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Dubai Vacation with a Twist

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Synopsis: Three women on vacation in Dubai have more local color added to their trip then they bargained for.

Dubai Vacation with a Twist

part 1

The early morning was getting hotter by the minute and Dubai was waking up beyond the large hotel's compound. Linda was just stepping out of the shower and was wrapped in a large towel, drying her long dark blond hair with a smaller one when she realized she was not alone in the suite. Two dark shapes stood over by the door to the corridor. It looked like two persons, presumably women, wearing the traditional niqab in black.

- Excuse me? But what are you ...

The two shapes stepped forward and one of them started to smatter something guttural that sounded like the local lingo. Linda backed further into the room away from the approaching persons, holding the small towel against her chest. The one talking at least sounded female.

- I'm sorry, I don't understand. What do you want? Do you work for the hotel?

The female looked at the other person and Linda could have sworn that she heard some sort of low sound from the other shape, then the female looked at her again and said with a heavy accent.

- You american girl, you we sell to harem. You come with us now. We make much gold of you.

Fear gripped Linda, but only for a few seconds for the other shape started laughing out loud.

- I'm sorry Sherry, but that was just too much.

Linda saw her two friends Donna and Sherry peak out from under the niqabs, both where laughing hard now.

- Did you see her when I said we where gonna sell her? Hahahahaha.

- Yeah, she totally bought it.

- Yeah, until you burst into laugh anyways.

Linda continued toweling her hair, trying to put on a brave face.

- Yeah yeah, you got me. Why the get up?

- It's a souvenir, and we thought we could wear them tonight when going over to the party at the Sheraton. Could be fun to se the land from the native point of view, you know? Donna was removing hers and putting it on the bed.

- Yeah, we got one for you too yesterday. Sherry pointed to a paper bag by the door. Donna had the idea we could dress a little more like home under them and not "disturb" the natives when we go over later. I think those cute Italian guys would appreciate it.

- You two are just after one thing and one thing only. Linda sighed.

- And you are not?

- I didn't say that.

- Good, then it's settled.

- Fine.

Linda walked over to the wardrobe by her bed and started pulling out clothes, Donna was soon by her side.

- What will you wear tonight? You know, if you play your cards right, Georgio will eat out of the palm of your hand.

- I was thinking the black cocktail dress.

- No, no, no. You had that at the happening three days ago. Let's se what else you've got.

- What's wrong with the black one? So what if I have already worn it?

Donna rolled her eyes.

- Georgio has already seen it and built up resistance to it. You need something more cunning.

- Like what?

- Like this. Donna held out a thin white cotton dress, it was almost virginal in its simplicity. Spagetti straps, low neckline and a wide hemline down below the knees.

- You sure?

- Sure? I'm absolutely positively 100 percent sure. This with white underwear and he will be dry fucking the bathroom wall tonight.

- Ok, if you say so.

- Good, you can borrow some lingerie from me so we get it right. You need a satin lace bra, white of course, a satin lace garter belt and matching stockings. Do you have any white panties?

- Yes, don't worry. I won't clash your little color coordination.

- Good, get cracking girl.

- What? Now? But the party isn't until...

- Yes I know, but we need to see if it all fits or if we need to go shopping before it's too late.

Donna fetched the promised garments and Linda got dressed. She had to agree, in front of the mirror, that Donna had been right. White underwear made her look like a virginal sacrifice with her shoulder long dark blond hair hanging down in gentle curls.

As she reached for the dress on the bed Sherry suddenly said something that made her startle a little.

- Donna, maybe it's time for Camp Malludo? What do you say?

Donna sounded a little puzzled at first.

- Malludo? What... oh, you mean Camp Molludo traditions? Sure, I think Linda would get a kick out of it. She laughed.

Linda turned around.

- What's Camp Malludo?

Sherry smiled widely at her and there was something in her eyes that made Linda actually feel a bit uneasy.

- It's a small sisterhood and we have been talking, me and Donna, about making you a member now for years, but it has never been a good time, but I think right now is perfect. Now, the initiation is quite simple, but we can't do it the same way we did it at camp here. We'll have to conform to a few local customs. Sherry winked at Donna who giggled.

