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       Young, better then good looking, much better, tired of being made to abide by the rules that applies with any normal family, wanting to be on her own, she decides just weeks before her eighteenth birthday to leave home again, with no serious concerns of the consequences.  Streetwise to a degree, finding her way to Florida, hooked up with some friends of friends, shes been shacking up at one of their apartments for awhile.  Lying back after spending a day at the beach, flicking through the channels of a cable TV, she gets caught up on one of the reality shows involving a modeling agency.  Already in South Florida and working just a few hours a week at a convenience store for some extra cash for the bare necessities, she decides to spend some spare time hitting a few of the agencies in the South Beach area.

       Early rejection, being politely turned down, not because of her looks, but height and experience more then anything else, leaving what seems like her forth or fifth agency on the same day; as shes leaving shes met by another attractive girl outside an agency.  Given a card, an add for another agency just a few miles inland, after a brief discussion she drops it in her purse, heads for the beach to spend the rest of the day.  Forgetting about the card for a couple days, watching some more cable, flicking on the reality show she remembers the card, gives it another glance.  Calling the number, a few quick questions, she sets up an appointment for the next day.  A day that will change her life.


       Glancing at the building in the not so refined location, obviously a low rent district, glancing back at the card, she takes the three steps fronting the door, enters what appears to be a sort of makeshift reception room compared to the other agencies of a few days before.  No one at the lone desk with the single fake plant in a plastic pot next to it, wondering if shes at the right address while glancing down at a few magazines on a wooden tray sandwiched between a pair of cheap looking chairs, the only other furniture, she hears a voice suddenly behind her.

       “Can we help you?”

       Turning, a thirty-something woman approaching her from another door, kind of attractive, yet too much Florida sun probably having taken its toll on her looks, Jodi holds out the card out, answers.  “Ye… Yes I have an appointment for ten… Ten oclock.

       “Really?”  She answers as she steps behind the desk, shuffles through a couple papers across the desk calendar.  “Jodi?... You must be Jodi Lynn then.”

       “Yes… Thats me… I was given this card a few days ago while I was at some other agency… And I……”

       “And you were turned down… And you were told of us… And you were given that card.”  The woman cuts in, a rambling statement, not a question.

       Nodding her head, a fake smile, Jodi adds.  “Yeh… Too short… Believe that?”

       “What are you hon?... Five…Four?... Five…Five?”  The woman asks out of curiosity as she glances her up and down from across the desk.

       “Yea… They all said theyre only interested in tall… Taller girls.”  Jodi replies with a slight nod.

       “Okay… Thats pretty much the way it is… But… Were a little different then most… Jodi… It is Jodi?”

       Shaking her head as the womans sitting, appearing to be jotting something on the calendar, she answers.  “Yes… Yes its Jodi… With an I.

       Glancing up, returning the fake smile, the receptionist smirks.  “Jodi with an I… Okay.”  Dropping her pencil, folding her hands on the desk, she looks Jodi straight in the eyes.  “Well Jodi… With an I… What were looking for are young, sexy girls… Girls who can model what we specialize in… Look hot doing it.”

       “Okay… Thats me!”  Jodi nods, arches her back, her halter conforming to her surprisingly large breasts as she spreads her hands apart beside her hips.  Running the tip of her tongue across her upper lip she waits for the woman to continue.  “And?”

       “Well… A couple things.”  The woman smiles, appreciating Jodis confidence, even her hint of arrogance… “A line of really sexy lingerie for one thing.”

       Nodding, again waiting a few moments, a quick shake of the head, Jodi again nods.  “Okay… Lingerie?... Thats not a problem… I look good in stuff like that… And the other?”

       “Well… Lets just say the other line is a little more specialized… It actually pays a little better… A lot better actually… And in the right cases not only be financially much more profitable… But something a girl with the right assets can begin almost immediately… Without much training.”

       A slight smile, a quick head shake back and forth, Jodi raises her palm straight outward as she speaks.  “Im not a prostitute!... If tha…”

       “Hey… Hey!”  The woman again butts in.  “Thats not what Im suggesting Jodi!... We dont do that here!”  Standing, shaking her head with a smile, she continues.  “What Im suggesting might not fit what you want to do either… But just a quick look at you and if you look anything like I think you do under that halter and Daisy Dukes… Well… You might be just who were looking for to team up with another girl whos done quite well for herself with us.”

       “Okay.”  Jodi nods.  “Lets hear it then… What?”


       “Fetish?... Fetish what?”  Jodi asks while rising her hands palms up, just staring at the woman while slowly shaking her head from side to side.  “Fetish?”

       “Fetish!”  The woman replies.  “Pays a thousand dollars a night… A cash thousand on the spot… And if youre really willing to get into it…  Up to twenty-five hundred for a show!... Imagine… A single show!... One night!”

       Taking a moment to register, hearing the amount of money, knowing there has to be a catch, Jodi tries to think of what to say, ask next.  “Okay… Whats the catch?... Naked… What?

       “Youre interested now… Huh?”  The woman grins as she again begins to scan Jodi up and down.  “Youve obviously got the body for it under those clothes Id say!... Youre going to have to be looking pretty good for that though!... Raise your halter for me… Just for a moment.”

       “Wait… I asked… Semi-nude?... Naked… Whips and chains?... What?”  Jodi again asks as she reflexively slides her arms in front of her chest.  “Whats the deal… Why my halter off?... Im right… Huh?””

       “Obviously… For that kind of money… Does it matter to you that much?… The more you show… The more you can make…. But then again… Its mainly fetish wear… At least to start with… And Yes… A few props involved too… Whips and chains, leather, all just props… Thats where the real moneys to be made!”  The woman answers in annoying, broken sentences while nodding.  “Why you covering up?… You cant be shy if you want to be a model… And… A couple grand for a few hours… Where else can you make that kind of dough?... If youve got the body… And the nerve…  Or should I say self assurance… Willing to try things… Well… Like I said… You could be making that kind of money a couple times a week!... So whats a little skin in front of strangers?... Now… You want to model… Slip that halter up over your head!”

       “Naked… Huh?... Just props!... I dont know!”  Jodi barely smiles, more of a smirk as she hesitates, her arms crossed, hands spreading along the sides of her breasts, but holding still.

       “Like I said… Might not be for you.”  The woman nods, sits back at her desk, pencil in hand begins circling a big O on the calendar.  “Thanks for stopping in!”

       Another hesitation, glancing toward the calendar, the scribbling pencil, thinking of the money being discussed, Jodi stutters.  “Wait… Wait… I… I… I didnt say I wasnt interested… Wait!”  Raising her arms, her hands gripping the sides of the halter she slips it up over her chest stretching her spreading breasts up beneath her chin. Tugging, pulling the halter up past her head, she exposes her youthful but already globular breasts, firm, tanned as they sway, barely bouncing, braless.

       Glancing up, holding the pencil still, she again stares Jodi up and down with obvious approval as shes surprised, expecting a bra had to be holding those jugs up in the halter.  “Tell you what Jodi with an I, lets get something straight… You want a job… A job making good bucks… Then I dont need to bullshit you.”  Dropping the pencil, still staring at Jodies thrust out chest, she continues.  Tomorrow night we need a big tittied girl like you for a show… Its a two girl event.”  Crossing her hands, leaning forward while still staring at the thick nipples centered on the dark oval areolas high on Jodis firm breasts she continues in an obviously impressed tone.  “One of the girls has become indisposed…. Bad for her… Good for you… If… And thats a big if… If youre willing to do exactly as youre told… To follow instructions… To wear what youre told to wear… Show that God given rack to die for…”

       “Wait.”  Jodi nods.  “Tomorrow ni…”

       “Damn-it Jodi!... Let me finish!”  She scolds, continuing as she nods toward the door she came out of.  “First the agents going to have to see you in the back there shortly… Make sure youre what he wants.”  Obviously staring toward Jodis still exposed breasts while quickly pointing, she continues.  “Just looking at those now… Im sure theyll get you the job if you want it… And yes… Hes also going to want to see you bare ass naked!... Now if thats a problem, then Im busy and need to make a couple quick calls to get someone else for a replacement who wants to make a grand or two tomorrow night for a few hours of showing her tits… And they certainly aint as good as yours!”

       Listening, almost feeling scolded yet flattered as she lowers her top, drags the halter back down across her flattening melons, Jodi barely nods as she mutters.  “A grand… Or more?... A thousand dollars…  And I can make that… Tomorrow?”

       Thats what I said… Didnt I?”  She answers in a more pleasant tone, nodding her head.  “Now if youre really interested… Go back there and strip… Theres plenty of hangers in the closet… Remember… If he likes you… And youre willing to learn on the fly… Flashing a little skin and youll realize just how much your life can change overnight with us!”

       Thinking of the money, the opportunity, what the Hell, its not like no ones ever seen her naked before, damn, shes even won a couple wet t-shirt contests almost as a joke, a dare.  “Okay… Okay… Ill do it!”

       “Okay then… Get your butt back there and show em what youve got going on!... Put on a show and make him want you!”  The woman jokes as she grins, again nodding at the door, looking down at the circle she just scratched around Jodis name, the quick note (young/ hot perfect for naked/torture) already scribbled below it.  Again glancing at Jodi stepping toward the door, the grin fading, she adds.  “Dont worry… As soon as he sees you hell know exactly what to do with you!”

       The room small, basically empty but at least clean, Jodi strips off her halter, her Levi shorts, drops them on a chair in the corner.  Slipping her shoes off, dropping them next to the chair, she slips out of her thong panties and also drops them in the mounting pile on the chair.  Flipping her hair back, twisting it in a bun, straightening the pin behind her head, she glances at the full length mirror on the back of the closed door.  Glancing around the room, playfully twisting, turning, she cups her breasts, shoves her butt back as she holds a quick classic pose like shes seen in a Playboy magazine before.  Giving the mirror a quick scan, a silly wink, she smiles as she straightens up, pleased with her tanned naked body, feeling she looks every bit as good as any of those girls in those magazines, and, the money she can make with it sure doesnt hurt either.

       “Jodi… Lynn?”

       Turning, reflexively covering her breasts, she stares straight at the man in the open doorway as she lowers her eyes, mutters.  “Sor… Sorry… I didnt hear the door opening.”

       “Oh… thats fine.”  He smiles, already getting his full view of her.  “Go ahead… Raise your arms above your head and turn around… Lets see another pose as good as that first one.”

       Blushing, slowly raising her arms, she turns half a turn, stops.  Facing away from him, thinking how gorgeous he is, dark, tall and handsome, he could be a model himself, she hides her grin as she somehow feels excited more then embarrassed.  His tone of voice obviously pleased, she feels kind of proud; after all, these people have seen who knows how many naked bodies before.  Sucking in her tummy, letting her butt jaunt back a tad, she arches her shoulders, lets her rack, as the woman called them, stand up and spread apart.  Glancing down, her back still toward him, she can see her nipples hardening, her areolas shriveling 

       “Keep going… Lets see it all.”  He states in a matter of fact tone as he sees the side view of her as she again turns a little further, her body posed in a serpentine stance.  “What are they?… Thirty fours… Sixes… And Im guessing at least a big C… Maybe even a D cup?”

       Hearing his tone, the level of his voice almost quiet, professional, yet obviously impressed, she completes her turn, glances down at her swaying breasts, the nipples now rock hard as they jiggle.  “You mean these?... My breasts?... Yeh… Yes the last bra I bought just the other day was a thirty four D.”  Grinning sheepishly, void of almost all embarrassment, actually feeling kind of sexy, almost raunchy from the talk with the woman out front and now being caught in a naked pose by this handsome stranger, she lowers her hands, cups her breasts as she adds.  “My last bras were C cups… But they started pinching me… My… You know… My… My boobies…. Th… Theyre still kind of … Of growing… Getting kinda heavy too!”  Gently squeezing, another sheepish, tantalizing grin, lowering her eyes, thinking of the money, and actually like the woman said, whats showing a little skin going to hurt in front of strangers anyway?”

       “Okay Jodi.”  He again softly speaks as he steps toward her, reaches out.  Lets see… Hands up again… Above your head… And just hold still for a moment.”  Palming her left breast as she raises her arms, locks her hands together as she clenches her fingers, he switches to her right, nods.  “Theyre real!... Damn!… Id have bet youd had a boob job… Still growing huh?”  Squeezing, playfully bouncing one, then the other, he glances straight into her eyes.  “Damn… they are heavy.”  Again smiling at her he adds.  “Dont worry… Just checking how firm they are… How we can use them.”  Again palming both breasts at the same time, tweaking both nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, he stretches, rotates the thick nubs as he again looks her straight in the eyes.  “Perfect… Absolutely perfect for what were looking for Jodi!”

           From excited, to now somewhat confused, actually uncomfortable with the way hes playing with her breasts, feeling she might have gone to far with her act, she still stands motionless, wanting him to stop, yet feeling her nipples remaining as hard as rocks in his twisting fingers also confusing to her.  Slowly lowering her hands, sliding them across the back of his, another sheepish smile across her now blushing face and she mutters.  “That… That kinda hurts… Its kinda embarrassing too!... Sorry!”

       “Oh… Okay…. Im sorry too.”  Releasing his fingers, smiling back, he steps toward her side, slides his hand across her left butt cheek.  “This stuff doesnt mean anything… Actually its like an everyday thing to me… Dont let it embarrass you, Im just getting a feel for what your body can handle from our fetish line… Okay?... Like clover clamps… Nipple jewelry… Augmentations.”

       “Okay… Okay, go ahead!”  She almost moans, feeling his hand sliding down across her butt cheeks, tracing lower between the slit between her legs as she continues to remain still.  Soaking in what he just said in his soothing, calm voice, shes unsure what he meant, augmentations?  Tingling inside, her stomach stirring, she nibbles across her lower lip as her nipples continue to reflexively pucker, jiggling on her swaying breasts.  Closing her eyes, she accepts his feeling her up, to let his finger slip across her cunt lips as the embarrassment is also actually a little stimulating, just like her nipples, even as she fibbed to him about them hurting.

       “We need to check between here too, Jodi.”  He almost whispers as he leans his face closer to her ear.  “To feel these folds… These lips… To makes sure they can hold some of our fetish implements… Even this.”

       Biting down across her lip as her hips jerk, glancing away from him as she feels his fingers pinching the nub of her clit and giving it a gentle tug, her voice changes a couple decibels, her body reflexively twitching.  “Oh… Okay… That… That enough?”  She stutters in confusement as she turns toward him, cups her breasts, slips her other hand across her responding clit and presses firmly in with her fingers as she brushes his hand away.  “What… What do you mean?”

       “I think I know just what to do with you… And its all going to start tomorrow at noon.”  He smiles as he slides his hand away, knowing how she was responding to his touches, knowing that her body was going to be a money pit for him for a long time to come.  “Youre now part of the company!... Relax… Be happy… Celebrate tonight!”

       “Really!”  She somehow finds herself smiling.  “I start tomorrow?”

        “Yes… A fetish show right off the bat!”  He smiles, notices the instant concern on her face.  “Hey… dont worry… Youre just going to be for show… The other girls going to be doing all the work.”

       Arms still awkwardly covering her nudity, a curious look on her face, she stands silent, not sure what to say next.

       “Listen Jodi.”  He continues.  “Tomorrow at noon, we leave for the club… Just a few hours from here…. Weve got a limo and a first class motel booked just a couple blocks from the show and well rehearse for a couple hours when the other girl shows up…  Well get you accustomed to the outfits… Then later that night its time for the show.”  Again smiling, patting her shoulder, he adds.  “Dont worry… Youll be the star of the show… I promise… Its going to change your life!... Now go out there and give her all your information and sign the forms… I promise… No… I guarantee… Itll change your life… Forever!... Trust me… Youll agree after tomorrow night!”


