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Dr Tom and Lisa

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Synopsis: The adventures of Americas coolest murderers as they wreak havoc on white bread suburbia.

                                                                Dr Tom and Lisa

                                                                  Episode 1

                                                             by roccodadom44

    "Jesus Lisa everyone needs secrets" Tom moaned at his relentless wife. "Come on big boy open the vault or Ill close my snatch" half teased Lisa. The couple were coming to grips with the fact that they both adored torturing other humans. Dr Tom had helped several people get rid of their spouse for various reasons. Lisa thought he was helping sick people end their lives with dignity. It turned out that Tom was helping friends off their diagreeable better halves, and in nasty wild ways. Lisa had been allowed to attend the offing of dan, the husband of a mutual friend, Terrry. Lisa was stunned at the level of violence they used on Dan and the humiliating ways they fucked with him before killing him. It was the most intense and satisfying day of her life. Nothing exciting happened in upper middle class USA, and Lisa and Tom needed the edge. Offing people was a bit extreme, but they were hooked.

   Lisa was reading in the kitchen when she heard the phone ring, and she assumed her husband answered it. In a few minutes Tom entered the kitchen with a look of excitement.  When Tom told his wife that Sal, the undertaker, was coming for dinner, she was thrilled on two levels. It meant that there was a spouse that wanted their services and this set Lisa on fire. The other was because, even though Tom had a solid eight inch fuck stick, She knew that Sal was carrying a foot of fat cock and he could fuck forever. "Is something up?" Lisa asked the Doctor, while running her hand gently on his hardening clothed cock. "Oh hell" cried Tom, "I wanted to surprise you but this is to fucking hot" finished an excited Tom. "Sals been fucking a neighborhood wife and she has made a decsion to end her marriage and her hubbys life." Lisa was all questions and shouts of joy, but Tom got the sketchy details out. It seemed that Carol, who lived several streets away was dating Sal and they decided Bob, Carols hubby, had to go. "Sal will fill us in when he gets here" Tom told Lisa. "I Hope he fills me in, too" played Lisa and her amused hubby fired back "Your the biggest slut in town and I love Ya." Lisa knew she was lucky that Tom put up with her sluttiness, but she knew he got his jollies with this other thing, and she was willling to trade fucking for some quality torture time. "I really am obsessed about this thing, you know" Lisa started uneasily. Tom broke in with "Lisa let it go, we both need this to be happy. Dont question it, live it. But you also gotta fuck, so take care of Sal when he gets here and give me a  nasty slut show" Lisa was sold and the happy couple had drinks and waited for Sal to arrive.

     As Sal drove to Tom and Lisas he was pondering the turns his life had taken recently. He was crazy about Carol, who he met at Dans rememberance service. He went through her features; 5'6" 110  34D blonde and ready to fuck always. He only started banging her as a time filler, but soon realised she was funny and interesting. He didnt push the deal with her hubby, but did show her how it could be done. He laughed at the thought of Carols reaction to finding out she could lose her asshole hubby and get away with it. She wanted to make sure Bob suffered and Sal knew there was gonna be a party. They had already done the legal work, put the house in Carols name, made sure insurance was right, and set up a history of heart trouble with Bob. Sal had Dr Tom fake backdated office visits and used results from seriously ill men instead of Carols hubbys healthy results. It was so fucking easy, Sal thought, and completely satisfying. He went through the six people he had helped kill this way and they were all great times. Maybe not so great for the victims, but a lot of fun for the tormentors, and that was what counted.

   When Sal arrived at Toms and Lisas he felt a rush of excitement. He just enjoyed their company and always had fun with them. He knew Tom liked to watch him fuck Lisa and he loved doing the horny slut. Sal rang the bell and Tom answered with a waiting smile "This is going to be great, Lisas climbing the walls." "Can a guy get a drink first, for christ sake" kidded Sal. Tom was all questions as the guys entered the kitchen and found Lisa cooking steaks. Lisa and Sal had a major tongue wrestling bout, in which He got Her tits out and mauled them, and then the three were all gabbing at once. Tom loved the way the three of them got along so easily. Here was a tough Italian mob guy mingling with a high society doctor and his socialite, stunning wife. He realised that the bond of killers was forever and was glad they were all cool. Mentally, he quickly pictured several people that were involved that he didnt like or more important, trust. He filed it away and got back to the details of Carols decision.

    Sal told the all ears couple that he and Carol had kept everything secret from Bob and he had no idea there was trouble with his marriage. "How can he be that dense?" asked Tom and Sal said "Its like this, hes got a tiny pecker and he knows he cant satisfy a hot woman like Carol. So he becomes incredibly good at his job, lawyering, and tries to keep his wife by making lots of money. He probally knows Carols getting some but he only wants to keep her happy." "Wow what a sad fuck" sighed Lisa. " Well this is going to be a great event guys" continued Sal, "we are gonna set it up as a wedding anniversy party for Bob and Carol. But its really gone be a snuff the hubby party." " We have to make it into a whole ceremony" panted Lisa and the Doc added "the possibilities for humiliating the dolt are staggering." When the large Italian told them it had to be in two weeks, The lusty couple were on edge at the potential mayhem to come. As Tom and Lisa knew Bob, social casual, they already had a dislike for him, and Lisa remarked "it seems like everytime Ive talked to him he was whining. " "Bingo" avowed Sal, " Hes one of those nasally annoying wimps."

      Sal then recounted how he was fucking Carol and then sending her home and talking Bob into eating her. he told them that Carol said the creep commented on how wet and gooey she was. He went on how he and Carol set it up so Sal visited them to sell them burial insurance. Then Sal told them that Bob went to put their seven year old son to bed, and Sal actually sank his cock into Carol on the kitchen table. He came in minutes and then She took the cum from her cunt and mixed into the coffee she placed at her husbands seat. So when He returned to the kitchen, He sat there and drank Sals sperm while Carol asked him if he liked his coffee, and Sal sold him burial insurancre that Bob would need real quick. That had the three cackling at the iromy of it all.

       Lisa demanded that someone fuck her and Sal gave her a man fuck that had her screaming in Italian, that she didnt speak it. Tom got his jollies as he marveled at how his tiny wife could absorb that monster cock. Not only does she take it, he thought, but she wants more and Im gonna get her the biggest cocks in the world. The three had a merry litttle fuck fest in which each had at least one satisfying cum.  With quick goodbyes they agreed to use Tom and Lisas house because they had a secluded back yard with an in ground pool. As Tom and Lisa headed up to bed they couldnt help appreciating their good fortune. They knew they needed this now, and victims were hard to come by, so they didnt take for granted such an awesome chance to off a loser, and that thye losthed the creepy lawyer, made it all so much more real.   

  It seemed like time was dragging for Tom and Lisa as they waited for the party at their house. Even having their friends, John and Becky, over for a fuck session didnt do it for the deviant couple. They decided to not tell their friends about the snuff party, even though they had attended other times. Neither Tom or Lisa discussed this, but both knew that they had their reasons. Lisa didnt trust John because he had no self control when he drank and she worried that he would snitch. Tom had a mild dislike of both John and Becky as he just didnt trust jews and they were of that persuasion. He did like to fuck Becky and thought, as he plunged his eight inches up her dirty asshole, she took anal better than most women. Lisa could enjoy Johns large prick, even while wondering what it would be like to torture John till he died. She was startled at how she could get off on fantasying about a guys torture death that she didnt even really dislike. When she told Tom this later, he laughed and said, "the whole time I was fucking Becky I was thinking how cool it would be to go after those funbags of hers with a bamboo cane. "I can see us torturing the both of them to death" stated Lisa matter of factly. Tom just smiled at the possibilities. "Listen hon, I dont think either of us can resist this calling. So lets try to be careful and also lets revel in the freedom that this brings." Lisa was in total agreement and she had already moved beyond the messy moral implications of admitting that this was about getting your jollies, while ending someones life. Tom, however still believed that some people had this shit comming and he convinced himself that Bob, a guy he knew, barely, deserved to be destroyed for not satisfying his wife.

     When the Saturday arrived for the party, Peter and Terry, friend of the Doc and Lisa, arrived early . The girls were going to do up the backyard like a real anniversy party while Tom was taking Peter golfing for the day. Lisa got on fabulously with Terry, who was John and Beckys neighbor. Tom and Lisa had helped off Terrys husband, Dan, so Peter could marry Terry. The girls went all out decorating with silver bells, crepe paper and balloons everywhere. "Its so fucking cool that he has know idea" laughed Lisa and Terry smiled "God, this is gonna be such a rush when we all turn on him." The girls finished the decorating and made sure the outdoor bar was stocked and there was plenty of finger food for the guests. "Who else is comming" asked Terry and Lisa told her " Me and Tom, you and Peter and Sal and Carol. And of course the hubby but he dont count. And last but not least, Sal invited his friend named Rocco, and get this, he says Roccos carrying fourteen inches of italian sauage." "Wow" sighed Terry, Ill have to try that sauage tonight. You know I need this bloodletting to make me sane." finished Terry. "Thats why we are soul sisters" Lisa remarked. "Me and Tom know that this isnt just a lark, we are consumed by the desires to brutalize others." The girls ended up in a sweaty 69 on the living room floor and Lisa knew she was gonna eat Terry more often in the future. Lisa thought Terry had a beautiful pussy and loved her forest of red pubes above Terrys perfectly shaped bald cunt lips, her clit was hard and shaped like a small ccok, and Lisa felt calm sucking it in her greedy mouth.

    When she lightly asked Terry if Peter was as committed to this thing, she was glad when Terry told her that Peter lived to hurt others and he was fired up about tonight. Terry told Lisa that the other night after they had drinks at a bar, they were in the parking lot and a drunk guy got fresh with Terry. Peter punched the guy out, stripped him so the crowd saw his tiny pecker, and then Peter pissed on the loser. Terry finished with her admitting that the fucking afterward was intense.  But then Terry admitted that Peter was also extremely jealous and she had made the decsion to fuck who she wanted when she wanted, and she wasnt going back to one cock. Lisa was all sympathies, but she also knew if she worked hard enough she could sour Terry on Peter. She giggled at thinking that she only wanted to  fuck up their marriage so she could torture someone. The girls spent the rest of the afternoon preparing themselves for tonight. They made sure to dress slutty, but appropiate, so as not to clue Bob in on the impending beatdown.

  Tom was amazed that Peter could golf so good and Peter was amazed that Tom knew so many people. It seemed all match there were people saying hi to the Doc, and he explained "these are all potential patients or victims." Tom enjoyed Peters company and they had a great day and afterwards shared a drink in the club. Tom had already had Peter investigated and he knew he was a clever bastard, who would take all he could get from people. Tom would never do business with Peter but he enjoyed the violence he could unleash on a victim. More importantly Tom knew Peter craved blood just like Lisa and he did. "I keep thinking whats this guys expressions gonna be when he figures out that his wife hates him and wants him dead" laughed Peter. "This could be historic" added Tom,"Sal has a personal interest in this and he is a savage motherfucker. He told me he wants the bastard to suffer lots of indignities before the end." "Imagine showing up at your own anniversary party with your wife and suddenly it evolves into your worst nightmare" wondered Peter and both guys were wearing the widest of grins as they headed for home and a potentialy crazy night. Peter with visions of violence and Tom more focused on the humiliation angle. He loved to see someone reduced to a shell through hardcore degradation. He knew pain and torture had there place, but he wanted to destroy the victims head as well.

  While Peter, Terry, and Lisa enjoyed drinks in the house, Tom got the firepit going and was thiking that he could cum at least three times tonight. Not bad he considered for his age, and he had to thank the losers for giving him this level of release. When he returned to the house, the feeling of anticipation was obvious to Tom. He loved that he could read the lust in his wifes, eyes as she talked to Peter and Terry. Lisa caught her husbands look and gave him a sexy tongue wave as if to say Oh yeah Im ready to get crazy. The doorbell rang while Tom was still standing, so he opened the door to find Sal and his friend Rocco waiting, not so patiently. After introductions everyone was talking and laughing and Lisa was into that they were all so relaxed about their night ahead. She was casting eyes at Rocco, who she thought was more man that any guy she had ever seen before. He positively dripped manliness Lisa thought, and she was fixtated on getting his superior cock far up her itching cunt. She was mild annoyed that Terry was trying to hog Rocco for herself , but laughed at seeing Peter looking at Terry with angry eyes, and Lisa knew this could be worth stroking just for her amusement.

   Tom was meanwhile thinking that If Rocco and Sal double teamed Lisa, she would be in pig heaven and this made him happy. When the phone rang and Lisa answered it, everyone was intently trying to follow the conversation. They peppered Lisa with questions after she hung up and She let them in on the call. Carol said they were on the way and Bob was all excited because she had kept telling him all day that she was gonna fuck him like never before, tonight. The house erupted with elation and catcalls directed at the unsuspecting dolt. "Jesus, I feel like letting loose on this fucker" proclaimed Sal and Lisa was sure Bobbyboy was in for one hell of an anniversary party. "Remember people, lets pace ourselves, so the loser gets the full abuse he deserves" the ever formal Tom annouced, and Lisa laughed at his need to keep things somewhat structured, though she wasnt sure this kind of savagery was controllable at all. She also noticed that Terry was right beside Rocco, hanging on his every word, and Peter was obviously a little miffed at it all. "Oh fuck, if Peter fucks with that big Italian bastard he will end up dead" thought Lisa, not at all disappointedly. Tom had noticed the tension between Peter and Terry and he knew he would back Terry over the lawyer. But he also knew this evening demanded their undivided attention focused on the unsuspecting hubby, so as to make his big day special.

  Whenever Tom annouced "they are here", everyone was scurrying to look natural and prepare to fool Bob for the first hour or so of the party. Lisa was trying to get her emotions under control, as her cunt was soaking in readiness for the release she would soon get at the victims exspence. As the anniversary couple entered the house, everything seemed normal for a party and Carol loved the way the girls had decorated. She noticed the guys all congratulating Bob and really building him up for having such a hot wife, and she couldnt help laughing at the about to be punked loser. He was eating it up and she realised he didnt pick up the eyerolling and finger pointing going on behind his back. Lisa saddled up to Carol saying "He totally deserves the shit that is going to happen tonight, and so dont you regret any of it." She then gave Carol a deep tongue kiss and added "welcome to our little world." Carol was so excited at this that she knew with a little rub of her clit she would explode with orgasmic pleasure.

     Sal was secretly directing the party and after an hour of normal conversation he called everyone to attention. "Id like to annouce some great news to our close friends tonight." Everyone was focused on Bobs face, and he seemed happy as can be so far. Things changed quickly when Sal called Carol to his side and wrapped his arm around her so they were close together, and stated firmly "Me and Carol want to annouce we are madly in love with each other and have been fucking for months." The expression on Her hubbys face was classic, and everyone would always remember the look of confusion and then crushing disappointment etched there. Sal stared at Bobs crestfallen mug and went on "This is not an anniversary party as much as it is a funeral party, and whos funeral do you thing that might be?" As everyone stared intently at Bob, he started blustering 'Come on Carol lets go. These people are not funny at all." Carol stared at her confused hubby , and while rubbing Sals cock through his pants, barked at Bob" fuck you, you worthless piece of shit. I hate you and your pahetic little cock and whiny voice. You will get what you deserve and you deserve to die. We have already set up everything legally and now with the help of my friends, we are gonna crush you, and I am going to enjoy my life with Sal, my lover." She finished by telling the verge of tears coward how many loads of Sals sperm she had fed him in the past months. Everyone was so excited at her obvious hatred for her hubby and as Lisa looked around she noticed that the guys were all visably excited in the crotch region, except the now clearly freaking out Bobby.

     In an act of courage, but incredible stupidity, Bob rushed at Carol while screaming "You no good whore, Ill fix you." he didnt make it past Rocco, whos massive hand reached out and picked the wimpy hubby up by his neck as if he were a small child. Tom chuckled thinking that the hysterical Bob looked like a cartoon character with his feet still moving while Rocco held him two feet off the ground. When the mighty Italian roughly deposited the babbling hubby on the floor, Sal was on him in seconds. He dragged Bob up to his feet roughly, and held his throat with his left hand and with his right went bitch slap crazy on his face while roaring, "You worthless piece of shit I will destroy you for talking to my lover like that." Lisa had to finger her cunt she was so hot at Sals brutality. Spit and snot and blood were flying off the stunned losers already swelling face. When a tooth flew fom Bobs mouth, Lisa got dizzy with raw lust. Tom could see that Carol was excited at her husbands downfall, and he knew this would be a hot session for sure. He took the time to marvel at how sexy she was and he looked forward to tapping that. He also wondered why these superior woman ended up with dolts like Bob. When Sal made the beaten, sobbing clown get on his knees and beg Carol for forgiveness Lisa  thought that was so romantic.Next Sal made Bob get up and he demanded his wedding ring. As expected the whiner started babbling about how Sal would have to rip it off his finger and then the fucker called Sal a fucking meatball. The silence was indeed deafening, as everyone waited for Sal to go off.

   Sal contained his anger at the slur hurled by the racist and instead asked in a monotone voice if Bob would give him the ring and when Bob spit at Sal, things took a turn. The clearly enraged gangster said excuse me folks and him and Rocco went out to Sals caddy. The girls used this time to tease and taunt the sobbing husband about the shit that was coming his way. Bob tried to attack Carol again, but this time Tom landed a solid fist to his head and he went down like a stone. Lisa ws so proud of her Tom and gave him a wet deep tongue probe, ending with  "I love you baby." Wimpy Bob was trying to get up when Sal and Rocco returned. The Italian duo quickly had him up and they had everyone help strip the struggling stooge. Lisa thought it comical at his babbling about leaving him alone when he had already been told this was his last night alive. They were brutal in their stripping of him, making sure they all got shots in on his balls. All seven tormentors had a hand in his rough declothing, and at one time he had fourteen hands punching, pinching, pulling at him. Terry really went after his tiny cock, twisting it roughly while ridiculing Bob for his lack of manhood. "Please Carol make them stop" cried the now clearly petrified dolt, "I dont deserve this, have mercy on me." To everyones joy Carol screamed at her hubby "No mercy, you miserble fuck. Take your medicine and remember Im just a whore", and she drove her foot into his bared vulnerable balls. He collapsed, and everyone stood around him laughing and discussing how best to make the scumbag suffer.

  As the beaten hubby started to try to get up, Rocco forceably helped him and then picked up the whiner and carried him like a child into the back yard, where he tossed him on the groung like a bag of trash. Everyone came out to see the action and even these seasoned sadists were impressed with the way Sal and Rocco handled him. "Im getting that ring off your finger asshole, hard way or easy" Sal sneered and when Bob tried to run Carol actually attacked him with fists flying. Carol got her hubby down and while everyone cheered her on, she jackhammered her fists into her sobbing pleading significant others ugly puss. When he cowed before his wife, Lisa knew it was over, and settled down to watch these nasty big cocked Italians get busy on Bobby boy.

      They dragged him over to the picnic table and with no fanfare they nailed his left hand to the tabletop with a hammer and eight inch spike.. He was screaming and everyone else was cheering "Get the ring, get the ring" like it was a party game. Sal had Carol use a pair of sheet metal shears to remove her husbands ring, finger and all. Carol made sure to degrade hubby verbally and teased him with a few false starts before violently shearing her weepy hubbys ring finger off at the knucle. The coward passed out while everyone else had to see the finger up close. Peter stuck it up his nose to everyones laughter and Sal took the ring and held on to it. Tom meanwhile took a red hot three inch wide branch from the fire pit and cauterized the stump, which also awakened the stunned Bob. Lisa was overjoyed by his look of fear, and then acceptance that this nightmare was very real. "I can feel the life flowing out of him" she thought with a contented smile, as she continued to softly stroke her throbbing clit. Tom wondered idly what Bobs flesh would taste like, and then sobered up at the thought and figured the smell of the losers cooked stump, enticed him.

     Next Sal made the clown beg for his ring and everyone was impressed by Bobs ability to whine and beg. Tom figured Sal would tease Bob and then maybe feed him the ring, but when ever Sal dropped his pants and took a huge crap on the groung he knew this was gonna get hot. Lisa loved how cool this godlike Sal was, squatting there pissing and shitting in front of everyone. His cock was so fucking nice and Lisa quickly went through the power fucking he gave her a couple of weeks ago. Using his shoe Sal buried the ring in his man shit and then ordered the sobber to clean his shit covered shoe. Bob had to be difficult and refused this small request, so Rocco backhanded him hard screaming " lick his shoe clean or I will rip all your teeth out asshole." Lisa was so excited at Rocccos manliness that she wanted to jump him right there. She was so hot at the way Carols hubby physically shrank when Rocco scolded him.

     As they all watched the fag eat shit off his wifes lovers shoe, everyone knew that Bobs clock was running down. When Sal ordered the semideranged hubby to eat his pile of shit and swallow his useless ring Bob hesitated. Lisa felt rather than saw Carol fly by and grab her husband by his hair and with great violence she started to grind his face into the shit pile while screaming " eat my lovers shit you fucking freak. Eat your wedding band cause it means fucking nothing to me." Tom was amazed at the anger from Carol as he watched spittle fly from her mouth with every angry word she attacked her clearly deserving hubby. Lisa loved the sadness that had entered the fuckers dulled eyes. He figured it out, its real and nonrefundable, laughed Lisa. Though the difficult Bob puked up the shit and ring several times, they finally stayed in his stomach to everyones satisfaction. They all made fun off the shitfaced loser cowering on the lawn before them, body wracked by sobs.

   Tom was overjoyed when next Carol removed her engagement ring. which was a two carat diamond, and her wedding band. She took the hammer from Sal and smashed the ring over and over again with real anger till they were mangled saying "This signifies the end of my marriage to this shiteating coward before us." Sal fed these to Bob, who gave a good faith effort in making all gone. To everyones surprise Sal pulled out a ring box and got on one knee and proposed to Carol with an incredible romantic spate of prose that had the girls weeping and the guys in envy at his smooth  ways. When Carol accepted, Sal slid the huge five carat, one of a kind diamond on her willing finger. Lisa was impressed by these Italian guys. Yeah, she thought, they are incredibly violent and all criminals and they grab their crotches alot, but they know how to woo the ladies and she knew they were first class fuckers. She had the humorous notion that maybe they grabbed themsleves like blacks cause they were hung like blacks.

     Sal next gently pushed Carol to her knees, and taking the hint she took out his monster and went suck crazy on it. She was obviously making love to Sals foot long and everyone was real impressed with her ability to make him shout words of amore. Lisa was fixtated on Bobs weepy bruised face as Sal began to face fuck his woman, Bobs wife. He was clearly torn between sadness and sexual excitement at watching his wife swallow twelve fat inches of cock. Lisa knew that Sal was being rough to Carol daring her unrestrained husband to stop it, and she also knew that faggy had enough. When Terry pointed out loudly that he was hard, everyone went taunt crazy. Carol stopped sucking to sneer "you disgusting pervert, look at your little pecker all excited at your wife sucking real manmeat." She then went into overdrive as if willing Sals semen into her very hot mouth. When he came, with much vocals, Carol kept him in her mouth till he finished and then she got in hubbys face and spit her lovers man juice in the fags face. When her hubby cried but took it, Carol just smirked "you make me sick. I hate you and want you dead." She finished her attack with a well aimed kick to his balls and while she went to her lover kissing him deeply, hubby writhed on the lawn.

    "Jesus, I want a piece of him" thought Lisa and she hoped the guys would save some of him for her. Of course she was outrageously hot watching Sal and Rocco do their thing on wimpy. She mused that Tom and Peter were kind of in awe of the Italians and Tom had confided to her before that Sal was the kind of guy who entered a room and the guys are intimidated and the ladies are wet. She was thinking that Rocco was that squared. She came back to reality when Tom annouced that they should all take a break for drinks and food in the house.  They debated what to do with the forlorn hubby and Peter came up with the winner. The guys tied the struggling wimps feet together and then tied his feet to the end of the diving board and lowered him into the pool so he was on his back in the water looking up at the sky, and as long as he kept threading water and keeping his face up he would not drown. "What if he kills himself?" asked Terry and Tom laughed "lawyers never kill themselves." Everyone was chuckling as they entered the house for drinks, except Bob fighting for his life in the pool. 

     As Lisa prepared appetizers in the kitchen she watched the diverse people in her house converse and she was thrilled that Rocco was talking to Terry again. "I know Im a trouble maker" Lisa mused to herself, but she would like to see Rocco squash Peter, for no particular reason. She also noticed that Sal and Carol were obviously in love and she thought that was sweet. As she watched them she noticed how Sal was so protective of his woman, and Lisa liked that old fashion macho. When she looked Toms way he was smiling at her while listening to Peter talk. She guessed his smile said rescue me, so Lisa went and joined the conversation. Tom was sure he didnt want to hear anymore lawyer tales as told by Peter, so he was appreciative of Lisas timely appearance. Tom was amused at how Peter was allright in small doses, but after awhile the lawyer came out and that bored Tom. He would prefer to shoot the shit with Sal or Rocco , whos stories were much more interesting than a lawyers. He was also keeping track of Rocco and Terry, after Lisa clued him in. Being the responsible one his first thought was, this could cause problems, where as his sexy wifes first reaction was this could be a bloody party. He loved his wife even more for that and knew it kept his life interesting and exciting. He agreed with Lisa, and if it came down to it he would side with the Italians, as Lisa put it. He also knew they would have to talk with Terry about her marriage decisions, as they had just helped off her first husband last year. He chuckled at the rememberance of offing Dan, Terrys wimpy hubby.

  When everybody had a couple of drinks and some scallops wrapped in bacon, the merry group sauntered out to the pool to get back at Bob. They noticed that he was still fighting for survival and this pleased everyone, like a hunter would be happier to shoot a prime buck instead of a weak cow. The guys got him out of the pool and he was half drowned and clearly exhausted. Lisa noticed how shriveled his weiner was from the pool and she couldnt stop laughing. The others wanted to know what was up and still cackling she pointed and when everyone realised how tiny his dick and balls had gotten, it was laugh city. Tom reveled in the sight of seven dressed adults taunting a snivelling shrimp dick, as he sobbed naked and beaten, ring finger missing, trying  to cover his lack of endowment.  Lisa was amazed as she got closer to how small it actually was. She understood shrinkage and Toms got down to three or four inches when he was in the pool, but this was fucking ridiculess, she thought. It had to be under half an inch and his balls were completely hidden inside his groin. How sad Lisa mused and she was again sure this bastard deserved the fate that awaited him. She decided she had to feel the tiniest cock she had ever seen, but when she got near his tiny member the retard slapped her hand away, hard. The slap was loud and Lisa screamed, in surprise more than hurt, and everyone wanted at him at once.

   Tom said he had the right to avenge the love of his life. Lisa loved the big guy, and knew when he talked like this he got mean. Tom discreetly talked to Rocco, who went out to the caddy and returned quickly. Meantime Tom, Peter and Sal manhandled the begging woman abuser onto his feet and over to the wooden picnic table. Carol and Terry were comforting Lisa from the assault by  the pervert as Carol put it. Lisa was on fire inside which rage at the ugly fucker for striking her. How dare he touch me fumed Lisa, and she knew if given the chance, she would butcher the fucker. Sometimes dreams come true. The girls were rivetted as the guys roughly laid Bobs right arm across the picnic table. Lisa almost came when her man, Tom, drove a spike through the shrieking husbands bicep securing the arm to the tabletop. Next Sal drove a spike into the elbow and the clowns little wee wee was making water, to everyones amusement. When Rocco drove the next spike through the forearm, Bob shitted a turd about a foot long. Peter had the hammer and he drove the final spike through the incoherent, babbling idiots wrist and that arm was not going anywhere. Lisa was completely weak kneed from sexual ardor, and when her smiling husband beckoned her over she was trembling with real lust.

      "Lisa" began Tom "I promise to never let some immoral piece of trash like this ever strike you. If I cannot stop his outrageous assault on you I will bloody fucking avenge it." Lisa was swooning with love for Tom that she hadnt felt since they were teenagers. But when Tom picked up the hammer and started smashing Bobs fingers in an awesome display of savagery, while screaming that no one fucks with my woman, Lisa accepted that their love had gone to a new level of committment, and she cried real tears of joy. Tom was perceptive enough to know they were tears of joy in her eyes, and he appreciated, as she did, the love that they truly shared for each other. As he stared into Lisa beautiful eyes he passed  the axe that Rocco had retrieved from the caddy, and he loved that he could see the savage joy beaming back at him in recognition of what she was gonna be allowed to do.

      Lisa held the axe like it was the most beautiful object in the world. The varnished smooth handle, the hard cold precise steel head, and most enthralling the razor sharp blade. She didnt know why, but suspected because she really was a slut, she first used the  handle to massage her wet cunt, to everyones delight. Tom was so proud of Lisa and her ability to run with this shit. He also noticed Bob was locked in on Lisas cunt as she rubbed the handle back and forth. When he pointed this out, Lisa took the handle and rammed it in to the fuckers face, causing his head to rise. "Dont you ever look at me creep" screamed the hot Lisa, and with everyone cheering her on she axed Bobs hand off at the wrist. As a surgeon Tom was impressed at Lisas precise clean cut. He allowed Terry and Carol to use redhot pokers from the firepit to slowly cauterize stumpy, who was on the edge of delirium. Lisa was in seventh heaven at the feeling of power she had. To chop off a guys hand was the best she decided, or at least until something better came along, she smiled wantonly.

      Carol really made a big deal of asking the guys to rape her hubbys virgin ass telling everyone how many people he had raped financially in his career. To make it interesting they nailed Bobs left arm to the table and tied his legs at each end of the table legs. He was immobile, bent over the table, with ass screaming soneone fuck me. The guys didnt want to at first, but with promises of wild sex later from the girls, soon the assfuck party was in full swing. The guys went small to large: Tom, Peter, Sal, and finally the freak, Rocco. And while the ass assault was underway the girls sat on the other side of the table inches from Bobs face, taunting, spitting and slapping his ugly puss. "Hows it feel faggot" taunted Carol and Lisa kept saying wait till Rocco gets you asshole. Terry was using the severed ring finger to taunt the brutalized pig by waving it in his face and pretending to suck it. The girls knew when Rocco drove his cock home. It seemed like the air all rushed out of the loser and his eyes really did bulge out of their sockets. Along with his tongue hanging out of his ugly mouth, Lisa thought he looked insane and wondered if they had broken his mind. She realised she didnt care at this point, she needed the finality of hisdeath to get her to that ultimate orgasm.

      When the guys finished their rape everyone was amazed at the fact that his ass was remaining three inches wide open. "Bad news good news" Tom solemnly told the raped fag,"your going  to need diapers, but dont worry you will be dead before your next dump." Everyone howled at the truth and they got down to a group punch out of the stunned victim. The guys ripped his ruined arms free and when he was up they all started punching the defenseless idiot. Tom was stoked at the level of hate for this weasle.As he watched Peter and Rocco see who could drive the traumatized hubbys head farther to the side with their punches he was thinking how are we gonna top this and he knew something would turn up. Carol was fondling Peters hardening cock and Terry had two hands working Roccos godcock. "There she is again" smiled Lisa as she watched Terry falling under the huge Italians spell. She noticed Peter was so into punching Bob and feeling Carols hand stroke his member that he didnt see the look of devotion that was in Terrys eyes as she gazed at Rocco. Lisa thought Roccos massive fuck stick looked happy to be in Terrys hands and she again thought of Peter as a victim and smiled.

     Sal had gotten the cut off right hand of Bob and he demanded that he stick it up his own ass. Lisa loved it and needed to see this loser humiliate himself so wonderfully. Tom guessed the asshole would go the hard route, and sure enough he decide to rebel. He darted at Sal and it was a little onesided to say the least. Bob had two destroyed arms. a missing hand, gaping shithole, and he couldnt fight anyways. As Tom was near the action he swore he could he feel the impact of Sals meaty fist smashing Bobs nose to mush. The blood and snot flew and Lisa got blood on her face and neck. Without a  thought she wiped the blood with her fingers and licked the blood off them, savoring it like fine wine. When she looked up Tom was staring at her with absolute lust in his eyes. Lisa collected more blood and when she got it in her mouth, she went to Tom and frenched him, and in a tender moment of love they swapped their spit and Bobs blood. Meanwhile Sal tried to get the hubby up but he was still out. "Fuckers not getting off that easy" screamed Sal and Lisa had to laugh looking at the freak on the ground. He was missing a hand, a finger, his nose was broken, his eyes were swollen shut and blackened, his asshole was still obscenely wide open. And yet Lisa knew Bob was getting more pain before he got off the train.

   They finally got the slacker up from his nap and Sal made him beg to be allowed to fist his own ass. Lisa loved the look of contempt on Carols face as Bob went into a barely understandable whiney beg. Sal said "because you have been such a good sport have at it little fella." Tom was delighted to see the coward show some life as he rammed his amputated right hand in and out of his ruined shithole with his wounded left hand. When Lisa saw that Bob was hard and dripping precum she started to fondle his little chubby. "EWW" cried Terry how can you touch that thing. Lisa just smiled and waited for Bob to get close to his cum. She was kneeling beside the, on his back fistfucker, and when he started to cum, Lisa violently drove the claw hammer into his sack, claws first. To everyones merryment the loser shot two loads of cum, the first one was white and went a foot in the air. The second one was bloody red and flew a good three feet into the air. Lisa marveled at the two bleeding claw marks in the ruined sack, and she was dripping cunt juice. "I wish I had thought of that" laughed Terry, and then she honestly added "I love you Lisa," and Lisa was flattered. Tom was again so proud of his woman and he couldnt wait to see what she came up with next. He did think it time to give the wimp a breather, and everyone listened because he was a doctor afterall.

      The seven sadists were having drinks in the yard while Bobby took his last nap. "What a nasty piece of shit' snapped Peter and Carol took this time to give everyone heartfelt thanks for freeing her from the sentence she was under. There were more than a few tears and the hugs and kisses were sincere and chaste.Tom love that this was more honest and natural than any other social gatherings he went to. Why shouldnt the strong torment the weak he thought, its only natural. Lisa was still riding waves of sexual bliss that were swamping her body from head to foot. Cutting off the losers hand and ramming the claws into his balls had made Lisa a burning cauldron of pure lust. She knew soon she was gonna need cock, lots of cock to satisfy her. She also discreetly noticed that even though Terry was sitting on Peters lap, her attention was locked on Rocco. Lisa laughed and envied that puppy dog look plastered on Terrys beautiful face. Tom read the look of lust in Lisas eyes and hoped the guys could satisfy her. He recalled recently when he and Lisa attended a swingers party and the guys were losers and Lisa had that look of sluttiness in her eyes. He hads to take her to a sleaze bar with a back room and there she fucked seventeen nasty lowlifes. Ir was truly a highlight of Toms life. But for now he thought Lisa would be fine because after Bob suddenly, unexpectedly died, Lisa would have such a massive cum that even she would be sated, at least for tonight.

      Sal noticed the loser stirring and silently got everyone around the sprawled fucker, and as he woke to his nightmare, everyone started to piss on the hubbby. Bob sat up, figured out it was all real and lay down and took their group golden shower like the coward he was. Carol used this time to further taunt her broken hubby, and Lisa was proud of her righteous anger and superb catalogue of insults. "Never once did you make me cum you loser. I have suffered because you are not a man. Just think asshole, Sal will be giving me multiple oergasms in my bed tonight, and you will be dead." To everyones amusement Bob was again stroking his midget wood. When pisssboy was helped to his feet, Sal stood before him and everyone knew this was the end for faggy boy. Lisa loved the contrast between the beaten ugly Bob, and the statuesque and handsome Sal. As Sal was still naked from assbanging the creep, Lisa could take in all the beauty of his superior weapon. Sal demanded that Bob get on his knees and beg forgiveness for making Carol so unhappy, and then to go around and beg everyone to decide his fate. Lisa was overjoyed in the way Bob sincerely begged his wife, and even more so at the violent way Carol told him to fuck off and die. She had to be restrained by Sal and Rocco as she repeatedly jabbed one of the bloody eight inch spikes into her hubbys face. Tom loved the way everyone got a chance to tell Bob how much they loathed him and get in their last physical shots on him, and he was comvinced that the clown believed he deserved this shit before he finished his rounds.

     The trial was quick and Bob was convicted in record time. Lisa loved that no one had any reservations about offing the turd. It must be a sad existence to know everyone really hates you thought the ever popular Lisa. They had great fun debating how to off the fucker while he lay at their feet stroking his tiny soldier like the freal he was. Sal asked Tom if Bob would make it through having his balls completely crushed and Tom thought he would go into shock, but he would just stick him with adrenelin. But the Doc cautioned the others that his heart would burst soon, and they should get on with it, besides he added he needed to get laid. Everyone was excited to see what Sal had in mind when he went to his caddy again.  When he returned he had Roccco help him and in minutes they had Bobby boy ready for the final act. They sat him in a wooden chair and had driven small nails all through his bleeding swollen sack, nailing his ball bag securely fanned out, to the heavy wood chair

      Next Sal commanded the soon to be dead fucker to start stroking his little wee wee and Bob did with gusto, as he was quite mad, and sure enough his three inches were hard and ready for their final cum. Tom was laughing loudly while looking down on this shithead, who was yanking his cockette to beat the band, left hand of course. Everyone else was gathered around the loser and they were all giddy. Through much spitting, teasing and taunting, and a few well placed kicks, they kept Bobby hard and focused. Lisa could feel the sexual tension in the air and loved the power that eminated from all her friends. Just being this close to the seminaked Rocco and Sal was playing havoc with her cunt, Lisa needed cock soon. She was getting great looks at Roccos swinging cock and balls. "Its got to be ten inches soft and his balls are fucking huge" smiled Lisa to herself.

   Sal told the others how he would end this thing, as he put it. Sal and Carol knelt by the still stroking bob and each had five pound ball pein hammers. Lisa figured out Bobbys bbs were in for a proper smashing and she knew this was good. She really believed scum like him deserved to have his balls destroyed before being terminated. As Terry straddled Bobs face she lowered her beautifl cunt so it was mere inches from the savaged face. As she stared down at him, Terry taunted him with calls to take a look at the last cunt he would ever see. Tom saw Bob trying to get his tongue at Terrys cunt and he was apalled at how weak the fucker really was. "Great lawyer, scummy citizen" Tom mumbled to himself as he contiued to watch Bob wantonly humiliate himself. " Hes getting ready" pointed out Lisa to the others and Sal and Carol had the hammers ready. When they saw the bloody sperm start to leave the undersized prick, they swung their hammers repeatedly like they were driving railroad ties. Lisa had another above average cum as she watched the hammers destroy the groin. Not only did his balls explode, but she heard the bones in his pelvic region shattering. The area immediatly turned angry dark blue and was swelling at a wild rate. She was really panting at the shocked bugged out eyed look of the dummy sucking air on the chair. As a doctor, Tom knew the fucker was getting ready to shove off and he again cautioned Sal to focus on the ending quickly.

To Lisas and the others joy, Sal decided that Bob should watch his own funeral party and so they tied him standing up near the pool. There, as Bobby fought for each breath, the seven killers had a full tilt fuck party. Tom was in heaven when he was buried from behind up Terrys hot cunt. Feeling her swinging magnificent breasts was a bonus he thought. As he viewed the others he was happy that his wife, Lisa, was in the middle of a fuck sandwich with Rocco and Sal. He also loved that Peter was ass fucking Carol as she leaned on Bob and Peter was spitting in the insanes hubbys face and Carol was taunting him crazy. Tom had to shake his head when he realised Bob was moving his hips back and forth, and Tom was amazed the pervert was trying to cum, even though his balls were destroyed. Lisa,on the other hand, was truly in another world. She had a lot of sex over the years but she knew this was special, and she intended getting all the cums she could. She had cum when Roccos horsecock first enterd her cunt, but when Sal took her shit hole, she went on a series of orgasms that was historic. Before the Italian stallions were done with her, Lisa figure she had at least six full force orgasms.When they both pulled out, Lisa experienced an emotional void and understood she would do anything for Rocco, just like Terry.

      Tom had a nice cum in Terrys snatch and after they deep kissed he went and  helped Lisa to a lounge chair and held her tenderly, as he loved her enough to want her to enjoy what had to be the ultimate for such a slut. She was babbling nonsense and covered in sweat and Tom was a happy camper because for the next several weeks Lisa would be completely mellow and willing to do any damn thing Tom wished. Lisa was still focused on the two cocks that had brought her so much joy. As she watched their mammoth cocks swinging around as they talked and joked , Lisa wondered if she had to choose between Tom and Rocco what her choice would be. She hoped she would choose Tom because he was so fun to be around and she could always get guys to fuck her, though Rocco was a one in a million thing. She did think waking up with that cock next to her everyday would be most satisfying. She'd even help him scratch his balls she giggled to herself. Tom was still looking at Terry as he had much enjoyed her cunt and was amused that she was using her hand to scoop sperm from her cunt and feed it to the dying fool.

      Everyone watched Terry and then Lisa feed the very willing Bob his last meal. But when Carol got Peters cum from her ass she went into mock overdrive as she brutally stuffed the sperm into her husbands fucked mouth. "Eat it all you faggot and then die, die ,die" ranted Carol and everyone found great satisfaction in her anger. They were all sure Bobby boy brought this on himself. Lisa watched excitedly as Rocco took a short lenght of wire and stepped behind the fucker. When Rocco looped the wire around Bobs neck, Lisa knew she could cum again and she immediatly got Toms cock in her snatch, as she wanted him with her for this. Tom was moved that Lisa wanted this, even though he laughed at how loose her cunt was after Rocco plowed her. They really did make love as Rocco slowly choked the stooge to death. Carol and Sal stood inches from Bobs ugly bruised face, so his last visions would be of his beautiful wife tonguing her lover with incredible passion. Peter was banging Terry like a dynamo, and Lisa thought he was trying to prove he was up to the challenge. Lisa also saw that Terrys eyes never left Roccos face the whole time. When Rocco tightened his grip, Bobs tongue stuck out grotesquely and Sal started to finger Carol to an immense cum. All three girls had over the top cums as the worthless creeps lights went out for ever.

  Lisa was content to just lay under her husband, as the last cum had been awesome. She felt so close to Tom now and she also felt completely free. Tom was empty as he felt like Lisa had drained him deeper than ever before. He loved how close these parties had brought them and hoped they would have lots more chances. Tom  saw other couples their age drifting apart and divorcing, mostly because they were bored. He knew as long as Lisa and him had this thing they would be like teenagers in love. He mused at the people who asked them what was the success to their marriage. If only they knew laughed Tom as he tenderly fondled his wifes perfect tits. Lisa was rubbing Toms arm sweetly and she was giggling inside at the polar opposites. There was a very dead Bob, who was horrible defiled and abused and there was seven healthy sexy gods and goddesses reveling in his demise. She figured life really wasnt fair, and she also was sure she would have it no other way.

Sal and Rocco roughly packed the body in the trunk of the caddy and everyone was having drinks after showering and dressing. Tom made sure to address the security required to keep this thing going. They planned Bobs closed casket funeral for the next tuesday with several last humiliations : they would dress him in womans clothes, put pics of his final party in the casket, and before burying the slob, they would invite a select few to shit on the body before closing the coffin for good. They figured he deserved the best humilation they could give, and then the party broke up like as if everyone needed time to digest such an awesome evening. Lisa pointed out to Tom how Terry and Peter didnt hold hands as they walked to their car, compared to Rocco and Sal, who each had their massive arms around Carol as they led her to the caddy. Tom warned her not to push this shit and that Terry had already offed one husband and Lisa smiled thinking she could easily push Terry into burrying number two. She fell asleep in her loving husbands arms thinking of more mayhem to come.

                                                                           THE END

                                                    Dr Tom and LIsa

                                                         Chapter 2  Maid Service

                                                      by roccodadom44

     "If I have to listen to Lisa whine about cleaning anymore, Ill explode" sulked Tom, as his wife moaned about all the cleaning and laundry she did. Tom had explained to her, because of their lifestyle, mainly torturing and killing people, he didnt want strangers in the house. Lisa dealt with it and while their two kids were home, she didnt mind playing homemaker. But the kids were gone to college and she didnt want to waste time picking up after Tom and herself. She also was sold, however, that they couldnt just hire a maid through a service as she was as careful as her husband in protecting their secrets. She wasnt so much before, but after Tom pointed out the severed hand in their backyard from a snuff party they gave, she understood the risks a stranger posed. So she continued to play housewife, and she really wasnt that unhappy as they still had their snuff parties, and truth be told, that was both of theirs burning passion.

    Tom was going crazy finding Lisa a present to celebrate her forty fifth year of life. He was almost ready to call a maid service he so wanted to satisfy his wife. This is where sometimes things just come together and everthing turns out perfect, Tom was having  an early lunch with his friend Rocco, and they were just gabbing and laughing. Tom always had fun with Rocco and he was the toughest guy Tom ever met, for sure.  When Rocco was good naturedly whining about some broad he was banging wanting more of his time, Tom casually went on a groan about Lisas wanting a maid, and how paranoid he was about people in the house. Rocco applauded his desire for discretion, pointing out that his whole life was based on keeping secrets. Tom appreciated this but what Rocco told him next floored him.

      Rocco told Tom that he knew some guys, who for one reason or another,  had an illegal mexican broad that they wanted to get rid of. Rocco was going to offer her for a party but said why dont you take her as a live in maid. He pointed out that she was illegal and Tom and Lisa would own her as a slave and if she didnt work out they could snuff her anyways. "How much would they want for her" asked the visibly excited Tom. "Dont insult me Tom", counseled Rocco, who told Tom that if the present made him and Lisa happy , Rocco considered it an honor to present the cunt free of charge. Rocco did say he wanted some free time with Lisa and Tom was more than willing, as he knew Lisa liked to be on her own to fuck from time to time and that she adored big cocked Italians. So after deciding that Rocco got Lisa for one free weekend to do as he wished with her, Tom had a smoking birthday present for his adorable wife.

      When Lisas birthday arrived Tom acted all aloof like he forgot or something. Lisa wasnt upset because she knew Tom never forgot a birthday or anniversary. She hoped it was something different as the last thing she needed was another piece of jewelry. Maybe Tom will relent and we can get a maid idly thought Lisa, as she mindlessly washed their dirty clothes. Tom on the other hand was rushing around like a nut trying to time every thing so as to make it special for Lisas birthday. He decided to put Ida, the maid in a box and wrap it and have some of Roccos guys drop it off later while Tom and Lisa were having dinner. While having dinner Tom told Lisa that her present would arrive soon and Lisa was dreaming what it could be as they enjoyed chinese takeout.


   When the bell rang, Lisa fairly flew to the door, and Tom loved her ability to still get excited. Lisa opened the door to a delivery guy asking where to put the box.  Lisa excitedly pointed out room in the foyer and the guys dropped the 4 foot by 4 foot brown paper wrapped box and departed. Tom had wandered to Lisas side and told her to open her birthday present. Lisa was confused at its size and kidded to her husband "I hope its not a washing machine." Tom laughed loudly and said "You never know babe, you never know." When Lisa got the outer paper off she started to open the box and thought she heard something. Her mind was made up that Tom got her a dog or something and this didnt do it for her. So when she opened the box and saw the naked, hogtied mexican pig locked in the dog cage she was at first dumbfounded.    

  Tom was proud of how quickly Lisa figured it out and when she mouthed the words "for me?", Tom was getting excited too. They got the cunt out of the box and cut her loose. The ungrateful bitch tried to run but Tom got her with a nasty shot to the back of the head and the dirty mexican went down. Lisa jumped on her back and proceeded to smash the cunts head into the hardwood floor. Tom got her to stop and they got the petrified woman up and this time she stood still. "Good the ugly cunt isnt totaly stupid" said Lisa and she proceeded to look over her new personal maid. Lisa took in the cunts brown skin, beautiful black hair, floppy big nippled tits, and cunt with dark bush which went from her belly button to her shithole. "I can make this thing into the best servant in the world" cried Lisa and Tom knew he made a good deal. He told Lisa about her up coming weeekend with Rocco and his friends and Lisa was in heaven. "Its like another present Honey" Lisa declared. "well you know I told Rocco he owned you for the weekend" Tom was glad when Lisa said "I hope he treats me like a nasty street ho cause Im do for a fucking over. "Well actually he wants you for a big stag party" and Lisa could feel her cunt get wet.

     When Tom presented Lisa with two more presents she was overjoyed at opening them. The first was an exspensive leather collar that said LISAS' SLUT, and had a small box attached in back. Tom explained that it worked on the same principal as an invisable dog fence and if the cunt tried to leave she would receive a massive jolt to the neck. Lisa immediatly secured the collar on the frozen taco. The next present got Lisas juices flowing as it was a beautiful leather riding crop. The way Lisa attacked the girl with a frenzied all over cropping, left Tom dripping precum from his leaking hardening cock. "Jesus that feels good" Lisa panted as she continued to whip the cowering cunt, and when she connected to the girls tit, it flew up, hit her face, and Lisa was alive with feelings.

    The happy couple were scheduled for drinks at the club, but Lisa begged Tom to stay home so she could play with the maid. How could he refuse when she put it like that, mused Tom. When Lisa insisted on cleaning the illegal good, Tom pointed out that he all ready had her tested for stds and she was clean enough to eat. Lisa wondered what she would call her and Tom told her the name was Ida, but that Lisa should call her whatever she wanted as she owned the cunt. "Maybe we will call her Ida thats a ugly mexican name for a dirty mexican girl sang a jubilent Lisa. She forced marched the scared Ida into the downstairs bathroom and pointed her into the shower. Lisa quickly stripped and got in with Ida and scrubbed the shaking girl relentlessly, ecspecially her cunt and ass. She made Ida shave her legs and armpits and then Lisa shaved the hair off the mexicans cunt lips and ass but left the rain forest from her clit to her belly button. Lisa was amused that she was talking to Ida in a sing song voice used on infants and she was sure this stupid inferior cunt was not any brighter than an infant.

  When she presented Ida to Tom he was impressed and said "This cunt is very fuckable, I hope you are gonna share." Lisa smiled and said "not only will I share but I want you to use her whenever baby. I want her to know where she stands around here, or rather kneels." Tom almost felt bad for Ida as he knew Lisa had some pain to dole out. The first time Tom sank his meat into Ida he was pleasantly suprised and gasped "cunts nice and tight, obviously she hasnt been doing donkey shows." He saw the excited expression on his wifes face and he knew Ida was gonna get donkeyed if Lisa could help it. He really wanted to hurt the cunt as he fucked it, and he knew he was like Lisa, they knew they were superior to garbage like this nasty mexican. So as Tom rammed his cock in and out of Ida with full force, Lisa abused the girls flopping tits with her razor sharp nails. She drew blood on both tits and only stopped after Tom filled the mex with cum. It took a few punches and slaps but they got the dimwit to expel the cum into her dirty brown hand and then eat it. Lisa was pissed that Ida made faces and thought the cunt was being ungrateful.

