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The Senator's Wife

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Synopsis: A senator's wife is sentenced to prison and enforced orgasm denial of a fiendishly cruel nature when her political views cause him embarrassment.
The Senator's Wife


A decades-long shift in the American political and legal systems to an
ultraconservative fundamentalist government has changed the nation profoundly.
It started with President Bush's Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade and
culminated in a patriarchy in which women were practically chattel. The press
became a tool of the government, allowing events to occur without scrutiny or
publicity. The Prison-Industrial Complex became a major revenue generator as
well as a political force. Employers made billions of dollars of excess profits
employing inmates. Captive workers received neither wages nor benefits.
Politicians remained in office by doing everything possible to appear tougher on
crime than their opponents. Parole and early release were abolished. New laws
with tougher mandatory sentences proliferated to satisfy the public's demand for
safety from crime, punishment for miscreants and the ever-increasing needs of
the Prison-Industrial Complex. Three Strike Laws mandating life in prison were
invoked against everyone convicted of three crimes, whether felonies or
misdemeanors. Of the twelve million Americans incarcerated, over forty percent
were women. Many were serving lengthy or life sentences for performing or
receiving abortions, bearing children out of wedlock, committing adultery and
other non-violent offenses. The privatized prison system was run on a for-profit
basis. The prison-based economy was dependent on an ever-increasing number of
slave laborers. Thomas Jefferson's warning that a people willing to sacrifice
liberty for security deserved neither had long been forgotten.

Chapter 1

Senator Steven O'Connor leaned back in his chair with his eyes closed while his
assistant Jennifer Davis proposed an answer to his marital problem. He depended
on her for everything. She never let him down.

"You can't divorce her without a tremendously good reason," she stated
emphatically. "It should be something your constituents will empathize with as
well as something that will improve your standing with them." O'Connor nodded.

"Tell me something I don't know," he said impatiently. Jennifer's thoroughness
and attention to detail sometimes overwhelmed his patience. "Unfortunately,
she's never done anything remotely illegal."

"But she might," Jennifer said, "if conditions were right." He motioned for her
to continue.

"You haven't been intimate with her in quite a while, have you?" It was a
rhetorical question. Jennifer knew when Sondra moved into her own bedroom and
why. He shook his head. It hadn't bothered him that much. He didn't lack for
sex. The Senator liked his women young. Sondra was nearly forty, although she
looked at least a decade younger. He'd given up trying to win her back when her
increasingly public advocacy of women's rights became a political liability. The
fact that their bilateral prenuptial agreement prevented him from getting his
hands on her considerable inheritance was the final straw. All he wanted from
her was for her to get out of his life, something in which she had no interest.

"Suppose she finds someone and commits adultery with him? You'd be heartbroken
but being the most conservative law and order legislator in Washington, you'd do
the right thing. You'd refuse to use your influence and let justice take its
course. She'd get a long prison sentence and her promiscuity would give you
perfect grounds for divorce. She'd be out of your hair permanently and think
about how your constituents would love the situation! Can't you see the
headline? 'Senator Law and Order O'Connor puts the law above his own happiness?'
It would be enough to put you over the top next year."

"She's not likely to run around on me," he snapped. "She's too damned straight."

Jennifer smiled broadly. "I know someone who can charm her. It will be expensive
but well worth it. I can arrange everything."

He pushed his chair back from his desk and unzipped his fly. Jennifer knelt and
took him in her mouth. It didn't take long for either of them to deliver.

Chapter 2

Sondra caressed Ted's back with her fingertips while he moved in her. She
delighted in his soft, smooth, hairless skin. She hated hairy backs. She wished
her husband's was like Ted's, not that it mattered much. They hadn't made love
in over two years. She'd missed having sex but not particularly with him. The
main reason she remained with him was for the status of being a senator's wife.
A divorce would have looked bad on his record, which might have affected his
chance at being reelected. His increasingly conservative views bothered her but
not enough to make her want to damage his career. She'd been miserable until Ted
Davis appeared a few months before. Making love with him made being married a
lot more comfortable.

Drops of sweat fell from Ted's chin to her small, soft breasts. He began to
pant. She knew he was close to ejaculating. He sometimes finished too fast the
first time but he always managed to get it up again a few minutes later and then
he kept it up. She raised her legs, joined her ankles at the small of his back
and pulled him down until his pubis pressed against hers.

"Stop moving, Ted. Take it easy," she whispered. "Make it last for me." He
shuddered with the strain of withholding his climax but he managed. They lay
connected and immobile until he regained control.

"That's my baby!" she crooned. Sondra lowered her legs and spread them wide. She
clutched his firm, muscular ass cheeks and whispered "now fuck me slow and
deep!" Ted looked down at her lovely face and felt a pang of regret that he'd
never be with her again. His sister Jennifer had called earlier in the day to
tell him they had all the evidence they needed. He'd miss the great sex and easy
money but he couldn't complain. It had been a good few months.

He stroked slowly, then more and more quickly as his passion rose toward its
peak. She met his thrusts until her climax was close, then she lay motionless to
better experience his movements inside her. Her climax ignited, filling her with
tingling pressure.

"Hold off just a little bit longer, baby," she whispered. "Let me keep cumming!"

"I'm trying! I'm trying!" he panted. "Oh, fuck, I'm sorry! I'm going to cum!"
The door burst open. A pair of uniformed policemen walked quickly toward the
bed. One of them trained a video camera on the couple.

Ted pulled out, splashing his semen on Sondra's stomach and side. She tried to
pull the sheet up. It was tangled at the bottom of the bed. The policeman with
the camera ordered them not to move. The other told Sondra to put her hands
behind her head.

"Get close ups of their genitals," he instructed the camera wielder "and that
semen on her. The fixed cameras probably didn't do very well with those shots."
Sondra pulled her legs tightly together.

"No need to try to hide anything, Mrs. O'Connor," the officer with the camera
said sarcastically. "We already have video of your hot little cunt, this party
and a lot more. You've been a very busy lady." He lowered his camera and pointed
at Ted.

"Get up, get dressed and get out of here. There's an unmarked car in the
driveway." Ted dressed and left without looking at her.

They only let her put on her blouse and panties before cuffing her hands behind
her back. The reporters and photographers waiting outside the motel got the
pictures they came for.