       Posing in a brilliant white terrycloth robe on the makeshift podium, arms down to her sides, her hands remain turned palms forward.  Fingers nervously twitching, her feet spread on the floor about shoulder width apart in four inch white patent-leather stiletto heels, she can feel the vibration of the makeshift wooden podium beneath her.  Just passing her eighteenth birthday, she feels it now, the concern real, not so carefree kid stuff, actually ominous.  Having been getting into adult clubs for the past couple years on her looks, shes never been in one anything like this place.  Its certainly not like the ones with the wet t-shirt contests.

       The room dimmed in shadows around her, the walls heavily curtained, the atmosphere reeks of cigarette smoke, liquor, and mixed with the musty hardly ever cleaned iron trusses partially covered with aging asbestos supporting the corrugated metal roof just a few feet above her head, the rooms stifling.  A lone temporary hanging light shinning down from a rafter just above the stage starkly illuminates the aged brick wall behind her as the accumulating early patrons find the few seats; the rest standing against the other walls, the punkish music slowly de-escalating in the background.

       Staring straight ahead, waiting for the fetish theme exhibition to begin, she feels the dampness on her palms, under her arms as her nervous doubts linger in her mind.  Thinking of how she was just recruited yesterday by the so called modeling agency, this being her initial gig her nervousness is far from more then just first time jitters, especially with the other girl still a no-show, where the Hell is she anyway?  Having entered the building through its side entrance in the dark alley to the back of the stage, now having seen the shadowy outlines of the patrons, the heavily BDSM theme of the club on the inside, she feels the pit of her stomach churning, her heart beating just a little more rapidly as she finds herself wearing the other girls outfits, ominously told she had to take her place.  Even more, she wonders how she can be paid the kind of money promised from a place like this, this hole in the wall.

       The music off, an eerie quite filtering across the room, just the occasional whisper, cough from the shadows of the collecting crowd and she senses being approached from her left.  Given a brief but intense run through for the assignment at the motel room earlier in the afternoon by her handler she was introduced to by the agent, she remains rigid, stoic as she takes a deep breath, her heart pounding.  Finally time, the exhibitions beginning, but now with her being the lone female performer.  The podium flexing as her hooded, bare-chested handler steps up, the stark plywood sags, springs under her spiked heels.  His hand spreading across her left shoulder followed by one across her right surrounds her strictly slicked back hair affixed behind her head in a tight bun.  Remaining in her fixed pose, she unexpectedly senses another person approaching from her other side, also bare-chested and hooded for the bondage theme.  Stepping onto the platform, it again flexes under her feet.

       Staring straight ahead, nervously nibbling on her lower lip as she feels the robes tie being unwrapped, she feels the white terrycloth being slipped down off her shoulders.  Only her handler having rehearsed with her with the other girl not showing up, this second person wasnt mentioned, but even as shes apprehensive she still keeps to her script, remains rigid, preys for the best.  The sleeves sliding back off her arms she feels the mugginess of the damp room across her bare flesh not covered by the white leather micro-thong bikini, especially the nearly perfect symmetrical mounds of her proud breasts.

       Hearing the noticeable murmur rippling through the shadowed group, her tanned body contrasts with the almost brilliant white of what shinning leather there is covering just the minimum of her nearly nude body.  Taking a deep breath before staring out into the darkness of the far wall, she glances down toward her firm breasts drawing their attention, jaunting naturally upwards and outwards, the overflowing mounds heaving with each nervous breath.  The hem of the bikini meant for the other girl too small, barely covering her oval shaped areolas; she can make out the nubs of her hard nipples silhouetted through the stretching leather.  Feeling her restricted breasts pressing against the tight leather, catching the glimpses of light reflecting off the rounded upper curves of her shimmering melons, she hears the murmurs escalating, mixing with a couple of off color catcalls.  Raising her eyes to stare straight ahead, she watches as the shadowy room seems to be filling a little more from the couple of curtained entrances of the other parts of the building.

       The exhibition continuing, her left hands gripped, tugged behind her back as she feels the leather cuff being slipped around and adjusted before secured tightly around her wrist.  Right hand gripped next, again tugged behind her back, she feels that matching cuff adjusted, clamped shut just as in rehearsal.  Her hands being pressed together, her shoulders arch back, her breasts thrusting outward pressing against, stretching the taut leather flattening across her chest.  Struggling to keep her balance as the wooden platform sways beneath her, her ankles slip closer together as her spiked heels click across the bare plywood.  The sudden harshness of her handlers, the tightness of her bondage surprises her; at the motel room it seemed so much gentler.

       Staring out into the darkness, taking her handlers advice doing their rehearsal by fixating on the far wall, picking out a focal point, here a flickering neon beer sign, she tries to ignore the mounting comments, whistles as her nearly naked body contorts above the growing crowd.  Feeling leather straps slipping up across her shoulders, her hands, arms being slipped into a supple black leather casing, she senses the bottom of the bondage garment tightening around her fingers, hands, again much harsher, even a little painful.

       Both men still behind her, one holding her arms, the other adjusting the straps, tightening the sleeve upward behind her back, each tug, each tightening strap forces her arms closer together, her shoulders to continuously draw backwards, slowly arch behind her neck.  Up her forearms to her elbows, the straps tighten.  Crossing up over her elbows, forcing them to press together, she feels her shoulders begin to burn from the forced pain, senses the slightest creaking sound of her collarbone as she feels her feet twisting, scraping the rough wood beneath the spiked heels.  Taking deeper breaths, wanting this part of the exhibition to end, she still tries to focus into the darkness above the swelling crowd.

       Head and neck being pressed forward next; her chins almost forced down across her sternum as she alarmingly watches the outlines of her dark areolas lifting above the contrasting bikinis hem.  Breasts separating, spreading across her chest as the stretching leather flattens her quivering melons, she grunts with each new binding, each painful jerk of the leather straps as she struggle to keep her nipples concealed.

       The straps becoming harder to tighten halfway past her elbows, the other man holds her shoulders from behind, presses inward as he leans against her shoulder.  “Oomph!”  Her first grunt, the first breaking of silence on her part as shes sure her collarbones cracking, or at the least, her shoulders separating.  Turning her head, glancing nervously behind her, her grunts seem meaningless to either one.

       Another jerk, another strap tightened, she again grunts as her left nipple presses completely out above her bikini, the hem of the leather sinking into her bulging tit flesh.  The room filling as the patrons close in on the platform, humiliated, she tries to stare over them through her welling tears, toward the blurring red neon in the background, knowing the groups ogling her bare breast, her nearly naked contortions.

       “Oomph!”   Another painful jerk, she again grunts as her arms sting, becomes momentarily numb.  Jerked around, feeling herself being lifted back, pulled upright by the bondage sleeve, she stumbles as she feels both breasts flipping out over the stretching bikini as the room becomes instantly louder.  The harsh music also being turned up, almost vibrating the walls, disturbed dust in the rafters filters down across the stage.

       The room filling, gruff patrons pressing now within just a few feet in front of the platform, most clad in what she can make out in the hazy light as leather and chains, she realizes theyre all men, some also bare-chested but all wearing some sort of leather.  The murmurs escalating to a constant buzz with the music, theyre mixed with whistles, more obscene catcalls.  Turning her head frantically toward her handler, tears welling, streaming down her cheeks, his cold, harsh expression beneath the partial hood sends chills up her spine as he holds a bright red ball gag up in his hand.  Her head tugged back, the ball-gags jammed across her lips from behind.  Her heart pounding in her chest, she feels a hand from behind pressing against, squeezing her cheeks, forcing the hard rubber between her teeth.  Panicking, realizing this didnt happen in rehearsal, grunting, twisting, her grunts are stifled below the constant rowdy sounds filling the dark, almost angry sounding room.

       Biting into the gag, twisting her head, she feels the back strap of her bikini top being twisted by someone below the stage.  Jerked around across her breasts, the back roughly unsnapped from beneath the bondage sleeve, her breasts flail as shes twisted around, catches a glimpse of the reflecting white material is its tossed above the heads of the collecting group in front of the platform.  Twisted around again, forced to embarrassingly face the crowd, her breasts bounce, sway beneath her chin, saliva already drooling from the ball-gag streaming off her chin, sticking to her bare flesh.

       A scuffle out on the darkened floor, a fight for the top half of her bikini, the crowd grows even louder, rowdier.  Hands reaching, groping for her bare breasts from out in front, she grunts, twists on the platform, her heels twisting, scraping across the splintered plywood surface springing beneath the weight.

       Again catching the unsympathetic look on her handlers face, feeling her thong being jerked downward from behind by someone on the floor, ripped off her left thigh, twisted and torn away from her right knee and she horrifyingly realizes shes completely naked, her body totally exposed to the building crowd out surrounding the front of the platform.  Another roar, more shouting, another groups fighting for her thong, scuffling in the center of the agitated throng.

       Terrified, humiliated, she twists away, turns her back to the crowd as she tries to shield her nakedness against the back of the stage, get away from this insane ordeal.  Grabbed by her handler by her arched shoulders, twisted back around as her thrust out breasts scrape against the wall, shes forced to face the floor, the scores of raucous men watching her every move, ogling her naked body, fighting for her clothing.

       Feeling her handlers face press against her ear, she can barely hear him over the den of noise.  “Bear with us… Give em what they want!... Follow my lead, hear me?”  Shouting into her ear, he repeats.  “I said… Hear me?… Or do you want gang-raped and torn apart by those animals out there!... Forget what you thought was going to happen tonight… They want to see you hurt!... We need to give them a show!... We have too!”

       Terrified, she watches him stepping in front of her as the other man holds her tightly from behind.  Holding his hands up the handler faces the crowd.  Watching him whistling, waving his arms while addressing the mob, stepping back and forth across the edge of the platform, bending down toward one of the bouncers by the side of the stage, yelling instructions into his ear, shes forced to bare her nakedness, face the unruly group with her bare breasts thrust obscenely outward from her arched shoulders.

       The music cutting off, the handler still waving his arms, again whistling for the crowd to give him their attention, most of the group somewhat calms down as the rowdiness de-escalates.  Still a few obscene catcalls, some shouting back and forth, finally quiet enough for him to address them.

       “Okay!... Okay!... Okay!”  He shouts, waving his hands each time, lowering his voice just a little each time.

       Turning toward her, having the other man nudge her forward, he grips the back of the bondage sleeve with his right hand and forces her to stand on the edge of the platform.  Raising his left hand, waiting for the room to quiet down a bit more, he finally speaks.

       “Okay!... Now… Lets get on with what you all come here for!... Lets get ready to give this big tittied little girl here one Hell of a workout!”

          More whistles, catcalls, again he raises his hand as he lowers his head.  Waiting for the noise to again become more of a murmur, he again addresses the group.  “We brought this girl here to have her model some bondage gear for you all… While we tortured the other girl!... But Damn!… She didnt show up!”  He continues as he nods toward her globular breasts, down toward her bare vagina.  “Now… If… And I say If… You give us a chance.”  He again scans the audience, his hand still in the air as the crowd begins to quiet down.  “We can alter the show and switch to some real S and M with this one…. And its her first time too… Well give her a Hell of a workout in front of you guys if you let us… Okay?”

       A loud approval, more catcalls, clapping, he glances down, leans toward her and away from the jeering crowd.  “Now bear with me… A little workout across those tits of yours… Some across your butt… And we can get you out of here in one piece… Its going to hurt… A lot!... But you can leave here in one piece if youre lucky!... Understand?”

       Wide eyed, staring back into his eyes, saliva drooling down off the ball-gag, she feels her body trembling, her breasts quivering as she grunts, shakes her head back and forth in disbelief.  Feeling her arms gripped by the other man, positioned directly on the very edge of the front of the platform, she feels the grip tighten, holding her still.

       Her handler stepping to the back of the stage picks up one of the props similar to a leather barbers strap.  Stepping to her left, allowing a few feet between them, he raises it toward the crowd, points toward her breasts.  Raising his free hand for silence, he waits, addresses the room.  “Now… Now… Now give me some quiet.”  He instructs as he lets the end of the wide strap flick off the edge of the podium.  “Give me some quiet so you can hear the leather across her bare flesh… Hear her responses as we work her tits for you!… Okay?”  Waiting for silence, even for the murmurs to quiet down, he positions himself, draws the thick strap back in his clenched fist. 

        Glancing toward the tip of the sinister leather being dragged across the plywood floor, glancing up toward her handlers face, she can feel her chest thumping, her heart pounding as her glistening breasts quiver out above the edge of the platform.  Feeling her back bowed even further back as the bondage sleeves twisted from behind, her breasts thrust even further out as her eyes catch the strap flexing almost in slow motion through the air, curling, twisting horizontally above the heads of the crowd closest to the stage.

       Horrified, surreally watching the thick supple leather curling toward her, the shadowy room seeming even darker as the surrounding onlookers seem to fade into the darkness, the room becoming deathly silent to her, she cant help following the snaking tanned leather as it stretches out, smacks across, sinks across her uplifted nipples quivering on her bare breasts.


       Following, watching the curling dull leather striking, disappearing into her flattening tit flesh, smashing into her bare breasts, the sound resonating, echoing across the room as her nipples stretch inward under the coarse rawhide, she seems to hesitate, almost suspended in time as the leather adheres to her naked flesh, her mind for a split second confused as to why theres no pain.

       “Aaaaggghhhhhhh!”  Screaming into the ball gag, clamping down on it with her clenching teeth, the jolting pain suddenly rips through her breasts, her searing nipples.  Jerking, twisting, her breasts flail across her chest as the leather curls, drops away, a wide, bright red welt connecting both bruised nipples left standing out across her firm globes.

       Held upright by the bondage sleeve, her knees on the verge of buckling, the feelings of a red hot poker being smacked across her breasts.  Gasping for breath, tears streaking off her cheeks, she feels herself being tugged backwards, positioned under a swaying rope looped up over a beam.  The rope crisscrossed through the shoulder straps of the leather sleeve, she feels herself being lifted, hoisted upwards.  Straightening, standing on the balls of her feet in the stilettos, finally forced to tiptoe as the ropes jerked tighter and secured, she stands facing the crowd, her pain wracked bruised breasts swaying free in front of her.

       She frantically notices the other man positioning himself to her right as he too grips a whip in his fist, not a strap, but a willowy, flexing riding crop.  Glaring back and forth from one to the other, seeing their arms curling back, her heels sliding, grinding across the floor, she closes her eyes, braces herself as the room again becomes virtually silent.

       “Smack!”  The curling strap flattens across her navel.  “Oomph!”  Bowing forward, the breaths knocked from her stomach as spittle flicks from the red ball gag.   “Thwack!”  The springing crop flicks across the bottoms of her flailing breasts.  “Aaaggghhh!!!”  Screaming through the ball gag as the crop buries itself into her tit flesh, her punished body spinning toward her right; the flat strap quickly follows, curling downward toward her butt cheeks.  “Smack!”  Her hips flex forward again as her grunts are drowned out by the escalating noise.  “Thwack!”  Her naked body twists yet again as the crop immediately slashes downward across her contorting breasts, red welts instantly rising horizontally across her chest as her tormenters just warming up, gives her a brief moment to recoup.

       The hesitation just momentary as her glistening body shudders, twists under the stretching rope, the assaults intensity picks up.  “Smack!... Thwack!... Smack!......... Thwack!... Thwack……… Smack!”  The background noise escalating, the echoes of the leather implements resounding across the room, her body jerks, twists, bows forward, backwards as the leather dances across her bare flesh, overwhelmingly across her thrust out breasts, the bruising nipples.  “Thwack!... Smack!... Smack!... Thwack… Smack!... Thwack!”  Another rapid set of lashings, her breasts first, then butt cheeks followed by back and forth, back and forth across her discolored tit flesh.