- I don't know. When you two pranksters...

Donna looked at her with big puppy eyes.

- Aw, please Linda. It will be fun, I promise.

Linda sighed.

- But do we have time for it?

- Sure, it will be quick. We have lots of time before the party.

Linda looked from Donna to Sherry and back to Donna, but saw only innocent smiles. What's the worst they can do? She thought.

- Ok, what do we do?

- Great! Donna clapped her hands. First you come and stand over here with me.

- Ok.

Linda walked over to Donna who stood almost in the middle of the room. She saw Sherry fetch something from her suitcase on her own bed and then walk over to them.

- Close your eyes, she told Linda who looked at Donna who nodded encouragingly. She sighed again and closed her eyes. Sherry tied something made out of cloth around her head as a blindfold. It felt soft and cool, probably a silk scarf. Sherry was absolutely nuts about her silk scarfs.

- Good. now remember, no peeking.

- I'll be good.

- We know, Donna replied with a stifled giggle.

- Now reach behind you with your hands. Sherry commanded.

- What are you gonna do?

Linda felt a finger on her lips, probably Donna.

- Ssh, no talking from the initiate to the Sisterhood of Camp Malludo, Donna said.

Linda was about to say something more, but closed her mouth. Whatever it was they planned, they would'nt harm her and who knew, it could be fun. She decided to play along with them. She reached behind her and felt another scarf being wrapped around her wrist, tying them together. She felt Sherry encircling her wrists with the soft cloth and then cinch it between her wrists making the loops more secure. When it was tied off she wriggled her hands experimentally and found them trapped. The strong cloth didn't give way to her efforts to free herself.

- Ok? Sherry asked her.

- Sure, I guess. It's this it?

- Nope, not yet. She then felt someone tying another scarf around her left ankle and then again around her right one. A hand then traced its way up her legs inside making her shiver a little in the warm morning air. Donna giggled again.

- Oh, I think she likes being stroked along her legs.

- Maybe we should tell Georgio about that? What do you think Linda?

Linda didn't answer Sherrys question, but tried to determine what they were doing and not to blush. Why did they need to tie her up for the initiation? Suddenly she felt the blindfold being pulled away and she blinked in the light a little.

- Ta-da, said Sherry and Donna turned Linda towards the tall mirror. She looked at herself, tall, blond, white lingerie and her hand tied behind her. Her ankles were tied together with a long white scarf as a hobble. She turned a little, the scarf binding her hands was also white. Someone had really color coordinated this.

- Ok, is this it?

- Nope, not yet. This was just in preparation for your perp walk.

- My what? Perp walk..?

- Yeah, perp walk. Back at Camp, any new initiate to the sisterhood was tied like this, well not exactly like this, and they had to walk over to the nearest neighbouring cabin and ask to be released. Of course, in every cabin that would be denied until the initiate got back to her own cabin and was released by her friends. That made her a member.

- So you want me to do what, walk over to the other rooms in the hotel like this? Linda started to sound concerned.

- No, dummy. I did say we would have to conform to some local customs.

- So, what did you have in mind?

- We will let you walk over like this to the party and ask Georgio to set you free. Sherry grinned.

- Oh no, no no no. No, I won't do it, no way. Now untie me.

- Tsk tsk tsk. Sister Donna, I think pledge Linda isn't getting into the spirit of thing. Let's help her with that.

- Ok, sister Sherry. Donna giggled some more.

- No, I mean it, untie me now.

Sherry approached Linda and Donna was getting in behind her. Sherry smiled.

- I think the lady doth protest too much. Donna, are you ready?

- I'm ready.

- Whaaa?

Linda didn't get any further as Sherry moved forward and jammed a balled up scarf in her mouth. Donna wrapped her arms around Lindas body and held her as she started to fight her two friends. Sherry looked into her eyes and coed her

- So so, don't you trust us, Linda? That is quite disturbing that you don't seem to trust us, you know?

