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Donalds Mother

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Synopsis: How I spent my teen years, abusing a fag and his mom

       Donalds Mother

                                                Chapter 1  Donnie Needs A Man

                                                by roccodadom44



      Sometimes things take on a life of their own, like they were always going to happen. I wasnt looking to fuck an older woman, I certainly wasnt loking to make her and her wimpy son my sex slaves, but thats the way it went down, for yours truely, Rocco. Tenth grade, fifteen, hated school, had two sometimes friends, tried to stay out of the bullies way, knew I could fight, bullies hated people who fought back, so we were cool, me and my pals, glad we werent one of the losers subject to daily bullling.

          Donald was one of those, the king of the rejects,if you will, no one liked him, he didnt appear to like himself much, no one ever tried to help him when he was getting picked on, he was on an island all by his wimpy self. He was skinny, wimpy, whiney, every guy despised his lack of manhood, he looked like he was twelve, but he was sixteen, he hadnt gotten puberty right, had little pubic hair, a tiny penis, that we all mocked in the open showers at gym. The only reason I did what I did, come to the fags rescue, was because the bully, Tommy, a slow, dimwitted thug, had pushed around, Charlie, my pal, who couldnt fight and didnt pretend to be able to, either.

   Well, Tommy was giving Donald an after school beat down, behind the school as his similiarly afflicted, dull friends egged him on. The look on the bullys slow, confused face when I called him out, was funny and predictable, anger and doubt, he had never been challenged. He lost quick, convincingly, as I dropped him with a right cross, I sat on his chest, I destroyed his face with my pistoning fists, till my hands hurt, Tommy sobbed and bled,  his friends stared, mouths agape,  Donald looked at me with eyes full of reverence, as if I was a god, it was heady stuff to a fifteen year old.  

    From that day on, no one fucked with Donald, except me and Charlie, and Willy, my other pal. The loser was only to happy to jump at any command I gave him, he was quite a loathsome fucker. Definitly, he was one of those kids who hadnt gotten the maturing thing down, he was shorter, weaker, and less developed, than everyone else in his class, that made him the runt, he knew it, everyone knew it. He would do anything for some show of affection from anyone, we had fun playing on his needs. The other kids didnt beat him anymore, but they still despised him, that had to be as hard as getting daily wedgies, that complete shutting out of all social outlets, Donald was a leper.

    I never really thought about the path I took, it just developed, I was learning of the joys of sadism and the true euphoria of complete ownership of another human being. Deep, completely satisfying elation, I decided to spend more time with Donald, alone, to further his devotion to me. He would come to my house a few days a week, after school, while my Mom was working, I would train him to serve me, first just by getting him to do my school work, then cleaning my room, while I goofed off. He seemed to be born to serve, he never complained, only complied, perfect wimp, that he was. The lesson was that I could get him to do anything I wanted simply by throwing him a bone, now and then. When I told him I liked hanging with him, alone,  to a degree I did, he cried, I knew I had him.

   The sex part came naturally, I think we both expected it,  soon he would spend time between my legs sucking my fat cock, while I chatted with cunts, on line. Donald would swallow all my cum, I even got him to eat my ass, something I loved, he grimaced, but did. As I got to know him, I learned his father was gone, like everyone, it seemed,  his mother was a nurse. It never crossed my mind, till I saw her picture, about his Mom. I was fifteen, women were old and square. But, wow, she was something, she was one of those plump, big tittted, dumbly smiling, big haired blonde, reeking of sex, woman, that all guys wanted to bounce up and down on. It was in my mind that I wanted to get closer to her, as I had never met her yet.

  More of the same, as I trained Donnie further, this time using blackmail, somewhat. I took pics of the cocksucker, yeah well, sucking my cock, keeping me out of it, threatened to send it to everyone at school, invite the other guys to resume their bullying of the fag, it worked, though I also noticed Donnies little penis got hard at the threat. Sick fucker, really was getting there, that excited me greatly. Having him sleep over on a friday night, fucking his virgin ass, in my bed, while my Mom watched TV, in the next room, was so hot, I hoped I wasnt turning fag. He willingly cleaned my dirty shit coated cock, I loved the look of disgust at eating his own shit, but the fucker did it, for me, his owner.

    It was easy to get him to start bringing his Mom into it after I started assbanging him regularly, he would cum while I fucked him, without touching his undersized willy, like a cunt, for christsake. Didnt have to tell him twice to bring me her used panties, we sniffed them, it was hot when he masturbated, while sucking the dirty crotch, I stroked off, cumming on his fag face,  we were both sated, for now. I would always whip his ass after I came, like I had to punish him for causing my deviant behaviour, this got him really excited, sevral times, he came just from my belt hitting his ass.

    But I needed to prove I was straight, so I invited a willing skank from the eleventh grade, Cecille, who I had fucked before, so had every normal kid in school, I hated to plow such used cunt. She was available and willing, I had Donald hide in my closet, with the slatdoor, so he could watch the stud, me, at work. She was scrawney, boney, tiny tittted, plug ugly, but she knew how to fuck and suck, that was all that was required. She was the hairiest sixteen year old cunt in the world, as her dark, tangled fur went from belly button to tailbone. Its always cool to watch a chick cum repeatedly, as Cee was doing, riding me like a cracked out rodeo clown, she had no inhibitions,  as I flooded her snatch with my juice, I had a wicked idea.

   It was easy to talk her into it, as I dragged Donnie from the closet, naked, Cee spread her legs, exposing her hairy cave, still parted from my fucking, leaking my cock cream. Faggy had a look of awe and then disgust, as he sensed where this was going, my strong hand on his head helped. He did it, ate her dirty cunt, while I teased him,  Cee went off on an orgasmic rush. He was babbling and his face was smeared with sex juice, male and female, when I let him up, though his tiny willy was throbbing. Cee played along, as Donald humped her, she teased him that she couldnt feel his tiny cockette in her, soon Donnie lost his little hardon, as he cried, rolled up in the fetal position, me and Cee fucked some more and laughed at his faggness. I did make the cunt swear to secrecy, as she fed the sobbing fag my fresh cream pie, all she asked was that she be allowed to have my cock again,  that was doable, she was ugly, but knew how to fuck, wanted to fuck.

   It wasnt long till I had my first sleepover at Donalds house, and got to meet his robust, built to fuck, mom. Even though Donny knew my intentions, he never tried to stop me, he actually got hard when I detailed the nasty things I intended to do to his mother. Making him stroke his little pecker while begging me to abuse his mother, was powerful, for both of us, I swear, his cum shot three feet out of his undersized baby cock. Seems Donald was at that place, whatever I wanted, he desired, great place, for me. There apartment was stark, as Theresa, Donalds mom, told me over dinner, that her ex destroyed her credit and left her with lots of debt, who tells a teenager this shit on first meeting them. She was a bit out there, babbling on and on, I realised she was drunk, she was a fucking drunk. She would go to the kitchen, from time to time,  I caught her guzzling wine, from the bottle, like a fucking homeless loser, I knew she was weak, and I wasnt.


     I simply told Donald to go for walk and I would call him when he could return, he was horrified, but as I grabbed his little wee wee, through his jeans, it was hard, and I laughed , he blushed, left. She didnt even ask where her son was, in no time I was sticking my tongue into her large, wet mouth, which seemed to not hinder her ablilty to continue babbling, about anything and everything. When I had her shirt and bra off,  weighed her considerable titflesh with my greedy hands, her eyes flashed a quick awareness that she was about to fuck her sons fifteen year old classmate, she frowned, then giggled, telling me to show her my goods, I did, repeatedly, she screamed, begged, snorted, came crazy hard, professed undying devotion to me, perfect.

  Her body was so womanly, a few extra pounds, but in all the right places, her hair was big,  I loved to twirl it around my cock, after fucking, as we lay in each others arms. Her tits were soft,  they sagged, but I could mold them around my face, hide in her soft womanness, that felt cool. Her ass turned bright red at the slightest spank, I gave her a hard spanking, her fireball red ass was so erotic to me, this power I was gaining over her, was an incredible force, I knew I had stumbled onto something deep. Her cunt was hairy, her lips were fat and about an inch long. It was her clit that was special, it was out in the open, and looked like a baby penis, one half inch long. Whenever I touched it, she squealed, when I softly blew my hot breath at it, she came with much theatrics, I learned how important that little nub was, it ruled some woman, the way a penis ruled a man.

  The taste of her cunt was strong, I liked it, I tasted piss, I liked that dirtiness, she was all excited, begging me to fuck her, when she saw my fat cock, she sighed deeply, that really stroked my ego. She was a great cocksucker, willing to include my heavy balls, I would have slimed her throat, but I wanted at that fat cunt, I buried my cock in her burning hot snatch, I felt like the most powerful kid in the world. She was singing my praises, while trying to get her tongue down my throat, I was pile driving her cunt,  then we came together, pow, lights out, it was incredible, we were spent, just lying there, as I played with her gooey, oversized cunt lips , I wanted the little fucker here for cleanup duty.

    She giggled when I told her to call her son and tell him he had a mess to clean up. That was powerful, to know I had the abiity to make Donald walk, as if going to his execution, but walk, to his mothers fat spread thighs,  then to make him feast on my cream pie, right from his mothers messy, stinky, well fucked, fat cunt, well, that was great. The fat cunt was taunting her son, asking him if he enjoyed eating mommies fuckhole, telling him he would be dressing in girls clothes now, I laughed, she came,  Donald gagged and cried, all normal. When he willingly sucked my semihard cock clean, his mom was disgusted with him,  I loved that I caused this much shit, I mean Theresa just kicked Donald off the bed, hard, telling him she didnt allow fags in her bed.

  It was funny how mean Theresa became to her son, as if she hated his wimpiness, who could blame her, her son was a complete loser. There were times when I felt bad for the fucker, but not many, as it all felt like it was suppose to be like this. Me sleeping over two nights a week,  fucking the piggy all night, while Donald served us drinks, dinner, and amused us, dressed in panties, heels, a training bra, and lipstick and makeup. She would make Donnie sing silly songs for us, I would boo and hiss, she would scold her sons lack of ability, till he cried. The night I fucked Donald in front of his Mom, she dug it and urged me to do him harder, as I savaged the fag, ramming my cock all the way up his ass, eight inches deep, then withdrawing for another go, the wimp came all over his belly, we both broke up laughing at his level of patheticness.

