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Slave to the Machine

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Synopsis: A rack fanatic is able to realize her deep torture fantasies, but then realizes itís not entirely safe.


Slave to the Machine

By HistSwitch00 at Yahoo dot Com, © 2009

Joan had practically given up on men and real-life relationships.  Her amazingly successful career led to financial well-being, social status, travel, and more.  But she just couldn't find a suitable long-term partner. 

The men who would make good husbands, and potentially good fathers, couldn't satisfy her unique sexual and emotional cravings.  Once in a while, Joan needed a really strong sexual experience, leavened with bondage and torture.  She fantasized all sorts of dark scenarios.  If somebody tied her up during sex, Joan wanted to be stretched on the rack until her tendons gave way.  If somebody gave her a playful spanking during sex, Joan wanted to be suspended by her wrists and thoroughly whipped front and back.  If somebody tickled her during sex, Joan wanted to be stretched on the rack (again), with cigarettes applied to her armpits and feet.  Joan worked out regularly to keep herself fit enough for such imagined tortures.  She took pleasure from the endorphins released by pushing herself in the gym.  But none of her dates would push her far enough sexually. 

On the other hand, her special Internet contacts turned out to be pudgy, socially inept posers.  Joan couldn't submit to a man unless she respected him.  It was the same with local scene people.  Joan didn't want a power exchange relationship, or a lot of scene ritual.  She just wanted hot sex of a special kind.  Rarely could she get that, and never with someone suitable as a long-term partner. 

During one of her breaks from dating, Joan found a new dungeon equipment site on the Internet, advertising the "Rackmaster 6000" machine with "precision torque control".  The more she read, the more her fascination grew.  It seemed to be an elaborate self-bondage system that stretched limbs out tightly, applied automatic whip strokes, and much more.  Obviously too expensive for most people, it required a lot of space and a special foundation for installation.  But Joan could afford it, and over the next several days she became obsessed with the idea of trying it out. 

So Joan placed an order and made a down payment on the Rackmaster 6000 with a deluxe accessory package.  While waiting for delivery, she located and purchased an old auto repair shop with a high bay area.  All of the windows were mounted very high on the walls, and Joan had a contractor soundproof the space for a recording studio. 

The first piece to arrive was the 10-foot diameter stainless steel ring assembly.  The ring itself consisted of two solid, thick, half-pieces with gear teeth all along the outside edge.  There were two vertical steel bars with rack-and-pinion gears.  Motor drive assemblies were to be installed on each bar.  The half-rings attached to mounting sockets on each motor drive, to form an articulated ring that could fold in half, spread wide open, and rotate around a horizontal axis.  Under remote control, the motor drives could move the ring up and down the bars, and rotate each half ring independently.  Joan had this heavy contraption installed onto poured footings, telling the contractor the device was for special effects in video production (not far from the truth!).  Once the concrete had set with the motors and ring mounted, Joan could handle the rest of the installation herself. 

Late that night, with the building and neighborhood quiet, Joan stripped herself naked, mounted a step ladder, and grasped the ring at the top.  She closed her eyes, stepped off the ladder, and imagined herself in a torture chamber, deep underground.  She stretched her legs out as wide she could manage.  After a couple minutes holding herself in this position, Joan lowered her trembling legs and found the step ladder again with her feet.  She sat down and fingered her pussy for a little bit.  Then she locked the ring in a horizontal position, and moved the step ladder over to one of the edges.  Joan mounted the ladder again, and then straddled the ring.  Slowly, she lowered herself to gradually put full weight on her crotch, pressing into the ring.  This became painful, but Joan stood it for almost a minute as the sweat ran off her body. 

Joan did other things, too.  She draped herself over the horizontal ring, clasped her hands to her ankles, and imagined herself being flogged.  She perched her ass on the ring and leaned far back, balancing herself in an almost-flat position and pointing her toes, but too scared to stretch her arms above her head.  It was all a pale imitation of what the device could do, and Joan could hardly wait for the complete installation. 

A day later, the rest of the Rackmaster 6000 system arrived in several cartons.  The smallest package was labeled "open first" and so Joan opened that one first to find a laptop with shrink-wrapped software package inside.  She ripped open the software and read the following insert:


Shrink-Wrap License Agreement - Rackmaster 6000

1.  By opening this shrink-wrapped software package, you agree to be bound by the terms of this License Agreement.  Do not open the package if you do not agree to these terms. 

