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It Really Does Happen

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This story is copyright 2009 by (lipsticked11).  All rights reserved.  No reposting without permission.

It Really Does Happen

I am owned by a dominant couple and their niece and used as a live-in maid, cook, and sexual slave.  My name was Michael, now I am Michelle.  This is my story:

When I was 35, my wife Connie and I lived next door to another married couple, Denise and Steven Taylor.  Denise was in her early-30s, blond, with large breasts, long legs, a small waist and a gorgeous face a typical California surfer girl who had aged very well.  Steven was her male counterpart as well as being a very successful businessman.  His work took him out of town for several weeks at a time.  Denise would call occasionally and ask for some help with things around the house, since she knew I was very handy with tools and repair problems.  I was glad to do the chores because I was able to spend time with Denise.  Steven seemed pleased with my work because he didnt have to do it himself.  Denise had worked in sales before she got married.  Afterwards, she devoted a lot of time to local charities. 

Denise and Steven moved to a bigger house not far from me around the same time as my divorce.  Connie and I never had a satisfactory sex life.  We were both sexually submissive and didnt realize it before we got married.  Since we didnt have children, and had other incompatibilities, we decided divorce was the best option. 

I visited several professional dominatrices over the years, and learned that I was most aroused by bondage, verbal humiliation, forced cross-dressing and body worship.  I masturbated several times a day to magazine photos and stories about submissive men controlled by dominant women.  I often pictured Denise Taylor in my fantasies. 

Denise and Steven would invite me over quite often after the divorce.  I would also come over during the day and help Denise with the new house hanging pictures, fixing the plumbing, doing some electrical work, creating their home computer network, installing their stereo system, etc.  The work seemed to have me over there at least one or two days a week.  I even started doing errands for her like picking up dry cleaning, taking packages to the post office or her car in for repairs.  Denise told me her female friends always asked how they could find someone like me to work for them for free.  Actually, I had a monthly income from a trust account set up by my grandfather. I didnt have financial worries as long as I didnt buy yachts or expensive cars.

During the summers, Denises niece, Kimberly would stay with the Taylors for a month.  Kimberlys parents lived in San Diego, and she was a younger version of Denise.  Kimberly played tennis, beach volleyball, was an expert swimmer and diver, and had black belts in two martial arts.  Kimberly was a freshman in college when I met her.  She had just turned 18 and was given a convertible for her birthday. 

About the time Kimberly started visiting, Denise and Steven moved again, this time to a very expensive estate near the beach in Malibu.  They even had a full-time live-in maid.  I was at their new house a lot doing my usual fix-up and installation work, and saw Kimberly quite a bit.  She would occasionally ask me to do things for her also.  I would be soaked in perspiration from my efforts, and several times heard Denise on the phone to Steven telling him I was working like a dog. 

A few years went my like this, with Denise taking my services for granted, and asking more and more.  I knew she had no sexual interest in me, but she had such a naturally dominant personality and was so beautiful that I was happy to do anything just to be around her.  Kimberly came out for her usual month in Los Angeles, and I was surprised to learn that she would be spending the entire year here.   She had a special grant for work-study at a law firm in L.A. specializing in environmental law. 

By this time I was 39 and Kimberly was 22.  She had matured into a very self-confident beautiful woman.  She was 59” tall, and towered over me in the stiletto heels she usually wore.  Her 38dd-25-36 figure was firm and tan, and her face was drop-dead gorgeous long blond hair, blue-eyes, full-lips usually coated in lustrous red lipstick.  She still had her convertible and now her own room in Denise and Stevens house. 

One day, while I was fixing a slow drain in the master bathroom, I overheard Denise and Kimberly talking in the bedroom.  Kimberly was asking Denise if I ever did work for any of Denises friends, and Denise told her I didnt.  Kimberly said something I couldnt hear, and then louder said that I needed an owner.  “Its so obvious.  I amazed one of them hasnt taken control of him by now.” she said. 

Kimberly told Denise that she knew something about men like me, and that Denise was missing out on a great opportunity.  Denise and Steven were scheduled to leave in a few days for a two month European trip, and Kimberly told Denise that she would have a nice present for her when they returned.   

Denise informed me that she had arranged for me to get medical insurance through Stevens company.  I would have to pay for it myself, but the premiums would be low and the coverage excellent.  I would need to get a complete physical before the coverage could take effect.  Since Kimberly was going to get a physical also, Denise said she had scheduled them at the same time so we could go together.  I found out later that this was all Kimberlys idea.  Kimberly wanted to make sure I was in good health.  She did not want to waste time on someone with medical problems.  She also wanted to make sure I had a recent aids test.  

Denise gave me some work to do while they were away, and asked me to coordinate my schedule with Kimberly.  She also asked me to do any chores that Kimberly might need for the house.  

The day the Taylors left for Europe was the beginning of my end of life as I knew it. 

At this time of my life, I was 39, slightly overweight, 57” tall, light brown hair and a small beard.    I was not someone a hot 22 year old would find attractive.  Still, I had my orders from Denise and was looking forward to seeing Kimberly. 

The Taylors left on a Friday.  A week went by before Kimberly called me to come over.  I didnt know it then, but she needed the time to make some preparations and changes in the house, and get the test results of my physical.  Her car had a flat tire, she said, and she needed to get it repaired.  I dressed quickly and drove to Malibu.  At the time I was living about 45 minutes from the Taylors new house. 

Kimberly opened the door in a skimpy red bikini.  She said she had been out by the pool working on some legal research.  I went to fix the flat and discovered that the tire was simply deflated.  I used an emergency air pump in my car to re-inflate the tire.  I thought that there was a slow leak in the tire and never suspected that Kimberly had let the air out as an excuse to have me come over. 

When I went out to the pool, Kimberly was laying face-up on a mat with her top undone.  I made a noise, and when she looked up, she slowly replaced her top.  I explained the problem with the tire, and she told me that she had another problem.  The Taylors live-in maid, Maria, had a family emergency and had to return to Mexico.  There was no one available to clean and take care of the house for the next two months.  Kimberly was going to be too busy with work to do anything.  Kimberly told me she had called Denise who suggested she ask me to fill in for the two months. 

“It will involve doing the dusting, washing, ironing, cooking, gardening and any other chores Maria did.  Since you live so far away, it would be easier if you lived in the maids room while you are here.  Denise said she would be very grateful if you would do it because it would be hard to get someone trustworthy while they are in Europe.  I would be very grateful too.  You could do so many things for me, and make my life easier.”

Here was with this stunning woman before me asking me to live with her.  I had all kinds of fantasies floating through my mind.  Of course I said “Yes”.

“Great” she replied.  “Denise said I wouldnt have any problems with you living here because you were harmless.   You are harmless, arent you Michael?” 

What could I say to that?  My fantasies crashed and burned, and I was committed. 

“The first thing you need to do is some laundry.  Denise left a lot of her underwear and lingerie in a pile, but the clean and dirty things are mixed up.  Lets go inside and I will instruct you how to separate the clean from the dirty, and how to wash them.”

Kimberly led me to the laundry room, and I saw a big pile of underwear on a table. 

“The easiest way to tell the clean from the dirty is to hold each piece up to your nose and inhale deeply.”  She picked up a pair of panties and held pushed it into my face.  “Now inhale deeply” she commanded. 

I followed her instructions and got a strong odor of pussy and urine.  Kimberly actually rubbed the panties on my face before asking “Are they clean or dirty?”

“Dirty” I replied. 

“Good. Now put them in the dirty pile and go through all the rest.  When you are finished, hand-wash all of them and hang them on the wooden drying rack behind you.  Call me after you finish, and I will give you my panties to wash.  You should be able to smell the difference between Denises and mine by then.” 

She left me in the laundry room, and I got to work.  I smelled each dirty piece longer than necessary, even licking the stains on them.  I think that Kimberly may have seen me, but I wasnt sure.

After washing everything, I went out to see Kimberly.  She was still lying in the sun, but this time she was face-up and completely naked.  As I walked out, she barely bothered to pull a towel over her thighs.  She left her magnificent breasts exposed as she sat up.  I tried not to stare at her breasts, but I couldnt take my eyes off them. 

“I like to sunbathe nude.  Since you are the maid now, I didnt see any reason to treat you any differently than I did the woman you are replacing.  Do you have a problem with that, Michael?”

I had some trouble answering because my mouth had suddenly gone dry.  “No, of course not, Kimberly” I replied.

“Perhaps you should call me Miss Kimberly just to keep our positions in proper order”

I was taken aback by her take charge attitude, but somehow it seemed right to call her Miss Kimberly.  “Certainly Miss Kimberly” I replied.

“Good, now Ill show you my lingerie that needs cleaning.”  She got up and walked into the house.  I followed a few steps behind her, staring at her stiletto heels and long legs as they disappeared into the towel.  We arrived at her room, and she pointed to a pile of clothes on the floor.  “Wash, dry and fold those and put them back in my drawers.  I will expect lunch in one hour.  I want a small salad and some fresh fruit.  Bring it out to the pool when it is ready.  If I need anything before that I will call you.” 

She left the room and removed her towel as she walked out the door, leaving me staring at her tight tan ass.  I picked up the clothes and held them to my body as I carried them to the laundry room.  She was right.  There was a different odor to her clothes.  Her fluids mixed with her perfume to make her clothes smell fantastically.  I wanted to cover my face with them, but was afraid of being caught. 

I took Kimberlys lunch out to her after I finished the laundry.  She didnt acknowledge my presence immediately, so I stood there with her plate.  Finally, she looked up and told me to put the food on the table near her. 

“Denise asked to have fresh flowers cut from the garden and placed in a vase.  Please do that now Michael” she said. 

I returned from the house with cutters and went to work on the flowers.  Just before I started, Miss Kimberly called me over. 

“I dont want you to get sunburned out here, so put some of this sunscreen on your face.” 

She handed me a bottle of sunscreen and I applied it. 

After I finished, she looked at me and said “I dont have any lip balm, and your lips will get burned.  I think I have something that will work.  Kneel down here next to my lounge chair.”

I knelt before her and could not help staring at her enormous breasts.  They were so close that I was almost shaking.  I never even noticed as she took out a tube of bright red lipstick. 

“This will do the job.  Nobody will see you back here and it will save your lips.”  She applied the lipstick generously, having me pout or move my lips to make the application easier.

“Good, now get to work.  Leave the lipstick on because I dont want to keep reapplying each time you go in and out of the house.” 

My mind was filled with the vision of how her breasts would look with my lipstick marks all over them.  I wanted to stay on my knees and beg her to let me worship her but was too afraid to say anything. 

While I was working in the garden, the sprinklers went off.  I was thoroughly soaked.  I thought the timer was set for the early morning.  Miss Kimberly told me to take off my clothes so I didnt drip in the house.  She went to get me some other clothing.  (I now realize that she had changed the sprinkler timer just to get me wet).  Miss Kimberly came back with a bundle which she tossed to me. It contained a black mini-skirt with an elastic waist, a womans white blouse and red panties.  I stared at the clothes.

“Is there a problem?  These were in the maids room and looked as though they would fit.  You cant stay in the wet clothes and work, so change now!”  Her voice was very commanding. 

I started to go into the house to change and she stopped me immediately.  “Dont get the floor wet inside!  Change right here.  I assure you that you dont have anything I havent seen before.”

I turned around and removed my wet things, but realized I had to turn back to get the dry clothes.  As I did, Miss Kimberly moved to see me naked. 

She gave a short laugh and said “I thought so!  You really dont have anything to hide do you?  I think that is the smallest penis I have ever seen.  I cant imagine any woman would be satisfied with that.  When Denise said you were harmless, she really meant it.”

Her comments made my already small penis shrink even more.  I was humiliated and turned on at the same time.  I quickly put on the red panties before a little tent would show. 

“Those panties and lipstick seem perfect on you.  Maybe I should be calling you Michelle instead of Michael?  Would you like that Michelle?” 

I quickly put on the rest of the clothing.  The miniskirt barely covered the panties, and the blouse was very sheer and tight.   The red lipstick made me look even more ridiculous and yet thrilled me at the same time. 

I couldnt answer her.  I was dizzy from the rapid events that led me in less than a day to be wearing lipstick and taking orders from a submissives dream. 

“I take that as a yes.  So you will be Michelle from now on.  Right Michelle?”

“Yes, Miss Kimberly” I replied. 

She handed me a tube of red lipstick and said “Keep this on you at all times.  I think you look good in this color.  I dont want to see you without it.  Understand?”

“Yes, Miss Kimberly” I replied.

“There is a list of chores Denise left on the kitchen island.  Why dont you start on those.”

That was how things began.  I cooked for Miss Kimberly that evening for dinner.  She ate in the dining room, and I served her.  She wore only a skimpy tank top and mini-skirt.  She always seemed to be wearing high heels.  I wore my miniskirt, blouse and lipstick.

When it came time for bed, she led me to a small room close to the laundry. 

“You can use this room.   It doesnt have a bathroom.  The door has a magnetic lock and keypad that requires a code to be opened from either side, or I can open it remotely from the master bedroom.  I intend to lock you in each evening.  This is the Taylors emergency safe room.  I started to protest, but she explained that Denise had promised Kimberlys mother that those would be the arrangements.  You will need to wash up before I lock you in. 

“What if I have to go to the bathroom during the night?” I asked.

She handed me a wide-mouth jar with a screw top.  “Use this and be glad I dont put you in a diaper”

“Dont worry about a fire.  It is fireproof and soundproof.  Thats why it doesnt have any windows and just the one door exit.”

I washed up, and Miss Kimberly locked the door behind me.  Needless to say, I masturbated almost immediately.  I didnt know there was a closed circuit camera in the room broadcasting my every move to Miss Kimberly in the master bedroom. 

After I finished, I looked the room over.  There was a single light fixture on the ceiling.  A queen sized bed took up most of the space.  One closet held a collection of miniskirts and blouses, all like the ones I had been wearing.  At the bottom of the closet were eight pairs of womens shoes four were flat without heels, the other four had stiletto heels from 3” to 5”.    I tried on one of the flats, and they fit! 