  Old Donnie changed after that, stopped pretending, started wearing more feminine clothes, even at school, at home he would dress all slutty, thigh highs, leather micro mini, big blonde wig, looked like his piggy mother, that idea was quick in comming. The picture of Donald, all tarted up, his naturally slutty mother, gangbanging a room full of guys was very stimulatimg, to say the least. First I wanted to get Theresa to fuck a bunch of my friends, this could put me in the high school stud hall of fame, first ballot. To invite a group fo horny teens over to fuck a woman, who happens to be Donalds mom, a kid everyone loathes, well I would be king.

   It had to be videoed though, I quickly got Charley and Willy to agree to tape the mommybang, as we jokingly called it. We had it at my house, in the finished basement,  there were eight of us, eight horny, nasty boys primed for some mommy cunt. I didnt want Donnie knowing about this so I could surprise him later, picture him entering his house to find half his school gangbanging his nasty mom. When Theresa entered the cellar, dressed in total slut atire, the room errupted in shouts of horniness, she wasnt even down the stairs and the guys were groping her, like savages, she was squealing with pain and pleasure.

   I got them off her, instead had the cunt do a slow sexy strip for everyone, as she danced around the room, she quickly was down to her thigh highs and heels, she looked obscene, with her fat tits and ass on display, her hairy cunt looking wet and ready,  I made her present herself to each boy, took a pic of her kneeling at each guys feet, for their little reminder of this historic day, or to embarrass Donnie more, that pics of his mother gangbanging his classmates would be circulating around school was guaranteed, this was now officially public, that scared and thrilled me. She was insatiable,everyone had seconds and thirds, she was a complete mess

   Theresa was begging for more cock, she got it, we were all in that crazy land of out of control teenlust. The feeling of elation at abusing her in such a lewd manner was heavy, standing over this grown woman, who was squealing as your friends triple penetrated her, was fucking real heavy. Each kid was trying to outdo the next in being nastier and more obscene to the willing, panting, sobbing cunt. After we all spunked her several times, we started sticking things up her holes, bottles and fists, she was back to squealing, when I showed the guys her clit, they all took turns yanking it, brutally, tilll she was a sweating, incoherant mess.

   There was cum every where, on her body, hair, and dripping from her mouth, cunt, and ass. At the end I had her kneel, covered in our cum, and as we stood behind her, she told everyone what a fag her son was and asked the kids at school to fuck him up, alot. It was her idea to finger her sloppy cunt, then eat our cum, on tape, she was completely insane with lust. I even had her beg Tommy, remember the bully, to come and fuck her and beat Donnie, at the end of the tape, as I decided to destroy Donnie boy, and letting Tommy at him would increase the humiliation,Tommy would owe me, big time, besides he was petrified of me, after the beatdown I gave him. We got the skank into the downstairs tub, I had everyone piss on her, while we filmed it, then she masturbated herself with her fist, while they guys taunted her, spit on her.

After the guys left, I tenderly showered Theresa off, and massaged her sore body on the couch, while she told me she loved me, yuck, I didnt want her love, I wanted her cunt. But I knew if I strung her along, I could make the rest of high school a complete freak show, that got me excited, precum dripping, cock straining excited. She spent lots of time eating my asshole, and when I put my cock in her mouth and pissed, she drank, like it was all so regular, that was cool, I deserved to have her be my toilet, she deserved to be my toilet, it was decided. The big question was how far to go with the destruction of Donald, I figured little steps were best, letting the kids at school bully him was cool, but sooner or later, I wanted the fucker on his knees in the bathroom at school, drinking piss, that would be cool.

                                                                                                the end

                                   Donalds Mother 

                                                         Chapter 2  My Ugly Dyke Girlfriend

                                                         by roccodadom44



  After we had ganged Theresa, the word was getting around, but wether it was fact or myth, was much debated, that was good. Donnie was starting to suspect something had changed when the guys started to tease him, but when he recieved a group wedgie in the bathroom, while I pissed at the nearby urinal, he saw my smirky indifference, he knew he was fucked. He sobbed as the guys abused him till his shorts were ripped off, his little wee wee was clearly visable through his to tight polyester white pants. What a stooge, and after the kids left him, I made him lick the piss I splattered, off the dirty, crud encrusted floor and he did it, willingly, hoping to please me, he didnt, he disgusted me, I wanted him broken. The red angry flash of making him commit suicide exploded in my mind, stunning in its finality, its completeness. Wow, that needed time to stew upstairs, a big step, but definitly compelling. The thought that his mother would love the idea, sent me back to class, smiling, and quite content.

  A big step in Donnies destruction happened the next weekend when I brought Tommy over to Donalds house, his Mother hid us in her bedroom, and we waited, groping her crazy, for the fag to return from the library, where he was finishing my history midterm, I had better get a B, that was the deal, I didnt want straigh As, the teachers would balk at that, but with  mostly Bs and Cs, I was Joe average, I didnt need to know nothing, but how to control others, the real secret to life. Getting Tom on board was easy, he was an all right kid, now that he had been taken down a peg or two.

    When the loser got home, his Mom, breathing heavy from the groping and finger fucking, went and got him dressed in red thighhighs,  black leather mini, pink training bra, wig, even the lipstick and makeup, for Tommys enjoyment. I promised Tom unlimited fun with Mommy, if he first gave Donnie, a nasty beatdown. He was up for it, and as Theresa and I egged him on, Tom gave the sniveling, tarted up fag, a fist pummelling. Donnie looked frantic, he did everything, cry, plead, beg, turtle, everything except fight, man up, no, no chance of that. Tommy was itching to get at the fucker, as Donnie made half ass attempts to protect himself, Tom landed several hard shots, snapping the fuckers head nice. Even Theresa gasped when Tom used a nasty elbow to the fags face to floor him. It was comical, we all started laughing at the way Donnie left his feet and landed with a thud on the hardwood floor, staring at the ceiling, out cold, nose broken, eyes swollen shut, thats funny.

   With Donnie laid out on the floor, bloody and stunned, Tom turned and wanted to know if he earned some cunt, he had. Turned out his cock was exactly the same size as mine, we double stuffed Theresa, she loved our cunt and ass stretchers rubbing her mad. Jesus she was so hot, she got off on the roughness of our cocks, she was made to manhandle, perfect fuck meat. The look on the fags face, as he came around, as we used his piggy mom, was priceless. Tom and I had a good laugh at the losers hardon, he dug watching his mom get porked, through his swelled up eyes the fucker stared intently at Mom getting used, his mom was beyond caring about anything but her throbbing clit, as she went from one huge orgasm to another, it was special to watch.

  She was brutal feeding her son our creampies, when she dragged him by an ear over to us, made him clean our dirty cocks, I was proud of her, she was done with this fucker, I thought again of Donnie killing himself, everyone would know I was responsible, but who would care, his own Mother would back me, say that I tried to help him, this was stuck in my mind, as I looked at the snivelling coward, I sneered at him, he winced at my hate, cool. Tommy was nasty feeding Donnie his cock, telling him that he was going to beat his ass everyday at school, in front of everyone. Theresa told Tom to make sure he kept his word, her son sucked and sobbed, all he was capable of. While I played with Theresas fab funbags, Tommy tried to choke the fag to death with his cock, soon faggy was puking, but he kept on sucking, coaxed by him mothers threats to castrate him if he stopped.

From then on the school year was one big ho down, I had allowed a lot of guys from school to have a go at Donnies Mom, everyone, even the nerds, brutalised him at school. Even the teachers knew he was getting fucked over, but  knew he warranted it, everyone knew. Even the girls had started beating on the fag, and one girl, a bull dyke named Juanita, stomped Donnie out cold. It was at a party, Juanita was acting tough and she got wise with me, I laughed it off, she spit at me, so I dropped her, a hard bitch slap, she was down and out. I felt bad, but everyone agreed that when she spit at me, hitting my arm, I had the right to drop her.

  When she came to, she tried to go at me, I quickly got her down, I straddled her chest and told her that I didnt fight cunts, but that if she really wanted to go, I would, but I wouldnt stop till her face was raw hamburg. This seemed to sober her up, even her dyke friends urged her to give up. She did, but she was steamed,  I saw a way to spice up this boring bash. Telling the fiesty cunt that I wouldnt fight her, but Donnie would, she could prove how hard she was. When she asked if any rules were in effect, I said none, fight till one fuckers out cold,  the other owns them, her eyes gleamed with lust, I knew Donnie was going to get owned, by a dyke, in front of most of his class.

   Calling his mom was cool, she loved that a cunt was going to abuse her little fag, her words. She dropped him off at the party, dressed in his tightest white poly pants, pink panties, they had a princess on them and could be seen through the pants, at the right angle and light, his limegreen crocs, a jonas bros tshirt, he was dressed to inspire anger in his peers, momma knew the deal. The word had already spread through the party that something wild was going down, so when I took Donnie and Juanita out back, everyone followed, I was the pied piper of kink, the kids all wanted in. The crowd formed a wide circle around the three of us, in a loud voice I laid out the deal, fight to the finish, no mercy, someone had to get blacked out, then used and abused, no limits.

  The fag was already weeping, Juanita was glowing, she really hated men, I guess, I mean she couldnt really have much anger for Donnie, he was harmless, barely a boy.  It was funny how everyone rooted for the dyke, even the square racist crowd, who loathed dykes, I mean everyone hated Donnie, I suspected even other queers despised him.  As Donnie tried to stay away from the crazy cunt screaming at him that she was going to chew his balls off, people started pointing out his panties were showing, when someone shouted that he had a bra on, it was a hoot fest, gave his Mom props for being so mean to the clown, then Juanita attacked, it was bloody, violent, and fast.

  Juanita could fight, I knew I would destroy her one on one, but I could see her holding her own against a less determined foe, I knew a lot of guys watching Donnie get trashed, would run from her, rather than fight her. I noticed her group of lezzies all looked like they were on fire, sexually, as they watched their leader give a token male a proper owning, and it was. She had started off  faking a right hand, as the queer covered up, the furious dyke drove her engineers boot into the his wide open balls, everyone heard the air leave his body, he shrieked and went down, before he was settled on the grass, she was on his chest, his arms pinned, she began an epic face busting.

