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High School Nurse's Exam

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Synopsis: On his first day of high school Jordan Haystack goes in for a mandatory nurses checkup. At first he merely thinks he'll die of humiliation after the dick examination, but his terror grows as he learns the facts of his new life.

Chapter  1

       High School Nurses Exam or

Welcome to Hell, Boys

       15 Year old Jordan Haystack shifted anxiously in his seat as he awaited the mandatory nurses exam for freshman year of high school.  The knot in his stomach grew tighter and tighter, and he felt sicker and sicker.  The line of boys in front of him looked just as terrified.  The boys filing out of the nurses office ahead of us kept their gaze fastened straight to the floor, their cheeks bright red.

       It didnt help that the nurses appointments were on the morning of the first day of high school.  For some reason everyone seemed to know that the freshman boys had nurses appointments.  Like it was some big deal or something.  All the older girls seemed to notice them in the hallway as they walked to the nurses office.  Theyd grin at them and say things like, “I hope you measure up, boys,” or “welcome to high school babies, youre going to have so much… fun.”

       The nurses office always has some female students working as interns there, and Jordan thought it was just his luck that his older sisters smoking hot friend, Martha stern, was signing the boys in.

       “Jordan Haystack,” he muttered, looking at the floor and blushing.

       “Oh my God!” she exclaimed, “Jordan!  I totally forgot today was your big day.  Youre like a little brother to me.”  She leaned forward and whispered conspiratorially to me, “all this is getting me pretty wet!”

       He stared at her, mouth agape, unsure he heard that.

       “Run along now baby.”

       Let me explain about Martha Stern, and the female population in general at Cage Academy for Boys and Girls.  There Is a standard uniform, one that makes for many blushing, hard-on hiding encounters for pubescent boys all of the girls in high school where high heels, black miniskirts that descend just below the curves of their asses, and tight button down white shirts with blazers.  There was no standard on buttons and many elected to flaunt a great deal of their ample cleavage.

       To be honest, Martha looked a little incongruous in such an obviously sexy outfit.  She was more girl next door hot 18, curvy, with flowing red hair that cascaded around her shoulders, dimples and freckles and huge breasts that burst from her tight uniform, just begging to be squeezed.

       There was another reason Jordan was even more nervous than usually to see Martha.  A few weeks prior Jordans friend had shown him his first porno.  It featured a muscular blond football player stripping naked to reveal a meaty cock, semi flaccid but obviously truly admirable in length and width when fully erect.  Almost immediately, it being a porno and all, a skimpily dressed cheerleader emerged.  She reminded Jordan vividly of Martha: Big ass.  Big luscious tits.  Flat, smooth stomach.  And her hair was almost identical Red and curly and flowing past her shoulders.

       In the film she was on her knees in seconds, the lucky jock sitting naked on a locker room bench.  She wrapped her tiny fist around his massive erection and, looking up at him, doe-eyes loving and submissive.   The red head hunkered down lower on her knees, and began to lick his hairy, sweaty balls.

       Jordan, his teen dick rapidly swelling in his pants, couldnt believe what he was seeing.  His father was so meek, and his mother and two sisters so bossy he couldnt imagine that woman worshipped men this way, especially not… sexually.  But here was the most beautiful woman hed ever seen in a movie, licking a man's testicles.  He couldnt imagine how good it would feel to have his own scrotum licked. 

       Soon the porn star had her lips fastened around jock dick, slobbering and moaning all over his shaft.  With one hand she stroked his dick, with the other hand lovingly massaged his balls.  After ten minutes working his package like, Jordan thought, a slave, the well endowed football player blew his massive load into the teenagers mouth.  Jordan knew itd been a lot of cum because the girl had swirled it around in her mouth before gulping it down with a smile.

       After seeing that Jordan began masturbating at least 3 times a day.  The majority of his fantasies focused on Martha worshipping his, admittedly less ample, privates in the same way hed seen in the movie.  He began to keep a journal of his increasingly elaborate fantasies all of which involved Martha and a number of the other girls he knew at school in the role of his sex slaves he spent much time assigning in his head the six girls devoted to the task of getting him off one to suck his dick, one to stroke his dick, one to lick his balls, two to suck the toes of his feet, and one to massage his back.

       He was thinking of these things when the nurse walked in.

       He swallowed hard.  She looked a great deal less like a nurse than she did a porn star dressed up as a nurse.  She wore short, white miniskirt, with white fishnets, and a tight latex nurses shirt, carefully pressed.  She had a short, severe, professional cut of black hair.  Her lipstick was thin and dark, and she wore long, white gloves.

       She looked over his chart.  She slowly raised her eyes to stair at him.  She smirked.

       “Hello Jordan Haystack.”

       “H-Hi.”  He stammered.”

