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She woke up in a cell with close to 15 other girls her age.  They were all still passed out.  Lisa couldnt remember how she got there.  She was at a rave just last night, someone gave her a drink and the rest is darkness.  Wherever they were, they were mobile.  And whoever was driving, wasnt caring for the bumps much.  They bounced around like luggage in a trunk of a car for what seemed like an eternity.  Some of the other girls started waking up and sniffles and moans began to come out of them, some even crying.  It wasnt long before a loud scream pierced the calm air.  Within a second  of that scream, Lisa heard a loud CRANK! Sound as a large door opened letting in a blinding light.  About 5 large round figures moved in each grabbing a girl and dragging her out the door and into the light, shutting the door again as they left.  Lisa couldnt get a good look at the figures. 

       They would return shortly and get more, I was one of the last ones to get picked up.  I tried to fight him, but his grip around my waist was so tight that I couldnt even move.  I could barely breathe.  Where was I and what the hell was happening to me?  I knew it couldnt be good. 

       Outside, I realized I was in a strangely shaped airplane and I was drug across a runway and into a concrete room with no windows and pitch dark when the door was closed.  I sat there scared as hell and wondering what the hell was going on.  I was kidnapped.  I was going to be tortured until my daddy came up with ransom money.  That shouldnt be a problem.  Daddy would do anything for his angel.  Yes, I was a spoiled little girl.  I always got what I wanted, and when I didnt I would just be mad at daddy for a few days and he would cave and give it to me anyway.  Where was daddy now?  Did he know I was kidnapped?  Was he trying to get me back already?  If only I knew.  But I hope it happens quick and I hope they catch these gorilla pieces of shit.

       It wasnt long until the cell door opened and a fat, hairy man walked in, or more like waddled in.  He shined a bright spotlight on me and told me to keep still.  All I had to do was obey until daddy came through and I would be ok. 

       “What the fuck is going on here?”  I said angrily.

       I felt a sudden pain on my mouth as his hand smacked me hard.  I could feel my lips fattening immediately. 

       “Shut the fuck up or you will get worse.”  the voice was gruff and sounded strong and serious.

       “Look, my da…..”  SMACK!  This time I got it on my nose bringing tears to my eyes.

       “ Wanna go for more bitch?”

       I got the picture then and realized I better shut up and listen.

       “Rule number one, you will not speak, or make a fucking sound unless you are asked a question, or you are told to make that sound. Is that understood whore?”

       I nodded my head.  A hard slap to the face followed.  “answer me in a complete sentence and call me Sir.”

       “I will not speak or make a sound unless I am asked a question or told to do so, Sir.”

       “Good girl.  Now I am going to explain a few things for you.  Some of them are going to be rules.  Some are going to be explanations.  When you are asked a question, you will have one second to answer or you will be severely punished.  Is that understood?”

       “Y..Yes Sir.”  a quick slap across the mouth cutting it.

       “Complete sentences whore, thats a warning and strike number one. Now try again.”

       “Yes Sir, I will have one second to answer any questions asked of me. I understand Sir.”

       “Better.  Next, you will not try to escape, or you will suffer extreme torture and then die.  Dont believe me?  Watch this.”  He turned off the spotlight and a film began.

       It was a young girl in the same room I was in.  she was about my age.  she was naked and the man was holding a whip in his hand.  She ran for the door and the man used the whip to trip her up making her fall hard on the floor.  He reached for her and pulled her up by her hair, and threw her across the room making her head hit hard on the far corner.  He then picked her up again by her hair and sat her down  on a stool.   He bound her hands behind her back and made her elbows touch in a tight helpless bind.  He tied her feet to the stool legs and her knees were tied to a spreader bar.  He made a phone call and shortly after, two other men showed up with bags full of stuff.  They placed them on the metal table and pulled out some tools and rope.  Each of the men got a handful of hair and yanked out a huge chunk. Of hair laughing as he did it.  The first man forced a huge ring gag into the girls mouth fastening it tightly behind her head.  You could tell the girl was screaming in agony as the men kept yanking out hair and filling her mouth with it, she coughs some of it out as tears run down her face.  Soon enough the girl had no hair left on her head.  All that remained were a few strands and blood trickling down her face and scalp.  A bandage was placed on the head and she was left there.  The movie continued with the girls head healed but with several scars.  She still had the ring gag on, only now her mouth was bleeding from the strap being on for a few days.  The big fat man kept slapping her bald head making her cry and beg for mercy.  He pulled out a tool that looked like a large pair of pliers and he clamped her nose shut.   The man the twisted the pliers breaking the girls nose and twisting it upside down.  He then used the same pliers to pull out each of the girls teeth. 

       He took off the ring gag after punching her dead in the face giving her an instant black eye.  You could tell her jaw had been dislocated from the gag as she wasnt able to move it and it was at an awkward angle.  He punched her in the jaw and watched her fall to the floor.  The next part he had huge nipple clamps on the girls nipples pulled hard to a hook on the wall in front of her.  He pulled out a large pair of scissors and without a blink, cut off her nipples leaving them hanging from the chain. The pain made the girl pass out.  When she woke up, her nipples were on a plate in front of her and the holes that remained were sewn shut in small xs.  tears streamed down her face non stop.  He stabbed the nipple with a fork and forced it into the girls mouth making her eat it using his hand to make her chew and rubbing her throat to make her swallow it.  You could easily tell, the girl had lost her mind by this point.

       The movie continued with the man cutting off her legs, then her arm and hanging the body parts on the wall in front of her.  Each interval had a long waiting time.  I guess they allowed her time to recover from each decapitation.  By the end of the movie, the girl was nothing but a head and body.  She was hung on a wall through a hook on her back and left there to starve to death.

       “this is no bullshit cunt.  Run and this WILL happen to you.”

       Fear struck me like a ton of bricks.  The movie made me puke at least 3 times all over myself and my shoes.

       “will you do as you are told?”

       “Yes sir, I will do as I am told.”

       “Good girl is learning already.”  He had an evil grin on his scraggly face.

       “Next rule, when you are given an order, you do it without hesitation and you have a second to do it.  Failure to do so will be reason for punishment and trust me, you  dont want that.”

       He walked around me checking out my body.  “now strip whore.”

       I hesitated, and a second later I felt a hard blow to my stomach.  “We just went over this, you must be a total fucking idiot.”

       I quickly took off my clothes and dropped them to the floor in front of me.  I tried to hide my body as best I could.  “hands at your sides bitch.”  I quickly did as told remembering the blow to my stomach.

       “spread your legs more than shoulder distance and put your arms straight out, not 45 degrees, not 30 degrees, straight out.”  I did as told. Feeling exposed and helpless and scared.  I lost the idea that daddy wasnt getting me out of this one.   Those arms will not drop or move at all. He said. 

       He sat on the stool right in front of me.  He pulled out a folder and removed a packet of papers.

       “ok, you already know the first three rules.  What are they?”

       “I wont speak or make a sound unless I am told to or am asked a question, I will answer in complete sentences and immediately.  I will obey your commands without hesitation.”

       “very good cunt….  Ok, as of now that will be your name, Cunt.  That is your new name, and your old name no longer exists as your old life doesnt exist.  You are now a slave.  Property. A thing.  A toy.  You are nothing.  You are worthless, and you are stupid.  As of right now, your body, your soul, your heart and air all belong to me.  I can do what I want, when I want and how I want to do it.  Your comfort means nothing to me, and my comfort means the world to you.  You have now been dehumanized and demoted from normal human being, to a worthless piece of shit. If you think you have it bad with me, think twice, the world out there will be much more cruel with a cunt like you.”  He took a deep sigh as he say that my arms were starting to shake.

       “when you refer to your body parts, you will call them mine, as they all now belong to me.  When you refer to yourself, you will use it or slave or cunt, nothing else.  The words no, me, mine, my, I and myself are no longer a part of your vocabulary.  You are mine.”  I started crying uncontrollably.

       He walked over to her and placed the folder in her left hand.  “this will not fall from your hand.  Five times a day you will read these rules.  Each time you will read them on your knees and read them five times.  He walked over to me and pulled my hair making my head cock back.  I winced in pain.

       “Whose hair is this?”

       “this hair is yours Sir.” I responded.

       “And what can I do with this hair?”

       “you can do whatever you want with it sir.”

       “And that I will, I may cut it, color it, shave it, burn it, rip it out, whatever I please right?”

       “Yes Sir, whatever you please.” remembering to speak in complete sentences.

       He released my hair and pulled pressed his thumbs hard against my eyeballs. “and these eyes are mine too, I may color them, gouge them, blind them or cover them as I please right?”

       “Yes Sir, whatever you please.”

       He grabbed my nose hard and held it there. “this nose will smell what I want, snort what I want, and take up it what I want it to.”

       He pinched my lower lip.  “These lips will be used for kissing anything I want them to, they will not bitch or complain, they will not speak, they will not dissapoint.  They will be used for pleasuring me.  Now stick out your tongue.”  I quickly did so.

       “this tongue will be used to lick anything I want it to, please whatever I want it to, taste what I want it to.”  He let go and squeezed my cheeks together.  “this mouth will be used to please me in whatever I wish, it will eat what it is given, it will thank me for everything it gets to consume.  It will swallow what I want it to swallow.  It will never bite or scratch anything that has flesh or be severely punished.  This is now to be named pussy as it will be used like a pussy most of the time.”        

       He grabbed my throat making my arms lower a bit in exhaustion. And cutting off my windpipe.  “this throat will swallow anything it is told to swallow and nothing it is not given permission to.”

       He reached down and squeezed my breast hard like they were clay.  I couldnt help but yelp.  He didnt hit me I think he liked it.  “these are now refered to as your pleasure bags.  I will play and abuse them as I see fit or for my own entertainment.”   he reached down and pulled the hair on my sex and gave a hard yank making me squirm a little and making my tired arms lower even more.  “this is now called the pleasure hole, as It will be my hole to get pleasure from.”  he stuck his pinky finger inside my anus.  “this is now called my shit hole as that is what it really is…. Say, I like that name better than cunt.  That will also be your new name, shithole.  Your new full name is now, shithole cunt slut.  Yes I like that.”  he stepped up on my toes and feet pressing down.  “These feet are mine to torture also shithole.”  the name brought him pleasure as he smiled every time he said it.

       “now, lower your hands, I will show you your basic slave positions.  First the waiting position.  On your knees.”  I did as told.  “toes pointed backwards and feet crossed, and sit on your heels, knees spread apart wide and hands on thighs palms up, head lowered as you are never to look at me above the chest, the punishment for that will be an immediate eye gouge.”  I assumed the uncomfortable position.

       “this position you will always be in when you are doing nothing and have no orders to complete.”  He pulled me up by my hair.

       “next, is the offering of the cunt.  You will kneel up with your back straight and pleasure hole pushed forward, arms crossed behind your back, feet crossed and toes pointed behind you, eyes closed or downcast, knees will be together, you will have to learn to balance this way, your cunt will be wide open and the dick massager (tongue) will be stuck out as an offering,  assume!”  I assumed the position wobbling and trying to keep my balance.  “this position will be utilized when you are given the command cunt offer.” 

       “next is the standing position.”  he pulled me up by my hair again it was starting to make my head hurt from all the pulling.  “arms behind your back, feet shoulder length apart and toes perfectly pointed straight forward.  Head lowered, breasts stuck out.  Assume!”  I assumed the position.  “this will me utilized when you are allowed to stand whether in public or private.”

       “next is the punishment position.  Grab your ankles and arch your back and stick the ass high. Assume!”  I did.  “this will be used when you hear the command punishment” 

       “finally there is the offering of the pleasure hole.  Lift your left leg high and hug it with your left arm in place.  This will also take balance skill.  Head and eyes lowered, right hand out to keep balance.  Assume!” I did but couldnt keep my balance.  He just laughed at me.  “We are in for a long, long ride.”

It all begins

       He stepped behind me and pulled my elbows together until they were touching.  I strained a little from the stretching, but I was more flexible than I thought as he used a coarse rope to bind them in that position.  The tied my palms together as well.  He then tied a rope around my waist tightly and ran a rope between my legs and behind me and made a harsh tug to pull the rope between my pleasure holes lips.  I winced in pain as a tear fell down my cheek.  He then pulled my hair behind me tightly and tied it in a really tight ponytail.  I could feel my face stretch it was so tight.  Too long of this and I might end up with a headache, but I cant complain or I might loose my teeth.

       He then grabbed a metal collar and closed it tight around my neck, it didnt choke me, but it was tight enough to let me know it was there.  No more than one pinky room between the neck and the collar.  The metal was cold against my skin.  In the front of the collar was a heavy chain that hung down to mid-waist.  He knelt down and attached the same type of binds to each of my ankles, and mean, these ones were uncomfortable with my bones rubbing against the cold steel.  A 2 foot chain connected them.  Lastly, he pulled out some type of clamps, each with their own chain hanging down.  He attached the first one to my left nipple.  I screamed from the pain which only made him smack me in the mouth again.  He attached the second one to my right nipple causing the same reaction.  He walked behind me and before I knew it, I a metal ball was being pressed hard against my lips.

       “Open, Shithole!”  I opened my mouth as the ball was forced into my mouth.  The taste was of cold metal.  I almost immediately started drooling as I couldnt even swallow.  What the hell was going to happen to me?  Was this psycho going to kill me?  Rape me?  Torture me like the girl in the video?  I began to cry uncontrollably, which only made him smile and giggle.

       He tugged on the chain connected to my collar.  “Keep up, Shithole!  Follow me and keep up or I will use those nipples to lead you where you are going.”  In fear I hobbled along as fast as I could with the pain all around me especially on my ankles.  I could feel it bruising already.  He tugged along roughly, making me stumble a few times.  The nipple clamps were jingling and keeping my nipples stimulated.  He took down a ramp and into a large parking lot.  Around the building and off to the side was a small hatchback with a large window in the back.  He opened the back.  Inside of the back was a bunch of trash and garbage.  Spoiled hamburgers, rotten salad, and a bunch of papers and junk.  He pulled me into the back end of the car.

       “Get in there with the rest of the trash shithole!”  He had a big grin on his face.  I crawled in with his help feeling the rope between my legs rub hard and chafe me.  He cramped me in the back and shut the door.  It really stunk back there and it was making me gag as I had no choice but to smell it all with the metal ball in my mouth. 

       He got into the car and drove off.  someone is bound to see me and help me.  was all I could think.  But as he drove off into traffic, all I could see was a bunch of people pointing and laughing at me from the other cars.  Was the world sick?  Couldnt they tell I was in trouble and needed help?  My arms were starting to hurt and I could barely feel my hands.  He drove me to a house in a big neighborhood.  He opened the back door.

       “Get out.”  I got out and he pulled the chain and led to around the house through a metal gate to the back yard.  I saw a doghouse in the far corner but no dog.  A small patch of grass and a lot of weeds and dirt surrounding it.  The lawn looked like it hadnt been cut for a long time.  He took me to the back porch and attached my collar to a ring on the ceiling.  He left me there for what seemed like 2 or 3 hours.  When he returned, I was crying in discomfort and pain.  He untied my elbows and wrists and took off the clamps which made me scream in agony through my gag.   He took off my shackles.  He just laughed and smiled.

       He took off my ankle shackles and let me down.  “on your knees shithole.”  I quickly dropped to my knees.   He took the chain around my neck and pulled me into his house.

       His house was just as bad as his car.  Trash thrown everywhere, laundry, dirty laundry thrown everywhere.  Rotten food spread out all over the place.  The walls were gray with dust and grime.  Beer bottles all over the place.  Even the floors were slimy with what smelt like pee and throw up.  And I was being forced to crawl through this shit.  The smell was making me gag.  He led me into his den.  The den was also completely trashed and stinky.  The only thing in there that looked like it was taken care of was the big 62 inch Television against the wall.  A sports game was on.  I dont know anything about sports and I wasnt allowed to look up so I couldnt tell you what sport it was.  The man left me kneeling there for a bit while he took off into the kitchen. 

       He returned with a thin baking pan full of uncooked beans.  He placed the pan right in front of my knees.

       “Kneel on the beans shithole.”  He commanded.  I did, the pain started shooting through my kneecaps.  “Kneel up! Back straight and put your palms together in front of you.”  I did as told as he placed a folder in my hands.  “Now recite your duties, responsibilities, and rules.  And remember you must do it five times.”  I opened the folder and realized this was going to take a while to do.  I felt a hard sting on butt as he was using a whip or something to control me.  “NOW”

       I started reading.

       “Slave Duties, Responsibilities, and Rules. 

       1.  Slave is do anything Master commands her to do immediately and without question….”

       WHAP!!!  I squealed.  “Change the word Slave with I, bitch.”

       “2.  I am the lowest form of life.  I am below all animals, below all things.  I am merely shit and deserve to be treated as such. 

       3.  I am to never say no to Master.  He has complete control of my mind, my body and my soul.  I have no choices in my life except one and that is to please Master and fulfill his wishes. 

       4.  When receiving punishment for my inadequacies, I will thank Master for the punishment and correct the problem immediately or the punishment will double the next time it occurs.

       5.  Whatever service I provide for Master, I will thank Him for allowing me to pleasure him.  Whether it be cleaning, serving Him, or pleasing him, I will thank him.

       6.  I am never to speak unless I am asked a question.  Master will be given total respect while I will receive zero to no respect as a slave I do not deserve any type of respect.

       7.  I am never to make a sound without permission.

       8.  I will be Masters slave, I will cook for him, clean for him, and service his pleasure as he feels fit for me. 

       9.  I will keep Masters house completely spotless at all times.  I will learn to fix anything mechanical to save Master money, I will learn to garden to keep his house looking nice and presentable.  I will learn to cook to his liking.  My life will be exhausting and I will be happy and filled with joy to do it.

       10.  My food and clothing will be provided my Master.  I will eat when he allows me to eat.  I will dress in public as he dresses me without complaint.  Any food that Master gives me, I will eat completely and off the floor as I do not deserve utensils or dishes.  I will thank Master for allowing me to eat and for providing food and drink for me.

       11.  I will keep my appearance and physical appearance in good order at all times.  I will have all hair permanently removed from my face down.  My hair will always be curled and pulled back in a ponytail with loose curls down the end of my face.  My eyebrows will be plucked twice a week and they will be kept clean and thin.  My makeup will be put on lightly and cleanly.  Pink lipstick will always be used as well as pink nail polish even though my nails will not be long.  I will keep my weight below 110 lbs or Master may punish me or starve me until I reach that goal weight.  I will douche daily and give myself an enema on a daily basis to keep myself clean and smelling nice for Master at all times.

       12.  I will bathe Master once every evening before bed.  I will wash him thoroughly.  When Master uses the restroom, I will wipe his ass and then lick it when I have finished cleaning him to ensure a good job has been done.  I will clean his penis with my mouth after he urinates even if it was in my mouth.  I will dry Master and dress him after every bath.

       13.  I am not allowed to use any amenities, my bathroom use will be done when Master takes for my walks three times a day.  During those times, I will carry my hankerchief in my mouth as I am walked.  I will urinate by lifting my leg like a real pet.  If I need to make a bowel movement, I will place the hankercheif on the floor and make my business on it.  I will fold it up and carry it in my mouth to dispose of it at home.  If I fail to use the restroom when Master takes me, I will have to wait until next time to use it. 

       14.  The offense for attempting to run away is death after torture as I have been schooled and shown. 

       15.  All errands and grocery shopping will be done by me.  The grocery list will be posted on the fridge.  Every Monday I will shop for Master by walking to the store in the clothes he allows me to wear and return and put them away neatly.  The food I prepare for Master will be chosen from a menu on the fridge daily.

       16.  I will keep Masters yard clean at all times.  I am never to refuse him or deny him.  For my name is now shithole and I deserve nothing.

       17.  I will love Master and cherish master on a daily basis.

       18.  These are the rules and responsibilities and duties of this slave.  I will carry them out to the best of my ability. “

       By this time my knees felt like they were bleeding and my back was killing me.  I wanted so bad to sit back on my heels, but as I lowered myself a bit, he would sting me with the whip making me jolt back into position.  My throat was getting dry and scratchy.

       I repeated the whole thing 5 times and I was crying hard by the time I was finished.  Master had whipped me at least 20 times for lowering myself or shifting my weight from one knee to the next.  By the last time I read it, I could hardly see from the tears filling my eyes. 

       When I was finished I placed the folder back in my hands and Master took it off my hands.  He allowed me to get off the beans.  He tugged on my chain and led me to the front door.  On our way out, another guy walked right in.

       “Yo, brother, whats going on man?  Just wanted to see your bitch.”  His friend said like it was nothing.

       “Here she is.”

       “Damn dude, you hit the jackpot.  Virgin?”

       “Yup, paid 50 grains for her.”

       “Bro, winning that lottery was probably the best thing that ever happened to you.”

       “No shit, man, everyone knows I need it to clean my house and keep me happy.”

       “Does she know shes not on her planet anymore?”

       Master frowned.  “She does now dumbass.  I didnt think she deserved to know.”

       “sorry bro.  didnt know.”

       “well I was just about to take her for her walk, wanna come along?”

       “Hell yeah!”

       My mind was hazy at this point, I was just glad I wasnt kneeling anymore.  So this is a totally different planet just like mine.  I was tugged on my leash and led out the front door.  A hankerchief was placed in my mouth as I crawled out.  I was led through the gates and onto a sidewalk.  Being summer, the weather was warm and I was glad about that.  Crawling in the snow would be hard.  My knees were killing me but I was pulled to a fast crawl.

       “When we go on our walks, you will crawl in front of me so I can see your ass wiggle.”  Master and his friend laughed.  I went ahead and I really did need to pee so I found the first bush and lifted my leg exposing myself to the neighbors across the street sitting on their porch.  I could hear the woman say, “what a disgrace to all women she is.”  the man nodded.  I couldnt do it, I couldnt pee with an audience.  A little trickle rolled down my leg.  I was walked around an entire block probably close to a quarter mile before we got home, all I was able to let out were a few trickles. And a bowel movement was impossible.  I hadnt eaten for almost 2 days I imagined. 

       We went back into the house and Masters friend left us at the door.  I was led to the bathroom where Master sat on the toilet and made me kneel in front of him.  He let out a loud fart and a giggle escaped his parched, cracked lips.  The odor of the bathroom was rank with human waste.  The toilet was filthy with piss stains and grime.  The shower was discolored with long streaks of black and a black ring around the tub.  Master grabbed me by my hair making me look at him.

