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Mother's New Toiletmaid!

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Mother's New ToiletMaid!

    TJ Ryder

   This story is inspired by 'Bob's Lesbian Watersports'

if you can find it on the net any more.

   Riding in her car to the Women's Reform School to pick up

her daughter, Marya Grant considered what to say to her.  The buxom

voluptuous woman in her late thirties, a single mother after a divorce,

tried to anticipate what her lovely daughter Laura would be like

after the three months she had endured.

She had been informed of her progress discreetly of course but

stories are one thing.  She smiled as she saw her daughter looking

wistfully back at the reform school through its iron gates, hesitant

to leave.  "Yes" she smiled, "it worked!"  Seeing her mother

pull up into the circular driveway, Laura lifted her suitcase and

walked over, smiling but also sad.

   They kissed, and Marya thought she felt her press her own big

breasts against hers a little more than usual, and her kiss

she was sure was reluctantly pulled from her lips to her cheek.

That was different.  Marya had arranged for her to be sent to Gardbrook

in the first place, on the pretext that Laura had taken her car

without permission.  And her heart broke at the sentencing at the look

of anger and betrayal in the courtroom and she almost relented and

confessed the whole thing was a putup job.  But the warm affection

she saw in that kiss and hug relieved her immensely.

   "Dear," she said, "was it very difficult inside?  You know, I

felt so bad in court seeing your face,  I wanted to drop the charges

then and there!"  Laura had crossed her shapely legs and her short

skirt, so much like her mom's had pulled up to show her garter strap!

   Laura was looking at the side mirror back at the prison

wistfully.  She smiled, "don't worry mother, it was a little difficult

to adjust, but after a while, it was kind of nice.  In fact...!"

her voice trailed off.

   Marya bit her lip as she watched her out of the corner of her eye.

"Because, honey, I know that even though your'e my only daughter,

and we look so much alike, you aren't like me in many ways.

I know I can be very, well, demanding, and um, forceful, and you,

well, I don't think you could be like that, and if you tried, well, it

wouldn't be you?  Um,(smile) am I just making any sense at all?"

   "Yes mother,(smile) your'e a domme and I'm a sub.  I know that now!"

   "Really, did you learn that at Gardbrook?"

   "Well," Laura said looking over at her mom, "that and, um, other


   There was a little silence then and Marya broke it.  "Did you

meet anyone there, you know, you liked?"

   "Well, um, at first I didn't, but then, well, I began to like

the girls that I hated at first; um, it's kind of complicated!"

   Marya sighed, 'Did you think of me at all?"

   Laura sighed, her eyes half closed, "yes mother!"

   "Because I'm as you say, a domme, and your'e a sub?"

   '(Pause) Yes!"

   "Do you know that I'm a lesbian, Laura?"

   "I think I suspected when I was sent there,mother,

but that was one of the things I realized, and about myself

as well!"

   "Do you have anything else you want to say, honey?"

   "Um, mother I didn't know how to say this, but I'v'e changed

a lot!  In fact I wanted to stay in Gardbrook if you can

believe that! Are you disappointed in me?"

   Marya put her hand on her thigh and patted it.

   "No, honey, in fact I'm pleased!"  She pulled the car over the

shoulder of the country road and turned off the engine.

   Laura was still digesting what her mom had said and was puzzled.

   "Honey," she turned, her cleavage from her big breasts showing

now as one button popped out.  "I had you sent to Gardbrook because

I knew you weren't going to be happy trying to be like me, and I

certainly wasn't going to be happy either!  I knew you were a

slave inside! Isn't that true?"

   Laura blushed, nodding, "y-yes, I wasn't sure how to tell you


   "And you liked it?"

   Laura nodded slowly.

   "And you like to be punished?"

   'Oh yessss!" she blurted out.

   "And you didn't know how to tell me you need that?"

   "Mother, how do you know these things?"

   "And you became a shit eater too, a toilet slave?"

   Laura gasped, putting her hand to her mouth.


   "Answer the question, Laura!" she said firmly. "NOW!"

   "Oh, please, mother, don't ...!"

   Marya smiled, patting her thigh and leaned over to give

her a soft kiss on her parted lips.

   "It's all right darling.  I wanted that to happen to you!

I arranged it with some friends.  You see I need a full time maid

and toiletslave!  I need a submissive little slut I can punish

and use any way I feel like, and some of my girlfriends do too!

I arranged for the whole incident to take place, to put you

in that place!  Now what do you think of that?"

   Laura gasped,  "I, I, you know I half suspected! A girl

told me a three month sentence for an unauthorized car ride

wasn't right!"

   "They told me they needed 3 months to turn you into a submissive

little shiteating slut!  Are you angry with me, Laura?"