       “Im Nurse Nancy.  I graduated top of my class in high school, top 5% in Harvard Medical School.  I specialize in Male reproduction,” she snickered, “or lack thereof.

       Now little boy, lets get these clothes off.”

       Jordan  hesitated, waiting for her to leave.

       “Now!  Im not going anywhere baby, hurry up!”

       Jordan couldnt move.  She wanted him to strip naked?  In front of her?  It was any fifteen year old boys nightmare, totally exposed in front of an unbelievably hot grad student.

       “I… cant…”

       “Oh yes you can you scrawny little boy!  You are in high school now, and I am a high school staff member.  That means if you disobey me I can let your homeroom teacher know, and shell discipline you.  Do you know what that means?”

       “No, but… please…”:

       “It means a ball whipping.”

       She gave Jordan a nasty mile as the color drained from his face, fear dropping a half ton of acid steel into his stomach.

       “Do you know what that is?”

       He shook his head mutely.

       “Well sweet pea, its pretty much like it sounds.  Your horny little boy testicles get flogged, with your legs strapped wide on a gynecological chair, in front of your whole class.  Want that?”

       He tried to speak, but couldnt get any words out.

       “What was that?” she taunted.  “You want the ball whipping?  I aint seen a boy yet who doesnt throw up from the pain.”

       “Please,” he squeaked.  “No.”

       “Then strip!” she snapped, “or your tender testes will be an example for all the freshman!”


       As Jordan stripped with trembling hands Nurse Nancy hastily completed some paperwork and talked about herself.  She wanted to be a Head High School Nurse.  In fact, she wanted to be the high school nurse at this very boarding academy, where she herself had apparently gone years ago.  As Jordan Slowly unbutton his slacks, and lowered them around his knees, she talked arrogantly about how she was more qualified to be Head Nurse then her current boss.

       “Look, Nurse Gretchen is extremely qualified, Im not denying that.  Ive seen her work many a teenagers cock till they were sobbing for relief.  She has a lot of experience.  But the bottom line is if your introducing a boy to what is either going to be a life of sexual ecstasy or sexual agony, I think you should be drop dead gorgeous, dont you agree?”

       With this Nurse Mindy turned to face him.  She looked his body up and down.  She grinned as her eyes rested on his package, still modestly covered in his tightey whiteys.  She walked to him and ran her  gloved hands from his feet up his calves, along his knees and then slowly and firmly up his inner thighs,  looking straight at his covered cock as she let her thumbs rest right up against either side of his privates.  His felt  his dick begin to harden.

       “Take those off.  Or Ill put you down for twenty lashes.”

       Jordan pulled his briefs off awkwardly with one hand, grabbing his package in the other, all the blood going to his head, his heart pounding harder than is ever had before.  He wriggled out of the little white briefs.  Nancy rolled her eyes.

       “Both of your hands on your head!  Spread your legs!  Enough messing around.”

       Jordan did it, tears beginning to well up in his eyes.  He was terrified of her, particularly after the terrible threat of a “ball flogging”.

       She smirked at his package; his frightened dick trembling almost at half mast, a mere 3 ½ inches.

       “Ooo. What a cute little dicklette.” She paused and smirked at him.  “its my job to touch it a little, that doesnt really sound so bad does it?”  She didnt wait for an answer.

       “Im supposed to use these gloves,” she wrapped her small hands around his cheeks and raised his face to look into her grinning eyes, “but I dunno.  What do you think?  Would you prefer to get your little wannabe cock stroked and your little youngling testicles massaged by these cold professional gloves, or by my nice warms hands?”

       He gaped at her.  She slowly stripped the gloves off, staring straight into his eyes with an unreadable expression.  Without warning she suddenly reached out and cupped his balls with her little naked left hand.  Jordan gasped.  A pulse of sexual ecstasy pulsed from the warmth of her hand, tightening pleasantly around both his testes, up through to his cock and belly. 

       Nurse Nancys eyes widen and she grins happily at him as his jaw drops.  Then she does something totally unexpected.  She leans forward and gives him a merry kiss on the nose.

       “These are huge!”  she gasps admiringly.  “You horny little boy.  Well, you may have a disappointing dick, but at least you have big bulging balls.  I love that.  It means your hormones are churning together semen and sperm at a rapid rate.  I bet you empty these cum sacks 2 or 3 times a day, dont you?”

       As she is speaking Nurse Nancy reaches for a big, white, medicinal looking tube.  She turns it over and squeezes it above Jordans cock, a long stream of cool liquid coats it, dribbling down the side of his balls.  Nancy releases Jordans balls for a moment to fill her right hand with a generous pool of lube.  She smiles widely at Jordan.  He watches her hand move, as though in slow motion, to take a hold of his dick at the very top of his shaft.  Nancy rolls his left balls between her thumb and her forefinger.

       Then, suddenly, she gives his dick two firm, full, pumps, from the top of the shaft down to the base of his balls.