2.  This software provides data acquisition, logical processing, and hardware control functions for the Rackmaster 6000 System, including accessories (hereafter referred to as the Machine).  This software is an integral part of the Machine.  You install, configure, and operate the software.  As such, you assume sole responsibility for any and all acts of the Machine. 

3.  The Machine is designed to re-enact fantasies of extreme torture and prolonged sexual stimulation.  These activities are meant for trained professional actors and actresses only; they are not meant to be used in the home, nor are they meant to be used without supervision.  You specifically hold the manufacturer harmless for any damages caused by in-home use of the Machine. 

4.  In each Session, the Machine executes a program selected and configured by You.  The software processes data from sensors (position, temperature, pressure, moisture, pulse, and blood pressure) to evaluate your physical condition as the program executes.  Every reasonable quality control effort has been made in the design and manufacturing of the Machine. However, your safety cannot be guaranteed.  You agree that effective fantasy torture scenarios require an environment of fear, desperation, and hopelessness.  The Machine attempts to re-create such an environment.  The Machine does not respond to verbal inputs during a Session, including screams, grunts, groans, wails, and pleas.  The Machine does not recognize any "safe word".  You will be released only when the Session times out.

5.  Use of the Machine can be strenuous and exhausting.  Regular physical fitness programs, and regular medical checkups, are required for Machine users. 

6.  The Machine has been shipped with factory-installed safeguards, including time and activity limits on Sessions.  An emergency dial-out function has been provided for cases where the Machine estimates that you have lost consciousness, and the Machine cannot revive you.  These safeguards must not be disabled or bypassed; doing so voids your license to use the Machine. 

7.  WARNING - the Machine will create intense physical sensations on your body, including, but not limited to: bondage in possibly strenuous positions, muscle and joint stretching, whipping, spanking, slapping, heat, cold, pressure, friction, puncture, tickling, depilation, and electrical current flow.  By installing and using the Machine, you consent to the listed treatments. 

8.  WARNING - vaginal and anal accessories - If installed, the Machine's vaginal and anal subsystems may inflict the following sensations on tissue in the genital / anal areas: direct pressure, fluid pressure, heat, cold, lubrication, chemical irritants, friction, electrical current flow, and fine-needle punctures.  By installing and using such accessories, you consent to the listed treatments. 

9.  WARNING - the Machine's ability to deliver relentless orgasms and psychic fulfillment may lead to addiction. 

10.  The Machine is warranted to operate as designed for your lifetime.  No warranty is offered as to any fitness-of-purpose.

11.  Any disputes arising from this License will be resolved in the State of Texas. 


The other cartons held attachments and accessories.  There were four smaller motor drives with toothed wheels mounted on the ring at equal spacing.  These had a second stepper motor that precisely controlled tension on a steel cable, with suspension cuffs attached.  There was a Vaginal / Anal (V/A) control unit attached to the ring, between the ankle cuffs, with a wiring and hose harness to run up between her legs.  There was a heavy piece of wheeled furniture, like an ottoman, with a flat pad that moved up and down on hydraulic supports.  There was another heavy wheeled piece that looked like a Shop-Vac, with an articulated robot arm.  Where a Shop-Vac holds vacuum attachments, this device had receptacles for storing whips and other instruments of torture.  Electric power ran up the mounting bars and through the center of the ring to each motor drive and to the V/A unit.  Fluid storage tanks mounted onto the V/A unit.  The ottoman and the Shop-Vac had their own batteries and chargers.  Every moving part had wireless communication to the laptop, which had to be mounted on its own table in clear view of the apparatus, and powered through a UPS. 

All of these accessories were easily fastened or just placed into position.  After an hour, Joan stood back to admire her gleaming, sinister device.  It looked like something from an alien abduction movie or comic book.  She started right into the calibration process. 

The first steps were to connect her broadband modem to the laptop, enter her address, and test its dial-out and Internet connection functions.  If necessary, the laptop could dial 911 for help.  Then Joan started the configuration program and followed the on-screen instructions.  The Machine needed to learn her physiological responses and characteristics.  Joan stripped naked and put on the wrist and ankle cuffs.  The wrist cuffs were actually more like mittens, with sensing bands to wrap around each finger.  There was a belt and collar with embedded position sensors.  A half-hood covered her eyes, but left a hole for her hair in the back.  It, too, had wireless position sensors.  The screen cautioned Joan to wear the full set of instrumented restraints during each Session, but to begin the calibration without wearing her hood. 

