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Jills Fire

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Synopsis: how a thirty five year old guy falls in love with a fourteen year old girl

                 Jills Fire

                                                                  Chapter 1 Like A Shooting Star

                                                                  by roccodadom44


                   Swear I wasnt one of those, you know preying on your teen daughters friends, yuck, it was different, really. Sure I had fantasies, all guys have that fantasy, tagging the nubile teens hanging round his house, dressed like they wanted it, but it wasnt an obsession, I still dated, having been divorced for years, I had custody, my kid going to her deranged moms moms house every other weekend, had women to fuck on those weekends, a few quickies when the daughter had a sleepover, so I was all right, not a drooling, leering horndog. All this in defense of what occured toward the end of my daughters ninth year of high school.

      It was just getting springlike, that feeling of surviving another hard winter propelling you, energy soaring, happy to be alive, everything kosher, I was content. Pow, like a two by four to the face, I knew my kid was holding back, having returned from her moms, but when I coaxed out her reason, wow, I was crushed, felt weary, beaten, She had decided that she wanted to try living at her moms, who had gotten an aparment, finally, after living at her moms for years. She would have to switch schools, be an hour away from me and her friends, but she was determined, I knew I had to surrender, it was hard, but she needed to do this, why, I didnt care to guess, her mother was a cunt, straight up, miserable cunt.

     That she told all her friends, started to see her mom more, really stunned me, how quick she had moved on, but I did the same, all ready planning my suden lack of any responsibilities. To be able to bring anyone back to my house, when ever would be nice, so this time was not stressed at all, as I was a fast healer, did love her, knew she would be all right, she would either return, or become her mother, oh well, it was out of my hands, I refused to worry about shit I couldnt control, decided to let her have fun her last months home, letting her have friends sleep over several nights a week, this is where things take a turn, as they say

   The first few times I met Jill, she left no real impression, no first round knockout. That she became my daughters bff that year, that moment, they being bffs in teen time, I became more aware of her just by the nature of her and Brianna, my princess, being inseperable for those last months of Bri living with me. Jill was the clown, in the right way, she was funny, but also witty, sharp tongued, but self depreciating, wasnt imtimidated by talking to an adult, knew who was president, nice. We did hit it off, but again, I was not thinking pussy, more that she was doing a pretty good job of hiding her intelligence with her wise guy act, that she was missing something, Jill was good looking as I started to notice her, realise that she would sit real close to me, where as most of my kids other friends viewed me with much trepidation, I was rough looking for sure, Jill had a desire to talk to me, I was flattered, but not vain enough to think it was me, so I pushed her to open up.

   While my daughter and her other bffs goofed off upstairs, Jill would talk to me,sometimes over tea, like adults, hmmm, discussing this and that, serious shit, finding out her father was a disabilty cheat, stayed home and hid, also liked to paw Jill, fuck that asshole. Her mother was a drunk, hated her dad, nice family, I offered her real sympathy, she asked if she could hang at my house, I agreed, not thinking she meant even when my kid was at her moms, not that I still wouldnt have agreed, because as we hugged, me as a token of comfort, her fat tits grinding into my chest, her soft hands on my neck, her smell, glorious, sensuous, her smell, the way her hair bounced at the slightest chance, her smile always slightly wicked, her eyes soft, open, caring, I was shocked at my feelings, heart racing, breath quickened, jesus, my cock was stirring, not full on, but it was aware prime cunt was near.

   Wow, her looking into my eyes, that killer smile, askng me if that was a bannana in my pocket, that extra grind, my quick recovery, telling her that I was sorry, hoping and getting her being cool with it, her laughing it off, joking that she was used to guys pawing her, first time I realised her tits were fucking huge, she usualy wore loose tops, she was smart I said, teen boys could sniff out big tits, they were predisposed to go for the big tits, it was all biological, Im sure. Feeling worse, trying to get away, made her upset, we forced ourselves to talk it out, that I would admit my sexual feelings for her, that I was lonely, that I viewed her differently from her peers, who from the sound of things were having a great time cyberbullying a girl in their class, seems my kid was becoming her mom all right,so sad, so real.

  Agreeing to talk later, Jill, with an awkward kiss, throwing her lips at my face, eyes closed, me catching her soft, full, hot lips, savoring their brief touch of mine, the electricity real, her eyes opening, staring at each others souls, that was fucking wild, she stumbled going upstairs to join the party, a look of confused lust making her glow, me feeling torn, yucky for not stopping this train, flushed with excitement, how alive she made me feel, not only the possibilites of her young, supple body, her mind, her quick comebacks, the ability to carry on conversation, fuck, she read books, real books, not because she had to, she wanted to, the broads I dated all read fucking People, like the words mattered. No I  wrestled with it, but never considered stopping it, only how to manage it, so I guess I wanted it to happen, still felt like maybe I misread her intent, no I didnt, she was going to push me, she knew it wouldnt be a big push, we both knew what that fucking kiss implied, of that Im sure.

   After giving the girls sodas and snacks, trying not to catch Jills eye, doing it anyway, her smile half sexual half innocence, or I projected that, quickly back downstairs, laundry room, a single dads day never ends. Mindlessly folding shit, thimking nothing, she startled me, feet away, smile beaming, inviting, she was radiant, I dropped the clothes, kissed her, she responded hard, clumsily grabbing for my cock, almost smacking my boys, bad opening play on her part, I would teach her, its my gift. Her face was so flushed, she was gasping for air, licking her lips seductively, making sexy purrings, I had to have her, it was not possible to stop, again, I knew it was wrong, just impossible to stop.

  Her shirt came off, exposing tits to die for, bra looked like an industrial hoist, credit to Jill for concealing these beautes so well. Fingers brushing her on fire skin, while undoing her bra, the way her melons plopped out, perfect, round, flesh so white, nipples so healthy pink, the taste of them divine, her moans egging me on, she grabbed at my cock again, quickly I had it out, her gasp at trying to wrap her hand around it, great for my ego. Her fascination with my cock was cute, she knelt, examined it, felt, it, kissed it, weighed my balls, told me it was awesome, nice that. Her sucking was sloppy, wet, enthusiastic, trifecta, her tongue so soft and heated, her eyes looking up at me, so loving, devoted, jesus, I could cum soon, had to slow down, made myself listen for the others, noisy singing upstairs, wondered if all the kids came in the laundry room could I take my cock out of this angels mouth,mmmm.

   Got her up, long tongue kiss, her look of confusion, her confession of sucking boy cock, then those kids wouldnt kiss her ever, me explaining that I loved it nasty, the sloppier the better, she thrusting her fat tongue back down my throat, her tits feeling so heavy in my hands, amazing that she could be so large at fourteen, she was at least a D, little saggage, and again, her pink nips really finished it off, they were like gumdrops, couldnt help wanting to suck for hours. My cock rubbing against her soft warm belly, leaking precum like a teenager, she didnt stop my unsnapping her jeans, the zipper sounding so erotic as I lowered it, the sound of openings,feeling the heat through her red satin panties, feeling the soft pubes, knowing this had to happen, to late for anything to stop it.

  With her tongue in my mouth, her hand on my cock, one of my hands mauling a tit, the other snaked into her burning cunt against her panties, the feel perfect, fat, soft lips, steamy, her cunt smell luring me deeper, my finger sliding in, her gasp, the way her lips grabbed my finger, pulled it in, she wanted cock, Ill take that to my grave. Well, this was real life, daughter screaming for me, kids yelling, we parted lips, shocked, looking into each others eyes, fits of the giggles, fixing each others clothing, heading upstairs, last quick kiss, promises of more, soon, both sides.

   Seems two of the girls were cat fighting, though now they seemed more interested in out cussig each other. That they were both breathing heavy, clothes mussed up, one girl had a slight bloody nose, the other four girls underdressed and overstimulated, I was surely being tested, oh lord, my cock hurt it was so wanting out, all scrunched up in my pants, my shirt covering the bulge. Being the adult, right, I laid on them the get along with each other or get along home, I still had it, my daughter knew when I was there, no more shit, they all agreed to tone it down, decided to watch a movie, I went and got snacks, please feed the animals.

   Returning to the noisy room, outside the door I heard my kid quizzing Jill on what she was doing with me downstairs,hmm, kid was more aware than I considered, like her mother, always worried about what the other slag had, she was even using the haggy voice my ex used when she was bullying someone, complete yuck. Jill was peaches, going into a whole, over the top sarcastic drama about how we were madly in love, screwing on the washer, the other girls giggling, lots of ewws at Jills graphic description, fuck the cunts, I found my girl, cringing at that bit of tripe, brief wallowing in pity, at my inability to stop my feelings for her, quickly overtaken by pride, for Jills ability to deflect my bitchy daughters agression, knew Jill would be fine in life, she was wise and clever, her ability to grab everyones attention, she was a true diamond in the rough, so much potential, the semihorrible thought, wish she was my kid, thats something. I entered the room, giving her a sly, I heard everthing wink, receiving the best smile, right to my heart, leaving the kids to their teen flick, feeling right that we delayed the inevitable, wanted to make it perfect, not some rushed, standing up in the mudroom shit, Jill deserved to be shown how wild it could all be, or maybe I was just being selfish, either or, I was getting into Jills pussy soon.

  Laying in my bed, glad Jill didnt come to me, sad that she didnt, my mind racing, cock throbbing, I refused to touch it, wanted my seed in Jill, accepting what that meant, knowing I was gone into obsessionville. Willing myself to sleep, startled at her laying beside me, unnerved at her stealth, pleased at her gumption, her hands carrassing my chest, feeling her heat floating over me, our whispers so soft, so only for each other, our world, she had it planned out, wow, thats something, that she really planned it, wanted it that much, I had no choice. The plan was simple, done before, when the others left in the morn, Jill would stay behind, her mom running late, happened alot or sometimes I dropped her off, nothing unusual. With my daughter leaving early, her mom picking her up, that meant me and Jill would have all afternoon to consumate our thing, still not sure what to call it, knew what others would call it, statutary rape, fuck them, this was gonna happen, it had to happen. We spent scant time kissing, grabbing, giggling, lamenting, her flesh so hot to the touch, her parting actually hurting my heart, the void of not having that joy beside me, a dark, stark life.

   Slept like a log, finally accepting that she was mine, my cock would part those superb lips in hours, that was enough, all the drama wore me down, daughter leaving, Jills coming into my life. Waking early, it felt great to wake rested, alive, ready to greet the day, my cock drippng juice, I was all about the penis, still managed to leave it alone, wanted to be able to give Jill two loads, at least, today. Eating cereal, skimming the headlines online, loving the kids all sleeping, better to avoid them, get them on their way, scared something would deprive me of her, couldnt, wouldnt take much more delay, had to have her, didnt care about anything, only that, she would be mine.

  Christ they were all miserable, as overtired teen girls tended to be, snipe here, snarl there, loved that Jill managed to avoid the others bitchiness, her smile so disarming, she even got my daughter, a first class bitch, to laugh a little. When the others had been picked up, leaving Jill and Brianna, I fell more in love with Jill, the way she handled my daughter was awesome. Bri got bitchy, mentioned sacasticly that Jill wanted to be here, instead of home, Jills comeback was bittersweet, she told miss bitch that she would love to have me for her father, how lucky Bri was, how horrilbe her dad was and her mother not much better. I knew Bri would only get nastier, like her mom she would not lose an argument, at least not vocally, Jills wit went right over my daughters head, the difference in their intellect was startling, Jill was extremely crafty with wordage, Bri seemed to think fuck off was a clever rejoiner. I know I sound bad, dissing my flesh, but I did not want her to become her mother, the world had enough pushy, big mouth broads, no ones gonna argue that shit.

  Kids are mallable, they were playing nice, talikng bout the other girls, typical girl shit, good, fuck digital clocks, waiting for that fucking number to change, for once hoping Bris mom doesnt die in a fiery car crash, horrilby burned to death, feeling hyper, going upstairs to change the sheets, catching Jills smile, feeling my heart speed up. Her voice carrying up the stairs, music to my ears, again, her ability to control with her wit was very stimulating to me, so crazy for one so young to be able to spin words as if they  lived. The beeping of my exes horn never sounded so sweet, then the panic, in minutes I would be alone with a fourteen year old, jesus, I was sweating, trembling, giggling that my wood was stirring, it knew this was special.

  Trying to look casual, saying good bye to Bri, loving that she remarked about how upset I was to lose her, nothing further from the truth, as I winked at Jill, who slightly traced her finger across her lower belly, while licking her lips. Never going to be Dad of the year, but christ I was ready to toss the daughter out the door, fuck, go all ready, so when up the walkway came her cunt mother, fuck, I was getting edgy, Jill by my side, her whispered assurances so adult, so steadying to me. The cunt basicaly rubbing it in that Bri was going to live with her, Bri seeming to love it, Jill lookng angry, that moved me deeply, her need to protect me, the absolute knowledge that I was better off without my daughter living with me, it didnt faze me, I was always good with the truth.

   Felt like I was fifteen, first date, suddenly it was me and Jill, no more excuses, just us, it was intense, the look in her eyes, so excited, maybe some fear, her body shuddered, she asked me to, she actually said, please fuck me, wow, I was all action, door locked, leading her by the hand to my bed, telling her, over and over of my love for her, knew I was overdoing it, didnt fuck care, it was all just happening, I was a spectator to my emotions. Entering the bedroom, thinking it was now or never, knowing it was now, we had to, this train was coming.

   To my somewhat surprise, I managed to get myself under control, somewhat, remembered how to make love, not just fuck. Hugging her, slowdancing as if our song was playing, we heard music, tender kisses, face, lips, ears, neck, my hands gently stroking her ass and lower back, words of endearment, she was all trembles and sighs. The blouse was off, those tits, those perfect tits, straining to break free of her red bra, my hands, quickly and confidently, removed the bra, my eyes drinking in the splendor of her breasts. They were heavy looking, oh so healthy, the sagging expected, gravity would be served, even by angels, my desire to suck them not to be denied, her soft purrs as I sucked greedily, her plump nipples swelling, her white skin reddening, a fine coating of sweat glistening on her. My hands tenderly stroking her tit meat, her skin so smooth, so perfect, so pliable, I realized the joy of young flesh, funny when your young you dont consider these things, how nice and fresh teen bodies were, the difference as I felt her mounds was everything, no way I was getting this joy from some washed up milf, who you knew had attitude, fuck that, give me carefree, exuberant Jill.

   She wasnt exactly timid, as she removed my polo, running her hands through my hairy chest, panting that she hated that every guy she knew removed his body hair, well body hair I had, that she dug it was great, I wasnt removing it, fuck that metrasexual bullshit, men were hairy, girls werent, unless they were dyking or french.  Her fingers made my skin shiver, my balls churn, my cock leak, she was a natural, knew how to stroke a guy, make me feel special, with just her finger tips, neat trick that.

  We were overtaken by the giggles as we bumped heads, each trying to undo the others jeans, she winning, dropping to her knees, slowly loosening my zipper, feeling her hot fingers as they fished my eight inches out, all hard, all ready. Her look of lust as she stared at my fat cock, asking me about the leaking, I explained the precum thing, how it protected the to follow spermies, she licked my cock head clean, it twitching expectantly. She was into my balls, again weighing them, softly kissing them each, I suggested she suck them, she did, I was close, her hot mouth bringing me such pleasure.

  Glad I stopped her, took her hand, stood her up, nuzzzled those perfect tits briefly, my turn, I knelt and deftly removed her jeans, the anticipation heavy, the exposing of her panties so glorious, so real. I will always be reminded of her whenever I see that color red, so hot, so shiny, so attracting, my fingers curling her panties down, seeing her thick, light brown bush appear, the first look of her healthy, plump, uniformly perfect cunt lips, the soft noise as her panties detached themselves from her obviously wet pussy, some hairs standing straight out shining with juice, the first wave of her smell, my head was dizzying, trying not to hurry, take my time, concentrating on her body, how white she was, the sexy moles, one near her right tit, another on her thigh, near her crotch, her innie belly button, the several extra pounds around her stomach,mmmm, I loved a little meat, knew that Jill didnt obess about her weight, made her more real, not a calorie counting ragdoll

  Gently laying her on my bed, loving how she spread her legs wide, my first full on cunt view, again, she had a pretty cunt, not all cunts were equal, some were ugly, hers wasnt. Her anus gave me a wink, clean, pink, perfectly formed spincter, rush of visions of getting up there, knowing if I played it right, it was all mine, thats powerful shit. Kissing her, her tongue sloppily wetting my face, I slowed her down, led her, showed her, got her to kiss sexy, lots of tongue, lots of lip, little saliva, though I did prompt her to play swap the spit, I wanted to taste all her body fluids, get her used to the same, she seemed to dig this, greedily swallowing my spit, as I dribbled it into her hot mouth.

  Her tits were heaving as I sucked on them, now using my hands to work them, getting a little rougher, a pinch here, a squeeze there, teeth lightly scraping her fat nipples, her body spasming so erotically. My finger found her snatch flowing, her lips swollen, Jill was ready for cock, I knew she needed to have a prefuck cum, her gasp as I traced my tongue down her belly, butterfly kisses all over, her belly getting a nice tonguing, her giggles mixed with urgent, ego stroking pleas for me to take her. The feel of her pubes on my face, the smell of her sex, finally her taste, salty, musky, womanly, I wanted to crawl up her, live in her, be her, I was as lost as I could be, her cunt was all that existed, all that mattered.

   Realizing that as my breath fell on her lips, Jill would tremble, she was that sensitive, good for her, she would cum loud and completely, Jill would be happy. My tongue was as excited as my cock, working softly around her lips, savoring the juice, the flavors mixing, isolating her piss taste, as she got more vocal, more spastic, I got my tongue inside those lips, work her innerwalls, harder, simulating a cock, using my fingers to peel back her lips, zeroing in on her unhooded clit, standing hard and proud, like a perfect minature cock, she was gonna go crazy when I got down to that. She did, all I did was blow air, softly, across it. She jumped, yelped, pleaded for me to fuck her, knew it was to soon.

  I wanted Jill to always think of this as her best, a bit egotistical yes, but fuck it, I was gonna do my damnest to make it special. I could of just used her, I felt sure, even though Jill was a strong person, she was fourteen, I could of gotten anything I wanted, but I really did love her, didnt even feel yucky thinking it, just knew it to be true. When I sucked her clit like it was cock, occassionally biting her softly, she was getting there, when I slipped two fingers up her cunt she wept and bayed, when I stuck my thumb up her anus she exploded, her legs splayed out straight, locked, her head back, eyes screwed shut, tongue out, body shaking, tits looking like mounds of jello on an angry ocean, her juices running down my chin, me drinking as much as possible, she was a squirter, one of those blessed ladies who had over the top orgasms, good for her, good for me.

    As she came down, I gently kissed her cunt, then gave her anus a quick rimming, she moaning nicely. Moment of truth, as I snaked my tongue past her surprised lips, she didnt hestate, greedily sucked my cunt and ass flavored tongue in her velvety mouth, Jill was a piggy, awesome. Lots of women would of never allowed me to do that, that Jill did, wantonly did, was so freeing to me, she might be fourteen, but she was a woman, physically, menatlly, and most of all, emotionally. She knew my tongue was funky, she didnt care, she wanted to be wild, needed to be wild, my kind of girl, no shit.

  Her pants of thanks, how she never came like that, her admission that her few boyfriends didnt like to do that,  those that did tended to clumsily maul her so as to make her feel like she was at the gynecologists, that she said this in her husky, after orgasm voice made it so hot, yet funny, we were laughing, this was so natural now, Jill wanting to get me off, I telling her that I wanted to cum twice, had to go slow, wanted her to have many, her questions fast and compelling. She really wanted to kow the deal, like she was determined to get the most out of sex, that always made for a happier person, I say. I took her through it, how men came less, women more, if they allowed it, how lots of people repressed their ability to have fun, her solemn promise to always love herself enough to seek pleasure was so damn erotic, knowing lots of guys down the road should thank me.

  That she was stroking my cock, that I was teasing her cunt with my fingers, well, back to the action. I straddled her chest, her funbags squished between my thighs looking bigger than freakin possible, my cock resting lewdly on her lips, our eyes locked, I explained deep throating, how easy it was if she relaxed, tilted her head just so, breathed through her nose. Her eyes screamed yes, her lips parted, her tongue waving around, obscenely bathing my shaft. I went slow, took all my will, but an inch at a time, soon I was six inches down, two to go, her eyes bugging, her mouth so fucking hot, truely I was in heaven. Her obvious gulp, she did it, her lips aganst my pubes, her eyes looking up, so sexy, so hot, I quickly pulled out, knowing she needed time to adjust to having a log rammed down her throat. She attacked, sucking me down, out, lots of spit, she giggling merrily when I told her to spit on my cock, obscene, it looked real dirty watching her service my wood, she wanted to please me, I needed to cum.

   She admitted that she swallowed the few boys she sucked, never really tasted man juice, I thought that would change soon, real soon, as she sucked me down her throat, pushed me out, hucked a nasty, gooey spit glob onto my cock, then licked it off, as it dripped slowly down the shaft. I  had her kneel on the floor, standing in front of her, taking in her incredilbe body, her hands milking my balls, I stroked a huge load of cream onto her smiling face, some in her mouth, most dripping down her beautiful face. I scooped the spunk off her face and fed it to her, she greedily cleaning my fingers, I telling her to keep the sperm in her mouth, I can see the curiosity in her eyes, thats what it was, not gross, not fear, she wanted to know, needed to know.

   I have seen a lot of erotic things in my life, real and internet, but watching Jill, naked on her knees, one hand milking her fat tits, the other diddling her cunt, blowing sperm bubbles was as good as it gets. She was happy, laughing, her face still glistening from my spunk, she swallowed on command, sighing contently, her tongue seductively cleaning her lips, her cunt slimed fingers making their way to her mouth, eyes staring into mine, she smiled once she realized I dug it, she wanted my approval, my tongue down her throat gave it, I was in lust. Funny I had just had a balls draining cum, but my cock didnt even consider resting, it wanted her pussy, I knew I had to do it now, it was like it was preprogrammed, I had no choice, I think she would of raped me if I didnt, Jill needed to be made a woman, by me, now, enough foreplay.

   My fingers played her twat like I was the piano man, her legs spreading, her hands trying to coax me onto her, she wanted it, I gave her it. Looking down at her, my cock inches from heaven, her body squirming, her eyes pleading, I plunged four inches deep, she screamed, I moaned, withdrew,saw just a trace of blood on my cock, got down to it, hard in, deep, balls deep, slow pulll out, letting her tight lips hold my cock, milk it, how special it was, how incredible. She was responding loudly, talking dirty, praising me, throwing around love yous like penny candy at a parade, her orgasm was wild, like she had a seizure, my cock was trapped by her hungry pussy lips, her cunt juice sprayed my balls, her fingernails digging into my ass cheeks, painfully stimulating.

   I didnt let up, wanted to take Jill to that special place, multiorgasmville, she went with it, letting me drive her hard, she had several small cums, but when I got her to ride me, she quickly got that she could use my fat cock as she liked. She, like most chicks, loved my shaft rubbing her clit,  was grinding hard, squealing, sweating, drooling, slobbering all over me, so sweet, so exciting. She managed a loud, hard cum, I joined her, loading her cunt, balls deep.

  She lay on me, my cock still tightly in her, both of us spent, drained, sated, our kisses soft, tender, no words, none needed. When she finally sat up the noise of our sweated bodies pulling apart was perfectly obscene, we giggled, my cock plopping from her cunt, got us laughing crazy. I had to do it, as she lay on her back, legs spread, I scooped out my seed, fed it to her, she ate eagerly, greedily, so erotic, so all woman. Taking her to the bath, the hot shower soothing us both, much carrassing, kissing, soaping each other, all so sexy, yet loving, convincing myself it was all meant to be.

  Her needing to piss, another learning moment, telling her to let it rip, her giggling as I waved my cock under her heavy piss flow. When I knelt and drank some of her spicy pee, she was shocked, nice, but she didnt stop pissing or directing it into my greedy mouth. When I stood and explained golden showers and such, she wanted to try, but wanted reassurances it was safe. I exlained piss was fine, if done rarely, kidneys needed to work a little overtime, but not much chance of illness, unlike scat, something we agreed to leave alone, agreeing we were piggies, but not that piggy, yet. Pissing in her open mouth was so wild, she drank it, almost my whole load, wow, she was a wild child, when she stood, she belched, told me it tasted like warm piss, giggled delightfully, frenched me savagely, her wet tits grinding my chest just right.

  We spent the afternoon cuddling, kissing, whispering to each other. I made her lunch, we feeding each other the pastina and butter, no clothes, lots of touching, sweet talking, lovers for sure. Her wanting to spend the night, so damn alluring, to have all night was so magnetic, then it got a little scary, as I suddenly realized we had never talked birth control, fuck, we both kind of freaked, then, magically, we started laughing, side splitting, snot bubbling laughathon, me cackling that the baby could visit me in jail, she joking maybe my daughter could babysit, thats funny. I interperted it as we didnt give a fuck, we calmed down, hashed it out, both accepting it was out of our hands right now, worry later. Took much coaxing to get her to accept that I couldnt have her sleep over, at least not now. That I promised it would happen soon helped, I mean I wasnt bullshitting her, told her ther truth, wished she was my kid, she cried real tears, got me choked up.

  As she straddled me, expertly inserting my awakening meat up her snatch, it fit like it belonged, telling me her tears were from happiness, not sadness, she loved me, wanted to be here, safe, respected, that we were fucking while she told me this was so unique to us, we were really in love, I know its hard to deal with it, but fuck it, this was love. Told me more details of her shitty home life, dear old dad was a turd, mom a nasty drunk, I had seen her at a bar before, big tits, big ass, big mouth, white trash starting team. Promised her we would work it out, promised her I wanted her in my life, thats what she wanted, some backup, sucks being fourteen, confused, no adult guidance. Didnt faze me, she started to gallop on my cock, both of us nearing climax, that I was basically going to try to get a fourteen year old, who I was fucking, to live with me, thats pretty fucking ballsy, go on admit it.

   It was hard dropping her off, the ride seemed like a funeral, she holding my hand as if for dear life, me trying to be upbeat, telling her soon we would be together, not sure if I was convincing her or myself. Her ability to pull out of a funk, joking about how sore her vagina was, that she was going to walk like she got off a horse, my teasing that her butt was next, she got it, teased back, when we lived together, it was all mine, didnt I tell you she was spot on, Jill was born wise, one of those rare old young people.

                                                                                                 the end


                                                                                                  Jills Fire

                                                                    Chapter 2  Hearts grow Fonder

                                                                    by roccodadom44


  Still felt like a teenager, maybe that was her attraction, making me feel young again, no it was her personality, and of course her perfect fuck pig body, Thought of her everyday, still lived my life, even got laid midweek, some hormonal milf, whining about her uncaring hubby, like I cared more than where to deposit my spunk in the dirty hag. But Jill was in my heart, mind, and soul, her laugh in my ears, her cunt scent would overwhelm at times, like she was right here, weird. Work bored me, thankfully I was smart enough to force myself to get my work done, wasnt easy, Jill was there, clouding my mind, happying my day. When she called me monday night, I was like a school boy, but funny how easily we were talking like two adults, who were in love, we had a nice, intelligent talk, her giving me the good news, she wasnt preggers, took the home test,that her mom would get her on the pill this week, Jill selling her with the threat of getting pregnant, my girl could work people. We agreed to meet tuesday night, she would say she was going to the library, I would pick her up behind it, so we could talk some more.

Like a fucking explosion of joy, thats what she was, as she bounced into my car, her tongue deep down my throat, her hands groping me, her tits perfectly nice against me, her smell stimulating me crazy. This jumble of emotions, never felt so alive, so free, her tongue finally withdrawing, her laugh so, so sweet, the way she stared into my eyes, told me, in her sultry excited voice, that she loved me. I had to tell her I did, I mean I did, sorry, no coming to my senses, I was sold, somehow we would work it out. We drove to the pond, deserted, parked under some trees, seats back, holding hands, radio off, moon roof open, watching the setting sun filter through the windswept leaves, talking softly, her words carrassing me, calming me, she was with me, everything.

  Obsessive, sure, but I held up my end of the conversation, her hanging on every word as I described some of my experiences in the military, I had served in the gulf war, saw action, got a purple heart, bullet through the right calf, fucker was a bad shot, I wasnt. That she actually asked me if I was haunted by killing, thats deep for the kid to ask, she some how knew every veterans, except the insane ones, monkey, guilt, didnt end my life, crush me, but it was there, time to time stick its ugly, brutish face into my world, send me down, sometimes an effort to get out of bed, why the fuck for. Some of that I feared was knowing my life could never be that fuck exciting again, ever. Maybe Jill gave me some hope of excitement, cause, fact is, fighting fuckers with automatic weapons is a rush, it aint some boring fuck paintball.

  We talked for hours, her more soothing and probing than any VA doc, though most of them were great, no one worked at the VA for shits and giggles, hated going there, the sad sacks, lifes over, yet they lived, quads, burn victims, the droolers, you know, minds broke, every american should have to visit, see if it is fuck worth to send little johnny off to war. She didnt let me get morbid, sad, or boastful, a great way to hide selfdoubt, learned that from an Indian shrink, go figure. The way she talked me happy, her plans, never considered a fourteen year old could be so focused, starting to believe she really loves me,not just because Im not her creepy dad.

   Memorial Day was coming and she had talked her mom, her dad couldnt care, into letting her go away with a friends family, to their cabin in the Whie Mountains, really she would spend the weekend at my house. I was excited, kissed her deeply, then the doubt set in, saw the hurt in her eyes, disappointment? fuck, I couldnt take that, as I explained my fear of her being at my house, that I didnt trust my own daughter, tough to admit. She actually tried to shake it off, so mature, but it was there, her sadness, that was only going to burn a hole through my soul, so itr was easy to get my own plan going.

  It was late for  booking anything, I would try to get a room, or better a cottage, for the long weekend, lots of sites gave last minute deals on unrented rooms. The way her eyes sparkled, her telling me thats all she wanted, to know I cared that much to try to be together, what the fuck could I say, we were locked in a serious bout of tongue wrestling, loving how warm and plump her constantly moving tongue felt counting all my teeth. Just lightly tracing her tit through the conservative, loose fitting top, not wanting to get greedy, funny, but I wanted to talk with her, thats something, sure my cock was semihard, knew what was here, but I was so fucking stimulated talking with her, discovering how wonderfully self taught she was, thats bigtime sexy, gotta love a smart woman, they laughed better, fucked better,lived better.

  As it was getting late I drove her to the end of her street, after some nice kissing, under the shirt groping, her hand briefly playing with my now raging boner, we had to, she wanted to spite her father, a mere two hundred yards down from his house, I sank my wood into his precious daughter, she loved it, threw her cunt at me, hands everywhere, like she needed to know I was real, I was, it was, so nice, so naughty, it drove me, that Jill would go home to daddy with a load of my jism, in her unprotected cunt. I exploded, she matched me, our crotches grinding, bodies taut, talking in tongues, it was about as good as it got, I swear I felt every nerve in my body screaming with joy.

   Cuddling, a bit uncomfortably, in the back seat, when Jill smirked she hoped her dad heard her get off, that was so cool, Jill would never, ever, be a punching bag, not even for me, that made me adore her more, again, strong, intellegent, witty women, that was my thing, to find one so young, well, there really was nothing I could do but ride it, pun intended. Well letting her go was even harder, though that we agreed that she should discreetly slip my creampie, I taught her that word, into her dads food or drink, got us both giggling, on the drive home realised I was completely fulfilled, nothing could make me feel better than this, surely I would die.

    The old boy still had it, manging to score a secluded cabin, not on the ocean, but fuck it, it was secluded, could walk to a fresh water pond, drive to any beach in minutes, good enough. Sucked that I couldnt call Jill, allright for her to call me at home, she called Bri all the time, still had some sense of the need of security, knew it was slipping away, couldnt have a relatonship with a whirlwind like Jill in a closet, she needed to be able to live, I needed to watch her explore, figure shit out, people out, good fuck luck to her with that one.


     Her call like heroin, her voice sending me into some kind of trance, everything brighter,  smoky, sexy  voice, through the phone line, I swear, it tickled my ear, her unconcealed joy at my plan, how good it made me feel to know I gave her that joy, her very direct, fair question, could we go in public, or would I hide her away like a prisoner. Surprised I didnt resent the question, knew it was on my mind, she knew it was on my mind, fancy that, promised her we would spend plenty of time doing stuff, beach, biking, but also spend time making love at the cottage, explained that it couldnt happen, acting like lovers in public, sold her on my need to have normal father daughter time with her, her echoing her desire for that side of our blooming relationship, she really wanted to be my daughter, my lover, how wild it was.

    Her ending the call with her description of how she had forced my cum out of her clam, in her bathroom,  managed to mix it into her dads evening snack of chips and dip. Pretending to listen to him brag about god knows what, he didnt fuck do anything, rarely left the house, fraid of the fraud cops bagging him. She had managed to not bust into the giggles as he said the dip was a bit salty, come on thats erotic, thats for the ages.

  The week was hell, we agreed not to press our luck and meet till I got her friday after school as she was pretending to go home with her friend, sleep there, go to the mountains saturday, nice. Had to go out wednsday night, get some pussy, called a pig, fat, sloppy, stupid cunt I did from time to time. Had a burning desire to punish someone for society not allowing me this happiness, who the cunt suck was any fuck body to tell me Jill and I didnt belong together, who the fuck should define our relationship, other than us,she was more mature than most of the cunts I know. Course I dont know if that says more about me, or the cunts I know, but there you have it.

   She came through the bushes, all smiles and skips, her overnight bag and bookbag, making her tilt, why do kids need to carry all those books around, had teachers ever heard of the internet.  Her energy level was high, tried to kiss me, I let her have a little one, kids everywhere, told her I would fuck her around the corner, not here, she laughed, pointing out a smallish kid, telling me she had blown him, that he was tiny compared to me, that felt good, fuck yeah. We drove off, her nestled against me, her warmth thrilling me, her smell, she told me it was called Obsession, we both got a fit of the giggles on that one.

  The ride was long, we sang songs off the radio, off key, learned more about each other, got more comfortable with one another, built our foundation, not about taboo sex, it was based on love, that was pretty plain to me. We had been side by side for over a hour, other than hand holding and an occasional quick peck, as a reward for a clever remark, we were both content to just live this thing. Going over the Sagamore bridge, she told me she had never gone to the Cape before, how sad, I would show her beaches she would marvel at. The traffic was stop and go, always on friday nights, but we were in our bubble, making fun of the people around us, sharing our minds, blocking out all others.

  The traffic started to move as people got off route 6, I told her we would be there in a half hour, she was excited, asking me to make love to her when we got there, there was no way I wasnt going to, as my hand massaged her firm thigh through her mini, her sighs music to my ears, I swear I could smell her cunt mixing with her perfume. Traffic having spread out as we passed Brewster, I got her to push her skirt up, her pussy was wet, steamy, needy, her seat back, she was massaging her boobs, I was fingering her impressive clit, little tickles, a pull, a pinch, two, then three fingers sawing in and out of  her cunt, Jill was moaning good, telling me she needed my cock, then she went off, how free she was, didnt care how she looked, wanted the cum. Her head swung back and forth, her sexy hair cascaing around like a flailing mop, she always stuck her tongue out, just a little,a sexy kitten, through clenched teeth, eyes shut, so sexy, drool leaking down her chin, so sexy, her nipples bursting through her shirt and bra, so sexy, the way she farted when she came, so sexy, her cunt aroma so musky, so overpowering, so sexy, putting my slopped fingers into my mouth, then hers, her greedy tongue licking hard, so sexy. That we didnt die in a fiery crash on suicide alley, so amazing.