       “Open that cunt.”  I opened my mouth as he pressed my head down on his rank shaft.  I gagged on the length never having had a penis in my mouth before.  He held my head down until I almost passed out when he finally released me.  I was gasping for air when he ordered me to place my mouth over his shaft and keep it clean as he takes a dump.  I did as told, I just kept my lips wrapped around the shaft.  It wasnt long until he farted and a small trickle of piss escaped his shaft hitting the back of my throat.  Instinctly I swallowed the warm, bitter liquid.  I didnt want to be punished.  I rubbed my tongue around the shaft while it was till in my mouth to let him know I was keeping it clean.  This repeated about 3 times before he was through.  He handed me a roll of toilet paper and smiled.

       “Here, it is your job to make sure my ass is always clean after a shitting.”  He bent over the toilet with his soiled butt crack inches from my nose.  I coughed in disgust of the rancid odor of his waste.  I wrapped the paper in my right hand and wiped the filth.  I put the paper in the toilet and repeated until I saw no more crap on his ass.  When I was finished I put the roll of paper down on the floor before me.

       He grabbed the back of my head and pressed my face between his butt-cheeks.  “Kiss the hole so I know for sure you did a good job cleaning me.”  I puckered my lips and kissed the sphinter with a quiet smack.

       “Now flush the toilet and pick up my clothes.”  I did as told.  The smell in this room was so rank, if I had anything at all to eat, I would have barfed it out by this time.  The dry heaves were quite annoying. 

       Master had me crawl behind him as he led me to the back yard.  On the back porch was a table with chains in all corners and on the legs of the table.  He buckled me onto the table with each leg on the table legs and my arms to the opposite legs of the table.

       He returned with a thick belt and placed it to my mouth.  “you have made a crucial mistake shithole.  You have forgotten to thank me for allowing you to clean me.  I hope you dont forget to thank me for this punishment.”  He stood behind me and began the punishment.


“Thank you Master for my punishment.”


“Thank you Master for my punishment.”

       I received 50 lashes for my failures.  By the end tears rolling down my face.  I could barely flex my butt muscles without squealing in pain.  Bruised for sure.  He untied me from my punishment table and ordered me back onto my knees.  I crawled behind him in pain with every step.  He led me into his bedroom.  He sat on the bed and had me kneel before him with my back turned towards him.  He proceeded to tie my hands behind my back in a folded form so that each hand was touching the opposite elbow.  He then tied my ankles to my butt in a jockey position.  He pulled off his tighty whiteys and placed them over my head making me smell his sweaty ass.  He then pushed me down on the hard wood floor and turned off the light.

       “Sleep well, shithole, tomorrow you will have a lot of work to do.”  I dont really have to say that I really didnt sleep well if not at all that night.  I was startled when Master pulled me up to my knees when he woke up.  He pulled his underwear from over my head and the first thing I saw was his long hard shaft right in front of my face.  Before I could even blink, a smelly, yellow stream came from the tip drenching me in his liquid waste.  The fluid splashed all over my body until I was dripping in his waste. 

       He untied me and placed a thick metal collar around my neck, locking it in place.  Dangling from the front between my breasts was a heavy rusty chain.  He locked me in his closet while he took a shower.  When he returned, he ordered me out of the closet and present my cunt for his shaft.  I knelt before him with my mouth wide open as he inserted his long hard shaft to the back of my throat.

       “Pleasure me with your cunt, shithole.”  I wrapped my lips around his shaft and began to suck softly, knowing that I couldnt possibly give Master any pain while I please him.  I continued to suck as he controlled my head motion with my hair.  I gagged a few times on the length, but he didnt seem to care about that.  It didnt take long at all before his body jerked as he forced his shaft halfway down my throat cutting off my air.  I tried pulling back but his hold on my hair was too strong.  His man juice shot strong down my throat almost making me panic as I got dizzy from my lack of air.  Finally, he pulled it out, leaving the thick goo halfway down my throat so I couldnt hack it out.  I had to swallow if I wanted to breathe.  I quickly swallowed with what seemed like only seconds before I would pass out.  I fell to my side as I got my air back into my lungs.

       “Thank you Master for allowing me to please you with my cunt.”  Tears ran down my face as I realized the humility in that statement.  He pulled me up by my hair back into the kneeling position and wiped the dripping cum all over my face leaving a thick layer on my chin and my eyebrows.  He just smiled.

       Master then went into the closet and came back out with a long t- shirt, a pair of high heels, and old runny pantyhose.  The shirt looked like it hadnt been washed in 10 years and smelled about the same.  The hose had a rank smell of spoiled sex.

       “Put these on, we are going shopping today shithole.”  He left the room.

       I put the rank clothes on and met him in the den.  He pulled me by my chain and led me out to the car.  He opened the trunk and made me get in.  When the trunk was finally opened, we were at a mall.

The Shopping Trip.

       I got out of the trunk. 

       “In public, you will always walk behind me at least 10 feet.  You will hurry in front of me to open the door for me.  You will address all men as Sir, and all women as Maam.  You will kneel to my left when we are not walking.”  I had never worn heels before, so that was something I was still getting used to.  I wobbled behind him to the front doors of the main entrance.  Eyes burning my soul as everyone noticing me as a slave girl.  I stumbled in front of him and held the door open for him, then waited as he walked ahead.  Our first stop was the food court.  He went to a Chinese restaurant and ordered some food.  After he paid for the food, I carried it to the table he was sitting at and knelt directly to his left.  People whispering and commenting as they pointed at my humility.  A few times, Master threw a few pieces of food on the floor in front of me indicating that I may eat some.  At the end, he threw the rest of his noodles on the floor making me eat them with my hands as everybody watched and muttered.  I could feel my face burning in embarassment. 

       I was then taken to a shoe store where we bought three pairs of 7” high heels, some platform and one not.  We also bought several pairs of thigh highs and pantyhose of different colors.  I carried the bags as we made our way to the whore store.  This store had some of the whoriest clothes known to man.  Micro-mini skirts, fishnet stockings, stripper clothes that hid practically nothing.  I was bought  5 outfits.  From there I was led out back to the car and into the trunk. 

       We arrived at a Wal-Mart.  I was led out and the same rules applied.  Here we bought a bunch of cleaning supplies.  Scrubbers, soap, dish soap, pine sol, buckets, mops, brooms, detergent, scrubbing brushes, rags by the ton, and floor wax and cleaner.

       I was made to unload the cart into the trunk and force myself into the trunk with all the stuff we bought for the day.  Master forced the trunk closed causing some of the cleaners and scrubbers to dig into my stomach and back.  The ride home was short and painful.  I knew by this time, that I was destined to be miserable for the rest of my life.  I had no choice but to accept this sadistic life set out for me. 

The Days Of Exhaustion

       The ride home seemed a lot longer than it really was.  The bumps became torture on several pressure points throughout my body, perhaps even bruising.  I was doomed.  I was finished.  I could slowly feel my mind fade away and begin to accept the torture my life was going to encounter forever.  The trunk opened finally as I got a quick refreshing breath of air.

“Unload this shit in the den, shithole, and then strip.”  He stormed off into the house.  It took several trips to fully unload the car.  Tears were running down my face in fear and the terrible mix of emotions that were overcoming my soul.  Finally, when it was all done, I stripped and knelt beside Master and waited for his next command.  He handed me a cup with 3 pills and a large bottle of water.  Thank god I was dying of thirst.  What the pills were, I didnt know, but I took them anyway in my desperation for water.  I actually downed the entire bottle in a matter of seconds. 

       Master took my leash and led me out the door again for my walk.  This time I managed to get a little more pee to come out at my designated bush. Master made me smell the wet bush like a dog would.

       “Get familiar with that smell shithole.”  He said casually and in a soft tone.  “because some nights, I may bring you out blindfolded for you to find your spot by smell like the real bitches.”

       At the corner I laid out my handkerchief and tried to shit.  I managed to push out a ping pong sized turd.  I could hear master giggling behind me as cars passed by honking.  A loud older truck passed by as I heard a man call out, “Wooohooo dirty whore!!”  I just wiped with my hand, folded up the handkerchief and placed it in my mouth forced to smell it a half block back to the house.  The heat was intensifying the smell and I could feel blood start to trickle on my knees, but for some reason every time I would feel a sharp pain run through them, I would get a tingle in my lower belly and the pain would fade away.  Perhaps something was in those pills I was given.

       Back at the house I was taken to the back yard where I was to dump my shit in the trash but save the towel.  I was to tuck the filthy towel inside my collar until next time.

       “Im hungry, I want a sandwich and chips.”  He walked into the den and opened a book titled “Slave Training.”

       I made the sandwich to his liking as hard as it was to find food in the fridge that wasnt rotten.  Ham and cheese, no veggies, and heavy mayo, just the way he likes it.  A beer to drink.  I entered the room and knelt toward him with plate in hand.  He snatched it away and checked the sandwich.

       “Not perfect, but it will do.”

       “Thank you, Master, for allowing me the pleasure to serve your lunch.”

       A smile formed on his ugly-ass face which I wasnt allowed to look at.  I got a slap across the face for catching a glimpse.  “Suck my dick whore.”  I did as I was told, making sure that I massaged his shaft with my tongue and poking the rear end of my throat from time to time.  When he was finished with his sandwich, he pushed my head down hard on his cock blocking my wind and gagging me savagely.  Tears rolling down my face and stars forming in my eyes as I felt his foul tasting seed slither down my throat.  He pulled out and I immediately tried to gasp for air which was a giant mistake.  The seed was inhaled making me cough and choke to the point of pure blackout but I didnt pass out.   After my coughing fit, and my hearing returned and my eyesight came back to me, I was able to see and hear Master laughing uncontrollably.  I started crying like a baby.  Was this what I was going to have to live with?  I would rather die.  I should just try to run and if he kills me, at least I wont be living this hell.  But the fear of death still overclouded my mind and held me back.

       “Thank you Master for allowing me to please you with my cunt.”

       “Sweet shithole is learning so fast.”  He gave me a swift kick on my sex forcing me to bend over a little. Hmmmfff.

       “You have all the shit, now I want this room spotless.”  I looked around and I couldnt believe it.  I didnt even know where to start.

       I started with the trash and laundry.  I was ordered to throw away everything.  I wont bore you with all the details of the cleaning, but it was absolutely rank.  Food on plates that I couldnt even recognize what it was.  Foul smelling socks and stained underwear.  The floor was covered in grime when it was finally exposed with splotches of discoloration and thick slime all over the hard wood floor.  I filled 15 extra large trash bags full of trash and laundry.  I carried the bags out the dumpster out back feeling the collar tighten around my throat as I got further and further away from Master.  I realized by this point that I couldnt linger too far from him without this collar choking me. 

       It was 1pm by the time I picked up the trash.  It took me over 2 hours to get it all.  By this time I was already getting tired but I knew I better not stop. Master interrupted.

“I need to take a shit.  Come shithole.”

       I followed and did my ritual.  I knelt in front of the toilet and placed my lips around his shaft as he farted and shitted and moaned and groaned.  Having my mouth around his shaft forced me to smell his foulness and waste.  I couldnt hold it any longer.  I barfed up the piece of sandwich and dog biscuit he let me eat for lunch.  It dripped all over the shaft and onto the front part of the toilet.

       “FUCK!”  He yelled.  “you disgusting little bitch!”

       He punched me dead and hard on my left breast making me squeal in agony and pain.  He pulled my head back and ordered me to lick up the vomit from the toilet and from his shaft and balls.  I did as told, gagging the whole time and getting a hard kick in the pussy every time I gagged.  He stood up and forced my face on the part of the toilet I threw up on making me lick it as he wiped his ass with my hair.  I could feel the chunks of shit hit my upper back as he released my hair.

       “Now finish wiping my ass with your hands bitch!”  I did as I was commanded and then kissed his sphinter again to prove its true cleanliness.  When it was all done, I was given another big bottle of water and a dog biscuit.

       “Thank you Master for allowing me to serve you on your toilet.”  I was slapped hard as he left back into the den to continue his reading.  I followed to start on the ceiling.  I pulled a latter out from the outside and managed to get the true white color to come back out.  This took me close to 2 hours.  My arms were heavy and in extreme pain.  My arms were finished right as I was finishing the final corner. The walls were next.  I had been on the walls maybe a half hour when Master stood up and tugged on my leash.

       “Its 5pm shithole, time for your walk.  Turn around and present your ass.”  I turned and pressed my face on the floor and arched my back with my ass high up in the air.  He pulled out of a drawer a small butt plug with a long tail at the end of it.  He spit on my asshole and forced it hard into my asshole making me hmmmmfffff and immediately cry in pain and discomfort. 

       “Display your pleasure bags, slut.”  I knelt up crying and pushed my breasts out as far as I could as I put my hands behind my head.  He pulled out a pair of alligator nipple clamps and attached them to my already sensitive nipples.  The pain make me squeal even though I tried as hard as I could to hold back any possible noises. 

       “Lets go shithole, cmon girl.”  he said as though he were calling his puppy.  The plug meant that I wasnt going to get to shit I supposed.  I was wrong.  I peed a full pee in front of the full 5 oclock traffic at my bush and I smelt it once again trying to get familiar with the stench of my own waste.  At my shitting corner, I pulled out my dirty towel and splayed it out on the floor.  I was told to pull out my butt plug and place it in my mouth while I took a shit in front of hundreds of passersby.  This time I actually pushed out a small log.  Not a strong smell from this one as I wiped with my hand and put the plug back in.  The sun was setting by the time I got back home.  I threw my shit in the trash and tucked the towel in my collar and went back to work.  By this time, I was disgusted with my own self.  I stunk, I was filthy and hungry and I hadnt bathed in about a week or so.  My hair was full of shit and I had cum, vomit and piss dried all over me.

       Master ordered some takeout while I continued to clean the walls.  He ate and stared at me the whole time, throwing a piece of food at my feet and at the dirty floor making me eat it.  All I could do was thank god that this house was small and not as big as the damn mansion I lived in.  Master fell asleep while I stayed cleaning with the clamps and plug remaining.

       After I finally finished with the walls, I was able to get a clean look at the man which will be controlling my every move for the rest of my life.  He lied there with his mouth wide open, brown and yellow rotted teeth filled the open crevice and I could just swear that I could see little yellow smoke coming out indicating a foul smell.  Some drewel dripped down his mouth and his cheek.  I was able to see the large pores on his oily face and it was obvious that he had a bad case of acne as a teen.  Altogether, he was a disgusting looking man. This is probably the only way he could get a piece of ass. To force someone to do it.  I quickly turned away as he gave a quick twitch and loud snort.  He shifted in his chair.

       I was able to finish the floors by the time Master woke up.  It was 8 pm.  My body was broken and my soul and spirit were ruined and diminished.  I felt like I couldnt move anymore. 

       I was given water and two dog biscuits as treats for doing a good job.  I had been cleaning now for 9 hours and serving Master the whole time and I still had the windows and furniture to do.  I cried at the thought.  The only thing that got me through it was thinking to just do one thing at a  time and not to worry about how far I still have to go. 

       Master took me for my final walk.  Now I was already used to people making comments and staring at me as I pissed and shitted like a bitch.  I didnt need to shit this time.  The old man across the street jerked off to me every night while his wife was in bed.  The thought made me feel sick and dirty, but what choices did I have?

       We returned home and I finished cleaning the house.  It was 11:30pm.  I crawled behind Master to give him his bath.  After I dried him and sucked him clean, I thanked him.  He pulled out the plug and took off the clamps which hurt more when they were released.  He chained me to the toilet and turned off the light leaving me to the filth of the floor. 

       “Sleep well, my sweet shithole, tomorrow you have the kitchen.”  I slept in pain and exhaustion the few hours I had.  Of course I was woken up at 5 am the next day.  4 hours of sleep was hardly enough.

       The rest of the week went similarly the same, I cleaned and served master and thanked him and prayed every night that I might get saved some day.  Each day the pills made me feel weird.  I had urges to touch myself.  I had sexual desires I had never had before.  I had pain and exhaustion, working nonstop to make that filthy place the cleanest house on the block.  Next week, I start school.  Wonder what that is going to be like?

Chapter 3

               Cleaning that house was pure hell.  By the sixth day, my body was broken and tired.  My eyes burned from fumes and lack of sleep.  Masters interruptions made the days longer as I would start early and finish late.  I started the kitchen at 5am and I didnt finish it until 12 midnight.  I almost passed out from exhaustion.  I had to read the rules before I put Master to sleep which took almost another hour being that I had to repeat them five times. 

       The rest of the rooms were a little easier and took close to 10 hours each to finish.  Each night I would get spanked for my failures and missing spots of cleaning, but for some reason, the next day, I could still feel the bruises but no marks would be shown.

       It was Sunday morning when I was woken up with a hard kick on my sore butt.  Master gave me my daily pills.

       “Wake up shithole.”  I woke up and crawled behind Master to the living room where he made me kneel beside him while he dressed.

       “Damn, you stink, bitch.  Isnt it one of your rules to keep yourself clean and shaven and smelling nice for your Master?”

       “Yes Sir, I am sorry Sir.”

       I heard a chuckle. “I havent instructed how you are to do that, have I?”

       I shook my head.  He grabbed my leash and led me out to the back yard. 

       “See that shed over there?”

       “Yes, Sir, I see the shed.”

       “In there is a large metal tub, go get it.”

       I crawled over to the shed and in the far back was a tub filled with dirt and cobwebs.  I drug the tub out and in front of Master in the middle of the yard. 

       “Clean it out, whore. And then come and get me.”

       I did as ordered and used the garden hose to wash and scrub the tub clean knowing that it was where I was going to bathe in it on a daily basis, sometimes more than once.  When I was finished, I went back to Master.  “The tub is clean, Master.”

       “Good.”  He took my leash and led me back outside where I noticed a neighbor peeking over the fence to look at me.  Master noticed her too.  She was a young girl about my age but heavy with short, spiked hair and a look as butchy as butchy could get.  She had a smile across her face.

       “Oh, hey Bri.”  Master waved at her.


       “This is Shithole, my slave girl.  She is getting her bath ready.  You can watch her if you want to.”

       She just smiled and looked on.

       “Fill up the tub, hole.”

       I started filling up the tub as  Master walked to the fence to talk to Bri.  I didnt catch all they were talking about, but I knew that it was about me.  I know I heard him say that every morning at 6am I would be out here bathing and that Bri could watch me anytime.  They laughed and talked. 

       When the tub was filled Master returned to me with a scrunchy and a bar of soap followed by a bottle of shampoo and conditioner. 

       “Get in you stinky whore and you better make yourself clean and smelling pretty.”  he walked back to Bri where they stared at me as I crawled into the large tub gasping for air as the coldness shocked my body.  I sat down and started immediately seeing the water turning grey.  I scrubbed the hell out of my body taking good care to scrub everything.  I tried to do it all quickly so that I could get out of the water and into the warm sun as soon as possible, but the filth caked on me was taking a while to come off.  I managed to get all the shit and piss off my hair and body.  Master then looked me over and had me squat on the soft grass before him.  He pulled out the hose and rinsed me off.  He made me rub my body to rinse myself correctly.

       “Stay.”  He said as he walked away into the now spotless house leaving me to Bris sadistic stare and grin.  I was shivering in my humiliation.  Master returned with a razor and shaving cream and a large mirror.

       “Shave every inch of your body.  I want no hair from your face down.  I want no facial hair, no arm hair, no pit hair, no pussy or ass hair, and definitely no leg hair.”  he went back to Bri and they watched me as I shaved myself, using the filthy tub water to rinse the blade when it would get full of hair.  It took quite a bit of time for me to finish shaving everything.  I was very careful when going around the clit and pee hole.  When I was finished Master returned to me.

       “Stand up.”

       He took a large bottle of lotion and put some in his hands.  He rubbed my cheeks and my lips and my chin leaving a thin layer of lotion on my face. He ran his hands down and did each arm separately then down to my pits and breasts and stomach down to my butt and my sex.  He left a larger amount of the lotion on my sex and my pits.  Then down each leg down to my toes.

       “Just a warning, shithole, in about 3 minutes you are going to feel a deep burn all over your body.  I expect you to cry and scream so feel free to do so as I will be taping you.”  He pointed to Bri holding a camera in my direction.

       “You were just given a solution to deaden the cells that make your hair grow.  After about 3 of these treatments, you will no longer be able to grow hair on your body where I rub it again.”  He laughed and walked back to Bri.

       Then it hit me.  It felt like red, hot needles poking through each of my hairs.  It started with a tingle and then into pain.  I started to shift and squeal at first and it quickly grew to me dropping on the ground and rolling in the grass.  Rubbing my hands all over trying to take off the lotion that was causing this discomfort and pain.  I thought I had the worst of it when the pain became more intense.  It turned from prickling to a deep burning inside my skin.  I felt like my skin was on fire as I rolled around screaming at the top of my lungs.  The incidents seemed to last forever before it finally started to settle down.  The crying and squealing finally started to calm down.  Never in my life had I ever felt anything like that.  And I still had 2 more treatments to look forward to.  Just as suddenly as the pain started it stopped and I felt no pain whatsoever.  Its like it was on a timer of some sort and the switch turned off.  Bri and Master were still taping when it was all over.  Master came over to me and replaced my collar pushing my shit towel in it and attaching the leash.

       “Open your cunt and please me, shithole.”  I opened my mouth as he pounded the back of my throat with his hard dick choking me with every push.  I gagged and choked and some snot came out of my nose as he relentlessly hit my throat.  This wasnt getting any easier, but it was expected at least.  When he was finished spraying his cum down my throat, he pulled himself out and wiped it with my face.

       “Thank you Master for allowing me to pleasure you with my Cunt.”

       “Good girl.”  He patted my head.

       “Empty your tub slut. And piss and shit if you have to.”  He stood watching me as I barely managed to tip it over. I peed, but I couldnt shit as Master wanted. I was ordered to scrub and clean the tub every day when I finish my bath.

       “Every morning, you will wake up at 5am and fill this tub and bathe.  When you are finished, you will clean your tub and rinse yourself off.  Then you will use the morning light to curl your hair, put on makeup, and put on some perfume and powder all over your body.”  He pointed to the fence in the back of the yard up on a small incline.  Beyond that fence was another house facing in the opposite direction. Against it was a small vanity with a mirror and several drawers.

       “Over there is your vanity, after you dry yourself off, you will use that to make yourself even more beautiful.  Your hair is to be curled in large curls, use hairspray to keep it up and curly.  Your face will have pink everything.  Pink eyeshadow, pink blush, pink lipstick.  Inside one of those drawers is a set of pink contacts to make your eyes appear pink.  You will use pink eyeliner and pink mascara as well.  You will lightly shade your nipples pink with a compact with the words nipple color on it.  You will then spray every inch of your body with the perfume I have supplied you with and powder your pussy and ass.  Now do you think you can remember all of this whore?”

       I repeated everything back to him hoping that tomorrow I will remember everything exactly.

