered. These women have their own private lives and in the long run this would endanger the entire project."

"None of them are married so this is a big plus, but we can't have them running around on their own in the midst of one of the most awesome events in medical history."

"They will be sexually and permanently bound to Jim in the most extreme way, and will reside at the LA facility as long as we are operating from there, and will be transferred with him should his relocation become feasible."

"This includes the two nurses who have become part of the inner team working Jim each day. We cannot risk transferring Jim to another location at this time because any disturbance at all could be negative to his continued x factor production."

"New construction and security changes at the LA facility special masturbation wing have provided Dr Becka's staff with outstanding living comfort as well as state of the art equipment and working conditions."

"I'm leaving this new and important task in your hands Dr Van Brukin, you are the best in the world for this project and I trust your skills implicitly."

Elsa looked at Ailene with a stunned expression and shifted slightly in her chair....

"But we cannot do this to Dr Becka and her is the height of cruelty and deception. I never signed on for something as radical as this!"

Ailene broke in and furrowed her brow as she spoke seriously....

"We can't afford to risk all that we have worked for Dr Brukin, and if we don't encapsulate the whole process in LA permanently, and very soon, we could lose it all. These women are sequestered for an indefinite period now, but eventually they will insist on leaving and we cannot have this."

"If you carefully convert them by hypnosis using DXDA and some of our other experimental mind control drugs, they will accept their removal from the outside world as normal and desirable, and will continue to live in their little universe enjoying and using Jim each day to their hearts content while he produces more and more concentrated factor x."

"This is just too big to control and far too important to allow petty integrity to interfere. Dr Becka and her crew will be given many millions of dollars for their services, and we will convince them that just watching it accumulate in their bank accounts each month or handling boxes of cash is all that they need and desire."

"DXDA will remove basic logical processes from the women outside of their nasty activities each day with Jim, and they will be perfectly happy."

"You know that Dr Becka herself would see the absolute need for this if she could be in our position, and would no doubt do the same herself for the good of mankind."

Alice Lawler had been listening attentively to Ailene and spoke now.....

"If you.....if you think that this the only way Ailene then....well.....we must do what is best for humanity."

Diane Reid nodded her head in agreement, and a shameful expression came over her face as she looked down at the table.

"I will send you on your mission to Los Angeles this morning Dr Van Brukin, and I know you will do your duty with admirable skill. You will go alone this time, so that we don't raise suspicion with the extraction crew there."

"You will  have a conference with our lab experts before you go Elsa, and receive the new drugs and all necessary instructions concerning their use, and will leave for the LA center shortly afterward."

"You will also include in your DXDA hypnotic conditioning a full complement of extreme dominant-submissive, humiliation techniques, given to Dr Becka under hypnosis,  with an absolute mandate to use them daily at her own discretion."

"You will meet with a top expert in this area who will indoctrinate you before you leave, and you will expose Dr Becka to a few short video clips of extreme  humiliation-domination sessions during hypnosis."

"I know that you will not fail us in this critical matter, and I leave the completion of the task to your great skills ."


Dr Becka prepared to meet with Dr Van Brutin in an hour for her scheduled hypnotic session, and she was looking forward to the day when all of the exotic hypnotic content would be removed from her psyche.  Her psycho sexual apparatus was now running out of control, and she found it necessary to masturbate at least twice each day to relieve her insatiable needs.

She was not fond of this habit since it was basically nonproductive and a bit embarrassing to talk about, but she did enjoy it, and she became more and more fond of it the more she did it.

Also she was forced to wear heavy vaginal padding because of the constant drainage she was experiencing.  She had not fucked Jim yet but was heading in that direction, and allowed her capable staff to have sex of any kind with him anytime he was in orgasm blockage.

This helped to build his enormous load of thick semen, and the precious content it contained.

She was not highly experienced in sexual matters but had several relationships that involved sexual intercourse and oral pleasuring. The thought of someone eating her out now was a bit uncomfortable because of her thick drainage and female odor due to the hypnotic treatments.  She remembered fondly the great pleasure she had known when she had received oral sex for the first time.

Becka was a beautiful young woman in her prime and nature dictated that she fulfill her obligations as a female.

Dr Van Brutin was a bit early for their appointment and seemed oddly nervous but Becka dismissed it as normal under the strange circumstances of the whole operation. Elsa had come alone this time and brought with her a medical suitcase.

The famous hypnotist and psychiatrist smiled broadly when Becka entered the treatment area, and took Becka's hand in her own rubbing it slightly in reassurance.

"So good to see you again Dr Becka, we've been following your progress each day and I must say we are all greatly pleased with your results."

She nervously offered the relaxation chair to Becka and sat in front of it, preparing her hypnotic devices.

"I'm glad that you and your crew are such good subjects, your complete conversion is essential to the continued milking of your prime donor Jim. By the way, how is he doing? Is he adjusting well to the whole process?"

Becka sat back and relaxed as Dr Van Brutin attached the heart monitor  and blood oxygen receptor to the doctor's finger.

"He's doing very well, thank you Dr Van Brutin."

"At first I was very concerned for the general mental health of my crew and myself but I've seen the results of the hypnotic conditioning, and it has been phenomenally effective in raising x factor concentration. The results are off the charts."

"Our recent session in the bathroom with Jim was extraordinarily successful, and using female bodily odors to enhance ejaculation has proven to be  amazingly productive. I won't go into details but he is obsessed with female anal odor and goes into a near trance when he is ejaculating."

"Also as you know we have Jim performing fellatio on more than one donor male at a time now, and drinking their semen has boosted his factor concentration by at least thirty percent."

Dr Brukin smiled softly as Becka gave her the latest details, and soon she was ready to begin the hypnotic session. She had been giving Becka and her crew a mild relaxant before hypnosis, and she gently swabbed the young surgeon's arm and injected the contents of the syringe.

She would wait until Becka was fully under hypnosis before giving her the DXDA since she feared that the new drug might be detectable to Becka in contrast to the usual relaxant.

Once the extremely powerful drug was administered, there would be no turning back.

Elsa's insides were in turmoil now, the knowledge of what she was about to do to Dr Becka and her assistants ate at her and tightened her stomach into a ball of tension as she brought up the virtual reality helmet to place it on Becka's head.