Chapter 3

Sondra's lawyer Dan Rivers sat beside her while the prosecutor played the
evidence tape the police made when they arrested her. He played the first
surveillance tape next. Sondra watched her image on the screen, undressing Ted
for the first time, sinking to her knees in front of him, making love to him
with her mouth until he was erect, leading him to the bed.

"We have enough between the tapes, what the arresting officers observed and the
guy's testimony to convict," the prosecutor said without emotion. "You've seen
the other tapes and read the depositions, counselor. I'll win convictions on
every count if you go to trial. That's at least fifty years without parole." He
looked at Sondra, smiled at the shock and terror she was unable to hide and
turned to Rivers. Sondra's head spun at the thought that she'd be ninety before
she was released!

"Or" he continued "you can make it easy on all of us and the Senator by
pleading. I'll accept a guilty plea on twelve counts of oral copulation,
perverted sexual practice and adultery. I'll recommend that the judge sentence
give her minimum prison time in a control program for sexual offenders. I doubt
he'll give her more than twenty years. She'll be required her to submit to
sexual negation, of course."

Sondra had heard of sexual negation but knew practically nothing about it. She
looked quizzically at Rivers, who nodded at the prosecutor, patted the back of
Sondra's hand and thought about the clean, untraceable money that would appear
in his offshore account as soon as Sondra was disposed of.

"Make up your minds. The deal's only good for five minutes." He walked out of
the room. Sondra's composure broke when the door closed behind him.

"My God!" she wailed. "Is he telling the truth?"

"You'll get at least twice that much time if we go to trial," Rivers replied.
"He'll stack the jury with religious-fanatic wives and fundamentalists. They'll
crucify you."

"I can't spend the rest of my life in prison," she said quietly. "What does
negation involve?"

"They started the program seven or eight years ago to rehabilitate female sexual
deviants. Now it's applied to every female sexual offender. I'll get all the
details for you." He squeezed her hand reassuringly. "The plea bargain's a good
deal. I strongly advise you to accept it." Sondra nodded. Whatever negation was,
it had to be better than fifty years in prison.

The prosecutor returned with the typed plea bargain, dropped it on the table in
front of Sondra and gave her a pen. She signed it and handed it back to him. He
left without a word.

Her court appearance took less than fifteen minutes. The judge read the plea
agreement and asked Rivers and the prosecutor if they agreed to the terms and
conditions as stated. They replied that they did. The judge asked Sondra if she
had agreed to plead of her own free will. She nodded. He signed the agreement,
summoned Sondra to the bench and pronounced sentence.

"The court accepts your guilty plea and hereby sentence you to forty years
without possibility of parole in a minimum security prison, with twenty years
suspended. You will wear a band on your right wrist identifying your conviction
as sex offender. You will submit to sexual negation. If at any time it is
determined that you have violated the negation order by removing the device,
tampering with it or disabling it, or if it is determined that the device is not
capable of performing its function, you will be immediately incarcerated in a
maximum security prison for the remainder of your sentence. You will submit to
periodic monitoring and any other activities or procedures required by the
Bureau of Prisons. Do you have any questions?" Sondra shook her head. She had no
choice but to accept her sentence despite not understanding precisely what it

The judge cleared this throat. "You are remanded to the custody of the marshals
service." Two marshals put a belly chain around her waist, cuffed her hands to
it, shackled her, locked a short chain between her cuffs and shackles and
escorted her from the courtroom. Sondra did her best to walk in the chains that
threatened to trip her with every step. Rather than leading her through the rear
entrance, they escorted her through the main entrance and slowly down a flight
of steps to a broad, sunlit landing where her husband waited with a large cadre
of reporters he'd invited. One marshal stood behind her with his hand on her
shoulder. The other stood at her left, holding her arm. The tableau had the
desired effect. She looked like a dangerous criminal. Her husband took his place
at her right, staring at her with an expression of solemn sorrow designed to
appeal to his constituents. He gave the cameramen as much time as they wanted to
get footage of him standing beside his wife. The warm breeze lifted her skirt
almost to her waist at one point. Every cameraman recorded a view of her white
panties. A Washington Post reporter asked if he had any comments on his wife's
sentence. The Senator began his short, well-practiced speech.

"I was shocked and saddened when I learned that Mrs. O'Connor had repeatedly
violated my trust and her sacred marriage vows. We've been married for over ten
years. I still love her deeply. My personal grief and profound loss
notwithstanding, I understand that she must pay her debt to society. The moral
fabric of our great democracy depends on every citizen obeying the laws of our
land. While her loss will affect every facet of my life, I recognize that only
by serving her sentence can my wife be rehabilitated and restored to a
productive place in society. Thank you and God bless America." He took her chin
in his hand, turned her face toward his, bent and kissed her lips. The cameras
caught every nuance of their last contact, complete with the tears she was
unable to wipe away.

Chapter 4

Dan Rivers visited Sondra the next day in the detainment area where she waited
to be transported. She asked him if he'd learned anything about her negation and
where she'd be incarcerate.

"They're sending you to Camp Parks. It's a federal correctional institution for
women in the hills near San Francisco. It's on located on what used to be an
Army post. The environment's pretty relaxed from what I was told. It's one of
the 'Club Feds.' Only first time, non-violent offenders get sent there and there
are no second chances. If you don't follow the rules to the letter, you'll be
incarcerated someplace a lot less pleasant. " He slid a loose-leaf binder
labeled "Technical Description: Sexual Negation Device - Application and Use"
across the table. Sondra opened it and stared at the first page. She found the
technical jargon virtually incomprehensible in her in her sleep-deprived state.
One night in the noisy confusion of the holding cell had rendered her almost
senseless. Her inability to concentrate was obvious to him.

"I read through it and talked to the manufacturer. I'll tell you what it's about
if you like." She nodded and stared at a drawing of female reproductive organs.

"The negator is about the size and shape of a hen's egg. They'll dilate you and
put it in your womb." He flipped through the pages until he found a picture of
the device.

"It has two functions. The first is monitoring and recording episodes of sexual
arousal. That will allow them to correlate each episode with a time during which
you might have been able to commit a crime without being detected otherwise. The
second function is stopping your arousal before it can progress to an orgasm.
The theory is that offenders won't commit acts that don't bring them pleasure."

"How does it stop an orgasm?" she asked in dismay.

