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My Black Superior Black Owners

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Synopsis: Story of a White Male who thinks he is meeting his online Mistress and Master for a weekend. The couple has different plans. They enslave him and introduce him to the black dominant society where wealthy blacks enslave whites for a lifetime of servitude.

A slaves story

This is my story of my first time.  My first time with a woman; my first time submitting to a woman; my first time with a man; and my first time serving a man.


I have always been very submissive.  However, no one knew this about me at all.  In public and with other people I was very forward and aggressive so no one knew of my submissive side.  Although, I thought about it every day.    I am good looking.  I am 5'8" 162lbs, blue eyes, brown hair, good looking face, nice chest, great legs.  Very athletic. I wrestled and boxed in high school. I always dated and had lots of girlfriends but never made love to a girl or did very much because I always wanted her to domme me but could never find a girl or tell her my desires as I thought she may think I was crazy.  My parents were very strict and monitered my internet activity so I was unable to look at sites or research on the subject.     The thought of being dominated completely controlled my thoughts and was pretty much all I would think about.  We had kennels and I would go out there at night naked and put my self in the kennel and pretend my owner had put me there.  I was constantly playing and masturbating thinking of ways to be dominated.  I would spend many hours in the woods pretending I was tied to trees, or many hours in our barn pretending I was put in one of the stalls or that my owner just captured me and pulled me in the barn while on horseback while I was pulled along on my feet, naked, collared and leashed with my hands tied behind my back.  I had a lot of ideas but was not sure if others felt the same.  Because I never talked to any body about it or saw anything about it.  I thought I was alone with these thoughts.  My thoughts   totally centered around women, being around or with a male was gross.  

When I began my first semester of college I was 19 years of age.  It was late August 2004. The first thing I did when got my own apartment, me new computer, and internet access of american online was to begin my research about a domme/sub lifestyle.  I was amazed at all I found.  The first weekend I stayed home and read and read and read and played and played and masturbated 28 times in 3 days.  I was so horny I could not stand it.   Within in the first week I discovered websites where you could place personal ads as a slave looking for a Mistress.  I posted a picture of me in swimming shorts but covered my face.  I was impressed with the response I began to receive.   After about two weeks, I finally decided to meet a dominant woman.

When I met her, I found her to be very attractive, she did not send a picture.  She was 34, a little older, and very dominant.  We talked and she really liked me and told me she wanted to see if I am really submissive.  So she took me back to her house.  Where she told me to strip and I did.  Any way, we played for a while and she tied me up and whipped me but something was missing.  I did not feel controlled.  I am in very good shape, know how to fight and am very strong, and I just felt like she did not have control over me.  Not in the physical sense, as I felt I could over power her at anytime and not in the mental sense as I felt I could top from the bottom.  So after a few hours I asked to leave.

After that, I knew I needed more.  All my thoughts growing up have been about being owned and controlled.  Not of just a scene and leave.  So I continued my search in earnest all the while reading more and more about the subject.    The more I read, the more I played with myself and was discovering what really excited me and what I needed as a slave.   I saw this one picture on the web of a very attractive man and woman couple standing up, both were naked and laying on the ground next to them were two naked and bound slaves looking up at them.  One was a male and one was a female.   I came just looking at that picture and thinking of being part of owned submissive couple and dominated by a dominant couple.     And after that, every fantasy I had was of serving a dominant couple.   I had high expectations of the couple I wanted to serve.  As I come from a nice family; am good looking; have a nice body; am submissive and feel I offer a lot as a slave.   Although, I was worried that my fantasy was too much.  To actually be owned and controlled.  It would take a very special couple for me to give myself too.

So I continued my search.  I met with as many dominant woman as I could.  I told them I was new and just wanted to learn a lot about the subject and that I was not ready to make love or engage in oral sex as I wanted that to be taken from me.   To my surprise, all of them agreed and all of them ended up letting me top from the bottom.  I learned a lot that semester.  Tried a lot of things and found I enjoyed almost every thing I tried.  To my surprise though, I found out I do not like to be whipped as much as I thought I did and needed an owner to realize that and take advantage of that for punishment purposes.  I found I loved the control part of it, but no one had enough in them to totally control me which I desperately needed.   And the first semester of school ended quickly.   I went out with at least 15 girls from school, tried to introduce it to all of them , but none were interested or maybe I did not pursue it correctly.   And of all the dommes I met, none I would give my self for them to own.

I went back home for christmas break.  And thought of many ways to revise my search.  When I was home for those couple weeks, I was out with my twin sister and we met some of her friends at a bar and the one girl was there with her older sister who took a liking to me very quickly.  We talked and drank, and as I do not drink very much, I got pretty drunk and I let it slip out how I like to be submissive.  This lady was very excited and took me to her house where I spent the next three days as her slave.  It was awesome.  She did not put up with any crap, did not let me top from the bottom, and was very strict.   I told her about my thing with sex and only wanted to  do that when I am owned.  She managed to get it out of me that I have had thoughts of being dominated by a guy or to serve a long side a male slave with a domme.    I should add I have never had gay or bisexual thoughts and never thought myself in that way.  My thoughts and desire of being dominated by a male and female couple was more of being her servant and sex slave and just being his servant more than serving him sexually.  Although, my desires were becoming more and more interested in perhaps sucking a cock or being taken, but since I have yet to lick pussy or get laid and my  thoughts sexually were more of being with  dominant woman primarily.   This lady took some things away from those three days against my consent that I was not ready for.  Like she told me since I think of cock, she tied me down, put on a strap on, and bitch slapped my face with the dildo cock and told me I was her slut bitch, and she then proceeded to cane me until I begged to suck her strap on.  I did not want this and refused, but I could not take the caning and soon I was begging her to please let her little bitch suck her cock.  And after at least 40 hard canings on my ass, I was eagerly opening my mouth and sucking on her cock, she fucked my mouth so hard I gagged and had tears in my ears, I could not stand it.    She then went to my virgin, very tight asshole, and lubed it up, and against my huge screams of protest, fucked my ass like I was her little slut.   When she was down.   She grabbed my hair and told me to lick her dildo clean of my shit on it, I said no and she got out the cane again and beat me for 10 minutes before she stopped, I was crying hysterically, I was scared and in tremendous pain, this is the first time I ever cried from physical pain in my life, and I broke many bones and was stitched many times growing up as I was very athletic and played a lot of sports before concentrating on wrestling and boxing.   After about 25 more hard canings I again begged to clean her dildo with my mouth which soon I was licking clean.   I cried the whole time and pleaded for her to let me go.  She just laughed and told me I was little bitch and to shut up or she would beat me until I passed out.  She masturbated near my face and feel asleep and about four hours later woke up and released me from my bonds.   We liked each other, and after three days of torment and torture she told me to call for a ride home and that maybe when I am in town she will see me again.   I wanted to see her again before I left because I thought she could be the one.  However, I soon found out she was a professional domme and had no interest in a full time live in type slave or a relationship at all.  I was just practice for her and I cleaned her house perfectly and cooked for her.    And when I left she told me she took all my cash I had for her services.  I was a little shocked since I had 600$ with me and that was all the money I had until school started.

Any way, I learned a lot on christmas break that year.   I knew I must find a very strong, intelligent, very dominant couple to serve, as I deeply loved the transition of licking her vagina and clit until she came and the feeling of having her strap on forced down and fucking my mouth and ass made me feel very submissive.  The first time I ever felt that.  Plus, the 12 hours she locked me in her cage and used a garden hose to clean me off like animal before letting me out was enough jerk off material to last me an entire semester at school.

The very first thing I did when I got back to school and my apartment was to sign on the computer and put up a  new ad I had been writing for the last week.

It read in part:   Very strong, athletic, good looking, loyal, loving, submissive college boy seeks a dominant couple to serve as their slave.  Looking for a long term relationship possibly leading into a 24/7 slave ownership type relationship.   This slave has never served or been with a male in any way, but is very willing and eager.   This slave has never made love to a woman or received oral, but was recently taught how to properly pleasure a woman orally and was used with a strap on dildo by her one time.    This slave is essentially still a virgin.  This slave needs to be controlled in every way.   The couple I seek must be; strong, attractive, educated, classy, in control of their own life, and desire a male slave to train.  Please be extremely strict, controlling, have rules and enforce rules, and not let their slave top from the bottom ever.  Seek true ownership.   Seek a couple that is capable of capturing me; capable of training me, capable of controlling me; and capable of owning me. 

I also posted a really hot picture of me from the neck down wearing only little shorts.

Within the first week I received numerous responses.  However, only one caught my attention in particular.

It was an email from a couple in california.  They were very attractive.  The email gave me their bio information, it was brief.  But told me enough for me to write back.  They were the only one I wrote back too that whole week.   Their email stated: Slave if your profile is for real then we need to meet.  Enclosed is a picture of Mistress Keisha and Master Mike.  Your potential future owners.  If you meet our requirements.    As you see we are both very attractive and fit. Mistress is 5'11" 172 lbs, fitness buff and Master is 6'4" 290 lbs, solid muscle, bench presses 490lbs and runs a mile in under 5 minutes.  Both are bodybuilders as well.  We are both 38 years of age and are well off  and have all the time to train a slave; work out; travel; and to be in love with each other.  We currently have a live in half mexican/white very sexy female slave.  She is a full time slave.  She is 22 years of age, 5'2 105lbs, and very cute.  She has been our slave for 3 years.   Although she is the house slave and is available to both master and mistress she is primarily for use as Mistresses sexual slave.   

What we seek is a full time white male bitch slave to join our family.  As the male slave you will primarily serve master sexually but will be available to both for house service and occasional use sexually by mistress.  We have this arrangement so as to prevent any jealously arising from Master fucking another female or Mistress fucking a male slave.    Even though our relationship is extremely strong and we have been together for 22 years this is something we have decided is best for both of us. If you are interested write back with your phone number and I will call you and discuss what we seek in more detail.  Master Mike      I looked at the picture and to my surprise, they were black.   However,  they were incredibly gorgeous.  Beautiful skin, strong ripped bodies, very athletic.   I never thought of serving a black couple.   But they were very good looking and sounded reasonable so I decided to go through with it.

I liked every thing they wrote except for the part of serving as his sexual slave and not hers.  I thought that was weird.  I only had sexual thoughts of a being with a girl and my only thoughts of a male dom was for his physical strength in manhandling and controlling me along side with my Mistress.  The thought of two dominants, especially two that were in a long term relationship together, dominating, using, and training me, excited me beyond belief.   And as much as I played and fantasized, I was only sexually servicing the woman and the male was just in the fantasy to help physically control, or keep me physically controlled, by helping Mistress move me from the cage to the stockade etc, and he only touched me when administered punishment or moving me about, usually by my leash as my hands were tied behind my back and I liked the thought of him laughing and humiliating me as Mistress would use me.  I fantasized and played a lot.   So, I thought about their email  for awhile and did not write back for over two weeks.   I figured every one I met so far, all the girls, always would let me top from the botmike and do what I ended up asking.   So the only reason I wrote back was because I wanted to try the couple thing so very much and I thought that maybe after we met and they saw how nice I was I could ask if I could serve only Mistress sexually and figured they probably would  e okay with that, I was young and naive, what can I say.   

I wrote back that I am interested and gave them my number.   Master gave me a call the next day.  When I answered Master immediately asked if this was bitch.  I said who is this.   And Master said this is Master Mike is this the little white bitch that wrote to me and Mistress wanting to be our slave.  I said yes I sent you a email, thank you for calling.  Master in a very stern voice stated: Listen bitch you need to learn how to address me and to speak to me properly.  I do not take any shit especially from a little white bitch slave that needs us in his life.  Do you understand?  I responded Yes Sir.   Very good, he responded.    I was a little nervous as I was expecting Mistress to be the first one to call.    I did not like being submissive to just a guy.  And I did not like the race stuff he was saying.  But I continued, figuring I am safe on the phone.        

I started to talk and tell Master I was as school in the hallway, but he interrupted me and stated where are you right now bitch.  I told him.  He told me to immediately go outside in a private area so he can properly talk to me and I can learn to properly respond.    I did as he said.  All the while he was saying, what the fuck is taking so long bitch, you better start running.  I said yes sir, and bolted out the door into the grass area of campus.  When I was alone, less then 30 seconds later, which would have taken any one else over a minute, I said Master I am alone outside now.  He said, white people run so fucking slow.  And Laughed.   And he said what is the superior race.  I was kind of shocked by this but figured I will play his game.   I responded, Master the black race is superior.    He said very good bitch now dont forget that you little pathetic white slave.    I know I had to be blushing.  I felt very submissive calling a man Master and letting him call me a white bitch.  I could not believe what was happening.   This was not me at all. 

His next words were very direct and told me that  I am to   end every sentence with my Superior Black Master and I am not to address my self as me, or I or any pronoun, I am to use white pussy bitch.    Master said that is the first rule and I  better not fuck up or I  will feel a lot of pain, and then said to me; “do you understand bitch”.  I responded , Yes Master, your white pussy bitch understands, thank you my superior Black Master.   Master then stated, okay I may as well tell you this now.  This is rule two and three for you.  You are never to speak unless spoken too; there will be times you will be given time to speak your mind or ask questions, so save it for then.  Also, when asked a yes or no question, only answer yes or no, do not add anything at the end.  I hate that and is cause for severe punishment.  Do you understand bitch?  Yes My Superior Master.     As I thought to myself that I wish he would quit calling me a white pussy bitch.  I did not like that, it was very humiliating and degrading especially when I figured I probably kick his butt in a fight.   Who was he to call me a pussy or bitch.   I really just wanted to serve Mistress and have him there as back up for her.  That was it.

He then stated, “very good pussy bitch”.   And continued by asking if I was really a virgin and all that.  He told me to answer his questions very honestly because he would find out during training.   He asked how much I jerk off a day; what I think about when I play; what I think about with various bdsm activities such as golden shower, toilet slave, wearing a chastity device, being caged, being kept naked and collared, what I thought punishment was, what I thought rewards were, cbt, nt, bondage, being led around by a leash and collar, being spanked by a male, following orders, being beaten, being on my hands and knees most of the time, doing chores, licking pussy, licking ass, cleaning, sex, tons and tons of questions.  After about an hour he told me he is taping this conversation and will have it transcribed and kept so I had better been honest.  If not it would be ground for dismissal.    I answered every question honestly, so the thought of being dismissed for being dishonest never crossed my mind after he told me he taped the conversation.   Although I did think that was sneaky, I let it go.       He never asked me about sucking cock or being used by him sexually, so I thought okay maybe I will just serve Mistress sexually.   I really wanted to talk to her because the picture they sent, she was gorgeous.   Even though I was okay, I still thought I would be very lucky and privileged and honored to be her sex slave. 

Master then told me what him and Mistress seek.  He told me about my duties.  They seek a second slave to help with the chores, errands and up keep of the house.   He told me he wanted a total live in slave with out any rights or limits.  To be used by Master and Mistress at all times.  He informed they are both very dominant, strict, put up with no crap, have many rules to learn, and positions.  That I will be trained to learn the rules and positions and I will learn to obey with out hesitation or question.  That they seek a male slave who can be trained as well as their first and only other slave girl.  Master told me I will be humiliated, used, abused, tortured, degraded, caged, and worked very hard around the house like all white pussy bitches should be trained to serve their superior black owners.   Master told me he loves rituals.  He went on to tell me some of the other expectations he has for his slave such as,  - -  the slave will always eat out of a bowl on the floor, will complete all chores, all punishment administered is given with out limits or a safe word and told me the difference between punishment and just being beaten or humiliated for amusement and pleasure which I may be given a safeword, but if I use it then it is grounds for punishment.  Leaving back again with being strung up for abuse with no limits but what they decided. No way out.     That scared me a lot.   He told me I will be kept in strict chastity all the time and only permitted to cum when given permission; that for now on, if accepted for training, I will always eat my cum after cumming and I will always eat Masters cum whenever he cums for now on, no matter if he cums in their slave girls ass, or in Mistress, I will be licking it up and eating it and thanking them both for it.    I was thinking how about Mistresses cum.   And I thought there is no way I will ever do that, but I let him continue.     Master said he wants a slave that every morning will be trained to kneel down, bend its head back, open its mouth and accept Mistresses  morning piss in its mouth and to learn drink it all down.  Only once a day, but that I will drink Mistress once a day.   And he sort of paused and laughed.   I did not like this idea either.       Master told me I will learn to suck his big thick black 10 inch cock and worship it daily, be forced to gag on it at first until I became their white cocksucking faggot and be trained to worship his black cock like a cock craving white whore.  When he said this, I thought to myself no way am I am doing that.  You have the wrong slave boy.  I like girls and want to serve a girl.   But I kept quiet as I listened to him and looked at how gorgeous Mistress was in the picture and thought about what the slave girl must be like.  Hell, there were two females there, they need pleasured, why should I be sucking cock?   Especially a black cock.       He just kept talking and said   I will be fucked in the ass regularly by Mistress.  That as a slave I will be kept caged.    He went on to describe their house.  It sounded wonderful.  They have 40 wooded private acres with a gated fence and wall all around.   Their house is 9000 square feet and they have a 1200 sq ft guest house and another 900 sq ft guest house, a pool and small pool house and 2 barns, one very large, the other not as large for storage and a fully equipped 1000 sq ft dungeon, with all the dungeon equipment a slave could ever imagine.  Including a real 8X8 foot jail cell, with metal bed, sick and toilet. And that after spending my first six months in a 4foot high 5foot long 3 foot wide cage with just a bucket to pee and shit in and being hosed down everyday like an animal for my daily bathes that the jail cell will seem like a stay at the ritz.   And he laughed.  And said, you will get used to it.   And you will learn to behave and obey all our commands with out hesitation.  No matter if they have to beat my little pussy white ass black and blue every day until I beg to serve my superior black owners.   He said I can either obey and submit the easy way by just complying with every command or do it the hard way and be beaten into submission.  Either way, I will learn to obey.    He said he does not care.  He said he loves to make white people cry and beg little the little weak pussy shits they are all.   And laughed.    He just kept talking and talking and continued to say that even though they both are very strict, sadistic and controlling that I will still be loved even though I am nothing more than a white piece of shit slave.    He stopped talking.  I was unsure if I was to say anything as he had been talking for almost five minutes straight.    I got nervous and broke the silence and started to say “ Master I”   And he cut me off and simply said, “shut your fucking bitch mouth you fucking pussy”.   I wanted to say fuck you I could kick your ass, but I said nothing.   He was very controlling and demanding in the way he spoke and had a way about him that put me in my place and made me feel that he was superior in a way to me.  It was a strange feeling.  I was confused, because as much as I hated the way he talked to me, in a way, I liked it too.   I started to get nervous.  Why did he not ask me what I thought or let me talk, I thought this was suppose to be for all of us?

He just continued and  stated how they want a slave whose only reason to live and exist is to make them happy and obey them.  A white slave that either understands before being trained or after that whites are inferior to blacks and must be made to submit on their knees, naked and chained that blacks are superior to whites.   I was thinking what the hell is he talking about he is nuts.        He went on to tell me how he and Mistress met and how they fell in love right away.   He was new to the school were she went and they met the first day of their  10th grade year and have been together ever since.       He never knew anything about bdsm but Mistress grew up in a family where her black mother was completely dominant over her wealthy white father. Very much into private bdsm.  They were extremely wealthy and hid it very well.  However, at an early age, 12, she was introduced into the lifestyle when she found the fake entrance to the dungeon through the fire place in her parents bedroom.  In there she found her father in a cage, naked, legs shackled, wearing a dog collar, with his hands cuffed behind his back attached to the top of the small cage with a huge vibrator taped in his ass.   Her mother came in and saw this and told her about what is going on.  After that, her mom, with a lot of hesitation because of her age,  began to train her how black women are superior to white men and after a couple more years  her dad was her slave too, not sexually, but just did what she said, and when her white step brother turned 14 he then became and was trained as a house slave, doing most of the chores and things like that.      Mistress always wondered why growing up that her little brother, one year younger, and much smarter and athletic and the good little boy was always the one being punished and paddled, but soon found out at an early age. Black women are superior to white males and white males must be trained to accept their proper place in this world and that is at the feet of blacks.   After a few years of training with her mother she felt  the only man she could love is one that was her slave or submitted to her.  It was in her every thought and who she was.    Her mother was extremely dominant and taught her the only man she should marry is a white slave.    Master said the first few months dating were a little  awkward for them sexually because they both had dominant tendencies, although his were not known to him at that time and Mistress was a full pledged domme already by the age of 16, but they got along great, until one weekend when her parents were gone they were home with her little brother  who she dominated all the time.   Not to mention so many boys at school who were always carrying her books, bringing her lunch and doing things for her.     One night, after about six months of dating,  Mistress told Master about her lifestyle and asked if he would play along and except it.   He told her he was not submissive and could not be and she just said well let me show what a slave does.  The most Master and Mistress did up to this point was kiss and a little petting.   So  together with the coaxing of Mistress  they made her little brother who was 16 at the time, serve them both, strip in front of them, bring them drinks, they tied him up, led him around by his leash, called him whitey, made fun of his white mans little cock,  took him into the dungeon and whipped him, made him crawl and kiss their feet, etc.  And then Mistress had her brother suck on Masters cock until Master came and made her brother lick it all up and eat it.   This was the first time Mistress ever saw a white boy submit and suck a black cock.  She came three times seeing it.  Especially when they took her little brother outside after that and made him kneel before Master as Master pissed all over him.    She played with her pussy right there.      After that night, they said they just really got along well and decided they should stick together and have white slaves of their own.      He told me they talked about everything and went very slow.   And all during Mistresses college days, she and Master grew closer together.   He mentioned that even though they are both the dominants Mistress has the last word and what she says goes at all times.    And then asked if I am still interested.  I said Yes Master.    He said “what”   I said, “your white pussy bitch is sorry, please forgive it my superior black Master.     He said, “white boy will be whipped for that” See how you motherfuckers like being tied up to a tree and whipped, it is get even time in our world.  And laughed.           He told me not only will I be their slave at home, but in public, although not outwardly I will always be their slave.  I will accompany them to dinner and their slavegirl, he refers to her as cunt, and I will act like we are a couple, like a double date sort of thing in public, and attend functions, travel with them, etc.   He said they travel often and me and cunt will be permitted to accompany them as their slave where ever they go.   That someday cunt and I will be married, although, he told me I will never make love to her, or any girl for that matter, ever again.     He said this is a lifestyle  they are very serious about.  And they are looking for a slave forever not for a short period of time.

Master told me if I am interested then I need to beg for an interview and inspection.  I then said, , without thinking of the consequences, Master Sir, I am really interested in so much of what you said, but I do not think I could ever suck a mans cock but that I”    He cut me off and said “you fucking fake bitch you just wasted all my time”   “Dont ever contact us again” and hung up the phone.    My heart sank, that is not what I wanted.   I felt very sad, as so much what he described is what I masturbate to all the time, every thing but being used sexually by a man.   Especially a black man.

I could not go back to class I felt so upset, so I walked to my car.  When I got in the car, I said fuck it, he said not to call, but I am going to call and apologize and see what happens.   I looked at the number that just called me and dialed that number, it rang and rang and rang, and then Master picked up and did not even say hi, but just said “bitch this better be good”.    And I said, My Superior Black Master Sir, please, your little pussy white bitch slave humbly and eagerly begs to be given an interview/inspection by its superior black  Master and superior black Mistress for a slave position and this stupid white bitch slave humbly apologizes, is sorry and most humbly and respectfully begs for its superior black Masters forgiveness and another chance for being such a stupid idiot bitch slave”.     Master paused for at least 30 seconds which is a long time and said, “you are such a fucking asshole, being a slave is all you think about and want, you write us a letter telling us that and when presented with the perfect opportunity to be trained and owned, you try to top from the botmike”    He stops talking, it is silent.   I am not sure if I should talk.    Another 15 seconds go by, and I remain silent, as I was not told to speak, then Master states, “listen you little fucking white pussy, if you come into our world, it is our world, we do not care what you want or need or think, your purpose is to learn and to be trained and do what we want, need and think, your whole purpose in life, your whole reason for existing, is to please and obey us.  And if you can not accept the fact that your world and thoughts before no longer matter or exist and that before you become our prized loved slave, that  will be stripped of all its dignity, possessions and made to feel like a complete worthless white piece of shit not even worthy enough to wipe our asses after we shit.  You will be reprogrammed, and conditioned and trained to obey with out hesitation every single command or motion we make because your little white ass will fear and love us both and your entire life will depend on us and , your dreams will be to make our dreams come true because white slaves only live and exist because their black owners  say.   He asks, “bitch, yes or no, are you ready to be completely owned as our property”   And I meekly respond, Yes My Superior Black Master.    And he laughs, and says, I do not think you even have a clue, you are too young and just a little fucking white prick brat jerk off bitch.   You have no idea what we have planned for you, do you?   I respond, Not entirely My Superior Black Master, no.     He then laughs and says, see you can not even follow our first rules, I bet you do not even know what you just did.   I think, and do not know what he means.   And he says, you are only suppose to answer yes or no questions with Yes or No My Superior Black Master or My Superior Black Mistress, not with not entirely, master no.   You are making me think you are just to fucking stupid to learn and that you will just waste our time.      Then pauses.    And says, tell me what you are thinking bitch, you have 20 seconds, go bitch.      I respond, My Superior Black Master Sir, this white pussy bitch is so sorry, I am new to this and I want to be a slave, an owned kept slave so much, please give this white pussy bitch a chance to show you and Mistress what a good little bitch I can”   And he interrupts, and I stop.  And he says, that was okay, but you still messed up a lot, but I am glad you have enough sense not to talk over me when I start to speak.   You need a lot of slave training and have a lot to learn.   But it may be fun to break a little smart white ass college brat like you.     He then states, you little fucking white prick, I am going to beat the fuck out of you, chain you upside down by your feet from the ceiling and cane and whip and use a quirt on every single inch of your little puny cocksucking faggot white body until there is not one centimeter that is not welted, red, or black and blue, and laugh  at you and spit on you as you cry like the little   fucking white pussy bitch slave you are. And he laughs.  And continues to laugh.       I get scared as that is more than I ever thought of.   And he says, I dont think you are ready for us, we are very sadistic and believe in training whites through the use of pain and humiliation, and the more you scream and cry the hotter and more excited we get.     I am done talking to you bitch, you need to think about this as your life.   If you can not answer yes to this simple question, which I dont want to hear a fucking peep out of you right now you need to think about it, but if you can not handle and accept that your puny white cock will be pierced, along with your scrotum, nipples, tongue, maybe even your nose to lead you around by, and that you will tattoed, branded like pig, and treated like a caged animal.  Whose every decision will be made from what, when, how you eat, to when and how you sleep, to who you talk to, wear, speak, go to the bathroom, cum, your whole life will be under our control, the only thing you will do with out our permission is to breathe and blink, and sometimes we will take that too.  You will learn to serve and obey any superior black master or mistress we tell you to submit too.       By the way, what is the size of your cock, not that you will be using it other than for us torturing and abusing it.   I cringe.    I respond, it is a little shy of six inches Sir.   He responds, you are such a fucking asshole, how did I tell you to address me, damn it?   I start to respond, but Master cuts me off and says, you little fucking asshole, if you were here right now, I would whip your white ass until it bled and then make you lick the cane clean of your blood, you fucking asshole, start obeying or get lost, you puny six inch worthless cock.  LOL,    Six inches, how fucking pathetic.  We will ask cunt and every girl we can to compare our cocks side by side and see which one they think is a real mans cock.   Lol, it is going to be so much humiliating you that way, especially knowing you will never put that useless worthless white piece of shit cock in any girl every again, lol, all the while I will use your pathetic white mouth, tongue and lips to get my real mans cock hard and ready to fuck and make white whores scream and beg for more of my big black cock and tell you how pathetic yours is compared to mine, then after I cum in those white bitches ass, or cunt, I am going to drag your little fucking head over and you are going to lick and suck and eat my cum out of those white whore holes and thank me for letting you be my cum eating faggot.   Then whip your ass and stick my big black cock up your ass and fuck you until you cry and scream until you beg me to please let use your pathetic mouth and tongue to lick and clean Masters cock of white whore pussy and ass juice and your own shit and I will gladly rip it out of your asshole and shove it down that little white throat of yours until you gag and puke like every white male bitch should for his masters big black cock.    LOL, he laughs.      The whole time I am thinking this guy is crazy I am never meeting him.    Mistress will give you a call mikeorrow at eight pm, our time.   If you do not answer on the second ring with “ MySuperior Black Mistress, this worthless piece of shit white bitch worm with a puny useless worthless white mans cock begs for the privilege to be granted an interview/inspection to become whatever you two desire it to be”       Then do not even bother answering.    And you better not play with that puny bitch cock of yours either.      And he hangs up.     

My heart is racing.  I am thinking what a fucking dick.  Cant we even talk about it.   And I think wow this guy is serious.   Forget them, fuck that, that is messed up.   He is crazy.  But think that maybe mistress is okay.    As I drive back to my apartment I start to have more serious doubts, especially since he said Mistress is more dominant than him.   I think, fuck they are going to kill me before they even train me and plus I dont want to suck a black cock, I want to be a pussy licker and mistresses personal ass licker.  

Even with all the bullshit he said, and the admonition of not playing, I still went home and played about 6 times thinking about how controlled I would be and how that is all have thought about all my life.       They are 3000 miles away in california, I can play if I want.         I lay in bed, restless, and play a couple more times, then finally go to sleep.  The next morning, I wake up, go online and there is an email, I open it.

My little white pet.  We listened to the phone conversation tape.   Master was hard on you yesterday.    It was your first time talking to a true superior black Master,.   I know he scared you, but you need to understand this is not a game.      We liked your email, your picture, and your responses to Masters initial bdsm questions.   Dont worry, it is okay to be scared, you should be  Being broken to be built back up is a scary thing, especially when you will be forced, trained, and then required to  willingly and eagerly beg and submit to do things you never thought you would do.  But we think you are a natural slave born with the need and desire to serve, which is hard to find in this lifestyle.   You just need to relax and accept your fate in life as a white slave to a superior more powerful better than you black couple.  And do not worry about not being able to give all your submission and let yourself go completely, that is what we are here for, to take you to the next step, to take your submission from you.   But we can not force you to come here and meet, you must be willing to release your fears and how you have been programmed by society not to be your true self and take that first step.  We will take it from there.   And please know that even though we are very sadistic, hate white people, and may not seem to care about you because of all the humiliation, degradation and pain that you will be put though in breaking you down into a sniveling crying broken piece of shit slave that you we all know you are, and no matter how low and worthless you feel during that process that we are only doing it to make you the best slave possible for us and that we want nothing more to produce a very  happy slave who we love.    There will be times when you think you hate us and want out but you will realize, sooner than you understand right now, that your true desire and inner self will be brought out and you will love and trust us more than anything you ever thought you could love or trust in your life and your every thought, your every action will be thoughts of wanting to please, obey and make us happy.    It is who you are, it what you need.   Your fear for us will be as great as your love for us.     The sooner you let that happen, the sooner you can begin to live your true life you were meant  to live.  And that is to be a completely owned slave whose life is completely dependant on your superior black owners for your every thought feeling emotion and desire.   We will be all you think of, we will become your world.  You will depend us for everything, food, clothing, protection, comfort, water, shelter, your world will revolve around and be dependant on us.   Let yourself go, become the slave you are.     

Wow, my heart and mind are racing with emotions as I read her lovely words and think wow she really knows me and has never talked to me.   And with that, another email comes up.   Just two pictures with a little description next to them.       My heart stops when I look at them.   The first one is of Mistress and Master standing outside this big house.  Master and Mistress are standing up kissing.    They are so tall and strong looking.   I am strong and tough, but I think they could whip me.       Mistress has high heels on and wearing this really hot domme outfit showing off her awesome black body.   Master is just wearing shorts, nothing else.  He is ripped.    They both look like world class athletes.     Mistress is holding a leash attached to their slave girls collar, which reads cunt.   Slave girl is completely naked but for the collar, ankle and wrist restraints which are chained in a way that it looks like she would not be able to stand as she is on all fours sandwiched between her owners, like an oreo cookie.  Two blacks on the outside and this fair skinned half white half latino slave on all fours like the submissive cunt she really is.        She is very pretty.   I would love if they made us get married or chained us together.       I think this must be a joke, they are too good looking and this is too much.  But as I look at it more, I realize that they are pretty much normal looking people and that my imagination and desire to submit  has overtaken me and I only see them as beautiful, even more so than they probably really are.   Already my reality is beginning to be distorted.

The second pictures has a caption stating simply “This is where lowly white slaves learn their place before their   Superior Black Owners”.

There is this picture of dungeon.   It looks scary, but very hot.   All kinds of equipment, chains hanging from the ceiling, attached to the floor, benches, stockade, etc.  And in the front corner, there is a row of three cages and what looks like a jail cell.  In one of the cages, it is pretty big, at least 4 feet high, 8 feet long and just as wide, sits slave girl, completely naked, no collar, nothing, no hair, completely shaved bald and  next to a drain in the floor, as someone is hosing her down, squirting her with hose, cleaning her like an animal, yet she looks so proud and happy.    Wow, my cock starts to drip, is that how we are washed?   Wow.

Another email pops up and tells me to answer my  phone at 8pm, and say what my Master told me to say, and you will get to hear your Mistresses sweet voice.      One of only two voices you will hear for the first year of your slave training.   The voice that will make you tremble in fear and lust in desire.      Dont play with my little white cock or you will be very sorry.  And if that phone rings a third time, I hang up and you are banished from our world.  Understand whitey?    Signed your owners and world.   Black rule over whites. 

The day goes by slow, I come home early from class.  I can not stop thinking about them. I dont want to have anything to do with them, Master scares the shit out of me, but something about them interest me so much.  I think it is total control and power they exhibit.       I keep looking at Mistresses Picture, the dungeon, the slave girl, master, then mistress again, then slave girl.  Will they really make us get married?   I want to meet these people so much.  Just to say hello at least and see the house.   Maybe they will just meet me for the first time and it will be light, go easy.  Then come back?   My mind races with thoughts of only them and their world. 8pm can not come quick enough.   As 8 pm approaches, my smikeach knots.  

At 8pm their time, the phone rings, it is a private number this time.  I think, what if is my parents.  Damn, I panic, and say what the heck and answer it in the humiliating way I was instructed.  Mistress states very good pet, now relax and do not be afraid to talk with me.  Are you relaxed?   Yes My Superior Black Mistress.     Then she asked, good, there is no reason to be frightened pet.   So,  how many times did you jerk off since speaking with Master yesterday after he told you not to before he hung up?  And before you answer, it is best to just be honest so we can get off to a good start.    I started to answer and Mistress cut me off and said whitey think before you answer, you need to be honest with us.  We both know you are a little masturbator and could not control your little white cock after you saw those pictures, which I am sure you played many times before that, probably even right when you hung up with Master.  If you  disobeyed Master, I need to know now, just be honest, as honesty is more important than the consequences for disobeying and you may or may not be dealt with later as we still have not even met.  But for now,  we really need honesty for us to pursue.    Do you understand my sweet pet?.  I said yes My Superior Black Mistress.  She said, okay now think, take your time and how many times did you jerk off?  After about 30 seconds of being so nervous as I did not count, and I want to get it right as she is being so nice.    I respond,  My Superior Black Mistress, it was like 9-11 times, your white pussy bitch is  not even really sure. I am so sorry for disobeying please , and she cut me off.  She said, shut the fuck up.  Damn, I thought you were going to behave properly when we talk.     I asked you how many times, not for an apology.  How fucking  pathetic.  Now is it 9 or 11 times.  Only answer the question that is asked.   It is not that difficult of a concept or are you stupid?    You told me you were relaxed, but I can tell you are petrified right now.        Think whitey and answer me.  Take your time.     After about 20 seconds, I responded, My Superior Black Mistress, I can not remember the exact number.  And mistress said, well what do you have to say for yourself for disobeying a superior black Masters direct order?   I responded, My Superior Black Mistress, your little white pussy bitch slave is truly sorry, it was just so excited, you two sound awesome and are both very dominant and beautiful and strict and like a dream come true, it is a little overwhelming, it is sorry and is really scared right now, please give it another chance My Superior Black Mistress Owner.        Mistress stated, well if we are a dream come true you sure do not act like you want to be trained as our slave since you disobeyed one of the first orders given to you.   I panic, and feel like a jerk for not obeying.   She says, you really disappointed me right now.    I even feel worse now for upsetting and disappointing Mistress.   I am not a very good slave, why are they still talking to me.   I say nothing in the long silence.      

Then Mistress says, why should we even consider you now, you can not even listen or control yourself for 24 hours.   Speak bitch. In a little harsher tone.    A lump develops in my throat.    .    I responded, Mistress, I , I mean, your white pussy bitch is so very sorry and begs for your forgiveness and another chance and if we please can continue and meet for an interview. 

Mistress responds, I do not know. I am not sure.  If  we do decide to give you an interview what do you think your punishment should be for disobeying.  And remember Punishment is used to deter future similar behavior and to correct you for your bad behavior. So it better be something you do not like.   I respond My Superior Black Mistress, maybe this white piece of shit not worthy of you slave bitch should be tied up tight and beaten?  