She started to prod the scarf in between Lindas full lips with the fingers and when she was satisfied another long scarf was produced and forced between Lindas teeth as a cleave gag. It was crossed behind her head and then tied of in a square knot between her teeth, effectively silencing her and keeping the other scarf in her mouth. Linda looked at Sherry with murder in her eyes, mewing and grunting behind her gag.

- Now, now pledge Linda. Don't say anything you only will regret later.

Linda fought Donnas embrace and the bonds as Sherry stepped back a bit.

- Ok, let the pledge go now, sister Donna.

- Yes, sister Sherry.

Linda was free again and tried her best to get out of her bonds, but she was trapped in her silk bonds. After a few minutes she gave up, Donna and Sherry was sitting on one of the beds looking at her. Sherry had a long white sash from her dressing gown in her hand. Linda did not care for the look on Sherry's face. She had the look of someone with an idea.

- Let's get her a little more comfortable before we leave her to become more familiar with her position as a pledge.

- What do you propose?

- A little something to get her engine going, nothing big. Do you remember Beth the last summer?

- Yeah I remember and that's a great idea. It will get her ready for tonight alright.

They got up and moved over to Linda as two cats stalking a canary.

- Now stand still, pledge, or sister Donna her will wrestle you to the ground and sit on you to get your cooperation in this.

Linda sighed and nodded in defeat.

- God pledge. Now stand still.

Sherry tied the sash around her waist, letting the long free end hang loss down in front of Linda. She then tied a few knots in the loose hanging end and pulled it between Lindas slender nylon clad legs. Linda looked down and wondered what was going on, but soon found out as Sherry threaded the loose end between Lindas tied wrists and pulled on the sash. This made the sash pull tight against her crotch and the knots positioned themselves over her pussy. Sherry yanked on the sash a few times and leaned forward to whisper in Lindas ear.

- Get the idea, pledge?

Linda closed her eyes and nodded ever so slightly as she blushed. - Good.

Linda felt Sherry tie the sash around her wrist after pulling it tight. She found that any movement of her arms made the knots move over her pussy and she felt herself getting aroused by this. Bitches, she thought, but couldn't help letting a low moan escape her.

- Well sister Donna, I think pledge Linda seem to enjoy this. Shall we let her get a little more accustomed to this on her own?

- That sounds like a great idea sister Sherry, it's time for breakfast anyway.

- First, let's get her finished before we go down to the dining room.

Finished? thought Linda trying not to move the sash and she saw Sherry fetch the paper bag by the door containing the third niqab. The two girls then quickly draped it over the bound woman and adjusted it as best they could. The whole of Linda was now obscured beneath the heavy dark garment and only her blue eyes were visible in the eye slits. She looked from Donna to Sherry and tried to plead with them, but they just smiled at her.

- Now now, pledge Linda, behave. We will go and get some breakfast down in the restaurant. When we get back we will let you go again... maybe. It depends on how well you have behaved yourself. We might take you out for a day on the town like this instead if you fail to get loose.

Linda stared at Sherry and felt a cold shudder down her spine, she wasn't sure if Sherry teased her or if they would do that. She protested some more, tried to scream something and stomped her feet as Donna and Sherry walked over to the door and walked out. Sherry turned around before closing the door and said.

- Have fun know, pledge. We will be back in an hour so good luck with your knotted present.

She then closed the door and left the bound and gagged Linda alone in the suite.

Dubai vacation with a twist

part 2

by didmaker

Linda stood there in the middle of the room. Hands tied behind her, legs hobbled, gagged and a sash tied to stimulate her sex every time she moved her hands. And to top it off her two friends had dressed her in a all covering niqab over all that. She awkwardly walked over to one of the beds and sat down, the movements made her sensitive spots tingling as the knots in the white silky sash rubbed against her thru her white panties. She moaned a little and couldn't resist moving her arms a little more. She thought about her recent dry spell, 4 months since her last time. Maybe she should walk over like this to the party to get Georgio, that hunk of an Italian, to take her. She started moving her hands some more and then snagged the sash with her fingers for better control. She laid down and rolled over on her stomach on the bed and started to masturbate with the knots. The rhythm was steady and she started to breathe more heavily as her arousal started to inflame her mind. The pulled harder and harder on the sash to get a faster flow of events, but the two knots on the sash was a very limited way for her to reach her goal. She now and then cursed Sherry and Donna for there idea but couldn't stop herself, she needed this. Oh boy did she need this.