The Machine first collected a set of vital signs with Joan sitting, and then standing.  She was directed to run in place and then perform squat thrusts to exhaustion.  She was directed to enter her weight and height into the laptop, and then perform push-ups to exhaustion, and then perform leg raises to exhaustion.  The laptop directed her to perform leg splits, do a hand stand, touch her toes, and imitate several displayed yoga positions. 

After a short rest, Joan lubricated the Vaginal sleeve and inserted it into her pussy.  A strap connected to her belt, front and back, held it in.  She lay on the floor in front of the ring and connected the V/A control harness to her pussy sleeve.  Then she snapped on the hood and lay back onto the floor, stretching out into a spread eagle.  The Machine brought Joan to orgasm several times over the next few hours, archiving her responses to different stimuli.  By the end, the Machine "knew" Joan very well in the biblical sense.  It could bring her off quickly and repeatedly, or it could drag the process out indefinitely.  The Machine had the advantage of precise medical feedback that a human lover could never match. 

To signal the end of the session, the Machine deflated her pussy sleeve and let the restraints fall open.  Joan just crawled over to a cot in the corner and fell into an exhausted sleep, leaving clean-up for the morning. 


The next day, Joan was back to experience her first real Session in the Machine's tender hands.  She set the program for 2 hours of suspension, light whipping, and V/A stimulation.  Joan put on the restraints, lubricated the V/A sleeves, inserted them, and strapped them in tightly.  Then she put the ring into "start" position, with the horizontal pivot points at waist height and the lower half-ring angled to rest on the floor behind her.  She attached the V/A harness and clipped the steel cables to her wrist and ankle cuffs. 

Joan's heart was pounding at the moment of truth.  If she went further, she would be totally at the Machine's mercy for 2 hours.  But she had fantasized about situations just like this, for as long as she could remember.  So Joan put on the hood before she could change her mind, and pressed a small button on top if the hood - the signal to start her Session. 

Immediately, the wrist cables tightened and Joan could no longer reach the hood's button.  She was committed. 

The Machine continued to draw her wrists up, and Joan felt the whole ring assembly start to ascend the vertical bars.  The lower half-ring moved under her, and the ankle cables began to tighten.  When she was completely off the ground, the ring motor drives moved to separate her limbs into a spread-eagled X shape.  Then the whole ring began to rotate backward, slowly.  The ring kept her stretched tight, but kept rotating her into different positions.  Joan's wrists would get a rest while her ankles took the strain, and vice versa.  After several minutes of this, the Machine began to inflate and pulse both her Vaginal and Anal sleeves.  A lubricated vibrating pad worked on her clit.  Joan had an orgasm quickly, and then the Machine slowed down to keep her aroused through the rest of the Session. 

Joan heard the Shop-Vac roll close as the Machine dropped her into a face down position.  Then the robot arm took out a slapper and reddened her ass cheeks methodically.  This only added to her sexual stimulation, building a sensation of heat in Joan's loins.  Then she experienced more rotating suspension, until she came to rest on a face-up position.  The Shop-Vac's robot arm used a small whip to stripe Joan's abdomen, breasts, thighs, and armpits.  This was done with a series of light flicks, precisely spaced 1 cm apart.  Then the Machine finally let her cum a second time.  As the Session timed out, the ring lowered Joan flat onto the floor, and the Machine opened her cuffs. 

Joan was more into stretching than whipping.  But it seemed like the Machine wanted to train her to crave the whip, too. 


That was on Friday evening.  On Saturday, Joan programmed another 2-hour session for herself.  She set the program for racking, light whipping, and V/A stimulation.  The Session began as before with a quick orgasm in suspension, and then she was rotated into a face-up, horizontal position.  Joan heard the ottoman roll beneath her, and the padded rest ascended to support her back.  The wrist and angle cables tightened until Joan felt real pain through her joints.  The pussy stimulation increased until Joan had a 2nd orgasm in her racked position.  Then the cables slowly loosened, and Joan rested for a few minutes.  The ottoman's pad began to rise, putting Joan's back into an arch, while the cables again tightened to the point of pain.  The Shop-Vac rolled out, and the robot arm lightly whipped the soles of Joan's feet.  She had a 3rd orgasm as the Machine ramped up her clitoral stimulation. 

