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Kaelyn James: Spanking Machine

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Chapter 1

The black corrugated soles of my boots let out a distinct screech as I gave ground to my friends insistent pulling.  My resistance cause the knee high high heel boots to leave black scuffs on the, formerly clean, white tiles.  Still my friends continued to drag me along.  Jake and Eric held me firmly by my slender wrists and would not take no for an answer.  Their continued pulling had caused my black and purple fingerless gloves to bunch up around my wrists. 

“Quit it guys!  I said no!”  I complained.  I had to fight back tears at being treated so roughly by my two best friends, and in such a public place.  Even now, shoppers walked past us as we struggled on the second tier of the East Valley Mall.  I took great pains to cultivate a tough girl image and I didnt like being pulled (literally) out of my comfort zone.

“Come on.”  Jake whined.  “Its free.  Its never free.” 

“Im not wasting my money on that.”  I complained, looking at the vacant machine resting in our path.

“Dont worry about it, we will shout.”  Eric offered.  “You have earned it.”  He added encouragingly.

“How did I earn it?”  I replied, truly perplexed. 

“You cheated in Mrs Wilsons maths test.”  Jake claimed.  It was beginning to look like this coincidence may have been cleverly planned; clearly the two of them had been discussing this.

“I didnt cheat, you guys copied my answers.”  I protested in vain.

“Yeah, and you let us.  Thats cheating.”  Eric smiled leeringly.  “Quit the act Kaelyn, we can tell you want this.”

My resistance had forced me into an almost sitting position, and as the negotiations continued, I noticed my already short black latex skirt was riding the top of my milky white thighs.  I could tell Eric at least had taken notice of my predicament, when I caught him starring at my young pussy.  My tiny black thong had sunk half into my cleft, and Eric was getting a good look at my hairless lips.  I was meticulous at keeping my sex hairless, if only for my own enjoyment. 

I was wet.  I had been working up the nerve to fuck one of the guys, but I wasnt there yet, nor could I decide which of my friends should be my first.  I tried to pretend it wasnt a big deal, even claiming I wasnt a virgin, but I think they both knew I was full of shit.  I think both guys had noticed me eyeing them, or maybe I finally noticed them eyeing me, but either way our usual lazy day at the mall had become unusually sexually charged.  A guiding hand on my hip or a gentle stroke of my arm suddenly seemed like a very real mating ritual, and I could tell the guys were keeping score.  All the attention had gone straight to my pussy and I could feel my diminutive underwear was soaked.  Eric was able to see how wet my pussy way, which brought a blush to my pale face, and caused even more juices to flow.

My nipples were standing up beneath my shirt.  The short sleeved, thin purple top hugged my narrow waist and was covered by black webbing.   The discrete black corset worm under my tops kept my narrow waist very narrow and made my impressive breasts fill out the top nicely.  My mother, the trophy wife of a mid level party official, had a great boobs and I definitely inherited that feature from her.  I also wasnt too proud to pop pills to jack up my rack. At barely sixteen, I had seen how much attention large breasts claimed, and I loved it.  Though I made shows of hiding them modestly, at least at school, I could be such a tease.  If I caught a boy looking at them, I would be sure to find a sudden itch that just needed to be scratched. 

Jake transferred his hold of my left hand into his left.  With his right, he caressed my knee.  He ran his hand up my leg, along my black fence net stockings until they stopped at mid thigh.  From there, he followed the black garter straps up my creamy thighs until his hand was up under my skirt, pressed tight against my naked rear.  My thong was clear plastic except for the miniature triangle covering my lips and clit (and little else).  At the rear, the thong was pure butt floss.  Eric followed suit, and I couldnt stifle a yelp of alarm as they lifted my in their strong arms and threw me over the waiting bench.

The bench was padded and very comfortable, though right now it smelt strongly of urine (probably why it was free).  The bench always looked broken to me, but I knew that was how they all looked.  The first half started close to the ground and rose sharply, maybe 70 degrees.  The remaining part of the bench was mostly horizontal, but did dip towards its middle.  My pointed toes struggled to touch the ground and my legs rested against the padded incline.  My pelvis sat just past the apex, leaving my chest to fill the horizontal benches dip, and my ass raised high.