There was a bureau with six drawers.  The bottom four drawers were locked with padlocks.  The top drawer contained plenty of panties all in black or red.   The second drawer had some frilly maids aprons and some white gloves.  I assumed the contents belonged to the previous maid.  I was wrong.

There was also a table for applying make-up.  It had a large mirror attached with lights all around it.  The tabletop was covered with lipsticks, mascara, eyeliner and other makeup. 

The only things on the walls were framed photos.  On the wall opposite the door were two photos, one each of Denise and Steven.  Both seemed to have been taken at the pool because they were wearing very tiny bathing suits.  The photo opposite the bed, and the one I would see just before I closed by eyes, was the size of a poster.  It was of Miss Kimberly.  In the photo, she was standing, wearing a string bikini, with her hands on her hips and a scowl on her face.  She seemed to be looking directly at me. 

The main light went out suddenly and a small night light came on.  I realized that the light switch was outside of the room and thought the lights had gone off on a timer.  I later learned it was more of Miss Kimberlys control. The camera could still broadcast in the dark room, so my second masturbation was probably viewed as well.

The next day was a little confusing for me as I tried to adjust to my new position.  Miss Kimberly unlocked my door at 7:30 and allowed me to use the bathroom.  After I had showered, she told me I needed to make my bed and dress in a similar uniform as yesterday.  She decided it was a more appropriate outfit for a maid than my own clothes, and there were plenty of miniskirts and blouses for me to wear.  The panties and lipstick were not even discussed as options.  She also told me to wear the flat shoes in the closet.  She knew they would fit me.  Miss Kimberly gave me instructions for the day, starting with preparing her breakfast.   I would eat in the kitchen at the sink while I served her in the dining room.  I was required to wait at her side as she tasted each time to make sure it was satisfactory.  I found myself holding my breath as she tried each dish.  I realized that her approval was extremely important to me.  When I was dismissed, I was actually happy to have pleased her.

Miss Kimberly finished breakfast and retired to the family room.  She called me in after the breakfast dishes were cleaned.  She was seated in a large easy chair and motioned for me to stand in front of her.  As Miss Kimberly handed me a list of chores for day, she looked me up and down.  Frowning, she stared at my legs.

“You have too much hair on your legs for that skirt.  You need to get rid of it now.  It is disgusting.  As a matter of fact, I want you to go shower immediately using the liquid in the blue and red bottle next to the tub.  Use it on everywhere except your eyebrows and head.  I will know if you dont follow my instructions perfectly.  Leave the liquid on for five minutes and rinse it off.  Call me after you have dried yourself, but before you get dressed.  Go now!”

I had an idea about what was going to happen, but I wasnt strong enough to say anything to her.  Her spectacular looks and dominant personality just overwhelmed me.  I was helpless to deny her anything she asked of me.  The fact that it was just the two of us, alone in this large house for the next two months, made everything a bit unreal. 

I followed her instructions even thought the liquid burned after a few minutes, and called her after I had dried off.   Everywhere I had washed was devoid of body hair.  I looked like a little boy.  Miss Kimberly looked me over carefully.  She had me turn around like a runway model.  I was excited to have her seem me naked, but she acted like a medical professional.  She didnt smile or frown, just examined me to make sure I hadnt missed anywhere.  I was hoping she would touch me, but she just looked. 

“Get dressed now.  I want you to repeat this procedure every five days.  If you grow any stubble on your face or groin, I want you to shave it off immediately.  You will be punished if you disobey me.”

I had no intention of disobeying her, but did wonder about the type of punishment she meant.  I would soon find out. 

The next few days were pretty much the same.  I fixed her meals, cleaned, did chores, dressed in my new uniform, reapplied by lipstick several times a day and masturbated to Miss Kimberlys photo every night. 

I managed to do things correctly until the fourth day.  Miss Kimberly had gone out on some errands, and I was cleaning inside the house.  I was dressed in my red panties-miniskirt-sheer blouse uniform with my lips heavily coated in red lipstick when the doorbell rang.  I stopped and stood completely still.  I didnt know what to do.  I was afraid to open the door dressed as I was.  I quietly moved to a front window and peaked out.  There was a UPS truck in the driveway.  I felt a little better because I knew that the UPS driver would leave the delivery by the front door.  I didnt move for 5 minutes, and heard the truck leave the driveway.  I waited until I was sure no one was in sight and opened the door expecting to retrieve the delivery.  I only found a yellow sticker on the door stating that UPS had tried to make a delivery that required a signature and that they would return tomorrow.  I hoped that the package was not important and that Miss Kimberly would not be angry. 

As soon as Miss Kimberly returned, I presented myself before her.  I told her very apologetically what had happened, and I could see her getting angry even before I had finished. 

“You stupid bitch!  What were you thinking?  Of course you needed to open the door.  That was a very important next day delivery from my office.  I needed those documents today.” 

She grabbed me by my arm and pulled me towards my room.  “You need to learn a lesson, and this is as good a time as any.” 

Miss Kimberly shoved me into my room and halfway on the bed.  She went over to the locked drawers of the bureau and removed a key from her pocket.  She unlocked the bottom two drawers and pulled the lowest one open.  Miss Kimberly reached in a pulled out three things.  The first was a large paddle with holes in it, similar to ones used in fraternity hazing.  The second was a jockeys riding crop and the third was a long thin flexible cane. 

“First, bitch, I am going to warm you up with an old fashioned spanking.  Then well move on from there.”  I didnt want to get hit and tried to leave the room, but she quickly grabbed me and twisted my arm behind my back.  In an instant, she was sitting on the edge of the bed and I was across her lap.  My arm was still painfully held behind my back.  With her other hand, she flipped up the skirt and pulled down my panties.  The first blows were surprisingly painful, and I was begging her to stop.  I was practically crying when she finally did, and my ass felt on fire.  She dumped me on the floor and went back to the bureau.  She pulled out some handcuffs from one drawer and was on me before I had a chance to move.  Now my hands were locked behind my back.  She practically picked me up, shocking me with the display of her strength, and through me face-down on the bed.  A quick trip back to the bureau and she had some leather cuffs over my ankles.  My legs were spread far apart, and chains appeared from under the corners of the bed.  They were attached to the ankle cuffs, locking my legs in position.  Miss Kimberly put similar leather cuffs on my wrists and unlocked the handcuffs.  In a quick motion, she had my arms stretched in front of me attached to the chains at the head of the bed.  I was spread-eagled face down on the bed, and I hadnt been able to put up any resistance.  Once I was in the proper position, Miss Kimberly stood back and looked down at me.

“Now you need to learn that what you think doesnt matter to me.  You have a job to do in this house, and I expect you to do it properly.  Answering the door, greeting my friends, serving me and them all are part of your duties.  I dont care if you are naked, or dressed as a clown.  You do what I tell you to do.  If you feel humiliated, thats just too bad.  Thats all in your head and not my concern.   Now, to make sure you remember this lesson, I am going to hurt you.  The next time you wonder about what someone other than me is going to think I want you to remember this session.  As painful as you find it, the next time will be worse.  You have no idea how creative I can be when it comes to inflicting pain.  Believe me you do not want to find out. You will obey me at all times, immediately, and without question.”

She moved over to the three implements she had removed from the bureau, and picked up the thin cane.  “I think well use this today.”  She said, smiling for the first time.

The next few minutes were horrible.  I felt as if I were being cut up.  I could not even anticipate when or where the next blow would fall.  I was crying and begging her to stop.  I promised anything I could think of.  I only wanted it to stop.  Finally, the room was silent except for my sobbing. 

“Now, Michelle, tell me what you have learned today.”

I could barely speak without sobbing.  “I must obey Miss Kimberly immediately and with hesitation at all times.  I must consider her before anything or anyone else. I must put Miss Kimberlys wishes before anything else.  ”

“Good, Michelle.  Now I think it would be proper for you to call me Mistress instead of miss.

I later found out how Mistress Kimberly knew exactly which buttons to push to completely control me.   Her plan began before the Taylor left for their vacation.  Mistress Kimberly recognized my submissive behavior immediately, and discussed the possibilities she envisioned with Mistress Denise.  Her first step was to get proof of my submissive nature.  She made sure Denise kept me busy at the house and came up with some excuse to borrow my car.  Without my car, I was stuck in Malibu, so Mistress Kimberly was free to go to my apartment.  My house keys were on the key ring with the car keys.  She let herself in and leisurely went through my apartment.  She discovered a bunch of magazines in the bedside cabinet all devoted to female domination and feminization of men “Women in Command” “Dominant Domain” “Transvestites in Bondage”.  She found many more on the top shelf of my closet   She discovered my “slave bag” containing my “fem clothes” 38dd bra, crotchless panties, fishnet stockings, camisoles, tap pants, garter belts, leather bondage items, handcuffs and ropes.  Her search turned up my old leather briefcase filled with photos of the dominant women I had served along with letters I had written to them.  In those letters she learned about every fetish I had, how I begged to worship a dominant woman, how I needed to be owned and used. 

Her computer skills quickly revealed all the secrets of my hard disk.  There were hundreds of downloaded photos of women dominating men.  She quickly realized that most of the women were blond, wearing leather, very red lipstick and had extremely large breasts.  There were also photos of transsexuals dominating men.  The common traits to the dominant tss were very large breasts and very large cocks.  There were lots of photos of men on their knees, often dressed as a sissy or maid, wearing lipstick, sucking the large cocks.  She read my emails to dominant women begging to be used as their bound slavegirl.  I wrote I needed to be smothered under their asses; my face belonged between their legs or between their ass cheeks.  I wanted to be kept constantly in some type of bondage and never given a moment of freedom.  I wanted to be feminized and used by both men and women as a sexual object.  I wrote about breast implants, tattoos, bondage, toilet training, maid service, and complete and endless servitude.   Mistress Kimberly learned that I craved both verbal and physical humiliation.  I felt the greater the humiliation suffered, the greater the proof of my owners control and domination. 

By the time Mistress Kimberly left my apartment, she knew she would own me.  I think she envisioned me as a piece of property with a “sold” sticker on my ass.  She returned to Malibu and that evening spoke with Mistress Denise.  They discussed Mistress Kimberlys plan to enslave me, train me, make me into a feminized slavebitch and give me to Mistress Denise as a gift.  Mistress Denise had some reservations, but Mistress Kimberly talked about her experience in domination, and assured Mistress Denise that I would present no problems.  She even said that she was a little surprised that I hadnt offered myself to Mistress Denise.  Mistress Denise replied that she had no interest in me as a sexual partner, but was intrigued by the idea of me as a sexual servant.  She was also thinking of how Master Steven would like to have “a blowjob bitch” on call.  She gave Mistress Kimberly a rubber cock that had been made from a mold of Master Stevens.  They had it done on their honeymoon as a joke, but Mistress Denise now thought that Mistress Kimberly could use it to train me to take Master Stevens real cock.  It was huge, and they both knew I could not accommodate his large cock without a lot of prior training.  Mistress Denise also pissed into several glass jars that Mistress Kimberly placed in the refrigerator.  Mistress Kimberly did the same with her piss.  She intended to have me drink some each day and get used to the flavor of their piss until I could distinguish which Mistress was the source.  Mistress Kimberly ordered the installation of closed circuit video cameras in the maids room, kitchen, laundry room, and bathrooms.  The monitor and control was in the master bedroom.  This would allow Mistress Kimberly to watch me without my knowledge.  She purchased the miniskirts, blouses, panties, underwear and shoes after noting the proper sizes from my apartment.  Very little was left to chance.  Mistress Kimberly just laid some traps and waited for her prey (me) to walk into them.  I think the phrase “lamb to the slaughter” comes to mind.

Anyway, my mind was coming to grips with the fact that I had been bound and beaten by a goddess and the pain was not like my fantasies.  Mistress Kimberly released my ankles and wrists, but told me not to move from the bed.  She left the room, and I remained exactly where I was, to afraid to budge. 

When Miss Kimberly returned, she was all in black, wearing only a garter belt, fishnet stockings and stiletto heels.

Miss Kimberly asked, “do you like what you see?

I replied that she was incredibly beautiful.

“You know that an old man like you could never have someone like me, but there is a way you could be useful to me.  Do you want to be useful to me?.

“Yes, Mistress” I immediately replied.

“Good.  I knew men like you in college.  In fact, I had someone who would do anything I told him.  He was obedient, submissive and very useful.  You could say that I owned him.  I think you need to be owned, Michelle.  I think you dream of it.  I think you need to be told what to do and when to do it.  Am I right Michelle?  If I am, I want you to come over to me and kneel down and kiss my right shoe.  Make a loud kissing sound and keep you lips on my shoe.” 

I felt like a deer caught in the headlights.  On one hand, Miss Kimberly was a fantasy come to life.  On the other hand, this was crazy and absurd. 

Kimberly saw the confusion in my eyes and said in a loud and commanding voice “I said get over here now slave!”

I mind was in shock, but my body moved forward.  I felt myself kneel down in front of her and kiss her shoe. 

“I knew you were a submissive bitch the moment I saw you.  Now you are going to be mine!”

She turned around and bent over slightly so her ass was closer to my face.  “Kiss my ass cheeks and make the same loud kissing sounds.  Now!”

I obeyed, kissing her smooth tan skin in a worshipful manner. 

As I kissed her she held the jockey whip in her had.  “This whip was given to me by the first man I completely dominated.  It was during my first year in college and he was a graduate assistant.  He wanted me use him as a pony and around ride on his back while hitting him with the crop.  I decided I liked whipping him so much that I read up on female domination.  I moved in with him and made him my complete slave.  You wouldnt believe some of the things I made him do for me and my friends.   He eventually dropped out of school when I got tired of him.  But I still have a sentimental feeling for my first whip.”

“Now, gently spread my cheeks apart and French-kiss my asshole.    Stick your slut tongue in as far as you can until you can taste my shit”

I rushed to follow her orders, pushing my tongue into her hole.

