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The butcher’s meat sales

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Synopsis: Camilla were drawn into the weekly States Meat Lottery and had to follows the rules for human pigs.

The butchers meat sales

Author: Rotneb

Synopsis: Camilla were drawn into the weekly States Meat Lottery and had to follows the rules for human pigs.

The story is only fantasy

The legal State Lottery

- Then you are also within the meat lottery, Karen?

- Yes, unfortunately I got my lottery ticket yesterday, as my 19 birthday gift from the State. I have been waiting for the lottery ticket, but I got a shock when I receive it.

- It is not surprising to you. All we girls between 19 and 21 years are lottery players until the day we become 22 years. Each week there is indeed pick 50 human pigs to the five specialty butchers shops. It is a total of 2600 human pigs every year.

- Fortunately only two girls out of a thousand in the week.

- Do you not think it is abundant, on average will 1 out of 10 of us girls from our volume have become a human pig. I'm nervous every week, what if my number comes up and then I am ready to the butcher?

- I was scared already that day, where I was photographed nude for a lottery certifies.

- Yes, but all girls have such a lottery certificate. It what the law tell. No one can refuse; we are all on the pigs list in three years.

- May we see your lottery evidence, Karen?

- I have it here, but I am ashamed to show it off.

- You shall not be it is really a nice picture of you. You have so much to give the butcher if your number is drawn.

- Here you see our lottery certificates.


Every Thursday night is the weekly drawing of the legally State Meat Lottery on TV. The program was always set to 20 o'clock and had naturally a big audience numbers. Among others the previous week's drawn human pigs were presented in images, although the pigs already became sold slaughtered meat.
This was settled by the very exciting and popular TV meat lottery.

- Hurry, comes on. They were starting this week's redemptions in TV.

- We come, Sheena.

- I really hope my number not is extract. I do not know what I will do. Anyway, I like this thrill every Thursday. It stimulates my fantasies.

- Yes, yes, little pig. Now, shut up.

- You can easily take it easy, Mary. You are both married and have children now. Did you have it bad when they draw the meat numbers in your time?

- Of cause, sister. I thought each week that my number came out, but I was lucky and later married a wonderful husband since I was 22 years.

- I wish I was 22 years, but I have two years to go before I am out of this meat lottery.

- You'll get through; it makes 9 out of 10 girls, enjoy you.

Sheena looks envious of her sister, who crept affectionate into her husband, Michael. Their barely one year old son was looking for milk from its mother's breasts and he was allowed, so they could settle down to following the draws.

Naturally Sheena had sex with boys. All girls, who were available for State Meat Lotteries, were of course very exciting as any males sexual partners. Should one of the girls get pregnant, it was quickly arranged with an abortion as the girls might not be pregnant in their meat lottery age.

The speaker announces.

- Then we are ready to open this week's Meat Lottery under the State Veterinary Food Law.

I will, as usual, ask the 50 girls who will be drawn in this lottery as meats, to relate them quietly at home this weekend. The drawn meat girls must only consume water from Saturday morning that their kidneys and intestines can be cleaned and washed through to the attendance at the butchers shop next Monday.

The girls must be showered before their appearance. In addition, girls have to remove all the hair growth on body and limbs, only head hair has not to be removed.

Monday morning will meat girls be contacted for removal of the butcher who has been granted the human pigs as draw.
Lately, under the Act the extracted meat girls must be aware and completely naked at the pickup.

We are ready for the first drawing of ten human meat pigs to South City Meat Market. The numbers are: ... 004139344 ... 002292037 ... 004739936 ... 003016531 ... 004822313 ... 002635542 ... 002944375 ... 003438100 ... 003610339 ... 002855410.

The next ten numbers required to Johnny R's Meat Market ...

- Fortunately, none of our numbers are not drawn. - Said the one of three girls very intense following the lottery in the ones college room.

- There is still a long way to go, Linda; it is only the first 20 numbers extracted. Now they come to the de Sragga & Rosen Meat Shop.

- Think to end up as meat slaughtered by a butcher. It must be scary to the girls who were extracted.

- Oh, it tells you each week. Yes, but it is a fair lottery. Think if they were told there sits three fine meats here, just eagerly awaiting the draw is completed.

... 003255428 and 002990631

- ...This was the meat girls drawn to the Sragga & Rosens shop. We continue to the meat awards to Maverick's Quality Meat Shop. It's the numbers: ...004003252... 003990834... 004419744...

- Shut up, where it goes. How many are there left?

- They are currently at the fourth butcher.

- Just it was over for today. I feel every week that it is me who should go to the butcher.

- Well, since you have some good meat, we'll come and buy some of it. Ha, ha.

- I'll do the same to you.

- Let us get into a chick fest, there is not extracted any of us, and perhaps none at the college, so get the others and some beer.

- Yes, let's get it.

- But there still need to be extracted some part numbers.

- It is none of us, come on, come up with the beers.

- Nooo... Stop. That was my number. Oh, no. Stop.

- Sniff. My number is also extracted, but I would not say anything for the feast guilt.

- Poor you. Now the lottery finish. Will you stay, or will you prefer to your own room? The rest of us can do nothing for you two.

- But, but, I will not, I'm a girl, not a human pig.

- Dear Camilla. You have nothing to do. We can not pay you from it. The law must be followed even your father is rich. All girls participating in the lottery meat and your lottery ticket is assigned to your personal number so you can not escape, or redeeming you, unfortunately.

- I know, but why just me. Now I must go to the butcher, as a pig. It is not fair.

- It is fair. You are legitimate extracted.

- Yes, it's your number. You need to Sragga & Rosen's Meat Shop.

- But, but they will slaughter me.

- You know they should; now you're a human pig, so you need to get you ready this weekend.

- I hang myself.

- No, do not do it, and if you do then your sister or one of your cousins had to come into your place. The butcher must have a girl from your family for slaughter. That he has been assigned.

- Come on Camilla, drink a beer. I truly understand you're sorry. But we can do nothing. This is a lottery.

- Yes, but why just me, I would like to live, and now I am just be slaughtered as a pig.

- I am also sorry, that's the law. It also applies to the other girls who are drawn in the meat lottery. Drink a little beer.

- I can not, sniff.

Family weekend

Camilla left the college for to stay with her family at her last week.

Camilla thought that the family was upset that her number had been drawn in the meat lottery.

The family took it okay that she was drawn as one of this week's human pigs; it was certainly for any family that a young girl between 19 and 21 years were drawn from the meat lottery.

Camilla knew even more girls who had ended up as meat in the butchers shop windows. She had thought that she would manage it. But Monday, she would be picked up by the butcher as a meat animal. Camilla was shocked.

The breakfast table was ready when Camilla came down from her room Saturday morning.