After slowly loosening the cables and lowering the back rest, Joan had another brief period to rest.  Then the ring motors moved away from their spread-eagle position.  Joan's arms were stretched on either side of her head, but her legs were drawn wide apart into a split position.  Then the cables tightened.  The anal sleeve injected some kind of fluid that filled her ass with a burning sensation.  The pussy sleeve extended to directly stimulate her G spot.  Joan had another strong orgasm, her fourth of the Session.  Then it timed out and Joan was lowered to the floor.

Joan now knew the Machine to be methodical, relentless, and highly skilled in its ministrations.  The Machine seemed to "pump" her on the rack to multiple orgasms.


On Sunday, Joan programmed a 4-hour session with racking, moderate whipping, and V/A stimulation.  This time, the Machine racked her face down, while the Shop-Vac worked her over completely with a paddle and flogger.  Joan lost track of the time.  She would have begged for mercy or used a safe word, if either one had been possible.  Instead, she endured with grunts and groans, sweat and tears rolling off her body, and saliva dripping from her mouth.  Then it flipped her over, for more racking while the Shop-Vac used a signal whip up and down her front.  Throughout the Session, Joan was repeatedly racked and un-racked, with sexual stimulation always calibrated to produce orgasm at the point of maximum stretch. 

At the end of this Session, she fell asleep on the floor and arrived late at work on Monday.  Only four days had passed since calibrating the Machine, but Joan was already dangerously addicted to it. 

She ordered more accessories during the following week, with rush delivery.  A second Shop-Vac arrived so that she could experience light whipping on both sides simultaneously.  There was a punishment bra with needle electrodes.  There was an electro-stim box with 48 outputs.  There was a penis gag that would stretch and stimulate her tongue and lips, or force fluid down her throat.  Joan eagerly incorporated all of this into her Sessions over the next two weeks. 

She decided to use 2 weeks of vacation during this time, and not worry about work.  Joan took a 4-hour Session on the machine every day, exploring every configuration option offered.  At the end of her vacation Joan was exhausted both physically and mentally, but she did return to work.  She settled into a routine of one session per weekend, and was able to keep up with other areas of her life.  But she felt dangerously close to the edge of a psychological abyss. 


With more experience over several months, the factory safeguards became annoying.  Joan wanted more.  She knew a little bit about computers and decided to fool around with the Machine's laptop.  First she tried to login as "root" with the default password of "root", and to her mild surprise, it worked!  From there it was easy to find some plain-text configuration files, and edit them. 

Joan increased the Session time and activity limits, rebooted, and prepared for another Session.  She set an 8-hour time limit, which was two times longer than her normal Session.  A one-hour warm-up period of light stretching and pussy stimulation began the Session. The main event was to be a seven-hour period allowing every treatment in the Machine's repertoire, with random sequencing and intensity.  Maybe the damn thing would drive her over the edge into madness this time.  Joan would almost welcome it. 

As it turned out, Joan lasted for almost 6 hours of continuous torture and sexual stimulation, one orgasm after another, until she was physically exhausted and passed out into a deep sleep.  Finally, it was the totally cathartic experience Joan had been longing for her whole life, to be tortured almost to death. 

Because Joan had edited the config file, the Machine established a network connection to headquarters on the next re-boot.  Her Session was monitored in real time.  When she passed out, the program stopped and gently lowered Joan to the floor.  And then a recovery team came for her. 


Joan woke up to find herself laying on a cot in a small cell with cinder-block walls, concrete floor, and bare incandescent light bulb overhead.  A toilet and sink were installed in one corner.  A small bookshelf and reading light were installed on the wall above her cot; with the Bible and a few classics of English literature on the shelf.  Joan moved over to the sink, splashed some water over her face, and gulped water out of her cupped hands. 

