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Ransom Demand - Rape and Torture of Sara

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Synopsis: While on vacation in Mexico, Sara's niece is kidnapped. The ransom demand is 30 days of being a sex slave for a powerful politician and his wife. Sara loses her ability to say.

	This story is a special request from someone I had a very special and
wonderful relationship with.  After two months, she decided that she needed to
go back to a "normal life".  She decided she wanted her "no" back again.  Most
will not understand what I mean, but she will and I am sure some others will. 
Copyright 2002 by Powerone.


	It was a warm day in Cozumel, Mexico.  Cozumel is an island located
approximately 12 miles off the coast of the Yucatan peninsula.   Ninety thousand
people inhabit it.  It is a popular tourist site, but it also has its sinister

	Cozumel is home to the largest whorehouse in Mexico and also the largest
women's prison.  It is not a coincidence that this happened.  This was all the
plan of Carlos, the Warden of the prison and also the owner of the whorehouse. 
Whores were readily available from the prison, once Carlos trained them for his
pleasure.  If they wanted to be released from prison, they were forced to become
whores.  This arrangement has been going on for over 10 years now, and even
though it was common knowledge, Carlos knew important politicians and paid them
off well.  In addition to cash, Carlos was known by the more jaded politicians
to be able to secure "special" women for their amusement and pleasure.

	Miquel was one of the politicians.  He was a powerful and influential member
of the government and he and his family were always in the public eye.  He and
his wife liked to indulge in various sexual perversions.  They liked to rape and
torture women, but not like the whores that Carlos had.  They liked "gringo"
women.  And they liked their women to be reluctant in allowing their

	This is where Carlos' expertise came in.  Over the years, Carlos has been
able to secure the services of unwilling "gringo" females.  To do this, he
kidnapped one member of a family on vacation, usually a young daughter or son. 
The ransom demand was the Mother had to submit to the demands of Miquel and his
wife for a period of thirty days.  She would become their sex slave, satisfying
their increasingly perverted demands.  At the end of thirty days, the kidnapped
member would be released and the Mother would be allowed to leave, usually in a
lot worse condition than she started. 

	The time had come for this scene to take place again.  Carlos also enjoyed
this game.  He was allowed to play with the "gringo" first, before he turned her
over to Miquel.  Carlos loved to humiliate her, especially in front of her
family.  The hunt for the quarry began today.  Carlos would frequent the local
hotels, looking for the ideal family.  He knew what Miquel liked in "gringo's."

	The taxi pulled up in front of the Casa Las Flores Hotel.   Out of the cab
came Karen, Kevin, Hope and Sara.  Carlos watched from the lobby as the bellman
got their bags and they entered the hotel.  He had been watching the guest
arrivals for over three days and had not seen a suitable family.  Maybe his luck
had changed.

	Karen was thirty-five, about 5'8", 140 pounds with short brown hair.  Even
though her daughter Hope was eighteen, Karen still clung to the weight she
gained having her.  Her husband was Kevin.  Kevin stood at six feet and weighed
175 pounds (he could use to go to the gym once in a while).  Karen and Kevin are
very pretentious, they wanted people to think they had more money than they
really did.  Hope was the surprise of the family.  She did not take after her
parents.  She looked more like her Aunt, Sara.

	Sara was Karen's younger sister.  Five years ago, they vacationed in
Cozumel, when Hope was younger.  In exchange for part-time babysitting of Hope
while on vacation, they paid for Sara's trip.  When they were planning this
trip, they felt obligated to invite (and pay for) Sara, even thought Hope no
longer needed a babysitter.

	Sara is 23, 5'6", shoulder length light brown hair with green eyes.   When
Sara needs to buy a bra, she goes to the rack marked 34b, small but they are
perky and they stand proud.  Her ass is a bit on the small side, but very round
and Sara has been vain enough in the past to buy jeans and pants that accentuate
this asset. 

	Carlos watched the family as they checked in.  While Karen was not what
Miquel would like, Sara was.  She had an innocence about her and at only 23,
Miquel would be teaching her many new things.  Carlos also liked Hope.  In order
to secure continued obedience from the "gringo" it was usually necessary to
remind her of the need to submit.  At times, this would require some type of
punishment or humiliation to the kidnap victim.  The victim is held by three of
Carlos's associates.  They are very mean and would kill the victim without
hesitation.  The family would see closed circuit pictures of the victim and
would witness any punishment done to them.  The budding figure of Hope would
bring forth a complete new set of possibilities.

	Karen, Hope, Kevin and Sara settled into the hotel as Carlos went back to
Miquel.  "What do you think of this gringo bitch," showing Miquel the pictures
he had taken of Sara.  Miquel looked at Sara and began to see in his mind, Sara
stripped naked, tied to the table as he and Maria, his wife, planned her rape
and torture.

	"I think you did a good job again, Carlos, we could be very pleased with
her.  What is her name?" 

	"Sara, she is the Aunt of the kidnap victim, Hope.  Both parents are also
here, but Sara and Hope are the beauties.  Hope is eighteen and I can see my men
stripping her a little bit at a time if Sara does not perform as expected.  You
might even enjoy the charms of Hope before we release her.  I am sure she would
scream very loudly when you rape her and I know how you like to here them

	"How soon do I get to enjoy Sara?

	"We are going to kidnap Hope tomorrow at lunchtime.  I will bring the family
over to my hacienda tomorrow night to get them to agree to the ransom.  I will
take my usual pleasures with Sara and maybe the Mother before I bring her over
to you at noon the next day.  You will have your customary thirty days with
Sara.  I expect she will be a well trained and punished cunt by time she leaves. 
As I said, you might also enjoy Hope."

	"Maria and I will get Sara's accommodations ready for her arrival.  We have
done major additions since our last victim.  We now have a well-equipped cell
for her.  In addition, we expanded the torture chamber and I have acquired a
whole new collection of instruments to inflict pain upon our unwilling guest. 
She will not forget her vacation in Cozumel!"

	Karen had just got out of the shower when the telephone rang.  Kevin and her
were going to take Hope shopping this afternoon so she was getting ready. 

	"Karen, listen very carefully, as I will not repeat myself.  We have
kidnapped your daughter, Hope.  In case you don't believe us, she was wearing a
silver heart shaped necklace and it has yours and Kevin's picture inside it. 
She will not be hurt if you follow our directions exactly.  You are not to call
the police.  If you do, I will know immediately and Hope will be killed.  I will
send a car for you, Kevin and Sara at 6:00.  Be ready.  A package will arrive at
Sara's door with some clothes I want her to wear.  Have her put those on only,
nothing else.  I will tell you my ransom demands when you get here.  Follow my
instructions exactly.  Hope's life depends on it.  Do I make myself clear?"

	"Don't hurt Hope, we will do whatever you want.  She is our little girl.  We
will be ready at 6:00," Karen sobbed into the phone.

	"Kevin, someone kidnapped Hope."

	"What do you mean, I just saw her a half-hour ago," Kevin shouted back. 
"What do they want from us?"

	"They didn't say, just not to call the police and they would pick us up at
6:00.  What are we going to do?  In Mexico half the police is crooked, he said
he would know if we called them." 

	"We are going to have to wait.  When I get my hands on him, I am going to
kill him if he hurts Hope.  Tell Sara what is happening.  She can stay here
tonight while we go," Kevin's anger getting the best of him.

	"No, they said Sara also, in fact they are sending some clothes over for her
that she is suppose to wear."

	"That's strange, I am sure Sara will cooperate, she loves Hope as much as we
do, talk to her Karen."

	Karen came back after an hour.  "Sara will be ready at 6:00.  She said she
would do anything to get Hope back.  She will come here when it is time."

	At 4:00, there was a knock at Sara's door.  Sara opened the door, no one was
there but a box was on the floor.  She opened it up.  Inside was a short black
silk skirt.  It was so short, it would just barely cover her.  A silver silk,
button-down blouse and 3-inch black high-heels were also enclosed.  The bra and
panties were also of silk.  Karen told her she could only wear what was in the

	At 5:45, Sara knocked on Karen's door.  The door opened and Sara saw the
look on Kevin's face as he gazed at her. Sara looked absolutely sexy in the
outfit.  Sara felt uncomfortable, as Kevin was mentally undressing her.  The
silk blouse clung to her breasts.  But the skirt was the most enticing.  It
clung to her ass and her legs were perched high on the heels, accenting her ass. 
Sara turned red in humiliation.  While she was not a virgin, her sexual
experience was limited and she was never very flaunting with her body.  The new
clothes made her feel like a whore, especially in front of Kevin. 

	They all went downstairs and were greeted by a chauffeur.  "I am to take you
to your destination.  Please get into the car."

	Outside was a new Cadillac stretch limousine.  The chauffeur held the door
open and was greeted by the panty-covered ass of Sara as she was forced to bend
over to get into the car.  Carlos and Miquel are going to have fun with this
one, he thought, closing the door to Sara's new life. 

	The car entered the courtyard of Carlo's hacienda.  It was huge and
obviously the home of someone wealthy or powerful. The three of them entered a
large living room. In the corner, sat Carlos.  Carlos was 6 feet tall, a very
muscular build.  He spent a lot of time in the gym working out.  He also spent a
lot of time in the prison, with the prisoners, also working out on them.  He
enjoyed training them to become whores.  He especially like the young and
innocent, just like Sara.  He enjoyed humiliating them into doing things that
they disliked. 

	"Please sit down and I will explain everything to you."  Carlos had a gun in
his hand.  "Watch the television screen."  The television clicked on and
everyone gasped as they saw Hope on the screen.  She was bound in a chair, her
arms raised high over her head and tied to something high up, forcing her arms
up and straight.  A rope was around her waist, holding her firmly to the chair. 
The camera panned onto her legs and you could see the ropes tying her legs to
each front chair leg, spreading her legs open.

	"What are you doing to her," shouted Kevin at Carlos.  "I will kill you, you
son of a bitch."

	Carlos pointed the gun at him, "Just sit down and relax, Kevin.  I am in
charge here.  If you don't want anything to happen to Hope, you will follow my
orders and submit to my demands.  If not, my men will kill Hope.  And it will
not be quick, they will enjoy her body first before they kill her.  I am the
Warden of the local prison.  I am a very powerful person, and my friends are
even more powerful than I am.  We can kill Hope, in fact, we could kill all of
you, and know one would know."

	"What do you want, we don't have much money," Karen's voice begging.

	"It is not your money I want, it is Sara."

	Sara's eyes shot up as her name was used.  She looked over at Carlo's and
fear registered in her head.  He had a sinister grin on his face.  She was not
going to like what he was thinking. "What do you mean, me?"

	"I have a very powerful friend that likes young, innocent women like
yourself.  He is going to use you for 30 days.  At the end of 30 days, Hope and
you will be released to go home.  If you do not cooperate, I will take out your
reluctance on Hope.  My men would like nothing better than to play with her."

	"Take me, not Sara," said Karen.

	"I am afraid that you are not what he wants, he has already saw pictures of

	"What do you mean, he is going to use me?" Sara's voice was trembling.  She
did not really want to hear the answer. 

	"You will be his and his wife's sex slave.  You will do anything that is
asked of you and they will also sexually torture you.  It will be very painful
and a humiliating experience, I can assure you.  But, you can choose not to and
leave, all of you, except Hope.  She will not be coming home.  So, Sara, what is
your answer, 30 days of pain and degradation for yourself or death for Hope?"

	Karen and Kevin looked over at Sara, their eyes pleading for the right
answer.  Sara knew that she could not allow anything to happen to Hope.  "I will
do what you want, but you must release Hope now."

	"I am afraid that is not possible, Hope will remain with us to make sure you
comply with our demands.  Kevin and Karen will be allowed to leave, but only
after we have got to know you a little better.  You will not be going until
tomorrow to Miquel's house.  During this time, I will have the chance to sample
what you have to offer," Carlos eyes piercing her body.

	Sara hung her head down, avoiding his glare, ashamed at what she was going
to be forced to do.  "Yes, I will obey."  Her heart sank as she resigned herself
to the fate that was brought her, to be used as a whore and sex slave.


	Carlos turned toward Karen and said, "Why don't you come over here and sit
next to me, Karen.  Kevin, I want you to stand up and remove all of your clothes
except your pants. Sara, you may remain there temporarily until Kevin needs your
assistance.  If you hesitate or fail to comply, my guards will remove one
article of clothing from Hope each time.  My men are known to take liberties
with such a delectable female as Hope as they strip her, so I would not want to
make too many mistakes. Once she is naked, if you continue to make mistakes,
they will rape her, taking her first in her mouth, than her pussy and last in
her ass.  I can assure you, it will not be pleasurable for her.  My men are
known for their brutality. 

	Karen stood up and hesitantly moved toward Carlos.  She feared what he
planned to do to her.  She was glad it was Sara they wanted and not her.  She
hated what they planned to do to Sara, but she knew that she could not stand it
being done to her. 

	"Sit down, Karen," pulling her down next to him.  "You are going to watch as
your husband and Sara get to know each other.  I think it will be very exciting
and I want you to help me.  Open my robe," he ordered her. 

	Karen reached over and pulled the sash open on his open.  His cock was
already hard and standing over seven inches long.  Oh God, what am I going to
have to do, Karen feared, with my husband and sister both watching me. 

	"Your only purpose in life tonight is to keep my cock hard, Karen.  You are
to do what is necessary, using your hand, your body or your mouth.  If you fail,
Hope will suffer the consequences.  Now begin!"

	Karen moved her hand and grasped his cock.  It was much bigger than Kevin's
penis.  When they had sex, it was always with the lights off, and if Karen could
get her way, it was partially clothed.  Now she was being forced to caress a
complete stranger, in front of others.  She could feel it throbbing in her hand
as she slowly moved her hand over it, moving up to its head.  As she squeezed
it, pre-cum began to form on the head. 

	"Very good, Karen," his cock now over eight inches.  "Play with my balls
with your other hand."  Her hand reached out, cupping his heavy balls.  "They
are filled with cum for you."

	Kevin watch as his meek wife was masturbating a complete stranger.  He could
feel his cock harden and he felt ashamed that this was exciting him.  Kevin
began to remove his clothes, his shirt, shoes and sock falling on the floor.  He
stood now, only in his pants.

	"Very good Kevin.  I think we will get your sister-in-law to help you
further undress.  Sara, stand and go over to Kevin.  Kneel in front of him.  I
want you to finish undressing him.  But, you are not to use your hands.  You are
only allowed to use your mouth.  Remove his pants and his underwear."

	Kevin's cock got even harder.  He had mentally undressed Sara on numerous
occasions.  The though of her hot breath on his cock exciting him.  He did not
care what Karen thought of it, she was over there masturbating a complete

	Sara walked to Kevin, and kneeled in front of him, her eyes staring directly
at his crotch, his cock straining against his pants.  She knew that Kevin often
looked at her sexually and his cock proved the point.  She moved forward,
resigned to the fact that she would have to do unspeakable things to secure the
release of Hope.  Her mouth bit onto his belt, pulling it from the loop, her
chin rubbing against his cock.  She could feel it harden as she unintentionally
rubbed against it.  She pulled his belt free and now worked on the snap.  It was
difficult, but she managed to pull it open.  Her teeth grabbed the zipper and
began to pull it down, her eyes staring directly as his hard cock began to
appear, covered only in his shorts.  When it reached the bottom her teeth
grabbed the pants and pulled them down, her head almost reaching the ground. 
She knew that her ass was sticking up in the air, and her panties were
completely exposed to Carlos's gaze. 

	Kevin pulled his legs out of his pants and now stood only in his shorts. 
Sara rose up again, and grasped the top of his shorts with her teeth.  She began
to run them down, his cock suddenly spring free of its confines.  Kevin gasped
as he first felt the hot breath of his sister-in-law on his cock.  He was now
naked in front of Sara, with his wife watching. 

	Again, Sara was forced to bend down, her ass in the air as she pulled his
shorts to the floor.  She rose back up, now staring straight at Kevin's cock. 
It was hard and Sara cringed at the thought of her brother-in-law touching her
body, especially with his cock.   

	"Very good Sara, you and Karen are doing very good.  Why don't you both put
Kevin and my cock in your mouth now?  It looks like Kevin likes you, his cock is
hard, and Kevin, your wife has been doing a good job on my cock.  I think we
should treat you both to something to suck on," ordered Carlos.

	"Don't make me do that," cried Karen, " I have never done that before and it
is disgusting."

	Carlo's hand moved toward a button and he pushed it.  "Watch the TV screen"
and all eyes moved to the picture of Hope bound in the chair.  One of the guards
moved onto the screen.  Hope's eyes widened in terror as his hands moved toward
her blouse.  He casually began to unbutton her blouse, her bra beginning to be

	"No, leave her alone, I will suck your cock," wailed Karen. 

	"Yes, you will, begin, but Hope's blouse will still be removed.  Once it
begins, it will continue.  Maybe next time you will be more cooperative.  Sara,
begin to suck Kevin's cock.  You can watch Hope as you both suck us."

	Carlos could feel Karen's hot mouth on his cock.  Her lips encircled his
cock and she pushed it into her mouth.  Her tongue began to run over it.  At the
same time, Sara grasped Kevin's cock in her hand and placed it her tongue.  This
was beyond her imagination that she would be forced to do such a revolting
thing, but she began to clasp her lips on his cock, tasting his pre-cum on her
tongue. She almost choked from the terrible taste of his cock.  She could feel
Kevin pushing his hips forward, making her take his cock deeper into her mouth.

	All eyes were back on the screen, as Hope's blouse was pulled from her
skirt.  You could hear the tearing as it was shredded.  The guard's hands moved
over her bra-encased tits.  Hope squirmed in her bondage, her breasts being felt
by a stranger.  Her breasts were squeezed tightly, forcing a groan from her
lips.  She had never been treated like this before and she feared that worse
things could happen to her.
	"It looks like the sisters are good cocksuckers, don't you agree Kevin?  It
seems that your husband likes fucking your sister's mouth, Karen, watch as he
pushes his cock into her mouth.  Grab her head, Kevin, make her take it deeper
into her mouth."  Kevin grabbed Sara by the ears, forcing her mouth deeper over
his cock. 

	"You continue sucking Karen, but I want Sara to strip off her clothes. 
Kevin wants to fuck her.  I think in her asshole would be a good place.  Strip
quickly Sara and get on the floor on all fours facing me and raise your ass up."

	Sara groaned in shame, she would now be forced to strip naked in front of
Kevin, and than he would force his dirty cock into her virgin ass.  Please get
this over with, it is too disgusting, she thought.

	Her hands moved over her buttons, opening them quickly, hoping to get her
shame over quickly.  Her blouse fell to the floor, her skirt following.  She
stood in front of Kevin, her bra and panties her only protection.  She reached
back and unsnapped her bra, closing her eyes as it fell to the floor, her
breasts now naked.  Hands slipped into her panties, pushing them to the floor. 
As she bent over, she could feel her naked breasts hang down.  She now stood up
straight, naked for all to see.  She could see Karen looking at her as she
continued to suck Carlos's cock.  Her mouth clasping on his cock.

	Sara lowered herself to the floor, facing Carlos, on her hands and knees.

	"Spread your legs and reach back and spread the cheeks of your ass.  Let
Kevin see your asshole," Carlos commanded, his voice causing Sara to turn red in
embarrassment at having to expose herself so intimately to Kevin.  But she
complied and spread herself open, her tiny anus looking so helpless.

	"Sara should have got your cock wet Kevin, I want you to get down on the
floor behind Sara and place your cock against her little asshole.  I want to
hear Sara scream in pain as you rape her asshole.  I want all of your cock
forced into her ass and you to fuck her brutally.  If you do not, Hope will lose
her bra next.  My guards will love to play with her nipples.  You will be able
to hear her screams as they are abused.  Begin now."

	"Karen, watch as your husband fucks your sister in the ass.  I think he is
going to like her tight asshole squeezing his cock.  He might not want to fuck
you again, after seeing what Sara has to offer."

	Sara's scream could be heard throughout the house as Kevin complied and
plunged his hard cock into Sara's virgin anus.  It tore into her, forcing a
painful path deep into her rectum.  Sara tried to slide away, but Kevin grabbed
her hips and pulled her back onto his erect cock, slicing deep into her.  He
pulled it out, forcing a new scream from Sara as it tore from her asshole.  She
felt empty for a second, than Kevin began a ruthless plunge back into her, the
bleeding anal tract providing some lubrication for his cock.  Her anal tract
ached as it was forced to spread wider than it should have to, tearing as
Kevin's cock ravaged her.  Sara screamed and looked at Carlos, his eyes wide in
excitement, as her brother-in-law raped her, while her sister sucked his cock. 

	Kevin grasped Sara hips, pulling her back onto his cock, forcing it deeper
into her, causing her to groan in pain as his cock gave her cramps.  Faster and
faster he fucked her, the sounds of his stomach slapping against her ass, his
cock tearing into her, his balls hitting her pussy.  His hands moved under her
body and began to tug on her breasts, pulling her nipples.  He pulled Sara's
asshole back on his cock, by twisting and pulling her nipples. 

	Please get this over, I cannot stand the pain any longer, Kevin's cock
tearing her open, blood running down her thighs.  She was constantly buffeted
back onto his hard cock.  The pain was constantly forcing screams from her lips
as she was brutally raped in the ass by her own brother-in-law.  She could feel
his cock getting bigger in her ass, stretching her more.  Soon he would be ready
to cum, shooting his hot cum deep into her asshole. 

	"Oh, God, I'm going to cum in you Sara," his hands forcing her asshole over
his cock.  He plunged in her faster and harder, tearing her open.  He saw the
blood on his cock and he got more excited.  He was raping the asshole of his
sister-in-law and he loved it.  His cock tore into her, pushing deep into her
rectum and he began to cum.

	"Stop, it hurts so bad, don't cum in me, Kevin, please don't hurt me so
much," she screamed.  She could feel his cock enter deep into her, feeling like
a baseball bat was shoved up her ass.  It began to get bigger and she could feel
his cum move along his cock, shooting out deep into her, the hot cum pushing
deep into her colon.  His cock shot again, then again, Sara beginning to feel
his hot cum.  His cock pulsed in her ass, forcing a new scream from her lips. 
Kevin pulled his cock from her asshole, her ass farting as it shrank.  Sara sank
to the floor, cum and blood running from her raped asshole, her brother-in-law
still standing over her, his cock shiny and bloody from the rape of her virgin

	Kevin looked over at Karen, just in time to see Carlos grab her by the ears
and push her head down into his lap, Karen choking as his cock was forced into
her throat.  She could feel it begin to swell in her throat and she knew she
would be forced to take his cum in her mouth.  The cum began to shoot from his
cock, and Karen mouth began to fill rapidly.  Karen choked from the thick and
foul tasting cum.  She could not keep it all in her mouth, some running down the
corners of her mouth and some shooting from her nose. Carlos kept her head
pinned down on his cock until he finished shooting. 

	"Swallow my cum," he ordered.  Karen complied, having to swallow twice,
choking each time as it slid into her stomach.  Her head was released and she
pushed upward, her lips glistening with Carlo's cum. 

	"The sisters are very good, don't you agree Kevin?  You and Karen may now
leave.  I will have you back later again, Kevin.  You enjoyed your
sister-in-law. I will give you another chance to fuck her when she is at


	"Go into the bathroom and clean yourself up," said Carlos

	Sara rose and began to pick up her clothes.  "You wouldn't need those now, I
am not finished with you yet.  Clean up and come out naked."

	Sara was in the bathroom for about 20 minutes, washing the blood and cum
from her body, trying to wash away the rape of her asshole.  Her tiny anus still
hurt from the cruel rape.  How could she ever face Kevin again?  She had
postponed the inevitable as long as possible and she opened the door and
re-entered the living room.  Carlos was still sitting in the chair.  His robe
was now closed.  Sara strolled across the large room, naked, her tits bouncing.

	"You are truly a beautiful women, Sara.  I am going to enjoy doing many
things to that beautiful body before I take you to Miguel.  Now come here, so we
may begin."

	Sara walked over to the chair, cringing at the thought of what Carlos was
going to do to her.  Her she was naked, in front of a stranger and in order to
save Hope, she would lose her ability to say no. She would be forced to obey any
command, no matter how painful or degrading.

	Carlos stood up, his robe opening, his cock already erect and hard, pushing
out the front.  He had a coil of rope in his hand.  "Put your hands together in
front of you."  Sara crossed her arms at the wrists and Carlos began to tie them
together, watching as Sara cringed when he tightened them.  "If you think that
hurts, you will be bound many times before you see your freedom again.  It will
be much more painful.  That's good," her hands now bound.  "Raise your arms up

	Sara raised her arms over her head, stretching her body tightly.  Her
breasts rose on her chest.  "I need to inspect your body before I take you to
Miguel, so you must learn to perform on my command.  You must assume whatever
position I desire to put your body into, no matter how embarrassing or
humiliating.  I will be spreading you open and inspecting you intimately."

	His hands reached out to Sara's breasts.  He lightly caressed each breast,
stroking the surface, his fingers running over her nipples.  Sara's nipples
became erect from the stimulation.  "You have lovely breasts, especially the
nipples.  They are very sensitive.  Miquel and I will enjoy inflicting pain on
them."  His fingers became more insistent, attacking the now erect nipples.  He
watched her face as he began to tighten the grip on them, watching as Sara tried
to ignore his stare.

	"Keep your arms up high, don't move," Sara beginning to cringe in pain as
the pain began to build in her nipples.  "Yes, that hurts doesn't it," as his
fingers twisted her nipples, pulling them from her chest.  "You are doing very
good, Sara, I know the pain in your nipples hurt, but you are making me very
hard.  Look at how big my cock is now.  You please me when I inflict pain on

	Sara looked down and saw that Carlos's cock was now fully erect.  Sara began
to feel some excitement in knowing that she was making him that way.

	His fingers pulled and twisted her nipples, forcing groans from Sara's
mouth.  He began to squeeze her breasts, alternating between grabbing her breast
and than pinching her nipples.  His hand reached out and the palm of his hand
slapped her breast.

	"OOOwWWW, that hurts," cried Sara.

	"Yes, that is why I do it to you Sara, you excite me when I punish you. 
Stand still while I spank your breasts."  His hands began to spank first one,
than the other.  Sara's breasts began to turn red from the punishment.  He
reached out again, returning to abuse her nipples again, twisting and pulling
them. "I bet your pussy is already wet, I think you enjoy pleasing me with your

	Carlos released her nipples, now sore but still erect and hard.  He bent
down and attached ankle cuffs on her.  "Over her, cunt," he ordered.  He pushed
Sara over to where a chain was hanging from the ceiling and two ring clamps were
secured to the floor.  They were over 4 feet apart.  Sara's wrists were attached
to the chain and Carlos began to raise the chain until her wrists were now held
high above her head.  He grabbed one ankle and attached the clip to the ring
clamp, securing her leg to one side.  "Spread your other leg over here,"
grabbing her other ankle and pulling it to the other clamp. 

	"That hurts, it is too far, you are spreading me open too wide," she cried. 
Her legs were now spread over four feet wide, her cunt spreading open.

	"No, that is just right, see how your cunt opens up for me.  It is begging
me to punish it."  He secured her other ankle.  Sara was now open and spread,
her arms high over her head, pushing her breasts up high.  Her legs were spread

	"You love this you cunt," his fingers pushing into her pussy.  Sara was
already wet. Carlos pulled his fingers from her pussy and put them in front of
Sara's face, her pussy juice glistening.  Sara was humiliated.  Her she was
stripped and bound, yet her pussy was wet.  Her debasement was making her
excited.  "Open your mouth, cunt," his fingers pushing into her opened mouth. 
"Taste your pussy juice."    

	Sara accepted his fingers, covered in her pussy juice into her mouth. While
she was not repulsed by the taste, she found it hard to describe, it tasted
bitter, yet sweet sort of.  Her tongue ran over them, washing her pussy juice
from his fingers. 

	Carlos ran his hands over her flat stomach, pushing toward her open and
spread pussy.  Sara pulled in her stomach, unable to move any other part of her
body due to the tight bondage she was placed in.  "Don't fight me, bitch, relax,
I going to do whatever I like to your delightful body.  If you fight, it is Hope
that will suffer the consequences.  Would you like me to have them remove her

	"No, I will do what you want, don't touch her, it is me you can have," said

	His hands continued down over her pussy hair, brushing over mound.  Carlos
left the room for a second and came back in, carrying a can of shaving cream and
a razor.  "I want to see a bald cunt on you."  He spread some shaving cream on
her pussy mound and began to shave the hair, first starting at the top.  When he
got to the side, he pulled her pussy lips open, shaving first the right pussy
lip, than the left.  He continued down and back toward her asshole.  Because of
her spread condition, her anus was exposed.  The razor ran over her anus, still
sore from Kevin's brutal ass rape.

	Sara could feel Carlos's hot breath on her pussy, as she was spread open for
his gaze.  She felt embarrassment, she just couldn't get comfortable with a
person looking that closely at my pussy, and not using their tongue at the same
time.  Now she was being shaved for someone else pleasure.

	Her pussy was wiped clean by Carlos.  "Now your cunt looks like a 10 year
old girls, bald and naked."  His fingers began to massage her pussy lips,
spreading them open so a finger could trace up and down her slit, spreading her
pussy juice.  "Your nothing but a cum-slave, your pussy is so wet."  Two fingers
pushed into her open pussy, forcing her vagina to spread open.  They pushed in
deep and withdrew.  Three fingers now pushed in, her tight pussy gripping them. 
While Sara was not a virgin, her pussy is still very tight, especially after the
first inch or so.  She had not been a slut in the past, and truly has not fucked
hundreds of times or anything.

	"Do you want to cum for me, Sara," his fingers reaching for her clit,
pulling back the hood, exposing her clit. Her clit is on the tiny side, maybe 3
times the size of a garden pea when it is aroused, although it has always seemed
to get just ROCK hard.  He began to rub it and pinch it with his fingers,
arousing Sara.  "You like it when I pinch it hard, don't you bitch," his fingers
cruelly twisting and pulling Sara's tender clit.  "Answer me, or I will tear it

	"OOOOUUUCCHH" she screamed as Carlos painfully tore at her clit.  "No, I
don't like it when you hurt me.  What makes me wet is the knowing that the pain
I feel was ordered by you and that you are getting enjoyment from my pain."

	"There is going to be so much more of that.  My cock is rock hard from
tormenting you.  I am going to have to drill your cunt with my cock soon.  I get
great pleasure in hearing your screams of pain."

	Carlos stood behind Sara, hidden from her view.  She could feel his hands
crawling over her ass, grabbing, pinching and pulling her cheeks apart.  "You
have a great ass, SSSSLLLLAAAAPPP," went his hands, punishing her left cheek. 
"SSSSLLLAAAAPP," again, this time her right cheek.  Sara moaned in pain as
Carols began to spank her ass.  She was naked, a bald pussy and being spanked
like she was a little girl.  She was being humiliated.  Carlos continued to beat
her ass with his hand, her cheeks turning red from the punishment. His hands
moved lower, toward the bottom of her ass, moving toward her spread thighs. 
"SSSSLLLLAAAAPP," his hand reached between her spread legs and beat her inside
thigh, beating the tender flesh.  Another slap, this time to her other thigh,
barely missing her spread pussy.  Sara could feel him bending down, looking
between her naked legs, her anus and pussy spread open, beating her ass and
thighs continually.

	"OOOHHH, GGGGOOOODDD, that hurts," Sara cried, her thighs and ass aching
from the brutal spanking she was receiving. 

