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The Morning of the Party

I was kneeling in the kitchen, shining Mistress Angelas boots, when she appeared in the doorway, frowning.

“Didnt I tell you last week to lay down newspapers before you do that?” she asked.

“Im sorry, mistress, I forgot,” I said.

My anxiety dissolved when she smiled.

“This is your lucky day,” Mistress Angela said. “Im in a very good mood.”

She was wearing a black T-shirt and matching running shorts that left her smooth thighs exposed. Her dark hair fell loosely over her neck and shoulders.

“Put the boots down,” she said, pointing at them. “My friends wont be here until six.”

I quickly set the boots aside, but remained kneeling in front of her.

Mistress Angela looked me over for a a while, then added, “You have permission to stand up now.”

As I rose, she stepped closer and put her hands on her hips.

“Look at me!”

I raised my eyes to meet hers. I was a half-foot taller than Mistress Angela, but she always made me feel one inch high.

“You do remember the rules for tonight, right?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I said.

“Speak up!” she said. “Im not speaking to a six-year-old girl, am I? Am I talking to a girl?”

No, Mistress,” I said.  I hoped that my answer was loud enough to satisfy her without suggesting defiance.

Mistress Angela seemed to relax a bit, and a hint of her earlier smile returned.

“Ok, heres a quick refresher for you! Tonight you will welcome all of my friends when they arrive, and serve them. You will treat them with every bit of the respect that you give me. If I detect anything less, or if you fuck up in any way that disrupts my little gathering, you will find out just what kind of bitch Im capable of being. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Mistress!”

Id made an effort to speak up louder than before, and Mistress Angela looked impressed. “Well….that was better! You almost sounded like a man that time. Are you a man?”

I took a deep breath.“Yes Mistress,” I replied.

She raised her eyebrows and stepped forward even closer, pushing her face close to mine and staring into my eyes. It made me uncomfortable, but at the same time I was stimulated by the heat of her body, the scent of her perfume, and the feel of her breasts softly pressing against my chest.

“Then say it…youve just asserted that youre a man, say it! What are you?” 

Her voice had become quieter, yet so intense that it felt like shouting. I fidgeted while she waited for my answer.

“I am a man, Mistress,”  I said.

Mistress Angela stepped back and folded her arms, grinning. She picked up her boots and placed them on a chair by the kitchen table. I didnt dare look directly at her, but in my peripheral vision I saw her drumming her fingers lightly on the table and smiling, as if amused by a private thought. Then she came back to where I stood.

“Well now…” said Mistress Angela. “Weve now established that you believe youre a man. Since Im in such a good mood this morning, and my friends wont be here for hours, guess what? Youre going to have a chance to prove it!”

Mistress Angelas Bedchamber

Mistress Angela led me by the hand back to her bedroom. It felt surreal, because had never treated me as a sex partner before. I was her slave---a slave that only existed to serve and amuse her.

When we reached the bedroom, she shut the door and walked to her night table. There she struck a match and lit incense in a burner that looked like the Hindu goddess Kali. Turning back to me, she ran her long nails softly over my chest, and gave a simple command.


Mistress Angela watched intently as I pulled my shirt off with trembling hands, and then my pants and socks. I stood next to her bed now wearing only jockey shorts while she was still fully clothed. Id never felt more vulnerable with her--aroused by her seductive charms, yet still confused by her advances. I felt like prey in a lionesss lair.

Mistress Angela smiled.

“I did say strip, didnt I? Dont tell me youre shy.”

I went ahead and pulled off my underwear. My penis, now semi-erect and damp with pre-cum, swung out, bobbing.

“Well!” she said. “Looks like youre almost ready for action, hmm?”

The force of Mistress Angelas overt sexuality was overpowering.  She had trained me to be her object, not her lover. Seeing my eyes avoid hers, she coaxed back my attention.

“Watch me now,” she directed. “I know you want to see me get ready for the main event.”

It was obvious that she was starting to enjoy herself. She waited until my eyes were on her, then peeled off her black T-shirt, allowing her breasts to spring free. Able to openly stare for the first time, I absorbed the beauty of her rosy nipples.

Mistress Angela saw my erection rise.

“Yeah, were getting there,” she said.

She stepped out of her jogging shorts, revealing matching thong underwear. Clearly visible were the hollows of her upper thighs and the top of her dark pubic triangle contrasted against her creamy skin. I couldnt help but gasp softly at the sight.

She chuckled, relishing my reaction. Mistress Angela maintained her burning gaze while her hands slowly crept down to her thong. When her thumbs reached it, she took hold of the fabric, paused to give me a long look, and then completed her striptease by pulling the thong off all at once and twirling it on her finger before turning to put it with the rest of her clothes. Rather than simply dropping it, she slowly bent over at the waist to place the thong on top of her shirt and shorts, providing a bare rear view that nearly knocked me off my feet.

Mistress Angela stood up again and approached me.

“Do you like the incense?” she asked softly. “Sandalwood is sometimes used for its aphrodisiac properties, you know…” She glanced down at my raging erection. “But it doesnt look like youll be needing an aphrodisiac, will you?”

I was too overwhelmed to speak; Id felt that way since we left the kitchen. My mistress was using all of her seductive charms to arouse me. She was treating me like a real man--like a lover! Soon she would expect me to satisfy her sexually, and I knew I could not disappoint her.

The Moment of Truth

Pressing up close against my body, Mistress Angela rested her hands lightly on the sides of my hips and rubbed her breasts against my chest while caressing my lower abdomen with her thumbs. Her hands slid back and massaged my buttocks. She nibbled on my shoulder, flicked her tongue along my neck briefly, then fully tongued my ear and sucked the lobe as her fingernails dug into my ass.

Her pelvis ground up against mine, tickling my scrotum with her soft pubic hair. I gasped again, fearing I would climax before we even got to the bed. Realizing this, Mistress Angela stopped what she was doing and took both my hands in hers, leading me back to her luxurious bed and pulling me onto the mattress with her.

Every inch of her flesh enticed me. Seeing her firm breasts, her flat, well-toned midsection, and her taut thighs made my entire body tremble with anticipation. She laid back against the pillows and slowly spread her legs wide apart to allow me full access. The succulent pinkness of her vaginal folds was inches away. The pungent, musky scent of her feminine juices filled my nostrils. I sighed deeply with longing.

“Come and get it,” Mistress Angela whispered. “Its waiting for you. My hot, sweet pussy is all yours. I need your dick inside me so bad.”

My inhibitions vanished. I scampered over the sheets to Mistress Angela and straddled her body. My cock was swollen and purple now, harder than it had ever been before. I quickly positioned between her legs, eager to plunge into her.

But then an icy voice made me halt.

“What the hell do you think youre doing?”

I looked at her face, confused. Her jaw had clenched, and her eyes had a different look than a moment before. It was an expression that I was more familiar with.

Knowing my full attention was on her, Mistress Angela tilted her head up from the pillow to take a long look at my stiff penis in its poised position above her crotch. She then laid her head back again and stared into my eyes for another long moment. A wicked grin spread over her face. The next words she spoke were devastating.

“My clit is bigger than what youve got!”

My erection collapsed faster than The Hindenburg. I looked down at it, then back at her, in disbelief.

She had carefully chosen this simple statement for its crushing effect after setting me up so perfectly. From a womans mouth, the words sliced into my manhood like a cold titanium scythe.

Mistress Angela giggled.

“Whats the matter, lover, not quite up to the job?”

I flopped backwards against the bedpost, stunned. My penis was finished. In a few seconds it had shrunken from a proud oak to a withered acorn.

Mistress Angela was hardly content to have inflicted her vicious wound. She began to pump venom into it.

She sat up, propping her back against the pillow. Again, she spread her legs wide, this time exaggerating the act of it. Then she grabbed her outer labia with her fingers and stretched them, making her vagina gape in front of me.

“Come on, Romeo! Last chance!”

Her tone was harsh and openly contemptuous now, and the seductive smile had twisted into a look of utter scorn as she discarded her pretense. There was only a tiny, flaccid nub left hanging between my legs; she was methodically destroying what remained of it. Mistress Angela finally closed her legs and stood on her knees in front of me on the mattress.

“What a stud!” she spat. “Get off my fucking bed!”

She gave me a hard shove. From my precarious position, I tumbled onto the floor in a heap. In a moment, she was out of bed too, towering over me with her fists on her hips.

Mistress Angela did not need tall boots or a whip to dominate me in this room. She brandished her bare body with far greater effectiveness. Even in silence, her nakedness mocked my inadequacy.

This did not mean she was through talking, though. She continued to pummel me below the belt with her commentary, hurting me as only a female is capable of hurting a male.

“Well, we found out how much of a man you are, didnt we? Youre a pathetic little capon, thats what you are. You had my tight little twat right in front of youhot, wet and ready to fuck, but you still couldnt perform. And you dared to call yourself a man?”

She threw her head back and laughed.

“Its just as well. Even if youd managed to stick it inside me, you would have shot your weak little load in about two seconds!” she added.

I started to weep quietly. I knew it would just make the situation worse, but I couldnt hold the tears back.

Mistress Angela poked at my crotch with her toe and laughed again.

“Is there anything left there at all? You should have seen the look on your face when I told you what a joke your tiny dick was! There you were with your chest all puffed out thinking you were Conan the Barbarian or something. Did you think you were going to conquer me, or what? Are you stupid as well as impotent? I was trying so hard not to laugh the whole time. I think I did pretty well, too!” She giggled.

At the sight of me crumpling lower on the floor, she shook her head with disgust.

“And now youre crying! Jesus Christ! I compared you to a six-year-old girl before, but even a one-year old girl has more balls than you!”

Mistress Angela bent over to examine my tear-streaked face, and her pendulous breasts dipped toward me. Two minutes before, the sight of them had filled me with lust. Now, my entire genital region just felt numb and cold. My penis had rolled up like a turtles head trying to escape into its shell, with the tip of it no longer even visible.

For a moment I thought Mistress Angela would show pity, but instead she broke into a smile again.

“Tell me something,” she said. “My friends are coming over tonight. How do you think theyd react if they knew about what happened in here today, hmm? I mean, if they knew every little detail about how I teased you into a frenzy and how you started thinking you were Joe Stud, and how you were trying to mount me with your useless, limp little pud, and how you cried like a little fucking pussy because your mean mistress made you feel so bad…. What do you think theyd say?”

The thought of her doing this made me cry harder. I still couldnt speak, but it really didnt matter because she didnt wait for an answer. Instead, she walked away to collect the clothes shed shed during her striptease.

“Dont worry, I wont tell them a word of it,” she assured me. “Just consider the thought extra incentive for doing a good job tonight.”

She started slipping her clothes on again with her back to me.

I wanted more than anything to get out of the room and recover from the emotional wounds shed inflicted. My desperation helped me find my voice again.

“May I leave the room, Mistress?”

Now that shed finished destroying me, Mistress Angela was over at her wardrobe, choosing her attire for the party. She answered without even bothering to glance in my direction.

“Youd damn well better leave. Weve seen how much use you are in a ladys bedroom.”

With my head bowed low and tears streaming down my face, I quickly slunk out her door.

The Guests Arrive

I spent the entire afternoon preparing food and drinks for the party. Just before six oclock, I heard a knock on the door and ran to answer it. It was Mistress Tara. She was an English domme of medium height, with dark brown hair that she usually wore up in braids. When I opened the door, she handed me her coat without a word and walked into the living room to greet Mistress Angela. I returned to the kitchen to resume my work, but then heard another, louder knock.

When I answered the door this time, Mistress Stephanie was standing there scowling. I froze. Mistress Stephanie was a pure bitch goddess.  Physically, she was small and compact, almost petite, but her bearing commanded respect. She had straight, shoulder-length blonde hair and piercing light blue eyes. These baby-doll features were offset by her high cheekbones and thin, sharply defined lips, which gave her a cruel appearance that was highlighted by the reddish-purple lipstick and nail polish she usually wore. At the moment, she was visibly unhappy.

“It took you long enough, dickhole!”

I opened my mouth to apologize, but began to stammer. Mistress Stephanie was in no mood to listen.

“Get the fuck out of my way!”

Sneering, she shoved me out of the doorway with surprising force.

After Id regained my balance, I was starting to close the door again when she whipped off her coat and pitched it in my face.

“And hang up my fucking coat!”

Mistress Angela and Mistress Tara were laughing at the spectacle as she joined them in the living room.

“You tell im, Steph!” Mistress Tara said.

