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Bosnian Rape Farm

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Synopsis: Two Serbian teenagers join the local militia and discover the opportunity of a lifetime to abuse a neighboring Muslim family.


By Shabbadew2002 and JoeTex

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In 1992, Bosnia erupted into a cauldron of ethnic hatred, violence, rape and civil war. Tens of thousands of women were raped in Bosnia and the other parts of the former Yugoslavia between 1992 and 1994 during the rule of Radovan Karadzic.  Two Serbian teenagers join the local militia and discover the opportunity of a lifetime to abuse a neighboring Muslim family.

Velimir and Tatjana

While in school, the boy worked part-time at the market in town where the farmers sold their produce.  This was in a small village near Doboj.  He hated his job; but it gave him the opportunity to interact regularly with his Serb neighbors and to keep his eye on the Muslim ones too.

The smell of  the meat in the outdoor market made him nauseous at times. But the job had its advantages.  He was able to check out the women as they came to market.  He knew many of the Serbs as they were his neighbors. Stacking the bins and shelves also allowed him to check out the Muslim women too. And like most Serbs at that time, he felt Muslims were not human, but more like barnyard animals. The irony of the situation was that Velimir, a Serb, was sexually hot for two local Muslim women.  He knew the brother, Alen who had been a classmate but were not close because of ethnic and class differences. 


Alens family were his neighbors and lived on a farm a couple of kilometers outside the village. The mother, Edina, was a buxom woman of 45 with four children. Two of them still lived with her and her husband, Kemal, on the farm: Her son Alen, 16 and Jasmina, 22, who was married.  Jasmina and had been living with her husband in Bihac, but had returned to her parents home when her husband had been swept up in the “draft”.


One day her man was there and the next day, he was gone.  He had virtually been  dragged from her arms and had not been seen since.  Her mother, Edina, tried to calm her by assuring that not all the stories about the military could be true; they were just too horrendous to be real.  Jasmina was grief-stricken, however, when she arrived at the familys ancestral farm; and was hugely pregnant with her first child.  She soon gave birth to a baby girl, which she named Ajten.


On that day in the store in March 1992, Velimir studied both women with hooded eyes. He found them fascinating.  They had long been fodder for his masturbatory fantasies.  The fact that they were Muslim with big tits always captured his lustful glances.  He had been fixated on the mother with her ample bosom and longed to fondle and suck her motherly udders, but Jasmina's tits really aroused him following birth of her daughter.  It was obvious that she was lactating and Velimir had visions of fondling and playing with her engorged teats.  She was tall and near beautiful with dark eyes, wide hips and graceful hands. She and her mother, in defiance of local disapproval, wore the hijab, the traditional Muslim headscarves.


Despite their modest clothes, the breasts of both women were prodigious. Edinas tits were the size of large gourds and without her bra, hung halfway to her waist. Jasmina, who wore a large cup bra before her pregnancy, could barely fit her mammaries into a huge nursing bra now that she was feeding Ajten, who was voracious.  All of this was catnip for Velimir, a slim, slight dark-haired boy with intense burning eyes and the libido of an alley cat. Some men are ass men, some fixate on a womens legs and others like Velimir are aroused by tits. It is said in that part of the world, that, tits are the devils meat. So it was for Velimir...


For the longest time, he had been fascinated with Edina, but when Jasmina came home pregnant with her tits swollen out-to-there, Velimir turned his attention to the young mother-to-be.  Somehow, the fact that they were Muslims allowed him to entertain the most degrading fantasies. Things he would never imagine doing to a nice Serbian girl were totally permissible for him to fantasize about when it came to inspiring his masturbation.  His favorite fantasy was force her to the ground, rip open her blouse and pull her fat tits from her bra and then push them together so he could tit fuck her.  He imagined the scene, many, many times...


When it came to being aroused by those two Muslim women, he was insatiable  and was going through a period of jerking off three or four times a day….sometimes more!  Jasmina continued to go regularly to the market while pregnant.  She noticed Velimir looking at her.  While she would be negotiating produce prices with the market manager, the boy would eye her, especially her breasts.


Jasmina did not come to market for a month after she delivered her child.   Upon her return, and now breastfeeding, the boy ogled her even more.  She knew exactly what he wanted to see as her breasts were now engorged and much more prominent.  The boy was seriously conflicted.  He hated Muslims, finding them a dirty and insular.  But he was highly aroused by the two large bosomed women.

However, since the birth of Jasmina's child, his attention has been focused on her. The first time he saw Jasmina about a month after giving birth, the sight of her breasts made his mouth dry and his knees week. He had difficulty working the rest of the day, and he rubbed his penis raw when he masturbated five or six times that night. 


He  hoped on subsequent visits to see her breastfeed in the market, but alas, that sight has eluded him. Seeing the two women, the boy let his fantasies run wild.  While he was fixated on Jasmina, he also lusted for her mother.  Despite her age, her voluptuous body always caught his young eye.  Jasmina and her mother hated to deal with him because he always appeared to be ogling them. She found him “creepy”. After her recent delivery, the boy's attention only grew worse.


Yes, he thought, he would love to force this elder Muslim cow to spread her legs and  accept his seed.  These salacious thoughts made him want to jerk-off, something he regularly did in the storeroom in the back of the market.  His dark eyes stalked Jasmina every time she came to market. On that day, the young mother was examining some squash and noticed Velimir. He had positioned himself so that he could not be observed directly, but could peek at the women as they went about their shopping.  Jasmina nudged her mother who glanced over at the boy. Velimir guiltily looked away and tried to make it seem that he was busy.

 Edina said, “oh that one. Hes like a dirty little dog who sniffs a bone….hes disgusting.  Dont even look his way.”

 “I know…it seems like hes always undressing me with his eyes,” said Jasmina as she nervously clutched at her blouse. 

It was still cool and she was wearing a heavy scarf which she made sure covered her bosom. No sense letting the little Serbian pervert have an opportunity to stare.  But as she bustled about the market the scarf came loose and Velimir was making sure he caught sight of her tits. He ogled her breasts as she bent over and stretched to fetch some fruit or vegetables. He tried to imagine what they looked like as she went about her business.  He felt a little dizzy and could feel the blood flowing in his loins making his cock stiff when he realized that she was leaking a little.

Her milk had soaked through her bra and blouse and had left two growing wet spots!

 When he saw this he arranged to walk down an adjacent aisle so he could confirm that she was leaking. He caught a glimpse as she was looking in the opposite direction and talking to her mother.  The sight that greeted his eyes made him want to reach down and give his penis a squeeze. He waited until he got back in the store room; and then he put his hand in his crotch and grasped his manhood.


“Oh,” he moaned softly.


He knew that in another hour the proprietor would take his leave for lunch and he would be undisturbed in the storeroom. He couldnt wait to jerk off imagining Jasminas swollen, engorged milk-filled tits. He picked up a box filled with cucumbers and as his erection subsided went back out to the stalls.  He watched Edina and Jasmina pay for their goods and leave. He stared wistfully at the backsides of both women as they exited the market.

 “Put your tongue back in your mouth, boy,” a sharp female voice said behind him.


He turned and standing there smirking at him was Tatjana. She was the one who led him to join the local Serbia paramilitary organization. She was older with dark, sharp features and an even sharper tongue. A tomboyish young woman who hated Muslims even more than he did, he knew how vehement she was about them. He smiled at Tatjana sheepishly. He didnt have a comeback for her tease. He would not want to admit to her that he found Muslim women attractive, even if he did.

 “I saw you staring at the persat svinya,”(big-titted sow) she said. “I hate that bitch. Why do you look at that cow with such longing in your eyes, Velimir?”


“Oh, I dont.  Really I dont.”

 “I see the way you look at her.  Even now when her udders are full like a cow, you still look at her.  You should stick to your own kind.  Serb women are real women. The Muslims are dirty animals.  Dont let the others see how you feel, Velimir.”

With that, Velimir looked down.  He felt a little ashamed.  Tatjana seeing that she was getting nowhere with this discussion, shifted gears.  In truth, she found Velimir attractive, but he was too young for her. And, even worse, she found Alen, Jasminas younger brother sexy.  Not only was he much too young - he was a Muslim!  Tatjana was a girl with a hot libido who had not found her place in life or a suitable man. Her father, the leader of the militia, was the only man in her life.


“Look, Ive got some news. When do you get off work,” she asked him?

 “In an hour.”

 “Good.  Meet me at the crossroads, by the fence.  I have some news….big news,” she said raising her eyebrows for emphasis. And then she nodded in a way that made it obvious that what she was referring to had something to do with the two big-titted Muslim women.

 “What? Whats going on?”


“Just meet me ….Ill tell you when I see you.”


Just as quickly, she was gone.  Tatjana fancied herself a secret stealth fighter for the White Eagle Militia, a local group of Serbian toughs, and pushed hard to make sure that the boys took her seriously.  The Serbian slaughter of Bosnia had been underway in other parts of the country for two months and militias were popping up everywhere. The idea of civil war was on every Serbs lips; and Serbs were on the move…


Rumor had it that at any time the Serb military or the militias could randomly decide that it would be worthwhile as a terror tactic to abuse an entire family. Though nothing had happened locally, the village where Velimir, Tatjana, Edina and Jasmina lived was rife with tales heard from friends and relatives about what was starting to go on elsewhere each tale more horrific than the last. There were insults being traded and a fight between a young Serb and a Muslim had taken place.  But the militias had been forming and were now thick with neighborhood Serbian punks - were more than ready to even old scores with their Muslim neighbors. Tatjana was more ready than most. She hated the Muslims as it seemed to her that they were all more well to do than she was....

The “news” she had to tell Velimir was that the family of Kemal and Edina had been targeted by the militia. When the Serb military asked the militia which Muslim homes should be targeted for “ethnic cleansing”, Tatjana father had some ideas, but it was Tatjana herself who urged that Jasmina's family be attacked and that she be allowed to join the attack. She would finally get to terrorize Jasmina.  But the military had other reasons, as well. The familys farm could be used militarily.  It was a kilometer and a half from the crest of a tactically useful hill. After the war, it was said that all the woes the family suffered in the “ethnic cleansing” were due to the unfortunate circumstance of living atop that hill.


But Velimir was more than an hour away from this information.  His mornings duties were almost done, when the old man who owned the market came by, grunted at him and with a wave of his hand indicated he was going home for his mid-day meal. The two older clerks would be out front to handle the customers and with most of his labors done, there was time for Velimir to sneak into the storeroom for a little mid-day “entertainment”.


He had a little hideaway in the storeroom hed improvised from some boxes. There was a stack of burlap bags and he hustled back there to lie down. He pulled his trousers and shorts down and allowed himself to day-dream. His mind went to Edina first. He imagined she was his to command and he reveled in the thought of making the older woman strip. But then the picture of Jasmina with her milk-filled, engorged tits filled his mind. He visualized yanking open her blouse and hauling her big melons out of her bra cups.


He tried to imagine what her nipples looked like.  He saw them as big, protuberant and brown with vast pebbled aureoles. And spraying milk. He pictured grabbing her tits and sucking on the nipples, hearing her protest that she wanted the milk for her baby and begging him not ravish her. He saw himself grasp her by her thick dark, brown hair and forcing her mouth down onto his uncircumcised cock.