   Jill showed me the carseat, soaked with her juice, she was a little embarrassed, that and her smell, she telling me she hadnt showered since last night, my reasurances that I was into it all, that it made me happy she could go off like that, I was proud of her staining my seat with her juice, corny yes, bullshit no. She left her skirt up,airing out her steamy clam, I lightly fingering her, loved to run my fingers over her fat, soft lips, how perfect she was, her little moans of pleasure, from time to time, her wanting to take care of me, how sweet, but I convinced her to wait till we hit the house, so glad I had the car stocked with groceries, didnt want to dawdle, had to have her soon, thought of pulling over to the side of the road, fucking her in the woods, she liked that idea, telling me she wanted to bring me to show and tell at school so the others could see a man, that made me feel bout as special as I was ever gonna feel, no doubt.

    Found the place, in Eastham, secluded, so green, nothing like the ugly scrub of the Cape to block out anything. Standard cape, bedrooms upstairs, fireplace for a romantic evening, jacuzzi in the private back yard, we were impressed. Got the groceries and our clothes stowed record fast, we were naked in the queen bed, locked into each other, lots of moaning, sighing, love yous, my cock entering her with familiarity, like it belonged, the magic way she met my thrusts, our souls merging, wanting to be like this forever, fuck, I was getting teary eyed at how much I loved her, she was yelling nasty things, she loved to talk dirty, had told me earlier she loved to watch porn on the puter, found their sorry acting amusing, loved the way the women all went on an on vocally.

   We came fast, almost together, lay on our backs, winded, holding hands, content, in our cocoon. Showering was so nice to me, sexy as I watched her incredible body move, show off its superior youth, paternal as I soaped her body, lathered her full hair, toweled her dry, tenderly, her sighs of  contentment enough for me, ever enough for me, her deep sigh, sultry exultation of her happiness with me, thats all I needed. Getting towards sunset, we got dressed, her denim mini, pink thong, white button down blouse, sturdy sports bra, telling me she knew it wasnt sexy, but her tits needed lots of support, couldnt help telling her how much I respected her for being practical, that I would love her if all she wore was a burlap sack, her sweetly asking what the hell was burlap, though she got the point, it wasnt about her clothes, it was about her being, thats what had me in this vise grip of devotion.

   Picked up two hot teas at the local coffee house, had a blanket, a fat reefer, my camera, as we walked Campground Beach, finding a secluded spot, side by side on the blanket, the sky getting ready to put on its show. The bone relaxed us, she coughing sweetly, telling me she only did it twice before, that she liked it, but didnt like having to owe the boys who had it, seems they all wanted her ass, smart little fuckers. Told her I could get her some, red light warning that was another crime, procuring drugs for a minor, giggled at that one, fuck it. She wanted to learn my camera, an exspensive Nikon, kind of complicated, I set it on auto, let her have fun, as she moved around the darkening beach, capturing a perfect cape sunset, lots of reds, oranges, how the sun at the last second seemed to drop into the ocean, exstinguishing all light, heavy.

  Sitting on the blanket, moonlit, warm breeze, dope mellowed, she told me her love of writing, hurt she didnt tell me earlier, her admission that she was afraid I would find them childish, explained there was nothing childish about her, but her exuberance, and pray she never lost that. Her promise that she would show them to me, at the cabin, she kept her journal with her, her assbag father, having read it before, having mocked her, called her stupid, my need to stand, walk around, my anger boiling, her fear, my pointing out that I wanted to kick her dads ass. Letting her know I wasnt mad at her, contrary, asked her if she was serious about living with me, her innocence, the strength it took for her to say it, I knew it was hard for her, she was basically dumping her family, she was resolute, never backing down, her hatred for her father, well known, but she hated her mom more, telling me she knew her father was molesting her, didnt care enought to stop it, telling Jill she deserved it, fuck, how miserable is that, I told her I would like to humiliate her parents, she dug that, telling me she dreamed of them dead, thats heavy, we shelved it, would talk it out later.

   We ate like savages, using our hands to shovel the franks and beans down our ravenous holes, licking the dripping bean juice from each others mouths, naked, hands working each other, both right there, hungry and horny, on edge, fucked her right on the kitchen floor, her riding me to a frothy cum, both of us covered in sweat, swapping spit like it was the staff of light, how I loved to move globs of our mixed saliva back and forth, using our tongues to pass it between us, mingling our beings, becoming one, felt pretty fuck good, Jill having had three heavy orgasms, she was tired, worn, emotions caught up with each of us, so happy that we had this time, smiling, really smiling as I fell asleep, my arm around her, her soft, sexy ass warming my cock, perfect.

   Always wake at fout thirty am, thats me, stumbled about, figured the kitchen, hot tea, outside to think, start the day with a fatty and tea, thats the way. Read some of Jills journal, she asked me to, it was heavy at times, hilarious at other times, more than a journal. There were sketches, Jill could draw, several short stories, a large dose of poems, what I read was literate, well constructed sentences. That I knew a guy who ran a summer writers camp for teens was a conincidence, that he owed me a favor, luck. Wondered if I should head to Nauset Light, catch the sunrise, didnt want to leave Jill alone, oh well, another day, maybe. Tea makes me pee, thats right, as I headed into the house, there she was in silouette, her breast so defined, even her erect nipples visable, the sexy curve of her ass, the way her full hair made her appear regal, like a lithe lioness. The smile, always that smile, as she hugged me, needed to pee, she sat, I stood, me pissing into the bowl, between her spread legs, her pubes drenched, her face getting heated, Jill liked watersports, nice.

  She wanted to accompany me to the beach, five am is early for a teen, but she was hooked on my camera, knew she had the imagination to take stunning pics, the ones she took last night, out of about a hundred, six or seven were quite good, thats good odds in photo shooting. All she wore was a sun dress, light yellow, straps, mid thigh, no panties, no bra, when I asked if she felt underdressed, her rejoiner of Oh Dad, was spot on, explained that it was confusing at times, told her how sexy she looked, how proud I was to be seen with her, knew every guy that saw her would envy me, rightly so. Her happiness at that, she needed my approval, made me feel sleazy, but there you have it, I dont think I was abusing her, leading her to harm, Jill was not damaged by me, her homelife yes, god yes. We had sex, fuck it, I also gave her support, real guidance, told her about the camp, how her mind embraced it, her smile of love, telling me she was calling me dad from now on, I didnt even pretend to not want that, made me so fucking happy, me and Jill. Also told her how impressive her writings were, but was more interested in her sketches, thought she had talent, real talent, as her human figures all were in focus, she had the rare ability to draw the human body in detail, in scale.

  Gotta love a sunrise, possibilitites, the waves were huge, the sound adding to the drama of mr sun coming round. Nauset Light beach, on the outer cape, was definitly rougher and colder, but the sand was oh, so white, so soft, hung on to its heat through the night. Just watching her, she wanted to get it all, had that personality, to explore, create, thats it, Jill was a creator, didnt matter, words, art, she was always seeing stuff, bring it to life as her own. The way her tits rolled under the dress, the rising sun making the dress almost invisable, The few others busy with their own art, though I caught several older guys catching glimpses of Jills practically naked body, jesus, how could I not love her, my jealousy gone, pure pride, I had The Girl, where ever we went, more than likely Jill would be that girl, thats a nice ego building thought.

   That joy she had within, her ability to pass it to me, how deep my love for her was, the way she plopped next to me in the still warm sand, her tongue snaking into my expectant mouth, her whispers that she wanted to freak out the two old guys watching us, everyone else had pretty much departed, sun up show over. Let her have her fun, she sitting on me, I could feel her cunt heat through her panties and my shorts, girl was hot. She started making over the top sex noises, like I was impaling her, giggling to me that the guys were both open mouthed, bug eyed, we were both overcome by the giggles, swear I had never giggled in my life, before Jill. Walking by the old timers, Jill milked a fat tit through her dress, stuck her tongue out at them, we gone, happy, laughing, una vita bella.

    At the cabin, we made breakfast together, eating naked, side by side, much kissing, swapping chewed up food between our greedy mouths, sounds sick, it was so stimulating, my wood achey hard, her cunt dripping, nipples rock hard, both of us on edge. Fucking in the bed, hard, furious, all of ourselves invovled, my toes actually curling when I got release, feeling my balls churn, the cum surging out of me, flooding my baby, her loud moans and snorts, that sexy tongue poking out, mmmm, just clinging to each other, sweaty, spent, in love. Her words of endearmnet, her calling me Dad, felt so proud, when I called her Daughter, she clung to me, sobbed, telling me of her happiness, how much she needed this, to be with me, to belong to me, I corrected her, we belonged to each other, her hug all I needed to show me I was right, we were bonded forever, nice.

   That we spent the day as father and daughter was so special, to have a happy teen, a thankful one, one who actually was mentally engaged with you, thats not to be diminished. Taking to the bike trail, on rentals, nice to ride and gab, how interesting she was, how inquisitive, told me how my daughter said I had been in prison, had to tell her, not proud but real, after getting home from combat, got fucked up, got violent, beat a guy to death, he really started it, throwing a sucker punch at me, I snapped, always could go off, poor fool. That I was a veteran, that he was a punk, only got invol man, three years, her questions, again, not dumb, she wanted to know if my mind closed down in jail. Thats a good question, no it didnt, my mind sustained me.

  Good example I gave her, cell mate was in for stealing shit,only had eighteen months to do, once when he was staring into space I asked him what he was thinking of, he honestly said nothing, nothing at all, his mind was blank, me I saw beautiful sunrises and sunsets everyday in that dark, stark, hideous cell, had in depth arguments with all the great thinkers, past and present, devoured the crappy library of all knowledge. He hung himself a few weeks later, I found his body,never pretty, a hanging,see, he had no hope, no way to step out mentally, I had the power, could visit anywhere, make it real, soothe my claustophobic head. It earned me a passionate tongue, at a stop sign, a few awkward glances from passersby, fuck the world, it was only me and my Jill.

   How erotic her thighs, pumping the pedals, her firm flesh coated in sweat, the tan shorts riding up, god, she was all woman, her ass so perfect, light, sexy bouncing from the ride, her breasts thrust out as the breeze pushed her shirt tighter, telling me she wouldnt hide them anymore, didnt fuck care, learned that ditty from yours truely, dug that she aped me, valued my words, even the cheap ones. Made her know how proud I was that she had so much self respect, having shits for parents didnt help, she thought just my short time in her life had changed her, made her more confident, knew she would never let her father touch her again, would kill him if he did, I believed her, promised never to turn my back on her, always to be there, jesus, we started giggling, each accusing the other of getting sappy, off we went, giggling, riding, living, anima e corpo.

    Salads for lunch, we made love, thats how I would describe it, slow, no need to impress, not rushed, each thrust of my cock, pushback of her cunt, an act of love, again with the kissing, girl was orally inclined. Needed to taste her, her sigh so cute as my fat rod pulled out of her, her throaty moan of pleasure as my tongue got busy, her scent strong, sweat, piss, clam juice, buffet, when I attacked her anal ring, she mewled,spread her cheeks with her hands, how fuck cool is that, her ass tasty, lots of sweat, tinged with her heady shit funk, when my tongue penetrated her ass, she was all oohs and ahhs, knew she would give her anal cherry to me soon, nice thought that.

   She took the hint, before I brought her off, she pushed me back on the bed, licked me, starting at my forehead, my eyes, nose, ears, mouth, so fine her tender lips on my neck. She sucked my nipples hard, surprising us both, laughs plenty, break the mood?.no fuck way, it made it all so fucking complete, to be this sexually into someone, they into you,  have your minds click, keep the fuck age thing out of it, this was special, would not quit it to satisfy anyone, except Jill. That was there, I had that much backbone, if she really woke up one day, said yuck, Im dating an old man, I would let her go, fondly recall this passion, but I would release her, I loved her that much. Well she worked my cock, butterfly kisses, that sexy fat tongue sending shivers through me, her words of adoration to my rock hard cock, yeah, she talked to my cock, I loved it, she was so cute, virginal and trampy at once, the perfect teen mix.

    Her desire to learm, to please, high, as her velvety fat tongue snaked up my colon, sending me into fits of pleasure, eyes staring into mine, through my thighs, girl was energetic, her tongue landing in my mouth, my sucking it clean, her giggles, her sighs, her words of happiness, telling me she loved our thing, mmm, our thing sounds nice, free, cosa nostra. Sinking my cock into her hard, now we fucked, with vigor, racing each other to a climax, getting there together, as one, our bodies spasming, thighs rubbing, legs locked, siamese twins. How great it was, my body shuddering, breath weezing, and I was in superior shape, girl drained me so right, She was all wet, sheets drenched, so sexy the pool of sweat puddled in her belly button, I sucked it out noisely, passed our comingled sweat between our greedy mouths, we were in love. Her cunt looking so erotic, pubic hair matted down, lips swollen, parted, little dollops of my cream running out,mmmm.

    The shower giving us our energy back, the way we cleaned each other, tenderness, care, it was everything. Waiting for her to put her swim wear on, me in shorts ready to go. Wow, she was stunning, made me hold my breath, the bikini so sexy, so her. It was light green, her tits looking so fine thrusting out of her top, like fucking succulant cantaloupes. The way her bottom hugged her cheeks, threatening to swallow her suit, enough of her ass on display to excite a dead man, when she put on the matching green seethrough wrap around, my father side was somewhat relieved, jesus, she was amazing, completely a woman, right down to her sexy big feet, she had oversized feet, we laughed about that, her hot red painted nails waving at me, she telling me she was the happiest girl in the world, what else did I need, Jill loved me, only me, that was my all.

    Beach crowded, we spread our blanket  in a open area,  so sexy oiling  her body, her skin on fire, she had goose bumps, whispering that she wanted to fuck me in front of all these people, me trying to maintain my grip, not throw her on the blanket and impale her, sand, surf, and sun always made me horny, Jill made me frantic, girl was so special, the way she carried her adult body, adult mind, yet she was full of teen wonder, teen spirit, didnt feel compelled to adopt others standards for decorum, wanted to do what she felt, my Jill.  Her hands wandering over my body as she lotioned me, her words of praise for my body, running her fingers around my bullet hole in my calf,  guy next to us looking a little to closely, gave him the look, pussy, looked away. Jill giggling, holding my hand, calling me her lover,asking if we could walk, talk, our life sustainers

   Her skirt off, the way her sexy bottom sashayed back and forth as she walked, her tits rolling with the momentum, so big, so healthy, her smile so confident, so real, so her. Could not have been prouder to be with anyone in the world, her hand slipping in mine, her words only for me, challenging any fools who looked at us to dare to comment, I saw the leers, the broads gabbing, fuck em, over the hill, self involved, hags. Just sitting with her in the chilly ocean, the water cooling down our sex, her sitting between my legs, my arms around her, our world, our ocean, fuck everyone else, we werent being dirty, just close, tender with each other.

    Just looking at her ass, as she lay on the blanket, so perfect, well rounded, soft, her skin so supple, the way her thighs tapered off, no fat, just soft tender girl,  boobs so big, they showed on each side pressed into the blanket, so sexy. Her rolling over, I swear every guy near us was rolling with her, it was all an unstoppable force of gravity, their hags eyes burning with disgust at me, hate at Jill, we loved it, she was aware, told me old guys always stared at her, made obscene gestures, harrassed her, funny none of these fuckers did more than stare, she kissing me, telling me that I put a stop to that, I, her protector, so fucking perfect.  Laying on her back, tits firm, belly so nice, a little fat, nice, the way her pubes pushed her suit out, a little camel toe, as her fat cunt lips swallowed the material, her sexy knees, I know Im strange, again, her big feet, she waving them at me, wanted so much to get on her and ride, please her. We, both on our backs, staring at the oh so blue sky, talking, only us, so intimate, surrounded by thousands, thats fulfilling.

    We didnt make it into the cottage, getting down in the yard, rolling in the dirt, two piggies going at it, she wanting to explore my body, me needing to explore hers, fuck, the curves so soft, just to touch her body was a gift, never would I take this for granted, always I would respect her above all else, she deserved that, earned it, like me, a survivor. Her cunt tasting salty, her juices running, her mouth nuzzling my balls, telling them they were so beautiful, well, I guess, the way she went back to my scar, her words of love, not corny, she even knew why, explaining she had never said it to her father, rarely to her mom, how completely fucking sad, told her I would never tire of those words, would try to ever earn them, that smile of hers, her trying to swallow my cock, got seven inches down, looked so obscene/sexy.

    She rode me hard, her tits bouncing so nice, my hands on her hips, woman hips, hers on my shoulders, the way she talked, sexy, loving, sometimes incoherent, loved that her body was into it, she trembled with lust, her orgasm causing her to grunt and groan, the sweat flying off her shaking being. When she lay on me, our bodies together, my cock still in her, still rock hard,our breaths slowing,lots of gentle talking, told her we would be together forever, she started riding me again, over and over she repeated her love for me, now I was close, my ass raising up to meet her ass crashing down on me, her pussy making those sexy squishing noises. This time we came together, huge, draining, never, fuck ever, would anything ever be this perfect again, that thought was there, reality, fuck it.

   After a shower in the back yard, much grabassing, both of us loosey goosey, we made dinner together, salads, good bread, for desert we fed each other bits of dark chocolatte, while we talked and talked, amazing that I would be stimulated by the conversation of a teen girl, impressive she was. That we spent the night cuddling watching TV, her in a slinky negligee, me silk bottoms, no funny stuff, just closeness, enough. No need to do anything but chill, both of us content, fire burning, safe in each others arms, the conventional world at bay. Our energy drained, so, so compelling, climbing into bed with her, so familiar, no pressure, sense of belongedness, we werent going to fool around making it so much deeper, real love. Her whispered I love you, my light kiss of her regal neck, arm around her, hand holding her full breast, not sexual, our bodies together, so warm, so soft, so  Jill. Her sexy soft snores, the heat her body through off, how lucky to fall asleep with her, my smile, Im sure,making me appear quite mad.

     Never did I sleep solid,o many nightmares, but with her like a log, smile still adorning my mug, my hand pressed flat aginst her slowley rising and falling stomach, so sexy, her soft, raspy breaths, at one point her hand covering mine, her contented sigh, so emotional that was, she really did feel secure with me, that I gave her that, well, it diminished my guilt one hundred percent, freed me to enjoy the best thing that would ever happen to me. How my cock, soft, its usual six flaccid inches, fit so nice between her full ass cheeks, just waiting, knowing glory was close by.

  Showering at five am, letting sleeping beauty dream on, feeling so alive, my cock aroused at the image of her, goddess, all woman, she couldnt help but to attract men, it was impossible not to want her, to have her, Jill was that one in a hundred, guys stopped walking when she passed, turned to stare, didnt give a damn if their old ladies were there or not, as if you may never see such beauty pass your way again, thats my girl, fancy that.

   Her climbing in the shower, that she got up this early two days in a row, huh, after a deep kiss, all tongue, her breath sour, I did not fuck care, so sweet to me, her tits carrassing my chest, kidding her about the early rising, how sad that she told me, she was in the habit, couldnt wait to get out of her house, away from the darkness, her word, telling me I was her sun, brightening up her world, shes only fourteen, aint she special. Loved that she pissed standing up, running her hands over my cock, her piss strong, heavy, shampooing her luxurious mane, so sexy and relaxing for me, her steady stream of words, how all to together creative she was, how onto the human condition she was, had fuckers pegged, monumental good judgement, when she failed my daughter, told me that she loved to cause grief, I wasnt shocked, she had a precondition, her mom. Not wanting to be a harper, I won my divorce, kid, house, but truth was where I climbed out of the sewer, made a conscious choice to be a better, brighter soul, her mom wallowed in misery, it was her drug of choice.

   Her hunger funny, calling her my piggy, her oinks of delight, her abilty to be so damn happy, reminding me that I caused it, turning serious, telling me she should would do any thing to stay with me, my rejoiner, she only had to be her dazzling self, how easy she was to love, fits of the giggles, both knowing when we were pushing the sweetness to the diabetic stage. Wanted to take her to the Audabon in Wellfleet, stunning aray of birds, lots of trails, some passing the dunes, some through marshland, her request to bring her sketch pad, yes, yes, this girl was going to brighten up a lot of lives before she was done.

  Oohs and Ahhs, she loved it, like a kid, she was a kid, wanting to draw the several turtles turtling? on lily pads, gently floating on the kettle pond we passed by, I knowing art stands alone, going for a walk, leaving her to create. Wondering if I could explode from to much happiness, never been a gloomer, but had seen some bad shit, war and life, wore me down, lack of trust in man, well deserved, but still a ball and chain, that she smashed those links good, that I could suck in the stunning natural beauty around me as never before, that was the gift of Jill, for that I would forever be in her debt.

   Giving her an hour, observing her, sitting on the small wooden bridge, sexy bare legs swinging over the side, sexy big feet waving happily, her focus, turtles, sketch pad, back, like it was all there was, noticing how fluid her hand was, how it moved with precision, artist at work. Her noticing me,I sitting on a nearby bench, couldnt disturb her, content to admire, the way her face smiled, body sighed happily when our eyes locked, how great is that. Sitting next to her, so close, her leg over mine, how immense her talent, took my breath away, she hadnt colored it in, but amazing her detail, her correctness, yet it wasnt sterile, wasnt to perfect, it was hers. Asking me to take lots of pics, so she could fill it in later, not wanting to spend our time together alone, jesus, mary, and joseph, I loved her, adored her, that she could be so adult, yet so full of possibliities.

   The beach, hot, humid, crowded,still had fun, sucking up the partial sun, laying on our blanket, our space, gabbing, her hearty laugh thrilling me, her ablity to mimic people around us, like the fat pig screaming at her snotty kids, Jill turning it into a sarcastic oppine of rich bitches forced to spend time with their kids, nannies didnt do these beaches, white sands, white people. That a fourteen year old understood the dirty secret of the idle rich, they were miserable bastards, always terrified the trust fund would stop, working was not an option for these dullards.

  We gave it up, both of us wanting some closeness, aloneness, laying on lounges, back yard, naked, her tits so utterly womanly, the way her hips flared, her light brown pubes catching the sun, seeming to shine, realising she was moist, sweat and lust, her throaty admission that she kept thinking about my cock in her, how safe it made her feel, that she knew no one could hurt her now, awesome responsibility, I accepted it, embraced it,made it my mantra, always, always do Jill right, she earned that, having given me more happiness in our short time than ever considered. She giggled as she talked my cock hard, loving how creative she was, mixing it with the right amount of bombast to lighten us both, taking her right on the ground, hard, fast, with conviction, her hands locked around my back, legs around my stomach, heels kicking my ass, keeping time to our frenzied lunges, how amazing our togetherness, involved, her hair matted to her sweated face, dribbles of spit on her chin, licking it up, wanting all of her, so deep, our mutual explosion earth shattering, thought I would die, surely this much joy was against some fuck convention of tight ass society.

   Wanted to take her to dinner, someplace nice, a real date, me in my khaki shorts, light yellow button down shirt, top siders, her stunningness wobbling me, white denim button down dress, no sleeves, mid thigh, showing her tanned flesh to distraction, her breasts threatening the great bust out, how sublime her perfectly formed legs, the heels thrusting her glorious ass out, her face glowing, all woman, all mine. The drive  twenty minutes to the Roadhouse Cafe in Hyannis, great place to dine, exspensive, but they made the effort, took your dining experience serious. Jill loved it, loved how the waiter gentlemanly pushed her chair in for her, her hot eyes gazing into mine,enough. Her nature was daring, wanting to try it all, no fear of food, she wasnt a puker, loved life to much to be so narcissistic. How she sexually sucked down the raw little necks, her soft slurping making Mr Happy take notice, telling her they gave me sexual strength, her giggling, pretending to order plates more, wanting all my sex, her discreetly sipping my reissling, not caring for it, I explained she was a red wine girl, full, big bodied, exuberant, white was only to be an understudy for fish.

   Her willingness to sample my Cioppino, seven types of seafood, stewed with veggies, quite tasty, her feeding me generous forkfuls of her pan seared yellow fin tuna, the candle light making her eyes sparkle, so magical. Our conversation light, no need to despair, though we both dreaded this night ending, discussed possiblities, getting serious now, neither of us hiders, snivelers, we were the same, attackers, dealers, didnt let things clutter up, dealt with lifes ugliness, allowed us to be unemcumbered by the sludge of daily life, happy we were. Her discreetly teling me the fat bastard with porky pig wife was trying to see up her skirt, the way she giggled, parted her superior thighs, mr fat ass choking,  his bloated face matching his bloody red meat dinner, how perfectly herself she was, how I would do anything to let her be this free, how sad if society crushed her, molded her to become just another dull, self involved broad.

  Sharing the Tiramisu. an adult dessert soaked in espresso and rum, the way she casually, lovingly wiped a bit of mascarpone from my face, tender lovers move. The piano player adding to the ambience, her asking more about my love of earlier music, how I entertained her with descriptions of the roaring Twenties, the gaiety in the songs, the sexiness of a Vera Lynn, the smoky, haunting licks of a young Jelly Roll Morton, the stunning absurdity of blacks as entertainers, not as equals, taking us into heady talk of social justice, the lurking waiter hoping he got some economic justice, telling Jill, always overtip, if we came here again soon, faggy the waiter would suck our asses, her snorts of laughter, whispers that if anyone was eating my ass it was her. Time to go, Mr Happy was awake, engaged, knew there was fun to be had.

   A certain to be expected sadness in the air, both sensing our time slipping, agreeing to cling to each other through the night, Jill requesting,her little girl voice, if I would press the issue, she needed me, didnt want to live at home anymore, wasnt trying to be devious, wanted me to be her daddy/lover, wanted me to reign her in, smart enough to know she didnt know it all, smart enough to know I would never abuse that holy fuck authority. So incredibly compelling this love was, how it was ever better, bittersweet perhaps, but deeper, telling her  it would happen, that we were to determined to not let it, just needed to butter up her mom, her giggling that she wanted me to fuck her, then stuff my slimey cock down her moms fat throat, nice picture, told her after down her dads for a good pissing, her cries of lust, wow, she went off screaming for justice from her abuse, my certain knowledge that I would avenge Jills pain, there would be fuck hell to pay.

   We slept in, content to snuggle, my cock in her warm cunt, just visiting, we whispering, giggling, sighing, her wit staggering me, this is what genius is made of, I did not inflate her, no need, biased sure, but this one girl parade needed every chance to shine, jesus, she had showed some of the drawing of the turtles she colored, did what art should always do, awe, flood you with emotion, feel your senses enliven, how exciting to witness this flower blossoming, how pathetic her parents, not to see the jewel before them, my good. The love making emotional, her tears of sadness, me cheering her with the promise that next week we would figure a plan to be together, mutual climax, getting to be a habit, words of endearment, how perfect we were together.

   Stopped at the Fairway, best breakfast on the Cape, mobbed, we didnt care, stuck in a corner, tiny room, noisy but private, our appetites huge, waitress complimenting me on my beautiful daughter, Jill asking if she was married, her Dad, me beaming like a lunatic, deserved a good wife, as her mom ran off with the local priest, the waitress scurrying for coffee, hair on fire, us giggling, playing footsie, her ability to charm stunning. They feature local artists work, for sale, nice that, Jill walking around taking in the various pieces, me noticing how even the womens eyes followed Jill, she was trying to not draw attention, one of my long sleeved button down white shirts covering her magnificent mountains, jeans loose fitting, concealing her over the top ass and legs, yet there was something magical about her, you wanted to know her, catch her smile, have her eyes notice you, allure, god yes, she had it in spades,she was a walking piece of art, sculpted to perfection, Dea Dell'amore.

   Bought her a piece of art, done on tile, Nausett Light, her asking to hang it at my house, my emotional whisper, our house,telling her I wanted her to hang some clothes there, no need to pretend I wouldnt fight to the death for what was now mine, ours. The drive home long, traffic heavy, we smoked a fatty, told bad jokes, got deeper into our shit, her really curious about my life, it was somewhat compelling, having done shit, war and jail, a bit different than her social group, me wanting to push her brain, loved how she played the language, she knew the power of words, their effect and affect, she could slay with her sarcasm, heal with her words of encouragement. Our parting hard, lots of kisses, promises, the drive home so empty, feelings of loss, wanting to just go get her, fought it, Im a fuck fighter. Started planning, using the net to figure it out, had some money put away, miltary paid well when you got hurt like me, plus I was pretty good with investing, bribing Jills cunt mother would be easy, her father would fold, just had to get Jill to get some photos of him doing yard work, or if she consented, her call, a picture or two of him molesting her, she said several times she had awoken in the night to him fondling her, fucker meet axe as I chop your fuck hand off. Then we could break him good, I could get legal guardian status to start, actually fell asleep content, see, got a fuck problem, get a fuck plan.

                                                                                               the end


                               Jills Fire

                                                                                    Chapter 3 The Tie That Binds

                                                                                    by roccodadom44



     Horrible time attempting to sleep, withdrawal pains, wrapping arm around pillow no sustitute for her goddess body, her calling my cell early, monday, breaking our rule of no cell to cell, but my grin wide, heart racing, my girl. Worried she was in trouble, no she missed me, told her mom she was having dinner at a friends, would I get her, I would fly to the moon, agreed to meet her near her school, her promise to delete her calls to me, me telling her I would get her a phone, wouldnt have to worry about her asslicking parents snooping into our world. Her hosannahs of thanks at my taking her away, enough, her serious words, detailing my positiveness on her life, what joy, her word, I brought her, I was about as happy as a guy could be monday morn, work week.

   Never gets old, that splash of color, Jill appearing, eyes meeting, that robust smile, her body getting taller, she actually got physically taller with confidence in my presence, thats something. Her ability to fill my car with so much joy, her lips slobbering me, she loved to get silly, over the top, who was I to complain, loved her saliva on me, letting spit drool from my mouth to hers, a foot away, both of us giggling, on fire, glad Bri wasnt returning till next week, wanting to ignore that shit, her anxious querry, could we go to my house, all ready decided that shit, yes, yes, had to lay things out for her, air out the particulars of what I wanted, what she wanted, first though we were gonna fuck like animals, there was no way we werent, she was making soft moaning sounds, as if involuntary, like her cunt was talking, both of us howling, her sinking her tongue down my throat, my reward for being a clever boy.

   Well the nosy neighbor, every place has that creep, male or female, nothing to do but vent at others happiness, sad, pathetic, creepy,he was away, dodged that bullet. We barely made it into the house, Our rutting, it was animalistic, so energetic, so sating, both of us clinging to each other, sighs, moans, carrasses, tickles, giggles, jokes, laughter, is this not love, is this to be denied, never, this was us, our love, fuck you. Quick shower, eating the delivered pizza, greedily devoured, our talk intense at times, sweet at others, so fraught with emotion, we did it though, came up with a plan, one that would crush her parents, land Jill with me.

   She was excited, adding much to the details, she would sneak me into her bedroom,mmmm, lure her dad into the room, while my hidden video got him groping Jill, who would beg him to stop, after he gave up, fags always gave up, I would fuck Jill in her bed, this was important to her, I got it, her need to bring our love to her dark place, told me I would forever change how she felt about that sad torture chamber, her bedroom. Let her in on another phase of our thing, had friends who would gangbang Jills mom, film it, we would have a copy, her mom being a drunk and skank it would be easy to get her to do it, that was being done, Jill excited at the thought of watching her mom get worked over, telling her my boys played rough.

  Well enough seriousness, we played with each others bodies, her exploring, loving me, me her, when she got up quick, said she needed to give me something, interest, I was like a kid, had to be sweet, Jill was involved, her drawing, finished, perfect, framed, that it was a five dollar frame added to the pleasure it gave me, she did this for me, I cried, she was startled, then so happy, that she brought me this joy, that we had this joy, overwhelmed us. That there was no doubt we would be together soon, our parting easier, lots of laughs, my drive home not blinded by depression, knew this weekend we would be together, couldnt be without her, she told me she would just chain herself to my front stairs if I didnt rescue her soon, like a knight I would suffer all for my princess.

   Her fag dad always got drunk on thursdays, not that any other day was out of play, but that day always, Jill got me into her house after school, nasty, dirty, her embarrassment,my words of deliverence, she was not from here, she was my daughter after all, not these white trash scum, her tears, real joy, grasping my hand, leading me, Mr Happy thinking sex, her revenge. In the bathroom, she took my pants down, grabbed her fathers tooth brush, giggling, rubbed it on my balls and cock, around my asshole, she was the queen of revenge, Jill would not be denied. She laughed that she would do her moms, but the skank would enjoy the taste, my suggestion that she put her moms brush into her cunt and ass, Jills tongue thanking me, sighs as her body shed some of its trauma, inflicted by her dirtbag parents, fuck phsyco therapy, words could not bring these kind of results, we agreed this was us smashing the wall keeping her confined emotionally, she would be free.

   Jills bedroom clean, lots of bright pictures, she was a teen, a happy room, for a happy soul, telling me other than a few things, she didnt want to take anything from this place, her word, never did she talk of her home, girl on an island, no fuck more, calvary fuck yeah arrived, our passion soaring, hugs,kisses, tender love yous, setting up the camera, I could live in Jills closet, surrounded by her smell, so sexy, as I looked through the slats in the bifold doors, on edge, not scared, would dispose of asshole quick, didnt want Jill hurt, that was huge. When she showed me the picture of me, from five years ago, wow, she kept it under her pillow at night, had taken it fron Briannas room, when she had slept over, she would of been ten, she had clung to that image for five brutal years, her words that she always wanted me for her dad, was in awe of how nice I was to Bri, not a pushover, just that I was decent, her word, how you gonna fight that shit, this had to be. Her giggling, as she whispered that she would go get a soda, dad would chase her to her room, assault her, that she knew this was oh, so sad, that she chose to crush her oppressors,so, so courageous, my girl, my daughter, my lover.

  She was dead on, as the coward stumbled into the room, lit up, talking trash, how he loved his baby, wanted some huggies, I was torn between puking and gutting him, raged, cringed, lost faith in man, he was disgusting, how could he presume anything would want him near, never mind perfection that was Jill, he was gross, unshaved, unwashed, shirt off, belly, tits to rival Jills, had to laugh at that, the thought of hanging this fag by his blubber tits, getting me horny, horny and enraged, nice combo that. His feeble gropes, Jills look of contempt and hatred, her ability to look towards me, wink, soft, sad smile, she saw the light at the end of this tunnel of darkness, her hard slap to daddy fuckers face, his surprise, fag, his hard punch dropping Jill,my rage uncontrollable, fluid, as I tried to open the door, stuck, kicked it open, like I was the wind, I nailed him, he didnt even react, not even his stupid eyes, most guys eyes at least reconized I was gonna clock them, to late to stop it, but they knew, this clown was trying to get my girls shirt off, Jills face bloody, My fist sending loser boys head to the side, comically far, his body dropping, nighty night fag.

   Jill shut the cam off, she calmed me from killling him, she explained she wanted him to clock her, laughing the pussy couldnt even knock her out, I do adore this perfect being, hard and soft, had his assault on tape, her giggles that he also looked pretty capable of working, along with the vid she shot of him mowing the lawn, perfect, but when she told me she locked the closet door, to stop me fron killing him, didnt want me in trouble, couldnt live if I went to prison again, how as one we were, our hug so loving, me tenderly licking her bloody lip, savoring her royal blood, she was from the gods, Mr Happy standing aside, out of respect, he knew when to not muck things up, knew he would romp the fertile fields of JIll lots and lots, the wonder of that enough. The subtle thought, how could this loathesome swine produce Jill, hmmmm, his wife was a gutter skank, her rep was buy her booze, she will fuck, knew Jill needed to take a DNA test, wouldnt that be freeing for her.

