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Synopsis: Ilsa tortures mother and daughter to death


A Short Story of Brutality.

By Susan Karlson.

Please do not even start to read this unless you enjoy phantasies of extreme sadistic action up to and including death.

Ilsa spread her legs wide. “Lick, slave!”

The young Jewish girl was naked. In her vagina she had a short length of broom handle, a matching length was inserted deep in her anus. Ilsa had drilled holes through the wooden dowels and threaded twine through the holes so that both implements were tied together. This allowed just one cruel pull on the hanging loop of twine to jerk both dildoes inside the girl at once. Not being at all flexible, when the wood was jerked it caused violent pain. The girl had experienced it so often that she had learned to be a very obedient sex slave to the cruel Wardress.

The girl tilted her head upwards between her mistresses open thighs, thrust her tongue up into the hairy thick folds of the pouting vaginal lips, tasting that slightly salt fish flavour of excited womanhood.

She was on her knees, outside the open door of one of the cells. Inside, whimpering with pain, were two very pretty sisters Ilsa had taken an unhealthy interest in. They were also naked, hanging from hooks in the ceiling, one by her widespread ankles, the other from ropes tied to steel hooks which had been driven into the underflesh of her large breasts. The height of their suspension had been carefully adjusted so that the impaled cunt of the upside down girl was level with the cunt of her tit-hung sister. Driven deep into the up turned cunt was a monstrous jagged steel instrument, rather like a baseball bat in shape, but with savage pointed barbs of metal all over the surface. It had ripped the lining of the girls vagina when Ilsa hammered it in, and blood still oozed from the distended and somewhat shredded labia. A ring at the projecting end of the tool was linked by razor wire to a vaginal pear, also well endowed with hooks and spikes, which Ilsa had lovingly opened inside the rectum of the other sister.

Loops of razor wire had been coiled around the upside down girls tits and pulled viciously tight, so they buried themselves in bloody furrows round her peachy globes.

Using more razor wire, the girls had been drawn together, each trying desperately not to move as any movement resulted in razor wire shards or buried spikes doing even more agonising damage to the other.

Ilsa was almost drooling with lust. The sight of lovely young women in obscene agony turned her on like a super strong aphrodisiac, and the deep squirling tongue driving into her vulva was bringing her near to orgasm. 

Inside the cell, Karl stood awaiting the signal from his superior officer. He had taken off his uniform. Playing with Ilsa always meant there would be a lot of blood around.

He was masturbating slowly, just enjoying the sight of the tortured girls and his spread-legged boss panting as her cunt began to spasm.

“Now!” Ilsa grunted, grabbing the hair of the girl between her thighs and grinding her face hard against the erupting volcano of her soaking pussy.

Karl gave a cruel smile, and swung the awful whip he had been holding.

It had six strands of finely woven steel, and at the end of each strand were three spiked weighted balls. A truly wondrous creation by a craftsman of cruelty, but one that was of little use to most whip masters as it was so violently destructive.

For Ilsa, though, rapid destruction was no problem. She had her pick of literally hundreds of new female prisoners arriving at the gas chambers….the prisoner process plant if anyone asked….every day.

The screams actually hurt ones ears. So piercing, so unbelievably exciting.

And the destruction was glorious, the balls digging in to soft girl meat, wrenching little gobbets of raw flesh from the galvanised bodies, the buried dildoe, the breast hooks, the hidden petals of the expanded anal pear, and the many loops of brutal razor wire starting to rip the sisters to shreds after just the first of dozens of wickedly violent strokes.

Ilsa could feel splatters of warm blood splash her body. She began to come, rocking back and forth, actually crying out in her delicious excitement as her orgasm rippled from her flaming loins and shuddered through every inch of her body.

Karl was ripping the cunt bitches to shreds, huge gashes torn in shapely buttocks, ripped into soft breast meat, slicing open legs and torso as he savaged the linked bodies, his own cum spurting from his cock when the hooks ripped through the hung breasts and that girl sort of tumbled down but still connected to the steel baseball bat.