When the helmet was in place she began the process of easing Becka into a deep trance by use of visual and auditory input. She had designed the helmet to operate primarily on a subliminal level, and the light show and sound effects were barely perceptible to the conscious mind.

The helmet used a specific program that progressed at a predetermined pace to trick the mind of the subject to imagine quantum jumps of a deeper and deeper intensity with each descent level.

Virtually no one could resist the helmet's effects, and she could bring most any person into an extremely profound hypnotic state within ten to fifteen minutes. She had used the device to actually prepare patients for surgery without anesthetic, and her methods were being used more and more by the medical establishment to enhance surgical treatment of all kinds, including dental work.

Within fifteen minutes Becka was in the deepest kind of trance, and Dr Van Brukin prepared her injection of DXDA. She nearly dropped the syringe and tried to stop herself from trembling as she squirted a drop from the tip of the needle.

She lay the syringe down for a moment and nearly cried, a deep regret and sadness coming over her.  She had almost reached a point where she would be incapable of doing this to someone, but remained in deep thought for a few minutes running every detail of this whole thing through her mind.

Finally she gave in to the inevitability of what would eventually be insured by Ailene and the Corporation, and lifted the syringe once again and observed the tiny drop at the tip of the needle. If she didn't do it, someone else would, and she would much rather design the post hypnotic instructions herself.  She would be as humane as possible, and try to make such slavery fullfilling and pleasurable for Becka and her staff.

She swabbed Becka's arm and gently slipped the needle into a vein, and slowly withdrew blood back into the syringe, then very slowly injected the blood DXDA mixture back into the bodily circulation.

It was too late now, and for better or worse Becka would be bound slavishly to hypnotic suggestion, and to Jim for the rest of her life. The other members of the team would share the same addiction permanently. Elsa hoped desperately that the end would justify the means in all this, and that if Becka knew about what was done to her, she would agree that it was necessary.

Becka breathed in heavily, filling her lungs with a full complement of oxygen, then exhaled slowly, and began to tremor a bit, a strange expression on her pretty face. She began to breathe more rapidly now, and Elsa noticed a strong female odor as the drug took effect. Then her breathing slowed and stabilized and her face took on a strange paleness as the drug conquered her.

Elsa began her hypnotic instructions, using the information given her by the expert dominatrix, and added them slowly to Dr Becka's memory.  She used careful wording to insure to whatever degree possible that Becka's enslavement would be safe and rewarding in a way most pleasing to her. She left much discretionary choice to Becka, who of course needed all the leeway possible in her efforts with Jim.

She reassured Becka over and over again that what she was doing was highly commendable, and that she would be insanely bound to Jim's milking permanently. She emphasized the overwhelming importance of the project, and Becka's history making contribution to it,  and to science.

Becka's color had returned completely, and she seemed the same as in previous sessions, but there was something imperceptible that had changed. Whenever Elsa mentioned Jim's name Becka became highly aroused and her female processes more active. An immeasurable passion seemed to grip the petite surgeon, and she licked her lips languidly as if savoring some exotic new wine.

Elsa also made it clear that Becka was to use drastic humiliation and domination methods, but that she could make them as humane as she wanted, and to perform her duties in any manner that she disired, as long as she adhered to the compulsory mandates.

She told Becka that her assistants would be trained in a similar manner, and that they would all be compelled to obey their hypnotic commands. Only Dr Becka, however would know the real secret of factor x, and her staff only that it was extremely important.

Dr Van Brukin made it clear to Becka that she and the others would thoroughly enjoy their work, and that they would feel compelled to remain here, and would never want to leave unless directed to do so. She stated strongly that Becka and her group would accept all this without question and consider it all perfectly normal as if this is the life they had always known and would always enjoy.

She gave Becka several hypnotic passwords, each with a different meaning when stated by Elsa or any of Ailene's inner staff. All of Becka's crew would be given similar passwords, except that Becka would have a few that the others did not possess.

Elsa took all needed time and extreme care to imbed the suggestions in just the right way to insure the least damage or discomfort, and the most pleasure reward and survivability.

When she was finished she locked the suggestions into Becka's mind irretrievably, and permanently. Even she could not remove them under any circumstances. She then injected a final booster drug, designed to make the DXDA combine with Becka's unique body chemistry, and form a perpetual bond.

She removed the virtual reality helmet and began to bring Dr Becka out of her extremely profound trance. This took another fifteen minutes of careful verbal suggestion, and a mild reconstitutional injection to leave her in a balanced state when she awoke.

Becka came back to full consciousness feeling refreshed and pleasant, and she rubbed her forehead with her fingers and blinked her eyes.

"All done?", she smiled

Elsa grinned and put her hand on Dr Becka's....

"Yes it's all done sweetheart, you're ready for another hundred thousand miles."

Becka laughed and stood, straightened her skirt a bit.  She was aware of her natural odor and was a bit embarrassed in front of Dr Brukin.

Elsa smiled gently and looked knowingly at Becka to put her at ease.....

"It's alright darling, I understand", she said quietly.

"I have to go now Dr Brukin, I have so much to do."

"Of course dear, would you send in the next of your staff please, it will take a few hours to recharge all of them and I must return to Corporation headquarters as soon as I finish."

Becka smiled slightly and straightened her skirt again.....

"Yes of course Dr Brukin."

Becka left and Elsa prepared for her next hypnotic session.


By five in the afternoon Dr Van Brukin was completely finished with Becka's staff, and had done the most comprehensive job possible in their conversion.  Her great expertise would insure that each of them would be bonded to Jim in the most productive, safest,  and most powerful way, and that it would be permanent. Jim would be in for a sexual ride that few men on earth could imagine.

The treatment area reeked of vaginal odor and the paper cloth cover on the lounge chair was wet from the last of the staff.  This was a natural result of the drastic bodily and psychological changes that each of the beautiful women had undergone.

Elsa repacked her equipment and headed back to the main headquarters to report to Ailene, and to reassess her feelings about her involvement in Ailene's inner circle. She would need time to do serious thinking about what would be required of her in the coming time.


Jim had spent most of the day undergoing a complete and comprehensive physical exam in the main lab, while he was being given strong vitamin and nutritional supplements.  He was tested in every imaginable way to determine his exact state of physical, sexual, and mental health.