	"It might hurt, but your pussy juice is running down your leg, you cum
slut," with that he slapped her harder.  Suddenly, Carlos's flat palm swung up
instead of to the side, striking Sara's open pussy.

	"NNNNNOOOOO, not there, don't hit my vagina." 

	Carlos's hand ran over her pussy, now soaked.  "Yes, you love this," his
hand reaching under her pussy and striking up, forcing Sara up on her toes from
the brutal impact.  He brutally grabbed her pussy in his hand, tearing at her
delicate flesh.  Sara could feel his fingers tugging and pulling on her pussy
lips, her clit mashed between his fingers, pulling and squeezing the tender

	Carlos moved in front of Carlos, his face only inches from hers.  He had
picked up an eighteen-inch wooden ruler from the table.  "You are going to
receive fifty strokes of this ruler on your bald and spread pussy.  Than I am
going to peel back your clit hood and give you ten strokes on your exposed clit. 
By time I am finished with you, you will have cum many times."

	The first stoke shook Sara's body in pain. Her pussy, now bald, received the
flat end of the ruler directly being her spread lips, beating her tender pink
insides.  "OOOOH, I can't stand fifty strokes, the first one hurt so bad, don't
hit me any more.  My vagina is to tender."

	"You will be surprised how much beating a woman's pussy can stand.  It is
really quite resilient. Miquel will be tormenting your pussy even worse than I
will.  He has a special chair that will spread you open and give him access
between your legs. He will use a whip that will swing upward, hitting your open
pussy and anus.  He will whip you between your legs with over 500 strokes in one
sitting.  When he is finished for the day, your pussy and anus will be raw and
bleeding from the whip.  You will be allowed to rest over night, but the next
day you will be brought in for another whipping.  Imagine what it will feel like
to have your pussy and anus whipped over 1000 times."

	With that, Carlos continued to beat her pussy with the ruler.  Sara's body
shook in pain, her screams echoing through the house as she was forced to accept
the punishment.  Carlos's cock hardened from the abuse he was heaping on Sara. 
He would soon have to rape her.  "Five more, than it's your clit.  Four, three,
two and now the final one," a particularly hard and brutal one that made Sara
rise up high on her toes. 

	"Not my clit, I don't think I can stand that," tears coming from Sara's
eyes, her head swimming in pain from the beating.  She could feel Carlos reach
down and pull the hood back from her clit, exposing her hard clit to his

	His hand swung back with the ruler and with all of his force, he hit Sara's
clit with the wide side of the ruler. 

as her erect clit received the full impact of the ruler.  She braced her body
for the next one, hoping she could stand the pain, her pussy juice running down
her leg.  The next one was even harder, jolting Sara. She bucked in her
restraints, writhing in pain, watching the smile of raw pleasure on Carlos's
face... she tries to think of other things to escape the pain.

	Carlos continues to beat her exposed clit. And then the cums started.  All
that Sara could feel was the absolute mixture of pain and pleasure, more pain,
added pleasure... her body now thrashing in her restraints, her screams bringing
a rawness to her throat. Then it was over.... and as Carlos stopped beating her
clit, she felt the pool of girl cum that had soaked the floor underneath her,

	"Don't go limp on me yet, bitch, I am going to drill your cunt with my cock
first."  With that, he pushed his hard and erect cock into her soaking pussy,
reaching deep inside her with his seven-inch cock.  Sara screamed again, as she
was brutally raped.  Her restraints held her spread open as his punishing cock
raped her pussy.  He fucked her with punishing strokes, striking her exposed
clit as it beat into her pussy.  His hands squeezed her ass, pulling her into
his cock.  Two fingers found her spread anus and plunged deep into her rectum,
forcing a scream from Sara's lips as she was now fucked from both ends. 

	"Come on, cum for me again, bitch, I know you can do it.  Squeeze my cock
and my fingers, cum all over my cock."

	So absorbed with the pain and hurt, she was not even aware of Carlos working
her sore beaten cunt and clit with his fingers... She was hurting too much to
feel the stimulation, and it was only when the first cum ripped threw her body
did her mind come back to her situation and the busy fingers on her clit.  Then
the second and the third cum washed over her, and as she was just starting to be
able to put the pleasure in front of the pain, Carlos stuck four fingers up her
asshole, tearing at her anus. New worlds of agony engulfed her, making her see
stars, making her scream all over again.

	Carlo's cock pushed deep into her pussy, her orgasm squeezing the cum from
his balls, filling her pussy with his hot cum.  He could feel her body tremble
and shake as he unloaded his cum, her orgasm milking his cock, his fingers
tearing her asshole as they pushed deep into her rectum, stretching and tearing
her open.  Her screams excited him to even more brutality as he raped her pussy
and asshole with his cock and fingers.

	Sara's body slumped in her restraints as Carlos pulled his softening cock
from her pussy.  His cum mixed with hers running down her thighs.  "Miquel is
going to like you a lot.  He is going to teach you to cum when he orders. You
are going to receive a lot of pain."

(To be continued)


	Sara was allowed to take a shower and get dressed again.  She was given
a short skirt, extremely short, a while blouse and 3-inch heels.  Her bra and
panties were very brief.  While the clothes were exposing, they were a great
improvement over being naked.

	"Hands behind your back," Carlos ordered Sara.  As Sara complied, she
felt the sharp snap of the one cuff enclose her right wrist and heard it ratched
tightly.  Carlos grabbed her other hand and pulled it together, the other cuff
snapped tightly, her wrists now bound tightly behind her again.

	Why is this happening to me, Sara thought, as she felt her pussy begin
to get wet again.  She was being bound again and her body was betraying her. 
She could feel the excitement as she was pushed out into the waiting car. 
Carlos pushed her into the large back seat, Sara falling, unable to stop her
descent with her arms bound behind her.  She lay half sitting, half lying down
on the seat as Carlos joined her.  Her skirt had ridden high up her legs, her
panties now exposed.

	Carlos stared at her legs, his cock beginning to harden again at the
sight of Sara.  Maybe Miguel will allow me to come back tomorrow and fuck her
again.  I would like to stick my cock into her asshole, like Kevin did, he
thought.  I enjoyed the way she screamed as Kevin raped her.  My cock is bigger
than Kevin's, I would enjoy pounding it up her backside as she screamed in pain.
	The limousine pulled up to Miguel's hacienda.  It was three times the
size of Carlos's, owing to the increased stature of Miguel and the power he
controlled in this part of the country.  Carlos pulled Sara out of the car and
pushed her into the house.  The door was held open by a butler, large and
muscular.  He stood over six feet three inches. 
	"I will take her from here, Miguel said you may return tomorrow and
enjoy Sara if you desire.  She will be available after noon."  Rafael dismissed
Carlos and pulled Sara into the house.  "I am in charge here.  If you displease
me, I will personally punish you.  You are to obey all commands given to you by
anyone while you are in this house for the next thirty days.  If you fail to
obey, not only will you be punished, but so will Hope."
	Sara was taken into a small room, empty except for a small television on
a table.  Rafael stood behind her as Sara looked at the screen.   Hope was still
bound to the chair, her arms raised high over her head.  A large amount of
something had been pushed into her mouth, her cheeks bulging out, her throat
continually swallowing, trying to stop from choking.  Her breasts glistened with
sweat, encased in her sexy bra, pushing them up.
	She heard Rafael say something into a telephone but could not understand
Spanish.  Rafael moved closed behind her, his cock pushing against her ass. 
Sara could feel it.  It felt like a baseball bat.  It must be huge, she thought. 
She knew that he would be using it on her and did not know how should would be
able to take such a massive tool into her body.  She knew that he would also
enjoy hearing her scream in pain as it ripped into her.  Sara could see hands on
the screen move behind Hope.  She was pushed forward as they moved behind her
	"No, I am obeying, don't take off her bra," begged Sara.  She could
Hope's bra loosen, beginning to push away from her young tits.  Another hand
shot out and pulled at the bra, pulling it from her body, the straps straining
until they finally burst, the bra now thrown into the corner.  Sara could see
the look of terror in Hope's eyes as her youthful breasts were now exposed for
the first time.  Sara noticed that Hope had large nipples, with dark brown
areolas.  Her breasts did not need a bra, they stood up with hardly a sag.  
	Hope shook her head and screamed into the gag in her mouth as her
breasts were bared for the three evil men holding her captive.  They had jammed
three pairs of panties, whose she did not know, into her mouth, each time
jamming them into her throat, making her gag.  Tape had secured them into place
allowing only muffled noises to escape even though she was screaming.  She felt
first one hand, than another's grab her breasts roughly, fingers searching out
her nipples. 
	Rafael held Sara tightly against him as she watched the screen.  Hope's
head threw back as she screamed into the gag as fingers pinched tightly onto her
delicate nipples.   Sara could see the nipples crushed between the thick
fingers, pulling and tearing at them as Hope's body bounced on the chair, the
ropes holding her tightly, unable to escape the cruel ravishment of her breasts
and nipples.
	"That is just a warning.  My men are going to enjoy Hope's breasts while
you bring us some pleasure.  They are getting bored so I thought they might
enjoy her for a while.  Watch her thrash about on the chair.  They really enjoy
abusing a women's breasts and nipples and Hope has very large nipples, allowing
them to grasp her easily."  Rafael pulled Sara out of the room.  "We are going
to see your Master now and his family.  Remember my warning."
	Miguel watched as Sara entered the room, Rafael pushing her into the
center.  She looked better in person than the pictures.  With her arms bound
behind her and her short skirt, he knew he was going to enjoy her very much.  He
had watched as Hope's bra was removed, revealing her naked breasts.  Soon, he
would also enjoy Hope.  He was sure that she was a virgin and would enjoy raping
her.  Maybe he would let Sara watch as he fucked his large cock into her tight
	"Remove her cuffs, Rafael.  Welcome, Sara.  I am glad you took my offer
and decided to enjoy my company for the next thirty days."  Miguel smirked as he
watched the expression on his new sex slaves face.
	"I'm only doing this for Hope, you promised to leave her alone.  You are
sick if you think that I am going to enjoy this." 
	"Behave yourself, Sara.  It could be very bad for Hope if you displease
me.  Let me introduce you to my family.  This is my wife, Maria.  You will see a
lot of Maria.  She also enjoys girls like you.  In fact, sometimes I think she
can be crueler than I am.  Next to her are Kristina, my daughter and my son,
	Sara looked at each one.  Miguel was about six feet and very handsome,
but had a dangerous look about him.  He looked about 45, but had a very trim
body.  His wife was about 35, dark hair and a very voluptuous body.  The
daughter looked about Hope's age, dark hair like her mother, smaller breasts and
very shapely legs.  The son was about 15, tall and skinny, his body growing
faster than he could keep up with it.  She didn't realize until now that they
whole family would be taking advantage of her body.  She was afraid of the kids,
afraid that they would experiment on her.
	"You are a very beautiful girl, Sara.  Have you ever had sex with a
woman before?  Maria waited for an answer, knowing what it would be.  She would
enjoy showing this gringo bitch how to lick her pussy and how it feels to be
girl fucked. 
	Sara looked up at Maria.  She knew that the question was meant to
humiliate and scare her.  It was working.  She feared what the woman was going
to do to her.  While Sara was experienced sexually, she had never had girl sex
before and never had the desire to.  That would soon be changed.  "No, I think
that is disgusting," she blurted out.
	Kristina watched Sara's reaction.  While she liked sex with men, she
also indulged in girl sex.  Her mother's traits had rubbed off on her.  Her
whole family was sexually active at an early age.  Kristina had lost her
virginity at the age of 10, to her Uncle.  One night while her parents were out,
her Aunt was babysitting her.  It was very late, after she went to bed when she
felt the blankets being pulled from her body.  She looked up to see her Uncle
standing over her bed.  The door was open and in the light he could see her Aunt
standing and watching.  Her Uncle was naked.  She could see the outline of a
very large cock protruding from his body in the silhouette.
	"Obey your Uncle, Kristina.  He is going to teach you new things and
they will be very pleasurable," she could hear her Aunt tell her. 
	Her uncle climbed into bed with her.  He began to run his hands over her
body, feeling her breasts and than moving down her stomach to her pussy.  His
hands spread her legs as he began to caress her body.  He soon lifted her
nightgown over her head and pulled her panties down her legs until she was
naked, her legs spread, his fingers masturbating her to her first orgasm.  He
climbed between her legs and guided her hands down to his cock, forcing her to
put his cock into her virgin pussy.  It hurt when he took her virginity, his
mouth covering her as she screamed in pain.  Soon her legs were pulled up over
her head, his cock thrusting deeply into her and she felt the first of many
orgasms as he pumped her previously virgin pussy full of cum. 
	After they rested for a few minutes, she was placed in a sixty-nine
position, his cock pressed firmly and deeply into her mouth as he ate her
cum-filled pussy.  When he was hard again, she was turned over onto her stomach,
her legs spread wide, his cock placed firmly onto her virgin anus.  He large
cock entered her anus, stretching and tearing as it forced itself deep into her,
forcing her open.  She screamed as she was forcibly ass raped by her Uncle, but
after ten painful strokes of his cock, her stretched anal tract became
accustomed to the thick male member up her backside and while not exactly
pleasurable, it was not longer as painful as before.  She just felt so full up
her ass as his cock expanded her anal tract.  His cock finally pushed deep into
her colon, shooting her asshole its first cum enema.  
	There was many more times like this, including times when her Aunt
joined them in bed, forcing Kristina to eat her pussy as her Uncle would fuck
her pussy or asshole.  Kristina began to enjoy the girl sex, especially when she
was allowed to play with the current gringo bitch.  She liked humiliating them
into eating her pussy and rimming her asshole.  Before they left, they would be
forced to open their mouth as Kristina pissed in their mouth.  Kristina was
going to enjoy training Sara.
	Emilo's cock was hard watching Sara.  But his cock was always hard.  At
fourteen, he also was fucking since he was ten.  Like Kristina, his Aunt
introduced him to sex, but his niece's taught him the finer aspects of fucking. 
They were about four years older than Emilo and took great pleasure in teaching
him.  He soon learned how to make a woman cum with his tongue, forcing them to
orgasms almost at will.  While his cock was not very big around, it was
extremely long, almost 10 inches.  He hoped as his body filled out to his frame,
his cock would also do the same.  Still, ten inches of cock filling a pussy was
more than enough to drive a woman to multiple orgasms.  When he was allowed to
play with the gringo bitches, he began to expand his horizons.  He enjoyed
bondage and forcing the helpless slaves to suffer the pain he inflicted on them. 
His father encouraged his son's perversities as he also enjoyed the same.
	Sara looked into the eyes of this family and all she saw was evil.  She
was going to have to suffer the indignities that they would force open her
helpless body in order to save Hope.  She hoped she would be able to survive
their perversities.
	"You will be taken to your cell soon, Sara, but first we would like to
see you naked.  Carlos told me you have a delicious body, made for fucking.  In
fact, he tells me your brother in law fucked your virgin asshole and did a good
job making you scream in pain.  You will soon learn that we will also make you
scream in pain as we take your body.  It amuses and excites us.  Now, if you
will please remove your blouse, we will proceed to see you naked."  Miguel and
his family stared at Sara, waiting to see her humiliation as she was forced to
strip for them.
	Tears began to form in Sara's eyes as she began the ultimate humiliation
of having to strip naked in front of a family of strangers.  Emilo was only
fourteen and Kristina only eighteen, yet they would soon see her stripped naked. 
She was sure that they would force her to spread herself open to their
	Her fingers moved to the buttons on her blouse, slowly opening them,
from the top until she reached the bottom, her bra revealed as she pulled her
blouse from her skirt.  With a quick flick, hoping to get the humiliation over
quickly, she pulled the blouse off and tossed it to the floor, standing in her
bra, her breasts pushed up by the skimpy bra furnished to her. 
	"Now the bra," Sara cringing when she heard the words from Miguel.  She
reached behind her back, unsnapping the clasps, her arms returning to the front,
holding her bra against her breasts, awaiting the humiliation she knew was
coming.  "Drop it to the floor, hands behind your head, stick out your tits,"
Miguel smiling as he said it, awaiting for the moment when he would get his
first glimpse of the breasts that he was going to so enjoy and abuse.
	Sara closed her eyes, let go of the bra, it falling to the floor to join
her blouse.  She raised her arms, her breasts rising as she clasped her hands
behind her head.  She pushed her elbows out to the side, her breasts now
standing out tall and firm for all to see.
	"Open your eyes, gringo bitch.  We want to see your humiliation as you
strip for us."  Sara opened her eyes, staring straight away, trying to avoid the
glares she received back.  They were all enjoying her humiliation, her breasts
bared for them.  Her nipples began to harden, partly from the cool air in the
room and partly from the excitement from having to strip in front of strangers. 
Her breasts stood out proudly, her aureoles a dark brown, capping her tits.  She
stood standing straight, her tits pushed out in the humiliating position they
had placed her in for long minutes, their eyes feasting on her young body.
	"You have nice tits, Sara," Miguel complemented.  "I am going to enjoy
them very much.  Your nipples are very big for your small size.  I will enjoy
abusing them.  Now, if you will, please raise your skirt up in the front, I
would like to see your panties."
	Sara, continuing to stare straight ahead, reached down and grabbed the
hem of her short skirt and began to pull it up, revealing her long, slender
legs.  Higher and higher she raised it, the brief panties beginning to show
until she now held it up over her waist, her panties now the only thing covering
her near naked body.
	"Remove your skirt and drop it to the floor." 
	Sara unsnapped the skirt in the back and let it fall into a crumpled
pile at her feet.  She kicked it aside and stood up straight.
	"Turn around and slowly lower your panties to the floor.  Do not bend
your knees as you do.  We want to see your naked ass pushed out," Miguel ordered
	Sara turned slowly, at least I won't have to bare my pussy first, not
realizing that as she bent over, her pussy would be thrust out, along with her
anus.  She slowly lowered her panties, first over the rounded ass.  She pushed
further down, forced to bend lower, her ass pushed towards them.  When they hit
the floor, she raised first one foot, than the other, her panties now in the
pile of clothes she had discarded.
	"Stay bent over, but spread your legs wide," Miguel ordered, watching as
Sara's legs began to open, her pussy beginning to push out, her cheeks
separating and the cool air rushing over her now naked anus.  "Spread your
cheeks open, I want to see your naked asshole."
	Tears began to form in Sara's eyes, they were now forcing her to spread
her most intimate parts of her body to them.  Her fingers reached back, grasping
her naked cheeks, pulling them open.  Her anus began to appear, now opening up
more and more as she continued to spread herself open for them.
	"You have a very beautiful asshole, Sara, at little red and swollen, but
I am sure that is because of the anal rape by your brother in law.  We will soon
be enjoying the tightness of your ass soon.  Now please stand up and turn
around.  Spread your legs again and this time reach out and spread your pussy
open for us."  Miguel watched Sara's humiliation again as her fingers now went
to her pussy and grasped her pussy lips and began to pull them open, her pink
pussy now soaked.  Sara could not hide the shame she felt as her pussy got wet.
	All eyes were on her young, pink pussy now spread out before them.  Each
had different thoughts of how they intended to use and abuse it.  Cocks would be
thrust into it, whips would beat it, clamps would be tightened on it and tongues
would bath it.  Sara would be forced to cum many times before they were finished
with her.
	"Rafael, would you please take Sara to her cell and prepare her.  I will
be there shortly," Miguel ordered him.  Sara felt her arms pulled behind her
back again, the cuffs snapped smartly on her wrists, the clicking making her
pussy wet, bound again, helpless and naked.  Unable to stop them from doing
whatever they wanted with her body.
	Rafael pushed her forward out of the room, down a short hall and into a
large room.  In the center of the room was a cell, bars completely encircling
it.  A large cot was in the cell.  All around the cell were cuffs secured to the
bars and to the head and foot of the bed.  Sara cringed as she realized that she
could be secured tightly down, her body spread, unable to stop them in any
number of positions.  In the center of the cell, a trapeze like bar hung from
the ceiling, the bar over four feet wide, straps at each end.  On the ground,
another similar one lay, a rope extending high to the ceiling.
	"Stand under the bar and raise your arms over your head," his hands
unlocking the cuffs, allowing Sara to put her arms over her head, her breasts
pushing up high, her body stretching.  Rafael grabbed one wrist and tightened
one leather strap onto her wrist to the bar.  He did the same to the other, her
arms now spread high and wide.  Rafael moved to the side, out of her sight and
she heard the sound of clanking and felt the bar above her beginning to rise. 
She had to begin to stand on her toes, stretching higher and higher, attempting
to stop the strain on her bound arms.  Sara began to whimper as her feet pulled
from the floor, her body now completely supported by her wrists, beginning to
	Rafael moved toward her, his arms encircling her waist, stopping her
from swinging, pulling her towards him.  His hands moved up toward her breasts,
his large hands completely encircling them, grabbing tightly.  He began to
squeeze her tits hard, a groan escaping from Sara's lips as Rafael roughly
manhandled her breasts.
	"I don't have time to fuck you now, but as soon as Miguel is finished
with you, I will be back to visit you.  I am going to enjoy fucking you with my
hard cock.  By morning, you won't be able to stand.  Your pussy will be so sore
from the pounding I am going to give it."  His fingers found her nipples and
pinched hard, squeezing them and pulling them from her body.
	"AAAAHHHH, that hurts, please don't," she cried.  The pain burned
through her nipples and breasts as Rafael fingers felt like vises tightening on
	He released them, but his hands moved down her body, over her flat
stomach, moving down over her pussy.  His hand grasped her pussy, his fingers
pushed between her pussy lips and pulled her hanging body up by her pussy.  Her
wet pussy made it hard to get a good grip, but did manage to pull her up two
inches, her scream testifying to the pain he inflicted on her.
	He released her pussy, her body slumping down again as his hands moved
down her legs toward her ankles.  The bar was pulled up from the floor, the
first of the leather straps tightened on her ankle, her legs spread wide as
Rafael pushed the bar between them, tightening the leather strap on the other. 
Sara was now spread wide, her legs spread over four feet, her pussy now opened
for their abuse.  The rope on the bar secured to her legs was pulled through a
metal loop in the floor and knotted, stretching her body.  The clanking began
again, her arms now pulled higher, the bar on her legs preventing her from
rising, the only other option was the stretching of her body.
	"Oh, God, you are pulling my arms out of the sockets, please don't, I
will do whatever you want," Sara pleaded.  Rafael's cock hardened her screams
and pleading music to his ears.  Sara was now stretched taunt, her body
beginning to glisten from the sweat on her body.
	Rafael's hands ran over her body, feeling her taunt skin, over her ass,
between her spread cheeks, her body shuddering as she felt his fingers take
liberties with her spread anus and pussy, her pussy juice running down her
thighs, the fear and tight bondage exciting her.
	"Miguel will be in soon, don't go anywhere," he laughed as the cell door
clanged shut behind him. 

To be continued soon.


	Miguel stared at Sara as he entered her cell.  Her body was glistening
with sweat as she was stretched and spread before him.  He could see that her
pussy was wet.  Even though she was in bondage, she was still excited.  "How're
you doing, Sara, has Rafael taken good care of you?"  He moved closer, his hands
reaching out for her body, running over her taunt stomach and up toward her
breasts, the nipples hard and erect.  His fingers grasped them and twisted them,
a groan coming from Sara's mouth.  "We will have to do something about that,"
grabbing a large mouth ring.  He pushed it into Sara's mouth, forcing her lips
open with his fingers.  He began to open the ring, Sara's mouth forced to open
wider and wider until it stretched her jaws until it was painful.  Her mouth was
now stretched open wide, only muffled gasps could be heard. 

	Miquel lowered the chain from the ceiling until Sara's feet began to
touch the ground, but she had to stand on her toes to take the strain off of her
arms.  Her legs were still spread wide.  Miquel began to undress, first his
shirt, than his pants.  Sara could see the bulge in his shorts as his pants fell
to the floor.  He pushed his shorts to the floor and his hard cock stood out
from his body, over eleven inches of hard, steel cock.  He reached down and
stroked his cock as he watched her.  "I am going to fuck you now, Sara.  When I
am finished, I am going to whip you until I get hard again, than I will take you
in your asshole.  Your brother in law and Rafael both said your asshole is very
tight.  I will enjoy it very much, especially if I can make you scream in pain."

	He moved forward, fisting his cock and rubbed it over her wet, spread
pussy.  Sara tried to pull away, but Miguel grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled
her forward, onto his cock.  He put the large head of his cock into her pussy,
pushing her pussy lips out of the way and began to enter her tight pussy.  She
was forced to spread open as his large cock pushed deeper into her, his hands
forcing her onto it.  He got over five inches of cock into her before he began
to pull out.  When her pussy grabbed the head of his cock, he pushed back in
hard, forcing Sara to take over seven inches of cock in one punishing thrust
into her pussy.

	"MMMM, GGGRRRRMMMM," Sara moaned in pain through the mouth ring as
Miguels cock again pulled out and pushed over nine inches of cock, spreading her
pussy wider than it had ever had to.  The final thrust got all eleven inches of
his cock into her pussy, brutally pushing into her, her pussy forced to stretch
and tear to take the hard cock.  "MMMGGGGGg NNOOOOO," she cried, feeling the
cock push up into her cervix, punishing and bruising her tender insides.

	Sara felt Miguels hands move down her ass cheeks, searching for her
defenseless anus.  She tried to squirm away from them, but only succeeding in
pushing her hips forward onto his driving cock.  His fingers traced down the
crack of her ass, the sweat lubricating the way until he reached her anus, still
swollen from the previous rapes.  She felt a large finger push against her anus
and slide into her ass, forcing her to push forward to escape the cruel
ravishment of her asshole by his finger. The finger followed her movements and
continued to push into her rectum, forcing her anus to open to accept the large
digit.  "MMMMGGGG," she moaned through the ring gag as her delicate anal tract
was ravished by the finger, still sore and torn from the brutal rapes.

	"You're ass is really tight, Sara, even though the others took your
virgin asshole.  I going to enjoy pushing my cock into your asshole, feeling
your hot asshole around it."  Miguel continued to rape her pussy with brutal
thrusts of his cock, pounding into her cunt, battering her clit, hitting her
pelvic bone in earth shattering power.  Her pussy tightened onto his cock from
the pain, milking a cum out of him, anything to stop the brutal pounding of his

	"AAAAGGGGHHH," cried Sara in pain, her saliva running down her chin onto
her breasts, the mouth gag preventing from screaming out in pain as the rape
continued.  Miguel gave Sara one last punishing thrust with his cock, burying it
deep into her pussy. She could feel it swell as the cum pushed up from his balls
and shot out his cock, spraying her pussy with his hot cum.

	"Take my first load of cum, bitch," Miguel pushing hard into her, her
silky insides milking the cum from his balls.  He pulled his cock out and than
gave Sara another thrust with his cock, his cum pushed deep into her pussy as
his cock hit bottom with a painful thrust, bruising her cervix.  He held his
cock deep in her, filling her with a second and third load of cum, some now
spilling out of her pussy and down her thighs.  His cock jerked from the orgasm,
massaged by her silky pussy, hot and pulsating.  Miguel pulled his cock out of
Sara, cum running down her thighs. "You're a real hot fuck, Sara, I am going to
enjoy you very much."

	Sara hung in her bondage, the pain of the rape still fresh in her mind,
her pussy aching from the pounding of the eleven-inch cock that just finished
raping her.  She heard the clatter of the pulleys and her arms were again rising
toward the ceiling, stretching her out tightly again.  Her feel pulled from the
floor, her legs spread wide, all of her weight now supported on her arms,
pulling at the joints.  She moaned through the ring gag in pain, her joints
feeling like they were going to tear as Miguel continued to stretch her.

	Miguel stood in front of her tear stained face and removed the ring gag. 
Sara's tongue reached out to lick her lips, moistening them.  "I'm going to whip
you now and I want to hear you scream.  When my cock is hard again, I am going
to fuck the delicious little asshole of yours."  Miguel moved over toward the
rack and selected the whip, a black seven stranded leather whip, with knots at
the end of each strand.  It was made to extract the maximum amount of pain from
the victim, especially when used on the delicate parts of a female, her nipples,
asshole and spread pussy.

	"Please, don't whip me, fuck my asshole, I will suck your cock until its
hard, please, not the whip," Sara pleading, anything but the whip.  She did not
think she could stand the pain.  The rapes had been painful enough, the whip
looked like it would cause permanent damage.

	"You will do all of that and more before I am finished with you, but the
whip is for my pleasure.  I am going to love to hear your screams of pain and
the begging you will do as I beat you with the whip.  I am especially going to
love when I bring the whip up from the floor and slap into your spread pussy.  I
will go slowly, preventing you from fainting, allowing you to savor the next
time the whip will beat onto your delicate body."

	Sara jumped as Miguel slapped the whip hard onto the floor, the noise
breaking the silence in the cell.  She watched as the whip swung through the
air, almost like it was in slow motion, swinging towards her until it finally
struck her square on her stomach, held taunt by the bondage.  Her brain did not
register for seconds the pain, than suddenly she shrieked as the pain spread
through her body.  The knots bit tightly on her stomach, the skin turning bright
red as they tore across her stomach.  Miguel waited patiently for Sara's brain
to feel the pain and just as it began to die down, he swung again, this time
aiming higher, catching her under her breasts.  One strand shot up, hitting her
right nipple.

	"OOOOOWWW, AGGGHHHHH, hhhhuuuurrrttts," Sara yelled, the knot hitting
her nipple tearing at the delicate morsel, blood forming as the knot hit it dead
center.  The nipple, hard and erect, burned from the whip, pointing out, looking
like it was offering itself again to the whip.  Sara was in pain, but she was
also beginning to feel the twinges of pleasure, her body reacting to the bondage
and the whipping.  Her pussy began to get wet, waiting for the next blow of the
whip, waiting patiently when it would be placed between her spread pussy lips,
hitting her clit.

	Miguel swung the whip again, this time all the strands slapped hard
against her full breasts, making them jiggle as the knots tore into her tender
flesh.  The knots stung her aureoles, her left nipple also bearing the brunt of
one of the strand, the knot tearing over the hard flesh.  Miguel reached for
Sara, lifting her right breast up by the nipple, his fingers tightly grasping
it, pulling it up high.  The whip swung up, striking the tender underside of her
breast, it bouncing as Miguel released the nipple.  The left breast was next,
the whip beating the flesh, turning a bright red as the leather did its work,
slapping the flesh hard, the knots tearing the skin.  Miguel swung the whip back
and put all of his power behind it as it smashed into the center of Sara's
breasts, beating both nipples.

	"OOOOHHH,  GGGGOOOODD, NNNNOO, morrree, please, hurts so bad," her voice
crying out, but her pussy was dripping wet, her pussy juice running down her
thighs.  Sara pushed her breasts out, waiting for the whip, begging for the
pain.  Miguel backhanded her left breast with the whip, all of the knots beating
over the nipple, now over one inch long, standing out erect, wanting the pain of
the whip.

	"You say no, but your tits say yes," the whip beating over her right
breast, beating the flesh as Sara continued to push her breasts out, begging for
the whip.  Her breasts shook and bounced on her chest as the whip continued its
punishing blows, the knots tearing into the delicate nipple flesh, Sara's
screams more in ecstasy than in pain, rang out in the room.  The whip continued
down her body, over her stomach and began to punish her abdomen, moving down
towards her spread pussy. 