       “Oh my god!”  the words just come out.  Nancy grins.

       She pumps his well lubed cock five times.

       “Uhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh rrrmmmmmmmmmm”

       “Yeah that feel gooood,” she coos, looking with amusement at his contorted face.  She stops.

       “rmmmm,” Jordan whines.

       “Oooooh?  That feels good on your little dicklette?  You want me to stroke you more.”

       “Y-yes.  Please.” Jordans balls were so tight he felt like crying.

       And Nancy began to pump away.  20 firm full strokes.  Jordan was panting like a dog after three.

       “UhhhhhhhhhhhHHH!  UuuuuuuuuuuuuuuHHHHHHH!!   Uhhhh!   Uhhhhh!     Uhh!   Uh!!  UH!!!! UH!!!!!! UHHHHHH….”
       She released him right when he thought he was on the verge of squirting his load all over her naked hand.  He was so horny wanted to.  His dick twitched, pumping twice in the air, a dollop of precum suddenly appearing at the top of his fully swollen dick.

       Nurse Nancy turned away and  returned with a measuring tape.  Quickly and professionally she measured from the base of his cock to the head. 

       “Mmm.”  She muttered, writing a number down on his chart.

       Then she turned back to him.  He was gasping with desire.  His glistening, semi hard cock swaying ridiculously in the air.

       “Well…” she pondered.  “I bet you would like to have an experienced, older, sexy girl like me empty those balls for you huh?  I am kind of in the mood to do something slutty this morning.  Like get down on my knees and pump a 15 year olds cock till they squirt a load in my open mouth.  Think that lucky boy will be you?”

       She mockingly lowered her mouth and opened it right in front of his swollen cock head, than wrapped her hand around his dick and began pumping away.  He gasped.  It felt amazing.  The lube heated up and enhanced the pleasure.  He felt a much needed orgasm brewing deep within his guts.

       And then entered Head Nurse Gretchen.

       “Enjoying yourself Jordan?  I see Nurse Nancy has you well taken care of.”

       Nancy slowly releases Jordans cock.  He whimpers, the cum sinking back into his balls, causing them to swell and ache.

       Nancy hasnt done Head Nurse Gretchen justice.  She may be forty, but she is remarkably well preserved.  Slightly more conservatively dressed than Nancy, she has a movie star professional elegance, looking strikingly like Jodie Foster.  She beckons Jordan to stand in front of her.

       “Here.  Spread legs.  Hands on head.”  With the authority of her tone Jordan doesnt consider refusal.

       She reaches out and gently fondles the top of his cock between her thumb and forefinger, hitting the sweet spot underneath the shaft, right below the head. 


       She is less playful than Nancy, and as Jordan feels the brewing of an orgasm return, his balls beginning to pulse and churn again, the desperate need to pump jet after jet of cum, Head Nurse Gretchen merely eyes his dick critically.

       “What is it?”  she asks Nancy, sounding disappointed, “a scrawny five inches?”

       “Five and a quarter.”

       “Well, Ill give it to you straight,” she said addressing Jordan, tone professional, “with five and a quarter inches I dont see you developing far past 6 1/2.”

       “Uhhh.  Rmmmmmm.”

       She kept him on the edge effortlessly.

       “Its a new world, sweetheart.  Woman dont need to put up with subpar dicks any longer.  Your member only has the right to be called a Cock once it is a meaty eight inches long, and only then do you have the right to be called a man.  Sadly for all the wussy little boys out there, only Men have the right to cum as they please.”

       As distracting as the fondling of his penis was, Jordan was listening.  He heard the awful words she was saying.  Eight Inches!?  He would never be that long.  Did that mean hed never be allowed to…

       “So you must be afraid youll never be allowed to orgasm.  Nancy, check the chart.  Whats Jordan here entitled to with his 5 ¼ inch dicklette?”

       “Well… lets see… it seems with 5 ¼ inches the law requires a minimum a 1 orgasm a year and allows up to 6 orgasms a year, dependent on good behavior and the discretion of high school authorities.”

       A feeling of horror, a nightmare coming true, swept over Jordans body and made him sway as Head Nurse Greta once again removed her hand from his cock.  She turned her attention to Nancy. 

       “So you think Im an old hag, do you?”

       The color drained from Nancys face.  “No… I …”

       “You know your future in this industry depends on following my every command, dont you?”

       “…yes.”  Nancy stared at the floor.


       Gretchen gave the biggest smile since she entered the room.  Jordan suddenly realized she hated this hot little bitch.

       “Well then,” Gretchen continued, “kneel down behind this boy here and lick his butt.”