The results were very positive, and after that Jim spent quite awhile with Leann,  the group hypnotist.  She reinforced his hyper sexual requirements, and his complete obedience to Dr Becka and the group. He had recovered fully from his traumatic ejaculation treatment in the bathroom the day before and his balls were swelling rapidly and becoming large and firm again.

The lab confirmed that the concentration of factor x in Jim's semen was extremely high, and had yielded the greatest quantity of the incredible enzyme soup so far. The humiliation and sperm injestion treatments would continue, and Jim would be taken down a road of depravity from which he would never return.

In the late afternoon Jim was taken by Kathy and Jill to the primary masturbation area, and he was once again in the throes of lust. He had to be watched constantly when not in orgasm blockage so that he not masturbate and ejaculate unless specifically directed by Dr Becka.

Dr Becka was sitting in the comfortable chair she used to administer medications and treatments to Jim and she held a shock device in her hand similar to the one she had been using recently but of a different design.

Becka smiled in a very friendly way and adjusted herself so that she was leaning forward slightly. The nurses brought Jim to her and left as most of the crew gathered around. Becka had taken precautions to have her ladies use very thick vaginal coverings now that were designed in a special way to reduce odor and wetness.

Her face was absolutely vibrant, and her cheeks slightly blushed, somewhat akin to the way women look during pregnancy. She smiled at Jim and looked him in the eyes to convey her affection.

"Bend over and hold your ankles please James."

Jim did so at once and looked up at her from between his legs as she rubbed the shock device between his nuts and anus.

"This is a new gadget that will not sting quite as much baby....."

He felt more of a tingling sensation than a shock as she rubbed the spot with the metal probe, and the nerve plexus in that area tightened up noticeably.

"There now my horny friend, you won't be able to cum for awhile, and we can have all the fun that we want. "

While he was in that position Becka spread his cheeks and examined his anus closely. She lubricated her finger with saliva and shoved in deeply inside his rectum, and moved it around in all directions, and rubbed his swollen prostate gland.

"Very nice.....his prostate is expanding rapidly, and along with it his capacity."

She slurped her finger out and wiped the brown stain off and reached down and encircled his long penis with her hand and jacked him off for a moment,  sliding her fingers up and down his impressive cock.

She suddenly became super horny again and felt her pussy juices almost squirting onto her thick napkin. Without thinking she spread his cheeks once more and stuck her nose in next to his puckered rear opening. When she breathed in the funky smell was extremely arousing and caused her to jerk and gasp in pleasure.  She felt quite embarrassed in front of the others.

Jim was beside himself with pleasure and groaned in ecstasy as she did it, and Dr Janet and the others laughed in surprised amusement.

Janet spoke to Becka as a friend and told her what the others probably had been thinking for some time....

"You needn't feel self conscious when you want to enjoy Jim sexually dear, we're all in the same boat in that regard."

Becka smiled and rose, pulling Jim upward.....

"Yes of course you're right Janet, let's all make sure we enjoy Jim to the fullest while we farm his semen.....I'd say we deserve it don't we girls?"

Becka was mesmerized by the smell of Jim's anus, and now understood why he was so attracted to the odor.  Truthfully she was surprised at herself, and would ordinarily never have done anything like that.

She knew that they must all relieve their strong sexual needs soon or the pressure would become unbearable and destructive to the group.

"Ladies I've been experimenting once again and I've devised something that I think you might enjoy.  We are now going to have more of what we crave so desperately, and at the same time possibly stimulate Jim's factor output."

"Jim must eat fresh sperm so why not from a vagina or anus?"

The women broke into laughter, and the idea was somehow magnificently nasty to them.  Holly cheered with joy, and rubbed her crouch area to relieve the itching and heat.

"What a great idea Dr Becka.....we can do about anything we want with Jim can't we......that is, if it's safe and makes him produce more sperm."

Becka smiled broadly....."Exactly!"

Becka pushed the intercom button and spoke......

"Send them all in."

The group watched curiously as the door opened, and at least fifteen males walked in, all of them nude and all wearing hoods. They were young and in their prime and all of them with intractable erections. The sight was something to behold, and as they filed in to the performance area precum dripped to the floor.

Dr Becka slapped Jim hard on the ass and spoke forcefully to him.....

"Get on your knees my ass kissing friend!"

She opened a drawer and retrieved a hypodermic syringe.

Jim dropped down at once and kneeled there awaiting orders.

Becka quickly swabbed his asscheek and jabbed a hypodermic needle in, and emptied out the large syringe as the group watched excitedly.

Jim gasped in pleasure as the powerful aphrodisiac and antibiotic rushed into his system, and he was groaning in desperate need once again.

Becka attached his dog collar and walked him over to the males where she had him sit down to watch.

Becka spoke candidly to all her assistants who were sequestered with her in this strange process, and wanted them to feel free and unashamed to do anything at all that was sexually gratifying for them.

"Ladies we know each other very well and we needn't be ashamed of anything we do know that don't you?"

They all spoke up and agreed with her.

"Let us all remove our clothing and have some good hot enjoyable sex with these young men and then let Jim eat their semen out of our bodily openings."

They all cooed in pleasure at the idea and Jennifer,  Holly, and Leann were quite excited....

"You mean from our buttholes?", they echoed.

Becka grinned and nodded her head agreeably.....

"Especially from your buttholes!"

Within moments, despite understandable reservations of modesty, they were all nude and handling cock, and each pulled a male aside for sex.  They were using the large thickly padded staging area and we're engaged in sexual intercourse in every position imaginable.

The strong female odor sent the young males into a frenzy, and they eagerly interacted with Becka's horny group of assistants....

The area was filled with thick padded mats, and Dr Becka tried to hide her stunned expression when she saw Dr Melissa, and Dr Janet lying on their backs, each being serviced by a well endowed young man.

They had all entered a new dimension of sexual license now, and all of them completely gave in to their enormous sexual craving in a way free of all constraints.

They were a small inner circle of professional women whose activities would be hidden to all but themselves, and they knew it was necessary in this dramatically strange living situation.

Jennifer, Holly, and Leann were being fucked up the ass, and the moans and screams of pleasure from them and the rest of the women filled the room.

