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The Company Picnic

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Synopsis: The MacMillans are recruited to provide entertainment at the company picnic

The Company Picnic


by Azalel

Part One: The Contest


       Ann MacMillan looked at the computer screen in disbelief.  She honestly could not believe it.  The problem was that the information was undeniable.  She had lost the contest.  She hung her head and cried a little.  She just did not know how she was going to tell her girls.

       The contest rules had been very simple.  Of the thirteen sales representatives employed by Anderson & McCall, a relatively small sales firm specializing in cookware, the sales representative with the lowest numbers for the year would have to serve as entertainment at the annual company picnic.

       The problem was that a very important detail, overlooked by most who agreed to the rules of the contest, stated that the sales rep, along with all her female children, would be cooked and served at the picnic.


       The company's financial officer, John Mitchell, had come up with the idea of the contest when faced with fact that they really did not need thirteen sales reps.  The company was doing well enough that he thought that if twelve sales reps could increase their annual sales by 10%, that would eliminate the need for the thirteenth. 

       The problem was figuring how to convince them to raise their numbers.  The contest was the perfect tool.  The rules stated that the sales rep with the lowest numbers would be eliminated.  With their jobs on the line, the reps had no problem raising their numbers.  The raise was so dramatic (the rep with the least increase still improved her numbers by 50%), that John had had no problem convincing the company to raise sales quotas by 25%.

       He was also pleased when he reviewed Ann's personnel file.  She had three daughters; 17-year-old twins, Anna and Nicole (named after father and mother, Ann and Nicholas) and a 15-year-old, Michelle.  The four of them should provide enough meat for the company's 68 employees.  The company would not have to recruit or buy more. 


       Ann was just getting ready to leave when she was approached by Susan, a friend and fellow sales rep.  Neither had read the smallprint when they agreed to the contest.  Fear of losing their job had been their chief motivation.

       "I am really sorry, Ann," Susan said.  "I really did not expect this."

       Ann just shook her head.

       "Neither did I, Susan. Neither did I. I mean, how do I tell my daughters that we are going to be cooked and eaten this Saturday?" 

       "I don't know, Ann.  Wait.  They've eaten girlmeat before, right?"

       "Of course.  Who hasn't?"

       "Well, then they've known for a while that it was possible that they would be killed.  Ever since they turned 13, you and Nicholas have had the option of having them cooked. right?"

       "Well, that is true....."

       "Then they should be ok.  I mean, it is not as if you wanted this to happen.  You didn't volunteer them for this.  It wasn't your choice.  It is just the rules."

       "I guess so.  Well, anyway, we will see.  The picnic isn't until Saturday.  That gives us three days to get used to the idea."

       "Well, then this might cheer you up a little bit.  Allen came over a few minutes ago and told me to tell you that you will not need to come in for the rest of the week.  You can take Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off.  You just need to be at the picnic at 6:00am so they can prepare you and the girls."

       "Yeah, Susan.  That does help a little.  Gives me a little more time to spend with the girls.  I will keep them out of school as well.  It is not like their education matters at this point."

       "Well, then. Good luck with the girls tonight.  I will see you on Saturday."

       "Goodnight, Susan.  And thanks."


       On the train home, Ann thought about the cannibal laws. 

       They had been established 65 years before, in 2017 A.D.  At first, people had been appalled at the thought of eating other people, but over time, with the added pressure of starvation caused by diminishing meat herds, cannibalism was accepted more and more.

       Women were not the only ones eaten.  Men could also be cooked and eaten.  The difference was mainly the taste and quality.  Men's meat was not as tender so the demand was not as high.   

       There had, of course, been some confusion at first concerning how the meat would be obtained.  Volunteers were always welcomed, as long as they were thirteen years old or older.  As the novelty wore off, though, volunteers dwindled and the crisis of starvation and malnutrition again lurked over the horizon. 

       Criminals that had been put on death row were automatically shipped to meat processing plants.  There was, for a time, a lottery that selected individuals that were 39 years old or older and those citizens were collected and processed.  Once an individual reached the age of 39, their name was automatically entered in the drawing.  Volunteers were reported to the state government and their names were removed from the lottery listings.

       After a couple generations, people started seeing the act of volunteering as a civic duty.  People began to volunteer to become meat as a way of giving back to their community.  Around this time, 2063 A.D., parents began volunteering their teenagers to become meat as a way of helping out school fundraisers.  The Supreme Court ruled that as the child was wholy dependent on the parents, they were subject to the whim and will of the parents.   At the age of 18, individuals could choose for themselves, unless contractually obligated.

       Companies began offering enhanced benefits to those who would allow the companies to volunteer the workers children should the parent violate company policy.  This acted as an incentive for the worker to follow company guidelines. The benefit enhancements were significant, prompting more and more workers to sign for them.


       Ann was beginning to feel sick.  She wished that she had read the contests small print better. She really wished she could find a way to get the girls off the hook.  She remembered the last company picnic and winced. 

       The "entertainment" had been a co-worker that had been tardy one time too many and was forced to sit in a chair that had two metallic dildoes mounted on it.  One dildo went in the unfortunate woman's ass and the other went in her pussy.  Once she was seated, the CEO attached two clamps to the woman's nipples and one to her clitoris.  Wires were connected from the clamps and dildoes to an electric generator.

       The power was turned on and the woman lasted 5 minutes before passing out from the pain. She was put through that torment twice more before being allowed up from the chair.  Then she was bent over and had a spit run through her, going in through her asshole and out her mouth.  She was still alive 20 minutes after the spit was mounted over the coals.

       Everyone enjoyed the show, men and women alike.  They also thought that she had tasted delicious.  The company had had to buy extra meat on that occasion as the woman was single and had no children. While Ann was confident that her daughters would provide enough meat, she wished that they did not have to make that sacrifice.



       Ann arrived home at 6:30pm.  The girls were doing their homework in their rooms and their father would not get home until 7:00pm.  Ann knew she could stop them from doing their homework - they wouldn't be going to school again anyway - but she couldn't quite work up the nerve to explain quite yet. 

       She started making dinner.  They had a couple breasts and rump roasts in the freezer. Those would go good with salad and corn.  Ann settled into the routine of preparing dinner and tried to forget about her important news for a little longer.  She wasn't successful.


       Nicholas "Nick" MacMillan already knew about the picnic before he left his office.  His best friend, Chuck, was Susan's husband and Chuck had called Nicholas as soon as Susan spilled the beans.  Nicholas was not too surprised.  Raising three daughters and taking care of the house just was too much work to allow Ann to put up the numbers that would keep her from losing such a contest.

       He loved Ann tremendously and would miss her, but despite being commited to her throughout their 18-year marriage, he was beginning to think about younger women.  It was getting increasingly difficult to NOT stare at the figures of 19-year-olds and 20-year-olds.  Perhaps he could even start another family.

       The main problem was the girls.  Anna, Nicole, and Michelle were a bit spoiled.  They knew that girls their ages COULD become meat, but they likely never thought about it happening to them.  Well, it was bound to be an interesting evening at home they found out about the picnic.

       The aspect of the picnic that most concerned Nick was the entertainment portion. He had been with Ann at the last picnic.  Watching that woman get electrocuted was arousing, but her screams and crying did get to him a bit.  He was not sure how he would handle his 15-year-old, Michelle, crying as she was prepared to be cooked.

       He stopped to pick up flowers for all four women and then went home.  He would do anything he could to make their last days pleasurable.  He had already spoken with his boss and arranged to take the rest of the week off from work.  He knew, from Chuck, that Ann was free for the rest of the week as well.  She was probably planning to excuse their daughters from school for the rest of the week as well.  They would not be needed anymore school anyway.

       Pulling into the driveway, he saw the lights on in the older girls'  bedroom and, through the open curtains, saw they were still working on their homework.  Apparently, Ann had not yet worked up the nerve to tell them the news.  Nicholas was not too concerned about them, though.  He knew their secret.

       The twins were painsluts.  They were more than a little masochistic.  Rather than fearing pain, they reveled in it.  Nick was pretty sure they were sexually aroused by it.  He had seen bruises on both of them after various dates.  If not for the overwhelming smell of sex and the look of sexual bliss on their faces, Nick would likely have grabbed his gun and gone hunting for the soon-to-be-dead boyfriends. 