Mistress replies.  Or how about I chain you to the a wall by your collar, on your knees, with your hands and ankles hog tied chained to the wall to, then rub ben gay on your cock and balls, then tie up your  balls with rope and pull your balls to the floor and attach the rope to an eye hook in the floor and then tie a rope around the head of that puny white mans cock of yours and pull the rope up as tight as it goes and tie if off on your neck collar,    and   put 50 clothes pins on your cock and 50 on your balls, and ten on each chest/nipple area and leave them on for 30 minutes while Master rubs his big black cock on your face for the first time and laughs and laughs at your puny white cock compared to his real black mans cock,.   Squeezing his precum on your lips and face and rubbing it in and giving you your first taste of his cum which you will be eating on a daily basis for the rest of your life.   Then when his cock is hard, Master and I make love standing above your head, banging into your head and making your head bang back and forth against our love making and the wall your collar is attached, all the time laughing at you and calling your names and reminding you how you will never ever have your little pathetic puny worthless white cock in any woman ever again and how we own you and your pathetic white cock, and how that cock and balls belongs to us now, for us to use control and punish and humiliate you like the pathetic little white bitch you are.  And when we are done making love I will rub my hot wet cum filled pussy all your face and make you lick and suck and eat all Masters cum out of me and completely clean my pussy with your tongue, lips and mouth, all the while Master laughs at his cum bucket. And hits your balls and cock on the clothes pins light enough not to knock them off but hard to make you sweat and scream and cry and writhe and shake and tremble in pain.   And Master laughs watching his cum eating white whore who craves Masters cum feverishly licking and sucking his cum out of Mistresses sweet hot black pussy that I will be licking daily for hours on end along with her sweet black anus hole.      Then we leave and come back in about 15 minutes after our cum has dried on your pathetic white face and then Master stands over you and pisses all over your face and head  and lets it drip down to our worthless useless never to be used again except for pain and humiliation white cock and balls, and we leave again to let the piss dry.  Then  about ten minutes later we come back and shoot rubber bands at our cock and balls and laugh as your scream and beg telling you to shut your fucking cum eating mouth or Master will shove his big ten inch black cock so far down your little white pathetic throat until you puke, which if you do, you can rest assured you will be licking it up.  And then I get a nice riding crop and slowly, as Master drips hot candle wax on our white cock and balls, beat each clothes pin off one by one with the use of the crop only, the whole time not listening to your pleas, cries, sweat, and tears.     I am petrified to death, I thought Mistress was the sweet one, she is scarier than Master.   I want to meet them, but I now know they are too extreme for me and that I could never survive being with them.

  Mistress continues and asks do you think that will teach you to touch my cock and balls with out my permission again?     I am scared to death as she says this.   I thought this conversation was going to be nice.   I am shaking, I am thinking about just hanging up and saying you two are too much for me, I can not handle you two.   But, out of mouth, comes, Yes My Superior Black Mistress.    I hear her giggle.   And say to Master, he is a fucking slut.

And she says, you may speak pet, what do you want to say.     And choose your words wisely right now, because I am thinking you are untrainable as you can not even follow simple instructions.  I think for a few seconds and respond, My Superior Black Mistress, this lowly white bitch wishes nothing more than to please you two and obey its superior black owners and it firmly believes your punishment idea will correct and deter your white pussy bitch from ever touching your property with out permission again.  This worthless white pussy bitch is so very sorry My Superior Black Mistress”    She says, and?      I say,My Superior Black Mistress please train your useless white pussy bitch boy to become the slave it is”, Please My Superior Black Mistress, it is not worthy to be in the presence of such superior black dominants, but please allow this white lowlife bitch slave  realize its purpose in life as your lowly white beneath you slave whose only purpose in life is to serve its Superior black owners and to pleasure you two no matter what is asked, demanded, or required., please My Superior Black Mistress”.

Mistress said will that keep you from jerking off and make you obey.  I responded, this white bitch is not not sure My Superior Black Mistress, your white pussy bitch masturbates all the time, chronically.  Mistress said, white whore, if you are serious about this, then you have to realize your cock and balls are not yours any more, they are ours.  And from now on, you are only to refer to your cock and balls now as our property which you will say they are My Superior Black Mistresses cock and balls, as master already has some which you are going to get very familiar with. .  Which means you do not touch, play, or use my property in any way with out permission, do you understand whitey?  Yes My Superior Black Mistress.    Good.   You do know our little white cock will be tattoed with the words “I suck black cock” on it.     And you do know we will keep our little white cock in chastity dont you?     I respond  Yes My Superior Black Mistress, My Superior Black Master told this white pussy bitch slave that.  Is that permanent?   Mistress responds, wow bitch you just violated two more rules we gave you.  Do you not understand or learn?   What did whitey do wrong. 

I responded, it  answered a yes or no question with more than yes or no and it asked a question without permission. What else whitey?   I am silent.   Well whitey?      This white pussy bitch does not know My Superior Black mistress.       Mistress states you used I and not your correct name or white pussy bitch we gave you,, you do not address your self as I you only use white pussy bitch, you were already told this once by Master.  I do not think you even serious you can not even follow rules or a name we gave you, how fucking rude.  I finally break down , and I say, My Superior Black Mistress, this white pussy bitch is sorry, you two are too much for me, I am not ready for this, I want it so bad and think you two are so hot and it is all I think about but I am scared to death of you two, I would be too scared to come out there.  I begin to cry.

Mistress states, okay whitey.    And I respond, yes My Superior Black Mistress, I am so sorry, I am a chicken and you two would get so mad at me when I mess up, I would be just to scared.  I would love to come out and be friends or go slow, but this is all to fast and extreme for me.     And Mistress hangs up.    I freak out.    What did I do?

I get worried.  Go online, do not hear from them.  They do not call.  I am not sure if I should send an email.  Then in the morning I write to them and I apologize and beg for another chance, I will obey.   I tell them how awesome they are and that I will obey, and tell them I am young, new, nervous and never met any one like those two and how I feel I could submit to them and they could control me.   And asked for them to call or write or if I could call.

Three days passed and nothing.  I wrote to them about 8 times and called 3 times. 

On the fourth day.  I received an email that states “ Fuck off pussy, you said we are too much for you. you are dismissed”     I was so sad.  I even cried.   I was heartbroken.   I never even got to cuddle or be chained next to slavegirl, or taste Mistresses cum or piss or ass.    

Four days later, I send another email.   The response is , what do you want lying waste our time pussy?       I respond, I am sorry, can we just not go slow the first time, like meet for lunch talk, see if we like each other, if we do, I can come to your house, strip naked of course, be tied up, and spanked but nothing severe or anything just go slow and be patient with my mistakes as I am new to this, please, why do we have to go so fast.   Please?    No response.

I went to the computer opened my email and there was one line and it stated, Paul, you are a nice boy, and we believe in your sincerity but you are right, you are just not ready for real time slavery, you need to go live in your fantasy world, that is what it is to you.    You can not even handle this how are you going to handle becoming Masters personal cocksucking faggot whore and having Master fuck your little white face and throat with his massive 10 inch black rock hard cock?    

I respond, please My Superior Black Owners, you two are all I think about please.   No response.

A day later Mistress calls.  I see it is their number.  I answer, “hello My Superior Black slave owners, this is your white pussy bitch for you to use and train to serve and pleasure its Superior Black owners. .”    Mistress, sighs and says, oh brother, cut out the act Paul.   Okay?  

Listen, we have been testing you these last few weeks to see if you are sincere and submissive enough for us.   We are laughing because we go so slow too.   It took cunt until years until  she was even caged, even longer before she sucked our cock and licked my pussy for the first time.  We go extremely slow.   She is the only slave to make it to ownership and to be branded.   Every visit is a required 48 hours as we discussed before.     We just tried to scare you to see what you are about.   You seem like you like us and want it, but you are very far, which is the way we like from being branded and caged.   We do not even want to meet a slave for an initial inspection if he says he will do whatever we say, no limits the first time.   We want a slave of integrity, a slave that wants to learn a slave that is picky like us, a slave that will not submit to just anyone.   You passed the first test.    We have owned cunt for over three years, but first met her ten years before that.   She was our cleaning ladys daughter.   We have known her since she was 12.  She matured quickly and was as   good looking as she is now.   We took an interest to her.  She loved the horses and when her mom came to clean, cunt would groom the horses and work in the barn.   We had a live in slave at the time, a young man who we owned since we were 23.  He was our owned slave for over 4 years.  We took him in too fast and always had problems with him.  We learned a lot about how we wanted to proceed with the next one, as we knew we would never keep him forever and plus we always wanted one male and one female as life slaves.   We went to many parties, brought some slaves home for play, with people we knew for a long time and trusted.   After a while and much thought we started to develop a 12 step procedure, that will take over one year before we would ever bring a slave in our home as a full time house slave again.  This took us a few years to develop and create.   During that time, cunt was blossoming more and more.   We really liked her and decided to take her under our wing and use the procedure to find a male slave to eventually bring into the home, but first we wanted to train her.    So, we made plans to sell that male slave to some friends of ours in boston.   We told them of our plans to capture, and train cunt.   They went in with us on it.   They bought slave, but would not pick him up for two years until our plan developed.     

So, on cunts 13th bd, we bought her , her own horse.  She loved it.   She hugged us both and the plan was underway.    Her mother was an illegal immigrant from mexico.   Cunt is part mexican and irish, probably why she has such nice skin and is so gorgeous.     Our plans were, within two years, we had it all planned out before hand, the whole next two years, day to day practically, and it was amazing how it worked out, perfectly.       We had to introduce cunt to the lifestyle,.   Fall in love with us and trust us enough to take care of her if something happened to her mother. So, we decided to do this with horseback riding with me.   We asked cunt and her mother to move in with us as we told her mother we need full time maid service.  We paid extremely well she could not refuse.  We set out some rules about no dating and things like that.   Our house is big enough and the dungeon isolated no one knew about the male slave.       Who by now we did not really even like.   And just pretty much kept in the jail cell and feed him daily and hosed him down a couple times a week.   Until cunts introduction.  Then we had to tend to him more.  But for about 2 months before we sold him, we rarely saw him.   Just for feeding and hosings.

As we rode together, I would talk to her about school, boys, all that, just like my mother did with me.   I told her how to use her looks to get boys to do things for her.  She was a very shy girl, but when we brought out her female superiority side over men, she blossomed quickly.  Faster than we thought.  She would start to ask more and more questions.    Until I told her the story about my mom and dad.  She was amazed because she met them both.   She was now 14.  And a full pledged hottie.   The body she has now, she had then.  She was gorgeous.  And very confident.  I started to teach how about a womans body and how it should be pleased.   How to touch and play with herself.  Everything.   I never touched her, but showed her on myself. She told me how she was not attracted to boys.   And one day we riding horses we were sitting there and she came up to me and said I love you, and kissed me on the lips romantically.  I could not believe it.  It was hot.  I told her no she is too young, I can not do that.  She said, no, please touch me the way you touch yourself.  And I said no.  She cried.    I bought her some toys, vibrators and things and taught her more.  She said she needs a human to touch to make her cum like I cum.   She said she does not like any boys at school, not even to tie up and rub herself on.   I asked about the girls, and she said no, she does not want a girl, she wants a real woman.  She said I love, I want you, I need you, please take me, I will not tell anyone.   I was falling in love with her.   Summertime came and the outfits were getting smaller and smaller.   We were together all the time.  I would come home and fuck masters brains out every night I was so hot and wet and horny from being with her all day.    One day she told me if I did not make her have an orgasm she would go with a teacher who would.  I was furious.  I demanded to know if a teacher put the moves on her.   She would not tell me, but I suspected it was true as she started to spend more time at school which she never did before.   Finally, one day, riding horses, she told me one of her male teachers took her home and fucked her and how much she hated it and it hurt and he did not touch her gently there or lick her, and when he was done he told her if she told anyone he will tell every one she is a lying whore and spread all types of rumors about her.  I wanted to kill him.   So, we arranged, Master, and a couple of our dominant friends to set him up.  My gf pam, a super hot domme, met him at a bar.  She brought back to her house, drugged him, tied him and brought him over to our house.  My husband and I caged him naked.   We kept there for 2 weeks before telling cunt.   We fed him and hosed him daily.    He was caged next to the male slave.  

Nothing else was said to cunt about the teacher taking her.    Cunt continued to ask questions about domme/sub and was becoming more interested in treating men badly.  She lost her sexual drive.  It was sad.    One day,     She was a little confused though because master and I were equal and she started to ask questions about why he was not submissive to me.   I was by now her bestfriend, we kept her mother so busy, she never had time for cunt.  We paid her so well, she thought nothing of it.    When she asked me that specific question of why Master is not my sub.  I told her everything.   Everything.  About the male slave, our intentions to make her our slave, and how that teacher ruined it.   She cried, and said she loves me and Master and would love to live with us and for us to train her to serve as our sexual slave.  I told her our sadistic side, she does not care and will do anything to be us.    I told her mother and how she could not know, she said she will never tell and for us to get rid of her that cunt would clean instead.   She wanted it so bad.   I then told her maybe you should see and domme a man and really hurt and break and take a mans spirit first before you become our slave.  She said yes, she was 14 and impressionable and we were here world.  I told her we kidnapped and captured her teacher a month ago.   She loved it.   We showed her the dungeon.  You could see the wetness come through her panties, and out her shorts, it was actually dripping down her leg.    She loved it.  She said when she saw the cages and chains from the ceiling it filled her every desire and thought to be a slave.  She said she wanted to serve a woman, to be my slave and of course Masters too but mine primarily.  She confessed that all the times I was talking about being dominant over men, she would go to bed that night and play thinking she was the one I was doing it too.   It made me so hot.

That is all I can tell you about this story now.  I said too much.  I took a liking to you and never met you or saw your picture, this is just wrong.  You need to get out here.

Like I said, we go slow, it will be a long involved process.   No slave applicant ever made it to stage five.  Most gave up at stage one when we simply asked them to eat out of dog bowl, dog food for their meals.   Such wimps.    But the first stage is a simple strip search inspection, full body inspection.   Chained completely, given a paddling to test pain tolerance.  Some verbal humiliation.  Minor body worship.   And of course a full disease test.    Full disclosure of all rules, made to eat out of dog bowl, things like that minor.  Then we progress.  But we progress at a set pace that must be adhered to, no excuses.    You ass hole will not even be penetrated until stage 5 by a dildo and next time by my strap.   Nothing with master other than him tying you up and spanking you and foot and back massages.   Cocksucking is not even until stage 9.  Long way off.

So, that is all I will tell you, if you want to continue and find out more then you need to come to california for an initial interview and it will be a simple weekend.  You come on a Friday evening, we pick you up at the airport, go out for drinks and dinner.  If we dont like you, we send you back.  If like you, you come back to the house.   Strip naked, for us.   And you will be taken to your own room, that has nothing but a mattress and lamp and you will study your slave rules and positions until morning.    We will come in, hose you down, feed you, and you will study your rules and positions, any way, come and find out .  It is pretty low key and we go very very slow.

You may speak freely Paul.   I do and I tell them that is such a relief, I was scared to death, but so interested but too scared.   I know someday it will be like that but that is a time process , training all that.   I told them how much I like them and if I may please come.  Mistress said, yes, we already bought your ticket cause we knew you would.  You leave next Friday, you need to miss a day of work.  Work that out.    This is our last communication other than us sending you the plane information and where you are to meet us at the airport.  Do not reply to the email or contact us until we see you.  We will tell you what to wear all that.   You will receive that at 9 pm tonight.  

You may say one more thing Paul.   I respond, thank you Master and Mistress so much for being so cool.  I will not displease you at all.   

Very well Paul, just remember to obey all our rules we give you in the email as well as if you even get to our house.    If you obey us, all will be fine.  If not, then we have no need for you and will continue our search for a male slave and companion for cunt.    By the way, she thinks you are adorable and looks forward to the day you lick her ass : )   Which if you are good is stage 4.

See you next Friday sweet pet, do not respond, just hang up.

I do.  Next Friday comes.  I am so excited and nervous too but very relieved it will be simple and we will go slow.

The email told me what to wear and where to meet them.  And what to say and how to act while I am with them.   They told me as an added bonus for me being so cute, they are bringing cunt with them to the airport and dinner.   I am to address cunt as Miss; Mistress as Maam; and Master as Sir.   I am so excited, this will be cool and I am so happy they are going slow.

I get off the airplane, you two see me and  we hug and say hello.  You both are gorgeous.  Very attractive, classy looking.  I was totally impressed.  Great clothes, smiles, skin, awesome.  Very athletic and strong looking.  Intimidating even.  Master is at least 8 inches taller than me and has at least 50 lbs more of solid muscle.   I am strong and tough, but he could easily just pick me up.   Mistress is stunning, gorgeous shirt skirt outfit with nice blouse, showing off her long powerful muscular legs, and ample breast.  With her 3 inch heals, she towers at least 4 inches over me.  I feel sort of inadequate in the presence of these two tall muscular dominants.   I guess that is the way it should be.      Cunt is not with you two.    

Mistress tells me to stop and wait while her and Master talk.   They  go over to the side.  I stand there.   After a minute, Mistress looks at me and motions with her index finger for me to come over.    I get there and you two walk to a more private area, completely ignoring me like I am not even there.  I follow like a puppy guessing we are going over there so we can talk amongst ourselves.

I think to myself, oh shit they do not like me, they are going to send me home, fuck, they are so hot too.   My heart is pounding.  This sucks.    They walk over to a gate area where there is no one around and a bunch of empty seats.   They stop and sit down.  I go to sit down, but Master puts his hand over the seat and nods his head no.   Master tells me to put my bag down at my side.  I do as instructed.  Masters says, boy, turn around in a circle very slow.    I turn 360degrees.   When I am facing you two again, Master says do it again, but this time stop when your back is to us.   I do as you say.    I am standing there, I can feel your eyes all over me.  Master says, bend over like you are picking something up.   I say shit, we are at the airport, come on.   But I do as instructed, I know my face must be turning red.   I am embarrassed someone may be watching this.    When I bend over, Mistress says, hold that position.  I say to myself, come on what the fuck, lets not do this here, I just got off the plane.    I am bent over for about 25 seconds and Masters says, sort of loud, but no one is around, stand up and face your superiors, bitch.  Blood rushes to my faces it has to be beet red.   I turn around, you two are sitting there with smirks on your face.   I remain quiet.    Master states, dont you eyeball us you fucking white pussy bitch, lower those eyes.   I look to the floor.   Mistress states, you never look at your superiors in the eye unless we tell you, do you understand.   Yes.  I respond.     Yes what, Mistress states.     I respond Yes My Superior Black Mistress.   You two just sit there, I do not move, I can not move my head to see if others are around so I get a little nervous and start to fidget.  I think Master can tell, and after about 3 minutes of silence and you two just looking at me like a piece of meat, Master asks: Why are you fidgeting boy, are you nervous, do you want to leave?   I respond, My Superior Black Master, we are in public I am just nervous, I am sorry, please, Master Sir, I dont want to go, I just dont like this public stuff.        Master  asks  me what I think  of you two and I say  how good looking you both are and how it would be an honor to be trained to serve such a gorgeous strong dominant superior black couple

Mistress says, whitey, you need to relax.    You just had three infractions in that one sentence.   Do you even know what they are?   I stand there, before them, looking to the ground.  I am fidgeting more.  I have no idea what I did wrong.     Masters says, honey I think bitch is scared, causing Mistress go giggle.   And me to shift more on my feet.     And with that Master states, bitch sit your little scrawny  white ass on the floor and face us.  Do not hesitate one second or we are gone.  At the same time, Mistress snaps her finger and points to the floor and says sit.      I am scared to death.  I sit down.  Master  says put your knees up and cross your arms in front to hold them in place and just relax.  I do this.  Mistress says, dont be so nervous no one is watching, just look around no one is even around.   As I look, Master says, see it is okay, now quit being such a fucking pussy and trying to top us from the botmike.  As I  look around, I see no one.  I feel a little more relaxed, thinking I should tell Master I am not trying to top from the botmike, it is just I am nervous as hell as I thought we were going slow.   But I remain silent and cast my eyes back to the ground.   I feel a little better knowing no one is around but there could be cameras who knows.    

It is quiet.  I sit there looking at their feet, especially Mistresses, as she has on these very hot highheels and with her toenails painted red next to her dark perfect skin, I become entranced, I would love to just kiss them.   After a few moments,   Mistress breaks the silence and asks me, well you see what we look like do you want to continue or do you want to go home?   I respond, Please My Superior Black Mistress , please   this white pussy bitch wants to stay and continue. You two are gorgeous.   Master laughs, and says, damn it bitch, why can you not just follow instruction?  I say nothing thinking it is a rhetoric question.   Immediately, I hear Mistress say, Well whitey,  in a very stern voice.  Your Master asked you a question and when we ask a question you had better fucking answer.    I start to answer, and Mistress, says to Master, he is fucking useless, it can not do one thing without breaking the rules we gave it.     This is ridiculous and I am getting very upset.  What a waste of time.     I continue talking as Mistress talks, and Master stands up puts his leg in between mine and says, shut your fucking mouth asshole, you never over talk your superiors.  And knees me in the face and I sort of fall back a little bit as  he kneed me, albeit, discreetly , it was still hard enough to cut my lip to make it bleed a little.      Masters says, well honey do you want to send it home, he is just pissing us off?   Mistress says, honey, lets start this over before we get to upset and send this stupid  worthless white piece of shit asshole back to where it came from.   Master says, okay honey.    With that, Master steps back over me again and knees me in the back of the head and says, do not move a muscle except to breathe, do you understand shit head?   I respond, Yes My Superior Black Master.    Thinking to myself what is going on, why are they so upset.     

Mistress stands up and you two hold each others hand standing above me.  I can feel them looking down at me, but dare not look up.    Before walking away, Mistress says, we are going to the bar over there to have a drink and talk to see if even want to continue with you or not.   And continues to tell me how  fucking pathetic I am and how could I do this to them.   I have no idea what is going on.     As she continues and says that they came all the way to the airport and were  all excited to meet me and go out for drinks and something to eat and I act like this.   She then says, I am so fucking pissed off right now.  Fucking white people are so stupid and can not follow the simpliest orders.  But you will learn, I was hoping it was going to be the easy way, but I can tell it is going to have be the hard way, hard way for you that is.  And sort of growls under her breath.   I can tell she is really mad.

Master says, look up at your superiors right now.  I look up.  He then says, do you see how upset your Mistress is right now.  I look at her.  She stares down at me like I am the lowest form of life, dirt.      I respond very meekly, Yes My Superior Black Master.    Master states, I am going to  blister that little white ass of yours for doing that to my wife.  And Mistress says, you are suppose to make me happy and all you have done since we said hello is disrespect us by breaking our rules every chance you could.  What the fuck did you think we gave you those rules for, for our health?   I still look at her, and she bends over and spits right in my face and tells me how pathetic I am.  I go to wipe the spit off as it went in my eye, and Masters says, bitch I told you not to move, let it dry.   And Mistress says, how dare you try to wipe me off your face.     Masters tells me what a fucking asshole I am.      And then says, “while we are having our drink you had better think long and hard in that stupid little piece shit white head of yours on how to act and present yourself to us.   And Mistress says, I bet whitey doesnt even know why we are upset he is so fucking stupid.  And Masters looks down at me and says, well do you bitch?     I respond,  My Superior Black Owners, your white bitch slave has no idea what is going on and why my black superiors are so upset at it.       Masters says, because you are not following the rules we set and acting like a slave should when in the presence of its superiors.      Master continues and says, you had better think very hard on how to act and present yourself around us  or else you are going to miss out on the best thing that ever happened in your pathetic little worthless life, you fucking prick.   And when we come back here, I do not want to hear a fucking word out of that mouth of yours, unless we ask you something or tell you to speak and you had better keep those eyes down and act like the slave you are  and understand your position in life to us.   

Master says to Mistress,  honey it is okay.  Mistress, states, I am just so pissed right now, who the fuck does it think he is to act like that in front of us and treat us like that.  And Masters says, dont let this fucking white moron prick upset you honey, he is not worth it, fuck he isnt even worth pissing on let alone getting upset over.    I sit there, I am in shock, I can not believe what they are saying like I am not even there.  I do not even know what I did or didnt do.      They start to leave, then I hear mistress say, wait, lets make sure this white pussy asshole who doesnt understand its place in front us moves while we have a drink and talk.    With that, she says, whitey, take off your shoes and give me your wallet right now.  I immediately do what she says.   She says and you better keep those fucking eyes to the ground or so help me I will put you over my knee right here.   I comply as she rips the shoes and wallet out of my hand.   And says, when we get back you had better be 100% submissive and compliant or we are leaving and you can go home, asshole.    Dont you say a fucking word bastard, oh I am so pissed right now, I hate this, she says, and master says come on sweetie, lets have a drink and relax and think about this.    Mistress says, and your watch too.   I give it to her.    They leave for a drink.    I am sitting there feeling very degraded, thinking can you imagine if someone just witnessed that.   

They go off, they are gone for a while, I am not permitted to look around so I am not even sure if where they are. This is fucked up.  I just gave perfect strangers my wallet, shoes, money, id, and watch and I am in an airport 3000 miles from home.  Fuck, did I just get rolled.     But then I start to think of the slave rules they gave me and recite them over and over.  I want so much to please them, they are so fucking gorgeous and dominant.  So I keep reciting the rules, saying I am smart, I can do this, I want to please them, that is why I am here to please and obey them.   Time goes by.   It has to be   well over a half hour.   I am hoping they are having two drinks and did not leave me here. 

Then they come back.   All Master says is.   Listen bitch, keep your head down and listen.   If you break one more rule or do not talk and speak to us properly we are going home with out you or dropping you off where ever we are.   This isnt a fucking game, we went over all the rules on proper speech, when, how, where, all that, plus we told you never to look at our eyes.   So for now until the end of this weekend when we bring you back here, you had better follow every rule we gave you and went over numerous times and you told us you understood   or you will be severely punished until you learn and are corrected and deterred from acting like such a fucking asshole.  He pauses and says, so there had better be a major fucking change in your attitude from what was just displayed.

After a slight pause, Mistress states, “ here is what is going to happen.  I am going to tell you to stand and follow us.     I dont want to hear a fucking peep out of that mouth unless you are asked or told to speak. When you follow us you walk 3 paces behind us to the left with your eyes at our feet.   Now get up off your little white ass and follow your black superiors.      I do as instructed.   Mistress put  my shoes, wallet and watch in my bag.  I am to walk through the airport in my stocking feet.   This sucks.     They grab hands and walk away.   I follow like a puppy.     Not a word is spoken.  We get to the elevator.  Get in and there are other people in there.   Mistress makes a comment in front of them, look that white boy doesnt have shoes on.  Every one looks at me.  I am embarrassed.  They get out of the elevator and I follow.   

When we get to their car.    Master asks what I am wearing, I respond;  My Superior Black Master, your white pussy bitch slave is wearing pants, shirt and two socks and underware.   Mistress says, underware?  We told you not to wear underware?   Master laughs and says, damn, even with underware look at its crotch.  I look and there is a huge wet spot from my precum.   Mistress starts to laugh, and says “excellent our little slut enjoyed its little public degradation and scolding”.  “Hmm, very good, finally it  pleased me”.  Even though, it disobeyed us by wearing underware, but we can punish it later for that.       I feel so happy with the compliment.   Even though being referred to as it is degrading and punishment, hmm.       They are treating me like I am not human or there.  But I guess to them I am not.  So I just play along.  I am sort of nervous and very hungry, I am so glad we are going to get something to eat,soon.  And just do every thing they say.   

Master walks over to the car.  It is a big SUV very dark tinted windows can not see in at all.  Master opens the back door and Mistress grabs my elbow and  and pushes me into the van.  As I am forced in I am surprised as I am pushed over by Mistress as she gets in the  back seat with me.   It is big inside, a seat behind us, all cusmike designed.  A partition between the back and front, no one could see me and Mistress from any direction.    Master closes the door.    I feel Mistress immediately look at me as I stare straight ahead, knowing I am not permitted to look at her.   Then the back door next to me opens, it is Master.   

Mistress, in the back seat with me and Master standing by the open door.    Mistress says:  take off your clothes.  I hesitate.   Master  in a very harsh voice says;  listen you little piece of shit either you want to obey and serve as our little white bitch slave or you dont, so either comply and submit to our commands or get your little white ass out of here.     I apologize and say; I am sorry My Superior Black Master and My Superior Black Mistress, I am just nervous.   I   thought we were going to go slow and I never served in front of a male before or been with a male, and never been with a couple before, especially one as good looking and dominant as you.   Before I finish, Mistress grabbs my chin and pulls me close to her so we are eye to eye, and says, listen bitch you wrote to us for two months and we talked on the phone for two weeks and that whole time all you said is how you wanted us to train you to be our little white bitch slave and how you wanted to submit to the superior black race and be our bitch and now here you are acting like a little fucking pussy. You make me sick, you are pathetic, you white assholes are all the same, full of shit and pussys.

Then Mistress slaps me very hard.  And says;  strip now or get the fuck out and never contact us again, this isnt a fucking game      knew I wanted to serve you two. I was afraid to submit so quickly as I only can submit to someone I trust and respect and is worthy of my gift of submission. With that, I said, Please My Superior Black Mistress and My Superior Black Master, your little white bitch is sorry, may this bitch please serve you two powerful beautiful black dominants and to please be trained to be your bitch. And Master interrupts and says, you better take those fucking clothes off now and keep that fucking mouth shut or I am going to kick your ass and leave you here.     I put my head down, and submissively, before these dominants,    I start to strip, taking off my   socks, then pants, then shirt,  all the while Mistress is pulling on my clothes for me to hurry.   Sitting there just in my boxers, as Master is standing next to the open door and Mistress sitting next to me.  I complain a little and Mistress hits my balls, not very hard, but hard enough, and says shut the fuck up bitch and submit and behave like the little piece of white slave you are. This is what you always wanted to be serve a superior black female and superior black male as their little white bitch.    I get very nervous but  submissively take  my underware off.   Sitting there completely naked before these two gorgeous powerful black dominants.   Mistress burst out laughing and says, it really does have a white mans cock, it is so little.  And says, honey wait until he sees yours.   And Master looks over and says, oh my god, what the fuck is that.    I feel so humiliated.  My cock is 6 inches, it is not bad, why are they doing this, how big is his.   I know my face must be red as can be.   Mistress says, just relax whitey, you are naked now because   I wanted to see if you are acceptable before we go eat and talk and plus  white people are never to be clothed in our house, you are going to have to get used to being naked in front of us, because if we keep you, you will always, no exceptions ever, be naked in our house.  All white people, it is law. 

Master then says, honey, this puny cocked white piece of shit keeps talking and braking our rules  are you sure you are okay back here by yourself with this asshole?   Mistress, states, I do not know honey, it has been so disobedient, I am a little worried it may try to do something to me as we drive to the restaurant and you all the way up front not able to help me right away.   And Master looks at me and says, see how you make Mistress feel, you fucking suck.  I think to myself that I am not going to do anything, I am naked.  

Then I hear the dreaded words as Mistress states; “honey I would feel a lot safer if its hands were restrained behind its back”   My heart drops, thinking I thought we were going slow.    And Masters says; yes honey, I would feel better knowing it was restrained”.    With that, I feel Masters big strong hand grab onto my left wrist extremely hard.  I think damn, he is huge and strong.   As he grabs my wrist, he twists and  pulls it towards the door and says lets go bitch get out.   Masters says, dont worry bitch we are in the far end of the parking lot, no one is going to see your scrawny ass.   And Mistress, and especially that puny white cock.   And you both laugh.   And then Master, with an angry look and voice says, I am not fucking around, get the fuck out now.       I think to myself, I am naked, I cant get out of the car, what if someone sees me.  Then I say, “can we forget this, this is too much, I am just going home.   And Master says, fuck you, and with much force he yanks me as Mistress shoves me out the door.    He pulls me out and man handles me forces me to stand next to the car and pushes me until my body, nose, and cock are right up against the car and tells me not to move as he goes to the trunk.   I am shaking, scared to death if someone comes by.  Fuck, what is going on.    As he comes back from the trunk with a bag in his hand  he says: this really pisses me off that Mistress and I dont trust you that we have to restrain you before we even go eat dinner.   This is so fucking disappointing, maybe if you would had acted proper in the airport and just now we would not feel this way, but no you had to be a fuck up.   Master puts the bag in the back seat through the open door.     I hear him open it and come over to me.  My head jerks as Master grabs the hair on the back of my head and pull it just a little as he squeezes and twists it and puts his mouth right up to my ear and says, “dont resist me bitch or I will hurt you” “understand bitch?”   I respond, Yes My Superior Black Master.    

   Then Master hits a set of metal handcuffs on my left wrist and it closes immediately at the same time firmly grabbing my right wrist with his hand and then he violently, all in one motion, rips my chained left wrist behind my back at the same time twisting and pulling my right wrist back and locks the right wrist in the cuffs.  I think damn, he must have done that a million times it only took him like 3 seconds as I also thought how fucking strong he is.  It was kind of intimidating.   With my back to him, I see and feel something come right over my face and very forcefully placed around my throat.   Fuck, it is a collar already, I say?    But I offer no resistence.   And very quickly I am pulled back a little from the force of Masters pulling the collar back to adjust it into position, he is so rough and physical.  I then hear a padlock lock the collar into place around my neck.   It is snug but not too tight.  I can smell the leather and it is very wide as I can feel it firmly keep my head as it engulfs the length of my neck. Thinking that it must be one of those posturing training collars I read about.    Then Master attaches, what I found out later to be, a short chain to a d loop in the back of the collar and loop it around the middle of the handcuffs chain and pulls my hands up behind my back about 2.5 inches from the collar until he can not pull any further, although he tries a couple of times.  I can not move hands or arms at all they are pulled so far up my back, as he locks them in place. 

With that, Master pushes my head and body right into the vehicle so that my nose and face is turned and places his huge hand on the back of my hand as he pushes my face and cheek into the vehicle, I  moan in slight pain, as he is so forceful.       So much for going slow.   With that, Master grabs my right bicep and squeezes extremely hard, wrapping his huge hands all the way around my 15 inch bicep and violently yanks me away from the vehicle and manhandling to the back door and pushes me into the van to waiting wide eyed smiling faced Mistress.   She pulls me as Master pushes me into position, my body and legs are in.  Master looks in and says, is that better honey, as Mistress pulls on my collar and arm to feel how tight and restrained I am and says, yes lover, much better,  and grabs my cock and says what the fuck do you do with this thing any way, it is so little, it is worthless.    How do you fucking white people ever have kids with cocks so little and pathetic. And Mistress laughs and says;   bitch is going to be shocked when it sees your 10 inch cock. I cant wait to see it beg suck you like the little white cocksucking whore it is.   You both laugh.  I am shocked.   I am not sucking cock, not yet, anyway, that is far down the road.   I dont want to say anything else because every time I talk I get in trouble.     Mistress just continues with my humiliation  by squeezing my cheeks so my lips pout out and  says how hot it is going to   see your big black cock  going in out of this little white mouth.    I must have a look of shock and horror in my face and Mistress laughs and spits in my face and says you pathetic worthless white bitch.     I cant wait to hear you beg us for the privilege honor to suck on Masters big thick black cock   and   used as a pussy for a real cock.

Then Mistress says, should we tell it now.  Master says okay go ahead.    Mistress says, listen bitch, as I am sure you have figured out by now, we do not intend to take it slow this weekend.  We need to see if you are slave material or not. You need to obey all we say or you will receive the most severe harshest punishment and humiliation you ever imaged. We do not care what you want or need or how you feel. You are going to learn to serve the superior black race these next two days in ways you did not even imagine. We take this very serious, this is not a game, we do not just let any white bitch in our home. Only ones worthy to kneel before its black superiors and one that understands its place is at the feet of its black superiors.   I interrupt and say   I thought we were going to go slow, and Mistress laughs and says, bitch who told you to speak. I do not recall asking your opinion or telling you to speak.   Master starts to laugh too, I do not know what you two are laughing about and then Master states, so honey how long do you think it will take us to put this bitch in its place and understand when we give it a rule it is to follow it. And mistress laughs and says, I think I can make whitey understand now that we mean business. With that, Mistress grabs my balls and squeezes them really tight and says, bitch we told you not to speak, you are going to be severely punished for that. We do not take any shit especially from worthless white motherfuckers like you.  And tells me when we get to the house the first thing I will be chained to the garage wall and given 30 very hard canings on the back of my calves. And laughs and says we will start the beatings there and work our way up as the weekend progresses and change you from lily white to red stripes, then purple, then black and blue, lol. Bitch you will learn. This is not a game to us at all. We are the strictest dominants you will find and you will learn either through willing submitting or from harsh punishment not to disobey us or try to top from the botmike, you are a worthless piece of shit white slave and you will be treated like that and act like the little white bitch you are when serving your black superiors. Got it bitch. I respond yes My Superior Black Mistress.

With that, Master says, I love you honey, and Mistress smiles .  Master leans right over me and they kiss right in front of me.  Master hands rests on my thigh as they kiss just inches from my face.  I keep my eyes cast down as far as I can consider they are an inch from my face and the collar restricts my head from facing down too much.       They kiss for at least a minute and when they are done, they both look at me and laugh.  I feel like an object to these beautiful dominants.  This has gotten out of hand.  I have lost all control.     I wish I was home. 