- Well, Camilla, you look fresher than when you arrived yesterday evening. You were naturally very upset.

- I am still, but what can I do? I must enjoy my last weekend with you. Oh, what a delicious breakfast.

- Yeah, right. There is a large jug of water at your seat. Pigs just got to drink water before they are slaughtered. Ha, ha.

Camilla look disappointed at her younger brother, who sat grinning. Why could he say such thing to her, she had always defended him.

- Henry, you should not tease your sister. She is sad. However, it is true, Camilla, from now on, you only get clean water, not solid food. I know it will be hard to you but it is the requirement to all girls who are drawn in the State Meat Lottery.

I would really like to comfort you, Camilla, but I do not know how to do it? The State Meat Lottery was not there when I was in your age. The lottery was indeed first introduced just over eight years ago with only one meat outlet licensed to sell girls red meats. Now there are five specialty shops selling human pig meats.
As you know, it has been a success. You've even eaten human girls meat many times and you like it.

- Yes, it tastes good. But I never thought I would be a human pig. I never thought that I had to be slaughtered, as ... as a pig.

- Of course not, I think no young girls thought it. But the meat had to come from someone, of cause all of you who are drawn by the State Meat Lottery.

- Of course mom, but it's so scary to think that I will be slaughtered like an animal.

- Just take it a little quiet, Camilla, and enjoy this weekend.

Saturday and Sunday went too fast. Camilla had sex with a pair of her previously boyfriends to saying goodbye to them. Benny the boyfriend she thought she would marry had now to find another girl. Camilla crying as he left. Camilla's father also tried her, but she had no desire. Though at last she did not care who rapes her.

A little better was it with her brother. Henry had indeed suffered sex training, as her mother said. When she had his dick into her mouth the sperm explode so she got it stuck in her throat. She coughed violently and Henry had to break off, however, he was satisfied with his sister.

Camilla slept completely naked the last night and had obviously nightmares and she got strong fantasies about how it was to stand naked in front of the butcher and his bloody knife. Previously it has been exciting to her when she in her fantasies tried to get acquainted with how it was to be human pig.

Yes, she had played human pig with her fellow students at the college. The girls had stood naked in front of the boys who had dressed them like butchers in blood-stained white dress. It had been lots of fun sex games that always ended up with exciting mass rapes.

Now it was creepy fantasies and she was really scared.

Camilla hardly slept the last night before Monday and she got up early. She was damn hungry; she had only been drinking water the last few days and she had not eaten solid food since Friday evening.

She walked naked into the bathroom to getting ready for the day. She smiled slightly when she saw that her mother had put soap, towels, razors and shaving cream made for her. Her mother had done so in a sense, yes, her mother had never done things too cumbersome and Camilla thought with sadness that she had always been a bit spoiled.

Camilla's brother knocked on the door, he had to pee. She opened the door a little shy.

- Sister, you're completely naked.

Camilla looked up at his confused eyes and smiled a little worried for him. In his eighteen years he was a part higher than she.

- I got to be completely naked today. Henry, it's Monday and I had begun to shave my hair of my body. Will you help me I can not get of my back.

- You look good sister. I just have the pee, so I'll help you.

Shortly after Henry soaped her sister into the shaving cream and began to scrape her free of hair on body, arms and legs. She enjoyed it and closed her eyes. Suddenly he was finish.

- Take me, brother, take me. It is probably the last time I get raped.

When they had finished Henry stood and looked shyly at her.

- You must excuse me, Camilla. A brother should not have sex with his sister.

- It means nothing, I get no child of that and you did a good job. The girl who makes you as husband would be proud. You are truly handsome. I am glad to be raped by a really well-equipped man.
Camilla took her last shower and walked complete naked down to the breakfast table.

Camilla was standing on the stairway last step and stared with open mouthed. She had only waited to see her mother and father at the breakfast table, but several people sat there and wait for her. Confused she tried to cover her breasts and crotch with his hands. She felt the shame came over her.

Her mother smiled at her.

- Come closer, Camilla. Your know Uncle Jonas and his family then. They would like to say goodbye to you.

Yes, thanks, thought Camilla, her uncle had repeatedly geared to her, but she had always rejected him. He was disgusting. Her mother continued.

- They have called from Sragga & Rosen's Meat Shop. They said that you should be ready for pickup at eight ten. Their car is already on its way around, to collect their living meat, as he said.

- So ... as soon it's about half an hour. It is too soon, I'm not ready.

- Of course you're ready, Camilla. You just have to be totally naked without something on your body. As the butcher said, the meat should be without metal or anything else that can destroy the consumers teeth.

Camilla was confused and looked helplessly around.

- Not so sad, Camilla. You're not the first human-pig, and certainly not the last. There are indeed extracted fifty pigs for slaughter each week among your young girls. It is indeed delicious and coveted meat.

Yes, thanks, thought Camilla. She had many times past Sragga & Rosen's Meat Shop, where the girl meat had been promoting into the shop windows for sale. On the week's first day were often a couple of live nude girls in front of the butchers shop as an eye catcher and advertising. Yes, it was popular meat with the consumers and the purchase price was high.

Camilla was about to drink a glass of water when the doorbell rang. There run a cold breeze through her body.

Pigs pickup

Camilla's father opened the door.

- Good day, we come from Sragga & Rosen's Meat Shop for download human pig with lottery number 003990834, she should be ready for pickup.

- Yes, yes, she is ready. Camilla came, they were here from Sragga & Rosen's Meat Shop and its time for you.

Desperate raised the young naked girl herself. There was only time for a hurried goodbye before she stood in the hall in front of the two strange men from the butchers shop.

- It seems to be good meat. Hands on your back pig.

Camilla's hands were tied behind her back with tape.

- We'll be just her lottery ticket and you get a receipt for a human pig. Then all formal documentation became in order. Thank you.

Camilla was still confused, it all goes too fast. It was as she was sold as an animal, she got a new owner. She had no influence on what happened.

Suddenly, she was led naked out of the house where she had grown up. She walks between two strangers white coated men. The cool morning air received her naked body. She felt the garden paths pebbles against her naked feet.

At the end of the walk, outside the fence were several of the neighbours, called of the closed van.
Sragga & Rosen's Meat Shop - Special butcher - Each week, fresh human girl meat and pig meat, stood there reading at the car's sides with a picture of a naked girl and a pig.

Camilla shuddered. Now it goes right up to her that she was a butcher shops property, only a slaughter animal. She looked despairingly at the neighbours outside the fence. Then she was out on the sidewalk. The backdoor to the van was opened.

- Get up slut.

Camilla was almost thrown into van and the door was slammed shut in and locked.

The car started and drove off with the cargo. Camilla heard a girl crying, she looked up. In the light from a small ceiling window, she saw two other back tied naked young girls.