"It's pretty complicated," he replied. He took a pen from his pocket and used it
as a pointer. "It has a lot of sensors in its surface. It monitors temperature,
muscular pressure in the womb, heart rate, blood flow and even internal sounds.
It will self-calibrate when they implant it by storing your readings while
you're not aroused, then compare them with readings when you are. After that, it
monitors you constantly to determine when you're becoming aroused. These are
electrodes. It will shock your uterus until it decides you're not aroused any
longer. It also records the date, time and level of each instance of arousal.
You'll have to make regular visits to the dispensary so they can recharge it and
download your arousal history to your permanent file. They'll violate you and
send you to a maximum-security prison for your full term if they think you tried
to do anything to the unit. Technically, they could even violate you if you
manage to have an orgasm." Sondra looked at the diagram and cried.

Chapter 5

The chartered cross-country flight was uneventful except for the complaints of
other inmates. Sondra tried unsuccessfully to sleep. Her fear and the discomfort
of being secured by cuffs, shackles and a belly chain kept her awake. A prison
bus and van were waiting on the runway when the plane stopped. Sondra and the
male and female guard escorting her were the last to deplane and the only ones
who got into the van. The early morning drive to the government medical center
was uneventful. She managed to sleep fitfully until they arrived. The van
stopped in front of the entrance. The female guard opened the door, unlocked her
right wrist from an eyebolt mounted to the side of the van and ordered her to
get out. The tall step to the pavement was difficult to negotiate with her hands
cuffed, her ankles shackled and a belly chain joining the other chains. She
barely managed not to fall. She tried to ignore the stares of the staff while
the officers escorted her through the corridors to a windowless room where a
doctor and a technician waited.

"We've got a new victim for you, doc," the male officer exclaimed. They removed
Sondra's restraints. The doctor ordered her take off all her clothing except her
bra and sox, lie on the table and put her feet in the stirrups. Sondra undressed
self-consciously. Her brief stay in confinement with its communal showers and
strip searches hadn't acclimated her to being naked in front of strangers. The
officers watched and whispered. The male was obviously enjoying the sight.
Sondra climbed onto the table and put her feet in the stirrups. One of the
guards locked her wrists in restraints fastened to the sides of the table. The
doctor trimmed her pubic hair, covered the area between her navel and thigh-tops
with jell and shaved her with a disposable razor. She was thankful that he only
nicked her twice. Sondra watched the technician remove the negation unit from
its package, place it on a stand and test it to verify that it was operating
properly. Satisfied, he immersed it in a beaker of betadine.

"This is where it gets good," the male guard told his partner. "He's gonna put
in the snatch spreader!" The woman grimaced and slapped his arm. Sondra turned
her face away from them and tried to forget they were there. The doctor removed
a speculum from an autoclave, lubricated it and her labia with sterile jelly and
inserted it. She flinched when the cold metal slid inside her. The officers
jostled each other for a better look while the doctor spread her painfully wide.
She tried unsuccessfully not to cry while he dilated her cervix. It felt as if
she was being torn apart despite the injection he'd given her to ease her pain.

"Jesus, he's really strretching that thing, isn't he?" the male guard exclaimed.
He'd seen the procedure twice before and enjoyed it more each time. He adjusted
his erection through his pocket. His partner thought about her first pelvic exam
and shuddered.

The doctor removed the negation unit from the beaker, lubricated it and inserted
it in her cervix. Sondra cried out in pain while he forced it deeper intro her
womb until it disappeared. He took a C-shaped surgical steel staple an inch in
diameter from the beaker. He explained that it would prevent expulsion or
removal of the negator. He pressed the sharply pointed ends against the sides of
her cervix. Sondra felt an dull burst of pain when the metal pierced her cervix.
He used a special tool to form the "C" into a ring.

Her pain began to subside but she suddenly felt like she was in labor as her
womb contracted in an attempt expel the invader. Her contractions occurred a
half-minute apart for the next twenty minutes, then gradually subsided as her
body grew accustomed to the presence of the unit and ring. The doctor watched
her cervix bulge with each contraction. He removed the speculum after her
contractions ceased. The doctor waited patiently until she relaxed and told him
the pain was gone. He unrolled something that looked like an extra large condom
with a small opening, placed it on a long nozzle attached to a can of aerosol
foam and inserted it in her vagina. She felt it expand, filling her completely.
It felt like he was fisting her by the time he stopped inflating it. He removed
it ten minutes later after the foam had hardened. She asked what it was for. She
nearly climaxed while it scraped over her G-spot as he withdrew it despite her
discomfort and embarrassment.

"They'll use it to make a probe that will fit your body perfectly" he explained.
He held it in front of her face and pointed to an indentation at the top. The
impression of the showed clearly. "This cup will fit over your cervix. The probe
will recharge your unit inductively, test it and download your history file."

"Someone is going to put something like that inside me?" she asked.

"At least twice every month," he replied. "More often if they think it's
necessary. It varies from woman to woman." Sondra's heart sank. She wondered who
"they" were. The doctor told her to lie still and try to relax. He and the
technician watched the screen for a few minutes. The male officer continued to
gawk at Sondra while he furtively touched himself through his pocket. His
partner did her best not to stare at Sondra. The analyzer beeped.

"OK, I have the resting baseline," the technician announced. The male guard
nudged the other one and whispered something Sondra couldn't hear. They leaned
closer and stared intently at her.

The doctor told Sondra "now I need you to have an orgasm. Don't fight it. Let it

She looked at him in shock and blurted "how do you expect me to do that lying on
this uncomfortable table with a piece of metal in my womb and four strangers
staring at me?"

"You have no choice," he answered. "The sooner you finish, the sooner this will
be over. That's what you want, isn't it?" She nodded and closed her eyes. She
had only managed to have one weak, unsatisfying orgasm during her confinement.
She needed a real one badly.

"How many fingers do you like inside?"

"Two," she replied softly, flushing with embarrassment. He inserted two gloved,
lubricated fingers.

"Here and here?" he asked, rubbing her urethral opening and G-spot. She nodded.

"Do you like to have your clitoris stimulated or is it too sensitive?"

"Gently, on the right side," she replied. The doctor knew what he was doing. His
touch was gentle and insistent. Her body soon responded despite her
embarrassment the ache from the ring and the strange sensation of having
something inside her. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the sensation of
his fingers gliding over her most sensitive places. The technician stared at the
screen and commented on her progress.