Making her suck him until his penis was wet and sloppy with her saliva and then…only then forcing her to express her milk to wet his cock. Finally he would shove his cock between her big, white, bursting with milk, tits and using her milk and her saliva.... tit-fucking her until he came. By this time he was pulling his foreskin back and forth and the tip of his penis was drooling his pre-cum. He groaned a little, knowing the he was pretty much hidden in his cubbyhole.


As he imagined sluicing his wet penis between the swollen globes of Jasminas lactating tits, he got closer to cumming as he began jerking off in earnest. Soon, he began spurting into a rag he kept for such purposes.  He felt like his soul was surging through his ejaculating penis; and erupted violently six or seven times. It was a most satisfying cum. The sight of  the wet spots on her blouse had definitely gotten him super excited.  Little did he know how close he was to heaven.   

Later that afternoon, he was briefed by Tatjana. The military would lead the way. The military and the militias had targeted Jasmina's family because of economic class resentments of course, but the message it would send to other Muslims was a secondary reason.  The primary reason was the desire to control the key point in that sector.  Tatjanas father assigned her to be there as well and she decided to bring Velimir.   

It was all to take place in two days.  Only 17, Velimir was full of questions, the older girl told him he was to follow her orders when they invaded the farm.  She told him where to be and when.  She also told him that she would help him “fulfill his destiny” to become a “father of the restored Serbian destiny” in Bosnia.

“What do you mean by that, Tatjana,” he asked quizzically?

Tatjana emitted a wicked laugh.  “My dear boy. . . our Serbian people seek to ethnically cleanse our country, and to rid the vile Muslim rodents in our midst.  You know what that means, do you not,” she teased him?

“Yes, our soldiers and militia are permitted to take the Muslim women at will,” he said with relish. 

He began to understand just what Tatjana was driving at, and began to feel a warmth stirring his loins.

Tatjana rejoined, “yes.  So. .  you should avoid pleasuring yourself for the rest of the day or tomorrow. . .until we execute our raid.  You must save your Serbian seed for our Muslim neighbors,” she said excitedly.  “You will want to leave them with a little Velimir in their bellies when you are finished!” 

“Shit,” Velimir exclaimed.  “I cant believe I get to fuck them . . . Can I fuck them both?”

“Yes, and if you behave yourself, I will ask the military commander of the raid to allow you to be first.  But only for one of the women. .so choose wisely,” she teased.

As she walked home, she thought with relish how much she was going to enjoy it.  She joined the militia because of class resentments and wanted to see Muslims degraded.  Especially that big-titted sow, Jasmina and her fat mother.  If only to scratch the terrible itch in her soul, Tatjana needed this.

Although Jasmina and Tatjana knew one of another through the “gossip mill” at the same state-sponsored school they attended, neither had ever spoken to each other.  Tatjana had always assumed it was because of her lower socioeconomic bearing and ordinariness of her physical appearance, as well as their ethnic differences.   Whereas Tatjanas boyish frame was draped in plain simple smocks and no makeup on her face, Jasmina had always been endowed with a voluptuous figure and bust line, emphasized by her semi-stylish clothing, even for an agrarian community.  Her natural dark beauty and striking  looks required little makeup, but she always appeared well groomed.  And Tatjana despised her for it. 

Even now, after her recent childbirth, Jasminas figure was enough to get the libidos of the men in the village in heat.  As she strode through the town square on her way to the village market, her swollen breasts swayed to and fro, disturbing the hormones of her Serbian men. Hearing them talk in the taverns and joking about Jasminas big udders, Tatjana seethed with rage.  She became obsessed with humbling this Muslim milk cow, and wanting to degrade her sexually.  Some of what Tatjana felt was also sexual envy. Jasmina was just the sort of tall, buxom, graceful beauty who could have any man she wanted. Tatjana, small breasted, intense, dark and tomboyish, was her opposite. Unmarried, with no real prospects in sight, she hated the fact that Jasmina was already a mother. Her lactating breasts were, to her, a symbol of everything that Jasmina had that she didnt have and wanted. She would have her revenge, if nothing else.

Ever since she was a teenager, Tatjana had been a compulsive masturbator who was told by her mother that if she played with herself as a girl her clitoris would grow and become like a penis.  That only dirty little boys touched themselves “down there”.  She had a large clitoris and worried that her masturbation had marked her.   Her secretive self-pleasuring had given her a guilt complex about sexual sins in general.  She was attracted to Muslim boys when she was a younger, but her father told her that they were dirty and forbidden.  He told her to regard Muslims as if they were dogs or animals with hooves.  She grew up hating her Muslim neighbors. She would find it easy to take these guilty feelings out on Edina, Jasmina and Alen.  But Jasmina was her prime target, and one she masturbated about frequently when she imagined what was about to occur.

First Day - Morning

Kemal had worked all his married life on the farm. He was a thick set man with a head of black unruly hair and a big, salt and pepper moustache`. He had inherited the farm from his wifes parents and like farms everywhere, the work was long and back breaking. Life in the village stayed the same, but in the last year there had been ominous signs of change.  Serbian soldiers were about; their trucks often drove by on the road. Now, any time they saw an army truck, they would freeze with fear, waiting to see if the truck would keep going.


The farm house was a small two-story. The main floor was one-room that served both as living room and dining room with a cooking area attached at the back of the house. There were three bedrooms on the second floor.  Kemal and Edina had the biggest bedroom.  Jasmina had a bed with the babys cradle in the same room and Alen lived in a tiny room, almost a closet. The Serbian soldiers and the militia arrived just after second prayer at sunrise.


Jasmina had just began to feed the baby. The soldiers were led by a Sergeant named Dragomir. Thirty-five years old and tough, his second-in-command was Goran, a big, dumb hulking corporal.  Five more soldiers made up the squad, all young and mean.  Representing the White Eagles: Tatjana and Velimir, whose eyes shone with excitement and four other teenage boys aged 17 to 19. 


Cradling the baby, Jasmina ran to the window and watched horrified as paramilitaries and soldiers swarmed over the family's farm.  They were searching for weapons.  The soldiers had already forced her father to the ground.  Her mother came running from the hen house and was seized. The front door crashed open and Jasmina heard the sound of heavy boots. Her brother, Alen, began yelling as he was grabbed and dragged outside.


Then some troopers came up the stairs and Jasmina clutched her daughter tighter cowering in a corner. The baby begun to bawl.  Jasmina was scared. The soldiers, hearing the baby crying, came for her.  The soldiers grabbed her and tore the baby from her grasp. They tossed  the baby into the crib and dragged Jasmina screaming and crying from the room.  And she was hauled into the yard,  Dragomir came over and eyed her before smiling in a way that terrified Jasmina.


He announced, “this one is ripe.”


Her father was face down in the dirt, his hands pinned, a boot on his back and a gun to his head. Goran hauled him to his feet.  He had two men hold him and then he sadistically beat the older man.   He concentrated on his belly and liver until Kemal sagged in pain.  Goran, quick as a cobra, cocked his right arm and punched Kemal right in the pit of his stomach.  The older man was helpless to avoid the blow that landed heavily in the pit of his belly.  The breath went out of him like air from a punctured tire.....he sagged and bent over in pain. 


He grabbed his belly, but quick as a snake, Goran punched again… lower down.  The sound of his fist hitting his belly produced an audible “THUD”.  Kemal grabbed himself there and began to sag to the ground, but Goran grabbed him by the arm and pulled him up. 


Pushing him against a post, Goran stood him up and punched him again…and then a fourth time.  Kemal groaned and sagged, and grabbed his stomach wherever he was hit.  When he sagged and looked like he was going to fall, Goran kept pulling him up so he could punch him again. 


“Dirty Muslim dog.....dirty dog,” Goran kept grunting at him as he beat the older man.


He made a cruel game of it; punching the 50-year old Muslim in the belly wherever he left himself open.  Hed punch just below the solar plexus; and when he put his hands there to protect himself, he exposed another part of his flabby stomach.  Thats where Goran punched him next.  He hit the man hard - the fatty layers there did little to help him withstand the torment that erupted when the punches landed.


The sick sound of his fists hitting in the belly went on and on.  Kemal groaned and cried out as he was beaten methodically.  The pain exploded throughout his entire stomach.  When Goran finally let his arm go, he collapsed and sagged in seeming slow motion to the ground clutching his belly.  Groaning,  he rolled around like a beaten dog.   The corporal pulled him to his feet again.  He came up clutching his stomach.  The pain was a dull ache…and not wanting any more… he bowed his head in total submission.  Humiliatingly, Kemal had pissed his pants.


Alen tried to help and struggled violently, but he was seized and slapped by a private with an open hand repeatedly to render him quiet and impotent. The two women began to sob as Kemal was beaten into submission.  When all the fight was beaten out of Kemal they left him cowering on his knees clutching at his stomach.

“Tie the man and the boy to the fence,” Dragomir said, at that point.


Alen was lashed standing, his wrists bound behind him to a post.  Goran dragged Kemal to his feet and then he too was trussed to the fence like a goat. The women were made to stand next to each other in the center of the yard.  As soldiers finished ransacking the house and barn, they began unloading the truck and stowing gear. They were planning on staying for awhile.  Tatjana realized this was her opportunity and turned her attention to the women.  She began to taunt and mock the two mercilessly. 


Stidnicas (cunts) ....were going to see your dirty cow udders,”  she said to them. 


They cringed and recoiled from her as she would a snake.  But Tatjana would not be denied. She told Velimir and the other White Eagles to grab the two Muslim women and twist their arms behind their backs.


It was painful and both women struggled and cried out.  Velimir had grabbed  Edina. The sensation of power as he twisted her arms filled him with pleasure.  Her squeals were erotic.  All the months of staring at her had built up a powerful lust in him...


Tatjana was like a polecat....spitting and threatening; and cursed both women.  Dragomir and Goran looked on approvingly with smiles on their faces as the young White Eagle ripped the hijab, the headscarves from both womens heads. As their hair was exposed, both women tried to resist, but when they were bareheaded, they blushed and tried to hide their faces.  Tatjana grabbed them by the hair and yanked their tresses loose.


Now that their hair was exposed, both felt tremendous humiliation.  A Muslim women does not show her “crowning glory” to anyone but her husband. Now that she had begun to humiliate them, Tatjana was filled with fire.  Dragomir continued to let the young hellcat have fun with the two women.  He would let his men rape and sodomize the Muslim females to their hearts content in time, but there was no reason not to let the militia kids have some sport and degrade the women a bit first. And it seemed to him that the White Eagle leader was the right one to get it going. She was, in fact, just warming up.


“This persat svinya is full of milk. Here, let me show you,” she said as she ripped Jasminas blouse open.  Velimir looked over and nearly passed out. The size of Jasmina's breasts had grown huge, since she was lactating.  As Tatjana reached in and hauled Jasminas engorged melon-sized teats out of her bra cups, everyone could see that they were capped with fat, dark nipples and wide, brown, almost black aureoles.


Tatjana began squeezing and kneading them. Jasmina kept her eyes closed and groaned.  Tatjana grabbed her right tit by the aureole and began milking the young mother.  Since she had just started feeding the baby, Jasminas tits were still swollen and full.  As Tatjana worked her tits, she started spraying her milk in dozens of hot streamers. The men in the yard applauded. Kemal and Alen looked on horrified....Velimir, looking over, was hypnotized. He had been dreaming of seeing the married womans tits for months.  Now, as they were out and squirting milk, he felt his penis stiffen. Tatjana, as a woman,  knew just how to milk her and went from one nipple to the other expressing milk. 