       “Your clothes will be laid out for you every morning when I wake up.  You will put on what I lay out or you will wear nothing.  Understand that, bitch?”

       “Yes, Sir, I understand.”

       “Good shithole.  Now make yourself beautiful so we can go shopping for some school clothes for you tomorrow.”

       I did exactly as he wished and was amazed at my appearance.  Pink was such a feminine color and the contacts really made my beauty stand out.  I got the tingle in my lower stomach again, this time it was almost sexual.  I returned to the den where on the coffee table was a red micro mini skirt, a blue shiny tube top, a tan colored thigh high, a black thigh high, a red 6” heel and a white 5 ½ “ heel.  Did he intentionally set out clothes that didnt match in any way?  I better not question him and just put them on.  When it was all done I felt totally awkward.  Lopsided shoes, two different thigh highs and an outfit that didnt go together?  I am definitely going to get some attention at the store.

       I knelt waiting for Master to come in and approve.  When he finally did, he was dressed in a formal suit with dress shoes.  I couldnt look up but I supposed he looked sharp considering his foulness and his ugliness.  He took off my thick metal collar and replaced it with a thinner, pink leather collar with the words “shithole” in the front.  A short 6” gold leash was attached and I followed Master out to the car.  This time I was allowed in the front seat as we drove to the mall once again.

       As soon as I got out, the attention came.  The tops of my thigh highs were fully exposed showing about 2 inches of bare thigh to the tiny mini skirt.  The tube top pushed my breasts up high creating more cleavage than it should have.  I had both young and old men staring me up and down as I followed Master into the busy Sunday mall.  Girls were passing by laughing at my mis-matched clothes as some other girls would look at me with a disgusted look and calling me names like tramp and whore.  I was getting used to being called those names, but from other girls my age they did make me feel embarrassed. 

       We made it to the food court and Master ordered both of us some food.  For him a double cheeseburger, fries and a large coke.  For me, a garden salad and a cup of water.  This was going to be the first real meal I have had since my slavery began.  As we made our way to the table, Master made me pull his chair out for him as he signaled for me to sit across.  As I made my way around the small table he whispered. “when you sit, you will lift your skirt so you sit on your bare ass.”

       I did as I was told showing everybody staring that I was naked under that skirt and my hips were in full view for all to see.  I ate happily though.  The first real meal in over a week.  When we were finished, I stood and adjusted my skirt and picked up the trash and threw it away.  Then I pulled Masters chair for him again as he stood up.

       I followed him to a goth store where he had me try on a short schoolgirl skirt and blouse.  When he saw me in them, he had me take them off and had the clerk sell him one that was one size smaller.  I had five schoolgirl outfits by the time we were done, all of which were one size too small.  Without saying a word to me, he had me follow him into the mens room where he had me suck him off while he shit with the stall door wide open for all to see.  When he was done I noticed that there were about 10 men and boys all staring and smiling at my actions.  The humility took over when I wiped Masters ass and kissed his sphinter afterwards.  After a few seconds I got a hard slap across the face.

       “Just because we are in public means that you dont have to thank me, shithole?”

       “Thank you, Master, for allowing me to service you on the public toilet.”  I felt my face burning red in embarassment. 

       “Just for that, you will suck any man in here looking at you that wants it and you will thank him for it when you are done.”  I was freaking out by this time but I knew it meant torture and death if I failed.  I was led to a urinal and made to kneel and keep my hands behind my back as the men and boys lined up.  There were only 7.  Each one either came in my mouth and made me swallow the foul seed, or they came on my face or cleavage which I wasnt allowed to wipe. 

       I walked out of the bathroom dripping in cum, my makeup didnt smear however.  I was smelling of sex and as I walked I could feel a bit of my own juices slowly dripping between my legs.  Was I actually starting to enjoy this?  Was this some hidden fantasy of mine?  My body was doing things I had never felt before and tomorrow is the first day of school.  Whats in store for me then?

To be continued. . . . . . .

First Day of School

       The rest of the day, I pretty much just did all the household chores, a lot of boring stuff, really.  My walks were getting a whole lot easier.  I was getting used to people watching me crawling on all fours around the block and seeing me do my business on the corner.  I was still getting used to carrying my poop in the handkerchief in my mouth.  Gagging on the stench was getting a lot easier.

       It was around 8pm when Master had me kneel and read my rules.  The pain was killer on my knees.  I just could not seem to get used to the pain.  I repeated the rules five times and pleased Master before putting him to bed.  I slept on the hardwood floor with my alarm next to me to wake me up at five am.  It was the most comfortable night of sleep I had since I got here.


       The alarm went off with a loud buzz startling me.  I could hear Master moaning and shifting in his bed.  I quickly turned it off and headed downstairs and to the back yard to take my bath.  I could feel the collar tightening as I went further from Master.

       The bath was really cold and the cool morning air didnt seem to help in any way.  I made my way to my vanity and put on the makeup and did my hair according to the guidelines Master had set for me. 

       When I was finished, I made my way to Masters bedroom.  I crawled under the blankets and pleasured him until he woke up and blasted his cream down my throat.  I swallowed and cleaned any mess I had made.

       “Thank you, Master, for allowing me to pleasure you with my cunt.”

       He just patted me on the head and kicked me off the bed.  He gave me my daily pills. He made his way to the closet and pulled out my uniform for my first day of school.  It was a white tie-top that was a bit raggy-looking.  It was followed by a very tiny, fluttery, pleated mini-skirt that barely covered the curve of my butt and went about 2 inches below my mound.  It was finished with a pair of 6” red high-heels that matched my skirt.

       I put on the outfit and waited for Master to approve.  He looked me up and down with a huge grin on his face.

       “You have no idea how bad I want to fuck that virgin pussy of yours.”  He licked his lips and sat down.  I knelt beside him.

       It wasnt long before his friend from the other day showed up.

       “Hey, bro.” He told Master.

       “Whats up Jared?”  Master shook his hand and gave him a half-hug.

       Master had me follow him to the car and he let me in the back seat where I was to sit in the middle with my legs spread so he can see my “virgin pussy” all the way to school.  He and Jared were talking about rules for me while I was at school.  I was handed a paper with a list of rules while at school.  It would be added to as the day passed by.  I was told to read the paper out loud over and over again until we got to the school.

       The paper read as follows:

       Rules to follow while at school:

  1. I will obey all teachers in their requests and commands of me without question. 
  2. I will do all homework to the best of my ability.
  3. I will ask Jared first if I need to use the restroom, then I will ask the teacher in detail what I need to do. (e.g.  “Sir?  May I be excused to urinate/make a bowel movement?)
  4. Bathroom use will be made in the mens room with the stall door wide open for all to see. 
  5. I will wipe my pee with my hand and lick my hand clean.  I will wipe my butt with paper.
  6. Upon returning to the class I will thank both Jared and the teacher for allowing me to urinate/make a bowel movement.
  7. During lunch, Jared will choose my meal for me.  I will eat it while kneeling on the floor in the corner of the cafeteria.
  8. At the end of each day, I will report to the principals office for my partial payment of my tuition.  This will/may include oral sex.
  9. Under no circumstances will I have vaginal sex with anybody. 
  10. Jared will ensure that all rules are followed.

I repeated these ten rules about five times when we finally arrived at the school.  It was a big, beautiful school.  It looked more like an expensive college.  In the front were large green lawns.  Tall trees surrounded the buildings and the area seemed to be landscaped professionally.  Immediate intimidation. 

As I stepped out I saw hundreds of students in their uniforms.  The boys were dressed in casual sweater-vests slacks and dress shoes.  The girls were either in a professional suit or a long pleated skirt with tights.  Every one of them seemed to drive an expensive car.  I only caught a glimpse at some of them.  Jaguars, Mercedes, BMWs drove by. 

We walked into the building and thats when I could feel all eyes burning on me.  The boys were staring and smiling and pointing at my butt.  With every step I took, my skirt would flutter up exposing my bare butt.  We made our way to the Deans office.  The secretary let us in.

“Welcome, come in, come in.”  The Dean was an older man in his sixties I would guess.  He had perfectly combed silver hair and an exaggerated tan.

Master and Jared sat down as I was ordered to kneel between them with my head lowered.  Master handed the Dean the paper with all my rules.

“Very well.”  He said with a sigh.  “Now here at Templeton, as you already know, we allow sex slaves to enroll.  We have a special curriculum for them to help in their household duties.  Would you like to see the video?”

“Sure.  Master said.”

The video started and I was ordered to watch it.  It started with a view of the school and gave a short boring history of it.  After that, it explained why slaves were allowed to get a “slave education” through them.  The slave will have regular classes like English, Math, and Science.  History is not taught to slaves as they will never have political options in life and History has no use to a slave.  The curriculum contains seven classes.  English, Math, Science, Culinary Arts, Mechanics (which include plumbing, auto, electric, and misc.), Home Economics (sewing, cleaning, self-grooming, and decorating), and Horticulture (gardening, planting, farming, and landscaping).

Masters have the option to enroll their slaves in the slave after school programs where they will vigorously train the slaves to perform in the annual “Slave Games.”

What were the slave games? Sort of like a perverted Olympics?  Either way I was going to have to go through this.

Master smiled, “Well, Im planning on selling it. So I think this would really work better if she became domesticated.  And if she can compete in the “Slave Games” then that would be even more to put on the resume.”

Dean looked me over.  “Stand up slave.”

“Her name is shithole.”  Master sighed looking me as I stood up with my hands at my sides.

“There are a few rules for slaves as well.  First, her wardrobe must hide her nipples although they can be covered with a semi see-thru top.  Her pubic mound must be covered but it is ok if it is inadvertently exposed throughout the day.  Sex, with any student, female or male, is strictly forbidden and she will be expelled.  Other than that, the regular school rules must be followed.”

“Sounds like we have a deal then.”  Master stood and shook Deans hand. 

“So would you need her to pay you a visit every day?” Master said with a smile.

“That wont be necessary, I have 5 slaves in this school this year.  Its a record year for us.  Have her come visit me on Fridays for lunch and after school.”

“You got it.  Thank you very much.”  Master looked at me.  “Remember, shithole, Fridays for lunch and after school.”  I simply nodded.

“Tuition is due every month, and for your slave with her after school program should come out to 50grains which you can pay the secretary.”

Master said thank you and walked to the administration office where I received my schedule and student ID.  The ID had a large picture of my face with “SHITHOLE” underneath my picture and under that was written, “Slave” to show my life status. 

A young male student named Mark took me on a quick tour of the school. Jared followed far behind.  The male did seem a bit nervous around me, but he seemed friendly enough not to comment.

I was then led to my first class.  English.  Marked walked me in and handed the teacher a note.

“Well, it looks like we have a new student here with us today, everybody.  Lets all welcome shithole to our class.  She is a slave, so you all know the rules about the slaves.” All the students just looked at me blankly.  The boys were drooling over the sight as the girls were either slapping their boyfriends or whispering insults at me.  I could feel my stomach turn as I made my way to back of the room to a desk and sat down feeling the cold wood on my bare butt.

Class went on like a normal class.  I didnt take any notes as I didnt have any supplies with me.  But it was basic grammar stuff I had learned a couple of years ago on my own planet.  It was all stuff I already knew. 

From there I was taken to Math class.  Then I was taken to Science class.  Nothing major happened there as they were doing things I had done two or three years ago.  School was going to be easy. 

In the middle of Science, I realized I needed to pee.  I gently touched Jareds arm and asked him, “May I go pee, Sir?”  He just smiled and nodded.  I then raised my hand to get the teachers attention.  Mr. Growley turned from the chalk board and pointed at me. “Yes, shithole?”

“Sir, may I be excused from the classroom to urinate?”

The class busted out in laughter.  I felt my face turn red in embarrassment. 

“Yes, shithole, you may.”

Jared led me out the door and down the hallway to the mens room.  He let me in and picked a stall.  He didnt say anything else, just pointed at the toilet to allow me to use.  In the middle of the process, two boys walked in laughing.  They were from the same class I was in.  They stopped and asked Jared, “Is the whore in there?”  Jared nodded and pointed at me not saying a word. 

The boys walked over and stared at me.  “Damn, and she does whatever her Master says?” 

Jared nodded and smiled.

The other boy looked at me up and down as I wiped my mound with my hand and licked it clean.  It was totally humiliating. 

I stood up, flushed, and started walking out as I heard one of the boys say, “When I get my trust, Im buying one of those whores.”  They both laughed as the door closed behind me.  I went back to class. 

Jared nudged me and told me to thank the teacher for allowing me to go.

“Thank you Sir, for allowing me to urinate during your class.”  I blushed at the statement as the class busted out again.

“Ok, ok, class, its not shitholes fault.  She is bred to take orders.  She knows no better.”  The bell rang meaning it was lunch time.

Jared stepped in line at the cafeteria and paid the cashier for two lunches.  He served me a salad with no dressing, a piece of dry toast, and a cup of orange juice.  I carried the tray to the back of the cafeteria and knelt in the corner next to another slave doing the same thing as I was.  I ate happily.  Real food was so much better than dog food.

Home Economics was a little more fun as I had no idea how to really clean stuff.  For the next four weeks we will be learning how to properly clean.  Each day we would focus on a different room of a normal house.  Since this was part of the slave curriculum, I found two other slaves were in the school with me.  I wasnt alone.  For the first time since this nightmare started, I was feeling a little better knowing that I was not the only slave in the world. 

Mechanics was the most challenging of all the classes.  In this class, we learned how to fix things.  This week is plumbing.  I had never in my life had to fix things, as daddy would do it for me.  It was totally new stuff.

Horticulture was the most fun.  We worked with flowers and proper arrangements.

Altogether, school wasnt half as bad as I thought it would be.  It was a normal school where I was to be humiliated every day.  I was used to being humiliated and degraded.  It was a little harder as these were all kids my own age.  But they all knew my situation and pretty much left me alone with the exceptions of name calling and whistling. 

The Slave Games

When school was all over, I was taken to a separate building behind the school where the after school program would take place.  We walked into a large gym where five slaves were kneeling in the center of the basketball court.  I joined them as Jared sat in the bleachers with the other slave guards. 

An old man walked in.  He was in his mid-forties, I guess, and morbidly obese.  He breathed with a wheeze and snorted at odd times.  Sweat was dripping from his face and I was able to smell his body odor from where I knelt.  He walk up to us and introduced himself.

“I am Mr. Contram.  You all will address me as Coach or Mister.  Welcome to slave training.  In this program, you will learn how to compete in the annual slave games.  Every year, the slave games take place right here in this wonderful state.  Each school may enter two slaves that they feel will do best in all events.  Over this course you will be trained to perform in every single event.  It will be painful, it will be exhausting, it will be hard.  Today, you will all watch a video on last years slave champion, cuntlicker.  The video will give you a basic idea of what the games are all about.  It will give you an idea on the training you will receive in this program.  So without further adeu.”  He clicked on the video as we all knelt and watched.

       “Welcome to the 100th annual slave games.”  The announcer said excitedly. 

       “This year we have 200 of the best trained slaves in the country ready to prove their abilities.  Lets get started with the first event.”  The camera focused on a quarter-mile, dirt track.  Ten slave girls were lined up, naked and on all fours next to each other.  Their Masters were standing behind the slaves with crops in hand.  The gun fired and the Masters whipped the girls to get them going.  They did one full lap, crawling on all fours.  As soon as they were finished crawling, their Masters inserted butt plugs with tails on them.  The slaves were whipped again as they did two full laps on their hands and feet.  The slaves looked tired and in pain.  Some of them had their knees bleeding from the crawling.  As soon as their two laps were through, they were plugged with dildos in their pussies as they ran three laps around the track.  By this time, some of the slaves were crying.  As soon as they were finished with their three laps, they were given heavy nipple clamps with a single weight on them.  They had to do four more laps, one lap crawling, one on hands and feet, one running, and one hopping.  A weight was added after each lap.  By the end, I could feel their pain as their breasts bounced as they hopped around.  The weights were torturing their nipples horrendously.  Every single one of them were panting in exhaustion and crying from the torture. 

       They were given a short 10 minute break, plugs and dildos and clamps remaining on their bodies.  They were led to the middle of the field where they competed in a few other events. 

       The first field event was a breast tug-o-war.  Each girls breasts were tied tightly and attached to the others.  When they were whipped, each girl pulled as hard as they could until the other either passed out from the pain, or wasnt strong enough to pull the other one in the puddle of piss between them.

       When that tournament was over, they had a fetch relay.  Dog bones were placed high up on a post about a hundred yards away from the slaves.  Each girl was forced to crawl the full 100 yards on hands and feet.  They had to climb up the post, grab the dog bone in their mouths and hop back.

       From that event they went through an obstacle course.  First, they had to endure 100 lashes from their Masters.  They ran up a ramp and had to endure a wooden horse (a thin wood torture device where the slave sets all her weight on her pussy.)  for a total of 10 minutes.  From there, they ran down the ramp and had to squat walk through a tunnel without their knees touching the ground.  From there they got another 100 lashes from their Masters.  Finally, at the end, they were given a full enema and timed on how long they could hold it.  I thought it would all be over by that point, but after their enema, they were given another short break and led into the indoor gym. 

       Each slave still had those weighted clamps on their breasts and they were plugged.  Clit clamps were then attached to their pussy lips.  They were weighted down just like their nipples as they were forced to repeat the same things they did outside.  Only this time, they had weights added to nipples and clit after every lap.  The slaves were passing out in exhaustion, as they were finishing up the games.  Some that remained, had their nipples bleeding from the weights and clamps being on all day.  The slaves that passed out were brought back to health and punished for falling out of the tournament. 

They were whipped, punched, slapped, choked, and raped.  It seemed like more torture to fail than to complete it and lose.

To finish off the entire day, the remaining slaves were placed on their knees as they gave oral sex to ten different men.  They were timed on their performance and the ones that were able to get all ten men off the fastest, won the event.

The totals were tallied and the top three received their medals.  They were gold, silver and bronze dildos. 

       How was I going to be able to endure that kind of punishment?  That was the most sadistic thing I had ever seen.  Was I really going to be trained to do all of those things?  I looked around me and noticed all the other slaves had tears in their eyes in fear of what was in store for them.

       Coach turned off the video and walked toward us.

       “Thats all the time we have for today.  But be prepared tomorrow because your endurance tests will start.”  With a wave of a hand, Coach dismissed us.

       I cried most of the way home.  Jared didnt say a single word to me. 

       When we got home, Jared gave a full report of my day to Master.  Master simply smiled and approved.  I know with Jared watching me all day, I wouldnt be able to get away with anything. 

       “Now thank Jared and use your cunt to please him for wasting a whole day with your sorry ass to make sure you behave like the real shithole you are.”

       I crawled over to Jared and opened my mouth as I unzipped his pants and inserted his soft shaft in my mouth.  I immediately started sucking.  He got harder by the second and before I knew it, he had his hand pressing my head hard into his shaft jamming his rod down my throat.  Gagging and chocking, I did the best I could just to stay alive. 

       Master grabbed his crop and gave me a hard whap across my butt, full force. 

       “Use your tongue, whore!  You know better than that, you lazy ass bitch!”  I stuck my tongue out and massaged Jareds shaft making me gag even worse.  Then it came out.

At the same time that he shot his load, I threw up the chunky salad I ate for lunch all over his dick and the floor in front of him.

       I was forced to put my face in my own vomit hearing it crunch on my cheek as Jared stepped on my face.  My hands were cuffed behind my back. 

       Master gave me 100 lashes.  I received 50 for my failure to properly give head, and 50 more for failure to thank Jared.  I was forced to count and apologize after every strike on me.  By the end of it all, I felt the blood streaking down my legs and I was barely able to move at all without my butt throbbing in pain.  The vomit on the floor was now mixed with my own snot and tears from my crying and beating. 

       “Clean up your shit with your tongue.  I dont care how long it takes you whore.  If you are given food, you keep it inside of you.  You dont waste it like that.”  Master said sternly.

       It took about 20 minutes to finally clean up my mess.  I gagged almost the entire time.  Eating my throw up had to be the most degrading thing I had ever experienced.  It was completely gross.  But why was I getting these tingles deep inside me that made me want to touch myself when I was being degraded like that?  I couldnt understand. 


To Be Continued……..

               Jared said his goodbyes to Master and left after getting paid.  Master had me strip before letting me outside to do my toilet business.  It seemed as though the neighbors were getting used to seeing me in this state as they seemed to ignore my nakedness and degradation.  I knelt at the front door waiting for Master to let me in. 

       Once inside, Master received a call that stated that I would not be able to perform in the slave games because I was a virgin and sex is mandatory.  Master slammed the phone down and glared at me in anger.  He cocked his hand back and smacked me hard across my face knocking me to the hard floor in a thud. 

       “You really are a worthless piece of shit.  Even as a virgin.  I guess I better start looking at selling your sorry ass soon before you cost me too much.”   He gave a swift kick into my ribs making me cringe.  “Get up you stupid cunt!”

       I knelt up quickly and painfully.  Master grabbed some rope and jockey tied my ankles to my thighs forcing my knees to be bent.  He tied my hands and elbows behind my back and ballooned up my breasts.  He attached clit clamps to my pussy.  He then took hold of my leash and lifted me up to force all my weight on my knees and choking me in the process.  He forced me to follow him into the kitchen.  I fell, which only made him more impatient as he pulled the leash even harder choking me to bring me back up.  I tried hard to keep up with his haste but it was too hard as I fell three more times on the way.

       “Goddammit, move that fucking dirty ass, shithole.”  He said impatiently.

       He led me to the side of the kitchen table and attached a long chain that was connected to a pulley on the ceiling to the ropes around my breasts.  No, he wasnt really going to hang me by my tits was he?  Oh god, no.

       I was right.  He began to pull me up as I could feel the ropes digging into my naked bare breasts.  I felt the searing pain shoot from my breasts all the way down my back.  But he relentlessly kept hauling me higher and higher until finally my knees were off the ground.  I screamed in agony as I had never felt such pain in all my life.  My body swung and banged carelessly against the sharp edges of the kitchen table.  I felt my skin scrape and burn as he relentlessly lifted me up.  For a few seconds it felt like my breasts were going to fall off.  Just rip right off.  The tears just poured out.  Before long I was hanging above the kitchen table swinging at a steady pace.

       Master sat at the table below me and made a call.

       “Yes, I have a virgin slave that is semi-trained and I believe she is ready for sale.  I would like to register her for sale.”  He went through a short process over the phone stating that I was certified as a virgin from another planet and he had all my papers.  After hanging up, he sat there for a while looking up at me in all my misery.  He pushed me, making me swing back and forth and causing my breasts to stretch even further.  He then ordered a pizza and left me there hanging while he watched tv and waited.