Usually when the blood flows, some people leave, get uneasy, but everyone wanted in on this, this was one of those class happenings that twentyfive years later, people would still chuckle about. Juanita had savaged the crying fuckers face, it was swollen, black and blue, blood flowed, But when she got off him and started to use her heavy boots to stomp, everyone got into a frenzy. She kicked his head so hard several teeth flew out of his mouth, then he lay still, like he was dead, but he was panting, so fuck him. Juanita was on fire, as she asked me if she could humiliate him now, like getting an ass kicking from a girl, in front of the whole class, wasnt enough. I wanted to see her do her thing, so I smiled and told her I was proud of her, she shocked everyone by tonguing my mouth, telling me she dug me. Another hardass to cover my back, and Juanita could go.

   She wasted no time, her girls stripped the fag, everyone laughed at his panties and bra, but when they saw his tiny, bald penis, well, the place erupted, Theresa had tied a pink ribbon around Donnies baby dick, above it, where his pubes should be, she had written in black marker SHRIMPDICK. Wow that was one mean mother, as Donnie sobbed in front of the taunting partygoers, I wondered how much more shit the clown could take, decided to get him out of there soon, but first everyone wanted a pic standing with the fag, with his lil wee wee and shrimpdick, clearly visable, then everyone slapped him around, till he just stood still and cried, while everyone spit on him and several girls kicked him. After that I had one of the older guys drive Donnie home, as he was hurting, everyone had a few more beers, I knew it would get out of hand, I wanted the fag around for awhile, his shit chute still was a sweet ride.

  The party got real nice and violent after that, there was one of the great cunt fights, ending with Juanita destroying a tightass cheerleader, who thought she was bad.  That it was kind of over me, Juanita was fighting cause the cunt had said that I had only beat Tommy, that her boyfriend, Rich, would crush me, was cool. When Juanita and Sandy, the cheerleader cunt, started screaming at each other, the guys started the customary catfight chant, the girl posses lined up behind each girl, most of the guys wanted the beautiful, popular cheerleader to win, but I was pulling for Juanita, and her ugly dykes and hangerson.

   Of course before the cunts could give us a show, old Rich, superstar jock, had to challenge me,  as my boys got my back, and Juanita and her motley crew, the jocks and wannabes took their side. I made it simply, we couldnt have a gang fight in a house, so I would fight Rich, Juanita would take on Sandy, everyone was primed for blood, though Rich looked scared, I figured he was only doing this because Sandy put him in a tough spot, he had never given me trouble before, but oh well, I wasnt losing, thats all I considered as I faced him

   He was two inches bigger than me, a few pounds heavier,  in much better shape than me, but I was a fucking animal, he was a spoiled jock, so after he danced around, and got off a couple of slow jabs, I drove my right fist into his ribs and he buckled, more importantly, he dropped his hands to grab his ribs,  I went punch crazy, it was over, except I wouldnt let it. Even after he crashed to the ground, out cold, I started stomping him, ended with a heavy stomp of his balls,  he puked, shitted his pants, really crapped himself in front of everyone, now thats a beatdown, textbook.

  The good girls were all crying and yapping, his fellow jocks were pretending to be covering his back, but I knew if I challenged them, they would back down, the whole jock nation, no wonder our school sucked at sports. Even my peeps were clearly overwhelmed at my  propensity for violence, all except Juanita, who looked like she was on the edge of an orgasm, when she hugged me, she whispered in my ear that she was going to really fuck up the high cunt, thats what she called Sandy, then she shocked me by saying that she wanted me to fuck her all night long, wow, she was something, I was falling for an ugly, little dyke.

   I mean she was only about five foot four,and if she weighed one hundred pounds that would be a surprise, her nose was broken, and had the coolest crook to it, she had an awesome scar under her left eye, from a guy hitting her with a pool stick. Her hair was always greased and ponytailed, never seen her without it, that she had tits, yes, but barely, yet in her wifebeater tshirt, they looked perfect, almost like hard pecs, though crowned with sexy, fat nipples, now her ass was something, like  a black girls, round, firm, muscular cheeks, yet slim, toned, powerful, though short legs. Not describing a classic beauty here, but I was gaga over this freakshow, I wanted to know her mind, I felt like she would get me, my need to get violent, to seek the edge.

   Well shit boy came around and his pals showered him, I even went and saw him, his guys all standing back, in awe of me, told the fucker, nothing personal, but never fuck with me, he agreed and I shook his hand,  told him not to get involved in the fight between Sandy and Juanita, not only wouldnt he, he hoped the dyke kicked Sandys ass, as she dragged him into this mess, he told me again, he didnt want to fight me, he wasnt into, but what was he supposed do to,  I could see that,  got his desire to see the cunt get some, only Juanita was going to give Sandy alot.

    Have to give Sandy credit, she fought and even bloodied Juanita, Sandy outweighed my crazy cunt by at least twenty pounds and she was inches taller, but my little freaky cunt lapper was just like me, an animal, born to fight, she was all right with getting bloodied, it turned her on, made her more determined to ruin her opponent. Sandy, once Juanita hurt her with a fist shot to the face, wanted to stop, even held up her hands like she surrendered. Surrendered to a nasty right from my girl, that dropped the high cunt low,as Juanita straddled her rivals chest, she had the most awesome look, like a snake slithering after a crippled rat. When Juanita tore open Sandys blouse and exposed her tits for all to see, I knew the crazy dyke was going the humiliation route,  I had a first class boner,  like a gift from above, Cecille magically appeared at my side.

    Having the ugly, loyal Cee slurping my cock, while Juanita got down to her thing, namely, fucking Sandy, in front of everyone, I knew Juanita wanted to make Sandy cum, that would be the ultimate humiliation to a stuck up christian cunt like Sandy, to enjoy an ugly dyke having her way with you. Juanita just stole my heart,  as I pondered the possiblitity of a bull dyke and a mixed up bisexual sadist hanging together, I took in the faces of the kids watching as Juanita stripped the sobbing cunt naked,  she straddled the still groggy Sandys naked tits,  pinned the cheerleaders arms with her butch knees, sank her hairy cunt right into Sandys screaming mouth, it was cool , and my dyke, was riding the bucking cheer cunt, like a nervous cowboy, the looks were all over from horror to sexual glee.

   Bound to happen, Sandy bit Juanitas cunt, hard from the scream from the dykes mouth, then I knew I loved Juanita on some level. She was hitting the cunts face so hard, so fast, that Sandys head was swinging, wildly front to back, kids were mimicing this and others were loading it online via cells. Oh well, Sandys shot at stardom was over, unless it was porn, where she had potential. When she just took the pounding, bled, Juanita roughly stripped her and demanded that she eat her cunt and then ass, the trembling cunt did it,  it was filmed and guys got pics, Juanita got a major cum, with her rivals tongue lodged in her hairy dyke ass. Next She ate Sandys cunt till the beaten girl came loudly, then she was made to kneel in front of everyone and tell them she loved to eat cunt. Sandy looked lost, tiny, kneeling, naked, bloodied, cunt juice rolling down her chin, her friends either horrified or gloating, teens turned fast, the need to survive. With no warning Juanita was savagely dragging the high cunt by the hair, across the rough brick patio, my love threw Sandy face down on a picnic table, so her legs were on the ground, but spread wide, giving everyone a great shot of her succulent cunt and ass. This was also going out live to half the world, way cool, total destruction of a high cunt. Then the hard dyke shocked even me, she started kicking Sandys cunt, hard, with her heavy dyke boots.

  Sandy was babbling, and peeing, when Juanita annouced that she would stop if all the guys agreed to fuck Sandy, and well, we boys needed no second choice and as we lined up, Juanita and her dykes got Sandy up and pushed her into the arms of more than a few horny, drunk kids,well that was that. I got first shot and as I rode her pure cunt I told the barely comatose pig that I hated her, hucking fat gooey loogies into her brutalised face, she cried, but also came twice, loudly, to everyones amusement. After I slimed her, I had her clean my dirty cock, she hesitated, Juanita didnt,  a well placed boot to the head had Sandy licking my cock till it shined. See even blonde cheerleaders can be trained.

  After that it was a swarm of guys on the cunt,  I later found out she got fucked by at least twentytwo different guys, many several times, it really was epic, it made her a serious porn star, what other choice did she have, it was all over the internet. The best part of the night for me was yet to come, sneaking Juanita into my house, for a night of loving. It was amazing, first a hot shower, where we sensually washed each other and spent time frenching, tongues circling, spit swapping, exploring each others chipped and missing teeth, then I gave her aching body  a hard massage, getting her wet and antsy. Turns out she had never had a cock in her, only dildos and hands and such, Wow, I was floored but I guess I did all right, She came and came, babbled on how much she loved me, like a normal cunt, except we both knew there was nothing remotely normal about my ugly dyke. Her pussy felt like magic around my fat meat stick, afterwards we lay in each others arms, and I felt like I was with my girl, for the first time in my young, wild life.

                                                                                                   Donalds Mother

                                                                                                  Chapter 3  Donalds No More

                                                                                                   by roccodadom44


  The eleventh grade passed by quick, Donnies Mom took him out of school, the authorities agreed, he was a distraction, always ending up beaten senseless, so he was home all day,  his Mom was getting guys off of the puter to drop by and fuck Donnie senseless, he was getting pummelled. No way I would fuck him ever again, as all these strange old, fat, dirty trolls dropping by were taking his ass bareback, at the start of twelve grade, Theresa gave me the to be expected news, her baby had aids, everyone at school got off on it, he was a disposable fag, who cared. Theresa decided not to treat it as she said it was a painful way to go, as I ass fucked her, she continued to tell me how much she hated her son and loved me, I dug it and told her I planned on moving in after Donnie departed, the cunt started screaming that we had to speed her sons demise along, we both blurted out, together, Suicide, with me still embedded balls deep up her fat ass, we laughed uncontrollably.

  We only told Juanita the truth, that we would help send Donnie to never ever again land, but first I wanted to fuck with him somemore, I really wanted Juanita to get her last shots in, as she deserved to have her way with the clown. It was so cool, Theresa was a nurse, she studied up on ways to get rid of her son, came up with a fool proof way.  First she had Donald write out a long, boring, self loathing suicide note, that she had him do this while me and Juanita brutalised his balls with our hands, was cool. The fucker knew what was coming and maybe he wanted it, though I figured he was to dense to see what it all meant, lights out for fag boy, for ever.