  Again she knew what she wanted, we did, it was wild, crazy, intense. She stripped, her out cold dad, face down head sideways, snoring, disgusting, his jaw swollen, fag, she laid on his back facing me, beckoned me, oh sweet baby jesus, this was for the ages, how thrilling it was, how explosive her orgasm, how deep my love for her, we lasted about a minute, perfect, as I wanted her off him, creepy fuck. Her squatting over his fat mouth, releasing my pie, his slobbering to eat it, glutton, would eat anything, no thought invovled, loser, the way Jills tits shook with her giggles, my girl was free. I roughly dragged dummy to his bedroom, that it stank, dirty clothes everywhere, there were fuck flies buzzing on moldy chicken bones,Jill again looking mortified, embarrassed, my tight hug of her, my soft reassurances, her time here was coming to an end, freedom, she was still naked, laughing, rubbing her messy cunt on her moms bathrobe, had to let it out, her demons scattering, her body spasming with emotion as she shed the darkness, rebirthing right before my teary eyes, taking her soft, elegant, artistic hand in mine, courtly bow, asked her to accompany me to our home, her jumping up and down, squeals of joy, tits threatening her real harm, grasping my hands, willing me some of her abundant joy, how good it felt bouncing round her parents room, her father out cold, digesting our juices, mom soon coming home for a dose of reality, I had the tape of her latest public fucking, in a dive bar, lots of guys, living color. That my friend had her declare that she would pimp Jill out for five dollars, sweet and sour.

   Gave dummy a shot of demerol, he would sleep long time, wake in his piss and shit, nice, Jill needed to do one last thing, taking her soon to be exdads pecker out, knew it, he was a little dick, her bursts of laughter, saying over and over, shrimp dick, shrimp dick to it, how sweet, she knew how to enjoy her time, fucker had his years of dishing out the trauma, here came the train called Jill, delivering a little thing called revenge, she wanted tape of mine next to tinys, after I told her to stomp his balls good, she needed no further counsel, me holding mine, wincing, as she used her heel to get a few choice ball stomps in, her fag dad moaning, slobbering, farting, her last stomp, he pissed himself, we left him, wallowing in his piss, balls busted, face busted, out, Jill savagely stating she would never, ever set eyes on him again, or she would kill him, I believed her, hugged her, told her if it came to that I would skin him alive, make a lampshade of him, he would never beat us, we would always crush cowards.

   Our shower sweet, it was always so calming to me to shower with her, she knew this, Im sure she would, like most women I knew, prefer to have her private shower time, but she knew I needed this, this tenderness, the very real sense of cleaning each others dirt away, our rebirth together, as one, though her sexy body lathered up didnt hurt. Again, the shower was gross, Jill saying it couldnt be cleaned, she had tried, that she had to clean for these pigs burnt my ass. Waiting for her clown mom to stagger in, watching their crappy TV, Jill on my lap, plenty of pawing going on, both ways, me tickling her, her peals of laughter, oh, like an angel she sounded, unrestrained joy, her sudden hard hug, exclamations of thanks, me to her, both of us tearing, laughing at our sad selfs, back to tender touching, butterfly kisses, cackling at her fathers nasty wet fart, the noise echoing down the stairs, hoped he shit himself, mocking the news fags, more makeup than harlots, how well we worked off each other.

  Finally porky stumbled in the door, jesus, knew where Jill got her tits, her moms ridiculous, Jill claiming they were EE, all tit, no brain. Took her minutes to notice us, was I a cop, our giggles confusing her, I took the ball, laid it out, needed to repeat lots, cunt was slow, easily lost, could see her lips moving trying to think, the tape playing, guys stuffing pool sticks up moms canyon, Jill by my side, sighing contently, hand in my back pocket, she was fidgety like she just wanted to move on, or she was waiting to pounce. Her cunt mother turned her anger at Jill, never tried to get her side, the words hurt me, to hear Jill called those things, by her mother, her fucking mother, jesus, thats so fuck depressing. My girl weathered the verbal assault, smiled at her mom, told her it was over, she was leaving, found a real dad, wouldnt, couldnt take their abuse any fuck longer,Oh my baby girl was echoing me, if they didnt agree to our terms, she would show the tapes, testify to their abuse.

  I did what I did to further show Jill how utterly evil her mom was, her greedily accepting my offer of ten thousand, cash, to go along with me getting legal custody, Jills look of hate, her mom greedily admitting on cam that she didnt want her kid, case closed, as Jill got her meager keepsakes, we were gone, she never once looked back, her radiant smile, when I pulled into Friendlys, telling her we deserved to celebrate. Just sitting on the curb outside the ice cream parlour, sharing our cones, her licks getting to me, her sexy tongue doing sexy things to that cone, her eyes so bright, happy, no one can deny I did wrong taking her from that shit, no one can doubt my intentions were pure, that we are lovers, I really cant see any way to halt, this train was all ready rolling, would only gain speed, we were both disinclined to pull the brake lever, that was the thing, if it was just me banging a local teen slut, plenty of them around, many of my daughters friends throwing it at me, no thanks, nothing more of a turn off that listening to a teen talk, it would if at all be a quickie, then came Jill,  this, this was layers deeper, yards more of depth to our relationship, this would be our first night together, still we worried that shit would be denied us. My lawyer, a vet, pulled strings, told me it would go through, but it would be a six month temp order, my jail time causing shit. Jill and I would meet with him tomorrow night, work out what to say at the hearing

    Our first night was so sweet, helping her do her homework, how she grasped things, her mind like a sponge, soaking up everything, told her my plan to DNA test her, her giggles that it would be so fuck cool. Her desire for me to adopt her, when I kidded then I couldnt marry her, she attacked me, begging me, shouting here comes the bride, calling me her dear, dear husband, gave us something to consider, the out of no where staggering desire to impregnate her, I was thirty five, her about to turn fifteen, fuck life can be a son of a whore.

    Our love making slow, complete, both us emotionally drained, how fine to have her curled against me, her raspy snores, great comfort to me, still fretting, wouldnt rest complete till everything was final, knew that  the weasles, her parents, would always try to weasle, that was what they did, knew in my heart I would explode, rage if they dragged this out, hoped I didnt go to prison, but would not let that trash dictate nothing, not a fuck thing to me or Jill, ever, fuck ever.

  She was up early, showered, ate with me, cereal, chatting, so regular, we both agreeing it was a natural swing to our multisided love, had no desire to fuck Jill right now, she was dressed teen style, sexy cool, but I was her daddy now, she was still a little tenative, everything new, my suggestion we hang our art, me her gift, she her tile I bought her, a good tonguing I got for the idea, she putting her tile near our bedroom, in the hall, wanting to see it every time she went to bed with me, sweet. Told her to put her makeup and shit in the bedroom, our bedroom, mmm, dont that sound peachy. Dropped her off at school, telling her we would give depositions after school, that she wasnt scared, happy, it was real, headed to my job, I was a foundry worker, pured molten metal, tough job, good pay, boss new my deal, no need to hide, did my job.

   I did miss her, her texts picking me up, how kids were asking what was up, where was Bri, why was JIll dropped off by me, finally calling me at my lunch time, adult of her, telling me Bri was making trouble, texting Jill for answers, Jill wanting me to help her explain, smart girl, told her I would pick her up, call ms cunt, texted that to her, got a nice haha, smiley face.  Day dragged, but like she could not, she burst into my sight, cheering my heart, our kiss deep, fuck the world, she was fourteen, so she got a little nervous outside the lawyers, I explained he was a friend, on our side, and funny, never hurt for a lawyer to have some humor. Tom was bigger than life, six foot five, three hundred pounds, lost a leg in Nam, always gave us guys a discount, helped out guys like me, heroes who got lost on the crazy train.

   Jill and he hit it off so well, Tom impressed by her quick wit, her ability to express herself, how you knew she was special, their talk flowing so easy, me wondering how much I was getting billed, Toms laugh, he had a decent laugh, in that you knew he was someone who loved humanity, a hugger, a lover, good man, he wouldnt dare take money for this case, knew when justice demanded no costs, just quick action, had shared all the evidence with the judge, implored my good character, in spite of my record, telling her that I did big things in war, I did, but wouldnt fall on that crutch, he could, his job, good. He also cleared up Bri, telling the judge, she was happy with it, but had a long planned vacation with her mom this week, a stretch, truth was often very rubbery, if you will.


     We got into court that friday, the judge issuing an emergency protective order, remanding custody to me, we saved that piece of paper, have it framed on our night stand to this day,. We slept  well the night before court, knowing we were almost there, our lovemaking hot and heavy, lots of oral, how addicted to her taste I was, her pussy so musky, all woman, juices flowing,  how effortlessly she swallowed my raging nine inches, girl could deep throat at the drop of a hat, neat trick, could cause she wanted to. Coudnt be more content, waking with her, our comfort level so nice, she loves to fart in the morning, not a little ladylike passing of gas, a sonic boom, bellowing from between her to die for thighs, allowing us to start the day in hysterics, price of that not determinable.

      We got everything settled with the lawyers and court, Jill was magnificent, so real, so clear, telling the judge she knew what a man was, what a father figure was, pointing to me, going into a well reasoned appeal, my pride soaring, watching others reviewing this sexually alluring womanchild, her mind, her ability to speak for herself, witty, passionate, not angry, looking ahead, explaining how I gave her security, allowed her to become a kid again. The judge, a hard ass jew broad, gave me permament custody, railed at her parents, went on and on complimenting Jill, I having submitted her drawings and stories, telling the judge how I had fanagled her admission for the summer to the premier writers camp in the state, at Tanglewood, she was blown away by Jills talent. The judge asking me if I knew what a jewel I had, tears rolled down my cheeks as I explained, my lawyers arm steadying me, how I always thought I was tough, but how this little lady, I called her that, the judge actually smiled, thought her severe face would crack, taught me that it wasnt enough to be tough, not if you traded your humanity, your happiness, how she taught me to be happy again, Jill interrupting, pleading with the judge to tell her she was safe, how could we be stopped, what a fuck force we were, me and my girl.

    The judge telling her parents she was ashamed of them, a bit sorry they ruined their relationship with Jill, that she left it up to Jill to decide if she wanted contact, explaining it would have to be preapproved by the court, Her mother at least appologised to Jill, seemed to mean it, Jill, ever the good soul, hugged her, whispered in her moms ear for a minute, the court room, so attentive to this drama, Jill releasing her mom, standing within my chaste, protective  hug, her scumbag exfather, jesus fuck please me, only question was how much child support did he have to pay, fuck and suck, my lawyer, smartest, most decent guy I knew, did I tell you, knew I was triggering, appearing at my side, him and Jill calming me, its nice to have humanity on your side. Tom telling the judge all we required was the parents to pay into a college fund, that my excellent boss, had agreed to put Jill on my health insurance, Judge actually telling me her daughter was available, much laughter, couldnt be prouder of a guy than she was of me, tears for me and Jill, fuck strangers were weepy eyed over our little thing.

  The judge saying it was time for Jill to set the world on fire, that if she ever wanted a law career look her up, adressing me, going through my record, bad and good, her words soft, commending me, scolding me, also reminding me how much Jill mattered, like I didnt know that bit of fact, if it was a fight, we won by first round KO, it really happened, Jill was mine, I was hers. There wasnt a dry eye in that court room, when Jill and I walked out, holding hands, together forever.  Asking her what she told her mom, awesome this, Jill told her mom that she would see her form time to time at our house, as a couple, also she told her mom how good I was in bed, how good I treated her, sounds like gloating, fuck you, cunt had it coming, she  let the clown she married hurt her daughter, that aint right, fuck way.

   Unbeknownst to Jill, I managed to book a room at the Harborview, on the Vineyard, costly, but how many times in your life do you get this lucky, felt blessed, taking her to the mall, explaining she needed clothes, stuff for our house, fun shopping with her, she wasnt a clothes horse, liked what she liked, comfortable things,lots of hemp wear, sexy hippy girl, jeans, blouses, a couple minis when she was in the mood, bought her a killer light orange cocktail dress, would look fine on the Vineyard. Telling her, she was ecstatic, always wanting to go there, sketch the victorian cottages,  she knew architecture no surprise, my girl. We would stay in the best hotel, old world, teach her proper manners, her smirk, my playful threat, I was her Dad, could paddle her sexy bum, her imploring me to, smacking her ass, waving it at me, how sweet she was over my knee, her perfect butt begging me, my hand stinging her, reddening her, so hot, the heat reaching my face, her cunt smell strong, taking her on our kitchen floor, hard, frenzied, both of us exhausted, spent twenty minutes clinging to each other, on the hard stone floor, her oohs and ahhs so sensual.

    Our mutual disbelieve, that we were together, legal, amazing, used our drive to the ferry to work on the Bri problem, I was pissed that she took the week off from school, though it worked in our favor in court, no telling what that misery queen was liable to spew out. Jill telling me Bri was in danger of failing, deciding JIlls allegiance was to me, mine to her first. That Bri would be disruptive we both knew, decided to just deal with it, another month Jill would go to camp for a month, Bri would leave for her moms, forever, hopefully. Know I sound bad, dissing my kid, but she was turning sour, example, Jill showing me texts Bri had sent to others telling them about Jills bad home life, how Jill told her that in confidence, her giggling that she could give up Bris secrets to me, we laughed at my kids exspence, I learned my daughter was a tramp, giving it up to every boy, hopes of being in the In crowd, it never worked did it, Jill way to clever to ever be that predictively dull.

   All we agreed was to stand together, not even pretend we werent bonded, fuck Bri, the fact that she would never accept me and Jill freed us to just run with it, I would trade my kid for Jill, as one who lay on the ground bleeding out, I knew how fleeting it all was, wouldnt be denied this joy, explained this to the sparkly eyed beauty, she freeing my cock, sucking softly till I came, her mouth swallowing it all, her deep sloppy kiss feeding me her jism flavored spit, I took it, played her game, drooled it back into her hot mouth, laughed, that she would eat enough of her own juice, in due time, lots of giggling, the ferry nearing, getting a spot close enough, no need for one of those horrible cattle cars,moo,moo.

   One draw back of the Vineyard, no place for your car, streets narrow, no land, so we would be walking all weekend, renting bikes, oh, well, we were both floating as we walked up the ramp, the act of physically distancing ourselfs, together, from the emotional roller coaster that was the past couple of weeks, not to be discounted. The salt air so exciting, sitting close together, on the outside benches, whispers, how she glowed, her quick peck on my cheek, calling me Dad, oh lord, Im a lucky guy. We loved looking over the side, the waves big, water angry, mmm getting a guy to take our pic, thanks mate, sharing  hot tea, the first week of June sea breeze chilly, my sweater on her shoulders, her head on mine shoulder, her now reading a book, Watership Down, a fuck classic if ever there was one, how fascinating her mind, let her roam, took to shooting the big sky, the ocean always making me feel so small, loving the blue sky, only this deepness of color at sea, this blue would not be duplicated, so relaxing. Edgartown in sight, her excitement bringing me so much happiness, her hand sweetly reaching for me, touching me, like she needed to know I was there, bella, amore mia, oh Jill, ever would I be there for you..

    The cab a short ride, she excitedly pointing out houses she wanted to sketch, the middle aged cabbie impressed, giving Jill pointers on different houses, telling her to make sure to viist the Pagoda tree in Edgartown, brought back to America by a sea captain in the 1830s, largest pagoda tree on the continent, beautiful to sketch at sunset, see everyone just treated her as an adult, like there was no question, everyone wanted a piece of Jill, not just her incredible body, people loved to be around a clever mind, hers was one such, how proud I was, her capacity to surprise, so compelling to me. Giving the guy a great tip, his compliments on my stunning daughter, getting us both hot, She loved the outside of the sprawling hundred year old hotel, the wrap around porch so inviting, pull up a wicker rocker, the view of the light house, perfect, we just sat for a few minutes, our time, mummurring thanks that we found each other, me giggling that a fucked up vet and an abused fifteen year old, someone should make a movie, her claim that I would have to play my self, no one else was that handsome, jesus, was I blushing, told her fuck hollywood, I wanted to live our life, be forever happy with that, no need to shine this up, allready perfect, her arm in mine, no more words, just the relentless waves pounding the sea wall, the sea gulls screeching, fog horns, a symphony for us, two lovers, completely as one.

  Got through the busy check in crap, our room small, quaint they called it, bed perfect, we were in it, naked, my cock up her cunt where it belonged, her back to me, those perfect ass cheeks, driving me to distraction, her skin so soft, so a woman, wanting it to last forever, our orgasms approaching together, our timing precise, our moans blending, our bodies merging, souls on fire, this was love. The sheets tangled up, bed sopping wet from our sweat and juice, our bodies sprawled, nerves still tingling, as always, recovering so energetic, happy, we sprinted to the shower, part of our lovemaking, the ritual cleansing of each other, worked for us, fuck you. Threw on my button down light pink shirt, white shorts, sperrys, uniform of the idle rich, what the hell, lets pretend we were the boring always been rich, knew Jill would have a blast mocking at their dull exspence.

  Still got dizzy,her beauty still could physically jolt me, in the best way, her coming out of the bathroom, stunning, a young Sophia Loren, all woman, not a hollywood bag of bones, Jill was woman, what real men want. The dress, light orange, silky, strapless, her heels white, lifting her ass so nicely, her makeup dead on, minimal, lipstick perfect, a trace of Obsession, Jill knew how to stun. Her smile, her hand slipping in mine, her whispers of Daddy, then Lover, oh, my, our hug furious, telling her again how much I valued her, didnt want to be without her, her squeeze, sigh of acceptance, telling me we would be fine, if JIll said we would, we would be fine.

  Just walking the streets with her, hand in hand, her interest in the galleries exciting to me, though some of the modern shit, lost on me, she got it, but prefered to, as she joked, actually draw shit, as opposed to splash paint, her dig at the drippers, monkey painters, give me an accurate seascape, landscape, portrait, anything but more fuck triangles, I didnt want to guess what they represented, figured they meant the artist, term loosely applied, had run out of art, if they ever had any in them, pretentous bastards. Finding an art supply place, her excitement at all the supplies, my pushing her to buy, never put a price on her art, her soul.

   Went into a tiny antique place, I loved old stuff, collected history books, Jill wanting to see what there was, having never been in such a place. Well, I tend to get preoccupied in such places, love to be surprised, finallly noticing my girl at the front counter, trying on a necklace, handing it back to the clerk, a little oh, well laugh, I knew it was exspensive. She wandered around, I beelined to the clerk, asked to see the necklace, a cameo, made from whale bone, mans head, a whaler made it for his honey, perhaps, it was exspensive, haggled her down, in my pocket, perfect gift for baby, her bday tomorrow, perfect, am I not a clever bastard.  Found her inspecting a rocker, looked early shaker, jesus, she had good taste, telling her to rich for my blood, her good natured acceptance, we headed for dinner, agreeing we would have to return here again, her going on, listing all the places in the world she would like to visit, and why, told her I had been to most of them, got shot at in a few of them, would love to take her, knew she would dig the whole european vibe, so much more freer about sex, nudity, took religion for what it was, a nice distraction, nothing to get all fuck uptight about.

   The waiter tried to hit on Jill, she loving it, loving my discomfort, in the best way, playing footsie with me as he slobbered up to her, give him credit, he at least had the balls to try, that he seemed boring, Jill confirming after he departed, missed her word play, he wasnt in my league, our food awesome, how we loved to share our food, we werent trying to be spectacle whores, we just felt the need to feed each other, I knew I did it because it helped fill my void of not being JIlls Dad from the start, oh how I would of loved to hug her as a newborn, welcomed her to this world, to cuddle that bundle of joy, She loved that side of me, I tended to get sheepish, her forcing that out, telling me it made me a better person, fancy that, again, tell me this is wrong, cant be done.

       The stars so bright, just walking, aimlessly, her comments on the passing people priceless, buying a forty ounce Bud at the packy, brown bag, sitting on a bench, just cackling at Jills spot on commentary, that a guy in bright green pants, red whales, walked by, well the snots running from her nose, she was having convulsions of laughter, so sexy, no one looking, I licked her snot up, ate it, her vow to outdo me,mmmm, that could be interesting. She liked the taste of beer, told her everything in its place, we would get hammered soon, she wanted to try it, told her at home, just us,see, thats parenting.

   How stunning she was, the dress making her shimmer, like maybe she wasnt real, to beautiful to be of this life, more, how her joy was contageous, people had to smile, had to consider this dynamo, the way she would comment on a piece in a gallery, honest, intelligent crtictism, a lady asking if she could do better, ahah, Jill telling her she would bring her porfolio to her tomorrow, the lady smirking, cunt, telling Jill, if she had time she would gaze at it, oh my, you tight ass cunt, wouldnt Jill blow this uptight asshole away. Jill whispering that she would rather wipe her ass with her drawings that let that cunt see them, good for her. Her asking me if we could go to our room, our room, she was tired of adults, her words, my laugh so releasing, she got it, people were fine in doses, just as long as we had our quiet time, wouldnt we make some noise then.

   Back at the room, couldnt wait, telling her how much I loved her, I gave her the necklace, her tears, her sobby words, that I was that into her, she asking me to hold her, I could hold her forever, wouldnt be that possesive, Jill needed space to grow, I knew that. Snapping the necklace around her perfect neck, our kisses slow, meaningful, her breaking them to let me know how safe she felt, thats the thing, She could go on and on about how I fucked great, looked great, was funny, it was all good, but when she told me I gave her security, my heart, my entire being was lit up, positively glowing, my dadness stroked, my need to take care of her rewarded, thats true love, she got it, I got it, thats all that fuck mattered.

  Our loving was awesome, first we made love slow, with care, sure to please each other, then we got energetic, wild, Her need to experiment, sliding two fingers up my rectum, while stroking my cock, taught her how to tickle my prostrate, her giggles, it was all fun to her, not gross, not strange, just love. Her tongue in my shit canal, the way she was enthused, My going after hers, her giggles that we were a couple of brown nosers, my solemn oath to wear her shit with pride, our howls of glee, sex was supposed to be fun, how many sex encounters I had, that were surreally formal, without joy, just something to be done, yuck, double yuck, Jill got sex, have fun, share your whole, wild self with your lover, no secrets, no holding back, no lines, no boundaries, both of us safe in the knowledge that the other valued our kinkiness.

    Riding bikes to South Beach nice, the beach mobbed, but we had to give it a shot. Found some room, lots of screamers, people tend to scream at the beach, I say unless some fuck is going under, shut your cunt, enjoy the energy only to be derived from soaking up rays, truely an erotic vibe. Always left the beach horny, Jill agreeing the whole thing made her tipsy with urges, she talked like that, earnest, ahh, to be young, she really dug the smell, how our skin smelled after laying out, like crispy chicken, mmmm, we  had to, rode our bikes down a road, into the bushes, our fucking violent, rushed, urgent, how she spasmed when she came, biting my lip till I bled, both of us dizzy, panting, finally the to be expected fits of giggles, her telling me this is no way to treat your daughter, wiping the sand off her sexy body, calling her my lover, her quick peck, we were dressed, semicleaned up, off on our bikes, headed back to the room. When we stopped at a crossroad, she fed me some of my creampie,fishing it out of her steamy snatch, showing me the sperm she had in her mouth, our kiss, messy, spermy, we were something.

    The weekend was perfect, Jill settling down to draw the pagoda tree, a little put off by the over the shoulder set, Jill telling me it was like they were peering into her soul, on others it would sound played, but fuck sake, she just turned fifteen, she was allowed her self seriousness. Always one to know when to roam, exploring a clever book store, Edgartown Books, located in an old whale captains house, well lit, quiet, history books segregated to our little corner, god forbid any fuck body bothered to read history, maybe fuck figure out war seldom panned out for either side, made monsters like me, but there I go. Loving that there was a certain black enclave in town, an island surrounded by an island, the pasty whites pointing them out, much as the uptight religous middle aged couples in Ptown pointing out the fags, Hey Martha look queers,, Quick Harold stand next to them while I take your picture, the boys at the K of C will die over it.

      I get these visions, me and Jill, on this island, middle winter, storming Northeaster, snuggled in front of a fire place, oh, I have the best visions. Torn between disturbing her or feeling like I am stalking her, how I loved to observe her, how she presented herself to the world, she looked small, inward, as she sat cross legged, intent, doing that sexy hair flip thing,mmm, so Jill, how her breasts rolled so sweetly under her loose blouse, the way her left hand fondled her necklace, sweet jesus, she really loved me. Her eye catching mine, still across the street, on her radar, the way she grew, swelled up, that smile, pray to jesus, it was all I needed to survive, fuck food, fuck water, Jills smile fed me. Her sketch pad closed, she would show me her work when she deemed, her deal, feeding her a bite of the fudge I bought, the way her big foot gently rubbed my ankle, unmistakable its intent, whispers of her desire, how she needed release after so much focus, who was I to deny art.

    Shut out the world the rest of the night, ordered room service, her showing me her work, it was the thing about art,either it did it or it didnt, it did, her tree lived, swore the blooms were gently waving in the sea breeze, thats art, thats Jill. We snuggled, fucked, used our tongues to lick every part of the others body, pissed on each other in the iron claw tub, smeared ketchup on our bodies and licked it off, it was all we had, bad idea, both us barfing bloody red puke, cackling, at each other,the way her body shuddered,mmm, we wernt drinking, just drunk. We left early in the morn, both of us determined to get home, to our home, how it rolled off our tongues, I wanted Jill dug in, comfortable, before the drama queen whirlwinded into town. The ride back subdued, lots of hand holding, quiet talk, our future, our now, how much I wanted to take her to the Keys, knew it would fit her, like me, she loved the outdoors, but tired of the people, never under estimate the abilty of some clown to ruin a nice private public moment, not sex, just a quick locking of eyes, disturbed by joe boring screaming at his kids, bring back kid beating if thats what it took to shut up leatherlungs.

  Both of us smiling at her thought that we were going to our house, it was, I wasnt inclined to pretend, or at least as little as possible, we had agreed to keep up appearances, Jill pretending I was her Dad alone,no bragging about my sexual abilities, no overt closeness around town, but we would live as man and wife. Neither of us would budge on that, having decided we could accept our twenty year difference, working it out, me at fifty five, her thirty five, seventy five- fifty five, telling me she sucked my ass now, would wipe it later, so Jill, her desire to see this through, still amazed she clung to my pic as long as she had, that she knew I was the guy, her term, not that she didnt want me as her dad, just that she knew I was for her, wow, there was no way to walk this thing back, it was so powerful, alive, sara' cosi.

   Bri was supposed to get home sixish, we cleaned, Jill really helped, nice,my lover, my partner, had dinner done, made love, nice and easy, the rest of our lives to perfect this thing, showered, dressed, ignoring the building tension. We had Jill in the small bedroom upstairs, tiny room, freshly painted, new bed, sheets, her own TV, cable, best part, there was a door leading from her room to mine, as it used to serve as a walkin closet, Jill would simply lock her door, use the other door, sleep with me, my door locked, devious, maybe, fuck cares, we were gonna sleep together, she needed that, I needed that.

  Being an hour late, that was on time for the ex, she polluting my front porch with her evil, wanting to know what Jill was doing here, Bri getting snotty saying I replaced her, if she only knew. Thing about having killed, done time, when I got pissed, people tended to listen, even my ex, queen of the motormouths, telling all it was between me and Bri, Jill went upstairs, Bris mom left, losing interest, Bri and I trying to talk, how hard it was to get through to her, her tone always negative, surly, threats, accusations, bluster. She gave in, seeing that I wasnt, told her Jill was in my life, deal with it, she had to make that choice, I already had, still loved Bri, wanted her in my life, but wouldnt send Jill away, knew from where she came.

  Like her mom, she wanted a deal, sick, sick, but fuck her, she, or rather her mom thought Bri should quit school at sixteen, work for her moms boyfriends cleaning company, wow, thats sad, gave her my biggest mistake of your life spiel, her stunning arrogance, calling me a criminal, I accepted her proposal, wouldnt fight her dropping out next year, she would behave, all being relative, for the last month here. Sad, but I felt no loss, her sourness grinding me down, her choice to be offended by every slight, real or imagined, a learned trait, she had no reason to be angry, living a sheltered, safe childhood, unlike say Jill, living in hell, yet Jill chose to be happy, embraced joy, Bri wallowed in misery, more worried about what others had.

   Our whispers soft, Jill telling me she cried hearing Bri say things to me, how proud she was that I didnt take it, my turn to cling, her turn to hold, she did it with so much love, her whispers of happiness, giggling that Bri would be gone in twenty two days,had it marked on her calender, sweet. The extra spark, knowing Bri was in the next room, as we made love, quietly for us, lots of giggles, as we slowed our orgasms, delayed them, talked silly, serious, went back to loving, the final payoff incredible, over the top pleasure, our tears real, unable to unhug ourselves, giggles at that picture, stuck together forever, we would take our chances. How quickly she fell asleep, she wore a smile, enough said, her breathing relaxed, my Jill, my everything was safe.

Well it didnt take long for Bri to cause problems, getting home from work, Jill was doing her homework, also texting friends, multitasking, quick kiss, told me Bri went off with some guys after school, wouldnt tell Jill where, made a scene, how Jill wasnt her sister, I wasnt Jills father and never would be, cunt. Jill was upset, jesus, couldnt see Bris angle, why rock the boat, she got what she thought she wanted, telling her how some people shunned happiness like it was leprosy, wallowed in theirs and others misery, sorry to say Bri had started down that road. Reassured Jill she was my daughter, one day my wife, her joy at that, truth set me free.

  The little cunt showed up at nine oclock, I was pissed, more I was done, made the choice, Jill with me, to move on with my life, me and Jill, wouldnt allow Bri to poison us, her screeching, nasty words, dull rantings boring me, I think even she felt foolish. She came into my room, tried to say she was sorry, tried to turn it on me, I was a good deflector, her sad words, she would try to behave, how unhappy she was, boo hoo, again, I tried to get her involved, asked her if she wanted to go away camping with Jill and I, her refusal to include Jill sad, pig headed, her way of saying she wasnt interested, fine, that I was glad said it all, me and Jill in a tent, didnt we love that image, her having never gone, I used to take Bri and several of her friends every summer, Jill telling me how her father always said no, just to be a dick, how fucking sad.

                                                                                             the end

Jills Fire

Chapter 4 Road Trip

by roccodadom44


This to shall pass, school out, Bri gone to her moms, I told her I would leave her room for her, no one would need it, fuck sure, Jill sleeping with me, every night now, our life, nostri tempi. Amazing, when Bri left, we danced around the house, stripping each other, fucking in every room, leaving our fuck funk, like we were expelling an evil spirit, perhaps we were. Jill would go to camp in two weeks for a month, I had the vacation time, so we would hit the road, a week camping trip, she was so excited, so little kiddish, her ability to enjoy large, evident, soothing to my soul. Buying her a matching sleeping bag, we could zip them together, sleep in one sack, she liked that. Telling her we would use the other week to take day trips, thought she should visit the art museums in Boston, would move her, she was excited at the thought, having gone to the MFA on a field trip, loving all the stuff, seeing ink sketches in there, realizing it was art, not just scribbling, she always got the point.

   We were both giddy, a week together, making it the first week, Jill explaining, all grownup like, her period would be the week after, the pill making it regular, benefit, though I told her I had no objection to blood, her surprising me with the taunt of earning my redwings, her laugh that she was learning so much on the web, information highway my ass. My joy at surprising her was strong, the joy I received back, ten fold, Im sure, we had really gotten into each others fantasies, some of hers violent, expected from being exposed to the shit she endured. Violent yes, but I dug her reason, she wanted to beat a guy to death, with her hands, like I did, wanted to experience that with me, have that as a bond, you can think sick, I choose to call it terms of endearment.

  Just so happened that there were lots of bums living behind a boarded up strip mall, doing their sorry bum things, fighting, stealing, spreading disease, bum stuff, earning any shit that comes their way, here to entertain, subhuman waste. Night before we were to go camping, I dressed her in tight jeans, tight t shirt tucked into pants, her luxurious mane ponytailed, her sexy big feet encased in her Timberland boots, her begging me for answers, my evil smile promising much joy, We parked by the Y, walked quickly into the woods, stopping her, let her decide, she was panting, a little scared, my assurance I wouldnt hesitate to step in, would not let anybody touch her, unless I chose, her cute attempt to look tough, telling her she was way to sexy, way to a woman to be rough, mean was another thing, told her to be the queen of mean, taking her talented hands, snapping on the brass knuckles, both hands, kissing them, telling her to bloody them,bloody them good, picture her fag dad, get all her bitterness out on who I bring her.

    She waited out of sight, didnt take long, he was pissing, hand against a tree, oblivious, mr drunk stupid, could of worn a pink bunny outfit he would of missed me, I didnt miss him, one shot, rocked him, teeth tumbling out of his bloody, ugly mug,  yuck, he stunk, was filthy. I dragged him to Jill, how sexy she appeared, clinking her brass knucles, like a pro fighter, sexy smile, yummy, the bum, attempting to get up, good, signaling Jill to get him good, her aim precise, right on his nose, blood splattered, his eyes instantly swelled shut, he wobbled, I grabbed his scrawny body, held him up, not so fast, oh stinky one, time to serve some purpose, Jill unloading on him,her smile so, so sexy, destroying his face, teeth out, nose bones splintered through the skin,the sweet erotic sound of bone crunching,mmmm, I was rock hard, his left eye was out of the socket, trying to look around, hey, over here assbag, how fuck cool is that,  Jill crushed it with a right fist, brass on eye, sweet, he peed himself, begged, words garbled, passed out, wouldnt stop till Jill got that rush, let him go, flopped on the ground, told Jill time to dance, she got it, she always got it, using her Timberlands to cave his head in, his brains leaking, his body twitching, Jill aping his death twitch, she was never more sexy to me, covered in this fags blood, her nipples poking through the blood soaked T, her eyes on fire, death lust, now she knew every warriors secret, how good it felt to savage another human, destroy them, take their life, the energy you got back, powerful stuff.

      Jill knew now, her need to fuck here, how couldnt I, she was mad with lust, love yous for me, devotion, her pledging her life for me, me to her, both comfortable with the step we took, big step that, we sure as fuck wernt going to be bored, our laughs carrying us through violent fucking, our savage desires sated for now. We took pics, Jill wanting to try to draw his destroyed mug, mmm, her little girl voice asking if she could keep a memento, you try denying an angel, the way she used the oversized rock, smashing the stiffs thumbs until she tore off his nails, long and yellow, telling me she wanted a necklace, a large necklace, emphasizing that bit, of victims thumbnails,what could I do, I fucked her hard, she bent over, holding onto a tree, both of us staring at the dead drunk guy, cackling at that word play, pointing out his defects, reveleing in our violence,our climaxes for the ages, we had arrived, the merging of violence and sex, always better. After much hugging and tenderness, we left him there, disposable, animal food, cops would spend zero time looking for his killers, yesterdays news..

   We basked in the warm emotions, in our secret, our thing, so much deeper now, her desire to go kill her dad, had to go all adult, tell her not to press her luck, no stopping us from throwing some ideas around, hit and run, he always walked to the corner bar, poison, Jill wanted to watch him suffer, skin him alive, nice thought that, skinning the fuck, using his skin to cover a  couch, introduce him, this is my dad the couch, all the fuck did was lay around anyhow, our laughter rolling, her hatred not receding, I knew we would punch dear old dads clock soon, told her that chestnut, her joy obvious, thanking me for giving her this, my return serve, how she had brightened up my little world, letting her know how incredible she was earlier, getting her anger out, her not being afraid to live life at a hundred miles an hour, how good it will feel next time some uptight society hag talks down to you, knowing you had the power to beat her to death, had the balls, the will, we were natural born killers, how stoked she was, still mentioning her burning desire to get at her father, mmmm, needed some thought, a plan, had to be done, though, Jill wasnt resting till she had vengence.