“I have plans for you that you cant even image.  I am going to own you completely.” I kept worshiping her asshole as she outlined her plans. 

While she was here, I was to make her pleasure, comfort and convenience my sole objective.  I would learn what she needed and become her complete body servant.  This was not about my pleasure, just hers.  She was going to train me, condition me, and modify my body to suit her.  She told me I needed collagen injections in my lips so I could have “cocksucking lips”.  Some permanent makeup would make me look a little more feminine.  Eventually some implants to give me real tits and some liposuction to give me a better figure.  And, of course, some tattoos of ownership in the appropriate places.

This was going a little to fast for me, but I didnt stop licking her asshole until she pulled her body away.  She ordered me to remove my clothes and get face-up on the bed.  Once I was situated in the proper position, she got on the bed and sat on my chest.  Kimberlys incredible breasts almost blocked my view of her face.  Her legs pinned my arms to the bed, and she told me to open my mouth.  When I did she spit in it. 

“My saliva will spread through your body.  It will make your mine.  You are helpless to resist because you know I am superior to you.  I am dominant, you are submissive.  You have always wanted to be controlled, but were too afraid to seek it.  Well, little mouse, I have found you and you cant get away.”

“I had planned on getting you a cock harness, but after seeing how little your cockette is I may have trouble finding one small enough.  No wonder youre submissive.  You are hardly a man more like a little girl.”

Kimberly then positioned herself so that her cunt was over my face.  “Get used to my cunt.  I like to get sucked several times a day.  So you had better get good at this fast.”  She dropped her cunt on my mouth.  I felt her weight pushing my face into the pillow.  I could barely get any air.  Kimberly obviously thought I was waiting to long to get started, so she grabbed my balls and squeezed.  I immediately started licking as quickly as possible.  I sought out her clit and kept my tongue in motion around it.  Her juices started flowing and I was able to get small gasps of air.  She started moving her cunt on my face and then stopped and squeezed her thighs around my head until I thought it would pop like a balloon.  Finally, she moved off my face which was covered in her juices. 

“Not bad for the first time.  I expect you to crawl between my legs to wake me up in the morning and put me to sleep at night.  I want you under any table or desk I am sitting at, available to eat me.  If I am on my stomach, you will lick my asshole.  I want you to clean my cunt after I piss, and lick my asshole after I shit.”

Kimberly got off the bed and left me laying there in a daze.  She was back in a moment with a dog collar in her hand.  She held it in front of my eyes so I could see the dog tag on the collar.  It read:

Slave Michelle - Property of Mistress Kimberly & Mistress Denise Please return to (and then the Taylor address).

She put the collar on me and locked it in place.  Before I knew what was happening, she had turned me over and put handcuffs on me behind my back.  

“In order for you to truly become my sissybitch, you have to give up the one thing that still makes you think have any maleness in you.  So right now I intend to fuck your little cunthole.  I am going to impale you on my strap-on cock and listen to you squeal like a pig.  When I am finished you will understand on a much deeper level our relative positions.  You will realize that you were born to belong to a dominant woman.  You are starting the journey that will end with you as a submissive cunt-sucking, asshole-licking, cock-loving, sissy-bitch slavegirl. 

Mistress Kimberly went back to the bottom dresser drawer and pulled out a large black strap-on dildo.  It looked enormous, but I now realize that she was using the smallest one her collection.

She sat on the bed and with one hand lifted my head by my hair.  With her other hand she reapplied the red lipstick that had been smeared around my face.  Then she sat down on my chest.  The black dildo was inches from my lips.  I could feel the heat of her body and felt completely trapped under her.  She looked in my eyes and said “Get some of that lipstick and spit on my cock. It may make it easier on you when I take your cherry.” 

I dont know how she knew I was an anal virgin, but by now I was ready to believe she could read my mind.  I was always afraid of anal sex, and dont like pain, but now I felt helpless and weak.  She was physically and mentally stronger than I was.  She knew what she wanted and intended to take it.  I realized that resisting was futile, and a big part of me didnt want to resist.  I wanted her to take me in a way no one else ever had.  She would own me if she did this.  It was as if she could see into my soul and grabbed it in her hand and squeezed. 

I sucked on the dildo as if my life depended on it.  I gagged as she pushed it deep in my throat, but she did not insist on shoving it all the way it.  She seemed satisfied that I was sucking it like a cheap whore.  When Mistress Kimberly felt I had lubricated her cock, she moved me to the end of the bed. 

“Normally I would shove your face into the bed and fuck your ass, but I want to look in your eyes when you realize I can do whatever I want with you.  You are helpless to deny me anything because, as you will realize in a few moments, I own you.”

She pushed some lubricant in my asshole and pulled my ankles up on her shoulders.  My ass was suspended in the air and an inviting target for her intruder.  I felt the tip probe my asshole.  “Look in my eyes, bitch!”  Mistress Kimberly said.  “Dont take your eyes away from mine for a moment or your previous beating will seem like a love tap.   Push out as if you were taking a shit if you want it to be slightly less painful.” 

I tried to do that as she invaded by asshole.  It really hurt and my eyes started to tear.  I kept looking at her, and she had a cruel smile on her face.  When I could feel her “balls” on my ass, I knew she was completely in.  It hurt and felt full at the same time.  I did not enjoy it the way some magazines say you do.  This was rape, and I was the victim.  My rapist humped my ass and kept looking at me.  I never felt as helpless in my life, and at the same time thrilled at the power Mistress Kimberly had over me.  As she moved inside me, I realized that I wanted to be raped.  I wanted her to use me, and Mistress Kimberly saw that recognition in my eyes.  She knew then she had won.  I belonged to her.  As she withdrew her weapon from my ass, she knew she could now proceed with the more strenuous part of my training and the rest of her plan.  I didnt know it, but my humiliation and loss of control was just beginning. 

“Now you are my bitch and you can expect to get fucked a lot.  I want to train you to take much bigger cocks and to suck them as well.   I want you to be more feminine now that you are no longer a virgin.  We will start with a wig and more makeup, and you will begin training in high heels.  I expect you to be able to walk perfectly in 5” stilettos by the end of next week.  You will start wearing a garter belt and fishnet stockings all the time.  When youre not in you mini-skirt, I expect you to be dressed as a French Maid.  There are three outfits in the third bureau drawer along with the garter belt and stockings.  I want you to look like a hot bitch.”

Not only will you be locked in this room at night, but you will also be bound spread-eagle on the bed.  No more touching yourself without my permission.  I have a cock harness that should get here tomorrow that will take care of that issue.  I had to order the smallest size they made.”

“We also have some errands tomorrow.  I am taking you to meet a friend of mine.  She has a beauty salon with some special services.  She is going to teach you how to give a pedicure and manicure.  You will need those skills in your new position.  Then she is going to do some work on you.  I have arranged for you to get the collagen injections immediately along with permanent tattooed makeup.  Your new cocksucking lips will always be big and dark red.  Your eyes will have eyeliner and extended lashes.  I am also having your areolas tattooed red so they stand out.  They wont be seen for a while because I am going to glue temporary breast forms on your tits, but eventually, when you get the implants, they will really pop.  Next will be a tongue stud.  I think Mistress Connie and Master Steven will enjoy that.  I know I will.  Then we will go with a few tattoos just to let people know your owners.  Above your sissycock will go Property of Mistress Kimberly and Mistress Denise   Just above your asshole will be the words Please Enter.”  

“I know all about you Michelle.  Mistress Denise and I are the dominant women in your deepest darkest fantasy.  You need a dominant woman to obey because you know you cant satisfy a woman with your cock.  If a dominant woman tells you how to satisfy her you are safe.  I think you have an intense interest in oral and body worship for the same reason.  You are probably attracted to transsexuals because they look like beautiful women, but with very large cocks.  You know a large cock is the sign of dominance in a man.  You are attracted to any form of dominance and eventually will realize that you must serve a dominant cock.  It so happens that Master Steven has a very large cock.  You can bet that you will become very well acquainted with it.”

I was in overload.  She knew everything about me.  She had taken control and was making me into her toy.  Things like this never happen in real life.  Nothing felt real except the pain in my ass.

Mistress Kimberly tied my ankles to the corners of the bed and, after removing the handcuffs, did the same with my wrists.  I was spread-eagled and helpless.  She looked down at me, this incredibly beautiful, sexy woman, and I felt a stirring even as she watched.  She knew exactly the effect she was having on me.  I was like her puppet.  She went over to the bureau and removed some realistic looking breast forms.  Well put these d-cups on tomorrow after the work on your areolas.”

Mistress Kimberly left the room and quickly returned.  She had some pills in her hand.  “Open your cuntmouth and stick out your tongue Michelle.”  She placed the pills in my mouth and had me swallow them without water.  “These will help you be a better sissybitch.  You will take them twice a day from now on.”  I had no idea what I was taking vitamins, estrogen, tranquilizers, testosterone blockers, weight loss or sleeping pills.  They could have been anything.  I swallowed them as ordered.  She also put a “depends” pad on the bed under me to catch any leakage.

“Get some sleep if you can, Michelle.  Tomorrow is going to be a special day for you.   After tomorrow, anyone who looks at you will recognize you for what you are.  My sissybitch.

Your training will start the next day, so enjoy your day off.”

Mistress Kimberly left the room, and I heard the door lock.  The lights went out seconds later.  The last thing I saw before the lights went out was the three photos of my new owners on the wall.   I lay there contemplating the difference between my fantasy of female domination and the real thing.  My ass still stung from the spanking.  My asshole was sore from the rape.  I could barely move around on the bed, and felt very helpless in my spread-eagle bondage.  I finally drifted off to sleep after the emotional rollercoaster of fear, excitement, and the desire not to disappoint Mistress Kimberly.  I realized that I wanted to please her.  Her desires had become the most important things in my life.  Part of me wanted to be free, but a much bigger part wanted her to keep me.

The next day went exactly as Mistress Kimberly had described.  I was released from bondage and told to shower.  After I was dressed in my mini-skirt and blouse, Mistress Kimberly had me put on a garter belt and fishnet stockings.  The mini-skirt barely reached the tops of the stockings.  I was allowed to wear my flat shoes, but Mistress Kimberly attached a thin 14” chain between my ankles.  My steps were restricted, and my arms were bound in a leather armbinder behind my back.  Mistress Kimberly applied a thick fresh coat of red lipstick, and said I was good to go.  She attached a leash to my collar and led me out to her car. 

The women at the salon were very interested in me and discussed methods of control with Mistress Kimberly.  She assured them that she had me well in hand.  The beauty work was done quickly, and Mistress Kimberly added plucking my eyebrows to the list.  I was fitted with two brown wigs.   One was about shoulder length and straight in the back and sides, with short bangs in front.  The second was shorter and more suitable for maids work.  The salon workers asked Mistress Michelle if she wanted my head shaved to make the wigs fit and attach better.  She said no.  She intended to have me grow my hair out so I didnt need a wig at all.  Besides, she liked grabbing a handful of hair as she guided her slaves face into her cunt. 

My ears were pierces and 2” hoop earrings were attached.  The tattoos were painful and took much longer than expected.  The permanent makeup on my lips and areolas took the longest.  The stainless steel tongue stud was the most painful, and I had trouble speaking with it in.  I lisped and sounded even more like a sissy.  Mistress Kimberly liked the way my tits looked so much that she ordered my nipples pierces and rings attached.  I had a manicure and pedicure.  All my nails were painted bright red.  Mistress Kimberly wanted my nails kept short because she intended to use me as her masseuse. 

As the work was being done, Mistress Kimberly sat next to me and told me one of her experiences in college.  I think the discussion of my hair brought this incident to her mind.  She was a freshman and living in the dorms part time.  The rest of her time was spent with her grad-student slave.  There was another freshman in the dorm who was designated dorm monitor.  She took her position a little too seriously and had done something to get Mistress Kimberly pissed off.  The womans name was Lucinda.  She was skinny, boyish looking with tits like two fried eggs.  Her one vanity was her very long red hair.  Lucinda wore it in one long braid down her back and it fell slightly below her knees.   Mistress Kimberly decided Lucinda needed a lesson.  One weekend when the dorm was almost empty, Mistress Kimberly went into Lucindas room and took her.  Mistress Kimberly twisted one of Lucindas arms painfully behind her back.  With her other hand she grabbed her red hair and forced her head back.  Mistress Kimberly marched Lucinda up the stairs to the attic of the dorm.  There was a peaked roof and wooden rafters in a dusty room.  Mistress Kimberly bitchslapped Lucinda a few times and dropped her on the floor.  As Lucinda lay there confused, Mistress Kimberly tied her hands behind her.  Then Mistress Kimberly took a longer rope she had placed nearby (along with some other items) and tied one end tightly in the braid of Lucindas hair.  She threw the other end of the rope over a rafter and pulled down, forcing Lucinda to her feet.    Mistress Kimberly pulled the rope tightly until Lucinda toes were slightly off the floor, and all her weight was supported by her hair.  Mistress Kimberly removed her own panties and shoved them into Lucindas mouth, then watched her swing.  Lucindas eyes were wide open in fright and shock.  Mistress Kimberly then took out her favorite riding crop and proceeded to beat Lucindas inner thighs and cunt.  Lucindas sobs could barely be heard through her gag.  When Mistress Kimberly was satisfied with the whipping, she released the rope so Lucinda could sink to her knees; then she retied the rope.  Mistress Kimberly brought an office chair that had been stored in the attic close to Lucinda and sat in it.  She removed her panties from Lucindas mouth, and shoved the chair close to Lucindas face. 