“Dirty cow,” she snarled at her and then began slapping the milk-filled glands making Jasmina groan in pain. She concentrated on smacking her nipples and this only caused droplets of milk to splatter.


“Dont...PLEASE....let me feed my baby,” Jasmina wailed as Tatjana went back to milking her methodically. The hot streams of milk shot forward several feet and were soon accompanied by rhythmic clapping and hooting from the soldiers as each breast pumped streamers of hot milk.


Tatjana grabbed each of Jasminas nipples by the aureole with her thumb and two fingers then pressed the nipple deep into her breast before she began rolling her fingers forward to express the milk.  Swollen blue veins were visible in Jasminas breasts which seemed so engorged that they would burst.  Two soldiers had come over to stand beside Dragomir and Goran.  Also enjoying the spectacle were the White Eagles.  Two stood wide eyed just a few feet away.  Two of them held Jasmina.  And Velimir, of course, was getting an eyeful as he held a squirming Edina as she watched her daughters humiliation.


Kemal had begun to weep, tied to the post. He was seen to writhe in agony.  Soldiers came up and spat in his face enjoying his helplessness to defend his wife and daughter.  There could be no greater torment for him.  Alen was also in great pain as he watched Tatjana torment his sister, but tied he could do nothing.  Now the rest of the soldiers began to come over, attracted by the spectacle of Jasmina naked to the waist and being milked by Tatjana.  One of the soldiers ran up to Dragomir and handed him something.  A metal tool.  Dragomir held it up and smiled.  Then he went over to the women.


Dragomir held up his hand and the men grew quiet.  As the Eagles held the women, Dragomir held up the tool and talked quietly to both women. They looked at the tool and then at him and then over to their men tied to the fence.  Edina shook her head, no-no-no and began sobbing anew.  Jasmina, her tits dripping milk, her eyes showing fear, paid close attention to what Dragomir was saying.  She nodded her head, yes...and then bit her lip. Velimir could see she was in emotional pain.  What the sergeant was holding was an “emasculation tool” they used to castrate livestock.  He told them that he would use the tool on the men in their family if they didnt obey his every command. They were horrified and realized they had no choice.....


Dragomir motioned to the White Eagles let the women go.  Everyone stepped back to give the women room.  Dragomir told them to, strip. Velimir positioned himself so he could see both womens breasts.  He wanted to see his two fantasy women with their tits exposed for his enjoyment....Both women sobbed softly as they began to take their clothes off.  It was very humiliating to be forced to do it....Edinas hands shook as she took off her blouse and then her skirt. When she got to her bra, she hesitated and Dragomir yelled at her.  She bowed her head and removed her bra with trembling hands.  Someone grabbed it from her.


The older woman showed goose bumps.  Everyone could now see the heavy curves and shape of her body.  Shivering with shame, her breasts, capped with her huge brownish-black nipples and areoles in all their glory, were exposed.  Velimir studied her mammaries as they were revealed.  She had two heavy breasts capped with simply immense brown-black aureoles and nipples the color of purple grapes. They hung half-way to her waist, which was plump and showed some stretch marks.  She had heavy arms and small hands.


The exposure caused a grunt from Goran and crude, cruel comments from Dragomir.  Now, only her thin, white cotton panties covered her loins.  The sergeant barked at her to remove that garment.  There was a hush as her hairy mound, with its full-lipped treasure, peeked out from between her legs and the full ovals of her buttocks were revealed.  Jasmina unbuttoned the remaining fasteners on her blouse and unsnapped her bra which had been pulled down to her waist.  She removed both articles of clothing. 


Then looking over at her mother for reassurance, she copied Edina as she unbuttoned her skirt and let it drop. Now both women were only wearing their cotton panties.  Jasminas tits, thighs and buttocks contrasted with her mothers even heavier curves.  Both women had simply enormous tits.  They were as big as gourds, capped with dark nipples the size of a rose in bloom.  Their hips were wide and their ass cheeks were round.  The skin was as smooth and inviting - a creamy-white.  Both women had round, plump faces with pretty, full lips.


Edina looked fearfully at the shiny metal pliers in Dragomirs hand and knowing she had no choice, hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and pulled them down. Jasmina copied her.  Velimir stared as the hairy pussies of both women were revealed.  Edinas hair grew up in a line from her fulsome crotch to her belly button and onto the inner surfaces of each heavy thigh. Jasminas pattern was a less hairy version of her mother, but she was heavily furred too.  Both women had heavy full buttocks. Both tried to cover up, but a sharp word from Dragomir and they dropped their hands by their sides to stand there naked and humiliated.  There could be few more debasing things done to a good Muslim wife and mother....


Soldiers standing behind both women let out low whistles as the fulsome curves of both women were exposed.  Kemal had closed his eyes and was looking to heaven. He seemed to be praying.  Alen was staring with horror in his eyes as the naked charms of both his mother and his sister were displayed. He was only 17 and he couldnt help himself. To Kemal, this in itself was horrific. Kill them all if they must but this was too much. Better for a good Moslem woman to die than to be seen naked by strangers. Then the real outrage started. Jasmina knew the importance of a woman's virtue.  She knew what this would mean for her mother in the eyes of Allah, the people of the village and especially her father.  It really was a fate worse than death.


Tatjana stood by with several of the White Eagles smirking at the spectacle.  Velimir stood transfixed by the sight of his two fantasy women, now naked. Jasmina had longer legs than her mother. She had a little belly with some stretch marks from her pregnancy.  Her tits were gorgeous ....both full and fat with outrageous nipples the size of cashews and dark brown aureoles the size of a saucer.  Her mothers breasts hanging down were capped with huge, dark brown, almost black aureoles and nipples that were a half-inch long, swollen from nursing all four of her children.  Her hairy pussy, covered with dark pubic hair from just below her navel in a line down her crotch, was fully exposed and everyone could see her pulpy labia revealed and even her bulbous clitoris peeking out of its hood.  Interrupting the proceedings,  Tatjana abruptly strode toward Dragomir and clasped his arm.  Leaning into him, she made an unusual request well above her station as a young militiawoman:

“Sergeant, on behalf of myself and my fellow White Eagle,  may we request your permission to temporarily lead our ethnic cleansing of these two women?”  

Smirking, she gleefully uttered, “I promise you will enjoy what you witness.”

Glancing at Velimir, Dragomir erupted in laughter.  “If you and the young lad promise not to monopolize this female bounty. . . you may proceed with the entertainment.”

Deferentially, she nodded. Turning her gaze toward Velimir, Tatjana shouted for all to hear: “This young White Eagle has longed to make these Muslim woman pay for their sins against Serbia.  He will now choose one of them to show how Serbian cock feels in the cunt of a Muslim she-dog, and plant inside her his seed . . so that she will bear us a little Chetnik to remember this day!” 

Lowering her voice, she commanded to Velimir:  “Remember our prior conversation?  Choose one of the women and make her the receptacle of your Serbian seed . . . NOW.”

Smiling broadly, Velimir nodded in gratitude and ambled toward both women, eyeing them up and down.  Ignoring their obvious nudity, the mother and daughter immediately clasped one another, wide eyed at being forced to participate in this obscene spectacle. 

“Please. . no. .no. .” Edina begged. 

“Mama. . .mama. . “ Jasmina whimpered aloud, as though her mother could intercede and halt this horror.

Now in control, Velimir laughed and addressed the women, “separate yourselves, and stand at attention.” 

Sheepishly, they complied.  Velimir positioned himself between both women, facing them. Nervous but with eagerness, Velimir hastily unbuckled his trousers. As he jerked them and his shorts down in one abrupt gesture, his erect cock sprang out, its purple shiny head gleaming in the sunlight.  Kicking them away, he was naked from the waist down save for his boots.  He began stroking his cock, although it appeared unnecessary to maintain his erection. The spectators maintained rapt silence, eager to witness just who he would choose.

Stepping sideways two paces, he stood in front of Jasmina and grinned at her. Looking down and away, she murmured, “No. .please. .no. . Im a new mother. . .please respect my motherhood.” 

Tears began forming in her eyes, and flowed down her full cheeks. Enjoying the torment of this slow humiliation, Velimir jumped sideways in the opposite direction, planting himself directly in front of Edina.   His balls were aching and he decided that he had to have Edina instead.  She had been his first masturbatory fantasy. Even without a word, Edina knew she had just been chosen. 

“NO!! NO!! You little beast. You cant be serious,” she angrily protested, looking around the assembled horde all to no avail. She covered her breasts and groin with her hands.

“On your knees. . Muslim cow,” Velimir commanded.

Stunned at the shock of the moment and growing faint, Edina began wobbling, unable to stand. Unconsciously, she began complying with Velimir . . . slowly lowering herself to the ground  The thought of this young boy who had eyed her in the vegetable market . . raping her. . it was too horrific to contemplate. 

The horror was compounded by the notion that he was hoping to impregnate her.  Even though middle-aged and having borne four children, Edina had not yet experienced menopause.  She was still menstruating and capable of conceiving although the level of her fertility was unknown. She continued to use birth control as a precaution.  

“Please. . . please . . my son. . .dont touch me . . Im old enough to be your mother,” she pleaded vainly. 

She stared at the boys cock as though it were a snake.  She was frightened out of her wits with the thought that he would go thru with this horrid thing and that he would impregnate her.  She unconsciously squeezed her thighs together anticipating the violation.  The thought of being impregnated.....of conceiving the child of this Serbian lad . . she would rather be shot dead rather than face that prospect.  Tatjana was in heaven. She had never seen the boys penis before and now seeing her teenage cohort with his hard cock exposed, and the manner by which he was teasing Edina,  she became very aroused.  Her crotch began feeling moist, her female juices starting to seep in her panties.

Aroused at her humiliation, Velimir decided to amuse himself before getting into her cunt with his cock.  He approached the subdued Edina now on her knees before him and positioned his erect member before her face.  She anticipated the next coerced act.  She felt disgust but tried to prepare herself if he forced his cock into her mouth. As she stared at his uncircumcised cock, with its foreskin, she wanted to vomit.  It looked like an alien thing to her. Hateful, potent, scary and shaming.... Instead of prying open her mouth and shoving his cock in, Velimir leaned forward until his cock was situated between her full breasts. It was so close to her face that involuntarily she found herself leaning back as his evil thing menaced her. 

“Cow, grab the sides of your cow tits and wrap them around my cock.  I intend to fuck your udders,” he barked at her, all confident now....

Hesitating only momentarily, and thinking he might spare her the loathsome indignity of having to suck his manhood, or even worse take him into her fertile vagina, Edina complied, her hands lifting her heavy breasts until her cleavage enveloped Velimirs cock.  The boy leaned down and spat in her cleavage.  Needs lubrication, he thought to himself. As Edinas hands continued to maintain pressure on her breasts, Velimir began thrusting his hips back and forth, titfucking the hated Muslim cow.   The sensation was sublime.  He closed his eyes, reminded of how he had repeatedly masturbated - fantasizing about this very moment.   For five long minutes, he maintained his pace, relishing every stroke and the sensation of his cock sluicing between her milk bags.  Before he reached a climax, he halted, and withdrew his cock from the valley between her breasts.

“Get down on all fours, bitch,” he commanded her.