   Packing the car for the camping trip, all laughs, tickles, Jill could tell a joke, put her whole self into it, sold you her joke, my sides hurting, well the postman sobered things up, delivering the mail, I noticed a letter from the medical office that tested Jills DNA against her parents, we were both quiet, the letter now on the kitchen table, we both looking at it, much trepidation, my proclamation that it didnt fuck matter, she was my daughter, my lover, my wife, her tearing the letter open, how quick she read, comprehended what she read, her screams of joy, how she bounced, thank god for gravity or my baby would of happied away, galaxies away, the words serious sounding, lawyer talk, paid by the syllable, her mom was her mom, her dad no way, not possible, so fucking freeing, we just hugged for minutes, no words, we knew what this meant, her words barely audible, wanted to stomp the creep to death, wanted me to help, needed me to help, the tie that binds.

   The ride to Maine was so relaxing, Jill rode well, we enjoyed our talks, how we tended to rambled, never knew what we would broach, her views sound, reasoned, when she didnt understand an issue, not shy about asking, see, she valued learning, for the sake of knowing, so different from some by the number, been geared to excel on the SATs, never had a spontanious thought in their perpetually dimwitted brain teen, Jill had freedom, real freedom, her mind ever hungry, curious, had no stress about college, knew she wanted to draw, write, live, not be educated, she wanted to learn, huge difference.

  We were heading for the Sebago Lakes region, a little north of there, Silver Lake, knew a great camp, sites spread out, waterfront, could dive from your tent into the cool lake. The traffic, light, Jill being frisky, flashing her spectacular breasts at the truckers, much air horns, jesus, she was perfect, just doing her thing, being Jill, perfect. Finally the campground, nice general store, people friendly, hopefully not to friendly, nothing worse that some goobers sticking to you, nothing to be gained from that, this part of the world was stuck in 1950, as it should be, why I loved it, but please dont feed the animals.. Ordered wood delivered, had to have a fire,nothing more relaxing, the site last one on the water, pretty well isolated, no one in the site nearby, cool,  no water, no electricity, roughing it, leaving everything in the car, both of us taking in the lake, large, so blue, so inviting, we stripping, diving in, the water shocking, our yells, laughs energising. We did it in the lake, apainst the three foot bank, her legs wrapped around my waist, the water covering us, so rough, so outdoors, working her tits hard, her moans, beggings for more,mmm, we knew how to bless a camp site.

    The site had a pallet for the tent, nice, and a covered outdoor kitchen, wood table, firepit, along with my propane camp stove, we would eat well, camping took calories, hiking, bike riding, canoeing, fucking, lots of fucking, nothing like fucking under the stars, the water and trees providing a lush aural ambiance. Tent set up, sleeping bags joined, coolers laid out, fire started, Jill already sketching the lake, this is why I live. She was topless, panties red sexy, her back to me, her breasts visable on her sides, thats a lot of tit meat, how her back seemed to strain, wanted to talk to her about that, deciding to offer her the chance fo a little reduction, jesus, I loved her, why else would I deny my pleasure, those glorious breasts, so soft, yet firm, intoxicating, could bury your head, soul in their hot flesh, loudly proclaiming Jill all woman, but couldnt accept her suffering, besides a fat C cup was nothing to sneeze at, and if she walked taller, with less pain, oh, wouldnt that make me happy, maybe put it off for later, as I reveled in her walking towards me, those breasts daring me to ignore them, mocking my inability to, her sexy grin, raising her tits, both hands under them, sucking her fat, gumdrop nipples, little sex queen, eating her juicy pussy on the picnic table, her moans to die for, her hand softly massaging my head, good boy was I, her cum messy, big, loud, how I wanted it all, all her juice, the piss she released, just a spray, so heady, getting her juices from the crack of her magnificent cheeks, wanted to move their, stay in the valley of her cheeks, warm, musky, all woman, my goddess.

   Watching the sunset from our site, how amazing, her snapping away with the camera, the bone having mellowed us, her sitting by my side, holding hands, talking about nothing much, the bugle giving us a start, the giggles, Taking my binoculars, across the lake was a boys camp, Jill getting happy, saying she could take on the whole camp, my excitement growing, my little slut was wanting to expand her horizons, we talked it out, her reasons sound, needed some variety, I had many women, her just me,telling me it had to be me, me and some sloppy oral work on the not ready for prime time school boys was her whole thing. Jill reassuring me that I was hers forever, she all ready decided that, loved when she talks like that, every guy wants their woman to talk like that, we need security also. Told her I would embrace her wildness, wasnt jealous, worried about her safety, her health, adored her, wanted to watch this side of her figure it out, our kisses tender, we would rent a canoe, paddle over to boyville,see what fun was to be had, Jills delicious picture of me cornholing some teen fag, while he rode Jill, mmmm.

      The top of the tent open, the moon was full, Jilll doing her werewolf, therewolf routine, she did a mean Marty Feldman, kidding, humps in front, though. How relaxing to just lay, holding hands, the smell of smoke and pine needles, the sound of the lake, the stars fucking huge, like as if they were looking for you, their blackest black canvas immense, we could see, in amazing detail, the surface of the moon, her joy, seeing her left hand fondle the cameo I bought her, the joy I took from that simple action, Jill really was happy, to be with me, not doing anything, she chose to be with me, share this with me, only with me, that we shared our other thing, we kidded about our other thing, both of us going off on an over the top serialization of our assault on boystown,much use of machetes, always they used machetes, kidding Jill about all the fingernails she would have,her looking like some native witch doctor, her joshing me, I had told her most older guys would fuck a teen boy, knew I would, two reasons, they were teens, I wasnt anymore, and some of them were smooth, tight, sweet rides, not to be discarded without at least an attempt or a dozen, she wanted to see me fuck some boy, kind of figured we would get there, discussing sick ways to off teen spirit, her insistance that she could beat a boy her age.

   Mmmmm, the image red hot, Jill beating the shit out of some teen hot shot, she was a big girl, all in proportion, her tits, yes, oversized, but she had the foundation to carry them, her strength impressive, she certainly had the will, how I loved to call up that scene, her beating the bum to death, her cruelty, her violence, her sexiness covered in the losers blood, soothing me, sick yes, but I was damaged goods, saw to much mayhem, would always need a little outside the lines coloring, Jill was cut from the same cloth, her burning need to get some vengeance, she was a smart girl, told you, knowing justice was for losers, all that mattered was doing to others, evening the score, Jill was still way behind on that count, like the Orioles in every game, need a couple of grandslams for Jilly girl to be in the ball park. We didnt fuck, just cuddled, joked around, her need to pee, both naked pissing into the lake, the midnight swim a spur of the moment, so cold, so refreshing, our hugs chaste, like we decided tonight was dad daughter night, nice thought, her laugh, yanking my cock, snorting whatever dad, best Bri voice, had her down, the pointless anger, selfpity, My Jill, artist, wordsmith, satirist, lover, mmmm, My Jill.

    No better place to wake, in a tent, sound of water and rustling trees, Jill snoring softly next to me, the rise and fall of her breasts legendary, the little purrs she made from time to time, she slept happy, was happy, Jill had told me that she never slept much before, always waking at her old place, our name for that nightmare, the slightest sound scaring her, kidding she could now sleep through a small war, that she had me, she felt so secure, wanted, oh, fuck who wouldnt want this adorable darling, that I could ever feel better was doubtful, Jill did it, filled my missing parts in, completed me, me her, what love was supposed to fuck do. The sound of the loons screeching, Jills need to mimic, my looney bird, flopping around the tent, tits following their own drummer, that a teen, a teen girl, could awake with such good naturedness was not to be devalued, how I couldnt help to smile, release the tension, always woke with a headache, her presence calmed it, she was my medicine, good medicine, natural healing powers, the power of Jill.

  Our need to pee strong, our need to be dirty stronger, laying on the pine needle carpet, Jill squatting over me, her beautiful cunt flexing, her piss spraying me, farting up a storm, my poopy girl,head to toe, strong, acidy morning brew covered me, the taste intoxicating, little sips, big taste, the sound of her fart huge, echoing across the water, we were in giggleville, her wiping her wet cunt on my piss coated body, asking me to shower her, oh yes. Standing over her, she was kneeling, mouth wide open, tongue swirling around, taunting me, I let her have it, soaking her sexy hair as her hands fanned her mane out, her face, hitting her mouth, a wide target, her swallowing, soaking her boobs, while she milked them, her cunt, her hands dropping to peel back the perfect, pink, plump lips, my urine drawn to her oversized clit, her mini cum, taking her on the muddied ground, we were filthy piggies, mud and piss coated, our orgasms powerful, our after fuck holding longer than usual, as if we agreed that was amazing, even by our lofty standards.

  Being able to step into the lake so nice, how we frollicked, I know, but it seemed that way, her exuberance was like the plague, if you didnt catch it, you were already dead, the way we went from goofiness, to quietly sitting in the water,only our heads exposed, holding hands underwater, soft, sweet words, her throaty laughs, the fucking morning revelie at boysworld causing us to roll with the giggles, telling Jill to picture all the hard, dripping boy cock swinging out of bed, her purrs enough, we were gonna have us a fine day, her evil laugh, maybe we could do our thing, oh that term, up here, agreeing to look for opportunities, plenty of loners around, knock knock, whos there, the pain train. Cooking on the stove, eggs and homefries, our hunger large, we were naked, totally relaxed, like there was no need to discuss today, we woul do what we said, we were doers, no doubt, thats a special feeling,a freeing feeling.

   Cackling, both of us, as we took shits together, squatting, facing each other, feet almost touching, how sexy she looked, her little tummy expanding, kidding her she looked preggers, her glowing, telling me I would give her a baby soon, oh, if she said it, it was so. Her shit long, healthy, like all of her, a perfect, coiled rope, kidding me she even shit creative, racing each other into the lake, scrubbing ourselves, back to our water sitting place, her sexy feet wiggling above the water, I had to, greedily sucking her toes, how sexy they were, her moans, as I massaged her feet, my tongue working between her toes, I wanted all of her, the sexy way her second toe was longer than her big toe, as if to say you may be the big toe, but Im getting everywhere first, the fiery red polish so exciting, how she beckoned me to her, how easily I entered her, and I was large, Jill had adjusted, was my woman. Our loving slow, we didnt cum, holding back, kidding her that she could only cum from boy power, her snort that it would take about hundred boys to equal me, just right, stroking me, easing any fears I had, yeah, a little jealous, told her that, would deal with it, was overruled by my need to see her live her wildness, the joy I got from that so much the greater, not inclined to wallow in my pity, rather have fun, Jill taught me that number, no one had more cause to selfpity that my girl, she wouldnt, couldnt be a pity pig, glory be to that.

  Spent time, nursing our teas, discussing home, Jill wanting to get at her mom, not our thing, but she needed to see mama funbags crawl a little, my suggestion we turn her sluttiness to good use, have her sexually service wounded vets, Jill loved it, saw the dual deal, use her slag mom, brighten up some poor, crushed souls pitiful, dreary existance, I have great ideas, Jill also considered that She and I needed a little private time with mom, knew mom would be singing the blues, the red and blacks too. The image of mom swinging by her fat tits, while we whipped her bloody a nice shared thought.

  Jills bright white bikini, her tits rolling, her ass cheeks on display, so sexy, the way her heeled sandals lifted and displayed her glorious attributes, just to walk with my goddess, to catch her ass, the way it sashayed, nothing subliminal about it, she was a sexually perfect woman, bright neon lights forty feet high couldnt have proclaimed it better than those sweet, rolling ass cheeks, womanhood defined. The canoe we rented ancient, wood, but handled like a dream, the young clown working the beach stand drooling over Jills accessories, his assumption I wasa a lame father, his bullshit macho blather boring, her pretending to dig him, his sucking in his gut, that he was a teen with a gut, not good, that Jill was mocking him, telling him she would love to add him to her collection, our shared smile, both of us discreetly looking at his thumbs, silly little boy didnt know how close to dead he stood, trying to stifle our laugter, the little man had wood, a tiny pup tent, sad that, Jill giving him the full show, bending over to adjust her sandal strap, her ass staring at his dull face, her pubes showing here and there, her whisper that she wanted this boy, wanted to do mean things to him, sensed he was gonna grow up to abuse women, that he already knew women scorned a little dick, she would disabuse him of the notion that he had any power over women, my Jill, social worker.

  Her childlike wonderment, the way she dug it all, running her hands in the water, as I paddled, sitting facing me, her legs spread, she pushed aside her bottoms, displaying her snatch, teasing me, teasing herself, being Jill, being free. The odd thing about Silver lake, it was connected to several other lakes, by rivers, ending at Lake Sebago twenty miles away. You had to be careful to not get stuck in the current at the end of the lake, the river would pull you five miles downstream to the next lake, suck walking back, it would. Hugged the land till we got at the narrowest point ofd the lake, maybe  two hundred yard across, with Jill paddling, we raced across the expanse, steady, the way her muscles showed as she strained, god she was a dynamo, knew she would stomp most boys, mmmm.

   Winded we hugged the banks, about a half mile from boysworld, deciding to get out and look around. My senses, combat tested, are not to be doubted, told her there were people nearby, her comically placing her ear to the ground, my seriousness sobering her. We moved deeper into the woods, me removing my hand gun from the back pack,, Jills smile, she loved my guns,  she heard them, her kiss for me, my reward. Our confusion, it looked like a  ghetto campground, trash everywhere, tents in all kinds of bad shape, fat, ugly, dirty white people, seemed you had to smoke to belong to this outfit, we barely contained our laughter, as a fart, a belch, and a can of beer being popped open serrenaded us, welcomed us, putting two and two together, we had stumbled onto one of the many tent cities cropping up in this dubious economy, full of disposable people, our eyes were like those of kids, peeking through the stair rails, christmas morning, a smorgasbord of victims,mmmm. Jill pretending they were items on the menu, quizzing me about the trans fats in one particularly gruesome sort, how come homeless scum are always fat, fat bastards, we were morally cleansed, doing socieys work, eliminating disease, they deserved to die just for how bad they trashed the woods, Jill getting particulary upset, as we watched a fat cunt, sagging udders, no bra, no pride, dump used cooking oil into the lake, fucks sake, my whisper that she bought her ticket, we would come back for her, had to have at her, Jills eyes locked on the pig, willing her dead, oh, she would beg to be dead, before we fuck finished her, ombra della morte.

Back in the canoe, deciding that tonight we would order takeout, come back and snatch piggy, or a stand in, bring them to our site, play all night, plans, plans were good. Pulled into a small inlet, canoe in woods, we hiked to where the boys camp was, signs saying private property, right, we could see groups of boys, teens,mmmmm, doing exercises, Jill rubbing her clit, whispering that she wanted release, a little patience girly, we circled the camp, saw what I needed, the exercising over, boys going, in groups, to their bunkhouses, the way they were spread out in the woods, we selested the one deepest in the woods, having been to camp, I remembered the older boys always got the best cabin, farthest from the counselors.

  The six teens, looked fifiteen, sixteen range, their loud talking, they had an hour of free time before camp activities,oh my, wouldnt we give them an hour to remember. We simply walked into the cabin, all talking done, the boys all bugeyed at Jills bikini clad body, my simple suggestion that the clock was ticking, that Jill needed some fun, her milking her tits, fidgetting, the boys becoming unfrozen, lots of talking, hands in motion, Jills squeals of glee as the youngsters went a groping, and lets face it Jill was built to be pawed, everything soft and firm, felt so good in your hand, her flesh superior, the boys agreed. She was naked, on fire, the boys doing her in order of height, whatever, she was sucking cocks, with ardor, her face a glistening spit and sperm mask, her tits still being fondled, my cam getting it all, how she seemed swallowed up by the six teens, then they adjusted, how sexy she looked, fully engaged, riding every ounce of pleasure she could, Jill knew how to take, take what was before you, enjoy, her moans so erotic, so intense, clock ticking. Couldnt help eyeing some nice tight boy ass, their anuses winking at me, inviting me in, another time, this was Jills wildness, her time to shine,in tutto il suo splendore.

  The fellas were ready to go again, who could blame them, but I was the adult, sort of, helping the very sated Jill up, boy goo dripping here and there, her sloppy, crooked grin, everything to me, her whispers of thank you, all I needed, telling the boys maybe they would see us again, we were gone, Jill sprawled in the canoe, massaging her sore cunt, telling me we had the best life, that everyone said never live out your fantasies, but we had, they were awesome, telling me she loved being boyhandled, used, that submission making her stronger rest of her life, smart girl. Explained that most people who attempted to live out their fanatsies freaked, couldnt handle the reality, we were different, real different, had the balls to embrace our wildness, we would not be denied.

  We didnt do our thing, the fat cunt lived, we found that we were both content to be a couple, Jill wanting to only be with me for a while, never would I press that, how lucky for me.  We went, hiking, bike riding, we went white water rafting, that we had to share it with others lessening it, but to see her face, wide eyed, her shouts of joy as we crossed more rough water, the way she reached for me, her Dad, no doubt that reach was the protect me Dad reach, my heart so full. Her shirt was soaked, her tits obvious, the guys on the raft trying to pretend there was something amazing over Jills way, there fuck sure was, my girl. Funny how women seemed threatened by Jill, maybe she had what they knew they already had lost, the power to sparkle, Jill was magic, every guy on that boat, excepts the fags, and they would want to be her fag friends, would remember Jill, at least for a few orgasms, maybe the wifes knew this, oh well, they could work it out, I was to involved in the beauty of the river, the way the trees stood guard along the banks, seeing moose, deer, a small black bear, the camera going rapid fire, wow, we were loving it, Jill asking to come back, camp nearer to the bears, uh oh, Jill was going to get all outdoorsy, telling her I was gonna get her a flannel shirt, she loved it, said we could wear matching shirts, yuck.

    Both of us were people watchers, sharing notes back at the tent, finishing off a dinner of franks and beans, both of us tired, Jill mocking the girl in the full LL Bean gear, how she pointed out obvious shit, ms know it all, Jill slamming, again, she became that self involved cunt, drawing her with her body, her speech, her mannerisms, perfect, my soul on fire for this girl. Telling her that I noticed so many married couples, looked like they hated being with each other, if you couldnt enjoy each others company, couldnt share the exhillaration of rafting together, fuck point, what was it. Jill telling me the little asian guy had a huge cock, she saw when he urinated in the woods on a break, holding up the asian end of the cock average, by race, go big fella. Her sexy question, would I have been upset if she had sucked him off, giggling what was the chance of meeting another well hung gook,well, what could I say, except suck away piggy, nothing sexier than sperm of the moment sexploits. Telling her  a slob was scoping her tits a bit to wantonly, being a bit to creepy, Jill remembered him, bald, glasses, sunburn, pigface, thats him, I fried him good. His daughter, looked about ten, tight short shorts, started licking my chops, giving her the I want some poontang glow, he quickly got the point, never looked at Jill again, she loved that bit, kidded a little pussy would look good on my oversized sauage.

     Used that tale to get her focused on her tits, asked her flat out if it wouldnt be easier to get them reduced, first she was upset, that I didnt like them, my professions of adoration convincing, her smile, her words of wisdom, how much she loved me for being so concerned, that she wanted it done, scared, would I be with her, twenty four seven, I would take time off from work to support her, her weepy thanks my sustanance, we would seek a doctor after we returned, take our time, Jill kidding me to have at them while I could, explaining to her I would adore her equally if she lost her breast to cancer, always it was about her soul, how she moved me, made me feel like I was complete, though I did tell I was gonna grope her silly, chasing her round the fire, her shrieks of joy so satisfying. Making love softly, Our new thing, my cock in her, we talking, occasionally a little thrust by either of us, how we were one, how powerful that act, I was nine inches into her, both of us sexually on fire, ignoring it, talking goofy stuff, movies, politics, my sexy liberal girl,mmm, we though alike, she surprised at my liberalism.

   Her abilty to grasp ideas was so quick, getting my point, most hardcore vets are liberals, true liberals, dont trust goverment, leave us be, had enough of your society, we also believed in taking care of americans first, made me pissed to see new schools, mosques for fuck sake, going up in Iraq, our money, fuck that, she shared a vision with me then, came to be a tenet of our lives, wanted to live up here, me and her,away from people, she could do her art, I could hunt, fish, grow food, my dream. I loved her enough to preach the she needed to be around her own kind, her finger touching my lip, oh so gently, her urgency real, I was her kind, we were two of a kind, she knew this, wasnt a silly crush, she had us together forever, my Jill.

   How sad to leave here, we fell in love with the area, even drove farther north to look at a cabin for sale, on  Embden Lake, close to the Canadian border. The place was amazing, over 200 acres, four of them lakeside, the rest all forest, connecting to a state park, the cabin was beat, needed work, I saw its potential. the way it was solidly built, easily could add a second floor, it was mere feet from the water, its own little cove, the realtor cunt telling us the pond was 140 feet deep in parts, stocked with fish, even had land locked salmon. The price was high, but I was in the neighborhood, if I sold my home, moved here. We decided, yeah, I valued her opinion, she was for it, agreed we would be poor, living off my military check, my savings were enough to carry us for years, but what then, social security and a kiss from the Navy, no I wanted a little more safety. She was the brains of this outfit, quickly pointing out how I loved to make furniture in my garage, I did great work, knew that, but each piece took time, lots of time, sometimes years of off and on work, didnt see the way to make that profitable, her suggestion that we mass produce several easy pieces, my smile, her smile, how we could do anything, how we, together were not stoppable, her sultry whisper of the fun we could have in these deserted woods, giggling, wouldnt the realtor cunt be fun to play with, sold, sold, I was sold, telling the lurking lady, like as if we were gonna flee, of our interest, price to high, place needed lots of work, we planned on living here year round, her telling us we would be the only ones on this side, all together only three other homes were used year round, sweet, we were both leaning buy.

Told Jill we would come up with a plan, maybe we wouldnt buy this one, but we would move here, she told me it would be ducky, her terms always perfect, as we watched the ducks lazily playing on the lake. The drive back home was sad, though we derived great plesure from working on moving to Maine, it was amazing that we could be so us, we wanted this and we fuck sure were going to do it. We stopped in Skowhagen for food, a beat, depressed mill town, lots of dull white people, someone actually asked me if I had a smoke, Jills cackles,wow, what a fuck loser, couldnt even support his nicotine habit, but I was hungry, whispering to Jill he wasnt even worth the effort, sniveler, Jills arm in my mine, no need to hide our love in Maine, fuck half these fuckers were doing sister sally, thanks Warren. The diner was a diner, greasy, stainless steel, mean waitresses, truckers, criminals, me and Jill. Our booth red fake leather, ordering pancakes, lots of pancakes, being silly, the jukebox at every booth sweet, her swaying in her seat, eyes closed, really hearing the magic of Mel Tormes voice, she looked so sexy, not whorey sexy, just sexy, my girl sexy, and wasnt I glad.

    Ate way to much, her kidding we would have to fuck for hours to burn it off, nice thought, hours of Jill,mmmm. The truckers eyeing her, she was proper, loved to wear my worn, loved my smell, mmmm, button down cotton shirts, went to her knees, sleeves rolled up, her tight sexy jeans covered, flipflops on, not flaunting, just her smile got them excited, possibilties. They were real guys, my look enough, see most guys knew my kind, they would kind of hesitate, make that little ohh sound, circle away, emotionally and physically, didnt want to know my kind, I had the stench of death, they would run to their boring lives, if you look, really look you can pick us out, look at our eyes, they are broiling, on fire, not like yours, Jill, being the only one able to control those flames, not by extinquishing them, rather she channeled her same feelings of inner rage, merged them, made us bound together, a force that could do anything, allerta uragano.

  It was an amazing week, feeling like we became so much closer, Jill softly snoring, seat back, her left hand clutching her necklace, her need for me still strong, so happy, using my brain to figure shit, the image of us living that lake, those two hundred acres overruling all else, had to be done. Gently stroking her thigh, full of wonder at this thing,  worried about working it all out, not scared, hesitant, or doubtful, just knew some fuck would try to deprive us of our life, smiled bigger, the thought they would just give Jill more thumbnails, happy thought that. Her smile spreading, just waking and seeing me, mmmm, her kiss deep, that we were almost home, her slight disappointment, explaining not at our home, she was determined for us to do our Maine thing, like a pit bull, Jill would gnaw this thing till we got what we wanted.

   Spent the whole next week, day trips, she was such a pleasure at the Gardner Museum, her want to know large, her excitability sweet, one of the volunteer slags taking her under her wing, showing Jill around, me happy to sit in the courtyard, surrounded by the hanging orchards, sun filtering down warmly. Seeing Jill, short khaki shorts, loose light yellow pullover hemp blouse, her heeled sandals, so much a woman, her sexy mane doing its own dance, her sexy big feet exposed,mmmm, the way her smile lit her up, her body smiled, not just her lips, like she was so happy her darling face couldnt hold it all.  She didnt seem fifteen, as she bantered with the guide, probably arguing the merits of whoever, the guides body language, a mix, was eyeing Jill a little to longingly, her manner subserviant, Jill dropping her program, the cunt diving to get it, clumsily handing it to her, looking like a schoolgirl in love, nice.

    Walking through the North End of Boston, the cobblestoned streets, italian cafes, the whole vibe so ethnic, reminding me of Rome, Jill begging me to take he, my promise, strings attached, she had to learn passable Italian, I would help her, having picked it up living in Sardina, while in the military, see kids thats parenting, getting Jill to learn a language, a classic, romantic language,  how I would love to show her Italy, takre her to the mountains of northern Italy, the classicism of Venice, how she would sketch, the charm of Rome sorry, being of italian extraction Im biased, but Rome was fuck alive, the people full of spirit, the laughter so unique to those hearty bastards, oh JIll would adore Rome, the shoppings nice too, I hear.

  Well its here, the morning Jill leaves fro four weeks in the Berkshires, learning her possible craft, writing, the baring of ones soul through ink. We made love like it mattered, lots of clinging, her legs so strong wrapped around me, telling me she would have to get laid during camp, my kidding her, see if she could at least make it through the first day, her mummurs of love for me, the way she rested her hand against my thigh, needing to touch me, her sadness, her excitement at the possibilities of camp, being in the mountains for a month, sure they werent the White Mountains, but they had a sort of rugged, working mans beauty. The shower calming us, I was bummed also, she cheered me, let me know how much she valued my letting her go, be her, how it made her love me more, know that we had to be together, her believe in us strong, we spent breakfast working on Maine, my promise I would come up with something by end of summer, both of us wanting JIll settled in school, wherever we landed

    Driving her to camp, dad and daughter, though she held my hand, gave me tender kisses, now and again, told me how she was going to miss my cock, miss me. All the kids looked preppy, Jill laughing, that she would get their money, telling her to behave her self, discreetly patting her perfect bum, her purrs, our chaste kiss bye, how everything drooped, Jill getting on that bus, the color drained from every fuck thing, christ why couldnt I be an asshole, keep her to myself, never would I, but the temptation mocked me, made me feel sour. Trying to bring the fact that it was a month, not ages, more, knowing that working out Maine, that would make it all worthwhile. I had the ability to do what most people couldnt, see a problem, fix it,of course that I had no qualms bringing violence and lies into the arena made things easier, fuck everyone, this was Jill and me time.

The daughter came down for  a few days, trying at best, miserable at worst, her attitude seemed to grow worst as her time with her mother cunt went on, how sad. She had gotten a bunch of tattoos, stupid ones, stars on her hips, I mean why, I could see a rose on a tit, a secret one down below, but the pointless stars, each one six inches high, she looked like what I was afraid she had become, clueless, the whole world could be laughing at her, she would be oblivious, like her mom, positive that she was cool, didnt get the memo, people who thought they were cool, never were they, usually the opposite. That I was glad when she departed, her mom taking her to Vegas, great, I might be fucking Jill, but I was a better parent to her than my ex could ever hope to pretend to be to Bri. There was no way I would let Jill get marked, her asking, me telling her she could make that choice when she was eighteen, that I would never want to see her perfectness marred by some doped up loser, living in moms basement, thinking he was an artist, she dug it, accepted it, started letting me on the silliest tatts at school, how everyone was getting carried away, kids, well Jill was an adult, sad that, but she was, an extremely happy one, but Jill had lived several lives at her exparents.

   Hearing her voice on the phone, she loved the classes, learning good stuff, the camp beautiful, right on a mountain, found a couple friends, working families, like her, the other kids pretentous rich bastards, dull, played, found a dopey boy to fuck, her assurance that he was no competion, how real it seemed when she fantasied I was with her,mmmm. Her missing me hurt, telling her I hadnt slept much since she was gone, that I felt lost without her by my side, her feelings echoing mine, we belonged together, her words of fact, she never was going to spend a night away from me, ever, how happy that made me, told her the progress I made on Maine, her joy enough for several lifetimes, I had managed to get a buyer for my place, the school system was quality, they wouldnt be arriving till end of summer,giving me time to work the cabin deal, needing to get the price down.

  Spent alot of time working in the garage, figuring if we could make some money selling my pieces, we could, the package from my cpa making everything easier, had enough savings to set up an annuity for us, four thousand a month, sweet, we would have no bills, after we sold my home, bought the cabin, I would even put aside one hundred thousand for Bri, see I wasnt playing favorites, haha. Tom, our lawyer, handled the closings, had a blast driving to Maine with him, spending the night in a tent, talking shit, outbullshitting each other, nice. The feeling of standing by that incredible lake, knowing me and Jill would be living here soon was staggering, that it was such a big step, yet I had one hundred percent confidence, courtesy Jill, how I longed to call her at camp, tell her the news, promised myself I wouldnt interupt her time unless an emergency.

  Amazing how she cheered me, that big open grin of hers, her leaping into my arms, kisses, hugs, love yous, telling me she wasnt going away again, ever, my relief at that. The ride home energetic, her telling me her adventures, how much she learmed about real writing, her desire to draw stronger, writing a past time, drawing a vocation, cool she was. Our love making rushed, like each of us couldnt wait to please the other, how nice that we rolled from one orgasm to the next one, this one furious, hard, screaming sex, leaving us hanging on for dear live, so nice to have her home.

      She was pleased with my dealings, we even went on line to check out her new high school, a large one, all the area towns sending their kids to it, easier for Jill to blend in, it was a big deal changing schools, but she was oohing and ahhing, as I showed her the architects drawings of the rebuilt cabin. There would be one bedroom upstaits, ours, private bath, one wall open to the great room below, and the fireplace. The bedroom also would have its own slider leading to a small balcony, perfect for a late night chat, looking over the lake. The first floor would be the great room, with a massive stone fireplace, with vents to carry heat to our bedroom, and bath, full bath at that, two small bedrooms, a large open kitchen, and the utility room, with laundry..The great room opened onto the deck, leading to our dock, you could dive off the deck into the lake, if so inclined, thats lakeside. She noticed the three small buildings, my answers happying her up, one was a large garage/ workshop for my woodworking, another was a greenhouse/tool shed so we could grow food year round, and the last was a studio I was having built for Jill, her place. Her joy was everything, told her it was just a square, wanted her to think what she wanted, inside and out, her thanks deep, her ability to be happied nice, rewarding

    We had almost a month till we would move to Maine, where we would spend the first month or so  living in a trailer on the property till the home was finished. This time together was important, we were with each other always, testing our compatibility, we passed, flying colors, we never fought, sometimes disagreed, worked it out, each willing to reach out to the other, what love was suppose to be, sharing all of yourself, knowing the other wouldnt take advantage. When Bri came for a weekend, she and Jill played nice, went out with friends, had fun, my girl still locked her door, snuck into bed with me, her word that we would sleep together every night a hard rule, cheers to that. Her need to tell me how I made her feel secure, strong, knew she was overcompensating from years of abuse, fear, well my love wasnt fraid no more, liberta' dalla paura.

   Getting all our stuff to Maine was taxing, especially my woodworking tools and machines, but it was almost all up there, that garage/workshop done. We drove up one day, got her enrolled at school, visited the cabin, the workers were working, thats always nice, the workshop was stunning, lots of power, vents, light, comfortable. The green house was large, both of us loving the notion of being pretty selfsufficiant. Jill was enrolled at  the gun club back home, learning safety, handling of weapons, a natural, her agreeing with me that shooting guns was sexual, her getting turned on by the power, giggling she felt like she had a cock, albeit a lethal one. We would hunt for food, Jill not being a mamby pamby, liked the idea of killing dinner, again my sexy jokester, she would like to torture dinner first, but thats her, E' cosi attraente, non pensi?

    The second floor was framed, the roof going on tomorrow, loved the wind turbine, we would generate our own electricity, sell some to the state, the well water was cold and sweet, but Jills studio, wow, it was stunning. On a small rise, commanding view of the lake, but back from view, nestled in trees, hidden almost, three of the walls solid glass, thermapane, inside the room was utilitarian, no wasted space, lots of storage, large work area, sink, wood stove, ac, a little office for her, how fucking happy she was, holding my hand, just sighing, almost purring, my girl was content.

   We spent the night in the trailer, not wanting to drive home, both of us kidding about never going back, just have our stuff shipped, I had already told my boss I was leaving, he was bummed but loved that I had the balls to do this, wished me well, good man he. Jill was getting serious about staying, as we sat on our dock, fancy that, our legs in the warm water, but I knew she would beg to get home, I told her we needed to settle scores, make things right, her hyperness, the way she sparkled, did a hilarious beg that her pretend father, her name for her exdad, be on that list, me pretending to scan my list, looking closely, yes, there the fucker is, top of the charts, A number one, we were rolling, figuring who needed some payback, I wanted her ex dad, her mom, something nasty for mom, maybe dogs, needed her on a short leash, get it, film of her blowing dogs ought to do it, Jills pleas of seeing that, oh, we had scores to settle, vendicarsi.

   Jill adding a boy from school who had harrassed her awful, he finally moved on, Jills ability to turn his piggy comments into a running gag on his lack of conquest, no girl owning up to giving any to the fag. Her solemn vow that she would fuck care, mmm, about him, except that when he found out I got custody of JIll, he spread a rumor that Jill was doing me, some rumor. My good mood turning when Jill pointed out he said I was criminal, was never in the military, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, she, only she could control this inferno, her tender words, she didnt tell me to bait me, only that she needed to avenge me, my honor, how fuck sweet is my babes, that we would pain him together, her words. I came down from my rage, hand nestled in the warmness of her thighs, her hand rubbing my arm, trancing me, kidded her that we would have to get busy to dole out our thing, her mind already there, telling me she texted the fag, he would come to our house, Jill saying I was away for the night, he telling his folks he was sleeping at a buds, oh yeah, a night of teenboy abuse, me and Jill were gonna make him sing, he would regret slandering me, I would avenge my name, questione di vita o di morte.

                                                                             the end

Jills Fire

  Chapter 5

by roccodadom44

      Nothing like the possibility of violence to perk us up, home we were, having fucked crazy in our bed, showered, just waiting for Tommy, the big mouth, telling Jill see how loud he is with his tongue up my shitter, her giggles that she wanted me to feed him our shit, after all he gave us his shit, oh Jill, the queen of words. She was dressed teen slut, red mini, heels, pink thong, tight white shirt, making her tits look stunning, me playing with her cunt lips, just tracing my finger tips over the sensitive lips, her kisses sweet, come on asshole we want blood, wanted to roll in his blood,  inzuppato di sangue.

   He really thought he was hot, he really was sexy in that teen jock way, his pompous attitude stoking my anger, as I hid in the downstairs closet, listening to Tommy boy tell Jill, my woman, how he was going to make her a woman. Jill was awesome, her telling the boy she was looking forward to his performance, oh a tour de force it would be, not that shithead had any say in things. We had agreed earlier to let stupid get Jills top off, before I crashed the bedroom, pretending I got home early, sweet. My selfcontrol was slipping as the fucker went on and on, through the slats catching JIlls look of amusement, good girl, she didnt get mad, she was going to get more than even, Tommy boy was talking his silly self into a whole mess of pain.