       Slumping forward, coughing, gagging on the glistening ball-gag, the pain pierces her chest, her perfect breasts pounding, pulsing with thin red welts, purplish flat bruises while her stomach hollows under her ribcage as she struggles to breathe.  The crowd pressing closer, shoving toward the stage, the flogging ceases, if just for a short respite.  The handler stepping toward her, handing his strap to the other man, grips her hair, jerks her head up as he leans closer, rasps in her ear.  “Were just getting warmed up.”  Gripping a swollen breast, he adds.  “Before were done with these tonight… Theyll be twice their normal size!... Ready for more?... Its going to be a long night for you!”

       Eyes glazed, swollen, she stares up into his face, her nostrils flaring with each rasping breath.  Hardly able to shake her head, her twisted body tensing, wrenched in pain, her slobbering whimpers is ignored as he glances toward the other man, retrieves his strap as he almost shouts over the crowds noise to him.  “Grab a leg… Tie one up over her head with another rope so we can spread her pussy, work on her cunt for awhile… Then well get back to those big ol titties to wrap it up!”

       Glancing back toward the far side of the stage, the door to the exit next to the alley, he sees the trio entering together past the security doorman, the agent with his secretary and the no-show girl, the same girl who passed out the card to Jodi Lynn.  Leaving the limo out in the alley, theyre just in time, the warm ups over.  In another hour, the show will be over; their new star kept in her fetish gear will be taking a ride to her new residence with a well equipped cell.  Shell be administered to for an even harsher exhibition in the coming weekend for a group of older wealthy and ruthless lesbians who pay well for young meat.  This little show is certainly a nice introduction to her new life, just like her new agent promised shed have.

End Chapter 2               



Chapter Three

       Having been forced onto the floor of the limo, shes bent over face down across the carpet, the O ring on the bottom of the bondage sleeve stretched awkwardly up and behind her back to the clothes-hook between the passenger side doors, off to the side of the other occupants.  Her aching breasts flattening beneath her, her bruised nipples scrape back and forth with the motion of the winding road, the long trip to her new home as her bare buttocks jaunts upwards, her spread thighs exposing the leathers stripes crisscrossing her most sensitive, now bruised and puffy flesh.  Over a two hour agonizing drive and she feels the car finally entering the private gravel drive.  A little rougher as the car navigates with an occasional bounce, she sways by her numbing arms, her breasts pressed, dragged across the floor even harsher until finally the limo again rolls onto a solid surface, turns into the garage.

       The bright glare of the overhead lamp in the garage is blinding as she defensively twists on her side, turns away from the door of the limo as its jerked opened.  Gripped by the bondage sleeve, dragged out onto the concrete floor, shes forced to stand on her bare feet.  Still bound, ball- gagged, her aching bodys exposed to the light, front and back equally bruised and welted from the lashings from the couple hour fetish exhibition.  Her handler and the agent gripping her by either side lead her through the doorway to a flight of stairs.  Forced through the first open entrance on the left, into a dark room, she hears the door ominously slamming behind her as she stumbles against the bed.

       Falling across the white sheets head first, rolling on her side toward the wall, she squirms into a fetal position as just the faintest of shadows reflect around her.  Bruised, aching, arms virtually numb from their continuous bindings in the leather sleeve, the entire past day or so flashes through her mind.  From the time of the then exciting limo drive to the motel in the early afternoon, to being forced across the same limos floor after her torturous treatment at the bondage club, shes terrified to think what else could possibly be in store for her.

       Hours seeming to agonizingly pass by, her eyes adjusting to the original darkness of the room, it now just seems dimly lit as she continues to wait curled on the bed, to suffer from the pains of her lashings, the continuous ache of the binding bondage sleeve.  Occasionally glancing around the virtually silent room, her head remaining on the pillow with her saliva drooling from the gag spreading ever wider, she listens, stares into the shadows, her heart pounding in her chest as she waits.

       Even more time passing as the pain keeps barely awake, exhausted, the torturous contortion of her arms, shoulders becoming an accustomed ache, the light flashes on from the ceiling, again glaring into her swollen eyes.  Jerking against the wall, twisting face down, she hears the door open, feels her arms being dragged back as shes tugged off the bed, falling across the carpeted floor face first on her flattening breasts.

       “Jodi!... Jodi Lynn!.. Wake up!”

       The voice in the background familiar, that of the agent, her abused breasts pulsing as they gruffly scrape across the harsh carpet, she grunts, reflexively kicks her legs as shes hoisted up onto her feet.

       “Wake up… Jodi… Jodi!”

       The same voice as she feels the light smacks back and forth across the face, followed by her frayed hair jerked back behind her twisting neck.  A painful grunt, the saliva streaks off the red ball-gag, drools across her swollen discolored breasts.  Barely able to see clearly, glancing around at the group filling the room, she recognizes all four, the pairs of men and women.

       Held by the back of the bondage sleeve by the handler, the secretary and girl who gave her the card standing on either side of the supposed agent in front of her, she feels her shoulders thrust back, her bruised breasts forced to thrust outward.

       “They took a good workout… Didnt they?”  The agent smiles, cupping one, then the other.

       Feeling him gripping both, twisting, squeezing the aching mounds, she grunts through the gag, lowers her eyes to actually take a hard look at the bruising, the welts marring her abused breasts.  Swollen, discolored their still forced to jaunt firmly out off her chest as he playfully slaps, smacks them back and forth, glances at the others standing around him.

       “Yes… For over an hour of damn, how many lashings?”  He inquisitively asks the handler as he looks past her flushed face, over her shoulder.  “And look how resilient they are!”  A couple more smacks, letting them bounce, sway out n front of her, again melding, squeezing, puffing the bruised nipples outward, he glances toward his secretary.  “Weve only got what three… I think three days… right?”

       “Yeh… Then its a trip up the coast fro her.”  She nods. “To the womens club having a little get-together… I already confirmed the booking.”

       Glancing toward the other girl while still gripping Jodis melons, he grins.  “Theres certainly something to be said for the resiliency of firm young titties… Huh?”

       Smiling back, slipping her hands up across her blouse, cupping her own substantial breasts, a quick nod and the girl quips.  “Damn… I dont know!... I dont think mine would look that good after what those went though last night… Ouch!”

       Listening to the group discussing her, her breasts, joking, it all seems so surreal, like she should be waking up from a nightmare.  Each twist, each squeeze a burning, a searing pain in her chest, she chews into the fraying ball-gag, hides her grunts as they continue.

       “Okay then.”  He turns, drops his hands while addressing the two women.  “Get her cleaned up… Plenty of salve for her tits, cunt too… We need to get her recuperation underway…  Get those welts, bruises down to a minimum.”  Glancing toward the handler, he adds with a smile.  “Those old coyotes wont mind a little wear and tear on her… But theyll certainly want to leave their own stamp on those big fresh titties… You know how they are if we want to rent her out to them again!”  Again turning toward the younger girl, he quips.  “Remember how they were with you the first couple times?”

       “Do I!”  She nods, again gripping her own breasts.  “I couldnt wear any of my bras for a days!”

       “Okay… Ive got things to do… Take good care of her.”  He orders the women as he nods toward the handler to follow him, then adding as an after thought.  “Oh… Then go over her contract with her… Let her know the basic particulars of whats expected.”

       Shutting the door behind the men as they exit, the secretary steps beside Jodi, cups a butt cheek with one hand, a bruised breast with another.  “Well Jodi… With an I, I told you that your world would change!... Didnt I?”

       The girl stepping to Jodis other side also smiles as she practically whispers.  “Yeh… arent you glad I followed you around a couple of those other agencies and hooked you up?”  Slipping her hand around Jodis other breast, gently tugging the nipple, she glances toward the secretary, asks.  “May I lead her?”

       “Sure… You know the way, and youve certainly learned how with as many times as Ive led you.”  She answers with a smile.

       Her nipple twisted, lifted upwards, Jodis forced to tiptoe as she again grunts into the ball-gag, gingerly follows the girl across the room to a closed door.  Waiting as the secretary steps past and opens it, glancing in as the lights flicked on, shes surprised by the gleaming white marble tile bathroom.  Massive tub, gold trimmed frosted glass oversized shower stall, the rooms impressive.

          Nipple released as shes turned to face the shower stall, she feels her arms manipulated by the secretary, the bondage sleeve almost thoughtfully adjusted, loosened as she watches the girl strip in front of her, step into the shower and adjust the showers multi heads.  Feeling the straps across her shoulders unfastened, her arched back shoulders finally allowed to straighten, her arms achingly spread as the sleeves stripped slowly apart behind her upper back.  Both arms basically numb for hours, the tingling almost immediately turns into a prickling sensation, escalating to needle stings, bee stings as the straps are systematically unsnapped and loosened from the top down, one after the other.  The sleeve finally slipped away, her arms hang limply toward her sides, the sensation returning, much too painful to move.

       The shower steaming with the girl under the multi showerheads bathing herself, she watches, feels her mouth gag being undone, the strap painfully peeled from each side of her face, the roughly chewed red ball pried from her teeth, her stretching jaws.

       “Remain silent… Not a word Jodi!”  The womans voice, calm, almost polite.  “Were going to clean you up… Enjoy it… Actually believe it or not, you can enjoy the next three days if you cooperate.

       Feeling the bobby pins removed from her frayed, scraggly hair, now completely naked but able to finally freely stand, her arms still burn as she feels a hand on the small of her back gently nudging her toward the open shower door, in and under the different sprays still cascading down across the other girls naked body.

       “Remember… Not a word… Or this again!”  The secretary smiles as she holds up the tattered ball-gag, shuts the glass door as she adds.  “Now we dont want that… Do we?... Enjoy your catered shower.”

       Feeling a wet hand gliding across the small of her back, a thick wet coral sponge on her hip, she remains motionless, appreciating the steaming water soaking her abused breasts as medicated soap spreads across her bare flesh from the circling sponge, instantly soothing her aches.  Hair drenched, eyes closed, she feels the water splashing across her face, in her mouth, her nostrils, the sponge slipping up across her shoulder blades, across her neck.  Her wrist softly tugged back, her body twisting, she soaks in the spurts of water spraying, pulsing across her chest and backside from different directions.

       “Keep your eyes closed.”  She hears the girls voice gentle, even friendly while almost eager.  “Mouth too!”

       Feeling the sopping sponge swiping across her forehead, her nose and mouth, she presses her lips together, her jaws still sore, aching.  The sponge slipping down across her chin, her neck, between her breasts, she feels a hand cupping her tender left melon, softly, carefully lifting it as the sponge caressingly drifts back and forth across the nipple, beneath and around the entire mound.  Released to gently bounce, she feels her other breast just as gently palmed, the sponge pressing a little firmer, the soap squeezing streaking down her bare stomach from that caressed  melon as its lifted, cleansed.

       The steaming water relaxing, the medicated sponge caressing, the fingers softly massaging, she feels her knees weakening, the long sleepless, painful hours taking its toll as the soothing sponge bath regenerates her bruised body even as the hot soapy water makes her even drowsier.  Again gently turned toward the shower heads, the sponge again filled with soap, its pressed across her hip, slipped around just below her flexing bellybutton.  Slid down across her bald pubic mound, the streaming flow of soap leads the soft compressing sponge between her thighs as she reflexively parts her legs, feels the pressure of the sponge being squeezed, pressed across her bruised labia folds, across her swollen clit, a corner of the sponge spreading between the stretching lips of her vagina as she barely tiptoes, softly moans.

       The thoughts of last nights flogging crosses her mind as her bare flesh is manipulated, the harshness of the whips used across her breasts brutal, but thankfully only the flat leather strap used between her thighs, across her bare vagina with her leg spread and tied high above her shoulder.  She momentarily feels almost thankful, realizes the soreness, the swelling between her legs could also be angry welts across that most tender flesh caused from the whip used across her breasts.

       Eyes still closed to the cascading water, the sponge caressing her thighs, she feels her left arm being led upward, held firm for a moment by her wrist.  The sponge again massaging her pubic mound, her vagina, she feels her other arm lifted upwards, her wrists pressed together.  Her head tugged gently back by her soaked hair, the water splashing across her face, she keeps her hands up, locking her fingers as she feels the sensation of a finger drifting down the middle of her back, gliding across her butt cheek, circling her rectum, the sponge continuously gliding back and forth between her thighs, crisscrossing her clit, the medication soothing, stimulating.

       The sponge dropped, sliding between her feet, the hands slipped away from her bare flesh, she feels almost stoic while facing the continuous cascade of steaming water as her body rinses off.   A brief moment, feeling hands again touching, gliding across her from behind, massaging her lower back, her shoulders, up to both sides of her neck, back down across her armpits, her body sways as fingers glide around the sides of her globular melons, smoothing a salve lotion across both simultaneously.  Melding, squeezing, lifting and spreading, her aching breasts tingle in the caressing hands as she again quietly moans through the water splashing across her spreading lips.

       Glancing down across her chest, barely parting her eyelids as water streaks across her face she blinks, blinks again as she watches her bruised nipples thicken between the soothing fingers, her breasts tugged apart, flattened against her breastbone, massaged by the girl behind her.  Gently pushed forward, she surprisingly feels the girls own bare breasts pressing against, flattening against her back.

       Again her thoughts drift in her surreal state of mind, from tortured to caressed in just a matter of a few hours.  As her arms sway above her head, her minds overwhelmed with emotion, her breasts being soothed instead of flogged, the girls naked body pressing against hers, the girls firm breasts flattening, circling against her bare back.  With the sleep deprivation, the hours of torture, she wonders if shes hallucinating, dreaming.

       The hands again rising, sliding up the outsides of her wrists, she feels her arms guided, lowered to her sides as shes gently twisted, turned to face the girl.  Of equal height, the girls breasts not quite as large but just as firm, she feels the girls stomach also press against hers, the girls arms circle, pull her firmly forward, the shower pulsing across her back.  Nipples to nipples, breasts flattening together, Jodi feel the girls hands sliding downward, gripping her butt cheeks, pressing their pubic mounds together.  The sensation almost overwhelming, for the first time feeling a womans breasts, not to mention against her own, and pubic mound to pubic mound, she follows the girls lead, allows the caressing to continue, actually beginning to respond to it as her nipples harden, her clit tingling.

       Eyes still closed, she feels the girls tongue slipping up across her neck, her chin, across her mouth, probing, parting her lips.  Water streaking across her face, the taste of the girls wet mouth against hers; she allows the girls tongue to slip across hers, press into her mouth.  Rising her own arms, no longer tingling, feeling the girls back, shoulders in her hands, pressing her hips forward, feeling the hardness of their breasts pressing together, she lets her tongue meld with the other, her parted lips press against the girls drenched parted lips.

       The pains all but forgotten from the flogging, even her breasts, still welted but now a bearable ache at the most.  Being past fatigued, barely functioning except by reflex, she goes with the flow, allows her first lesbian experience to continue uninhibitedly.  Hips flexing, thighs pressing together, the girl manipulating her own leg, presses it caringly between Jodis spreading legs.  Feeling the gentle pressure against her clit as it stretches back and forth on the girls thigh, mouths still pressed together, tongues still twisting, probing the others lips; she again feels the girls hands hoisting her arms upward, against the shower stall, up to the spurting shower flow.  Still kissing, she feels the girls fingers wrap her hands around the shower head as their lips part.

       Rasping for breath, the water still streaking down her face, cascading across her still parted lips, she blinkingly follows the top of the girls head downward, the girls tongue lapping the water between her breasts as the manipulating hands grip her breasts, tugs outward. The sensation across her belly button as it flexes from the lapping tongue causes her stomach to ripple as she again allows herself to softly moan.  Continuing to feel the tongue licking across her pubic mound as her stomach hollows, flattens, her chest arches outward with her breasts stretching in the manipulating hands.  The top of the girls head waist high and slowly bobbing, she feels the tongue sliding between her drenched thighs, between her soaked cunt lips, flick across her engorging clit, still sore but responding to the incredibly satisfying stimulation.