Both girls writhed and spasmed, but the whip and the cruel torture bondage were too severe for mere flesh to stand, and all too soon the sisters hung still and silent but for the blood still dripping from their hideous wounds.

Ilsa shuddered. “Oh, that was wonderful, Karl. Get some orderlies to clean up the mess, will you? Ive got a very pretty pregnant mother and her very young daughter to go and attend to now. If you feel like a bit of rape, join me in row seven, cell fourteen. I should be enjoying them for at least the next three of four hours!” 

She kicked her little cunt licking slave in the crotch. “Help Karl shower and freshen up. If he wants you to suck him off or offer yourself to be fucked, do it well or I will let him flay your breasts with a paring knife!”


In cell fourteen, Maria Wiseman was stretched back over a big wooden beer barrel, not a little portable thing, but one of those huge barrels for storage of fermenting beer.

Her big toes were noosed in fine piano wire that was secured to rings in the floor, effectively spreading Marias legs well apart. Her body arched back over the polished staves of the barrel, similar nooses securing her thumbs to each side of the barrel with her arms stretched wide above her head.

She wore a loose white shift, just big enough to stretch over the enormous rounded swell of her heavily pregnant belly.

Naked and spreadeagled against the concrete wall of the cell opposite the pregnant mother stood her under age daughter, Rosia. A gag prevented the girl from making much noise, but the tears streaking her pale cheeks told of her horror and fear. She had almost black eyes, very large and luminous, the sort that people said let you look into her very soul.  Her long black hair coiled over her shoulders, dark tendrils almost reaching the coral pink nipples of her small pointed breasts. Above the deep cleft of her camels foot there was a down of black fuzz, the pre curser of a black adult thatch.

They had arrived on the train from Regensburg, crowded in the cattle trucks, frightened and helpless, not knowing why their neighbours had so willingly denounced them as Jews and been so happy to see the whole family arrested and taken away.

“They say its a holding camp, just while all the paperwork is sorted out” some of the other women had said as the train rumbled on through the cold countryside.

But stern looking men with rifles had herded them into a shower room, forcing them to take off all their clothes. Then a tall blonde woman in a black uniform had selected some of the new female arrivals and sent them off to be given these plain smocks, then locked in small cells.

Maria had begged to be allowed to stay with her daughter, and had actually felt relieved when just the two of them were sharing a small cold cell. She had cuddled Rosia, assuring her that everything would be alright.

Then that blonde creature had come for them, aided by two huge muscular men who seemed to really enjoy using unnecessary force to drag Maria and her daughter down two flights of concrete steps and along a dark corridor to enter this dreadful room.

Along the way, Maria had been very conscious of the sound of women crying out as if in pain, sounds that came from some of the rooms they passed, sounds that sent a horrible chill down her spine. Now she knew that her instinctive fears had been justified. This room was not designed to keep a person from escaping, but to keep them helpless while God knows what horrors were performed on their bodies. The men had ignored her pleas and questions, dragging her to this massive barrel and quickly securing her with the nooses of piano wire. Then, as she screamed at them to stop, they had ripped the clothes from her daughter and fastened her against the wall.

Maria was trying to calm her gagged daughter, telling her not to be frightened, that someone would come to let them go soon. Even as she spoke the words, she knew that if anyone came it would be to do them harm not release them. This place smelled of fear. It was almost as if the screams of previous occupants had become absorbed in the dank walls.

The hinges of the heavy door groaned as it swung open.

Maria saw the same uniformed blonde woman walk into the cell, followed by a tall young man in SS uniform, very smart and official looking. Surely if there was a woman present, Marias fears for her daughters virginity would be put to rest. She would certainly not be party to the images of rape that had filled Marias mind with dread. There must have been some special reason they were selected, perhaps mistaken identity…..

“When are you due?” the blonde snapped, standing in front of Maria and surveying her enormous mound.

“Two weeks, Miss…at least, that was …AAAARRRGGGHHH.”

The pain was terrible. Without any warning or reason, the uniformed woman had kicked Marias left ankle hard. That would hurt, of course, but it was the wire looped around the big toe that caused the dreadful shooting pain up her leg as the noose tightened and the wire cut into the flesh of her toe.