I wasnt out of energy yet; roller-skating and a childhood spent doing amateur gymnastics gave my tight, petite frame a hidden strength and a surplus of energy.   Despite this, I was in a bind.  I couldnt roll one way, thanks to the machines attached upright cabinet, and Jake stopped me from rolling off the other way.  While I struggled in vain, I felt Eric press against my barely clad crotch.  He was pressing himself down into me, sending my extremities tingling.  As he put his weight down against my rump, he took a fistful of my long (naturally) black hair.  At first he pulled my head back painfully, and then he jammed it down onto the padded bench.  I half expected to hear a zip, and to feel the tip of his cock brush against my dripping cunt, but fortunately (or not) we were too public for that.  Inadvertently my struggles had drawn a crowd. 

A younger boy helped secure my legs to the padded bench with tight straps across my ankles and knees.  While Eric kept his weight on me, Jake fastened the straps across my corseted waist.  I fought, even as they secured my hands to the rests running alongside the horizontal bench. 

My skin went to goose bumps as I felt Eric unzip the side of my skirt and drop it to the floor.  My nude ass almost glowed under the mall lighting.  A flat oval of hard black plastic concealed my anus, but was clearly visible under the see through butt floss.  Eric let his hands rest on my trembling cream ass cheeks before hooking his thumbs into the negligible waistband of the thong and slowly drawing it out of my sex and down my legs.  He didnt need to do that.  The thong was so slight that there had been no need to remove it, but still, I did feel naked without it.  The air conditioning crashed against my moist hot pussy, and I could feel Erics hand hovering close, desperate to stroke the slit of dull pink flesh.  Instead, his hands followed the sexy black garter across my hips and down my legs.

“This really frames your ass nicely Kaelyn.”

Yeah it looks good on me, but this wasnt what I had in mind when I consider the garter for its exhibitionist possibilities. 

“You dont need to wear this right now.”

I could feel Erics knuckled press against my cold ass as he took hold of the plastic base.  Unconcerned for my comfort, he pulled hard and tore the slender black butt plug from my asshole, causing me to grunt and curse.  My white grandmother always told me that in her day, teenage girls didnt let boys sodomize them on a first date.  I remember thinking her so old fashioned.  She claimed the stuff boys did these days would have gotten them arrested once upon a time.  I tried to tell her that if I was seen in the girls showers at school without a butt plug, I would be just asking for pariah status.  I had even had to welt my own ass with a cane from time to time, just to make it look like my parents werent too uncaring to do it.

Eric dared to sink a finger into to pink puckered rose bud.  Id probably sucked his cock a hundred times since we turned thirteen, but I guess he was sore that I had never let him (or Jake) tame my ass.  As he continued to finger fuck my asshole I decided that if he tried to stick anything in my pussy, I was going to shout rape.

“Seriously guys this has gone far enough.”  My voice wavered and cracked, and my words were left without an ounce of force behind them.  I could see the bulges in their pants, and I knew resistance was futile.  Jake knelt down beside me and wiped the mascara tears from my china doll face.  He touched a single finger to my black painted lips and silenced me.  Our eyes met, and I could see he was excited, though not beyond care for my well being.  While Eric swiped a cash card through the machine and stole touches of my ass, Jake leant in and kissed me ever so gently under my left ear.  His lips let me forget my plight, and the way he took in a deep breath of my scented hair excited me further.  The only sign of his gift was a swaying in my inverted cross silver earrings. 

The machine hummed into life as Eric pressed a series of musical keys.  The straps holding my body tightened noticeably.  Looking down, I was well aware of the steady rise and fall of my bosom with each breath.  The section of bench behead my head fell away, causing it to hang over the edge.  A small screen was set up there, for my benefit, to mimic the foot tall scrolling marquee displayed at the very top of the machines central pillar. 