   Next up, Theresa made sure her son got medical treatment, was observed as sucicidal, there was now plenty of evidence that faggy had come undone,  His Mom made sure the doctors knew her son was a fag nympho, that she caught him getting ass banged from multiple bums,  also that he dug being abused and she made him show the doctors his bruises and scars, he admitted to eveyone his Mother was right, he was weak, he couldnt help his evil ways. I had to give the cunt props, she gave us a way to trash Donnie good, before his final humiliation.

   Theresa wanted faggy gone pronto, as she really loathed him, he had become a whiney, babbling fool, I wanted one more ass whooping, but needed to see Juanita do her thing. We spent that morning preparing the house, we would abuse the fucker in the spare room downstairs, me and Juanita laid down tarps to catch the expected blood, and what not. Every now and then I would look at the hot little cunt,  laugh at how wild it was that we fucked everyday now, she was still a dyke, except with me, go figure.

  Out of the three of us Theresa was the most turned on,Juanita joked she was glad she wasnt her Mom. It was pretty crazy, Her hate of her son, but Donnie was completely hateable, he had to be a huge embarrassment to her, on so many levels. Theresa had spent the morning alone with him, beating and hurting him, from the cries and pleadings. Me and Juanita thought this was cute, like family time, yet different. When She appeared, sweating and panting, asked us to give the fucker a proper send off, we were ready, hot to hurt this sorry ass mucho. We got him in his death room and I went off on him, mostly body shots, he was so skinny, his ribs were exposed to my hard fists, he was dancing to my fist shots.

  After I delivered a direct ball shot with a nasty upper cut, he wobbled, but I held him up, turned my lover loose, she was a whirlwind of violence. She kept circling the stooge, driving fist shots into his mushy face,  he was tipping, but me and his Mom helped him stay up for his medication, Juanita delivered it with force, head shots that drew blood, stomach smashes that knocked the wind out of faggy, then a brutal knee to the nose, the blood spurted,  loser boy was face down, on the tarp, I was on him, fucking his ass, like a mad man, rubber securely on my cock protecting me from his dirty shit hole, while my girls stomped Donnies exposed hands. Everytime they scored a crushing finger stomp, he clenched his shit ring just so nicely,  in no time I came,so did he, for the last time, perhaps.

   Juanita and Theresa used oversized strap ons to further rape his ass, while I teased the frantic fool. We didnt want to get to close to him, he was bleeding,  sweating, so we gave him a group golden shower, then got him into the tub, cleaned him, and our play room,  as Theresa fed her dolt huge quantities of downers, I got him to snort some glue, like he was huffing. We let Juanita hold the clear plastic bag over his head, while he was nice enough to hold the glue in his shaking hand, Theresa was gently rubbing her sons pathetic cock, I was filming it all. When Juanita got the bag over his head, he struggled a little, but soon gave up and just stared at us, with the silliest sad eyes, we laughed at him and told him we would forget about him tomorrow,  his Mom told him how much she hated him, that I was now her son, the silly fool cried, we laughed more, then he started to cum,  Theresa quickly smashed his balls with her fist, while Juanita tightened the bag, and the loser was off the charts.

   We didnt even touch him, just headed to the bedroom, we had a major threeway, that involved just about everything, I was floored by my luck at having two such fine pieces of cunt meat to satisfy me. Life was good, Donnie thought differently, never mind, as I looked at his dead body, while I pissed in the toilet, fuck him, as I realised I had no remorse for the fag, only wished we could get some more victims, and I had the notion, between the three of us, the sky was the limit. We cleaned up everything, called the cops, the funeral home, Me and Juanita also whipped Thersa till she cried, so she would appear upset, though she had giggled while staring at her dead son, then pissed on him as a last gesture of disrespect.

  Everyone bought it, mention aids and most cops back off, want to be anywhere but near that shit, the burial was cool, when we closed the casket the final time, Theresa and Juanita spilled used, full rubbers all over faggys dead, ugly face as a final salute, good riddance to bad rubbish. The after funeral party was a real party and later a bunch of kids gangbanged Theresa in her sons old bed, while Juanita  and me abused Sandy, now the schools biggest slut, loved to share my sadism with Juanita, it really was a deep loving thing we shared,as we tried to rip Sandys bloody nipples off.

   Shortly after Donalds untimely demise, Me and Juanita moved into Theresas house, full time, my mom was selfish enough to welcome her freedom and not miss me, Juanitas parents disowned her, because of her desire to eat cunt, and kick ass. Our senior year was one over the top freak show of violence, humiliations, and fuck parties which I will share in further adventures.


                                                                                                               the end


                                                                                               Donalds Mother

                                                                                               Chapter 4  Goin a Huntin

                                                                                               by roccodadom44


    Our relationship was tight, me and my freaky dyke, I knew others were amazed at me, the chicks at school were disturbed that I was content to feed only Juanita and Theresa my cock on a regular basis, they hated Juamita, but were all petrified of her, after reducing Sandy to a walking cum dump. but she could still thrill me, with her brutalizing her cunt lovers, who she had over twice a week, or her using Theresa as her pesonal cunt washer, which the horny Mom dug, to be manhandled by a sixteen year old dyke, must be pretty humiliating to Theresa. The sex was great, I also was doing Sandy and Cee once a week, so I was happy, but I wanted to get violent, decided to show Juanita a great way to let off some excess energy, I called it bum stomping. Down by the river, several blocks from our neighborhood, was the seediest part of our run down town, old deserted buildings, creepy bars, lots of bums hanging and living down there. From time to time I would go there, fight some of them, if things got bad, I always could run faster than wasted winos, it was a rush, with real danger, that was the tops.

    Never doubted that she wanted in, Nita was chomping at the bit, but I figured we would use her as a decoy to lure a loser into an alley, where we could tag team him, leave him beaten senseless, then we could screw on out of there, before we got out numbered, because I had learned that bums would kick each others asses at the slightest cause, but they would also stick up for each other, fought in packs, smelly, dirty packs,  the game was to stay away from the group, pick off a lone loser here or there,  beat him good, it was an incredible sexual high.

   We wore matching outfits, she thought it cute, me lame, engineer boots, jeans, tight tshirts, tucked in, nothing for the fucker to grab, I even greased my hair, like she, and we were on our way, Ntia beaming, her nipples were rock hard, poking through her white tee, with the words WANT SOME, across her tits in black letters, I loved that a guy would think her tits, Nita how she could break his face, I did love her. She was ahead of me, her anticipation growing by bounds, so I made her sit with me, on a bench in the public park, we smoked a fat boy, I talked her down, stressed the need for caution, then we could have our fun. She gave me a lovers kiss, shook her body, as if to get back control, she asked me to lead and she would follow my orders, I thanked her for making it easy, next time she got lead, she panted, like me, she needed to paint her own masterpieces.

  Stupid, that was my first reaction to seeing our prey, he was dirty, clothes torn, unshaven, teeth missing, skinny, bloated belly, scars, here, there and everywhere, belligerent, screaming at the few people walking by. It was easy, and Nita enjoyed using her hard body to lure the fucker into the small concealed alley, between two deserted buildings. She had the cutest smile on her face that the shithead read as sexy, I knew was all lust for violence, I got hard visioning her stomping this piece of trash. That bums deserved this shit, I had no doubt, they were throw away subhumans, here to entertain, he would entertain, till he didnt.

    Love only goes so far, as I stepped out of the shadows,as the clown turned towards me, barely focusing on the coming bomb, I drove my hamsized, rock hard fist through his nose, blood splattered all over, Nita had blood across her shirt, and she was giggling. The fucker went down hard, as he moaned and babbled, we went a stomping, kicking, he went with it. He was rolling, covering up, tried to get up, made it to hands and knees, before Nita got him with a boot to the balls, he actually farted, and we roared, kicked harder, finally both going headshots, only,  he was gone, but we kept it up, timing them, one at a time, together, as we tongued each others hot mouths, we heard the fucker making the silliest noises.

  Standing over our prey, I took in the damage done, it was impressive, as we had destroyed his face, he barely looked human, and his mouth made completely unintelligble sounds, we taunted him, that if he only spoke clearly, we would help him. Figuring he might be thirsty, I pissed in his swollen, raw face, he didnt like it, tough shit. Nita needed to go, as she squatted over the losers face, I could see his cock getting hard in his pants, as he eyed my lovers clean, disease free cunt, this angered me, angered me a lot, a fuck lot. She wasnt even all the way done and my boots went after that dirty, stinky, ugly, fuckers face with reckless abandon. His head was fucked, so I did the sane thing, yanked his soiled pants down, and it was fucking funny.

  He was nasty, he had open sores all over his cock and balls, his asshole was a mess of hemroids, there was shitstains all over, we both knew he needed to be gone, gone forever, he was just sullying up the place, like old furniture. I gave Nita his balls, she was something, kicking, stomping, the fuckers balls were huge, black, bleeding, he was puking up blood, I was trying to kick his teeth in, but his mouth was lost in his swollen flesh, his head was twice its normal size, and this excited me greatly. Watching my baby go ball stomp crazy was a sweet thing, she glowed, her eyes shown, her skin was wet with her sweat, she was on fire, she never looked more beautiful, she needed this mayhem to bring out her inner beauty, or something.

  As we rested, the fucker gurgled up blood, made a funny bleating noise and cashed out, he was as dead as a fucker could be. It was so eerie, how easy it was, as we hugged each other, I knew I would do that shit again,  to share it with Juanita, was so satisfying. The fuckers face was the size of a basketball, it had swelled so bad, I couldnt see his eyes or nose, just his fat bloody lips, and when Nita cracked that he looked like an ass with lips, we had a fit of the giggles,  we couldnt stop, maybe nerves, more like, pure joy, we were free, we knew how to go all the way, we were natural born killers.

  We got home, with no one seeing us, though Nitas bloody shirt was a bit obvious, soon as we were in our bedroom, we were naked,  fucking like savages, she came at least three times, before I exploded up her wet, perfect cunt, we were bonded deeply,lay in each others arms, each replaying the surges of lust at kicking the stooge to death, coming down from a powerful orgasm, that was complete. We never showered that night, like we wanted to wear his death on us as long as possible, we fucked, till we were sore,  then sucked each other, like we wanted it to go on, and we vowed to share this again, but Nita wanted to play with the victim more,  I dug that she was completly free of remorse, which was a waste of time.