“Just answer my questions, Jew. How old is your daughter there?”

“Thirteen, shes….NOOOGGGHHH.”

This time the kick caused the wire to literally cut a deep groove around the toe, and blood began to flow from Marias foot.

“Please, stop, youre…AAAAARRRGGGHHHH!”

Ilsa had kicked the other foot sideways. Now both wire nooses were in raw flesh. She leaned forward and slowly lifted the hem of the plain smock, pulling it upwards until it was bunched around Marias waist and the full glory of her taut rounded belly lay naked and helpless before her. She smiled, gently ran her right hand over the bump. The flesh was taut, the skin drawn hard over the growing child, slight undulations showing when the nearly ripe foetus moved inside its watery cocoon. It was with real effort that Ilsa resisted the urge to smash her fist into the fecund mound. Whilst there were so many women to choose from that it did not really matter if she did not make them last, she knew the best pleasures came from slowly driving her victims insane with pain. A vicious punching session would be more what a man would do, destroying the unborn life with sudden explosive violence. Ilsa knew better. Delay, make the pain and the terror build, play games, break the shrieking cows mind in a slow build up of pain and horror…..

She let her fingers toy with the thick black coils of Marias pubic hair, almost hidden below the massive swell of pregnancy, then ran her forefinger very gently back and forth over the compressed petals of Marias labia.

“I bet your husband hasnt fucked you for weeks. Frightened his weight would hurt the baby. Do you let him do this?”

Maria carefully shook her head. “No!”….she at last had the sense to say nothing but the answer.

Ilsa licked her forefinger and probed it into the womans cleft. She liked fingering pregnant women. Some of them were extremely loose and fleshy, you could push your whole hand inside easily, then there were ones like Maria, astonishingly tight, their vulvas clenched, seemingly far too tight to allow a child to be born. They were the best, of course, much easier to hurt.

She concentrated her exploration at the upper junction of the labia, using first and third fingers to spread the lips aside and allow the middle finger to press and stroke over the inner ridge, that nerve filled touch zone that can experience such intense stimulation it can make a woman almost faint with pleasure. Maria was very still, not just because movement hurt her bound toes and thumbs, but because she was trying to repress the feelings that were stirring in the pit of her stomach. It was true that her husband had not touched her there for weeks, months, actually. Though she would never admit it, she had resorted to secret little sessions of self abuse maybe two or three times a week to satisfy the urges that actually seemed stronger as her pregnancy neared termination. Now this evil uniformed bitch was touching her down there with a knowing skill, and despite her best efforts at resisting it, a certain warm glow was slowly igniting flames of desire. She could feel herself getting moist, sense the way her pussy lips were swelling and pouting slightly as they welcomed this insidious probing.

Ilsa curved her middle finger, allowing her long nail to scratch at the junction of the upper orifice, parting the vulva a little wider, delving inside it an inch or so. She smiled as her finger slithered into an increasingly wet and slippery target.

Maria tried to use logic to kill her responsive urges. She was wire bound over a barrel, for pitys sake, and her lovely daughter was watching, naked in front of these strangers. Her toes throbbed where the skin had torn. She should be shivering with dread or struggling in anger, not quivering slightly with increasing pleasure.

Pushing the loose shift up higher with her free hand, Ilsa exposed the large round milk laden breasts of her captive. While she continued the invasive foreplay between Marias thighs with one hand, the other started to gently stroke the tips of the large breasts, lightly brushing over the big strawberry nipples and being rewarded by seeing them stiffen and swell to erection. With extreme care, Ilsa teased the swollen nipples, lightly pinching them in turn, rolling the tender buds in her fingers, gently pulling and squeezing the engorged teats until she was rewarded by little spurts of milk erupting from the excited teats.

She was using two fingers in Marias cunt now, pushing them deep, feeling the walls of the vaginal cavity swell into ridges as sexual desire mounted. When her fingers were fully inserted, she spread them a little before pulling back, letting her fingernails score the inner cavity on each side during the out stroke.