       You could have heard a pin drop.  This was a treatment, a sexual service,  that Jordan had never even fantasized about.  Yet for the next ten minutes this hot, stuck up grad student was forced, for the sake of her job, to put her tongue in his ass.  At first she was tentative, but after some direction and threats from Head Nurse Gretchen she was soon slurping away at his butt enthusiastically, from his taint to deep in his crack.  At the same time she used her hand to reach around, stroking his nuts and dick at the same time.

       Jordan was in another world.  His entire package, even burning through from his butt, was engulfed in warm, soft, firm, pleasure.  He was gasping, his face scrunched up like an idiot.  Head Nurse Gretchen looked him over with contempt.

       “Nancy, talk to this boy like he has an eight incher.  Let him know what his little dick is going to be missing for the rest of his frustrated little life.”

       Nancy immediately started moaning into his crack.  “Oh yeah your butt tastes so good.  I want to suck my big dicked masters ass forever.”  She started pumping his dick faster.  Jordan threw back his head, ready to pump an enormous load, but her rhythm faltered and the orgasm brewed there, “oh yeah I cant wait to lick up your cum from the floor.  Please fuck me afterwards!  Please save enough cum to rail me with your big cock.  I want to guzzle down your cum with every meal.”

       It was too much.  Jordans nuts tightened.


       Nancy stopped licking and released his package.  Gretchens hand tightened around the base of his shaft.  Jordan doubled over, agony gripping his balls.

       “Nooooooo.  Pleaaaaase.”

       Nancy emerged from his bottom, face glistening.  Her cheeks were red, and she stared at the floor, humiliated.  Jordan was sobbing,  but the two woman were far more interested in each other.

       “Dont try to cross me.”  Gretchen warned.

       Nancy just stared at the floor.

       “Alright, Ill see you two later.”  She was talking to Nancy, but grinning at Jordan when she said it, “Nancy, Ill leave cage size and type up to you.  I think you can handle it.”


       Nancy thrust his throbbing dick and balls into a metal bowl of ice and left him there, gasping as the cold bit into his sensitive skin, to go wash her face and rinse her mouth.  She returned to see him standing there, tears rolling down his face, as his testicles retreated into his shrinking scrotum and his dick shriveled up.  With a furious look at him she dumped more ice on top of his genitals.

       Jaw tight, she consulted a binder.  Finally she angrily spat, “you dont know how to fucking wipe your ass, boy?!  Your butt stinks!”

       “I…sorry…” he whispered.

       She finally looked at him, red faced.  “That was the most humiliating experience of my life.  I cant believe that just happened.”

       Quivering with rage she showed him a smell, plastic tube, two inches by one inch, bent in the middle.

       “This is the smallest tube Im legally allowed to give a 5 ½ incher.  It will prevent any swelling of that dicklette at all, and bring your orgasms from three a day down to zero.  Want it?”

       Jordan shook his head mutely.

       “Good, cause youre not going to get it.”  She produced from her fist a small mess of thin, gleaming wires.  She looped one of the thin wires around the base of his scrotum and tightened savagely.  He gasped as the wire bit brutally into his shriveled nut sac. 

       She than looped the rest of the wires over his penis.  It was nearly blue, and as small as it had ever been, having just been immersed in ice for ten minutes.  Working grimly, Nancy laced 6 of the wires in a criss-cross above Jordans penis, and tightened fiercely.

       Jordan gasped in agony.  The wires bit cruelly into his young flesh.  This was a thousand times worse than a normal chastity belt!  It didnt just stop him from getting erect, or stop him from jacking off, but it kept his cock crushed in this tiny, unnatural state at all times.

       He began sobbing.

       “Well see how thats suiting you in a week.”  Nancy cackled, finally looking cheerful again.  “If you get horny and want to jerk that thing,” she said, fondling his swollen nuts, “feel free to try and get off the Wire Crusher.  29 Boys Ive fitted have tried.  2 got free, and got to shoot their loads before they were apprehended.  The other 27 cut off their own balls of by accident.”

       Jordan left the office red faced, staring at the floor like the boys before him had done.


       The rest of the day was a daze of Hell.  All the girls knew what was going on and rubbed themselves all over the freshman boys ever chance they got.  Jordan saw his class mates gritting their teeth in frustration as the cheerleading squad marched past, rubbing their half naked asses against the imprisoned boys crotches.

       Jordan had it particularly bad though.  The wires gave his dick no mercy.  Talia, a bitch with glossy, curly white hair, plunged her hand into his pants and gave his balls a playful squeeze.  His dick desperately tried to swell, and it was agonizing.

       Jordan wanted nothing more than to get home from school and try not to think about sex.  He thought maybe hed take a cold shower, than a warm bath to ease the pain.  Talia, that hot freshman cunt, was organizing an after school freshman boy torture party, but Jordan managed to dodge her as she prowled for victims.

Unfortunately Martha stern, of all people, caught up to him as he was leaving. 

“Come on, sweaty,”  She cooed.  “Let me give you a ride home.”