       Gripping the shower head in her clenching fists as the back of her head presses against the soaked shower tile, her body arches outward as her hips reflexively flinch.   Her knees trembling with each flick of the girls tongue, she shakes her head back and forth as she feels the mounting surge deep inside her womb.  Nipples tweaked and tugged, clit gently bit, sucked on simultaneously, her body spasms, her pubic mound pushing against the girls face, the moans becoming groans and grunts as she struggles to keep her grip on the slick shower head.  Her rasping voice raises, barely audible above the surge of the water.

       The shower door opening, the waters cascade an immediate dribble, Jodi grudgingly blinks blurry eyed through the steam toward the secretary.  The girl standing up, handed a towel by the secretary, Jodi continues to grip the showerhead with her thighs still trembling, her nipples hard on her still swaying breasts as her weight presses against the wet surface.

       “Time to dry off Jodi… Done with the shower… And whatever else!”  The woman knowingly smiles as she reaches out, begins swabbing the thick white terrycloth towel across Jodis bare breasts.  “Hold still.”  Swiping back and forth, wiping her legs, stomach, shoulders, she grips an arm, tugs the clenching hand from the shower head as she pinches Jodis right nipple and orders.  “Come with me.”  Led back to the bedroom by her clamped nipple, to the bed, shes guided to sit on it.             

       “Sit… Hold still!”  The secretary orders as she holds a chocker collar in her hand.  “Lets get this adjusted around your neck.”  Fastening the black leather collar, aligning it, she shows Jodi the pair of matching wrist cuffs.  “Sorry… But to start with we have to make you wear these Jodi.”  Left wrist first, right second, she leans behind Jodi and crisscrosses her arms.  Fastening the cuffs clips to the collars eyelets, Jodis breasts again are forced to thrust outward, her back bowed.  “Not quite as bad as the single sleeve…. But you still wont be able to play with yourself.”

       The girl stepping up while still drying her own hair with the thick towel, she smiles.  “Damn near had you an orgasm… Huh girl?”  Stepping toward the dresser mirror, finishing drying off, she again steps toward Jodi.  “Maybe next time… Then again maybe youll want to return the favor and itll be your turn to go down on me next time.”

       Patting the bedspread, the secretary slips the contract across the bed, unfolds it.  “We can go over this… Make sure you know whats expected of you after you get some rest… Like we said… The next three days can actually be rather enjoyable… If you cooperate you can lose those cuffs… And you might even be allowed to cum!”

       Standing, rolling the papers back up in her hand while motioning to the other girl, they leave Jodi alone; flipping the light switch as they shut the door behind them, the deadbolts clicking shut.  Arms again secured behind her, but not nearly as painful as the bondage sleeve, she rolls on her side facing the wall, her naked, cleansed body both aching and yet soothed.  Eyes closing, not having listened much too either woman, exhausted, her legs curl, press together, her stomach still tingling as she slowly grinds one thigh across the other, moans.

End part 3                 





Chapter Four

       The hours slowly pass as Jodi lays naked on her side with her arms bound behind her back.  Somewhere in the middle of the night, nudged from her restless sleep she feels the sensation of soft hands circling her shoulders.  Barely moaning as if slipping in and out of a dream, laying still as the soothing hands massages her aching neck, she feels the fingertips sliding down the hollow of her spine, softly spreading her butt cheeks apart beneath her cuffed arms.  Tilting her head, feeling a hand clasping across her parting lips, she glances through the dark into the girls eyes.

       “Hush!... Be still.”  The girl whispers.  “Listen to me.”  Turning, glancing toward the door, the girl turns back.  “Now… Sit up… And for Gods sake… Stay quiet.”

       Feeling the girls hands helping lift her upright onto the mattress, sitting and lowering her feet from the bed, Jodi glances up toward the girls face again as she sits with her legs crisscrossed on the bed beside her.  Glancing at the door herself, back toward the girl, she twists, tugs at her bindings as her practically numb shoulders arch back, her aching, globular breasts thrusting outward between them.

       “Listen Jodi.”  The girl whispers as she reaches out, lets the tips of her fingers glide across Jodis swaying left breast, the flattened areola, nipple.  “The next few days are going to be hectic for you… And could be quite painful if you dont listen up!”  Cupping beneath the firm melon, letting the globular breast rest in her palm and holding it steady she presses her thumb against the puckering nipple, barely smiles as she softly flicks at the thick nub, watches it harden above the still visible welts crisscrossing the supple flesh.

       “Tomorrows going to be the worst if youre not careful… I know… Ive been there myself.”  The girl continues.  “To be honest with you… I was in your place until I got you to respond with the business card.”  Staring into Jodis heavily laden eyes, giving the obviously responding nipple a harsher tweak, she smiles.  “I guess I owe you a big thanks though!... You can just imagine how happy you made me by taking my place on that stage!... Damn girl!... I knew what was going to happen there for over a week… You wont believe how I worked my ass off to finally find someone theyd except to take my place… Then you with these big titties came along just in time!”

       Glancing back toward the girl, listening to her almost apologetic tone, Jodi basically ignores the girls manipulation of her thrust out breast as she collects her scrambled thoughts, whispers.  “Who… Who are they?… You?... What?… What are they going to do to…”

       Butting in, giving a little harsher pinch of the thickening nipple, the girl places her index finger across Jodis lips.  “Hush!... Hush I said and listen up!”  Again glancing toward the door, she leans closer, whispers.  “Danni… My names Danni.”  Another cautious glance and she continues.  “They… They are now your Master and Mistress… In every sense of the word… They think they basically own you… And they will break you down to accept your position with them… Or get rid of you like you never even existed if you dont come around!”

       Eyes widening, becoming more alert by the second, Jodi remains sitting upright, feeling a tremor, her body quivering as the words are still hard to completely grasp in her exhausted state.  As the girl slowly slips her finger away from her parted lips, she feels her cupping her other swaying breast, melding that breast, the full yet youthful mound pressing between the outstretched fingers of the girls hand.

       “Man… These are incredible… They felt great in the shower too… Even with the bruises and lash marks!”  The girl smiles as she traces a fingernail across one of the deeper welts while still gripping the other nipple between her fingernail and thumb.  “Theyll be practically cleared up by your next outing though… With the cougars… Thats going to really be an experience for you!”  Still tracing one welt after the other, she glances again into Jodis eyes as she gives the other nipple a twist.  “Listen!... Ive been up to that house… The cougars house!... Ive been stripped naked by those women to do whatever they wanted with me… Believe me… Ive been there a couple times already… I dont really want to go back!... And when you go… Take my advice and dont piss them off no matter what!”

       Barely shaking her head back and forth, feeling her nipples hardening under the manipulations even as she tries to comprehend her predicament, Jodi again whispers.  “Why… Why me?... Wha…”

       “Why you?... Why?... You serious?”  Damn girl… Look at this rack!... Those are a couple of big reasons!”  Firmly squeezing both bare breasts, shaking her head slowly back and forth, Danni again glances toward the door before adding.  “Seriously though… Listen up… Theyve got important friends… People everywhere… In places to protect them… They already know more about you then you know about yourself!... They know youre kind of a runaway… Young… No family, anybody to really be looking for you… I was that way myself when they took me in.”

       Tapping, stroking the set of firm melons shes so infatuated with, smiling, she slips up off the bed, adds.  “Okay… Just thought Id give you a heads up… I think well be seeing a lot of each other if things work out… At least I hope so… See you before youre sent up there.”  Stepping toward the door, turning, she adds with a frown.  “Do yourself a favor and take my advice… When she comes to get you this morning do exactly what she tells you to do the first time… Every time… No matter how humiliating she makes it seem… Youll be trained by being punished for your mistakes… Harshly punished… She enjoys it… Its a game with her!”

       Stepping out the opened door, she adds.  “Get some sleep… Youre going to be needing it!... Oh!... And be smart and take my advice!... Okay?... Id like to play with those titties without so many welts and bruises on em next time!... Especially after youre returned after your stay with the cougars!”

       Watching the door shutting, the room again going dark, she slumps back on her side lying on her virtually numb arms, her thoughts scrambled as her right breast flattens against the mattress as the left droops, presses across it while she closes her eyes to face the remainder of the night without sleep.

       Minutes slowly pass by, turning into a couple more hours as her aching body twists and turns across the mattress as she thinks of the girls remarks.  Shoulders more then uncomfortable, she barely dozes in short spurts until she notices the darkness slowly fading to light as the morning sun rises outside the secured window.  Exhausted, the thoughts of the previous evening combined with the girls comments still haunting her mind, she lays and waits as the room lightens, the time slowly passing.

       The door opening, she hardly twists on her side as she senses the secretary entering from the hallway.  Blurry eyed, between conscious and unconsciousness, her eyes can barely focus as shes approached by the light robed woman.

       “Rise and shine Jodi!... Smack!”  The voice resonates, the slap echoes in the room as the woman steps beside the bed, flicks her flattened palm across Jodis bare butt cheek.  “Get that tight little ass up out of bed girl!”

       The sound harsher then the pain, twisting, struggling to sit upright, Jodis body bows forward as her feet brush across the floor, her breasts swaying across her knees as she bends forward, glances up toward the secretary.

       “Lets get a good look at those tits girl… How they looking today?”  The secretary asks as she reaches out, cups one, then the other as they hang down, the welt marks now more of a mishmash of bruises in the daylight as she lifts, examines the firm breasts.  “Theyll be cleared up in plenty of time before your next assignment… No problem at all if you behave!... Now arch your back and stick em out here for me!”

       Lowering her eyes, turning her head, Jodi stiffens as her breasts are manipulated by the woman.  Softly moaning as she feels her nipples tweaked, she arches back as her breasts are spread apart and lifted between the womans clenching fingers.

       “Dont act so shy… You seemed so proud of your body when you showed up for your interview the other day.”  The woman scolds as she gives a firm twist in opposite directions with her fingers.  “We need to work on that some… Huh?”  Giving another tug, a firmer twist on the stretching nipples, she continues.  “Look at me when I speak to you!... Look!”

       Glancing upwards as her arms scrape the mattress behind her back, still fatigued, she locks her eyes on the womans as the pain jolts through her bare breasts.  Staring into her cold eyes as her breasts are tormented, biting her lower lip she closes her eyes momentarily as she feels the fingernails pinching her aching flesh.

       “I said look at me girl!”  Another sterner order as she holds the nipples firm as she raises her hands.  “I said we need to work on your shyness… I think we need to start right away with that since your next assignments in a few days… A weekend of being naked from start to finish for those women!”  Holding firm, she smirks.  “I think we need to let you get use to doing things with yourself in front of an audience… You know… Play with yourself, masturbate… Maybe even fist fuck that tight pussy!... Get use to showing off that rack… That tight ass!... Even that wet pussy!... Listen… Youre going to need to learn to enjoy it… After all… You dont have a choice anyway!”  Releasing her grip, slipping her hands down under Jodis outthrust melons, she orders.  “Take a good look at your rack… Look how abused theyve already been since you came to us.”

       Glancing down toward her breasts, the purplish streaks crisscrossing her globular melons as she does as ordered, she watches through her hazed eyes as the womans hands slip away, letting her breasts slowly wobble as they spread apart, the nipples flat against her puffy brown areolas.  Nearly falling backwards on the mattress, barely catching herself with her bound arms, she straightens and glances up into the secretarys staring eyes.

       “Okay… Before breakfast I think well start by prepping you for whats expected of you to avoid most of those welts… But first… Some advice for your weekend assignment.”  Kneeling next to the bed, between Jodis thighs, she rests her elbows on the bedding, cupping the hanging breasts again.  “Now… Lets get in an instruction that you will learn to live by before we begin… Now pay close attention… Im only telling you this one time without painful consequences.”  Firmly but gently squeezing both breasts, she stares directly into Jodis swollen brown eyes.  “I have but one rule… And you better abide by it without fail… And thats simple… Do exactly what I tell you to do… No matter what!... Immediately without hesitation… Or, youll be punished.”  Another firm squeeze, the nipples swelling between her fingers, she adds.  “Now… Obey or severe punishment!... Thats simple enough to understand… Isnt it?”

       Slowly melding both breasts, glancing toward the firm melons now level with her eyes then back up toward Jodis watery eyes, she cups the left breast, hoists the firm flesh upward in her palm as she instructs.  “Now lets start with something easy… See if youve just listened to me… So… Lean your face down here… Stick that tongue out and flick it across your nipple for me… Lick that big ol tittie for me girl!”

       Glancing down, embarrassed but also remembering fragments of her conversation during the middle of the night with the girl, now these ominous threats, craning her neck, she tilts her flushing face forward, slips her tongue out from between her parting lips and forces it toward her stretching breast.

       “Come on girl… Crane that neck… Push that tongue out there!”

       Forcing a grunt, tilting her head further forward, barely reaching her nipple with the tip of her stretching, curling tongue, she flicks the nub back and forth leaving a trace of saliva on her nipple and the finger and thumb surrounding it as she tilts her head up to take a breath.

       “Come on girl… Bend that neck.”  The secretary scolds.  “This time I want you to suck that tit in between your lips and grip the nipple between your teeth!... Do it if you dont want a crop across it instead!”

       Nervously glancing toward the secretarys face, her serious expression, taking a halting breath she leans down and forces her chin against her sternum as she grunts again, presses her spreading lips out against the secretarys circling fingers.  Sucking the thickening nub of her nipple, feeling it slipping between her parting teeth, she gingerly presses her lips together, grips the nub between her clamping teeth.

       “Bite down damn-it!”  The secretary smirks as she tugs the stretched breast even higher as she pinches the other nipple between her fingernail and thumbnail.  Pressing her circling fingers against Jodis lips as the nipple disappears, she orders.  “Bite down and hold it… If it slips out Ill clamp it so you can hold it!... Now… Bite down!”

       “Oomph!”  Grunting as her teeth sinks into her thickened nub, feeling the searing sharp pain of her own teeth biting into her nipple as she bows forward, her stomach flexes as her bound arms rise behind her arching back in their painful restraints.  Feeling the secretarys fingers slipping away, gripping even more painfully into her thumping breast with her clenching teeth, she sucks in, clamps her lips firmly tighter with another moan.  “Agghh!”

       “Good girl.”  The secretary smiles.  “Nice… Now keep a good hold on that tit while I give this other tittie a little attention too…. Hurt it some!”  Pinching a little harsher, letting her nails sink into Jodis other nipple, she uses her free hand to palm the bottom of that firm melon as she again glances toward Jodis welling eyes.  “You really do need to get use to these jugs getting abused before that next assignment… Its for your own good you know.”  Another twist, he adds.  “Danni couldnt touch hers for days after she spent just an evening with that group of women.”

       Leaning closer to watch Jodis mouth clamping firmly across her stretched breast, she pinches again, jerks downward as she nods.”  Thats it… Keep those teeth clenched… Now spread your lips apart for me so I can see your teeth biting that nipple.”

       “Oomph!”  Another grunt as Jodi forces her lips to part, her teeth reflexively sinking even deeper into the tortured nub, a tear streaks down her cheek as she again grunts for breath.  Trembling, eyes darting toward the secretarys, her nipples pulse with each pounding heartbeat as her left breast stretches upwards in her mouth, her right downwards between the secretarys fingernails.  Feeling her nipple slowly stretching, slipping between her clenched teeth, she bites down even firmer as she sucks in.  “Oomph!”

       “Thats it girl… Keep that tittie in your mouth.”  The secretary smirks.  “Im going to work this one a little more.”  Tugging, twisting on the bare nub, digging in a little deeper, she feels the tremors though Jodis breast, listens to her sobs, her whining as she slips her free hand between both breasts.  “Okay… You can let it go now!... Go ahead… Open your mouth!”