One wall of the cell consisted of vertical iron bars, like a prison cell.  She could see a workout area outside the cell, well equipped for weight training and gymnastics.  It included an elliptical machine, cross trainer, dumbbells, horizontal bar, parallel bars, balance beam, rings, pommel horse, vaulting horse, tumbling mats, body balls in different sizes, and medicine balls.  One corner of the workout area included a TV monitor and audio system.  Joan noticed a couple of wall-mounted video cameras in the workout area.  A second look at her cell revealed a camera there, too, pointed at her. 

The only door to the workout area opened and a good-looking man in a suit walked in, flanked by a couple of burly guards in green fatigues.  The leader had black hair and mustache, with piercing green eyes and a serious demeanor.  He looked to be about 45 years old and very fit. 

"Good afternoon, Joan, I'm glad to see you awake and none-the-worse for your long journey to reach me."

"Who the fuck are you?  And you had better let me go immediately; I have some powerful friends in government."

The man's face split into a wide grin.  "Unfortunately, my dear, I can't let you go after spending so much time, effort, and expense to bring you here.  I've been a huge fan of yours, and I'm so happy to finally have you in my clutches.  Let you go?  Hah."

Joan began to feel even more uneasy.  What if he was a maniac?  And obviously this facility was expensive; he had some resources.  Did he develop the Machine? 

Joan tried to negotiate, "look, my company has insurance and would pay an executive ransom.  Just get in contact with my lawyer and he'll arrange it..."

The man turned serious again.  "Joan, you are in a place where the rule of law does not apply.  I am the law here and I have all the money I need.  You are going to be my diversion, and you're going to make a lot of money for me too.  Today I'm launching a new Web site,, with you as the star.  I predict that with your fan base, we'll make a killing.  You're going to do the first session today.  For the regular weekly updates, we'll get some local girls who don't mind being tied up and fucked.  But for the special monthly updates, the really hard sessions on the rack that a paid model won't do, we have you.  That's something no other site has; an attractive woman who really loves the rack."

Joan's stomach quailed and she backed into a corner of the cell.  She just knew that he meant every word.  A small bit of pee dribbled into her panties.  "Please ... no..."

The man smiled knowingly, "we understand each other well.  Let's not pretend that you don't belong here.  What kind of depraved slut would order that Machine off the Internet and subject herself to such torture?  And, I might add, give us a substantial video archive for the new site."

He turned to the guards and said "bring her."


The guards led her from the hallway into a small, brightly lit studio.  Joan decided to comply with their directions and maintain some dignity.  She let the guards lead her over to a large metal tripod, and stripped when they told her.  They cuffed her wrists together and to the tripod's apex, using thickly-padded suspension cuffs.

They spread her legs wide so that her knees were against the outside legs, then drew her feet up and back toward the tripod's rear leg.  They pulled off her shoes and fastened cuffs around her ankles, then chained those cuffs to the back of the tripod.  This left Joan hanging from her wrists, with the tripod legs pressing hard behind her knees, and her inner thigh muscles and tendons tightly stretched. 

A crossbar was then bolted to the tripod behind Joan's back.  One guard worked a threaded bar through a hole in the crossbar from behind, using a wrench.  As the threaded bar came through the crossbar, the second guard slipped a padded bar over the top of it, letting the threads engage a slip ring in the pad.  All of this apparatus had an industrial look to it, and was obviously custom-built for its purpose.  The first guard continued to crank the wrench, and the pad pushed into Joan's back, forcing her to arch forward. 

Joan maintained a stoic demeanor through this process, which left her arched forward into a painful position - but it was the good kind of pain.  She could feel the strain in her thighs and armpits.  Her neck strained to keep her unsupported head in a neutral position.  Sweat began to glisten on her body.  Her fists clenched.  Her feet and toes flexed and she began Kegel contractions in her pussy and ass.  Her pussy pushed out as if begging to be tortured and fucked.  Joan was sure that it would be; no need to beg.  She could see tenting in the trousers of both guards, as their erections grew.  Her new owner had it pegged; Joan belonged here. 

The guards picked up a pair of single-tail whips and began to lay an expert crisscrossing pattern of welts on her abdomen.  Joan closed her eyes, gasping with each stroke.  No safe word.  No limits.  As the tingling increased in her pussy, Joan stopped contracting her muscles, trying to drag out the build-up toward her first orgasm for racksex.  She prayed this new master would keep her and satisfy her darkest needs for the rest of her natural life. 

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