  Lisa was already losing patience with Ida, but when the brown pig refused to eat Lisas beautiful pussy, all hell broke loose. After beating her bloody the sadistic couple tied the traumatized girl spread eagle on the spare bed. Lisa used her cunt and asshole to suffocate Ida and would only let her breath if she ate her cunt with ambition. "The dumb bitch is getting it now"panted Lisa as Ida figured eat cunt or die. Tom was meanwhile stuffing a three inch butt plug up the cunts anus, telling Lisa that it was for the maids own good, as he was gonna be riding her brown ass frequently. Lisa was lost in orgasmatic fireworks as Idas tongue was fat and hot. Lisa knew she was gonna ride this cunts face daily. Even though the pig gave her a superior cum, Lisa still made her eat Lisas shithole till it was spotless. Next Tom got on and started to throatfuck the crying cunt while Lisa started ramming her fist up her, as yet undamaged cunt. After Tom felt his cock was clean he to got the asshole tongue bath from Ida. "Wow lover, this is my best present ever " Lisa told Tom, who didnt have to be told this.

      As it was getting late and Lisa really wanted to make love to her husband, after removing Idas collar they made her squat in the backyard and piss and shit and wipe her self with newspaper, they recollared her and locked her in the dog cage for the night. Going upstairs for the night Lisa looked fondly at the cunt in the cage and knew she would give Tom the fuck of his life tonight. "Im a lucky girl" she mused, as she used her private bath to prepare herself for Tom. She used Obsession perfume because he loved it, and donned black thigh highs and red four inch heels. As she walked towards the bed, the very naked and very ready Doctor thought "how lucky I am to have such a beautiful alive woman" Lisa went at Tom slow and licked his body from his feet to face, skipping his cock and balls for now. She allowed him whiffs of the perfume and she knew he could also smell her cunt firing up. She spent five minutes just lazily sucking his cock and balls and Tom was ready for her lovely pussy. He manhandled her under him and he started to fuck her with slow thrusts and then went into overdrive and Lisa was riding the orgasm express. When he finally shot his load Lisa was quite satisfied and just needed Tom to hug now, and she loved that he knew that and in his strong arms Lisa ended her best birthday ever.

        Lisa got up early out of habit and made Tom coffee and a bagel while he showered and dressed for work. She knew he had several operations planned today and tomorrow, so Tom would sleep at the hospital tonight. That gave Lisa two days to crack the whip on the mexican and she thought she could do it. When Tom came to the table Lisa kissed him intently, letting her husband feel her fat tits for a while. This was a daily routine of theirs, even when the kids wre here Tom would sneak a feel of Lisas boobs. "Hon, do you think I can let Terry see our maid?" asked Lisa seductivly, and Tom warned her that this wasnt a game and they agreed only the regulars of their group, of whom there were twelve people all told, could be involved. As Terry was in the group she could come over but Tom told Lisa to exclude Becky, another sometimes friend of hers. When Lisa asked why Tom said "it might be nothing, but lets be safe for now." Lisa knew Tom got information on everyone the least bit connected to them and he constantly monitered this data to control the few people who were involved in the snuff parties, so she obeyed him as always when she saw his seriousness. But she did have a quick image of her savaging Becky. As Tom left, Lisa thought how lucky it was to be married to a guy like Tom. With that happy thought she headed to the dogcage in the foyer, to begin training her personal servant

        The lazy pig was still sleeping though it was after seven am. Lisa didnt even think about it as she pulled her nightie up and began to piss on the sleeping Ida. She was laughing at the girls look of confusion ,and then recalling her new life, with tears springing from her piss coated eyes, iIda opened her mouth to willingly take Lisas piss.  When done Lisa got the pig up, and  marched her out the back door so the girl could do her business, when Ida screamed like a mad woman and went down. Laughing freely, Lisa remembered the dog collar and removed it , while telling the shocked foreigner "Well that fucker works fine, dont you agree, asshole?"  When Ida did her morning business, Lisa hosed her down and got her in the house, and reattached the collar and locked it. She spent several hours working the slag and it turned out between Lisas below average grasp of spanish and Idas minute understanding of english, they could communicate, though barely. Lisa figured ithe illegal understood that she would do laundry and clean everyday. Lisa also understood that Ida could cook, so that was a bonus. She also measured the cunt and while setting her to cleaning the kitchen, Lisa ordered all the clothes her slave would need. She also ordered several toys for Ida to play with and for lisa to abuse the cunt with. She then called Terry and explained that Tom was the best husband in the world and that Terry had to see her present in person. Her friend would be over in an hour, so Lisa took a quick power nap and then showered.

       As Terry stood in Lisas kitchen staring at the naked brown woman cleaning her friends kitchen , she envied Lisa so much, but she also loved Lisa and was happy for her, and to have her as a friend and mentor. Wow to get your own slave to do with as you wished. Terry wanted that and after tasting blood while killing her loser first husband she had discovered that she needed that shit. When Lisa tried to get Ida to make coffee and put out some pastries for the girls, she was getting no where with the ignorant cunt. Terry stepped in telling Lisa she could speak spic real good. Lisa listened to Terry loudly and quickly rattle of a string of spanish words, and she figured the pig understood because she scampered into the kitchen and was busy making coffee. "Wow, thanks honey" Lisa told Terry, and then she asked what did you tell her?" "I told her I would cut her tits off if she didnt get us coffee and pastries fucking quick." They sat in the sun room catching up on things and Terry needed the details of last night.

      When Lisa described the lovemaking her and Tom had last night, Terry was visible upset. By questioning her, Lisa found out that Peter was fucking around and not taking care of his neglected wife. Terry told Lisa how she would get home from work, make a dinner and then Peter wouldnt show up till midnight, drunk and smelling of strange cunt. "That bastard" Lisa let out angrily. "I know, Im willing to swing with him and everything, but the asshole wants me home while he tomcats around" Terry sobbed to her mentor. Terry made sure that Lisa understood that she didnt want Peter dead. "Oh to bad" sighed a half kidding Lisa."Well I dont want him offed now but a girl can change her mind" joked Terry. Lisa didnt say it, but as of that moment she was gonna try to destroy Terrys marriage for Terrys sake. She knew her first goal was to get Terry together with Rocco, the godlike friend of Toms who Terry had a major crush on. Lisa had to admit she had a crush on the big Italian bastard herself, but wanted his fourteen inch fuck club, not his hand in marriage. She sighed longingly thinking of Tom and knowing their marriage was forever.

      Lisa innocently told Terry how Rocco got the maid for Tom to give to her. Sure enough at the studs name Terrys eyes lit up. "Come on girl open up to your big sister" pushed Lisa. Terry was obviously struggling with the words and then just blurted out in machine gun fire " I love that big Italian fucker like you wouldnt believe, Lisa", she kept spilling her emotions,"ever since I laid eyes on him Ive done nothing but yearn for him, and its not just his cock either. Im an independent woman, but shit I love the feeling of security when Rocco had his arms around me at the party." Lisa was happy and sad for her friend but stayed silent as Terry continued "When I decided to get rid of Dan I thought Peter was gonna be my knight in shining armour. Jesus, Lisa, hes just a little boy who wants me to show off, but then he wants to spend all his time with his lowlife friends. And his finances are a fucking mess. When he was out one night I went through his papers and hes a sleazy fucker taking advantage of senior citizens." Lisa was holding the upset Terry when the very naked Ida placed the coffee and pastries in front of the ladies, laid out beautifully with napkins and silver milk and sugar bowls, curtsied and departed with great dignity, for a naked beaten mexican anyways.

       "I think your slut is gonna work out fine" half giggled half sobbed Terry, while Lisa continued to gently rubbed her friends back. "You know I want you happy" Lisa told Terry, "you let us know if you want out and Tom will take care of it." "Peters a mean bastard and I dont want Tom to get hurt" Terry said sadly, but Lisa, laughing, settled it by reminding Terry that Rocco and Sal, who were gangsters, were Toms closest friends. When Lisa told Terry that Rocco was over frequently, and always asked about you, she thought Terry was gonna faint. It was just to damned cute not to play matchmaker and she sighed. "Jesus ,Terry, you should see him naked in the pool, like a god, I tell you. I am going to be his sex slave next weekend as thanks  for the maid" continued Lisa. She could tell Terry was jealous but when Lisa told her " Rocco just wants to use me as a nasty pig for his friends bachelor party, he fucks me all the time,girl. Im a prime piece of cunt to him and his big cocked gangster friends, and thats the way I want it, cause Ill always be with Tom. You are a person he wants to spend his life with and thats a big decision in his line of work." Terry was calmed by this logic and went back to pestering Lisa about anything else Rocco may have said about her. "I believe he said you were more beautiful that the mona lisa and thats an Italians highest compliment. But you know why I really adore Rocco, Tom told him he should have an affair with you and Rocco actually said he would only do that if he wanted you for pussy. He said you are the kind of woman a man cherishes forever and he would only date you if you were free" Wow thats so fucking sweet Im going to cry" stammered Terry and she did and Lisa comforted her and sweetly suggested that she at least join Tom and Her and Rocco for a dinner, just to talk, and also Terry deserved a social life, and if Peter wouldnt provide it Lisa would. Lisa got a firm maybe from Terry, which was a start.

       The girls decided to go shopping but first Terry had to abuse the maid, so the girls went right at her, who was busy cleaning the downstairs toilet. Lisa grabbed the startled cunt and dragged her to her feet. she grabbed the mexicans tits hard and while Terry grabbed a handful of the cunts rich gash hair, the girls yanked and slapped around Ida till she bled and was sobbing uncontrollably. They got her on her back on the floor and Terry comanded she open wide. While the dazed Mexican lay with her mouth wide, Terry pissed standing and got most of it down Idas throat. Lisa needed to go and she to got it all where it was supposed to go. "I think this loser was born to serve us"laughed Terry and Lisa didnt disagree. She was aware that the girl learned well and tried to please, but still managed to keep a certain dignity. Lisa would either crush that dignity or maybe she would enhance it as a charity project. After feeding the slave leftover chinese and leaving a bowl of water in her cage, Lisa and Terry went to spend some of their many expendable monies.

         Lisa enjoyed the afternoon with Terry shopping and she also wore her down to a firm commitment  for dinner tomorrow night . She knew she was a trouble maker but she was starting to really want to see Terry with Rocco. Lisa thought Rocco looked like a God and Terry was so over the top beautiful, red hair, angel white face, massive taut tits, an ass that was pefectly big, round and soft, and legs with some meat the way real guys wanted their woman, thought Lisa. She knew she liked the company of Rocco much more than that of Peter. Rocco was always polite and gracious, where Peter tended to be boastful and crude. But Lisa was sure that Peter was a little boy compared to Rocco in the man department. Sure, Lisa thought, Rocco has fourteen glorious inches of cock, but he was also a violent vengeful sociopath when need be. She didnt see Peter facing up to that, as in the end he was lawyer, someone who fought with paper, while Rocco carried a gun at all times as a matter of principal. Well tomorrow night would be different, Lisa giggled to herself. She couldnt wait till Tom called later tonight when his surgeries were done, as she knew he would be excited to hear Terry would be having dinner. Tom looked upon Terry as a daughter, albeit one Tom had fucked numerous times, chuckled Lisa. 

         She arrived home and let the maid use the downstairs toilet as a reward for serving coffee so nice. As she had the rest of the day and night to herself she decided she wanted a girlfirend to hang with and to her own disbelief decided Ida would have to do. When she gave the confused girl the clothes she bought her, the cunt actually seemed pleased. The outfit was over the top crude: push up black bra with nipples exposed, micro mini lime green polyester skirt that didnt cover her cunt or ass at the slightest bending, black thigh highs that had slut printed in white letters all over them, and finally four inch red fuck me pumps. Getting into a silly mood Lisa decided to make Ida look her best and she did her hair, face, and nails, and had to admit her slave was all right looking for a mexican. When Ida was dressed Lisa had to fuck her and she was glad that the girl didnt fight, and took the ten inch strap on Lisa used on her cunt, and had several vocal orgasms. Lisa got the shy girl to go from refusing to kiss her, to trying to suck Lisas tonsils out of her throat, Lisa laughed to herself. She was pleased that her slave adapted without being broken and she thought Ida was gonna be okay after all. When Lisa had Ida fuck her in return, teh mexican went at Lisa hard and mauled her Mistress s  sensitive funbags, just the way Lisa liked it. The evr flexible Lisa  was glad that she tried this road, as it might be nice to have someone to play with, and she also really wanted to see if she could improve Idas ability to live in America, as a social experiment. She knew she was turning into one of those typical obnoxious liberal rich bitches, but figuring her other hobbys like torture and snuff, Lisa knew she would never be a typical anything.

       They spent the rest of the night as girlfriends and Lisa had a blast watching movies and eating ice cream with her brown friend. It was so fucking strange, but Lisa knew she had to let this shit run its course. The orgasms Lisa recieved from Idas mouth were deep and meant something, and she thought nothing of falling asleep with her arms around the girl. When the phone rang they both sat up quick and as Lisa answered the bedside phone, Ida stood by the bed looking disoriented. Lisa was glad to talk to Tom and filled him in on her talk with Terry and he said he would invite Rocco and when Lisa told him about her day with Ida, Tom chuckled "Only in America." "Your not mad honey?" Lisa inquired, and Tom quickly responded " the gift was to make you happy, and you can do whatever you want with her, but Im glad you want to improve her life, and I can support that, but she can never go free unless its within the group." After much I love yous, the happiest married couple in America agreed to make dinner perfect for Rocco and Terry. Lisa loved that Ida still stood by the bed and Lisa laughed that she still wore the complete slut outfit and this pleased her greatly.

       Lisa managed to direct her maid in how to fill her two person tub and while that happened, she got a good bottle of wine from the wine room, downstairs. She tenderly stripped Ida and they bothed luxuriated in the hot relaxing bath. Sipping wine, Lisa wondered again at how unpredictable life was. Yesterday she wanted to delouse Ida and now she had just moments eariler tossed her salad. Not only that but she had been extremely turned on with her tongue firmly lodge in Idas brown shit chute and actually savored the taste of the immigrants shit. Definitly goes with the earthy red she was sipping, she smiled to herself. As she pondered tomorrows dinner she absently massaged Idas soft sagging tits. Could she get Terry and Rocco hooked up? That she could change Roccos mind about having an affair with Terry she was sure, because Rocco was a man and man wants his pussy, love or not. If she could get them in the pool it was over because she knew Terry could not resist Rocco, and Rocco was smitten with Terry in the right, I want you as my wife, kinda way.

       When they got out of the tub and dried each other, Ida started to put on her slutwear but Lisa stopped her and instead took her hand and led her to bed where they slept like babies wrapped in each others arms, Ida dreaming about this sexy crazy violent American goddess and Lisa dreaming of mexican food for some strange reason. Tom meanwhile spent the night in the arms of a nineteen year old nursing student. One of the bonuses of being a surgeon. Lisa was aware of this perk and was fully supportive, and only wanted details when they made pillow talk after Tom got home from an overnighter at the hospital. As much as Tom enjoyed showing this perky vibrant cunt what fucking was all about, he prefered older nurses as they were more willing to let go and not look at him in awe. The cunt in bed next to him actually asked if Tom was going to see her again. He was tempted to say something cruel, but instead told her she was to good for him. She was gazing at him like he was god and he realised to her he was, and patted her head paternally and in complete devotion she gave him a wet, lengthy, her lips to his pubes, swallowing all eight inches blowjob, after which the tired doctor went into dreamland smiling.

         When Lisa awoke she wondered where her maid was and throwing on her nightie, and after pissing and brushing, she found Ida down stairs in the kitchen. Lisa was amazed that the girl had the slut outfit on, and was polishing the silverware while listening to news on the radio. When Ida saw her mistress she smiled, stood, and bowed to Lisa, who thought that was so cool, and appropiate. "Coffee?" asked the english struggling maid. Lisa was definitly likening the way her girl was turning out. She was turned on by Idas ability to please and she looked adorable in the micromini and heels, with her nipples proudly displayed. Lisa gave the startled girl a good morning tongue kiss and tit grope that left Ida dizzy and smiling. Lisa tried to find out why the girl was listening to english radio and when she understood Ida did it to help learn english, Lisa was more than happy, she was proud of her mexican slut. She also realised there had to be barriers, so after pointing out several tasks for the very willing pig, Lisa went to the bedroom to watch the news and respond to emails and party requests. Smiling, she thought of all the charity balls and other receptions they were asked to attend every year. Its hell being popular smirked Lisa, who was onto planning the menu for tonights very importatnt dinner with Rocco and Terry.

       Several hours later Lisa was ready to hit the gym and pick up food for tonights dinner, so she showered and dressing in her spandex, headed downstairs to find Ida cleaning the living room, as ordered. Lisa could see the girls cunt every time the she stooped while vacumming the rugs in the room. She wanted to go and eat the mexican taco so much, but knew she had to let the disorientated girl ease into her new life. Lisa decided to take a chance and so she did not put Ida in the dog cage figuring the girl knew how much the collar shocked. Lisa had also disconnected the phone line while she went out just to be safe. She had a great workout with her very gay trainer, and then went to the upscale meat market and picked up filet mignons for dinner tonight. Driving home she idly wondered if Ida tried to escape. She was quite happy to see her slave happily cleaning the dining room and when the sweaty girl saw Lisa she smiled and bowed. "this girl knows the deal" thought a happy Lisa as she showed Ida the steaks for five. She hoped the could cook because if she fucked up this dinner, Lisa knew she would brutalise the girl, and interestingly, she didnt want to have to punish Ida. That thought made her smile at the absurdity of it all, she wanted a maid who she could dominate but she was treating this one as a goodwill project, and she knew Tom would get a kick out of the irony of the situation.

        Speaking of Tom he had woken refreshed and immediatly sank his morning wood in the very willing and waiting coed who went into another scream fest as she spasmed on the good doctors meat pole. Mustering as much early morning charm as he had, Tom ushered the pesky but dense cunt on her way and showered, ate a bagel and had coffee, before going straight to the patients rooms he operated on yesterday to make his rounds. He still had two more minor cases today but looked forward to getting home in plenty of time for dinner. He recalled last nights call to Rocco inviting him to dinner, and Tom was pleased at the way Rocco got so happy at the chance of seeing Terry. He had to admit that his wife was onto something, and he again reminded himself he was the luckiest man to have Lisa as his significant other. The days operations went smoothly and the good doctor was done in record time. 

        Driving home Tom kept pondering a problem that was dumped on him by Rocco last night. It turns out a business partner of Roccos felt like he was overcharged for legal work by Peter and Rocco wanted Tom to talk to Peter and work out a solution so as not to make it a big deal. Tom got the impression that if Peter just gave back a few bucks, the Italians would be comforted, because they just didnt like being cheated, honor counted. He also considered that this was a chance to condemn Peter because if Tom told Rocco that Peter said no, then he was sure something really bad would happen to Terrys hubby. Tom wanted to discuss this with Lisa and see where she, and more importantly where Terry, wanted to go with it. All he knew for sure was if Peters was scamming the Italians he was dumber than Tom thought. Tom found Rocco and his partners to be incredilby able businessmen. There business just happened to be criminal; drugs, whores, numbers, protection, and such. He also hoped it didnt put a black cloud over tonights dinner, seeing Terry was married to Peter.

       On entering the house Tom first saw Ida, in her amazing slut wear and he had to smile. She was setting the dining room table and every time she reached to place a utensil, Tom had an enticing look at her cunt and shithole. "Jesus, Lisa is incredible" laughed Tom as he went searching for his wife upstairs. Lisa was happy to see her man and gave him a lovers tonguing while her husband ran his hands over his wifes fuckpig body. They were in bed fast and they had a tender deep fuck that relaxed both of them completely. When Tom told Lisa about Peter, she couldnt contain her joy and Tom was all right with that as he needed blood soon, and if it was Peter, so what, he was just another dishonest lawyer. Lisa was elated that everything was falling in place, and had to laugh that Peter was arrogant enough to screw a partner of Roccos. She was still high from the orgasm Tom gave her and knew he was relaxed , so she used the time to tell Tom her plans for Ida. She was so grateful that Tom didnt laugh at her, and when he approved she sucked his cock very lovingly. Tom was amused that his wife wanted to send Ida to english classes and then school and that Lisa was determined to rescue the mexican from her status and improve her life. This is why I love Lisa thought Tom, she will butcher someone in cold blood but also will go the extra mile to turn around a deserving life. And he liked that Lisa pointed out the dignity that Ida carried herself with, even while dressed like a fuck pig. He allowed that Ida did have that hard to find quality, grace, and she probably deserved a better life, as opposed to Peter, who Tom felt  maybe had over played his hand, a wee bit.

      They took a long shower and never stopped talking and kidding each other, and Lisa loved the easiness that existed between her and Tom. She thought Rocco and Terry had that chance and more importantly she knew Peter and Terry had no chance of that level of trust between two people. Rocco was a crook, but an honorable man, where as Peter was a lawyer, but a dishonorable man. Terry needed a man that would treat her proper and Peter was woefully lacking in the chivalry department, Lisa thought. When they were both dressed they headed to the downstairs living room to await fate. Lisa got Ida to get them drinks and when Tom looked in the kitchen and saw everything for dinner laid out, he knew they had a real maid and agreed that Ida should be spared savage abuse, as good help was hard to find, he chuckled. When the smiling mexican served their vodka collins, they were amazed at how precise the drinks were. She even put slices of fresh lime on each drink. "Aint she a peach" laughed the clearly proud Lisa, and Tom had to agree, and he also agreed that Ida did appear to be the only woman who could wear the outfit she wore, and still seem proper.

When the doorbell rang and Ida opened it in her outfit, nipples bared, limegreen micro, and fuck me pumps, Rocco was impressed. Lisa gave the huge Italian a deep lingering kiss and Tom gave him a shake,and they retired to the living room to talk. Almost immediatly the ever efficient Ida appeared and stood rigid until Rocco ordered a glass of wine. "Shes quite good" noticed Rocco and Lisa filled him in on her maid plans and he found it just as cute as Tom. He also warned Lisa that Ida could never go free, and Lisa accepted this harsh reality completely. When the girl returned with Roccos drink, Lisa had Ida show her body to Rocco, and then everyone had to grope the passive girl. She had six hands grabbing her tits, ass and cunt, and Lisa could feel the juices flowing on the horny cunt.  When they finished their group grope, Lisa sent Ida to the kitchen to start the steaks as Terry was due soon.

    Tom and Roccco went to the Docs study to talk business and Lisa hoped sniveling Peter was on the menu and she giggled at how evil she was. She went and helped Ida as she was to worked up to sit still. She was floored at the way the girl had everything ready, and the food all looked professionally catered. When Ida laid the last steak on the plate, Lisa took her hand and led her to the small table in the corner. She laid the excited girl on her back and she gave her maid a pussy sucking that had Ida babbling in spanish with an occassional "Fuck" in english. When Lisa was sure Idas ride was over she helped her up and like it was perfectly normal kissed the panting girl, and went out to the living room to await Terrys arrival, and the guys conference to end.

  Tom was much disturbed by Roccos news that Peter had also ripped off a second uncle of Roccos, who was in a nursing home. Rocco told Tom he would not be able to sleep till this disrespect was righted. And this is where Tom knew he was good, for he quickly suggested that he work on ridding the world of Peter, as Rocco was to close to the situation for comfort. Rocco gave Tom a man hug and told him with real affection "Its good we have this thing between us Tom" and Tom was deeply touched by this honorable man. Tom did get Rocco to allow him to tell Lisa the good news in regards to Peter. They also agreed to not tell Terry, till Rocco could give Tom real proof to show her how sleazy Peter really was. Tom again found it sweet when Rocco asked him repeatedly if he looked good enough to dine with Terry. "If you looked any better", my friend, half joked Tom," I would date you myself." Both laughing easily as they returned to find Lisa waiting in the living room.

    While the guys quietly told Lisa of the news on Peter, she thrust her fist in the air and cried "Fuck ya, lawyer boy is going down." Tom was sure that this sealed Peters fate because he saw the look of pure joy on his wifes face and he needed to give her this most personal of gifts. Rocco was giving Lisa a rough tit groping, thinking how spectacular this couple really were. Lisa was in heaven with the news, and Roccos rough tit assault was making her coo with passion. Then Tom got his skilled fingers working Lisas cunt and she was gaga. Through her slitted eyes Lisa saw Ida enter the room with her tray, and her look of surprise, and then naked lust, floored Lisa. Lisa had another nice compact cum and as the guys prettied  and straightened her up, Ida professionally, and with great discretion, placed fresh drinks in front of her betters. When she placed a cheese tray down Tom smied 'Lisa this girl is good, dont lose her or beat her to death." When Lisa told the guys how she had early eaten Ida in the kitchen, Tom was sure the maid would be fine.

      The doorbell ringing brought Ida to it and she opened it in her outfit with what Lisa thought real pride. Lisa could tell Terry loved the outfit on the slut. She could also tell Terry was as nervous as a school girl on a first date. She gave her a big hug and kiss and told Terry "remember baby, he wants you so just be yourself and dont try to hard." Steeled with this advise Terry went to meet Rocco and Tom with some confidence. Lisa had to admit she looked smoking. Terry had on a silk green cocktail dress that showed every womanly curve on her delecteable body and her face was angelic thought Lisa, as she started to get hot again. Tom watched Terry crossing to meet Rocco and he thought " you look at that body and you think fuckmeat, but then you see that innocent perfect face and you want to protect her." Rocco seemed as nervous as Terry, and when they kissed they bumped teeth and everyone laughed easily. "Terry you make my heart feel as if it will float out of my chest and fly away your beauty is so dazzling" Rocco said in a deep man voice, and Terry wobbled into his huge arms, and they swapped spit for at least two minutes. Lisa and Tom were holding hands and wearing smiles of such happiness, that Ida on entering the room, could only stare at the scene of emotional splendor before her. When every one was kinda recovered the still wide eyed maid announced, with clear english, that dinner was served, and Lisa filled Terry in on her big plans for Ida, as everyone went to the table.

     Lisa thought the dinner a complete success. Ida did an amazing job with dinner, showing up only when needed and serving everything cooked to perfection. Lisa knew Tom was right, they could always find a loser to have fun with, but good help was hard to find. Lisa was gonna make Ida somewhat happy in return for the girls sincere service to Lisa and the others. Everything had flowed so nicely, and before dinner was over Terry and Rocco were talking up a storm they were so giddy to be with each other. Lisa and Tom gave each other looks of satisfaction at how well Terry fit with Rocco. Lisa couldnt help thinking that they looked like gods together they were both so damn sexy. But after dinner whenever Rocco said 'I hate to be rude but I really must take Terry upstairs and make love to her now" ,Lisa giggled at the way Terry actually fanned herself with her hand she was so hot for her Rocco. Picking Terry up in his massive arms, Rocco carried the swooning Terry to an upstairs bedroom and Lisa went and sat next to Tom, and the couple were content to hold each other and listen to Terry passionatly screech as Rocco made her his woman.

  When Ida enetred the room to clean the glasses and serve Tom and Lisa coffee, Lisa asked her if she liked their friends. With much animation Ida said "King, Queen, they so pretty, and Lisa loved this honest hard working slut of hers. After Terry went on another moanathon, Tom said "I need some", and he bent the brown pig over the coffee table and went to town on her pussy with his eight inch man club. Lisa started to suck face with the perspiring Ida, and when she went pull crazy on the girls swinging  nipples, the senorita had a major two language cum. Tom pulled out and had ida eat his load and she did while still appearing dignified thought Lisa.  While Tom and Lisa lay on the couch talking lightly, Rocco and Terry appeared. Terry looked like she was walking on air and Rocco looked like he couldnt be any happier, and Lisa was excited that Peters fate was sealed. Tom thought Terry looked well fucked and he was glad for his friend and knew Rocco would have to have Terry now for his wife.

     As the four sated folks gabbed Ida picked up the coffee cups and as she left the room, Terry said "your maid  is leaking cum", and Lisa told her sheepishly that her song of passion had gotten everyone down here excited. Terry was blushing but Tom told her this is a beautiful thing and needs to be celebrated not hidden. Rocco said "In good time, Terry and I need time to define our future and I want Terry to have plenty of time to rethink things." Lisa loved how quickly Terry corrected her future husband "Rocco I belong to you and only you. Peter will never enter me again. I dont need time to think, I only need time to be with you.' Wow, thought Lisa, Peters really gonna get it and she snickered to herself. After the guys talked a little in the backyard about the Peter problem, Tom agreed to work the problem, but inform Rocco before any action commenced.  Terry took this time to thank Lisa repeatedly for pushing her in the right direction. Lisa told her friend "You cant pass up a man like Rocco. He will make you so happy and Peter will only make you more miserable as time goes by."

     "Well looks like your wish is gonna come true babe" Tom laughed to Lisa and she just smiled at the thought of savaging Peter. As they lay in bed reading and talking Lisa asked Tom if he could make it happen. Tom told her the truth was it would be hard to cover up Peters death unless they made it an accident and then the body had to be there as there were to many people who would want part of his estate. He assured Lisa he had some ideas and maybe she would get to help off the now highly disputable Peter.  That was good enough for Lisa, and as she drifted off to sleep tenderly rubbing her always ready clit, Tom caught up on his journals. He also gave Peter some more thought and couldnt understand the greed of some people. When Rocco showed him how much money Peter had skimmed from elderly peoples trust funds, Tom was floored by the greed and the carelessness. Thats what seemed to piss off Rocco the most, Peters acting like he was above it all. He didnt want to disappoint Lisa and Terry and Rocco, for that matter, as they all had  a score to settle with Peter, but Tom needed to make sure he could cover the death one hundred percent. He was leaning towards accident but needed to think deeper and he knew he could solve this problem given the time. Knowing that Peter loved to fly his own rental jet on weekends, Tom decided to look into that possibility. Planes crashed all the time and the bodies tended to get mangled, hiding any signs of torture from the group, beyond description. The good doctor fell asleep fairly confident that Peters clock was running down.

     In the morning at the table, Lisa could tell that Tom was on to something as he whistled reading the paper. Ida magicly kept their coffee cups full, and Lisa loved her outfit today: see through blouse, denim mini skirt with slut stenciled along her ass in rhinestones, white thigh highs against her brown skin, and of course over the top six inch spiked red heels. " Come on hon, let me in on what your up to" whined Lisa. and when Tom pleaded ignorance, Lisa countered with "I know every move and mood of yours buster, and when you whistle clementine I know you have a solution to a problem. "Possible, Possibly, Lisa but lets see and Ill let you know tonight."  Tom said and as he needed to get to the hospital there was quick tongues all around, even Ida got a good tonguing and tit mauling,  and the doctor was off to save the world,and Lisa was pretty sure that she would soon be helping to torture Peter to death, and this pleased her so much she spent an hour tenderly licking her maids cunt and shithole. Ida was as confused as ever by her mistresses actions, but she wasnt complaining, as she had orgasm after orgasm. Lisa went upstairs to call Terry and ask her to come over as she might as well prepare her friend for what could be great news tonight.

   Tom got his surgeries done early so he could devote all his considerable brain power to planning Peters demise. He talked to a FAA friend of his and found out when he would be on duty so Peters accident could be manipulated from the start. He got an accountant friend of his to hack Peters records and make them even worse than they already were so that when the news of Peters fraud  leaked days before Peters death, everyone would assume he commited suicide. Wow, thought Tom I really am good at this shit. Seeing he had hours to kill before dinner at home, he wanted to scratch a kink he got from time to time. He went and had a drink at a shady gay bar, where sex frequently occured. Sitting at the bar, Tom zeroed in on a young guy pretending to be cute. Tom felt digust at the punks tight pink tshirt and skin tight spandex shorts and his sissy nuances. Simple by sending a drink to the bitch, Tom had the fag at his table ready to service Tom. He didnt even ask his name, simple ordered him to go to the mens room. In the room were three stalls and two were being used for fucking already and there were trolls lurking around the urinals looking for any action. Tom got the twink into the open stall, closed the door and with much violence got spandex boy naked. He chokefucked the fag and then bent him over till the fags face was inches from the disgusting shit bowl. Tom took the homo hard and violent and when he felt his balls churning he grabbed the fags hair and held his head beneath the pissy, shitty water in the bowl. The fag struggled pretty good for a wimp, and it made Toms ride that much more satisfying. The way the drowning fags ass ring spasmed was geting Tom close and with a savage thrust Tom unloaded in the fags cum dump. When he let the half drowned queer up Tom gave him a hundred dollar bill and said "maybe you will get lucky again someday fag" and he left the queer bar, but not before noticing the loser had a raging dripping boner from the abuse.

  When Ida opened the door she flinched when she saw Terry standing there. Terry in spanish told the immigrant "Dont worry baby, Lisa says be nice to you" and Terry gave the more confused than ever Ida a soulful kiss and all over body  grope. The maid led Terry to the back patio where her Mistress was reading, and with real class she introduced the arrival of "Mistress Terry." After the girls gave Ida there drink order, she disappearded into the house. "God you did a great job training that mex, you should open a maid school" laughed Terry. Lisa thought that would be fun to have access to hundreds of dull girls to play with. "I got lucky with Ida, she really can run a house and shes got a great temperment. I can beat her senseless when I need release, and I can also snuggle with her for hours when I need that," Lisa told Terry with pride in her voice for her dirty mexican maid. "But girlfriend I have real big, big, big news for you." teased Lisa. "Come on Lisa dont play with me, give me the news" Terry whined. Lisa knew Terry needed the news so she made her suck her cunt and ass first and Terry really got energetic. As soon as Lisa came, Terry was at her for info. Lisa had to laugh at her friends face, dripping her cunt and ass juices, not that Terry seemed to care. When Lisa said things were looking good for Peters accident Terry was visibly torn.

    "Come on girl" started Lisa "you cant back out now, like Tom says, once the clock starts it cant be stopped." Terry looked ashamed and then she let Lisa know what her real concerns were. "Jesus, Lisa I just had husband number one killed eighteen months ago, and Im allready trying to off this bastard. You guys must think Im just a wishy washy kid,and I want your respect more than anything" sobbed Terry. "Easy baby, we respect you a lot more than you think. You shouldnt be punished because Dan was a wimp and Peters a fraud and a liar. Most cunts would take the shit, but you have the balls to enjoy life and not settle." "What happens if Rocco thinks Ill turn on him" asked Terry with emotion. Both girls looked at each other and went into a laughing fit that included tears, snorts, and actual rolling on the ground. Lisa had a quick flashback of her at sixteen rolling around with friends, laughing nonstop after eating mushrooms. The thought of anyone doing harm to Rocco was so silly, and the thought of Terry turning on a guy she worshiped, for the right reasons, was beyond thought. This got Terry into a much better mood and Lisa got to understand that Terry wanted to really hurt Peter and didnt have any qualms about that. She was more worried about what people would say about her burying two husbands. Lisa had more respect for her younger friend, knowing that Terry was getting as hard as Lisa was.

      Tom had a nice chat woth Rocco, and not knowing Terry was gonna be over, he invited his large Italian friend over for drinks. Rocco accepted as he liked to get away from his circle of people, and a visit to the Doc and Lisa always  left him feeling good. He missed Terry but was patient and focused on a nice evening with Tom and Lisa. Drivng home Tom thought again  how much fun it was being him. Though he admitted it was alot of work planning and covering up all this mayhem. He felt like a conductor leading a symphony of fools and sadists.

    Finding the girls, including Ida, watching a chick flick while they were all curled up on Tom and Lisas bed, left him speechless but smiling at the bizarreness of it all. The girls stopped the movie  and sent Ida downstairs till they talked to Tom.  He cut to the chase and told Terry that he had a real tenative plan in place and as soon as he squared the dates away, they could get things cooking. Terry rewarded him with much kissing and cooing, while Lisa danced around doing what she called the sadist stomp. While Tom gave them details, the doorbell rang and they heard Ida go to answer it. Lisa smiled at the image of Ida opening the door dressed like a cheap ho. But when Tom said "Oh shit I forgot, I invited Rocco over for drinks. Terry got hysterical, racing to the miror to check her looks and Lisa loved it, true love for sure. When the ever formal Ida announced Roccos presence, Terry ran to him and the embrace was magical. Lisa noticed even Tom was smiling at the in love couple. Looking at Ida still standing there transfixed,  she was sure the girl was looking at Rocco and Terry like they were true American royalty. After watching Ida leave, and looking at the still embracing beautiful couple, Lisa knew that her perfect mexican slut was onto something.

       While Tom showered, as he remembered his cock had been up some fags pussy earlier, he further formulated the plans for exposing Peter and then having some fun, before setting his jet accident up. Meanwhile Rocco and the girls were down stairs talking and Terry was sitting next to her man and had her hand looped in his belt. Lisa knew that Terry needed Rocco to shelter her through this mess, and that Rocco was more than up to the challenge. Rocco told the girls that after things were settled he wanted the four of them to go away together, as he liked the chemistry. Lisa thought it was a great idea and said she would look into some places. Terry exclaimed "I cant believe Im sitting here with you lover" as she held onto her dream guy tightly. Rocco gently unwound her tiny fingers from his belt and said sweetly "you dont have to hang onto me baby, I will always be by your side and always, always, I will protect your honor." Lisa always ran cunt juice when Rocco talked like that. "Fuck" she thought "these Italians are so fucking romantic." It was funny cause as Tom came down from his shower Terry and Rocco raced past him headed to the nearest bedroom, giggling like newlyweds, which they almost were.

    "Ah to be in love" cried Tom and Lisa said "no one is in love like we are baby" and Tom attacked his wife with great ardor. When Ida entered to see if she was needed she could only stare at Lisa as she bounced up and down on Toms cock with wild abandonment. She almost turned away but Lisa caught her eye and beckoned the horny girl over. Lisa giggled when the maid got on her knees and began licking Toms cock and balls and Lisas cunt. Though they were making a good amount of noise themselves, the moans and screams of Terry were stunning in their eroticism. Even Ida was drawn into those yodels of lust. Lisa, always one to direct, got off Tom and had Ida get into the doggy position with her head down and then Lisa got next to her in the same position, and told Tom "take your pick big guy, four choice holes to plow" Tom lost no time and he hit all the holes repeatedly, to the sluts joy. When Tom saw Lisa and Ida swapping spit he knew he was gonna cum so he had the girls roll over and he came on both of their faces. Tom sat back and got his breath while watching Lisa and Ida snowball his sperm back and forth. Lisa, next,  led her maid to the first floor shower, and they tenderly cleaned each other.

    When Lisa returned she hugged the tiring Tom and said "all quiet up stairs, so they will be done soon and then we can sleep." Sure enough the lovebirds came down the stairs subdued as if they had attended some religious service, and perhaps they did. Rocco left first and shortly after Terry headed home. The tired, sated couple started up stairs, but then Lisa asked Tom a favor in that she wanted to take the collar off Ida to show there was trust between them. Tom agreed with the caveat that he would brutally punish Lisa if something bad happened. It was worth the look of gratitude on Idas face when Lisa gently unlocked the collar from the mexicans neck. When she had removed the transmitter she left the collar on the table and started to lead Ida to the bedroom on the first floor where she now slept. To Lisas puzzlement the girl gently pulled her hand away and went and got the collar, minus the box, and put it around her neck. After fastening the collar Ida knelt at Lisas feet and looked up with complete submission on her face and said "I belong you Mistress." Tom watched with curiosity as Lisa cried real tears she was so touched with idas display of loyalty. Lisa got Ida up and put her to bed. Tom watched as his wife tucked in her maid and gently kissed her goodnight. Upstairs, Tom knew no words were needed. Lisa only required his arm around her as they drifted to sleep.

       Because Peter was not stupid, just greedy, Tom was going to have to go slow and meticulous, and it would be several weeks till he had it all set. During that time Rocco could not go without Terry, so a couple of times a week, they would meet at Lisa and Toms, and Rocco would take his bride to be upstairs and make her sing hossanahs. Lisa and Tom enjoyed the company and afterward listening to Terry orgasm got them both so hot they always fucked downstairs, and usually dragged Ida into it, though she needed no encouragement. This was a tempoary set up and everyone was more than ready to give Peter what he had coming.  Lisa could bide her time, knowing that Peters clock was running. When Tom and her were at the club the other night, Peter actually came over and,  uninvted,  sat at their table. Lisa wanted to jam her salad fork into his eyeball at his uncouth behavoir, and she seriously considered if all lawyers were douche bags.

        Several nights later, Lisa was sitting in the living room skimming through Vouge, Ida contently curled up at her feet. Lisa laughed to herself at how cool it was to have her fabulous maid around. It was amazing for a girls ego to have someone worship them, even if it was a mexican. She hoped Tom would be done with his work in his study soon as she wanted some attention.  Looking out the window,  the cold rain saddened her and she wanted to go to bed and take Ida and Tom with her, and just snuggle.So when the doorbell rang she jumped at the interuption of her thoughts. But the reaction of Ida was awe inspiring. The maid shot up to her feet, not easy in six inch heels, and crouched defensively in front of Lisa as if to protect her Mistress, and this got Lisa all teary eyed with lust for her most perfect servant. Another bonus was that as Ida crouched, LIsa got a spectacular view of the girls cunt and shithole, When Ida saw that Lisa was okay, she opened the door to find a sobbing Terry. The maid tenderly helped Terry in and Lisa rushed to her friend whlie screaming "Tom, Tom come quick."

     Lisa was shaking with fear for her friend and when she saw Ida wiping the blood tenderly from Terrys red swollen nose, Lisa saw red and wanted to reign violence on someone. Tom came at full speed and they quickly had Terry on the sofa, and as Tom checked her closely, they got from her that Peter said he saw her leave here with Rocco, and then Peter beat Terry and she had run from her house in fear. She was besides herself with fear saying that Peter had slapped her repeatedly and called her horrible names. Tom said he would return in a minute, and went to his study and called Roccos number and said that it was serious and he needed him now. He then got three shots of a mild sedative and returned to the still emotional gals.

    Once Lisa was sure that Tom was going to rectify this wrong fast she calmed down and only wanted to comfort Terry. Terry was asking Tom "Is Rocco coming, Is my lover coming?" and Lisa and Ida were crying like waterfalls, at the romanticism of it all. Tom was wondering if he might lead the most fucked up life in America. He listened to other docs whine about their boring lives and Tom had no fucking clue about that, as he sat surrounded by three crying, beautiful woman, and waiting for Rocco, the area mob guy, to help him off some deserving bastard. He gave all the girls a shot and then sent Ida for ice for Terrys bruised face. When Tom had Lisa and Terry on the couch and somewhat calmed down he sat down and waited for Rocco.

      To Toms amazement and Lisas beaming pride, Ida returned not only with ice for Terry but everyones drink of choice and even the wine Rocco drank. Lisa could only gaze at Ida with real love. And when she replayed the last harrowing minutes, Ida was a rock. Springing to defend Lisa, helping Terry most tenderly, getting everyone drinks to comfort them. "Wow, this girl is growing on me big time" thought Lisa. When the bell rang Tom told Ida he would get it and Ida took up position between the door and her mistress, and Lisa most defintly noted this.

       It was Rocco and he went to Terry and the look of first worry, and then anguish at seeing the bruises on his lovers perfect face, and then the animal roar started in the base of his soul and errupted like one hundred volcanos. Lisa was sure Rocco would just go and shoot  that scumbag, Peter, and he started to. Tom went after him and Rocco pushed Tom to the ground and Lisa thought that things could get horribly fucked up quick. To Lisas, and everyone elses, not a half naked mexican maid, amazement, Ida attacked Rocco, all fists and feet flying, like a fucking mad woman. Rocco who felt terrible about pushing his friend, was perplexed as what to do with the wild half naked woman, in six inch heels, peppering him with real punches. Lisa finally called Ida, and again to everyones disbelieve, the maid went to Lisas side and stood. Lisa was actualy wet with lust for Ida and knew that her baby was getting spoiled rotten starting asap.

     Rocco was begging Toms forgiveness and they made up quick, and Tom got Rocco to see that haste makes waste. When everyone was seated Tom laid things out. Rocco wanted Ida gone, but Lisa demanded that Ida be included in everything, as she was more than a maid, she was a member of Tom and Lisas family. Ida sobbed, Lisa sobbed, Terry sobbed, Tom turned to Rocco and said "See what the fuck I gotta put up with around here?"  Tom and Rocco went to Toms study to work things out while Lisa and Ida tended to the still upset Terry. The guys figured they needed to move quick or Peter would be in jail or take off before he got his. Tom called the FAA guy and simply said early am, amd hung up. Rocco called a guy from his crew and told him to stake out Terry and Peters house pronto. Tom talked to his accountant friend and had him send all the papers that proved Peters thievery to the DAs office. Lastly Tom had to convince Rocco that Terry needed to go to the hospital and also call 911 and report that Peter assaulted her.

     Rocco looked at Tom and said with great fondness "Tom you are such a good friend, and to think I struck you." Tom went to his friend and shook him hard and said, "Rocco I love you like a brother, and I love Terry like a daughter, but we need no emotions yet, lets go grab Peter first and then we can seek justice for that lowlife striking our Terry. And so everyone followed the doctors orders and it was good. Roccos guys called that it looked like Peter was moving bags to the car and Rocco told them dont let that fucker leave, but dont start a scene, as he didnt want anyone seeing a distubance. "Well its raining and thats good" threw in the focused Tom as he drove to Terrys house. When they got there one of Roccos men led them to the backyard saying "the clown tried to leave so we subdued him, boss" Tom didnt want this tough bastard to ever subdue him, he laughed. Peter was hogtied and gagged on the ground in the mud. Tom thought he looked beligerent and hoped he kept that attitude because it would make his demise that much more satisfying. Rocco had his guys load Peter into their trunk and take him to Toms, park in the garage and wait. Tom called Lisa and made sure she was at the emergencey room, and Lisa reported the cops were going to be at the hospital in ten minutes to take Terrys statement, so the guys had time still.

      Tom and Rocco put Peters luggage away in the house and then Rocco suggested a suicde note, and Tom pointed out it could be proved false, and also Peter wasnt the type to leave a note. Tom  drove Peters car to the airport and they left it behind a building. When they got to Toms, Roccos boys were sitting in the car in the garage. Tom considered that everything was running pretty smooth. They got Peter into Toms cellar and Rocco and Tom dropped the hogtied fucker onto the concrete floor hard, several times. They got Peter tied with his hands over his head, tied to the beam overhead, He was on his toes and struggling. Rocco took the gag out and Peter started yapping, "You fuckers will never get away with this, Im to important not to be missed," Peter spit out, but when he said "The cunt deserved it," Rocco drilled his enormous fist into Peters face and Tom heard the teeth break. Peter was screaming and spitting teeth and Tom had to restrain Rocco from beating Peter to death. He calmed him  by telling him "Peter isnt a man  Rocco, lets not waste our time on him. This pussy should be left to the girls." Rocco thought this sounded right, though after regagging the starting to panic Peter, Rocco drove his knee into Peters balls sending him on the pain train.

   They left Peter secured by his wrists and went upstairs to wait. While Tom was getting Rocco a glass of wine, he heard the big bastard say loudly "The ladies are here" and Tom figured it was go time. As Lisa , Ida , and Terry strolled into the house, Tom noticed Terry eating ice cream and he didnt want to know, but his adorable wife told him. "Well the dear girl went through a lot today and she was brave at the hospital, so I treated her to ice cream." Tom was a little side tracked by that but he railed at Lisa "Idas not suppose to leave the house." Lisa was a little upset now, herself, " Tom after all Ida has done for all of us, how can you not trust her. I sometimes think she is the smartest person living here, and besides I dressed her proper." Tom admitted that Ida looked stately in one of their daughters designer dresses, and he knew when he was beat and changed tack,"Okay Lisa so when we head down stairs to mete out justice Ida comes too and forever more she is one of us." Tom though Lisa would balk, but not so, "Thats what Ive wanted, Tom, this special woman deserves to be given the best life possible, and besides I need her to be happy, she really does complete me." Rocco was watching this like a tennis match and he gave up and said, "Fuck it, lets all get to work on asshole, we only have a little time before we have to get his body to the airport.

   They all looked over the tied up Peter and he threw mean looks at everyone. No one was particulary threatened,though Terry stood behind Rocco, and Ida was on guard in front of her mistress. 'Seeings how we cant chop him up because there will be an autopsy, you girls are gonna have to go the beatdown route," proclaimed Tom and the girls could live with that. Lisa took charge of operations and quickly and roughly the girls took Peters cloths off till he hung naked. Lisa went over to where Tom kept his tools and got three extension cords and put them near Peter. "You cunt, leave me alone" cried Peter, and before his words were even digested by everyone else, Ida was a whirling dirvish attacking Peter with insane violence. Tom was laughing and thinking Im not pissing that bitch off, ever." Lisas cunt was screaming for attention, she was so turned on by Idas devotion. Lisa quickly pictured her and Ida walking at the mall or something, and a guy hitting on Lisa, and Ida ripping the guys tongue out or something insane. Her and Terry finally got Ida to chill. They had to spend time tonguing her and groping her to do it, but they survived. Rocco was taunting Peter, "You are gonna get destroyed by girls you pussy" and Peter screamed "Fuck you Terry, you dirty cunt." and this time it was Lisa who attacked and Ida was right behind her punching Peter with nasty shots all over. When Peter kicked Lisa and she fell down on the hard concrete, Ida grabbed a nearby pry bar and she started smashing Peters leg. He was howling and begging for her to stop. Ida was in the zone and she wasnt stopping unless Lisa said so, and Lisa was fingering her dripping cunt watching her Ida go off. Terry was in Roccos arms kissing him and Tom was just taking it all in, and wondering , the way Ida handled the pry bar, if she ever worked construction before.

  Tom could hear the bones breaking and Ida was not letting up. When a bone splintered and tore threw the thrashing Peters leg, the blood splattered Ida and this fired Lisa up incredible. She came without touching herself, Idas rage so seduced  her. Terry and Lisa got Ida calmed and they praised her highly, along with Tom and Rocco, for Peters leg was amazingly disfgured, it looked like a freight train that crashed and sections of train went different ways. He was babbling and crying and Lisa took this time to remind Peter that Rocco really was fucking Terry all along and Peter probably ate Roccos manjuice, and she got the reaction she hoped, Peter tried to kick with his shattered leg, and everyone heard the bones cracking as he tried to move. "You hit me you coward" screamed Terry into her husbands pained face. "You spent all your time running around and you didnt even want me you bastard, Now I belong to Rocco, and starting tonight I will always be with my man,"  Lisa was so proud of her friend, but she wanted some violence, so she took a knive and cut each cord and frayed the bared wires. When she plugged them in she said happily "Ladies lets fry this creep" and the three wildcats used the live wires to taunt, tease, and torture Peter till he had a heart attack.

