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Paul's Slavery

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   It really sucked being a poor kid in at a rich school. I know lots of people were impressed that Paul got a scholarship and did so well his first two years at Brixton Academy, but some of the rich boys at the school were not so pleased. They felt it was demeaning to the school to  have someone of Paul's cass getting a higher academic average than they had. It especially irked Matt, the handsome senior Jock Hero of the school.  What irked him even more was that Paul was stating to attract the attention of some of the Freshman girls that Matt had designated in his own mind for his big fat dick. Matt loved to fuck Freshman girls. Truth be told, Matt loved to fuck girls younger than Freshman  in high school, but he didn't do it often because he didn't want to end of in jail. His dad could have fixed it if he got in trouble, but still, he didn't want any scandal for his family. Shit, his Dad was fifty six and fucking a seventeen year old high school junior. He and his Dad even fucked the dumb slut together sometimes. But Matt had always had all the younger girls at the high school drooling over his big jock dick, and now suddenly several of the chicks had made comments that Paul Sawyer was really cute, and that they would like to date him.  Paul didn't date the girls from the school much because he could not afford to take them out. He came from a really poor family, and the economic crunch hadn't helped any. Matt decided to use that to teach Paul a lesson he would never forget. 

      Matt's Dad was the wealthiest industrialist in the town. He owned several companies and factories and had money coming out of his ass. In fact, most of the poor families in the town had at least some members working for Matt's Dad. The stores owned by Matt's father also extended credit to the famlies, so they were always in his debt.  

        Paul was standing at his locker going over his books for the upcoming classes when Matt sauntered up to him. Matt never just walked. He wore very tight jeans which were once again in style and his thick jock thighs looked powerful in them. He also had a very round muscular ass, and the jeans did nothing to hide that. But most of off the jeans showed off his enormous dick bulge. Everyone knew that the only kid in the entire school who had a bigger dick than Matt Henshaw was the nigger  foreign exchange student from some Africa or someplace. No one payed much attention to the nigger, except that they didn't really like blacks at their school. But then, a nigger from Africa isn't like an American nigger now is it?  Anyway, no one could believe the size of the nigger's cock in the locker room. That made Matt really angry. Up until then, he would swagger around the locker room bare assed so all the guys could see how big and thick his fuckmeat was. His dick was bigger than his own father's.  His dick really ripped open a cunt when he fucked it, especially if the girl was only thirteen or fourteen. That was Heaven for Matt, to shove his huge, leaking fat fucker into a tiny hairless pussy slit and stretch it almost to the point of tearing. 

    So Matt was not very happy about the dick competition from the nigger exchange student. The guys had always commented on what a huge, awesome cock Matt had. Many of the students said this partly because they had to butter up Matt because their dads worked for Matt's Dad.  But Still, it was true. He would walk his muscular young athletes body around the locker room and his fat fuckmeat would swing over balls the size of peaches.  He would stand there scratching his nuts in front of underclassmen, and the younger boys would just stare at that immense fucker in awe. Many fourteen year old boys at the school prayed at night that they would develop a dick like Matt Henshaw. I mean, shit, how could a guy even date a girl from the school when they all knew about Matt's dick. How could their normal teen dicks measure up?  They couldn't.  

           Matt sauntered up to Paul, his ass globes rising and falling as he moved, his muscular pecs outlined clearly in the tight white tee shirt, so thin that the brown of his large nipples showed through.  

       "Morning Paul!"  

        Paul looked around, totally surprised that Matt Henshaw would talk to him. Paul was no slouch in the looks department, and perhaps that made Matt even more angry. But Paul looked more naturally, casually handsome, whereas Matt was a well groomed rich boy jock in both looks and manner. Paul's eyes did slide down for a moment to the huge lump in Matt's pants.  There was nothing gay in the look. Paul was one hundred percent straight. He looked down just as most kids did, just because the fucklump was so prominent. Jeez, girls at the school would brag about how they were hoarse because they had had Matt's horsedick down their throats the night before. Even girls who had steady boyfriends would still suck Matt's dick when he wanted. And the guys couldn't say or do much about it. 

        "Listen Dude, I need your help." Matt said, his big even toothed smile flashing at Paul.  

        "Ugh, sure. What's up?"  Paul was more and more amazed. Why would Matt ever need his help. 

        "Oh, how is your big bro doing? He got married last weekend didn't he?" 

        "Yeah. It was a real nice wedding. Your dad let us use one of the party rooms at the plant."  Paul's brother and father both worked for Matt's Dad. 

         "Yeah, that was real nice of him. My dad is super that way. So I bet your bro is fucking up a storm now, Huh? I bet he's got his dick in his new little bride all day and night."  He added a little chuckle to his broad smile. 

          "You know how it is."  Paul laughed too. 

         "No, actually I don't. I have never been married. But anyway, I am having this big party this weekend. Almost everyone will be there." 

          Paul swallowed. He had not been invited to the party. Well then, he never was. His large sensitive eyes squinted at Matt just a bit. What was the jock up to?" 

         "Listen, no insult intended, but I know that your family is strapped for dough. Your dad spoke to my Dad about a raise just the other day. I know you are having a hard time of it, and with the economy in such shitty shape and jobs so hard to find, well, I thought you might want to come over on Saturday and help me get set up for the party and do some stuff for me. I can pay you pretty well."  

        Paul may have been poor, but he was not going to put himself under Matt's thumb. That would just be too humiliating. He would not stoop that low. He would try to get a job in one of Matt's Dad's factories over the summer. But he would not personally serve Matt.  

        "Naw, thanks. I'm pretty busy this weekend."  He smiled at the Senior Jock.  

        "What you going to do, sit around all weekend and watch your brother fuck is new bride?" 

        "I don't think that is a very nice thing to say!"  Paul turned away. 

         "Just joking man! come on, dude, lighten up. I am trying to be nice here. You can hang around for the party after. My folks are out of town for the weekend and I need lots of help setting stuff up. Be a guy and say yes!" He slapped Paul gently on the back, and then his hand lingered on Paul's naked neck.  

         "Thanks for the offer, but no thanks."  Paul closed his locker and was ready to move away. 

        Matt stiffened.  "I don't think you understand. This is not a request. You will show up at my house at nine o'clock on Saturday morning to help me."  

        "What the fuck are you talking about?"  

         "Both your brother and dad work for my dad. What would happen do you suppose if they both lost their jobs. Times are so hard right now, and your bro just married to some young slut. Also your dad is in deep debt to my father. You would lose your home, everything. That would be a terrible shame." 

          "You are kidding me, right?"  Paul could not believe what he was hearing.  "This is a joke!" 

          "I just want to be your pal. If you come over and help me Saturday, it will give us a chance to bond as buddies. You are such an outsider. Let's make this work." 

          "You want to be my friend? You just told me if I didn't help you with your stupid party, you would have my dad and brother fired. And you want to be my friend?"  

           Matt smiled. "I'm spoiled. I'm not used to rejection. Now I expect you to be on time on Saturday. Nine o'clock sharp.  Okay?"  

           Matt didn't even wait for an answer. He just cruised off to chat with some young chick with big tits.  Paul stood there stunned.  


            Nine O'clock Saturday morning, Paul rang the door bell on Matt's father's mansion. It was a hell of a house.  It took a few minutes, and then Matt answered the door. He was wearing very small tight white gym shorts, and his cock and balls were obscenely on display. The entire shape of his genitals was right there up front. The shorts were so tight on his ass that they went up the ass crack.  He wore a wife beater and his muscular arms flexed and glistened. Sprouts of hair hung out from under his armpits.  He brushed one hand through his hair and cracked that big friendly smile.  

           "Hi. Right on time. I like that. I may have to speak to my dad about a raise for your father. That would be cool, huh? Come on in."  

           Paul didn't know what to say. 

              "I hope you cleared the whole day. I got lots for you to do. And then you can stay for the party of course. Maybe you can help, serve drinks and stuff." 

            "Look, Matt, I'll help you for a while, but I am not a waiter or anything." 

            Matt patted Paul on the ass. He reached out and slapped the butt of the teenager who was one year younger.  "You  are if I say you are." He quipped. 

            In the huge kitchen there were five bags of garbage piled.  

            "Empty out this garbage, just throw it in the dumpsters. Oh, you better sort through it to make sure the recycles are separate. You don't mind, do you? Then after you finish that, meet me out front on the circle drive"

              Matt actually expected Paul to sort through his garbage.  Paul shook his head. His hair fell across his forehead. he scratched his head and  got to work. He had thought about this long and hard and knew he had little choice. He could not put his family's security at risk. He was trapped for the present. 

              Out front on the circle drive, for all the neighborhood to see were three gleaming new cars including a BMW. Matt was standing there shaking his head in disgust when Paul joined him.  

              "Got the garbage out okay? Good, we usually have a spic to take care of that kind of stuff, but he's off too today. I wouldn't be caught dead taking out garbage. Just the thought of it makes me want to puke. Anyway, look at those cars. Nice new cars like that, and they look like shit. All covered with grime and dirt." 

              "They look pretty clean to me." Paul said. 

               "Naw, they need to be washed.  That can be your next task to help. Wash them real good so all the kids can see how beautiful they are when they arrive tonight. There is a bucket and sponge and hose and shit over there. Do a real good job now. I got to call up some of the girls coming tonight and lien up some fucks for my buddies. If you need me, I'll  be on the phone."  Matt turned and walked a few steps. Paul stared at him with fire in his handsome eyes. 

             Matt turned back.  "Oh, I am an ass. You can't wash those cars in your nice clothes. You'll get them all wet and messed up for the party. Better strip down to your underpants." 

             Paul blinked.  "What? What did you say? You want me to wash the cars in my underwear?" 

            "I don't want you to mess up your good clothes. You probably don't have all that many to begin with. I noticed at school, your wardrobe is rather limited. So shuck out of those duds and get to work, boy. There is lots to do today." 

           "I will not take off my clothes out here for the entire neighborhood to see. I won't do it." 

            "Think about it Paul. Do you really mean that?  What will your poor bro do with a new wife and no job. And your mom and little sis losing their house. Think of the shame your father will feel.  Do  you really want to push the envelope? Now come on be a sport and strip down to your underpants for me. Oh my God, you are wearing underpants, aren't you?  Or are you too poor to have underpants? Maybe you and your brother take turns wearing them, huh? Remember I can engineer a  nice raise for your dad and bro. You can all have underpants of your own!" Suddenly his face grew serious.  "Now, strip before I lose my patience."  

             Paul blinked. He felt like he wanted to cry, but he knew he didn't dare. He would never fall apart in front of Matt.  He kicked off his trainers and peeled off his white socks. He reached up and peeled off his tee shirt. He stood there bare chested, his nipples hardening in the morning air. His breathing grew heavy. This was harder to do than one might expect. And so fucking stupid. To have to strip in front of a schoolmate. An arrogant schoolmate. 

        Matt smiled.  "You're doing fine. Now the pants!"  

         "Matt, this is so stupid."

          "Then don't make a big deal out of it. Just strip off the pants and get about your work. I got to make those phone calls. The teen twats are waiting to hear from me. "  Matt stood there with his hands on his hips.  His muscles flexed. 

           Paul shrugged, pretending not to care, but the trickle of sweat dripping from his armpits was from fear not from heat.   He undid his belt and opened his jeans. He peeled them down and stepped out of them. 

         "Oh my, you wear tight whities, huh? Most straight dudes wear boxers, Paul. We think jockey's are kind of faggoty. Sill it's your choice. You look damned good in them. Your ass and basket show real clear.  Toss your clothes to me, and I will take them inside so they don't get all wrinkled."  Matt took Paul's clothes, leaving the high school junior standing there in just his white underpants. Paul felt totally vulnerable and helpless. His eyes scanned the houses near boy. Anyone looking out  a window could see him standing there in nothing but small white briefs. He looked down. His own hefty dick could easily be seen through the thin cotton material resting over his fat teen nuts. He wished he had worn boxers. He often did. He could have. Why these shorts, today?  

         Paul glanced at the window in the mansion. Inside, Matt stood talking on his cellphone and rubbing his dick and balls through his white gym shorts. He glanced out the window and waved.  Paul turned and picked up the bucket. He filled it with water and got to work on the first car. Soon he had soap suds running off his smooth muscular body. It was true that his clothing would have gotten soaked. There were holes in the hose and water spurted everywhere. His cotton briefs got wet ,and to Paul's dismay, his dick and balls showed even more clearly through the now almost transparent material. The pink color of his cock showed through and a darker area where his pubic hair was.  Paul was frustrated and humiliated.  He swore he would somehow get back at Matt, but when and how was not yet clear in his mind.  

          Paul finished with the first car and moved on to the second which was closer to the street. Now anyone passing would see him, and as it was approaching ten A.M. on a Saturday morning, more and more people were leaving their homes.  An older woman stood and stared at him for a moment and then walked on, shaking her head in disgust. Then the door to the Henshaw's opened and Matt came out. He was now wearing tight jeans, hugging his muscular legs and ass. He still had on the wife beater. He was also still on the phone.  

           "Yeah, Marcy if you are a real good bitch tonight, I might let you lick my balls! I now how much you love that. I'll make sure they are nice and sweaty for you, you sweet little cock whore you."  Matt laughed.  He disconnected and then stood watching Paul.  

          "Yo, Paul, my man, how' sit going. You know, I got to apologize to you. How stupid it was of me to make you wash those cars in your underpants. That was really insensitive of me. I am sorry, buddy." 

             Paul stood there with his naked chest covered in soap suds. Water dripped from his almost transparent underpants. He curled his naked toes on the cement driveway. He had to control his temper. He wanted to deck the older boy.  

            "I can see what a mistake it was for me to make you wash the cars in your skimpy little undies. Shit, they are soaked and I can clearly see your dick and balls right through the material. the whole fucking neighborhood can see it, and I got delivery guys coming any minute to bring food for the party. What the fuck would they think, seeing you with your dick almost naked in those underpants?" 

            Paul unconsciously brought his hands together in front of his dick and balls.  He was basically a pretty shy boy. Just a few nights ago, he had come out of the bathroom at their small home after taking a shower. He thought he was home alone in the house. He had forgotten about his new sister-in-law. She was home alone with him at the time. He walked out of the bathroom naked and stood frozen in the hallway. There she was. She was staring right at his naked body. He saw her eighteen year old eyes go down to his dick. His new sister-in-law was staring at his naked dick and balls! She quickly looked away blushing.  

          "Sorry, Rosa, " he had muttered and run down the hall, his ass cheeks rolling toward his room. 

           "Anyway, dude, I apologize. And I brought you something else to wear, so you don't wreck your only pair of underpants. Here, you can go into the garage and put these on!"  

           In his hand was a thong. a kind of silk or satin, brightly colored posing thong, like gay models wear. It was tiny with just a string in the rear that would go up the ass crack. Not only was it totally obscene in and of itself, but it looked much too small for any normally endowed male. 

            "Are you crazy? Are  you nuts, Matt. You want me to wear that? Outside here?  I'll get arrested." 

            "Don't be stupid. You are on private property and all the essentials will be covered. Well, almost!"  Matt laughed again. "Take it and go put it on, or I swear to God, I will make you strip and wash the last two cars bare assed naked. I am not fucking kidding!"  Matt's voice shifted instantly from a cheerful buddy-buddy warmth to a hard cold ruthlessness. 

          Paul's hand shook as he took the posing pouch. He willed his hand to be steady, but it would not obey him. He was scared, and Matt could see it. 

          "Come on, Paul. You can do this. I have confidence in you. Show me you got what it takes, and I promise to make things really good for your family. Use the garage. And hurry, we got a shitload of work ahead of us." 

           Paul carried the tiny thong into the garage. He stood there frozen, water dripping from his handsome body, looking at the posing pouch. He peeled off his wet underpants. His dick flopped down over his balls and water dripped from his teenage scrotum. What could he do? He lifted one of his large teenage feet and stepped into the posing strap. It was so tiny, he could hardly pull it up over his thighs and hips.  The pouch in the front was so small that his fat dick and big boy balls pushed the material out obscenely like a tent. When he moved wrong one nut or the other popped out from the side of the pouch.  The pouch rode so low that all his pubic hair and even a bit of his dick root was totally visable. In back the string going up his crack emphasized his round full teenage ass globes. Now he really wanted to cry. His legs felt weak. He heard Matt calling him from outside to hurry. On naked feet, wearing this gross faggoty posing pouch, Paul returned to the driveway.  

Matt roared with laughter.  

      "That's is much better. You look darling, Paul. Jesus, I can see everything.  Now hurry and finish the cars, but don't rush so that you don't do a good job. If they are not perfect, I will only make you do them all over again.  I have to go inside and pick out a wardrobe for tonight. I'll see you in about twenty minutes. And when the teenage boys come with the food from the store, just show them the way to the kitchen will you? You might know some of them from around town." 

         Paul tried to hide behind the cars as much as he could. but two boys of about twelve riding by on bikes whistled and called him a fucking faggot.  An elderly couple passed and shouted that he was shameful. Two teenage girls giggled and pointed. Paul was totally mortified.  But just as he was finishing the last car, the horror escalated.  A van pulled up, and three teenage boys got out. Paul knew two of them from the local pool hall.  They were tough public school kids who resented anyone who went to the private school.  They started to haul the boxes of food out of the van when Paul approached them. 

     "Holy Fucking Christ! Get a load of this!" shouted one cute eighteen year old to his pals.

"Holy Fucking Shit, it's Paul Marshall. Yo, Paul, what the fuck you dressed like a fucking faggot in that fairy suit for?"  The teenage delivery boys stood there staring at the high school student dressed in the thin satin posing pouch and nothing else.  Paul wanted to die he was so mortified.  He knew these guys. They were middle and lower income kids, just like he was, only he had gotten a scholarship to elite Brixton Academy. And they somewhat resented it. 

    "Hi guys, I am just washing Matt's cars for him. Helping him out..." it sounded so fucking lame. Paul didn't know if it was soapsuds and hose water running down his well built body, or the sweat of fear and humiliation. 

    "Dude, you are washing Matt Henshaw's cars for him like some fucking servant, dressed in a silky little prick pouch like some God-damned fairy. I think this needs an explanation."  The three tough teens could not but help looking at Paul's posing straps. It left nothing to the imagination. Brightly colored, incredibly thin material, it showed the complete outline of the boys hefty teenage dick. The cockhead was clearly outlined. It was so tiny that even an eighth of an inch of prick root was visable at the top. Paul'pubic hair looked wild above it like it was bursting out of the pouch. And speaking of bursting out, when the self-conscious boy moved in even the slightest wrong way, which really meant moved at all, some of his scrotum flesh was clearly visable on the sides of the too slender satin material. He was outside, on the driveway of a wealthy neighborhood, washing the cars of some fucking rich kid. And now his old buddies were laughing at him. 

    "Boys, bring those groceries inside  please, and don't bother the help. He has work to do!"  Matt's voice cut through the crisp morning air.  

    The help!  THE HELP! THE FUCKING HELP!  That was what matt called Paul. And there was nothing the confused teen could do about it. 

     "Finish up out here Paul, and then come into the kitchen. I want you to sort out the food for tonight."  Matt, looking hunky as hell in his skin tight jeans and wife beater led the way into the house and the three delivery boys followed, glancing back at the almost naked boy washing the cars.  Paul curled his big toes on the wet cement of the driveway. He wanted to cry. The story of how he looked and what he was doing would be all over town by tonight. What would all the girls think? Would it lose him dates?  

          Paul had had enough of being outside. The fucking cars were spotless anyway. So he rinsed off the second one and quickly hosed the third. He cleaned the windshields and then headed inside. The three delivery boys were lounging around the kitchen having a beer. That seemed really odd. None of the boxes had been unpacked.  Matt was telling them about some girl he had fucked.  

       "Imagine, dudes, opening up that tight hairless little thirteen year old pussy. She was screaming the house down as I fucked my big dick into her virgin cunt. I slammed balls deep on he first lunge. I wanted to really nail the bitch. Imagine the gaul of the cunt to ask if I would wear a condom! Fucking Cockhole. She wanted my dick from the first time she saw me on the sports field. The fucking bitch was only twelve then, but she was already drooling for my dick. Well, right after her thirteenth birthday, I nailed her. I fucked her so hard she screamed that I was breaking her bones and ripping out her womb. So I flipped over over and fucked her in the ass too."     

      "Way to go. That's what Bitches need, " yelled dark haired, handsome Tony Caruso. "That's what fucking cunts are made for. I wish they would get that into their dumb fucking skulls. That would sure save us alot of money. If they realized that all we want them for is a fucking dick dump." He laughed and sucked on the neck of his beer bottle. His full young lips encircled the cold long neck of the beer bottle. 

      "You know, you guys are pretty cool. I apologize that I never realized that. You wanna come to my party tonight?"  

      "Naw, it's out of our league. We'd just feel out of place with all those Hockey boys and rich cuntholes. But thanks." 

      Matt smiled. "Have another beer. Is there anything I can do for you?" 

       Tim, a red haired kid who was long and lean spoke up. "Well, there is. You can talk to your dad about getting us summer jobs in one of his plants. That would change our whole lives. Delivering groceries sucks!"  

      Matt smiled and high fived the kid. "Done. In fact, there may be some openings soon. Paul's father and brother may be leaving one of the plants." 

      Paul froze in the doorway. He knew his family would be ruined if his father and brother lost their jobs. He knew that he too needed summer work at one of the Henshaw plants. 

       "Oh Paul. You finished the cars. Good boy.  Now will you please unpack and sort the groceries for tonight's party. The liquor will be arriving in a few hours and I want to get the food out of the way first."  

        Face red with  humiliation, Paul had to climb over the long extended legs of the delivery boys who were slouched in the kitchen chairs.  The teenagers chucked a his awkward maneuvers. When he raised his leg to climb over Tony, his entire ass crack opened and his asshole could be seen. Then his balls fell out of the pouch. He wanted to cry. It was just awful.  

       "Oh Paul, that pouch of yours doesn't fit you. I don't know why you insisted on wearing it. And it's soaking wet. Why don't you take it off."  

       Paul froze. That would mean he would be totally bare assed naked in front of the four teens.  Gary, the largest of the boys let out with a burst of laughter. Pauls' face became even redder.  

       He just stood there, looking at the floor, praying that what he heard was a mistake.  

       Matt lowered his voice to a sexy mellow growl, like he used to seduce teenage girls. "Paul, you heard me. Lose the faggot pouch." 

       Paul raised trembling fingers to the posing strap and untied it. Like popcorn bursting from the microwave bag, his fat dick and balls exploded from the pouch. He stood there totally naked. His teen dick was long and thick, something to be proud of. And he had nice low hanging full young balls as well. Still, he was terrified and humiliated and shamefully embarrassed. As he moved nervously from naked foot to naked foot, his big boy dick swung from side to side. 

     "There, isn't that better, Paul?  You can move more comfortably now.  Go ahead, unpack the groceries and put them away. We want to finish our beers. Oh and Paul, you can't leave your faggot strap on the floor. Why not put it in your mouth!" 

          Paul's eyes rolled up in his head for a moment, as he almost passed out from hyperventilation. He  gnawed his lower lips so hard it drew blood. The other boys in the room rocked with laughter. Matt just stood there smiling, the lump in his tight jeans looking larger than ever. At that moment, Paul truly believed that Matt Henshaw was a psycho. 

      "Are you sure you want to do this, Matt?"  Paul said though the tears in his eyes. 

      "Are you sure you want that raise for your dad and bro, or would you prefer pink slips instead? Well, considering your posing strap, you might prefer a nice frilly pink slip!" The laughter grew in intensity. Red headed tim, put a hand down to his own large dick lump and squeezed himself through his pants. Teens often do that when they are excited. The atmosphere in the kitchen was heavy with testosterone. These dirty fucking teenage boys were having nasty thoughts. High  school senior Matt Henshaw had a large toothy smile. he ran a hand through his hair and stretched. "Come on Paul, you still have my room to clean and the bathrooms."  

      Paul leaned over, his muscular young ass cheeks spreading as he did so, to pick up the tiny satin pouch. He stood in front of the four teenage boys and raised the strap to his mouth. He took the waist strings and put them in his mouth, letting the pouch hang on his chest.  Then he turned to unpack the first box.  

     "No, no, Paul, Put the prick pouch in your mouth! After all, it is only your dicksweat on it."  

      "Is this guy a faggot or what?" Tony asked Matt. " I mean I always thought he was okay."  

      "You live and learn, my friends. I thought he was okay too, until one day I caught him scoping out my fuckmeat in the locker room.  I don't mean just a casual glance to size me up, like a guy will do. No, I mean he was practically drooling like a fourteen year old cunt in heat. He couldn't take his eyes off my fat dick and balls." 

      "Jesus fucking Christ. I hung out with him." 

      "He was probably trying to get into your pants all the time." Matt said.  

      Thath noh thlu!!!!!"  Paul shouted, the satin prick pouch hanging out of his teenage mouth. He looked so stupid, totally naked, his nicely formed pecs heaving with stress, his dick swinging as he moved about. "I am noh a fahhhggg!"  

       "Kindly shut the fuck up, Paul. We can't understand a thing you are saying with that cockstrap in your mouth. And try not to brush the top of the kitchen table with your dick as you unpack the boxes. Christ, my family eats off that table. Anyway guys, I was shocked, so I turned away and the faggots eyes got even bigger when he stared at my ass."  

        Tim squirmed and groped his crotch again. "He probably wanted to fuck your ass!  God, I'd kill anybody who tried to fuck my ass!"  All the guys agreed. 

       Matt shook his head. "No, I don't think he wanted to fuck my ass. Although the chicks say I do have an adorable butt. But a real faggot doesn't want to fuck ass, he wants to get fucked in the ass. He wants his ass turned into a cunt. He needs big dicked jocks to fuck him, just like he was some brainless twat. So what I am thinking is he wanted to suck my ass. You know, bury his face in my shithole and lick it out." 

        All four boys stared at the naked teen with disgust. Paul kept shaking his head no and muttering into the spit soaked prick pouch that it wasn't true. 

       "So you are kind of teaching the faggot a lesson, here, is that right?" 

       "That is exactly it, Tony. I am helping him out. I am helping him to see himself clearly. Keep  unpacking the boxes, Paul." 

       "But why is he going along with it. I mean, I wouldn't let anybody do this shit to me," Gary asked scratching one large nipple on his muscular chest through his tee shirt.  

        Matt took a swig of beer. "Two reasons. First because if he doesn't, I will make sure his fucking family is ruined. They are in big debt to my dad, and work for him too. Second, and more important, because secretly, inside, faggots love this kind of treatment. They fucking get off on it. Didn't you know that. Christ, when you bash a faggot, he cums from the beating. Just like a bitch loves to get fucked really rough, even though she cries and pretends not to, so a faggot may protest your bullying him, but secretly, he gets off on it big time. Watch.  Paul. You put those cans on the wrong shelf. You can clearly see the cans are on that shelf, but you put them with the package goods. Now I am going to have to punish you. I don't want to, but I have no choice. So come on over here and spread your legs. I am going to spank your balls with this wooden spoon." 

       Paul's ears were ringing. He thought about his recently married brother. He thought abut his kind, gentle dad and his wonderful mom. He walked naked over to the high school jock and stood there, posing pouch in his mouth, drool running from his chin. He looked so fucking stupid. His chest heaved.  

      "Paul, I said stand with your legs apart. If you are going to work for me, you need to learn how to follow orders. Feet shoulder width apart. I want to see your balls hanging there!"

       All the boys in the room could see Paul's balls, they were quite large. They hung full and low in a rather long sack. Large tears ran down Paul's cheeks.  

      "Now, you see boys, from those tears, you might think the faggot here hates what I am about to do to him. But that is just not true. Secretly inside, he loves to get his balls beaten."  

      "How do you know that?" 

       Matt shook his cute head.  "That's just how faggots are. Tonight, he'll jerk off while thinking about me beating his nuggets. Won't you, baby?" 

       Matt gently tapped the bottom of Paul's full young scrotum with the wooden spoon. "You know, the chick would love sucking on these nuts, quite a mouthful. Too bad you are a faggot and only into serving guys. What a waste!"  On the word, WASTE, Matt slapped the spoon harshly against Paul's nuts. Paul collapsed onto the floor with pain and the room erupted in wild laughter. 

      "Shit, " Tony said, "this is better than playing towel snap in the locker room." 

       "It is," matt agreed, "because here the faggot has to hold real still and give you a really good target. Climb back up onto your feet, Paul and let Tony here try a  whack with the spoon."

         You know how excruciating the pain is when you get hit in the nuts. There is nothing quite like it. It combines nausea with coursing agony and sometimes a dizziness. 

      Paul tore the pouch out of his mouth.  "Please don't do this. Please stop. Matt, for the love of God, think what you are doing. I am begging you man, please stop." 

     Matt's smile broadened.  "In faggot talk that means please, can I have more. He is begging for it. Paul, put that fucking prick pouch back in your mouth, now!" 

      Paul was totally bare assed naked in a kitchen with four fully clothed teenage boys. He was getting his scrotum beaten with a wooden spoon. And his day was just starting!  

          Paul's morning was not going well. Here he was getting his scrotum beaten by rich Matt Henshaw and three middle class teens who had come to deliver groceries for the big teenage bash Matt was throwing.  Paul was currently naked on the kitchen floor, crying like a baby and holding his balls.  

        "Jeez, what a fucking sissy he is. Can't even stand a little nut pain. Me and my buddies used to have contests where we punched each other in the nuts to see who could take the most pain. None of them ever cried like that," Said Tony, nudging the naked boy on the floor with the toe of his trainer. Of course Matt had made certain that each and every whack of the wooden spoon had landed directly on one of Paul's tender young teen nuts. And Tony had done the same. And after Tony, Tim and Gary wanted a chance. So poor Pul was really nut whacked! 

        "I think the time has come for Paul here to show me some proper respect. He just has not gotten the hang of this game at all.  Paul, you need to think of this as a kind of game. We are just a bunch of normal guys having a little fun. Be a sport and play along. Otherwise you will be an outsider all your life. Now, you know I can make things really good for your family. A nice raise in pay for your father and brother. Lower mortgage payments on your house. All kinds of stuff. But you have to show me that you understand who I am and show me a bit of respect. Understand?"  Matt nudged Paul with his foot as well. The naked boy on the floor looked up at the richest kid in town. "Now just climb up onto your knees."  

       Slowly and painfully Paul got onto his knees. His balls hurt terribly. They hung rather low naturally and so were a perfect target for the teen's games. He felt a bit sick to his stomach.  He knelt before the high school senior, who stood before him clad in nothing except his skin tight jeans.  

      "Good. Now you need to show these fella's  that you understand our relationship. You need to show me some respect.  Open my pants, Paul." 

      "Oh God, no, Matt. Please! You don't want to go there. Please. I came to work for you. I did what you said. Now please leave me alone. Not this!" Paul was rather cute blubbering like an idiot.  He knew inside what was coming.  

      "Open my pants Paul. Do it now."  Matt smiled and rubbed his hard naked stomach. He was a real hunk all right. No wonder every girl in school was after his big dick. 

       With fresh tears in his eyes, this time not of pain but of humiliation, Paul reached up trembling fingers and unbuttoned the waistband of Matt's jeans. He had never ever undressed another guy before. He felt his fingers brush the boy's lower belly and felt the start of the kid's pubic hair against the backs of his fingers. He wanted to push Matt away and run from the house, but he also knew he was trapped. It's the price you pay for being poor and at the mercy of the upper classes. And some say there is no class system in America.  

       "Jesus Fucking Christ, he's going to do it!"  Tony chortled and leaned in for a better look. Tim shook his head in pretend disgust, while Gary muttered, "Fucking faggot" under his breath. 

      Paul was not a fucking faggot. No way. Paul was a normal straight all American teen. But he was trapped by his social position and the power of the Henshaw family in his town. 

        "Now pull down my zipper, Paul. You see, it's not so bad. If you just do what I tell you, we can get along real good. We can be special friends. I can help you and your family alot. You just have to get with the program. Pull that zipper way down. Oh Paul, we've got a problem here. because my fucking dick is so huge, even with the pants open and the zipepr down, it is still trapped by the jeans. It's just too fucking huge. It's also very uncomfortable. Do your new buddy a favor, will you? Reach in and take out my dick for me. Go on, don't be a scared little sissy. It's not so different from your dick. Maybe a little bigger. Go on, take out my dick, Paul." 

        "Please, Matt, I am begging you, I don't want to do this." Mat could hardly talk, he was so scared. He could see the root of Matt's fat fuckmeat right in front of his face. 

        "Take out my dick, Paul!" Mat snapped, sounding a bit like an angry parent. 

        Breathing grew heavy in the kitchen as anticipation hung in the air like a helium balloon. Four boys waited patiently to see if Paul would do as he had been ordered.  Paul's own chest heaved with stress, as he reached up and dug his fingers gently into the older boy's jeans. His fingers touched dick flesh. For the first time in his young life, the dick flesh of another boy. He curled his fingers around the fat fucker and lifted it from the material. It plopped out and hung there, half hard, curved, almost pulsing with it's own life.  

       "Thank you Paul, I feel much better now. That was a nice show of respect. My dick feels better out in the air. It is going to fuck alot of cunt at the party tonight, and so it needs to prepare. Paul could you be a buddy and lift my balls out too. They need some airing." The quiet chuckling in the room grew louder. Tim was actually rubbing his own crotch openly. You know how horny teenage boys get at the drop of a hat. 

       "This is so sick, Matt. Why are you doing this to me? " 

       "Don't snivel, Paul. I hate snivelers. Just be a good boy and take out my balls." 

        So young Paul Marshall touched another boy's balls for the first time in his life. He once again dug his fingers into the trousers hanging about Matt's slender hips and this time he lifted out the boy's heavy loose hanging scrotum. No doubt about it, Matt Henshaw was well hung. Some guys just have everything going for them in life. Paul knelt there before the older boy's fat prick and bloated balls. He could smell he sweat on them. Paul felt like he wanted to die. Surly this was enough respect. Surly the sick game would stop here.

         "You are doing really well, Paul. You are proving to me that you know how to respect a dude like me. You are proving that you really want to be my friend. I am proud of you. Now lean in and give my dick a little kiss!" 

          Time stopped in the Henshaw kitchen. The other three teens froze. They could not believe what they had just heard. Sure they had all demanded blow jobs from some faggot they had bashed in an alley on a Saturday night. But to actually do this to a kid they all knew. To a kid they had believed to be straight and normal. Paul also could not believe what he just heard. 

         "That is sick, Matt. I am not a faggot. I will not do something like that. I will help you with your party and wash your car and even let you embarrass me with stupid games, but I will not kiss your dick." 

         "Sure you will, Paul. If you just stop to think what is at stake. Come on. It's not such a big thing. Well, my thing is a big thing, but kisssing it is not such a big thing. Girls kiss it all the time. It won't kill you. And it will show me you respect me. I bet you have had girls kiss your dick. So what's the big deal? It will be over in a few seconds. So, I will be happy and you will be happy, believe me. Now be a sport. Lean in and give my fat fucker a nice big kiss." 

         Imagine the power you feel as a high school senior to have your dick kissed by another boy. To have it kissed in front of other kids as well. To have a nice sweet popular boy at school on his knees kissing your schlong! It is awesome.  

         Sweat ran down Paul's cheek and dripped from his chin. It also ran from his naked armpits. His own naked dick shriveled up with fear.  He looked at the amazing half-hard naked dick hanging there over the huge balls in front of him. He thought of his family.  

        "Nobody's going to know, Paul. Nobody but us guys here, and we swear to never say a word to anyone. Just give my dick a nice kiss." 

        Handsome Matt Henshaw stood there waiting to have his fucker kissed. 

        Paul's lips and tongue felt dry and swollen. He could hardly swallow. He leaned in slightly and the smell of the cock grew stronger. 

        "Come on, Paul. You can do it."  Matt said gently, smiling down at the kneeling naked teen. 

        Paul puckered his lips and leaned in. He felt the prick flesh of the stalk of Matt's dick brush against his dick. The dick moved slightly under the pressure of Paul's lips. 

        "Holy shit..."  tony said, rubbing the giant lump in his pants. He couldn't help it, it was just so fucking awesome. 

        Paul pulled back and looked up at Matt with a face like a puppy dog trying to please a master. Did I do good, it seemed to ask? 

         "Oh Paul, that was terrible. That doesn't count, and you know it. You have to kiss my dick right on the dickhead. I know there is alot of skin there. Here, let me help you and pull some of that dickskin back. There, now you have a nice smooth dickhead to kiss. Now try it again. And for Pete's  sakes, make it a nice long kiss, not just some little peck. Show some respect." 

         Paul shook his cute young head, tears or sweat he didn't know which clouding his vision. "I can't. I just can't...." 

        "Of course you can. You already did it once, just not very good. Now come on. Be a man. Do it right this time."  

         Paul looked up into Matt's beautiful eyes once again. They seemed to encourage him, to urge him on.  

         He leaned in and put his teenage lips on the dickhead of the high school jock. He felt the soft smooth cockhead skin of  the older boy. He held his mouth there for ten seconds in a mock kiss. The smell of cock was overwhelming.  Paul felt dizzy. He felt something wet on his mouth and realized the dick was leaking pre-fuck. That was so gross, he almost puked. He pulled back, a long string of pre-fuck connecting his lower lip to the pisshole of the dick. 

         "That was great, Paul. That was much better. See, I knew you had it in you. I am proud of you. We are going to get along just fine, and all of this will be over in no time. Think how proud and happy you will be when you know that you saved your family and gave them security in these hard economic times.  Good work Paul. How about a round of applause for Dick Kisser Paul!"  

         All the guys in the room clapped their hands as their own dick hardened and jumped in their pants. 

         "See, Paul, that wasn't so bad, now was it?"  Matt smiled and ruffled Paul's hair. 

         "I guess not..." Paul said, feeling great relief. 

         "And we are almost through here. Now just kiss my balls, and we can move on." 

         "Matt, you just..."  Paul could not even get the words out. 

          "I had this fourteen year old bitch kissing my balls just yesterday. It was after some of us were shooting hoops too, and my nuts were all stinky and sweaty, and she didn't complain at all. She loved it. She licked them clean for me. Come on, Paul, certainly you are as brave as a fourteen year old bitch. If she can do it, so can you. Just like you did with my dick. Lean in and give each ball a nice long kiss!" 

           At what point does one lose the power to resist? At what point could one still say, "NO! No Way! Forget it!" At what point does the submissive take over and give in to a naturally more powerful control?  Was it really to save his family? Or was it because some handsome young thugs like Matt Henshaw just seem to have natural control over others. Have you ever met a boy like Matt? Was he a grocery store clerk, or a scholarship jock? Was he rich or poor? Some gorgeous teenage stud, and you just knew that you would do anything...anything he asked. He just naturally assumed total control. 

         All Matt Henshaw seemed to do was smile! Smile and perhaps thrust out his hips a bit, causing his fat scrotum to dance in front of poor Paul Marshall.  

Paul's nose wrinkled and his lower lip quivered as he leaned in a second time. This time he pressed his lips against the wrinkled scrotal flesh of Matt's balls. He felt the velvet soft skin and the wiry ball hairs. As he kissed, the sack seemed to move and envelop his face. The nut inside the sack shifted. Paul was afraid to breath. He kissed the left ball and then moved over to the right. Some sweat from the scrotum got on his face, carrying the odor of teen balls with it. Matt looked down like he was watching a scientific experiment.  

        Paul finished kissed the balls and leaned back. His mouth hung slack and his eyes had a distant look. His breathing was ragged and heavy with tension. 

         "Way to go, Paul. See how easy it is when you put your mind to it. And you made such a big fuss. And look what a good job you did. The guys here are really impressed. They wish it was their dick and balls you kissed.  No the hard part is over. Just lift your head a bit and open your mouth and stick out your tongue." 

        Paul frowned. "Why? What are  you going to do?"  

        "Paul, if we are going to get along, you have to stop questioning me. You have got to learn to trust me and have faith in me. Now tilt your head and stick out your tongue as far as you can."  

        Paul followed orders. He felt so stupid there naked on the floor like that. What was going to happen?

        "I am just going to rest my dick on your tongue. NOW HOLD STILL. DON'T MAKE A FUSS. EVERYTHING WILL BE ALL RIGHT."  

        Matt lifted the huge hose of a dick and gently rested the cockhead on Paul's tongue.  Paul made a moaning noise like a sick calf . The guys in the room emitted low growly laughs that sounded ominous. 

        "Hold still Paul. Feel my dick on your tongue?  You are doing fine."  Now Matt began to move his hips so the cock moved on the tongue. Ever so slowly the cock moved down the tongue into Paul's mouth. 

        "You are learning how to respect me Paul!"  The cock moved into the younger boy's mouth. Some dick leak spurted out of the pisshole and shot down into Paul's throat. Paul tried to pull back, but Matt was holding his head. The growing dick moved into the boy's mouth.  

        "You are learning to respect me." 

        But it seemed to poor Paul Marshall that he was learning how to suck cock! 

Matt led the way into his upstairs bedroom. Naked, Paul  followed the older boy. The other three boys stayed downstairs drinking beer, knowing they should make other grocery deliveries, but too interested in the morning's fun to care. 

   "It's just a little bit of fun, Paul. Just a little horsing around. Don't be so glum and take it so seriously," Matt chatted cheerfully as he moved into his spacious bedroom. It was a beautiful room with one wall of windows and a balcony overlooking the swimming pool, but it was a complete mess. 

   "I'm pretty messy, as you can see, so the next part of your work for me, is to clean up my room."

    Paul felt terribly self-conscious  standing there in another boy's bedroom bare assed naked. His hands went down to cover his ample teenage dick. 

   "There's the dirty clothes hamper over there. Just throw my dirty underwear and socks and stuff in there, and you can wash my clothes later. Except for this."  

    Matt reached down into the pile of shorts and tee shirts and underwear littering the floor and fished out a worn out filthy jock strap. Paul could smell it from six feet away. Obviously Matt had worn it for some time without washing it. The pouch was stiff with sweat and urine and maybe even some cum. 

    "This is really gross, Paul, so I think you better suck this clean." 

     "Matt, what are you gaining by being so sadistic and cruel to me? Okay, you have control over me and my family. Your father has control over most people in this town. So, I accept that. I acknowledge that. What do you gain by doing this to me?" 

     Matt looked into Paul's eyes. The rich kid was damned good looking, no denying it, but so was Paul. Matt put one hand on the back of Paul's neck. 

     "I don't know. It really turns me on to do this kind of stuff to another guy. There was this poor Mexican kid that I did some of this shit to last year, and it was the most fun I ever had. So I guess you might just say, I enjoy it. I guess I am just a bully at heart."  Matt smiled his friendly warm sociable smile. Then he lifted the filthy stinking jock strap with his other hand. 

      "Open up."  He said gently.  Paul started to tremble again, with shame and revulsion. He didn't know which feeling was stronger. 

      "Open up, baby, be a good boy."  Matt's fingers gently worked the back of Paul's neck.  Paul shook his head once, and then lowered his eyes and opened his mouth. Matt arranged the stinking jock strap so the pouch was the most accessible, and then he slowly shoved it into Paul's mouth. At first it just tasted like dried, stiff material, but as Paul's spit lubricated the elastic cotton, the tastes of piss and salty cock and ball sweat became prevalent.  

       "You just keep that in your mouth and suck on it while you clean my room.  Sex magazines go in the closet, school stuff on the desk, cd's in the rack. You'll find cleaning stuff in the work closet in the kitchen downstairs, and when you come down to fetch them, that prick pouch better still be in your mouth and getting clean."           

       Matt reached up and took one of Paul's puffy nipples between thumb and forefinger and gave the tit a twist.  Then he turned and left the room.  Paul stood in the center of the jock's room and sobbed, tears running down his handsome face and dripping onto the ass straps of the jock which hung out of his mouth. Finally, he accepted that he had to protect his family from poverty and got to work. He began to clean the room. 

       Ten minutes later, Paul came downstairs, still bare assed naked and with the older teen's jock strap still in his mouth. Matt and the delivery boys were in the kitchen looking at porno on Matt's laptop.  

      "Look at the cunt on that bitch, and it says here she is only thirteen. Jesus, wouldn't you love to fuck that dumb twat until she couldn't walk anymore."

      "Yeah, but she's been getting fucked for a couple of years. Look how her cunt lips are all turned out and swollen. She's had some big dick in her." 

      "Probably started with her father or older brother." 

       "Yeah, why the fuck not. It's a good way to break a bitch in. Look at how she holds her mouth open like she is dying to suck dick!" 

       "She is dying to suck dick. All bitches are. It's all cunts think about from about twelve years old on." 

        Matt looked up from the screen.  "Oh look who's here.  Too bad you have so much work to do for the party, Paul. You are missing some good twat here on facebook. These young bitches really lay it all out trying to pick up jock dick to satisfy themselves. I'm gonna write this one and tell her I might consider fucking her if she sends me a picture of herself fucking a baseball bat."  The guys laughed and Paul moved to the work closet. 

       "Matt, what is that Paul has in his mouth?" Gary asked.  

       "Oh, that's my dirty jock strap from school. I wore it for about a month without washing it and it really stinks. It all crusted with piss and ball sweat and dick drippings, and Paul asked if he could suck it clean for me." 

        Tim shook his head. "Jesus, Christ, Man, I never knew he was such a fucking faggot. And here I spoke to him in public and everything. I could get a bad reputation." 

       "You just never know when a guy is going to turn out to be a cocksucking faggot. Matt, what about having the faggot suck our dicks. I could sure use a good suck after looking at these twats on the internet."

        Paul froze in terror. Sure he had been forced to take Matt's dick into his mouth, but he had not had to suck him off. The game had ended there. He couldn't bear any more sexual harassment.  He removed the broom and some polishing cloths from the closet. 

       "Well, let's give Paul here a choice, what say fellas. Paul would you like to suck  our cocks?" Matt spread his legs and rubbed one hand on the growing lump in his shorts. 

       "Shit, we could chat with some of these cunts on facebook while the faggot sucks our dicks."  

       "Guys, I insist we give Paul a choice. He can either suck our dicks or do something else to show his respect.  How about it, Paul?" 

       Paul reached up and removed the foul jock strap from his mouth. His spit had turned the stiff pouch sloppy and slimy. 

       "I, eh, I have to finish upstairs."  

       " I know, but you can take a little break and suck our dicks. How long does it take a cocksucker to suck four dicks?" 

        "I don't know, I am not a cocksucker." 

       Gary leaned in. "You had Matt's prick in your mouth. That proves you are a cocksucker." 

       Paul shook the sweat out of his eyes. Nervous sweat also ran down from his armpits and coated his scrotum. He stood there naked, an object of derision. 

        "Please, Matt don't make me do this." 

        "I won't, buddy. I won't I told you, you have a choice. You can suck our dicks, or........" 

         The word "Or" hung in the air like the sword of Damocles about to fall. 

        'Or what?"  Paul stuttered. 

        "Or, you can shove a  little bit of the broom handle up your ass!" 

         "Oh God, you can't be serious?"  Paul stood there holding the broom and looking totally stupid. The boys in the room erupted in howling waves of laughter. Tim started to work his dick through his jeans with one hand. 

          "Just shove a couple of inches up your ass to show us respect. It's no big thing. It's not like taking a dick up your ass or anything. You have shit turds thicker than that broom handle, I am sure." 

         "No, It', please." 

         "Just a couple of inches. Just open up your asshole and put the tip of the broom handle at your rosebud and push. Didn't you ever wonder what a chick felt like taking dick? Just for fun, Paul. Come on now, be a sport." 

         "I can't. I couldn't do it if I wanted to. I...."  Paul was speechless. His tits rose and fell with labored  breathing. His already flat tummy tightened. His toes curled on the cold kitchen floor. 

         "Paul, there is no such word as can't. You can do it if you try. And I insist you try. It' your choice. Suck all of our dicks, or stick a little broom handle up your ass." 

           Paul couldn't suck dick. He just couldn't!  He rather die. He shook his sweat slick head and looked down at the broom. He lifted one muscular leg, arched his large foot and tried to place the tip of the broom handle at his asshole. His strong young ass cheeks spread. He couldn't get good enough balance to do it. 

         Matt was on his feet in an instant to help.  "Here, buddy, let me help you. Put one foot on this kitchen chair. That will open up your ass crack and let you get at your asshole. You can do this for me. I know you can."  He patted Paul on the naked shoulder. Paul lifted one large naked teen foot and placed it on the chair. The four boys in the room moved around for a better view of the teen's asshole. 

      "Holy Fuck, he's gonna do it!"  Boners pushed out the fronts of the trousers of the straight teens. 

       Paul tilted his cute head to one side and looked pleadingly at Matt.  

       "Do I have to do this, Matt?"  

       Matt made the cutest mouth and nodded his head. "Yeah, Paul, you gotta. For me." 

       Paul maneuvered the broom handle so the the rounded tip was up against his tender teen virgin asshole.  He had never had anything more than a finger up his asshole. He had tried sticking a finger in when he jerked off.  His asshole felt moist. His big young scrotum swung as he pushed the broom handle into his asspucker. 

      "It's too big, I can't do it." 

       "It's not to big. Like I said, you have shit bigger turds than that. It just feels big because it is rigid and wood and doesn't have much flexibility. Just relax your asshole and kind of sit on it." 

        "I don't think I can do this, Matt. I really don't think I can do this." 

       "Would you rather suck our dicks? You would have to swallow like a good little faggot." 

        Paul closed his eyes, tears running down his cheeks.  " can't do that."  he pushed the tip of the broom handle into his asshole. His ass lips sucked at the smooth polished wood. His rectal muscles tightened around the foreign object. He moved his legs and the foot that was on the chair went up onto his teenage toes. A couple of inches of wood slipped into his asshole. 

        "There. There. I did it for you. I did it..." Paul cried, half in victory, half in humiliation. 

        "You can do better than that Paul. Shove a few more inches in there for us." 

        "You said just the tip. You said just a few inches. It really hurts, Matt." 

        Paul stood there naked in the middle of the kitchen, one bare foot up on a kitchen chair, his young ass open, with a broom handle up his asshole.

         "Yeah, baby, just the tip. Just a couple more inches. Just take a little more. You can do it." 

        Paul's eyes rolled up in his head and his mouth opened, spit running out as he forced a few more inches of stiff wooden broom handle up his virgin shit chute. 

       "He's got what, four or five inches up his pussy?" Gary said leaning in to get a better look at the teen ass. 

        Matt smiled. "He can do better than that. He's a good boy. I am going to help his father and brother. He is a real good boy. He can take more than that. Can't you, Paul. You can take another few inches, can't you?" 

        "Oh God, I don't think so. It really hurts, Matt. It really hurts." 

        "Yeah, but you are doing so well. I'd hate to think that after all of this you had to suck dick. Just a couple more inches and we will let you go back upstairs. Jut a few more inches. You can do it. Cunts take seven inches all the time. You can do it!" 

        Paul's naked body glistened with sweat as he grunted and shoved more of the broom handle up his asshole. 

        "Jesus, he sounds like a bitch in heat." 

        "I am so proud of you, Paul. So impressed. Keep pushing. Get more of that broom up your cunt!"  said Matt. 

         "Look how his dick has shriveled up. It looks more like a clit than a dick, now!" 

         "It will get big again if the broom rubs against his prostate. Move the broom handle in and out of your pussy a little, Paul."

         Poor Paul was in a mindless state of shock. He wasn't even sure what he was doing. He moved the broom handle in and out of his rectum, and his ass juices lubricated the wooden  stick.  Still, his ass lips clung to the wood. 

         "His asshole looks just alike a cunt getting fucked." 

          The broom handle came out almost to the tip. Paul moaned in pain and humiliation. 

         "Now shove it back in and shove it a little deeper this time, buddy." Matt encouraged. 

          "Oh my God.......Oh my God...." Paul moaned as he forced the broom handle back into his ass almost eight inches this time. 

         "Yeah, that feels good, doesn't it faggot? That feels so fucking good." 

          "Okay, Paul, you may stop now!"  Matt slouched back in the chair, his leaking hard on pushing up the tight material of his shorts. 

         Paul stood like a statue in the kitchen, one foot on the chair, bare assed naked, with a broom handle up his ass. 

          "You may go upstairs now and clean my room with the dust cloths. But leave the broom handle up your ass! Don't you dare let it slip out. And put my jock back in your mouth. Clean my room with the broom up your ass and my jock in your mouth. And hurry up, we have more work to do before the big party." 

   Paul stood once again in the middle of Matt's large bedroom totally bare assed naked. He was crying quite hard. Tears ran down this very attractive teenage boy face and dripped from his chin onto his well defined chest. He stood there with a soiled jock strap in his mouth. He stood there with the handle of a broom shoved up his ass. he could hardly move. Each time he even shifted weight on his big naked teen feet, the  wooden handle of the broom would send waves of pain through his guts. What had happened to him? How had he allowed things to get so out of hand? What could he do? He had never imagined in a million years that Matt's hold over him would take a turn into sexual sadism. Was it the pain or the humiliation or a combination of both that caused Paul to sob uncontrollably?  Slowly he moved about the room, adjusting his positions to the broom hanging from his rectum. He had already straightened up the room, and now he dusted the desk, the chair, the bed posts, the computer, the window sill, the posters of naked girls that Matt had on the wall. He wanted desperately to remove the broom from his asshole, but he knew he didn't dare, or Matt and the delivery boys would only think of worse things to make him do...perhaps suck their dicks.

     Finally the room looked pretty good, well more than pretty good. It was cleaner than most teenage boys' rooms ever are. Then the door opened and Matt entered, that charming smile on his face as always. 

     "How you doing, Buddy?" 

     Paul couldn't answer because of the jock strap in his mouth. 

      "You can take the strap out of your mouth now."  Paul did so. 

      "So are you okay?"  Matt slapped Paul on the bare shoulder. 

      "How can I be okay? Look what you have done to me!"  Paul snapped back. 

      Matt frowned. "Hey, hey hey, we are just having a little fun, Dude, no need to get nasty. Jeez, Paul, can't you see we are just fooling around?  My room looks really nice. Did you get in all the corners and everything?"  Matt sauntered around the room, testing surfaces for dust.  "It looks really nice. Just in case some kids want to come up here and use my bed to fuck tonight. You know how parties get. He, Dude, I bet you forgot this though!"  Matt reached down and lifted his mattress. From beneath it he pulled out a washcloth. But the cloth was totally stiff and stuck together. It was a cum rag. It was the rag that Matt shot into when he was in bed and needed to blow a load. It was months old and totally stiff with boy jizz and stuck together with spooge. 

      "I should have washed this months ago. I must have been using it for half a year or more.  Christ, look at all the dried cum! It's stiff as a board.  Here, Paul, you better clean it."

       Matt held the cum rag with two fingers as if it was lethal or something. Paul took it between two of his own. It was truly gross.  

       "You better just throw it away."  Paul said. 

       "Naw, it's still a good washcloth under all that spunk.  I think you better suck it clean!" 

        Paul's handsome face crumpled and folded like the spunky cloth itself. His eyes couldn't focus for a moment. 

       "What are you trying to do to me, Matt? What is this all about?"  He was trembling as he held the jizz rag. 

        "I told you, I get off on it. Now come on. Suck the fuckrag clean and I'll let you take the broom out of your pussy." 

         Can you imagine how any teenage boy would detest his asshole being called a pussy?  Can you imagine what Paul was going through?  He stood there with fresh tears brimming in his eyes. Snot ran from his cute nose. He was a fucking mess. It was a nightmare from which he prayed to awaken.  But he didn't. The horror continued.  

       "Come on, Paul. Don't let me down now. Put the sperm catcher in your mouth and suck on it! You already tasted my jizz from my prick pouch. I leak into my jock all the time, so you tasted plenty of it. So this won't be so bad. Who knows, you  might even discover you like the taste of jock jizz!"  

        Matt stood there dressed in only his gym shorts, hands on hips and waited. His hefty teenage dick pushed out the front of the shorts, betraying some arousal. Was Matt a faggot as well? No, he was just a normal teenage jock with a slight sadistic streak. He was what we often call, a bully. And let's face it. Bullies need their fun too. Matt ran one large hand over his pecs, teasing his fat nipples. Then the hand traveled down to his hard six pack abs. 

       "I am waiting, Paul. And I do not like to wait. You have been crossing me all morning, and one of these times you will go too far! If I make a phone call to my father, your family is fucked. Now don't make me say that again. I am tired of repeating myself. Now suck on the fuckrag!" 

        With trembling fingers, Paul brought the sperm stiff washcloth to his mouth.  That dry sperm bleachy smell rose from the cloth in waves. He could see how discolored the cloth was from all the cum coating it. Paul wanted to puke. He didn't think he could do such a disgusting thing. But what choice did he have?  

      His cute lower lip quivered. He opened his mouth and brought the cloth to his lips. 

      "That a boy. Now you are getting with the program. Suck my fuckrag.  Oh, I should tell you that when I had some chicks up here to fuck, I would often wipe their cummy pussies with the rag as well. So you are going to get some prime cunt flavor too!" Matt bounced on the balls of his feet and leaned forward in anticipation. 

       "I'm going to puke if I do this."  

       "Ugh, ugh, if you puke, you will lick it up as well! So you don't want to do that."  

       Matt chuckled as Paul opened his mouth and inserted some of the cum coated washcloth. 

       "It's pretty old spooge, so you are going to have to suck on it pretty hard to get it moist. Oh and Paul,  while you are sucking on it, work that broom in and out of your ass a little. No reason you shouldn't enjoy yourself."  

       Paul stood in the middle of Matt's room sucking on Matt's jerk off rag and working the tip of a broom handle in and out of his sore asshole. 

       "That a boy, Paul. That a boy! You are doing real well! Good job. Now shove more of the jism rag into your mouth. Really suck on it to get that dried cum wet. You must be swallowing jizz that is months old by now. and keep shoving more and more broom handle in and out of your teen pussy!" 

       Paul moaned in horror and agony as he felt the broom handle pushing at something deep inside his rectum. He sucked on the rag and slime worked it's way down over his tongue into his throat. He swallowed Matt's old spooge. 

      Matt strolled into his bathroom and came out with a glass of water.  

      "Here, that rag must be awfully dry. Take  a sip of water. That will help disolve the fucksnot and you will be able to swallow it more easily. See! don't say I don't think about my buddy's welfare." 

       Paul removed the washcloth and sipped some water. The cum in his mouth immediately became more slimy and runny. Matt poured a bit of water onto the washcloth and watched as the dried sperm softened and grew thick and gelatinous. 

       "Do you know how many cunts would die to be able to suck my jerk off rag? Shit, I know at least ten bitches who beg me for a taste of my spooge every single day. Half the cunts in our school are fucking spooge addicts.  Go on now, suck on it some more. Now you will get some real jizz flavor." 

       Poor young Paul stood there naked and sucked on the jerk off rag. He worked the broom handle in and out of his ass, trying to follow orders without hurting himself too much, but each time the tip of the handle poked something deep inside him, it send a wave of nauseating pain through his body. His big teen balls jiggled and danced as he moved from foot to foot trying to ease the pain. Spooge and spit dripped from his lips, leaving pecker trails on his chin and  chest.  when he sniffed back the snot running from his nose, he inhaled cum and felt clogged with dick sauce.  

       Matt stood watching him like a high school science student studying and experiment. His face had a curious, whimsical look to it. 

       "How does that taste, buddy? Okay?  I knew you could do it. You are a natural, Paul. I am going to help you find your true inner self! I have taken it upon myself to help you. Helping a friend in need. I am going to help you discover your inner faggot! Isn't that kind of me? " 

        Paul stood there crying and chewing and sucking on the cum soaked cloth.  Matt checked his Omega wrist watch. 

       "Shit, it is getting late. We are playing around too much and not preparing for the big party.  You better throw the rag in the garbage and start cleaning the bathroom."  Matt walked ahead into his private bathroom.  It looked pretty clean. Paul followed the cum rag still in his mouth and the broom handle still up his ass. 

To be honest, it was a pretty hysterical sight. 

       "Okay, toss out the cum rag, you have sucked it enough.  Now I like my bathroom to be really clean, so you better do a good job on it. I want  to be able to eat off the floor. I tend to miss the toilet alot when I am drunk and I take  a piss, so pay special attention to the floor around the toilet bowl. Here!" 

        Paul looked at Matt and blinked. He tried to focus his vision. The inside of his mouth felt coated with cum. His lips felt swollen and thick. 

      He tried to see what Matt was holding out. It was...a toothbrush.

        Paul took the toothbrush.  "What is this for? To clean out my mouth?" 

        "No, dumbwad, the toothbrush is for you to clean the bathroom. I want every tile spic and span. Now get down on your hands and knees and start to cleanl I want it done by lunch time. I'll make lunch for you when you have this bathroom spotless. Look at the ring around the tub. Look at the yellow piss stains on the toilet bowl. Do a really good job. And don't forget the inside of the toilet!"  

        It took Paul two hours to clean the bathroom. He had to srcub the dirt with the toothbrush. He had to clean out the grouting in the tiles. He had to rub the ring inside the toilet bowl. It was gross and painful and dirty work. But he did it. If only he could remove the broom handle from his asshole, things would be so much better. He crawled around the bathroom on hands and knees and was a pretty fucking sex sight. 

         At last Matt returned.  

         "Well, Paul I have to say, this looks damned good. YOU did a fucking great job. I underestimated you. Maybe I can get you a job for the summer at one of my dad's plants cleaning the toilets. Jeez, I gotta piss."  

         Matt stood above Paul who was still on the floor and lowered his gym shorts. His huge, fat nineteen year old prick flopped out, looking half hard only because even flaccid it was immense. Matt hefted his dick in his hands.  

        "This is what all the girls drool over, Paul. And just think. You have tasted it. Look how thick and meaty the skin is on it. It's a real mouthful as you know. Look at that large pisshole!  Oh I gotta piss bad."   

         Matt turned to the toilet and arched his back. He rose up on the balls of his naked feet and let forth with a heavy, hard, spray of teenage piss. It splattered into the toilet, some of it splashing back onto the just cleaned porcelain rim. The piss was strong and yellow, and Paul could smell it. As he pissed, Matt moved his dick to make patterns in the toilet water. Then he suddenly turned and pissed all over the toilet rim and onto the floor in front of the bowl. 

      "OOOppps  got a bit out of control there. Well, you can clean that after lunch.  Tell, me Paul, have you ever had a chick drink your piss?" 

      Paul sat defeated. All of his work cleaning the bathroom for the last two hours was ruined. Matt turned more and his piss splashed right onto the floor. Paul moved away to avoid the spray. It was totally gross.  

      " I asked you a question, buddy. Has a cunt ever drunk your urine?"  

       " NO. Never."

       "Oh man, you do not know what you are missing, my friend. There is no sense of power like pissing in a chick's mouth and all over her cute young face. YOu know you own the bitch then! I HAD THIS ONE BITCH, LAST SEMESTER, SHE LOVED ME SO MUCH, SHE WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR ME. SO I HAD HER DRINK MY PISS OUT OF HER WATER BOTTLE DURING SCHOOL. ISN'T THAT FUCKING HOT?"  

        The piss stray grew weak and then stopped.  Matt shook the last piss drops off onto the floor. "Yeah, you are going to have to get this place cleaned up after lunch. But you have been working hard and you must be very hungry."  

       He arched his hips and with two fingers wiggled his flaccid fat dick at Paul.

        "You must be very very hungry. And I have a very special lunch in mind for you. Let's go down to the kitchen. Be careful on the stairs with the broom handle up your ass!"   

  The guys in the kitchen roared with laughter when Paul came naked down the stairs with the broom handle in his ass. Each time the end of the broom bumped on a step, Paul winced with pain. tony was sitting with one foot up on the kitchen table as if he owned the Henshaw mansion. Matt didn't seem to care.  Paul stopped a few feet away from the four boys. He stood there bare assed, looking down at the floor in shame. Matt was holding the slimy jockstrap that Paul had been sucking on. He held it with a paper towel so as not to get any spooge or spit or gunk on his fingers. 

     "You know, I've been studying this jock strap of mine that you were supposed to suck clean, Paul. You are doing a really shitty job."

     "Maybe he's doing a shitty job because of the skid marks on the ass straps..." Tony said, before sucking on the neck of a beer bottle. 

     Matt frowned and pursed his cute lips.  "He's right, Paul. There still are skid marks on the straps and right here beneath the pouch. And look at these yellow piss stains here on the prick pouch itself. And this area is still stiff with dick leak. You have not done a good job at all. I am afraid that after lunch, you will need to be punished. I'm really sorry, I didn't want it to come to this. But my dad says, if you go to easy on the help, they will take advantage of you. Do you have anything to say for yourself, Paul?"  Matt stood there in his gym shorts. All morning he had gone from shorts to jeans and back to shorts again, almost to taunt Paul or to show off his huge dick lump. 

    "Please, may I go home now?"  It was all Paul could think of to say. He was really messed up emotionally. 

    "Go home?  You still have tons of work to do before the big party. And I told you, I want you at the party. What the fuck is wrong with you? Can't you understand English? I am truly disappointed with you, Paul. And I can see these guys are not impressed."  Matt was referring to the three delivery boys. They made faces and shook their heads in mock disgust. 

    "What good is a faggot if he can't even suck a guy's filthy jock strap clean?" Gary said, rocking the kitchen chair back on two legs. 

    "Listen, Matt, we got to get back to work. We still have a bunch of deliveries to make." 

    "I know guys. I just want you to help me with Paul's lunch."  Matt walked over and put a hand on Paul's naked shoulder. He led the boy closer to the kitchen table. The broom dragged along the floor, one end still up Paul's rectum. Can you possibly imagine how this high school boy felt? To be used and abused in such a way by other boys. It was unimaginable. 

     "Now Listen Paul, even though you let me down with the jock strap, I am going to show you what a good pal I am. I am going to allow you to remove the broom handle from your pussy." 

     "Aw, why do that, Man?" asked Tony.  "It looks good up there, and besides, a faggot should always have something up his cunt to remind him what he is." 

     Matt smiled and tilted his head. "Even though he is a total fuck-up, Paul has worked hard and needs a break. Go on, Paul slide the broom handle out of your asshole, but it's probably going to be covered with shit, so why not take it into the downstairs bathroom and wash it off and also wash out your asshole so you don't leak all over. Then come on back and have lunch."  Something was wrong. Matt was being too nice. 

