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Husband's Anal Adventure

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My wife becomes my Mistress a long time ago but I still remember the first time she ever started to play with my ass. We were in some heavy lovemaking and she was sucking my cock and pulling on my balls all of a sudden she started playing with my ass. First taking her finger and tapping my asshole then she rubbed the outer edge of my ass.

I noticed my cock was jumping all around and pre-cum was forming on the end of my cock, I told her that it felt real good and she said let me finger your ass. Well that was the start of a new sex life before the night was over she had fucked me with 3 fingers, my ass loved it and I was too. Over the next 4 weeks she had fucked me with a thin carrot with a condom on it and I was able to relax a lot now when ever I was ready to cum she would play with my prostate and I would cum more than ever. I started playing with my ass whenever I was alone masturbating I never let her know that I was starting to fuck myself with cucumbers, Hair brushes and thick candles.

Until one day she come home early and sneaked into the house I was laying in the bedroom masturbating with a big cucumber stuck all the way up my ass when I saw her It scared me and my ass tighten up and I shot that cucumber have way across the room. I thought she would be mad but she was amazed I could take something that big in my ass. She walked over to her dresser drawer and pulled out a vibrating dildo and said that I was a bad boy and that if I didn't let her fuck me with the dildo she would cut me off of sex for a month.

I let her fuck me with the monster dildo she fucked me harder than I ever had been ass fucked. She talked dirty to me and told me that I was her Ass Slave from now on. And that she had better never catch me fucking my ass again unless she gave me permission to fuck it. That was fine with me because she played with my ass every time we fucked. She has stretched my ass out so much she can fist fuck me now. It took over 10 months of training to be able to fist my ass.

When she has her fist in my ass I cum 10 or 12 times she massages my prostate and it feels like you are cumming but know cum comes out it is the best feeling I have ever experienced. She now has a strap-on dildo with 4 different attachments they all have different names and she enjoys fucking me with them. Her strap-on harness also has a dildo that goes inside her pussy while she fucks me. When she is done she makes me go down and lick all the cum off of the harness and her pussy. She has started making me shave all the hair off of my balls and cock; she says that it makes me cum more. And it reminds her of the young cocks she had back in Junior High.

One time she had to go to her mothers house for a couple days and she left me alone at the house I become real horny and wanted to fuck myself as I masturbated. She had locked up all of the toys and told me not to cum while she was away she said she would take care of me when she returned. I figured what the hell she will never know if I cum or not so I went to the store and bought the biggest cucumber I could find I went back home and rushed into the house went into the bedroom taking all my clothes off in a hurry I was so horny I got up and put a XXX movie in the VCR got out the Vaseline and started packing my ass with it. I was laying there trying to get this huge cucumber up my ass playing with my balls and rubbing my cock. The movie in the VCR was of two women fucking a man in the ass and mouth with strap-ons. I was in another world when all of a sudden I looked at the bedroom door and there stood my wife's best friend and her husband. I was stunned I didn't no what to do I just laid there looking at them. Linda my

wife's best friend said that they was driving by and seen the front door open on the house and thought I had went with my wife to her mothers so they was checking the house out.

I got up and started apologizing I looked at her blouse and her headlights were on bright I glanced away and noticed her husband's cock was hard in his pants. Linda reached over and took my cock in her hand and started jacking on it she told her husband to take off his clothes. I was standing there in shock when Linda said that if I did everything she told me to do she wouldn't tell my wife what her and her husband had seen. She said that she always wanted to see a man suck another man's cock so she told me to get down on my knees and suck on her husbands cock. I got on my knees and took his cock in my hand, it was the biggest cock I ever seen. I started stroking it up and down and it was getting bigger and bigger and pre-cum was forming on the head of it. I finally put my lips around the head of it and started sucking it, his pre-cum was bitter sweet.

I started having thoughts of this big cock sliding in and out of my ass pounding me harder and harder. All of a sudden I felt his cock swell up real big and he started pumping load after load of cum in my mouth. I tried to swallow all of it but it was leaking out the sides of my mouth. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and looked over at his wife and she was filming everything that went on.

There I was with cum all over my lips looking straight into the camera I was shocked. She said don't worry about the camera that only her and her husband would be watch it. She said that all this kinky shit that was going on had made her horny so she laid the camera down and pulled her skirt up and dropped her panties on the floor. She told me to cum over and suck on her clit, I was more than happy to do that because I still hadn't cum and this was 2 hours later.

I noticed the size of her pussy it was huge the lips would stretch out 7 or 8 inches it was the biggest pussy I ever seen. I guess it got that way from that big dick her husband had. Well I was up to my ears in pussy when the phone rang. I got up and answered the phone it was my wife calling to check up on me. She wanted to know if I had been a good boy and reframed from jacking off. I told her I was horny but I have not touched it. She said it made her horny knowing that I was saving all my cum for her, she blew me a kiss over the phone and hung up.

Linda told me to get my ass back over to her and continued sucking her pussy, she was very angry with me for stopping. She said that she would have to punish me after I made her cum; she grabbed the back of my head and shoved it into her cunt as far as it would go. I licked and sucked her till she cum all over, that pussy leaked a lot of girl cum out of it. She told me to get up and go over to her husband and lick his asshole and make it real wet. That was easy I had girl cum all over my face and in my mouth. I licked the rim of his asshole and it began to pucker like it was trying to suck on my tongue.