    Lisa dug the smell of his flesh cooking and really enjoyed when Terry fried the fuckers balls, but when Ida grabbed her cord and stuffed it up Peters ass, it was special. Peter was swinging and his shattered leg was flopping delightfully. Its to bad the fucker went so quick thought Lisa. The girls had to have a suck off right there, they were so worked up. Terry and Lisa attacked Ida with love and they both toured her cunt and ass with their tongues till Ida squealed mightedly. Tom and Rocco wanted the job finished  so with no further goodbyes they loaded the stiffs body and took him to the airport and set him in the plane and autopiloted him into a neaby mountain.

  Lisa was sitting in the living room reading the paper over and over, It had all the news on Peters suicide and his embezellments and even the assault on Terry. She couldnt believe how well it turned out for everyone, but  Pete, of course. As Lisa reread the story, Ida came in and asked if her Mistress needed anything. Lisa looked over the top of the paper and smiled at her loving maid. Ida was wearing her white tshirt that was cutoff at her tits, her nipples showed. On the shirt across her chest was CUNT, she had garter belt and stockings, freaky eight inch black heels, and of course her one hundred watt smile. Lisa patted the seat beside her and said "Ida sit with me." Ida scampered over and Lisa dug the sexiness of the girl walking in huge heels and a cutoff shirt, Idas tits flopped around most obscenely. Its funny thought Lisa, I love this girl and want her sexually, but need to have her inferior to me,and she didnt know if it said what about her, or what about Ida, dear Ida,

                                                                                           THE END







                                           Dr Tom and Lisa

                                    chapter 3

                                  weekend on the cape

                                   by roccodadom44


      Theres never enough time to shop, Lisa giggled, as she saunterd through the mall. She wanted to eat, but the food court was so blah.  Looking at Ida, her slave and best friend, loaded with the things Lisa had purchased for her weekend on the cape, she decided to get lunch elsehwere and signalling the underdressed Ida , they paraded out of the mall, Lisa dressed in a sun dress that was transparent when the light caugt it right, Ida, as always, looking like a five dollar whore. The sexpot loved her limegreen micro mini, and she favored six inch heels, so that alone was enough, but the halter that wasnt halting her huge mexican melons from popping out here and there, was the kicker.

       That a pack of teenage boys had followed them discreetly, or not, was allowing Lisas dripping cunt to force the picture of her and Ida gangbanging groups of boys in the mall food court. She giggled, and Ida did, cause Lisa did,  and figuring if they stuck around some prissy would whine, though, Lisa did drive by a group of boys who had followed them, and she and Ida gave the boys a peek at their spectacular funbags.The look of wonderment on the lads faces never got old to Lisa, and she figured she was doing a public service.


       Knowing that this weekend was going to be intense, Lisa was already feeling her emotions running wild. As they sat sharing a huge salad and bread, Lisa looked around the nondescript chain restaurant, and thought how all together boring, which got her to thinking again of her weekend. It was finally here and She was getting jumpy at  the thought of two nights as the slave of Rocco and his Italian friends. It was payback for Rocco procurring Ida as Lisas permanent maid. The thought of fucking a room full of gangsters got Lisa faint. She noticed Ida was letting a couple of fat losers at the bar get a good shot of her clam, and Lisa smiled at her maids giving nature.

       Holding hands and singing 'Its Raining Men' in the car with Ida, on the way home, got Lisa back emotionally somewhat stable. She never got used to the mood swings before she did something heavy like this. Bouts of guilt about being a slut, feelings of euphoria at being free enough to experience something this intense. This wasnt suburban swappng, she sighed, and thank god for that. Having played with the mighty Rocco before, Lisa knew, even though Rocco worshipped her husband, Tom, he would degrade and abuse Lisa  royally all weekend. Smiling, Lisa would have it no other way, nor Tom, for that matter. Grabbing Idas hand again, Lisa felt another wave of bliss assault her as she pictured herself in a room full of sweaty, nasty, hairy, mean, Italian guys."God I love that girl" moaned Lisa,for good old Ida, instinctivly knowing her Mistress was getting happy, had used her well trained finger to massage Lisas cunt to a nice, Im driving but Im cumming anyways, orgasm.

     Tom was thrilled about the weekend, different reasons than the wife, on the Cape, because he was going overnight fishing and that was always fun. Every year he, and five doctor pals, rented a boat overnight and had a party like they were kids: booze drugs, gash. Being doctors they always got at least one nurse slut to be their cum dump. Over the years this trip got status at the hospital, and now, chuckled Tom, the cunts were lining up to be used for a weekend."Im fucking old" whined Tom, as he realised he was more excited by the fishing, he really needed that snuff victim to push all his buttons. It wasnt like he wasnt gonna enjoy his weekend, and it always got him hot to stand around with a group of pals fully clothed, and with geat nastiness, degrade a naked, kneeling, sobbing, otherwise bright, cunt. But even doctors couldnt kill the staff nurses, so he felt an emotional roadblock to ultimate release. Still the fact that Deb Davis  and Chris Murphy won the coveted roles of fishing hos, got him excited more than normal.

      He had fucked Deb several times, and it was always fun, as she was willing to be led in different directions without much hesitancy, that was a damn good trait in a slut. Going through his mental rollodex, he got: about 5"5", a chubby 135,35, red hair, fat freckled tits that said maul me, and an ass that was fat, but firm. The cunt wasnt married, Tom recalled, and her reason for winning was that she proposed that the docs gangimpregnate her, if that was a word, over the weekend. Its one of those ideas you sieze immediatly, or never think about again, perhaps. It was siezed by them with vigor, remembered Tom, as they all knew Deb would be a good mother, and she knew a distinguished, if a bit perverted, doctor would father her bastard. Win Win .

       Chrissy was a whole other thing, that her application was among those that were turned in secretly, intrigued the group. Looks  she had plenty of, but she was labeld a tight ass, which meant no one had gotten into her scrubs. Tom had a photographic cunt memory, Chris was mid twenties, RN, tall maybe 5'8", 120, small tits, sweet ass, long legs, and blond, but smart. When they read her reason to be picked, it got everyone more than a little excited. Seems, Chris's hubby liked the cuckold scene and she promised to slut for the docs while hubby served drinks and played cleanup boy.. She had even submitted a pic of her dressed slutty, with her hubby at her knees naked on a leash. Tom had felt the disgust at  her slovenly hubby rising from the group and he knew, they all knew , this could be epic. The chance to break up a marriage always excited these evil bastards, Tom supposed that Chris knew this on some level. Her letter went on about how her hubby was always pushing her in that direction, she tried,she liked the freedom of being in charge, and now wanted to really give her husband a taste of being a wimp. Oh, she came knocking on the right door, smiled Tom.


   As Tom and Lisas son, tom jr, was home for the weekend, it cramped the oversexed couples style, they had sex, lots of sex, just in the bedroom, door closed. Not having Ida parade around in her sensational wardrobe, offended Tom, but Lisa didnt want her little baby to see. What the fuck type of twenty year old kid gets offended at pure fuck meat like Ida wondered a bewildered Tom. If his family had a maid like Ida, when he was young, he wouldve been tapping it daily. He hated to admit it but his son depressed him and Lisa didnt help, defending the fucker always, but thats life. He hoped Ida, who would be home with prince charming this weekend, while Tom and Lisa went to the Cape, raped the fag all weekend. Ida, sweet, sweet, Ida, Tom was sold on the girl. Not at first, he thought Lisa was whacked with the outfits, and closeness between her and Ida,but she put a certain simplicity to everything. When Lisa told Ida she had to dress normal when sonny was here Ida asked innocently, "He no like pussy?" it couldnt have been said better.

       Having been married to Lisa for a quarter century, Tom knew her,  her moods,  her need to cross the line, her pararell need to have him pull her back, have him to protect her, and rely on him to administer to her flucuating emotions. And on that note, after giving his wife a noisy ass fuck, hoping jr heard it, Tom gave Lisa a shot to sedate her so she would be well rested for tomorrow nights festivities. Lisa was ready for the shot as she was getting obsessed with the visions of Italians defiling her here, there, and everywhere. Leaving his snoring wife, Tom beelined for Idas room and the slut was cleaning Lisas shit juice off Toms very dirty cock, with something akin to enthusiasm. God, this girl figured out what she is and she is the best at it. Tom could appreciate that and it surprised him that he had a real respect for the fiesty mexican. It didnt hurt that she finished his cock and automatically dived for his shithole, as if looking for a daily double.

    "I gave Ida orders to seduce tommy" Tom teased Lisa as they headed to the Cape, friday afternoon. Not surprising to him at all, Lisa aced him "Hon, I know toms not that manly, and Im geting frustrated with him also, so I gave Ida a command to get his little willy wet and Ida always fulfills my commands. You never know, Tom thought, but she was right if Ida couldnt get a fuck from jr, it wasnt happening,and then what the fuck. If the kid was a fag Tom would just fucking rage at the uselessness of it all. Who the fuck wants some effeminate sissy for a son, what the fuck was the point, he would only embarrass and disappoint. Fortunatly Tom was marrid to Lisa , and she always distracted him when he got gloomy, like now she was showing her fat tits to the truck driver on their right and he was enjoying her funbag presentation.God, he loved his wife as much now as when they first fucked at fifteen.

    The plan was to drop Lisa off at the hotel where the party was to be. Rocco got her a room so she could have a little break, at times, from the cock assault Lisa would be under all weekend. Tom was staying further down the Cape at a different hotel. It was always conflicting to Tom at that last second when he was leaving, knowing his wife was going to be at the mercy of strangers. Being an insightful man he knew the deal, the uncertainy over Lisas safety, jealously over Lisas getting huge cocked, humiliation over other guys abusing his wife, all led to a different level of orgasm for him. While he was fucking Deb or Chris on the boat, in the back of his mind, egging him on, would be the notion that right that second, his Lisa, may be in the middle of  a pile of macho Italian guys, who needed no instructions in what a dirty girl needed.

     It was like she was in an elevator and it dropped, that was how her stomach felt when Tom left. She always got that sense of dread, that her rock wasnt there to make it safe, however, Lisa, like Tom, knew that those dreadful feelings could be mixed wth the feelings of pure lust she would receive from the guys later, into the most intense orgasms ever. Fresh flowers, chocolattes, fruit basket, champagne, all were laid out as a welcome from Rocco and his friends. She used to think Italians so absurd, with their crotch grabbing and hand waving, now she didnt think she could live without the big hairy horny bastards. That she also found them among the most honorable and loyal people around moved her away from the notion that her kind,  the always been well to do hanging around the country club waiting for anything to happen crowd, were superior to everyone else. Tom was a little more hesitant and jokingly started calling Lisa his sexy lil democrat. Well, she wasnt sure about that, she still thought poor people deserved it, but she did know every one of these guys this weekend, would be more interesting and much more of a man than her weakling, who had every fucking thing handed to him, son

            HIs picture in her head was starting to disgust her, she loved him, defended him to Tom, but she was getting antsy with his overall demeanor, Unmanly, that was the word that Lisa knew fit him, but it was hard to admit that she had failed to raise a man, and If Ida cant get tommyboy interested, with all her tools, what the fuck. Jesus, Ida was a walking talking slab of cunt, and Lisa thought this with pure pride, as she truly, in her heart, loved Ida as if she was her sister. Her mexican had also contributed to Lisas evolving view that maybe rich white people wernt all that. Maybe, just maybe, a born in the street, abused, degraded, sold into sex slavery at eight, uneducated, except by herself, never had a fucking thing given to her, twenty two year old mexican girl, perhaps  Ida, had more character and dignity than the whole fucking boring whitebread rich, in an obscene not deserved kind of way, town they resided in. Tom was right, Lisa giggled, she was getting very liberal, but she wouldnt deny reality, she was having a blast meeting people outside their expected social circle,okay fucking and sucking people outside her social circle. It depressd her to socialise in a circle, which by its geometric nature is boring and constraining.

     The hot shower calmed her thinking, except of fat Italian sauages, and by the time she dressed she was in slut mode and all else was inconsequential. Looking in the mirror she had to smile. Wow, she still had it, stunning blonde hair, fat heavy tits, the kind guys loved to maul, soft unmarred white skin, a pretty unshaved cunt, she had seen, eaten, alot of cunt and she knew hers was nice, pink fat smooth soft even lips,as opposed to some cunts where the lips were inches long, dried out, and uneven, and her legs were strong and shapely. Not bad for fortyfive she figured, as she downed the antibiotics Tom made her eat during these parties, the dangers of sucking cocks that were coated in her ass juice, as well as giving a roomful of guys rimjobs were very real. Never, never did she intend to get sick like she had a while back after eating to much ass and getting a bacterial infection.

           Next, she swallowed the ladies dose of viagra, though she needed no help in getting wet at first, after four or five hours of constant cunt and ass poundings, even a five star slut like her, hit a plateau. Taking her last shit for the weekend, Lisa gave herself an enema to clean her chute for the ass attack to come. She always ate freaky large amounts of food leading up to the party, Tom called it  fattening the pig, and then shitted it out and stayed clean till the boys were done with her. If the fellas only knew the things she did to give them the best, sighed a getting horny, Lisa. Giving herself an enema didnt get her horny, knowing why she was did, and being one step closer to that first encounter. It was still one of the most daunting things, Lisa felt. To enter a room full of drinking, shouting, horny guys who all looked at you with their cocks, and they knew, and you knew, what everyone was here for.

       It aint the Ritz, but what the fuck, that was Toms reaction to the motel they booked rooms in. Typical cookie cutter, with nothing to brag about, except the fucking Atlantic Ocean in its backyard, and sometimes that was enough. They had three rooms,back to back to back, and the custom was the boys would play cards late into the night on Friday, and possibly scare up some local slag to service them,  the nurse cunts would meet them Saturday morning at the boat. Being classy fuckers, the doctors always booked rooms for the cunts for Sunday so the could relax after the boat bang they would endure Saturday. Of course the guys always took off Sunday, soon as the boat docked, who wants to be around a fucked out skank, whining that her cunt feels like it is gonna fall out, fuck that.

     Laying on the bed, Tom, was thinking that this whole Chris and her cuck thing had potential. He still had the ugly mental picture of her fat, pathetic husband, at her feet, and the fact that his weiner was tiny and weak, madeTom lust for violence. Past parties had gotten nasty and most sluts left having been royally degraded and humilated, and usually completely satisfied in a slutpig kind of way, but there was no over the top violence, and Tom could see how that might change. You put Chris's pathetic hubby in the midst of six drinking, fucking men, who were using his wifes body to their hearts content, and at some point they would need to hurt him, it was biological.  Boys like Chris's hubby digusted Tom in a scientific way, as they had no purpose, they were not gonna satisfy any woman, tiny dicks could only further drag down society, opined Tom. He laughed thinking Lisa, his wife was readying for a weekend of being used by men, but Tom knew the difference. Lisa needed the excitement like a junkie needs the product, in return Tom got his freedom to work out his kinks, it wasnt cause she had a dolt for a hubby, rather they both had an intense need to push the boundaries of the social "circle."

      Th knock on the door startled her and she almost spilled her champagne. Walking towards the hotel door, she wondered why the map of the floor plan on the door. If there was a fucking fire, who stops to look at silly diagrams, on the back of doors.  Her brain was trying to avoid thinking what opening that door meant, total surrender of her free will. Thats deep, thats nonrefundable. It wasnt Rocco, and she was disapointed, but the guy standing there was not to be slighted. "Im Michael, and Id like to fill you in on this weekends  little get together," the muscular, good looking, in a tough kind of way, olive skinned, stud voiced. Lisa,always a sucker for these ethnic fuckers, got  a little moist and stammered for Michael to enter her room. He again proved her point, in that, you saw Michael and you thought thug, hunky thug albeit, and then you talked to him and you thought smart, witty, classy, funny, hunky thug, and to  Lisas mind that  was all the difference. He made her feel good and Lisa appreciated that this young man, maybe thirty she supposed, knew she needed some ego stroking before the show started, "They are also damn charming" sighed Lisa, as Michael sweet talked her into slutpig mode, and she dug that.

      He was content to wait for the party, but Lisa needed this, and so he allowed her to suck his fat prick, on her knees, finger rubbing her wide awake clit. It was like freedom, giving herself away like this, thought Lisa as she gazed up at the Adondis, attached to the tasty cock she was sucking. She could already feel the tension leaving her body, as she moved into unrestrained sluttiness.  The fucker wouldnt slip her his fuck stick, though she asked nicely. That was another thing about these Italians, they had some self control, she giggled picturing some tightass at the club passing up her prime cunt, the Michaels of the world knew they were gonna get laid again, as the whitebreads only hoped they were gonna fall into some pussy.

     Swallowing Michaels sweet load got Lisa into that good place where she needed, not wanted, cock and humiliation. Michael laid out the basic plan for the following two nights. Tonight Lisa would party with the fathers of the groom and bride and their brothers, it was a tradition Michael informed Lisa, and she giggled again at how amazingly unuptight these healthy bastards were. During the day, Saturday, Michael had a limo at Lisas disposal and reservations for her at a dayspa, making Lisa feel like a princess, in a complete slutpiggy kind of way. Tomorrow night, Lisa would entertain the stag party, eighteen fucking men she drooled, quickly figuring two loads each equals thirtysix spunks in and on her, and she shuddered at the craziness of it all. Michael asked if she was ready to entertain the gentlemen, like she was gonna sing them fucking love songs, and not munch their shitholes. Fighting the jitters about being this vulnerable, she kissed Michael and thanked him for being so nice to her, and taking his large hand, let him lead her out of the room..

          Richard and Roger, made Tom, think of himself when he was younger. They were both in their twentys, and only were in this elite club because two others had retired. Tom liked that the tradition lived on, he also liked the potential of the two younger doctors. They were both average height, weight, looks, fat oversized cocks, and most importantly, a willingness to let it all hang out.  They, as junior guys, also brought all the booz, drugs and snacks. He didnt feel uncomfortable with the younger doctors, but was fine when they decided to hit a local dive and try to drag some pig over for a little party. He liked that he didnt care if they got a pig, because he was stuck on Chris and her hubby, and he could feel the heat from that dynamic stoking up and he was cool with letting it fester. Of course, if the boys came back with some cunt, he was getting his fair share.

       He was genuinly happy to see Steve, Will, and Jerry, his age, decade long frienships, no pretensions, they all knew what this trip was about ultimately. It was a way to bond so that the rest of the year these type alpha males could work together, without to much tension between them. He loved that they got that, more, that they had the guts to live it out. Not wanting to waste time, they all worked long staggering hours, the four friends settled down to a little precard card game, and all hoped the young guns brought them some particulary nasty piece of trash.

      Why do hotels pick such ugly carpets, Lisa mused, as she headed down the hallway led by Michael. It was almost real and breathing, her urge to turn and run back to her room. Fortunatly Lisa had a cunt that talked to her and it was saying " I want an  Italian sauage buffet," and it was not to be denied, so she kept walking. After MIchael knocked , the dread of waiting, she giggled maybe they arent home, but the guy who opened the door was home and  was fucking huge, trembled Lisa. As she was led in to the room, seeing everything, noticing nothing, she was at that emotional edge and the next few minutes were important. "Fellas this is Lisa and she would love it if you guys showed her a good time." Michael wished Lisa good luck, kissed her and left, leaving Lisa cringing with uncertainty. Again, with the Italians she didnt have to worry, they were on her in seconds, stripping, kissing, groping her with just enough verbal threats thrown in to get Lisa into the place where she could now just go off, orgasm after orgasm, as these manly  men made her their pig.

      While the men drank wine, smoked cigars and played cards, Lisa expertly went around and sucked each guy off. Her mind was going in six directions, why do Italians have such fat cocks?, men always look silly with their pants off and socks and shoes on, this guys cock  tasted like pussy, who fucks on the way to a gangbang Lisa wondered, and as she swallowed her fifth load of gravy, can a girl really die from swallowing to much cum. Her belly was saying enough love juice,already,and when one of the guys told her to entertain them Lisa was glad for a job to do, besides kneeling there tasting cum burping back up her throat. She knew how to act dirty, fuck, she wasnt acting, as she strutted around the room showing her stuff, she got closer and closer to the guys till she ended up siiting on each of their laps for a litte one on one groping and toungue sucking. It got her cunt flowing, being like this, available, open, usable, and they did.

     One of the guys was in his late sixties and Lisa got off on sucking face with him while his meaty fingers abused her nipples hard, she came, and a girls got to love that. The taste of his mouth, tobacco, wine, his coughing and a chunky hunk of phlegm slipping sensually down her throat. Lisa knew she had at least three good cums being manhandled, it was one of her favorite parts of the gangbang ritual, the guys always had to poke, prod, and squeeze first like she was a tomato they were buying. The rest of the night was fucking, which is always nice when the cocks are fat, and the girl, like Lisa, was determined to get every orgasm she could, but after a few hours Lisa was winding down, and the Italians,like most guys, wanted her gone, after rutting her, so they could play cards. She had in fact served her purpose, so they sent her on her way, clothes in hand, cum leaking from ass and cunt, without as much as a parting gift. She didnt like to admit it, but that humiliation, "screw cunt,  we used you, now be gone", drove her crazy, and she rubbed a cum from her cunt right outside their door, listening to the guys talk about everthing and anything except her. That was hot and gratifying to Lisa in a deep and compelling way.

   Passing an older couple in the hallway, trying to use her dress to cover her reddened nipples and leaky cunt, while appearing dignified in heels and stockings was not easy. "Harold you stop staring at the hussey", Lisa heard from the old lady, and she was into giggle mode, what else could she do. Not getting the key card to work was making Lisa giggle harder at the thought of having to go to the front desk. The problem she saw was that man juice had gotten on the magnetic strip. This really got Lisa laughing at the sight she must be. In the room she looked in the mirror and was glad she didnt go to the front desk, spunk was dripping off her hair in several places.

     After showering, Lisa had a glass of champagne and swallowed a  mild sedative as she knew she needed a goodnights rest, as tomorrow things were gonna be a bit more energetic. Though she had to admit the old Italians gave her two loads each and that wasnt bad, she was bone tired as gangbanging tended to do. Her fingers found her clit as she lay in bed rerunning tonights action through her mind. It wasnt that she was complaining, she knew this wasnt scripted for her enjoyment, but rather for the guys, always for the guys, but she really wanted a little more humiliation and abuse, please. When one of the old guys had put his fist up Lisas cunt and pretended she was a puppet, making her talk like miss piggy,  Lisa was off on orgasm island, and it was beautiful, though emotional stark, to let a guy have that power over you. She marveled that something like that could draw such awesome feelings from her cunt.  Lisa slipped into dreamland wondering again, who the fuck comes to a gangbang with a pussy coated cock..

      Thats three pots in a row, thought Tom, and if quarters were money he would be rich, he chuckled. When Rich and Roger had returned with no slut everyone was a little down but a few beers later they were playing cards and having a nice mens night for themselves, and as they all knew that cunt would be plentiful in the morning, it was fine. They had discussed the Chris thing at lenght and everybody was on board, a chance to humiliate Chris's husband in front of her, while fucking her senseless was to prime to not at least lay down some outline of what was to be acomplished. "Lets not forget Deb" said Will and Jerry added, "Why not put her off, so we can really focus on the unhappily wedded couple."  Everyone was up for that so Steve, who knew Deb best called her and quickly told the others that Deb was already at the motel, she had wanted to spend a night at the cape alone. Tom, the ringmaster saw his chance and the others, having seen his magic, stepped back and watched the genius set up a weekend that would live in infamy, or something.

      Tom had Steve get Deb to come down to their room and they would breed the pig now. Tomorrow , as soon as the boat was underway, they would commence an all out effort to show Chris that she should fuck over her hubby. "Whats the clowns name again" asked Rich, "Charles" sneered Will and they all ranted about the picture of Charles naked, fat body and pathetic tiny cock. "Well ole Chuckie asked for this fantasy,so I think we should give the guy his dream," teased Tom, and it was agreed. They would use Deb to help humiliate Chuckie, while the boys taught Chris what fucking was all about. Steve hung up and gave the guys the news that Deb was on her way down to the room. A cheer broke out and like teenagers, the highly paid, highly respected doctors broke into a chant " Pussy Pussy Pussy!'  they were fired up.

    Had to love Debs look of shock as she enterd the room, six dressed guys, but each with their cock hanging out of their pants. It was all great, thought Tom, the way she physically shrunk as they surrounded her, the way they stripped her roughly,  always talking to her rudely, twisting, slapping, biting her fat tits, all of them taking turns spanking her fat ass till she was crying like a baby and her ass was fireball red, making  her crawl  around the motel room and beg to be bred, they circled her and made her suck them all hard while they spit on her,  they blindfolded her before fucking her so she wouldnt know who spunked her first, while everyone else hurt her tits and told her how skanky she really was, tied rope around her ankles and hung her over the barthroom door so her feet were up in the air, so the sperm would stay in her cunt while they stuck their feet in her mouth, they put her in the tub for a very messy golden shower, and finally had her give eyeryone a first class ass tonguing as a way of saying thanks, and Tom thought that was enough. She obviously had a lot of cums, listening to her howl like a wolf.  If we treat Deb, who we all like, this way what are we gonna do to Chris, who no one hates, but everyone would like to see do a little groveling, well a lot of groveling, and Chuckie, well thats different, Tom knew the violence that they would unleash on him, he deserved and asked for, no doubt about it at all.

     While everyone else cleaned up, Tom walked the still shaking Deb back to her room, as she was upset from the abuse, and from experience with Lisa, he knew Deb needed time to come down from the emotional roller coaster she just got off. "Im such a slut, I cant believe I came while you guys degraded me," moaned Deb and Tom told her the truth  " you are a slut Deb, theres no doubt about that, but your also a fine person and thats the thing. We all like you and will help you with the baby, and no one thinks badly about you being a piggy, in fact  we love you because you are a nasty piggy girl."  No wanting to give Deb any other choice the good doctor gave her a sympathy fuck, slow and easy, pretending to give a fuck,all the time looking at her tits heaving  back and forth and wondering does that hurt,  pulling his cock out when she was right there and making her swear to help destroy Chris and Chuckies marriage tomorrow, giving her a hard fucking to send her off on a major cum, while encouraging her to be nasty to Chris and Chuckles. And she was snoring before Tom entered  another shot at the baby lotterry.

       Dr Tom was up early and ready to run, but the thing was, so was all the other guys. That was that, thought Tom," we are all alpha males, always competing, always trying to get that edge." They had a great run, pushing each others hard, then a group dip in the freezing ocean, and everyone was talking breakfast. Having showered first, Tom got the fetch Deb duty, as they decided to treat her to breakfast to butter her up. She answered fully dressed, well she was dressed like a cheap ho, but she was dressed . Tom remembered the invitaion they sent inviting the winners, stated that they must dress ultraslut for the boat, and well Deb could read. She had on a blue denim dress that ended just below her ass cheeks, it buttonned down the front and the top two were undone, and Debs huge honkers were threatening the great escape. She had spent time fixing herself and looked awesome and the four inch heels thrust her fat tits and meaty ass out, as if to say Im a pig, use me, and the stockings always added a nice slut touch. He was proud of Deb and told her how beautiful she looked and he could tell she was eating it up. Giving under her dress a check, Tom discovered that Deb wore a bright green string bikini that was obscene on her chubby fuckpig body, and he loved it, and tongued her and she moaned, in a cummy kind of way, and Tom knew Deb bought the deal.

      Thye all spent breakfast groping piggy, sticking food up her cunt to season it before chowing on it, and also buttering her up, and Tom figured they could get her to rob a bank right about now. Deb craved the attention, needed it, and the guys knew this and used it to turn her into a babbling, dripping cuntpig, before breakfast was over. When they decided it was time to head to the boat, there was a certain energy in the air, and everyone agreed that this was gonna be a special boat trip, for sure. That Deb had taken the suggestion of showing her cunt off, the girl went up to another breakfast places window, and to the perplexed and excited morning breakfasters rubbed her fat naked clam in front of the window for all to see, only proved toTom that this day was gonna be for the ages.

    Waking up after a gangbang was always the same Lisa knew, the burning cunt and ass tunnels, muscle cramps, body sore in a over did it at the gym kind of way, aching leg tendons from  legs being forced wide open for long periods, nipples and tits that hurt and burned from the abuse, jaw sore from sucking cock, tastes in her mouth that she tried to isolate: cum, piss, wine, and the heady taste of man shit. Of course the mental shit was next, feelings of worthlessness, waves of shame for being so nasty, and feelings of helplessness at not being able to say no. Then, as the little cunt well knew, as she replayed the night before, her finger would gently, at first, just trace her sore cunt lips, and as she pictured the abuse she was dealt, all her bad emotions hid away, and she had only one desire, to have a mind blowing cum, and she always did, ramming her fist into her sore cunt, pain be damned, pain be enjoyed.

      Laughing at how easy she pulled herself out of her waking blues, Lisa set out to solve her next major problem, she was fucking starving, as always, gangbanging took calories, lots of calories. She made a note to weigh herself at the spa today, as she had lost up to seven pounds during a fuckathon before. Giggling about the time Tom told her about his new weight plan, acting all richard simmons, Tom tried to sell the gangbang diet, sweating to the oldies, my ass. She checked the menu and ordered pancakes, as she knew they would not go right through her, and her shit chute would be ready for an all out Italian sauage invasion tonight. The thought of why she was here got her cunt talking again, but her stomach said fuck off, so she waited for room service and watched tv, and hoped her dear husband was having fun.

      The boat was perfect for the boys, and they rented it year after year. A thirty year old Novie, short for Nova Scotia, wooden, designed for lobstering, it had a wide open fantail, for outside fun and fishing, an enclosed cabin, and a compartment down a ladder that had a  small kitchen, head with shower, and two sets of doublestack bunks. It was slow as shit, but then again no one was in hurry, except to get the festivities underway. Speaking of which, it was ten am and they had the boat stocked with food, booze, drugs, bait, and one cunt, but there was no sign of Chris or her hubby, and Tom was starting to get a little pissed, as time was of the essence to a doctor. The invitation clearly stated that ten am was the time the sluts were expected at the pier. "Man I was so fired up at the potential of this shit and now" Rich left hanging, and everyone agreed, except Deb, who Tom noticed seemed happy that she may have her breeding session extended, exclusivly.

   When it was quarter past ten Tom said "Anchors aweigh, me boys, Debs getting a first class rutting all alone, it seems." Deb was cooing, the guys were pissed and there were a lot of threats of harrassing the cunt Chris at work and stuff, but what the fuck they did have Deb, and that was something. Roger was the one who saw them, "Hey thats Chris's car, I think". and sure enough here came Chris, and they could see her hubby also. Tom figure the lets ease in to crushing this couple  was out the window, as everyone was pissed, even Deb now looked gloomy, though Tom suspected if was because Chris showed up, at all, and not late. Even in a crowd of alphas, there is always a leader, aknowledged or not, and Tom knew he was the guy. He calmed everyone the best he could and explained that this worked in their favor, as they could set things straight right now before they took off.

    He went to Chris's window, she was driving, and as he leaned down he saw she was upset and her ugly hubby looked mad and appeared to be shooting threatening looks at Tom, which Tom mentally filed away. Tom decided to isolate the two, so he asked Chris to take a little walk with him to talk things over, he laughed when chuckles started to protest and Chris quietly told him to shut up, and he did. Tom also noticed that Chris never even looked at the chump, she just got out of the car and started walking with Tom down the pier away from the boat. Wow, fucking Wow, Tom was stunned at how well Chris looked, he knew she was hot, but she had done the impossilbe, dress like a total slut and still maintain an air of class, he thought, immediately of Ida and her abilty to always look dignifed, even when she was polishing someones shit hole. Chris wore a white silk blouse that exposed her red pushup bra, tight short black silk mini skirt, black seamed stockings, and three inch black fuck me pumps, Tom could smell how clean she was and he wanted to dirty her up something fierce.

     "Hes being impossible" pleaded Chris to Tom, "Last night I masturbated him three times he was so excited about today and now hes whining that he wants to go home." Having dealt wlth sniveling cucks before, Tom told her "Chris its time to call his bluff and give him a choice, be the boss he needs, either he gets his fat ass on the boat and starts pouring drinks, or tell him to drive home and we will drop you off on Sunday night, well fucked." It could go either way, she could freak and run to hubby and leave with him, or as Tom suspected, she had had enough and was ready to ditch wimpy. She was more than ready "Tom dont think bad of me, I didnt want this shit, he pushed me and begged me, but now I think Ive had it with the fucker, and I think I might enjoy a little payback for his making me so sad." Bingo, she had anger, and Tom knew how to fan that shit, "Nothing personal, Chris, but we were talking about that last night, and we all agreed, what is someone so smart, beautiful, dignified as you, doing with that hideous beast in the picture." The response made the good doctors cock wiggle, "Did Richard say I was beautiful' asked Chris and Tom knew the creep in the car was fucked, oh so merrily fucked. After Tom learned that Chris was gaga for Rich it was easy to get her to challenge hubby. He also cautioned her that the guys were gonna need to ramp up the violence, a tad, just to be able to stomach her hubby boarding the boat. She was all for it, and Tom was getting giddy.

      She inhaled the fucking pancakes she was so hungry, though she didnt enjoy them, as she wanted only to get to the gangbang on time, she was burning up inside and needed some action. She called the number of the limo and they said they would pick her up in one hour to bring her to the spa. Popping pills for tonights party, antibiotics, blood thinners, in case of clots from bruises, antinaussea, because she would eat no food, except, cum and possibly some shit, till Sunday, she paced the room waiting for the car, hoping she could keep her emotions in check. The knock on the door, twinge of anticipation. Opening to see the one and only Rocco standing there smiling, her heart beat faster and she swooned at the big bastard. After his sorrys for not greeting her last night, Rocco filled her in on today, and she was relaxed to be with this godlike fucker. She asked for his cock, and he made her beg, and she did, with much feeling, and he pounded her with his freak fourteen inches, battering her cervix in a way that touched Lisa physicaly and emotionaly. The bastard, after getting the now expected cock cleaning, told her to get ready for a night of abuse and left her on the bed feeling deserted and leaky.

     Still trying to stop Roccos megaload of sperm from soaking the back of her dress, Lisa watched the scenery, as they headed to the spa. She wasnt impressed with the Cape, sure the beaches were nice, but the ocean was beyond her, to big, to empty for her, give the girl a heated pool with bar service. And the tacky shops and greasy restaurants didnt do it for her, who the fuck wants a ninety nine cent tshirt. Oops, driver saw her sniff her finger during a pussy smell test, giggling that she was a pig, P-I-G pig, and she loved it, again the freedom from breaking through societal constraints turned her on something raw. The spa was a surprise, as it was classy and she got the full treament, mud bath, sauna, massage by a hot teen girl, and Lisa could smell the girls cunt heating up as she rubbed Lisas fuck pig body, but business was business, manicure, pedicure, hair done, legs waxxed, facial wax, no guy could deal with the pain from a waxing,  Lisa gave her men her all.

     Some woman take to it naturally, thought Tom, and Chris was one, to be sure. The way she headed to hubbys door, with a walk that said here I fucking come and boy am I pissed, the way she loudly, so everyone on the boat could here, ordered wimpy out of the car and to make himself useful serving her friends, his whiny refusal, and her immediate angry threat that he either do it or he could get behind the wheel and drive home, because either way she was getting fucked royally by her men friends. That he would beg her, plead with her, and generally snivel and pout in front of other men, was getting the guys into a state of simmering violence. He was an afront to them as men, to see a guy behave in this pathetic way was so fucking creepy they had to hurt him, it really was biological. He finally got out of the car, you know how you see a picture of someone and go UCK, then meet the person and go wow that picture did them no justice, well the picture of chuckles didnt lie, he was nasty if not more so, in person. What the fuck was Chris thinking, the dolt is creepy wimpy, he had no money, no skills, Chris said he was a janitor, who the fuck marries a janitor, again what the fuck was Chris thinking, and Tom suspected that Chris, as she looked, with heavy disgust, at her whining fat husband, was asking herself the same question.

         It gets old, Tom figured, the cuck always trying to pretend he can control things, he fucking cant, thats why hes a cuckold. Chris turned to Tom and asked  if he would show her husband to his duties and Tom needed no other invitation.  Fortunatly, the boat was blocked by a bigger boat, so when Tom ordered wimpy to strip, as he didnt deserve clothes, and wimpy declined in a particularly pathetic way, Tom simple grabbed his shirt and laid a nasty bitch slap symphony on the now bawling fag. While slapping the dolt, Tom, to his amusement, noticed that Chris dug it. Some chicks in this scene didnt mind their hubbys being trashed, but they didnt want to watch, others, and Chris clearly was one of these, dug the violence and got off on it. Feeling sissy got the message, Tom asked him if he was ready to be a good little boy, dummy mumbled yeah. Not good enough, so Tom punched him in his fat belly. and when wimpy went down, Tom said "You will answer me, Yes sir, you fucker or I will rip your useless balls off."  Cucks either kept pretending to fight or gave in, this coward rolled over and Tom knew he was gonna get a real working from everyone. Looking up and seeing the naked lust in everyones eyes as they lined the side of the boat, noticing the same blood lust in Chris' eyes, this was gonna be brutal.

   Theres was much booing and catcalls when he was naked, and it was ugly, balding, unkempt hair, double chin, acne blisters on his ugly fat face, he had tits for christ sake, that flabby belly where you know the guy has never exerted his body in the least, a cock that you had to look for as it barely peeked out of his pubes, as if even it knew it was weak and just wanted to hide in shame, he was a creepy whiny sad fuck and Tom would have it no other way, because chuckles would draw real anger from the others, successful good looking people. For fuck sakes, the creep was only in his twenties,if you looked this nasty in your twenties, what was the fucking point. They got him on the boat, with the guys making a big to do about his man breasts and before he was even on the boat a minute, he was getting titty twisters from everyone, and squeaking like a cunt. Even Deb got a shot at milking fattys hooters, and Tom, noticed Chris looked a bit excited, but he didnt know if was because hubby was catching hell, or because she was so close to Rich, he figured a little of both.

        Night and day, that was the difference she felt leaving the spa, they were fucking good, real good, still thought mud baths a scam but what the fuck. She felt like going to a gangbang, giggling,  noticed  it was same driver, giggled thinking of telling him her cunt was clean, now. Back in the room, ordered a picture of martinis to take the edge off, several hours to kill, needed to combat the roller coaster of emotions starting up. Why the fuck were all the workers at this hotel russians, did the cops know all these commies were infiltrating america, wonder if commies have big cocks, why were russian women so fucking ugly and sour, they were russian women, she figured, and that would be enough.

              Watching the ocean from her balcony, again, its magnitude scared her, its fucking power as it crashed against the shore, its obvious coldness, fuck all that. Eyeing a small boat near shore, four guys fishing, thinking she wouldnt mind being on her knees for that, except that little fucking boat was all ready rocking from the waves, fuck that. Then she noticed one guy on the boat scanning the hotel with binnoculars, men they are all so fucking one track, thank god. Lisa didnt even have to ponder it, the railing of her balcony was thin black iron, so she was visable, skirt up and hand in cunt, shirt up and hand working bared tits, guy found her fast, and Lisa giggled at the thought that the guys glasses had a beeper that went off when cunt was nearby, like a metal detector. She fiddled and they passed the glasses and had a nice memory of cunt and  fishing, Lisa got the best fish, a big fat cum. After gave the guys a little extra, licking her fingers like the piggy she was.

            Another shower, body lotioned, pills popped, viagra, motrin, small dose of uppers to keep her perky and dull hunger pains, hair done perfect, face and lipstick, perfumed to draw attention, she stood in the full length mirror and liked her fortyfive year old body.  Face as beautiful as ever, though her smile was off from the Botox injections, lips that were naturally fat and wet, neck tight from a little tuck, but not to tight like some cunts who looked like their chin was trying to meet to get intimate with their ears, Tits starting to sag, knowing Tom would get them fixed helped, stomach okay, a little belly but fuck she saw others her age at the gym and Lisa knew she was smokin. Skipping her cunt, cause she knew she had a pretty vagina, her ass perfect, the cheeks firm but soft, legs still to die for, Lisa was satisfied that she could entice.

      Panties or not?  Figuring the guys would want a strip show first, she wore the white thong  with SLUT written in black across front, black seamed thigh highs, the red four inch heels, though, she hated to shake her shit while feeling like she would topple over at any second, she loved the way the heels showed her tits and ass, as if she was offering them up, and of course, she was. Red mini, zipper up side, so she could shed it quick, no bra, fuck it, her tits liked their freedom, light green blouse, you could tell she was braless, and at the right angle her nips showed, but it was slut conservative, giggled Lisa. In the mirror, giggling, if my kids could see me now, getting depressed thinking of them and their petulant behavoirs, pored a martini and waited and wondered if Tom was having a little fun.

   Tom was having mucho fun, more fun than anyone should have at anothers exspence, but fuck it, thats what sadists did. It was amazing at how quickly everyone accepted that chuckles needed to be worked over before the fucking could start. Figuring he had gotten a few shots in Tom was content to kick back and watch the show. The fucker was a nasty thing and Tom was physicaly revolted by him, and thought he really didnt want to touch the fucker. When he had bitch slapped the fucker earlier, Tom got some of the loathsome fuckers zit grease on his hand and that offended him When someone pointed out the skid marks in the losers shorts, Toms mind raged, how low life do you have to be to show up at an event like this in dirty draws, everyone got skid marks, only losers wore them to fuck parties.

    Having a beautiful perceptive mind, Tom quckly got that Roger and expecially Rich were the ones leading the way, and Tom got that because they were loser boys age, they hated him more, and he got that Rich was cool with Chris' obvious lust for him, and he was particularly nasty to chuckles.

Laughing that they were still tied to the dock and the fucker was alresady bleeding from a cut that Rich inflicted when whipping fatty with a fishing rod across his fat ass when he was slow to respond. He was a dull one, more interested in babbling and crying than entertaining them, and that was what he was born for, to serve and entertain others. To sit back relaxed and watch the degradation of a loathsome specimen was a great way to spend a lazy saturday, opined Tom.

    They had him dance for them, with his fat gross body shaking like jello, while the guys taunted and spit on him, got him  to crawl  to each of them and ask that they abuse him for being so worthless, while he pulled his little penis, had him lay on the deck and made him stuff a beer bottle up his ass, while the guys pissed on him, even Tom got in on that action, they threw him in the icy Atlantic to clean him, and quickly and roughly pulled his shivering ass out, made him show everyone his extreme shrinkage from the water, and finally before shoving off made him get on his knees and beg Chris, his wife, to punish him for being so pathetic. Rich and Roger then hogtied chuckles and left him on the deck, crying.

    The feel of the wide novie breaking through the waves thrilled Tom and he knew he would always need the ocean, laughing that it was one thing Lisa and he disagreed on, as he knew she prefered a pool over the majestry that was this brutal unforgiving ocean.  It handled beautifuly like a workhorse, not a fancy nancy, real wood not plastic, built to work the fucking ocean, not look pretty.

      He loved how easily everyone shifted from humiliating fatty to focusing on Chris, Rich had his tongue down her throat and hands working her bared tiny tits, Roger had a finger in her snatch and a finger up her shitter, under her dress, while Will, Steve, and Jerry were giving, the down to her obscene string bikini, Deb a brutal grope session and she was squealing to beat the band. Toms cock was throbbing in his pants at watching it all, Chris really was hot and obviously needed a major fuck session to unstain the horror of chuckles, That she would divorce the loser, Tom had no doubt, she was to locked onto Rich to ever consider staying with fatty, she was trading in a pathetic janitor loser for a successful doctor, and in the end, that was every nurses dream. Tom figured that he should take them out a safe distance away from shore as he knew that this could get outrageous, and he had started to get a feeling that things could get out of hand quickly.

    That fucking impending knock on the door, fearing it, loving it, she was waiting like a fucking predator waits for food, with coiled excitement just waiting, just fucking waiting. Goosebumps and butterfies after Rocco called to say he would be down and that the party was underway. Deep breaths to ward off hyperventilating, last finger sniff from ass and cunt, clean, mirror check,smokin, pacing, stretching her limbs for the coming war, hearing the footsteps before the knock, actually feeling her cunt wetten. She went to answer the knock, as ready as a girl could get for what she knew was coming her way.

The big charming bastard, with flowers, beautiful flowers, not some supermarket spraypainted white trash flowers, laid on the compliments that she needed to get her slutty little feet moving. Thinking that these fucking Italians are perceptive to a sluts needs, know when to stroke the ego, know when to whip the ass. Heading to the small function room where the party was happening, Lisa let Rocco lead and she thought again how fucking big this guy was, and how sure he was of himself, a girl had to love a confident guy. Round a corner, Rocco stopped, gave her a little smile and said "Lisa this is it, make my boys happy, give them your all, or I will be most disappointed." How can a cunt refuse that, so Lisa entered the room full of eighteen rowdy, boozing, drugging nasty Italians with one thought, to give these fuckers the time of their lives.

  Rocco gave her an introduction any slut would be proud of, and then Lisa got down to it. Music beating, she danced, shook, and slowly stripped her way round the room while the guys cheered, Gave each guy a chance to inspect her, loving the groping and teasing she endured, got on a table and masturbated with a beer bottle while the guys taunted her nicely, and then got down to a major, violent gangbang. She loved it, these guys knew what she needed to get over the edge,and they gave her it, in spades. Hard thrusting as if punishing her for daring to be a slut, guys fascination with cumming on a sluts face, their need to watch her eat that jizz as if aknowledging their superior man juice. The need to hurt her nipples, not that she minded, but she was starting to think that maybe more women should breatsfeed, the desire of apparently every man in america to have her clean their cocks after they plowed her ass or rutted her cunt,

             She adored  the bonding she felt these Italians shared amonst themselves, they really were family, and she envied that closeness, a lot of parties guys were paranoid being close to another guy, so the gangbang turned into a series of mindless boring one on one fucks, and that was no good, no fucking good. These guys reveled in their closeness, so she got lots of double and triple penetrations and that was why they called it gangbanging. Having two fat cocks prying your mouth apart was hot, but when they came, making her spit the cum on to the cocks and sucking it back up while they egged her on, was oh so fucking much hotter.

                Again she compared her boring whitebread swing parties to this manfest, and she knew they were apples and oranges. In her rich white protestant circle, the guys liked to fuck and then after they got their rocks off, they acted as if they had commited a crime and needed to get away, while these hearty bastards, reveled in the messiness and lewdness of a proper sloppy pigpoking. As she felt their bodies she dug the scars, bullet holes, and in one case missing leg,hoping the guy was gonna get fresh with his four inch round stump, she knew these guys lived life, every fucking hour of every fucking day, like it could be their last, and it could be. Her rich friends pushed paper, these fuckers pushed the envelope, and that was big, real big.

       She truly appreciated the sendoff, they lined up, naked, in two rows,facing each other, nine each side, and as Lisa went down the row, guy facing her got sucked, guy behind her fucked her ass, she went through twice so everyone got a quick ride up her shithole and a sloppy mouth cleaning from Lisa and on the third trip, Lisa saladtossed everybody, eighteen shitholes her tongue invaded, and the others spanked her ass till it was bright red and stinging beautifully. Wow, she was at that level, and so when they made her kneel and the groom used her as his personal urinal she sloppily drank it all while cumming with no manual stimulation, and that was always a satisfying cum.

    And like that, they were done with her and as Lisa well knew she served no other purpose,  she was shown the door, though Rocco allowed her the chance to clean up and dress in the bathroom, The long, lonely, painful walk back to her room, still reeling emotionally from giving her all, noticing the russian maid in the hall giving her a critical eye, digging her hand up her messy cunt and eating the slop in front of natasha, Lisa thought, now she could look aghast all the cunt wanted, dirty commie cunt. Falling on the bed in complete exhaustion, figuring she had been working it hard for almost four hours. She didnt want to sleep this dirtied, so she crawled into the tub, and sipping champagne, she let her body, and her mind, relax.

    Interesting that the heavy guilt of being a slut  was lessened, maybe because she actually dug the Italians helped that, and knowing they were men enough, like Tom, to not be intiminated by a rich beautiful over the top slut like her, that made it all so much better. Thinking of Tom and loving the freedom he had given her, and knowing he was smart enough to understand she didnt want to be a slut, she needed to be a slut, like a pig needs to roll in the mud to scratch that itch. In bed, under the sheets, feeling her cunt lips and how swollen they were, she gently rubbed her clit and tried to remember some more little humilations that she underwent, to fuel a goodnight climax. After Rocco parted her asshole with his monster, the guys all having to see inside her cum filled wide open anus, its pretty humiliating having strangers look up your gaping asshole, the guy with the stump making her suck it like a cock, and then fucking her with his leg as she came repeatdly, the awesomeness of eating all those hairy assholes and the different tastes she got from each, and the best was making her sit naked on a table eating all the spunk dripping from her while they all cheered and spit on her, something about letting guys spit on her got her nicely degraded. So thinking of lewd memories Lisa fell into a deep sleeep.

Being a bunch of romantics The guys let Rich get Chris first, but of course also being sadists they had to drag chuckles into it. He wasnt happy, no one cared,  the humilation was awesome. Rich made chuck beg him to fuck Chris and he even made fatty look Chris in the eyes and tell her he couldnt satisfy her. Tom dug the violent reply from the heated Chris,"you piece of shit, like I dont know this, all those nights of me sneaking into the bathroom to rub myself off because you couldnt make me cum with that pathetic thing." To everyones delight she then slapped chuckles hard, real hard, spittle flying hard, and added "lay face first on the deck, at least you can be of use as a fat soft bed for Richard to  make love to me." Much impressed. Tom had mr happy out and stroking to Chris shedding her hubby forever. While blubber lay, sobbing, face first on the deck, like a beached whale, Chris kissed, tongued, stripped, and carassed Rich with more than sluttiness, but with obvious longing, and this everyone was glad to see, for they all liked her and thought Rich was geting a good deal, though they all intended to sample her three fuck holes repeatedly before this night was over.

   When Chris laid on her back on her fat creepy hubby and Rich mounted her and started making love to her, to the sound of blubber bawling, Tom relished  that he was witnessing such a beautiful thing, Looking at Deb he saw tears in her eyes, jealousy or happiness he knew not, but her hand was working her cunt in a frenzy. Tom watched Rich saw his seven inches of fat cock, in and out of the snapping tight cunt,  he could tell Chris was loving it, she was already moaning and telling Rich he was so good, Rich was driving hard and using his hands to push lumpys fat face into the deck. When Rich  was done everyone thought it cool When he made bozo clean his cock while Rich taunted chuckles, but when Chris sat on her babbling lardass hubby and fed him her creampie everyone cheered her freedom. It also meant the rest of the guys could get at Chris, and they did, and she loved it. Tom thought her snatch fine and was having a great time deep rutting the very excited Chris, but the loser hubby kept bawling and this, Tom had to stop.

