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Synopsis: An unpopular female professor is kidnapped and sent as a political prisoner to a mental hospital.


Nicoletta, as she was known to the comrades, was

a tenured professoressa and could not be silenced,

even though her brand of Stalinist communism was

not  taken seriously anymore.  She strode the

teacher's  platform, gesturing like Hitler,

proclaiming the evils of capitalism and the moral

superiority of  communism. "Stalin was the greatest

leader of the 20th Century."

"Taurine effluvium!" shouted a student.  "He killed

more Russians than Hitler did.  His gulag of slave

labor camps was a crime against humanity."

"The camps were necessary to re-educate the bourgeois

scum and teach them the dignity of socialist labor.  If

some died, it was necessary, like killing germs, to keep

society healthy.  Stalin saved Russia from fascism and

set the example for world socialism.  Here, in the

twenty-first century," she proclaimed, "it is

intolerable that every man, woman, and child is not

fed by the state." A young male student jumped to

his feet and said, "The only animals who wish to be

fed by others are  pets, livestock, and slaves.  Which

would you have us be?"  Nicoletta responded with

an ad hominem  attack upon the student and his

canine mother and  his unmarried father.  One of

the female students  picked up her cell phone and

said, "It is time."  "To force me to work to support

others is to practice slavery," proclaimed a student.

"Democracy demands the dictatorship of the

proletariat, the majority of citizens who are

working  class, to take from the rich and give to the

poor," she countered.  "You concede, Professoressa,

that the majority  should rule?"  "Yes!"  "Well, then,

you Communist  bitch, the majority of your students

now rules!"

At that point, nine men in black uniforms, and

wearing masks, entered the room and seized the

professoressa.  "Sign," said the captain, placing a

paper on her desk.  When she refused, men held her

arms while another applied a "Taser", a non-lethal

weapon which delivers a high voltage electrical

shock, to her buttock.  As she screamed in pain, the

muscles of her leg contracted violently, so her heel

slapped against her buttock and her shoe flew off.

"Sign!"  "No!"  They applied the shock to her

abdomen, which made her curl into a fetal position,

held aloft by her arms.  Her other shoe went flying

across the room, and a wet stain on her red dress

showed that she had lost control of her bladder.  A

female student stepped up and said, "Hold her."

Then she slapped Nicoletta's face and demanded

she sign.  "No," replied the exhausted Communist.

The student ripped the bodice of the teacher's dress,

revealing ample breasts in a black, lacy bra.  Taking

a box cutter from her purse, she cut away the rest of

the dress, leaving Nicoletta exposed  in her black

bra, black panties, and pantyhose.  "Give me the

electrical device.  There are things a man should

not do, but a woman can."  As the men held

their captive by the arms, as if crucified, the

student pressed the Taser against the wet fabric in the

crotch of the panties.   Her victim screamed and

thrashed her legs.  Then she consented to sign.

The first document was a confession of treason and

complicity in terrorism, stating that she had

instructed others to commit terrorist acts in an

effort to bring down the government.  The second

signature was  her resignation from her teaching

position at the university.  The third voluntarily

committed her to a state-run mental hospital for

treatment and re-education.  The fourth was a

suicide note.  Then they handcuffed her behind her

back, and the captain of the police said, "We had

better remove her from the university and  the city,

before the word gets out and there is a riot."  "But

we want to see her get what she deserves," said a

student.  "Then follow us," said the policeman.

They led her through the halls of the university,

followed by noisy students.  The policemen put the

helpless Communist in the back of a van.  A crowd

of students followed, on Vespas and motorcycles and in a

variety of old automobiles.  Later, the prisoner's older

sister would appeal to the Chief of Police, but

that official would say he knew nothing, and, if the

Nicoletta really had been arrested, it must have

been by the special anti-terrorist police.  At any

rate, she could not be found.

"Do you remember what the Communist partisans did

to women who consorted with Germans?"  They cut off

all her hair.