Becka looked at them intently, trying to suppress her natural shyness, but found the scene extremely intense, and the sight of thick long cocks being rammed into the tight anal openings of her friends was shocking to her.

The donor males were hypnotic robots and were highly in rut as they serviced Becka's incredibly horny staff. The smell produced was heavy and deeply erotic, and the juices splattering on the pads made them quite slippery.

Becka rubbed her hand over Jim's head and massaged his neck.....

"Jackoff for me James....jerk your fucking cock off for Becka while you watch!"

Becka was surprised at the disgusting way she was talking now,  but she was feeling so horny that it seemed entirely appropriate.

Jim was absolutely delighted and began to masturbate rapidly, a painful grimace on his face.

Becka only watched the action at this point, holding onto Jim's leash as he whacked his meat off.  His mouth was open as he grunted in pleasure, and his precum was splattering over his hand.

Becka looked at Jim with a condescending grin, enjoying his complete debasement, even though she felt a strong affection for him.

She began to deeply enjoy his degradation and the disgusting things he did for them. She thought to herself.....'what a pathetic bastard'.....then quickly censured herself with a pang of regret.

'Why not enjoy this to the fullest?', she mused, 'I'm so fucking horny I could scream!'

Becka yanked on Jim's leash and pulled him over to Jennifer, who was being fucked up her butt, and made Jim kneel beside the two panting participants, and pushed his head down near the entrance to Jennifer's anal opening.....

The young donor male's long hard penis was sliding in and out rapidly, and Becka  waited patiently as he had his orgasm, pumping a large quantity of white spunk into Jennifer's stretched rear hole. Jennifer screamed in pleasure as the creamy sperm fluid splashed out of her expanded anus, and she looked back self consciously as Becka held Jim in position.

"It's alright Jennifer", Becka whispered, "just enjoy yourself!"

The male pulled out and a profuse dribble of sudsy seminal fluid  fell to the mat.

Becka shoved Jim's head down near her assistant's raw asshole....

"Hold still for a moment girl, this won't take long."

"Suck it all out and eat it James", Becka grunted, "all of it!"

Jim pushed forward and clamped his lips over Jennifer's still enlarged asshole, and began to draw out the nasty mixture into his mouth. He gulped down a mass of it and sucked in more as he jacked himself off. As he gulped down the raunchy mess Becka held his head and slapped his ass.

A gusher of the funky goo was forced out by Jennifer and splattered over Jim's face and into his open mouth, and he slurped it down eagerly, groaning in ecstasy.

Finally Jenny fell forward onto her stomach, and lay there exhausted...

"Sorry Dr Becka....I can't move anymore."

Becka pulled Jim back as slavers of brownish scum poured from his mouth.

"It's ok Jennifer", Becka said.

By now the spent male donors were being removed from the area, and the group lay around in puddles of sexual fluid, exhausted from their depravity.

She pulled Jim over to Holly, who lay stomach down on the wet mat having just received a large ejaculation of semen into her rectum.

"I know you're spent Holly but would you mind kneeling again so Jim can clean you out?"

Holly was still gasping as she pulled herself up and kneeled, and reached back and spread her butthole wide open. Thick seminal fluid was still oozing out and running down her leg....

"Mmmmmm Dr Becka....oh yeah!"

Jim didn't wait, and dove down and rubbed his face all over Holly's violated asshole and began to lap up and eat the thick globs of cum. He sucked her wide open anus and ingested the yellowish paste as Holly forced it out into his mouth.

Jim was groaning insanely as he gulped down the nameless slime, and he belched loudly from the mixture of cum and shit that was already in his stomach.

He probably was not even aware of what he was doing as he satisfied a savage craving for the nasty discharge, and his face was dripping and lumped with the disgusting cream that the two had fed him.

Finally Becka dragged Jim over to Leann, who was lying on her side, rubbing her anus lightly with her sticky fingers.

She knew what Becka wanted....

"I can't believe I'm doing this Becka but I'll think I'll enjoy it!"

She kneeled with her head down touching the mat and  spread her enlarged bunghole so that the stored goo began to pour out.

Jim went to it eagerly, and lapped out his tongue and slid it all the way into Leann's well formed anus, and Leann strained a bit and a gusher of the abhorrent  leavings from inside her rectum pushed into his sucking mouth and he gulped twice, whining piteously as he scarfed down the nameless crud.

Finally when he had finished,  Becka had to pull Jim's head away physically to stop him.

His hand had never stopped jacking all the while he ate the cum and shit from the pretty women's rear openings, and when he had eaten all that Leann could give him Becka pulled him upward by the leash and led him to the other members of her crew who were sitting, legs spread, on chairs around the performance area.

She guided him to each one, and stood watching as he forced his mouth over their hairy slits, and sucked out the cum inside. The women moaned with pleasure as they forced out hot semen from inside them and into Jim's waiting mouth, and he was grunting and gasping in obscene bliss as he filled his gut with the vile nut cream from their steamy cunts.

His whole head and upper body was sopping wet with a thick mucus of gelled sperm, and he crawled on his knees from one to the other of Becka's gorgeous staff, licking the thick white pussy sludge from their vaginal openings.

Finally Becka jerked the leash and made him stop, and she had to physically pull him as he crawled to the bathroom. The rancid odor on his face and head was truly disgusting, the combined sexual drainage of the group of beautiful sexually charged women dripped from his mouth and chin as he licked his lips in satisfaction.

She guided him up to the bowl,  then lifted the lid and had him stick his head all the way into the toilet.  She held his head next to the water and slowly pushed downward.

"Now sweetheart,  jack off and wash your face off in the toilet!"

Becka could hear the echo of his grunts down inside the bowl and Jim slushed his face around in the water and cleaned himself off as he continued to masturbate his inflamed cock.

When he had finished she held him there a moment longer......

"Drink the water baby!", she grunted.

As he slurped up and swallowed the funky mixture Becka felt a sharp sting of regret, and quickly pulled his head up out of the community potty, and grabbed a handful of paper towels.

His face was dripping with water and slime and he licked his lips and looked adoringly at her.....

Becka had no expression as she quickly dried his face off.

She had him stand and walked him back and gave him to his faithful nurses Kathy and Jill who took over from there.