"Looking good, looking good," he said as the analyzer showed her excitement
increasing. "Won't be long now. We have a go for launch!" he exclaimed,
parodying a NASA space shot when her blood flow and muscle tension increased. He
announced "we have lift off!" just before Sondra's hips began to buck. Her
orgasm cascaded rapidly into a series of strong vaginal and uterine
contractions. The doctor stopped masturbating her when the analyzer beeped. She
felt a powerful urge to replace his fingers with her own to make her climaxes
continue. She gripped the sides of the table tightly until her arousal began to
diminish. To her amazement, the foreign presence in her womb and the stinging
ring through her cervix heightened the experience. "That's one hot bitch!" the
male guard exclaimed in awe.

"Excellent response!" the technician said. "Never saw one more clearly defined!"
The doctor instructed him to play back the electronic record of Sondra's climax.
They watched the green trace on the display signifying her arousal building,
plateau in a series of sharp spikes, then dissipate. Sondra looked at the
screen. The colored bar charts and traces meant nothing to her but she rejoiced
at how good she felt after finally having her sexual needs sated.

"Her orgasm reached about 9 at its peak," the technician said, holding a pencil
against the screen.

"Switch to real-time monitoring," the doctor instructed. The technician typed a
few commands. The display switched to indicating what was happening inside
Sonrda's body. The doctor pointed to a trace and told the technician "notice
that she's maintaining around 40 percent arousal." He turned to Sondra and asked
if she normally had multiple orgasms. She nodded.

The Male guard poked his partner with his elbow and whispered "nor for long!"

"The recommended activation threshold setting is 30 percent. The recommended
extinction threshold is 65," the technician said. "Where do you want me to set
her levels?"

"Set the activation threshold at 50 percent arousal and the extinction threshold
at 90." The technician looked at him quizzically.

"I prefer higher settings to keep them from getting shocked unless something's
really happening," the doctor explained. "Why make it worse than it has to be?"
The technician shrugged. Two other doctors with whom he worked used settings
lower than the recommendations. He thought they were both hard asses, especially
the woman, but he didn't care what the numbers were. He nodded, entered the
settings and downloaded them to Sondra's unit. The analyzer beeped, signifying

"Now let's test it," the doctor said. He looked down at Sondra and said "I'm
going to stimulate you again. I want you to let yourself have another climax.
Tell me what you're experiencing." He began to masturbate her.

She had always been multi-orgasmic. Each climax made the next one easier and
more intense until she finally succumbed to exhaustion. Her excitement built,
following a steeper trajectory than the first time. A prickly, tingling
sensation began in her womb. The technician watched the analyzer and interpreted
the displayed results for the doctor. He watched Sondra's face as he masturbated
her more intensely.

"Passing activation threshold. She ought to be feeling it now."

"Tell me if you feel anything unusual," the doctor ordered without pausing. His
gloved fingers made wet, sucking sounds moving in and out of her.

"I feel something..." she said between panting inhalations.

"Keep talking to me." He massaged her G-spot with one hand and stimulated her
clit with the other.

"Yes, now I definitely feel something strange," she said. He continued to
masturbate her. He vaginal muscles gripped his fingers, attempting to draw them

"Oh, it's starting to hurt!" she exclaimed as the voltage from the unit
increased at the same rate as her arousal. She panted and moved on his hand.

"Try to finish!" the doctor exclaimed.

"Passing 85 percent," the technician declared. "Maximum voltage should begin...

Sondra screamed "Oh! God! It hurts!" Tears squeezed out of her tightly closed
eyes. The doctor masturbated her harder and faster, trying to force her body to
respond despite the pain. Sondra screamed more shrilly and bucked her hips in an
effort to dislodge his hands. The analyzer showed her arousal dissipating

"You'll feel that pain each time you get close to having a climax, Sondra," the
doctor said. "You need to avoid situations that might result in sexual
excitement from now on."

"Christ, she won't be able to have sex any more?" the female guard asked her

"I've heard they can fuck with those things inside them," he replied and winked,
"but they sure as hell don't have much fun doing it!" The pain subsided quickly
but Sondra's womb continued to ache.

"It's still doing something," she told the doctor. He and the technician looked
at the analyzer.

"No, that's just cramping from residual muscular activity from the shocks," he
explained. "Most women are bothered by cramps until they've had the unit for a
while. After that, you might experience some cramping during your period. You'll
get used to it."

He fished around the bottom of the beaker with a pair of clamps and pulled out a
ring similar to the one in her cervix. This one had a steel tag the size of a
silver dollar suspended from it. He held the tag up so she could read the
inscription. "Negation unit inside this inmate is the property of Federal Bureau
of Prisons. Tampering with or removal is punishable by 20 years in prison and a
$100,000 fine." An inscription on the other side contained her name, federal
registry number and a warning that intercourse with her was a felony. He
stretched her right outer labia outward, held the ring against the base of it
and attached it. It stung badly but it hurt far less than the cervical ring had.
He pulled off his gloves, poked his chin toward the guards and said "the show is
over. You may escort her back to the holding cell." They freed her wrists.
Sondra got up, turned her back to them and dressed. The disk was uncomfortable
inside her panties. She positioned it to hang out through the leg hole. Her
ordeal was over, for the time being.

Sondra remained aware of the thing inside her after the cramping stopped but it
didn't bother her until her third night. A sudden pain deep inside her woke her
from an erotic dream. She touched herself. Her clit was erect, poking out of its
sheath and her labia were moist and swollen. She lay still and tried
unsuccessfully not to think about the dream or her need for release. She finally
pressed her fingertip to the base of her clit. Another shock lanced through her.
She moaned, rose from her bunk, walked the four steps to the bare metal commode
and sat on it. The cold, hard metal helped her suppress her desire.

Chapter 6

Camp Parks wasn't as bad as Sondra had feared it would be. The living quarters
were converted two-story World War Two vintage barracks with open bays.
Seventy-two women lived in each. She was assigned to a bunk near the bathroom; a
"waterfront lot." She quickly learned how undesirable that was. The comings and
goings of the other inmates and the sounds of toilets and showers made sleeping
difficult. Sondra received her notification to report to dispensary three days
after she arrived.

It was within walking distance of her quarters. The reception area reminded
Sondra more of a doctor's waiting room than a prison-related operation. A dozen
women of all ages and races waited in chairs at the far end. She sat in the last
available chair and listened to snatches of hushed conversations around her.

"Fifteen. My boyfriend got me pregnant... I got arrested in front of the
abortionist's apartment. It was a set-up" "My third strike... Life in prison for
prostitution..." "I was drunk, for God's sake. I didn't even know he videod me.
He was still selling copies of the tapes after they arrested me..." Two women
held hands. One of them cried silently, not bothering to wipe away her tears.
The other whispered to her.