As I hung up Mistress Stephanies coat, I heard the door again, and rushed to answer it promptly. The last guest had arrived---Mistress Janet.

Mistress Janet was a tall, boisterous redhead with a whimsical sense of humor. Unfortunately for me, I was often the target of that humor when she was visiting. She would toy with me in front of the other women, mocking me with exaggerated displays of flirtation and lust.

As soon as she stepped into the apartment, her routine started.

“Ooooooooh baaaaaaby! Ive missed you sooooooo much!”

She threw her arms around me and started running her hands over my body.

“Oh my God, girls, doesnt he just get hotter every time? I cant keep my hands off of him! Angela, youre so lucky to get to touch him everyday! Youve got to lend him to me! Please? Just for one night? If I have him just once, Ill be able to die happy!”

Mistress Janet ran one hand in my shirt and over my chest and groped my ass with the other. Pretending to be breathless with lust, she whispered loudly in my ear, making sure everyone could hear.

“Yeah, you and me, baby, tonight, ok?” She pinched my right nipple.

“Please dont say no! You wouldnt break Janets heart, would you? I know you wouldnt deprive me of your luscious man-meat!”

The other three dommes were howling with laughter now, but Mistress Janet wasnt ready to break character just yet.

“Dont mind them, theyre just jealous. Well slip away together later, all right? Its a date, my love!”

She gave me a huge, wet kiss on the cheek, then danced away and took a bow in front of Mistresses Angela, Tara, and Stephanie, who broke into applause.

“I swear, you should be on stage, Janet”, said Mistress Tara

“Hell, yeah!” Mistress Stephanie agreed.

“Youre looking a bit red, dear”, Mistress Angela said to me. “Go bring us in some drinks from the kitchen. Maybe a few minutes away from you will cool Janets blood.”

All three started laughing again.

I scurried back to the kitchen to get the drinks, glad for the respite. When I returned, Mistress Angela was arranging chairs in the living room. She had her big-screen TV positioned in front of them.

“Good work,” Mistress Angela said as I set the tray of drinks down. “You can even fix yourself one if you like”.

Her offer startled me, and it must have shown on my face.

“Well, youve done good work today, you deserve it. Im even going to let you sit and watch the movie with us!”

She pulled a fifth chair over and placed it in the middle of the row that shed started to form. After getting their drinks, the other dommes began to sit down while Mistress Angela adjusted the video equipment.

“What is it, Angela, a DVD?” asked Mistress Janet.

“No, something else”, answered Mistress Angela. “Its ready now, everyone sit down.”

I felt uncomfortable sitting among the women. Mistress Janet was on one side of me and Mistress Stephanie on the other. On the far left sat Mistress Tara. I hoped that the movie would hold their attention so they wouldnt focus on me. Mistress Angela pressed the start button on the video equipment, turned down the lights, then took her seat on the far right.

“Ok, movie time!” announced Mistress Angela. “This is a special feature I think youll all enjoy. Almost all of you, anyway.”

The screen lit up. There was no music or opening title, just an image of an empty room. I began to realize that I knew this room. I was familiar with every object in it. It was a high, clear view of Mistress Angelas bedroom.

I looked over at the equipment. In the dark I could see that the power was activated on Mistress Angelas video camera. My pulse accelerated. I looked back to the movie screen and knew a moment later that what Id feared was happening. I watched the door open, and saw Mistress Angela lead me into the bedroom.

The other dommes started to snicker and glance over at me.

Horrified, I started to sweat profusely. I had no choice but to sit among this group of women as they witnessed my humiliation from that morning. Images and sound were both captured with brutal clarity. I tried closing my eyes briefly in an attempt to shut it out, but it didnt help. I could still hear Mistress Angelas seductive words.

“Sandalwood is sometimes used for its aphrodisiac properties, you know…but it doesnt look like youll be needing an aphrodisiac, will you?”

Soon the inevitable arrived: The images of Mistress Angela pulling me onto the bed and spreading her legs. Then finally, the moment I dreaded most.

“My clit is bigger than what youve got!”

When my erection fell, all the dommes collapsed screaming with laughter.

“Pause it, Angela, please!” cried Mistress Tara. “I need to catch my breath!”

Mistress Angela hit the pause button on the remote, and the image froze on the screen. There I was, for all to see, flopped back against the bedpost with a shocked expression and limp penis, two feet away from a gorgeous naked woman with her legs spread wide apart.

Mistress Angela got up and came over to my chair. I sat slumped forward, fighting tears for the second time that day. She grabbed my face and forced it upward to look in her eyes.

“I think they like the movie, hon. Dont you? Remember, I promised I wouldnt tell them a word of what happened today. I never said I wouldnt show them!”

She let go of my face and laughed uproariously while I slumped back over again. Then the others started. Mistress Janet grabbed the front of my shirt and got in my face.

“Im afraid our date for later is off now, sweetie. If all you have to offer is what I just saw, theres really not much point, is there?”

Mistress Stephanie pitched in to escalate the abuse.

“Poor little dickless! Poor little dickless!” she chanted in my ear.

I knew the ordeal wouldnt end soon when Mistress Tara spoke up.

“Replay it, Angela. Lets see it in slow motion. I want to see the look on his face again.”

“Yeah, and I want to see his dick shrivel again. Can you zoom in?” said Mistress Stephanie.

“I can show you all of the above”, answered Mistress Angela.

The nightmarish evening went on and on. Each time, the dommes laughed raucously as close-ups were shown of my expression, my penis collapsing, then full-view, then back to my expression again. When they began to tire of the one moment, they backed up to the seduction, then finally the torrent of verbal abuse Mistress Angela had inflicted on me after shed wrecked me sexually.

By the time theyd had their fill and Mistress Angela shut the video camera off, I was emotionally exhausted from the humiliation. I stared at the floor, crimson-faced and sweating. The dommes were tired of me for the moment, so they turned back to refreshments and conversation.

I was so absorbed in my shame that I did not notice that while Mistresses Tara and Janet were talking in the living room, Mistresses Angela and Stephanie went into the kitchen. They came out about ten minutes later and rejoined the others. Soon there were whispers among the group, followed by wild laughter.

“Oh, tell him now!” said Mistress Janet. “I want to be here when he finds out.”

I had a sick feeling, knowing that there was only one “him” in the apartment.

All four dommes came over to stand in front of me. Mistress Janet kicked my chair to get my attention.

“Wake up, darling, your mistress has an announcement to make!”

I looked up and saw Mistresses Janet and Tara grinning at me.

“Angela?” Mistress Janet prompted.

My mistress of many months put her hand on the back of my chair and leaned over to look into my eyes. She had an expression I had not seen before. A slight smile was on her lips, but she appeared regretful at the same time.

“Well youre in for a bit of a change”, she said. “Your performancethat is, your appearance in the video…”

Mistresses Tara and Janet fought to suppress their laughter.

“….it gave Stephanie so much enjoyment, that she made an offer to me that was just too good to turn down”, Mistress Angela continued. “So even though Im going to miss the kind of fun I had today with you, guess what? You have a new owner!”

I was stricken with anxiety. The awful evening had become even worse. I could tell from her tone that Mistress Angela was not joking. Mistresses Janet and Tara exploded with laughter at my wide-eyed expression.

I slowly looked back over to Mistress Stephanie. She was glowering at me…her blue eyes had a triumphic glint. She knew how much I dreaded her visits. Now she would be free to do as she wished with me.

Welcome to Stephanies World

Mistress Stephanie did not want to wait, and Mistress Angela had no objection. She ordered me to pack up the few belongings and clothes I had. I would be going home with Mistress Stephanie that night. The other dommes watched as I went to the door with Mistress Stephanie, who gestured with her chin toward the coat that I had taken when she arrived. I quickly retrieved her coat, and slipped behind her to help her put it on.

She twirled on her heel to face me.

“Why wasnt my coat ready before I asked?”

I felt that any reply would be inadequate. I was especially self-conscious knowing that the other dommes, particularly Mistress Angela, were watching the exchange.

“IIm sorry, Mistress,” I said.

Mistress Stephanie stepped closer to me and placed a hand over each of my shoulders.

“Rule number oneyou will address me as Mistress Stephanie.”

She drove her knee into my testicles, making me yelp before I even realized what shed done. Id been kicked and struck there by women before, but never like this. With that perfectly delivered knee, she had paralyzed me, virtually anchoring me to the spot.

Mistress Stephanies hands were still on my shoulders. She continued in the same tone, as if nothing had happened.

“Rule number two—‘sorry doesnt cut it!”

Her knee slammed into my balls again, even harder than before.

This time my knees buckled, but Mistress Stephanie pushed my body up against the doorframe to prevent me from falling. The pain was agonizing, sickening, and it was spreading to my abdomen and stomach. Barely able to breathe or control my limbs, I was defenseless. The other dommes stood by, showing no sign that they intended to intervene.

“Do you understand me?” asked Mistress Stephanie. Her voice was still no louder, nor did it need to be. The implicit threat was tangible.

I was gasping for air, but knew I had to answer.

“Yes…….Mistress……Stephanie,” I managed to utter.

She seemed satisfied with this.

“Then welcome to Stephanies world.”

Mistress Stephanie took her hands off my shoulders and stepped back, letting me collapse on the rug in a heap.

“Im gonna use the bathroom before we leave, so youve got a couple of minutes to get ready,” said Mistress Stephanie. “And believe me, youd better be ready when I come back out.”

As she left the room, the other women watched me squirming on the floor with my shaking hands clutching my crotch. Mistresses Angela and Janet both were smiling. They appeared mildly sympathetic, but also amused. Mistress Tara addressed me first.

“You dont look too good, dear,” she said in her English accent. “Seems that your new life at Stephanies might be a trifle unpleasant.”

The other dommes laughed at her understatement while I fought to recover. I needed to somehow gather the strength to depart with Mistress Stephanie. When she emerged from the back hallway, she was not pleased to see me still on the carpet.

“Get your lazy ass up now!” she snapped. “Before I give you a reason to lie on that floor!”

Still aching and nauseous, I struggled to my feet.

At the doorway she opened her purse, and removed a leash with an attached collar.

“Before we leave, one last thing. Open your pants and take out your balls.”

I barely believed that Id heard her correctly, but when I hesitated, the warning in Mistress Stephanies eyes made me quickly obey.

Just your balls,” she added. “You can leave that other useless thing out of sight.”

Once Id complied, Mistress Stephanie snapped the collar around my scrotum. The other dommes snickered at the sight.

Mistress Stephanie opened the door of Mistress Angelas apartment. She motioned for me to pick up the bag with my clothes and belongings.

“Goodnight ladies,” she said. Im going to go play with my new toy. Im sure well all be seeing each other soon.”

The women bid Mistress Stephanie goodnight, then stood in the open doorway as she led me down the hall by my balls. It fully dawned on me now that I was the property of Mistress Stephanie.

As she strode ahead of me through the hallways and to the elevator, I struggled to keep up. A couple of times when I lagged, Mistress Stephanie gave a little tug on the leash, which cued me to speed up immediately. I still felt considerable pain from the two knees she had given me. Even that light tug sent another jolt through the lower half of my body.

It was fortunately late at night. Few residents were around, but we still passed people in the corridors. We first encountered a young couple that were talking and paid us no attention. But when we left the elevator downstairs, we passed a slender blond woman, probably in her late 30s, who had been waiting for the elevator. She did a double take when she noticed my exposed testicles and the leash controlling them.

When Mistress Stephanie saw the woman watching, she smiled at her while giving me a good yank with the leash. I let out a quieter version of the yelp upstairs when shed kneed me. The woman seemed to understand what was going on. She returned Mistress Stephanies smile, then stepped into the elevator. As the door closed, she was staring straight at me with undisguised contempt. I felt that she would have yanked my balls herself if shed had time to spare.

Finally, we reached the parking garage where Mistress Stephanies car was. It was quiet, and no residents were anywhere to be seen.

“Ok, thats my car right there,” said Mistress Stephanie, pointing to a red Supra parked about fifty feet from us. “And just for fun, you are going to crawl to it. Get down on your hands and knees.”

I obeyed, dropping to the floor. I felt Mistress Stephanie unsnap the leash, leaving the collar around my scrotum. She stood directly behind me.

“Ok, now crawl!”

She punctuated her command with a snap kick to my bound balls from the rear. Surprised, I grunted, but there was no time to think or falter. I scurried forward as best I could while fighting the ache in my groin. I heard her high heels clicking behind me on the concrete.

“Too fucking slow!”

