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Synopsis: Irene is an evil femdom wife...she keeps her husband and her boss in chastity, and then also her stepson!


I've been having trouble with Charles again about the bedtime thing. Really, it's so silly. Eight o'clock is a sensible time to be under the covers, don't you think? "Mother I'm twenty-two and in graduate school!" he begs me. "It's bad enough that you won't let me go out at night, but couldn't  I just sit up and watch Mad Men?" So I made a deal with Charles tonight that he could sit up and watch Mad Men if he put on one of my old Merry Widows, a piece of lingerie I've not used since Clovis's and my honeymoon. I said "Put on my Merry Widow, and some eyeshadow and blush and cherry lip plumper, and paint your nails, and let me take a few pictures of you, and you can watch Mad Men!" He's heard about it from all the other kids in his graduate seminar, and just like rock and roll and sports and everything else I've forbidden him over the last twenty-two years, Charles wants in...but he' s not a normal twenty-two year old! He's a chastity boy just like his daddy.

So after he  made up and put on the Merry Widow and pranced up in down in my high heels while I took shots of him, I told Charles that I'd changed my mind, and he would have to go to bed at SEVEN thirty instead of eight o'clock. And of course the boy had a tantrum! That's when I pulled out my faithful Chastener, a straightened coat hanger with tape on the end!  He stripped off his Merry Widow and I bound his hands and ankles and lay him on the couch, and what a nice thrashing I gave him! And he went to bed at seven twenty-five...weeping miserably. Am I a naughty Momma or what?


This morning was a bit of a wash. Both Clovis and Charles seem out of sorts. Charles, of course was getting the nail polish remover and getting the gunk off his nails from his stupid prancing around last night in the Merry Widow (As if he could manipulate Momma into letting him watch post-bedtime TV with that ridiculousness)...


Clovis, Charles's father on the other hand is just sad and resentful, ridiculously because I haven't let him cum since mid July and also because I'm trying to break him into oral worship of my lover, LeMoyne. 


"Sweetie, you'd make such a good cocksucker..." I told Clovis just this morning. "That's what all the boys do on your cuckold sites...and it would make LeMoyne feel so nice."


But he keeps just staring at me with tears coming down his face. He claims to miss being my "real husband" but I just can't go back, you know...he's gotta suck that black wee-wee!


Perhaps we've gone too far too fast. In our early marriage, we had quite a lot of vanilla sex, and then I discovered Clovis's involvement with a dominatrix. Clovis begged me to forgive him, and we decided to try BDSM play at home, mostly on weekends.


At first it was hairbrush spankings...taking Clovie's pants down and his undies and whipping his bottom, 50-300 strokes, depending on my energy level...and if you can believe it, I'd blow him afterwards, or we'd screw...then came his belt, and after that we experimented with delicious bamboo canes and imported Lochgelly Tawses from Scotland.


Eventually I began assigning him some of the housework, as part of the "game", and then most of it. Charles was Clovis's son from another marriage, and he was older, and away at school at the time, so I could order Clovis to do strenuous housework in the nude, it was quite amusing, really.


Old white guys just don't have the sexual thrust, and so after reading some of the other dominant wife blogs, I felt perfectly justified in giving poor Clovis less access to my vagina, except when he was licking it. I began telling him "You can fuck me once a month, if you make me cum with your mouth every night for thirty days!"


At first each night after Clovis had done his dirty work, I would jerk him off, and then realized that it was too I'd tell him to go in the bathroom. I'd fall asleep to sounds of his moaning and groaning as he whacked his Willy.


One night Clovis took me out to dinner after work. It was a beautiful place--Morton's Steak House. Clovis bought us a nice bottle of wine, and leaned over,taking my hand.


"Darling Irene, I've been fantasizing about wearing a chastity belt."


God I laughed, as he remonstrated with me. "C'mon Clovis, you'd never stay in a chastity belt. You can't keep your hands off your penis, for God's sake. Half the reason I don't let you fuck me very often is your dick is so soft from jacking off all the time to Internet bimbos."


"I-I know" Clovis admitted, blushing. "But that might stop if I was wearing a chastity belt thing. We could just try it a little, and see how it went, you know?"