“Eat my cunt, bitch.  If you dont do a good job I will cut your precious hair off and shave your head.”  Lucinda begged and pleaded saying had never done anything like that.  She swore if released she would never tell anyone what happened.  All to no avail.  Mistress Kimberly used Lucindas hair to shove her head into Mistress Kimberlys cunt.  When Lucinda didnt do anything, Mistress Kimberly took a scissor and cut six inches off the end of the red braid and showed it to Lucinda.  Lucinda gave a low moan as Mistress Kimberly forced Lucindas head back into her cunt.  This time Lucinda started working.  She didnt do a very good job, but Mistress Kimberly was so turned on by dominating this bitch that she orgasmed anyway.  Mistress Kimberly cut Lucinda free and walked away.  Lucinda was so humiliated by the experience that she never told anyone about it.  What Mistress Kimberly found fascinating was that soon after this event; Lucinda started hanging around with some obvious dykes.  Lucinda took to wearing clothes more appropriate for a little girl.  She cut her hair, at first so she had two short pigtails with bows in each, then later to an almost crew cut.  She became the submissive lesbian bitch of several women and was passed around among them until college graduation. 

By the time the work on me was completed, I was sore all over.  Mistress Kimberly took me home and directly to my room. 

After I was bound to the bed, Mistress Kimberly said, “I wont be gluing on your breast forms after all.  I like how your tits look so much that I cant wait to play with them after the nipples heal.  I intend to have you wear a bra with realistic breast inserts so you can get used to the weight of real tits.  You will have them soon enough.  This way I can get to work on stretching your nipples so they at least double in length. 

The next morning my real training started. 

Mistress Kimberly opened the door wearing a black leather corset, micro-miniskirt, garter belt, stockings and stiletto heels.  Her breasts were bare and looked even larger than I remembered.   She unlocked me and went with me to the bathroom. 

“From now on you will give yourself an enema after you have finished cleaning the house and before your afternoon training session.  Im going to give you this first one.  I want to make sure you have a clean ass when I use it.”  She said.  I definitely did not enjoy the enema and did not look forward to it as a daily duty.  She left me to clean up alone.  When I returned to my room, I found her laying out some clothes and devices on the bed.  Included were a 38dd black bra and two realistic looking breast inserts. 

“The first duty you have each morning is to eat me out.  You need to learn to use that tongue stud.  So get on your knees and begin, bitch.”

She sat on the edge of the bed, and I immediately began to service her.  I realized that there was nothing I would rather do than eat her cunt.  I loved her taste.  I felt completely under her control and reveled in her power over me.   My lips felt a little strange from the collagen injections and the tongue stud was even stranger.  Mistress Kimberly seemed to like the feeling of the stud as I rolled it around her clit.  Her orgasm was much stronger than my previous experiences, and I thought she might actually crush my head between her thighs when she climaxed.  She pushed me away with her heel on my chest and stood up.  “I knew that tongue stud was a good idea.  Denise and Steven are going to love it.  Perhaps Steven will even let you keep your teeth instead of pulling them and making you wear dentures.  His cock is so big that sometimes his bitches have trouble keeping their teeth out of the way.” 

I was thrilled that I had been able to please her, but shocked at the thought of having my teeth removed.  I hoped she was joking. 

“Now put your lipstick back on thickly.  I know you have the permanent makeup, but I want to see your BJ lips glistening.  I want to see your lip prints on everything you kiss.”  I rushed to obey.

When she was satisfied with my lipstick application, she said, “Now carefully spread my ass cheeks and put your first kiss of the day directly on my asshole.  I want a red ring of your lipstick evenly around it.  Make a loud kissing noise while you are doing it, and hold your lips there for 20 seconds and think about how much you love my asshole.”

I obeyed and pretended I was kissing my lovers mouth. 

“This is how I have planned the day.  For the next two hours you are going to learn how to apply makeup.  I will show you once, and then you will practice putting it on and taking it off.  I know you have some permanent makeup, but the blushes, powders and liners will require repetition.  The next two hours will have you walking on a treadmill in three inch heels.  You need to learn the balance and motion, especially since you will be packing double D 38s.  The treadmill will go very slowly today, but the speed will increase during the week, as will the height of the heels.  You will be wearing a posture collar while walking to make sure your head is held high.  You get a ten minute potty break, then you can make lunch for me and clean the house.  Pay special attention to the master bedroom and all the bathrooms.  You will wear your French Maids outfit while cleaning.  I want you to stop every twenty minutes and freshen your makeup.  When the house is clean, I want you to come back to your room and clean and polish all the equipment in the bureau drawers.”

She directed my attention to some of the items she had removed from the drawers.  There were several whips and paddles, wrist, ankle, neck, waist and leg binders in both leather and pvc.  There was a large group of dildos in different colors and sizes.  The largest was black, very realistic and absolutely enormous.  It must have been 10 in length and so big in diameter that I doubted I could fit it in my mouth.  There was also a large collection of gags some were ball types, some had dildos for insertion into the mouth, and some were hollow tubes.  There were dental devices for keeping a patients mouth locked open.  There was a pile of chains and another of rope.  I noticed the eyebolts in the ceiling for the first time and realized their purpose.  There were several devices I couldnt identify or even guess at their use.  Scattered throughout the piles were clamps, clothespins and small lead weights. 

“I expect all these to be clean and ready for use. By the time you are done, it will be time for you to make dinner.  And in answer to your unspoken question, yes, all these will be used on you at one time or another.  Now, put on your long wig, and get dressed.  Your cock harness will arrive today.”

The first thing I put on was the black bra.  The breast forms were very heavy and looked real.  It would take some time to get used to wearing them.  After I finished dressing in my panties, garter belt, fishnet stockings and French Maids costume, Mistress Kimberly ordered me to kneel before her.  “Dont put the heels on yet.  You will have enough trouble when we start that part of your training.  I think you will need a corset tomorrow.  You bulge in the wrong places.  A month of salads and exercise will do wonders for your girlish figure.  Before we start the makeup session, I want you to taste something.”  She produced a tray with three small glasses. 

I was on my knees, and she ordered me to tilt my head back and keep my mouth wide opened.  “Keep this in you mouth and dont swallow until I give you permission.” she commanded.    She poured the contents of the first glass in my mouth.  It was room temperature, and I instantly recognized it as urine.  “This is mine.  Savor it like fine wine.  I want you to be able to recognize my taste.”

After a minute had passed, she gave me permission to swallow.  Then she poured a little water in my mouth and told me to rinse it around.  When I was back in position, she poured the next glass in my mouth. “This belongs to Mistress Denise.  I asked her for it before she left for Europe.  See if you can notice the difference.”  I could taste a difference between the two liquids.  I swallowed and rinsed again.  “This last one is from Master Steven” she said as she poured the liquid in my mouth.  The taste was definitely different.  “We will do this each morning.  Dont worry, they left me a large supply for you to taste.  It is in the refrigerator in the garage.  I warmed them to room temperature.”

“Now one last thing before we start on your makeup.  I want you to open you mouth and hold this dildo in as far as it will go.”  She went to the pile and removed the largest one.  It was a struggle to get even a small section in my mouth.  It wiggled above me like an obscene fertility symbol.  My head was bent back as far as it would go.  Mistress Kimberly stood above me with a camera and took some photos.  She showed me the digital image as it appeared on the back of the camera.  You could clearly see my maids outfit, stockings, wig, makeup, and my large red lips stretched tightly around the dildo.  “Im sending this to Mistress Denise.  She was wondering how your training was going.  The dildo in your mouth is one she got on her honeymoon.  She and Steven had a mold made of his cock, and a rubber model made.  It should give you some incentive to practice on the smaller models.  Denise expects you to be able to service Steven.”

The realization that Denise and Steven, correction Mistress Denise and Master Steven, knew and helped plan all that Mistress Kimberly was doing to me shook me up.

We moved to the makeup table and began the lesson.  Mistress Kimberly was going to apply the makeup the first time, then I would remove it and reapply it ten more times.  After she finished the first application, I was surprised to see an attractive, even sexy woman staring back at me in the mirror.  With the wig, “bee-stung” lips, eye-shadow and blushes, I barely recognized myself.  While I was practicing my makeup, the doorbell rang.  I was afraid Mistress Kimberly was going to order me to answer it, but instead she told me to keep working.  She returned with a small brown package in her hands. 

“Your cock-harness has arrived.  Now we wont have to be concerned with any “mistakes” on your part.” Mistress Kimberly said.

I was told to pull down my panties, and she took my cock in her hand.  She encased it in three interlocking pieces of plastic that fit together like a puzzle.  One part was a ring that went behind my balls.  The other parts were two halves of a tube that enclosed my shaft, but left the head exposed.  A small lock connected the pieces and prevented removal of the device without a key.   The tube was very short because my cock was so tiny. 

When it was time for my practice in high heels, Mistress Kimberly brought out knee and elbow pads for me to wear.  They were the type used by rollerblade riders.  I put on the pads and 3” black stiletto heels and walked with her help to the treadmill.  I had trouble standing still in the heels.  My ankles would suddenly wobble, and I would lose my balance.  A black leather posture collar enclosing my entire neck was locked on.  It ended right under my chin, forcing me to keep my head high.  Luckily for me, the treadmill had bars on the side, at waist height, for me to grab when I lost my balance.  Between the posture collar, the unfamiliar weight of the 38dd breasts, and the 3” heels it was hard just standing upright.  Mistress Kimberly had me stand still for about 20 minutes before starting the treadmill.  My calves were already starting to ache.   There was an HDTV on the wall in front of the treadmill.  Mistress Kimberly started a Victorias Secret dvd of models walking on a runway.

She ordered me to watch how the models moved.  “Push your shoulders back.  Try to get your shoulder blades to touch.  This will make sure your breasts are accentuated.  I want you to concentrate on crossing your ankles as you walk.  Watch the models, and you will see how that makes their hips sway.  I expect you to have that same feminine gait.   This training will develop the proper motion of your ass and hips.

I fell several times, but by the end of the workout, I was able to stay upright and walk at a slow pace.  She corrected me using a long buggy whip when I did not move correctly.  My calves and thighs were shaking when the treadmill stopped.

Finally I got my bathroom break and was allowed to remove the high heels and put on flats.  I re-did my lipstick and made lunch for Mistress Kimberly.  Then I began to clean the house.  Mistress Kimberly told me that this would be my routine for the next week.  Morning training would involve lessons in being a proper sissymaid.   The next mornings lesson would be on how to properly curtsey when entering a room.

When I had any free time, I was expected to do “special chores” such as polishing all the silverware, waxing the furniture, scrubbing the floors or any minor household repairs.  My normal daily chores included cooking, laundry (both machine and by hand), ironing, dusting, making the beds and straightening up around the house.  When Mistress Kimberly called for me, I was to stop whatever I was doing and go to her immediately.  I was to stand near her until she recognized my presence, then curtsey and ask how I might serve her.

After my daily cleaning, the late afternoon sessions would be devoted to sexual training.  I would be taught to properly worship Mistress Kimberlys cunt, asshole, breasts and feet.  I would learn to deep throat the largest dildo in the house and take it in my asshole.  I would be trained in the etiquette of being used as a toilet and/or toilet paper. 

It was obvious that Mistress Kimberly was making a major investment in my training and expected to own an obedient, fully trained feminized maid and sexual slave at the end of it. 

Since I now had a chastity device locked on, Mistress Kimberly decided to change my sleeping arrangements.  I would no longer be bound to the bed.  I would now sleep with a 12” chain locked between by ankles, and a 6” chain between my wrists.  Mistress Kimberly would set a timer in the Master Bedroom to unlock my door at 5:30am.  I was to wash my face and brush my teeth, and then come to Mistress Kimberlys room.  I was to crawl under the covers from the bottom of the bed place my face between her legs.  Depending on her position, I was to wake her by licking her asshole or cunt until she told me to stop.  Then I was to kneel by the side of the bed.  She would then either use my mouth as her toilet, or she would release my wrist and ankle chains.  I was to return to my room, shower, dress and prepare her breakfast.  

The next three weeks were endless training sessions.  I became proficient at walking in 5” stiletto pumps.  I lost weight from the diet and exercise program Mistress Kimberly had devised.  When dressed in my French maids uniform, I looked like a teenagers wet dream.  My makeup was perfect, and my lips were large, moist and inviting.  My 38dd breasts were accentuated by my posture and the tight corset which restricted my waist to a tiny size.  The fishnet stockings ended just below the bottom of my uniform, and the ends of my garter belt were visible.  The stiletto pumps made my legs look longer and sexier.  My wig, earrings, and red fingernails all added to the image.

My nipples were starting to get longer.  Mistress Kimberly attached weights to my nipple rings to stretch them, and she would pull and tug on my nipples while sitting on my face.  

I always bent from my knees, never my waist.  My curtsy became smooth and instinctive.  My eyes were always downcast, never rising above my superiors lips.  I began to anticipate Mistress Kimberlys wishes.  I learned her “hot buttons” when sucking her cunt or asshole, and discovered how to use my tongue stud.  I was able to swallow her piss, rarely spilling some from my mouth.  I learned to suck the larger dildos, finally overcoming my gag reflex.  Mistress Kimberly started me with my head hanging over the end of the bed so she had a straight line down my throat.  She would slowly push the dildo in and out, allowing me to relax my throat and swallow as she pushed.  I still hadnt managed to take “Stevens” dildo, but was making progress.  I also learned to take larger dildos in my cunthole.  Mistress Kimberly would fuck me at least once a day, usually in the bedroom.  Sometimes she would take me bent over the living room sofa, or tied down to the coffee table.  

I learned how to be a ladys maid, giving Mistress Kimberly a manicure or pedicure.  I would brush her hair each night, and massage her legs, back, neck and arms.  If she used the toilet, I would lick her cunt or asshole clean. 

Mistress Kimberly pressed all my sexual buttons, and I was always at a high state of sexual excitement.  Her body was incredibly beautiful.  I would see her breasts and cunt in my dreams.  I reveled in the humiliations she inflicted on me.  Her conditioning made me want to do anything to please her.  That became my number one goal. I could not image doing anything else.   I couldnt believe how happy I was in such a submissive and powerless position.  My entire being revolved around Mistress Kimberly.