  Gave them a few minutes, standing stealthly outside Jills door, hearing his nonstop prattle, he talked more than a coffeed up broad, Jills mocking replies, how she was so impressed by Tommy boys moves, how manly he was,blah,blah, could hear her undoing his pants, get him exposed for the big scene. His look was priceless as I opened the door with zeal, total shock, looked confused, then the little shit got tough, haha, telling me, telling me, to go down stairs old man, haha, Jill looked about to bust out the giggle stick, jesus she was gorgeous when she wore her allface grin, she knew we were gonna have fun, lots of fun. I didnt yell, didnt make a scene, I did attack him, quick, violent, man to boy, he cowered, fuck fag, one shot to his cheek,nice cut, he was a bleeder, he was down, bloody fag, crying, fetal position, pants around his ankles, little shooter all shrunk up, boo hoo. Jills stomps to his body fun to watch, her screams at him, how he dissed her dad, her lover, how he would pay, and pay. She looked so sexy, her feet stomping, her exposed breasts swinging wild,hair flying wild, her face flushed with anger, real hate, Jill the queen of mean, Regina Jill.

  Got dummy up, his fear obvious, his tears cute, Jill mocking him, taunting him, her bitch slap to his face stunning him, he fuck buckled, I had to hold him up, fag was gonna get dropped by a girl, who the fuck was the man. Jills need to dish out his punishment so filling me with pride, the way she talked to him, he was less than us. Asked me to strip, not a problem, wanted to follow this little drama, the way she made him look at my scars, bullet hole, screaming, never saw Jill this angry, spittle flying from her enraged mouth, screaming about his saying I was a faker, telling him how I was a hero, had the medals, made him crawl to me, beg me to forgive him, his sobs making him sound so cute, big tough guy was a little sobbing baby now. Jill asking me to go downstairs and wait while she made her bitch presentable to me, ooh, that sounded hot, we noticed faggy eyeing my fat cock, halfhard, Jill telling him not to worry he was going to know every vein of my cock, our laughs easy, our kiss deep, Tommy at our feet, doing the Tommy boy sob, boo hoo, fuck with us, pay the price.

  Wasnt worried about the fag hurting Jill, he was beat, scared to death of Jill, how violent she got towards him, how I adored that, had never seen Jill upset like that, knew her need to protect me was as large as mine to her, made for each other, no way around that, would you kill for your lover?, We would, oh sweet jesus would we. He looked sexy, Jill leading him, one of my ties around his neck, he had on one of Jills denim minis, red thigh highs, no shirt, hairless, hard teen boy nipples displayed, his makeup perfect, across his chest, in red lipstick, DADDYS GIRL, thats perfect. Jill asking me to show him who the man is, who the only man here was. His look of fear, my look of lust, who wouldnt enjoy raping some hot shot teen studs virgin boy pussy, I mean come on, to good to pass on that shit.

  He struggled briefly, one fist to his adorable stomach, the sound so erotic, fist on flesh,mmmm, he was all set, anus begging me to come on in, I did, with extreme force, Jill cackling that his eyes left their sockets, his grunts sexy, his tight colon milking my fat cock sweetly, both my hands spanking his ass to beat the band. Jill was filming it all, mock interviewing Tommy boy, asking the pertinent questions, was he always a fag, did he clean dirty cocks, did his fellow jocks know he loved it up the shitter, would his mommy and daddy enjoy watching him get fucked, his tears egging me on, drilling his ass like a lunatic, my cock smoking from the friction, shit and blood stained wood, Jill deciding faggy was a virgin, we high fived at taking his cherry, her scraming at him that I was the real deal, she was still pissed at his slight of me, personally I ddint care much anymore, my eruption fierce, driving balls deep, laying on him spent, rubbing his sexy ass,god it was hard and smooth, built to fuck.

    Jill rubbing my back, thanking me for reducing faggy to a cumdump, his cock was hard, about five inches, tiny next to mine, but nice on his teen hardbody, felt nice in my hands as I stroked him off, his boy juice spraying wildly, some of it getting Jills leg, like it knew where the pussy was, both of us roaring with glee, Tommy looking ashamed, fuck him. Jill making Tommy say on cam that he wanted his classmates to gangbang his boy pussy, he was so cute uttering those words,mmmm, told Jill we might have to have faggy visit us in Maine, wouldnt we have fun with him, made him beg me to fuck him again, made him talk with a lisp, it was Jills show, she was relentless, dishing out the humiliations at a staggering pace, Tommy sobbing, pleading, begging, whining, all on film, fag. 

   We made him eat my cum from his ass after he cleaned me, his sucking was great, his tongue greedy in its licks, fag was into it, Jill laughing at his state, telling him he was gone fag now, he was a mess, when I dragged him out to the backyard, dragged him by his ankles, his sexy little dickie flopping around, Jill spitting on him, kicking his head, teasing him, still pissed at him, left him on the ground, she was jiggy, I told Tommy boy dinner time, that he would eat our shit, or I would rip his balls off. Jill was jumping up and down, singing Tommy the Toilet Bowl, she was having her fun, she was avenging her mans honor, nothing wrong with that. The fag took it, drank my piss, let me shit on his face, a couple of healthy logs, draped across his stupid puss, ordering him to eat, his fingers tenative, Jills heel to his nuts speeding things up, his puke like a volcano, I rubbed his face in his shit puke, he was a bad puppy, he would be trained. Jill was more devious, grasping his nuts, telling him if he spilt a drop she would rip them off. The little fucker drank every drop of her golden piss, his eyes staring at her twat like it was the holy grail, then managed to eat her lengthy turd, no puking, realised the shiteater was addicted to Jill, telling her that chestnut, her glee, her beating him senseless, fists, slaps, kicks, a knee to his sexy girls nose, splat, he was out, he was fetal positioned, sobbing, her telling him she owned him, he crawled to her, licked her feet, Jills arms raised in victory, Tommy boy was all done, just another fag, omosessuale.

  How silly he looked, shit smeared face, battered face and body, DADDYS GIRL still on his hardbodied chest, kneeling before us, Jill lecturing him, it was important to her that this shitstain understood her anger, understood the consequences of his mouth, his begging forgiveness, the nasty fuck tried to hug my leg, uck, I drove my booted foot into his gut, he farted like he was trying, we could hear the air leave his agape mouth, the way he flopped onto his back, trying to breath, loving his panic, finally getting his breath, his cock dripping piss, nice, Jill resting her foot on his balls, grinding her oversized, sexy foot into the already swollen orbs, his getting hard, pleasing us, the more Jill hurt his sack, the closer he got, her final stomp matched to his ejaculation, the blood tinged sperm seeming to have developed the abilty to fly, as they soared slowmo, this kid took a beating well, was freaky sub, Jill pondering if he would make it as her personal maid, his sucking her toes, the brownnose. Jill could be mean, telling Tommy I was the one who made that call, his fear at approaching my steeltoed boots, he knew, She knew, I knew, as my boot smashed his nose, blood spraying the room, fuck it, faggy was asleep, his face all swelled up, Jill taking his broken face for a ride, grinding her snatch on it, having a wild cum, her laugh intoxicating, the way Tommys nose was all bent out of shape, his eyes ugly, swollen black slits,mmm.

  While Jill showered her new servant, I planned tomorrows party for mommy, it would be my turn to be enraged, that Jills mom knew dickless was molesting her daughter, did nothing, no worse, made Jills life harder, more of a hell, well, I would do the screaming, the meaning, Jill excited at watching me get after her cunt mom. I know way to many people, sometimes its taxing, sometimes, like now, its a great fuck thing. Knew a guy who bred boxers, owned three studs, always kidded that the dogs kept his old lady happy, well, didnt have to ask twice, he would bring the pooches to the party, they all had pussy before,mmm, knew how to treat a bitch. Well, sissy looked smoking, in a beaten ugly way, his face nasty black and blue, the nightie he wore was hot red silk, short, his sexy ass and junk showing, JIlls nightie matching his, like they belonged to some freaky fuck religion, now thats hot, the way she led him to me, his kneeling at my feet, sincerely begging my forgiveness, thanking me for being a hero, oh the cutey fag, we took him to bed with us, what else could we do.

  I slid up his ass nice, how hot his hole was, his heat warming my rod, so enticing, his cock was in Jills pussy, her legs wrapped around him, me, he was the meat in our sandwich,my cock pounding him, he was pounding Jill, her squeals driving me harder,I was sucking Tommys neck, swapping spit with Jill, our three heads together, all of us cumming near enough to make it insane, three heaving, sweating, moaning, groaning piggies, wow, that was sweet. Jill deciding, her call, that dummy needed some reinforcement, we whipped his ass tilll he bled, bent over the bed, she made him crawl into the tub, facing us, we pissed him, drained closed, pissed him good. While he wallowed in our piss, lying on the hard porcelin, We slept like babes, bodies entwined, completely at peace.

In the morning my amusement at finding Tommy boy curled up at the foot of our bed, knowing, not thinking, JIll did it, the absolute knowledge that the little fag wouldnt so much as fart without Jills say so, the scenes from yesterday swamping with pride, Jills love for me showing, fuck showing, it was glaring,like a fuck meteor streaking the sky red, she was like me, one hundred percent committed, we both had fire inside, most fucks met a person, got married, whatever, always seeking something else, always wondering who else was out there, perpetually longing. Our love was cement, solid, the truth was always there, we belonged to each other, didnt have to wonder who else there was, didnt fuck care, knew who we were, apart and together, the energy we created was nuclear, became more powerful still, just by being near to each, like a chain reaction, once in motion this thing was a run away train, le vita e' bella

   Well, Tommy did a nice job serving us breakfast in bed, dressed in one of Jills sexy mini dresses, loved feeling his ass,so perfect, his anal ring seeming to spasm at my touch, he wanted cock, Jill kidding him that I was more interested in his butt than hers, a lie, a damnable lie, his look of pride, how he blushed at me, snapped to it when I told him to shake it for us, Jills amused grin as Tommy enticed us, he was a sexy little girl shaking her ass for us, when he bent, showing us his boy cunt, he flexed his anal ring in and out, so hot, we had reprogrammed him, our spitswapping about love. Jills laughter, how I loved her ways, queen of mean, but also the most humane woman in the world, giving Tommy the love he needed to get him to cross over, she had taken a blowhard jock, turned him into a completely devoted slave, her powers were many. We sent him on his way, beating him senseless first, telling him we would invite him to Maine when we settled in, he wanted it,begged to serve us, gotta love a beggar, see some were born to serve, some to be served, we knew the side we were on, no doubt, we would be served. The excitement was building, Jill barking now and then, humping my leg, wondering if her mom could get doggy preggers, oh, she was in a mood, vigoroso.

   Mom was dressed Kmart chic, fucking pants suit, tits stretching the cheap knit like helium was leaking, belly showing, fat, sloppy belly,  cameltoed cunt on display, the to small stretch pants seeming to be trying to enter her fat cunt,  her perfume was like a wall of stink, it hit you, gagged you, forget shy enticement, this was  felony assault, all perfume should be outrageously exspensive, so cunts would not bathe in it, jesus, she was white trash, to your trailer cunt. Jills cold demeanor to her mom nice, setting the tone. When momsy told Jill she wanted her to come home, how sad, how pathetic, cunt couldnt grasp reality, still wasnt aware of her cowardice, her failure as a parent, rule number one, protect your flesh, get them to adultdom emotionally sound, oh this pig, looking always lost, had failed Jill in the worst way. My anger broiling, my attack nasty, ripping her top off, her tits flopping around like giant slugs, her surprise priceless, Jills look of excitement all I needed, my bitch slapping classic, backhander, forehander, her stupid pig face back and forth, blood and spit flying, my words flowing, ripping her apart, her waste of life, her hurting my pride and joy, Jills purring at that nice, the tears from piggy to be expected, trash weeped, cowered, never owned up to their failures, no, that was to fuck much to ask, this cunt would need much violence to learn her, words were hit or miss with her, violence she got, ben recepito.

    Her begging was getting old, Jill taking my underwear, wiping them on her cunt and ass, telling mom to open wide, she didnt, Jills punch to her face wild, Jill was a fighter, my sexy fighter baby, threw a fist with meaning, shoulder driven, fist rock hard, mom was stunned, legs wobbly, more tears, snots, fool. My underwear sticking out of the pigs mouth, Jills turn to lecture, explaining to her mom reality, our love, our life, her fate today, how moms eyes bugged at doggy gangbang time, haha, Jills payoff, if mom made it through the day, Jill would let her into her life, albeit in small doses. Her mom, after we remove the gag, agreeing to do whatever, see cowards always rolled over, we both voicing the hope that exdaddy was stubborn, wanted someone to fight back, mommy wasnt inclined, as she knelt at Jills feet, crying, tits shaking like jello, my boot finding her snatch, her howling, my order to get naked, how dumb she was, gettting her pants caught on her dirty sneakers, falling on her face, her fat, celluited ass displayed for us, her torn, shitstained cotton draws gross, Jills sad head shake, mom was never gonna be the bright light, always she would be a little behind, slow, dim, an average white broad, and wasnt there way to many of them around.

  Her body was drooping, her belly covering her wild forest of cunt hair, her twat lips ugly, shriveled, her tits enormous, but not beautiful, they had ugly stretch marks, nasty silver dollar dark aeroles, hairs sticking out here and there,ugly amature tattoo of an out of focus rose, the way her double chin reminded me of a turkey, Jill kicking her, screaming at her for being a cow, moms look of sadness, see, she was getting it, all that mattered was making Jill happpy, as she hugged her daughters legs, begged another chance, real tears of sadness, not selfpity, mom was understanding life without Jill, how dank that would be. We whipped her good, our energy high, her body striping nice from the bamboo canes, Jill going after her cunt, as if to punish it for dropping her into this world surrounded by the ugliness of her fake dad. Mom was doing the beg dance, Jill making her agree to divorce her hubby, turn him in for work comp fraud, oh my Jill she was a getter, got what she fuck wanted, wanted me, nice for me, wanted to destroy her exdad, we would leave him homeless,her dream, he living on the streets, our thing getting him, oh his ticket was punched, peggiore della morte.

     She was sexually excited and shocked at once, watching me and Jill make love in front of her, She was standing at the foot of our bed, our bed, hands on her head, naked body displayed, taking in our love, our reality. How passionate it was, Jills constant banter, telling mommy how good I was, mocking her, I was a man, unlike her fag. Our orgasms huge, Jills vocals for moms benefit, laying in each others arms, looking piggy over, her eyes scared, body twitching, needed someone to tell her to do something. We discussed her, as if she was elsewhere, how the fuck could she support those udders, Jilll ordering her to milk them, halfassed she did it, Jill nailed her face with one of my boots from beside the bed, sweet, cunt went down, so help me, sprang up like a cunt in the box, milking her tits like it mattered.


    Big moment, momsy eating Jills messy clam, did it with love, motherly love, Jll chiding her for never showing her any affection before, moms natural inclination to blame dickless, my cane to her ass, hard, her admission of fault, her pleas to start over, rebuild their relationship real, Jills hand running through moms hair, as she cleaned her daughters perfect cunt, me quite taken by this little drama,who wouldnt, Jill would rescue mommy, not sure how I felt about it, knew I would cover Jill either way, let her decide, only she could, she would.

  The dog show was a hoot, they were beautiful dogs, a bit exuberant, humping legs right and left, never realised dogs had such fat cocks, pink, slimey,stinky fat cocks, mommy sucked them all first, their cum plentiful, watery,spilling all over the sloppy pig. Jill teasing mom, how she was a natural, maybe bring her to Mexico for a donkey show or two, thats hot. The dogs fucked hard, energetic, their knots ripping up the cunt, their paws scratching her bloody,best part was the obvious orgasms mom had, she dug doggy cock, admitting to Jill after taking her soon to be ex all those years, these dogs were gods, started barking at Jills command, Jill giving me a tonguing, quick whisper that she wanted the dogs gone soon, Jill only had so much patience with shit, even big cocked doggy studs, besides we had the shit we needed, mom was a dog fucker, she would do our bidding, our decision to destroy hubbys life, no more sitting around on the dole, time to live under a bridge, like the troll he was,mmmm

After I made mom clean the dogs cocks, give them rim jobs, I know, but she deserved it,the doggies left quite satisfied, if they could of smoked they would of, Jills mom, sprawled on the floor, sobbing, doggy goo dripping from everywhere, her body striped nicely, scratched, broken. Jill took her mom to the shower, that she was tender with her was so rewarding to me, she wasnt some spoilt child, she knew her and her mom could never have a relationship till the abuse was evened out, oh we made that happen, now that we did, Jill would welcome mom into her life, our life. The power of Jill was a force to reckon with, she saved her moms life, I had no doubt of that, only a matter of time, hubby killed her, or some bar pick up got carried away, mom would fly straight now, knew what was important.

   She looked better, as Jill led her naked to me, mom kneeling, asking for me to forgive her, begging me to destroy hubby, oh bet your life, her slobbering on my cock nice, Jill using her hand, grasped tightly in moms hair to run her face up and down my cock, her other hand tenderly stroking my pistoning ass, we kissing, Jill telling mom do me good, she did, the cum blasting her mouth, she held my seed in her fat mouth on command. Oh geez, Jill the free spirit, watching them snowball my juice back and forth, daughter and mom, both smiling, I was along for this ride, Jill would have to decide how this played out, my only concern, hubby needed his day in court, sort to speak, Jill echoing that notion, mom asking if she could help, Jills hug, my hug, power of three. Yeah, I didnt like her mom, rather watch Jill cut her tits off, but I wasnt Jill, I had been raised by seminormal parents, her fear she would regret casting aside mom strong, I got it, her last sense of any childhood, would never stop her need to protect that, however it worked out, her fat piggy mom polishing my wood, not a bad start.

   In each others embrace, sweaty, kidding about the energy we burnt fucking, relaxed, closing out this chapter of our lives, we were leaving for Maine in the am, staying in the cheap econolodge, hotel for utilitarian. The TV boring, her words not, our talking it out, what we accomplished, what we needed to finish, our hands wandering, infatuated with each other, her squeals of joy when I tickled her, remembering her age, her innocence, her ability to see joy in shit, I tended to be a little jaded, a fuck lot jaded, she just made shit shine, determined to be happy. Everything was go, Jills mom would move to a group home for vets in Skowhegen, fortyfive minutes from where we would live. I knew the manager, a cook, still a vet, but you know, just kidding, he would have mom service the fifteen in house guys and three girls, Jill loved that bit, plus any vets showing an ID, mom would be a charity organization all by herself, happying americas warriors, this you must declare was justice served.

  Tommy was along for the ride, once his dull parents figured he was a cockaholic,yeah we sent the tape, they tossed him, like a defective toaster, thank you very much, his selfesteem trashed, Jills need to play with him strong, his need to debase himself sweet, how I loved to fuck him, the way he squirmed, his tight bottom rubbing against my stomach, his heat, oh, he was fuck meat worthy, how he worked my cock with his lips, training him to get busy with a simple phrase, succhiami l'uccello, his rimming skills the best, even Jill loved the way he cleaned her shitter, with love, with respect, took all her piss, he looked so funny, his devotion puppy doggish. Still figured Jill would get carried away, Her ability to go off on others was compelling, god forbid Tommy did wrong, Jill would rage, her body shaking, her anger right there, wooomp, Tommy was catching all her fury, she was a perfect pain machine, a shark, built to destroy, my girl, mio caro.


  Tom, our lawyer had handled the divorce, presenting Jills tape of daddy poo mowing the lawn, combined with Jills moms testimony, Jills written testimony, being allowed as daddy fag was so repulsive that Jill had a restraining order in effect, sweet, didnt want Jill near him till it mattered, our thing. Their house was in arrears, had momsy file bankruptsy, Jill not wanting to deal with her now, I sent her off to entertain the troops sort to speak, she as forgotten for now, an important, but minor player in Jills brilliant romp through life. Her fag dad was out on the street, bewildered, angry, deserted, perfect, his house auctioned off, no govermnet handout, no fuck cable.. We watched him, one day from my truck, he was with several other bums, his kind, except they were pushing him around, Jill figuring he was junior shitstain, me kidding that it would be nice to round the whole lot up and drag them to Maine for some fun and games, Jills tongue enough to know we would have our fun, it was in us now, a fever, waiting to erupt from time to time. The bums had him on the ground, stomping him, Jill rubbing herself, how sexy she looked, self confident, who didnt want their daughter confident, skirt around her waist, left leg over the steering wheel, sexy foot enticingly close to my lips, her hand plunging her juicy cunt, her yelling at daddy through the windshield, how much she was enjoying his pain, go girl, be free.

     We hoped he would still be alive when we came back in a month or so to get him, Jill unemotionally considered if it even mattered, why fuck care, she had me, hugging me, see, she wasnt spoilt, my parentalside, I needed him gone, wouldnt sleep till he was off planet earth, his sucking air interfered with my very existence, he had to go, Jills plea that we at least take him to Maine, work him good, girl had vision. We slept content, Tommy at our feet, Our excitement there, not hidable, barely containable, Jills fear at a new school, My laugh at how she would be class president by the time she was done, her  thanks, her plans, mmmm, she wanted my baby, at eighteen, didnt want to delay, kidded me, have my fun now, she would be a fat housewife soon enough, My pledge to pork her slim, keep her happy enough to want to be in shape, her devotion at my caring, I could soothe that need, Jill could move on, dare to be great, she would dazzle, stella cadente

   No feelings of regret, heading to Maine, 93 such a boring road, Jill reading a Lehane, relaxed, her hand resting on my thigh, security, her presence alone making everything rainbow happy, Cowboy Junkies haunting us with Dead Flowers,Margo Timmons is sultry defined. Tommy in the back seat, his nyloned legs spread, his junk exposed under his mini, his bra stuffed with packing shells, how Jill giggled stuffing her moms EE bra for Tommy to wear, his bruises healing, makeup covering the rest, his nose so cute all crooked from my boots, his perpetual horniness, his sexy boywood dripping, his balls bouncing, begging relieve, his five inch stick twitching, oh he was a cutey, bet Jill he would agree to letting us remove his balls in exchange for relieve, her demand, his acceptance, Jills pledge to consider this development, her own eunuch, thats heady, thats power.

    Jill having fun, making faggy stick a soda can up his pussy, she was coating him with her spit, the noise of her spitting so erotic, but thats me, he had loogies all over, I spitting into a paper cup, time to time Jill emptied it on silly, him trying to drink it, fag. How freaky he looked, his anus wide open, his cock rock hard, begging, Jill made him speak Donald Duck, he sounded cute, I told him to put his right fist up his cunt, the little homo responded, assfisting himself to beat the band, JIll egging him on, tickling his nuts, his cum explosion amazing, some sliming the windshield, he was backed up, overdue, his balls vibrating the goo out in thick ropes, he was covered in his semen, again, loved that Jill was tender with him, letting him get his nut, Tommy was being as good as he could, we both understood he wasnt in our league, he was dull, needed lots of direction. Jill still pondering a nutless Tommy, telling her the facts, he would be just a broad, would lose his edginess, advised her to pluck one ball now, the other to be held hostage, he would be ours, my fantasy, him with huge breasts, she loved it, wanted him hairless, our last name trampstamped on him, our boy. He seemed confused by our talk, like he wasnt sure he was the Tommy we so coldly discussed, his ass still gaping, his cock hard again, legs spread, good boy,.piccolo froccio.

  Stopped at the Walmart in Skowhegen, we were quite the sight marching pass the simpleton passing out smiley faces, Tommy wearing his on one of his oversized tits, Jill hers upside down on her belly, rebel girl. Her mini close to her cheeks, heels lifting her glorious gams,mmmm, tits obvious under her silky pull over, Tommy looking trampy, his mini askew, covered in cum and spit stains, his Tshirt, with the obscene phrase, GOT BOY?, on it, sperm in his hair, sweet, felt like the luckiest guy in the world, life at a hundred miles an hour. The looks were priceless, Jill teasing the fellas, Tommy boy discreetly showing his goods to the ladies, give em something to ponder. Me, I was just looking for those everyday low prices, smiley face my ass, its easy to have low prices when the shit was shit, the workers sheep, telling JIll, when she was done showing her melons to a couple of semiretarded stockboys, that we could keep ourselves busy with all these clowns, her wondering if we could buy some of the  help, witty, girl was witty.

  Jill buying Tommy makeup, the sales girl looking sexually confused, like she knew it was evil, but how hot Jill and Tommy were, Jill stroking salescunt, her shiver, knew Jill could fuck her right on the floor if she desired, Tommy frantic with the need for abuse, Jill saying something to her, the girls quick slap to his junk, his stumbling, sissy moan, Jills laugh, salescunts sigh, that was cool. In the produce aisle didnt we have fun, Jill and Tommy teasing each other, who could take what, the ease that Jill discreetly inserted the cuke up her snatch, just as smoothly putting it back in the bin, someone was going to get lucky, Tommys need to be a pig strong, he had a summer squash six inches up his sexy bum, Jill ordering him to leave it, how silly he walked, Jill teasing him, mmmm, my girls.The cart loaded with food, we were gone, our own parade, no need to pretend we werent different, driving through beat downtown, all the lost souls, young fuckers, no future,dressed goth,mmmm, goth boys and emo girls, like wheeling your cart down the dessert aisle. Jill wanting violence, Tommy cock and pussy, me it all, seeing a particulary tiny waif, her tough girl dress, leather jacket, black jeans, engineer boots, mmm, Jill promising me that cunt on a platter, making Tommy study her, we wouldnt forget her, when the little hottie flipped us off, Jill loved it, saying she would remove that finger, Tommy sighing, madly in love with his mistress, who was  to blame him, her magic was powerful stuff.

   The dirt road to the lake was five miles, so secluded, Jill teasing Tommy, she was going to feed him to the bears, his fear real, Jill was a mean girl, in the best way, her kiss for me, just because she says, mmmm, pulling down the hidden driveway, the trailer away from the house, the sound of hammering music to my ears, wanted the house done, our lives begun. Jill understood faggy  was to be kept at bay, didnt want to draw attention, nice fantasy to feed him to the workers, but business is business, Jill was wise enough to grasp that, besides her focus was the homeless creep who used to be her dad, she was hot for daddy, bloodlust, pointing out trees we could hang him from, loved her ability to motivate herself, she would give the fag her all, not that he deserved it, my kidding that Tommy was going to get in on daddy, Jill wanting Tommy to fuck her dad, not me, her exclamation cool, not wanting my cock anywhere near one so filthy,mmm.

  The contractor, short on work, was done that week, the place perfect, our punchlist tour awesome, Jill like a kid, she was a kid, loving our bedroom, the view of the lake commanding, the pine floors shiney alive, Jill joking that we could hang fuckers from the massive exposed center beam, girl was always thinking, it would be cool, we could see the hangee from our loft,they would be twentyfive feet off the first floor, the hardwood first floor. Jill sweetly hanging the painted tile I bought her on Cape, outside our bedroom, our home, sealed with a lovers kiss. Had to love the way the tradesmen all tried to pretend they werent oggling Jill, she being naughty bad, giving them glimpses, hints of her many attributes, playful Jill. When they left, we finally relaxed, Tommy in the kitchen stocking the fridge, playing maid, his fantasy, his reality, Jill sorting our clothes, I scheduling the furniture arrival in the morn, after that we would be settled, felt like we were almost there, Jill hugging me, telling of her happiness, what else was needed, Tommy, looking so faggy hot, serving us fresh squeezed lemonade, what a life.

   Jills Fire

   Chap 6


     This story contains every bad code available, snuff, gay, underage, torture, you name it, I write it, be warned

   To sleep in our bed, our house, showed Jill where her name was on the deed, how she loved it, calling me hubby,mmm, we were locked in each others arms, my cock in her pussy, our favorite quiet time position, talking out our next steps, the need to get the green house going, besides veggies we would plant marijuana, a cash crop if ever there be one, speed up Jills firearms training, hunting season just around the corner, needed to go buy a small boat, a canoe, and kayaks, that no power motors, only electric allowed, kept the lake quiet even in summer, nice. Well, the talk was bound to turn to our thing, deciding to do her daddy labor day weekend, a preschool gift to Jill, would make it a real party, both of us throwing out pain scenerios, rapid fire, our giggles easy, daddy was going to get it good and bad. Tommys cute asking if he could sleep at our feet, of course, after he ate our asses, Jill giving him a juicy fart, my gassy girl, his bonus, he came, no touching, just from inhaling her ass gas, that fag was addicted to my girl.

  Funny how easily we all figured it out, Tommy taking to being a fulltime maid like a duck to water, he was good, did everything with elan, like as if he lived to please us, and of course he did. I wasnt stupid, knew a good deal when I saw one, to have him around would make things easier, his energy was high, he would clean morning to night, always give us his all, in return we could use him crazy, win win. Told JIll no more toilet  duty for Tommy, didnt want him ill, we would get a living toilet, one who was disposable, she dug that, shitted to death, her giggles at that phrase lovely, told her to start looking on the supermarket of kink. We would still piss Tommy, just not as much, both agreeing the little fag grew on us, his personality had changed, from a surly, bratty jock, to a sweet, happy sissy, that he still had his rock hard, muscular teen body so nice, Jill making him exercise daily, she had programmed his day, from 500am when he got up till we allowed him to sleep. She wasnt mean in this, Tommy needed structure, needed to know he mattered to us, that  he was wanted, his self esteem being rebuilt, as a slutty girl, but he would have pride, Tommy was trying to be the best teen tramp ever, even agreeing to take hormones so his tits would grow, Jill not wanting him to have fake tits, as she labeled implants, my organic girl

  Took Jill to visit her mom at the vet home, what a hoot, mom was in the middle of a major gangbang, right in the living room, eight guys using her hard, two dyke vets brutalising her funbags, she looked beat, used, but her smile was bright, Jills laugh that the pig loved it, the group director telling us how she wore everyone out, had guys from the local WWII home dropping in by the bus load, the VA getting hit with quite a run on Viagra, might have to call out the local boy scouts to keep her satisfied, Jill dug that picture. The guys whooping it up when Jill stood over her mom, pissed her good,how regal she looked, every persons eyes locked on her beautiful vagina, then going into a furious stomp down, almost a dance her energy so joyful, leaving porky sobbing, cowering, splooge soaked, perfect. Jill never addressed mom, telling me she had a ways to go, besides, daddy fag needed to go before Jill could take mom back, we both knew this was a true thing.

   The workshop, every guys place, so relaxing, the smell of fresh turned wood, sound of power tools, what they represented, my own creativity, Jill had her words and pictures, my canvas was wood, the feeling of a smooth length of maple in my hands, its aliveness, its grain unlike every other piece,a once living thing. The smell of wood, either you got it or not, it always calmed me, the smell being able to change my mood, thats not to be snickered at. Had almost as much fun planning my projects, to draw out a piece, figure the dimensions exact, not only so it works, that it looked right, that it worked as an object to be showcased the goal, put it all together, my baby, my art. The one place I didnt miss Jill, busy hands kept my mind focused, let Jill have her space, Tommy his, everything peachy. The idea flowing, build Jill a throne, for her to sit on when she did her business, find some fag to be her waste recycler,mmm. She rainbowed my doorway, just watching me, says she missed me,oh this girl is it. Her leading me to her studio, showing me her first work, a large drawing of us, Tommy boy included, locked in a threeway, me in Tommy, he in Jill, JIlls legs and arms pulling us all together, like  she was the sun holding us all together, our faces supremely glowing, telling her I wanted it over our bed, forever a reminder of our thing, not like others, we were all ourselves. Feeling oddly intimidated in her studio, I suppose as she would feel in my shop, solid our relationship, that we knew we needed our space, our solo arcs within our unified orbit.

  The ride to get dummy was fine, long but fine, that we dug each others words such an easing thing, made the boredom pass, her prying knowledge from me, loved to hear new music, playing Hartmans Heartbreakers on my Zune, through the radio, she was bouncing crazy, like me digging the runaway sluttiness of Betty Lou, the lyrics filthy cool, her wanting more, see, she needed to learn, like some needed to overeat, Jill craved knowledge to excess. Telling her Betty Lous body was same as her, big and bouncy, that Jill already had the sexy drawl down, aping the over the top lyrics,fuck wild.

     How she glowed when we went back to exdad, that smile, her face a carnival at night, her need for redemption, counter her abusers years of degrading her powerful, baby was on fire for revenge, her massaging a climax out of her cunt, how sexy she was, her body twitching with her unrestrained joy, Jill didnt leave anything on the table, her emotions were supercharged, bundles of raging horsepower, thank god the seat belt held her down, loved how the belt, divided her breasts, drawing you to them, as if needing to be reminded of their supremacy. We had to be stealth, not let anyone know we were in town, Tommy was back at the cabin, trusted enough to stay put, we would find daddy numb nuts tonight, grab a room somewhere cheap, grab the fag in the morning, off to Maine, party time, funeral time, ad un passo dalla morte..

   He was filthy, sitting in a doorway, vacant looking, lost, trash, sipping from a brown bag,Jills humor, how he looked like he belonged there,the flies buzzing around him seemed like they were part of him, we were going to leave, satisfied stinky was around, hell yeah, a couple of hardass drunks, went after dickweed, stole his booze,everyone hated him, his cowardice apalling, turtling immediatly, their kicks brutal,our amusement that both times we saw him on the street he was getting clocked, telling Jill we would have to take our time, make him pay, I was stunned anyone could be so pathetic, Jill egging me on, telling me take his ass and she would give me hers,mmmm, kidded her she was gonna give her ass cherry to me anyhow, her smile, sexy, my adding I was going to assrape him bloody with a baseball bat, wouldnt even let sweet Tommy do him, maybe moms doggy friends, Jills kisses wet, flipping the bird to her passed out fag exdad, left bloody and spent in the doorway, disposable subhuman, trash.

   The cookie cutter motor inn took cash, no questions, the clerk obviously demented, took one to know one,the room seemed to be furnished by Ikea, cheap and ugly like the Swedes, the TV was not new,wasnt of this century, the shower dripped, the toilet ran, the bed appeared to list, our stealth maintained, that was all. Roughing it, we stripped and dived into the last spring mattress in america, we were all over each other, Jill motivated by how close payback was, me by her glow, Jill was there, happyland, her pussy so moist, the taste strong, heady, ate her forever, working her tits with my paws, her cums small shivers of passion, her juice everywhere, like she was to much woman for one cunt,. My cock plunging through her steamy cunt, bottoming out at nine inches, her oomp, legs kicking my ass, spurring me on, building speed, the sound of my cock slopping in and out, her pleas for more, my grunts, sweat flying, her arms locked around my neck, fucking with our souls, forehead to forehead, eyes locked, nothing held back, life at one hundred miles an hour.

   Still the best of feelings, her heat next to me on waking, her presence such a comfort, hard to be down with Jilly girl to happy it all up. Her snores so sexy, the rise and fall of her breasts quite amazing, the way her mumbles seemed joyful, she was thinking good shit, left her to her rest, the shower crappy, like showering with a water can, hearing the cat next door pissing, fuck, they appeared to build the place with cardboard, his fart boistrous, pig, wondering if we could off him, then grab daddy fag, knowing the blood lust was boiling me up, needed to watch our steps, little steps were best. The weather was rainy, good, fag would be in a doorway, loving how skanky the weather cunt looked, like you just knew she had semen in her somewhere, always. The place bragged on their continental breakfast, big words for coffee and danish, no fuck thanks, the only eating going on at this dump was in bed, pussy, cock, and ass.