As Master starts to get out, Mistress she says, honey have you ever heard that saying, blue eyed devil, describing the white man.    And Master says, yes sweetie.     And she says, well  I am sick of seeing whiteys white man blue eyes, only brown eyes should be shown.  As Master stands next to the door, he says, honey you are right, and reaches into the bag next to him and pulls out a blindfold and hands it to Mistress.   Mistress again grabs my chin,  squeezes very hard and pulls my face to her, as she puts the covering over my eyes and holds it in places as I feel Master grab the binding and wrap it in place behind my head and pull very tight as Mistress pushes it over my eyes.  I hear Master padlock it in place.   My world has gone dark.   I begin to panic.  And I foolishly speak again and say; I thought we going slow and going to get something to eat what” before I finish I am cut off as my head snaps back and a loud clapping sound is heard  from a very harsh slap in the face by Mistress.  I actually see stars and feel the inside of my cheek cut open a little as  I was struck so hard.  She then grabs my right nipple and twist as she pushes into my chest and a split second later, I feel her other hand pound into my groin hitting my testacles.  No words are spoken.  The only sound is my moans of pain.    Mistress puts both hands around my neck and slams my head into the back of the seat and firmly holds me there.   Almost immediately, I feel Master pinche my nose shut  causing my mouth to open as I feel Master force a three inch long, thick penis gag in my mouth as Mistress maneuvers my head so Master can interlace into a d ring on the back of my collar and to the blindfold and padlocks into place.  The gag forces my mouth open wide, I go to protest, but all I make is muffled sounds.   I can not believe they are doing this to me, I told them about how my nose gets stuffed up cause of my sinuses from boxing and can not do gags because I can not breathe.   And then I feel, I guess it is Mistress, as I can not see, force something up my left nostril and squirt then my right nostril.   I get scared but then realize it is something to clear my nasal passage so I can breath.   Even though I am frightened to death, I think at least they are respectful enough to remember and to help me like that.   Master shuts the back door and gets in the front and closes door. 

It is completely silent.  I am scared to death.   This is not what we agreed would happen.     Mistress is very close to me, I can feel her breathe on my cheek.  Master starts the car, and I hear the partition lower, so to give Master a view of us in the back.     We drive  out of the parking lot of the airport.   No one has spoken a word.   I start to think why did they bring all this bondage stuff if we planned to go have a drink and eat first before going home.   But think maybe they thought about tying me up after we ate and before I entered their home.      

After a few minutes of driving, Mistress says, Honey, I am starving, where do you want to eat and talk with whitey?   Master states, I am not sure honey what do you feel like?  Mistress responds, hmm, what do I feel like, hmm I feel like humiliating, degrading and beating the shit out of whitey.   They both laugh.  I dont think it is funny.       Masters states, yeah me too, it needs to be put in its place  and learn how to behave properly .    They are not even talking to me.  I feel like nothing, an object.   My balls are killing me, my face and head hurt from the slap and my arms are so tightly restrained behind my back I can not move much at all.   I can not see.  I want to say something but this stupid penis gag is shoved so far in my mouth I can not even make a noise louder than a moan.  This is not what I bargained for.   I would not have come if this I knew this.  They told me we would go slow.  Fuck, what did I get myself into.     I try to relax and think well maybe we will really go eat and talk and I will be released then, maybe I am just being punished for what they thought was bad slave behavior when we met.  Or was that just an excuse for them, did they plan this to get me cuffed to control me to get this far, cause I sure did not think I misbehaved at all to warrant Mistress not feeling safe with me.  This is fucked up, my mind is racing.

We had planned to go to a bar and have a couple drinks and talk and see if we liked each other.  . I was nervous, but came all the way to california to meet them and we had talked and I thought it would be okay as they both agreed, prior to me even coming to california, that you two planned on going slow and the most that would happen is that I would be made to strip and kneel before you and tell you how I wish to serve you two.

Mistress says, I would ask whitey where he wants to eat, but he cant talk right now, and they both laugh.    Master states that is the way all white pussy shits should be.    Mistress states, yes, that and   always  kneeling and begging  to serve and pleasure the black race.   Master then says, yep, whites make great slaves.    Mistress states, honey I am so horny, I really need you to fuck me with that big cock of yours.   yes honey , I am so horny right now too.

Then I hear Mistress rummaging through the bag Master placed at my feet.  I hear steel and all of sudden feel cold steel quickly enclose my right ankle and lock in place.  I go to shift and move my left leg up when I feel this massive sharp exploding pain shoot through my neck.  I violently thrust back in pain as I try to scream into the gag.     I think damn, what the fuck was that , as I feel Mistress grab my chin with one hand and with the other hand grab my collar and firmly hold me in place as she leans right up to my ear and sweetly states, loud enough so Master can hear, listen motherfucker, you are wearing a shock collar and if  you dont behave and submit and comply the power will be increased.   Now considering   that was only at power 2 out of 10 and how much that hurt I really dont think you would survive a power ten jolt.      It is quiet.  Now I am totally scared to death.   A few seconds later, Mistress says, if you resist or move away from me like you just did with your leg again, then the next jolt will be increased and last longer.  And from this point, in addition to the shock, a caning punishment will be added and administered in a very harsh cruel manner.   Now you saw how big and muscular Master , I do not think you want him caning or hitting you with a quirt whip as hard as he can, now do you?   You better answer me whitey.   I shake me head in compliance.    Mistress says, that is what I thought.   Fucking pussy.

Mistress then attaches the remaining side of the leg iron shackles to my other ankle.  And also padlocks leather ankle restraints to each ankle and leather wrist restraints to each wrist.    All the while telling me ;  how does it feel to have lost all control, to have no control;  for complete strangers to have complete control over your destiny.  Laughing, taunting me, degrading me.  But the thing is, she was right.  This happened so fast, but it is true, I do not have any control now.

Mistress is relentless.  She is constantly tormenting me.   I feel a sharp pain on my nipples as she attaches nipple clamps very tightly to each nipple and lets the chain drop down but not before attaching a little weight to it.     She ties a rope to the head of my cock, the whole time telling me how puny my cock is and making fun of it.  When the rope is tied around the head of my cock she pulls the rope very hard, pulling my semi erect cock up as far as it will go, stretching it as far as it will go, and firmly loops the rope through a d ring in the front of my collar and ties it off, thus leaving my cock pulled up over my smikeach.  It is extremely painful.   Mistress laughs at me and says poor baby, ah, does that hurt poor babys puny worthless little cock.  Laughing.   And says, this pain is nothing compared to the punishment you are going to get for all the rules you broke today.  You are going to learn never to break any rules.  Yep, you will learn.  

Mistress then grabs my balls in one hand and pulls them up and away from my crotch, then slides rope under them and loops the rope around my testicles a few times, but before she ties the rope off in a knot.   I hear Master turn the car off and say, honey we are at the restaurant.    Mistress says, already?   And Master laughs and says, time flys when you are having fun.   And Mistress says, oh yes honey, playing with whitey is so much fun.   I dont want to stop.   And she says, oh my god, I am soaking wet, I had not even noticed.   Master says, honey, I could smell your sweet juices up here fifteen minutes ago, my cock is rock hard.    Mistress sighs and says, honey, why dont come back here and fuck me while I lay on top of this white piece of shit then I will sit on its face and make him eat  your cum out of me.  As she points to where there is a space between the seats and says; look honey, we could put its  face right here and I can sit my pussy right over its face and we can make love and drip our juices on its face and its mouth.   Come on honey, I am so fucking horny.   Master says, Great idea honey, we can take the gag out of its mouth and drip and fill it with our juices.   Mistress laughs, and says, it cant say we did not take him to a restaurant for drinks and dinner before we brought it home.    And they both start laughing hysterically.   Then master opens his door.   I am in shock, they are really going to do this , what the fuck this is not what I had in mind for drinks and dinner.   

I start to wriggle and squirm in protest only to feel the sharp sting of the shock collar reminding me of my place.   As Mistress states, that was only a 2 again, want to make it a five.   I nod no.  She laughs and says, I didnt think so wimp.    With that, Master opens the door and sits right next to me.   Master says, bitch is trembling is it okay?  Mistress says, it is fine it is just frightened.  Master says, well we have not even did anything yet to scare it.     I think to myself what the fuck are you talking about havent did anything to me.  You told me we would have dinner and drinks and talk and then go to your house first before doing anything and yet here I am at the restaurant, naked, penis gag shoved in my mouth, blindfolded, wearing a shock collar, wrists completely restrained behind my back, wearing leg irons, nipple clamps, my cock tied and pulled up to my collar, forced to stand naked in the airport parking garage, shock punishment administered, hit in the balls, slapped so hard I bled, kneed in the face, called all sorts of degrading humiliating names, and that is nothing, Fuck.    I start to tremble more.    Mistress says; bitch, if I take this gag out are you going to scream?  I nod no.  Mistress says; if you do I will shock you with a 10 and rip your balls off at the same time as she tugs on the rope around my balls to remind me of my predicament.

Master states, honey, this is so fucking hot.  As he pushes me to the floor on my knees and flips me around like I am a feather and places me in position so my head is between the seats.  Mistress states, oh my god it is a perfect fit, like it was made for this.  They both laugh, as hear Master unzip his pants and feel Mistress take off my penis gag.   When the gag is off, I can feel, and smell Mistress as she sits above my face and places her pussy an inch from my mouth, I can even feel her ass rest a little on my nose as it protrudes a little up above the levelness of the seats.   I am on my knees, forced backward in this position, it is very uncomfortable and leaves my cock, face, balls, and chest very exposed.  I can feel Master as he positions himself, straddling his massive body over top of mine to gain access for his cock to enter Mistress.     As he pulls up, his cock falls down and hits my lips, I yell out, “no”, only to feel the shock of my collar as Mistress yells, that was 3, any more noise, you lose a testacle, as Master reaches down and grabs both in his massive hand and squeezes until I can feel tears run under my blindfold down the side of my face.  As he says, be a good pussy bitch and accept your feeding.   I do not want to scream or open my mouth as Masters cock is right there.  I feels huge, then as soon as my testacles are released from his strong grasp, I hear the sound of Masters cock entering Mistresses Vagina.  The smell of sex fills my nostrils, I can even taste the aroma on my lips and mouth.  Master starts to hump Mistress, telling her how much he loves her, Mistress says, fuck me your stud, fuck me. ah ah, they start to rock and moan in unison.   They smell so good.  I have never felt so submissive in my entire life being used like this as the first drops and streams of sex hit my face and lips and begin to roll down my cheeks.    I wish I they would take off the blindfold so I can see Masters big black cock going in this gorgeous muscular long powerful womans pussy.  It must look awesome. I can feel Masters huge powerful thighs rub up against me on every thrust.   I feel like a sex toy  for them to facilitate their love making.  Nothing but a mere object.    Not 3 minutes goes by and Mistress lets out a powerful moan as she explodes into orgasms releasing  a gushing stream of hot gooey cum all over my face , yelling open up whitey feeding time, but I keep my mouth closed.  They can not see me.  As excited as I am I am not ready to drink her, but as I soon find out I will have no choice.   This continues for another 15 minutes, mistresses climaxing 2 more times, then all of sudden Master yells out, honey I am going to cum, as Mistress says, hold on, let me scooch up so whity can get a good feeding, as she does, Master starts to fuck and hump and even harder, and unbelievably, as I can feel Mistress on my forehead begin to convulse and shake in her fourth orgasm, her and Master cum at the exact time, sending massive amounts of goo on my face, head and lips.  I can feel it running down my cheeks and neck. 

Mistress collapses back into the seat, as Master immediately gets up and grabs me by my waste and flips me a round like I am a rang doll.  I offer no resistence, not that I could anyway, I am bound and restrained completely.  He turns me around and maneuvers me in place so I my mouth is positioned right in Mistresses pussy.  Mistress sees this and moves down a little to firmly plant her vagina opening around my mouth.   Like they rehearsed it a thousand times, at the very exact time, very exact words, I hear these two gorgeous muscular dominant blacks say, clean your Mistress and eat every drop of Masters cum out, and they both laugh as I am sure they, as well as I, could believe they said the same words.    I can feel three sets of hands on my head pushing me into Mistresses pussy, as I feverishly lick and suck and clean and eat every drop of Masters cum.  I can not believe I am doing this, but I have no choice and besides Mistresses pussy taste so good, although, it being the first time I tasted a mans cum, I am not too into Masters cum taste, but I am sure I will get used to it in time, as I hear the words come from Master, as he pushes my head into Mistresses pussy with one hand, and pushes on my ass with the other, while inserting one of his fingers up my asshole to maximize his grasp.   And then incredibly, Master picks me up like this, with now two maybe three fingers in my pushing in my asshole and holding my ass with one hand as the other hand grabs my collar he actually picks me up and starts to use my face, mouth, lips and tongue as a fuck toy for mistresses pussy.  He must be so fucking strong it is incredible.  Mistress, yells out, oh my god honey, that is so hot, keep doing that, as my face is thrust forward, then back, and forward, and so on, back and forth into mistresses pussy as I try to lick and clean on each forward thrust.   Mistress moaning in pleasure as I hear Master yelling at me to clean Mistress, that is it bitch boy, lick my cum up, good little fuck toy , this goes on for at least 4 minutes when Mistress goes, oh my and starts to shake and releases into another climax, her fifth orgasm.   As master lets me down and mistress grabs the back of my collar and pulls me forward and says; worship my pussy, ah yes, come on whitey, use that tongue lick it all up, ah.  For another 5 - 10 minutes I lick and clean.  As I only assume Master is watching.   Finally Mistress pushes my head to the side and says, enough, pussy cleaner.    And tells Master to kiss her, and as he comes to lay next to her, he pushes me to floor, causing me to drop right on the nipple clamps and my balls that are tied up, it hurts so much but I say nothing.   I am on the floor, smikeach down. I can feel and smell both their cum all over my face, it is soaking wet, as well as taste them both in my mouth.   They kiss for a while telling each other how much they love each other.  Mistress to my surprise, states, that was the hottest best sex she ever had, and she says, even better than that day we strung cunt up in the back yard.  And Master says, are you serious.  And she says, yes honey, I love you so much, that was so hot.  I think I may want to keep this boy.    And Master says, wow honey that is great, I am so happy for you.   And she says, what about you honey, how was it for you, and Master says, honey, I agree, when I picked him up and fucked his face into your, that was so hot, look at my cock it is still hard.  She says; lets get home right now, I want to watch this faggot suck your cock and watch you fill that little white cocksucking bitchs mouth your cum as you ram this monster down its throat.   Oh honey, l love you, as I hear them kiss. 

With that, they completely ignore me as they get dressed.    The only thing said to me is when Mistress says, bitch this will be the only time you do not clean masters cock with your tongue after we have sex.  The only reason you are not doing it now is because I want to hurry and get back home and force  you to beg to become our little cocksucking faggot bitch as you worship Masters big black cock like the little fucking white cockcraving whore you are. 

I say nothing, I do not move, as I begin to cry, and sob.  Master opens the door and hears this and flips me over on my back to see the tears coming under my blindfold and hearing me cry.   Mistress, says, oh my honey, this is so hot. As she puts her toes and foot and rubs her feet over and in my mouth.    She says, I think I am going to cum again.   Master says, honey you are the sexiest hottest chick in the world.   I love you so much.   And Mistress says, come on you big black stud start the car and lets get back home, we have some fucking to do .

As we start to drive home.  Mistress reaches down and unties my cock and balls.  The release feels so good.   She reattaches one of the nipple clamps that fell off.   I am stopped crying by now, after about 10 minutes.   And Mistress, says, finally the pussy stops crying.  Sheesh, what a fucking crybaby.   If you did not make us so hot, I would have to hurt you right now for crying.  We dont like crybabys, so you need to stop that shit you fucking pussy.  Now open your little slut mouth and suck on my toes.     I open my mouth.  Mistress puts her toe in, then another until all five toes are in my mouth and she begins to foot fuck my mouth.  Moaning, and Mistress says, Honey, I think we finally found out how to keep bitch quiet, and what its mouth is really good for.     Master says, honey, you are the best.   And Mistress says, honey, I think I know what I want to name whitey. 

I can not believe this is all happening so fast.  My plane landed not even a few hours ago and look at all that has happened.  I have not even been to their house and look what they have done to me and forced me to do.  If they can do this to me this fast can you imagine what will happen by Sunday night.   If they let me go then?  Or what they will turn me into in the future.   Oh my god, I think to myself, I think I love these two. I can feel my cock begin to grow.   I get nervous because that is something Mistress told me she hated, and that is when a male slaves cock gets hard in front of her.  She said she hates that so much, because she said it shows disrespect to her.  That a lowly piece of shit slave sexual arousement over her.  She thought it was so disrespectful because a slave is suppose to pleasure its owner, not use its owner to pleasure itself.   I can feel it get harder and harder, I begin to worry.  I start to suck and lick her feet more and harder, like it is my last meal, hoping to keep her occupied.   I wish I was on my smikeach or it was still tied up, please dont get me in trouble, I have done so good the last hour, they finally are starting to like me.   And I already think I love these two, they are awesome.   They are exactly, so far, what I seek.  Totally dominant, beautiful, strong and know exactly what to do with a slave, and that is to use it for their pleasure regardless of the slaves feelings.   Wow, these two are great.

Master says, wow we did not even get it home yet, great.  What is it?   Mistress says, “cocksucker”.  Master says, yes, I love it.     Mistress says, you got that cocksucker.   And laughs and says, oh yea, its mouth is full with my foot, as she hears me try to answer only to hear muffled sounds.    For now on, you will only refer to yourself as cocksucker.  That is your name.  Cause we are going to train you to suck and worship and deep throat Masters 10 inch cock like the best little cocksucking faggot in the world.    Not to mention opening up that little asshole of yours and bending you over my knee and have you beg me to let Master fuck your little ass as hard as he can with his big fat cock.   Oh yes, I have so many plans for you.  Turning you into a faggot is just one of them.  Lol, caging that cock of yours up is another, so I never have to look at it unless I want to beat the shit out of it.   I dont think I am ever going to let you cum again. I think we should tatoo cocksucker on it cock, what do you think honey.  Yes, that sounds great sweetie.   Wonder if it would fit, hmm, let me see.     Mistress looks down and see my cock hard.   Jesus Christ she yells , Master yells, are you okay honey,   she says, this motherfucker is hard.   I totally panic.   What the fuck am I a fucking sex object to you for your amusement you fucking motherfucker.  Oh my god I swear you are going to regret the day you were born a boy.    As she pulls her foot out of my mouth and kicks me in the balls.  I flinch and turn to my side in pain.   I yell out, My superior black Mistress I am sorry.    With that, the most intense pain I ever felt in my life, and it will not stop, I pass out.     I wake to a glass of water being poured over my face. 

I am terrified.  Mistress goes on a rampage and in a very strict tone states:   I see we have a lot of training and attitude adjustment to do whitey.  That was only a 6, fuck up again, and it is a 7.  Plus you just earned another 40 canings you stupid motherfucker, you will learn, yes indeed you will learn.   Plus, in addition to the cbt punishment you already earned for playing with out permission, you just earned the most extreme cbt punishment imaginable.  Who the fuck do you think you are getting hard in front of me.  How fucking disrespectful.  You are going to learn respect.  You will learn to behave.   White motherfucker.   She pauses, then continues.

Your world is about to drastically change.  Your world as you knew it is over.  You belong to us now.  This is your new life.  A slave.   A white slave to a superior black couple.   A very dominant powerful strict sadistic cruel black couple who both hate white people and believe all whites should be strung up in black peoples dungeons and beaten and caged .  Not even worthy to be our toilet let alone lick our asses, which you will do.    She then spits on me, and says.     

   You are nothing to me.  You are never going back to your old life.  Nope, we are keeping you.   You are now owned.  This weekend you will do and see things you never thought possible.

And very soon, you will be branded, pierced in about 20 places, tattooed,  used as our full service toilet and toilet paper, beaten until every inch of you is black and blue and welted, put in a stockade and fucked in the ass and mouth by 50 of our dominant black male friends   until your little ass bleeds and  your throat is raw.  

I am trembling, scared to death.  As I am completely restrained and escape is impossible and fear Mistress is serious and not just trying to scare me.   No, she can not be serious, can she?

Master, interrupts laughing and says, honey I think you are   scaring the hell out of it.    Mistress says, good, think what these white motherfuckers did to our ancestors when they brought them over here, how do you think they felt, right?    And Master says, yes you are right.    I freak out and start to cry and say please are you really going to do that to me please d, and I am interrupted as Mistress says, whitey I told you it will be a 7 if you speak again with out permission are you fucking stupid or do you just like pain.     I say nothing, oh smart, ignore me asshole she says.  And kicks me really hard and says I asked you a question you fucking white piece of trash.     I respond Mistress, please dont hurt me anymore.    Eeee , wrong answer cocksucker.    Oooaaowwwhhas, I scream as my collar shocks me into unconscienceness again. 

I quickly awaken to cold water being splashed on my face and Mistress words saying wake up your white fucking cocksucking whore.

I lay thinking that this is a nightmare, what did I get myself into.  Oh my god, what about my family, what will think if I do not come home, I begin to sob.     Mistress laughs, as I hear a garage door open and Master says, we are home, let the fun begin.

When we are in the garage, Master opens the door next to me, attaches a leash to my collar and pulls me out of the car hard, forcing me on the ground. I am naked but for the collar, leash, shackles, handcuffs and nipple clamps, sitting on hard cement garage floor, blindfolded. I am very nervous and scared as this is not what I bargained for at all or expected at all.   Mistress laughes and says welcome to your new life whitey. And Master says  this little bitch has no idea what is about to happen to him and you both start to laugh.

Master then in a very stern voice almost yelling and scaring me a little, says, as he pulls on the leash and yells for me to stand up and walk and follow his lead. I am still blindfolded.  I am   trembling and shaking uncontrollable.  I think I am about to go into shock.   When I stand up, I am so nervous that my cock is shiveled up but with precum coming out of it.  Master flicks my cock with something and says oh my god look at that little thing and laughs, as Mistress comes over and says, oh my, our little white bitch is enjoying this look at that cum on its puny cock.  You both laugh.   Mistress says what the fuck do white girls see in useless cocks like that, it is so little.

With that, I feel fingers and hands around my cock and balls and I jerk back a little and then Master with much force and very angry, yells at me right in my ear as he pushes then slams my back against the wall and states, bitch you never resist or move especially when Mistress is trying to tie up your useless cock and balls. He grabs me by my neck and chokes me a little and says submit bitch and relax or you will feel pain like you never felt before. You both know how I am afraid and do not enjoy pain and how it is punishment for me. I am now wishing I did not tell you two and wishing I was home, I am scared to death as to what I got myself into. But I am beginning to realize very quickly as each second passes, that I am into it and must accept what is happening.

As I realize I have not much choice right now and that you two are very dominant and strict and controlling and are going to use me and make me your white slave and do what ever you want to me.  I am bound, Master is strong, mistress is strong. I am strong as well. But being bound, naked, scared, blindfolded in a strange place, put through all I have been and in the hands of a very strong black master and black mistress who are very forceful I am no match at all and am beginning to realize I need to try to relax and accept my fate. 

Then I feel Master hooking my neck collar to something, and unhooking the chain from my collar to the cuffs, my hands fall down my back, still restrained behind my back, and then I feel something being attached to the handcuffs.   I feel, my arms being raised up behind my back very fast  with a lot of force, I am unable to resist.   I am pulled up all the way until I am on my very tip of my toes.  With my arms stretched up behind me as the winch pulls them high, bending me over, exposing my ass and forcing my head down.      

I hear Mistress say, honey I did not get to tie up his cock and balls yet. And Master says, it is okay dear, we will get that done in a few minutes, first things first. And with that I hear a swish through the air, and Mistress says oh yes, you are right. I almost forgot about cocksuckers first punishment. You both laugh.  Mistress comes up to me, I can feel her in front of my face as it hangs low as the my hands are way up in the air. I then feel as if my leg irons are attached to something but am unsure. Mistress then states, honey did you take the nipple clamp out of whiteys mouth. And master states no sweetie. Damn cocksucker just does not learn.     Mistress   asks me, whitey why is this not still in your mouth, no one told you to take it out. I am very scared, I do not want any pain, and am trying to behave.      I say, My superior black Mistress cocksucker is sorry  it fell and Mistress slaps my face hard as I am in mid sentence.   And says not good enough you need to be punished and learn to obey and then say honey what do you think is appropriate to correct whiteys behavior and for letting the nipple clamp chain out of its cocksucking faggot mouth. Master laughs, and says, honey remember how he asked us not to call him a faggot because he thought it was humiliating. And you both laugh and Master says, being called our faggot is nothing compared what is in store for this white cockcraving whore.   Master says, we will put ben gay on his cock and balls before we tie them up and put the clothes pins on.    Mistress, says, yes I think that is good.  Master states, as I hear the swish of his cane, and then hear the swish of another cane as mistress slashes hers through the air,  as part of your training, and to make sure you learn to behave, you will always tell us what you are about to be punished for, and beg both to correct your behavior. Understand motherfucker? I respond Yes My superior muscular godlike black Master. With that I feel a kick to my balls from mistress as she says well whitey begin?    I respond, My Superior Black Master and My Superior Black Mistress, and mistress interupts, and says, I want you to address yourself as cocksucker for the remainder of the evening until after you serve us breakfast and we watch you eat our leftovers out of a bowl like the pathetic white bitch dog you are. And with that I respond and say, Cocksuckers superior black Master and Cocksuckers superior black Mistress, your cocksucker is about to be punished for speaking with out permission and your cocksucker is to receive 40 + 40 canings on its calves for punishment.  cocksucker humbly begs its black superiors to correct its behavior.  You both start laughing, and Mistress says, oh my god, this is so hot honey, I love you, and I hear you two kissing and Mistress say, oh my, honey you are as hard as a rock, wait until cocksucker sees this monster, and you both laugh. And with I feel the first slash of the cane across my left calve, then one on the right, I am pretty sure Master is on the left and Mistress is on the right but not positive. You both are very quick and deliberate and harsh in your canings. One, two , three, four, five, six, seven, I count to my self, and it stops and Mistress goes, oh our bad, we forgot to tell you to count whitey and you both laugh and Master states okay we need to start over. And I say to myself this sucks but dare not speak out loud. Then Master says, count bitch, and the first hit strikes the back of my calf, and it continues, switching sides, I am counting, one two three, it is very fast and I trying to keep up, but after about 20 or so, the pain is too severe for and I plead and beg, but it continues and I hear Mistress say, if you lose count or miss one we start over. So I continue to count, and at 40 I am about to explode. The pain is overwhelming. I hear you two behind me and say oh my whitey marks up quick.

Look how red and big the welts are already. And I feel mistress finger nails go up and down the welts and say, honey, this makes me so hot and wet to put a white bitch in its place and mark it up and whip it. I can not wait until we are up to whiteys ass, as mistress squeezes my ass check. Master then says, laughing, as if I am not even there, yeah, you want to whip that white ass, but I want to fuck it. ANd mistress laughes and pulls my ass cheeks apart and says, I do not think it will fit in that little asshole and Master says, it will fit. And you both laugh. And I hear you two start to kiss. And then, Master says, bitch did you learn your lesson, are you going to speak again with out permission or being spoken too. I am not sure to answer, and with that Mistress rips off the blindfold and the light is sort of blinding and then Mistress slaps my face hard and says answer when your superior black master asks you a question you fucking pussy. And then slaps the other cheek even harder. I told Mistress on the phone how I hate to be slapped. And it seems like everything I told you two I do not like you are doing to me. It sucks, I am not enjoying this, I am very scared, and feel very out of control. Then I speak, Yes Master Yes Mistress your cocksucker has learned the rule concerning speech and will fully comply with this rule for now on and humbly apologizes and begs for Master and Mistresses forgiveness. Neither of you answer. Then I hear, lets wash this bitch up and get it ready to worship a real cock.

Then Master squeezes my cheeks and says open up bitch, I want to see what is about to become a pussy for my cock , and I open up and I want to say no, I am not ready and beg and say please no, can we stop, but I am too afraid as I am bound too helpless, so I just comply and open up and master puts his fingers in there, three of them, and says, hmmm, this is going to make a nice pussy my black cock to fuck. And Mistress says, honey, I need to go pee, I will be back. With that Master states, why dont you just piss on whitey, we are going to hose him down any way. I feel like a piece of property. You two are using me and talking about like I am an object and not always there, it is humiliating. But there is nothing I can do. This is not what I wanted and I want to go home. Then Master forcefully on hooks the cable from the hand cuffs and pushes me to the floor and says submit bitch, dont you resist me or I will hurt you. And I do as I am told. With that, Master tells me to get on my knees, as he pulls the leash towards the other end of the garage where I notice a drain into the ground and a hose attached to the wall. I say to myself, no please, this is too much. And Master says crawl on your knees whitey, you need cleaned up before we take you upstairs and chain you to our bed and make you do and as we do all kinds of nasty things, and you both laugh. And Mistress states, this is so much hotter than I thought it was going to be and Master says I know. I did not know how much I was going to enjoy training a male. But we put a lot of thought into this and it is working out so great. And Mistress says, yes, I thought I was not going to enjoy as much forcing whitey to submit and that I just wanted a trained obedient white house slave, but this is so much hotter to actually take its submission by force and with out it choice from the very first second it presented it self to us. And I hear you two kiss and hug as I am forced to kneel with my nose in the corner by the drain as you two stand over me, I can feel your crotches rub on my head a little and I mistress says, oh my I am soaking wet, as she reaches, out of my site, into her panties and gets her fingers all wet, and Master says, let whitey lick them off, and then Mistress grabs the back of my hair and pulls my head back and says as she puts her wet fingers up to my mouth, and simply states, lick, and I lick Mistresses fingers clean and Master states, how do you like that bitch, you better enjoy it cause you are going to be licking mistress a lot. And then Master states lets clean this bitch, I need my cock sucked.

And I am thinking to myself, no way, we did not agree I would suck cock, no way. With that the water is turned on and cold water is squirted on me, the cement floor is hard on my knees and I feel like an animal as they hose me down and squirt all of me, my head, face, underarms, legs, cock and balls, pull them to the side hose in between my legs, bend me over as one of them pulls my ass cheeks apart and I feel the hose squirt on my asshole, then I feel a brush or something scrup on my anus and I am washed all over like a dog. Both of you are laughing and saying now this is how all white need to be. And you both laugh. When you are done. You do not dry me off, you just yank on my leash and say stand and pull me to the door to the house. And Mistress says I want the blind fold back on and puts it back on and then I am led into the house. I am blindfold so I just follow the pull of the leash to my collar. I am led over to somewhere I am told to remain still. I feel hands around my cock and balls again, I feel something being massaged into my cock and balls and then realize from the smell it is the ben gay I was promised as punishment for letting the nipple clamp chain slip out of my mouth. Then I feel my balls being tied up with rope, it is very tight and the rope is pulled up under my ass and attached to my hand cuffs pulling and stretching my balls very tight by my ass crack.

Then I feel a rope being attached around the head of my penis and pulled up very tight and attached to my neck collar so my cock is pulled straight up. Mistress and Master you both are making fun of my white cock the whole time. Then I feel Master hold me tight into position and then mistress with a riding crop hits my cock very hard about 20 times. It is very painful. Then I am told and verbally abused for a few minutes, telling me how pathetic I am and how white people need to learn to serve the superior black race, and how lucky I am to have you two show me my proper place as a white bitch slave to superior blacks. And how I am going to learn to lick your assholes, and learn to present my mouth as your toilet once a day for your morning piss, and how you two are going to teach me to suck a real cock, and eat cum, and lick black pussy the correct way. And how I am going to clean your house, serve you meals, and beg to suck and kiss your feet. And to submit to all of your desires. And you two laugh at me, as I am made to stand in front of you and do circles to show you all of me, as I am assume you two sit on the couch and are holding each other. And then you tell me the rules of the house. Slave rules. No sitting on the furniture and once I do not need my hands restrained behind my back how I am only to crawl, only eat out of bowl, be caged when not in use, learn how to clean your assholes with toilet paper after you shit as you say I am lucky you dont make me lick it clean and what a privilege it is to be permitted to clean your assholes, how I am to bathe you, everything.

It sucks. Then I am made to repeat it all, then tell you how much I wish I to serve you and how lucky I am to be allowed to be in your presence. It is all very degrading and humiliating. You tell me how I am to greet you, the various slave positions I am too learn. All the while you two laugh at me and make me say how blacks are superior to whites and the whole race thing. You two are laughing and giggling the whole time. Master then says, that is not even the half of it bitch, that is just for this weekend. And you tell me how often I am to come and how each time it will be more and more and new things. How I will be made to lick and suck you two clean after you two have sex. Tell me how I am going to eat masters cum every time he comes. Always clean his cock and mistress pussy every time. How every morning I am to wake you two up, when I am there, by licking and cleaning your assholes out and make me tell you two how it is a privilege to used and trained as a personal ass licker to my superior black slave owners. This all goes on for a couple hours. It is so degrading. You two make me feel like nothing. Very submissive. If I do not repeat or say things on time, I feel the sting of a cane or feel my balls being pulled on. You make me kneel before you and open my mouth and beg you to spit in my mouth and permission to swallow it and thank you for it and inform me that is how I am to greet you every weekend I am permitted to come for use.

This goes on and on. I am very tired. You talk about almost everything. This is beyond what I expected. But I just comply and submit and do as I am told. I am in no position to do otherwise, or resist or complain. If I do any of that you two will just beat me.

After a few hours of this bullshit and humiliation. Master says, I am so horny, it is time to see how this bitch sucks cock. And mistress laughs and says, or should we say how this bitch gags on your cock. and you too laugh. The ben gay on my genitals hurts. You two do not care.

With that I hear you two get up and forcefully pull on my leash and tell me to get on my knees and crawl just on my knees up the stairs as you pull me, it is very painful and slow moving. Mistress is behind me hitting my back with a whip and master is pulling me almost dragging me and you two are laughing saying come whitey, hurry up whitey, time to begin your new life as a cocksucker white faggot who worships and craves black cock and cum. And you laugh. I am pulled to the top of the steps and taken into a room where Master tells me to stand and picks me up and places me on the bed. I am then, expertly tied and chained down, all of me. I can not move at all. My head is pulled over the end of the bed and restrained tightly. I am scared to death. YOu two are very forceful and quick in restraining me.

I tried to resist a little but only to be hit in the balls or have the leash to my balls pulled tightly and yelled at to submit like a good little cocksucking faggot I am about to become.

Then Mistress says how wet and horny she is and says honey please fuck me before you fuck whiteys mouth, and master says sure honey. And Mistress says, right here, as she crawls on my back, fuck me on top of this bitch, then I hear and feel you two as you make love on me like I am a piece of furniture. And mistress says how she loves masters big cock and cant imagine having to live with and rely on my little pathetic useless worthless puny cock and I hear her cum and cum and cum. Mistress then says, honey, save your cum for whiteys throat okay. With that Master gets up and stands in front of me and mistress pulls off my blindfold and says while laughing look and see what a real cock is like, as Master has his massive shiny black cock right in my face. I am petrified. It is huge. No way can I take that in my mouth. And it wwould split my ass in two. I start to get very scared. And Mistress slaps the back of my head and says cocksucker, as she stands up next to me, and says, we want you to beg us both for permission to suck on masters cock and to tell us how much you like his cock and how little yours is compared to his. I say nothing. Master slaps my face hard, and says Mistress gave you a command bitch. And I say, Please master and mistress, I am not ready for this, this is too much, it is too big. Please, can we pleae stop, and I start to cry. And you both start laughing hysterically. Mistress says this is so fucking hot honey. And Master says, incredibly. Then Master bitch slaps my face a couple times with his massive cock as you two laugh at me. And then Mistress puts her fingers in my nostrils and pulls up hard and says listen faggot, we can do this the easy way or the hard way it is up to you.

But either way you are going to submit and comply and do as we say and you are going to beg for masters cock and you are going to suck it like the little white cock sucking bitch you are. And continue to say, so the easy way or hard way. And Master says fuck him, lets force this bitch. And master slaps me and says you stupid motherfucker if you would had just listened you and begged for my cock we were going to untie you and let you kneel before and worship and suck it at your own pace. Instead now, you are going to be beaten into submission made to beg for it and I am going to fuck your mouth so hard and ram this so far down your throat you are going be gagging and dry heaving like a little fucking whore. And I say please , and Mistress says shut the fuck up, we made the decision for you bitch, now silence and accept your fate. And with that Mistress starts to cane my ass and Master walks over and uses a quirt whip and you two start to unmercifully beat and whip my ass, back of thighs, and back hard, fast non stop, after five minutes, I start to plead and say the safe word you two gave me, but you two do not stop, the beating continues, I start to scream and plead for you two stop for mercy nothing is working, I am starting to cry, it is horrifying. Then you two both stop after about 20 minutes non stop, I am shaking uncontrollable, tears flowing down my cheek, and I hear Mistress say, oh wow, look at his ass, it is almost bleeding and Master states, wow , look at the welts, he is going to be black and blue for a month and Mistress says that was the hottest thing we did yet, I am soaking wet. And Master says, I need to cum. And walks in front of me puts his cock right up to my mouth and says, well bitch, are you ready to submit and to worship my black cock with that little hot wet white pussy mouth of yours. And I start to cry and say please dont do this to me, please, it is too much please stop, please, and with that. I hear mistress say, I have an idea. And with that Mistress begins to put clothes pins on my balls that are strectched out over my welted beaten sore ass, probably puts about 40 of them on and then starts to beat me as harder than she ever did before with the cane on my already welted ass. This time hitting me and stopping for a few seconds and doing it again. I start to scream and say the safeword and Master says shut the fuck up you fucking pussy, there is no safeword you are a white piece of shit and then after about 20 hits by mistress, I scream out, please no more pain, please let me suck on masters big black cock, please mistress please master please teach me and train me to be the best cocksucking faggot whore in the world for you and to let me worship masters big beautiful black cock like the little white cocksucking slut whore bitch I am, please Mistress Please Master use this mouth as your pussy for your cock, and I lick my lips and open my mouth wide.