Sondra's turn to be processed finally arrived. The woman behind a desk labeled
"Assessment and Scheduling" smiled at her and pointed to a chair in front of her

"Name and number for the record, Mrs. O'Connor" the woman asked and smiled
again. Sondra asked how she knew who she was.

"I get to watch the news sometimes," the woman replied. "The law your husband
sponsored is responsible for most of the women being here. I remember that you
made speeches against it. Too bad for everyone that you couldn't convince him to
abandon the idea. I see it got you, too." Sondra nodded. She'd done her best to
talk him out of it but he went ahead anyway. The Sexual Offenders Control Law
was a good political ploy despite the large number of women it destroyed. The
law had been largely responsible for his reelection. No one was more righteous,
upstanding or tough on crime than Senator O'Connor. Or so the uninformed
electorate thought.

Sondra read the name plaque on the woman's desk; "Joan Harrison, M.D." and
answered "O'Conner, Sondra, 17745-201, Dr. Harrison" The woman retrieved her
file jacket from a box labeled "Incoming Inmates."

The woman glanced up. "Don't call me Doctor. My name's Joan. I'm in the program,
too." She pulled up her right sleeve to display the steel wristband inscribed
with her registry number and the words "Abortionist / Lesbian / Life"

"You have one of them inside you?" Sondra asked.

"Yes," she replied. "I was one of the first women in the program. I've had it
for over seven years."

"How bad is it?"

"I haven't been able to have an orgasm since they implanted it. I have a bad
case of PID from unrelieved arousal. Everyone gets that within a year. It's not
life threatening but it's uncomfortable and it can cause sterility if it
persists long enough." She withdrew a form from Sondra's file jacket.

"OK, let me get some information, then I'll orient you. When did your last two
periods begin and end?" Sondra looked at the calendar on the wall and thought
for a few moments. She'd never paid much attention to when her periods occurred
except when she was overdue. Sondra guessed at the dates, hoping she was

"Are you regular?"

"Yes, she replied, "pretty much." Joan read her file.

"No history of STDs, HPV or cervical or vaginal cancer?" Sondra shook her head.

"Two children delivered vaginally?" Sondra nodded. She tried not to think about
her boys unless she was alone so she could cry privately. Joan pointed to a box
of Kleenex and continued while Sondra used one.

"It will take a few days for your charging probe to arrive. They make them
individually for each woman because the fit is critical. Do you want see one?"
Sondra nodded. Joan withdrew a box across her desk. Sondra opened it and took
out a heavy, black resin shaft about nine inches long. It had a rounded end the
size of a baseball on one end with an irregular concave area at the top. The
shaft tapered to a thickness of about an inch near the small end, which
contained a wire harness with a large connector and a knurled knob.

"Turn the knob," Joan instructed. Sondra twisted it. Two thick projections swung
out of the shaft to form forty-five degree angles with it.

"They hold it in position," Joan explained. "It takes forever to charge if the
unit isn't flush against your cervix the whole time. The early ones didn't have
wings. Our vaginal contractions used to force them partway out." Sondra's
stomach did a quick flip. She returned the charging probe to the box.

"I'll explain the procedure," Joan said and rose. Sondra followed her down a
long corridor, both sides of which had windowless metal doors spaced closely
along their entire length. A lighted panel above each door indicated whether the
room was in use. Most were.

Harrison unlocked an unoccupied room, opened the door and ushered Sondra inside.
An examining table filled most of narrow space. An instrument bay with a large
monitor was attached to the foot of the table. Sondra eyed the thick leather
restraints hanging from the bed fearfully.

"Is it very painful?" Sondra asked.

"On the contrary," Joan replied. "You're going to find it damned pleasant for a
few minutes at a time. The unpleasant part is the frustration." Sondra examined
an ankle restraint and dropped it.

"I don't understand," Sondra said. "If it doesn't hurt, why will I have to be

"You're not allowed to have orgasms. Your unit goes inactive while it's
charging. You're going to be lying there for a long time with what's essentially
a big, thick vibrator in you."

"I still don't understand the restraints," Sondra said.

"The charging's done in stages." Joan walked to the foot of the bed, opened a
drawer and withdrew a pair of electrode pads. "These monitor you through your
skin, which is why you're required to keep your pubic area shaved. They'll tell
the charger when you're getting aroused so it can turn off. That will allow your
unit to activate and extinguish your arousal. The charger will activate again
after your excitation level drops. If you took one of these off during the
procedure, your negator wouldn't be able to detect arousal and you'd have an

"How long does the whole thing usually take?" Sondra asked.

"It varies. It doesn't take long if you're frigid. A few women who've learned
how to block their sexual responses get through it in an hour. That's about four
or five charging cycles. The rest of us..." Her voice trailed off.

Joan looked at her watch, told Sondra that a woman named Jenny's procedure
should be nearly finished and motioned for Sondra to accompany her. They walked
into a room occupied by a voluptuous black woman who lay on a table panting and
struggling against her restraints. A white smocked female technician stood
nearby, watching the display.

The sheet covering Jenny was soaked with sweat despite the coolness of the air.
Her prominent nipples showed through the wet cloth. Her hips moved in circles.
She began to breathe faster and faster. She panted and tugged harder at the
restraints on her wrists and mumbled through her clenched teeth. Sondra looked
at the wires running between Jenny's wide spread, sheet covered legs to the
instruments in the footboard. She stared at Jenny's face. Her eyes were closed.
Beads of sweat covered her forehead and upper lip. Her hips jerked up and down
in a lonely parody of intercourse. She gasped loudly and swore under her breath.
A grimace of pain distorted her face. She lowered her hips, cursed again and lay

"You're all done, Jenny," the technician announced. The woman opened her eyes
and scowled at them.

"A typically unhappy customer," Joan observed. The technician donned a pair of
latex gloves and pulled off the sheet. Jenny's inner thighs were wet with her
secretions. The sheet beneath her was soaked. Sondra stared at the thick probe
protruding from her vagina. The technician removed the contact patches from
Jenny's lower abdomen and unfastened her ankle restraints.

Jenny pulled her knees up, spread her thighs wide and demanded "get that goddamn
thing out of me, bitch! My pussy's killing me!" The technician turned the knob,
retracting the wings into the shaft.