       No.  The twins did not worry him.  Michelle, on the other hand, was a problem.  At 15, she was still a virgin.  Both of the twins lost their virginity when they were 13.  Michelle was just too shy to approach boys.  Nick doubted that she even masturbated.  He was sure that if he looked up the word "naive" in the dictionary, it would have her photo beside it.



       Nick entered the house through the backdoor.  Entering the kitchen, he saw Ann leaning over the kitchen sink staring out the window.  She was lost in thought and was scrubbing a pan that was spotless.  Nick did not want to think about how long she had been worrying about the news she had for the girls.

       He reached out and wrapped his arms around her shoulders.  Ann was startled and spun within the circle of his arms.  It was a good thing his arms were around her.  Otherwise, she likely would have fallen over.  She looked into his eyes and saw that he already knew.

       "Who told you," Ann asked.

       "Chuck told me," Nick replied.  "Apparently, Susan was a wreck when she got home and you know Chuck.  He wouldn't let go of it until she told him everything."

       "And he called you."

       "Well he is my best friend.  Besides, he hasn't been able to keep anything from me for the last 30 years."

       "You haven't told the girls yet."  It wasn't a question.

       "How can I?  'Oh, by the way, girls, despite making 150% of my sales quota, I still had fewer sales than all the other reps.  Because of this, we are all going to be cooked and eaten this weekend.'  Yeah, I can see that working.  They will hate me."

       "You might be surprised.  And they won't hate you.  You have been woorking there for the last 13 years.  Because of it, they have had the best medical coverage available.  It was your income there that allowed me to go back to school to get my Master's degree.  You and this job carried us through some very scary times.  They know this.  Just be honest with them and you just may be surprised, indeed."


       That night's dinner was a quiet one.  The three girls could tell by the awkward silence that something was bothering their mother.  Their mother had not so much as looked at them since calling them downstairs for dinner.  Michelle, being the most impulsive, decided to break the tension.

       "So, mom," Michelle said, "how was work today?"

       Ann looked at her youngest for a moment and then burst into tears.  The two older girls, now convinced that something was wrong, looked to their father.

       "Ok, dad," Nicole said, "what gives?"

       Nick sighed.  Apparently Ann was still unable to force herself to to be the one to say anything.  He looked at Ann and she nodded a tiny bit. 

       "Well, girls," he began.  "You all know how hard your mother has been working these last few weeks, right?"

       The girls nodded.

       "Well, that was because of a contest at your mother's work.  They are cutting back on their sales staff and this contest was to determine who would be terminated.  Although it was extremely close, your mother lost."

       "So, mom," Michelle said, "your being let go?"

       "Not quite, pumpkin'," Nick said.  "The loser is being terminated.  Quite literally in this case.  Your mother will be cooked and eaten at the company picnic this Saturday.  The reason your mother is having such a hard time with this is because, due to her employment contract, you three will be cooked and eaten as well."

       To Nick's amusement and not inconsiderable relief, the twins smiled broadly.  He was glad he was not wrong about their nature.  The surprise came from Michelle.

       "Well," Michelle said, "it had to happen sometime."

       Ann was shocked.  She looked at the three girls in wonderment.  She had expected crying, or at least shouting.  She had been preparing herself to be hated.  She had not expected acceptance or, looking at the twins' grins, anticipation.

       "You mean you don't mind," Ann asked.

       "Well, I'm not happy about it," Michelle said.  "But to be honest, you and dad could have 'volunteered' me anytime after my thirteenth birthday.  I have seen a few friends go that way.  I know no women over the age of 39, so I knew I would likely go this way sometime.  No.  I'm not happy about it, but I am not mad, either.  I am sure you did your best."

       "Well, we are thrilled," Nicole said.  Anna agreed with a nod.  "Our only question is if you know how we will be prepared."

       "Unfortunately, all we know," Nick said, "is that you four have to be at the picnic location at 6:00am Saturday for preparations."

       "That likely means enemas and full scrubdowns," Michelle said.  "Frankly, mom, I would prefer that we do that here Friday night and again Saturday morning before we go.  I know they will want to do it again when we get there, but if we do it before, there will be no embarrassing mess in front of strangers.  I would be horrified to have shitty water forced out of my ass in front of people who are going to be eating me."

       The twins nodded and Ann also agreed.  It was decided.  They would be thoroughly cleaned, inside and out, before going to the picnic grounds.  There was just one question left in the young girls' minds.

       "Uh, mom," Anna asked, "since we are going to be killed on Saturday, do we have to go to school?  If so, please don't notify them until Friday afternoon.  They used girls scheduled for executions as demonstration models in some of the classes."

       Ann smiled.  "Don't worry, girls.  I remember these 'live demonstrations' from my school days.  I've already called the school and notified them that you will not be returning.  I figured that this Saturday would be hard enough without the further stresses caused by school."

       "Relax, girls," Nick said.  "This is going to be a hard week for us, but, your mom and I are also off for the rest of the week.  Let's just enjoy the time we have left."

       The girls agreed and the conversation turned to more pleasant things.  The weekend was never far from their mind, but their comfort with each other (and the situation) made it easier to just enjoy the rest of their evening.


Part Two: Preparations


       Saturday came faster than anyone would have imagined.  The MacMillan family had enjoyed their three days home together and had worked together Friday night to make sure all four women were as clean as could be.  They had a little difficulty sleeping that night, but that was no more than they expected.  Saturday was going to be a big day.

       Michelle woke up first, as usual.  She always was an early riser.  She loved sitting at her bedroom window and watching the sun rise over the horizon.  Like most mornings, this Saturday morning was beautiful.  The sun was not up yet, but she could see the lightening of the sky to the east.

       As habit dictated, she went downstairs and started getting breakfast ready.  She had already cooked the eggs and bacon and was working on the toast before she remembered that none of the women in the house would be eating.  Looking at the clock, she noticed it was 4:00am.

       Realizing time was against them, Michelle quickly ran upstairs and woke her sisters, mother, and father.  They would have to hurry if they planned on making it to the picnic grounds by 6:00am.  Luckily, it would only take them 15 minutes to get there.  That gave them a little over 90 minutes to give each other enemas and then scrub each other down.  Last night, they did it in 80 minutes, so Michelle was not too worried.  As Nick had no desire to watch someone receive an enema, he gladly ate the breakfast Michelle prepared while the women took care of each other.

       They had worked out a system where they stood close together.  They had four enema bottles and were able to simultaneously administer 4 enemas.  Because they all had the need to expel the waste at the same time, they did so in a metal tub they then emptied outside.  After two run-throughs, the water was clear for all four of them. 

       They had not eaten last night so they anticipated no problems this morning.  There were none.  The water was still clear after the first enema so they skipped the second run-through and proceeded to the scrubbing stage.  By 5:15am, they were done.  They saw no need to wait until the last minute so they piled into the family car and headed to the picnic grounds.

       They arrived at the picnic grounds at 5:45am.  Suprisingly, there were already quite a few people there.  Mr. Mitchell, the CFO seemed to be running the show.  Seeing Ann and her family, he immediately went over to them.

       "Good morning, Ann," he said. "Thank you for coming early."

       "Not a problem, Mr. Mitchell......."

       "Please, call me John.  I don't really think the formalities are necessary anymore.  Do you?"

       Ann laughed.  "You're right....John.  Anyway, who are all these people?  Isn't that Emily, from Accounting?"

       "Yes.  Apparently, she had a serious disagreement with her daughter and young Alisha has been volunteered as entertainment.  There are a few more 'volunteers' as well; some less willing than others.  As a result, we are short handed and have less time to prepare everyone.  If you will follow me, we will move you and your girls to the head of the line."

       Counting as she went, Ann found that there were a total of 12 'volunteers'.  This made her more than happy that they had already prepared themselves somewhat.  They would provide less trouble for the picnic staff.

       The staff was, if not gentle, very efficient.  All four MacMillan women had their enemas done in under ten minutes.  After clear water came out from the first enema, the staff skipped the second (and third) enemas and proceeded to the depilation stage. 