You two start to laugh and say that was not so hard. All you white people are the same, just little fucking pussys. And Mistress comes over and stands next to master in front of me and says I have to watch this, to watch you your black cock going in out of that white mouth, oh I am so hot. And masters says, as he slaps me very hard on my face, listen you little mother fucker, if you bite my cock or I feel your teeth on my cock at all , I will rip your balls off and stuff them up your nose, you got that cocksucker. I respond Yes Master, I will please you sir, please no more pain, please your cocksucker will fully submit please Master Please mistress. With that Master says very good, and Mistress says, pout your lips out bitch and keep them closed, and with that she grabs masters cock and rubs his massive head on my lips and says hmmm, how does master taste bitch, and I start to answer and she yells, shut the fuck up, now I want you to stick your tongue out as far as it goes and hold it there and close your lips tight around your tongue. With that she lets go of masters cock and tells master to use my tongue to lick all her pussy juice off and to get his cock nice and clean and wet and ready to fuck me. Then master rubs the head of his cock on my tongue, I can taste his precum, and taste mistresses dried up juices from the earlier fucking. ANd mistress is laughing at me saying how hot this is.

And master is using my tongue, making me lick the sides of his cock clean, running the shaft up and down on my tongue, making sure i lick all of it, telling me what a little whore I am and how lucky I am to worship his big black cock, and how he is going to fuck my throat and use my mouth as his pussy and ram his cock in the back of my throat and make me take it all to suck all of him. Laughing the whole time saying can you imagine what this bitch must be thinking, he thought he would be sucking cock for the first on one like his puny white pencil dick not a real cock. All the while as he rubs his cock on my tongue every once in a while pulling it out my reach and telling me to stretch for it like a cocksucking craving whore and I do, it is humiliating, they are laughing at me. I start to cry again, I can not take this. It is too much for me, I want to die. And Master says, this little pussy is crying again, what bitch. And Mistress states, I want to hear him beg one more time before you put it in. With that master pulls away and but not before bitch slapping me a few times with his cock laughing at me my cheeks are wet from my tears and my saliva from his cock. Mistress says, beg bitch.

I can not speak, I am scared to death, and want to go home.  I am in a daze, as I hear, Mistress tell Master to show this little pathetic white bitch what a real cock looks like again.   What happened?  I ask my self.  What is going on.           At which time Master, grabs  his big cock and puts it right in front of my face. And Mistress, says, so you little white bitch, what do you think of the cock you are soon going to be begging to suck and worship. I say nothing. Ad Mistress, says, now that is a real cock, not that pathetic puny 6 inch white piece of shit you have bitch, you should feel lucky you get to worship a real black cock the day you begin life as our little white cocksucking whore.

I respond, Mistress, I am sorry, I am scared, I am not ready for this please. And you both start to laugh. And Mistress states, listen you little white bitch, you are going to open your mouth and beg Master for his cock and to beg us both for the privilege to serve the superior black race and beg master to put his big beautiful black cock in your mouth and to make your mouth a pussy for his big black cock. And you are to tell us how thankful you are for allowing a worthless white piece of shit like you to be even in our presence.

Now, you we can do this the easy way, or the hard way. It is up to you bitch. Either way, tonight you are going to become our little cocksucking white faggot bitch. So what is it going to be bitch. And with that Master rubs his cock on my face, and laughs at me. And says, you little mother fucker, you know you want worship this cock. You know you want to feel a real cock in you and to have offer your mouth as a pussy to black cock. ANd then he bitch slaps my face a couple of times, hard and I can feel some precum on my cheeks. You both laugh. I feel mistress gently rub my ass and back of my thighs with a cane. And talking to master like I am not even there.

And she says, you know what Master, I am going to enjoy much doing it the hard way, I thought I was going to enjoy the easy way, by untieing this bitch and have him kneel before you and beg to suck your cock and opening its mouth for you and gently getting used to sucking a real cock, but this is going to be way hotter to force this little bitch to suck it and watch your fuck that little white bitch face like the little slut this bitch is. I want to beat him so bad, Mistress states. With that Master states. Okay you little fucking white bastard. Beg for the privilege to become our cocksucker. Or be prepared to be forced to beg. You have five seconds. I say, please my beautiful superior black owners, please, I am scared I never sucked cock and it is too big and I and then Master slaps my face hard with his hand and says shut up you white mother fucker. And I say nothing. I am starting to tremble.

And I immediately respond, please Master sir, please teach me to be your cocksucking worshipping white bitch slave and use my mouth with your big beautiful real mans cock and make me your little fucking cocksucking whore, please Master please your cocksucker begs you for your big black cock Please mistress please your cocksucker begs for masters big black cock please and you both say this is the way all white motherfuckers need to be. And with that, Mistress says, while I am crying, and trembling, to master for master to rub the head of his cock on my eyes to get the head all wet from tears and so I can taste my tears on masters cock and you both laugh. And I open my mouth, I am scared to death and wet my lips with my tongue and open wide and say please Master your pussy is ready and begs to be filled with a real mans cock, please use this pathetic white bitches mouth as a pussy for a superior black masters cock, make me your cock whore, and with that Master inserts his cock, it is huge, I strain to keep my mouth open I am absolultely trembling and scared to death and feel like such submissive slut. It is too much for me, I can taste my tears as the head of masters massive black cock fills my mouth and tears by my tongue to the back of my throat, master slowly fucks his pussy, mistress yells out fuck that white piece of shit, and comes over to me and grabs my face and looks me in the eye and says, bitch take it, that is it bitch, take it accept your position in life, accept that cock. You fucking faggot. I actually think mistress is trying to help me. As master goes in my farther and farther each time. As his cock hits my throat I gag, but master only then grabs the back of my head and says, it is okay bitch, open your throat you can take it, I start to gag and and can not breathe, I try to scream but my mouth and throat are filled with Masters cock, I can not take it. Master does not care as he continues to fuck my mouth. Mistress, says this is so fucking hot to see your big black cock in whiteys mouth, and says, this is so hot, I cant wait to use whiteys mouth on my pussy, and masters says suck it bitch and starts yelling at me, saying it is only half way in bitch, take it, open your throat you motherfucking white piece of shit, worship my black cock you fucking white faggot.

And then after I am really gagging and master can feel my dry heaves and saliva is pouring out my mouth and tears are streaming down my cheek not from crying but from having my throat stretched and used so much, pulls his cock completely out and rests his cock on my lips. Mistress goes behind me and starts to pull off the clothes pins of my balls, as she is doing that she unties the leash from the handcuffs freeing my balls, and reaches under me to see what my cock is doing and then starts to laugh hysterically and says to master, this little fucker is hard, lol, I knew he was a faggot all the time, he is really enjoying this. And Mistress tells me, you are enjoying this arent you faggot. You like sucking cock, you are suck a fucking faggot. I can barely breathe, but regaining my composure as master is letting me relax a little , then only to say open bitch, and I comply and master begins to fuck my mouth, only harder this time, going in deeper and expanding my throat more and more. I feel so used and humiliated. I am trying my best to accept this cock, but it is so big, and masters hands behind my hand pull me in with every thrust, and I feel mistress spread my ass cheeks saying how next time I come I am going to take her strap on in my ass as master uses my mouth with his cock. And laughs and pokes at my asshole and laughs and says on my god his ass hole just puckered like a pussy, this faggot wants it in his ass, and master is fucking my face, calling me all kinds of names, while mistress starts to insert a dildo or something I can not tell, and Master says honey do you think my cock will fit in there and she laughed I am not sure it is tight. And master says come here honey, look bitch is almost taking all of my cock. And she comes over and master thrust his cock down my throat and holds it there and she says he still has a couple more inches. I am gagging uncontrollable, you both do not care as you two are so hot and excited. Mistress says will it go in any more and Masters says probably but I dont want rip open his throat. And mistress says, well this bitch needs to learn to take it all.

And master says, well maybe later tonight when it is not all tied up. It is scared look at it trembling and mistress says, make this white bitch suffer, make him our cocksucking bitch, show whitey why blacks are superior. And mistress yells in my ear, you fucking white faggot, suck that cock, worship master black cock, you fucking white bitch. And she is laughing and master pulls out again and I am dry heaving spitting saliva tears running down my throat sweating shaking. Master says this is so hot but I need to cum now honey and mistress says, okay but I want to hear whitey beg for your cum and to eat your cum and to make it your cum eating faggot. I scream please oh my god please stop. And Master says shut the fuck up faggot and beg for my cum. And with that as I am trembling and barely audible say please my superior black master please cum in your white slaves mouth, and mistress slaps me no I want to you beg for it down your throat whitey, and with that I say Please my superior black master please let your white cocksucking faggot eat your cum and please cum down this pathetic white bitch slaves throat please show me the reason blacks are superior to whites and with that mistress says, I want you to fuck him hard with long hard strokes and let me know right before you are to cum and I want you to put your cock all the way as far down whiteys throat and hold it there.

With that Master starts to fuck and use my mouth and throat hard, hitting the back of my throat hard each time, making me gag and dry heave on each thrust after about five minutes Master rams it as far in as it will go and holds it there, and mistress goes whitey almost has it all, only about an inch to go. And with that Mistress, says fill that fucking bitches throat with your cum. And with that, I feel this hot liquid being rammed down my throat as master fucks my throat only pulling in and out an inch or two each time, but on each thrust releasing his cum into my throat and pushing it down my throat, it is too much, it is a huge load, and Mistress is laughing yelling at me to swallow it all and to eat masters cum, and I am dry heaving , gagging, tears streaming down my cheek from the assault on my throat, and all of sudden I can not take it any more as Master rams his cock down my throat one last time and releases more cum and it comes out my nostrils. And cum is cumming out the sides of my mouth as master pulls his cock out. Mistress laughs and goes oh my god look this whitey has your cum coming out its nostrils.

ANd laughs at me. And looks at you and you too hug and tell each other you love each other and mistress reaches down and grabs your cock and tells me to open and I do and mistress milks your cock of the rest of your cum and tells me to eat it. Then after a couple minutes, mistress tells me, as she hits my ass with a crop, to beg to lick your cock clean with that I comply and mistress grabs masters cock and scoops up the cum on my cheeks and sides of my mouth as well as the cum from my nostrils and tells me I am a bad slave and I am never to let any of masters cum go to waste. And with that I lick masters cock completely clean. And you then tell master to unchain me and throw me in the bathtub and hog tie me, he does so very forcefully, I can hear you two in the other room making love, talking and laughing about me. I can not tell what exactly you are saying but I know it probably entails a lot of abuse and humiliation. After you two make love a couple times, I feel master unhook the hog tie and tell me to roll over on my back and open my mouth, I comply and he tells me not to move at all and I comply. I now only wish to please and serve you two as I now know my place before you two awesome superior blacks. And with that mistress comes in and stands over my genitals and master stands next to mistress and you both begin to pee, mistress first then master but soon both at the same time, I can feel the warm water on my cock and balls, on my smikeach and chest, and then I feel it on my face, and mouth and head and I begin to close my mouth and Master states you fucking better not move and keep that mouth open you dont have to swallow, this time, but I am going to fill your mouth with my piss. Now submit you fucking white slave. And I do, and you two piss on me and in fill my mouth and soak my entire body with your urine you both start laughing and say now this is what all white people should be used for. And then you are done, and tell me I better not move as you two are going to take a nap. But before you leave, you tell me to thank you two. ANd I say, your white slave humbly thanks its two superior black slave trainers for making me your cocksucking, obedient, submissive, faggot toilet white bitch slave.

And you both laugh and master says, what a pathetic piece of shit and mistress says and laughs we own you whitey and your bitch slave training has just begun. There is so much more we are going to do to you. Enjoy your superior black owners piss as you lay there and think about what your new life. I lay there still as can be laying in my superior black owners piss waiting for it to dry as I think about how awesome you two are and how you just exceeded all my dreams. I lay there thinking about how I am going to better serve you two especially for the remainder of the weekend so I am invited back again some weekend soon to continue my training as both of yours slave and can only imagine the things to come and wonder if I will be able to handle all you talked about earlier in the evening especially being your personal ass lickers, and drinking your piss in the morning, and what it is going to feel like to kneel down before each of you as you shit on the toilet and rest your feet on my bowed head and be forced to clean your assholes clean with toilet paper, I wonder how mistress is going to train me to lick her pussy, and if I am going to be able to take masters cock in my ass every thing, and I wonder if I will be able to take mistresses strap on and master cock in my ass and mouth at the same time, and how much you two just used me so far today, from hosing me down and cleaning me like an animal, to making me suck masters cock, and if you two were really serious that after about 5 or 6 weekend training sessions, how you two wish to make me serve some of your black married friends, and how I am going to handle my new life as a white slave to superior black race. 

Not less than five minutes after Master and Mistress leave me, I look up and see the an incredibly beautiful naked woman.   She looks at me, bends over, and attaches a leash to my collar.   As she pulls, she administers a 1 shock to the collar and says, lets go faggot.    I have a hard time getting up, she offers no help other than pulling on my leash and saying lets go faggot we have a lot to do before Master and Mistress wake up from their nap.    Then she grabs my arm and says, another fucking pathetic male faggot.   You wont even last a month.   And spits on my face.     She helps me out of the tub and says, whew, you smell like piss.   Follow me and keep your fucking white face shut or I kick you in the balls.   I start to walk and she says what the fuck are you doing?   Faggot white slaves crawl.   LOL, what did you think you are a person?  Lol.    I follow her, she has the most gorgeous tight ass.  She is way prettier than what I saw in the pictures.  I notice her right buttocks is branded with some insigna.   All she is wearing is a similar slave collar,  nipple rings.  I see no chastity device so I think she may let me service her pussy.   She is totally bald.  No hair any where.   I look up and notice a little tattoo on the back of her neck that states Owned Slave.   I really never got a good look at the front of her.     She pulls me very hard and shocks my neck collar and says, lets move faggot, we have a lot to prepare before Master and Mistress come down stairs.   And dont give me any back talk or delays while I wash you and prepare you for your inspection.   The last white bitch that was here was so fucking slow and I got whipped because we did not finish because of his delays.  Needless to say, I paid that white motherfucker back the next day 20 fold when I beat his testicles so hard while he was in the stockade, that they had to remove one of his testacles.   So dont fuck with me, I will hurt you.  If you are nice and we get done in time with out any problems I may be nice and give you some tips on helping you survive to see your next bd. 

She opens this big metal door and says, welcome to your new home for the next year or until you are sold or are killed.   Lol.   Master and Mistress just cant seem to keep a white male around very long.   I guess being a white male and at the botmike of the totem pole is set up for lots of abuse.   With that, she pulls me in and says, first you need that stick washed off.      The door clangs loud as it closes and locks behind us.     She puts over to the corner where there is a drain and hose.  She throws me a bar a soap and turns on the hose and squirts me down telling me to wash my asshole and genitals etc.   There is an old toothbrush on a string on the wall and she tells me to brush my teeth as she roughly rubs the bar of soap on my teeth.   

We are done quickly.   She says very good, that was quick and I appreciate you not saying a word.   If you wish you to talk or ask questions go ahead, you seem nice.    But dont say anything until I get you restrained for this next step.    She says, I am going to take your hand cuffs off and all your restraints, I hope you are not stupid and try to escape or hit me, if you do, I will tell you right now, that you will sadistically tortured for the next three days until you die.  And I am not fucking around.   She unhooks the cuffs, hands me a key and says take off your ankle shackles, wrist and ankle restraints.   Hurry faggot.    We do not have all day.    I do as she says.   She says excellant.   With that she pulls the leash so I am in the middle of this x mark on the floor.   She states, heel.  As she walks over to the nearest wall and grabs a remote control.   She comes back to me as she presses some buttons lowering three very intimidating steel rings attached to thick heavy chains hanging from the ceiling.     The rings are all attached by a menanacing U shape steel bar.     She grabs my collar, unhooks the leash and puts locks the middle steel ring around my neck.   It is extremely heavy and uncomfortable, then she grabs my right hand and says, lets go faggot you know what is next so work with me and make this easy or I will hurt you.    As she shocks my collar again, causing me to jerk back causing tremendous pain from the heavy metal ring.   I put my arms up and she locks each wrist, forearm, and elbow into the other two rings.    My arms are stretched out but bent up at the elbow.  I dare not move.   Then she presses another button and it slowly raises the bar, thus pulling my wrists and neck upward, with my wrists being pulled up higher than the neck ring as she stops the neck ring as it is gently pulling on the botmike of my chin under my neck and up by my ears.   It is extremely uncomfortable.   She then presses another button and two heavy chains fall from the ceiling at my feet.    They are long and have many padlocks attached as well as rings for my ankles, and upper knees.   She places the rings around my ankles, then attaches a leather loop around the top of my knees with a big d loop attached and pulls the chain up from ankles through the loop and attaches each one to each of the d loops at the botmike the bar next to my elbows.  She pulls each chain as tight as possible and locks them together about a foot above my head to a chain hanging from the ceiling.  She presses a button and that chain raises, thus tightening all the chains.    She then attaches a spreader bar to my ankles.   I can not move a muscle in any direction.  I am completely bound.   

She then tells me I may speak freely with her now.    The first thing I say is to tell her how pretty she is.  She laughs at me and says, you are way to calm, obviously, Master and Mistress  did not tell you what is going.   And shakes her head in dismay and says, you sure are in for a surprise.   And I ask what she means.    And she asks me how long I am staying.   I say my flight leaves Sunday night.   And she says, well, your flight may leave, but you are not going anywhere.   And I say, what do you mean.  And she says, I am not sure I am suppose to tell you or if Master and Mistress want to tell you.   I never informed a slave before, usually they do before they summons me to fetch the slave from its initial introduction.    But you were not up there very long so maybe they are trying something new.   I say please tell me what you mean, please.    She says, I cant, I dont want to get in trouble.   I tell I will not tell.   And she says, are you saying that if Master asks you if I told you would you lie to him?   I respond, no I can not lie.   And she said good, lying is grounds for some of the harshest punishment you will experience or see.   I respond, I do not want to be punished any more, they already beat the shit out of me several times, way beyond my limits. 

She says, faggot, you are pretty bruised up but you have not seen anything yet.  And never ever mention your limits.   You are an owned slave now, you have no limits, only what Master and Mistress say.   And as for that matter, you have no rights or say in anything at all.    I will give you a tip and that is never to think for your self or give any opinions or anything like that at all, just immediately respond to what you are instructed, dont think or hesitate, just do it.    Slaves do not think, they do, especially a newbie in training like you.   The black superiors will think for you and tell you what to do.     Did they give you the list of rules and positions to learn?    No, Maam they did not.   She says hold on Master and Mistress are calling, keep quiet.   

This is cunt, how may this lowly spic mix cunt be at its superior black owners service?     All I hear is her voice.   She states, Yes Master, cunt washed faggot and just got him restrained and was just about to begin the shaving.     Thank you Master.    Yes Master, cunt let faggot begin talking about 2 minutes ago.    Yes Master faggot has been very cooperative.    Yes Master.    Yes Master.   She walks away and I can not hear her.      But later learned she said, Master, per your instructions, cunt will turn on the video and sound monitors and cunt will inform faggot of what is going on and answer faggots questions.   Thank you Master for the extra 20 minutes to prepare and for letting cunt know you will call before cunts superior black Master and Mistress enter the dungeon for faggots next lesson.      She then walks over near me and says, Yes Master, cunt apologizes, cunt will call this new slave by its given slave name of cocksucker.     Thank you Master, this cunt whore exists only because you allow this lowly worthless spic cunt whore to exist.   

With that, she states, okay cocksucker.  I guess I was calling you the wrong name.   Any way, our superior black owners told me to answer any questions you may have as I shave you and prepare you for your cage.  

Shave?   I say.   She laughs and says, yes, all you white pathetic males freak out over this.   Just relax, you are going to be shaved regardless so just relax, this is one of the least intrusive things you will endure.     I say, yes Maam.    With that, I hear the roar of shaving shears and feel her grab my head and begin to shave my head.    She said, all slaves, regardless of status are to be kept completely shaved at all times.   If you survive and stick around, we probably will end up as shaving buddies, shaving each other every day.   Being here by myself for the last two weeks was hell, I got whipped every day for at least one hair I missed.   So it will be nice to have a shaving buddy.  And just to let you know, when paired like that, the slave who misses the hair on the other slave is the one punished.  

I asked her if she is permitted to now answer what she meant by me not going home.   She stated.  Hmm, I never got to see a persons reaction when told this for the first time, I have got to see this.   We dont have much time to waste, but Master gave us 20 extra minutes.    She walks in front of me and looks me in the eye and says you really think you are just hear for a weekend and you can go home.   I say yes that is what I was told and planned.   She rubbed the back of her gently on my chest and down my smikeach and said, cocksucker, you are never going home.  This is your new home.   You have been kidnapped.   I guarantee you right now that there are at least 2 black superiors with some slaves where you live right now and they are removing your computer and anything else that will direct any one to where you are.     By mikeorrow, you will no longer exist to the outside world.     I start to say, no way, people know where I am.  She says, how, who?   I seriously doubt you told any one you were going to california to meet and serve as a slave to a dominant black couple.    I start to panic, warm rushes wave threw me.   She says, it is okay to panic and be scared right now cocksucker.   I love watching you squirm as you learn your fate.   Master and Mistress are so nice to me to let me experience this.    The phone they called you on is untraceable, they gave you false names, the plane ticket was purchased is the only traceable way to find you and that is covered as one of the black owners owns the airline and your name has already be deleted from any records and replaced with another.   They cover all bases.  They hooked and captured you so fast you did not have time to let people know.  

We only have about 25 minutes to finish you up, and I need to get you completely shaved and put your chastity device on and place your permanent slave restraints on you before I lock you in your cage, which is now where you will live for the next six months.     Lol, this is making me hot to be able to do this to a white male.     Maybe Master and Mistress will permit me to assist in training and punishing you as my slave too.   Wow.  I hope so.      

If you do not have any questions, I will just tell you some things.   I have never talked to a white male slave like this before, I kind of like you a little, well as much as one could considering you are blue eyed, white, and male.    Lol, around here, that is the lowest form of life.     I will help you out right now, just be still as I shave you and I will talk.    At the top of the ladder are black dominants, both male and female.   Every one else is a slave.   There is a huge, powerful, well funded, very close and tight nit network of some extremely powerful, wealthy, famous Superior black Dominants, some of which you will recognize and serve if you survive the initial year.   

All blacks are dominant.  There are no submissive blacks at all.   They own slaves from just about every race.     Whites are the lowest form of slave and are usually treated the worst and given the harshest duties and things.    Life for a white slave is not easy.     Next lowest are asians, then hispanics, then muslim type looking slaves.    Although there are very few of them.     At the last yearly convention, there were 98 black dominants living the US, Europe, and Africa.   The slave count at that convention was well over 700 but that changes daily with new captures, executions, and just recently the birth of two new white slaves, who will be raised as slaves and only know one life and that is of a slave.    Women of each slave race are always superior to their male counterparts.     I am sure you will get the slave packet.   It is a box full of documents for you to read, learn, and be tested on.    You will not leave this dungeon breathing if you fail to pass all testing by six months.   It is the reason most slaves are executed.  

Okay, baldy, lol.   I need to do all of you, so we need to hurry.   As she shaves my arms, legs.  And when she gets to my genitals, she states, your cock is hard.   If I was black female dominant, your cock would be so punished right now.   Do not ever do that in front of a black female.   All blacks find that to be extremely disrepectful.   They will tell you that we are here for their pleasure not the other way around.   Like we really need to be reminded of that considering a slave spends so much time orally servicing blacks one way or another.    But it doesnt matter, when I finish your shaving, I am going to attach a chastity device which prevents your cock from getting hard or from being seen.    Be thank ful for that, as it is one of the few places, if not the only part of you, that will not be beaten, abused and tortured.    The blacks training motto is strictly adhered to in that they firmly believe the only way to train a slave to serve is through massive amounts of pain, humiliation and degradation.   It is usually very sadistic.   You will be conditioned to fear all blacks at all times.   You first thought every time one is around is of fear then of wanting to only obey no matter what they ask.    They do not care about slaves at all, we are all dispensible, if they are too rough and you die, they do not care, they just get another one.  

I heard one time that the goal is for them to have a total 150 black dominants with over 25 billion dollars in endowments with 3000 slaves.     Some of the dominants you meet have been born with dominant parents and they only know this lifestyle.   There are three of them, and trust me, you do not want anything to do with them.   There is one male and two females.   I have seen the male several times and each time, he always has four white big titted blonde bitches leashed next to him.  They are always different, he treats them as bad as a slave can be treated.    They live in constant fear.   

Okay, I am finished, all I need to shave is your anus area.    Wow, your ass is really welted, what happened?   I was resisted giving Master oral and they beat me until I could not take it any longer and forced me to beg like a little fucking worthless white cocksucking faggot, I start to cry, it was the scariest thing in the world.   I screamed the safe word but they ignored me and I even begged  and opened my mouth and they just would not stop.   I start to sob, and I say, I am scared.    Thank you for being nice to me. 

She says, it is okay, it may not last long though.  Okay.  So dont get used to it.   I may be commanded to abuse you or whatever, so I am only being nice now cause I can.   But it will probably change.      I say, they said, she interrupts, do not ever refer to Master and Mistress as they or he or she, They are your superior black owners, and never ever address or refer to them as anything less than Master or Mistress, the longer the title you start to use the better off.   You are being watched right now.   You will always be on video and audio for them to view or review anytime.   You will learn to always be respectful, submissive, and fearful of our owners.   Once you make through the initial six months, if you do, you probably have a great chance to make it to a year, if they do not sell you.  Then after that, you will be given some privileges.    Which can be taken away or restricted anytime.     Master and Mistress are extremely sadistic, cruel, and hate white people very much, but from I have seen the last four years since passing the one year mark, Master and Mistress really do sincerely wish to train and keep a white male slave, especially a blue eyed young college piece of shit like you.    

Okay, I am going to unchain you.   Do not try anything stupid.   You will totally regret it.    You must learn to make things easy on yourself and just comply and submit to everything, because it does not matter what you want or think, if Master and Mistress or any black dominant instructs you to do something no matter how repulsive or disgusting you may think it is or protest or resist or dont want to do it, it does not matter,  one way or the other you will end up doing it.   So it is best to make it as easy as possible.        Like if Master tells you to suck his balls for five hours while he watches a foot ball game, just do it.    I know they love to capture heterosexuals and force them to become bi and gay.    It is just one of things all of the black dominants like.   So the more you resist, the more you be required to perform.      I have orally serviced over 60 of the blacks dominants.   Both male and female.   My tongue has licked over 60 black assholes, many black cocks, and many black pussys.     You will be trained to learn that the blacks feel that the best use and best way for a slave to show its place and a slaves greatest privilege and duty is to be used to service orally.     If you are not sucking cock, licking assholes, eating pussy, then you will be sucking toes, licking nipples, or whatever you are told too.    So when Master comes down here in a few minutes, pulls you out of the cage, locks you in those stockades over there and ask you what you can do for him.   Please immediately respond and say, this pathetic white cocksucker male faggot whore humbly offers cocksuckers asshole for Masters beautiful big black cock to fuck and use for the first time as Masters personal male pussy hole.      If you say that, he will be happy and not beat you more than you already will be beaten later tonight.    You have an extremely hard six months to a year coming up, I hope you make it.   You are the first male slave brought here I ever could talk too.   How many have there been.   At least 20.  In how long? 4 years.   Where did they go.   Executed.   I told you this is very serious, this is not a game at all.   Okay, bend over I need to shave all your anus hair.    How does the chastity feel.  You will get used to it.   Look how they have me chastised.   She shows me her vagina which has five rings in each labia attached with a padlock each.     My clit is even pierced.       

Okay, we have about five minutes and this may be our last chance to ever talk.  I hope I did not frighten you too much, but you I tried to tell you things you will need to know as you begin your new life.   What can I expect to happen in the next week.    Excellent question.  Getting that first week behind you is very important.     You can expect to be fully into your slave rules and protocol and positions studies.   Never slack on that.   You will probably be branded, tattooed at least once probably more, be required submissively offer without force or restraints your body mind and soul for extreme torture, pain, humiliation and degradation.  You will probably be required to give oral to at least five other black dominant males and mistress, both on their genitals and anus.   You will definitely be required to be able to drink either Master or Mistress urine straight from their source without spilling a drop.      You will have your cock pierced in several places, your testacles, nose for a leash it is very humiliating, your nipples and whatever else our owners decide.  You will begin to understand that you are nothing, have no rights, no say, as you will constantly be reminded of such and be treated at best as a sub human.    Right now you are just animal.   You have to earn the right to be treated even sub human, if you ever desire to achieve lowly slave status.   All blacks will look at you and treat you with disgust, distain, and hatred.    It is a rule that a slave must be completely broken in every way before you will even be considered for sub human status.   Your will, will be taken, and you will be built back up with the will and dedication and willingness and eagerness to serve and obey as a lowly pathetic worthless slave or you will simply be executed and replaced.    You will not be given too many chances to fuc, buzz.    Hurry, get in the cage.   Hurry.      Stay on all fours with your face to the floor and do not move or make a sound until instructed.   Good luck, I hope you do well.     Talk to you again, if we are permitted.       Be humble.   Show no signs of self thought.   

I need to assume my position.     

The steel doors open wide.   It is Master and another very large black male who has a very large black german shepard dog leashed next to him.    I immediately put my head back down.   Master, yells, cunt, you fucking whore, I told you to have cocksucker in position and here I walk in and he is looking over this way, I told you I wanted his fucking pathetic piece of shit face in the floor.   Explain.      I feel so bad I just got her in trouble after how nice she has been to me.    With that, I foolishly speak up and say, Superior Black Owner, she did tell me to assume that position and made sure I was in that position when she, “shout the fuck up”   Who the fuck told cocksucker to speak”   With that the dog is released and races right towards my cage and visciously barks and growls as it paws at the cage trying to get in.      Master walks over and says, I asked you a question you worthless dog.    I go to answer and with that, I feel a huge shock to my collar as Master states, shut the fuck up, dogs dont speak.    Unless it is a bark.    And right now you are nothing more than a dog.        

I watched the whole video and cunt was so nice to you and this is how you show your gratitude by moving your head with out permission and looking at a black superior with out permission.     I know you have not been given your rules, but damn, you have to smarter than that, especially considering the extensive training Mistress and I already gave you.        Bitch dog, do you see that fucking cunt over there who was so nice to you.     For now on, bark once for yes and twice for no.  Rough.    That cunt hole slave, listen up cunt, has been given one of the greatest privileges and status a slave could ever hope to achieve, especially one that is part of the lowest white race.   Cunt, stand and run over next to your Master as fast as you can.    Cunt does this.   

Cunt, you do know you will need to be severely punished for this dog moving its head and looking at a black superior with out permission.      Yes Master.     Cunt begins to tremble.     7 cunt.    Cunt assumes the dog position.     Master says, fuck hole piece of shit dog, look over at cunt now.   I do as instructed.   Do you see Cunt trembling in fear.    Rough.      Do you think it is fair Cunt is about to be severely punished and is trembling in fear for something you did?      Rough, rough.     Well, as Master looks at his friend, Master Derrick, seems like a shame to punish just the cunt when she tried her best to do every thing right.   Dont you think.   Sure does Master Mike.    Maybe we should punish both of these lowly creatures.       Or, maybe we should assign your cunts punishment to your dog.      Yes, I like that idea.    What do you think of that idea cunt?    Master your cunt whore likes that idea.   

Cunt, are you not curious to what status you have been given?   Yes Master.     Then why do you not ask.    Master, it is not the place of a slave cunt to inquire, cunts only purpose is to obey and serve cunts Black owners.      Master derrick states, wow, you sure do have this cunt trained well.   Master states, yes, she is an excellent slave.     That is why she is my favorite piece of property slave I ever owned.   As he pets her head.    Cunt you have been granted the privilege of assisting in training this new white cocksucking dog.     If it ever gets to the point where it is permitted speech, it will address you as its slave trainer.    You are only the third slave ever to be granted this status by the Supreme Counsel.    It is a huge responsibility.   Are you up to it slave trainer?   Yes Master.     All eyes will be on you.   The first two failed and if you fail the program will be discontinued.   Your life depends on this as well.    I have no control over it.   If you fail, you will be executed, along with this white dog.     Your duties and role in this home are hereby now changed.    You will be permitted to wear a skirt.   You will be given a room.   You will be primarily responsible for this dogs training and progress.   You will be administering 50 percent of the punishment, humiliation and degradation.     You will even be permitted to determine what punishment, humiliation, and degradation will be administered.    Mistress and I will continue to have all say in training.      Your slave trainer status is temporary, if this slave makes it pass year one and you pass, then you will immediately be reinstated back to slave cunt status and any and all privileges given to a slave trainer will be taken away as well.        Master Derrick is here to prepare you and advise of you of your temporary privileges and duties.     I do know Mistress wants you to report to her bedroom at 10pm tonight as she wants to be the one to remove your labia rings.   As a slave trainer, you are now permitted to masturbate or rub yourself to orgasm any time you please, even if you want to rub on this pathetic white cocksucking dog who is about to receive the harshest punishment it has received so far. 

So, our new little slave trainer, what do you think we should do with this dog.    It is your decision, we may as well start now.    With that, Master Derrick hands her a skirt and leash to the german shepherd and says, my little boy here has not gotten laid in a month.    When I walked in, I was hoping to have him relieve himself on you, but now you are no longer a lowly cunt slave, that only leaves one other option.      I panic.        Master states, well, training a slave takes decisive quick decisions.      What is it.     And please dont disappoint us with something different than what we all are thinking.   I would really hate to have to punish you for making the wrong first slave trainer slave decision.    Remember, what is rule we train our slave by.    She says, black owners train slaves through punishment, humiliation, degradation.      And what emotion do we wish to achieve through such sadistic training.     Fear.  All slave must fear its owners.      Excellent.      Well, since, there are three humans in here, two of which are superior, and two dogs.      And since this cocksucking white piece of shit already enjoyed sucking a real mans cock today, what a better way to begin its first day of its life as a cocksucking whore than by sucking bucks cock as well.    For a cocksucker, any cock should do.     I really do not see any option for this cocksucking white dog to learn when told to keep its head down, that we mean it.       

If we instruct this white dog to suck on bucks cock and then offer its ass for a nice german shepherd humping, do you think it will comply willingly with out force, and will it learn its lesson.     Can you demonstrate your ability to enforce such humiliation.      Yes Master.  

If you can not, what do you think should be done with you?     Maybe Master will let his cunt lick Masters Asshole?    Lol, you are so sweet.  

Okay, so what is it, I have some things to tend too.    Slave trainer states, Master, this white dog punishment will be to suck off buck, however, since our new white dog has not been used anally, I think it is best to save that for Masters big beautiful cock to take its virginity.       Very good idea.

What is the lesson we are teaching this white dog by humiliating this way.    Master, may we please grant this pathetic piece of worthless shit blue eyed male limited speech privilege to answer that question.    That way we can see if slave is paying attention and is really committed to learn the ways of its new life.     Excellent.    You are making me hot.  Maybe I will fuck your cunt tonight while you lick Mistresses clit.    Thank you Master.   I said maybe, dont get your little snatch all excited.    Yes Master your toy was just thanking master for the thought.    Are you correcting me?    No Master, never.     Are you sure.   Yes Master.   Dont get cocky now, you are still lower than any black, remember that, or you could end up very easily in Master Derricks dungeon tied over a horse with buck here fucking your little spic ass.   Got if you fucking bitch.   Yes Master.    Now kiss my foot.  

Okay, lets go.   I want this white dog punished now.   Lets go.     With that slave trainer walks over to my cage and opens it.     She attaches a leash to my collar and states remember what I told you before, it is best to just comply and submit, there is nothing you can do about what is about to happen.  So just make it easy on your self and do everything we say, otherwise you will just be beaten until you are forced to beg for it.   Make it easy on your self.   This is your new life.   Accept it.   I start to cry.    Master Mike states, what a fucking pussy, this is like the fifth time I have seen this bitch cry today.     Master derrick says, I hate cry babys.     I guess it has not heard what we do with cry babys to cure them of such pathetic behavior.   And Master states, well, he has not even been given the slave rules or protocol for a slaves life box yet.  We will give it a month, if it is still a cry baby, then we will take it to the station and have broken from that habit.