Linda was so deep in her own enjoyment that she never heard the cleaning lady knocking and after not receiving any answer, entered the room to check that everything was in order. Suddenly she stood there in the room, a pile of new fresh towels on her arms and her eyes locked on the writing moaning form of a woman in a niqab on the bed.

-<What are you doing on the guest's bed? Are you sick?> the woman asked in Farsi.

Linda froze and just looked up at the cleaning lady, a heavyset lady in her late 40s. Dressed in a long sleeved and to the floor hem lined uniform and a scarf on her head, leaving only her face visible. The woman put down the towels and moved over to her.

-<Answer me, why are you in the American ladies room?>

Linda tried to say something and all that came out was a low grunting. The woman leaned over and saw the blue eyes through the slits. Her own eyes narrowed and she moved around the bed. Bending down she lifted the hem of the niqab and took in the display. She saw the nylon covered legs tied together with he scarf and she could see the woman's panty covered ass on which her tied hands rested. She realized that this was not a local woman and that this tourist was tied up, probably against her will.

- Oh dear. Who has done this to you, here let me help you miss. She said in a heavy accent.

Nadira reached down and helped the woman up on her feet and then with practised skill undressed her from the confines of the niqab. She looked at Linda's slightly unfocused eyes and her gag. Reaching up, Nadira undid the knot and removed the scarf from between Linda's lips. She then discovered that something white was hanging out between Linda's full red lips so she took a grip and started to pull out the second scarf from her mouth. She looked at Linda with concern.

- Who did this, should I fetch the police? I'll fetch the manager; he will help you catch the bad men that did this. Here I'll untie you and then...

- No, please no manager. No police. I...

The woman stopped. Her eyes narrowed again and Linda could fill a chill in the woman's stare.

- No police? Who did this?

Linda blushed and looked down as she tried to explain.

- My friends did this; it's a initiation to a kind of club. They were going to let me walk over to a party like this to get a man there interested in me but they left and...

Linda listened to her self rambling on. She was surprised at how easy she told this cleaning lady the truth.

The woman's eyes narrowed some more and she then took a step backwards looking closer at Linda's appearance. Her eyes found the sash with its two knots and she looked behind Linda and followed the sash up to her hands. It was still twisted into her fingers for better leverage. The woman reached out and moved the sash a bit making Linda close her eyes and moan, she was that close to an orgasm. The woman snorted.

- I see. So you enjoy coming to other countries and use their sacred customs for your own perverted games? Her tone was not friendly and Linda could hear a rage building in the woman's voice.

- No, I would never....

- Silence whore! The woman slapped Linda hard across the face making her stumble backwards a step. She looked at the woman in silent shock as a bright red mark spread across her cheek.

- I will teach you to better respect the women of my country, you American pig-whore.

She pushed Linda backwards onto the bed again and rolled her forcefully over on her stomach. The woman then climbed into he bed beside her and before she realised what was happening the woman was sitting on top of her straddling her body between two thick powerful thighs that pinched Linda's body into a tight grip. The woman was facing Linda's feet and she took hold of Linda's hands with one hand and with the other she started to spank her defenceless panty clad ass with furious anger. Every swat made Linda's ass feel like it was on fire and she started to cry and after a few blows she finally screamed.

The woman froze and then got of Linda.

- Oh no you don't, American whore. I'm not done yet.

The woman grabbed something of the bed and then took a good grip of the neck hairs on Linda and pulled up her face from the bed. As Linda got ready to scream for help the cleaning lady jammed a pair of socks in her mouth and then followed them up with a pair of panties. She used her fingers to cram them deep inside Linda's mouth and then took on of the scarves and tied it around Linda's mouth drawing it tight between her lips, making her cheeks bulge with the stuffing.