Many kilometers from the city, in a small farming

village, the police stopped and removed Nicoletta

from the van.  As a crowd of students and

villagers surrounded her, jeering and cursing her,

Nicoletta, having recovered some of her strength,

stood in the square, ridiculous in her black

underthings, and yelled, "You will never get away

with this.  The Communist Party will call a general

strike and paralyze the nation if I am not released


"Hah!" said an old man, who wore the faded arm

band of the Benito Mussolini Brigade.  "We know

how to deal with your kind."   He and a student

pulled the teacher's head back by her hair and

pinched her nose shut, forcing her to open her

mouth to breathe.  They pushed the spout of a

funnel between her jaws.  Then the old man poured

a liter of castor oil into her mouth, compelling her

to swallow it or choke.  When it appeared she might

vomit up the oil, her tormentors continued to fill

her mouth, forcing her to swallow, more oil, salts,

vinegar, even the contents of a chamber pot which

an old woman brought to the festival.  It seemed

that the victim's belly visibly swelled, as the

torture, essentially unchanged since the days of The

Holy Inquisition, deprived the Communist of any

rest or dignity, subjecting her to pains which

wracked her insides.  They were pouring liquid soap

into the funnel when she gave a great heave, and a

torrent of vile, brown fluid filled her panties and

slid down her legs, dripping through the mesh of

her hose.  "Arraawwgh!" she cried, when they

removed the funnel, and she bent over as even more

smelly shit spewed from her ass and bubbles

emerged from her nose and mouth.  The policemen

just stood back and watched.

A man in a white apron approached, carrying a

large zucchini.  "We can't have her soiling the

public street.  No one will want to buy food with

her shitting in public.  Take her to the ponds.  But,

before you do, let's put a stop to this."  With a

gloved hand, he pulled down her panties and

pantihose, halfway to her knees, and then he forced

the cylindrical green squash through  her anus,

stopping the flow as the anal muscles closed around

the stem.  They pushed Nicoletta toward the edge of

town.  She was staggering and unable to take full

steps because of the filthy panties caught at her

knees.  The ponds were  an experimental fish farm.

Members of the crowd pulled the rest of her

clothing from her, leaving Nicoletta wearing

nothing but filth and handcuffs.  They pushed her

into a fish pond.  "That'll clean her up.  Those fish

will eat anything."

As she stood there in waist-deep water, unseen

catfish swirled around her legs, their whiskers

stroking her skin, penetrating the clefts of her body,

as they ate the filth from her skin.  She staggered in

the mud of the bottom, bent over and vomited the

awful mixtures from her swollen stomach, and tried

to find a way out of the pond.  As she tried to climb

the bank, her rump was exposed enough that the

crowd could see and cheer as, with a cry of anguish,

their victim shuddered and propelled the zucchini

from her anus with a gush of brown slop.  At that,

she lost her footing and fell against the muddy

bank, coating her breasts with black, slimy mud.

As the crown laughed and jeered, she waded toward

the middle of the pond, where her body was

concealed by deeper water.  Up to her neck in

water, she had to stand still and allow the fish to

explore her body, even to the point of nipping her

nipples, as if they were worms.

While most of the crowd watched and encouraged

her to come out and show off her big breasts and

black bush, others of the students and villagers were

preparing for her.  Nicoletta stayed in the pond as

long as she could, emptying her bowels and

stomach for the hungry fish, but at last she realized

she had to get out.  Her teeth were chattering, as the

cold water chilled her beyond enduring.

Reluctantly, she waded toward the bank and

allowed herself to be pulled out of the pond.

Dripping wet, naked, still handcuffed, she was

pushed and dragged away from the pond.  Two of

her male students stood ready.  Each had a rope

with a noose, a loop and slip knot, at one end.  As

others held her, they slipped the loops over her

breasts and drew them tight.  Her breasts assumed

the shape of bocci balls and turned pink, as the

venous blood return was impeded by the

constriction of the rope.  She gritted her teeth and

tried not to scream, as she was hung by her breasts

from an overhanging tree branch.  Her anus still

dribbled, so a woman took a rag, covered it with hot

chili pepper sauce, and pushed it in to stop the leak.