  Her sloppy grin, I knew its meaning, Jill was going to get creative, her whispers of love, inserting my cock in her pussy, her slowly up and down on my lap, facing me, her tits teasing my chest hair, getting teased right back, her wet kisses, getting her funky morning breath all over me, I would bathe in her bad breath, her hands trying to feel all of me at once, that this fifteen year old goddess was addicted to my scarred body, how fuck cool was that, how could I not walk through a desert of fire for my lover girl. Her cum deep, her grasp tight, words scatter gun fast, love for me, hate for the fucker we came to get, her body spastic, she would actually bounce from time to time,she was trying to pack our stuff, cute she was, rushing around, not wanting to delay her vengeance, I calmed her, showered her, dressed her, fed her powerbars, juice, got her mind on our thing, the need to be sharp, letting her wear the thigh holster, under her mini, containing the snub nose 45, her giggles, wanting to know if I want to see her weapon, my smile unavoidable, Jill was fun squared. Made her wear the brass knuckles, helped her tie her steel toed engineer boots, a gift from me, her big feet easily sliping into the mans 8, oh wouldnt she be lethal with her dancing shoes on, combined with my size 13 boots, fucker was gonna get almost two feet of steeltoed pay back.

    She was giddy, running on emotion, couldnt be avoided, kept reminding myself what the creep we were hunting for put my woman through, she deserved her wildness, her violence. He wasnt on any of the steps downtown, fuck, Jill calling out the window, here stinky, stinky, her faith strong, where could the loser go,he was homeless, she was smart, giddy but focused, awesome.. Her shout almost causing me to crash, our laughs loud, there he was shuffling down the one way street, looking lost, oh he was going to get lost good. I pulled ahead of him, parking in front of a truck, we could see him in Jills mirror, he was preoccupied with whatever, also could see no one else,mmm.

   We got out my door, I went behind the truck, Jill in front of our car, both coiled for violence. His reconizing Jill, the gutter words, calling her a tramp, a cunt,damn, my calling him from behind, his fear, always his first reaction to a man was fear, fag, fuck fag. My smile at Jills stalking behind him, fists ready, oh Jill, my love, my life, hurt him good, real good. Her right hook caught the side of his face, it exploded, blood splatter, his head rocked, hands up, surrender was not an option, my boot catching his balls, he was down, on the sidewalk gagging. trying to breath. Like a cat with a mouse, my Jill, stomping his hands, he would move them, Jill would dance on them, she was so much quicker, his hands broken, bent all directions, no more pawing Jill, asseater. He offered no resistance as I hogtied him, doubling up on the cuffs, we picked him up to load him into our trunk, Jill, ever the sexy clown, dropping her end multiple times, daddy poo was getting banged around good, he was glad to be locked in the trunk, away frrom Jills vengeance, he actually begged her, cute, no dice, Jill driving the brass knuckles into his back, telling him to think about his failings to her, she would see him soon, taking out her gun, which she knew how to use, in his mouth roughly it went, her words cold, that she was going to settle the score,slamming the trunk, my girl was quiet, shook her body, smiled, her serious one, telling me she didnt think she could restrain herself from killing him right here, that I was right, better to play with him, make him suffer, oh my JIll, she understood it, violence always begets violence..

    My fingers barely touched her lips, her cunt exploding, she got her juice on my dashboard, how fucking amazing, her horniness was off the charts, kidding her that she could plow through that whole boys camp, her moanings she needed men to satisfy her, she needed me, I did, pulled off the highway and ravaged her good, knowing her fag exdad was hearing the whole thing, including her moans of passion, loved that he was going to get his face rubbed in it, fag. Jill was sleeping in minutes after I porked her, snoring, farting, my natural girl, listening to the radio, sports radio beyond me, who wants to listen to fags screaming at each other, gabbing like fuck housewifes, yuck, watch a game, play a game, but talk not. The toll booth fag eyeing Jills sleeping body, wondering if I can toss him in the trunk with stinky, two for one, fag. Trooper eyeing me, as he passed, dare ya, double fuck dare ya. Her awakening always joyous, her smile started small, spread like a fuck wave of fun, her hand snaking in mine, her tender kiss, words of thanks, bet your fifteen year old didnt thank you ever, never mind waking from a nap. The radio playing, she doing a spot on James Brown, playing the what the fuck did James say game, the way we ran with story ideas, she would throw out a sentence, I would try to keep it flowing, then her, realising we were putting together a story, sweet, the way we knew each other was quite rare, like we were twins.

    The time passed, nice to be mentally engaged, off the highway, needing to pee, we went into the woods, her cunt so alluring as her piss sprayed out, soaking her pubes, my piss hitting her twat, her fiddling her clit, she got a quick cum,lucky girl. Sharing a beer, I would take a sip, spit it into her happy mouth, then her to me, feeding each other the beer, sappy yeah, but it was so seductive, she was so seductive, the way she dribbled the beer into my mouth, her fat, soft tongue waving at me. Her sigh of contentment at turning up the five mile dirt road leading to the lake, both of us visibly excited to be home, our home, how she loved saying those words, our home, my amazement that we accomplished all this in half a year, her laughter, the rest of the year we would have to get busy to keep up appearences, mmm. Jill called Tommy boy, told him to meet us out back, his odes of adoration to us cute, Jills need to tease him, telling him that she hoped the house was clean, didnt want to have to hurt him, swear I could hear him holding his breath through the phone, he either fucked up or did an awesome job, we shall see. Jill explaining her love for Tommy, our mutual desire to keep him with us, he grew on you.

  Pulling down the driveway, really felt like home, Jill my wife, my life, Tommy waiting on his knees, dressed like a slut, perfect, the way he lavished our boots with kisses, good Jill getting him up, her kiss suprprised him, my kiss, I tongued his hot mouth good, stunned him, our explaining our love for him.  All of us standing around the car trunk, like it was a fuck present, opening slowly, cripes, fucker crapped himself, ewwww, perfect. We tossed him on the ground, his mouth going a mile a minute, sue us, have us in jail, own my home, well, case could be made he talked me into it, my steel toed boot shattering his teeth, fucker shut the cunt up, Jill ranting at him, his daring to pretend he had any power over us, taking my hand, kissing me, kicking fag in the face, how I was her daddy and lover, he was nothing but a bad memory, told him she would make him wish he had never touched her. Oh it was so sweet to watch her redeem herself, riscatto.

  We got him up, I tied his legs to stakes in the ground, moved a wooden table in front of him, fucker got ballsy, refused to give me  his hand, Jills taunting him, he was going to get it good, he did, I used a claw hammer to smash his stupid face, more teeth out, chunk of cheek hanging, while he cried, I savagely nailed his broken paws to the table top, using eight inch spikes, his wailing silly,pointless, his pain was just beginning, as I passed Jill the pruning shears, no words needed as she slipped her silky tongue into my expectant mouth. She was never more beautiful, the way she sing song voiced him, mocking him as she methodically pruned his fingers right the fuck off, he was in shock, to fuck bad, Tommy looked a little woozy himself, I was so fucking horny, my wood out, waving like a  spastic simpleton, cutting daddys nasty clothes off his putrid body, shit everywhere, sores here and there, fag. Jills sexiness flooding me with desire, want, need, how she possessed my soul.


   Sitting crossleg, on the table, facing her sobbing fag exdad, the way she listed every fuck thing he did to her, all the nights she cried herself to sleep, wanted to kill herself, vomitting from his tongue in her mouth, wanting to hack her perfect breasts off so loathsome his touch, oh dear god,my heart was hurting bad, fuck and suck I hated this scumbag, a new level of hate, it breathed, lived, would never be doused till he was gone, and then bam, amazed I was as Tommy attacked dummy, ripping the hammer from my hands, smashing the fuckers hands, smashing, smashing, Tommys screams of hate, his need to avenge Jill, her look of love towards her slave boy, strange life, real life. Being the adult, I got them stopped, wanted stupid to live through the nght. We used my propane torch to burn his bleeding stumps closed, and didnt the kids have fun, Jill was swapping spit with Tommy as they took turns melting fags hands into awesome misshapen lumps of barbequed flesh, the smell quite enticing, the kids singing the BK lyrics, Jill calling Tommy her brother, my kids, happy well adjusted, any parents dream. Jill and Tommy violently getting dads nails,smashing his severed digits, throwing them into the lake, fish food, Jills necklace growing nice. We left the fag tied off, paws still nailed to the table, he could stand all night, stare at his gone hands, think if his abuse of Jill was fuck worth it.

   God, they wore me out, how free it all was, I sucked Jills cunt and ass, Tommys cock and ass, they did me together, their tongues everywhere, hands stroking me fine, Jill and Tommy next to each other, doggy style, their sexy bums up, I took them back and forth, Jills cunt, Tommys ass,they swapping spit, me and Tommy got our cocks up Jills pussy together, that we all came close was stunning, spending time, all of us sucking face, curling tongues, spit swapping, pretty damn spectacular night. Jill setting the boundaries, making Tommy sleep on our floor, she did give him a comfortable blanket and pillow, a belly rub, she really rubbed his belly, his sighs so fag cute, his insistance on tonguing our shitters, Tommy was a go getter, scraping my colon clean with his talented tongue. Our need to snuggle great, how she fit in my arms, belonged there, our words soft, agreement that shit stain had a full schedule tomorrow, Jills asking to remove his cock and balls, my gift to her, not only would we she castrate him, we would have his little shooter and ball bag stuffed and dried, a little, giggles at that word, memento of dummy. She slept so soundly, so secure, again, maybe we crossed a line or two, but my baby was mentally healthy, slayed her demons, emptied out the closets of all skeletons, reborn as a powerful free spirit, capable of anything, my girl, mia moglie.

  Finding Tommy in the kitchen when I got up, my tea ready, cute boy, gave him a tonguing, he purred, his cock rubbing against mine, our juices blending, all natural. We both had to laugh at stinky, all cramped up, legs spasming, he had shit himself, his turd running down his legs, sloppy bastard, wanting to kick his tiny exposed balls, neither of us wanted his shit on us, filthy fag. Christ his stumps were fried, swollen to the size of cantelopes, the flesh blistered, singed black, his finger stumps had melted together, we pissed him, standing on the table, our morning brew dousing his ugly face, his realization, he was really nailed to a table, we had to laugh at his face dropping, no hope, only pain. We used green switches to tear him up, getting our man revenge, Tommy was priceless, getting all macho, he would kill for Jill, srtiping the defenseless fags face bloody, saw her standing in the doorway, watching us, huge smile, the rising orange sun behind her, she looked from heaven, otherwordly, saintly, her breasts swaying as she calmly, regally walked to us, Tommy on his knees, at her feet, knew a goddess when he saw one. Her kiss for me, ruffling Tommys hair, she wanted more of him, wanted more release, who could deny her, she earned this, it was as close to religion as I ever would stumble, this was being born again, Jills birth as my daughter, full of joy, secure, as it was meant to be.

   Like she needed to take him apart, piece by piece, deconstruct him, his hands because he used them to paw her, next she took his ears, because he never heard her cries of anguish, Tommy helping her snip them off, then they jammed spikes into his canals, dude was deaf, Jill giggling that she would sign language him, her double bird flip off full of passion, dear old dad was close to madness, Tommy waving his severed ears in his face, kidding him that they talked his ears off, my baby boy was getting the wit thing down, Jill frenched him, her ability to spread joy sweet, Tommy almost swooning at her kiss. We smoked a bone, forced us to slow down, Jill stroking both of our cocks, all of us discussing the shape dummy was in, not good. Jill wanted him to make it through the day, she had plans, wanted her Mom to come here, Jill had to get them all together one more time, I would do anything to give her this, how close she was to freedom.

    We got dummys stumps free of the table, not easy, the spikes tearing through the burnt flesh, the noise of his skin ripping, as it pulled from the wood, so fuck erotic, some of his bloody flesh still stuck to the table top, like spilt pizza. The way Jill and Tommy  eached pruned off one of his nipples, his grimaces of anguish, snotty tears, fuck him, payment due, assbag, creepy was falling apart. We staked him on the ground naked, Jill telling him not to worry we would return soon, really get down to it, the kids played stomp the fag, they looked so sexy, their teen hot bodies moving to their own rythym, their timing perfect, sister and brother, no doubt, I trying, briefly, to get my head round that shit, just going with it, knowing I loved these two kids more that anything ever, fuck ever. I finished the stompathon, how great it felt driving my boot through his jaw, hearing it shatter, the kids cheering like I kicked the winning field goal, Jills tits bouncy crazy, Tommys shooter wildly swinging, precum splattering.

Thank god I was a shower freak, made the master shower huge, glassed three sides, plenty of pressure, lots of room, we needed it. The three of us hugging and kissing, the way they soaped me, cleaned me, running their sexy hands all over me, both vowing their love for me, their hands shivering me, my cock bobbing with promise, their mutual sucking me, sucking each others face, their tongue so sexy entwined, my babies, my lovers,my baby batter enough for both, they looked so adorable snowballing my goo back and forth, piggies.  Hitting the road, dressed normal, well you know, our normal, Jill wore spandex black shorts, showing every detail of her royal bum, her cunt outlined so sexy, tight white tank top, tits almost out, her engineer boots looking so bull dykish,mmm, Tommy loved his red and green pleated mini, seamed white thigh highs, his red four inch FMPs, his blouse off white, unbuttoned down to midchest, sexy boy, his makeup perfect, his shoulder length blond locks sexy curled, my sexy girls, I had on my tight jeans, package showing nicely, engineer boots, matched my babys, light yellow Polo, ripped body defined, Jills sighs that I was hunky,mmmm, Tommys that I was dreamy,mmmm, my declarations of pride for both of them, hunger for our growing love, desire to live this thing. We were off to see the wizard, or some fuck thing.

   They both wanted to fuck with the local losers, as we drove through Skowhegen, in good time, we were on a mission, Jill easily refocusing, though she still wanted at the cunt that flipped us off, hoping she was in her class come september, Tommy giggling that he almost wished he was going, no way, told him that he was to freaky, would shine a light on us to intense to have our thing, besides he knew the truth, most kids really hated fags, would scorn him, he was safe home, he got it, Jill got it, my mature babies. Besides, as Jill pointed out all Tommy boy needed to know was what we taught him, his sexy boy smile of love for Jill, the way his exposed cock twitched, I told him if he wanted to wear an impossibly short skirt to sit like a lady, their giggling at my dadness.

  Mommy was sleeping, naked, covered in bruises, cuts, welts, her ass completely black and blue, her tits had angry fingerprints all over, her cunt was a nasty cesspool, hair matted, dried dicksnot everywhere, mom was a pig. They made her sleep in the cellar, on the concrete floor, on a blue tarp, so we pissed her awake, her look of shock, seeing Jill, her crawling,udders swinging, ass shaking, wrapped her arms around Jills legs, got down to an extended bout of foot whorship, then she did my boots, Jill ordering her to worship Tommys sexy heels, the way she sucked each of his hot red nailed toes was hot. The kids showered her, got her into a almost see through sun dress, her tits obscene in their flopping. Told Joe, the director of the home we wouldnt be back ,mom did her time, her smile and tears poignant, see, she was redeemable, unlike her loser ex.

In the back seat with Tommy, he was having fun sucking her fat nipples, pretending to be a baby,talking silly talk, Jill filling mom in on what was expected of her, though we were both sure she was to dull to comprehend, were committed to beating it in to her, not a problem. Her shock at what her ex looked like, then her laugh, big and hostile, she was babbling at him, Jill pointing out his deafness, inviting mom to join her in stomping the fag. Me and Tommy stroking each other, swapping tongue juice, how erotic, Jill and her mom,  going cartoon violent, Jill jumping on the losers chest, repeatedly, her boot threads tattooed on the fucker, while mom worked his head, her pointed shoes drawing blood, his screams for mercy comical, Tommy overcome with lust, licking my body, his hands all over me, begging me to take him, time to bond with junior. How easily I slipped up him, his sighs of love, pleasure, his ass pushing back at me, how nice my fingers felt grazing his tight , warm teen flesh, my boy. Of course Jills mom had to fuck up, making a disparaging comment about Tommys need for cock, hoo boy, Jill was pissed. She beat her mom up, really, punched her out, had her down, straddled her chest, fists as pistons, screaming at her, never to talk down to her betters. My Jill made mommsy clean my shitted cock, eat Tommys devine rectum, sucking out my load, then, because this is Jill, Queen of revenge, she had us tie her mom spread eagle on top of her fag dad, facing each other, told her mom, one hour to think about it, we went for a swim in the lake,spensierato.

   The three of us, me in the middle, naked sitting in the cool, clear water, only our heads exposed, how easily we fit, my shock at the real love I had for Tommy, Jill loving it, telling me it was what made me so adorable, aww chucks, the abilty to adapt, her professions of love, all of us sounding sappy, lots of laughs, my arms surrounded each of them, our family, not yours, dont fuck forget that, ever. How unsexual this was, really, we were Dad and his kids,crazy, but true. We talked everything, ignored the losers, Tommy seemed to be getting brighter, Jills complimenting him, thought the boy would swoon, his explanation, he could be smart now, didnt have to be another cookie cutter jock, thanking us for rescuing him, how he was happy for the first time in his life, how much his parrents programmed him, what sport to play, what girl to date, Jills anger, my laughing, they looked confused, my guessing that Tommys parents were on the menu, they both exploded out of the water, hands raised, cheering like kids, again, that zeal, that easy joy was intoxicating, watching Tommys perfect boy butt bouce out of the water, his look of pure happiness not to be forgotten, the way Jills hair whipped water in an arc, her breasts so erotic, rising and falling wild, nipples rock hard, her face glowing with lust, wanted to free Tommy, give his abusive fag parents  what they had coming,mmmm, cio' cne uno si merita.


   Had to be Jills call, decided to free mom, first unloading verbally on the cow, reducing her to sobs, Jill making mom stare into dads eyes, see her fate if she didnt fly straight, reinforcing that she was bottom of the barrel, would obey every word of Tommy or anyone else, mom begged nice, Jill making her shake her fat ass, while we pissed her and her ex, just to show her the errors of her ways. Jill the saint, taking mom to the shower, me and Tommy getting fag up, leading him to the the picnic table, still covered in his spilt blood, knowing more was coming highly erotic. On his back, arms tied tightly behind his head to the table legs, legs tied spread eagle, pointed towards the sky, ropes secured on nearby trees, we tied ropes around his midsection, joking that he was gonna be hopping with pain soon, Tommys obvious glee, spitting in faggys sad face. We had him wide open, his tiny cock and balls begging abuse, his ass practically screaming for something to be rammed home. Jills laugh, moms sigh, they dug it, looked like a happy mom and daughter, so thrilled for Jill, still betting mom pissed Jill off enough for our thing, I mean I wasnt figuring I would need to get the cow a christmas present.

   Let her create, wanting all of us to enjoy his demise, nice to hear her say those words all casual, like he was fondue. She gave us each an ice pick, her sly grin, she lifted them from Walmart, the other day, my rebel girl, This was fun, jabbing him all over, slow, painful, we taunted him, spit his face sloppy, his body seeming to have a case of the bleeding measles, his screams music to us, carrying us along. Jill looking in her soon to be dead exdads eyes, her firm voice, she was taking his eyes because he leered at her, made her feel sullied, dirty, cheap, never should such a dirty coward gaze at her. Even by my violent standards, she was brutal, her and her brother, she called him  that, his boner dripped, Tommy was gaga, used a pick each to fold his lid back, sweet, then they stuck their other picks though his pupil, damn, they both angled the picks, his eyeballs on his cheeks, trying to see, lights out, the kids ripping the orbs off the stretched  nerves, squishing them in their fists, stuffing them down his comically wide open scream hole. Mom looked dazed,jumpy, knew she would never fit in, our thing for her.

  His tongue was next for all the hurtful things he said to Jill, her repeating some of his chestnuts, me and Tommy driving our fists into his exposed ribs, I love the sound of breaking ribs, reminds me of a song. She made mom lance dads lips, top and bottom, pry his ugly yap open, Jill spearing his tongue with a pick, expertly pruning his bullying tongue,my garden girl, no longer able to hurt our princesss ears, Jills satisfaction, his sense all gone, my witty girl, oh my, Tommys attacking stupids nose with the hammer, screaming that stinky could still smell his mistresss fragrance, he said fragrance, my little faggy boy, Jills delight, how she adored her brother, his devotion to her, she needed to be surrounded by this love, never mentioned, but me and Tommy knew who this was about, who was the special one. Well he looked done, his face so hideous, Tommy and Jill pissing into his vacant eye sockets, come on, havent you ever wanted to do that, the pompous boss at the office maybe,mmm, freedom thy name is violence.

    Jills excitement, making mommy stroke dad hard, swear he was four inches tops, sad sack, her big laugh, no wonder her mom was a bar skank. That she wanted me to share this with her, her explaining that I was responsible for all this, her kissing my boots, Tommy diving beside her, gently pulling them to their feet, their excited faces so hot, kisses for both, moms look of mild disgust enough, Jill clocked her, real anger, then her magic, the smile spreading, giggling, her words soft, that she had tried, her mom wasnt gonna cut it, she needed to talk it out with me later, sad that mom was so lame, JIll was right, the cow was going to drag us down. What the fuck, she spent her whole life rolling the gutter, a nasty slut, not even smart enough to get paid for it, and she wanted to pass moral judgement over us, no, fuck no, that would not happen.

  My turn to beg, Jills amusement, her eyes sparkling at my request, hang mommy by her fat tits, the cow sobbing, begging, Tommy drove his sexy heel into her lard belly, ordering her to shut up, she did, mmmm, sexy Tommy, his manrod throbbing, longer and fatter than dads, haha. We got her tits wrapped in the coarse rope, fifteen times around each boob, so tight they were already purpling, swelling nicely, her hands cuffed behind her back. The other ends of the ropes we tied to a winch I hung fifteen feet off the ground, her eyes pleading, sobbing, Jill and Tommy bitch slapping her, spitting in her pig face, they stomped her feet, made her dance, her boobs looking awesome all tied up, fat poking between the coils. Jill did the honors, mom hanging three feet off the ground by her comically stretched funbags, her howls of pain, Tommy grabbing her forest of cunt hair, swinging her, my silly boy.

  We left big mama tit hanging, speaking in tongues, got back to the main course, daddy was being neglected. Tommys time to surprise, giving Jill a two foot branch, three inches round, but heres the thing, the sexy thing, he had driven four inch nails through it, all over there were one inch metal points sticking out, we all got it, Jill and I frenching Tommy till he was giddy, Jill rammed the pain dildo up her abusers ass, at least a foot, quickly yanking it out, needing Toms help, the way stupids body spasmed, the bloody piss dribbling from his tiny cock, the way the nails had ripped his spincter, his ass flapping , blood flowing, the kids giving him an energetic fucking, blood soaking them, smearing it on each other,mmmm, my creative kids. Warning Jill if she wanted his junk get them now, fucker was not long for dirtville, his breathing labored, uneven, seen that deal, a bud bleeding out in the sand, nonstoppable.

   Tommy stroked the fag hard, wearing a rubber glove, no one wanted to touch this dirtbag, my gloved hand spread his sack out, directing Jill where to cut with the scapel,his balls exposed, the kids fascinated, face it they werent getting this kind of anatomy class at school. Tommy stroked fag to his last cum, Jill digging how his tiny balls bounced with excitement, her laughter at his weak nature. We all took turns sawing his cock and balls off, blood flying, we looked like devils, red tinged lunatics, our smiles unending as he got off planet earth, his death gurgle cute, bye bye loser. Jills instant need to be away from it all, her sadness, got her showered, in bed, a strong sleeping aid, she needed mental rest. Me and Tommy got the stiff chopped up, using axes, Tommy looking so sexy, his rippling muscles putting everthing into the strokes, clean chops, dad was gone to pieces, Tommy chopping his ugly mug in half, his weak brain exposed, old two face, we burnt him in the firepit, the smell enticing, telling my son  faggy was to dirty to eat, we both grinning, teasing mom, still udderly hanging around, inspecting her like she was a hanging slab of meat, she was, wouldnt she be tasty, her begs, her promises, whatever.

  We did cut her down, released her boobs, sweet, they were a mess, our fucking was hard, violent, abusing her tits more, punching her whenever we felt like it, mom was on the pain train, missed her exit, oh well had her chance,nonrefundable. Left her sprawled on the ground,pig. Tommys shy attempt to convey his love of working with wood, how his parents disallowed it, shop class was for dummies, assholes. Finding that we worked well together, showed him a trick, he got it, was confident with his hands, nice to spend this time, father son time, his pleasant personality making it work, thank Jill for having the power to rewire this boy, make him ours. We worked hot together, cutting pieces, busy, then quick tonguing, groping, his sweaty teen skin on fire, his hands so sweet on my body, burst of passion, cocks rubbing each other, then we worked, strange, exciting, joyous,all.

   Jill was still down when she awoke, knew what I needed to do, be the parent. Told them mom was going to a friends house, knew a vet who lived alone twenty miles over, he would take good care of the pig, or not, wanted Jill focused on school two days away, the need for her to blend in, not draw to much attention, important. My surprise happying her, we would drive to Portland, visit The Maine School Of Art, see about Jill taking a saturday class or two, see I could cheer her up, she could be cheered, wouldnt surrender to the blues, the offed daddy blues. Our hunger was immense, Jill helping Tommy cook the mac cheese, from scratch, my kids, mmmm, their constant gabbing, laughing, teasing, happy home we have, their naked bodies so sensual in their confidence, how they glowed, Jill was back, buried her past,haha, at least the worst of it, mom needed resolution, in good time,

   Mom didnt protest her being dumped, knew what we were capable of, Tommy and Jill in back with her on the ride, really abusing her, girls could be mean, Tommy was dressed, madeup so perfect, he was a girl, except his healthy fat cock. They were trying to see how far they could stretch the dolts cunt lips, mom was excited and petrified at once, making throaty grunts and moans, her nipples hard, the kids going at them, titty twisters, digging their nails into them, moms howls, Jills punch to her head, love my girl, knockout queen, the pig was out, Tommy declaring Jill Queen of the world,mmmm.

  His place was a dump, had every car he ever owned, all on cinder blocks, there was a bathtub in the front yard, rusted lawn mower surrounded by three foot tall grass and weeds, like that was the spot he just quit caring one day, the cabin was beat, could see through cracks in the rotted side, windows looked like cardboard they were so dirty. He was in his sixties, lifer, fought in every shit since Nam, a warriors warrior, big, muscled, mean, loner, dug in. We made mom crawl to him, the kids kicking her ass nicely, she slobbered on his filthy boots, his laugh gentle, he thought she was a keeper, but could she cook, Jill saying with the right coaxing she could do anything, ordering mom to roll over onto her back, put her legs up and insert her fist into her fat cunt, while barking, mom did it, we laughed, my pal was delighted at her submissineness. When his two dogs, large retrievers showed barking, well, they knew where the bitch was, trying to mount her, her cries of help, Jill kickng her head, Tommy her exposed twat, it stabled her. Mom took it, her dogging, my friend getting in on it, his cock a little bigger than Tommys, Jill cheering her bro, he would still grow, mmm, big cock Tommy, she called him, how adorable he was when he blushed, giggling like a shy school girl.We left them, Jill saying she would check on mom in a month, they were lost in their rutting, the dogs gettting off on the bitch, she was moaning, begging for cock, later piggy.

   Portland was nice,old enough to have a history,but rehabbed nice, not a collection of chain sameness, lots of unique shops, lots of pretentous shit, sure, but enough nice, small galleries, booksellers, and antique shops to keep me happy. The Holiday Inn average, seventh floor view nice, would present a glorious sunrise over the Atlantic,our room big enough, sharing the king bed not a problem, Jill wanting Tommy sleeping in a bed, no more floor for baby boy, he had graduated, we gave him a wild, heavy ass whooping to celebrate, he came without  touching, our hard blows drivng him to release, our after kisses making him purr, he was of us, no doubt. Had to seperate the kids, one on each side of me, their giggling, grabassing disturbing my sleep, the heavy weight of parenthood.

     We ate breakfast room service, told Tommy he would have to play boy, his sulking, Jills look, swear he jumped, looked hunky, boy jeans, tight black T, his chest to die for, glad he hadnt started hormones, his arms muscled sexy, Jill goosing his sexy bum, telling him he was hot, his blushing, my confusion, whatever. I left them at the Maine COA, Jill had my credit card, could sign up for a class if she wanted, same for Tommy, what the fuck. I was off, booksellers, antiques, art galleries, oh my, settling on The Green Hand, sweet independant seller, lots of choices, heavy on history, sweet, I could live in a book store, the smell, the silence, the possibilities endless, surrounded by a million stories.

   We met at the College, both excited, Jill in a water color class, Tommy basic woodcraft, my cost less than expected, what the fuck was with the cost of text books, did the mob control text books, told the kids we should just steal some fags, kidding. The lunch at Dimillos awesome, an old car ferry, tied pierside, perfect for Maine,  lobster rolls, too big to fit in your mouth, salty air, our talk easy, light, how good natured my darlings, Jill wanting to know if they could visit the Potland Museum of Art, couldnt say no, besides  I never visited a quality museum and not felt better for it.  That they had a Winslow Homer exhibition, I wanted Jill to see his work, stunning, his Artist Sketching In White Mountains jumping at her, her fear of oil, no room for error, knew she would master it, proud that she didnt pretend to know it all. It was a great way to spend the day, the walk to the hotel slow, stopping everywhere,sharing our soft serves, my babies teasing me, lusty licks, sexy tongues, their happiness at being together, loved them both for it, the most well adjusted family in america.

  We were tired, all sprawled on the bed, naked, watching Sponge Bob, they thought it was funny, I missed it, seemed vague, lots of noise, no sense, it was no Bugs Bunny/ Road Runner Hour, but thats me. It had to happen, we were all to sexual by nature, starting as a pillow fight, soon me and Tommy were working Jill good, mouth and pussy, her squeals, our grunts, hard sex, our sex, we roughed her tits up, her first cum quick and explosive, we marveling at how she tensed, released, riding her waves of pleasure, Tommys look of happiness, Jill was happy, baby boy was happy, good boy, again, about Jill, always. She came with us, me spraying her face, Tommy her cunt, he ate her slimed twat, I licked her painted face, snowballing with her, Tommy joining in, pretty sloppy, a threeway snowball party. All of us comfortable, entwined on the bed, talking, tickling, kisses, here and there, didnt want this to ever change, knew it would, to perfect to last, not really bummed, just aware

   They looked stunning, Jill in her orange cocktail dress, her makeup dead on, you had to stare, her breasts so alluring, the way their beefy, exposed tops jiggled just right, so enticing, her legs so perfect, leading to her sexy feet, she wore open toed shoes whenever possible, knowing of my fondness for her big, sexy feet. Tommy was handsome, that was the word for him, his navy blue sports jacket making him serious, his obvious ripped body steamy, his blue eyes, blonde free flowing hair sexy, me and Jill loving the way he could morph, sexy little slutty girl, hot handsome studly macho boy, Jill setting it straight, as long as Tommy remembered his role, Jill was big on roles, Me, Her, Tommy, every fuck body else, as it should be, per sempre.

  We looked good together, the elderly lady telling me I must be proud of my beautiful children, my ability to not laugh, Jill deviously studying her nails, I got it, Tommy making a big show of escorting the lady out of the lift, Jill and I supressing our giggles, this is the way to go through life, just floating, never bogged down, we just made shit happen, our shit. Walking the streets, appearing normal, giggling about  which nearby person we wanted to our thing, How powerful we were, super humans, we were different. Tommy held the door for us as we entered Cinque Terre, an Italian restaurant, named after five ancient fishing villages, all with in walking distance of each other, now called Liguria, located on the Italian Riveria. It was worth it, the way the kids loved the whole formality of fine dining, Tommy beating the fag waiter to sliding the princesses chair in, my boy. They looked so nice, so alive, as they asked about the menu, me ordering the appetizers, cozze, roasted mussels in garlic and pancetta, and Ostriche, raw oysters with a pomegranate mignonette. Jill telling Tommy we would be able to fuck all night on oysters, his truth, we would anyway.The kids confused by the whole wine thing, a bit overdone yes, the sommelier stuffy as all get out, Jill using her tit flesh to try to distract him, but the few times I dined in such places, the novelty fresh, the 2006 Jermann pinot grigio smooth,letting the kids have a half glass each, their sipping so politely, they were any parents dream kids.

   The kids played it safe for dinner, penne in a simple marinara, I had to try the Anatra, roasted duck leg, with a duck liver mousse crostini, superb, points for style, creative, tastes worked, struck again, by the way we all interacted, truely like we were always together, Tommys earnest wish that he could be with us forever, my promise that he could always live with us, was really my son, Jills brother. She assured him that he was loved, her kindness large, reminding him that she would also rip his balls off for cause, giggled him, his goodnaturedness so attractive, Tommy didnt pout to us, he only wanted to please us, had that level of commitment, a full time thing it was. Jill liked the duck, the strong flavor, Tommy, the hippie boy, couldnt eat a beautiful duck. Chiding him on being so superficial, he ate bacon, a pig died for it, pigs were fuck smarter than ducks in my book, but they didnt pass the Tommymeter, off with their heads, Jills delight in my calling him, His return serve, he was what he ate, a piggy, discreetly waving his sexy boy tongue at us, our baby boy.

    The kids loved their pasticcino di noci, an almond cake topped with mascarpone, pineapples, and rum, me sipping my grappa, the kids gagging on the strength of the wine, telling them it was to be sipped, nursed, the power of grappa strong. Jill and Tommy trying to distract the waiter, cutey boy, all serious in his formal wear, he was fag all the way, Jills good natured aw chucks, Tommys tormenting the pining butt boy, I mean this kid looked like he would eat Tommys anus right here, drop of a hat, almost told them to take into a bathroom stall, some fag place. On the waterfront, something about an ocean breeze, the salt air enlivens, body refreshed, mind opened, we sitting on a bench, relaxed, happy, our words positive, how we could improve our little world, Jill wanting us to get a real slave, someone we didnt like, giggling that her brother was to sexy to beat on, at least all the time. Tommy wanting me and him to work in my shop, his need to learn from me, his need to have me become his dad on some level, my reassurances, my plan, me and him would get busy, try to finish plenty of pieces for christmas sale, we would be with each other all day while Jill was learning, Tommy was about as happy as allowed by law, again, it was simple, he needed security, give it to him, real loving security, and he would devote himself to you,mmmm.

Our fucking easy, me and Tom getting Jill off with our mouths, her pussy sore, her soft moans of pleasure, her hands ruffling her mens hair, Tommy and I swapping her juice back and forth, her cum sweet, small but satisfying her report. Me and Tommy basted her tits in our cream, licking up the mess, how perfect her breasts, her skin so smooth, taut, my face on fire just touching those glorious mounds, Tommys lopsided grin, his happiness major. We slept like logs, falling asleep in each others arms, my kids and me, our island, our love.