I noticed his ass was getting loose and he was fucking his self with my tongue. Linda came over were we were and she started playing with my balls, rolling them around and around pulling on them pulling them behind my ass. I was on my hands and knees now her husband had pulled his ass out of mouth and his wife had my cock and balls pulled behind my ass. This bitch was sucking my balls and licking my asshole at the same time every time she felt me trying to cum she would squeeze my balls and I would stop. After my cock and balls was soaked in saliva she pulled my cock foreword and stuck it in her husbands ass. I started fucking him long and deep and it felt like heaven my balls was so swollen up from not being able to cum. His wife came up behind me and stuck the cucumber (I was playing with earlier) up my ass. I shot cum deep in his ass rope after rope of thick hot cum.

I cum so much my balls ached. Linda jerked the cucumber out of my ass and said you bastard, I wasn't ready for you to cum yet. You're a bad boy now get over there and suck your cum out of my husbands ass. I did as I was told, it wasn't too bad. The cum was thick so it come out in clumps(that would have been good baby making cum). Well I cleaned his ass up and Linda put her clothes back on and told her husband to get dressed. Before they left Linda said we may call you tomorrow and you can come over to are house and see the movie then she slammed the door shut. I was lying there with cum all over me, pussy and anal juice all in my mouth, hair, ass I looked like a used slut. Well I got up and took a shower and wondered what would be in store for me tomorrow. I woke up this morning and my cock was rock hard and sore as hell. I was walking into the kitchen and it felt like I had been riding a horse without a saddle. My ass still had cum dripping out of it and my balls ached I was thinking about what happened yesterday and thoughts of my wife's best friend and her husband keep racing threw my head. I was getting horny and pre-cum was at the tip of my cock. I stuck my finger down on my pee hole and scooped the cum up and ate it. I got out the Vaseline and started to jack-off when the phone rang it was Linda she wanted to know if I wanted to come over and watch the video she took yesterday of me sucking and licking her husbands cock.

I said I would come over but I couldn't stay long because my wife was coming home tonight. I went into the bathroom and cleaned the Vaseline off of my cock and got dressed. I drove over to Linda's house and got out. This was the first time I had been to their house and it sat off of the road quiet a distance. I went up to the door and knocked and Linda came to the door in a leather mini skirt and thigh high boots she had a cat-o-nine-tails in her hand and said come on in we have been waiting on you.

As I entered the room Linda reached down and put her hand on the front of my pants. She whispered to me to take off my clothes and lay down on this table. I did as I was told and she started sucking my cock and balls. She told me to lift my hands above my head and her husband tied my hands to the table. She started sucking my cock real hard and in a matter of minutes I had cum in her mouth. She took all my cum in her mouth and was holding it there till she got up and opened my mouth and dripped my cum back in my mouth.

The bitch said that it looked like I was running out of cum and for me to recycle it. I swallowed it all down and thanked her for being so considerate. Her husband came over to the table and stuck his cock in my mouth, it tasted like he had been fucking Linda in the ass. I sucked and licked his cock till he was moaning and groaning he was fucking my throat real good. All of a sudden I felt his cock shoot cum right down my throat. I was pissed the bastard didn't even let me taste it, all that cum straight down into my stomach.

I looked down and Linda had a strap-on dildo sticking out of the front of her mini skirt. She said this is the John Holmes version of strap-ons, the motherfucker must have been 14inches long and 3 ½ inches in diameter. I was still on my back so she raised my legs up in the air and started working that dildo into my ass. Her husband had his hand around it and was massaging my asshole with it.

Once he got it started into my ass he started playing with my balls, my cock got hard again. He stopped playing with them and turned on the VCR There I was sucking his cock on film like a mad man, if you have never seen yourself on video you don't know what you are missing. Linda was still fucking my ass and I was breathing heavy I pleaded with Linda to take the dildo out of my ass. I told her that I didn't need to cum any more today because my wife was expecting a lot of cum out of me tonight and I was running low.

She laughed out loud and said that I was selfish with my cum and that she was going to make me cum 2 or 3 more times. She fucked me harder and harder I looked up at the VCR and there I was with cum dripping out of my mouth. And then another scene started where I was Eating her pussy and telling my wife on the phone I had been a good boy and hadn't jacked-off. Her fucking husband was filming me eating his wife's pussy and recorded the phone conversation. I couldn't believe what was happening to me, she was still slamming my ass and her husband started sucking my prick. All of a sudden she jerked the dildo out of my ass and I shot a load of cum down her husbands throat. He got up and there was just a drop of cum on his tongue. He told his wife to untie me that I didn't have any more cum to share with them.

She come around to untie me and the next thing I knew she was trying to stick her dildo in my mouth. She was saying come on clean John Holmes up. I resisted but it didn't do me any good her husband held my face as his wife fucked my mouth with the dildo that had been fucking my ass. She untied me and I got up my ass was real sore I started getting dressed when I Looked into the mirror I saw a hickey on the side of my cock, that fucking Linda gave me a hickey on my cock. I finished getting dressed and Linda said you better get home and take a shower before your wife gets there, you smell like spunk.

I told Linda and her husband goodbye and went out and got into the car my balls were sore and my ass was to. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw I had dried cum on the side of my face, I was a real mess. I was speeding home as fast as I could, trying to beat my wife home and clean up. When I pulled into the driveway I could see my wife's car in the garage, I knew right then that I was in trouble.

I pulled up and got out I could feel sperm running down the back of my ass, I didn't know what I was in for. I opened the door to the house and went in I could hear some moaning coming out of the bedroom. I decided to sneak over and take a look in the bedroom, when I looked in the bedroom I saw my wife laying on the bed with two other women. They were sucking and licking each other's cunts and one of the women had a huge double dong dildo in her hand.