   With speed, precision, and extreme brutality, Tom got fatty hogtied, suspended from the winch, used to haul lobster pots, and turned the wincharm so fatty was staring at the freezing ocean, hanging face down from the winch. Everyone loved Toms brutality, even Chris who told Tom her loser husband couldnt swim. Not needing anymore ideas, Tom was soon running the winch up and down and fatty was splashing in and out of the water, being a sadist Tom kept the timing off, so chuckie couldnt time his breaths underwater, and he was swallowing a lot of salt water. Wanting to get to Chris prime cunt, Tom left the hysterical, vomitting, coughing loser swinging from the  winch arm two feet off the water, knowing that there were three foot seas, meaning every seventh wave was big enough to swamp the fag good. Chris was tongueing Toms mouth with gratitude as he slammed her cunt like a maniac, and they both came loudly and completely.

    From there the fucking got intenese for awhile and then the guys were temporarily sated and the girls were sore. Deb played waitress, cause she had taken less abuse, Tom took Chris to the shower and he cleaned her and then rubbed her sore body, knowing from his experience that a girl who had been only getting a tiny prick, was going to be to sore to fuck if the big dogs went to fast,  they had the rest of the night. So giving Chris a sedative so she would sleep for a few hours,Tom got a couple tit and cunt gropes, slid his cock in and out of her cunt slow to get a mental picture of how nice it felt and then went to join the crew.

                They had dragged asshole back into the boat and stuffed him in the tank used to keep lobsters in and closed the lid so no one would have to look at the whiner anymore. There was some consideration of abusing chuckles while Chris slept, but everyone now knew that Chris was into it and had made her decsion, like a first round knock out, thought Tom. He knew Chris would turn on fatty, but he wanted to work them as a couple for awhile, but what the fuck, jesus, Chris was a good slice of cunt. While the guys set up the fishing gear, Deb, in her obscene string bikini served drinks and took abuse, which she loved, and tried to lure someone into fucking her. Tom, got  a nasty thought and well he acted on it. He fed Deb a massive dose of viagra and then told her no cumming till I say. Of course all the guys started rubbing Debs fat dripping cunt and when she got close they stopped, leaving her on edge and crazy with lust, begging and pleading for relief.

                Fishing in the ocean so so much more intense, the fish were bigger, stronger, and damn sure tasted better. And coldwater fish tasted better than warm water fish, so this was the place to be, and Tom appreciated that. The guys were giving him shit about his refusal to use the fish finder, but he knew how to find fish, throw your fucking line in and wait. When he came up with a two foot eel, had to put it in the tank with the loser and they all enjoyed watching the petrified fag freaking as the eel kept flopping on the fat pig, they poured ice cold salt water in so fatty was up to his chin in water, and then they slammed the lid leaving the bawling bastard in total darkness, just a fag and his eel.

               They had a good day and got enough cod and flounder to have a huge fish fry, and as the sun was setting they decided to get dinner going. Rich was allowed to go and wake Chris and if he wanted to fuck her alone, as all the guys wanted to see him with her now, and as he told them, "I cant believe it but I love that slut."  While Will, Steve, and Deb cleaned the fish, battered it, and started frying it and the home made fries, the other guys got shithead out of the tank.  Looking at the pile of shit sobbing on the deck, Tom was amazed at how ugly he was, that the fucker was crying for his wife was funny in a sad fuck way, as she was making love to her new man down below, chuckles had missd the train and the sorry fuck was still looking down the tracks for it  to arrive.

Watching Chris come up from below, naked, and scream at chuckie to shut the fuck up, as his whining ruined her fucking from her lover and if he whined anymore she would have Richard throw his fat ass over board, Rich backed this up with much feeling.  She fed him another creampie, and spiting in his face, told him for the first time that she hated him, and Tom knew this was always a big moment in the cuck dynamic, when the wife realises she truly loathes her weakling husband, and he understands that hes lost his wife forever. While they ate, the guys played with Chris and Deb, and the girls also put on a little show, and Deb ate Chriss cunt, the piggy was on fire and needed relief in the best way, but they made her wait.

   Mauling the two cunts, the guys were having a blast and Rich had to ask Chris if she had any requests and she floored everyone when she asked if the guys would rape her husbands ass because she wanted to hear him scream, much debate, finally agreed if the girls prettied the ugly fuck up some, so the girls brought porky below for a little, all right a lot of prettying up. Tom and the guys did a little night fishing while waiting to abuse the wimp. The job the girls did was outstanding, piggy was looking silly with way to much make up and lipstick, the girls had shaved his fat ass and tiny cock clean, he was wearing Debs heels so his ass jutted out, and the guys got crazy, battering his ass while beating it as he cried, pleaded, and begged, everything but fight like man. Tom was sure the fag had this fantasy, of course the fantasy was all fun and games, well this was different as his ass was bleeding and he was howling in real pain.

    As the ass rape went on Tom loved that Chris taunted her hubby and she was obviously turned on, even Deb was digging this violence. The girls were having a blast playing with chuckles shrunken one inch wee wee, and Tom saw the look of absolute disgust on the soon to be former spouses face and he adored that reality, that finality, chuckies life had come apart. Why do cucks push their wifes to fuck real men, what the fuck do they realisticly think is going to happen, any fuck ways. When they were done ass fucking the clown, they made him squat and push all the cum out into a bowl, and a large turd came out and there was much blood also, and Richard smeared chuckles face into the bowl untill it was gone. His face was gross and everyone teased him while he sat there crying and that was it, thought Tom, put this fucker out of sight or they would kill him. Richard thought they should feed the fag so he was made to eat live worms left over and then raw fish guts, and when they locked him in the holding tank they could all hear him wretching, and it was good. Chris was brutally fucked, ass and cunt, and Richard understood that she needed that and more, deserved it for marrying chuckles.

     Laying in the bunk, Tom was stroking his soft spent cock thinking of the brutality of the night, while listening to Roger ass fucking Deb, who they fucked hard for hours, and all her saved up emotions went off and she was wild, fucking them all and Tom dug that she could reach a Lisa level of sluttiness, and made a mental note to introduce Deb to Lisa as a mentor program. Laughing, listening to Richard make slow love, again, to a very apprecative Chris, while Steve, Will, and Jerry all snored up a storm, a symphony of snores, moans, and ass  farts coming from Debs fat sloppy ass, as Roger buggered her like a fucking mad man.

    Jesus, this is bad thought a in pain Lisa on waking. Every inch of her body hurt, head to toe, and insides, splitting headache, sore mouth, shoulders on fire, tits burning, stomach sour, cunt trashed, ass leaking and on fire, needing to shit, knees hurting from kneeling, fuck this was bad, good thing about so much pain, she didnt have to deal with her feelings of despair that followed the morning after a nasty fuckathon. She really crawled to the bathroom, puked, pissed and liquid shitted, jesus, her shit stank, and Lisa giggled as she could see some spermies floating in the shit soup in the bowl and pondered if she should eat them. A hot shower was one of the true great things in life, feeling a little better all ready, dried off, and popping motrins, antidiareha, antibiotics, calling room service for food, lots of food, she was fucking ravenous for food.

  Waiting for the food to arrrive she put on a robe and sat watching tv and wondering if the fag newsman even listened to himself, she sure wasnt, and she turned it off, and sat, just fucking sat, and waited, and wished Tom was here to hold her and maybe get her an after gangbang soft loving orgasm, that would go a long way to restoring her sense of wellbeing, she felt. The same russian cunt from the hall last night brought her breakfast in, dont these fuckers ever not work, and then I want to fuck her, and Lisa did. It wasnt hard she just kissd her hard and then led her to the bed, and the cunt could go.

     Her face was ugly, but her body was built to please, fat soft tits, nice smooth hairy sweet tasting cunt, and an asshole that was very tasty. Lisa sampled it all and the girl was willing to return the shit, and gave Lisas cunt a really proper licking, and to Lisas amazement, she got two good cums. Wow, you never know till you try, Lisa laughed as she shoveled food into her face, and pondered what just happened. She really should have some control, but she didnt, she wanted to fuck the ugly commie and she did, just like that, with no thought of the russian saying no. Lisa knew she had it and she had to.

      Getting way to old to be drinking and fucking till the wee hours, that was Toms first waking thought, his second was I gotta piss, and he did, in the holding tank, on the loser who looked up with sad beaten eyes, and Tom hucked a fat morning loogie into them, noticed others had pissd on him, slammed the lid and went and plowed Debs open inviting fat ass till she cried and he came. Tom piloted the boat slowly back to shore as the guys were getting their last ruttings in, and as everyone figured Richard was not gonna share Chris once they hit shore, everyone was on her and she was squealing with glee, but ole Deb was pouting at the lack of cock, so Tom got her between his knees and she was happy slobbering on his fat meat stick.

    As usual once they hit the dock most of the guys wanted to be gone but there was the matter of the slob in the tank. Plan was they dressed fatboy, got him in his car and on his way, Richard would spend the night with Chris at the motel, Deb would spend the night at the motel alone, good practice thought Tom as Deb was one of those all right girls, and all rights not quite good enough. Tom was glad to be on the road to Lisa as he was missing her, but he didnt want to call her as she could be sleeping or more likely fucking someone.

   She was, as Michael came down to tell her he appreciated her making everyones night special, and then he fucked her, slowly and expertly, and Lisa cried from the tenderness, as opposd to the violence of last night. That Tom arrived as soon as Michael left her, got Lisa giggling out of control, and Tom had to admit his wife lived a busy life, he plowed her sloppy snatch, anyhow, and had a nice cum in her well used cunt. They just lay in each others arms and Tom told Lisa about his fun boat ride and she amused him with dead on impersonations of the Italians. They showered, dressed and hit the road, calling their weekend on the Cape a smashing success.

                                                                                               THE END






                            Dr Tom and Lisa

                              chapter 4

                           Lisa does Jamaicans

                              by roccodadom44

               Lisa lay in bed listening to the wind blowing and hiding from the falling snow. She felt like winter would never end and she was getting depressed. Even playing with Ida, her personal maid, left Lisa in the blahs. Though she did get a good cum riding her slaves well trained tongue last night that allowed her to sleep well. She wished Tom had some free time so they could go somewhere warm for a week or so. But her husband was out of state training younger doctors in the latest tricks of heart surgery. Tom and Lisas kids were away at college and Terry, her best friend, was away in Italy with her new husband, Rocco, visiting his relations, and getting Roccos fourteen inch freak of nature cock stuffed up her cunt on a daily basis. Lisa didnt feel sorry for Terry, but she was happy for her,was glad she ended her mariage to Peter, so she could marry her perfect mate, Rocco. But none of this helped lift Lisa from her doldrums. She rolled out of bed and went to find Ida to see if the always cheerful mexican could happy up her mistress.

     Tom was tired from giving a seven hour lecture on new options in heart surgery, but he also wanted to empty  his balls. He stopped at the hotel bar and while nursing a drink was a approached by a good looking asian woman dressed business conservative, so Tom couldnt define her body exactly. She told him she was at his lecture and thought he was so good. Tom knew these things always ended with him balling the gushing fan of his. Her name was Susan Chan and she was a cardiologist from Baltimore, was funny and witty. Tom actual had a nice time at the bar, but when she took off her wool blazer, Tom wanted some chinese food. She had obvious big tits and a tight ass from the looks, and Tom wanted to plow her quick. Even though she showed him pictures of her husband and kids, at Toms first suggestion, Susan headed to the room, ready to fuck. Tom was pleasantly surprised at how well she could milk a cock with her silky smooth cunt. Her tits were perfect heavy mounds of meat and Tom mauled them with much gusto. She gave him a night of hard fucking and sucking and the good doctor fell into a restful sleep, thinking how good his life was.

     When he awoke with the cunt next to him, and as he had a headache, he decided to play rough. Gently Tom lined his throbbing cock up to Susans unsuspecting anus, put a hand gently over the sleeping cunts mouth, and then drove his cock all eight inches up the bitches shit chute. She struggled and moaned but Tom was riding ass and he wasnt getting off till he flooded her hole with cream. He wasnt the least bit worried about the cunt complaining later, because she would have to explain a night in Toms room.Tom also set up a camera in his hotel room while Susan used the bathroom, so he had video of her willingly and wantonly going for Toms cock. When Tom emptied his balls up her ass, he quickly forced the pissed gook to clean his still raging cock. He like that she gave in and did an all right job of cleaning his manjuice and her shit slime off his cock.

     Just so she understood how he felt about her he next made her eat his saucy ass which she did with little reluctance. Tom made, the wanting to leave, Susan call her husband and kids and while she talked to them, Tom abused her tits and slid his cock back in and out of Susans still dripping shit hole. He loved the way Susan tried to maintain control, but when Tom fingered her clit, she started moaning. She cried into the phone "I got to go make a conference, I call later, I love you." When she hung up the phone Susan started throwing her ass at Tom and they managed a nice cum together. The pig stuck around after for a hot shower and she left on somewhat good terms. Tom loved that these cunts were all the same. Tried to assert control but always gave in because they needed real cock, and he knew Susans husband had a tiny prick from her fascination with his fat fuck stick. As he knew his wife, Lisa, wanted to try gook cunt, he got Susans name and told her to look him up if she ever came north.

   When Lisa found Ida, she was smiling at her horndog maid, who had a twelve inch fat dildo jammed up her cunt while tugging hard on her nipples. As the slag was lost in orgasmic delight, Lisa decided to surprise her,so she stood straddling the on the floor masturbator, and when Ida started riding her orgasm, Lisa let her potent morning piss fly into the girls brown face. Ida opened her eyes, smiled, and opened her mouth as wide as possible, as if saying please use me, and Lisa did. When Lisa finished she sat right on the maids face, and the mexican got to work and Lisa had a better than average cum. Being in a good mood now, she gave Idas taco a proper licking and her perfect slave was lost in cum land. When the girls were done, they showered, and then Ida went to cleaning and Lisa went back to pouting about the winter blues. When Tom called and said he would be home a day late, Lisa told him she was sad and that was the one thing Tom hated to hear. He wanted his wife to be happy, so he started to think about how that could happen.

       After several hours on the internet, Tom came up with a spectacular plan. He knew Lisa needed sun and fun, but more she needed a parade of fat cocks to fuck her into happy land. So,being the mover and shaker he was, Tom had a private villa in Jamaica booked for one week for Lisa and him. But to make it really hot he also had made contact with a Jamaican who could provide unlimited cock for his sexy wife. Tom even bought a large black dildo and wrapped the plane tickets around it with a note saying time for the real thing. He thought Lisa wuld like the present.

    Instead of staying a day late, Tom got another surgeon to give his lecture, and Tom didnt call Lisa till he was in the air. Lisa was by now into a serious pout and was comtemplating visiting a dive bar two towns over where she could get gang fucked in the back room by a bunch of construction workers. She needed something to get her going, Toms call telling her he would be home today got her headed in the right direction. But after picking up Tom at the airport, and he giving her the present in the car, Lisa was crying real tears of joy at how wonderful her husband was. As Tom drove home Lisa sucked his cock and rammed the dildo in and out of her multilpe orgasming cunt. Tom supposed the gift was appreciated and he didnt take long to sperm his wifes stomach. The rest of the way home Lisa told Tom again and again how much she adored him, and Tom was pleased.

   Lisa spent the rest of that day shopping for clothes for Jamaica, though Tom hinted that she was gonna be naked a lot of the time. God, she hoped he ws going to get her massed cocked,as she knew she needed a major gangbang to clear her head. She bought two of the skimpiest string bikinis she could find, and several micro minis, and a new pair of fuck me pumps, cause a girl must be prepared, Lisa smiled to herself. Tom used the free time to see how far he could stick his arm up Idas anus. He liked to feel around while the girl went off on cum after cum, from Toms very hard fist pumps. After, he made the play toy kneel and slowly lick his arm and hand spotless of all her shit stains. He thought it good to show her she was still just a pig, even though Lisa was spoiling her.

    Tom knew his wife was gonna be to excited to sleep as they were leaving for Jamaica at six am, so he gave her a mild sedative and massaged her back till she was snoring in that cute raspy way of hers. Tom went down stairs and finished with a quick brutal maid fuck, which left him ready for bed and Ida drooling with passion. He left the mexican there and quickly used his study to make sure that Robert, the Jamaican, had Lisas week of cock all set up. Tom was ecstatic when Robert emailed him with the news that he promised at least five men a day and at least one major gangbang. Tom was happy that Lisa was gonna get blacked, enough to even last her for a month or so.

          Tom was up early as he had to get Ida ready for her little trip. They had decided to let a friend of Toms watch the pig while they were in Jamaica. With incredible speed Tom had Ida do her business, he gave her ass a quick dogging, a shower, fed her, and then he cuffed her hands behind her back and put cuffs with a two foot chain on her ankles. He slipped on her six inch heels and he figured she was ready. He wanted his friend, Harry, to hurry and get here before Lisa got up. He didnt want her making a scene when Ida left. He reassured her that Harry would not kill Ida or hurt her to much. He had to draw the line somewhere after all, the mexican was a slave and nothing else. Besides there was no way Ida could stay at the house without Tom or Lisa there. Funny thing was when Lisa protested a little to hotly Idas week with Harry, Tom mentioned they could stay home with Ida, and Lisa changed tunes fast. He saw Harrys headlights and met him at the door with a terrified, shackled, and quite naked Ida. Without a word Harry took Ida and off he went with the sobbing terrified girl. Tom knew she would be fine and she would certainly enjoy Harrys fat seven inch cock,and Harry was a widow who was interested in just fucking someone hard and often, after a long mourning spell.

        Lisa woke and almost immediatley she remembered it was Friday morning: Jamaica, and she fairly leaped out of bed and into the shower. While shaving her legs she was hoping it was a good weather week as she needed to let the sun soak into her soul. She was in her jeans and tshirt fast and got her bag and met Tom in the kitchen, where he had prepared her toast and coffee. They chatted as they waited for the limo to arrive, and Lisa told Tom she needed to cum as she fell asleep last night with no relief. "I gave you a mild sedative last night so you would sleep and be ready for your ordeal" Tom told her. He also insisted that she not cum till they got to the villa as he wanted her horny and ready to go. "Im gonna jump out of my skin if I dont cum soon" cried Lisa with real anguish. Tom wouldnt back down and instead gave her a milder sedative, so by the time the limo pulled up the driveway, Lisa was relaxed and her mind was in the fashion magazine she was reading and not all the fat cock that was waiting for her.

     Tom was always amazed when everything went smoothly at the airport, but they departed on time, and he figured in two hours they would be on Jamaican soil, and then let the fuck party began. Tom also made plans, via his iphone, to volunteer a couple of days at a clinic for the poor in Jamaica. "Its the least I can do for people who are going to make my wife so happy and mellow." He looked over at the semistoned Lisa and again though thow lucky he was to have her. He knew she made his life exciting and unpredictable, something that a self avowed tight ass could never do on his own. He then closed his eyes and played with visions of his sexy slutty wife fucking Jamaicans left and right.

     He was startled by the warning bell and the stewardess telling them to buckle up as they began their landing. Tom saw that Lisa was slowly coming around, and he laughed when he saw her trying to rub her cunt with her left hand. he gently took her arm and whisperred "In two hours you will have all the cock you want." Lisa just smiled and decided to listen to Tom and let this burning in her cunt fester. She tried to remember the last time she went twenty four hours without coming, and when she couldnt recall, she giggled "God Im such a slut." As she thought about it, she continued to smile, she really did have orgasms every day, and that was wild.

   The first thing Lisa noticed stepping on to the tarmac was the warm breeze blowing on her and how she already felt revived. Hearing the steel drum band playing, she turned and saw shirtless sweaty black men beating drums and she swore her clit spasmed a little. They looked so sexy with their ebony shimmering skin and Lisa gave her husband a quick kiss and said with real affection "Tom Im so glad Ive got you to share life with, and I love you so fucking much." Tom hugged her back, but again knew when words were not needed. The limo was waiting with the uniformed black guy holding a sign with their names on it. Riding to the villa Lisa kept thinking of the driver, mere feet away,and how much she would enjoy his sweaty hot body bearing down on her and she could smell the drivers scent and it made her moist. She laughed when she showed Tom the stain on her crotch where her cunt juices had leaked through. Tom was impressed as always with his wifes ability to get herself so worked up and he was actually proud of her. He visibly shuddered at the ugly thought of going through life with some uptight cunt who only did missionary fucking.

    The villa was perfect, thought Tom, as he stood on the balcony gazing at the Caribbean Sea, in all its beauty, before him. Even thought the villa was part of a hotel complex, it was secluded with several other villas up a dirt road away from the hotel. There were fresh flowers everywhere, and they could have room service delivered from the hotel by golf cart, yet they had privacy to let Lisa scream with joy. Lisa was lying on the kingsized bed wishing the fucking would start. She knew she was obsessed and giggled that this was how teenage boys viewed sex: the more the better. When there was a firm knock on the door both Tom and Lisa rushed to answer it, bumping into each other, and then laughing at their dual anticipation.

    They mutually opened the door to find a tall good looking coal black Jamaican. "Hello Im Robert, here to help you enjoy all Jamaica has to offer." Lisa could feel her cunt perking up at the hunk of man, dressed tropic casual.She could trace the length of his magnificent cock through the thin linen pants he wore. Tom was glad that Robert seemed civilized and he thought he exuded class, which was always a good thing. As they ushered Robert into the villa, Lisa saw how firm his ass was and she was ready to rape the black fucker. They found Robert to be witty and cerebral, and Tom was more than happy to share his beautiful wife with Robert.

     AS Tom set up his camera to film this amazing week of the Lisa BBC train, he smiled. Lisa was already surrendering her will completely and voluntarly to Robert and he was making it easy. Lisa was drawn into his easy smile and sexy accent, and she was ready to give him her all. When Robert presented his ten inch black weapon, Lisa was glassy eyed with lust and attacked it with her hands and mouth like her life depended on it. AS Tom watched his wife pay homage to Roberts cock he thought Lisa needs this like a junkie needs horse. Tom was quite satisfied with the thorough fucking Robert laid on her, who went on one of her multiple cum roller coaster rides.

     Tom could tell Robert enjoyed giving Lisa that level of release and he suspected that Robert knew he could now get Lisa to do whatever he wanted. "Fuck, I hope he gives Lisa the over the top blacking she needs and deserves." He thought it wouldnt be a problem as Robert was teasing Lisa by holding his cock inches from her cunt, and she was lifting up to get it in her. Robert told Lisa that he owned her now and made her verbally commit to him for the week. When Lisa agreed to be his pig, Robert went at her like a demon and Lisa was in and out of reality, getting one more large cum that bonded her to Robert in a deep sexual way.

        After Robert loaded her still spasming cunt with his man juice,Lisa already felt so much more alive and her smile was wide and true. Tom looked through the viewfinder of the camera and his heart felt full at the sight of his beautful wife laying in Roberts dark muscular arms, wearing a smile that was radiant. He knew he would pay any cost to give Lisa that level of happiness. Lisa just wanted to continue laying against this perfect male specimen. She giggled thinking that most women would be sated after that fucking, but she knew she was just warming up. When Robert finished dressing, he told Tom that he would be using Lisa later tonight on the beach and that Tom should send her down at seven. Robert then adressed Lisa "I love to degrade my white bitches, so get ready to be used and abused by the best." as he grabbed Lisas nipples and twisted, he continued "I plan to make this time special for all three of us and hopefully we will be friends when our little party is over."

     Lisa was still hot, so Tom ass fucked her, while scooping Roberts copious cum out of her pussy and feeding it to her, while taunting,"You white trash slut, you are gonna be so punished for this week, You are a dirty nasty pig and I love you." They came at the same time and fell into a deep sleep, with Toms arms encircling his wife and his still semihard cock buried up her sexy shit chute. Lisa dreamed of black cocks everywhere and her cunt continued to perculate, while Tom dreamed of all the wild kinky things they had experienced,from wild sex to snuff parties,and he was leaking cum like a teenager.

      Thinking she left a butt plug up her ass, Lisa absentmindedly slapped Toms still enlodged cock, which got his attentiom, and they both had a fit of giggles at their mutual level of excitement. "Oh, Tom I couldnt believe the feeling when Robert really had at me" cried the still emotional Lisa. Tom reminded his wife that soon, later tonight, she would be feeling that in all her holes, and Lisa couldnt wait to experience that. They showered lovingly together and ordered room service; salads, bread, and bottles of red stripe beer, to get into the native thing.

     Sitting on their balcony Tom pointed out that he could film from the balcony to the beach where Lisa would be masssed blacked."Dont get your cum on the carpet" kidded Lisa and Tom responded half kidding "I plan on sitting here and stroking my cock, filming the show, and sipping red stripes. "Well I hope I get all the fucking I need" Lisa moaned, and Tom could only smile. Robert already told her she would be getting at least five strange black cocks stuffed up her violently each day, and Lisa wondered if she would be satisfied."Thats my girl and I love her",thought a sentimental Tom, who began giving his wife a deep neck rub as they waited for the evening to arrive.

      As Lisa redid her lipstick and made sure she was clean and her ass was empty, Tom noticed six black guys walking up the beach after having been dropped off by a boat. When he reconized one of them as Robert he called "Lisa, its party time." An excited Lisa scurried to the balcony and what she saw pleased her to no end, six black gods just waiting to savagely fuck her senseless. With a quick kiss Lisa was off and Tom took in the intoxicating cunt aroma that trailed behind his ever willing wife.Tom got in his chair, lined up the camera, and cracked a cold beer, and damn it, he was ready to be entertained. He idly thought that he was glad that this end of the beach was private as he knew Lisa was gonna be screaming to beat the band.

    Her husband watched intently as Lisa walked towards the guys wearing only heels and her white string bikini. He could tell wken the Jamaicans saw her, because he could see the looks of approval and lust on the guys faces, and he loved that Lisa didnt hesitate to walk into the middle of them. She was swallowed up by six horny happy blacks that went on a grope the pig frenzy. He heard Lisa squeal several times so he knew the guys were being rough and this excited him greatly. When they spread out into a circle Tom saw his naked wife on her knees doing a six man Jamaican circle suck. The studs were taking turns throat fucking her while the others continued to maul her tits and finger her ass and cunt, roughly. Tom knew Lisa loved to be at the mercy of guys who treated her slutty, and Robert chose well thought Tom,as he could hear the nasty verbal shots the guys were yelling at Lisa. "Come on white cunt this is what you were born for", "beg for our cocks you dirty white ho", "we are gonna ruin your cunt and ass for those little white boys you date."  The sound of their large black hands slapping his wifes perfect round ass got Tom dripping precum. Tom loved to see Lisa catch hell, and these guys were up to he challenge.

     Lisa was so nervous as she walked towards the men, and she hoped they saw her before she got to them. What happened if they didnt want her, and she giggled at that absurdity. When they noticed her and obviously approved, she got a boost of confidence, and boldly she willed her shaking legs into the middle of a wall of black power. When they started their mauling, Lisa felt waves of pleasure flowing through her, but when they started to verbally abuse her she was having series after series of minor cums,and knew she was where she wanted to be. The smell of their hot bodies, the feel of their kinky hair, the contrast of their coal dark skin against hers so white skin and flowing blond locks, and the feel of their superior cocks were all memories that would stick with Lisa forever. When the fucking started, she remembered little except that it all made her cum; when they airtighted her, when they double stuffed her cunt, and in the end when they gave her a goodbye group golden shower.

   When Tom got to the beach Lisa was laying in the sand, covered in piss and sand, her body was red from slaps and gropes, and he could see cum leaking from her cunt and ass. Tom gently got his raving wife up, and under the beach shower he cleaned her,and then led her back to the villa. He knew Lisa couldnt handle anymore stimuli now so he put her to bed and gently kissed her goodnight and went and watched the video, which got another load from his balls. Lisa wanted to tell Tom she loved him, but her cunt was still having small orgasms and she felt like she was outside her body looking in. She fell asleep thinking about how much better twelve big black bastards would be.

    Ever the early riser, Tom had a run on the beach and already ordered room service before he even heard the well fucked Lisa stirring. He heard the moaning and he rushed to the bedroom thinking his wife was in real pain. He had a fit of the giggles when he saw her on her back with her whole hand stuffed up her cunt, She was rotating her fist as well as plunging it in and out of her cunt. The sound of her wet sticky fist leaving her cunt and then reentering was one of the most erotic noises Tom had ever heard. He quickly got his cock in her mouth and his fingers up her ass and he drove her to an over the top autoerotic cum. Lisa was shocked she woke up this turned on, but she knew she was gonna have to do some major rutting to scrath the itch.

     Later, after they had eaten breakfast and Lisa did her yoga, the mellow couple laid out on the beach and read, and let the rays of the sensual caribbean sun recharge them. Around eleven am Tom noticed three blacks in dreadlocks and fully clothed walking on the beach towards Him and Lisa. His first thought was more cock for the wife, but then figured maybe they were maitenence guys. He checked Lisa to see if her suit was on, and he laughed to himself that it might be less obscene if she was naked. The string bottom was wedge between his wifes fat cunt lips, and he could see each puffy lip clearly.

   "Company" called Tom,and Lisa popped up and thought 'fuck ya more cock for me.' She was right as the guys said Robert sent them to teach a white ho to respect her black Masters."Oh fuck" Lisa kept chanting to herself as the natives went right at her and didnt stop till they had sampled each of her holes, ending with a group facial, mixed with their verbal taunts and loogies that they spit into her sloppy face. Being Mr planner, Tom had taken the camera with him and so he got some great shots of the abuse and he shot his wad on his wifes face after the blacks shot theirs. One of the studs ordered Lisa to eat the slop on her face, which she did with wild abandon, seeming to need the mixture of cum and spit to survive. Then they had her kneel, and they and Tom, washed her face with four loads of piss. Before leaving each guy sat on Lisas face for a quick salad tossing, and then the Jamaicans were gone.

    Lisa thought "Its like christmas everyday" and she went over the last encounter that was heavy on the abuse. She sensed they had a real dislike for rich whitey and she loved that base emotion. She knew one of the guys was trying to hurt her with his cock, and that made it all so much more real for her. They should hate me as I only want their cocks and wouldnt be caught dead back home with a darkie, reasoned Lisa. This contradiction made everything a little more intense in Lisas mind. "Thats nine black cocks and we have been here only twenty four hours" pointed out Tom, and Lisa knew she was nowhere near satisfied.

  The couple spent the afternoon playing tennis and then had a nice light supper and returned to their villa to relax. While Tom answered emails and checked patient status on his laptop, Lisa took a shower and put on a sexy nightie and garter and stockings, as she figured she and Tom would relax and she knew her man liked her looking slutty. When there was a knock on the door they both looked surprised, and when Tom opened the door two Jamaicans said the magic words, "Robert sent us to put the white bitch in her place." Tom gleefully let them in and got the video fired up and kicked back to watch his dear wife get blacked again.

    Lisa was spellbound by one of the guys. He had the fattest cock she had ever seen and she knew she needed it up her ass. It was only seven inches long, but it was easily wider than a wine bottle. Hes a mean bastard thought Lisa, as the man, she corrected herself, Mr widecock was young, maybe twenty, her sons age,savagely abused her tits and then took her over his knee and gave her a well deserved ass whooping. To get an over the knee spanking from a kid twentyfive years younger than you, was quite stimulating Lisa found out. His partner was satisfied to use Lisas mouth and when she yelled from the ass whooping, her throat muscles worked their magic on the facefuckers cock and he quickly came."Fuck, Fuck" cooed Lisa as the kid worked his freak cock up her bum. When he was in, he played jack hammer on her shit hole and Lisa had for the first time the experience of multipe cums from getting ass drilled, alone. By the time the other guy took her pussy, Lisa was a sweating, gasping, babbling, insensible fuck doll.

     Tom was thinking that the freaky fat cock belonged in a museum or something, and when he got it up his wifes ass, the Doctor mentally listed all the docs he knew who could do spincter reconstructive surgery, because he figured Lisas shit ring was done for. But to her credit she took it like a true pig and Tom was so proud of her and a bit awed that she had a series of loud cums from it. When the fatcocked kid made Lisa clean his shit stained cock, Tom was impressed that Lisa got six inches of the fucking thing into her mouth. Tom got a close up pic of that, and her face looked ready to explode the cock stretched her dainty little mouth so much. He also had the quick thought that this kid was probally their sons age, and that tweeked his cock a little,in a kinky way, and he would mention it to Lisa later, perhaps as a new road to explore. "Maybe Ill make her do a whole boy scout camp or maybe a frat house' Tom laughed to himself.

   After freakcock and his pal left, Lisa was so tired that Tom again carried her to bed and laid her under the covers. He knew she needed a shower and he was worried that her still gaping shitter might leak, but he didnt want to bother the clearly exhausted fuck pig. As he watched the ships lights move across the darkened horizon, Tom replayed the last two days and he was pleased at the outcome. He thought his wife was well on her way to scratching that itch, that he, from years of experience knew could only be cured through this type of remedy. He then checked to make sure the reservations for their golf outing was secure for wendsday and deep sea fishing booked on thursday. They had decided, or rather Tom did, that Lisa should take a break from black cock on wendsday night. Tom knew he didnt do it to be mean, but rather to allow Lisa some time to heal, as he knew these fuckers tended to fuck mean. Tom had no trouble joining Lisa in dreamland as he was emotionally spent from watching his wife take all the blacks on. He had the dual load of sexual excitement of his wife being used and the real anxiety of concern for her safety.

   "Oh, Tom this is really what I needed, I love you for being so generous with me" cried Lisa to her husband as they had brunch on the balcony. "Well lets relax a little today and see what Robert comes up with, he is suppose to call at noonish" answered Tom, who then started laughing. Lisa looked up and she knew she looked a mess, but what the fuck, she was rolling.She had several bruises, welts, her ass was still red from her spankings, dried cum here and there,and she was stuffing food into her face like an animal she was so ravenous from the hard fucking. She felt like she ran a marathon and her ass was still kinda loose causing her to fart several times to Toms amusement. Her fears were eased when Tom volunteered that he was going to bring her to a clinic that tightened asses and cunts. The great thing, thought Tom,was even after the ordeal Lisa went through yesterday, she was already itching for some black domination.


    After a nice cuddly shower together, Tom gave Lisa some blood thinner because of the bruises, antibiotics and antidiareah meds for any feces she consumed, and a lengthy, sensual massage that left Lisa hot and relaxed in a comfortable, lazy kind of way. They were lying on the beach when his professional cell phone went off {Tom had a phone that was only for medical calls, and when he was on vacation only life and death.} It was the clinic he would go to tomorrow to volunteer. They had a nine year old girl who needed emergencey surgery and they wanted him to do it. He asked some questions and accepted that he had to do it as he knew, and not vainly, that he was the best, and poor kids needed breaks, too. Lisa could sense the tension in Tom and she hoped everything was alright. After hanging up, he filled her in and Lisa was disapointed that Tom needed to work, but she loved him so deeply because he would pack up and save a poor girls life, for free. After consulting his laptop, Tom figured he would have to spend the night in Kingston, on the other side of the island. The hospital was sending a chopper to transport him, but the operation could go twelve hours.

      While Tom was packing and Lisa was pleading that she wanted to go with him, Toms regular phone rang. It turned out to be Robert and when Tom explained the situation, Robert appreciated Toms effort to save a native girls life, but as he said "I really was looking forward to teaching Lisa some more native culture." Tom, always a quick study, in no time had every thing arranged. Tom would copter to Kingston, save a girls life and sleep there to be safe, Lisa would hang out at the villa,where Robert would come by later for a litle one on one training, and then Robert was going to take Lisa to a meeting of the secret OBEAH, which was a centuries old organization that preached black superiority to whites.

         Lisa was really sad at Toms leaving, as she wanted him to witness her abuse and she always felt safe when her man was around, but with thoughts of Robert using her and some hesitation about this OBEAH thing, Lisa prepared her body for a long night of fucking and sucking. She shaved her legs,shaved her cunt lips perfect,took a healthy dump, and gave herself an enama to cut down on her shit consumption. It seemed to Lisa every guy expected their cock cleaned after hitting her shitter, not that she minded,the earthy aroma and taste only addd to the intensity of the whole experience, she avowed.

     Tom realised two things while he flew in the copter: Jamaica was beautiful and he was petrified of helicopters. They didntland a minute to soon for him and he was glad to be on terra firma. He was met by almost the whole staff like a celebrity, which he was in medical circles, and Tom got busy. He soon knew that the girls condition was stable and her chances great, he even thought it possible to finish early. Being a people person Tom visited the girl and found her to be bright and a fighter. When the mother nervously told Tom she had no money, he assured her that this was not about money and he would fix her daughter so she would be home in two days. Going against his principals of focus only on the task at hand, Tom realised that he had a bad hankering to fuck the girls teary mother. She was big, about 5'8 and easily 160 pounds, with huge floppy tits and an ass that screamed stuff baseball bats up me. He hated the distraction, but he made a mental note to pressure this ebony queen to give it up to the white witch doctor.

  Lisa was doing her toe nails on the beach when an exspensive speed boat pulled up to the shoreline. A ramp was thrown down and Robert walked down the plank and up the beach dressed in a black tuxedo and Lisas cunt was screaming I need cock, I need cock. lisa just sat transfixed at the regal Jamaican coming to give her what she deserved. With easy grace Robert explained that they would be going out later and he wouldnt have time to change. He complimented Lisa on her looks and they chatted easily for awhile. The tension was thick and Robert finally said "No more fucking around, we both know what you need and thats a taste of black domination" and he removed a dog collar from his pocket and placed it around Lisas neck, and attached a three foot chain leash. "I want my bitch to crawl into the villa so we can begin a very intense training session. Lisas knees hurt on the sand and then the stone patio, but her cunt was running pure fuck juice. Here she was, a forty five year old married woman with two kids, being led around on a leash by a black guy in his mid twentys.

    Robert was very good at what he did, which was turning rich white womens guilt into a sexual thing. He knew that Lisa was troubled by her ease of life compared to others, he knew all Jamaican men dreamed of using rich white women, and he knew certain white men enjoyed submitting to black people. He put them all together like some sex circus ring master.He also was aware all couples that went through him were different. He accepted that Lisa and Tom were special and he respected them as such. Unlike most of the white husbands, Tom wasnt into being humiliated or dominated in any way and Robert liked that. He saw Tom as a man among men, but he also knew Lisa needed to be pushed to get the release she needed.

    After removing his tux, he started easy with her, simply ordering her over the nearest chair and using his massive hands spanked her ass till she cried. He then brutally ass fucked her, while going back to spanking her burning cheeks. She was bawling like a little girl and cumming like the nastiest pig in the world. When Robert finished in her ass, she knew what good, rich, white girls do, and she cleaned his cock lovingly while riding the burning pain in and out of her ass to one more little hiccup orgasm. She then pushed his sperm out of her flapping anus and ate it, and enjoyed it. She knelt at Roberts feet with a real sense of commitment to this superior black man. When he helped her to her feet and held her tenderly, his shiny black muscular body looking so noble and proud,and she beaten, bruised, and naked on a leash, with an asshole that leaked,  she knew her role and embraced it.

       He spent the rest of the early evening talking and laughing with her and then making slow passionate love, and Lisa was amazed that she would refer to it as such. But on some level she was making love to Robert, though she knew he was playing a role. She guessed she was making love to every black man that has been beaten down. Then laughed at her over dramazation of her wanting to fuck loads of black cock. In the end she didnt care why, only that she needed to see this through. Lisa was amazed that Robert was so damn good at making love. He could fuck her senseless and that was good, but he realy knew how to make love to a woman. He touched every hot spot on her just right, and in the right order, like as if she were a musical instrument and he was a virtuso, and she guessed he was. She was soon a sweaty, gasping mess again. Robert took her to the bathroom and he cleaned her in the shower, while telling her stories of growing up in Jamaica, and Lisa understood that this man was special. She wasnt the least bit worried about Tom because she was talking about sex, but this bad idea popped into her head, that her twenty one year old daughter would look good wrapped in Roberts strong ebony arms, and wouldnt that shake up the club a bit.

    After he picked out her clothes which consisted of White sheer silk blouse that would allow clear sight of her perfect fat C cup tits, a black leather mini that didnt hide her cunt when she walked, black seamed stockings, and red high heels, he reattached her collar and leash. After having her relieve her bladder, he asked her to put her hands behind her back and she obeyed instantly,allowing him to lock them tight. Lisa had a minor panic attack after the cuffs were put on her, but her snatch was saying dont deny me my due. Like a teenage boy, Lisa blindly obeyed her dripping sex, and proudly walked down the beach, dressed like a complete slut, hands cuffed, on a leash, led by a god like black man, in a tuxedo."If the girls in the gardening club could see me now" giggled Lisa. The speed boat appeared as if by magic, Lisa was led up the gang plank onto the boat where Robert had her stand against a beam, he attached her leash around the beam, securing her tight.

     Without a word Robert went into the enclosed cabin and Lisa watched the two deck hands lusfully ogle her and she wanted to show them her cunt, but didnt want to offend Robert, so she contented herself with seductively running her tongue over her lips and she could tell both losers were rock hard. She smirked because she knew they would never get her, as Robert had to much style for that. If she wanted to fuck scummy black trash, america is full of it, she giggled. She also was understanding that prolonged bondage was boring, she really needed to itch here and there. At last Robert returned but he quickly inserted a ball gag in her mouth and then a black blindfold was put over her eyes. Lisa started to hyperventilate at the stress of being so completely vulnerble in public. Robert whispered soft words of encouragement and told her it was just for security, and sticking two fingers up her cunt and finding it moist, and for her pleasure.

    The ride was smooth and Lisa started to get into how much she could hear and smell when that was all the senses she had. Whenever a man walked by, Lisas cunt reacted favorably to the smell, but she wondered why they all smelled the same, maybe the diet she supposed. Robert, however, had a different more musky smell, she knew he was superior. She giggled picturing her telling Jenny, her daughter, she had to marry a well hung dominant Jamaican because your mom thinks he has a unique smell. She sensed the boat turning and slowing and started to get jumpy at the unknown factor, but almost as if on cue, Robert was softly, lyricaly whispering in her ear to let her mind go free and embrace her submission. His voice is so damned enticing thought Lisa, as she climbed off the anxiety train and got back on the slut express. With Roberts smell beside her,she started appreciating the eroticism of the situaton, and she was primed for whatever Robert had in mind.

    Tom was impressed that this hospital was so organised. They didnt have the latest equipment, but everyone was happy to be there, and there was no politics, just competant medical care,the way he liked it. He had a passing thought of becoming the chief here and then Lisa could get blacked every day, and he hoped she was having fun. He felt a little uneasy letting Robert take her, but he came with impeccable references. The operation was a success and the staff were all in awe of his talents and he allowed them plenty of time to pay him homage. "It aint money but what the fuck" laughed Tom. He pleaded exhaustion, but asked the head nurse to send the girls mother to his private suite so he could be sure she understood what she needed to do to care for her daughter. He found the suite comfortable, the shower hot and powerful. He soaked the tension from his stressed body,feeling the effects of performing a nine hour operation.

     He ate, scarving down the rice and beans the staff sent up, and dressed in fresh scrubs, no underwear, he awaited to see if his jungle mama was willing to pay up. He figured her daughters life was worth a rough ass buggering. When the faint knock came he beckoned her in and noticed she had changed and her hair was wet. Toms first thought was her cunts freshly scrubbed and I think Id like to have a taste of that fat pie. His second was to offer the cow a seat. He realy did explain some important information and through his charm and confidence, relaxed her. He felt cheated when he got ready to make his move, and she blurted out "I must pay for your time, no charity, I will do what you want to settle."

     "Well I dont have the energy to chase this pig around" smiled Tom and in short work he had her stripped and she was fat and nasty. Tom thought her cunt looked like a jungle and he wanted to play tarzan and dive in. He ate her fat cunt and it had a musky, sweaty smell and taste. She was a yeller and a shaker, and he marveled at watching her massive, sloppy tits shake as she came from his tongue work. When he got the jungle beast bent over the bed he went two hole fuck crazy. She was talking up a storm and Tom was ready to go off at the sight of the fat black ass before him. He thought he could fit both arms up her snatch, and that thought had to be tried. She was soon shaking like a bowl of jello and praying the our father, as Tom had both of his arms up her cunt and knock, knock, knocking on her cervix. Tom was swallowing all her gooey cunt juice as it rolled down his elbows.

     The cow was having so many orgasms that Tom wondered who was paying who. He got tired of the cow, so after ass banging her and making her eat his dirty shit stick, and clean his soaked in cunt juice arms, with her fat tongue, he sent the stunned but happy cow on her way. He was sleeping before the pig was on the elevator. Toms last waking thought was I wonder how Lisa was making out.

       Feeling her leash pulling her forward, Lisa followed and was comforted with the aroma of Robert proceeding her. She sensed she was walking on cobble stones and she was assaulted by the smell of rotting fish and raw sewage, and she kidded herself that blind people dont have it that bad. She wished Robert would remove her gag as her mouth was dry and her jaw was getting sore, and she had a feeling her jaw would be working overtime sucking cock tonight. But she knew her role was to take what she got and shut up and she giggled again about a woman her age living this life. The quick nasty picture of her two kids, Becky and Tom jr, watching a video of her being abused by blacks got her cunt back on track and when Robert stopped her and whispered "You have two choices; return to your room alone, or enter the club and submit completely till I return you to your Master, Tom" That got her cunt revving on two levels. The cruel ultimatum that forced her to surrender and she was juiced that Robert respected her husband Tom on that level, and she loved to be thought of as Toms property.

   She felt the elavator sinking quick and when it stopped she lost her balance, becoming confused without her eyes, but Roberts sure meaty hand steadied her as if she were a child. God, she was thinking the mother thing again: Robert, a twenty five year old leading me, a middleaged mom,around by a leash and it was causing an itch that she was thinking couldnt be solved unless her kids were involved someway, that was deep. She had no more time to ponder these strange new feelings as Robert removed her blindfold, and as she adjusted to the light, he asked softly if she was ready to see life from a different perspective. Lisa was again overcome with fear and shuddered violently and again Robert comforted her and told her to face the door and he pushed the open button, exposing a whole new world to Lisa.

Her eyes struggled to take it all in as she looked over the huge room crowded with people and pulsating with loud island music. It took her a while to understand that all the black people, men and women, wore dressed well, like Robert, or wore leather dominant outfits and all the whits were naked, or dressed outlandishly. She saw white guys wearing diapers, girls outfits, and even one dressed in a pink bunny outfit, and he was hopping around the room with his tiny white cock on display for all to mock, and Lisa giggled that the fat loser looked like he ws gonna have a stroke he was so huffing and puffing.

     When Robert pointed out the slaves tied in different places she was floored by the complete mastery of these superior blacks. There were white wimps strung up everywhere and in every position humanly possible, and some not, as she stared at the fat white guy hanging by his balls from one of the chandeliers. There were some white hos in bondage, but most were on leashes and performing sex on men and women. Robert was approached by a beautiful six foot tall coal black woman wearing leather and carrying a bull whip. Robert told Lisa "this is Mistress Darla and she will get you ready for your introduction. Lisa shudder at that notion but was quickly being led by this scary butch woman, and as she turned to look for Robert, he gave her a wink and turned away. Lisa was in stimuli overdrive and she worked at calming her fears as she felt herself being led by this fine looking regal black queen. Lisa was zeroed in on the girls perfect, fat, black ass and she hoped she would be tasting that ass soon, and she again giggle at the slut she truly was.

  Lisa was led into a huge bathroom that was unisex. She was floored when she realised all the toilets were humans. All the toilets were regular except there was white person strapped into the bottom so that all the piss and shit would enter their inferior mouths."Jesus these people are so fucking deep" Lisa cried as she watched her mistress use a middle aged white guy for a piss break. He took it all and she then noticed the ugly bruises and cuts on the guy, and the word TOILET tattooed on his forehead, and hoped she didnt end up looking like that. She knew Tom would never let that happen, so stowing her fears she tried to take in every sight she could.

    She kept seeing white guys in matching outfits. They were all skinny, feminine, had matchimg pink blouses and pink short shorts. Their crotches were exposed and the sight shocked Lisa. All these guys wre missing their balls and had penises that were just the tiny heads peeking out, and each guy had a tattoo above their missing gear;SISSY. She realised they were the serving staff and she laughed at the details that these people had considered. She again thought these people knew how to run a sex club, and she wondered if Tom and her could open a similar place in america. She didnt ponder it long, as the Mistress Darla returned, and taking  Lisa  by the leash  they headed for a door on the farside of the main hall.Lisa passed by two muscular black men who were using bamboo canes to lay stripes all over a screaming bloody white guy and Lisa knowingly smiled at the creeps tiny hardon. She knew the freak had accepted the obvious truth, black men were superior to him.

   Entering the room frightened Lisa as she instantly saw all the sm gear and figured this cunt was gonna give her a working over. It turned out Lisa was right, but she thoroughly enjoyed the girls expert handling and had several top notch orgasms at her hands.Lisa almost freaked when the girl chained her cuffed hands over her head and then stood before Lisa with a condescending smile. "All you white cunts want our superior men. I will make you pay for the priveledge of serving Robert." The strong woman knew how to handle her bullwhip and she gave Lisa no mercy.

  "Wow Fucking Wow" was all Lisa kept chanting as the whip tore into her tender white flesh, pushing her body this way and then that. At first the whipping was an ordeal, but to Lisas joy she felt her cunt percolating and when the dominatrix finished giving Lisa fifty lashes, Lisa had cum twice and knew she wanted more from this gorgeous black woman. She got her wish as Darla got Lisa strapped on her back and then Darla taught Lisa how to properly eat black cunt. Lisa was all thanks when Darla was through with her and to Lisas suprise she had cum simply from eating this royal ebony pussy. Lisa thought the aroma of Darls cunt all powerful and her taste was deep and intoxicating. But when Darla presented her anus to Lisa, the white slut was a happy camper. Her ass tasted like heaven to Lisa and she knew she was quite the spectacle, Lisa was going crazy trying to get farther up Darlas shit chute. "Girl you are really on a trip."quipped the excited Darla, "pace yourself honey, you have a long night ahead of you.' Darla then lovingly applied a cream that helped heal and dull the pain of the whipping, and then gave Lisa a powerful orgasm with her tongue, playing havoc with Lisas overstimulated clit.