The bitch was panting, now. Her quim wet, nipples oozing milk. Despite the fear and the pain and the bondage, old Mother Nature was taking control, and Maria started to make those little puppy noises as she neared an unexpected climax.

Ilsa glanced at Karl, nodding slightly. He gave an evil grin, moved alongside the panting arched back woman. Ilsa noticed he had already unbuttoned his pants and pulled his engorged cock out. Now Ilsa worked her pussy-fucking fingers faster and deeper, letting the weight of her fist squash against Marias mons with every in-stroke. Her other hand was squeezing actual jets of mothers milk from the swollen breasts. Maria gurgled, began to shudder as her orgasm started that deep inside explosion of liquid fire a lot of women never learn to experience….and as Ilsa gave a little nod to her heartless helper, Karl slammed his fist right into the centre of the taut domed belly of the gasping pregnant prisoner.

The poor womans eyes flew open in shocked horror, her limbs jerking violently and savaging the flesh of her wire bound extremities in the process. For a few seconds she couldnt scream as all the air had exploded from her lungs as a result of that savage punch, but then her cry came bubbling up to burst in a wailing shriek of agony.

Urine squirted from her pussy, a golden spray arching between her legs and splashing Ilsas hand.

“You dirty bitch!” the sadistic woman snarled, and she slammed her fist into that glorious taut belly as well. Oh, didnt that feel good. In fact, so good that she did it again and again.

Karl had grabbed Marias left breast and was squeezing it so hard that milk shot almost three foot into the air. He dug his fingers as hard as he could into the trapped globe, then twisted it from side to side and wrenched it up and down with inhuman cruelty. He let go, then smashed his fist into the soft underflesh in a savage uppercut.

Marias right big toe was severed, her leg suddenly freed as the tightening wire literally cut off the toe. She bent her leg and kicked out at Ilsa who was still using the

pregnant belly as her personal punch bag. Blood sprayed from the mangled toe.

The sadists had to stop, urgently grabbing the free leg and wire noosing two more toes to hold it back astride on the barrel before they could return to punching Maria.

They beat her until she passed out.

“Me or the kid?” Ilsa panted, pushing down her black uniform skirt to reveal her wet sex framed by a black suspender belt holding up dark mesh stockings, not quite as good as American nylons which were still very hard to come by, but with the strong odour of roused womanhood wafting from her groin, she was a powerfully stimulating sight.

Actually Karl would have really enjoyed raping the young naked girl, but he was a man who knew the value of keeping on the right side of his superior.

“You break her in, and let me fuck you while you do it!” he growled, unbelting his trousers and quickly getting his stiff member ready for action.

“Lets wake mumsy up first. I want her to see her precious little slut get raped!”

Smelling salts under Marias nose brought her round, coughing and spluttering, in time to admire the huge wooden carved penis Ilsa waved in front of her eyes. Around the ridge where the foreskin would join the main shaft in a real penis, Ilsa had inserted a row of short metal studs. The ridge forming the bulbous glans meant that on its way in, the dildoes spiked studs did not hurt, vaginal flesh having been parted wide enough for the ring to progress into the space opened by the big domed knob. However, as soon as the dildoe began a return journey, it was the ring of studs that had to force open the clinging vaginal tube, and they hurt like the devil. Used slowly, it was very painful. Used fast, it was agonising and destructive, the studs gouging bloody grooves in tender pussy walls.

Rosia had witnessed the savage beating of her spread mother in a sort of hypnotised trauma-like dream. Her already large eyes seemed to have grown still larger, deep black pools of horror. Her shoulder length hair was tousled, shaken as she had struggled uselessly in an effort to free herself and somehow help her poor defenceless mother. With the gag in place, the only sounds she could make were muffled groans and sort of mewling noises, reminiscent of a whipped puppy dog. Tears streaked her cheeks which were ghostly pale. Too young and innocent to have any idea what sex was about, the whole scene had been something like an insane nightmare to the terrified girl. When the beasts had been hammering punches into her mothers body, Rosia was convinced her mother would die.