And the other woman was wearing a strap-on dildo. The one woman with the double dong dildo started feeding one end of it in her juicy cunt, she must have stuck 10 inches of it in her pussy, this women was very tall and muscular and had very short hair. After she had the dildo inserted into her pussy she laid down on her back in the bed. My wife got up and opened the drawer were our sex toys were and pulled out a butt-plug the big tall women told her to bring it to her.

The women took the butt-plug from my wife and inserted it into her ass. Here was this giant women laying in my bed with 10 inches of dildo stuck in her cunt and a butt-plug wedged in her asshole. She looked over at my wife and told her to get on top of her and take the other end of the double dildo and stick it in her pussy. My wife crawled on top and started snaking the huge dong in her wet pussy, when she had the whole thing in her cunt you could see she was loving every inch of it. The other women with the strap-on got behind my wife and started tonguing my wife's asshole making it wet with her saliva. My wife was moaning and breathing fast, I could tell it wouldn't be long before she was cumming all over herself.

All of a sudden the women quiet licking my wife's asshole and got up and stuck her strap-on cock into my wife's asshole. There was my beautiful wife in the doggie position with both of her holes filled to the brim. She loved every minute of it; they started pumping her very hard. One would be sticking their fake cock in her and the other one would be pulling out. They pumped and pumped her; my wife loved the double fuck she was receiving. From where I was, I could see my wife's ass and cunt being filled with artificial cock it was turning me on.

She was saying that her pussy and ass felt real good and that she was going to enjoy the two women dominating her sex life for the next week. I was wondering what that meant, was these two women going to dominate me too? I started to turn around and leave when all of a sudden the phone rang. My wife looked around and saw me, the two women stopped fucking her and they were all staring at me. The tall women ask my wife if I was her husband, my wife nodded yes and that I liked to me dominated too. She told the women that I liked to be fucked in the ass and would suck a cock too. The tall woman pulled her half of the double dong out of her pussy. There was a sucking sound as the giant dildo slipped out of her cunt.

She walked over to me and looked me up and down. She told me her name was Donna and that my wife had invited her and her girlfriend to stay with us for a week. She walked over to me; I had to look up to see her face. She had to be at least 6'3" and was all legs. She reached out and removed a pubic hair that was matted to the side of my face. She said have you been sucking someone's cock or pussy. I had the look of terror on my face I was turning red and was thinking what my wife was going to say or do to me. And then Donna pulled my face to hers and she licked the side of my face. She spit in the floor and said out loud, that taste like male sperm. You have been out sucking cocks somewhere haven't you? My wife tried to get off of the other women's strap-on dildo but she was told to stay where she was or she would be punished.

There was my dominating strong wife under the power of another women; I had a hard time believing that she would obey anyone. Donna said, take off your clothes sperm boy I want to see how big your cock is. I pulled my clothes off and Donna seen my shaved cock and balls, my balls was all drawn up and my cock looked like it was a crispy cream donut. Donna said looks like he has been fucking something too; she grabbed my balls and told me to bend over. She spread my ass cheeks and there was sperm leaking out of my ass. She said to my wife that she thought I was going to save my cum for them.

She then stuck a finger in my ass, all the way in then she pulled it out and stuck it in my wife's mouth. My wife yelled out to me she called me a whore and wanted to know who's cum she had just tasted. I didn't know what to say, my wife was mad as hell, I have never seen her so mad. She was calling me cocksucker, bitch, whore and a lot of other names. But I noticed she was not getting up and trying to get to me. The other women had her under control, all at once Donna told my wife to get up and clean my cock off. She told my wife to lick all the dried cum off of my balls and cock and that she had better do it right. I was scared, I thought as mad as she is she might bite my cock off. As my wife started to suck my cock Donna grabbed her head and told her to be nice with my cock or she would be punished.

My wife was sucking my cock and licking the head of it so good I thought I would die. I was pumping her mouth real hard, and she let my cock slip out of her mouth and she bite down on my ball sack she looked up at me and said; I will deal with you later Cumboy. My ball sack was hurting but it could have been worse. My wife hurried up and stuck my cock back in her mouth. Donna came over and gave my wife a saucer and told me to cum on the saucer. My wife was sucking my cock all the way down her throat and I started to cum. I jerked it out of her mouth and two small amounts of sperm were forced out of my cock.

Donna looked at the amount of cum and started laughing, she said they wasn't enough their to take a sperm sample. She made me get down and lick the cum off of the saucer. I did as I was told but I wish they had been more cum there too. Donna took the saucer away and told me to get my nasty ass in the shower and clean up. That she would be in there in a minute and flush the nasty cum out of my anal opening. I was in the bathroom taking a shower enjoying the hot water running down my back, it felt real good to be clean again. I turned the water off and I could hear someone coming into the bathroom.

It was Donna she was holding a rubber bag and a long hose. She said bend over and grab your ankles Cumboy. I did as I was told and I could feel my ass being penetrated by the end of the hose. She stuck about 6" in my ass and released the substance that was in the bag. It felt real cold and it made my ass tighten up. I keep the liquid in my ass till Donna said to release it. I showered off again and stepped out of the shower. She threw me a silk robe and told me to go out and sit down on the bed. I was sitting there looking at my wife she had her legs spread and pussy cum was running out of her cunt.