- Welcome to the meat wagon. - Another naked girl said. She was at the right of Camilla.

- Oh, thank you. My name is Camilla.

- My name is Hanna, but it means nothing now, we are after all just animals for the butcher.

- I know, but I am still me. We are only three?

- Yes, they pick me first; I was first into the van. It was eerie to be here alone. Oh, how my mother cries when they picked me. She would not let them go of with me. I understand it well, although I have two younger sisters. She is afraid of losing all three of us in the State Meat Lottery. I hope it not happens.

- Of course not. <Sob> My mother was also upset, but she had decided to accept my fate. Maybe it was not to make me more upset. Im student and I hope to be an archaeologist and studying the ancient cultures. It will not happen. <Sob>.

- I was about to educate to a hairdresser, but it's over, just because of a fucking number of this meat lottery.

Twenty minutes later the car stopped again.

- Another unlucky girl.

Camilla looked at Hanna and lay still. It took almost ten minutes before the back door went open and even a naked girl tied behind was thrown into the vans floor. The girl wept heartbreaking and the other girls tried to comfort her.

The driver smiled against his assistant who just had been accepted into the company.

- Do not look so worried, Victor. This is your first day.

- Yes, but it is so sweet and shapely girls we get to the butchers shop. It is so easy to understand when you see the naked girls as meat animals on TV, in magazines and newspapers, and of course when you look them displayed in the windows at the butchers shop. Yes, it works quite OK when their meat is slaughtered and cut up to customers. However, to collecting these unlucky young girls is hard.

- You quickly get it used, Victor. Remember we only collect the few naked girls who are culled as human pig meat in the lottery. We are not dealing with all the other normal girls. It becomes soon a routine to you to retrieve the human pigs every Monday all the year.

- I ... I hope so. It is good that it is you who say: 'Good day, we come from Sragga & Rosen's Meat Shop to collect a human pig number one or two. She should be ready for pickup. Then just a shapely young nude girl walking out with us as meat and left the family sad.

- Of course. The girl is officially a slaughter pig. It is the same as tomorrow when we should collecting normal pigs on farms. It is all for slaughtering, too. How do you think customers can buy meat in the butchers shop?
Yes, the naked girls are timid and afraid as all other animals brought to the slaughterhouse.

- We can not have sympathy for animals to slaughtering. Slaughter pigs are too timid and afraid when they are removed. Remember we pick up animals for slaughter, although the animals are good looking.

The place began to be little desire into the car's cargo when the sixth naked girl was pushed into the van and the last two naked girls lay partially on top of the other girls.

- How many are we? - Did that concern from one of the girls.

- I think we are ten, we must not be more. They are driving us to the butchers shop.

- No, they can not do it, I'm not ready. They will slaughter us. I will not die. I'm afraid.

The naked young girls cry. Camilla could not hold the tears back. She trembled with fear. She could feel that the other girl bodies felt the same way.

Nooo..., it is unfair. We are soon at the butcher. They really piss of us.

'Yes, they have only thrown us into this van as meat. "

'Oh, you are easily. You are at the top, I will be happy when you are removed. It hurts with you on. "

'I know, but we can not do anything. "

'This is really like real meat transportation. It's scary. "

The driver laughed.

- Can you hear the naked girls scream as real pigs, Victor?

- They cry.

- That is the same with the pigs when they going to slaughter. Some became hysterical, but it fades away before we arrive, the naked girls docile as pigs.

After some more driving, stopped the van in front of the butchers shop with the weekly load of naked human pigs for slaughtering.

The naked girls became quiet and waited, one still whimpered. Camilla was so scared and nervous, but she also was exciting what should happen.

Sragga & Rosen's Meat Shop

The naked young girls waited for ten minutes before the van rear door was opened. One by one, were the tied naked girls lifted out of the car and put on the sidewalk. Camilla, who had lain in the bottom layer, came out as one of the last.

People on the street began to stop and stand in front of the naked girls. It was always exciting to see the Monday's loads of naked slaughter animals. Was it a good quality this week?

The naked girls gave a good publicity, why the tied naked girls always were allowed to stand a time in front of butchers shops.

Camilla looked at butchers shop's facade, which was lined with white tiles. She shuddered as she looked through the shops windows glasses. Slaughtered meat with large coloured price tags were exhibited for sale. It was only real slaughtered pigs meat.

Camilla knew that meats from slaughter naked girls always were sold out before the end of the week. Girl meat was expensive, but attractive and the flow was indeed limited to only ten pieces to this meat shop each week.

Above the butchers shop dominated a big sign with large letters at the top: Sragga & Rosen's Meat Shop
At the bottom line it said: Quality meat - A Prime Graded Beef - Best Human Sows - Pork and Bacon

The texts were decorated with pictures of a cow, a naked girl and a pig. Camilla had seen the sign many times and found the sign interesting and relevant. More times she had also been present when the Monday's entry of naked girls stood waiting outside the butchers shop, as she did now.

As a spectator Camilla had almost shaken of excitements. It was fascinating to see the naked girls standing in front of butcher shops as slaughter animals. It had given her and her fellow students rise to their sex plays.
Camilla had been careless and thought that her lottery number never would be pulled out.

Now she was here, naked, trembling with fright, nervous and really scared. The ten naked girls were eagerly reviewed and commented. Camilla felt her totally humiliated.

- Mom, Mom, look slaughter animals.

- Yes, they will soon be slaughtered. May be father and I buy some of the meat to roast on Saturday.

Camilla stared at the young woman with her two children who just pointed at her. On Saturday she would not be alive, perhaps she would be slaughtered today. Camilla felt her totally helpless. She was living meat on display, nothing else.

A butcher in white clothes and wooden shoes came out of the store. He made his entrance exciting for the spectators by start to grind his butcher knife with abrasive steel in front naked girls.

The naked girls gasped with panic. Camilla stared horrified at the butcher's knife, the symbol of her and the other nine naked girls coming slaughtering.

- Then we're ready, delicious human pigs. Wear your meat into the shop. Come on.

Camilla was upset; she would rather be out on the street. But mechanically she followed the naked girls in front, who were led into the butcher shop.

William looks against this week's ten naked girls who came through the butchers shop door led by the two chauffeurs. This was the same every Monday, always a new supplies which he and the two other professional butchers turns to process.

These weekly meat supplies were of good quality, there would be lots of good meat to sale for the four shop assistants. William looked at Birgitte, the youngest of the female assistants; she had still a year into the meat lottery. She was a beautiful intelligent well-looking young girl, he hoped that her number was never pulled out, although she would be a fine meat animals. He was a little in love with her, but it could only become a reality next year.

William surprises how Birgitte could hold out to see young girls of her own age, each week being brought to the butcher. Yes, and later she sold the girls meat to the consumers this was very professional; she would be a good wife for him.

