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Passions (miniatures)

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by Clara High


He saw her going to the Commandantes Office with a thick file in hand. She was pretty woman about forty. The SPF Officers uniform was very fit to her. Grey jacket made out of stiff cloth covered with all necessary insignia and epaulettes was discovering her beautiful bodys nice shape. Short uniform skirt made out of same material and with same color was showing pretty full legs shod in elegant black shoes on high heels. Her pretty head with brown hair was crowned with elegant cap with silver deaths head with bones. Her bright eyes were looking friendly.

       He observed her in very first day of his deportation in that camp. She impressed him. Despite of his low position here and constant threat of punishment he liked very much her friendly attitude to the people. When listening of her voice, even when she was angry and was punishing and torturing someone, he always was getting arisen.

       In this morning he was whipping the corridor leading to the Madam Commandantes Office. Two soldierins were guarding on both ends of corridor. Doors to some rooms were on both sides of it. He saw her approaching at a brisk pace. He continued whipping while she got close to him. Then he stood in attention pose. She glanced at him with jolly smile at her juicy red lips.

red. She was looking in his eyes with surprise.

His rod got deep in her in a powerful strike. He felt something strange. Strange resistance was increasing his pleasure. He was feeling her pleasant hot moisture and his head started to turn! Loving pushes got stronger and stronger and after few seconds the movement got easier and smoother. He slowly realized that he had in fact deflowered her. He couldnt believe that she was still virgin in her age. He was really nicely surprised by that fact. His hands, lips and mans thing continued to work for his and her pleasure with doubled force!

She felt the vanishing of her maidenhood. Such sweet pain!

He was caressing her, kissing whole open parts of her gentle soft skin. He was feeling her gloved hands over his back, abdomen, and hair. His loving pushes were getting stronger and stronger. Her uniform was rubbing at his chest arising him more and more! He tried to unbutton her jacket and felt that she wasnt giving him easy access. Her resistance made fire in him to burst out with tremendous power. His strikes were making her to jump over his rod and to feel herself helpless in his power. Suddenly world vanished for her. She embraced him and squeezed his body in her strong convulsions and spasms. Her body was bending again and again. He was hearing her prolonged moaning and groaning in his ears. He was feeling her hot breath on his neck… And he collapsed into nothing.

His gun discharged its powerful ammunition deep in her just conquered Amazons temple. She saw the lights of eternity to get open in front of her and the universe got part of her being. Both of them lost balance and ruined on the faience floor…



The decision!

She was walking down the street and was thinking about her serious problems. She decided! She didnt need him as a husband! Not anymore! He was nice, young, strong, yes, but she had started to get bored by him! He was excellent worker. Educated engineer, he was able to make everything, and he was very useful! In same time exactly his abilities were threatening her, because she was getting more and more dependable by him at her home! He was feeling this and was starting to show a possessive attitude to her! She couldnt accept that! The end must be put to all of it!!! She approached elite bar.

       In resent time he started to ask questions. “Where were you?” “Why you are so late?” “Why you dont want to come with me there and there?” He also started to demand to be together with her longer and longer. “Lets go to the mountain!” “Lets visit my father!” “For how long we hadnt been somewhere alone?” “Why you are going to celebrate with your friends and neglect me, leaving me alone?

Ohh! He was eating her time and it was awful! She needed to be free! Her soul was bold! She was independent young woman which wished to live! She was getting almost three times bigger salary than his, so he couldnt be more arrogant, than trying to possess her and to control her! No! He must be put on his due place! She opened the door and entered. The bar girl smiled at her and they saluted each other. She went to the window and sat at a remote table. Here she had to wait for someone. It was six oclock p.m. He had to come in few minutes.

       She had to call her close friend, which was a doctor. She pressed few buttons on her cell phone and started to wait. “Yes! Doctor Dita Reichs clinic is here!” She heard the familiar voice of the duty nurse.

“Yes, go ahead! Did you decide? Shall we work?

“Ah, really! Thank you! So it is done! Fine! As we have discussed we will be in your house at seven together with our main jurist and will finish all at about eight. OK?”

“Shall we tie up him for safety and security reasons?”

Oh! Excuse Me! I have to hang up! Excuse me, please! See you! Bye!

“Yes, I see! No problems! I will call you up on our departure from your home! Bye!”

She rapidly closed and hid the phone in her elegant hand bag and waved her hand to him. He saw her and rushed to kiss her hand. It was old-fashioned custom, which was revived by the new female government as compulsory sign of respect from the side of a man to a woman. Actually many men accepted it as normal sign of upbringing and possibility to touch female flesh. It was a little pervert and egoistic from their side. The woman could of course to reject this act and such way to show to the man and to the other near standing people that his is presence not welcome or that he is to blame for some bad think. But no wasnt such case. She gave him her gloved hand and was looking with wide open eyes and with pleasure how he bent himself, his hand took her one and his lips tender kissed her glove. He was her! At least until she gets bored by him!