- There, that should keep you silent for your correction, whore. The woman hissed at her.

And with that she got back on top of Linda and continued to spank her for a couple of minutes. Linda wriggled and screamed into her gag and the tears ran down her now puffy cheeks but no one was coming to help her. After a while the woman got of her and stood up. Taking the second scarf she used it to tie Linda's already hobbled  feet tightly together, crossing them at her ankles. She then corrected her uniform and moving over to the first bed picked up her stack of towels and walked to the door. She turned towards Linda and with a icy stare at the bound crying blond she said

- For your sins and total lack of respect for other people you should get much more than that, but I have a job to do. Prey I don't come back, you perverted American whore of a sow.

She then left the room and locked the door behind her. Linda just watched the door, tears streaming down her face from the humiliation and the pain. What had she done wrong? She tried to get free from her bonds but the only result was that the knots on the sash started to do their work again on her swollen pussy. She couldn't help herself and soon she started to moan again.

After a few minutes Linda's body and mind was wrecked by a earth shattering orgasm that made her almost black out. She spasmed in her bonds and then lay still on top of the bed, panting heavily. She started to cry again and wished someone would come and release her. She tried to wriggle lose, but found the scarves holding her body bound wouldn't budge.

After another twenty minutes she heard the door open again. She looked up but was startled to see that it wasn't either Donna or Sherry that walked in. It was two persons in niqabs. Linda first thought that it was her friends and that they where going to try too fool her again but she quickly realized that one of the persons was shorter and a bit wider than either of her two friends. They both entered and closed the door behind them. They moved over to the bed where she laid and stood looking at Linda who started to blushed and tried to hide her face in the bed. She could hear the persons talk in hushed voices in Farsi, but didn't understand a word.

-<See, I told you she was nothing but a whore.>

-<Yes, I can see that. But what are we going to do about it? I know she need to be properly chastised for her transgressions against our culture but how, dear sister?>

-<We'll bring her back home and show her how we deal with her sort ourselves. She has a lovely body and I wouldn't mind feeling her skin against mine>

-<A wonderful idea, but won't she stand out a bit too much, you know : tall, blond and tied up?>

-<No, look over there. I told you she was masturbating in a niqab, the filthy little whore.>

-<Ah, I see. Sneak her out in a niqab? Clever. Ok, let's do it.>

The two women approached Linda and one of them spook, Linda recognized the voice. To her horror it was the cleaning lady.

- So whore. You know I should report you to the police. They would throw you in jail for what you have done.

Linda looked at the woman. What I have done? She said before I had done something wrong but what?

- Do you want me to fetch the police?

Linda stared and then shook her head.

- I did not think so, whore. But you need to be shown the error of your filthy American ways and to be educated into better respect for cultures other than your own rotten one.

Linda felt a cold sinking feeling in her stomach.

- We, my sister and I will bring you to our home where you will see how women truly live in our land and maybe then you will have little more respect for my country.

Linda froze, bring her home with them? What did she mean? She was having none of that of course. As soon as they untied her she would talk sense to the two ladies. Some money should smooth things over what it was she was supposed to have done wrong.

- Do you agree, American whore?

Linda nodded reluctantly and then let the two women unti the scarf around her ankles and drag her of the bed and on to her feet again. She was a little confused that they didn't untie her more.

-<Find her some proper shoes, sister> Nadira asked Isra.

-<Yes, sister>

Isra moved over to a suitcase and rummaged thru it. Now and then holding out a garment and looking at it. Eventually she found a pair of sandals which she returned with to her sister and the bound American woman. Isra noticed that the front of the woman's panties was soggingly wet.

-<Has she wet her self, sister?>

Nadira looked down and smiled, she had been right about this little whore.

-<No, I think she has masturbated herself to an orgasm and it must have been after I left.>

-<Truly a little whore then.>

-<Indeed. Those the shoes?>

-<Yes, I found a lovely pair of stilettos but that would just make her taller and the tell tale click of the heels would alert suspicion.>

-<Good thinking. Here, lets put them on her.>

Isra bent down and Nadira locked eyes with he still confused Linda.