       When the pizza arrived, he sat below me in the kitchen and ate like the fucking pig he was.  God I hated it.  He snorted and slobbered while he ate  like his fat ass hadnt eaten in months. 

       “Should I feed you some food cunt?”  I hated being called cunt.  I remained silent, just trying to endure my pain.

       “Naw, you already had dinner.  Remember?  Your recycled lunch…  Maybe when you decide to keep down your food you can get some fresh food.”  He snorted and laughed.  He sat there for a few moments and finally let me down.  He led me by my leash once again to the bathroom where I was forced to suck him off while he took a dump.  God he was so disgusting! 

       Little did I know that he had drained all the water out of the toilet before shitting which left all his shit in the open air and the stench filled the room.

       “I bet you like the smell of Masters waste dont you cunt?”  I wanted to respond but just looked at him with a disgusted face. 

       At that time he grabbed my leash and tied it to the back of the toilet.  He tied my hair up in a ponytail to keep it out of the shit.  He then forced my face down so that my whole face was in the bowl.  He pulled down the toilet lid over my head and tied that down also so I wouldnt be able to take my head out and the stench would linger inside and I would be forced to breathe his waste.  I wanted to throw up and made some heaving sounds.

       “You better not barf, slut, or I will make you lick your vomit up from that shit.  Remember, you dont waste food.”  With that said, he gave a quick slap on my ass and left the room.  I later heard him leave the front door and drive off.  How long was he going to leave me here?  After some time, I grew used to the smell and the pain in my knees were growing numb and uncomfortable.  My shoulders were aching and my breasts were throbbing in pain.

       It seemed like forever and a day when Master came home.  He was speaking to someone but I couldnt make out the words.  I heard him make his way into the bathroom.  He lifted the lid and untied me completely so I only had my legs tied and my collar and leash on. 

       “Good job not barfing on my shit, cunt.  I bought a new toy today.  Her name is cuntjuice.  She is brand spankin new and only 14 years old.  She is a virgin too.  But this bitch is mine.  Come on, lets meet her.”

       He led me into the living room where she stood tied to a hook in the corner.  She was so young and so scared, I felt for her.   She was about 5 tall, very thin without a single pimple on her entire body.  She practically had no shape to her whatsoever.  I would have guessed she was a small A cup.  She had beautiful, healthy, long black hair that came to the small of her back and eyelashes that most girls craved to have along with gorgeous bright green eyes.

       Master untied her hands and forced her down to her knees.  She was begging him for mercy.  He pulled down his pants and exposed his hard shaft to her.  He pulled her up by her hair and smashed his balls on her face.

       “Get used to this, cuntjuice.  You will worship this cock for the rest of your life.”  He looked at me kneeling there sympathizing with the poor girl.  He motioned for me to crawl to him.  “Get over here shithole.” 

       I crawled over to him and knelt with my face down.  Master grabbed me by my hair and rammed my face between his ass cheeks.  “You will lick my ass while I take this virgin cunt.”  The girl screamed in horror.

       “Please, sir, dont do this to me, please.”  Master grew impatient and walked out of the room returning quickly with a ball gag.  He forced the ballgag into the girls mouth after slapping her a couple times.  “You need to shut the fuck up and do what you are told.”  He stood her up by her hair making her scream through her gag.  He slammed my face into his ass again.  “now lick, shithole.”

       I started licking his nasty stinky and hairy ass.  I couldnt see what he was doing to the poor girl as my entire eyesight was taken by his flabby ass cheeks.  “Oh yeah.” 

       Then I heard it.  It was a scream of pure torture and agony coming out of the poor girls mouth.  It didnt stop.  I had to keep my face buried in his ass and keep licking as he pounded this poor girl.  I could feel the jerks as he pounded her harder and harder.  The poor thing started crying so hard that her voice was leaving her.  Lucky for her, Master was a minute man and it didnt take long for him to finish.  With a long hard moan and grunt, Master dropped her to the hard floor and jerked his ass away from my face.  He grabbed me by my hair and forced me to look at the girl crying on the floor lifeless.  She was bleeding from her pussy and shaking uncontrollably.  Sweat dripped all over her body.

       “Shithole, I want you to lick that pussy clean of all her blood and when you are done with that, you will show her the rules.”  I hesitated to lick up her sore pussy and all the blood that dripped down, but it did it in fear of what may become of me if I failed.  The girl jerked as I licked her pussy clean.  Master stood above us laughing and calling us dykes and real Lesbos.  I will never forget the foul taste of blood mixed with cum as I cleaned up that mess with my tongue.

       I spent the rest of the night explaining the rules to the new girl.  She had many questions and I answered her the best I could.  I explained she was on another planet and that the laws are different.  I explained that it did her no good to run away because she would turn into a torture doll for the rest of her life.  I warned her about the hair removal cream.  I explained to her to simply obey and she will hate it, but she must deal with it.  The poor little girl was crying so hard and I felt for her.  I wanted to help her but I knew I couldnt.  By the end of the night, she was caught up and said she understood the rules.

       Master came into our rooms and led us both outside.  He untied my legs and I was finally able to stretch them out after hours of restraint.  He made us both sleep in tiny kennels outside for the night.  The next day would be a day I would never forget.  The day of my sale.

       “Is there really no escape from this hell?”  She asked me from her tiny confinement.

       “If there is, I havent figured it out yet.  Then again, Ive only been here about two or three weeks.  From what I can tell, that weird collar that is locked around your throat tightens as you go further and further away from whoever has the control.”  I answered her as best I could hoping that maybe she may be saved or we could figure something out together.

       The rest of the night was pretty restless.  Not just because of the confinement, but because she had so many questions.

       “Does he hurt you a lot?”

       “So far, I have received some kind of pain every day.  Just make sure you listen closely to all of his rules and follow them to the T because the beatings are severe when you mess up.”   I remember all my failures to thank Master.

       “Honestly, what am in for?”  She said in a pouty tone.

       “Well, as you can see, hes completely disgusting.  When I came here, his place looked like a dump and I had to wash and clean everything.  It took me three days to do it and I was working at it at least 12 hours a day.  He likes for you to suck him off while he takes a pooh and that is so disgusting.  If you throw up, he makes you lick it or take a beating.  But honestly, the most pain I have been in is the hair removal cream.  Just be prepared.”  With that said, we dozed off in a restless sleep.

       It was still dark when Master came out and woke us up with a hard kick to the kennel.  He had us both crawl out.  I prepared him breakfast while he worked on cuntjuice.  Breakfast did not take long to prepare.  When I was finished I took it out to him to find that he had bound her to the ground spread eagle and stretched to the max.  Master had me get on all fours as he sat on my back and enjoyed his bowl of oatmeal.  He was so damn heavy but I really had no choices whatsoever.

       When he finally finished, he threw the bowl aside and had me kneel and watch him work on cuntjuice.  He sat down on the grass and took a strong hold of her hair gathering as much as he could in one grasp.  He ordered me to fetch his bag of goodies.  I did as told and he pulled out a pair of scissors.

       “You earth women love your hair so damn much.  It gives you power over the weak men on your planet.  You think it makes you so fucking hot that no man can deny you.  So as my first order of business, I get rid of this hair for good.  From now on, you will be as bald as a fuckin cue ball.”  With that said, he used the scissors to cut her hair extremely short.  He ordered me to fetch him a big bowl.

I ran and did so.  When I returned, he was using clippers on her head leaving her with a short buzz cut.  She almost looked like a little boy.  He gathered all her hair and placed it in the bowl. 

He reached down into the bag and pulled out a pair of elbow length gloves and put them on.  He reached back into the bag and pulled out a large bottle of that torturous hair removal cream.  He squeezed out a handful and rubbed his gloved hands together before rubbing it thickly on her head.  She didnt react to the lotion immediately as it took a few minutes to start the burn.  By then he had already made his way over her entire face and neck.  She started to struggle a little bit as he was rubbing the lotion into her arms and armpits.   Then it hit her.  Her screams were blood curdling.  She was screaming like she was about to die.  She struggled to move but the steaks held her firmly in place.  He worked his way down the front of her body over her super sensitive nipples and over her belly and sides.  It didnt take long before she was completely covered in the cream.  He cries were growing hoarse as it was obvious she was in excruciating pain.  The cream was especially thick on her pussy.  Master stood and watched with a big smile as he was actually enjoying her discomfort and pain.

Then suddenly the screaming halted.  I remember my first time using that cream and how the pain was so severe, but it would end suddenly.  Cuntjuice lied there in tears and pain.  Master took the hose and power washed the lotion off her body.  The water was really cold and with no sun to heat her up, I could only imagine what she was going through.  I remained silent in my kneeling position holding a bowl of her hair.

Master then flipped her over and repeated the entire process on her back.  Again the screaming was insane and I almost cried for her as I had never heard someone cry so hard in pain.  I felt for the poor girl.  When Master had finished washing her off, he had us kneeling facing each other.  The sun was starting to peak over the eastern mountains and I was able to get a better look at the change in cuntjuice.  He wanted her hairless, and she didnt have a single strand of hair on her entire body.  Her head was shiny in the dim light as was her entire body.  She looked completely different with no eyebrows and her eyelashes were completely gone as well.  It was a shame because she really had some beautiful eyelashes.  She glistened in the sunlight as it peaked over.

Master took the bowl from me and ordered me to suck him and show her how to do it correctly.  I placed my hands behind my back and began to suck making sure my teeth didnt touch and my tongue was busy massaging his nasty smelly shaft.  Before long, he pulled me off his dick and jacked off in the bowl of hair.  He had a ton of cum that morning for some reason.  After that, he peed into the bowl.  Using his gloved hands, he mixed it up. 

Cuntjuice just knelt there pouting.  Master placed the bowl in front of her.

“Eat your breakfast, cuntjuice.”  She simply knelt there as if she was somewhere else in mind.

Master smacked her across the face.  “I said fuckin eat your goddamn breakfast, bitch!”

She bent over and reached in the nastiness of the bowl and began eating her cum and pee soaked hair.  Master ordered me to bathe and get ready like normal.  I did as told as Master enjoyed his new slut eating her own hair mixed with Cum and pee.  As I bathed, Master placed a nose hook in each of her nostrils.  He pulled it back hard and tied it tightly to the back of her collar.  After bathing, I walked over to the vanity and made myself up.  Pink everything as usual.  I curled my hair as I was instructed and sprayed myself with tons of perfume.  By the time I was finished Master had poor cuntjuice in a harsh bind.

He had managed to balloon her tiny tits really tight, they glistened brightly in the sun as they darkened from the poor blood circulation.  A large ring gag was placed in her mouth making her open really wide almost dislocating her jaw.  She had a thick leather strap around her waist.  Her poor pussy was filled with a large dildo that had a handle sticking out and a buttplug with the same handle.  They were held in with rope that went between her legs and behind her to the thick leather strap around her waist.  He tied her knees together and then tied her breasts to her knees forcing her to bend over. 

“I dont like your head hung low, cunt, let me fix that.”  He tied a string from her nose hooks to the back of her waist bind forcing her head to raise and look up.  I felt really sorry for the poor girl as Master used some type of glue to make sure the strings from the nose hook wouldnt slide to the sides of her head.  Tears poured down her face and she now had a fog that filled her eyes.  She must be in her happy place, I thought.

Master used rope to bind her elbows behind her back and her wrists as well.  He used thick leather cuffs to bind my hands behind my back and shackled my ankles to my wrists.  He gave me a pill to swallow and led the both of us out to his car.  Poor cuntjuice struggled behind as she was far more bound than I was.  I could only imagine how hard it was to walk like that.  The dildos swung back and forth with every step.

Master opened the hatchback and pushed cuntjuice into the back of the car.  She still didnt look comfortable as she was in the fetal position with her head forced way back as she lied on her side.  He shut the door and pushed me in the back seat behind him.  We drove through town to the downtown area where there was a large crowd of about 2 or 3 hundred.  He opened the trunk of the car and roughly pulled cuntjuice out of the back.  He attached our leashes and had me follow him on his left side and her on his right.  In the middle of the square was a stage and right behind it was a small portable building.  Master tied cuntjuices leash to a metal bike rack just outside the portable and led me in.  Cuntjuice looked scared and embarrassed by her nakedness and predicament.  I was already used to being exposed in public, but I remembered my first time out naked on my pee and poop walks.

Master and I went inside where he talked to a man behind a counter.  I was stored in a small cage for a few hours while they got the auction started.  I was able to hear clearly as the auction went on on the stage.  The auctioneer would describe the slave, her virginity status, her training status, her measurements and the auction would start.  This day, five slaves were being sold.  I went last.  The others went for close to 50 grains which is what Master said he paid for me right off the ship.

I was let out of the cage and I was led to the stage where hundreds of people looked me over.  The auctioneer looked at me.  “Spread your legs about shoulder wide apart and put your arms out straight.”  He explained.  I did as told.

“Alright, ladies and gentlemen.  What we have here is a rare site.  An actual virgin!”  The crowd roared and cheered.  “Her name is shithole, she is sixteen years young.  Not a single mark on this innocent body.  Her measurements are 33c, 22, 33.  She is a natural blonde.  Her skin is hairless and treated.  She is semi-trained in obedience, oral sex, anal rimming, humility, but she is not a fully trained slave.  Lets start the bidding at 50 grains.”  Fifty grains?  Really?

Then I started seeing the flags raise all over the place.  My ears got a muffled buzz as I couldnt believe I was actually being sold.

“SOLD, to Mr. Dugenheim for an astounding 498 grains.”  The auctioneer led me back to the portable where I was placed back into my cage.  Master was there with cuntjuice.  I could feel her discomfort both outside and in as she struggled to maintain balance in her bind.  The tears kept falling from her eyes.

It wasnt long when a handsome well built young man walked in and paid for me.  Master was paid 448 grains for me and he paid 50 grains for the service.  Master walked over to me.

“Well, you made me a nice profit, shithole. “   With a smile he walked away with cuntjuice following him, dildos swinging behind her struggling body.  That would be the last time I would ever see Master again.  I still think about him from time to time. 

The handsome man easily lifted up my cage and carried me out to the back of a pickup truck.  It was then that I realized that this handsome man was not my actual Master, but a worker.  I was driven far off into the mountains toward my new Masters home.  I could only pray that this master will be more attractive and nicer than my last.  Time will only tell.

       We arrived in a remote area high on the mountainside just east of the city.  The outside of the house was immaculate.  Perfectly trimmed hedges and cut grass lined the driveway.  The air was crisp and clean.  I must admit that there was some relief in knowing that I was leaving the public eye.  The house looked more like a hotel with several windows.  It was two stories high and huge. 

       We drove to the rear of the house and the man carried me out the back of the truck and through a thick metal door.  I was inside a dark room with no windows.  It took several minutes for my eyes to adjust to the darkness.  I then realized that this was a storage room for slaves.  My cage was placed on top of an empty one in the far corner of the room.  There must have been close to 100 cages in this room, and every one of them was empty.  The young man said nothing as he unlocked my cage and attached a collar and leash around my throat.

       I climbed out and followed him into a huge office big enough and fancy enough to be the oval office. 

       “Kneel right here and wait for your new Master to arrive.  Move and you will suffer.”  He quickly turned and left the room.  I took my alone time to observe the room.  I realized there was several surveillance cameras mounted all around the room.  I knew that if I moved, I would be caught.  It took several minutes before the new master arrived.

       He walked in behind me as I dared not look back.  I kept my eyes cast down and my palms face up on my thighs.  I wanted to look so badly.  He wore expensive, extremely shiny shoes and pin striped slacks.  From what I could tell, he was a clean, well dressed man.  He ran his fingers through my hair which sent a sexual tingle to each of my sensitive nipples.   He then stopped behind me.

       “Stand up and spread your legs shoulder length apart.”

       I did as told putting my hands at my sides making sure I hid nothing from him.  He ran his fingers down my sides and over my butt.  I felt a pulse of pleasure in my sex like I had never felt before. 

       “Turn around and hands behind your head.”  He said authoritatively.

       I turned around to expose my nakedness to him.  It was then that I caught first glimpse of his face.  Although he was an older man, he was very handsome.  Perfectly combed dirty-silver hair slicked back.  Dark brown skin and green eyes made his face very attractive.  I didnt stare too long in fear of my life.  This man looked like he meant business and made me feel like nothing in my nakedness.

       He ran his fingers over my breasts and squeezed them softly which sent a rush of adrenaline to my loins; I could even feel my knees growing weak.  He smiled as he slowly made his way down my belly to my now damp sex.  His hand felt cold or maybe it was that my sex was burning.  Desire ran throughout my entire body as he kept his hand there for a few seconds not moving it.  He spanked it lightly with a loud “smack” as my juices splashed against my skin.  I realized that I had been moving my hips in a way to rub myself on his hand.  I felt like I was in a horny daze.  Never in my life had I desired sex so much, or ever for that matter.

       An older woman walked through the door.  “Is she to your satisfaction Sir?”  She was professionally dressed and had a look about her as if she demanded respect.

       “Yes, she is perfect in every way.”  I stood in silence as they discussed my purpose.

       “Where shall I put her to work, Sir?”  She asked.

       “For today, just put her through the regular orientation and show her around.  I havent decided where to put right now.  After the crowd is gone tonight, I will take her into my room for her initiation and announce her to the other slaves.  For now, she will not speak to any others until she becomes my slave tonight.”

       With that said the woman took me by my collar and led me out of the office.  We walked through a long corridor that led into a huge den.  Paintings of women in submission littered the walls but were well done.  She walked me outside where several slave women were gardening.  Each of them wore nothing but thick metal collar that had been welded on.  Some of them were trimming hedges, some were cutting the lawn and some were tending the garden.

       “Master may put you to work outside with these slaves.”  She pointed to a tall, older slave.  “That is flower; she is the supervisor of the gardens.  If you get chosen to tend the garden, she will give you your daily assignment and work orders.  As a slave to Masters House, you will be required to earn your keep.  Each day will be filled with work of some sort.  You will get one break for lunch and your workdays will last 10 hours.”  She led me around the house to the front of the house. 

       “Every weekend, Master provides entertainment for the BDSM community.  Most are wealthy customers and he uses his slaves to entertain and serve these men and women of power.  You will be assigned a part of this entertainment and you will be trained in every part of it.” 

       I was led through the front of the mansion into a large stage area.  Three stages with stripper poles were on one side with the center stage sticking out longer.  Chairs were lined up along this stage for guests.  On the other side were tables and chairs and a long seating bench against the opposite wall.

       “When the guests enter this is the first room they enter.  This is the strip club.  Each night 8 girls will entertain this room as strippers.  You will be trained as one soon.”  She led me across to the next room which was a large dining area.  On the left wall was a counter and behind them were several stoves and refrigerators.  Tables were lined up along the entire floor.

       “This is the dining area.  Guests come in here to have drinks and eat.  You will be trained to cook as well as serve and bus tables in this room.”  She led me to the next room that looked like a huge dungeon.

       “This is the dungeon.  Here is where guests get the chance to dominate the slaves and punish them as well.  This is known in the outside world as The Fantasy Room.  After several years of training, you will be used in this room to the paying guests discretion.”  She led me out of that room to the next which was yet another large room that looked like a lounge.  There were several big screen televisions.  Some slaves were cleaning up all around.

       “This is the sex room.  Here is where guests get to enjoy the women sexually.  There are the oral girls, the anal girls and the vaginal girls.  Eventually, you will entertain in this room as well.”  She led me to the back of the lounge to the mens room. 

       This room had one really long tub along the wall with thick bars attached at the wall.  The stalls were very roomy and clean.

       “This is the mens room.  All along this tub will be 5 girls called piss pots.  They act as the urinals for our guests.  Each stall has enough room for a slave to suck a guest while he poops and swallow any urine he squirts out.  The other is the ass wiper which speaks for itself.”  She then led me outside to the rear of the building. 

       “Now you have seen everywhere you need to see.  From here you will be taken to the beauty room to be made up and cleaned for your initiation.  Tonight will be your orientation.”  With that said, she called over a young girl no older than 15 to escort me to the beauty room.

       The beauty room was in a small house about a hundred yards from the house.  Inside was a simple salon along with some tables.  I was first taken to a large metal table in the far corner of the room.  I was ordered to get on all fours.  A large metal bar was slid just under my belly.  My ankles were tied to the corners of the table to keep me spread open for whatever they had planned for me.  I knelt up as they cuffed my hands behind my back.  The young girl then had me bend over the bar and press my face to the cold metal surface.  Another bar was slid just over my neck to ensure I didnt try to kneel up and to keep my face pressed against the metal.

       The girl left to retrieve something but in my bind I couldnt tell what it was.  I heard some clicking though. 

       “So you are getting initiated today huh?”  I nodded as best I could.   “Master will use all your holes tonight so you must be cleaned spotless inside and out.”  Immediately I felt some pressure on my butthole.  “Relax yourself; this wont be too bad if you dont fight it.”  I knew then that I was about to receive an enema.

       The young girl inserted the probe and used some tape to hold it in place as I was tempted to push it out.  Then I heard a click.  At first I felt nothing but after a few seconds I could feel a warm liquid enter my anus into my bowels.  The girl then pressed a button that angled the table slightly.

       “This is to help it go longer.”  Once she realized that the water was flowing steadily inside of me I felt pressure on my sex.

       “This must also be clean and smelling nice.  I am giving you a douche.  Have you ever had one before?”  I shook my head as the cramping started mildly.

       The girl pressed another probe against my now soaking pussy as it slid in easily with my own lube.  “Looks like you are enjoying this.”  She giggled.  “Not bad for a virgin.”  The douche felt very strange as I felt a cold liquid fill my womb and vaginal cavity.  She told me to keep it all inside.

       By this time the cramping was starting to get bad.  I couldnt believe how badly I needed to let this thing out.   I started panting and moaning in my discomfort.

       “Dont you dare let any of it out.  You have to let it do its thing and you still have another one coming.”

       I felt something soft rubbing my pussy which was now sending tingles all over my entire body.  I wanted to cum so badly I felt my tears running down my cheeks.  Suddenly, the enema tube was pulled out of my anus and just as I was about to release; I was plugged with some other sort of probe that kept it inside of me.

       “Ok, you wont be able to let out your enema, but I want you to push out the douche.”  As bad as I wanted to poop, I couldnt push it out, but soon I felt the liquid squirting out of my vagina and running down my shaking thighs.  As soon as that happened, I was given another douche.  “This is just to make sure that you smell nice and clean.” 

       Once that was done and my pussy was filled with more douche, the plug in my ass was removed and immediately plugged again before anything spilled out.  This time, a cold liquid was filling my bowels.  The cramping was becoming unbearable.  By this time my pussy was pulsating in pure horny pleasure and I wanted to rub myself so bad.  I could feel myself dripping not sure if it was the douche or myself. 