The Master Butcher came in behind the naked girls and closed the shop door.

Camilla looked nervously around in the great butchers shop, with large sales counters on the three sides. The counters meat display was filled up. The naked girls walk through the middle of the shop.

Camilla had often been in this butchers to buy slaughtered meat for dinner. But she had not imagined that she would go through the shop completely naked, as this week's meat and in front of the consumers which all had turned to see this week's human pigs.

Camilla felt embarrassed by her nudity but she could do nothing when her hands were tied behind.

The butchers shop looks quite different. She looked scared and nervous at the freshly slaughtered meat in glass case below the dishes and against slaughtered half pig carcasses hanging from meat hooks.

The naked girls were continual led to a corner opening between two of the counters in the innermost part of the butchers shop and toward a doorway. It was one of those Doorways often found in meat shops with no real door in it, just plastic bands hanging down from the upper beam to prevent flies from entering.

First the three butchers went through the doorway then the naked girls were pushed after them. Camilla felt only a light touch of the plastic bands when she came through the doorway into a short passage towards a closed glass door.

At the top of the entrance passage ran a conveyor with a butcher's hooks. The butcher hooks were empty, but the naked girls have no doubt that the conveyor belt was to transport slaughtered meat to the store.

Camilla become high shocked when they passed through the great slaughter room and led through a bars door to a holding pen. Suddenly she and the other nine naked girls were standing among a flock of real pigs and the iron bars door was slammed in behind them.

Alarmed turned the naked girls. The butchers stood outside the bars door and the master butcher began.

- Naked human pigs you know why you are here. You had to be slaughtered and your meat sold to consumers, like the pigs you are with. From now nobody will speak to you; nobody will feel sorry to you. All of you inside this pen are only animals ready to be slaughter.

Everyone wants your slaughtered meat for sale into our shop. You know how popular human pig meats are. In order to get your delicious meat you must of course be killed like other pigs, all slaughtering of animals is of cause necessary murder. Butcher journeymen will take you quite randomly off for slaughtering as done to the pigs. You can follow the slaughtering processes if you like between the bars.

This is the last words directly addressed to you. From now nobody will listen to you or speak directly to you. You are only meat.

William looked at the frightened naked girls through the bars. The naked girls were award the shop was always afraid, of course and Master did not made it easier for the naked girls when lock them into a group of pigs for slaughtering.

On the other hand master had probably right that the naked girls more quickly accepted that they were living meat as they stood together with the pigs.

To get the naked girls down a little, they always slaughter two pigs before the first human pig become slaughter.

- We need two naked animals to advertising and direct marketing in the shop front. Will you bring them after the first slaughtering?

The butcher master insisted the usual shop front to the consumers. It had been necessary in the first few years by sale of meat from human pigs. But today it was not necessary, there was very good sales in the meat. Indeed, the shop could well receive several more naked human pigs for meat processing each week. Well, the master held on to the tradition of selling meat from living animals outside.

He also thought that the two naked girls, who had to stay in front of the shop, were more willing and quite if they just had to seeing the first naked girl being slaughtered.

- Must be master, we are ready to slaughter the first pig in a moment.

The butchers did butcher knives, meat cleavers and a meat saw up on a stainless steel board, almost right in front of the pen with the pigs and the naked girls. William brought a crane into position at the transport convoy, while another butcher gets a larger tub.

Pig butcher in traditional way

- Get the first pig.

Two of the butchers went up against the pen and opened the bars door. William smiled as the naked girls fled screaming backwards against the pens wall. It was so every time, but it was OK then.

The two butchers grabbed a pig in each hind leg and dragged it screaming on its back into the slaughter room. Fasten the hind legs with a chain to each ends of a metal hanger and then hoisted the screaming pig up into the crane, so the pig hung freely in the air upside down. The tub was then placed just below the pigs head.

For the sake of the naked girls, Sragga & Rosen's Meat Shop kept settled in the old slaughter traditions from the farms. These ancient slaughter methods were only approved in special stores with human pig meat production.

William took a fillet knife and went to the screaming pig and cut the neck arteries open. Immediately pumped blood out of the opening and down into the tub. Screams from the hanging pig was panic, the pig knew that it would die. The pig try to fought for its life, but unsuccessful.

The naked girls were in shock. Camilla stared out through the bars at the hanging pig, its life ebbed away. Slowly, the blood pulsates less vigorously out of the wounds and the pig's screams became weaker.

Then the pig screams no more, only a few shocks runs through the body.

One of the butchers makes a cut along the body to open the pig's belly. Intestines and other entrails poured out. Soon the pig's interior was clean and cleaned with water.
William took the meat cleaver and chopped the pig carcass into two halves.

The two halves of the carcass were driven of the conveyor belt to the butcher room's rear portion for later meat cuttings.

A pig pushes Camilla's naked thighs and brought her a little away from her dark thoughts. The Pig reached up to her crotch. For the first time she really saw the grunting pigs around her and the other naked girls.

For Camilla were pigs natural slaughter animals. They were indeed bred on farms, to the meat consumers. Indeed, Camilla had not thought much about where the meat came from when she buys meat in the shops. Only that it was the food.

For the first time she had witnessed a real butchering of a pig. It was terrible. The pigs were living creatures as her. She looked down at the end sniffing pigs. They were almost as naked as her, with some more hair. She was completely shaved of body hair this morning.

The pigs were pink in skin, actually very similar to the naked girls. Camilla was surprised at the similarity. If she had walked naked on four legs, she might look like a pig. The difference was only that she normally be dressed in clothes. As she stood there, completely naked, she was as much a meat animals as these pigs.

Camilla was afraid of her thoughts. Then she felt it excited and felt her thighs below her cunt became wet. She pulled herself to the crotch. It was moist. Oh, just one of the butchers would rape her a last time. Her young body screamed for one last orgasm. Could the expectation of her future slaughtering really acts sexually stimulating?

As it was the first time Camilla had seen a pig being slaughtered, it had been both bloody and scary but also exciting. Against her will, Camilla was really curious to see the next slaughtering when they trailed by the next pig. She and a couple of the other naked girls walked up to the bars door for more tense to follow the slaughtering.

It was just before Camilla forgot why she was standing naked in the pen. When the second pig was slaughtered and its carcass halves hung at the back of slaughter room, two of butchers went back to the holding pen.

Alarmed Camilla pulled back against the back wall of the pen again. The metal door creaked as it opened and the two butchers stepped into the pen. This time they look at the naked girls. Camilla held her breath. There was no doubt; one of the naked girls should be slaughtered as the pigs.

Camilla's heart beat fast. They headed toward the place where she stood. The pigs were pushed away. Camilla was afraid, she closed her eyes.

Then she heard a girl scream right beside her.