But for now, does white cocksucker understand what lesson is being taught.    Yes Master Sir, your cocksucking pussy bitch slave believes being made to suck a bucks cock, I start to shake, is two fold in that this cocksucking pussy bitch slave must adhere to all orders until told otherwise and is never ever to think for itself.        Hmmm, continue, you fucking white bastard, what does thinking and slave have to do with each other.     Most magnificent powerful wonderful Master Sir with the most beautiful big thick black cock that this cocksucker worships and craves believes it is the superior black owners, well one of their goals, to train all slaves that slaves do not think for them selves, slaves do as told, black owners think for their slaves, a slaves duty and place is to obey, submit and comply, a slave should never think.    Excellent.    Wow, that was hot.   Did you learn that today or did you know that from before.    Master sir, the wonderful pretty slave trainer taught this pathetic white slave that while preparing this stupid white cocksucking slave for Masters next lesson.       Excellent.      Hmm.       With that, Master reaches in the cage, grabs my collar and says, come.   I do as he says.        I am on all fours outside the cage.     Crawl over to that stockade and you secure it in there.    This bitch just made me so horny right now with its willingness and desire and ability to show its place.   Nothing makes me hotter than a white male who understands his true place and exhibits such even before formal training takes place.    Dont you agree Master Derrick.

Yes, very much.   It made me hot too.    Well, well.    With that, slave trainer secures me tightly in the stockade and whispers in my ear to remember what she told me before.   Master sees her whisper in my ear.   Master yells, you fucking hole, what are you whispering to that bitch behind superior blacks backs.     With that, slave trainer drops down completely face down on the ground and states, Master Sir, please Master, your cunt would never disrespect its owner or any other black by doing such a thing and most certainly would never put a piece of shit blue eyed white cocksucking faggot before its owner or any other black ever Master.    Your cunt was simply enforcing prior training and told this white piece of shit to remember what I told it while preparing it for your next lesson.

On your knees cunt.   Master slaps her very hard in the face.   She is knocked to the floor.   I said on your knees you fucking cunt, now.   She hurries back in position.    What did you tell this bitch.  Master sir, you cunt told this white cocksucker to fully comply and if Master asks it what a piece of shit white pussy could do for a superior Master, I told it to humbly and immediately address you with much respect and offer its virgin white ass for Masters beautiful big black cock to take. 

Okay cunt.   Get my cock ready.    Pull my zipper down with your mouth and get busy sucking while I think what to do.

Master derrick walks over and says.   Wow, you have a chance to end up with two awesome slaves.   Where did you find this white male.   True submissives are so hard to find, especially one who understands its place so fast.   Master states, yes, it has potential.       With that, Master states, okay you hairless bald white motherfucker what do you have to offer me.     Beautiful strong superior than me always Black Owner, this worthless not even worthy to lick your ass or drink your piss white male slave only true desire is to serve and please and obey its black owner and humbly begs its Owner to use his white bitches tight virgin asshole as a fuckhole and cum receptacle for Masters pleasure.     What about Master Derrick.      Master Sir, this white slave has been previously broken and trained as a cocksucking faggot whore who craves superior black cocks and humbly begs Master to instruct its white cocksucking faggot to submissively open its suck hole and eagerly lick and suck Masters Derrick superior black cock to the best of this pathetic white males ability all the while offering its tight white little asshole for Masters Big powerful black cock and to be trained to properly serve in its true position in life as a whore for black cock in both its white fuck and cum holes.

Excellent.   With that, Master Derrick walks over to my face while Master walks up to my ass.

Master Derrick states, I want to you beg for the privilege to be double fucked by black cock.   Please you superior black dominant males, please give this not worthy white male bitch the greatest pleasure a blue eyed owned white male slave could ever possibly be given and that is the privilege to service to superior beautiful black dominants cocks at the same time and especially for the privilege to have its anal virginity taken by its true owner who this white male only purpose in life is to obey and please.     Please fuck this cock whore like the fucking white bitch it is and show this white male why blacks are superior whose cocks are to be worshipped.       Master states, cunt get over here and lube up my cock for this tight little ass.   I feel Master grab my hips with his strong hands, as he rubs his black cock on my white anus, while Master Derrick is rubbing his pants crotch on my face, I can feel it getting hard.    Master Derrick pulls out his black cock, it is not as thick as Masters 10 inch barrel cock, but it is just as long, probably 9.5 inches.     Master Derrick, grabs my face as he rubs his cock on my face and says, you motherfucker you better not bite down on my cock, I will severely hurt you.   Do you understand cocksucker.     Yes Master Sir.     Well then stick out your tongue you fucking faggot with that, I feel Master grab my hips harder as he tries to insert his overly thick cock in my tight little ass.   Master says, damn this ass is tight, I am not sure I can get it in.   With that, cunt crawls over and asks Master if she may assist and be permitted to watch Masters Big black cock enter, take and fuck this lily white virgin male ass.   Master states, go at it cunt.    Cunt grabs Masters cock and puts it on my anus and then begins to lick my anus Masters cock head and asks Master to please gently start to try to enter then pull back and continue until we get it in.    All the while she uses her tongue then finger and so on, Master states, very good cunt, it is starting to open up.

I can feel Masters huge cock on my anus and starting to open my anus.   Masters cock is too big and is stretching my anus too much that is hurting terribly I can not concentrate on Master derricks cock in my mouth and I begin to panic that I am not ready for a double cock fuck and that I may mess up.   I know I must please and service otherwise they will get pissed if I fuck up and I will be beaten and who knows what else.   As I look to the side and see buck there.    I dont want to suck dog cock or have my ass used for a dog, ever.   Please.    So, I think of buck and I start to move my hips to help master enter, all the while I try my best to open my throat as Master Derrick is just using my mouth throat as fuck hole as he violently thrust his cock all the way in each thrust until his balls slam against my chin and pulls all the way out all the while telling me how does it feel being trained to be nothing but a fucking black cock whore, laughing at me saying, what a good little cocksucking faggot I am.    Suck it bitch.    Then I feel Masters cock start to go in further, I can not attack the invasion in my ass, and I let out a huge scream and move my head away from Master Derricks cock and scream please My reason for living Master, please, your slaves ass is too tight, please, go slow, please, this is too much, please take me slowly, I am not ready for two cocks at the same time, with that, Master states, that is you fucking white whore, open your ass for masters cock you pathetic whore and shut your fucking mouth and suck Derricks black cock or after I cum in you, I will chain you by your feet upside down and whip you raw while Master Derrick fucks your little face cock hole.      I comply.   Master derrick states, I want an apologize and hear you beg for the privilege to suck my cock.   I say Master Derrick sir, this cocksucker is so sorry Master Sir, it is trying its best, please Master please use this white mouth as a fuck hole for your beautiful black cock and please let this bitch show you its gratitude by filling this white slaves mouth with your cum, please Master.   Master starts pounding my ass, it is viscious, he is yelling at me, telling me I am his fucking fuck toy nothing but a cum receptacle they start to both work together, one thrusting forward as the other pulls back, Master tells cunt to get a quirt and whip my back and tell me to take it, service your black dominant cocks you fucking white pussy with a puny useless white cock.      Master says how does it feel to have a real cock in your ass and mouth you fucking white pussy.    Take it whore.     As cunt starts to really beat me hard.   Then Master Derrick deep throats me and holds it in as I feel his cock start to pulsate and then he begins to cum, telling me I better swallow it all, as he holds his cock in front of my mouth, he bitch slaps my face with his wet hard black cock and says stick out your tongue, I am not done feeding you, with that he actually starts to cum again, and milks his cock on my tongue telling to swallow his cum like all little pussy white bitches should.     Master is fucking me really hard now, as Derrick tells me to open my mouth and hold his cock in there until Master cums in my ass.        Master states, I want to hear this bitch scream and beg for his owners cock.   Master derrick pulls his cock out and I start to ramble like a cum filled crazed cock whore, saying please my superior Master, please fuck your slaves white ass with your big black cock, oh thank you Master Sir, thank you Master for showing this bitch and teaching this its true place in life as a cock hole and cum hole for black cock and cum.   Then Mistress walks in the door, with two extremely hot white females slaves crawling just on their knees as their hands are tied behind their backs as she pulls on their collars, looking frustrated as she states outloud, damn this fucking cunts are not even leashed trained yet.         I see you boys are having fun.      With that Mistress states, cunt, put  these white not even trained white whores in the two small cages at the end.   With that, cunt runs over and Mistress grabs her skirt and pulls it off and say what the fuck are you doing wearing clothing, you never cover my cunt.     And slaps cunt hard.     Cunt says, Mistress with all due respect, your cunt slave was recently given slave trainer status today and was given this skirt as a privilege by the Counsel from Master Derrick.     Mistress, states, hmmm, I thought that was not until mikeorrow.     I guess I was too busy with all these new white slaves.    Well then, looks like you have three to feed and tend to now.    As Mistress walks over to my face, she laughsand says, well this little faggot sure has had a busy day and laughs.       Master is grunting and fucking me like a bull.    I keep begging Master to fuck me like the whore I am, to fuck his ass, thank you Master for training your cocksucker not only to suck black cock but to take it in the ass the way all whites should be used by their black superior owners.      Master rams it in as far as it will go, his big balls slapping my ass on each thrust, I can feel Master starting to cum, he fucks faster as he starts to cum, and I beg My Owner to please fill Masters slaves ass with Masters cum, yes Master, please use this white bitches ass as your cum depository.     Master is finished, as he pulls his cock out, I feel so submissive and used.

Master walks in front of me, puts his cock in my face.   Then Mistress stops and says, wait, and unlocks me from the stockade and pushes me down and says, show your proper place before your owners, to which I kneel down.   Mistress grabs my collar and says clean your owners cock with your fucking tongue you fucking white pig.   Clean your ass shit off your Masters Cock, lick all that cum.    You never let your masters cum go to waste.  Never.      With that, Mistress says, cunt, oh I mean, slave trainer, bring one of those white whores over here, now.    Cunt goes to the first cage opens it and pulls and drags one of the white girls to mistress pushing her to the floor on her face at Mistresses feet.      Mistress states, turn this whore on her back and put her under cocksuckers asshole.     Cunt complies.    Mistress then kicks the girl and tells her to lick and suck every drop of her Black Owners cum out of this pathetic white faggot.      And yells to all three of us slaves, Mine and Masters cum is never to go to waste, you fucking white sluts will always lick up and swallow any cum we deposit, no matter where.   

It is a privilege for any black to give a white their cum.    I eagerly lick Master clean.   When I done Mistress tells me what a good little bitch I am becoming.    Master states, honey, you missed what happened before.  I will go watch the tape with you, but this little white faggot did extremely well today.   Dont you think Derrick.   Definitely, I never saw a white bitch who understood its place so fast before.     Master says, I think cunt helped with that.    You like this white bitch dont you cunt.      Cunt responds, Yes Master.  Master states, we were teasing this bitch that we were going to make you two get married.      Mistress kicks the white girl on my ass and says, that is enough you fucking white whore, now squirm on your smikeach back to your cage like the pathetic fucking white piece of shit you are.     Fucking white girls.    They need so much attention.

Master states.   Wow, we have a full house.   Lol.   Mistress states, yeah with three and half white motherfuckers.   And Laughs.    Master states, well lets take a look at this new white whores.  

With that he tells cunt to lock me up in my cage.     And to fetch both white girls and chain them to the wall by the washing hose drain.    And adds, I am sure they need washed.      How did they come.   Mistress states, Hasty brought them over, but she had to go.   Master derrick says, Hasty was here?   Mistress states, yes why do you like her?    Yes, I do, very much, she very pretty and extremely good at training slaves.      She isnt married yet, why dont you ask her out.

I think she is only into her white slaves.    Yes, she is.  She has like 14 of them now.    Too many, that is why we purchased these whores from her.      I am locked back in my cage, sweaty, with the taste of cock and sperm in my mouth, and my asshole extremely sore from the fucking as well as the beating earlier.       I can see cunt as she fetches the whores and chains them to the wall.   They look petrified.    I think to my self, wow, I have only been here not even 12 hours and already I feel like a pro.     I start to panic a little as I realize that this is not for the weekend but is my new life.    I start to get a little depressed wondering if I can handle it and how did I let myself get caught like this.   I am an idiot.   Maybe I can escape someday.   Damn.   This cage sucks.      No food or water and only a little pale to pee and shit in, no toilet paper.     I am a fucking animal to these people.

With that, Master, Mistress and Derrick walk over to the two petrified girls chained to the wall by their collars, naked, on their knees with their hands cuffed behind their backs, both crying.     Mistress states, what the fuck you two crying about.   We have not even did anything to you yet.   They look scared.   Master goes to the wall, grabs a quirt and hits each one of them in the breast and states, when a black superior asks you a questions, especially your black owner, you fucking respond.     They both say, Yes Master.   Their voices are so sweet.      They look so young, they are very pretty.    Derrick asks if anything is known about them.   Mistress says that Hasty captured them yesterday when they came to her door asking for directions.   She invited them in and drugged them and through them in one of her cages.    After a few hours she decided she did not need any more slaves and called me to see if we wanted to purchase them.   Site unseen.   I trust Hasty, she said they were hot little bitches.  Young, hot, and trainable.    

Master looks them over.     Reads the bio info on them given from Hasty.    The first girl is 5"3" blonde hair, 109lbs, 17 years old senior in HS.    The other girl is her sister 19 years of age, 5'2"104lbs.   Both have 36c tits.   The younger one is a virgin.      The older one yells out, please let us go, please.  We did not nothing to you.  Please, our father has money he will pay you.     Master looks at Mistress and Mistress says, maybe this was a mistake.   They may be hard to tame and train.       Master looks at the girls and tells them to stop crying and be quiet.     They do.   As Master is so big and strong he is so intimidating.   I feel so bad for those girls.   So this is what happens to girls who disappear.    They have no idea what is in store for them.   I didnt know the extent, but at least I am submissive and knew a little, but these poor girls, so young, so cute, terrified beyond belief, snatched from thin air, and now are about to be treated like something out of the worst horror movie they could ever imagine.   

Master states, listen girls.  Okay, this is something different than we are used to.   If you stop talking and crying.   I will let you know what is going on.     Obviously you already know you stopped at the wrong house yesterday.   First off, are either of you two submissive?    The older one speaks up and says you mean like bdsm.   Master states, yes exactly.    The older girl states, no I am domme.   Mistress, starts to laugh and says, not any more whitey.   And laughs.   The younger one looks like she may go in shock.     Master says, okay, well at least you know what bdsm is about.     My name is Master Mike and this is my wife Mistress Keisha.    We are very dominant couple.   This is my friend Master Derrick.   Next to you is cunt, who has been our slave for five years and was recently this morning appointed to the highest level a slave can obtain and that is of slave trainer.  

Over in the cage is cocksucker, we just acquired him this morning.    He is as new as you two.   19 too.   Although his situation is a little different.   We met him online a few weeks back under the pretext that he would come to visit us.   He knew we are dominant and seek a slave.    He is naturally submissive and actually was actively looking for a dominant couple to train him.   And we were actively searching for a white male bitch slave to train.    What he did not know, and he just found out about an hour ago is that what he thought was only a weekend visit is in reality his new life.       Prior to this morning he was a little cocky thing who has is a virgin both with men and women and really was only looking to serve a woman part of the couple not both.   But what he learned this morning is that he will first be trained to suck cock and actually I think he already knows his place.     Master Derrick and I just got done double fucking him.  Me in his ass and derrick in his mouth.      He did very well.    Although this morning, he resisted and protested passionately when presented with my cock to suck.   But after some severe beatings and humiliation, we soon forced him to submit and comply and actually beg for my cock and to become our bitch who craves black cock.    Isnt that right, you fucking worthless piece of shit white cocksucking faggot.    Yes Master.      What are you?     Your white cocksucking obedient just want to please and obey my black owners white pussy bitch.     What are we?      You two are Master and Mistress, this white bitches black superior owners.

See, that is just only after a half a day.   Although he is a sub by nature.   It just needed to be brought out.    I actually think he may make it to one year.   Our first one in the last 18.  

Mistress interrupts and says.   Listen you white whores.   Here is the deal.    This is the real thing, this is not a game.   This is your new life, your old life does not exist, you are not going back.   Your only choices now are to obey us and be trained to serve us as our slaves, if not the other alternative is that you will simply be disposed of.     Master states, executed.      It is your choice.

Cocksucker has not received the rules or slave protocol box yet either, so all three of you will be trained to gether on the same time schedule.   Although he may be more advanced as far as knowing his place and understanding what a slave and owner is, you two will learn soon enough and catch up.    The younger one is starting to cry and tremble a lot. 

Master says, it is okay to be scared it is natural.   It is scarey what will happen to you two.  We believe, well first off, let me tell you what you are involved with.   You have been captured by members of the Blacks Rule Earth Society.   It is a very private, very well financed, network of I believe we are up to 104 members.  All are black dominants.    All have slaves.  Some white, some hispanic, some asian, only a few muslim types.      There are over 900 slaves in captivity right now.   You two will, well three, will be added to the list this week.       Some of the Black Dominants you will recognize as we have a couple celebrities and sport stars as well as entertainers and one political leader.   

Although we intend to stop adding new member when we reach 150, the slave stables will continue to grow.   Slaves are bountiful and we intend to stop only at 2500.    And since slaves are so easily obtainable, we dont have to and definitely do not take any crap from any of them, especially white ones like you two.    Whites are by and far the lowest form of race and therefore are usually treated and trained accordingly.     Personally, I hate white people.   Especially white males.       Therefore, if training is not working out, we simply execute the applicant and just wait for the next trainee to arrive.    There is an endless supply of slaves want to be out there.

Most of the black dominants are extremely sadistic in their training.     The networks believes and insists all slaves must be trained to serve, submit and obey with the use of very sadistic and cruel punishment, humiliation and degradation.       We train our slaves to fear us.    And you will find, if you make it past the first year, that the vast majority of slaves in the network utterly and completely fear their owners.     Isnt that right cunt.    Yes Master.    Mistress says, do you fear us cunt.    Yes Mistress, very much my gorgeous superior than me Black Owner.        Cocksucker do you fear us yet?     Yes very much My superior black owners.        We find that if the slave fears his owner, then when given an order the slave will not even think, just do it, for fear of being beaten or degraded beyond anything you two sweet girls ever thought of.

And even though, as cunt here can attest too, we are extremely sadistic, very harsh, demanding, strict, controlling, hate white people, and will put you through the most humiliating, degrading, painful things imaginable during your training, we are only doing it for your best interest, and no matter how low, disgusted, shameful, hurt, demeaned, humiliated, used, we only really truly desire slaves we love and will be part of our lives.    But you will find, if you accept it, that being a kept owned slave can be very rewarding.      If you pass, you will feel tremendous pride in knowing you endured and accomplished your status as a white slave to black owners.  

But it is not easy.  You will be stripped of everything, your pride, dignity, self worth and broken down and feel like the most pathetic worthless piece of shit animal.  Then, and only then, will the true training begin in which we will mold and train and develop you into the slaves whites are meant to be.     You be treated and kept and looked as sub human before you can even be a slave.  So you need to understand that.     Mistress and I have never accepted for slave training whores like you, all the potential slaves we accept for training are already submissive although most, like cocksucker over there, didnt realize what was in store for them when they contacted us. 

I know some black dominants who have kidnapped and undertook slave training of their victims to varied degrees of success.   One in particular I know, only takes on these kind of slaves.    You will meet him very soon as I will be having him visit, or may even sell you two to him.  Well that is it.     Cunt over there will fill you in on a lot and what is expected.     She will be assisting in your training.   So it will behoove you to show her as much respect as you will soon learn to show Mistress and I.

Cunt. prepare each of these whores for display.    Do the older one first.   Cage her as you do the younger one.   Then cage the younger one and bring the older one up to us when you are finished.   It is 8pm now.   I want her up there, slave training ready presentable by 10pm.

Your slave protocol boxes will be delivered mikeorrow.    Cocksucker, dont worry we will add an extra day for your testing.

With that, all three black dominants exit the dungeon.      And cunt immediately gets to work.   She walks over to the older girl, stands above her and asks her if she is going to cooperate or resist.   The girl says she will obey, but that she is terrified.    To which cunt says, sweetie, you havent even experienced anything yet.      Now listen, cause I am only going to say this once.   The next time I say it, it will be with a whip and severe beating.    I passionately and totally hate white girls, well white people in general, cocksucker is the first white person I ever met I liked.     All the other slaves, you two will make 21 now, that I have prepared and watch walk through that door only to end up failing and being executed were males.    You two are the first cunts to come here since me.     And even though I think I may like having a sister slave around, I am not sure it can ever overcome my extreme hatred and distain for white girls.      Why do you hate white girls so much.      Cunt picks up a quirt and strikes the younger girl across her smikeach with it, the girl yelps in pain, cunt strikes her again, this time on her thigh, the girl screams louder, I am sorry, cunt strikes her again, right across her breast, the girl is pulling frantically on the chains yelling please stop, the older girl yells out, stop it, what are you doing, she didnt anything, with that, cunt begins to strike the older girl then the younger alternating for at least 25 strikes on each girl.  Until both are sobbing and skin begins welt with red and purple lines.     Cunt hangs up the quirt.    And states, slaves never speak with out permission or being asked a question.     You two are nothing, do you understand.   No one cares what you think, what you want, or how you feel.    You are slaves, you do not think, you just do as you are told.    That is it.   Got it?   Answer me whores.   Yes.     For now on, you address me as your slave trainer.       Master and Mistress and any black dominants you must in the very least address as Master or Mistress.    

In walks three dominant blacks.  Two females and one Male.  Over the next hour they pierce, ring and mark the three new white slaves.

Are you two going to behave?    Yes slave trainer.   Good, because when you are told to do something, you must do it.    Especially if a black dominant gives you an order.  You do it.   You will end up doing eventually whether you want to or not, so like I told cocksucker over there, and I am not sure why I am helping you two white whores, but just do it.   You will find out, hopefully sooner than later, that you will do everything you are told to, either the easy or hard way, it is up to you.   I prefer the easy way of just submitting and complying, but others must resist and end being beaten or humiliated or degraded and demeaned until they ultimately end up being forced to beg and submit and comply to what they knew they would end up doing anyway.    Like cocksucker over there, resisted sucking masters cock this morning and was severely beaten until Master and Mistress forced cocksucker to beg to submit and comply.    Cocksucker then was presented with a much more degrading task about an hour ago by being fucked in the ass and mouth at the same time but did willingly and eagerly and was spared a beating.    That little faggot was even going to suck a dogs cock to avoid being beaten.  What a fucking pussy.  Lol

Now for you little whores.   Master and Mistress will name you tonight, but for now I am going to refer to you as white whore bitch 1 and white whore bitch 2.      I really hope you make this easy on all of us.   Just to let you know, master and mistress video and audio tape this dungeon 24 hours a day.   You do not want either of them to feel they need to come down here to restore order.    If they do, the first time you will probably chained naked upside down by your ankles and beaten until you pass out.   

First things first.    This dungeon is your home for the next year, at the very minimum.   Those cages are your home for the first six months.     You will be caged at all times not in use.   You will be washed daily in the exact manner in which I am going to wash you both right now.   Your cages have a small bucket where you will pee and shit.   No toilet paper for slaves.  No blankets or pillows either.   Anything you get is a privilege, privileges must be earned.  You have no rights.   Right now, you are nothing more than an animal, and you will be treated and act like one until told otherwise.   That means no speaking, animals do not talk.    If I hear either one of you talk one word, you both will have your pinky fingers bent back until it snaps.  

You both are now dogs.    If you want to be treated like a sub human or even a slave someday, then show respect and obey.  Otherwise, you will be treated like you act.      Got that you white puppy dogs.      LOL.     The only sound out of those mouths is to answer yes or no.   Bark once for yes and twice for no.     Got is you little white whores who have no idea what is in store for them.  LOL.     Well?  Bark bitches?    Rough.       Lol, very good, see obeying is not so hard.    Better than being a whipping post.  

Okay, now for your daily bath.     White whore 2 you are first.   Dont fuck with me or I will hurt you.    First, though, you need to be restrained in our special collars which for some reason, you will find out soon, just seem to make slaves much more compliant.   LOL, isnt that right cocksucker.   Yes Slave Trainer.   

Cunt walks over to the older girl.   And locks the collar in place.   And says to her, you sure are pretty, you must have had a lot of bfs.      ?   I asked you a question you fucking white whore, you have two seconds to answer or you will feel pain.   She panics, and in time barks.   Very good.    Now for you, our little 17 virgin.   LOL, wow, you sure are a cutie, so sweet looking.     The black dominants are going to love watching black cocks sliding in and out of that little lily white mouth.  Lol.   She cringes.   Dont worry, you will be trained to love and crave black cock, it will become your life.     We are all trained for oral service.   On both male and female black dominants.   Anywhere they want.   You will lick assholes, cocks, balls, vaginas, tits, feet, underarms, every thing.   

I wanted to hate you two so much, but I really feel sorry for you.   At least I was sub and came here.   I had no idea I was going to be kept forever, but you two, you two have no idea. 

Okay, I am going to unchain you from the wall, you will remain on all fours at all times,   your cuffs will be chained in the front and leg irons kept on.   If you try to escape, hesitant in obeying at all, or try to hit me, you will be quickly put in your place.     Then I will chain you back up and beat you until you pass out.   Got it whore.   Rough.   Very good, now be a good example for your little sister, she doesnt need to watch you being beaten knowing she is next.     I am sure that is what your assholes will be used for tonight with Master and Mistress.    

Now crawl to the center where there is an x.   Great.    Here is a bar of soap.   Now accept this, I know it is humiliating but it is how all slaves are washed.    I did it for two years, I know it sucks.    With that Mistress enters the dungeon.   She is carrying a long thin cane.    She walks over to cunt and says, grab your ankles, and then proceeds to cane her 22 times as cunt crys tears.   Mistress grabs her by the hair and pulls her to the stocks and puts her in them.   She spits in her face and yells, you fucking idiot, you never train a slave by telling them something sucks.   Who the fuck do you think you are.    Being washed is a privilege.   We dont have to bathe you.   You think being bathe sucks, good, then after you spend the next 24 hours in the stocks I am throwing your little spic slave ass in the smallest cage we have, and I am going to piss on you and leave you in there for the next 30 days.    We will see how much you think being washed sucks then.   You fucking cunt.   Five years, you should know not to take things for granted.    I was against giving you slave training status from the beginning.   No slave should be given such a privilege I dont know where it all started from, but you being the third failure, now it will finally end.   You fucking pompus cunt.  You are nothing but a fucking spic slave.   Now we have to go before the counsel and petition so you are not executed.   You dumb fucking cunt.   Go ahead cry.   You want caned some more.   Huh?     Please My Superior black Owner, your cunt is so sorry.   Please.  

Now I have to wash these fucking whores my self.   I am an owner, I dont want to be washing these smelly little teenage whores.         I am pissed.      Okay, whore, get the soap and start washing up your asshole and cunt, that is the part you always wash with soap as you are squirted down like a the fucking white dogs whores you are.   Spread your ass cheeks.   Okay good.   Turn around.   Okay, you are done.  Crawl over here whore.   And hurry.   

I am going to take your hand cuffs off and all your restraints, I hope you are not stupid and try to escape or hit me, if you do, I will tell you right now, that you will be sadistically tortured for the next three days until you die.  And I am not fucking around.   Mistress unhooks the cuffs, hands whore a key and says take off your ankle shackles, wrist and ankle restraints.   Hurry you fucking white useless whore.    We do not have all day.   Whore complies.   But goes a little too slow and soon finds out she is wearing a shock collar.   Whore screams in agony.   Mistress, laughs and says you fucking pussy, that was only a 2 it goes up to 10, do you want to feel what real pain is like.     Rough, rough.       Mistress pulls whores leash so she is in the middle of this x mark on the floor.   Mistress states, heel.   Mistress walks over to the nearest wall and grabs a remote control.   Mistress comes back to   as she presses some buttons lowering three very intimidating steel rings attached to thick heavy chains hanging from the ceiling.     The rings are all attached by a menanacing U shape steel bar.     Mistress grabs whores collar, unhooks the leash and puts locks the middle steel ring around my neck.   It is extremely heavy and uncomfortable, then she grabs my right hand and says, lets go you fucking white whore you know what is next so work with me and make this easy or I will hurt you.    As she shocks whores collar again, causing whore to jerk back causing tremendous pain from the heavy metal ring.   The younger whore still chained to the wall is watching all this in horror and begins to cry.     Mistress, looks over at me and says, what the fuck are you looking at you fucking piece of shit.  And comes over and throws a blanket over my cage so I can not see anything.   Then looks at the younger whore and tells her to quit crying or I will give you something to cry about, you fucking white virgin cunt whore.     The older whore puts her arms up and Mistress locks each wrist, forearm, and elbow into the other two rings.    The whores arms are stretched out but bent up at the elbow.  The whore dares not move. 

Mistress presses another button and it slowly raises the bar, thus pulling the whores wrists and neck upward, with her wrists being pulled up higher than the neck ring as Mistress stops the neck ring as it is gently pulling on the botmike of the frightened and now again trembling teenage whore chin under my neck and up by my ears.   It is extremely uncomfortable.   She then presses another button and two heavy chains fall from the ceiling at the girls feet.    They are long and have many padlocks attached as well as rings for her ankles, and upper knees.   Mistress places the rings around the scared girl ankles, then attaches a leather loop around the top of her knees with a big d loop attached and pulls the chain up from her ankles through the loop and attaches each one to each of the d loops at the botmike the bar next to her  elbows.  Mistress pulls each chain as tight as possible and locks them together about a foot above my head to a chain hanging from the ceiling.  Mistress presses a button and that chain raises, thus tightening all the chains.    Mistress then attaches a spreader bar to the white girls ankles.   The trembling shaking scared girl can not move a muscle in any direction.  She is completely bound.   

Mistress walks around the trembling young girl to give her a look.   Mistress, grabs her ass, feels her breasts and pinches her nipples.    Then reaches down and feels the young girls pussy.    Nice and hot down there.    Have you ever been with a girl?     Rough, rough.     Well, you will be soon.   As Mistress spreads the young girls labia and gently rubs the young girl, slowly inserting her finger into the girl.   Mistress asks her if she is a virgin.   Rough, rough.   Stop that.   You may speak.     How many boys have you been with?     2.     Slap, very hard against the girls face.  You will address me as your Superior black owner, do you understand that you lowly worthless only still alive because I say so white fucking pussy licker.     Yes my superior black owner.    What is the superior race.    The black race my superior black Mistress.    What are you?    Your white whore slave.     What is your purpose.    To please and obey you my superior black owner.    Opwn your mouth.   She opens her mouth and Mistress spits in it.   The girl gives a look of disgust.  Again, I sharp slap across the face.     What the fuck was that look for.     I am sorry my superior black Mistress, I am scared.      Stupid cunt.   You are never to refer to yourself as I, you are a white whore, and that is how you address your self.   Got that.   Yes My Superior Black Owner.  

Mistress turns around and looks at the 17 year old naked chained up girl and says, pay attention, cause you are next.      Mistress turns her attention back to the 19 year old.     Have you ever sucked cock?     Yes My Superior Black Owner.        You said you were domme before.   Did you like it?   Yes My Superior Black Owner.       Do you like being sub?      Yes My Superior black owner.    Why?    Your white whore wants to its owners.       Do you like me rubbing your pussy.   Yes My superior black owner.     You are getting wet, can you feel it.    Yes My superior black owner.      Hear have a taste, as Mistress puts two wet fingers up to the girls mouth, the girl reaches out and licks mistresses fingers clean.     You are a hot little number.     Have you ever wanted to be with a girl or fantasized about it.   Yes My Superior black owner.   And what did you think of.   Of kissing her.  That is it my superior black owner.     Would you like to lick me?   Yes My superior black owner.    Why?      To please you my owner.     Why would you want to do that.   Because your white whore is your slave and that is what slaves do, my superior black Owner.   Have you ever been with a black person.   No My superior black owner.      Are you scared.   Yes, very much my superior black owner.   Of what.     Of what you are going to do to us my superior black owner.     What do you think we are going to do with you, and do not say you do not know.  Tears fill the girls eyes.   Well whore?    My superior black owner, you are probably going to beat me, and humiliate me and make your white whore service you?   And you would not like that, I thought you said you would like that?    Did you just lie to me?    My superior black owner, your white whore will never lie to you, please, your white whore is so scared.     LOL, Well, if you want to be scared so much, how about I give you something to be scared about.    You fucking whore, I was trying to be nice to you and talk to you and you shut me off, who the fuck do you think you are talking to me like that.     Maybe you need a little caning on that lily white tight ass of yours to put you in your place and remind you who is the boss here and who is the slave.    Well, your choice, either 10 canings on your ass, or when I am done shaving all your hair off, you drop to your knees and lick my asshole for ten minutes.      What is it whore?    Lick your asshole please my superior black owner.    LOL, that will be the second one for you today.   See you are a little whore.     With that, Mistress goes over to my cage, attaches a leash to me collar and pulls me out, and pulls me to the girl and puts my face right into her tight hot little young ass and says, lick her asshole while I shave her.   If you get hard, your cock will be beaten until it bleeds, you fucking white male pussy.   

Mistress turns on the shaver.   Grabs the young girls head and says, oh such pretty white whore hair, so blond.   LOL, not for long, soon you will be a bald white whore.   LOL, and starts to shave.   The girl starts to cry as her hair falls to the floor and her asshole is being licked by a slave.  How is that cocksucker doing at licking your ass?   Fine my superior black owner.   We havent trained him in ass licking yet, just cocksucking.      Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.  Move it around.     When we are finished with this, we are going upstairs, you are sleeping with us tonight, I want to begin your pussy licking training right away.      I found the only thing white girls do good is lick pussy.       Are you okay with that whore.    LOL, like it matters.    Lol.  

Yes, you are pretty girl.  You will be trained as my personal pussy licker.    Hear that cunt.   You are being replaced.    Considering you probably only have a few weeks any way, all of which will be spent in that cage.   Lol.        Your little sister is very cute.   I always thought it would be nice to have to white whores servicing me at the same time, one at my pussy and the other for my anus.   Hmmm, do you think she will like to be trained as my personal ass licker.    I could chain your collars together and keep you in your proper position in life.    Licking a black womans cunt.   

Mistress grabs my collar and says did you like that faggot.   LOL, how does it feel to be around all this hot pussy knowing your cock will never be in one ever again.  LOL.    I may chain you up with these whores just to frustrate you.    I dont see why Master likes you so much, I fucking hate you.   I want nothing more than to beat the fuck out of you.  In fact, get your little white ass over there, I am going to torture your balls.   With that, Mistress spreads my legs, ties rope around my balls and applies about 50 clothes pins to them.    

Whore, did we tell you that even though whites are the lowest form of human, we consider all females dominant to males, except in the superior race in which we are equal.      I am almost done shaving you.    You do not have much hair.     Let me feel how sexy you are.   Hmmm, we need to get you in the gym, you could be totally hot.     You have nice breasts.    I want to take both you and your sister upstairs at the same time tonight.   You both will sleep next to me and service me.    Well, you had better thank me soon, or I will cane your tits.   Thank you my superior black owner.   For what whore.   For not separating me and my sister my superior black owner.   Very good.    She looks so scared over there, separating you two so soon may freak her out.     Thank you my superior black owner.     Are you going to lick me good.   Yes My superior black owner.     Good.     Being on my good side will make your life much easier, you do realize that dont you.   Yes my superior black Owner.     Do you fully understand what is going on?    No my superior black owner.     Well, you will.  By this time next week.   So much will happen you will understand how much control I have over you and how dependent you are on us.    Can you cook.  Yes My superior black owner.  Very good, you will cook breakfast mikeorrow and you and your little whore sister will serve Master and I breakfast, then clean up, and then we will watch you and your sister eat your breakfast out dog bowls on the floor while on all fours using only your white slave mouths.     LOL, hmmm, that is going to be so hot to watch your little white ass squirm around and stick out as you eat.     I love watching white girls eat like the dogs they are.  LOL.   And that is forever too.    So get used to it.   Now I am going to unchain you, you will crawl over to that pathetic white male and you will slowly, one at a time, with your teeth only, pull off the clothes pins attached to his testacles.   Your hands will be cuffed behind your back.   Every one you pull off, you crawl back over to me and place in this box.    Got that whore.   Yes My superior black Owner.   And just to make it a little more humiliating for you, I am taping a vibrator up your asshole and you will wear nipple clamps as well.   And before you take off a clamp you are to look at that white male and tell him how small his cock is and how you hope our owners only use real mens cocks in my training, not puny ones like yours.         And I am going to prepare your little sister.  