       The girls yelped as pubic hair was singed off.  Their yelp was more from panic than actual pain.  The picnic staff rubbed alcohol all over their pubic mounds and used a charcoal lighter to ignite the fumes, burning off the hair.  Their mother, having seen this done at other picnics, knew what to expect.

       "You should be grateful, girls," Ann said. "They used to use tweezers to remove the hair."

       "Why not shave it or wax it," Michelle asked.

       "Both shaving and waxing can irritate the skin, sometimes damaging it and making the pussy less appetizing as food."

       They finished with the depilation and were led outside.  They were led across the field to a tent where they would stay until the picnic started at 8:30am.  As they crossed the field, they were led by the cooking arena and saw that the stone oven on one corner of the arena had been lit and could tell that one of them would be cooked there before the day was done.  There were also other cooking methods set up; a barbecue grill on another corner of the arena, a barbecue spit on another corner, and Shawarma rotisserie set up on the fourth. 

       As the cooking arena was a 15'x15' square area, the cooking areas were well within sight of each other.  The girls knew that if they were dispatched at the same time, they could watch each other cook.  They were not sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing.

       After passing the cooking arena, they could see that the entertainment booths were being set up.  There was a shooting gallery, a lawn darts area, a gallows, and even a guillotine.

       Michelle was curious about the lawn darts.  The shooting gallery, gallows, and guillotine were obvious, but she didn't understand the deadly aspect of lawn darts.

       "Um, Mr. Mitch...uh, John," Michelle started, "could you explain the lawn darts to me?  I have seen it played before, but it hardly seems lethal."

       "It's Michelle, isn't it?  Well, Michelle, you are right.  Regular lawn darts is not lethal.  This variant, however was created last year by a company called Blammo.  It uses special darts.  The points are not as thick as regular lawn darts.  Inside them is a kind of thermometer.  When the point reaches a particular temperature, the darts starts emitting an electric signal.  If it detects three other signals on the same frequency within a range of 6 feet, the dart explodes."

       "What is the required temperature?"

       "The temperature is set to 80 degrees."

       "Then wouldn't they explode when it got hot outside?"

       "No.  That is the beauty of their construction.  There has to be pressure surrounding the point.  You could put them in an oven set for 300 degrees and nothing would happen, but take a baked turkey out of an oven and stick four activated darts into the bird and, well, bye bye birdy."

       "I see, so, you get volunteers who will be the targets.  Darts are thrown into the air in hopes of hitting the targets and once four of them pierce the body, the body explodes?"

       "Right.  The winner is the first one to blow up their target.  Another nice touch is that upon impact, the darts inject epinephrine, which, in turn, keeps the target from going into shock from the wounds its body has sustained.  To keep the target alive as long as possible, armor is worn that covers vital organs, keeping the target from taking lethal damage from a single dart."

       "Also," John continued, "since we rarely get volunteers for entertainment this extreme, we usually use people who have been 'volunteered'.  I saw you notice Alisha before.  She is the daughter of one of our accountants.  Her mother 'volunteered' her for entertainment purposes.  She will likely be used in the lawn darts game."

       "Yeah," Michelle said.  "I know Alisha.  She is....was in my class at school.  She was always a hateful bitch.  I wouldn't mind seeing her getting her guts blown apart.  I would really like to see that."

       "Hmmmm.  Well, we usually try to keep the targets around the same physical size, for fairness' sake.  We do, however, have others from your school, I believe.  I just might be able to arrange that for you, before you, your sisters, and your mother are dispatched."

       Michelle lit up immediately.  "Really?  That would be fantastic."

       They arrived at the holding tent.

       "Well ladies, I will have to leave you here for a bit.  Try to rest comfortably.  I will be back later.  Oh, and Michelle, I will try to arrange that show for you."

       "Thanks, John," Michelle said.  "I really appreciate it."


       It was 7:45am.  There were now 41 people in the holding tent waiting for the start of the picnic.  Word had come through that there was now about 45 volunteers and more were expected.  Apparently, three of the company's corporate clients heard of the picnic and requested to take part as well.  Due to the increase of expected people and volunteers, more games were being set up.  John was just glad that the picnic grounds were large enough to accommodate everything.

       There were now three guillotines.  Four nooses hung from the gallows.  There were three or four lawn dart  areas set up.  The company had to order more darts. Three more shooting galleries were set up making a total of four; two using bows and arrows, and two using air rifles and the special air rifle Blammo darts.  The rifle darts were identical in nature to the lawn darts, but they were smaller.  The range was also reduced to three feet in order to reduce the chance of blowing up two separate targets that happened to get hit by the same shooter.

       More people also meant higher food requirements.  Ann and her daughters were not going to be enough for 500 people.  John had called a few restaurants and arranged for some to open stalls in the picnic grounds in order to process more volunteers for food.

       To cover the additional costs, each of the corporate clients contributed $6000 making a total of $24,000 to be divided amongst the restaurants.  The games were managed by company execs from all four companies.

       At 8:00am, Alisha entered the tent.  Seeing Michelle over in the corner, sitting in one of the few chairs in the tent, Alisha went over with the intent of bullying Michelle out of the chair.  Michelle, though shy with boys her own age, had no problems standing up to bullies like Alisha.

       "So, Michelle," Alisha began, "are you here as meat or entertainment?"

       Michelle just looked at the girl.  Alisha was 5'2" and approximately 98 pounds.  She was a pretty thing, proving that beauty does not necessarily mean that the person is good.

       "Both," Michelle replied. "How about you?"

       "Entertainment.  My mother volunteered me.  Can you believe that?  And just because I failed that math test last week."

       "Really," Michelle asked.  "Are you sure that was it?  I mean, I heard the teacher saying that due to you failing that test, there was no way you could pass the course and you would have to repeat it next year.  I also heard that you slapped the teacher and called him an asshole."

       "That had nothing to do with it!  My mother was just overreacting.  I'd like to see her in here as entertainment."

       "Actually, dear," Emily said as she entered the tent and approached her troublesome child, "I just volunteered as meat.  I expect I will be sent to one of the vendors as soon as people start arriving." 

       "Not the main arena, mom?"

       "No," Emily said as she looked at Ann and her daughters meaningfully.  "The main cooking arena and already been reserved."

       Emily went over to Ann, ending her conversation with Alisha.  After a few minutes, the two older women were laughing, speculating on how their meat would be prepared.  Neither knew what to expect, but neither was too afraid.  At least, not at this point.

       Alisha, seeing Michelle would not be bullied, walked off and sulked in a corner.  Michelle just smiled and waited peacefully, hoping John would return with good news.  The twins, looking forward to being cooked, joined their mother's conversation with Emily.


       At 8:30am, the picnic officially started.  The number of volunteers had swelled to 95 and there were now 2 preparation tents.  John entered the tent and walked up to the MacMillans.  Looking at Michelle, he smiled broadly.

       "Well, Michelle," he began, "your wish has been granted.  In a few minutes, someone will come collect Alisha and get her staked out in the nearest lawn dart field.  The other target is currently going through preparation, but should be finished in about 5 minutes."

       Michelle returned John's smile.

       "Do you think I will know her," Michelle asked.

       "Well this is a bit of a surprise, actually.  You might know the target.  He was also a student at your school.  He was volunteered by his parents due to an unusually high number of school absences and the curious stash of drugs they found in his room."

       Michelle was stunned.  "Him?  His?  I thought all volunteers were female."

       "Well, Michelle, due to the quality of meat, our company, when selecting 'volunteers' from our employees and their families, usually only select women.  There is nothing, however, prohibiting adult men from volunteering or male children from being volunteered.  Erik, the boy in question is the son of our Human Resources Director.  Andrew, the Director, felt that Erik must pay the price for his actions, showing that no one, not even executives, or in this case, their children, were allowed to break the rules."

       "As Erik and Alisha are of similar size," John continued, "Andrew, a friend of your mother's, felt that Erik would make a suitable target to compliment Alisha.  This will allow us to have their match immediately, allowing you to watch before you go to be cooked."