    It was quite painful getting the broom handle out of his virgin ass, but Paul manage it, and his hole felt so much better once is was empty. His guts stopped aching. He went into the bathroom and cleaned up. It was true, the handle had shit streaks on it, and he gagged as he cleaned it off, first with toilet paper, and then with soap and water. Finally, after cleaning his hole, he re-emerged to face the four teenage boys.  

    "Good. You look fresh as a daisy. Do you like salad? I made a nice salad for you for lunch. I think we don't eat healthy enough, don't you agree?  I don't want to get any forks dirty before the party, so you will have to just eat it out of this dog bowl on the floor. But I don't imagine you will mind that, will you?" 

     Paul stood there looking nakedly dumb. His dick had shriveled up from fear and trauma. He blinked as he looked at the red dog dish on the floor. It probably belonged to the Henshaw dog. And now it was being used to hold his lunch. The salad did look good, and Paul had had no food yet this day. The lettuce looked fresh, as did the tomatoes, cucumbers and onion. And there was sliced boiled egg too. It did look mighty good.  

     "Come on, Paul, get down on all fours and crawl on over and eat your lunch." 

      Paul dropped to his hands and knees and started to crawl across the kitchen floor. The three delivery boys laughed, and Tony stuck out one big foot, so Paul had to crawl over it. Tim leaned in and slapped the high school boy on the bare ass.  Paul did look very hot, totally naked crawling across the room. There was something very sexy about such a cute boy being so totally submissive. As he crawled his teenage balls swung back and forth. 

       "OH FUCK!"  Matt's voice cut through the room. Paul stopped crawling, wondering what he had done wrong now. The delivery guys looked up at the rich kid. 

      "Oh Fuck...salad dressing. I forgot the salad dressing. My good buddy Paul can't eat a salad without any dressing. That would be terrible. Imagine how awful that would taste. And I know we are fresh out of dressing. Oh Fuck!"  Matt's mock concern was over acted, and the other guys laughed at his performance.  

      Matt turned to Tony.  "Before you guys go back to work. Can you help Paul out? Can you provide some salad dressing for him?"  

      Paul's throat grew dry. He knew what was coming but could not believe it. He could not believe any boys could be this sick. But in the pit of his stomach, he could already feel what was about to happen. 

      Tony stood up, a handsome Italian boy with dark hair. He rubbed the crotch of his jeans.  " I think we can help Paul out, don't you guys? I bet Paul likes lots and lots of dressing on his salad! Don't  you, Paul? Do you like lots of dressing on your salad?" 

      Paul, on all fours, totally naked, trembling looked up at the kid his own age.  "Not too much..." he said meekly. It sounded so stupid. 

      "He's being modest. He doesn't want to take advantage of our hospitality," Matt said. I'll bet he likes lots and lots of dressing on his salad. I bet he loves to see his salad just swimming in dressing. Can you guys help him out?" 

      It was a quite a sight. Like something out of a sick porno movie.  The three teenage delivery boys stood around the doggie bowl full of salad. Then they undid their jeans and hauled out their dicks and balls. Tony had the biggest dick of the three. It was a thick veiny uncut Italian sausage. His nuts were covered with black curls. Gary had the second largest dick, a pink fat hunk of fuckmeat, and Tim's was average size but with a large cockhead. All three boys started to masturbate. 

       Paul now knew that they had planned this while he was in the bathroom. He was sure it was Matt's idea. He knelt there on the floor like a statue watching the three teenagers jerking their dicks over what was to be his lunch. 

       Tony yanked and tugged at his big fucker. He jerked like he fucked, hard and fast.  Tim used two fingers to massage his prick, and Gary back handed his meat and rolled his balls with the other hand. 

       "Oh fuck man, I need some good pussy!"  Tony said, literally almost beating his meat.  " I need to fucking rape a really young tight twat! How abut your sister, Tim?" 

        "You fucking pervert. She's only nine!" Tim wheezed while probing his dick for the right spot to get himself off.

        "Well, she'd be tight!"  Tony roared with laughter at his own joke. 

        "That is so sick, motherfucker!" Gary laughed, working on his own prick.  Matt stood back, leaning against the kitchen counter and watched Paul.

        "Speaking of Motherfucking, is your mother still hot for my dick, Gary?" Tony asked, his fuckmeat getting even larger if that was possible. Long strings of pre-fuck hung from the pisshole and then dropped into the salad bowl. 

         "That fucking bitch is even hot for my dick, and I am her fucking son, for Christ's sake. Sometimes, just to see what a filthy cunt she is, I will come out of the bathroom after taking a shower and just hold the towel over my dick. She almost goes nuts wanting a look. Then I will turn and drop the towel so she can see my ass globes, but not my dick. I bet her starved old cunt runs like a faucet! She asks about you all the time and when I am having you over. 'Such a nice boy," she says about you. And we all know, it is not your mind she is interested in."  Gary laughed as he jerked his meat and rubbed his nuts. 

        "Well, I just might throw the old douche bag a mercy fuck!" 

        It was typical teenage boy talk, except these boys were standing over a doggie bowl filled with salad and jerking their pricks!

         "Oh fuck, here it comes..."  Tim had found the right spot evidently, for his prick twitched and began to spew water sperm down onto the lettuce and tomato and fixings.  Paul watching it wanted to puke. It was so disgusting.  Spurt after spurt of off white spooge sprayed the salad, as Tim grunted and milked his teenage dick. That must have set off Gary, for he blasted next. His pisshole opened and five shots of thick white cum splattered the salad, covering it now with a gooey white/yellow spunk mixture. Gary squeezed his large teenage nuts and more and more cum shot, then dribbled out of his fat teenage dick. 

         "Oh Jesus, Mutherfucking Jesus," he moaned as he milked his long, fat fuckmeat of it's contents. The pisshole opened and closed like a little mouth and the last drops of fuckslop fell into the doggie bowl. The salad was now covered in teen spooge. But Tony still had not cum.   He yanked on his dick really hard. He rose up on the balls of his feet. He grunted, and at last he made an animal growling kind of sound as his huge uncut fucker sprayed the bowl and the floor around it with a mighty splash of cum. Thick as wallpaper paste, the sperm hit the salad so hard the lettuce and tomato moved. Dollops of cum rested on hard boiled egg. Cum coated everything including the rim of the doggie dish. Two, three, four, huge blasts of fuckslop! Tony loved to cover a young girl's face with his fuck! He loved to totally wash some young twat's countenance with his baby-maker juice.  He bent his legs and kept shooting. five, six, seven, ropes of fucksnot fell through the air and landed on the salad.  The Italian teen looked so fucking hot shooting his load. His eyes squeezed shut, his chest heaving in his tight tee shirt, his dick blasting and then dribbling and then dripping, his hand coated with his own jism! And to think he could to this three or four times a day, every fucking day! 

       The salad was a sight to see. Or a sight not to see. You could hardly see the egg and veggies beneath the lake of boy cum. Tony knelt down and rubbed his cum slick hand along the rim of the bowl, coating that too with spooge. 

       "My, oh my. Doesn't that look good! What do you say, Paul? Aren't you going to thank the boys for the salad dressing?" 

        "Thank you for the salad dressing..." Paul mumbled, tears again in his beautiful eyes. 

       "What? They can't hear you!" 

        "THANK YOU FOR THE FUCKING SALAD DRESSING!"  Paul screamed, losing it. 

        Matt shook his head. "Is that attitude, I am hearing, Paul? Are you throwing us some faggot attitude? I will have to add that to your punishment for showing disrespect." 

         "We got to deliver that shit for Mrs. Johnston!' Tim said as the boys put their dicks back in their pants.  

         Tony shook his head. "Man, I got to see the faggot get punished. Tell you what, you go Tim, and Gary and me will give you our pay for the hour. Then come on back. We want to stay and help Matt out. If that is okay with you Matt?" 

         Matt smiled.  "Absolutely. Sometimes a faggot can be quite a handful. And this little faggot's punishment is going to be quite severe. First, he couldn't properly clean a jock strap. And secondly, he is showing attitude." 

        "I am not showing attitude, Sir."  Paul mumbled, looking at the floor, dreading the moment he would have to crawl closer to the salad. 

         "The Faggot fuck hole says he's not showing attitude, Matt," said Tony. 

         "Now the little twat is contradicting me. That means I have to up his punishment again! Jesus Christ, are all faggots that stupid?" 

         "Yeah, I think sucking all that dick goes to their brain. Just like blond chicks! They go funny in the head from all the dicksucking." 

         Gary chortled. "Who gives a fuck if a bitch as a brain, as long as she has big tits and can suck dick?" 

          "Did you learn that in Health Class?"  Tony asked, and they all had a good laugh. Tim left to deliver the groceries, and the other boys turned to stare at Paul. 

          "Come on, Paul, crawl on over and eat your lunch. A growing boy needs lots of good healthy food, including lots of protein!" 

           With his cute head hanging, Paul crawled over to the doggie bowl. His ass globes rose and fell as he crawled and a true faggot who got off on young boys would have creamed just watching the smooth skinned teen cross the room. 

            Paul looked down at the salad. It was unbelievable. There were huge globs of clotted cum from Tony, covering the more creamy jiz of  Gary. And the lettuce rested in a lake of Tim's watery cum. Paul felt the puke rise in his throat and had to swallow it. He made gagging noises. 

           Matt leaned in  and with a very kind, gentle voice said, "Paul, listen to me. If you puke, you will have to lick that up too! Now be a good boy. Don't embarrass me in front of my new friends.  Eat the salad!" 

           Matt could honestly say, he had never seen a sadder expression on a face than that which Paul now had. It made the older teen's dick lurch and leak in his shorts. It was so fucking hot. Paul just looked so fucking downtrodden and beaten. That gave Matt a jolt of power! Jusus Fuck, just think what he could do with this kid. Just think of the perversions he could force Paul to commit. High school student Paul Marshall was bare fucking naked on the kitchen floor about to eat a salad covered with teenage jizz! Holy fucking Christ! How good does it get? 

  Paul ate the salad. He ate the lettuce coated with teen boy jizz. He gagged a few times and Matt had to warn him that if he puked, he would have to eat that too. He coughed and cum ran from his mouth and clung to his lips. It hung in strings from his chin. He tried to put the taste out of his mouth. He tried to concentrate on the taste of the veggies and eggs and lettuce, but the bleachy bitter taste of the cum overwhelmed everything. He was eating cum. He was a normal teenage boy who was eating the cum of other boys. It was totally sick and depraved. He was naked on a kitchen floor, his young muscular ass sticking up in the air, his face down in a doggie bowl, eating cum soaked salad. The other boys in the kitchen were roaring with laughter. Paul's tight young tummy fluttered and his chest heaved. He dug his big toes into the kitchen flooring to keep his balance while he was forced to eat the salad without using his hands. He had to eat it like a dog. Matt squatted down next to Paul's head to get a better view. As he spread his strong muscular teen legs, the bulge of his dick pushed out he tight shorts he was wearing. A wet spot had formed on the crotch of the shorts.  The smell of boy sex was in the air. 

    "Paul, will you do me a favor?" Matt asked gently. 

     Paul lifted his cute head from the doggie dish. His cheeks and nose were covered in cum. His eyes looked wild and unfocused. 

     "Paul, I think it would be really funny if you grunted like a pig while you ate. Can you do that for me please. Can you grunt and make pig noises while you eat?" 

     Paul snorted and grunted and coughed. He didn't know how a pig should sound. He just wanted the humiliation to be over with. After he had swallowed one particularly cum sodden piece of lettuce, he had a coughing spell. He thought he would choke. But Tony the Italian thug came to the rescue. He loped over to stand above Paul. 

      "I think our boy is thirsty. I think we should give him something to drink!"  He tilted Paul's head up to look at him. He held Paul by the chin. "Open your mouth Paul. Open wide like a good boy I got something for you."  Then he snorted and hawked up a huge gob of spit and let it fall into Paul's open mouth. Matt and Gary cheered. 

      "Swallow, baby, I got more."  He did it a second time, and Paul was forced to swallow the Italian boy's spit. It was totally gross. 

      Matt leaned in and spit, but he didn't aim for Paul's mouth. His spit hit Paul in the eye and on the cheek. Gary joined in and soon Paul's face and chest were totally covered in teenage spit as well as dripping cum salad dressing. Paul wanted to protest, but although his mouth moved, no words came out. He was fucking freaked out.  

      Finally he finished his lunch. He knelt there on the floor looking up at Matt. 

      "Well, Paul, you know I am not happy about what happens now. We have to punish you for fucking up. We have to punish you for your lack of respect. I don't like this. I don't want to do this. I want us to be good friends. But you have to learn the rules and obey them. So, what say we get your punishment over with, so you can get back to work? You need to finish up in the bathroom and then clean  the pool and then do some other chores.  Would you stand please and lean over the kitchen table?"  

       Paul struggled to his feet. He went to the table and bent over it. 

       "Jesus, Paul you are getting spit and cum all over the table. My Mother eats there for Christ sake! Lick that spooge and spit up right now!" 

       In a confused daze, the cute teen bent down and licked the cum and spit that had dripped off his body and face off the table. Matt handed Paul some paper towels.  

     "Here, clean yourself up. You look disgusting."  Now lean over the table and push your ass out as far as you can." 

        Can you imagine how cute and sex Paul looked leaning over the table, his teenage ass thrush out toward the other teens. 

       "Spread your legs more. Now for your punishment we are going to beat your ass with Tony's leather belt. If that is okay with you, Tony?" 

        tony whipped off his thick leather belt.  "Be my guest."  

         "Spread your legs more, Paul, the guys may want to swat your nutsack as well!" 

          'Please don't hurt me..." Paul whimpered.  

          "Of course it's going to hurt, dumb fuck! That is the whole idea, isn't it?  We are each going to swat your ass ten times. And guys, don't hold back. I want to see that ass totally black and blue!  And red too!"  

           Tony got to start since it was his belt. The sound of wide leather belt smacking teen boy ass filled the kitchen and spilled outside as well. Paul's screams were even louder than the smacking sound. The boy howled. He bit his lower lip, so Matt shoved his foul jock strap back in the boy's mouth to prevent him from hurting himself. Paul's hands gripped the table until his knuckles were white. His beautiful ass shook with each blow and red stripes across the ass mounds turned to blue marks. On swats nine and ten, Tony aimed for the full young scrotum.  Paul sobbed and screamed and moaned and threw his cute head from side to side. He could not take any more.  Then Gary took over. 

        "Gary, buddy, see if you can whack him harder than Tony. I think the Tone was too easy on him." Matt said. 

         Gary kicked Paul's legs further apart. "Get those legs wider so I can really work your nads!" 

          Paul tried to rise up off the table, but Matt leaned in and held him down. 

         "You see, Paul. None of this would have happened if you had just behaved yourself and shown me respect. I think after this little punishment, we are going to have a very good boy on our hands."  Matt scooped some cum and spit off Paul's cheek where he had missed with the towel and with one finger shoved it in the kid's mouth along side the wet, foul jockstrap. "Go for those balls, Gary!" 

          Gary brought his strong young arm up with a underhand swat and the belt smacked up into Paul's ass crack, the tip of the belt snapping against his balls. 

         Paul went wild. He threw himself on the table and both Tony and Matt had to restrain him. 

        "Good one, Gary. See you if you can that again." 

          The crazy fun that healthy normal teenage boys can get into, right? Go figure. It's all part of growing up. 

         Gary's aim wasn't so good on the next three strokes. The inside of Paul's thighs were pink with the snaps, but his balls remained pretty much undamaged.

         Gary grew frustrated with his own lack of ability, and like most teens, he took it out on others.

          "God damned fucking faggot. Hold him still, will you!"  He reversed the belt and whacked the boy's black and blue ass cheeks with the buckle end. The buckle bit into the ass flesh, drawing blood. 

           "Wow! Way to Go!" Tony cheered.  Paul was throwing himself wildly with each swat now, and the two boys had to held him down with all their might. 

          Gary concentrated on the ass for a while, but tried for the nuts again on the last two swats and landed one good one. So good, that Paul almost puked up his guts, but the foul jock strap prevented it, and Paul had to swallow his own vomit back down again. 

         "My turn..." Matt said cheerfully like a kid in a candy store. He bounced up and down and his fat package wobbled in his shorts. The big nipples on his pecs hardened into pebbles. 

        "Now listen to me Paul. I am going to make a deal with you. I will reduce the number of swats I give you to five...." 

        "Aw, why the fuck do that?" Tony said, pouting. 

         Matt raised his hand. "I will reduce the number of swats I give you to five, if like a very good boy, you turn over onto your back and lift and spread your legs so I can really get at your balls!" 

          Paul tried to protest. He tried to reason. He mumbled and yelled and choked into the jock strap.  Tony and Gary flipped him over onto his back and held him down. 

        "Now, Paul, you have got to help me here. If you want five instead of ten, you have got to raise your own legs and spread them. And do not close them until I have finished all five swats. 

        The distraught teenager wailed into the jock, but finally raised his own muscular young legs and spread them. 

         " A little wider. Good Now hold them that way. let me get some masking tape. I want to tape your dick out of the way so I don't damage that. That way I can get a better shot at your balls. "

        Paul tried to explain that this was sick. That this was cruel. That this was fucking insane, but all he could do was mumble into the prick pouch. 

        Matt taped Paul's fat dick back onto his stomach.  Then he reached down and hefted Paul's heavy fat loose hanging nuts.  

        "There, now that should give me a really good shot at these.  Hold still  now Paul. And remember, if you close your legs, the swat doesn't count and we go back to one!" 

        Paul curled his toes in terror. His legs shook with stress. Tony and Gary held him down, their own breathing labored with excitement.  Matt bounced around like a boxer. He snapped the belt in is hand like a whip.  He didn't hold it by the buckle, but half way down so the belt was shorter. That gave him better control of it.  He pulled his arm back and then raised it up over his head and whacked the belt down on Paul's scrotum as hard as he could. Paul bucked like a wild animal. He twisted and turned and arched up off the table in agony. He wanted to close his legs but knew he dare not. Searing nauseating pain rolled up from his nuts into his whole body. 

        "You have to learn Paul to obey me completely. You have to learn to obey me the first time I tell you to do something. That is imperative if we are going to get along. Keep your legs spread.  Are you ready for number two?" 

        Paul shook his cute head, begging into the jock strap. Sweat had dampened his hair and dripped off his face. Matt smiled and  whacked the boy's tender nuts a second time. A fresh howl filled the kitchen.  Matt's dick was so hard it poked out of the leg of his shorts. Drops of Pre-fuck ran down his leg. He didn't care. He was Matt Henshaw and his father owned this fucking town! 

        Tony, who was holding Paul down along with Gary, started to rub his bulging dick lump against Paul's shoulder. 

        "This is so fucking great, Matt. You are the best!" 

         Matt gloated.  "Yes, I am the best. And if you play your cards right, it could benefit you greatly. 

         "Whatever you say, Matt. Whatever you say!" The young Italian teen saw his chance to crawl out of the poverty in which he lived. 

         "Do me a favor, Tony."  

         "Anything, Matt, anything at all."  

         "Take off your jeans and crawl on up over Paul's face and take a nice slow piss into his mouth, soaking the jock strap so he has some liquid refreshment while I administer these last three swats.

          Tony peeled off his jeans. His fat uncut Italian dick was awesome. It hung as thick as a wrist over his low slung nutsack. 

          "I'll bet the cunts love that fucker, huh, Tony?"  

          "yeah, they sure do, Matt. But it's not as awesome as yours."  Tony knew the right things to say. He scooted up on the table, still holding Paul down. Gary helped adjust the teenager. Tony let his thick dick flop down on Paul's face. Paul could smell the sweaty dick.  Tony fingered the fuckmeat until it was poised over the jock stuffed mouth and then peeled back his thick foreskin just a bit an started to piss. 

          "That a way, dude. Nice and slow so it soaks the pouch."

           Paul wailed afresh! It was unspeakable. It was like fucking waterboarding. He was choking on the piss running into his mouth. His eyes rolled in  his head.  Matt pulled back and slammed the belt as hard as he could into the kid's swollen scrotum. 

            Paul sucked in air and inhaled piss! Piss clogged his nose and sinuses. He could not breath.  

            He blacked out before the next swat.

            He woke up on the bathroom floor, curled into a ball. What woke him up was Matt standing over him pissing on him. 

            "Rise and shine, Paul. You have got alot of work to do. Now two bathrooms are all pissy and need cleaning. Drag your sorry ass up and get to work. We have a party starting here in seven hours! And you look like shit. We have to get you all dolled up and looking pretty for the guys tonight." 

     Paul was cleaning the pool. The high school junior was bare assed naked and cleaning the pool. Oh yeah, he also had a toilet brush stuck up his muscular young ass. He had the white handle of a plastic toilet brush shoved deep in his virgin asshole. It hurt terribly with every step he took. But it didn't hurt as much as his ass globes which were black and blue and has red slashes across them and his balls which were swollen and sore from getting beaten. Paul was really worried that he should see a doctor about his balls. They throbbed and the pain would not go away. 

     While he had cleaned the bathroom Matt had come in and  put a hand on the younger boy's naked back. 

     "Paul, you gotta realize that I didn't want to hurt you. But you crossed me in front of those lower class guys. My family has a reputation to uphold in this community. We are the community leaders, and if we allow people to show disrespect to us, it reflects badly on everything we do. I had to punish you. You know I like you, Paul." 

      Paul was on his hands and knees, naked bruised ass up in the air, cleaning the piss off the bathroom floor. The naked teen was incredibly sexy like that. 

    "Paul, you just got to get with the program. You just have to play along and let me have a little fun. It will all be over soon, I promise and the I will make it up to you. A nice raise for your father and brother and a good paying Summer job for you. Wait and see. Just be a good boy and show respect. You know, Paul, I think that plastic toilet brush would look really cute shoved up your ass. It will look like a little bunny tail with the brush end sticking out and the handle nice and deep up your ass. Why not shove that toilet brush up your ass for me?"  

      On the floor, Paul looked up at the high school senior.  Paul's eyes were red from crying. Traces of dried tears could be seen on his handsome face. He had the saddest look Matt had ever seen. It made Matt's dick lurch. 

      "Haven't  you done enough to me?"   Paul asked with quivering lips. 

      "No!"  Matt smiled.  "Shove the toilet brush nice and far up your ass."  

      "I'll hurt myself. I'll rupture something." 

      "Come on, Paul. I know a faggot like you has had dick up your ass. You can take a brush handle easy!"  

      "I swear to God, Matt. I am not a faggot. I have never done any gay thing! I don't know where you got that impression. But it is wrong. You've seen me with girls. You know I am straight. I could tear up my insides and seriously hurt myself." 

       "Don't worry, My Dad owns the hospital! We can get you free health care. Now don't make me angry, Paul, or I will have to beat those swollen nuts of yours again. Pick up the fucking toilet brush and shove it up your ass!" 

        So now Paul cleaned the pool with the toilet brush up his asshole. It was not as painful as the broom handle had been, and he could move around pretty well. If he bent wrong or twisted in the wrong way, the handle scraped his insides, but as long as he was careful, it wasn't too bad. The handle itself was not very thick. Of course it was humiliating as hell.  I mean high school aged boys are sensitive and shy about their changing bodies anyway, and here Paul had been degraded and made to be naked. His teenage dick swung and bounced as he cleaned the pool. The yard had a high fence around it, so at least he had privacy. 

          The warm sun felt good on his young body. He could not wait for the day to be over. He wanted to go home to his family.  About forty-five minutes later, Matt came out into the yard area with two older guys Paul had never seen before. They wore jeans and tee shirts and looked to be in their mid to late twenties. They were both big beefy, muscular guys with good looks.  

         "This is Jake's brother? I can't believe it!"  

         "I told you! Look at the Faggot. He loves to have things shoved up his cunt!" Matt said cheerfully, bouncing on the balls of his feet as he often did when he was keyed up or excited. Matt was now dressed in a pair of tight jeans and a tee shirt. The older guys had a rough working class look about them. 

         "Jesus fucking Christ," muttered the more handsome of the two, rubbing his unshaven chin, "who would have believe that Jake Marshall's brother is a fucking faggot." 

          Paul stood there stupidly with the brush hanging out of his ass, totally naked. He didn't know what to say. If he protested, Matt would only be angry and punish him. The three guys approached him. The two new guys shook their heads in interest and disgust. 

         "Here all Jake can do is talk about what a fine pussy his new bride had and how much he loves fucking her, and all the while, his own little brother is a fucking cocksucking homo!"  

         "That's the way it goes in families sometimes. " The other guy said, reaching up and scratching one nipple through his tee shirt. Both guys were big bruisers. 

"When I was in high school we had this one cousin who was a faggot. I mean he was only twelve, but we knew he was going to grow up to be a faggot. So we made him suck our dicks every day one whole summer to get him ready for his future life." 

        "Paul, these are two guys who work down at the plant with your brother. I thought you might like to meet them."  Mat said with a huge grin on his face. "They stopped by with some stuff for the party, and I thought they might like to take a swim. Right guys?"  

        "That's awfully nice of you, Mr. Henshaw."  

         Paul was amazed that these older guys called Matt, Mr. Henshaw. That was how they kept their good jobs, by kissing ass. Paul knew that was what he had to do if he wanted to survive this ordeal. 

        "Well, go ahead, guys, strip down and take a plunge."  Matt and Paul watched as the two muscular workers stripped off their clothes. They peeled down their jeans and boxers to reveal two gigantic pricks. Both were uncut and thick as a salami. They had huge swinging balls too. Both guys had really ripped bodies that looked great. Even Paul had to admire them. Matt had a strange gleam in his eye. " 

        "Oh man, this is going to feel good. " The more handsome of the two seemingly nameless guys said, reaching down and scratching his big balls. They wobbled in their sack and the dick gave a little bounce. "After I fucked my wife last night, I said to the bitch that some day I would really love to have a swimming pool of our own. That would be really living!"  

        "That's not an impossibility. Work hard at the plant, do a good job, and you can work your way up to foreman. They get damned good pay." Matt offered. "Maybe I can put in a good word with the old man." 

        The handsome guy lit up. "You would really do that, Mr. Henshaw?"  

        Matt smiled.  "We'll see.  Paul, why don't you run in and get these two guys some beers?"  

        Paul moved toward the house. Now the other worker shook his head. 

       "Jesus, look at that kid's ass. It's beaten raw."  

        "Yeah, he got a little out of line, and I had to discipline him."  Matt said casually. " Paul, I said run up to the house for beers. Not walk!" 

       "Christ, all his brother does is talk about fucking cunt, and here this twat is such a fucking faggot! Hard to believe. Look at that fucking brush sticking out of his ass."

        'He thinks of it as a cunt, actually. And he likes to keep it stuffed with something almost all the time," Matt offered.   

        As Paul got to the house, the pain in his ass extreme from the brush up there, he heard the splashes of the two workers hitting the water. Poor young Paul stood in the kitchen holding on to the doorframe. He felt weak in the knees and totally shaken. He had to find a way out of this horror.  Tony and Gary were no where about. Paul grabbed two beers and ran back out to the pool.  Matt looked at him with a frown. 

       "No beer for me, ASSWIPE?   You can't even think to bring me a beer? What the fuck is wrong with you? Do you want me to get out the belt again?"  

        Paul put the two beers on a poolside table and ran back toward the house, his bruised ass cheeks rising and falling and his swollen balls painfully banging his thighs.  He heard laughter coming from the pool.  He brought back a beer from the house just in time to see one of the the workers climb from the pool.  The guys was really built. His muscles rippled in the sunlight and the water on his body made him look God-like. His chest had a smattering of dark hair on it which spread as it got to his groin. His fat hunk of fuckmeat hung thick and heavy over balls from which water dripped. 

         "Stretch out on one of the lawnchairs and enjoy your beer. Is there anything else Paul can do for you?"  Matt said with a leer.  

        "Well, yeah, now that you mention it. I could us a good blow job! I woke up late this morning and the wife didn't have time for our morning cocksuck! She was pissed about that too, believe me. That fucking bitch cannot get enough of my fucker! Anyway, I need to have my balls drained." 

        "Hey, me too. I'm not married, and some chicks don't like to suck dick. My fucker is so huge when it's hard, it chokes the cunts and so they don't like to do it." 

The other worker joined his buddy in an adjoining lawn chair. Paul could see that his cock was indeed huge. 

        "Paul, you heard these nice gentlemen who work with your brother. Why not crawl on over and make love to their cuntfucker!" 

        Paul could not believe he was going to become a cocksucker. Having to put Matt's prick in his mouth was bad enough, but being forced to suck off two strange guys, guys he did not even know, that was too much. 

        "Please, Matt, don't make me do this. Please."  

        "If you lick and suck those big fat dicks real good, and really smooch and make love to them, these guys might not tell your brother Jake what you are doing! They might be persuaded to keep their mouths shut about the whole thing. Right guys?"  Matt was orchestrating the whole thing.  

        "Yeah, Faggot, if you give me some really first class head, I won't say a thing to your brother. Otherwise I will have to spread it all over the plant!" 

        Paul knelt down between the two lawn chairs. Both factory workers had thick strong hairy legs. They sucked on their beers and turned their bodies slightly toward Paul. 

        "Hey faggot, I got a treat for you. Why not start at my feet and lick my toes for me and then work your way up! That way My sack and prick will be a special reward for you!" 

         Paul couldn't believe what he was hearing. This hunky factory worker wanted him to lick and suck on his feet.  Paul felt his gag reflexes react again. He didn't want to puke in front of these guys. That would be bad for him. 

       "Good idea, guys. You stand to work all day at the factory. Your feet must be killing you. Let Paul here give you both a nice tongue bath." 

       The other worker smiled, and showed that he had bad teeth. "Yeah, and then a nice long wet cocksuck! I hope he makes piggy noises when he sucks our dicks. I love it when faggots make noises like fucking rutting sows while they slurp on my dick!" 

       "I am sure we can convince Paul here to make piggy noises while he is giving both of you nice sloppy cocksucks. Go ahead, Paul. What are you waiting for. Start to lick those big muscular feet. And suck on each toe and clean in between the toes. Too bad we didn't think of this sooner, or he could have licked your feet before you guys took a swim! That would have been a real treat for him." 

       Paul had to swallow his own puke at the thought. He leaned down and began to lick the big feet of one of the workers. 

       After he had licked and sucked the toes of both guys and licked the soles of their feet, he worked his way up their legs. They wanted their hairy legs licked and kissed, making dirty jokes about what a stupid fucking faggot whore he was.  At last he got to the massive hunks of prick meat. 

      "There you are Paul. That is what you want, right? Big fucking dicks! What a lucky faggot you are. Go ahead, kiss those dicks hello. And they better be nice long smoochy kisses too!"  Matt laughed and sucked on his beer as he watched his high school "friend" kissing the factory workers' huge hunks of twitching fuckmeat. 

       "Do a good job now Paul. Kiss and lick those big dicks all over. Lick the cockheads and the pissholes. Get them leaking! You now how much you love dick leak!"

        Pauls head swam as he licked and kissed the swelling prick flesh. The cocks got thicker and longer. The veins in the prick stalks pulsed. Eight, no nine inches of fucking dick on each of the workers. Maybe more. These dicks were unbelievable. 

      "It took me two months to teach my wife how to deep throat my big fucker, Faggot, so I don't mind if you gag and choke a bit when I shove it down your throat.  It's okay if you gag, as long as you take it! I can't stand it when I can't face fuck balls deep!" 

       Matt leaned in to watch. 'Oh I am sure Paul will be able to take it balls deep! I am sure you will have his nose pressed into your pubic hair and your balls resting on his chin in no time. He's going to lick your balls for you too. He's going to lick your balls real good. You may no want to go back to your wife, once you have experienced the dick sucking skills of Paul the Faggot here!" 

        Paul kissed dick. He swallowed his pride and kissed dick. Then he licked it. Then he moved over to the other guy and kissed and licked the second massive prick. Each had it's own particular smell and taste. At least they were clean from the swim. 

       "Suck on my cockhead a little. I think I got some pre-fuck juice for you!"  And he did. The workers cockleak dribbled out of the prick and into Paul's sucking mouth. A teenage high school student was sucking big fat dicks! It was obscene and awesome. One factory worker grabbed his hair so he could be dragged from one cock to the other at their will. Back and forth he went as the cocks grew thicker and longer and harder! They grew horribly hard. Hard as iron! They throbbed with the licking.  

       Then he was directed to their huge hairy nut sacks. He had to lick their balls. What had happened to him in the course of one day. He was kneeling naked with a toilet brush up his ass, licking the balls of two burly factory workers. Guys who worked with his brother. 

       "Ah shit that feels good. Yeah, suck my nuts, Faggot! Suck those baby makers!" 

       And for poor Paul Marshall, things were only going to get worse.  Much worse. 

   Matt Henshaw had his foot on the back of Paul Marshall's neck. He was pushing the teenage boy's cute young face down toward a puddle of puke! Paul had puked. Paul had puked because he had been forced to suck the cocks of the two factory workers. They were big thick dicks with purple veins and swollen dickheads. Paul had been forced to suck them until they came and shot into his mouth. He managed to keep down the cum after the first plant worker shot his load. It tasted bleachy and horrible, but Paul had managed. The second guy however blew a gigantic load of really thick cum that clogged Paul's throat and nasal passages. the poor boy started to choke. He bent over and puked all over the cement  next to the swimming pool. Good thing he had not actually puked into the pool, or he would have had to clean it all over again. 

    Matt Henshaw was furious.  "How dare you embarrass me in front of two of my father's employees. Have you no pride? Have you no sense of shame? Now lick up all that fucking puke. Show some respect!"  

     Pride? How could Paul have pride? He was naked with a toilet brush handle stuck up his asshole. He was in pain. He had been totally degraded. The foot on his neck pushed his cute face toward the puke. He suck out his tongue and licked it up. He had already licked and eaten enormous amounts of foul stuff this day, so what was one more helping?  What a horribly demeaning way to think, right? But young Paul was getting beaten down by events. One of the Plant workers stood up, shaking his big fat dick in the air.  

    "We better get back to the plant.  But I got to take a wicked piss. Can I use your can?" 

     The other worker stood up naked as well. His dick was even thicker if possible.  "Yeah, I got to piss too." 

     "Well, if  you guys are in a hurry, you might just want to use our pool toilet," answered Matt smiling. 

     The workers looked around.  "Where is that?" 

      Matt ruffled Paul's hair.  "Right here! Paul open up and show the guys their toilet." 

      Paul swung his head around. Puke clung to his lips. "Oh no, please...not that." 

     "Look Paul, you got Puke all over your face and down your throat. Better wash that down with a little piss. You'll feel better. Now kneel up real nice and open your mouth. Tilt your head back. Don't swallow until I tell you." 

       Both plant workers stood above the kid's face, one on either side, their huge limp dick heads hanging just at the boy's lips. One of them grunted and a spray of piss shot out and into Paul's mouth. Paul coughed and pulled back, but Matt had him by the hair.  

     "Come on, Paul, don't let me down now. Get in place. Mouth open nice and wide."  

      Paul was crying again as he knelt before the two burly workers. They rested their dicks on Paul's lips and started to piss. Soon two strong sprays of yellow piss were filling Paul's mouth. When his mouth was filled to the brim, Matt told the workers to stop for a second.  

     "Look at that lake of piss in Paul's mouth, guys. That is some strong yellow stinking piss. You guys must have had asparagus to eat, huh? Okay Paul you may swallow now."  Paul swallowed.  Five times the guys filled his mouth, and five times he swallowed.  Then the workers wiped their dicks off on the boy's face and got dresssed.   

       "That was super, Mr. Marshall. Don't hesitate to call us any time you need us."  

       Matt nodded and smiled.  "You guys have really huge dicks. Have you ever fucked any faggot ass?" 

       Paul looked up terrified, piss dripping from his lips. 

       "We sure have." 

       "Well, if this faggot here misbehaves, I might have to call on you to teach him a lesson or two."

       "Like I say, anytime at all!"  The two workers left, chatting to each other about what a great guy Matt Henshaw was. 

       Matt kicked Paul in his gut.  

       "You embarrassed me in front of those workers. I have a family reputation to uphold, and you dare to defy me in front of them and then do a shit job sucking dick and drinking piss. What have you to say for yourself?" 

        "I'm...ah...I'm sorry, Matt...I ...."  Paul was very confused. 

       "You need to be punished, follow me."  Matt led the way into his house and upstairs to his bedroom. Paul followed mutely, head hanging, lips coated with piss. 

       Matt disappeared into the bathroom and came out with some KY lube.  He proceeded to lube the large wooden bedpost knob at the foot end of his bed. 

       "I don't like to hurt you, Paul, but God damn it, you have to learn. Okay now, get up on the bed and fuck your ass on that bed post!" 

       Paul couldn't believe his ears.  He stood there open mouthed and dumbstruck. 

       "I told you, Asswipe, I don't like to give orders twice. If that bedpost knob isn't up your ass in thirty seconds, your Dad and Brother are out of a job. 

       Paul frantically climbed onto the bed of the older teen boy. His fat teenage dick and balls wobbled and swung as he adjusted himself over the bedpost.  

       "It's too large, Matt. It's much too large. I'll never get it in." 

        "Twenty seconds," Matt said with a cocky smile. It was the same smile he used when he asked some young chick to suck his dick. 

        Paul whimpered and raised one muscular young leg to spread his small round ass cheeks. He rested his asshole on the wooden knob. It was cool from the lube.

       "It's just too big. I'll rip myself.  The toilet brush which had seemed terribly painful and intrusive now lay on the floor of the room, forgotten and only a minor irritant compared to this monstrous bedpost.

        "Ten seconds, better start pushing. They say if helps if you pretend you are taking a shit." 

         Paul grunted and tried to get the bedpost up his young virginal asshole. Jesus Christ what was happening to him? Here he was totally naked in the bedroom of another teen, trying to sit on a phallic shaped bedpost! 

         "Five seconds...."  Matt looked at his Armani watch. 

          Paul grunted and then screamed as he forced his asshole down on the bedpost knob. There was a kind of sucking sound and then the knob popped through the tight rectum and into the boy's ass.  Paul felt impaled. He stood on the balls of his feet on the bed, resting his ass on the bedpost, the knob firmly lodged up his young tender ass. The pain was unbearable. 

          "See, that wasn't so hard now was it? Now let's see you really work that bedpost. Bounce up and down on it. I want to see at least eight inches up your ass!" 

          THIS WAS A FUCKING NIGHTMARE. A NIGHTMARE FROM WHICH PAUL WOULD SURLY AWAKEN AT ANY MOMENT.  But he didn't wake up. This was real. It was a result of the sadistic streak of the wealthiest boy in the town. Matt took his own fat teenage dick out of his shorts and stood there proudly beating his meat as he watched the impaled boy struggle on the bedpost.  

         "Don't lose your footing or it could be dangerous. Now let me see you work eight inches of bedpost up your cunt. Come on Paul. I know you can do it. If you do a good job, I won't be angry with you anymore. You know I like you and want to be your friend.  Come on, work more bedpost up your pussy!" 

         Much as it hurt, Paul forced more bedpost up his ass. He could feel the knob in his guts. His breathing came in huge gulps. His entire smooth muscular young body glistened with sweat and anguish. 

          "That a boy, Paul. That's a good boy. Now ride that bedpost. Hump up and down on that bedpost. Fuck that bedpost in and out of your ass! come on, Paul baby, make me proud of you. Bounce on it!" 

          Like a slave or a mindless robot, Paul Marshall began to bounce on the bedpost. He grunted and wheezed. His ass rode up and down on the bedpost. He felt as if his guts were being ripped out, but he did it. 

         "Come on, Paul, faster. Harder! Reallyfuck your twat on that bedpost!" 

          Pauls big dick and balls flopped up and down as he bounced on the bedpost knob. Ass liquid and lube ran down the bedpost.  Paul's grunts grew high pitched and almost scream like.  

          'Harder, Motherfucker. Bounce on there harder. Show me what you can do! Fuck your cunt on that bedpost. Show me the respect I deserve.  Get more up there. You can get more up there. You can get ten inches up there. I know you can! Do it, ASSWIPE!" 

           Matt was pumping his enormous teen prick for all it was worth. His immense balls bounced and swung. The sounds of two teenage boys getting off on sex filled the house, except that for one boy, is was all pain and no pleasure.  

         "Oh fuck that is great. Bounce more. Really fuck yourself on that bedpost. Show me what a fucking cockslut you can be!"  Matt yelled in a thick hoarse teenage  boy voice filled with testosterone.   His fat dick was spraying pre-fuck all over the room.  Paul grunted and groaned as he shoved more and more bedpost up his raped asshole to please his wealthy master. Maybe this would be the end. Maybe this was the end of the sadistic games and the humiliation. Paul's breath was short and ragged as he bounced on the bedpost. Matt grunted and made squeezing noises as he pounded his cuntstuffer. 

      'It's...your fucking fault...Paul. I'm fucking cumming, and I wanted to save my jizz for a cunt at the party. You fucking bastard! You Faggot. You're making me cum! You're going to get it for this!!!"    Matt gave a howl and ropes of thick boy jizz sprayed from his large pisshole as he pumped his fat cock. Cum splattered paul on the legs. Cum trailed across the bed sheets. Cum poured from the dickhead like piss!   

       Paul stopped bouncing on the bedpost and looked with amazement at how much spooge Matt shot. He didn't know why it was his fault, but he had a feeling that he would be paying a price for Matt's untimely orgasm.  

   It was almost time for the party.  Everything was set and ready to go. Paul had had a miserable afternoon.  After being forced to fuck himself on the bedpost, Matt had insisted that he be punished for causing the teenage jock to shoot his wad.  " I was saving that jizz for the cunt of some little freshman twat, and now you caused me to blow my load with your faggoty bedpost fucking."  

    Of course there was no logic to what the cute teen said, there didn't need to be. He was the son of the richest most powerful man in town. Matt's father owned the town and everyone in it. Logic doesn't matter when you have money. There are always two sets of rules for the rich and powerful. Those rules they set for themselves and the rules they set for everyone else. 

   Paul was forced to rise up off the bedpost. A "squishing" sound came from his stretched asshole as he pulled it from the wooden bedpost. His rectum throbbed with pain. Matt ordered the younger boy to scoop all of the spent jizz up into his hand and then to lick it off. Then he made Paul lick his big floppy dick clean of the remaining drops of cum. Matt had a magnificent dick, no doubt about it. After it shot its wad, it hung thick and pink and meaty over a large set of teenage nuts. Some kids have everything. Matt was fucking rich, had amazing good looks, a well toned muscular body with a hot hard tight round ass, and to top it off, the fattest, fullest, pinkest, hunkiest piece of fuckmeat in the whole school. Girls literally fought over his dick. Girls in seventh and eighth grade heard about Matt Henshaw's awesome dick and talked to each other about it in breathless tones. "Do you really think it's that big. I hear he insists on fucking a girl not only in her pussy but in her ass as well! I heard Jenny Lawler almost choked to death on his cock, and he wouldn't let her come up for air.I heard he makes you suck it on the first date! Any girl he dates isn't allowed to wear bra or panties. He wants her totally available at all times. I also heard he makes his girlfriends suck and fuck with his high school buddies. Could that be true?  I wouldn't care as long as I could have Matt Henshaw for a boyfriend."  

      Imagine girls in seventh and eighth grade with such thoughts. Matt and his buddies encouraged such things. They were known to send photos of themselves totally naked with hard ons to girls as young as in the fourth and fifth grade. Imagine being in the fourth or fifth grade and cherishing a photo of Matt Henshaw's huge fucking cock. Imagine playing with your little pussy at night while you look at it and dream of dating Matt Henshaw. He was like a pop star to the girls in the town. They would ram their fingers deep into their little cunts, sometimes breaking their own cherries while they pretended it was Matt Henshaw's fat dick. 

     He was a devious stud too. He would get the emails of really young girls and then  chat them up, until they were in love with him. Then he would say they were too young for him, which of course they were...much too young. Then when they begged him not to think that, but to give them a chance, he would write, "Okay, I'll give you a chance to prove you are mature enough to date me.  Send me some totally naked photos of yourself. Show me your tits, your cunt  and your asshole. Make sure I can see your face in every one. Send me one of you spreading your legs and spreading your pussy lips too. And your cunt better be opened wide. Then send me one of you doing the same to your asshole. You are too young to have much in the tit department yet, but show me some pics of you pulling on your nipples. And then of you stuffing some fingers as far up your cunt as you can. Remember to smile real pretty in all the photos.If you can do this and prove to me that you are grown up, I might date you and want you for my girlfriend."  

    Of course some of the girls would never write to him again. They were mortified. But a surprising number of little nymphets did do as he asked, hoping and praying that the cutest, richest boy in town would love them.  What Matt did was share the photos with all of his jock buddies in high school. They would sit around, jerking their big leaking dicks and judge the middle school girls.  

   "Look at that one. She's ready for cock, no doubt about it. She's just begging for it. I'll bet she's already sucking her older brother and maybe her dad too! Once a bitch needs cock, you can't stop her."  The boys would beat their meat in a totally heterosexual kind of circle jerk, laughing and joking about the cunts on the little girls. Matt loved really young pussy, but he knew how dangerous it was, so he only indulged himself now and then, and when he knew it was almost totally safe. Of course when you are the son of the most powerful man in town, you can fuck some little middle-school girl pregnant, and then just dump her. What the fuck can her family do about it? Matt love to get them right after they first reached puberty. "Ruin them young," was his philosophy. He had gotten eight little girls pregnant, and then insisted that they carry the babies to term. If they refused, he threatened to ruin their entire families.  Poor people are at the mercy of the rich. 

    Everyone knew of these stories. Still it didn't stop the girls from wanting Matt Henshaw. If anything it made him even more desirable. Each and every little girl in town kept hoping that they would be the girl to tame him. To teach him true love. To catch him and hold on to him for life.  Imagine  being the girl who snared Matt Henshaw!

        After Paul had licked Matt's dick clean, Matt ordered him to lick the bedpost.  The wooden post was covered with Paul's ass slime. He wanted to puke just looking at it. But he too was a captive of Matt's power and money.  So Paul swallowed his pride along with bits of shit and ass juice.  Matt was not totally heartless. He allowed the younger teen to shower and gargle.  Paul was once again clean.

         But Paul needed to be punished for causing Matt to waste his sperm. So while Paul was still in the shower, Matt came in with a long hose and an enema bag. He made the cute young kid bend over and spread his ass cheeks, and he shoved the nozzle deep into the bedpost fucked ass.  Paul yelped in pain. Then Matt released the soap and water enema into the kid's ass.  

      "Oh God, that hurts, Matt. Please don't do this!"  

      But it was no use. His begging had not worked all morning, and it didn't work now. His guts filled with soap water. When he thought he could take no more, Matt laughed and re-filled the bag. A second dose of soap water filled the boy's guts. Now his tight young tummy looked bloated like a girl eight month's pregnant. Horrible cramps shot through Paul's tight young teen body. He screamed for Matt to have mercy. 

     "It's your own fault, Paul. I have to teach you to follow orders without protest, and to not fuck up when I give you a command." 

     "OHhhh GOOOOD!  But I didn't do anything. You came. I didn't do anything to make you shoot your load." 

      "You acted like a cheap whore fucking yourself on that bedpost. I could see you were enjoying it. Even your dick got thicker and harder. You were fucking that bedpost like a fucking cheap slut, and it caused me to cum."  Matt smiled and squeezed the last of the soap water out of the bag. Then he gently released the nozzle from Paul's hole.  

       "If you leak even so much as a drop of that without permission, you will be sorry you were ever born. And your brother and his new wife will be sorry too. You know, a newly married worker at one of our plants spoke back to my father one time, and I will never forget my dad's remedy. He send ten workers over to the bride and groom's new home. They gang fucked both of them. I was only six at the time, but he let me watch. He told me, 'You got to teach the scum proper respect.' That's what I'm doing here Paul. I am teaching you to respect me. To respect me and my dick! You just do what I tell you, and you will come through this okay, I promise you. I will see to it your family is sitting pretty. But if you let me down, I will ruin all of you. Now I don't want to see a single drop of ass juice leaking out. You just pinch that rectum tight." 

        Paul was in agony. His body was still wet from the shower. He was crying. His cute face was screwed up in a knot. "Oh God, Matt. I want to. I want to do what you say. I want to, but I can't. It hurts too fucking much. It's killing me. It hurts so bad......."  the poor teen sobbed. 

       Matt smiled. "Learn to control your pain. Think if you were in the Marines doing battle in Iraq. YOu would need to learn how to conquer pain, wouldn't you. What if you were captured by their side....or by our side... and tortured. You would have to fight to withhold information.  Pretend you are an innocent Iraqi, and I am Dick Cheney having a little fun on a Saturday after noon, torturing some poor soul before I go out hunting and shoot a friend of mine in the face. A typical Saturday afternoon. 

We suspect you have nothing to offer us, but just the same, we will give it a try. Our Republican hard ons are throbbing in our pants as we watch you squirm in pain. Some of the guards are hoping they will get a chance to fuck you in the ass after this all over as a little bonus. Good God, you could even end up being famous. Cheney himself might jerk off all over your face. Vice-Presidential spooge! What a treat. 

      "OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH, for the love of God, I can't hold it"  Poor Paul was almost insane with pain. He sank down into the bathtub, his bloated stomach distended like he was about to give birth, his cute features twisted by his agony into a mask of horror. 

     "It hurts so much!"  He grunted, teeth clenched, fingernails buried in the palms of his hands. 

      "But how do I know if it really hurts so much, little buddy? You said everything hurt. You said it hurt when we had the broom handle up your twat. You said it hurt when we whacked your nuts. Now you see how that didn't even really hurt so badly at all, did it? Now I bet you wish we were beating your nuts again, instead of doing this. What does that teach you? Think about it."  

       Matt handed Paul a glass from the toothbrush stand.  "Here, hold this under your ass, and you may release enough of the ass water to fill it. But not a drop more." 

       So here was this totally bare assed high school junior standing in a crippled hunched over position in a bathrub.  His stomach was bloated and swollen. His legs were bent awkwardly. His face was a mask of pain. His testicles were shriveled and drawn up. His dick hung limp. Spittle hung from his lips and his eyes were glassed over. His nose ran. He was a fucking mess.  He held the glass between his legs up to his asshole.  

      "Better take careful aim, don't spill a drop, or I swear, I will add another bag." 

       Paul was crying so hard, he could hardly hold the glass still beneath his asshole.  He tested the tightness of his sphincter.  He was afraid the water would shoot out in a gush and miss the glass.  He squeezed. How to hold back the flood? How to control it. He had to. He just had to.  He relaxed just a bit and a spray of soap water and ass slime shot out into the glass. 

      "UUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!"  Paul groaned as the ass water started to fill the glass.  Up, up, up the filthy liquid came, closer and closer to the top, still the spray did not lessen.  Paul knew he had to squeeze off the spray, but how? The stomach cramps were terrible now. His young cute body was wracked with pain.  He squeezed his rectum, but the pressure from his guts kept the water coming. 

     "I can't stop it. I just can't!" 

     "You better, and you'd better do it quickly too. That glass is almost full. " Matt was laughing out loud, and his fat dick was hard once again. 

      Paul screamed and clenched his guts and his ass as hard as he could. A few last drops of ass water trickled into the glass, and the flow stopped.  He looked up at Matt, his breathing heavy and labored. He gulped down something, he didn't know what, and held out the glass to show his schoolmate.  

     "Very good, Paul. You see, you are learning control.  NOW DRINK IT." 

      The sound that came out of the cute teen's mouth was like the mewling of a baby kitten. It was high and strained and pathetic and eerie.  Paul shook his head, as if he were trying to shake out the command. It could not be true, what Matt had just ordered him to do. Surly the high school senior was jesting. But no, it was true. Paul knew that. It was no more perverted really than the other things the sadistic teen had come up with. He had no choice.  

       The handsome high school junior, who didn't look so handsome at the moment unless you like the look of messed up, suffering boys, brought the glass of soapy shit water to his pretty lips and started to sip it. The taste was foul, but the soap helped to dissipate the taste of his shit. As he drank, the cramps began  once again. His asshole throbbed. In all of h is young years, Paul Marshall had never been so aware of his asshole. He now felt his asshole was a living being somehow divorced from the rest of him. How many teenage boys can claim they are that aware of their assholes?  

       Matt made Paul fill the glass and drink two more times before the ass water was clear and Matt had grown bored with the entire game. Besides, there was the house to get ready and the food and drink to prepare. 

      "All right, get cleaned up and then get back to work. There is still lots to do. Later, I will tell you what your duties will be during the party!" 

      Paul could hardly form the words. "During the party? Oh please let me go home. Look what you have done to me today. I'll help you get ready, but please, don't humiliate me in front of the kids from school. Please, not in front of my friends! Please Matt, I am begging you. Show some mercy!" 

      "I need your help during the party to serve snacks and do some special things. Exactly what happens, depends on your behavior and how good you are. And wait until you see what I've got you to wear!"

        Paul was fucking nervous. HE could hear guests arriving downstairs for the party. Matt had made him go up into his bedroom to wait until summoned. Most of the kids at the party were boys and girls from Paul's school. They were people he knew,for Christ's sake. Here Paul sat on the floor naked in Matt's room. He was afraid to sit on the furniture since he had spent hours cleaning the room. On top of that, he was totally bare assed naked. His ass had black and blue blotches from getting whipped. His balls were swollen and sore. He felt like shit. He sat on the floor, his hands unconsciously covering his fat dick and balls. He felt so totally vulnerable. So helpless. When he thought over the many disgusting things he had been forced to do during the day, he got sick to his stomach. At least Matt had allowed him to shower, gargle, brush his teeth and get really clean. He felt as if he still could not wash the scum off of himself. Paul glanced at the clock on the desk. The party was meant to start at eight. It was only seven-forty-five now, but some kids had already arrived. Paul could hear the booming voice of Chet Larkin, one of Matt's big jock bully friends. He could also hear some girl voices. 

         Then the bedroom door opened and Matt stood there, dressed in three hundred dollar jeans and a designer tee shirt that cost four hundred. He had a big smile on his handsome face. 

        "Well, buddy, the party is getting started. You did a real good job cleaning the house and setting out snacks and stuff. The place looks awesome." 

        "Thanks," Paul muttered.  

        "But now I need your help. I want you to pass among the guests with trays of snacks. We have these little wieners . I think that would be perfect for you to pass. Come on what are you waiting for? Get up."  

        Paul struggled to his feet. "Matt, you can't expect me to go down there bare assed. You can't. What would all those kids think? "

        Matt gave one of his winning grins. "Of course I don't expect you to go around the party naked. Who could eat and drink with your big dick swinging around the place. You might make the kids sick!" He laughed then out loud. "Do you really think I am that insensitive? That I would so humiliate you? Of courser I wouldn't really do that. What happened today was a test of sorts. And I admit it got a bit out of hand. It's just that you are so fucking naturally submissive. You bring out the worst in a guy. Now come on, wipe that frown off your face and put on a smile and get dressed for the party."  

        And with that, Matt Henshaw held out the most obscene piece of clothing Paul had ever seen. Paul's mouth hung agape at the sight of it. It was a jock strap. A black jock strap. But  where the pouch should have been, there was this black netting. Netting that could clearly be seen through.

        "I hope you like it. I bought it with you in mind."  Matt continued to smile and held out the obscene prick pouch. Paul was afraid to touch it. His fingers trembled as he took it from his schoolmate's hand.  

        "You have to be kidding, Matt. I couldn't wear this. There will girls at that party. Girls I know from school. A joke is a joke, but you can't be serious about taking it this far. I cannot go in public wearing this."  

        Matt frowned now. And when Matt frowned, kids go scared. He was not the kind of guy to be messed with or crossed.  "You know, Paul. I am getting fucking sick of you and this whole thing. You never appreciate anything I do for you. I am sick and tired of having you question every fucking thing I say. I am sick of you disobeying me. I have a good mind to call my father right now, and by morning your dad and brother would be out of a job and you will have lost your home. Now do I do that, or do you put on the fucking costume?  Jesus, you are a spoiled sport. Think of this as a kind of costume party if you have to. Except you are the only one in costume. I 'm sure you wouldn't want me to make you show your bedpost fucking trick to any of my buddies. That would get you a real name around school. Now put on the fucking jockstrap!" 

        Paul stepped into the black jockstrap and pulled it up. It fit okay, but when he turned to look in the mirror, his jaw dropped open. His large penis and balls could clearly be seen through the black mesh netting. They looked even more on display than if he were naked for some reason. 

        "Well, I think it looks great. What the fuck were you so worried about? You are a good looking guy, Paul, even if you are a faggot. And you look great in that pouch. You should be proud of your body and your equipment."

        "Oh please, Matt. I am begging you. Please..."  tears filled Paul's eyes.  

        "Only a couple of eighth grade girls Chet and I are currently fucking are here so far. Let's see what they think of the costume. Let's get an objective opinion. Follow me downstairs." 

          Matt turned and led the way, and poor young Paul, totally humiliated followed. Each step of the carpeted stair on his naked feet brought home the fact that he was almost totally bare assed, and that his entire prick and balls could be seen through the thin black netting. He could feel his dick and nuts wobble in the pouch as he walked. 

         Chet and the two young girls hooted with laughter. One of the girls did a spit take with the brandy and soda she was sipping. They may have been fourteen, but they looked even younger. The both had nice tit development though. The guys liked that. They were both cheerleaders in the eighth grade and would be on the high school squad next semester if they fucked enough boys. It was an unwritten law that the captains of every high school sports team got to fuck every new cheerleader. Then she had to suck off every guy on every team. It was a kind of harmless initiation kind of thing. The kids enjoyed it. 

         Paul stood there at the bottom of the stairs while the four teenagers looked him over.  

        "Jesus, he really must be a fucking faggot to dress like that. I ain't letting him near me in the locker room no more."  Chet said, and everybody except Paul had a good laugh. 

         "This is Paul's serving costume. You know how poor his family is, so I am helping him out by letting him work for me. He will be serving snacks and drinks at the party, and I wanted your opinion of how he looked in his service uniform."  

         Sandy, the chick who obviously belonged to Matt from the way he stood behind her and started to squeeze her tits and pinch her nipples through her blouse, leaned in to get a better look at Paul's dick and balls. \

         "Well, he's nice and big. I thought all faggots had small dicks. But he is nice and big. Not as big as you, Matt. But then nobody in the school is."  She giggled and Matt squeezed her tits. "That';s right, bitch. And if you are a good little cunt, and don't get too stinking drunk at the party, you may get to feel my big fat dick up your pussy later on."  It was obvious she wore no bra. The brown of her nipples showed through the thin material of the blouse.  But now Matt raised her short cheerleading skirt and it could be seen that the eighth grade girl wore no panties either. Matt started to finger her bald little cunt. 

   "Jesus Bitch, your cunt is juicing already. You pussy is running like a fucking faucet."  His fingers were digging in her cunt. 

   "I can't help it, Matt. You get me all sexed up and then you know my pussy leaks." 

   "Yeah, well, I can't greet my guests like this with my fingers stinking like cunt."  He walked over to the dumbstruck embarrassed Paul. "Here, Paul, be a good friend and lick my girl's cunt juice off my fingers, will you?" Chet roared with laughter as the poor teenage boy opened his mouth and Matt stuck his pussy juice slick fingers into his mouth. Paul wanted to puke. But he dutifully sucked. 

     "You see girls, how powerful I am. This faggot will do anything I tell him to. He even sucked my dick today. Didn't you Paul?" 

     "Yethh Thir..." Paul said, the fingers fucking in and out of his mouth. 

     "But I want to know what you girls think of his servant's uniform for the party. Do you like it?" 

     Sandy stood there rubbing her own bald pussy now, looking at the almost naked Paul. "Well, I like it. But I don't like all that ugly dark hair down there. It's like a jungle and you can't see the nice pink prick and balls clearly. Right Jenny?" 

     "Yeah, he's definitely got too much hair." Said Jenny, a bit distracted because Chet had his hands under her tube top and was pulling on her nipples. "Hey, Chet, the party is just getting started. Slow down!"  

      She should not have said that. Chet hauled off and slapped her hard across the face. "Fucking Bitch. If you want to be my girlfriend, you spread them where and when  I say. You got that, you fucking Cunt? I can get any girl in the eighth grade I want, and you are lucky to be at this party. I am a high school senior and you better be fucking grateful I even look at a dirty little slut like you." 

      Jenny's eyes filled with tears and her cute little mouth made a little pout. "I'm sorry Chet. I didn't mean it like that. I only meant, we have the whole night ahead of us. Of course you can do anything you want with me."  

      Matt eyed the little cunt carefully. Sandy would never dare to tell  him what to do. He could finger the hot little bitch in the middle of the high school auditorium if he wanted to. She knew where her bread was buttered all right. Matt didn't like uppity cunts. His philosophy was that no matter how young, cunts had to learn their place in life. And that was to service a dude's dick! Period. Let's face it. Dudes like to hang out with their buddies. They only go to cunts when they need to unload their balls. The pretend all that romantic and lovey shit just so they can get into a virgin cunt. Once they have dick dumped, they want to get back to their male friends. 

       That's just how life is. 

       "You know, Sandy, sweetheart, I think you may have something there. you may also have something here..." He shoved his fingers back up her cunt, quite hard.She gave a grunt, but spread her legs wider apart. Matt was showing Chet how a dude should treat his girl. He was showing off a bit. 

       "Yes, my sweet little bitch, you are right. All that nasty prick and ball hair really gets in the way. And it looks so untidy, especially at a party. Tell you what. all of you come with me."  

        He pulled Sandy by her cunt. He led them all into a kind of convenience room at the rear of the first level of the mansion. In the room were two large sinks, the kind you use to empty washing machine water into. Matt said he would be right back, and ran out of the room.  Chet was busy fingering Jenny's cunt now, trying to prove that he had a good girlfriend too. Jenny had a kind of dead smile on her face as her high school senior boyfriend rammed his thick fingers in and out of her fourteen year old cunt. Chet didn't have the looks or charm or money of Matt, but he was Varsity! 

       Matt came back with a can of shaving cream and a razor. "I have to go and welcome the other guests, but I want Sandy and Jenny here to help me out by shaving  Paul's pubic and ball hair. And you might as well do his asshole hair while you are at it too." 

      "Oh God, NO!"  

      "Oh God, yes! Now paul you step into that sink there and stand nice and still. Well take off the fucking jock strap for shit's sake. How the fuck can they shave your balls with your jock on? You will look so much nicer in your costume with your dick and balls shaved. Now I want you two girls to have lots of fun here, shaving our boy. He's not used to having girls touch him down there. Who knows, you might make a straight guy out of him. Chet and I will welcome guests and get the party going. Sandy let me know when he is totally shaved and ready to serve. Oh and don't forget to shave off all of his asshole hair too. I want a real pretty pussy down there."

       Can you imagine high school kids playing these kinds of disgusting games with each other? 

      As Chet and Matt left the room, Chet complained, "Aw Jeez Matt, I was gonna get my dick sucked before the party." 

      Matt chuckled and slapped his buddy on the shoulder. "There will be plenty of time to ram your fat prick into that fucking Bitch's mouth later. For now, let them shave the faggot. We are going to have fun tonight.

Naked high school student Paul Marshall stood in the large sink in the laundry room. The two eighth grade girls, Sandy and Jenny stood on the cement floor putting them just about the height of the teenager's fat dick and balls. Both Sandy and Jenny although quite young were already full dick sluts. Both had been fucked often and hard and sucked cock almost every single day, usually several times a day. Sandy had been a virgin when she met Matt, but he soon rectified that situation, and speaking of rectifying, he has also fucked her in the ass. He had taught her how to properly worship a boy's cock and what her thirteen year old cunt was for. Now she was a devoted dick slave to her boyfriend and would virtually anything he wanted. His big fat cock was like a drug to her that she needed on a daily basis. 

  "Oh, he's got a cute one," Jenny said, leaning in to get a closer look at Paul's prick. Paul had never been so mortified in his entire life. It was one thing to be humilited and degraded by the guys, but to be treated this way by two young girls was beyond horrible. He wanted to melt into the sink. He wanted to die. He stood there chewing his lower lip, fighting back the tears. Jesus, all they needed was to see him cry. 

   "Look how cute the dick looks. It's all shriveled, and the foreskin hangs over the pee hole so cute." Jenny said, poking at the cock with one finger to set it wobbling. 

   "Matt's is so much bigger. Of course I almost never see it except when it's hard, cause Matt is hard all the time. Even after we fuck or I suck it, it still stays humongous." Sandy bragged. "We sure are lucky to be in eighth grade and to get to date the two most popular high school Senior jocks."

   Jenny shot here friend a scowl. "That's why you better not fuck it up. Chet said that Matt wants to see us do a lezzie sex show for him and Chet, and that you didn't want to." 

    Sandy frowned, and with a finger tip poked the wobbling dick back toward her friend. "Well, your my best friend, and I just don't want it to change our relationship or anything." 

    "If they guys want to see us lick and suck each others pussies, we have to do it for them. Do you want to risk losing them as boyfriends?" 

    "No, I guess not. But Matt said something about wanting me to lick Chet's cum out of your pussy after he fucks you. And that grossed me out." 

    "Oh you know guys love to get off on watching chicks do stupid sexual things. Just like they like to watch us piss and poop. It's weird but guys are like that. Jessica Wilshire's boyfriend makes her squat and poop in front of about ten of his male friends. Then she has to suck them all off. We are pretty lucky." 

    "Well, Matt makes me suck off all of his friends's kind of embarrassing." 

    "Guys like to do that. They want to show off in front of the other jocks. They want to show what  good dicksuckers their girlfriends are."

     "I guess. But I'd rather be making love to only Matt. He can be so sweet when he wants to be." 

     "You better not let him hear you call it making love. You know the guys told us to only call it fucking." 

     "But fucking doesn't sound romantic, and I really love Matt." 

     "It's just another guy thing. They love to hear young girls talk dirty. And if you want to hold on to your boyfriend, you have to please him!" 

     "I want to marry him some day. And we'll have a nice house and two children. It will be so wonderful." 

     "Then you'd better keep his dick happy! And speaking of dicks, look, I think our boy Paul here is starting to get a little hard on." 

      It was true. All the sex talk from these girls was causing Paul's dick to thicken and grow a bit longer. He'd never heard girls talk like this.

      "Isn't that cute. Look how his foreskin is pulling back to show the pink dickhead. He has such nice thick foreskin.  And oh, look Jenny, how cute his balls are. He has a really nice looking ball sack." 

      "It will look nicer once we get all that ugly hair off of it. I really hate it when a guy's balls are too hairy. I always get ball hair stuck in my teeth when I am licking  the fucksack. They should teach in Sex Ed class how to avoid getting nut hair in our teeth."