Your new name is pussy licker.   Got that?   Your little sister will be ass licker.     Mistress walks over to the young girl chained to the wall.   Mistress stands high above the frightened little girl and asks the little girl if she thinks mistress has a nice body.   The girl replies, very nice.    Which is met with a harsh slap across the girls face causing her head to turn, and so loud, that pussy licker turned around to see what happened.     Mistress, planning this whole things, yells at her pussy licker, what the fuck are you looking at?    I gave you one simple task to complete.   What happens here is none of your fucking business, you concentrate on what I told you to do.   In fact you need punished for that.   You need to learn this is serious.    Now crawl your little white ass over here now you bald headed cunt whore.     Hurry, as Mistress shocks her collar.   When the girls gets to Mistress, Mistress violently grabs the girl by collar, and rips off the nipple clamps and asks the girl what she did wrong.    The girl said my owner gave me a task and I got distracted.   And why is that wrong.   Because as your slave it is an honor to be given any tasks that is not painful, humiliating and degrading and your slave disrepected its powerful superior owner by turning to see what happened, even if it slaves sister.     Very good.   I am glad you added that in about your sister.    When we go to parties, and especially the convention when all the black dominants are present with many many of their slaves.    There will be a lot going on and you need to concentrate 100percent on your assignment.       Even if it your sister.    Cause there may be a time when you are on your slave knees licking a black owners owners and your little sister is over in the corner having her ass fucked by some big black cock while she is licking that masters wifes pussy, and some one may come and start to whip her back and she may scream, but you must not stop at all with your slave duties.   Do you understand?    Yes my superior black owner.   What do you understand?    That this white whore is nothing more than a lowly white slave to her black owners and this white whore,   call yourself pussy licker,     this pussy licker can no longer help or be concerned with her ass licking sister as this pussy licking white whore must devote all attention to servicing her black owners so as to be only punished beaten humiliated, degraded and demeaned as little possible.    Okay whore.   Back to what you were doing.    I am going to go tend to your little soon to be whore sister.  

Well, well well, what do we have a here.    As mistress gently strokes the young girls cheeks.  Such a pretty young little white girl.    You have been chained up for a while now.   I bet you would like to be released, wouldnt you.      Yes Mistress.    Slap, it is yes, your personal ass licking white whore would love to be released my superior black owner.    Now try that whore.   And remember your new name.    The girl says it.   Very good, see that was not so hard was it.

Kiss my ass whore.   As mistress turns around shoves her hot black ass in the girls face and grabs the back of head to push her into it.    The girl kisses her ass.      Mistress says very good.   Have you ever been with a girl or boy.   No my superior black owner.    You will never ever be with a boy ever in your life.    You are mine now.    You will be trained to service my ass and pussy and feet any time, any where and forever long I desire.     Now, I want you to stick your tongue inside my ass cheeks and rub it around in there.    Hmmm, very good.         My anus and pussy will become the center of your existence.       Would you like that?    Yes my superior black owner.     I have a lot planned for you.   I always wanted a little white virgin girl to train and turn into my little oral lesbian slave whore.     You seem much calmer than before.  Why is that.   Because you seem nice my black owner.    LOL, you are the first slave to ever say that.  Especially a white one.   I am not nice to slaves at all, especially white ones.    But for some reason I kind of like you and your sister.    Which is something you never want to change because I can be the cruelest meanest harshest nigger bitch in the world.     I love to hurt white people and put them in their place.    But I guess that is why that white male pig over there came into our lives.    If Master did not like him so much, I would just beat him until he bled to death.     But I guess master sees potential in him like I do you and your sister.  Especially you.      Would you be sad if I sold your sister and kept you.    Yes very much please my black owner, please keep us together.       Lick my asshole and pussy the way I say and it wont happen, piss me off and you two will never see each other again.   Got it?   Yes my superior black owner.          Would you like to keep your hair.    Yes My superior black owner.    What would you be willing to do for that privilege.          A lot, slap,   something specific.    My your little ass licking white whore lick your beautiful black asshole.      Hmm, for now on, when you say something like continue with it and finish it off with, like the little ass licking white whore she really is and needs to be especially licking the asshole of such a powerful dominant black owner.   

Okay lets wash you up.    Squirt.   Pretty humiliating huh?   Very much my black owner.   Okay, we are done.     Let me get you ready to take upstairs.    Mistress then walks over to me and reaches down and vicsiously pulls on my testacles ripping off all the clothes pins while grabbing my throat and pushing me into the wall saying, aww, does that hurt the poor babys little nuts, laughs and says, but I bet not as much as this as she knees my in the balls and laughs as I almost puke.  

Mistress then binds me and the two young girls all the same way.   Collared.  Hands behind our backs and chained up to the collar.   Ankles together with a 4 inch chain.   Leashes that all three go into one for mistress to pull, nipple clamps tightly on all of us, and restraints around the top of our knees held together with a four inch chain.     She pulls on the leash as all three of move in unison.      I am at the end, pussy licker is beside me and ass licker is at the other end.   Mistress states, wow, now this is hot.    Three young little white slaves all ready to be taken upstairs for what none of them know.   LOL, will they be tortured, will they be loved, hmmm, what awaits the three little white slaves.   Lol.      I love it.   

We are pulled out of the dungeon like dogs on a leash following this tall muscular powerful black mistress who has complete control over every aspect of all our lives.    Mistress walks through the house, we slowly crawl and try to keep up.     Mistress looks over her property.   She stops.  Ties the leash off on the door and says, sarcastically, dont go any where my sweet little white slaves.  Lol.   Then disappears.   She comes back and says, you all must be hungry and thirsty so we will go in the kitchen and you three may eat and drink.     We are pulled as we crawl on our knees to the kitchen.   The floor it hard, maker our movement slower.    Only aggravating mistress to the point where she pulls out a quirt and says lets get a move on it or I will use this on you three.    We try, but it is no use, finally she goes behind and begins to strike at all of our buttocks, causing us to squeal and move a little faster, but it doesnt mattter because we are all on the same leash and have to go the same pace.     We get to the kitchen where mistress has three dog bowls filled with some thing that looks gross and three bowls filled with milk.   None of us have eaten all day and it is almost 10pm at night so when mistress tells us we only have five minutes to eat, we all hurry over and bend down as best we can and bury our faces in the bowls like three little puppies.   Mistress standing behind us looking at our three white asses sticking up in the air feeding like animals as Mistress stands above us eating a piece of salmon.      And she says, now this is what Master and I always dreamed of, having three fresh, young, willing eager sexy hot white slaves to treat as our pets and do with what we please.   

What seemed like 20 seconds, mistress yanks on our leashes pulling us back and starting to walk saying lets go slaves, Master is going to love seeing this coming into the bedroom.    LOL, his little 19 year old cocksucking white male slave and my two little 17 and 19 year old pussy and ass licking white girl whore slaves all bound up ready for use.    Lol, we are going to have a lot of fun tonight, especially hearing you three white slaves licking and slurping and sucking your black superiors.

With that we are slowly pulled upstairs and down the long hallway into the our owners very large master bedroom.     As Mistress walks in she says honey, wake up you have to see this.   Master wakes up and sees the sight of his beautiful black muscular dominant wife towering over three little white slaves naked collared and bound.   Master says, wow honey what a sight.      Mistress unhooks the leash from all our collars and tells us all to stand up and face the wall.    We comply.   Our owners staring at our three lily white asses talking and giggling amongst themselves.  

Master states, turn around slaves.   We do.   We are all naked.         Kneel.    We do.    Master and Mistress Smile.      Master says, well this is the first day for all three of you.   You all have been through a lot and seem much more relaxed and at ease than just a few hours ago.     What do you all attribute this turn around too.         We are all quiet.   Master laughs.       Mikeorrow, we will formally begin your slave training.     Your boxes will be ready.    You all have much to learn and look forward to as well.    It is getting late, we have a big day mikeorrow and it time to rest.    Mistress wants to sleep in between her two sexy little naked white slave girls, and I dont cuddle male slaves, only fuck their asses and mouths and keep them in their place, so that means, the one slave with a cock, you need to crawl in the cage under the bed and the two slaves with hot little needing to be fucked pussys you may crawl up beside your Mistress and snuggle up to her and keep her warm.    And since we dont know you yet, your collars will be chained to the head of the bed.       Welcome to your new life and good night.   

It is morning.   I hear the cage door open, Master pulls on my leash and says, come on faggot, your mouth is needed.      Mistress is laying on her back on the bed, and the two slave girls are kneeling at the foot each of the them with one of Mistresses feet in their mouth sucking on her toes.     Master pulls me up, and picks me up over his head and says, my little pussy wimp bitch is so light, you are like a little girl.   It is like we have three slave girls instead of two.    And mistress says, and by the size of that cock you could easily mistake it for a girl.    Every one giggles but me.   Even the slave girls.    Master says, did you like that slave girls?   They both nod yes.    Master smiles.   Very good, because as part of faggots training you two will need to remind faggot how little his cock is especially in comparison to Masters cock.   It is like looking at a man and boy.      You all laugh.    Mistress says, I do not think our little virgin girl has ever even seen a cock, well a real cock, faggots doesnt count.    Mistress asks her slave girls if that want to see what a real cock looks like.    They both eagerly nod yes.    Well then, ask your master if he will show you his.   They both say in the sweetest voices, please our big strong black master will you please show your little white slave girls what a real cock looks like.    With that Master says, hmmm, what do I get in return.      Mistress says, my pussy.   Master smiles.     With that, he says, faggot, get under the covers and suck my cock hard so these pretty young white girls can see what a real hard cock looks like.    I immediately comply.    I go under there, master pulls me in position and puts his cock in my eager little white mouth.     Master looks at Mistress and says, damn, this little bitch sucks great cock and he has only done it one day.    Mistress says maybe he sucked before.    With that Master kicks slave to floor at the foot of the bed and stands up with a cover over his crotch and walks over to the kneeling young white girls and tells them to turn around.    They comply.    He drops the cover and watches their eyes widen with shock at how big Masters cock is.   The older girls says, it is so long and thick.   And the younger girl says, and look at those veins.    Mistress asks the younger girl if that is the first time she ever saw a hard cock.   She responds yes my beautiful black owner.   

Master says, honey you should see these bitches eyes, they are amazed.     The older one asks if she can touch it.    Then the younger girl asks if they can see faggots cock next to Masters.     Master tells me to stand up, unlocks my chastity and my soft white cock falls out.    Master grabs my cock and pulls me next to him.   He is about 9 inches taller than me and about 130lbs of muscle more than me, I must look so puny and pale next to his dark buffed huge muscular body.   The older girl laughs and says, well if faggot is the only other boy in the house Master sure does not have to worry about any girl cheating on him with faggot.    And laughs.     The younger girl says, yeah, really.      Are all white men that much smaller than black men.      Mistress giggles.   Yes, wait until the convention, you two will see a lot of cocks that week.  

The older girl asks again if they are ever permitted to play with Masters cock.   No one says anything.     Mistress asks her what she would do if she was given permission.   The older girl blushes and says, well I just would like to feel it and squeeze it and feel how big and thick it is.    The younger girl asks how long our cocks are.   Master states that his 10.5 and thick and I say mine is 6 and Master cuts me off and says no fucking way faggot.    That thing is not six inches.   And Mistress says, well lets measure it, if it not six inches, then faggot lied to us and should be punished.  I start to squirm.     And the older teenage girl states, yeah if he lied about that, can we whip his cock too as part of his punishment.    Master cracks up.    Mistress smiles and says, hmmm, there is that domme side again.    Are you sure you can handle being a bound, naked, slave when you like being domme so much.    The young girl responds, Mistress, my owner, I have no choice, I am a slave.   I am white, how can I be domme.   And Master says that is right you little whore, dont ever forget your place and position in life.    Now, we need to start this training which will begin on how white slaves are to wake their owners in the morning.    Does any one know?    We dont know.     Mistress laughs.   You all are so young.    Mistress states a white slave is to wake its black owner up in the morning as an alarm clock by gently rubbing its white slave tongue on its owners black ass and continue until its tongue is gently inserted into its black owners asshole and lick it clean.       

Today is a big day for all of you.    This morning a friend is coming over and you all will receive your piercings.    After lunch a friend will come over and you all will receive one tatoo and this evening, Mistress and I will brand each one of you.     So by the end of the day, you all will be peirced, branded, and tattooed like true owned slaves.       And in your cages where you will sleep tonight your slave protocol boxes will be in there and you all will begin your slave studies.  

All of you will have your nipples peirced, your nose for leash purposes, two on each of your tongues, and the girls will each receive 5 on each side of their labias and one on their clit, and the boy will receive two on his cock and three on his scrotum.     

All of you will be tatooed on the upper part of your back.     Faggots will say, I live for, crave, worship and suck my Owners big black cock.       Yours will read, I live for, crave, worship and lick my Owners beautiful black asshole.  And yours will read, I live for, crave, worship and lick my Owners beautiful black pussy.      And all of you will be branded on your right ass cheek with the networks insignia.   It is small.   But will take a few weeks to heal.     At the end of day as you all sit in your cages in the dungeon.    You will all feel very submissive, owned, and controlled. 

We also are going to start something new in our slave training this morning.   We have never did this before, well not to the degree we are going to now with you three and that is you all are going to be trained as both of our   toilet   slaves.      From this moment forward, every time either Mistress or I pee, one of you will be used as our toilet.   Which means we will piss directly into your mouths and you will drink all our piss.   We will go slow at first, but within a month or so, if any spills even a drop, it will be cause for severe punishment.     I know this sounds scary for some of you and you think no way can you ever do that.    But there is no discussion, we thought about this and since urine does not cause any health problems, it seems senseless for either of us to use a toilet when we have three white mouths willing and eager to be our piss toilets.   This will help remind you all a few times a day your place before us.         And also, from this moment forward, anytime Mistress or I shit, one of you will be required to kneel, face to floor, in front of the toilet and be used as a foot rest while we shit.   When we are finished, we will stand at which time you use toilet paper to wipe our assholes clean.      We are black dominants with three slaves, there is no reason we should have to do such menial duties such as ass wiping and cleaning, that is what we have slaves for.        And again, this will be a constant reminded to each of you of your place in life before your superior black owners.       We decided to rotate days.     Every day, the shit wiper will rotate.    And every day, one of you will be assigned to each of us as our piss toilet and rotated accordingly.      Hey, some of our friends shit in their slaves mouth and make them eat it, be happy you were captured or sold by us.    You all have it easy.    I know we get pretty sadistic and cruel sometimes, but we are not nearly extreme as some of our friends in the networks.   Hell, at the last party we were, one master had his two slaves, one male and one female stand in the middle of the room as he threw darts at them and sticking in their thighs.   And when he had three in each slave he made them crawl over to him, in front of every one, pull out his cock and suck it while some other dominants fucked them in their asses.     And this was a married couple he captured and kept.    

Mistress says, speaking of fucking in the ass honey.   Why dont you show these pretty young white girls what it looks like when you fuck your faggots ass with your beautiful cock and here let me pull it out and get it ready for you.   Master says, you heard Mistress faggot, get up on the bed now.      I do as he says.    Mistress says, and I want to hear you beg your owner for the privilege and time of fucking your little pussy wimp white ass hole.       As mistress goes to the end of the bed to massage Master cock hard, mistress stops, looks at the younger white slave girl and said, I did this for you.    I know you never saw a cock fuck before and thought it may be interesting for you to see what it is like.    The little girl responds, thank you so much my superior muscular beautiful gorgeous Owner who is going to teach me to worship and lick her asshole like the little white whore I need to be to please my wonderful owners.      Mistress smiles.    I lay on the bed.    Mistress says, faggot I dont hear begging.  And my collar is shocked.   I begin saying please Master, your little pussy bitch faggot white male slave humbly and respectfully begs Master to please show Mistresses youngest slave girl what a real cock looks like as it enters, penetrates, and fucks a lowly white slaves ass.   Please Master, use your big long thick beautiful powerful cock to put this little white wimp bitch cocksucking faggot in its proper place as a fuck hole and cum hole for its owner.     Please Master.    And this not worthy of its black owners cock white slave humbly and respectfully begs Master and Mistress, so that your young hot little 17 white virgin ass licking whore may see for the first time, that when Master is ready to cum that Master flip slave over and cum on and in this pathetic white males slaves mouth that will lick up every drop of Masters cum never letting any go to waste, please.      

The little girl smiles, her older sister is just staring at Mistress rubbing Masters cock and watching it grow and harden like magic in her long black hands.     Mistress looks at the older girl and says, you want to be doing this dont you whore?    The girl responds, yes very much so my superior black owner.     The only time you will ever touch cock for now on is for a reward only.    Seeing how much you like them.     She puts her head down.    Fucking white whore over there wants your cock.  Master states can you blame her, it is nice.    And the younger girl says, it is awesome Master.    Mistress says, he is your superior black owner as well.   That is five canings little one. 

Master states, honey if these whores assholes are virgin territory, ramming my cock hard in their unprepared dry assholes will hurt like hell for them.    Maybe we should fuck them and teach them a lesson.    Mistress states, I agree.    With that, Master flips me over, grabs the back of my collar and pulls my face into his crotch and says dont suck on it just keep it in your mouth, if you let it go soft, you will receive 35 canings on your ass.    Before I can respond my mouth is spread open for this massive black cock.  Master and Mistress are talking while my mouth is being used as cock storage.      Mistress gets up.    Goes into the closet and grabs a long thin cane.    And says, young lady, I need to punish you before your branding tonight.   The young girl sighs in fear.   Mistress states stand little one.    The young girl stands up.    Mistress unlocks her hand cuffs and puts the cuffs on the bed.    Mistress tells the older sister to get on all four like the dog she is.   She complies.    Mistress then makes the younger girl lay her smikeach over her older sister and rest her feet and hands on the floor.    The younger girl complies.     Mistress rubs the cane on the younger girl.      And Master states, it is so hot watching naked young white girls tremble in fear when being caned.   Wonder why that is.    And Mistress states, because it is the only time they are truly at their proper place.    And Master says, honey you said that yesterday when we had them caged naked.   Lol, Mistress says, I know, I love it too.  It is nice.     And she is so cute, look at her 17 year old ass tremble.    They both laugh.   Mistress says, little girl are you scared.   And she says, yes my superior black owner, but your ass licking white whore deserves it and is thankful it has such an attentive caring owner as you Mistress.      Mistress says, flattery will get you know where.       What did you do wrong my little personal ass licking whore.   I addressed Master as just Master and not in the proper as this little white whores superior black owner.   

Okay whore.    With that, Mistress whips her long powerful arm back and swings, the cane slices through the air whistling, the young girl clenches in anticipation, her young tight ass clamps together as the first blow strikes her ass making the young girl scream a horrific sounding scream of pain.   The young girl foolishly moves her hand to her ass to feel her ass.   Mistress grabs and it twists the young girls arm, and says, what the fuck are you doing.   Slaves do not move when being punished.    That one did not count and we will add ten more for moving.   The young girl sighs.  That is another two big mouth.   Keep going, I can keep adding more all day.    It is not my ass that is going to be welted, bruised, black and blue and maybe even sliced open.      

You little fucking white whore.   You will learn your place before your owners.  This is not a game.   You are always submissive around us, there is no down time, you are fucking whore slave.

You know what, after I am done blistering your little white ass and you are finished crying I may shave that head of yours bald.   You are just being a little to cocky.    You do understand what you are.   If not, let me remind you, little girl, whack, awww, whack, awww, six more harsh rabid blows to the young girls tender and now starting to welt and bruise little white ass.  You are a fucking slave.    We own you.     You only exist because we say so.    We control every thing about you.     If we want to sell you we can, if we want to whore out your little pussy we can, you have no say in anything, ever.    Fucking cunt.     Be nice to these little bitches and see how they act.     Master says, nothing a little caning wont cure.    Yes, I am sure after this she will remember where and what and who she is.      I bet your older sister remembers.   Mistress kicks her and tells the older slave to remind the younger one what is going on.      With that the older sister says, listen you little fucking ass licking white whore, we are not at home any more, Those two muscular blacks own our little white asses and can do anything want with them including having 30 guys come in here and fuck our mouths and assholes until we are raw and bleeding, so get your act together and always be submissive around our owners.    If we respect our owners, our owners will respect us.  If we mess up even in the slightest, we will be immediately brought back to reality like you are experiencing now.      Enough whore, that was good.      Can you hear her sobbing already honey.   Yes, it is so cute.   Mistress reaches down and grabs the young girls hair and pulls her up and says look at me.   And Mistress looks at the young girls sweet face, her blue eyes swelled up with tears, and her checks rosy as can be with streaks of tears.    Hmmm, I am so wet honey.  This little one makes me so hot she is so sweet.        With that Mistress pushes the young girl back into position.    8 More you little fucking cunt.    LOL, and with that Mistress hits and strikes this inexperienced unprepared little girl with extremely hard canings.   The young girl is sobbing, screams fill the room with each blow, her ass criss crossed with deep red and purple welts, the young girl trembling in every muscle of her young body.    One more cunt.   And mistress hits the girl so hard the cane snaps in half.    

The girls screams in pain.   Master looks at Mistress, she back at master, both at the girl and repeat of the same.   The room is silent.  All slaves are quiet with fear.   With that Mistress jumps on the bed, pulls her pants down, as Master grabs the little girl by the back of her hair and tosses her on the bed, he grabs her by her ankles, and pulls her to the edge of the bed, it happens so fast the young girl has no idea what is about to happen.    Master pulls her ass towards his waiting hard black cock as Mistress gets in position and grabs the young girl by the back of hair , Mistress tosses the handcuffs to Master who swiftly cuffs the girls hands behind her back.   She was given no time to recover from caning, she is still crying and trembling from the hardest beating she has ever seen in her life.    This little girl is being taught that this is not a game and that her owners are real.   She screams, out, I am sorry, please, your ass licking white whore is sorry please, I cant breathe.     Mistress says, scream you little cunt, please scream, the louder and harder you scream the hotter and wetter you make us.     Mistress yells to the other slaves, you two other slaves get the fuck out of this room now and into the bathroom down the hall, both of you in the tub face down, now and you better run.   I run as fast as possible, the sister follows.   We get in the bathroom and lay face down in the tub.   She starts to cry.    I say I am so sorry.   And she says, what are they going to do to her and I say, I dont know, whatever they want, there is nothing we can do.    And the sister begins to sob, she says those fucking bastards, she is only 17 she doesnt even know.     Oh my god, I can hear her screaming and crying from in here.     No, she screams.  As she lays there naked, collared, feeling helpless as these two dominant black strangers are doing unimaginable things to her little sister.      

Mistress grabs the girl by the hair and forces her face into Mistresses dripping wet hot pussy and yells at the little girl, lick me you little cunt, and you better do it good or we will go right back to another caning only this time harder, with that the young girl cries subdue as her sounds are muffled in Mistresses wet pussy as the young girl feverishly licks pussy for the first time and licks it like her life depended on how fast she can lick.   Master reaches under the young girls buttocks to grab her snatch.   He is amazed as his hand runs over her recently shaved pussy and easily slides into her waiting dripping wet vagina, he rubs her, rubs her clit, she begins to move her hips, master says, honey this little bitch is fucking soaking wet and look at her hips, she is grinding.   Mistress forces and pushes the young girls head harder into her pussy, rubbing and grinding her pussy into the virgin girls face.   Master soaks his fingers in her pussy, and then rubs the juices on the young girls puckering tight little anus slipping one finger in her asshole due to all the moisture, master is greeted with a huge moan of pleasure from the young girl.   Master rubs some of her pussy juice on the head of his cock, places the head of his massive cock on this young girls virgin asshole opening, then Master stands up, with all of 6'4" 290lbs muscled body slams his huge cock into and all the way up the young girls asshole, She lets out a horrific scream of pain, Master laughs and says it is okay you little fucking slut, just relax you will live.   And Master begins to fuck her little ass, grabbing her by the hips with his strong hands, picking her up, each thrust sending her face forward into Mistresses pussy, the young girls face covered with Mistresses juices.    The young girls body begins to go limp as Master forcefully and as rough as possible goes in and out of her overly stretched out asshole, each entrance sending her forward each exit pulling her back.   Masters 10.5 thick black cock easily goes all the way in this little girls white ass as the sound of his balls hits her already bruised and welted buttocks, each time he pulls back he pulls his cock all the way out sending this slurping sound through the room, then ramming her again, each time her little anus entrance is ripped open and pounded more.    Mistresses cums for the second time, grinding her dripping pussy into this little girls face.   Mistresses juices are in the girls nose, eyes, mouth, dripping down her neck.   Mistress yells at her to keep licking and for her to drink her mistresses juices like a good little white trash whore.   Then master after almost ten minutes of the most brutal fucking he ever did on any one let alone this young 17 little virgin girls anus who is almost two hundred pounds and over a foot smaller than her penetrater, all the while never relenting on verbal abuse by calling her every derogatory name he can think of, fucking whore, fucking cunt, bitch, take it you fucking white whore, take my big black cock, you fucking cock whore, you know you love this big black cock, and then Master states, honey I am going to cum, should I cum in her, and Mistress immediately responds yes, of course, we will make that little snot nosed sister of hers lick every drop of your cum out of her sisters ass.  Master says, that is so fucking hot you are so awesome Mistress.   And Mistress says, and while she is licking cum from a black cock out of her little sisters ass I am going to fuck her with a strap on.   Master yells oh my god honey I love you so much, we are made for each other, with that Master begins to pulsate as he fills his little white girls ass with his cum     Mistress yells, you two fucking slaves get your fucking asses in here now, and run.

Mistresses reaches into the night stand, pulls out her favorite strap on, just then the two other slaves come running into the room, the older sister has tears down her face she is crying.    Her younger sister laying on her smikeach on the bed, limp, barely moving, yet for tremors and tremblings running all through her young sweet and now taken and used body, her buttocks blistered welted red blue and purple, and her anus dripping masters hot cum.   Mistress sees the older sister crying and laughs and says what the fuck are you crying for, you were not the one that who just had her virgin ass brutally raped by a huge black cock and man, brutally caned, and forced to suck pussy for the first time.   Now where you?    The older girls begins to cry more, No my black owner.   Mistress states then shut your fucking face and quit crying unless you want us to give you something to cry about.     The older sisters remains still and silent.    Mistress has the strap on in place and ready for use.   

Mistress grabs the partially limp and almost in shock young girl and pulls her to the head of the bed.    Master meanwhile stands up and tells me to kneel down in front of him and clean his cock like with my tongue and mouth lick the little fucking pussy wimp bitch I am.   And says, you had better get my cock completely clean meaning I want all my cum licked up, and all the shit and blood from this little whores ass.    As I start to lick my Masters cock clean, I hear Mistress yell at the older sister and say, what are you standing there for, get your fucking white whore mouth over here, you slaves know you are never to let any of Masters cum go to waste.   The older girl comes over to where mistress stated.    She has a look of shock and horror on her face as she realizes Mistress expects her to lick Masters cum out of her little sisters stretched cum filled slightly bloodied ass hole.   She looks at Master for what she does not know, only to have him grab her by the arm and push her onto the bed while he says if you dont hurry I will take your hesitation as that you dont appreciate or want your masters cum, which will result in some of the harshest punishment imaginable.    Mistress goes behind the older sister who is only 19 herself, and just a couple days ago was in her home safe, and now is about to stick her tongue in her little sisters asshole to lick out and eat some huge black guys cums, she begins to cry hysterically, she screams you two are fucking crazy you can not do this to us, let us go you motherfuckers.    

Master stands up his ripped muscled huge black body towering over the 19 year old girl.   She looks at him with complete terror for she knows she just fucked up big time.    Master looks at Mistress and laughs and says, honey looks like we are going to get to enjoy breaking and forcing another slave whore this morning.    The 19 year girl begins to sob.    The 17 year is starting to wake.    I do not know what to do.    I already experienced being broken and being forced by these two.   They do not mess around.      I feel so sorry for what is about to happen to this girl.  She is so cute too.    I yell out, just obey our owners please, come on please just submit and comply with our owners commands.   Please.    You are going to end up doing what they want any way, why be beaten and forced to beg ,      Shut the fuck up you little fucking pussy.     In fact, lay face down flat on the floor now and mind your own fucking business unless you want beaten too.   I lay down.

Mistress goes behind the 19 year old and begins to grab her legs.    Master grabs her by her neck wrapping both his huge powerful hands around her and picks her up, she can barely breathe he is squeezing so hard.   He lifts her completely off the ground, so that her 5'2 frame is eye to eye with his massive 6'4" muscled ripped body.    She is a foot off the ground.   I can hear her grasping for air.    I think he may choke her to death.   If he did, no one would ever know.   This is way too intense for me.   He begins to shake her and spits in her face and says this your last chance whore.   Either you get your little fucking white slave whore face up in your little sisters asshole and lick and swallow every single drop of my cum out of her asshole while Mistress fucks and uses  your little white ass with her strap on, or I take you down to the dungeon right now and through you in a cage and leave you there until you dehydrate.     When I drop your little piece of shit body to the floor, I will count to five.   If your face is not where it is suppose to be with your tongue buried deep in her ass cleaning and licking up my cum with your ass spread and made completely available Mistresses strap on, by the time I get to five, then off we go.     Leaving your little sister to spend the rest of her life with us by herself.    You fucking selfish cunt.      He drops her, she falls hard hitting the edge of the bed and rolling off to the floor.   Master begins to count.    Mistress is standing there lubing her cock knowing full well this little whore is going to submit and Mistress will soon be invading her tiny little ass in a way similar to what Master just did to her sister.

Mistress blows Master a kiss and whispers I love you, and they both smile.    The 19 struggles to her feet as Master says five.  Master goes to grab her to take her to the dungeon, as she yells out, I will do it, jesus this is crazy please help me.    Master stops her and says, no no.  I got to five and you have an unacceptable slave attitude.    You get on your little white slave knees now and we want to hear you very respectably and humbly beg us both for the privilege of letting you lick up and swallow my cum as well as the same for Mistress making your asshole available for Mistresses dildo.    And now, since you will finish licking before Mistress is finished we also want you to promise that you while Mistress is fucking your ass that you will scream out and thank her and tell us both what a little white whore you are how lucky you are to be a lowly nothing worthless piece of shit white slave to the true dominant race.      She is shaking, she can not even cry any more.  Our owners have broken her, all three of us are now completely under there powerful sadistic control.    I have not even been here 24 hours and all this has happened, no wonder no one lasts a year.    It is impossible.

With that she submissively kneels before her black owners.   What a site.   Two tall muscled strong powerful dominant blacks, a young white naked trembling broken female kneeling before them about to give them her soul, a white naked male slave on face down on the floor and a young 17 year old girl broken and in partial shock on the bed.        These two are for real.

She bows her head and says, please permit your pussy licking white whore bitch to please lick, clean and swallow all of this whores black Masters owners cum from the ass of your other white whore slave,       Say your little virgin sister, lol,           from the ass of this whores little virgin whore sisters ass, all the while offering this trashy white whores tiny tight asshole for its superior black mistress owners strap on, and when this whore is finish eating every last drop of its black masters owners cum from its sisters used asshole, this little bitch will enthusiastically encourage its beautiful black mistress owner to fuck this white whore lick the little piece of shit white cunt slut it is.     And she starts to sob.    Master and Mistress laugh and say, see that was not that hard.   She meekly gets up puts her face to her sisters asshole, right as her sister wakes up and looks back to see her sister start to lick her asshole, she hesitants and master pushes her face in and says, time to eat you fucking white whore.    Then Mistress comes up to her anus, master helps spread her ass cheeks.   As she begins to lick, Mistress insert the head of the dildo easily in her ass and begins to fuck her, all the while Mistress is yelling at her that she is fucking white whore, and how all white whores dream of being fucked by a beautiful tall strong black Mistress and at the same time Master is pushing on her head keeping it in place, saying come on cunt, lick my cum up.  Clean your little sisters asshole.  Then says to the younger girl, it is okay sweetie, your big sister is licking clean all of Masters cum out of your taken, bruised and somewhat bloodied cum filled little asshole.      Mistress says, come on slut.   Master says, you are such a fucking slut.  Licking your own sisters asshole out.   White people really are fucking sluts.     And yells at me to kneel behind him and lick his ass.      I do so with out hesitation.      

He tells me to put my tongue in his asshole.   I do as he says.    After this is all done.   Master and Mistress make all three of us crawl naked to the bathtub.    The younger girl is visibly shaken.  The older sister the same.   I am okay.   I went through this yesterday.   All of our restraints are removed except for the shock collar.   Master then padlocks a chain connecting all three of our collars.    Has us lay in the bathtub face up.    Both Master and Mistress straddle the tub.  Tell us to open our mouths.     And Laugh as we all comply.    Master stops reaches down unlocks the chain from the youngest girl and tells her to get out and kneel in the corner.  She does so.   Then Master states, faggot you had better drink every drop of my piss or I will beat you senseless.  He pisses and I take swallow every drop.     Mistress does the same to the older whore.

We are given five minutes to clean up the room then forced to crawl on our smikeachs like worms down two flights of stairs to the dungeon where we all thrown in the big jail cell together along with a couple gallons of water and five pound bag of dog food.   They lock the jail cell door and tell us they are going away for three days and that when they come back each of us will be individually taken into the middle of room and hung up by feet upside and both of them will use the quirt all over our bodies for 12 minutes for each white piece of shit slave.    I am to go first, the 19 year old then the youngest girl.      They go over to cunts cage, pull her out.   Tell her to crawl naked and follow them.        We figure that is the last time we will see her.

The next three days go by incredibly slow.      The two girls slowly recover.   Me and the 19 year old are worried that there is no way the young girl could endure another harsh beating so close in time to the last.   Her buttocks look awful, it will take at least a month to heal.    The girls cried a lot those three days in the cell.   None of know what went wrong.  We all were in our owners bedroom, talking having a great time, then all of sudden all hell broke out.    We never did get branded, tatooed, pierced or given our slave protocol materials.  Instead, we were all just sitting in the cell, naked but for the collars, with only water and dog food to eat.     On the third day, the dungeon door opens.   There are two blacks.  One male and one female.    They walk in.   Look us over like we are animals, never saying a word.     And leave after about five minutes.

Two days later, again, the same couple come in.   This time carrying tablets and pens.  They walk over to the cell.   The male is looking at the young naked frightened broken white sisters like they are meat.    He even pulls up a chair and just stares at them.  They are scared, there is no where to hide.  The cell is in the middle of room, we are completely exposed.     He then reaches into his pants and pulls out his black cock and begins to stroke it.       The lady walks back in sees this and says nothing.     He just strokes it slowly.      The black lady starts getting a hose to gether.    She then stands at the side of the jail cell turns on the hose and begins to squirt us down like animals.  

She laughs and says you motherfuckers are stinking up the whole dungeon.   You smell like a bunch of fucking pigs.   What remains of the dog food is ruined.    Then the guy stands up with his cock hanging out his pants and walks up to the bars.    He says to the girls.   I hear you two whores like black cock.   Why dont you come over here and get some of this.   As he strokes his cock.   The girls are scared.   This is fucking nuts.  We are not animals.      He keeps harrassing them.  Then he starts to get a little more belingerant and says.   What the fuck is your problem you fucking white whores.   You had better show a little more respect to a member of the dominant black race or I just may open up this cell door come in there, beat the shit out of you and fuck you like the little bitches you are.    I just stand there.   And then he says.   Oh wait I did not know there were three girls in there.   Oh wait, that is just one of the chicken shit pussy bitch wimp white males.   And laughs.   And he says, maybe you want to come and suck on this, huh you little pathetic white boy.     

The lady comes in again.  She sees the guys cock between the jail cell bars.    She says, leave the animals alone.     We have things to do.   He says, I know I just like scaring the animals.   And he laughs.  And says, you know they really do look like animals.    And the lady said, they are, they are white slaves.   One step away from being animals.  And they laugh.      

We have no idea how long we have been caged up.   There is no daylight.  No clocks.  We have no idea of the time.  My beard is growing so I figure we are on about day 7 or 8.        This couple really never pay much attention to us.    Other than throwing in some slices of bread or cheese occasionally.     The lady said we do not need water as there is a sink.       I have been sleeping on the floor.   There is only one bed.    The girls really do not like me.   The younger one acknowledges me but the older one pretty much despises me.   

My chastity was kept on so getting hard is impossible.   The time goes slow.   After a couple more days, the lady comes in again and hoses us down.   She laughs and says time to wash the animals.   The guy says this is like being at the zoo.       Finally, I ask them who they are.    And the lady goes absolutely ballistic and starts screaming at me, who the fuck do you think you are that you think you can talk to us.   No one asked you to speak.    Animals dont speak.   You fucking asshole.    None of you get any food for two days.     You have that puny dicked asshole to thank.   And the guy comes up and says, see girls, if you would had sucked my cock like the good little white slut whores we all know you are, then maybe I would make your life a little more comfortable.   Then again maybe not.    Lol.        We do see them again for a couple days it seems like.  

Then the dungeon door opens again.  We are all starving and feel very dirty.  No one has washed their teeth for a while or washed their hair.   The cell is made for one and there are three of us in here.       There is a lot of commotion, then to our horror we see four blacks three men and one woman, dragging eight   naked very tightly bound asians behind them.    There are six women and two men.     The asians are huddled to the middle of the room as the blacks look around.  One of them says that he does not see a door.   The other says, Mike, meaning our owner, said it was in the back.   They probe, and then one says I find it.   With that, the back wall lifts up, behind it are rows of individual cages.  Probably 4 feet high, by 6 feet long by 3 feet wide.   There must be 40 of them.    The black men go great, we can keep them in here for the night.      With that, they begin to swing heavy leather whips striking the asians, yelling at them to get in the other room as the put them in the cages.    Mean time, the black woman is just staring at us.    The black men throw all of the asians in except for one girl.   She looks about 18 or so, frightened, but extremely beautiful.     They make her crawl next to them on all fours all the while making comments about fucking her tight little asian ass, or sticking their cocks in her mouth.   One even pulls out his cock and says, I bet none of your little asian boyfriends has one this big, as he bangs on the top of her head.   She starts to cry.   The black lady hears her cry turns around and tells them to stop goofing off and put her away.   They moan but listen.       The black lady is very attractive in a professional type of way.    The men are getting ready to leave.  They leave the partition up so we can see the asian slaves.    They ask her, Tamilia, if she is coming.    And she says she will be right up.  One of them passes our cell and says, damn those white slaves sure do stink. 