       Michelle thought she might know Erik.  There were not too many drug-users in her school.  As Erik entered the tent a moment later, Michelle blushed as she did indeed recognize him.  She hadn't known his name at the time, but she had had a crush on him in 6th grade.  The crush had dwindled as she found out about his drug use.  Now it was interesting to think that she might see him blown to pieces.

       There was a sudden ruckus as Alisha realized what her 'entertainment' role was to be.  She turned out to be a bit of a fighter.  The lawn dart match was postponed for 10 minutes while they forced her out to the field and staked her out on the ground.  They used four stakes driven into the ground and tied one of her limbs to each stake.  Due to her fighting, the preparation took 25 extra minutes.

       While Michelle waited in anticipation, she received a shock when her father walked into the tent.  The only males allowed in the tent were volunteers and picnic staff.  She was not sure what was going on, but intended to find out.

       Nicholas was talking with the other MacMillan girls when Michelle approached.

       "What's up, daddy," Michelle asked.  "Did you decide to help out with the picnic staff?"

       "No, pumpkin'," Nicholas replied. "I just volunteered as meat."

       "But, why," asked Anna.  "No male I know would want to.  Hell, most girls I know wouldn't want to."

       "Well, honey, it is like this.  I am 38 years old.  I am reasonably fit and have that wonderful balance of fat and muscle that make some men almost as tasty as women.  The only woman I wanted to spend my life with was your mother.  I cannot see remarrying and starting all over.  I love you and your sisters and would miss you too much."

       "So," he continued, "I talked with John and he had one of the restaurant cooks test my meat for quality.  Apparently, on the men's meat quality scale, I rate a Prime A. They accepted on the spot and rushed me through preparation so I could spend a few minutes with you before we really get started."

       He looked at Ann and nodded his head at Michelle.  Ann smiled, but shook her head. 

       "Michelle," said her dad. "Are you a virgin?  If you are too embarrassed, you do not have to answer."

       Michelle bit her lower lip and blushed, but nodded.

       "Well, would you like to change that before we die?  I know that father/daughter incest is something we are told is wrong, but at this stage, I do not think it matters.  You will not get pregnant so there is no risk of birth defects.  And we will both be dead in a few hours so we will not care what anyone says.  What do you think?"

       Michelle looked at her father in amazement.  She would never have expected this.  He would never have known, but she had had a crush on her daddy for a long time.  She was still a virgin because she was measuring the boys up against her daddy and none could compare. She started to cry.

       Thinking he had offended her, Nick put his arm around Michelle's shoulder and started to apologize.

       "I'm sorry, pumpkin', I didn't mean to offend you.  I just thought it was a shame for you to die without knowing about sex."

       Michelle laughed at her father's concern.

       "Silly daddy," she said, "I am not offended.  I am relieved and pleased.  I have wanted to do it with you for a long time but was afraid you would think I was perverted or something."

       They didn't say another word.  As they were, like all volunteers, nude, Nick just guided Michelle to lie down on the grass and spread her legs.  Ann, knowing what was to happen (and approving whole-heartedly) knelt beside Michelle and started rubbing the 15-year-old's pussy, spending more and more effort on the young girl's clitoris. 

       Nicole got on the other side of Michelle and started massaging her little sister's breasts.  While Nick lay down on top of Michelle and inserted his penis into his daughter's moistening vagina, Anna got between his legs, moistened her finger in her mouth and inserted the dripping finger into her little sister's anus.

       The multitude of sensations conspired to drive Michelle out of her mind.  It hurt when her father entered her, breaking her hymen, but the sensations she was getting from her asshole, clitoris, and tits, made the pain seem like nothing.  Now that her father was speeding up his thrusts into her, her pussy was agreeing with the other parts of her body.  Sex, her body decided, was terrific.

       "Yes daddy, yes!  Fuck me.  Fuck your little girl."

       Michelle screamed out more, most of which was unintelligible.  The coupling was brief but with the help of her mother and sisters, Michelle was satisfied and had cum when her father did. 

       There was a bucket of water and a towel over in a corner of the tent.  Both Michelle and Nick made use of them to clean themselves up.

       "Thank you, daddy," Michelle said.  "That was great.  It is too bad we will not get another chance."

       "You're welcome, pumpkin'," Nick replied, "but it was not a favor and you do not need to thank me.  I should be thanking you."

       "Oh," Michelle asked impishly, "you mean you liked it too?"

       Nick responded by throwing the towel in her face.

       "Of course I liked it.  You are one hot little girl, pumpkin'.  You are right, though.  It is too bad we won't be able to do it again.  I love you, Michelle."

       "I love you, too, daddy."

       Further discussion was interrupted by the appearance of John. 

       "I am sorry to interrupt, but, we are set up outside.  We have to go if you want to see the game.  Immediately after the game, we will be taking the women to the cooking arena.  Nick, we need you at the guillotine right away, so you might want to say your goodbyes now."

       Nick agreed and said goodbye to his wife and daughters, then left to go to the guillotine.  His only regret was that he would never find out the fate of his wife and daughters.


Part Three: Lawn Darts


       Alisha was not happy.  It had just occurred to her that all entertainment 'volunteers' could end up just as dead as the meat volunteers.  The difference is that most entertainment involved extremely violent, sometimes lengthy games.  As she was being staked out on the lawn dart field, the rules of the game had been explained to her.  Worst of all, it was her own mother that, not only volunteered her for this, but staked her out as a target.

       "No, mom," Alisha screamed.  "I don't want to die!  I am sorry for failing that course.  I am sorry for hitting that teacher.  I'll behave!  I promise!"

       "Now, Alisha," Emily replied, "you really should have thought about that before becoming such a bitch.  And just think; by you doing it, you can give back some pleasure to society.  Now don't worry, I am not going to just leave you here alone.  I will be watching you from the sidelines.  Have fun."

       Alisha continued to scream as Emily joined the crowd watching the event.  When Erik was brought out and laid out on the ground, he did not so much as make a sound.  From the look in his eyes, he had accepted his fate.

       John had another surprise in his sleeve, though.  As a reward to two 'volunteers', he selected Michelle and Emily to be the players competing in the first lawn dart match.  A random draw had Michelle tossing darts at Erik while Emily was trying to hit her daughter.  From the look of glee on Emily's face, one could almost imagine the hell her daughter had caused for her over the years.  What no one could figure out was whay the woman had not volunteered her daughter sooner.

       Michelle almost wished she had gotten Alisha.  Then she remembered the humiliation and torment Erik had put her through.  Yes, he had been her schoolgirl crush.  The problem was that he did not care.  When he found out how she felt, he laughed and told all his friends.  Then he made fun of her in the cafeteria and anywhere else he could find an audience. 

       Ultimately, he was the reason she was shy around boys her age and had remained a virgin until her father fucked her this morning.  Looking at the darts and the restrained boy on the ground in front of her, she realized that this might indeed be fun.  She smiled sweetly, picked up a dart, and waited for her turn.

       Emily went first.  The targets were 25 feet in front of the contestants.  Taking the distance, wind (which was actually nonexistent), and weight of the dart into consideration, she lobbed the dart towards her daughter.  The dart rose to a height of twelve feet before beginning its descent. 

       Luck was not with Emily, though.  It was not with Alisha either.  The dart struck the 15-year-old right on the clitoris.  The dart could not have been aimed better.  The problem was that, though the dart pierced the young girl's clitoris and injected its dose of epinephrine, the dart needle could not penetrate deeply enough to trigger the signal.  The dart, after piercing the clit, bounced off of the pelvic bone and fell to the ground.

       Alisha screamed and screamed.  The pain was excrutiating.  She had kicked numerous boys and men in the testicles (many for the sheer pleasure of seeing them in pain) but this was the first time she had ever been made to feel such pain.  She could not believe that it was her mother doing this to her.

       Erik had problems of his own.  Hearing Alisha's screams had given him an immense erection.  Looking at Erik's enormous penis, Michelle had to wonder if it was bigger than her father's.  Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, she lobbed the dart into the air.