I cried out, more from surprise than pain.  A mechanical hand had slammed down against my raised, defenceless ass.  It was quickly followed by a second blow, this one aimed at the companion cheek.  The machine delivered even predictable smacks, spanking my behind every two seconds.  Fresh black tears ran down my face as I struggled to compose myself.

My body trembled with each spank from the machines prosthetic hands.  The gathered crowd must have numbered close to forty by now, so I looked down at the screen to better hide my face.  Suddenly, the screen became my crying face, and I found the small camera pointing up at me.  I raised my head and turned it sideways, cringing with each blow to my tush.  Staring at me was the unblinking eye of an arm mounted camera.  I turned my head, sniffing to stop the trickle from my nostrils, and found another camera waiting for me. 

Looking down at the screen again, I saw the focus, for now, had shifted from my face.  The screen showed my alabaster ass, and two growing red patches where the machine beat me unerringly.  The monitor got a good look at the arms as they continued their steady rhythm on my butt.  I was already taking in shallow, gasping breaths and fighting back a torrent of tears.  When the screen changed once more, it became a close up of my juicy slit.  The camera zoomed in close, and caught droplet after droplet of girl lubricant dripping from my bald lips.  The crowds excited utterances assured me they were seeing what I was seeing.

When the screen changed, my eyes opened wide.  In large green letters, the marquee read Kaelyn James * Half-breed Cocktease * KaelynJames087@Communist The marquee continued with my home address and phone numbers.  Still feeling each and every spank, and the pain was growing, I looked up sensing movement.  Blunted hooks entered the sides of my mouth and pulled my lips wide into a smile.  Jake finished securing the smile gag and proceeded to plant like hooks in my nostrils.  He pulled hard and my head was yanked back.  Once secured, my nose was trapped in an awful snout.

The spanking stopped, and not a moment too soon for my sore ass.  Glancing down I could just make out the screen when it said Credits 26 and scrolled down to Credits 25.  I groaned past the gag and sobbed.  A whizzing sound heralded as change of implements.  A cane slashed against the lower curve of my bottom, quickly raising a welt and leaving me thrashing in my bonds.  The cane fell every ten or twelve seconds, working not just my rump, but my thighs as well.  After just ten cane strokes, my face was a mess of tears, runny mascara and snot. 

Erik knelt down beside me, as I rested during the brief respite between sessions.  I could see him stuffing my skirt into my black purse.  In his hands he also held my Identity Card. 

“Were going to head off now. Oh and your card is empty too.  You are going to have to ask daddy for more money I guess.”

You cannot spit while smiling, try it.  I cursed the bastard and swore vengeance.  My death gaze was broken by a mighty wallop, as large paddle crashed into my bruised ass.  Eric locked a padded rest under my head, forcing it almost straight up. 

“Almost forgot.”  He added, waving my slim black butt plug in front of my eyes.  “You wouldnt want to walk home without this.”

Even as my whole body shook with the impact of the mighty paddle, he dropped the dirty plug into my grinning mouth.  The narrow tip of the plug sunk until it interfered with my breathing, forcing me to draw air through my snout.  Eric looked at his hand, stained from handling my butt plug.  I tried in vain to shake my head, but he gave it no heed and wiped the stinking lubricant over my flared nostrils. 

Now flowing with tears I watched as my friends walked off to leave me here.  Even now I can hear the machine swapping tools.  Oh no!  Not the cane again.  Already horizontal welts decorated by tight ass and thighs.  As the cane paints another set of welts over my legs and ass, I see people beginning to line up next to the console.  I hope they are purchasing the rights to the collected images and video of my punishment, my public humiliation.  The alternate means they are feeding more money into the machine.

Still, it wasnt these people I was worried about.  It was the millions who may stumble across the video of my (lengthy) punishment stored, as it would be permanently, on the manufacturers web site.  The thought of millions of men and women potentially masturbating to the sight of my chalky ass being beaten through pink purple, black and blue made my virgin lips part in anticipation and leak even more profusely, only to have it preserved on camera for future appreciation. 

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