  The sunrise stunning from the balcony, the fattie relaxing my mind, letting me wander, figure shit out. Real sense of us making this thing work, me and Tommy could work together, Jill would help when she was home, that was the major thing, could we all coexist, no friction, as I heard Jill snoring, Tommys little moans, his habit endearing, like he perpetually thought sexy, even dreamed in sex, knew we not only belonged together, were destined for it, how special we were. He was on his knees, his hot mouth swallowing my cock, his need great, my love for him deep, Jills laugh, calling Tommy a cockhog, she was beside him,  both polishing my wood, paying respects to daddy, they looked so hot, Tommys over ther top teen studliness, Jills all woman body radiating heat. I came heavy, their easy swapping it, kisses for me, the way they fucked on the bed so erotic, Tommy was a natural cocksman, playing Jills body like an instrument, her hunger at eating his cock, she gave him a sloppy assrimming, his moans loud, my cock hard again, my smile lunatical, Tommy riding Jill, her arms and legs holding him firm, their lovemaking so sensual, their bodies prime, they came as one, brother and sister, Jill screaming that Tommy was a man powerful, I joined them for an after fuck carrassing session, all of us softly rubbing each other, everyone happy, awake, this is family life at its best

   The kids wanted to abuse the room service fag, he was a good looking boy,mmmm, he could serve, realising how energietic my kids got with fresh meat, had to veto the work the cutey waiter deal, the piles of food calming my babies, fucking Sponge Bob again, fuck what, though Sqidward bore an uncanny resemblence to Jills late dad, she was all giggles at that, her tongue in my mouth,Tommy begging some, Jill spitting in his sexy face, telling him when he said something clever,his smile, licking her spit up,giggling he got her spit, I only her tongue, my boy, sharp boy, got some Jill tonguing, she was so fair in the exercise of the power she had over Tommy, she abused him, used him, but with rhyme and reason, they went through seasons, Jill and brother, Jill and lover, Jill and punching bag,Jill and best girlfriend, though he was always submissive to her, even when he fucked her, and Tommy was quite the teen cocksman, he was always looking to Jill, like she was his sun, for guidance, and isnt that the core of every dom/sub deal, one leads, one follows, my babies would work it out,

   She got the jitters, again she was fifteen, been through alot, what if the kids ganged up on her, me and Tommys grins of lunacy, she got it, we would chainsaw the lunch room for our Jill, my seriousness, our need to be invisable, wanted to get settled, feel out the few neighbors, the not so local cop, he lived twenty miles away, wasnt inclined to come up to the lake unless summer, good. Jill was still twitchy, so we gave her a full body massage, candles romantically flickering, coconut incense burning sweetly, Barry White crooning softly, our fingers rubbing the Lubiderm, it actually works wonders on skin kiddies, into her tender, soft, heated flesh. How she moaned, professed her undying love for us, me and Tommy swapping tongues, both of us joyous at happying her, her snores so soft, her smile so relaxed, we left her to her dreams, our girl, our everything. We fucked in the shower, me and my boy, his legs around my waist, facing me, mouths locked, my cock balls deep up his perfect boy cunt, his hard body so different than Jills, his kisses different, never as good as Jills, but no ones were, but I did love him, it happened fast, my acceptance of him, us, never was much on man to man, unless it was violent rape, but I did feel comfortable alone, sexual engaged with this amazing boy. Our cums nice, he sprayed my stomach, me his fiery colon, that I almost buckled, kid was 165 lbs, our giggles, hugs, admissions of love.

   Well the bus came for Jill as promised, heavy hearts all, had to be done, she would call at some point. We fished, me and Tommy, he got it, had the paitence, loved to talk, his sexy ass on display, jesus, he was perfect, could have any girl or boy, good for him. That we were this close weird, but felt right, letting him shoot the shotgun, amusing, he fell down, hitting a tree branch over head, he got it though, more important, had the look, wasnt thinking of shooting a tree, he wanted human targets, Tommy had our fever,mmm. Jills call relieving, she dug it, kids were slower than her, already had several girls following her around, our Queen, the boys dull, some hunky, but brain jarring dumb, she could describe, her love yous to both of us,, her men she called us, Tommy swooning. He could work, had energy, we managed much more shit than I imagined and still had fun, shooting guns, we took the ATVs out for a spin up an old logging road, his joy at the power, showed him the nearby waterfalls, only eight feet, but on our property, his tears, what, that I called it our property made him cry with joy, teens were a bit emotional, but come on. His cocksucking exuberant, he wanted me to cum, I did, he greedily gulped my load, smacked his lips, told me he loved me, and last one to our house was a fag, fucker was gone, my smile, my contentness to be the fag fine and dandy, as I slowly rode home, pondering the complexities of life, a year ago I was a completely different person, how total the transformation, how freeing, lesson learned, live your life, not what others decide is your life..

Jills Fire

Chapter 7

by roccodadom44

  this story contains every bad code available, snuff, gay, underage, torture, I write it all, be warned

  As I suspected Jill was way to smart for Maine, told her to stay cool, two more years she could go to college, or not, her choice. She loved her Saturday classes at the College of Art in Portland, the trip long, but worth it, Tommy taking a class also, while I roamed the streets of Portland, finding some neat places, the galleries varied, enough old buildings to suit my need for some historic perspective. Loved to be at the oceans edge, but the fuck people, just to much, always relaxed when we started that drive home, our solitude, our life, still wowed me, the closeness of us, how tight Jill and Tommy had become, she still ruled that roost, always. When Tommy was acting straight,dressed hip teen boy,they were an impressive couple, gorgeous, Queen and Prince, their closeness, how tender they could be to each other, their over the top need to protect the other so satisfying to me.

    Jill was acing  school, wanted her to become the valedictorian in two years when she graduated, would allow her to chart her own course, also give a one for the ages commencement speech, her giggles, she could describe how we became a family, Tommy begging to be included, Jills patronizing him, he was her brother, of course he was in her family, he weeped, little fag, but we got his need, told him we all had it, why we were together, not by accident, destiny was on our side. The kids wanted violence, my babies, aint they grand, knew where the fun was, my slowing them,going into my when I was in the military drone, they did understand though. See, the military is huge, shit happens,but we on the line all had tight deals, a fucking ballet aint better choreographed than we going into a fight, everyone got their shit prime, it fuck mattered. This was no different, life and death, their kisses for me, promises to be good, my kids, we stopped in Skowhegan bought them cones at Giffords, played mini golf, the kids didnt brain anyone, thats always nice.

  To be home, so special, we agreed, this was our first home, the first real family we ever had, thats bonding, we fucked insane, for hours we were after each other, me and Jill tagteamed Tommy, Jill looking so hot with the eight inch strap on swinging from her crotch, the kids, gave me a full body massage, much wet tonguing, they getting giddy, I was covered in their juicy saliva, giving each of them over the knee bare bottom spankings steamy, we knew how to express our love, no holding back, eyes wide open, we fucked like it mattered.

   Jill spent much time in her studio, her world, me and Tommy  in awe of her talent, her sketches of the lake stunning, but I was drawn to the sketch of Tommy and I working in our shop, it was perfect, wanted it for our company logo. Having dived right into being a woodworker, Tommys boundless joy and energy pushing me to crazy productivity, his ability was art, mine was rote, I could do stuff cause I learned how, Tommy, like Jill with her art, he just knew, it came to him, I had the best kids, no doubt.

Me and Tommy had finished fifteen chess sets, eight cedar wood hope chests, and sixteen sets of bedboards, all of them bearing ornately carved devils,called our company Imp Wood, the chess pieces angels vs devils, a little something different. We made friends with the folks who ran the general store/ fuel stop at the end of the five mile dirt road, they agreed to put our things in their store, they would get a cut of everything sold, much winter traffic, heading to nearby Sugarloaf win win. Jill built our web site, it was awesome, she even had tshirts and hats printed, sold them, my money girl.

But our masterpiece was the throne we made for Jill, her own personal crapper. It was oversized, solid oak, Queen Jill carved on the high back, the letters olde english, the toilet seat was covered with deer skin, the bowl contained an oversized funnel tapering to a two inch pipe, it would go into some fags mouth, he would be secured underneath, 45 degree angle, so he could swallow all of her waste, the sides plexiglass,see the fag suffer. She loved it, we were still having trouble getting a full time toilet bowl, all the clowns who responded to our ad, backing off when they realized we really were seeking some one to surrender their body to us, cowards, posers, fags.


  Took the kids camping Columbus weekend, deep into the woods, away from the weekend warriors,  fucking city hunters blasting everything in sight in a drunken haze. We were deep in country, near a small, clear, springfed pond, settled in, tent winterized, as nights were all ready nearing the thirties, got to love Northern Maine. Got all daddy, the kids getting firewood, lots, kindling, kept dry under our ATVs. Just in case, good to have wood,haha. She could shoot, Jill had that touch, once she learned a gun, her eye was deadly, Tommy was a plugger, he shot at the center of a target, hoped for the best. Jill got her first deer, she was lethal, one bullet, through the brain, my girl, my sexy asassin. We all got lucky the first day, I ot a mangy fox, but its fur was thick, having just grown for the nearing cold, Tommy bagged a turkey, Jills teasing him, but he was happy, I praised him good, my hunger for a roasted turkey sweet. While Tommy prepped the bird, he was good, I showed Jill how to skin the animals, we only took a little venison, the bird, looking so plump, all plucked, and the skins of the fox and deer, which back at our camp I showed Jill how to string out between trees, scrape the remaining flesh off the hide with a knife, getting it ready to be dried and cured. Again, you may not dig our lifestyle, but I was teaching my kids to feed themselves,clothe themselves, survive,bet your kids would starve in the wilderness

The pond was still warm, the water feeling so sweet, just sitting at the edge, watching the kids race each other, Tommy was amazing, Jill agreeing he was part fish, his joy at beating her, Jills snicker, she would beat him senseless if he irked her, my baby girl, ring master of this circus. Their bodies so alive, their ease with nudity, happy, sweet kids. The fire lulled us, the temperture dropping,  we were all close together, all touching, I told them some old scary camp out stories, there ability to get into it endearing, my children, wide eyed, clinging to each other, the Fall wind howling, branches chattering.. We all slept together, much fucking, JIlls ability to please us easy, she loved us, as she explained, made her want to always please us, our grins large, she compared us to lunatics, we attacking her, tickling her mad, her howls of laughter bathing us in happiness, seeing who could piss the farthest, outside the tent, the warm piss steaming nicely on the cold ground.

  Other than pissing and shitting we stayed in the tent, fucked all morning, rested,smoked weed, gabbed, shut out the world. It finally started to warm up, in the pond we went, cold but soothing, nothing compares to a clear, small, spring fed pond, the water sweet, its ability to revive you large, we were raring to do stuff, Jills loud stomach growls forcing us to eat, the kids cooked, I went and scoped out our perimeter, didnt trust the dumbass  wanna be hunters.

   That was the best turkey ever, how we just ripped it apart, ate it like savages, our faces smeared with fat,real food, we spent the day tracking some bumbling hunters, really sweet the way the kids got into it, they saw the power of invisible, my thing, I could sneak up on anyone, had the reputation,. always point man, lived to float, become a ghost, my senses in overdrive, could smell the alcohol from the losers, two hundered yards away, they picked it up, learned to isolate, Jill picking up the impressions from their brand new Timberlands, fags wore matching shoes, Tommy was the eagle eye, his sight long, true, we got within thirty feet of the clods, who made more noise than a fuck marching band, we could actually hear animals scattering, frauds. I called it off, herded my warriors back to our tent, they would be missed, we would have our thing, it was coming, we all talked it, had the urges, soon, my babies would be fed .

  We had settled into our routine as Halloween neared, the kids bummed, there was no trick or treating out here, who the fuck with, Jill, the Queen of good ideas, wanting us to have our thing, dont we all get that meaning,her wanting us to get ghoulie, nice word, sounds fun, me and baby boy were all in. As we sipped our beers, yeah they had beer now and then, fuck, Tommy worked hard all day, deserved a few frostys, Jill was older than fifteen, lots older, we figured  we needed blood, needed it all, told them I had discovered a homeless shelter in Portland, Jills giggles at my vision, Tommy wanting to know if they delivered, my baby boy was quick. Funny we discussed Jills mom, coldy, decided to leave her at Big Johns, the video he sent showing mommy getting doggy gangbanged, seven dogs, mom was a bleeding mess of dog goo, Jills laughter, both of my kids barking, howling, my amusement, whoever we grabbed for our Halloween fun was not making it through the night, that thought cheered me, we were there, accepted our thing, lived it, didnt question it, embraced it, knew it made us superior to all others.

   We googled the shelter, street view, studied it, planned our way back to the highway, always felt better planning shit, knowing your odds, that boost of confidence maybe life and death. They looked so sexy, Jill wore a denim mini, loose white hemp blouse, her tits visible, her steel toed engineer boots making it all so sexy, Tommy was so stud hot, his wife beater showing off his defined arms and chest, his jeans skin tight, his perfect bottom so there, his boots looking so lethal, he had painted crude drawings of a fist flipping the bird on the sole of each boot, a little joke for whoever we trashed.

  Let Jill wear the thigh holster, she loved carrying a gun, made her invincible she claimed, they both had cuffs, pepper spray, brass knuckles, my babies business conservative, dressed for sucess. We approached Portland with raw emotions soaring, their getting the butterfies, told them it was good, this was hard shit, use the nerves to heighten your awareness, all senses alert, I would go into combat with these two, they loved it, knew I meant it, my highest compliment, we kissed deeply, held hands, gave them a pep talk, time to hunt.

  A drizzly, foggy, chilly Portland Fall night, the kids looked for prey, I had enough to do driving, though I saw them, you never know, we all got it at once, what the deal was. Two adult bums, hard to figure age, dirty, nasty, no reason to be alive bums were pushing around a young kid, maybe thirteen, hard to tell, but the kids wanted to kill the bums, their sense of outrage so compelling, jesus, I just decided, quick, we would grab all three, glad we took the box truck, we bought it to move our finished wood projects, Jill now christening it the meat wagon,mmmm.

  What the fuck, as we quickly closed in on the stupid bullies, the kid was bloody, crying, but he was fighting, fuck yeah, Jills call to the bums, they turned, slow, dull, they focused on Jills tits, missed me and Tommy flanking them, the kid saw, stepped back, we got them good, Tommy driving his brass knuckles into the bums temple, see ya, bum down, I used one hand to spin my turd, drove ny right, my heavy fist, through his nose, a blood volcano, Jills squeals of joy, she loved to watch me throw fist, got her all crazy hot. We had the creeps cuffed, hogited, stowed  in the van, the kid leery, didnt run, but was real ready, he wasnt clueless. He was beautiful, feminine teen boy, where Tommy was cute, his body was growing more man everyday, we dug it but he wasnt pulling off the chick shit anymore, Jill and I cool with that, Tommy was more of a man at sixteen than most guys were their whole fag lives, this kid had a teen cunts body, slim, no muscle tone, cute little bubble butt,mmm.

Let Jill work it out, Tommy circling the kid, my boy looked like a hungry jackal, Jill used her oodles of goodwill to get the kid to loosen up, his name was Stan, he was sixteen, staying at the shelter, hated it, kids beat on him cause they could, he had several bruises on his sweet face, I got involved, told him he at least fought back, his smile like a fuck explosion of joy, Tommy sighed, Jill purred, I lusted. His joking that he could run, seemed someone was always chasing him, he got teary, Jills hug, jesus, aint she the best, Tommy rubbing Stans small back, whispering that they would protect him, my little social workers, saving souls, crushing souls.

  Told Stan if he wanted to come with us, we would be glad to have him, the kids giggling like the fuck munchkins, he was clever, asking me if I could handle it, not only that, the way he shook his perfect ass, just enough,like maybe he didnt, the kids were in love, I frenched him, he returned it with passion, told me thanks, Jills exclamation that he was a keeper, we were gone, on the highway, the kids filling Stan in on our peculiarities, he was like them, excited, his anger at the bums, cussing in the corner, Jill asking me if they could play, what do you think, right, I was treated to a bum pain serenade, all the way to the compound.

  They had them stripped, using knifes to cut the nasty clothes off, their howls at the ugly, dirty bodies, Jill leading them in a spirited bout of bum punchout, all face shots, all the time, the sound of their fists smacking bum flesh, the losers cries, pleadings, threats, met with the kids all out assault on the clowns balls, hard punches to the testicles, mmm, their screams filling the van with fuck music, the pliers were Tommys idea, my suddenly baby man,mmmm, crudely yanking a bum tooth, saying there was scant choosing, the kids all got in on that action, Jill telling Stan of her victim nail necklace, the losers moans of horror cute. He dug it, spitting in the losers faces, taunting them, how did it feel, Jill and Tommy encouraging him, teaching him the joy of revenge.

  The kids barely controlable, had to threaten a mass ass whooping,  we were almost home, no need to draw attention, the all came up near me, Jill in the passenger seat, the boys behind us, Jill leading us in a creative  bout of follow or spit, her game, she threw out a sentence, next person had to follow with a sentence that worked, or Jill spit in their face, on and on, we had fun, all of us spitfaced, The kids cleaning each other, Tommy did my face, his whispers of love, he would always be my sexy girl.

   Party time, as we threw the losers onto the ground, the kids stompng their naked hogtied bodies, mmmm, they were so into it, their eyes sparkling, my killer babies, laughing at how well Stan fit in, noticed his bulge, large, oh my, Jill and Tommy had his clothes off, freak, he had this tiny body, no hair,no shoulders, weighed 110 pounds,maybe, but he had a horse cock, it was soft, six inches of fat pork, just waiting, Jill and Tommy at his feet, kisses, strokes, he was soon hard, lordy, it was almost as big as me, amazing, this twink was all cock, his balls oversized, knew he would shoot sperm like a runaway fire hose.

Why they pay me the big bucks, decided the pigs could wait till the morning for their shit, simple tied the stinkers to trees, five feet off the ground, still painfully hogtied, wanted to welcome Stan to our thing, Jill and Tommy fighting over who had first dibs, my clearing it up, as I took Stan, I suspected he was anally active, my finger slipped in easy, his moan sexy, he was a superior piece of ass, knew how to flex his sphincter, used his ass as a pussy, wanted me to orgasm, I did, my tongue in his hot, little girl mouth, the looks on Jills amd Tommys faces priceless, they were consumed, Jill pulling Stan onto her, feeding his monster up her velvet clam, his sighs so loving, Tommy took Stans ass, giggling that he loved fucking in my mess, Jill telling him to shut up and fuck, Stan squealing that he loved everybody, he was drunk with being wanted,accepted as he is, my kids playing nice, what a fuck family we were. He slept with us, all four of us snuggling, teasing, our talking light, sleep coming easy to us, a full day, hunting was wearing.

To wake and break into a smile, thats about all you can hope for, the sight of the kids alll balled up, Stan in the middle, my kids protecting him,mmmm, their bodies all so fucking hot, Jills huge funbags,bouncey, alive body, Tommys rock hard teen jock body, his stomach all sculpted definition, Stans monster cock, even soft it was a weapon, almost identical to mine, his tiny girl body making his cock look bigger, lifes a gas, if you live it. How many fuckers dreamed about my life, well, I was living it, actually took what I wanted, surrounded myself with only the best, my kids, and Stan wasnt there yet, we shall see, cream of the crop, Jill would be famous, we all knew this, her art to big to be missed, Tommy was a natural with wood, his hands creating what his mind saw, he loved ducks, I guess, had begun carving decoys, the first few off, but he had it, perfect, he loved the work of A Elmer Crowell, a Cape Codder, lived late 1800s, Crowells shorebird decoys considered the standard, my boy, how proud Jill was of him, thats the thing, they loved each other, had each others back, it was uncanny, that they each had such talent. Jill won a second ribbon at the college fall art show, her ink sketch of Houston Falls stunning, Tommy sold his first decoy, a drake mallard, sixty dollars,he gave me the money saying he knew I would do right, sweet my little business man. We shall see if Stan was up to our lofty standards, if not we would off him in a second, my kids wouldnt bat an eye at turning on him, would be fair, let Stan prove his worth.

  They were in bad shape, the ropes digging into their cramped bodies, both had shit themselves, their beggings sweet, useless, but sweet. I tore them up with a frayed fan belt I had, I have strange stuff, thing about a fan belt, it had metal wire woven through the rubber, when cut the ends frayed, leaving razor sharp metal wires exposed,mmmm. They cried, howled, begged, pissed, farted, bled, but I was in the zone, rock hard, dripping precum, sweating, raging at these failures, their bodies covered in bleeding cuts, the kids next to me, all naked, all excited, their awe of me obvious, they all were kissing my boots, thats right, they worshipped me, thats a beautiful thing, it calmed me, gave each a good mouth tonguing, Told Jill she was in charge of the festivities I wanted to film it, watch, enjoy my kids fun. Jills whisper urgent, she sent Tommy and Stan to get us drinks, my boy knowing Jill wanted Stan out of ear shot, his sexy grin. Seems Stan was a punk, tried to force Jill last night, when she peed, her laugh, she put him in his place, no doubt, but he talked bad about Tommy, how much bigger he was, clod, didnt get it, big penises were a dime a dozen, Jills love for Tommy so rare, Jill to smart to fall for that shit, she wanted me to watch him, decide, I took the responsibility, she giggled, didnt fuck care, me, her and Tommy, that pretty much sealed Stans fate.

  The boys returned, Stan went right at Tommy, verbally teasing him, bragging on his joy stick, Jill was stewing, the little fuck had no sense of his coming painathon, my kids were getting riled up, funny thing is, they didnt want to, they wanted Stan to be cool, be their brother, he wasnt, that was plainly obvious, as he tried to grope Jill, a clumsy paw that scracthed her goddess flesh, oh boy, Tommy was off, he attacked the fag, all his inner anger unleashed, god, he was sexy, all man, his punches sharp, kicks dead on, the braggard was down, cowering, begging, fag. Told the kids he deserved our best, what a sorry bastard, threw away a great deal, because he was jealous of Tommy, how pitiful. While Jill cuffed loser boys hands behind him, Me and Tommy cut the  bums down, freed their cramped limbs, their screams at the blood flowing joyous.

  They were up, shaky, whiney,told the bums if they wanted to live they had to rape Stan, my kids cheering, Stan weeping, trying to run, Tommy clocked him, my brute, the bums had wood, wanted some young guy, give them credit, they raped him hard, the kids driving them with the fan belt, taking turns drawing blood, at one point, Tommy held the kids head steady, Jill savagely ripped his face up with the belt, till there was no face left, bloody pulp,mmm, one of the bums puked, all over Stan, nice, Tommy still drove his boot into the pigs balls, the bum shit, gurgled, passed out, clod. The way Stans face had disappeard was awesome, we pissed most of the blood away, his skin resembled ground beef, kissing Jill forever, my love for her deep, how she backed her brother up, Tommys professions of dying for JIll, the little shit, decided to get verbal, called me a fag, really, but when he called Tommy a stupid jock, Jills turn, the ice pick, like a fucking wayward machine, she was relentless, jabbing the sobbing, dancing, creep, what the fuck, this kid was dying now, couldnt be stopped.

  Got Jill calmed, he looked silly, all his holes leaking red, he was still hopping around, a deranged bunny, his hands cuffed behind him, his oversized cock flapping all over, told JIll I wanted this mistake gone, her want to hang him, wanted to stare into his eyes as he strangled, watch his life exspire, cool, of course I had to spice it up, have a trial, Me judge, Tommy the DA, the bums were the jury, Jil the excited executioner, the fag could fuck defend himself. Tommy had fun, all Stans faults aired, his bravado, poutiness, classlessness, but Tommy saved his ire for the creep marring Queen Jills breast, introducing Jills fab funbags as exhibit DD,haha, the bums drooling at the sight, Stan not helping his case as he belittled the angry quarter inch bruise, mock my womans pain, die you fuck. The verdict swift, the bums voting guilty, I judged him to swing by the neck till dead, the kids mocking him, pretending to be choking, adorable cutups, my kids.

  Tom and I got the perfect noose around the centuries old oak tree limb, gave Stan a well deserved beating, I held him steady as my lovers punched him crazy, his pulpy face splattering, his ribs bruised, swollen, they stomped his toes broke, Tommy punched all the fucks teeth out, screaming at him never insult his sister, Jill caressing him mad, telling him how much better he was at fucking, Tommy was a man, loser was a boy, as she punched his balls silly, called him a dead boy, spit in his destroyed face, it was time, get this fag out of here, made the bums start a fire in the outdoor fire pit, one of them whining he didnt want to, didnt want to, arrrr, I trashed him, no thought, just violence,the mere thought of a bum disobeying me, enraging, beat him asleep, told the other stooge only one of them was waking up tomorrow, he got it, snapped to, had a quality fire burning, no time, standing to the side, willing himself invisible, nice, had potential, toilet bowl,mmm.

  Had Stan the fag stand on the five gallon bucket,he was beaten, lost hope,haha, the rope taut, Jill tightened the noose around his little girl neck, her smile wide, taunting him, he spit at her, bloody spit running down our Queens face, Tommy racing me, we both sawed his junk off, his howls of pain satisfying, we gave his cock and balls to her, licked her face clean, told her do it, way past time. She pushed him off the bucket, slowly, just her sexy cherry red fingernails, studying his eyes, the fear, the anger, fuck him, he went quick, flopping nice, his ugly face sweet, his missing junk appropiate, see ya asshole. Jill threw the severed sex organs into the lake, her and Tommy took the stiffs nails, all ten, while the bum tried to not freak out, the other one coming round, I gave him a steel toed boot to the head, sleepy bye. Stood next to the bum who had a chance, we shall see, told him to kneel, he did, his fear glowing, mad him open wide, I pissed him, he drank it, coughing, gasping, but he fuck drank it, Tommy and Jill wanting in, the way the fucker stared at Jills pussy, who could blame him, told him straight up, if he  ever touched her I would skin him alive, he believed, Jill taunting him, mock begging the guy to take her, calling the dirty pig her stud, waving her prime ass in his face, I dont think so.

  Tommys turn to work, went the verbal route, made the bum, still kneeling, convince us not to kill him, he was sobbing, pleading, he was human, had problems,then he surprised us all, he was a vet, never recovered from Nam, the docs hooking him on pain pills, didnt bother anyone, if we were gonna off him, just do it, oh boy, told him if he was lying, I would torture him for years, his soft words, check his pockets, Tommy found it, in his fouled, cut up jeans, the guy had a well worn copy of his DD214, said he needed it to crash vet shelters, get medical help, thing about a DD214, tells when, where, and rank of the guy, he was Robert, had been an offficer in the Corps, his medals many, like me a purple, a bronze for valor, he showed us his scars, got some hot metal all along his right thigh, changed everything for him, us, Jill and Tommy helped him up, his fear at Jill touching him, her sexy whisper, she was gonna fuck him silly, once he took a swim in the lake, gargled with alcohol, our life was all about the moment.

  He cleaned up nice, his body slim, muscles saggy, his cock seven and fat, he was hard, as Jill made love to him, her gentleness, her obvious care for him was so beautiful, Saint Jill, Queen of compassion, how she happied up this beat hero, made him smile, laugh, he fucked giggled, looked stunned he made that noise, clued him  in, around here there was much to giggle about. Robert got it, as Tommy cleaned his slimed cock off with his hot boy mouth, the seasoned vet ruffled my boys sexy hair, took it in stride, no sour faces, just moans of pleasure, as I hugged Jill, told her how much  I adored her compassion, she was thinking, mommy would look good under Robert,mmm, my girl had the best ideas.

Robert had no relationship with the other loser, actually Stan, the late fag, had stolen Roberts pack of smokes, dirty deal on the mean streets, and the bums were trying to recoup their shit, scared me that we were so wrong on Stan, the bum was toast, we hogtied him, stowed him in a tool shed, got down to a Stan barbecue. We all, Robert included, helped butcher his carcass, his skin so soft, Jill and Tommy sawed his head off, played a quick game of soccer, commie fag sport, till his squash was just a lump of flesh, in the fire pit it went. We rubbed his skin with a mix of olive oil, butter, sea salt, and fresh pepper, believe I saw this recipe on The French Chef, back in the seventies. We cut his breast meat out, using Henckle knifes, the best steel blades ever,Nazis know their blades, the kids ripped his heart out, Tommy stuffed it down the fags neck, giggling eat your heart out. We cooked his breasts, thighs, and his arms, the way they snapped and crackled getting us all fired up, the smell scrumptious, while Robert and Tommy cooked, Jill and I burnt the fags body, bye bye asshole.

  He was tender, his flesh crispy, meat moist, with the garlic potatoe cakes, perfect for a cool fall evening, paired with a burgundy, our table talk bright, Jill deciding she wanted Robert to own her mom, he could decide her fate, John, who had her now, was to slow, not creative enough to earn piggy, Robert was smacking his lips devouring Stans meat, no problem, his comment, tasted like chicken, delivered in his slow, monotone way, we were cracking up, the kids calling him Grandpa, jesus, our life was ever evolving, like we were living in a turnstyle. We all agreed the dinner was perfect, the flavor much deeper than farm raised chicken, also, dont discount the thrill of eating your prey, quite empowering.

   Tommy won out, got to sleep with Robert, downstairs, we could hear them, Robert fucking my boy crazy, Tommys shouts of joy, Jill and I amused, our love tender, slow, lots of oral, went over the Stan fiasco, how we misjudged him, for now on everyone was prey, unless something bizzare like Robert occurred, left the door open for future family members, just had to be way more careful. Set in stone, we were getting our hands bloody again, that we would feed on our victims, had to get better meat, young meat,mmm. We were drained, we were out, bodies entwined, the guys down stairs lullabying us with their sex marathon, heaven.

   Robert and Tommy were up, sitting on the porch, Tommy on his Papas lap,naked,mmmm, I stuck my wood down his throat, his sucking aces,Robert wanted in, they sucked me off, Grandpa was a piggy, figures. Tommy had checked on the loser in the shed, he was wallowing in his stinkies, my boy had a way of talking, we would do him today, sometime, had to be outrageous, PaPa, fuck, both of the kids called him that, suggested a grenade up his ass, Tommy frenched him, I gave his wood a slurpy, told him thats what we were talking about.  Took the homicidal Robert to see the lake, talk fish, Tommy going to snuggle with Jill, he missed his sister, cute boy.

   Made Robert the offer, he could occupy a cabin we bought, down the road two miles, not on the water, but private, would have Jills mom to use, his glee, see, he appreciated his good fortune, wasnt looking to moralize, just enjoy, live it. He had a check coming in from the VA, plus early social, he had a green thumb, loved to grow shit, put him to work in the green house, his skill with our weed good, with hydro we could produce  twenty pounds every four months, high quality, sold eighteen, two thousand each, all to the same guy, a trusted friend, kept the hassles down, he paid cash, always cash.

  Jill and I had one of our regular business meetings, a chance for us to talk out everything happening, we were busy fuckers, she didnt like dealing with it, knew I valued her slant, told her we were the real parents, had to accept that, do right by our growing family, she got it. We always, unless winter, tallked it out on the rocks at the shoreline, our boardroom, if you will, Tommy bringing us fruit and water, nice boy. Decided mom would live with Robert, Jill agreeing he was of us, loved his exploding colon plan, asking if we could try the fag out as her toilet first, she really wanted that feeling, shitting down some subhumans throat, that would happen, her giggles, she was gonna pinch a loaf in a couple of hours, called Tommy, told him to get the fag in the shed hooked up to Jills throne, his joy echoing through the reciever, we only used a closed radio system, my desire for security growing.

  Went over our growing real estate, we now had over six hundred acres, including a private pond a mile into the woods, only access an old logging trail, just big enough to let ATVs pass. With the economy still tanking, here in Maine the unemployment was up to 15 percent, people bailing on property, we had cash, our dream to acquire the whole lake, at least this side, build our compound, the way the world was going scared us, we chose to be left out of the bickering, the goal self survival, we were geting there, needed more members, Jill loving that we were going to Cape Cod for Thanksgiving week, we would dump our weed, hook up with a cool gun dealer, stock up, also look for prey, the Cape full of deadbeats, laid off maids and towel boys, oh my.

  The toilet worked great, We all enjoyed Jills first piss and dump down the fags throat, he puked it up, the clear pipe showing the funky shit stew, back down his throat it went, his mouth sealed tight to the pipe,shit soup bubbling out of his nostrils, that he could drown in his shitpuke, we would take that chance, Tommy gave the toilet a try, his cute butt flexing so hot, his turd a fucking log, our cheers, the fags body shaking as he gagged on the shit, his puke having no where to go but back down his sorry pie hole.He lived a week, he never left the pipe till he died, shitted to death, we had all dumped down his face, all our piss, lots of cum,spit, snot, Jills bloody kotexes, her red week, we had also used wire to tie his penis tight, he never peed all week, his bladder must of burst something awful, haha. We had installed an oversized butt plug,  superglued it in his anus, thats final, all our shit for the week had poisoned his yellow skin, what a way to go, we didnt eat him, We drove the stinky carcass out into the forest, on our ATVs, dumped him for animal food, some good came from his so tragic death, boo, hoo, fuck you.

  November was rolling, the cold setting in, only minor snow so far, we guys were busy in the workshop, me and Robert knocking out our products, Tommy only doing his thing, it was amazing, his talent, he was getting five hundred a decoy, his reputation growing, my baby, he was branching off into other animals, his rendering of a common snapping turtle stunning, he was into them, that they ate meat, could kill a slow goose, they would also eat dead meat, police used snapping turtles to locate bodies, weird but true. For veterans day the kids took care of us warriors, breakfast in bed, lots of sex, Jill let me have her ass, worth the wait, how tight she was, her promise it was all mine, she wouldnt do that with anyone else,ever, our thing, she came from it, a slow content sigh escaping her sexy lips.

  Just Jill and I were going to the Cape, Tommy and Robert needed to tend the growing compound, the greenhouse was going strong, our weed growing precise,powerful herb we grew, our veggies healthy,they would can the extras,we now had forty chickens, eight pigs, sixteen turkeys, Robert and Tommy would hunt crazy, Robert expert at smoking meat, we stored our meat, venison, elk, rabbit, lots of wild turkies in the all ready frozen ice cellar, next to the lake,natural ice box, our goal to stay put for the winter, cut our selves off from the increasingly hostile world. The guys also needed to stow enough logs away to get us through the long Maine winter, Robert would need wood for his shack, down the road, Tommy and he would also make a run using the pickup we had, stock up on weapons, ammo, Robert knew a guy up Moosehead Lake way, dealt in cash, had military weapons,Tommy and Robert had over ten grand in cash to buy, we would be armed.

   One of my favorite things, riding with Jill, her easy ways, charm, biting wit, we could talk forever, how into each other we were, our mutual acceptance, in the end, it was me and her, then Tommy, and whatever, but me and her, that was the thing, always. We stopped in Nashua to pee, dreadful place, white trash, gimme welfare queens, dirty illegals, its own fag section, disgusting place, fuck that. We ate at an IHOP, jesus, we lived dangerous, the waitress was about two hundred pounds, got paid in pancakes, the pig, Jill wondering what it would be like to skin her, my little pioneer girl. We were just going to hit the road, being nice, when this creepy, dirty, whiny, wheelchair fag rolls up to us, we were on the farside of the parking lot, away from the street, next to a large, stinky dumpster. He had a nasally voice, telling us he needed food,Jill teasing him, he was fat enough, he yelled at her, big mistake gimpy, I smashed his face with my fist, Jill, using her gun to beat his face crazy, she always carried now, her fear of strangers growing, she was done with humanity on a large scale, we all were, ready for a closing of the ranks.

The gimp was sobbing, as we got him out of his chair, standing we let him go, apparently he really was a gimpster, down he went, our boots got to moving, we stomped that whiny waste of life bloody, he was out cold, as we dumped him and his faggy wheelchair into the dumpster, trash. Our emotions on fire, we fucked at the next exit, on the side of the road, our horniness off the charts, giggling at the nastiness of fucking over a gimp, we had no prejudices, we were pure of heart, that we did it with a van full of eighteen pounds of prime weed, we had balls. Our love so intense, we held hands all the way to Sandwich, staying at the Daniel Webster, quality boutique hotel.

  We made the drug deal first, right in the back parking lot of the closed Sandwich Antiques Center, sometimes out in the open was undercover, my pal was an all business guy, deal done, he gone, my man, always keep the deal simple. Always nice to hold thirtysix thousand, cash, all twenties, all clean, Jill spreading it all over her fab body as she sprawled in the fourposter bed, looking so Victorian, when the women were big and bawdy, not down with the fake fireplace, some sterno shit fuck, our fucking rolling around in the cash was different, told Jill we had to get Tommy and Robert a present, wanted to get her something, she was like me, didnt really need shit, had us, maybe if we found something together, such lovers we were, add Tommy, her art, her life, my life, our life.