She pulled up outside Jordans house, parked her car, and unbuckled her seatbelt and turned to me.

“Can I, can I maybe come in?”

Jordan wasnt sure what was going on here.

“Umm… I guess so.”

“Arent your parents on vacation this weekend?”


“Alright, good, cause…”  Martha suddenly got serious, “I have something really horrible to tell you.”

Another horrible thing?  Jordans heart sank down to his aching balls.

“See,” she continued, “Like I said, I feel like a big sister to you, so I have to warn you.  Now that youre a freshman their going to lock up your, uh,” she eyed his crotch meaningfully, “your uh, Johnson.”

She looked away shyly.  The sun cut her red hair beautifully.  “And like I said, I feel like a sister to you.  But… the thing is… of course… Im not.  So I can do certain things for you that she cant.”

Martha reached over and put her hands on Jordans thigh.  “So lets go inside baby.  And I can give you a BJ.  I can suck and suck all the little spermies out of your dick so you know how good a blowjob feels before you get locked away forever.  And than maybe,”  her hands trailed to between his legs, “if your good Ill let you fuck my young little pussy.  Just so you feel all that good stuff the Men get.”

Oh my god.  It was like all Jordans fantasies had come true, but just a little to late!

“I… they already locked me up.”

“Ohhhh!  Poor baby!  But I was so eager to give your cock a massage with my mouth!”  But really she didnt look surprised at all.  “Well, come on in anyway.  I told my boyfriend he could come over in an hour.  We need a place to fuck this afternoon. “  she led Jordan out of the car and affectionately ruffled his hair.  “I need my pussy eaten in the meantime.  All those frustrated high school boys get me soaking!”




Chapter 2


       Jordan went to the second day of high school in a bad mood.  All night long he had had to listen to Martha Stern, one of his biggest crushes, get the shit fucked out of her.  She screamed obscenities ofpleasure for what felt like 6 hours.  Mostly she screamed about how much “Brad” was making her cum, or she was asking him if his own orgasms felt good.

       For Jordan listening to the ecstasy next door was painful on many levels.  Emotionally, as his pubescent balls made Jordan love Martha a little bit.  Sexually, as his own balls craved the relief this stud was apparently receiving many times over.  It hurt his ego, for he felt suddenly doubtful that his own cock could make her scream the same way.  It also hurt physically.  The Wire Crusher was still keeping his dick smashed into a tiny shriveled lump.  It felt like his most precious organ was being crushed in a vice.

       Martha and Brad had slept over, so they all had breakfast and got ready for school together.  Martha and Brad looked a lot happier and more relaxed than poor Jordan did.

“I blew him when we woke up this morning.” Martha informed Jordan cheerily as she cheekily cupped Jordans balls.  Brad gave a big goofy grin and nodded.


       24 freshmen in Ms. Wyldes Homeroom class.  Two rows each of six girls and six boys, arranged in a semi-circle.  The boys were on one side of the room and the girls were on the other, so all the freshman males could see all the females, and vice versa.

       Jordan shifted uncomfortably in his front row seat.  Meredith Hutchinson, the schools star volleyball player, sat across from him.  She was well tanned, a classic blond bombshell, with a well toned athletic body.  She was chatting casually with her friend before class as Jordan feasted his eyes on her naked teen legs.  She casually splayed her thighs wide apart and he swallowed.  Her young pussy was clad in nothing but slinky white lace panties.  Jordan felt the harsh bite of his crusher.

       Ms.  Wylde entered.  She was a short and cute brunette, maybe thirty years old.  Unlike the high school girls she wore no blazer, and a thigh length white skirt with black spots.  She strode to the center of the room and surveyed the class.


       Then she wrote her name on the board “Ms. Wylde”.

       She then wordlessly went to the corner of the room and removed two large pieces of poster board one blue and one pink that she pasted to the blackboard in front of the class.

       “Welcome to high school class!  Now throughout the day you have to learn all the subjects necessary to be a well rounded citizen because of our revolutionary new laws a lot of our traditional allies want us to fail; we need our population to learn math and science well, as well as train athletically.

       We will meet here, in our home room, however, multiple times a day.  It is here that you will learn about your changing bodies, and youre changing roles in the world.”

       She turned to address the girls side of the room.

       “Girls, here you will learn to be ladies.  That means learning the etiquette of our new world.  That means learning how to treat Boys, and learning how to please Men.”

       Ms. Wylde turned to the pink chart.  “Youre other teachers will pass on their recommendations for smiley faces, and I will reward them at my own discretion.  Incentive is a crucial part of the learning process.  When you have achieved four smiley faces, I will assign one, or perhaps more, of your classmates to give you an orgasm.”

       She smiled at the teen girls.  “Of course, well have to have some training sessions first.  Girls and boys.  Mmmm.  I love me some virgin lips.  Have any of you girls eaten your teachers pussy before?”