Reluctantly, but submissive at this point, she complied.  Getting behind her, Velimir grabbed his cock and placed it at the entrance of her hole, rubbing his cocktip to enable his seeping pre-cum to lubricate the entrance.  She shuddered at feeling his invasive member touch the most private area of her body.  She shuddered thinking that his hated member would now violate her in front of her husband and family.  Taking his time, when Velimir decided he was ready, he thrust his cock deeply into her vagina in one hard push. 

For a woman with four children, he thought to himself, she feels tight.  But she was wet, and his cocks entry was facilitated by her involuntary arousal.  He grabbed her floppy breasts with both hands, and began slamming into her fiercely, elated at the sensation of feeling the tightness of this Muslim cows pussy around his cock.  He closed his eyes, savoring the moment.  Tatjana was transfixed, wishing she could masturbate.  She fancied Velimir herself and watched breathlessly as he hunched down, doggy style, and got his nice cock into Edinas pussy for his ride.  For Edina the feeling of his alien penis inside her made her feel dirty, worthless and ashamed. The fact that she had gotten wet, whether from fear or not, caused her to feel terribly humiliated. As he rutted her shamelessly, she was painfully aware how she looked.  Here she was in the most degraded position on her hands and knees with a young boy....a very virile boy, young enough to be her son.... and he was forcing her to perform an act that she had only done with her husband.

“Oh....Allah......spare me this indignity.  Do not let him release his seed in my womb.....please Oh Merciful One......spare me, she prayed silently.

As Velimirs breathing became more pronounced and labored, indicating the imminence of his climax, Tatjana shouted out obscenely, “fuck the Muslim pig. Stick your hard Serbian cock in her rotten cunt.  Make her feel a hard Christian cock.  Leave your seed inside her.”

After another moment, Velimir cried out, “Im. . Im cumming.”

Edina closed her eyes . . .helpless to prevent the invasion of his semen into her womb. .weeping and crying aloud. Velimir erupted inside her, and began gasping and shuddering upon his ejaculation.  Edina, anticipating his hated ejaculation, felt his seed hot and wet in her vagina.  She shuddered and trembled as his heavy load began drooling from her well used vagina and began dripping down her right thigh.  She felt totally violated and despoiled.   Mission accomplished.  Now, let nature take his course.  In nine months, perhaps Velimir would become a father. The very thought kept his cock hard. . ready to copulate again on a moments notice. 

He withdrew his cock from her vagina and reached into his pocket for his handkerchief.  After wiping his cock clean, he grabbed his shorts and trousers, and stepped aside to dress.  Edina collapsed on the ground, quietly weeping.  Jasmina, in a state of shock, at seeing the horrific rape of her mother with the obvious intent of impregnating her, trembled at the thought that she could be next.  She knew it was possible for her to become pregnant even though she was breastfeeding and the thought of being inseminated by Velimir made her skin crawl. The expressions on her face were like storm clouds moving across a winter sky as feelings of horror, shock, fear and shame were there for all to see....

Undaunted by what he had just witnessed, Dragomir came over to Edina and made her spread her legs.  She gulped and shuffled her feet… trying to maintain her dignity.  She gasped and flinched involuntarily when he groped and rubbed her ass cheeks and then insinuated a finger all along her dark crack.  He began playing with her sex - exploring her pussy, making her whimper and grunt.  Rubbing her sex-lips, he played with her until her pussy began to weep.  She felt degraded, not excited, but she could not stop her cunt from getting hotter and wetter.  She could not stop herself from getting aroused.  Dragomir took pains to point this out. 


Persat svinya (big titted sow),” he said addressing her, “you have a WHORES CUNT!”


Tatjana was beside herself with joy.  She hated the Muslim women who were better off than the Serbs.  Now they were being degraded totally and this was exactly what she was ravenous for.  Edina had begun to sob softly.  Dragomirs crude comment had cut her to the quick... Despite just having just ejaculated, Velimir still had an erection that was clearly revealed in the non-descript trousers he was wearing.  Jasmina allowed herself a peek at the faces of her tormentors and when her eyes landed on Velimir she felt a sharp pang of humiliation.

She remembered how he had always looked at her breasts in the store. Now she saw him staring with undisguised lust at her exposed teats.  She caught herself glancing at this crotch, (it was almost impossible to miss...) and saw the bulge in his trousers....his lust on display.  She shut her eyes and let her head drop. She wished she could just melt into the ground or be taken up into heaven.


She soon found herself praying, like her mother, for deliverance. But there was to be no escape from their fate.  And now, Dragomir nodded to Goran. He grabbed Jasmina by the arm and pushed her over to the fence between the posts that Kemal and Alen were bound to.    Dragomir grabbed  Edina by the back of the neck and pushed her over to the fence so she ended up bent over the second rail .  Edina went, “OH,” as the dark, heavily furred oval of her cunt and the tight, wrinkled rosette of her anus were obscenely displayed in this position.  Goran got Jasmina in the same position. Dragomir barked orders and two privates, Jakub and Sinan, came over with cord to bind them.  The women had their hands tied to the underside of the rail so that their necks rested on the rail.


Their genitals gaped open as the position canted their hips up to expose the moist, hot pink folds of their cunts.  It was sheer humiliation as Dragomir and Goran methodically examined the two women in front of everyone, including Kemal and Alen who only had to turn their heads to see the women bound like they were in the stocks.  The sergeant and the corporal displayed their pussies and assholes and pointed out their features and wetness.  It was very degrading.


Tatjana, as much as anyone, relished the womens humiliation as the two soldiers squeezed, pulled and manipulated the womens  butt cheeks, pussies and assholes.  The women kept their eyes closed, tossing their heads in protest and moaning every once in awhile, as they were felt up.  She could tell they were in emotional turmoil and their responses made the encounter that much more fulfilling for her.  Naked, and covered with goose bumps, the two women were burning with humiliation the two Serb soldiers had fun mocking them. 


And it got worse when Dragomir called attention to their sexual odors and invited the soldiers and the Eagles over to “smell” them.  The two women burned with humiliation, as women are very sensitive to their vaginal smells and to be told that they stank was like being hit with a whip.  Several of the men came over, bent down and took a whiff.  All mocked and taunted the women about the “bouquet” of their genitalia. They blushed furiously and closed their eyes in shame.  Then Dragomir began flicking Edinas clitoris.  By teasing it…. pulling on it and rubbing it, he made her wetter.  Watching her face for a reaction, he took his time and found a pattern that aroused her.  She began to pant - trying to control herself.  Her shame and fear made her wet and impossible for her to resist becoming aroused. 


So, she begged him, “do not humiliate me this way…please…do not degrade me…. do not put your hands on me………. Please….”


“Shut up… WHORE!”


She bit her lip and tried not to cry. 


“Your hairy, smelly cunt wet is ready for sex - ISNT IT MUSLIM WHORE? WHORE..........WHORE...........WHORE,” he spat at her.  Edina began to cry.


“Were going to show you what you really are - a dirty Muslim whore. Well prove it to you.”


Dragomir grinned as he looked at her sex-hole - wet, swollen and reddened.  Edina tried hard not to show any emotion, but she was not in control of her feelings anymore.


“WHORE,” she heard him chuckle.


His cruel, wet smile showed briefly.  Edina felt a sinking feeling in her stomach and realized what fate had in store for her. What hope was there now?  So went her thinking.  Just pray and allow it to happen, she thought to herself. 


Edina had begun to accept what was her due when she saw, from the corner of her eye that he was dropping his trousers.  Soon he was naked from the waist down.  His lust was obscenely obvious as his cock was hard, hot and fully erect.  His face shone with oil and perspiration.  His powerful hips were hairy.  He had a mass of black hair in his groin.  He was stroking himself - the fingers of his right hand caressing the big shaft, as Edina closed her eyes in fear.  She found herself waiting for it to began, almost against her will,  as he deliberately pulled his foreskin back from the dark purple glans, displaying himself to Kemal tied to the post on his left.  Kemal had stopped praying and found himself staring at what the Serbs were doing to his wife and daughter.  He could see the sergeants helmet head already glistening with the slimy discharge of his excitement.  Dragomir put his hands on his hips in a gesture that announced his swaggering leadership and this made the shaft of his uncircumcised penis rear up and the helmet swell.  He grinned, his lips slack and wet with lust as he saw Kemal staring. 


Edina, bent over the rail, began begging, “Please…PLEASE …please...”


When he bent down to look at her pussy closely there, Edina knew he could smell her cunt. 


He humiliated her again by saying, so everyone could hear, “look at how wet and smelly your cunt is Muslim whore!”


She back over her should into the Dragomirs cruel face.  He was grinning at her.


“WHORE..........WHORE...........WHORE,” he spat at her cruelly.


She saw his erect penis.  It was horrible…swollen and stiff with a foreskin that he frigged back and forth.  She begged him not to rape her, but deep down she knew it was no use.  Edina felt strange like she was another person watching herself at this point.  Dragomir brandished his penis like a weapon as he grabbed her by the hair.  The slit at the tip leaked a clear slimy fluid. Jasmina, her father, the baby upstairs and even her brother were all crying as this went on.  When Edina tried to wriggle away from him, he slapped her ass.  Then he shoved his cock between her legs.  This was especially degrading for Edina.  Taking a Serbs uncircumcised cock, a man who wasnt her husband, was only for whores.  No decent woman would ever be expected to do such a thing.  She wanted to run away, but she remembered the cruel emasculation tool Dragomir had threatened to use on her husband and son.  At the same time, Goran had begun to force his big cock on Jasmina, who began to squirm, disgusted by his assault.  He had huge balls hanging in a hairy, rubbery looking sack and the young mother feared that with cods that size he would make her pregnant.


“Do not do this to me...Oh…...Please.....please…PLEASE do not do this to me,” she begged.


Then Goran took his cock out of his trousers.  When he displayed his big dick and huge balls the others began clapping as she got between Jasminas splayed thighs to rape her. Wedging himself between her spread legs, he used his thick cudgel cock like a weapon and pushed against the plump young mothers vaginal opening, forcing open the folds of the wet flesh.  She panted and gasped, as she felt the walls of her pussy being slowly spread apart again, but very wide as he used his cock as an intruder to force his way into her.  She groaned in pain as her womanhood was violated, stretched wide and opened.  She was sweating heavily and grunted shamelessly.  She felt stuffed, her body impaled, as his cock squeezed further into her tight vaginal sheath.  He was slowly opening her, his big, fat cock reaching places deep inside her, creating an intense sensation of fullness.


By the time he finally bottomed out, Jasmina was overwhelmed, gasping and moaning.  Her mouth stretched wide but she made no sound for a few moments and it was only as he drew back and rammed her again that her cry echoed through the yard.  The hulking Serb slammed against into her again and again; fucking her in a raw rhythm that bruised the delicate sheath of her vagina.  As he continued his violation, she began to cry out.


“It-h-h-hurts...please...please...pleee...ooooooooohhh! ...Oh…OH…OH…OH…OH…AAHHHH…OOHHHH….AAAHHHH…OOOOOHHHHHH!”


As Goran raped her, another soldier named Badem came over to play with her engorged tits.  She didnt want to let the brutish Goran have this victory over her. Goran was pleased with himself as he looked down at her sweaty back…the sweat was just dripping off her in the morning sunshine.  Whenever Goran rammed her to the very bottom of her pussy, her breasts gushed like two showerheads.  Then he pulled his still hard cock out of her pussy, which now gaped open.  To her shame, his thick club of a penis was coated with her secretions.  Goran had not cum yet and his big cock was still hard as a club. He went back to raping her and soon, he began grunting and cursing and with an oath, he ejaculated his load into her unprotected vagina.