Jenny sighed and mumbled "That's better!" The technician gripped the probe by
the knob and slowly withdrew it from Jenny's body. Her labia bulged around the
head, which came free with a loud, wet plop. Her body spasmed briefly as her
passion spiked and was violently quenched.

She grimaced and snarled "you just give me another fucking shock, bitch! The
motherfucker who came up with this should have a hundred of them shoved up his
ass!" Joan nodded in agreement. The technician freed Jenny's wrists. She sat up,
slipped off the table and sagged against it.

"It's a very exhausting procedure," Joan told Sondra. "It's like making love for
a long time."

"Another tough session, Jenny?" the technician asked. "Why do you always try to
fight it?" Jenny pushed her shoulders back and cupped her heavy breasts.

"I'm all woman, bitch!" she snarled. "You try lying there with a big old fake
cock vibrating inside you and not be able to cum!" Jenny walked over to the
technician, still holding her breasts and put her face close to hers. "Or maybe
your frigid little white cunt is too dried up to pleasure." The technician

"It works just fine" she replied. "In fact, it's going to get a workout tonight
while you're lying on your cot trying to remember what a good screwing feels
like." She examined the information Jenny's unit had downloaded before the
charging period began.

"You had a pretty exciting visit last Sunday, didn't you?" she asked. "Did your
boyfriend come up to see you?"

"Yeah, so what?" Jenny demanded.

"Eleven separate instances of high excitation between noon and two-thirty," the
technician replied. "You're going to lose your visiting privileges if you don't
learn how to control yourself." Jenny gave her the finger and stormed out of the

"Let's schedule your first session, Sondra" Joan said. Sondra looked at the
table and wondered if she'd be able to handle what she'd seen Jenny endure.

Chapter 7

Sondra was ordered to report to the medical facility four days later. Her
stomach felt hollow while she waited for her turn. Joan finally called her,
handed her a metal box with her name and registry number on it and escorted her
into an unoccupied room. Sondra was shocked to see that the technician who'd
administer her procedure was a man. He stared at her impassively for a few
seconds, then identified himself as Mister Richardson. He ordered her to remove
her slacks and panties and get on the table. Sondra turned away from him and
slipped her slacks and panties off.

"Face me and listen up," he ordered. He took a long look at her shaved pubis and
slender legs before continuing. "You can leave your shirt and bra on if you
want. Most inmates are more comfortable without them but leave them on if you
like." Sondra left hers on. Being naked from the waist down in front of him was
humiliating enough.

"I've worked here for three years so I know what I'm doing," Richardson stated
in a flat voice. "Don't bitch and whine and tell me you're uncomfortable. You're
a fucking inmate. It goes with the territory. Don't scream or yell. I don't like

Sondra hung her clothes on a hook and climbed onto the table. Richardson secured
her wrists. Joan withdrew Sondra's charging probe from the box, held it up so
she could look at it and exclaimed, "meet your date of the next twenty years."

"That's too big to fit!" Sondra blurted. She'd expected it to be much smaller.
It looked even larger than the one they'd used on Jenny.

"It will fit just fine once you've had a few sessions," Richardson said.

"You'll stretch to accommodate it," Joan assured her. "In fact, you'll stretch
enough to ruin your muscle tone if you don't do Kegle exercises regularly from
now on. You'll need progressively larger probes as your vaginal muscles stretch.
Intercourse won't be very pleasurable for you or your partner once you're
released. Maybe that's what the bastards who invented this torture had in mind."
Sondra panicked and struggled against her restraints. Joan bent over her, pushed
her shoulders down against the table and held her until she regained control.

"Try to relax," she said quietly. "Remember, the biggest probe will be a lot
smaller than your babies heads were."

Richardson took the probe from Joan, coated it and Sondra's labia with
lubricating jelly and ordered her to raise her knees, spread her legs and tilt
her pelvis. Joan took one of Sondra's bound hands in hers. Richardson parted
Sondras' labia and slowly forced the probe into her. Sondra gripped Joan's hand
harder, bit her lip and moaned as the head of the probe stretched her. She
sighed and relaxed after it passed the ring of muscle at the entrance of her
vagina. The technician forced the probe in until it pressed hard against
Sondra's cervix, then held it there while he extended the wings. One dug hard
into the top of Sondra's G-spot. The other stretched the back wall of her
vagina. She squeezed Joan's hand harder. Richardson ordered her to put her legs
down and point them toward the corners of the table. The probe felt even larger
and more uncomfortable when she lay flat. She bent her knees a little and tilted
her hips. Richardson pulled her left leg straight, tugged it toward the corner
of the table and restrained her ankle. He had to work a bit to position her so
that her right ankle was close enough to the restraint to secure it. Her legs,
while nicely proportioned for her five foot, one inch height, were short.
Sondra's husband had restrained her a few times before they made love when they
were newlyweds. It had bothered her. She'd felt too vulnerable and exposed. Now
she lay restrained in front of a strange man. She had never felt so helpless in
her life. Richardson ran his fingers over Sondra's pubis and lower stomach,
sending little thrills through her despite the discomfort of the probe.

"You're hairy," he chided. "You need to shave the night before your
appointments." He took a disposable razor and shaving gel from a drawer beneath
the bed and shaved he. He scrubbed two patches of skin just above Sondra's pubis
with rough cleansing pads, smeared contact paste on them and attached the
electrical pickups to her. He ordered Joan to leave. She squeezed Sondra's hand
and walked out of the room.

Richardson tapped her knee and ordered her to pay attention. He pointed to a
trace on the monitor in the footboard. "Look at this line. It's near the bottom
of the chart. That shows you're minimally aroused right now. The more aroused
you get, the higher the line goes. Watch it during the procedure. Concentrate on
keeping it low. That's a biofeedback technique you need to master. The lower
your arousal, the faster you'll be finished. This bar shows how close to 100%
you're unit's charged. You stay here until it hits the top. You got it?" Sondra
thought about Jenny's session and nodded uncertainly.

"Aren't I supposed to have a sheet over me?" she asked.

"Normally, yes," he replied. "But there's a notation in your file to record your
procedures." He pointed to a video camera she hadn't noticed.

"Why...?" she stammered.

"Who knows?" he replied and shrugged. "It's in the file, so you get recorded."
He pressed a button. The probe began to hum inside her.

"It's vibrating!" Sondra exclaimed.

"It vibrates a little because it charges your unit inductively," Richardson
explained as he pulled off his latex gloves. "Remember, the cooler you stay, the
sooner you finish." He walked out.