Dana the other woman told me to get down and clean my wife's pussy and ass out with my tongue. I was licking her pussy and it tasted different I keep licking, and I finally discovered what was different about the taste. It didn't have male sperm mixed with it. About that time Donna came into the room and said to my wife that I didn't have any cum left to give them so she was going to call up some of her men friends to supply them with some male cum. I know she made 3 or 4 phone calls and she was saying things like she had a woman over here that needed a big cock and lots of cum.

I just keep licking and sucking on my wife's cunt and ass. Dana said quit eating her cunt and taste mine. I got up and went over to Dana I got down between her legs and she had the softest little pussy I have seen in a long time. Hell, it reminded me of a girlfriend I had back in middle school just a little bit of hair around her clit and it was so soft. I started sticking my tongue in and out and she was breathing heavy. I started sucking on one side of her pussy lips then the other she was having a wonderful time. She cum in my mouth 2 or 3 times and I loved it. She made me stop and I looked around and Donna was letting 3 guys in the front door.

When they came in Donna introduced us all and told the men to get naked. They all three was standing there with there cocks hanging out. Two of them had 11" dicks and the other one maybe 8". Donna told them the reason they were here was that I didn't have any cum to give the girls. She glanced over at me and said get over here and suck the biggest one's cock. I dropped down on my knees and started licking his giant prick and I could feel it get big and hard. It was so big around I could only get the head of it in my mouth. I keep sucking and sucking and the prick got bigger and bigger just as he was about to shoot his cum Donna pulled my head away. She told me that I had wasted enough cum on myself today that other people wanted some too. Donna looked around at my wife and said that these men were her slaves and they are bi-sexual.

She told the men that they were to put a show on for us. They all laid down and started sucking each others cocks, they was grabbing each others balls and sucking one ball into their mouth at a time. They started licking each other's man pussy licking their tongue around the tight rosebud of an ass crack. They got up and one of them bent over and the biggest cock in the room invaded his asshole while the other one sucked and licked his nuts.

Donna told me to go over and lick around the big prick as it was fucking this other guy. His big cock was going in and out and my tongue was licking all around it as I was bent over, Dana came up from behind me and started pushing her dildo into my ass. I squirmed a little but she kept working it around my hole till it slipped in. At that time it felt so good that I pulled the big dick out of the one guy's ass and started sucking it.

Donna jumped up and pulled the cock out of my mouth and told me to stop trying to taste some more cum, that I have had enough cum today. All of a sudden Donna told everyone to quit sucking and fucking and to look at her. She told the 3 men that they were now going to service my wife. She told the biggest one to lie down so my wife could sit on his prick. My wife has had a lot of different cocks in her life but this one was bigger than any thing she has ever had. Donna told me to get up and feed that cock into my wife's pussy. I got up and wrapped my hand around the base of that big prick and started rubbing it on my wife's clit.

Her clit looked like a small penis sticking out, she was so horny, I worked that cock up in her till all you could see was balls. Her cunt was making slurping sounds as he fucked her up and down. Donna then yelled for the other big cock to come over so I could stick his cock in her ass. I grabbed his cock but it wasn't hard enough to stick it in her ass so Donna told me to suck on it I started sucking on his prick and I let a finger probe his asshole and his cock stood straight up.

I took it out of my mouth and started worming it into her anus she was in heaven. I sat back and massaged her taint (that little bit of skin between her cunt and asshole) it was so sexy watching and feeling there cocks rub together in her holes. Donna then told the other guy with the 8" cock to stick it in her mouth. I was enjoying the show watching my beautiful wife servicing 3 cocks at the same time. Donna made me get up and stick my cock in my wife's mouth along side the one that was already in her mouth.

It felt nasty my wife sucking both of us at the same time are cock heads were rubbing together and I couldn't hold it any more and I started cumming, but just a little bit of thin clear semen leaked out of my cock. Donna jerked be up and told me that I was in trouble, she didn't tell me to cum. I said I was sorry, she said that she was going to punish me. She walked over to me and handed me a blow up dildo, she said Cumboy stick this in your ass. I did as I was told and she started pumping this dildo up, it got bigger and bigger.

My asshole was stretched wide I bet you could have stuck a coke can in it. I was pleading for her to stop, she laughed and said when she is done with me I will be able to fuck two cocks at the same time. She pumped it up a little more and tears were forming in my eyes, all of a sudden she stopped pumping she told me to stand up.

I couldn't, it felt like I had a football up my ass. I finally got up on my feet my ass was numb it hurt like hell she wrapped a string around my balls and cock and tied it tight. All this time my wife is watching with 3 cocks invading her body. Donna walked over to my wife and told her it was time to start receiving some cum she stuck a finger up the guys ass that was ass fucking my wife and he blew his cum deep inside her Donna pulled his prick out and inserted a butt-plug.

She said she didn't want any of that man juice to leak out of her ass. Donna then had the man come over to me and stick his nasty cock in my mouth. I cleaned his cock the best I could and enjoyed the taste of my wife's ass-cream.

Donna then reached over and got the other man with the huge cock that was fucking my wife's cunt by the balls she massaged his balls and he shot off real hard deep in her cunt.

She jerked his cock out of my wife's pussy and inserted a bigger butt-plug so the cum would stay inside her womb she told me to get over here and clean this well fucked cock with my mouth. I didn't act like it but this was a real treat that cock had so much cunt juice on it, mmmmmmmmm I love the taste of my wife. I even got down around the base of it and licked the pussy and cock juice off of his pubic hair. When I was done I hoped Donna was going to make me eat all the cum out of my wife's holes. Donna came over to were I was kneeling and said I have been a good slave and that she was going to reward me. She started letting the air out of the blow up dildo and it felt real good. When all the air was out of it my asshole was so big that the dildo fell out of my ass onto the floor. Donna told the guy with the biggest cock to come over and fuck me, he come over and stuck his cock right into my ass he started fucking me and said that this was the looses ass he has ever fucked.