       “Oomph!”  Yet another grunt as her breast flops from her mouth.  Feeling her other breast released, Jodi glances down, sees the deep teeth marks, the fingernail marks on her quivering nipples as her breasts sway freely in front of her.  Fists clenched behind her back, breasts aching as they stand out, the tears drip from her chin down across both pulsing melons.

       Reaching out, cupping and massaging the firm tit flesh of both breasts, the secretary feels the indentations embedded in the pair of nipples, tweaks, strokes the nubs as she smiles while glancing toward Jodis flushing face.  “Now lets play a fun little game… Im going to unbind your arms and I want you to play along with me… Were going to masturbate together!… But first I think I want you to play with your titties for awhile… Until you get good and juicy and youre ready to cum!”  Reaching behind, unfastening the cuffs, dragging Jodis practically numb arms around, she lifts and places the spread hands across the swaying breasts.  “Ever done that before… Cum by just working these titties?”  Not waiting for an answer but noticing the flushing tone again reappearing on Jodis face, she gripes the back of Jodis hands.

       “By the look on your face Im sure you have… Huh?... At least tried!... Havent you, you little slut!... Anyway… Start giving those nipples some attention first… I know theyre sore… Then really start playing with those tits… Put on a show for me… I want you to really get into it!... Moan some… Be animate.”  She orders as she slips her own hands away, crosses her knee over her leg on the edge of the bed as she lets her terrycloth robe flow open, slides her hand down between her spreading thighs.  “Turn me on now or Ill go get Danni to help me bind those tits and whip them instead… Understand?... Now look me straight in the eyes and lets get going!... Like I said… Turn me on and you wont be punished with a lashing!”

       Arms still tingling as the blood freshly circulates though her veins; Jodi feels her own fingers pressing into her tit flesh, across the indentations on the nubs of her aching nipples as the threats, orders resonate in her exhausted mind.  Tweaking, twisting, she lets her fingers flow across and around her sore flesh, feels the aches turning into tingling responses as her eyes lock with the secretarys as ordered.  Sliding her forefingers and thumbs back and forth against the swelling nubs, gently squeezing, tugging, she lets her breasts spread apart, rotate toward one another, stretch outward as they glisten.

       “Thats it… Work em Jodi!”  The secretary sighs as she lets her own fingers caress her own spread slit.  “Moan for me… Play with that rack!... Get more into it!”  She mumbles.  “Thats if you dont want a leather strap across them instead!... Its your choice… A good masturbation or the lash!”

       Nibbling on her lower lip, tweaking her nipples, even in her fatigued state Jodi feels the effects, the tiny tremors of the sensation of her responding nipples.  Pressing, stroking with her index fingers and thumbs, she rotates her hands underneath, cups both firm melons, lifts and spreads them apart as she allows herself a soft moan, partially faked to appease her, yet admittedly soothing to her responding breasts, the thickening nipples.  “Oooommmnn.”

       “Lick a tit… Nibble on it… You know you can now!”  The secretary coos as her fingers work a little firmer, sliding a little deeper between her own spreading thighs.  “Remember though!... Dont take your eyes off mine and work those tits… Spread those legs and let that pussy grind across the bed… Move those hips! Girl… Get into it!... Come on!... Like I am!”

       Body twitching, her hips grinding on the mattress as Jodi succumbs to each command, the rapid orders half register in her weakened state as she stretches a breast upwards.  Tilting her head forward she presses her tongue across the nipple as she folds her legs across the bed and forces her spread butt cheeks harsher against the flexing mattress.  Trying to keep eye contact past her raised eyebrows as her body bows forward she grunts as she sucks and nibbles on her swelling nipple, feels the tingling sensation even as she pinches into her other nipple with the tips of her nails.

       “Thats better… Keep sucking… Lick it too!”  The orders keep coming as Jodi finds her body responding to her self administered stimulations, the bed vibrating erratically beneath her from both masturbating bodies.

       The thought of the whip in the back of her mind, knowing the feel of the leather stinging her naked flesh, she concentrates on caressing, manipulating her responding breasts as she flexes her hips, presses her spreading slit jerkily across the mattress covers.  Squeezing, stretching one breast with her fingers, she continues to suck, flick her nipple with her tongue on the other.

       “Okay Jodi!... Hold still for a moment!”  The woman grunts with her fingers halfway buried inside her own spread slit.  “Time to start working that pussy now… Get it nice and juicy so you can fist fuck yourself for me!”

       Blinking, momentarily holding her hands still, letting her nipple slip from between her lips, Jodi forces herself to continue to make eye contact.  Seeing the expression on the womans face, knowing that she heard her correctly, she remains motionless on the bed, still cupping her outthrust breasts.    

       “Thats right… Lets start by you showing me that pussy of yours now… Lets explore it together… Okay?”  The woman orders as she keeps her hand between her own twitching legs, scoots a little closer on the bed as she gives a glance down toward Jodis spread thighs.  “Spread wider… Pinch those cuntlips and pull em apart so I can see inside there like you can mine!... Do it girl!”

       Dropping her hands down to her crossing legs as she spreads her thighs across the bed, her breasts bounce, sway across her chest as she parts her hips, humiliatingly grips the folds of her labia between her fingernails and thumbnails.  Slightly tugging, pulling her hands apart, her vagina spreads open exposing the moist nub of her clitoris, the dark gap of her slit.

       “I just love those lips!... Nice little flaps!”  The woman smiles as she leans a little closer, watches Jodis fingers parting the freshly shaven flesh.  “Almost elastic huh?... Spread em some more!... Stretch em!”  She almost giggles as Jodi obeys, her fingers tugging a little further, the hairless flaps stretching, parting as the nub of her clit extends outward, fully exposed between her fingertips.

       “Look at that nice little clit too… Aint it so cute… And that tight slit… I bet you cant fit more then three fingers in that pussy at one time… Can you girl?... Dont be shy now girlfriend… Stretch it apart some more for me… Push it out!”  The woman smiles, satisfied with the mounting humiliation shes causing, all part of the sadistic game.

       The warmth across her face, Jodi knows its flushed as she continues to stare into the womans gleaming eyes.  Pinching, tugging, she feels the soft flesh parting as she spreads her hips further across the bed, pushes her pubic mound forward as her breasts sway toward her armpits while her shoulders bow slowly back.

       “Nice!... Yes Jodi!”  The woman shakes her head back and forth.  “That pussys something to be proud of!... It looks good enough to eat!... I bet that buttholes really tight too, huh?...  Anyway… Between that pussy and those tits… Youre quite the sex toy!... Arent you?”  A more serious look on her face, she adds.  “Theyre going to love you this weekend… Girl, are you facing a workout with them!… Damn!”

       Continuing to slowly masturbate herself with her index finger, nodding toward Jodis spread legs, she reaches across with her free hand, grips Jodis index finger.  Lifting it upwards toward Jodis mouth she orders.  “Give it a lick and slip it in that pussy… Start stroking it… Work it!...  Youll be enjoying it too!... Like I am.”

       A quick lap of her tongue across her finger, sliding her hand back down between her legs Jodi lets the tip of the fingernail slip into her moist slit, press against her hardening clit as ordered.  Still keeping eye contact, letting her finger gently slip in and out a couple knuckles deep with each penetration, she feels the slightest of responses as her thumb also circles, flattens across her clit, pinching the side of her manipulating finger.  A nibble of her lower lip and a squint of her eyes as she slowly rocks above the covers, her breasts swaying between her arms, she softly moans again to please the woman, mostly.

       “Thats better… Keep going while I let you know something about the upcoming weekend.”  The secretary rasps as shes a little further along, three of her fingers now in rhythm burrowing between her own thighs while she also cups her breast, works the rock hard nipple from her parted robe.  “Youll be sent up there naked… Thats the way she likes it… And by the time the weekends over with those ladies… Oomph… Damn that feels so good!”  Trying to hold still, her thighs trembling, she takes a deep breath before continuing.  “Anyway… When you come back to us… Those tits will more then likely be… Be sporting jewelry along with the usual whip marks and bruises… Ever had your nips pierced?”

       Barely probing, still just her index finger and thumb stimulating herself, Jodis heart pounds in her chest as she can barely nod her head back and forth as she sorts out the question from the threat before softly muttering.  “No… No piercings…. Ever!”

       “Really, the woman smiles as her fingers again slide inside her moist slit as she leans forward.  “Well… Im in the position to know what theyre contracting for… And just to let you know…  Oh my gosh!”  Jerking, her hips quivering, she tilts her head back, grunts.   “Damn… Oh damn!”  Again taking a deep breath before holding still, staring into Jodis hazed but widening eyes, she adds.  “Anyway… I think youd better be ready for those nipples and that clit to be pierced sometime during the weekend…. Ohh!... Damn this feels so good!... Does… Doesnt it?... Ohhh!”

       Rubbing her slit, trying to absorb whats being said between the secretarys approaching orgasm, Jodi reflexively presses her fingers across her own clit as if shielding it from the threat, yet feeling the sporadic tingling, twitching of the swelling nub.  Barely able to keep eye contact as her thighs involuntarily twitch, another louder moan, this time not faked, Jodi again nibbles on her lower lip as the woman reaches out, draws her head down toward her spread thighs.

       “Suck it!.... Oh my God!... Suck my pussy now!”  The secretary grunts as she pulls Jodis face down between her spreading legs, presses her face against her trembling slit.  “Ohh… Lick it bitch!... Use that tongue now!... Ohhh… Yes!... Yessss!!............... Yessssssssss!!!”

       Feeling the womans thighs quivering, trembling, then jerking with her wet vagina pressed against her mouth, her nose, Jodi tastes the womans fluids, smells her sexual scent as she forces herself to press her tongue into the constricting slit, against the swollen nub of the quivering clit as the creamy fluid spurts, pulses across her face, into her open mouth.

       “Aaaaggghhhh!!!”  Body jerking, the woman grunts and groans as she grips Jodis hair, tugs her face even tighter between her spread thighs.  Grinding her pubic mound against Jodis face, shoving her vagina against her mouth, her body spasms, shudders on the creaking mattress.  “Lap it!... Keep sucking…. Keep sucking that pussy and swallow it all!”

       Unable to breathe, gagging, almost chocking, Jodi feels her face pressed even harsher against the womans naked flesh.  Forcing her head momentarily backwards in the gripping hands, barely able to gasp for a quick breath, she slips her hands around the womans waist as she forces her own face again down between the damp thighs, the wet vagina, again laps the milky fluid, tastes it as she gulps, licks, swallows.

       The orgasm now a series of lessening ripples, the womans body relaxing under her spread robe, she releases Jodis hair, leans back on the bed.  A couple deep breaths, a sigh, she stares down at Jodis glistening face still staring at her, the drool dripping off her chin.  “Damn girl… Youve eaten pussy before… Havent you?... Youre going to be eating a lot more this coming weekend too!... But for now… Go ahead and finish masturbating… Youve earned it… You know you want it too!”

       Staring back, the situation overwhelming, surreal in her exhaustion, letting her hand slip down between her own spreading legs she feels her clit throbbing as she tweaks, twists, stretches it between her arching thighs.  Feeling the stirring deep inside as she cant hold back a couple rasping grunts, her body trembles as the secretary watches with a knowing smile.

END PART 4            












Recuperated in time to make her second appearance, Jodi finds herself at a house of Cougars after being forewarned by the very girl, Dannie, who recruited her with the business card after one of her rejections at a modeling agency.  The humiliating and painful evening for her by the all female gathering starts almost instantaneously with her arrival.

Chapter Five

       Slowing to a stop and parking at the verandas curb the handler exits the stretch limo, walks around toward the rear passenger door as Jodi forebodingly glances out the window.  Opening it and slowly stepping aside, he motions for her to exit the back seat.  Arms crossed while hesitantly leaning out, she slowly stands next to the open door and for the briefest of moments glances up on the hillside toward her destination.  Naked, her body freshly shaven from below the neck, hair slicked severely back, not a trace of makeup, she humiliatingly focuses her eyes back down toward the ground just in front of her bare feet.  All but the most stubborn remnants of her bruises, welts are undetectable with her youthful firm body glistening from a recently applied application of body lotion as she apprehensively stands in the coolness of the early evening.  Hearing the door closing behind her, dropping her hands her fingers fidget at her waist, brushing back and forth across the top curves of her bare hips.

       “Remember your instructions, what Danni warned you about.”  He suggests with his back to the steps, his face just inches from her ear as he releases the doors handle.  “Theyre unforgiving up there… Wont accept anything less then complete subjugation.”  Glancing up toward the doorwoman holding the left side of the pair of stainless led glass entrance doors open, he recognizes the Madam of the house stepping out, arms crossed with a riding crop flicking in her left hand, the wealthiest and cruelest woman of the lot.

       “Shes the one you definitely dont want to cross… She can be vicious… Loves to inflict pain… Humiliation… Especially on younger girls like you and Danni.”  He whispers as he catches her glancing up toward the house.  “Likes to try things out, use new ideas to impress the other women…. Understand?”

       “Ye… Yes Sir!”  Jodi acknowledges as her stomach twists in knots, remembering some of the horror stories Dannis taken the time to relate to her the past couple days, almost forming a strange kind of friendship in offering advice for the coming evening.   Her heart pounding in her chest as she again barely glances up the steps through raised eyebrows, she catches the ominous sight of the womans scornful face glaring back.

       “She sees you looking… Head down!!”  He rasps.  “Just one evening… Its going to be Hell… But this one evening, until midnight and youll be back here in the limo.  Just take my advice and do as youve been told, youll get by… Now go on up those steps and do like youve been instructed… Go on now.”

       Nervously lowering her hands toward her thighs, facing the palms forward, lowering her head she begins her climb up the stone steps as she lets his final warning soak in.

       “She wont hurt you too badly this time if youre careful.”  He advises.  “Shell want you back again like she did with Danni!... Itll all be over real soon!... Just dont piss her off tonight!”

       Not looking back, counting the steps as she slowly climbs them one at a time, reaching the thirteenth, the top step, she glances down toward the womans feet, the glistening black patent leather spiked heels, the right one tapping across a stone in the walkway.  Another couple shuffling steps toward her, kneeling, she crosses her hands along her forearms and clinching them behind her back leans forward, licking the toe of the womans shoe up to the ankle as she feels her breasts scraping against the stone walkway.   Taking a deep breath and exhaling, leaning across to the other spiked, shinning heel she slowly traces her tongue from toe to ankle, again as her breasts sway back and forth while she arches her back higher, the tips of her nipples barely brushing across the ground.

       “Good slut!... That will do for now!”

       Raising her head, keeping her eyes lowered, she releases the grip from her arms, reaches around and slides her spreading fingers up beneath her swaying breasts as she recaps her instructions over and over again in her racing mind.  Cupping and lifting, she continues to stare down toward the shinny black boots as she arches her back, spreads her gripping hands toward her sides, her nipples forced to point away from one another as her shoulders bow.  Trying to remember exactly what to do, to say, sensing several other women exiting the door, circling around her, she mutters.  “The… These are for your ple… Pleasure Mistress… To do with as you please!

       “Follow us into the house… Girl!”

       The women circling, stepping back around her, enter the door still being held by the uniformed doorwoman; Jodi hesitates at the abrupt order until the Mistress herself turns, slowly steps through the doorway muttering.  “Come on slut your turn… Follow on your knees… And keep those tits handy… Youve done dragged them across the ground… Ive got a wonderful idea on how to wipe those big ol melons off.”

       Shuffling across the uneven flat stones on her knees and the top sides of her feet, tightly gripping her breasts as she sways back and forth, sliding one knee in front of the other as she painfully follows, already humiliated, mortified, she knows its just the beginning of the evenings humiliations.  Struggling across the threshold, hearing the snicker of the doorwoman, she continues into the massive foyer, her knees sliding across its glistening marble floor in front of the circular stairway dominating the room.