She looks at me, and I look away.   I dont want any trouble.    She says, you, the male.  Come here.   I get scared.     But I obey.     She says closer all the way up the bars.   I comply.  She states, kneel.   I do.    She says, my name is Mistress Tamilia.  I am very good friends with your owners, mike and Keisha.    I say nothing.     She says I know all about you three.   You are were captured the same day.   You were a volunteer slave but the poor girls here just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.      She stares at me.   I foolishly state, how long have our owners been away and when are they coming back.    She looks at me in amazement.   And states, I ought to come in there and beat the fucking shit out of you.   Animals do not ask their owners questions.   You have not even been given slave status yet and you feel you can just talk to me.   No wonder you three have been caged up like animals for the last six weeks.    My heart sinks.  Six weeks.  What.   The girls begin to cry.     She laughs and says, didnt think it was that long. Lol, it has only been 18 you stupid fucking white assholes.     Mike and Keisha are expected back in a couple days. 

I am going to hose you all down.   Then I am going to restrain your hands and legs very tight, open this cage, let you out and you are going to suck on my pussy and asshole for two hours.   When you are done, I am will then put you in the stockade and cane your ass and thighs with 50 hard strikes, then lock you back up.  If you do a good job then I will come back with a mirror, razors, shaving cream, toothpaste toothbrushes, shampoo, a brush, soap a carton of milk, and six hamburgers.      What do you say.     Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress.  

LOL, you are a fucking asshole wait until I tell your owners you said yes to that, they are going to beat you senseless.      White people are the biggest fucking sluts in the world.     Like that cunt back there.  I hear you like to lick your own sisters asshole.   What a slut.     Then all of sudden Master Mike and Mistress Keisha come in.   As sadistic as they are to us we all were very glad to see them.  Mistress states, all of you, come up front and kneel.   We all obey.      Mistress says, oh honey look at our pets.   Remember bark once for yes twice for no.   Are you happy to see us.  Rough we all say.     Our owners smile.  

Mistress Keisha hugs tamilia.     Master mike ask her is she teasing our slaves.  She laughs and says who me.    They all smile.   Are they yours master mike asks as he points to the asians.   She said yes.   We just caught them.    They are all for sale.   Hmmm, master mike says, what do you think honey do want to get a male and female asian slave.    Mistress says, come on honey, we need to train these three first, we havent even had a whole day with them.   

Mistress says we all lost weight and look bad.  Master mike says honey they have been caged up like animals for three weeks, what do you expect.   Tamilia says, they are animals what is the difference.   And they smile.   Tamilia asks how was the trip.  They say wonderful.  But it is good to be back.  

Master throws into the cage handcuffs, shackles, and chains.  He tells us to shackle our legs up, cuff our hands in front, and then attach the chain to all our shackles.     We do as he says.   He says you all really fucking smell.   He says he will let us out and bathe us if we apologize for smelling up the dungeon like animals.    We do as he asks.    He laughs and opens the door.    We are told to crawl on all fours to the washing area.    We comply.    As the younger slave girl crawls out, Mistress grabs her hair and says, hi sweetie, once you are washed and fed, you will be come to our room, you are sleeping with me tonight.   Well, I dont know about sleeping but you will be licking my pussy for many hours tonight.     The young slave crawls to the washing area.   

Master then hoses us down like animals.   Making us spread our ass cheeks, laying on our smikeach and spreading our legs, they give us one toothbrush no toothpaste, one small bar of soap,  three razors, and shaving cream.     I am told to shave the older sisters head clean as well as the rest of her, she then does me then we both do the younger slave.    Although she is still permitted to keep her head hair.

Once we are cleaned we are led out of the dungeon to a room none of has ever been to before.  There are a couple tables.  One of which sits the three black dominants who brought in the asians. 

They are eating a nice big meal, everything is there.  Our smikeachs growl.      One of them yells out to Master hello.  Master says hello and leads us to kitchen area.  We crawl, naked, chained together like animals.   Master chains us off to a railing and walks away.   About five minutes later he comes back with a huge tray of food.   Mash potatoes, fresh mixed vegatables, cooked fish, cooked meat, a couple slices of chocolate cake, enough to feed all three of us for a couple meals.   He places the tray in front of us, but out our reach.   He laughs when we all three try to get to it but are pulled back by our collars.        He then takes off.  Ten minutes goes by.      In comes Master again, this time with a tray with three compartments.   He puts in front of us removes the lids and it is liquids, one milk, one apple juice, the other some type of punch.

Again he puts it out of our reach.   He stands there smiling staring at us.    He then asks if we are all going to behave and fully submit, and accept our fate that the rest of our lives we live in this house as their total slaves.    We all get a little sad, but we all say yes.    He then states, fantastic.   Walks over to us pulls out his huge cock and says, all three of you come on right now start licking my cock.  We do as we are told, although, the older sister is most reluctant.  

After a few minutes of licking his hard cock he unhooks me those two pulls me up, bends me over the table and proceeds to fuck my ass dry , the initial couple thrusts were incredibly painful but it eased up a bit.  He fucked me as I was bent over facing the two naked chained girls.  I felt very humiliated and submissive, but there was nothing I could do.   This was my new life.   Right before he cums he pulls out of my ass, slams me to the floor and tells me to lay face down.     Then walks over to the youngest girl, grabs her by the back of her head, and says I took your ass last time, now it is your mouth, suck it you fucking whore, it was the first time she sucked cock.   He made so much fun of her.   Telling her that any decent white whore slave knows how to suck cock, now do it better bitch or none of you eat.   She starts to suck and slurp after about ten minutes he pulls out grabs her sisters collars shoots his load all over face.   He yells for me to crawl over, I do and he tells me to lick and eat all of his cum off her face, then clean his cock.   He chains me back to where I was.   Tells us all to move back as he pushes the two trays with his foot within our reach.   After a minute, he says, do not begin until I say so, you have 15 minutes, use your mouths only no hands except to keep the trays from moving.       Eat animals.    He watches, smiling like laughing at what pathetic shits we must have look liked.    It was our first decent meal in almost 3 weeks.   About five minutes pass, we are all engrossed into eating and slurping down the food like the animals they have made us into when all of sudden Master pisses all over the food and our heads.   The older girl starts to cry, but we all keep eating.       Master says, you three are disgusting fucking pigs.     And walks away.   About two minutes later Master comes in with those three other male black dominants.    They laugh at us.   Call us names.    And leave. 

When we are done.  Master comes in.   Unhooks the young girl from us two picks her up, places handcuffs on her back, sticks a vibrator up her ass, turns it on, gives her sister duct tape and tells her to tape it in there good, turns her around grabs her virgin snatch, then kisses her hard all the while you can see his fingers going in her tight little pussy, then releases her tells her what a hot little piece of pussy she is and how is looking forward to taking her virginity away from her while her sister licks his asshole.    He looks at the older sister, puts his fingers in front of her face that are still wet from the young girl and says lick them bitch, the girl sucks his fingers clean.   He says, I hope you liked the taste, cause after I pop this whores cheery, you are going lick my cock clean and then suck my cum out of her pussy.      You fucking bitch.     With that, he pushes the young girl on her knees, puts nipple clamps on her and then pulls on her leash, and he walks out with her scrambling trying to keep up on her knees, as they go off, you see her fall and he just drags her like an animal.    The older sister starts to cry again.  

We are left there for over an hour.   We both have to go to the bathroom.    Then walks in those three black guys again.   One of them says did they forget about you bitches.   The other says maybe they are abandoned and they are here for any body to fuck.    Hmm, the one says.  The cunt is a hot little thing.  Like at that sexy little white whore body.   But she is bald the other one says, and they laugh.   Who wants to fuck a bald bitch.    She puts her head down low, and the one says, so how do you like your life as a slave.   And he comes up to my face and says I am talking to you punk.   You are the one that came here on your own.   Good decisions, you stupid fucking piece of shit.   And he kicks me.   I do nothing.   What a fucking pussy the other one says.   I say nothing.  Yep, just like all whites, just a fucking cocksucking wimp.   With that Mistress walks in.   The one dominant says to Mistress that they just walked in here to go to the other room and he heard me say something under my breathe like here comes those assholes again.   Mistress looks at me and says did you say that bitch.  I respond no my superior black owner.   She says then are you calling a black dominant a liar.   No my superior black owner.    You fucking dick.  I ought to let these guys take you out in the next room strap you down to the table and give you a whipping you will never forget.   I put my head down.     The one says, I only knew of one slave who ever called a dominant a bad name and he was severely whipped.     And this thing is still an animal not even a slave.     Mistress comes over, unhooks my leash.   Tells me to stand, handcuffs me behind my back and pushes me to my knees and hands the leash to one of the black dominants.    She says,

you have 20 minutes to whip him.   Dont fuck his ass or mouth okay, just whip him for calling you an asshole.    They laugh and say no problem Mistress.

He does not even tell me to cum, he just pulls on my leash, I try to crawl on my knees to keep up.   We get through the doors and there about 20 people in the room.  Probably about 14 blacks very nicely dressed.   And about six slaves of all colors, very attractive.  The blacks are standing or sitting having cocktails talking.   The slaves are all naked but for a collar, and either being used to hold their owners drink, or as a chair, or foot rest.     I only notice two other whites.  Both female.  They are both attractive, the one has a big tatoo across her upper chest that reads.  White Whore Slave for Blacks Only.        Her nipples are clamped.   She is kneeling next to an extremely attractive older looking black woman.   The three guys walk me over to those two.   And ask if they can borrow her bitch to tie me too while they beat my ass with the floggers they picked up off a table.   The woman says, go ahead.      They laugh and say cool, this faggot has been forever restricted from being with a woman, so having him tied up to her as we beat his ass, thighs and back will be so much hotter.     Then laugh.       They have me stand up next to her then proceed to wrap this roll of rope around us until we are like one.   She smells and feels so good.     I start to get excited.   They take us to the middle of room and announce that I am about to be beaten.

One holds us in place as the other two stand at either side of me holding thick leather quirts.   Someone in the back yells out, show that white motherfucker why blacks rule.  The first black dominant swings and hits my ass forcing me into the girl, then the second dominant black master swings and hits the top of my thighs and testacle, I scream in her hair as we rub together.   The black dominant holding me is laughing.   The other two dominant males continue for at least 10 minutes and probably landing at least 25 very hard quirts each.  I am in tears, I would fall to the ground but for the dominant male holding us in place.   I am trembling.   The crowd loves it.  There are about 15 black dominants and slaves circled around us.  I can not believe this happening when I did nothing.    With that, Master comes walking through the room with the his 19 year old whore crawling behind.  Master states, what is going on.   Then in walks Mistress with Mistress Tamilia.    Master walks over to me and demands to know what is going on.   Mistress comes over and explains. 

Mistress Tamilia whispers something into Masters ear.  He becomes furious.   He walks over to the three dominant males and tells them to come with him and Mistress Tamilia and Mistress Keisha.     They talk for a bit leaving us tied up and putting the 19 year old whores leash in my mouth to hold.       When they come back, nothing is said.   I am untied.   Master tells me to lay flat on the ground on my smikeach and kiss each those black dominants feet and thank them for their whipping.    Master hot ties me, puts a handle under my arms and he and Mistress carry me upstairs.   While Mistress Tamilia pulls the 19 year old whores leash upstairs as well.

I am taken to a spare bedroom upstairs and placed on the floor next to the bed and told that Mistress Tamilia will be in to look after me.   I am left naked on the floor hogtied trembling from the beating I just endured.     About 10 minutes later, Mistress Tamilia walks in, does not even acknowledge me.   Goes to the bathroom, changes her clothes and lays in the bed and turns on the news.   I surmise it about 11pm or so.    About 20 minutes later, Mistress comes in and sits and talks with Mistress Tamilia.    My Mistress tells Tamilia that she is very upset about what happened and did not know the reputation of those dominants.   Mistress Tamilia apologizes for bringing them in their house.    It is agreed that those dominants will leave mikeorrow with all eight of the asian slaves.   And everyone that Master and Mistress came home with will be gone in two days as well.    Mistress Tamilia decides to spend a couple more days.      I am laying there having no idea that my owners estate was so large.   I know what they said but still, they must be very wealthy.     Mistress states that her and Master planned on chaining me up while their friends were here and orally service all the dominants  and be fucked in the ass by all the black males as well.    Mistress states, yes, it will need to be gang raped soon. 

I am kept in Mistress Tamilia room for the next 6 days.   For at least 16 hours a day, I am simply kept in a small cage in the corner.   The other times I am orally servicing this very sexy dominant black Mistress.  She is 44 years of age.  5'9" 125lbs and very classy.     On the 7th day.   I wake up to find that Mistress Tamilia went home.     At which time Cunt comes in room and says surprise as she walks over and fetches me out of the cage.   I go to speak and she tells me to remain silent or Master will hurt me.  And giggles and says I am surprised you are still alive.    The only difference in her is that she in large red letters tattooed on her forehead her name, Cunt.    She pulls me out of the cage attaches a leash and pulls me out of the room as I crawl behind her.   It has been a month since I have seen her and she looks as pretty as ever.    She takes me into Master and Mistress bedroom and padlock my collar to an eye hook on the floor in the corner.  Telling me I am to remain on my knees.      About 3 hours or so later, Mistress comes in unhooks me, pulls me onto the bed and has me orally service just her anus for several hours, until she falls asleep.    Master comes in and sees me laying next to Mistress and tells me to suck his big cock as he watches the news.   I eagerly comply, giving my Master the best blow job ever, he goes nuts and actually cums twice.   He even lets me nap at the next to the bed.       I do not see the girls and wonder how they are.    With that, Cunt crawls in and informs our owners that dinner will be ready in 20 minutes and that everyone will be present as requested by Mistress and Master.    Master tells cunt to take me down and hose me down and bring me to dinner.  

She comes over, attaches a leash and pulls me, no words are spoken as I know I am to follow on my hands and knees.   I am taken to the dungeon, blindfolded and hosed down, shaved.   I swear I hear multiple voices.   I am cuffed behind my back, ankle restraints put on with only a 2 inch chain.  A chain is attached to the cuffs to the ankle chain and another from the cuffs to my collar.    A spreader bar is placed in my mouth forcing my mouth wide open.   And another collar over the collar I am wearing.   The chastity device is removed and replaced with a rope tied around my testacles attached to the ankle restraints.  I feel at least 15 clothes pins placed on my cock.   A chain is attached to the neck collar as well as the ankle chain, and then another for both.   I can feel friction and movement as I stand there.   It feels as if my neck collar chain is attached to someone in front of me as well as behind me, and the same for the ankle restraints.  It is erirely quiet.    After about 30 minutes standing there I hear the huge metal dungeon doors open.  And hear heels, at least four pairs enter or walk by me as I feel a pull on my collar and a little swat on my ass so I move forward.   I hear all kinds of chains on the floor and about.   I do not know, but think I am chained together in a line with other slaves.     We are marched through the house to the main dining room where I was brutally beaten just a week before.   Before we are led in the room, I am forced to my knees, told to keep my head straight ahead and stare at the naked ass in front of me and not look around at all or else I will be taken out of the line and taken outside to the lake and drowned and my blind fold is removed.    I completely obey.  Just from my vision ahead of me I can see at least 3 other slaves ahead of me.   I do not recognize the slaves ass in front of me. 

With that a voice yells out that there are 19 slaves attached in this line.  We are told to remain calm and that when taken in the room we are crawl on our knees and keep the space between each of us and told not to look around.    We are marched, on our knees, in the room, I can feel many eyes on me but dare not look around.    When lead in we are each individually separated and attached in a standing position to eye hooks attached to our collars, handcuffs and ankles.  We are spread at least 2-3 feet apart.  A voice commands that slaves may look around.      The room looks different as there is a main table with a buffet table in the back.   At the main table seated at each head of the table are Master and Mistress, Mistress Tamilia is there, so is Master Derrick, and two other black male dominants and three other female dominants, for a total of nine black seated dominants.     I see who has been the voice of the slave line  and it is a rather large black male at least 6'8" 300lbs dressed in an all black leather outfit.  Surrounding the slave line are 4 other blacks dressed in similar outfits all males and all strong and big looking all at least 6'6" 250lbs, carrying canes with all kinds of equipment attached to their belts.  I want nothing to do with any of them, especially any thing to do with their bad side.    They are very scary looking.     On the other side of the room by the buffet table are standing six very attractive women dressed in serving outfits.  However, their breasts are exposed and apron only covers the front of them, not their ass, they are wearing 5 inch heels and dressed exactly the same and wearing the exact type of collar.   There appears to be 2 asians 3 hispanics and 1 white.   Their complete attention is tending to the seated dominants needs.       We can not see who is in the kitchen, but assume there are cooks.    It is quite elaborate and fancy.     It is hard to see who the other 11 slaves are.  

After a few minutes, Master stands and begins to speak.     Master basically starts to speak and begins by thanking every one for coming.    He starts by addressing the slaves and informs every one what is going on.     Master states that in the last couple months there have been many changes made within the society.  That they have reached their maximum of 150 members and exceeded their endowment goal and decided upon a limit to the number of registered slaves.   And that all slaves now must be registered for control and inventory purposes.    With all the changes within the society and the fact that He and Mistress have decided to fully retire all their business interest and just enjoy what they have.    He and Mistress have been thinking of this time and talking about it for 15 years, but got caught up with things and decided it is time to institute their dreams.    

Master states he and Mistress desire to have a home base with a complete self contained slave staff and also to travel extensively and take certain travel slaves.    And due to the fact the majority of slaves are usually abducted limiting what slaves can be taken out of the home.  

The 19 slaves attached to the side wall are the slaves who will be trained to be part of family and all have been assigned certain roles.    I will introduce each of you individually in a moment.  First I want to introduce the Superiors who have assisted Mistress and I with making our dream come true.  

At the table are of course is my beautiful wonderful wife, partner, bestfriend and world, Mistress Keisha,     Also is Master Luke and Mistress Cris who provided the catering, kitchen staff of four slaves in the kitchen and our six sexy little waitresses.  Thank you, I am sure the food will be wonderful and the service has been great so far.     Master Derrickwants to know if any those waitress slaves are availble for his use.  What, oh, and if they are going to all strip at the same time for us and display their privates for us.    Master Luke states, yes, when all those 19 slaves are taken away, and it is just us at this table, I will have all six of them, strip and display their holes for us.    And if you want to fuck one of them before we leave tonight, you are free to take one in a private area and fuck her like the whores they are.   And please cum in her and when you bring her back, I will have another one lick and clean your cum out of her hole.   We will all enjoy that.   If our hosts approve of course.   We approve, states Mistress Keisha, only if I get to take the first pick and have one of those hot cunts suck my pussy for 30 minutes while I watch Master Derrick fuck the whore he picks.   That is fine with us.  

Some of you know the classy Mistress Tamilia.   She has been invaluable to making this a reality.  She will have access to the guest house 1 for the year and a half or so and oversea and supervise all slave protocol along with Master Derrick.    Each of you slaves will spend time in their presence answering and discussing what they ask while being completely naked bound in a very humiliating demeaning way.  Slaves will report to either of them once every ten days for a 1-5 hour period for evaluation. Both have complete access to every part of all slaves, if contrary to any thing else stated, this is applicable.  All slaves may be punished humiliated or degraded by these two.  Both of these dominants have been friends of ours for many years and we trust they will respect our wishes.  They both have outside lives and   will be away at times.    They both will bring their personal slaves if they choose.   These slaves will have no interaction with the 19 slaves.

And new to most if not all of you is the gorgeous Mr. and Mrs. Slain.   These two have graciously agreed to spend the next two years living in the large guest house and will primarily responsible for keeping the estate in order during this transition period.     Again, it is planned that two of the 19 slaves will be assigned this position upon their departure.    Dungeon controllers will report directly to these two.    They will bring 4 of their personal slaves.   These slaves will have no interaction with the 19 slaves.    Both are former models who are very good looking.     And I have seen their slaves.   And as you would have guessed they are extremely hot too.   3 girls one boy.    

Most of you are familiar with Mistress Hasty.   Actually two of the 19 slaves were purchased from Mistress Hasty just last month.   Mistress Hasty will take care of any major slave attitude issues.   We are hoping her services will not be needed, but with 19 slaves under consideration the odds at least 1-3 of you will taken to her house to correct any issues.    For those of you who know her, she is tiny in stature, but is well known as one of the best effective disciplinarians in all of the society.   All slaves will also report to her once calendar month for the administration of any and all punishment, degradation, or humiliation earned during the month.  A group of 6-7 slaves will be delivered Hasty Hall accompanied by a dungeon Master once a month.   All slaves will be  naked, chained together, with each of their monthly discipline charts taped to their back.     We trust Mistress Hastys judgment for the severity, duration, and all that applies to this type of service.    All of the 6-7 slaves taken to Hasty Hall will be present and  watch the other slaves being disciplined. Mistress Hasty chooses the order.    

And finally, but certainly not least, at over 300lbs himself with a staff averaging over 265 lbs of black superior muscle is  Master Jake and  his security staff.   For gathering and escorting the slaves in.  He is the 6'8" guy.   He waves.    I want to thank his staff, those four men back there that I am pretty sure every slave attached to that wall is hoping dont get mad at them.   The dominants laugh, I agree.    Along with the two other very strong Mistresses who are equally capable of slave control.   I could not see them before, but they are dressed the same as the men and look just as scary.   Both are at least six foot and muscled.         There  will be three black superiors from Master Jakes security company who will spend the next two years living in the dungeons.    It is planned there will be two males and one female, all very dominant experienced dungeon Masters and Mistresses and although not members of the society, the slaves will obey them as if they are.  They will be responsible for the dungeon and movement of slaves throughout the estate and elsewhere.  They will administer the majority of formal punishments, assignment of slave quarters within the dungeon and things of that nature.     After two years, we will decrease this to one superior male and the one superior female.    All of the slaves will become intimately involved with these dominants.  So let me introduce you to them.  First is Dungeon Master Whip, who is 32 years of age, 6'6" 280lbs, with over 12 years dungeon experience, and an 11 inch cock which all 19 slaves will be mouth fucked with while being suspended by their ankles upside down.    Second is Master Pain who is 43 years of age, 6'5" 295lbs of pure muscle with 8 years of dungeon experience and again, each slave will be mouth fucked by his whopping 12.5 cock.   And the lovely Mistress Stern.   At 6'1" 170lbs former all american track star, slaves will not want to be at the wrong end of her cane very often.   She has a reputation, along with Mistress Hasty, as one of the most effective respected disciplinarian.   Of all the three, I have been informed she is the one a slave most does not want to have on its bad side.          These three will play and integral part of how this all works out with the slaves as they will be with and encounter the slaves on a day to day basis..  Master Jake will stop by regularly and supervise generally.  

These dominants will live full time every day of their assignment in a room that has been built attached to each of the two dungeons.       Master Pain and Master Whip will also have living in their quarters their favorite female slave who will have only one  interaction with any of the 19 slaves or leave their quarters the entire time of contract.    The only one interaction is that any one of the slaves may be required to suck Master Pain or Master Whips cock along side their live in bitch slave, with approval by the Sterns.     Their slaves have no control or say as to the 19 slaves. 

The Dungeon.   The old Dungeon will be closed and remolded.   When you exited prior to coming here that was the last time any slave will see the dungeon.

We have built two state of the art dungeons located on property with every thing needed or wanted for slave training.   They are impressive.      We decided to split up the slaves by gender.   The female slaves will be housed in the north dungeon and the male slaves in the south dungeon.  With races separated accordingly as to each individual cell location.      The cunt dungeon is over 3200 square feet with on the west side attached by an outside exposed 35 foot long hall way, is an 800 sq ft open room building   to be used for certain punishment, humiliation and degradation slave training.  This building is named after our friend Mistress Hasty.   And is Simply known as Hasty Hall.  A slave will not want to spend too much time in there as for the only reason for being there is for slave correction, however, all slaves will report monthly, no exceptions.  And on the east side of  cunt dungeon is an attached by double spaced 10 ft entrance hall is a  1900 sq ft Cunt Dungeon Mistress quarters where Mistress Stern will reside.   She has one male slave she will bring with her, who only duty is as her full service toilet slave and will only be kept in her bedroom bathroom chained naked in the toilet area.   She has had this creature for 5 years, and for over 3 years straight has never been more than 3 feet from her private toilet, where he is currently chained naked.        This slave will never interact with any of the 19 slaves, however, Mistress Stern will permit any black dominant for one time use it as their toilet if they never did this and  want to actually experience it.  She boast she has not bought toilet paper in over 5 years.   And that feeding it is very inexpensive, he drinks from the toilet and she throws a loaf of bread in once a week and that it is, And just to let every one know how dominant our lovely dungeon Mistress is, without his consent or knowledge or letting him know before hand, she had her toilet slaves legs amputated from above the knee down, had all his teeth removed, castrated him and has his balls framed hanging in the bathroom where he is kept.     Talk about putting a white bitch slave its place and showing who rules.     What a gal.         The male dungeon is identical in design and set up with 2300 sq ft but with two 1600sq ft dungeon master living quarters.   In the middle      The dungeon Masters and Mistress will be solely responsible for dungeon slave duties and rotation and such.   In the dungeons, there will be certain dungeon upkeep slaves, a slave responsible for washing slaves etc.        After dinner, the slaves will be escorted to their respective dungeons.  All cells have already been assigned.    No slave is permitted in this main house without express permission.    On the bed in each cell is a 406 page booklet on every thing the slave will need to know for being a slave.   Slaves will not rotate cells.  This is permanent.    Only very rare extra ordinary conditions will warrant a rotation.    There is a reason we assigned each slave to each cell.  As each cell is unique in some way.      All are equipped with 24/7/365 multiple video and audio monitoring.   There is no privacy in the cells or dungeons at all.   Every thing is recorded.  Even the cells with toilets are recorded.   We will, if we dont already, know everything about each slave.    

Mistress and I have designed all cells and all of the 19 slaves have been inspected and approved by us.   We do not intend to obtain any additional slaves for the next ten years.  We are hoping for a high retention rate but understand there will be attrition among the slaves for many reasons.   If a slave is dismissed, the slave will either be sold to the society as an administration slave or executed.  No other exceptions.   And we all know, being a society administration slave is so extreme that the longest a slave ever survived there with being killed in the 18 years of inception is 14 months. 

Restrictions to power of dungeon Masters and Mistress are set out in your slave manuals. There are not many at all, but the slaves are not the personal sexual slaves of the controllers, the slaves belong to Mistress and I, and the majority are only to be used sexually by us.   All the controllers are bi, but primarily interested in the opposite gender.    Any anal penetration must be approved by Mistress or I, as well as female vaginal penetration, except for those slaves that are not restricted. There is a list in the manual.  Everything is in there, I probably should stop.     

I will introduce the slaves, a bio of each is not provided in the slave manual, but has been provided to all black dominants.

This will give the slaves a chance to see their fellow brother and sister slaves, as this may be the only time some of you are in the same room or are able to communicate ever again.   I will call out a slave, Master jake will display the slave as I briefly comment and the slave will be taken to the next room and chained to the floor until all slaves are in there.  At which time the slaves will be given this one last opportunity to speak freely amongst themselves with out restrictions for three hours, before they are individually taken to their respective dungeons and locked in their last home they will ever know, their cell.   

We have great diversity of slaves.   There are 13 females and 6 males, ranging from age 12 to 24, with one being 37.   With the majority being in the 18-20 age range.  All slaves will be displayed completely naked only wearing their shock collar to give every one a full view of the slave.    All slaves will be displayed for all dominants as well as other slaves view.    Females will bend at the waist and open their vagina and assholes for display, the males will display their cock and balls and bend and display their assholes. 

And for you slaves who notice discrepancies in appearance.   Within this week, all slaves will be always kept hairless, except eye brows and lashes.   All slaves nipples, nose, tongue in two places, and females labias and clit and male penises and scrotum will be pierced.  All will wear a shock neck collar.  All slaves will be tattooed on the top of their left foot and inside botmike lip.   The foot one will read “Owned Slave Property of the Collins”   The lip will have their given slave name.    And all slaves will be branded on their right butt cheek with the society insignia, as all society slaves are.   And also will be branded with our personal brand, behind their right ear with “Keisha” and left ear with “Mike”.    On Friday, all 19 slaves will be given new slave collars that are basically permamently attached around their neck with state of the art material and equipment.          All slave collars are shock collars, have the slaves name stamped on it,  a sensor which will be activated if the slave crosses the estate property line inflicting a 10 shock for one minute with out stopping, are expandable for growth of slave, has built in loop for attachments, are matched up with slaves skin collar, can be controlled by any dominant living on the estate from any where on the estate, a gps tracking device, which can be monitored by a computer in the main house, both guest house and both dungeons.   

And some slaves will have personal tattoos identifying their primary duty trained in.   For instance you may see. “I suck black cock”   Slave to blacks, things like that.

In no particular order.

  1. Slave Crystal - she is 19 years of age, 5'1" 103 lbs green eyed and white.  She was abducted from her home 4 months ago and has been exclusively trained by Mistress Hasty up until about 8 days ago.   We have only spent a few hours with her.    She will be exclusively an estate slave.   Her pussy and asshole are off limits for penetration.  No restrictions on her mouth.   Mistress Hasty indicates this slave still has many attitude issues that will be need to be dealt with.  

  1. Cunt - every one knows her, lol.  She is our longest lasting slave.   Over 5 years.  She will be the personal assistant to Mistress Stern in cunt dungeon.    All the dominants know her, and the slaves will get to know her, especially the cunt slaves.  She will be both an estate slave as well as travel and errand slave.    22 years of age, 5'2" 109 lbs.  All her holes are available to all female superiors.   Her mouth and asshole to all male dominants.

  1. Slave Wimp - 5'9" 175lbs,    6 inch cock.  White. And may be used in any manner by any dominant.     He will be primarily assigned all the most menial tasks on the estate.    He will never leave the property again.  His cock is never to be used for penetration.   He will be trained to deep throat both dungeon masters. All holes available to all dominants.


4-5        Our newest acquisitions - purchased from Mistress Tamilia.     Asian twin girls. 

       Both are 17 years of age, the second one is a virgin.   Their collars will always be attached

while on the estate.   They may be assigned certain travel duties.    They are completely trained in almost every way.    Mistress Tamilia owned them both for 3 years.    They both will primarily used as the primary house maids.      They have been assigned one of the only two cells for two slaves.   They are not available sexually to anyone but Mistress and I.  None of their holes shall be penetrated.   They both will be quartered in the main house slave 2 room at times. 

6,        Slave Cook - 5'4" 164lbs, female.   37 years of age, our oldest slave.  She is the cook.   She will be quartered and chained in the kitchen.   She will never leave that area.   She is permitted one assistance per month, done on rotation basis.  The only thing she has a say in is what to purchase at grocery store.  The first day of every season, she will be permitted one male slave for 1 hour to use sexually.    Only Mistress and I will discipline this cunt.  

7.        Slave Cocksucker - (ME)  this is my personal cocksucking slave.  We acquired this slave about 5-6 weeks ago.   He will strictly be an estate slave, but may qualify for travel.     He will be spend the majority of his time in the main house slave 1 room. His holes are off limits to all.    5.8 inch white mans cock.   He will be kept in chastity at all times.    He will never penetration a woman with his cock.   His mouth is available to any male dominant 9 inches or over, no anal oral with males.    He is a full service oral slave to women.   His life will primarily consist of performing oral to dominants, as well as being an assistant to any main house slaves, such as cook, clean, etc.      No approval of punishment, humiliation needed for this bitch.   He will have the smallest cock dungeon cell.   

8, 9.        Slave mistress  licker and white whore.

They are sisters.   Slave Mistress  licker is 17, white,  the only slave permitted with head hair, will be quartered almost full time in our bedroom.    She is 5'2" 103 lbs.  Vagina virgin.    She will never be penetrated by cock in her vagina and her ass.    She is not available for any non approved play of any kind.    She has been provided a small cunt dungeon cell.   She was abducted and purchased from Mistress Hasty after less than 24 hours. 

       Her overly protective sister is 19.   She was Mistress personal pussy licker but was dismissed and is only kept because she is the sister of slave mistress licker. 

       She is a very attractive, 5'2" 105lbs, white whore.     She is an estate slave only.  She will        

Perform menial cunt tasks and is available to frequent sexual use by any dominant.   Particular public double or triple penetration, but not in site of her sister.    She will be quartered in cunt dungeon and may be used by Mistress Stern always.   And with prior approval at least once every two months she should be taken to cock dungeon and her holes spread open and fucked or clean every cell naked. Every male slave is required to fuck all her holes and cum in them, one on the first day of every month.  

Spread your cunt lips more for every one you fucking white whore.  Fucking white people.  As much as Mistress hate and dispise them, it turned out that the majority of the slaves are white.

10.        Errand boy and Errand Girl - These two are the only slaves granted access to a vehicle and  ability to complete off estate errands.    Both are 21 years of age and will be provided a uniform to wear when off the estate.  They will report directly to the Dominant Sterns.  Their every movement will be highly regulated and monitored.   When not running errands, these two will be the personal house cleaners to the Dominants Sterns as well as the other dominant house.   They will be required to spend a minimum of 2 hours a day cleaning the main house, they will clean wearing only the shock collar, chastity devices, a 5 inch butt plug taped in their slave ass,  ankles attached to a four inch chain, and an open mouth spreader bar.    

      Master Jake please bring up the next 3 slaves.   All these slaves were recently acquired at slave auction within the last 2-3 weeks.   All these slaves are unavailable to others for sexual purposes until Mistress and I fuck them first.  

  11-12  They have not been named and duties not fully set out.   

       The first two are hispanic brother and sisters.   As you can see they are very hot latinos.        

At first, Mistress and I will use these two sexually.   The girl is 18 5'6" 121lbs, with an exceptional 38/22/34 body.      The bitch boy is 17 and very fit at 5'8" 157lbs.  They both will be kept in the main house slave room 3 for the next few months and then both moved to their respective dungeons.   They both will tend to any of the estate grounds duties.  They will directly report to the Sterns and be supervised by Master Stern while on the grounds.   They will tend to the pool, mow the lawns, rake leaves, clean the roofs, paint on the outside, tend to the barns, etc.    As applied to the estate four legged animals they will report to Master Derrick who will supervise all animals. 

13.        Chauffer slave - This extremely sexy 5'10" 130 lbs, double d, white cunt will be the chauffer, for all dominants.   She will be given a uniform.   She will be quartered in the garage and be responsible for all garage and vehicle upkeep, including vehicles used by errand slaves.  

14.        Baby Slave -  - she was abducted 3 weeks ago by Master Derrick and given to us as a present.   She is 14.   White, 5'0" 95lbs, virgin. Extremely pretty and sexy and sweet.  Tons of potential.   Totally overwhelmed and terrified right now.     She will be kept exclusively in the main house slave room 1 with slave cocksucker.   

15.          These next two were acquired by Mistress Hasty and given to us as a present.   They are completely consensual slaves with no family or any one looking for them. The thoughtful  Mistress Hasty found these two off the internet 14 months ago, and trained them with the thought of giving them to us as a gift for when we finally decided to do this undertaking.

They are best friends.   Both white females.  Both 16 years of age.   Very cute.  5'3" 108lbs, and 5'2 103lbs.   Completely trained.     They will live in the main house slave room 3.   We have not decided their duties as of yet.   Mistress just brought them tonight, they still have their bows on them.   

16.        Bitch boy - 17, abducted..   Master Jenkins picked up this hitchhiker   used it for a week, and delivered it to us 4 days ago.   He needs tons of training.  Very cocky.  Aggressive.  We are giving this bitch to the dungeon Masters to tame before we even let it in the main house.   This bitch needs beaten and broken and put in place.    Bitch is 6'2" 211lbs white bitch.   8 inch cock.  Before we leave tonight, I would love to chain him to a fucking bench and watch the dungeon Masters double fuck this bitch in front of us.   He just gave us the finger.   Hold him, I am going to break that finger..     Master walks over, three of the security masters hold him, until they have to taser him. And 10 shock him.                     Fucking  Bitch you will learn.    Fuck you      “Nigger”   Did he just call us niggers    I am going to fucking kill this white motherfucker.      Mistress Keisha asks the dungeon masters again, Are you two okay with double fucking him in front of us tonight?     Yes, we will do that for you Mistress.    Great, drag him  to Hasty Hall and chain him down to the fucking table, on his back, with his cock and balls tied up individually with 100 clothes pins on them, and I am going to beat his cock and balls as you two show this bitch that blacks are the superior race.       Mistress Hasty stands up and says, I am going with them to assist in chaining him up.      Master states, If it is okay with Mistress Keisha, then take him to cock dungeon, the fucking table there is much better.      Okay, that is fine.   I did not see that one yet.   Master states, it was just delivered and installed this morning.