       I started crying uncontrollably as the enema emptied into me.  I could feel something wet touching my face close to the metal.  I noticed that it had to be my own douche that was touching me as I was at that angle that allowed it to run down. 

       “Please, please, I cant take it anymore!”  I cried in desperation.  My pushing was useless against the plug.

       “Now, now, you only have to hold it in for five minutes.”  It was the longest five minutes of my life.  I was cramping so bad I thought I would explode.  Finally, she came up to me and I felt her move the probe around in my ass making me grunt in discomfort.  The bar below my belly made it even harder to handle.

       “Ok, here it goes, and if you are not perfectly clean by the end of it, you will receive it all over again.”  She pulled out the probe and stepped away quickly. 

       At first I couldnt get it out.  It just dripped down my asshole to the backs of my thighs and to the metal table.  Then it started, I had to push, I couldnt control it.  I felt it squirt out me like a fire hydrant.  It was the worst diarrhea I had ever had.  It didnt take long for the liquid to run down the table to my face so I would be able to feel and smell my own waste on my face.  Thank God I hadnt eaten in a day and a half and was perfectly clean by end of it.

       “Very nice,  you are now clean inside.  Now lets do your mouth and your outside.”  She took me off my table as I dripped in my own filth and stood me in a shower stall.  She uncuffed my hands and tied them to the corners of the stall so I stood there spread out.  She started the shower.  I couldnt remember the last time I had warm water rush over my body.  It was really nice.  This shower would prove to be more uncomfortable than I expected.

       She scrubbed me with an extremely rough sponge attached to a long wooden pole.  It felt like my skin was being rubbed off.  I cried and squirmed as she relentlessly rubbed me hard. 

       This is to exfoliate your skin so you are soft and pleasurable for Master today.  After my shower of torture, I was sat in a metal stool for the hairdresser to fix up my hair.  She cut and trimmed my hair.  She straightened my curls and washed it to a beautiful golden shine.  “Master likes his virgins to look pure and innocent with straight, healthy hair.”  My makeup was then put on.  It was very light makeup, hardly noticeable.  A soft lip gloss finished me off.  My sex was powdered and I was sent to the back room for my clothing.

       I was dressed in a pair of white thigh high tights with pink bows on the top of them.   I wore a short pleated and plaid schoolgirl skirt that showed a bit of thigh just above the tights.  A white blouse was put over my breasts and tied just below them to show my midriff and heavy cleavage.  I was put in some babydoll heels and a black choker.  The look of myself in the mirror was quite exciting to me for some reason.  I actually looked sexy.  Was I actually turning myself on?

       I was led across the yard to the main building, up the stairs and into a huge bedroom.  My new Master sat in a lounge chair beside the bed.

       “Your new girl is here for her initiation, Master.”  The young girl said proudly.

       “Let me take a good look at her.  Come closer.”  I stepped toward him making sure I hid nothing with my arms as my older Master trained me.

       “I must say, you slaves have done a hell of a job with this one.”  He smiled.

       “Now leave us alone.”  I could feel my nerves starting to rattle as I knew I was about to have sex for the first time in my entire life.  The funny thing was that I really wanted to have sex.  My pussy was pulsating in pure desire and I could feel my juices dripping down my thighs.  The handsome Master stood up and looked me over.

       “I might just keep you as my new personal slavegirl.  You are a really georgeous girl.”  The compliments made me even more wet.  He pointed to the floor in front of me.  “First, I want to test your mouth.  Lets see how your last Master trained you for that.” 

       With that said I knelt and unzipped his pants.  My hands were shaking as my nerves were getting the best of me. 

       “Dont worry little girl, I wont hurt you tonight.”  He said with a smile on his face.

       I pulled out his shaft and stared at it for a second trying to remember my suck training.  I quickly put my hands behind my back and used my tongue to guide him softly into my mouth.  He gently rubbed his hands through my hair as I rubbed my tongue softly beneath his soft tool.

       “I like my slaves to look up at me while they suck me.”  I looked up at him as I started to pump myself slowly up and down.  He immediately started growing hard.  I continued to pump while gently massaging his shaft with my tongue.

       “Lets see how far down you can take it, little girl.”  He was far more nice than my former Master.  I hungrily hit the back of my throat with the tip of his dick and attempted to swallow as best I could.  He moaned in ecstasy. 

       “Now I want you to pump and take it like that every time.  Keep looking up at me.”

       I continued to pump until I started to feel his tool jerk inside my mouth.  He immediately pulled out.  “Very nice, you were trained well.”  “Thank you, Master.”  I remembered my manners.  He smiled happily.

       He stood me up and bend me over so I held myself up on the chair he was sitting in.  He pressed his stiffness against my butthole.  He laughed.  “Looks like your pussy juice lubed your ass for me.  I like that.”  With that said, he slowly thrust himself into my asshole.  The stretching was very painful as I squealed out loud.  He continued to pump through me and the pain and stretching began to feel more and more pleasurable.  My squeals quickly turned to moans of pain and pleasure.

       After some time in that position taking it in my anus, he pulled out and ordered me to suck him clean of my asshole.  Well, I had tasted worse things before so it wouldnt be so bad tasting my own ass as I licked and sucked him again.  He pulled out again right before he came again. 

       He lifted me up easily and laid me down gently on the bed.  I couldnt remember the last time I had felt myself lying on a real bed.  I had been sleeping on hard floors and kennels for a few weeks now.  He climbed up on the bed as I opened my legs.  I wrapped them around his tight waist as he moved on top of me.  He was so much bigger than I was as my head went up to his chest as he came over me.

       I wanted him so bad.  I couldnt help myself, I needed him to fill my pleasure hole.  He pressed his length against my sopping wet lips and rubbed it up and down gently sending tingles of bliss to the lower part of my spine and working its way up to my head. 

       “Here we go, honey.”  He said it so softly and so seductive, I felt a wave of chill.  He pressed against my hole and very slowly inserted the head.  It slid in quite easily but I felt my hole stretch like it had never been before.  I jumped in shock from the stretch and the pleasure I was receiving.  At least he was a good looking man.  Better than that disgusting bastard I had before.

       He then slowly pressed further into me which caused so much pain I squealed really loud.

       “AAAAGGGGHHH.”  I gasped for air as the tears ran down my face as he beared his weight on me further pushing in.  He embraced me, comforting me.  The first few thrusts were extremely painful.  But soon it turned into pure bliss as I would feel a sharp sting from the thrust followed by more pleasure.  I was actually enjoying my first time. 

       It took quite a while for him to finish.  He came hard as I could feel his cum filling my womb.  I couldnt really tell if I had an orgasm or not since I had never had one before.  The tingling inside my body was spectacular, but for some reason I felt unsatisfied, like I needed more.  I wanted to beg, but I thought better of it.  He finished with a loud grunt and flopped down beside me in a pant.  I lied there silently with sweat dripping all over my body also panting.

       “Now, I might be the only Master that will explain everything to you.  But you are a slave and I think you should know what you are in for.”  He sat up and ordered me to sit in a relaxed state.  I sat Indian style on the end of the bed resting against the post.

       “First, the pill you have been taking every day has changed your insides.  It is a drug that was developed to get you horny and keep you that way the entire day.  The downside to this drug for you is that you will not be able to have an actual orgasm as long as you take it.  So be prepared and ready for constant desire to have sex, but never be fully satisfied.  I, however, do reward some of my slaves with actual orgasms after a hard days work.  Every week, 3 of my 100 slaves will be rewarded.  To them, it is the ultimate reward as they crave it for several months before receiving it.”  He took a deep sigh.

       “This may be the only time I will be extra nice and gentle with you.  You may never even be with me again.  I rarely fuck used bitches.  I love the virgins.  Tonight, you will get a view of your rotations as a worker at my weekend night club.  You will start as a valet cunt for 3 weeks, a door bitch for 2 weeks, a hostess for 1 week, a stripper for 8 weeks, a waitress for 4 weeks, a bartender for 2 weeks, a cook for 2 weeks, a fantasy girl for 5 weeks, a whore for 5 weeks, a piss pot for 4 weeks, an asswiper for 3 weeks, a piss drinker for 3 weeks, and finally you will be the cumdumpster for 3 weeks.  Thats a total of 45 weeks without a single orgasm.  After your service as a cumdumpster, you will get a week off of pure pleasure and orgasmic bliss.”

       Wow, what exactly was I in for?


       “Do you have any questions for me?”  He said firmly.  It was obvious he was not as nice a man as I thought he was.  Questions?  I had so many.

       “Now is the time to get all the answers.  You may never get this chance again.”  He crossed his arms impatiently.

       “Ive only been here a few months or so and I am so confused.  This world is almost exactly like mine, only here they allow slavery and open nudity and stuff.”  It wasnt exactly a question, but it was implied.

       “Thats because years ago, this planet was inhabited by only males.  They needed females to reproduce.  It took several decades before they developed the technology to travel through space looking for a planet with attractive females.  When earth was found, it was like a godsend.  Attractive females littered the planet and they resembled the females of our time.”  He took a long deep sigh before continuing.

       “The first females wanted absolutely nothing to do with our men.  They were extremely hard to control.  John Locife was the planet leader back then and he imposed a law stating that sexual slavery of all earth women would be legal.  More laws were developed based on that including public nudity and so forth.  As of right now, the only free females on the planet are those born on this planets soil.  Does that answer your question?”

       “Completely.”  I responded.

       “What else?”

       “Why were you gentle with me?”

       “I understand how badly it hurts for your first time and I wanted you to feel pleasure as well.  I wanted you to enjoy it.”

       “Why do you give us the pills?”

       “Constant sexual arousal raises the pain endurance of women and keeps them in a constant sexual arousal and submissive state.  Horny women are easier to control.”

       “So I was brought here for breeding reasons?”

       He laughed.  “No, you were brought here because of our perversions.  You may get pregnant during your service here.  If you do, your children will be free as you will remain a slave.  You will then be considered a breeder and taken to a breeding farm where earth males are kept and you can breed more slaves for our planet and our perversions.  Or you may be bred with men from our planet for population growth.  You will never get to know your children as they will be taken at birth.”  I was saddened by this notion but hid it well.

       “How exactly are we different from you on this planet?”

       “First of all, you age much slower than we do.  You age 1 year every 10 years on this planet.  So I will die way before you do unless you are killed for trying to escape.  You will probably have many masters before you die or get too old to be kept as a slave.”

       “What happens after that?”

       “You will be taken to the breeding farm to create more male and female slaves.”

       I didnt have any more questions at that time.  Master got up and dressed himself.  He made a phone call and ordered the other person to come and take me to the holding cell.

       I was taken to the first dark room of cages I had entered when arriving here. 

       I remained in the cage for a few hours before someone finally came in.  It was an older woman who let me out and attached a leash to my collar.

       “Tonight, I will be showing you every job that you will be required to know.”  That was all she said as she led me out the back of the building all the way around to the front. 

       As we walked around the corner, I could see a few cars coming from the road.  In the front driveway were three girls.  Each was dressed in a slutty schoolgirl outfit.  A red fluttery skirt that hardly hid anything at all and a white tie top.  They each wore high spiked heels and black fishnet stockings.  There was another girl at a podium dressed the same way.  I was led over to the podium and made to kneel there and observe. 

       “These are the valet whores.”  The woman told me.  “They park every visitors car in the covered lot below the building.  While they wait for a customer, they assume their positions.”

       Each girl was in a different sexual position.  The blonde girl in the front, right next to the curb was on her knees with her arms folded behind her.  Her knees were slightly spread apart and she kept herself perfectly still staring forward.  I wondered if she was allowed to even blink as I didnt even notice her breathing.  She looked like a robot as did the other two.  I noticed that between her legs was a post with a small dildo penetrating her sex and keeping her in her place.  The next girl knelt in the same manner directly behind the first girl.  She had a slightly larger dildo penetrating her anus.  The girl behind her looked really young and had long straight jet black hair that was held back in a ponytail.  She was on all fours with her mouth covering a huge dildo.  I only wondered how she was able to do it without barfing or choking.  But she remained still as well.

       The first car arrived and the girl at the podium pulled a lever and all the dildos descended down so that they barely peaked out of the floor.  The vaginal valet girl stood up and walked around the car and opened the driver side door.  She immediately dropped to her knees as the very large man stepped out and faced her.  She pressed her face into his crotch and said, “Welcome, Sir, to Fantasy Hills.”  She held her hands out as he placed the keys into her hands.  The podium girl filled out a tag and handed it to the man.  She then handed a towel to the valet whore who then put it on the seat before sitting in the car and driving off.

       “All the girls here are sexually aroused at all times.  So as a result, their pussies are constantly flowing and ready for sex.  The towels are used to keep the seats clean from their horniness.”  The woman told me.

       The two remaining whores crawled forward as the car drove off.  They resumed their positions as the podium girl pushed the lever that pushed the dildos back into place.  The anal valet whore got the smallest dildo in her anus as the girl behind her was now sucking the medium dildo behind her.  Their dicks came straight out of one girls ass and into the mouth of the other.  She now tasted the other girls filthy ass drippings.   Before long, the girl that parked the car came running quickly back to the waiting area.  She ran in those heels like they were tennis shoes.

       “The girls have 3 minutes to park the cars and return to position.”  The woman exclaimed.

       The whore immediately knelt above the huge dildo as it penetrated her sopping wet hole.  She gasped in desire but simply folded her arms behind her.

       The rotation continued and the one I felt for the most was that poor oral whore who was forced to taste the ass and pussy of the girls before her.  Each took their turns parking cars and running back to position as quickly as they possibly could.

       “Do you understand the duties of each of these valet whores?”  The woman asked me.

       “Yes, I understand.”   I said as I had observed several rotations by then.

       “Very well then, lets move on to the next stage.”  She had me stand as she led me down a red carpet toward the front doors.

       There were two really huge doors at the entrance.  At either side were two well-built men with long bullwhips in their hands.  I was told to kneel in the corner and observe the door bitches duties.

       The door bitches were two naked females on all fours that were tied to each door in the most painful way.   Each girl had nose hooks that were attached to a thick leather strap tied tightly to their waists.  This forced their heads back to face forward.  Their eyes were covered with a blindfold that was really two black cups to ensure they didnt see at all.  Their mouths were gagged with a pair of chopsticks that pinched their tongues forcing them to stick out.   On the end of their tongues was a clamp with a penis looking weight hanging from it.  Their breasts were ballooned extremely tight.  They were so tight; their breasts looked like shiny giant plums.  On each nipple was a chain with the same dildo weight on it.  Their butts were plugged with long tails.  Their breasts were tied to a long rope that ran from their breasts, between their pussy lips, over their tails, through their waist strap and then to the door handle.  Each girl was pouting and grunting in pain.

       When a customer came walking up the red carpet.  The built men at the doors whipped the girls on their butts.  They would immediately start crawling forward pulling their breasts down and putting pressure on their clits and anus as they would pull the doors open.  As they pulled, each girl would be crying in pain and agony through their gagged, drooling mouths.  As soon as the customer enters the door, the men would whip the other butt cheek and the girls crawled backwards allowing the doors to close.

       “This job is pretty self explanatory.  Do you understand it?”

       “Yes, I understand.”

       “Very well, lets go observe the hostesses.”  She had me stand and follow her inside the house.

       Each hostess was dressed in a unique style of clothing.  They wore thick metal collars.  They wore shiny metal bras and a shiny metal chastity belt.  The hostesses were shackled with the same shiny chains and cuffs.

       “Their bras are filled with pins and their chastitys have a dildo and butt plug in them.  The strap also has pins in it.  Every step they take causes pain and pleasure at the same time.”  The woman explained.

       As a guest entered, they were met by a hostess who welcomed them. 

       “Hello,” she said with a warm smile.  “Welcome to Fantasy Hills.  How many will be with your company tonight, Sir.” 

       “Just one.”

       “Very well, Sir, please allow me to seat you in our fine strip club.”

       The hostess then turns around and leads the man into the next room and the other girls take their turns.

       “This job is one of the easiest jobs.  You will suffer two weeks as the door bitch, and then take it easy as a hostess.  The hostess will seat each guest and return here.  Understand this position?”

       “Yes, I do.”  I was still thinking about the poor door bitches.  It made my stomach turn.

       From there I was led to the strip club.  It was a large dark room with many black lights all around the room.  On each of the three stages were strippers dancing.  Each of the girls had a specific look about her.  On the main stage was the schoolgirl, on the left stage was a geisha, on the right stage was a gothic girl.  I looked around the room and noticed all the other strippers were walking around asking men if they wanted a dance.  There was a dirty school teacher, a leather girl, a girl dressed in practically nothing, a girl wearing a tight corset and a thong.  And a totally nude girl.

       “You will learn to dance and act like a stripper.  You will stay in this room for 8 weeks and take part in every costume before you move on.  Here, the men are not allowed to touch the strippers.  This will be the only place where you actually have control of the guests.  You will walk around and ask every single man in the room if he would like a dance.  If he turns you down, you never ask him again.  If they accept, you will demand 3 grains and give him a lap dance.  If he refuses to pay, or tries to force you, the bouncers will kick them out and they will be banned for a full year.  You should never have a problem with these men and women guests as none want that kind of ban.  Strippers are not allowed to have sex with any of the guests in any way even if they are offered money.  Is this part understood so far?”

       “Yes, there is a lot to this part.”  I was trying to absorb it all.

       “Yes, you will be trained and you will understand it.”

       She led me from there to the next room where there were several dining tables.  She took me directly to the kitchen where I got to see the cooks.  They were completely covered in black rubber outfits with bags hanging from their vaginas and buttholes.  Their heads were completely covered except for the eyes.  Their masks had nose holes for breathing and their mouths were zipped shut.  They were very busy cooking everything from burgers to salads and steaks.  Each girl had her own station to tend to.

       “These are the chefs.  You will spend 3 weeks in here cooking.  The rubber suits are to ensure the food will not be tampered with or dirtied with the sluts dirty hands.  The bags that are attached to their legs are for their piss and shit as they are not allowed to take bathroom breaks.   This job is extremely uncomfortable and hot.  They are completely dehydrated and exhausted by the end of the night.  Any questions here?”  I shook my head in amazement.

       She led me to the bar area where the bartenders were busy making drinks.  They were dressed the same way as the chefs except they had their mouths open to allow more breathing and talking. 

       “These are the bar back bitches.  Their job is to make drinks for every order.”

       I was taken to the dining area where the waitresses took and served orders.  There were also others that bussed the tables.  The waitresses were completely naked and had chains connected to their collars to the serving tray.  Their arms were free so they would be able to serve the food.  I stood in the corner and observed their duties.  The waitresses had heavy nipple clamps that were also attached to the tray and pulled their nipples severely and painfully.  None of the girls looked happy but they forced a smile as they walked around. 

The girls walked up to the table and stood with their legs spread right next to the guest.  The guest could rub and touch the girl all they want.  Once the guest was ready, they would place their order and the waitress would write it down.  She placed the tablet on her tray in front of her and walks over to the bartender to call out her drink order then took the order to the kitchen to be made.  By the time she returned outside, her drinks were ready.  She placed the drinks on her tray, crossed her arms behind her back and painfully walked back to the table to serve them.  Once at the table, the waitress knelt down and placed the drinks on the table in front of whoever ordered them. 

“Will there be anything else I can help you with while you wait?”  She asked with a struggling smile.

The man simply shooed her away disgustingly.  She stood up and went to her other table, knelt and asked the same of them.  I believe each waitress had 3 tables to attend to.  A soft buzz sound coming from the kitchen triggered each of the waitress to stand and return to the kitchen to get the food to serve.  The plates were placed on the tray, and the food was served in the same manner as the drinks.  Every five minutes or so, they were to return to each of their tables and ask if everything was alright.  As soon as the guests finished their dinner, the waitress would bring them the check, collect the money and give change.  Tips were accepted.

The bussers were dressed nearly the same as the waitress except they had larger and deeper trays attached to their collars and nipples.  They knelt quietly in the corners of the room and waited for a table to empty.  As soon as it was emptied, they crawled over on their knees and cleared and wiped the tables.  They would then take the dirty dishes to the back where 3 dishwashers washed them all by hand.  The dishwashers were completely naked.

“Any questions here?”

“No, its pretty self explanatory.”

I was then led to the Fantasy room.  I was stricken with awe as I could hear screaming and moaning before I even took a step inside.  Spread out all over the room was several female slaves who were all completely bound in different difficult positions.  The first one I noticed was at the main entrance.  She was bent over a work bench with her feet tied to each side of the bench and each arm tied on the other side.  Her ass was facing the doorway so it would be the first thing you see when you walk in.  Her ass was a swollen red mess from some severe beating and I could hear sniffling.  A bouncer came up to her to rub some of that miracle healing cream I used to get with my old master.  In the center of the room was a woman hanging by her large breasts.  Her legs were jockey-tied and her hair was in pigtails.  Her arms and elbows were securely tied behind her back.  She must not have been older than 20.  Her mouth was forced open with a huge ring gag.

Tears were running down her face as a man walked toward her and grabbed her hair on each end pulling it closer to his crotch.  Her mouth didnt line up with his penis so she was lowered a bit by a bouncer with a control switch.  She squealed as it stopped.  He pulled her hair again and forced his huge penis into her wide open mouth.  I could hear the smack as it kept hitting the back of her throat.  Her face was being pulled between her huge breasts as they were separated with every thrust.  I could only imagine her pain.

After a minute or two the man started moaning and grunting.  He pulled her head hard all the way down to his balls and held it there.  I could see her face turning red from lack of oxygen as he came hard down her throat.  As he pulled out, she coughed as cum sprayed out of her mouth onto the floor.  She hung her head between her swollen ballooned breasts as she was then raised again for advertisement.

Another girl hung in a horizontal hogtie at crotch length.  Her breasts were also ballooned and she also had a ring gag.  Men were allowed to use any hole they wished with this girl.

Another girl was tied to spreader bars on her hands and feet.  She had huge nipple clamps that had several paddles and whips hanging from each breast.  Her pussy was clamped in the same manner.  As a man would come over to her, she was swung out a bit off the wall to hang there helplessly as the man selected a whipping tool.  She was then whipped at the mens discretion.  This was the girl that was screaming in agony as I walked in.  Each man had to pay for 5 minutes of this torture.

Another girl was bound on her knees.  Her job was the most simple.  She had to offer a blowjob to anyone that walked by her.  In the far end of the room were two girls tied together on a rotating table.  The girl on the bottom was on her back with her legs spread open.  Her arms were strapped to her sides.  That same strap tied the girl on top of her as well so they wouldnt be able to separate themselves from each other.  She was face down and facing the opposite direction.  Each side of the table had openings for easy access to their sexual parts.