Sondra watched the trace rise as her excitement increased. She tried to not to
think about the pulsating probe that filled her or her rising need to climax.
She dug her nails into her palms and pulled hard on her restraints. Her efforts
momentarily dampened her arousal but it soon returned, stronger and more
insistent. She tried unsuccessfully to keep her hips from thrusting. Her passion
rose steadily until the trace reached the trigger level and shut off her probe.
It stopped vibrating. Her negator unit activated and sent voltage coursing
through her womb before her climax could begin. She screamed in pain and
frustration. The trace fell quickly but it began to rise again as soon as the
probe turned on.

Sondra bucked her hips and wwwiggled as much as she could to try to dislodge one
of the pads so she could finish. They remained tenaciously in place despite her
struggles. She blanked her mind, hoping that would help. It didn't. The hard
wing pressing into her now-swollen G-spot stimulated her relentlessly. She was
very close to climaxing when the extinguishing voltage hit her again. Her hard
nipples ached with unsatisfied excitement.

Joan walked in to check on her after an hour and a dozen cycles. Sondra stared
up at her and licked her parched lips. Joan bent over the table and wiped the
sweat from Sondra's face.

"You're soaking wet." She unbuttoned Sondra's shirt, opened it and ran her
fingertips over the hot, wet skin just below Sondra's bra and asked her if that
felt better.

Sondra nodded. Her arousal reached the point at which she could hardly keep her
hips still. She gave in to the need to thrust them.

Joan pulled Sondra's bra up, exposing her breasts. Sondra's passion surged when
the cool air hit her erect, Hershey chocolate colored nipples.

"I know they're sore from being aroused so long," Joan said soothingly while she
rubbed them with her palms. "And you're getting sore here, too aren't you?" she
asked as her fingers found Joan's erect clit. Sondra moved against her fingers
until the voltage spike blasted into her. She began to sob. Tears streamed down
her cheeks to soak her already-damp hair. Joan bent over her and kissed her
gently on the lips. The electronic door lock clicked. Richardson entered and
scowled at Joan.

"Can't leave them alone, can you?" he demanded, staring at Sondra's exposed
breasts. "You'd be in seventh heaven here if you could have sex with them,
wouldn't you, dyke?" Joan bit her lip, pushed past Richardson and left.

"You're not making much progress," he said after glancing at the charge
indicator. "You need to get with the program or you'll be in here all night." He
walked out.

Sondra licked her lips. They still tingled from Joan's kiss. She had never
kissed another woman except in friendship. Joan's lips had felt nice on hers;
soft and strangely exciting. A sudden surge of voltage took her by surprise. She
hadn't realized thinking about Joan had excited her so much.

Her first charging session took nearly 6 hours. Richardson checked on her twice
during that time. He held a straw to her lips and let her drink some water the
second time, while explaining that she needed to drink enough to keep from
getting dehydrated but not enough to fill her bladder, since there was no way
for her to relieve herself. After the fourth hour, she realized how right he was
about that! The system finally shut down and paged Richardson. Sondra was so
tired she hardly looked at him when he entered.

"You sure took long enough. It's nearly shift change," he admonished. He freed
her ankles. Sondra pulled her knees up to ease the pain in her hips and the
cramps in her calves and thighs.

"Spread," he ordered. She moved her knees apart. He twisted the knob on the base
of her charging unit, retracting the wings. Sondra sighed with relief. Her
G-spot throbbed from the pressure of the wing digging into it and being engorged
for so long. Richardson withdrew the probe from her body. The sensation of the
knob on the head spreading her as Richardson pulled it slowly free brought her
close enough to a climax. She tried unsuccessfully not to move her hips. He
negator unit extinguished her passion with a sharp jolt. Sondra smelled her musk
when the probe came out of her. Richardson bent over her and stared at her

"Please take the straps off my wrists," she asked as coolly as she could. He
smiled and freed her. Her ordeal was over, at least until the next time.

Chapter 8

Senator Steven O'Connor eagerly tore open the package with a Federal Bureau of
Prisons return address and removed the DVD disk. He buzzed his administrative
assistant Jennifer, instructed her to tell his secretary he wasn't to be
disturbed under any circumstances and asked her to join him. He locked his
office door on his way back from loading the disk into a player.

"Something special?" she asked as the screen lit up.

"Yes indeed!" he exclaimed. "A little light entertainment!"

His cock began to swell as soon as he saw his former wife climb onto the table.
It grew painfully hard before her second wrist was restrained. He thought about
the bondage he'd tried with her early in their marriage. He had enjoyed it much
more than she. He'd done it to many hookers over the years. He hadn't mind
paying extra for the special thrill it gave him. Now he seldom used them.
Jennifer liked to be tied up. In fact, she liked everything he did to her, no
matter how painful or degrading. Jennifer stood beside his chair with her hand
on his shoulder. He opened his fly and began to masturbate when Richardson
inserted the probe.

"Let me help," Jennifer suggested. He watched the screen while Jennifer knelt
between his legs and took him in her mouth. He climaxed the first time when
Sondra's first near-orgasm was squelched. He ejaculated twice more during the
next hour. He couldn't remember the last time he'd cum that often no matter whom
he was with or what she was doing to him. Nothing compared with the view of
Sondra in restraints with the probe sticking out of her and the sight of her
repeated excitations and torturous denials. 

 He fell asleep before Jennifer got into bed that night. Even her talented and
insistent mouth wasn't enough to arouse him.

Chapter 9

Sondra established a routine to help her get through her lonely nights with
minimal punishment from the negator. She slipped between the sheets as soon as
the lights went out, pulled her panties off, rolled onto her stomach and tugged
hard on the disk hanging from her outer labia. After that, she parted herself
with her left hand, stretched her inner labia and dug her nails into them hard
enough to bruise them slightly. Next, she dug the nails of her right index and
middle fingers into the tender flesh on either side of her clit, then did the
same above and below until it ached. The discomfort was like a comforting old
friend. It lowered her need for sexual release enough to keep the negator from
shocking her out of every erotic dream. She still woke up with her womb tingling
and contracting from the shocks sometimes but it didn't happen quite as often.
She sometimes got a good night's sleep; a welcome escape from her captivity.