At the sound of Dragomir raping her wife, and Goran seeding his daughter all accompanied by the terrible sound of the soldiers' laughter, Kemal began whining like a dog.  Dragomir came just a few moments later in Edinas vagina.  Both women lay panting over the railing, sweaty and ashamed.  Alen had only to look right to see Goran fucking his sister and Kemal could turn his face to the left to see the rape of his wife.  Jakub and Sinan, the two privates, wanted in on the action. They were two small, dirty, little men and they jumped the fence to approach the women from the other side.  Seeing how good a shagging the sergeant and the hulking corporal had thrown into the women, they decided that they wanted to drop a load in the womens mouths. Dragomir smiled his approval when he saw their initiative. 


Jakub, the dirtiest, grabbed Edina by the hair.  She stared at his rampant erection right in her face.  His hard little penis reared back towards his abdomen from the black hair at his groin.  He stroked the shaft, rolling the foreskin back so the glans showed polished and gleaming with the wetness already leaking from the hole at the tip.  He grinned at the subservient tied woman before him.  She was obviously intimidated by his rampant Serbian cock. She had never been so close to a penis before.  No decent Muslim woman would suck such a thing.  He began rubbing the head of his cock all over Edinas face - smearing his pre-cum in little snail trails all over her face.  Then, upping the degradation level higher, he forced open her mouth, yanked her head around by the hair and made her take it in her mouth.  He enjoyed the feeling of her warm, wet mouth wrapped around the head of his cock.  Sinan watched with an erection and made Jasmina open her mouth.


She had sucked her husbands cock, but was appalled by the humiliation she felt at being made to suck this dirty little Serbs penis.  But, forced, she flattened her tongue so he could run the entire length of his cock over its silky surface, getting it wet and harder.  Sinan grinned at Jakub and pointed to Jasminas head moving back and forth on its own.  The other soldiers and especially Velimir had gotten close to the fence to see the action.  Tatjana elbowed Velimir and as he turned to her he was amazed at the glow of sheer delight on her dark features.  She was ecstatic at the way the two women were being abused and chuckled at Jasminas acquiescence.  Soon Sinan had his cock all the way in her mouth and she was sucking on it like a baby….


At first she could take most of his length into her mouth.  Sucking and working it with her tongue and lips, but when his cock touched the back of her throat, she gagged.  Then Jakub, holding Edina by the hair in one hand and his cock in the other, made her take more of it…taking all the control away from her.  Edinas mouth began drooling…...getting wet and sloppy with her saliva.  Soon, Jakub was forcing his whole cock into her mouth just face fucking her.  He would do that for a few moments, and then give her a chance to breathe. 


He snarled at her, “Suck it.” 

Hearing that, Kemal began sobbing again....With her hot mouth engulfing his most prized possession, his cock reached its full erect size, and taking the whole thing became a challenge for Edina.  He forced it all the way to the opening of her throat - past the back of her tongue and this made her gag over again and again.  She would cough and gag and he would take it out to let her get a breath.  With her eyes tearing, her nose beginning to run and her mouth salivating like mad, she was just a little fuck puppet now.  And after having caught her breath, Jakub would yank her by her hair and then holding his cock in one hand like a weapon.........force her to suck it again.  A very cruel routine.


When he went slowly, she could handle it and only gag a little.  But when he began fucking her faster, harder and deeper, he made her drool and gag, cough and sputter.  Edinas throat muscles tightened involuntarily every time she felt his cock touch the back of her tongue.  She struggled to control her gag reflex.   His excitement by now had gone into orbit.  He grabbed her head in both hands and just fucked her face.  The slow, rhythmic pace was gone.  Edina began to feel that she was going to choke to death.  Her throat tightened up, no matter how hard she tried to relax.  Her nose ran from the gagging and tears dripped down her cheeks.  She was drooling madly; her saliva dripped down her chin to wet her tits....Sinan found it easier with Jasmina with her sucking him so willingly....soon felt his excitement grow and his balls tightened up in his hairy sack and with a grunt and a little jig of his hips he began spewing his nasty load into Jasminas warm mouth.


When his ejaculation started, she gulped, then gagged a little, but then swallowing mightily, the big load from the 20 year old was on its way down her gullet. Just a little drooled from the corner of her mouth combined with her frothy saliva.  Tatjana began clapping and cheering.  Alen looked at her and just shivered. He couldnt believe how much pleasure the young Serbian woman, a neighbor, was getting from the abuse of his family. Tatjana felt vindicated. She hated the Muslims.  It was a class thing too and not just ethnic. The Muslims seemed to be better off than the Serbs and they felt the owned the country.....that Bosnia was meant for the Serbs. 


Tatjana and the White Eagles now saw how it was done. They had witnessed a real rape in the field by tough Serbian soldiers.  Velimir wanted in on the action and so did the other four boys, but they had to take a back seat to the soldiers. Dragomir turned the rest of the squad loose on the two women and the Eagles got in line, as it were.  The first few soldiers, Davor and Bekir, had no trouble getting in and soon the vaginas of both women were well lubricated with secretions and semen; and the men were more than ready, coming to her with hard-ons eagerly waggling out the front of their grey military trousers. They would walk up and shove their hard, hot cocks into the women without ceremony. Some finished quickly, others went for a long leisurely ride, taking time to squeeze the womens big breasts and in Jasminas case, to squeeze her nipples and make her milk spurt. 


Dragomir, fucking her deep, after several had cum in her pussy, made her cum and the “let-down response” kicked in and her tits began spraying milk.  Vladan, a big handsome private, as he fucked Edina, wrung and slapped her udders as they hung down. Some held onto splayed thighs; others cupped buttocks and pulled their victim onto their hard erections.  Then they would speed up, pounding into the pussy violently before stopping stiffly. Moments later they would walk away from the splayed, drooling crotch only to be replaced by the next grinning soldier.  Kemal and Alen were forced to watch their wife and mother being mounted with less regard than a Billy goat mounts a nanny.  Edina was not even complaining anymore.  She hung like a piece of meat, her face down and her eyes closed. The whole ordeal took awhile.


As each soldier came away, stuffing his slimy, glistening cock back into his trousers, their vaginas soon drooled a slimy mess.  Tatjana had picked up their panties from the ground and after a man had taken his turn, she had taken to wiping their messy pussies with the cotton panties.  When they became sodden and disgusting....really nasty...she hopped the fence and stuffed the panties into each womans mouth.  The baby had stopped wailing. Just the goats could be heard.  It was passed the time they normally were taken to pasture. Who would take them to pasture, Alen wondered stupidly to himself.... they needed to eat.


That was what he was thinking when his mother suddenly gave out with a horrible wail, her eyes wide and unseeing.  It was a sign of how crazed Edina was that her drooling crotch was proof that she had been violated and yet she seemed in another world.  Her breasts swayed about as she writhed. Jasmina had inherited her mother's breasts but four children and the extra years had made her mother's tits lose their girlish shape and they hung halfway down to the ground, it seemed, as she hung over the railing.  In her demented state they swayed this way and that. As she hung on the fence her sloppy crotch looked obscene. She had spit out the soiled panties and begged to be untied. Dragomir decided to whip the both of them and sent Fetan, a tall, lanky private, to fetch his whip from the truck.


Fetan came loping back holding a braided black leather whip just a little over a meter in length.  Dragomir stood beside Jasmina and raised the weapon over his head.  Then with a mighty exertion he swung it down in an arc.  It whistled through the air and landed with a cruel sound “WHIP”. Jasmina grunted in pain; it hurt worse than she imagined.  He beat Jasmina on the her buttocks and shapely thighs. It made cruel hard stinging sounds as it landed.....




Dragomir changed sides often and made the blows land as hard as he could.  Soon her flesh was scored with a dozen angry red overlapping weals.  He beat her until she screamed.  Dragomir then scourged Edina until she was screaming.  She whimpered and begged for mercy.


“Please……please… …oh....please…..............mercy…................PLEASE…...............OH….OH!!”


Dragomir resumed flogging Jasmina.


“No, please…no…no …no more…. please,” Jasmina babbled.


Jasminas screams rose, as the beating went on and fiery pain got worse.  Dragomir paused between each blow.  Then she would hear the sound of the leather slicing thru the air and the wet, sick sound as it landed on her pulpy, beaten cheeks.  She screamed again …the sound echoing around the yard... Each blow delivered more agony as Dragomir brought the short whip down again and again…making her howl like a defenseless animal.  Then he turned his attention to her mother.




The horrible scourging went on and on.  As Dragomir beat Edina she screamed like a cat as each stroke left her redden and scored with overlapping red weals.  The flat, wet, remorseless rhythm of each blow - followed by her mortifying howls.




She began begging like a child, “please stop…please stop….......please stop….PLEASE STOP…no more…PLEASE!”


Her voice had become a hoarse, babbling pleading, interspersed with single shrieks.  Both women were in hell.  Edina lost control of her bladder…and as Dragomir grinned, a big, hot, smelly stream of piss burst from her cunt to splash onto the grass.  She had been reduced to a pissing, pain puppet.  It took the seven men and five boys an hour but at the end Edina and Jasmina were sloppy messes.  Kemal was a broken man. He writhed tied to the post and had bawled as each new man violated his wife and daughter, and as he did so - his honor and pride drained away. Jasmina had never before seen her father cry, but there could be nothing worse than having your woman and daughter defiled and be powerless to prevent it.  Better to be dead; he would never be able to face anyone again.


Dragomir motioned to his men that it was time to get to work and reluctantly they shuffled off, grumbling.  He set a work party to construct two gun emplacements on the crest of the hill. He assigned another party was to finish unpacking the truck and set up communications in the farmhouse.  This left the two women to the White Eagles.  He clapped Velimir on the back....


“Take care of those two comrade,” he said with a grin.


Following this, he and Goran untied Alen and Kemal and push steered them over to the barn.  They tied the old man keep him out of their hair for the next few hours.  They told Alen to get busy with his chores.  A farm, they knew, didnt run itself.  The boy ran off, ashamed and frightened to tend to the goats.  Tatjana saw this opportunity, now they were on their own and encouraged Velimir to do something really nasty to Jasmina.  He didnt need much encouragement.  Being a teenager his recuperative powers were at their highest.  Watching the women getting whipped had gotten him ready to go again.  He untied Jasmina from the fence and threw her to the ground.  He had taken his trousers off and now naked from the waist down he sat on Jasminas stomach and squeezed her tits to make milk gush and spray.  He milked them and made them squirt, copying Tatjanas techniques.  Jasmina began begging for him to stop. Saying that the milk was for her baby.  But Velimir bent down and began biting her nipples and then sucking on them. As he sucked on her tits, swallowing her hot milk, his erection rubbed her belly, leaving little wet trails. 


Soon he got his cock between her tits, to the praise of the other four boys.  He soon humped her vigorously and squeezing her tits he came on her. His ejaculation sprayed onto her neck and face.  It was one of the most satisfying orgasm of his young life.  Soon, three others got in line and as each one took his turn fucking Jasminas tits.  There were still so full that they squirted and sprayed her milk, as each of them tit fucked her milk swollen lactating breasts.  The boys used their own saliva and her milk to keep their cocks slippery and wet in the channel of her titflesh. 