    We slept wrapped in each others arms, as if we needed to know we were together, safe only with each other, when we woke, it was real lovemaking, usually we fucked hard and fast, this was slow, sensual, showing each other our true feelings, she was beautiful like this, completely a woman, as she tongued me all over, bringing me the most incedible rushes. My cock felt  so alive in her hot pussy, for the first time in my violent young life, my cock and soul were as one, it was everything to me, to be with my crazy little ugly dyke, I quickly pictured us as prom queen and king, when I told her we had a good laugh at ourselves, especially when Nita joked we could just beat the whole class up and name ourselves. When we had showered, we sat naked, watching the news, sure enough, they were talking about our bum, the police chief guessed it was another bum, dismissing it as a drunken squabble, gotten out of hand. We giggled, held hands, got horny watching our lives playing on the tube, it was a bit sureal, but then Theresa came in, naked, and proceeded to take turns eating Nita and blowing me, so sureal is all relative, in this crazy house. When we told Mom what we did, she was so hot, she wanted to, as she put it, get in on the fun, me and Nita were excited, agreeing that luring a victim into our house, would give us the luxury of going slow, we decided to think on it, for now we all went back to bed and I had an enjoyable morning with my two favorite cunts, ever.

                                                                                                          THE END

               Donalds Mother

                                                                                                             Chapter 5  The Dark Side

                                                                                                              by roccodadom44


    The next major wildness me and Nita experienced happened outside the nearest mall, a twenty minute bus ride form our neighborhood.  All the kids liked to hang there friday nights,after roaming the mall, some would gather in nearby woods for parties. Well, me and Nita went, along with our mutual friends, an ugly, mixed bag of rejects and hangers on. It was fun walking and talking at the mall, secure that we could protect ourselves, we watched several fights, between kids, boys and girls, nothing major, as the mall security losers were all over the place, they loved to break up cat fights, copping their pathetic feels, their only source of cunt contact.

  Nita was feeling violent, someone suggested we all head to the woods and see if any cunts wanted to stand up to our Queen, I was quickly feeling the burning desire to savage some fool, that need was only going to grow. Everyone was excited as we came into the clearing, a large open section, surrrounded by thick woods, it was big enough to hold hundreds of kids, there were maybe that many, several fires burned, music played, kids drank and joked, but there was an undercurrent of excitement, as word spread that Nita was looking for trouble, kids in neighboring towns knew of her, the internet made her a star, as several of her beatdowns were online.

  There was a group of black kids, several were getting ballsy, two of the guys had jumped a white kid,pounded him before the kids friends jumped in, but that was coward shit, two on one and I had an excuse to go, Nita was eyeing the ugly black hos for a canidate to stomp. As I approached the mouthiest nig,  he started trash talking, I dropped him, the crowd gasped and two more nigs attacked me, it wasnt close, as I was on, scoring nasty shots, while the jigs tried to get me down. By the time we went down, they were beaten, I was up quick, and my feet went nuts. My pals pulled me back, I was aroused at the sight of three nigs laying on the ground, all punched out or quitted, blood flowing, mouths not trash talking no more,  I was still the king.

   While me and my boys kept the rest of the darkies honest, we missed the dark hos pull a cute blonde cunt into their circle, they started to pummel her. Oops, they grabbed Nitas number one lipstick lez, Brianna, a foxy little slut, my girl was off, the nig hos scrambled away, all except the fat coal black, huge titted cunt, who Nita had dropped with a deadon face fist. Blondie, meanwhile, was on her knees gouging the fat nigs eyes,  the three bros were walking away with their crew, I wondered if they would just leave this pig here, because if they did, she was gonna get done up right, as the white girls wanted revenge for the nigs cowardice shit.

   The fuckers all ran for the bus, as all the whites started peppering them with beer bottles, they left the downed cunt, I know we all appreciated the gift, as everyone was up for some world class humiliation. As I looked at the just coming to cunt, I had to laugh, she was ugly, flat nose, big lips, short ugly fro, fat belly, soft flabby tits, already bared by Nita for her and her freinds to play with, they were all trying to rip her dark nipples off. I told the girls to strip her, she was nasty, everyone was razzing her, I made her walk around, naked so we could all fuck with her. The guys were brutalising her tits and cunt,  the girls were throwing punches and kicks at an awesome rate. When the ungrateful cunt punched Brianna, Nita pounced and with both fists pumping, beat the stunned cow silly, opening several awesome, blood spewing gashes on the ugly cunts face, as everyone cheered her on.

  Finally the guy stood back, as we filmed it, the girls gave the gasping nigger cunt a real beatdown, with head shots and cunt shots to please even the hardcorest catfight watcher. When the girls had beat her into total submission, all us whiteboys had a dark meat buffet, the pig was fucked by at least fifty guys, it was cool, it was uploaded live, we were the balls, she was a babbling, fucked out pig, who needless to say was never seen at the mall again, though I warned everyone, especially the soft white cunts, to watch for the nigs to try to grab one of them, Nita tol her girls to travel in a pack, our guys always did, already. We were in the middle of a possible race war, that had my juices flowing, as the black high school was playing our lilly white school, thanksgiving day, and it could get righteous.

    Well the destroyed nig cunt was sent on her way, with the younger girls, trailing her, punching, kicking, spitting, and taunting her on her merry way. It was definitly a great night, as we all rode home on the bus, the sexual energy was almost visable in the air, everyone was hot after the wildness of tonight. I had to admit it was cool knowing every girl there would spread her legs for me, no questions asked. Me and Nita, and Brianna, who needed Nita to hold her, my dyke wanted to treat her lez for being brave earlier, spent the night fucking, the cute blonde could take my cock, cunt and ass, like a pro,  Nita made her eat my sweaty, less than clean ass while she ate my cum from Briannas fine pussy, gave her little cunt an explosive cum, from the sounds screaming out of Briannas mouth. We all slept entwined, I was real content to have these two darlings, rubbing against me all night. Slept with dreams of mass brawls between us and the blacks, it put a smile on my sleeping face, for sure.

                                                                                          the end

                                          Donalds Mother

                                                                                                               Chapter 6   Theresa Gets Creative 

                                                                                                               by roccodadom44


      As our time with Theresa went on, we became aware that she had money problems,we all decided to find a solution that involved what we loved best, kinky sex and beatdowns. Mom, we both called her that all the time now, came up with a great idea, she would pretend to pimp her daughter, Nita, online to trolls, when they got naked we would film them with the sixteen year old Juanita, then after we beat them silly, took their money, we would tell them if they didnt come up with more money we would turn the tapes over to the cops. Nice, it had potential, easy money, hard violence, perfect.

    As we surfed online for a place to post our ad, we found lots of porn and the three of us spent a hour masturbating each other, we all had a nice sloppy cum. We chose craigs list, for its ease and adult listings, she was subtle, not saying ages, just young, that Mom and daughter wanted a guy to share. The responses were many, we only considered ones with pics, some of these fuckers were hideous, did they think any cunt would touch them with a ten foot pole, they were obviously delusional,  we could cure that, beat it the fuck out of them. Theresa met the first loser, alone in a bar, he was into young, he didnt flinch at Nitas age, wanted in, but Theresa dragged him into the empty uniesex bathroom, locked the door and told him to fuck her right there, he did, he wasnt a cop, he was a tiny dick though, Theresa told us later she had to will her self not to laugh at him, as she pretended she was cuming from his undersized wimp stick.

  He came willingly to the house, in Theresas car, Our most excellent Mom was smart enough to have him put his head in her lap, as she drove, she had him finger her steamy cunt, under her mini, so he had no idea where she went, he was a clod, he would pay the price. When they strolled in, he looked creepy and we smiled knowingly, each thinking this would be epic. Nita was dressed in white mini, red halter, that was it, she looked young, the troll was fixtated on her, she took her top off, he gasped, I could see precum leaking through his pants, his bulge was comically small. Theresa was making goofy faces behind the mark,as me and the bare chested Nita introuduced ourselves. He really thought Nita would somehow desire to fuck him, it staggered me that he was that daft.

  Theresa got him out of his clothes,  his shorts were shit stained, we all giggled coyly, he was a sorry fuck, his pecker was pathetic, as he went to Nita, who had lifted her skirt, was fingering her cunt, the camera got it all,  I needed to drop the stooge, so I did. Quickly I got in front of the clown, turning casually, I delivered a beautiful square on chin dropper, lights out, my streak of one shot KOs was adding up, it is not easy to knock someone out with one shot, but I was getting it down, as we all salivated over the disgusting creep, laying helpless at our feet.

    Before we got down to business Me and Nita surprised Mom with her own pair of engineer boots,  she was like a kid at christmas, Nita tenderly helped her lace the heavy, steel toed, black boots up,as I fondled Moms swinging, on fire, beautiful tits, she was ready to join our kick club, as dummy came to, he wished he hadnt, we gave him all our effort, he brought that loathing out in us, Nita railed at him that he would ever think she would give him her cunt, she was honestly enraged at his thinking that and me and Theresa found that cool. Nita had gone from thinking she was ugly, to knowing she was a fucking star, she was spectacular,  I loved her like this. Since becoming my girl, Nita had gone from ugly duckling to the most exotic swan around, guys feared her, but I noticed they all lustedf for her, as she grew into her compact sexy body,  her ass was still perfectly round and built to ride.

   We got fatty up on his shaky legs, we all started raining fist bombs down on him, I was concentrating on his crying face, Nita was savagely attacking his fat belly,Theresa was working his balls, he babbled and pleaded, waving his arms like a sissy, we continued the beat down till he willingly got on his knees and promised us money in exchange for the tape of him naked with the youmg Nita being kept secret. He agreed to get us five thousand cash tomorrow, we decided he was going to do it, as it turned out he was a lawyer,  was scared, as well he should.

  We attacked him with our boots next and he went from kneeling to the fetal positiong quick, but we got our head, rib, and ball kicks in, he farted, pissed, and moaned to our sexual delight, I had to do it, even though he was fat and creepy, I ass raped him, hard, he bled and howled,the girls aping his noises with great effect, while filming me raping the piggy boy. I enjoyed a heavy powerful cum up his ruined, blood soaked shit hole, when he blanched at cleaning my bloody shitty cock, the girls pursuaded him quick, with fists from Nita amd kicks from Mom, he polished me sparkling clean and Nita made him thank me for fucking him, then she had him squat and eject my cum onto the floor. That his shit was mixed with blood and semen was cool, the girls had him lick it up, while I filmed him up close, then they eached pissed down his puking sesspool,  we had our fill, and got him dressed, we threw his ass in the trunk and drove him to his car and planned to meet him tomorrow at the same bar.