A second kick landed slightly higher. It caught both my testicles and perineum, propelling me forward. Though her kicks were draining my strength, I had little choice but to force myself onward. The car seemed miles away.

Even in her heels, Mistress Stephanie was faster on her feet than I could ever hope to be on my hands and knees. She nailed me with three more pinpoint kicks before I finally reached the car, where I collapsed writhing next to the rear tire.

“Wasnt that fun?” asked Mistress Stephanie. “You enjoyed that, didnt you?”

She bent over to get a close look at my agonized face. I struggled to answer her, knowing better than not to.


Her eyes narrowed and her lip curled. She gathered all the saliva in her mouth and spit it in my face, spraying my eyes and cheeks, and leaving a large, thick glob on my forehead that began to slide down the bridge of my nose.

“Lying little shit!” she said, wrinkling her nose in disgust. “You didnt act like you enjoyed it. Next time youd better thank me!”

She opened the back door of the car.

“Get your sorry ass in there. And dont you dare wipe a drop of my spit off your face. To you, its a sacrament.”

I dragged my weakened body into the back seat, and soon the car was pulling away from Mistress Angelas building. I tried to muffle my sobs, but Mistress Stephanie heard me from the drivers seat and laughed.

“Thats it, noodle-dick, cry! It wont help you one fucking bit. Your ass is mine now!”

Mistress Stephanies House

We arrived at Mistress Stephanies around midnight. Unlike Mistress Angela, she lived in a private residence.

“The walls are nice and thick, so neighbors dont hear the screams,” she said, chuckling.

When we got in the house, Mistress Stephanie pointed out a small room full of cleaning supplies next to the kitchen. This was where I was to sleep.

I didnt care that there was no bedding; I just wanted a place to recover and nurse my aching groin for a few hours. Mistress Stephanies knees, kicks, and leash tugs had left me with swelling and extreme tenderness. My face was uncomfortably sticky from her dried saliva, but I knew that I still dared not wash until she allowed it.

“Rest up,”, Mistress Stephanie said before going off to bed. “Tomorrow will be a busy day for you.”


I woke up the next morning to find someone standing over me and eyeing me curiously.

It was not Mistress Stephanie, but a younger girl who looked to be around twenty. She had long, chestnut-brown hair and hazel eyes. Her body was slim, but well-toned and athletic. I sat up on the floor and winced at the stabbing pain between my legs.

The girl noticed my reaction.

“She really got you hurting last night, huh?”

Not knowing what to say, I just nodded.

“Mistress loves to hurt balls. Youre just unlucky enough to have a pair. I heard you limping in before I went to sleep last night.”

The girl smiled. I saw none of Mistress Stephanies malice in her eyes. She waited, as if expecting me to respond in some way.

“Im Erica,” she said finally. “Nice to meet you.”

“Hello…Mistress Erica,” I said.

“Just Erica is fine. You might be told to call me Miss Erica sometimes, but you dont need to call me Mistress, cause Mistress Stephanie is the only Mistress here. But if Lucy or I tell you to do something---Lucys the other girl who lives here---then Mistress expects you to do it, cause we girls are above you. Like I said, youve got those unlucky balls!”

Erica laughed the natural laugh of a country girl. I liked her right away, but I knew that she meant what she said.

“You look pretty grungy,” observed Erica. “You can go take a shower if you want.”

I did want to clean myself, but was worried that Mistress Stephanie would return and find out that Id done so without her permission.

Erica looked in my eyes and understood.

“Its ok, really. Mistress allows me and Lucy to make those kinds of decisions. She wont be mad at you, cause Ill let her know.”

I had only met Erica a few minutes earlier, but her manner made me trust her.

“Thank you,” I said, still too timid to call her by name.

Erica acknowledged my gratitude with another kind smile.

“Its down that hall, first door on the left,” she said, pointing.

That shower was one of the best of my life. The hot water seemed to wash some of my pain and shame away along with the grime. As I showered, I tried for a few minutes to forget the circumstances of my new life.

Mistress Stephanie Returns

After I had showered and dressed, I walked out cautiously from the back hallway. No one was there, but I heard female voices from another part of the house. I took the time to gaze around at the interior of the house for the first time. No more than a minute passed before an attractive, fair-skinned girl with black hair popped her head in the door. She looked about Ericas age.

“Hey!” she said, addressing me in a tone much less genial than Ericas. “Mistress wants you in the living room---now!”

Without waiting for a response, she turned and walked out. I followed her.

We went up a short flight of stairs and down another hallway. I then followed the girl into a large room that was carpeted, unlike the natural wood floors in most of the house. Mistress Stephanie was sitting in a red leather recliner, with Erica standing a few feet away. The two of them were talking when the black-haired girl walked in with me behind her.

“Well, it finally joins us,” said Mistress Stephanie.

She was smiling, and appeared more relaxed than I was used to seeing her.

“Youve met Erica already, it seems,” she said, looking at me. “And this,” she added, “is Lucy.”

As she gestured, I looked over again at Lucy, who scowled back at me.

Taking a longer look at her, I noticed that like Erica, she was a pretty girl, but in a very different way. She was a couple inches shorter than Erica. Her eyes were deep brown, nearly matching her black hair. She had high, sharp cheekbones similar to Mistress Stephanies, and a determined set to her jaw. The tight jeans and half-top she wore revealed an attractive body. Her breasts were small, but exquisitely shaped. Her buttocks were small, firm and muscular.  My first impression of her temperament had been accurate. Even my glancing in her direction angered this girl.

“Youll be getting to know both of them quite well,” Mistress Stephanie continued. “And they will be getting to know you too, starting right now.”

She leaned back in the recliner, folded her arms, and grinned.

“Now take off your clothes---every stitch of them. Dont hesitate, and dont question me. Remember last night.”

I hadnt forgotten. My abdomen still throbbed with the slightest body movement.

With enormous embarrassment, I began to strip. I didnt look at the women while I disrobed, but I felt the eyes of all three of them upon me as I removed each article of clothing. Because of my brief talk with Erica earlier, it was especially difficult to get naked in front of her. When I had only my underpants left on, I paused for the briefest moment to take a deep breath, then pulled them off and dropped them next to my other clothes. There I stood, naked in the living room with three fully clothed women examining my body.

Lucy walked in front of me and looked down at my crotch.

“Shit, hes got nothing down there.”

“I think it just seems that way,” said Erica. “Cause his balls are really swollen.”

Mistress Stephanie laughed.

“Could be a lot worse. I really held back. No fun in breaking your toys on Christmas morning, huh?”

Lucy laughed openly at the remark, and even Erica smiled.

“Well, what he does have might never work again, but not because of what I did,” said Mistress Stephanie. “You should have seen what Angela did to him yesterday. I have to give the lady credit for some serious bitchiness.”

“Aw, come on, tell us!” Lucy pleaded.

“Well, youd really have to see it”, said Mistress Stephanie, looking upward, as if enjoying a mental picture of the movie. “Angela taped the whole thing. She brought him into her bedroom and got him all pumped up so he really believed she would let him fuck her. Just when he was about to stick it in, she told him her clit was bigger than his dick. He went totally limp in about one second, and the look on his face was so funny! Damn, Ive got to get a copy of that tape from her!”

The girls laughed. Erica put her hand over her mouth as if trying not to, but she couldnt help reacting to Mistress Stephanies description.

I stared down at the floor in shame.

When the laughter settled down, Mistress Stephanie got up from her recliner.

“Ok, hes our new house slave, for whatever hes worth right now. You girls will be doing a lot of the training to start with.”

She thrust the long nail of her index finger into my chest, and addressed me in a commanding tone.

“I gave you a couple rules last night that I expect youll remember. Now I have another. You will obey all orders from Erica and Lucy as if I gave the orders myself. It doesnt matter whether I tell them to give those orders or not. I am your goddess, but Lucy and Erica are still way above the nothing you are. If you disobey them, I will either punish you severely myself, or I will have them punish you severely. And I mean severely with a capital S. Last night I was just playing. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress Stephanie”, I answered.

“Good,” she continued. “Now the next thing is, were going to have none of that pampered houseboy shit here that you had at Angelas. You will have new roles that I will choose. And the first role you will begin training for today.”

Mistress Stephanie stopped and smiled.

“Actually, Ill let Erica tell you your new role here. Because she will begin your training. Erica?”

Erica walked over to me and looked in my eyes. She had the expression of someone looking for a gentle way to break some unsettling news.

“You are going to be our toilet,” she finally said.

My eyes widened. I wasnt sure if I understood Erica correctly.

Lucy noticed my shocked expression, and had none of Ericas qualms about how to tell me.

“Our complete toilet,” emphasized Lucy. “Our complete toilet-slave, got it? Do you know what that means? Girl-shit and girl-piss for every meal---maybe even bloody tampons for dessert!”

I swallowed hard. Lucy laughed maliciously.

Mistress Stephanie was enjoying my reaction too.

“Erica will start your training today. You may eventually serve as my personal toilet, but you have to prove yourself worthy first. My waste is too good for you at this point.”

I was beginning to feel quite nauseous. I had never performed toilet duties before; I didnt know how I possibly could. But in Mistress Stephanies household, I would apparently have no choice.

“Ok, last thing,” said Mistress Stephanie “Its the reason I had you strip. As much as I enjoy kicking the shit out of your balls, sometimes I dont feel like exerting myself that much. So you are going to experience something that will make training much easier for us. Me and the girls that is, not you.”

All three women laughed.

Mistress Stephanie opened up a white cardboard box that was on the coffee table beside her recliner. Inside it was what looked like a complex electronic device with straps on it.

“Spread your legs!” Mistress Stephanie said to me. “Girls, give me a hand.”

I felt like a lab animal with no control over its fate. I complied, and the women began  attaching the device to my crotch.

It fit mainly around my testicles. A chamber separated and snugly strapped them into place. I could feel metal contacts touching each testicle on every surface. There was also a strap that went around my waist, relieving some of the weight from my genital area. Once it was fully strapped onto me, the thing wasnt too uncomfortable to wear.

“This thing wasnt even on the market until late last year,” Mistress Stephanie explained to me. “The battery-pack isnt that heavy, but it has a real strong charge, and the batteries last a long time. And…” She paused and smiled. “Its operated by remote.”

She reached into the box again and retrieved the remote control. The panel design looked very sophisticated. I heard a beep as she hit the power button. Mistress Stephanies face now lit up like that of a little girl seeing the midway at her first carnival. I started to sweat.

She turned the remote in her hand so I could see the control panel.

“Ten levels, toilet-slave!” she announced, grinning. “Have a taste of Level One!” She pressed a button.

I immediately felt a sensation between my legs that was like nothing Id ever experienced. It was a tingling that coursed throughout both testicles, inside and out, above, below, and behind. It was unlike an ordinary electrical charge because it felt like many charges all at once. I wasnt in pain, but it was distinctly uncomfortable.

Mistress Stephanie hit another button, and the sensations stopped.

“Not too bad, is it?” she asked rhetorically. “If I left it on that level for a few minutes, it would start getting to you, but Level One is tolerable for nearly all men. Now try Level Three!”

She pressed another button, and this time I flinched from the jolt. It was a good bit more uncomfortable than Level One. After only a few seconds, it became painful, making me breathe harder. I began to bend over as it grew worse.

Mistress Stephanie turned the unit off again.

“Like I said, good strong charge, huh? And thats still at a lower level”

I could tell she was very pleased by the effects of the unit on me. In contrast, Erica looked merely curious, but Lucy was thrilled.

“Crank it up, please,” she begged. “Let him have it!”

Mistress Stephanie laughed at her enthusiasm.

“Such an impatient girl! Calm down, Im just introducing him to it.”

She turned her attention back to me again.

“I was going to do Level Five next,” she said to me. “But just for Lucy---Level Six!”

She hit the button, and right away I cried out. I felt no mere discomfort this time. Pure, gut-wrenching pain blasted through my balls, doubling me over in an instant. Mistress Stephanie turned the unit off again after about five seconds, but I was gasping and clutching myself already. Even if she hadnt kicked my balls the night before, I dont think it would have hurt much less. I knew now that the unit scared the hell out of me. Mistress Stephanies eyes flashed with the sadistic shine Id seen only fleetingly on other occasions. She was savoring the totality of her control over me.

“One last demonstration,” she said, as I tried to shake off the pain and stand upright again. “You should at least get little sample of what the higher levels are like. I think Ill give you Level Eight.”

I was very frightened now of any level. I glanced at Erica, who looked sympathetic, but turned her head away after brief eye contact. Lucy grinned. She was loving every second of my ordeal.