   "No mother," she smiled warmly, "I probably should be,

but I am so grateful to you!"

   "That's good, because when we get back home you are going

to be my personal maid, and I will punish you or use you

as my  toilet any time I feel like it!  Do you

like that, Laura?"

  Laura deeply sighed, idly caressing her nipples and squeezing

her ripe thighs together.  "Oh yess, mother!"

   "Now tell me what you are, Laura!"

   "Pl-please, mother...!"

   Marya frowned.  "They told me you might have some trouble

adjusting! Stop touching yourself and put your hands in back!"

   She hid a smile as the girl automatically did it.  Then

she used the seat belt to secure them in back, her big breasts

pushing her sweater out!

   Reaching across to the glove compartment, her own

breasts rubbing against her daughters' she took out

a small box and opened it.

   "W-what are you going to do, mother?"

   "I thought we would make the ride home more productive,

Laura!" she said as she pulled her sleeveless sweater

over her shoulders and then pulled the neckline under

her big braless teenage breasts, already with hard nipples!

   "Mother!"  The girl struggled and blushed.

   "Don't worry, the windows are tinted!"  Attaching first

one clamp around her right nipple, she watched the girl's face

contort.  The second one made her wince also.

   "It's not really to punish you, just to present them for

the next step!"

   "Next step?"  Then Laura saw the pincusion with rubber handles

over the pins to hold them.

    "Don't make me use the gag, sweetheart! I want to hear you

but I don't want to hear you scream in a closed car!"

   "I-I'll try, mother!"  MFFFFFFFFFMMMMM!

   Holding a pin poised over her right nipple, her face close to

Laura, she waited until she rode out the pain waves.

   "Now, what are you, Laura?  Are you my shit eating toiletslut?"

   "Y-y..." the girl nodded.  AAUUGHHHGHHHHH!!!!"  The second

pin pierced the right nipple slowly, and Marya picked up a third.

   "Don't nod, tell me what you are now!"

   "Gasp,  I'm your, (gasp), shit eating toiletslut, mother!"

The girl blushed deeply.

   "And you are my slave!"

   "Oh yes, um, yes, I am your slave, mother!"  AAEIIEEEEEE!

Oh oh," she gasped, beginning to sweat now, looking down

she saw one pin had completely impaled a nipple, with drops of

blood leaking down. She knew her pussy was so creamy it was

probably soaking the seat.

   "All right then," Marya smiled, turning to start the engine.

   "Mother, wait!" She paused and turned.

   "As long as wer'e here, um...!"

   "No, when we get home I'm going to use a cane and a strap to get

you off to a good start.  I'ts too awkward in the car!  Would you like


   "Oooh yes, mother, but I thought, since you stopped, well...!"

   "Hoping I had to go to the bathroom?" Laura nodded and smiled.

   "Sorry, honey, I don't!  In fact I didn't eat breakfast this morning

because I knew I would have a huge bowel movement for you as soon

as I eat something!"  Laura sighed and licked her full lips. Marya smiled.

They had done a good job on her new slaveslut! 

   "Why, honey, no breakfast for you either today?"

   "No, um, not that kind.  Iv'e been in the short timer section of

the reform school for a week and, well...!"

   "Well, don't you worry, honey, I had a feast last night and I'm

going to have a huge load ready to squeeze out into your shiteating

little mouth as soon as we get home!"

   "Oh, yess, and mother, I didn't serve just, well, one girl!

I was used to at least two or three a day!  Don't you need to

piss either?"

   "Be patient darling. I belong to a little group, dommes and subs,

some of the girls your age, and they are so anxious to use you!"

  That made her lovely daughter sigh and smile at the idea.

She wondered if she knew any of them.

   "We'll be home in less than half an hour dear, then I'm

going to tie you to a ceiling hook stark naked, take out my strap,

and eat a granola bar and make you dance while I'm waiting to use

your mouth for my toilet!  Does that satisfy you, honey?"

   "Yes mother," she smiled, leaning over to kiss her mother's bare

shoulder and shifting over so her hips touched hers.  "Um, are you

going to take the pins out?"

   "No!  I thought we'd make a game out of it! Every stoplight

I'll put another one in!"

    "Ooooohhhh!" Laura shivered.  "Oh well, it doesn't matter,

mother.  Now I know how much I am in love with you nothing


   "That's very sweet dear, but I bet your'e thinking of my

big movement in your mouth!"

   'Yes, mother, your big beautiful brown turds in my shit eating


   "That's a good girl!" she smiled, and kissed her lips at a

stoplight, feeling the warm lips and tasting her tongue.


   "Oh mother!"

   "What is it darling?"

   "We forgot to do the pin thing!"

   "No problem, I'll use two the next time!"

    Kissing her bare shoulder again, Laura sighed.


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