   Mistress left the room and returned in minutes to Lisas relief. She was getting powerfully attached to Darla, and thoughts of her fat pussy and ass kept running through Lisas head. Unstrapping Lisa, Darla recuffed her hands and regagged her. "Beautiful one, it is time to let the others see what a fine white cunt you are." So with great trepidation, the trembling Lisa was led out of the room. Whenever Darla led Lisa onto a stage that commanded the whole main hall,Lisa was in that perfect place, petrified and sexually on fire, as she looked out on all the beautiful black faces zeroed in on her. She realised she didnt even noticed the white losers anymore, and knew this was about black power, pure and simple. The thought of her kids seeing mom like this; naked except stockings and heels and ballgag, cuffed on a leash, paraded obscenely before a crowd of sexy, turned on blacks made her cunt actually vibrate with joy. She wished her daughter was here, as she knew Jenny was spoiled and whiney, and this would certainly change that attitude problem. Talk to Tom about these thoughts, Lisa considered, that kept cropping up about their kids, as this was all new.

    She was brought back to reality by Darla leading her around the stage, making her bend over and squat and she knew she was being inspected by the whole room, and her cunt juices were obvious to everyone. And sure enough a huge black man came on stage and proceeded to use a microphone to announce that this highgrade white cunt was on the auction block for a two hour commitment. He roughly fondled her tits while describing her qualities. When he rammed his meaty fingers up Lisas cunt and ass, she had a mind blowing orgasm, for everyone to see. The humilaition was so fucking powerful that Lisa knew she would pursue this scene again, more deeply, one day. She knew now what african slaves had felt on the auction block, and that moved her deeply and profoundly.

  It turns out,as a proud Darla informed her, Lisa had set a record for bids on a two hour slave. Darla explained that Lisa would belong to her new owner till midnight and then everyone had a chance at her, she chuckled easily. Lisa was still coming down from her humilation cum so it was all just words, all she wanted to know was is the guy gonna fuck her or not. He was, and so were seven of his cronies. They took her to a large mattress three feet off the floor, removed her gag and cuffs, and proceeded to black her hard and nasty, just they way Lisa needed it. She knew she was in and out, and this was good. They laid on enough slapping, tit yanking, and verbal taunts, combined with eight fat hard beautiful black cocks, to give Lisa some real headway to scratching her itch. They told her their combined cock length was eighty two inches and Lisas head screamed "almost seven feet of glorious man cock." She,at times, was aware that a crowd was watching and cheering and that helped push Lisa even deeper over the edge.

   To Lisas disapointment she found out that all the fucking was starting to get boring and her cunt,ass and mouth were getting a little sore. Again, she though how different fanatsy and reality are, when fanatsy bores you, think of something else, bur she knew she couldnt stop this thing, these sex gods and goddesses would have her till they were done with her. She knew this was right and just and her cunt started to get going again at the hot thought of forever serving these spectacular humans. As if sensing Lisas arriving at a pleasure plateau, Darla gave her a dose of viagra for woman. Lisa willingly took the pills though she didnt know what they were,laughing to herself, she admitted she would eat shit out of Darlas hand, so why not eat the pills. She hoped they got her engine running again, as she knew her owners two hours were almost up and she longed for some new humilation. She sensed that the crowd, that was watching and cheering her mass fucking,was gonna want their piece of her also. Then Lisa had the satisfing thought that she had done nineteen guys and it was only sunday.

   To Lisas disapointment the rest of the night was pretty much mindless sex. She had several more quality cums, sucking cocks and pussies and getting repeatedly power fucked, but none of it touched her itch. She figured the cock count was up to thirtyone now, as she counted. Eating four different black cunts as the women taunted her was a rush but she was fading.  When Robert appeared and told her it was time to leave, she was ready to call it  a night as she started to feel overburdened by the rough handling and constant mauling by the crowd. Robert took her to a private room where Darla awaited. Her mistress took her into the shower and cleaned her sweetly and then dried the exhausted, but loving the attention from so fine a person, Lisas hair. Her and Robert massaged cream on her body and Darla even tenderly reapplied Lisas makeup. She could cry at their gentleness after the rough gangbang she had withstood early. They dressed her and after paying Darla respect by reverently kissing the goddesses feet, Lisa was led by Robert pulling her leash.

    Her mind was scattered on the boat ride back to the villa. Robert had gagged, cuffed and blindfolded Lisa before they left the building, and chained her to the same beam on the boat. Lisa just went with it as she had made the mental leap needed to put her well being in anothers hand. Robert had given her a night to remember, and he had also got her through it in one piece, and she loved him for that. She guessed Robert knew where to draw the line, though she instinctivly understood if she ever went back to that place things would be much more serious, and she loved that and feared it. She rememebered the real cuts and bruises on some of the white slaves and the feeling of boredom that long periods of bondage bring, and decided that she would keep the club as a nice dark fantasy to haul out whenver her cunt needed an extra mental push.

   Robert made slow deep love to her when they got to the villa, and even though Lisas cunt was hurting, she had two small emotional orgasms. After she lay entwined in Roberts arms as he sang a Jamaican ballad to her, Lisa cried again, there was so much emotional shit whrling around in her head. Robert had her smoke some ganja and Lisa immediatly calmed down. Robert lay Lisa down and gently kissed her goodbye, telling her "Lisa you are a diamomd among a sea of average white women. Everyone at the club was grateful to be able to use you." He stopped here, and then taking Lisas hands in his, looked deeply into her eyes and said "But you can never come to the club again as a slave, as you are to dignified to be cast in that lot, and as you have seen, we do not role play at the club, we really subject worthless white people to submission for life.

   Before leaving, Robert did promise to talk to Tom about setting up a future visit to the club, when the OBEAH society allowed dominant whites to come to the club to share information on all the issues involved in hardcore domination. Lisa knew Tom would be like a kid in a toy shop inside the club, and she also knew all those outstanding black men and  quality black women would see Tom as the superior human he was. Lisa found her hand wandering to her cunt and she knew she was gonna need a little go to sleep orgasm. She started replaying the night and the mass groping and handling at the end of the night was hot, but she giggled when she realised her mind was back to Jenny getting worked over by Robert, and when she pictured Darlas spectacular black ass sitting on her pouty daughters face, Lisa got her goodnight cum, and drifted into a deep, well earned sleep.

     Tom woke at seven and stumbled to the shower. He was still tired and realised he was getting to the age when ten hour operations staggered him. As he looked down at his throbbing cock he thought of his stunningly sexy wife, and hoped she was ok and more importantly, happy. He really wanted to get back to her so he called the on call doctor and got things moving. After breakfast Tom went and saw the girl he saved, and she was awake and very grateful to him. Tom seriously thought how good it was to be able to keep this pretty jamaican girl alive, and her sincere gratitude got him happy quick. When the girls piggy mom showed up, Tom after saying goodbye to the innocent girl, took mom back to his suite and gave her another hard fucking and threw in a little more degradation. He thought it doesnt matter the color of the skin, theres white trash and theres black trash, and he started to bugger the panting cow while milking her enormous fat tits. "Jesus her nipples are at least an inch long"laughed Tom. He found with little effort he could stretch them to two inches and this entertained him greatly.

   As soon as Tom got his load up the cunts fat ass and had her orally clean her shit off his sacred cock, He sent her on her way with five hundred in cash, and a life time of fantasies about the white witch doctors strange ways. He was really feeling good as he waited for the copter, though he hated to get back on. But he would be at the villa in a half hour, and he needed to see Lisa. He wanted to call her, but refused to chance waking his wife from a sleep he was sure she earned. The copter ride was bearable and Tom got to the villa in record time. He entered quietly, as it was only eleven and he thought Lisa could be still recovering.

    He found her still out cold, in their bed and he was relieved that she looked fine, laying under the cotton sheet. Tom removed the sheet gently and was apalled and excited at the bruises and welts on his wifes body. Her tits were red with angry black and blues from obvious hard pinches. He could tell someone used a bull whip on her, but all in all she looked healthy and he was glad. Spreading her legs he did note her cunt was still open and the lips were puffy and red. Her asshole was a problem, thought Tom, as it was loose and she had dripped lots of cum and shit and god knows what else down her legs and all over the sheets. He actually realised she had shit on her body in several places. With great love Tom used a warm washcloth to clean the shit off his wife, while not waking her. He then softly moved Lisa so she was not laying in her shit slime. When done Tom covered her, kissed her forehead, and went to check his emails and patient orders.

     Lisa had been awake when Tom cleaned her. She heard him come in and also smelled the shit from her body and froze. She pretended to sleep and when Tom gently and lovingly cleaned her, it took all her will not to cry tears of gratitude for this most extrodinary of men. He saves little girls lives and cleans the shit off his slutty wife, and Lisa giggled and realised she really was the luckiest girl in the world. She went to Tom and got on her knees and told him that she always wanted to be his wife and that she adored him and would do anything he asked of her. He had tears in his eyes at his wifes level of devotion to him and wanted to freeze this moment forever. He also knew his wife stank like a latrine so he jokingly said "All I ask of you right now is to take a fucking shower allready' and both went into giggle mood as they headed to the shower.

    Lisa spent forever cleaning herself and doing her hair, and Tom had gotten maid service to change the sheets. When she was done in the shower, Tom held his naked beautiful, bruised wife and told her that they were going to spend today together,just the two of them as he has missed her and wanted to just hang with her. Lisa was surprised that she wanted that also, as she figured she would want more black cock, but she realised she needed Toms company more,at least today.

    They had a lovely day sunning, swimming, kayaking, and they were both giddy with happiness. They ordered dinner in, and naked, they fed each other food with their hands, while laying in each others arms. Lisa used this time to tell Tom all about the club and her experience there, while Tom told Lisa about his surgery and the fat grateful pig he abused.Lisa loved that they hadnt had sex and yet she felt more on fire than getting blacked, and she knew Tom was it for her. So when she told him about her strange dreams of their kids, He laughed and admitted he had some of those also. He explained part of it was natural, but that he always knew some day the kids would be involved on some level.

    Lisa loved when Tom told her how disapointed in Jenny he was, She was a great student, he still loved her immensely, she would be a fine lawyer someday, but she was a horrible human being, always bullying her way and pouting when she didnt get it. Tom laughed at the way Jenny would whine that she couldnt keep a boyfriend, but would treat them so bad. Tom admitted to Lisa he longed to give Jenny a hard spanking and ass fuck. "Jesus Tom thats serious stuff, but your right. I would like to sit on her whiney mouth while you bugger her." They both knew they had broken down another wall, and that was tiring so they snuggled in bed and Lisa gave Tom a slow soft sucking and swallowed his load with love. To return the favor, but being sure to be oh so tender with Lisas swollen cunt lips, Tom used his tongue and lips lightly. He was masterful and Lisa nodded off on the wings of yet another orgasm.

   Tom relaxed on the patio and did some productive  thinking. He called Robert and asked him to see him soon to discuss things, and Robert promised he would see Lisa and him tomorrow morning at ten. Tom then got down to the thinking part. He was still troubled by the earlier talk of their daughter, but he knew the die was cast and Jenny was gonna get some tough love soon. Of course he was more disappointed in his son Tom jr. Tom had tried to understand him, but the kid was long winded and completely self invovled. Jr was attending Princeton, and he was majoring in liberal arts, liberal fucking arts! It disgusted Tom to no end that his kid was such a phony. The little fucker seemed more interested in his clothes than getting some slutty coeds to take off theirs. He suspected he was gay and asked him before, but the fucker denied it, and Lisa made him drop it.

     Lisa was over protective of him and Tom got that, but he knew Lisa would sell her son out for the right price. Tom smiled that if he let Lisa give Jenny to Robert to train, she would allow Tom to correct Jrs pathetic ways. This would solve two problems: change his petulant daughters attitude, making her a well rounded, successful, nice person, and, two, give him a violent go at his faggy phoney son and find out if hes defective or wimpy. When Tom thought of the fact that jr was lacking in the manhood department, he was getting himself worked into a rage."Tiny fucker didnt get his cock from me"fumed Tom, his mind refusing to consinder that shit. Even Lisa had agreed that jr,who at twenty had stopped growing, had fallen into the tiny wee wee class. He remembered how obsessed Lisa use to be about it. When jr was twelve Lisa started sneaking into his room at night and measuring the sleeping boys cock. Over the years she had to admit to Tom,with real disgust,what he already knew, they had spawned a tiny dick. Tom sighed, the bastard might as well be a fag. He decided it was to big a problem to keep wrestling with on a beach in Jamaica, so he cracked a beer and watched a video of Lisa getting mass blacked. With those erotic visions in his mind Tom joined his wife in la la land.

    Lisa yawned and stretched like a cat. She then tried to get her bearings. She smiled at realising her cunt and ass felt fine and knew that Tom was a genius for resting her yesterday. Leaping from bed like a teenager, Lisa went and found Tom working on his laptop on the patio, and she knelt at his feet and slowly and seductively licked and kissed his bare feet. Tom helped her up and asked "To what do I owe this devotion?" Lisa cried "Tom I love you, you big perverted bastard," and she tongue attacked his mouth. They showered together and then ordered a huge breakfast as they were both starving. While waiting for room service, Tom mentioned that Lisa looked like she lost some weight. Lisa, always obsessed about her body, ran to the bathroom and weighed herself. When she returned with a shit eating grin and she said "those black bastards fucked eight pounds off me," Tom didnt see how he could love someone anymore that he did his unique wife.

  He told her he was not volunteering today at the free cinic, as the operation he performed Sunday night wore him down. Lisa was much relieved to have Tom with her instead, but when Tom informed her that Robert would be by at ten to talk with them, Lisa got visibly excited. Tom loved the wild look in her eyes and when he slid his finger into her cunt he was not shocked to feel her juices running at the mention of Robert. She looked like a crack ho waiting for the man to arrive, and he liked that analogy.

    Lisa was stunned by her appetite and she made a pig of herself at breakfast and when Tom told her to oink, she pretended to be the best piggy in the world."Oink oink, Im a big piggy"Lisa sang, while using her face to eat the waffles right from the dish. She was soaked acting like this and was counting the minutes till Robert would arrive and hopefully black her hard. Tom was impressed by her appetite, but knew she had only eaten cum,piss, spit and a little feces in the last twenty four hours, while burning more calories than if she had run a marathon. He loved that Lisa while obsessed about her looks, could slam a plate of belgian waffles down her face and not get paranoid about the calories.

   When Lisa was full,Tom seductivly licked the syrup and waffle crumbs from Lisas piggy face, and then led her to the bedroom. Tom rubbed lotion into her body and gave her antibiotics and some viagra to get her going, as he figured she needed some excitment today. He knew tomorrow they were golfing and thursday was deep sea fishing, so he wanted to work Lisa hard today and then rest her Wednsday and Thursday and then finish Thursday night with something special, before they flew home on Friday morning. Tom again noticed how his fortyfive year old wife looked as ravenous as any nubile young girl, and he was sure their eccentric life style had alot to do with that.

    As always Robert was prompt and Lisa knelt at his feet as he talked to Tom as equals. Lisa was kinda embarrassed that she could smell her cunt juice, and was sure the guys knew she was ready to go. Since Tom was free all day, Robert suggested that He assist Lisa to understand some of the economic imbalances in Jamaica. Lisa thought it sounded boring, but Tom was positve that it had real potential of Lisa getting degraded. Robert ordered Lisa up and while examining her body told her "you are a strong woman who could of taken much more." He then commanded Lisa to "dress to attract the base instinct in man" and Lisa walked to the bedroom on air she was so hot at what she knew was coming: a serious blacking. While Lisa dressed in spandex black mini, fishnet halter that left her nipples exposed, and her red heels, Tom and Robert talked man talk on the balcony.

   Robert explaind to Tom how he only took Lisa so far and Tom was thankful."Not that its my business, but how far are you guys willing to go?" Tom threw out there, expecting Robert to dodge the question. Robert smiled and said slyly "Thats the big question, isnt it Tom? I am a great judge of people and you, and to my delight your fabulous wife, are stone cold killers." finished Robert. "Takes one to know one"laughed Tom and then added "You didnt answer the question."

    The guys danced the question round and when they opened up to each other, another door had been opened for the fast becoming kinkiest couple in america. When Lisa appeared both guys were in love at her raw fuck appeal. Tom had to admit Lisa was pure fuck meat. Robert allowed Lisa to sit on his lap, but scolded her not to stain his pants with her leaky cunny. He then filled them in on the different levels to the society. The club was mostly just swingers and cuckold white couples who paid to fly down for weekly humilation vacations at the hands of blacks, all just role playing. The club also had harder nights like Lisa attended and these have actual beatings and mass rapes,and most of the whites are serious slaves or slaves in the making. But the real OBEAH operated out of a ranch in the mountains and there, yes, there were ultimate parties. They got there victims through kidnappings and such and drug dealers who wanted to get rid of people, but most were white people who voluntarily submitted to be snuffed. He told some great stories about past parties and how torturing and killing someone lifted his soul to a different level.

   Lisa moved off Roberts lap because she was leaking and both guys loved it. She knelt at both of her mens feet and took in every exciting word Robert mouthed. She was shocked that these people were the same as Tom and her and their special friends. Tom filled Robert in on their little club back home and told Robert how much his dainty wife loved brutalizing some loser. Roberts respect factor for Lisa went way up and he and Tom made plans to pursue some future plans where Robert could join them in an ultimate party.

   Lisa deftly manuevered the conversation over to Jenny, and Tom was giddy that she wanted to black her daughter so much. Robert said "I would condsider it an honor to show your rambuctious daughter the light." "Rambuctious my ass,"laughed Tom,"shes just a bossy cunt that needs a real man to show her whats really important in life, and to many american men are just little boys as you well know Robert." Lisa purred knowing that her rebellious, pushy, arrogant daughter was gonna get a proper life adjustment from Robert, while her parents captured it on video for the future. "Maybe we can show videos of Jenny getting gangraped at thanksgiving' Lisa giggle to herself.

   When they got into the limo Lisa sat between Tom and Robert and she already had her hands on each of their cocks, rubbing them through their pants. It was profoundly satisfying to sit between the two most important men in her life,listening to them carry on a conversation, as if they were friends for a lifetime. Lisa knew killers got killers, particulary joy killers. While the limo drove further into the hills of Jamaica, Robert and Tom continued their easy banter, while both had fingers working Lisas ass and cunt. Lisa dug the way they swapped off her holes, as Roberts fingers were fatter than Toms.

     They arrived at a rundown dive and the limo stopped and Lisa purred. Robert led Lisa into the seedy bar by her leash as Tom followed camera rolling, as proud as a spouse can be. Tom was delighted with Lisas outfit and thought she would be getting fucked real quick if there were any men in there. He could see her cunt because her spandex mini kept riding up her fat sexy ass, and Tom thought it so hot watching her sexy cheeks bounce so beautifully for him.

     Lisa was assaulted by the smell of stale beer and smoke. The place was a dump with a dirt floor and an abused pool table with torn felt in places. As her eyes adjusted she saw that there were at least nine natives either drinking at the bar or playing pool. They all looked dirty and angry. The bartender looked at what walked in and said Loudly "fresh meat", and all the guys were focused on Lisa. "It doesnt get any easier" she thought as she faced a room full of poor blackmen who probably hated white women on pricipal, while dressed like an over the top whore. With Roberts gentle nudging Lisa walked to the group of guys and they were on her with gusto. "Fuck" Lisa thought "this is so fucking wild", she was starting to think this part, where the fully clothed guys violently strip her and mass grope her,roughly,was her favorite part. She was ready for cock but was willing to let the guys abuse her body to their hearts content.

       She was amazed at how her senses were so acute when a group of strangers was having at her. The smells of the dirty fuckers, the sight of all their hard cocks bobbing around, the sound of their hands slapping her white skin, and the taste of their dirty mouths as they all tongued her hard.The feeling of two fat cocks rubbing between her ass and cunt walls was one of the best feelings in the world. At one point two fat black bastards, each with nine inches, had her in a sandwich, and Lisa felt totally swallowed up by black and she loved it. Their sweaty bodies slapping hers, and when she put her face near the fat guy below her, and inhaled his armpit funk, she had a mind blowing, feet curling orgasm. She had to giggle at the ability to cum smelling BO,and she did.On her back on the pool table staring at the greasy, dirty ceiling and wondering if they had health inspectors down this way.

    Tom never got bored seeing his wife willingly giving her body away like that. It was so fucking intense he thought. He watched and filmed the beginning of the fucking, but soon he and Robert were involved in conversation, both with their backs to Lisa. Except when she squealed really loud, they ignored her and had a nice chat, sipping their Red Stripes.He was very aware of the sounds of the gangbang behind him and it kept him on edge.

   Lisa noticed that her men were ignoring her and she was mildly annoyed, but guessed they were just teaching her that she wasnt that special, and she knew she needed that lesson,"or else I would be a whiny, stuck up cunt like my bitch daughter" Lisa laughed. The guys were done with her and she was laying on the pool table eating cum from her ass and pussy,as the guys spit on her and called her nasty names that she knew she deserved.They got bored with her now that she was spit and cum covered and drifted away from her and Lisa lay exhausted on the pool table and realised it wasnt level and this amused her greatly, though she didnt know why.

  Tom got Lisa up and told her to clean her self in the ladies room,and Lisa was amazed it was as nasty as it was. There was tissues all over the floor, the sink was rusty and backed up,there was piss and a bloody kotex floating in the dirty shit bowl. Lisa didnt even think sbout it, she just knelt and put her mouth to the dirty piss and blood water and lapped up enough to make her have a nice little piggy cum. But when she saw the sperm filled rubber lying on the dirt floor she literaly got dizzy. Lisa sucked the outside of the rubber and savored the dirt and cunt flavors and then tipped the rubber to her mouth and swallowed all the nasty sperm. She burped, giggled at her state of mind, and then did her best to clean herself in a filthy place.

    When the still disheveled Lisa returned, Robert had her thank all her fuckers with a kiss, while they groped her some more.They wernt in the limo long when it stopped and Lisa was marched into a small house and to her mind blowing joy, there were five of the cutest teenage black boys, dressed in their catholic school outfits.Lisa almost ran to them but let Robert give the boys the rules. "This white pig was born to satisfy we superior Jamaicans, You can use her as you which, just no marks, or I will deal with you personally. As Lisa presented herself to the boys she guessed they were all sixteen or seventeen and she was burning up inside. They were intimidated at first but with Lisas encouragement they soon had her naked and then they got a whole lot more confident. Lisa got another great groping and they all fought to see who was getting in her cunt first. Tom pointed out "The whore loves to have a cock in her ass as well as her cunt. The boys needed no more hints and Lisa was buried in a sea of young, sweaty. rippling, black bodies and she could not have been happier.

   Tom filmed the decadent action and loved that Lisa wasted no time filling the young kid fanatsy, "I love that she has the balls to get what she needs." Robert wanted to show him the country and he also added "The young men will get much more lively if we step out" an Tom knew he was right. Robert showed him how beautiful Jamaica was and Tom swore he was going to get property down here soon. Robert volunteered to keep his eyes open for an interesting property,as he put it. They had a great time telling more stories and these two men realised they were cut from the same cloth.

   They stood in the yard looking in the window and Tom was amazed, again, at the level of Lisas needs. She was riding a kid, two kids had there cocks working her broken shit chute, a cock was in her mouth, and she was stroking two others. Tom couldnt imagine a sluttier scene.Robert said "She truly is a one in a million", and Tom couldnt disagree. When the boys all dumped their loads Tom and Robert got Lisa and they all headed to the villa. Lisa was proudly telling her men that she had now taken fortysix different black cocks since she arrived and Tom guessed there would be more. He could tell his wife needed to recharge her batteries and so he had Lisa shower and then gave her a sedative and after lovinly kissing Robert and Tom Lisa fell in to a well deserved afternoon nap.

   Robert needed to take care of some errands so he left and Tom caught up on work out on the patio. He was still digesting all he witnessed today and it was heavy. He thought of the hours of tape of Lisa getting not only gangbanged but degraded by groups of blacks and he again marveled at his superior wife. That she dived into the teenagers so easily was very liberating to Tom, as he figured Lisa would do anything if she was horny enough.Tom ordered two large pasta suppers for Lisa as he knew she would be hungry from the sex workout she recieved earlier. Feeling the gently tropic breeze, Tom was convinced he could live here, but he thought Lisa would fuck her self to death with all these cocks around.

  Lisa woke from her nap, she could see the sun setting and she was in awe of the beauty of it all. She quickly felt the soreness and pain from the daylong sexathon. Her tits were on fire from the constant groping they got and the skin was broken in several places, plus some sweetheart had used his dirty nails to cut her nipples deeply. Her ass cheeks were again on fire, though she liked that warm pain. Her asshole was done for,this she knew when she put her fingers down there she could pull her ass ring down but it would not close. Her pussy lips were angry red and bloated, and her inner cunt walls were scraped and raw from all the huge violent cocks that had used her cunt.Her cunt lips felt distorted also, and she hoped Tom was gonna get her ass and cunt tightened.

   Tom watched his wife walking towards him, he swelled with pride at how beautiful she truly was. He spent the next hour doctoring her. Lisa loved the tender treatment and laid there cooing contently. Tom gave her more antibiotics and a dose of vitamins, he had a vaginal cream that he used to soothe and calm her cunt walls, another cream helped to numb the pain in here tits, but not their sensitivity. He again massaged her muscles head to toe and then did some chriropratic adjustments on Lisas abused body. After he showered her and dried her they lay together in bed and talked softly.

    "I ordered you two pasta dinners" Tom told Lisa as he heard her stomach rumbling. Lisa seemed worried about something and Tom got it out of her "Im afraid I cant control my shit anymore" Lisa said embarrassingly. "No Lisa you cant, not until we get you to the clinic, but you cant not eat, so please dont worry." Tom explained that he was a doctor and besides he loved her and would always clean her shit up. Lisa wrapped his arms around her and just luxuriated in the love between them. "We have the rest of the night babe, what would you ike to do?" asked Tom. "Please dont take this wrong Tom, but I need you and Robert to make love to me, together, and then for me to sleep between you two gods." At first Tom wasnt buying as he had no desire to be that close to Robert, but when Lisa explained how much it meant to her, he couldnt deny her this simple request.

     When Tom explained Lisas request, Roberts reaction was much the same as Toms, and likewise when Tom told Robert of Lisas deep desire for this,Robert was willing to give Lisa this special gift. When Tom told Lisa that Robert would be over,she got teary again and said "Oh Tom you have made me so happy that I can never repay you." "Nonsense" responded Tom, "Every moment of every day I feel the joy you bring me and it makes everything worthwhile. That is worth more than anything else, because it frees me to dare these great things we do." Lisa lay naked waiting for her night of love to begin. She also noticed that Toms magic worked, her cunt and ass were feeling perky, though loose, her tits were ready for more abuse, and her kinks were gone.

    Lisa, Tom and Robert were having drinks on the patio, and Tom loved that Lisa was naked and completely free. She went from Tom to Robert kissing each deeply, and then she kissed Toms and then Roberts feet. She told them "You two men have made this week so special for me and I can never thank you enough, but I need you each to know what you mean to me." She crawled to Tom and looking up at him stated with such passion,"Since I was fifteen and fell in love with you, you have always been my rock. My heart always belongs to you and only to you. Without your love I would crash and burn." Tom was probably as emotional as he had ever been at the simple beauty of Lisas words.

   Crawling to Robert,next, Lisa told him "Robert you have shown me a world that I never knew exisisted and I thank you. I am positive that I am a better person for your guidance and training." Robert was dumbstruck by this precious woman and only wanted to hold her. Tom had the same idea and that was quite akward at first, but when Lisa found herself in a loving hug with Tom and Robert she was in a special place. At first Tom was uncomfortable with this scene but he was drawn back to what this meant to Lisa, who had given him so much. When he let go he found that he could feel the power of this unique coming together.

  The sex was so beautiful Lisa cried almost nonstop for the three hours that Tom and Robert made love to her. She remembered that they seemed to be competing at first, but then as if they decided jointly, they combined to make tender love to Lisa in the most intimate way. To have Tom and Robert tongue her vagina and ass together and then for them to jointly french her was one of the deepest emotional experiences of her life. She was sure that it couldnt get better, but it did. When her men took to slowly fucking her ass and cunt, swapping at times,Lisa went into a long series of fantastic cums that pleased everyone deeply.

   Lisa wanted it to go on forever and felt a real sense of emptiness when Tom and Robert had at last both worn out. They had given her two passionate loads of sperm each and Lisa had at least six more loving orgasms, so she went to shower. When both guys followed her into the shower, Lisa knew her men loved her completely. They washed and dried her as if she were a delicate child, and after all smoking some ganja, Lisa was laying between Robert and Tom in bed. She fought the desire to play with their cocks, as she knew they were tired,and instead had a hand on each man as if claiming her property. Lisa would refer to this night, forever more, as the most romantic of her life. The sex was fucking great, she concede,but the emotions of having Tom and Robert, together, love her were to die for.

   AS always Tom was up first and he was smiling as he looked at Lisa sleeping like a baby next to Robert. Roberts cock was laying across his stomach and Tom had to admit it was impressive. He decided to shower and go for a run,  thinking it would give Lisa a chance to wake up to Roberts cock, alone, and he knew Lisa would appreciated that chance. He left a note on the table that he went running and would return. As he ran along the endless beach he again thought of how nice it would be to live here and never deal with cold and snow again. As he ran past natives heading to their hotel jobs he realised they all seemed happy and he got that. After an hour or so he figured he gave the lovebirds time to do their thing, and so he headed back to the villa.

   Lisa awoke and reached for Tom and found Robert lying beside her and she knew her awesome hubby had given her this ultimate present. To wake up to Roberts beautiful masculine black body next to her was staggering in its euphoria. Lisa turned on her side and studied the sleeping god in her bed. His body had no fat, only etched ebony muscle. His face was so fucking beautiful that Lisa wanted to butterfly kiss it everywhere. His thighs were rock hard, defined, supremely manly, and his cock was maybe one of the truly beautiful things she had ever beholden. Her hand was toying with her cunt as she continued to focus on every nuance of Roberts cock. She loved the way it curled up when soft but she guessed it still was at least nine inches. It looked heavy to her the way some womens tits looked heavy as opposed to big. She thought the head of his circumsized cock much more elegant than most white guys pink little caps, as Roberts had to be at least three inches wide at the tip.

    HIs balls made Lisa think of all the potent seed they contained and she was overcome with the need to have Robert not only train Jenny but to also breed her.The mental picture of Jenny carrying this superior specimens baby was overpowering to Lisa. She had a twinge of guilt, but her handy work on her clit got her past it. She also realised how lacking tommy, her son, was compared to a man like Robert. Perhaps it was time to agree with Tom and accept that jr was a little dick loser. It hurt her as she always spoiled her baby and had so much hope for him, but even she had to admit that he was never going to amount to much and she too shuddered at the notion of Dr Toms son taking Liberal Arts. What a fag, thought Lisa and she quickly pictured jr eating Roberts ass while Robert assplowed Jenny. She couldnt wait any longer and gently she started to use her mouth: lips, tongue, teeth, saliva, and breath, to make love to her sleeping gods cock, balls, and ass.

    She revered the look of happiness on Roberts face as he awoke to the sight and feeling of Lisa giving his cock her all. Lisa knew she wanted him in her and said quietly "Robert please make love to me", and Robert did, slowly, elegantly, and deeply. Lisa was consumed with Robert, and when she lay under his hard body, arms clenched around his strong shoulders, her thighs welded to his hips, her cunt involuntarly grasping for his hot member, her face buried in his musky neck, Lisa was sated completely and the itch was gone, for now.

  As she lay with her back to Robert, feeling his cock comfortably resting along her ass cheeks, Lisa wanted this to be forever, but then knew that Tom had given her a beautiful gift and she need not abuse his generosity. She showered with Robert and then she kissed him goodbye and he promised to set up something really nasty for thursday night for Lisas last night. Lisa was dismayed by the feeling of longing when Robert left but guessed when a man is that perfect its hard to not want him always. She sat naked on the patio and waited for her dear husbands return.

      Tom returned sweaty and feeling a good runners high from the brutal run he put his body through. Lisa went to him and urgently took his hand and dragged him to the bed. She stripped him, and then licked his sweaty body all over. His cock was throbbing and Lisa compared it to Roberts, mentally. Roberts was bigger and wider and she had to admit it felt better for hard fucking. Toms was beautiful in its own way. It was still a fat eight inch fuck stick, but she knew it was what was attached to that cock that made it her favorite cock, and why she would always pick this one over Roberts oversized cuntstretcher. As she climbed on Toms sweaty body and lowered her excited cunt over his cock, Lisa looked down at the man who had made her life perfect and proceeded to make slow love to him, lowering her pussy lttle by little and then plunging onto his cock, using her cunt muscles to milk his cock, and finally when they were both ready, riding him like a coked up jockey, so they both came with intensity that stunned them after all the fucking they had done recently.

   They had a great day golfing and Tom appreciated this side of his complex wife. She had him in stitches with her comedic wit and had him interested with her intellegent conversation. Sitting at lunch with her at the hotel restaraunt, Tom knew other guys were giving Lisa the, Damn Id like to tap that once look. Lisa was dresssed in a white polo and midthigh golf skirt, so she wasnt calling attention to herself. Tom snickered to himself "Lisa could be wearing burlap and the guys would know", because his wife exuded slutiness without working at it. After lunch they bought a bottle of wine and paid a driver to drive them up the mountains. They drank wine from the bottle and pointed out sights to each other,the sang love songs badly, but much more they furthered the love each had for the other. Lisa found it interesting that she had no desire to fuck the driver, though he was cute, young,midnight dark, and horny from his many leers.  

   The driver took them to an overlook in the mountains and there Tom and Lisa finished their wine and watched the sunset. "Its like its just for us" sighed the contented Lisa, holding Toms hand. "We really covered it all this week" returned Tom, "Got you the rutting you needed, got us much closer than ever, and,Lisa, we opened the door to correcting our children." Lisa kissed her husband deeply and panted "The thought of Jenny black bred and jr a sissy for black men is so hot to me." "So you are coming around on jr?" hoped Tom and Lisa said forcefully, "after seeing those teenagers cocks yesterday, I now know jr is never gonna make a woman happy, and we have a certain obligation to prevent some woman from that horrible situation." "I cant concieve of spending a life time with a shrimp dick like jr." Lisa finished sourly. Tom was burning inside and the image of his scrawny tiny dicked faggy son got him angry.

   Lisa calmed him, sat him down and told him that he would get what he needed. Lisa said she wanted Jenny and jr to both attend training at OBEAH, Jenny just to snap her out of her bitchiness and also to perhaps entice Robert to wed her, but she stated with passion that she had a vision of jr being sold for real on the auction block. She could tell Tom was stunned by her desires but she knew from the quickly growing bulge in his slacks that Tom was already on board the train. Lisa explained that when she was led on the stage the other evening at the club to be auctioned, and everyone was inspecting her, she knew how real blacks must of felt being sold into slavery. She decided that they owed those superior blacks the right to have at jr, who was so obviously inferior. "Wow, Lisa, it would be hot to fuck the little fag over like that." Tom panted. "Just think lover after the little fucker is sold we can watch him be brutalised and then go spend the money we made on the tiny dicks sale." Tom had no words for the feelings in him, a little guilt at setting up his daughter, uneasiness about Jen actually wedded to Robert, though he loved Robert and knew it would freak the uptight fuckers back home. He was sure of one thing though, he didnt feel any remorse for wanting jr gone, and he was sure he and Lisa would get a lot of good cums at his ordeal.

        They rode back to the villa, both giddy and frisky, with the relieved feeling that they were prepared to right some wrongs in their little family. When the driver dropped them off, Tom gave him five hundred in cash and said be here tomorrow morning at ten sharp. After the car left Tom said "lets go for a swim baby" and Lisa was naked and running for the warm surf in seconds. They made love in the surf and lay on the still hot sand counting stars and laughing at everything and nothing. When they got back to the villa they went straight to bed and made love with unhurried lust. Lisa came first and she was sleeping before Tom got his, but he found it sweet, and kissd her good night with a full heart.

   On waking Tom went and checked the weather, as he was excited about deep sea fishing today and wanted the weather perfect. It would be and Tom went down to the ocean and thought of last night and knew now began the task of actually making Jens blacking and jrs auction happen and he knew the ever reliable Robert was just the cat to see. He loved that Lisa agreed that jr was a disgrace that would only get worse."I mean the silly fucker has no redeeming qualities" thought Tom and he laughed realising that any black buying tom jr would know he was useless, which meant he was being purchased for one reason, and that was to attend an ultimate party at the OBEAH ranch, as the guest of honor. Tom knew he should feel some remorse now that he admitted to himself where this had to end.It wasnt like he was gonna spank jr and send him to his room without dessert, he and Lisa were sentencing him to death if he was lucky, a life of pain,torture, humiliation, and hard labor if he was unlucky. Tom recalled Robert telling him of the farm where white slaves picked fruit from dawn to dusk while black overseers whipped them. Robert had told him these slaves were used till near death, then they were rested and gorged with food so they fattened up some,and then sent to the ranch for an ultimate party. Tom didnt give his sissy son long at hard labor,he who had never shown the willingness to break a sweat over anything but matching his wardrobe. He smiled to himself that he felt no guilt as he walked back to the villa whistling.

   Lisa woke and her first thought was that the itch was back and her hand went to her cunt and started to fiddle. Like Tom, she was still mulling the kid thing, as she named it. She cringed at all the time she protected and covered up for her wimpy son. Well, as always Tom had been correct and she had let it go on till the only practical solution was jrs permanent exile, one way or another. She laughed that she wouldnt admit that the outcome for jr had to be death as Robert, and superior Jamaicans like him, would not be able to control there anger and disgust at an inferior piece of shit like her son. "Wow two days ago I would have defended the little assholes faggy ways,if he was here today I would beat him senseless, and get wet doing it. She carried that picture into an image of her beating her naked crying son in front of all his classmates, and then her gangbanging her sons classmates. She fingered herself to a very satisfying cum at her sons exspence.

   She went and found Tom and they showered and dressed for their fishing expedition. Lisa wore a tight white tank top with no bra and her nipples were poking through sexily. Her skirt was denim and short and she wore a string bikini underneath. Lisa wore sandals with two inch heels, just enough to thrust her tits and ass out and call attention to her fuckmeat body. The limo was on time and it was the same cute young driver from yesterday Lisa saw. Lisa smiled as Tom helped her into the back of the mercedes, thinking yesterday the driver was irrelevant, but today I need black cock, lots of black cock, and I can smell him and want him. She saw Tom talking to the handsome driver and Lisa figured he was talking rates or something, but whenever the driver slipped into the back seat with Lisa, she was floored and swore her cunt sighed expectantly. To really push Lisa along, Tom got into the lefthand drivers seat, put on the drivers cap, and drove off,whistling.

    Tom was giggling at the spur of the moment fucking Lisa was getting in the back seat, and from her many screams, he suspected that the young man, who he suspected was jrs age, was blessed with manmeat and knew what a white slut needed. "Jesus I hate this wrong side of the road shit" as he almost collided with a truck full of squawking chickens. He started laughing at the image of them dying in an accident while Lisa is impaled on some black kids cock. Tom concentrated on the road, but the scenery was stunning, and looking in the mirror he could see the black lad giving Lisa a hard fucking.

    Lisa was overjoyed at the fucking this superb man was giving her. She immediatly realised when he came close to her that he was her sons age and this excited her crazy. His cock was another of those seven or eight inch cocks that was freaky wide. She could feel her cunt lips rising with his cocks withdrawal on each piston, like her cunt refused to let go of his superior weapon. Because he was young and eager, he came quick but stayed hard and kept plunging in and out of Lisas gripping cunt. She could feel his load of jism sloshing around in her cunt and dripping down her ass. Between cums when her beautiful black baby boy was slow tagging her and concentrating on her perfect white orbs, She told him between sharp breaths 'Hurt my tits baby, hurt them for Mommy",and he did, violently twisting and slapping her nipples, and Lisa, while wondering if her loser sons cock was even as long as her masterful ebony lovers was wide, got another cum out of him.

    Tom had switched with the happy and spent driver and Lisa had her head in his lap, one hand playing with the sperm leaking from her cunt. dress around her hips. She had thanked Tom profusely at the surprise fucking and he responded "you deserved it lover, this thing we talked about has got to have you burning." Lisa understood and she realised while the well hung twenty year old driver was fucking her so ably, she was fantasying that her son was being hurt by other superior black guys. She knew it would not go away till they resolved it. Tom, to be naughty, started whispering in Lisas ear dirty thoughts: "Im going to make you fuck the driver on the dance floor of the next club event at home",Roberts going to turn Jenny into a common street ho", but the one that got another orgasm from her sloppy cunt was "Im going to let you castrate tommy boy while Robert breeds Jen in front of him." Lisa yelled loud enough that the kid driving swerved and looked back to see if everthing was okay. His eyes said everything was hunky dory as he watched this crazy glamorous woman stuff one hand up her cunt and use the other to twist her nipples savagely. He came in his pants he was so stunned by the eroticism of it.

     By the time they reached the pier Lisa was more or less proper and exiting the car, Tom told the driver "Ill expect you here at four when we return from fishing." Tom was sure the driver would stay here forever if he thought he could have Lisa again. They found the boat and the captain was an old white guy with a beer belly and a cigar dangling from his unshaved face. Tom figure this was good, as he could concentrate on fishing and Lisa could get some sun. Lisa thought it would take a lot of booze to get her to give it up to the slob. It turned out the guy was funny, interesting and knew where the fish were. In no time Tom landed a sailfish and he was a happy guy. He made a mental note to do this more often.

   Lisa landed a small grouper and she was done with the novelty of fishing, and decided to get some sun. Without evem thinking Lisa took off her shirt and skirt and was in a micro string bikini. Tom was, as always proud of his wifes fuck meat body. When he noticed the fat captain leering, he smiled at the thought of the fat bastard on top of Lisa. She,on the other hand, looked in that direction and noticed the guys obvious hardon clearly outlined against his thin fabric shorts. With a pleading look at her amused husband, Lisa went to fatty and got on her knees and fished out the captains mast and proceeded to pay it the respect it deserved. Tom hoped the captain didnt have a stroke while they were at sea. He was impressed that Lisa was deep throating the guys harpoon, and when she reached his belly her face was lost in his fat sweaty lard. When she moved away some of her hair stayed matted to the pigs belly. That seemed obscene to Tom and his cock was ready for some high sea adventure.

  The captain and Tom gave Lisa an afternoon of nasty fucking and Lisa realisd there were still white men left who could give a girl what she needed. "This fat stinky fucker knows how to treat a slut" sighed Lisa,as captain beer belly used his meat stick to tease Lisas cunt just right. Lisa was impressed with him and rode him to a frothy cum,while licking his sweaty, fat, hairy belly. It was another of those emotional climaxes, and Lisa immediatly got fattys draws off and she wedged her face in between his large sweaty cheeks and went tongue crazy on his less than clean shitter. Tom chuckled at the captains look of shock and then excitement as his wife feasted on the guys shithole like there was buried treasure up there.

   The rest of the trip was mellow as Tom fished and Lisa tried to get the captains willy interested in another fuck, but he wasnt biting, so Lisa pouting, laid in the sun naked. When they had to start back, Lisa got between the captains legs and deepthroated him all the way to shore and was rewarded with a massive load, that she insisted on showing Tom, by blowing bubbles and gargling the potent sperm, before making all gone. The captain offered them his boat anytime and Tom and Lisa sauntered to the car, with the eager kid holding the back seat door open. Tom knew he had to give the kid another time with Lisa, how many chances is this poor kid gonna get to sink his cock into prime rich white cunt.

      Lisa spent her time with Levi, that was his name she found out, teaching him the right way to please a woman and she also did things to him that he never imagined. Lisa sunk a finger up his beautiful black ass and gently massaged a heavy load from his fertile balls and then slowly and seductivly sucked her finger clean of his heady shit juice. She gave him a respectful ass worshipping with lots of colon cleaning and the kid was frozen he was so intensely excited. She made sure to impress upon this very impressionable stud that woman wanted to be fucked hard and rough and talked nasty to. When he rode her at last he battered her with nasty slurs as well as his huge cock, and she thought only of this magnificent kid ass fucking her wimpy worthless son while Lisa used a knife to remove tom jrs tiny, ineffectual balls.

   Lisa said a sad farewell to Levi but not before she gave him her email and told him to stay in touch as her and Tom would return one day just like MacArthur, he didnt get the reference. She also gave him five hundred dollars and a deep and sensual tongue kiss and sent him on his merry way. Tom had meanwhile called Robert and Robert said he would be at the villa at eight and he would take them to a most unique show. With that mystery to ponder Tom and Lisa lay down for a little nap.

    After showering and eating room service, Lisa and Tom were having drinks on the patio,toasting their last night in paradise and waiting for whatever chaos Robert was bringing them to. They got back to the kid problem again and Lisa said "Id like to adopt Levi" and Tom spit beer at that bombshell. Lisa was laughing at her husbands reaction and then she said "I was kinda kidding when I said it, but now that its out there, it sounds reasonable to me, Tom", Lisa went on earnestly,"We want a son we can be proud to call a man and Levi is all man with that beautiful cock of his. He has a lovely personality and a willingness to please." Tom felt like she was selling him a car, but didnt say that. As always he knew when the very complicated Lisa had her heart set on something.

    He also knew adopting someone took some thinking. "Lisa you have to think this over and more importantly I need to digest this and consider all the ramifications. "Tom please say you will consider it and take it serious?" Lisa asked in an emotional tone. Tom came over to Lisa and said "I take everything you say seriously and I will give your idea merit as Levi obviously is a good kid and has potential as a man. Maybe we can send him to Princeton instead of fagboy. " Lisa loved that response and Tom agreed to look into the Levi thing as Lisa summed it up. She sighed to herself,"I always wanted a son to fuck me senseless and I want Levi to be my baby little man." Lisa was ready to get her pussy ravaged with all this wildness circling them. "Christ" thought Tom this is getting confusing. "We may breed our daughter to a black guy, sell our son to be tortured to death, adopt a twenty year old black kid with a freak cock, and oh yeah, for good measure, they had an illegal mexican slave who was the best damn maid in the world and, easily the horniest.

     Sure enough at eight sharp Robert stepped off the boat and made his way up the beach looking like a conqueror landing on the beach. Lisa got gooey as he walked towards her and she threw her naked body at his masterful feet in pure submission. Robert loved the greeting, but got her up, kissed her deeply and shaking Toms hand said "Tonight I will take you to see a minor party of ours. Just a common criminal that we are disposing of. Lisa was excited at the chance to see blood and Tom always loved to compare notes with other sadists, so they were ready to go. "How should I dress Robert?' asked Lisa and Robert said,"The problem we have is this; The important quality people who are OBEAH are only interested in destroying inferior whites. We accept that there are superior whites like you guys." And added to that everyone who saw Lisa at the club reconized her natural class and great dignity. None of the members of OBEAH touched you Lisa because they will not have you in that manner, but rather as an equal. So tonight we will be entertained by some inferior losers snuffing and afterwards we will play with some of my superior friends," and then as an after thought, "but consider dressing elegant slutty perhaps", and Lisa disappeared giggling.

      Tom and Robert were debating the merits of socialized medicine and each loved that the other was informed but also willing to listen and debate clean. When Lisa returned Tom and Robert both stopped dead and stared, Lisa joked "What are my boobies showing?" at the guys mouths opened oggling. She was so fucking beautiful thought Tom. She was wearing a light green silk cocktail dress that showed off her blond hair to advantage, white three inch heels, and her hair and makeup were dazzling. The guys fawned over her and Lisa knew this was magical. They walked to the boat, a beaming Lisa on the arm of Robert and Tom, her two men. This time on the boat Lisa rode in the cabin sipping cocktails served by one of the pink shirted eunuch waiters from the club. "It sure is better to be on this side of that scene" Lisa said,and Robert replied honestly,"Yes you must develop your crueler side." To which Tom chuckled "If you saw her chopping a guys hand off with an axe and then taking a claw hammer to his balls you wouldnt say that my friend." Robert was impressed and sweetly kissed Lisas hand. Lisa of course had a mini cum at the attention and flattery. Robert explained that the ride was brief and that a car would bring them to the ranch in minutes.

     Lisa thought how green everything was and Tom thought again that he wanted to live here permanent. As the hummer they were riding in stopped Lisa started to get giddy with blood lust and she was digging her nails into Toms arm, unawares. Tom understood his wifes anticipation, as he was getting those preslaughter bursts of emotions. When they got out Lisa figured it really was a ranch, as there were stables and barns and it smelled like a ranch. Robert led them into a large barn and then it didnt seem like a ranch to Lisa at all. When they entered through the door Lisa was floored by the oppulance of the place. Everything was marble, gold fixtures, art work,the eunuch waiters wore pink silk jackets and the people were all talking and sipping drinks while a black man played the piano in a corner.

  Tom guessed maybe one hundred people, most black, but a handful of other whites. Everyone looked superior and that was the thing to Tom. Lisa was amazed when Darla came to her and introduced herself like she never met Lisa. Well, Lisa understood that and was glad, she also found Darla to be witty, classy and a wealth of imformation about controlling others. Lisa thought Darla one of the most regal people she had ever met. To her the ebony beauty reeked class. She wore a designer gown that showed her muscular, yet feminine body perfectly, Lisa got the image of Serena Williams body but she knew Darla was much more beautiful. When Darla took her hand and said let me introduce you to my friends, Lisa felt so special and happy to be taken under this womans wing.

   Robert introduced Tom to several men, before saying he had to get the show started. Tom ended up talking with a white guy who had moved down here from the states and Tom was pumping him for facts and they hit it off well.Lisa meanwhile had been introduced to several people and everyone was so damn gracious she thought. When the lights flickered everyone got quiet and Lisa headed to Toms side and hugged him tightly.

      Robert appeared and directed everyone to follow him. Lisa followed the crowd along a flowered path, and they entered a large corral that was covered with thick, short, soft, green grass. Everyone was asked to line up in two rows four feet apart. Robert stood at one end of the two parralel lines and announced "Tonight the convict will run the gauntlet and everyone is encouraged to be particularly harsh as this scum bag is quite loathsome. Robert then asked that Lisa and Tom take the ceremonial first positions as visiting dignitaries, and then mentioned Toms saving of a native child and Tom was modest but everyone broke ranks to hug him and it was quite electric for Lisa as she watched her god of a husband accept everyones thanks so humbly.

  When everyone was in two lines again, two huge bald black men dressed all in black skintight spandex led a cuffed surly white guy. Lisa was staring at the packages on the guards and they appeared to be substantial, so she was surprised then when she looked up and the loser was feet away from her, standing between those guards. Robert told the prisoner "you will run the guantlet, If you fall you will be beaten til you get up, there is no quitting, if you stop we will beat you to death, if you make it you live." Lisa studied the loser and he looked tough and unbroken and she figure this group will fix that little problem and she giggled, and then all hell broke loose.