She did allow me to cum as part of my training.  I was put on the coffee table on all fours, wearing my garter belt, stockings, wig and makeup.  Mistress Kimberly attached weights to my nipple rings and removed my cock harness.  She would sit on the sofa and proceed to milk me, treating my cock like a cows udder.  She ordered me recite “I am the property of Mistress Kimberly.  Mistress Kimberly owns me” over and over as she stroked me.  The weights attached to the rings swung back and forth, pulling and elongating my nipples. When I came, she caught it in a small bowl.  She poured my cum into a special hollow dildo.  This dildo allowed her to squirt the cum into my mouth as I sucked it.  This training taught me to swallow cum and reinforced my submission.  My cock harness went on immediately after I ejaculated. 

Once Mistress Kimberly was satisfied that my training was progressing, she started to make some changes to my routine.  I was moved from the “safe room”, to a room next to the master bedroom.  The door was not locked, if fact, there was no door.  The room was laid out in a similar manner to the safe room, but everything was in pink.  There were more photos on the walls and by the bed.  There was a photo of Mistress Denise wearing only a thong bikini bottom.  It was the first time I had seen her breasts, and they were just as amazing as Mistress Kimberlys.  There was a nude photo of Master Steven in a weight lifters pose.  His cock was every bit as big as expected.  There was also an enlarged photo of only his cock and balls.  I could see the veins and ridges on his cock in incredible clarity.  There were several photos of Mistress Kimberly with close-ups of her cunt and asshole.  There were large floor-to-ceiling mirrors on one wall and a mirror over the bed.  The make-up station was the same.  One wall had the leather bondage implements, whips, chains and ropes hanging on pegs.  The bureau contained my lingerie, breast forms, stockings, dildos and strap-on sets.  There was also a “bondage horse”.  This was a leather padded piece of equipment, similar to the “horses” used in gymnastics, except this horse had ankle and wrist straps, and other locking devices.  I could be bent over the top, so my feet were on one side and my arms on the other, or tied down on top of it with one arm and leg on either side.  The later position made both my cunt-mouth and cunt-hole available for use. 

There was also a 50 inch HDTV on the wall opposite the bed.  It was connected to a laptop computer that continually showed changing full-screen photos of dominant women subjugating men, sissies getting fucked, sucking cocks, assholes, breasts, and cunts.  The tv set was never turned off.  I was forced to constantly think of serving my superiors. 

I didnt realize it at the time, but the purpose of moving me closer to the master bedroom was to make it easier for Mistress Denise and Master Steven to use me during the night.  Now I was available 24/7 to service Mistress Kimberly.

The Taylors had been gone about 5 weeks and Mistress Kimberly started leaving me home alone for several hours at a time.  Sometimes I was given a chore to complete or training to finish before she returned.  Other times she would leave me chained or tied up.  Mistress Kimberly began to go out in the evenings also.  I was required to be awake, fully made up and dressed in my uniform at whatever hour she returned.  She would ring the doorbell which I had to answer within 10 seconds. 

On evening she told me to expect her home with some guests.  She wanted to give me some “live” practice with a cock before the Taylors returned.  I was very nervous before she left, and Mistress Kimberly gave me a small pill which she told me to take at 8pm.  I believe it was something to keep me calm.  No one had seen me since Mistress Kimberly took control and my emotions were running wild.  I took the pill at 8, and it did seem to help.  At a little after nine, the doorbell rang.  I ran to answer it with a surge of adrenalin, and opened it.  Mistress Kimberly was there with a handsome and well built man and a stunning red-headed woman.  I curtsied as they entered and kept my eyes down.  They kept walking into the living room as I closed the door.  I think the man briefly looked at me when the door first opened, but then ignored me.  I was actually relieved at that. 

Mistress Kimberly ordered me to bring a bottle of champagne and three glasses to the living room.  I opened the bottle and brought everything in on a silver tray.   The two women were sitting on the sofa.  The man was in an easy chair naked from the waist down. 

I put the tray on the coffee table, being sure to bend at my knees.  I asked Mistress Kimberly if there was anything else I could do, hoping that she would tell me to leave. 

Instead, she said, “Pamela this is my latest project, slavebitch Michelle.  Michelle, say hello to Mistress Pamela.”

I faced Mistress Pamela and curtsied as I said “Hello, Mistress Pamela.”

“Now, tell Mistress Pamela what you are Michelle” Mistress Kimberly commanded. 

“I am the property of Mistress Kimberly.  I am a cunt-sucking, asshole-licking, cock-loving,

sissy-bitch slavegirl” I replied as I had been taught.  I kept looking down at the floor as I recited my mantra. 

“Kim, she seems a little old.  About the same age as the professor our junior year you were training. 

Whatever happened to him?”  Mistress Pamela asked, still examining me.

“I gave him to that blonde, Delores.  The one who was working at starbucks and as an aerobics instructor to pay her tuition.  She doesnt have to live in that dump off campus anymore.  She moved in with him, and hes waiting on her hand and foot, literally.”  They both laughed.  “And shes not working now, since I told him her tuition was his responsibility.  Delores and I had a little ceremony where she gave me a check, and I gave her deed to her new property.   She wrote me that she enjoys studying much more now with the professor under her desk sucking her cunt.” 

“Anyway, Michelles age isnt important to me, shes a present for Denise and Steven. Michelle, show Mistress Pamela your harness.”

I pulled up the hem of my French Maids costume, and lowered my panties, so my cock harness was visible. 

“Whats the old saying like a penis only smaller?  That is really tiny.  I hope she has a good tongue.”  Mistress Pamela said.

“Get on your knees” Mistress Kimberly commanded.

I dropped to my knees immediately, and remained there, head bowed awaiting instructions. 

“Michelle, Mistress Pamela is, among other things, a notary public.  She is going to certify your signature on some documents I have.”

Mistress Kimberly handed me some papers and told me to sign them.  I not no idea what they were, but at this point, I would have signed anything for Mistress Kimberly.  I didnt seem to any will of my own left.  Mistress Pamela then stamped the documents and copied down the information on my drivers license.  Much later I was told what I had signed.  One paper gave Mistress Kimberly power of attorney over all my property and bank accounts.  She was able to transfer my monthly deposits to an account controlled by Mistress Kimberly and the Taylors.  The second document was a contract stating that I wished to be trained in domestic service by Kimberly Black and Denise and Steven Taylor.  In exchange for my room, board and medical benefits for seven years, I gave them unlimited rights to train, use and correct me as they saw fit, and agreed to pay them a monthly fee of $5000.  I also agreed to any body modifications they deemed necessary to fulfill my obligations.  They were to provide all necessary clothes and uniforms to fulfill my position.  They had an option to renew the contract for seven year periods.  I could cancel the contract, if I reimbursed them for all expenses and paid an enormous sum in penalties.   They also had the right to sell my contract and me to anyone else whenever they wished.  I was allowed to read the contract seven years later when my owners exercised the option.  All payments were made by Mistress Kimberly with my power of attorney. 

“Michelle, Mistress Pamela has graciously allowed Master John to help with your training.  She is going out of town for a few days, and doesnt want Master John to feel sexually deprived, so you are going to satisfy him.  He wont be using your asshole.  The first real cock in there will be Master Stevens.  But Master John will be using your cuntmouth.”  Mistress Kimberly said. 

I looked over at Master John as he said, “Hell yes.  She doesnt look bad, and those are definitely cock-sucking lips.  That tongue stud seals the deal.”

“You heard him, Michelle. First freshen your lipstick, then crawl between his legs and beg to suck his cock.  I want to see your lipstick marks all over it.”  Mistress Kimberly demanded. 

As I moved to obey, John slid to the edge of the chair.  

“Master John, may this sissybitch please have the privilege of worshipping your manly cock.”

“Well, since you begged so nicely, sure, get your cocksucking lips around my meat.”

“Hold his cock in one hand and rub his balls with the other, Michelle” Mistress Kimberly instructed.  “Now kiss the tip and roll your tongue around the rim.  Concentrate your stud on the underside of the head.”  

His cock began to grow and get very hard.  It was nowhere near as big as Master Stevens for which I was very grateful.  It was about 7 ½ inches long and medium thickness.  I was able to take the whole thing in my mouth and down my throat without a problem.  I was moving my mouth along his length when I felt his balls tighten.  He grabbed my head and shoved his length down my throat and held me there.  I could feel him shoot his load.  As he pulled out, I swallowed as quickly as I could.  I managed to keep all his cum in my mouth.

John gave a loud sigh, and lay back into the chair.  I licked off his cock and returned to my position at Mistress Kimberlys knee. 

“Is she any good at sucking cunt?”  Mistress Pamela inquired with a slight smile on her lips.

“Why dont you tell me?”  Mistress Kimberly replied.

“Michelle, crawl to Mistress Pamela and eat her cunt.”

I crawled between Mistress Pamelas legs.  She had already removed her panties and moved closer to the edge of the sofa.  Her cunt was shaven, except for a small patch of hair about an inch above her clitoris.  “Lets see how that tongue stud feels, bitch.  Thats the only part of you that is a stud.” She said laughing.  “But first wipe off all your lipstick.  I dont need your suck marks all over me.”

“And why dont you use John while your slut is doing me?  Mistress Pamela added.

Mistress Kimberly made a motion with her finger to John.  He wasted no time getting between her thighs and kissing her cunt.  The only sounds in the room were small noises from the women being serviced as we both concentrated on pleasing them.  Mistress Pamela came first, making several loud moans while simultaneously pulling my head into her cunt and squeezing it tightly with her thighs. 

“Youve trained this bitch well, Kim.  I wish John could get a tongue stud, but it wouldnt go over well at his work.”  Mistress Pamela said.

“Feel free to come over any time to use Michelle.  She needs all the practice she can get.”  Mistress Kimberly replied right after she orgasmed.   “John isnt bad either.”

“Fix your lipstick, Michelle, then go to my room and kneel by the bed.  You still have work to do tonight.  Mistress Pamela and Master John will be leaving soon.” Mistress Kimberly ordered.

I rose and left the room.

I later learned that Master John wore a chastity device like mine.  Mistress Pamela had control of his cock, and Mistress Kimberly made John gets a physical a week before they came over.  She didnt want to take any chances with her gift to the Taylors.  Kimberly made arrangements for John to come over several times during the week to fuck my face. Mistress Pamela gave her the key to his cock harness.  Having a real cock to practice on did improve my skills.  Mistress Kimberly stood next to me giving me precise instructions and corrections each time I sucked his cock.  I saw the effect of my tongue stud and enjoyed my new ability to control his ejaculation.  I was allowed to use my hands the first few times to hold his cock and balls.  Eventually, I was used with my hands bound behind my back.  I worshiped his balls, and then he held my head and face-fucked me at will.

I waited in Mistress Kimberlys room thinking about her remarks.  It was obvious from the confident and professional manner she exhibited training me that she had a lot of practice enslaving and using submissive men.    Her goal with me was to create a trained sissymaid and sexual toy for her Aunt and Uncle.  I was concerned about how Mistress Denise and Master Steven would react when they returned.  They left a longtime “friend” and would come back to a feminized obedient maid and sexual servant.  I was so conditioned by Mistress Kimberly at this point that I never considered not following her orders.   I wanted to please her, to be used by her, to obey and worship her.

Mistress Kimberly returned and ordered me face-up on her bed.  As she sat on my face, she said “Now youve had your first real cock.  You will be using larger dildos now, and I want you to start sleeping with a dildo in your cunthole.   You need to get it stretched out to take Stevens cock.  You will also start keeping a butt plug in there during the day.  I am going to give you one with an internal vibrator.  When I press the remote, its your notice that I require your presence.” 

She placed a cock gag in my mouth and strapped it around my head.  The part in my mouth was about 3” long.  The external part was a lifelike solid cock that protruded from my mouth for 8”.  She placed the end of the cock in her cunt and fucked my face until she came.  Then she removed the gag and had me clean her juices off the dildo. 

Mistress Kimberly wasnt finished with me yet.  She took me back into my room and strapped me down to the “horse”.  My body was astride the horse with one arm and leg on each side.  Mistress Kimberly put on a large life-like strap-on dildo with balls and lubed me up.  She fucked me like a bitch until her “balls” were slapping my ass.  Then she left the dildo completely in me and pulled on my nipple rings, telling me how she couldnt wait until I had real breasts for her to squeeze.  She unbuckled the harness from her hips, but left the dildo in my cunthole while she showered and prepared for bed. 

Mistress Kimberly finally came back to release me.  She removed the large dildo, replaced it with a butt plug just as big.  This was my sleeping plug.  It would be a long time before I slept without something in my ass again. 

As the day approached of the Taylors return, Mistress Kimberly started having long conversations with Mistress Denise on the telephone.  My training concentrated on the finer points of service.  I went to the salon for a waxing to remove any remaining hair on my body.  Mistress Kimberly graduated me to her largest dildo in my mouth and cunthole.   I cleaned the house until it was spotless. 

On the day of their return, Mistress Kimberly told me that only Mistress Denise would be arriving alone.  Master Steven needed to stay in Europe on business and would return in 4 days.  I was thrilled with this change.  I would have a chance to serve Mistress Denise and see her reaction to my new status.

Finally the car arrived in the driveway.  Mistress Kimberly had gone to the airport to pick up Mistress Denise, and I waited in the living room as instructed.  When they entered, I curtsied and said “Welcome home Mistress Denise.”  I tried to keep my eyes downcast, but did sneak a peak at Mistress Denise to see her facial expression.  She wasnt smiling, but she didnt seem angry either.  Mistress Denise was dressed in jeans, sneakers, and a loose fitting top.  All comfortable clothes for a long airplane trip.  The top did nothing to conceal her huge breasts.  Her blond hair curled at chin length.  Her lipstick was dark red and glistening. 

“Denise, you are now the owner of this slavegirl.  I hope this property is acceptable to you.  She has been trained to obey without hesitation.”  Mistress Kimberly said.