- No, no, I will not, no stop; I will not die ...

The naked girl screaming while two butchers dragged her out through the door with a firm grip on her legs, just as they had done with pigs. The naked tied girl was dragged across the tile floor to the crane. Chains were put around her ankles fastened to each end of the metal hanger.

The naked young woman was hoisted into the air with legs apart, like the pigs, with her heads down. The naked girl hung and swung back and forth while the tub was carefully placed just under her head.

Camilla had overcome its first scare. It was not her, who hung screaming top down in panic.

The naked body was positioned so that its navel was in the butchers eye level, the best working height. William moved easily onto the naked girl's genital opening and easily found her clitoris. It helped always when meat animal was rubbed a little.

The butchers grinned when the naked girl responded to Williams treatment of her clitoris. It worked every time. The naked girl began to juice. One of the other butchers came in with the traditional candle, pounding it into the wide open vagina. After a little pulling up and down likes a dummy penis he stops.

- We celebrate that you are meat, little pig. Get you ready.

The butcher set fire to the light, while William sharpened the fillet knife a second time in front of screaming naked girl.

William looked at the naked girl's body, it was good solid meat. She was the sporty type. He was professional satisfaction. He bent down and grabbed the naked girl's dark hair and then pulled her head backwards. The neck was nice exposed. He could see the artery pumping blood. She had hung long enough; there was the most blood in lower part of the body.

Quickly and professionally the butcher cut to opens the two neck arteries. The blood flowed in the pulse out of the open wounds and was captured into the tub. The naked girl screaming in panic and her head was sprinkled with her own blood.

Camilla looks in horror through the bars on the naked girl's death struggle in the slaughter room. The naked girl would soon lose the match and become meat.

As with the pigs the blood began to pulsate less vigorously after a few minutes and the cries diminished in strength.

The blood still oozed out of the open wounds but the screams had stopped. One of the butchers loosened the naked girl tied hands, which fell limply down on each side of the bloody head.

The naked body was opened from sternum to pubic bone, as for the pigs and entrails removed. The Internal carcass was cleaned with water.

Camilla was surprised how natural it was when one of butchers split the body in two halves with meat cleaver. It was strange, but exciting to see the butcher cut through bone and flesh.

When the two halves of the slaughtered carcass hung at the back of the room together with pigs carcasses, the naked girls were realize that would happen otherwise. They stood silently among the pigs in the holding pen.

Fresh meat for sale

- We need her and her, a light and a dark human pig.

Camilla was the one. The two butchers went again into the holding pen and took a firm grip in the arms of the two naked girls. Camilla shook with fear; had she to be slaughtered now? She was not ready or was she?

The two nervous young naked girls were placed in front of the butchers, whose clothes now were with stained with blood from the slaughtered animals. The two naked girls were led into the shop.

- Should we put them out at the entrance and have you a shop assistant who can take orders from?

- Yes, Birgitte can take care of it.

- It's fine; we put the animals up the rails in front of the shop.

The two naked girls were placed outside the shop of butchers. Camilla looked up at the two iron rails, which stuck a meter from the wall, and just two meters in height on both sides of the butchers shop entrance. The stand was positioned so high that the naked girls arms could be tied over their heads.

Camilla had many times seen naked girls remain tethered to the racks. It was good entertainment to see how the naked girls meat was sold. All meat should be sold off before these naked girls were sent into slaughter.

The two naked girls hands were loosened, but again put in handcuffs in front, after which the strong butchers forced the naked girls hands up in the racks above their heads.

Camilla felt her totally humiliated. She and the other girl were totally naked displayed. People who passed stopped to look at the two naked bodies. Most would only touch the naked girls to feel their meat and discuss the meat quality.

After ten minutes came the young female shop assistant to the front of the butchers shop followed by one of the butchers.

- Then we're ready to take orders in for this magnificent meat which is displayed here. These human pigs will be slaughtered immediately after that all of their meats is sold. We anticipate up to two hours of selling time and then a couple of hours to slaughtering and cutting. The slaughtered meat can be picked up in the butchers shop from 5 o'clock this afternoon of the consumers.

- The purchase price for all types of meat from these two meat animals is set at $ 180/lbs. $ 10 over the price last week, but these is two top animals of a quality. Try a looks at this delicious firm meat.

William pointed with his butcher knife at the two naked girls, what did the displaying more dramatic.

- Birgitte is ready to receive your meat orders and I'll assist with my technical butcher expertise.

Immediately a woman went to the dark haired naked girl while a man and a woman came towards Camilla.

- Can I help? - Asked the young female shop assistant.

- Yes, we need to keep a small dinner for my in-laws, as Rita suggested with a good round steak from a human pig. This animal looks really to have some meaty and juicy thighs.

- Yes, her slightly wide hips develop very fleshy round steaks. How much do you have?

- We are four adults and two children.

- Calculated must be at least 200 grams steak meat per adult and the same if the children are over ten years.

- I think we need to buy 1 ½ kg round steak. Can we look and feel at the meat quality?

- Of course, it is displayed for the same. The meat is to your disposition

Camilla looked scared against the well-dressed couple at about forty years, who had bent down, to look at her thighs. She screamed as the woman took at her right thigh. Frightened the woman pulled her hand away.

- Do not notice that human pigs protest, it is normal.

Camilla might find her in that the two people felt and saw her naked thighs. She looked down. She looked over her naked breasts. With the mounted arms over her head, she had difficulty to see everything they did to her. But she could feel it.

Oh, it was a strange feeling to stand here as a slaughter animal. She looked at the many spectators who came to looks at the meat sales. 1½ kg of her thighs was to be sold. She had tears in her eyes. She would be cutting up in parts to the consumers. She was just living meat.

- We are satisfied. We would like to have 1½ kg of these delicious round steaks.

- I note it here and you get a copy. Pay friendly inside the shop. 1½ kg equivalent to 3.3 lbs then your purchase price is total $ 594.

The pair went into the butchers shop to pay. Camilla would shout to them that they had not to do; she dont want to be slaughtered and cutting that they could get a piece of meat from one of her thighs. She took care of it when she heard the shop assistant.

- What could I help?

A woman came into Camilla's vision as just another client who wants to buy her naked meat.

- I would like to see a piece of rib roast.

Camilla was turned, as she stood with her back to customers.

- Yes, rib roast is here from the shoulder blades and down to the hips. It is a good meat area because it is strong muscles. Try to feel the meats firmness. Fine isnt it?

Camilla could feel the woman felt solid and critically at her back.

Piece by piece the meat was sold from the naked girls' bodies. Then the sales were stopped when it suddenly began to rain heavily. People fled indoor from the wet weather. The two naked girls were left mounted in the two iron stands in front of butchers shop entrance.