Tomorrow they would have Jim milk out every drop of his cum for them, and Becka was eager to find out the results of the lab tests that followed. Would fresh semen from a warm pungent bodily opening also enhance factor x concentration?

There was only one way to find out.


Kathy and Jill were quite sympathetic to Jim after such treatment and washed him gently and thoroughly with warm soapy water. They massaged his penis and balls and ran their soapy fingers in and out of his asshole as they cleaned him.

When they were back in his room they gave him nourishment and a sedative, and sucked his cock and balls until he fell asleep. 

The truth was both nurses adored Jim, and their inner lives seemed to revolve around him now. They were both perfectly happy about this.


In the coming days Jim would be transformed by the efforts of the staff in the self fellation conversion lab, and the skilled and lecherous women would soon have Jim sucking his own cock and eating his own fresh cum.

The spinal ligaments and muscles in his back were being stretched slowly and surely by special treatments and injections, and he had now reached the point where he was able to lick his own pisshole. In his last session he had actually jacked himself off into his open mouth and lapped up and swallowed the massive discharge.

His trainers were absolutely delighted by this, and enhanced his humiliation as much as possible per their instructions.

The Thralldom Sperm Donation Center-Part 12

This story is intended as sexual fantasy entertainment for ADULTS ONLY

During the next  weeks, under intense therapy by the sarcastic self fellatio crew, Jim's spinal configuration and ligament stretching capabilities were altered and increased exponentially, and he was now able to suck his own cock without  the necessity of training equipment.

The proud women responsible for this achievement in the self fellatio lab were ecstatic to say the least, and the huge bonus they received from the Corporation through Dr Becka was not only mind boggling, but life changing. That is if you consider a million dollars tax free life changing.

Their primary goal had been achieved but they were on retainer in case any other transformation miracles were required at some later date.

Jim was sucking his own cock constantly now as he jacked off, to the vast amusement of the Thralldom crew, and he was allowed to swallow as much of his own cum as he desired.

He could actually deep throat himself now, and the enigmatic look of ecstasy and puzzlement on his face while eating his own scumload was beyond description.

The ladies watched him in amazement as they laughed hysterically, and his antics were videotaped to be sent to Corporation headquarters each day and added to his worldwide online humiliation venue.

After a few days of this unabated self cocksucking Becka changed the schedule so that Jim's progress as a factor x sperm producer was allowed to continue, with new activities scheduled daily.

Nurse Jill and Kathy were in love with Jim, truth be told, and they kissed his face and forehead affectionately as he guzzled mouthfuls of his thick dribbling gonad scum while jacking his huge pecker.

All of the ladies were extremely entertained by Jim's oral efforts, and spared not a moment to embarrass and humiliate him in front of each other.


After the extreme 'sex orgy' that they had all participated in Dr Becka eased back and relied more heavily on experimental activities of a more subdued nature, since the results of Jim's ingestion of anal and vaginal sperm were less than encouraging.

The smell of a woman's anus and fecal residue were certainly effective for Jim while producing sperm milk rich in x factor, but it was obvious to Becka that there was much more than this to be explored and tested.

Jim's raging sexual reactions seemed to be more intense when various stimuli were introduced in just the right quantity and form. As an example having Jim suck her finger clean after sticking it up her butthole was truly hot for him, but having him eat her feces out of a stool, (which she had never tried), was overkill, and counterproductive.

She felt that performing annilingus on the crew, or beautiful volunteer females might be highly productive, and she planned to test this idea thoroughly. Becka was almost insane with lust at times now, and she really really wanted to feel Jim's tongue up her rear hole. She would see to this soon when the time was right.

The smell of Jim's anal sphincter also had been alarmingly erotic to Dr Becka, and she had entered a whole new world of sexual arousal by virtue of the most base orifice in the body, our pungent rear waste opening.


Back at Corporation headquarters Ailene and her staff were in the middle of one of the most stunning projects envisioned so far.

A new facility had been constructed at a hidden location, that was identical to the Sperm Donation Center in LA, or at least it would seem so to the whole Thralldom crew.

The decision had been made out of desperate fear that Jim's special semen production activities might be endangered at the present location if he were there much longer. Far greater security and a much larger facility and a hidden location were necessary to continue the whole project, and the new complex had been constructed very quickly in a well hidden region away from human habitation.

Commercial espionage among the drug companies was common, and if Jim's capabilities and location ever became known it would be all over. Although Jim was about the most unobtrusive individual you could imagine, and his actual  identity completely unknown to the world, it was possible for some disgruntled employee  in the Corporation to leak information for personal profit.

Ailene insured that Corporation employees had the most stringent security investigation possible, and secret information was guarded with extreme prejudice, but one never knew what could happen in a large conglomerate like Unizan Drugs and Scientific Enterprises. Known to employees and others in the industry as 'The Corporation'.

A thick state of the art outer security barrier had been constructed around the new facility and the main building was replete with security personnel. Ailene wanted to make certain that Jim and the whole Thralldom Crew were completely protected.

Ailene envisioned that Jim and the Thralldom staff could be sedated and transported to the new location without their even being aware of it.....if done carefully.

It was a seriously calculated risk and Mandrake Lassiter had left the final decision up to Ailene. Ailene knew that a move of any kind was extremely risky but  she also knew that protecting one of the most important scientific assets in history was worth any risk.

There had been dangerous security breaches at the LA Thralldom facility and it was just a matter of time before something catastrophic happened.

The new facility had a phony Donation Center Facade and the living and other areas were exactly identical to the LA building. Under hypnotic suggestion the crew could be told anything, and would believe it. They were living in a waking dream state in which their only truth was given them by Dr Van Brukin during their regular hypnotic enhancement treatments.

Ailene felt that Jim would not have any awareness of the different location and his treatment and milking could continue indefinitely using the large state of the art treatment center.

The complex was vast, and was carefully guarded by many security personnel and monitoring devices. There were very special areas in the facility, some of them quite bizarre, all designed for Jim's factor x sperm production, and the very unusual research and experimentation that lie ahead.

Jim was monitored by video cameras 24 hours a day, and any movement he made, or any contact with another individual was carefully observed.


Fortunately Jim seemed to be doing very well in the hands of Dr Becka and her beautiful helpers, and by trial and error Becka had gradually increased Jim's  x factor out put concentration to a plus 90% average level. The new DXD had been phenomenally successful and Jim's body had remained healthy and ever producing more sperm  for Dr Becka's group.