	"Please, please," Sara begged, not to stop the pain, but pushing out her
pussy, waiting for the whip to hit her spread pussy and clit.  She wanted to cum
so bad.  Even the whip on her clit would do it.  Miguel ignored her begging, the
whip moving down, to the delicate inside thighs, slapping the flesh hard, the
knots straying close to her pussy, but denying Sara the cum she wanted so badly. 

	"Soon, I will make you cum with the whip, soon, you slut," Miguel
bringing the whip up from the floor, between her legs to strike her naked ass. 
Her spread legs prevented Sara from protecting her anus, the knots of the whip
tearing into the red and swollen flesh.

	"My pussy, please, hit my pussy," she cried, her body pushing forward,
the pain from her anus racing into her brain as she saw the whip prepare to
swing between her legs again.  She pushed her pussy forward, begging him to
strike her, leaving her anus unprotected.  Miguel ignored her begging, the whip
again beating her ass, the knots tearing at her anus.

	"Push your pussy out," Miguel ordered Sara.  Sara pushed her hips out as
far as she could, her legs already spread wide, her pussy lips peeled back, her
clit hard and erect, waiting, waiting for the whip.  Sara's brain did not
register as the whip moved up from the floor, as in slow motion, moving toward
her straining pussy.  The slap of the whip on her wet pussy rang out in the

what she wanted, her pussy exploding in pain and pleasure as one of the knots
found her hard and erect clit and beat at the tiny pea shaped clit, sending
pleasure and pain throughout Sara's body.  One strand of leather ran through her
pussy lips, changing the pink pussy to a bright red as it slapped against the
delicate internal flesh.

	The whip swung again, beating the delicate flesh, extracting cries of
pain from Sara, but also cries of pleasure as she absorbed each blow of the
leather.  Her pussy continued to push out, waiting the next swing, as Miguel
continued the beating of her pussy, each time the slap of the whip ringing out
in the room, Sara's voice screaming following and than a repeat as the whip
swung in again.  "Are you ready to cum, bitch?"  Miguel swung the whip harder,
aiming the strands at her clit, now over one-inch long, swollen and red, begging
for the whip.  Each time the whip came faster, Sara body now receiving a
continuous barrage of pain and pleasure. 

begged, Miguel swinging the whip up from the floor, beating into her spread
pussy, hitting her clit as she came all over the whip.  She tried to pull away
from the whip, as a second cum spread over her body, her clit now becoming very
sensitive, but Miguel did not allow her the luxury, the whip again beat her
pussy.  Sara's body shook as another cum erupted as the whip brought out the
pain Sara needed to cum. 

	Miguel slapped her breasts hard with the whip, moved lower and swung it
up under her ass, striking her anus again and finally slapped her pussy one last
time, with all of his power.  The leather beat into her Sara's flesh, a fourth
and final cum, more powerful than the last, shaking her body.  Sara slumped in
her bondage, spent from the whipping she had received and welcomed.  Her pussy
now a mass of pain, raw and red from the beating it received.

	Miguel lowered Sara's wrists from the ceiling until she slumped to the
floor.  He pushed her down, onto her stomach, his feet pushing between her
thighs, spreading her legs open.  He looked down as her anus, swollen and red,
spread open before him. "Now it's my turn, cunt, I'm going to fuck that asshole. 
Maybe I can get you to cum again."

	"No, please, don't make me cum again, I can't, just fuck my asshole,
please," Sara cried.  She felt Miguel lower himself down onto her back, his cock
pushed against her spread ass cheeks, resting on her anus.  He fisted his cock,
hard and erect from the whipping of Sara and pushed it against her anus.  He
felt her tense up, trying to escape the pain of the rape of her asshole, but
Miguel continued to push hard against her anus until it finally relented and the
bulbous head of his cock entered her.

	"NOOO, TTTTOOO, BBBIIIGGG, take it oooouuuttt," her body shuddering as
her anus was forced to open wider than it had with the previous rapes.  Miguel's
cock was bigger and it began to push into her rectum, forcing her anal tract to
spread open, the pain as it tore to accommodate the big cock racing to her

	"You can take it bitch, feel that cock in your asshole.  Your ass is so
hot and tight," his cock continuing to bore into her anal tract, now entering
her colon, cramps beginning as it pushed deeper into her body.  He pulled it
out, only the head squeezed tightly by her asshole, than pushed it forcefully
into her, tearing into her flesh as over seven-inches of cock was now forced
into her asshole.

	"NNNOO, MoOOORRE," she screamed, but Miguel reached under her body and
found her pussy with his fingers.  He tore at her clit, now sensitive from the
many cums and pinched it hard with his fingers.  "NNNOOOT, my CCClllliiitt," her
body pushing up away from the fingers, pushing her ass against his cock, driving
another three inches deep into her asshole.  The pain in her asshole and the
cramping from the giant cock forced her to push back down again, into the
waiting fingers.  They grabbed her delicate pussy lips and brutally tore at them
before again reaching for her clit, grabbing it tightly and twisting it.

	Sara was screaming continually, rocked between the hard cock forcing
itself deeper and deeper into her colon and the fingers brutalizing her tender
pussy and clit.  Her body shook and jumped around, trying to escape them both,
as Miguel enjoyed the fucking Sara was giving his cock.  She continued to pump
her body up and down, his cock pulling out and than forcing itself back into her
body, her soft anal tract massaging his cock as he continued to rape her

	"I know you have one more cum in you, now," he ordered, his fingers
finding her clit and twisting and pinching it.  Sara's body once again reacted,
and as Miguel's cock pushed deep into her colon, a sharp pain rushing over her
as it hit a kink in her colon, she began to cum again.  She could feel his cock,
now swollen, begin to fill her asshole with his cum enema. The hot cum filled
her colon, feeling like her stomach was swelling up as he pumped her full of
cum.  Her body shuddered in one final orgasm, the pain mixed with pleasure of a
hard cock pumping her asshole full of cum.  Miguel slumped down on Sara's back,
his cock deflating rapidly in her asshole.  Her asshole began to squeeze him
out, her anal tract slick with cum.  His cock fell out, her anus feeling empty,
as it was no longer stuffed with a hard cock.  Cum dripped down her ass, making
a puddle on the ground beneath her as Miguel stood up over her.  She lay spent
on the floor, legs spread, cum dripping out of her, her body exhausted.

	"You're such a whore, Sara.  Maria will be visiting you soon, so get
your tongue ready.  You are going to be eating a lot of pussy soon."  Miguel
left the room, Sara to exhausted to move.

Maria's Turn to Be Cruel-Chapter 7 (To Be continued)

Author: Powerone
Title: Ransom Demand-Rape and Torture of Sara
Part: Chapter 6
Summary: While on vacation in Mexico, Sara's niece, Hope is kidnapped. The
ransom demand is that Sara become a sex slave for 30 days. Sara is raped,
humiliated and tortured. Eighteen year old bi-sexual Kristina seduces Hope into
having "girl sex".  Hope reluctantly complies
Keywords: Mf,  ff, nc, anal, reluc, humiliation, torture

Copyright 2003 by Powerone.  You may contact the author at

Chapter 6-Visiting Kristina

	Kristina opened the door to the room where they were holding Hope.  Her
father had allowed her to play with her today, to take her to her room.

	Hope turned toward the door as it opened, a young girl, her age,
entered.  Hope was still bound to the chair, her legs spread wide, naked from
the waist up.  Her nipples still ached from the abuse the three men had given
them, the cool air keeping them erect.  She saw the girl smile at her. 

	"Unite her and give her blouse back.  She is coming with me," Kristina
ordered one of the men.

	"Yes, Senorita Kristina."  One of the men began to untie her legs, not
missing a chance to run his hands up her legs as he did.  Another undid her

	Hope rubbed her wrists as she brought her arms forward, then realized
that her breasts were still naked.  She brought her arms up, cupping her
breasts, feeling the pointed nipples pressed into the palm of her hands.  Her
blouse was handed to her and she hurriedly put it on, the embarrassment
returning of being naked in front of strange men returning, even though she had
been bound to the chair, half naked for over twelve hours.

	Kristina moved towards Hope, her arm wrapping around her shoulder.  "My
name is Kristina, this is my fathers house.  Come let us go to my room, where
you will be much more comfortable and we will be alone."  Kristina gently pushed
Hope out the door and they moved down the corridor, two of the guards following
closely behind.

	"Thank you, why am I here?" Hope asked.

	"Shhhh, wait until we get to me room."  Kristina led her up and down
many hallways until they were at the end, two large doors looming.  "In here,"
opening the door into her bedroom.  They both entered, Kristina closing the door
behind them, the men still on the other side.

	Hope looked around the room, it was enormous.  It had a small living
room at one end, two chairs and a couch.  The bed was a large, four poster,
canopy bed, a plush comforter adorning it.  Four pillows stood at the head of
the bed.  A padded bench was at the end.  The floor was carpeted in deep plush. 
Two large windows opened to the outside, by the view, they must be at least on
the third floor.  A large bathroom could be seen over to the side, a glass
enclosed shower that was bigger then Hopes bedroom, inside.  "You have a
beautiful bedroom.  Can we talk now?"

	"Yes we can.  I have a lot of privacy here, though the guards are right
outside the door.  They are very heavy, solid doors, so you could even yell in
here and they would not hear."  She did not tell her of the cameras or the
microphones around the room and in the bathroom.  Or that her father, uncle and
brother were watching them on television screens.  No, she would not need to
know that. 

	"Why am I here, why was I kidnapped?"

	"You are being held for ransom by my father.  In order to gain your safe
release, your Aunt Sara must consent to be used sexually for thirty days by
whomever my father desires.  I have seen Sara and she is a very sexual and
beautiful woman.  As long as she continues to perform, you will not be hurt.  If
she fails, you are the one who will suffer."

	"How could you father do such a thing, why do you not stand up to him?"
Hope blurted out, afraid of how Kristina would react to the harsh criticism. 

	"How dare you criticize my father!  With parents like yours, you have
nothing to criticize," she shouted at Hope, watching her expression of surprise
on Hope's face.

	"My parents would never do anything like that!" she exclaimed.

	"No, then let me show you something that I stole from my father."  She
moved over to the television set and put a tape in the VCR.  It began, a picture
of Kevin, Hope's father, naked, his cock pushing into Sara's asshole as she
screamed in pain.   "Maybe you would rather see this," fast forwarding until she
came to a part of the tape showing Karen, her mother, sucking Kristina's fathers
cock, it spurting her mouth full of cum as you could see her throat moving up
and down, swallowing the cum.  "I don't think your know your parents very much. 
I don't think you have any right to criticize," an anger in her voice.

	Hope did not understand the whole situation.  She could not believe that
this was happening to her.  Only days ago she was in the United States, safe in
high schools final days.  Now she was in Mexico, kidnapped, stripped to her
waist and molested while her aunt was a sex slave.  And her mother and father
were acting like they were a couple in heat.  How could this be happening, her
mind clouded, her judgement waning.  "I'm sorry, I don't know what is going on,
I don't understand.  I'm not sure what I should be doing," tears beginning to
form in the corner of her eyes.  She was beginning to become exhausted.  Not
allowed to sleep, bound, molested and always in fear for her safety.

	Kristina moved toward Hope on the couch, sitting next to her, putting
her arm around her and pulling her close.  "I understand, it is tough on you,
but you must learn to obey.  You still have a long time to stay here.  If you
are in my room, I can protect you.  But when you go back to where they are
holding you, I cannot help you.  You will be at their mercy and they do not care
about you.  You are just a way to force your aunt to perform for them.  They
will do whatever is necessary to you to make her do it."  She pulled her closer
to her, breathing in the smell of fear in Hope.  She heard Hope begin to sob. 
Yes, she had her now, she would do what she wanted.  She looked up and smiled,
smiled at the cameras.  The taping would begin.

	"Please protect me, I cannot stand those men.  They hurt me before.  Let
me stay here," Hope looking up at Kristina, her eyes pleading.