The rain poured down. Camilla was wet in the first minute and felt how the water ran down her naked body in streams. Actually, it was nice to get a rid of the many customers and interested. Yes, she felt that her life was extended a little more.

- How are you? - Asked the other naked girl.

- To hell. Everyone must feel for me, I think the customers know me better than myself. It was especially bad in the beginning. I could not comprehend that it was my meat to be sold to the customers, even though I often have stand here to viewing the sale of meat from the naked girls. Ugh, it is my meat.

- I also often have seen these meat sales from naked young girls. Then it was fun and exciting. Once, my mom also bought some red meat from a shapely nude sweet girl. This meat tasted really good. I never thought that I should stand here as another living meat to be sold and later slaughter.

- Uh, it's bad to be fastened up in this iron stand; I can hardly feel my hands.

- You look good as you stand there.

- Thanks, you do too. You are totally exposed; nothing is hidden from the customers' eyes. It is our destiny, as meat. Oh, how I wish that my number never had been drawn. I am totally humiliated.

The butcher and the young female shop assistant stood in the shelter from the rain in the butchers shops doorway and looked at the two wet naked female bodies outside. William then looked towards Birgitte for a moment.

- Birgitte you are around the two meat animal age and you are with the National Meat Lottery for another year. What makes you standing in the butcher shop and selling human pig meat?

- I do really know no it, yet. Well, I always love to see the naked girls entering through the butcher shop door; its a high thrilling kick to me. I like they are scared like other slaughter animal in the moment they see the slaughtered meats at the shop.

Yes, I have aged them, to get my number drawn in the State Meat Lottery. I imagine always being one of the naked girls, who arrive. In fact it excites me enormously every Monday, so much that I am a good sexual partner in the evening.

See these two naked human pigs. They're so amazing, as they stand there with their whole body on display to customers. I love the facts to sell their meat, piece by piece. Each one sold meat lumps bring these two human pigs closer to a slaughtering. It's thrilling.

- Will you in favour of seeing them be slaughtered?

- Of course I will, even though I've seen human pig slaughtered many times. You invite me to observe very often. But the every slaughtering of human pigs is deadly exciting.

Sometimes I actually want to be tied together with the human pigs for slaughtering. But, of course, it is only a fantasy thrill for me to stand naked in front of the butcher, yes, to be hung up for the meat process I want to experience. It would make me very horny to be with in the bed. Oh, William, you're a single, and only a few years older than me. Should we try it? I actually liked you.

- But what if the master wants you to go the whole way as pig. I think, if you are hung up ready for slaughtering and the master says we must continue the slaughter process with you, what then?

- Uh, he can not do, my lottery number is not come out.

- I do not think he would order this, but I could be mistaken to him. You will just be a body more ready to slaughter, once you are there. Want to take the risk?

- I do not know. My body cries out, try it. My body screams after being raped by you in the evening, after a good dinner. Yes, I'll feel the excitement, being a human pig for slaughter. Dammed, remember to take me down in time so we can get an excellent night. I will do it for you William, as you can have an exciting sexual experience.

- I am already, but the master must be satisfied you are not going to be slaughter and must be taken down in time.

- See, the rain stops. It was only a shower.

- Shall we go out and get the last meat sold?

- So, so, not so fast, Birgitte, we still need to sell more than half before these human pigs going to be slaughter.

They went out to the two rain wet nude girls. Slowly turned the customers and the onlookers and the meat sales still came up again. Camilla had begun to become accustomed to the sales process. Actually it began to be some exciting to stand naked and defenceless in front of the consumers to show her meat. Well, she could not prevent it.

- Mom, Mom, can we buy some of this pigs meat for dinner?

- No, we can really not, Christian, it is expensive meat.

- Mom, it is a long time since we got some. It tastes so good, please mom.

- Yes, but we can not afford it in this month.

Camilla looked towards the boy, his little sister and his mother. They stood in front of her. Camilla close her eyes, she really wants to stay in this mother's place. Camilla shake her head, she would never get a couple of lovely children. This woman had to be happy.

Camilla opens her eyes again and the two young women eyes met shortly. The woman had in a moment a little pity in her face, but lost the compassion in the next seconds, then she looking up and down Camilla's nude laced body with a housewifes critical eye for the procurement of quality meat. There was recognition of the meat value.

- Are there more breasts back?

- All four breasts are sold, madam.

 - What about fillet?

- It was quickly sold.

Camilla was not surprised by the questions. It was always one of the most coveted meats on the naked human pigs. How many had not been for her, to feel her breasts, just for to brand on them.

What was worse with her fillet, the meat around and with her labia? When customers felt, they should just touch the clitoris or have a finger in her vagina. Obviously reacted the naked girl's body on the contact and Camilla had several times been like an orgasm, trigger to fun for the consumers and the spectators.

Camilla had been embarrassed every time and tried to prevent a reaction, but her body reacted against her will.

- Yes, give me 1 kg loin.

- Yes, it is really fine meat with her, here, try to feel.

Again had the naked girl turn around so the customer could see her meat just above the pelvis. It was felt and mark and the sales were a reality.

It was strange to Camilla to hear the entire known meat specialist terms used on her naked body as flank steak, round roast, rump, round steak, skirt flank, brisket, neck slices, hind shank, prime rib, rib roast, loin, arm roast and arm shank. She could remember every one specialist terms.

She was shocked, it was like her meat was cut, every single meat pieces cut, cuts of meat for each customer's purchase. She would end up at the dinner table in many homes in the city. Camilla was upset when the butcher announced that all meat was sold and that the human pigs now have to be slaughtered.

The butcher put his butcher knife in its sheath and retrieved the two other butchers to turn out to helping to bring the two animals back to the slaughter room.

The two naked girls arm was taken down from the iron stand and girls' hands were again tied behind.

As the two naked girls were led through the butcher shop, Camilla saw a tray with five or six female single breasts and other fresh slaughtered girls meat. Camilla could especially recognize more round roasts of female legs, as hung in the meat hooks for sale. Several of the other naked girls must been slaughtered.

To play real meat processing

There were only three naked girls are back behind the bars at the holding pen. As one of the butchers said, the naked human pigs had to keep their meat fresh until it was for sale next day.

The two naked girls were stopped at the butchering room.

- Wait to begin the slaughtering until Im back.

William got nod back as he walked to the butcher shop to speak with the master butcher.

- I would like to ask you. We like to play a bit into the butchering room and if I can borrow Birgitte for some time?

- What goes into the game? We shall soon have the two human pigs slaughter, so consumers can get their meat at 5 pm. Moreover, we are busy in the shop with the sales of new slaughtered meat. It is hard to missing Birgitte by the disk.

- I am very sorry, but it is a desire Birgitte wish. She would love to watch the slaughtering of the two human pigs. She would be happy to try to follow them until just before the final slaughtering.