       Again the dozen or so women watching her, the Mistress steps forward, places the slender spike of her left heel across her butt cheeks,  pushes forward.  Bending, pressing face first onto the slick marble, she feels her breasts spreading, her nipples flattening onto the cool flooring between her clenching fingers.

       “Arms behind your back again… Hold your head up and eyes forward.”  The Mistress orders as she points through an archway.  “Then slide across the floor to the next room on those tits… Then across the carpet to that door all the way on the other side over there… Thatll brush those jugs right off!”  Pressing her heel into the small of Jodis back, she quips.  “Okay slut… Get going… Push that ass further up in the air and start sliding across the marble!”

       Silence, hearing not even a giggle from the group, Jodi feels sick to her stomach.  Clinching her wrists behind her back, slipping a knee forward, her hips rising as she obeys, pushes her butt upwards, shoving one leg back she begins to slide across the slick surface, forward as her breasts stretch, flattened beneath her chest and the floor.  Pushing, thrusting, dragging her already aching breasts across the tile, she feels the warmth flashing across her face, the humiliation mounting with each thrust, with each painful twist of her breasts sliding between her body and the cool marble flooring as her welling eyes remain level with the various pairs of spiked heels pressing around her.

       The group of women circling, most with refreshments in their hands watch with amusement at the effects of the antics of their hostess.  Watching Jodis naked backside, her thigh muscles rippling as her shoulders arch with those muscles also defined as theyre worked, her contorting breasts drag across the floor.  Making just enough room for her to slither by, an occasional lewd comment from of the group with an occasional tap on her ass when she pushes it up and her humiliation continues to mount. 

       “Come on girl… Lets keep going… Weve got a lot to do before midnight.”  The Mistress scolds as she again places the pointed heel directly into the small of Jodies bare back, gives a brisk, painful shove.

       Arching back as the spike leaves its imprint across her flesh, scrapping, sliding, lifting and repeating, Jodi picks up her harried pace, her humiliating shuffle face down, the moisture of her body lotion a God send against the sparkling but harsh floor.  Reaching the edge of the carpet just under the dividing archway, she feels the gruff material of the thick carpet instantly scrape across her breasts, her nipples gripped by the weave as she falls forward face first.  Glancing up across the room, the door still painfully in the distance, a couple painful thrusts and she realizes the lotions no longer much of a help, her heart pounding a little harder as her breasts begin to burn against the carpet.  Falling forward more times then not as the weight of her body presses her stretching breasts harshly into the woven fabric, shes forced to grunt, expel an audible breath with each short movement as she slowly maneuvers herself humiliatingly beneath the women surrounding and following her, the spiked heel occasionally enticing her to continue on at her slower pace as her welling eyes redden.

       “Come on girl… Another ten feet and youre there… Come on… You can do it before those tits start leaving streaks on my expensive floor!”  The Mistress scolds, grins toward a couple of the other women as she mockingly cups and rotates her own breasts through her tight low-cut dress, getting a returning approving nod.

       A tear streaking down her cheek, dripping off her chin, her breasts feeling as if theyre chaffing, the nipples twisting, pressing and inverting inward, she gasps between each embarrassing thrust while she forces herself to continue.  Scraping forward without looking up, fingers clenching, gripping into her forearms behind her back, her head finally bumping into the bottom of the closed door she collapses face first, her reddened knees also burning but the soreness barely noticeable compared to her tortured breasts.  Exhausted, laying flat, she again feels the spike heel being pushed into her butt cheek.

       “Get up girl… Follow me.”  The Mistress orders, turning the knob, opening the varnished six panel oak door.  “Keep those hands behind your back too.”

       The door opening, the Mistress halfway through, she turns, watches as Jodi struggles to her knees, raises on one leg, the other with her reddened breasts bobbing, swaying in front of her arched chest as her hands twist on her forearms behind her.  Standing, eyes lowered, she feels the stinging burn of her chafing flesh across most of her front side, the imprints of the rug prominent.

       “Come on girl… Get in here!”

       Following the Mistress, the door closing behind her, she glances around the master bedroom suite, expansive, lavish.  The Mistress stepping toward her dresser, retrieving a jar of cream, she nods for Jodi to approach.  “Get over here girl… Let me see those tits.”  A deep swab of the light creamy gel, briskly rubbing her hands together, the Mistress reaches forward, spreads her hands across Jodis breasts.  Spreading, melding as she takes particular interest in the scrapped nipples, squeezing, tweaking the nubs simultaneously, she almost delicately asks.  “Sore… Do they burn?... This help?”

       Hesitantly nodding, tightening the grip on her forearms behind her back, she feels the cool soothing cream melt into her firm tit flesh as the Mistress caressingly massages with both hands. “Ye… Yes Mam… But… But that feels better.”   

       “Good… Then push em out here for me!”  Palming, cupping squeezing, the glistening mounds stretch, contort through the Mistresss fingertips as she continues to stroke and tug on the areolas while stretching the nubs of the nipples.  Glancing into Jodis swollen eyes, gently releasing her breasts, another larger glob of gel scooped from the jar, holding her hands outward palms up, she orders.  “Lay them in my hands.”

       Arching forward, pressing her breasts outward she feels the cool cream again spreading across her bare flesh, the second coat even thicker, instantly melting against the heated flesh of her uplifted globular melons.  Closing her eyes, swaying forward, the dissipating cream dripping from the bottoms of her breasts tingles as it slowly circles across her ribcage, streaks down into, past her fluttering navel toward her spread thighs.

       “Okay… Enough of that!”  The Mistress smiles as she picks up a light colored hand towel, steps toward a closet and opens the double doors.  “Lets see… I hear you want to be a model!” She nods toward Jodi as she wipes her hands, picks through a number of various devices hanging on the inner wall.  Glancing toward Jodi, nodding, she smiles as she picks out a black leather device with one hand while reaching the towel out with the other.  Come over here girl… Wipe those tits off with the towel here… Then lets see how you can model this!”

       Obeying, but hesitantly, Jodi swipes the towel across her breasts, her stomach as she glances toward the Mistresses hand holding the swaying leather.  Apprehensively watching as the Mistress adjusts, works on the device with both hands, stretches it out, she realizes its a breast clamp.

       “Here girl… Arch your back… Push those red titties out for me!”  Lifting the clamp outward, holding the pair of glistening slates breast high, she nods.  “Come on girl… Push your chest out and hold your hands behind your back… Thats it… Now fit those tits in here!”

       Locking her fingers behind her back, arching her shoulders she feels the hard leather covered surfaces sliding above and below her sore breasts, slipping inward across her lotion soaked flesh coming to rest against her sternum.

       “Raise your arms outward… Let me slip the straps together behind your back for you.”  The Mistress orders as she steps around, tugs, adjusts the dangling straps, securing the harness.  “Now…  Lets see.”  She continues as she steps to Jodis front side, begins adjusting the turn screws on either side of the clamps flat surfaces, pressing slowly together against the bulging tit flesh.  Turning with one hand, manipulating a breast, the other with her other hand, she continues to tighten the slates together against Jodis chest as both breasts swell, spread outward into globular discolored mounds, the areolas pointing apart, stretching flat, the hard nubs of her nipples quivering with each turn of a screw.

       “Now!”  The Mistress grins as she places a hand over each screw, grips her fingers.    “These last couple, few turns are going to be a little painful…. Put your hands behind your back again… And hold tight!”

       Giving both a half turn of each screw, Jodis shoulders arch forward as the hard slates press painfully closer together.  Another half turn and Jodis knees slightly bow as her breasts swell even larger, flipping and bouncing out from her chest.  A third almost full turn, Jodi moans as she twists her neck, turns her face as the slates practically touch as they press together, “Oomph!”

       “There!... Nice and tight now!”  The Mistress smirks as Jodi glances down toward the clamp, her bulging breasts taking on a purplish shade, the areolas and nipples quivering, tautly stretched, almost translucent.  “Now turn around girl.”

       Turning in front of the open doors to the shelves, her breasts aching as they jiggle out over the leather slates, she feels her wrists being cuffed, clamped together behind her back.  Bowing her head, watching the Mistress shuffling through the shelves, she sees her picking up a couple of glistening chrome tubular hooks, each with an eyelet on the longer ends.  One quite thicker then the other and both over a couple feet in length from end to end, their short ends are rounded with bulging tips.

       “Just something else for you to model too, girl!”  The Mistress smiles as she holds them up, gives them a slow twist back and forth side by side as she amusingly explains their use.  “Their long ends have eyelets to be fastened… Their short, bulging ends… Well use your imagination… Okay?”  Enjoying the horrified look on Jodis face, she lays the slimmer one back on the shelf, slides her fingers around the thick hook all the way to its short end, a good eight inches in length.  “I think this one will do just fine… Actually I think this end can fit in either of your orifices quite nicely… Really stretch em apart and fill it up though… But dont worry… Ill lube you up real good first!... Now turn around for me and bend over… Now, and spread your legs!”

       Staring at the hook, she gives the slightest of a quiet moan while turning and gingerly bending forward.  Breasts jaunting firmly out from the clamp, she pushes her butt back as her feet slide apart.  Watching the Mistress swipe her hand through the gel, step beside her, she feels the cool thick lotion globed between her butt cheeks.

       “Cunt or ass?”  The Mistress asks in an everyday tone as she rests her fingers between Jodis orifices.  “Where you want to wear it?... Pick one or Ill use the other one on you too.”

       “Huh?... Ah…  Butt… My butt!... Butt!”  Stuttering, quickly choosing, she feels the Mistresses fingers gliding toward her anus, the gel squeezing into her rectum.  “Oomph… Agghh!”  Feeling a couple fingers probing, pushing, sliding in and out, she struggles to maintain her balance as the cool lotion drenches the ring of her sphincter muscles.

       “Stand still now!”  The Mistress directs as she aligns the bulging end of the hook between Jodis spreading butt cheeks after slipping the tube under her cuffed wrists.  Plopping the end inward, she forces it to glide a couple inches deep as Jodis back bows, her rectum stretching, gripping the tubular metal.  A brief hesitation and she forces it further inward as it continuously presses all the way to the beginning of its curve.

       “Oh… God… Oomph… Oh!”  Grunting, moaning as she feels her rectum impaled by the cool metal, she watches her hardened breasts bobble beneath her between their restraints.

       “There!”  The Mistress speaks as she straightens Jodi upright.  “Thats not so bad so far… Is it girl?”

       Not awaiting an answer, grabbing a strap of leather, she slips it through the eyelet of the hook pressing against Jodis back.  Wrapping one end to the left side of the back of the breast clamp, stretching it tightly through the eyelet across to the other side of the breast clamp, she snugs it tight with a couple of firm jerks.    “There… Now you can model your tits and ass for my friends… Come with me!”

       Stepping toward the door, watching as Jodi shuffles behind her, she smiles at her handiwork.  “My… You sure look good girl…  Take a look at yourself in that mirror over there.”

       Glancing toward the dressers mirror, at her reflection, shes shocked by the side image of her ballooning breasts bulging discolored through the black leather breast clamp as her shoulders bow back, the chrome butt hook glistening between her arms behind her back, pushing her butt cheeks outward and bowing her spine.  A hesitation, glancing back toward the opening door, she follows the Mistress nod and gingerly steps into the other room, faces the group of amused women.

       “Walk around the room Jodi… Mingle and introduce yourself too my friends… Each one has something for you… And, if you dont do as youre instructed…Each and every one has permission to punish you… Or have me do it when I return.”  Smiling, stepping away as she nods toward the first pair of women, the Mistress returns to her room, shuts the door behind her.

       Watching the door close, stepping apprehensively over toward the women as advised, she stops between the pair, her breasts nervously twitching between the clamps.  Silent, watching as they quietly slip their hands across her hips, her stomach, up over and across her swollen breasts, she gently moans as a set of fingernails probes her tautly stretched areola, flicks the hard nub of her nipple.

       “My God girl…Shes got them ready to burst… Doesnt she?”  The dark haired woman scoffs as she cups Jodis left breast with her left hand, lifts up and points a white plastic tipped pin, the type usually used to post messages on cork boards.

       The second woman with grayish streaks through her hair grips Jodis other breast, flashes a yellow pin, lets the tip scrap across the nub.  “Dont worry dear… These pins are only an inch long, and are just as sharp as a hypodermic needle…  Theyll slide right in!”

       Trembling, her heart pounding in her chest, she watches wide eyed as the women concentrate on her areolas, shoves the pins inward.  “Aaaggghhh!... Oh my God!”  Shaking her head back and forth, feeling her breasts bouncing out off the flat clamps, she turns her head as the piercing pain sears across her nipples.  Glancing down, tears welling, she cant help watching as the plastic tips press flat against her breasts, one just below a nipple with the second just to the outside of the other.

       “There… Hardly any blood, just a dribble.”  The dark haired woman smiles, taps her pin, gives it a final nudge.  “Go ahead… Meet some others…. Walk up to them.”

       Turning away, almost as if theyre totally ignoring her, the pair step over toward the buffet table continuing with their small talk.

       Standing in the center of the room, glancing down toward her aching breasts, now almost a dark purple, she glances around as the pins plastic tips quiver from either breast.  Noticing the others are all still ignoring her in small groups, the whole thing seems so surreal, even the pains of her bondage and the pins just more like dull aches.  Taking a breath, stepping toward three women, she stops behind the tallest.

       Stern appearing, jet black haired in a tight dress, she slowly turns, her eyes scowling toward the twitching pins, back up into Jodis eyes.  “Nipples?”  She smirks.  Look girls, that was nice of them… They left us her nipples to pin!”  Glancing at the other two, smiling, turning toward Jodi, she orders.  “Push that left tit out here girl… Im going to jam this pin straight in that nipple… Thats okay with you… Right?”

       Glancing momentarily into the womans cold gray eyes, a tear streaking off her cheek, she barely nods, holds her breath as she watches the pin push outward, breast high.

       “Go ahead… Push forward… I want you to shove that titty all the way until this plastics flat against that nipple!”  The woman cruelly commands.  “Come on girl… Do it now!”

       A moan, a grunt and leaning forward, she feels the sharp prick.  Shoving her throbbing breast outward as she closes her eyes she feels the piercing of the pin directly into the nub, burrowing inward as the woman guides it between her fingertips.

       “Thats it… Good girl!... Im impressed!”  The woman mocks as she drops her hands, watches the black pin stand firm, completely against the nub with the yellow pin just to its side.

       “Here honey!”  The dyed blonde giggles as she holds a drink in one hand, a blue pin in the other.  “Push that other tit over here…  Lets pin that there nipple!”

       Barely having to turn, taking a short painful step, Jodi nibbles on her lower lip as she watches her bulging breast push outward, seemingly on its own as she begins to just reflexively respond.  Each piercing a sharp painful prick, shes already learned the quicker, the less pain.  “Oomph!”  Leaning forward into the womans hand, she feels that blue pin ramming inward, the plastic flattening against that taut nub as the inch long pin sinks into her tit flesh.  Both breasts now sporting a pair of pins, she glances stoically toward the third woman, appearing to be the youngest of the group, thirtyish, quite attractive in a strict way, a dark curling smile on her lips.

       “Not your breasts girlfriend… No Mam!”  She ominously scowls.  “This ones for that cunt of yours… Spread those legs.”  Kneeling, a drink also in her hand, she holds a gold pin thigh high in her other hand.  “This ones going right through your clitoris babe!”

       Ashen faced, slowly turning her head from side to side, Jodi can feel her knees quivering as she hesitantly takes a step back, the hook jamming upward in her rectum, her breasts bouncing over the slates as she whimpers.  “Oooh nooo!... Please!... No… Not, not there!... Please!”