Above these girls was a sign that read:  “Pick a hole, Pick a girl.”  The men had a choice as to who they wanted.  They would walk up them and pick a hole to fuck.  Sometimes they would start at the pussy, move to the ass and finally cum in the other girls mouth.  Sometimes they would get it from both ends at the same time for extra work.

“There isnt much training to be in this room since you are bound the entire night in the same position and must obey every man in here.”  I just stood in awe.

I was then taken to the next room which looked like a huge bar.  In the sofas and chairs were several men and women sitting as women walked around and had sex with them.  Some would only give blowjobs, some would have vaginal sex and some would do anal.  Each one had a different price.

“The oral whores charge 2 grains for a blowjob.  Each girl receives .20 grains for each one they give.  The vaginal whores charge 4 grains for vaginal sex.  Each of them receives .40 grains for each time they are used.  The anal whores charge 6 grains for anal sex.  They each receive .60 grains for each time they are used…  They must each meet a certain quota or they will start their rotations over again from the torture room.”

I was then taken to the mens room where I noticed some of the worst of them.  Along the wall were several women tied in a kneeling position inside a long tub on the floor.  Each of them had their arms tied to a long post behind them so they were spread out.  Their mouths were wide open but not with ring gags.  They actually opened them on their own.  They had nipple chains attached to their right nipple with a short chain attached with a small weight.

The men would walk in, unzip their pants and pee directly into the girls mouth.  The girl had to keep their mouth open even if it overflowed and ran down her body.  When the men would finish peeing, they pulled on their nipple chains so that the girls would close their mouth and swallow whatever they caught in their mouths.

In each stall were two women.  One knelt beside the toilet; the other knelt directly in front of it.  When a man needed to shit, they walked into the stall.  The girl in front of the toilet would pull his pants down.  He would sit on the bowl and the same girl would lean forward and place her mouth over the tip of his penis. 

“The girl is not sucking his dick; she is simply catching any piss that comes out of his dick.  She must swallow it all and drip none.  If she gets a complaint about it, she will be severely punished and start her rotation through the urinals again.”

When the man finished, he would stand and bend over so his ass was right in front of the other girl beside him.  She used toilet paper to wipe it clean.  When it was clean, she licked all the way up the ass crack to let him know she did a good job.  She would then help the other girl dress him.  As he left, they would flush the toilet, and then lick the bowl clean.

“This is not the worst job you will ever get here.  There is one more.  They call it the worthless.  The worthless is usually hard to find.  There are only two of them used at a time.  These poor girls are forced to crawl around aimlessly into any and every part of the club.  If a guest finds interest in her, they may take her and use and abuse her however they wish.  They can beat them, fuck them, rape them, whip them, kick them, and choke them.  The only thing they cant do is kill them.  Doing so is punishable by death.  This goes without mentioning, that these girls are free to all who want them.  Most of the time, they are so abused by the end of the night, they need a full week to recover.  I cannot find one now, but you might see one by the end of the night.”

My jaw dropped in amazement in the total operation. 

“Once you have rotated through each and every position in this club, you are rewarded with a full week of recovery and a full week of pure pleasure where you will finally be allowed to cum every night for a week.  It takes close to a year to get to that place.  Until then, you will continue to take pills to keep you horny and never receive orgasm.”

I was taken back to my cage for the night to think and absorb everything I saw that night.  My stomach turned…

       Instead of to the holding room, where I was held in the small cage when I first arrived, I was led outside to a tent.  It was a normal looking camping tent that could hold close to 8 or 10 men.  The front was unzipped and I was led in. 

       Inside of the tent were 5 small cages.  Three of them were occupied by a female slave.  One was a dark skinned brunette who had her head completely shaven.  It reminded me of poor cuntjuice and her predicament.  The second cage had a girl that was slightly older than I was.  She was pale skinned with freckles and long straight red hair.  The third had a girl that looked no older than 13.  She was beautifully tanned with flawless skin and big green eyes that looked as innocent as they come.  I was put in the fourth cage.

       “This is the rookie tent.  Tomorrow you will start your basic training and the first of your valet classes.  Feel free to speak amongst you, ladies, no harm comes from language.”  With a smile, the woman left the tent, zipping it back up.

       Each of us was too afraid to say anything in fear that it might be a trap for punishment.  After thinking about it for some time, I finally had to say something.

       “So, where are you girls from?”

       “Georgia.”  The dark skinned girl said in a shaky voice.

       “California.”  Said the redhead.

       “I was born in the breeding farm in Rancove.”  Said the youngest looking one.

       “I am from Seattle.”  I responded.  “My name at home was Samantha, Im 16 years old and my slave name is shithole.”  I said it in shame but matter of fact.

       “My name was Letitia, Im 19, and my slave name is worthless.”  Said the dark skinned girl.

       “My name was Lucy, Im 13, and my slave name is cuntpuppy.”  Said the red head.

       “My birth name is Fuckmuffin.  I dont know how old I am, Ive never had a birthday.”  Said the last girl.

       Throughout the night, we spoke a lot about earth and our past Masters.  Letitia had it the worst of all of us.  She was taken from a walk home from a friends house in broad daylight.  Every day, she was bullwhipped on every part of her body.  Once when she woke up and once when she went to bed.  In between, she was made to eat her Masters shit and drink his piss.  Each was considered a meal for the day.  Her head was shaved because she didnt cut his hair correctly, so she lost hers completely.

       Lucy was bought by a man who pretty much just removed her body hair and kept her confined for 3 days before sending her here.  She was so confused until our new Master answered all her questions.

       Fuckmuffin was born on the slave breeding farm.  She was brought up as a normal girl.  She couldnt read or write and her speech was awkward.  She was beaten her entire life but had no sexual contact with anyone until she had her first period.  Then she became an oral whore for her “Daddy.”  She claimed to be an expert at oral sex.

       After a couple of hours of talking, we all curled up in our cages and fell asleep.  The night wasnt too comfortable as the air was a bit crisp and it was a bit cold in the tent.  Movement wasnt much of an option, so I curled up to try to contain my body heat.  I kept waking up throughout the night hoping and praying that it would warm up soon.  Finally, I was sleepy enough to drift off…

       We were suddenly awakened by a loud zip of the tent.  The flap opened and four muscle men came rushing inside yelling.

       “Wake up, cunts!  Wake your lazy, sorry, stinky asses!”  They had large metal bars that they banged loudly and roughly on our cage doors. 

       The doors to our cages were opened and we were ordered out of them.  We were each given a thick, heavy metal collar.  Our hands were shackled to our feet behind us with heavy chains.  Then they attached a short 2 foot chain between each of us connecting us all together.

       The man spoke loudly like a drill sergeant.  “Today we start your basic training, cuntholes.”  He paced back and forth around us, inspecting us.

       “Today you will start your conditioning followed by your valet class.  Prepare yourselves for your first day of hell…  Give them their pills, men.” 

       The men went over to worthless and gave her two pills and a tiny cup of water.  She swallowed as they moved to cuntpuppy, then fuckmuffin, and finally me.

       “The first pill is your daily arousal pill; the second is a special pain and adrenaline vitamin to help with your first day of training.”

       We were led out of the tent into the cool air.  My nipples immediately popped out in the cold breeze.  We followed the men across a large grassy area, across a paved drive-way, and to a large field with stadium lights shining brightly on it.  The middle was a simple large patch of grass, well trimmed.  It was surrounded by a paved track that was nothing more than a running track about a quarter mile around.

       Two of the men went over to a small shed off to the side of the track and returned with a large wooden crate.  They opened the crate and removed four pairs of heels.  They didnt have any real color to them and at first glance, they didnt look much different than any other pairs of heels.  Much to my dismay, they were, indeed different.  These were the heels from hell.

       The heels were made of a hard, shiny wood.  No padding on any part where the foot rests.  They each had a 7” spiked, metal heel.  There were several straps and metal bars to secure our feet in them.

       Each coach took his time securing our feet in these heels.  At first, I thought they wouldnt be too bad, but after standing in them for less than two minutes, I knew this was going to really hurt.

       “These are your training shoes, cunts.”  The sergeant said.  “If you can sprint in these, you can sprint in any shoes while you perform for our customers.” 

       We were detached from each other and lined up side by side.   Our shackles were removed and our hands were secured behind us with a tight cinch. 

       “Ok, bitches, you will now run around this track one time.  You have 2 minutes to run it.  That gives you plenty of time.  When you are finished, you will kneel up at the starting line and open your mouth wide.  You will remain in that position until all of the girls have finished.  You will be paddled for every second you go over the two minutes.  Then you will be prepared for the next round.”  With that said he grabbed a really long whip and stood off to the side on the grassy patch.

       “READY, SET…”  He then cracked the whip to trigger us to start.

       It hurt.  It hurt like hell.  My ankles kept giving and it was hard to keep my balance especially with my hands tied behind my back.  The balls of my feet were getting bruised as I made my way around the first bend.  It was then that I realized how hard it was going to be to make it in two minutes.  My calves were burning, my back started aching and my breasts bouncing so hard were killing me.        I was in the lead during the first straight away when a bad step caused me to lose my balance and fall hard on my right shoulder.  I felt the skin break in the harsh abrasion.

       One of the men ran toward me quickly arriving at my side.

       “Get up!  Get that sorry ass up NOW!!!”

       I quickly struggled to my knees and managed to get back up but by then two girls had already passed me by.  I had to try to catch up.  I started to pick up the pace.  After the second turn, I felt my calves burning so bad, they felt like they were about to give.  All I could wonder was if I had made it in less than two minutes.  I lost my balance and decided to slow down a little to avoid falling again.  I came in third.  Cuntpuppy was barely wobbling behind me as I quickly knelt at the starting line, resting my butt on my heels.

       WHACK!!!!  A hard slap across my face causing a single tear to drip down my cheek.

       “Are you fucking stupid?  I said to kneel UP when you finish, dumbass slut!  And open your mouth!”

       I quickly got into position and opened my mouth as I waited for cuntpuppy to finish.  I later found out, she had never walked in heels before.

       The man paced back and forth across the track looking down at us. 

       “Fuckmuffin, you made it 2:10.  You will receive 10 paddles.  Worthless, you made it in 2:25.  You will receive 25.  Shithole, you fell and made it in 2:45.  You will receive 45.  And cuntpuppy, you took a whopping 3:12.  You will receive 72.  Men, start the discipline.”

       Each of the four men stood behind us and counted out each strike as it hit our asses.  It wasnt quite as bad as I thought it would be, but it did hurt.

When our beatings were finished, we were lined up again.  Our hands were tied up a little higher behind us and attached to our collar.  Then the men used a rough rope to bind our breasts into harsh balloons. 

“Ok, cunts, now round two is even harder.  You must now sprint two full laps and kneel in the same position as soon as you finish.  You have four minutes and will be flogged for every second you are late.”

He wasted no time and didnt even say ready, set.  He cracked his whip and we were off.  This proved to be even harder than the first round since my breasts were bound and bouncing.  Halfway through the second lap, I felt tears running down my face as my entire body was throbbing in pain.  This time I came in second right behind fuckmuffin.

Fuckmuffin received 25 hits, I got 39, worthless got 62, and cuntpuppy got 84.  She was screaming by the end of it.  The flogging was a bit harsher than the paddle since the straps hit more directly.  I cried for the last 15 or so with every strike.

Sniffing and pouting, we lined back up.  Our hands were raised even further up our backs so that our palms were in a reverse prayer position and our elbows were sticking out at our sides.  A rope was tied tightly around our waists and three knotted ropes were tied between our legs and pulled tightly between our pussy lips and up our ass cracks.  The knots made it painful to move our legs much less run like this.

“Ok, cunts.  Round three.  You will sprint three full laps around this track and take your position when you are finished just like before.  You have six minutes to finish.”

This was extremely hard to do.  Every step we took caused our already sore and bound breasts to bounce.  Our arms were very uncomfortable and now with every step we took, pain shot through our sex and assholes.  The shoes made it even worse as our feet were starting to swell and poor cuntpuppy was bleeding.

Three full laps and I had to slow down quite a few times so I wouldnt pass out from exhaustion.  I was dripping with sweat and my breathing was very heavy and sporadic.  This time, I managed to stay right behind fuckmuffin as I made myself around the track.  I didnt want to get cropped,  my ass was already bruised and sore.

I knelt when I was finished and I almost fell over with my knees and legs as weak as they were.  I knelt there panting and ready to pass out.  All I could think about was how nice it was to be allowed to rest while the other girls finished their laps.  Poor cuntpuppy could barely walk and wobbled around in pain.  The funny thing was that the ropes between our legs were soaked.  Fuckmuffins was even dripping.

“Ok, cunts.  Fuckmuffin, you are proving to be the best of these stupid whores.  You get 19 hits.  Shithole, you are doing better.  You get 27.  Worthless, you are slowing down a bit little slut.  You get 71.  And cuntpuppy, you will get a full 240.  As a result of cuntpuppys failures,  she will be removed from todays training and will receive her punishment.  She needs a personal trainer to teach her how to walk in heels.”  He looked disappointed.

Cuntpuppy was taken off the field and handed over to a tall woman.  She took her back into the building.

“Round four.  You will have eight minutes to run this mile.”

We were lined up yet again.  Our hands were raised once again and it felt like my shoulders were going to pop out of their sockets as my hands were now in a reverse prayer position and my elbows were now at my sides toward the back.  The men attached nipple and clit clamps to our bodies and hung weights from them.  This was really painful and all three of us stood there crying and pouting.

Without saying a word, the sergeant cracked his whip and we took off as best we could.  We all ran bull-legged from the strain and pain on our sexes.  My calves were getting weaker with every step.  I dont know what kept me going.  I struggled to breathe.  I knew right away that there was no way I would make a full mile in eight minutes.  I wanted to die. 

I was actually able to trot a full lap before the pain became too much.  I was squealing with every step and my crying became harder.  My calves were hurting.  The balls of my feet felt like I was walking on sharp stones and the straps around the shoes were digging into my skin.  My breasts were numb so the nipple clamps didnt hurt too much but the soreness traveled all the way over my shoulders and halfway down my back.  My sex was the most irritated.  The constant rubbing of the knotted rope along with the weighted clamps made every single step I made pure torture.  A few times I had to stop and gather myself.  But by pure adrenaline and determination I made it through the tortuous laps.  I guess I forced myself to finish because I wanted to avoid the punishment.  Or maybe it was because I wanted to be the best at this.  But no matter how hard I tried, I could not find the strength to beat fuckmuffin.

By the time I finished, I couldnt breathe anymore.  I knelt with my mouth wide open waiting for worthless to finish.  I was dripping with sweat but the cool spring air easily cooled me off.  The strange thing was that as tired and exhausted as I was, I felt like I needed to keep moving.  Must have been the pills they gave me.

This time around fuckmuffin got 200 strikes.  I received 279.  Worthless received 321.  We all went way over the time limit.  The beatings after each round were tiring me out even more.  I was lying on my belly as they whipped us relentlessly with the bullwhip.  Every strike felt like I was getting shot.  The entire area was filled with our screams. 

“Get up you lazy ass pieces of shit.”  The sergeant said with disappointment.

We were all very slow getting up as our legs were weak and burning and the pain all over our bodies were getting unbearable.

“Fuckin hurry up or you will get beaten once again!”

I hurried myself to get up and stand which was pretty hard because my hands were bound so painfully behind my back.  The sergeant paced back and forth.  I could feel the blood trickling down my back and legs from the brutal whipping I had just received.  I was getting dizzy and felt like I was about to collapse.

“Are you cunts ready for the final round?”  We all squealed and moaned.  Was there actually another round to this hell?  I just wanted to pass out.

The men came to each of us and inserted a dildo into our sopping wet pussies and replaced the rope.  They then went behind us and inserted a plug into each of our asses and used the rope to hold it in.

“Ok, sluts.  The final round consists of you three running five laps around the track.  You will not be punished for going overtime today on this lap.”  Without hesitation, he cracked the whip and we took off.

This time I was determined to make it before fuckmuffin.  I was tired and dizzy and I lost my balance several times.  I couldnt run but I was able to keep a steady slow jog the entire time.  I was grunting with every step I took in pleasure from the dildo and pain from everything else.  The tears were uncontrollable and my crying was evident.  But this time, I actually won.  Fuckmuffin didnt look very happy about it, but she was in just as much pain as I was in.  We were just happy it was all over.

When I was finished I knelt at the line again as I had been taught with my mouth wide open.  The man that had put me in all my binds started to unbind me starting with my hands.  The relief I felt in my shoulders was like heaven as my hands hung loosely at my sides.  He then unwrapped my breasts.  I felt the blood and color flow back into them as the rope was removed.   Then came the crotch tie.  My sex was extremely raw and sore from the constant pressure but I felt immediate relief.  The dildo and plug were removed before the clamps.  Luckily, I had been clamp trained before so I knew what to expect.  Finally, and best of all, the shoes were removed.  My feet were purple and swollen and felt practically dead but it felt good to be able to stretch my calves. 

The man then stood in front of me and petted my head like I was a puppy.  He called me a good girl.

“Now, sluts, you will thank your coaches for training you today with the best blow job you know how to give…  You have two minutes to get them off.  Once your two minutes are up, you will get whipped until he finishes.”

I reached up my sore hands and unzipped his pants.  I reached in and pulled out his soft shaft.  As soon as I pulled it out my lips were attached to the tip.  I wrapped my lips around it and began to massage the tip and shaft with my tongue until he grew hard in my mouth.  I then started pumping my head back and forth vigorously hitting the back of my dry throat with every thrust.  It didnt take him long at all to spew his juice straight down my throat.  I quickly swallowed and kept his shaft in my mouth until he grew soft.  I then carefully put his penis back into his pants and zipped him back up.

“Thank you, Sir, for training me today.”  I said it with a shaky, tired and pain filled voice.

We were then reattached to each other by the collar and led from the track back to the main building.  Now that basic training was through, we would be rewarded with a meal and then we would go to our Valet training class…

       We were led through the gates of the training field toward the cafeteria which was a small square building that sat on top of a small hill.  I was barely able to walk.  My knees felt like they would give any second.  My feet were bleeding and felt like they had been rubbed with sandpaper and squished with a metal vice.  My calves were cramping with every step.  And my sore nipples and clit felt so raw that I thought they were going to fall off.  The large man that led us toward the cafeteria was relentless in his pursuit.  He rushed us along behind him.  I sort of felt bad for allowing myself to be pulled somewhat by the girls in front of me.

       The cafeteria was a simple square building with the smell of Clorox strong in the air.  The floors shined so brightly from the rising sun it was nearly blinding.  In the far corner of the cafeteria was a bar that resembled a Furrscafeteria set up.  Nude workers behind the counters were waiting impatiently for our arrival so they could go about their business and ready themselves for lunch.  I noticed a few slaves heading toward the exit as we entered.  We were the only ones in the building.

       “Since you worthless cunts took so long this morning for training, you will only get leftovers.”  The guard explained.  “This means you will be served from the trash of the slaves before you who failed to eat their meals.  If there are no leftovers, then consider your breakfast to be the cum of your coaches.”  He smiled as he led us toward the trash bin beside the exit on the other side of the room.

       The guard detached us from each other and ordered us to kneel with our heads down beside the trash bin.  He walked behind the counter and returned wearing a pair of rubber gloves.  He then handed out a single tray to each of us.

       “Put the tray on the ground in front of your knees.  Put your hands behind your back and keep your eyes on your tray.  You will eat everything I put on your tray.  If you complain, you will be punished and you will not receive another meal for the rest of the day.  If you fail to eat all your food, you will suffer the same consequence.”

       I could only hope and pray that the meal would be satisfying.  After the torturous workout I had just received, I was starving.

       “You will not take a single bite until you are commanded to.”  The guard said firmly.

       He reached into the trash bin and swirled his hand around.  I could hear the slop and squish of food as he mixed it all around.  He then pulled out a huge handful of mixed mush and threw it sloppily onto my tray.  Some of the food splashed off the tray and landed on my thighs and the floor around the tray.  He repeated himself with the other two girls.  From what I could see, it looked like cuntpuppy got more than me and fuckmuffin. 

       The slop looked totally disgusting.  It was a mixture of scrambled eggs, sausage, bits of bacon, some half eaten fruit that was already browning, and it looked like some milk and orange juice had been thrown into the mix.  Everything was half eaten and smelt nasty.

       Just as the guard put food on fuckmuffins tray, we noticed a few guards entering the cafeteria.  I wanted to eat so bad, even if it was just this nasty stuff, I was really hungry.  Our guard went over and started talking to the other guards who had just entered and were filling their trays with fresh food.  I couldnt make out the conversation but soft laughter filled the room as they approached us.

       “Ok ladies, today you get a special treat.  Before you start eating, you are going to satisfy these men with your oral skills.  You will not swallow their cum.  You will hold it in your mouth until I tell you what to do with it.  Now get busy or you will be late for your valet class.”

       The men made their way in front of each of us and stood there holding their trays in front of them.  I reached up and unzipped the pants of the man in front of me.  I couldnt see his face as his tray blocked my view.  As soon as I reached into his pants, I felt a thick slime.  Had he already cum?  It was too sticky to be cum.  Cum is much more slippery.  Then the stench came.  It smelt like rotten lemons mixed with rotten potatoes and spoiled onions.  Then I realized that this man was just filthy.  As I pulled out his shaft, a handful of thick pubic hair came out with it.  The hair was as long as his shaft, but curly and spotted with sweat.  This had to be the most disgusting dick I had ever seen. 

       WHACK!!!  The sting hit me like a shot in the dark.  Stars filled my eyes.

       “What the fuck are you WAITING for?”  The guard said impatiently.

       I quickly held my breath and took the hardening shaft into my mouth.  The man reached down with one hand and pushed my head further into his crotch forcing his tip down my throat.  Unable to breath I fought to pull back.  He released me just far enough to allow me to breathe through my nose which sent waves of bile to the back of my throat.  He continued to pound the back of my throat, never allowing me to fully release from this thickness in my mouth.  I just wanted him to cum quickly so It would be all over.  His pubes were pulling out from their roots and became a part of my mouth.  I felt his shaft jerk as he grabbed my hair and slowly pulled my head back so that only my lips were wrapped around the tip.  I licked below the tip in the crevice as he shot a HUGE load into my mouth.  I was careful not to swallow the rancid liquid.  I was the last to finish my man. 

       When he was done, he patted me on the head as I returned his pole and zipped him up.  The cum in my mouth felt like it was ready to spill out.  The men stepped back and the guard returned.

       “Ok, now spit the dressing on your food, cunts.”  We all spit out the cum from our mouths, mine having the most.  The cum was even yellow, it was so dirty and disgusting.  Pubic hair was scattered all around my meal now and now I had to eat it with my food?  This was not going to be fun at all.