- What do you mean exactly?

- Well, actually, she dressed herself naked and hung up for slaughtering, together with the two human pigs. We obvious not cutting in her but take her down into live so she can continue her work in the shop. She would like to have this experience. It stimulates her, she says.

- I think she likes. Yes, she is a delicious little roast. It is okay, maybe I will come and have some look at this play and perhaps it is Brigittes trip next Monday. Who knows?

- Well, I then take Birgitte with me to the slaughter room, so she can get herself an experience.

William walked toward the young female shop assistant who was about to serve a consumers. The consumer had bought a piece of the hind shank of a naked human pig Birgitte lacked only the packet into chunks.

- Be as good. Have a nice day.

William cleared his throat and Birgitte turned against him.

- Would you with me into the slaughtering room and play slaughter animals?

- I do not know. You said that the master perhaps would have I went the whole way. But I do not want to die. I only want to get a thrill experience by standing in front of a slaughter, so you can get a good sex partner tonight.

- I know I will get her. I am actually already.

- I'll obviously do a risk. Master did not say anything?

- I think you do. He said it was OK that you participated into the butcher game and he also said that he might probably come and watch the game. He did not say anything more and he promised nothing.

- Uh, I have doubts, William. My body horrible like it, but I am nervous about what might happen. Indeed, it is exciting to be uncertain. I take the chance. You must try to protect me.

- I will. I like you. If you reach your 22 years, I would like to marry you.

- Oh, William, why have you not said it before? I like you too. Of course, I would go with you and play human pig.

- Good, then follow with me to the slaughtering room.

The first Birgitte see when she enters into the slaughtering room was the two tied naked girls, who stood beside the table with butcher knives, meat cleavers, meat saws and other butchery equipment. She paused for a moment, a little indecisive.

It was a deadly game she agreed. The two naked human pigs should be slaughtered no doubt. What about her, how far would they go with her? William had said that she would not be slaughtered as a pig, but what about the butcher's master?

- Yes, Birgitte, we can not wait all day, our two human pigs had to be slaughtered, and the consumers waiting for their meat.

- What should I do?

- Strip. Put your jewellery, watch and bracelet on the table over there, strip so you are completely naked, as the two naked sows.

The shop assistant began hesitantly; to take off her clothes and few minutes later she stood as naked as the two other girls.

- Do you do not mistake me and one of them? I mean, how can I know that I will not be slaughter?

- OK, Birgitte, we put a cross on the left breast at the two slaughter animals, so we know who should be slaughter.

One of the butchers took a toad and painted a red cross on Camilla and another naked girl naked breast.

- Are you satisfied Birgitte? Well, come over here and get your hands tied behind your back, like the other human sows.

The naked girl walked up to William, who stood ready to tie her hands. He got her hands behind her back and then she stood tied like the two other naked girls.

- You're a beautiful human pig, Birgitte. Shapely and meaty, it's actually a shame that your number is not pulled out of the National Meat Lottery. I am really looking forward to tonight. Well, now you had to be treated as a slaughter animal, nothing more. Ready?

William pushed brutally Birgitte towards the two other naked girls.

Birgitte was really afraid that she had done something wrong when she suggested this game. Was it a game for the butchers? Had they just got another human pig for slaughtering?

Birgitte fears were reinforced when the butcher also paint a red cross on her left breast.

- But ... but, you may not, Peter. I must not be slaughtered. - Birgitte stood and looked confused and scared at the butcher.

- There are only human slaughter pigs in this room. Do you see anyone else others except us butchers?

- No, no, I dont? - The other two butcher reverse grinned.

- But ... Oh William, you have not told the other butchers not to slaughter me, I'm only with this for fun. This is our game. William, do you hear me?

The three butcher turn and ignored completely the naked young female shop assistant, who had now begun to cry.

The Butchers ignored her as they always did by protesters and screaming butcher animals. She was only a human pig to them. She had committed her life's biggest mistake by suggesting this game.

- Lets started up to make the tools sharp for slaughtering.

Grinning took each of butchers ironing steel and a butcher knife. The butchers put them out in front of the naked girls and began to hone the blades sharp. William saw terribly in the three naked girls eyes.

He smiled to Birgitte and got a hateful look back. She had even sought such. He amused himself, looking up and down her shapely naked body. He looked at the two other naked girls. Yes, they were all very delicious and suitable for slaughtering. This was prime meat.

Camilla could hardly more. Why would the butchers grinding their knives and other butchery equipment in front of the naked girls. It was really painful. She trembled with fear. Knives and meat cleavers were soon spent. She had no more tears.

The last blade was tested by a piece of paper easily cutting through in front of the naked girls. The last tool was ready for use.

- I take Birgitte to use for my first instrument. You can each take one of the other two human pigs.

William grabbed the naked girl brutally by the arm and led her to a free steel board.

Camilla was sure that it was time for her to be slaughtered as a second butcher took her arm and led her to the same table. All three naked girls were put up at the large steel table with their backs downwards.

Camilla was surprised when the three butchers took their blood stained rubber aprons of and opened the zippers on their pants. Camilla looking surprised at the men as they all took their cocks up. She stared unbelief at cocks which swelled considerably.

A butcher stood by the table below Camilla's feet. Unconsciously the naked girl pressed her legs together. The butcher smiled at her and Camilla knew that she was raped if she would or not. Camilla relaxed a little, it was surely better than to be slaughter.

The butcher grabbed the naked girl's ankles and forced her legs to the sides. Camilla struggled a little against it, but he had many more forces than her. Wide open, she was dragged over the smooth steel table and toward the butcher's stiff cock. Camilla's legs hung over the table's edge

The butcher leaned against the naked girl's body and put his stiff cock on her naked stomach. He slid a little back and then the butcher brutally took hold of Camilla's breasts, his head bent forward and bite hard on her nipples.

Camilla could do nothing with his tied hands; she thought he would bite the nipples off. Then he began gently, sucking on nipples and let the tongue rotates. Camilla could feel how the nipples became hard. She really responded to his touch.

He moved one hand down to her pussy and pushed her labia to the side so his cock could slide freely into her sex opening.

Camilla feels she reacted to the butcher's intrusion. She closed her eyes, she juiced, and she was embarrassed. She felt like a pig that was put on the spit for a barbecue roast. Her lower body began to follow the man's movements. Camilla groaned.

She had not expected this, but hoping for a last rape before her slaughter. It happened now, her moaning was joyous. She began to enjoy the rape and she could hear the other two naked girls also were started. She felt her for a last time as a woman.

The butcher grip on Camilla's hips and pressed his cock completely down, Camilla screamed with delight, she approached an orgasm, which almost coincided with the butcher explosion inside her. He relaxed a little and his cock size decreased slightly.

He tried than once, but it failed because he had just emptied out.