       Jenny reached out and lifted Paul's scrotum. It was heavy and large in her hand. Paul's teenage dick gave a lurch. 

       "Oh, I think he likes that. Too bad he's a faggot."  

       "I'm not a faggot. It's all a big mistake."  Paul looked down at the two girls playing with his genitals. 

       "Yeah, right. Matt knows faggots. They are all after his big dick. He is the handsomest boy in town. Every faggot in town is after him. He says so himself. And if Matt says you are a faggot, then you are a faggot. End of discussion." 

       "Sandy, did you like the taste of cum the first times you sucked dick?" 

       "Well, not at first, but I got to love it because I love Matt so much. He helped me get used to it by putting it on my toast and using it for salad dressing and stuff. He was real patient that way. Now I love the taste. Sometimes I even suck it from his dirty jockstrap." 

       When Sandy said that, Paul had horrible memories of what he had been forced to do that day. 

       Jenny gently frigged Paul's swollen dick , still frowning and thinking almost to herself. 

       "You know, sometimes it's almost like guys only like girls for one thing, to fuck them or to get sucked. Otherwise they would rather hang out with their buddies. I mean, in the movies, guys are really romantic and try to please girls and take them to fancy places and stuff, but in real life, a guy gets a girl in his car and the first thing he does is push her face down onto his dick. If they do go to a movie, she has to masturbate him through the whole film, or even suck him. And you know that after the movie, he will want to fuck her. He has the most fun when he thinks up some stupid new perverted way to fuck." 

       "That's just how guys are, Jen. You said so yourself. Matt's latest kick is to make me strip naked when we go through a fast food drive through. he makes me spread my legs and finger my pussy so the boy in the window serving us can see everything.He gets off on the look on the kid's face. He says it makes him proud to be my boyfriend. I don't enjoy it, but he does.  Speaking of Matt. we'd better shave Paul's prick and ball hair. Matt will wonder what is taking so long. Now you be a good boy, Paul and stand still. Raise one foot and put it on the edge of the sink. It will open you up more. We have to get all your ass hole hair too." 

       The shaving cream felt really cold on Paul's scrotum and pubic area. 

       "That's a good little faggot boy. I can't wait to tell all the kids in eighth grade what we did to Paul Marshall!"  Jenny held he now swollen dick out of the way, while Sandy took the razor and scraped away Paul's pubic bush. 

       "He's starting look about eleven years old!"  Jenny laughed, tickling Paul's heavy wrinkled scrotum with her other hand. 

       "Stand still, Paul, or we'll tell Matt you were a bad little faggot."  There was no longer any hair above Paul's dick. He felt so horrible. He did indeed look like a little boy. "Now the big fat balls."  Sandy giggled as she scraped the razor over Paul's nut sack. A few times a ball hair caught the blade awkwardly and the hair was tugged from the sack rather painfully.  Paul winced. 

       "Don't be such a baby, Paul Marshall. By the way, I heard your older brother got married last week or whenever. He is such a doll. I always had a crush on him. Tell me Paul, does your older brother have a big dick?" 

        "Jesus, is that all you girls care about, the size of a guy's dick?" 

        Jenny giggled. "Well, it helps. It feels a whole lot better with a big dick, once you get used to it!" 

        "Don't faggot prefer large cocks too?"  

        Paul scowled and shifted weight. His balls swung. "I told you, I am not a faggot!" 

         "Whatever. Stand still or we'll cut your scrotum skin. So does your bro have a huge hunk of fuckmeat?" 

        Imagine eighth grade girls talking like this. How the world has changed. 

        "I don't know. Just finish, will you." 

        "Well you must have seen it. I just want to know if it's big is all." 

         "Yes, It's huge. Very big. Okay? all right?" 

         "Have you ever sucked it, Paul?"

            "Why for fucks sake would I suck my own brother's dick? You are really perverted." 

          "Well, you are a faggot and all, and straight studs like your bro will shove their dicks in just about anything to get off. I just thought maybe..." 

          "I'm not a faggot and I never sucked his dick! all Right?" 

           "You don't need to be mean about it. Look how cute your balls and dick look with no hair. We'd better hurry and do your asshole before Matt calls us. Can you turn around please and put your foot back up on the rim of the sink? And Please then reach back with your hands and spread your ass cheeks." 

           Paul really didn't know if he could comply. It was just too humiliating. Only the potential of Matt's wrath if he did not obey got him to follow through with the command. He turned and reached back and with his hands spread his ass globes apart so the girls could see his inner crack and asshole.

          "Oh look, Sandy, he's got a really cute asshole. It looks all red though and a bit swollen. Have you been getting fucked today, Paul?" 

           Paul could no longer hold back the tears. They rolled down his face.  " Matt shoved a .....a toilet brush and a...broom handle up my ass." He managed at last. 

          The girls laughed.  Sandy slapped the one tight round ass globe. " Well that must have felt real good to you. Faggots liek things up their asses.  How nice of Matt. Look Jenny, he's crying. isn't that the cutest thing you ever saw?" 

           "He's so sweet. Look he hasn't even got much hair around his asshole at all. But..none will be better. Let's shave it bald as a baby girl's cunt." 

           "Bald as our cunts your mean. Matt makes me keep mine bald and smooth and I know Chet makes you shave yours too.  This shaving cream might be a little cold on your asshole, Paul."  

          "Paul, you can do a better job spreading your ass cheeks than that. I don't want to give a bad report to Matt. Really spread those ass globes." 

          The boy stood there spreading his ass cheeks for the two eighth grade girls. They giggled again as Sandy spread shaving cream all around Paul's swollen pink pucker. 

          "I'll have to as Matt if he'll let me watch him stick a toilet brush up your asshole. That would be so much fun to see. Look Jenny how he winces when I even touch his pretty pink ass lips." 

          "Tell me me Sandy, did it really hurt badly the first time Matt fucked you in the asshole? When Chet first ass fucked me, I could hardly walk for days." 

           "Oh, same with me, girl. I thought my hole would never close. And Matt loves to do what he calls punch fucking. He fucks really hard into my pussy and then pulls and and rams it into my asshole on the next stroke and back and forth. Sometimes It hurts so bad I chew right through my bottom lip."

          "I know, when Chet had me suck off Matt, I was amazed at the size of your boyfriend's dick. I don't know how you can take it in your mouth or ass!" 

          "You just have to learn to take it, that's what Matt says. He told me on the very first date that if I didn't learn how to deep throat him quickly, he would dump me for another girl." 

         On the girls chatted as Sandy went about shaving Paul's asshole and a few stray hairs that went up his crack a bit. paul looked down at his totally bare pubic area and balls. He looked and felt eleven, but his dick actually looked larger now that there was no hair around it. 

        Finally Paul was shaved. They towel dried him, causing his pecker to throb and bounce. After all two eighth grade girls were playing with his dick. He should have been happy, but he was feeling quite sick to his stomach. 

        Then the door opened and Matt sauntered in, looking extremely sexy and  at ease with life. 

        "How'd it go, Bitches?  Oh isn't that lovely. Look at that hairless dick and balls. Turn around Paul and spread. I want to see your pretty little baby pussy all hairless."

       Sandy piped up. " Matt, he kept telling us that he wasn't a faggot. He was really difficult to shave because he kept making such a fuss." 

       "Really?" Matt said, slapping Paul hard on the ass cheek. Well, we'll have to punish him for that. He doesn't like to be punished, but when he causes trouble, it's the only way to control him."

        "He causes us lots of trouble...' added Jenny, a twinkle in her eye. 

        Matt reached around and grabbed one of Paul's nipples and pulled hard. Paul turned, pulled by his tit. It hurt terribly. Matt grabbed the other nipple and raised Paul up onto naked tip toes by his tits. 

       "Is that right, Faggot? You giving these cunts a hard time?"

       "No, Sir. I co-operated. They are just saying that so you hurt me." 

       "Prove it. Tell these nice eighth grade cunts that you are a cocksucking faggot." 

       Paul winced form the pain in his nipples.  "I...I'm a cocksucking faggot."  He repeated. 

       "Tell these bitches how much you love to eat out Jock asses!"  Matt reached down with one hand and cupped Paul's hairless scrotum and squeezed. 

        "I love to eat out jock asses." 

         "Tell the girls how good jock asshole tastes." 

         "Jock asshole tastes really really good. I just love it." Paul managed, tears running down his cheeks and dripping from his chin. 

         "Tell these teen twats how much you love to eat out your older brother's hairy asshole." 

         The pain was unbearable. Paul felt he would pass out.  "I just love to eat out my older brother's hairy asshole."  

         Finally Matt released the younger boy's nuts and nipple. He smiled and patted Paul on the head. 

         Time to get into your serving outfit. Sandy handed Paul the thin black mesh jockstrap. His entire dick and balls could be seen through the mesh pouch, and of course his young ass globes hung over the ass straps. 

         Paul turned to Matt. There was terror in the young teen's eyes.  "Please, please Matt I am begging you. I am fucking begging you. Don't make me go out into a party of kids I know from my own school dressed like this. For the love of God, please don't make me do this." 

        Matt's smile just grew bigger. His full toothed killer smile. He winked. "You look damn cute in that prick pouch Paul, but one more word of protest out of you, and I swear to God, I will take it away and make you go out there totally bare assed!" 

       "Do it..oh do it, Matt" Sandy almost screamed. She clapped her hands and bounced. Her tits bounced too. 

       "Shut the fuck up, Bitch. You annoy me. Bitch's mouths should be full of dick or closed. All right Paul. Let's go meet our friends. And don't forget to offer them snacks. This party is going to swing!" 

        Paul wearing only the tiny black jock strap moved toward the door, his eyes clouded with tears and his lower lip trembling from fear.

  The gasps were not only audible, but they turned into shouts of glee and guffaws as Paul moved through the living room filled with kids from his own high school. Well, the laughter came mostly from the guys, the squeals, giggles and titters came from the girls. Some girls who had been Paul's friend whispered to him that he should be ashamed of himself. Some turned away red faces with embarrassment because they had actually dated him. But most of the guys thought it was hysterically funny. You see, Paul was wearing nothing except a see through black mesh jock strap. His thick dick and heavy balls were on full display through the black mesh material. Imagine being a high school boy and being seen this way by thirty or more kids from your own school. How could he ever hold his head up again? How could he go on after this terrible humiliation?  His naked ass globes rose and fell as he walked through the room carrying a tray of mini-wieners. 

   "What is wrong with you, Paul?" One girl who was a rather good friend of his hissed. "You are destroying your reputation in our school forever." He couldn't tell her that Matt Henshaw was making him do this terrible thing.  

    "Paul here needed a little extra cash and asked me if he could help out at the party tonight. So just send him for drinks or snacks or whatever you want." matt laughed. 

    "How about a blow job?" came a male voice from the rear of the gang of kids, and the laughter rolled over the room. A tear ran down Paul's cute face. His pecs rose and fell with labored breathing. His nipples got hard from embarrassment. Sweat trickled down from his pits. 

   Matt raised one hand to silence the laughter for a moment. "Paul will do whatever any of you guys want. No matter what it is." 

   "I love his uniform." Said one of the hunky jocks.

    A dumb blond girl who was having her tits mauled by her boyfriend pointed and said in a high harsh voice, "Look he hasn't got any hair on his dick!" 

    Paul didn't know which way to turn. He was crying pretty hard now and that made the kids laugh harder.  As he passed through the room, guys began to pinch his ass cheeks. It started as a joke and a little pinch one dude did, but escalated into serious ass flesh pinching, and soon his ass cheeks were spotted with red marks. Then some guy got the idea to pinch his nipples and soon they were swollen and sore too. 

     Kids at the party after a while forgot mostly about Paul, but every once in a while, someone would pinch him or slap his ass, or trip him and a whole new wave of taunting would break out. Paul prayed the night would pass quickly. Those kids he knew well as friends, either turned away or glared at him, as if his predicament had somehow marked them too. At times his hands shook so much the tray rattled. 

     After a bit, Matt came up and slapped Paul on the back. "I just want to say you are doing a great job buddy. See, I told you it wouldn't be so bad. I hope you are finding time to enjoy the party. You are sure providing lots of good entertainment." I've got an idea though. I think it's time to change your uniform. Bring something fresh to the celebration. Follow me."  

      Chewing his lower lip in fear, Paul followed Matt upstairs to his bedroom.  

      "I picked this up just for you. I saw it and said, 'Matt Henshaw, that is Paul Marshall.' So I bought it. I hope you like it." 

       There wasn't much to it. It was a strap more like a wide string that went around the waist. No leg or ass straps at all. Attached to the waist strap was a small pouch of some elastic material. The whole thing was a shocking pink in color. 

       "I don't even know how to put it on." Paul stammered. 

       "It's easy. Your dick and balls go in the little pouch. Don't worry it stretches kind of like a balloon. It's held on by the waist string and the pouch gripping your nuts. 

        "Please please Matt. Haven't you had enough fun at my expense. How can I ever face anyone at school. By Monday any kid at school who wasn't at the party will know what I did. Please, haven't you hurt me enough? "

        Matt smiled. "No." he said simply and held out the obscene costume. 

         The pouch fit over Paul's dick and sack like balloon skin. Every single ridge of his dick, every winkle of his balls was clearly visible through the very thin tight  elastic material. It was even more obscene than the black mesh because the shape of the boy's dick and balls was right there in the open. It just hung there and wobbled when he moved. And he had nothing at all in back, just his naked ass. 

        "That looks really nice on you. It shows how nice and big your dick is. Well, actually it makes it look kind of small cause it hugs it so much, but it allows everyone to see your nice shaved look. The chicks are going to be really turned on." Matt laughed and slapped Paul on the ass. 

        "Oh yeah. While you serve the next round of snacks, I want you to keep this in your mouth and suck on it. "  It was a big pink dildo! It was a lifelike  representation of a huge male dick, veins and all!" 

        Matt leaned in smiling. "Open wide, it's kind of thick, just like mine." He shoved the huge rubber dick in Paul's mouth. 

        "Fuck that looks cute. I may just have to take you to school this way to show the other kids."  Matt turned to the door. "Well, come on, what are you waiting for?"

        Totally bare assed naked except for the ridiculous pink cock sheath, on large bare feet, his ass globes moving up and down with each step, Paul descended the stairs to be greeted with whoops of laughter and cheers 

        "What a fucking faggot!" one of the jocks yelled, raising the beer bottle in his hand. The other boys busted a gut laughing. 

        On and on it went, Paul the butt of everyone's jokes. He wanted to die. The night moves slowly, and only the lust in the bursting pants of the boys caused them to cease teasing Paul and begin to pay attention to the girls at the party. It is strange the interest straight boys have in the sexual embarrassment and humiliation of other boys. You can see it in the rough housing that goes on in locker rooms and on the playing field. They actually feel a kind of lustful joy in watching another boy totally degraded and abused. You can see this in the army, in the boy scouts, in school around the world. Paul's pink pouch not only drew curious glances from the girls at the party and made their pussies drip for the fat cocks of their boyfriends, it also drew uncommon interest from the boys. They just couldn't get enough of ridiculing the almost naked serving boy. 

         But soon, girls at the party were jerking the dicks of the boys or sucking on huge jock cock. Thick athletic fingers were fucking in and out of juicy teen cunts and drunken teenaged boys were planning what new sexual perversions and indignities they could foist on their girlfriends. It was a typical teen party. Kids fucked in the upstairs bedrooms, on couches downstairs, outside near the pool, anyplace they could. Girls of thirteen and fourteen were cunt and mouth and ass fucked by horny seventeen and eighteen year old high school seniors. Boys traded partners, giving their steady girlfriends to their buddies to sexually abuse. 

         But a few of the boys, close friends of Matt Henshaw did not forget about Paul. Just when the poor helpless teen thought he might get dressed and go home, he found himself encircled by a group of muscular drunken teenage boys. 

        "All this fucking and sucking and our poor Paul isn't having any fun. Paul. You need some fun too, don't you?" Matt slurred drunkenly. Then five jocks unzipped their trousers and took out thick leaking dicks.  "Come on, Paul. show your high school buddies how well you learned to suck dick today."

        "I bet he won't do it. He may be a total faggot, but he won't do it in front of kids from his own school." 

        Paul began to tremble. his pink sheath covered dick wobbled and bounced, from fear, not lust. He felt sweat trickle down his ass crack and drip from it. 

        "Come on, Paul, on your knees. You haven't even had anything to eat at this party..."  Matt held his own thick long dick and shook it. 

        "Don't make me do this. Think of what you are doing, Matt. Think of the repercussions." Paul looked up at the handsome high school senior with pleading eyes. 

        "The repercussions are going to happen in my big balls and the result will shoot out of my dick head into your mouth. I was saving my jism for that bitch of cunt, but I decided to have fun with you instead. I can have her anytime."

       Five big bruising high school brutes stood there in a semi-circle, their fat cocks hanging from their pants, twitching and leaking with drunken lust. One jock lifted a foot and kicked Paul. "Get going..what the fuck are you waiting for?" 

       Paul leaned in but was stopped by Matt's hand.  "Kiss it first. Show it respect. Kiss all of our dicks, first."  Low throaty laughs filled the darkened corner of the living room as Paul kissed all five fat wet cockheads. He could smell dick. The smell was overwhelming. Two of the dicks were uncut and the thick foreskins added to the  smel land flavor. Paul tried to hurry, giving a quick kiss to the head of each prick without getting any pre-fuck into his mouth. But Matt would have none of that. 

      "Respect, Paul. Respect for the Dickl! Kiss each dick long and fully with an open mouth. Lick each dickhead fully. Kiss each of my good pals on the balls and swab your tongue over each nut sack. Show them respect!"  There was a warning in his voice. Paul was getting used to it. He payed attention to the dicks and balls. They were soon covered with his spit, and the drunken teens swayed and grunted while their cocks throbbed and bounced and leaked. 

     "Honey come on, spend some time with me," a pretty little fourteen year old girl with large yes, a pouty mouth and long hair said tugging on her boyfriend's arm. She had been a virgin until the senior had fucked her cunt and ass in the same night on their second date. Now she felt she belonged to him. 

     "Get lost bitch and don't bother me again. When I want you, I'll whistle." 

     "But Tommy, all the girls are with their boyfriends..." she whined. 

     "Go into the other corner of the room and start to finger your cunt. If I look over, I want to see you with at least four fingers up your twat. I'll be there when I am fucking ready!" Shit these boys were having too much fun tormenting Paul, to care about normal fucking. 

      Paul sucked dick. He sucked all five dicks. He went from dick to dick. Three of the boys actually stripped down to get more comfortable. The had Paul lick under their nuts and up into their asses. They made Paul lick their armpits. Matt stood back stroking his huge dick and watching a smile on his face. Then before any of the boys could shoot, he stepped in. 

      "Just a minute, guys, faggots like to have fun in their cunts as well. We are neglecting poor Paul's hungry cunt!" 

      Paul felt his ass lips twitch, remember the abuse of the day. His hole was raw and sore. He prayed nothing more would be done to it. 

     "I ain't fucking him. That's too queer," one naked jock said, his balls bouncing and swinging as he stroked his huge red dick. 

     "Shit, by Monday, everyone in the fucking school will know what a fucking queer he is. I ain't fucking him and getting my name linked up with a fucking faggot!" 

     "I'm not...."Paul sobbed, pre-fuck hanging in strings from his lips and dripping onto his naked chest. 

     "No no guys, we don't have to fuck him. But we need to give him some cuntal pleasure. Paul where is your dildo? The one you were sucking on?" 

     "Huh?" Paul looked up, bleary eyed. Fuck drool coated his slack mouth. 

     "I think Rick took it. He's shoving it in his girl's cunt while he fucks her in the ass." 

     Matt  laughed.  "God I am going to miss high school. We have the greatest bunch of guys as friends, do you realize that?" His dick leak was stringing down to the floor. "Oh well, we can improvise. We need to give Paul his fun." 

     "Let him fuck himself on my empty beer bottle!" 

     Matt shook his head. "Paul's got a really loose cunt. He won't even feel that."

     " I don't...honest, until today, I never..." Matt slapped him hard. "Don't correct me, Shitface." Some dickspray splashed on Paul's face. Let's see. Oh look here a fucking water bottle. Who at this fucking party is drinking bottled water? Throw them out on their ass!" The guys all laughed. Sounds of grunting and the squishy sounds of fucking filled the room. Six girls at the party, all eighth graders were getting fucked for the very first time. Before the party was over, one of the, a really cute one would be fucked twelve times. 

     Matt hefted the plastic water bottle in his hand. "it's nice and thick, it should give Paul's cunt some pleasure.' Then he threw it at Paul's feet. "Here Faggot, set it up on the floor, squat and sit on it!" 

     Paul in anguish turned to another jock. "Please make him stop. Please help me..." Tears poured down the boy's face and dripped from his chin mixed with pre-fuck. 

     The jock grabbed Paul by his hair and then hauled off and spit a huge gob right into Paul's eyes. 

     "You do what Matt tells you to, you fucking homo shitface!"  He used the word 'shitface' because Matt had, and he wanted to impress the richest and most powerful boy in town.

      Matt bounced on the balls of his feet and his throbbing thckly veined dick swung and waved, the large pisshole opening and closing. "Paul you have got fifteen seconds to sit on that bottle or I make a phone call. NOW FUCK YOUR SLOPPY TWAT WITH THAT GOD DAMNED WATER BOTTLE!" 

     Paul rose up and sobbing so hard he could hardly breath, he lowered his asslips over the head of the waterbottle. It was a thick as a thick wrist, thicker. He squeezed his eyes closed against the pain and pushed. At first the wider part of the bottle would not go into his rectum. He pushed and pushed. He grunted. 

    "I can't do it. I'm trying. I am trying, honest to God. I can't it won't go in!" 


     Paul screamed so loudly that all over the room heads turned, for a brief second before kids went back to their own fucking. Kids of high school age just have to fuck and nothing is going to stop them. Parents just don't know. Kids from thirteen on fuck two, sometimes three times a day. Fucking is not just important. IT IS ALL THEY CARE ABOUT. IT IS ALL THEY THINK ABOUT. IT IS ALL THEY LIVE FOR. FUCKING!

       And poor Paul Marshall was being forced to fuck a water bottle. Isn't that taking teenage horsing around a bit far? Wouldn't that be classified as assault, as abuse? 

      Paul swallowed another scream as he forced the plastic up into his stretched out asshole. He was sure his ass was tearing. He was sure he was ruining his hole forever. 

     "MORE, GET THE WHOLE FUCKING BOTTLE UP THERE, CUNT. SIT ON THAT FUCKING BOTTLE." Matt and his four friends stood there beating their meat like crazed monkeys, the sound of their hands slapping their dicks filling this corner of the room. Across the room one poor little girl sat on the couch sticking fingers up her cunt, looking longingly at her meat beating boyfriend. What had she done wrong to get ignored like this. What would her girlfriends think? Here they were all fucking and she was siting there with her fingers up her pussy. Where were the girlfriends of the other jocks who were playing with the faggot? She noticed that guys around the room who were fucking or getting sucked off by their girlfriends were looking at the poor little eighth grader fingering her pussy. She didn't even have any hair on her cunt yet.  

She was bald down there, just like Paul was. 

     Pauls head shook and his body was covered with sweat. He was sitting on the plastic water bottle. He sat there, the bottom of the bottle sticking just a bit out of his stretched rectum, his ass lips looking just like cunt lips. 

    "See I knew you could take it. You don't have enough confidence in yourself. But guys, I don't think we're giving the faggot whore enough pleasure. Tell you what, I want you guys to look around. I got a hundred bucks for the dude who comes up with the most unique and interesting object we can have the faggot stick up his cunt."

     "GOD, NOOOOOOOOO!" Paul rolled over on his back, and the sight of the bottle sticking out of his raped raw ass looked really hot!

    It went on an on. The torture. For that's what it was, meaningless, sadistic torture of a handsome young high school student by boys who should have been his friend. And all controlled by the most powerful boy in town. Isn't it amazing what horrors money can create. It can buy private armies who actions don't conform to any intrnational laws. It can buy paroles for the most ruthless criminals. It can buy votes, judges, juries and so-called justice. 

     Paul Marshall, totally naked now, his tiny green thong lot somewhere in the crowd, rolled over in agony as yet another obscene object was thrown down next to his trembling body. It was a very long zucchini from the kitchen.

     "Pull that candle out of your ass and try shoving this zucchini up it. That should be fun," Matt Henshaw slurred, slogging down more beer and fingering the pussy of the girl he now had with him. He had the bottom of her skirt tucked right up into her waistband so her shaved cunt could be seen by any and everyone. She didn't dare protest. 

If you listened closely you could hear the sound of three of Matt's fingers squishing in and out of her bald twat. She made little moaning sounds, half pain, half pleasure, but she never told him to stop. You never told Matt Henshaw to stop. Most of the jocks had girls hanging on them now even as they watched Paul perform for them. Some of the kids at the party had finished their first round of fucking and were out swimming in Matt's gorgeous pool. Others were smoking pot, scarfing munchies, or just resting from their fucking. But poor Paul Marshall had gotten no reprieve from the humiliation and the horror. He had been forming a kind of plan in his head. Nothing much really, just something to keep him sane through his ordeal. He thought that maybe if he took the scandal to the media, informed them of what had been done to him, he might raise enough stink to protect his family from the wrath of Matt and his father. He might be able to bring down the most influential man in the state. Then again, he might only bring huge embarrassment upon himself and his family might still be ruined. He slid the large red candle out of his asshole. He hole gaped open. It had been so stretched that it seemed like it would never close again. The guys found this strangley hot as well as amusing. 

      "Christ, Matt, look at his hole now!" 

      Matt smiled. "Yes, it's coming along nicely. See how that zucchini fits, Paul. And Paul, don't forget to clean the candle for us." 

      Clean the candle meant that Paul had to suck his own ass juces off of it. These boys were that sick, that twisted. 

      There Paul lay on the living room carpet, sucking on an ass slimed candle and shoving a zucchini up his own asshole while being cheered on by a bunch of high school kids of both sexes. 

       "Lift you leg higher, buddy, so those girls over there can see." Matt instructed. "What do you think of Paul's dick and balls, girls?" 

       "Well his cock looks all small and shriveled right now, so it's hard to tell."  

       "That's cause our boy is in a bit of discomfort right now. But all in all he craves anal stimulation more than dick stimulation. In  fact if you ever wanted him to fuck you, you might have to shove something up his ass first."  

      The kids roared with laughter.  One of the more popular jocks came jogging in from the kitchen holding a rolling pin. A big old fashioned wooden rolling pin. 

      "What about this, Matt? Think this will fit up his cunt?" 

      "Well, let's see. Paul, good as it must feel, slide that zucchini out of your pussy and see if you can get this rolling pin up there!" 

      "I can't! I can't, do you hear me? I'll rip myself apart. I just can't do any more. My hole is raw. You've had our fun. You've ruined me, now stop it and let me go home." 

      "We realize you've had a hard day Paul, and your ride is coming to pick you up."

       "My ride?" Paul was panting as he pulled the zucchini from his asshole. It wasn't as think as the candle but twice as long. He felt as if his intestines were torn. His bowels throbbed with pain. 

       "Yeah, we didn't think it was a good idea for you to go home by yourself in this condition. Just put the end of the rolling pin handle to your asshole and see how far you can get it up your cunt."

        Paul blinked the sweat and tears from his eyes and tried to focus on the wooden monster lying beside him. 

       "It's too fucking big."

       Matt pulled his fingers out of his girl's cunt with a slurping sound and wagged them in Paul's direction. "Not if you put some effort in it. Why do you think your family is poor white trash scum and mine is the wealthiest in five states?   Because we put effort into everything we do. I never do anything half assed. Even when I fuck a girl, I fuck her so she never ever forgets it, right Bitch?"  

       "Right, Matt," the young girl next to him said, "You dick is so awesome." 

       "Now you may not think you can get that rolling pin up your hole, but I know you can. Look at all the things you've taken up your cunt today. And when you arrived this morning, you didn't think you could handle any of them. You have alot more talent and ability than you realize, Paul. It just takes someone like me to encourage you. Now shove the fucking rolling pin up your useless hole!" 

        And so Paul started. 

        "Ahhhhhhh, oh, oh oh...Oh Godl Oh God! JESUES, IT HURTS. I CAN'T. I'M TRYING BUT I CAN'T." 

       "Sure you can. Just ignore the pain. Do this for me, Paul. Do this for your good buddy Matt. Ignore the pain and shove it up there. We want to see at least half that rolling pin up your slutty cunthole." 

        It took Paul ten painful minutes, but eventually he lay there on the floor, teenage legs raised in the air, toes curled with agony, withe half a wooden rolling pin hanging out of his tortured asshole and the other half embedded somewhere in his guts. His ass ring was stretched large enough to deliver a small child. Spit ran from his mouth and snot from his nose. His eyes rolled wildly. His breathing was labored, but he had done it. 

        "How about a round of applause for Paul. I knew he could do it. See, my friend, isn't it amazing what a kid can accomplish with the right motivation?" Matt tapped the end of the rolling pin with the tip of his shoe, sending waves of pain through Paul's tortured young body. 

          One of the guys came up to Matt and whispered, "His ride's here." 

        "Oh Paul, guess what? Your ride is here, and I'll bet you want to go home, right?" 

        "Puh-lease....please.....please...please..." Paul whimpered like a demented child. 

        "Tell you what. Go take a nice hot shower to clean up and relax. I'll entertain your ride, meantime. Then come down to my father's study, you know where that is, and I'll give you your clothes."  

         Paul groaned and tried to lift his leg higher so he could slide the rolling pin out of his asshole. 

        "Ah, no, Paul. I want you to go upstairs to shower with the rolling pin in your ass, so all the kids at the party can see the fine work you have done here tonight." 

        "Ahhhhhh, I can't. I can't walk this way. It hurts too much, Matt." 

        "Well then, CRAWL." 

        Paul crawled on his hands and knees naked through the houseful of kids. He crawled with a huge wooden rolling pin sticking out of his ass. He knew inside he would never recover from this night. Things would never be the same again. He would never be able to hold his head up at school. His future was ruined. He crawled painfully up the stairs while twenty laughing kids cheered him on. 

        He sat in the tub, unable to stand and slowly withdrew the wooden implement from his tortured asshole, while hot water sprayed down upon him. The shower felt so good, he didn't ever want to leave. But as his mind cleared, he began to wonder who had come to take him home. Surly they hadn't called his mother or father. Some other friend from school perhaps who hadn't been invited to the party? Josh Callan, maybe. Josh was a geek and never got invited anywhere. 

        Every bone in his body screamed as he stood up and soaped his body and hair. It felt so good. Like he was washing away the dirt and horror of the day. Even his dick filled out and hung at it's nice full usual flaccid length. Hs breathing calmed. Once, he was interrupted by four girls who came into the bathroom to watch him shower. They wanted a closer look at his shaved pubes and balls. They made him turn and show them his dick and nuts. One of the girls hefted his sack. 

      "Too bad he's a faggot," she said. "He would make a damned good fuck." they all laughed. Then each girl took a turn holding his prick and sack for a bit. They made him turn around and spread his cheeks to show them his wide open raped hold. But eventually, they grew tired of their game and retired to the party. Paul breathed a sigh of relief and once again hid behind the veil of the spray of hot water. He used the heat and the wet to escape from his pain.  He stepped from the shower and dried himself off. Then he gargled to get the taste of cock out of his mouth. How could they have done that to him. Why did they all think he was a faggot?

        He wrapped the towel around his waist and once again went out into the world of the party. A couple were fucking on the floor of the upstairs landing. They never even looked up at him. He glanced into the master bedroom and saw two naked high school boys double fucking what looked to be a very young girl.  He felt sick to his stomach. He now realized that these girls were more victims of boys' lust than sluts on their own. Just as he was a victim. He had been abused and fucked just like a girl. He had been used like a girl. On weak legs he made his way down the staircase. The party had broken off into segments. Most of the kids were not outside, playing sex games at the pool. They were making the girls at the party parade like a beauty contest, but totally naked. The guys were acting as judges, voting on which girl had the nicest cunt. Some other kids were watching some porno film in the den. As Paul passed, he saw it was some kind of kiddie porn, young children having sex with each other. The teens watching laughed wildly and commented on the innocent fumbling of the children. 

      "You know you were sucking your dad's dick at that age..." One jock said to his girl, feeling her naked tits. 

      "Don't be so dirty, Marty," she giggled back. 

      "Yeah, she didn't start sucking him until she was ten..." another boy quipped.  

      Paul moved on. 

         He reached the door to Mr. Henshaw's study unmolested which was a relief. But just as he was about to open it, one of the big muscular bruiser jocks from his school put a hand on his shoulder. 

        "I don't think Matt would be too happy if you went in wearing a towel, do you? He didn't say  nothing about a towel." 

        Paul sighed and dropped the towel to the floor. The jock slapped the boy's naked ass, and Paul entered the study. The plush room was lit mostly by lamps, and at first Paul had trouble identifying anyone.  Matt was seated in a plush leather armchair near the big polished desk. Three other of Matt's best friends hovered nearby, almost like body guards. And in the middle of the room stood...!  

        Paul screamed inside, but what came out was a pathetic little wheeze of air. His hands flew down to cover his privates.  For there standing in the middle of the room was Maria, the new bride of Paul's brother. Her hands went to her mouth as she stared wide eyed at the naked boy for a moment, and then she turned her head away. 

         "Jeez Paul, it's one thing to trot around the party buck ass naked while you are giving blow jobs to the jocks, but you should have put on some duds before seeing your brand new sister-in-law."  The guys in the room laughed heartily. 

         Paul stood there, trying to cover his fat balls and thick dick with his hands. 

        "How could you do this? How could you?" 

        Matt made a pout. " I was just explaining to your lovely sister-in-law here that you were a cocksucking faggot queer and often entertained us guys by sucking our dicks. I thought she might want to tell your brother and your parents."  

         "Paul, how could you..." Maria sobbed, still turned away, averting her eyes. 

        "It's a lie, Maria. I swear to God. Matt blackmailed me into doing this stuff. He said he would ruin our family, he would cause Dad and Steve to lose their jobs. He would take back our house and destroy us, if I didn't do all this stuff. I swear to God I am not a queer!" 

          She turned to glance into his eyes. She saw truth there amid the pain and agony. Then her eyes drifted down his naked body to where she could see part of his fat dick and full scrotum hanging out from behind his hands.

          She quickly turned away again. 

         "Okay, Paul, we'll see if you are a faggot or not. We'll give you a chance to redeem yourself. It's true, Maria, that I could destroy your brand new marriage and your future and the future of Paul's family with one telephone call. You would all lose everything. And I could probably even arrange it so your new hubby Steve would go to prison for stealing company funds." 

          Maria shot an icy glance at the boy seated in the leather chair. 

          "He would never do something like that."

          "Ha, of course he wouldn't.  He's as noble as Paul here. Brothers in every way. But I could fix it so it looked like he did. I could alter a few things, and your new husband would be off to prison and you would be without his big beautiful dick for several years at least.  By the time that gorgeous hunk got out, he would be on the wrong end of an ass bandit." 

          Maria got tears in her eyes.  "You monster!" she screamed. 

          "Thank you," he responded. but our purpose at the moment is to try to let Paul prove that he is not a cocksucking faggot. My recently well sucked dick says he is. He swears he is not. Very well, Paul, I will call it quits. I will end this game and let you and your family alone, if you prove to me that you are not a fucking queer." 

          Paul's eyes grew wide. This was his chance.  "How do I prove that to you?" he asked. 


   High school student Paul Marshall was standing in front of his nineteen year old brand new sister-in-law totally bare assed naked. He had tried to cover his fat dick and balls with his hands, but Matt Henshaw had barked for him to put his hands at his side.  Maria who had been a virgin when she married Paul's brother and never even seen a dick other than her new husband's could not help but stare at the teenage fuckmeat. Both Paul and his brother were very handsome young men. Paul's brother loved to fuck and Maria was still getting used to getting fucked three times a day. She was also still learning how to suck on a dick. Her new husband was however very romantic and very patient. He told her how much he enjoyed his dick in her mouth while he relaxed and watched television in the evening. And she was getting to love it herself. 

She loved her new hubby with every fiber of her attractive young body and soul. She was basically a shy, quiet girl from a poor Latino background, and Paul's family had welcomed her and made her feel worthwhile. 

    "Well what's it going to be, Punta? Do you put on a little show for us and let your new young brother-in-law fuck you? Or do I make a phone call and send your new husband to prison?" 

    Maria looked over to Paul with terror in her beautiful eyes. Now she looked only in his eyes, not down at his thick dick. "Is it true what he says? Can he do that?" 

    Paul averted his eyes to avoid seeing the pain in Maria's. "I'm afraid he can. His father has the politicians of this state in his pocket. He can do just about anything he wants. It would be easy to fake charges against Joe. He wouldn't stand a chance. He also threatened to ruin our whole family and take back our house, and all kinds of shit." 

Paul's young eyes filled with tears that spilled down his cheeks and dripped from his chin. 

   Matt Henshaw smiled. "You see, Cunt, he understands the seriousness of the situation. Now what's it going to be? My buddies here would love to see if Paul is a queer or not. If he fucks you, that proves he is not a queer, right?"  Matt's friends cheered and swilled more beer. 

    Maria balled her small hands into fists. She turned to Matt. 'Why do you want to do something so terrible like this? For what reason?" 

    Matt reached out and gently touched the clothed breast of the young woman.  "Because it's fun. That's all. That's the reason. Because I get bored, and I like to have fun." 

    Matt started to pinch Maria's right nipple through her dress and bra. 

    Maria blushed. "Please do not do this. It is such a horrible thing. My own brother-in-law. Please I beg you, not this perversion." 

    Matt made a tsking sound and tilted his cute head. "Are you going to take off your clothes, or do I make a phone call? Nobody has to know except the..." he counted the number of his buddies in the room..."the eight of us. You husband never needs to know." 

    With a gasp of shame and defeat the poor beautiful girl began to take off her clothes. Imagine having to strip naked in front of seven males. No one except her husband had ever seen her naked. Joe loved to have her naked whenever they were alone, but living with his parents and Paul, they didn't have that chance very often. Only in the sanctity of their small bedroom, could they be as intimate and natural as they wanted.

     Now Maria stood totally naked in a room filled with horny teenage boys. Matt glowed, not only with victory, but also with lust. He love the way the innocent girl covered her ample tits with one hand and her pussy with the other. 

     "Sit on the edge of my dad's desk and spread your legs so we can see your cunt!"  He ordered. 

     She shook her head furiously. "You said Paul would make love to me, and that would be all."

     "I never said we didn't want to see your fuckhole, Bitch. and Paul's not going to make love to you. He's going to fuck you.  Now get up on the fucking desk and spread your legs for us." 

     Her entire body trembling from fear and shame, Maria hoisted her slender form up onto the huge desk. Then with her head hanging, she spread her legs and all the guys except Paul gathered around to look at her pussy. 

     "Hey, guys look how red and puffy her cuntlips are. Look's like her new husband is fucking the shit out of her!"  The boys all laughed at Matt's joking. "Ah, newlyweds, they just can't stop screwing!"  Tears were now running down Maria's cheeks and dripping onto her nice big tits. 

     "Baby, just hold your cunt lips open a little for us, so we can see if the inside is fucked raw too." 

      Her lower lip quivered. Her eyes filled with fresh tears. 'Please no. Don't shame me like this. I beg you." 

     "Hold your cunt lips open for us. NOW! " 

      The poor girl reached down and spread her puffy pussy lips to reveal the bright pink inner cunt to the high school boys. This also showed her fleshy pink thick clit. 

     "Holy shit, look at the clit on this cunt! I'll bet her husband goes nuts chewing on it. Does he, Bitch? Does he love to chew on your clit until you are just a fucking lake of pussy juice?" 

     "Puh-lease....puh...." she choked on her tears. 

     "Answer the fucking question you Spic Whore!" 

     "Yesssssssss, yes he does." She sobbed. 

     "Yesssssss he does what?' Matt mocked her, and the guys roared. 

     "Yes, he loves to chew on" 

      Matt made a romantic getsture. 'Young clit chewing love. Young cunt munching marriage!"  The boys laughed until they too were teary eyed. 

     Matt turned his head to Paul who still stood on the other side of the room. "Okay, loverboy, get on over here and show us you are not a fucking faggot. Fuck this cunt." 

       Paul swallowed hard and on bare feet padded over to his sister-in-law on the desk. Inspite of himself, his dick grew thick and hard at the sight of her. She was a very beautiful girl after all. 

       "I'm sorry." he said. "I'm so, so sorry." 

       "It's not your fault. Just do it and get it over with." 

       Paul started to climb up on the desk, his fat balls swinging and dancing in their sack. 

      "Oh wait!"  She pulled away. "Have him use a condom." 

       Matt smirked and slowly shook his head. "NO CONDOM." 

      Maria curled up into a little ball on the edge of the huge desk.  "No. You cannot do that. I am fertile now and I would get pregnant. Joe and I are not ready to have a baby. He always uses a condom." 

      Matt smiled a cocky, goofy smile and rubbed the hard on in his pants.  "NO CONDOM." 

      Paul's teenage dick was as thick as a wrist by now and bobbing in the air and leaking. He simply could not control it.  He knelt there on the desk, looking at Matt Henshaw with pure hatred in his eyes.

      "Matt, this is going much too far. You cannot treat us like this. We are human beings. I can't fuck her without a rubber. We can't take that risk. What if she gets pregnant?" 

      "She'll just have to tell her hubby it must have been a defective condom.  NO CONDOM. NO FUCKING CONDOM. DO YOU HEAR ME. NO GOD DAMNED FUCKING CONDOM." 

       Paul knew from what had happened to him all day that there was no use in arguing with the sadistic teen. 

      "Come on, Maria, we got to do it." He whispered. 

       "Yeah, you gotta do it," Matt mocked. The guys roared and moved closer around the desk, all playing with their dicks through their pants now. 

       With a sob of resignment, she stretched her body out on the desk top. Paul crawled over his, his dick dripping pre-fuck onto her legs and stomach. He sighed a huge sigh and placed his prickhead at the opening of her cunt. He looked over at Matt. "No lube?" he asked. 

       Matt grinned and shook his head. 'Only natural pussy and cock juice. It's more romantic that way. Now shove it in. And I better see it go balls deep!" 

       Paul forced his huge cockhead into his sister-in-law's tender cunthole. She hissed and held her breath as the thick dick worked it's way into her pussy. There was no foreplay, no romance. Just cold, methodical fucking. Paul hated the fact that he was aroused at all. He hated that he found his sister-in-law so attractive. He had jerked off at home thinking about his brother Joe with his own huge dick fucking his new bride. AND NOW PAUL WAS FUCKING HER. He pumped in and out as fast as he could, hoping to cum quickly and get it over with. The girl moaned and spread her legs wider, not from pleasure, but from discomfort. Paul's dick was big and her cunt was sore from all the matrimonial fucking she had been getting. After all, she had very recently been a virgin. She wasn't sure she liked or understood the male need to fuck so often or so hard or in such a bestial manner. But as a wife, she resigned herself to her husband's needs. And he was such a handsome and sweet man. And now his little brother was slamming his dick into her cunt. 

       "Harder, Paul. If you want to convince us that you are not a faggot, you will have to fuck her a whole lot harder. I want to hear those balls slapping on her cunt pad."

      Paul didn't know what he was doing. He was out of his mind, not only with fear and hatred, but now with lust also. "SLAP, SLAP SLAP" His huge testicles slapped the girl's cuntal mound as he rammed his dick into her and his handsome still red from the beatings ass cheeks rose and fell. For some reason Matt's huge dick gave a lurch and a squirt in his pants as he watched the teenage boy ass rise and fall. He loved to watch kids fucking. Something about it. Not just on dvds. In real life. He had now and then given grade school kids money just to watch them fuck. Watching little kids fuck for the very first time was a real thrill to him. He loved to also watch older guys with big dicks really hurt girls when they fucked them. 

       Paul had set up a fucking rhythm. Maria lay there with her eyes squeezed shut. Paul arched. He was almost ready to cum. 

       "Okay, buddy, not pull out." 

       Paul's head snapped to the side to look at Matt through tear and sweat cloudy eyes.  "Huh?" he asked. 

        "I said, pull out!" 

       Both Maria and Paul gasped in happiness. He wasn't going to make him shoot inside her after all. Paul pushed his muscular young body up and his thick dick came out of the cunt with a squishing sound. Pussy slop and cock drip coated the big prick. 

        Matt moved in almost on top of them. "Good. Good going. Who fucks better, Maria, your husband Joe or his little brother Paul?" 

        She tossed her beautiful head from side to side in shame.  "I don't know..." she mumbled. 

        "'Fraid the boys and I need an answer. Who is the better fucker? Paul or Joe?" 

        "OH GOD...JOE. JOE IS BETTER!" She wailed in shame and distress.  

        "You hear that, Paul. You are not very good at fucking. Maybe you are a faggot. Last chance.  FUCK HER IN THE ASS." 

         Maria clawed at the slippery desk in an effort to turn herself onto her side. " OH NO. NOT THAT. JOE HAS NEVER EVEN DONE THAT. PLEASE, I BEG OF YOU. NOT THAT." 


          Paul was out of it. He was in shock and freaking out. He lifted her legs and put the head of his dripping dick against her tiny brown asshole. 

         "Please, Paul, no, don't do it." 

         "I have to, Maria, " Paul sobbed. " To save the family and Joe, I just have to."  Then he pushed hard so the plumb sized dickhead would pop into the rectum ring. 

         "AAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH" The poor girl wailed in agony. The jocks in the room had their dicks out of their pants now and were spanking the monkey for all it was worth. 

          Paul had no choice. He fucked his sister-in-law in the ass. Matt puffed up in glory. He was the man. He could do anything he wanted to. His trousers in front were stained with cock leak. Teenage boys are incorrigible. 

          Paul fucked her harder and harder in the ass. Once again his balls slapped against her flesh. Both of their breathing grew erratic and ragged. Their young bodies were covered in sweat.  Paul fucked her asshole. 

         "Now pull out!" Matt screamed in an almost maniacal way. 

          Following orders, Paul pulled his throbbing dick from Maria's asshole. The inner ass flesh came out of the hole with the dick, turning her rectum almost inside out. It was incredibly painful for the girl. The fat dick was covered with ass slime and shit. 

         "Now shove it in her mouth!" Matt yelled, his face red. 

         Clear, milky and brown slime dripped from his huge fucking dick as he brought it to the poor young girl's mouth. 

         "OPEN THAT FACE CUNT, BITCH!" Matt yelled.  Maria opened her mouth and the foul pecker of her brother-in-law entered. 

         "FACE FUCK HER." 

          Mindless, Paul obeyed. He was no longer human. He was just a machine belonging to Matt Henshaw. He fucked Maria's face. Maria choked and coughed. Snot ran from her nose. Shit and cock drool dripped from her chin. 


         Paul rammed his fuckmeat down his sister-in-law's throat until his huge cum laden balls slapped her chin and neck. His pubic bone smashed against her nose. 


          Once again Paul arched his smooth young sweat slick back. He was about to cum.


          Gasping for breath and control, Paul reared back, his fat red fucker sliding from the girls slop soaked mouth. Her eyes rolled wildly in her head. Pre fuck and even shit slime now ran from her nose. 


          Like a wild beast, spit spraying from his own mouth, Paul crawled back and shoved his thick sausage dick back into the girl's sore cunt. 

She gasped, her mouth wide open and inside of it a lake of fuck drip and ass slime. 


         It was too late to stop. Paul did as directed. No sooner had his huge dick hit bottom in her cunt than he screamed as a spray of sperm filled the poor girl's womb. 

 She screamed. He screamed. The boys in the room cheered, and four of them shot their loads on Maria's agonized face. Paul collapsed on top of her, his dick still squirting in her cunt. Matt removed his own swollen dick from his pants and twisted Paul's handsome head to one side and shot his load all over the boy's nose and mouth. 

He wiped his cock in Paul's hair. The fucking couple were an absolute mess. 

        "Get the fuck out of here..." Matt said, zipping up again. 

         Maria sat up dazed and disoriented. " My clothes..." 

         Matt sneered.  "Ugh ugh, you two did a lousy job. You both go home bare assed." 

         "But how will we get in the house. Joe and the family may be home." 

         "I don't give a fuck. That is your fucking problem. Now unless you two want to suck some dog dick, I suggest you get out of here now!" 

         Paul scrambled naked from the desk, his big flaccid dick swinging and dripping. He took Maria's hand.  

        "Let's go, Maria," he whispered.  Cum bubbled from her pussy and ran down her legs as she followed him. 

         Just as Paul got to the door and safety from the sadists, Matt's voice stopped him. 

         "Meet me at the Mall tomorrow at 10:00 A.M. Sharp.  At 9:30, one of my boys here will drop by your house with some nice new clothes for you to wear. If you are going to hang with me, we can't have you dressed like poor white trash, can we?" 

         Paul blinked. "Tomorrow?" he croaked. He had thought it was over. 

         Matt smiled his good boy smile and nodded.  "Tomorrow. Wear what is delivered and don't be late!" 

    Believe it or not, one of Matt Henshaw's father's limo arrived to take Paul to the mall on Saturday morning. Paul sat naked on the end of his bed, shaking with fear at the realization that all that had happened was not in fact a horrible nightmare and nothing more. Maria has sobbed all the way home from Matt's house. Paul's sperm leaked from her bare pussy onto the car seat. Her face and hair were clotted with dick jizz. She had been violated. 

   "It wasn't my fault, Maria. I was trapped by him just like you. I am so sorry..." Paul kept saying over and over. She knew the boy was as helpless as she was, but he had still fucked his big teenage cock into her just married cunt, and she felt somehow abused by him too. 

    "I know, I know, it wasn't your fault. But that doesn't help the situation. Your brother must never find out. He would kill you. You know the kind of temper he has. He has told me over and over that if another man ever touched me, he would kill him no matter who it was. He must never know about tonight."  

    Paul agreed. Fortunately his older brother was at a retirement party for one of the guys from the factory, something Matt had probably known as well. Paul's parents were asleep, so the two naked young people sneaked into the house undetected.  Paul sat in his room covered with sperm and sweat and dirt, his asshole throbbing with pain and his big balls aching, while Maria took a shower and cleaned up and out. When it was Paul's tern, He actually sat in the tub with the shower running on him, sobbing and curled up in a naked little ball. Maria's new groom came home a bit drunk and of course wanted to fuck his wife, so she had to put up with more cock fucking into her as hard as it could. He was not as gentle as Paul, and his dick was bigger...both longer and thicker. 

     Saturday morning brought the hope of a new beginning for Maria anyway. Her handsome husband rolled over in bed and fucked her again. She intentionally got him so excited he didn't wear a rubber on his dick. So that if Paul had made her pregnant, she could blame it on this "crazy unprotected" morning fuck. He was of course only too happy to fuck without a condom. He felt he had really scored. 

     Paul on the other hand, was not so hopeful. He had to go to the Mall. And someone was going to deliver some new clothes to him. That someone was Jim Butcher, a kid in Paul's class who, while not as wealthy as the Henshaws, had a family in the top ten in the town. Jim was a cute, but sneering, snobbish kid. He only kow-towed to Matt. 

Paul walked right in. Paul's mother and father knew better than to stop anyone from the Henshaw section of town. In fact they almost bowed their heads when he entered. They kind of just concentrated on what they were doing and didn't say much. Paul's father secretly hoped Paul was making friends with some of the wealthy influential kids in town. It could certainly help him at work. 

     As Jim went up the stairs to Paul's room, he heard the sound of heavy fucking coming from Paul's brother's room. He smiled and shook his head. He heard Maria's grunts as the big dick slammed into her. He remembered her naked the night before at the party, and his dick got hard in his pants. Shit! nothing like a good morning fuck.  Jim hadn't had that pleasure and his dick was randy as hell.  He opened Paul's bedroom door. Paul was seated at the foot of the bed, naked, looking at the floor. He lifted his head, wide eyed at Jim. 

     "Morning Faggot." Jim said. throwing the bag he carried on the bed. Then he unzipped his pants and pulled out his eight inch long, thick foreskinned dick. "Suck!" he said simply. 

      Paul looked up at him.  "Look, Jim. Don't get involved in this. It has gone too far. People are getting hurt. It has got to stop..." 

      "SUCK MY FUCKING DICK YOU FUCKING COCKSUCKING FAGGOT, NOW!" The teenager screamed at the top of his lungs.  Paul as certain that his brother heard it in the room next door. He was sure his parents downstairs heard it. He slipped off the bed onto his knees and crawled toward the fat uncut cock hanging from his classmate's pants. How could he stop this insanity? Jim grabbed Paul by the hair and dragged his cute young face into his dick and fucksack. 

    "Lick it first."

      Paul licked the boys growing dick and his full sack of balls. They smelled and tasted like shower soap and cock. Jim grabbed the boy's ears and fucked his skull like Paul was a two-bit whore. It didn't take long for him to shoot ropes of cum down the kid's throat. 

    "Can't go to the mall without breakfast!" He laughed. The teen cum was quite thick, like wallpaper paste. It clotted between his teeth and coated his tongue. This handsome innocent teenage boy could not believe that he had become a dick dump for these sadistic youths. 

      Jim wiped his shrinking and still leaking dick on Paul's hair. "Okay, get dressed, Matt is waiting." 

     Paul climbed numbly to his feet and looked at the paper bag on his bed.  

      "You've got jizz on your chin. Scoop it up and eat it." Jim said nonchalantly. Just then they heard a high pitched scream and a heavy grunt from next door, as Paul's muscular factory worker brother shot his sperm deep into the cunt of his new bride. That would hold him until noon, when he would demand to fuck again. After all, it was Saturday, the day off. He might settle for a blow job. Maria never thought married life wold be like this. This wasn't what it was like in the movies. Still, she did love her husband, and he was very good to her. 

      Paul scooped the jizz onto his finger and sucked it off. Then he removed the clothing from the bag. He could not believe what he saw. 

      "Jim, I can't wear this. Look at it. I cannot wear this in public." 

      "Should I call Matt and tell him that?" Jim flipped out his cell phone with a grin. 

      "NO. Oh Jesus. Jim, how can you do this to me?"  

      "Hey, don't shoot the messenger. I am only here to convey you to the mall, dressed appropriately. The blow job was my pay." 

      Paul looked down again at the clothing on the bed. A pair of tight white briefs. Okay. That was okay, but the rest. A cut off pink tee shirt. cut off so it would end just below the nipples and with the sleeves cut off as well. Printed on the pink tee shirt was the word, "COCKSUCKER."   Then there were the pink girl shorts and the flip flops with little plastic pink flowers on them. Paul was a totally masculine kid. How could he do this? How could he go out in public wearing this? He would see many many people he knew at the mall. Hundreds of townfolks who knew him and his family. 

       There was also a kind of cape in the bag. 

      "What's that?" Paul asked with trembling lower lip. 

      "That there is a cape to cover you with until we get to the mall. Unless of course you want your parents to see you in your new pink outfit. You see, Matt has feelings for you and wants to spare you the embarrassment."  

       Paul looked around hopelessly. He caught a glimpse of himself naked in the bureau mirror. His mouth hung slack and his eyes were glazed over. He looked mentally ill. Like an idiot he scanned the room, what was he looking for. Someplace to hide?  A way out? There was no way out. 

       He put on the ridiculous clothing. As he tried to stretch the pink tee shirt enough to get it over his shoulders, he noticed that on the back was his name PAUL MARSHALL.. and on the front of course, "COCKSUCKER." It came to just below his pecs, leaving his entire stomach naked.  The white briefs were too small and too tight, so that his teenage dick and balls bulged obscenely. And the pink shorts did nothing to help. They barely came half-way up his ass in back, leaving the white undies showing. IT WAS TOTALLY FUCKING OBSCENE.  he slid his bare feet into the flip flops.  

       "Ready?" Jim asked. Paul nodded dumbly. "If it's any consolation, I think you look real cute. You are the cutest faggot I ever saw." 

        Paul slipped the cape over his shoulders and held it closed in front to hide his attire. He followed Jim downstairs. In the hall, he passed his totally naked older brother padding on naked feet toward the bathroom. His swollen pink dick glowed with the scum of after-fuck and swung heavily between his legs.

       "Sorry Bro, got to go wash the cunt juice off my dick. Hiya, Jim, how's it hanging?" 

       "Not as big as yours..." Jim whistled in appreciation of the muscular factory worker. He watched the strong full ass globes rise and fall as Paul's brother entered the bathroom and closed the door. 

       "Man, I bet it hurts to get fucked by him." Jim laughed one hand on Paul's shoulder as he ushered him down the stairs."  

       As they passed Paul's stupefied parents, wondering at their son wrapped up in a cape, Jim Butcher said very politely.  "Goodbye, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall. Have a good day." 

        Paul's dad managed a weak smile. "Goodbye boys. Have fun."  

       "Oh we, will, you can be sure of that." Jim answered, patting a terrified Paul on the back. 

        When they got to the car, Paul could see that another boy from school, Pete Jones was in the rear seat. A driver in full livery sat in the front. Jim steered Paul into the car and the boys sat on either side of him. There was plenty of room in the limo. 

       "Morning Paul," said Pete with a smile. "How was the suck job, Jim?"  Paul wanted to melt into nothing. He was so fucking humiliated. Everyone knew. 

       "It was okay. He's a good cocksucker, but we had to hurry and I didn't have time to get a really good nut sack lick or an ass rimming or anything." 

       "Well, maybe later. We have to blindfold you, Paul, Matt's orders." 

       "Why is that?" Jim answered. "We are just going to the fucking mall?" 

       "To enhance the mystery of the game."  We are going to make three stops on the way. Paul is going to get out of the car, blindfolded and open his cape and show whoever is there his new outfit. Fun?"  

       "Oh please. Who is going to see me? Who?"  

       Pete grinned. "That is the fun of it. You will never know who. So it could be anyone you meet at the store, or school, or at church. You will never know who knows you are a cocksucking faggot." 

       Paul sobbed again as they put the blindfold on him.  

       "Don't you guys realize that I am not a cocksucker. Matt created that whole thing. He made me do that stuff. I am not a cocksucker!" 

       Jim gently slapped the blindfolded boy, more playfully than painfully. "Did you just suck my dick up in your room or not?" 

      "Yes, but...." 


      It was hard to argue with that logic. 

       They rode around town for almost an hour, and three times, Paul had to leave the vehicle and stand facing he knew not what and remove his cape. he had to show his pink outfit with the ass and crotch hugging queer pink shorts and the obscene cut off tee shirt. With his name on the back of the tee shirt, even the blindfold couldn't disguise him. It was a small town after all. Twice he felt the flash of cameras as pictures were taken. He hard laughter and giggles. One group sounded really young like little kids. Another sounded like older, senior citizens who said things like, "Shocking! Poor Mrs. Marshall with a son like that," and other horrible things. 

        They finally got to the mall and the blindfold was removed. So was the cape. The mall had just opened and hundreds of families, adults, teens and little kids were milling about. 

       "Okay, Paul, you are to go into the mall and meet Matt at Victoria's Secret on the second floor." We'll be following at a discreet distance. We don't want to be associate with you. But don't worry, we'll get some pictures. 

       "I don't think I can do this. I want to. I don't want trouble for my family. I want to, but I honest to God do not think I can."

         "Sure you can. Just tell yourself it's something you have to do to help others. Don't be selfish. I was reading this book on the Second World War, and you know, it is amazing what people can put up with if they have to. Don't think about your own discomfort or humiliation. Don't think that you look like a fucking fairy faggot left over from Gay Pride Day. Just focus on what you need to do, and it will go much easier than you think. Yeah, people are going to laugh at you and point fingers. Accept that. Yeah, they are going to think Paul Marshall is a big fucking fruit dicklicker. So what! "Sticks and stones, bro. Sticks and stones!" 

       Paul turned and started for the mall. They had kept the limo quite a distance away, so it was a long walk. Then, Jim called him back.  

      "Sorry about this, Paul. I am really sorry about this, and I don't want to do this, but Matt insists."  He reached down and began to finger Paul's dick through his shorts. He squeezed and rubbed the fucktube until he felt it grow. 

      "I don't like touching another dude like this, but Matt insists that when you meet him, you have a full hard on in your shorts. Jim and me will catch shit if you're not rock hard. So bone up bro, the quicker the bettter."  

      Paul was so nervous and scared, his dick wouldn't respond at first. Jim got really pissed. 

      "Come on faggot, throw a woody! You think I like standing here playing with you? Pete help me, rub the queer's nipples or asshole or something!" 

      "I ain't touching him! Not out here. Not anywhere. You think I am out of my mind, touching a faggot's pussy? You think I want to get a disease or something?"

      "Jesus, help me get him hard. People will start to notice."  He was rubbing and squeezing Paul's confined dick for all he was worth. "Get hard, will you, Cocksucker?" 

     "I am tryng. I can't help it. I'm scared." 

         "Rub your own nipples while I work your dick. " Paul put his fingers up under the tee shirt and started to pinch his tits. He felt a little lurch in his cock. 

         "That's it, I felt something. I think it's boning up. God, I feel so stupid working a dude's dick. Matt owes me big time for this."

        "Maybe if you take out your dick and show it to the faggot, he'll bone up!' Pete offered, trying to stifle a giggle. 

        "I am not taking my dick out in a Mall parking lot. Shit, there are cars pulling up all around us to park.  GET THAT GOD DAMNED PRICK HARD NOW, YOU FUCKING FAGGOT CUNTHOLE!" 

         At last, Paul's penis thickened and then stiffened and then grew rock hard in the pink shorts. It looked like he had a flashlight in his pants. it was clear that he was sporting a kind size teenage hard on. Jim stepped back.  

        "There, that looks pretty good. Now Matt said, you are to keep it hard until you meet him in front of Victoria's Secret. He's got guys from school posted all over the mall, and if they see you without a hard on, you will be in big trouble. 

         Paul was sobbing as he stood there still pinching his nipples. the tight underpants and shorts made the fat dick throb and pulse all the more, pushing out the thin material.  "How can you make me do this? How can you treat me like this. I was your friend in school! I was  your buddy. How can you do this?" 

        Jim tilted his head to one side. "Matt Henshaw is a very powerful person. What he wants he gets. And right now. He wants this! Remember don't let your dick go down!" 

         Paul waked toward the hundreds of people entering the just opened mall. Soon little kids first, and then adults turned to see him. Their eyes grew wide. They stepped back from him like he was diseased. Some laughed, others gasped. Some yelled for security. But Paul was dressed enough to be allowed in the mall, and there was nothing they could do. Boys and girls stared at the huge cock bulge in his pink shorts. Several times he had to reach down and squeeze it to keep it fully hard. Parents shielded the eyes of their seven and eight year old children from the sight of the faggot cock. But the kids wanted to see, so they broke away from their parents and jumped up and down gleefully pointing at the hard dick and laughing. 

         Pauls ass cheeks pushed out the shorts in the rear and rose and fell  like a faggot pole dancer as he walked. Six kids from his school saw him and roared with laughter. Paul heard one of them say, "So it's true then that Paul Marshall is a faggot!" Then they all jabbered about it and started to text their friends. That made Paul's dick start to shrink, so he frantically rubbed it and squeezed it, right in front of his school mates.  This time it started to leak and a big wet spot appeared on the front of his pink shorts. 

       "Jesus Christ, he's leaking..." shouted a thirteen year old teen boy at the top of his lungs and gang of gameboys rushed out of the arcade to see.

       A truck driver type rolled up to Paul and grabbed him by the neck.  

      "Get the fuck out of this mall, now! Animals like you, don't belong with decent people." 

       "I'm afraid he has every right to be here, " came a voice from behind them both. It was a security guard. A young well built guy of about Twenty-two. 

       "Every right? He is obscene. He is an abomination!"  The truck driver howled, his hands balling into fists. 

        "I agree with you, Sir. He is a piece of scum. But he  is not breaking any mall rules. We have no rules about hard ons or leaking. Only about wearing shirts and shoes. And he meets those requirements."

        The truck driver's mouth hung open. "So you are going to let him walk around that way in front of women and children and impressionable teens?" 

       The handsome guard smiled a bit, just a little smirk almost. "Well, I'll call my manager, but I am afraid we have no choice. It is a free country." 

       "But his dick leak is running down his leg!" 

       "I can see that. So can everyone. Sorry!"  The truck driver stormed off to call the town police Paul almost collapsed from nervous fear. The security guard leaned in. 

      "Victoria's Secret in at the top of the escalator to the right. I work for Matt Henshaw. Keep that fucking dick hard and leaking! And smile as you pass that den of Cub Scouts over there. Show them how friendly faggots can be!"

    Matt was waiting in front of Victoria's Secret. He broke out into a huge grin and said something to the three teenage guys standing with him, as they watch Paul approach. A group of cub scouts were hooting and jumping around Paul, pointing at his wet leaking dick which clearly showed through the pink material of the tiny shorts and the white underpants beneath. A large wet spot displayed the entire shape of the hard dick. Paul's nipples also showed beneath the tight pink cut off tee shirt displaying his name on the back and the word, "COCKSUCKER" on the front.  A bunch of girls from Paul's high school whispered and giggled about how they'd had no idea he was a faggot, and one girl who had dated him, started to cry out of embarrassment. Matt looking perfectly sexy as always looped his thumbs in the pockets of his tight jeans and nodded to Paul. 

    "Good morning Faggot, how are you today? And how is that beautiful sister-in-law of yours?"  

     Paul said nothing, but stood with his head hanging, looking at the polished stone floor of the mall. Matt didn't like disrespect. He lashed out with one hand and slapped Paul hard across the face, causing the boys to roar with laughter. The cub scouts backed away, wide eyed.  "I asked you a question, Dickbreath." 

    Paul lifted his cute young teenage face. His eyes were cloudy with shock from all the abuse he had taken. "I'm ah, fine. She's fine too." 

    Matt took Paul's jaw in is grip and looked into the boy's eyes. "You didn't fuck her again this morning, did you?" 

    Paul's eyes shot to the other boys crowding around Matt. Then back to Matt. "Please, you promised no one would know." 

    Matt's eyes glared. "Then answer my fucking question. Did you stick your dick in your Sister-in-law's fresh young cunt this morning?"

    "No. No I did not."  

    "Did your brother fuck her? Did he fuck his beautiful new bride, never knowing that your cum was leaking from her pussy?" 

    "Yes, he did. Last night." 