Mistress Stephanie hit the button, and I hit the floor nearly as fast.

The pain was like a dozen drills boring into my testicles all at once. I writhed on the ground, feeling my entire abdominal area cramp up, curling my body in half. I cried out in agony, howling like a wounded animal until finally Mistress Stephanie shut it off. I rolled over on the floor, trying to catch my breath. My stomach and thighs were still cramping.

“I bet if youd left it on a couple more seconds, he would have puked,” Lucy said, sounding disappointed.

“Probably so, but I just wanted him to feel it a little today,” said Mistress Stephanie.

She bent over to assess my condition. I was starting to catch my breath now and regain some physical control. It had taken just a few minutes to instill a deathly fear of the unit in me.

“You will wear that thing most of the time during your initial training here,” Mistress Stephanie said, addressing me once more. Remember, what you just felt was only Level Eight”, she emphasized. And Ill give you fair warning right now, dont even think about trying to take it off by yourself. After we put it on you, I armed the tamper switch. If you try to remove it, it will trigger Level Ten. And it wont shut off till either I override it or the battery runs down. By that time, your balls wont be balls. Theyll be tapioca!”

Lucy laughed aloud, and Erica joined in despite herself. Mistress Stephanie noticed me trying to support myself on the coffee table as I continued my effort to get back on my feet. She quickly became irritated.

“Get your fucking hands off my table unless you want your nuts toasted again! And get up now, you little baby!”

My hands jerked back from the table as if it was a hot stove, and with a massive effort, I pulled myself to my feet. The cramping had subsided now, though my balls still felt like hot awls were stuck in them.

Mistress Stephanie was still glaring at me with her hands on her hips. I was learning that once her mood soured, she did not forgive quickly.

“Correct him!” she said sharply, glancing at Lucy

Lucy moved like a restless racehorse out of the gate. She stepped nimbly in front of me, and before I realized what was happening, delivered a huge slap across my face. I was stunned. This was the first time either of the girls had laid a hand on me.

Lucy could not resist following up. She faked a quick knee to my crotch, stopping just short of the target. That was all it took to put me back on the floor again clutching my groin. I was so sore and fearful of further assaults on my swollen genitals that even Lucys feint had dropped me. But at least the sight amused Mistress Stephanie and lightened her mood again. She and the girls laughed as I slowly gathered myself together off the floor.

“Ok, funs over for now,” said Mistress Stephanie, giving a short clap of her hands. “Lucy, you and I have some errands to do. And Erica…I leave the toilet in your care. She glanced over at me and back to Erica. “Happy training!”

Mistress Stephanie walked out of the room with Lucy following. Erica watched them go, then turned back to me smiling gently, as she had earlier when we talked.

“Well go upstairs now and get started,” she said to me. “Relax, itll be ok.”

She seemed to remember something, and then pulled a remote control from the box on the coffee table. I was confused. I was sure Id seen Mistress Stephanie drop the control for the testicle-torturer in her purse before leaving. Erica noticed my apprehensive expression.

“Orders from Mistress, it goes with us for training. But dont worry, Ill only use it when I have to. Besides, this one only goes to Level Five. Mistress knows better than to leave a full-power control where Lucy might get hold of it.” She giggled softly at the thought.

“Come on,” said Erica. “Upstairs.”

Ericas Toilet

Erica took me into a large, brightly lit bathroom with pink walls, sinks, and bathtub. I noticed right away that there were two toilets in this bathroom. Even at first sight, one of them was obviously unusual. It was made completely of thick, transparent plastic, except for a large rubber-sheathed hole in the bottom front. It was not attached to any water pipes, and unlike a regular toilet in that it did not lead into any plumbing under it, but merely was sealed underneath where a wide, flat surface met the floor.

Erica saw me looking at it.

“Yeah, this is where well train,” she said. “You just lie on your back and slide your head through the hole, and were set. You shouldnt have any trouble getting through.”

I stood staring at it, unnerved. I still could not believe that I was going to perform toilet duties in the household. I had heard other dommes talk to Mistress Angela about toilet-slaves, and always found the thought revolting.

“Come on, get down there!” Erica urged me, starting to show some impatience. “You have to do this whether you like it or not, cause thats what Mistress wants. You might as well start getting used to it today.”

I laid on the floor in front of the toilet and started working my head through the rubber sheath. Erica was right; I had no choice. Besides, I did not want to upset her with further delay. She was the only one in the household who had shown me kindness at all, and it was unlikely that Lucy would warm up to me any. It felt extremely strange, but I finally worked my head through and was staring upward through the toilet seat. Erica stood above the seat and looked back down at me. She was smiling again, pleased at my obedience.

“Well be looking at each other like this a lot over the next couple weeks or so,” she said to me through the seat. “But youll be seeing a lot more of the other end of me.” She gave a little chuckle.

I knew that Erica wasnt trying to be mean. Her humor was intended to ease my distress, and actually did help a little.

“Ok, Im going to start you off slow,” she explained, still gazing at me through the seat. I dont have to go too bad right now, so its a good time for us to get to know each other a lot better.”

She turned away from me, and I saw her pull down her skirt, then her panties, revealing her tight, bare ass. I heard her plant a foot on either side of me, and then I watched as she lowered her body down on the toilet seat. Though she blocked the light above in doing this, I could still see well because the bright bathroom lights were shining through the transparent sides of the toilet. Less than a foot from my face were Ericas ass and genitalia. I could smell her skin too, along with her natural body secretions. In a different situation, I would have probably been aroused, but my only feelings in this bizarre circumstance were a strange mix of apprehension and embarrassment.

Erica spread her legs apart and peered down at me through the space between her thighs. From this peculiar perspective, she again spoke to me.

“Get ready,” she advised me. “If youve never had urine before, youre going to learn what its like now. Ill try to keep the flow slow. All you have to do is drink up.”

Erica lifted her head back up, so I now only saw the bathroom light through her thighs. She was adjusting her position on the seat, when all at once she let out a loud fart point-blank in my face that burned my eyes and left me surprised and coughing.

“Oh my God!” exclaimed Erica.

I saw her face appear once again between her thighs above me, laughing and blushing.

“You werent supposed to get one of those today, Im sorry!” she explained.

“Ill give you a minute to get that out of your nose, then well start again,” she added more seriously.

She lifted herself off the toilet, allowing the gas to rise out of the bowl and some fresh air to flow in. I still felt the odor with me, but my eyes stopped burning and I felt better. Erica settled back down on the seat, sitting upright. Her most intimate body parts were again inches from my face.

“Ok, get ready again!” she called to me. “Open your mouth wide, so you can catch it. If you dont, the bowl will start filling up around you. Youre supposed to drink my piss, not drown in it!”

Erica giggled, but I knew her instructions were serious. I opened my mouth, stared upward and waited. She shifted around on the seat a little, and after a moment, it started. From Ericas urethra, a thin stream of yellow urine spouted down almost elegantly into my face.  It descended from an unexpected angle, so the stream hit my right cheek and flowed down the side. I was surprised at its warmth. I adjusted the position of my head, so that my mouth was directly under the stream. For the first time in my life, I tasted a womans strong, hot, salty urine. It filled my mouth so quickly, I had to gulp it down to make room for the next mouthful. I didnt think Erica would really let me drown in her piss, but I didnt want to find out the hard way by letting the toilet chamber fill up.

Erica bent over at the waist and peered between her thighs again to check my progress.

“Good!” she exhorted. Just keep swallowing, nice and easy.”

I must have swallowed seven or eight mouthfuls before the flow started to ease up. My belly was now very warm inside, and I felt strange, knowing that this girl had just filled it up with her own bodily wastes.

“Good job!” Erica said to me when her bladder was finally empty. “I guess I lied to you before when I said I only had to go a little, but I thought it was true. I was as surprised as you were. But you took it really well. In a few days, you might be ready for---uh, the next stage.”

She pulled a little square of toilet paper from the dispenser, and I watched her from my unique vantage point as she reached between her legs to dab up the residual drops of urine.

“Ok, open up again!” said Erica.

I was starting to get used to seeing her face peering upside down at me through her thighs.

“Sometimes youll be cleaning me off directly with your tongue, and other times you get the toilet paper. Mistress wants you to learn both ways. Today, its the toilet paper.”

I opened my mouth again, as ordered. Erica wadded up the piss-soaked tissue and dropped it in my mouth. This of course was new to me too. I wasnt sure quite what to do, so I chewed up the toilet paper as best I could, finally swallowing it with some difficulty.

“Not too bad, huh?” asked Erica. “The piss-wipes are pretty easy, but the ass-wipes will be more work. But dont worry about that today, I dont want to scare you or anything. This was a good first training day, so Im gonna let you clean off now and go downstairs. Well start the next lesson tomorrow morning.”

More Toilet Training

Over the next few days, I did progressively more toilet training with Erica. We were still doing only “liquids,” but the frequency of sessions was increasing. At the same time, Erica was waiting longer between sessions to ensure that she had a full bladder. I cant say that I was enjoying the training, but I was becoming slowly accustomed to it. Soon Erica would merely say “toilet” to me as she passed, and I knew that was my cue to go upstairs and assume the position inside the training toilet. I began to notice that even with only “liquids,” the experience was not always the same. According to what she ate or drank, the taste of Ericas urine would vary. There were times when it was nearly as sweet as fruit juice, such as the second day, when shed eaten pineapple. When shed had certain kinds of meat or vegetables, it could become quite unpleasant. But Erica said the dietary variations were intentional and necessary, because I was going to have to learn every toilet situation, and some were going to be worse than others. She also made a point of getting me in the training room two early mornings in a row to drink her first urine of the day. This morning urine was the strongest, hottest, and yellowest. The first day I drank it, I began to gag a bit on the first sip. Erica was ready for this. For the first time in my training, she hit the button on the remote, zapping my testicles with a Level Three jolt. My head was of course immobilized in the toilet, but after a couple seconds, my lower body started to squirm in pain. Erica shut the device off.

“Sorry, but I have to use it,” she explained. “Gagging is a no-no.”

She sat quietly for about thirty seconds, allowing my discomfort to ease. Then she resumed pissing. I had to concentrate hard on not gagging, but fear of the ball-torturer motivated me. I swallowed down all of her thick urine smoothly.

It was odd, but I did not resent Erica at all for using the device to discipline me, or even for the toilet training in general. I knew that she was simply following instructions from Mistress Stephanie. Under these circumstances, I could tell that she was making an effort to make me as comfortable as possible while I was learning to do something quite difficult. I still did not fully understand Mistress Stephanies relationship with the two girls, and I knew it was not my place to ask. In any case, what really mattered was that Erica had her own given function is the household, and that her will was subordinate to that of Mistress Stephanie.

Erica even became quite relaxed with me during training, and began to make causal conversation. I learned that she was enrolled in the local community college, and she would chat with me about it. The situation was incongruous, to say the least. There I was on my back, staring up at a young womans ass and vulva while I waited for her to drain the contents of her bladder into my mouth. Meanwhile, I listened to her voice some distance away chatting to me casually about registering for her college classes, and which professors she liked or disliked.

Training became tougher after four days, when Erica decided to start me on “solids”.

“Youre ready for the next stage now,” she told me. Mistress has been asking me for a couple days if youve started solids yet. I didnt want to rush it, but its time now, so be prepared tomorrow.”

I was doing my best to adapt to this new household as best I could. I realized that all I could do was try to please the women, and hope that they would not treat me too badly. I never for a moment forgot that I was subject to their whims. The light touch of a button was the only effort they needed to put me through agonizing hell.

Erica knew that I was worried when she looked in the toilet and saw my face on the fifth day. She tried to reassure me.

“Itll be ok”, she said. “Just like with the piss, well take it nice and slow at first. I wont even zap you if you gag today.”

A few moments later, I was presented with a sight I was becoming familiar with. Ericas ass and genitals were inches from my face.

“Alright, get ready for solids!”

She rocked back and forth on the seat a little. Suddenly, she farted in my face. I coughed on the gas, as I had on the first day. She laughed.

“Now I meant to give you that one! Its all part of doing solids.”

Erica shifted again on the seat again. Her body tensed, and then I watched as her asshole started to pucker. Soon I saw something dark appear, and the end of a turd slowly poked out of her ass. Light shone though in the bowl as Erica spread her thighs and bent over to look in at my face. She had not done this for several days.

“It feels like a small one”, she said, trying again to reassure me. “I had a light dinner last night, cause I knew wed be doing this today. Im going to push it out now. You only need to take a little bite if its long and skinny.”