The whole crew would be put into a deep sleep, and flown to the new facility on a company jet. No one would be the wiser when they woke up in their new home.

This project was given absolute top priority and security, and Lassiter Mandrake himself was kept informed by his friend and chief executive, Ailene Joyce. The cost of the whole operation was enormous, but a pittance compared to the history making profits that would come to Universal Zanex drugs. The large drug company owned by Mandrake Lassiter had been founded by his late father, Zanex Lassiter.

Mandrake Lassiter was recognized as a true visionary, and his large group of scientific research enterprises were famous worldwide.

Unizan would surpass Pfizer and the other large drug companies within a relatively short time once their new class of cancer treatment medications were approved by the FDA.

The truth is, thanks to Jim's unique enzyme contribution, Unizan had discovered a  cure for cancer, and no one knew about it yet.


After careful planning and setup procedures at the LA Thralldom Sperm Donation Center Ailene's security people had managed to drug Jim and all of the Thralldom ladies almost simultaneously, and then gave them a deeper sedative by injection.

They would be completely oblivious to all around them for at least eight hours, plenty of time to transport them to a private airport and load them aboard a 727  jet bound for a secret location in Nevada.

The operation went off very smoothly, due to Ailene's expert handlers and good planning. The group awakened exactly as they had fallen asleep, having no idea whatever that they were in a completely different location.

The new and massive complex built exclusively for Jim's milking and factor x extraction had capabilities and facilities that were mind boggling. The staff at the new facility had the situation well in hand and would carefully guide and monitor  Jim and Becka's crew in their new environment.

Neither Jim nor Becka suspected a thing, and life went on just as if nothing had happened.


One of Ailene's team leaders at the new facility had the task of revealing to Dr Becka the existence of whole new areas supposedly added to the LA complex, and used the special key hypnotic words to put Becka in a state where she would believe anything she was told. In fact this would not even seem strange to Becka but completely normal.

The woman's name was Darna and she also instructed Dr Becka concerning the proper way to tell Jim and the others about the many new areas that he would be visiting, without disturbing or alarming them. 

Jim and Becka's ladies would be told that the new rooms and sections were just additions built onto the LA Thralldom Center and did not concern them.

Darna was a very pretty woman in her thirties, and she was quite good with people and social interactions. She was a former  PR expert now working for the Corporation. As with all the women at the facility she was very highly sexed and deviant, and had never married or had children.

Darna proceeded to describe the many kinds of new treatment rooms added, and their potential for increasing factor x production.

Becka was quite  impressed and a little shocked but by suggestion believed that she had just not been aware of all the construction going on.

When Darna paused, Becka looked at her with a puzzled expression and repeated the words, "horse and canine areas".

"Did I hear you right Darna....'horse and canine areas'?"


Darna grinned slightly and looked down....

"Why yes.....we have an animal wing now in which we conduct various kinds of semen research."

Becka was not actually shocked but had been informed on another occasion that horse and animal semen did not work to increase factor x output in donors....

Becka looked curiously at Darna and spoke quietly....

"I see."

Darna sat forward at once and reassured Becka....

"There have been new developments in this area Dr Becka.....Ailene will explain this to you in your meeting with her and Mandrake Lassiter."

"You are to meet with them in the main conference room in one hour."

Becka made a strange expression with her pretty face and looked vacantly at Darna...

"Mandrake Lassiter no less.....what a surprise."

Darna smiled broadly and put her hand on Becka's.....

"He is quite anxious to meet you and only he and Ailene Joyce will be present at the meeting."

Becka stood and  smiled....."One hour....ok."

"I'll be there....but now I have a few things to take care of....I have more research that I want to do with Jim's libido and I need to talk to him."

Darna smiled and left and Becka stood for a moment to reboot her psyche, and take stock of her schedule. She shook her head as if to set her mind to default mode again, and left for the masturbation area.


She found Jim sucking his cock as her crew stood around, apparently bored with his constant oral activity....

Becka had installed several Kotex machines to dispense thick pads to anyone who needed them, and Tia had her tight skirt pulled up and panties down wiping her soaked pussy lips. There were foot operated trash receptacles nearby to dispose of  soiled pads.

Becka pulled Jim's hair and lifted his mouth off his swollen cock. He was trying to masturbate himself but had apparently drained his balls completely in the past day or two and could not get more juice from his large inflamed pisshole. His gut was swollen from the large amount of semen he had ingested and he belched loudly.

Becka twisted her nose at the rank odor and slapped him lightly on the head....

"Ok no more self fellatio for Jim unless otherwise directed by me," she said in her most irritated voice. Go get Jill and Kathy for me please."

Becka stood over Jim as he tried to suck himself and finally had to cuff his hands behind him to get him to stop.

"Son of a fucking bitch!", Becka yelled, "I want a cocksucker but he is completely out of control."

Jim looked up at her with a sad expression on his face and peered into her dark eyes....

"No more cocksucking until I tell you to slave boy!"

Becka smoothed his hair over and rubbed his cheek with her hand.....

"Just be a good whore and do what Becka says, ok?"

Becka smiled and kissed him on the top of his head....

Jill and Kathy came to them and Becka gave them strict instructions for Jim.

"Ladies no more self sucking for awhile and I want his supplements and stimulants increased until he builds his seminal fluid again. Keep him cuffed until tonight and we will let him jackoff and give us a lab  sample. We will see if his own cum has raised his x factor level to any degree."

"We have a lot of work to do and I don't want him blowing himself until further notice!"

Kathy and Jill burst out laughing, unable to control themselves, and the rest of them joined in and all had a long well needed belly laugh .

Even Jim grinned at them, thinking how ridiculous they were.

Becka kissed Jim on the head again.....

"Alright nurse Jill and nurse Kathy, do as I told you, ok"

"Yes mam."

They took Jim back to the showers and scrubbed him and fed him nutrients and sex stimulants.  In Jim's state his nuts would fill with cum very rapidly and in an hour or two his gonads would be swollen with spunk again.


Becka proceeded to the conference room and found Ailene there and a very impressive man named Mandrake Lassiter. He was in his fifties but obviously in excellent physical condition and as a matter of fact appeared to be quite muscular.