       “Now, you pisswhores need something to drink.”  He handed each of us a glass and ordered us to unzip our men again and hold their dicks while they fill our cups.  The taste of rotten cum lingered in my mouth.  I held the glass with one hand and his penis in the other hand.  Before long a stream of orange piss filled the glass almost to the brim.  It had a rotten and foul odor to it.

       “Ok, cunts, you may eat and drink now.  You have 4 minutes to finish everything on your trays and drink all of your drinks.  Failure will result in a loss of a meal and 100 lashes with his cane I have right here.”  He tapped it lightly on his palm with a wicked smile.  “GO!!!”  He said impatiently.

       With no utensils, we were forced to eat with our hands.  I grabbed a handful and forced in into my mouth.  I held my breath so I wouldnt have to taste the nastiness.  My stomach was so empty, I could actually feel the food dropping into my stomach.

       “You have TWO minutes, whores!”

       As soon as my tray was empty, I grabbed the glass of pee and took a deep breath.  I held my breath as I lifted the glass and chugged it.  I took deep long swallows of the rancid juice just to get it over with.  As soon as I finished I placed the glass down beside the empty tray and knelt silently waiting for the others to finish.

       “ONE minute, fuckfaces.”  The guard walked up to me and stared down at my completed meal.

       “Are you finished shithole?”   I simply nodded.

He kicked my tray aside.  “What the fuck is this on the floor?  Looks like you have more food to eat.  Better get to it shitface or whatever your name is… 30 seconds whores.”

I quickly picked up the food with my slimy dirty hands and forced it down my throat.  The foul taste filled my nostrils as I rested the last 10 seconds.  Luckily, we had all finished on time.

“Now you must clean up after yourselves, cunts.  Lick your area of all that grease and slime.”  We all knelt over and licked our areas clean as we had been ordered.

“Good, now put your trays away.”  We did and were again attached at the collar two feet from each other and led out of the cafeteria.  I had already forgotten how weak I was from the morning workout as he led us down the hill and to the cleaning house where we were to be washed and cleaned up before our class started.

The sun was warm on my naked body as we made our way and all I could think about was how bad my life was going to be.  How long will I have to go through all this?  Will I ever see freedom again?  Hope was all I had.

Once inside the cleaning building, we were all put into a single shower stall.  We were detached and our collars were removed.  An older naked woman stood about 20 feet away holding a thick hose pointed directly at us.  She turned the nob on the head of the hose and a high powered stream of water shot out at us.

All we could do was scream from the shock of the cold water and the needles of water that hit our sore bodies.  She swayed the hose from side to side as our skin turned pink from the pressure of the water.  It felt even worse when the water would hit our wounds from our punishment during the morning training.  It felt like my skin was going to rip off my body.

She tossed me a single bar of soap and ordered me to wash fuckmuffins body and to do it quickly.  I did as told and made sure I didnt miss a single inch of her body.  Fuckmuffin then washed cuntpuppy and cuntpuppy washed me.  The hose remained on us as we washed each others hair.  It was a relief when she turned the hose off.  We all stood in the stalls shivering and dripping wet.  Our skins were raw and red.

She tossed us each a towel to dry off.  We were then taken to a separate room to put on makeup and style our hair.  In this room, another naked older woman observed our actions to make sure we made ourselves up according to specific guidelines.  Pink eyeshadow, light blush, pink lipstick, black eyeliner and mascara.  Our hair was brushed and put back in a single ponytail.

We were then taken back outside where the guard collared each of us with a thick leather collar with several rings surrounding it.  He attached us together again about 2 feet apart and marched us around the building, past our tent, down a hill and toward a small portable building.

The building had a paved road that went down a steep hill and around to a large parking lot at the end of it.  Just in front of the building was a small car.  That must be where class is, I thought.

To be continued……


       We were led down the hill to the small building proving my predictions correct.  This was going to be our Valet class.  My body felt broken and beaten and it was still late morning with a long class ahead of me.  My eyes felt heavy. My legs were sore and shaking as I made my way barefoot down the gravel hill.  Every step was causing sharp shooting pain through the soles of my feet that traveled up my legs to my back.  My skin felt sore and hot from the beatings and the harsh shower I had received.  Sweat was dripping down my face from the warm sun as it blanketed my naked body.

       We made our way through the doors into what looked like a small office.  In the rear of the room was a large wooden desk with a computer and a telephone.  Behind it, sitting in a large leather chair was probably the fattest man I had ever seen.  His hair was wet with his own perspiration.  He wheezed with every breath as he observed our approach.  His tee shirt was soaked in the armpits and chest with sweat and the room had a gagging scent of body odor.  A huge grin spread across his face as our collars were removed completely.

       “Ahh, new students, very nice.”  He said with a wheeze.  He pointed to the side of his desk.  “Line up side by side right here girls.  I wanna see what I get this week.”  He snorted a half giggle.

       We lined up side by side next to his desk.  He was completely repulsive.

       He rolled his chair closer to us and observed us up and down with a horny, evil smile on his face.  Was he actually going to use us today?  God I hoped not.

       “Ok, the first thing I must ask is, who here knows how to drive.”  Me and cuntpuppy raised our hands.  Daddy had bought me a car three months before I got taken.  I considered myself a good driver.

       “Very well.”  He stood and looked at fuckmuffin.  “You must be fuckmuffin.”  The girl nodded.  “You, missy, will have to stay late after class so that I can teach you how to drive.”  He sat back down with a loud thump.

       He looked at me lustily.  “You must be shithole.  You will be my oral girl.”  He pointed to a spot in the opposite corner of the room that was marked with an orange line.  Just behind the line was a bare spot on the carpet that exposed the hard concrete beneath it.  “Kneel up behind the orange line.  Hands at your sides, knees together, and butt and shoulders should be flush.  You will slightly arch your back to push out those perky tits and keep your mouth open wide with no teeth showing.”

       I made my way to the spot and knelt down as I was ordered.  The concrete was ruthless on my bare knees as I posed as best I could.  He stood up with a look of impatience and scurried his way to me.  He cocked back his hand and whipped it across my face with a blow so hard it knocked me over.  With tears in my eyes and swelling on my cheek, I got back into position.

       “I said open your dirty fucking mouth and show no fucking teeth, whore!”  He said as I made my way into position.  I opened my mouth and closed my lips to cover any teeth that may be exposed.

       With a dirty look, he glared down at me.  “Do not break from that position unless you want to get the shit kicked out of you.”  He walked back toward cuntpuppy.

       “Cuntpuppy, you will be my Anal Valet Whore.”  He pointed to a workbench that standing beside me.

       “Go to that workbench, bend over the wooden part.  Spread your legs so that they are on the OUTSIDE of the bench legs.  Your hands will grasp the legs on the other end.” 

       Cuntpuppy made her way into her position with no problems.

       The instructor made his way to fuckmuffin.  “Ok, fuckmuffin, youre gonna be my Vaginal Valet Whore.”  He pointed to a small wooden doctors bed next to cuntpuppy.  “Get on the bench, lie on your back, and put your ass on the very end of it.  You will raise your legs and you will hug each of your knees to each shoulder.  Keep your feet far away from that cunt of yours.”

       Fuckmuffin got into her position easily.  By this time I could feel the strain on my jaw along with the shooting pain in my lower back trying to hold my position.  It wasnt an easy position to hold.

       The instructor stood back and observed our positions for a moment with a cruel smile.  “Yes, just the way women should be.  Open and ready for sex at all times.  Well, lets not make it for nothing.”  With that said, he began to untie his sweat stained slacks that had no zipper and were more like sweat pants that looked like slacks.  He slid them down to his ankles and stepped out of them.  He reached down again and slid down his whitey tighties to expose a groin that was filled with a dense forest of curly black pubic hair that was beaded with sweat.  His short but fat penis penetrated the hairs to expose just the tip.  His underwear had a long brown skid mark on the back of it where it was obvious he never wiped his ass.  His thighs swished with every step as he made his way to fuckmuffin.

       “Ill fuck you first, fuckmuffin.”  He leaned his giant body on top of fuckmuffin as she disappeared underneath him.  I heard a faint gasp as he plunged his fat and short shaft inside of her.

       “I want complete silence from you, whore.”  He said as he moved his body in a short jerking motion.  After a few moments doing this, he pulled himself off of her.  Fuckmuffin lied there glistening with his sweat all over her body.  “Thats enough of that tight little wet cunt.  Now that Im all lubed up, its time to try this little anal whore here.” 

       He scuffled his way to cuntpuppy.  His wheezing got louder as he placed himself behind her pressing his tip to her butthole.  He thrust himself inside of her ass which caused a loud squeal from the poor girl receiving it.  The instructor gave her an extremely hard punch on her lower back making her hmmff in pain.  “Shut the fuck up and make no noise while I enjoy this dirty ass of yours.” 

       He reached to each side of the bench and began pulling on it hard to push himself deeper inside of her.  He then began to thrust himself into her over and over and over again with no remorse or concern for cuntpuppy.  Her face was turning a bright red from the strain in her ass.  I felt for her.  I could smell the sex of fuckmuffin and the foulness of cuntpuppy mix with the instructors own stench.  This was going to be disgusting.  A man like this wouldnt have a chance in hell with a woman or girl in my world.  And I was about to suck the pussy juice and shit from my fellow slaves off of this disgusting mans penis.

       With a hard grunt, he pulled himself off of cuntpuppy.  He looked over to me with an evil grin and stepped in front of me.  His foul penis was level with my open mouth.  I breathed through my mouth to avoid the foul odor.

       “Now its time to finish inside of this sweet mouth of yours, shithole.”  With that said, he grabbed me by my hair and pulled me hard into his soaking wet pubes.  His short dick barely made it to back of my throat just enough to block out my breathing.  I closed my lips around the shaft and held my breath as he kept me in this position until I choked.

       “Ha, ha, ha,  dont have to worry about you talking or yelling, will i?”  He began to use my head as if it was a toy thrusting his foul tasting dick deep into my mouth with every thrust.  I began to choke and my thick mucus saliva was dripping from his tool as it mixed well with his sweat, cuntpuppys shit and fuckmuffins pussy juice.  The taste was horrible. 

       “Massage my dick with your tongue, whore.”  His pubes were all over his shaft as well as I was being forced to taste this disgusting mans horrible penis.  Suddenly, and with a loud, wheezing groan, he pulled my face deep into his crotch so that his shaft was in the back of my throat and my nose was smashed against him.  He shot a heavy load of semen into the back of my choking throat as his penis started jerking in his pleasure.  He released my head and allowed me to pull back and let his cock dangle in front of my face.  I was careful to keep my mouth wide open.

       “That was really sloppy, shithole.  Look at all this cum and pussy juice on my balls and my crotch.  Lick it up now like a thankful piece of shit.”  I couldnt take it anymore as I started crying from this disgusting act.  I buried my face in his thick pubic hair.  It took me several minutes to finally get all the crap off so that his dick looked cleaner than it was before he started on us.

       “Good girl.”  He said as he dressed himself back up.

       “Ok, line up again right here girls.”  He pointed in front of himself.  We all lined up wondering what was next.

       The instructor made a phone call and a short stubby man came in from a side door.  He took each of our measurements.  He checked our waists, our legs, our breasts and our necks.  He walked back into the side room and returned with some items of clothing.  He handed each of us a pile of clothes.

       “This will be your training uniforms.  Put them on now, sluts.”  The fat slob snorted with every breath and I couldnt believe I actually sucked his dick.  The flavor couldnt leave my mouth and I knew it was on my breath. 

       The clothes consisted of a pair of thigh high fishnet stockings, a very short pleated, plaid, wrap around skirt, a see through black spaghetti strap top that hid absolutely nothing and a thick leather collar.  We were each given a pair of black 6 ½ inch heels to finish it off.

       When we were finished dressing, the instructor inspected us. He made sure that the tops of the fishnets were in full view along with at least 2 inches of skin.  He made sure that the skirt displayed the curves of our butts with every step we took and that our pussies would be in plain view with every step also.

       “Yes, now you whores look like real Valet Tramps.”  He said with a wry smile.  “Follow me outside.”  He went outside and sat behind the podium that stood next to the curb.  I could easily see the holes in the ground where the dildos were hidden.  There were three tape marks above each hole.

       “Fuckmuffin, you are my vaginal, so you will kneel in front.  Spread your legs and fold your arms behind your back.”  Fuckmuffin  got herself into position as the teacher pressed a button on the podium.  A medium sized dildo slowly made its way out of the ground.

       “You may use your hands to insert it, fuckmuffin.”  He said firmly.  She reached forward and directed it to her sex hole as it continued to press itself inside of her until the balls of the dildo were pressed up against her vaginal lips.  She looked incredibly uncomfortable but she held her position.

       “Very nice, theres nothing like a slut with her pussy filled to the max.  Now, cuntpuppy, you are the Anal Valet Tramp.  You will squat right over the second hole.”  That hole was so close to fuckmuffins that cuntpuppy had to spread her legs so that each of her knees were on both sides of the girl in front of her.  “Again, you may use your hands to direct it inside that fine ass of yours.  Ill go slow, but you better take it all in.”  She reached down and we all heard a loud groan as this huge dildo pressed itself inside of her tiny body.  She winced and cried as it pressed deeper and deeper until the balls were pressed against her butt. 

       “Good, now fold your hands behind your back like a good anal tramp.”  She looked extremely uncomfortable, but she held her position.

       “Ok, shithole.  As the oral tramp, you will be on your knees.  Your ass will be high and your lips touching the ground.  Your hands folded behind your back so that I can see those titties dangling through that top.”  I got into position as I arched my back and kissed the hole in the ground with my lips.  The small dildo made its way out of the ground and directly into my waiting mouth.  It was so small that it didnt even hit the back of my throat.

       “Your job, shithole is to clean the dildos.  If you fail to clean the dildos, you will get 25 strikes with the bullwhip for each infraction.  Since you are training, you will only get 10 today.  So use that fucking tongue and make it work.”  The instructor stood up and made his way to each of us.  He inspected to make sure we held our positions and the dildos were fully inserted at all times.

       “I love this view.  Three nice, young whores obeying my every command no matter what it is.”

       “Now, I will drive the car around to the front.   There is a sensor in the driveway.  When I run over that sensor, your dildos will slowly drop back down into the ground.  Once the dildo is out of your hole, you will respond as I instruct you.”

       The nasty man squeezed himself into the car and drove around the driveway.  We heard a loud bell, sort of like the kind you get at gas stations.  The dildos dropped back into the ground as you could easily see the relief on the girls faces as the dildos left their holes.  The instructor rolled down the passenger window and gave us our instructions.

       “OK, the girl in the front, whoever it might be.  Once your hole is empty, you will jump up and get a towel from the towel rack by the podium.  Then you will run around to the driver side of the car.  You will drop to your knees and open the door for our guests.  As he or she steps out of the car, you will press your face deep into their crotch and say the following words.  Welcome to Fantasy Hills.  The driver will walk away and you will lay your towel on the seat so you dont get your pussy juice all over it and drive the car to the parking lot.  You left over tramps will move forward to the dildo in front of you and resume your positions.  You must do this quickly because the dildos dont wait.  If you are too slow and have to adjust, you will also be punished.  There will be a controller that will take the plate numbers.  When you return with the keys, you will hand them to the controller and she will place them in the box.  You will replace the towel and get on the dildo in the back.  Now fuckmuffin, get up and do it now.”

       Fuckmuffin jumped up and grabbed a white towel from the hook.  She ran around the car and dropped to her knees and quickly opened the door.  The instructor forced his way out of the car and stood in front of her.  She pressed her face into his crotch.  “Welcome to Fantasy Hills.”  The instructor pulled her head back with a hard yank on her hair.  He slapped her soundly across her face.

       “I cant hear you bitch!!  Speak loudly and proudly that you are a part of this.  You cant be heard with your mouth muffled by my crotch.”  With that said, she buried her face again and loudly repeated the welcome.  “Much better.  Now I will get in the passenger side and you will drive this car to the lot.”  He got into the passenger seat as fuckmuffin placed her towel and adjusted the seat.  She had never driven before so her driving was poor as they drove off and toward the parking lot. 

Cuntpuppy and I were careful to keep our positions in case we were under surveillance.  I was then tasting the ass of cuntpuppy and trying to clean it as I waited for their return.  The dildo was poking the back of my throat and I couldnt help but gag on both the length and the taste.  There was simply no way I would be able to keep my lips on the ground with this huge thing hitting the back of my head. 

Off in the distance I could hear the two doors slamming.  One other slam followed.  I couldnt see much with my head down.  Shortly after, I could hear the car coming around the driveway.  He stopped the car short of the sensor and got out.  He walked toward us.  He was wheezing all the way.  Finally, I was able to hear fuckmuffin running up the final hill back to us.  She was gasping for air by the time she got there. 

“You were a little too slow on your return fuckmuffin.  You have 3 minutes to park the car and return back.  It took you three minutes and forty-five seconds.  For that, you will receive 45 strokes at the end of your shift.  Now you will place yourself on that dildo in the back and wait for your turn again.”

He made his way to cuntpuppy and made sure she had the medium dildo all the way inside of her.  “Very nice.”  He went to where I was and pulled my head up by my hair to check my cleaning abilities.  “You cant even take it all the way in?  Fuckin worthless piece of shit you are.”  He pushed my face back down over the dildo and then stepped on the back of my head forcing me to take the dirty dildo all the way down so that I had no choice but to swallow the huge tip.  I was choking terribly by the time he released the pressure.  Tears were running down my face from the pain in the back of my throat as I gasped for air.

“If you cant take the whole fucking thing, you will clean the rest with your tongue, stupid whore!  Now lick the bottom of the shaft and the balls.”  He observed as I did as I was told.  A lame smile spread across his face.  He walked back to the car and drove it over the sensor and the dildos retreated back into the ground.  Cuntpuppy jumped up and grabbed a towel and repeated the exercise.  The medium dildo was now in my mouth and this time I tasted both of the girls as I took it all in my mouth and held my position as I waited for my turn.  I couldnt believe I was in the position of cleaning up the dirty dildos.  Not only was it humiliating, but it put me below the other valet girls.  At least they didnt have to taste the other girls. 

The instructor came back around and observed our positions once again.  He was pleased that fuckmuffin was able to take that huge dildo in her pussy.  Then it was my turn.  The dildos dropped down.  I jumped up and grabbed a towel.  I could feel the cool air brushing up against my soaking pussy.  I couldnt believe that I was sexually excited by my predicament.  I ran around the car and dropped to my knees.  My throat was sore and I had the constant flavor of pussy juice and ass on my tongue.  I opened the door and the instructor stepped out.  I immediately pressed my face into his crotch.  I closed my eyes as I could smell the ball sweat soaking through the thin fabric. 

“Welcome to Fantasy Hills.”  I said loudly.  He stepped aside and got in the passenger seat.  I laid out my towel and sat in the seat.  I adjusted it and drove off.  He made me park in the farthest parking space on the practice lot.  As I stopped the car, he turned and faced me.

“You now have 2 minutes to run back to the valet station and get back in your position on the third dildo.  Go, now!”  I took the keys out of the car and jumped out.  I started running toward the building again.  My legs were weak from the morning training and my body was tired, but I pushed myself as hard as I could to make it in time.  My feet felt like they were being skinned and my calves were cramping with every stride.  Unfortunately, I was 30 seconds late.  That meant I would receive 30 lashes for being too slow.  This was on top of the 10 I was to get for failing to clean the huge dildo correctly.

This training continued for a full three rotations.  By this time, the sun was setting as late afternoon settled in.  The instructor drove to the front of us and got out. 

“All of you, stand up.”  We all stood where we were.

“Now, before we expire for the day, you will receive your punishments for your failures.  This is only to teach you think and sacrifice correctly for the pleasure of others.”  He walked inside the building and returned with a cane and a bullwhip.  “Now I want each of you to stand on the white line right there beside the doors.”  He pointed to the spot just right of the front doors.  A long white line was visible about 3 feet from the wall.  We all stood just behind the line.

“Strip off your clothes and fold them neatly.  Place them in the box beside the door for you to use again tomorrow.”  We all did as we were told.  “Now place your palms up against the wall and keep those toes behind the white line.  I want each of you on your tippy toes.  You will hold this position until I tell you otherwise.”  It wasnt as easy as it sounded.  The strain was harsh on my back as well as my calves and shoulders.

Instructor then walked over to fuckmuffin and started on her butt.  “In three rounds, you were a total of one minute and forty seconds late.  You were perfect on your vaginal positioning, so you will only receive 100 strikes for your failures today.  You will count them out loud and thank me for each strike.  After your last strike you will hold your position until the other girls are finished.”

Fuckmuffin held her own until about the 30th strike when she started screaming with every thank you she was forced to take.  It didnt take him long as he hit her with quick strokes.  He then made his way to cuntpuppy who was to get 97 strokes.  Cuntpuppy had a really hard time with it as she nearly fell down with each strike after 80.  Her butt was swollen and striped red by the time he finished.  He came around to me next.  My whole body was shaking from the position I had been holding for so long.

“Shithole, you will receive 68 strokes for being late plus 10 for your failure to clean a dildo with the bullwhip.  This will be fun.”  Then he started with my beating.

Each strike felt like a flamethrower was burning my butt.  I screamed with every stroke and I cried hard as I thanked him for every hit.  “Thank you, Sir.”  WHACK  “Aggg, th…thank you, sir.”  I thought it would never end.  Finally the cane strokes finished and he pulled out his bullwhip.

“This will hurt, little whore.”  He said and just as he finished with that last word, the crack came down hard on my sensitive lower back.  I lost my position and dropped to my knees in tears.  I quickly recovered and got back into position.  “Thank you sir.”  My voice was cracking from so much crying.

“Next time, I will start over for that poor performance.”  Each strike was worse than the last.  To be honest, I have no idea how I was able to endure the pain.  I nearly fell three times and I could feel the blood running down my hips.

“Ok, sluts.  All of you turn your trampy, worthless asses around and face me.”  He had taken off his shorts and he went back inside the building to call for the guards to come and get us.  The sun was fading behind the hills in the distance and all I could think about is how nice my freedom would be.  This constant pain and submission was tiring the hell out of me.  I wanted to be dead.

The instructor came back outside and without saying a word, he grabbed fuckmuffins ass and lifted her up on his hard penis.  She gasped for air as he thrust inside of her for a short time.  He finally let her down.  “Say thank you, fuckmuffin, for teaching you today.”

With a tear soaked voice, she responded, “Thank you, Sir, for teaching me today.”