She giggled, then closed her thighs and sat up again. The turd started elongating and sliding steadily down toward my mouth. I began smelling its stink well before it reached me, but I opened my mouth wide to receive it. Despite my feeling of repugnance, I knew that I once again had no choice.

The warm, dense turd hit my tongue, and then started piling up in my mouth.

“Bite it!” Erica called down to me while still shitting. “Or youll have to swallow it all!”

I clamped my mouth closed, severing her turd. The remainder of it fell down the side of my face and beside me in the bowl. I could taste the foul shit as well as smell it now. When I started to gag, I tried to muffle the sound. I knew it was absurd, but I didnt want to hurt Ericas feelings by showing revulsion at the taste of her feces.

Erica was finished moving her bowels. She peeked into the bowl at me again.

“I know today is tough,” she said sympathetically. “You dont have to keep it in your mouth long. Just chew it up and swallow.”

This was easier said than done. I did chew the turd, but its taste, smell, and texture all made me gag more as I did so.

“Just dont throw up,” Erica advised me. You dont want to be stuck in there with that too.”

Somehow, I managed not to and I finally forced myself to swallow. I could still taste the shit residue in my mouth, though, and smell the odor from my own face as well as the broken turd next to my head. Erica still was watching with some concern when her face suddenly brightened.

“I know! Lets wash it down!”

A moment later, I felt her urine spraying down onto my face. Only after such an ordeal could Ericas idea appeal to me. I eagerly opened my mouth, letting her warm piss wash in. As it loosened and dissolved the shit particles, I gulped everything down, cleansing my palate of her solid waste.

With the worst event of the day over, Erica praised me.

“You did really well! Getting through your first time is the hardest part. It will get easier, just like the other stuff. Look at how much you like my piss now!”

Erica grinned down at me and gave me a little wink. Even after what Id been through, I was still able to smile a little.

Lucys Toilet

The following day, I met Erica in the “training room” early in the afternoon. I had just shoved my head into the toilet chamber, and was trying to mentally prepare myself for what was to come. Id decided it could at least not be much worse than the day before. Erica was about to pull down her skirt when I heard the bathroom door open.

“Geez, Lucy, nice of you to knock!” Erica said sarcastically.

“I didnt want to waste time knocking. I was afraid youd started already,” I heard Lucy answer. “And you cant start, cause Mistress wants you to go shopping with her.”

“I thought you were going with her,” said Erica. Im sure she wants me to train him this morning.”

“She did want you to,” Lucy answered in a sly tone. But I convinced her to let me do the training today instead.”

“How come?” Erica asked, sounding puzzled.

“Oh, dont worry Erica, she says youre doing fine. But I had Mexican for lunch today and I need to take a serious dump." Lucy snickered mischievously.

“So I cant really go shopping now,” she continued. “And besides, why waste all that good shit when he needs it?”

I broke into a sweat. Not only did it sound like today would be much worse than yesterday, but I would be left alone with Lucy. This was a prospect Id worried about since the day I first met her. Whenever I even passed close to Lucy in the house, she would give me an angry glare. I feared what she might do to me if I were left in her care.

I could tell that Erica was concerned too.

“Lucy….ok, I guess if she decided, then thats it. But he just started solids yesterday. Dont be too much of a bitch, alright?”

“Erica, I promise Ill try not to be too much of a bitch, but you know Im still gonna be a bitch.”

Lucy punctuated her remark with an evil laugh.

Erica left the room without even addressing me, which did not help my peace of mind. Lucy quietly paced the room until she heard the front door close downstairs. We both now knew that we were the only ones left in the house.

Lucys face appeared above the toilet bowl. She looked down at me with a smile that had none of Ericas kindness.

“Alone at last, huh?” she snarled. “Youd better have an empty stomach, cause youre gonna need it. I have a ton of shit for you to eat, and if you puke any back up, I just might make you eat it twice!”

As if on cue, her intestines gurgled loudly. The Mexican lunch was apparently headed downward in a hurry. Lucy wasted no time. She quickly unzipped her tight jeans and pulled them down, revealing red-and-black panties that she then pulled down too. As she sat down above me on the toilet, I had my first look at Lucys bare ass.

It was tight and small, with rounded cheeks, yet muscular. She also had ruffly, prominent vaginal lips that were quite different from Ericas thin, delicate ones.

Another loud gurgle from her intestines echoed inside the toilet bowl.

“Open wide, douchebag!” Lucy yelled at me.

I had been so distracted momentarily by Lucys anatomy that Id nearly forgotten what I was about to be subjected to. All at once, her asshole dilated widely, and an enormous turd pushed through. As much as I wanted to be anywhere else in the world doing anything but this, I was there under Lucys asshole, and knew what I had to do. I opened my mouth to take her turd inside it. It was dark, greasy, and smelly. The taste was so wretched that I started gagging immediately, but I forced myself to suppress it and start swallowing the turd. I had to do so out of self-preservation, because the shit was now piling out of Lucys ass onto my face. It seemed to have no end.

Lucy was well aware of my plight, but far from sympathetic.

“Eat it or breathe it, dickwad!” she shouted. “Bon appetit`!”

About a minute passed while I continued to gulp down Lucys nauseating feces. Then it began to taper off. I felt as if I had indeed swallowed a ton of shit. Finally able to breathe, I gasped for air. Even the foul air in the toilet bowl was better than none.

Lucy heard me gasping, and responded.

“Hey, dont relax! That was just the taco salad. The burritos are coming now!”

A fart blasted into my face. It was so strong that I actually felt its wind hit me, and so sloppy that it sprayed my face with Lucys hot colonic juices. From the way Lucy gyrated on the seat, I could tell that she was making an extra effort to force the gas out with gusto. She wasnt leaving any space between her body and the seat either, as Erica sometimes did. Lucy kept me sealed in the bowl with only her recycled fart gas to breathe.

“Mmmmmmmm, that felt nice”, she said loudly, for my benefit. “If I threw a match in there now, youd be toast!”

She laughed and farted again, making me cough. This time the fart was followed by a torrent of liquid shit pouring out of her ass. Once again, I had to open up and swallow or risk drowning. The taste was different than before, but every bit as horrible. I could actually detect the flavor of Mexican food in it this time. Hot sauce mixed with Lucys bowel acids made me choke. Some of it splattered over my face, leaving pieces of partially digested corn stuck to my cheeks. I tried to keep my eyes shut to protect them from being burned. As bad as all of this was, it suddenly got worse. I felt the pain of the testicle-torturer tearing into the lower half of my body.

“Having fun yet?” asked Lucy. “Im not using this cause youre doing anything wrong. I just like making you suffer while you chow down on my shit. Youre so fucking lucky this control only goes to half-power!”

By the time Lucy was finished, I was totally exhausted from eating her shit, coughing, and getting zapped by the ball-shocker, which she had switched on and off intermittently. Lucy completed the session by draining her full bladder in my mouth.

As with Erica the day before, I eagerly drank the piss to wash the shit taste out of my mouth. When she stood up, fresh air rushed into the bowl, which was another huge relief.

“Ok, you can come out of there,” said Lucy

As quickly as I was able in my depleted state, I pulled my head through the opening and out of the bowl.

“Dont get too excited,” she added, watching me. “You arent finished yet.”

After a moment, it dawned on me what she meant. She hadnt wiped herself.

“Wash your face off in the other toilet bowl first,” Lucy instructed.

I crawled over to the other toilet bowl, and splashed fresh water over my face and hair, washing off the particles of her waste. When I was finished, Lucy beckoned me over.

“Your tongue is gonna be my toilet paper. Ill bet Erica hasnt had you do that yet.”

“No,” I answered without thinking.

Lucy dealt a hard slap across my wet face.

“Show some respect, asshole.”

“No, Miss Lucy,” I said, hoping it was the right response.

Apparently satisfied, she turned her body around.

“Speaking off assholes, lick mine clean. And youd better be thorough.”

I leaned forward and began licking the crack of her ass. I couldnt penetrate well enough to be effective this way, so I parted her ass cheeks with my fingers to access the hole. Once Id cleaned the exterior, I stuck my tongue as deeply into Lucys anus as I could and swabbed it out, making sure not to miss a spot. The taste was at least better than swallowing her turds in the toilet.

“Ok, good enough,” she said after a few minutes of licking.

I withdrew my face, and Lucy pulled up her panties and jeans. When she turned and saw me still looking at her, she slapped my face again.

“Dont stare at me, numbnuts!”

Even after my eyes were again turned downward, Lucy stood and glowered at me for a while. Then, loudly and deliberately, she hawked and spit a large, thick, green glob on the floor beside me.

“Well?” she said after waiting a few seconds. “Just cause youre out of the bowl doesnt mean you stopped being the toilet. Lick it up!”

I sat gaping, wondering if she was serious. Lucy had no patience for this. She grabbed the remote and zapped me with Level Five. Pain shot through my balls. I knew she would not shut it off unless I complied. I bent over from my kneeling position, and licked up every drop of Lucys viscous phlegm off the bathroom tiles. Even then, she left the unit on another half minute while she stood and watched me squirm.

Finally, she shut it off and smiled, contemptuous as ever at the sight of me.

“If I had the full power control, and you disobeyed me like that, youd wish you were dead. Youd be pleading for me to cut your balls off to stop the pain, but Id probably make you cut them off yourself and dump them in the fucking garbage disposal while I watched.”

I hung my head. I was sore, exhausted, and wanted to cry, but I knew that it would just trigger more anger from Lucy if I did, so I sat silently.

“Were done for now, dickhead,” she said. “Erica will be through training you by the end of next week, then Mistress has plans for you. If you thought today was a workout, just wait till then.”

She punctuated her comment by giving me a sharp boot in the groin before walking out the door. I pitched face forward onto the bathroom floor. The torture device between my legs was unfortunately far more effective than protective.

The Beating

Erica conducted the remainder of my toilet training. It was mild compared to that terrible day with Lucy, and I was able to handle “solids” from Erica each day without gagging. Erica regularly reported my progress to Mistress Stephanie, who was satisfied after ten days that the first phase of my training had been successful.

“The girls have trained you well,” Mistress Stephanie said to me. “Soon Ill be giving you an exam to make sure you are a worthy toilet slave, but this evening Im going to give you a chance to shower without the device on, since its been a while. Come over here and pull down your pants.”

I walked over to Mistress Stephanie and followed her instructions. With the devices help, shed trained me in a hurry to obey without question or hesitation. Mistress Stephanie disarmed the tamper switch with her remote control, then undid the fasteners and removed it from me. Id gotten so used to wearing the device over the past two weeks that my whole body felt lighter without it.

“Ok, now go shower and clean yourself good. When youre through, come back out here---naked!”

I still hated being naked in front of Mistress Stephanie or either of the girls, but I had resigned myself to it as part of my new life. I went to the bathroom and showered thoroughly, especially cleaning my genitals in the areas the device hugged so closely. When I was through, I dried myself, but did not even bother putting on underwear. I knew that coming out almost naked would only infuriate Mistress Stephanie. When I returned to the living room, I saw that Lucy and Erica had joined her. Feeling self-conscious again, I had to fight the impulse to cover my crotch. This did not escape Lucy, who noticed every nuance of my body language.

“Do you wanna cover up?” she asked. “Cover up what? Its not like youve got a dick or anything!” She laughed.

“Now Lucy, be nice,” Mistress Stephanie said. “Hes got a dick, its just……a really small dick.”

Lucy laughed again, and this time Mistress Stephanie joined her. As was often the case, Erica smiled, but seemed reluctant to join in when the other two verbally abused me.

“Well, youre probably wondering why I brought you in here naked,” Mistress Stephanie said to me. “Im going to put the device back on you in a little while, but I think you need to be tenderized a little first. Weve been going easy on you during your toilet training. I want you to know that Im not going to make a habit of that.”

“Lucy,” said Mistress Stephanie, turning to her. “Are you ready?”

“Oh yeah, Im ready!” answered Lucy. As always, she was eager to participate in all of Mistress Stephanies amusements.

Mistress Stephanie smiled. “I knew you would be. But I think it might be fun to have Erica start the festivities.”

Erica looked over at Mistress Stephanie as if unsure what she meant.

“Erica,” said Mistress Stephanie, “Beat the shit out of him.”

Instantly, a profound change came over Erica. When she turned back toward me, her eyes were hard and cold. Her expression was not angry or cruel, but indifferent….businesslike. She walked over to me in an abrupt, android-like manner. I had only a glimpse of her new demeanor at close range before she slapped me across the face, hard. Before I could recover, she slapped me again, with her left hand, then with her right again. I couldnt believe what was happening.