     "Oh my, she had a busy night, didn't she? And again this morning I'll bet if I know your bro. He has a really big needy dick I'll bet. I wouldn't mind watching him fuck her. Maybe I need to arrange that. Your dick is getting soft. Get it hard." 

       Paul reached down and started to squeeze his prick, sending more leak out to stain the shorts. He rubbed his dick and it stiffened up again. The cub scouts nudged each other and giggled. Matt turned Paul around to face the cub scouts.  

      "Take your dick out and show them." He said, nodding toward the little boys. 

      "Matt, please...."  Paul started to cry. 

      "God damn it! We need to break that stubborn arrogant streak in you. You need to learn to do what I tell you to do, without hesitation, you fucking loser! Now take out your dick and show those little boys." 

       Paul sniffing back his tears, undid the button on the tiny shorts and pulled them and his underpants down to reveal his thick long swollen dripping teenage dick. The other guys stood around shielding him from passing shoppers, and only the cub scouts could see. 

       "Now show them how you pump it." 

       Paul started to masturbate his dick for the little boys. His teenage balls bounced and jiggled in their full young sack. There were still red marks on his smooth strong ass cheeks from the beatings of the previous day. 

       "Show them how you drip and leak. Don't cum, just leak!"  

        Paul squeezed his dick head so pre-fuck oozed out in long strings. 

        "Catch it in your hand."  Paul caught the fuck slop in his hand while his prick throbbed and twitched. 

        "Now eat your pre-fuck for the boys." 

        Paul's chest heaved with agony as he brought his hand to his mouth and began to lap up the small lake of pre-fuck. The boys went wild. 

         "Okay, put it away. That's enough of a show. We have some shopping to do." Paul tucked away his huge dick, leaving even a larger spot of pre-jiz  on the front of the shorts. It was totally obscene.  He was shaking so badly, his young legs hardly supported him. 

        "Okay, first job. Go into Victoria's Secret and ask to buy a tiny thong for yourself. Make sure you say it's for yourself. If they say they have no men's thongs, you say you prefer female thongs. Vicki Johnston from our school works there. Go to her." 

        "Not Vicki. Please!"  Vicki was a really hot senior girl with a big mouth not only for dick, but also for gossip!

        "Oh, and ask if you can try it on. They will say no, but at least ask. And the thong you buy better be small and revealing. It it's not, we'll just make you go back." 

        "I, eh, I don't have any money." 

        Matt grinned.  "Don't worry. I lifted your credit card last night. Here it is.  Oh I used it to buy a few things this morning." He handed Paul the card. 

           The next ten minutes were a nightmare for Paul. The girls working in the shop saw Matt Henshaw and his buddies standing in the doorway watching, so they knew it was some kind of prank or joke. But they also knew they wanted to impress Matt. The shopgirls laughed right out loud and sneered at Paul in his stupid outfit. 

       "Have you sucked Matt Henshaw's dick?" One of the girls asked him. "I have. And it's yummy!" she added. 

       "You may have sucked his dick, but so has every good looking girl in town. He fucked me twice. Twice. That means he really likes me and he will date me again, I just know it." Said Vicki, waving toward Matt in the doorway. Matt waved and called her over. 

       "See, he wants to talk to me."  She bounced over, her huge tits moving on their own. He wrapped an arm around her, and the other girls were jealous. Then Matt whispered something in her ear. She shook her head, no! the with one hand he reached down and cupped her pussy right through her clothes. He kissed her on the neck. And eventually she agreed to whatever he was saying. 

        Meanwhile poor Paul was asking about thongs. The giggling girls showed him several. They were nothing more than cunt straps of very thin material, hardly wider than the lips of a girl's pussy. Paul finally settled on one.  

       "May I try it on, please?" he asked. 

       Vicki stepped up. "Certainly!" 

       "Huh?" Paul blubbered. He knew it was illegal to try on underwear in a store. 

       "I said, yes, you may try it on and model it for all of us."  Vicki smiled and threw a glance over at Matt and his friends. 

       "Vicki, we can't do that. We'll be fired."  

       "Yes, we can. There's nobody else in the store right now. Except Paul, you can't use the regular dressing rooms because you are leaking dick drip all  over. So use the hallway in the rear that leads to the stock rooms.  Let's all go back there and watch him chance to make sure he doesn't shop lift." 

        "We're going to watch him?" One of the other girls said, eying Paul's thick pulsing prick in the tight pink shorts. 

        "That's what we are here for. To help customers make selections. Come on, Paul." She led the frightened boy to a wide brightly lit hallway behind the store. The four shop girls gathered around. 

        "Okay Paul, you may try on the thong now." 

        Even though Paul had been forced to strip naked at the party the previous evening, there was something obscene about having to do it here in a public shopping mall watched by girls from his school. 

       "Take off your top first, so we can get the full effect of the thong."  

        Paul stripped off his tee shirt. He stood there with his bare chest on display, feeling totally weak and stupid and foolish. 

        Next he kicked off his flip flops. then he started to undo his pink shorts.  

        "Do I really have to do this?" He cried, tears running down his cute face.  

        "Do you want me to tell Matt you were unruly?"  Vicki beamed, remembering that Matt had promised to fuck her for helping. 

         With shaking fingers Paul undid the shorts and peeled them off, careful to keep his underpants on. He stood there looking pretty stupid in just his tight white briefs. A high school boy at the mercy of a bunch of female students and sales clerks.   

         "Come on, Paul, don't be shy. Take off the underpants!"   

          Paul's dick had shrunken from his swollen hard state to a still hefty but flaccid hunk of meat. Fear had done that. He was also sweating. With a groan and a sigh, he peeled down his underpants, leaving himself totally bare assed naked in front of the girls. 

        "Say, not bad. Look at the fuckmeat on the boy! I wouldn't mind some of that."  One of the girls said in appreciation. 

        "That's nothing compared to Matt's dick." Vicki piped up. 

        "That's right, Matt's is much bigger," said the girl who had sucked Matt. 

        Vicki spun on the girl. "But you never felt it in your cunt! You can't judge it until you feel it in your cunt!" Vicki could be a real bitch when she wanted to be. 

        The other girl tried to save face. " I've had Leroy Stevenson in my cunt, so I know what big dick feels like."  She retorted. 

        Vicki let her sneer be seen by the other girls.  "That's nigger dick. I am talking about really big hefty throbbing white boy dick! Nigger dick doesn't count." 

        "It does too count. And you shouldn't call it that. That's racist. It's African American Dick." 

        All the girls knew that African American Dick was generally pretty large. Most of the girls secretly wished to get fucked by a black boy, so the girl's statement carried some weight with them. Of course they would never marry a black boy, but getting fucked by one was something else again. 

          Paul stood there totally naked and humiliated while the girls argued about the merits of black cock. Typical high school girl chatter. Finally they turned their attention back to the terrified boy and told him to go ahead and try on the thong. Vicki held the thin strip of cunt covering out to Paul.  

        "Come here and get it, Paul. Don't be shy. My, my  your dick is just getting smaller and smaller, isn't it?" 

        Paul wanted to cover his dick and balls, but knew it would only cause more trouble. So he walked toward Vicki and the girls.

         'No, Paul. I want you to get down on your hands and knees and crawl over here." Vicki was trying hard to impress the other girls.

          With a helpless shudder, Paul Marshall sank to his knees and started to crawl over toward the girls. He felt so low. Lower than any animal.  

         "Can you spread your legs a little when you crawl. We want to see your nuts swing." 

          Paul spread his legs so his scrotum would sway when he crawled. The girls giggled and "oooooowed" the humiliated boy.  When he got to the giris, Vicki decided she wanted a ride around the hallway on Paul's back. So she climbed on and made him carry her. Now she was truly impressing the others. 

          Finally Paul was allowed to try on the thong. It was ludicrous. The cunt strap was so thin his big balls were not covered at all. They hung out on each side, looking even larger than they were. He tried to tuck his dick beneath the thong strap, but it was actually thinner than even his flaccid cock. He stood there looking pretty stupid. 

         "I think it fits fine," one of the girls said behind her laughing. "He'll look real good that way at the gym." 

         But Vicki shook her head. 'I'm not so sure. You know how boys are always throwing hard on. What happens if Paul gets a big old hard on at the gym. Will the thong fit then? Paul, you'd better give yourself a hard on and let us see."

          "Oh God, WHY DON'T YOU STOP?" Paul growled through clenched teeth. 

          "Why don't you give yourself a nice hard on, or should I go tell Matt you were a naughty boy?" 

           Paul reached down and started to finger his dick in front of the high school girls. 

          "Boys are always playing with themselves. I think it's disgusting." One girl said with a big smile on her face. 

          "It's just cause it's hanging there, so they play with it in school and everything. We can't play with our pussies in school." 

          Vicki beamed. "Who says we can't? I fingered it right in front of Mr. Colson the new young English teacher the other day." 

          'You didn't!" the girls all shouted. 

           "Did so. Two fingers way up the cunt canal right in English class. He had this huge hard on in his trousers. I'll bet I get an A." 

          "Look, Paul's dick is starting to get hard again. And it's leaking again. Boys are always leaking." 

          The slut who had sucked off Matt couldn't let that go by. "Matt's dick leak tastes so good." She said trying to gain points. 

           Vicki shot her a look. "Better than nigger dickleak?"  That shut her up.  

           Paul stood there with his dick rock hard again and leaking like crazy. 

          "Good, now try to fit it in the thong."  

           Well it was stupid. It wouldn't even fit in the fucking thong when it was flaccid. Now it stuck up slapping his belly with only the thin thong strap to partially cover the dick stalk. The balls hung out on either side. 

         "I don't know about you girls. But I think that looks really nice. That will look great at the gym, Paul. But you better go out and show Matt and see if he approves." 

         "Jesus, God, I can't go out into the store like this, Naked except for a girl's thong. And with a hard on. Please." 

         "Paul Marshall, the minute you start to cry, your dick goes soft. Now get it nice and hard and go out and show Matt." 

         It was a thoroughly humiliated and ruined Paul Marshall who stepped on bare feet into the luxurious store to greet Matt Henshaw and his buddies. From the rear, the girls watched the teenage boy's smooth belt streaked buns rise and fall as he walked. His big balls wobbled on each side of the strap. His dick squirted pre-fuck spurts up on to his stomach. He felt like someone in a prison camp or something. The carpeting beneath his naked feet making him feel all the more vulnerable. 

         Matt howled at the top of his lungs and slapped his thighs. The other guys busted a gut too.  

        "That is fucking beautiful. That is perfect, Paul! I picked out a few other thongs for you while you were changing, just in case your taste was bad. Use your credit card to buy them all, it only comes to a little over a hundred dollars. Paul, your dick is getting soft. I warned you about that." 

         "It got soft in the back hallway too. More than once." Vicki said. 

         Matt shook his cute head.  "Oh, he'll be punished for that. You can be sure."

         Paul stood there in Victoria's Secret masturbating his dick in a girl's thong and crying like a baby.  

      Paul was crawling naked in a tent in a sporting good's store in a large mall. He was crawling bare assed naked from teenage jock to teenage jock licking their dicks and balls. There were five jocks crammed in the tent, and it smelled like boy sex. Paul's head swam as he crawled naked, his balls and dick swinging, his tongue out of his mouth lapping at the wet leaking swollen pricks and the sweat slick scrotums of the teenage jocks. In his poor tortured teenage mind, he wanted to sort things out. He felt somehow if he could only sort things out, the horror would stop. The pain and humiliation and sick perverted sex would stop. Surly this could not be real, what was happening to him. But it felt real. The fat pink cockheads banging at his lips and leaving trails of pre-fuck. The smell of the teenage jock ball sacks. The ball hair caught in his teeth. It was all too real. 

     "Come on, faggot, get on my dick," another jock growled and dragged Paul by the hair off of the dick he was currently lapping. 

     "Hey, the cunt was just starting on mine..." the jock whose prick was released snapped. 

     "If he's not doing a good enough job or getting around fast enough, just slap his nutsack good and hard."  Matt Henshaw said with a laugh in his cruel, sexy voice. Most of the jocks had stripped off their pants and underwear so their fat throbbing dicks could bounce and leak in freedom. Someone grabbed Paul's ears and dragged him onto a fresh cock.  The guy who just lost Paul's mouth wasn't about to give up so easily. He crawled on his knees over to his buddy and they both fed the helpless teen their big dicks at the same time. Two fat leaking cockheads battered at Paul's mouth. 

      "Open up, Fuckface, take them both!"  Paul looked absolutely terrified, tears running down his cute young face and mixing with dick spooge and snot and drool. He was a fucking mess. Matt leaned in and whacked Paul's nuts hard. Paul wailed in pain, but the sound was muffled by the two large cockheads stuffing his mouth. Paul's own snot running from his nose mingled with the cockleak and spit and entered his own mouth. Slop hung from his chin in long strings. His eyes were wild with fear as he sucked as hard as he could on the cockheads. 

    "The Shitface is not using his tongue. Matt, can you get him to use his tongue," one of the jocks complained. 

    "Use your fucking tongue, you useless Asswipe!" Matt threatened and swatted the poor teen's balls again. The balls were swollen and sore and looked huge. One high school jock had been left outside the tent to stand guard. He would warn the boys to be quiet if any store customers approached. The salesman on duty was also a kid from the school, so that did help somewhat. There was a certain thrill to violating Paul in a public place. 

     "Oh Fuck, I'm gonna' cum..." One big jock wailed, his thick cunt stuffer quivering and pulsing all pink and tight. He pulled back and grunted as he splattered Paul's face with cock snot. Sperm covered Paul's nose and eyes and ran down his face. The kid had quite a huge load. "Oh shit, yeah...oh fuck. Take it faggot..."  More and more sperm splattered the boys face. It clogged his nose and stung in his eyes. The other boy only laughed and then rammed his dick deeper into the kid's mouth. cum transferred from Paul's face to the pubic hair of the boy boning his face. The jock pulled out. "You got Jeff's dick snot all over my pubic hair. Suck it out!"  Paul, crying pretty heavily now, leaned in and slurped the baby batter from one jock out of the wiry pubic hair of another jock. He felt another cock bang against his year. He couldn't help but think how these huge cocks fucked girl's cunts every day, and now they were using his mouth as a cunt. He once again had two dicks in his mouth. Then he felt a pressure at his asshole.  The tennis racquet that had been up his ass had been removed. That in itself was pretty horrible as Matt had made him lick the handle clean of all ass slime. Now someone was shoving something else up his asshole. It was really thick and hurt badly. What was it? 

     "Let's shed a little light on the subject," Matt said as he shoved a huge three battery rubber covered flashlight up the boy's damaged rectum. 

    Paul screamed out in pain, but the sound was again diminished by the dickheads in his mouth. Still, the boy standing guard did lean down and whisper into the tent. 

    "For Christ's sake, keep the faggot quiet, will you. You are drawing attention." 

     Paul's mouth was open wide in horror as he felt the thick flashlight enter eight inches up his young asshole. He felt like his inner ass was being ripped open. Matt was not gentle. Paul's wide open mouth gave the face fucking jocks better access to the dick drain. They grunted as they enjoyed the feel of their teenage dicks rubbing together as they fucked in and out of the boy's face. They felt nothing queer about their pleasure. They were just fucking a faggot drain, and the nice feeling of rubbing up against another dude's dick was just a by-product of the exercise. Matt fucked the flashlight out almost to the tip, then plunged it back in again this time nine and a half inches. 

    "Suck those dick's, Paul. Give my buddies the best suck of their lives."   Paul sucked for all he was worth. His lips were numb as was his tongue. His throat was clogged with dick leak. He wiggled his tongue on the bottom of the pricks as he sucked on the cockheads. He could feel the spurts of pre-fuck shooting out of the wide open pissholes of the boys.  there is nothing in the world quite like a teenage boy's pisshole.  The pisslips are so fucking sensitive.  A kid like that can cum in seconds. These two jocks didn't last long. They both moaned at the same time and then laughed as they sprayed Paul's throat with fuck at the same time. Both boys arched their backs and pushed their pricks deeper in Paul's face. Because of the angle of the two boys trying to shove cock into the kid's face sewer at the same time, only a certain amount of dick could get into the mouth. While a good amount of batter did go down Paul's throat, significant amounts once again blasted his face and chest. 

     "Oh FUCK...FUCK THIS FAGGOT"  One of the jocks howled as he pulled his still spurting dick back and began to slap Paul across the face with cock. 

     Matt had ten inches of flashlight up the boys ass. Deeply embeded. The ass lips were stretched to tearing. Paul was in agony. Another jock moved in his dick pulsing as if close to cumming.  "Here, Motherfucker, suck this quick..." he moaned, pushing the still spurting jocks aside and ramming his nine incher deep into Paul's throat. 

     "Uuugghhhhhh..." Paul choked as the huge fucker cut off his air and made his neck bulge with it's girth. Paul's eyes rolled in his head. 

      "Suck it, God damn it! Suck that dick!" Matt ordered whacking the tortured teen's balls again and giving the head of the flashlight a slap to send it deeper into the boy's guts. Pul was mindless with agony. He literally no longer knew what he was doing. He sucked at the root of the prick invading his throat. He tried to extend his tongue to catch some of the upper end of the scrotum where it attached to the root. He felt the boy's heavy balls banging his chin. Cock slop dripped from his chin onto the jock's sweaty scrotum. Paul was gagging and choking on the gigantic hunk of fuckmeat.  His mind wondered briefly how some girl, any girl could take this huge of a dick.  The jock grabbed him by the back of the head and pushed the boy's face deeper onto his dick. Then he bucked his hips and began to unload right down Paul's gullet. Matt reached around and took Paul's nipples in his fingers and roughly twisted and tugged on them. Paul as totally impaled on cock. He felt as if it reached down to his stomach. He felt the dick expand and contract as it shot it's load of spooge. He felt the liquid filling his stomach. Some of it back up into his mouth and then poured from his nose. 

    Finally it was Matt's turn. He was a good teen leader. He waited until his buddies got their kicks first.  He slapped Paul hard sending the kid down onto his back. Then matt stood up and stripped naked. His body was beautiful. He was a perfect jock stud. The little bit of light in the tent, coming from the tent flap opening and the flashlight up Paul's asshole, caught Matt's smooth muscled torso and his huge cunt stuffing dick. When he turned, the light played across his tight round muscular ass globes, perfect bubble shape with deep deep crack.  He was every cunt's dream.  He stood with one foot on either side of Paul's head, looking down at him.  Paul looked up at the fat leaking dick and the low hanging nuts. Matt turned around to face Pau's feet. Then he squatted down until his scrotum draped itself across Paul's nose and lips. 

     "Lick my balls, Paul." He said quietly but with ultimate authority. Paul licked the winkled hairy scrotum of the high school senior. The dick dripped on his chest. Do you have any idea how much teen age boys love to get their balls licked? It is such a sign of power to have a cunt or a faggot lick one's nuts. But that was not Matt's goal.  He reached down and spread his muscular ass cheeks. Then he shifted to lower his hot moist asshole over Paul's mouth. 

     "Lick and suck my asshole, Paul!" He said in the same even, controlled voice. 

     "Holy mother fucking shit, is he really going to do it?" 

      Matt smiled, settling his asshole on Paul's extended tongue.  "Of course he is going to do it. Come on Paul, show my buddies what a good shithole licker you are." 

      Paul wiggled his tongue against Matt's hairy asshole. He could feel the wrinkled ridges of the corregated hole. He could smell the ass sweat. 

      "Get that faggot tongue way up my shithole, Paul! do a good job."   Paul was sobbing uncontrollably. He was licking where a guy took a shit. He was licking the hole where shit logs came out! He was licking the place from which Matt dropped his turds. There was no coming back from this. Paul knew he was ruined for life. He would never emotionally or mentally recover from this horror. 

      Matt wiggled a little, so his dick dripped more. He settled down more on Paul's face. "Come on, get that tongue way up my shithole. Clean out my shit canal. Oh yeah. Now with your tongue fucking in and out of my shithole, suck on my asshole. Oooopppphhhh, Jesus Christ that feels good. That feels fucking awesome!" 

       "I'd like to feel what that is like...." one of the jocks said. "I'd like to feel the faggot's mouth on my asshole." 

      Matt smile, rocking back and forth on the boy's face. "Don't worry. From now on Paul will be sucking all your assholes at school every day. He will suck our asses after sports practice, while they are nice and sweaty. Before we take our showers."  He reached down and slapped Paul's sore swollen nuts.  "Harder. Suck my asshole harder, you miserable faggot."  Paul could not breath. He was smothered in muscular jock ass. Asshole hair stuck in his teeth. Ass slime ran down his throat. The jock feeding him ass was all man. Was THE MAN, and everyone knew it. His daddy ran the town, and he could do whatever the fuck he wanted. 

      "Oh fuck that is good, shit I am goinna' cum..."  Matt raised himself up off Paul's face and spun around.  Paul's face was coated with glistening ass slime and spit. Matt knelt up

over the boy's nose and mouth. "Open your fucking sewer!" 

      Paul knew what he meant. He opened his mouth as wide as he could. He stuck out his ass slime coated tongue. Matt grunted and arched his back, his muscular pecs straining up in the dim light of the tent. His full nipples hard and pointed. Sweat ran down his pecs and across his hard stomach. His huge dick throbbed and the piss hole spread wide. The big nuts drew up in their flesh bag, and Matt Came! He came loads and loads and loads. He shot spray after spray of dick scum into the open sewer mouth of Paul. 

     "Take it, you fucking piecer of shit!" he yelled, thwacking Paul's face with his still spurting dick. "You sister-in-law fucking faggot moron. You fucking ass eating Turd!" 

      Paul started to cry helplessly, a real crying jag. Not just sniffles or whimpering. No. This was a  full fledged hysterical crying jag. He rolled around on the floor under Matt, cum running off his cute young face.   In between swallowing what seemed like gallons of dick goo, he sobbed until he could not breath. Matt threw himself off of the boy and rolled over, his own body glistening with sweat, his dick still drooling cum. 

      Paul curled up in a fetal position. He could not stop his body from shaking. His teeth chattered. His hands were balled up into fists. His toes curled. He moaned and actually called for his mother. "Mommy...Mommy..." He sobbed. 

      Matt sat up and with a quirky smile on his face looked at the totally ruined boy.  'Anybody want seconds?"  he said. 

      Paul was crawling naked in a tent in a sporting good's store in a large mall. He was crawling bare assed naked from teenage jock to teenage jock licking their dicks and balls. There were five jocks crammed in the tent, and it smelled like boy sex. Paul's head swam as he crawled naked, his balls and dick swinging, his tongue out of his mouth lapping at the wet leaking swollen pricks and the sweat slick scrotums of the teenage jocks. In his poor tortured teenage mind, he wanted to sort things out. He felt somehow if he could only sort things out, the horror would stop. The pain and humiliation and sick perverted sex would stop. Surly this could not be real, what was happening to him. But it felt real. The fat pink cockheads banging at his lips and leaving trails of pre-fuck. The smell of the teenage jock ball sacks. The ball hair caught in his teeth. It was all too real. 

     "Come on, faggot, get on my dick," another jock growled and dragged Paul by the hair off of the dick he was currently lapping. 

     "Hey, the cunt was just starting on mine..." the jock whose prick was released snapped. 

     "If he's not doing a good enough job or getting around fast enough, just slap his nutsack good and hard."  Matt Henshaw said with a laugh in his cruel, sexy voice. Most of the jocks had stripped off their pants and underwear so their fat throbbing dicks could bounce and leak in freedom. Someone grabbed Paul's ears and dragged him onto a fresh cock.  The guy who just lost Paul's mouth wasn't about to give up so easily. He crawled on his knees over to his buddy and they both fed the helpless teen their big dicks at the same time. Two fat leaking cockheads battered at Paul's mouth. 

      "Open up, Fuckface, take them both!"  Paul looked absolutely terrified, tears running down his cute young face and mixing with dick spooge and snot and drool. He was a fucking mess. Matt leaned in and whacked Paul's nuts hard. Paul wailed in pain, but the sound was muffled by the two large cockheads stuffing his mouth. Paul's own snot running from his nose mingled with the cockleak and spit and entered his own mouth. Slop hung from his chin in long strings. His eyes were wild with fear as he sucked as hard as he could on the cockheads. 

    "The Shitface is not using his tongue. Matt, can you get him to use his tongue," one of the jocks complained. 

    "Use your fucking tongue, you useless Asswipe!" Matt threatened and swatted the poor teen's balls again. The balls were swollen and sore and looked huge. One high school jock had been left outside the tent to stand guard. He would warn the boys to be quiet if any store customers approached. The salesman on duty was also a kid from the school, so that did help somewhat. There was a certain thrill to violating Paul in a public place. 

     "Oh Fuck, I'm gonna' cum..." One big jock wailed, his thick cunt stuffer quivering and pulsing all pink and tight. He pulled back and grunted as he splattered Paul's face with cock snot. Sperm covered Paul's nose and eyes and ran down his face. The kid had quite a huge load. "Oh shit, yeah...oh fuck. Take it faggot..."  More and more sperm splattered the boys face. It clogged his nose and stung in his eyes. The other boy only laughed and then rammed his dick deeper into the kid's mouth. cum transferred from Paul's face to the pubic hair of the boy boning his face. The jock pulled out. "You got Jeff's dick snot all over my pubic hair. Suck it out!"  Paul, crying pretty heavily now, leaned in and slurped the baby batter from one jock out of the wiry pubic hair of another jock. He felt another cock bang against his year. He couldn't help but think how these huge cocks fucked girl's cunts every day, and now they were using his mouth as a cunt. He once again had two dicks in his mouth. Then he felt a pressure at his asshole.  The tennis racquet that had been up his ass had been removed. That in itself was pretty horrible as Matt had made him lick the handle clean of all ass slime. Now someone was shoving something else up his asshole. It was really thick and hurt badly. What was it? 

     "Let's shed a little light on the subject," Matt said as he shoved a huge three battery rubber covered flashlight up the boy's damaged rectum. 

    Paul screamed out in pain, but the sound was again diminished by the dickheads in his mouth. Still, the boy standing guard did lean down and whisper into the tent. 

    "For Christ's sake, keep the faggot quiet, will you. You are drawing attention." 

     Paul's mouth was open wide in horror as he felt the thick flashlight enter eight inches up his young asshole. He felt like his inner ass was being ripped open. Matt was not gentle. Paul's wide open mouth gave the face fucking jocks better access to the dick drain. They grunted as they enjoyed the feel of their teenage dicks rubbing together as they fucked in and out of the boy's face. They felt nothing queer about their pleasure. They were just fucking a faggot drain, and the nice feeling of rubbing up against another dude's dick was just a by-product of the exercise. Matt fucked the flashlight out almost to the tip, then plunged it back in again this time nine and a half inches. 

    "Suck those dick's, Paul. Give my buddies the best suck of their lives."   Paul sucked for all he was worth. His lips were numb as was his tongue. His throat was clogged with dick leak. He wiggled his tongue on the bottom of the pricks as he sucked on the cockheads. He could feel the spurts of pre-fuck shooting out of the wide open pissholes of the boys.  there is nothing in the world quite like a teenage boy's pisshole.  The pisslips are so fucking sensitive.  A kid like that can cum in seconds. These two jocks didn't last long. They both moaned at the same time and then laughed as they sprayed Paul's throat with fuck at the same time. Both boys arched their backs and pushed their pricks deeper in Paul's face. Because of the angle of the two boys trying to shove cock into the kid's face sewer at the same time, only a certain amount of dick could get into the mouth. While a good amount of batter did go down Paul's throat, significant amounts once again blasted his face and chest. 

     "Oh FUCK...FUCK THIS FAGGOT"  One of the jocks howled as he pulled his still spurting dick back and began to slap Paul across the face with cock. 

     Matt had ten inches of flashlight up the boys ass. Deeply embeded. The ass lips were stretched to tearing. Paul was in agony. Another jock moved in his dick pulsing as if close to cumming.  "Here, Motherfucker, suck this quick..." he moaned, pushing the still spurting jocks aside and ramming his nine incher deep into Paul's throat. 

     "Uuugghhhhhh..." Paul choked as the huge fucker cut off his air and made his neck bulge with it's girth. Paul's eyes rolled in his head. 

      "Suck it, God damn it! Suck that dick!" Matt ordered whacking the tortured teen's balls again and giving the head of the flashlight a slap to send it deeper into the boy's guts. Pul was mindless with agony. He literally no longer knew what he was doing. He sucked at the root of the prick invading his throat. He tried to extend his tongue to catch some of the upper end of the scrotum where it attached to the root. He felt the boy's heavy balls banging his chin. Cock slop dripped from his chin onto the jock's sweaty scrotum. Paul was gagging and choking on the gigantic hunk of fuckmeat.  His mind wondered briefly how some girl, any girl could take this huge of a dick.  The jock grabbed him by the back of the head and pushed the boy's face deeper onto his dick. Then he bucked his hips and began to unload right down Paul's gullet. Matt reached around and took Paul's nipples in his fingers and roughly twisted and tugged on them. Paul as totally impaled on cock. He felt as if it reached down to his stomach. He felt the dick expand and contract as it shot it's load of spooge. He felt the liquid filling his stomach. Some of it back up into his mouth and then poured from his nose. 

    Finally it was Matt's turn. He was a good teen leader. He waited until his buddies got their kicks first.  He slapped Paul hard sending the kid down onto his back. Then matt stood up and stripped naked. His body was beautiful. He was a perfect jock stud. The little bit of light in the tent, coming from the tent flap opening and the flashlight up Paul's asshole, caught Matt's smooth muscled torso and his huge cunt stuffing dick. When he turned, the light played across his tight round muscular ass globes, perfect bubble shape with deep deep crack.  He was every cunt's dream.  He stood with one foot on either side of Paul's head, looking down at him.  Paul looked up at the fat leaking dick and the low hanging nuts. Matt turned around to face Pau's feet. Then he squatted down until his scrotum draped itself across Paul's nose and lips. 

     "Lick my balls, Paul." He said quietly but with ultimate authority. Paul licked the winkled hairy scrotum of the high school senior. The dick dripped on his chest. Do you have any idea how much teen age boys love to get their balls licked? It is such a sign of power to have a cunt or a faggot lick one's nuts. But that was not Matt's goal.  He reached down and spread his muscular ass cheeks. Then he shifted to lower his hot moist asshole over Paul's mouth. 

     "Lick and suck my asshole, Paul!" He said in the same even, controlled voice. 

     "Holy mother fucking shit, is he really going to do it?" 

      Matt smiled, settling his asshole on Paul's extended tongue.  "Of course he is going to do it. Come on Paul, show my buddies what a good shithole licker you are." 

      Paul wiggled his tongue against Matt's hairy asshole. He could feel the wrinkled ridges of the corregated hole. He could smell the ass sweat. 

      "Get that faggot tongue way up my shithole, Paul! do a good job."   Paul was sobbing uncontrollably. He was licking where a guy took a shit. He was licking the hole where shit logs came out! He was licking the place from which Matt dropped his turds. There was no coming back from this. Paul knew he was ruined for life. He would never emotionally or mentally recover from this horror. 

      Matt wiggled a little, so his dick dripped more. He settled down more on Paul's face. "Come on, get that tongue way up my shithole. Clean out my shit canal. Oh yeah. Now with your tongue fucking in and out of my shithole, suck on my asshole. Oooopppphhhh, Jesus Christ that feels good. That feels fucking awesome!" 

       "I'd like to feel what that is like...." one of the jocks said. "I'd like to feel the faggot's mouth on my asshole." 

      Matt smile, rocking back and forth on the boy's face. "Don't worry. From now on Paul will be sucking all your assholes at school every day. He will suck our asses after sports practice, while they are nice and sweaty. Before we take our showers."  He reached down and slapped Paul's sore swollen nuts.  "Harder. Suck my asshole harder, you miserable faggot."  Paul could not breath. He was smothered in muscular jock ass. Asshole hair stuck in his teeth. Ass slime ran down his throat. The jock feeding him ass was all man. Was THE MAN, and everyone knew it. His daddy ran the town, and he could do whatever the fuck he wanted. 

      "Oh fuck that is good, shit I am goinna' cum..."  Matt raised himself up off Paul's face and spun around.  Paul's face was coated with glistening ass slime and spit. Matt knelt up

over the boy's nose and mouth. "Open your fucking sewer!" 

      Paul knew what he meant. He opened his mouth as wide as he could. He stuck out his ass slime coated tongue. Matt grunted and arched his back, his muscular pecs straining up in the dim light of the tent. His full nipples hard and pointed. Sweat ran down his pecs and across his hard stomach. His huge dick throbbed and the piss hole spread wide. The big nuts drew up in their flesh bag, and Matt Came! He came loads and loads and loads. He shot spray after spray of dick scum into the open sewer mouth of Paul. 

     "Take it, you fucking piecer of shit!" he yelled, thwacking Paul's face with his still spurting dick. "You sister-in-law fucking faggot moron. You fucking ass eating Turd!" 

      Paul started to cry helplessly, a real crying jag. Not just sniffles or whimpering. No. This was a  full fledged hysterical crying jag. He rolled around on the floor under Matt, cum running off his cute young face.   In between swallowing what seemed like gallons of dick goo, he sobbed until he could not breath. Matt threw himself off of the boy and rolled over, his own body glistening with sweat, his dick still drooling cum. 

      Paul curled up in a fetal position. He could not stop his body from shaking. His teeth chattered. His hands were balled up into fists. His toes curled. He moaned and actually called for his mother. "Mommy...Mommy..." He sobbed. 

      Matt sat up and with a quirky smile on his face looked at the totally ruined boy.  'Anybody want seconds?"  he said. 

            Paul was a fucking mess when Matt and the high school boys finished with him. His naked body was coated with sweat and cum. His face covered with spooge, spit and ass slime. His hair had sperm in it. He lay in exhausted agony on the floor in the tent in the middle of the sporting goods store in the mall. His body ached, and his asshole throbbed from the stretching it had taken.  Eventually he knew he had to move, to get up, get dressed, and get out of the tend and the mall before he was discovered. The only ray of hope in all of this was that perhaps Matt was finished with him. Perhaps this had been the ultimate torture, and now he would be left alone to pick up the pieces of his life. He would have to change high schools. he could not go every day, facing at least ten guys who had worked him over and scads of other teens who had seen him humiliated at the party. 

        Paul ran his hand over his face and it came away covered with slime.  He  looked for something to clean himself with, and then the horror of his situation dawned on him. There was nothing in the tent. Nothing! Not a shred of clothing. Not even the shorts and tee shirt. Not even the thong. He was totally bare assed naked in a tent in a store without anything to cover himself. HOW WOULD HE GET OUT?  HOW WOULD HE GET HOME? He started to tremble in fear. What if someone found him. They would call security and he would be arrested. Then the entire town would think he was a faggot pervert. Poor cute young paul was in a state of utter panic.  How long he sat there, terrified to eve breath, lest someone hear him, he didn't know. It must have been hours. And then, to his complete horror, the tent flap lifted and light from the store poured in and covered his bare assed cum covered body. 

       It was the kid who worked in the store. The jock. Paul couldn't even remember his name. He had seen the kid around school, but never talked to him. There were over eight hundred guys at Paul's high school. Was it Kyle, or Pete, or...

      "Jesus Christ, it smells like cock in here!"  The jock laughed and entered the tent. He immediately started to undo his trousers. "I've only got a short break, so this has to be quick." 

      "Wha...what has to be quick?"  Paul looked like a frightened puppy. 

     "The suck job you are going to give me, Asswipe!" 

      "I'm not going to do anything. I am not gay."  

      The jock laughed. "Yeah, right!  Look at yourself, Shitface! How the fuck are you going to get out of the mall? How the fuck are you going to explain all of this to mall security?  Matt Henshaw told me to get you safely out of the mall, if you sucked my dick first."  He smiled and lowered his trousers and boxer shorts to reveal a hefty hunk of fuckmeat already erecting, hanging over a nice large pair of lightly haired teenage nuts. 

       Paul scrambled to his knees, not to suck, but to beg the high school boy. "Please, just listen to me. None of this is my fault. Matt Henshaw is making me do this. He is making me look like a faggot. I am not a queer. I like girls. Please, they are ruining my life. Just help me!"  The words tumbled out so quickly, so hysterically, that spittle dripped from the boy's chin.

       "Look, Faggot, it is none of my business. I know one thing, you do not cross Matt Henshaw. It's that simple. If I cross him, his dad closes down this story, and my Pa goes out of business. So, let's just get this over with. You suck my dick, and I help you get out of the Mall without being seen naked and covered in jizz. How you get home is your problem. You don't suck my dick, and I call security."  The muscular young dude just stood there over Paul, his fat dick bouncing a little with tension, a clear drop of moisture appearing at the fat pisshole. 

      "Oh God, please listen. I am not gay! I swear to God I am not a fucking faggot." 

      "Look, Cumdump, I'm not gay either. I got a fucking girlfriend. But I also got a dick and it's hard and I could use a good blowjob, and Matt Henshaw said I should get one from you. I don't want to have to tell him I failed. So get sucking and let's get this over with. 

      "Paul sighed and his chest rose and fell with defeat. Had he any tears left, they would have run down his cute face, but his eyes were cried out. His breathing grew ragged as he dragged himself toward yet another teenage dick.  He was now a cocksucker whether he wanted to be or not. One could not suck as many cocks as he had and not be a cocksucker. He would be a cocksucker for life, even if he never sucked another one. He felt his sexuality had been destroyed. He would never look upon sex the same.  He opened his mouth and moved in. 

     "Wait a second, Dicklips! The jock smiled down at him. I want a really first class suck job. I got a fifteen minute break, so do a good job. Start out by licking my sweaty balls, and then go to work on the prick. Use your tongue and lips and while you suck, massage the bottom of my dick with your tongue. I feel teeth, I call security. If you do a good job, I might let you suck me at school once in a while when my girlfriend is on the rag. Now come on, show some enthusiasm!" 

      Paul tried to look enthused. He knelt up and bathed the hairy teenage scrotum with his tongue. It was sweaty and tasted salty. He lifted each nut on his tongue and covered it with spit. He sucked on the sack skin, and he licked up where the sack joined the crotch, getting his tongue in the cracks and crevices. Then, he licked up and down the stalk of the dick. 

"That's great, suck my prick hair clean too."  Paul sucked on the boy's pubic hair. Then he licked back down the stalk of the dick to the large leaking head. He scooped up the pre-fuck hanging in strings from the pisshole with is tongue and swallowed it. He really had learned in just two days to be an expert cocksucker. 

      "Do you suck ass?" The jock asked, looking down at the slurping teen. 

      "No..." Paul answered quickly. 

      "Fucking liar, Matt said you gave a really good ass suck. Get to work!" The jock turned and presented his muscular ass cheeks with their deep crack to Paul.  The kid helped by reaching back and spreading his smooth globes to reveal his brown wrinkled asshole. Paul sighed again, and this time there was a tremble in his breath. How much more could he stand? He leaned up and in to reach the boy's asshole with his lips.  

      "Lick up and down the whole sweaty ass crack first!" The kid warned. Paul licked the teenager's ass crack from the base of the balls to the top of the crack. Then he tongued the asshole itself, flicking his tongue over the corrugated wrinkle of the hole. Then, as he had learned to do, he worked his tongue into the asshole, wiggling it as he pushed. 

      "Oh, yeah! That is awesome, faggot. I can't get my girlfriend to suck my ass! But you'll do just fine."  He could have had Paul suck on his young muscular ass all day, but his break time was running out and he had not blown his load.  "Okay, you can suck my ass more at school. For now just suck my dick. I need to shoot and get back to work." 

       Paul pulled his juice slick face from the ass and he jock turned around to present his dick once again. Paul licked the dick all  over and then started to suck. 

      "Oh, fuck, that is awesome. You are one hell of a cocksucker!" 

       Paul wanted it over quickly, so he sucked as hard and as efficiently as he could. Before long, the jock arched his back and with his nuts bouncing on Paul's chin, he shot a terrific load of sperm right down the sucker's throat. 

      "Swallow that cockslime, you fucking faggot!" he hissed, working his thick dick deeper into the boy's throat and spurting his jizz into Paul's gullet. Paul's stomach already sloshed with cum, and this new load, made him want to vomit. But he controlled himself. He swallowed dutifully, and eventually the cock stopped spitting and started to grow flaccid.  The jock pulled out of Paul's mouth and wiped his dick in the boy's hair. He checked his watch.  "Jesus, it's been twenty minutes. I got to open the store again. My dad let's me close it for my breaks, but he gets pissed if customers complain. Come on, let's get you out of here." 

       Shoving his floppy cock back into his pants and opening the tent flap, the jock led the way back out into the store. Paul was terrified to leave the tent. 

      "Can't I have some clothes? Please?"  

      "Look, Fuckface, Matt's orders were for me to help you get out of the mall naked without being seen. Those were his orders. I don't cross Matt Henshaw. Obviously you did. Now move your ass. I am going to take you out the back way, through the stock room corridor. There is a door that leads to the outside." 

       Paul scrambled from the tent, squinting his eyes at the bright light. His balls swung and his dick flopped as he crawled to his feet. 

       The clerk laughed. "Holy shit, are you a fucking mess."

       Paul looked down in shame. He could see pecker tracks and white and sickly yellow and brownish streaks across the pale smooth flesh of his body. "Please give me something to cover myself!" He begged. 

      "And get Matt Henshaw pissed at me? No way. Now follow me. And be quick. I don't need to get caught up in the middle of all this."  The kid led Paul to the rear of the store and into some kind of back store room.  Paul could still taste the other boy's cum in his mouth. Paul padded on bare feet, feeling totally vulnerable. Once he was outside, how would he get home?  He lived almost thirty minutes from the mall by car. He would need to go through the woods that backed the mall and around the long way, through back yards and along the railroad tracks. 

       "This way." the jock led him down a dimly lit hallway toward a pair of double doors.  "These doors open at the rear of the mall. You can cut across the small parking lot to the woods." 

       "Oh God, I am so scared." Paul said, but it got him no sympathy from the jock who just kind of chuckled nervously.  "Go on, get out of here!"  He opened the large metal doors and at the same time gave Paul a rough shove.  Paul stumbled through the doors into the light, and found himself not outside at all. He was standing in the main atrium of the mall with hundreds of shoppers all round him. He stood there totally bare assed naked, his dick and balls on full display. He looked around in terror. He had been tricked again. This was a new torture devised by Matt and his buddies.  He heard wild laughter and someone yelled out, "Look it's that faggot, Paul Marshall!"   Paul looked up to see Matt and his friends on the second level looking down at him and pointing. Other people turned to look. Three boys of about twelve screamed with laughter.  A mother covered the eyes of her eight year old girl. Some teenage girls took out cellphones and snapped pictures of the naked youth. Paul totally lost it. He turned and banged on the steel doors behind him, but the jock would not open them. Now Paul's cute round ass was revealed to everyone. A crowd of about fifty had gathered to look at the naked boy. Most laughed, but some yelled for security. 

     Paul sobbed uncontrollably. He spun around and started to run for the mall entrance. He had to run through scads of shocked shoppers.  Paul's cock and balls flopped wildly as he ran. He saw some kids from school and some others from his church. His legs felt as if they would give out. He slipped on the polished stone floor and went down hard on his naked ass. People roared with laughter. He scrambled back to his feet, looking around wildly. More then seventy people were following him toward the mall entrance, shouting and calling him names. He ran faster and faster, pushing through people entering the mall. He started to scream himself, a scream of anguish. 

    Out, out into the sunlight of the main parking lot. Hundreds upon hundreds of cars. Over one hundred people moving toward him, stopping and pointing at his bare assed body. He turned back toward the mall. People closing in on him from that direction, now led by a security guard, yelling into a walkie-talkie.  Paul bolted across the concrete of the parking lot and ducked down between two cars. Then, bent over, he tried to get lost in the maze of parked autos. People followed, making an event of it. Once Paul skirted a Chevy Cavelier only to run into a boy of about thirteen with his mother.  The woman screamed, but the boy looked at Paul's swinging dick with delight. 

     Paul turned to his left and ran between rows of cars. He headed for the woods at the rear of the mall. His cum streaked body was not battered and bruised. His left ass cheek and hip hurt where he had fallen.  He was in a state hysteria. Finally he reached the woods and threw himself onto the ground, panting with exhaustion. His hands clawed at dirt and leaves, and he dug his toes into the ground. He could take no more of this. He had to leave. He had to get out of this town. He had to run away. But what then would happen to his family? What would Matt do to them in revenge?  Surly Matt must sense that this had gone much too far. He must know that Paul simply could not take any more abuse. 

Surly Matt had to understand that.  He would talk to matt tomorrow at school. He would beg Matt to go on to some other kid, to have his fun if he must, but to leave Paul alone. After all, hadn't Paul undergone enough?  Paul crawled to his knees. He had trouble standing. He began to make his long journey home, naked and bruised. Little did he know that what had happened to him during this horrible weekend was nothing compared with the abuse he would have to face at school the next day. 

 Paul made it home and through the rest of the day unmolested, undamaged, and under a state of shocked confusion.  He hardly spoke to his handsome manly brother who loed to muss up Paul's hair and slap him on the back. His brother had always been a very phyical, horsing around, macho type guy. He slapped Paul's ass like he had done for years and called him "faggot" in his kidding way. But now, considering what had just happened to him, the slap and the name really did hurt. Suddenly being called "faggot" was not just something to which he would retort, "cocksucker" as he had done before. Suddenly, whether he liked it or not, many of the kids at his school did think he really was a faggot and a cocksucker. And what was wort of all was that he was indeed a cocksucker!  He had sucked cock! Against his will, yes, but he still had done it. He had had big leaking smelly cocks in his mouth and down his throat. His schoolmates had fucked his face! What if word spread? What if other kids at school  learned of it? Some had seen him naked at the party. 

  Paul decided he may have to change schools. The problem was, Matt Henshaw's dad owned the town. If Matt exerted pressure, Paul would be unable to change schools. Paul lay on his bed in a fetal position most of the night, crying and trying to think of a way to stop the sadistic teen from controlling him. If he made a move against Matt, Paul's father and brother would lose their jobs, and they would lose their home. And Matt had threatened worse than that. He would contrive that Paul's dad and brother had committed some kind of crime and they might end up in prison. Matt's Dad had that kind of clout. But Paul could not stand to allow his body to be abused any further. He could not suck any more dick. It was fucking him up. It was messing with his head as well as his body. He started to think about Matt Henshaw and his enormous dick. Matt had a real cuntbuster. Every girl and boy in school knew it. so he was not only rich and handsome, he also was hung like a fucking horse. Why did some guys have all the luck? As Paul lay there culrled up in a tiny ball in his bed, he felt his own dick get rock hard as he thought of the bully and what he had done. Paul thought about having to suck Matt's dick and balls and ass right in front of the other guys. He thought about how he had been forced to suck off all of Matt's friends and worse than that, to fuck his own sister-in-law.  Paul's hard prick started to leak into his boxers. Suddenly the boy's underpants felt totally restricting and so he stripped them down and kicked them off. Jesus! He had stuck his cock into Maria, his brothers brand new bride. If hs bro ever found out, he would kill them both. Why the fuck was his cock hard thinking about this shit?  What the fuck was happening to him? Paul cried himself to sleap, his fat hunk of teen fuckmeat leaking pre-fuck all over his thigh and the bedsheet. 

     In the morning, Paul dressed to go to school. The weekend had been sheer hell, but perhaps the horror was now at an end. Perhaps Matt had moved on to torment some other kid. Paul looked at himself in the mirrir. He was cute, no doubt about it. He dressed in the new tight style jeans that showed his ass and his fat basket just right. He resolved to get himself a girlfriend. To fuck some nice high school cunt and to forget all about the queer horror that had been foisted upon him.  Paul parked his car some distance from school. He didn't want to run into Matt or any of his gang. Things went fine for about ten minutes. He entered the building and chatted with some kids he knew. There was one girl in particular who was really cute and kept looking down at the bulge in his jeans. He asked her if she wanted to go out sometime during the week, and she accepted. Paul realized that there was a entire circle of kids in the big school who never hung around with the Matt Henshaw crowd. He would gravitate toward those kids. Then  he got to his locker. 

      'FAGGOT!' the sign stuck to his locker door read. "report to the second floor East Wing Boys Can before classes! "

      Paul's feet felt like lead as he climbed the stairs to the second floor. The East wing was the oldest in the school and hardly used any more. The hallway was mostly empty. A few freshmen had their lockers at this end, and the boys he passed looked at him with some fear, as if he had come to bully them. If they only knew. He knew some of the rougher town boys used this boys toilet in which to smoke cigarettes.  Paul pushed open the door and saw Matt Henshaw, looking gorgeous as usual along with four other jocks.  

     "Good morning Paul. I hope you slept well." Matt said, a nice big grin on his handsome face. I just wanted to give you your insructions for the day. We have a kind of rule for you to follow, okay?"  Paul gulped and looked around. The old toilet stank of stale piss. The janitors hardly cleaned it because no one really used it anymore.  

      "I asked you if it was okay to give you your new rule for the day! Is it okay, Shitface?"

       "Ugh..yeah." Paul said, looking down at the black and white tiled floor. 

       "Good. Well, the new rule is that you are to get and maintain a full hard on all day!" 

       Paul looked up and blinked. "Huh?" 

       "You must not have gotten a good night's rest last night cocksucker. What were you too busy fucking your sister-in-law and sucking your big brother's dick? Rumor is you sleep in bed with them with your brother's cock in your mouth all night. Is that why you are a little dense this morning? I SAID, FUCKHOLE, YOU ARE TO GET AND MAINTAIN A FULL ERECTION FOR THE ENTIRE DAY! IF ME OR ONE OF MY BUDDIES SEES YOU WITHOUT A FULL HARD ON, IT WILL GO VERY VERY HARD WITH YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! DO YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND?" 

        "How am I supposed to keep a hard on all day? What about in classes and in the hall?" 

       "I have spies in every class, and we will make sure you are monitored in the halls." 

        "No I meant, how can I be expected to be hard in class. what if I have to go to the front of the room or stand up or what if someone sees?" 

       The jocks laughed.  "Well, you will just have to be very very creative, won't you?" Matt said. "Now get it hard and let's see how it looks." 

       It took a bit, but finally Paul managed to produce a hard prick for the jocks. He rubbed himself through his pants. Soon the rubbing would show on the jean material and it would look like a young teens masturbation mark on his pants. Kids who played with their dicks alot often had spots right over the cock where the material was lighter in shade and thinner than the rest of the trousers. 

       Paul's fat cock had no place to go in he trousers. It looked like an iron bar going down his leg if he wore it down. If he wore it to the side it wrapped half way round to his hip. If he wore it up, the dick head stuck out of the waist band of the pants. Paul pulled out his tee shirt and let it hang over the swollen dick.  

       "Oh wait, that will never do!" Matt said, pulling out a knife. He cut Paul's tee shirt off about two inches below the pecs, revealing his naked belly. 

     "Oh God, please don't do that." paul wailed. Kids and teacher and everyone would see his bare stomach and back. And it would draw attention even more to his enormous dick bulge. 

      "If you let your dick get will be the sorriest kid on the planet. I am not shitting you!" Matt warned.  

       Paul turned with his head hanging to leave the toilet. His dick was down his left leg, the entire shape of the prick quite visable. 

        'Oh wait, buddy, two more things. First, meet me after sports practice in the boy's locker room. The coach has some meeting to go to, and so I am locking up. I want a nice blow job in the shower. And I am sure some of the other guys will want one too. And one more thing. The fucking Spic janitor hasn't cleaned this urinal in a long time, and me and my buddies each took a piss in it, and must be clogged or something."  

       It was true. There was a lake of dark yellow piss in the bottom of the urinal. Also a cigarette butt. 

       "Clean that urinal for us, will you. We want to do our bit to keep the school clean." 

       Paul looked from jock to jock. Each one had a leer on his face. Paul knew what was expected of him. 

       "How? How can I? I don't have any equipment." he answered weakly and the guys all laughed. 

       "Sure you do, baby. You got your tongue!" Matt said.  "Come on, drink all the piss out of the urinal and lick it clean for us. And eat that piss soaked cigarette butt as well. " 

        Paul stood very still. He was in a state of shock. 

       "Your dick is getting soft. Do you want to be punished?" Matt asked, his voice more stern, his own dick looking slightly swollen and hard in his pants. 

       Paul put one hand down and started to finger his prick through his pants. 

        "Good boy. Now go over and drink the piss out of the urinal!"  

        Paul knelt down and began to slurp up the strong smelling and stronger tasting teen boy piss. He gagged and the boys laughed. He choked and snorted and the boys laughed. But they would not relent, and he had to drink the piss.  Then he had to eat the soggy ciagarette butt and swallow. Then he had to lick the porcelain clean.  

       "Could I have some gum or something?" he asked looking up at the circle of jocks watching him. 

       "No gum. We want you to taste our nice piss all morning. better not talk to any chicks though. It would be really gross if they smelled piss on your breath." 

       Paul was about to escape from his tormentors, when one of Matt's pals had another good idea. 

      "We can't see the hard dick well enough. I  bet he is wearing underwear!" 

        "Are you wearing underwear, faggot?"  Matt asked. 

       Paul just nodded. 

      "Faggots are not supposed to wear underwear. Underwear is for men! Remove your jeans and your underwear. Now."  

       So Paul was forced to kick off his shoes and peel down his tight jeans. He had to remove his boxer shorts and stand in front of the jocks with his big teenage dick throbbing and bouncing. Then he put his jeans back on. It was totally obscene. Now the entire shape of the hard prick could be seen, including the cockhead.  

       "That was a great idea, Jack," Matt said."Now we can see the faggot dick much better.And this will help!" He held out two blue pills for Paul to take. 

       "What is that?" Paul didn't do drugs. 

       "You know, Shithead. Viagra! They will help you keep your hard-on. See, I am trying to help you."  Paul was forced to pop the pills.  He had tried some once at a party. Some of the guys were taking it so they could fuck longer and harder, just for fun. He knew it kept his dick rock hard and leaking for the longest time. 

      "Now listen, Faggot. We don't want to see you covering yourself with any books or with your hands or anything. You let everyone see you just the way you are."

      "I'll gete expelled!"  

      "The one exception is in front of teachers. You may cover yourelf when passing a teacher or entering a classroom, or standing in front of a teacher. But not in front of student. And not in front of Mr. Harding!"  Mr. Harding was the English lit teacher and everyone knew he was gay. He would stare openly at the jocks dick bulges, and more than one jock had gotten an A in the class by letting "Hard on Harding" suck him. "With Mr. Harding, you sit in the font row and keep it fully hard all class!" 

      "Oh god, please no!"  Paul hated it when Mr. Harding put his hands on Paul's chest and felt his pecs. He hated it when Mr. Harding playfully slapped his young tight ass. He couldn't stand for the faggot teacher to see his hard on! 

     "Just do as you are told. Now the bell is about to ring, so let's get going. God damn it, Paul, your dick is not fully hard. If I see that again, you are ruined!" 

      Paul could hardly walk with his prick stiffly down his left leg. He tried to adjust it but it just made it worse. Kids stopped and stared and some giggled or whispered while others roared with laughter. 

    "God a problem, Paul?" One boy yelled. "Didn't get any, huh?" another boy shouted. And soon the halls were rocking with teenage laughter. Paul wanted to cry, but what could he do? 

    "Nice tee shirt Paul," a cute young girl said, lauging at his bare belly, and then her eyes went down to his hard dick! "Oh My God, Gross!" she wailed. 

     Paul wanted to hide, but there was no place to hide. Soon the Viagra kicked in and his dick throbbed even harder. It started to itch, and cock sauce leaked out of the head, soaking the matrial of his jeans and leaving a dark wet spot. Paul tried to cover himself several times, but always there was one of Matt' friends watching him. Now no one would speak to him or hang with him. They all just laughed and looked at him like he was a total freak.

 Mr. Harding's class was the worst. As soon as he entered the room, Harding zeroed in on his naked stomach. Paul kept a book over his dick.  Mr. Harding was a good looking young teacher, but gay as a goose. He really loved the boys in his classes. 

     "Is that a new look, Mr. Marshall? It certainly shows off your stomach to advantage!"  He beamed looking at Paul's naked belly. One of Matt's buddies moved in. 

     "Do you have that book you loaned me, Paul?" He asked, taking the book out of Paul's hand and revealing his full leaking hard on.

    Mr. Harding's eyes lit up. He studied the long ridge of Paul's dick and the veins and the cockhead showing through the material. His breathing grew ragged. "Looks to me, like you have a problem, young man. I would say a slight problem, but there is nothing slight about it." 

     "Eh, should I leave class?" Paul turned to go, but Mr. Harding put a hand on his shoulder. 

     "No, come and sit in the front of the class right in front of my desk, where I can keep an eye on you!" Do any of you know how humiliating it is for a teenage boy to have a fucking hard-on in public? Paul sat in the first desk, other kids seeing his hard dick and laughing. He tried to cross his legs, but it was too painful. He cursed his tight jeans. It was half way through Mr. Harding's lecture on Homosexuality in Thomas Mann's "Death in Venice"  when Paul felt his dick getting soft. He looked around and saw one of Matt's buddies staring at him. Paul's hand went down and he begant to rub the dwindling dick.  Mr. Harding caught the action and stopped mid sentence. 

     Paul sat there rubbing his cock in front of his queer teacher. The kids in the room looked over at Paul and started to laugh.  The Viagra and Pauls administrations got the dick fully up and leaking once again, the dark wet spot spreading. The sexed up teacher felt his own cock stiffening in his suit trousers. So he sat down behind his desk and assigned some reading to the students. Then he just sat there fingering his own cock behnd his desk and looking at Paul's thick teenage fuckmeat. 

     At the end of class, Mr. Harding asked Paul to stay behind. The kids laughed outright. They all knew about Mr. H.   The students poured out of the classroom and Paul sat there, twisting his feet and legs this way and that in embarrassment, his hard dick still leaking. 

   "Stand up, Mr. Marshall and approach my desk."   Paul got to his feet, his cock making it difficult to move at all. His naked tummy fluttered. He walked to the teacher's desk. The last student out had closed the door, and they were alone.  

    "Just how do you explain this?" Mr. Harding said, pointing to Paul's erection. Paul didn't know what to say. Could he tell the truth? Could he get help, or would it just make things worse.  He took a middle course. 

    "Matt Henshaw and some of the guys gave me some viagra as a joke. I'm really sorry." 

    "I am very concerned. it could be a health problem. How long have you had this hard on?" Mr. Harding licked his lips and looked at the drooling cloth covered teenage dick. 

    "Ah...since before school." Paul wanted to tell the whole story. He wanted some comfort for the abuse he had been through. 

    "That's over four hours ago! That could be dangerous. And has it been fully hard all the while?"  His hand went out and lightly touched the area where the cockhead lay beneath the material. 

    "Yes, Sir!"  Mr. Harding squeezed the cockhead through the jeans and more pre-fuck liquid squirted out, making the soggy stain even wetter. 

   Mr. Harding continued to squeeze the boy's cockhead. His other hand went to the kid's naked stomach and played with his flesh. 

    "You are leaking like crazy, young man. Do you always produce this much dick leak?" 

    "Please, Sir. I have to go to lunch." 

    "You have to take care of this problem. Open your pants!" 

    "Please, Mr. Harding, I'll get in trouble."  

    "I'm here to help you, young man! Now open your fucking pants!" The young faggot teacher was almost out of his mind with lust. He had spent many a night jerking off to Paul's photo in the year book.  He grew impatient. He reached up and undid Paul's belt himself. then he unbuttoned the jeans and the pressure from Paul's dick made the zipper go down. Mr. Harding spread the pants and reached in and hauled out Paul's throbbing leaking dick! 

    "Oh my poor boy. Don't you have anyone to take care of this?" 

    "It's okay, Mr. Harding. I'll be okay. I'm not gay!"  But the teachers hand was alread around the fuckmeat, pumping it for all it was worth. The teacher's other hand slid up Paul's chest under the cut off tee shirt and started to pull on Paul's nipples. 

   "Mr. Harding. This is wrong!"  

   "It's not wrong for two people to love each other!' the teacher almost sang, as he pumped the fuckmeat, pre-fuck slop spraying up onto his face. 

   'Love? What the fuck are you talking about?" 

   "I know you are gay. I know you have had a crush on me all semester. I read the notes you sent me!" He pumped the dick harder. The cockhead became even larger and the piss hole opened and spit out pre-spunk. 

   "What fucking notes?" Paul didn't know what was going on. 

   "Notes. The notes. How you loved me and wanted to suck my dick! How you wanted me to fuck your ass. At first I thought they were jut cruel jokes to make fun of me, but now I see that they were real.  I see now that you do want me!"  Mr. Harding's hand left Paul's nipple and went down behind the boy and grabbed and asscheek. "I'll fuck you, Paul. I'll fuck you until you can't walk. I have a very big dick. I'll give you all the fucking you need."  His hand slid in between Paul's ass globes and fingered the moist asshole. 

   "I never wrote you any notes..." Paul said. And then he realized that Matt probably had and signed his name. 

   "It's okay, Paul. No one has to know. This is our secret. I know how much fucking a boy your age needs. Some of the jocks make me suck their dicks, but I never get to fuck. With you it will be different. I will shove my big prick up your ass morning noon and night. You will be my fucking asscunt! I know you want it Paul. I read the notes. I read the notes where you beg me to turn you into my cunt! I thought they were just nasty teasing notes, but now I see they were real. You really do need your teen boy ass turned into a fucked cunt. Bend over the desk, Paul and let me slam my fucker up your twat! 

  Paul wanted to hit the teacher. To punch him in his fucking faggot face. But he didn't know what to do? What did Matt want? Did Matt expect him to go along with the teacher's demands? Paul stood there with tears running down his face. The teacher yanked on Paul's swollen dick and turned him around. He bent the boy over his desk. Paul's ass globes were beautiful. They were still quite red from the beating he had taken the day before. 

  "Looks like somebody's been whipping your ass, Paul? Are you a little slut? Are you a little fucking slut who lets the boy's whip you and fuck you? From now on, I'll be fucking you, Paul. I'll be fucking you all the time." The poor young teacher really was quite crazed. It was like he had finally lost it. All the pent up emotions of being a frustrated faggot were finally coming out. "When you graduate, we'll move in together.You can skip college and just get fucked by me all the time. You can be my personal fuckslave. When I'm not fucking you, I'll keep nice big dildos up your cunt to keep it open for me."

  "Mr. Harding, have you lost your fucking mind?" Paul screamed, pushing the frantic teacher back. 

  "But you want it like this. In your notes you asked me to talk dirty to you. You asked me to all you my cunt and fuckboy!"  


   "I DID!"  In the doorway, with a huge grin on his face, stood Matt Henshaw. 

  Mr. Harding the handsome young gay English teacher was so shocked that for a moment he forgot to take his finger out of Paul Marshall's asshole. The abused teen was struggling on the desk, not because the invading finger was opening him up too much, his hole had already been stretched wide enough to take even the thickest finger, but because his raped asshole was raw and sore, and anything up it hurt like fucking hell. 

    "How you guys doing?"  Matt Henshaw smiled walking into the classroom with two of his jock buddies. Mr. Harding tried to gain some dignity even though his suit pants were around his ankles and his nice large dick was throbbing and leaking like a fourteen year old boy. 

     "Get out of my classroom. Get out of my classroom right now, do you hear me? He said, his handsome face dark red with humiliation. 

    "Mr. Harding, I really don't think you are in a position to make any kind of fuss, now are you?"  Matt smiled and held up his phone with  which he had taken photos of the English teacher sexually molesting Paul Marshall. Mr. Harding started to shake. Tears filled his eyes.  

    "I...I don't know what came over me. I have never done anything like this before. I am a good teacher. It was this little slut's fault. He's been seducing me and sending me notes, and I just lost control. It won't happen again, I swear!"  Mr. Harding slumped into his desk chair, his legs spread, his huge balls draping over the edge of the seat. His dick deflating and leaking even more fuckslime. 

    "First of all Mr. Asswipe Teacher, you have done this kind of thing before, and we all know it. You have been sucking jocks for months and giving them passing grades if they allow you to lick their sweaty balls and slurp on their fuckmeat! All the guys talk about it.  Secondly, It wasn't the little slut's fault. Yeah, he is dick crazy, but It was me who sent the notes. You see, I've been setting this up for a while. And it will happen again. And again. Because from now on, you are going to fuck Paul Marshall's ass every single day during your free hour. You are going to plow his teenage boycunt with your big dick every fucking day! If you miss a single day, we go to the principal with the photos. You are going to fuck him without a condom, without using any lube. And you are going to fuck him hard. If you don't plow his twat hard enough, we turn you in! When Paul leaves your classroom, he better have a huge load of cum up his cunt every single day! So why don't you get started and give us a demonstration of how you will do it?" 

   Mr. Harding was trapped. What could he do? Besides, he had fantasized about fucking Paul Marshall for some time. He had fantasized about fucking lots of students. Oh, he got to suck them, but none of the jocks would let him fuck them in their muscular young asses. And Mr. Harding loved to fuck. He pushed Paul down over his desk, looking at the beautiful smooth pale asscheeks with the deep crack. 

    "Please, Mr. Harding, I'm not gay. They are making me do this. I swear to God, I am not gay!" 

    "I'm really sorry, Paul. But I am gay, and I don't have a choice."  Mr. Harding reached down and spread the boy's tender ass globes to reveal the swollen red lips of the kid's alreadya bused asshole. "Man, oh man, that asshole is sore!" 

     Matt smiled," Yeah, he's been fucked alot lately. The little faggot can't get enough dick!" 

     "It's not true, "Paul cried, chewing on his knuckle as the teacher lined up his swollen prick against the tender shithole.  

     "It's pretty fucking sore. Can't I use some spit or lube or something?" 

     Matt shook his handsome head.  "Ugh ugh, you fuck him dry every fucking day. Let his natural cunt juices go to work." 

      Mr. Harding pushed back his thick foreskin and let the big dickhead push against the asshole. The cockhead battered at the sore swollen ass lips and then popped in. Paul let out a muffled scream, shoving his own fist in his mouth to silence the cry. He wanted to cry out, but he knew he dare not. 

     Mr. Harding was in Heaven. He had his dick head in the young teen asshole of one of the cutest boys in school.

      "Oh, my fucking God. Oh shit, this is wonderful! This is amazing! This is a fucking amazing asshole!" He slid six inches of dick into the boy. Paul started to buck up off the desk, but Mr. Harding just pushed him back down. "Hold still, Paul!" He snapped, shoving two more inches in. 

     "Use those cunt muscles, Paul. Give Mr. Harding a really good tight fuck!" 