Each of them had a satisfying titfuck getting plenty of semen on her tits, neck and face. When they were finished and she was sopping wet, they made her mother use her mouth to lick her clean.  Edina did it tentatively at first, it was so disgusting to have to lick up the slimy discharge of the Serb boys, but as she continued, she lapped it up to provide comfort for her daughter.  This was the only avenue being allowed her.  Tatjana was unhappy, in that it didnt produce the revulsion she expected and wanted.  When the boys had exhausted themselves, Tatjana supervised bringing the two naked women into the house. Jasmina begged the Serbian girl to be allowed to nurse her baby.  Seeing that they would have plenty of time to degrade both women further, Tatjana told Jasmina that she would let her and her mother clean themselves up and she would be allowed to feed her baby. But, she warned the Muslim girl, “when I snap my fingers you come running like the dirty dog you you understand?”


Jasmina, beaten, but still with her wits about her, answered meekly, “yes.”


“Yes, what?”


Jasmina looked at her blankly, but Tatjana grabbed her by the ear painfully and yanked her head around some.  It was what you do to a disobedient child and it mortified Jasmina. She had a term of respect she wanted from the Muslim woman....her rank in the militia.


“You address me as Squad Leader.  Do you understand?”


“Yes, Squad Leader.”




With that out of the way, Tatjana led the two women inside and up the stairs.  Velimir and the other four boys didnt know what to do and for want of a direction, they followed her.  Velimir watched the women in front of him, naked, with their butt cheeks jiggling and their thighs wet, as they went up the stairs.  Amazingly, it produced another erection in him.  They were allowed to clean themselves.  They comforted one another and Edina stood guard over Jasmina as she fed the baby.  Out in the barn, Dragomir tied Kemals wrists behind his back and looped a noose around his neck. He connected his wrists to the rope around his neck with a single piece of rope which forced the older man to keep his hands at the level of his waist or above.  Then he did something to really punish him.  Goran pulled down his trousers and carefully looped a cord around his testicles.  He had to trap his cods in his fear-shriveled bag, but when he got them low in his sack he wrapped the cord around them and tied them with a slip knot, so when any tension was applied to the cord they would tighten mercilessly around his scrotum.


He pulled the cord up between his cheeks and holding the end in his teeth, he got the old mans pants up.  He took the end, now that the mans trousers were buttoned up, and pulling it tight, he made him wince as he looped it around the leather belt.  There he tied it.  All he had to do now to get the old mans attention was to give a yank on that cord.  They tied him by one ankle to the central post and left him there.  There was much work to do.  The Eagles were just milling about in and around the farmhouse.  Tatjana had put Edina to work making tea and something to eat for lunch.  There were soldiers busy in the house too, setting up a radio and attaching an antenna to the roof.  They looked at the Eagles contemptuously and Goran, now in charge of the work party, put two of them, Momir and Timur, both tow-headed and raw boned, to work.  Alen had the familys herd of goats in the lower pasture.  Velimir, Tatjana, the two Eagles Slaven and Zoran were lounging in the big bedroom.  Edina was in the kitchen and Jasmina was in her room fussing with Ajten. 


The four Eagles were talking about the mornings fun.  Tatjana was all bristling with authority and busy “interpreting” everything for the boys.  Slaven, only 17 and Zoran 18, were satiated and relaxed.   They were stretched out and ready to take a nap. Velimir was still on fire.  He had been waiting for months fantasizing about the two Muslim women. Now, he seemed to have them right in the palm of his hand.  But, in truth, Tatjana was really in charge.  As they lay about talking, Tatjana solicited ideas for what else they could do to show these Muslims they meant business.  It was mostly Tatjana and Velimir.  Slaven and Zoran came up with a couple of goofy ideas. Velimir was more into humiliating stuff.  He proposed making the women try on all their underwear in front of them.  Tatjana threw him a withering glance that said, we want to degrade them Velimir....this isnt a modeling picture show.  More than ever she realized that Velimir had a serious “crush” on Jasmina and probably the old woman too.  Ill use that to my advantage, she thought to herself.


Velimir sort of shut up after that.  When the boys didnt come up with anything that grabbed everyones attention, Tatjana announced that she had something that would, as she put it, destroy them.


“Where is Alen,” she asked no one in particular. 


“Oh, I think the big one...Goran...he sent him to pasture the goats,” said Zoran, scratching his chin which was showing some youthful stubble.


“OK...heres the plan.  Zoran, you get the little Muslim worm and bring him up here after lunch.  I figure that the soldiers are going to want to break for something to eat.  After that, we get the women and Alen....and ...well.....Im not going to tell you what were going to do.....Youll just have to see it and you wont believe it when you do,” she said with a huge grin. Velimir looked at her and thought to himself, she looks pretty when she smiles.


“What are you thinking of,” Slaven asked her, a bit impatient.


“Dont you worry.  You just leave it to me.  A woman knows a lot more about these things.”


With that Slaven looked over at Zoran, nodding with a look that said, shit, women are fucking evil, man....I have no doubt this bitch has some seriously sick shit in mind.


And so it was settled. Jasmina soon was in the kitchen helping her mother get something together for the soldiers to eat.  Dragomir was at the fence planning a reconnaissance of the area with Goran.  When it came time to eat, Jasmina and her mother put out some food and tea on a big, heavy wooden table just outside the kitchen in the yard.  The men came over and devoured the meal like they had not eaten in days.  Some of them patted the women on the ass.  After all, they had enjoyed their charms only a hour or so earlier.  The women had served them unbound.  Jasmina had put on a bra and cotton blouse.  She knew she would not be allowed to wear the headscarf.  The baby was in her crib in the bedroom, a constant reminder to Jasmina why she had to be obedient.


Dragomir, with food in his mouth, promised Jasmina that if the men were happy with her “service”, she would be allowed late to suckle her baby.  If not, the baby would go hungry.  Jasmina had it easy during the meal. They let her serve. But that only meant that their lewdness was mostly verbal.  Greasy hands pawed her and dove under her skirt to pinch her ass while she was serving.  She blushed furiously but was too afraid for her baby to pull away. Velimir offered to suck her tits for desert and this made everyone laugh.


Dragomir made it clear that they would be raping her again soon, but the sergeant told them that, “no Serb will put his cock into the persat svinyas (the big-titted sows) until after dinner tonight.”  Had they no manners, he implied  This got a roar of laughter from the soldiers who contented themselves with groping the women. Both women were humiliated to be talked about as if they were pieces of meat.


“And that means you too guys,” Dragomir said winking at the five White Eagle boys who were standing and eating. 

Velimir raised his left hand in acknowledgement and smiled back.  He sort of knew the Sergeant was giving them permission to have some more fun.... After lunch, Dragomir left in the truck. Goran led two men on the recon mission and the rest manned the gun emplacements. One man monitored the radio in the kitchen.  Thats when Tatjana sprang into action.  She sent Zoran to fetch Alen; and watched the two women with hooded eyes as they went about cleaning up. Jasmina was allowed to bring her father something to drink in the barn.  Within ten minutes Zoran came back with Alen. Tatjana commandeered him and called all the Eagles together.   She took them all over to a spot in the yard by the fence.


“Alen, you are under our orders now. Do you understand that?”


Alen looked at the faces of the boys around him and then at Tatjana. He knew some of them like Momir and Zoran to be Serb school bullies.  Now that they were allied to the Serbian military, he was scared to death.  He nodded quickly in response to Tatjanas question.


“You are going to do everything I say.  And if you dont you know what the Sergeant told you would happen....right?”


Alen licked his dry lips and nodded again.  He had been hiding out with the goats hoping that everyone would forget about him.  He had been horrified, as they all were, by what had happened that morning.  But he was particularly mortified in that seeing his mother and especially his sister naked, he found that his body had a mind of its own. Chock full of adolescent hormones, it had been impossible not to feel a hot swelling in his crotch. The fear only added to the emotions and the hormones that were released.  He started to shiver now....


“Well, the Eagles dont wait for the soldiers. If you dont obey everything I tell you, Zoran here, is going to pull your pants down and squeeze your balls until you pass out.”  She yanked a thumb in Zorans direction and on cue, the big dumb kid put the sickest smile on his face.  It made Alens blood run cold.  Alen was a sensitive boy who wrote poetry.  He was slim and slight but with a nice face.  Now he felt like a mouse in a roomful of cats and he was afraid he would wet his pants.


“OK....lets go,” Tatjana said abruptly.


As they entered the farmhouse, Tatjana, grabbed a bucket in the kitchen, pointed to Jasmina and told her to follow them.  She wiped her hands nervously on her apron and fell into line. When they got upstairs, Tatjana herded everyone into the big bedroom.  Once inside, she pulled over a well-upholstered chair and motioned for Alen to sit.  She noted how much nicer their furniture was that what her family made do with....


“You sit there,” she said to him.

“Slaven, come here,” she said to the 17 year old.


“Well,” she announced to the Eagles. “You just make yourselves comfortable. Im going to show you just what sort of animal weve been dealing with.”


Jasmina looked at her and shuddered. She was coming to fear her more than Dragomir or even Goran.  They were simple brutes, but something in the Serbian girls eyes told Jasmina that this woman was sick in her soul ....and very dangerous.


“Jasmina, take off your clothes.”


Jasmina winced and looked about the room, hoping there was some sort of escape, but she knew in her heart that what had happened that morning was no aberration. That it was only the beginning.....She began unbuttoning her blouse with trembling fingers. She bit her lip and continued.  Then she reached behind her and unsnapped her bra. She crossed her arms and let it fall forward.  Tatjana noted how graceful, even under pressure, the taller woman was.  As she stood there naked to the waist, every eye in the room was on her mammoth tits. The baby in the next room began crying. Tatjana had told Slaven to wake the baby when hed counted to 100.  In response to hearing her baby cry, Jasminas tits, on cue, like Pavlovs dog, began swelling, the veins bulging and then milk began to dribble and then leak first from her left breast and then from both. Jasmina crossed her arms over her bosom defensively and then used the heel of her hands to press her nipples to make the milk stop leaking.


“Alen, you know how to milk a goat, right?”




“Well, your sister is ready to be milked. And I want you to do it. Understand?”


Alen licked his lips....they were dry and managed to squeak, “OK.”


“And you, whore, this is a contest. If you dont produce a pint, by my measure, your baby goes hungry and Zoran here is going to squeeze Alens nuts until he passes out. Do you understand?”


“Please dont do this to us.  To milk is for my daughter. Dont take my babys milk....PLEASE.  Dont do this to Alen.....Hes a good boy.”


At that, Momir, Slaven and Zoran chuckled.  Yeah, hes such a good, little boy, they seemed to be mocking....


“I want you kneeling on the bed, cow. And you, Ill show you how to milk just do what I tell you....Understand,” she said to Alen.


Alen allowed himself to be led like a calf to slaughter.  Tatjana showed him how to express his sisters milk.  He got him using his thumb, the index and middle fingers to form a C around Jasminas huge areolas. She got his fingers about an inch away from the edge of the areola.  Then, holding that position, she guided him to push his sisters breast towards her chest wall.  And then, just squeezing his fingers and thumb together to roll the milk out of her tits.  They put the bucket on the bed and got Alen working each tit to milk his sister.  Tatjana got behind her hips and pulled her skirt up and then her panties down. Sure, no male Serb was going to rape her, but Tatjana had her own ideas.  And now what she wanted was the maximum amount of humiliation for the brother and sister at her disposal. 