So we bought Clovis a chastity belt. He wore it for two days, and then asked me to take it off...Sure, why not? But after he  pounded his pud in the john, he came out and told me I should'nt wimp out, and that I should make him wear it for a week.


"Really, no matter how hard I beg, you know? Please Irene..." Sure, why not?


So I locked the belt back on him--it was a Thursday--and I told him I would unlock it the following Thursday. Then kids, the begging began!

Rage I'd put Clovis in the chastity device on Thursday,and by
Friday night, he was begging.


It was kind of cute. I was wearing a slutty
top,and faded jeans, and we were vegging out on the couch, watching "Murphy
Brown" reruns.

I'm fairly cute--tall, blonde, nice rack, or so I've been told, and Clovis and I
were relative newlyweds...he was all over me much of the time. And that Friday
night we began necking on the couch, Clovis was rubbing his crotch against my
leg like a dog, pretty much, and
I was swapping spit with him quite happily.

At some point we made it to the bedroom. Clovis stripped me down and began
sucking on my tits (Something he's not allowed to do now) and he kissed and
worshipped my entire body....and then licked me out.

As I said earlier, our deal pre chastity belt was, Clovis would lick me out
every night for a month, and then he'd get to fuck me, and he could jerk off in
between. But, now the CB was on, so after I moaned and came, Clovis began
hinting around for the belt to come off.

"C'mon, Irene, didn't I make you feel good?" he asked pitifully. Clovis was
touching the CB and looking pitiful. "Lets-let's screw!"

I laughed, my head thrown back in amusement. "C'mon....I told you, once a month
of screwing." I was fairly tired, and ready to nod off. Intensive orgasms do
that to a woman.

Clovis looked pathetic. "Ok, I guess...but I am really horny. Give me the key to
the belt, and I'll jerk can watch!" He gave me an
I'm-doing-you-a-favor look.

This was even funnier, though I was getting irritated now. "Clovis, I can't
imagine anything less enticing than watching you play with your ding-dong. I
grew up with five brothers in an Italian family...I caught them choking their
chickens constantly....and besides, we agreed on a week, right?"

Clovis hung his head, embarrassed, and nodded. Saturday night, I provoked him a
bit. We went to a party where there was dancing, and I wore a red dress with a
VERY low cut top. I danced with lots of Clovis's friends...and some of the
younger men there as well. I'm thirty-three, Clovis is fifty-two, and back then
I was in my early twenties, and quite in demand.

Clovis tried pathetically to compete by asking young women to dance with him,
but it was ludicrous...they were busy dancing with young men! Or sometimes,
dancing with other women!

And when we were sitting around having drinks, I flirted heavily with Teddy
Granger, a young stockbroker, dropping my hand on his leg. "God I wish Clovis
had your energy, Theodore...." I teased. Clovis sat sadly next to his mother,
who had shown up as she knew the was very difficult watching my

At one point Clovis got me in the bathroom and I gave him several hot tongue
kisses. "P-please don't flirt anymore..." he begged, but I was just awful!

That night, we necked in the the driveway! I couldn't believe how hot
Clovis was for me! He was kissing my lips, my cheek, my neck, and my cleavage.
He dragged me into the house, and I stripped down to bra and panties...and I was
wearing a garter strap (Now he has to wear that kinda thing!)

He worshipped my body like the night before and then begged to fuck me. I
couldn't believe the difference with just two or three days without

"I don't know...maybe. I just got so horny dancing up close with Teddy
Granger...I have this itch I need scratched." I said...grinning...

Clovis licked and slurped between my legs until I had four or five orgasms, and
then asked again if he could fuck me.

"No no, bad boy.." I teased. "You don't get to do that for thirty days, and you
don't get the cb off til Thursday.

I swear his tongue was between his teeth with rage and lust. 


That night, Clovis argued with me, and I got so pissed off, that I went and got the frying pan from the kitchen, and came back, ordering him to grab his ankles. Thirty times the pan hit Clovis's butt until he screamed with agony.


"Now are you going to shut up?" I asked sweetly, watching the tears roll down his face. Jesus any man who had testicles would've taken the pan away from me after the first swipe, after all, I'm 105 pounds and Clovis is co-captain of our local Rugby team... but he took the swats grabbing his ankles, and then just curled up and wept like a baby!


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