      Poor young Paul felt like his rectum was being torn to pieces. He threw his pretty head from side to side. One of the bullies watched the door to make sure no one unwanted interrupted the teenage boy fuck. Mr. Harding couldn't help himself. He fucked harder and harder, slamming the boy into the edge of the desk with each cockthrust. He ran his hands along the teenage body and grabbed the boy by the nipples. He used the kid's nipples like little handles to hang on to while he slammed every inch of his huge dick up the asshole. His massive balls slapped against Paul's body. Skin bag slapping against teen skin. Paul grunted and cried and tears dripped onto the tests Mr. Harding had been grading. 

     "Pull out!" Matt snapped suddenly. 

     "Huh?" Mr. Harding replied, his eyes wide with disbelief. He was so near. So close. His fuckmeat was throbbing like never before. This was prime kid ass! 

     "You fucking heard me. Pull the fuck out! You do what I say!" Matt Henshaw was not a boy to be toyed with. Mr. Harding moaned and withdrew his ass slimed dick from the boy's ass. Without lube, the inner ass lining wanted to come out withe the cock, and it was really painful. Inner pink ass showed at the boy's ass lips as the fat cock popped free of the hole. Mr. Harding stood there looking mystified, his long fat fucker coated with ass slime.

     "Matt looked at the dick and smiled. "Mmmm, good enough to eat. Now go around the other side of the desk and shove it in the bitch's mouth!"  It took only a second before a smile appeared on the teacher's face. He shuffled around the desk, his trousers still tangled around his feet, and lifted the crying boy's face. 

     "So sorry Paul, " he said, and then he forced the boy's mouth open and shoved his ass greasy cock down the kid's throat.  Paul gagged and choked. The teacher immediately began to fuck his face hard, balls slapping his chin. The cock worked it's way way down the boy's throat. Meanwhile, Matt Henshaw picked up the wooden map pointer from the blackboard tray and shoved the long thin stick up Paul's tender asshole. 

      The bullies chucked as they watched Paul arch his back in pain and try to pull his face off the fucking dick. Mr. Harding was having none of that. He grabbed the kid's hair and pushed his dick in deeper.  Matt fucked and twisted the thin wooden stick up the boy's raw raped hole. Such behavior was monstrous. Inhuman. How could normal teenage boys do such things? Matt fucked fourteen inches of stick up inside Paul. Paul felt it in his intestines. The pain was unbearable. After all, he was just a teenage kid! Just an innocent teenage kid! He sobbed and his tears ran down onto the thick fat greasy cock invading his mouth. The whole thing was so fucking perverted there were no words adequate to describe it. 

       Matt whipped the stick out of the boy's ass. "Pull out, Mr. Harding and come finish up his cunt!"  Big swollen dick drooling and now covered with boy spit, the teacher, pants a tangle, waddled back around to the kid's ass and in one thrust plowed balls deep into the teenage asshole! Paul arched up again, his dick and balls mashed against the edge of the desk, his asshole aflame! The dickhead was deep. Really deep. He was a thoroughly fucked teen. Mr. Harding moaned and arched his own back as he sprayed a wad of cum up the kid's cunt! They say you can't feel a dick shooting up your ass,(I wouldn't know because I am always the fucker) but Paul felt the hot stinging spray on his cut and raw inner cunt. To those of you

wondering about my phrasiology, When a teenage male asshole is fucked enough, the shape and texture of it starts to change. A cunt like opening is actually formed, the swollen, distended ass lips actually starting to look like cunt lips. Paul was starting to develop a cunt like opening that would never change or go back. For the rest of his life, anyone looking at his asshole, be it doctor or future lover, would be able to tell at once that he had been fucked repeatedly up the ass! Paul was being turned into a fucking piece of shit! 

      Mr. Harding pulled out. The ass lining pulled out with the withdrawing dick, clinging to it. Blood and ass juice and cum coated the huge just starting to droop fuckmeat. 

      "Go around to his face and make him clean it!" Matt ordered. Dicks have to be cleaned after they fuck. It's just a fact.  Mr. Harding grabbed Paul by the hair and twisted his face around. 

      "Suck this big fucking cock clean, you fucking teenage faggot cocksucking Cunthole!"   Holy Christ, he loved abusing teenage boys. Usually he had to be so careful with them. Usually he was allowed to suck some of the big dumb jocks for passing grades, but he could never molest them, or work them over. Paul, tears dried on his cheeks, opened his mouth and the fat fucksausage was shoved in, ass slime and cum coating the boy's sore cocksucker lips. 

       "Clean it, you piece of fucked shit!" The teacher spat down onto the boy's face, a gob landing on the kid's nose. 

       Matt smiled. "Now you are getting with it. That's what you will do every fucking day during your free period! Every God damned day without fail. And Paul, after you leave Mr. Harding, you report to me in the second floor can to show us the cum up your ass! We'll have a dish or something you can squat and shit the cum out into to prove to us you were fucked. Of course you'll be able to lap it up after. Can't let it go to waste. Now don't forget that after school, you are to meet me in the boy's locker room showers. Just be there naked and waiting for me!"   Matt turned and sauntered out of the room, followed by his two goons. 

        Poor young Paul was such a wreck, he could hardly go to his next class. He walked funny because of the ass fucking, and the cum leaked out of his hole. He tried to go into the boy's room to expel it, but two of Matt's pals wouldn't let him enter. They said he had to hold the cum all through his next class.  It leaked out of course, staining the ass of his pants. His mouth tasted of cock and cum and even a bit like shit. He tried to get a drink of water, but one of Matt's buddies wouldn't let him. He said Matt wanted him to taste Mr. Harding's dick all day. Can you imagine what it is like to be a teenage high school boy who has the taste of dick in his mouth all day? He was afraid to talk to anyone, lest he reveal he had "Dickbreath!"  Jocks are quick to pick up on a kid with "Dickbreath."  The last thing Paul wanted was to become the school cum dump for all the high school jocks. Little did poor Paul know that is exactly what Matt had planned for him. 

       At Four Thirty, he waited naked in the locker room showers. He was trembling both with cold and with nervousness. He was scared shitless. At first he just stood there naked, looking a the rows of shower heads and the tiled wall and floor. He held his hands over his dick and balls. He felt stupid standing there waiting by himself. The other boys were outside having sports practice. He was alone in the empty, hollow room. Then he heard laughing and the rude banter of high school boys coming in from outside. They were talking about high school cunt as always. Which girls were the best fucks, which girls sucked dick best, which ones were already had and which ones would be good to fuck! Paul heard locker doors open and slam. His legs felt weak and useless. He lost his strength and in total fear, he sank down to his knees. 

      That was how the muscular naked Matt Henshaw found him. Bare assed and on his knees. Perfect. 

      The rich boy stood proud and naked, his body glistening with sweat, His class and status showing in his uplifted pecs with proud young nipples and his strong neck and his arrogant face. His fat dick hung sweaty and long over teen swollen cum filled fuckbags, a boy, a young god, after a day of high school. It wasn't for a moment that Paul even saw the dozen or so other naked teens crowing behind Matt. That's right. The whole fucking team, come to shower. There must be more, twenty or so of them, all naked and rowdy, walking bareassed through the locker room toward the showers.  And Paul was kneeling pale and trembling, unclothed and vulnerable on the shower floor.  

      "Don't bother to get up. You are just the right height!" Matt beamed as he strolled into the shower room, followed by eight or nine other naked jocks. The other boys crowded the doorway. " First, I  want you to lick all this sports sweat off my body, paying particular attention to my balls, sweaty asshole and armpits. Then, while I shower, you can lick the balls and assholes and stinking pits of the other guys. Then I while we stand under the relaxing shower spray, you can crawl around from dude to dude and suck dick! When you finish with these guys, the next group can come in." Matt nodded toward the gang in the doorway most of them now with fucking hard cocks. "Be patient, boys, He's only got one mouth, but he'll get to all of you. I want him to get a good taste of each of your sweaty assholes!" 

    Paul wanted to die. He could not believe what he was hearing. He was expected to suck the dirty assholes of over twenty boys! Boys he'd kown and hung around with. Boys who used to be his friends. Just think of twenty guys you know, and now imagine if suddenly you had been ordered to lick and sick their balls and armpits and filthy stinking assholes! Paul's last shred of dignity was destroyed. He was now the lowest of the low.  Matt approached the kid as the other boys watched.  Paul could smell the sweat stink on the boy from his sport's activity. He could see the beaded sweat on the hairs of the kid's massive scrotum. Paul sobbed and leaned in and extended his tongue. His tongue touched the wrinkled flesh of the ball sack. It tasted salty. The smell was strong, almost overwhelming, the way young men smell after playing a sport. Paul could almost imagine how the teen's asshole would smell and taste. And then he thought of the more than twenty other teens waiting to have their dirty young assholes sucked. Some of the boys were joking, bouncing on big naked feet, anxious and excited, chatting about how it was a long time since they had had a good ass sucking. 

     Was there to be no relief for Paul? No hope of salvation? Matt slapped the kid's head to get his ball licking more enthusiastic. "Come on, clean those nuts. Don't take all day. You got alot of guys here waiting. You got alot of dick to suck! And just think. It's going to be like this every fucking day from now on. Coach put me in charge of closing up. So we can do this every fucking day!"  The sound of teenage male laughter filled the locker room! 

                Paul lay curled up in a fetal position in the corner of the locker room. He felt that he simply could not take any more abuse. It was not humanly possible. His slender pale teenage body was covered with cum. It was caked in thick layers on his chest. It ran from his handsome face like melting ice cream. His hair was thick with teenage jock jizz and spit. Twenty-three guys.  He had sucked the assholes, armpits, balls and cocks of twenty-three guys. He had been forced to crawl on hands and knees around the shower and tongue the sweaty assholes and ball sacks of twenty-three high school jocks. Boys he had known for years, some since first grade, who had been friends of his, now called him Faggot and Cocksucker and kicked him with their bare feet to get him sucking more efficiently. Dick leak ran down onto his upturned face as he licked the heavy scrotums of the jocks. At first the water from the showers had been a blessing, but one clever young man had announced that it would be more fun to turn the water off and shower after they had showered  poor Paul with fuckslop! So it turned into a bukake session. The guys actually lined up to be dick sucked by their former friend. Matt organized it all beautifully. Every sized dick you can imagine. every taste and smell. Most of the boys didn't take long. Boys that age are ready to blow in a few minutes. The jocks were however very inventive. Some also wanted their feet licked and sucked. Some jerked off into their own hands while Paul sucked on their assholes, and then rubbed the cum all over the boy's face. At times, Paul jerked a prick in each hand while he sucked on a third. At least no one had mentioned ass fucking. Paul seemed safe anyway on that count. At lest for this one day. The idea that he was expected to do this every day from now own after sports practice was unbearable to even comprehend. How could he suck twenty-three cocks every single day? How could he survive such brutal treatment? Dirty fucking high school boys who think about only one fucking thing in life! Unloading their teenage nuts. Load after load had spewed down Paul's throat. His stomach felt sick from the thick slop sloshing around down there. He wanted to puke, but he knew that would anger Matt.  

   Finally the showers had come on, the boys cleaned themselves and still joking about various cunts at the school and the faggots and the teachers, they left the shower area to dress and go home. Matt and three of his buddies stayed behind. Matt looked down at the totally beaten boy curled in a tiny ball in the corner. 

   With one bare foot, Matt kicked a large bar of soap across the shower room to Paul.  "Here, Faggot, you gotta clean out your dirty cocksucking mouth. Put the bar of soap in your face cunt."  Paul looked up bleary eyed from where he lay. The Four boys who had stayed behind were all incredibly handsome, well muscled high school jocks. They stood their with their flaccid dicks swinging, cruel smiles on their faces. "Wash out your fucking dirty cocksucker mouth with the soap!" 

    Too weak to protest any longer, Paul reached out for the soap and picked it up. Still lying on the tiled shower room floor, he put the soap into his own mouth. For a few seconds there was nothing, and then the soap began to bubble and foam up. The horrid taste of soap filled his mouth and ran down his throat. He started to choke and gag. He spit the soap out and knelt up to puke up the contents of his stomach. The cum of twenty-three boys spewed out of his mouth and splattered the shower room floor, along with bits of his lunch. He held his stomach as he puked and puked. The guys in the shower room laughed and slapped each other on the naked shoulders and asses. 

     "That was a bad boy. You know it was bad to vomit up all that nice cum that these handsome dudes have given you from their big fat dicks.. How fucking impolite. Now you will have to lick it all up again!" 

     Paul, on hands and knees crawled across the floor toward Matt. He lifted his cute cum streaked face to his master. He was beaten. "Please, sir, don't make me do that. I am sick. I am really sick. I can't take any more. He burped and cum ran from his nose and from the corner of his mouth. He was a fucking mess.  Matt lifted one naked foot and pushed Paul in the cum coated face with it. Paul slid across the tiled floor.  "Get back there and lick up the fucking cum puke!"  There was no mercy, no humanity in this wealthy high school thug. 

Sobbing dry sobs because his tears were all gone, Paul dragged himself back to the puddle of puked up cum and started to lick it. 

    "You never waste our precious Warrior Cum!"  The Warriors was the name of the school team. Matt stood there playing with his naked flaccid dick and full young balls right in front of his buddies. He was totally one hundred percent comfortable with himself in every way. A perfect teen God.  

    "Stop for a  minute!"  Paul stopped, looking up, strings of cum hanging from his swollen cocksucker lips. His eyes were blurry and unfocused. He looked mentally challenged. 

    "Pick up the bar of soap and shove it up your ass!"  Paul swung his head from side to side almost as if he did not comprehend what had been said to him. Then his eyes locked onto the bar of soap. Almost in slow motion, he reached for it and picked it up. He reached back and spread his own firm young ass cheeks and positioned the large bar of soap at his abused recently teacher fucked asshole. He pushed the bar of soap against his asscunt and after a second the swollen ass lips opened to accept the large hunk of soap. He grunted in numb pain as the soap nestled itself deeply in his rectum like some giant turd. He looked back at the lake up puked up cum in front of him and bent his head to continue licking. Matt kicked and a second bar of soap slid across the tiled shower room floor toward him. 

    "Shove that one up your asshole too!" 

    " I can't sir, it hurts too much!" 

    "JUST FUCKING DO IT!"  Matt barked. And Paul tried to insert a second bar of soap up his fucked up ass cunt. He didn't feel like a boy any more. He didn't even feel human. The second bar pushed the first deeper into his bowels. He began to get terrible stomach cramps. 

     "Lick PUke, Mutherfucker!" 

     Paul went back to his puke licking. When he had gotten it all up off the floor where two dozen bare teenage feet had just walked, he looked up at Matt. 

     "I feel like some pizza, don' t you? What say we go for some pizza?"  

      Paul didn't know if Matt had been speaking to him or his buddies.  He was in no condition for anything. the soap in his ass was slowly melting, sending trails of soap suds out of his hole. When the boy coughed, cum bubbled up from his stomach. His hair was stiff with dried jizz. His face coated with boy slop. 

     "Let's go Paul, don't you feel like Pizza?"  

     Paul, still on the floor looked up at the jocks.  

      "Please," he said with a thick cum clogged voice. "I just want to go home." 

     "Sure after we have some pizza. We want to reward you for your excellent cocksucking today.  Remember you have to do just as well every day. And some of the guys will want to fuck your pussy too, after they relax a bit and get into it. It's going to be fun, just wait."  Only half the words registered on the poor boy's befuddled mind. 

    "Ugh, May I shower and get cleaned up?" 

     Matt smiled. "NO, we want you to come with us, just like you  are." 

     "But, I'm...I'm all...I'm covered with..." 

     "Get used to it, Faggot. You're going to look like that alot from now on.  Let's get going."  He padded on bare feet over to Paul and kicked him in the ass. Paul crawled from the shower room amid the swinging dicks of the jocular jocks. 

    Near Matt's locker was a large cardboard box filled with stinking, filthy jock straps. Each one had a boy's name on it in magic marker. 

     "We got a little homework job for you.  You need to clean all our jockstraps once a week. we been wearing these stinking things all week."    

     Paul looked down into the cardboard box of twisted stained athletic supporters. The mesh pouches were stretched out of shape by hefty teenage cocks and balls and the material was thick and stiff with boy cock leak and piss.  

     "Have them spick and span by tomorrow.  And oh, one more thing. We don't want them machine washed. It makes them too stiff and uncomfortable."   

     "I'll hand wash them..."  Paul mumbled, knowing now how he was going to spend his night.  

     "No, Paul.!"  Matt said. Paul looked up at him. 

     "You will mouth wash them. You will suck each jock strap clean! You will lick and suck each and every stain out. You will lick and suck the skid marks from the ass straps. You will clean every fucking prick pouch with your faggot tongue. Is that clear?" 

     "My mouth will be too dry to do that." Paul was being practical. 

     "That's what the soap up your ass is for. You put some soap and water in your mouth and then suck on the jock straps. It's easy once you get the hang of it. If the soap up your ass melts before you get to your job, I'm sure you have more soap around at home.  Just to make sure you don't cheat us, you will perform you cleaning task in front of your webcam  so we can watch you while we do our homework." 

     "What about my homework?"  

     "It will just have to wait. You are a fucking faggot cocksucker now, so you have priorities." 

     The boys dressed in jeans and pullovers. Paul knelt there on the floor, feeling horrible. His stomach cramped every few minutes, sending waves of pain through his young body. 

     "Well, you'd better get dressed, Paul, or do you want to go for Pizza looking like that?"  

     Matt threw some clothes at the boy. Paul looked at them. They consisted of a pair of very small shorts like a boy in fourth or fifth grade might wear and a wife beater strap style under shirt, also much too small for him. 

    "These won't fit me." Paul whined, sick at the prospect of perhaps having to enter a pizza parlor dressed in such ridiculous clothing. 

     "Sure they will. Just squeeze into them."   

      The shorts were very small, hardly rising up beyond Paul's ass crack in the rear and his pubic mound in front. His big teen dick looked huge snaking and pushing against the material. A wet spot formed at the back at once from the soap suds leaking out of the boy's ass. The singlet was also very tight and it didn't reach the shorts, leaving a large expanse of naked stomach. The dried cum coating his body was also fully on display. It looked like he had been covered with glue that had dried. His face glistened with it. His hair was thick with it. 

     "No shoes, no service, here put these on." Matt kicked over a pair of flip flops for Paul to wear. "I can't have your spooge coated faggot body in my good car, Paul, so you will have to ride in the trunk! I hope you don't mind."  

     As they walked through the school halls and out toward the parking lot, a number of other late leaving students passed the boys. They said hello to Matt, and then fell apart in fits of laughter looking at Paul. Girl and guy students collapsed in laughter and snapped photos of Paul with their cell phones. One beautiful girl whom Paul had actually dated a few times stood in awe.  "What is he going on?  Paul what are you covered with? Have you been working in the woodwork shop or something?" She was a very nice girl but not real swift. 

    Matt smiled. "No, Marcy, actually he has been sucking cock!"   Paul wanted to fall through the floor. The girl looked at him with wide eyes. Her hand went to her mouth like she was going to be sick.  "Paul is our school cocksucker. But if you'd lie to take his place, you would be more than welcome."  Matt smiled. The jocks laughed. And Marcy ran down the hall like she was going to puke. Paul wanted to cry, but as I said, he had no tears left. 

      In the parking lot, he was forced to climb into the trunk of Matt's care, then the jocks piled into the front and off they went for pizza.   What new horrors awaited Paul at the pizza parlor?

 Two cars filled with wild, horny teen boys pulled up to the pizza parlor. They hauled Paul out of the trunk. The poor abused boy looked like shit. His hair was stiff in places with cum. His face was streaked with cum and tears. He hunched his shoulders over in shame as he entered the restaurant. The gang of jocks commandeered a couple of large booths in the corner and then Matt turned to Paul.  

   "Okay Paul. Lose the shorts!"  Paul could not believe what he was hearing. The joint was filled with over a hundred teenagers of both sexes. It was the big after school hang out. How Could Matt expect him to take off his shorts and sit there with his dick and balls hanging out?"   Paul stared at him like an idiot. 

   "Did you hear what I said, Asswipe? Take off the fucking shorts!"  

   Paul lifted his abused fucked ass and slid the shorts down. The booth bench he was sitting on felt cold against his ass cheeks and a little cum squirted out of his ass.  Paul squeezed his legs together and jammed his hands into his crotch.  

   "Legs spread wide and hands on the table."  Matt smiled and the other jocks nodded sagely and chuckled. Paul spread his legs and his balls draped over the edge of the bench. His only hope was that the table prevented anyone from seeing him. His heart was beating wildly. The Pizza waiter, a kid from another high school came over. He started to take their order.  Suddenly Matt knocked the napkin wrapped utensils onto the floor. "Oh I'm sorry, could you get that please?" He said to the waiter.  The waiter bent down to retrieve the utensils and saw Paul's big fat naked dick and balls hanging there.  His sixteen year old eyes grew wide. He backed away a step or two like he had caught the plague. The guys at the table roared and Paul got tears in his eyes. 

   "What the Fuck?  You can't do that in here. I'll have to call the manager!" The kid said, all red faced.  But Matt raised a calming hand. 

   "Listen dude, the kid is a fucking faggot. We are punishing him for staring at our dicks in the locker room all the time. You are a good looking dude, you must know how fucking frustrating it is when a faggot stares at your dick and drools." 

    The kid made a face. 'Yeah, I fucking hate it." 

    "So we are punishing the fucking faggot cocksucker!" Matt smiled and pointed at Paul who felt like shit. 

    "Yeah, but it's against the law to be naked in public and I..."

    "If you don't say anything about it, You can have a good blow job from the faggot before we leave."  Now the teen cocked his head to one side and considered. 

    "No shit, the faggot will suck me off?"  

    "He just finished sucking off our whole team. He'd be happy to suck your dick for you. Wouldn't you, Faggot?" Matt turned to Paul. Paul knew things would only get worse if he made a scene.  

     "Yes." he mumbled, looking down at the table.

     "Tell this good looking dude you would be honored and happy to suck his big dick!"  

     Paul blinked the tears out of his eyes.  "I would be honored and happy to suck your big dick, Sir."  He said. 

     "Holy Shit. Wait 'til I tell my buddies about this." The kid lit up like a Christmas tree.  

      To Paul it seemed to take forever, but in due course the pizzas and cokes were served. While waiting, the boys chatted about cunt and  made Paul masturbate himself, but not cum of course. Paul was so exhausted and beaten down he could hardly concentrate. His mind was in a fog. It suddenly dawned on him that he needed to piss urgently. 

     "Please, Sir, I need to piss." he said to Matt.  Matt was engrossed in a discussion about the cunt of a fourteen year old freshman girl. 

    "That fucking cunt should be nailed to the wall with dick. We got to get her to a party and gang bang the bictch...huh, what is it, Paul. Can't you see we are busy talking about cunt? Something you are not interested in, I know." 

    "Please, Sir, I need to piss bad!"  

    "Okay, go ahead."  Matt turned back to the discussion, a twinkle in his eye. 

    "I can't go without my shorts!" Paul sounded almost belligerent. He was desperate.  

     "Well you are going to have to."  

     Paul bit his lower lip and tried to hold back the piss. He looked around. The toilet was at the far end of the restaurant. He could not cross the restaurant totally naked from the waist down. Everyone would see his dick and balls. He tried to focus on the cunt chat. The guys were not comparing the pussies of two sophomore girls that most of them had fucked. 

      "She's loose by now. Everybody has fucking had her, " one jock was saying. 

      "Fucking dirty cock slut are all the same. They just cannot get enough jock dick!"  The guys high fived each other and laughed.  

      "Please, Matt, I can't hold it any more. I'm, going to piss right here on the floor!"  Paul was in agony. 

      "Oh for Christ's sake, here!"  Matt handed Paul an empty water glass.  "Here, piss in this."  

       In total shame, Paul held the glass down between his legs and let his big dick drape over the rim. Then he closed his eyes and started to piss. 

       The guys at the table all heard it. "Gross," one of them said, and then they all laughed. Paul filled the glass with piss. He didn't know what to do with it. He put it down on the floor next to his feet. It was about that time that the pizza arrived.   But Matt had another good idea.  The guys all dug in. Matt cut a nice big slice of fully loaded pizza for Paul, but then pulled it away again.  He smiled and waved for some eighth grade boys at another table to come over.  The young kids were really impressed that the most important boy in town and a high school senior jock would talk to them. They scrambled over to Matt. 

      "You guys know about faggots, don't you?"  Matt asked the gang of boys, five in all.  The kids nodded their heads. 

      "You got to be careful of them and teach them their place. Otherwise they will try to get into your pants." 

      "Gross," One eighth grade kid said, making a face. He was a cute kid with freckles.  

      Matt pointed at Paul.  "This is a faggot. We are teaching him a lesson cause he is after our dicks all the time. I will give each of you dudes twenty bucks if you help us teach the faggot a lesson." 

       The boys lit up. Twenty bucks to an eighth grade kid is good money.

       "What do we gotta do?' Freckle face answered. Some of his buddies looked a bit shy. 

       Matt smiled. "It's easy. You got to take this piece of pizza into the toilet and all jerk off onto it. Then you bring it back and the faggot will eat it." 

       Paul shook his head no. It did no good. The kids were wild with enthusiasm. It was such fun to do something a bit naughty, and especially to impress the older guys.  They returned with proud shiny faces, beaming with success. The piece of pizza was covered with white cock slime. Long strings of fuck criss-crossed the cheese and pepperoni. Globs of cum covered the sausage.  Matt paid the boys. 

      "Can we stay and watch him eat it?" 

      "Naw, you go on back to your own table. You can watch him from there."  

      You can imagine what happened next. Paul was made to eat the cum soggy pizza. He wanted to puke. The jocks thought it was hysterically funny. He made a really sick face and a roar of laughter came from the eighth grade table. Heads turned.  Paul could hardly swallow the mess. He felt sick to his stomach. 

      "May I have some water, Please?" he begged Matt. 

      "Drink your glass of piss!" Matt answered and more laughter ensued. 

      Paul drank the glass of piss and ate the cum soggy pizza. What could he do. And after, he was allowed to don his shorts and follow the waiter into the boys toilet to give the kid a blow job. The boy had a small thin dick and he shot off almost at once. But it was the humiliation that hurt Paul. He felt like an animal. Less than human. 

      They drove Paul home, once more in the trunk of the car, but when they let him out, he was shocked and disturbed to hear that Matt was going to accompany him into his home. What did Matt Henshaw want in his home?  Matt even put an arm around Paul's shoulder as they walked up toward the house. The door was opened by Paul's mom, a shocked look on hr face as well.  

      "Aren't you Matt Henshaw?" 

      Matt beamed. "And you must be Mrs. Marshall. Paul has told me so much about you. Paul and I have become good friends."  Paul looked sick. He was scared out of his mind. What was going on? 

      Paul's mother studied her son.  "Paul you look terrible. What happened to you? Why are you dressed like that?"  

      Matt stepped into the house. "Mrs. Marshall, If you would allow me a word alone with you and your husband, and perhaps your older son for just a minute, I think I can explain everything."  Paul panicked. Matt wanted to talk to his brother and parents. Why? What was going on? What was about to happen? Would he tell them about what he had been made to do? Would he tell them them he had been fucked in the ass and made to suck cock?  Paul would die of shame. He especially didn't want his mother to hear such things. 

      Paul was left in the kitchen while Matt chatted with Paul's dad and mom and older brother. It took about twenty minutes. Maria, his sister in law hovered near the kitchen. She was still totally ashamed because she had been fucked by Paul. They hardly looked at each other any more. Finally Matt emerged, a huge smile on his face.  

      "I'll pick you up for school tomorrow, Paul, about 7:00 A.M.  You have a few things to do before school starts."  He casually groped his crotch and headed out the door. Maria saw it all. 

      The Paul's father called him into the living room.  

     "Sit down, Son. I'll get right to the point. This is not easy for me to say. This is not going to be easy for your mother or older brother or any of us. But we have no choice. I am so sorry that the burden for preserving the family has fallen on your shoulders. Believe me, if there was anything I could do to help you, I would. But my hands are tied."

    "Art, can we do this?" Paul's mother said, a worried frown on her pretty face.

    "Alice, we have no choice. Now hush up, please. You are just making things worse.  Son, Matt Henshaw is a sadistic perverted monster of a teen, as you have no doubt discovered. You know his father owns this town and just about owns us as well. The father is no better than the son. He holds the mortgage on our house.  Your brother and I work for him. Now, Matt has threatened us. He will take the house, take our jobs and worse, conjure up some story about us cheating the company so we will go to prison. You know the police are in his pocket. Your brother and I will go to prison unless you help us out. It seems you are to be Matt Henshaw's slave. You are to obey his every order.  He gets some kind of pleasure out of controlling you. I'm sure it will not last long. The fun of it will pass and Matt will move on to some other kid he can abuse. But for now, I am afraid, your servitude to him is the only thing keeping our family safe. I hate to ask you to do this, but what choice do we have. Your mother is physically not strong. Maria will be pregnant soon, we all need you to do this for us." 

      Paul found it hard to swallow. He looked over into the handsome face of his older brother.  

     "It's something you gotta do for us, buddy. You gotta bite the bullet until we can find some way to lick this. I just got married for Christ's sake. I don't want to go to prison." 

     "Especially for a crime we didn't commit." Paul's father said. He was trembling slightly and looked suddenly older. "Can you do this, Paul? For us?" 

     Paul was beaten.  "Yeah, I guess." Inside, he didn't know if he could. He didn't know how much strength he had left. It had been such hell and was bound to get worse. 

     "Son, we love you so much. And we promise to help you in every way possible. It's going to be hard on all of us. Matt Henshaw has made some rules for us to follow. Rules for all of us. Some kind of sick game he is playing. But we need to follow the rules." 

     "What kind of rules?"  Paul looked pale. He dreaded what was coming. 

     Paul's mother put one hand to her mouth and stiffled a sob. 

     "From now on, in the house, you are to be naked at all times." 

     Paul gulped.  "Naked?  In front of Mom?"  

     "In front of all of us. You are to eat your meals, do chores, whatever you do naked. Matt wants you to watch tv with us for a couple of hours a night. You will be naked." 

     Paul looked at his family. Maria was in the doorway looking pale.  Paul's big bro hung his handsome head. Paul's mother had tears in her eyes.

     " can I do that? How can I do such a shameful thing?" 

     "We'll help you son. We'll look at you as little as possible, and we'll all get used to it. Soon, it will stop being such a shock. We'll get through this together." 

     "Oh, God, naked in front of all of you. All the time?"  

     Paul's father shook his head in despair.  "That's not all, Son. When you are with us, Matt are to...oh shit."  

     "Oh Art..."  Paul's mother said, crossing to her husband and holding his head. 

      "What? What is it?" Paul asked.  

      "When you are in the house with us. Naked in the house with are to maintain a full erection at all times!"  Even Paul's brother had tears in his eyes. 

      "That fucking sadistic sick bastard. Some day, I'll get him, I swear." he said. 

      "For now we have to do what he says.  We might as well tell you the rest Paul."  

      "There's more?" 

      "You are only to go to the toilet if one of the family is supervising you. We are to take photos to document this. And at night..." his voice broke off in agony. 

       "What at night?"  

      "Matt Henshaw has changed our sleeping arrangements.  Until further notice, at night, you are to sleep with your brother and his new wife." 

      "What do you mean?" Paul frowned.  

       "The three of us got to sleep bare assed in one small bed. You in the middle. This is some sick shit!"  

       "I don't know if I can do that..." Maria spoke up. "I have a say too." 

       "Would  you rather see your husband, ass fucked in prison?" Paul's brother spat venomously. Then his handsome face softened. 'I'm sorry, darling, I didn't mean that. But what choice do we have?"

       "This is just a sick teenage game. It will last for a few days at the most. I'm sure of it. Let's just live with it. We are all adults here and can deal with it. We are not sexual perverts and we can maintain our dignity. The difficult part rests on Paul. We all need to be behind him."  

       The family turned to look at Paul.  They starred at him in silence. The love in the room was strong. 

       "Well, Son," Paul's dad said finally, "I guess you'd better strip out of those clothes."  

       Paul stood up, and with trembling fingers reached for his shorts. He was about to strip naked in front of his family. He was about to let his dad and mom see his teenage dick and balls. The humiliation was unbearable.

     His family were kind and loved him. They allowed him to strip naked up in the privacy of his own bedroom. Paul was almost out of his mind with grief. He was only an innocent high school boy. He was not equipped to handle this. His hands shook so badly he could hardly remove his skimpy clothing. He stood bare assed naked in his room, staring at himself in the mirror. How could Matt do this to him? To them? To his family? His cute teenage body was pale and the way he now looked, stoop shouldered and beaten, with swolln red balls, bleary and red eyed from crying, lips swollen and cracked from cock sucking, he hardly recognized himself. He had believed things could get no worse, but now they had. Now Matt had directly involved his family into this. His mom and dad and big broteher and Maria, his big brother's new bride. They were all under the control of this sadistic teenage monster. 

   Paul sat on th dege of his bed, curled his toes in the rug, buried his head in his hands and cried. It was a tearless cry. All of his tears seem to have been used during the day at school. What a nightmare, and tomorrow promised to be the same. How could he suck off the entire team every day? How could anyone expect that of him? What would happen to him? By tomorrow, the story would be all over school. No girl would look at him, much less speak with him. 

   "'s time for dinner."  His dad's voice cut through his agony.  He sat there, terrrified. He knew what he had to do, but he didn't know if the had the strength. "Son, we dare not make Matt angry. Please, come down to dinner." 

   Paul hauld himself to his teenage feet and directly collapsed back onto the bed. His legs didn't want to work. He struggled to his feet again. He looked down at his swollen red balls and his thick limp dick. His hand went to it automatically and began to play with it. Matt had said fully erect and wet. His other hand went to his nipples. When  he wanted a quick hard on, working his puffy teen boy nipples always helped. His dick grew out over eight inches and throbbed thick and pink. Finally a bit of clear fluid appeared at the pisshole. And Paul was ready to go down to dinner. He knew his father would be taking videos on Matt's orders. 

     As Paul dsecended the stairs, his hard dick bobbing and his big balls wobbling, he saw the rest of his family fully dressed seated at the dining room table. Maria chewed her lower lip and looked down. Bud(the family nickname for Paul's brother) gently nudged her and told her to look up. Matt would be angry. She raised her eyes to her young brother-in-law's bare assed teen body. She remembered when Paul had been forced by Matt to fuck her. Her face grew red with shame. Paul's dick was huge, no doubt about that. Huge for a grown man and really huge for a growing teenage boy. His eyes had a kind of sickness in them as he looked pathetically at his family. His eyes passed over His bro to his dad, hands shaking as he filmed the whole thing. Then his eyes came to rest on the infinitely sad face of his sweet mother. She clutched her hands and rocked in her chair, torn with grief for her son. Her eyes drank in his naked body. How he had grown in the last few years. She remembered when he was just a little boy and she would cuddle and hug him to sleep.

     As Paul lookd at his mom, he saw her eyes involuntarily go down to his erect teenage dick and balls. His legs gave out and he almost collapsed, hanging onto the bannister.  

     " I don't think I can do this." Paul moaned, his eyes fogging up and his nostrils flaring. 

    "You have to, Son. You have to to save Bud and me." His father said, momentarily lowering the camera."

     "Don't worry, Son," His mother said. "We're all strong here. We can get through this."  

     Paul reached the bottom of the stairs and started to walk toward the table. 

     "Son, your penis!"  His dad said, amost too embarrassed to speak. 

     "Huh?" Paul said. 

     "You're supposed to keep it hard, remember?"  His brother said, looking pretty shame faced himself. 

     "Oh God!" Paul let his hand go down to play with his softening dick. He stood there and played with his dick in front of his family. 

     "Don't worry, Paul. We are judging you. It is normal for boys to play with themselves. We all understand that.." His mom said to help. It didn't! 

      Once his dick was fully hard and had a wet head once again, this time with a little string of pre-fuck hanging from the pisshole, Paul hurried to the table and was about to sit, when his father cleared his throat. Paul looke up wide eyed. 

     "Son, Matt texted me and said that your mother works too hard and you are to serve the meal. You are to serve all of us and then eat your meal, down there!"  He pointed to a plate and glass on the floor. "I'm so sorry." 

     "Jesus Christ, there has got to be something we can do!" But said bringing his fist down so hard on the table it rattled the dinner set. 

     "Yeah, we can do what Matt Henshaw wants, or we can both go to prison for something we didn't do!" 

      Everyone was silent for a few moment.  

      It was very awkward when Paul served the food. In order to set the plates down, he had to stand very close to the diners, his huge erect teenage dick almost brushing against them. They tried to avert their eyes, but it was almost impossible. The humiliation for everyone was unbearable. Finallly the food was served, and Paul knelt down on hands and knees on the floor to eat his meal. 

     "May I have some silverware, please?"  He said with his ass stuck up in the air and his huge balls swinging. 

     "Fraid not, son, Matt's orders. Can't use your hands either. You have to eat like an animal." 

     Paul's mom started to cry and her husband had to hold her to comfort her. They tried to eat like a normal family, but the naked boy on the floor, sticking his face into his food, made it very difficult. Also they could not help but notice, with Paul's young ass up in the air, that his asshole was all red and swollen. They knew inside what that was from. 

     Once again, Paul's mother tried to make things easier. "Don't you worry, son. Soon none of us will even notice you are naked. I feel much better about it already. Don't you, Maria?" 

    "I feel sorry for Paul, and we all have to help him however we can." She did. She felt horribly sorry for him. She knew hos shy teenage boys are about their still developing bodies. Well, most normal boys are. Assholes like Matt Henshaw flaunted their heavy dicks in front of girls. They assumed that the only thing any girl wanted  out of life was to service a big fat cock twenty-four-seven. It's true, Maria did love her new husband's fat fucker, but she was hardly obsessed with it. She did hold it most of the night while they slept, and she would often scoot down and suck on it a little while he was sound asleep. Bud loved a good blow job first thing in the morning. As his new loving bride, she would often wake him up by licking his large hairy scrotum. He loved that. But in no way was she obsessed. 

     While he ate his meal, Paul often had to reach up and masturbate his dick hard. His shame in front of the family made it want to go soft. He didn't know how long he could keep jerking it without cumming. How long could a normal boy keep his prick erect without blowing? 

      Finally the meal was just about finished. Paul cleared the plates and served coffee. Then his father's cell phone rang. It was Matt. Everyone at the table froze. Paul's father listened with horror in his eyes. Then he hung up and with his face white as a sheet, he looked at his family. 

     "What is it, Dear?"  Paul's mom asked, her hand on her husband's arm. 

     "It was Matt. He asked how dinner was and then said Paul was such a good boy all day, that he deserves a reward. I'm supposed to film it for him."  His lower lip trembled and his hands shook.

     "What is is, Dear? What is Paul's reward?"  

     "He is to lie up on the dining room table, with all of us watching. And...and...he is to be masturbated to orgasm... by his mother!" 

     Everyone sat perfectly still in total shock for the longest time. Their labored breathing filled the room. Now Paul found fresh tears. 

    "Mom, you can't. That is the sickest thing I ever heard." 

    "Paul's right." Bud said. "Let them try to send us up for something we didn't do. Let them take us to court. I won't allow this to go any further." 

    "Think what you are saying, Bud. do you want Maria here to be alone? How will she live? We could be sent away for twenty years. What would happend to Mother? They would take our house, our car, everything." 

     Paul blinked and his jaw dropped open. "Dad, do you want Mom you want her to do this to me?" 


     Paul's mother had to control her trembling as well. "Your father is right, Bud. I have to do it." 

     "What about me? What about my feelings?" Paul said, his eyes red and his nose running. "I can't take it any more."

     "Paul, your father fought in a war. He saw young men only a bit older than you with their arms and legs blown off. He saw them with their genitals shot away. Some never came home. Those who did, put their lives back together again. If they can go through that, you can go through this! Now be a good boy and climb up on the table. Im your mother. There will be nothing sexual about this. We will beat Matt Henshaw at his own game."

     But her heart beat faster as she watched her naked teenage son with his strong thing legs and  big feet climb up onto the table. She saw his fat dick once again only half hard with a long string of pre-fuck hanging from the broad pisshole. She saw his huge cum laden balls swing and hit his thighs. What a lucky girl the girl who got him would be. What a wonderful lover he would make. Both her sons were so virile. Paul lay on his back and his father caught the scene with the camera. 

    "Spread your legs a little honey." His mom said. She reached down and her fingers gently touched his full young scrotum. He moaned. 

    "I can't look at this!" Bud said, turning his head. 

    "You got to. You got to watch. Matt's orders," Paul's dad said with a choked sound in his voice. "Your mothers never touched another man down there in all the years we been married. Have you, Honey?"  

   "Never. I love only you, Art. And I am not touching anyone in a sexual way now. I am just helping my baby boy to relax. Just relax, Paul. It will all be over soon." Her hands gently tickld Paul's fucksack to try to bring back his erection. "Come on, baby, let it get hard for Mommy. It's okay to get hard in front of Mommy. I'm here to help you." 

    Paul was wracked with sobs and his body twisted and turned on the table. His mother tried to calm him. 

    "How do you like it, baby? How do the girls at school jerk you? Can't you get it hard. Should I roll your nuts in may hand? Do you like it that way?" 

    'Oh God, I don't know. I don't know. I don't want it any way, not from you!" Paul almost screamed in horror at what was happening. 

     "We have to get you hard, Baby. I can't bring you off, if you won't help. Help Mommy do this." she rubbed one hand on his hard young stomach now, while with the other she gently picked up the limp penis and rubbed it. 

     "Oh God, Mom, please don't!"  Paul felt like vomiting. 

     "We have to help your father and brother. Now come on, help me do this!" Her hand rolled the teenage dick. Paul sobbed and brought his fingers up to his nipples and then took them away again. 

     "Would that help? Would it help if you played with your nipples? Lots of men like that. Go ahead, my darling boy. Play with your nipples while Mommy masturbates you." 

     Paul's toes curled and he pushed his heels against the hard wood of the table as he lifted his tight young ass up and flicked his own nipples. His mother's hand began pumping up and down, gently moving the skin of her son's fat cock. 

      "This is fucking unbearable!"  Paul's brother said, and Maria sobbed and buried her face in his chest. 

      "There we go. It's getting harder, Paul. It's getting nice and hard now. Oh and it's leaking too. Good for you. Think about some nice girl at school, Paul. Think about some hot girl at school, and we'll be finished in no time."  She kept her own sobs out of her voice. The teenage prick felt so good in her hand, she felt positively guilty. No, she could enjoy this. This was her own son's big dick. She reached down and cupped his teenage nuts and gently squeezed them to bring him off sooner. The fuckmeat was really huge now and pulsing. Her hand flew up and down. Paul's breathing grew heavier, more ragged. His own fingers flicked and pulled at his teenage boy tits. His lean lanky  body was covered with sweat. Paul's dad moved in for a close-up of Mother beating the prick of her own son. And then Paul screamd and tensed. His toes dug into the table his hands left his nipples and slapped the wood beneath him. His back arched. The hand pumped faster and a huge gyser of fuck shot out of the dick. Some of it splattered on her face. The rest of it arced high in the air and landed on Paul's naked torso and on the table. She squeezed his nuts harder and a second fountain of fuck sprayed the air. Paul was sucking in air and blowing it out like a whale. 

   And then it was over.  Everyone in the room looked down. Paul shut his young eyes to blot out the sight of his mother's cum splattered face. 

    There had to be a way out. There just had to.

         Bedtime was a nightmare of it's own. Paul had to sleep naked between his naked big brother and his brother's wife. No matter which way he turned it was agony. Being a normal, healthy high school boy, if he faced his sister-in law, his fat erect dick rubbed on her body. If he faced his brother, his cock rubbed his bro's muscular ass crack. If his brother faced him, Bud's huge thick uncut dick was pressed against Paul's cock or ass, and if Maria turned toward him, her pussy was right against his prick. Matt's orders were strict, he had to stay between them, and Paul's father had to take pictures of the three of them in bed. Neither Paul nor Maria had the heart to tell Bud that they had been forced to fuck by Matt. but the memory burned in both their minds. Paul's big brother was grateful that Paul was going through all of this agony to help the family, but at the same time, he was angry that this high school boy was rubbing his dick on his new bride. No one got a good night's rest. 

        In the morning, Paul woke from his light sleep first, feeling something wet on him. He looked down to see his big  brother's huge erect penis leaking all over Paul's stomach and crotch. Paul didn't know what to do. Pre-cum poured out of the thick hunk of fuckmeat and soaked Paul's crotch, prick and balls. Then he felt his sister-in-law's hairy pussy rubbing up against his ass cheeks and he remembered fucking her. His own teenage dick got rock hard and began to flop and rub against his older's brother's. The two cocks dick danced, sliding against each other. Paul's fucker thumped against his brother's lower belly. It was agony. Suddenly Bud opened his eyes and bolted upright in bed. 

    "What the Fuck?" he grunted, blinking and looking down at his own leaking hard-on and then at his younger brother's throbbing fuckmeat. "This is disgusting!" He spat and rolled from the bed. He stood up and stretched, his hairy armpits slick with night sweat. His balls hung low and full and also covered with sweat. And his massive leaking dick stood out from his muscular body like an crow bar. "This is not going to work!" he said looking down at his wife with longing. She was awake now too. Bud turned and stomped to the bathroom, his ass cheeks rising and falling as he walked. Paul found his breathing heavy, and his own dick leaking a small lake on the bed sheet. 

     No one spoke much at breakfast. They tried to avert their eyes from Paul's naked body as he served them. Paul kept eyeing the bowl of cereal on the floor for him. He would have to crawl down there like an animal to eat it, and they would have to watch. There was a knock at the kitchen door and Matt and two of his high school chums entered, big smiles on their faces. 

     "Hello Marshall Family, how are you this fine morning? I hope you slept well." Matt Henshaw  gloated at the sick humiliated faces he saw before him. Then he looked down at the cereal bowl on the floor.  "Oh good, I was hoping I would catch you before you ate your breakfast, Paul. That looks yummy, doesn't it? But It would taste better with some banana on the cereal."  He pulled a banana from his school bag and proceeded to slice it onto the dry cereal. Then to the horror of everyone at the table, he pulled from his bag, a plastic water bottle filled with dark yellow liquid.  "I Think you will enjoy this so much better than milk on your cereal."  It was obvious what it was. It was piss! As he poured the urine from the bottle onto the cereal the harsh acidic aroma filled the kitchen. Paul's mother let out a gasp and put her hands to her face. When the cereal was soaked with the piss, Matt smiled at Paul. 

     "Okay, buddy, down you go and enjoy your breakfast."  On hands and  knees, sticking his face into the bowl, Paul ate the piss soaked corn flakes. His fat teenage dick and balls swung between his legs and his ass rode high as he knelt there on the kitchen floor. 

     "Okay, Paul looks all clean and fresh and ready for school.  Who watched him while he showered and shit and pissed this morning?"  No one answered. "I said, who monitored his pissing and shitting?"  No one had it was clear. Finally Paul's older brother said, "We forgot." 

     Matt clicked his teeth and shook his head. "You forgot?  Well, then tonight Paul will have to be punished for your mistakes. From now one, every single time he pisses or shits at home, I want it caught on camera by one of you. I want to see his spread legs and the turds dropping into the toilet! I want close-ups and long shots...just like you are all little Scorseses. And tonight Paul will be punished for not reminding you.  Okay, Asswipe, get dressed for school."  

     Paul turned to go upstairs.  

     "Where you going, Shitface?" 

     "Ugh, to get dressed for school."  Paul was totally disoriented. 

     "You don't have to, we got your clothes right here." One of Matt's buddies threw down a pile of clothing. It consisted of a pair of tan khaki cargo pants which were four sizes too large for Paul. He had to hold them up or they would have slipped off, leaving him naked from the waist down. He actually had to gather the waist together and hold it in his fist to stop the pants from sliding right down over his hips and ass. The tee shirt was by contrast much too small. It left three inches of bare stomach showing. It was pink. There was an old pair of torn tennis shoes without socks. 

     "Goodbye, Son, we love you. We're so sorry," His dad said with tears in his eyes as Paul left with Matt and his friends to go to school. 

     School was the nightmare you would expect. Matt had arranged for Paul to suck off Freshman and Sophomore boys between almost every class. He had sucked twelve cocks by lunch. The younger kids really liked getting blown by an older guy, it made them feel important. Paul was fucked by his English teacher after class while Matt and two other bullies watched and instructed. "Come on, you can fuck that ass harder. Plow the little pussy balls deep!" Here was this sweet innocent gentle teenage boy sucking dick and getting ass fucked at school right during the school day. At lunch, Paul was given a sandwich by one of Matt's pals. Paul could see the senior guys at the far table watching him intently with  sparkling eyes and smirks on their lips. Paul carefully lifted the top piece of bread from the sandwich to discover peanut butter and jelly...and  snot! Five or six guys must have blown their noses on the sandwich. It was covered with nose slime and mucus and buggers. Paul wanted to puke. It was so horribly disgusting, he could not even look at it much less eat it. He closed his eyes and started to cry. He sat alone at a table because kids were avoiding him. He sat there with the sandwich in his hands crying.  

    "Something wrong, Marshall?" Mr. Carlson asked. He was the History teacher who monitored the lunchroom. 

    "No Sir." Paul said, red eyed. 

    "School can get a little rough now and then. Don't worry, we all have bad days. Buck up and eat your sandwich." The teacher patted him on the back and moved on. Then Paul heard Matt's voice behind him.  "Buck up, Paul and eat your sandwich." 

     " I can't. I'll puke!" 

     "Then you will have to lick up the vomit as well. Don't waste good senior jock snot! Why do you keep causing more trouble for yourself, Paul? Just do what I tell you to do! It's that simple. Life will be so much simpler for you, if you just don't think for yourself. Just follow orders. Now eat it!"  

      When  Paul bit into the sandwich, a roar of approval went up from the senior section of the cafeteria. They must all know what he was doing! Paul could taste the slime from the nose crap along with the peanut butter and jelly. He forced himself to swallow the horrible concoction. 

     Matt handed him an open milk carton.  "Here's some nice fresh piss for you to drink, too. You must be getting used to the flavor by now."  

     For dessert Matt placed before Paul a dish of vanilla custard covered with something. 

     "We had six Freshman boys jerk off on  your custard for you. Look at all that boy sperm!"   This time, a roar went up from both the senior and freshman sections of the cafeteria. Everybody knew what was happening to poor Paul Marshall.

     The plan was changed somewhat after school. It was Mindy Marston's birthday. She was a hot bitch that most of the senior boys had fucked and who did her own share of cocksucking. Consequently she was popular. The kids threw a birthday party for her. And Paul was the cake!  Believe it or not. He was stripped naked and placed on a rolling cart. His legs were tied back above his head so his young ass rode high, and a large candle was stuck in his asshole and lit. A smaller candle was stuck in the pisshole of his dick. In this manner he was wheeled in in front of thirty upperclass boys and girls.  Mindy was delighted. She slapped Paul's ass and his ball sack until he was sobbing. She dripped candle wax oll over his ass cheeks and nut sack. He was now not only the tortured plaything of Matt but also of half the senior boys and girls. They finally untied Paul from his painful position, only to make him get up on a table and dance naked for all of them. The girls squealed at his flopping dick and large balls. A high school boy, having to dance bare assed naked in front of his classmates. Eight senior boys took Paul into the locker room where he had to suck them off. Just as he was getting ready to leave, four more came in and he had to start all over. Paul Marshall had become nothing but a suck machine, a dick slop dump. His throat was clogged with cum and his lips and tongue were swollen from sucking. His balls and ass were covered with candle wax and hurt terribly. And now he had to face home again and the punishment he was to receive. What could it be? Poor young Paul Marshall trembled at the very thought of it.  

   The video camera was set up. Paul's mother and his sister-in law Maria were seated on chairs to watch as ordered by Matt. Paul's older brother was naked as ordered and there to assist. He had a really nicely developed mature young man's body and that huge dick that ran in the family. He was humiliated to be naked in front of his mother and shocked that His own humiliation was now a part of Matt's games. Paul's brother was a strong, rough masculine male, not gentle and fine like Paul. Paul's brother was not used to taking shit from anyone. But he also did not want to go to prison or see his dad suffer. So he too was trapped.  He stood there with his back to his mother so she would only see his naked ass and his hands over his fat dick and balls. His hands could not cover all his fuck equipment. Paul's father sat fully clothed in a chair in front of the camera and removed Matt's punishment instructions from an envelope.  

   He read them and shook his head,  tears in his eyes. He looked up at the camera. "I am about to administer Paul's punishment for Tuesday. Paul?"

   Paul walked naked into the room. His thick teenage erection bobbing in front of him. As ordered, he kept a hard on at all times when at home. This alone was extremely painful, not to say totally degrading. 

   "I'm sorry, Son. It says first you are to lie over my lap and I am to give you a spanking. I am to spank your ass until it is bright red. I am sorry Paul, but I can't go easy on you or Matt will not accept the video. I need to spank you quite hard."  

    Paul hung his head in shame. "That's okay, Dad. I understand." 

    "This is so fucking sick," Paul's brother growled, shifting from one naked foot to the other. 

    "Be quiet, Bud, please," Paul said, "Or it will only get worse."  

    With his family watching, the naked teenage boy lay over his father's lap. His erection had to fit down between his dad's legs. Then his father started to spank his ass. First one cheek and then the other grew hot under the strong hard slaps of the factory worker. Paul's ass globes vibrated from the power of the slaps. The shape of his father's hand could be easily seen on the pale ass cheeks. Paul's mom sobbed and put her hands to  her face again. Paul's naked brother worked the camera, so he could no longer hide his thick long penis and full balls from his mom's gaze. Paul's mother had had no idea her older son had such a huge fucker. She wondered how Maria could take that gigantic dick in her pussy and asshole. She knew that most  young married couples ass fucked as well as cunt fucked. That had not been so in her day. Things were so much more liberal now. 

   Paul was quietly sobbing with each new blow to his ass. His naked feet left the floor and his body jerked as slap after slap beat down on his tender teenage ass. Soon he was crying openly.  

   "Bud, can you get a close-up of Paul's ass. I think this should be red enough." 

   "No Dad, better give me a few more. We don't want Matt to think you are going easy on me,"the trembling boy mumbled. Paul's dad smacked the ass globes a few more times, then Bud zoomed in for a nice close-up.  

   "Jesus," Bud said," That ass looks raw."

   "It must hurt terribly, but it's not as bad as it looks. The color will soon fade away. All right son, ready for part two of your punishment?" 

    Poor abused Paul twisted his head back around to look at his dad. "There's more?" he couldn't believe it. 

    "I am afraid there are two more parts to your punishment. Let's just get them over with and then you can take it easy." 

    "For the Love of God, Art, do we have to do this?" Paul's mother was almost hysterical. Maria held her in her arms.

    Paul shook the tears out of his eyes. His ass felt like it was on fire. "Okay, what's next?" 

    "A beating on your scrotum!" 

    The high school boy rolled off his dad's lap onto the floor. Just to be safe, Bud followed the action with the camera. 

    "You're not serious? You're supposed to beat my balls in front of Mom and Maria and Bud?" 

    "I'm afraid so, Son. Twenty whacks on your scrotum with a wooden spoon!" 

    "No, Art, you will damage him for life!" Paul's mother screamed. 

     Bud snapped at his mother, "We don't have a choice, Ma! Do you want Dad and me to go to prison? Do you know what will happen to me there?" 

     "you're supposed to lie on the table with your knees up against your chest so I can get at your balls." 

     "I know the routine, Dad, Matt has hurt me this way before. It's the shame of having it done in front of everyone." Paul was so scared of the impending pain in his fucksack that he could hardly stand to move to the table. His legs felt like water. The cheeks of his red ass rose and fell as he made his way slowly to the table. 

     "I'll get the wooden spoon," Paul's dad said and disappeared into the kitchen to return a few moments later with the beating implement.  

     "If you hit him too hard, he won't ever be able to have children." Paul's mom said. 

     "If I don't hit him hard enough, Matt will make us do worse, much worse, believe me," Paul's dad answered, a grim look on his face. "Okay , Son, let's make the best of this. You bring your knees back and hook your arms around them. Do you want something to bite down on?" 

     Paul shook his head. He was too scared to speak. 

     "Got to make sure to keep your large penis out of the way. Mother, would you come and hold Paul's penis back against his stomach so I can get a clear shot at his scrotum?'

     Paul felt his mother's hand grasp hi now soft dick and hold it up against his stomach. She looked down at her son with sadness and sympathy. 

     He smiled a painful smile. "I'll be all right, Mom! We'll get through this together." 

     "Okay, Son. Matt's instructions are for me to wait thirty seconds between each swat to your balls. He says if I miss hitting the nuts directly, the swat does not count. Keep your legs spread wide, Son. If you close your legs we have to go back to one again!" 

      How sublimely sadistic it was. A sweet innocent teenage boy about to get his nuts beaten by his father, while his mother held his dick  out of the way and his brother filmed the entire affair.   

      And so the beating began. Paul knew that his dad had to hit him hard. Never in his life had he experiences such agony. Wave after wave of painful nausea coursed up through his body from his fuckbag. Each new hit sent more waves of gut wrenching pain spreading through his entire system. His toes curled. His body dripped sweat. His teeth clenched. The eyes rolled in is head. His mother sobbed and put a hand on his strong young chest. His tummy fluttered and his legs shook. He screamed in unbearable torment after the fifth swat. By the tenth he was only half coherent. 

      "God Forgive me, I am so sorry," Paul's dad said as he brought the wooden spoon down yet again to smack the swollen nuts in their soft skin sack. On fourteen Paul almost closed his legs. He just caught himself in time. His toes were white from being clenched and his hands left his legs to grip the side of the table.  

     "Art, he can't take any more!" Paul's mom said. 

     "We've got to keep going, or we have to start all over again."

     "Jesus, beat my balls instead, Dad..." Paul's brother shouted. 

     "God, no, Bud, we want to have a baby, don't we?" Maria screamed. The house was filled with confusion and disjointed emotion. 

     SMACK!  The spoon hit the boy's nutsack again.

      Paul thew his head from side to side. His hair was wet with sweat. He growled and grunted like a wounded animal now with each new blow to his teenage balls. Snot ran from his nose and his mother lovingly wiped it away. 

     SMACK!  Again. the nuts wobbled and shook in the flesh bag and grew still larger. 

     Finally it was over. Paul lay on the table breathing raggedly. His mother ran to fetch him a glass of water. 

    "You now have thirty minutes to rest before the final part of the punishment." Paul's dad said sinking defeatedly into a chair. Maria rushed up to hug her naked husband. "Why does he want you naked?" she whispered. 

    "I don't know, maybe it has something to do with the third part. Or maybe it's just to make us feel vulnerable and awkward. Who gives a shit. We got to do what we got to do. Someday I'll get back at Matt Henshaw. I swear to God."  He pressed his new wife against his manly chest, and she lovingly reached down and cupped his scrotum, grateful that no damage had come to his beautiful nuts. 

     Paul's mom washed her son's body. She bathed his swollen balls in warm water and put some aloe cream on his bruised ass. He kept his eyes tightly closed most of the time, willing the whole scene to go away. But soon the thirty minutes was up and he had to face his final punishment.  

     Paul's dad read the instructions.  "Matt hopes that you have learned a lesson, Paul. When  he gives an order, he expects you to obey. This entire incident could have been avoided. From now on make sure you are monitored whenever you shit or piss. Because you don't seem able to take care of yourself, after you shit, one of your family members will have to wipe your ass clean for you. Make sure you film this."  Paul's dad looked around in disgust. Everyone hung their heads in shame. "Now, for the last part of your punishment. For this one you have a choice. For the last part of your punishment, your brother will fuck you in the ass with a dildo! Your father will film it. You have a choice as I said. One dildo is ten inches long but of only average width. The other is only eight inches long but very thick! You choose which dildo you want your brother to shove up your ass! Your brother is to maintain an erection while he ass fucks you with the dildo. If his erection goes down, you will face further punishment. He is to shove the  dildo all the way into your asshole and then fuck you for fifteen minutes non-stop! You are to stand bent over for this part of your punishment." 

     No one said anything for a very long time. Then Paul cleared his throat and spoke in a very hoarse voice.  "Well, we'd better get to it, huh? I still have homework to do.

     "I don't know if I can do this, Bro..."  Bud said, eying the two huge rubber cocks. 

     "Of course you can, Bud! You have to!" Maria said, fire suddenly in her eyes. She was determined to protect her husband at all costs. 

      Paul stood bent over. Bud stood behind him with his prick rock hard. His big dick was awesome. Maria had masturbated it hard for him. He was to nervous to get an erection on his own. 

      "Is there some lube?" Paul asked. 

      "No Son, no lube. You need to take it dry!" 

      "Which one, Skipper?"  Bud had not called Paul that for some years. It was his boyhood nick name. 

      "The longer one. The thick one will rip open my asshole." 

      "Remember Bud, you need to fuck him hard or this will all be for nothing. We have to please Matt!" 

       Bud reached down and spread his little brother's ass cheeks. He placed the head of the longer pink dildo at the asshole entrance. Paul's legs almost gave out. 

      "Easy, Paul!"  Bud said, and then with his thick muscular arm, he shoved the rubber cock deep up the rectum of his little brother. 

       Everyone in the room screamed. Everyone, not only the boy in physical pain. The cock entered his asshole. He felt it churn in his guts. He felt the skin of his inner ass stick and cling to the dildo. Bud's dick bobbed and throbbed and started to go limp from the horror of it all. 

      "Keep your dick hard Son, or it won't count!"  Bud reached one large hand down and masturbated his own thick prick as he fucked the dildo in and out of his brother's ass. 

      Paul's mom caught herself not breathing. Paul's father caught himself sobbing as he filmed his older son naked and hard dicked fucking his younger one with a long rubber cock. 

       What kind of Hell were they all caught in? Would the nightmare never end? What more could Matt Henshaw do to them?  

    No one in the family spoke to anyone else for the rest of the night. Even Bud, barely kissed his new wife and curled up in a little ball on his side of the bed, the naked Paul sobbing himself to sleep between Bud and Marie. Paul honestly didn't know how much more of this he could take, even if it meant the destruction of his family. After all, he was just a normal teenage high school boy, not some super hero. The humiliation and abuse had worn him to a frazzle. His normally strong young voice, now shook and trembled when he spoke, and he was developing a stutter. His hands too shook almost continually. His shoulders slumped when he sat or stood. He was falling apart.  

    The next day at school, the nightmare continued. Nothing much happened during school. A few boys and girls laughed at him and called him faggot, but he just shut his mind to it all. He was ordered to keep his dick hard during class and had to play with himself as snickering boys looked on. But Paul felt basically ok. One thing did bother him. He needed to take a dump. He had been refraining from shitting at home because he had been ordered by Matt to do it in front of a family member. He just could not bring himself to shit in front of someone else, especially someone he loved. But the build-up of waste was starting to hurt and cramp the teenage boy.  

     After school he reported to the locker room. Matt ordered Paul to clean some of the spare sweaty filthy jockstraps of the boys while they were outside for sports practice.  Of course he had to clean them with his mouth. He sat there in the locker room, sucking on ball sweat, piss and cum, as he slurped on the elastic prick pouches of the boys in his high school. Each boy had his name on his jock strap in magic marker, so Paul always knew whose ball sweat he was sucking out. He pictured the face of each teenage boy as he  chewed and sucked on the prick pouch. He felt so lonely and abused that tears filled his beautiful young eyes and rolled down his cheeks. He was made to sit there bare assed naked amid a pile of used jock straps.  After an hour and a half, the boys came loping  back into the locker room, laughing and slapping each other on the shoulders and butts as they chatted about sports, cars and cunts. Shortly thereafter, Paul began his service! 

      Under Matt's mentoring, twelve high school jocks ages sixteen to eighteen stood in a line bare assed naked. The were normal healthy heterosexual jocks, so they felt nothing strutting around with dicks swinging in front of other dudes.Their talk of this or that high school twat continued. One guy mentioned a really hot sixth grade cunt, and talk shifted to whom who get their fucking hard high school dick into her bald little pussy first.  While they stood there and chatted, Paul crawled from boy to boy and licked and sucked jock asshole! 

That's right, matt ordered Paul to go from boy to boy and spread the young tight meaty ass cheeks and lick the ass crack and then tongue the asshole itself. None of the jocks had showered yet, so their asses were ripe with sports sweat. Some of their fat young nut sacks were actually still dripping with sweat. The stench was overwhelming to poor young Paul.

The boys helped him out by spreading their legs a bit, so he could better spread their ass globes. 

    "If he isn't do a good enough job boys, just let me know. Make sure you feel his tongue way up each of your assholes!" To be fair, some of the boys hadn't wanted to play this game they considered sick and opted out. They thought Matt's abuse of Paul was going a bit far.  Matt remembered whom they were. You didn't cross Matt Henshaw. But during sports practice, he did round up these twelve gung-ho jocks. Let's face it, teenage boys love to have their asses eaten, and get it done far to seldom. Most girls don't like to suck their boy friend's assholes. They somehow think it demeaning. And while the teenage sluts will hungrily lick jock cock and balls, assholes tend to turn them off. So the jocks went without good ass suckings for long periods of time. This can really frustrate a jock. His mind only ever hovers around two or three things: sports, video games, music, food, and sex. 

     Paul's humiliation was somehow doubled by the fact that he knew these boys. He had joked and hung out with them for years. They had been his buddies. And now at one word from Matt Henshaw, they had turned into his tormentors. They shifted from big naked foot to big naked foot, rubbing, stretching and tensing the muscles on their sweat slick teenage bodies as Paul Marshall spread each boy's ass cheeks and started to lick out the ass sweat. 

     "Oh, and Paul," Matt commented, observing his slave's work, "Make sure you suck on the asshole hairs as well. Get them nice and clean." It was fucking obscene. The fat teenage cocks of the boys started to erect. Some of them started to drip at once. Boys of that age erect fast and leak almost at once. 

     "Jesus Fucking God that feels so shitting good!" Charlie Stevens howled as Paul sucked on his puckered rectum. All the jocks laughed. A few other boys who were minding their own business and getting dressed at their lockers, or heading for the showers, glanced over to see the cute young high school kid with his face buried between the muscled ass cheeks of Charlie Stevens. 