Now she began to rub Jasminas cunt lips and clitoris.  She took her time and let Alen milk her. The Eagles watched with open mouths as her two tits were like a garden sprinkler in the big city.  White fluid jetted from a dozen random holes and fissures on her cashew sized brownish-black nipples.  Alen aimed carefully into the pail as he didnt want her to fail.  He knew that Zoran would relish the opportunity to torture him. He had seen Zoran torture a small cat behind the schoolhouse when he was 11 and never forgot the cruelty the older boy showed. Velimir watched breathlessly as Alen milked his sister...Tatjana  rubbed the Muslim girls wet, slippery sex-lips and clitoris until she found a rhythm to make her moan.  Then she worked a second finger into her sex hole; and with two fingers began frigging Jasmina - masturbating her.  She wanted to make her climax.  Jasmina tried to resist and will herself not to feel anything but her cunt betrayed her.  Seeing her squirming trying to fight it, Tatjana smiled as she knew a pussy. She had been playing with every part of her own genitalia since she was 6 years old. 


Next, she found the bumpy ridge she was looking for on the front wall of Jasminas sexhole and pressed on it to make her groan.  Then just behind that she found what he was looking for a little smooth area that as she rubbed it more and more.... began to SWELL and SWELL.  The Serbian girl rubbed that spot harder and soon her cries and yelps were accompanied by a gush of juice from her urethra.  She had made Jasmina spurt.  The Muslim girl was so humiliated that she wanted to vanish into thin air.  The Eagles stared at her wet hole amazed at how much juice she had spurted.


Having done it once Tatjana wouldnt be satisfied until she made her gush another geyser of hot juice from her pussy. But she waited until Alen had milked her some more.  After ten minutes, she worked Jasminas sex hole again, (what the Japanese call temanko or “finger banging”) the bed was soaked when she was done.  Jasmina was open and exposed… the position was degrading and shaming and it was hugely embarrassing to be milked by her own brother in front of the others. When she ejaculated, her breasts spurted even more violently.  Alen had difficulty keeping up with the flow.  Tatjana made him stop and looked in the bucket.


“Not, bad. I told you shes a real cow.”


“Can I feed my baby now,” Jasmina begged.


“Noooo. Not now.  All in good time,” Tatjana said as she set the bucket on the fancy wooden dresser.


“Alen, baby boy....suck your sisters tits.”


Both looked in horror at Tatjana.  And the Eagles began nodding and smiling. The little witch was starting in for real on the brother and sister.  They had an idea now where this was going and it promised to be a fun show.  Jasmina was made to stay on her hands and knees on the bed and Alen was compelled to get underneath her. They made him kiss her nipples first.  They were still leaking and as soon as his lips touched one, it began spraying him.


“Get it in your mouth,” Tatjana yelled at him.


He dutifully began sucking it and when instructed, he switched to her other teat.  The sound of sweet, sucking filled the room.  The Eagles began to mock and taunt Alen.  He blushed as it was very degrading to be reduced to the position of “baby”.  Jasmina was in agony. There was a bucket of milk on the dresser. Nearly a pint and she wanted nothing more than to go downstairs, get a bottle and feed it to Ajten.  Then, with her milk production tapering off, they got Alen off the bed and made him sit in the chair facing the bed with his pants down.  Now everyone could see his penis, which was half erect.  It was obvious that he had gotten an erection from milking his sister. They got Jasmina on her back with her legs spread and Tatjana pulled her panties completely off. Tatjana made her pull her legs up to her tits and on command, she was told to “masturbate”.


“And dont tell me you dont know how to do it,” Tatjana sneered at her.

There were red marks on her thighs from the morning workout the men had subjected her too.  And her labia were swollen from all the attention they had been getting. What made Alens eyes pop was his sisters clitoris. As big as an unshelled peanut, it stood up red and swollen from Tatjanas earlier manipulations.  Jasmina closed her eyes and began rubbing her pussy.  When she didnt show enough enthusiasm, Tatjana threatened to feed her milk, the precious milk in the bucket, to the goats.  Soon, Jasmina was rubbing her pussy and had made it wetter.  Her clitoris stood up, out of its hood, like a beacon.  Tatjana took pains to point this out to the boys and Alen who, humiliatingly, had gotten an erection. He had an average, slim, circumcised one, as is the Muslim custom, and it was throbbing with a pearly drop of pre-cum on the tip. They made him jerk-off but not cum, but as his sister got closer to cumming, then made him sit on his hands as he watched her reach a climax.  She tried not to utter a sound, but the feeling was too intense and she groaned when she came. 


Then they got her on her knees, sucking her brothers cock. First she had to kiss it....then lick his asshole, his balls and the shaft of his penis. Finally, she was made to suck it and then take it into her mouth fully. He came very hard and spurted a lot.  He had been forced to watch his mother and sister all morning and his young nuts screamed for release.  They got him back to sucking on her tits again and when he regained his erection, they made him mount his sister.  Tatjana had Slaven get Edina who when she was brought into the room.... began wailing at the sight and calling out to Allah!  For what greeted her eyes was the sight of Alen in full coital embrace with his sister.  She had her legs wrapped around him, his arms were around her and his face was buried in her neck.  As he humped her, his excitement and inexperience was very great and in the heat of the moment, his prick slipped out of her pussy and humiliating for him.... he spurted on her belly.  Tatjana made her wipe it up with fingers and swallow the “treat”.


Then Edina was made to do a striptease for her son.  Tatjana told her that if she didnt cooperate perfectly, she personally would squeeze Alens nuts until he went unconscious like a beached mackerel. To illustrate the point, she had Slaven and Momir hold Alen and she pulled his balls down into his sack, twisted them in the bag to keep them trapped and then she squeezed.  Alen cried out as if someone had shoved a knife in his belly.  After that, Edina did everything Tatjana told her to do.  First she stripped slowly. Then she held up her big, fat tits for Alens inspection. She played with her nipples on command. Then she spread her legs and showed him “pink”.  Finally, she turned around and bent over to spread her big butt cheeks to display her anus to him.


Alens penis was soon swelling and stiffening again. When they made Edina play with her pussy on the bed like Jasmina did, Alens penis was drooling again.  Now, Tatjana had Edina kiss it and lick it, but unsure if the boy had two more quick ejaculations in him, she had his mother spread herself open in the “missionary position”.


“Tell him you love him and you want him to fuck you.  Tell him to fuck you, Edina.”


In the end, humiliatingly, the 45-year old mother was “obliged” to beg her son to fuck her.  She had to use the words Tatjana demanded.  And with the Serbian girl standing behind him and threatening him with another session of testicle squeezing, Alen cooperated.  He did it.  But not before he was made to tell his mother that he found her very “hot” sexually and had wanted to fuck her for years.  With this shame emblazoned in her mind, her son got between her thighs, kissed his mother on the lips, hugged her and as he tried to get inside her and fumbled.... he felt Tatjanas hand on his prick, guiding it in.  Once mounted, he did his duty and after thrusting several dozen times in his mothers warm, open vagina, he ejaculated.  Tatjana taunted the older woman that now she faced the possibility that she would become pregnant by her own son.  She knew the older woman was still menstruating and took the opportunity to hurt her with this new terrible realization.


“Of course, if the Serbs fill your dirty hole with their more potent seed, they could wash out Alens.  What do you you want these boys to do you too?”


Edina looked at her with shock and disbelief, but as if a light bulb went off in her head, she licked her lips and said, “yes, let them do it to me. YES....Let them.”


“Let them do what?  Sex you?  Say it.....PLEASE FUCK ME.”




“Louder, they cant hear you....”




Now, thoroughly degraded, she spread her legs open - begging to be filled.  And Velimir shoved his way into first place.  Soon, he was rutting her like a mad bull. And after him, Zoran and Momir, Timur and young Slaven.  And when they pulled out of her sloppy, slimy hole, they brought their cocks over to Jasmina for her to clean with her pretty mouth.  Just as if she was a whore in the big city.  Tatjana made Alen watch and when he got excited again, she compelled him to masturbate as his mother was shagged over and over again.  Jasmina was allowed to decant her milk into a baby bottle and feed her daughter.  Her breasts had been totally emptied and she was stressed about feeding Ajten.  So ended the afternoons fun and games. 



The soldiers would later roast one of the goats when they all returned from their duties.  The women cooked, set the table and soldier and Eagles sat down to eat.  Jasmina was sent out to the road to bring the men there some meat.  There were two gun emplacements, one on either side of the road at the summit. On her way back, even from the end of the lane she could hear her mothers cries and moans. Jasmina almost ran away. She could have.  It was dark and she was well away from the checkpoint.  No one would miss her until she was long gone.   But they had said they would castrate her father and brother.  By the time it was over, she wished she had run away. Her mother would have been happier dead, her father feeling even more so, but that night walking down the dark lane to the house full of groans she still let herself think that Allah was going to somehow “save” her family.  She was a poor, naive fool.  And so, despite her fear, she forced herself to go back to the house. Where else would she go?


When she got back, her mother was stretched out facedown across the dining table. Her blouse, skirt and underwear were long gone. Men were pulling her arms forward while one man rutted away between her legs and another pulled her head back by the hair to force his way into her mouth. Around this intrusion, Edina wailed and begged for mercy but the garbled words were lost in the festive, blood-thirsty comradeship of the moment - the squad bonding together to share bottles of slivovitz and Muslim stidnicas.


While she was harshly skewered from both ends like the goat that had been spitted for the meal, they rolled her over - her back arched and this made her big breasts thrust out and once she had been dragged by her hair past the edge of the table, her head hung down, her mouth and throat an open invitation. That morning each of the soldiers had each patiently waited their turn, done their bit for the Serbian cause, and then yielded to the next man or boy; all very organized. After dinner was a free-for-all. They fucked both womens cunts, mouths and throats. They climbed on Jasmina and fucked her tits.  Two, three, four men at a time. And since their morning sport had taken the edge off, none were in any hurry to end their fun. The Eagles were part of the line-up too.  Both women were acutely aware of Kemals woeful gaze, watching their dishonor with a desperate helplessness.  They had brought him from the barn and tied him to a post to watch what they did to his women. 


It went on, with a shift change with the men out at the checkpoint, for hours before Jasmina ever got to feed Ajten.  Velimir, at one point, used his saliva and her milk to lubricate his cock and tit fucked her again until he ejaculated onto her face and neck.   She was being destroyed more and more.  They were taking from her the only thing of value a girl possesses, of shattering her honor and her worth as a wife and mother. She now knew her life was over.  No husband would have her, no village would accept her.  If she was not fortunate enough to die, then she would become the worst of all fates for a Muslim girl: a whore. A kurva. A pearlyava kurva.  For there is nothing more despicable in all the Muslim world than a dirty whore, and, as she was passed from man-to-man with each one degrading her totally, she knew that Allah had willed that this was to be her fate. What have I done to deserve this, she wondered to herself? Velimir and the other four Eagles ...their hands were everywhere feeling her up, pinching her big, brownish-black nipples, dribbling a little milk and probing the folds and openings of her body. 