   Robert told the prisoner to begin and the prisoner snapped, "Fuck you nigger, and looking at Lisa he sneered at her "You dirty niggers whore" and spit at her and it landed in the stunned Lisas face. People were flying past her and she was still seeing the offensive spittle coming at her in slow motion. Women had thrown themselves on her as if protecting the president and amid all this chaos, that gladdened Lisas heart something fierce. When she was helped up she saw Tom had the convict by the throat and off the ground and she thought he would finish him with his bare hands and Lisa thought Tom looked like a king. But her Tom, as usual did something amazing, dropping the fucker to the ground he said "uncuff this fucker, this is personal. No one spits on my woman," Lisa was scared as this bastard looked mean. Robert asked Tom to reconsider. " Never Robert, this has to be done with my hands."

   Everyone moved back,and again women surrounded Lisa,praising her amazing husband and lending her moral support. She really started to see herself as a Queen with her court supporting her. When the prisoner was released he faced Tom and laughing said "Rich man I will destroy you and then I will fuck your dirty nigger loving ho. Women gasped and Lisa saw a woman swoon to the ground at the nerve of a loser talking to Tom like that and calling Lisa dirty. The stooge attacked Tom and he realised to late that Tom was a coiled snake. Tom went into lightening quick, violent beatdown that had every man there gushing in open admiration at his stark brutality, and every woman wishing they could be Lisa for just one night so as to bed this Kingly man. Tom went after the son of a bitch with a frenzy that was devastating, He broke the fuckers nose,eyesockets, jaw and the loser was spitting teeth. Then Tom went to work on the guys ribs and soon the tough guy was begging and everyone was rooting Tom on. But the king stopped and dragged hardass over to Lisa and ordered the fucker to beg forgiveness for even to dare look at Lisa. Lisa looked down at the beaten prick groveling before her and she looked into his swollen sad eyes, lifted her dress and pissed right in his bleeding swollen sad mug, and the crowd showered her with their deepest love and affection.

     Robert decided to cancel the guantlet but Tom insisted that the loser take his punishment and everyone aknowledged the kings superior sense of justice. This time the loser went down the line and the beating was nasty and prolonged. When he was in front of Lisa, Darla and some others got the fuckers legs spread, stripped his pants off and begged Lisa to teach them her wisdom. Lisa needed no push as she remembered that this cocksucker spit on her, She went ball stomping crazy, and when his balls were destroyed she went rib snapping bonkers. Going as far as to start jumping on his ribs, and she invited her court to join her, and the seven most important woman on the island joined her in stomping the fucker to death. They were covered in his splattered blood, and the seven dignified black Goddesses sensually licked the blood off Lisas Queenly white body,and quickly Lisa needed cock and the orgy was on.

    Lisa knew this was different, everyone was making love to her and all the black men called her Queen, even Robert. She realised the men were all perfect: hard fat cocks,manly muscular bodies,dignified bearing. She rode a nonstop wave of pleasure at the sacred way these Gods worshipped her. She watched the women adoring her husband and preparing him, it seemed. When Robert and several other men started to clean Lisa she was confused. But when the men all nudged Lisa toward the women nudging Tom towards her, it all clicked, these superior people wanted them to be King and Queen. Tom was still pissed at the fucker but looking at his adorable wife coming towards him made him think of one thing only. He needed some pussy to take the edge off. Tom and Lisa made slow, passionate,regal love and everyone was touched by their great dignity. Afterwards everyone again congratulated them and invited them to the ranch anytime they desired.

   Lisa asked Tom if they could leave as she was tired and just wanted to get him alone. Everyone there lined up to say goodbye and Lisa was crying tears of joy at having the honor to meet such high class people and sorrow at leaving tomorrow for the states.Tom was sincere in his vow to return for a longer stay next time. He found it erotic that all the woman had tongue kissed him. He felt good about everything working out fine. Robert was very somber on the ride back and Lisa went and held him and said "Robert you are so damn special you must meet my daughter." "But I will always desire you" replied a quiet Robert. "Robert if you marry Jen I will be your mother in law and you will have to fuck me regularly. This cheered up Robert and he committed to waiting to see Jen before making any long term plans.

     They invited Robert in but he declined saying he thought that they needed to spend this last night alone. Lisa cried again, but Robert and Tom both assured her that Robert would be with them again. When Robert told Tom he was a King among princes Lisa cried and had a little cum, but when they hugged each other with deep respectful love,Lisas cunt was boiling and her eyes were gushing tears.Roberts boat hadnt even gotten past the reef and Tom had Lisa down in the sand and he was giving her his royal cock and Lisa was a happy queen.

   When they got up and went to sit on the patio and watch the sea, on this there last morning here, they were shocked at what awaited them. There were flowers everywhere and a large bowl of delectable island fruit. Lisa was getting weepy, eyes and cunt, and Tom thought, "These people have more class than anyone at our suddenly all to boring club,"and in his mind anyways he was one step closer to calling Jamaica home. "Oh Tom they really are the best people" sighed Lisa with real feeling. Tom knew she was right, and it amused him that a week ago he would have found it abhorent to think of his daughter marrying a black man, and from Jamaica to boot, and now he was beginning to outline a plan to have Jen marry Robert, though he would understand if Robert declined, as he had so many options. Lisa read the note telling them how much their company had been appreciated and requesting that they consider membership as the only fully invested white members of OBEAH. Lisa thought it classy, Tom knew it to be special, as he had learned how old and selective OBEAH was, and he knew they had never admitted any whites, ever.

    As Tom made love to her in the surf for the last time, Lisa thought of how far they had come in a week and how much she couldnt wait to tell Terry her best friend the things that had occured. She also knew she would spend a bundle pampering Ida, her slave/maid, though Lisa usually treated her as a slutty girl friend. She did miss Idas unique company and she knew it was time to head home. Tom gave her a little cum, that annoyed more than satisfied, and she knew she had to do something. After they had gotten back to the room Lisa hesitantly asked Tom "Can we have Levi drive us to the airport, and maybe he can take me for a ride first." How could Tom refuse, Lisa had such a look of desire on her face, he knew she would be miserable all the way home. Tom called the kid, who, he realised could be his adopted son some day,and asked him if he was available. Levi was so damned polite, thought Tom as he agreed to be right over. Lisa was  setting a record for showering and shaving her legs. She wanted to be perfect for her future baby boy. She knew she was getting a bit strange, even for her, but she needed Levi, to balance her hurt at having birthed the coward that was tommyboy.

  When Lisa heard the car arrive she kissed her husband and ran out the door, like a girl on prom night. She had put on her black leather mini and black stockings, red heels, transparent black blouse, and she had on her Obsession to further satisfy her baby man. As Lisa dived into the seat next to Levi she gave him a deep kiss and told him "We havent long Levi, so let us value our time. As Lisa ran her hand along Levis hard thigh, he quickly drove to a secluded spot that overhung the ocean. When Lisa watched Levi spread the clean white blanket he unfolded, and then slowly remove his clothes she was mesmerised by this masterful manchilds godlike body. When his horse cock plopped out Lisa sighed with longing. He came and carried Lisa to the blanket and then slowly and expertly, her little man, bared her and proceeded to make love to Lisa, his mommy.

   "I have got to stop crying so fucking much"laughed Lisa, who realised that they were tears of joy. Levi was so good at moving Lisa higher and higher on the pleasure scale, that Lisa started to cum in a long series of little one, big ones pattern that she treasured.She had her tongue in his mouth and she wanted to cling to the taste of his soul, the feel of his soft tongue joining hers,the way he knew her ears were in play and he lightly nibbled them from time to time. When they lay exhausted in each others arms, Lisa tenderly telling Levi stories of america, she knew her sons fate was sealed,she also knew that she would not stop till Levi was her legally adopted son. She smiled at the finality of it and then, cause a sluts a slut, she slowly sucked Levi hard and had him ass fuck her while he spanked her ass hard. She cried, and this time they were tears of joy and pain. When Levi had rutted in her sloppy ass, Lisa solemnly cleaned his shit creamed cock with real maternal pride.

   On the road back,Lisa idlying laying her head on Levis lap as he drove, her feet out the window, looked up at Levi and saw again how freaking beautiful he was and she wanted to adopt him, hold him, love him, fuck him, all at once. "Levi you know you are special to me. I really want to adopt you and have you live with me and Tom in america. She saw real want on his face and this made it all worthwhie. She lovingly explained it would be an adjustment but that her and Tom would help him. He was worried about Tom, but she explained that she belonged to Tom and one day Levi would find a nice rich white american girl to marry. But that he and her would always have their mother and son time together, She was flattered when this precious boy told her he could pack and leave today. With much sadness Levi was convinced that it would take a while to set things up legally,as he was a foster kid and his legal status was cloudy at best.

    Levi insisted on opening the car door for Lisa and when Tom came out Levi handed Lisa to him with grace, thought Lisa. Tom did something that made her love him even more, he went to Levi and hugged him hard and then said "welcome to the family son" and tenderly kissed Levis head. Lisa wanted in and soon the three were experiencing, what they all hoped would be many more,a family group hug.When Levi departed Lisa felt like a crackhead come down,and she wanted to leave, so as to allow some space from all these emotions Jamaica had stirred up. Tom thought this could have been the most fascinating week of his rather wild life.

     Lisa walked a little closer than needed to every black man at the airport, so she could carry that heady man smell back home with her. As she looked out the windows as they rose over the gleaming caribbean, she put her head back, slid her hand in Toms, and considered the week a smashing success.

                             THE End








                                      Dr Tom and Lisa

                               Chapter 5   Levi Under The Tree

                                by roccodadom44



         Hmmmm, moaned Lisa as Ida, her maid, sucked Lisa to a little cum, while the girls lay on the couch, watching nothing on the tv. Mindlessly massaging Idas obscene fat boobs, watching the snow fall, Lisa thought of Jamaica, where her and Tom had vacationed a month ago. Levi, Levi, Levi, she knew she was obsessed about the kid she met,  who had made love to her better than any man, except her Tom, convinced her that her and Toms social circle needed to be broken a little, all right, a fucking lot. Tom, she smiled thinking of how much shit she threw at him from that vacation, wanting to adopt Levi, wanting their daughter to marry and be bred by Robert, another quality, well hung Jamaican, wanting to get rid of their patheic tiny dicked son, tommy, at a slave auction in Jamaica, well, actually Tom wanted that more, as the kid quite rightly disgusted him.

     Her emotions ran wild, as Ida tenderly licked her loving mistresses shithole, while also fingering Lisas steamy snatch, she missed Levi, hoped Tom could work his magic and really adopt him, missed Robert and had a nightly image of Jen with an oversized pregnant belly containing a black baby, the acceptance that her husband really was gonna get rid of their worthless son, and of course Ida, dear Ida, making Lisa proud all over the fucking  place, Ida not only was the best friend, fuck buddy, maid, servant, protector, she also managed to learn english and pass a GED program in record time. Lisa took Idas shit flavored tongue into her mouth and the two lovers, because on some level Lisa considered Ida her lover, played with the earthy taste of Lisas shit. Even this, Christmas eve morning couldnt cheer her, no one loved people giving her presents more than Lisa. Good old Tom always gave the best presents, she looked at Ida, who seemed to have gotten her tongue stuck in Lisas anus, again, was a birthday present cortesey of Tom. Lisa, accepted that even her husband couldnt perform miracles, he had told her that the wheels of adoption spun slowly in Jamaica. So she prepard for an average Christmas, which was all right she guessed, as she luxuriated in her maids love.

    Feelings of amazement thats what Tom felt on the plane returning from Jamaica. He had flown down yesterday morning and gotten all the paperwork done and with a smile of satisfaction, looked over at his sleeping new son, who happened to be a coal black twenty one year old Jamaican with a freak seven by five inch cock, that Lisa worshipped. As he went through the last day and a half he had to laugh at the way money took care of everything, grease a palm here, slip a few bucks here,  you had instant son, as much as Tom was doing this to make Lisa happy, he wanted more to see the look on jrs face when he realised he had been replaced by a superior son, a black son. Fuck, that was good, fuck, that was great. Tom started to steam at his fag son, but knowing Levi, a polite, intelligent, serious young man was now his son cheered him immensely.

    Getting the documents finalised had been a hassle till Robert, Tom and Lisas friend, stepped in and made the shit happen. He also set Tom up with an awesome Jamaican cunt that gave him a night of  hard fucking. The pig was skinny, but she had freak big funbags and Tom got those fuckers hurting from a violent tit mauling, he dug that the pig dug it. Her cunt was very salty and hairy, she was a classic squirter, when she came she pissed a little, Tom got a nice tropical cocktail. Waking up next to this dark bitch was nice, she knew her deal and let the doctor work out his kinks, as a bonus, she seemed to really dig Toms need to fist fuck her ass and to hurt her fat oversized tits. He had so much fun he let the cunt stay for breakfast, though he made her kneel and beg for food. When he tired of his darkie, he sent her on her way with five hundred american and a spermed shithole.

     Got to love that look, thought Tom, who had watched Levi wake up and look confused, see Tom,  he smiled and actually thanked Tom. The fucking comparison between this perfect young man and Toms fag wimpy son, jr, were glaring. He couldnt help thinking that his son had never thanked him for anything, only whined about everything. Well shit was gonna change, Tom was ready for it,  when he laid out their future, he was sure Lisa would be on board one hundred percent. He had bought a villa, in a gated community, in Jamaica that they could use six months a year. Lisa could bury herself in black cock, Tom could volunteer at the hospital, do his charity work, and have his fun with OBEAH, the secret black society, that had accepted Tom as one of their own. The rest of the year they would live in boring whitebread massachusetts,  Lisa could play socialite, show off her perfect son, Levi, and Tom, could teach at Harvard,  retire from the tensions of everyday surgery.

     He could tell the stewardess wanted to fuck Levi, Tom laughed at the notion of telling her that if she wanted the son she had to take daddy on also. Then the instant violent anger of realising that his fag son would never draw leers from blond stewardesses, ever, fucking ever, except in disgust at his sissified ways. That tom jr was gonna get it, Tom was sure, but he was smart enough to know that he needed Lisa sold on jrs demise. Smiling at the presence of Levi next to him, Tom giggled that Lisa would castrate her son if it meant she could have Levi to play with and show off. Patting his new sons leg paternally, Tom pictured tom jr, and Jen, their daughter, when they realised they had a twenty one year old black stud brother.

         As they were both coming home for Christmas, he was picturing the sheer joy of trashing societal constraints, to tell your real son at xmas that he had been replaced was a bit odd, but wow, did it feel liberating, to never have to tolerate the wimpy, whiny blowhard that was his son, that was a fucking powerful freeing of emotions. LIsa had allready agreed that if Tom brought home Levi, free and clear, that tom jr could be auctioned off on the white slave market in Jamaica. Tom knew this was a death sentence for their wimp,  this seemed just, as the fucker was just taking up space,  Levi deserved to get their wealth more than tommyboy. They had seen how disgusted the superior blacks at the club in Jamaica had been to little dick whites Tom supposed his three inch dicked pussy son would send them into a violent frenzy, he was counting on it.

  As he envisioned his faggy son sucking Levis dirty asshole, he went on to their plans for Jen, a salvageable girl, but a bit petulant and full of herself. She had potential, prelaw at Harvard, great body, Tom pictured her as a mini Lisa and that was hot,  they had decided that Robert, Lisas Jamaican lover and Toms friend, would be the perfect mate for her. That Robert was a dominant stud carrying twelve inches turned on Lisa and Tom,  they both knew Jen would need that to keep her from becoming another boring, dull, rich, white socialite, hanging around the country club waiting for life to happen. They wanted Jen to live life to the fullest, Robert would lead her there, for sure. Thinking of the tickets in his desk at home, tickets to Jamaica for a week, he laughed at how well thought out this was. They took Jen away for a week every year some place warm, as a xmas present, so she would never suspect anything with the present of a week with them in Jamaica. In the past they always included one of Jens friends, as so Jen would have company, and Tom and Lisa wouldnt have to babysit Jen, and this year they would ask Jen if she wanted to bring the whitebread loser she was dating.

      Lisa really disliked him, Tom knew, as he was one of those over the top racists. Having once been like Harold, that was his name, Tom was ashamed that he once slighted people based on something so pedestrian as skin color. He now accepted that there were superior people in all colors and classes of life. Conversely, there was trash in all colors and classes, you just had to know which was which, thought Tom. He thanked Lisa again, mentally, for freeing him from his boring conservative chains, allowing him to live life at one hundred miles an hour.

      Yeah, Tom remembered, in the shower at the club pool, he had seen Harolds little pistol. Taking into account shrinkage, Tom still knew that Harry was a classic little dick. Always compensating for his lack of manhood by blustering and bullying and pretending that he was better than others, that was Harolds deal, Tom knew a little intervention on his and Lisas part would cure tiny of what ails him. It would also point out to Jen, the folly of marrying a little dick, when she could enjoy Roberts massive beautiful manhood, daily. Tom smiled at the thought of how they would suck up to Jen and Harold, pretending that they approved of them as a couple,  then in Jamaica, taking them to a party where Jen would be made love to by Robert, Harold would be broken down by a crowd of dominant blacks, that would be shown videos Tom took of Harold ranting about inferior blacks. Jesus, this was gonna be a Christmas for the books, giggled Tom.

    "To bad hes such a fag" panted Lisa as she stared at her trainers tight perfect ass on display before her, as he led her in a spirited bout of stretching. Generally, Lisa hated fags, but they had their place, decorators, hair stylists, florists, and such, but her trainer was good at getting Lisa to work her body hard, so she put up with his need to pretend he was a princess, from time to time. Besides she had tried the straight trainer deal,  it always ended up being her paying for sex, a girl had her pride. "I miss Tom" she thought,  she was looking forward to his return from another dreadful medical conference, somewhere. That she and Ida planned to attack him and rape him, repeatedly, when he got home, made her smile in a slutpig kind of way. As always she felt high after the intense hour workout, the hot club shower felt great as she idly thought of Levi, the joy he had given her, both as a lover, and as a tender caring young man, any mother could be proud of, unlike her blowhard tiny dick, tommy boy.

      Then the depression set in, like your at the beach, sunny perfect fucking day, black clouds roll in unannounced and there goes the fucking day, crash, fuck it all. "Creep, fucking creep" Lisa sighed as she thought of tom jr, wondered if they could legally change his name to anything but, as she knew Tom was horrified that the creep had the same name as him.She had spent most of the past twenty years defending her wimpy son, passing it off as his artistic personality, but she knew he had no talent, unless annoying people was one, then he was a fucking superstar, she bitterly concluded. She actually sat on the corner seat in the shower, hot water pounding her, sobbed at the unfairness of being dealt a little dick son, and when she thought of her strained relationship with Jen, she just felt drained of the power to ever have fun again, what was the fucking point of it all.

         "Ying and Yang" laughed Lisa, as she lay in bed, Idas arms wrapped around her, the perfect maid cooing soft spanish words into her ear. Her kids depressed her, her mexican elated her. Laughing at the way she had blindly driven home from the gym, still teary and down, run into the arms of Ida,  how Ida had been waiting for her, freshly showered and decked out in over the top slutwear,  how the maid had given Lisa the full treatment, knowing her mistress needed to lose herself. The cunt could please, Lisa smiled, thinking how Ida really knew how to get to her, she wasnt hoping to make Lisa happy, she was. As she slowly worked her tongue over Idas huge brown tits she dug the taste of her lovermaid. Everything about the hot mexican tasted good, when Lisa buried her face in Idas warm fragrant cunt, all her problems were forgotten, except how to get her tongue farther up her dear maids tasty shit hole.

    When she though of the horrors Ida had faced as a child, Lisa had made Tom find about the girls past, she had been abused, tortured, sold as a child prostitute, Lisa wondered how anyone could survive that shit and be such a nice, happy, giving soul as dear Ida was. Her daughter was so fucking full of herself, never done nothing but look pretty and push her way to the top, at the exspence of others. Well, Lisa thought, time to show Jen whats important in life,  she also wanted to correct Jens attitude towards her mother. At a dinner party recently, the topic turned to politics, Lisa made a remark, and in front of everyone, Jen said "Oh mother what do you know, your just a homemaker." Lisa seriously considered yanking her cunt daughters tongue out, but polite girls never maimed others at dinner parties, the well bred Lisa knew. Well, She figured, once her daughter was getting mass blacked regularly, she would undergo a major change, become just like Lisa, slutty and violent, then, and only then, could they repair their damaged relationship.

    Ever try to sneak a six foot Jamaican into your house in front of your wife and her horny maid, mused Tom, as he and Levi waited for the limo to take them home. This was the part he needed to work out, and being of superior intelligence, he came up with the plan. He had his secretary from work leave an empty refridgerator box, along with wrapping paper and ribbons, in  the garage at his house. That she thought Tom romantic for getting his wife a surprise, though she didnt kow it was Levi, made Tom chuckle at the bizzare life he and his wife led. He knew she went to the gym everyday at ten am so he simply had the limo take them to the house and he got Levi into the heated garage and wrapped up in the box, and told him that within an hour he would be in Lisas arms and more importantly in her cunt, and Tom liked the longing he saw in his sons eyes for his slut mama.

   Bribing the horny maid was easy, Tom told Ida what this all meant to Lisa, when he saw the tears of joy Ida had for his wife, Tom had to give the mexican pig a proper ass plowing. While the maid squealed with delight at the surprise buggering she was getting, Tom thought of the happiness that his loving wife was gonna experience once she openned her little present, Tom corrected himself, her huge present. Jesus, Ida had a great shitter, as she could, would flex her sphincter to milk Toms fat cock in the best way. It felt like she was going to milk his balls out of his cock his orgasm was so good. He felt blessed, so after having the pig clean his shitted cock, Tom gave Ida a quick tonguing, her clam  twitched nicely in orgasmic rsponse.

   Leaving Ida cooing in spic, Tom got into the limo and had the driver drop him off at the hospital, where his car was. He wondered what the driver thought of all this shit, it excited him that his life was so fucking wild. Who wanted to be boring, safe, regular, when with the right drive, you could have excitement, danger, unique. Calling Lisa to tell her he was on his way home was fun, he knew how perceptive Lisa was, so when she seemed not suspicious at all, Tom was happy. He couldnt wait to see her look of joy at Levi. "You clever bastard" mused the delighted doctor, to himself.

        Always, in thirty years of knowing Tom, she got that same feeling, Im safe here comes Prince Charming, when he walked in the door. How can you beat that, to still be that into someone, that deeply, that completely, that your emotions swing on their mere presence, or lack there of. After their customary deep kiss, Toms rough, obscene grope of her fat tits, Lisa was begging Tom for some attention, and Ida, as if on demand, appeared in see through mesh body suit and six inch heeled, hot pink knee high boots, to further pursuade Tom. The doctor was stubborn though, he got Lisa sidetracked by mentioning Christmas presents, knowing of her fondness for such things. With Ida, clearly excited at the doings, Tom led the interested, but accepting that what she really wanted couldnt be wrapped, Lisa to the garage to open her gift.

   "If its a refridgerator, Ill just fucking die" gasped Lisa to herself,  then she felt shame, knowing her perfect husband would never give a princess like her a fucking appliance, for Christmas, or ever. With Idas help she had the paper and ribbon off and she opened the box slowly, savoring the unknown. Lisa felt her body wobble, her skin go clammy, thought she was going to pass out, it was the most powerful emotional moment of her life to that point. Beautiful, beautiful Levi, looking so damn magestic, like an ebony prince. Certainly, the joy was  more powerful than shitting her fag son out of her cunt twenty years ago, Wow, Wow, Lisa was frozen with disbelieve that her Levi was here, but he wasnt,  Levi hugged her hard, Lisa felt the tears coming and she held on to her son with a mothers pride. Hearing Ida sobbing and Tom soothing her, Lisa came back to earth, partialy.

     She sat on the couch with Levi next to her as Tom explained the whole deal, including that Levi was in fact their legally adopted child. This brought another round of sobs from Lisa and Ida, Tom gave his son a knowing glance, as if to say women. To Toms delight Levi indicated with his head that Tom should comfort Ida, as Tom watched with love, Levi tenderly held, stroked, kissed and verbally soothed the emotionally charged Lisa, who was babbling and moaning as if on fire. But when Levi looked at Tom and said "Father, may I take Mother up stairs for some loving?", wow, that was classy, Tom saw Lisa agreed, as she had her tongue buried down Levis throat. So Tom watched with love as Levi, the son he always wanted, carried his new mother, Toms dear wife, upstairs to fuck senseless, on Christmas eve, you bet your cunt its a wonderful life.

    It was like being caught in a hurricane, her emotions at first were so wild, but as she accepted that Tom had really done it, she was so grateful for him and knew she owed him something big in the tommyboy department. Her guilt at spending xmas eve in their married bed with Levi was real, but she sensed that Tom understood, she needed to spend the night with her son, bonding, before Jen and jr showed up tomorrow. Besides, she smiled, Tom was in the very capable, very slutty hands of Ida. The feeling of longing for his cock was so powerful that Lisa fucked him in the hallway upstairs, hardwood floor be damned. She stripped him and sucked him only briefly, she needed his seed in her cunt. He knew, Levi always knew, he lay still and let Lisa ride him hard, let her fuck him, when he came she was on her third,Lisa was drained in the most satisfying way. When his wide cock was in her she felt so full, so completely a woman, that he was her legal son, more important to Lisa, her emotional one, made it so much deeper. The feeling of her cunt lips clinging to his fat cock as he withdrew to plunge into her wet open cunt, his ability to thrill with his tongue, little flicks here and there to send her emotions soaring, his tender words of love for her and Tom, she was happy and sleepy.

    Watching Levi scrub his muscular body in the shower, Lisa was amazed again at his superiority over most men, white or black. He had grace, great dignity, thought Lisa, but you knew he was tough, like Tom, not bully tough, but if shit went down Levi would fight hard, tough. As she fondled his soapy, massive cock ,she giggled at the thought of Jen getting ass drilled from Levi, while her and Tom and Ida cheered, what a Christmas this is going to be, laughed Lisa. They lay in bed feeding each other the cheese and fruit Ida brought, discreetly. As she lay in Levis strong arms, feeling content, with the feel of his godlike cock resting against her soft ass, loving Tom for giving her this, loving Levi for knowing that she didnt want to fuck anymore tonight, she just wanted to fall asleep in her sons strong, coalblack arms.

   Waking up Chrisrmas morning in bed with your mexican maid, some guys would be freaked out, Tom just smiled at the wildness of it all. As he roughly played with piggys giant tits, Tom rehashed last night, knew he hit a home run. When he had peed early in the morning he had checked on Lisa,  she and Levi were wrapped in each others arms, both snoring, Tom was cool with that. Ida woke up, yawned, smiled at Tom, proceeded to start sucking Toms morning wood, like this was her thing, and it was. He didnt want to deprive her of the fun sucking cock she was having, but Tom wanted her shitter, so he threw the piggy face down on the bed, drove hard and dry, stopping only when his eight inches were buried in her warm inviting colon.

He lay on her soft back, catching his breath, his cock loving the tightness of her hot, shitty ass, feeling her spectacular fat tits under her, loving the way she talked nonstop during sex,sometime spanish, sometime english. When he started to fuck her ass hard, spank her rolling fat cheeks, he adored the way she threw her ass back at him, begging for more abuse. It was such a deep orgasm that Tom didnt even smell the shit till a few minutes aftewards, but sure enough his cock was coated with Idas shit batter, her shit hole was messier than a two year olds. Ida, to her credit, seemed nonplussed, as she ran her finger around her very shitty anus, scooped up a little dripping cum, slowly licking it off her finger, while smiling at Tom.

  They spent a lazy half hour in the shower, Tom and Ida, slowly, lovingly, cleaning and rubbing each other, this felt like what Christmas was suppose to be, he considered. He was cleaning the mexican maid they rescued from slavery, his wife was upstairs with their adopted, born dirt poor Jamaican son. If there was a heaven, Tom knew he and Lisa were getting in on the first ballot, no doubt. Helping the worlds sluttiest maid dress in her xmas outfit: red pushup bra with white trim, nipples fully exposed, red mini with same white trim, and SANTAS CUNT in white letters across her ass, finally the ever present six inch red heels. "Wait till jr and Jen get a load of Ida" Tom thought, as up to now they had made Ida dress conservative whenever the kids were home. Well not any fucking more, Ida liked ot dress piggish, and Lisa and Tom wanted her happy, and that was that. Sitting sipping his coffe watching her get breakfast ready, he again had to be impressed at her devotion to Lisa and him and her ability to make everyone happy, he knew eventually they would adopt her too.

     It wasnt a dream, that was Lisas happy thought as she stroked Levis masssive fuck stick,while gently playing with her hot cunt. She felt the tears as she remembered that Tom really did give her this perfect man for a son. When Levi woke, Lisa made love to him, with every ounce of her being, it was intense and she was a mess of sweat, cum, and emotions when they were done. The shower helped, but Lisa knew Levi was going to have to fuck her a bunch more times to satisfy her itch, this made her very fucking happy. She dressed in her shortest red nightie, black thigh highs, four inch red pumps, Oh, her kids were in for a surprise, giggled Lisa,  giving Levi one of Toms robes, she led him downstairs, to his first Christmas, american style, or rather, Tom and Lisa style.

   He had to admit they looked good together, as Tom watched Lisa lead their son down the stairs. That Lisa was dressed like Ida was a real strong indication that She had decided that the kids were gonna learn fast that Mom and Dad had changed the rules, a little. It was easily the happiest Christmas breakfast ever, chuckled Tom, as he watched Lisa hand feed Levi, while she wore a slut nightie, and Ida was sensually sliding bits of fresh fruit into her mouth,and then Tom would suck them out of her wet hot piggy mouth. No whiny spoiled bastards to ruin the mood, He knew that would come soon, as Jen had left a message that she woiuld be there in about an hour.

   As much as Lisa wanted Ida to feel Levis magestic cock in her, she wanted Levi ready for her daughter, as She had decided Jen was getting blacked as soon as she got here,  let the chips fall where they would, though Lisa strongly suspected that her kid was a lot like her, once she had superior cock, she was going to need superior cock, always.

    Knowing that Ida wanted to ride Levi now, as she put it " El Grande, oh, I likey plenty  mistress", Lisa let her content herself by eating the guys assholes and Lisa went and got presents that Tom had bought and hidden for Levi and Ida. As she saw all the stuff in the corner of the garage that Tom had gotten for their Jamaican son and Mexican maid, Lisa was again, struck by how great a man she had married. The look of gratitude on Levi and Idas faces as they opened the pile of gifts, made Lisa understand what this fucking holiday meant, not listening to their pampered kids complain endlessly. When Levi, sitting at Lisas feet, and Ida, at Toms, exchanged a deep tongue kiss, Tom and Lisa did like wise, the tears running down Lisas face were of pure joy.

   See thats why I make money, sighed Tom, with real love for Ida and Levi, their abilty to be grateful, so many spoiled americans had forgotten that important lesson, if you didnt really appreciate the gift, the point was lost. His kids would just mumble thanks, throw whatever present they had opened in the pile, forgotten all ready. The look of wonderment on these hard luck kids faces made Tom feel just about as good as anyone could feel, he sensed. When Ida and Levi bothed insisted in hugging and kissing both Lisa and Tom, the doctor went with it , his deep kiss with Levi was powerful and satisfying, in a dad/son bonded forever, way.

   That was special, when Lisas two men kissed, she never felt more complete, and to have Ida, the very best slut maid in the world, beside her, made it all complete. When she thought of how far she and Tom had grown in the past year, it was amazing Granted they had always been wild, swinging with others in their social circle, but once they started to push that circle wider and wider, it seemed like they couldnt stop pushing. From Lisas gangbanging italians and then fucking fifty nine different Jamaicans in one week, to Tom fucking twinks in gay bars and helping to massimpregnate a nurse at his hospital,  to their imfamous snuff parties, a serious kink,  the couple knew needed to be tended to every so often, they never could settle for whitebread, ever again.

         She was so thankful that Tom could make the snuff parties happen, as that was in every sense the ultimate party, especially for the victim, Lisa chuckled. But after today, Lisa figured, their kids lives would be altered completely, this got her soaring, as she really wanted Jen to experience the power of Levi,  even more, now, she wanted to watch tommyboy get his, she knew Tom would be brutal to the little fucker, she also accepted that her husband would turn Levi loose on tommy, as a way of completing the changing of sons. She liked the sound of that, she had a nice mental picture of Levi brutally ass raping tommy, while the fag cries, that got her back to now, that hot image, and the doorbell.

       They had to agree that Jens look was classic, to be greeted by Ida dressed as she was, led into the house, seeing Idas SANTAS CUNT written on the back of her mini, and then to see your mother, in a slutty nightie, in the arms of a black kid,  your father on the couch, with no pants on, well, that would do it. Tom thought she was going to go into a catonic trance his daughter was so stunned by what her boring eyes were trying to absorb. It was quite amusing as he wanted to get up and hug Jen and let her in on the new deal, but he had no pants on,  more his cock was throbbing and dripping at the sexual tension in the air.

   Shes really fucking beautiful, thats what Lisa was thinking at first, but then she saw Jen mentally working out the freak show in front of her, part of her was happy that Jen didnt just start screaming. Ida was doing her best to be useful, asking Jen for her coat, finally easing it off the frozen Jen, while Lisa also noticed Levi looking at Jen with real lust and want, she was okay wih that. She giggled at her husbands dripping wood and she worked the image of Tom fucking their daughter, to get her cunt even wetter.

     The whole drive home, Jen rehearsed the speech to her parents, how Harold would give her a ring on xmas and they would wed in september. She knew her parents disliked Harold, sometimes she disliked Harold, but he came from the best family, she planned on being to busy with her life to worry about her hubby. Kicked in the stomach, that was what the jolt of bad feelings that washed over her felt like, she knew something was missing from her life, or at least she hoped something was missing, because if this is all there was, she was gonna fucking die of boredom. She always wondered how her parents stayed so close, they were embarrassing, her parents should not be having more, and from the noise comming from their bedroom when Jen was home, way fucking better, sex than her, that was just fucking wrong.

   No one was more critical of herself that Jen, and she knew she was hot, great face, same fat tits as her mom, gym crafted body, funny, smart, she was the whole package. It seemed she had fucked every eligible kid at school, or the club,  some were nice, most were blah, like guys who didnt take their socks off while fucking, yuck, she wanted to believe that sex was better than that. Her mother intiminated her, she was so sure of herself, thought Jen, several of her dates had told her how hot her mom was, no fucking girl in the fucking history of history, wants to hear their mom is hot, from some guy whos noodle she was considering slurping.

   She knew she was settling on Harold, but she wanted to succeed,  his family were the most powerful players in the area,  she wanted in. But these mood swings were killing her, she would think about the settling with Harold,  then these vivid fantasies about being a complete slut and fucking everybody, in the most shameful ways, it made her depresssion go away,  instead she always felt somehow freer, just from having dared to think that way. Being quick, she knew that acting on those piggy fantasies would free her even more. She knew it was cold, but in the end she would settle on little Harold, she giggled at the picture of his tiny penis, it was under three inches hard, Jen knew it would never really do it for her,  when the marriage ended she would get a nice settlement and move on, established financially and professionally.

    Pulling down her parents street, she felt that familiar pang of regret, not being that close to her dad, who used to be her all, that wall of barely contained hostility between her and her mom. She did appreciate that her parents were at least happy, as opposed to, apparently, everyone of her friends parents, who, from sleeping over their houses, appeared to all hate each other, or maybe worse, tolerate each other. Her parents did not tolerate each other, the way her Dad always kissed Mom with his tongue, sneaking a cop of Moms tits, like Jen didnt see it. It always made her embarrassed, but now she wished she could find that kind of love, she smiled at the though tthat she had grown up.

   Well if  little green men had been where her parents were, she couldnt have been anymore surprised. Fuck, Fuck, they are completely fucking crazy, her mind went in different directions: who is the incredible beautiful black guy groping mom, that fucking maid is the sluttiest woman I have ever seen, holy shit I want to fuck her, and Im a complete homophobe, mom is fucking that black guy, I can tell, holy shit his cock is fucking huge, my dads got a fat cock, I dont feel gross looking at it, oh shit I want to fuck my dad, this is all so fucking heavy. Thats when sensory overload got the best of Jen, she did in fact faint, though it was a combination of emotions, along with her not eating since last night.

   This isnt the fucking Waltons, was Jens first reaction on waking and seeing the concerned people around her, she had a fit of the giggles while looking at mom looking so hot slutty in her flopping open nightie, dad with his beautiful fat cock swinging like it was in slow motion, Ida fanning Jen and looking positively glamorous in her xmas outfit, Jen was still stumped by the black kid, she was never one of those rich white girls that would bed a black for a lark, she never considered it, but holy shit, he was so fucking handsome, his cock was the most potent thing she had ever seen, it felt as if her cunt was physically opening at the sight of his man cock. Immediatly into her head flashed the thought that Harolds penis was pathetic compared to that masterpiece in front of her. When Lisa asked what was so funny and Jen told them about the Waltons, Lisa frenched kissed Jen, to her surprise, Jen returned the kiss, Mom and Daughter were off, both babbling about how sorry they were and vowing to rebuild their relationship.

       If she was any happier she would die, Lisa knew this and she would take her chances, as she held Jen and they talked, or rather she explained to Jen what was going on and about her parents weird little quirks, Lisa was thrilled that Jen was self aware enough to know she needed this life. She also knew Jen needed her Dad to nudge her and so she led her over to Tom and while Jen sat on Toms naked lap, he gently, in his reassuring loving way, convinced an alreadly wanting to be convinced, Jen that there was more to life than white bread reality. The way Toms hands had made their way to his daughters still covered tits, and Jens hands had started to carrass her Dads hard thighs , Lisa knew this was going to be hot.

   She couldnt believe she was sitting on her Dads lap, his cock was so hard, Jen was reaching an emotional state that was borderline lust, she needed relief, so she asked her dad to fuck her, a sentence she would never had even fantasied saying ten minutes ago, no she didnt ask, she begged him with real want, with her pussy getting wetter at the thought of her fathers fat cock in her,she wanted her dad to fuck her. Wow, she was amazed when he did, he slid into her hard and she gasped with glee as he filled her nicely, then he fucked with passion and confidence, not like the boring boys at school, wow, her dad was giving her the greatest fuck of her life.  Hes so fucking strong, thought Jen, she clung to his body, he battered her pussy with his cock, she loved his roughness, his manliness, Dad knew how to fuck, no wonder Mom is always so fucking happy. Looking up and seeing her Mom smiling at her tenderly, sent such deep feelings of love for her Mom through her, that Jen knew their relationship would always be strong and open from that momnet on, thats was so liberating.

   It was as important as the first time he fucked Lisa, thats how Tom considered his and Jen fucking. He had that fantasy, every guy has a fantasy about his daughter, but this was so much better, fuller, satisfying, like now they could get on with their relationship, adult to adult,  that thrilled him. That he gave a series of orgasms to his little girl made him feel so good, not in a macho way, but in that he was hopefully showing her how good it could all be, how freeing it was, only when you discarded societies constraints, then could you soar to those lofty orgasmic heights. He wanted to continue fucking, but his daughters cunt wanted his seed, as if it knew this was special. They lay in each others arms totally oblivious to anything but her cunt and his cock, that was their whole world, for those few pitiful postclimax seconds that seemed so fucking alive.

       She took it all pretty well, giggled Lisa, after they had explained Levi, she even welcomed him to the family, but when she said it would be nice to have a man for a brother instead of jr, Lisa was ready to savage the little fucker as soon as he walked in the door. As usual Tom took charge. They  had three hours till jr was due, so first they all went up stairs and everyone fucked everyone, Jen was obviously the most overwhelmed. She didnt even begin to know that it could be anywhere near as powerful as this, this was what life was for, she knew her parents really did know best.

   Levis cock in her, that was special, she cried with joy, tried to inhale his intoxicating man smell, savored the taste of his sweating flesh, loving his midnight black skin against hers, she could feel every inch of his freak wide cock as it spread her cunt farther than ever, wanting to swallow his tongue, wanting to swallow his spit, wanting to forever serve this man, this real man. Her Mom and Ida tenderly cleaning her sore cunt after Levi finished with her, leaving her sobbing and feeling vacant. Her Mom explained the emotional void left after a real a man had fucked you, Jen knew it was worth it to reach those heights, it was fucking A worth it. Her dad and Levi tenderly drawing her bath and washing her, drying her and then both massaging her, Jen felt engulfed in love and she was cooing that she loved everyone.

    After everyone showered and Lisa and Ida helped Jen dress slut appropiate, she opened her gifts and then Lisa told her about Jamaica and Robert. Jen was clearly interested, but wanted to have a say in her life. "Of course, Honey you have already shown your superior judgemnet "Tom lovingly explained that they wernt telling her who to marry, and Robert had his right to say no, that they only wanted to give Jen and Robert a chance to meet,  decide in real life, whether they were meant for each other. Lisa showed Jen pictures of Robert, wow, Jen didnt understand how she missed all these awesome good looking black guys,  Dad explained these guys, Levi and Robert, were the superior people, most of Jamaica was full of trash, just like America, that superior men and women needed to seek out their own, regardless of race or class. Jen was all in as she marveled at Roberts picture, she knew she wanted more of Levi pounding her, but her Mom sensed it and said "We need to all calm down so jr can experience his little introduction to his new brother."

    Jen thought her faggy little brother was going to suffer horribly and she felt bad on some level, but she knew Dad was right, jr was a fucking disgrace who wouldnt amount to shit. Fuck him, he was always a pain in the ass to me thought Jen, she found her self getting hot at jrs coming nigtmare. It was so cool, dressed like an outlandish ho, hanging with Mom and Ida, talking trash and drinking rum infused egg nog, she wanted them to be her best friends, she understood that as of now they would be, that got the tears flowing again,  when she explained, it was a three cunt cryfest, which quickly evolved into a pussy eating free for all. Jen would not have believed she would have ever enjoyed eating her Moms cunt, but it felt natural and right, more important, she felt the real love between them grow, squared by squared. It also tasted great, as did Idas, that was another barrier crashed, well to do Jen eating the hard knock brown maid, knowing that Ida was a superior person in her own right. Giggling at the feeling of naughtiness when she ran her tongue up Idas ass and tasted her shit, she didnt flinch, Jen savored, she soared.

    "Oh fuck what about Harold" cried Jen, she explained how Harold was coming over later to ask them if he could marry Jen. After everyone had a good laugh, including Jen, they talked it out, Jen readily agreed that she and Harold were done, but Tom suggestd that they string the blowhard along so they could get him to Jamaica, then really humiliate him, show lil harry what happens to tiny dicks. When Lisa saw the savage lust in her daughters eyes she was flying with joy. She attacked Jen with kisses and gropes and Ida sensed fun and joined in, while Jen felt perfect, Tom and Levi got in on the grope Jen party. The love she felt, the pleasure of their touching her roughly everywhere was intense and Jen exploded in an over the top cum that everyone was glad to see. She went and tongued kissed Her mother and father,  then Ida,  as she slid her tongue down his throat, Jen felt more love for her new brother than she ever felt for tommy boy. That she would help destroy Harold,  that she would revel in his destruction she was sure, she looked forward to playing up to him, while everyone knew the wild truth of their limited engagement, as her Dad so smartly put it.

   As Harold was on his way, Jen had told him that he could only visit shortly, as her family needed some time together, something he complimented her on, she giggled at what they would do during family time. Jen and her Mom went and dressed very conservative, as Lisa had an idea, Jen started to think her Mom had the best ideas,  she was right. That Ida could look so fucking dignified blew Jens rich bitch mind away,  as Lisa proudly told her of Idas life and accomplishments, Jen felt her getting the mexicans need to dress over the top, it was her thing and that was enough. Lisa loved that her daughter was already free enough to just walk up to Ida and start to kiss her and maul he tits with gusto, 'shes my daughter and I adore her.' From the noises Ida was making she adored her new fuck buddy, too.

   The waiting is the hardest part. Tom wanted the show to go on, he loved the image of Harold proposing to Jen in front of everyone, everyone playing along, while inside laughing about the clowns ultimate fate. They scripted it perfect, Ida in her severest professional maids outfit led Harold into the parlour, formally introducing him to Lisa and Tom, Levi was upstairs fucking Jen with wild abandoment, Jen was gurgling love notes to him, between moaning out orgasm after orgasm. After Levi loaded her with his sperm, he helped her fix herself, though her face was sweaty and her eyes unfocused, with his help Jen went to meet her suitor, leaking a Jamaicans sperm.

  Lisa almost broke into laughter at Jens appearance, she had well fucked written all over her, she adored her daughters grin that wasnt going anywhere, as long as Levi was beside her, that grin that said I just fucked a real man, a real big man. Tom had explaind to Harold that Levi was here as a member of their family, Harold sneered " Well they need help thats for sure", Tom winced knowing that it would be all he could do to keep Lisa from attacking the clod. Sure enough he could see her level of hatred, he gave her a in good time smile, which she accepted, but he knew this was close, she could snap and fuck lil harry up at any moment. Tom thought Jen looked so beautiful in that Im a slut and happy way, that he knew she needed, that was all a guy could hope for, his daughter and wife both completely free and happy.

    When Jen went to sit down next to Lisa, Levi, ever the gentleman, held her hand as she sat,  Harold cut in and very impolitely stammerred, "Ill get that boy, you step over there." Tom would of beaten Lisa to Harold, except in the way Levi handled it. With incredible self control, He said evenly "Absolutely sir, good evening till we meet again", turned and walked dignified into the kitchen. Lisa was so fucking impressed with Levi, she knew looking at Jen that she wanted to kill Harold in the slowest most humiliating way, that was good. To her parents pride and joy Jen told them to get comfortable and she would get drinks. Lisa knew Jen was going to the kitchen to see Levi, she couldnt take the suspense so she excused herself to see what was going down in the kitchen, leaving Tom to stroke the clods ego along, which he enjoyed immensely, for harry was turning out to be quite a disagreeable fellow, mused Tom. He could only imagine what was happening in the kitchen as he feigned interest in the blowhard in front of him.

   Pushing through the swinging doors into the kitchen, Lisa broke into real honest laughter at the sight that greeted her, Jen with her dress hiked up scooping cum from her pussy and dropping it into Harolds coffee. Levi was still seething as he paced and Lisa knew he needed release, so she dragged him into the pantry and had him violently spank her ass,  he did, she came and cried. Jen wanted in and decided she should be spanked because she was dumb enough to actually bring a loser like Harold here, Levi agreed and Lisa loved the way he held nothing back avenging his honor, she knew her sobbing, orgasming, daughter would use this pain to savage little harold when the time was right. They went back to the parlour, both of them still teary and their asses on fire and truth be told their,cunts dripping from the violence in the air, at Harolds uncouth behaviour. They explained the tears as from joy, as Harold drank his jizz laden coffee, everyone agreed that Jen would be engaged to Harold, the ring he got was huge and costly, all the better to humiliate the creep, Lisa smiled, wow, she really hated this fucker, wanted him out of her house, like fucking now.


  After a little small talk Jen excused herself and knew she had to do this, finding Levi in the kitchen she knelt and looking into his eyes she started to worm her tongue up his colon,  then got up and said to Levi"I love you Brother,  I want to feed your shit to that coward out there," Levi thanked her and gave her that beautiful manly smile an told her that some day they would both feed him their shit, and Jen, loving Levi more deeply by the second, marched back to harry and gave him a shit tongue frenching, wondering if the dolt even noticed.

   When he was gone it was like an evil presence had left the house, Ida disinfected where he sat as if he was the devil, everyone comforted Levi and Jen for having to deal with such a social clod as harold. The girls were back in slut mode dress in no time, Tom was naked and loving it, Levi was still pacing at the shit he had to take earlier. Tom had reassured him how much they loved him for his tact and self control,  to instead focus his ire on jr, who would be coming through that door in an hour or so. He could tell this perked Levi up some, he chuckled at the beating jr was gonna catch.

     As she watched Jen and Ida dressing, she felt her heart bursting for her family. Tom, Jen, Ida, and Levi, it was all so perfect, except to get rid of that ugly tommyboy. But to wait till Jamaica or to start now,  she laughed at how easy the answer was, now. Jen loved the way her mom just ran with shit, the way Lisa had the balls to do what she wanted, not in a spoiled bitch way, but in a Im only living once, Im enjoying the fuck out of it way. She knew that was what had been missing, the knowledge that she challenged society and herself, she was gonna do a lot of challenging. Poor Harold, she laughed, Lisa had told her about the snuff parties, Jen was so fucking excited that her parents were this wild. She just bet that no on else at school had a mom who fucked eighteen italians one night and also chopped a guys hand of for the fuck of it, a Dad who regularly hosted the hippest snuff parties, this was all so fucking cool, like finding out your parents are really rich, not just rich.

  The look on Levi and Toms faces was priceless, Lisa thought as they watched Ida, Jen and Her enter the room completely pigged out. Ida in her infamous limegreen micromini, six inch red heels, two sizes to small halter, Jen in a red pushup bra, nipples daring you to suck them, her shortest hot pink mini, that Ida had written in black letters across her ass DADDYS FUCKPIG, and Lisa was wearing black thigh highs, heels, pushup bra, she also had in black marker on her back in huge letters LEVIS MOM. Tom was so horny he was thinking of rutting Ida right there, but he had to control himself, as he knew he had to keep the others from getting carried away,though he wondered who was gonna stop him, as he really wanted to lay a beating on someone.

  That the fucker was late, really fed into the overall sense of violence in the air. The little shit left a mumbled message on the voice mail, he was going to a friends before arriving. "Like that fuck has any friends" smirked Jen, Lisa dug her daughters style, Jen was sitting on Levis lap,  she had his huge cock in her tiny hand and was absentmindedly stroking it. like she owned it. Her daughter was like her, found out what she wanted, got it, didnt feel guilty about it. That Ida was on her husbands lap made her smile, the way Ida squealed when Tom got rough with her tits satisfied Lisa, like the mother hen, her family was all accounted for, at least those she loved.

    Everything was almost perfect,  as if he knew when to annoy her most, her fag son rang the bell, expecting Ida to let him in. "lets pretend we arent home" giggled Tom and everyone was laughing as they could see tommy boy on the porch, cold, waiting impatiently, like the spoiled fuck he was. Who the fuck needs to have a maid let them into their own house, fumed Tom, knowing only a little dick pissant like jr. While everyone in the house, warm and comfortable, had a major group grope and face suck, jr cursed the imcompetant maid and shivered, but the fucker wouldnt open the unlocked door,  Tom hated him for being so weak.