I couldn't believe that monster cock was all the way up my ass. He fucked me long and hard I could feel his balls tighten up and knew he would be cumming soon. The first blast of cum was so deep I thought I could taste it. He must have shot off in me 5 big squirts of cum juice. He let his cock slip out of my ass and the other big cock got behind me and fucked me to. His cock was bigger around but shorter and he started fucking me real hard and he was pulling out so far that air was being pushed into my asshole. While he was fucking me it sounded like I was farting my ass hole has been so stretched out from all the fucking it has gotten in the last few days.

He finally blew his load of cum up my ass, his cum was real hot and it blended in good with the previous cum that was in my ass. He pulled his cock out and the other 8" cock took his place. I looked over and my wife was sucking the cum off of the other two guys cocks. The cock that was fucking me now was a good 8" by 2 ½ inches but I couldn't feel him fucking me. Donna came over and was watching this little cock pumping in me cum was going everywhere because it was seeping out all around the cock that was fucking me.

She ask the man how my ass felt and he said that my ass was so loose that he couldn't feel any thing except the hot cum leaking down his leg and then he said it isn't even my cum. Donna felt sorry for him and told him to pull his cock out and to come over and fuck her ass hole. The man jerked his cock out of my ass and started to fuck Donna's ass. Donna stopped him and said go over there and let his wife clean the cum off of your cock in the mean time she had me lick her ass and then she had me get the lube out and get her ready for a cock. I got Donna ready for his cock, I looked over at my wife and she had his whole cock and balls in her mouth at one time.

Donna yelled for her to release his cock, he pulled his cock and balls out of her mouth and his cock was soaked in saliva. He came over and Donna told me to grab his cock and insert it into her ass. I saw his eyes roll back in his head and he was fucking her hard slamming her asshole with force. She was bucking back and forth. Dana told my wife to get up and start sucking on one of Donna's tits, as she was sucking a tit Dana got under Donna and was sucking and licking on her pussy. Donna let out a groan and she cum all over. Donna's pussy spit girl cum out like a man.

Dana was sucking up all the cum and her face looked like a Danish pastry. I got up and started licking girl cum off of Dana's face, it tasted delicious. Donna got up and regained her composure she told the 3 guys that it was time for them to leave. So they got up and said good-bye, that they enjoyed it and was looking foreword to doing it again. When they left it was just me and my wife and the two dyke bitches Donna and Dana.

Donna looked at me and said you are not done yet Cumboy, your wife's ass and pussy is still full of cum. Donna went over and pulled the butt-plug out of my wife's pussy and made me lick all the juices off of it. Then she made me suck all the cum juice out of my wife's pussy, it had been in her cunt for an hour or so. It was so hot and all the big ropes of cum that had been shot in her pussy was now just clear thin semen. I sucked on her clit till it was sticking out like a miniature penis. Donna come over and pulled the butt-plug out of my wife's ass and cum was pouring out of it.

I stuck my mouth down there and the cum just flowed into my mouth. I pulled her ass cheeks apart and stuck my tongue in deep she wiggled her ass down on my tongue and started pissing all over her self. I stopped and pulled my face out of her ass she said she was sorry that she didn't know if she was cumming or pissing. I looked down on the sheet and there was piss with little cum drops swimming around in it. Donna told me to get up and go take a shower. Everybody took a shower and we all fell asleep. I was lying their looking at my pretty wife thinking what in the hell is in store for me tomorrow.

Well I woke up this morning and everybody was still a sleep so I got up and made some coffee. I was sitting at the table drinking coffee when my wife came walking in and sat down beside me. She gave me a big kiss and I could still taste the male cum in her mouth from the previous night of fucking and sucking. She whispered in my ear that I was going to have a couple visitors today.

She said the two ladies that were coming to the house was old friends of hers from collage and that they were going to have sex with me. I ask her what was Donna and Dana going to do, she said that there job was done and that they would be leaving this morning. All of a sudden I heard the doorbell ring my wife got up and answered the door. It was two lovely looking ladies, real tall and slender nice big breast, and nice round ass. My cock started getting hard, my wife let them in and introduced them to me, she said the tall blonde's name was Paula and the brunette's name was Shanna. Paula looked real sexy she had a nice leather mini-skirt on and high heel boots.

She looked down at my crotch and my cock was standing straight out she looked at my wife and said. Can I suck your husband's cock? Lick his balls and suck on his asshole? My wife looked at her and said you can do anything you want to him. He is experienced in all kinds of perverted sex acts. He is more than willing to have you suck his cock or play with his balls. Paula got down on her knees and started licking around the head of my cock slowly licking down to my balls and back up again. She kept doing this until Shanna came over and started kissing my ass and licking around the anal opening. She would flick her tongue back and forth across my asshole. And my cock would jump up and down.

My wife saw what was going on and came over with a cock ring and wrapped it around my ball sack. She said, that will keep you nice and hard and you won't be able to cum until I tell you to. Paula had my cock so hard I thought the head of my cock was going to blow off she knew how to suck a cock very well. I played with Paula's tits and the way she was laying I could reach her asshole but I couldn't reach her pussy. She stopped me and said I could finger her asshole if I wanted but I could not have any pussy because she was on the rag. Paula was sucking my cock, balls and ass so good and letting me finger fuck her asshole.