- Help my sister to put the sandals on. When she tells you to you lift a foot you lift that foot. Do you understand?

Linda nodded and wondered if it wouldn't be easier to simply untie her first. Isra said something in Farsi and tapped her left foot. Linda lifted it and felt it being encased in the sandal, the strapped drawn about her slender ankle under the hobble. The manoeuvre was repeated with her right foot. Isra stood up and looked at Linda. She then turned to Nadira and said

-<Her eyes are blue>

-<Yes, they are. Beautiful aren't they?>

-<Yes, but what if someone notices? I mean everything else will be concealed, but her eyes are still visible you know.>

-<Hadn't thought of that. Her own niqab doesn't have a veil and ours are to short for her.> Nadira was silent for a second or two and then smiled to her self. <I have an idea. Keep an eye on the whore while I look fore something. These filthy pigs should have exactly what I need.>

Nadira moved over to the suitcase where the sandals had come from but didnt find anything. After some rummaging through it she moved over to a wardrobe and started to pull out drawers. After a while she found what she needed. She returned to their tied victim and held up a sheer black silk stocking.

-Your first lesson in humility. Eyes are not to be flaunted as if they where jewels. Stand still, whore.

Nadira then griped the hem of the stocking with both hands and then started to pull the stocking down over Linda's head, encasing it in a sheer black silk hood. Linda immediately started to protest and tried to move away which only earned her a slap across the face from Isra.

- Behave!

Linda froze and felt the stocking being drawn down over her head. Her view was dimmed by the fabric of the stocking and her hair was pressed against her skull now. Nadira pulled the stocking down to the woman's neck and then let go of it. She pinched the fabric at the nose and drew it out to allow more room for the nose and eyes. She looked at Linda's now veiled eyes and the blue colour was not as apparent now. She smiled again at her ingenuity.

-<Wonder full idea, sister. I almost can't tell if her eyes are brown or blue now.>

-<And people will not stare her in hte eyes since it is simply not done. Lets get her into the niqab now and get out of her before her friends comes back and ends our fun.>

The two sisters took the niqab from the bed and Linda suddenly realised that they weren't going to untie her. They where taking her to their home tied like this. She wouldn't get a chance to plead her way out of it. She started to grunt and fidget with her bonds which prompted Nadirta to slap her a couple of times across the face again and then lean close to the woman's silk stocking enclosed face.

- If you don't behave we will hand you over to the police directly and they will take you like this and lock you up until the morning in a jail cell with all the other filthy whores they catch tonight. Would you like us to do that?

Lind stared at the two cold dark eyes visible through the eye slits of the cleaning lady's niqab and she knew the woman meant it. Linda hung her head and shook it, blushing under the stocking.

- Good, then stand still or my next action is to phone the police.

Whit that said the two sisters then draped Linda in the long enveloping dark niqab. She stood still as they fidget around with the fitting and to line up the eye slits with her veiled blue eyes.

-<Lovely, no one can tell she is tied up under that. This is going to be fun.>

-<Yes, fun for us anyways. Let get going. I can't wait to get this trollop home>

They walked up and stood on either side of Linda and the cleaning lady told her:

- You will not try to escape me and my sister. If you try anything we will phone the police. If you try to get help from someone we will hand you over to the police. If you obey us and behave you will not have to go to prison for your filthy whoring crimes against our culture and country. Your only chance of ever getting back home to your home now is to follow our instructions. Do you understand?

Linda nodded reluctantly and both Isra and Nadira smiled widely and evilly under the hood of their own niqabs

-<She truly believes she will end up in jail? For what?>

-<I haven't told her and I really can't think of anything. But she doesn't know that and that gives us a upper hand on this uneducated American sow.>

They both let out a low murmur like laugh as they walked over to the door with their captive between them. Isra opened the door and walk out, looking both sides and then motioned the two others to follow her to the service elevator at the end of the corridor for a quick trip down to the cellar floor and the staff areas.

End part 2

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