       None of the girls raised their hands.

       “Well, would anyone like to?  In front of the class of course.”

       Again, no one raised their hands.

       Ms. Wylde snickered, and turned to the boys.  “Ladies, Im disappointed in you.  And a little hurt none of you horny bitches wanted to snack on me.  If only to earn a smiley face.”

       Jordan gulped.  It seemed she had set her eyes right on him.

       “Now as for the boys, its a little different.  For the boys, twenty stars makes you eligible for a squirt.  But, then, its up to me.  Unless of course…” she trailed off coyly, “unless of course one of you studs happens to have a juicy eight incher?”

       Jordan looked down at his desk, feeling the pinch of the wires on dick.  Or, as Nancy had called it, a “dicklette.”  He had never thought of himself as small before, but now he felt humiliated and worthless.  She said he would grow past six, but how would he even do that if he was crushed in this awful thing all the time?  Would it damage his tender young organ forever?

       “No?”  Ms. Wylde cooed, “All of you are squirming in your seats right now?  All of you are jammed up, locked away, helpless and horny while you look at those young teenage sex pots across the way?  Thats too bad.”

       Marcus, a slight European soccer player to Jordans left, and Mickey, a pimply nerd on his right, both looked up at the ceiling.  Jordan supposed their dicks hadnt measured up either.

       “I got a big one,” came a voice from the back row.  “I got a real cock.”

       “Oh really?” asked Ms. Wylde.  The girls on the other side of the room craned their necks to get a look at the stud.  Jordan resisted turning around.  He already knew who it was.

       “Yeah.  Its getting pretty hard right now watching you, Miss.  And I pumped it hard last night.”

       “Mmm.  Thats a pretty glib way to talk to your teacher, dont you think?”

       “Well, I dunno.  From what I hear us Men kinda get to have our way, dont we?  I mean, this big dick is valuable.”

       “Mmmmm.”  Ms. Wylde licked her lips.  “Valuable indeed.  And tasty.  An eight incher on a 15 year old?  Ooo I hope your telling the truth boy.”

       “I am.”

       “Well come up here than.”

       Leroy sauntered to the center of class.  He was a tall, lanky, black point guard.  A star player, a starter as a freshman, there was muscle packed casually around his frame.  He towered over Ms. Wylde.  As he swung his arms awkwardly in the center of class she stepped toward him and rested her head on his chest.  He just stood there, frozen.  Then she snaked her hand and took hold of him firmly between his thighs.

       “Ooo.”  She cooed softly.  She just stood there for several minutes, moaning against the boys chest and massaging his groan through his slacks.  Soon his breathing grew ragged as well and a large well formed bulge began to grow down his leg.

       “Girls,” she panted, “youre lucky you have Leroy here in your class.  Youre going to be getting to practice getting him off a lot.

       Jordan was sick with envy.  With a bigger cock he could be having the worship and attention of high school girls on his package just like hed dreamed of.  Instead he head to watch Leroy get all the pleasure while he sat, enraptured, like watching a car wreck, as his own privates went abused and untouched.

       Ms. Wylde had soon shoved Leroy against the desk and pulled his slacks down.  She stood facing him, stroking his long black cock with both hands while staring him right in the eyes. 

       “Uhhhhh.  Uhhhh.”

       “That feel good big boy?”

       “Uhhhh!  Yes!  Yes.  Fuck.  Uuhhhhhhh.   UH!  UHHH!  UH!

       “Yeah?  You like it like that? Firm and fast?  You like that your teacher is stroking you off?”

       “Yes!  Oh yes!  Dont stop!”

       “Oh…I wont stop.”  She slowed, “but would you prefer a blowjob?”

       “Oh…oh fuck yeah.”

       Jordan, indeed, all the boys and girls, were mesmerized by their beautiful teachers hands working up and down the teenagers shaft.

       “Well, which of your classmates would you like to blow you?”

       Some of the girls gasped, as though shocked by the question, but Leroy didnt miss a beat.

       “Meredith!”  He gasped.

       “Yeah?”  Ms. Wylde slowed her stroking.  “You want pretty Meredith to blow you?”

       Jordan gazed across the aisle, thinking she would look upset, but the girl was smiling.

       “Oh Leroy!” she gasped from her seat, “but weve never even talked.”

       “Yeah… but you look like you suck a good dick.”

       Meredith was lost in giggles.  She rose and approached from her desk. 

       “Well…this is the first suckable dick Ive ever scene.  But I have been practicing on the biggest things I can find so I can please a stud like you.”

       “My!” gasped Ms. Wylde, “what dedication to the cause of suitable male members!  I should give you a star just for that attitude!”

       “My dick.”  Leroy reminded them.