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Then one of the ladies jumped up and came over to me she asked my wife if she could taste the cum in my hand. My wife said sure eat all of it if you want. The lady was licking my cum in between my fingers and out of the palm of my hand. When she got done she thanked me and give me a little kiss on the end of my cock. My wife told me to get dressed and we were going home. On the way home my wife thanked me for sucking my cock in front of her friends and said she was going to have a special surprise for me tomorrow. My wife woke me up early this morning she wanted to go down to the market and get some fresh vegetables. We walked into the store and went to the produce department my wife looked at me and said do you want to do something kinky this afternoon? I said sure. She leaned over and picked up a big hand full of carrots, she said we need a few of these. Then she picked up a couple big cucumbers and stuck them in the cart. We went down to where the melons were and she picked out a big cantaloupe, a bag of grapes and some bananas. I looked over at her and she had that fuck-me look on her face, I knew right then that I was in store for a good time.

When we got to the checkout counter I had a raging hard-on thinking about what we were going to be doing in an hour or so. She paid the casher and we went out and got in the car. As we were driving home my wife had unbuckled my pants and was playing with my cock. We drove up beside a truck and she leaned over and was sucking my cock while the truck driver watched. I drove slowly so he could keep up with us and watch my wife suck my cock. I looked up at the truck driver and he was jacking his cock off watching us, as soon as he cum I speeded up and left him behind.

We pulled up to a traffic light and their was this woman standing there watching my wife suck on my cock, she licked her lips and grinned at me. The light changed and we drove off, my wife stopped sucking on my cock and said that she would taste my cum later. We went into the house and she told me to take off my clothes and go into the bedroom. I was lying on the bed when she came in and told me to get up and cover the bed with a sheet of plastic. I did as I was told and she had a basket with her, full of the fruit and vegetables we bought at the market.

She jumped up on the bed and laid down, she grabbed a banana and peeled it then she shoved it up her cunt, she looked at me and said eat this banana out of my pussy. I started sucking on the banana and pulling on it, prying it out of her pussy. It tasted good with all her pussy cum on it, when I had ate the whole banana out of her pussy she told me to get on my hands and knees. As I was getting in the doggie position I saw her take a bunch of grapes in her hand. She got up behind me and started playing with my balls and sticking one grape at a time up my asshole. I dont know how many grapes she had stuck in there but I know my ass felt full. She then reached up on the front of the bed and got a dildo out, she started to put the dildo up my ass.

I said what are you doing? She said she was going to fuck my ass with the dildo and break the grapes that were up my ass and suck the grape juice out of my asshole. As the dildo went in I could feel the grapes breaking and it felt like someone cumming in my ass. More and more grape juice was pouring out of my ass it was running down my balls and she was lapping it up. Every time she pulled the dildo out juice would run out. After she had fucked me and got all the grape juice she wanted she said it was time to play with some carrots. She took three carrots at one time and stuck them in my ass (the dildo had loosen me up) and she kept working another carrot along side the other ones. In about 15 minutes I had seven carrots up my ass and I could feel the pre-cum leaking out of my cock, I pleaded with her not to stick any more in. But the bitch stuck two more in after that. I couldnt move my ass was so full I thought my asshole was going to rip apart.

After she watched me straining on all them carrots stuck in my ass she started pulling them out one at a time I almost cum two or three times, when the last one fell out of my ass she told me to stand up. She grabbed the cantaloupe up and cut a hole in it the size of my cock. My cock was as hard as it gets and she grabbed my cock and stuck it in the cantaloupe. I was surprised the melon felt real good on my cock, juice was running down my balls and legs and the cantaloupe was sucking hard on my prick as I pumped it. About that time I heard the doorbell ring and my wife went to answer it she told me to keep fucking that cantaloupe but not to cum. I could here a mans voice in the back ground and it was getting closer and closer. I looked around and there was my wife standing there with a hard prick in her hand.

She said honey this is my new fuck friend I met at the bar last night and he is going to fuck me while you cum inside that melon. She dropped down on her knees and started licking and sucking on this giant prick. It made my mouth water, she stopped sucking him and told me that she wanted me to cum now, she yelled shoot your cum in the melon. It was a wonderful feeling I shot load after load of cum in that melon. My wife then told me to sit the melon down so no cum can escape and to come over and help her with this big prick I got down and was sucking on his balls while she sucked his cock then I moved in behind him and tongued his asshole while she sucked him. She stopped sucking and told me to get the melon and bring it to her. I gave her the melon and she slipped it over his cock and started moving it up and down on his prick.

I tongued his asshole some more and he shot a big load of cum in the melon. To make a long story short between him and me we cum 4 more times in the melon. My wife then took the melon in the kitchen and cut it up and we all sat down and ate the cum filled melon. After that we were horny again and we fucked and sucked each other all night. Before the night was over my wifes friend and me was 69ing in the living room floor while my wife lay back with two cucumbers wedged in her cunt and ass. Every time I walk threw the produce department now I get a hard-on. After my wifes friend left we just laid in bed hugging and kissing until we fell a sleep. Well, it's been about two weeks since me and my wife has done anything real kinky. She come home after work and said that Dee Dee and her husband Sam was going to be coming over tonight. She told me that Dee Dee has been wanting to fuck me and that she has fantasies of me and her fucking and me eating my cum out of her pussy. I have seen Dee Dee before and she is a knock out real sexy. I told my wife I was looking forward to sucking Dee Dee's pussy tonight.