	 "We'll see, as I said, you must obey, her arm pulling her tighter into
her.  She smelled so good, so ripe.  "Did they hurt you?"
	"Yes, they stripped off my blouse and bra and then they abused me.  All
three of them, they put their hands all over my breasts, especially my nipples. 
They seemed to love to hurt me.  Their fingers would squeeze my nipples, pulling
and twisting them.  I thought they were trying to tear them off."  She continued
to sob. 
	"Poor girl, I have something that will be good for them.  It is a cream.
I will get it.  Take off your blouse," her voice firm as she started walking
towards the bathroom.
	"Nooo, that's OK, it will be all right," Hope stammered out.  She did
not want to be half-naked again, even if it was another girl.
	"I'm only trying to help you, if you would rather leave, that's fine,"
her voice rather abrupt.  She looked at Hope, her eyes piercing.
	Hope saw her expression.  She did not want to go back, she knew what
would happen there.  She was not sure with Kristina, but it couldn't be any
worse.  "No, I'm sorry, get the creme," her hands moving to the blouse, Kristina
watching as she unbuttoned it.  She looked up, Kristina still watching.  She let
the blouse slip from her shoulders and removed it, laying it on the couch beside
her.  She moved her hands up, covering her breasts, her head down, not wanting
to see the stare.
	Kristina went to the bathroom and got the bottle of body lotion.  It was
in a non-descriptive bottle, so Hope would not know that it was just plain
ordinary body lotion.  She returned to the couch, Hope still sitting there, her
hands barely able to cover her naked breasts, head down.  "You are a very
beautiful girl, Hope, the boys must really like you.  Do you have a steady
	"No, I don't date much.  Daddy is very strict.  He says he wants me to
concentrate on school first, boys later," feeling a little bit more comfortable.
	"Are you still a virgin?" Kristina asking.  "Are you waiting until you
get married to give your husband your virginity."
	Hope blushed, "yes, I know it is old fashion, but I want my husband to
be my first.  I want it to be romantic and wonderful.  I don't even make out
much.  Other girls at school let boys do much more.  I don't.  The evil men were
the first ones to even see my naked breasts, never mind touch them.   I had seen
penises before, not real ones, only pictures.  To see my dad's was terrible.  To
see what he was doing to Sara and where.  Why would anyone want to put his penis
in a woman's behind?  I thought only gay guys did that?"
	Kristina smiled, a virgin.  Not even worth asking if she had ever been
with another girl before.  Daddy can have Sara, I want Hope she thought.  "I'm
no longer a virgin, I was raped by a relative a long time ago.  I've gotten over
it since then.  Men can just be so selfish.  Only looking out for what can get
from you.  Here, let me put some of this special creme on you.  It will help a
	Hope looked up and stammered, " I can do it, that's OK."
	"No, I insist, I almost feel responsible for what they did.  Men can be
such pigs.  Even my father and yours.  Now put down your hands," her voice
turning authoritative again.  She watched as Hope meekly lowered her hands. 
Such great tits she had, nice full breasts, large nipples, I bet I could make
them stick out over an inch.  And her areola, a rich dark color, accenting the
pink of her nipples.  No wonder they wanted at her tits.  I wish mine were as
large, she thought.  "You have lovely breasts, much bigger then mine."
	Hope put her eyes down, not wanting to look directly at Kristina.  She
had this feeling that something was not right, but the exhaustion and fear was
taking their toll on her.  She no longer had the will to fight any longer.  She
was tired.  And anything was better then the men waiting outside the door.  She
heard the swishing sound of a liquid poured in hands, the sound of the hands
rubbing together.  She knew they would soon be on her body, bracing herself for
when they would.  "AAAAWWWW," she gasped, the soft gentle fingers touching her
breasts surprised her.  This is not what she expected.  She expected similar to
the evil men, cruel fingers searching out her intimate body. "MMMMM," she
moaned, "that feels good," the fingers hefting her breasts, running intimately
over the flesh, massaging the smooth oil into her skin.  She held her breath in
anticipation as the fingers moved around and around her nipples, but not yet
touching.  They left for a minute, returning again with more oil, massaging
again.  One hand hefting up her right breast, the other hands fingers rubbing
sensuously over her exposed flesh, still not touching her nipple.
	"Such lovely breasts, so smooth, do you like that Hope?  Do you want me
to continue?  Ask me, Hope, ask me to continue."  Kristina played with Hopes
emotions, forcing her to ask, making her beg for Kristina's attention.  She ran
her finger around the right nipple, still not touching, letting the nail of one
finger drag over the areola, watching as tiny bumps appeared.
	Hope arched her back, pushing her right breast further into Kristina's
hand, "yes, please, yes, continue, that feels so good," her eyes shut, feeling
the smooth hand gliding over her breast.  Please, please touch my nipples before
they burst, she thought.
	"Open your eyes, I want you to look at me," commanding Hope again.  She
was learning to obey, her eyes opening immediately.  She watched Hope's face as
her fingers moved to her nipple, the oiled fingers running sensuously over the
hard bud. 
	"OOOOHHH, GGGGOOOD," her back arching higher, pushing her nipple into
the fingers, she could feel her pussy getting wet.  This had never happened to
her before.  Another girl was touching her and she was getting wet from it.  She
felt her nipple almost burst as the fingers rubbed over the nub, oil massaging
the erect bud, fingernails slowly running over the tip.  She thought she could
almost cum from her nipples being touched.
	Kristina could see the lust in Hopes eyes, her fingers continuing the
exploration of her tits.  Her other hand moved back to her left breast, fingers
searching out and finding the other nipple, shudders running through Hopes body
as her nipples were manipulated.  "Do you like me touching your nipples, Hope?"
her fingers tightening on the erect nipples, now almost an inch long, hard and
	"It has never felt like that before, yes, I like that."  She felt the
hands grab her breasts and gently squeeze them, her hard nipples rubbing over
the palm of the hands.  They continued to run over her flesh, rubbing, teasing,
massaging the oil in her teenage breasts.  Fingers pulled and tugged on her
nipples, not like the men, soft, yet domineering.  She watched the hands moved
down, off of her breasts, her eyes searching Kristina's for why.
	"I wish had I big tits like yours, mine are so much smaller," her
fingers going to the buttons of her blouse, unbuttoning them to her waist,
pulling the blouse off and dropping it to the couch to fall next to Hopes. 
Kristina's hands moved up to her own breasts, cupping them with her hands, her
fingers plucking at her nipples, feeling them get hard.
	"You have beautiful breasts, they don't have to be big to be beautiful,"
Hope blurted out.  She did not know how to respond, one minute her breasts were
being rubbed, the next Kristina was half-naked next to her, comparing their
	"Touch them, rub some oil in them, maybe than I will believe you,"
Kristina taunted her.  Kristina watched the expression on Hope's face.  She had
learned, having been taught herself, how to make a female turn submissive.  It
is a matter of always keeping the individual on the edge, never letting them
back down.  "I said touch them, I told you about obeying," her voice rising in
tone again.  She smiled as Hope picked up the bottle of oil and applied some to
her hands, rubbing them both together, slowly, delaying the inevitable.  "Don't
be afraid," her hands moving up and again hefting up Hope's breasts, her fingers
moving back over the nipples, watching as they perked up into hard points.  "See
how good it can feel," her fingers tightening on the nipples, now almost an inch
long, a fingernail painfully dragging on the tip, feeling Hope's body shudder,
not in pain, but in pleasure.
	Hope moved her hands up and touched Kristina's breasts, moving them
slowly over the flesh, massaging in the oil.  She sucked in her breath as
Kristina's fingers lightly traced over her nipples, feeling the fingernail
igniting a pleasurable bit of pain, not like that the men did to her.  They did
it to hear her moan of pain, not of pleasure.  She arched her back again,
pushing her breasts into Kristina's welcoming hands, wanting more.  She ran her
fingers over Kristina's nipples, matching what was done to her, learning, her
eyes looking deeply into hers.  They were not as big as hers, but the nipples
were hard and erect, the aureole not as dark, more of a light brown, but the
size of silver dollars.  She continued to tease the nipples, copying what was
being done to her, feeling Kristina move closer to her, their faces only inches
apart, her eyes drawn to hers almost hypnotically.
	"Do you like it when I squeeze your nipples, Hope?"  The fingers
tightened on the harden tips, feeling them squeeze tightly between her
fingertips.  "It is not like the men did to you, only a girl could make you feel
this way."  She felt her nipples pinched harder, loving the feeling of pain
rushing to the tips.
	Oh, God, it felt so good, Hope panting as they both continued to
manipulate each other.  "Yes," her voice begging, "yes."  She tightened her
fingers on Kristina's nipples, pushing a fingernail into the tip.  She arched
her back, waiting for the response from Kristina, hoping that she would
reciprocate.  "AAAGGHH," Kristina's nail digging into the hard flesh, the pain
shooting down to her wet pussy.  She pulled back, stretching her nipples, hoping
for more of the delicious pain.  It felt so good.
	"Yes, you like that don't you, Hope.  It feels good."  Kristina removed
her hands from Hope's breasts, her hands moving up to her face, pulling her
towards her, their eyes meeting, only inches apart.  She pushed her breasts into
Hope, the electrifying touch as their nipples touched the naked skin of each
other.  Kristina moved her body, slowly rubbing her hard nipples over Hopes,
their bodies jerking in pleasure when their nipples met.  She moved in closer,
her mouth searching Hope's.  She saw the puzzlement in Hope's face as their lips
met, sweet, hot lips, touching, her tongue moving out, searching out Hope's
tongue.  It shot out into Hope's mouth, feeling for her tongue, rubbing over her
lips, bathing her with her juices.
	Hope was scared.  It felt so good, their naked breasts rubbing over each
other, her nipples about to burst as they caressed the hard points of Kristina's
breasts.  She felt Kristina move closer.  She knew she was going to kiss her. 
She was confused, tired, her defenses crushed.  She had never felt this way
before.  The lips touched her and her pussy seemed to get wetter, feeling a
dampness between her thighs.  She felt the tongue and knew she would have to
respond.  She pushed her tongue out, searching, running it over the tongue that
filled her mouth.  She could feel the hot tongue, probing, running over the
inside of her mouth, the lips crushing hers, their breasts moving sensuously
over each other, the hard nipples pushed into each other.  She moaned in
Kristina's mouth, the responding tongue acknowledging her response.
	Kristina felt Hope's surrender.  She was hers.  She had won.  Now it was
only a matter of time.  She would take it slow, making Hope beg for it.  Making
her strip slowly for her, spread her legs.  She hoped they were enjoying the
view, her father, her uncle, her brother.  They had taught her well on how to
perform.  She would do the same to Hope.
	Kristina moved back to Hope's mouth, her lips searching hers, her tongue
darting again in Hope's hot mouth.  She felt her shudder again as their naked
breasts and nipples again touched.  Kristina's mouth moved down to Hope's neck,
her tongue leaving a trail down, moving down toward her breasts.  She looked up
and saw the lust in Hope's eyes, knowing that soon her lips would encase the
hard buds of her breasts.  She let her mouth run between the cleavage of her
breasts, her cheeks rubbing hard against the breasts, her tongue still leaving
traces of hot saliva in its path.  She moved to Hope's right breast, her tongue
moving sensuously over the flesh, tasting her, feeling her arch her back again,
waiting for the moment when her nipples would be touched.  "What do you want me
to do, Hope?  Tell me?"  Her head stood still, her tongue running over the young
breasts, but still staying away from the hard nipples.  She blew on it, hearing
a moan come from Hope's lips. 
	"Your lips, put your lips and tongue on my nipple, please, please," she
begged.  She tried to move her breast closer to Kristina's mouth, but she moved
with them.  "Oh, God, please, please."  Her hips moved on the sofa, her pussy
soaking wet.  What is happening to me, she thought.
	Kristina waited, teasing, her tongue moving closer and closer, now
licking over the areola, the cool air blowing on the wet breast.  She could see
her nipple, it swelled in anticipation.  She blew on it, felt the shudder in
Hope's body and then wrapped her lips tightly onto the hard nipple. 
	"AAAAWWWWW," she moaned, arching her back higher, forcing her nipple
into Kristina's mouth, "OOOOOHHHHH," feeling the lips holding it tightly, the
tongue now beginning to dance over it, stimulating it.  It lapped back and forth
over the sensitive tip, bathing it in saliva, lips sucking on the dark brown
areola, sucking it further into Kristina's mouth. 
	Kristina left a trail of wet saliva on Hope's breasts as she moved from
one to the other.  Her fingers moved to the right breast, searching out the
nipple, still wet and began to lightly snap at it with her fingertips, hearing
the noise as her fingernail slapped against it with a light thump.  She found
the other nipple, her mouth again clamping tightly onto it, sucking it further
into her mouth.  Her tongue lapped at the trapped morsel, running over it,
bathing the tip.  Her teeth bit down on the areola, more breast pushed in her
mouth as Hope begged for more.  She let her teeth move back, finding the hard
nipple and begin to bite softly onto it.
	Hope felt Kristina's teeth on her nipple and thought she was going to
cum.  She pushed harder, wanting more, wanting the teeth to bite harder. 
"Please, feels so good, bite, please, harder, please.  OOOOOOWWWW," her hips
raising up from the couch as Kristina did as she wanted.  She bit down hard,
grinding her teeth on the delicate morsel.  "OOOOH, YYYYEEESSS,' her hands
reaching down to Kristina's head, pushing her into her flesh, urging her on.
	Kristina pulled her mouth from her nipple, but not before giving it one
last bite.   She could feel the nipple, hard between her teeth as she ground
onto it, Hope screaming in pain or pleasure.  She moved her head away, her
fingers finding it again, both of Hope's nipples now gripped firmly by
Kristina's hands.  She lightly pulled and twisted them as Hope moved her hips
about the couch.  She moved her head up, looking into Hope's eyes.  "Suck my
nipples, Hope, do I like I did.  Can you do that for me?"
	Hope looked at her and then moved her head down, wetting her lips as her
head moved to Kristina's breasts.  She wanted to do this, she wanted to taste
them as Kristina had done to her.  Her lips touched them, her tongue already
out, lapping lightly over them, feeling them harden in her mouth.  She sucked
them like Kristina had done.  After sucking one nipple to hardness, she moved
over to the other, her fingers lightly rubbing the other one, keeping it hard. 
She sucked in the other, deep inside her mouth and then she did as she was
taught, she bit on the nipple, her teeth grinding on the nipple.
	"Yes, you learn well, bite it," pushing her breast further into Hope's
mouth, grabbing her head, not letting it loose.  "More, you know how good that
feels," moaning.  She let Hope work on her breasts, biting, sucking and pulling
her nipples.  It was now time for more.  She pulled Hope's head up, her eyes
staring into hers.  "Stand up," she ordered.  Again, Hope obeyed, standing
before Kristina, half-naked, her breasts glistening in the light, her nipples
	Hope stood before her, not knowing what Kristina would do to her, but
she knew that her skirt would be next.  She felt hands on her hips, holding her
as they inched down her legs until they reached her naked skin.  They rubbed the
front of her naked legs, the short skirt leaving a lot of flesh above the knee. 
They moved between her legs, pushing between her clenched thighs.
	"Spread your legs open," Kristina ordered her, her hands slipping
between the legs as they parted, giving Kristina access to her body.  Her hands
rubbed over her thighs, feeling the flesh, squeezing, moving higher and higher
each time, teasing her legs open more as they moved towards Hope's pussy.  "You
have lovely legs, Hope.  Lift up your skirt, show me more.  Yes, that's good,
higher, above your waist.  No need to be modest.  You know what I am going to do
to you."
	Hope allowed her legs to be pushed further apart as the fingers moved
over her thighs.  She obeyed, pulling her skirt up until it was above her waist,
only her panties, black thongs, hiding her lower body.  She unbuttoned the skirt
and let it fall to the floor after Kristina ordered her to, standing before her,
Kristina's face only inches from her pussy.  She knew that Kristina could see
that she was wet, that she was enjoying what she was doing to her.
	Kristina's hands moved behind Hope, grabbing her naked ass.  It was firm
and tight.  "Turn around, you have a nice ass, turn and show me."  Her hands
nudged her around, watching as she willingly complied, showing her naked body to
her.  She ran her hands over the flesh, feeling the silky skin.  Great ass for
spanking, but first things first.  "Back around, Hope." 
	Hope turned and faced her again.  She could hear Kristina sucking in air
through her nose.  She could smell the sex in the air.  She knew that Hope was
sexually aroused.  She closed her legs a little, allowing the thongs to slide
down her abdomen and begin to move down her legs.  She closed her eyes, not
wanting to see Kristina's eyes on her naked sex.   Fingers grazed lightly over
her flesh as they pulled the thongs to the floor.  She was now naked.  She felt
fingers urging her thighs apart again.  She complied, willingly, spreading
herself open for Kristina.
	"You have a beautiful pussy, Hope.  Her pussy was framed by just a patch
of pubic hair on the top in a small triangle.  Her pussy lips were large and
swollen, tight together, even with her legs spread.  Yes, she was a virgin.  Not
much had been through those lips before.  "Why don't us girls take a shower. 
You can probably use it after being tied downstairs.  And then we can get
comfortable and relax.  On the bed.  Come, into the bathroom.  You will die for
this shower."  She grabbed her hand and pulled her into the bathroom.
	It was indeed a lavish bathroom.  The shower was big enough to
accommodate four people, having two showerheads on opposite walls, both aimed
for the middle.  Kristina slipped out of her remaining clothes, grabbing Hope's
hand and pulling her into the shower.  She turned on the water, both showerheads
pulsating with warm water.  Kristina grabbed a bar of soap.  "Turn around, I
will wash you," twisting Hope's back to her.  She moved in, her naked body
pushed against Hope's back and ass and whispered to her, "relax, I will take
care of you," her pussy grinding into Hope's naked ass.
	Hope shuddered as she felt Kristina push against her, both naked.  She
felt her hands run the soap over her back, moving further down with each stroke
until she came to the rise of her ass.  The hand moved over her ass cheeks,
moving gently over the flesh, each time pulling her cheeks apart, letting them
close again, to return to begin again.  Hope's body tensed as fingers moved from
the top of her ass and moved down the crease, pushing the cheeks apart, the soap
bar running down until it moved over her exposed asshole.  "Noooooo, not there,"
her body shivering as she felt the soap leave and a finger return, rubbing over
her exposed flesh, feeling the tiny opening, the soap already making it
slippery.  It moved down, now between her legs, reaching between to run up her
pussy lips, teasing as Hope tried to close her legs.
	"Turn around, now for the front, keep your hands down, you will have
your chance soon."  Kristina looked into her eyes.  She had got Hope hot twice
and then left her hanging.  She would do it again.  Bring her almost to the edge
and then stop, keeping her body aroused.  Kristina's moved once more to Hope's
breasts, soapy fingers running over the flesh again, running teasingly over the
areolas, teasing the nipples into a high state of erection without touching
them.  "You like that, you like when I tease your nipples, don't you Hope?" 
Fingernails harshly scraped the tender areolas, the nipples near them almost
	Hope hung her head down in humiliation, "yes, please, touch them again,"
again arching her back, thrusting her big breasts into the waiting fingers of
Kristina.  She felt hands on her face, lifting her head up, staring directly at
Kristina again, her face red in shame at what was being done to her untrained
body.  She saw the lips again, moving towards her, her tongue wetting her lips
in anticipation of when the soft lips and tongue would enter hers.  She
shuddered, the fingers gripping her nipples, pulling her closer, the mouth now
crushing hers, their tongues intertwining. 
	Kristina pulled her mouth from Hope's, her rapid breathing showing that
she was again being aroused.  Kristina's fingers continued to pull and twist on
the hard nipples, Hope's body shaking as she stood there.  Kristina moved her
hands down Hope's slender waist, over her rising hips.  She soaped her hand
again.  "Do you want me to wash your pussy, Hope?  Do you want my fingers to
open your fat pussy lips and run them over your virgin pussy?  Tell me what you
want, Hope?"
	Hope trembled in anticipation, her pussy wet in lust.  She wanted it to
be touched, her fingers clenching, wanting to masturbate herself into cumming. 
Kristina had pulled her to the edge and then left her hanging.  She had to cum
and cum soon.  "Please, please, my pussy.  I need to, so bad."  Hope almost
jumped in the air as Kristina's hand grabbed her pussy, squeezing it in her
hand.  "OOOOHHH, GGGGOOODD," her hips bucking up.  She felt the fingers moving
over her flesh, the soap making them glide.  Two fingers on each side of her
pussy lips pulled them open, spreading them wide, stretching them out until it
almost hurt.  The gripped the lips and then began to slide up and down, pulling
outward as the moved, stretching, pulling, spreading her open.  It hurt as they
moved to the top or bottom, refusing to yield, spreading wide.
	"You have nice fat pussy lips, Hope.  Men will like that, Hope, men will
want to do many evil things to those fat lips."  Kristina's fingers pinched the
lips, seeing Hope's feet dancing on the floor of the shower, but not moving,
allowing Kristina complete access to her pussy.  "Can you imagine what it would
feel like to have a whip slap hard onto those lips.'  She released the lips and
took two soapy fingers and began to run them up and down her slit, forcefully
pushing aside Hope's pussy lips.  She pushed up and down, but stopping short of
touching her clit.  Not yet, she wasn't ready for Hope to cum yet. 
	Hope spread her legs wider when she felt the fingers move inside her
pussy lips.  They slid along her slit, running over her vagina, moving up
higher.  Hope lowered her body, hoping to push her clit into the masturbating
fingers.  "Please, touch me, please," she begged.
	Kristina moved in closer again, kissing Hope, their tongues darting
excitedly into each other's mouth again.  She felt Hope's tongue plunge into her
mouth as Kristina's pushed into Hope's wet vagina, spreading it open with one
finger, pushing in.  She felt Hope's butt push back, her hand reaching behind
her and pushing on her ass, forcing her back.  She kept her hand on Hope's ass,
her fingers sliding up and down Hope's ass crease, rubbing soapy fingers along
the crease.  She took her mouth from her and whispered to her, "I know you are a
virgin, but you have no hymen.  You may not have had a cock, but I have so many
new things for you.  Now stand still," her finger pushing further into Hope's
vagina, spreading her flesh apart.  Her pussy gripped her finger tightly.  She
was tight.  She was going to have to be stretched to take the dildos and
vibrators that Kristina was prepared to fuck her with.  She moved her finger
around, twisting it inside her, rubbing it along her wet pussy.  Kristina's
other hands were also busy.  It searched and found Hope's defenseless tiny
asshole.  She heard a loud exhale of breath from Hope's lips as one of her
fingers, still soapy, played over the tiny asshole.  She could feel the elastic
flesh, so tender beneath her finger.
	"Please, not there, that is where my father put his penis in Sara.  That
is disgusting," her hips trying to move to escape the finger moving relentlessly
against her asshole.  Her hips moved back and forth, torn between the two
fingers working on both of her holes.  "OOOOOW, she yelled as the finger pierced
her asshole and sank into her anus up to the first digit, her sphincter grabbing
it tightly.  Her body tried to force it out, gripping it, pushing on it, but the
finger stayed buried in her asshole.
	Kristina pushed her finger deeper into Hope's asshole, feeling it slowly
stretch open her anus until it grabbed her finger tightly on the first joint. 
Her other hand was gripped by Hope's pussy.  She could not believe how tight
both of her holes were.  She was going to enjoy Hope, stretching her open,
forcing her to take whatever she desired into her untrained pussy and asshole. 
"Men love to take women in their asshole.  It is their way to control them. 
Women become very submissive when a large cock is forced into their asshole.  It
is hard for them not to pay attention.  Now, just relax and accept it, it will
be much easier."  Kristina pulled her one finger out of Hope's pussy and pushed
in two, hearing Hope groan in pain, moving her legs wider, allowing her greater
access to her body.  "That's a good girl," her other finger pushing further into
Hope's asshole, hearing another gasp, her hips jerking forward, impaling herself
more on the two fingers pushing into her pussy. Kristina moved her thumb up to
Hope's clit, pushing aside her clitoral hood, exposing her clit.  "You have a
big clit, Hope, it's almost like a little cock, all hard and erect."  She began
to rub it, the finger rubbing over the top, back and forth. 
	Hope would have fallen to the floor if it she wasn't so full of fingers,
pushed deep inside her, forcing her to stand up tall, her asshole gripping the
finger tightly, two fingers stretching her pussy, hurting as she was spread
wide.  But the finger on her clit almost made her fall to the floor.  She had
now been excited three times, each time Kristen backing away, before allowing
her to cum.  Now her clit was finally stroked, the pleasure running up her
spine, into her brain.  "PPPPLLLeeeasse, let me cum, make me cum."
	"Soon, soon, but not yet, here take the soap, wash me," her fingers
pulling out of all of Hope's orifices, the finger leaving the hard clit. 
Kristina waited as Hope ran the soap over her hands.  She felt Hope's hand reach
up and run over her breasts, fingers plucking at her nipples, making them hard. 
Yes, she learns fast thought Kristina.  The hands continued to manipulate her
breasts.  Kristina knew that she was resisting, afraid of moving down to her
pussy.  She moved her hands up, grabbed Hope's and moved them down her sides to
he abdomen, pushing them lower, forcing them down.  "You know what do to, now do
it, I do not want you hesitating again, do you understand me?"
	Hope was trying to prolong the inevitable, but Kristina's hands made her
realize that it was useless to resist.  She had never done anything like this
before, now she was going to have to, forced by a girl her own age.  The hands
moved away from hers as she moved her fingers over the taunt plane of Kristina's
abdomen, moving down further, over her bald pussy, feeling strange as her
fingers reached the top of her pussy.  She stopped, looking into Kristina's
eyes, knowing right away that she would have to continue.  She moved one finger
down, finding Kristina's hard clit.  It was like hers, large, she grabbed it
with her fingers and felt Kristina twitch in excitement.  She rubbed her finger
over and over the female bud, watching as Kristina pushed her hips further into
her finger.  She could feel the excitement in her own body as she masturbated
Kristina, like that which was done to her.  She moved her fingers down further,
spreading a finger between Kristina's pussy lips, feeling how wet her pussy was. 
Just like hers.  She ran the finger up and down her slit until finally taking
two fingers and pushed them into Kristina's pussy, feeling them sucked it,
gripping them tightly. 
	"Good girl, I knew you could do it and you have so much more to learn. 
Now my asshole, put a finger in my asshole, Hope."  Kristina felt a hesitant
hand move over her ass, a finger searching between the cheeks of her ass into it
rubbed over her exposed asshole.  She felt the finger begin to push, harder
still before her sphincter gave up the fight and the finger suddenly popped into
her asshole, her sphincter muscle grabbing the tip.  "Yeees, that's a good girl,
now play with my clit, get me hot."
	Hope felt her fingers grabbed tightly, embedded in the most intimate
parts of Kristina's body, hot and tight.  She rubbed her thumb over Kristina's
clit, just like she did to her, feeling her body responding, her hips moving up
and down, forcing the fingers in and out, fucking the fingers.
	Kristina kissed Hope, their tongues pushing into each others mouth
again, their bodies pressed up against each other, tit to tit, pussy to pussy,
rubbing.  "I think it's time to dry off and go to bed.  You'd like that,
wouldn't you, Hope.  You want to lie down on the bed and spread your lovely legs
for me, so I can make you cum?"
	Hope felt her body pulled from the shower, a towel beginning to rub over
her body, drying her.  The rough towel ran over her nipples, the sensitive buds
springing to life again.  She shuddered again when the rough tough rubbed over
her sensitive pussy, a finger pushing the rough fabric between her pussy lips,
over her hard clit.  She had to cum soon.  She was tired, exhausted and sexually
aroused.  Kristin kept bringing her to the edge, but then not giving her the
satisfaction of a good cum.  "Yes, please, tired, need to sleep, need to cum
first, please, don't tease me anymore."
	"No, you can't cum right now, but we will try something new.  Come,
let's go into the bedroom.  Let's see if I can make you happy."  Kristina led a
naked Hope into the bedroom, both of them falling onto the bed, Kristina
arranging Hope's body so the cameras in the room would be able to see all the
intimate charms of Hope's.   "You have a very beautiful body, Hope.  Lay back,
yes, like that."  She grabbed both of Hope's wrists and pushed them to the top
of the bed.  "Grab the headboard and do not let go, yes, that's a good girl, you
obey well."  Kristina looked at Hope, naked, all stretched out on the bed, arms
over her head, thrusting her breasts out.  She ran her fingers over her breasts,
pausing at her nipples to pluck them into hardness again.  She moved her mouth
down upon the swollen bud, running her tongue over it as her lips sucked the
breast further into her mouth.  She saw Hope's body again begin to move, her
hips rising and falling, fucking the air.  She loved keeping her sexually
aroused.  There would be so much more of this.  Even once she was allowed to
cum, she would only be given a brief sleep, less then an hour before Kristina
would once again awaken her and begin sexually arousing her again. 
	Kristin moved down on the bed, her lips tracing along Hope's taunt
stomach, feeling her pull her stomach in as she left a trail of hot saliva,
moving down, toward her pussy.  But not yet.  First things first.  She ran her
hands along Hope's hips down her legs.  "Bring your feet up, bend your knees,
yes, that's good," watching as Hope allowed herself to be manipulated, her knees
now up, her legs clenched tightly together.  Kristina looked at the camera,
pointed directly at Hope on the bed, hidden in the wall, unseen by Hope. 
"Slowly open your legs, I want to see your sweet pussy opening for me.  Please
me and I will make you cum."  These pictures would be all over the Internet by
morning.  Of course, Kristina's face would be shielded, but Hope would be shown
spreading herself open, like a whore, smiling at the camera.  "Yes, that is
good, more, show me more," Kristina watching as Hope left her knees begin to
part, letting them fall open.  "Keep your feet flat on the bed, just spread you
knees open, yes, like that, let me see your pussy flower open."
	Hope clenched her hands tightly on the headboard, feeling the air in the
room begin to blow on her pussy, now opening up, her knees mechanically lowering
to the bed to the side.  She did not know why she was deliberately humiliating
herself, she only knew that she must do it.  She heard Kristin's voices, softly
encouraging her.  She felt a hand on one of her thighs, slowly pushing down on,
pushing it to the bed.  It rubbed up and down, each time more pressure on it,
pushing it closer to the bed, fingers moving only inches from her pussy.  She
could feel how wet she was, almost dripping out of her pussy.  She had been
aroused so many times.  She could almost cum from the sound of Kristina's voice.
	Kristina urged Hope's thighs open, her pussy spreading open so nicely. 
Her big pussy lips still covered her vagina, but soon that too would be spread
open for the camera.  She purred into Hope's ears, urging her to comply,
complimenting her on how she look, promising her a cum.  "Just a little more,
can you feel your pussy opened up?  It looks so inviting, I can see your juices
glistening in the light.  You like this, don't you Hope, you like showing your
body like a slut."  Hope's knees were almost bent down to the bed, her feel now
flat against each other, bowing her legs open, her pussy now spread before the
camera.  Kristina ran her fingers up one thigh until she reached the pussy
spread before her.  Hope almost jumped off the bed when she touched her pussy,
but she kept her arms holding tightly to the headboard, so invitingly
submissive.  "Just a little more, can you just show me a little more and then I
will make you cum?"
	Hope's body shook as the fingers touched her pussy again.  She thought
she was going to cream all over the fingers.  She could feel her pussy juice run
down over her ass to puddle on the bed.  Oh, God, I have to cum.  She heard the
promise of a cum, soon, all she had to do was comply a little more.  "Yes,
please hurry, please hurry."
	"Yes, soon Hope, now spread your legs out this time, yes, that's good
but further, I want them opened wide.  Show me that wet pussy.  Further," her
fingers nudging the legs apart more, the spread now over four feet wide, the
camera pointed directly between them.  "That's a good girl," looking at her as
she lay there, legs opened wide, her pussy lips now spreading open, the pink
insides beginning to show.  "Now show me more," her hands pushing under Hope's
ass, pushing against her, forcing her to rise up.  She loved making Hope perform
and she did it so well, so easily.  "Higher, I can see your pussy lips
separating, I want to see your pink insides, can you show me, Hope, show me that
pretty pussy?"
	Hope felt the soft hands under her, urging her to raise her hips, her
body arching from the bed.  Her feet were firmly planted on the bed, her legs
spread obscenely wide, now her hips rose up, her pussy pushing up to the
ceiling, her pussy lips spreading wide.  She felt more juice from her pussy
running down her thighs.  She imagined how she looked, naked, legs spread, body
arched up. 
	"Smile and open your eyes, Hope," the camera recording every minute of
Hope's degradation at the hands of Kristina.  The finished video would sell
well, the still pictures only a teaser of what was recorded.  She looked at
Hope, smiling, performing like a two-dollar whore.  "A little higher," nudging
her nearest foot a little further apart, hearing Hope groan, the stretch of her
legs now becoming painful.  Her hips were over two feet off of the bed. 
Kristina ran her fingers over Hope's pussy, careful not to touch her clit,
instead running a finger up and down her slit, feeling the wetness.  She pulled
back Hope's pussy lips, spreading her open for the camera.  She knew they would
be doing a close-up, so she pulled tighter, watching as her vagina appeared. 
She pulled harder, feeling Hope move higher, hoping to avoid the pain but only
succeeding in giving the camera a better picture.  Fingers moved to her clit,
pushing aside the clit hood, barely able to cover the hard bud.  She blew on it
and watched as Hope shivered as the camera recorded her every reaction.  Her
clit stood out hard, dark red, aroused, wanting so desperately to be touched. 
She knew Hope would cum quickly.  But that would only be the first of many. 
	Hope's back hurt, arched high, allowing herself to be spread open.  But
the fingers returning urged her on.  She thought she would cum as the speared
her pussy lips, pushing them aside as they ran up and down her slit, her pussy
juices letting them slide effortlessly.  She heard the voices again and
complied, rising up higher, her hips now three feet off the bed, her legs
painfully spread wide, her pussy pulled open by insistent fingers.
	"Higher, Hope, I want to see your tiny asshole, you can do it," her
hands lightly slapping Hope's raised ass cheeks for compliance.  She felt the
body responding, feet placed firmly on the bed, her hips rising up higher,
revealing her asshole to the camera.  Another quick slap to her ass raised her
another 5 inches.  "That's a good girl, you have to obey," the hand slapping her
ass again, showing her what happens to girls that do not obey.
	Hope felt the slap on her ass go directly to her pussy, her pussy
suddenly flooding the bed underneath her with pussy juice.  She had never been
abused like this, spanked on the ass, her body forced into obscene positions,
letting herself be spread open.  Another slap and she urged her body up higher,
oh, God, it felt so good, why should a slap on her ass feel good, her mind
confused, not able to comprehend the confusing signals her body was giving to
her.  "MMMMMMGGG, nnnnnooooo," when she felt fingers running over her ass
cheeks, pulling them apart, revealing her intimate anus.  She felt the hot
breath of Kristina blowing on it, she could feel her pucker move as if welcoming
the hotness.
	Kristina picked up a small paintbrush from the table near her.  It was
an artists brush, over 3/4 inch wide, but of horsehair, very rough.  She put her
fingers on each side of Hope's asshole pucker, pulling the skin taunt.  She took
the brush and rubbed it over her asshole, having to follow around Hope's moving
body as she bucked from the sensation.  "Stay still, Hope, this will feel good,"
her other hand slapping her ass, this time harder for compliance.
	Hope moved her ass, trying to evade the strange feeling coming from her
spread asshole.  She did not know what was happening, but her asshole pucker
began to flex in and out, something rubbing harshly over it.  A slap on her ass,
this time getting harder, stinging, ordering her still.  It was difficult.  She
again felt something rubbing over her asshole pucker, fingers pulling it wide,
keeping it separated.   She felt coolness rushing inside her, knowing that the
fingers were pulling her asshole open.  She felt the rubbing over the edges,
rubbing harshly over the tender flesh, her pucker opening and closing like she
was having a bowel movement.  The fingers became more insistent, her asshole
spreading open more, now becoming painful.  The rubbing returned this time
forcing her asshole to respond, trying to close, but the fingers pulling it
painfully open.  She could feel her asshole open and close, unable to comprehend
or respond.
	Kristina could not believe the performance that Hope was giving the
camera.  The brush had turn her asshole pucker into a dancing hole in her body. 
It puckered out, trying to stop her fingers from spreading it open, only to
confront the harsh brush, the pucker pushing in to escape.  She continued to
play Hope's body, the camera recording every muscle contraction of Hope's tiny
asshole.  Everyone seeing the video could only imagine what her tiny asshole
would do to their cock if it were them that fucked her asshole.  "Very good,
Hope, your body seems to enjoy that."  Kristina pushed a finger against Hope's
asshole pucker and allowed the camera to record Hope rising higher on the bed as
the finger was relentless in pushing in, forcing her sphincter to accept the
ravishment and accept it.  The finger won out as Hope's asshole was forced to
surrender, her asshole popping open, the finger gripping it tightly.  Everyone
watching the video in the future would be cumming from that scene.
	"OOOOWWWW, OOOOHHH, GGGGOOOOD," her body so arched up from the bed it
was difficult to keep her balance.  She felt the finger enter her asshole,
pushing in.  She felt her asshole gripping it, her sphincter pushing on it,
trying to force it out of her body.   As her body began to lose its control, she
was forced to lower herself, her muscles tired, slowly impaling herself on the
finger in her asshole.  She tightened her ass cheeks, gripping tightly on the
finger as it was now buried up to the knuckle, moving around inside her.  Her
body was not used to having something pushed inside her asshole instead of out,
the pain racing up her spine, her asshole gripping it, trying to expel it from
her body.
	Kristina pulled her finger out of Hope's asshole, it gripping it tightly
even though it was trying to expel it.  She let Hope's body slump to the bed,
her muscles having given up the fight, no longer able to keep her body arched
and spread.  It was now time to give Hope her reward.  "You pleased me very
well, you did a good job obeying, little girl.  Now I will make you cum." 
Kristina moved up towards Hope's head, "you may put your arms down," she
commanded, watching as Hope's clenched fists leaving the headboard.  "Come
here," pulling her closer, her lips touching hers again, feeling Hope's tongue
responding, pushing in, searching out the depths of her mouth.  Kristina began
to rub Hope's breasts again, fingers pinching the nipples hard, watching as
Hope's back arched in pain, her mouth moaning into hers.  She felt Hope
reciprocate, her nipples rudely pinched, her breasts squeezed hard.  She learns
so well. 
	Hope felt Kristina's leg move over the top of hers, feeling her naked
pussy rubbing on the top of her leg, wetness spreading over her thighs.  She
could feel Kristina's pussy lips spreading open as she began to rub her pussy up
and down her leg.   Kristina's hand found her pussy and squeezed it hard, her
hand soaked with Hope's juices.  Hope arched up, pushing her pussy into the hand
as she felt the fingers running up and down her slit, moving closer and closer
to her clit, now swollen in lust.  "AAAAHHHH," she screamed as fingers grabbed
her clit and squeezed it, pain turning into pleasure as the nub finally got what
it had sought for so long.  Two fingers pushed into her pussy, sliding
effortlessly within the hot, wet cavern of her sex.   "Oh, yeah, please, make me
cum, please," she begged.  She felt Kristina moved closer to her, her body
laying on top of hers, knees pushing between her legs, forcing her legs outward,
spreading her open again.  She was only inches from her pussy, Hope rising up
again in anticipation.
	"I'm going to fuck you with my pussy, Hope, can you be a good girl and
fuck me back," laying on Hope's body, feeling Hope rub her body back and forth,
obeying.  The two hot, wet pussy's met, the electricity running through both of
their bodies, both sexually over stimulated, both hot and ready to cum.  Their
tongues met again, their breasts rubbing against the other, hard nipples pushing
into each other's chest.  Kristin grabbed Hope under her ass, pulling her up
into her pussy, her knees keeping her legs spread obscenely, her pussy opened
and ready.  She began to pinch Hope's asscheeks, making Hope buck under her,
moving her hips up and down sensuously, fucking back.
	"YYYYEEES, fuck me, please fuck me," her ass rising and falling, sharp
pinches to her ass further stimulating her oversexed mind.  She couldn't help
herself any longer, she had to cum.
	The only sound in the room was the sound of young female flesh pounding
against each other, the slap of wet pussies rubbing solicitously.  Hard clits,
almost like tiny penises pushed against each other, nipples dragged painfully
across the chest of the other and the sound of panting lust coming from the two
teenagers.  And the quiet swirl of the camera, recording every detail of the
forbidden sex.  Faster and faster they fucked each other.  Kristina pulled Hope
around on top of her, wanting the camera to record her ass rising and falling on
her splayed crotch.  Kristina reached back, pulling Hope's ass cheeks apart,
spreading them wide, showing the camera her asshole peeking out, her ass humping
back and forth on top of Kristina. 
	Hope felt her body turned, now on top, now being able to control her
pussy rubbing on Kristina.  She felt hands pull her ass cheeks apart, but she no
longer cared.  Legs came around her, Kristina's legs wrapping around her,
pulling her deeper on top of her.  Their hips moved side to side, sliding
effortlessly on the large quantity of pussy juice flowing from the cunts of both
of the girls.  "SSSPPLLL, SSSSPPPLLL," as they continued to rub.
	Kristin pushed her tongue in Hope's mouth, her hand reaching between
their bodies, finding Hope's clit, pushing her knuckle into it.  "Cum for me
now, Hope, cum all over me," her hand gripping Hope's pussy as her cunt began to
shoot out. 
camera in the headboard recording the face in ecstasy as she came from her first
girl sex.  She could feel Kristina begin to climax, her pussy juice mixing with
hers as they both came.  It felt like Kristina was shooting out gallons of cum
on her, not knowing that it was her.  Her pussy convulsed in pleasure, cum
shooting out onto Kristina, dripping down between her spread legs to puddle on
the bed.  Again she yelled, AAAAAHHHH," her body shuddering as she climaxed
again, her pussy rubbing hard against Kristina, "fuck, fuck me."  "OOOOWWW,"
another climax hit her as Kristina stuck her wet finger deep into her
defenseless asshole, driving it into her body with a renewed force, dragging
another cum from her spent body.  It twisted inside her, forcing her to ride
Kristina longer, forcing her pussy to rub longer over Kristina's climaxing body. 
"NNNOOOTTT AAGGaain," she yelled, another cum yanked from her teenage body. 
	The camera recorded her body slumping down in exhaustion, Kristina
turning her over, raising her hands over her head, spreading her legs open again
for the camera.  Kristina pulled Hope's pussy lips apart, her pussy juice
clinging to her virgin flesh, her clit still swollen.  The camera pulled in for
a close-up, cum pooling on the bed beneath her, dripping down her thighs, her
breathing ragged.  Her first girl sex and she had cum over four times.  Her
father, uncle and brother had all cum.  Wishing them were the ones that fucked
Hope, planning for when they would.
More of Kristina and Hope to Come

Author: Powerone
Title: Ransom Demand-Rape and Torture of Sara
Part: Chapter 7
Summary: While on vacation in Mexico, Sara's niece, Hope is kidnapped.  The
ransom demand is that Sara become a sex slave for 30 days. Sara is raped,
humiliated and tortured. Eighteen year old bi-sexual Kristina seduces Hope into
having "girl sex".  The girl sex encounter continues.
Keywords: Mf, ff, nc, anal, reluc, humiliation, torture

Copyright 2003 by Powerone.  You may contact the author at

Chapter 7-More Adventures with Kristina

	Hope fell asleep naked, her thighs covered in her own cum, glistening in
the light of the room.  The exhaustion of her bondage by the guards and now the
sexual tension and resulting orgasms by Kristina had taken the toll on her young
body, slumping to the bed, escaping from the reality of her existence into a
deep slumber.

	Kristina paced the room, still naked from her encounter with Hope,
gathering up some toys to use on Hope when she would wake her up.  She looked at
the hidden camera aimed at the bed and slowly pulled the blanket off Hopes naked
body, exposing her to the voyeuristic eye in the wall again.  Hope was curled up
into a fetal position, her breasts hidden by her arms, her hands tucked between
her legs.  It had been a little over a hour since their sexual encounter and
Kristina was ready for more.  It was important to keep Hope on the edge of
exhaustion, making her a willing slave to Kristina's domination and control. 
Kristina sat on the bed next to Hope, brushing the hair out of Hopes face so the
camera would have a clear picture of her face.  She could hardly wait to see the
Internet pictures that came from the last encounter, innocent little Hope would
be the star of the Internet.  Many hard cocks would be masturbated to the cries
of ecstasy by Hope as she was girl fucked by Kristina. 

	Hope stirred, but did not awaken as she dreamed of feminine fingers
touching her naked body again.  "MMMM," she moaned as the thoughts of her
orgasms under the skillful manipulation of Kristina raced through her mind.

	Kristina smiled as she heard the soft murmuring of Hope as she ran her
hands over the naked body before her.  She laid Hope on her back again, her eyes
not even fluttering open as she was pushed back.  Her arms were pulled up to
over her head, her naked breasts now exposed to the camera again.  Small red
marks showed on her breasts, testament to the nibbling bites by Kristina on the
perky tits.  Kristina ran her fingers over the nipples, watching as they snapped
to attention again, sharp points staring at the camera lens.  She moved her
hands down the flat plain of her stomach, slowing pushing in on the tight flesh
until it reached the sparse patch of pubic hair, shaped into a cute triangle. 
She moved to one side and began to slowly part her left leg, watching as Hopes
pussy lips slowly spread open to the camera.  The leg reached the edge of the
bed and Kristina moved to the other side to begin again, the right leg now
moving until her legs were spread obscenely.  She let her fingers play over the
open pussy, pulling back the pussy lips wide, her pink insides exposed to the
leering camera lens.  She ran her finger between the spread lips, feeling the
moisture already begin to form.  She saw the hips begin a slow movement as her
finger became more insistent, moving up and down the slit until it reached her
clit.  She pushed the clit hood out of the way, exposing the bright red bud to
the camera.  She placed her fingers on each side of it, putting pressure on it,
watching as she slowly squeezed it tightly.

	Hope suddenly realized that the dreams of feminine fingers playing with
her body were not a dream.  Her eyes opened wide, finding Kristina playing with
her naked and spread pussy again.  She smiled as she felt the experience fingers
again begin to stimulate her sex organ.  "So tired, please, so tired," she
murmured, but her hips were already fucking back on the fingers.

	"I'm bored.  If I can't play with you, I guess I will go out.  I will
give you back to the guards and they can keep you company.  Would you like that,
would you like for the men to tie you up again?"

	Hope snapped to awake, afraid of what the men would do to her.  "No,
please don't go.  What are you going to do?" she asked.

	"I want to cum again.  Don't you?"

	Hope was tired, but the experienced fingers of Kristina were already
sexually arousing her.  She allowed her legs to spread even wider, lying on the
bed, her legs spread in a wide "X".  Her arms were over her head, her body open
and exposed to whatever Kristina wanted to do to her.  She felt like she was
bound, unable to stop Kristina from whatever perversion she wished to perform on
her.  And it was making her pussy slick in anticipation.  She had never thought
of it before, but she was enjoying her submission.  She wondered what it would
be like if the men did the same thing to her.  Would it also make her wet?

	"Turn over on your belly, hands over your head," Kristina instructed
her, watching as she slowly sat up and turned over, first on her knees, her
pussy pouch peeking out between her legs.  She watched as Hope lay flat on the
bed, her arms reaching up high, touching the headboard.  They gripped the
headboard tightly, as if she was bound to them.  "You like being ordered to
perform, don't you Hope.  We will see how good you do.  You will learn to do
many new things today.  You will learn to pleasure me with your tongue, but not
before I eat that pretty pussy of yours!  Good girl," watching as Hope lay on
the bed submissively, her naked ass pointed at the glaring camera.

	Hope lay on the bed, trembling in fear.  Ever since she saw the tape of
her father putting his penis in the backside of Sara, she feared that others
would do the same to her.  Kristina had already pierced her asshole with her
fingers, masturbating her to orgasm with her bottom stuffed full of fat fingers. 
She did not know what was in store for her virgin asshole.  She felt hands
touching her ass cheeks, rubbing them sensuously, moving them around, her ass
cheeks spreading open and closed, her anus exposed to the cool air of the room. 
"AAAAWWWW," she yelled as a loud crack filled the room, a sharp burning pain
rushing up from her exposed ass cheeks as a hand had harshly spanked her naked
behind.  "Why did you do that?"  Hope yelled.

	Kristina smiled, her hand returning to massage the hot flesh, already
turn a light pink in color.  Her hand reached down farther, pushing between
Hopes tightly clenched thighs, seeking out her pussy.  She found what she was
looking for, a wet pussy.  "That is why, your pussy is wet.  You want me to do
it."  She raised her hand and smacked the other cheek this time, Hopes body
jerking in response, but her arms clenched the headboard tightly, making no
attempt to stop the spanking or to turn over.  "Yes," the hand slapping down
lower this time, spanking the tender skin of her legs right below her cheeks. 
"Spread open, Hope, spread your legs open," the hand slapping the other leg this
time, watching as they slowly began to part.  "Good girl," slapping a tender
inner thigh as it was exposed, seeing the leg push outward in response to the
pain.  "More, spread wider, let me see your pussy and asshole open up to me
again," slapping first one inner thigh before quickly moving to the other side,
Hopes thighs turning red in response to the abuse. 