His smile was genuine and when he shook her hand she actually felt goosebumps.......something she had not experienced since junior high school.

He was very handsome and seemed to have a warm personality. According to what she had been told he was a super genius with a personality to match. She was quite taken with him and grinned stupidly into his deep eyes.

He kissed her hand......"Dr Becka I presume?"

They both laughed and Becka found herself fawning and staring at his eyes, transfixed.

"I'm really glad to meet you Mr Lassiter", she gushed, "I've heard so much about you!"

"Oh please Dr Becka, call me Mandrake."

He smiled sweetly....."and I've heard a great deal about you  Becka....I am your humble servant and admirer!"

They sat at the conference table and Ailene grinned knowingly at them.....Ailene curved her eyebrow upward....

"What did I tell you 'dinky', isn't she just gorgeous!"

Becka grinned widely.....'Dinky', she thought, 'must be some kind of affectionate nickname....'but dinky'?

Mandrake smiled softly at Becka....."Indeed my dear Ailene, and she is much more than you said!"

Becka felt quite out of her depth now, and the two powerful people before her were frightening....not in the real sense, but though she was one of the best in her field in the world, still she felt patently inadequate to be speaking to them.

Mandrake surmised this at once and put her at ease with his friendly manner.

'He might be a vicious corporate shark', thought Becka, 'but I don't have the same negative feeling about him that I do about Ailene'.

'Could this actually be a nice guy?', she mused, 'careful Becka, focus on the business at hand.'

Ailene put her fingers on Becka's and indicated that she wanted to begin more serious discussion.....

"Dear, we have added many new areas to the 'Thralldom Center', and don't feel self conscious if you don't remember all of them."

"The important thing is that you have complete unhampered access to them, and Darna will take you anywhere you want to go or answer any questions you may have.  You may design your own programs and activities to your heart's content."

Mandrake smiled and gently touched Becka's hand.....

"That's right are an extraordinary genius in your field and you have compassion and intelligence!"      "Believe me I admire that!"

Becka smiled at them and a puzzled expression came over her face......

"Ailene saw it at once."

"Yes dear......"

Becka spoke slowly...."I know I should have stayed more in touch with the Center's activities and I will surely know all the new areas soon. I am very excited about this."

"I was wondering, however, about the 'horse stables and dog kennels'. I was led to believe that animal semen is ineffectual in stimulating donor production of x factor."

Mandrake immediately responded to this and Ailene quickly shut her mouth and let him speak....

"New research has revealed something of incredible importance to our project Becka......we have found that animal semen, particularly horse, bull, and dog semen becomes supercharged for our purposes when the animals are given a new compound that we have discovered using x factor that our scientists call Ferralamine7."

"F7 is a compound that is vaguely similar to testosterone and acts in a like manner but with a strange molecular configuration that amplifies sexual drive exponentially. We gave very very low doses of the compound to horses and great danes at our research farms and they went insane with lust and had to be put down. It is so powerful that it has to be given in tiny almost undetectable doses."

"Our continued research allowed us to double sexual appetite in the test animals  merely by inhalation of a very very diluted vaporized mist containing F7."

"We collected many samples of animal semen in these tests and tested them for x factor but found none."

"However, when we had our male donors ingest the animal semen after the animals were given F7 the donor's production of x factor was increased by 200 percent in their ejaculations."

"Going further......"

He looked sheepishly at Ailene and she merely looked at the ceiling.

"Going further.....when we had our donors to ingest the animal semen at it's source....meaning fellatio......the production of x factor was increased by 700 percent.....and this was with very low producing donors. The results were still barely usable."

Dr Becka sat there unable to move and a stupid grimace on her face....

She looked at Ailene and when their eyes met Ailene looked at the ceiling again....

Becka looked at Mandrake in disbelief as he continued....

"If Jim were to ingest the animal semen from it's source.....(he looked down as though he were deeply ashamed, and then up at Becka), the resultant product would probably be off the charts for x factor concentration. This could have an astronomically powerful effect on our whole program, and bring miracle drugs onto the market years earlier that would revolutionize medicine for the whole world!"

"We may never get this opportunity again, especially if something happens to Jim, God forbid, and our source is gone. Frankly the thought is terrifying to me! We've stockpiled every gram of x factor possible but it's simply not enough......not even close, if the unthinkable happened."

"Also, Becka, if our donors here ingested the animal semen from it's source, incidently we have forty male donors now, then fed their semen to Jim when he performed fellatio on them, this should also greatly increase Jim's x factor output."

"Does Jim seem to be in good health and spirits now?", he asked.

" least for now, but doesn't that put a tremendous responsibility on someone who is treated like a dirt slave?"

Mandrake sat there feeling very bad and very inadequate as Becka looked for the words to speak.

Becka smiled gently at the handsome mulitbillionaire.....

"Well Mandrake", she said respectfully, "right now Jim is sucking his own cock and I had to cuff his arms behind him. He's with his nurses now who are seeing to his needs and preparation."

She looked at Ailene and Mandrake and a tear was barely visible in the corner of her eye.....

"I actually enjoy humiliating the cocksucker now, and my vagina is so wet I have to wear depends most of the time. Please excuse the smell!"

Mandrake had not felt this awkward in his memory and his lip trembled just the slightest bit as he tried to maintain decorum.

He was actually turned on by this pretty little surgeon genius, and her nasty language stimulated what might end up as an erection in a few minutes and it was quite unsettling to him.

"I know you have given so much to our project Becka.....I just admire you more than I can say",  he managed.

Ailene was not far from tears, knowing what she had done to Becka, but to detect this in Ailene one had to know her very well. Her eyes watered a bit and she sat straight and composed herself.

Becka sighed....."It's ok.....I understand the importance of this whole thing and I will do my duty and do it well as concerns Jim. You know I actually love that pathetic bastard but I find no conflict with my duties here. I can love him and use him like scum too. He knows what is going on, and no one can tell me different."

"I would love to see the cocksucker eat horse and dog pecker, and I will watch him and probably masturbate myself at the same time."

"I guess you know that nasty sex odors drive him into a sexual frenzy and make him want to beat off.....sucking horse and dog dick should smell pretty swampy to him....I think he'll go berzerk!"