       Pain took on a whole new meaning for Erik as the dart, completing it descent, slammed into his erect penis and delivered its own charge of stimulants.  Due to the size of the boy's penis, the needle was buried to the hilt in the flesh and started emitting its signal.  Michelle now needed only three more successful hits to win the match.

       Emily smiled at Michelle.  She now realized that having a skinny girl as her target meant that bones might get in the way and prevent a successful hit.  She measured and threw again.  To her delight, the dart struck her daughter in the fleshy part of her thigh.

       Alisha screamed again.  This was unbearable.  The pain and embarrassment were part of it, but another part was the fact that the stimulant injections kept her alert and conscious, preventing her from slipping into shock.  Thusly, the pain was amplified.  It felt like her leg was on fire and her clit was still in agony.

       Michelle took her second throw and struck Erik in his stomach.  He howled like a banshee.  Michelle smiled.  Gut wounds were like that.  Too bad.  Oh, well.  Two down, two to go.

       Emily lobbed her third dart high into the air and, for a moment, it looked like she might miss her daughter.  Then the dart came down and plunged right into Alisha's left breast.  Emily was lucky.  Alisha's breasts were big enough to prevent the dart from hitting the young girl's ribs and bouncing out like the first dart.  The score was tied.  Each contestant needed two more successful hits.

       Michelle lobbed her third dart and hit Erik in the right side of his chest.  Surprisingly, the dart's point missed the ribs and remained lodged in the boys chest.  Luckily, the needle was not long enough to pierce the lung.  Erik could not scream anymore.  He just lay there in agony and sobbed.  Michelle smiled.  She only needed one more.

       Emily tossed her dart and it hit Alisha in the pit of her stomach, narrowly missing the pubic bone.  Emily let out a sigh of relief. Having two darts miss like that would have been dissapointing.  Alisha was screaming again; this time more intensely than before.  Emily just smiled and nodded to Michelle. 

       Michelle tossed her dart and sighed as it struck Erik in the leg, just above the knee.  She expected it to bounce out from hitting the bone, but miraculously, it did not.

       There was suddenly a beeping noise and everyone quickly realized it was coming from the darts in Erik's body.  After 15 seconds, the darts exploded, obliterating Erik's body and raining blood and gore on anyone within 20 feet.  The contestants now knew why their targets were 25 feet away.

       The judges nodded to Emily.  The loser did not have to destroy their target, but in this case, Emily wanted to.  Emily tossed another dart.

       Alisha, covered by Erik's gore, had thought her ordeal was over.  The other target was dead and she was still alive.  Surely they would remove the darts and let her go.  That last dart had hit something important, maybe her womb.  If she ever wanted children, she was going to need to get that looked at.

       She looked to her mother, saw the judges nod and suddenly realized that it wasn't over.  As her mother tossed another dart, Alisha cried out.

       "MOM, NOOOOOO!!"

       It was too late. The dart, by luck or fate, descended, plunging to the hilt in Alisha's uninjured right breast, piercing through the nipple and continuing into the flesh of the young girl's mammary gland.

       Alisha was in so much pain that she never heard the beeps heralding in her death.  Fifteen seconds after her right breast was hit, the darts exploded, blowing Alisha to bits.  Emily smiled sweetly.  The bitch was dead.


Part Four: Meat


       Unfortunately, Nick did not get a chance to see his daughter's victory.  As he walked past the cooking arena on his way to the guillotine, he saw that his request was being granted.  There were now two spits hanging over the heated coals.  One would hold his headless corpse as it cooked beside the rest of his family.  He smiled and continued on his way to the guillotine.

       There were actually a few guillotines set up now.  Looking at them, he saw that there was a bit of a line for each.  He was beginning to wonder if he would be killed in time to join his family when Melissa, a company exec (Nick was unsure what position she held) approached him.

       "Thank you for volunteering, Nick," Melissa began.  "We will move you to the head of the line so you can join your family in the cooking arena.  Do you have any last requests?"

       "No, I don't," Nick said.  "I just was wondering about man meat.  We have never had it in our house and was wondering if there was some of my meat that I could have prepared in time for my family to have a taste before they die.  You know how it is.  I just hate the idea that they may have missed out on anything."

       "Well, actually, Nick," Melissa said, "the best part of a man is his cock.  And they do not even have to be cooked completely.  A lot of women like them uncooked, actually.  I personally like it seared.  The outside likely singed but the inside still soft and raw.  I happen to know that your family will not be processed for at least another 30 minutes.  That is plenty of time for me to cut off your cock and have it cooked appropriately.  It should provide everyone a good-sized mouthful of man-meat before they are prepared.  Would you like that?"

       "Yes, please.  That would be nice.  Thank you."

       "Don't thank me yet.  You see, I have always had this fantasy of cutting off a man's cock.  I have done it to dead men before at dinner parties, but I would like to cut yours off while you are still alive.  I know that sounds barbaric, but I promise you, it will still be less painful than what your wife and daughter are going to experience."

       "Wait a minute," Nick said. "What do you mean?"

       "I do not know the particulars," Melissa replied, "but your wife and daughters were volunteered by the company as food AND entertainment.  They will likely be butchered while alive and then be put on to cook before they die."

       "I see.  Then the very least I can do is endure some pain prior to my death.  You may cut of my penis now if you wish."

       Melissa grinned from ear to ear.

       "Thank you, Nick. I will make sure Ann and the girls all get a bite before they are butchered."

       They had arrived at the head of one of the lines.  The women in line grumbled about favoritism, but moved aside.  The executioner had Nick kneel and put his head on the block.  His shoulders were strapped down to prevent him from involuntary movements.

       He felt a hand grasp his testicles and penis.  Surprisingly, his penis was fully erect.  He hadn't expected that.  A second later, he felt the edge of a very sharp knife placed at the base of his penis.

       "I am going to cut them off now," Melissa said.

       With a quick sawing motion, Melissa cut off Nick's cock and balls.  The pain was excruciating.  Nick howled like a beast.  With a nod from Melissa, the executioner released the blade and Nick's head fell into the basket below.

       Melissa quickly grabbed the head by the hair and saw Nick's eyes focus on her.

       "Here they are, Nick," Melissa said, showing his head his severed penis and testicles.  "I will keep my part of our deal and get them cooked up now.  Thank you very much." 

       Nick's eyes were still alert and staring at her when she kissed his head deeply, shoving her tongue into the severed head's mouth.

       Melissa arranged with the executioner to have Nick's body moved to the cooking arena and mounted on a spit.  By the time the MacMillan women were brought to the arena, he should already be cooking.


       After her victory, Michelle, her mother, and her twin sisters were led to the cooking arena.  They were surprised, upon entering the arena, to see a male body turning on a spit over the coals.  The spit had been shoved into his anus, up through his body and out through the throat.

       Michelle, noticing a birthmark on the body's hip, realized that it was her father's body.  There appeared to be something wrong with it though, other than the obvious lack of a head.  After a moment, she noticed that the genitals were missing. Where they belonged, was a large bloody hole.

       "That's Dad," Michelle said.

       Ann had also noticed the birthmark.  And the missing genitals. 

       "What happened to his dick and balls," asked Anna.

       "I can answer that," Melissa said as she approached Ann and her daughters.  "It was your father's last request.  He felt bad that you were going to die without ever having tasted man flesh.  He asked me to cook the up for you."

       She handed Ann a plate.  On it was Nick's erect penis.  It had nbeen cooked and cut into four equal-sized pieces.  Nick's testicle had also been cooked and halved.  This allowed each of the MacMillan women to have one piece of the cock and half a testicle.

       Ann handed Michelle the head of the penis and half of a testicle.  The twins did not really mind as they knew that Nick secretly favored Michelle.  It seemed right.  they each took a piece of the cock and half of a testicle.  When they all had their morsels, they quickly ate them.

       "Mmmmm," Michelle said.  "That was good.  Do all men taste that good?"

       "No," Melissa said.  "I have cooked several men and the taste varies greatly.  Men need to be careful.  You need just the right balance between fat and muscle to provide good texture and taste.  Your father was a prime specimen.  He was, for lack of a better word, perfect.  I wish I could have had some of his penis, but I will settle for some of the other meat."