     "Get it up there. Get that fucking tongue up my shithole, you fucking faggot!" Charlie yelled at the top of his lungs. The guys roared with laughter. Matt was fortunate to have a coach who was more interested in getting home to fuck his wife after school than to hang around to see the boys shower and dress. He put Matt totally in charge of the sports teams.

      Like most schools, the jocks here came in all shapes and sixes. There were tall thin boys with tight round asses, and husky boys with ass globes bordering on fat. Some of the boys had thin dicks, some short stubby fuckers, and some heavy tubes of fuckmeat. Their fucksacks too were all sizes and shapes.  The boys' bounced on their balls of their feet as Paul sucked their assholes. Their fuckers flopped up and down and long strings of pre-fuck hung from the gaping teenage pissholes. 

      "Fucking A Matt, you are the man, but if I don't shoot off soon, I'm goona' go nuts!" Kyle Lambert moaned, his meaty cock slapping his stomach."

       "Hang in there bro! As soon as the faggot is finished sucking ass, he's goona' suck all your dicks!" 

       To poor Paul, the room was spinning. He wasn't sure if it was from lack of oxygen from having his face buried in between teenage ass cheeks, or if it was just the humiliation. 

       "Hey, Matt, I don't think the faggot's tongue is far enough up my shithole!" James Carlson, a lanky black kid shouted. 

       "You heard the man, Faggot. Get that useless tongue deep up his asshole. I want your tongue to hit turd!"  The boys broke out in another fit of boyish laughter. 

        Finally Paul reached the end of the ass line. Then he had to start all over again, this time licking ball sacks and sucking dick. Matt suggested that the guys sit down on the long locker room benches so they could relax while Paul sucked their cocks. Paul of course was to crawl from boy to boy. 

      "Paul, show some respect for our team. Get your dick hard and keep it hard while you suck our dicks!" Matt commanded. A couple of guys who hadn't been into the ass sucking game came over and asked Matt if they could get their dicks sucked too, and since Matt was in a particularly good mood, he told them to join on in. Someone put some music on, so the jocks could kick back and relax until Paul got to their particular leaking hunks of teen porker. Some of the boys came quickly, but others want long full sucks and built up slowly to their orgasms. Some boys shot watery splatters of sperm into Paul's mouth, while other boys sprayed huge globs of thick wallpaper paste fuck slop down his throat or right onto his face. Paul was on his tenth dick when he could stand it no longer. 

      "Matt, I have a problem!" he mumbled, tears running down his face and mixing with the cum. 

      "What's up, buddy?" Matt laughed, mussing up Paul's hair. 

      " I need to take a dump." Paul whispered, his face red with shame. "I can't hold it any more. I haven't gone in two days."

      Matt shook his head and smacked his lip.  "That is not healthy for you. You see, you were scared to go in front of your family, weren't you? That is a hang-up we are going to have to work on. Well, come on, if you got to go you got to go."  

      "Thank you!" Paul stuttered, feeling a particularly thick glob of cum roll down his throat. 

      "No need to thank me. I'm your pal, Paul. Some day you will thank me for doing this to you, oh wait you just did!"  Matt laughed. Paul began to crawl toward the toilet area. 

     "Wait dude, that's far enough. Just kneel there and take your shit."   

      "Huh?"  Paul looked around. The boys were all watching him.  

      "Some of you dudes may want to get some pictures of this on your phone-cams. You can send them out to all the kids in the school." 

       "Oh God no, please, Matt. Don't do this!"  Paul was sobbing like a baby, and the jocks ran for the lockers to fetch their cameras. 

       "Now Paul, just keep your legs spread nice and wide and drop your turds. And make sure to look back over your shoulder so we can see your cute face." 

       "I won't. I won't do this. I'm not some kind of animal!" Paul screamed and Matt had to kick the kid in the nutsack to calm him down. The other boys returned with their cell phones and at once started to snap photos of the naked teen rolling on the floor and holding his bruised balls. More boys gathered to watch the fun. 

       "Okay, up on all fours, Paul and take your shit! And remember to smile at the cameras!" 

        Paul's stomach hurt so badly from the need to shit, he simply could not argue anymore. He grunted and farted and the room erupted in laughter. Then he squeezed and the tip of a turd appeared peeking out of his teenage asshole. 

      "Spread your legs wider.  Go ahead. Don't be shy. Take a nice shit for us!" 

       Paul's chest heaved with sobs as he felt the first turd log push its way out of his ass and plop onto the tiled locker room floor. A high pitched wail of despair escaped his lips. Cameras clicked and guys moved in for close-ups.  

       "This is fucking gross!"  One boy said, unable to watch anymore. 

       "That's what so sweet about it. Look what a sick filthy fuck this faggot is!"  The boys laughed and danced about, their hard dicks spraying the room with pre-fuck while Paul on all fours cried and shit! Turd after turd snaked out of his asshole and plopped onto the floor. Her started to involuntarily piss. Piss shot out of his penis, spraying his legs and pooling on the tiles beneath him.

        "I'm afraid out boy hasn't got proper control of his bodily functions. We'll have to work on that. I want these pictures and video clips sent to every girl in this school!" 

       Paul' body shook with the stress of shitting in front of almost twenty teenage boys. His shoulders trembled.  His ass crack was covered with shit. He was a fucking mess, mentally and physically. 

       "Hurry up, Paul, don't take all day. You still have more boys to suck off."  Matt reminded him. 

       Paul collapsed. He just fell onto the floor in his own piss and shit and curled up into a little ball. He lay there wracked with sobs. 

       "All done?  Good. Then be a good boy and carry your shit to the toilet and put it in! We can't have a messy locker room! You stank it up enough."  Matt walked over and nudged Paul in the face with his naked foot. He forced his big toe into Paul's mouth. "Come on, Fuckface...clean up your mess."  

       Groaning in agony, Paul rolled over and got to his knees. He looked down at the pile of shit. He reached out to pick up the turds in his hands. 

      "Ugh ugh! You need to crawl into the toilet to deposit your shit. You can't crawl properly with your hands full of turds.  You will have to carry the shit logs one by one in your mouth!" 

       Paul no longer felt human. He was an animal. He had no fight left. With one last great sob, he lowered his tear streaked face to the pile of shit and picked up a thick long turd with his mouth. The taste was chalky and bitter. He started to gag, but he held the turd between his lips. Then he turned and crawled toward the toilet stalls.  The boys snapped photo after photo of the teenager with shit in his mouth. Several times on his journey, Paul almost collapsed again. His legs didn't want to work. laughter rang in the hollow locker room. Guys began to spit on him. They were so disgusted by this fucking faggot freak. Paul had to make six trips to get all the shit off the floor. Shit covered his lips and coated his tongue. He had to make his mind a blank in order to keep his sanity. 

      "No be a good boy Paul and lick the floor clean!" 

       Paul tried to lick the shit off the floor, but the shit from his lips and tongue only made it worse. He looked up to Matt in supplication. Four or five jocks spit huge gobs onto the kid's sweet young face. 

       "Okay that's good enough. Now we need to wash your face and  mouth before you suck any more dick. Can't get shit on our dicks, can you?"  Paul dumbly shook his head from side to side. His eyes looked helplessly up at his teenage master. 

        "We can't have you washing your face in a sink or in the shower, we don't want shit there. I've got just the solution." Matt led the way into the toilet area of the locker room. Paul followed on all fours, and the gang of almost twenty teenage boys followed. 

       Smiling,  Matt sauntered up to one of the urinals, his fat teenage dick swinging. He grabbed some paper toweling and stuffed it in the drain hole and then replaced the mesh drain cover. then he stood back and took a nice heavy dark yellow piss into the urinal. It filled with his teenage jock piss. 

      He shook off his prick and turned smiling to Paul. A few drops of piss still clung to his fat dickhead, so he wiped his pisser in Paul's hair. 

      "There you go, Paul, you can wash your face in the urinal. Make sure to rinse out your mouth too. You've got shit on your tongue and we want to have it nice and clean to suck dick."  

       Paul crawled up to the urinal and stuck his face in the lake of piss. The guys appluaded and cheered.  Paul washed his face in the piss and gargled with it. It was much preferable to shit. I actually felt refreshing after the turds. 

     "If you're thirtsy, go ahead and drink some of it." Matt encouraged. 

     Paul slurped down some of the piss.  "That a boy. Drink some more!"   Paul drank more piss. One of the jocks moved up to the next urinal and started pissing. 

     "Maybe he'd like to taste some of mine!" he chortled. 

      "Good idea, Mike. Paul crawl over and taste some of Mike's piss. You might like his flavor better!" Paul crawled over and Mike started pissing right onto his face, his heavy thick jock fuck sausage spewing out dark yellow stinking piss. 

     "Don't waste any!" Matt advised. That is one hundred percent fresh jock piss. That is valuable stuff."  

       Another boy moved in and started to piss on the back of Paul's head.  

      "Turn your head Faggot taste some of this fresh piss!" 

       The boys were giddy with laughter as they all began to piss on Paul. More and more naked teens moved in, their dicks spraying urine. 

       "That's right, get yourself nice and clean, Paul. A nice piss shower. Then you can finish sucking our dicks!" 

        I know there are sick perverts out there whose fantasy dream would be to be pissed on by twenty naked teenage boys, but Paul was not one of them. Paul was a broken boy!

    When Paul arrived home that night, he was a fucking mess. His family were waiting for him anxiously. As soon as he stepped in the door, and they saw the wild, confused look in his eyes, they surrounded him. Paul could feel the affection from his family, but it didn't relieve the terror filled anxiety that now controlled his life.  He pushed them back, with  a desperate look on his face. 

   "Just a minute, jut a minute. I've got to strip. Matt will be angry!" he screamed at them, and he began to frantically rip the clothing from his sore, tired young teenage body. He didn't stop until he stood once again bare assed naked in front of his Father, mother, brother and sister-in-law. "Erect. I've got to be erect!" he muttered as if remembering instructions.  His hand went down to his dick and he started to frig it. Paul's family could immediately guess at the horrible ordeal he must have endured by the stink of piss coming from his body. His hair was sticky with sperm. His lips were swollen and chapped looking from sucking so much dick. He stood there in the entrance way to the living room, yanking on his teenage cock like a mad man. 

    "Paul, calm down, you're losing your mind. Take it easy. We can get through this!" His brother yelled. 

    "WE CAN GET THROUGH THIS? I'S ME WHO IT'S SUFFERING ALL THE SHIT TO PROTECT YOU!"  Paul screamed back. It was impossible to argue with the logic of that. Then Paul hung his head, his fat fucker sticking out over his full young balls, his sore abused nipples sticking out red and ripe. "I'm...I'm sorry. I just don't think I can handle this any more. Sorry!"  

    "You need an ice hot shower. You'll feel better."  His father said. 

    "There's an envelope there on the chair for you, Dad.  Matt says it's instructions for tonight's Family Activity Hour."  While Bud helped Paul to the bathroom to shower, Paul's father opened the large envelope and started to read. 

     "Oh my God! Oh Dear Lord help us!" he muttered. Tears began to run down his cheeks. His wife had never seen him this distraught, not even years earlier when his own father had died in an automobile accident. He turned to her. "It's bad, Mother, it's bad!" He had a habit of calling his wife Mother whenever it concerned one of the children or the family as a whole. 

      Paul was so exhausted form his ordeal at school, he could hardly walk. Still his hand kept working at his tired prick, keeping it erect, even as his muscular brother helped him to the upstairs bathroom.  

    "I swear to you Paul, if it's the last thing I ever do, I will get this fucker! I will find a way to bring him down! I know you are going through hell to protect us, but you understand, don't you. I just got married, I have a life ahead of me with Marie. I can't go to prison now! And think of Dad. It would kill both him and Mom if he had to serve time. And we're all innocent Paul, just like you. We just need to find a way to fight back. Some leverage. Be careful, your dick is leaking everyplace. Yu just need to keep it hard, you don't ned to to yank it off!"  

     "if it's even a little soft, he will punish me. He will do something terrible to me. You don't know the kind of things he makes me do!" Paul said, pulling on his dick and tits to make sure he had a full erection. 

     "You have got to take it easy, Paul. You'll have a nervous breakdown!"  

     Paul looked at his handsome big brother.  "SHIT. HE MADE ME PUT SHIT IN MY MOUTH!" 

     Bud shook his head, tears filling them. "The motherfucking bastard!"  

     Paul leaned on the sink while Bud turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature. Paul looked at himself in the mirror. His face was crisscrossed with visible cum tracks. His hair had dried globs of cum in it and was also stiff with boy piss. 

     "Here, Bro, climb in. You'll feel better!"  Paul, still in a daze, his erect prick sticking out from his groin like a flag staff, stepped into the shower. He blessed hot water slammed down on him, washing away the stink of his school ordeal. He opened his mouth and took gargled in the shower spray. He felt hands on his body, and turned to see Bud lathering him up. Bud ran his soapy hands over Paul's shoulders and back. He gently massaged his brother while he did this. 

    "Here, just a minute," bud stood back and peeled off his body hugging tee shirt and shucked off his jeans and underpants. Then, as naked as Paul, he stepped into the shower with his brother. 

    "Stand still and relax. let me massage you and wash this crap off your back." 

     Paul knew something was happening to him. He knew that his time as a sexual slave to Matt was twisting his young mind. Otherwise there was no explanation as to why his eyes went immediately down his his big brother"s long fat meaty flaccid dick and his heavy balls. Paul was hung large for a teenager, but Bud's fuckmeat was enormous. The guys at the plant teased him when he stripped and showered in the company locker room. They called him Horse Prick and teased him that his poor wife's cunt must be stretched like a fucking train tunnel by now. For all  his size, Bud was a quiet, shy man. Now he soaped up his brother's back and leg his hands go down to wash the cum from the kid's tight round ass cheeks. 

     "What the fuck, did they beat you too? You are all black and blue."  Paul frigged his hard dick a little as Bud gently touched the black and blue marks on his brother's ass. 

      "They kick and punch me a lot. Sometimes Matt has them use their belts. Mostly it's if I don't suck dick with enough enthusiasm. Or if  don't use my cunt muscles...sorry my ass muscles when they are fucking me."

      "I'm going to kill the son of a bitch. Here turn around."  Paul turned and his thick teen prick rubbed across his brother's groin. 

      "Sorry about that!" Paul said. His brother rubbed soap on he boy's chest. "Be careful, my tits are all sore too."  Paul felt something down at his stomach and looked down. He was shocked to see that Paul's gigantic dick was erect and flopping against his brother's flesh.

      "Shit, I'm sorry Paul, it's just a reaction. It don't mean anything. It's all this talk of abuse and bullying. And your skin is soft like a chick. Sorry!" 

      Bud's wrist thick prick slapped against his younger brother as Bud washed Paul's hair, chest and neck. The odd thing was that Paul didn't even mind. It was actually somehow comforting. 

      Bud looked at his brother. "Remember when you were ten or so and asked me how to jerk off, and I showed you? Remember I even helped you out and did it for you?"  

     Paul managed a smile. "I helped you out too, lot's of times. Most kids do that, I guess."  

     'Yeah," Bud said, lathering up Paul's hair again, while his fat fuckmeat thumped against Paul's tummy and Paul's erect prick slid under his brother's heavy ball sack. 

     "I just wish I could help you out of this mess, just as easily. There has got to be a way."  

     "You are going to have to hurry, Bro, I just don't know how much longer I can hold out."   Bud hugged his abused brother, and felt his own ten inch prick pressed between their bodies. "Marie thinks you are so brave." 

       Paul trembled in his brother's grip. Bud still did not know that Paul had been forced to fuck Marie. 

      "We'd better get down to dinner!" Bud said, pulling back, a long string of pre-fuck connecting his dick to his brother's chest. Both boys stepped out of the shower, rampant dicks standing out and up.  Bud blushed.  "Shit, who'd have ever thought we'd end up both of us with such huge dicks?"  

       Paul managed a smile. "We should have known. Dad is hung like a horse. Remember when we were kids, trying to get a peek at it?" The boys began to towel off. 

     "You want me to towel you dry, Bro?"  Bud asked. 

      "Naw, I'd better do it myself. I've got to keep this hard on for Matt and if you rub my body any more, I am liable to blow!  But thanks, Bud. Thank's for you love."  

      "And thank you for what you are doing for the family."  

       The family had dinner as usual, with a naked and hard pricked Paul serving the food. His mother still had a hard time dealing with it and looked away. 

      "Mother, Matt has instructed that you not turn away, but look at your son's penis and balls!"  

       She turned back to see Paul's dick inches from her face.  She remembered when he was a little boy and how tiny and sweet looking his dick had been then. 

Marie too had thoughts during dinner. She looked at Paul's swollen pulsing prick and wondered if it was a bit smaller, the same size or even a bit thicker than Bud's. She knew a good wife should not have these thoughts, but she admired Paul for all his suffering. And in bed the last few nights, it was Paul's naked body rubbing up against her, since Matt has ordered him to sleep between Bud and Marie. She and Bud hadn't even had a decent chance to fuck for days. And she knew how much Bud loved to have his asshole and balls licked. She missed the salty taste of his nuts and the tang of his moist asshole. That may sound lewd, but facts are facts and Marie and Bud had a very sensuous love life. 

      Finally dinner was finished and the family was gathered in the living room. Paul was naked as always and playing with his prick to keep it hard. He was very tired and wanted to go to bed. He had not even thought about schoolwork. Across from them, on a tripod, stood the ever present video camera.  

     "Well, I've read Matt's instructions for the evening..."  Paul's father began, clearing his throat. "Mother will run the video camera for us." 

     'Oh Goodness, I don't know how to do that..." the pretty women blushed. 

     "There is nothing to it Mother. Marie, you will read the directions that Matt has written out. And Bud, you, Paul and I will perform!"  

     But turned to his dad with a frown. "Perform?"  

      "Well, I'm very sorry, but Paul will do most of the performing.  You see Matt wants a video of him performing oral sex on us!" 

      You could have heard a pin drop in the living room. No one quite believed what they had just heard. 

      "Dad, are you saying Matt wants Mom to film Paul sucking our dicks?"  

       On the couch, Paul began to tremble. He could not control his shaking. It was  like an icy wind had just entered the room. 

       "I'm afraid so son. Marie will read the directions. None of you have any idea how awful I feel about this. As head of the family, I should be able to protect you, and here I am, a victim, just like you. We are all innocent victims of the fucking system."  He stared to cry. 

       'I can't have Marie watching me get a blow job from my own brother!" Bud said, pounding his fist so hard on an end table that one leg broke. 

       It was Paul's mother who was the voice of reason.  "What choice do we have?" She said quietly, and somehow that settled it. 

         Paul's dad and Bud sat naked in small armchairs, their legs and large feet spread wide. Their flaccid pricks hung heavy over fat drooping balls. Paul had not seen his father's cock in years and was amazed not only at it's length but at the thickness. Paul knelt in front of them, his own hard dick leaking as instructed. 

        The paper with the instructions rattled in Marie's frazzled hands. 

       "Okay...okay. Paul you are to crawl to your Dad and lick his dick and balls. Lick only. It says make sure you lick the cockhead and lift each nut on your tongue. 

       "I'm so sorry , Son!"  Paul's dad whispered, tears in his eyes as he looked down at his naked boy kneeling between his thick hairy thighs. It wasn't lickign dick that bothered Paul. Goodness knows he had licked enough dick in the past few days. He was used to that. It was the fact this this was his own father' cock. This was the cock that had fucked him into being! 

       "I don't know if I can do this, Dad!' Paul moaned, his lower lip quivering with fear. 

      "You can, Son. Just pretend that I am another one of the boys at school that you have to suck off!"  That was totally the wrong thing to say, but what can you do? It just came out. Paul's mother let out a sob, and as instructed moved the zoom in to focus on her husband's thick veiny, hairy prick and balls. After all these years, she still thought it the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. She used to sleep with her face down by his dick and balls all  night, licking and sucking on it, like a baby on a pacifier, just like Marie often did to Bud now. 

      "Lick my cock and balls, Son. Let's get this Devil's work over with!"  

       Paul could smell his dad's fuckmeat as he leaned in. His tongue took a swipe at the helmet of his father's fucker.  It tasted no differently than the cocks he had licked and sucked at school. Maybe the taste was a bit stronger, headier, but that was all. He started to lick dick. After going up and down the shaft, and feeling the fuckmeat stretch and thicken beneath his tongue, he moved  down to the huge balls in their thick, hairy leathery wrinkled sack.  Paul's dad slouched down in the chair a bit, giving his son better access to his nuts. Paul lifted each nut on his tongue and licked the salty sweat taste from the sack and ball hair. He felt his dad's erect prick slap his forehead.  He heard his mother sob. 

      "Now crawl over and lick...lick Bud's dick and balls the same way!" Marie said with a tremor in her voice. 

       On all fours, teenage high school student Paul Marshall, crawled from his father rampant prick over to his own brother and started to bathe the stud's thick wrinkled dick and bloated nuts with his spit. Bud's fucker smelled soapy from the shower they had taken together. His nuts had a fresh, clean smell to them. Paul thought they were the best tasting of all the scrotums he had licked that day. He had to mentally slap himself. Jesus, he was actually comparing the taste of ball sacks! What was happening to him? 

       When both father and son's genitals were bathed with teenage spit, and both dicks were fucking huge with throbbing erection, Marie went on. 

       "Now crawl over and lick the armpits of your dad and then Bud.

       Jesus Christ, Paul had to lick his own father's armpits!  His dad held his arms up, giving Paul access to the sweaty, hairy pits. Paul licked dutifully.  Then he repeated the job on Bud, who once again smelled and tasted soapy and clean. Paul's dick gave a little lurch and some pre-fuck bubbled out as he licked away at Bud's pits. Marie was amazed, as it looked like Paul was truly getting off on licking out her husband's hairy armpits. 

       "All right, next their feet! Lick their feel, paying attention to each toe. Clean under the toe nails with your tongue. We want a close up of each foot and how clean it looks when you are finished." 

        Paul did not enjoy this part. Somehow the feet of guys repulsed him. He felt sick to his stomach as he sucked on his father's toes.  Bud had big well arched feet and it didn't bother Paul quite so much. 

      "All right, now...oh Dad, Bud, you are to turn around and...and kneel on the chairs and Paul you are are to lick and suck the asses of your father and Bud."  Paul sat in the middle of the floor, crying like a baby. He could not bring himself to do this. For five minutes he sat there, legs spread, dick going down, tears dripping from his chin, shaking his cute young head, muttering that he could not do it. 

      "SON, YOU ARE DOING THIS TO SAVE YOUR FATHER AND BROTHER. YOU CAN DO IT!"  It was his mother's voice, once again sure and strong. Women are often strongest during crisis. 

      "Mother, I..I don't think I can! It's so sick. It's so dirty."  Paul sat there, legs spread, limp dick leaking, shaking his head. 

      'Tell me son, did you lick the asses of the boy's at school?"  

       Paul looked up at his mother and slowly nodded his head. He felt so ashamed.  


       Paul's dad knelt there, spreading his beefy ass with his hands while his teenage son crawled over and started to lick up and down the asscrack. His dad's ass was quite hairy and the asshole itself was buried within a jungle of asshole hair. The older man's huge low hanging balls swung as Paul licked up and down the ass crack. 

      "It says here, don't miss the asshole. Make sure to stick your tongue way up the asshole!" Marie read. 

      Paul sighed and forced his tongue into the dense matt of ass hair and into the puckered hole itself. Paul's dad let out a gasp as he felt the tongue of his teenage son enter his rectum. "Oh fuck , son, that feels good!" Again he hadn't meant to say it. It just came out. But it did feel good. His wife didn't suck his asshole any more. She hadn't in several years, and the man sorely missed it. He remembered back to his own days in high school when the thing all the jocks were talking about was getting this or that bitch to lick and suck their asses. It was lek earning some kind of merit badge when a bitch sucked your ass. Now his own high school aged son was licking and sucking his ass!  The tongue probed deeper and Paul gagged. 

     "Easy, Son!" his dad said, wiggling his ass and pressing back toward his son's face. He just could not help it. It felt so damned good. As Bud watched from the other chair, his dick started to twitch and strings of pre-fuck ran from the pisshole to the floor. Marie watched wide-eyed. When it came to sex, there was no doubt in her mind whatsoever that men were like animals! 

     "With your tongue up your father's asshole, suck on the...suck on the asslips."


      "Now crawl over and repeat the same thing with...Bud!" Marie could hardly get the words out.  Paul pulled his face out of his father's spit slick ass. With a sigh of regret, the older man, let go of his ass cheeks. Paul, his face glistening with spit and ass juice, turned to crawl over to Bud. His older brother knelt with legs spread wide and weighty nuts hanging amazingly low in their lightly haired velvet smooth sack. In each of his large hands, he gripped one muscular ass cheek. His breathing was heavy. He tugged at the ass globes and they spread, revealing a lightly haired crack with a bright pink puckered asshole. 

    Paul stopped breathless for a moment at the sight of it. It was strangely beautiful. The asshole itself was so perfect, like a geometric shape out of one of Stanley Kubick's films.  It seemed to pulse and wink at him. He crawled mesmerized by the asshole. He stuck out his teenage tongue and licked up and down the crack, almost in a hurry to lick the rose bud asshole itself. What was wrong with him? What was happening to him. He flicked his tongue up and down over the asshole wanting to give his brother ultimate pleasure. The soft heavy balls swung and gently bumped against Paul's neck. He made his tongue as pointy as possible and inserted it into the moist, dark, soft asshole! He started to fuck his tongue in and out of the hole. He wanted to taste Bud's rich ripe inner ass taste. Without being told he sucked at the puffy ass lips as his tongue buried itself in his brother's shithole. He somehow felt comfort there He felt safe. Safe and away from the terror of Matt Henshaw and his buddies. Bud started to moan and shoved his muscular ass back at his little brother's face. He moved his hips so the asshole ground against Paul's face. Spit dripped from the asshole down onto the low hanging nuts. Paul caught some of the spit on his tongue and pushed it back into the wet shithole. Paul's dick was spurting little sprays of pre-fuck onto Bud's feet and legs. Paul started to him his dick against his brother's foot and ankle like a fucking dog in heat. 

    "ENOUGH!' Marie screamed with a sob in her voice. Both young men looked around as if coming back to reality. "Now you have to suck their dicks!" 

     Both cocks were huge. Paul felt shamed to have his father's fuck hog in his mouth The older man held back and let Paul do most of the work. He only slid eight inches in, not wanting to choke the boy. He knew how much trouble Paul's mom had taking it all. Paul sucked as hard and quick as he could, feeling terrible that this was his own dad's meaty tasty prick in his mouth. Tasty? That's right. Once again, Paul was comparing the taste of the cock to the taste of the teenage dicks at school. The flavor here was stronger, fuller. His father grunted and screamed, 'I'm sorry..." as the cum blasted out of his penis into his own son's mouth. Paul was swallowing his own unborn brother or sister! The cum coated his tongue and throat. It filled his mouth. He was instructed to turn and show the camera his jizz filled mouth before he swallowed the last mouthful. Paul's father slumped in the chair, ashamed and guilt ridden, his dick now growing limp and trailing strings of cum down to the floor. Now, Paul had to suck off Bud. He has to suck the monstrous dick of his own brother!  He crawled toward it with trepidation. Bud actually sat there stroking the huge red throbbing fucker. Paul could smell the cock from across the room. The warm comfortable soapy smell was gone, replaced by the stink of animal lust. The balls rolled and swung below the throbbing fucker as they hung over the end of the chair seat.  Paul's brother had a dazed, dark, animal look in his eyes. It was a dangerous, almost nasty look. He licked his full lips as he watched his little brother crawl toward his leaking fuckmeat. Bud's nipples were hard and pointed on his meaty pecs. He spread his hairy legs wide apart and curled his toes as Paul reached the dick and he could feel his little bro's breath on his fucker. Pre-cum bubbled out and Paul without thinking stuck out his tongue and caught it. 

     "Good boy!" Bud whispered without thinking. Paul tated his brother's pre-fuck. Then he once again licked the plumb sized dickhead. The fat pisshole opened and closed. "Suck it, Paul!" Bud said quietly but with ultimate authority. 

      Paul sucked his brother's dick. He sucked it as he had never sucked a dick before. He didn't just suck it. He made love to it. He worshipped it. He worked hsi tongue under the cockhead while he sucked the huge knob between his teenage lips. He brought up his hand to cradle and roll the heavy nuts as he took more and more dick into his mouth. 

   "More, take more you cocksucker!"  Bud shouted, thrusting his hips up to force more dick into his little brother's mouth. Paul choked and tried to pull back, but Bud had him by the ears He pulled the boy's face onto his dick, and the cock worked it's way down into Paul's throat. Paul's face was impaled on prick! He could not breath, but somehow it didn't matter. He sucked and worked his lips and tongue as more and more dick was forced down his throat. Paul's mother zoomed in to catch the huge thick lump in Paul's neck as dick was forced all the way down. Bud pulled on the boy's ears and buried the kid's face in his pubes as ten inches of wrist thick prick throbbed in Paul's throat. And then with a scream straight out of the jungle, Bud pulled back. Marie knew that scream. Bud pulled his dick out of Paul's face and the cock erupted, splattering the kid with wallpaper paste thick baby batter! It had hardly been a cocksuck at all. It was an animalistic face fucking that lasted only a few mintues.  More and more cocksnot sprayed Paul's face. Cum ran from his chin in rivulets. He licked his lips and his tongue was coated with thick globs of spunk. A third blast of fuckslop got him in the eyes and shot up his nose. 

    And then the room was silent except for the heavy breathing of Bud and Paul.  

    "I'm sorry. I'm sorry, everyone, " Bud said, looking at the fucking mess he had made. "I'm sorry, Marie, you know how I get. I didn't mean anything by it. Mom, Dad, I'm sorry...sometimes I just get so into sex. You can ask Marie. It's like I become an animal. Honest to God, Paul I am so sorry!" 

     "It's all right!" The cum splattered boy on the floor answered. And strangely enough, it was!

    Bud must have told both Paul and Marie he was sorry a hundred times that night. As the three of them lay naked in the same bed. Bud and been unable to control his male animal lust and had fucked his brother in the face like a madman. The high school boy was in a state of shock. As he lay in bed, facing Bud as he always did so his dick would not touch Marie in his sleep, he tried to make sense of what was happening to him. He truly felt he could not continue with this constant abuse much longer. It was killing him. Christ. He has sucked his own father's huge fat cock. He was a father cocksucker! He had sucked out his own father's asshole! How much more degenerate could a human being get? The high school boy started to sob harder and harder. He felt Bud's hand on his shoulder. 

   "Hang in there little brother. We'll find a way to beat this asshole, I promise you."  Bud gently rubbed Paul's shoulder. Then Paul felt a thumping on his belly. It was not his own dick, but his brother's huge fucking cock hard once again and gently beating a rhythm against Paul's lower abdomen. Paul tried to move back, but Bud's hand was firm on his shoulder. They were only inches from Marie, Bud's wife. Bud began to gently rub his dick up and down on Paul's smooth stomach. Paul didn't know what was happening. He didn't know how to react to such a bestial act. What would Marie think if she knew?

   "Marie, are you still awake?" Bud asked. 

   "Yes, came the answer from his wife who was turned away from the two brothers on her side of the bed.

   "Marie, you know how sorry I am I got carried away during the video shoot. I just lost it. The animal in me took over. I am so ashamed to behave that way in front of Mom and Dad and especially you. But I just got sexually so desperate  that I lost control.  You know how much I love you. You know it's only you I love."  

    All the while he said this, he rubbed his huge leaking dick head on Paul's stomach. The cock leak was coating Paul's pubic area and running down over his dick. 

    'You know Marie that you are the only one I ever want to fuck or to have suck my dick. You know you are the love of my life."  Bud was a large muscular dude. Paul didn't know what to do and how to move. He lay there stiff and scared. Then Bud took Paul's hand and put it down to the fat thumping leaking fucker. He wrapped his brother's hand around his dick and started the boy gently masturbating it. 

    "I know you love me, Bud. And I love you. But this is so hard for all of us, especially Paul. And for you to treat him so roughly. Think what that monster Matt will think when he sees the video. I know you have a strong sexual need, but still, he is your own brother!"  Her voice came out of the darkness of her side of the bed. 

    'You know I would never even think of doing anything with a guy. It was pure stress and lust and the fact that we had no choice. somehow it carried me away." 

     Paul was masturbating his big brother's thick dripping dick while his wife lay inches away. 

    "If Paul wasn't made to sleep between us, IO would fuck you so hard right now baby. You would see how much I love you. I would fuck you until my balls were half way inside your cunt!"  Paul was in shock. His own brother was getting off by being jerked off by him while he talked dirty to his wife. Bud's prick was literaly pouring out pre-fuck. It was all over Paul's hand and forming a little lake on the bedsheet between their bodies. Bud scooped up three fingers full of fuckslop and then brought his hand up to Paul's face. He started to force his dicksnot slick fingers into Paul's mouth. The young high school was freaking out. FUCKING FREAKING OUT. His own brother! The scum coated fingers entered his mouth, and Paul tasted Bud's cock slime. All of this was done gently, quietly, slowly so that Marie had no idea. 

     "You know how much I love to have you sucking on my dick and balls, Marie. It's just the best thing in the world." Bud said, urging Paul's hand to keep frigging the fat leaking hunk of fuckmeat.  He scooped up more dick sauce and forced Paul to suck it off his fingers. Paul's face was now coated with his older brother's pre-fuck. It was obscene! Paul thought he would lose his mind. Had the whole world gone nuts. Now his own brother was sexually abusing him right in front of Marie.

     "You know, Marie, Paul's mouth doesn't feel nearly as good around my dick as yours. He doesn't really know how to suck dick like you do!"  Bud shoved four fingers deep into Paul's mouth. Cock slime slid down Paul's throat. 

     "Bud, don't talk that way in front of Paul. He has enough problems. You know I want to make love to you too. I only wish all of this horror was over and Matt Henshaw was put away someplace where he couldn't hurt anyone ever again."  

     Paul felt his brother's fucker swell up even larger and then he felt it grow tight and rigid in his hand. The big nuts drew up and then the prick spewed out rivers of cum. Cum soaked Paul's pubic mound and his own teen dick and balls. Cum formed a tiny lake in the bedsheet between them. Cum shot up over Paul's chest and some of it even reached his chin. Paul had never known anyone to cum as much as his brother. It was like a hose blasting water! And the cum was thick and gooey like paste. Bud covered his orgasm with a fake cough. He pretended to have a coughing fit.  

     "Are you all right honey?" 

     "Yeah, I just swallowed wrong or something. I'm just so upset with all of this!"

     "Should I get you a glass of water?" Marie sat up in the darkness and turned toward her naked brother-in-law and her husband. 

     "No, I'm fine. Just go  to sleep darling."  

     After a moment, Marie lay back down. 

     Paul was terrified to move. His chin, neck, chest, and belly were covered with a layer of fresh sperm. He could smell it. His own dick was rock hard. He still held Bud's fuck sausage in his hand. It was still huge even though it was growing flaccid. More prick sauce poured out of the pisshole. 

     Buds large hand went down to the fuck slop mess. He scooped up a handful of cum and then brought it to Paul's face. Paul could feel his sperm coated fingers in the dark, prying open his mouth. Paul tried to resist, but Bud was strong and insistent. The thick workman's fingers, coated with slimy spooge entered his mouth. Paul was sucking the sperm off his brother's hand! The cum was thick in his mouth and clotted up in his gums and on his palate. It slid like lava down his throat. Paul was panic stricken. This was not the brother he knew. The hand went down to gather more of the fuck waste. It came up and this time, Bud spread the cum all over Paul's face.  His other hand went to Paul's fat nipple and began to twist and pinch it. Two thick fingers forced cum up into Paul's nose. 

     Then Bud leaned in close to whisper into his little brother's ear.  "I can see what Matt Henshaw likes about doing this shit to you!"

      The next day, Paul's abuse began early.  His Mom watched him shit and piss and helped him wipe himself as instructed by Matt. It was humiliating but he was actually getting used to the degraded feeling. Matt arrived to drive Paul to school and insisted that Paul wear a plain brown tee shirt, but also a huge pair of brwn pants with a waist so large that Paul had to hold them to keep them from dropping around his ankles. Of course not underwear was allowed. Paul had to suck off Matt and two of his pals on the way to school. So he'd already had three dicks spew in his young mouth by the time they reached the campus. 

     Everything basically went all right until he was ordered to report to the boy's can during his free period. He was immediately so scared he could hardly walk.

He knew he was about to face more pain and humiliation. His legs felt week and his head felt clouded and thick. He somehow had to blink often and hard to keep things in focus. He noticed that his hands trembled all the time now. Five guys including Matt were waiting for him in the can. One of them was Steve Cashman,one of the worst bullies God ever put on this earth. Steve was nasty through and through. For fun, the handsome high school senior would make boys in fifth, sixth, and seventh grade eat his boogers! He would force them to lick his sweaty armpits. school rumor had it he'd forced more than a few lower school boys and girls to suck his dick. Although I have heard that that is a common teenage practice in many K through 12 schools. After all High school boys have sexual needs and they have to get off! 

      Paul was ordered to strip bare assed naked while Matt posted an "OUT OF ORDER" Sign on the toilet door. Then the five jocks also stripped. Paul couldn't understand why they at least couldn't wait until after school to be sucked off. He crawled from boy to boy, licking their sweaty balls and growing dicks.  Sometimes for fun, two boys tried to push their dicks into his mouth at the same time. Paul gagged and spewed up something onto the tiled floor and was made to lick it up again. Paul swallowed the loads of everyone except Matt who delighted in watching. Then the boys gathered around and pissed on Paul. This was nothing new. Paul hoped that this would temporarily be the end of the abuse. But he was wrong. 

     "Paul, do you know what is on the agenda for your at home family hour tonight?"  

     Paul shook his head dumbly. His tongue started to roll back in his mouth in fear. 

     Steve Cashman leaned in and gently kicked Paul several times in the nuts.  Paul drew his knees together. 

     "What the fuck is wrong with you, Asswipe? Spread your legs apart so my buddy Steve can kick you in the nads if he wants to!" 

     Paul spread his legs with a whimper and Steve continued to kick the boy's scrotum. They were not hard violent kicks, but rather gentle but insistent taps with his toes right on the nuts themselves. The pain built and grew. It tore at Paul's lower region, and he felt nauseous.  

     "I asked you a question Paul. Do you know what is on the agenda for tonight?"

     "No Sir!" Paul was so damned cute when he looked up at Matt that way with that subservient look in his eyes. 

     'Your Daddy and your big brother are going to fuck your ass!" 

      Paul lost it, he fell onto his stomach and hugged Matt's bare leg. He began to kiss his feet and suck on his toes. "Oh God, no, please Sir, not that. Please not that!" He wailed between kisses to Matt's bare foot. 

     "Imagine how good it will feel to have Daddy's big fat cock up your asshole. And Bud's humongous fuckmeat! That will rip you open!"

     "NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!" Paul blubbered, licking Matt's leg. 

     "I really liked watching the video of you sucking them. That was fucking sick man, sucking your own dad and bro!" Steve chimed in and the other guys agreed. 

     "Oh yeah,I sent that video of you sucking to one hundred and thirty boys at this school. And most of them are anxious to see you get fucked by your dad and bro." Steve had moved around and spread Paul's legs and was once again kicking the boy's balls this time from the rear. 

      "Oh God, no, Please Matt. Anything. Anything but that!" 

      Matt looked down at the groveling boy and smiled. He spit down onto Paul's face. "I'm here to help you buddy. Both your daddy and your big bro have awesome dicks, thick as hell, and  quite frankly I am worried as to whether your cute little butt will be able to take it. You do have the sweet tight little butt of a fourteen year old you know. So Steve here volunteered to help you out! The boys want to watch, but Steve is going to do all the work. He was kind enough to offer to stretch your asshole a bit so that tonight you can comfortably accommodate your dad and bro. So what say, Paul. Crawl on into that stall and keel up on the toilet seat for us!" 

     Paul was in such a state of shock he could hardly move, and the boys had to kick and slap him to get him going. At last he was in the filthy stall, kneeling up on the toilet seat facing Matt. 

    "No, you dumb shit, turn around. How can Steve stretch your ass that way. Steve has had extensive experiences stretching the cunts and assholes of girls. It's kind of a hobby for him."

    "The younger the bitch the better..." Steve chortled, and the other boys laughed and agreed. 

     "That's right, Paul, show us that pretty teen faggot ass. Look at that ass boys. Isn't that gorgeous? Spread your legs so we can see your nuts. Just spread them as much as you can on the toilet seat top."

    "Do you keep him hairless like that, or doesn't a faggot grow much hair down there?" One of the boys with limited faggot experience asked, rubbing his bare dick. 

     "Oh no, He keeps himself that way to please me. He does everything to please me. Every fucking thing. Now Paul, Steve is going to help you out, but shoving his hand up your asshole!" 

     "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" Paul yelled and tried to crawl away, but he was held still by the boys. He twisted and tried to scramble off the toilet seat perch, but Matt slapped him hard across the face. 

     "No funny business now! Put your feet on the floor and straddle the toilet seat to keep your cunt open. You can hold on to the toilet seat."  

     'You can't do this to me!" he moaned. tears dripping off his chin. 

     " Of course I can. I can do any fucking thing I want to you, and you know it. Today, I want your asshole stretched. Steve's never done it to a guy before."

     "Shit, it's got to be the same as a cunt's ass! Steve looked so cute in his baseball cap. He had a tough street thug look about him. He always had a slight smile or smirk on his face. A kind of a young punk face.  He slapped Paul's ass cheeks until they were quivering. 

     "Relax  your fucking hole, boy, it will be easier that way."

     "Ain't you gonna lube it?" 

      Steve smiled. "Naw. We'll use his own natural ass juices. It hurts him more this way." 

      The sound of a wounded animal came from Paul's lips as Steve began to work three then four fingers up into the boy's asshole.  

      "Please stop, you are fucking ripping me apart!" paul pleaded. 

      "Shut the fuck up, we haven't even gotten to the wide part of my hand yet!" 

       Unlike the loving fist fuck of most S/m masters for their slaves, Steve Cashman knew no gentleness. He liked making it as painful as possible. He twisted his fingers and rammed, like he was stuffing a turkey. Paul grunted and threw his head. Matt held him still. The other boys were masturbating. It was the  hottest thing they had ever seen. 

     Paul's asshole was on fire. The hole felt like it was ripping, The inner ass felt bruised. The fingers dug deeper.

      "After this, you should be able to take your dad and bro tonight with no problem at all. Is't that great news?" Matt cajoled. 

      Paul starte to scream as the knuckles entered his ass. One of the boys picked up his own pair of dirty underpants and they shoved it in Paul's mouth.

      Think of how much abuse Paul has already taken. And now this new horror! How much can a normal teenage boy handle?  His bowels felt on fire as Steve shoved his hand up into the asshole to the wrist. Then he made a fist. Paul started to pass out, and Matt had to slap him awake. 

     "Push that cunt out Paul. Push that fucking cunt out!"  Matt slapped Paul hard on his lower back to get him to push his ass up. The fist up his guts began to move. Paul had never felt anything like it in his life. White hot pain ripped through his body. The fist in his rectum seemed to grow larger and larger as Steve moved his hand  back and forth. 

      "Jeez, doesn't your hand get all shitty?' One of the dick jerking boys asked. 

      Steve laughed. "Sure, but Paul will lick it clean when I am finished!" 

       "What a sick motherfucker he is!"  

       Matt got a twinkle in his eye. "Out of the mouths of babes come golden truths!" 

        They left Paul naked lying on the bathroom floor, his asshole stretched beyond  belief, shit running out of it. His mouth too was covered in shit from licking Steve's hand clean. All the boys had once again jerked off, this time on his naked body. Paul was uttering something unintelligible to himself, perhaps praying. Matt jerked off on Paul's face,and then followed that with a cascade of piss.  

     "See you in the locker room after school, buddy. We got thirty horny jocks for you to take care of.  Oh, and make sure this toilet is spotless when you leave."

   Paul stood outside the locker room and leaned against the wall. His ass was throbbing with pain from the fisting he had received earlier in the day. He thought he might need a doctor. The inside of his ass burned like it was on fire and the outside felt like something was torn or ripped apart. His head swam and sometimes he saw fleck of white that blotted out his vision. He felt like he needed to puke, but he had felt that way all day. When he was seated alone in the lunchroom because none of the kids would sit near him, some of Matt's friends had brought him a sandwich to onto which they had blown their noses. They also brought him a large plastic water cup filled with piss. They watched to make sure he ate the entire snot sandwich and drank the entire glass of boy urine. 

    Paul knew if he was late, Matt would punish him further, so he pushed himself off the wall and struggling to keep his balance, he entered the locker room. 

A whoop went up as he was spoted. Thirty totally bare assed naked teenage boys, most with iron hard peckers were waiting for him. "FAGGOT, FAGGOT, FAGGOT," They shouted with testosterone filled lusty teenage male voices. They high fived each other and jumped and their big fat teenage dicks flopped about and their full young balls swung and slapped their thighs. 

    "Get those fucking clothes off, Asswipe!" Mat said, standing in the middle of the room, his gigantic erect prick red and bobbing. Paul let the huge trousers fall to the floor and stepped out of them. He peeled his teen shirt off and kicked off his shoes. He had been allowed no socks, so he was now as naked as the others. 

    "Aren't you happy to see us, Fuckface? You have twenty seconds to get that prick hard to show us how happy you are to see us!" Matt bellowed the the naked jocks cheered. Paul's hand flew down to his dick and he started to yank on it. His eyes couldn't focus clearly and his tongue hung slightly out of his mouth as he did it, giving him the appearance of the village idiot. But his prick was randy from not being able to cum, so it stood out like a fucking flagpole in spite of his fear. 

    "Get over here."  

    Paul dropped to his hands and knees and started to crawl toward the roomful of jocks. He remembered to keep his  back arched so his fist-fucked ass rode high and to keep his legs spread so his large nuts swung. 

    "I got to say, he is getting pretty fucking good." Matt announced, and the naked jocks fisted their leaking dicks and whooped again.  "Greet some of your fellow classmates on the way over here!" Matt ordered, and as Paul crawled he started to kiss the cocks and scrotums of the boys he passed. Slobbering over cocks and balls no longer disgusted him. He was getting used to it. The boys used this abuse to inflate their jock egos. "Taste good, Faggot?" one asked him. "You love my big fat cuntbuster, don't you, Shitbrain?" said another. "Oh yeah, lick it like a lollipop." said another. 

   Finally Paul got to the center of the room, looking up at Matt's arm thick fat hunk of teenage fuckmeat. Matt smiled down at him and scratched his nuts, causing both dick and balls to jiggle and shake. 

   "Some of the boys got a bit dick jumpy and just couldn't wait, and twenty or so other dudes couldn't make it today, so we have a special treat for you."  with one bare foot, he pushed forward a large quart sized jar. It was filled with boy sperm. "The boys jerked off into this jar so you wouldn't miss any of their nice tasty jizz.  So go ahead my friend, drink it all down!"  There must have been the fuckslop of over forty teenage boys filling the jar. The slime was a thick off white with globs of thicker white spooge mixed in with the more watery yellowish scum. Paul had to hold down his puke just looking at it. 

    "Come on, Paul, we don't have all day. Drink it down so you can suck our cocks." 

     Paul saw that the outside of the jar was coated with semen as well. It was slippery and sticky at the same time. He carefully picked up the jar and brought it to his lips. His hands trembled. "You drop that, you are dead meat!" Matt warned.  Paul tilted the jar and spead his cocksucker lips. He felt the fuck goo slop into his mouth and pour over his tongue. He was drinking cum! He was drinking the cold old cum of randy teenage jocks. 

Some perverted men would pay alot for a quart jar filled with teenage jock cum. They would love to drink it and pour it on their salads and use it as a sauce over their steaks, and eat it as pudding. Some perverts would go nuts for a nice big jar filled with teenage cockslop, but not Paul. For the poor boy, it was another horror. Another indignity. Another humiliation heaped on the dozens of others.  Cum dripped from his chin and ran down across his chest. 

    "Drink slowly. Don't waste any. Look guys, he's so thirsty for it, he wants to chug it!"  To Paul it felt like he was swallowing oatmeal, but the taste was unmistakable. He was becoming a cockslop gourmet. And then  it happened. He could drink no more, and yet almost a third of the jar remained. His stomach ached and felt full. It was so thick that it was clogging his tubes, choking him. He felt dizzy. His breathing grew heavy and then he went down on all fours and barfed his guts out. He puked up boy cum and lunch bread and snot and piss. It splattered onto the locker room floor. The jocks howled and stepped back. Poor Paul puked until his stomach ached. The cum shot out of his mouth onto the floor where it spread into a lake of disgusting waste. He curled his bare toes, and his shoulders bent. His tight young tummy fluttered and he dry heaved some more. For a moment he forgot about the searing pain in his asshole. 

     "Well, that wasn't very polite of you, now was it, Paul?"  Matt asked, kicking the boy in the balls with one bare foot. As Matt kicked a long string of pre-fuck hung down from the wide pisshole of his massive cunt ram. He was such a perfect teenage boy. Such a perfect specimen of young manhood, it wasn't hard to understand why everyone worshipped him. And he had money and power on top of physical perfection. 

     "Guess what, Paul. Now you are going to have to lick up everything you puked out!" 

      "I can't, Sir. I just can't take any more!" Paul's words were hardly intelligible.  

       A wet towel snapped from somewhere and a bright pink mark appeared on Paul's hunky young ass. 

      "Lick up what you vomited, and do it now! You still have a third of the jar of cum to drink." 

      Paul bent his cute face down to the tiled floor on which hundreds of boys had walked with bare feet that day and stuck out his wide pink tongue and started to lick up the cumpuke he had vomited. 

      "Hurry up, man, I need my dick sucked and I have to get home for dinner!" One cute curly headed jock said, fingering his leaking prick. 

      "Yeah, Faggot, I got to study for a big test tomorrow. My balls need to be drained." Another African-American athlete said, hefting his large chocolate brown nuts. Let's face facts readers, the most important thing in the life of a boy of sixteen and seventeen is to empty his nuts. It takes priority over everything else. And it has to happen two to five times a day...every day. Paul had his work cut out for him. 

       Once again his family stood in mute shock as the sperm covered boy entered the house. This time he wore no pants but some other boy's dirty jock strap. His trousers had been used to mop up more puke and cum. Instead of a tee shirt, he wore a bra! To make matters worse, a used tampon was hanging out of his sore asshole. His mother and Marie started to cry. His father shook his head in disgust and helped the boy into the bathroom, but Bud stood there with a strange gleam in his hunky workman's eyes. To see his own kid brother forced to wear a bra and some kid's filthy pecker pouch. To see his cute teenage face and hair covered with cum. It did something to Bud. He grabbed Marie by the arm. "Come on, we got time for a quick fuck before dinner." 

        "Not now, Bud, I don't want to leave your Mom alone. She is distraught enough. I am afraid she will have a breakdown." 

       "And what about me and my fucking dick? Don't you care about that any more!" He looked like a big muscular baby. So cute. So dangerous! 

        Marie kissed him on the cheek and let her hand rub over the swollen straining bulge in Bud's pants.  "You know how much I care. And you know how much I love your penis. Don't I tell you every day? I know how vein men are about their cock, and how they need to be complimented on them. You have the most beautiful cock in the whole world!"  She smiled. "And I love it when you fuck me, even though it hurts like hell."  

       "it's supposed to, " he said, squeezing her tits. "I love you." He said, kissing her nose and then her eyes. There was some kind of struggle going on inside of Bud. Something that scared him. He had always basically been a really good guy. 

        As they finished dinner, the Marshall family was surprised by hearing the doorbell. Paul's mom went and returned looking white as a sheet with Matt Henshaw and four of his high school jock friends. 

    "Hi, Marshall's. I thought I'd join you for tonight's family fun hour. And I hope you don't mind, but I brought some of my buddies along." Two of the high school thugs, large well muscled brutes, sauntered right over to the dining room table and scoopped up some of the leftover food with their fingers and chowed down. Teenage boys are always hungry it seems. 

    "How you doing, Mrs. Marshall," Matt said with a big smile to Paul's mother. "My my, you are one pretty older woman. You look good enough to fuck!" 

    Paul's dad stood up, almost knocking over his chair. "I won't have you talk to my wife that way!"  One of the jocks spun and slammed the beefy older man back into his chair.  

    "I will talk to your fucking bitch slut of a wife any fucking way I want to! I will stick her fucking head in the toilet and flush it if I want to. I have will have her suck off the neighborhood dog if I fucking want to. And you won't do a fucking thing about it!" Matt screamed. It was so seldom he truly lost his temper that is shocked everyone. He spun around to face Bud whose hands were knotted into fists.  "And I will fucking make your new bride Marie suck out my shithole if I want to I will make her eat my shit and drink my piss, if I fucking want to. You you, big boy, won't do a fucking thing about it. Cause you don' want to end up being the ass bitch to a convict named Bubba!"   Matt pulled a paper out of his jacked and threw it down.  "See that. It's a warrant  for the arrest of both Bud and his dad! All I got to do is deliver it. We got plenty of proof and plenty of witnesses. You won't see sunlight for twenty years! Now shall we all go into the living room for Family Fun Time?" 

         Matt sat on the couch, holding the drink he had forced Bud to mix for him. He made Marie sit next to him and boldly fondled her big tits. He had forced the entire family to get naked, so now he could pull and twist Marie's fat brown nipples. She was made to sit with her legs apart so the boys could get a good look at her cunt. The entire family was filled with shame. Paul's mother, naked and red with humiliation, was once again given camera duties. The boys had teased her by slapping her slightly sagging tits and fingering her hairy cunt. Paul's dad was crying pretty heavily as he stood helpless with his big dick dangling. 

     "I think I'll have Marie suck my dick while I watch tonight's activities."  Matt announced.  "Is that okay with you, Bud, if Marie sucks my dick?" 

     Bud hung his head. He was seeing red, but what could he do? 

      "I asked you a question. Is it okay if your new bride sucks my dick, Bud?"

       "Yes, it's okay..." Bud mumbled,his knuckles white from the fists he made, but his meaty pecker hanging strangely full and thicker than ever. 

      " I hope she doesn't prefer the taste of my dick to yours, you being newlyweds and all. It would be a darned shame if she was cockhungry for the taste of my pecker when she had a brand new husband with such a nice big fat tasty fucker of his  own for her to enjoy. But you know how cunts are. They taste the flavor of a big new dick, and wham, they are hooked. You better hope, Bud, my friend, that your little wifey never gets a taste of black dick. Cunts go crazy once they taste nigger dick. They will leave their husbands and children and whore themselves on the street just to get more black dick in their mouths. Got to be something in the flavor. Oh look, little Marie is crying. Honey, don't cry. Your sucking my big fat fucker is going to keep your husband out of prison so you can still enjoy his fuckmeat up your cunt and asshole! But on with the entertainment. Bud, Dad, get your dicks hard. Because tonight's fun time involves you fucking Paul in the ass!"    Poor Paul couldn't believe it, even though he had known it all day. He couldn't believe that his own father and his dear big brother were about to shove their dicks up his asshole. Things just could not be this horrible. God wouldn't let things get this bad. He saw his father with a dead defeated look in his eyes reach down and start to finger his own large meaty cock. His balls jiggled as he pumped his fucker. Paul's mother was crying audibly again. One of the jocks was playing with her nipples. It was a sick scene out of some nightmare.  

   "Don't be shy, Marie, take my dick out of my pants." Matt told her. He loved to make the bitches do all the work. After all, they were getting the joy of sucking on the cock, why shouldn't they work for it. 

    "I'll fuck Paul, but please, I am begging you, don't make Marie suck your dick." Bud said. He was visibly trembling which made his hard prick wobble and leak.

    "Come on, Bud, what is a friendly dick suck between buddies? It's not like I'm going to ruin her mouth or anything. You're hung as big as I am, you've stretched her throat dozens of times, I bet. She does deep throat, doesn't she?"  Marie sobbed and Matt laughed and wound his fingers in her hair and brought her pretty face down to his fat leaking teen fuckmeat. 

     "God, please don't do this to us, Matt. Please!" But fell to his knees, tears running down his rugged face. It was odd to see such a macho, masculine stud on his knees crying. 

     "It won't do any good, Bud," Paul said suddenly, his own teenage voice thick and strangled with the day's abuse. "He'll make us do it anyway. It's no good to beg. Just fuck my ass and get it over with!" 

      Matt laughed. 'Now that's the attitude. Paul here has the right idea. Dad, what say you start? Fuck your son's ass while Paul sucks on Bud's big fat prick and Bud's wife sucks mine! And Mom, you keep a steady camera there, don't let Kyle's fingers playing with your dirty old cunt distract you!"  Matt leaned Marie's face up to look into her eyes. "And Bitch, I want you to make lots of noise, so your husband can hear you slobbering over my dick!" 

     After the fist fuck earlier in the day, the pain in Paul's ass was excruciating when his own father shoved his fat cock up Paul's rectum. Paul literally feared he would pass out from the pain. Only licking Bud's big sweaty balls and sucking on his plum sized prick head kept him distracted. Bud looked down as if in a daze at his little brother slurping on his fuckmeat. It reminded him of the incident in bed last night, and for some reason the dick swelled even larger and the veins pushed out even more and pre-cum bubbled out of the fat pisshole. He looked over at his sweet wife Marie, her face stuffed with Matt's dick. He looked over Paul's kneeling body at his own father, shoving his fucker up Paul's asshole so hard they could hear his balls slapping flesh. 

     "That's the way, Dad. Fuck your son nice and hard. If you go too easy on him, it won't count and we'll need to do it all over again. Fuck your boy!"  

     Paul's father, tears streaming down his face, slammed his beer can thick dick into his son's asshole. He had no choice. I was fate. They were victims. He glanced over at his poor wife, filming the whole thing, while some son of a bitch high school jock fingered her cunt. Her nipples were rock hard and her breathing was heavy. 

     "Jesus, your wife sucks good, Bud. Now Dad, pull your dick out of Paul's ass and crawl around to his face and shove it in his mouth. I hope it's not too covered in shit. And Bud, you take a whack at your bro's ass, okay?" 

      The  high school boy was fucked by his father and brother. He sucked his own ass slime off his father's slick pink fuckmeat while behind him, his own older brother spread his ass cheeks and rammed his long thick prick balls deep into his tortured asshole. He wanted to die. Life no longer held any meaning for him. All was chaos.  And then things got even worse. 

      "Bud did you know that your sweet cocksucking wife here, sampled Paul's dick?"  Bud froze in mid fuck, his eyes like black holes turned toward Matt and Marie busily slurping on his prick. "That's right. Oh, my, I'll bet they didn't tell you. That night she picked up Paul from my party, she was so fucking horny, that Paul just had to shove his big sloppy teenage fucker into her wet itchy snatch! You had barely gotten married a few weeks before, and here your own brother was banging the bitch! She's a cock hound, I got to say that for her!"  

       Marie was wailing, and Matt had to slam her face back onto his dick to keep her quiet. 

      "That's a lie. That is a fucking lie!" Bud said, poised with his cockhead in Paul's stretched asshole. Paul was gagging on his father's cock and trying to say something. 

      "Kyle, show Bud the photos!"  Kyle threw them, not wanting to stop fingering Mom's pussy. The pictures of Paul fucking Marie on the desk of Matt's dad's office fluttered around Bud. His eyes grew wide and his nostrils flared as he saw the images.

       "You God damned bastard..." He screamed at Paul. 

       "It wathen rike tha...he made uth do ih!" Paul protested, his mouth filled with Daddy-dick. 

        With a growl, Bud slammed his horse cock up his brother's rectum as hard as he could.  Paul wailed  and his father shoved more dick into his mouth. 

       Bud fucked with a vegeance. His face was a mask of hatred. He started to slap Paul's ass on the outstrokes. Then he pulled his dick out completely and then slammed it back in. "I will fucking rip you a new pussy! You fucking traitor! You God damned piece of shit!"  Paul was screaming from the pain as he was ass fucked brutally by his own brother and mouth fucked by his father. Bud turned to Matt. "Shove your dick down that whore's throat!" 

      "That's the attitude I like to see, Bud." Matt laughed, "Would you mind if Marie sucked my friends off too? I'll bet Paul has been fucking her ever since that night. She did say something mid fuck about how his dick felt so much better in her cunt than yours! Personally, I think she prefers teenage dick. Of course your dad could fuck her and try her out. She might enjoy thick mature dick!" He looked down at Marie who was sobbing hysterically. "Keep sucking you piece of shit!" 

     All in all, It was not a good night for the Marshall family!   

   You might say The Marshall Family was dysfunctional. But certainly not from their own faults. No, their disfunction was imposed upon them by a sadistic teen thug from the most powerful dynasty in the state. And yet, because of their stress and pain, the Marshall family now took out their frustration on each other. 

    Bud Marshall, hauled back one large hand and slapped his younger brother so hard across the face, that the teen slid across the hardwood floor into the wall. Then Bud picked up one size twelve and a half naked foot and slammed it into the kid's nose and mouth. As Bud did this, his immense fucker swung and slapped his hairy thigh and his full low hanging balls danced in their fleshy sack. Bud Marshall was a very well built muscular blue collar worker, who generally took no shit from life. He was not the smartest cookie in the box, but usually fair and even tempered. Now his eyes flashed insanely and his face twisted itself into a mask of vengeance. Matt Henshaw, chuckling, had just left the Marshall family to their own devices. He has stirred the pot enough for one night. 

    Young Paul Marshall who had just been fucked up the ass by both his own father and by Bud, whimpered and trembled. His pale teen body couldn't take much more abuse, and his mind was reeling from what he had been forced to endure. 

    "YOU FUCKED MY WIFE. YOU PUT YOUR DICK IN MY WIFE!" Bud roared, kicking his brother once again in the face. Paul's nose bled. 

    "Bud, Matt made us. You know we didn't want to. Matt made us to save you from jail," Marie screamed throwing herself onto her new husband's back. He threw he off. 

    "Whore! Fucking Whore! My dick not good enough for you, Fucking Slut? You have to go after teenage cock too?"

    "Bud, you stop this instant! You know that's not true."  Paul's mother tried to pull her older son off her battered younger one. "You know what Paul's been through to save you and Dad."  She was also naked, her body not so beautiful as it once had been, but she was still a fine woman. Bud spun to his mother. 

    "Ma, Paul's sick. I think it's his fault all of this started. He musta' done something to make Matt Henshaw so furious. I'm going to make him tell us what he did!" 

     "I didnt' do nothing, honest to God," Paul wailed in a high pitched voice, sounding very much like a terrified little boy, which was how he felt. 

    "I mean, why would Matt Henshaw pick on us in such a sick, twisted way? Paul musta' done soemthing. Something including fucking my new bride!"  He grabbed Paul by the hair and started to drag him toward the downstairs bathroom. 

    "I war to God, Bud, Matt forced us to fuck!" Marie shouted, once again trying to peel her hunky husband off the teen boy. 

    Bud turned to her and spat in her face. "Listen, Cunt! Even if Matt Henshaw did make you do it, you coulda' told me. You didn't have to keep it your little secret! What, did his dick taste better than mine, and you were scared to tell me? Did his sweaty teenage balls have more flavor?" 


    Meanwhile Paul's father was seated on a hassock, his limp dick still dripping after fuck between his hairy legs. He was in anguish for his sons and his family. He was also guilt ridden because he realized that he had enjoyed the act of fucking, even with his own son. He also had to admit t himself that he had loved the sight of Matt Henshaw's teenage dick in Paul's mother's mouth. He knew his feelings were sick and evil, but he couldn't hide from them. He had been turned on. What was wrong with all of them? Do such sick things lie beneath the surface of most of our so-called moral lives? Do most married men actually savor the fantasy thought of their wives on their knees sucking another man's dick? Even though like Bud, they would act outraged, did it secretly turn them on? How can our sexual impulses contradict everything we have learned and practiced our entire lives? Grown men who would never hurt a soul and go out of their way to help others, secretly masturbate while thinking about fucking and torturing little children. What causes this? Is thinking about such an act as bad as actually doing it? Is the crime already committed in our heads? 

      Bud dragged Paul into the bathroom by his hair, and slammed and locked the door. Paul cowered in the corner near the tub, more scared of his own brother than he had ever been of Matt Henshaw. The naked muscular factory worker glared down at him. 

     "You fucking piece of shit, Asswipe Pervert. Tell me the truth. What did you do to piss off Matt Henshaw? Did you fuck his mother?" 

     Paul wiped the blood away with the back of his hand. "He hasn't even got a mother." 

    "Then what the fuck was it?" Bud barked, reaching down and grabbing Paul by both nipples and hauling the crying boy to his knees. "And why the fuck did you come on to me, in bed last night?" 

    "I never came on to you. You made me do..."  Bud hauled back and whacked the poor kid across the face, sending blood from his nose spraying onto white tiles and porcelain. 

     "If you ever say anything like that again, I will fucking beat you to death, you God damned CUNT! I was trying to sleep, and you seduced me, you fucking whore. Right in front of my wife you seduced me! You probably seduced her too. You are the evil in this family. You are the one who has caused all of this." 

    He took Paul's head in his huge calloused workman's hands and holding him steady, started to slap him across the face with his semi-hard dick!  "That' what you want. That's what you're after, right, Faggot? You loved it when I fucked you, and you know it. I could feel you pushing our pussy back onto my dick! No straight guy would ever do that, no matter how much he was forced!" 

    Paul snarled at his older brother. "Yeah, well, you're gonna find out soon, when you are ass fucked in prison, cause I am finished suffering to protect you! I've had it. You don't even appreciate what I have been through..."  WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, " The huge fucking cock thunked into his face. The plum sized dickhead left trails of pre-fuck across Paul's cheeks and lips. 

    "You fucking seduced me. You got me to enjoy what we were doing to you! I never touched a dude before in my whole life. You used your sick power to turn me on!"  But threw Paul back onto the floor, where he hit the bathtub with the back of his head and was momentarily stunned. 

    "I'll  fucking show you! I'll teach you to fuck around with your own brother and sister-in-law!"  Paul grabbed The toilet brush. He forced Paul's legs apart and cruelly rammed the toilet brush up Paul's recently raped asshole! Paul screamed. Bud ignored the pounding on the bathroom door, as he roughly fucked the toilet brush in and out of Paul's fuckole.  Paul's eyes rolled in is head and drool ran from his mouth. His body flopped around like he was being electrocuted. 