	The camera recorded every movement as the girl on the bed slowly allowed
her most intimate parts of her body to be exposed to the glaring camera and to
the sharp smacks of Kristina's hands.  Kristina moved her legs wider and wider,
her inner thighs receiving the painful slaps as she did.  She could feel the
dampness of the bed beneath her, knowing that her pussy was soaking wet.
	"On your side," Kristina ordered, pulling Hope over by her leg until she
lay on her side, her arms still tightly clenching the headboard.  She pulled
Hopes leg up, her inner thighs now completely exposed, as was her wet pussy. 
She bent the leg back farther, hearing Hope groan in pain her legs were
obscenely bent and her crotch exposed.  "So open," smiling as she pulled her
exposed sex towards the camera.  "Sllllapp," her hand beating on the exposed
inner thigh, only inches from her wet sex.  "SsSSSLLLAAAAPPP," again, this time
the other side.  Her fingers grabbed Hopes pussy, feeling the wetness as they
sank tightly between the spread lips.  "So wet, you like being taken, don't
you," her hand pulling her leg up high, raising Hopes ass up from the bed. 
"SSSSPPPLLLAAT," the hand hitting hard on the exposed ass cheeks.
	The camera continued to film the spanking of Hopes naked body, zooming
in as the hand moved dangerously near the wet pussy.  Kristina pulled Hope
completely over onto her back, grabbing her by her spread legs as she moved her
into the position she wanted.  Her tits were arched up, her arms still clutching
the headboard, her legs spread wide, her pussy lips open.  "SSSMMMACKK," a sharp
smack to the inner thigh, pushing the leg open even wider.  "SSSMMMACCK," this
time to the other inner thigh, the flesh turning red from the brutal spanking. 
Kristina waited until Hopes thighs spread open wider and then swung her arm and
hit Hope with the flat of her hand fully on her wet and exposed pussy.
	"AAAWWWWWGG," Hope yelled, her head popping up, but her hands, almost
white from clenching onto the headboard did not move, as the pain shot into her
exposed sex.  She barely had time to recover before she was subject to a second,
more painful spank on her pussy.  "OOOOWW," she cried out, her hips rising up
and down, the pain shooting into her brain.
	Kristina sat back on the bed, watching Hope as she whimpered in pain. 
Her hand reached for Hopes exposed pussy and pushed between her pussy lips.  She
pulled her hand away, glistening from the juices.  "Would you like me to eat
your pussy now, Hope?  Move my tongue up and down your slit until you cum in my
	Hope was embarrassed.  Embarrassed and humiliated.  While the spanking
had hurt, it also felt good.  She did not understand the mixed feelings.  Her
pussy was so hot, hot from the spanking, but also sexually aroused from the
feeling of domination that Kristina had over her body.  While she never had
anyone eat her pussy before, not even a boy, let alone a girl, she knew that she
craved it.  "Please, please," she begged, bringing her legs up and letting them
fall to the side, the plane of her sex exposed to whatever Kristina desired to
due to her.
	Kristina peeled back Hope's pussy lips, exposing the pink inner lips to
the camera.  She licked her lips in anticipation.  Hope was so wet and Kristina
loved the taste of pussy juice.  She even loved it when it was mixed with sperm. 
Her Aunt made her eat her pussy after her Uncle fucked her and dumped a load of
cum inside her.  After a while, it became second nature, another part of the
sexual routine that her Aunt and Uncle made her perform.  Just like she was now
doing to Hope.  She moved her face down between Hope's legs, blowing gently on
her exposed pussy, feeling Hope shudder in pleasure.  She felt Hope jump, her
body startled by the unexpected pleasure as Kristina's tongue made its first
journey up and down the slick pussy lips.  Kristina could taste the salty juice,
her lips already soaked in the nectar. 
	"OH, God," Hope cried out as the pleasure of the wet tongue running up
and down her pussy overcame her senses.  Her hips moved up, her hands still
clenching the headboard tightly as she gave into the emotions taking over her
body.  Her body shuddered as Kristina's fingers manipulated her clit until it
stood out, red and swollen and then ran her tongue over the delicate bud. 
"PPPLLLEEASE, don't stop," she begged.  The rough tongue sliding over her clit
drove her wild in desire, her hips bucking up and down on the bed, fucking
Kristina's face.
	Kristina hummed into Hope's pussy, her vibrating lips traveling through
the slick pussy.  Her tongue lapped at the slick skin before moving to her
vagina.  Fingers pulled it open, her tongue pushing into the slick chamber, the
cry of joy ringing out in the room as Hope's inner pussy pulsated on the darting
tongue.  Kristina moved her tongue all over Hope's pussy, up and down the wet
slit, over her engorged clit and pushed hard into her vagina, lapping at the
overabundance of pussy juice. 
	Hope felt Kristina's hands move up under her legs, pushing them back
towards her head and she knew what was going to happen.  Kristina's tongue was
going to move back to her exposed anus.  She did not know what the fascination
was with her back passage, but she did not have the power to stop it.  The
tongue moved up and down her slit, each time moving lower, over the tiny bit of
flesh separating her pussy to her asshole.  It finally reached its destination,
the wet tongue lapping at her tiny star of an anus, running over the shriveled
bud.  Hope shivered in ecstasy as the rough, wet tongue rubbed her asshole,
igniting a lust in her young, inexperienced body.  "OOHHH," arching her hips up
higher, giving Kristina greater access to her sex.  "AAAAWWWW," her ass cheeks
clenching tightly onto the darting tongue, almost capturing it between them. 
	"SSSLLLAAAPP," Kristina's hand shooting out and hitting Hope's ass cheek
with a resounding force.  "Keep your ass cheeks open, don't you dare tighten up
on me again," she ordered her in a stern voice.  Her tongue returned to Hope's
asshole, now open and exposed, the tiny opening clenching open and closing as
Kristina's hot breath blew on it.
	Kristina grabbed the headboard tighter, forcing her ass cheeks to
unclench, her asshole now unprotected and open.  She did not have to wait for
long before the hot breath blew over it, then the hot, wet tongue began to lap
again.  She gritted her teeth, pushing out on her asshole, trembling in fear,
afraid she might fart on the tongue lapping at her bud, but wanting to please
Kristina.  She felt her asshole slowly opening, feeling strange again as she
forced her sphincter to relax and let the oral digit begin to enter her back
passage.  She felt it stretching open, the tongue feeling hard, like a miniature
cock trying to sodomize her.  The tongue entered farther into her, slowly moving
into her rectum, her sphincter forced to open to accept the ravishment of the
	Kristina could taste the slight musty taste of Hope's asshole as her wet
tongue ran over her slick back passage, the digit grabbed tightly by Hope's
sphincter.  She still smelled sweet from the shower and she was use to the smell
of assholes, her uncle often forced her to lick his asshole while she stroked
his cock.  And he was not as clean and sweet smelling as Hope.  Kristina reached
over and picked up a strange instrument, watching Hope's eye follow her hand. 
It was six inches long, a small shaft, a half-inch wide running down the center. 
Four deflated rubber bags hung limply from the shaft.  They were made of a very
thick rubber and were all connected to a large air bulb at the end of the hollow
	Hope's eye widened in fear as she saw the strange instruments.  She knew
that she was not going to like it and she rightly figured it was going to be
pushed up inside her virgin asshole.  "What are you going to do with that? 
Hope's voice trembled in fear.
	Kristina lifted her head up from between Hope's legs, a light coat of
pussy juice covering her lips and chin.  She licked her lips, the salty taste of
Hope's cum filling her mouth.  "It's going up that tight asshole of yours.  It
is time you felt what it was like to be filled.  Watch what I can do to it once
it is inserted."  Kristina's fingers pumped sharply on the large air bulb.  Four
individually spaced balloons began to inflate.  The one closest to the air bulb
stopped when it was about the size of a marble, the next one about as big around
as a ring.  The third one was bigger, the size of a small dildo.  The last one
continued to inflate until it was the size of a table tennis ball.  All of them
a thick rubber, rigid and unflinching.  They would not shrink down, even when
squeezing out a tight rectum.  "I'm going to pull them out of your asshole when
you cum.  Each one gets bigger and your rectum is going to have to stretch wide
to allow them to pass through.  Then it will shrink back down, to again have to
stretch, this time wider, to take the next unyielding balloon."
	Hope's hip rose again as the experienced tongue of Kristina returned,
this time to lap again at her spread pussy.  It would do no good to protest,
Kristina would have her way with her.  She settled back into the feelings
rushing over her body as Kristina sucked her pussy lips into her mouth,
stretching the puffy lips.  Kristina's teeth bit gently on the flesh, her body
jerking in response to the new feeling. 
	She gritted her teeth as she felt the evil instrument run up and down
her pussy slit, soaking up the juices that flowed freely.  She felt the tip run
back down between her pussy lips until it pushed against her asshole.  The blunt
instrument pushed against her resisting asshole, Kristina forcing it harder
against the virgin asshole.  She felt her asshole begin to spread open, the
strange feeling of having her asshole opened, not from trying to force out
something, but from having something forced in.  "Mmmmggh," she moaned as her
sphincter fought the intrusion, but finally lost the fight and the tip of the
instrument began to be swallowed up by her asshole.  She felt it slowly sinking
higher into her passage, now entering her colon, the deflated balloons dragging
painfully inside her. 
	The tongue returned to her clit, sucking the engorged bud into
Kristina's mouth, her tongue slapping at it like a punching bag.  Another shove,
the instrument almost fully embedded in Hope's anal passage, her hips rising
from the bed to escape the cruel impalement.  Kristina's hand followed Hope's
movement, unwilling to let her escape. 
	"OOOWW," Hope screamed as the rigid instrument poked painfully into her
colon, her stomach cramping in pain.  "Please, no more, it hurts," spreading her
legs wider, trying to relieve the aching pain.  She felt full, the instrument
now fully embedded in her asshole, her sphincter continuing to spasm on the
shaft, the air bulb pressed tightly against her asshole.
	Kristina licked around the shaft, feeling Hope's asshole clenching on
the hard rubber shaft.  "Accept it, it's not going anywhere.  Take a deep breath
now, I'm am going to pump up the balloons.  The smallest one will fill first and
each one will get bigger until the final one embedded deep in your colon fills,
opening your anal tract to a painful limit.  You are going to have to get use to
having large objects forced into your asshole.  Men are such pigs, loving to
hear girls scream as they sodomize virgin assholes.  I have seen where they coat
a girl's anal tract with horse liniment.  It is very painful, but it forces the
ass muscles to clench and unclench, giving a cock embedded inside a very
enjoyable masturbation.  My Uncle has kept his cock inside a girl for over a
half an hour, not moving, letting her asshole gently produce a very desirable
cum for him.  It was not so for her, the liniment burns terribly."
	"OOOWW, don't, it hurts," Hope cried as she heard the swoosh of air as
Kristina began to pump the air bulb.  The first balloon, fitted snuggly inside
her rectum began to slowly expand, pushing out on her pulsating anal tract. 
"NNNO," as it opened wider, stretching her more then she was ever, feeling her
anal tract go taut.  She felt the first balloon stop growing, holding her breath
in anticipation of the next.
	"Deep breath, get ready, the next is bigger and will be in deeper.  You
can do it, be a good girl and I will make you cum," Kristina teased Hope.
	"Ahhhh, Ahhhh," Hope breathing deeply, feeling full already and she knew
that Kristina had just begun.  Another loud swoosh, this time one, then another
rapid swoosh.  "OOOWW," the second balloon, bigger then the first, inflated in
her anal tract, spreading her back passage wide.  This one was deeper, almost in
her colon, the skin stretching to accommodate the hard, rubber balloon.  "No, no
more, don't do it again," Hope begged, moving her hips in a circle, trying to
relieved the strange, full, stretched feeling in her asshole.  She felt
Kristina's tongue move up and down her stretched open pussy lips, lapping at the
juices flowing freely.  Fingers moved over her clit, two fingers plucking the
bud from beneath its hood, exposing it to the rasping tongue playing over the
engorged bud. 
	Kristina allowed Hope a moment of relaxation, continuing to eat her
pussy, her fingers poised on the air bulb.  Two balloons expanded, two to go,
the two largest.  She felt Hope's body go slump in her hands, reveling in her
experienced tongue drawing an orgasm near.  "Swwoosh, swoosh, swoosh," three
rapid pumps of the air bulb, catching Hope off guard.  Hope's hip shot up, her
mouth opened in a scream.
	"AAAAAAAAHHHH," the pain shooting through her asshole as she felt the
next balloon, the one in her colon expand rapidly.  Her fingers turned white as
they clutched the headboard, tears running down her face as the excruciating
pain of the suddenly inflated balloon filled her senses.  Her stomach cramped,
three inflated balloons now stretched tightly in her asshole.  "AAGGGH, AAAGGH,"
unable to catch her breath.  It felt like a lead pipe was pushed in her asshole,
a thick lead pipe. 
	Kristina's tongue ran into Hope's vagina, feeling the contracting pussy
clamp on the hot tongue, trying to trap it.  She heard her rapid breathing, her
body tense.  She ran her hand over her abdomen and pushed down, Hope jerking in
pain as the hand pushed hard on the trapped balloons deep inside.  "One more,
Hope.  The big one!  This one is in deep, where you are really tight.  This is
where men like to push their giant pricks in.  To make your stomach cramp, to
make it fight back and massage their pricks until they fill you with a cum
enema.  Get ready, Hope."
	Hope sucked in a lung full of air, holding her breath, waiting for the
shooting pain that she knew was coming.  The tongue continued its oral assault
on her pussy, licking up and down the moist slit, over the enlarged clit,
fingers opening and closing her vagina.  She had never felt such pain before. 
It shot to her brain.  The rapid sound of five "swooshes" and the sudden
expansion of the huge, hard rubber balloon trapped deep inside her colon. 
"OOOOOOOOWWWWGGGHHH, AAGGHH, I can't stand it, don't, please don't," begging,
not really knowing what she was begging for. 
	Kristina stroked her body, her tongue and fingers playing over Hope's
open sex.  "All full now, Hope.  How does it feel to be stuffed from the inside? 
Now I'm going to make you cum.  When you cum, I'm going to slowly pull the
balloons from your asshole.  It is going to hurt as they pop out your little
asshole.  You are going to have to stretch real wide to allow them out.  I want
to hear you scream in pleasure and pain."  She returned to the oral attention
she was giving Hope's sex, her tongue racing over her oversexed pussy.  While it
might have been painful for Hope, it did nothing to damp her impending orgasm. 
She could feel her on the edge. 
	Hope jerked around, her body tormented by the cruel balloons stretching
her anal tract, but also from the intense pleasure of Kristina's oral
ministration of her sex.  The act of submission, forced to accept the painful
stretching of her asshole, forced to accept the female cunnilingus were all
having an effect on her.  She could feel her body betraying her again, she could
feel an orgasm coming on.  Her hips bucked up and down, pushing her wet pussy
into the waiting mouth and tongue of Kristina.  "Yes, please, make me cum," she
	Kristina's tongue lapped at the naked flesh before her, rubbing all over
the naked sex of Hope.  She grabbed the shaft of the embedded instrument and
gripped it tightly.  "Cum for me, Hope, cum for me," and slowly began to pull
the balloons from Hope's asshole.  She licked all around the tightly grasping
anus as the smallest of balloons slowly began to push outward, forcing it to
open again and allow the withdrawal.  Meanwhile, the other three, larger
balloons were being pulled slowly through Hope's anal tract, stretching the
passage wide.
	Her hips bounced up and down, the painful withdrawal mixing with the
pleasure of Kristina's tongue.  Just as the first balloon began to expand her
anus, her first orgasm overtook her senses.  She bucked up and down, her love
juices flowing over Kristina's face and mouth.
	Kristina felt Hope's pussy begin to spasm on her tongue, the orgasm
beginning.  She pulled harder on the shaft, watching as the smallest of balloons
slowly expanded Hope's anus to allow it to escape. 
	"Oh, God, you're making me cccuummm," she cried out.  "Oooowww," the
painful passing of the first balloon through her clenching sphincter igniting a
pain in her at the same time as her orgasm.  The combination of pain and
pleasure wracked her body.  She felt her sphincter close again, the first
balloon pulled through.
	Kristina's tongue sucked Hope's clit into the hot confines of her mouth,
her tongue playing over the sensitive tip.  She felt another shudder in Hope and
began to pull the next balloon through her anus.  Hope's scream of pleasure was
shattered as the second balloon began to pull through her anus, stretching the
tight skin wide as it sought to escape the sphincter muscle gripping it tightly.
	"AAAG, OOOWWW," another orgasm hitting her young body, another painful
withdrawal of the rigid balloon through her clenching anus.  "No more, it hurts
too much," she begged, but Kristina already had two fingers pumping in and out
of Hope's vagina as her tongue continued to play over her soaked pussy.  She
felt the slow, painful withdrawal of the cruel instrument in her asshole, the
largest of the balloons feeling like it was going to tear her delicate anal
	"Two more, Hope, you still have the two largest balloons, cum for me
again," Kristina's tongue returning to Hope's clit, this time gently biting on
the red, swollen bud.  She began to pull again, the third balloon just starting
to open her anus.  She knew that it would have to open wide, but the last would
be the worst. 
	"AAAGGHH, slowwwwlly, plllease, hurts so bad," the slow, painful
extraction of the balloon making her anus feel like it was burning.  "GGGOOD,
not again," she cried out as another orgasm was forced out of her as Kristina
bit on her swollen clit.  "OOOOOOWWWWWW, her anus feeling like it tore as the
third balloon popped free from the confines of her asshole, her anus shrinking
quickly back to size.  She still felt stretched, the largest of the balloons now
only an inch from her clenching anus.
	"One more Hope, just one more.  This is the biggest, your asshole is
going to have to stretch wide to allow this one."  She pulled on the shaft,
watching as Hope's anus began to stretch.  Harder she pulled, Hope's anus now
almost white as it was stretched to painful proportions. 
	"OOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW, no don't, no more!"  She cried out.   Her body went
limp in pain, the pain blocking any future orgasms.  "OOOHHH, GGGGOOOD, you're
killlinnnng me," she yelled as it felt like her asshole was being branded with a
hot iron.
	Kristina watched the last ball size balloon pop out of Hope's asshole,
her once tiny anus now a gaping hole, clenching and unclenching in response to
the painful stretching it had to endure.  Kristina felt Hope's body slump down
in sexual exhaustion.  She ran her tongue over her lips, soaking up Hope's pussy
juice glistening on her face and lips.  Kristina got up from the bed and moved
toward Hope's head, kneeling down next to it.  "On your back, hands down by your
side," she ordered her. 
	"Now what," Kristina cried out, exhausted from the multiple orgasms and
the painful stretching of her asshole.  She saw Kristina move over her body,
legs pushed on both sides of her head, her pussy only inches from her face.  She
knew what would be required.  She would have to eat Kristina's pussy and make
her cum, just as she had done to her.
	"Stick out your tongue and run it over my wet pussy.  Do a good job and
make me cum on your face," feeling the first touch of Hope's tongue run up and
down her slit.  The tongue was first hesitant, then began to explore in earnest,
moving from her clit back to the bottom of her pussy lips.  "Don't forget my
asshole, tongue it like I did you."
	Hope's tongue moved all over Kristina's open sex.  Hands held her head
tightly, forcing it up and down, back and forth, making her suck Kristina's
pussy.  "Yes, you learn well, Hope, make me cum."
	Kristina's Uncle and Father watched Kristina orgasm on Hope's face, her
pussy juice coating Hope's face.  They stroked their cocks as they watched the
girl sex.  "I think we should join them, don't you," Kristina's father said. 
"You can have Kristina, I want to teach this little girl what men want to do to
her body."  He put his cock back into his pants and they began to walk upstairs
to Kristina's room. 
	The girls lay slumped in the bed, satisfied, the smell of pussy juice
filling the room.  The telephone rang, Kristina answering it.  "Yes, Daddy. 
Yes, I will make sure.  Yes, I will get her dressed.  Yes, something very sexy,
a short skirt."
	Hope looked up in surprise.  "What does your father want?"
	"He wants us to take a shower and get dressed.  My uncle and father are
coming to pay you a visit.  Hurry now, get up and get cleaned up.  He will be
here soon."
	"Why, what is he going to do?"
	"I suspect he is going to fuck you and make you suck him off.  And my
Uncle will probably do the same to me.  You don't want to say no to my father. 
It could be very painful.  Now quickly, get your ass in the shower.  I will help
you," pulling Hope from the bed into the large bathroom and into the shower. 
To be Continued

Author: Powerone
Title: Ransom Demand-Rape and Torture of Sara
Part: Chapter 8 Hope Is Raped
Summary: While on vacation in Mexico, Sara's niece, Hope is kidnapped.  The
ransom demand is that Sara become a sex slave for 30 days. Hope is abused by
Kristina's father after learning of their girl sex.  Keywords: Mf, ff, nc, anal,
reluc, humiliation, torture

Copyright 2003 by Powerone.  You may contact the author at

Chapter 8  Hope Is Raped
	Kristina dressed Hope in a typical schoolgirl outfit that her father and
uncle so loved.  She wore a white, button down blouse, the buttons straining to
contain her breasts.  Her skirt, a red, plaid cotton skirt was short, barely
touching the top of her knees, just the way her father liked it.  The only thing
that did not fit was the shoes.  She wore a pair of three inch high heels, her
legs perched up high on them, her muscles straining as she balanced precariously
on them.
	"What is going to happen?" Hope asked Kristina, scared of her father and
	"You are going to be fucked Hope.  At least by my father and maybe also
by my Uncle."
	"No, I'm a virgin.  I'm saving myself for my husband.  Please, talk to
your father, don't let him do this to me."  She begged Kristina.  "I did
everything you said."
	"I can't help you.  In Mexico, women do not go against the men, fathers
or husbands.  We are a very male dominant society and the females are here for
the pleasure of the men.  My Uncle took my virginity when I was 10 and has
fucked me since then.  While my father does not touch me, he knows of my Uncle
and approves of it."
	The door opened and Miguel, Kristina's father and her uncle walked in. 
Miguel was a large man, Hope not knowing the whole truth, that he possessed an
eleven inch cock.  Not only was she going to lose her virginity, but she will
have to take such a large cock the first time.  Kristina's uncle, Pedro also had
a large cock, but not anything like Miguel's.  They were both in their
mid-forties.  While not real handsome, they had a very demanding personality. 
Their wealth and power had translated into a personality where they demanded and
got whatever they desired.  In Mexico, anything was possible, money could buy
	He looked, seeing Hope and Kristina dressed almost identical.  His cock
was already hard from seeing the two of them engaging in girl sex.  Now he
wanted to teach Hope on how to pleasure a man.  He walked up to Hope and slapped
her hard across the fact, knocking her onto the bed.  She immediately began to
cry, her cheek already red.
	"So this is the little whore that fucked my daughter.  What have you got
to say for yourself, American tramp?"
	Sobbing, Hope managed to blurt out, "I didn't do it, Kristina made me do

	Miguel slapped her again, watching as she fell back on the bed, her
skirt riding high up her legs, giving him a quick glimpse of her panties. 
"Liar, are you calling my daughter a whore."  He moved towards Hope, she cringed
in fear, backing away, afraid of another slap. 
	Both of her cheeks stung from his hand.  He would not believe her, she
was an American.  Why would he take her word against his own daughters?  She had
to try another way.  "I'm sorry, Sir.  I didn't mean it."  Tears were still
running down her cheeks, both cheeks red.
	"Whore.  All of you Americans are whores.  Fucking my little girl.  How
many men have you fucked whore?"
	"None, Sir, I'm a virgin.  I've never been with a man before."
	"You expect me to believe a whore like you.  We'll soon find out if you
are telling the truth.  If I find you are lying, I will whip you raw.  Are you
sure you want me to believe you're a virgin?"
	"Yes Sir.  I'm a virgin."  Her eyes pleaded with him to believe her.
	"You've never had a cock in your pussy before?"
	"Have you ever sucked a cock or jerked off a cock?"
	"No Sir."
	"Ever let a man slip his cock up your ass?"
	"No, NO, I'm a good girl," getting embarrassed by his questioning.
	"Not too good, you still suck pussy don't you?"
	"Yes Sir and I'm sorry.  I don't know what got over me"
	"Maybe you just need a good, hard cock to show you what you are missing. 
Then maybe you will stay away from my little girl."
	"Oh no, Sir.  I'll stay away from Kristina, I promise.  I'll be good,
real good."  She looked into his eyes, pleading with him.  She didn't want to be
fucked, especially by him.
	"We'll see how good you can obey.  Can you do that, can you obey your
elders?"  He looked into her eyes, his eyes piercing her soul.
	She was afraid of him, his eyes had an evil look in them.  She did not
know how to answer him.  She knew that if she obeyed him, he would force her to
do things she didn't want to do, to degrade her.  If she didn't she was afraid
of what he might do to her.  She still hurt from the slaps, it could be a lot
worse.  He was talking of whipping her.  She had no choice.  "I can obey."
	"Come over here and sit next to me.  I want to get to know you better. 
We'll see if you are telling the truth."  He patted the seat between him and
Kristina's uncle.
	Meanwhile, in the cellar of the mansion, we find Sara suffering under
the hands of Rafael and Emilo, Kristina's fourteen year old brother.  She is
naked, bent over one of the many benches in the room.  Her legs are split open
wide, a spreader bar holding them open at least four feet, her pussy
unprotected.  Her arms are tied behind her back, thrusting her tits out.  While
only 34b's, her nipples were long and this is what they were working on.
	One of her breasts was placed between the serrated edges of the vice. 
Emilo was slowly turning the crank while Rafael pushed down on her back, pushing
her breast between the cold, metal vice.  Her nipples had already hardened,
hitting the cold metal and instantly becoming pert and hard.  She was trying to
squirm away as she watched the metal vise come closer and closer to trapping her
breast between the two sides.  Once secured inside, she would not be able to
stop them from squeezing them as tight as they wanted.  And she was sure that
her nipples would be crushed painfully before they were finished.
	"Crack," Rafael slapping her hard on the ass.  "Still, bitch." 
	She felt the metal touching both sides of her breast, the metal vise
continuing its push inward, closing in on anything placed between them.  "NO,
PPLSSE, NNO," the metal begin to tighten on her breast.  Tighter and tighter
they turned, her breast now compressed between the vice.  She felt Emilo handle
her breast, pulling it farther between the vice, making sure that her nipple
would also be crushed between the unyielding metal.
	"OOOOWW, GGGHHHGG," she screamed as her breast was squeezed into the one
inch space between the vice, her flesh bulging out all sides as it tightened. 
Two more turns and her nipple was touched by both sides of the vice, crushing
the hard bud between it.
	Her screams bounced off the wall as her delicate nipple was crushed by
the vice.  They finally stopped when it was all but hidden in the vice, crushed
painfully.  Sara could not believe they could inflict that much pain on her. 
She was sure her nipple would no longer be any good when they finished with it. 
She screamed again when Rafael brought another vice over, moving it under her
other breast, Emilo helping to position her breast between it.  They wasted no
time, closing the vice hurriedly onto her breast, squeezing the nipple painfully
between it until her screams rang out again.
	Tears were running down her face, the pain in her breasts running up
into her brain.  She tried to move away, but only succeeding in pulling on her
breasts, igniting a fresh batch of pain.
	Emilo came back with two more vices.  Sara cried out when she saw them. 
They were not as big as the others, but they weighted at least two pounds each.
She felt him fumbling between her legs, cringing as she felt his hands on her
pussy lips, pulling one apart, while Rafael situated the vice below it, his
hands turning the crank.  They were not satisfied it was tight enough until she
screamed loud enough.  Her other pussy lip was next, not taking very long to
trap the puffy lip between the serrated metal vice, painfully compressing the
	Just when she did not think it could get any worse, they both let the
two vices between her legs go, the two pound vices falling down towards the
ground until it stopped at her knees, her pussy lips stretched painfully down. 
They loved her screams and sobs, their cocks hard in anticipation.
	She looked through her tear stained eyes, seeing Rafael lubricating his
erect cock with a creme.  He stroked it up and down the shaft until it glistened
in the light.  She lost sight of him, but felt him behind her.  She felt the
cold lubrication touch her exposed anus, a finger suddenly and painfully shoved
deep into her asshole, lubricating her back passage for something even larger. 
When her hips shot forward to escape the raping finger, the vices began to
swing, a new wave of pain hitting her.
	"Yes, they are going to swing back and forth when I ream out your
asshole.  I'm going to fuck you hard and fast.  The only way to stop them from
swinging is to push back on your ass, driving your asshole onto my cock.  I will
like that."
	She felt his hands on her hips, steadying her for the first fuck inside
her asshole.  The next sensation was the lubricated cock placed against her
anus, rubbing over the little hole.  Even though they had fucked her up the ass,
it had shrunk back down to almost its original size.  She would have to
painfully stretch to take the cock again.  "AAAAAGGHH," the raping cock
forcefully stretching her anus open in one lunge, her rectum spread wide to take
the bulbous head as her sphincter clamped down on the head.  She waited, her
breathing ragged, her breasts painfully throbbing in the vice. 
	Rafael heard her groans and moans of pain as he drilled her asshole with
his cock, not giving her asshole time to grow accustomed to having a large cock
shoved inside.  He loved her cries, as he hit her ass with his stomach, his
balls slapping against her pussy from behind as his cock buried itself deep in
her colon.   He flexed his cock, feeling her anal passage spasm on the raping
cock, fighting to extract the cock from a place that it was not meant to be
placed in.
	He began to fuck her, her body buffeted by his powerful hips, slapping
hard against her ass, the vices pulling painfully on her pussy lips, swinging
back and forth.  Emilo smiled as she screamed, his finger giving the cranks on
the breast vices half turns.  Each time the pain would diminish, Emilo would be
there to make them tighter, to ignite a new pain.
	Her asshole felt so full.  She had to push back, forcing his cock deeper
into her colon, anything to stop the vices from swinging.  Her stomach cramped
from the cockhead deep inside, jerking and twitching in her anal passage.  Her
sphincter clenched and unclenched on the cock shaft, her pain giving him such
great pleasure. 
	Meanwhile, her niece Hope sat down, pinned between Miguel and Pedro. 
She saw Kristina smiling at her, watching her discomfort, wanting to see her
degradation by her father and uncle.  Miguel turned towards her, his hand on her
	"You're a very beautiful girl, almost as beautiful as Kristina.  No
wonder you could talk her into girl sex.  You have a lovely body for such a
young girl.  How old are you?"
	"Eighteen sir."
	He let his fingers run along her soft, silky skin of her cheek.  He
turned her head toward him, leaning in closer to her, his lips touching hers. 
He felt her jerk away.  His hand shot out and slapped her hard again.  "I
thought you were going to obey?"
	Hope sobbed, "I'm sorry," her cheek sore from the slaps.
	He moved in again, his lips touching hers.  She did not flinch as he
kissed the young girl next to him, his lips smashing down onto her.  He tried to
push his tongue into her mouth but she kept it clamped shut.  "Kiss back, stick
your tongue in my mouth.  I want you to kiss me like I was your lover."
	She cringed at his command, but did not hesitate when his lips touched
hers again.  She was afraid of him.  Afraid of being punished.  Her tongue
pushed into his mouth, tasting the foul taste of his saliva, smelling his bad
breath.  She let her tongue run over his, darting back and forth inside, their
lips mashing onto each other.
	He pulled away, "much better."  He looked down at her body, his cock
hard.  He took her hand, feeling her shudder as he did, moving it down onto his
lap.  "Feel my cock," he ordered her.
	All eyes were on her, watching as her hand touched his hard cock.  She
jerked back in surprise.  It felt like an arm, not a cock.  It was huge.  It had
to be over ten inches. 
	Miguel looked at her, his hand returning hers back onto his cock.  "I
said feel my cock, I wouldn't tell you again."  He smiled as her hand returned
to touch his cock.  Her small hand barely grabbed it.  "Good girl, now rub it
nice and slow.  Make me feel good," he ordered her.
	Pedro smiled at her as he observed her starting to masturbate Miguel. 
Her hand moved up and down the front of Miguel's pants, his cock jutting his
pants out.
	Miguel moved in again, his lips kissing Hope again.  "That's a good
girl, kiss me and stroke my cock.   Show me how well you can obey."   He felt
her tongue running inside her mouth, her hand moving up and down his cock, the
huge cock twitching in excitement.  An eighteen year old girl was kissing and
masturbating his cock while his daughter and brother watched.  He put his hand
out in front of her.   "Push your breast into my hand.  Let me feel your soft,
young breast flesh."
	She closed her eyes, moving her chest in towards his until she felt his
palm hit her breast.  She kissed him again, her hand continuing to run up and
down the cock in her hand.  She felt his hand begin to squeeze her breast. 