       “Oh yes… Yes, right smack into the center of that clit… Straight in… Now come on and face me!”  The woman grins, takes a sip of her drink before dipping the pin into it, slowly stirring.  “Okay… Ready!... Come on over here and spread!”

       Another meaningless groan, a slow shuffle and Jodi parts her feet, watches the woman set her drink on the floor, reach out.  Damp fingers probing her vagina, pinching her clit, she feels the searing sensation of the tip of the pin probed against her stretching nub.

       “My God!”  The woman grins toward her friends as she keeps a firm grip on the stretching nub.  “Look at the size of that chrome hook stretching that asshole!... Damn!”  Again glancing toward the pin as she slowly shakes her head, she jams it inward.

       A deep breath, halfway exhaled, the sensation of the pin jamming inward through her pinched clit resonates throughout her body, and electric jolt from her vagina to her womb as the woman sadistically twists, wiggles the pin inward.  A final harsh tug, an equally sharp thrust, Jodis knees buckle as her breasts jerk in the clamps, the butt hook twisting, probing her rectum.

       “Aaaaaagggghhhhh!!!”  A long hysterical scream, tears flowing from her swollen eyes, tremors ripple across her flattening stomach.  “Oooooohhhhhhh!”  Another pitiful groan, her thighs pressing together as the womans fingers slip free and the three women turn; walk away with drinks in hand, ignoring her.

       Again alone, her naked body trembling, she stands painfully bowlegged as her clit throbs with a tinge of blood trickling down a thigh.  Glancing around, whimpering through her tears with each halting breath, trying to collect herself, she glances toward the sound of the door opening, the Mistress entering the room, walking toward her.

       “Jodi… Come here!”  A short, crisp order, she stops, waits for Jodi to hobble over to her. Thwack!

       “Agghhh!”  An openhanded smack across the face, Jodi twists, grunts.


       Another backhand across the other cheek, Jodis head again twists as she clamps her mouth shut, tears streaming off her cheeks across her tortured breasts.

       “I expect silence… Total silence from you when Im out of the room!”  The Mistress scolds.  “My God… A few little needles and youd think someone was really hurting you!”  Glancing around at the others, again glancing toward Jodis breasts, her vagina, she slowly shakes her head.  “Five… Just five pins and youre carrying on like this?” 

       Smack!  Another openhanded smack across Jodis reddening cheek and the Mistress turns toward the others with a smirk.  “Now… Quit being such a puss and let them finish pinning you!... Understand?... I said understand?”

       A quick jerking nod, a muffled grunt and Jodi turns her eyes to the floor as the Mistress grips the back of the chrome hook, jerks upwards and leads her to another group of women.  On tiptoes, arching, twisting as shes firmly led, Jodi barely whimpers from the wrenching pain, especially from the twisting pin piercing her clit.

       “Go ahead… Stick those pins in!”  The Mistress orders.  “Pick a spot; lets finish this up so we can really spend some serious time with her.” Slowly turning, she scans the room.  “Whoever still has a pin… Get over here.”

       Wheezing, her stomach fluttering as she continues to tiptoe, the hook twisting between her butt cheeks, Jodis circled by the remaining women, pins in hand.  The Mistress stepping behind Jodi, lifting again on the butt hook, nods.  “Okay… Jab those tits… Try to center them in her areolas!”

       Left breast, right breast with one pin after the other, some simultaneously jammed into her tit flesh.  Five, six, finally the seventh and last add to the original five.  Clenching her fists as she squints her eyes tightly shut, Jodi dances on her tiptoes, stifling a scream, biting her inner lips.  Traces of blood trickling off the bottom breast clamp from the dozen pins buried deep into her tit flesh, the Mistress releases the butt hook.

       “There… All done with those silly pins.”  She smiles, flicking one, another pin from one breast to another, firmly pressing each one completely inward to the plastic tip.  “Now… That wasnt so bad… Was it?... Look at them… All the pretty different colors!”

       Forcing her eyes open, glaring downward toward her obscenely huge breasts through her blurring tears, the areolas are filled with multi color pins, appropriately the black and blue pins piercing the nubs of the nipples jaunting further out from the rest.

       “Thank everyone girl.”  The Mistress antagonizes her.  “Look at them and thank them properly!... For pinning your breasts!... Oh… And of course for the one in your clit!... Go ahead!”

       Bending forward as she feels the chrome tube again being twisted by the Mistress, she grunts.  “Thank… Thanks for … For jabbing pins in my breasts!”  The hook twisted even harsher, she almost shouts as her body throbs.  “Thanks for my… My clit too!... Thanks!!”

       Smiling around the circle of women, leading Jodi toward the bedroom door, the Mistress pushes her into the bedroom, closes the door behind them.  “Look at the mirror now girl!... Look at yourself now!”

End Part 5














Jodi gets initiated with her first trip to the rehabilitation complex shell be frequenting after some of her more strenuous assignments.  A paradox of treatments by the staff, one female doctor in particular beginning to take an interest in her and shes ready for her next adventure.

Chapter Six

       Huddled on the backseat wrapped in a terrycloth robe allowed her by the chauffeur, the long pain filled nights finally come to an end as the limo slowly drives away from the mansion on the winding driveway.  Tears staining her cheeks, wrists cuffed, arms crossed behind her back, she glances down at the parting robe only partially covering her chest.  Her proud breasts finally freed from the constant agonizing abuse, hours of being the center of sadistic attention from the group of women, theyre barely recognizable.

       The aching melons equally abused from an endless nightmare of being scraped, clamped, pinpricked, she wishes she could just cup, massage them as even the swaying motion of the car causes them to ache, pulse with pain as their bruised swelling distorts them beyond recognition.  Her orifices between her legs also more then sore, practically torn, her pierced clit still pulsing, she closes her eyes, exhausted from the deprivation of sleep, the relentless mental and physical onslaught by the group on her ravaged body.  The session lasting much longer then her endurance, way into the early daylight hours, she feels the jolting of the tires entering onto the pavement from the private drives uneven bricks leading to the gentle motion of the limousine on the flat highway, much smoother as she curls on her side across the leather seat, closes her eyes.  The sedative the chauffer gave her along with the use of the robes beginning to work; her mind blanking as she drifts into a state of semi consciousness.

       Several days passing, that night still graphically etched in her mind, again awakening at the mornings sunlight glaring past the open curtains, she slides out of bed, takes her mandatory bath, does the mandatory shaving of her body from the neck down, draws her hair strictly straight back behind her ears.  While drying herself off with a full, fluffy bath towel, looking out the multi paned window toward the manicured grounds from her tidy, efficiently furnished room she glances back toward her reflection from the dresser mirror.

       Her nude bodys finally virtually void of the remnants of her unforgettable night with the cougars, especially her resilient breasts; thankfully back to being normal, globular.  Turning, twisting, she thinks to herself, was it four, maybe five nights ago, it could have been as much as a week since she was delivered to this place barely coherent.  Numerous soaking baths, body lotions, soothing massages by staff masseurs as shes healed, shes felt pampered at times, but for the most part also intimidated, restricted to her role as a submissive.

       Again looking out the window toward the handful of uniformed people milling around beneath the multi story mansion, an occasional nude woman much like herself being accompanied for whats a morning exercise, shes come to realize that the employees including the medial staff are always dressed in white hospital attire, while the patients, always female, not so.  Prohibited from any clothing at all, even when allowed the brief outdoor jaunts in the rear gardens herself, shes become almost numb to the observations of her nudity by any of the staff.

       Again thinking how the treatment of her has been so surreal, pleasant and courteous on one hand, cruel and dominative on the other, shes learned quickly to follow a short list of instructions, rigid instructions besides the morning baths and being kept naked.  Eyes must remain always lowered, mouth and legs forbidden to be closed, palms always outward and finally never, never speaking unless directly instructed to do so, the slightest diversion is awarded demerits and each evening has its demerit sessions of accountability.

       So far the punishments for her infractions in general have not been too severe as far as inflicted pain, but instead strenuous and humiliating workouts.  Again in the nude, singled out in front of an alternating group chosen from the mixed staff and at least two other patients, shes been forced to perform obscene exercises, humiliatingly stretching, contorting on command, the pains of her healing wounds ignored.  But, the threat of corporal punishment is also real, the sounds echoing from the discipline room down the hall can be heard almost nightly also, the whimpers, sometimes shrieks of womens voices overlapping the obvious cracks of leather striking bare flesh, or worse.

       Hearing those sounds, the pains are relived by her own memories of the past couple weeks.  Obviously the rambling winged mansion housing more then just her, shes yet to actually be allowed any contact with another patient, submissive, whatever.  Kept isolated except for the punishment sessions, shes only been allowed to be in the presence of the staff as she wonders where its all leading too, what the future holds.

       A polite, courtesy tap on the door as always, it swings open with an orderly and female doctor stepping into the room.  Turning, lowering her eyes she automatically assumes the expected pose to be inspected by the doctor.  Fingers locking behind her neck, legs spreading apart, breasts thrust outward as she arches, she feels the fingers examining her breasts, her vagina, finally her rectum.  Remaining motionless, no eye contact, virtually silent, she barely glances toward the male orderly with his clipboard in hand, more then interested in watching her nude body go through the daily routine.

       Sensing the doctor stepping behind her, she feels the hands cupping beneath her globular mounds as they do each morning and evening as every examination brings the same manipulations by this doctor.  Responding to the thumb tips gently fluttering across her puckering nipples as the fingers softly tighten into her firm tit flesh, the sensations noticeably more soothing with each exam prolonged just a little longer.

       “Her breasts are fine… All swelling, discoloring negligible… Available for service.”  She hears the business like voice state matter of factly from behind her.  Feeling the hands sliding down across her waist, one cupping her shaved pubic mound, the other slipping between her spread butt cheeks, she senses the fingers probing her slit, her rectum simultaneously, firm, yet somehow gently.  “Orifices normal… Also available for use.”  The fingers slipping away, the doctor stepping back toward the orderly, a quick glance at the clipboard, she adds.  “The client can be informed their submissive is available for their next assignment for her this afternoon… Everything is functional and presentable.”

       Glancing toward Jodi with a knowing smile as they step back toward the hallway after the orderly drops some clothing across the bed, she adds.  “Your stay here this time was short… Next time may be longer from what I understand… And much sooner then you can imagine… Youll undoubtedly be under my personal care much longer when youre brought back!... But for now, youll be leaving us for the afternoon.”  Nodding toward the garments on the bed, she adds.  “Thats what they sent for you to wear for your next presentation… Now go ahead and get dressed…. Make sure its nice and tight or itll have to be adjusted, and believe me… You wont want that!”

       The door shutting in front of her as she momentarily remains transfixed in place; she feels the pit of her stomach knotting at the ominous remarks.  Hesitantly lowering her hands and crossing her arms beneath her breasts, remembering their brutal treatments, the pain, she again glances out the window toward the kept grounds, slowly following the wavering lines of the tall chain link fence visible in spots along the clusters of trees at the edge of the forest surrounding the compound, standing out and contrasting with the tranquil setting.

       A pair of black stilettos and a matching color corset, nothing else lying on the bed, she steps over, slips the boned ribbed garment around her waist, the narrowing hourglass design sinking into her stomach.  Her breasts lifting above the rigid curving form rising to just above her ribcage, her nipples jaunt outward from her separating globular mounds. Tugging on the front drawstrings, the corset cinching her waist even tighter, her breasts pressing further outward, she leans over, hand on bed and fastens the tops of the stilettos around her ankles as she lowers a foot into them one at a time.

       As she stands upright, the confining corset circles just above the smooth fleshy curves of her hips, around the small of her back, exposes the matching dimples above her butt cheeks, exposes her pubic mound, her labium.  Approaching the mirror, then back toward the bed in awkward short steps, breasts bouncing, her calves flexing from the lift of the stilettos, she again stares out the window at the serene backdrop, notices the black limousine in the distance making its way up the driveway to the rear of the house.

       Watching it park along the back veranda, recognizing the now familiar limousine, the chauffeur getting out, she watches as he walks around, opens the rear door.  Wondering what hes doing if hes here to pick her up, noticing hes waiting, someones in the back seat.  Her heart picks up a beat as she sees the girl clumsily stepping out onto the pavement.  Bound, hands crisscrossed behind her neck, her bulging breasts almost obscenely wobble as she arches painfully forward nearly stumbling as the chauffeur catches her.  The welts, bruises scattered across her naked body front and back are clearly visible even from the height of the rooms window.

       Gripping her own breasts in a reflexively sympathetic gesture as she can almost feel the pain herself, cupping them, squeezing both, she recognizes the girl struggling from the car.  Realizing shes Danni and that her swollen breasts are actually in some kind of bindings, thin wires not only looped around the tortured globes but crisscrossed around and over the compressed nipples she apprehensively leans closer to the glass, forcing her own breasts to flatten against her chest as she bites her lower lip, watches the chauffeur helping the girl shuffle beneath the canopy, out of sight.

       Taking short breaths while awaiting the tap on the closed door signaling her departure, her stay the past few days a paradox of emotions; she feels her body trembling, her heart pounding, thinking of the other girl, herself, the future.  Then the footsteps, the tap on the door, it opens.


       The young orderly, his first time with Jodi, stands beside the door nodding toward the hall, back toward her, his eyes obviously transfixed, focused on her displayed breasts bulging above the black hourglass corset, the twin mounds in an erotically flowing motion as she takes a step, another.  More steps and her breasts begin to sway in sequence, just enough to tantalize with the jiggling motions of her nipples.  Hands down toward her sides, shoulders arched back, palms facing forward, her lips remain parted as she steps past him into the hallway, stops.

       Shutting the door, almost nervously he steps beside her, reaches up and cups her right breast.  His other hand following suit, he barely squeezes, spreads the melons outward pressing the under globes across the hem of the corset like hes trying to adjust them.  His fingers spreading, his thumbs press across the nipples, slightly flicking back and forth at the hardening nubs as he glances toward hr face, back toward her breasts.

       “I… I was told how damn big these titties were!”  His whispering voice almost like a schoolboys, another squeeze with his left hand, his right slips down across the corset.  Those fingers sliding across her pubic mound, his fingers noticeably twitching as they slide between her thighs, she feels a finger pressing, circling her clit as his other thumb and forefinger continue to pinch and tug at her nipple.

       Remaining motionless, realizing she has no choice, she allows him to have his fun, to finger her, to play with her breasts as she stares forward toward the wall, lips parted.  Feeling a hand running across her butt cheeks, down her thighs, back toward her vagina, the other hand remains higher, manipulating her breasts, her nipples being tweaked, tugged a little harsher, pinched and twisted as he seems to progress from being almost shy to starting to inflict some pain.

       Hearing a stirring down the hallway, down the stairwell, the familiar voice of the chauffeur with the female doctors, the orderly drops his hand from her thighs, glances toward the stairs.  Finger and thumb still clamping on her right nipple, he glances at her, back down the hall.

       ‘’Come on… Come with me.”  Stepping ahead of her, still gripping the nipple, he leads her toward the stairs, slow steps with her breast stretching out above the corset, the stoic, submissive look remaining on her face as she follows his instructions, even as her nipple stretches between his fingers.  To the stairs, down them, shes led to the chauffeur, the doctor.

       “Here… Here she is!”  He almost blurts, releasing her nipple.  ‘’Shes ready!”

       “Almost.”  The chauffeur corrects as he reaches up and slips a black chocker collar around her throat, steps behind her and slips a pair of cuffs on her wrists, locking them together behind her back, forcing her bare breasts further outward.  Attaching a leader to the front of the collar, he adds.  “Now she is… And its time for her next assignment.”