She felt a momentary relief when she saw her mothers eyes open and heard her cries, but then the two dreadful people were turning towards her, the smiling woman without her skirt on,holding a big sort of wooden club, the man….ooogh, he was holding himself down there between his legs, all thick and….and rather like the wooden club!

Ilsa did not bother with any preliminary games, no sadistic foreplay. She was hot for relief and Karl was ready, so it was time to get the audio visual stimulation into top gear….

Rosia shrieked. Even with a gag, she could scream when the massive wooden prick slammed between her immature virgin pussy lips and battered them aside. She had the sensation of being torn open, like an explosion happening low in her belly, almost like a knife cutting into her flesh but bursting outwards in all directions at once.

She looked down but could only see the end of the tool in Ilsas hand, then a new and sharper pain seemed to rip upwards from somewhere deep inside her belly.

“Thats popped her fucking cherry!” Ilsa exhulted. “Fuck me, Karl. I want to come!”, and while she continued to ram the huge dildoe deeper into the writhing girls vagina, Ilsa bent forward so that Karl could get behind her and slide his well endowed sex tackle straight in to the hilt up her soaking syrupy chasm.

Gripping her hips to steady her as he began to thrust, Karl relished the hot slippery wetness of this evil womans cunt. There was an extra frisson, copulating in the mature responsive chasm of a woman while she was brutally penetrating the virginal purity of a young innocent girl. What a delicious mixture, sex and sadism combining into a heady cocktail of exquisite lust.

Poor Rosia shrieked even more when her assailant drew back her penetrator, the ring of sharp studs lacerating her already bleeding tunnel.

Thudding forward, gaining two or three more inches inside the never before parted slot, the girl shaking as muscular spasms convulsed her legs. She would have fallen to the ground if not chained to the wall, her strength gone as her body wanted to draw itself in to a protective huddle, curl up and somehow evade the consuming pain.

But there was no escape. Ilsa gave the massive dildoe a sharp twist as she withdrew it almost completely from the wretched girl. Blood and little strips of shredded skin oozed from the gaping vulva, proof of the destructive power of those metal studs.

Maria strained to lift her head from her position on the barrel, hearing the awful sounds her daughter was making. She had expected to see the man raping her child, but he was behind the bent over woman, obviously plunging in and out of her body, which meant the woman must have forced that huge wooden device into poor Rosia. It would kill her, surely. Maria had trembled thinking it was going to be used on her, but to force that into a mere child?

These people must be animals…no…animals would not be so horribly perverted. They were monsters!

Which description suited Ilsa perfectly. She would have been proud of the title. Since realising that her superiors did not give a damn what was done to the prisoners sent to the gas chambers, her depraved desires had gradually become ever more extreme. No-one on the staff seemed to object when she had started mis-treating women. When your job was to fool literally hundreds of innocent civilians into thinking they were going to be bathed and fumigated for health reasons when actually you were herding them into gas chambers and then burning their corpses, you quickly lost and moral concern if one of your colleagues liked to play with some of the inmates before they died. Indeed, once realising that Ilsa got away with murder, quite a few of the male guards began to follow her lead, selecting good looking arrivals for rape games.

At first, Ilsa had just taken tattooed women, it being common practice to save interesting bits of skin for souvenirs. She had not just quickly killed and skinned her selected women, as was the norm, but enjoyed binding them, torturing them, prolonging their lives into hour after hour of relentless agony before they eventually reached the blessed relief of dying. A few of the other guards found out about her little private games, Karl being the first to actually ask if he could watch her at work, and a couple of rather ugly Lesbian wardresses also liked seeing a woman whipped.

No-one else cared, so the numbers increased, the ferocity of the killing grew ever more demented, and Ilsa did indeed turn into a monster of sadistic depravity.

When Karl had first seen her stretching open the cunt petals of a very pretty Latino woman so she could drop red hot coals literally inside the shrieking womans cunt, he had been quite unable to conceal the dramatic bulge in his uniform pants.

Laughing, Ilsa had told him not to be shy, and suggested he relieve his pent up lust by thrusting his weapon into the screaming womans throat. They quickly became a team. Karl had a penchant for thrusting a bayonet up a womans sex, which Ilsa encouraged. Now they could wipe out upwards of fifty women in a day if they were feeling really randy, Ilsa chopping off breasts, Karl stabbing and slicing cunts.