Warm, gentle Erica was doing just what Mistress Stephanie had ordered---she was beating the shit out of me. Her slaps were harder than those previously dealt out from either Lucy or Mistress Stephanie. When I raised my shoulder instinctively to deflect a blow, she punched me in the solar plexus. When I doubled over, she chopped me across the side of the neck, then followed up with two more slaps. I understood now why Ericas build had always impressed me as athletic. Shed obviously had some advanced martial arts training.

When I tried to move away or guard myself, Erica got rougher. I got an elbow in the ribs, and then a punch in the nose that drew blood. All during Ericas attack, I could hear Mistress Stephanie and Lucy, especially Lucy, laughing in the background.

I lifted both my hands to guard my head, and this too was a mistake. Ericas foot lashed out and caught my loose, unprotected testicles. I screamed in pain; Lucy screamed with laughter. Doubled over again, I received another crisp slap to my face from Erica, followed by a punch to the other side of my head.

I then made my worst mistake yet. I tried to grab Ericas wrist to keep her from slapping me. Her hand easily eluded my grabbing motion, then caught and twisted my wrist. I winced in pain, bending my body sidewards to keep the wrist from breaking. When I did so, she stepped forward and stiffly raised her knee straight up into my groin.

Ericas knee inflicted even more pain than Mistress Stephanies had at Mistress Angelas apartment. And worse, Erica was relentless. Her eyes were still cold and dispassionate. Ignoring my groans and screams, she continued landing blow after blow upon my naked body. I was now bleeding from both my mouth and nose. I dropped to the floor, but her attack did not subside. She started kicking me where I lay, battering my back, stomach, and face with her sharp, solid shoes. When I flipped onto my back following a kidney blow, Erica stood waiting. She pinned my pelvis with one foot, and stomped hard and deliberately on my crotch with the other; she did this twice in a row. I desperately cried out with each stomp, and my limbs flailed spasmodically in every direction.

Erica was raising her foot a third time when Mistress Stephanies voice finally rang out. “Erica! Enough!”

Id never welcomed any words as much as these. Erica stopped right away and took a step back from me. I was crying like a newborn baby. When my guts started contracting, Mistress Stephanie was prepared. She dropped a plastic bucket in front of me just in time for me to vomit into it.

“Cool!” Lucy exclaimed. “Made him puke, Erica, way to go!”

I threw up again. I could see blood in the bucket mixed with my vomit. I hoped the blood was only from my split lips, and not internal injuries.

“Lucy, help me set this up,” Mistress Stephanie said. I heard footsteps trail away, then the creaking sound of wooden equipment.

I knelt over the bucket, gasping. I was trying hard to stop crying and recover from the shock when I felt a pat on my back and a hand rubbing gently. It was difficult to turn my head, but slowly I managed to do so. I was astounded to see Erica standing beside me--the Erica Id seen when Id opened my eyes that first day at Mistress Stephanies. Again, she looked warm and caring.

“Are you ok?” she asked, sounding completely sincere. “I really hope so. It was nothing personal. Just orders from Mistress, you know?”

She rubbed my back again and smoothed out my hair. I didnt know how to reconcile her present behavior with what shed just done, but I believed somehow that she was truly sorry.

I heard the voices and footsteps of Mistress Stephanie and Lucy as they reentered the living room.

“Excellent work, Erica,” said Mistress Stephanie.

“Yeah, it was beautiful,” Lucy agreed. “But I wanted to work on him too.”

Mistress Stephanie laughed.

“I know, Lucy. I was going to let you, but Erica was too efficient. I wanted him tenderized, not pulverized. I have plans for him tomorrow.”

Mistress Stephanie turned her attention back to me for the first time since the beating ended.

“You!” she yelled, “Stop being a fucking baby. You know that pisses me off. Get your ass off the floor and go clean up. If youre not out of this room in fifteen seconds, Ill change my mind, and let Lucy have her turn with you!”

I had learned well that Mistress Stephanie never made idle threats. Even as weak as I was, fear motivated me to move. I pulled my bruised, naked body off the floor, grabbed the bucket containing my vomit, and hobbled off toward the bathroom. As I passed Lucy, she spit one of her thick gobs on the side of my face. Mistress Stephanie not only made no objection, she gave her own parting shot.

“See you tomorrow, darling!” she called after me in a singsong voice. The last sound I heard was the one Id grown most accustomed to in Mistress Stephanies house: the laughter of women at my expense.

Mistress Stephanies Final Exam

I learned the following day that Mistress Stephanie was planning a large party that evening. I didnt know if this meant that shed postponed her “plans” for me, or if those plans were related to the party. In either case, I knew I didnt dare ask her about it.

Since Mistress Stephanie and the girls were busy making preparations, they ignored me for most of the day. Mistress Stephanie called me in only briefly to reattach the “discipline device” to my crotch; then she told me to get out and stay out of the way for the rest of the day unless I was needed. Late in the afternoon, guests began to arrive. Most of them were domme friends and acquaintances of Mistress Stephanie. Some came alone or in pairs, others brought their slaves. In all, probably around thirty guests showed up. 
Not surprisingly, I recognized a number of them, since Mistress Stephanie and Mistress Angela had a number of mutual friends. In fact, Mistress Angela herself came to the party, and shed brought Mistress Janet along with her. When they arrived, Mistress Stephanie ordered me to come out to the main room so they could see me. Mistress Angela was startled by the change in my appearance.

“Whoa! Look at those bruises! Have you let up at all since I gave him to you, Steph?”

Mistress Stephanie smiled. “Thats not my handiwork. My girl Erica did that last night.”

I felt a hand grab my ass firmly, and realized it was Mistress Janets.

“Well, I dont mind my meat a little bruised. Hes still just as hot as ever!”

She licked the length of my neck up the side, then kissed my cheek when she reached it.

“You can have his meat if you want, Jan. His ass stays here with me,” Mistress Stephanie said.

The other two dommes loved this remark. They laughed for a full minute.

Other women in the room were beginning to look at me. Some were laughing and pointing. I was too far from them to hear what was being said, but thought my visible bruises might be the cause. Soon I had my answer. An unfamiliar domme grasped my shoulder as she passed.

“Hey, movie star,” she said to me, winking.

Several women overheard the remark and giggled. Mistress Angela witnessed the incident and saw my puzzled expression.

“You know why she called you that?” Mistress Angela asked me. “I made copies of our movie and passed them around. You know--the film of our little date a few weeks ago? Almost all of these girls have seen it. Your limp dick is famous!”

She practically yelled this last remark, making sure that more than a few heard it. Female snickers came in response from around us.

“Damn, Ive got to use the bathroom,” Mistress Janet said suddenly.

“You know where it is. Feel free to contribute,” Mistress Stephanie said.

Mistress Janet set her glass of champagne down and grinned at the other two women before departing for the bathroom. She returned about ten minutes later.

The next few hours passed without incident. It was like a typical cocktail party--unusual only because there were so many dominant females present. There was good music and plenty of drinks to go around. I sat mostly off to the side, as Mistress Stephanie had instructed. She wanted me present in the main room, but not in the way. Dommes continued to point at me and laugh throughout the evening, which I assumed was because of the movie. I pretended to be unaware of the attention, though I felt my face flushing when I heard the derisive laughter.

At around eleven p.m., Mistress Stephanie came over to the corner where I was sitting alone. She put her hands on her hips and stood watching me with a knowing smile on her face.

“The time has come,” she said to me. “Its time for your final exam. Follow me.”

I walked behind her, following her through the main room and up the stairs, growing more fearful with each step. It was her smile that frightened me. I had been in her household long enough to sense when she had something particularly sadistic planned for me, and I had the feeling that this night would end up being even worse than the one before it.

We reached our destination---the upstairs bathroom. About twelve other dommes were standing around smiling. They apparently already knew what I was about to find out. At the bathroom door, Mistress Stephanie took me by the hand and led me inside. There was a terrible stench in there.

“Well, tonight is the final exam I promised you. The girls have trained you, and now you have to prove that you are worthy of the highest honor---being my personal toilet and being allowed to consume my nectar and ambrosia.”

She lifted the toilets top seat, revealing a shocking sight. The toilet was filled with shit. It was piled higher than in any toilet Id ever seen. There were multiple layers, colors, and textures of it. The heap of shit was so deep that it rose way above the waterline. Once the shit was exposed, the stench grew much worse and soon permeated the whole bathroom. I understood well now why the other dommes were standing outside the open door even though they wanted to witness the coming spectacle.

“Most of the ladies have helped,” Mistress Stephanie continued. “I encouraged everyone to contribute at least a little piss or shit. As you can see, some of them contributed a lot. Probably twenty mistresses have used this toilet tonight. Not many slaves get this privilege, so I hope you appreciate it. All you need to do to pass the test is eat everything thats in there. Clean the bowl. Ill give you ten minutes.”

I looked at the mountain of excrement in the toilet bowl and did not feel at all privileged. Instead, I was overwhelmed with dread and disgust. Despite what Id managed to do in training, the prospect of doing what Mistress Stephanie expected revolted me far more than even acting as Lucys toilet slave had. I needed to find a way to escape this. Driven by such desperation, I made a bad mistake. I decided to plead with Mistress Stephanie.

“Please…Mistress Stephanie---dont make me do this.”

As I spoke these words, her expression darkened.

“What did you say?”

I swallowed hard. I knew she wasnt pleased, but I still felt compelled to finish what Id started.

“Please, Mistress Stephanie. I dont think I can do it. Isnt there some other way to test me?”

Mistress Stephanies jaw clenched and her eyes narrowed. Her rage built so palpably that  I began regretting my words even before she answered.

“You ungrateful little pisshole! Your life is worth less than the smallest hair between my legs, and youre questioning me? These women came here tonight and offered something that you dont even deserve! Do you think you can insult them by refusing it? Its time that you learned something--- the shit in that toilet means a hell of a lot more than what you want, because your will means less than shit! You think I give a fuck what you want? Youll want what I fucking decide you want!”

Mistress Stephanie reached into her purse and pulled out her remote control. I stood sweating and trembling, knowing Id made a terrible error in questioning her with other dommes present. Id never seen this kind of fury from her before, and it was terrifying to behold. She pointed the control in my direction.

“So you wont eat it, huh?”

I didnt even get a chance to answer. Mistress Stephanie pressed a button, and I screamed in pain. My knees buckled inward, and I sank to the floor with my hands on my crotch.

This was unlike that day in the living room when Id first experienced the testicle-torturer. Mistress Stephanie was not  just demonstrating the device now. She was wielding it as a weapon--using its full potential as an instrument of torture, and she was in no hurry to turn it off.

“Please, please,” I groaned.

“Please?” she said, feigning innocence. “Please, what? You want me to turn it off?”

“Yes, please, Mistress Stephanie,” I answered between gasps. “Ill do what you want.”

She switched the device off.

“Its been a while since youve felt Level Eight, hmm? Now what was it you were trying to tell me?”

I could hear stirrings of soft laughter and comments among the dommes outside the doorway. They seemed to approve of Mistress Stephanies method of punishment. Residual throbbing continued between my legs. My breathing was heavy, but I managed to answer.

“I-Ill do it, Mistress Stephanie. Ill eat whats in there. Im sorry I wouldnt before.”

“Oh, youre sorry,” she said. “Well, I believe you might be a little sorry, but Im not impressed. You think youre doing me a favor by agreeing to eat it? No, you dont understand yet.”

Another jolt of blinding pain hit my groin without warning. I didnt merely scream this time, I screeched. The pain was the worst Id felt yet from the device, and far worse than Ericas beating the previous night, even when shed stomped on my balls. The agony made my pelvis twist and my stomach cramp horribly.

“Oh, please, please, no more! Please stop, Mistress Stephanie! Anything, Ill do anything!”

She shut the device off again. I was whimpering and sobbing loudly.

“Awwwwww,” one of the dommes cooed in mock sympathy. The others laughed. I could expect no requests for mercy on my behalf.

“That was Level Nine,” Mistress Stephanie said. “Are you starting to appreciate the honor youve been given? I hope youre ready to do more than agree to eat that shit now. I expect you to ask for permission to eat it. Now what do you have to say?”

I would have said or done anything she wanted by now. The pain that shed given me was worse than anything Id realized was even possible. I felt it from my ankles all the way up to my neck. My belly was still convulsing.