       “Oh my god!  Im so sorry!”  Meredith yelped, blushing.  “Oh shit I didnt mean to neglect you.  Your dick is my first priority.”  She knelt between his legs.  “Ill make it up to you.”

       Soon Meredith was holding unto one of each of his thick thighs for support.  Leroy held a fistful of her blond hair in each hand.  Merediths lips were soon wrapped around his cock and he was pumping her face with abandon, his face thrown up in the air like a big dog humping his bitch.

       Merediths red lipstick was smeared, and her eyeliner ran down her face.

       “Glurp glrup!” she spluttered.  Leroy had a big goofy grin on his face.  Ms. Wylde seemed to be enjoying the seen.

       “Now the rest of you boys, you watch that face fucking well.  Feast your eyes on young Meredith there eating dick like a ho.  Let suck fantasies seep into your subconscious and haunt your dreams.  Then you can put all your mental energy into willing your weenies big.” 

       She began to walk among the girls, distributing keys.

       “Each of you will be assigned a different boyfriend every week, so to speak.  Each week we will study a different form of male stimulation, and you will practice in the afternoons with your boyfriend.  Unless you are lucky enough to have Leroy that week, you will, of course, not be permitted to let your boy do any jizzing.”

“Yeeee Ha!” replied Leroy.  He was now jack hammering Merediths dome like a fuck toy.  Long strands of drool hung from both sides of her mouth.  She was red in the face and looked ready to pass out.  Jordan would have done anything in the world to trade places with Leroy right now.

As the girls field hockey team captain got a mouthful of cock Ms. Wylde handed out keys to the girls for the rest of the boys cock cages.  The grinning girls were quickly descending upon the boys, who sat transfixed in their school desks.  The room was silent except for Merediths slurping.

Ashley came across the room to Marcus quickly.  He cowered in his desk before her, sweat appearing on his brow.  Ashley was a very tall, very full figured and curvy black girl.  She leaned down in front him her butt swaying in the air.  She smiled with full read lips.

“Hi Marcus.”  She whispered shyly.

She unbuckled his slacks and in one motion had them around his knees.

“Aww…I thought it would be bigger.  Because youre an athlete and all.”

Marcus blushed.  Jordan pretended not to hear.  He couldnt help glancing over, however.  He saw Marcus dick standing fully erect, it may have been a little less than five inches even, and it was slender like the dark soccer player.  Jordan noticed with envy, however, that he was fitted with a generous sausage width tube.  Although it may not have allowed the young boy any relief, at least it allowed him to get hard watching Leroy get blown without agonizing pain.

Ashley got the tube off in seconds.  She stayed bent over in front of him, and as the other girls in the class hung back, watching, she wrapped her fist around his thin hard cock.

He gasped.

“Feel good?”

He nodded.

“Well…I dont really know what to say.  I feel like a loser holding this dicklette.  Dont get used to it.”

“Ashley!” reprimanded Ms. Wylde sternly from the front of the class, where she had gone to massage Leroys balls, “dont be too hard on the boy.  Its the first week of school!  The poor baby is blushing.”

“Oh, Im sorry I said those mean things sweaty,” cooed Ashley.  “I did pick you as my first cock to touch, didnt I?”

Marcus nodded sadly.  “Well, at least I thought it would be a cock.”  Marcus looked like he wanted to cry.  Several of the girls giggled.  Meredith slurped.  “Well,” she kissed his cheeks, “I suppose I aught to make it up to you.”

With that Ashley began to pump his dick up and down.


“Hahahaa!  Thats great!  Looking at his expression!”  Ashley had to stop stroking his dick she was laughing so hard.

Suddenly Leroy yelled, and all attention turned to him.

“Oooooh shit!  Ohh shit Im gonna cum in this bitches mouth!”

“MMM!  MMM!”  Meredith encouraged, face dripping.

Ms.  Wylde grabbed a hold of Merediths hair and yanked her savagely away.  The teen beauty yelped.

“What the fuck!”  Leroy demanded.

“Dont worry baby,” said Ms. Wylde, firmly grabbing his large dick, “I just want your first female induced orgasm to be from me.  Over this young sluts face.  For all these little dick little boys to see.”

With that she began pumping away.  Leroy doubled over, gasping in ecstasy.  He steadied himself by gripping Merediths head, who was still kneeling between his knees.  The horny boys couldnt tear their eyes away as Ms. Wylde stroked away, hard and fast.  Marcus, whod had his own cock touched for about thirty seconds was so horny he wanted to explode.

“OHHHHHHH SHIIIIIIITTTTT!!!!!”  Leroy yelled, and then he exploded.  Six thick ropes all over Merediths  face, coating her completely in teen cum, and than three little after shocks that dribbled unto her blazer and breasts.

“My my my!” cried Ms. Wylde admiringly.  “That was amazing.”