He then grabbed cuntpuppy and turned her around.  He pounded her butt like it was nothing.  Cuntpuppy was screaming from the soreness of her stretched butthole.  When he was done with her, he made her thank him also before he came over to me for the finale.  By this time three guards were on their way and almost to the building.  The instructor grabbed me by my hair and keeping me on my feet forced me to bend over and suck him off until his nasty cum filled my throat and forced me to swallow it like a hungry whore.  I was in so much pain that I felt like I was in a dream.  My will had been completely broken and all I wanted to do was sleep and recover.  All I could hope for was that tomorrow would be easier. 

The guards attached our metal collars and tugged us back around the building and to our tent in the open field.  Once inside, an older naked woman rubbed that healing lotion on all of our wounds and our knees as well.  Then we were put back into our small cages for another cold night in our hell. 

We didnt say a single word to each other.  We all fell asleep almost as soon as our cages were closed.  I didnt even hear the zip of the tent close.  What would tomorrow bring?  I guess I would soon find out.

       Throughout the night, I didnt want to move at all.  Every movement I made allowed the cold steel of the cage floor to pierce through my skin.  It was a very cold night but I was so tired, nothing would be able to keep me from sleep.  That night I would have a strange dream…

       I woke up in my cage before the guards came charging in.  As I looked up and outside of my cage, I saw my old master was standing there staring at me with an awkward smile.  In the blink of an eye, my cage was swung open and I was pulled out by my hair.  My hands were bound behind my back and I didnt seem to have control over my legs.  He held me up with one hand by my hair and started to punch my face over and over again.  I could taste the blood in my mouth as he beat on me.  He was relentless.  All I could think about was why I wasnt getting knocked out.  I heard my nose pop as it was shattered and I tasted blood in my mouth.  Yet he continued to beat my face in.  When he was finished, he threw my limp body on the ground.  I noticed that he had knocked out all of the teeth in my mouth.  Broken teeth filled my mouth.  He told me to get up.  As I tried to stand up I looked down and noticed that my legs were missing below the knee.  He started laughing at me as he lifted me up by taking a strong hold of my breasts and he threw me back into my cage hitting my head on the opposite side.  He slammed the cage shut.

       I woke up to the guards slamming their sticks on the bars of my small cage.  In a sudden panic I woke up.  The cage doors were unlocked and opened.

       “Come on, lets get started, sluts.”  The guards commanded.

       I tried to crawl out of my cage as I noticed I couldnt feel my legs below the knee.  My feet had fallen asleep.  At least I still had them.  We were bound together as usual and led out of the tent.  Once outside, we were given several stretching exercises to perform along with some of those pills we take to keep us energized and horny all day.  We stretched our arms, legs, thighs, calves and backs.  Once that was done, we were led to the field for our second day of hell training.  Every muscle on my body was sore.  Every joint was tired from the day before. 

       We made our way across the grounds to the field.  I really wasnt in the mood for more of the same hell we had endured the day before.  But what choice did I have?  Escape?  I didnt know how I would be able to pull that off.  It was impossible. 

       Once we got to the field, the guards lined us up along the line like they had the day before.  The field had been set up in a different way.  The track was normal, but in the middle of the grassy field were three long wooden beams and at each end of the beams were blue rubber mats.  I had no idea what they were for but I knew I would learn by the end of the morning.

       “Today, we will be doing some cross country.  Have any of you stupid whores heard about the Slave Olympics?”

       I was the only one that raised my hand.

       “Well, today we will be doing something similar.  Bring out the shoes!”  He called out to the other guards to fetch those killer shoes from the shed.  They returned and tossed the shoes in front of each of us.

       “Now, each of your coaches has a wager on each of you.  If you fail and cost them money, they have the right to punish you for your failures…  Now put on your shoes, sluts!”

       I quickly bent down to pick up the heels.  My body was screaming in its soreness.  As I reached down I felt a hard whip hit my butt.  My body jerked in surprise. 

       “Hurry up, tramp!”  My coach smiled behind me as I hurried to strap and lock the shoes to each of my feet.  The pain of the shoes immediately shot through my legs and my lower back as I stood there waiting for further instructions.  When the other girls finished, the head guard gave us our instructions.

       “This is how todays training will go.  I am only going to say this once, so you better not forget the order and the instructions.  Failure will cost you 25 strikes with the cane and cost you time in our competition.  Your coach will not be happy with you if you fail.”  He paced back and forth in front of us.

       “First, you will run one full lap around the track.  When you return, you will take off your shoes and allow your coach to attach nipple clamps.  You will drop to your hands and knees and you will crawl two full laps.  When you finish that, you will put your shoes back on and allow your coach to attach clit clamps and bind your arms behind your back.  He will also add weights to your nipples.  You will squat down and walk like a duck for three full laps.  When you finish, you will allow your coach to add weights to your nipples and clit and you will be given a tail in your asses.  You will get on your hands and feet and bear crawl for an entire four laps.  When you finish with that task, you will allow your coach to plug your pussies and tie a crotch tie to keep them in you.  You will suck your coach until he cums in your mouth.  The first one to finish all the tasks and their coach, wins.  Then we will start round two.”  He pulled out his coaches whistle.  You will start at the whistle.

       We took off at the whistle.  Running in the heels was a little easier than the day before but the pain of those damn shoes never stopped their relentless torture.  I had an early lead halfway through the first lap.  I had to hold my breasts as the bouncing was causing some discomfort with every step I took.  I looked back and saw fuckmuffin gaining on me.  I was determined to win.  I didnt know if I wanted to win to avoid the punishment or because I wanted to please my coach.  Either way, I wanted to be the best.

       I stopped at the finish line and dropped down to take off those horrid shoes.  The coach threw the key at my feet so I would be able to unlock them and slip them off.  Coach attached the nipple chain on my nipples as fuckmuffin was finishing taking off her shoes.  I got on all fours and started crawling.  I guess it was a good thing that my old Master took me out for my dog walks because it got me used to crawling around on all fours.  I was actually really comfortable as I made my way around the track.  After the first lap, though, my coach struck my back hard with a bull whip which made me scream.  “Hurry up shithole!!”

       I picked up the pace even though I could feel the skin on my knees start to scrape off.  My palms were not much better.  I had managed to give myself about a half lap lead on fuckmuffin and almost a full lap over cuntpuppy.  I stopped at the finish line and put the hell shoes on once again, locking them in place.  My knees were completely dirty and scraped up.  The coach came around and attached two fishing weights on my nipple chain, pulling down my nipples and causing a sharp pain.  He attached clit clamps to my soaking pussy.  He had to wipe it a few times so they would stay on firmly.  He pulled my arms behind my back and cinched them tightly behind me.  “Now, go, whore, hurry.”

       I squatted down and started to duck walk around the track.  This was extremely hard to do.  The strain on my knees and my thighs were causing a lot of discomfort.  Keeping my balance was difficult with my hands behind me as I waddled around the track.  Halfway around I fell over and struggled eagerly to get back up with my tired and sore body.  I managed to get back up and continue.  Fuckmuffin was gaining on me fast.  By the end of the first lap, my thighs and calves were burning and tiring out.  And I still had to do it two more times.  I fell twice on the second lap which allowed fuckmuffin to catch up to me.  I tried really hard to keep up with her, but she was damn good at this.  We crossed the finish line together.  I cried during the entire third lap.  My legs felt like they were giving out.  I had to pause a few times to catch my balance so I wouldnt fall over.  Fuckmuffin had passed me and was about 10 yards ahead as we passed the finish line.  Sweat and tears filled my eyes and it was hard to catch my breath.

       I slowly rose to my feet as coach attached two more weights to my sore nipples and added two to my clit.  He unbound my arms and ordered me to bend over for the tail.  I bent over so that my scraped palms were back on the pavement with my butt high in the air.  The coach lubed the butt plug with my pussy juice and slid it in easily.  He unbound my arms.

       “You better not let that thing fall out, whore!”  He gave my butt a hard slap to get me on my way. 

Fuckmuffin was about a quarter of a lap ahead of me.  The weights on my nipples were dragging on the ground as I crawled on my hands and feet around the track.  The position was really hard to control.  My arms got tired from carrying some of my weight on them.  My back was getting tired from the position and my legs were dying for some relief.  It felt like my nipples were going to be pulled off with every step I took.  After the first lap, I wanted to just fall over and die.  I didnt think I would make it.  First of all, crawling like this was slow so it took a while to make a lap.  Second, it was a huge strain on pretty much every muscle in my body.  And last, I was tired and getting weaker as I tried. 

       The thought of having to do four full laps was pretty hard on my mind.  As I finished the first lap, I was crying loudly.  My coach used a bullwhip to hurry me along as I passed him.  Fuckmuffin was slowing down by the end of the second lap.  Ahead of me, I could see her butt starting to lower and her legs and arms were shaking pretty badly.  Mine were burning and starting to shake themselves. 

As I passed the line to finish my second lap, I could see the tears dripping from my eyes and my nose was dripping as well.  My coach started hitting me over and over again on the backs of my thighs as struggled past him.  I could barely scream through the crying as he struck me so hard on my straining muscles.  By the end of the third lap, I was directly behind fuckmuffin.  Cuntpuppy was still far behind us.  Her coach didnt look very happy about it. 

My legs were starting to give out at the start of the final lap.  My butt was getting lower and my arms were going numb.  My coach grabbed a switch and struck me hard on my back.

“Get up, bitch, youre almost done!  Move, whore!”  He and fuckmuffins coach followed us along the entire lap.  Every time we would slow down, we would get struck hard.  As we were making the final turn, my head was even with fuckmuffins butt.  I was on the outside.  Behind us our coaches were yelling at us.  “Come on bitch, come on bitch!”

Fuckmuffins coach swung at her as she finished taking the turn.  It was a really hard hit on her.  She didnt even scream.  She hmmffed and fell over on her side.  I got a strike just behind my knees.  I lifted my head and could see the finish line about 25 yards ahead.  It was blurry and my eyes burned from all the sweat dripping down my face.  My clit and nipples were now numb and the pain from the clamps had now traveled deeper inside my body so that my breasts were in pain and my entire vagina was in pain. The balls of my feet were killing me from the heels.  My body was giving out.  My arms could take no more abuse.  But I was so close.

I passed the finish line well ahead of fuckmuffin and almost a full lap ahead of cuntpuppy.  As soon as I passed the line, I collapsed and blacked out. 

The next thing I remember was the shock of cold water being poured on my face.  I woke up immediately wondering how long I had been out.  It must not have been long because cuntpuppy was just passing the finish line and the sun was still in about the same place.

Cuntpuppy was crying hysterically as she was still struggling around the final turn of the track.  Her coach was strapping her back and legs constantly.  I couldnt stare long before I got a sting on my right nipple that was already sore from the clamps and weights.  I squealed.

My coach was looking down at me.  “What the FUCK are you waiting for cunt?”

I was barely able to raise my arms to unzip his pants.  I reached inside and with my bloody hands I pulled out his soft shaft.  I immediately took it into my mouth and started sucking it as I had been shown before.  Fuckmuffin had also fallen over on her side from the excersize and was catching her breath.  Her coach lifted her up by her hair so she was kneeling.  Her face was a dark red and her nose was also running. 

I continued to suck as my coach finally grew hard in my mouth.  I began slamming to the back of my throat hoping that it wouldnt take long for him to cum.  My lips never left his shaft and my tongue rubbed constantly on his length.  Finally, after a few minutes I could feel his dick start to pulsate inside my mouth.  I kept my momentum, hoping he would hurry up and finish so that I could breathe easier.  I couldnt tell if it was sweat or pussy juice running down my legs as the cool breeze brushed against it.

I then felt the warm swimming liquid hit my throat.  I kept my pace as he squirted over and over again into my mouth.  The taste was typical.  I pulled back long enough to swallow and lick his penis clean.  He patted me on the head, stood me up, and inserted a large dildo into my soaking wet sex.  He stepped around me and wrapped a thick leather belt around my waist.  He buckled it firmly so that it was harder to breathe.  He then took a second strap and ran it between my butt cheeks and over my pussy to hold in the dildo and the tail.  He removed my clit clamps which made me scream in pain and He buckled the strap to the front of my waist strap.  He then reached down and pulled each of my pussy lips to each side of the strap.  He then tightened it even harder.  The big dildo in my sex was hurting my insides but I dared not complain.

“Stand up straight, shithole!”  He demanded.

My belly hurt as I stood up straight with my hands at my sides.

“Stay, whore!”  He said as he grabbed some rope.  I had noticed that there was a large group of men entering the field.  All of them were dressed in normal everyday clothes.   There must have been at least fifty to seventy men entering.

My coach began to wrap my breasts with the coarse rope.  He cinched them really tight so that they ballooned  and stood straight out.  My breasts were not only tied up by the rope, they were being squeezed in the most painful way.  He then tied my breasts to each other behind my neck so that the rope acted like a bra lifting them even higher.  He grabbed a dildo and held it to my mouth.

“A real whore has all her holes filled at all times.  Now its time for you to be a whore.  Open up.”  I opened my mouth wide and allowed him to shove the dildo deep into my mouth.  It was just long enough to fill my mouth but not long enough to block my breathing.

“This does not leave your mouth unless you absolutely have to for the competition.  Understood, stupid?”  I nodded.

The other coaches were working on their girls as I was allowed to stand and rest as best I could in my binds.  My pussy ached from the clamps and weights along with the huge dildo that was stretching my insides.  The butt plug was starting to ache and my breasts were throbbing with desperate need to get blood to them.  My nipples were numb by now only awakened as the chain would move on my nipples.

After a few minutes the other girls joined me.  We each stood at the end of one of the long beams that stretched across the grassy field.  The head coach stood on the middle beam and explained our second part of our morning conditioning.

Because I finished first in the first round, I was granted a 35 second head start on fuckmuffin and a 1:45 start over cuntpuppy.  I sort of felt sorry for them but in a way I was happy that I was in the lead.  The second part would prove to be rather harsh.  We were informed as to the meanings of the long wooden beams that stretched across the  field.  Dozens of men had filed onto the field and were lining up at the ends of the beams.  What could we possibly be forced to do next? 

The instructions were perfectly clear.  First, we were to balance our way across the beam without falling.  Falling would result in 10 lashes with the crop and would increase by 10 every time after.  Once on the other end, we had to squat without our knees touching the ground, suck the man at the end until he came in our mouth.  We had to hold his cum in our mouths and balance our way back across the beam to the other end where another man would be waiting.  We then would have to put a condom on his penis and fuck him until he came.  We then had to hold the condom in our mouths dangling out as we balance our way back across to the other side where a third man would be waiting.  We had to put a condom on his penis and fuck him in the squatting position until he came.  We than had to hold that condom in our mouths until we balance our way back to the beginning.  At the end were three small cups.  Once we made it across, we would have to empty the contents of the condoms into the cup and spit out the cum we had in our mouths the entire time.  If the cup wasnt filled to the line at the top, we would have to repeat the exercise until it was filled.  The first one to fill the cup, drink its contents and lick it clean would be that days winner.

We all started by standing at the end of the balance beam.  It was slightly larger than my feet which was a good thing because it made it easier to balance.  As soon as the head coach called out “Go!”  I was struck on my butt with the riding crop.  I started walking across the balance beam slowly at first until I got a hard strike on the back of my right thigh.

“Get moving, cunt!”  I quickly started walking faster trying to be careful not to fall.  My arms were at my sides and I used them to help me a few times as I made my way across.   I was about halfway to the end when fuckmuffin got started.  The thought of her passing caused me move even faster but more carelessly.  My legs were weak and tired from the days events and I barely managed to stay on the beam when I got to the end.  The man that stood there was an elderly man which I guessed was close to seventy years old. 

I quickly squatted down and unzipped his pants.  I reached inside and pulled out his old half hard penis.  I took it in my mouth and started sucking and tickling his tip until he grew hard in my mouth.  I then started pumping my head back and forth hitting his tip on my throat with every thrust.  He smelt like he was musty and sweaty at the same time.  Old sweat, I figured.  I felt his dick start to pulse in my mouth which told me he was getting close.  At this time, fuckmuffin was just getting her man hard and cuntpuppy was still on the beam close to the end.  The old man shot hard in my mouth and I was careful not to swallow any of his cum.  I closed my lips around the man liquid to keep the foul taste in my mouth.  The old man then hung a weight on my nipple chain and my pussy chain.   I stepped back up on the beam and made my way back.

On that end was a very young teenage boy that looked like he was only 13 or 14 years old.  He had a huge grin on his face as I made my way to him.  I tried to keep my head down looking at the beam to keep me concentrating on my balance.  I was almost at the end when my left leg gave out and I slipped right off the beam.  My coach did not hesitate as he immediately grabbed me by my hair and bent me over so that my hands were bracing myself on the beam.  He then used his riding crop to strike my ass so freakin hard I almost spit out the cum from my mouth to scream.  After the tenth hit, I stood back up on the beam and continued.  Fuckmuffin was about 50 yards behind me. 

The boy at the end lied down on a blue mat.  I took off his shorts as fast as I possibly could and grabbed a condom from coachs hand.  I rolled on the condom and made sure there was plenty of room at the tip so it would collect as much cum as possible.  My pussy was soaking wet and dripping down to my knees.  I was able to smell my own sex in heat.   My pussy lips were stinging in pain from the clamps that stayed on.  My nipples were numb but in extreme pain.  I wanted to swallow so badly but I couldnt.  I wouldnt.   I had to take off the chastity belt and remove the dildo from my soaked pussy.  I then reached down and placed his hard shaft to my pussy hole as I slowly squatted down on it.  Pure pleasure filled my entire body as the tickle of orgasm started to fill my soul.  My pussy was throbbing with no full climax as I squatted over and over again on this horny kids tool unil I heard him cry out in pleasure.  He tapped my sore butt cheek to let me know he had finished.  Fuckmuffin was working on her man as I started to unwrap the condom.  I kept it closed as best I could as I placed it in my teeth and let the warm milk dangle to my chin.  I replaced the huge dildo back inside my waiting and wanting vagina and reattached the chastity belt.

I then closed my lips tightly to keep the cum in my mouth.  As I got up I noticed that my pussy was still tingling and pulsing with the want and need of pleasure with no satisfaction in sight.  The bastard then hung a weight on my pussy chain as well as my nipple chain. Tears of frustration filled my eyes.  I stepped up on the beam to make my way back to the other side.  Every step I took excited me sexually in the most inhumane way.  Cuntpuppy had already finished her man and was taking off the condom and fuckmuffin was still trying to get her man off.  Cuntpuppy was catching up to me quickly.  I was able to hear the juices between my legs splat and splurt with every step I took.  I wanted to cum so badly, I needed pleasure so much, and I couldnt get it!  I cried all the way to the other end.  At random times I would get hit at the back of my thighs to hurry me up.  One of them caused me to slip and fall.

“You worthless piece of fucking shit.  Too stupid to follow directions you fucking shit face fucking whore?”  He grabbed my hair and bent me over again.  He hit me 20 times relentlessly.  Mucus was dripping from my nose as I managed to keep the condom and cum in my mouth.  Tears were constantly dripping down my face as cuntpuppy passed me.  She was starting to fuck her man in her ass by the time I made it to the end of my beam. 

The middle aged man was already lying down on his mat when I got to him.  Crying the entire time, I put his condom on and removed the tail from my butt hole to allow easy entry.  Lucky for me he was a minute man.  I didnt know how much longer my legs would be able to take the exercise.  They were so tired and weak that I was slow to rise when he finished.  He then hung weights on my pussy and my nipples.  Cuntpuppy was putting the condom in her mouth as I took mine off his penis.  I put the condom in my sore mouth and let it dangle to my chin and got back on the beam.  I almost ran across the beam and cuntpuppy and I were even when we made it to the end.  I ran to the cup, pulled out the condoms and immediately spit out the cum in my mouth.  There wasnt much in there.  It felt good to breathe through my mouth again even though the taste of cum lingered.  I then emptied the condoms hoping and praying that it would fill up.  It didnt.  It was more than halfway full.  Damn if I was going to have to do it all over again!?  I couldnt believe it.  Crying hysterically, I replaced my tail and the chastity and continued with my task after more weights were added to my stretched privates.

Luckily, cuntpuppy hadnt filled her cup either.  She was crying really hard with the same notice.  The second round of this hell proved to be too hard for me.  I fell twice more and I wasnt able to beat cuntpuppy or even catch up to her.  Fuckmuffin couldnt stay on the beam.  I believe she fell at total of 6 times to receive a total of 210 spankings.  I fell four times to receive 100.  Cuntpuppy only fell once.  I ended up sucking a really fat smelly guy and holding his cum in my mouth for the whole round.  It was nasty tasting.  I used my desperate pussy to fuck a regular looking guy and used my ass on another young kid that was younger than I was.  But the biggest disappointment was that I had lost.  I was worried about what was in store for me.  Drinking the cup was pretty harsh and foul.  It was cold and slimy and had a dirty, nasty taste to it that stayed on my breath the whole day.

When it was all over, the men on the field left.  Some of them were disappointed.  We were allowed to stand and rest.

The head coach paced back and forth between us.  “Todays winner is cuntpuppy.  Her reward will be determined by her coach.  In second place is shithole.  And in dead last is fuckmuffin.  Their fates will be determined by their coaches…  Tomorrow will be a bit more mild but more sex will be involved.  Right now, you are running late for your class and you havent eaten your breakfast yet.  Coaches, line them up and send them to eat.”

We were lined up and unbound.  I felt immediate relief as my sore and purple breasts were unbound.  I screamed when the nipple and clit weights were removed.  My nipples were stretched in a way I had never seen them before and my pussy lips were the same way.  Six weights from six men I had gotten off had stretched in the most painful and tortuous way.

We were collared and chained in those hellish iron shackles and led back up the hill to the cafeteria.  We were even later than the day before as it was empty.  We were taken to the trash bins as we had the day before.  We were forced to kneel as the coaches released us to the guards.  The guards put gloves on and reached down into the trash and made us eat handfuls of half eaten food.

“If you worthless whores hadnt taken so long this morning, you would have had a normal breakfast like the rest of the slaves.  But you pathetic cunts will now be forced to eat their nasty leftovers.”  He snorted really loud as he gathered some mucus in his throat and spit into my pile of trash. 

Two more guards then joined in.  They each unzipped their pants and peed on our heads as we knelt bent over our piles eating.  I was starving so I held my breath as I gobbled up the trash on my floor.  Urine and sweat were dripping down my head and back.  The smell was horrible whenever I would take a breath.

“Dont forget to lick your floors clean, whores.”  One guard said as we were finishing up.  We all started licking our floors clean of pee and grease and bits of food and coffee grounds.  From there, we would hit the showers and head on over to Valet class for day two with big fat, smelly asshole.  I could only wonder and worry all day about what kind of punishment was in store for me from my coach.

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