“Please, Mistress Stephanie, may I eat the shit in the toilet?”

“Are you sure you really want to?” she asked.

“Yes, Mistress Stephanie, I really want to. I would like to eat all of that shit. May I have permission to do it, please?”

“Not just yet,” she said, then hit another button.

It must have been Level Ten. The already-excruciating pain of Level Nine increased exponentially. My screeches were like those of an animal that had been doused with gasoline and set on fire. My muscles were completely beyond my control as I writhed on the bathroom floor, unable to even utter a syllable. I turned my eyes toward Mistress Stephanie to plead silently. She stood stoically with a small, satisfied smile, in no hurry to shut off the device, though she must have known that every second at this level felt like an hour of hell to me. I could see some of the other dommes in the background too. Some of them wore curious or indifferent expressions, but a couple of them, obviously the true sadists, were smiling.

I finally heard the click of the remote being shut off. The pain instantly lessened, though it did not cease. I still felt it in every part of me. The device had rendered my body a quivering mass with all of its strength drained.

Mistress Stephanie strode over to where I lay and stared down at me. I felt powerless beneath her, like an insect.

“Im going to show you what a merciful goddess I am,” she said. “I am giving you permission to beg for your final exam. Im going to allow you to try and convince me that you should be allowed the opportunity to eat whats in that toilet---convince me that I shouldnt switch this thing on again instead, and leave it on all night.”

I needed no more persuasion. Id learned my lesson. And surprisingly, I honestly felt grateful to her for giving me another chance. Now I wanted nothing more in the world that to convince her of it.

“Oh please, Mistress Stephanie! Please, may I eat the shit in the toilet? I beg you, please, I want it more than anything!”

“Im still listening,” said Mistress Stephanie. “Im listening, but youre really going to have to persuade me that you mean it. Do you really want this? I need to know what it means, and what I mean to you.”

She brushed the cold plastic of the remote control softly over my cheek, and added, “Convince me of your appreciation.”

I knew I didnt have much time.

“Oh, Mistress Stephanie, you are my one and only goddess! I only want to please you. To please you means everything to me! Thank you so much for giving me this chance tonight that I didnt even deserve. I appreciate it now---I swear I do! Thank you for helping me understand, My Goddess. I beg you, please, please let me prove it to you! I beg you to please let me eat the shit out of that toilet. Ill lick it clean and thank you for the privilege of letting me do it. Please, Mistress Stephanie, I beg you, My Goddess, I beg you!”

I was groveling at her feet shamelessly now, even kissing the bathroom floor in front of her shoes. I didnt care that I was doing this in front of other women. All that mattered was convincing Mistress Stephanie of my sincerity.

I continued begging this way for at least two minutes. Finally, Mistress Stephanie was satisfied.

“Ok, enough,” she said. “Youre a very lucky toilet slave tonight. I believe that you mean it. Im going to allow you to prove yourself with your actions. Except for one thing: I told you before that youd have ten minutes to clean that bowl. But because of the extra trouble youve caused me, Ive decided to give you only five…”

She looked at her watch. “…starting right now!”

I wouldnt have believed a minute earlier that I had the strength left, but knowing what I needed to do---what I had no choice but to do---I was energized. I practically leapt off the bathroom floor toward the toilet bowl without thinking. I didnt have time to think about my disgust, I just did what I had to do; I plunged my head into the mound of shit and started consuming it, slurping it up, practically inhaling it, swallowing huge mouthfuls at a time, barely stopping to breathe for even a second. After all, five minutes was a short time to do what was necessary, and disappointing Mistress Stephanie was not an option.

I actually ate the shit and piss of twenty women that night. The dommes in the hallway came inside to watch and cheer me on. I swallowed soft turds, hard turds, small turds, and huge turds. I ate chewy, dense turds, and light, loafy turds. I lapped up liquefied shit and slurped down pints of piss.

“One minute!” Mistress Stephanie announced.

Approaching the bottom of the bowl, I sucked up the last of the contents, then hurriedly turned to the cleanup work, licking the porcelain toilet surface from bottom to rim. My final task was to flip the seat up and clean all the shit-splatters off the underside with my tongue. The bowl was actually empty---it was clean!

Mistress Stephanie checked her watch again. “Did it with nine seconds to spare,” she said.

All the dommes present applauded. I didnt know whether they were applauding me, or if it was a tribute to Mistress Stephanies quick and efficient discipline of me, which had been so unquestionably effective. I was too exhausted to care why they were applauding, really. Only one thing mattered: Id fulfilled Mistress Stephanies demands. Her agonizing punishmentsat least for nowhad ended. With my herculean task completed, I crumpled back onto the bathroom floor, spent from exhaustion and pain.

As if on cue, all of the dommes filed out of the bathroom except for Mistress Stephanie. She stood quietly for a while watching me in silence before finally speaking.

“Lie back on the floor and open your mouth,” she said softly. No trace of anger was left in her voice. Her tone was almost gentle.

I followed her instruction and she stepped forward and stood astride my face. I could see straight up between her legs and saw that she was wearing no underwear. Mistress Stephanie lifted her long skirt up from the sides and squatted low above my face. With impeccable aim, she drained her bladder down my throat. Even after all Id already consumed, I managed to swallow all she delivered. Her urine was strong and thick, but sweet. As soon the last drop left her, Mistress Stephanie stood and strode out of the room without another word. I remained on the cold floor breathing heavily for a long time.

A True Sadist

It took time to recover from the double trauma of Ericas beating and Mistress Stephanies torture. I was sore for days after the party. Every part of me hurt, and my groin was so tender that any movement made my testicles and abdomen ache. Mistress Stephanie allowed me this time with few demands as a reward (I presumed) for having passed her “exam.” As an extra treat, she removed the training device from my crotch.

“I think you know by now that I wont hesitate to punish you harshly,” she said.  “Just remember that any disobedience means it goes back on again.”

She also told me that toilet duties would be less frequent now that Id been properly trained and tested. If she or either of the girls wished to use me for that purpose, however, I still must always be ready to serve as a receptacle with little or no notice. Once I could walk again, Mistress Stephanie began assigning me chores around the house. This was my first contact with Erica and Lucy since the day before the party. Erica behaved as if the beating shed given me had never happened. I only saw Lucy in passing, and as always, avoided eye contact. One day I was working in the pantry when I heard Mistress Stephanie call from the other room.

“Hey dickholecome in here!”

It always stung when she called me that. Her more generic insults didnt bother me, but the unconventional “dickhole” made me feel one millimeter tall. I walked into the living room where Mistress Stephanie was sitting in her favorite armchair.

“You know what I realized today?” she asked, getting out of the chair. “Youve been so busy with toilet training this past month that you havent even seen the best part of the house. Lets go down to the basement now. I have a surprise for you.”

Mistress Stephanie looked back at me as I followed her, and smiled at my expression. “You look worried. Why do you always assume its something bad?”

We descended the stairway, our footsteps echoing on the steep wooden steps. I felt the dampness of the cellar and began smelling a faint mustiness by the time we were halfway down. Finally we reached the basement. Over Mistress Stephanies shoulder, I saw a room that I recognized immediately as a dommes dungeon. It was much larger than Mistress Angelas chamber and contained many more implements. I thought that no one else was in the cellar until I spotted Lucy and Erica. Then I saw another woman step into view.

She was slender, but considerably taller than Mistress Stephanie or the girlsprobably close to six feet. Her straight brown hair reached nearly to her waist, and she had a smooth, fair complexion. What stood out most were her eyes. They were a deep, smoky brown. Once I saw them, I couldnt break eye contact. Her clothing projected “dominatrix” more than anything Mistress Stephanie ever wore. She wore a leather skirt, halter top, tall suede boots, and long, shiny patent leather gloves. I realized that she must be Mistress Stephanies surprise. Indeed I had expected the surprise to be “something bad” before coming downstairs, but now I knew it. Lucy and Erica moved aside as the woman stepped forward,. She stopped a few feet from me, put her hands on her hips and slowly looked me up and down.

Mistress Stephanie was still standing behind me. “This is Mistress Maxine,” she said. “She was at the party the other night. Lucy and Erica are here to observe and help if she wants them to. Im just going to sit things out and observe too. She is a marvel to watch.”

Maxine was still staring, apparently gauging me somehow. With her eyes upon me, I couldnt move from the spot.

I heard Mistress Stephanie settle down in a chair. “Maxine? The floor is all yours.”

Maxine finally turned from me and picked up a switch. She ran her fingers over it almost absentmindedly and spoke for the first time. “Clothes off,” she murmered. That was what it sounded like anyway. I was still watching her finger the switch when suddenly she spun and was upon me. Maxine slapped my face so hard that I nearly blacked out. Just as quick and hard I got the back of her hand, then the front, then the back again. I tumbled to the floor on my butt.

“I said clothes off!” she shouted. “I dont give the same order twice!” She brought the switch down across my neck, and it felt like a white-hot cable. I cried out and grabbed at my clothes, frantically trying to pull them offeven tear them offas fast as possible. Her switch bit into me four more times by the time I was naked, and I felt welts already rising. I was now oblivious to the rest of the room. Maxine circled around me, making the switch sing through the air. With each swing, I flinched.

“I saw how gentle Stephanie was with you at the party”, she said to me. “She gave you an order and you said no. Try that with meI dare you to just try it. I will break you apart if you question me even once or refuse one order. Only if you make me happy is there a chance youll get out of this room in one piece.”

In two strides she was standing over me. “Get up.”

I struggled to my feet. My ears were still ringing from her slaps and the welts were still growing.

Maxine stepped right up in my face. Id never encountered any woman that projected such power, and it withered me.

“We havent even started, darling, not even started,” she said. “You need to make me happy today, and you know how you can do that? There are only two wayshurt and hurt worse. None of your actions will please me. Only your suffering will.”

Maxine punched me in the nose, and the blinding pain nearly toppled me over again. The smell of her leather glove lingered in my nostrils after the punch. I felt blood dribbling from my nostrils.

She smiled. I remembered Maxines face now. She was one of the dommes cheering Mistress Stephanie on when she tortured me with Level Ten at the party. She was one of the “true sadists” that loved the spectacle.

Ill take your mind off that sore nose,” “Maxine said. “Assume the position.”

Confused, I looked back at her and received four more vicious slaps across the face. Only then did she explain.

“On your hands and knees. Have your knees far apart and your face against the floor.”

I dropped to the floor and tried to get in the position as ordered. In my peripheral vision I saw Lucy and Erica and remembered that they were watching. Had I not been terrified and hurting badly, I would have been mortified at having them see me punted around by a stranger.

Maxine nudged the side of my knee with her boot tip. “Knees further apart and ass in the air. You dont want to keep me waiting. Good. Now when you were introduced to me, there was something you should have done and didnt do. What was it?”

“I dont know, Mistress Maxine.”

The switch sliced across my ass full force and I let out a high-pitched yelp. The burn was terrible.

“What…was…it?” She spoke through clenched teeth and I wanted badly to give the right answer. If only I knew it…

“Im sorry, Mistress Maxine, I didnt know.”

She switched my ass seven more times without holding back. My tears began to flow.

“Keep your position,” she ordered. “Dont you dare let your body sag down. You will hold the position until I say to move, cause you know what? Im still not the least bit angry, but moving might make me angry. Ill tell you now what you should have known. When you come face to face with me, you kneel at my feet and kiss my boots.”

Maxine walked around my prone body and stood in front of me. “Do it right now.”

I kissed her boots over and over hoping to placate her. Finally she stepped back.

“Okay, now that you know what you should have done, Im going to make sure you remember. Hold the position.”

Maxine walked back to my rear. “Nowwhat do you do when you come face to face with me?”

“I kneel at your feet and kiss your boo--”

Her boot smashed into my testicles. The agonizing, unexpected kick took the breath out of me, and I started to crumple. I managed to catch myself when I heard Maxine.

“Hold the fucking position!”

My body was shaking violently but will power driven by fear helped me get my body back in place. My knees were wide apart, my ass in the air, and my balls still fully vulnerable to Maxines whims.

“Not done till I tell you,” she said quietly. “Nowwhat do you kiss?”

“Your boo--” One of those very boots again slammed into my balls. I wailed, but somehow held the position.

“My what?”

“Your boo--” *thump*

“My what?”

“Your boo--” *thump*

“My WHAT??”

“Your boo--” *THUMP*

The last blow was a full swing kick, and when it landed, everything went black. I regained conciousness seconds later, but was folded in half with cramps and wished I could die on the spot. A deep groan rose from my belly.