   "You sick piece of shit, I'll show you."  Bud's dick was rock hard and swinging back and forth like the mast on a ship during a horrific sea storm. He reached into the cabinet and pulled out a small nail cutting scissors.  Then he picked up one of Paul's bare feet and in one smooth, jammed the pointed tip of the scissors up under Paul's toe nail! Paul's scream filled the bathroom and slid under the door to echo through the house. His family stood in mute horror. Bud, pulled the scissors out and then forced it under the nail of the second toe. Paul's body flopped about so badly that Bud had all he could do to hold onto the ankle of the boy's foot. Bud's dick was rock hard and spraying cock pre-spooge everywhere. Bud coughed back some nose gunk and spit it full into Paul's face. He yanked the scissors out of the bleeding toe and knelt between the boy's trembling teenage legs. He roughly pushed the boy's thighs wide apart, and then he took hold of the kid's wilted penis. 

    "No, Bud, please, for the Love of God, no!" Paul blubbered, tears mingling with the nose snot on his face. 

     "Better hold still, Fuckface!" Bud hissed. Then he put the pointed end of the nail scissors into the pisshole of Paul's dick!  Paul's breathing became very shallow and ragged as he almost held his breath for fear of moving. Slowly with a sadistic smile on his ruggedly handsome face, Bud pushed the small scissors up Paul's pisstube! 

     "Oh God, it hurt.s Bud. It hurts. Please don't!"  

     "From now on, you are going to do anything fucking thing I want you to...when I want you to. I swear to God, I will make Matt Henshaw seem like the best friend you got, compared to what I will do to you!"

      "WHY BUD? WHY? WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?" Paul could feel the sharp point of the scissors up inside his urethra. 

      "Because you have bewitched me and my wife. You have fucked us all up! It's all your fucking fault, Matt Henshaw is like this."

      Bud tugged the scissors out of Paul's dick. The boy screamed and a little blood came out of his pisshole. Next Bud picked up Paul's scrotum. The boy cowered against the tub. 

     "I should cut out your fucking nuts!"  Bud hissed, a lewd leer on his face. "Better hold still, Faggot Boy!"

     Then with sadistic glee, he began to snip tin pieces of Paul's scrotum flesh. Paul's toes curled in agony. It was like getting horrific paper cuts on his ball sack. Bud just snipped enough to barely slit the flesh here and there all over the ball sack. Paul rocked back and forth in mind numbing pain.  Bud laughed and got up and took a bottle of mouth wash. The he splashed it on the cut scrotum. Paul saw white and went through the roof! 

    Bud stood on the balls of his naked feet, rocking with manly laughter, fisting his dick and pumping it at the sight of the tortured teenage boy curled up in a fetal position on the bathroom floor, the toilet brush still sticking from his raped asshole. 

    "You think you have it bad with Matt? Wait. I'll teach you to put your dick into my wife!"  He pulled his foot back and kicked Paul hard in the nuts. Paul gagged and spit up something, he wasn't sure what anymore. The tiny cuts in Paul's fucksack were bleeding now.  Bud reached into the cabinet and pulled out a tooth brush. He knelt down and brushed the bristles across the tortured scrotum, irritating the tiny cuts even more. The he took Paul's dick and put the handle end of the toothbrush to Paul's cock pisshole!  Paul could not speak, so great was his horror. He stared with open mouth, spit running down his chin, as his older brother, someone who had always been kind and loving, slowly shoved the tooth brush handle up into Paul's pisshole!  A steady string of cockslop ran from Bud's dickhead. 

     "We're going to play these games every day from now on, and you are going to learn to take it!" 

     He stood up and straddled the boy's pain wracked body, then with his dick only inches away, he blasted Paul's face  with hot, fresh piss!

    "Open your fucking mouth and drink my piss!" Bud growled.  What could Paul do? There was no strength, no power left in him to resist anything. He was totally beaten. He opened his young cute mouth to allow the heavy stinking spray of piss from his older brother's dick to fill his gullet. 

    "That's right. Swallow it. Swallow that man piss!"  While he pissed,  Bud nudged with his big toe, the boy's dick impaled on the toothbrush handle. Still pissing, Bud reached over to the vanity cabinet once more and pulled out two large safety pins.  He bent down and shoved a pin through each of Paul's fat pouty nipples. 

    "You look damned good like that, Bitch. We are going to have to get you some permanent jewelry!"   The sight must have been too much for Bud, because he grunted twice, grabbed his just finished pissing dick, and jerked on it. A few seconds later, ropes of cum sprayed down onto Paul's face. 

    "Oh, fuck yeah. Fuck that feels good!"  Cum splattered Paul's face. It mixed with snot and spit and piss.  

     "Clean up this fucking mess. But leave the pins through your tits until morning! I want my family to see that nobody fucks with me!" As if drunk on a sexual high, Bud turned and left the bathroom, after fuck dripping from his prick and running down his hairy thigh. 

      Paul lay on the floor, trembling. He hurt too badly to even attempt to pull the toothbrush out of his dick, or the toilet brush out of his asshole. How much could one high school student teenage boy be expected to take? How much could he handle? His own brother, the very person he was suffering to protect, had now turned into a monster! 

      Bud swaggered into the living room where Marie sat crying on the couch. She had covered herself with a robe. Bud's mom and Dad were in their room. Bud walked naked up to his wife. His dick was flaccid now but still as thick as a wrist and wet with piss and cum. He looked down at his wife. 

    " I know you let him fuck you to try to save me. I am not angry with you, but this shit can't go on like this. You should have told me." 

     She looked up at him with trembling lower lip. " I wanted to protect you." 

    "Paul is at the bottom of this. He is not as innocent as we think. Mark my word, Marie. Maybe he deserves what he is getting!" 

    "That's impossible Bud, and not like you at all to say something like that." She was amazed at her husband, standing in front of her totally naked and sweaty. 

    "It's the only possible answer. And I didn't want to worry you, but Paul has been hitting on me too. It disgusted me. He tries to rub against me and in bed these last few nights, he grabs my dick!" 

     "You mean Paul really is a faggot?"  

     "I'm afraid so. Maybe he did something really piss Matt Henshaw off. Who knows. Anyway, I am going to get to the bottom of this, even if I have to hurt my own brother. I love you Marie, of course I was pissed that he fucked you. How do you think I felt?" 

     "I know, but believe me it was the most awful thing in my whole life. Neither of us enjoyed it. It was humiliating and disgusting." 

     "Matt Henshaw will pay for that. Now what say, you show me that you really do love me and not my little faggot brother." 

     "OH Bud, you know I love you." 

     "Then what say you prove it by licking my dick and balls clean."  He smled down at her. She sat still for a moment, and then leaned in and started to lick Bud's big sweaty balls. She lifted each nut on her tongue and then licked down under the scrotum. Then she licked the fat fleshy fuckmeat. Bud pushed his hips forward. "That a girl. That's my sweet wife. I guess you do love me best after all. You love the taste of your husband's big fat dick, don't you? You know what I feel like, tonight? Just to relieve some of the stress. I feel like a nice long ass suck. Will you do that for me? Will you suck my ass?"

      Marie knew that Paul was aware that she hated doing that. But she also knew he was stressed out and near the breaking point. She nodded. 

    "That's my loving wife.  I feel like just sitting on your beautiful face for a while, with your tongue licking out the inside of my ass.  It will prove that everything is okay between us.  Will you do that for me?" 

    "Yes, Bud. I love you and will do anything to prove it. "  A single tear ran down Marie's cheek. 

   Things changed in the Marshall Home that night. They changed forever. Bud Marshall laid down the law for his new bride. She was there to serve him and prove her love for him. Marie Marshall saw a different man from the one he had married only a few weeks ago. She saw his mean, animal side. He demanded that she prove her love for him by sleeping all night with his dick in her mouth. She knew some married couples slept like this, but she had never envisioned that their marriage would take this turn. She loved the big meaty cock, and didn't mind it's texture and taste, it was the idea that was so demeaning. And worse than that, it was Bud's sudden violent and seeming sadistic streak that worried her. 

     An even worse thing in a way, happened during the night. Paul's father could not sleep. He was bitterly ashamed and angry by all that had happened. He was a proud man, and it shamed him that he could not help his own family, and that his son had to suffer to protect him. But there was another feeling. Something to do with his son's sexual abuse and suffering that he could not explain. He drifted in and out of a fitful slumber for a few hours, to find himself fully awake at three in the morning with a raging hard on. His fat cock was so stiff it hurt terribly. He couldn't remember ever being that painfully hard. He thought about waking his for a fuck, but that would be so unlike him, that he just couldn't bring himself to do it. So he decided to go to the bathroom and jerk off. Besides, she had had enough sexual trauma for one night. He got out of bed and walked quietly out of the room, his fucking prick bobbing in front of him, over eight inches long and dripping. :Jesus," he muttered, looking down at the red plumb sized cockhead. This was pretty damned unusual. Half way to the bathroom, he suddenly thought of his poor teenage son Paul, left to sleep on the floor of the other bathroom. He decided he had better take a quick look to see if he was all right. His dick got even harder and slapped up against his belly, something it had not done since he was a teenager. 

    Naked, he padded down to the other bathroom and quietly opened the door. Paul was sound asleep on the floor. The sleep of the exhausted. He had been so horribly abused during the evening, that he had no strength left. He lay in a semi fetal position. His father looked down at his sleeping teenage son. He stared at his smooth pale boyish body, his soft skin, his toussled hair and long eyelashes.  His innocent, babylike face, so cute, so sweet. Then his eyes drifed to the two large pins stuck through the boy's puffy nipples. The tits looked ragged and sore. How that must hurt Paul. His father's dick gave a lurch and a small spray of pre-fuck shot out of this big dick. 

   "Damn," he muttered, he should have jerked off before looking in on his abused son. His eyes wandered down to the brightly colored tooth brush protruding from the pisshole of his son's penis. How the inner pisser must be stretched and rubbed raw. How horrible! How many teen boys could stand such treatment? Then his eyes wandered to the toilet brush sticking out of the kid's asshole. How Paul's rectum had been ruptured and stretched in the last few days. All to save his family. How would he ever recover? How could he ever have a normal sex life after this? 

   Paul's father let out a moan as the urge to orgasm over took him. His dick actually throbbed with pain from the need to shoot a load. His balls hurt terribly. His hand went down to his huge hunk of fuckmeat and he began to pump. He felt embarrassed and guilt ridden, but he could not help himself. He had to cum and now! 

He turned to the toilet and beat his meat, his eyes never leaving his naked son on the cold tiled floor. He started to remember the dirty, sexual things they had been forced to do to him. Then he began to wonder about what other kinds of sexual abuse Matt Henshaw had committed on his innocent teenage boy. Paul's father's nuts began to pound with pain. The big dick grew even thicker, the veins looking about to burst through the cockskin. His hand pounded the fuckmeat, and a ragged, animal like sound emerged from the middle aged man. His pecs rose and fell with the effort. His nipples grew hard as pebbles. His face twisted into a mask of ecstasy and agony. He  held his dick over the toilet as he felt his balls tighten and raise up. 

     And then at the last possible second, for some inexplicable reason, just as he was about to shoot his fuckload, Paul's father turned and pointed his fucking big dick down at the face of his own son! He grunted as the first rope of cum shot from the pisshole and splattered young Paul's sleeping teenage face. Thick globs of fuck loped across the boy's eyes and nose and down onto his full young lips. Mr. Marshall's sperm was incredibly thick. He straddled the boy's face and bent his legs so his spurting dick was only inches from his son's face, as a second spray of fuck shot out of the cock and onto the kid's  cheek and mouth. Like Elmer's glue the thick white cocksauce coated the boy's innocent sleeping face. Paul's father had never had such a powerful, tremendous orgasm. It was so strong, his balls felt as if they were pulling up into his body. A third rope of cum splattered the child's face, which now glistened in the darkness, coated fully with spooge. The middle aged man squatted further, so he could rub his dickhead into the cummy mess he had made on his son's face. He trailed his fat still running cockhead over the boy's cheek and nose. And then he put hid dickhead onto his son's lips. Tears filled his eyes and ran down his cheeks as he forced open the boy's lips and inserted his still leaking prickhead. Paul moaned in his sleep as his teeth and tongue became coated with prickslop from his own father. 

   Paul's dad stood up, shaking his head at his own unexplainable degeneracy. His face contorted in guilt and agony. He was about to leave the bathroom, when he quickly squatted down and once more ran his softening dick across his son's slop covered face. It felt so fucking good. 

   "God help me," he muttered, as he wiped his wet cock in his son's hair. Then he returned to his room, his bed, and his sleeping wife. 

    Matt arrived bright and early to pick up Paul for school. He was met by Paul's mother, a fierce look on her usually sensitive face. 

    "He's not coming with you this morning. He's too sick. After what you did to him yesterday, he needs some rest. You'll kill him if you keep this up!" She was adamant. Matt stood there with a little smile on his oh so handsome face. Paul's Father and brother had already left for work, and Marie had gone to visit her family. She needed to escape from the horror, and even from her own husband. But had fucked her roughly in the ass this morning, without any of the usual love words or foreplay. He knew she hated it in the ass, but said it was a wife's duty. How could sex so fuck up the lives of these fine people? 

     Matt seemed to consider for a few minutes. "All, right," he said nodding cheerfully, "Then we'll play here. I won't go to school either. Aren't you going to offer me some coffee?"  He pushed his way into the kitchen. Paul's mother stared at him with a mix of loathing and horror on her face. Matt slouched in one of the kitchen chairs, his long legs spread, the dick lump at his groin clearly evident in his jeans. While Paul's mother poured him some coffee, he chatted. 

   "Fuck, I am feeling really horny this morning. This fourteen year old bitch I was supposed to fuck last night, got grounded by her fucking parents. I had a quick blow job from one of my buddy's girlfriends, but that didn't do the trick!" he rubbed his fucklump while he stared up at Paul's mother smiling. "You're a good looking woman, Mrs. Marshall. Oh you dress like shit and you don't take care of yourself, but you could still he hot. You have nice tits and everything. Let me see your tits, Mrs. Marshall." 

    "Please, I'm over twice your age. Don't do this." 


    "You've seen, them. You've seen me before. And on the videos, you've..."

    "SHOW ME YOUR FUCKING UDDERS, BITCH!"  Matt Henshaw was not the type of lad to be trifled with. 

     She slowly undid her robe. "You  have destroyed my family. Aren't you proud, that you have destroyed my entire family?  My husband is guilt ridden, my older son has turned into a monster, his new wife is abused, and my young son has been tortured, not only by you, but by his own brother. Are you happy?" 

     Matt smiled and sipped his coffee. "Do you remember the great Al Jolson?  Well as he used to say, 'You ain't seen nothing yet!' " 

     Mrs. Marshall stood in front of the teenage boy and opened her robe. Under it she wore a bra and panties. She still had a fairly decent body. She was no prize winner, no model, but still looked attractive and had a good figure, if you didn't mind five pounds or so too much weight. 

    "Well, I can't see your udders in that tit-sling you're wearing. Lose the bra. And from now on, until I say different, you will never wear a bra! Ever, anywhere. Got it? Sluts like you should let your tits hang free. 

      She did have large tits. She needed a bra to give them support. She had large heavy tits with big brown sensitive nipples.

     "Please Matt. Somewhere in there there must be a good boy. A good boy, crying for help or attention, or love. Stop now and we can all forgive you." 

     "Will you lose he fucking bra, or do I have to rip it off of you?"  

      She unclasped the bra and let it fall, revealing her big fat teats. 

      "Mrs. M. You have got some first rate cow udders there! Holy shit! Look at those nipples, bigger than silver dollars!" 

      "Please," the poor abused woman muttered now, her lower lip trembling. 

      Matt's smile broadened. "Reach up and play with your nips. Get them nice and hard for me. I want to see how far they stand out!"  Mat reached down and gave his dick lump a squeeze. Paul's mother wondered briefly if perverted sex was the only thing this boy ever thought of. How can a person live thinking only of sex, day in and day out? Maybe the boy was oversexed and it wasn't his fault. Tears still streaming from her eyes, a sight that made Matt even harder in his pants, she reached up and started to pinch her own nipples. Her body gave little involuntary jerks as she tweaked her titties.

      "There, doesn't that feel good, to pinch your nipples first thing in the morning. Gets them all perky and ready to face the day!" Matt laughed and sipped coffee, watching the middle aged woman abuse herself for him." Now they're standing up nice and stiff. They are some fucking prize winning nipples all right. Now be a good girl and lose the panties for me." 

       "Please, Matt, I am old enough to be your mother! This is sinful!" 

       "Look, Cocksucker, I still have that arrest warrant with me. Do you want me to make a phone call? Do you want to be responsible for your husband and son going to prison?"

        She gulped back her pride and lowered her panties and stepped out of them. She had never felt so ashamed in her life.

        "Oh wow! Look at that cunt! That is really a nice cunt, Mrs. Marshall. Your cunt is much prettier than my mom's was! My dad used to let me watch him fuck my mother, and I always liked the look of her cunt, especially when it was stuffed with dick, but your cunt is much prettier."  So that was it. The boy came from a background of abuse. 

       "Spread your legs for me nice and wide, so I can get a really good look at your cunt."  He leaned in smiling and sipping more coffee. His dick was now straining at the jeans, pushing itself down one leg. "You know, you have too much cunt hair Mrs Marshall. It's pretty and all, cut with all that cunt hair, I can't properly see your nice big puffy cunt lips! Tomorrow morning, I want you to have all that cunt hair shaved off. I want your cunt bald as a baby's. I want you to keep yourself that way from now on. Oh, I can't wait to show my buddies your fine cunt! Reach down and spread that hair so I can see those pink cuntlips. You look pretty tasty for an old bitch! Spread your cunt lips for me." 

      Paul's mother's body was wracked with sobs. She shook and her shoulders grew round and stooped. She prided at her pussy lips with shaking fingers. She was exposing her inner vagina to a high school boy. 

     "Oh, look at that clit. That is a biggy. That is almost like a small dick! Rub your clit for me,Mrs. M." 

     Her breathing growing ragged, Paul's mother rubbed her swollen clit for the sadistic teenage boy.

      "Is your husband ignoring you, Mrs. Marshall? That happens so often in marriages. I can tell, just looking at you, that you don't get fucked nearly enough.

Keep playing with your cunt, but turn around and raise your robe and show me your ass!" 

    The poor woman had no fight left in her. People under sexual abuse cave much more easily than one might think.  She shuffled around, raised her robe and presented her ass to the boy, her hand still digging in her own pussy. 

    "Oh you have a fine ass, Mrs. Marshall. So many older women have flabby asses, but yours is grade A. I'm going to have to ask you to stop frigging your clit for a minute. I want you to reach back with both hands and spread your ass cheeks for me. I need to see your asshole!" 

    "Oh God, no..." she wailed. 

    "Oh God, yes! Reach back and spread those melons and show me your little pink asshole! I love a good asshole. I love to fuck a good tight asshole. Does your husband fuck you in the ass, Mrs. Marshall?"  With trembling fingers she spread her ass cheeks to reveal her pink/brown puckered hole. 

    "I asked you a question, you fucking slut. Does your husband fuck you in the ass?"  

    "No......" She answered quietly, so ashamed she could hardly breath.

    "Have you ever been fucked in the ass?"

    "No..." she muttered. 

    "Well, we'll have to fix that!  Okay, Mom, time to go and fetch your sweet teenage son. He's had enough beauty sleep. Where is he?" 

    She turned, her eyes red with tears. "Please let him rest. I just put him into his bed. He slept on the bathroom floor last night. It was horrible." 

    "I'm going to have some more coffee and move to the living room, you go and get your pretty little boy! Do it now, you fucking dirtbag!" She began to wrap her robe around herself. 

    "Leave your robe here. Get him naked. He might enjoy seeing Mommy's tits and cunt first thing in the morning." 

     With is swollen fuckmeat straining in his pants, Matt helped himself to more coffee, while Mrs. Marshall went to get her abused son. 

        Matt had to  laugh out loud when he saw Paul. He was a fucking mess.  His mother had helped him shower and had put salve on his bruises, but his nipples were still red and raw from the pins and the pisshole of his cock looked terribly irritated. He stood there, head hanging, like some kind of white plantation slave. He shuffled his large naked feet and twisted his body like a teenage girl at her first school dance. His heavy flaccid dick swung over abused balls. He was too ashamed to look at his naked mother, and too frightened to look at Matt. Just being in the older boy's presence caused him to tremble uncontrollably. Even his teeth chattered. 

    "Good morning Paul. How are you this fine morning?"  Paul just stood, looking at the floor. "I asked you a fucking question!" Matt spat. 

    "I'm...I'm sick. I hurt."  the boy mumbled. 

    "I know just the thing to help you. Here sit on the couch. Make yourself comfortable." Like a zombie, Paul moved to the couch and plopped down.

    "Lean, back, spread your legs, relax. If you are sick today, then we won't hurt you at all. I promise you. I do care about you, my friend, you know that. So does your mother. Don't you Mommy?  In fact, why not show your son how much you care. Why not get on down there and lick his balls for him!" 

    Paul's mother stood there, naked and pale, the nipples of her heaving breasts  thrust out. "You can't. You can't make me do that. Not even the worst monster would ask a mother to do that to her own son! You can't!  Rape me. Use me if you will, but for the love of God, don't ask me to do that." 

    Matt cocked his cute teenage boy head. "I'm not asking you, I'm telling you. Get down, crawl over to your son, and start licking his balls! This is make Paul feel good day."

    Paul lifted his head. His eyes were blurry. "It's no use, Mother. We can't fight him!" 

    "See, Paul's got the right idea. He's got the right spirit! Just do what I tell you, and it's easy! Now get your fucking slag body down on the carpet and with your fucking tits swinging crawl over to your son, stick out your whore tongue and start to lap at his big hanging teenage nuts!" 

    The sob that shook her body, drove the poor woman to her knees. As if in slow motion she crawled toward her son. Matt didn't mind, he was in no hurry. He perched on the arm of the sofa to watch. Paul spread his lanky legs as his mom approached him. His dick and balls hung over the edge of the couch, swollen, not from sexual need, but from almost constant abuse. 

    "Look what nice big balls your son has. I'll bet that makes that hairy cunt of yours nice and wet. We were just saying Paul, that your mom would look so much better if she shaved her cunt. Don't you think so?" 

     "Whatever you say..." the boy replied despondently,  spreading his legs even wider to allow his mother access to his scrotum. 

    "Stick out that pretty tongue, whore and wiggle it for us. That a girl Now place it under your son's swollen nutsack and start lapping! You know how much guys love to have their nuts licked. Especially young guys. It's what teenage boys dream of. Paul, did you know that your mom's never been fucked up the asshole. Isn't that a shame? Well, never fear, we have an entire day to play!" 

      With a shudder, Paul's mother felt her tongue touch her son's soft wrinkled boyish scrotum. He did have very large balls. She had noticed that the first time she had been forced to look at him naked. She licked at his fuckbag, trying now to bring her son some comfort. 

    "That's right, lift those nuts with your tongue. Cover that fucksack with spit. Doesn't your son have a nice prick, Mrs. Marshall?  Doesn't he have a beautiful teenage boy dick? Why not just give that big fat dick a few licks too while you are at it. That would make him feel so good. Go on, lick your son's cock!" 

    And that was how on a bright morning, Mrs. Marshall, found herself naked on her hands and knees, tits swinging, licking the fat meaty dick of her own dear teenage son!

     Paul Marshall's mother was licking his balls and dick. He boy was in absolute agony. He was getting sexually aroused by his own mother. His thoughts collided together like some massive auto accident on freeway of his mind 

     "That's good, Mrs. Marshall. You are doing a fine job. Lick your son's swinging scrotum. Now, come on, don't cry. Your tears will get in the way of the flavor of his ballsack and prick. Isn't that a fine dick your son has?  Look, it's starting to leak pre-cum. Sucking your son's cock is turning him on. You' better lick up that string of pre-fuck, Mrs. Marshall. We don't want it dripping all over the carpet."

      "I' sorry Mom. I am so sorry...I...I..." Paul's young teenage head felt ready to burst. 

      "Shh, it's okay, Paul. He can't hurt us if we don't let him."  She answered between cock licks. She looked up her tormented son seated on the couch, strong young thighs spread so his mother could lick his nuts and cock. 

      Matt Henshaw chuckled.  "That's right. I can't hurt you if you don't let me. Mrs. Marshall, why not lick down under his nuts, toward his nice juicy teenage boy asshole? Paul scoot forward on the couch so your mommy can lick your asshole!" 

      Paul slouched down and pushed his hips forward, bringing his ass to the end of the couch. His mother started to lick the area between balls and ass, moving toward her son's recently raped swollen pink ass lips. 

       "Is your cunt wet, Mrs. Marshall? Does licking your son's asshole make your cunt wet? Come on now, show a little enthusiasm, stick your tongue way up your son's asshole. Really lick that baby out. I was teaching this one little girl in my neighborhood how to do that just the other day.If she works real hard at it and does a real good job on all the guys in the neighborhood, she'll be an expert at it by the time she's ten. Can't start 'em too young, can we Mrs. Marshall. You know that. I'll bet you started your slutting really young, didn't you? I'll bet you were licking dick and asshole in grade school. Probably licking out your daddy's asshole at home, am I right? And you have been wanting to suck you son Paul's dick for a long time, haven't you? Your big handsome teenage son. I'll bet you've been eying his dick lump for ages. Probably sucking on his jerk off rag you found up in his bedroom. Is that right, you fucking whore? You sucking the spilled dried cum out of your son's jerk off rag? Your hubby doesn't give you enough, does he? Your marriage dried up, just like your husband's dick. Can't blame you for wanting some of Paul's juicy teenage cock. Admit it to yourself bitch, I won't tell anyone. Your son's dick and balls and ass taste really good to you. They get your pussy dripping. Right? 

   Mrs. Marshall was sobbing pretty heavily as her tongue worked it's way up her teenage son's sweaty asshole. There was something fresh and soft and sensual about his smooth young body. She could not deny it. 

     "Shit that dick is leaking all over he place. Your son is sure getting off on you sucking his asshole. You'd better get back up on this dick before he leaks all over he fucking living room."  Matt had his own pants down around his knees now and was pumping his own leaking soda can thick fucker. This was so fucking much fun for him. Why hadn't he started this sooner?  

      "That's right, Mrs. M. Suck your son's big juicy boy meat. Taste that spongy dickhead and the slime leaking out of it. Lick up and down the cockshaft, along the veins, right down to the root at the ball sack. Lick up and down the prick like a good mother. Good mom's take care of their sons. Did I ever tell you that my mom used to suck my dick? When I was really young, oh..I don't know, maybe nine or ten, my dad caught me watching him fuck my mom. Well, not really caught. He used to invite me in to watch him fuck her. For two reasons. To make me a man, and to humiliate her. He knew it really ripped her apart to have her dear son watch as she got fucked up the cunt and asshole by him. But on this particular day, He caught a special glint in my eye, or a special stiffness in my little pricklet, cause, all of a sudden, he ordered my mom to suck my dick. She just about lost her mind, begging him not to make her do that. You're getting prick slop all over your face, Mrs. Marshall, but that's okay. Anyway, Daddy made Mommy suck my little dick. And after that, he made her do it lots. About three times a week, for years. As soon as I could shoot, he made me fuck my own mother too. My Dad is a great guy. Really powerful. Mom couldn't take it, and she lost her mind. My dad opened a private sanitarium just so she would get the very best care. He makes sure she is fucked by the staff at least four or five times a day. You see, I get my talent from my father!"  He was pumping furiously now as he watched Mrs. Marshall sucking the dick of her own sweet son. 

    You see like everything else in life, it's not how you suck, but whom you suck that matters. It's the image in your mind of whom you are sucking that makes the event erotic or not. Think how hot Mrs. Marshall would feel, how wet in the cunt pit if Paul was just some teenage jock from town. She would feel young again, and hot and horny and cougarish. But this being her own dear son, well that was something else again.

      Although, if we are going to be honest here, I must briefly allude to a study I read that implied that many many mothers lust after their own son's dicks! Ths study that I often allude to in my writings, suggested that many mothers who are sexually frustrated become fascinated with the size and development of the penises of their own sons. Some have taken drastic measures, boring holes in the walls of their sons' bedrooms so they can watch the boys masturbating their big teen dicks. Many go to high school sporting events to look at the boys' bulges in their swim trunks or basket ball uniforms. Especially the bulges of their own sons'.

Some frustrated moms take great pleasure in thinking about their sons fucking girls from the school. They finger their sopping cunts while they imagine their sons ramming those big sweaty teen dicks deep into the pussies of teenage girls. You must be aware of this. You have seen suburban moms teasing their own sons about what "studs" they are or what "girl killers." They study mentions moms who root through their son's cars, looking for used rubbers so they can suck the old sperm and cunt juice out. They so need to taste the cum from their boys' pricks.  Many mothers in this psycho-sexual position, suck on the dirty underpants and used jock straps of their sons. A mother in this position can become obsessed with the taste of her son's fucker. Now certainly not all mothers are like this. But a surprising number do show an unnatural interest in the genitals of their sons. Then again, perhaps it is natural, just repressed. We do know that in poor regions, like ghettos, teenage boys are more apt to fuck their own mothers. The percentage of black boys who fuck their mothers is much greater than that of white boys. In some inner city areas, as many as four or five boys in the same family will fuck their mother with the full consent of the father. Of course if there is a daughter in the family, she will also be getting fucked, so the incidents of mother fucking will go down. 

        "Mrs. Marshall, just look at how thick and swollen and long Paul's dick has gotten. You have done a fine job down there. He is really enjoying having his mommy suck his dick, aren't you Paul?  Don't you think it's time for Paul to fuck you?"  Both mother and son wailed in horror. She turned and crawled over to Matt who stood there masturbating his huge fuckmeat and laughing.

        "Oh God, Please, not that. Please, I am begging you. Not that. You can fuck me if you want. I'll be real good for you. I'll do whatever you want. You'll see, you'll love it. But please don't make me do that with my own son! Please!" As she sobbed her big naked tits wobbled. 

        "Well, let me think it over for a few minutes. While I'm thinking it over, why don't you suck my dick, Mrs. Marshall. And Paul, why not crawl over here and lick my balls while I think. If you guys do a real good, job, I might let you off easy." 

        Matt Henshaw had reduced the Marshall family to animals.  The naked boy hopped off the couch and crawled obediently over to the High School Senior. Matt stood there with his pants and undershorts down around his ankles while Mrs. marshall started to lick the shaft and head of his massive wet fucker.  Paul joined his mother, lifted his head and began to lap at the large dangling balls in their hairy sack. 

       "Oh yeah, oh that feels really good."  Matt whispered in lust. Paul's face was right next to his mother's as she licked dick and he licked balls. They were both too ashamed to make eye contact. Soon Matt's big pink dick and heavy nuts were coated with saliva. Mrs. Marshall was operating under that theory that lots of wives do, that maybe if she quickly brought him off, Matt would lose interest in doing something dirtier, filthier. But young Matt Henshaw was not to be deterred. 

He suddenly pushed both mother and son away from his glistening genitals. 

       "Nope, I've decided. He's got to fuck you. I want to see him shove his dick into his own mom's cunt!"  Paul and his mother collapsed onto the rug both crying like little children.  

      "Come on now you two, let's get a nice positive attitude about this, shall we? I want to see a nice enthusiastic fuck. You're always screaming at me, Paul, that you are not a faggot. Prove it to me. Show me you are a normal heterosexual guy. Fuck your mother! If you slam that dick into her hard enough, who knows? I might respect you enough to let you go! I might go find myself another little slave. But you got to give her a first class banging.I want to hear your balls slapping on that pussy pad. I want to see fuck juicy spraying out. Come on, get to it. And you, you ugly slag, suggesting that I fuck you. Why would I want to fuck an old ugly bag like you, when I can have all the fresh young pussy in town that I want? Jesus, your cunt looks like the underside of an octopus. But Paul will want to fuck it. Because he loves his mommy so much. Paul wants to fuck his mommy."

      Imagine if you will the mental condition of our boy Paul. Imagine the twisted torment playing havoc in his head. Still crying hysterically, he crawled over to his own mother and sobbing that he was sorry, over and over again, he placed his fat dickhead at the entrance of his mom's cunt.  He wasn't doing this anymore to save his father and brother. Oh no. A new development on the scene. He was doing this because Matt had told him to. He could not longer not obey Matt!  Something had snapped. Something had broken. He would do whatever Matt told him to, no matter what!  The tears from his eyes rained down upon his mother's heaving tits.  Her fat nipples grew hard and elongated. She threw her head from side to side as she felt the blunt wet head of her son's dick at her cunthole.

     Long strings of pre-fuck hung from the tip of Matt's swollen dick as he watched Paul slide his cock into his mother's cunt. She gasped, and then her naked legs came up around her son.

     "Mother Fucker! You are a mother fucker now Paul. Welcome to the club. Her twat is probably much looser than Marie's was, but still, a fuck is a fuck, right? Would you two kids be more comfortable on the couch. Here climb up on the couch, I can see better that way and get some really good pictures. That way, if you ever decide to try to hurt me or go against me, I can release these nice shots of Paul Marshall fucking the cunt of his own dirty whore of a mother. Come on Paul, don't just lay there like a fish on a slab. Or a fish on a fish! Ha. Fuck the bitch! Make her grunt with the power of your prick thrusts. She probably hasn't had a good fuck in a very long time. Slam that prick into her. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"  Paul picked up the rhythm and plowed his poor sobbing mom. His dick grew even thicker in her cunt with each thrust. His big balls did indeed slap her pussy pad. 

      "That's the way, Paul. Fuck your mother. Oh yeah! Fuck her hard! Great. Now pull it out and shove it up her asshole!"  

      Both mother and son froze in mid-fuck. They turned their stricken faced to the teenager controlling them. 

      "You hear me. You didn't think I would let you get off without a nice ass fuck, did you? That's have the fun, isn't it? Now shove your dick up your mom's asshole!" 

      "I...I've never done that!" She sobbed. 

      "What? A fucked out old bag like you, and you've never had dick up your ass? Well, Bitch, you don't know what you are missing. The chicks tell me it's great once they get over the pain. I know faggots like Paul here love dicks up their asses. So you'll love it too. Spread your fat ass cheeks nice and wide for your son's fuckmeat! Come on Paul, up and at-em!"  With fresh wails and sobs, the boy mounted his own mother like an animal and fucked her in the ass. She screamed at he size of her son's invading dick, and Matt almost shot his load watching it all. 

      "That is great! Look at that asshole stretch. Shove it in, Paul. Never mind her screams, you know the cunts love it. Fuck your mother in the ass, Paul!" 

      Paul,now pretty much mindless and in the throws of some sick sexual need of his own, fucked his mother in the ass. It did no good to protest, might as well get on with it!

      "That's good. Fuck her in the ass balls deep. Great, now pull out and shove it in her cunt again!  Ass and cunt alternate fucks. Punch fuck her cunt and ass with your dick! Now deep into her ass!  Now pull that dirty dick out and shove it in her mouth!" 

       Paul withdrew his dick with a "plop" from his mother's ass, and crawled up to fuck the ass slime covered tool into his mom's face cunt!  She looked with horror at the shit slick prick as it hovered and dripped over her face. 

       "Come on, Bitch, open your mouth!"  Matt encouraged, fisting his own pulsing prick.  Paul's mom opened her mouth and her son rammed his filth covered dick deep into her throat. He had no mind any more. He was a fucking animal! He slammed his hips at her face, his balls swinging and slapping her neck. Drool, fuck slop and ass slime squirted out of the sides of her stretched mouth. Her nostrils flared and her eyes rolled. He son was fucking her throat!  His stomach fluttered and his pecs heaved as he face fucked his own mother. His recently pin-pierced nipples stood out pink and hard on his chest.  His dick had never felt this large, this thick, this sensitive. 

      "Okay,now out of her face cunt and back down to her real cunt. Let's make a baby!" 

       At that, for some reason, Paul's mom totally lost it. She tried to claw at her own son, to push him off of her. Paul shook his head, sweat flying in every direction. He swung his head around to focus on Matt, standing there beating his meat contentedly. Paul let out a growl, leaped off his mother, his dick spraying pre-fuck and spit and ass slime, and his body pale and covered with black and blue marks of abuse. He soared across the space between the rich spoiled teenage boy who had ruined his life and the couch. He landed on Matt, his hands going for the kid's throat. Matt was hampered by the trousers and undershorts around his ankles and could not defend himself. Paul hit him with the force of a semi-truck, sending the older teen back and down onto the carpet. Paul's face was like a wild animal, mouth open, spit running down onto Matt, tongue flapping over teeth that suddenly looked very dangerous. Paul's eyes rolled in his head and snot ran from his nose. He Held Matt down by the neck while his jaw came near, snapping, as if he wanted to bite the older boy's face off. 

    Matt could not bring his feet up because of his trousers, and so the lower part of his body was useless in defending himself. His hands flailed the air above and around him. One hand clasped on to Paul's naked shoulder and he pushed the boy back with all his strength, but suddenly Paul was a mad-man, with power the boy had never before displayed. The snapping jaw came closer to his nose and cheek. Matt freaked out! He too screamed like an animal, the room now filled with the screams of three agonized creatures. Paul's mother scuttled away, hands over her face, terror filled eyes peeking between spread fingers. 

    Matt's left hand held back Paul's descending body.He could feel Paul's hard leaking prick slapping is own engorged manhood. Matt extended his right hand, looking for purchase to pull himself from the animal-like attack of the mad teen. Paul had been driven too far. He had slipped over into insanity. He was literally trying to murder Matt. So Matt had had a little fun with Paul and his family. Was that any reason to attack him like this? Was that any excuse for murder? 

    And then Matt's hand found it. The leg of an end table. With the kind of strength one can only find at moments of extreme stress, Matt dragged, then actually lifted the end table by one leg. He brought it crashing down on Paul's head! It made a horrible cracking sound. Paul grunted and his naked body went slack and he rolled off of the older teen. He lay there naked and unconscious, his dick still half hard and leaking. 

     Matt scrambled to his feet and tugged up his shorts and trousers so he could move. Then he started to kick Paul, first in the ribs, then in the balls, then in the face. Paul's mother threw herself in supplication at Matt, hanging on to his leg. 

     "Please...Please..." she rasped. 

      "The fucker tried to kill me. He tried to kill me!" Matt screamed, kicking Paul in the head and face. "I"ll show him. I have been nice to him up to now. I have felt compassion for him. I just wanted to play a little, have some innocent fun. But now, I will show him. I'll have him locked up in the same sanitarium that holds my mom. They know how to treat crazies there! I'll show him what real pain and torment is!"  He tugged the cell phone from his pocket and pushed some buttons. 

      "I need a private ambulance over at the Marshall house. And bring a straight jacket! "

   Poor Paul woke as if out of a dream. He thought it was a dream. A long terrible dream. All of his misfortune, torture, abuse, shame, had been nothing but a horrible nightmare! At least it was over. He felt his bedclothes twisted about his body, constricting him. He saw he walls of his room through the haze of a drugged sleep and they looked like bedquilts. He had to clear his head. Perhaps a drink of water would help. But first he had to crawl out of these twisted and knotted bed sheets.  He struggled but to no avail. What was wrong? Something was very wrong here. He forced his eyes open, blinked and tried to raise his hand to rub the sleep from them but found he could not. The horror of his reality became clear to him. 

    He was not at home asleep in his room. The soft bedquilt like walls were indeed padded. He was in some kind of padded cell. A PADDED CELL!  The twisted bed  sheets were not that at all, but a straight jacket confining his arms in painful restriction. He was on the floor of a padded cell wrapped in a straight jacket! 

   Paul panicked. He threw his cute young teenage head from side to side, screaming for help. How had this happened to him. He looked down at his legs and feet, and realized that except for the straight jacket, he was totally bare assed naked! His dick and balls flopped around on fully display beneath the straps of the canvas restraint. He felt somehow even more vulnerable than when totally naked. He looked around his gray padded cell. On one wall there was a window of black glass. Obviously, they, whomever they were, could watch him, without allowing him to see out. Then he looked up at the ceiling and saw five moving cameras with blinking green lights. He could not believe this was happening to him. He shook his head to clear it. What did he remember? what could he remember? 

    'OH MY GOD," he shouted out loud as he recalled his last memories. He had fucked his own mother. He had shoved his dick into his own mother's cunt and mouth and asshole. Was it true? Had he done such a thing? What could make him do such a horrendous act? Matt! Matt Henshaw had forced him to do it. Matt Henshaw who controlled his young life and threatened him with prison for his father and brother if he did not comply, had forced him to fuck his own mother. Could there be a degradation worse than this/ Could there be anything more disgusting and despicable?  Had he gone mad? Had he finally lost it, unable to stand any more humiliation and abuse. Is that why he was here? What kind of place was this?  

   He thought and thought, until his head felt as if it would burst, but no answers came. He hung his head, his hair damp with sweat, and slept again. 

    Across town, Matt Henshaw sat in the office of one of his father's plants, facing Bud, Paul's older brother across a polished mahogany desk. Matt was a lanky, easy going high school senior. He was the most powerful young man in the state. His father ran virtually everything. Bud, who was more the muscular blue collar type, glowered and looked as if he wanted to kill the young tycoon. 

    "So we had to place your brother in my father's asylum for his own good. My dad had the place built you know, when my own mother lost her mind, so it's the very best quality treatment. However with Paul's mental health so fragile, I have no one to replace him as my "special buddy." And since Paul was doing what he did to keep you and your dad out of prison, I thought you might like to pitch in and help."  

    "What the fuck are you talking about. You ruined my family. You fucked up our lives!" 

    Matt leaned in, his cute face smiling with confidence. "Think how it will be for your brand new bride, with her hubby serving timer. And your poor dad. Could his heart take prison? And what about your mom? She would lose the house."

     Bud was not as intelligent as either his younger brother Paul, or Matt Henshaw. He was just a factory worker. A big handsome hunk of an ordinary guy with ordinary needs and desires. He didn't understand all of this. His animal instincts made him want to kill Matt Henshaw right there and then. But what good would that do? He had to protect his family. "We didn't do nothing wrong. You framed us!" 

    Matt chuckled at the cute hunk. "You didn't do anything wrong. God you are a dumb shit! But good looking. Does it matter if you really did anything wrong or not? The fact is I can ruin you and your entire family. Now Paul was helping prevent that. He did certain things for me to help. But with Paul sick and needing treatment, I have no one to help your cause, unless of course you want to fill the breach!  

    Bud's hands were in fists. The veins in his neck and forehead stood out. "Huh?" he said. 

    "First, I want you to bring your beautiful young bride over to my home tonight at seven o'clock. I want to fuck her."

     Bud's eyes went wide. Spittle formed in the corners of his mouth. He was about to leap out of the chair and drag the son of a bitch across the desk, when Matt raised a hand. "Careful, Bud. One wrong move and you end up in prison! Think of all that prison dick going up your ass every night. You'll make a beautiful prison bitch!"  Paul turned red, but sat back down in his chair.  "That's better.  Now when you bring your bride over to my place tonight, I want her dressed as follows. A very very short mini skirt. No panties. No bra. A white blouse so sheer that I can see the color of her nipples through the material. Four inch high heels. I might take her out on the town. And you can be our driver. How's that? Don' fuck up, Bud, you know what happened to your little brother. I expect results. Now why why start showing your commitment by crawling down on the floor and licking my shoes clean?"  

    Matt spun his chair around and Bud saw that the high school boy wore dirty white sneakers. "Come on, don't be shy. Get on down there and lick those shoes real good. Get all that dirt and whatever off of them. I might have stepped in some dog shit on the way in here. I don't know, so give them a good licking." 

    Bud looked like his head would explode. The veins looked ready to pop. His face was deep red. Tears clouded his eyes. He slowly eased himself out of his chair and fell to the carpet. He wasn't even sure he could do something like this. He was a man. A stud. A tough guy. He wasn't some high school kid. 

    "That a boy. Tongue out...sometimes we just need to make the best of a rotten situation. Oh by the way, I'm having my dad give you a nice raise. That is of course as long as you are a good boy. Tongue out!" 

     But extended his wide tongue. He brought his head down to the dirty white shoes and started to lick. 

     "You know why you're here, dont you, Cuntface?" The young intern said to Paul. Paul, still naked except for the straight jacket, looked up at the mean looking guard. "You are here because you lost it! You went nuts. You attacked Matt Henshaw. You're lucky to still be alive. Nobody attacks Matt Henshaw. This is his daddy's place. His daddy built this place. It's a looney bin! Ha. Special guards and attendants. Special needs for special patients. The Henshaws put people here who get in their way. You got in Matt's way! He's paying us extra to look after you. To make sure your stay here is special. You'll get the very best therapy and treatment. Don't you look cute there on the floor in that straight jacket. All helpless. A helpless teenage kid with his dick and balls hanging out and his bare ass hanging out. You see the cameras?  They're for special subscribers. You see, there are some very wealthy people who have an interest in the care and handling of certain mental patients. They pay us a fee, and they can watch on their computers. That's right. About five hundred guys around the world can see you right now, or at any time they choose."

    Paul's head snapped to look at the cameras on the ceiling. He tried to tuck his legs under himself to hide his dick and balls. 

    The attendant laughed. "Oh, no need to be shy. They're going to watch everything you do. Piss, shit, play! Might as well give them a good view. You have no privacy here. Some of our clients like to watch the therapy we give young girls. We have some patients here as young as ten and eleven! WE believe in hands on therapy. You'll see. This dish over here is your piss and shit dish. You piss and shit into it. Don't miss the dish, or you will have to lick up what spills. We are a bit short on supplies right now, so for the time being, we will have to use the same dish for your food. Don't worry, we'll empty it out first. Although we won't always have time to clean it."

     Paul could not believe what he was hearing. This young burly attendant was some kind of sadistic monster. "I want to see someone. I want to see my doctor!"      The attendant laughed again. 'Oh we're in short supply of those as well. But don't worry, I and the other attendants are going to take good care of you. For now, it's time for lunch. I hope you don't need to shit or piss because I already filled your dish with lunch. Go on, crawl over and chow down. You must be hungry. Paul tried to struggle to his feet. The attendant reached out and slapped him so hard in the face that he fell to the floor. 

      "You gotten listen, Cuntface! I said crawl over. Shit, you remind me of this thirteen year old cunt I got in another room. I tell her to lick my balls, and she tries to suck my dick instead. I have to slap her upside the head. When I say lick my balls, I mean my balls, Bitch! Some people never learn. Now let's get off on the right foot, shall we? I'm here to help you. I am here to help you regain your senses. Mr. Henshaw Jr. tells us you are a sex addict! He says you have severe sexual problems. We're going to work on that. But first, lunch! Matt Henshaw cares so much about you, he even created your diet and menu. Now CRAWL OVER TO YOUR DISH, YOU PIECE OF SHIT! 

      Paul was scared out of his mind. He didn't even know what questions to ask. Didn't know what to say. He struggled on his knees toward the dish. 

     "NO NO, ASSWIPE, WHEN I SAY CRAWL, I MEAN ON ALL FOURS, ASS UP HIGH IN THE AIR."   Paul looked up at his captor. How could he crawl on all fours when his hands were wrapped in the straight jacket? 

     "I...I...don't know what you want? I...I.."  Paul was hysterical. 

     "Jesus. Just like a dumb cunt. I say lick my asshole, she licks my balls! I hope you do better, but I gotta say you are not starting out so good.  Of course you can't use your hands. Put your shoulder and face down on the floor and crawl that way!" 

       Paul lowered his face to the floor and use it and his shoulders to slowly crawl toward the bowl. 

      "Yeah, get that asscunt up nice and high."  When was the last time you called a high school boy's ass an ASSCUNT?  The attendant lifted one foot and gently tapped Paul's scrotum with it. "Spread your legs when you crawl, make your balls swing!"  Paul sobbed but did the best he could. 

     " That a boy. You may not be so dumb after all. Not as dumb as that cunt next door. The other day, I got my dick up her ass, see. And I tells her real nice to shove four fingers up her cunt while I ass fuck her. And the thirteen year old Hole tells me she can't 'cause it hurts too much.'  Some of the clients wanted to see her double fucked, but we were short of attendants on that shift, so I figure, okay, I'll  just have her shove her fist up her cunt while I ass fuck her, and everybody will be happy. But she has to go and cause trouble. A good lesson for you. Don't cause trouble. Just do what you are told, and everything will be fine! Now eat your lunch." 

       Paul looked down into the large metal dish. There was some kind of porridge or oatmeal or something. It was swimming in a thick white and yellow sauce. Paul gagged just looking at it.  

     "There's all kinds of vitamins and nutrients in there to keep you healthy. I may look like crap, but it's good stuff. And it's warm. So eat it all before it gets cold. Oh the yellow and white creamy sauce filling the bowl?  That's horse sperm! We get it off several ranches the Henshaws own.  Don't worry, you'll get used to the taste after a while. At least that's what I hear. Now when we give you food, you eat it all and lick the dish clean. You hear? You don't get any more food until you finish that, even if it sits there for a week. And you also get punished if you don't eat it all.  Did I tell you about punishments here?  Well, you don't want to know. We try to treat our patients with tender loving care, but sometimes, when they misbehave, we have to restrain them and punish them. We often use electro-shock therapy for that. Oh, believe me, it's much worse than it sounds.  Now hurry up and eat, I feel like a blow job, and I think I'll try you out."

      Paul leaned over the dish and lost his balance. His fell forward and his face plunged into the mess of horse cum and gruel. The attendant roared with laughter.  "Gotta learn how to do that!  Use your tongue like a dog and lick up the food. It works best that way. It's really healthy stuff, believe me. We want to keep you in good shape. Mr. Henshaw's orders."

       Across town, Bud was licking Matt Henshaw's dirty shoes.  Then he heard the sound of a zipper being pulled down. "Oh No!" he whispered. 

     "Oh Yes!"  Matt Henshaw laughed, freeing his huge pink prick from his jeans.

  "Now look at yourself, you dumb cunt, you got your lunch all over your fucking face." The attendant laughed. He was a good looking muscular guy with a mean frown and a severe demeanor. Paul was totally whacked out. How could he not get the horse cum and cruel on his face, he had been forced to eat it by kneeling over the dish and licking it up like a cog. The straight jacked covering Paul's upper body was painful and constricting. 

    "I...I...."  he sort of moaned, his lips and tongue coated with horse sperm. 

    "And who is responsible for cleaning you up? Your friendly attendant, that's who! But I don't want to get that crap on my clothes. I'd better shuck down. I get that on my uniform, I'll catch hell from my wife." Teenage high school student Paul Marshall watched in amazement as the attendant peeled out of his own clothes until he stood naked next to the bound boy. He had really thick muscular arms, covered with tattoos, heavy thighs, a real muscle man look.  Paul was shocked at the size of the attendant's prick. It was one of those shockingly heavy dicks that hung wrist thick and swollen even in it's flaccid state. One of the those dicks that wobbled and swung with every move the attendant made. It hung their as if it had a life of it' own over huge nuts. 

   The attendant laughed. "Jesus, I see you love my dick already. I was warned about that. Mr. Henshaw said you are a real fucking pervert and that's why yo are here. He said you can't get enough dick and that you even try to suck off all the jocks at your high school. " It was true. Paul had sucked off a huge number of students at his local high school, but not because he wanted to. He had been forced to by Matt Henshaw. "Well, don't go too crazy over my dick. My wife might get jealous. I've only been married two months and she's still pretty nuts about it. She wants it in her mouth all the time too. But we're kind here at the asylum. And Mr. Henshaw impressed upon us how great your cock addiction is. So we're going to take care of you just fine." 

    "you've got to believe me. It's not my fault.. I...I..don't like to...I hate..." Paul could not even formulate his thoughts correctly anymore. 

    The attendant kicked out with one big naked foot knocking Paul over. "Don't you know it's impolite to speak with your mouth all full and covered with horse cum? By the way how did that taste? Let me know if you like the flavor of it better than dog cum, okay? Now I got to clean you up. Let's see. Lay on the floor on your back with your head over your food dish!"  When Paul was too slow, still trying to adjust to moving while strapped in a straight jacket, the attendant kicked him again, until the kid was positioned with his head on his silver food dish.  

     " Isn't it funny,  they call it a straight jacket, and here we have to use it on a fucking faggot. Oh well, go figure. Maybe it should be called a faggot jacket!"  The muscular naked attendant straddled Paul's body, his fat dick swinging and looking even thicker than before. He leaned over so his face was quite close to Paul's. 

"Now hold still, let' see if we can get some of the food mess off your cute sissy-boy face."  He hawked back and gobbed a huge load of spit and phlegm  right onto Paul's face. 

     Paul tried to turn his face. He grimace. The spit smelled bad and felt worse. It had huge chunks of nose gunk in it. 

     "Hold the fuck still! You turn your head away again, and I swear I will have to punish you. Turn your face up toward me. Open your mouth. Stick out your tongue. DO IT YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!"  

     Paul opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. He knew it was quite useless to disobey anyone. He had learned that over the past week. Hi job was to obey. He did make a kind of high pitched whimper which the attendant thought was hysterically funny. The boy was spat on again and again, until His face and tongue were coated with nose crap and spittle. This attendant really knew how to hawk. He had practiced on plenty of patients. 

   "You like that, huh? One of our workers here has terrible allergies and always has a really runny nose. I'll make sure he blows his nose in your food for you." The attendant looked down, studying Paul's agonized young face. "It's just not working. It's not cleaning off the food and horse cum. Nope, we need plan B. Now hold fucking still. If you move one fucking inch or turn your head or close your mouth, I swat to God, you will be sorry!"  

     With that, the attendant squatted down over Paul's head until his huge flaccid prick hung just inches from the boy's face. Paul could smell the dick and balls. 

"Now just a minute baby hold still. We'll get you clean in a second."  The attendant blinked and seemed to flex his muscular frame, and then a very heavy spray of piss shot out of his dick right down onto the boy's face. It was a strong dark yellow spray of stinking piss. Paul gagged and wanted to turn away, but he knew he dare not. The spray of the piss washed away the cum and gruel and spit and snot. It washed most of it into the dish beneath Paul's head. Paul was wailing in humiliation. His mouth was filling with dark yellow pee.  "Keep your mouth open. I'm trying to teach my new wife this, but I'm having a devil of a time with her. She had kind of a strict upbringing and isn't really into fun kinky sex. But I'll get here there. Okay now swallow and then open your face cunt again." 

   By the time the attendant had finished, the metal dish beneath Paul's head was half full of piss mixed in with animal sperm, food remnants, spit and snot. 

   "Okay. buddy. That's much better. You are looking good now.  Now for desert, how would you like to suck my dick?" My wife sucked it this morning before I left for work, but shit that was five hours ago, and I can blow four times a day. I feel uncomfortable if I go too many hours without unloading my nuts. You know? Oh no, I guess you don't know because you can't jerk off can you? Not with that straight jacket on. It's probably for your own good. Now up on your knees, and open your facehole. You are going to just love the taste of my cock. I get sweaty easily, so there is always a pretty strong smell and taste on my dick and nads."

   Paul gulped back two sobs of remorse for his position, and turned his head to one side. No More! He simply could not take any more abuse! 

   "Come on, Asswipe. This is your recreation period. Don't miss out on all the fun. Here is some nice fucking cock for you to suck. Some days' I'll fuck my wife in the morning before I come in to work, and I'll let you suck it with all that dried cunt juice still on it. Think of the treat that will be. Yeah, you'll love that, won't you? But only if you are a real good little patient and do everything I say. And if you are especially good, I'll let you suck my dick after I have fucked my wife in the asshole! Just think how delicious that's going to taste. But you got to prove to me that you are a first class cocksucker. You come highly recommended. Mr Henshaw says twenty or thirty boys at your high school swear that you suck dick better than their girlfriends. Is that true?"

     Paul let out a scream of anguish and turned away. He fell over at once and stared to crawl across the padded cell in the only way he could, on his knees and face and shoulders, digging his toes into the floor and pushing. He was  like a teenage animal. His eyes were wild and teary. 

  "I won't do it. I won't do it any more. I won't. YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME ANY MORE! FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU AND MATT HENSHAW!" He yelled, losing his voice mid sentence from the force of his screaming. 

     The attendant reached down and hefted his big nuts. Then he laughed. "Now you see what you've done? Now I have to punish you. I warned you about that. I warned you that you would hate the punishments here. I told you that we don't enjoy punishing our patients, cause we know you are fucked up mentally and can't help yourselves. But we do need to keep some kind of order here, don't we? So now I got to punish you!"   

    Paul never saw where the whip came from. It was one of those short ones with eight leather tails. The muscular arm of the burly attendant pulled back and landed a snapping blow right on the  pale tender ass globe of the teenage boy. Paul yelped and tried to crawl away, but there was no place to crawl. 

   "Get that ass up in the air, Pussy-boy. Lift that ass to meet my whip. Push that ass up high? I'm going to whip your useless ass until you present it to me properly!"  Paul pushed his teenage ass up and back at the man whipping him. He wanted, he needed it to be over. Again and again the whip lashed down on his boy globes, until they were bright red. With each blow, Paul screamed louder. Then when he could take it no more, he would twist and try to pull away. That angered the attendant even more. 

   "Now you moved away. I told you to give me your ass! Now we got to start all over again!" It was endless and unbearable. Paul felt as if he were losing whatever small part of his mind still remained. Pain! such biting, burning relentless pain! The fear of the next stroke replacing the tearing burn of the current one. How many more? Over and over. 

   "Push that ass higher for me. Give me that useless faggot ass. Lift it up! GIVE ME YOUR FUCKING ASS, YOU DISGUSTING FAGGOT!" HOW MANY? HOW MANY? FIFTY? A HUYNDRED?  Paul's ass was on fire. Then it stopped. Paul's ragged gulping of air filled the small room. 

   "Okay now, spread your legs as wide as you can. I want to whip your balls and asshole! "

  Mouth hanging open, drool running from his chin, Paul turned his face up to his captor. " no more. Puh-lease, I can't breath. The pain. Puh-lease I am begging you, Sir. Sir. Puh-lease, I'll suck your dick. Let me suck your dick Please let me suck your big beautiful dick!" 

    The attendants big pink fucker had swollen now to erection. It was dripping pre-fuck from the wide pisshole. He squatted down next to Paul's wet, tear streaked face. "But see, you are just like my wife. How the fuck do I know I can trust and believe you. One minute you say no, and the next minute yes. It's like when I ask her to suck my ass. She say se it's dirty and she hates it. Then I persuade her a little and she chows down on it. She's having a hard time adjusting to married life. I know these first few days in your new home are difficult for you as well. All the rules, and the surroundings. But you got to try harder. You got to make an effort. Now bee a good little faggot fuckhole and spread you legs  so I can see your big nuts hanging and your pretty pink asscunt! I want to whip your scrotum and hole. And when I want something, I get it. It's too late to beg. If you had followed my instructions, none of this would have happened." 

       It was magnificent, some pervert might say. A cute teenage high school boy, naked except for a straight jacket, getting his big boy balls and pink asshole whipped by a burly attendant in a mental hospital! 

     WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!  Each blow of the whip send wave of nausea through Paul. Something that strong, that harsh hitting your nuts with the power of a hammer, made him want to puke. He could barely settle his pain wracked body down from one blow before the next one hit!  Sometimes it stung his pink asshole. That burned like hell, but it was nothing to when the whip slammed into his nuts! He thought he would die. He wanted to die. He no longer cared about his family or his life. He just wanted the pain to stop. 

     Next thing he knew, he was back on his knees. The room spun around him. His nuts throbbed and tight knots of pain enveloped his lower body. He had something in his mouth. It was a kind of metal mouth brace to hold his jaw apart. It was tied around his head with a leather strap. 

    "Sorry about the cunt opener, but we have had patients in your state of mind actually bit off the dicks of some attendants. I'm just playing it cautious until we get to know each other a bit better. Actually I don't like the cunt opener. It keeps your mouth stretched and sure I can fuck your face, but I so like it when a patient gently lick my balls and licks up and down my dick. I like it when he gently swipes the pre-fuck from my pisshole with his tongue. You know, a nice friendly faggot cocksuck. But we'll get to that when we become better friends. Will you look at the size of my dick? Pretty impressive, huh? And thick. My wife cries cause it is so thick, especially when I ass fuck her. But I hear you've been fucked in the ass lots of time, so it shouldn't be any problem for you. Now lift your head up so I can get this big greasy leaking dick into your facecunt! i can use your hair and your hears to hang on to you as I ram my fat fucker down your throat. You do know how to take it down the throat, don"t you? I like to feel my cock slime sliding down the throat of a facepussy. After you get used to sucking dick here at the asylum, we'll take you around from room to room, so you can suck the dicks of all the patients. After all they get almost no fun. You'll be sucking twenty or thirty cocks  a day and some cunt too! Lot's old people. Of course we'll be fucking your ass all day and night too, just for the fun of it. But Mr. Henshaw said the rougher and more sadistic we treat you, the larger our bonuses. So What the fuck. Everybody wins! You are one lucky high school boy! That's right, take that huge fucking dick all the way down. I don't mind if you gag. After i finish fucking your face, I'll give you a nice refreshing drink, from your metal bowl! And then we will start your therapy for the day. I hope you are enjoying your recreation period, cause your therapy period is kind of painful! Take that big dick all the way..balls deep. can you feel my balls on your lips? Oh Fuck you got a good throat! You are going to be so fucking popular. Wait until you meet Jeff! He's another attendant, but he's a lot meaner than I am. I am a pussy cat compared to him. Do you know what he did to two patients last week? He took a sixteen year old boy and made him fuck an eighty year old woman, and then he glued the boy's dick into her cunt and left them that way for days. Fucking super glue. It was hysterical. We have lots of fun like that around here. Nobody bother's us. Oh fuck, I think I'm gonna blow. Wait, let me pull out. I think I want to fuck your ass instead! 

   Pre-fuck and spit ran from Paul's mouth as he was thrown roughly onto the floor. He was ordered to present his cunt to the attendant. He knelt with his ass up high, his balls still pink and throbbing from their beating. He spread his legs so his pink asshole showed. 

   "Aw fuck, no lube. Well, I guess I'll just have to dry fuck you! Come on pretty boy give me your pussy! Tonight we're going to have a kind of welcome party for you with eight or nine attendants, depending on who can make it. So it's best to get this cunt loosened up first. Oh my that hole is still pretty tight inspite of all the dick you have had up it. Maybe it tightened up again. Matt Henshaw said your cunt was really elastic. He said it could take just about anything. Bottles, baseball bats, anything. Is that right? we'll have to try that tonight. Don't you think my dick is beautiful? Such a gorgeous cunt buster. Get ready baby, here it comes, and I fuck rough!" 

     Had it no been for the padded walls of the cell, Paul's animal like screams could have been heard through the entire asylum. As it was, a dead silence greeted his anguish as a monstrously thick dick was shoved in one stroke balls deep into his teenage asshole. 

    Matt Henshaw sat naked in a chair facing the bed. He sipped a scotch and soda. He was totally comfortable being naked because of his huge dick and his generally confident attitude. After all, he had money, privilege, good looks, a big penis, and power! What more could a high school senior long for? Whereas Matt looked confident and happy, Bud Marshall looked just the opposite. He too was naked. He had the more muscular body of a slightly older guy, and a blue collar worker. His body was hard and well formed from factory work. He too was handsome, but in a different way. He had dark smoldering looks. The girls had always found him dangerously attractive. Well, there was nothing dangerous about him now. He  Stood with his hands covering his genitals, head hanging, looking at the floor. He shifted awkwardly from one foot to another. He felt totally degraded and emasculated.  His strong ass cheeks rolled as he shifted weight, and his huge balls jiggled in their sack. He knew he was selling out his wife to save his own ass. The third person in the room was indeed his wife, Marie. 

     Marie too was naked. She knelt on the bed, head lowered, tears streaming down her cheeks. She could not believe this was happening to her.She could not believe her handsome, wonderful new husband could have become the man she saw standing before her. One hand covered her pussy, and the other tried to conceal her full tits. 

    "Now the name of this game," Matt began smiling, his fat hunk of fuckmeat thickening and twitching with the prospect of fun. "The name of this game is called keeping hubby out of prison. Since poor Paul is in the looney-bin, it falls to you, Marie to keep Ben and his dad, out of prison. How do you do this? Simple. YOU DO WHATEVER THE FUCK I SAY."  

    "I'm sorry, Marie. I am so so sorry." Bud mumbled, his face red with shame. 

    "There you see, your husband is sorry. Now that that is out of the way, we can have some fun. Don't be so fucking shy, Bud. It's not like your wife had never seen your dick! Move those hands away and show us the goodies." 

    Bud's masculine pecs rose and fell with a sob as he removed his hands from his fat fucker and sack. 

     "I mean, Jesus, she's sucked on it enough times, right? Now here is the deal. I am going to fuck you, Marie. I am going to fuck you nice and hard and long. And you are going to be very very nice to me. I am going to fuck you in the mouth and cunt and asshole. How often does a high school senior get to fuck a newly married lady? Practically a Bride. I'll bet the only two dicks ever to fill your cunt have been your husband's here and your brother-in-law's.  So my prick will be the lucky third one! Now don't you be all shy on me too. Lean back against the headboard and spread your legs so I can see your cunt! Want to see the cunt I am going to fuck!"  Bud sobbed at that one and tears filled his eyes too.  "What's a matter Bud? Come on, get with the game. Oh look at your wife's cunt. Isn't that pretty. But it's too hairy. I hate hairy twats. Bud, tell you what, go get a razor and some cream and shave your wife's cunt for me. You keep those legs spread, Bitch!" 

     Bud stumbled to the bathroom and returned with razor, towel, water and shaving cream. Then to his utter humiliation, he knelt between his wife's legs and shaved her pussy. 

     "That's right. I want it like a little girl's pussy. Like the fresh young cunt of a grade-school girl. You may have heard that I like my pussy young. I prefer it when it is still a tight little slit, not all turned out with pink raw meat inner cunt flesh. Get all that hair off so it's a nice bald pussy."  Matt finished his drink.  

    "Great. Now  spread your cunt lips for me, Marie and show me what I am going to fuck." Marie shook her head no, but nonetheless, red eyed with tears, she spread her cunt lips for Matt Henshaw. 

    "Very nice. Now, Bud, Get on down here and get my big dick ready to fuck your wife. I want you to lick my balls and dick to get it nice and wet and hard for your dear wife."  Bud dropped to his knees. 