	She felt the cock jerking in her hand, pleased as he felt her breasts. 
He was degrading her in front of Kristina and her uncle.  She cringed at his
next command.
	"Open your blouse, I want to feel your naked skin under my fingers."
	He intended on making her strip naked in front of them.  And she was
almost sure that he was going to rape her.  There was nothing she could do.  She
had to obey.  One hand went down to her blouse, slowly slipping open the
buttons, her other hand continuing to masturbate his cock.  Maybe she could make
him cum before he raped her.  She felt the cool air on her chest and stomach,
her blouse slowly parting open as her hand continued to move up and down on his
	"For someone that has never masturbated a cock, you're a natural.  Such
soft hands and a gentle touch."  His hands moved her blouse aside, finding her
bra encased breasts, the other hand running up over her naked upper breasts and
between her cleavage.
	He kissed her again, her darting tongue still mixing with his, hands
moving over her breasts, squeezing, searching out her nipples, pinching tiny
bits of breast flesh until he heard her squeal, his finger crushing a nipple.
	She felt Pedro behind her.  "Let me help you off with your blouse,"
pulling it from her shoulders, letting it slide down her arms.  Now there were
two of them.  It was going from bad to worse.  She stopped stroking his cock
long enough for the blouse to be pulled from her arms.  Pedro threw it over into
the corner.  His hands returned to her naked back, her hand shot up, grabbing at
	Miguel moved closer to her.  "Put your hands down, let him have his way. 
He can't resist a young girl's body like yours.  He is already fucking Kristina. 
Maybe he if plays with you, he wouldn't bother her."  He kissed her again, his
hands running over her bra, feeling the youthful flesh clenched beneath his
	Hope could only sit there, half naked from the waist up as two older men
played with her body like they owned it, taking advantage of her.  One was
gripping her breasts, fingers searching out and finding her nipples, pinching
them until they became hard.  He squeezed harder but she did not protest. 
Pedro's hands began to run over her naked back, loving the feel of her silky
	"You feel so good, Hope," Pedro whispered to her.  His hands found the
catch of her bra and released it.  His hands moved around along her sides,
pushing the bra aside until he found her naked breast flesh, fingers moving
forward until they touched the hard nipples.  He pinched them hard.
	"OOOWWW," she cried as the four hands moved about her body, unable to
stop them, her hand busy masturbating the giant cock beneath them.  Fingers
moved to her shoulders, slipping the straps down her arms until she let them
pull free from her hands, her breasts now naked.  She wasn't sure who was
touching her breasts, all she knew were that they were not gentle.  They pinched
and prodded the flesh, feeling the resilient flesh bounce back after being
crushed beneath their fingers.
	Pedro stuck his fist into the small of her back, "arch your back, stick
your tits out for Miguel," he ordered her, the painful fist thrusting her
breasts out.  Miguel's lips moved down to her breast and instantly sucked one of
her already hard nipples into his mouth.  He sucked it into his mouth painfully,
stretching it as he did, his teeth nibbling on the ends.  He ground his teeth on
the rubbery flesh, feeling her body jerk in pain.
	He moved to the other, his fingers grabbing the bitten nipple while his
lips sucked the other nipple in again, stretching it from her body, his teeth
biting on it like it had no feeling.  Pedro continued to force her breast into
his mouth, her hand continuing to masturbate the pulsating cock in her hand.
	Pedro grabbed her hands from Miguel's lap, pulling her arms up into the
air, then back over her shoulders, her breasts arched up high into the air.  Her
nipples were wet with saliva, the pink flesh already turning a deeper red from
the abuse.  Her dark brown areolas had goose bumps, the cool air in the room
hitting the wetness left on by their sucking.  Her breasts stood up proudly,
arched up high into the air, no sag at all.
	Miguel pulled back to look at them, his fingers playing over the thrust
out nipples, pulling and twisting them, watching as her face contorts in pain. 
He reached up with his hand and slapped her breast, watching the flesh dance on
her chest.
	"UUUGGHH, OOOWW," that hurts," she cried out, Miguel's hand moving out
again to hit the other breast making it jiggle and move.  The sound of flesh
hitting flesh rang out in the room.   She felt fingers snap at her nipples
painfully, sharp pains ignited on the tips by his nails. 
	He slapped both of them, alternating between them, making them jiggle. 
He could see flesh turning a darker red as he slapped the flesh, starting with
the underside, holding her breast up by the nipple so he had a clear target.  He
then began to concentrate on her nipple and areolas, letting his fingers snap
against them, seeing her cringing in pain, but silent.   He finally stopped,
Pedro releasing her hands, his hands move beneath her arms so he could encircle
the teenage tits, hefting the globes up in his palms, his fingers snapping at
the hard nipples.  He let a fingernail rub harshly against her nipple, almost
cutting her flesh with the jagged nail as it moved back and forth, irritating
the tender flesh.
	He breasts began to ache, first from the slapping them then abuse of her
nipples.  She was pinned between the two of them, half naked, unable to defend
	"Stand up Hope," Miguel ordered her. 
	She knew that her skirt and panties wouldn't last long.  She stood
between them, both of their hands instantly running all over her teenage body. 
Pedro played with her ass, his hands clenching and unclenching on her tight ass
cheeks.  Miguel was gentler, his hands sliding her skirt like a lover might try
to do and running up and down her naked thigh, moving higher and higher until it
finally gripped her sex in his hand.  Her hips shot back and forth, just like
she was trying to fuck herself on their hands instead of trying to escape their
groping hands.
	We find Sara still being abused my Emilo and Rafael in the basement. 
They had her painfully riding the "rail."  The rail consisted of a wooden pole
about four feet long and over two inches wide.  It had been cut with grooves
that ran circular around and around the pole, the groove raising the surrounding
area up by over 1/2 inch at uneven intervals.  Her arms were tied at the wrists
and pulled up to the ceiling in front of her.  She had to stretch out her body
about two feet.  Her legs were pressed on either side of the pole, her sex
pushed painfully into the rough wood.  They forced her body painfully onto the
pole, her outstretched arms forcing the front of her sex to bear the majority of
the weight.  They pulled her pussy lips back as they forced her down on the
pole, making sure the rough wood dug into the soft, pink inner pussy.  Her
ankles were pulled back above the pole and tied together.  Her clit suffered the
most, the uneven shifting of her weight by her bound arms crushing it between
her body weight and the unyielding wood.  Sara gritted her teeth and tried to
stay still, anything to stop the pain in her sex.  But Emilo and Rafael had
other plans.
	Emilo moved towards Sara, her eyes opening wide in fear as she saw what
he had in his hand.  He was holding an electrical probe.  A twelve inch shiny
metal rod capped with a silver ball the size of a ping pong ball.  The handle
was wrapped in rubber, protecting the holder from the electrical current
traveling through the metal probe.  Attached to the probe was a long black
electrical cord, hooked up to the control panel.  Rafael worked the controls,
able to alternate the strength of the electricity going through the probe.  It
could be made to go from a relatively minor shock, like you would receive from
your feet shuffling along a carpet, to a major shock that would rattle your
inner organs into painful contractions.  It could alternate between the two
extremes, leaving the recipient unsure of whether the next shock would be a
relatively minor numbing shock or a major jolt that would tear a scream from her
	Sara could not even beg them, fingers pushed into her mouth before she
could even utter a word of protest.  Her tongue was grabbed by the foul tasting
fingers and pulled out.
	"Stick your tongue out and leave it out or else I will visit little Hope
with my probe.  Would you like to see me shove it up her tight asshole, her body
dancing in pain as I shoot it off deep in her bowels?"
	She pushed her tongue out, bracing for the inevitable pain she knew she
would be forced to endure.  She did not have to wait long, feeling the cold,
metal ball sitting on her tongue, waiting.  She could see a bright flash of the
spark before her eyes, feeling the sharp jolt running through her tongue,
shooting directly into her brain as it shot up through her moistened mouth.  Her
head was continually jolted as the probe was placed deeper and deeper into her
mouth, each time the sharp pain of the jolt shattering her senses.  "GGGGHHH,"
choking as the probe pushed into the back of her mouth, forcing its way down
into here throat, just like a cock would do.  She swallowed, the ball jammed
into her throat, waiting, teasing her.  It felt like her stomach was twisting as
it shot off inside her throat, her muscles choking and gagging as the electrical
charge raced through her body.
	Emilo's cock was hard as he saw her body dance from the charge.  He
pulled the probe from her throat, hearing her gag again as it forced its way
back out.  His hand hefted one of her breasts, cupping the globe in his hand,
her nipple already hard.  He released her breast and let the probe run along her
breast, the sweat from her painful bondage spreading the charge.  Her breasts
shook and bounced as the charge shot from the probe to the skin, tiny blue
sparks crackling in the darkened room.  He saw her body begin to jerk about, her
pussy forced to move back and forth over the rough rail, abrading the sensitive
	Sara did not know what was worse, the probe shocking her skin, shooting
painful charges of electricity into her body or the rail, the charges forcing
her body back and forth in pain, her pussy sliding up and down the uneven pole,
her clit smashing against the raised grooves, digging painfully into the
sensitive bud.
	Emilo continued to let the probe play across her body, even letting it
slip beneath her clit and the pole, giving her temporary relief from the rough
wooden pole until the electricity shot out the end of the probe, burning and
frying her sensitive clit.  She bounced up and down.
	She felt it move behind her, leaving a trail of painful jolts, moving
back between her split legs, moving up to her exposed pussy and asshole.  She
knew he would not be merely content to shocking her exposed skin.  He would
force the probe inside her body.  She arched her body up as the large probe
began to penetrate her vagina, slowly forcing it open, the shiny, wet ball
easily and painlessly spreading her open.  It sank deeper and deeper inside her,
feeling like a little cock fucking her, but knowing that it would be much more
painful.  She yelped when it finally struck her cervix hard, sitting inside her,
waiting, pulsating with electricity.
	Emilo let her savor the moment, the feeling of helplessness as her body
cradled the shiny probe deep inside her vagina like a lover, clenching on the
shiny ball.  He thought she would pull herself off the rail she jumped so hard
when he gave her a burst of electricity.
	She screamed as her insides felt like they were being blown apart by the
jolting electricity.  She barely had time to catch a breath before another jolt
racked her vagina, this one longer, her pussy clenching and unclenching on the
metal probe in pain.  He began to fuck the probe back and forth inside her
vagina, shooting the jolts of electricity out the head of the probe as he did,
her body shaking and convulsing as her pussy walls were constantly barraged with
painful jolts of electricity.  She slumped on the rail, her clit now battered by
the constant movement, her inner pussy lips bright red from the abrasion of the
uneven wood.
	Emilo moved the probe back between her legs, jolting her between the
tender area nestled between her pussy and asshole.  He let it play over her
asshole, sending charges of electricity on the convulsing asshole, watching it
pucker and purse as it fought the powerful charges coursing through it.  He
pushed in, her sphincter grabbing the round probe as it passed through her anus,
gripping the slippery globe as it closed over it, gripping it tightly in the hot
confines of her rectum.  It pushed in deeper, passing into her colon.  He shot
her colon full of electricity.
	It felt like her inner organs were being rearranged, the painful
cramping from the shocks jarring her body.  Her anus farted out the gas inside
her, unable to control any of her bodily functions.  She pissed on the wooden
pole, feeling the wetness spread over her pussy as she fucked her sensitive
pussy lips back and forth over the rough pole, the pain in her bowels making her
	Her body finally slumped down, the probe pulled from her asshole with a
loud pop, a fart escaping behind it.  They had become tired of the game, her
body exhausted by the abuse.
	"We'll see you in a while, Sara.  You can ride the rail while we are
gone.  When you're nice and tender, we'll rape you again." 
	She felt the pole between her legs begin to slowly turn, the uneven
groove moving about, grinding on her clit and pussy as it moved, pulling the
hair from her bush as it caught the tiny hairs in its rough edges, pulling the
hair slowly and painfully from her body.  She sobbed in pain, unable to stop the
abuse of her body, slumped silently down on the pole as it slowly and
effectively tore her pussy and clit.  She sobbed and waited.  Waited for them to
return and release her from the pole, but afraid.  Afraid that they would rape
her again.
	Hope watched as her skirt was dropped to the floor beneath her.  She
struggled briefly as Miguel began to pull her panties down over her shapely
hips.  "No, please don't, help me Kristina," she begged.
	"Be a good girl Hope," Miguel's hand stroking her body as Pedro held her
wrists.  His hands returned to her scanty panties and slowly began to lower
them, watching her humiliation as all eyes were on her near naked sex.  He let
his hands roam over her flesh as it was stripped naked, making sure that she
realized the part of her body that was being uncovered.  He delighted in the
feel of her naked ass cheeks, feeling her body trembling in fear as his
calloused hands roamed so freely over her teenage flesh.  He felt her tighten
her ass cheeks as his fingers probed the delicate crease.  Later he would have
his way with her ass, later she would feel a large cock slowly and painfully
shoved up her virgin asshole. 
	She felt her panties pushed down below her knees before finally falling
to the floor at her feet.
	"Step out of them, Hope.  You wouldn't need them anymore.  You wouldn't
need any clothes anymore."
	"Over to the table, Hope.  I want your body on display for everyone to
see.  Climb up on it, on your knees, facing this way."  He pushed her over to a
large table, helping her to climb up on it, his cock jerking in his pants as her
pussy was pushed into his face as she turned her back to him and climbed up on
the table.  "Now turn this way, facing everyone."  He looked at her, kneeling up
on the table, naked, her breasts thrust out, her legs tightly together.
	"Kristina, bring over that mirror please.  I want Hope to be able to see
everything we can."  Kristina brought over a large, square mirror, at least a 1
1/2 feet wide.  She handed it to her father.  "Now Hope, I want you to spread
your legs," his fingers on the insides of her legs, forcing them outward.
	Hope let her knees slide open on the table, it being easier to spread
your legs when on your feet then on your knees. 
	Miguel placed the mirror in front of her. "I want this between your
legs, so you are going to have to spread wide."  He slapped the inside of one
thigh, seeing the tender flesh already turning red.  "More," he urged her.  He
was finally able to place the mirror, her knees touching the edges.  He placed a
small book under one edge of the mirror, forcing it to an angle, making it easy
for Hope to look down and look up straight between her legs.e
	She never felt so humiliated, even when Kristina had forced her to have
girl sex.  She was naked, kneeling, her sex opened up waiting for two men, old
enough to be her father to begin playing with her body, forcing her to open up
her sex to their hands and fingers, getting her ready when they would rape her
virgin pussy, forever taking her maidenhood from her in a painful rape.  It
seemed like only a few days ago she was successfully fighting off boys trying to
touch her breasts just by slapping their hands.  Now she couldn't control grown
men that had stripped her naked and were going to rape her.
	"Look down Hope.  Can you see your teenage pussy?  I want you to reach
down and pull your pussy lips apart.  Show us your tight pussy Hope."
	Humiliated, she looked down, her sex so boldly exposed, her vagina
already exposed by the extreme spread of her legs, her pink pussy glistening in
the bright light reflected in the mirror.  She could see Pedro and Miguel
watching as her fingers moved down and she grabbed her pussy lips gently and
began to peel them open, exposing her teenage pussy to these evil men.
	"Very good Hope.  Now hold them open and watch.  I'm going to masturbate
you and I want you to cum for me.  I want your eyes on my fingers as they rub
your pussy.  That way I know you will be wet when I rape you.  An eleven inch
cock in a virgin pussy will only work if you are extremely wet.  It is still
going to be painful, but hopefully only for you."
	Hope shivered as his fingers began to run up and down her spread slit,
feeling the silky insides already moist with her juices.  He went from the
bottom of her pussy all the way up until he touched her hidden clit.  His other
hand peeled back the clit hood, his fingers on each side of her clit, forcing it
out, hard and erect.  She felt him snap her clit, a little too hard, but she
could not do anything to stop him, her legs spread too wide, difficult to close
because she was on her knees.  Even though she was being forced to do this, it
still began to feel good.  She had to cum, that is the only way he would stop. 
The problem was that once she came, he was then going to rape her.  It was
	Pedro watched as Miguel masturbated the teenage girl, her naked body
making his cock so hard.  He would have to wait for Miguel to finish with her,
then she would be his.  He moved behind her, seeing her ass cheeks parted
obscenely, her anus exposed and slightly opened by the extreme spread.  He wet
his finger, pushing it down to touch the tiny opening.
	"NNO," she cried, looking over her shoulder, seeing Pedro behind her. 
Her hips shot forward, pushing her pussy into the masturbating fingers as she
felt a cold, wet finger touch her anus, probing the tiny opening.
	"Relax Hope, it wouldn't be the biggest thing or the last thing that
will be pushed up your asshole.  Pay attention to me playing with your pussy,
imagining that you are forcing my little girl to play with your pussy."
	Hope gritted her teeth as she felt the wet finger slowly open up her
anus, feeling it massaging the tiny opening as it played around the opening,
forcing it wider and wider, the tip of his fingers slowly pressing inward, her
sphincter grabbing onto the fat finger.  Her pussy was being played expertly by
Miguel, his fingers massaging her clit while other fingers played inside her
vagina, slowly opening her up until they reached her hymen.  They stretched the
opening wider, just like Pedro was doing with her asshole, getting it ready to
receive hard cocks.  She looked in the mirror, surprised to see how wet her
pussy was, small drops of her juices already on the mirror.
	Miguel continued his masturbation of Hope, seeing her hips begin to
gently fuck back and forth, alternating to pushing on the finger in her ass or
the fingers that packed her pussy.  It didn't take long until her body began to
shudder, an orgasm overcoming, his fingers covered with her juices as she came
on the masturbating fingers.  She felt her jerk, knowing that Pedro probably
gave her a sharp stab of his finger up her asshole, making her feel the digit. 
He continued to slowly rub her pussy, pushing the juices all up and down her
slit as she finally finished cumming.  He looked at her, her face red in
embarrassment, forced to cum while they all watched her.
	Miguel got up and moved over towards the chair. He began to undress.
"Watch, Hope," he ordered her.  He let his pants fall to the floor, his hard
cock jutting out his shorts.  He kicked the pants over into the corner, dropping
his shirt with them.  He put his hands in his shorts and slowly let the slide
down his legs, watching Hope's eyes as his giant cock was slowly revealed.
	Hope couldn't believe it could be that big.  It was over ten inches, the
head as big as a bottle.  There was no way that he could put that monster into
her tiny pussy.  No way except for tearing her open as he did.  "Please, don't
put that in me, it's too big," she cried out, sobbing as she realized that her
inevitable rape was at hand.
	He sat down in the chair, his hard cock sticking straight up into the
air, his hand wrapped around it.  Unbelievably it was getting longer.  "I'm not
going to put it in you, Hope.  I wouldn't do that to a little girl like you."
	"Thank you, I rub it with my hand, I'll be real good and make you cum."
	"No Hope, you don't have to do that.  You're going to sit on my cock and
take it in your virgin pussy.  I wouldn't do it, but you will."
	"No, I couldn't do it, it would hurt too much," she sobbed again.
	"Do you want me to string her up and lower her onto your cock Miguel?"
Pedro asked.
	"You read my mind, Pedro."
	Pedro was on Hope in a second.  He pulled her off the table, a pair of
leather cuffs in his hands.  He pulled her wrists together, slapping the strap
on one, cinching it tight before moving onto the next.  Before Hope could even
gather her wits about her she found her wrists bound together, thick leather
straps wrapped tightly around them.  Her arms were pulled above her head, a
pulley attached to the ceiling lowering a rope down and tied to the straps.  A
push of a button my Miguel and her arms were slowly pulled up towards the
ceiling, Hope having to shuffle closer to Miguel as her arms went above her
	"The leather will protect your wrists when you feet are pulled off the
floor Hope.  The less you struggle, the less it will hurt."  He pushed the
button again, her arms now above her head almost straight out. 
	She felt her body being stretched and then the pain in her shoulders as
her legs began to leave the floor, her weight now all on her bound arms.  She
struggled, but then remembered Miguel's warning, the pain lessening when she let
her body go limp.  She felt her body stop when her feet were a foot off the
ground.  She saw Miguel looking at her, his hand still stroking the monster cock
between her legs.
	Pedro moved in close to Hope, grabbing her about the waist.  "Relax
Hope, his cock is going to go into your pussy one way or another.  Don't fight
it and it will hurt less.  But you can be sure it will hurt.  No way a virgin
pussy is not going to take an eleven inch cock without a lot of pain."  He moved
her closer to Miguel.
	Miguel moved his chair so that he was directly underneath Hope, her
teenage pussy hanging above his hard cock.  He grabbed both of her legs at the
ankles, spreading them out and pushing them up towards her chest.  "Strap them
so I don't have to hold them up," he ordered Pedro.
	Hope felt a large leather strap run around her back and pinned her legs
against her stomach and breasts, Pedro tightening the belt.  Her sex was now
hanging over his cock, unprotected and open.
	"Once you get it in, I can spin her on your cock."
	"Yes, Yes, I like that."  He moved his hands under her ass, steadying
her swaying body above his cock.  "Ready Hope.  You always remember your first
fuck.  I'll guarantee you'll remember your first rape," laughing.
	She began to cry, cry hard.  An eighteen year old girl should not be
strung up naked like a side of beef to be lowered onto a giant cock until it
tore her hymen and plunged deep inside her pussy, her own weight forcing her
pussy to engulf the giant cock.  Once inside, she knew he would then rape her
pussy until he filled her virgin pussy with its first load of cum.
	Miguel fisted his cock and aimed it straight up.  It stood up proudly,
over eleven inches of man cock.  He swung Hope over until her pussy was right
over his cock.  His fingers touched her pussy lips, peeling them back, her
vagina slightly open.  It looked so small compared to his cock.  He grabbed the
bottle of oil, sprinkling some onto his cock, stroking it into the flesh.  It
was for his comfort, not hers.  He saw the anguish on her face, tears running
down her cheeks as she was bound above him, her teenage body ready to be raped
by his giant cock.  His hand moved up to her cheek, wiping away one teardrop. 
"It's going to feel so good to have my cock inside your tight, hot teenage
pussy.  Scream all you want, Hope, just don't forget to give me a good ride. 
Squeeze my cock with that pussy."
	Hope could see all eyes on her as she was poised over his cock.  She
heard Miguel's voice. 
	"Lower her down a little, but not too far.  I want to be in her pussy,
but make sure you don't break her hymen.  I want her to feel what it is like to
have a cock inside her before I break her in."
	"No, please, no, Kristina, don't let them," she cried out as she felt
the ropes lower her down.  She felt Miguel's hands fumble at her sex and she
could feel his bulbous head slowly pushing against her tiny vagina.  Pedro was
careful, only lowering her millimeter by millimeter, testing the distance by how
wide her pussy was spreading to engulf the giant cock poised at the opening.  It
began to hurt, her pussy stretching open, the resilient flesh already exceeding
its capabilities to open without tearing.
	Miguel watched his cock head slowly being engulfed within the hot
confines of her pussy.  He could see her sex glistening from her previous cum,
his slippery cock sliding effortlessly along the passage, forcing her opening to
expand as his cock became wider and wider.  Over half of the head was inside
her, feeling like giant rubber bands were squeezing the flesh.  The pain of the
stretching was forcing her pussy to clamp onto anything in pain, his cock being
conveniently located to receive the pleasurable grip.
	"AAAGGGHH," screamed Hope, his cockhead popping inside her pussy, the
lips slowly grabbing it right underneath the crown, stretched tightly onto it. 
The tip banged painfully against her hymen, stopping all forward movement.  It
felt like a baseball bat was pushed inside her vagina.  It ached, mixing with
the pain of her shoulders, his hands rudely fondling her naked ass as she
clenched onto the raping cock.  "Take it out, I'm too little," she begged. 
	"But it feels so good, Hope, your hot, little pussy is gripping my cock
so nice.  I want it in deeper Hope, but I'm afraid that your hymen will have to
be busted first.  Normally that would be a quick painful task, the flick of the
hips and your maidenhood forever gone.  But you are going to do it, lowered down
onto my raping cock.  It will be a slow painful stretching as your weight forces
your pussy down onto my cock.  It will eventually tear, but it will stretch
first.  Pedro, lower Hope a little bit, let's hear that once in a lifetime yelp
as she loses her virginity forever.  Not what you had expected, is it Hope. 
Roped and raped on a giant cock."
	Hope felt her body lowering, her own weight slowly pushing her down on
the giant cock between her legs, her pussy spreading wide to accept the huge
cock.  "OOOOWWW," she cried as her hymen stretched, but refused to tear. 
"Hurry, fuck it in, take my virginity," she begged, anything was better then the
continuous pain.  Or so she thought.
	Miguel refused to move, feeling the silky insides of her pussy pulsating
on his cock, not eager to lose that luxurious feeling.  He felt the pressure on
the head of his cock as it pushed her hymen in, the blunt end unable to rip
through the delicate layer of skin without a forceful shove.  His fingers moved
up to her pussy, peeling back her clit hood, exposing her swollen clit to his
fingertips.  He started to rub the bud, feeling her body shutter, a combination
of pain and pleasure overtaking her senses. 
	"AAAAAAWWWWW," her hymen finally tearing, his giant cock head sinking
farther into her virgin pussy, spreading apart her pussy walls to accept the
bulbous head, tearing flesh that had not been touched by a cock before.  Her
whole sex was one throbbing area of pain, feeling like her pussy was speared by
a giant snake, a throbbing living piece of flesh that refused to stop.
	"Yes, now that we have got ridden of the formality, it is time for you
pussy to accept my cock.  Bet you never thought you would be fucked for the
first time like this.  Lower her down, but don't stop until my cock is
completely buried inside that hot, teenage cunt.  See if you can make her scream
	And scream she did.  It also required a lot of tears.  Her pussy was
painfully and slowly torn as his cock opened her up, making the 18 year old girl
take his man cock up her virgin pussy, her suffering exciting all in the room. 
Pedro whispered in her ear.  "When Miguel is finished with you, I'm going to
fuck your hot pussy.  You're going to be fucked all night long.  By morning, you
will not be able to talk, your throat hoarse from screaming.  But we'll fix
that.  Your mouth will be fed a nice thick cock that will bath your sore throat
with loads of cum."
	All watched as her virgin pussy slowly swallowed up his cock.  First
five inches spreading her open, her vagina spread wide around it, white from
stretching so far.  She bucked around, only succeeding in making the raping of
her pussy more painful.  She tried to settle down, her teeth biting her lips in
pain, her fingernails digging into her palms into she drew blood.  It hurt, hurt
real bad.  Her sex burned from the terrible rape.  They watched her, Pedro now
stroking his naked cock as she was raped, Kristina with one hand under her
skirt, enjoying her degradation. 
	Miguel stroked her face, the tears soaking her cheeks, her sobbing
continuous.  She was still being lowered down, slowly and painfully, over seven
inches of hard cock inside her now.  "How does it feel Hope?   Are you enjoying
your first rape?"  He laughed, his fingers still playing with her clit, pinching
it, igniting a sharp pain, her pussy gripping his cock.
	Her pussy was pulsating on the hard cock inside her, squeezing it as it
was painfully spread.  She could feel every bump, ridge and vein on his cock as
it sank into her virgin flesh.  She wished she would pass out in pain, but there
was no mercy, she felt every millimeter of cock as she was slowly lowered onto
his raping cock, her own weight her worst enemy.  Nine inches of cock was inside
her.  She never even expected to see a cock that big, never mind experience one
that large raping her and taking her virginity.  Not what she had even thought
about only days before in her final days of high school.
	Miguel continued to stroke her teenage body, feeling her trembling in
pain, her body shuddering in pain each time his cock sank deeper into her virgin
body.  He looked at her pussy, two inches of cock still outside her tight lips,
small traces of blood running down on his cock, lubricating his cock as she sank
down on it.  He could see her movements, her vagina spread wide, slowly sliding
down his cock, millimeter by painful millimeter.  He would make his cock jerk
inside her, igniting fresh cries of pain.
	One final scream filled the room, his cock pressed painfully against her
cervix, all eleven inches of cock filling her pussy to overflowing.  It hurt,
hurt really bad.  She felt like a giant log was between her legs, only this one
was throbbing and jerking inside her, a log of hot pulsating flesh.  And she
feared that it would not stay still.  Now that he was buried inside her tight
pussy, it would only be a matter of time when he decided to fuck her.  Then the
real pain would begin.
	"It's so big, isn't it, Hope.  Never thought you could take a cock that
big," making it jerk inside her, seeing her face clench in pain as he did.  "You
like that, Hope.  Now you are going to get fucked.  Fucked hard."
	Hope shook her head, "no, no, no more," the burning and stretching of
her sex overcoming her.  She felt him lift her up off of his cock, his hands
under her ass, raising her up like she weighed nothing.  She could feel the cock
head inside her slowly dragging out, feeling like it was dragging out her
insides, a vacuum forming behind it.  He pulled two inches of cock out and then
suddenly let her go, her body weight pulling her pussy back down onto his cock. 
"OOOWWWW, GGGODDD, you're tearing me up," she screamed as his cock tore into her
battered pussy, the sheer weight thrusting her down onto his cock, battering the
cock head against her cervix, bruising it.
	"Untie her, I want to fuck her on the bed."  He waited while Pedro
untied her hands, Miguel holding her onto his cock as her body slumped down.  He
sat up, his cock still buried in the cunt and marched over to the bed, her body
still surrounding his cock with her teenage pussy.  She screamed as she bounced
up and down, his cock pushing and pulling inside her.  He threw her onto the
bed, still between her legs, smashing her into the mattress, his cock slamming
into her tender pussy.  He sat up between her legs, his cock bent painfully in
her pussy.  He pushed her legs up, bending them back behind, hearing her groans
of pain as her joints and muscles ached.  He pushed down with his hips on her
thighs, forcing her legs to bow out painfully.  He wanted her to feel the pain
as he raped her.
	She screamed again as his cock pulled out, this time over nine inches of
cock was pulled painfully from her bleeding pussy.  He only gave her a second,
seeing the shocked look on her face as he plunged back in, spearing her with
eleven inches of rock hard cock, her pussy battered as it was forced to spread
wide to accept the raping cock. 
	He saw her breasts bounce on her chest as he began to fuck her, his cock
pushing in deep, then pulling out until only the head was grabbed by her pussy,
waiting before plunging back in with another painful fuck of her pussy.  Pedro
moved next to her head, whispering in her ear.
	"Now you're getting fucked little girl.  You have so much more to take,
so much more cock to take inside that hot, tight pussy."  He wiped tears from
her eyes, "don't cry little girl, it's just a cock, a big cock," laughing at her
	Hope suffered for twenty minutes, her body buffeted by Miguel's cock,
taunted by Pedro's words, her groin now just a mass of pain, unable to tell
where the pain was coming from.  She would scream when his cock banged painfully
into the sides of her pussy, her body smashed into the mattress by Miguel's
heavy weight, her breath ragged and uneven.  She could feel the wetness between
her legs, knowing that her pussy was bleeding, not sure if only from the
breaking of her hymen or the continuous battering of her pussy.  She screamed as
Miguel plunged his cock into her, feeling like he was trying to drive it through
her body.  She felt the pain as it grew bigger, stretching her already taut
flesh painfully and then she felt it.  She felt a cock fill her for the first
time with his semen.  It was hot and it felt like so much.  She could hear it
sloshing as he pumped her in and out, this cum making the fucking easier as his
cock slid on his cum.  It kept filling her up, each time the head jerking about,
a blast of hot semen shooting out and them more rapid pumping.
	"Maybe Miguel will make you pregnant little girl.  Would you like that,
a little rape baby growing in your stomach?"  Pedro taunted here with his words. 
	She cringed, she had never thought of that.  The rape was bad enough, a
rape baby would prolong the agony, forever reminding her of this time.  She
could just barely breath, Miguel slumping down on her body as his balls were
drained of his cum.