       Looking up, they saw John approaching with a couple of bags in his hands.

       "Well, ladies," Michelle said, "I will go and leave you in John's very capable hands.  It was a pleasure working with you, Ann, and it was very nice meeting you girls.  Good luck."

       "Bye, Melissa," Ann said.  "And thanks for all the help today."


       John walked up to the volunteers and smiled. 

       "Ok, ladies, we are about to begin.  Because you were volunteered as meat AND entertainment, the board of directors thought up this method of meat preparation.  I am sorry, but this will likely be extremely painful.  You will reach into each of these bags and pull out an envelope.  Each envelope in the blue bag  has a name of one of you ladies.  Each envelope in the black bag has a name of one of these cooking devices."

       "We will go by age," John continued. "Youngest will go first.  Now do not open your envelopes until you all have them."

       Michelle reached into the blue bag and drew out a small blue envelope.  The envelope was really small.  Barely large enough to hold a credit card.  Reaching into the black bag, she pulled out an equally small black envelope.  Nicole followed, then Anna, and then Ann.  Soon they all had their envelopes. 

       "Ok, ladies," John said, "open your envelopes."

       Michelle opened her blue envelope and saw her mother's name.  The black envelope showed the oven.  Nicole had drawn Michelle's name and the shawarma.  Anna had drawn her own name and the grill.  Ann had Nicole's name and the spit.

       "Okay," John announced. "You hold in your hand the name of the method that will be used to cook you.  You also hold the name of the person who will gut you before you are cooked."

       Ann was relieved that she would be spit-roasted beside her husband, but was not pleased that they would have to gut each other.  Anna was particularly confused.

       "Um, John," Anna said, "I drew my own name.  Does that mean I have to gut myself?"

       "That is right, Anna.  But don't worry.  You will go last so you can see how it is done."

       "Oh, ok.  That sounds good, then," Anna said unconvincingly.        

       "With the exception of Anna, we will continue in the same order.  Ann will gut Michelle.  Michelle with then gut Nicole.  Nicole will then gut Ann.  Now, when the stomach muscles are cut, you may find that you are unable to stand.  Don't worry.  We have specially-prepared braces that will support your hips and legs, allowing you to stand through the entire process."

       "During the gutting process," John continued, "the intestines, colon, and stomach will be disposed of.  The rest of the internal organs, save the heart and lungs, will be put into a very large bowl.  When all organs are collected, they will be ground up and mixed with herbs, breading, and vegetables to create stuffing for Michelle and Ann.  The cooking methods used on Nicole and Anna do not really allow for stuffing."

       A large trash can and the afore-mentioned bowl were brought out.  Ann approached Michelle and was handed a very sharp knife.  Ann looked questioningly up at John.

       "There is no anesthetic?"

       "Sorry, Ann," John answered, "but no.  The board thought this would be more entertaining.  We have stimulants, much like those used in the darts, that will keep the four of you from slipping into shock or dying before you are put on to cook.  Like I said, this will be painful."

       Ann just nodded and looked sorrowfully at Michelle.

       "Sorry, pumpkin'," Ann said, using Nick's pet name for their youngest daughter.

       "It's okay, mommy," Michelle said fighting back tears, "just do it."

       Ann plunged the knife into her daughter's belly just above the pubic mound.  Drawing the blade up to the breastbone in an even stroke, she slit open Michelle's abdomen.  Immediately, Michelle's intestines started to spill out.  Ann quickly caught them and pushed them into the trash can.

       Ann quickly cut out the intestines, the stomach, and the colon.  Immediately, an attendant rushed in with a heated iron and cauterized the internal wounds preventing Michelle from bleeding to death.  Ann then removed the uterus, the vagina, the ovaries, and the rest of the internal organs with the exception of the heart and lungs. 

       After each organ was removed, the attendant cauterized the area, stopping the bloodflow.  Despite being in incredible pain, Michelle never screamed.  She moaned and sobbed a little, but did not want to cause her mother more pain than necessary.

       After Ann was done, Michelle was strapped into the braces John had mentioned.  She found that she could indeed stand.  She could not walk, however, so Nicole came to her.  Ann stayed with Michelle so she could tell Michelle where to cut and how to remove her big sister's internal organs.

       Michelle was a quick study and soon Nicole was done.  Because Nicole would not be stuffed, she was sewn up again.  Nicole, had aced biology the year before and needed no help in removing her mother's organs.  After the first three were done, a break was called to allow the attendants time to get a drink and relieve stress.  Many of the attendants, both men and women, found this highly erotic. 

       While Ann's daughters could not understand the sexual side of it all, Ann fully understood.  Some of the best sex she ever had was during these spectacles.  There was something about watching one person's life ending that fueled the subconscious need to procreate.  Thusly, she was unsurprised to find herself furiously rubbing her clit.

       "MOM," Nicole hissed, surprised at her mother.  "How can you be turned on by this?"

       "Well, Nicole," her mother answered, "this is likely going to be the last chance we have to feel good.  Now you, me, and Michelle.....  Well, we will not be able to cum, given out current conditions, but Anna can.  And it still feels good, so why not?"

       It sounded odd to the girls, but given that Ann was right and this WAS their last opportunity to please themselves, they joined in.  Michelle was a bit surprised that she could feel any pleasure at all considering the amount of pain she felt.

       Anna, on the other hand, though she felt bad about her sister's and mother, and felt more than a little trepidation concerning her own gutting, was able to bring herself to a mind-blowing orgasm.  The best she ever had, she thought.  Then she remembered that not only was it the best she would ever have.  It was the last she would ever have.

       After 20 minutes, the attendants were back.  They had different equipment with them from before.  They moved Ann, Nicole, and Michelle back out of the way and started setting up what looked like a gynecologist's chair.  John approached Anna and had her sit in the chair.

       "Hi, Anna," he said.  "There has been a slight change of plans.  You will not be gutting yourself.  Because you will be grilled, you will do the grilling yourself.  To do this, you must be able to move around.  Therefore, these technicians will cut out your sphincter and remove your internal organs from there.  The reason for the chair is to allow them to cauterize your wounds as needed."

       While Anna was relieved that she would not have to gut herself, she was concerned with the idea of grilling herself.

       "Um, John," she began, "what do you mean I will be grilling myself?"

       Well, you will be grilling your breasts, your pussy, and your ass.  Your breasts will be first.  Once those are cooked, you will serve them to the people sitting at the three tables right there.  Once your breasts are gone, you will go and sit on the grill and cook your pussy and ass.  That will take about 20 minutes." 

       "Once those are cooked," John continued, "you will cut out and serve your pussy to the CEO.  Then you will cut off your ass hams, leaving them on a platter to be served as needed.  Then we will cut off your arms, legs, and head.  Your limbs and torso will be put back on the grill to cook the rest of your meat."

       Anna was shocked. 

       "John, I am not sure I can handle that.  The pain will be too great.  I might pass out."

       "Nonsense.  I told you.  We have stimulants that will keep you conscious and alert throughout the whole process.  Now be a good girl and put your feet in the stirrups.  We need to get started."

       Anna sighed, but complied.  Soon her asshole had been removed and her internal organs harvested.  The internal organs were, as John had said, ground up and mixed with other ingredients to make stuffing. 

       Michelle was packed full of stuffing.  There was so much if was a little difficult for the young girl to breathe.  Her belly was sewn shut, as was her pussy and asshole.  There would be no stuffing leaking from her.  She said goodbye to her older sisters and mother.  The attendants carried her around to her relatives for one last kiss and hug goodbye.  Then she was pushed into the oven.

       This was a special oven.  The doors had a rounded grove cut into them.  This allowed the head of the person being cooked to stay outside of the oven while their body cooked.  An attendant was there to inject stimulants into the neck, keeping the roastee alive as long as possible.  This allowed Michelle to observe the others while they were cooking.

       Nicole was next.  The attendants carried her over to the shawarma station.  The cooking spike, attached to a rotating platform, was specifically designed for live roasters.  The spike would enter either the pussy or anus and go 30 inches into the abdomen.  A post, welded onto the spike 30 inches below the point, had another spike, six inches long, welded to it.  The secondary spike went into the unfilled hole, either pussy or anus, and served to act as a stabilizer, causing the body to turn evenly with the platform.