Now, Karl was on the rabbit strokes, his hips jerking back and forth at high speed, his breathing turned to gasping pants, his balls tightening and penis swelling that extra centimetre or so before it would explode and shoot the triple jet of thich white cream deep in Ilsas clinging cunt.

She was there, too, making excited little yelping noises as the inside of her lower belly seemed to go into meltdown, gorgeous streams of trembling excitement shooting out into her arms and legs, making her shudder and tremble even as she rammed the torture dildoe faster and faster in and out of the bleeding chasm where Rosias tight little slot had been.

The girl was probably out of her mind with pain, blood pouring down her legs. The torture cock had been driven so far inside her that it had ripped through the muscular ring of her os, entering her sacrosanct womb and shredding that inner sanctum with the same demented fury. The whole inner lining of her vagina had been pulped, the thin tough membrane between her rectum and her vagina torn asunder. Her once shell like petals that framed the ruptured hole were gone, the studs literally slicing them into mincemeat.

When Ilsa actually pulled the blood soaked implement out of the ruined pussy, there was a torrent of scarlet and the girl quivered, made a funny little gurgling sound, then slumped either unconscious or dead.

Karl unfastened her wrists and then straddled her, turned so he was facing Maria, then lifting her dead daughters head up to his sticky groin.

Her deep dark eyes were still fascinating, though the spark was gone. He wrenched the gag from her sweet lips, pulled open her jaw, then used her to wash off the remnants of his ejaculation, smiling happily as he pushed his semi-deflated cock right down her throat.

Chuckling at the sight, Ilsa walked to the spread mother and showed her the bloody dildoe, festooned with strips of lacerated skin and tissue.

“You want to feel what it was like for your daughter, Jew ? It hurt like this !”

And she rammed the device over fourteen inches deep into Marias vagina. The pointed tip thudded into the water sac around her foetus, puncturing it suddenly. The gush came half way up Ilsas arm.

“Oh, fuck!” Ilsa growled. She had intended to apply increasing amounts of pressure to Marias pregnant bulge to burst the waters. This was a bit more sudden than she had planned.

But who really cared? There were plenty more bitches to do like that another time.

“Come on, Karl. Lets see what she was having.”

They were one of the few good ideas Americans have….baseball bats. About a metre long, very heavy at the business end, and when one adds a few sharp nails driven right through the wood, they turn into the most delightful torture implement. A bit over destructive, perhaps. There is not a lot of finesse about slamming a spiked baseball bat onto the huge taut dome of a nine month pregnancy, but the result is extremely rewarding if savagery stirs your juices…..and using two at a time makes it simply twice as good !

It only took a dozen blows for everything inside Maria to come loose.

The baby was already mangled by the time it slithered out of her bleeding cunt hole, but they could see it would have been another girl.

Ilsa slit the cord and draped the wet warm body over Maria,s face, then she and Karl took a tit each to smash into pulp with their spiked bats. The sound of ribs cracking always made Ilsa wet herself.

Between them, they more or less  turned the arched body into a battered mess, arms, legs, ribs and pelvis all broken, the recently emptied belly now a gory hole where the bats had torn and crushed it. Maria was no more.

The two sadists stopped, both quite short of breath and sweating from their exertions. They looked at each other, grinning to see the mess they were in, blood splattered from head to toe.

“Oh, Karl….I enjoyed that!” Ilsa gurgled happily.

“Me too. I think I need a shower and a long rest after that. God, you dont usually smash them up that quickly. What got into you?”

“Blood lust, Darling, plain simple blood lust. And it was very satisfying. I love these baseball bats, the way they crush and rip at the same time. Come on, wed better bag them and take them down to the furnaces. Ill get the hose to rinse the cell down, you go get the trolley and the body bags….no, just one bag. The girl can go in with her mother now weve flattened the bitch.!”

Back to normality for a short while, but tomorrow there was a train with some French jews on board. There were usually some good looking sluts in the French consignments………


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