She looked at me and said go get all the sex toys and put some of them in each bedroom she said things was going to be a little different tonight. I did as she told me and she said to go get a shower that they would be here in a couple hours. As I was in the shower she came into the bathroom and said, this is what's going to happen tonight when Dee Dee and Sam get here. I want you to invite them in and take them to the bedrooms. I want you to put Dee Dee in one room and Sam in the other. Then I want you to tie Dee Dee's hands and feet to the bedpost spread eagle. While you are doing this I will be tying Sam up in the other room. After they are tied up I want you to go into Sam's room and suck his cock, don't make him cum just keep sucking and stopping. Take his balls and tie them up so he can't cum. I want you to suck and fuck him all you want, do anything you want to him.

In the mean while I am going to be in the other room with Dee Dee sucking and fucking her. I'm going to teach this slut how to cum and how to eat pussy. Also I want you to train Sam to suck your cock and taste your cum. I told my wife that if she keeps talking like this I am going to have to cum. She reached over and sucked the pre-cum out of my cock and said; you better train Sam right tonight or I am going to cut your balls off. Well the doorbell rang and I opened the door naked, as hell it was Dee Dee and Sam. Dee Dee looked down at my cock and said; it's bigger than I thought it would be.

I said come this way folks I led them into the bedrooms and did everything I was told to do. When I was tying Dee Dee up she was telling me how she was going to fuck me and suck the cum out of my cock. I finger fucked her and tasted her pussy, I hope my wife doesn't find out I did that. Anyhow her pussy tasted so good I also licked her asshole. She said her husband had never licked her asshole. I thought to my self when I am done with him tonight he will suck your asshole. When I walked out of the room she said where are you going? I said I am going to teach your husband how to please your ass and pussy.

I told her my wife would be in here in a moment and she would explain what's going on. I left the room Dee Dee was in and went into the room where Sam was. I told Sam what I was going to do to him tonight and he said that he thought we were going to swap wives tonight. I said my wife has had a crush on your wife for a long time and that she wants to suck and fuck her and teach her how to eat pussy. Sam's cock was real hard when I started talking but now it was dead all drawled up in the head of it. I took my cock out and started jacking off real close to his lips, at first he wouldn't look at my cock, then I started rubbing it on his face and telling him he was about to suck his first cock he opened his mouth and started licking around the pee-slit. You could hear my wife and Dee Dee in the other room, it sounded like my wife was fucking her with a dildo. Dee Dee was enjoying what ever was going on. By this time Sam is sucking my cock and I am mouth fucking him good. I looked down and his cock was hard as a rock. I pulled my cock out of his mouth and started sucking his cock; he said I sucked better cock then Dee Dee.

I told him that if he would continue to do as I say I would teach him a lot of new sex tricks, as I sucked his cock down my throat and fingered at his asshole. I ask him if he ever had been fucked in the ass? He said his wife was drunk one night and played with his asshole but he has never been fucked. I pulled his balls out of my mouth and said you are going to get fucked right now. About that time I looked around and my wife and Dee Dee were in are room. My wife had Dee Dee a dog collar on and had a leash chained to it. She said Dee Dee wanted to watch her husband lose his virgin asshole.

Dee Dee looked over at my wife and said can I suck your husband's cock? My wife said sure after he fucks your husband's ass. I got up behind him and started sticking my cock in his ass a little at a time. Sam started pumping back on my cock and I knew right then that he loved my big cock up his ass and Dee Dee loved it to. Dee Dee come over to where I was fucking her husband and started putting her fingers in her husband's ass with my cock in there too that felt good. My wife got up and went in front of Sam and bent over and stuck her asshole right in his face. I shoved my cock so far into Sam's ass that he fell foreword and stuck his tongue up my wife's asshole. I told him to keep licking her ass till she had enough. Dee Dee said I need to be fucked, I pulled my cock out of Sam's ass and stuck it in Dee Dee's cunt and it felt like velvet.

Her pussy was so tight it was milking my cock with force, I couldn't stop I shot a big string cum deep in her cunt over and over, I just kept on fucking her I looked down at her cunt and we had whipped that cum up into a lather when I saw that I shot another powerful load of cum in her sweet pussy. She said she needed some more cock so we untied Sam and told him to fuck her to. Sam stuck his cock into her pussy and my wife got up behind Sam and fucked his ass with a strap-on dildo. We all started fucking and sucking one another. Before the night was over Sam ate the cum out of Dee Dee's ass and pussy. Dee Dee also sucked the cum out of my asshole where Sam fucked me and also sucked the cum out of my wife's ass and cunt. It was a very pleasant time and I look foreword to fucking Dee Dee and Sam again. Well it's been about a week since me and the wife has done some kinky things and I was getting horny thinking about this secretary I had met at the doctor's office yesterday. I walked in to the office and there was this beautiful secretary sitting at her desk, I could see under her desk and I could tell she didn't have any panties on. I know she saw me looking because she spread her legs a little wider and looked right at my cock, which was standing up (it looked like I had a tent in my pants).

I said Hi my name is Dave I have an appointment at 9:30. She said the doctor is running late would I mine waiting. I ask her what her name was and she said Bonnie. She pushed her chair back and I got another good look at her pussy and then a dildo fell in the floor, she grabbed it up and her face was beet red. She looked back at me and I said don't be embarrassed everybody masturbates and by the looks of that dildo you must have had a fun time. Hell, the dildo must have been 12" long and 3" around. She got up to put it back in her purse and they was a wet spot on the leather chair were she was sitting. I walked around the desk and Bonnie said what are you doing, I got down on my knees and licked her girl cum off of the chair, I said I didn't want you to get that cum on your pretty dress.