Ailene and Mandrake sat there transfixed and were just unable to speak. Both were stunned by Becka's total candor. Indeed the erection Mandrake feared was beginning and he knew he must leave soon.

Mandrake moved closer to Becka and he could smell her perfume over her womanhood.....

"Then you are with us all the way Becka?", he asked respectfully.

Becka grinned and looked down at his crouch and the bulge that was beginning to form.....

Mandrake noted this and shifted uncomfortably as he grinned sheepishly into the eyes of the cute surgeon before him....

"Yes I'm in all the way Mandrake", Becka said finally. "Just think how much suffering we will stop and how many lives we will save in coming years."

Mandrake's expression softened......"Indeed", he whispered.

He squeezed Becka's hand briefly and left the room, his male bulge entertaining both women. Ailene laughed when he was gone, and Becka chuckled with her...

Ailene touched Becka's arm......"Oh my dear there was a day when I could do that to a are so pretty sweetie!"

Becka smiled and stood and headed back to the masturbation area. They would be extracting semen from Jim this evening one way or the other, and she was certain he would be fully ready to ejaculate another copious load by then.

Her libido was buzzing with ideas to humiliate and embarrass James.


By evening Jim had regained his full complement of nut slime, and was ready to pop his load again. He was watched closely by Jill and Kathy to make sure he didn't suck his own dick.

Becka had been waiting for this opportunity and decided to take Jim to the animal building for some special oral service. She attached his collar and leash and two facility staff and two armed guards met her to escort her and Jim and the rest of the girls to the area.  Ailene felt that the guards were essential and were within close proximity to Jim at all times, keeping descretion and the particular situation in mind at all times.

Dani was cracking jokes continually and all the others were doing the same as they walked over to the  stables which were separated from the main complex but attached by dimly lit corridors.

They went inside and though the building was clean and well maintained,  the smell of horse manure and dog doo filled the air. There were ten great danes there, most of them barking now, and as they passed the cages Jim looked at them uncomfortably, and continued on to the horse stalls.

The two staff who were acting as guides chose a stallion and secured it with large straps front and back so that the horse was largely immobile. Alicia held her nose and laughed as a special chair was fastened to the floor halfway under the horses rear quarter.

The horse's cock was massive and hung low, nearly a foot and a half long soft. The animal was apparently used to this and waited patiently for the pleasure he knew was coming.

Jim sat in the chair and his ankles were locked in and a large semen capture tube was slipped tightly onto his cock.  Jim was almost fully erect now and slid his long penis slowly in and out of the tube as the staff helpers grabbed the huge horse dick and began to masturbate it. Before long amid  pleasureable sounds from the animal it's massive penis began to expand and drop down.

Jim could smell the funky odor of the horse pecker and was becoming excited quickly. Becka looked down at him in disgust and watched as the slick horse prick began to slide out of it's sheath. One of the staff rubbed the smelly dong over Jim's face and he went into a frenzy at once.

He began to grunt and moan as he masturbated himself with the tube device,  and grabbed the thick slimy red horse pecker and shoved the dripping end of it into his mouth. The ladies were going wild by now laughing and giggling and making disgusted sounds.

The horse cock was draining precum heavily and Jim gulped it down and began to jack the big penis off and suck on it. The horse was obviously enjoying himself and  Jim sucked harder on the pungent, slimy, foamy horse dick. He licked it from top to bottom coating his mouth with a scuzzy layer of white cheesy residue and sucked the nasty dong for all he was worth.

Jim put his head down and moved in and out letting the odorous  prick fuck his mouth. The smell was becoming overpowering now and that only made Jim suck harder. The unwashed horsecock became even more erect and Jim sucked mouthfuls of precum out of the smelly dickhole and gulped it down eagerly. His face was  a slimy yellow mess now as he ate more mouthfuls of drainage from the enormous pecker.

Jim was in a frenzy now and cleaned the messy cock from top to bottom eating the thick natural lubricant like pudding. He peeled back the leathery foreskin all the way to the top and licked every inch of the huge pecker clean.

The horse actually began a fucking motion and Jim sucked it's massive cock even harder as he stroked his own dick off. Jim's fully erect penis was enveloped in the large thick capture tube for the coming discharge.

Just as the horse grunted loudly and pumped a massive river of horse cum into Jim's wide open mouth nearly drowning him, Jim got his own nuts off inside the special tube, and gasped and gulped mouthfuls of unspeakable slime as he humped and emptied out his own load. The large tube filled nearly to over flowing and Becka finally pulled it off and quickly capped it.

She stood there with a truly disgusted look on her face and held the warm dripping semen receptacle in her hands.

"Son of a fucking bitch're going to make me puke!"

Jim's next load tomorrow though would tell them if the disgusting horse cream had an effect on his x factor concentration. If it worked as predicted she swore she would gladly hold that smelly horsecock for him to suck!

Jim was removed from the floor seat and the staff helped him to walk back to the main building with the ladies and guards in accompanyment. His face and chest area was covered with thick sewage that smelled to high heaven. Becka would not allow his face to be wiped clean however for reasons of her own.

When they were back in the masturbation area Becka sat with Jim and talked to him so that she could embarrass him fully face to face. Jim was forced to look into her eyes as she degraded him for what he had just done. He was mortified by her comments and looked at her in horror. She told him that he would probably have to do this disgusting act every day from now on and then talk to  her about it.

To Jim this was the height of humiliation, when his Becka shamed him. He knew she loved him but also knew that she must degrade him so that he would give her his special kind of cum. Everything was about his cum.

Jill and Kathy were in love with Jim so they could accept just about anything he did. When no one was watching, back in the shower area, as Jim hung by his wrist  restraints, they both french kissed him so they could taste what he had tasted.

It was an incredible turn on for the two nurses though they made each other swear not to reveal their secret to anyone else. Jim thoroughly enjoyed his restrained showers with the two women, and they soothed him greatly by their gentle scrubbing.

He knew that a woman could make a man feel like he was in heaven just by her special loving touch.

Jim knew that he must visit the animal area each day and that next on the schedule would be his forced oral copulation by several large dogs. He saw the restraint fixtures that held an occupant in a comprimising position so that their mouth could be used.

He licked his lips and thought about a good nights sleep as Kathy jacked his soapy dick off.


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