	Miguel pulled up from her body, looking into her pain wracked face.  "e
	ow How did you like your first rape, Hope?  Was it everything you
expected," laughing as he saw her expression.  He pulled his cock from her pussy
an audible pop filling the room, her face turning red in shame.  He got off the
bed, watching as she turned over onto her side, curling up into the fetal
	Hope cringed when she felt someone get on the bed again.  A hand slapped
her ass hard and then she heard Pedro's voice.
	"On your hands and knee's Hope.  I going to rape your pussy doggy
style," jerking her up by her hair, situating her body, his legs pushing between
hers, opening her up to his hard cock.  He heard her sobbing again, pushing her
head down onto the bed, arching her ass up, his cock poised at her swollen and
red pussy.  "Time for a fresh rape, Hope," burying his hard cock into her pussy
in one powerful push that tore a scream from her throat.  "We have all night
Hope, we're going to rape you all night."

 Hope's plight to be continued

Author: Powerone

Title: Ransom Demand-Rape and Torture of Sara

Part: Chapter 9 Hope Learns About The Barnyard Animals

Summary: While on vacation in Mexico, Sara's niece, Hope is kidnapped.  The
ransom demand is that Sara become a sex slave for 30 days.  In this chapter,
Emilo, Kristina's brother shows Hope the barnyard animals, especially the male
ones.  Keywords: M+f, ff, best, nc, anal, reluc, humiliation, torture

Copyright 2004 by Powerone.  You may contact the author at
Chapter 9 Hope Learns About The Barnyard Animals

	Hope was allowed to sleep in Kristina's room after her Uncle and Father
had left.  Pedro had fucked her like a dog, bending her over on her hands and
knees, forced to stick her ass up in the air and beg for him to fuck her with
his cock.  He was brutal, his cock uncaring for her small pussy, only wanting to
receive the pleasure that a young, tight pussy could afford him.  She cried as
she was fucked, Pedro able to continue for over thirty minutes, his hands
running over her body as he fucked her.  Her breasts and nipples were raw from
his fingers, her ass sore from being spanked when she didn't show enough
enthusiasm for the fucking she was receiving.  He finally finished, her pussy
bathed by his hot cum, Pedro wiping his cock on her cheek as he left.

	Kristina ran the shower for Hope.  When Hope finished her shower, a long
shower to wash the filth and cum of Pedro and Miguel from her body, Kristina was
already in bed.  Hope walked over to the other bed, but Kristina's voice stopped
	Kristina pulled back her blankets, naked underneath, her legs already
spread, her fingers already busy getting herself wet.  "Over here Hope, I want
you to eat my pussy."

	"I can't do that.  Your father will kill me if he finds out."

	"If you don't, I'll tell him you did and he'll kill you anyway.  Now get
over here and get your face in my pussy." 

	Hope crawled on the bed, Kristina pulling her head until she was between
her thighs, her hands curled in Hope's hair.  "Now eat my pussy and do a good

	Hope performed as expected, Kristina giving her new orders as they went. 
"Stick your tongue deep in my pussy."  When she got bored with that, "tongue my
asshole, push it inside my ass."  After thirty minutes, she was ready.  "I want
your tongue in my pussy when I cum."

	Hope felt Kristina cum on her tongue and face, her juices flowing like a
man, Hope's mouth filling with her juices.  Finally she was allowed to go to the
other bed, falling asleep, exhausted from the multiple rapes, fearful of what
tomorrow would bring.

	The knocking on the door woke Hope, Miguel walking into the room, seeing
the girls still in bed.  "Get dressed, Hope.  I'll be back in 1/2 an hour. 
There are clothes in the closet for you.  The cowgirl outfit."

	Kristina woke up, catching the conversation.  "You better get your ass
going Hope.  You don't want to make my father mad."

	Hope took a quick shower, drying her hair quickly.  She walked into the
room with a towel around her, Kristina having laid out the clothes for her.  It
was a western, button-down blouse, a very full jean skirt, bra and panties.  And
of course a pair of cowboy boots.  She quickly dressed, Kristina making her
uncomfortable as she watched her, afraid she would want sex again, afraid Miguel
would walk in and catch them.

	Miguel walked into the room, not even bothering knocking.  "You look
good Hope, almost good enough to fuck again.  But I have a surprise for you, I
found Emilo walking around with nothing to do.  He volunteered to show you the
ranch.  We have a big ranch, with many animals.  I think you will find it
interesting and educational," a smirk on his face as he said it.

	Kristina's younger brother, Emilo, walked in.  With him was his best
friend, Rafael.  They were both tall, lanky boys, their bodies still trying to
fill out to their height.  They wore boots and jeans with large, silver, ornate
belt buckles adorning their waists.  Hope could already see the bulge in their
pants beneath the tight jeans, her eyes turning away quickly as she saw Emilo
looking at her, noticing her stare.

	"Be careful of my brother Hope.  He has a mean streak in him, worse than
my father or Uncle.  Just don't piss him off."  She whispered into her ear.

	Miguel pulled her out of the room, his hand grabbing her ass as she was
pushed out.  "Watch out for this one Emilo.  Caught her fucking your sister. 
Uncle Pedro and I fucked her to teach her a lesson.  She was a virgin,
preferring girls instead until your Uncle and I showed her what a nice big cock
feels like.  That hot, tight cunt is no longer a virgin now, but just about the
rest is," Hope not fully understanding what he was telling Emilo, worried more
about his hand that roamed so freely over her ass.

	"Well she can learn a lot observing the animals, Rafael and I will make
sure that she behaves.  Maybe even get a little work out of her.  I'm sure Devil
will like her."  Little did Hope know about Devil, Emilo's part wolf, part
German shepherd.  He weighed about 120 pounds, muscular and all male.  He also
had a liking for females, but not the canine variety.  He liked girls like Hope
and Emilo encouraged it whenever he could.

	"Let's go Hope, out to the barn.  We can start your education," his hand
moving to her waist, Rafael on her other side as they left everyone else behind. 
"You're a pretty gringo, how old are you?"

	"Eighteen," she answered, already feeling uncomfortable with the boys. 
They were younger then she was, but she worried about Kristina's warning.

	"So you like girls, huh?  All you gringos like only girl sex?"

	She was afraid to answer the question, Pedro not believing her when she
told her it was Kristina, afraid of the reaction of Emilo.  "No," she answered

	"How'd you like my father's cock taking your virginity?  He has such a
big cock, just like mine," his hand moving down to his jeans.  "I saw you
looking at mine before."

	"It hurt, and your Uncle's also.  They stripped me and raped me."

	"It's probably just because you didn't cooperate.  It can feel good if
you just go along with it.  It can get real painful around here if you don't
cooperate.  It's not like in America.  We do what we want to do; my family is
very powerful in this country.  As your Aunt has found out."

	"Sara, you have seen her, is she alright?"

	"She's fine, in fact Rafael and I spent some time with her yesterday. 
She was very cooperative, very.  She has a lovely body just like you."  His hand
slid lower down on the top of her butt as she walked, feeling her hips swaying

	Hope could only suffer his fondling, hoping they would get to the barn
soon.  They rounded the corner, the barn looming large.  It was huge, almost as
big as a house, two stories, with a hay loft in the top, large barn doors spaced
about, corrals and stalls butted up against it.  Inside was the same: cavernous,
large wooden beams spaced out supporting the ceiling, wooden beams shooting up
from the floor, at least twenty stalls inside the barn, the sound of shuffling
horse feet and the braying of animals mixing with goats, pigs and other animals
filling the air.  The smell of hay and barnyard dung filled the air.  It even
had a table with six chairs, two cots stood over in the corner, a living
quarters for one of the stable boys.  A small wood fire stove was going,
bringing about a warmth to the barn.  Ropes, saddles, bits and various tools
used to clean the animals and to train them were spread about the barn. 

	As they entered, Rafael closed the large barn doors behind them, the
doors slamming loudly, a heavy wooden rail sliding across to secure them tight
from the outside.  "We wouldn't want your education interrupted," another smirk
on his face. 
	Hope began to fear what they had planned for her.  They moved towards
the stalls.

	"The most important thing about raising animals on a working farm is
animal husbandry.  The farm would quickly die away unless you encouraged the
animals to mate.  On a ranch, it is difficult for many of them to mate, so we
have to do all that we can to help them along.  The males are the most
difficult.  The females are easy, you just line them up with their pussy out. 
If the male is hard, he will find the right hole.  You found that out with my
father and Uncle Pedro.  Pedro told me how you got on your hands and knees, bent
over with your ass wagging in the air until he fucked you."

	"He raped me, he forced me into that position.  I hated it, especially
when he came in me," she shot back.

	"I don't think so Hope, I think you are just like your Aunt Sara.  Get
your pussy wet and you will fuck anything, anytime.  But first you have to learn
all about the males."  They moved towards the first stall containing a large
black horse.  "Look at the balls on that one," pointing out the heavy sacks
hanging down, balls as big as softballs.  "You can get a peek of his cock, it's
partly hard.  Not hard enough for fucking.  That's why we have surrogates for

	Hope was embarrassed by what he was talking about, but she figured the
longer he talked, the better off she was.  She looked at the horse's balls, and
the tip of a large cock peeking out.  God, what did the vagina of the female
horse look like?  "What's a surrogate?"

	"A surrogate is one that takes the place of the female being mated.  It
is that person's job to sexually arouse the male."

	"A person, you mean a real live person, not another animal?"
	"Of course, I don't think you could train another animal to do it.  Plus
most animals aren't smart enough.  Only a human can do it," Rafael busted in.

	"Who would do such a disgusting thing, and where would you learn how to
do it?"

	"A female is used, but usually requires some education to get her
proficient in it.  But she can be used on all of the animals, from the smallest
to the largest.  Some even begin to enjoy it and are used to mate with the

	"That's bestiality, I read that in a book once.  It's perverted.  Why
would a person do such a thing?"

	"As I said, they are trained to perform, just like the animals.  You
females are all that way," laughing at her.

	Were they talking about her, fear rising up as she saw them looking at

	"Get a rabbit to show Hope, you'd like to see a cute bunny wouldn't you? 
He said as Rafael went to the other side of the barn to get a rabbit.

	"Yes, they are so cute," wanting to change the subject.  What could be
less harmful than a cuddly bunny?  Hope was surprised when Rafael brought over
the rabbit.  It wasn't that small, not as she imagined the Easter Bunny to be.

	"We raise large rabbits here," Rafael explained.  "This one is a
Checkered Giant Rabbit, it weighs about 20 pounds and will get to be about 25
pounds.  It's true what they say about rabbits, they fuck like bunnies. 
Sometimes I have to pull this one off the others, that's why he is called
Horny," laughing at his own joke.  He handed the rabbit to Emilo, pulling over
one of the chairs next to the table. 

	"Sit here next to me Hope, I'll show you all about the rabbit." 

	She moved next to him, Rafael sitting on the other side of her, both of
them closer than she was comfortable with.

	"Touch it, Hope, I wouldn't let him bite you."  He moved it closer to
her, almost putting it in front of her face.

	She tentatively let her hand touch the rabbit, feeling the soft fur, but
he kicked and fought in Emilo's hands.

	"I think he smells you Hope.  They can always smell a female, especially
one in heat," both of them laughing at her, Hope turning red in embarrassment as
they continued to tease her for being a female.

	Kristina had been right about Mexican men, they were very chauvinistic,
believing that woman should only be around to service them sexually.  Even Emilo
learned that at an early age, and from what she heard, the age of the female did
not matter.  As soon as they reached puberty, they were ready for mating, just
like the animals.

	Emilo turned the rabbit over onto its back, spreading his lower body out
in front of her face.  "I'll show you how to tell the sex of a rabbit."

	"No, you don't have to do that," turning away from the animal in front
of her.

	Rafael grabbed her head and turned her forward, "he said he will show
you, you're being rude!  You wouldn't want to make us angry would you?  You've
come here to be educated about the animals.  Would you rather go back and visit
with Pedro and Miguel?  They will teach you about mating also, but it will be
you doing the mating."

	She looked at the rabbit, his soft underbelly exposed to her only inches
from her face.  She heard Emilo talking to her.

	"See the area in front of the anus, that is called the vent area.  It is
hard to tell a male from a female without touching this area.  The male's
testicles can be withdrawn into the body cavity during cool days and are drawn
out on hot days.  Now Hope I want you to use two fingers and press down on the
vent area in front of the anus.  When you do it to a male, like Horny, it will
force his penis out."  He waited, Hope just staring blankly.  "I wouldn't tell
you again," pushing the rabbit's spread legs closer to her face.  She put her
hands up in response, "now do as I tell you."

	She looked at him, an evil glint in his eye, then back to the rabbit,
his spread legs inches from her face.  She could see his anus, a tiny hole right
above his tail.  She hesitantly let one hand rise up, moving it over to between
the rabbit's legs.  She spread out her index finger and her middle finger and
began to move towards the rabbit.

	"Go ahead, Hope, it wouldn't hurt you, it's just a cute little bunny,"
both of them laughing as she turned red in humiliation.

	She let her fingers push down on the vent area, the soft underbelly of
the rabbit, the fur soft beneath her fingers.  "EHH," pulling back her hand. 
When she pushed down his little penis popped out, scaring her.  It was in the
shape of a cylinder with a rounded point on the end, all pink against the white
underbelly of the rabbit.  She could hear them laughing so loud they almost
dropped the rabbit.
	"It's just a tiny thing Hope, come on, do it again, you know what to
expect now.  You might as well get use to it; you're going to see a lot of cocks
today, many much bigger than this one."  Emilo laughed at her discomfort,
pushing the rabbit further in front of her face.  "Do it, don't disappoint

	She didn't like what she heard, seeing lots of cocks today.  Did they
intend to rape her today as his Father and Uncle did yesterday, or where they
just talking about showing her the penises of more animals?  While it was
disgusting, it was better then being raped again, all men seemed to like to hurt
her when they raped her.  She let her hands move back to the rabbit, pushing
down on the vent area again, this time knowing what would happen.  His little
penis popped out, this time it looked longer, about an inch long and the size of
a pencil.  It was a bright pink matching the tiny anus right below it.  She held
her fingers there, trembling.

	"Good girl Hope, now hold it, I think Horny likes you," fighting to hold
the rabbit, getting excited by Hope.  "I think you are being cruel to the poor
rabbit Hope."

	"Yeah, it's not fair," Rafael added.

	"What's the matter? Am I hurting him?"  She released the pressure, his
penis disappearing, pushing again harder, it popping out again.

	"No, but I think you got him excited.  We don't have any female bunnies
ready to breed."

	"I'm sorry," releasing her fingers from the vent area, his penis pulled
back inside, but she could still see the pink round head of his penis peeking
out.  Maybe they were right, he seemed to look like he was aroused.

	"You can't leave him like that Hope," Rafael chimed it.

	"Yes, what are you going to do about it?"  Emilo joining in.

	"I can't do anything," unable to comprehend what they were talking
about, she couldn't let a rabbit fuck her, she thought laughing at such a
ridiculous thought.

	"Push his penis out again," Emilo ordered her.

	She complied, it getting easier now, not so embarrassing.  It popped
out, it seemed to be getting redder.

	"Use your other hand and use two fingers to stroke it up and down."
	She looked at him in shock, "what do you mean?"

	"I want you to jerk him off Hope, you know, masturbate him.  Like you
did to my father yesterday.  This one is a little tiny one, it should be easy
for a whore like you.  You've had a lot of practice."  Emilo was angry that she
had fucked his father, his mother hearing about it later.

	"They made me do that, I didn't want to," she cried out.

	"Well, we're making you do this.  Now jerk off Horny.  You'll jerk him
off until he cums or we'll make you sorry," his voice raised, angry with the
whore refusing him.

	She didn't like the anger in his voice, or when he called her a whore. 
What was he so angry about?  His father forced her, not the other way around,
just like his sister did.  No one seemed to believe her, thinking that she was
the one that was forcing his family to have sex with her.  She remembered
Kristina's warning, how evil he was.  She let her other hand move towards the
bunny, two fingers finding his tiny penis, feeling it jerk when both fingers
clamped onto it.  She had to be careful, it was so small, loosening her touch
when she felt the bunny jump.

	"Not too hard Hope, it's just a little cock.  Now up and down,
masturbate Horny for us."

	She began to rub her fingers up and down the pink penis, feeling it
slide rather easy.  She felt some fluid on it, sure that he leaked semen, her
fingers sticky.  Up and down she went, about an inch at a time, careful not to
squeeze too tight.  She almost forgot about them watching her, watching
carefully not to hurt the rabbit, almost forgetting that she was being forced to
jerk off a rabbit.

	Rafael moved in close to her, whispering in her ear, "how does it feel
to jerk off a rabbit?  Are you getting wet thinking about it?"  He laughed at

	She realized what they were forcing her to do and how it must look, the
rabbit's penis only inches from her face as she used two fingers to carefully
jerk him off, seeing his hips jerking up and down, Emilo having a hard time
controlling him.  It was humiliating, but that's what they seemed to have
planned for her.  If only she could get it over with quickly, jerking faster up
and down, seeing the bunny's hips move faster.  She could almost tell he was
going to cum soon, not even sure what to expect.  She knew he would cum, but
would it just be a tiny bit, almost like leaking?

	Emilo was not finished with her yet, he had so much degradation planned
for her.  He leaned closer to Hope, pushing the rabbit's penis almost in her
face, "put his cock in your mouth and suck him off Hope.  Swallow the rabbit
cum," his voice having that evil tone to it.

	Hope stopped, pulling her hands away from the rabbit, his penis
disappearing again.  She had enough, what he was proposing was degrading, she
had never even sucked a human cock, never mind an animal's, even the tiny cock
of the rabbit.  "Are you crazy, some kind of pervert?  She shouted at him, not
even caring any more.  It was too much to even comprehend.

	"What's the matter Hope, you never swallowed cum before?"  Rafael asked

	"I never did such a thing before and never will, no matter what you do
to me!  I'm not going to let the thing shoot into my mouth, it would be icky

	"You mean you never tasted cum before Hope, not even my father's or my

	"Never," she shot back.

	"Rafael, get me that gallon jug out of the refrigerator."  He waited
until Rafael returned with the jug, putting Horny back into the cage near him. 
"Don't worry, she will get you off, she just needs a little convincing," talking
to the rabbit.

	"Get a glass," grabbing the gallon clay jug from Rafael, a cork holding
in the contents.  He let her see the label, big black letters on the side,

	She instantly knew what they were going to do, her mouth clamped tight
in protest.  She watched as Emilo began to pour into the glass, the milky white
fluid slowly coming out of the jug and into the glass almost like molasses,
thick.  He filled the glass almost to the top.

	"Drink it Hope.  It will get you use to the taste of cum."  He waited,
knowing she would refuse for now, but he had a way of convincing her, a way that
he was eager to do.

	She shook her head no, her eyes wide open in protest, afraid to even
open her mouth less they try to pour it inside.  She was sure she would barf if
even a drop touched her mouth, never mind the whole glass.  How could they even
think of such a perverted thing, forcing her drinking horse semen?"

	"I think Hope wants to hang around for a while, Rafael," nodding to him
as he said it.

	"Yeah, I'll take care of it," walking away from them to the other side
of the barn, out of sight.

	Hope felt relieved, they were just kidding.  She was right, no one in
his right mind would make another do such a thing as drink a glass of horse

	"Come here Hope," watching her get up, seeing the relief on her face,
not understanding what he had said to Rafael.  She would shortly, but first he
needed to get her restrained.  He spun her around three times, Hope not
understanding what was happening, Emilo much stronger than she was.

	She felt her skirt swirling, riding up higher on her legs as he twirled
her, starting to get dizzy.  He stopped her, her back to him, pulling her hands
behind her back, her head spinning, almost falling down.  She felt rope on her
wrists and before she could react, he tightened them, Hope grunting in pain as
her wrists were pulled tightly together, the rope cutting painfully into her
flesh.  The fear came back immediately, struggling, the rope cutting more into
her flesh as she tried to pull her wrist apart.  She went to kick him, his arms
grabbing her around the legs, holding them together, another rope magically
appearing, this one wrapped tightly around her ankles. 

	Emilo was surprised how easy it was, Hope confused by the spinning, his
hands able to place her in bondage quickly before she could regain her senses. 
"Last chance to drink the horse cum Hope."

	"Never," she spit back at him, she didn't even care that she was bound,
she would never willingly submit to such a perverted act.

	"Never say never, Hope.  You'll be surprised what you are willing to
do," laughing again as he picked her up and threw her over his shoulders as if
she was a bag of potatoes, Hope surprised at his strength.

	She began to struggle when they moved towards where Rafael was, the
horror of what she saw so terrible that she almost peed in her pants.  He was
throwing a rope over one of the heavy beams in the barn, the other end of the
rope tied into a noose, just like the ones you saw in westerns.  "What are you
going to do?"  They wouldn't really hang her, death not even an option before,
now not so sure.

	"Well I told you Hope, I'm going to let you hang around for a while.  I
wouldn't let you break your neck as they did in the old days.  No, I like it
slow.  I'm just going to pull you off your feet and let you hang there, the rope
tight around your neck.  First, you'll start kicking and struggling, which only
makes it worse, the noose getting tighter.  Then you'll start feeling dizzy as
you start to lose consciousness.  You'll probably pee in your panties, or even
worse soil your panties.  Finally you will pass out, relieved that you will
never feel the end.  You ready to drink the cum now Hope?  Last chance."

	She looked at the rope.  They wouldn't really kill her.  People don't do
that, especially boys his age.  Even his father and uncle, themselves rapists
would not allow such a thing.  "No," her final answer.

	Emilo was already pulling the rope over her head, letting it slide down
her face, making sure that she felt the rough rope as it rolled over her nose
and slid down.  He lifted her chin up, tucking the rope underneath it, grabbing
the end of the rope and slipping the knot tighter until he saw her gulp, the
rope already constraining her neck.

	She thought she would pee her pants, scared out of her wits, in a barn,
bound tight, a rope around her neck, waiting to be hanged.  Maybe this was the
wrong decision, maybe she should have consented to drink the horse semen.  She
didn't have time to contemplate it, catching a glimpse of Rafael pulling up on
the rope.  She panicked, feeling her head pulled upward as the noose caught her
under the chin.  When her head would go no further, she felt her neck being
stretched out, feeling as if the muscles were being torn.  She suddenly felt her
body swinging in the air, her feet leaving the ground, but not before catching a
glimpse of Rafael tying the rope to a post.

	Emilo watched as she struggled, her legs trying to kick, her eyes
beginning to bug out of her head, her face already turning white.  He moved
towards her, gripping her by the hips and began to swing her in a circle, faster
and faster as he heard her choking.  He saw her pee run down one leg to fall
into a puddle on the floor, her kicking harder now as she was in the last throes
of consciousness. 

	She could see the room spinning around, someone making her body swing
about.  The rope continued to get tighter as she panicked, unable to breathe. 
She felt her panties get wet, peeing in them, unable to control herself.  It
felt like her eyes were going to pop out of her head, her head pounding, her
heart thumping loudly, gasping on the last bit of air in her lungs.  All of a
sudden she began to feel the euphoria, a dizziness that pervaded her body, a
calmness that overcame her.  Was she dying?  Is this what it felt like to die?
	They could see her turning blue, her body jerking, no longer struggling. 
It wouldn't be long now until she first passed out, then died.  Emilo held her
hips, stroking her ass as she hung there.  All of a sudden they felt her jerking
around again, the euphoria passing, back to the panic that she was going to die
a painful death, her neck aching, the blood pushed painfully into her head, her
lungs unable to find any more air to breathe.  Her body bucked about, the look
on her face priceless when she saw them smiling as she slowly died, unable to
believe that it was really happening.
	She almost prayed to die, unable to control her body, pain racked.  She
saw them smiling at her, not making any attempt to stop the asphyxiation they
were subjecting her to, willing to let her die for something as simple as not
drinking horse semen.  It seemed so unreasonable for her not to do it, it wasn't
worth dying for.  There were many choices in life that were worth dying for,
this was not it.  She tried to say something, say she would do it, say she would
drink the glass of horse semen, but nothing would come out her mouth except the
sound of her slow asphyxiation as deep grumbling coming from her oxygen deprived
	Emilo saw the look in her eyes.  He had seen it before.  Just before
they passed out, they decided to consent, but it was too late to say anything,
the noose cutting off all speech.  He nodded to Rafael, who was waiting
patiently by the rope, his fingers working quickly to snap at the knot,
releasing the rope, her body falling quickly to the floor, Emilo grabbing her
around the waist before she fell and hit her head.  He pulled the noose loose on
her neck, hearing the whoosh as she sucked in as much air as she could, her eyes
going around in circles in her head, barely conscious, her natural reaction to
staying alive taking over.
	She coughed and gagged, her lungs quickly filling and releasing the much
needed air, her head clouded from lack of oxygen, her brain fuzzy.  She wasn't
even sure if she was alive, a bright light the only thing she saw last.  She
finally felt someone holding her, on her knees on the barn floor, the hay rough
on her knees.  It was Emilo, cradling her as she began to gain consciousness. 
She was thankful for the way he held her, cradling her, comfortable in his arms,
forgetting that he was the one that tried to hang her.
	He looked down into her eyes, seeing the joy she felt that she was still
alive.  He felt her snuggle up against him, they all did that, not able to
comprehend what had happened, only grateful that he was there.  "Are you willing
to drink the horse cum now?" he asked her.
	Now it came back to her, they had not killed her.  They had pulled her
down just before she died.  She felt her wet panties, ashamed at having soiled
them.  Her neck ached, her lungs burned, her throat parched, but she was alive. 
And Emilo was holding her, the one that tried to kill her.  She looked into his
eyes, her vision returning.  "Yes, I'll drink the horse semen," relief in her
voice that she was not dead, not even contemplating the horrendous act she would
have to perform in order to survive the fate.
	Emilo pulled her to her feet, her legs finally able to support her
again, wobbling, her ankles still keeping her bound.  "Are you OK, Hope?" 
	He seemed genuinely interested in her.  "Yes."
	"Yank her back up again Rafael," Emilo shouted to him. 
	She felt her head yanked up again, her feet leaving the ground.  This
time she didn't have a chance to even grab a lungful of air, thinking that the
ordeal was over.  She heard his voice - as she began to get dizzy again.
	"Just making sure that you remember the deal and what would happen if
you go back on your word."
	She swung back and forth, the panic setting in again, her body jerking
about, the feeling of dying returning.  This time there was no euphoria, only
the pain of the noose feeling like it was breaking her neck, the lack of oxygen,
the dizziness that was fast approaching unconsciousness.  At least this time it
was fast, her body unable to handle it twice, shutting down and quitting, ready
to die.
	Rafael brought her back down into Emilo's arms, pulling the rope from
her neck.  She coughed and sputtered, trying to barf, unable to bring anything
up.  They untied her arms and legs, slumping to the ground as she sobbed,
thankful that she was spared.  They let her stay there for five minutes until
she recovered.  She sat up, feeling her wet panties.  "My panties are wet," she
murmured, ashamed at having wet them.
	"Keep them on, you're the one that wet them," Emilo laughing at her
	She could feel the wet panties clinging to her body, still damp and
sticky from the pee.  They handed her a drink, her eyes looking at its contents,
grateful that it was water.  She gulped it down, her throat dry, choking as it
went down.  "Thank you."
	"We can be nice as long as you cooperate Hope.  Now let's go back, Horny
is waiting for you.  He wants a nice blow job from you.  Are you going to do a
good job on the furry bunny and let him shoot his cum in your mouth?"
	She nodded, "yes," resigned to the fact, at least grateful that they
didn't mention the horse semen, turning away from the glass of semen and the jug
on the table as Emilo got Horny out of the cage.
	Emilo spread Horny out in front of Hope, her hands eagerly reaching out
to the vent area, now experienced in finding the right spot, pushing down, his
pink penis popping out.
	"Jerk him off a little first, masturbate the bunny for us Hope."

	She did not hesitate, wetting her fingers of her other hand, finding his
tiny penis with two fingers, gently letting her fingers rub up and down the one
inch penis.  She stared at it intently, wanting to please the rabbit, wanting to
make it cum.

	She looked so intent on jerking off the rabbit, Emilo was pleased that
he was turning her into a mindless fucktoy, willing to fuck anyone or anything. 
He had to hold Horny tight, his hips trying to fuck her fingers.  "Now in your
mouth Hope.  Take Horny's little rabbit cock in your mouth and suck it."  He
waited as she slowly let her head move forward, seeing Horny jump when he felt
her hot breath on his cock.  Lucky rabbit, getting a blow job from a cute
eighteen year old gringo.  Imagine what he could tell his rabbit friends, even
the Easter bunny would be jealous he thought, laughing at his own jokes.

	The moment of truth had arrived, her lips touching his tiny penis.  It
was hot and wet, a slightly salty taste, but more bitter than anything else. 
She didn't have time to think much about it, just barely able to feel the one
inch penis in her mouth.  She gulped at the thought of what she was doing,
trying not to throw up, remembering only the hanging.  She let it slide back and
forth over her wet lips, feeling Horny banging into her chin as he humped away,
fucking her mouth.

	"Lick it with your tongue.  Make sure you get the tip."  Emilo watched
as she willingly obeyed, seeing her tongue moving around in her mouth, Horny
jumping again as she made contact with the rounded tip of his cock.  I think
that was all that he needed, his hips jerking up and down almost like a speed
demon.  I guess that is where the got the saying "fast as a bunny" from.  Emilo
and Rafael watched as Hope made this terrible face, scrunching up, gulping and
gagging.  Horny had cum in her mouth, filling it with her first taste of cum. 

	"When you get married Hope, you can tell your husband all about your
first blowjob.  The time when you blew a twenty pound bunny and swallowed his
cum," laughing so hard they almost dropped Horny.  "Let him stay in your mouth
for a minute.  Taste good Hope, bunny cum?"

	Emilo put Horny back in the cage, the rabbit was probably the happiest
rabbit on the planet.  He turned towards Hope, her hand wiping the wetness from
her lips.  "What's it taste like Hope?  What does bunny cum taste like?"