The cum looked like it had poured out of her pussy and it tasted so sweet. She walked over to the door and stuck a sign on the door saying the doctor would be in at 10:30 then she turned around and told me to get on my knees and suck her pussy. Her lips on her pussy were swelled up from all the fucking she gave herself with the dildo. I sucked on her pussy and played with her ass. And then I stuck my tongue in her ass and started licking all around her asshole. This was one fine piece of ass and I was sucking the hell out of her cunt and ass.

Then she made me stop, she said that she wanted me to fuck her and push a load of cum deep in her pussy because her husband was going to take her out for lunch and she wanted to let him lick the cum out of her pussy. She said her husband was a cum sucking whore that liked the taste of cum. I told her I liked to suck cum out of a used pussy too. She said that after her husband sucks the cum out of her pussy she will have him fuck her ass and I can come back around 1 pm and suck his cum out of her ass. As we was cleaning up I told her about my wife liking to eat pussy and that my wife control's my every move. I said hell I feel a lot better now I don't need the doctor but I will see you at 1 PM.

As 1 o'clock rolled around I went back up to the office she took me in a room that had a table with stirrups, she jumped up there and put her feet in the stirrups I could see cum pouring out of her ass and pussy. I said; Oh you let him fuck you twice, she said no I let him fuck my ass the other doctor fucked my pussy and cum in it. I told the doctor he could fuck me if I could use this room right now. She said shut up and start sucking the cum up. She grabbed my face and held it tight against her cunt. She told me she made her husband get on his back and she would put her cream filled cunt over his face, she said she would rub her cunt back in forth from her asshole to her clit that sometimes his nose would be sticking in her cunt while his tongue was in her asshole. I was sucking on her clit right now and it looked like a miniature cock sticking out after I had sucked up all of the cum I sucked her clit till she poured cum out all over my face. I looked up at Bonnie and said this is one of the wettest pussies I have ever eaten. She said her pussy always stays wet and she always stays horny. I got her number and told her that me and the wife and Bonnie and her husband need to get together and have a little party.

She said it would be all right with them since Bonnie is the one that controls her husband. As I was leaving I told her I would be calling. Well my wife just came in the room she gave me a kiss and said have you been sucking someone's pussy she started smelling my mustache she said it smells like pussy and cum. I said Honey there is something I want to tell you. I met your twin sister yesterday at the doctor's office. She ask me to eat her cunt and I couldn't resist she wants us to come over to her house and have a sex party with her and her husband.

Her name is Bonnie and she fucks and sucks like a slut and her pussy is wet all the time, just like yours. Well I called Bonnie and we came over to her house she answered the door in a see thru outfit. My wife liked her from the start it wasn't 15 minutes till the two ladies was sucking each others cunts with force, slurping and gushing and moaning. Bonnie pulled her head out of my wife's cunt and said Dave do you mind showing my husband how to suck a cock. I said sure dropping down on my knees, grabbing his cock and balls in one hand and sticking my middle finger up his ass. He flooded my mouth with cum and I had to share it with Bonnie. She damn near sucked my tongue off. Then Bonnie bent over in front of me and stuck her pussy in my face and said fuck my pussy I got up behind her and started fucking her pussy deep pulling it all the way out and slamming it back in it didn't take her long to drain my balls into her cunt but it felt so good I just kept fucking her it looked like we was churning butter all that cum in her pussy and I shot another load of sperm deep in her cunt.

As I was pulling my prick out of her cunt her husband had already started sucking my sperm out of her pussy. My wife came over and licked the pussy juice off of my cock. After her husband cleaned her pussy up with his tongue my wife pulled out three double-headed dildo's she said; that her and Bonnie was going to use two of them and that me and Bonnie's husband was to use the third double-headed dildo in are assholes The two women laid down and started snaking the double-headed dildo's into there ass and pussy they kept getting closer and closer and the double-headed dildo was disappearing in there cunts.

I took the other double-headed dildo and worked it into my ass; I had the whole half of my dildo stuck up my ass all the way to the balls on the dildo. I looked over at my wife and Bonnie and they had both dildos stuck up to the balls. Then Bonnie's husband lowered his ass onto the other half of the dildo sticking in my ass, when I felt his balls touch mine I knew he had the dildo all the way up his asshole. I reached down and pulled on his ball sack and we was banging each other's ass. My wife threw us a jar of vaseoline and told us to jack are cocks off and to trade cum and eat it while they watched and fucked each other's cunt. I looked at my wife just as I was about to shoot a load of cum and she had her other hand behind her fucking her ass with her fingers. I saw that and shot a big load of cum in my hand. Bonnie's husband noticed I was cumming and he shot off a load of cum too. We sat up and pulled the double-headed dildo out of are ass's and fed each other are cum soaked hand. When we had ate all the cum out of are hand's I went over to Bonnie and she and my wife both had there legs up in the air laying on there backs and started sucking and licking between her toe's.

They were both lying there with their clits in between their fingers rubbing the little man in the boat. All of a sudden I got this idea, I got up and sat down on Bonnie's face making her put her mouth on my ass and licking all around were her husband had fucked me earlier. She stuck her tongue deep in my loose ass and started tongue fucking it in and out. After that both women cum all over there self's and me and Bonnie's husband cleaned up there cunts with are mouths We got dressed and left for home. I sure do hope we get to fuck around with Bonnie and her husband.

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