The two other butchers had also reached their trigger and all three stood and looked at the three naked female bodies, which was slightly uncomfortable half over the table edge.

The girls came up to stand.

- Well, pigs, we should have a little competition with you. Which of you can give us fastest one of the trigger? Kneels pigs.

A little inconvenient, the three naked girls came to their knees. The three butchers went to each of the naked girl and placed their cock right in front of their faces.

- Open your mouth and show what it is good for.

Camilla had a cock in her mouth before. But she stared with disgust at the bristling cock on the man before her. Hesitantly she opened her mouth.

Brutally, the butcher then took her hair and pressed her open mouth over his cock. She was about to scream in panic, she had only coughed, the dick came right up to her neck opening.

- Tentatively slut.

He began to keep her head back and forth over his swollen cock. It was a strange feeling. Her tongue felt sensitive to every detail, she could feel how his fluids pumped into the heat tool. It was tempting; she began to push the tongue against the cock.

Her head was always led back and forth around the penis which getting warmer and warmer.

There was suddenly something. Her tongue felt small convulsions and then suddenly splashed sperm into her throat. He pressed her head against his body. She could not breathe.

Dick and sperm blocked her airway and she tried to cough. He first frees her after he had emptied all of his cock into her mouth. She coughed and gasped for breath.

Her mouth was filled with fresh mans liquid. She spat it out, but it tasted continue. Camilla was surprised that she had tried to have the cock in her mouth. She thought it was still disgusting. It was only to satisfaction for the man.

Camilla was the last one satisfied her butcher's apprentice.

The butchers brought their clothes in order and they got the rubber aprons on again. Finally the pad belts with the large butcher knives in scabbards were clamped.

The consumers meats

The three tied naked girls stood and waited, nervous and scared but also excited about what should happen now. They looked anxious against the butchers with their blood-stained white robes. They knew that the blood came from the naked girls who previously had been slaughter as human pigs and whose meat now was for sale in the butchers shop.

Without a word, the first naked girl was put down on the floor and a metal hanger was hoisted down from the electric crane. The naked girl's ankles were tied to the hangers outer ends and she was hoisted up the cranes with quit buzz.

The first of the three naked girls then hanging naked tied in the transport convoy with her legs apart and the head down. She was ready for slaughtering.

Birgitte waited anxiously and fascinated at slaughtering. She had always been fascinated when she witnessed the slaughtering of human pigs. The naked girl swung still in the hanger. Of course, she should hang a little too, that the blood would accumulate in her head and her lower part of the body, then the blood easy could be tap out of the body.

Birgitte had almost nearly forgotten that she was completely naked as a human pig and waited for her slaughtering.

Shit, William the shit. He had promised to look after her and to protect her. This should only have been a game for her. Now this became deadly to her, she stood here as a real human pig.

Who would provide food for her little kitten? What would happen now to her small apartment? Should she just end her life here in the butcher room?

Birgitte was not ready to die like a human pig. Oh, why had she suggested this game? She knew the answer. The meat processing of the naked girls as drawn into the State Meat Lottery and the later subsequent sale of their meats had always inspired her sexually.

It also made it now where she brutally was threw down on the white tile floor and the butchers kicked her legs spread up into the hanger. She was desperate when she suddenly hung with the legs wide apart freely floating in the air in meat transport convoy.

Why had they not slaughtered the naked girl who previous was only hung up in her legs?

The last naked girl hung soon in her metal hanger ready for slaughtering like the two other girls.

William looks professionally at the three naked bodies, which hung ready for slaughter. It was excellent meats no doubt about it. He grinned as he looked down at Birgitte anxious eyes. No doubt she was a lovely girl, but her slaughter value as human pig was high too.

He knew that the naked girl condemned him at this moment. She had been a pleasure to rape at the butcher table and afterwards he had been a wonderful release of her mouth. He smiled at the thought. She should have one more trip before slaughter.

He brutally pushed the rear naked girl's body against the other two other bodies and pushed forwards as it was slaughtered carcasses he pushed around in the conveyor belt. The naked bodies slapped hard together.

Birgitte, who was in the middle, felt the two other naked girls hot body against her while they were pushed through the room as meat. Involuntarily she began to respond sexually.

Oh, now she was real living meat. If she had to be slaughtered then it must be now. She was excited and ready. She looked at the butcher's black belt with a large butcher knife. It will soon cut into her naked meat. She was ready, her pussy juiced. Then the trip ended into the conveyor belt.

The naked girl in front was running a little forward and a tub to blood was placed below her head.

Birgitte held her breath, when William took a sharp fillet knife and experienced cut the neck arteries open on the screaming naked girl. She screamed as the pig she was. Her life ebbed away. Birgitte knew she was next. She saw the girl's dark hair be coloured of red blood.

Screams were silenced and the blood oozed only slowly. Then the butcher frees the girls arms as fell limply down along with her head.

Although Birgitte had seen it so many times, she was shocked when the butcher cut the naked dead girl's belly meat open from breast bone to pubic bone.

The intestines pushed and fell slightly from the slot. Intestines and other intestines were just thrown into the plastic waste box. Subsequently, the body's external and internal were washed with a water hose.

Quite naturally began a butcher to split the body into two halves with a meat Clew. Birgitte was quite warm. She wished it was her carcasses then it had been all over to her. The two body halves were driven backward into the room for later meat cutting.

Birgitte was terrified. The reality had reached her. She had to be slaughtered now. She looked up at William, who came towards her. He clutched firmly in her body and carried it toward the tub with fresh blood.

- No, no. Do not do it. I will not be slaughter.

Birgitte screamed as she looked down at the blood in the tub below her head. She was in panic. She would live on. She was not ready. She ... Then a little black down to her eyes when she saw the butcher take the filet knife and begin to feel after her neck arteries.

In a moment she would begin to die. Birgitte screamed like a pig in panic before slaughtering. Then William laughed.

- I think we are waiting a little to process this human pig and kill the other first.

The still screaming naked girl was moved forward a little and replaced by Camilla's naked body. Camilla wept. Her young life had to end. The consumers had bought her flesh, they just waited for it. They only wait to get the meat cut up, packaged and distributed. Her meat should later be cooked or fried.

Camilla shook with fear. She was afraid of the death. But she was just a human pig.

She screamed when her neck arteries were opened. Despairing she looks at the corners her bloods pulses out of her. It was her heart that pumped her blood out.

Camilla got pictures of her life in glimpses. As she grew weaker she saw in imagination glimpse of herself as a mother of two children, the mother who had bought some of a human pigs meat to her and her two children and her husband...

The last image she saw was that her husband was the butcher who had raped her and stabbed his cock into her mouth. His cock was also meat; she should have bitten to...

William got a very special and very exciting night with Birgitte.

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