  He actually showed up and gave Mom the cash, and said he was sorry for all this and she laughed and told him he was welcome to more fun if he was up to it, but he wasnt buying, he was at least smart enough to know he got off easy, we did throw his tapes away on the principle that he ponied up, no problem, that was important,five grand was sweet, me and Nita got five hundred each,  Mom used the rest to pay bills, get a small break from financial shit. Mom even gave the stooge a sloppy blowjob, while me and Nita sat in the back seat egging the tiny dick on to his best cum ever,  he was on his way, scared straight. Theresa had also worked a deal with several horny doctors at the hospital where she worked, they would get her pain pills, she would fuck them senseless,  Nita had her girls selling them for easy cash, so things started jumping, we were pulling in thousands a week, between our dating service, and our pill selling operation.

    It was hit or miss on the craigs list set up, one guy stood out, he was actually a good looking hung guy, who dug young cunt, could get mean. Mom took him home cause she wanted to fuck him herself, though it was a bad idea, after he left Nita and I whipped her till she bled, decided she wasnt allowed to make anymore decsions,something Mom seemed to dig. The guy almost beat us at our game, as he attacked us, landed a good shot on my ear,stunning me, he had Nita in a bear hug, mauling her covered tits, his cock raging hard against my lovers body, as Theresa cried. Youth is something to respect, as I bounced up, quickly shaking off the pain and attacked the heavier, stronger fuck, but he was preoccupied with assaulting Nita, my first shot rocked his head, he tried to grab me, Nita got in a back of the neck fist,he was again woozy, I got back and my foot was in his gut, hard steel, and he winced, as the air left him, but the fucker kept coming and he had me, we went down, with him on top, his right fist smacking my face hard, and fast,  I was fucked.

    Nita, flying through the air, was I dreaming, no, sexy, beautiful Nita did leap across the room and land both of her boots square on the fuckers back, crushing me, but stunning him, and I easily rolled him off, the three of us were warring, with each side getting in shots, and when the strong fucker, had us wearing down, Theresa saved the day. She coldcocked the fuck with a heavy cast iron frying pan, it sounded like a bell ringing, he slumped on me,  I rolled him over, we went to town on him with our boots, and Mom got her handcuffs and we secure the fuckers hands behind his back,  I duct taped his feet together, for now, till we decided what to do with him, he was dangerous, fuck the money, we wanted him gone.

   When he came to, he struggled around the floor, like a fish out of water, didnt stop till we started kicking him again, hard till he stopped. He was a tough one, but was now a bloody, swollen mess,  he wanted this over, so as we showed him the tape of his sex assault of a sixteen year old, Mom explained that we usually demanded money, but in his case, if he agreed to being dropped off now, without a struggle, we would be done with his hard ass. He agreed, I was happy as I was hurting, Nita was bleeding from a gash under her chin, the fucker had gotten us both good,  after we dropped him off, me and Nita gave Mom the beating she had so rightful earned, she knew it was bad, what she did, as she saw how close it came to being us as the marks, we played that game less frequently,  were much more selective of our dates. After that, Me and Nita were basically the parents, Theresa was free to be a nurse, which she loved,  to fuck and suck with reckless abandon, she dug one night stands, who were we to deny our most excellent mom.

   Nita actually got the home ec teacher, a fat ugly dyke, to tutor her in the running of a household, There was no sex involved, the teacher really wanted to help Juanita, go figure, dykes could be moral, I learned that lesson, dispelled the notion that gay meant dirty, they were mostly just like everyone else, just sexually wired different, I loved different,  in no time Nita had a budget,  bills were paid, money was saved, the house was clean and neat, She had her girls rotating through, as maids and servants, they did it because Nita would sexually use them, they all needed her, she was truely Queenly. I mean these hard core dyke followers of Nita had complete devotion to her, it was amazing how strong they loved her,  it was love, she didnt beat them, except when they needed it, she didnt bully, she was just her dykey, violent self, that was plenty.

   I fucked very few of these girls, they really were dyke, I could respect that, I mean some of the girls hated boys, fought them at school all the time, but they always showed me the upmost respect, I always had their back at school, as me and my gang hated the pretty people, the christian clowns, the ones who hated the dykes, simply for existing. Brianna and a few others were different, they dug Nita, and no other chicks, I did use them to my hearts content, and Nita arranged a more orderly flow of boy cock for the always horny Theresa, I swear Nita was turning Mom into a teenager, she was becoming an adult,  a sexy, hard as nails adult. By staggering the flow of kids, we looked less obvious, the house was on a cul de sac, ending at swamp land,  the three other houses on the street, the kids were all in. Thats four houses, not a father in one of them, single moms working crazy hours, so we ruled the street, but with, underage cunt, pot, pills, weapons, we decided to get a couple of guns, as we were dealing with a lot of tough fuckers, it was only a matter of time before someone tried to play us. We also had some of the younger wannabes, boy and girl, stand watches, patrol the neighborhood, taking in who was where, that was my thing, security. Even at seventeen, I felt the need to protect my cunts, they got it, Nita dug how well we played off each other, we would giggle at the notion of us really getting married, but it was there, it was a possibility, at seventeen, thats enough

                                                                                          the end

                                 Donalds Mother

                                                                                              Chapter 7   Race War

                                                                                              by roccodadom44



     Thanksgiving was approaching, so was the morning game between our school and the black high school several towns, and many worlds, away. The undercurrent of seething hate was permeating the school, even the teachers sensed that this was special. They also called up enough cops to stop an army, but they couldnt watch everyone, so there was a chance of violence, that was something. My crew was never very interested in sports, but we were all on board for this game, half my dorks didnt even understand the fucking rules, but they all carried ball bearings to throw at the blacks when things exploded. That alone caused the adults to worry, that me and Nitas crew showed up at the pep rally, actually cheered the cunt cheer leaders, most of whom accepted Nita, didnt like her, but feared her good, all of them had given it up to me and my crew of plug uglies,  most dug our game over the boring primping jocks. The whole school spirit thing was lost on me, fuck school, who cared, lets fight, lets fuck, what else.

   Nita and I had decided to stick  together,as I wanted her near in case we needed to bail. The crowd would be split roughly in half, as each school got the same amount of seats, we had our end zone and side, and they theirs, making it easier for the cops to keep the peace. Evidently some people cared about the game, but not in our section, we were selecting targets, I found a tough, bouncing, crotch grabbing fool, I could almost make ou this telling his bros how he was gonna get white pussy,  I knew I was going savage his balls. He had on a bright red jacket, easily sticking out, I looked for some cunts to grab, if it came to pass. Most nig chicks are ugly, thats a fact, but if you focused on bodies alone, there was plenty of fuck meat, of the dark variety, begging to be groped and mauled.

  There was several minor fights, the cops arrested anyone least bit involved, so I explained to everyone they were on their own, if shit erupted, but that we should all advance in a group, safety in numbers. When Tommy appeared at our side, grinning, informed us that after the openning second half kick shit was going to explode, laughing he explained his boys, shop tards, had rigged a bunch of smoke bombs to go off, freaking the cops and blacks,  that was the sign to attack, the goal was to run the fuckers off our turf, fuck the game, which by halftime was no score, lots of penalties, cheap shots, just a prelude, to the coming storm, that we were all in on it, made it so wild. What would the other side and the law think when the smoke started and we all attacked swarming the field and under the stands,trapping the fuckers, allowing us to beatdown groups at a time, plenty of dark meat for all.

   That it all went off as planned, was solely due to the nerdiness of our shop geeks, the looks of fear on the nigs faces, the faggy cops, as the smoke billowed, before they could react, we were on the field, across the bleachers, under the stands, an angry white army of working ants, working on a beating, it was a rush. The players on the field were swallowed up, they were beaten savagely while being stripped and stomped. The cops retreated, calling in backup. Only a few blacks got onto the field, or down to the under ground concourse, most were stuck in the stands, the drop from first  row to field was fifteen feet, besides, as nigs jumped down now, they were swallowed by groups of frenzied whites, beating them senseless, stripping them, it was like a game, they had to be stripped for a confirmed beatdown.

    Panic makes people do stupid things, like we let an exit open and as the fools ran down, they to late realised we were all around them and Me and Nita got a cunt and gave her all our love, fists first, then boot city, she was out cold,  we stripped her and I roughly fingerd her cunt, Nita bit her right nipple off, passed into my mouth,  we were as one. He was heading at me, rather at the white chick punching some black hos lights out, and I got him, blindsided him, his neck bent all the way to the other side,  he was out,  I kicked his face in, while the girls stripped him, then beat his balls till he was awake, not long, Nita  slammed a boot into his head, the fucker was gone, deep sleep. Nita was giggling as she took shots at the pregnant, naked, screaming black pig, all the girls wanted belly shots, the first live abortion was performed on that field that day,as the girls beat the cunt unpregnant, as she sobbed, the guys laughed at the notion of gangraping her pregnant again, that alone was worth the fifty cent ticket.

    The cops had started shooting tear gas bombs and gettting dogs around the perimeter, so we knew our fun was ending, so we stepped up the mayhem, me and Nita found a fresh punching bag, a young hot looking nig cheerleader,  we beat her silly, stripped her quick, as I mauled her firm perfect tits, Nita, to even my astonishment, bit off the hysterical coons clit and showed it to her horrified victim. That was that, as a tear gas shell landed right near us and we quickly punched the darkie lights out, headed through the police barricade, off to the white side. There were cops and buses, I figured they were gonna try to arrest as many as possible,  thinking quick, I led Nita through the crowd,  at the right place we quickly ran down the embankment,  before we could be stopped, we were in the cold river and floating away from everyone.

    After the icy shock, we floated together, hugging, laughing,at the madness of it all. We dragged our cold asses out  near our home, were out of the shower watching the riot on the news before most kids were even allowed to leave the place, Several times the blacks had stormed the whites side, the cops had resorted to tasers, dogs, and pellet guns to keep everyone calm. There was great video of people getting tasered, beat and snapped at by dogs. We were eating frozen pizza and tater tots, drinking pepsi and cracking up at the video of the brawls, we smiled that we were not in any close up shit, but howling at seeing our friends, either kicking ass, or now being processed by the heat. We both swelled with pride when the news footage showed a tiny, beautiful, Brianna, wailing on some fat coons cunt face, the pig must have outweighed our girl by one hundred and fifty punds, but every time she tried to hit Bri, the faster, meaner dyke would throw two or three savage fists into the fat ugly black mug, it was heart warming to see, we agreed to give Brianna a treat soon, but thats another story.