Maxine laughed. “The only thing I love more than the sight of male suffering is the sound of it. I tortured insects when I was a little girl, and it was fun watching them writhe, but doing it to men is oh so much more satisfying.” She walked away to set the switch down and select a more substantial whip from the dungeon wall.

“I think youll remember my boots now,” said Maxine. “If you forget, well goshthings might really get rough. Im having a drink of water while you get yourself off the floor. Would you like one? Oops, there isnt enough. Tough shit for you.”

From a stool next to Lucy and Erica, she picked up a glass of water and drank it down slowly while watching me.

“Could one of you refill the water pitcher, please?” she asked the girls. “Just get enough for me. He doesnt want any.”

I had managed to get to my knees now, but was still trying to catch my breath. I flinched when Maxine walked toward me again.

“Do you prefer gut-wrenching pain or excruciating pain?” she asked me. “Oh, I forgotmen arent good at making choices. Ill just give you both.”

She ran forward and kicked me hard in the ribs, knocking me over again.

“Get up! Get the fuck up!”

There was no pleasing Maxine, but again I struggled to my knees. I tried to will myself to stand, but my ribs and groin wouldnt allow it. Now Maxine began swinging the larger whip. She used it as masterfully as the switch, building momentum in the air and then cracking it down across my body. I screamed as she lashed my back, chest, belly, arms and ass. No matter which way I turned, the whip got me. When I drew my arms in for protection, she whipped my thighs and sides. I didnt know whether the whip was breaking skin, but it felt that way. It hurt much more than the switch.

“You wont be able to sit down, lie down, bend over or stand up by the time Im done with you,” said Maxine. “Youll only be able to hurt, but that you will do very well.”

She turned to the girls again. “Lucy, have you ever used one of these?”

“Not one that big,” said Lucy, speaking for the first time that day.

“Here, give it a try,” Maxine said.

She jabbed her index finger in my chest. “Assume the position.”

At least I knew what she meant this time. I got back on my hands and knees and presented my ass to the women.

Maxine handed the whip to Lucy. “It will take a little practice, but youll be good at it. I know you like these things.”

They both laughed and Lucy began swinging. Her first efforts didnt hurt much, but as Maxine had predicted, she learned the technique quickly. Soon the whip was singing in the air, and I knew it would crack down on my ass with authority. While Lucy practiced, Maxine had Erica assist her with setting up a vertical steel bondage frame. They finished anchoring it in place next to me around the time Lucy hit stroke number twenty-five.

“Very good, Lucy. I can tell youd like to continue, but Ill take over now. Youre really starting to work up a sweat, arent you? I am too, and I love it. Thats why I wear gloves for such occasions.”

Maxine pulled off  the long leather glove from her right hand. “See, these gloves dont breathe, so the sweat collects. It all drips down my arm so when I take the glove off, all that sweat falls into the finger holes.”

She lifted the base of my glove to my mouth. “The best thing about it is watching a thirsty slave drink that sweat. Do it now, cause youre not getting any water unless it goes through me first. This is all the sweat that I worked up beating your sorry ass, and youll swallow every drop of it. Isnt that some beautiful poetic justice?”

She poured the sweat into my mouth and I swallowed as instructed. It was hot and very salty.

“Now Lucys sweat,” Maxine said.

I didnt understand. I looked at Lucy but she had no gloves on.

Maxine slapped my face hard. “Her pits, dimwit!” Lick the sweat off Lucys armpits.”

I had never licked a womans armpits before, but Lucy lifted her arms high and smiled smugly at me. Maxines experienced imagination was a more sophisticated version of Lucys own creative cruelty. I licked the full area of Lucys right armpit, and tasted the heavy muskiness of her sweat gland. It was a taste that lingered. The fine stubble under her arm was rough on my tongue, but not unpleasant.

“Suck it too,” Maxine said. “Make sure you get everything from one before going to the other.”

Following instructions, I didnt rush and made sure Lucys armpits were sweat-free before stopping. When Id finished, Maxine brought me over to the bondage frame.

“I need you to stay in one position, so youre going into the frame now.. Raise your arms up and spread your legs.”

I did as she said, and remained still as Lucy and Erica assisted Maxine in fastening the cuffs around my hands and ankles and pulling the wire connectors tight. In a short time, I had my arms secured above my head and each foot pulled far to the side to keep my legs spread. The only area I could now move flexibly was my midsection.

“Thats better,” said Maxine. “No more rolling and twisting and trying to hide. You werent able to hide from me before and now you cant even try. There is one more thing you can do, though.”

She paused and traced her now-bare finger softly over my cheek. “Suffer more,” she whispered.

Maxine turned to address the girls. “I need the right pair of panties, and Im not sure mine will do. How about yours? Show me what youve got onif youre wearing any.”

The women all laughed. Lucy and Erica pulled up their skirts to show her, and Maxine chose.

“A soft, sexy thong with nice little beads on it,” she said, turning back to me. “Pink and shiny too…perfect. Ericas panties will do.”

Erica looked embarrassed. She walked to a corner to remove her panties and brought them back to Maxine.

Maxine dangled the thong in front of my face. “Sniff them. Theyre nice and moist. I wasnt sure Erica was enjoying herself, but now Im pretty sure shes turned on by watching you hurt.”

She pressed the panties up against my nose so I was directly inhaling the scent. I felt an intense mix of emotionssexual arousal, fear, and embarrassment--for both myself and Erica. Maxine was right. The panties were very moist.

“I didnt borrow these for you sniff, though,” Maxine said, taking the panties away. “Heres why I took them.”

Maxines hands went down to my crotch and began binding the panties around my scrotum. She wound them around tightly several times and then  tied a knot.

“Are you getting the idea?” Maxine asked. Slowly and powerfully she drew the knot very tight and I gasped.

“That thong will work like a tourniquet,”Maxine told me. “This is another one of the sweet ironies I love so much. Delicate little feminine panties soaked in pussy juice are choking your balls and they wont let up unless I want them to. Think about itsugar and spice and everything nice is cutting off the bloodflow to your testicles. Something lovely and female is strangling the life out of your manhood. It works even better because of the kicking I gave them a while ago. Theyre all swollen, and the blood is rushing down to rescue them but it cant reach its destination. Sugar and spice wont let it.”

Maxine laughed heartily at the irony she had devised. “You know what happens when the circulation is cut off? Your balls will get red, then blue, then purple, and then….”

By this time, I had come to believe that Maxine was capable of anything. This woman loved inflicting pain, and if Mistress Stephanie didnt object, I had no reason to think I wouldnt be castrated by this slow, torturous method. Within the panties knot, my testicles throbbed, and I began to whimper with fear.

“Lucy, looks like Ill be needing yours too,” Maxine said. Lucy stripped off her panties and handed them to Maxine, who stuffed them in my mouth to muffle the noise. Lucys panties, not surprisingly, were even wetter than Ericas. As her taste and scent filled my mouth and sinuses, I was ever more confused emotionally. Lucys vaginal fluids stimulated my taste buds, conjuring erotic images while Ericas underwear continued to agonize my genitals with its tight squeeze.

Maxine lit a cigarette, took a long drag, and blew the smoke in my face. “You can suffer more than that for me, cant you?” she said. “Youre not doing it just for me. Its for all women.”

She pressed the cigarettes burning end against my chest, searing my left nipple and adding one more layer of pain to my body. She was careful not to press too hard lest the cigarette be extinguished. Used with a skilled touch, it continued burning into the tender pink flesh so densely-packed with nerve endings. I felt like screaming, but couldnt. Lucys panties still filled my mouth, and I couldnt remove them or spit them out.

Maxine continued tutoring the girls. “A cigarette can be a very useful instrument of pain. I can use it like I just did, on the nipple, or on the navel, or go lower…”

She now brought the cigarette level with my penis. “I dont even bother with the shaft, because it isnt very sensitive to surface stimulation. But if I focus on the glans…or the corona…or the frenulum…”

As she said the name of each area, she burned it hard with the cigarette tip, making sure to damage tissue each time. I tried to squirm away, but having no range of movement now, couldnt elude her touch. Tears were rolling down my cheeks.

“Last but not least,” said Maxine, as she walked around behind me, “…the anus.” She pulled open my ass cheeks and shoved the cigarette inside. For about ten horrible seconds, the embers scorched the inside of my asshole before lack of air extinguished them.

Coming around back in front of me, Maxine got back in my face, this time so close that her nose pressed into mine. This too was very painful because of the nose-punch earlier. She was playing the full range of my pain like a symphony conductor. And those terrifying, smoky-brown eyes were an inch from mine now. I could see, hear and smell nothing but pure Maxine.

What I could taste and feel was another matter, since my mouth was still filled with essence of Lucy and my balls still choked tightly by Ericas “sugar and spice.”

“Should I let them go?” Maxine rasped in my face. “Should I free your balls and let them live or should I go upstairs with the girls and leave you down here for a while? We could all watch a movie up there and laugh while poor babys testes die in the basement. Then you could join us, cause youll be one of the girls!”

When she laughed, Lucy and Mistress Stephanie joined in. But this time there was a third voice. Though in the grip of terrible pain, I still was surprised that Erica also laughedthis time without her usual reticence.

“Just ask me to untie them and I will,” Maxine said. “All you need to do is just speak up.”

I tried to speak, but my words were muffled by Lucys panties and unintelligible.

“Huh?” Maxine said, feigning confusion. If you cant speak up and tell me what you want, you cant expect me to help you, can you? Just say the words.”

I tried again, but now she just drowned out my muffled sounds with contemptuous laughter. Maxine leaned into my face and bit down on my lip hard, drawing blood immediately. She bit the lip again, opening a second wound, and sucked hard on it. Then she grinned, showing blood-stained teeth, and spit full-force in my face, spraying it with my own blood. Taking a step back for room, she slapped my face, putting the strength of her whole arm and shoulder into it. Maxine paused for just a moment to savor my expression, and then slapped me repeatedly, forehand and backhand, as she had at the start of our encounter. Things were startting to go dark, but as always, Maxine knew intuitively just when to draw back again. An unconscious man was not a suffering one.

She reached down and loosened the knot of fabric around my balls. Despite the knots tightness, she undid it with minimal effort. As the blood flowed back into my genitals, a new, different kind of agony ensued. Maxine next stuck her fingers in my mouth and pulled out Lucys panties.

“Undo the restraints,” Maxine told the girls. They let my arms and legs free and I crumpled to the floor. Maxine pulled off her other glove, and then removed her boots. It seemed playtime was just about over.

“Crawl over here,” she said to me. “Get over here and lick my feet top and bottom. Show your gratitude for my attentions today.”

I was desperately happy to have the panty tourniquet off and be free from the suspension frame. I licked Maxines sweaty feet top and bottom as well as I could, wanting to please her. Even more than before, my emotions were an utter tangle. I should have hated all of these women, but felt a soaring adoration for all of them, at the same time hating myself for feeling it. Added to all of this was another strange sensationstrange because I hadnt felt a hint of it for many weeks.

Lucy burst out laughing. “Look, hes getting a hard-on! I guess Angela didnt totally kill it like we thought.”

“That, my dear, is a tribute,” explained Maxine. “It is a tribute, a salute, and a surrender all in one. He doesnt even know why hes hard, but the part of his psyche that runs his penis is paying homage to all of womanhood. Hes hard because he knows it is an honor to suffer for us. Today, he met the spirit of the Almighty Vagina, and the Almighty Vagina always wins in the end. Always.”

“Exactly,” agreed Mistress Stephanie, breaking her silence.

“Would anyone like to respond to his tribute?” Maxine asked.

A long pause followed, and finally Erica stepped forward. She looked at my face for a few seconds, revealing nothing in her expression. Then she bent over and spit on my erection. The glob landed right on the head of my penis and dribbled down to envelop it.

If any of the others had done this, I would have expected it. But this was Erica. Erica! Her spittle vanquished my erection the way Mistress Angelas had all those weeks before. It bowed, then sank, then shriveled.

Mistress Stephanie, Maxine, Lucy, and Erica headed to the stairs and left the basement. I remained there, still naked and still in tremendous pain from Maxines treatment. Just as she had predicted, everything hurt. I was a mass of bruises, welts, cuts, and burns. It would be a while before I could even stand. Yet it was the heartache that hurt the most.

From the top of the stairs, Mistress Stephanie called down to me. “Drag yourself up here when youre able. That will be all today…unless Maxine wants to see you again.”

She laughed, switched the light off, and shut the door. AgainI was alone.

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