While Ms. Wylde and Meredith cleaned Leroys dick with their tongues the rest of the girls got about the business of getting to know their boys cocks.

Amber released Mickey, the oil skinned nerd.  She was a very professionally minded young girl, with small breasts, hazel eyes, and tightly cropped red hair.  Mickey gasped in relief when Amber unlocked him.  Jordan noticed with surprise that his cock looked like it was actually quiet long and meaty, but it had been brutally crushed by a think plastic cage no more than a severe half inch in length.

“That…hurt…so…bad…” he panted at Amber.  She smiled at him.

“So I guess that makes me the angel who rescues you from hell, huh?”

“Yes!  Oh my god yes!  I love you so much.”

“Really?  You love me.”

Mickey paused.

“Well, I guess we dont know each other that well Amber, but I think Im going to love you.”

She looked at the floor downcast.

“Its not a love at first sight type thing?  Ive always had a crush on you Mickey?”


“Well…not a crush exactly.  But Im happy to be in control of your dick.  Lets get it all the way hard, shall we?”

“Oh.  Oh.  Oh my.  Oh… I … Amber!  Oh Amber!  Ohhhh.  OooooK.  OK that feels nice.  That does feel nice.  Oh yes.  Yes I love you.  Yes yes yes your hand is heaven.  Oh yes all the pain is gone yes thank you Amber keep stroking yes keep stoking oh yes better than Nintendo 64 better than Donkey Kong.”

Amber was grinning her face off.  She had the warmest feeling filling her up inside.  She had never had a boy so fully focused on her, loving her so much.  She just kept silent and kept grinning and pumping his big hard shaft slowly and firmly.  It was now pulsing at its full length, seven and a half inches and very thick.

“Yes Id give up Dungeons and Dragons for you!”


“Yes.  Uhhhhhh!!!!”

Mickey moaned loudly into her mouth as she kissed him fully on the lips and gripped his balls tenderly with her free hand.

“Want to get a squirt in?  Ill let you do it in my mouth!”  Jordan hated his friends luck at having gotten to be with such a kind girl.  But Amber was just teasing, and immediately after offering the relief she let go off his cock and balls completely, laughing in the poor kids face.  He began to babble like an infant, the cum sliding back into his aching stopped up balls.

After dragging her feet a little a girl named Alice approached Jordan.  She wore all black and eyeliner.  She was a pouty, moody Goth.  She thought she was an artist but Jordan thought she was just a boring bitch.  He didnt think she was boring anymore though, as she yanked his trousers down in one smooth gesture, not even looking in his eyes.

“Ms. Wylde!”  she yelled, after staring dumbfounded as his imprisoned dick for a second, “theres something wrong with mine!”

Ms. Wylde came over, after positioning Meredith, who was still blinded by jizz, to continue to work Leroys slowly thickening shaft.  She began to smile broadly when she saw the agonizing state of Jordans cock.

“Oh my.  A wire crusher!  Im sure glad we still have some of those lying around.”

Smiling at him Ms. Wylde reached between his bare legs and began working at the base of his balls.  There were a few cruel pinches of the wire tightening still deeper into Jordans genitals that made him gasp, and than a moment later Ms. Wylde held the cruel cage before his eyes.

“Aww, there you go baby.  It will hurt at first as the blood goes back to your boy dicklette, but Im sure it will soon feel great to be out of prison.”

Alice was truly uninterested in handling Jordans dick.  For the 45 minutes Ms. Wylde allocated for the girls to play, Alice did nothing but massage his balls.  By the end tears literally dripped from his eyes.  Her young hand, his dick rock hard, standing untouched in the cold air, put an ache in his balls that hed never felt before.  A need, a deep and primal need, that squirmed up from his bulging testicles and settled in the pit of his stomach.

All around him his classmates were getting their first ever blow jobs, and Alice was the only girl in class who didnt use her mouth at all.  She didnt even touch him.  The faces of the boys around him were twisted in agony and ecstasy as wet tongues and soft lips went to work on their pleasure packages. 

The worst torture for Jordan, for all the freshman boys, was the front of the class.  Ms. Wylde sensually licked the copious pearly white cum from Merediths face.  Then they went to work on him agony.  After ten minutes of heaven Leroy fired his second massive load into Ms. Wyldes mouth while Meredith tongues his taint and balls.  Leroys scream of primal pleasure was like a bolt straight through Jordans belly.  The teacher gulped the load down with a smile.

“Mmmm.”  Ms. Wylde addressed the class, licking her lips and rubbing her belly.  “Theres nothing a good woman likes more than some big dick cum.  Are you girls enjoying playing with those dicklettes?”

“Yeah!”  the high school freshman yelled.

“How about you boys?  Your balls feeling good?”

They were silent.

“Oh, youre all feeling a little left out?  You want your cummies too?”  she smiled.  “Get used to it.”



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