17.       Asian Male slave.   5'6" 145 lbs, 5inch cock.      Given to us by Mistress Tamilia this morning.    Forced him to suck my cock that is it.   Offered no resistance.   Will reside in cock dungeon for general use.

18.          12 year old white girl.      She is a baby.   Her parents sold her to us three weeks ago.  She will be placed in cunt dungeon.    She will be trained and taught as a general slave.     She is white and from trash parents.    Mistress and I decided not to give her a chance because of her age, she if a fucking white cunt whore slave and that is how she will live.   She is a general slave.  Available for travel if trained.

19.        Present given to us from Master Tyrone and Mistress Denise Founders of the Society. 

       18 year old white cunt.    Delivered to us 3 days ago, with a note shoved in her mouth.   Note simply stated, in part, for Mistress and I to fuck her first, then put her to general use.   She will be quartered in cunt dungeon and be a general slave.    

It was nice of the black dominants to chain us in the room and permit us to talk.   Even though it was all recorded.    Chained next to me was baby slave.  She is only 14 but totally adorable.   I love her, she is so sweet.   My cock was straining in its cock cage the whole time.  I know I must have been dripping.    I know my owners will never permit us to be lovers, but I really want her.  I wish I could play.    It seemed for time since being captured, if only 40 minutes, that I was not a slave, as I could talk and smile freely.    However, that ended abruptly when Master Jake came in with the other 6 members of his security staff.  Damn, they did not have to be so cruel, we would had obeyed them regardless.    All I know, I was chained to floor like every one else not being able to raise my head more than 12 inches off the floor, talking to the sweetest girl chained right next to me, staring at her hot pussy the whole time, and chained to her as well as all the other the slaves, the furthest any one was from any other slave was no more than 8 feet the way they had the central chain running through all of us, we were completely defenseless and totally at their mercy, none of us would have offered any resistence.    we could not do anything as every one of had our hands chained behind our backs, shackled, with our collars chained to eye hooks in the floor, naked, but for the chains and collar.  We could have not did anything.     Damn, is this ever going to end.  I hate it here.  I thought I wanted to be a slave, but these people play for keeps.     

But no, those fucking bastards had to come running in, all fatigued out, wearing helmets, pads, the whole nine yards,, screaming at us,   their muscles buldging, unhooking the chain attaching us to the floor, quirts slamming into our bodies, cattle proding us in our privates, calling us degrading names, screaming at us, shocking our collars, kicking us with their big high boots, all the while grabbing the central chain attached to all slaves and pulling us like animals on the floor out the door, not letting any of us stand, every time someone trained to stand up or kneel, one of them would knock them down, it was totally brutal and not needed, and as they pulled us at the door, I could see they had the central slave chain attached to a jeep so we had no chance, and the door only permitted one slave to be dragged through at a time, causing us to get jammed up on the floor at the door, while two of them stood at the door area and brutally separated us so we could be dragged, once we were all outside we were dragged over a 20 foot concrete area, scrapping the skin off all of us, then they just kept going, dragging us over the grass, the girls were crying, the young girls did not know what was going on, every time one of us complained it was met with viscious, quick, and repeated pain or force.

Once away from the house and in the dark, we were pulled as a huddled mass of 18 slave bodies no larger than any of six feet away from the other, as they kept tightening the main slave chain in the process.    Then it just stopped, it was pitch black, no one knew where on the estate we were, all you could hear were slaves crying or moaning in pain,   then all of sudden these spotlights shined on us and about 7 huge rotweillers circled around us barking growling, it was terrifying, then to add to the horror, two big fire like hoses were sprayed on us, while a voice over a loud speaker, yelled at us to stop crying, telling us we need washed before being taken to our permanent homes and caged like animals in our confining cells.   Then the water stopped, it was freezing out there, then the main chain was lock around two huge trees, no one could move.   No one dared even tried at that point.  We were terrified, some of us were completely off the ground on top of the other slaves, I wonder if any of the girls were penetrated, one slave attempted to stand, only to have his legs violently cut from under him by several blows from long hard thick bamboo sticks, and the voice over the mega phone, screamed at us to submit and not move or attempt to resist or escape.    The voice continued yelling at us.   I was pulled up next to baby slave, she was crying hysterically.   I said it will be okay, and she said my whole arm is bleeding, they took my skin off when they dragged us over the contract.   What is going on, are they going to kill us.   I said no, it will be over soon, Master will not approve of this.  We are his property then can not abuse us like this.       We were left for the remainder of the night, with giant spot lights on us and dogs keeping us in place, as well as the occassional quirt or cattle prod, it was the longest scariest night of my life, I lied to baby slave when I said no they wont kill us, I had no idea, especially when I say Master and Mistress walk right over all of us stepping on us, as they stopped and asked when all the slaves will be caged in their designated slave space.     And Master Jake said we will start separating them when the sun comes out and individually take each one to its slave quarters and using a one inch chain. secure  it naked to the floor by its collar.  And as we close the door, just laugh at them and say welcome to your life.   They all laugh.    Master jake asks how the slave waitresses looked naked.   Mistress said they put on quite a show, and watching Master Derrick fuck one of them in the ass as her tits bounced all over, with one of them sucking my pussy, was awesome.  I could not believe the one Derrick slammed actually cried, all he did was fuck her in the ass in front of us calling her a fucking white whore and slapping her head.  Their owner was pissed, he told her she will be severely beaten when they got home, he dragged her by her hair and dragged her on the ground as his wife beat her with a whip.   They are fucking white cunt slaves, what do they expect, to have their chair pulled out for them.   They laugh.    I never realized how cruel and how much my owners hated us white slaves.  And how little they thought of us.   I thought they liked some of us.   I start to cry a little.

After about 3 hours of pure torment and panic, it got calm for a bit.  Some of us actually started to drift off to sleep, until our shivering from the 45 degree nighttime tempature woke us up, noone had a chance to get warm after being hosed down and let to air dry.  Then out of no where  we were awakened by the male guards standing around the circle of huddle chained trembling bodies and the two women guards standing in the middle of the pile bodies not caring if their high heels dug into our bodies or even went into a vagina or ass or mouth.   Then every one of them started to piss on us, laughing at us.   Saying wake up you fucking assholes, they keep laughing calling us piss slaves.  Asking us how does it feel to be our toilets.   Laughing at us.     This is terrfying.  3 of these motherfuckers are the one entrusted to supervise and maintain and control the dungeons were most of us will be caged up like animals at their total control, subject to their twisted will. This is not right, I want to escape.   I cant be caged up naked subject to these sadistic torture any time they want, these motherfuckers will just wake up in the middle of the night, and remove us from our cages or cells and abuse the hell out of us.  

They go away, laughing at us.   Saying things to each like they are not going to smell to good in about an hour, or hearing one of the designated dungeon Masters say, with all the slaves in the dungeon I will run, I will never use the toilet again, those fucking faggot male slaves, especially the white motherfuckers and going to be opening their mouth and drinking my piss every time, and then lick my cock clean of its piss.   I agree says another, if I was going to a dungeon master that is what I would do.  What the fuck else are they good for.     Most of the girls are crying, some scream, but it is only met with cattle prods to their breast, or being whipped, or us randomly being collar shocked.    After about an hour the piss drys and things go calm.   The lights are so bright, we are all shivering, it is so cold.   We are going be sick from the weather, you cant wet people down and keep them naked out in the cold like this.   I want so much to just put my arms around baby slave, but I can not even feel my hands they are so numb up around my back somewhere.   Some of us will be permentaly injured from this.    They dont care.   Not even our owners who I thought actually like some of us.   

It is starting to get light, thank goodness.   Then the mega phone comes on again.     Listen you fucking slaves, Your owner Master Mike wants to say something to you before we transfer you to your permanent individual slave cages and forever kept naked like the fucking animals slaves you are and will at most ever be treated.        The lights go out.  It is dark, except for the faint morning sun coming up.    Master states.   Slaves.   Yes, slaves.   That is what you are.   The only reason I did this to all of you instead of just walking you to your cages, is to remind you of what you are.   You are slaves.  Nothing but fucking slaves.    Some of you were getting to cocky, thinking we actually care about any of you or give a shit about you.    Even though you may be right that we may like and care about some of you, that will never mean that you are still not a slave.   I can do anything I want to any of you at any time.   I can sell you, I terminate you, I can whore your holes out for fucking, or rent you for beatings.  Anything we want.   You are our slaves.  We own you.  I hope this little exercise brought this back any of you that started to forget what you are and how at any time we can treat you.     And for the new slaves, oh fucking well, welcome to your new world you stupid pathetic slaves.  Especially you white motherfuckers.      You did not care about our ancestors when you took them from their families in Africa, chained them tight spaces, shipped them thousands of miles from their families, and sold them as property, and if they did not obey you simply just beat them or even killed them.    You fucking bastards.     Keeping you motherfuckers in misery and fear and slavery at our complete and total control is my way of showing our ancestors that they did not suffer for nothing.    And that it is our time to rule, the black race is superior.   We are stronger than whites and we demonstrate that often.   I obtained the three most sadistic strong white hating black dominants possible to run the dungeons.    This is how they want to treat you white motherfuckers every day.   And the slaves that are not white, too fucking bad, you are not black so fucking accept it slaves.     You are slaves.   And you young recently abducted ones, I am going to brutally rape your assholes with my 10.5 cock, and do it dry, not caring if I ripped your asshole apart or split you little bitchs in half, then I will stand above your crying trembling body and piss all over you and make you lick your shit and blood and my piss of my cock as I ram it down your fucking slave throats.     Then make you jerk yourself to climax in front of me.    

A lot has changed recently with how Mistress train and keep our slaves.    It is going to be different so the slaves who know us, the past was a stay at the four seasons compared to what it will be like now.     You are slaves and will be treated like slaves.  Get used to it or suffer or die, especially you white bastards, you had better obey every command with out hestitation or you will be treated like your ancestors treated my ancestors.   How would you like to be strung up to a tree in front of every one and whipped for just looking at your owners or worse yet killed.   Well guess what, that is what is going to happen here at our estate.   This is the 1700s in the deep south, the only difference is, whites are the slaves and blacks are the owners.     And if you think we are kidding, here are two examples.    Number one, Master Jake will you please have your guards pull a white male from this slave pile and tie him up to this tree, and make sure it is completely naked and tie him tight and be as rough as possible.      And as the guards do that, have your other guards drag that fucking racist punk slave that called us niggers last night and show these fucking slaves how we will deal with insubordination from all slaves, but especially white ones.   And nothing can happen to us.   Blacks rule.   We own you, we can do anything we want to you.   Drag that fucking white boys dead, cut up, bloodied body all over these not even worthy for us to piss on slaves and let them see.     With that two guards come in and unhook one of the male slaves, I think it is wimp slave.    Oh my god, they killed that kid, they are dragging his dead body all over us.  Master says, make sure that punks dead body is dragged over every one of these animals.  I want his blood smeared on all of them.   The wimp slave is pleading for mercy as they carry him to the tree and tie him up.     All us slaves are horrified.    When the wimp is tied up.   Master states, so how does it feel wimp.    To be tied naked to a tree in front of your peers, knowing you are just moments away from having your back whipped until it is split open and made into a bloodied mass, and it keeps going no matter how much you cry, all  just because of the color of your skin.     What?    Very scary my superior black Master.  Please, I understand , please show mercy.   LOL, how many times do you think my ancestors pleads for mercy fell on deaf ears.   LOL, payback time whitey.    Whip him until his back is split open bleeding in at least five places, and he can not hold himself up any more.    Master jakes takes the honors and proceed to beat him until he is bloodied and unconscious.       Fifteen minutes later, master states.  

Well, I think your naked slaves understand what you are and how you will be treated and understand that this is not a game and that this is your reality for the rest of your lives.   The best parting advice I can say to any of you pathetic slaves is to just obey your black superiors at all times, dont ever think again, just do what we say without hesitation.   It is the slaves that try to think for themselves rather than understanding your black owners and superiors will do all your thinking.    A thinking slave is a slave that suffers, an obeying slave is a slave that may earn privileges.     All of you are starting at the same place and status as we all start our new lives today.    You are animals.   That means you act like an animal and will be treated like an animal until you show us you are worthy of a privilege.    So, no talking.   The only sounds out of your mouths until you are granted higher status is to answer a black superiors yes or no question.  By barking like a dark once for yes and twice for no.    You will crawl on all floors.   You will be caged.  You will sleep on the floor in your cages.   You and your cages will be hosed down and washed like an animal.  You will eat off the floor or bowl like an animal.   You will eat only dog food.   I think you get the picture.  

I look forward to cumming in each of you very soon, until it is your turn, behave.   LOL. 

Master jake after you hose these animals down and clean them, I want your guards to deliver those two spic brother and sister we bought at the auction to my bedroom.   Please have them fully cleaned, totally naked , hog tied and placed on top of our bed.   Mistress and I are going shopping and want them both there to fuck and humiliate as soon we get home.   And yes, to make sure they are ready, taped a turned on vibrator up her anus and pussy and one up his ass.   And penis gag them both.   And blindfold them too.    My biggest decision is which I should fuck up the ass fisrt and cum in then make the other one lick and clean and swallow out my cum from the other.   LOL, Well, so much for surprises for our little new spic slaves to welcome them, to their new life, but hear is what they have to look forward today.  And that is having them both restrained vulnerable and helpless right next to each other, as I come in.     Nothing like breaking a male than by restraining him naked next to his naked sister completely  vulnerable waiting and helpless right next to each other, as I come in and brutally rape his sisters asshole right in front of him, all the while  degrading her by calling her names    then cumming in her  trembling ass, while her macho brother  helplessly watches not able to do anything, only knowing that when I am done brutally raping his sisters ass using it as nothing more than a fuck hole and cum depository knowing he will be forced to lick and clean his own sisters asshole out and eat cum from a dominant black male who is going to piss all over both of them before leaving and laughing at them telling him how pathetic he is and what a fucking pussy bitch he is and next time it will be his ass being fucked, but only after it is brutally caned.     

And Master Jake, since this is the last time some of your guards will be here, please feel free to be as brutal as you want as you hose these animals clean and then individually place them in their cages.  

After I am cleaned and hosed like an animal I am then placed into my new home, well a cage or cell, but for me it is now home.  I am kept locked in my cell for at least a week.  Every morning one of the Black guards comes to my cell and with his hand reaches into a pot and scoops up some mush and throws it on the floor of my cell for what is my only meal of the day.   I am able to drink when I want from the hose I have to suck water through that is attached to the back of the cell and the hole in the floor I am able to use as a toilet.    After about 7 or 8 days, Master Jake appears.   I almost forgot how big and scary looking he is.   He commands me to assume the position in which he is going to enter the cell and roughly take me out.   I am very scared as he is very forceful, he knows I will comply and obey, however, he is so sadistic and enjoys so much roughing white boys up.   

I kneel by the cell door expecting Master Jake to open the cell door, however, he just stands there looking at me.   I dare not look up as my head is bowed to the floor, but I know he is peering at me.   With that, Master Jake speaks and says in his very deep threatening voice, “well well well, what do we have here” I say nothing, I am starting to shake and tremble.  Master Jake laughs and says, look at you, you are shaking and I have not even did anything to you and laughs some more.    And says, well with a name like cocksucker you must like to suck cock, is that right.   I am not sure if I am to speak, I tremble, I have my hands interlaced behind my head and I very meekly and softly respond, “Yes My Superior Black Master”.   Master Jake then says go ahead bitch you are free to speak and tell me about it.    I respond by saying, “My superior Black Master Sir, please this cocksucker is so scared right now, this cocksucker presents itself to you and begs for your mercy and to please allow this cocksucker to pleasure you and very humbly, I start crying, begs My Superior Master not to hurt me to much, please Big Powerful Master Sir”.    

Master starts laughing.   It is okay to be scared boy.  You have watched me the last week or so completely humbling and putting each of slave boy in this dungeon is its place and taught that when in my presence the slave will mostly likely suffer massive amounts of pain.  I have saved you for last.

For only one reason and one reason only and that is because your Owner, Mistress Keisha, is my younger sister and she asked that I watch out for you as you will be delivered to their North Carolina Estate with in the next few months.       Oh my god I say to myself, as relief rushes through me.   However, Master Jake then states, but before you are shipped off, you must be outfitted with your permanent slave markings.     But before we get to that I want to know if you like to suck any cock or do you have a specific desire.   I am not sure if I am suppose to speak and remain silent, with that, Master Jake yells out as he starts to open the cell door, “you fucking faggot, when I ask you a question you fucking answer me you little white motherfucker” You want to fuck with me?   As the door flies open and Master Jake with his huge hands grabs my neck collar and picks me up then with his other hand grabs my cock and balls around the chastity device and pulls me out of the cage by my genitals.   He roughly pulls me across the room and slams me against the wall.   I almost fall down, however, Master then reaches over and takes off my chastity device and then again grabs my cock and balls and pulls me to the middle of the dungeon where all the slaves and guards have a view of what is going on.  I am scared to death that it is now my turn to be beaten until I need to be taken to the infirmary just like 12 of the last 14 victims we all witnessed the last week.    Once I am in the middle of the floor, master lets go of my genitals, just before I almost puke and pass out.  With that, Master commands the kneel submit position which I immediately assume.     Master then states, answer my fucking question now, then bends down and whispers in my ear and says, I dont care if you are my sisters personal property if you fuck with me I will hurt you make you feel pain like you never imagined possible.   With that, I begin to speak.  “ My superior Master Sir, sir, Yes Master Sir, this cocksucker only prefers to suck one type of cock and this cocksucker has never sucked cock until this cocksucker presented itself to its owners Master Tyrone and Mistress Kiesha a few weeks ago. When at that time, this little pathetic white male bitch was privileged with the honor of sucking cock for the first time by sucking on Master Tyrones big beautiful black cock, a real mans cock, not like this cocksuckers little useless worthless penis not worthy for any thing but torture and amusement to laugh at, then Master Tyrone also permitted this white cocksucking whore to suck on Master Derricks beautiful black cock.        So to answer your question my Strong Superior Dominant handsome Black Master Sir, this little cocksucking bitch only loves and craves and desire to worship and suck on and lick the only type of man who has a real mans cock and that is a cock attached to a male of the most superior race on all of the earth which that is of the Superior Dominant black male. 

I stop speaking.      Master states in a very soft soothing voice, I get it now why my sis likes you.  Do you?   Yes Master sir?   Then what is it?  It is because this cocksucker pleases Master Tyrone and is good for Master Tyrones penis which helps out Mistress Kiesha as they are husband and wife. 

Master Jake, for the first time he has done this to any us dungeon slaves since we have been under his supervision, walks in front of me so his crotch is right up against my face and grabs the back of my head and rubs his crotch on my face and mouth.   I feel his cock grow.  It is massive, bigger than Master Tyrone and Master Derrick.   Master Jake then asks me if I would like to suck his cock.   I respond immediately, as I know if I pleasure him, then it is much less likely that he will be the crap out of me.    So I respond, Yes my superior black Master YES, please use my mouth to worship your mighty black cock.    With that, Master states, well then bitch get to it, unzip my pants and pull out my cock with your hands and suck it like the little white male pussy faggot you are.    With that, I pull Masters pants down.   I begin by going under Master and licking his balls and taking them in my mouth.  I then proceed to lick his shaft and then go down on his Cock and give him the best blow job I know he has ever had.   He is definitely over 11 inches, but I have no way of telling.   I completely deep throat him so that every time I down the shaft his big balls slam into my chin and I just barely gag with each thrust.    As I am deep throating Master, he tells me to look up at him, which I do for the first time as I stare into his eyes as his whole cock is in my mouth and he holds the back of my head so I can not breathe looking up at him with pleading submissive teary eyed eyes, feeling more submissive than I have ever felt in my entire life.    After about what feels like an enternity, 30 minutes or so, Master lets out the largest cum load as I eagerly gulp it all up and eagerly lick his cock clean.    Master then tells me to keep my little white whore mouth open as he then pisses as I drink every drop.   When finished Master looks at me with a big smile and says, for a little pathetic white male bitch, you just pleased me well.      I feel so happy, however, in a few seconds, Master looks down and sees my cock and sees that it is rock hard.   Master then kicks me in my balls and screams, you little mother fucker, you are hard, what the fuck am I a fucking object for your amusement, I fall to ground in extreme pain and almost pass out.     Master Jake just walks away leaving me laying there in pain and fear.      After a couple minutes he returns and knees me on the back as he roughly and very tightly handcuffs my hands behind my back and then attaches leg irons to my ankles then attaches a leash to my neck collar and pulls me up to my feet by the leash.  I dare not speak.   When I stand, he towers over me.   He yanks on the leash and pulls hard, I submissively follow his lead..  


I am then taken into indoctrination room, where I am met by a variety of Black dominant Society memrs, not less than at least 8 indoctrination professionals, consisting of a medical doctor, blacksmith welder expert, brander, etc and others, both male and female.  They are all wearing very nice clothes and most of them are very attractive and or fit.   I recognize one of the females as a famous signer and one of the males as nfl football player and thinks one of them is actor.    No other slaves are permitted in this room.    Master and Mistress are also not present,   the lead indoctrinater am take over and I am  instructed to stand and present its pathetic white body for inspection, I am first  hosed down and bathed, I am then  completely shaved of all hair from head to toe except eyelashes, I am then  examined for medical conditions, I am  prod, all holes am  examined, weighed, height, cock measured, ball sack weighted, everything, all am  recorded in written form as well as by the cameras. the inspection and examination is performed to humiliate the I as much as possible, as the Superior Blacks am tease and laugh and yell at I as this is performed.  I am then receive five tattoos, the first tattoo am  placed at the center of my chest between my nipples which am  the si my new and permanent name.   In this case, Paul Jenkins   no longer exist, and I am now  known as “cocksucker”     The second tattoo is the insignia of the Black Society, placed at the center of i s back tween the shoulder blades.  The third tattoo am  placed two inches low i s lly button which am read “Property of Master Tyrone and Mistress Keisha”.  Then a small identification numr/letters are tattooed to the inside bottom of my lower lip.    The final tattoo am placed on the small of i s back which am read, “Masters Cock Hole” with a small line and arrow pointing to my  asshole.    

Next I am  branded on my right ass check with Master and Mistresses brand.   “MTMK”.

I  am then tied spread eagle standing up and limbs stretched as far as possible.   I  am then  pierced in the following places.   Each nipple, 2 on the tongue, one in the nose with a nice big wide loop to attach a leash lead, one on its ball sac, and one at the head of its penis and a final belly button one.    I am  released.


I am then  fitted my restraints which am  immediately permanently welded into place.  One around each ankle and wrists, each of these has three separate d loops on the outside. Slave then is fitted with and welded permanently into place a steel neck collar that also has en fitted with a shocking collaring device on the inside that is next to the skin of the neck.   The outside has 8 separate d loops attached.   Slave  is then instructed to kneel in the middle of the floor as all 8 or may even more Superior Dominant Blacks that I has just met, I has already spent four separate trips with Master and Mistress prior to  accepted for this live in full time live in position, i am told that I have 2 minutes to jerk off my little pathetic never to  used again with a woman tiny white penis if not then they tell him they will string me  up by my ankles to a tree branch outside and whipped until my lily white body is nothing but red, purple, blue and welted and left there for the night.    As I start, the Black Dominant Women start laughing and making fun of the size of i s white cock and tease I saying that I has a white mans cock and thank god they have get to play with a real mans cock, namely their black male partners.   And laughing telling me how my cock am never ever see pussy again.     Well, maybe, a dogs pussy and they all laugh.    A small 2 inch chain is attached to each nipple piercing loop, and one to the scrotum piercing with a small bell at the end of each chain so that it hangs down and jingles anytime the white male bitch moves, very humiliating and a constant reminder of its position.


slave quickly cums, the second slave cums, slave neck collar is shocked sending the slave to convulsions on the floor, as some of the Blacks yell at slave to lick up his mess.  slave complies.    Slave is then quickly fitted with a cb9000 chastity device with shocking mechanism and pin pricks inside, and the penis head peircing is pulled through the small hole at the tip of the chastity device and a small o loop is welded into place   at which time a very small thin chain is looped through it and then pulled up to slaves nipple clamps and inserted through both of the and then pulled and looped through the loop of slaves scrotum piercing then pulled back up and welded into place at belly button piercing.   

Next a lead leash is attached to the  nose ring, which is then attached to a small I hook on the floor and pulled up and tied back so slave is laying flat on my stomach with my face into the floor.     My ankle restraints are then attached with a one foot chain and padlocked into placed as well as slaves hands are violently forcefully pulled hind my back and attached very close together with a padlock, then a leather strap is tied tight around slaves elbows and pulled together tightly and lock off.    A blind fold is placed around me  eyes and padlocked tight hind my  head.    I  am stay that way for about an hour as the Black indocrinators go over to the table and open up some bottles of champagne and talk and laugh and discuss amongst themselves as they celebrate their newest conquest and drink and probably having cheese and things.      Then I  can sense people standing above him when one of the men states, you little fucking pathetic white bitch, you are about to get the shit whipped out of you by a bunch of women and they are not stopping until you cry real fucking white pussy boy tease.    Then I  am hear a womans voice say lets get at it and show  this little cocked white boy what life is going to  like ing our bitch.     Then about four or five quirts hmy I  all over my body and continues for 20 minutes non stop until I am crying like a little baby and my white skin is bruised and welted and blood droplets in a couple places, especially in the areas of the piercings and brand and tattoos  

After a few weeks of healing and being pretty much left alone in my cell to heal    Master jake appears at my cell door as I see him for the first time since he permitted me to suck his big cock.   Master opens my cell door and looks at me with a very scary menacing look.    I am sure he is going to scold me then beat the heck out of me for getting hard before.   I am sooooo fucking scared.     But for some reason, just like Master Tyrone and Master Derrick, he likes me as well.   I guess all those years of practicing sucking on those big dildos in my bedroom has paid off well, as , from what I am unaware, I am beginning to get known as being able to suck cock and give better blow jobs than any other slave, both male and females.    And I have only really sucked a real cock just like four times, just imagine how good I will get when I am given access to cock all the time to worship and pleasure. 

Just when I am starting to feel safe and confidant in that I just avoided another well deserved beating, as all us I s very well know not to get hard in front of Black Superior, it is just very disrepectful, and not tolerated or accepted in the society, as it should not be.   Just like a I  speaking out of line or without permission, it is just one of the basic tenants to being a respectful I .   

But I am new, and having cock in my mouth for these first few times takes all my concentration and I was not wearing my chastity device and pretty much just lost thought and control of what my cock was doing, that is no excuse, but well, you know, I am scared right now and I dont want to be taken out of the cell and beaten, so I am thinking of anything, as I know Master Jake has not forgotten my infraction.   And sure enough, with that, one of the guards walks over and hands Master Jake the meanest evil looking whip quirt, it is leather with about six 2 foot strands and a nice 2 foot handle for Master to really strike me with it.   And Master Jake being 6'8" over 320lbs of pretty much all muscle, he could really rip me open cause me require lots and lots of stitches.  Over the last month in his dungeon, all us I s have seen and witnessed him open up a few of the other slaves with a very similar quirt, and it was one like this that killed that one slave at that party when we all first met.    I can not believe how much my life has changed in just little over 2 months, well maybe it is like 3 months now, I have no idea what the date is. 

Master Jake tells me to look up at him as I am kneeling in front of him.    He tells me he told his sister about me getting hard and that she told him how I got hard in the car when I first met Mistress while driving back from the airport.    I am frightened beyond belief.        All my piercings and tattoos are healed as well as the brand on my ass, so I know he is probably going to hurt me bad. 

With that, Master looks at me and tells me that I am going to be processed tomorrow and taken to North Carolina and delivered to my owners estate.     He then states that Mistress Kiesha and Master Tyrone have given Master Jake full discretion on how to deal with this cock getting hard situation before tomorrow.    Then tells me state my position and that I only have 30 seconds to do so.   So I immediately apologize and tell Master what I was just thinking, and go on to say that now that I have a permanent chastity locked on with pin pricks, that I will not be so disrepectful again.  I have more to say, but Master tells me to stop as 30 seconds has passed. 


With that five other massive guards come and hover by my cell door.  Three of them are from the other dungeons then Isee Mistress Hasty and she is holding something in her right hand that I have never seen before and then I realize that I am going to be made an example of.  I want to die, I want Mistress Kiesha or especially my Master Tyrone to come and rescue me or just please just let me suck and lick all of your black groin areas and pleasure all of you, please I say to myself.

With that, I can hear or at least I think that is what is happening that all the I s are being taken out of the dungeon.  I have not seen this since I arrived at Master Jakes dungeon.   I start to think that they are just going to kill me and are moving all I s so there are no witnesses just like they did to that boy the night all the separate dungeons on the property were revealed and all the I s were rounded up. 

Mistress Hasty is very very well respected as she approaches my cell all the guards step aside and even Master Jake backs out of my cell and politely says hello to Mistress Hasty.     Mistress Hasty tells her own guards, which she brought in three very large black men, to extract me from the cell and present me in front of her.    Now there are about 8 large black men, Mistress Hasty, and me a little helpless terrified naked white male I .   I am completely at their mercy, well now just Mistress Hastys mercy, and very know that I could just very easily just be killed.    

As the three guards approach me all I can think of is where are my owners, Mistress Kiesha and Master Tyrone, why dont they come and help me.  And I think how much my world has changed as I remember how I felt just a few months ago when I first met Mistress Kiesha and Master Tyrone and how cruel and merciless those two were to me especially Mistress Kiesha , she even told me she hated me, but now all I can think of is how much I would rather be with them.    I am not even sure if they still own me, or if I have been sold or committed to termination.  All I know is that their name is tattooed and branded on me so I still hope I will be delivered to their other home in North Carolina.   This estate they have in California is amazing, they must be so rich that they have another place just as big if not bigger in North Carolina.   I know Master Tyrone liked me, well as much as a Black Superior Master could like a pathetic white male I .   I only got to suck Master Tyrones cock twice which is twice as many as the two other cocks I sucked and Master Tyrone was also the first male to fuck my ass as the first I sucked.    I have been pining about and for Master Tyrone ever since the moment he yanked me out of his suv while I was naked and handcuffed me in the airport parking lot.   And from the moment the first he forced me to beg for and submit for his beautiful black cock in my mouth and I got to suck it and drink and taste his cum, I must say I fell in love with Master Tyrone and from that moment just wanted to only live and exist to please and pleasure him.  He is so handsome and big and powerful and dominant, he is a dream Master.   I wish his cock was in my mouth right now, that is the safest I have felt since I first got off that plane what feels like a lifetime ago.  

Ouch, one of the guards hits my chest with a cattle prod as I am quickly brought back to reality and what could very possibly be a very pending death.   With in seconds, the other two guards pounce on me and lock my permanent restraints that were recently welded into place so that my hands are tightly cuffed behind my back and pulled up and attached to the neck collar.   A leash is attached to the loop piercing in my nose.   The piercing at the head of my penis is pulled through the hole in the end of the chastity device and a leash is attached to it, the same is done to the piercing on my scrotum, the leash to the scrotum is pulled extremely tight to middle of the short chain attached to my ankle restraints.  I am forced to stand and my balls are pulled down hard making walking difficult, but not impossible, just more painful and slow than anything.  A gag is inserted in my mouth forcing my mouth to remain open.   Weights are attached to each of the nipple loop piercings.    I am completely helpless.    I feel so submissive and I must look so fucking pathetic.   I am completely shaved no hair from head to toe, bound up tight, tattood with humiliating wording, branded like and animal and a fucking leash attached to a piercing in my nose.   One of the guards bends me over the metal bed and very forcefully with out any lubrication inserts a butt plug in my ass.  Ouch, what the fuck. 

As I stand back up, the other guard pulls on my nose leash and I have no choice but to follow.   As I follow, I am led out to the center of the dungeon.  There are no I s present, just a bunch of big black male guards, Master Jake and Mistress Hasty. 

With that, I am presented to Mistress Hasty and forced to my knees by the guards in front of her.   She is very pretty.  Tiny but scary.   I will do anything she says just not to tick her off, she scares me more that Master Jake, which is unimaginable.    The things I have seen him and his guards do over the last few months to I s of his dungeon were more and cruel and sadistic and only done for the purpose of bringing pain and fear and control of a human than for any other reason. 

I think to myself, if you are going to kill me, please just do it, please dont make me suffer.   With that, Mistress Hasty reaches down and begins to unlock my chastity device.  At the same time she begins to speak.     She states “well I  it appears we have quite the dilemma here.”  On one hand, you are owned by Master Tyrone and Mistress Kiesha, the founders and perhaps the most influential members of the society.   They see tremendous potential in you, so much so, that they have requested you be delivered to their very private secluded north carolina estate.   In which you would have been one of five I s, the final choice to complete that home.   Probably the greatest honor a I  could ever be bestowed.    Especially one that has only been a I  for a few months.   Then on other hand, as the chastity device falls to the floor and mistress Hasty violently pulls dopwnward on  the penis leash and twists it as precum is released and twist it hard and then with her other hand squeezes my testicles, and says, you are a fucking disrepectful white male I  who has the nerve to get hard and amused and entertained at a Superior Black person.    This is the one behavior that pisses me off just about as much as any other behavior a lowly I , especially a white male I  could do.   

You exist and we let you live to amuse and entertain us.   Not the other way around.  I do not understand what you find so hard about this concept.    I dare not speak, my head is bowed, as Mistress Hasty squeezes my balls and twist my cock, I feel it getting hard, I am scared to death, as she tells me to look at her in the eyes.   I do.   For the next few minutes she starts to slowly release her cruel grip and begin to gently rub my cock and use the precum as a lubricant in an attempt to get me hard.  As I stare in her eyes, she smiles as she knows she is going to make me hard.  I have only came once since I have been here. 

With that my stupid cock begins to get hard and she continues to rub it until it is fully erect.    She then releases my cock from her grip and says to the guards and Master Jake, look at this thing, it is hard and that is all the bigger it gets, as they all look and laugh at me.   Mistress Hasty then puts a cock ring around my cock and pulls it down the shaft and another one around the base of the scrotum and attaches them so that the blood in my cock forces my cock to remain erect and protruding out in probably the most disrepectful disgusting manner a white male could be present himself to a dominant black woman.   She is not smiling.  And actually is starting to look pissed.  The room is beginning to fill with tension, as even the black male guard masters and Master Jake know that Mistress Hasty has just manipulated me to a point that as a male I , especially a white one, I have completely crossed the line.   

With that, Mistress Hasty picks up her cell phone and calls my owners.  They are in North Carolina anticipating my deliver to their estate tomorrow.   The phone is so close to me that I can even hear Master Tyrone answer.    Mistress Hasty takes a couple pictures and sends it to them.   They talk for at least 10 minutes.  Mistress Hasty has the guards take me to the door that exits to the outside of the dungeon as she speaks with my owners.   I am out of hearing distance.   One of the guards pushes on my shoulder for me to kneel, which I do. 

Then after about another ten minutes, Mistress Hasty tells one of the guards to lay me on the cold cement dungeon floor and drag me over by ankle shackles and have me kneel in front of her.  When I am in front of her Mistress Hasty unataches the leash to my nose and grabs the loop piercing with her finger and pulls my head up so I am looking into her eyes.   She then says, that my owners are absolutely disgusted with me and that they have given her complete say in how I should be dealt with, from the most mild of just having me delivered to North carolina tomorrow unharmed, to having me dragged outside and tied next to an anthill and let me be eaten a live over the next 7 days.  Which , as she reaches down and starts to massage my hard cock says to me, that is even to lenient. 

You need to learn your place.  I can not deliver you to my dearest friends with out first correcting and curing you of this behavior.  They have entrusted me to train all of their owned I s, as well as all of their other I s.    I do not see what at all they see in you that of all the thousands of I s to choose from, you are one of five choosen to live at the north carolina estate as well as being only the second other male pig.     And not only do you need to learn you place, you also need to be made an example of to all of the other I s that are currently being housed and trained at this location as well as to every other society I  in the world.     So the only way I see it, is that we are going to take you outside to the lawn yard and we are going to punish you and correct you and cure in front of every I  and dominant here and we will film it live stream and play it for every soceity member world wide.  Mistress looks me in the eyes and says “ do you understand what is going on and what is going to happen to you”?  Speak freely now.    Mistress releases my hard dripping cock and steps back and I begin to say “my superior Mistress you are going to hurt and munilate and maybe even, “silence” as she cuts me off.  I stop speaking.

Mistress Hasty then says, “I understand that you are very capable of sucking cock” Are you as good as sucking cock as you are at licking pussy and pleasing a woman”, if so, then maybe we dont have to be so hard on you. 

I begin to speak, and say, “yes” when Mistress slaps me so fucking hard then shocks my neck collar until I convulsing on the floor, then she starts to walk away and releases the shock and says, “fucking white pompus asshole, I did not tell you to speak” She then tells the guards to lead me out to the lawn area, on my knees by my nose leash and tie me to the punishment post.   As she walks out of the dungeon.


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