Chapter 10

Sondra was summoned to the Watch Officer's office. She couldn't imagine what
she'd done wrong but she knew they could always find something if they wanted
to. The woman told her she had an official visitor. Sondra tried to guess whom
it might be. She hadn't spoken with her lawyer since she arrived at Camp Parks
months before and he would have let her know he was coming.

The Watch Officer told her she'd meet her visitor in one of the inmate-counselor
conference rooms. She buzzed for an escort. The CO arrived with handcuffs,
shackles and a belly chain.

"Why on earth do I need all that?" she asked in bewilderment. She hadn't been
cuffed, let alone shackled, since her arrival.

The Watch Officer looked at her monitor and replied "this says you need the
jewelry so you wear the jewelry." Sondra held out her wrists. The CO cuffed her,
fastened her belly chain and locked her cuffs to it, restraining her hands at
her waist. She locked the shackles on Sondra's ankles, extended the center chain
to her belly chain and locked it there. She pointed at the door. Sondra shuffled
toward it. The chains clanked and scraped with each with small, awkward steps.
No one was in the room when they entered. The CO pointed to a chair. Sondra sat
down. She left. To Sondra's amazement, her ex-husband entered a few minutes
later and locked the door behind him.

"You look well," he exclaimed with his oiliest smile. Sondra momentarily forgot
the chain. She rose and tried to strike out at him. He watched her display of
impotent rage with amusement. She sat down quickly, flushed with anger and

"What are you doing here?" she demanded.

"A little fact-finding boondoggle," he replied with a smile. "You know how
unpleasant Washington is in the summer. I needed to get away from the heat and

"Why are you really here?" she demanded, shaking with anger.

"You never were one to waste words, were you?" he asked and smiled at her
discomfort. Sondra fought to control her anger, afraid to lose her composure and
burst into tears.

"I wanted to see you in person," he replied. "I've watched recordings of you
having your procedure. I want to see that negator work in person."

"You had a hell of a lot of nerve having that recorded, you sick, twisted
bastard!" she hissed.

"I had to pull some strings but it was worth it!" he replied. "I've shown it to
some friends you know. It had the same effect on them as it does on me. I've
watched it at least a dozen times. I never tire of seeing you spread nice and
wide, trying to cum with that thing sticking out of your cunt! In fact, I've had
sex while watching it. It sure perked things up!" He walked over to her, grabbed
her hair and forced her head back.

"And just to make my visit complete," he said pleasantly, "you're going to give
me a nice blowjob after we're finished playing." He reached inside her shirt and
bra and cupped her breast. She yanked as hard as she could on her restraints but
only succeeded in hurting her wrists. He squeezed her breasts, then he pulled
her to a standing position by her hair.

"I always liked your tits!" he exclaimed. "They're not quite as high and firm as
they used to be but they're still damned sweet! They'll probably be pretty
pathetic by the time you get out, though, won't they?" She continued to struggle
futilely. He ignored her, unbuttoned her shirt and pushed her bra up, exposing
her breasts. He flicked her nipples with his middle finger.

"Oh yes!" he exclaimed! "A little attention has them standing at attention just
like always!" Sondra tried unsuccessfully to cover herself with her captive
arms. He forced them aside, leaned over and took her right nipple in his mouth.
She stood helplessly while he suckled her into unwanted excitement. She hated
herself as much as she hated him as she felt her passion rise. He suckled her
other breast hard, adding to the excitement she tried vainly to suppress, then
he straightened up and glowered down at her.

"If you'd had the sense to shut up instead of trying to fight me politically,
you'd be in Washington right now, getting it from me or whomever you chose!" he
exclaimed. "But you had to stand up for your beliefs, didn't you?"

He grabbed her shoulders, spun her around, propelled her to a table and forced
her to bend over it with her breasts flat against it. She tried futilely to kick
him when he began to pull her slacks and panties down over her hips. He laughed
and continued until they were around her ankles. He thrust a finger into her.

"You really are a hot blooded little bitch, you know that?" he exclaimed in
surprise at finding her wet. "I thought I'd have to work up some lubricant
before I put it in but you saved me the time and trouble!" He pulled down his
pants and underwear and tugged at the disk. "Nice touch!' He exclaimed. "Sort of
like ear-tagging a cow!" He pushed it side, put the head of his cock between her
labia and slid it inside her.

"Oh, my!" he exclaimed. "You've gotten kind of loose, haven't you? Too much toy
action!" He rammed himself into her. "Damn!" he exclaimed the head of his cock
touched the ring in her hard, swollen cervix. "Feels like you got a little rock
up there, Missy!" Sondra did her best to ignore the sensation when he began to
move inside her. She tried to blank her mind to her rising excitement but she
couldn't. She'd had never hated and loathed him more than she did then but she
was powerless to control her libido.

He pounded hard, forcing the table into her captive arms with each thrust. The
chains kept her hands pinned between her thighs. She tried not to touch herself
but she couldn't help it. Her body needed relief far too badly to resist. She
rubbed herself as he continued to piston into her. She wasn't even aware of the
rising voltage in her womb until it hit its peak and shocked it into a series of
painful contractions that also rippled though her vagina. They moaned at the
same time, she with pain, he with pleasure. He ejaculated hard inside her as her
powerful contractions milked him like a tight hand. He collapsed on top of her
when it was over and lay sweating on her.

When his breath returned, he straightened up and exclaimed "God damn if that
wasn't the best piece of ass I ever had! Every woman in this whole fucking
country ought to have one of those things inside her!" He pushed two fingers
into her and felt the slight trembling in her vaginal muscles. Sondra cried
soundlessly until he pulled her upright.

"You're going to have to work hard to get me off again," he warned as he forced
her to her knees. "Don't disappoint me!" He forced her mouth open by pressing
his thumbs into her cheeks and put his soft, wet cock in her mouth. He held the
sides of her head to keep her from pulling away. He got half-hard again within a
few minutes. She sucked him hard and tongued his slit to get him off quickly so
she could be rid of him. Her ministrations were rewarded after several minutes
with two weak pulses of bitter fluid. She stood up and spat it out as soon as he
pulled away. He smirked at her while he dressed.

"I'll be back from time to time," he said as he adjusted his clothing "and I'm
going to urge several of my fellow legislators who've seen your session to do
the same." He didn't bother to close the door when he left.

The CO entered to find Sondra struggling to dress herself. A trickle of semen
oozed down her inner thigh. The CO helped her pull her panties and slacks up and
exclaimed in amusement, "Hell of a date you just had! To bad you're the only one
who got to cum!"

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