  It was like an accident, everything happened so fucking fast, with shocking brutality and suddenness, but you saw it unfold in beautiful HD slow motion, every detail permanantly etched in to your brain. That was Lisas take on what happened when Ida let sissy in, it just erupted, the violence, the loathing for tommyboy, it was all so natural everyone knew their role, even tommy, Lisa admitted, as he had the role of a sobbing wimp down pat. She loved the look in his eyes, whereas Jen scanned everything and got excite when confronted by her wild family, she saw real fear in her sons eyes, she thought at least he knows this is real, we hate him and he now knows this, that was so fucking cool, but cool is relative, as what happened next showed her.

  The actual feeling of cunt juice rollind down the inside of your thigh, because you are so excited, that is underrated, thought Jen. As she observed her windbag brother babbling to Mom, dressed only in thighhighs and a pushup bra, and Dad naked, his fabulous cock swinging around throbbing like a kings royal scepter, she wondered if her brother ever considered what a douche bag he was. Its funny how you never know, Jen thought, as she felt herself flying towards the loser in a fit of rage, real deep smoldering hostility towards him, not just annoyance at his fag ways. Hate for every whiney little dick rich boy she had ever wasted her time on, it all boiled out of her in simmering violence, she never knew she owned.

    He had called her Mother a cunt,  Jen was amazed what this set off in her. She was athletic, but she had never hit anyone, never had a cat fight, but she was on top of her loser brother, she was punching his face, real fist punches, she felt his face swelling from her violent assault, could hear the exciting sound of her fists smashing his face,feel the pain in her fists egging her on, hearing her family shouting encouragement, could hear her brother begging her to stop, when she saw the blood she had an orgasm, that was life changing, she wanted to hurt others, she needed to hurt others, she was Lisas daughter.

  Pride, complete pride in his daugter, that was Toms feelings, the way Jen savaged the coward delighted him. She had knocked one of jrs teeth out, Toms cock leaked at that wonderful occurance. The fucker turtled to his sister, who lets their sister kick your ass, sadly, all to sadly, Tom knew  who, his fag wimp tiny dicked son, thats who,  he wanted his shot. They got Jen off the bawling babys chest and Tom ordered sissy up and when he didnt comply, with extreme speed, Daddy drove his foot into jrs clothed groin. "Get the fuck up when I tell you to get up" Tom screamed at wimpy,  to eveyones amusement, tommy stumbled to his feet, sobbing and babbling, one hand holding his bleeding nose, the other tending to his aching balls..

     His look of despair, looking at each of his adversaries, finding only hate and contempt, drove Lisa higher,  she knew this had to be violent, these emotions needed to be let out of their souls. She was the most happiest at Jens savage hate for jr, she reveled in her daughters growth, she looked ten times happier than when she walked through that door earlier today. The way Jen took charge of jrs downfall was so satisfying to her and as she looked at, the beaming with pride Tom, she knew he  loved their daughter more than ever.  

     God hes pathetic, laughed Jen as she and Dad faced jr. She could see Levi, in all his naked glory, behind tommy,  she knew she wanted to humiliate jr, deeply. She made tommy strip, it only took one slap, She told everyone she didnt punch girls,  jr was buck naked, hand on crotch, crying, perfect.  When she ordered his hand away from his balls, snot came out of her nose she laughed so fucking hard, she knew he was small, but this was freak small. While Dad played with her tits, just right, not like the guys at school, as if her tits were radio dials, but softly teasing her nipples, knowing her cunt was noticing,Jen went on a tirade about his lack of manhood, calling Levi over she gave proof to jrs shortcommings. Jesus, its staggering, the difference, smiled Jen, She looked at Levis superior weapon and her cunt cries with real longing, then the sight of her wimp brothers tiny worm sent her blood raging with anger.

   "Get on your knees and crawl and beg Levi to fuck you, fag" Jen barked at tommy, when he hesitated, she didnt, her heel made solid contact to his tiny balls, the fag shrieked and went down, nuts in hand, mouth babbling meaningless words.  My baby is a natural, Lisa was overcome with pride, Jen knew what she wanted from faggy, his soul,  Lisa knew she would take it, today, like a sexual vampire. Her son was going to be broken right now,in living color before her, sparkling with joy, eyes. Well, the little fag did it, without to much coaxing, laughed Lisa, as she watched Levi use her sons distorted mouth, ramming his wide cock down jrs throat blocking air, then Jen would pinch the fags nose shut, giving Levi a sweet ride. Of course, tommy had to spoil the fun by scraping Levis cock with his teeth. Lisa was giggling at the way Levi had rammed his meaty fist into jrs face, as if on demand, another tooth popped out. Jen really wanted to see Levi take jr , and as everyone not named jr cheered, Levi had his way with the fag.

It was brutal, bloody, and sexual, the complete thrashing Levi gave jr, handling him like he was a little boy, Lisa knew tommy was always gonna be a little boy. Levi took the shaking tommy over his knee and gave him a long hard ass whooping using his meaty hands till tiring, then using the wire hanger Tom passed him, he turned jrs scrawney pasty whiteass into a bloody red maze of stripes. Ida, Jen, and Lisa were in sobbing boys face tellling him that this was going to get worse, much worse. The sounds of Levi whipping his son got Tom to a great place, like a teenager he had to blow, so to everyones delight, he painted the fags face with his sperm load, then stuffed his cock repeatedly in an out of jrs bloody, bruised mouth. Wow, he really wanted to destroy his son, laughed Tom, as he looked disgustedly down at the weakling, getting a nasty ass whipping from a superior, in very way, Levi.

   The girls broke into a chant of Fuck the fag, and Levi,being gracious as ever, did not disappoint the ladies, as if he naturally pleased women, he did. He threw the wimp onto the floor and again made him beg to get fucked,  to everyones amusement tommy boy was overcome by wracking sobs, like he could hide there, like as if bawling would change his destiny, everyone stood over him laughing, taunting, spitting, they could wait, they would use the tension to make it more violent. He looked so small to Jen, like a bug that you would crush, having felt the supreme joy of impulsively acting on a violent urge, she started to stomp her brother with her four inch heels, hard, skin breaking hard, grinding her heel into his soft weak body like squashing a bug, she was. Ida and Lisa were first rate copy cats,  the guys, well they wanted to get theirs, so it was a ten foot stompathon, the coward lay submissive for his punishment. Lisa suspected that the dolt finally got how annoying he had been, that was good that he accepted his beating, then again he was a wimp, what else could he do, she giggled, and stomped.

  He was a mess of cuts and bruises, Tom suspected his nose was broken from the blood flow, but he would live, for now. When Levi took her sons cherry, it turned out he really was a fag virgin, the noises they made together allowed Lisa to cum just standing there watching. It was so exciting  Levis manly grunts as he fucked jr, as if he was getting back at every stuck up whitebread little dick, his smoldering eyes, his rippling hot black skin, just beginning to shine with his man sweat, the sound of his wide cock ripping jrs ass, Lisa was on edge. She matched the sounds of Levis masculine conquest to those of the coward getting owned. tommy was making such unmanly mewling noises Lisa really wanted him dead, she knew she wasnt gonna win mom of the year, but she wanted her little baby silenced, his babbling was interfering with her abilty to fully enjoy his blacking. Using Toms underwear she stuffed the idiots mouth with the undies and got down to watching Levi own her snivelling, crying baby boy.

    Fucker was gonna need diapers, laughed Tom as he watched the ass rape go on, at full speed. jr looked insane, his eyes bugged out of his silly face on every thrust of Levis man meat, he was making the strangest grunts out his underweared mouth, this was great,  the doctor wondered if it was a dream, everything was so damn perfect.  His daughter and wife were slapping jrs face hard, while spitting in it and taunting him, Ida was raking her inch nails across jrs back, drawing blood, while Levi plowed jrs ass and mauled Idas swinging fun bags, Tom chuckled if that isnt a rockwell christmas scene he didnt know what was. When Levi finally nutted up jrs hole, everyone could hear the plop of his cock leaving the destroyed shitter, and Ida, perfect Ida, was under there catching all the ass juice that poured out of jrs gaping anus, with a wine goblet. When a log of jrs shit slid out, everyone cheered, Ida needed no more encouragement.

    Ripping the underwear from his mouth, Ida force fed jr the cum and shit mess, the freak made all gone, he was at that point that surrender was always easier, he had given up. This annoyed Tom as he wanted some screaming and begging, but fuck it what did he expect from fag boy. Everybody was disgusted by his appearance and wanted him gone. Lisa decided a group golden shower was a good way to show jr their feelings for him, so Levi threw Tommy over his shoulder and everyone went out back, freezing cold, snowing,  while tommy shiverded in the snow, they all pissed on,  in him,  Levi finished by crapping on jrs face, to everyones enjoyment. Tom mad jr roll in the snow till he was relatively clean, then he marched jr into the house to get on with the rest of the holiday.

   To Idas squeaking delight, they decided to have tommy do all her work while he was here, so Ida could bond with Jen some more. After Tom locked the shock collar on fag boy, he explained to Ida that she was to teach tommy to do her job, he stressed that if he disobeyed, that she was to beat him, giving her the riding crop, which she proceeded to attack jr with. Tom was amazed at her violence,  soon jr was in full beg mode, then he simply lay on the ground and sobbed, oh so fucking manly. Jen cringed at her brothers cowardly behavour, he could at least pretend that hes a man, she laughed as Ida tore her baby brother to bits. It was getting late and so Tom took Jens hand and they headed up to the master bedroom, Lisa took Levi by his cock and led him to the first floor guest room, and Ida was leading tommy boy by the leash, as she pointed out the finer details of cleaning. Just another traditional holiday at Tom and Lisas.

                                                                                  THE END







                                                                Dr Tom and Lisa

                                                    Chapter 6  Girls Holiday

                                                    by roccodadom44



     "Ive had more sex in the past week than the rest of life, combined," laughed Jen as she gently fondled Levis monster cock, as he lay sleeping. Her adopted, Jamaican twenty year old brother accounted for a lot of the sex she had, her Dad, a good deal, throw in the lezzing with her Mom and Ida, the maid, Jen figured she was well and truly fucked. She still couldnt believe the transformation that had taken place at Christmas at her house. Her parents turned out to be sex freaks and murderers, who the fuck knew. She still couldnt wrap her mind around it all.

She had come home with the intention of telling them of her engagemnet, but she was greeted by her parents, the maid, and Levi all naked and in no time she was on board, "I cant believe Im fucking my Dad, repeatedly, everywhere, even in a threesome with Mom," sighed Jen as she considered that she and her parents relationship had been hanging by a thread, this was amazing, she had spent a good portion of one afternoon rimming her Moms shit hole. That tended to bond a Mom and daughter in a real way. It was so cool to just hang with Mom, she is so fucking herself. Jen felt real pride at all she had learned about her Mom, the violence she was capable of, the wild gangbangs, it was so fucking cool.

  That her parents had decided to off her baby brother, tommy, was so powerful to Jen, she felt like this was her one chance to break free, like her parents, they were the happiest people she knew, she wanted that, even if snuffing her brother was the price. As she pictured him she physically gagged, he was so gross with his pathetic little worm. The immediate contrast to Levi was striking, Levi had a massive fat black cock that made Jen pant, while tommys worm was three inches hard and invisible when shriveled. Helping to torture and abuse her brother was very revealing to Jen, the feelings of euphoria, the ability to make her brother piss himself from fear of her, made Jen feel more alive that she suspected anyone should ever feel, but she would take her chances, she was hooked on the violence.

   Throw in that  Mom and Dad were taking Jen and Harold to Jamaica, where they would set Jen up with a beautiful well hung successful Jamaican, they would also turn the very racist Harold over to a group of Blacks, who would reeducate Harold as to the folly of his ways, Jen figured her life was going to be pretty wild, much more wild that she even thought possible, before she came home for the holidays, "Fuck I love the hollidays" laughed Jen as Levi started to stir. Being a devoted big sister, Jen dived for Levis cock and went suck crazy, from the moans, Levi appreciated his sisters ministrations. When he mounted her, Jen again considered the size and width of Levis cock. Her and Mom had measured it at seven inches long, but the fucker was almost five and a half inches around. Thats fucking amazing, Jen could feel every vein, every minute bump, on Levis cock as it rubbed her sensitive cunt walls, it was so satisfying as a woman to get fucked like this, like you are totally full, like that cock is your center of the universe, it rules you.

  After showering, Jen got excited recalling that her Mom was taking her slutting today, at a nearby dive bar full of dirty blue collar workers,  this was smoking hot to Jen. She was used to whitebread rich college dorks, today would be a completly different experience, guys treating her as a piece of meat, to have her mom beside her, was getting Jen jiggy with anticipation. The plan was for her and Lisa to hit the day spa, then off to the dive, for an afternoon gang fuck, then back home to sleep it off. Her Mom had warned her of the pain and soreness after a rough public rutting, Jen had already started taking antibiotics, as she planned on eating alot of working man ass today.

   She found Lisa in her bed, alone and that was rare, Jen snuggled up to her and whispered in her ear, "Come on, Mom, your daughter needs lessons in public rutting," it got the results, as Lisa purred and kissed her daughter. "Oh, baby, you will know the greatest feelings of release," Lisa panted, "but first to the spa, we must give the boys our best, inside and out." After a huge breakfast, curtesey of Ida, the girls dressed in sweats and packed their slut outfits for later. Lisa wanted to give little tommy some grief, so Ida got him from his cage, Jen had to laugh at his condition, Ida had really beat him, head to toe, as he trembled before the girls, Lisa told him in one week they would all be in Jamaica and then he would know his real role in the world, with this she started to stomp her coward son, Jen felt the urge to join, which made Ida want in,  it was a three chick stomp down of epic proportions, leaving tommy, battered and out cold. Lisa had actually scored a knock out kick to the head that left her wet and panting. Jen dug her mothers brutality, again chuckled that a week ago she thought her mom square.

  The limo was here, after giving Ida a good slut groping, the command to hurt tommy some more, the girls headed off to a day of beauty, followed by an afternoon of hard core gangbanging. The spa was over the top posh, the girls started with a a round of stretches, follwed by a swim and sauna. Then it was massage time, Jen loved the way her body responded to the bull dyke digging into her muscles, freeing the tension. Again the happiness, that she was best friends with her Mom, how cool was that. Lisa was also thinking that she loved how quickly her darling daughter was learning to take life by the horns,  that she had a partner in crime, like no other. She knew guys would be extra nasty if they had a mother and daughter together, the possibilities were endless.

  Getting waxed sucked, giving each other enemas was fun, Jen and Lisa used the hot shower to luxuriate in each others arms, before getting their hair and nails done. After they dressed and stood in front of the full length mirror, Lisa was fascinated in how much Jen looked like her, they wore matching slut outfits, black spandex minis, black thighhighs, white silk sheer blouses, no bras, four inch red heels, they looked like twin whores, this excited her crazy. Jen was no longer threatened by her Moms sexiness, rather she embraced it, was deeply proud of her, adored her, this made Jen feel so whole, so herself.

  "Jesus, I feel like Im gonna puke," thought Jen, but as if sensing her daughters discomfort, riding in the cab to the bar, Lisa told her about the pregangbang butterflies, the realzation that shortly, a room full of nasty guys would use her any damn way they chose, that was scary, also, fucking hot, they both agreed. Jen,on nearing the door to the seedy, nondescript bar, was feeling what Lisa knew to be waves of terror and erotic anticipation, a weird electric mix. As Jen opened the paint peeling, wood cracked door her senses were assaulted with loud music, smokey air, the stench of years of piss, puke, booze spilled in copious amounts. That it was dark, made it that much more daunting, Jen saw that there were at least a dozen guys around the circular bar, in the middle of the dingy room.

Lisa was amazed that everyone was smoking, apparently they didnt get the no smoking in public memo, she loved that these guys could fucking care less, that there were twelve of them, including the fat bartender, who she had fucked before, six for Jen, six for her, fucking right. Sitting at the far end of the circle. near the doorway to the back pool room,  the bathrooms, Lisa knew, instantly that the bartender was ready to play. "Well, well, if it isnt Mrs rich cunt, herself," bellowed the greasy mixologist, loudly, every guy was leering at the smiling Lisa and the nervous but sexually excited Jen.

The bartender explained to the guys that Lisa was a pig who needed a rough fucking, the hooting was loud and crude, when Lisa introduced Jen, her daughter, the guys were beyond control. Quickly the door was locked, the two excited cunts were manhandled into the small pool room, each was stood on a pool table, and as the juke box played they were told to strip, the guys gathered close, within touching distance.

Jen was quickly overheating, as she seductivly stripped for the shouting, leering lowlifes surrounding her. The emotions were wild, she was so fucking alive, this was real life, not the manufactured safe college shit, this was dangerous, these guys were the scum of the scum. When Mom had introduced her and the guys focused their nasty comments and leers on her, she was close to cumming without any manual stimulation, she knew she needed this, would always need this level of danger to get her off, fully. When the losers mauled her, copping rough feels of her tits and cunt, and slapping her sexy ass hard, Jen was panting with lust,  ready to surrender to these filthy animals.

Lisa dug her daughters lustfilled eyes, knew she would be fine, went back to focusing on her own mounting sexual fire. The guys were perfect for their roles, dirty, muscular, mean, a rainbow of colors, white, black, brown, Lisa was dripping cunt sauce at their mauling of her body,  now as she shook her stuff, on the  worn, cigarette burned green felt table, she got into the looks in the crowds eyes. The fuckers were sexually turned on, but they also looked mean, they wanted to put these rich cunts in their places, namely, as cunt meat, nothing more. To Lisa this was perfect,  she felt herself swept away on waves of uncontrollable bliss.

  When Jen had gotten down to her thighhighs, she lay on the table, on her back, up on her elbows, and spread her legs, giving the hooting men a full money shot, that was that. They quickly had her stuffed with a cock in her cunt and one in her mouth, while others mauled her tits, hard and painfully. She could hear Lisa moaning, so she knew her mom was in the same way,  that made it all so much more intense. The guy fucking her was huge, for a white guy, he was trying to hurt her, Jen dug this, like mother, like daughter. She laughed to herself, that this loser could fuck, but he was still a loser,  would always be a loser, something he knew, she knew. When he spit in Jens face she was startled, but she went off on a major series of cums, this shocked her, moved her deeply. The spics cock in her mouth tasted devine,  Jen knew she would never discount cock based on race, she looked forward to the big, fat nigger groping her tits, shoving his black manmeat up her rich white cunt.

  Her Mom, was meanwhile in the middle of a three cock assault, Lisa was foaming at the mouth, with lust. They had her on the dirty, sticky floor,  her holes were being roughly pounded by cock, others were grabbing her fat, swinging tits, hurting them with their filthy tobacco stained fingers. Mom could also hear her baby getting used and she loved Jens vocality, screaming at the guys to fuck her,  moaning like a true pig. A Mom couldnt be more proud, thats a fact. As she rode the pistoning cocks, tried to breath around the fat dirty cock in her mouth, Lisa dug the level of crud built up on the worn, torn linoleum floor. The cock in her ass was rubbing against the one her cunt, and Lisa was off on another series of cums, in and out of reality. The moans of her daughter also cumming was so endearing to the beaming mom, as she rode her own orgasm, this was what mom/daughter bonding was all about.

When the guys got Jen up and bent her over a wobbly, gunked up table, she felt completely owned, she loved it. The black guy took her ass roughly, she felt the air leave her lungs,  as she sucked in air, a fat stinky cock also entered her throat. She was enveloped in feelings of sluttiness, the guys nonstop verbal assault, their constant groping of her now swollen, raw tits, the taste of manjuice backing up from her stomach, the black guys huge hands milking her tits, the contrast, as she looked down, of his coal black skin on her precious, perfect white body, she was gone on another powerful cum, that had the guys hooting at her sluttiness.

After the guys had all shot at least one load, they started to get nasty, this was where the sluts got there best humiliations. Lisa and Jen needed that degradation to make it all so much more than just another fuckathon. These guys knew the score, a competion developed over which loser could come up with the nastiest scenario for the piggies to perform. The girls were in pig heaven as the guys had them, eat each others dirty asses and cunts and spit the slop into a glass. The girls took turns drinking the dicksnot, and blowing cum bubbles for the cheering guys. Next the girls were hung by their hands from the ceiling, with their toes just touching the floor,  the guys whipped them, spanked them,  mauled their sore tits, assholes, and cunts, till both cunts were cumming and crying from the pleasure and pain. When they shook open champange bottles and stuffed them up the ladies cunts and asses, they roared their approval, as the crazy with lust sluts exploded the bubbly out, came together screaming for more shit.

  Jen was amazed at the violence of these guys, they really hated her and Mom, she dug that, most of all. These guys were real, had no pretensions, that made them much more virile than the faggy, phoney, rich boys she was used to. She mentally pictured Harold, her supposed fiance, fucking in a place like this, with these real men, and she giggled at the thought of the little dick among these natural brutes, who knew what cunt needed,  who would destroy a sniveller like Harold. She loved the way these guys just mauled her, no holding back, she was a cunt and that was that, she loved it , thrilled to that level of sluttiness, she was special, Mom was right. None of her friends at school could ever pull this shit off, no way, no how, she giggled, as the guys, pulled, twisted, pinched, bit, probed all over her sore, but heated body.

  God, she loved a good beating, that the guys taunted her and spit on her, sent Lisa off on the cum express, when they started to double fuck her with pool sticks, Lisa was mad with pain and lust, she was crosseyed and speaking in tongues as the abuse went on, till finally she passed out, the guys cut her down and left her sprawled on the nasty floor. That meant all twelve fuckers were knocking on Jens prime door,  she was awed and excited at the predictament she was in. The smell of fucking was strong, Jen inhaled it, savored it, begged the guys for more cock, they delivered. She was cut down,  they stuffed five pool balls up her sore cunt, and all twelve guys took her ass, one after the other, till she was gaping and dripping, the guys were teasing her that she would need diapers, strangely, this caused Jen to cum real powerfully. That she was this hot over her destruction, stunned her, but she could no more control her needs, than her piggy mom, which was to say, not at all. The balls in her cunt were being pushed around by the brutal thrusting of cocks up her shit chute and this caused the slut much pain and joy.

  They carried Jen over to her still out of it Mom, and as she was held above Moms head, Jens ruined shitter deposited a huge quantity of dick slop, and some of Jens liquid shit, right on Lisa face and some dripped into her open piehole. The guys loved Lisas look as she came to, and Jen had to admit, her Mom was a pig, as she watched Lisa finger the spunk and shit off her face into her mouth. As Jen pushed each ball from her cunt Lisa caught it and sucked it clean to the crowds amusement. The girls then lay on the floor and fucked their cunts with beer bottles while the losers spit on them and called them pigs. And that was that, the guys dragged them out the back door, into an alley behing the bar, gave them a group golden shower, threw their clothes at them, went into the bar, case closed.

  Lisa hugged the sobbing Jen, she understood her daughters emotions, it was all so dehumanizing, after the party was over, to have to accept that you dug this level of degradation, but Lisa knew Jen would be back here again, bet on it. They were both to tired to get up, so they lay there, drenched in piss, naked and bruised, like yesterdays trash. Finally, they dressed and hailed a cab, while giggling at their bizzare appearance. Jen had cum in her hair, her mini had been used to wipe off a multitude of dirty cocks, she was missing her right heel, so she kinda hopped, causing her tits to sway obscenely.

   Mom had her makeup smeared so bad, she looked clownish, Jen wanted to eat her right there, but didnt have the energy. Her Moms hair was covered with piss and cum and Lisas buttons were missing from her Hermes blouse, so her tits were continuely poking free for a peek about. The cab driver, an arab, go figure, was staring more at them than the road, Lisa succumbed to the bait, and spread her legs and gave Mohammed a money shot for the ages. When Jen started diddling her Moms clit, Lisa giggled at the stunned drivers wide eyes. But when at the next red light, Jen got out of the back and climbed in front, proceeded to suck the driver, while he continued driving, Lisa was beaming with pride for her complete pig of a daughter. She knew this was the start of many great times to come for her and Jen, this was so, so fullfilling.

                                                                                                           the end


                                             Dr Tom and Lisa

                                    Chapter 7  Ida on top

                                             by roccodadom44


  Her mind was all over the place, Ida didnt know where to start. Lisa had given her orders to punish her son, tommy, Ida lived to please Lisa. The fiery Mexican needed sex, lots of it, loved to get sloppy, never passed up an opportunity to get some, but Lisa and Toms son was yucky, giggling at his lack of manhood, both penis wise and demeanor. As she watched him cleaning the toilet bowl with his toothbrush, she grimaced at his pasty white, pimple covered skin, his ugly face, loving the bruises, cuts all over him, mmmm, Mistress really was a goddess, sighed Ida, again, smiling on her good fortune, to end up here, in the loving arms of this regal couple, well, Ida knew a good deal when she saw one.

  It was Friday night and Ida had till Sunday to play with the dolt, she decided sex was out, she didnt see any reason to let his willy in her, it  wasnt going to do shit for her sloppy, well used hole, if she felt it at all. Better to reach into her violent self, oh yeah, Ida had lots of resentments with all the shit she had thrown at her, she could get down on it. He did his turtle routine, as Ida attacked him with her riding crop, giving him her all, spreading the hits around, letting him guess where next it would come, taunting his wimpiness, his lack of manhood, loved that her anger was real, she did want this fag hurting. Being a hands on girl, she got the sobbing coward up, he could not look at her, cagado, she towered over him, her heels five inches, she outweighed the creep, was stronger, when she told him they had to fight, he cried, he fucking cried. She felt the surge of power within, knew she was sucking the life from him,mmmm.

  Wow, he stood there hands down, Ida seething at his cowardice, knowing this shit stain had everything handed to him, everything but a backbone. Not one to idle, Ida went fist crazy, driving shots into the fuckers girlie body, he was gasping for air, bent over, her upper cut driving his head back hard, he was out cold, KO, no counting needed, faggy was asleep. Feeling deprived of a proper ass whooping, Ida decided he was a girl,well, Ida had imagination, could run with her ideas, didnt give a hoot what others thought, Tom and Lisa excluded, she cared deeply what they thought.

  His body was dainty enough to be girly, Ida shaved his legs, she made him stroke his tiny,she giggled that she remembered five year old kids with bigger penises, wow, even his balls, as she squeezed them hard, were comically tiny, Ida had held a few ball bags in her time, for sure. Shaving around his anus, she couldnt help probing with her fingers, watching him get excited, the fag, Dr Tom was right, she giggled, jr was a volteado. She got three fingers up his ass, his tiny was throbbing, his balls shrinking more, so his cock really did look like a clit, well, Ida had to.

  She left him there, on edge, got her favorite strap on, twelve inches, three inches around, it vibrated, had hard quarter inch nubs all over, she was gonna fuck him good,she did. He screamed at her violent dry plunge all the way home, a foot deep up his stink hole, he was bawling, but as she knew, she knew he knew, he was soon panting, dripping precum, ass trying to get more of what Ida was bringing, the little homo. Giggling at his begging her to stop, haha, she was going to fuck him insane, he had cum from her ass banging, but she wasnt inclined to stop, she had cum twice herself, not bad from such a sorry fuck. There was blood on the dildo, he was making cute noises, talking nonsensical, she figured she could now work him good, really get down to the pain of it.

  He willingly let her tie him with his hands over his head stretched tight, she tied each ankle to a post, he was comically spread, wide, arms taut, his toes touched the ground, if he crunched right. Ida went to have a smoke, didnt want to give jr any of her second hand smoke, yeah right, she wanted him to suffer alone, think bad thoughts, trouble himself, torture himself, wanted his brain crushed, wanted to take his soul. The smoke was soothing, her cunt was soaked, she dug ripping that losers ass up, it had been very hot, knowing Tom and Lisa preferred her, an orphaned, sexually abused, dark Mexican they had been given as a slave, over their own son, was quite ironic, she loved the way it all played out.

     From her at first, complete fear of Lisa, to coming to love her, really love her, want her to be her Mother, god, that was Idas deepest wish, to be Lisas daughter. She had always hated whitey on principal, all the whites she had come in contact with hurt her, really hurt her, but Lisa and Tom, and now Jen, had changed her mind, they all loved her, treated her as one of them, she still cleaned, cooked, served, got sexual abused, but she needed that, suspected that the others didnt want her to, just humored her, she figured she would outgrow it, knew Lisa wanted her to get married, that was profound in itself, pretty much explained why she loved Lisa so much.

   Going and checking on jr, he was covered in sweat, shifting his cramped legs like dancing a jig, taking comically deep breaths, as it is extremely hard to breath when stretched out like this, she knew from experience, giggling, she knew a lot about pain from first hand experience. Using Lisas bull whip, Ida played him along a highway of pain, leaving him covered in angry red, in places bloody, stripes, his gasping for air making him look spastic, nice. Getting him to agree to eat her shit, it wasnt hard to do, fag, as she squatted over the dog dish, in his line of sight, she produced a couple of healthy logs of caviar, spraying her piss all over it, bonus for the coward. First she undid his arms, with brute force bent his upper body backwards, as if he was doing the limbo, straddled his face, commanded that he clean her shitty anus, he did, of course, he did. Ida loved his sourpuss face, the shit on his tongue. Standing him up, like a rag doll, she held the bowl before his terrified eyes and ordered him to eat, he didnt even get half of it down, the puke was flying, Ida scurrying away, giggling at his sorry ass, dry heaving, gasping, cramping, crying, perfect.

   She had all night, she fed him bits and pieces, made him drink the piss/shit fluid, again, little steps, he kept it down, even a sorry ass like him could learn, this amused Ida to no end, she had turned jr into a shit eater,mmmmm. A little celebratory flogging seemed proper, Ida tore the fucker up, paying extra attention to his cramped calves, beating them black and blue, he was hanging by his wrists, straining his shoulders hard, as he swung his legs to avoid her assault. Finishing with a ball shot, that caused stinky to puke, piss, and shit, was peaches, Ida was content the fucker had enough for tonight. She cut him down, ordered him into her old dog cage, Lisa had caged Ida briefly when she first obtained her, faggy was secured for the night, Ida was tired, but wanted to write, her second passion, after all out sex, of course.

   Laying in the tub, covered in warm, bubbly water, pretending to sip her champagne, yuck, give her a diet Pepsi, plotting her story, letting her mind out of the stall, her term for running with ideas,she always got far, mined deep, passionate veins of words, worth gold, more than gold, spewed from her mind, she jotted outlines, key phrases, rememberances, later to sit and wordpad those scribblings into a literate story, something worth reading, something she felt proud to produce, her children they were, always part of her, she would never let go of them.

   Thinking how far she had come since arriving here at Lisa and Toms, not knowing English, being afraid of everyone and everything, disgusted with sex, with the losers who paid to use her, tiny dicked fumblers. Now she was strong, confident, happy, her mind free to explore her unique experiences, she safely basked in the love of her family, well, except jr, Ida giggling that she suspected his days were numbered as she had helped Lisa and Tom, and their quite wild friends, off losers before, she dug the real loathing of wimpy, it was thick in the air, the mutual want to destroy the loser.

    Laying on her twenty five hundred dollar foam mattress, laughing at the nights she slept on dirt, cuddling the soft as fantasy pillows, giggling at having used straw, yeah, real straw, as a pillow in her past, dark life. A bit amazed that this luxury freed her inner emotions to write so profoundly, so nonstop, wandering from one short story to a poem, to another story, instead of getting lazy, she became a writing dirvish, strange, but nice, loving that Lisa was going to get her published, she felt like a princess. Still scared to show her novel, a bit daunting, did she over word a short story, ramble, she would show it, fuck yeah, in her time, her way, content to have what she had now, at least thirty very good shorts, and scores of half asses, possible keepers, and wall slamming deadenders, fodder to be worked on lonely, rainy days, she mused. Now her clit wanted attention, Ida always made time for her clit.

   Thinking about all the wild sex she had since coming here, knowing her clit would throb best when she pictured the violence, how hot she got watching her Mistress, her Lisa, get after someone,mmmmm, she would go lez if Lisa said to, giggling she hoped that never happened, nothing finer than a fat cock working her snatch, Ida was right there, her finger tracing her clit, little circles, prolonging the release, like a dam, building the pressure, getting a little higher, using a finger to probe her sensitive anus, now, twisting her clit, pain to pleasure, her juice gushing, finger smearing it up her ass, bad girl, going blind from the cum, white out, her body a sweating, panting, heaving mess of emotions. Smiling, contently, knowing she would sleep deeply, peacefully, wanting a smoke more, she headed down stairs.

   Had to piss on jr, he deserved to wallow in her piss, that was fair, using his mouth as an ashtray, fun, he was beat, eyes squirrelly, heart racing, so sad, so funny, Ida chuckled, she really had no remorse for this fuck, considered herself a nice human, but, fuck this shit, he was born to his destino, it was out of her hands, it had to be, she smiled knowing he was dead man walking,mmmm, bye, bye faggy. Stabbing her cig out on his tongue, she left him caged, soaked in piss, mouth sour with ash, tongue burnt nicely, his broken body basted in her shit and piss,she heading to her princess bed, a night of luxury, comfort, peace, all the better to get after the strung out, on edge, frantic fag in the morn, pleasant dreams her ass.

    Waking rested and relaxed, smiled that she had never woke rested and safe once in her life before Lisa rescued her, she knew her energy level was going to be high, jr was gonna get her best shit, giggling at that play on words, loving the notion of toilet training the silly wimp. Wondering idly how far she could go with him, as she crept down the stairs, quietly into the bathroom, where stinkys cage was, smelled the piss, hers from the shower she gave him, his from being a piggy, decided to add to it. He was out, snoring like a bear, ass up in the air, face pressed against the hard bottom of the cage, turned towards the side, easy target. Loved his look of, first shock as the pee drenched him, then his obvious acceptance that it was all real, all his nightmares were in fact real time, ha ha. Undoing his cage, ordering him into the shower, making sure it was only cold, fuck him, making him use pine soil to scrub, stinky fucker, laughing at his shrinkage, pathetic fool. Having him fix her breakfast, simple toast and cereal, she knew he wasnt bright enough to really cook, she didnt want him dirtying her kitchen, her domain. The shower was nice, furthering her energy level, getting her mind involved, thinking silly ways to further break jr down, knowing she wanted to humiliate him in front of others, figured the mall would work, mmmm.

    Laughing at her devious mind, she made tommy boy dress fag nerd, tight white pants, red panties that showed through, pink crocks, showed off his candy apple red painted toe nails, hot pink girls blouse, Jonas Bros pink hat, lots of perfume, hot red gloss lipstick, the dog collar showing nicely, he was dressed for abuse, he would attract attention, the wrath of guys, the disgust of women. Teasing him in the car that his friends would all be hanging at the mall, wouldnt he love to play with them, further taunting him with the truth, he had no friends, any kids who knew him hated him, they would love to abuse him, he sobbed at her truth, she giggled at it, embraced its hard edges, the truth will set you free, my ass.

    Finding a spot near the Sears entrance, Ida less than expertly parked the huge Suburban, driving was not her thing, but, the freedom was fucking exhilarating, America was great, simply because you could get behind the wheel and drive, no gangs of less than honorable soldiers to pull you out at a checkpoint, gang rape you, that alone made it all so great, so freeing. The little crybaby almost balked at entering the mall, she figured it was his one shot at pretending he was a man, she disabused him of that notion quick.

    Having him  pull down his pants and panties, she savagely rammed the large butt plug up jrs ass, he squealed, but took it, lodged tight, his ass ring spread comically wide, as he straightened his clothes, she told him never to deny her again, she could tell from his scared eyes, he was listening, he would try to serve her, this made her feel so powerful, she owned this pampered, spoiled rich white boy, hers to do with as she fuck pleased, she pleased to humiliate him fierce.

   She knew what they looked like, her in red velvet mini, hose, three inch pumps, tight white blouse, tits swinging free, he looking so freaking faggy, she dug the stares from the guys jrs age, amusement and hate, perfect couple, would get Ida what she wanted, a little public humiliation for creepy, a lot of violence. It wasnt hard to lure the guys into the restroom, down a deserted hallway, shaking her ass, Ida was the piedpiper of whitebread mall. Jr was visably trembling, looked weak, was weak, the other boys, teens to early twenties, robust, excited, eyes traveling from Jrs silly getup to Idas slut pig body.

  Taking charge, Ida had one guy watch the door, she told the others the deal, abuse jr, she would get nasty with them, they needed no other incentive. Quickly jr was stripped, beaten, spit on, teased, pissed on, but when the guys stuffed his head down the ditry piss filled toilet, giving him a good flushing, Ida was there, ready to fuck, and she did, letting the exuberant boys get wild, lots of flying seed, quick loads, the boys overheated, but they recovered fast, giving Ida another shot. She counted five  quality orgasms of hers, before going into a slut coma, just mindlessly riding her cums. Loved that as her holes were being plugged, the other kids worked over silly, stomping him, pissing, making him pull his tiny, but when Ida made jr eat her dirty holes, the guys went nuts, savaging the fag, leaving him bloodied, broken, sobbing, balled up under the urinals, how perfect, butt plug winking at everyone.

  Sitting on the messy bathroom floor, Ida felt wasted, it took stamina to take on a room of boys, her body starting to feel the after gangbang pains. Took her a half hour to clean up, giggling, at the amount of sperm boys produced, it was everywhere, even on the bathroom mirrors, making jr walk through the mall wearing man juice on his face, sweet, he was still sobbing, girls pointing him out, repeating his name, taking pics and videos of his fag appearance, his white pants were wet, his panties gone, the sunlight showed his tiny, clear as day. In the car she made him strip, ride naked like a dog, already knew where she was taking the fag, a reststop, notorious for fag sex romps, wanted him ass raped silly, maybe he would get aids,mmmm.

  She parked the truck in the woods, made jr remove his plug, loved that his shitter was loose, he willingly cleaned the plug, he understood the pain involved in hesitation, good little sissy. Cuffing his hands behind his back, blindfolding him, she attached the leash to the collar, led him into the woods, heading for the clearing where she could hear excited voices, she had gotten the name off a website geared for fags who liked to hookup. Feeling like she hit the lottery, there were at least a dozen guys in the clearing, most still clothed, a couple naked, some fucking, some sucking, all looked horny.

   There was no mistaking their lust for jr, they all edged closer, as Ida explained that he was an ass whore, the guys started jostling for first crack, roughly pushing jr over the picnic table, on his back, shoulders wrenched behind him, legs pointing to the sky, no one cared. The first guy was black, fatty cock, he went to town, ramming jr silly, while others took turns choke fucking his face, others slapping his belly pink, abusing his tits, twisting his balls, one guys was yanking the little prick, jr cuming quick, everyone cheering, Ida just taking it all in, knowing jr would be soon overwhelmed, these guys would not quit till they were done, no mercy halts, jr was fuck meat, not human anymore.

   The fucking continued, jrs ass bleeding, his tits angry dark blue, the guys had started to use him for their piss, she reckoned he had swallowed seven piss loads, along with eleven sperm deposits, and all the dirty ass they fed him, some of these guys were gross, he was eating shit balls and old toilet paper dingleberries, so the projectile vomitting was to be expected, the guys digging how his dry heaves made his anus open and shut around their cocks,mmm. The guys funnelling the nasty multicolored, chunky puke back down jrs ugly face,fuck him. A couple of the losers had tried to fondle Ida, she disabused them quick, one of them persisted, she grabbed his balls, she was all speed and violence, twisted and yanked till he collapsed, farting and peeing, the others howling, but getting her point, it was jrs day of fun.

  She was getting bored, as more guys showed up, it was now just nonstop ass and mouth fucking, jr gone into a catonic state, so she called a halt, guys bitching, Ida revealing her smith and wesson snub nose, ladies edition, gift from Dr Tom, they were on their way, Ida, in her slut wear, pulling jr by his leash, his body a mess of bruises, sperm, piss,blood, he walked like he was on a horse, his anus ruined, the guys had kept score, by scratcing lines in his stomach, their were twenty four, he had taken two dozen ass fucks, Ida loved it, the fucker would need diapers, this she dug, she tossed him in the back of the suburban, away she went, knowing she had done Lisas will, faggy had gotten his due.

                                                                                                         the end


                                                                   Dr Tom and Lisa

                                                      Chapter 8 Family Vacation, Jamaican Style

                                                      by roccodadom44



           Well, its almost here, sighed an edgy Lisa, a she soaked in the oversized tub. As Ida, continued to reheat the hot, soapy, water, Lisa focused on the family vacation coming up, as they were not a typical family, it fuck sure wasnt going to be a typical family getaway. They would be taking Levi, their adopted Jamaican son, with the fattest cock in the world, as far as her, Ida, and Jen, Lisas daughter, were concerned, they had tried it enough to know. Jen had a date lined up with Robert, the most elgible man in Jamaica, Lisa was so hoping they hit it off. That Harold, Lisas racist, toad fiance was coming along, had no idea about the shit that was going to erupt in his face once they were in Jamaica, made it so fucking hot, Lisa started to massage her throbbing clit, in no time, Ida, the best maid/adopted daughter for a kinkypiggy like Lisa, could ever want, went tongue crazy on her Mistrss/Mommas cunt and shit hole, relaxing Lisa, she could just smile at all the fun they had coming,she focused her joy on Tom jr, her fag sons coming demise, he would be taking a one way trip to Jamiaca, as he was to be given to the hardcore OBEAH, to do as they pleased. Wow, her life was sure complicated, mused the temporarly sated cunt,she went back to luxuriating, what every princess does best, stay pretty till the fucking starts.

   Jen was at Harolds house pretending to be interested in him and his boring parents and tight assed little brother. When she had gone to the bathroom, she caught Peter, Harolds seventeen year old brother playing with his fat cock,she giggled that Peter got all the cock in the family,as Harold was four inches tops, but his little brothers fat cock was eight inches at least,Jen locked the bathroom door, went suck crazy on Peter, the youngster shot a gallon of sperm down her needy throat. Swearing the little horn toad to secrecy, they rejoined the dimwits, exchanging smug grins, as Harold pontificated about anything and everything, Jen wanted to fuck Pete right there, would have, except the lure of Harolds coming black shock in Jamaica was to powerful, she thought of it hourly, as the day neared, her passion growing like a sweeping forest fire. She wanted to be immersed in superior black cock, she was done with the faggy rich white boys, though Peter gave her hope for her race, she mentally reminded herself to get back to Peter, after Jamaica, she wanted to explore his fat cock,see if he was a potential mate, he would have all his parents money, with Harold out of the picture. Jen was overcome by the giggles, thinking of her dull brother and her loathesome fiance getting crushed down Jamaica way, it was all so fucking hot.

  Tom, as usual was doing yeomans work, getting everything ironed out. They were going first class down, but coming back, Tom jr would not be making the trip, Harold would come back coach,if at all, as his life would be over, his blacking would be all taped, sent to all his friends, classmates, relatives,of course his mom and dad, who would disown him pronto, Tom knew, the tight assed christian phoneys. They were staying at the same compound, same cottage that they occupied thier first trip, except Jen and Harold would sleep in the other room, at least in theory. After the first night, Harold would be turned over to the OBEAH for a crash course in reeducating the racist pig. Tom jr would not even come here, as he would be taken straight to the OBEAH farm for training and farm chores,fun, fun, fun, not. Ida, their sexbot maid/daughter would be staying behind entrusted to the care of Toms friend, Doctor Roger, a single eligible guy, as Lisa wanted to see if maybe Ida could be a bride, and then they could get another project cunt, His wife was always thinking,he adored her for it, her ability to get wild, it was so fucking stimulating.

  As Lisa rested her head on Toms shoulder, enjoying the wine in first class, she hoped she always felt this complete, she adored her husband, was so proud of Jen, the awakening she had experienced the last several months, treasured the maturing of Ida, who had the hardest life growing up, abandoned at five, to a childhood of sexual abuse and slave labor. well, she had gotten her GED, started taking college classes, had written several short stories, hard, brutal stoires, that Tom and Lisa thought profound, better yet, highly readable, Lisa had sent them to a friend, a literary agent in NY, and he was blown away. When they returned from Jamaica, they would sit down with the agent and talk it over, that Ida could be a great writer filled Lisa with pride for her slutpig maid. Levi, sweet Levi, Lisa mused about the wildness of adopting her young black lover, right in front of her fag sons horrified eyes, it was so fucking hot, to have Levi as her son, fucking her and Ida and Jen, whenever he desired, sweet, That he was such a nice gentle soul only made it so much more complete, he would attend Harvard on scholarship, premed, just like his new dad, Tom. As she nodded off, Lisa smiled that the nightmare named Tom jr, was soon to end, this so relaxed her, not to have to justify her sons outlandish lack of any manly traits, he didnt have to be a fucking macho man, but the lisp he had affected lately, made Lisa want to cut his tongue out, she giggled while sleeping, visioning Her ripping fag boys lispy tongue out, while Tom fucked him up the ass.

  Tom loved that his sexy wife giggled while sleeping and knew it had to do with his retarded son, who was sitting by himself, heavily medicated, dressed regular, all his bruises covered by makeup, he just looked like a typical moody, spoiled american teenager. Jen sat with Harold, pretending she was happy, Tom loved his hot daughters command performance, as he knew how much she hated the clown. He coached her how much better the shock, when she turned on the buffoon. Levi gave Tom a smile as he went back to reading his paper, Tom loved his sons want to learn, to better himself, against all odds, unlike the fag, loser junior, Tom felt his stomach sour at the thought of how much his real son, the rotten fag, had disappointed him and Lisa. He swung out of the doldrums, cheered by the pilots annoucement that they would begin their descent in ten minutes.One hour tops, junior was on his way to hell where he belonged, that obnoxious bastard Harold would be getting a wakeup call. He smiled at the way he had changed plans,at first he wanted Harold kept in the dark till the second day when they brought him to OBEAH, but he had revised things. He discreetly told Lisa, Jen and Levi that they would start on Harold as soon as they got to the beach cottage, fuck it, why wait, the others were hot for it,as the bloviating windbag, hadnt shut up the whole flight, Jen gave her dad a sacastic glance, not listening to her fiances endless verbal diareha,Tom pointed to his watch,signally her soon, soon.

  Jen smiled at her Dads watch pointing, again wondered if her ear would really fall off from Harolds nonstop babbling, she wanted to haul off and smash his teeth in, She didnt want to slap him, She really wanted to bust his teeth in, She smiled at her Mom, who she knew had given her this freedom, to take what you wanted, she wanted Harold destroyed, not just humiliated, completely trashed, that was how much she hated him, that he was back on how weak blacks were, within earshot of the clearly superior Levi, made Jen fume, Harold actually commented on her anger, thinking she was upset at the thought of blacks. If only the clod knew, that earlier Levi and her had snuck into the first class head and fucked, standing up, not a great lay, but Jen needed it to keep sitting next to her fiance, who insisted on trying to paw her, which made Jen shiver with disgust. She caught Levis eye, he discreetly rubbed his crotch, Jen smiled at how sexy her new brother was,she could tone out the perpetual windbag next to her. The captains announcement, caused Jens cunt to fire up again, she was so going to enjoy this trip.

      Freedom, thats what Lisa smelled on the ground in Jamaica, she felt such comfort to be back here, the place that changed everything, and possibly her and Toms home for six months a year, she regretted that the villa Robert helped them buy was not complete yet, they couldnt use it till next year, oh well. There was always a warm sensual breeze blowing, Lisa mused, like it was meant to remind you how horny you were, she needed cock, scanned all the hot black guys around her, their man smell perfuming the sweet air, Jesus, she was ready to fuck right here, she giggled, at the thought of her and Jen on the baggage conveyor, naked, being used by every big cocked native available. She was feeling the absolute joy she knew the impending violence would release, she wonderd how Jen listened to the fucking pasty white blowhard, drone on and on, even the fag steward rolled his eyes, thats saying something, the whole fuck flight. Harold was a fucking dolt,Lisa knew it was going to be brutal, it had to be brutal, Levi alone had many and numerous slights and insults to square away with the blob. Lisa had started calling Harold the blob, not only because of his belly, but more for his lack of backbone, he was a broad, in the worst sense, just sitting around, blabbering, doing nothing, ever, but blabbering. He made Lisas skin crawl, that this nothing had every thing handed to him, the best of it all, his parents were worth way more than Her and Tom, though Lisa knew She and Tom had way more fun, that was the difference. Wouldnt his rich stuffy blowhard parents be shocked when Harold returns home a broken, destroyed, slavish retard. And that Jen was hot for Harolds little brother, that was rubbing it in, you have to agree, that was way cool.

   It was all so sad, Tom, was fixtated on the abject poverty that was most of this beautiful island, some had all, most had none, a dangerous mix, as the most might get pissed, then the few were stuck on an island with many savages wanting blood. They needed a business plan, industry, they had cheap, hard working labor, they only had to sell it, the Doc figured the rich here liked things the way they were. He rethought his lofty goal to push Robert to run for prime minister of Jamaica,a complicated parlimentry democracy, Tom would be his mentor. That he saw bad shit coming didnt stop him from drinking in the smiling sexy faces of the big coalblack women, who knew how to fuck, were built to take cock, they all seemed horny, maybe his wife was right, that the air pushed you to be wild, all he knew was he wanted to start fucking, as he watched his slutty daughter, in a mini, shake her ass as she strutted in front of him, he wanted to see her getting blacked, it was going to be wild. He smiled that like mother like daughter, watching Lisa scope out the cock parade, he chuckled that he had it all, he eyed the sluggish Harold, mouth going, though Jen wasnt even pretending to hear, good for her, he relished the clowns coming fifteen minutes, when this trip was over Tom hoped he never had to set eyes on dopey Harold, or his cowardly failure of son, for that matter, Tom jr, who was quickly handed off to two muscular Jamaicans, who would bring the drugged up fag to OBEAHs private ranch to begin his training as a slave. That both these pieces of shit had it all, he looked at the poor, but dignified people around him, he knew wealth was not fair, some had who had no business having, others deserved, had earned through their grace and character, more than they would ever recieve. He went back to Ida, loved his wife for shining their diamond off, Ida would be famous one day, of this Tom was sure, he was no fag literture major, but he knew real writing when he saw it, dear Ida could tell a story, that was so satisfying to his soul, people could climb out of the sewer and shine.

  Jesus, they all have huge bulges in their pants, smiled Jen as she took in all the men around her, this was paradise, as she held Harolds fat, sweaty, pudgy paw, she started picturing each handsome, manly, black she saw beating Harold senseless, she was in a great place, it was all so close, she needed to hurt this scumbag, alot. So close, she counseled herself, just pretend a little longer, but when Harold tried to kiss her, Jen freaked, excused heself, she was stunned that she violently puked in the ladies room, she was so revolted by her fiance, that it made her physically, fucking ill. Lisa, as she helped up her stricken daughter, told her that this was good, Jen would feel such highs when they got into Harolds shit. Jen giggled at how much she really hated him, when she asked her Mom what happens if she got carried away, Jen loved the answer, thats what Dads for, to make everything kosher. She didnt want Harold dead, wanted him around to depise for ever, had a thought of marrying Peter, Harolds big cocked little brother, wanted Harold to be the best man, wouldnt that be funny, in a completely silly way. But she needed to revel in his blood and pain, who knew where that would go, she was on fire. Listening to all his bitter drivel about inferior blacks, Jen was apalled that a guy educated in the finest schools could delude himself so deeply. She knew a sissy, weak whiteboy like Harold, was petrified of the big cocked, scary black man, this humored Jen so nicely, she would make sure the fucker admitted who was superior before this trip was over, she planned on turning Levi loose on her faggy fiance, she wanted blood, she would get it.