Mistress Denise looked at me.  “Raise your head, Michelle.  Look in my eyes.  When I knew you before, I treated you as an equal.  Now things have changed.  You are now something for me to use.  And I will use you.  I expect complete obedience or you will be punished.  Kimberly has told me about your training.  You will be my maid, my toilet and my bitch.  You will be Stevens cocksucker.   I will display you to my friends and they will use you.  You will be humiliated, abused and controlled.  When Kim first pointed out your submissive personality and told me her plan for you, I was skeptical.  She told me about her expertise in turning submissive men into slaves. As she emailed photos of your stages of submission to us, I began to really consider the benefits of owning a slavebitch.  And now I do.  I never considered you a man, and I wasnt sexually attracted to you when you were a man.   The ride from the airport was long and I need to use a toilet.   So crawl over here and remove my shoes and pants.” 

As I started to crawl, Mistress Kimberly said “Michelle, tell Mistress Denise what you are.”

I began my mantra “I am the property of Mistress Denise.  Mistress Denise owns me.  I am a cunt-sucking, asshole-licking, cock-loving sissybitch slavegirl.”  I had reached Mistress Denise by the time I finished.

Mistress Denise undid her belt buckle and opened the button of her jeans.  I unlaced her sneakers and she stepped out of them.  Then Mistress Denise sat down and allowed me to pull off her jeans.  Then she stood up again, and I removed her panties.  I was on my knees starring at her cunt.  I had dreamed of being in this position ever since I met her.  Mistress Kimberly would tie me in a chair with a dildo in my cunthole, and have me look at photos of Mistress Denises cunt on the hdtv in my room for hours.  I unconsciously licked my lips as I looked at the real thing.  I could taste my lipstick. 

“Michelle, your first act as my bitch is to drink my piss.  Get your slut mouth on my cunt and dont spill a drop.” 

I acted even before she finished speaking.  I was like a racehorse waiting for the gate to open.  I pressed my mouth over her cunt just as her urine started to flow.  I swallowed as I had been taught, and managed to get every drop.  I recognized her taste from my training. 

“Now, lick me dry.”  I obeyed, hoping that she would allow me to do more. 

“Alright.  Kim has given you a tongue stud and trained you to worship cunt.  Show me what youve learned.  I know you have wanted to see my cunt up close and personal for years.  You are going to get plenty of time to do that.  And when youre finished, I expect you to lick the sweat from my ass crack.”

I lost all contact with the outside world as I sucked her cunt.  I used everything I had been taught to please my owner and was rewarded with a flood of juices from her.  She pulled my head away from her cunt by my hair and moved to make her ass accessible to me.  Then she pulled me back, and I went to work licking her crack up and down and sticking my tongue into her asshole.  Mistress Denise seemed to like that also.  Much to my regret, she told me to stop.  My face was soaked with her fluids, but I was incredibly happy. 

“I want to make sure you understand that our former relationship is over.  I no longer see you as a person.  I see you as a possession that I intend to use.  Your feelings do not matter to me.  Your comfort does not matter to me.  Make no mistake about my position.  You belong to me, and I will punish you without hesitation if you fail to comprehend that.”

“Kim, please take this bitch to the “horse”.  I think an object lesson is in order.” Denise said.

Mistress Kimberly had me rise, curtsey and follow her to my room.  She tied me tightly to the horse leaving my ass accessible on one end and my mouth on the other.   Mistress Denise entered and walked in front of me.  She was wearing the “Steven” strap-on dildo and it swung heavily from her hips.  She lifted my head by my hair, so I she could see my eyes. 

“Suck my cock you sissybitch.  Get it good and wet before I fuck your cunt.  She shoved the enormous dildo in my mouth, and the weeks of training paid off.  I was barely able to take it, but managed.  My eyes were tearing by the time Mistress Denise pulled it out.  As she moved behind me, Mistress Kimberly placed some KY jelly in my cunthole.  Mistress Denise positioned the dildo and worked the tip in slowly.  Once it was inserted, she shoved the rest in hard.  Mistress Kimberly muffled my screams by pressing my mouth to her cunt.   Mistress Denise was not gentle.  She was proving a point, and using my cunthole to do it.  My tears and screams only made Mistress Kimberly more excited and her juices flooded my mouth.  It was hard to breathe with my face pressed tightly to her.  Finally, Mistress Denises attack ended.  She pulled out the dildo and removed the harness.

Mistress Kimberly released my head, and I hung there sobbing and exhausted.  I heard Mistress Denise ask Mistress Kimberly for the cane.  Mistress Denise moved in front of me again, making sure that I could see her holding the cane in her hand.  

“Im going to beat your ass to make sure to understand your place.  But I dont need a reason to do this.  I can do it because I own you.  We are not friends.  We are not acquaintances.  I am your owner. You are my slave.  I command.  You obey.  Immediately.  Without question.  Do not expect mercy or compassion.  I will break you to my will at the slightest sign of disobedience.” 

Mistress Denise was revealed to me in all her dominant power.  I wanted to serve her.  I wanted to be used by her.  I wanted her to own me.  I deserved to be beaten as proof of her superiority. 

“Count each touch of the cane, and say Thank you Mistress Denise” she ordered. 

She gave a wide swing with the cane, bringing it down on my ass with incredible force.  I screamed as it hit, but managed to say the required words.   Mistress Denise decided she didnt want to hear my screams and had Mistress Kimberly put a red ball gag in my mouth.  When it was in place, she continued my caning.  By the time she reached fifteen hits, my ass was on fire; I was sobbing uncontrollably and was completely broken to her will. 

“Leave her tied there Kim.  Lets go in the living room and have a drink.  You can tell me all about your training technique.”

They turned off the hdtv and the lights in the room as they departed.  The only illumination in the room was the light shining on the photo of Mistress Denise.  I was left, hanging exhausted and helpless on the horse, staring at my new owner as the pain in my ass came in waves. 


I dont know how long I was left to recover, but eventually my mistresses came to release me. 

“Fix your makeup then get in the kitchen and prepare dinner, Michelle” Mistress Denise ordered. 

“Make two rib-eye steaks with a Caesar salad.  Also sauté some mushrooms and make green beans with a lemon vinaigrette.  Get a good bottle of Pinot Noir from the wine cellar.  We will eat in the dining room in 45 minutes.” 

I could hear them talk in the living room as I was cooking. 

Mistress Kimberly asked if Steven was ever concerned about my being over so often.

“Steven used to say that Michael followed me around with big puppy eyes and a tongue hanging out.  Steven would have been concerned if a real man was around so much, but he never considered Michael a real man, and neither did I.  Steven is going to laugh like crazy when he sees that tiny cock locked in your harness.  Even if I had ever let that wimps prick in me, I couldnt have felt anything.”  Mistress Denise replied.

“Kim, you are welcome to stay as long as you like, but I suspect that you want your own space.”

“Ive found a condo in my friend Pamelas building.  I will move in after Steven gets back, and Michelle is trained to your routine.  I would like to use her once a week to clean my place.  She should have more free time now that the bulk of her training is completed.  I think she should always be transported in bondage, and I have a suggestion.  Steven can drop her off at my place in the morning on his way to work.  She can clean my condo, stay with me overnight, clean Pams the next day  and Steven can pick her up on his way home.  I will keep her well used and disciplined.  I will leave you a long coat with holes in the pockets.  Dress Michelle in bra, panties, garter belt, stockings and high heels.  Lock her bondage belt around her waist, put her coat on with the hand in the pockets, and then lock her hands to the bondage belt.  It will look as if she is fully dressed and she will be helpless.  Perfect for delivery to her job.”  Mistress Kimberly said.

“That sounds fine to me.  I was thinking about lending her out to some friends of mine.  I dont want too many people to know about Michelle, so it will only be to the single ones.  They have always been jealous of me because I had a free handyman.  Wait until they realize that I now have a free maid and sex slave.  I really want to thank you for all your work.  You have an amazing ability to recognize submissive men and to train them to worship you.    I bet my friends will be after you to find some for them.”  Mistress Denise replied.

“Finding the men isnt hard.  They seem to be all around.  Men with small cocks are easiest to enslave.  There are two paralegals and one junior partner in my law firm who are possibilities.   But it takes a lot of time and effort to make one into a trained maid.  I really dont have the time for that.   However, it takes very little time, about one week, to make one into a sex slave.  There are many more submissive men than dominant women.  It is just a matter of finding out the particular fetish or fantasy of a man and then using it to control him.” Mistress Kimberly said.  

“Ill also be happy to take charge of Michelle, when you and Steven are away.  You dont want to leave a sissy-slave alone too long, and you cant put her in a kennel.   I can always have company over and let Michelle cook and serve.    She can sleep chained at the foot of my bed.” Mistress Kimberly continued. 

I served their dinner in the dining room.  I heated the diner plates and chilled the salad plates.  I held each platter and served from their left.  I filled their wine glasses often, and remained standing two steps away from the table awaiting orders. 

A lot of the conversation concerned the training of submissive males.   Mistress Kimberly also mentioned that when she ate alone, I was under the table kissing her feet or sucking her cunt.  Mistress Denise was very interested in the extent of my massage training.  Mistress Kimberly detailed my tattoos and had some suggestions for new ones.  They also discussed having cosmetic surgery performed on me.  Mistress Kimberly listed 38DD breast implants, liposuction, facial reconstruction and vocal cord and Adams apple adjustments.  Both wanted to keep my sissy cock and balls just as they were.  I was told to open another bottle of wine, and they both seemed very relaxed when dinner was over. 

As I cleaned up, my owners were planning the rest of my evening.  Mistress Kimberly had moved from the master bedroom to a guest room.  She gave Mistress Denise a guided tour of my room, pointing out the bondage devices and sex toys.  Mistress Denise was impressed with Mistress Kimberlys use of the hdtv screen and the constant rotation of images to condition me.  My clothes were displayed and the makeup I used.  Mistress Kimberly demonstrated the different punishment implements and discussed the effects of each.  She described the wakeup routine she had established, getting sucked first thing in the morning, and using my mouth as her toilet.  She suggested Mistress Denise try it the next morning.  I could always be trained to wake Mistress Denise and Master Steven that way, if they wished. 

Mistress Kimberly came to the kitchen and informed me she was going to bed.  I was to report to Mistress Denise after I finished. 

I entered the master bedroom to find Mistress Denise looking at some photos.  I waited until she acknowledged my presence, and curtsied.  “How may I serve you, Mistress” I said with my eyes downward. 

“I was just looking at some photos of your training at different stages.  You make a much better looking girl than boy.  Draw me a bath.  When Im done you can give me a massage.  If you do a good job, I will allow you to worship my cunt and asshole again.  If not, then you go back on the horse.  I hurried to fill the tub, and lay out the oils for her massage. 

When Mistress Denise emerged from the tub she looked incredible.  I had always found her to be extremely attractive, and to see her magnificent breasts and superbly toned body made me weak.  I had set up the massage table near the bed and put a heated pad below the sheets.  Mistress Denise lay face down on the table as I warmed the oil in my hands.  I started the massage at her shoulders and worked my way down to her feet over the next hour.  She seemed very relaxed when I asked her to turn over.  I began at her feet again, worked over her firm thighs and had to restrain myself from rubbing her cunt.  I did rub her breasts, and could hardly believe I was actually holding them in my hands.  I had fantasized about touching them for years.  I was tremendously excited and my sissycock strained against its plastic cage.  I massaged her arms and spent another 30 minutes rubbing her head and neck.  I rubbed her ears as I ended the session. 

Mistress Denise opened her eyes and slowly moved off the massage table.  As she walked to the bed she said “That was very relaxing.  Kim has trained you well.  I am going to lie down now, and I want you to get between my thighs and suck my cunt.  Do it slowly and gently.  If I fall asleep, you are to return to your room.  Wake me at 7am by crawling back here and sucking my cunt or asshole depending on my position.  I may need to piss then and I dont want a single drop on the sheets. 

I will tell you want I want for breakfast in the morning.  Now, get your tongue working.  I enjoyed whipping your ass, so dont give me any unnecessary reasons to do it.”

I got into position and starting licking her cunt.  This was what I had dreamed about doing for years.  I would have worshiped her all night, but stopped when I was sure she was asleep.  I looked forward to the morning when I would have a chance to do it again.  

The next day I serviced Mistress Denise and made breakfast for both my owners.  I had been ordered to dress in my blouse and mini-skirt outfit.  After I cleaned up the dishes, Mistress Kimberly attached a leash to my collar and led me to Mistress Denises study.  Mistress Kimberly explained to Mistress Denise that she had ordered me to organize all the charity information.  I had created mail lists, form letters, spreadsheets of budgets, and input all the minutes from the meetings.  Now Mistress Denise had someone who would do all the tedious and menial work while she enjoyed the admiration of her peers. 

Mistress Kimberly said “Menial repetitive jobs are one of the best uses of slaves.  It reinforces their feelings of worthlessness and gives them an opportunity to benefit their owners.  A slave knows it is inferior and needs its owner to reinforce that.  It craves the feeling of humiliation.  An owner has control of the slave physically, emotionally and mentally.  The slave needs to fear harsh punishment for disobedience.  You really dont want a masochist as a slave.  They will screw up just to be punished.  Let them go to professional who is paid to hurt them.  A brutal beating is necessary at the beginning of enslavement to condition the slave.  As the dependence on its owner grows, punishment could be locking the bound slave in a room without contact.   Michelle would suck your cunt for hours if you let her.  Thats actually a reward for her.” 

“Speaking of rewards let me show you how to milk a sissy.  She needs this one in a while, but I find a horny slavebitch is a more attentive.”

I removed my blouse and bra with the inserts, and was positioned on the living room coffee table on all fours.  Mistress Kimberly attached weights to my nipple rings.  My skirt was lifted up and my panties pulled down.  Mistress Denise was seated next to me and shown how to remove my cock harness.  Then I recited ““I am the property of Mistress Denise.  Mistress Denise owns me” as she milked by sissycock.  I came almost immediately.  The excitement of having Mistress Denise touch me was overwhelming.  They barely had time to get the bowl underneath me.  As I licked up my cum, Mistress Denise pulled on my nipples.  She was fascinated when Mistress Kimberly explained her method for elongating them.  Mistress Denise squeezed and pulled until my nipples were swollen and sore.  Then she put clothespins on them and pulled.  I tried to move away, but Mistress Kimberly bitch-slapped my face and told me to stay still.  Finally Mistress Denise tired of playing and released the clothespins.  The pain increased instantly and my eyes started tearing. 