Little boys and girls explored her vulva and plucked

at her curly pubic hairs.  A peasant woman arrived with a

bundle of fresh stinging nettles.  Using gloves or

cloths to protect their hands, the children of the

village whipped her with the nettles, which left

raised red stripes across her thighs and belly.  A boy

rubbed some nettles  up and down the crack of her ass,

while a teen-age girl applied the itch-inducing irritating

needles of the nettles to Nicoletta's nether lips.

Nicoletta screamed loudly as the burning, glassy

needles imbedded in her clitoris.  Some boys

rubbed nettles across her already painful tits.  When

the young folk had used up the supply of nettles,

leaving Nicoletta a tapestry of rashes and writhing

with the torment of thousands of venomous hairlike

needles embedded in her skin, the older men then

took turns lashing her suspended body, using belts,

branches, knotted ropes, whatever came to hand.

Now scarlet and purple bruises were added to the

reddened skin from the nettle treatment.

Her throat was burning from the vomit and the

screaming when they lowered an exhausted

Nicoletta and forced her to her knees before a low

wooden bench.  The ropes which bound her bruised

breasts were tied beneath the bench, so she was

forced to kneel with her rump upraised and her face

almost in the dirt.  The old man with the Fascist

arm band wrapped her nipples with copper wire and

then led the ends over her shoulders to the chain

between her handcuffs.  She was forced to hold her

arms awkwardly  bent behind her back, for if she

straightened them, she would pull off her nipples!

A farmer brought the next torturer to the scene, a

large boar pig.  His wife was stroking its penis,

which protruded, bright red, corkscrew shaped as

pig penises are.  The boar was led to mount the

kneeling victim, and the farmer's wife guided the

end of the glistening corkscrew toward the "cork"

of Nicoletta's cunt.  "Yeeargh!" she screamed, as

the pig thrust his threatening penis into her vagina.

Grunting and heaving, he stuffed himself into her,

while the villagers and students laughed and

remarked how apt it was for her to get shafted by a

pig.  Pigs, of course, are not used to lengthy love-

making.  The boar snorted and shot his semen into

her belly, then calmly dropped off and sauntered


By now, the sun was setting.  "Enough of this," said

the police captain.  "I'm supposed to deliver her to

the mental hospital."  The police led her away and

removed the breast ropes and the wires and the handcuffs

while the pig cum dribbled down her legs. The crowd

of villagers and students stayed behind and celebrated

the events with local wine.

Nicoletta was transported to a mental hospital, four grey

multistory buildings in Stalinesque style, plus some

smaller outbuildings, all surrounded by farmland and

walls and double wire fences, topped with barbed wire.

It was late at night, but uniformed attendants washed her

off and removed the rag from her anus.  They gave her an enema,

two liters of soapy water followed by several rinses, until

she was fit to put in a cell.  Then she was placed in a small

windowless room with only a mat to lie on and a stainless

steel toilet bowl.

In the morning, the dressed her in a hospital gown, the kind that

wraps around and always gapes open in back.  It did, however,

cover up most of the marks left by the villagers.  She was brought

before three official looking men who sat like judges behind a

long desk.

"This woman has signed a voluntary commitment.  Every resident is

entitled to free medical care, so we must admit her as a patient, at

least until we have a diagnosis and treatment plan."

A second man added, "We have an affidavit form a university psychiatrist

which says this woman has advocated the violent overthrow of the

government, had tried to justify mass murders, has tried to recruit terrorists.

The is a danger to others and probably to herself.  The psychiatrist

recommends she be sequestered from other patients."

"Well, that's it, then," said the third man, a small man with rimless glasses.

"If you agree, I will supervise her case myself."    