She asked herself these questions with the a pleading, anguished lack of comprehension.  She had no answers why God had done this to her.  Dragomir next decided to sodomize Edina.  He forced her upper body onto the kitchen table. He used kitchen grease and forced a finger into her rectum.  Her legs were pulled wide her pussy gaped, glistening in the light.  Edina had been forced into one orgasm and her pussy was even more sloppy with cum than her daughters.  Dragomir used some of the grease and semen to lubricate her shit hole.  Edina had never been anally penetrated.  She flinched when she felt him preparing her asshole.  He then spit on her anus.  That was another degradation.  When he was ready, he impaled her with his cock.  The others crowded closer, their attention on the one-sided struggle between Dragomir cock and her tight asshole.  


The expressions on his face and hers were similar.  They both appeared to be in pain.  Edina by the pain and humiliation as Dragomir sodomized her in front of his men, and Dragomir by his lust to hurt her.  And in truth, Edina had a tight hole.   As he penetrated her, the feeling of being torn open was terrific.  Just as if she were giving birth, she panted like a dog as she tried to deal with the pain in her shit-hole.   Frantically she tried to relax her sphincter.  But it was no good.  She couldnt relax it enough for it not to hurt terribly.  He leaned on her and this forced his hard cock deeper into her.  His cock, embedded in her asshole, overloaded her mind with waves of pain.  She had never been sodomized before and Dragomir brutally forcing his way deeper inside her virgin ass, cruelly stretched her rectum.  Edina felt as if a club was being forced up her ass.  It felt like he was going to split her in two.


“OH, ITS KILLING ME.....OH NO....NO....NO....PLEASE....NO....”


Her body began to surrender to his cock.  In her mind she began to open up to him totally.  There was no other way....


“Please... not so hard.... it hurts soooo much.”


Her shit hole had loosened a little and it took him only three or four strokes to fully penetrate her up to his pubic hairs.   Her sphincter gripped the base of his cock tightly - squeezing his cock.  As everyone watched, Dragomir then began to ride her.  He started moving relentlessly in and out of her asshole like a machine, brutally stretching her.  Now that he was fully inside her, Dragomir crouched, his knees shoulder width apart.  He gripped Edinas shoulder length, thick black hair to pull her now pliant body back onto his hard cock, so he could plow her asshole with hard, powerful strokes.  Tatjana had never seen someone sodomized.  She licked her lips as she watched this new indignity being forced on the older Muslim woman.


Dragomir slammed into her ass with all his power to hurt her, brutally and relentlessly impaling her on his cock.  Involuntarily, Edina, underneath him, cried out, a low constant moan coming from her full lips. Everyone could see her hands clench helplessly each time Dragomir plowed her.  Her body had gone limp.  Nothing angry or pleading came out of her mouth, just incoherent animal-like sounds and moans, the volume rising and falling in time with Dragomirs humping.  The tall, tough sergeant sodomized her as the others joked or clapped their hands in time with his thrusts into her open asshole.  It seemed to Edina as if it would go on forever.  What was worse was that she felt so helpless.  There was nothing she could do to make him stop.  Dragomir stayed hard stroke after stroke, battering her body. 


He came only when he threw himself forward onto her back, grabbing her thick black hair to force her head to one side, so he could see her face as he ass fucked her with power strokes.  Only then, after he had looked into her eyes and felt her submit totally, did he cum in her ass.  He cried out in triumph as he filled her asshole with hot cum.   He lay on her wet, warm back for a moment, crushing her with his weight, until Goran, impatient now for his turn, tapped him on the shoulder and asked for his place.   He was just as rough as Dragomir.  In a single thrust he impaled Edina, sinking up to his pubic hairs in her.  He  plowed relentlessly into her wide open ass with his cudgel of a cock.  Poor Edina just made small moaning sounds underneath him.  She could manage nothing more.  Each time he slammed into her, it knocked the wind out of her lungs. 


Unconcerned with her agony, he took his pleasure as quickly and as brutally as he could.  Then he too filled her with a flood of hot cum before also collapsing on her nude back.  He got off her and was replaced by Davor.  Tatjana had discovered the rope around Kemals testicles and began pulling on it as his wife was being sodomized. She unbuckled his trousers and got them down to his knees.  She played with his penis until she made him erect.  He sobbed like a child when this shameful thing was forced on him.  Edina lost track of how many men raped her ass.   Actually, she took all seven  Serb soldiers.  It seemed to go on and on as one man would finish and the next man would ram it into her.  It all became one long, terrible rape.  The cock became one monstrous cock, repeatedly and painfully sodomizing her.


She only knew the hurtful impalement, the feeling of having her ass stretched and invaded, had become her whole reality.   She lay passive.  Just as she had surrendered to Dragomir, she surrendered to each man who followed him.  She became nothing more than their fuck toy.  Kemal had gone catatonic.  His mind could no longer absorb what they were doing to him and his wife.  He stared into space but anyone could see that he had lost his mind. The pain in the older womans shit hole became a constant ache.  Through it all, she lay there on her belly and tits - her full lips open, panting between moans.  Her sweaty body gleamed,  the light creating a shadow play between the combination of muscular males and her warm, mature beauty.   Her naked body, buffeted by the violent thrusts, was just a thing for them to use and abuse.


Afterwards she lay there, her womanhood defiled by their foul cum and sweat.  Dragomir began whispering in her ear.   She was so “out-of-it” she couldnt make sense of what he was saying to her.   She lay on her belly and tits, her anus drooling cum; her legs splayed wide, her pussy gaping, her clit, swollen and red. She looked over at the far wall.... her mind blank, exhausted.  Her asshole was raw, stretched .....An open “O” .....A toothless mouth....with semen smeared all over and drooling from it in a steady stream.   Her next bowel movement would be a torment.  Her asshole was so sore that she could not touch herself there.  And having to shit hurt so much that she gripped the toilet seat and groaned as the turds emerged from her ravaged anus.   All the while, Tatjana was laughing at the antics of the Serbian males, shouting encouragement to them, "harder, the stidnica loves it! Don't tease her. Show that Muslim svinya what a real Serbian man is like."


Oh, the Serbs smelled, too. Of sweat and liquor and the cunts of both women. No Muslim man would ever smell like that as he would wash five times a day before prayer. Tatjana went over and pulled down Alens trousers and shorts.  As the women of the their family were raped and sodomized, she made him ejaculate with her hand, taunting and mocking him....whispering in his ears what a whore his mother was adding to his mental torment. After a long time, a couple of hours, when the liquor was gone, men slunk off to the barn.  Dragomir dragged Jasmina upstairs by her hair to her bed.  Her knees were shaking as she climbed the stairs and she was dripping wet between her legs.  She was allowed to nurse her baby. When she was done he shoved her down to the foot of the bed.  She was exhausted and cried for hours.  She eventually fell asleep. Goran took Edina to her bedroom and Davor took Alen and Kemal to the barn to tie them up. The White Eagles all went home. They had taken a day off from school and work to enjoy the home invasion. They would return later the next day.


Second Day

The next morning Jasmina was allowed to put Ajten on her breast.  After this, she was thrown onto her bed for more abuse.  Soon Goran showed up for his morning “ride”.  Her pussy was sore from the previous day and tight in the morning.  She stared fearfully at his heavy nut sack as he dropped his trousers and then at his big thick club of a penis.  It was as big as a fat cucumber from the market where Velimir worked.  He soon had her licking his nuts and sucking the uncircumcised head.  It tasted disgusting to her so early in the morning, but he would not be denied.  And when she got it nice and stiff for him, he forced her onto her back with her legs on his hulking shoulders.  Then he rubbed it up and down her dry slit until she got a little wet.  Thats when he made her beg for it like a whore. 


After he had forced this humiliation on her, he was ready for his ride and gave her a thorough reaming.  When he was done, she had an orgasm, much to her shame.  She covered her face with her hands and sobbed softly.  He had barely left the room, and when he was done, Bekir came to take his place.  He was a fat, disgusting older man, who had once been a sergeant and had been reduced to private for being drunk and disorderly.  He stank of alcohol and it was not yet 8am, but his fat, short cock needed attention and what he wanted was a long, disgusting, and degrading blowjob.  What really devastated her was that he took off his trousers and shorts and got down on her bed on his belly. 


He pulled aside his fat, hairy ass cheeks and ordered her to lick his crack. She had to do it and of course he wanted her to use her pink tongue on his anus.  He was not clean and the task made her nauseous.  It wasnt any easier to suck his uncircumcised cock either. When she pulled back his foreskin, as ordered, she was disgusted to see little cheesy deposits around the rim of his cock head.  In the course of sucking him off, she cleaned his cock for him.  He spurted a fair amount and made her show him the load in her mouth before being ordered to swallow.  Then he climbed onto her to use her cunt.  Later that day Alen was allowed to pasture the goats again.  The women were also expected to fetch water and make tea. When they returned to the house later that day Kemal was gone. Neither woman ever saw him again.  By dinner Jasmina had wet the bed and the room reeked.  They let her up to change the sheets and let her relieve herself more often after that, but within a few minutes she would be again on her back, ready for all to use again.  Her mother was on duty too like a slave in her bedroom.  For the first three days or so it was basically just rape.  The poor women stayed on the bed day and night, a semen depository for a squad of Serbs.  The semen often poured out of both women - and the bed was caked with it.   Goran took to whipping their breasts with his belt and burning them with cigarettes. Some men laughed and joked at this. Others, repulsed, turned away.  But after a few days both women were a real mess.


They were only let up when no one else wanted sex.  If her mothers three holes were filled a man might grab Jasmina and mount her like a goat.  But for Jasmina it only got worse. Velimir and Tatjana were particularly brutal with her and Velimir fucked her repeatedly. She was just a pearlyava kurva now - a dirty lactating whore. They put both women on poles in the yard, naked and invited their Serbian and Muslim neighbors to see the two whores.  Jasmina was the plaything of Velimir and Tatjana.  They dreamed up new games for her.  A contest where she had to spray her milk a certain distance. If she failed, she was whipped with a birch branch cut from a tree in the yard on her buttocks and pussy. Tatjana would tie Jasminas tits with cord to make them bulge and leak milk.  Everyone would take a turn sucking on her tits, denying her the opportunity to feed her baby.  It was one horrific thing after another.  Jasmina and her mother were the "mattresses".  After awhile their eyes became glazed and empty like they were dead. They never get better. Then they were taken to the camps where each woman had to “service” between 50 to 60 men a day.  Female soldiers one day enjoyed the opportunity to torture both women by shoving a greased beer bottle into their rectums and making them walk thru the camp naked.



Alen emigrated to Germany. No one ever saw Kemal again.  Edina and Jasmina  moved to the capital city,  Sarajevo, where they worked as whores, for room and board.  Both women ended up as pearlyava mala kurvas, after the war, just whores.  Interviewed by British television, after the war, Jasmina said, “When a woman is violated like that, it's the worst humiliation and the most painful thing that can happen to you.  I still fall into depressions.  It is such a huge wound, and it feels like it is constantly opening and closing. 


It is a wound without a cure. Every day we were raped. Not only in the house -- they would also take us to the front line for the soldiers to rape us. Then again in the house, in front of my brother and father.  You cannot imagine the shame I felt.  They had no mercy at all. They raped me every day. They took me to the soldiers and back to that house. At the front line, there were female soldiers who tortured me with a bottle.  The only conversation we had was when I was begging them to kill me. That's when they laughed. Their response was, 'we don't need you dead.”


Tatjana, afterwards, began a relationship with Zoran, but it didnt last.  She became attracted to hard-core BDSM online porn.  She currently lives in Vienna where she is “kept” by an older Turkish man she met online. He ties her up, whips her and then has his way with her. He has let his friends use her as well.


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