    The excitement was thick, Lisa felt it digging at her sensitive flesh, as the limo pulled up the private cottages bright white conch shell driveway.Levi, Jen, and Tom all wore the same half smile/ half sneer, causing Lisa to giggle, as Harold went on an on about the lack of pride these people had for their country, blah, blah, blah, sighed Lisa. She was still facinated, grossed out to be sure, but fascinated the same, at this dolts bubble of cluelessness. As she studied his ugly, fat red face, she pondered his sad state and realised she would have no moral qualms choking him to death, this made her giggle louder, Harold wasnt leaving this island, she amused herself with reasons for Harolds demise, scuba accident was just flashing out, Harold had told everyone he was taking Jen scuba diving in Jamaica, it was there, that Harold woud be fish food, seemed so, so right. Robert standing on the front veranda caused Lisas mind to go blank, she really was blown away, had to control the urge to run and leap into this special mans arms, but the game played on, when Harold assumed Roberet was a porter, tried to hand him his bag, Lisa, and the others, started to outright laugh at his moment of fame.

  Tom was amazed at the blue of the sea, it screamed solace, it made you seek simplicity, it calmed your soul. That was that, He was all in, he couldnt wait to one day live here, full time, he wanted to fix this place, he also wanted the freedom for Lisa and He to live openly wild sex lives, that was the jewel, to work OBEAH into a real power, not just black, but all superior humans, their arent that many, Tom mused, united to rework society, also to use the inferiors for their enjoyment, laughed Tom. As he was deep in thought, Tom had to consider if Harold really tried to hand his bags to Robert, the fucker had. White light anger flashed in Toms head, he was wild with fury, but the laughter of the others calmed him, got him back into big picture view, that Harold so insulted Robert only made the coming storm of abuse that much more satisfying, he genuinely felt his need for blood pulsating through his body, as if his nerves were all screaming for violence, it would be quick, he knew, as Lisa did, veterans of many snuffs, Harold had brought out the deepest, the most savage of impulses of everyone here, it was palable, as they all laughed at the stupid confused sack of shit before them.

   Jen was really on edge, she needed to get this loser away from her, Harold was talking, a mile a minute, into her ear, She wanted to scream.He couldnt let it go, his petty hatred for anyone not just like him, it was all so sad really, thought the fired up Jen. Tuning needle dick out, she saw how green everything was, how blue the sea shined, inviting you to enjoy, the mellow breeze followed you everywhere, cooling you, keeping the insects away, the sun seemed to invade your body, charging you, making everything erotic, sensual, passionate, electric. Again, the staggering acceptance that her parents were so fucking cool, no college coed wanted to make that admission, but Jen knew she would scream it from her dorm building, she was blessed, as she watched her Mom checking out the gorgeous hunky black guy, moving towards them,  the horror as Harold insulted this guy, clearly superior in everyway to the sweating, smelly, troll. Wow, Jen only marveled at her rage, she moved as though propelled by a huricane of anger, pushing Harold so hard in the back, the unsuspecting fool went face first into the sharp crushed shell driveway, with a resounding splat. She felt her cunt opening, wettening, she wanted blood, she wanted cock, man cock. As Harold started to get up, Jen giggle as her Mom got him with a high heel to the head, sending fatty face first again, where he lay, crying, with pathetic snorts, honks, and sobs, yuck was all Jen thought, was it to much to ask the jellyfish to at least suffer like a man. But really she was hoping the god hugging Mom was Robert, cause she would marry that perfect looking man right now, she giggled, sounding just like her Mom, who heard the giggle, beamed with pride for her sexy daughter. .

   Lisa couldnt believe how good it felt to have Roberts hard, strong arms wrapped around her, enveloping her in his maleness, his muscles rippling against her, she could feel his massive cock, soft but fat, rubbing against her belly, and Lisa wanted it,oh fuck she wanted it, but this silly fucker crying at her feet was gonna get fucked up first. Lisa needed to see him hurt, real pain for this ugly toad. That he had ever put his inferior dirty worm into her daughter outraged Lisa, she knew she wanted to castrate Harold herself, a Mom needed her justice. He was really weak, crying, not even trying to get up and fight,calling Jens name over and over. That Jen had her tongue down Roberts throat, had Lisa cackling, Levi and Tom roughly got fatso up, Lisa got in his face, she did the honors, let porky know the score and she was on, she felt it flow, her verbal bashing, stripping Harold of all pretense of respect, she had him turning white, sputtering, when she told him she would personally remove his tiny balls, he actually tottered over, the coward fainted. The feeling of euphoria flooded Lisa, the power she had, to make this loathsome cretin blackout, wow, she felt godlike. What the fuck, sighed Lisa, Harry needed to die, pure and simple, Lisa would not sleep soundly knowing this ugly lardass was alive, that made it final.

    Tom had to tip his cap, his wife was the best, she really ripped faggy a new one, verbally. That he was that sackless, to pass out from words, Tom knew they would kill him here, now, his shelf life had expired. Tom chuckled at Robert and Jen, trying to suck each others face off, though he loved it more when they broke it and talked tenderly to each other,only to each other, as if the world became theirs, only theirs, that was a big step in the right direction. Levi, Tom sensed, was baffled by Harolds behavoir, Tom easily cleared it up, telling his son, that people like Harold, weak, snivelling bullies, always roll over and give up. When Levi said he wanted the fucker gone, Lisa and Tom gave him a tender hug, Jen and Robert joined in, and Tom felt full of love, ready to have a party, but first they would all feel better if Harold moved on,Tom pulled Robet aside to get things organized. In no time Robert had invoices proving they all went diving this evening, he would fix the body, but told the amused Tom, that he wanted to surprise the ladies with Harolds ultimate death, Tom could wait but he nudged Robert outside,as he heard faggy scream, he wanted some of that action.

   Still woozy, that was Jens feelings, Robert had really swept her off her feet, he was the real deal, smart, handsome, rich,  Jen swooned at the feel of his lethal weapon, still soft, three times Harolds lenght and girth, Jesus, Jen wanted that, wanted all this fucking hotness, this was truely paradise. Whem Dad took Robert inside to set up Harolds offing, Dads words, She and Levi and Mom tied up the coming around whiner. Christ, hes so weak, so not a man, Jen really wanted him gone, more she wanted to feel that release, ending this trolls wasted, ugly life, she knew she would be her Mom, that was so fucking righteous, she really could feel her skin tingling, as Harold started yelling, when he called Levi a nigger, Jen, with no forethought, smashed his face with her wine glass, opening a nasty three inch gash on the crybabies fat, acne scared cheek. He did at least stop shouting, as if even his stupid little brain could see this was serious, Jen giggled, as she studied his confused, dull eyes seeking some explanation in hers, she started to drive her heel into his fat belly, Lisa joined her, and Levi started kicking the again screaming fags head, Jen dug the blood, dug the noise, when Levis boot took out several teeth, they lay on the white broken shells, Jen thought, rather absurdly, that Harold had yellow teeth, the fag. The way the loose flap of skin had peeled back from his fat face amused Jen, she wanted to yank his skin off, wanted him stripped of his cowards skin, that made her cunt throb, physically throb, thats powerful shit.

   Fag, Lisa hated him, he was out cold, they had only just started, fuck, he was worthless, she wanted cock, the thought of just strangling him made her smile, but she knew Robert and Tom would want a pound of flesh, so she helped Jen strip Levi, they both took turns sucking his mighty manly thing, it was so sweet tasting, Lisa knew it was basted in her daughters clam juice, which made her happy, though, she would be real happy, when it was Roberts cock that had been in Jen, God, she wanted Robert to marry her girl, knew it was the right thing, knew it would give Jen such a wild life. She had gotten most of fattys clothes off, Levi cut the rest off, sticking porkys belly a few times, drawing little dribbles of blood, dripping into his many rolls of soft, sissy belly blubber, Jen was thinking of deskinning him, it wigged her, but it also drove her clit like it was a cock. It felt fucking amazing, Jen was ecstatic at the feelings flooding her, her cunt had a minor cum, her nipples were rock hard and throbbing, her brain was floating in a happy place, as she tore the flap of skin, expanding it to yank off a four inch by three inch hunk of uglys face. Lisa was bursting with love for her baby. She knew it was the kind of thing she would of done, she got Jens hate, what Harold represented to her, her old life of settling, well, as Lisa looked at the hideous, naked blubber boy, still yakking, sprawled on the ground, like so much litter, that shit sure had changed. That her face was feet from Harolds when the skin came off was neat, she could hear it tearing, that got her clams attention, in a sloppy, piggy kind of way, Lisa dug his hollowed out bloody cheek, she hucked a nasty fat gob of thick spit into it, telling the near delerious clod that his clock was running out.

    This is about right, that was Toms reaction, as he and Robert returned to the waiting carnage. He was so proud of his daughter, as she stood over Harold, taunting him, waving his bloody skin at him, she was Lisas daughter, no doubt. Lisa, Tom noticed, had the bloodlust look, Tom knew if he was gonna get in on the fun, he better be quick. Well, he was the take charge type, in no time it was decided that the guys would give Harold a proper cocking before the girls sent him on his way, they had the whale bent over a chair and tied down to await his next ordeal. Tom felt real lust as his fat cock drove up Harolds tight, shitcoated stinkhole, Jesus he could scream,  he was using the n word again, not bright, thought Tom, as he continued to deep drive the fools ass. Whenever Lisa got Levi and Robert to pry open Harolds mouth, she savagely ripped out the losers tongue, roots and all, using a pair of needlenose pliers, Tom came so hard, he felt his balls trying to climb out his pisshole, the fucker had squeezed so hard when his tongue got yanked, that Tom couldnt get his still hard cock out, when it did plop out, shit poured out of the retards fat ass, to everyones delight.

    He looked so gross, laughed Jen, as she looked at her fiance bent over the chair, waiting to get fucked like the bitch he was. His ass was hideous, fat, hairy, pimply, shit stains everywhere, yuck,yuck, yuck. Jen loved the way her dad got after stinkys ass, her Dad could fuck, she loved the way Harold went on and on, how he was going to press charges, sue them, get his father after him, between screeches when Dad drove his fat meatpole balls deep, Jen used this time to tell her fiance about how much she enjoyed Peter, Harolds little brother, Harold cried, Jen laughed, Tom came, win, win, win. As Jen watched transfixed, her Mom yanked the fuckers tongue out,Jen was right there, a simple breeze blowing on her clit would cause her to go off, she was that close.

     When Robert revealed his massive twelve inch black beauty, Jen was dizzy, it was love at first sight, even more his huge, potent, swinging balls, cried man, she was fevered, awash in lust, needed Robert to ever be happy, knew he was meant to breed her, that made her glow. That Dad had him wait till the passed out wimp came to, Tom had given him a shot a adrenelin, used a large woodwork clamp to staunch the blood flow from the missing tongue, everyone agreed he looked cute,in a complete loser kind of way, with half his face peeled off and the clamp sticking out of his tongueless, missing some teeth, battered mug. Wow, Jen loved his patheticness, when Robert took Harold, it was so cool, she studied Harolds wracking body,as Robert went all twelve inches up his colon. It semed like Harolds eyes would actually leave his head, as Robert would bottom out, all the air would expel from his mouth and nose, flinging blood, spittle, and snot, poor, poor, Harry, he was a lunatic,smirked Jen, as she spit in his face, as Robert finished rutting the racists bloody ass with a comical fast and furious climax, leaving him winded and Harold mad, completely insane.

  Lisa loved it when Harold let out the silliest gurgling noises as Levis five inch wide cock got to work destroying his bloodied shitchute, that Levi was spanking Harolds fat pasty white bottom, was getting Lisa so hot, Levi was a man, a man any Mom was proud to call Son, Harold was a boy, that was that. Lisa reveled in waving Harolds bloody, ripped out tongue, in his face telling him she shut his ass up good, real good. When Levi would pull out they all got a kick out of the wide open shit canal, they all pissed down their, like it was their right, Levi fucked the pissed up, shit basted, blood soaked colon like a wild man, Lisa giggling that Harolds eyes had become crossed, he was going over the edge, she loved it, he should of shut his annoying, fat, racist mouth, oh fucking well, it didnt matter anyhow, he was a short timer, she knew this, as she watched Tom and their daughter taking turns punching their fists up Harolds destroyed ass, they were trying to break his intestines, Tom telling them of the pain the shit would cause entering his stomach.They hit pay dirt when both had a hand up his ass till the elbow,as Harold made amazing noises, for someone with no tongue.

  Tom was loving frenching his daughter, while their arms rubbed side by side buried up his broken ass, coated in loser boys shit and blood, pushing their fingers up and through his intestines walls, causing the piss and shit to enter his blood stream and stomach, poisoning him, but also causing intense pain as the toxins burnt into his innards. This was a beautiful start to a tropical vacation, Tom pondered, when they both pulled their arms out, the blood and shit flowed, faggy went white and silent. They all marveled at his fat celluited ass, that a guy had celluite creeped out Tom, how fucking sorry was that, Jesus, what a creep. Giggling that he never thought of it, he just punched the losers face, getting a little reaction, of course everyone needed a shot, the fucker got his face busted good, spit, verbal shots rained down on his broken soul, Lisa stuck the severed tongue up harrys bloody cum dump telling him to eat his own shit, Tom knew he was gone, now he wanted to fuck. They left the fucker sprawled in the hot sun,naked, broken, insane, his tongue sticking out of his ruined anus, everyone went inside to fuck, air conditioned, for sure.

   That her parents sent her and Robert to the main bedroom,alone, meant so much to her, she really wanted this to be right, she was so nervous, he was a God, she only wanted to please him. He was so tender as they showered, massaging her tingling skin with his hard, strong hands, hands that were fucking huge, Jen giggled that it was true, large hands large cock, as she felt Roberts foot long cock poking her butt, she was getting light headed, needed Robert to bed her, get it done, like it was her virginity, in a way it was. He was so sweet, she cried, he was so tender, she shivered, he was strong, she surrendered, it was love, Jen knew it was love, as she rode a series of incredible orgasms, she felt out of her body, in a different place, that was all new to her, she held Robert, as if to never let go, he didnt mind, he smiled that sure smile, Jen came, just from rubbing against his hard, shiny, black skin, it was magic time. She actually dozed off, awoke to find Robert singing softly,a tender ballad, she could only do what she felt, she tried to swallow his cock, all twelve inches, she couldnt, but she took more than half, they both laughed at her desire to have him, he soothed her telling Jen he was crazy about her, wanted to spend this time getting to know her, that was all she needed, that he was at least interested in her.

   Lisa couldnt take another orgasm, not right now, as she just ripped off three stunners,picturing Harolds bloody broken body, of course, thanks to Tom and Levi savagely double porking her, with much tit pulling and ass spanking, just the way Lisa needed it, as if all the violence needed to be capped with rough sex. Feeling Toms and Levis cocks rubbing through her thin inner walls thrilled her to no end, it made them all together, not only did it give her great cums, but it also played into her maternal needs, her hubby and son were both satisfied with Moms slutty ways, that was cool. As she sat on Levis lap, idly stroking his awakening club, she was enthralled with how well Tom had Harolds departure laid out, she even appreciated Roberts unwillingness to let on about the surprise ending to the fag, though she offered to let Tom assfuck her if he let on, he only laughed and replied that she would beg him to bugger her if he simply waited long enough, she smiled that he was right, besides, she knew Robert had the best surprises. Levis hands were so fucking hot on her tits, working her nipples into a fenzy of tingling, jangiling nerves, her cunt was leaking, her ass was leaking, giggling at her sorry self, Lisa was content to listen to Jen fall in love on the end of Roberts manmeat, music to Lisas ears.

  As Tom smoked the over sized joint, passing it to Lisa and Levi, he felt calm, but he knew they would all get heated up when they returned to the driveway and porky, his image saddened Tom, what a waste of life he was, had no business going on, of that Tom was sure, he was looking forward to Roberts surprise ending, while watching Levi make Lisa squeal with his finger assault of her cunt and tits, the bedroom door opened and, arm and arm, naked, looking like a God and Goddess, came Robert and Jen. Jesus she never looked more beautiful, more like her mother, she sparkled, Robert had made her a woman, Tom was beaming, beaming with pride and joy for his little girl, though he smiled at how she walked slightly bow legged, he saw the spermies slowly running down her reddened thighs, mmm, daddys little girl was all full of spunk. He loved the feeling of ease the dope gave him, why hurry, everything would play out, that was Toms mind set, just let all the craziness play out, he was along for the ride, he understood it was Lisas and Jens show, they needed to prod Harold into oblivion, where the dull bastard belonged.

  Jen thought her mom looked hot, her tits all red, her ass brighter, her cunt and ass dripping splooge, Levi continuing to make her squirm with glee, at his violent finger work. Her Dad looked cool sitting there smoking a bone, his cock dripping Mom juice, looking so powerful, truely a mans man, Robert had told her over and over how much he loved her Dad and respected him, that meant something, that meant everything. She still felt empty, missing Roberts manhood in her, her cunt was begging for more, itching, wettening, pulsating, alive, her whole body was alive, She giggled at the picture of Harold, beaten, bloodied on the ground, everyone laughed along with her. She loved how Dad quickly annouced everyone was to shower, dress for dinner, they would send the blob on his way.

    Lisa remembered this boat, last time she was on it she was naked, bound, being taking to an OBEAH party by Robert, an evening that profoundly changed her life, she hugged those warm rememberances, giggled as she watched Robert catering to Jens every need, hopelessly in love, Go Jen Go, Lisa didnt think she could be happier, but she smirked that Harold had potential, the coming demise of Tom jr had the chance to send her to happy land for an extended stay. Jesus, its perfect, she took in the green hills meeting the white sands, meeting the azure blue Carribean, it was all so perfect, she wouldnt even mind sitting on a boat while Tom fished, it was the ocean back home, the angry, violent North Atlantic that she hated, feared, never wanted to be at its finicky, violent mercy. The boat just glided, as she sipped her new fave drink, a vodka collins, old school, but tasty, she watched everyone, Tom chatting with Levi, as he draped his arm over Levis shoulder, Lisa felt real joy, that closeness between her two special men, Tom, Husband of the century, hands down, Levi, the son she always wanted, always deserved, they were so close, always thinking, discussing, outwitting each other, playful battling intellects, like they competed fucking her, with love and a level of real respect, she felt the tears, that staggered her, that she cried tears of joy, oh please, who cries tears of joy, well, now she did.

   Actually, Tom was outlining his plans for Roberts and Jamaicas future, he was gratified that Levi was genuinely interested, and not pretending, the kid wanted to be great, he was a mini Robert, that was something. As he watched the beaten fishing boats, using outdated tech shit, he put it in the mental to do list, Levi volunteered that fishing was never considered a good job, that needed to change, they were sitting on a gold mine of fish, they needed investments, needed Robert to win the prime ministers seat,change the foreign investment laws, Tom would find people to send cash this way, the Italians came to mind, they always were looking for ways to hide money, pestering Tom to take them in as partners, so they could say they made money from his medical practice. One rule out shone all the others, to Toms reasoned mind, never, ever do business with the Italians, have snuff parties with them, let Lisa gangbang twenty of them over a weekend, but never become busines partners with them, they were much worse that jews, they were sociopaths, that was a big difference, a jew would screw and play dodge the lawyer, a wop would just shoot your ass dead, fuck it.This would be different, the Italians could launder there money through Jamaican banks, Jamaica would get a healthy cleaning fee, as well as access to cash to lend to small businesses, Tom was off, Levi was with him, it was possible, thats always exciting. Not a bore, Tom let it go and he and Levi were debating how Robert would finish off fatty, Levi wanted fire, Tom was partial to knives, being a surgeon and all.

  Jen was so at ease, Roberts goofiness put her anxieties away, he was a guy, a fucking ten, a one in a million, but a guy, that calmed her, allowed her to be her natuarlly funny, witty, compassionate self, she sensed Robert loved that, that it made him realise that she to was a woman, it was all so familiar, in such a serene way, like there was no doubt, never spoken, but no doubt, that they were together for eternity, there was no one else for either. Robert, was now acting his manly man self, as Jen watched him order the crew into the hidden canal, the so green leaves started to press upon the boat, Jen felt like she was entering another world, she was, oh she was. That Harold was below deck, bound tight, naked, bleeding, half insane with fear, missing his fat perpetally blabbering tongue, that her awesome Mom ripped out, got her happy in the finest way. As the canal opened up into a small bay, Jen sighed at the beauty laid out before her, it was paradise, as she hugged Robert, she hoped she one day lived here, she wanted this, not just Robert, she wanted her fathers dream, she wanted to make Jamaica a paradise fo their kind, the real beautiflul people, not just looks, not just money, attitude was big, Jen smiled at the picture of Ida popping up, she giggled at the notion of her new sister to be writing best sellers, life was a fucking parade.

   Lisa was getting hot, not from the weather, the breeze was cool, soothing, the heat was bloodlust, she needed to see Harold get his, it needed to be cruel and nasty, he earned it, oh he fucking more than earned it, he deserved it. Jesus, she still shivered at how out of shape he was, the fucking pimples all over his fat ass, the way his tits jiggled when he walked, fuck what a creep, she wonderd how Jen ever let him touch her, Lisa shuddered again at the beast,she saw the pier just feet ahead, several well dressed natives awaiting, she was giddy, here comes the violence. As Robert ably directed the boat to the dock, then gave each of the waiting folks big hugs, they all were around Tom, like he was god, Jesus, cant a girl get any love, the pout ended fast,as Roberts men, carried the squirming, good hes aware, smelly, bloodied fag off the boat and up to a large barn, like he was dinner. Lisa was sure the blob was not leaving that place alive, she sincerely hoped the piece of shit knew that also,she hoped it scared him something, that his last momnets of life were spent in terror, happied Lisa up nicely, he was the bottom of the barrel, she hated him for it.

   Tom loved the attention, no sense being modest, he was great, it did get annoying, as he hugged the people, his people, getting great feels of the tits,asses, and cunts at his disposal, no doubt he could fuck anyone here, that was a nice luxury for a wild man like himself, it allowed him to take more interest in others, like his wife and daughter, who would be surrounded by dozens of superior, powerful black men and women,mmm, this could get wild, quickly. He was sure Harold would not be much fun,as he was a coward, his natural instinct was to turtle, the fag. Well, the sooner the blob was gone bye bye, Tom reckoned, the sooner he would be sampling some of the fine native cunt, circling about, as everyone strolled to the barn, sipping champagne, the coming blood letting, casual, yet driven, Tom knew these peple were veterans of many more snuffs than he was, the island lent itself to the freedom to off fuckers at a giddy pace, that was one of the draws of Jamaica, that he could loosen up, really get wild with freak making, what he called his desire to perform hideous, outrageous, painful cosmetic,and major surgeries, on anyone he felt like, that would be a great way to live out his senior years, smiled the Doctor, he could do his nasty surgeries, Lisa could fuck all day along, Jen would be married to the prime minister, Levi would be doing somehing noble and great, Ida would be a literary triumph, he felt complete, and then Tom jrs ugly, faggy face popped into Toms mind, like a two by four to the temple, instant crashing of all the good feelings he was riding, he knew he had to off his son with his own hands, that became clear, he looked forward to that moment, relished that the moment was creeping closer and closer, then he could, finally, move on with his perfect,complete, if a lttle differently shaded, family.

   Jen felt like she was walking to a carnival, there was that feel of excitement, something wild was gonna happen,everyone wanted in, everyone also wanted to seem dignified, which made Jen chuckle,she knew her and Mom were gonna get black banged as soon as Harold said his goodbyes, there was nothing dignified about being a cum bucket for a room of guys, Jen was glad of that, fuck dignity, she wanted to be used, rough fucked, man banged. Wow, as she stepped into the barn, she was amused and impressed, the place was perfect. The bar was on your entry, everyone was having drinks, mingling, it could of been the opera, smirked Jen, only fatty Harold couldnt sing, without his tongue he couldnt even babble, that had her giggling in no time. The sound system was powerful, as Jen felt the island beat sweeping her away, there was Robert, a drink for her, looking like the god he was, it embarrassed her, that she got woozy when he spoke to her, what the fuck, he was just a well hung, real well hung, good looking guy, but, of course, he was so much more. He had some money, he was comfortable, but his future was politics, Jen dug the chance to be in that world. The money crowd, Harolds folks, was the most elite group to be in, they had the fucking money, real money after all.

     Jen still wondered how three percent of the people in America got ninety percent of the wealth, thats elite, thats exclusive. They were also the most self invovled, whiney,tight assed shallow people ever, like they knew they didnt deserve their shit, She would rather be in the political power circle, more chance for shit to happen, more chance to make shit happen,  Jen had her own agenda for Jamaica, knew her and her fine cunt, would help pusuade Robert to act on her causes, that was power. She almost slapped herself, that she was thinking serious, this was a night for celebrating, she was freeing herself from the albatros around her neck, Harold, the blob, tiny dick, fatso, coward, loser, dead, Jen was getting up again, her blood boling, she wanted at that fucker, wanted more pain and degradation thrown at him, more suffering, before Robert did away with the creep. As she looked beyond the bar area, she saw how large the inner room was, pool tables there, couches, there, several stages, doors leading to private rooms all around, plenty of s and m gear around, crosses, chains hanging from walls, a few sets of stocks, and there were white fuckers in them, naked, obviously beaten, she smiled at the losers fate. This place was the real hotel California, no one checked out. Her Mom had explained the deal, the club Obeah ran in town, was for mostly role playing, whites paid to spend time as darkies slave,  more hard core shit happened, real torture, castration parties, but never snuff parties.

  Well she was in the barn where the snuffs happened and she felt hot, just to mingle with all these powerful, happy, secure people, made her so much more confident in her self, She went with the others toward the main stage, where Robert, her Robert, was calling everyone closer, she noticed how everyone had the same lustful, hungry look, they were all sadists, she dug it. He was telling them about her and her family,  Jen beamed at the way everyone clapped and cheered when Robert annouced that Dr Tom would be on the island six months a year, wow, they loved her Dad, that was  a good feeling, but when Robert told them of his desire to be with her, Jen, the people around her were hugging her, touching her with respect, like she was a goddess, she realised this is power,  her cunt spasmed, she dug power.

   Her Mom was fairly dripping, partly from expectation of the shit to come, but several of the guys had given her a quick finger bang and tit mauling, behind some bushes, that her bush had been probed next to the meticulously pruned shrubbery got Lisa giggling, she didnt think anything could ruin her mood. She was stoked to see Harold off, considered it her civic duty to rid the land of this blight, he was such an ugly fuck, fuck, the picture of his gross, fat face, made Lisa want to smash it in, crush every bone in the fuckers face, slowly and precisely, thats hate, real hate. Robert looked natural standing in front of others, he belonged in the lead, Tom, her perfect Tom, had it right, Robert was destined for greatness, Lisa could not of been more proud, he was so nice, so real, so different from the gasbag perverts who decked the halls of congress back home, he really meant to change Jamaica for the better, he wasnt looking for a hand out, that was sexy to Lisa, that he had one of the worlds best cocks,  here Lisa knew her stuff, having been familiar with more than a lot, way more than, of the cum spewing fuckers. Whenever Robert spoke of his love for Jen, Lisa felt so overcome with pride, he was so fucking happy that they all had the balls to set life right, the notion of her princesss married to harold was, oh so fucking horrible, now, to be able to all enjoy his butchering, that made it all so right.

    She was giddy to see the two muscular black guys, dressed in matching black spandex, enormous cocks clearly outlined, thank you very much, drag the awake and terrified Harold out into the spotlight, where they dropped him at Roberts feet. That the blob just lay there, making gurgling noises from his ugly, swollen mouth, farting wet and loud, not bound at all, just no will to live, just take it fat boy, dont even consider getting up and fighting, fuck Lisa wanted to scratch his eyes out and feed them to him, she really thought that, and that, of course, set off a fresh fit of the giggles. Everyone, slipping past their innitial repuslsion to the sad sack, now huddled closer to the stage, everyone wanted this fag to get it good, good and painful. Mmmmm, moaned Lisa as Robert commanded the blob to his feet,when Harold proved dificult, instead just laying there, blob that was he, the three men started a spirited round of stomp the clod, in no time porky waddled to his feet, standing there, beaten, maimed, tiny dick begging for ridicule, tits sagging like an old lady,body covered in bruises, cuts, and whip stripes, he was loathsome, he was pathetic, not a person there felt an ounce of pity. Lisa knew this and hoped fat boy knew it to, she wanted him to focus on that for his last moments, wanted him to absorb into his pig brain, the level of hate others had for him, she knew this was important.

  Tom chuckled at the sad piece of shit, Jesus, to go through life like that, his penis was insanely tiny, Tom dug it, dug this bastards hopelessness, he again considered that he would suffer so much more if he lived, but Lisa and Jen,now he sensed Robert, really needed fatty to depart planet earth, he got it, their need for closure to this sorry chapter of their most excellant daughters life. As Robert had Harold prance around the stage, showing his pathetic body off, he uncoiled a nasty bull whip,Tom wanted this, wanted to see Robert give this fuck his all, it was beautiful. Robert was brutal, strong, accurate, as he striped the fag head to toe, Harold making the best noises, blood flying, skin flying, he was coming apart, it was so beautiful, like performance art, thought the ever cultural Tom. As he noticed Lisa and Jen, he was cheered, some of the women were around each of them, sucking his wife and daughters tits and cunts, paying homage to the white Queen and Princess, they were both rocking with pleasure watching Robert destroy the in shock, laying there, taking it, Harold. Jesus, he was a mess, his skin ripped apart, his face unreconizable, it truely was a work of art.

  When Robert called Jen and Lisa onto the stage, evryone knew it was gonna get real, Harolds time had come, and the room was high, Tom felt it lifting him up, his cock was throbbing,  the cute young darkie next to him only needed him to look at her, she was on her knees, had Toms fat joystick out, she went positively slurp crazy, she wanted that seed, the crazy white witch doctor had powerful cock juice, the darkies believed it, Tom knew it. To get such warm wet mouth work on his dripping cock, while watching what happened next, was to much, the doctor gave the slag at his feet her dose of his miracle cure, she swallowed it all and kept on sucking, like she was where she belonged, Tom didnt even notice her anymore, the stage show had him transfixed

   Oh fuck, she was tembling, from the expert cunt sucking she had just undergone, but more for what Robert passed her and Mom. They each recieved a small sharp knive and a pair of clippers, and Jen could do the math, Harold was gonna lose something, and when her man, her god, told them to take Harolds balls, he didnt deserve to die with balls, balls he never used anyways. His eyes were dull, but he knew her, understood her intentions, that she was going to cut his balls off,  this gladdened Jen, what was the point of it if Harry didnt get that she was offing him, hated him, despised him enough to chop him up. He was pleading with his eyes, her and her mom were taunting him, telling him if he just told them to stop they would, but the tongueless fag just squeaked and they didnt comprehend fag talk. They each roughly took a ball in their hand, Jen thought his nut felt mushy and tiny, weak like everything else about him, she looked into his eyes as she and Mom used the knives to peel open his sack, exposing his balls for all to see, the crowd cheered, Robert praised them, Harold went on making his silly noises, thrashing round enough that the black spandex behomoths, each took a side of his fag body and held him down, and Jen and Lisa each stretched their ball away from his body,  with little fanfare, they snipped him nutless, he sobbed, the crowd went crazy, Jen and Lisa frenched, Robert used a torch to cauterize the fuckers bleeding empty sack. She really did it, Jen marveled, she had a small cum when she, while eyes locked on Harrys, snipped his disgustingly small nut off, it was intense, she wanted more and Tom jr popped into her mind, and god, didnt she want a piece of that lispy, tiny dicked fag.

    Lisa wanted to go on sucking Jens face forever, to be this close to your daughter, wow, it was good. That had been so deep, sharing the castrating of Jens reminder of an almost failed life,well, it was liberating, now as she watched Robert kissing Jen, over the nutless, cut to ribbons fag, Lisa wanted it done, wanted Robert to give them a surprise ending to Harolds wasted life, let Tom work his magic, making it all an accident, so the fucking could start, Jesus, if she didnt get triple stuffed soon, she just knew she would die, her cunt was making noises it was so restless, her only solace was that she sensed everyone was in horn toad overload, her and Jen were gonna get a serious black banging soon, it allowed her to concentrate on Harolds last minutes, she wanted to bask in his undoing, revel in his end, yeah she was gloating and so fucking what, as she held his scrawny, still warm balls in her hand, slowly waving them before the dummys horrified pig eyes,mmmm, that was so satisfying, on so many levels. he seemed to be trying to tell her something and Lisa loved that he couldnt, that he wouldnt ever be able to tell anyone anything ever, fucking ever, mr fucking blowhard was silenced forever, if you ignored the silly gurgling noises that eminated from his disgusting face.

    Tom was always fascinated when some fucker lost their sack, their ability to ever come again gone, that was final, in this case it was appropo, as Harold never was gonna need his balls, his clock was done, he was done, Tom guessed Robert would off the fucker quick, why keep him around, he was used up, just laying there taking his ending, no balls, the fucker literally and figurarly had no balls, why prolong it, Tom assumed if the fucker had any sense he would want it over, what reason, any reason, was there to go on. When Robert invited them all below, there was much excitement in the air, this could be special, it would be special, Robert was motivated to make Harrys offing special, after all Harold was Roberts rival, though Tom had a tough time wrapping his large brain around that idea, that Robert and Harold could be rivals for anything, Robert was so clearly superior to the pasty white fag, how, how the fuck coukd fat ass rival the godlike Robert in any way, he couldnt, not on his best day could not even rival Roberts shadow, that was a fact, Tom had no doubt. When he got below and saw the huge wall of glass, showing the large tank, where there were four huge sharks swimming around, that was all that was in the tank, that was enough, as Tom got it fast, that Harold was gonna be dinner, it was perfect, he decided Robert was absolutley perfect, a perfect man..That Robert made sure the almost insane Harold knew what was going on,  everyone dug his fear, his helplessness, his wimpiness. Tom felt his cock stirring, knew he was in for a treat, watching the blob get eaten alive, that could get the balls churning.

   Jen actually purred when she saw the tank of sharks, she was feeling it, Harold only had minutes and she was thrilled, felt the embarrassment of being his fiance melting away, no longer did she have to make excuses for his boorish, racist, uncivilized behavoir, she had cut the tumor called Harry from her world, she loved it, edged up to the full size glass wall,  the sharks were big, mean, and looked hungry, though Jen figured they always looked hungry, one swam right before her, she dug its teeth, saw that they would shred the wimp, not just eat him, those teeth would rip, tear, destroy the fuck, good, great, perfect. They all were rivetted as the winch slowly lowered the wimpering fag into the tank, chained only by his hands, everyone singing a spirited rendition of the Hey Hey Bye Bye song, thats classic, he was all the way in the tank, before the window, inches from Jen, Lisa, Tom, Levi, and Roberts laughing faces, they all made eye contact with the fag, bidding him goodbye, the sharks lost their fear and pounced, Jen had an orgasm just watching, it was so cool. The sharks tore the fucker to shreds, his organs were floating around in the blood red water, everyone pointing out different parts, and then the perfect killing machines sucked up every litte piece of the blob, he was no more, all gone,  Jen felt true relief, also a sense of emptiness,  her Mom explained after torturing someone to death you tended to feel sad, not that they werre gone, fuck the losers, they deserved it, the sadness was from the reality that snuff opportunities were few and far between, Jen now knew what Lisa knew, that the thrill of the kill could not be duplicated by any other activity. Oh well there was always her fag bother, this cheered her, along with several black gods leading her to a large mattress in the middle of the grand hall, Jen knew she was about to be blacked, hard and rough, her cunt was dripping, she needed this to complete her fiances demise, this would close the chapter on this ugly little episode of her life, lesson learned, never, ever, settle for less.

   Lisa could feel her clit spasming while watching Harold get his, he looked so silly being ripped apart, his face showed shock, like he was surprised that he was really dying, after all they had done to him, he was still slow, dim witted, dull, oh well, as a shark ate his head, whole, she looked into his piggy eyes right till the enormous jaws ripped him up. Lisa swooned, loved that they offed the fag so soon, like they couldnt wait to have him gone, she looked at the now pretty well cleaned tank, he was gone, all gone, that was a giggle worthy thought, if she ever had one,  she had em all the time. Watching Jen be led away for her blacking, turned Lisa on something fierce, but she didnt dwell on it, as she felt many black hands pulling her towards her own mattress,  Lisa was rearing to go, to get banged silly, roughed up, she needed this violent sexathon, like a cherry on the Harold snuff sundae. She lay on the mattress, naked, except requisite heels and thigh highs, legs spread, feasting her leering eyes on all the hard, large, man cocks, popping into view as the guys stripped down, she was in piggy heaven, she could hear her daughter squealing as she got hers, this was music to Lisa s ears, it carried her further along the cunt pig path.

  Tom didnt want to take his hand out of the fat wet hairy cunt it was lodged in, as the pig moaned out cum after cum, he surely didnt want the other pig to stop slurping his wood, it felt great, as he watched his wife and daughter get used hard, their moans and squeals competing with the guys loud gangbang banter and grunting as they mauled the cunts, his women were happy, he was happy, thats nice. He exploded in the cocksuckers mouth, when she snowballed his load into the other pigs mouth, who Tom was giving a deep cunt inspection with his meaty fist, well, Tom was content to just kick back take the rest of the night in. He noticed that the white slaves were getting beaten and abused, the air was full of violence, he loved at how hard they were going at Lisa and Jen, knowing that these two Queens, would be off limits most of the time, seemed to make them want to fuck them harder, he knew his girls would appreciate the added roughness, he loved that Jen had become a mini Lisa, he adored both of them. The never not thinking Doc spent a few minutes making a mental list of the people in the room, he loved it when Robert explained the big titted fat white cow, getting massed blacked in a corner, was the US Ambassador to Jamaica, the best part, was her hubby didnt even know, thought she attended some boring meetings, that was nice, Tom liked her ability to live that life, on a political stage, too boot. He also knew she was ripe for blackmail, he and Robert could use her to further their, allright mostly his, grand plan for Jamaica,.

   Oh god, moaned Jen over and over, her piggy mantra, as she coasted from orgasm to orgasm, as the blacking continued. Her cunt was getting sore, she thanked Dad for feeding her the ladies viagra, as her pussy was still producing cunt juice, along with all the man spunk, her cunt was at least not raw, just sore,as she fired off another massive, body trembling, cum, she knew she wanted more. Her ass was real sore, but she loved the two cock massage her anal wall got as she recieved another hard double stuffing. She was loving it, all their deep masculine voices telling her what a slut she was, their huge back hands pawing her roughly, the feeling of their hard, sculpted bodies, as she rubbed them, the smell of all those sweaty, hairy ass cracks,mmm, she dug the funk, wanted to roll around with a roomful of big black bastards, she felt all her edginess leaving her, they were fucking her into a state of contentness that left her a very mellow, happy camper.

   It never got old, the feeling of being overwhelmed, Lisa figured it came from the seven guys pulling her body this way and that, as she was coarsely tossed around, as they all got in some heavy groping. When the fucking started Lisa was cumming fast and often, these guys were all champion studs, hard bodied, huge cocked, fuck machines. Her clit was vibrating as cock after cock rubbed it perfect,  when the double stuffing started, she started getting the rare, but much desired, clit and ass double orgasms, that left her shaken, as if all her energy flew out of her squirting clit. After an hour or so, she was done, but they werent, thats life, the guys called the shots, it wasnt like she could just stop it, they needed their fun, and she still wanted to please, though her clit had called it a night, she glimpsed a still perky Jen, Lisa had to laugh, as her daughter was sitting on a cock, another was up her ass, she was sucking one, and stroking two others, wow, after all the cock her baby had gotten, she was still wanting more, god love her.

   You dont see such a nice looking shemale everyday, mused tom, as he fucked the freak up his tight shithole. The fag had powder white skin, like he had never even heard of the sun, his face was pretty, smooth, his hair long, silky blonde, the tits were fucking fat, his nipples colagen filled gum drops, body hard and smooth, ass round, cock small, legs perfect, built to fuck. He knew how to milk a cock with his ass pussy, made Tom feel warm and safe up his dark tunnel, and as He watched his ladies continue to satisfy the best men of Jamaica, the doctor was sure they were all where they were suppose to be, and he chuckled that Harold was definitly where he should be. That reminded him to make sure Robert faked the time line, police reports, all that good shit, though Tom suspected his folks would probally be relieved their ugly son was gone, as even they had to know what a loathsome creep the blob had been, and Tom loved using the past tense in talking about Harry, to think he thought he could make my Jen happy, Tom cringed at the thought, and then let it go, as he flooded the fags ass with his superior cream, losing all thought except how great it felt to fuck a fags ass, they knew how to drain your balls, that was a fact.

   If there was a bell to ring to end the fuck party, Jen would pull it fast, as she was worn out, her body hurt, inside and out, yet there were still several guys working her, and she didnt have the strength or desire to turn them away. Wow she felt beat, her jaw ached from sucking cock, her mouth was dry and tasted of shit, piss, and cum, her stomach was sour, and she wanted to puke, her cunt and ass were swollen and imflamed, her muscles ached from being bent every which way, but she knew she would do this again, to be pounded by these awesome black fuckers was way to powerful not to do again, and again. Finally she was alone, sprawled on the mattress, dripping spunk, wearing spunk, she was a true cum dumpster, and she giggled at the thought, but when the guys carried her Mom over, and she looked about the same as Jen, it got hot again, Jen loved the feeling of eating the cum off her Moms sexy body, and as everyone cheered them on the girls cleaned each other, and also gave each other several little climaxes.

   Im getting old, that was Lisa s thinking, and when the guys let up, she was relieved, as she had enough, not fun anymore, just pain, no pleasure, she was pleasured out, until they carried her, like the slag she was, plopped her on her splooge coated whore, pig daughter, that got her going again, thank you very much. She craved licking her daughters soiled body, swapping cum spit with her, eating her daughters used ass and cunt, tasting her kids earthy shit and piss, mmm, perfect night cap, perfect ending to a spectacular first night back in Jamaica. When Tom, along with several ladies got them showered and dressed, Lisa realised how hungry she was, Tom told her they had a huge dinner waiting at the villa, she kind of vegged out on the boat ride back, feeling that sense of emptiness she always felt after giving her all like she did tonight. Levi handed her a fat joint to smoke and that helped, having Tom holding her hand helped, watching Jen and Robert, wrapped in each others arms, giggling to each other, as if they spoke their own language, and Lisa kissed Levi, kissed Tom, just felt about as at ease as she ever had, just get her some fatty food,  she would be complete, as gangbanging worked up a fierce hunger.

  Tom always prepared, and knowing how many calories the girls would burn, he had a huge buffet of seafood, meat, a desert cart to talk about. He knew, form Lisas experiences, that they would be subdued, needing some ego stroking, hand holding, Tom could do that, when Jen told them she would spend the night at Roberts private compound, would chow there, Tom was happy that she hit it off with Robert, he was considering all ways he could use this to further his mission in Jamaica, to get better health care seemed easy enough, just have big pharm companies bulid clinics and pay for med school, in return Tom would push their drugs down the fucking natives throats, getting a cut for himself, naturally. He wanted this for sevreal reasons, a drugged, stoned, confused citizens beat alert, interested ones, he also wanted to turn the working class into wards of the state, but also slaves of the state, in this Robert and OBEAH agreed, as there was much trash in Jamaica, it was time to put them to work, for real Jamaicans benefit.That he and Robert, and many others would own all the public companies on the island was to good a chance to pass up, he knew they were restrained enough not to get to greedy, they would actually improve the life of every working stiff, free medical and dental, retirement at fifty five, with a guaranteed check each month, free cable, let the fuckers watch life, he and his kind, lived life. Robert and he had already worked several plans to the point of fruition as soon as septembers vote, that Robert would be prime minister he had no doubt, the votes were there, they had more than enough votes to sweep, take all the ministers posts,more than half of his opponents belonged to OBEAH, were here tonight, then they would slowly, cleverly, deceptivly change the constitution to allow class distinctions, that would solve that.

   Wow, his house is like a castle, that was Jens thought as the limo winded its way up the side of the mountain, arriving at Roberts private, well guarded estate. When he told her it consisted of over five hundred acres, a working farm, cattle ranch, and a winery, she was impressed, Robert knew how to make money, always important. The house was huge, stone, had a turrett, her lover explained it was over two hundred years old, built by a white slave owner, Jen dug his sense of irony, as she watched the white slave, a scrawney sniveling loser, dressed in a pink camisole and matching silk panties, strutting towards them on his six inch pink heels. What a joke thought Jen and she wanted to attack the fucker, but, as if reading her mind, Robert told her he only beat his household staff when the erred, good help was hard to find, afterall. Robert did make the simpleton show Jen his lack of manhood, he was tiny, Tommy jr tiny,Jen didnt hesitate to tell the coward how much she despised him, with Roberts encouragement she verbally tormented the shaking fag, to the lovers amusement, faggy came, his little wee wee dribbled a spoonful of watery jism, even his spunk looked weak, giggled Jen. But when her lover told her that he had a stable of slaves that worked the farm, under the direction of several hardcore overseers, Jen saw visions of all kinds of wildness. He made the slaves, between twenty and thirty in all, depending on who died or who Robert sold, do all the farm chores by hand, she giggled watching several fags harnessed together,, pulling a plow, manned by a whip weilding black master,mmmm.  Jen knew she wanted her baby brother working on this farm. How cool would that be, to be coming home from a wild party, sitting in an airconditioned limo, Roberts muscular arm around her shoulders, there would be Tommy boy toiling in the hot, dry fields, while a huge sadistic Jamaican whipped him bloody. And to know that was his fate till they killed him or he died of abuse in the fields, well, that was a cunt wettening picture, for sure. Robert, her perfect Robert, readily agreed that it would be fun to have the loser around for awhile, he told her the fag would be auctioned off wendsday night at the OBEAH ranch, he would buy the fuck for Jen, thinking amazingly violent thoughts of the things she would subject whiney to, Jen fell into a completly satisfying sleep, entwined in the arms of her man.

  Lisa was glad the guys were fucked out, she didnt feel like that often. Tom and Levi were talking their dream of Jamaica, she loved to just listen to her Hubby and Son talk, the love between them, the level of obvious intellegence, most of their talk bored her, she didnt even pretend to understand it, but she dug the fuck out of their ease with each other. She had to give it to Tom, he was the most amazing guy, he just made shit happen, Lisa was so thankful he discovered Jamaica, she knew that their life here had the chance to be historic, she didnt understand the details of Toms plan for Jamaica, but she got the thrust of it, they, and other superior people, would own the island and the population would be slowly turned into slaves, she dug it, loved it, saw it as the way it should be, she knew she deserved to be waited on. God, she couldnt help it, as she found herself kneeling before Tom and Levi, slowly and with sloppy love, cleaned their awesome fuck sticks, Levi rewarded her with a messy face basting, but Tom was drained, after the guys used their fingers to prod her to two mind blowing cums, they also verbally humiliated her, calling her names and describing all the cock she would get, Lisa was toast. She slept between her husband and her son,she was in heaven, where she deserved to be.

  He was glad to hear Lisas soft snore, she was out, fucked tired, if you would. Tom loved her ease, nestled between Levi and him, all of them naked, hot, Lisa would purr from time to time, Tom was content to just listen, it was erotic hearing  Lisas sexy snores, punctuated with a loud giggle, as if she had fun even sleeping. He got up as it was five am, he needed to see the sunrise, only in Jamaica did the sun rise blood red, it was a show of fireworks, every fuck day. Sipping his Jamaican coffee, he laughed at how quickly he was being consumed by this place, as if back home was disappearing, evaporating from his conciousness. He was glad to see Levi coming out to the patio, they both just sipped coffee and watched the beauty of the day being born, no words needed, Tom dug that he could share this with his new son, that theyw were both naked, cocks bobbing round like swords, made it all so much more complete. The ganja got them both mellow and as the discussed nothing, they walked the endless beach,  swapping play punches, diving in the always warm sea, racing along the waters edge, laughing with abandon, it was what family life should be, thought Tom, he wanted to get at jr, time for some deep shit, he knew Jen wanted at him, he figured she earned it, but he was gonna fuck the fag up good, Lisa deserved a piece of the douchebag. He loved it when Levi asked why he was hard and when he told him, they ended up masturbating, while each moaning out what they were gonna do to the loser, it was intense.

   The lovemaking Robert had laid on Jen, left her sobbing with joy, that she could really sob, her body wracking uncontrolbly, with joy was a gas fro Jen, His cock made her feel full, complete, the orgasms were huge for her, amazingly better than any other, even her few gangbangs. His kisses made her foggy, it was both embarrassing and stimulating to feel like she was fifteen and kissing for the first time, exploring his hot mouth, the feel of his wet tongue in her mouth, his taste, his smell, she was on fire just being in his arms, his hot smooth chiseled, pitch black body overwhelmed her, sent shivers through her, feelings of outright lust. She could only giggle, she did, when Robert laughed softly, with obvious love said he knew that giggle, Jen got goose bumps, she so wanted to be her Mom, how bizzare she knew, but, there it was. Showering with Robert was so fucking hot, Jen couldnt believe how sexy he was, his balls made her keep thinking babies, she wanted his seed, wanted Him to breed her, wanted to tell him that, but, figured, she might scare him off, so she held back, but, fuck, she wanted his baby in her, she knew that had to happen, fuck.

    Pain, everywhere pain, and thirst, her mouth felt like she had eaten sand, her throat sore and raw, ahh, the gangbang hangover, winced the still sleepy Lisa.  She hated feeling so down, but thats what being a cum dump for a roomful of horny studs did, her colon hurt, for fuck sake, ass stung from repeated spankings, jaw ached from sucking cock, tits raw from being savaged, massive headache from everything. Giggling, she rubbed her still swollen clit, and started going through the nights highlights, and watching Harold get eaten alive was delightful, knowing Jen and Robert were going to be all right together, the power Tom had over all he met, the fucking, she never tired of a full force blacking, it was still the heights, Jen sharing it with her, thats deep, their relationship was set in stone, the ease, where a year ago there had been such tension, between them was liberating. Her mind glowing that they still had jr to play with, giggling, Lisa was out of bed, a new day, a new victim.

                                                                                                               the end





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