     "Good boy, you remembered to drop and crawl over to my dick. You are learning fast. You see, Marie, Bud here and I had a little session at the factory. I taught him how to properly respect the boss's son. Stick out your tongue, Bud so you can lick my sweaty nuts real good. Remember to lift the nuts in the sack like I taught you. Then you can gently suck on them." Matt spread his strong hairy teenage thighs so Bud could better lick his fucksack. The door to the bedroom opened and Bud's mother entered. She was also naked, and her older tits shook as she walked, carrying a new drink for Matt. 

    "Ah, my drink. Just in time, you fucked up old sow. You son is just licking my balls and getting my cock wet so I can fuck his wife!"  Bud's mother tried not to look. She set the drink down and picked up the empty glass. Her hands shook with the trauma of the past few days 

    "Why not give your son some encouragement. Get on down and lick his balls while he licks mine!" 

    "Not my mother. Please you can't..." 

    "Shut the fuck up and keep licking. And don't tell me what I can and cannot do. Spread your legs, so your mother can lick your balls from behind."

     It broke Bud's heart to hear his mother's wracked sobs as she crawled down behind him and started to lick his huge hanging nuts. On the bed, Marie put one hand to her mouth, so dumb struck was she with the horrible sight. 

    "Yeah, see, he is licking better already. Now bud, lick my dick from the root to the tip. Oh shit, I am leaking. Scoop up some of that dick leak on your tongue, Bud. People make too much of sex. See, It's just healthy fun.  I can't wait to feel my dick in your bride's cunt. And I be her asshole is really tight, right? Okay, Mom, enough fun for you. Get your ass downstairs. If you are a good old sow, later on I may let your sun fuck you. How would you like that? To feel Bud's big cunt stuffer up your dried up old twat. You can tell me who fucked you better, your younger or your older son. Now Bud, I am going to go to the bed and make out with your wife a bit. I want you right behind me, lapping at my balls! If your lips and tongue are off my balls for too long, it's off to prison with you. And When I actually start to fuck her, I would appreciate it if you sucked on my asshole while I did it. How many guys can get their asshole sucked while they fuck the sucker's wife? That is really something."  Matt was a beautiful young animal as he walked toward the bed, His now erect prick swinging and throbbing in front of him, and his full scrotum dancing with every step. Marie pulled back in horror, and Matt laughed. 

   "Don't be shy, now, Bitch, keep those legs open so i can see that pretty pussy. Bud, I don't feel your tongue on my nuts. I am not playing around here!"  Bud crawled around, extended his tongue and started to lap at Matt's teenage balls. "Now I want to feel your tongue deep in my asshole while I'm fucking her. YOu know how in the Olympics they say going for the Gold?  Well, you are going for the brown!"  Matt laughed with nervous intensity.  He crawled onto the bed, his big dick leaking down onto the sheets. He wiggled his tongue at Marie. "Don't worry, baby, you are going to get plenty of chances to lick and suck this big dick of mine. But first I just got to fuck the shit out of your other holes!"  Bud, tears dripping from his chin, crawled after Matt, his tongue out trying to lick the swinging gonads. He was so pathetic, it was almost comical. Downstairs, Bud and Paul's mother eyed a kitchen knife, contemplating paying the price for ending this reign of terror once and for all. 

    Meanwhile at the Mental Hospital, poor teenage Paul Marshall was undergoing electro-shock therapy. Well, a form of electro-shock therapy.  He was tied down bare assed naked, while a the same sadistic attendant worked the dial of a battery that had wires attached to a metal cuff circling Paul's teenage dick. Each time the attendant turned the dials, Paul's entire body went stiff and he screamed, horrible waves of shock shooting up and through him from his penis. 

   "Take it easy, Paul, we got a long way to go. When it gets really bad, later, we'll put a rubber plug in your mouth so's you don't bit off your tongue or chew your lip through. I got it set real low now. Just so's you know and don't get the wrong idea. This is to help you. Mr. Henshaw  has ordered us to do this. The purpose is to remove all sexual drive from your dick and replace it instead with sexual sensations in your inner asshole. So what we are doing here in actuality is turning you into a cunt!"  The burly guard laughed. "Soon your dick will not get hard any more or feel sexual feeling. But your cunt will be super sensitive and alive with sexual feeling. You will learn to crave sexual satisfaction only through your cunt. It's kind of a shame really, you got such a nice big dick. But I don't call the shots around here. I just follow orders. It's gonna take weeks, maybe months of this on a daily basis before your dick really goes totally dead.  I know it is painful as hell. It feels like your whole system is hot wired, right? Like when you bump the crazy bone in your arm, but through your entire body. At least that is how it is described to me. I'm really sorry about this." he chuckled and gave the poor teenage boy another jolt. 

   "After we finish here, we got some nice cock for you. Several of the other attendants are waiting for a chance to fuck you and and also get a good suck. YOu know you have lots of fans already. " The attendant nodded toward the cameras high on the walls of the padded cell. "Over a thousand guys on the internet are watching  you. I never knew so many people were interested in mental health." 

     Paul's beautiful young body threw itself in it's bonds as another wave of electricity washed over his sweat slick body. He threw his head and gritted his teeth. 

    "Helllllllllllpppppppp!"  He screamed.  

    "Oh yeah, they like that when you scream. They really go for that. That and tears. Something about seeing a well built teenage boy crying his eyes out that really turns them on.  

       "Come on, Paul, don't be a baby, I've only got it on two and we have to go to ten. You can take it. Nice big boy like you. Remember how you didn't want to suck my dick a first. How you made a fuss. Where did it get you? By the end you were nursing my dick like  a baby on a mother's teat. After lunch, we're going to take you around to some of the rooms. We got some really old guys here, in their late eighties and nineties, who ain't had a blow job in years. We are going to let you suck their shriveled old dicks for them. You can lick their balls and suck their assholes too. They're going to love that. Think of it as your good deed for the day. You will be kind of like one of them candy-stripers. You can be the official Asylum cocksucker. What crazy old fart who shits and pisses himself all day, wouldn't like he mouth of a cute young teenage boy around his prick? I better put that plug in your mouth now. I see you are biting your lower lip. We don't want that. Here, chomp down on this while I raise the level to four. By the time I get to six, your entire body will raise up off the floor. It's kind of neat. Kind of like levitation!  Then, after we get your dick all nice and numb, we're gonna put you on a fucking machine for about sixteen hours a day, to get your inner cunt real sensitive. What a lucky boy you are! Ha! You must of done something really bad to piss off Matt Henshaw that much. You sure do got a pretty body. All pale and smooth. Nice little titties. You're lucky Matt didn't order you castrated. Well, he still might. I hate to see a cute teenage boy lose his balls and dick. And you got such a nice big package too. I'll bet the chicks at your high school would drool over your meat. Cunts are like that. They love fat pricks. Nice juicy fat pricks. They pretend like they are interested in stuff like personality, but shit, everybody knows it is dickmeat they are after. Too bad you will never fuck a girl again!" 

   The attendant laughed as Paul screamed in anguish and a new wave of shock pulsed through his teenage body.

  Paul Marshall was in a daze. The attendants fucked him continually. None of them were kind to him, but some were even more brutal than others. They all had huge dicks. It was like they had been hired for their gigantic pricks and their sadistic manners. Three of them were married, but they still fucked Paul and various other patients in the mental asylum. Three of them were single, and seemed to delight in working out their frustrations with life by torturing the inmates. Paul was in such constant agony, that his mind began to actually shut down. Previously, he had known that he had been committed under false pretenses, because he had attacked Matt Henshaw. But now, his mind actually was breaking-up due to the constant abuse. 

   They hung Paul by his wrists and knees and swung his bare assed teenage body and took turns slamming their big greasy dicks up his tender stretched asshole.  They put Paul in metal cages or in metal face masks that not only hurt terribly, but drove him mad with the restraint and constriction. They made him crawl across the floor to eat meals of some kind of cereal slop, soaked with their piss. They forced him to shit and piss in front of the cameras, and to show his asshole clearly as the turds dropped out into his food dish. Some days they would not clean his food dish first, but just dumped his food right on top of his piss and shit. If Paul did not eat it all, including his shit, he was subjected to electro-torture therapy. Electric pads or clamps were attached to his big teenage nuts and to his dick and he was given horrible jolts of electricity which felt like getting kicked hard in the balls, and having his dick almost torn off. The pain would shoot through his entire body. Paul forgot what day it was, and he didn't even know day from night anymore, shut away as he was in a padded cell.  His ass was whipped every day with various items, always showing the cameras and his many internet fans his stripped cheeks. Sometimes his balls were whipped, or he was forced to spread his cheeks so he could be beaten deep inside his crack and right on the asshole itself. 

   He was made to refer to his asshole as a cunt. If he slipped and called it ass or asshole, he was punished terribly. 

   He was dragged through the hospital from room to room, where photos were taken of him sucking the dicks of feeble old patients, some of whom seemed in a catatonic state. He was made to suck the dicks of other young patients as well. He was told that each patient needed some kind of activity to keep him occupied, so he was taken into the public restrooms that most of the other patients used. These places were disgusting messes. Shit covered the toilet bowels, and dried yellow piss coated the floors around each commode. Waste and toilet paper floated in the bowls. Paul was instructed to get the restrooms spic and span, using only his tongue! That's right. He had to crawl around bare assed naked and lick the crap off the porcelain bowls and from the floor around. Then he had to lick up under the toilet bowl rim and then he had to eat whatever waste was in the toilet and drink the brownish yellow water. Only then could he flush the toilets. You can imagine how horrible this was to the teenage boy, and how he had to shut his mind to reality to survive. Sometimes heavy weights were attached to his nuts and to the nuts of another young patient and they had crawling races, pulling the weights with their scrotums. The attendants bet on which boy would win, and the boy who lost was beaten and electrocuted. As the weights grew heavier, Paul's scrotum became more and more stretched. 

     Sometimes, when a guard was lazy or tired, or perhaps just in a good mood, he would lounge in a chair and watch tv, while Paul would kneel between his legs and gently lick his ballsack and dick. Paul grew to love and cherish these times, for at least then he wasn't being tortured. His ball licking times became the highlight of his incarcerated life.  He didn't even mind licking and sucking on the attendant's assholes, for then too, at least he wasn't being abused. True if you had asked this teenage boy if a few months ago he would have enjoyed sucking male asshole, he would have balked in outrage. But how quickly we can be taught to adapt. And at that young age, a boy can adapt all the more quickly. Paul continued to hate it however, when the attendants actually shit into his mouth. They would sometimes squat over his face and shit out big thick turds right into his mouth and he had to chew and swallow. He was forced to say which attendants turds tasted the best, and then of of course, the ones whose shit he did not choose, beat and tortured him. The taste of shit stayed in his mouth and the waste coated and caked his tongue and throat, and often he was given only piss to wash it down. 

    He also heated the times he was on Puke Duty. Many many of the patients were vomiting all the time. They would just lean over from their chairs and puke or puke while shuffling down the halls. The patient on Puke Duty, usually Paul or this other nice looking young teenage boy, were then made to crawl to the puddle of puke and lick it up. It was worse for Paul when he and the other young patient, whose name was Patrick were forced to do this together. For some reason knowing another young dude was watching you and doing it next to you, made it even more embarrassing. 

    Paul and Patrick were not allowed to speak, but they developed a kind of friendship, using only their eyes and facial gestures to console each other and share their agony. Paul began to live for those moments when he could see Patrick even it if meant some horrible weight pulling contest or Puke Duty.  He could see from Patrick's stretched red asshole, that the other boy was being sexually abused as well. Patrick must be there somehow under false pretenses as well. Perhaps he had been wrongly committed as Paul had been. Patrick was a very handsome boy, but the looks of both lads were beginning to deteriorate from the constant abuse. Paul and Patrick would eventually even venture a smile in each other's direction when they were sure the attendants were not watching. Those smiles helped them to survive. Sometimes the two teenage boys were required to kneel side by side and spread their cheeks to show the attendants their cunts. These cunt inspections were for some reason truly humiliating for Paul. To have to do this in front of Patrick seemed to made it all the more unbearable. 

    Probably the worst thing for Paul was the fucking machine. He was told by the sadistic attendants that this was all part of the process to turn him into a total cunt. They would strip him totally of his masculinity and force him mind and body to be a total cunt! Eventually he wold live with no thought in his cute teenage head except to service DICK. He would live only for DICK. He would only feel alive when he was nuzzling or licking or kissing big thick Cock! So they would strap him to a table, on his back or sometimes on hands and knees, and wheel in this long metal arm to which was attached a huge thick rubber dildo. The arm was in turn attached to a kind of pumping machine, so that when it was turned on, the arm would move back and forth, thus shoving the dildo into and pulling it out of Paul's tender raped asshole. The dildo's were hollow and leaked just enough lube to keep the hole slightly moist. In that way, Paul could be fucked from eight to sixteen hours without stopping. Can you imagine what it must be like to be fucked deep up the ass for sixteen hours straight? With the dildo pulling out almost all the way and then forcing itself deep into the bowels once again. The ass walls straining and the guts churning with each thrust. Just enough lube so the inner ass lining was not fucked totally raw. The attendants would adjust the speed of the fucking machine. Sometimes it was in for five seconds and out for five seconds, sometimes it was in for two seconds and out for two seconds. Sometimes in and out in one painful continuous motion. And now and then, just for fun, they would attach a second fucking machine to Paul's face, shoving a dildo deep down his throat. Can you imagine this none stop invasion going on for hour after hour? It is enough to drive anyone mad! Then they would stop to allow Paul four or five hours sleep, and then fuck him on the machines for another sixteen hours. Sometimes, they brought Patrick in to lick Paul's sore stretched asshole, and that was like the sun breaking through and endless cloudy day. The feel of the other teenager's soft tongue on his raw asshole was the only reprieve Paul got. He began to live for those moments. Sometimes Paul was made to hold his own ass globes apart as the fucking machine plowed into him. This was called "Making Love to your New Boyfriend!" Sometimes he was forced to masturbate his dick while being fucked by the machine. Of course he was not allowed to cum. His erect swollen prick was tied off painfully. If by some chance, he lost control and had an orgasm, he was punished horribly. In fact he was masturbated by the attendants and brought to the very edge and left that way, leaking and throbbing, and not allowed to cum! He was terribly embarrassed when he was forced to maintain an erection in front of Patrick. Again, he didn't know why. Sometimes the two boys were forced to masturbate each other, but not cum! Patrick had a huge dick and Paul began to truly enjoy pumping it. These times were like Heaven compared to the rest of the day. Still, with neither boy being allowed to shoot, it turned to agony. 

   And the dildos attached to the fucking machine got larger and larger. Ten inches and the thickness of a forearm! Paul felt like he was being ripped apart. 

He could no longer control his own bowels and urine. He shit and pissed like a baby, any time any where. Of course for this he was punished. His mind grew more and more numb. He would do anything to avoid angering the attendants, so he licked the crap encrusted toilets with enthusiasm, and he pulled the weights with no concern for the pain to his scrotal sack. His only reprieve was agony was in sleep. 

     And then the day arrived when Matt Henshaw came to visit. 

   MATT HENSHAW looked like a young God. He had a new haircut which framed his clean-cut rich boy teenage good looks, and his body was more buff than ever. When he went to a party with his school or town friends, every cunt there wanted his huge dick and was ready to dump her boyfriend to get it. It's difficult to understand how a person can possess that much charisma, but some dudes just do. Some teenage dudes are so charismatic that when you are in their presence, all you can do is think about their fat cocks. You sneak glances at the dick lumps in their pants, and you wonder when was the last time they fucked or masturbated.It's shameful but true. You are constantly aware of what a sexual creature they are. Even when they are talking about sports, or school, or work or family, YOU are always thinking about their fuckmeat. You are always wondering what your chances are to be able to suck that big dick or have it fuck you. Matt affected everyone that way. The mothers of his friends would masturbate furiously the moment he left their houses. They would have left their husbands and families for a fuck from Matt Henshaw. Oh and to be sure, he did fuck the nice looking moms of his schoolmates. He loved to watch them crawl across the floor, drooling for his dick. Just the other week, the thirty-four year old mother of one of his school jock friends had knelt before Matt's huge swinging leaking dick crying because he would not allow her to lick it or suck on it. He only allowed her to catch the cock leak as it hung from his prick and to scoop that up on her tongue. 

     "Please, Please Matt, let me lick your dick, please. I've been good. I've done everything you told me to. Please, I have to have your dick!" Her face was covered with his cock leak and it glistened in the afternoon sunlight pouring through the window. He smiled down at her. She was such a fucking slut, but a  good looking middle-aged piece of ass. 

    "Have you been a good little slut? HAVE YOU BEEN A GOOD LITTLE WHORE FOR ME?" Matt tensed his hips so his big cock bounced, sending sprays of pre-fuck down on to her face. She nodded, extending her tongue to catch more cock slime bringing it dangerously close to his dickhead. If she touched it by accident without permission, he would probably dump her on the spot. She knew that. 

     He bent over a bit, hands on his knees. His dick and balls hung obscenely large and full.  "How badly do you want my fuckmeat, huh?" 

    "Oh god, so badly. So very badly. I'd do anything for you, you know that Matt!"  Her fingers were fucking in and out of her cunt, as he liked her to do. He had told her that in his presence, except when her family was around, she should always show him what a fucked-up dirty piece of whore cunt meat she was.

"Did you do what I told you to and go to the high school Parent/teen counseling session  wearing a really short skirt and thin blouse with no bra and panties?"

     "Yes, Matt, I did. Oh please let me lick your cock! Everyone looked at me like I was a whore."

     "You are a whore! Your own son won't talk to yo any more since I showed him those pictures of you sucking my dick. He's ashamed of his own mother. He will never love you again. He is disgusted by you. He thinks his own mother is a piece of shit! All because you can't get enough of my dick, you fucking slug!" He slapped her face with his hard dick, and she loved it. "No bras and panties ever from now on. Do you fucking understand? I ever see you with a fucking tit sling on, and I dump you like that!" He slapped her face again with his teenage fuck meat. 

     "But, what will I say to my husband? And My brother is a priest!" Her mouth hung open with strings and globs of teen boy pre-fuck coating her lips. 

     "I don't give a fuck. If you want my dick, from now on, you wear only short skirts and very very thin blouses with no panties or bras. If your blouses are not thin enough,  look for another cock to drool over, cause I won't be here. Have you got that?"  He lifted one bare foot and kicked her in the tits, sending her falling over. "You need to get with the program, bitch! How bad do you want this dick?" 

      She was crying now, her eye make-up leaving black trails down her cheeks. "I want your cock so bad. I need your cock!" 

     "Then, set up a date for me. I want to fuck your daughter!" 

      Her lower jaw dropped. Her eyes grew wide. "What? Not Melissa! She's only twelve years old, for God's sake." 

     "You blew it!"  He turned and scooped up his jeans from off the couch and started to step into them. She could not bear the thought that that magnificent cock would soon be covered and out of sight. She sobbed and threw herself at him, wrapping her arms around his legs. 

     'Oh please no, please...don't take your cock away. I haven't sucked it in two days. Please! Dear God, don't do this to me!" 

      But Paul, like God, was a cruel taskmaster. He slapped her away. 

     "You blew it, bitch! Now if you want my dick, you are going to have to work hard for it. You are going to have to prove to me, you really need it. Here is what I want, and you've got two days to do it, or I will never see you again. First, you set up a fuckdate for me and Melissa! I want to pop that little cunt's cherry. I will also be fucking her asshole and mouth. I might allow you to lick the cunt  and ass juice off my dick, if you are a good slut. Second, if you want me back, you will have to suck off your son!" 

     "Josh hates me. You know he does. He knows I suck you, and he wishes I was dead! He won't even speak to me!" 

     "So you have quite a challenge ahead of you then, don't you?  I want you to suck his dick! Whatever it takes. You've got two days to do it." 

      Two days later, she was back sucking Matt's huge prick. She had done what he asked. He fucked Melissa a few times, broke her in good to dick, and then passed her on to his buddies. She sucked the cock of her own son who also beat her mercilessly. The boy had anger issues. Strangely but understandably enough, Josh had no anger toward Matt. He rather idolized the rich teen. 

       And now, Matt sat in a straight backed metal chair in a large almost empty room in a mental facility, as across from him, a naked and bleary eyed Paul Marshall, knelt like an animal awaiting commands. On either side of Paul stood two well built attendants. They had both fucked Paul Marshall too many times to count.  Matt snapped his fingers and Paul crawled across the room. He crawled perfectly. He knew better than to make any mistakes. He would do anything...anything to avoid any more electro-shock therapy sessions. He reached Paul and kept his eyes trained on the large bulge in the high school senior's pants. He had been trained to look only at guys' dicks. 

       "How's my little faggot coming alone?"  Matt extended one athletic shoe clad food, and Paul immediately lowered his cute young head and began to lick the shoe. 

      "He's doing real good, mr. Henshaw! Course it ain't easy. We got to keep an eye on him day and night." 

      Matt smiled, lifting his foot so Paul could lick the bottom of the shoe."That's what I pay you for." 

      "Yes Sir. We are starting him in this week on sucking dog dick and taking dog pizzle up his ass." 

      "Oh good. That will be so nice for him, won't it, Matt? I can't wait until your Mom and Dad get to watch you suck dog dick." 

     But Paul's slavery was to take a different turn from what one might expect. At this juncture fate seemed to step in and take a hand. To understand events as they fell out, we must travel now, half way around the world to Bangkok Thailand. 

       The clinic of a young doctor in Bang Na, a suburb of Bangkok. A young doctor with perversions of his own.  A boy of fourteen is lying on an examination table. The boy is naked and very beautiful. A beautiful young Thai boy, in the bloom of youth. Next to the table, the young doctor, who is sporting a painful erection under his surgical gown, is about to place a speculum or cunt spreader into the boy's asshole. 

      "Bro! Pom sia chai..." (Please, I'm sorry) the school boy whimpers. No one in the room knows exactly why he whimpers this, as he has done nothing wrong. He is assuming out of terror that he must have made some terrible mistake. the truth is simply that the third gentleman in the room wants to see the boy's ass abused and molested. The third man in the examination room is a young middle-aged half Asian. He is amazingly well built and even more amazingly dressed. He wears a hand made short sleeve light cotton shirt of off white, open at the neck to reveal a thick gold chain with a Buddha hanging from it. The open shirt reveals enough of his smooth chest to show he has very well developed pecs. The trousers are loose pleated casual slacks that cost eight hundred dollars in the U.S.  He wears hand made Moroccan  sandals. 

        He stands next to the table, studying the fear on the boy's face more than his smooth naked beautiful body. He sips an ice cold Martini, created by his twenty-one year old Asian assistant, who hovers in the background. ready to go into action at his master's slightest need. 

       The man steps up to the table and rests the side of the ice cold glass on the boy's cheek. "Calm down, my young friend. You have done nothing wrong. If you are a good boy, everything will be fine, and you will be back with your family by nightfall. We're just going to play some games with you. Some simple little games. Nothing to worry about. Now try to relax so the doctor here can get the speculum  up your tight little fourteen year old asshole. Thsi is necessary before we can commence to the central part of our game."

        The young doctor chuckles as he inserts the tip of the metal instrument into the tiny hole of the boy's anus. The boy is a popular boy at his school and a good athlete. He is fun loving and has a really good attitude. Much of that will change this morning. The boy tries to twist away from the ice cold instrument which the doctor has kept in the refrigerator on purpose.  After all, the boy's discomfort is the prime goal of this game. 

    "If you struggle, I might hurt you, and I don't want to. Hold still please. Oh, this boy certainly has a tiny tight asshole." 

    "You should see him on the soccer field. He is a star athlete. I've been watching him for some time. Lie still, Somchai."   The man's smooth hand rests on the chest of the naked boy and gently toys with the kid's nipple. 

     "Please, I'm scared! I'm really scared. Let me go home!" You can see the terror in the boy's eyes. His young smooth body trembles almost uncontrollably.

     The handsome half-asian chuckles at the boy's fear. "Nothing to be afraid of. Just be a good boy and do what we say. Now you're going to have to be a good boy and lift your legs. Otherwise we are are going to tie them up. We need to get some really good photos and movies of this." The half-

asian man nods toward an eighteen year old kid working both a video camera and a small digital. 

     "You are going to be very famous, Somchai. Hundreds of very wealthy men all over the world are going to watch the games we play today." 

     The boy throws his head. "I don't want anyone to see me naked. Please!" 

     "You have nothing to be ashamed of. You have a very attractive fourteen year old body. Look at that nice dick and that full young ball sack. You're going to be quite the ladies man when you get older, my friend."  The man reached down and gently massaged the boy's scrotum. They helped the terrified kid hold his legs up and open while the doctor inserted the cold metal instrument into his tight little asshole. 

     "Please, please,that hurts so much!" 

     "Now don't be a baby, we haven't even started to open the speculum yet. We're going to stretch your asshole, Somchai, to make it easier for you to take the apples! And of course the apples will make it easier for you to take the doctors hand and arm!  Get a close up of the boy's nipples, will you. He has beautiful young tits. I would love to take some time to work on them, but our clients want an ass opening and that is what we must give them." 

       The boy whimpered and then moaned and then screamed as his tiny young asshole was spread open wider and wider by the doctor. At one point he could not take the pain any longer and he began to thrash and fight on the table. 

      "Listen to me, Somchai. Think of this as a kind of test. You wouldn't want anything to happen to your nice family, would you? Your father and mother and little sister and brother. It's up to you. If you want to protect them, then you need to be a really good boy today. Now Lie still will you, and try to smile at the camera."

       The threat was enough to freeze Somchai's blood. He tried to keep his smooth brown young body still while his asshole was painfully stretched wider and wider. The kid with the cameras moved in for a close-up of the asshole.  

      "His face," the man ordered. "Don't forget to capture his face. It's there that pain and fear register. That's what makes our clients shoot their loads! Seeing a young boy in absolute agony and filled with horror! 

       The boy's asshole was opened up like a cunt now.  Never had the boy felt such pain. He felt like his ass was being ripped to pieces. 

      "I think that is as far as we can safely go." the young doctor said, pleased with his work and trying to control the leaking hard on in his trousers. 

       The man with the martini leaned down to take a look.  "Nonsense, you can go much farther than that. My clients won't pay to see that! Open up that boytwat!" 

      "Yes sir, but the ass lips might rip!" 

      The man rested one hand on the doctor's shoulder. "It's your job to see they don't. Otherwise why the fuck would I need a doctor? If I wanted to just rip open a boy's asscunt, I could have one of my men do it. Look at that stretched asshole. We are never going to be able to get three or four apples up his twat this way. Relax doctor, you are as nervous as the boy. Take some deep breaths. Then, I want to see this beautiful young asshole opened up twice as large as it is now."  Somchai on the table heard this and wailed in anguish. 

       The doctor mopped the sweat form his brow and continued to stretch the asshole of the fourteen year old student. The cameras caught every wrinkle in the sweet boy's tortured face. At one point he big his tongue, and the man kindly provided a small rubber plug for the kid to bite down on. In his pain, the boy threw his head from side to side, his hair wet with sweat. It was quite poetic and beautiful. The young teen asshole was finally stretched to obscene proportions. 

       The man smiled. "You see, doctor, you don't know your own skill! Look at the fine work you did. You have turned the virgin asshole of a fourteen year old boy into a stretched out cunt. The boy's entire body is vibrating with pain. It's a work of art. And we haven't even started yet." 

      'Puh-lease take it out. It's ripping me apart. Please take it out!" the boy moaned, the words hardly intelligible through is pain. 

      "Just relax, Somchai, while the doctor here has a drink. He's been working hard. We have to leave it in for a bit so the inner rectum stretches. Then we can remove it and get on to the really fun part of the game." 

       Just then, the mood was shattered by the ring of a cell phone. The ring tone was the melody of a Tibetan throat song. The man's assistant dug his hand into his trousers and pulled out an iphone. He listened for a moment, then held out the phone to his employer. 

      "I'ts an emergency call from America. It's about that Jeb Henshaw thing. Apparently Jeb Henshaw is running for Governor and strong arming influential citizens to vote for him. If he got in, it would be very bad for our business." 

       The man turned holding out his hand for the phone. "Henshaw has a son, doesn't he, high school age?" 

       The assistant nodded. "Matt Henshaw, a really popular but obnoxious bully. Like his father, he pretty much gets what he wants." 

       The man smiled a half smile, just the corners of his mouth tilting up a bit and placed the ice cold martini glass on the stomach of the pain wracked teenage boy on the table. 

       "Keep your legs up," he said to the fourteen year old student with the obscenely stretched asshole. Then he put the phone to his ear. 

      "Mr. Black here!"

    Mr. Black had every reason to curtail Jeb Henshaw's bid to become Governor. The man was power mad. He wanted control of the same men who provided a handsome income for Mr. Black. He also wanted control of the men whom Mr. Black paid to cover up his various underground activities. Mr. Black's entire American enterprise could be seriously threatened. Worse than that, for Mr. Black, Jeb Henshaw was a moron of a man, with no artistic sense and no appreciation of the finer things in life. Take sex for example.  Jeb Henshaw simply banged every sexual partner as deep and hard as he could, rather like an animal rutting, while Mr. Black studied a thousand and one subtle ways to bring a sexual partner agonizing pain and humiliation. Mr. Black had turned sex into a sadistic Art Form.  

     Now as he stood smiling  at the naked fourteen year old Thai boy lying in gut-wrenching pain on the doctor's table with his ass stretched beyond belief, Mr. Black decided that the way to Jeb Henshaw, might be through his own high school aged son. Matt Henshaw was a terrible bully and almost as monstrous as his father in his own way. Mr. Black listened on the cell phone for a few moments, his ice cold martini resting on the fluttering tight young tummy of the tortured Thai schoolboy. Then he snapped the phone shut and handed it to his assistant. 

     "Get the airplane ready for a flight to the states in four hours." He glanced down at the whimpering sweet faced Thai student on the table. "No, make that five hours, we might be tied up here for a bit longer than I thought. This boy has potential. He lifted the crystal tub glass off the stomach of the boy and took a sip of the perfectly made Vodka martini on the rocks. He set the glass on a metal cabinet in the examining room In front of him, the young doctor stood nervously entwining his fingers. Mr. Black used one finger to gently wipe the ice cold moisture from the smooth brown tummy of the Thai student. 

"All right Doctor, you may remove the speculum from Somchai's asshole now. I think he is stretched enough. You see Somchai, that wasn't so bad, now was it?" 

     It was so bad. It had been so bad. It was so bad, the poor fourteen year old could not even speak any more. He bit down on the rubber plug in his mouth and snorted and fresh tears squeezed from his eyes. He had never know such pain. 

     The doctor removed the metal cunt spreader from the boy's asshole. Mr. Black leaned over to make sure the boy's hole stayed open enough after the removal. "We need that elasticity for the next part of our game." He snapped his fingers so the young guy with the camera could move in for a close-up of the boys swollen stretched virgin asshole. Mr. Black removed the plug from the boy's mouth. 

     "May I please go home now? Please. I was a good boy. May I go home now?"  the poor kid stammered in Thai. 

     Mr. Black smiled and stroked the boy's cheek. 'You are a very very good boy. One of the best I've seen recently. Such a good boy. You didn't pass out or anything. That's probably because you are such a good athlete at school. I've seen you play soccer, you know. I always watch a boy for a while before we choose him. My clients only want the best boys. The most beautiful and the bravest and the sweetest."

    "May I go home then?"  the boy actually looked hopeful for a moment. 

    Mr. Black used one finger to scoop up the boys tears and the snot running from his nose, and then he gently spread the boy's lips and stuck the finger in the kid's mouth. 

    "No, Somchai, you may not go home. He have not even started our games yet. That was just the warm-up exercise. That was actually for your own protection. Are you thirsty, Somchai? You had that crummy rubber plug in your mouth,  so you wouldn't bite your tongue. Are you thirsty?" 

    "Khap khun khjap!" the boy said, his youthful voice fluttering as much as his stomach. 

    "Doctor, we need to give the boy here something to drink."

    "I have some water," the doctor turned, but Mr. Black raised one hand. 

    "I have a better idea." He lifted a measuring cup from the metal table  and handed it to the doctor. "Here, Doctor, I would like you to piss in this."

     The young Doctor who was really quite young and innocent himself, blinked. "Kor-tode, khap?" (excuse Me?)

     "We are wasting time. Piss in the glass cup, Doctor! Remove your clothing so we can see, and piss in the glass cup for our camera."

     "But honored, Sir, I am not supposed to be in this film. You said..."

     "I never said you would not be in the film. I said we would pay for your clinic if you helped us to film some of our movies here. Now, you can help us, by removing your clothing and taking a nice full piss into the cup!"  Meanwhile Somchai on the table, stared wide eyed.

     The doctor shucked off his lab coat and shirt and tied and undershirt. Then he shyly dropped his pants and lowered his underpants. 

     "You are good looking, Doctor, almost like a boy yourself. That's what I love about Thais, a man of twenty-two can look like a fifteen year old boy. Now, doctor honor the camera with a nice long, full piss into that glass cup." 

      The doctor who was very sanitary and very neat and very careful with is brand new clinic, placed a funnel in the glass and then held his dick over the plastic funnel. He squeezed. Then he laughed shyly. "I am having trouble going. I am nervous." He didn't like these men staring at his naked dick.

     "Just relax, Doctor, and let the piss flow."  Eventually the piss did flow. It filled the glass. The doctor shook the last few drops of piss off and then wiped the end of his dick on the rim of the glass. The camera caught it all.

     "Good, very good, now Somchai reach over and take the glass." The boy was either too scared or in too much shock for it to register on him what was about to happen. He made a face, but reached over and took the piss filled measuring cup from the doctor. 

      "That's quite a cupful of piss. You did a good job, Doctor. It's nice strong yellow piss too. The clients don't enjoy it when we use watery beer piss. Good. Now, Somchai, drink the piss!" 

      The boy's face fell. "Oh Please Sir, I cannot. It is a very dirty thing. I will get sick." 

      "Yes, Somchai, it is a very very dirty thing. It is a piggy, animal thing to do. And you are going to do it for us. And you won't get sick. But even if you do, we don't really care, now do we? So drink the piss." 

      The boy brought the glass toward his mouth with a trembling hand. then he used both hands to try to steady himself, but he could not make himself do such a disgusting act. "I cannot. Oh please, I am sorry. I cannot!" he cried. 

      Mr. Black was losing his patience. "Doctor help Somchai to drink your piss."  The doctor would rather have not, but he too had no choice, not when it came to Mr. Black. He took the cup and held the boy's head and helped the fourteen year old boy drink the piss. At first the kid coughed and gagged, but eventually he emotionally submitted and drank the entire cup of the foul tasting stuff. 

     "Good boy, Somchai, my clients will like that. Now, we're going to shove some apples up your asshole." 

      Across the world, Paul Marshall was also drinking piss. He was drinking the piss of Matt Henshaw. Matt had removed his trousers and underpants and stood with his big limp dick dangling over Paul's open mouth. Matt loved his fat dick more than anything in the whole world. And he wanted others to love it too. And they did. Paul Marshall hadn't loved Matt's cock at first. But he was learning to. He was learning to worship it. He was younger than Matt, and it was only right that he should love and respect and worship the older boy's fuckmeat. Matt believed that younger guys should respect the dicks of older, more experienced dudes. He believed all the guys at school should respect his dick. Also their sisters. Also their mothers. 

     He rested the fat head of his dick on Paul's trembling lower lip. Then he squeezed and a trickle of piss shot out into Paul's mouth. Paul didn't even bat an eye. Not any more. He had been well trained at the asylum. 

     "Good. He's doing a good job. He actually looks as if he loves the taste of my piss. You do, don't you Paul. You love my piss! Get a hard on, over my Piss, Paul." 

      Paul's hand immediately went down to his own teenage dick and started to masturbate it. Just a few weeks ago, he would have been unable to get an erection over something as disgusting as this, but he had been trained. His fuckmeat grew thicker and longer. He knew if he didn't respond properly, he would be punished. And that thought paralyzed him with fear. 

      Matt squeezed off the piss flow for a moment. He leaned down and hawked a huge gob of spit into Paul's mouth. It floated there in the lake of piss,and then Paul swallowed. "Good boy."  Matt whispered, delighted that Paul was coming along so well. "Keep frigging your dick. Mouth open." Then Matt leaned over the kid's face again. He sniffed and then blew his nose as hard as he could right into Paul's mouth. The high school teen accepted the snot and buggers. He didn't gag or anything.  "Very good." Matt commenced finishing his piss in the slave's mouth. "You may soon be ready to leave here and come home to serve me. I assume you realize you've dropped out of school. I mean, you've been here in this asylum for the mentally insane. Can't have you back at a normal high school. But don't worry. You've pretty much learned all you need to. How to suck dick and be a cunt and a toilet. We're going to get you decorated with some nice tattoos and piercings. You'll be real pretty. I can't wait until my dad meets you. He'll get a good laugh over you. Wait!" 

   On the word "wait" Paul stopped swallowing the piss. He let the flow back up in his mouth until there was a nice full lake of piss. Matt leaned over and spit into the teen's mouth again. "Either of you care to hawk some snot and spit into the douche-bag's mouth?" he asked the attendants. Both agreed, and one by one they leaned over and gobbed up some slime into the boy's open piss-filled mouth.

    "Okay, Paul, swallow."  Paul obeyed, immune by now to foul tastes. Matt of course didn't think his spit was foul. How could it be, when so many cunts young and old alike love to swap spit with him? Just last week, he'd held the mouth of his buddy Josh's mom open and gobbed and gobbed into the bitch's facecunt.  Then he's blown his nose on Josh's erect dick and made the boy's mom lick it off. At first when Josh found out his mother was sucking Matt's dick and getting fucked by him, he was furious as his mother. He has always loved her and respected her. Now he learned that she was  like every other dick slurping fucked up slut. He didn't hate Matt. Matt was so rich and so cool, nobody could hate him. Matt calmly explained to Josh that all cunts are the same. They are all cock hungry pieces of shit. Matt even got Josh to suck his dick. In a good buddy way, not a faggot way! Then Josh's mom sucked Josh's dick. Then Matt had Josh fuck his mother, to teach him that she was not really his mother any more, but just a fuck hole. Matt's will was astounding. He could get almost anyone do do anything he wanted. Almost! 

       In BAng Na Thailand, an outskirt of Bangkok, the young Thai doctor was shoving apples up the stretched asshole of a fourteen year old boy. Now and again, Mr. Black rested a hand on the boy's tummy to control his breathing. "Relax. You can do it. Only four apples. Four apples up your brand new cunt." 

Mr. Black toyed with the boy's nipples. The kid was frozen with pain and fear. Each time the doctor gently pushed an apple at the swollen asshole opening, the boy would hold his breath. His guts were stuffed and hurt terribly. It was like he had to take a shit so badly, he could not stand it. Then as the ass lips stretched to accommodate the next apple, the horrible pain started again. Wider and wider the hole was forced until at last the apple popped inside, and the boy felt even more bloated and stuffed. 

     "Four apples is not so bad. We could have gone for six, but you are such a little guy, I didn't want to rupture your guts. Although I have some clients who would pay big time for that." Mr. Black laughed as his assistant handed him a fresh drink. He really shouldn't have a second martini. He had to watch his blood sugar. Mr. Black disciplined himself very strictly. He watched his diet and  worked out every day, including a solid hour of Hong Gar King Fu. Perhaps that was why he could still cum five times a day. Or perhaps he was just blessed by the gods." 

      The cramps were setting in. The clients loved to see a teenage boy curled up in gnawingly painful cramps.A teenage boy in extreme pain was a lovely sight, no doubt about it. Mr. Black loved the way the boy's sleek, brown body writhed on the table. He ordered him to keep his legs up so the camera could catch the last of the four apples just poking part of itself out of the distended asslips. He told the doctor to give the apple a push so it went deeper.

        The kid was making incoherent grunting sounds now, almost like he was puking, but nothing was coming up. Mr. Black rested one hand on the boy's bloated tummy and gently pushed. The scream from the boy was awesome. It got Mr. Black's erection leaking. The kid rolled his eyes and wrinkled his nose and his mouth opened like a cavern. 

       "Good boy. Good boy, Somchai. You are doing a wonderful job. I really like you. I'd like to take you with me, so we could play together more." 

He pushed on the boy's tummy again, and this time the scream was broken and twisted as the kid lost his voice. His body began to shake,and Mr. Black and the doctor had to hold him down. 

        "He is moving toward a state of shock. This could be dangerous." The doctor said, frowning, but with a huge hard-on of his own. 

        "Well, we'd better move on to the fist fucking then. After all the film is called, 'FIST FUCKED FOURTEEN YEAR OLD." 


          Back at the asylum in America, Matt Henshaw had finished pissing. He wiped his dick off in Paul's hair. "You did very well, Paul. I am impressed at your improvement. I think you've got what it takes." Matt held his dick so Paul could lick it clean. "You may lick my balls." Matt said and Paul began to lap at the hairy orbs like they were a gift from God. The sight of one teenage boy getting his balls licked by another is always beautiful, especially if the boy doing the scrotum licking is being forced against his will. It establishes a kind of macho standard in the world. It's the story of history really. Some men get their balls licked, and some men are the ball lickers. Which are you? 

        "Oh, you may be interested to know that I am fucking your brother Bud regularly now. Also his wife Maria. I am trying to get her pregnant. They fought me at first, everybody does I don't know why, but now they are getting with the program. A little leverage gets me what I want, every time. I only wish I had two dicks, what with all the fucking I do. Well, what do you say, Paul, time to see how you're doing at eating shit!

        Mr. Black was in his private jet fling from Bangkok Thailand to L.A., with a fuel stopover in Tokyo. He sat in a luxurious red leather swivel chair sipping a vodka martini. He was wearing a Thai silk dress shirt, open at the collar, and nothing else. He was naked from the waist down so that his huge pulsing dick could be properly worshiped by the flight attendant. This attendant was a thirteen year old boy. He was a real beauty. He was from New Hampshire, and his father was a big time Politician with a taste for brutal pornography. Mr. Black had provided what the Politician needed, but when the promised financial arrangement was not properly met, Mr. Black moved in and took the man's son into employment. There was little the politician could do to object. After all, he could not ruin his career or jeopardize the rest of his family. 

        The boy's name was Billy. William really, named after his Dad and Grand Dad, but Mr. Black preferred Billy. Billy had been a handful at first, not wanting to become a cocksucking fuck toy. He had preferred to be a normal. healthy thirteen year old attending his exclusive private school and playing sports and flirting with girls. 

Mr. Black turned Billy over to one of his trainers, and now on this flight, he was seeing the new improved Billy for the first time.

      Billy was naked of course. He had a really beautiful thirteen year old teenage boy body. Pretty, really! The skin was still smooth and pale and soft like a child, but the musculature was that of a developing teen, a young colt.  He had big feet, an indication that he would grow taller and that his dick and balls would hang nicely when a bit older. Not that there was anything wrong with them now. For thirteen, he was very well developed. His pale tight young ass was a real beauty.  I'll bet the girls and more than a few boys at his private school had looked lustily at that teen ass in soccer shorts. He was probably scoped as well in the locker room and showers. Mr. Black didn't doubt that Billy had given more than a few coaches and male teachers aching hard ons as well. He was that kind of boy. 

      There was however a look of terror in his eyes. Mr. Black caught that at once. And not without reason. This was his big test. If he failed pleasing Mr. Black, God only knows what might happen to him. More torture, more forced sexual degradation, who knows?  The look of terror was that he might fail. But Mr. Black had confidence in the boy. He leaned forward and smiled and ran his hand through the boy's hair. Billy smiled back as he had been taught to do. The thirteen year old extended his tongue and lapped gently at Mr. Black's huge floppy scrotum. The tongue felt like velvet. He had been taught that you don't just lick balls, you worship them. You make love to them, you bathe them in boy spit. You lick each wrinkle with love, you suck the sweat gathered in any ball hair. You lap your tongue over the area where scotum meets crotch and the taste and the smell are strongest. You extend your tongue down under the balls to the area leading to the asshole. 

     Mr. Black shifted slightly in his chair to give the boy better access to his fucksack. Normally he would not do anything to accommodate a worshipper, but the kid was new and Mr. Black had a soft spot for him. After all, it was not the boy's fault his father was scum. And now the boy would have to pay by becoming a fucked out cocksucking dick slut slave for the rest of his life. No girlfriends or wife in his future. No going out to movies with buddies or watching sports on tv. No family or fun. Only sucking cock, getting fucked, pissed on, shit on, tortured and worse. Such was the way of the world. Mr. Black himself might have ended up in this same position had he not killed his own father and dedicated his life to mastering others. 

     The young ball licker was doing a very good job. Clear pre-fuck was beginning to drip from Mr. Black's prick. The heavy foreskin was starting to pull back. Mr. Black looked down at the beautiful boy and chuckled. One of Mr. Black's men had pinned a small gold pair of wings to the boy's left nipple. Mr. Black leaned down and whispered into the boy's ear. 

     "Would you like me to fuck you?" 

     The boy knew what his response must be. Tears filled his eyes. "Oh Yes Sir, please, Sir! It would be such an honor. Please fuck me, Sir!" 

      There was something charming about a thirteen year old boy begging to be ass fucked.  Mr. Black lowered himself still more in his chair and spread his strong legs wider apart. 

    "Suck my asshole, and we'll see!"  As the boy buried his beautiful face In Mr. Black's ass, tongue working it's pink way into the rectum, Mr. Black glanced down at the photo of the Henshaw family.  The way to stop the father's insane lust for power was through the son. Just as it had been with the father of the boy sucking his ass. Matt Henshaw, who was known to be something of a monstrous bully would pay for his father's as well as his own indiscretions. 

      Across the world, Matt Henshaw was sleeping soundly with his dick resting in Bud Marshall's mouth. He had just finished fucking Bud's wife, and after allowing Bud to lick off the cunt juice and cum, he had decided to sleep with his dick warmly embedded in the young factory worker's mouth. Bud was tempted more than a few times to bite off the fucking huge teenage cock that had ruined his family, but he knew it would only bring ruin down upon them all. Their only hope was that Matt would grow tired of his games with them and move on. Matt had seen to it that Bud had some nice sex too. He had allowed Bud to fuck his own mother in the cunt and ass. The fucking bitch of a woman would never admit that she loved the feel of her son's hog dick up her musty twat. Matt could tell from the look in her eyes how much she loved it. 

     Let's face it, what mother wouldn't love her son's dick in her. A kind of return to the womb in reverse, right? You can see it in the eyes of Soccer Moms. They watch their athletic high school sons becoming jock heros and their cunts drip. They think of their teenage sons fucking their girlfriends, and they get hot and bothered. They finger their cunts while sucking on their son's dirty jockstraps and underpants. This happens all over the world all the time. Most of their husbands are no longer regularly fucking them, so they dream about their son's big fat hunks of fuckmeat.  It is my friend, a much more erotic world than you realize, and lots kinkier! 

       And what of our hero? What of young Paul Marshall? He had been thoroughly broken. Was there any hope of recovery?  Earlier that same day, He had eaten Matt Hensahw's shit. Can one every recover from that? Matt Henshaw has squatted and taken a dump on the cold cement floor of the asylum. There was something Godlike about hunky jock stud Matt Henshaw squatting with his strong young hair legs spread and his huge balls hanging down. His asshole winked and opened and a long thick turd slid out onto the floor. Then two more. Matt grabbed some tissue from a box and wiped his shitty hole and then tossed the shitty tissue onto the turds. 

     "Okay, Paul, this is a very important test! Chow down Pigboy!" 

     There is no lower, darker place a boy can go to than to eat another's shit. Some people get off on shitplay, but for most of us, shit is the ultimate filth. In concentration camps  the poor abused inmates were sometimes fed from troughs filled with Nazi shit. Young girls were forced to lie for days beneath wooden toilet seats, so that Nazi officers could shit in their mouths. It truly breaks a person. 

     And the sad thing was that Paul no longer had the strength to resist. He didn't beg. He didn't sob. He didn't grit his teeth in hate or anger or disgust. He crawled like an animal across the room and lowered his cute face to the pile of feces and began to bite and chew the human turds. Now this gave Matt a real sense of power. A tremendous feeling. To watch his former schoolmate bare assed naked on all fours like a fucking dog, head lowered mouth opened munching human shit! This was Heaven. Matt laughed out loud and jerked on his swollen penis. His big teen balls bounced. 

     " I have to say, you guys did a great job on the fucking pig. He really knows his place. Don't forget to eat the shitty tissue too, Paul!" 

      The only sign of resistance left in the cute teen was a slight tremor that travelled his well formed naked body. His toes curled slighlty, his butt cheeks tightened, his nipples grew hard, his jaw twitched. But that was all. Paul was broken. He ate shit.    

     "I'm glad you like it Paul, because I decided you will eat shit every day from now on. At least one meal each and every day will be shit. Would yo like to taste some of your brother Bud's shit? I can arrange that for you."  

      Matt sauntered over, his lean muscular naked frame looking extraordinarily sexual. He stood over the shit eating boy. Matt yanked and tugged at his big dick. He arched his back, cupped his nuts in one hand and shot a huge load of cum down onto the shitty tissue. 

     "There, a little extra sauce for you. Eat up, Paul."  

       Paul's eyes lost their dull glaze for one moment. They flashed and he gazed at the shit streaked tissue now covered in fuck slime. Then he turned his head and took one of the shitty tissues into his mouth and began chewing. 

      "Good boy, Paul. You have been so good, we are going to get you out of here!" 

      Paul stopped chewing for a moment. Did he hear correctly? Was there a chance?" 

      "Yessir. You have been trained so well, I think you are ready to re-enter the outside world.  Tomorrow or the net day, I'll stop by with some of your high school friends and we will take you away from this gloomy place. In fact, I've got a nice job lined up for you. You'll earn some money as well. You be in the great outdoors. Would you like that, Paul?" 

        Now tears did fill Paul's eyes. Tears of gratitude. "Thank you, Sir..."  he said, his teeth and tongue and lips coated with shit. 

      "No need to thank me, you worked hard, and you deserve it.  You may show your gratitude however by burying your face in the remaining pile of shit and covering yourself with it. I know you love to stink of what comes out of my asshole."

        Matt stood there watching Paul bury his face in the turds and fingering his spent dick. He was actually considering fucking one of the hunky attendants in the room with him. The married one. Matt had discovered he loved to fuck young married guys, turning them into cunts. 

      "Where was I? Oh yes, your new life and your new job. My Dad owns a know, he breeds expensive dogs. Well, the dogs need some relief when they are not breeding. So you're going to become a bitch to fifty dogs. Fifty large dogs with huge dicks are going to unload up your ass and down your throat every day. How's that?" 

        Paul froze, shit covering and clinging to his face. The light in his handsome eyes disappeared again. He hung his head in dispair. Matt roared with laughter. Then he turned to the young married attendant. "I want to talk to you privately about some work," he said, that winning smile on his face. The attendant straightened up, a look of enthusiasm on his crude but handsome face.

       "Yes, Sir, Anything, Sir!" Visions of cash floated before his eyes. 

       Matt Studied him. "I think I'll fuck both him and his wife," he thought to himself. 

       At the factory, Bud could hardly concentrate on his work. His asshole hurt something fierce. Not only from getting fucked by Matt the previous night, but from the twelve inch dildo shoved up at at the present time. Matt had insisted that Bud keep the rubber dick up his ass throughout the work day. Bud was not some little sissy boy. No, sir! He was a well built rough and tough blue collar worker. But now he had been broken just like his brother. He had even taken his anger and frustration out on his little brother. Bud wiped his forehead and slowly walked over to get a drink from the water fountain. 

     "What's a matter, Bud, hemorrhoids acting up?" One of the other young guys joked, noticing the odd way the stud was walking. Bud ignored him. He hated his own brother. He hated his wife. He hated life. But most of all, he hated Matt Henshaw! 

       On his private jet, Mr. Black was ass fucking the thirteen year old boy. His massively thick dick forced itself deep into the boyhole, until his huge nuts slapped against the kid's lower ass and legs. Then he pulled out, tugging bright pink inner ass flesh out with his fuckmeat. The boy wailed and sobbed. Again and again Mr. Black slammed his fucker into the kid. He had been fucking the boy without shooting for forty-five minutes. After all he needed some diversion on such a long flight. Strings of dick and ass slime hung from the huge fucker on each out stroke. The tiny boy ass looked about to be ripped to shreds by the cock, but it stretched ever larger each time Mr. Black rammed it in. Mr. Black twisted his hips so the dick found every corner of the boy's bowels and guts. He leaned over the sobbing boy and spit in his face.  He pulled on the boy's little pink tits, and he tugged on the golden wing pin so hard, it ripped itself from the boy's nipple, causing the kid to howl in agony.  Mr. Black leaned down and began to suck the blood from the boy's ripped nipple. The thirteen year old began to shake like he was going into shock. Mr. Black felt his huge dick throb and grow even thicker. He was about to shoot. He raised his bloody lips and kissed the boy on the mouth, forcing the child to drink his own blood. Mr. Black's fucker pulsed and spewed fuck scum deep into the thirteen year old bowels. The boy's big feet kicked and slapped onto the floor. Then relaxed, as Mr. Black finished shooting and lay still atop his little slave.  He raised one hand and stroked the boy's pale sweat soaked face. 

    "There, there, little one. You did very well. I know it wasn't easy. It will get better. I promise you, it will get better. Soon, you'll be getting fifteen times a day and not minding at all. You're so pretty, it's only natural that men will want to hurt you. They love to hurt beauty.  I'm going to bite your pretty lips now until they bleed. Don't be scared, I won't damage them. I just want to draw blood in your mouth so we can kiss a blood kiss. And then, guess what? I am going to masturbate you very gently and allow you to cum. Won't that be wonderful? I am going to masturbate you and give you the best orgasm of your life. And then, before the plane lands, I am going to fuck you again. And while I fuck your pretty little ass again, my Assistant Wong who has a twelve inch dick is going to fuck your face."

        While Mr. Black kissed and licked the fucked boy, soft Asian music by Ryuchi Sakamoto  played in the background. Wong, short and muscular with a freakishly large dick, stood there ready to serve his master and skull fuck the boy. 

       "Wong, I just know this beautiful boy is going to be able to take your entire dick down his throat. He's a very talented young man." 

       Back in Bangkok, the doctor was fist fucking little Somchai. His entire hand was now up the boy's ass. The event was being filmed for Mr. Black and for the clients who had ordered the film. Somchai had passed out three times from the pain. Each time he had been slapped awake. No client wants to see a boy fist fucked if the kid isn't feeling the pain.Where is the fun in that? 

       The machinations of time were about to bring all of these diverse threads together. How and where remains to be seen.   

         Mr. Black's Private jet eased close to the waiting black limo which had pulled right out on the field. As Mr. Black stepped from the plane, wearing a cream colored silk zip up jacket over an eggplant colored tee shirt and black thin summer trousers, he was met by the immigration officer.

        "Welcome home, Mr. Black. The Governor has arranged everything. If you'll just let me stamp your passport." The middle aged smiling agent did his job and then nodded once again. Welcome home." 

        Mr. Black looked the man in the eyes. "I have no home. He said. I prefer it that way. A sense of Home leads to ego boundaries, the idea that the world is 'US"  against THEM, and 'our side is better than their side."

He took his passport back and moved to the car with his bodyguard. Inside the black limo, he was greeted by a naked thirteen year old blond boy kneeling and holding up a vodka martini on the rocks. Mr. Black eased into the spacious car and it sped across the tarmac. The boy looked up at the man with large clear blue eyes. His skin was still baby soft and smooth, even though his balls hung full and heavy and he had an attractive cut penis. 

     "Would you like a blow job, Sir?" 

     "No thank you," responded Mr. Black," I had one one the plane. " He reached over and pulled a bottle of champagne out of the ice bucket. "That's no reason, however that you shouldn't shove this bottle of champagne up your asshole to entertain me."  The boy's eyes got even wider for a momenta s he eyed the large magnum of cold champagne. Then he forced a smile and took the heavy bottle from Mr. Black, set it on the floor of the car and squatted over it.

     "May I do it this way, sitting on it, Sir?"  Mr. Black saw the kid's nipples turn into hard little pebbles.

     "Certainly, as long as when you are finished, your cute little ass it touching the floor carpet of the car." 

     The darling boy gulped.  "The wide part of the bottle too?" 

     "What did I just say? And don't make too much noise, I'm going to make some phone calls." 

        Meantime, in the very next state, Paul Marshall was worshipping dick. And I do not use the term loosely.  He was kneeling and slobbering over a fat ten inch prick belonging to the asylum attendant who would be getting him ready to leave the hospital. Paul stared only at the fuckmeat and sack. He knew better than to look elsewhere. His entire life now revolved around cock and balls. He had been broken and trained. He inhaled the slightly sweaty smell of the spit wet scrotum and fucker. His tongue swiped back and forth, causing the leaking prick to bob and weave. Pre-fuck slop bubbled out of the wide pisshole, and Paul hungrily lapped it up. Cockslime and drool hung from his chin in strings and pooled on the floor. When give permission, he would lower his head and lick the cock crap up off the cement. He nuzzle the nutsack with his nose, causing the walnut sized contents to dance and wobble.  

       "I'm going to miss you, Asswipe," the muscular handsome attendant commented, holding his massive fucker in one hand and slapping Paul across the face with the dick.  Long trails of pre-fuck crossed the teenage boy's nose and cheeks. "You suck dick so much better than my wife. Course we only been married a few weeks, and she's got lot's to learn. She's pretty bad at sucking ass too. But she'll get the hang of it. Maybe I'll ask Mr. Henshaw if I can borrow you for a few days to teach her how to do it. First time she ever sucked ass was in her wedding dress on the night we got married. There she was with her white veil, nose and mouth buried in my ass crack. the bitch had no idea what a wife's duties included. What the fuck do they teach them in Sex-ed nowadays. That's what I get for marrying a seventeen year old cunt. Still, it's worth it.  All I got to do is tell the twat that I lover her about twenty zillion times a day, and I get all the free fresh tight young pussy I crave. Lick down under my nuts, Dickbreath." 

       Paul immediately felt shame that he had had to be told to lick under the nuts. That was part of his job. That was what he had been broken and trained to do. He trembled slightly, fearing punishment, but the attendant was in a good mood. Paul scooted his naked body lower so he could lift his head up and lick under the fat low hanging scrotum. He wondered if the attendant would allow him to lick his asshole. He hoped so. He could use the opportunity to show how well he had been trained. What a good slave he was. Every asshole was an opportunity to prove how dedicated he could be, and a chance to gain good marks against future punishment. 

      The attendant chuckled and hunkered down a bit in the chair, spreading his legs wider and lifting one foot off the floor. This opened up his dark moist hairy asshole. "Go for it, Bitch!" he laughed, and Paul dove for the asshole, tongue extended and wiggling. The ten inch prick thumped and slapped and waved in the air, pouring out more fuckslop. 

    "Oh yeah, get that fucking tongue way up my shithole. That feels great. You gotta teach my new bride how to do that. You are one first class faggot. You shoulda' seen my wife's face the first time she saw my dick hard. She had never seen anything like it. She sobbed that she couldn't take it up her virgin cunt.  I eased her worries. I told her, 'Not only are you going to take it up your cunt, but up your tiny little asshole as well! That's a wife's duty.' That first fuck on our wedding night was a blast. There is something to be said for a bitch saving her virginity for her husband. She passed out from my prick twice. I pinched and twisted her nipples really hard to help get her mind off my big dick stretching the fuck out of her pussy. I actually lifted her up off the mattress by only her nipples. That must have hurt her like hell, so I did it two or three more times.  Get that tongue deep in my asshole, I'm going to fart, and I think it's going to be a wet one." 

     Paul knew it was part of his job as a slave to inhale as much fart as he could, while continuing to lick the slippery inner rectum. The attendant lifted his ass up off the chair completely, and Paul shoved his tongue in deeper. Then the man he was serving blew a loud, noisy, wet sounding fart. Paul breathed in as deeply as he could. He had been taught to do that to show respect. The slightest mistake in his behavior would lead to terrible punishment, so he wanted to do everything correctly.  Now he had a choice to make. Dare he show some initiative or not? Usually it was best to play it safe, but a good slave knows when to take risks to please a master. Paul took the risk. He raised his hands and grasping a muscular ass cheek in each hand, he spread open even wider the attendant's ass. It was a strong, slightly haired ass. The ass of a jock. The ass of a guy who worked out. Paul spread the ass globes and then plunged his face hard against the ass crack, wiggling his tongue as deeply as he could up in the asshole. 

     "Jesus, what a fucking animal you are. If I didn't have a new wife, I'd try to buy you from Mr. Henshaw and take you home to service me. What the fuck can a bitch do that you can't do except have a period and kids? Oh yeah, that is Heaven. Get that tongue up my shit chute.  Hey, wanna here a funny one. That twelve year old twat who arrived at the hospital last week, that slightly retarded one whose parents didn't want her? You know the one I mean, cute and all, but dumb as shit. Well me and five other attendants fucked the crap out of her. We had three dicks in her at once three times a day, and then we double dicked her young pussy. Imagine my dick and Arnie's up her little cunt at the same time. Well, it's not a little cunt anymore. You had Arnie up your ass, you know how big he is. Just imagine him and me up a twelve year old cunt at the same time. And now, guess what? The bitch is pregnant. That's right she had her first period just before she arrived, and we fucked the slut preggies!  Now we're playing a game. We are taking bets on who the daddy is. Is it one of us? Or is it Mr. Henshaw. Did I tell you he fucked her too. He also had eight of your buddies from the high school fuck her. Then just for fun, good old Matt Henshaw shoved a baseball bat up her freshly raped cunt and another one up her asshole and made her crawl around that way, licking ball sacks. It was great. Hey, Shitface, keep that tongue moving. Don't get so engrossed in my story, you forget your job."

     Paul could have kicked himself. He must never lose focus or concentration when servicing a cock, balls or asshole. To serve them was the only reason he lived. The only reason he was on earth.  He was no longer a high school boy. He was a DICKPIG.  But he felt a wave of sadness wash over him. He hated to leave the hospital in a way. At the asylum, he had all the attendants' big fat fuckers to service every day. And he was sometimes allowed to do sex shows with that other cute teenage pig patient, what was his name? Paul could never remember his name. Paul couldn't even remember his own name. Was it Fuckhole, or Cockpig, or Dickface?  And now, sadly, he was to be taken from the hospital at Matt's orders..."Paul corrected himself, "At Mr. Henshaw's orders, and sent to work at a Dog Kennel.  Mr. Henshaw was his teenage master and knew best.  Mr. Henshaw had turned him from a normal healthy high school boy into a slobbering asslicking cockpig.  Paul didn't know if he would like being a bitch to an entire kennel full of dogs. That meant he would have to suck dog dick all day and all night, and take countless dog dicks with those large knots up his asshole.  Paul knew this is probably what he deserved, and Matt Henshaw was only doing what was best for him. But still, he felt somehow depressed and a tear welled up in his eye and ran down his cheek, transferring itself to the hairy ass cheek of the attendant. 

     "Balls!" he attendant barked, and paul immediately withdrew his spit slick face from the asshole and went back to lapping on the huge nuts in the swinging scrotum. A thought flickered through Paul's numbed mind for just a second. Perhaps if he was really wonderful at ball licking and cocksucking. Perhaps if he did a really amazing job as a dicksucker, they would keep him at the hospital and not send him to the kennel. But he knew that it was not true. It was Mr. Henshaw's decision to send him to become a bitch to dogs.  Matt Henshaw thought it would be terribly funny to see this cute young high school boy crawling around naked through piles of dog shit and taking dog dick up his ass while he licked doggie scrotum and asshole. And Paul knew in his heart that Matt Henshaw was right. It would be funny. 

       Mr. Black kicked off his black handmade Italian loafers and dropped his trousers. A young black houseboy of sixteen picked them up.  A few seconds later, Mr. Black's eggplant tee shirt was flung over the back of a chair and the black servant retrieved it. The black boy paused in his labors only long enough to inhale the smell of his master's body from the shirt. He had been with Mr. Black for a year and knew the man would not mind. Mr. Black was often kind that way.  

        Naked, his tan body catching the white beams of light from high intensity spotlights designed to highlight the priceless paintings in the penthouse, Mr Black crossed to the glass doors to his terrace and thew them open. The sounds of the city at night greeted him. He stood in the cool night air, inhaling the city, opening his arms to it, lifting his head to the moon.  His Asian bodyguard stood nearby. He was not really a bodyguard. Mr. Black didn't require a bodyguard. He was more of an assistant. 

       "Tomorrow, we'll pay a visit to Matt Henshaw, the son of our esteemed politician in the state next to ours. We will teach the elder Henshaw that to crave more power than one deserves, can cause one to lose a son. What good is all the power in the world amassed, if you have no one to whom to bequeath it?  And from the photos of Matt Henshaw, I shall totally enjoy destroying the boy. There is nothing so satisfying for me as bullying a bully, and watching as he drops from the top of the world to the gutter. Oh dear, now he will never graduate high school! What a fucking shame."  Mr. Black laughed and fondled his heavy scrotum. His huge prick gave a twitch like a snake awaking from sleep and uncoiling. 

       "Do you know what I feel like? I feel like fucking a Marine. A U. S. Marine just returned from fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan. One of those young heros this country is always blowing their horns about.  An inner urban boy or country hick who barely makes it through school and is conned into joining the armed forces to fight in an immoral and  illegal war...who knows no better than to follow orders to kill, and who is then called a hero by his country for political and publicity reasons. Our heroes...sheep who march into battle and sometimes back without an arm or a leg or a dick and balls.  Who don't even know that they are fighting really for Halliburton or B.P. or God knows whom, and who are urged on to their deaths by the American masses who call them heroes and wave flags as they send more and more of them to slaughter. And they call me a monster for wanting to fuck them? They fuck him in a different sense, long before I get to them. 

       "Yes, indeed. Before tomorrow's activities, I feel like fucking a really cute, dumb young Marine, just returned from battle. A Marine with a girlfriend or a new bride. I want to turn his tight young Marine asshole into a cunt, and I want to her him squeal and beg me to fuck him harder.  I want to spit down into his cute young hero's face and watch his toes curl as I slam my dick into his bowels. I wan to pull his puffy nipples until I almost rip them off of his muscular pecs. I want to slam my fist into his full fat scrotum.  I want to make him read from the Koran with his mouth full of my cock. I want to piss on him and remove the medals and insignias from his uniform and pin them to his naked flesh.  I want to electrocute his testicles until they pull up into his body. And I want to fuck him up so badly, that when I am finished, he can do nothing but sob and beg me to fuck him again.  Do you suppose you can find me such a Marine to play with tonight?" 

         Mr. Black's assistant already had his cellphone in is hand, making the call.

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