   The race riot was national news, till something else was, most kids, both sides, dropped it, there was always race problems, but this was a one shot deal, as there would never be a game between these two schools again, the jocks wept, no one else gave a fuck, we would find smaller ways to race fight, it was a great way to blow off steam. Lots off charges were filed but no one ever went to trial as it was to fucking complicated and exspensive. Me and Nita would always have the memory of that day, it was intense,  we both were determined to top it, and were already looking for a new game.

                                                                                                    the end

                                  Donalds Mother

                                                                                              Chapter 8 Princess Brianna

                                                                                               by roccodadom44


   We did remember to give our little sex baby, Brianna, a reward for her valiant conduct, under extreme duress. She was a fighter, a violent femme, Juanita already treated her with extra niceness, everyone knew Bri was the Queens number one cunt, treated her with that respect. To decscribe Bri is hard, she was so freaky tiny, we weighed her and she was ninety pounds, looked lighter, her body was boyish, except her perfect ass, over the top perfect angelic face, it made you weep, it was so fucking perfect, that she risked it all, with us was very touching, we both made sure she understood our loyalty to her, We convinced Theresa to let Bri move in with us, we had another sibling to play with.

   It was spring, weather getting warm, prom coming up, we would be graduating in a few weeks, our lives would change, we needed jobs and serious shit like that, so we needed some violence to calm us down, as I had my license and Mom let us take the car, me and my two dykes, hit the road for a weekend of camping in the White Mountains. When we returned we planned on stepping up the drug pushing, we had also started dealing weed, revised the craigs list ad to offer catfights, winner take all, Nita, Bri, even Mom had fights, some as with Mom, were more wrestling, sex romps, but Bri and Nita were savages, they wouldnt stop till the loser was bloody and beaten,  they always made them kneel and hand over their money, loser paid the winner two hundred and fifty cash, more money rolling in to the kink home.

    We really had a great time camping, just the three of us,  the first night was magical for Brianna, as Me and Nita spent lots of time pampering her, massages, we used our tongues to lick Bris nubile body from head to foot, she was panting, telling us she loved us both, it was all so different, three savages being completely lovey dovey, it worked cause we were all sure soon we would be punching fuckers lights out again. But tonight, me and Nita wanted to baby Bri, after giving her a major orgasm, me eating her ass, Nita working her tongue all over her adorable cunt, we painted her toe nails and finger nails, then we all showered together, the fucking shower needed quarters to run, we considere that roughing it. When we were all soapy, it felt so hot, grinding our bodies together,  I started fucking each of my dykes, back and forth I went and it was intense.

    We fucked for hours in our tent, just watching Nita make love to Bri was cool, dykes were hot, Nita was the guy, always the agressor,  Bri was the soft chick, wanting her hard Momma to work her snatch rough, Nita did, using a fat strapon to get several loud cums from her baby,she also came, explaining to a disbelieving me, that it was from the dildo rubbing her clit,  I knew I would never completely understand cunt, it was  a complicated fucker, lots of parts, but I was sure studying hard,  the girls gave me plenty of pointers on eating,  fucking cunt, and ass. Mostly we laughed and chilled and not being on guard all the time was cool, but by the third day we all needed blood, I suggested we go into the nearest town and stomp some country bumkin ass, the girls were glowing, Bri was telling Nita she wanted to see her humiliate some cunt.

   Jesus, it was a run down white trash town, with falling down houses, cheap rusty trailers, everyone had junk cars on their front lawns, like some freaky garden gnomes. trash strewn park, thats where we found about fifteen kids hanging, spilt between boys and girls, as we got out they were around us acting hard, but I sensed they were not gonna be that hard to stomp, if they were real hardcore, they would have attacked us right the fuck away, no one just drives up on your turf, thats shit. Nita knew as she challenged any cunt to fight her, telling them they looked to prissy to fight, lots of yelling, but none of the girls were accepting my lovers fair offer. Finally Brianna, looking so not tough, said she could take on two cunts at once, these hay hos liked those odds, cowards, I could tell Nita was furious at their cowardness, but she knew Bri could go, so as two hillbilly chicks circled the tiny, smiling, stunningly feminine Bri, she exploded, all fists, boots, and elbows, the two cunts were both down, Brianna was giving them  a beatdown that had me excited, I knew Nita was in love, she worshipped her little fighter baby. Bri had them both bleeding in no time, I dug the stunned looks on the hayseeds faces as their hos got stomped.

    Well they were hicks,didnt understand it wasnt all for one, so when other girls jumped Bri, Nita was all in, chicks were flying, crashing, crying, it was awesome, a couple of the guys tried me, big mistake, as I went apeshit, dropping two fuckers right off, then the whole group, fifteen to three, started running,like frightened antelope from ravenous lions, we started howling and laughing as we all stood over the cunt who didnt escape. Nita and Bri started working her good, they had her down, while Bri twisted her sexy nipples, Nita had her fist up the girls exposed cunt, her mini was around her waist, I filmed the sex assault, zeroed in on the teens cunt as my lovers meaty fist punched in and out, making wet popping sounds that made me swoon with lust. She was porky, short, huge tits, fat cunt, little fur, young, maybe thirteen, we were gonna enjoy this little piggy, ahh, the spoils of war. We heard a cop siren, probally the only cop siren in the state, Nita asked the panting cunt if she wanted some more of her and Bri, I was stunned when she said yes, willingly got in the car with us. Wow, we led fucked up lives, but who was I to complain.

    Debra was her name, thirteen, chubby, big, fat, made to be tugged on tits, ass that was soft yet firm, cunt that needed attention, she was pretty in a slutty fat girl way,  told us she was bored, at least we did shit, instead of standing around talking, thats all the fucks did up here, run their mouths, run when the shit went down, how pathetic. Well to say we used her at the camp site would be accurate, but she loved it, cuming over and over, doing every nasty thing we could think of, piss showers on her, we lined up and she ate our assholes, deep tonguing, lots of enthusiasm, she was a true fuckpig, we reveled in her juicy young body. Nita and Bri went nuts fucking her with the strap ons, I took her ass cherry, her crying, me loving the tight, fat, warm hole, filling it with my seed, while my dykes, rubbed their cunts on the fucked out Deb. We slept, Bri in Nitas arms, Deb in mine, thats pretty cool, everyone naked, everyone sated.


   Jesus, it was nice to awake, slide my raging cock up Debs tight shithole, listening to her purr, she was born to pig, I knew I would get her to move to our house,another sister if you will, more nasty holes to use, amazed at her zeal, she was giggling as I slowly plunged in and out of her shithole, perhaps the farts this produced amused her, the coming awake Nita and Briana seemed to think so, as they lay in each others arms, smiling at Debs anus opus. After the girls used Deb hard, they made her eat their assholes, deep, but she loved it, they loved her, agreed with me that Deb was one of us, lost souls, horny, savage lost souls. We, me and Nita, decided that we would have Deb run away in a few weeks, we would pick her up near her home town, still figured Theresa deserved to know she was getting another daughter, though there was no doubt she would be all for it, as I watched Deb drink Bris morning piss, straight from the source.


                                                                                                         the end

                                                                                                     Donalds Mother

                                                                                                     Chapter 9  Saturday night catfights

                                                                                                      by roccodadom44


          Money makers, thats what we called ourselves, there was money coming from everywhere. Lots of cash from drugs, but we quickly saw how much was to be made off of catfights, a certain segment of society got off on chicks stomping each other, not wrestling play shit, real bloody, violent, winner take all cunt fights. The first few were mostly outside, at a nearby pond, we didnt charge, as we hadnt figured out how to do that yet. One of my girls, usually Nita would kick some cunts ass, strip her, take pics with her, the cunt would fork over her two hundred fifty, quick money, Nita got off, but we knew there was more, much more.

   With Theresas help we moved it into her garage, we cleaned it out,  it was big, a two car deal, we set up a bar, a  twelve foot by twelve foot square mat, and plenty of room for customers. Through different web sites devoted to this thing, we got a group of people together who would pay to watch,  a group of fighter cunts wanting money and pussy. Over time we perfected it, charging a thirty dollar cover, twenty cutomers, equals six hundred cash, they also paid for their drinks, served by one of Nitas cunts, dressed over the top slutty. We also allowed betting, with us getting ten percent off the top, so we could bring in a thousand easy on a wild night, like last saturday, a triple bill, Nita, Bri, and Theresa would all fight cunts,  we had sold thirty tix,  everyone was up for a particularly brutal night as I had imposed a new twist, winner got to humiliate the loser, for fifteen minutes after a bout, in  front of the crowd, the girls were primed, Nita loved this shit, Bri was amused at the possibilities,  I knew Mom would be happy winning or losing, as long as someone got done up nasty.

   Im not obsessed with money, but we had charged these folks ffity each,  I had just locked the fifteen hundred in the safe, as I reentered the garage, I could feel the excitement in the air, eveyone wanted blood, damn it, they would get it. Nita would fight some cow, this bitch was plug ugly, outweighed Nita by hundred pounds easy, looked perpetually pissed, her husband all but genuflected to her, I felt sorry for his wimpy ass, scared for Nita, this cunt was a fucking hulking mass of no good intentions. Nita looked pleased and I knew she had solved the cunt, my girl was quick, smart, studied the art of kicking ass,  I sighed knowing this would be quick and explosive, what the crowd wanted at first, blood, lots of blood.

   Love my Juanita, she had guessed that the cow would charge and try to get Nita down where her weight would be an advantage. Juanita simply, went under the cunts legs, came up behind her, when the slow beast turned, Nita drove her right fist into the ulgys kisser, the pig was stunned, but remained up,  Nita rained shots, got in and out, the pig couldnt catch her, it was getting close, as porky, was getting dazed, unsteady I knew she had never been beaten before, she was always the one throwing punches, well now we would see what the pig was made of, could she solve  the faster Nita in time, or was the hippo ready to topple, where I knew my dyke would stomp her senseless.