       “Yes.”  The doctor softly smiles, adjusting the collar just right on Jodis neck as their eyes lock.  “Then its right back to me… Tomorrow!”  Letting her fingers slide down the rounded curves of the globular mounds, her fingers gently tweaking both nipples simultaneously, she adds.  “Right after her private overnight one on one visit to the cougars mansion.”

End part Six             





Chapter Seven

       The dreaded gated driveway, the imposing facade of the mansion looms upon the rise, draws disturbingly closer.  Circling past the front curved stone steps with its ominous display pillars to either side now empty, parking near the rear entrance of the estate, Jodis assisted from the limousine by the chauffeur, led beneath the gild trimmed canvas awning.  Glancing around in the daylight, she realizes the back facade of the house is even more impressive as the front.  Stately with its stone pillars and large leaded glass paned doors melding with the similar leaded glass paned walls of the dominating great room; it overlooks the manicured grounds, other stately structures through the tress and shrubs.  Affixing the end of the leash to the small ring hanging from the intricate golden molded head of a horse on what appears to be a hitching post to the side of the double doors, the chauffeur nods as he rings the bell.

       “Danni obviously upset the Mistress earlier… And she paid the price!”  He whispers.  “Besides, she hasnt been in much of a mood lately… Be careful… Shes been on a kick to inflict some serious pain…. She just got done really punished Dannis breasts all last night.”  Nodding down toward Jodis near naked body, her breasts jaunting out over the top of the corset, he adds.  “And yours sure stand out there as perfect targets!”

       Glancing up, seeing the silhouette of the Mistress stepping through the room toward them, he steps away toward the limo, silently.  The thick glass paned door swinging open, the Mistress in what appears to be immaculate riding attire remains silent as she watches the limousine slowly roll forward, turn toward the driveways exit.  Brake lights flashing, exiting around the side of the manor, just the two women are left remaining together by the back entrance.

       “Turn!”  The crisp voice rings out stern and cold, also sends a shiver up her spine, a knot in her stomach as Jodi instantly obeying, turns a good half circle until her leash tenses on the post.  Her unprotected, thrust out breasts sway sideways as she jerks to a stop, her wrists crisscrossed up behind her neck, affixed to the collar.  “Now… Back around toward me!”  Hearing the same cold tone, turning back; she faces the Mistress while keeping her eyes downward, between her own swaying globes already somehow aching.  Reflexively biting her lower lip, her breasts seeming to always be everyones focus for her torments, the apprehensive anticipation of their abuse causes a psychosomatic reaction as she senses her stiffening nipples quiver from her puckering areolas.

       A moment of silence as they stand so close together, she can sense the womans fragrance resonating from her classic but elegant riding attire.  Catching a glimpse of the Womans garb, the tucked pants into the long shinny black boots, the almost tuxedo style blouse and blazer, even the satin finished riding helmet, Jodi remains silent, apprehensively obedient, not daring to even think of whats ahead.

“Well… I see youre no worse for wear… I guess at least that rehabilitation bill wont be that expensive for me this time around.”  Slowly stepping toward Jodis side, she mutters to no one in particular.  “Certainly not like Dannis going to be… The little slut!”  Taking her time inspecting Jodis glistening body, the constant thump of the black riding crop against the side of her riding boot echoing as she takes small, hesitant steps, she adds.  “Yes… You do heal quite nicely young lady…. Quite nicely indeed.”  Holding the tip of the crop beneath Jodis chin, forcing her face to tilt upward, she adds in an ominous tone.  “Thats a good thing, Hon!”

Letting the flattened tip of the riding crop drop, glide across the rounded curve of Jodis left breast, press into the flat areola, she forces the bud of the nipple inward, inverts it into the swelling mound before slowly twisting back and forth.  “I do adore youthful titties.”  The woman states, again to no one in particular as she watches the firm tit flesh flatten across the top of the corset as a good couple inches of the stiff crop sinks into the globular mound.  “Especially yours… Theyre so firm… Yet so large for such a slender body.”  Lifting back, letting the crop slide across to the other breast, lifting it upward from the underglobe with the leather tip as the nipple stands out from the flattening areola, she adds.  “I have friends whove spent well into five figures on their racks without this result… Oh yes… How good it is to be young and busty!... Yet for you… How deliciously painful too!”

Raising Jodis breast upward with the crop, stretching it above the hemline of the corset, and then letting it drop as she withdraws her hand, she gives her wrist a firm backhand.  “Thwack!”

“Oomph!”  The flattened tip of the crop smacking the outer globe of Jodis left breast on the second bounce, just beside the puckered nipple, she squeals as a red welt instantly rises across the firm flesh.

“Oh hush… For goodness sake… That young tittie can take a lot more then a little smack like that.”  The Mistress smirks as she watches it still quivering from the rather harsh blow.  “We both know that… Dont we dear?”

Unhooking the end of the leash, turning and stepping from the rear of the mansion toward a path leading to the stables, the Mistress gives a jerk without speaking, the leash stretching taut between hand and collar.  A gentle winding crushed red gravel walkway enclosed by smartly trimmed hedgerows leads toward the stately stables sitting behind neatly trimmed trees as Jodi gingerly follows, her breast really aching around the imprint of the reddish welt.  A brilliant white with green trim exterior combination beneath the matching metal roofline, the multiple stable doors evenly spaced in smart, neat rows surrounding the main entrance and the structure looms impressively into sight.

Led into the heart of the stables, its interior as elegant as the exterior, a dominating center wooden beam rises upwards through the rafters from the red cobble brick flooring.  Crossbeam rafters span outward simulating the spokes of a wagon wheel a dozen or so feet above.  Hooks, ropes and chains are either mounted on pulleys or hung from the circular timbers in neat rows well above the floor.   A partially open wooden cabinet stuffed with leather or tack sits adjacent to the imposing supporting beam as Jodis led to the center of the arena sized space.

Silently positioned under a series of pulleys threaded with ropes, Jodi glances toward the floor as the Mistress steps behind her, flips open the other side of the cabinet.  That side filled with a more sinister supply of equipment, also mostly leather, but consisting of whips, cuffs and other bondage and sadomasochism articles, she rummages until finding a version of a horse halter.  Slipping it over Jodis head, spreading her mouth, forcing the cinch between her parting lips, she tightens the straps until the shinny black leather molds snuggly into place, even a pair of eye blinkers aligned on the sides.

Obviously a well practiced routine by the Mistress, more leather straps, simulated horse halters, cinches and such and Jodis body begins to transform into the vision of a pony girl.  Straps above and below her thrust out breasts, cinching her waist, spreading across, parting her thighs she finds herself forcing her feet into a pair of unique tall leather boots.  Her body turned by the Mistress, she glances straight into an imposing mirror aligning an outer wall, taking in the reflection of what shes yet to realize is just the basic gear of her ongoing transformation.

“Look at my new pony girl taking form!”  The Mistress smiles, the leather strapped outfit snug, colorful.  Seeing the odd resemblance to a pony, something shes only seen photos of without actually giving them a second thought, something kinky, certainly never to her taste, Jodis most private parts are so prominently exposed from between the leather straps, the pit of her stomach stirs with that ominous feeling again.

“So far so good… My goodness… You do fill out this outfit so well!”  The Mistress praises as she appreciatively inspects her work.  Cupping Jodis left breast, round, firm, hard, she tweaks the puffy nipple, alternating to the right globular melon, its thick nipple, manipulating it, glancing toward the red welt, she also reaches down, slips a couple fingers between Jodis moist labium, twists between the taut leather straps spreading her thighs apart and pinches the nub of the clitoris.  “Now for our fun part…  Weve still got to decorate these nipples with bells… So they jingle when you prance!... Then maybe… If youre a bad pony… Also this puffy little clit … Oh!… And of course theyre going to be pierced to mount the bells!… And finally well add the tail for your butt hole, a very special tail at that, dear!”

Patting Jodis butt cheeks, a slight smile, she points toward the small carriage in the corner and adds.  “Youre going to look so magnificent pulling me in that sulky around the grounds while I lead you… Of course youll be guided with a nice whip flicking across these magnificent titties when you misbehave!”

Eyes widening, her teeth almost gnawing on the cinch stuffed between her lips, Jodis heart pounds, her mind races.  Glancing toward the Mistress again rummaging through the cabinet, staring back toward the carriage, knowing all to well the pain of the impending piercings, imagining the feel of a whip flailing across her breasts, she tries to comprehend being hooked up to that thing, struggling to pull her around the grounds in it, attired in these impossible boots and leather straps.

“Here we go!... Just the things… Lets see.”  The Mistress smiles, turns with three, four sets of various sized silver bells, their matching ominous mounted hooks.  Stepping toward Jodi, bells in hand, she holds the largest one out and nods.  “These hooks are rather thick… But you dont mind… Do you dear?... After all these biggest bells here are rather large and heavy… But then just about right for those big ol titties of yours… Dont you think?”  Reaching out, cupping Jodis right breast, lining what appears to be an oversized fish hook connected to the bell, she smiles, a sparkle in her eyes as she glances into Jodis.

Laying the rest of the bells back down, she smirks.  “Hold still… This might take a little effort.”  Pressing the tip of the hook against the outer edge of Jodis nipple, forcing the razor sharp barbed tip against the tan flesh, her expression changes into a scowl as she orders.  “I expect you to watch the whole thing and as much as a groan… The next one pierces your clit… Understand?”

A terrified nod, clamping her teeth against the cinch in her mouth, Jodis welling eyes widen as she hesitantly obeys, stares toward her cupped breast, the sharp point pressing into her tender flesh.  The piercing pain mounts as the tip of the hook disappears inward, deeper and deeper, until finally, it punctures the distorting nipple.  “Oomph!”  The faintest of a whimper, her teeth clamping into the cinch as she feels the hook pressing through her tit flesh, her body tenses as her breast reflexively jaunts outward with the searing pain.  Heart pounding, perspiration beading across her forehead, seeing the surreal outline of the point still pressing, probing outward from the inside of her stretching nipple, the burning pain like a hot poker jabbing her breast, she grinds her teeth back and forth on the cinch as she feels the Mistress jamming the hook harsher, finally after a couple more forceful jerks, ramming it completely through.  “Oomph!”  Another muffled whimper, she hazily watches the trickle of blood drip off the hook, onto the jiggling bell hanging below it as the Mistress drops it from her hand.

Her stomach cramping, lightheaded, the pain of her heartbeat pulses in her chest, worse in her throbbing nipple as her crossing hands tense behind her neck distorting into flexing fists. 
Realizing shes about to face the same unimaginable treatment to her other naked breast, tears streak down off her cheeks, saliva drools from the cinch spreading her lips as she struggles to hold back her whimpers.  Her stomach muscles rippling with each forced breath, the bell swaying, jiggling from her stretching nipple, brushing across her ribcage, she clenches her eyes shut, grinds her teeth.

“Okay Jodi… Good girl!... Now that wasnt all that bad… Was it?”  The Mistress sarcastically smiles, watching, enjoying her obvious pain.  “Now for the matching bell…. Okay… Thrust that other tittie out here for me to pierce with this hook… Right now!... That is… Unless youd rather wear this here bell from off your clit!... Now go ahead and push it out here………… There now… Thats much better!”  She smiles at Jodis swift reaction contorting her body, agonizingly forcing her other breast outward, the horror spread across her face knowing her other nipples going to be skewered.   Cupping the jaunting out left breast as the freshly mounted bell jingles from the right one, pressing the hook across the flattened areola until the point rests against the nub of that nipple; she again glances at Jodis swollen eyes.  “Okay… Open those pretty eyes for me now… And keep watching… And remember… No whining young lady!”

Squinting, rasping for breath as her nostrils flair, Jodi glances downward toward the sharp prickling sensation as ordered.  Seeing her breast lifted upwards, squeezed by the womans clenching fingers and thumb, the sharp pronged hook pressing against the bulging nipple, the pointed tip sinking inward, she grunts as her teeth clamps into the cinch.

“There now… Hold still… Dont jerk!”  The woman admonishes, deliberately taking her time, jabbing, probing the spiked tip of steel against the firm but tender tan flesh.  “Get ready!” A harsh thrust, the hook sinks inward, its tip disappearing into the swelling flesh.

“Oomph!”  Unable to hold her groan completely in, clamping down with her teeth, Jodis teary eyes flash toward the womans face, back toward the hook being sadistically jammed through her pulsing nipple.  Trembling, the bell jiggling from her already pierced breast, she takes another deep breath as mucus drips from a nostril, mixes with the saliva drooling from the edge of the cinch spreading her lips apart.  “Oomph!”  Her knees bending, pressing together as she twists at the waist, yet another whines barely blocked between rasping breaths as the hook rams deeper into the thick flesh, its outline visible pressing outward against the stretching nub.

“Oomph… Aaaggghhh!”  The hook catching, jerking, finally plopping through, she again more then whimpers, the searing pain burning through her chest as the Mistress keeps a firm grip on the bulging melon.  Head tilting back, twisting from side to side, she feels her breast released, the bell dropped, stretch the freshly skewered nipple downward as it too jingles of the front of her arching chest above the hollowing of her rippling stomach.

“Im a fair person…Sweety!”  The Mistress smiles as she cups both bells, checks their alignments as she speaks.  “That last piercing was kind of harsh…  So Ill give you a choice for not controlling yourself.”  Letting the bells again drop free, watching them bounce as they jiggle beside one another, she adds.  “For the punishment I promised you… We can pierce that little clit of yours right now… Or Ill just give it a few lashes with the crop!”  Patting Jodis clit with her fingertips, staring into her swollen eyes, she finishes.  “Now what is it?... Should we pierce your clit?

Watching Jodi give a feverish shake of her head back and forth, the Mistress smiles, asks again.  “Spank your clit?”  A pitiful moan, a hesitant nod, Jodis tears streak off her cheeks as the bells jingle out off her chest.

“Okay… But remember!”  The Mistress scowls as she pinches the nub of Jodis clit.  “Cry out when I whip it and Ill have no choice but to pierce this thing!... Now... You know what?... Im actually kind of excited just looking at you!... I think I might want to go for a ride first!... If you do a good job of being my pony and draw the sulky behind you just like I know you can… Then Ill only give you a few harsh lashings across that pussy when we get done with our ride… Otherwise… You wont be able to close your legs for a week!... Understand?”  A final inspection of Jodis colorful gear, she glances toward the carriage.

Leading her to the sulky, spinning her around, slipping a prepared wide black strap around her waist and snapping each end to the pair of long handles stretching outward from between the seat and spoke wheels, the Mistress, picks up the black glistening crop of horse hair from the seat of the sulky and  steps behind her pony.  “Bend.”  A single order, Jodi immediately obeying, the Mistress forces the oval tip of the curved handle on the binding end between Jodis thighs.  Forcing it into her rectum, twisting the handle, forcing the bulb on the end to enlarge, she continues to adjust the mechanism until it balloons firmly inside the stretching orifice.

Stepping back, the shimmering black hair fluffs upwards from Jodis butt cheeks, flows back behind her arched back swaying across her thighs.  Clipping the double leash to the eyelets on either side of Jodis cinch spreading her lips open, the Mistress steps into the sulky, seats herself.  A final glance of her pony in front of her, a well placed flick of the long riding crop across her left shoulder, the tip of the cord nipping across the jiggling bell.  “Oomph!”

“Giddy-up!”  The command, a jerk to the left on the leash and Jodi prances forward in the high heeled boots.  Tugging at the sulky, stepping, clicking across the stables brick floor, the sulky rolls freely behind her as the leather strap stretches at her waist.  Breasts jaunting outward, wrists crisscrossed behind her neck, the bells jingle with each step.  “Thwack!”  Another well placed lashing across Jodis left shoulder, the tip of the whip nipping her jerking breast, she hears the Mistress order.  “Time for a nice ride around the paths of the estate… Pick it up!.”  Thwack!.... Thwack……… Thwack!  


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