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Would You Like Some More

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Synopsis: Layn learning waht being a Fem Dom is all about.

Wouldnt You Like Some More

Chapter One

My name is Layn, I am 6 feet tall and a just a little chunky for my height. I want to tell you a story of a man that I met about three years ago.

His name was Ryan. He was only slightly shorter than me, at approximately 5 feet 10 inches, blond and sweet. He didnt know it at the time but his love of women in charge would sent my brain catapulting in to the dominance world much quicker than I would have if left to my own devices.

We started our journey through phone calls.

He would call me up in the evening after my soon to be ex-fiancé would go to work. We would talk about anything that would pop in to our minds, especially sex.

At first it was as though wed found kindred spirits, both liking the submissive world and the sweet tortures it brought to us in our minds as well as to our bodies. But soon he was asking me to act out some of his fantasies with him. Now it wasnt as if I had agreed for free. He took on some of my own fantasies.

It wasnt until the third scenario that hed had me act out, that I started really getting in to controlling him.

I made him call me Mistress in public when we would hang out. But only in a joking manor that could be laughed off if necessary. This was about the time that I was thinking about really being his mistress. We talked about it for a few more days all the while my slick cunt couldnt wait for him to submit to my wishes.

Finally the day wed hashed everything that needed to be discussed and set up a time that we wouldnt be interrupted.

Wed settled on crackers being the safe word and that the relationship would only exist on the phone and nowhere else. I called him after my ex had gone to work.

He answered breathlessly, “Layn…”

I smiled for only a moment before I made my smile twist in to a scowl.

“You are to call me Mistress you filthy little whore.” I said forcefully, in controlled fury.

I could here him whimper before he replied, “Yes, Mistress. Im sorry Mistress.” My own slit flooded at hearing him whine like a kicked dog.

“Not yet you arent, but sorry is what you will be when I finish with you.” I growled at him.

I ordered him to strip completely naked and to kneel on his bed facing the wall, exposing his bare ass to the purposefully unlocked door. I heard him quickly shedding his clothes and then settling on the bed with his already hard cock touching the cool, wood paneling of the wall.

“Now… I want you to tell me just how hard you are and what a filthy slut you are.”

“Im sooo hard Mistress. My cock is touching the wall and digging in to the sharp ridges of the paneling, Mistress.” He whispered almost imperceptibly.

“Louder you little slut!” I yelled.

“I want you to punish me Mistress. I cant help that I am a filthy little whore. I am your slut, Mistress, please punish me.” He begged incessantly.

Fed up with his bull shit pleas I decided to get a little more serious.

“I want you to wrap your hand around your cock and stroke it. I want you to get right to the edge of cumming and tell me when you get there.”

“Yes Mistress.” I listened to the feverish pumping of his hand under the labored sounds of his breathing.

After only a few moments he spoke, “Im there.”

“You will call me MISTRESS! You nasty little gutter slut. Stop jerking your worthless cock.” I sneered at him.

His breath caught in his chest and I could almost see the tears of humiliation start forming. “Im sorry Mistress. I wont forget again.”

I listened to his heavy breathing and wished for a moment that I could see him.

“Now take the shoelace that I told you to get out and start tying it around the base of both your cock and your balls.”

As he struggled to tie the shoelace I counted to ten and then snapped, “Faster and tighter you lazy bitch.”

I knew that he had done as Id asked before he responded by the sharp groan of pain and the even heavier panting of his breath.

“As you demanded my Mistress.” He cried.

“Now tie your balls as tight as you can.”

I heard him grunt and then moan in misery.

“Good fuck slut, now tie your cock the same.”

His tears were flowing freely now and I smiled to myself. Here was where I had the most fun.

“Now jerk off your worthless cock until youre about to cum and then stop.”

I listened with perverse pleasure as he groaned and struggled to do as I commanded while working around and through the self inflicted pain.

“Im there Mistress.”

I waited a beat before telling him, “Again.”

I worked him to the point of sobbing before I finally said, “Tell me how much you wanna cum. Beg me good enough and I might allow you to cum.”

“Please Mistress, Please. I wanna cum soo bad Mistress please. Please let me cum Mistress.”

I delighted in his sobs and his whimpering.

“No. Now do it again…”

I forced him to ride the edge for what seemed like hours to him and only minutes to me.

“Stop, now beg.”

“Pl-ease, Mis-tres-s, I want to cum. Please let me-me cum!” he sobbed even louder and I just basked in his torment.

Then I reached down beside my own bed and pulled out my vibrator. I held it close to my mouth and turned it on.

I listened to him moan at the sound.

“You like that. You want to here your Mistress cum?” I asked him sweetly.

“Yes Mistress. I would love to hear you cum.”

I let my sexy laugh shiver its way down his spine before moaning my pleasure for him. I let the vibrator tease over my skin and find its way down between my legs.

I started to tell him what I was doing, “Oh boy Im sooo wet. I cant seem to find…. Mmmmmm… oh there it is. I love the way my vibrator teases my clit. Mmmm, dont you love the may my vibrator teases me?”

“Yes Mistress I love the way that you tease yourself. I wish I could be there while you tease yourself, Mistress.”

“Mmmm, I just bet you do you little cum slut. Now start touching yourself again.” I listened to him while I toyed with my clit. I moaned loudly in to the phone egging him on and trying to drive him over the edge of obedience.

“Im there mistress.”

“Keep going but do not cum. If you cum Ill not let you for a month.” I threatened. All the while still letting my breathy moans and my excited murmurs tease and taunt him mercilessly.

“I cant hold back any more Mistress. Please let me cum.” I could hear his desperation.

“Stop.” I commanded him and laughed at him as he started to cry in earnest.

I could feel my own orgasm approaching so I let him listen as I brought myself closer.

“Again.” I commanded him.

His breathing rasping in my ear drove me closer and I felt my body start to rise off the bed.

“Stop….again.” I delighted in stopping and starting him while riding the rising crest of my own orgasm.

“Please mistress please let me cum.” I vaguely heard his plea as I felt my body crash over the edge. I bowed my spine breathlessly moaning my pleasure.

“Noooo.” I whispered in my floating contentment.

I ordered him to stop again and listened to him whimper.

“Now I want you to untie yourself.” I waited a moment and then said, “And go to bed. Ill call you tomorrow.”

I smiled to myself as I heard his anguished cry before saying “Yes My Mistress.”

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