. Her hubby looked confused, like he didnt understand how big momma could be getting her ass handed to her, oh well, you take your chances. The boot to the cunt did it, Nita score a direct hit,  the cow tumbled face first,  before she was even faceplanted , a whirlwind named Juanita was on her back, fist smashing her face on each side, loosening teeth, causing the nose to gush blood, porky was in trouble, Nita was on fire, she used her left hand to firmly pull the cunts hair hard, stretching her neck back, giving Nita  open face shots, plug ugly got a whole lot uglier, quick. Nita tried to roll the fucker over, no easy tasked, like turning a fucking beached whale over, but Nita did it, then she worked the cunts fat sloppy tits, stomping them with her hard rubber soled boots, finally porky got some energy, with a sound like a disturbed elephant, rolled to her feet and charged the back peddling dyke.

   This time Nita simpy allowed the cow to get to her, swung to the right, like a bull fighter,  half blind porky ran into the crowd, a no no, as the rules allowed the crowd, which lined the mat on all sides, to help get the fighter back into the ring, and they guys went crazy, groping the pig, her shirt was ripped opened, and both tits were flopping around, they were huge, saggy, ugly black six inch round aeroles, Nita would have fun. She did, the cunt was crying about it not being fair,  everyone was chanting for Nita to fuck this fat bully cunt up. She was propelled by this energy, went punch and kick crazy, the cow turtled, how completely pathetic, she wouldnt fight,  Juanita wasnt going to quit, so can you say slaughter.


     Guys had their cocks out, stroking at the scene playing out, Nita had stripped the cow,  she was nasty, fat, celluite, hairy, dirty cunt, ass with shit and toilet paper encrusted bits, bad meat. Nita got her tits black and blue from yanking and punching them, her cunt swollen from fist shots, we could hear Nitas fist smacking the fat wet stinkhole,  when Nita got her hand up the nasty cunt to her elbow, the room erupted, the cow was flopping around the floor, Nita driving her with her arm, that alone was worth the price of admission, a hundred pound girl  pushing a two hundred pound whale, across the room, arm up the cunts destroyed fuck hole to the elbow. Next my girl got piggy to eat her till she came, riding her face with passion, reveling in her win, her supremency, Nita made the cow beg the guys to use her, in no time the cow had thirty guys using her nasty, pawing her,feeding her their cocks, ass fucking, hand jobs, they had actually ripped out chunks of her cunt fur, they werre all so into the violence. everyone came quick and hard, we even stripped her little dick hubby,  made him blow guys, he seemed use to this, fag. Everyone was happy, except cow and fag, who gave a fuck, they lost. Nita wanted the cow gone, she really hated her, so we sent the used couple on their way with the advise not to quit her day job, big and nasty didnt mean you could fight. Jesus, the cows body was a nonstop series of bruises, cuts,  she was coated in man juice, head to toe.

           After everyone calmed down some, and Nita had showered and changed, Brianna faced a good looking latina chick, caramel skin, small firm tits, tough cute face, she was smoking, two beauties squaring off,  everyone moved closer, involuntarily, like they had to. This was a real fight, two equal weight, equal skill, worthy fighters, everyone appreciated that skill, the science of it, so much unlike the first bout, which was onesided. I think, the crowd would like to see both win, as both girls scored their shots, both were bloodied, I cringing at Briannas angel face being marred, but I knew she was a fighter, and fighters fight, and bleed, and scar, and get plug ugly, thats that. The rules were three minute rounds, anything goes, but if they were just hugging I would break them, we wanted action, face shots, cunt kicks, good stuff. After three rounds both girls were bloody and tired, but I figured one more round and some one would win, we would get to see some sweet cunt get used.

  Well The spic cunt opened the round with a beautiful roundhouse kick that caught Bri flush on the side of her head, our girl was down, the taco was on her, ready to commence battering Bris perfect face, I could hardly watch, saw that Nita was thinking about stepping in, I would of dropped her if she did, fair is fair. Bri looks all soft and angelical, Bri is a hard ass, a fighter, spic landed two face shots, Bri exploded with energy,  in no time the taco ho was on the ground, stunned,  Bri was up, feet kicking, arms swinging, latina was on the defensive, made her big mistake, in close fights like this, one person always makes the mistake that loses the fight. The spic fell for the kick to the  knee trick, Bri deked a kick at her right knee,  taco lowered her right hand, out of reflex, Bri dropped her with a square on left to the chin, the cunt was out cold, and Brianna was hot, real hot. She stripped the cunt, her body was awesome, beautiful full dark tits, hairy cunt that looked warm, ass that needed to be spanked, I knew the guys wanted her and hoped Bri would give her victim to them. She didnt, she just had the waking cunt eat her, which in itself is as erotic as all get out to watch, two bloody warriors, now one sexually using the other, real fucking hot, then Brianna helped her up, hugged and kissed her, took her to meet Nita and Theresa,  thats how Ida came into our circle, she could fight, loved to fight, she was cool, dont underestimate cool. She was tough as nails, but easy going, funny,  we all loved her, she often shared me and Nitas bed.

  The last bout was between Theresa and some pig that was Moms age, but hadnt aged well at all, she was not good looking, wore sweat pants with stains on them, dirty sneakers, none of the guys were lining up to ride this mess, they were hoping Theresa lost, nothing personal, they all loved her winning personality, but she was prime fuck pig, that mattered. Well the ugly slag came to fight and she was brutal, landing major shots at the overmatched Mom, who was clearly excited at the prospect of getting her ass whooped by this nasty beast, she went down and porky was on her, landing some good face shots. As I looked at Nita and saw her pain, I realised I wore the same look and knew how much we loved our Mom, she really had given us everything. Well, stinky knocked Theresa out, she sat on Moms face and made her eat her stinky pie and flabby, pimply, hairy ass, which Mom did with no energy, the cow had hurt her good, I wanted to skin the nasty pig alive, Nita would killl her if given a chance. The cow was gloating,as the guys gangbanged Mom, though they were gentle with her, she was soon riding the cum train, back to her old self, though her face was bruised and swollen, the pig told Nita, in a loud blowhard voice, she could fuck up any cunt. The room went silent, except for Moms loud sigh at having her orgasms interrupted. This stupid cunt had talked herself into fighting Nita, and my girl was fired up, wanted this cunt trashed, she stood before the taller, heavier, older cunt she appeard a child next to it. The pig started verbally beating down Nita, calling her a little boy, the crowd was snickering, they knew the awesome violence of Juanita, who just calmly faced big ugly, my lover dyke was studying her opponent, looking for openings,  read her face, she found them, Nita would destroy the cow, felt absolute confidence, I was rewarded for my faith.

    Nita exploded, like a tornado, she was behind the pig, on her side, in front, raining quick, sharp jabs, getting in and geting out, and the out of shape porker was getting hurt and bloodied, she also looked confused, why did all bullies look so stupid when they got theirs, did they really think they would always win, everyone loses occasionally, its even good for you, as the wounded blob showed, as once she saw that Nita was the real deal, she was gonna take a beating, she started begging and whining,the crowd wanted blood, needed to see this clown stomped good, no one liked a quitter, especially an ugly, fat. boorish one. Juanita didnt disappoint, her punches got harder as she realised fatty was done, she landed three hard face shots, piggy was down and out, panting and moaning, Nita used more energy stripping the cow than fighting her, when she was done, everyone, we were all hard core violence freaks who dug nasty, were disgusted with her dirty, fat, cold sore riddled body, there was not enough alcohol in the universe to temp anyone into fucking that germ factory, yuck, double yuck.

   It was like we were all perplexed, everyone wanted this over the top bully to get hers, but no one wanted to touch her, it was really funny, when Theresa joked that maybe it was her defense system, her ugliness drove away enemies, like a skunk stunk away his, and bingo, the chant went up, Dog Fucker Dog Fucker, the guys made the leap somehow that piggy needed another animal to love her, who were we to argue with the customer,  just happened that one of the guys lived nearby with his very horny german shepard, he was sent to retrieve fido, the girls treated the rest of us to a wild stomp down of the pig, after first making her cough up her two hundred fifty, for losing, negating her win over Mom. When Nita and Brianna held the ugly fucks legs spread wide, as she wallowed on her back, Theresa went stomp crazy on the big black hole that was the cows cunt. We could see her lips swelling, blood flowing, and as Theresa started to ram her sharp heel into the cunts cunt, blood really flowed, as the crybaby wailed, Nita and Bri went crazy stomping her tits, saggy, ugly, no purpose tits, they each added several face stomps, porky was back out, the girls took a quick group shower, as they all were disgusted by the cows lack of hygiene.

   When the dog arrived he was horny,hard the minute he smelled the nasty cunt,  he was a stud, the cow actually started to enjoy it, we all got a kick out of that,  the dog owner wondered if he could get his dog married to this pig, after all it is Massachusetts, and anyone can marry here, even fags, for christ sake, why not two obvious in love animals, animal were people, what. That the dogs cock was so big was a surprise, I knew Theresa was digging it and she would have no objections to giving it up for a good looking single dog, though Nita and Bri were grossed out by it, not that it stopped them from egging the dog on, they loved that the pig couldnt hide her pleasure at being canine bred. It was fuuny, the owner was joking at how the dogs cock would knot and be stuck up her cunt for awhile, but that didnt happen, her cunt was a cave and the dogs fat knot slipped out, easily along with his puddle of doggy sperm. That was worth an investigation of the size of the pigs cunt, but first Nita, made the beaten cow lick up the dog cum, everyone loved her desire to please, Nita owned her, there was no way this ugly slag would ever bully anyone again.

  The now drunk crowd spent an hour or so stuffing things, beer bottles, wine bottles, a baseball bat, up her cunt and ass, while the girls reduced her ugly floppy tits to a series of bruises and cuts, using their fists and nails to savage her. She cried, begged, howled, she also kept cumming, the clam juice was flowing, the puddle looking positively obscene on the floor under her doggy styled spread legs. When we sent her on her way she was traumatised, broken, defeated, done, perfect, She was a nasty, creepy, totally unlikeable bitch, who got what she needed, a little life adjustment, good riddance to bad rubbish. After we got everyone gone, guys wanted to stay and play with the girls, but I didn think so, I was gonna play with my girls, alone, thak you very much. We all slept together, in Moms king sized bed, and I felt special, I am special, as I lay amid four of the sexiest cunts in the world, all of them in love with me, it was very comforting, to say the least.

                                                                                                                      the end

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