Nicoletta was housed in a horse barn, far from the main hospital.  She was

given a coarse burlap sack to wear, with slits cut for her neck and arms.  It

irritated her nipples.  They riveted an iron collar around her neck, and

at night she would be chained in a stall, to sleep on dirty straw with,

sometimes, a horse blanket for warmth.  At first she spewed curses and

threats at the attendants.  They told her to be quiet, and when she wasn't,

she was fitted with a bit and bridle, which was removed when she was

allowed to eat, mostly dog food, which is, after all, scientifically

formulated to be a nutritious  balanced diet.  By day, she had work to do,

working in the fields or carrying rocks or doing some other labor which

exercised her body but not her mind.  If she was alone, the bridle and bit

would be removed.  She had learned to say nothing unless asked  a question.

Once a week, there was a "therapy"session.  She thought of it as Sunday,

but she had lost track of time.  She would stand there naked.  "Rimless Glasses"

would examine her, perhaps give her pills or injections.  Then she would be

blindfolded and take somewhere for "socialist labor."   They would band her

over a table, and perhaps twenty or more men would take her from behind,

either hole. Similarly, invisible  men would put their penises

against her lips, and she would have to suck them off, swallowing their semen.

This, too, was a joyless task. She wasn't a virgin, of course.  In her younger

days, she had yielded to many a young Communist in the name of party

solidarity.  But she had never much enjoyed fucking, and even an extended

session with twenty or more men did not bring her to orgasm.  One of the

"therapists", noting her complaints about irritated nipples, stuck needles

in her breasts and injected stuff.  Her breasts became fuller, more

upright and attractive, but they also became numb.  Men might pinch her

nipples or squeeze her breasts, but it didn't hurt.  From time to time, the unseen

therapist would examine her vagina, but still sex was a bore.  Then they did

something to her clitoris.  Suddenly, the rapes became meaningful, and she

looked forward the each new man, hoping he would be the one to bring her

to an orgasm, that new and exciting experience she had only read about before.

Best of all, alone in her stall, she found she could cross her legs and tense her

thighs and slowly bring herself to orgasm.  However, the attendants caught

her at it, moaning in her stall, and, each night, they would fit her with a sort

of chastity belt which kept her thighs  apart and protected her clitoris from

fingers.  Nicoletta had to wait for her weekly fuck sessions to enjoy herself.     

However, the fuck sessions had their down side.  After she had been used by

countless men, the attendants would replace the rubber bit and suspend her

from her wrists.  They would apply those sticky electrodes used for electro-

cardiograms, one at each collar bone and more below  her breasts, to monitor

her heat beat.  They stuck one on each temple and several, front and back,

below her waist.  She could feel them attaching wires.  Then came the

shocks, below her waist.  Each would cause massive muscle spasm, and her

knee would fly up, or her back would arch, or she would curl into a ball, or

even, sometimes, her vagina would clench like a fist, expelling residual semen,

but not prompting an orgasm.  The men seemed amused, laughing as she

twitched like a marionette.  Between such exercises, they would let her hang

and wait for her heart rate to subside.  Then they would torture her some more.

The final even was the "electro-convulsive shock therapy", where they would

pass a current between her temples until she lost consciousness.  When she

woke up in her stall her memories would be all scrambled and indistinct.

A life of honest, socialist toil, serving the state, she supposed, and being

housed and  fed by the state, was, after all, what she had advocated for others.

One sunny day,  she strained to haul  a manure spreader across a field.  She

was naked, but for her bridle and the harness around her hips.  She was

tanned and lean and strong and not at all bothered by being naked.  It provided an

opportunity to rub her naked thighs together as she leaned into her harness.

A man emerged from the woods nearby and ran to her side.  She kept to her

work, as she knew she must.  Half trotting beside her, he said, softly,

"Are you Nicoletta, the professoressa?" Without breaking her stride, she

tried to focus on that seemingly distant past.  Yes, she had taught at the

university, hadn't she? She hadn't thought about that much, lately.  "Are you

Nicoletta?" the man insisted.  "We can rescue you and return you to your

family."  She thought about that for a moment or two, tried to imagine what

that would involve.  She stopped leaning  into the harness and stood erect,

her shoulders back, thrusting out her bulging breasts. The man came close,

and he removed the bit from her mouth, so she could speak.  She looked him

in the eye and carefully formed her words: "No, I am not


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