“I think youre right, Kim” Mistress Denise said.  “This bitch does not DD implants.  I cant wait to play with them.  And Im sure Steven will enjoy them.  He can do all the things to her and I wont let me do with me.  This is so much fun.”  As she said “fun” she squeezed my balls, and a wave of nausea passed through me.  My cock harness was attached again, and I was told to clean the house.

A routine of sorts developed.  When I wasnt cleaning, cooking or doing laundry, I was used by my owners sexually.  In the evenings, while they watched tv, I was on my knees servicing them.  Mistress Denise used me in the mornings and at breakfast.  I worshiped Mistress Kimberly in the afternoons by the pool.  I was spanked over Mistress Denises knees, and beaten with a paddle when I spilled some water during lunch.  She used each bondage device in the house on me and kept me in uncomfortable positions for varying lengths of time.  Mistress Denise definitely favored playing with my tits and nipples, and often commented on the tiny size of my cock.  She even decided to have the head of my cock tattooed as red as my lips.  She said that was the only way anyone would notice it.

I worked in Mistress Denises office as her secretary.  I polished every shoe in her closet, and massaged and worshiped her feet.  I was used front and rear simultaneously in many positions and was kept in a sexual daze.  I was constantly being used by two very dominant, incredibly beautiful and very creative women.  I reveled in my humiliation and craved their attention and abuse. 

And then Master Steven came home….

I was standing in the living room with Mistress Kimberly when Mistress Denise walked in with Master Steven.  I was dressed as a French Maid in full makeup.  I curtsied immediately as Mistress Denise said “Here is our new maid, Michelle.  Michelle, recite your mantra for Master Steven.”

I obediently repeated “I am the property of Mistress Denise, Mistress Kimberly and Master Steven.  I am a cunt-sucking, asshole-licking, cock-loving sissybitch slavegirl.”

“I never thought of you as a man,” Master Steven said, “but I was surprised that Kim turned you into a sissybitch so easily.  So here you are, dressed like an ad for a porno website, and telling me you want to suck my cock. 

“Mistress Kimberly has made me realize that I need to be used by dominant women and men.  It is something that I always unconsciously sought, but could not find.  I need to be controlled.  Being bound and forced to obey relieves me of all decisions.  I believe my place is to serve and provide pleasure to my superiors.  I accept the need for disciple to make me a better slave.  I crave the humiliation of being used as a sexual object.  I will do everything I can to please you and satisfy you.  I will beg to suck your cock and be your bitch.  I will be your toilet.  I will obey you and worship you as my master and owner.”

“Get on your knees” Master Steven said. “Denise and Kimberly have been telling me about your new skills.  Im going to enjoy having you do all the things that Denise doesnt like.”

Master Steven lowered his pants and underwear and sat down.  His cock and balls were massive.  Even at rest, his cock was long and thick.  His balls were like two tennis balls resting there. 

“First, pull up your skirt and show me your sissy stick” he ordered.

I obeyed him and displayed my caged clit.  He looked at it, and then looked at Mistress Kimberly and Mistress Denise.  He shook is head at both of them in disbelief.

“Now beg to suck my cock and lick my balls.  If you want to be my bitch, you had better make be believe it.”

“Please, Master Steven, I need to suck your cock.  You are superior to me in every way.  I beg for the privilege of worshiping you as proof of your domination.  I beg to be used by you.  I am a sissybitch who needs to be taught her place as your property.”  I said staring at his cock and balls.

He moved closer to me holding his cock in one hand and my head in the other, and bitch-slapped my face with his tool.  He rubbed it all over me, finally holding it in front of my mouth, resting lightly on my lips.  It grew in his hand.  It seemed even bigger than my practice dildo, and I was in awe of its power.  I needed to have his cock in my mouth.  I needed to worship this symbol of my submission. 

“Alright, since Kim went to the trouble of giving you big red cocksucking lips, the least I can do is let you use them.   Start by licking the head and the underside of my cock.  I want to feel that tongue stud working.”  Master Steven commanded.

I began to lick the length of his cock.  It grew even as I kissed it.  I could barely hold it in two hands.  I was thankful for the training Mistress Kimberly had given me.  I would be choking otherwise.

He began feeding more and more into my mouth.  My lips struggled to fit around it, and I desperately tried to keep my teeth out of the way.  I felt it enter my throat and controlled my gag reflex.  I had some trouble breathing and tried not to panic.  I thought my jaw would unhinge.  Mistress Denise and Mistress Kimberly were watching his snake being devoured.    I could feel my throat stretching and wondered what my neck looked like to them.  I felt impaled on his cock. 

He began to move my head back and forth, and I could feel his muscles tense.  As he started to pull out of my mouth, his milky sperm overflowed.  I swallowed as fast as I could.  He sprayed my face with his cum.

“Youll have to learn to swallow faster.  And the first time I feel your teeth, will be the last.  Youll be wearing dentures the same day.” Master Steven warned me.

“Not a bad training job, Kim.  She was able to get my cock down her throat.  And I loved the feel of her neck muscles as she swallowed it.  Almost like being milked.  Not many bitches can handle a cock my size.”

My jaw muscles ached.  My lips felt as through they were split, and my throat was sore.  But I had taken all of his cock and felt his balls on my face.  I was thrilled that I had managed to suck him off and not embarrass Mistress Kimberly.  I felt more like an owned bitch than ever.

I couldnt wait for Master Steven, a real man, to fuck my cunthole.  I wanted to be his sissy slavegirl and have him take my ass. 

Mistress Kimberly pulled me away by my leash and ordered me to clean up and change clothes.  I was to return and serve drinks in the living room as soon as possible.  I left to obey, and they began to discuss my future. 

When I returned, they informed me that I would get cosmetic surgery immediately.  Implants would give me 38dd breasts, my waist would be liposuctioned to a tiny size, my nose would be shaped and made smaller, my cheekbones made more prominent, my Adams apple shaved down and my vocal cords modified.  The head of my cock was to be permanently tattooed the same red color as my lips.  The work would be paid for with money Mistress Kimberly transferred from my bank account.  They estimated that the surgery and recovery would take one month.  There still would be some swelling, but not enough to hinder my service. 

Mistress Kimberly left to make the arrangements.  Master Steven decided that he would take my virginity when I finished the surgery.  He said he wanted to be able to grab my large tits and nipples when he fucked me. 

I was surprised at how quickly things were moving.  It was decided that I would stay in the clinic for the entire month.  During that time, Mistress Kimberly would move to the own condo, and Mistress Denise and Master Steven would decide how best to use me. 

I prepared and served dinner, but was kept under the table while they ate.  I was ordered to kiss their feet and suck their toes for the entire meal.  They retired to the living room as I cleaned the kitchen.  When I joined them, I was ordered to my knees and told to suck Mistress Kimberly and Mistress Denises cunts.  I was thrilled to obey, and soon had my face glistening with their juices. 

I returned with Mistress Denise and Master Steven to their bedroom.  I prepared Mistress Denises bath.  Master Steven undressed and sat on the side of the bed.  As I kneeled before him, he placed his cock in my mouth and said, “Kim said she trained you as a toilet.  I want you here in the morning to wake us both up with your tongue.  Ill piss in your mouth, and then let you suck me off.  Do the same for Denise, then prepare us breakfast.  Now drink this down like a good sissy.” 

He proceeded to fill me with his piss and I swallowed it as fast as I could.  I tiny bit dribbled down my mouth to my chest.  When Master Steven saw it, he slapped my face.  “Toilets dont leak.  The next time you do, I will hang you up by your nipples and whip your ass.” 

Mistress Denise entered the room just as he said that.  She looked over at me and said “Suck his cock to make it hard, then go to the corner and kneel facing the wall.”  It didnt take long for his cock to engorge.  He kicked me away, and I went to the corner.  I heard them making love in the bed for a long time.  Mistress Denise was very vocal and had several orgasms.  When things quieted down, Mistress Denise said “Crawl over here bitch, and clean his cock.  Then suck his cum out of my cunt.  This is going to be part of your nightly duties.  And you know how much sissysluts need their daily ration of sperm.”  I crawled under the covers and cleaned them both.  I felt it was truly my place to clean my superiors.  I needed to be used this way and became incredibly excited.  If I hadnt been caged, I think I would have cum just from serving them. 

The next day Mistress Kimberly drove me the clinic.  She removed my cock harness, collar and wig before we entered the building.  I was given some papers to sign, and Mistress Kimberly transferred the funds for the procedures.  I went through a basic physical, blood tests, and ekg and was taken to my hospital room.  An IV was set up, and I woke up a week later, bandaged and sore.  The work had been completed and I needed to recover.  I had to wear a body stocking from my thighs to my chest for the liposuction.  My new breasts were huge and heavy.  They were even larger than they would finally be from swelling.  My face had ice packs on it and my cock hurt.  The painkillers helped, and I slept a great deal.  I had no visitors except the nurses and the doctor.  I was up and moving the second week, and by the fourth week I was ready to leave. 

A few days before my discharge, one of the women from the salon came to work on me.  She removed any body hair with hot wax, and gave me a manicure and pedicure.  My nails were bright red.  My hair had not been cut in over three months and was now long enough to style.  She dyed my hair brown to remove any signs of grey, and shaped it around my face.  I was even able to have a ponytail of about five or six inches as requested by Mistress Kimberly.  My cock locked in its harness again with the bright red tip sticking out. 

Mistress Kimberly came late in the afternoon to pick me up.  I was very excited to see her.  She looked even more beautiful than I remembered.  I removed my clinic gown and knelt before her naked.   I think she was pleasantly surprised when she saw the results of the operations.  “Why, Michelle, you look wonderful.  You face is very pretty now, and you wont need the breast forms or the waist cincher.  Now say something so I can here your new voice.”

“Thank you Mistress for making your bitch more pleasing to you.”  I said in a higher pitched, more feminine voice.

“Youre welcome, Michelle.  Im sure Denise and Steven will be pleased also. 

  I hope you havent been playing with yourself these past few weeks.  I dont want you to get into any bad habits.”  

She looked at my cock encased in its plastic cage and said, “I love the red head on your sissyclit.  It looks adorable.  Denise was definitely correct to have it done.”

She held my breasts in her hands and felt the heft.  She rubbed each nipple between her fingers.  It felt wonderful.  Then she twisted and squeezed the nipples and I almost fell to my knees.  I felt incredibly submissive and was grateful that she had chosen to own me.  “And I love long nipples.  Theyre perfect for pulling, squeezing, twisting and chewing.  And your red areolas made them stand out like little cocks.  These are going to get a lot of use.”

Mistress Kimberly took a large butt plug from her bag and ordered me to bend over.  As she pushed the enormous plug into me, she said “You need to be stretched out before we get home.  You havent had anything in there in a month.  Believe me; youll thank me later tonight for doing this.” 

She had clothes for me.  The usual black mini-skirt, fishnet stocking, stiletto heels, and white silk blouse, but she also had crotchless panties and an underwire 38dd bra with holes for my nipples to protrude.  My nipples felt very sensitive and the silk blouse rubbing on them felt wonderful.   She ordered me kneel and she locked my collar around my neck.  I was told to dress, and she walked me out to her car.

Once we were at her car, she brought out some additional bondage gear.  Ankle cuffs were attached with a 12” chain between them.  My black posture collar was locked on over my regular collar and a red leash attached.  She put bondage mittens on my hands and a red ball gag in my mouth.  I was placed in the passenger seat, the seat belt locked around me.  My hands were pulled behind the seat and the mittens connected together by a rope.  The position arched my back and forced my tits out prominently.  When Mistress Kimberly was satisfied that I was bound and helpless, she got in the drivers seat and we left the clinic.

“The reason you are gagged is that I dont want any interruptions or questions.  You are property and have no input in the decisions of your owners.  I will tell you what has been happening at home and our plans for you.  Now that your surgeries are complete you can expect to be used more fully.

I have moved into my condo, so you can expect to clean there one day a week.  You will also clean Mistress Pamelas condo.  You will spend the night with me and be returned to Denise and Steven in the morning.  This way I can continue your training and discipline you if necessary.

You have been enrolled in a culinary and catering school.  They normally only accept women because the two owners are both lesbians.  They are famous cookbook authors and own several restaurants.  They began with a catering company.  I am friends with one of them and got special permission for you to attend classes.  They know you are a sissy and I promised them the use of your talents after class.  The program is one day a week for six months.  Upon graduation, you should be able to cater a party for 50 or make a gourmet meal for 2 with ease.  Denise, Steven and I intend to make use of those skills. 

Denise will probably lend you to a divorced friend of hers.  I expect when you return from her care youll look like youve been rode hard and put away wet

You are lucky because you were in the right place at the right time. Lucky because I recognized you immediately as a weak-willed closet submissive who subconsciously wanted to be used and humiliated.  Youd be amazed at how many like you there are in Los Angeles. 

Lucky that I wanted to do something nice for Denise and Steven and decided that training a sissymaid for them was it.    The fact that you are paying them to work for them was an added bonus.  So they have free maid service and a sexual toy for their pleasure.

Lucky that I had the time and a place to train you properly and bring out all your submissive tendencies.  Your mind has been conditioned, your body has been modified and your desire for humiliation and control has been the key. 

The lease on your apartment was been cancelled.  All you furniture has been donated to the Salvation Army.  Your family photos and personal effects have been placed in storage.   Your computer is in the Taylors home along with your bondage gear and bdsm magazines.  Your car has been sold.  You have no other place to live, no possessions to speak of, and I control your finances.  You are completely dependent upon Denise, Steven and me.  We own you body and soul.  This is what you have always craved and needed.  You were too afraid to do anything about it.  You needed someone else to take control.  Well, thats exactly what I did.  And now you are my bitch.