	She looked up, disgusted at what she had performed, but still glad she
was alive.  "It was really watery.  Salty but very bitter.  It wasn't that much,
but had a very powerful taste.  I can't get the taste out of my mouth."  Not
even sure why she told them so much, I guess afraid of displeasing them again,
afraid of what they might do to her.
	"Would you like a drink to wash away the taste?"  Emilo asked her.
	"Yes please," grateful for his offer.
	Emilo moved the glass of horse cum in front of her.  "Here you go, you
still have to drink this.  I'm sure that this will take the taste of bunny cum
out of your mouth," both of them roaring in laughter. 
	They hadn't forgotten the horse semen now in front of her, the thought
of the hanging still fresh in her mind.  It looked so thick, like a milk shake. 
You could probably make a straw stand up in it.  It was a white milky substance. 
She gulped even at the thought of it, never mind actually drinking it.
	"Don't forget what happens to naughty girls that don't cooperate.  Maybe
the next time we won't let you down.  Maybe we will just let you swing and find
another girl more willing to cooperate.  Now time to drink up.  I hear that cum
has a lot of protein in it.  We're actually doing you a favor, giving you your
vitamins.  And don't forget, you wanted something to wash away Horny's cum." 
	Rafael warned her, "if you barf, you're going to start all over again. 
And then it will be doubled.  Two glasses of horse cum.  Each time it will be
doubled.  If we run out of horse cum, you're going to have to jerk off some
horses and re-fill the jug.  You'd like that, wouldn't you?"
	Hope took a deep breath, picking up the glass, feeling that it was now
warm.  She brought it to her face, the strong smell of cum filling her nose, her
stomach already rebelling, gurgling.  She put it to her lips, paused, held her
breath and slowly tilted the glass.  She felt the first of the wetness hit her
lips, feeling thick as it began to run back into her mouth, gulping at the
thought of what she was doing.  She brought the glass level again, the horse
semen now sitting on her tongue, her taste buds trying to determine what it was. 
It was so thick, like motor oil.  It was salty like the bunny cum, but was twice
as bitter, her face puckering up from the foul taste that permeated her mouth. 
It sat like a lump in her mouth, Hope unable to swallow it.  She looked at the
glass, not even looking like any of it was gone, over three inches of thick
horse semen still sitting in the glass.
	Emilo and Rafael were pleased at how she was submitting to the degrading
act of drinking horse cum.  It would make it so much easier when she would be
required to suck them off, or fuck them.  She had so many perversions to perform
for them, including mating with Emilo's dog Devil.  "Swallow Hope, you have a
lot to go, almost the whole glass.  We haven't got all day, we have many more
animals that want to meet you."
	Hope swallowed, letting her spit mix with the horse semen, though it
tended not to, feeling like lumps in her mouth.  She gulped, her stomach making
strange noises as the fluid slid down into her stomach.  She fought back the
urge to barf, breathing deep.  She picked up the glass, pressing it against her
lips.  She tilted her head back and let the liquid slowly slide down her lips,
feeling it move as a lump until it hit her tongue.  She leveled the glass again,
almost gagging as her mouth was filled with the foul fluid.  She looked at the
glass, still almost full, yet her mouth seemed like it was full, the thick cum
filling every nook and cranny in her mouth with the bitter taste.  "GULP," she
swallowed, feeling like she was swallowing a lump of meat, not a liquid. 
	"Good girl, Hope.  You seem to be an accomplished cum swallower.  You
must like the taste."  Emilo and Rafael were enjoying her discomfort, hoping
that she would eventually succumb to the cum and barf, forcing her to drink two
glasses of it.  She was going to be swallowing lots of cum, she might as well
get use to it.
	She had to get it over with.  She gulped again, her stomach turning as
the heavy load sank into her stomach, her mouth and throat now permeated with
the bitter taste of horse semen.  She brought the glass to her lips, a tiny bit
taken off the top, still almost three inches of the thick semen still in it. 
She let it tilt back again, feeling the fluid running out, holding it back as
her cheeks began to bulge out from the cum filling her mouth.  She stopped,
swallowed, choking as she tried to swallow too much.  She turned to the side,
coughing and sputtering, horse cum shooting out of her mouth and nose.  She
couldn't help it, it was too much, she began to choke and finally barf, throwing
up the contents of her stomach onto the barn floor.  Her eyes were wet with
tears, snot running from her nose to mix with the cum on her face, her mouth
still filled with the taste of the cum.  She looked up at Emilo, looking for
sympathy, sympathy from the threat of having to drink two glasses of horse
semen.  She looked at the table, two glasses, filled to the top sitting in front
of her, gagging again.
	They both laughed as she barfed, eagerly filling the glasses to the top
with more horse cum.  "At least this is cold Hope.  Maybe you like cold cum
better than hot cum."  After this all the rest will be hot, straight from the
cock that will be in her mouth.
	Her mouth tasted even worse now, the barf and cum mixing inside.  She
had to get it over with, picking up the first glass and moving it to her lips. 
She tilted it back, let some drip in, holding it in her mouth for a minute,
gulping as her taste buds found the bitter taste, revulsion in her stomach as
she swallowed it.  She held her breath as it went down, happy that she did not
barf.  She tilted the glass back again, repeating the process, gaining new found
strength as she slowly swallowed the horse semen.  She looked at the glass, half
empty, then saw the other glass, filled to the brim, gulping, her mouth watering
again, thinking of what she was doing, swallowing glasses of horse semen as two
boys watched her, pleased at how she was performing.
	She seemed to be getting the hang of it, one glass now finished.  She
looked at them, hoping for some relief from the other glass, but all they did
was push it in front of her.  Her stomach was getting full, or so it seemed like
it felt that way.  It was groaning and grumbling, turning over and over, Hope
having to fight back the constant urge to barf, but she did.  She moved the
other glass to her lips and poured it into her mouth, almost half of glass this
time.  She held it in her mouth while she breathed through her nose, swirling it
around, not letting it stay still, afraid she would feel it again.  She
swallowed, gulping six or seven times before it finally all went down, breathing
hard, trying to think of something else as her stomach tried to rebel.  She knew
that she wouldn't be able to do four glasses, especially with almost two glasses
already in her stomach. 
	They saw the cum dried on her lips, her nose running, Hope not even
making any attempt to wipe it, the cum worse than snot.  She licked her lips by
accident, vowing to not do that again as she licked up the dry cum, even worse
than the thick liquid, the bitter taste even more prevalent.  She looked at the
glass, still half full or half empty, depending on how you looked at it.  She
wasn't sure her stomach could hold the rest.  It felt like she had eaten a
Thanksgiving dinner of turkey and had eaten too much.  It groaned and roared in
protest of the horse cum that filled it.  She sucked in a deep breath, tilted
the glass back and let it slide into her mouth and down her throat, not even
allowing it to stand in her throat, gulping rapidly as it slowly moved through
her mouth and into her stomach.  It took over two minutes for the thick cum to
slowly roll down into her stomach, Hope breathing rapidly through her nose as
she fought the urge to barf.  No she couldn't do it anymore, she had to get it
down and keep it down.  She moved the glass to the table, a film of milky fluid
lining the two glasses, but they were empty.  Hope smiled, burping as her
stomach rumbled one last time, pleased at herself that she had done it.  "Done,"
she matter-of-factly stated to Emilo and Rafael.
	She seemed genuinely pleased that she had swallowed two glasses of horse
cum, Emilo thought.  Most people would be disgusted, forced to perform such a
degrading act, yet here was Hope, smiling, her face covered with horse cum,
pleased at being able to perform the act.  "That was good Hope, we're proud of
you," both of them smiling as her face lit up, pleased at pleasing them.  They
had begun to turn her into a mindless fucktoy and they were going to try out her
newfound ability to please.

	"Let's get your face cleaned up, it's covered with horse cum Hope." 
They brought her over to a long horse trough, filled with cold water.  "Kneel
down here," they ordered her. 

	She kneeled down near the trough.  It looked cold, but anything was
better than the horse semen on her face, it was beginning to harden, her skin
feeling like it was beginning to crack.  She began to bring her hands up to dip
them into the water, but she felt a hand on the back of her head.  Before she
knew what was happening, someone had grabbed her hands, pinning them to her
sides.  Other hands were on her head, pushing it towards the water.  She barely
had time to grab a breath before her head was submerged in the water, the hand
holding it underwater while she struggled.  She fought the feeling again, they
were suffocating her again.  Not with a rope hanging her, this time trying to
drown her.  Her lungs began to falter, the air running out, the oxygen exhaling,
feeling the bubbles rush by her face as they raced to the surface.  Her lungs
tried to bring in fresh air, but only water was available, gulping in mouthfuls
of the cold water.
	She gagged and sputtered as her head was pulled form the trough, her
hair soaked, water dripping down her face as she breathed hard, spitting up
water as she tried to fill her lungs with air again.  She sputtered, "why did
you do that?"
	"Just to show you who's in charge Hope.  Do you understand now?"  Emilo
watched her.
	"YES!"  Don't do it anymore, please," she begged.
	"That's what I like in a girl, the desire to please.  No matter what is
asked of her.  You're that girl, aren't you?  You'll do anything I tell you,
won't you?
	She nodded, afraid of what would be required of her, but more afraid of
what would happen if she failed to do what was required of her.
	"Isn't she a good girl, Rafael?  Now wipe yourself off Hope.  It's time
to visit Jasper.  You still have so much more to learn about animals.  You'll
like Jasper.  He's a ram.  A male ram."
	Hope was brought to the paddock of Jasper.  He was a large ram, over 130
pounds.  Hope had never seen one, only sheep, much smaller.  She was nervous,
the animal weighing more than she did. 
	"Rafael, hold Jasper, I want Hope to meet him.  Hope, come over here,"
moving behind Jasper.  The ram looked at them as they moved behind him, a
curious look on his face.  Emilo brought over a small four-legged stool barely
rising a foot off the ground.  "Sit on it, Hope."  	
	Hope sat down, the large ram in front of her, Emilo standing over her. 
She was afraid of what he would want her to do.  The ram was moving about,
Rafael having trouble holding him still.  "What's the matter with him?"
	"I think he smells you."
	"Smells me?"
	"Yes, he has a good sense of smell, he can smell females.  I think he
likes you."
	"I can't hold him.  Tell her to calm him down," Rafael told Emilo.
	"Can you do that, Hope, can you calm Jasper down?"
	"What do you want me to do?"  She was afraid of the answer.  The
placement of the stool was an indication of what would be required of her.
	"Reach under Jasper and find his cock."  Emilo saw her freeze, the look
on her face.  "I think Horny told him all about you.  Now he wants you too.  I'm
not going to tell you again."
	She let her hand reach under the ram, moving back until she felt it,
jerking her hand away in fright.  It was huge, not like little Horny, this was a
man sized penis.
	"Put your hand back, Hope.  You have to learn how to handle big ones
too.  Quickly now, Jasper is growing impatient.  Use two hands, it's big"
	She tentatively pushed both of her hands back, finding them full of ram
penis.  She tightened her grip on it, feeling the ram settling down.  She could
feel it jump in her hand.  She let her hand run down the length of it, it must
be about a foot long.  It was different from Miguel's cock, this one thicker at
the base, smaller about half the way up.  It didn't have a head on it like
Miguel's, once her hand ran over the ridge where it got smaller, it began to
curve, almost in a gentle C, getting smaller and smaller until the tip was
almost pointed.  She let her fingers glide along the shaft, almost pinching her
fingers together when she got to the tip, feeling strange in her hands.
	"You're good at jerking off animals, Hope.  You seem to have a natural
ability.  Do you like doing that?  Do you like having an animal's cock in your
little hands?"
	He was humiliating her again.  She was doing it to escape the
asphyxiation that he subject her to, not because she liked it.  It was
degrading, forced to service the animals in the barn.  She dreaded what his next
command would be.  She didn't bother to answer, her hand still cradling the hot
cock of the ram in her hand.
	"Jerk him off Hope, make him cum.  He wants to be satisfied just like
Horny was."
	She held the cock with one hand at the base, her other hand curled
around it, sliding it up and down the shaft all the way to the curved tip.  She
moved back down again, feeling the ram begin to hump with his hips, back and
forth, sliding his cock between her hands.
	Jasper was making strange noises as she masturbated him, Rafael letting
his grip loosen, Jasper more them pleased enough with the nice hand that was
stroking his cock.  The two boys watched Hope as she stroked his cock, moving
her little hand up and down his shaft, her face red in shame at performing such
a degrading act in front of them.
	Hope hoped he would cum soon, her hand getting slippery, Jasper must be
leaking some semen on her hand.  She felt Emilo behind her, his hand on her
	"He's almost ready to cum.  Wouldn't want to waste a good load of ram
cum.  Get off the bench and kneel on the ground Hope.  Duck your head under
Jasper.  I want you to take his cock in your mouth."
	She looked up at Emilo, her eyes wide open.  It was bad enough with
Horny, but at least his penis was tiny.  This one was huge and gross, the curve
in it, the long length.  Where would he put all twelve inches of it?  "Please,
don't make me do that," she begged.
	"I'm not making you do anything Hope.  You can refuse to cooperate.  Is
that what you want to do Hope, refuse to cooperate?"  He watched her as she
scooted off the stool, her knees on the hay on the floor.  She bent down under
the ram, her head rising up almost between his legs, her mouth open wide as she
neared the ram cock.  "Good girl Hope, now wrap your lips around it and suck it
in.  Let your hand still stroke it.  Stroke it until he cums in your mouth. 
Then I expect you to swallow it.  It will be different from the horse cum; this
will still be hot, straight from his balls.  You'll like that I'm sure.  You
seem to like all kinds of cum, don't you?"
	She closed her eyes, not wanting to see the degrading act they were
making her perform.  Her lips closed around the shaft, feeling Jasper shudder as
he felt her hot breath on his penis.  It tasted terrible, gagging as she let it
slide in her mouth, her hand stroking it, trying to keep his hips from driving
it down her throat.  The paddock was quiet except for the sound of Hope sucking
the ram cock in her mouth, her hand stroking the shaft up and down, hoping to
get it over with quickly, resigned to the fact that she would have to swallow
another load of cum.  This one hot.
	Emilo and Rafael watched her suck off their ram, her mouth moving up and
down the shaft, her hand masturbating the base, her tiny hands barely able to
fit around the 6 inch base.  Her lips were stretched wide when she pushed down
on the four inch shaft, her only relief when she moved to the curved tip as it
tapered to a point.  "Don't stroke it with your hand any more, let Jasper feed
you his cock into your mouth with his hips.  I want you to swallow a ram cock
Hope, take it in your throat."
	Her mouth was filled with the bitter taste of his cum, similar to the
horse semen.  She released her hand on the ram penis, feeling like Jasper
understood, his hips driving even farther, the curve tip sliding along the roof
of her mouth, seeking out her throat.  She didn't have to wait long, having to
turn her head to make the curve go the opposite direction, feeling it bashing
against her tonsils, gagging as it tried to force entry into her throat. 
Emilo's hands were still on her head, holding her tight as Jasper began to fuck
her face, Hope unable to do anything but try to swallow the ram penis without
gagging too much.  She tried to move back, Emilo's hands holding her head firm
as the ram's cock slid down into her throat, Hope gagging as she felt so full,
the thin head easily sliding down into her throat, the tapered penis following
behind, stretching her throat until it was jammed full of ram penis.
	Emilo held her head as Jasper rammed his cock in and out of her mouth,
having never felt anything like this before, his hips becoming a blur, her
choking and gagging massaging the large animal cock.  Her face was covered in
tears, her eyes watering, her nose running as she was brutally face fucked by a
ram.  Jasper made a strange noise, Emilo allowing Hope to pull the penis out of
her throat, but holding it so it stayed in her mouth.  He was cumming, Jasper
shooting her mouth full of ram cum.  She coughed and gagged as the thick fluid
filled her mouth, running down the corners of her mouth, unable to swallow that
fast, shooting out her nose as it seemed like he filled her with gallons of
animal cum.
	It felt like five minutes of Jasper pumping his cum in her mouth, her
throat feverishly trying to swallow the large amount of ram cum.  The taste was
vile, even worse than the horse semen, this time hot, Hope knowing that it was
shooting from his balls directly into her mouth.  He finally stopped, Emilo
keeping her head on his cock.
	"Lick it off, I don't want you to leave my prize ram with a dirty cock,"
watching her cheeks bulge as her tongue moved about her mouth, his cock bathed
by her tongue, her taste buds getting the full flavor of the cum.  He finally
let her off the cock, getting up, her mouth glistening with ram cum.  "Wipe it
off with your tongue," he ordered her.
	She stood there, licking the drying cum from her mouth, both of them
looking at her. 
	"You certainly are a good cocksucker Hope."  There was a loud howling
coming from the barn door, followed by barking.  Emilo looked towards the door. 
"Bring in Devil, I think he smells Hope.  Make sure you put him on a leash,
otherwise you wouldn't be able to pull him off her."  Rafael went to let in
Emilo's part wolf, part German shepherd.
	"Let's move over here," pushing Hope over to the center of the barn, a
cleared spot in the center, the floor covered with a thick layer of straw.  The
barn door opened again, Rafael following behind a snarling, large dog.  He must
weigh about 120 pounds, all muscle.  He was mainly German shepherd, but he also
was half wolf, his mother a German shepherd that escaped into the wilds.  Emilo
had found him in a bear trap, his leg pinned between the sharp jaws.  He nursed
him back to health, over four months before he could walk sufficiently again. 
Emilo released him back into the wilds, but he returned in a few days, never to
leave again.  He had a disposition like Emilo, maybe that's why he came back,
they both had a mean streak in them, especially when it came to females.
	There were not many dogs around that Devil could mate with, most stayed
away, even dogs had some brains.  About a year ago, Emilo heard some commotion
behind the barn, the sound of Devil growling, but also the sound of a girl's
voice.  She was begging.  He snuck around the corner, peeking to see what was
going on.  There was Devil, pinning a young girl to the ground.  She was one of
the maid's daughters, a cute little thing about fourteen years old.  Devil had
his front paws on her back, keeping her pinned to the ground, while his teeth
gnarled at her skirt.  When she tried to fight with her hands, he would turn to
her, baring his teeth, growling.  She tried to fight him off once, his teeth
wrapped around her arm until she whimpered and lay subdued.  He released the arm
and casually went back to stripping her from the waist down.  Once he had her
naked, his rough tongue began to lap at her body, running up and down the crease
in her ass as she squirmed, trying to get away.  His teeth pushed into her leg
until she got the message, turning over for him.  His snout pushed between her
legs until she parted them for him, his tongue returning to her pussy this time. 
He lapped at her juices for over fifteen minutes until Emilo saw her shudder,
Devil having forced her to cum for him.
	But he wasn't finished, his cock now fully extended beneath him.  His
teeth urged her back over, his snout pushing up between her legs, forcing her to
raise up her ass, spreading her legs.  She looked back in horror when Devil
mounted her, his front legs on her back, his hips humping back and forth in
search of her treasures.  It didn't take long before he succeeded, her screaming
encouraging him to greater depths as he took her virginity with his dog cock,
pounding away at her with no regard to her pain.  He fucked her fast, the force
of his fucking banging her pussy with his incredible power, his knot banging
against the opening of her pussy, the thick cock rubbing along her clitoris. 
She soon felt her pussy filled with hot dog cum.  He kept humping her until his
knot shrunk down, pulling off of her, his cum dripping down between her legs.
	From that day forward, Emilo encouraged Devil, bringing him girls, girls
that he had tired of.  Devil learned to make them submissive, his teeth and
growl mean enough to make any female bend over and spread her legs for him.  He
could now smell them, eager to have his way with them, Emilo not even able to
control him once he got the scent of a female.
	Rafael was fighting with Devil, pulling him back by the leash, not much
of a match for a 120 pound snarling beast, his feet dragging along, trying to
slow him up.
	Hope trembled in fear as the dog lunged at her, Rafael barely able to
stop him.  She didn't really like dogs much and this was one of the meanest ones
she had ever seen.  She was sure that he was going to maul her with his snarling
teeth.  "Please," she begged Emilo," don't let him at me!"
	Emilo moved next to her, his hand around her waist.  Devil is just as I
am.  If you cooperate, nothing will happen to you.  If you don't, you know what
happens, you get punished."
	"What is he going to do?"  She was afraid of the answer, having already
sucked the cocks of two other animals, knowing the mean streak in Emilo. 
"You're not going to make me take his penis in my mouth are you?"
	"No, I wouldn't do that," seeing a bit of relief on her face.  "No, he
wants to fuck you.  You'd like that wouldn't you, a nice doggy fuck?  Wait until
you see his cock.  If you thought the ram cock was big, you should see Devil's. 
It's over thirteen inches of doggy cock and about 7 inches around.  But his
knot, yes, dogs have knots that get hard when they fuck.  The knot is over ten
inches around.  That's about three inches across.  It's situated about 5 inches
from the top of his cock so you'll really feel it as it opens you up.  Now why
don't you slip off your blouse and bra and get naked from the waist up.  I'm
going to have to get you wet first or Devil will tear you up.  Now hurry up,
Devil is very impatient."
	Devil was snarling at Hope, her fingers moving to the blouse, quickly
unbuttoning it and pulling it off.  The thought of being fucked by a dog was
disgusting, but the alternative was even worse, his teeth bared showing large,
sharp teeth that would shred her skin.  Her bra went quickly, her hands at her
sides as she was naked from the waist up, humiliated at stripping for a dog to
fuck her. 
	"On your knees, Hope.  I taught Devil how to suck on girl's breasts. 
Hold real still though, if you jerk away he might bite your nipple off.  Put
your arms behind your neck and lace your fingers, then arch your back for Devil. 
Stick your tits out for him."
	She knelt on the floor, level with the snarling dog in front of her. 
She arched her back, her breasts thrust out before her, trembling as the dog
moved closer.  He seemed to have quieted down, not so agitated.  She saw Rafael
let the leash loosen, the dog moving in front of her, panting.  He moved his big
snout down, nudging her nipple with his cold nose, slapping at it with his
snout.  She could feel it harden.  He moved his snout between her breasts,
moving his head back and forth, her breasts like pillows around his snout.  Both
of her nipples were hard now, not fully understanding how she could be aroused
by a dog.  She bit her lip when she felt his mouth open and close over one of
her breasts, his large jaw able to get most of it inside, his sharp teeth
rubbing harshly over her flesh, especially her nipple.  It felt like one was
puncturing her nipple, Hope having a hard time holding still.  She could feel
his saliva all over her breast, his breath smelling like a dog.  He tighten his
jaw on her breast, Hope holding her breath, waiting for the pain as he bit her
breast off.  But he pulled his head off, this time moving to the other, his
smaller teeth in the front of his mouth nibbling at her nipple, the rubbery tip
now over two inches long, an easy target.  He seemed to know just the right
amount of pressure to give her a little pain but not tear her flesh, Devil
smelling the fear in her.
	All of a sudden Devil pushed on Hope, his snout butting into her chest,
knocking her over.  She was startled as she lay on the hay, the dog panting over
	"Do what he wants," Emilo warned her.
	She lay there, waiting, dog saliva dripping down on her naked stomach as
the massive animal poised over her.  His head moved down and grabbed her skirt
in his powerful jaws, ripping the jean material as if it was paper, his head
moving back and forth as he pulled it from her body, leaving her laying there in
only her panties.  His head moved back down, this time his cold nose running up
between her tightly clenched thighs, his powerful head forcing her legs to part
until he reached her crotch, her panties still hiding her sex from him.  He
sniffed her pussy, his hips humping dry air, as he smelled a female in heat.  He
opened his mouth wide, Hope closing her eyes, waiting for the pain of his teeth
to bite her.  She felt his jaws run between her legs and engulf her sex, gently
squeezing the flesh between it, teeth digging into her pussy lips with a light
touch, almost as if he was teasing her.  She opened her eyes, his eyes staring
at her, his mouth completely engulfing her pussy.  It felt strange, it was not
something a human could do, the pressure on her whole sex giving her a strange
	Devil let go of her sex, moving up to the top of her panties, his teeth
grabbing the edge of them, nipping at her flesh as he slowly began to pull them
down.  Hope let her hips rise up, facilitating Devil's stripping off of her
panties.  She felt them pulled down to her knees before Devil snapped his head
left and right, the thin panties material shredding in his mouth.
	She looked into his eyes again, almost able to read his mind now, almost
as if he was human.  His head moved forward again, Hope allowing her legs to
bend at the knees and bowed them out submissively for him as his tongue began to
lap at her inner thighs.  His tongue was rough, almost painful, her inner thighs
sensitive.  She could feel her pussy getting wet at the thought of his tongue
lapping at her juices.  How would it feel?  Would it hurt, would he bite her? 
She tried to hold still as he had his way with her.
	"I think she likes it," Emilo talking to Rafael," look at her spread her
legs for Devil."
	She heard them talking about her, but she was too concerned with the dog
poised over her naked body.  She was afraid she would make a sudden jerking
motion and the dog would attack her, tearing her flesh into ribbons by his sharp
canine teeth.  "AAAH," his snout pushing between her legs, starting at the
bottom of her slit and moving up, the harsh, cold nose pushing apart her pussy
lips as it moved up and down, caressing her inner lips.  It felt strange, his
snout so wide, her pussy lips almost folded down flat as he ran up and down, his
saliva mixing with the juices her pussy was starting to secrete.  She began to
hump her pussy with her hips, letting it gently rise up and down, trying to get
the maximum amount of pressure by his snout.
	"GGGOD," she cried, almost grabbing the dog by the head when his tongue
began to lap at her pussy.  She arched her hips up high, over a foot from the
floor, her legs spread obscenely to the side as she felt herself being tongue
fucked by a dog, a thought she could never even have conceived only days ago. 
The rough tongue hurt, but it hurt good.  It was so big, covering every inch of
her pussy all at the same time.  She felt sensations in her body that she had
never felt, ignoring the unmistakable fact that she was being serviced by an
	"AAAH," he stuck his snout into her vagina, his cold nose opening up her
pussy as he pushed in, feeling like a giant cock was trying to enter her.  She
arched up again, spreading herself open for him.  His tongue pushed into the
opening, over three inches of rough, hot tongue forced into her vagina, bringing
forth a rash of feelings into her body, her body trembling in ecstasy.  How
could a dog know the feelings that he was bringing to her, how did he know
exactly what made her pussy cream?
	Just when she thought it couldn't get any better, his snout moved up,
pushing into her clit, his nose pushing down on her clit hood, shaking his snout
back and forth until her clit hood spread to the side, his nose touching her
inflamed clit.  His tongue lashed out at it, her scream of lust ringing out in
the room as she came, came all over the dog that was eating her pussy.  She was
so engulfed in her orgasm that she pulled his head down on her pussy, smashing
it back and forth. 
	A snarling was the only warning she got, Hope releasing his head, his
teeth nipping at her pussy lips, biting painfully into the puffy flesh, driving
another orgasm from her body as she shuddered underneath the dog attack.  Hope
lay limply underneath the dog, her body trying to recover from the intense
orgasm.  She turned red in shame when she saw the two boys looking at her,
seeing how she had cum under the oral attack by the dog.
	"Don't stop now Hope, or you'll make Devil angry.  You have to take care
of him now, you have to service his cock."
	Devil moved down to her leg, grabbing her just below the knee in his
powerful jaw, making her feel the control he had over her.  He moved her leg,
Hope finally realizing what he wanted, turning over onto her stomach for him. 
She stretched her arms out in front of her, slowly spreading her legs, Devil
sitting between them as she imagined how she looked, her body in an X, naked, a
dog with a giant cock poised between them, ready to fuck her.  She felt his
snout pushing between the vee of her legs, Hope rising up on her knees like a
bitch in heat for the dog.  A nip to her inner thighs and she spread her legs,
wider and wider until he was happy with the way she was presented, forced by a
dog to submit herself.  She bowed her head down, waiting for the inevitable,
resigned to the fact that she would be fucked by a dog and that she had
willingly submitted to it.
	She was startled when he rose up on her back, his powerful front legs on
her back, his sharp nails digging into her flesh, scratching her.  She looked
back, the snarling monster above her.  She felt him begin to hump her, his hard
cock beginning to bang into her, but not finding his intended target.  She heard
him growl louder, his impatience growing, his hips thrusting his cock back and
forth, his hard cock missing.
	"Reach back and put his cock inside your pussy.  If you don't, he will
grow impatient and bite you or he will find the wrong hole and you will have to
suffer an ass fucking.  Once he gets going, nobody can pull him off."
	Hope rose up her ass, letting her hands slip between her legs.  She
grabbed the hard cock, he was right, it was huge, her hand barely able to
contain it.  She stroked down it, finding the knot.  Not a slim cock, but a
large knotted cock that would pound into her pussy without mercy.  She trembled
in fear, afraid that his cock would ruin her pussy forever.  Another growl, his
teeth biting lightly into her shoulder reminded her of the consequences of
denying him.  She pulled his cock to her pussy, rubbing the pumping cock along
her slit.  She placed it against her vagina, letting go of it, Devil not needing
any further assistance.  She screamed out as she was fed over 8 inches of hard
dog cock in one powerful and painful thrust that drove the knotted cock deep
into her pussy, a small hole that was a virgin up to yesterday.  Her head fell
down to the hay as Devil began to fuck her, the strength and speed of his
thrusts knocking the air out of her lungs as she suffered under the painful dog
	They watched her as she shook her ass, trying to escape the brutal dog
fucking, only making Devil more determined, his hips making his cock move with
lightening speed.  Devil panted and humped, the sound of his knot passing
painfully through her vagina, each time shrinking back down and then stretching
open to take the three inch knot.  He gnarled on her shoulder, making her feel
his power, his long nails digging into her back as he fucked her with a
vengeance.  He fucked her for over five minutes, his endurance surprising, his
hips fucking with blazing speed, his cock drawing almost all the way out before
thrusting back in, all thirteen inches of cock forced into her tiny cunt,
slamming and bruising her cervix each time, jolting her body.
	Devil started to make funny noise, Emilo recognizing the sounds that he
was ready to cum.  He saw his knot get bigger, plunging to engulf itself inside
her hot, tight pussy.  He buried it inside her, the pain making Hope tighten up,
a mistake, the knot unable to come out without tearing her.  He continued to
hump her, sliding her body forward, her knees dragging painfully across the hay
as she was fucked severely, the powerful strength of the dog no match for her
tiny body.  She was jolted forward each time, her grunts and groans of pain as
her pussy was wrecked by his giant cock.
	She couldn't stop him, his teeth already biting her, his nails tearing
painfully into her back, the burning scratches making her pain even worse.  Her
body was jolted forward each time, her knees raw from being dragged across the
rough hay.  Then she felt it, feeling like he was dumping gallons of cum inside
her, crying as she realized that it was dog cum, almost vomiting at the thought
of it.  He continued to hump her long after he came, his knot still hard until
it finally slipped out painfully, Hope rolling over onto her back, clutching her
crotch in pain.  It felt like her pussy was stretched out of shape,
	She looked up, Devil poised over her, Hope looking up at his underbelly. 
She could see his cock, the pink cock still hard, the knot that destroyed her
pussy still hard, his cum glistening on it.  She heard him growl, not sure what
he wanted.
	"He wants you to clean his cock Hope.  Use your mouth and don't take it
off until I tell you.  He is very agitated now, he always gets that way after he
cums, so don't do anything to displease him."
	She thought it was over, but now the dog wanted more.  She moved under
him, moving down between his powerful back legs.  He seemed to know what to do,
lowering his hips down until his cock came in contact with her lips.  Another
growl and as her lips parted, his pink cock entered her hot mouth until she let
her lips close around it, tasting the acrid cum on it.  She brought her hands
up, a growl cautioning her, returning to lay limply at her side as he began to
hump his hips again in  her mouth, pleased as her tongue began to lap over the
dog cock.  Hope could feel the knot now, her tongue running up and down the
shaft, dog hair in her mouth making her gag, as he humped her face,  He finally
stopped, but did not move, Hope feeling his body tense.
	"Hold real still now Hope, don't move no matter what he does."
	She was trying to figure out what he meant when suddenly her mouth was
flooded with dog piss.
	"Swallow it, or he'll bite you," Emilo ordered her, watching as her
throat began to move, gulping down mouthful after mouthful of foul dog piss. 
They heard her cough and gag, the acrid smell of dog urine filling the barn, but
she continued to lay there and let the dog have his way, using her as his doggy
	He finally pulled out, Hope turning over and barfing up the dog piss,
coughing and gagging as it tasted just as bad going out as it did in.
	"You smell like dog piss, let's wash her up in the trough again",
grabbing her and throwing her naked body in the cold water, Emilo enjoying
holding her head under the water until bubbles began to flow to the fop, her
lungs filling up with water again.  Her head broke the surface, sputtering and
choking water.  "Just another reminder Hope.  We still have more animals for
you.  You still haven't met a pig or a horse yet."
To Be Continued

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