       Once the the volunteer was mounted on the spike, cooking elements were placed behind and on each side of the platform.  The cooking elements were five feet tall, leving only the head of the volunteer uncooked.  Again, an attendant would be standing by to administer the stimulant, keeping the roastee alive as long as possible.

       The attendants were good at their work and Nicole was soon mounted and turning.  The pain of having the spike enter her (they put it in through her anus) was almost as bad as the pain of being gutted.  They had chosen he asshole for the spike in order to preserve the appealing appearance of her young pussy.

       Ann was filled with stuffing.  As she was bigger than her 15-year-old daughter, she was able to hold more.  Her belly was sewn shut and her pussy was sewn almost shut, leaving a small hole for the stabilizing rod.

       This spit was a little different than ones Ann had seen previously.  Like most, it had the stabilizing rod for the pussy or asshole, but it also had several holes through it near where her feet would be.

       "I see you noticed those holes," John said.

       Holding up a 7-inch rod, sharply pointed on each end, he continued, "they are for this.  Once we know how far your legs reach, this spike will be inserted into the spit and your ankles will be impaled on the points.  Wire will then be used to secure your ankles to the spit.  It is a more reliable stabilizer for the legs than most spits utilize.  If you look closely, you will see that Nick was secured the same way."

       Now that she knew were to look, she did indeed see that Nick's ankles were secured that way.  It really did control the legs better.  There was less movement than most other spits would allow.  She could see where that would provide more even cooking throughout the legs.

       Ann sighed as she was bent over and her ass cheeks spread wide.  The person inserting the spit was highly skilled and the spit was through her in moments.  When it exited her mouth, it pushed a little stuffing out with the tip. 

       The attendants had to move quickly.  With the spit blocking her air passage, Ann would soon suffocate and die.  The cut a hole in her trachea and inserted a heat resistant breathing tube, allowing her to breath freely.

       "Ann," John said when she was mounted over the coals. "Can you understand me?  I know you cannot talk or nod, but if you understand me, just blink once for yes."

       Ann blinked once.

       "Excellent.  I've had problems with live spitting in the past, but it seems we were successful with you.  With the stimulants, you should survive for about 30 minutes over the coals.  I just wanted to say it was a pleasure working with you and I am proud of how you, and your children have handled yourselves today.  You do us proud.  Thank you."

       Ann blinked once.  Then she smiled and moved her eyes to look at Nicole and Michelle.  They were still alive.  Nicole was starting to brown.  Ann could not see Michelle's body, but Michelle had been in the oven for 15 minutes and was still talking with the attendant that administered the stimulants. 

       John returned to Anna.  Her asshole had been sewn up and the girl was standing, waiting for instructions.

       "Okay, Anna," John said. "Let's go over to the grill."

       The grill was six feet long and three feet high.  The bars of the grill were red hot. 

       "Anna, I need you to kneel on the ground and rest your breasts on the grill.  The heat will cook them, but you will need to reposition them from time to time to ensure they are evenly and completely cooked.  If done right, it should take about 10 minutes to fully cook your breasts.  I will leave Sara, my niece, here as an advisor.  She has gone through this before and knows what you will be feeling.  Show her, Sara."

       Sixteen-year-old Sara opened her blouse to show two scarred circles on her chest where her breasts should have been.

       "Sara cooked her breasts for us three weeks ago at a family reunion.  She has helped others do the same and will be very helpful to you."

       Anna knelt and placed her tits on the grill.  She hissed in pain as the hot metal came into contact with the flesh.

       "That's right, Anna'" Sara said.  "You've got them on there perfectly.  Now, we need to press them down.  Try to flatten them as much as possible.  This serves two purposes.  It puts more of the boob's surface on the grill and makes the boob thinner.  The thinner it is, the easier it is to cook."

       Anna was not sure about that, but did as she was told.  Doing so, she found another benefit.  By pressing down on the tit, there were more sensations and it was easier to accept the pain from the grill.

       Anna kept her boobs like that on the grill for four minutes before being told to roll them about 90 degrees to the right, effectively cooking the right side of both breasts. Now she HAD to hold them down.  They would not stay turned on their own.  After three minutes, she rolled them 180 degrees to the left, cooking the left side of both breasts.

       "Wow," Sara said.  "You're handling this better than anyone I have ever seen."

       "Well," Anna began, "I kinda like pain so this is actually kinda nice."

       "Ahhhhh," Sara said with a smile. "A masochist.  Then you might not mind cooking your pussy and ass as much as Uncle John thought."

       After three minutes, Sara took he knife and made a shallow cut as the base of Anna's left tit.  Anna felt nothing.  There was a smaff puff of steam from the wound, but no blood.  Sara smiled.

       "Your tits are done, girl.  Let's go serve them up."

       Anna stood and marveled at the difference in sensation.  Before, her tits would jiggle at the flopped around.  Now they were very firm.  No bounce at all.

       They walked to one of the tables. There were three executives there.  Anna cut 3 slices off of her left tit.  There was no pain at all.  She mentioned this to Sara.

       "Of course, not, silly," Sara said.  "The nerve endings are dead.  You cooked them.  So you shouldn't feel anything from the at all."

       The second table had four executives.  Anna cut 2 more slices from her left tit, finishing it off, and then started on the right tit. After cutting 2 slices from her right tit, Anna and Sara proceeded to the third table, which had three people, including John.  Anna cut the last the last 3 slices from her right tit, leaving her breastless.  It felt weird.  They were just about to head back to the grill when John stopped them.

       "Oh, girls," John started, "I hate to say it, but there has been yet another change of plans."

       Anna was beginning to dread those words.

       Seeing the look on Anna's face, John was quick to speak up.

       "Anna, don't worry.  Nothing has changed for you.  You will proceed as we discussed earlier.  The change has to do with Sara.  Her parents, my sister and brother-in-law, will be able to make it to the picnic after all.  There bringing Sara's two younger sisters as well.  Therefore, we need more meat.  Sara will be joining you, cooking her pussy and ass on the grill and then having her arms, legs, and head cut off before grilling the limbs and torso."

       Sara just sighed.

       "I really should have seen this coming," Sara said.  "Ok, Uncle John.  Tell us the rest."

       "Well, Anna will need to gut you before you grill your pussy and ass.  But, because we still want you able to walk, she will gut you through your pussy."

       "Whatever," Sara said. 

       They walked to the gynecologist's chair together.  They stopped by Ann's spit so Anna could get a good look at her mom.  Amazingly, if her mother's rising and falling chest were any indication, the woman was still alive.

       "Hey, mom," Anna said.  "Can you hear me?"

       Ann's eyes fluttered open and mother and daughter made eye contact.  Ann tried to smile, but the motion was hindered by the tightening facial muscles.

       "Look, mom," Anna said pointing to her chest, "No tits."

       Ann blinked at her daughter and tried again to smile.  The muscles were a little looser this time and the smile was a little more successful.

       "Well, mom, you look great.  Mouth-watering, even.  I kinda regret that I will not get a chance to taste you like we did with dad.  Well, I gotta go.  Goodbye, mom.  I love you."

       Ann blinked again, much slower this time.  As the two girls, watched, Ann's chest rose and fell once, twice, and then stopped moving.  Ann had died.

       Anna was a little surprised to find herself crying a little.

       "I'll see you soon, mom," Anna whispered.  "Wait for me."

       The girls continued to the chair.  Sara got into it and placed her feet in the stirrups.  Anna picked up the knife.  Seeing the activity by the chair, a couple of attendants came over.  They would assist Anna by cauterizing Sara's wounds.  As no more stuffing was needed, everything was being thrown away. 

       Anna was pretty good.  She had also aced biology the year before.  She hadn't thought it would come in handy when gutting a girl less than a year later, but she was glad to have the knowledge. 

       Sara was pleased, too.  Anna was quick and precise.  Within 5 minutes, all that was left were Sara's heart and lungs.  Sara was given a shot of stimulants and the two girls returned to the grill.