We have increased your wardrobe.  You now have several pairs of thigh high boots with 5” heels, leather corsets and bustiers, leather and silk elbow length gloves, leather crotchless panties and many new bras and garter belts.” 

I listened to Mistress Kimberly and realized that everything she said was true.  I had no choice but to obey my owners and serve them.  Instead of being upset that all I owned had been sold or given away, I felt grateful.  I wanted nothing more that you be used by these dominant gorgeous women and handsome man.  I couldnt wait to serve them sexually.  I wanted to worship, please and obey them.    I reveled in my feminine/sissy body.  I wanted to be attractive and sexy for them.

Mistress Kimberly continued “We will have a little ceremony tonight.  Youll be dressed in white befitting your virgin status, and we will exchange vows you as the slave and we as your owners.   Then Steven will take your virginity, and you will service Denise and me.  Since they havent cleaned you out at the clinic, you will have two enemas before we begin.  The first will be soapy water and the second will be wine.  That should get you ready for a real fucking.  Expect to go to bed sore and exhausted tonight.” 

“You probably are noticing that your nipples are excited.  We had the clinic inject them with a drug that increases their sensitivity.  They gave me syringes and a supply of the drug so we can inject you every few months to maintain the sensitivity.

Im looking forward to see if I can get you to cum just from playing with your nipples.  You can think about this as we drive home.  I am going to make you look more like a milk cow.  First I am going to tie your ankles to your thighs, so when you are on “all fours” you will be resting on your hands and your knees.  Then I am going to shove a dildo with long hair on the end in your cunthole.  This will give you a real tail.  Next, a spreader bar between your thighs will hold your legs apart.  You will be wearing bondage mittens on your hands, and restraints around your elbows so you cant bend them.  The posture collar youre wearing now will keep your head straight.  You will be on the coffee table in the living room, completely helpless, mooing like a real cow.  Your new tits will be hanging down, nearly touching the table.  Theyll be much closer to the table than your tiny sissycock.  Ill remove your cock harness, but other than that, wont touch it at all.  I will be milking your udders like a real cow.  Your sensitive nipples will be pulled, tugged, pinched and rubbed.  I think I can make your sissyclit spurt just from milking your tits.  I might even think about changing your name from Michelle to Elsie the Cow.” 

I pictured myself in the position so clearly described by Mistress Kimberly and got incredibly excited.  If my sissyclit hadnt been restrained, I might have cum just from her voice. 

Mistress Kimberly, seemingly unaware of my excitement, continued “I am really looking forward to playing with your tits and chewing on your nipples.”  As she said that she reached across the car and groped my left breast until she could hold my left nipple with two fingers.    She squeezed the end as hard as she could.  I squirmed in the seat but could barely move.  “Stop moving, bitch.”  She said.  These tits belong to me, and I intend to enjoy them.”  She moved her hand back to the steering wheel, and I felt my nipple throbbing. 

“We have changed the photos you will see projected on the hdtv in your room.  They will rotate every 30 seconds 24 hours a day.  You will now see close-up photos of me, Denise and Steven.  One series is Stevens cock from every angle and position.  You can image yourself looking up at him as he lowers his cock to your mouth.  There are hundreds of photos of Denises and my tits, asshole, cunt, feet, and lips.  Some images from your computer have been transferred to this system.  Only the ones showing sissies sucking cock or getting fucked.  Some good close-up shots of their lipsticked mouths stretched out and their cheeks bulging with cock.  We included point-of-view photos looking up from below of cunts and assholes.  We want you to think about these images 24 hours a day. 

I know that before I trained you, when you looked at a beautiful woman you didnt think about fucking her as a normal man would.  You thought about dropping to your knees before her and begging to suck her cunt or asshole.  That is the mark of a true submissive.  That is what I saw in you.  And watching these images is going to reinforce your natural desires.  Youre not going to be able to think about anything but being used by your owners.” 


Mistress Kimberly continued to lay out my future as we drove home. 

“Weve decided to let you keep you sissyclit.  It is much more fun to keep you continually horny and locked up.  And I love milking you like a cow.

I have a friend, Lana, who is a professional dominatrix in Denver.  She specializes in transforming submissive men into sissysluts.  Lana has given me several useful suggestions concerning your training. Usually she sees her clients for an hour or two a week, but occasionally there is one who wants to be her full-time personal slave and maid.  She has the potential slave sell all its possessions and transfer the funds to cash.  She charges a lot for 24/7 training and keeps the bitch chained in her house the entire time.  Lana takes all the cash and puts it in a safety deposit box.   If someone comes to inquire about the health or whereabouts of the slave, she cancels the training and releases the slave. The training usually takes six months to completely feminize and condition the sissy.  When the process is complete, the slavebitch expects to be my friends full-time servant, but that is when she teaches the last lesson.  The purpose of the training is to make the sissy realize that it is only property.  That it has no rights or privileges or expectations.  The final lesson is the sale of the sissybitch to a ts dominatrix.  The pre-op transsexual dominatrix, Jessica, runs a brothel in San Francisco stocked with submissive sissywhores.  Jessica uses the bitches to satisfy some very demanding and abusive clients.  Some of the whores dont last too long before Jessica ships them off to Mexico. 

Now Im not saying that this is going to happen to you, but you need to understand that you are property too.  We could sell you whenever we wish.  So remember to obey any order immediately and submit to whatever we wish to do to you without complaint or hesitation.” Mistress Kimberly told me. 

“I was shaken to think that something like that could happen to me.  I wondered if the story was even true.  Maybe Mistress Kimberly was manipulating me again.” 

Mistress Kimberly continued. “I am working on another project that concerns you.  I have set up a website called  It costs $19.95 per month and has a live webcam show one night a week.  That is the night that you are staying at my condo.  I have already uploaded photos of your training.  I have blurred the tattoos with our names, and photoshopped my face.  Most of the photos and movies are of you in different stages of training.  The site is already profitable, and I havent even started the live feed yet.  Now that youve completed the surgeries no one will recognize the old Michael, and Ill wear a mask.   The benefit to you of this project is that there will be many people who would bid on owning you if Denise, Steven and I decided to sell.  So maybe you wont be a Jessicas whore, unless, of course, she is high bid.”

Mistress Kimberly laughed at the look in my eyes as she described my participation in her website.  This was all part of being owned and used, and I began to get excited thinking about the humiliation of performing for an unknown audience.

“When you are living with Denise and Steven, there may be times when they wont want their guests to see you.  You will be bound and locked in your room.  The door has been replaced.  At other times, they may require you to “dress down.”  You will wear a single piece gray frock and flat shoes.  Your breasts will be bound as flat as possible, and you will put on makeup that will make you look older.  During the day, when you are dressed normally in your French Maid attire, if someone you dont know questions you, you will say you are rehearsing a part for a movie.   At all other times, unless specifically told by Denise or Steven, you will remain in your sissyslave persona. 

If you are lent out to one of their friends, you will obey all orders as if given by your owners.  You will be severely punished for any disobedience.  If anyone asks your opinion, you must refer them to your owners.  Slaves do not have opinions about anything.

Ive saved the best for last.   Denise and Steven were out of town for two weeks while you were getting modified, so I had the house to myself.  During one of my interrogations, you confessed that the reason for your divorce was that you and your ex-wife, Connie, were both sexually submissive.  I invited Connie over to the house on some pretext.  She was working at an accountant temp agency, being sent to a new company every few weeks.  She has also been keeping in shape, spending a lot of time at the gym.  She was still single and not seeing anyone.  Connie was wearing a tennis skirt and white collared short sleeve shirt. 

Connie followed me out to the pool.  After I sat down, I told her to get me a drink from the kitchen.  She obeyed without question.  When she returned, I was laying on the chaise lounge topless, and mentioned that I needed a pedicure.  When Connie offered to give me one, I knew I would own her.  I had her blow my toenails dry, then gave her a tour of the house.  When we got to your room I told her that the Taylors had made a submissive male into a feminized slave and sexual toy.  I didnt tell her it was you.

I could see the excitement in her eyes as I pointed out the bondage and discipline equipment, clothes and sex toys.  I told her I was very dominant and had done the majority of the training.  I asked if she would like to try some of the bondage equipment.  Her mouth was so dry she had to lick her lips several times before nodding her head.  I had her kneel as I put a collar on her, then I put a ball gag in her mouth.  I told her to put her arms behind her and she obeyed immediately.  I used a single sleeve leather armbinder from her fingers to her elbows, forcing her shoulder back and her tits out.  Then I put a spreader bar between her ankles and tied the armbinder to it.  She was helpless in a matter of minutes.  I got my jockey whip out and walked around Connie.  I unbuttoned her shirt and cut off her bra.  She was mumbling something but the ball gag was effective.  I rubbed her tits and squeezed her nipples.  I unzipped her skirt and reached down to her cunt.  It was soaking.  I wiped my fingers in her hair.  I stood in front of her, pulled her head into my crotch and ordered her to smell my cunt.  I removed my bikini bottom and her ball gag.  Before she had a chance to say anything I pushed her face into my cunt and told her to eat me.  She did not resist at all and started licking enthusiastically.  I rubbed my cunt all over her face, then turned around and bent over so my ass was in her face.  I told her my slaves begged for the privilege of licking my asshole.  Connie was quiet for about 5 seconds then said “Mistress Kimberly, please let me worship your beautiful asshole.  I want to serve you.”  I replied “Go ahead bitch, but if you do, then realize that I own you.”  She sucked my asshole as if her life depended on it.  Her tongue was so deep I suspect she tasted shit and couldnt get enough of it. 

I told her that she was going to spend the night with me and that I would decide in the morning if I wanted to keep her.  That evening I fucked every hole she had.  She took Stevens dildo up her cunt and loved it.  I violated her asshole and mouth with dildos, attached clamps to her tits, spanked her, whipped her cunt, used her as my toilet, and fucked her mind.  I think she had more orgasms that night than in the last five years.  By morning, she was begging to stay with me.  I made her go home get some clothes, notify her agency that she would not be available, and make any arrangements to be away for a month.  When she returned, I began her training.  She was easier than you because I didnt have to teach her to be a woman.  I only had to condition her to obey.  I interrogated her about her deepest fantasies and fetishes.  I had her tell me how to control her.  The next day I took her for her tattoos, piercing and collagen injections.  Now she has a tongue stud, nipple and clit rings, and big, big red cocksucking lips.  I let the women at the salon play with her cunt while Connie was bound, and she soaked the chair seat.  At the end of two weeks, she was a well trained bitch.  I dropped Connie at the clinic before I picked you up.  She is getting the same size tits as you, 38DD.  They will really stand out on her little frame.  She should be ready in 10 days.”

I was amazed at Mistress Kimberlys account.  I knew Connie was submissive, but was astounded at how quickly Mistress Kimberly was able to control her.  But I guess I was just as easy.  I didnt even know that she was attracted to women.

Mistress Kimberly continued, “Now that I had Connie, I needed to decide what to do with her.  I didnt want a live-in slave in my condo, and I know that Denise and Steven didnt want two.  I thought about keeping her as a part-time slave and let her live in her own apartment, but I knew a new slave needs constant control and supervision.  Then I remembered a college friend, Alexa, who recently moved to L.A.  Alexa was from Brazil, intelligent, beautiful and dominant and ran her own Public Relations firm.   She lived in a big house that could really use a full-time live-in maid.  Alexa was also bisexual, and wouldnt object to owning a newly trained slave.  I asked Alexa over for lunch, and introduced her to Connie.  Alexa put the bitch through her paces and took her to the bedroom for some in-depth testing.  When they returned, Alexa was leading Connie by a leash attached to her clit ring.  Connies hands were bound behind her back, and her face looked like she had been crying.  “Ill take her,” Alexa said. “I started off by demonstrating the penalty for disobedience.  I wanted her to get started on the right foot, or should I say right cheek.  This is going to work out very well for me.  I need a new accountant at work.  Im going to call her Cuny.  She can be my accountant/personal assistant/office slut at work and maid/slavebitch at home.  She will be with me 24/7, so I can maintain complete control while she learns how to please me.  I will be sure to feed her well at work.  My desk is quite large, with plenty of room underneath.  Cuny can stay there during her lunch hour and eat.  Me!”  

We discussed cosmetic surgery and some additional tattoos Alexa wanted Cuny to have.  Cuny was ordered to get her clothes packed, and the two left together Alexa driving and Cuny bound in the passenger seat. 

Alexa promised that I could use Cuny on my website for photos or live webcam broadcasts.  Perhaps you will meet your ex-wife one night.  I could put on a good show with the two of you.  Just think of the bondage possibilities.”

I thought about those possibilities for the rest of the trip to the Taylors house.

I need to stop writing now.  I must prepare the food for Mistress Kimberlys party tonight.  The cooking and catering courses I completed have made me more useful to my owners. Let me give you a brief update on the past year.  Aside from my owners, I have been used by Mistress Kimberlys new boyfriend Master Charles, her 19 year old sister, Mistress Amy and her mother, Mistress Katherine, Mistress Denises friend Lisa and her neighbor Teri, Mistress Pamela and her boyfriend, Master John (who now fucks my cunthole), Mistress Alexa, and my ex-wife Cuny.  My nipples are ¾ inch long and used constantly.  I am either cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, performing toilet service or being used sexually.  I am always bound in some way.  My cock harness is rarely removed, only for occasional milkings.  My hair is now shoulder length, and I no longer need to wear a wig.  I can walk in 6 heels and stand in 7” heels.  I have been doing tongue exercises and have become quite accomplished at worshipping cocks, cunts and assholes.

Perhaps I will be able to write later and tell you about my experiences being used by Mistress Denises friends, about Mistress Kimberlys plan for a sissymaid rental service, about serving Mistress Kimberlys mother and sister, or about my first webcam performance. 

I no longer think of myself as a man.  I am a feminized sissy slavebitch and the property of my owners.  I am happiest when obeying them and being used by them.  I need their domination and control and am grateful for opportunity to serve them. 


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