       Having treated her, he paid the bill and helped her to get her room. For him it was difficult to wait and to be patient. She was feeling that very clear! Hoouuhh! She kissed him and pressed her body to his. She felt through his official costume the big hill to rise up below his firm abdomen. She quickly kissed him and ran to the bath giggling loudly. He sighed deeply and sat on a sofa…

       …He was feeling enormous fire to burn him from inside. She was in his hands. His strong strikes were piercing her body and she was feeling his rod to penetrate in her sacred intimacy and reaching, as she was thought, almost to her throat. He was strong. Very strong! She was experienced professional girl, but it was in very few cases, when she was meeting such endowed men. She was feeling how his manhood was wounded her from inside. Pain, mixed with pleasure was warming her and she was kissing, embracing and licking him, whole full with passion. She had hung around him and was looking like she tries to suck his soul out with her deep suffocating kisses! The severe storm among them continued for long. The waves of the desire were getting them buried deeper and deeper in the ocean of the primitive lust! The most severe daemons of the dark universe were tearing her being torturing her with inextinguishable thirst of the unappeasable desire. Suddenly she felt his volcano to erupt and his hot irresistible lava to flood down over her thirst burned fields… But that wasnt enough to give her calmness. She started to struggle with him, with herself, with the feeling of inconvenience and dissatisfaction. She was pushing him, pulling painfully his hair, kicking him. Suddenly the ring of her phone came from her back. She severely pushed the man and pointed with her finger to there. He found and brought it to her. She opened it. “It is done!” She heard.

       …The taxi left her in front of her house it was about two in the morning. She covered herself with her fur coat and clacked with her high boots to the entrance. Already in she heard desperate moaning. She switched on the light and that what she saw made her to sit on a near armchair. Yes! It was real! She had taken the decision and it was carried out in appropriate way. He was fixed up on an Andrews cross and his mouth was gagged with huge black rubber ball. Amusing! His groins were thickly bandaged with lint and swaths. He was looking like an ant. Small paths and stains of blood had managed to appear on the white bandages surface.  “Hi hi!” She laughed in herself and approached to the cross looking arrogantly at him. She looked at his face, whole moisturized by the lavish tears flooding and smiled at him. He looked at her with desperation.

Thats the price you have to pay for trying to be my master! I want you to know something! At the time when you have been tooled, I had very nice, perfect, excellent, cosmic sex! Are you still jealous? Hahh! I see you are ruined! I dont care! You have not right to be jealous! You have no rights of nothing! Whole your life is in my hands! What I say that will be! When I release you from the cross, and I will do that when I decide that it is time for that, you will be only a tool for work! Nothing more! Grow accustomed to this!!! In next few weeks, if you manage to survive, you will learn many things useful for your remaining life! A life of a tool! She spat over his face, kicked his groins, causing his fainting fit, and passed in the next room leaving him to hang lifelessly on the cross.


Mothers Love!

She lifted her hand up and struk him. He didnt obey her words! How did he dare!!! Her son, who she loved so! Why he wasnt listening to her?!!! Why? She was his mother! She knew better what was good for him and what wasnt!!! He was as stubborn as his father. His father was idiot! So was his son! She hated them both!

She was in process of divorcing and was important his child not to be under the harmful influence of his father! She had told to the boy very clear not to try to meet his father. But no! He had to go to him! When she learned that fact, she got furious!

Ungrateful garbage!

       He rushed to follow her request as soon as possible, but nevertheless she slapped his face when he passed near her.        

       They sat at the table and started to eat silently. The meal consisted of green salad and kidney beans soup. The bread was in a small basket beside. They were jawing and swallowing mechanically. She looked at him.

A little shorter their dishes were empty. Only the remaining spots of sauce were.

He tried to stand from the table and to go.

       …She got back home late afternoon. She was happy. She got advantageous profitable from her husband. Former humble agronomist, she now had become a rich lady with potential to obtain nice position in the society. Her former husband was found by the Lady Judge guilty in ruining of their family and giving bad example and bad upbringing of their son. Her lawyer was a young aggressive woman which didnt give any chance to her male colleague presenting the husbands side to say even a word. Eventually the court sentenced him to pay huge alimony to her. All family properties were given to her. The child too! The man was allowed to visit his son once per month and compulsory in presence of his ex-wife if she would decide that is good for the boy. Having declared his inability to pay the determined alimony to his ex-wife, the man provoked next huge storm over his head. The court sentenced him to work camp imprisonment in order his prisoners salary to cover at least part of his ex-wife maintenance. The shortage of money was counted as debt at interest and he had to work in the camp until pay all money! In fact it was a life term sentence! Now she was calm! No more chances existed to the father and the son to meet each other ever!

       The trying the case was over about two oclock p.m. and her ex-husband was taken to the camp immediately, but she didnt get back home. She spent the day with her new lover having good stormy sex with him! Jolly, happy and relieved from the pressure of the divorcing process, she was feeling herself on the seventh sky! The world was wonderful!

       Suddenly a spasm of anxiety tightened her abdomen. She remembered her son. Probably he had already came back home after school. He was so stubborn young male! In his eighteen he grew up a real hooligan! She rushed to get back home as soon as possible.


       She entered in their apartment impatient to tell him the news for divorce and that he will never see his father again. He didnt meet her at the door. What was that? Hasnt he still come back? She went directly to his room and opened the door of it without knocking at all. Hahh! What did she see there!!! Disgusting!!!

Her son was laying semi naked in his bed and was masturbating and was obviously feeling greatest pleasure. He got startled and tried to cover his shame with the blanket. He wanted to hide himself, but his mother didnt give him any chance for that. She started severely to slap his body with her gloved hand. The strikes were cruel and merciless. Eventually he started to cry loudly with full his voice. It was amusing! This almost man was crying as a small child. He was in her hands in all respects! Ohhh! She felt that warm feeling in her divine again! After giving him strong last slapping in his face she turned back and went to her room. The noise of his crying voice was exciting her more and more!

       Her fingers sunk in her hot deep forbidden terra incognita…

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