       "Now comes the hard part," Sara said.  "Have you ever seen a girl grill her pussy?"

       Anna shook her head.

       "Well," Sara said, "you have to lean forward.  Your pussy is on the front of your torso.  Your legs will get in the way if you just sit normally.  You need to spread your legs wide and lean forward as far as you can without falling off the grill.  Then your pussy will cook right." 

       "It takes about five minutes to cook your pussy," Sara continued.  "It takes ten minutes for your ass.  So, when you are done with your pussy, just sit back for five minutes.  Then you are done and ready to serve.  Shall we?"

       Anna wasn't sure, but nodded anyway.  Both girls hopped up on  the grill and before the pain got to them, spread their legs as wide as they could and leaned forward, pressing their pussies right onto the hot grill.

       The pain was excruciating.  Anna was surprised, but she actually seemed to like it.  She was not screaming at all.  She was, in fact, flexing her hips grinding her young pussy more and more onto the grill.

       "I was right." Sara said, surprising Anna out of her thoughts.  "You do like it."

       "I guess so," Anna said sheepishly. 

       Then she saw that Sara was doing the same thing.

       "You, too?"

       "Well, yeah," Sara answered, embarrassed. 

       Five minutes passed much faster than either teen expected and they sat back, letting their asses finish cooking.

       "So," Anna said, "five more minutes to cook, then ten more minutes, at the most, to cut out our pussies and asses.  So we have about twenty minutes left to live."

       "Yep," Sara replied. "Looks that way."

       "Looks like my sisters are still alive," Anna noted, looking over at the oven and shawarma areas. 

       Despite being in the oven for almost 40 minutes, Michelle was still talking to the attendant.  Nicole was also still going.  Despite the loss of one tit, both legs, and one arm, Nicole was still alive and spinning. 

       The remaining five minutes passed quickly and both girls got off of the grill.  There was no feeling in their asses or pussies.  They walked stiffly over to John's table.  John was sitting with the CEO and looked up at a nod from the boss.  Seeing the young girls approach, he smiled.

       "Just about that time, eh girls?"

       "Yes, Uncle John," Sara said.

       John handed his niece a long sharp knife and a plate.  Sara carefully slid the knife into her crotch and smiled when there was no pain.  They had done it right.  She continued cutting and soon her beautiful 16-year-old pussy was separated from her body and sitting on the plate.  She then tried to cut off her left asscheek.

       Seeing that the angle was bad, Sara looked pleadingly at Anna.

       "If you help me with this, I will help you with yours."

       Anna agreed.  She took the knife and smoothly cut the younger girl's asscheeks off and put them on the plate.  Anna had cut so close to the pelvic bone, that the bone was clearly visible. 

       The loss of the muscles in the hips caused Sara to stumble.  Attendants were quick to catch her and help her to stand.  All watched as Anna followed Sara's example and cut out her own pussy.  After a minutes, her pussy, too, was separated from her teenage body and sitting proudly on a plate.  It looked beautiful.

       Anna handed the knife back to Sara and turned her ass to the younger girl.  Attendants, having seen what happened with Sara. were prepared and caught Anna before she fell.  The plates were given to the diners.  Anna gave hers to the CEO and  Sara gave hers to her uncle.

       "Thank you, girls," John said.  "Do you have any last requests before we prepare you for the final step?"

       "Uh, yes," Anna said.  "I saw that my sisters are still alive.  I would like to say goodbye."

       "That sounds reasonable," John said. "The attendants will help you over there.  When you have said your goodbyes, they will take you back to the grill."

       "Uh, Uncle John," Sara asked, "would it be okay if I went with her?"

       John could see that the two girls liked each other and saw that they looked to each other for support.

       "Sure, Sara," John said. "I see no problem with that."

       "Thanks, Uncle John," said Sara.

       "Yeah, thanks, John," echoed Anna.

       The two girls slowly made their way, with the help of the attendants, to the oven.  Michelle was still talking, but Anna could see that it would not be much longer.  Michelle's voice was much weaker and sweat was just rolling off of the 15-year-old's face.

       "Hi, Michelle," Anna said.  "How you holding out there.  Is there much pain?"

       Michelle turned her head a tiny bit.  It seemed all she had the strength for.

       "Oh, Anna," Michelle said, seeing her sister. "No.  Not much pain now.  It was bad at first, but now I am just tired."

       Michelle's eyes widened a bit as she notice Anna's condition.

       "What happened to you?  You look like hell."

       "Well, Michelle, I grilled my tits and then served them to the executives.  Then Sara, here, and I grilled our pussies and asses.  Mom's company's CEO got my pussy and ass and John got Sara's pussy and ass."

       "Right now," Anna continued, "John is letting me say goodbye to you and Nicole, but as soon as I am done, Sara and I will have our heads cut off.  Then our arms and legs will be cut off and our limbs and torsos will be grilled as well."

       "That, that was nice offfff......."

       Michelle closed her eyes and did not open them again.  Anna looked to the attendant.  Putting her fingers to the young girl's throat, the attendant checked for a pulse.  After a moment, she looked at Anna and shook her head.

       "Well," Anna said sadly, "it's only Nicole and me now."

       They moved on to the shawarma.  Unlike most shawarmas, this one was treated differently.  Meat was not removed in tiny pieces and then thrown together.  For a human shawarma, a large piece of meat was removed and then sliced thin and put together in a sandwich or salad.

       When the got to the shawarma, Nicole was in a little better shape than Michelle had been, even with the missing legs, arms, and breast.  All that was left of Nicole was the torso and head.

       "Hi, Nicole," Anna said.

       Nicole turned her head to see her sister.  Her eyes widened and she started to chuckle.

       "Hi, Anna," Nicole said. "Those highschool boys we got to hurt us were amateurs, weren't they?  Can you imagine if we came home looking remotely like this?"

       "No, Nicole.  I can't.  I don't even want to think of how dad would have reacted if we came home from a date minus a tit."

       Nicole laugher.

       "You're right.  He probably would have killed them.  You know he had a gun, right?"

       "Really?  No, I didn't know that."

       At a prod from one of the attendants, Anna remembered the time.

       "Yeah, well, I'm going to have to go, Nicole.  Gotta go get beheaded and dismembered.  I love you and will see you soon."

       "I love you too, Anna.  Have fun."

       Anna laughed and then she and Sara were led back to the grill.

       "You and your sisters are handling this much better than I would have imagined," Sara said.

       "Well, we have had a good life.  No real worries.  It would only get worse as we got older.  Having to worry about bills and kids, and jobs.  No.  It seemed logical to go out while we are on top.  Save ourselves from life's disappointments."

       Sara smiled. 

       "You know, I never thought about it that way."

       The girls were taken to a chopping block.  Anna was placed by it with her head in the groove.  One of the attendants picked up the axe. 

       "Thanks, Sara," Anna said quickly.  "I don't think I could have done it without you."

       The axe came down and easily sliced through the 17-year-old's neck.  Anna's head fell into the basket. When the head came to a rest, the eyes were looking directly at Sara.  Sara could have sworn Anna winked.

       Then it was Sara's turn.  A quick chop and Sara's head joind Anna's in the basket.  The girls' arms and legs were removed.  The hands and feet were separated from the limbs and thrown away.  The limbs and torsos were put back on the grill. 


       John and the CEO, Maria Henderson, sat at their table, finishing off the last of Sara and Anna.  The picnic had been a huge success.  Everyone had had fun.  There had been more than enough meat and entertainment volunteers.  There were so many voluteers, in fact that the extras, all 75 of them, were sold to the restaurants at the end of the day for the price of $200 a head.  This allowed the company to return, to each of its corporate clients, $5000 of the $6000 they contributed.

       "I gotta say it, John," Maria said. "This year's picnic was the best picnic I have ever seen.  The MacMillans did a wonderful job.  And that father, wow.  You don't see too many men these days willing to volunteer like that.  He had some very nice meat, too."

       "We gotta do this again next year," Maria continued.  "I am leaving it in your hands.  I can't think of anyone with a better aptitude for party planning.  I can count on you, right?  You'll think of something?"

       "Yes, Maria," John said with a smile.  "I will think of something."



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