  Jill didnt want to eat at the hotel, found it stuffy, lots of fifty year old couples, playing out the string, silently suffering their dull lives, no fuck chance of anything excitng happening, fuck ever, I would rather die than settle, etch that on my fuck headstone. I dug that parts of the bar were three hundred years old, but Jill was sixteen, took her to Seafood Sams on the Canal, ate fried clams and soggy french fries, watching boats go way faster than the posted ten miles per through the canal,fucking criminals, her head on my shoulder, her warmth tingling my arm, she wondered what it would be like to live at sea, been there, told her it was amazing that waves could be that big,that the ship could ride them out, the whales, dolphins, flying fish, rainbows, sunsets, sunrises, all of it magic, but it is fuck boring, trapped in a steel cage, rocking, bobbing, sure you got used to it, but it wore you, drained you,frazzled you, the ocean mocked you, couldnt swim in its lethal coldness, drink its salty waters, she got it, giggled that I should write a fuck book, I had done shit, but as she well knew fame brought light, as she got hot, galleries were after  her ink sketches of local Maine flowers, they were perfect, made you look, drew you in, but the sleazy gallery nazis wanted her stuff cause Jill was unknown, her pieces around five hundred each, with the economy down, rich fucks stabbing each other in the back, right and left, haha,their sad Ponzi schemes, no one was popping for four figures, never mind high end stuff. Her hatred of the whole process, its crassness, lack of any human connection, people thrusting their sweaty hands at her, telling her their names, like she gave a fuck, just so they would pretend to like her shit,half of them to dim to ever get art. Jill was pure, wanted fuckers to appreciate her work cause they did, not complicate it, didnt need sexing up, if you liked a work of art, and you could afford it, you should buy it, once and a while really look at it, remember that feeling of awe, thats all she asked, my baby.

   Took a walk down to the jetty, the ocean always got me going, the raw power, its coldness, death knocking at the door, Jill spotted the lone fisherman, he was walking to the scrub, probably to take a leak, not another soul around, we really had no choice,as we casually followed captain shitstain into the thick shore scrub, my cock rock hard, Jill was panting, and not from walking, we were excited, knew we would have blood. He was wearing yellow rain gear, looked like big fuck bird, he was pissing, back to us, he didnt hear us, Jill called hello, fucker was deaf, I sent my boot through his back, his body flying like he was meant to, into a thick trunk, rolled over, had an Ipod on, moron, his look of surprise, turning to fear, yellow was his color, we got to work. He tried to get up, our kicks battering him, my steel toes getting his ugly face good, Jill slamming his crotch with her size 8s, we stripped him, tiny dick, ugly body, worthless, we got violent, Jill going all face stompy, I had to destroy his balls, did the testicle two foot stomp, he puked, pissed, shitted his self, we didnt miss a stomp, his ribs cracked nicely, Jill landed a heel to his eye socket, it cracked, his eyeball hanging out. We both pissed on him, I used his fishing pliers to remove his thumb nails, for my baby. He was still breathing, fag, we hoisted a huge boulder over his head, drove it into his face, splat, his head exploded, brains leaking, body twitched sweetly, he was gone fishing forever, we fucked, right next to the stiff, the cold air only making us hotter, our world was always hot.

  After we dragged the fag deeper into the scrub, we walked back to our truck, holding hands, nondescript lovers, no one was watching us, as an over the top luxury cruiser was blowing through the Canal, criminal behavoir sickened me, the nearby Coast Guard barrack should have an automatic missle system for such immoral actions. We never spoke of our conquests, enough to live it, I was still high, horny, told her we would fuck the night away, and we did, riding the still booming, early waves of bloodlust to new highs, we earned our sleep, almost to alive to sleep ever.

  Woke smiling, Jill slumbering beside me, looking at her darling face, my baby, how content I was, our life was ours, we created it, werent sold it, big difference. Watched the morning news, all bad, markets tanking,glad we were into cash, gold, diamonds. Jews threatening Arabs, or the other way, why coludnt we just eliminate them all, fuck the sour bastards, both sides had gone with the same dull, witless argument for two thousand fuck years, enough all ready. But no, we would get dragged into it, Israel was our friend, how I never understood, all I knew was we wanted no part of this shit, glad we opted out of polite society,haha. Our morning fucks always tender, much face sucking, soft words, we happied each other into a new day, only way to greet the morning.

  Ate at the hotel, Jill was feeling bratty, the middle aged cunts the table over irking her. They were loud, bossing the waitress around, a cutey pie teen, who was on the verge of tears. When she waited on us, Jill talked her happy, only way to put it, her abilty to charm, soothe, the waitress was giggling, Jill telling her to spit in the cunts food, my baby knew how to get even, I gave her a deep kiss when the little cunt went and did her waitress thing, told my girl how much I adored her goodwill, her giggles, she wanted to fuck the little waitress, had a hunkering for a slice of pussy, I think we both knew she would have no trouble getting into the girls panties, no one said no to Jill, wasnt possible, if she wanted you, you wanted her,simple.

   Thw waitress, her name was Joanie, told us she hucked a big loogie under each of the blowhards omelettes, no charge, thats funny, I gave Jill the look, my permission to get after Joanie, we were looking for recruits, if nothing else, Joanie didnt look bright enough to be trouble, but we would test her hard here on the Cape, wouldnt repeat the Stan fiasco. Jill had Joanie meet her in the restroom, got her to agree to meet us later tonight, my girls sighs, she had tongued the skinny slag, groped her little tits, slapped her tiny butt hard, she giggled that Joanie was ready for our life, we shall see.

   We had business, met a gun dealer, had lots of military shit, wanted to beef up our arsenal, had decided to build a bunker near the secluded pond on our property, store our growing stockpile, stock up food, water, Jill in agreement, the world was spinning violent, lots of caged up rage, we wanted to be ready, armed and fuck dangerous. She got a glow, a sexy shiney glow, my girl, her lust for automatic weapons so fucking sexy, she was born to shoot, her hand steady, eye true, she didnt fuck miss, once she learned a weapon, Jilly girl turned killer, the hardened gun whore was trying so hard to not ogle her bouncy body, her tight cams showing all her fun assets, added to the sex appeal of a chick with a gun, I was getting hard watching her lay down a precise spray with the Heckler and Koch MP5, the way her face shone, het tits jiggling from the recoil, her sexy butt tensed as she tore up the cutout of a black guy, our gun seller had issues with minorities, lusted for a race war, good luck with that shit, didnt really concern us.

    We manged to get five MP5s, lots of ammo, several night vision goggles, stun grenades, 2 M40A3 sniper rifles, with sound supressors, deadly at 900 yards, day or night, sweet. Our big ticket item was the FIM-92 stinger, a personal SAM system, we would be ready for all kinds of shit, we also got Tommy and Robert their own matching Remington 44 magnum pistols, the boys could blow wholes the size of manhole covers in fuckers, plus Jill thought they would look sexy carrying, she always wanted me to have my S and W 45 ACP snubnose, easily carried in my waistband holster, Jills was strapped to her sexy thigh,mmmm, we were always ready for shit, getting ready for the shit we knew was coming, Jills maternal instincts high, wanted her men protected, Jills soul feeling the pressure, she would have raging visions of out of control violence, fires, dead bodies, wasted cities, leave her spent, sad, edgy, wanted us safely tucked away in western Maine, there was never a consideration of not following her visions, Jill had the power, her joking, we had lots of power now, our truck full of weapons, Tommys text, they had scored big, lots of ammo, a case of UZIs, several land mines, hell ya, and a couple of surprises for us, mmm, nice to be loved, Jill thrilled at how Tommy turned out, how as if Robert was always with us, our family. Her sweet joy, she now had the best daddy, a sweet papa, and the perfect brother, her life.

  Joanie was a strange girl, eighteen, dropout, lived with three other girls, who didnt like her, tended to abuse her. She was tiny, mousy is the word, her face drawn, all bones, her lips fat, looked strange, brown hair always ponytailed, her tits were tiny, pointed, with sexy fat nips, asking for attention, her torso all bones poking through, her cunt hair a forest,mmmm, her ass like a ten year old, her legs meatless, feet tiny, next to Jills queen feet, even smaller, our Joanie. We dug her, she took our all out assault, came, moaned, begged, ate our asses, we filled her with our pee, her little belly expanding, Jill got after her with a strapon, while I buggered her silly, she loved it all, was born to be a piggy, but she made us laugh, had the Jill thing, the ability to morph into whoever she was dissing, she did a mean impression of the faggy waiter, as we enjoyed a prefuck dinner at the Beehive, an average place, overpriced, oh well. We let her sleep with us, all of us nestled in the queen bed, Joanies need to touch Jill, her already devotion to Jill obvious, her absolute awareness that I was to be obeyed, had a good feeling about her, see, even though ugly Stan had set us back, we moved on, would build our family, create our army.

                     the end chapter 7

Jills Fire  Chapter 8

by roccodadom44

  Warning: all my stories contain bad shit, snuff, underage, gay, violence, scat, you know the heavy hitters, if per chance this offends you turn the fuck station......peace.......roccodadom

Wasn't hard getting Joanie to leave with us, she was done with her sad life, wanted our life, violence excited her, Jill gave her a practical lesson in ass whooping. We went to retrieve Joanie's meager belongings, her roommates acting bitchy, Jill got busy, one of the slags challenged her, all mouthy, my fighter baby never shunned a challenge. It was brutal, Jill beat the dazed cunt bloody, her friends, so called, backing away, pleading, never jumping in, of course, my threats helped. Jill finished with a merciless assault on the punching bags cunt, giggling that she was going to bust her cunt good, she did, the cow screeching, haha, Joanie full of lust for Jill, knew she would die for her, that was all we asked, everything. We left the cunts sorry they ever fucked with our girl, hit the road, decided to head to Maine, the news getting worse hourly, Israel bombed Iran, Iran bombed the Saudi oil fields,oil futures off the table, the markets crashed, sure glad we had installed four five hundred gallon tanks, three had water, one was full of gasoline, illegal as hell, but contractors were desperate for work, bending code was not a problem, besides cash worked wonders.

  The drive nice with the girls, we had the truck jammed with weapons, clothes we bought, food, lots of canned food,Jill grabbing toiletries right and left, even Queens had to work the beauty thing. Seemed now the inner cities were erupting in orgies of violence, couldn't get to the compound quick enough, saw all the smoke, as we passed Boston, the sirens, National Guard  trucks everywhere. Jill had a MP5 on her lap, all set, we had stun grenades, a couple of frag grenades, we wouldn't be sheep. With all the shit going down, nice to realize the kids took it in stride, their chatter calming me, their laughs so sweet.

Joanie had a tough life, sad shit, abused, her mom died when she was thirteen, her only defense from her drunk abusive dad, sounded familiar, but Joans mom had actually turned the fucker in, moved Joan away, then she died, foster homes, more abuse. Jill had kidded her about the fake Coach purse she carried, Joans sad tears, her mom gave it to her, all she had, Jills tender words, Joan had her moms spirit, the girl brightened, talked happy about her mom, Jill the healer, told me Joan was no Stan, we chose a keeper, much kissing between the girls, giggles, they were focused on the people in the other vehicles, Jill wanting to pain someone, my dad job, told them unless a perfect storm, we had to get to the compound, Tommys call, the news was worse, North Korea, those subhumans wanted attention, attacked their southern brothers, and of course, American kids were dying, hopefully also wasting gooks left and right, but it was obvious the world had caught a rage virus.

  We needed gas, stopped in Portsmouth NH, no open rioting, but gangs of punks were milling, cops dressed to kill,haha, the air full of hate, tried to grasp how much deeper that hate would be in large cities, I was antsy, Jill trying to calm me, only our return to the compound would soothe me. The gas mart was being robbed, two punks with handguns, shot at the young boy cashier, he was down behind the counter. I was at the pump, one of the kids waving his gun at me, ballsy fag, telling me to bring my money over, oh, right.

  My joy, my pride, Jill popping out of the truck, sexy size 8 combat boots striking the ground like Mr fuck T, MP5 roaring, it ripped the fag up, one of his hands blew off, landed in a nearby flower pot, sweet, the other fag running across the lot, my sexy baby walking her fire after him, tore him a new shit hole, baby smoked them. Jill and Joan got munchies in the store, while I topped the tank, made sure the armatures were dead, one wasn't, I stuck my 45 snub nose into his mouth,his brains running sweet, see ya fag. The kids came out with lots of empty calories, and a comically frightened, gawky teen boy, he was white as a ghost, trembled, he had obviously pissed his pants. Jill wanted him, don't know why, he looked geeky, slow, not a fighter, let her make the call, warning her, she accepted it, felt this boy had something, never, ever, argue Jills feelings.

   Let the girls strap a couple of timed grenades to the pumps, as we hit the road, they exploded, right out of a movie, balls of fire, let's help get the party started, we would be in Maine in minutes, off the highway, back roads, less people, less chance of trouble. Jill had made Bobby, that was his name, strip in the back, her praises at his above average cock, his shyness nice, the girls cleaned him, teased him sexy, Jill letting him wear a pair of my pants, way to big, oh well. He was seventeen, small for his age, though his cock was seven inches, sweet, the target of the towns bullies, his social life nil, he had become a computer wizard by default, Jill knew a lot, they talked a strange language, she told me he knew serious shit, we needed a puter geek, Jill does it again, told Bobby he was welcome to live with us, but once a member, always a member, he agreed, called his mom, told her the deal, that he was safe, she told him houses were burning in their neighborhood, gangs of thugs looting, raping, she was with a group, they had guns, would fight off the thugs, new lives for everyone.

   Started to set in, we really were there, anarchy, all the rabble rousing by Fox had paid off, not sure this is what the wanted, it's what the got, all our planning was going to be put to the test, so quick, but it was so obvious that this couldnt be controlled, we didnt have to waste time debating it, shoot to kill was our mantra, slightest reason, told Jill to open up with the MP5. Made it through Skowhegan, the punks scattering at Jills burst of fire, I dropped a frag grenade near some fags beating an old man, lots of body parts, welcome to hell. Managed to avoid Walmart, thousands of angry folks trying to beat those low prices, losers. Not good, the general store was on fire, some biker fags getting punky, several bodies sprawled in the lot, Joanie was told to sit, we worked well, as one, tight patterns, big damage, our shots dead on, we laid six bikers to waste, crashed the door, I got the porker raping the owners fifteen year old daughter, porky died with his balls full, oh well. Jill had gotten both biker cunts, one of them was alive, my baby sliced her throat, ear to ear, her windpipe showing, don't fuck with us.

We found the owners, brutalized, naked, mutilated,real dead, we took Sarah, the daughter with us, Jill and Joanie, cuddling her, as I grabbed all the food, milk, the kids helping, we loaded the truck, they had enough junk food, Jill sweetly remembering to get Tommy his beloved Lays classics, her telling her sisters how sexy he was, loved that she always had his back, deep love. We burnt the store, the gas pumps again going boom, the kids roaring their approval, me twitchy, bad memories of fiery booms, Jill knew, drove us up our road turning down that driveway the best feeling, seeing the barbed wire in the bushes, people would have to get to the house through this road, direct traffic to us.

  Tommy and Robert were waiting in the yard, that they had a girl with them was not good, they didnt have permission to recruit, Jill pissed at Tommy, stewing that he probably just wanted to get laid, though the girl looked butch, short red hair, loose white mens shirt, her boots manly. We owed them a chance to explain, as we got out, Joanie, Sarah, and Bobby lagging, giving us a chance to see this through. Tommy did the talking, by right, my baby boy, they found her wandering, her boyfriend killed,wouldnt leave to the roaming gangs, they had seen several groups of punks attacking people, murder, raping, looting, nasty business.

   Ronnie was twenty, not gay, just her self, she said that, Jill frenched her, she didnt fight it, we introduced Joanie, Sarah, who they knew, and nerdy Bobby, no time to socialize, we unloaded the truck, Tommy and Robert loving the pistols, they got us matching flack jackets, King and Queen sewn on the backs of each, lots of hugs, kisses, our new children weary, leary, we shot em with a little sleeping aid, let them sleep a few hours till we figure our move.That they had scored ten Browning M2s, with tripods, cases of .50 cal ammo, we forgave the boys, these guns worked big damage, still leery of Ronnie, we shall see.

   To head to the bunker, it was complete, all underground, several rooms inside, three exits, all concealed, had its own wind turbine, hidden in a nearby ancient pine, access to the pond water, several air filter systems, its own satellite dish, hidden in scrub, the bunker had a separate walk in vault, all our gold, cash, dope and veggie seeds, worth more than gold, a large cache of arms, like to have a reserve. All the walls had shelves holding canned food, boxed food, emergency shit, water, books, cds, movies, more weapons, always near, we had a room that was always below freezing, had it stocked with all kinds of meat, fish, fruits and veggies, lots of ice cream for the kiddies, chocolate for me, my addiction, the cocoa bean, soothes the soul.

   It was Jill and I who had to make the call, a delaying action it was, we would start moving all our valuable shit to the bunker, but stay here for now, we had a commanding view of the lake, had the property barbed wired, Tommy and Robert mined the sides of the property, still we were vulnerable beside such a large lake. As tired as I was, I needed to scope the area, needed to know, ordered Jill to stay, get some rest, more important watch the new ones, learn their weaknesses, if they had any talents, her salute sexy, her kiss deep, wish that I be safe, her blessing strong magic, me and Tommy were off on our dirt bikes, perfect for getting through backwoods, we had our night vision goggles, so when the sun set we wouldnt be hindered.

  Didn't take long to get the blood flowing, as we headed to Fryeburg, near Sugarloaf, wanted to see what we could add to our stockpile, needed drugs, as in medicines, the local drug store closed, everything was closed, traffic scarce, those cars almost all people getting home, cool, or people escaping big city madness, not good, these fucks were coming to take our shit,had poisoned theirs, not an option. Wasn't hard disabling the alarm, sure the dispatch office in India got a notice, but no noise here, that's the thing. We grabbed it all, had enough medicines to cure everything, even Viagra, Tommy figuring it as a joke for Papa, told him four hour erections were no laughing matter, as we frenched.

    Oops, Mr Maine Trooper was getting out of his spiffy patrol car, gun drawn, hot shot, fancied him self a Wyatt Earp, I suppose.                He didn't get the power of our MP5s, lethal bursts of walls of hot metal, his body tearing apart, gun still in his hand, bloody carcass, nothing more than a Barny Fife fag, Tommy had to have his cool Smokey the bear hat, put the drugs and dirt bikes in the troopers LTD, we were off, making America safe from crime, Tommy looking so hot in his hat, noticing his whiskers, he was all man, his still love of me, all good, but baby boy was all man, didn't hesitate to off that cop, pleading to be allowed to use the siren and lights, Tommy was my boy.

  Weren't the others surprised at our new ride, Jill loving the the fact we could spy on the cops, she put Bobby to work, solving the cops radio, computer, his first test of his abilities to lend something to our unit, our terms getting much more militaristic. Turns out Sarah could shoot aces, belonged to the local gun club, her use of the M40 sniper rifle stunning, she was happy, quiet, willingly to listen, our girl, didn't sex her, let her ease into it, the trauma of a dirty, fat, slob biker mounting her must be horrific. Robert took her under his wing, he was a sniper in Nam, knew how to hide,knew how to hunt.

Joanie was new to guns, Jill gave her the attention she needed, no time, the rack of bones was ripping up trees with her Uzi, more important she killed a deer, ripped it up, got all horny, her and Jill headed to the bedroom, Jill's grin sloppy, my girl wanted some pussy, didn't we all. Tommy and I showed Ronnie how to use her Uzi, we also got a first tit grope, they were huge, big as Jills, Kidding that it was like a Russ Meyers film around here, the kids didn't get it, I'm fuck old. Her tit meat was firm, heavy, nipples perky, meaty tummy, Tom lost her jeans and panties, her ass fat, built to spank, we did, her sighs, squeals, her cunt a forest of red, so sexy, her lips spread, moisture leaking, she wanted it, we gave it to her, double porked her, her body so soft and bouncy, our cums awesome, all of us at once. The clapping from Jill, Joanie, Robert, Bobby and Sarah real funny, they were all naked, Jill and Joanie holding hands, Roberts arm around Sarah who had the look of a girl who just found out how nice sex could be, Bobby looking confused and excited at once, his bone dripping.

  We all got after one another, Sarah was delightful, loved to fuck, Bobby was shy, Jill and Joanie took him upstairs for a confidence building session, my girls sweet, that Bobby had already hacked into the cops computer network, we could see where every Statie was, their assignments, they were neutralized to us, Bobby believed he could hack through the Staties into the National Guard, oh my, kid was a computer wiz, his special talent, that he returned my tongue kiss, welcoming him to our family, was nice, he belonged, would earn his keep, his next job, revamp our security network, wanted him to review what we had, make upgrades, had to be done fast, though I wouldn't deny him his time with Jill and Joanie, knew they would pamper him, make him believe in himself, rescue him.

  Sarah was tight with Robert, they got on together, her interest in his war deal, cute, Robert, like me, like most hard cores, did not like to face that monster, yeah, had great memories, but other side of the coin was ugly, blindingly, stunningly ugly, opened up a can of raging emotions, but he doted on her, was gentled by her softness, her need to touch him, they loved each other, Jill dug it, her love for Papa big, Tommy asking if Sarah married Papa would she be his Nana, cute boy.

She loved to hunt,would spend days alone in the woods, could track better than Robert and I, that was saying something, Sarah could almost always hit the target she chose, uncanny her aim, Robert giddy with her talent, she would be our sniper baby, her only request, that she could go bury her parents, didn't want their bodies left in such an evil state, God yes, why didn't we do that. Fuck it, we all got dressed, dressed for war, flack jackets, helmets with radios, we all had Uzis or MP5s, Robert and Sarah also carrying their M40 A3 sniper rifles, we had grenades, one of the Browning M2s, the SAM system, loaded for bear, took the step van and the cop car, figure any Staties fuck with us, we could handle them easy, they had handguns, we had muscle, lots of muscle.

    Their bodies were burnt, but we buried them, gave them some respect, how hugs meant something to Sarah, Jill explained she was now my daughter, her and Tommys sister, she cried, all the girls sobbed tears of joy, Tommy trying to be a man, I kissed him, told him he was always my girl, he sobbed, hugged his new sister, what a family. The kids sullied the bloated remains of the bikers, Joanie taking a first rate dump on one of the dirty pigs, Tommy and Jill hacking bodies up with their machetes, my sexy explorer girls.

  I saw them coming, about eight bikers, what was this, a cheap B movie from the eighties, got my clan down, behind the vehicles, everyone loaded for bear, or filthy bikers. Thing about a pack of bikers they always assume they have the advantage. They got off their bikes, bad ass walked towards Robert, he volunteered to decoy them, Papa was a man, he had his hands up, telling them he was cool, I knew they were punks, would kill him for the fuck of it, my soft clicking, we opened up with a righteous laying down of metal, their bodies disintegrating, body parts scattering, saw a chunk of hairy skull land on an abandoned car roof, through it all Robert stood calmly, a man among flying body parts. How we reduced them, the kids torturing the two unlucky bastards who survived our opening act, getting their pants off, letting Sarah castrate them with a machete, no time for details, she just hacked them off, in their mouths Jill stuffed the dirty junk, Tommy gassed them, set them to burn to death alive, sweet, dont fuck with this family.

  The pigs had nice hogs, Robert and Sarah riding their Harleys home, they would stop at a nearby farm, see what was going on, the couple, and their three kids, were hippies, you know, home schooled, grew organic crops, loved the earth, whatever, Sarah knew the oldest daughter, said she was sexy and funny, we shall see. Our little interaction with them was all positive in the past, the kids healthy, sexy kids, Jill and Tommy drooling over them, the parents likeable, funny, a bit to earnest with their good will, there farm producing high end veggies, but we wouldn't abandon them to the zombies roaming the roads, Jills term, dead on, fuckers were looting and pillaging on bikes, assholes, no planning, just dull thuggery, if they were taking stuff to use, to survive fine, but these fucks only wanted to destroy, not in our neck of the woods.

    The rest of us grabbed two more bikes, into the truck, we all piled in, Jill whispering this was it, time to dig in, her body shuddered, Tommy so scared, when she went on visions, her body looked ill, her face often screwed up in pain, like she was discarding her mortal flesh,Tommys want to touch her,comfort her, he had before, once, only once, his hand flew away, his fingers had angry red burns on them, didnt heal for weeks, we knew, Jill was the special one.

  She came out of it spent, sweaty, shivering, Tommy now cuddled his sister, I stroked her goose bumped arm, tender words, she spoke her vision, a closing in of a ring of fire, she sensed much fire, as if the forests were burning, lots of thugs passing near, groups of soldiers, her absolute certainty, they were evil, always good when my girl was back, so tense while she seered for us, that she swore they came on her like lightening, she described the vision as starting off as a blinding flash of light, a loud roar, then fuzzy images, as if a broke TV was giving it the college try, didnt know if I could handle that shit, amazed at how strong Jill was, her makeup first class, born to rule, not just lead, Jilly was here to rule, she was everything a Queen was supposed to be, better than everyone else, she shouldered our well being, only Jill could make us whole.

  We made the call, me and Jill, we would close down the house, move ourselves into the bunker, time to act, instead of reacting, Jills visions never wrong. Called Robert, they were cool, were bringing the neighbors, all five of them, they had killed six intruders so far, good for them, they were loading up a truck, their guns, lots of fresh food, canned stuff, some more chickens and a few goats, would be over quick, told Robert we were in a code red, he understood, would move fast, wanted him safe, Jill had called John, he was on his way with mommy, his whining that fuckers were everywhere, someone tried to break into his humble lodgings, he had nothing, a black and white telly, no cable, he didnt care. We knew John was a problem, he was alright, but we didnt want to share a bunker with him, had to work that problem, Jills giggles, she wasnt sure she wanted to a share a bunker with her oinky mom, Tommy wanted to eat her, really eat her, Jills deep kiss answered him, his sexy lip smacking, dancing around, singing the Im eating Jills mom song, sweet.

   Set up a work schedule, Robert and Ronnie drove the ATVs, each had attached trailers, to the inland bunker, loaded with stuff. Tommy and Sarah rode the Harleys, Sarah looking quite Dyke on hers, Jill groping her nice, they had packs on, would leave the bikes at the bunker, we had a separate underground garage, could hold several vehicles,we would also bring most of our tools there, then Tommy and Sarah would ride back with the ATVs, do it again. Joanie and Bobby took the pickup, it could barely make it down the concealed, old logging trail, they only went ten miles an hour, the ruts deep, but the had a full load of weapons, security stuff, as they would be charged with setting up our security perimeter, Joanie knew puters, not like the whiz kid, but she was in the ball park.

Well, she actually wore farmer jeans, her fat tits bobbing around, Jan, the wife was sexy, smiley, kissed me on the lips,mm, Grover, that was his name, seemed nonplussed by all the carnage going down, would soon find out why. The kids were related, everyone had black hair, the same such white skin, Cammy was sixteen, big tits, looked always turned on, maybe my imagination, Jr, Dad named his kid Grover, isnt that child abuse, was fifteen, a runt, looked weak, unlike Cammy, who just blew a huge bubble, then giggled, Jr looked sad, like he wasnt in on the granola eating fun at farm hippy, he was a sour teen,yuck.

  He looked almost like an angel, like he wasnt of here, swore he glowed, his skin insane white, his eyes deep, broiling aqua blue pits, felt his power, Jills audible gasps, Tommys shudder, they felt it, thirteen year old Cain was not just a real cute boy, he had some power, his aura positively glowed, need to get this cleared up now, Jill decided to figure it out, i was glad to get away, packed my papers, loaded our small safe onto an ATV, all our computers gone, personal shit gone, felt a little down,felt like we were retreating, conceding ground, Tommys hug, he always knew when to hug, like he sensed the need. His wonderful idea, get Jills art supplies, move them to the bunker, my boy, how deep my love for him, his ability to think of others, we both ed sneered at Jr, he was whining to his parents, didnt wan to be here, fag.

My Jill got it all worked out, Jan and Grover were diddlers, loved their kids a lot, Jan admitting it, kidding they loved them all over the farm, no abuse except for Jr, he was not a team player, whined, pouted,they didnt hurt him, just kept him locked up in a dog cage, except when he did his chores, not wanting to deal with the pouty brat, typical liberal dogooders, spare the rodders, pretty cool they had been fucking their kids all along, you never really know your neighbors. Grover joked that it was good they named their younger son Cain, maybe he would emulate his Biblical name sake. Jan did the talking for them, Grover very laid back, was a perfect worker bee, he was one of those perpetual motion guys, needed to be doing something, we could use that, he also knew how to do stuff, making fast corrections to Roberts fertilizer ratios in our bunker green room, they also grew weed, Jans laugh, every successful farm in Maine grew dope, the real cash crop.

   Grover was gonna be fine, he even brought his own guns, including a home made repeating double barrel shotgun, could fire forty shells in a minute, amazing destruction, he looked ready to cum when he showed off its power, telling us he finally got the gun working, titanium barrel, everything else melted from the intense heat. Jill and Sarah sucked his chubby seven inches, he was happy, told me to consider his kids mine, I didnt need anymore hints, me and Tommy worked Cammy to distraction, her cunt wet. a warm tight hole to plow. She enjoyed sex, loved my fat cock, Tommys hard smooth body.

  More important, Cam could run a house, meaning she knew how to can food, cook, sew, garden, her real talent, Jan pointing out, she could calm animals, telling how Cam, when she was only five wandered off, had been confronted by a full grown black bear, the bear had responded to her soft words, let Cammy rub its belly, showed submission, when Grover got near with his shotgun the bear had licked Cams little face, ran away, we all giving Cam the you go girl look, her nonplussed response, animals were people to, hard to fight that.

  Jr was going to be trouble, he was whining again,was hungry, fucker had a belly, he wasnt hungry, he was spoiled, he would know hunger, id see to that, Jill giggling, reading my hostility, her want to sacrifice him, felt it would bless our rew home, my baby had ideas. Jans admission, they were lost with him,t5hey had spoiled him, in an attempt to make him happy, he was always bitter, Her laugh, he was tiny in the penis area, there you go, Cammy telling Jill she couldnt even feel his little wee wee in her, Cain was way bigger, like his Dad, this was working itself out, nicely, Tommys grin, his whisper, Jr was on borrowed time.

  Jan wanted me to train Jr, I told her it was to late, he was down by the water, out of ear shot, avoiding work as usual, he wasnt going to cut it, living in close quarters, he would sour the others, their choice. She told us they had discussed killing him earlier, Grover had the same concerns, was bringing them all down, I mean, as she laughed, they had two sexy kids who loved to fuck, a great farm, everything perfect except the perpetually whining Jr. They agreed quick, both of them excited, we would offer up the sour bastard, as a sacrifice to the Gods, more as a way for everyone to get a little anger out,  we would all bond in his blood, Tommys giggle, we would all have no problem working him, his sourness like a black cloud, and wasnt there enough darkness surrounding us. We all watched him, throwing rocks in the water, to good to for us, to good to help us, the fucker threw a rock at a duck, Tommys rage, Jill gave him a look, he got it, we would have our fun, her quick words, back to work, Jill wanted us dug in, felt the coming wave of violence.

  Funny, as I loaded my tools into one of the Atv trailers, everyone followed Jill, Jan and Grover responded to her every command, the other kids knew, she was the one, I was the enforcer, but Jill was, sooner or later, going to lead us, only she could see into the darkness. It looked like another boarded up, unused cottage, we had ply wooded the lower windows, sunk the boats, in shallow water, we could get to them if need be. As we prepared our final trip, only Jill, Me, Tommy, and Jan left, the others at the bunker, stowing shit, Robert running things.

Of course Jr was still being lazy, his face a mask of impotent rage, who was he fooling, I knew tough, wasnt tough, we would know soon, real soon. I called him over to us, he ignored me, Jan laughed, told me to have at him, I did. Little baby was shocked I could move that fast, I was on him, fists pounding, dragged him into the chilly lake, started drowning him, would let his head up, tell him I would kill him if he even hesitated to follow my orders, he babbling, coughing up water, fag.

  Jill and Tommy stripped him, my god, he was comically tiny, even with shrinkage, he had an one inch pecker, Jan saying it didnt get much bigger, his tears, the kids teasing him, Tommy waving his fat seven inches at him, Jill telling him at least he wouldn't miss what he didn't have when she castrated him, Jan giggled loud, he started crying for his mommy, kid was slow, Mom was sexually excited, wanted her sons destruction, sour boys made the best victims, everyone hated them, even their own flesh and blood.

  Let Jill and Tommy work him quick, lots of punching going on, Jans words of praise for Jills prowess with her fists, my dadiness stroked nice, she could hammer, enjoyed it, Tommy punched cause he wanted to hurt someone, Jill just adored bopping someone, drawing blood got her happy.

We hog tied the fag, hung him from a Bobcat, outfitted with a bucket, raised high, Jr was  swinging in the wind, naked, his penis on display, sobbing, bloody, his life. We were just moving out when we glimpsed Johns truck bouncing down the dirt road, we had forgot them, Jills giggles, that was her answer, John and Mom weren't going to cut it. As I went to meet them, Jill sped to turn Tommy around, wanted him with us when we made this deal.

  Mom was naked, looked old, used up, her groveling at Jills feet, kissing her boots, begs to save her, how abused her body was, yuck, Jills grace, Mom was saved, for now, Tommy taking her in the Bobcat, Jills order, dope up Mom, let her sleep, decide later. John was a sad case, he had his service duffle bag, joking he was reporting for duty, I don't fuck think so, Jills obvious amusement, loved letting me twist.

  We didn't hate John, didn't want to off, he was a Vet, for fucks sake, but there was no way he was sharing a bunker with us, he was fat, stank, he seemed to have a phobia for soap, was a bore, he told stories that went on and on, like his paragraphs didn't jibe, only he seeing the point. His need to piss, told him the house was boarded up, go in the woods, he waddled off, Jill and I, Jan was happy to hang back, discussed it, our sureness, he couldn't come to the bunker, then, BOOM, I was transported back to the sandbox, laying on the ground, ears ringing, heart racing, piss dribbling, wondering if I was dead.

I was on top of Jill, took us a minute, the stillness after a loud blast always so fucking unnerving, our laughs huge, the idiot had stepped on one of the mines we left near the house, his body parts all around, his torso near us, ugly, Jills giggles nonstop, had to admit it was quite funny, you never know, if only every problem worked itself out so cut and dried.

  Her kisses deep, passionate, my look, she reminded me that I had managed to cover her with my body, protect her, my reply, always, she was the Queen, she would lead us, we all knew when the real shit came, when the ring of fire was closing in, Jill would lead us, Jans playful sarcasm, don't worry about her, as we realized she was covered in pine needles, Johns bits and pieces, like someone gave her a half assed tar and feather job.

  Swore we laughed all the way to the bunker, I mean, fuck, you couldn't make this shit up. We did spend time cleaning the trail, you would never find it off the dirt road, it was well concealed with pine branches, the next mile of trail overgrown, easy to wander off, if we were found, it would be luck, or from the air, aircraft or sattelite, that was a problem for the future.

  Everyone was busy, things getting done, Bobby and Joanie had the cameras set up, we had a perimeter of half a mile, total vision, on the bunker monitors, or on our Blackberrys, sweet. Jill pointing out that they were a perfect couple, Joanie giggling, Bobby had two big heads, little piggy. Bobby asking if they could rig a defensive perimeter, he seemed confident that they could mount the ten Browning M2 .50 cal machine guns we had obtained from a military wholesaler. Fuckers had been around since WWI, still the best big machine gun, could be deadly accurate at over a miles range, forty rounds a minute, sustained, could knock down low aircraft. 

    Bobby's plan, some mounted in trees, two  near the bunker, controlled from the bunker, one on the pick up, Mad Max, Jill calling me, I could see us driving through towns, wasting fucks, the burst of a Browning is quite sexy, the vibrations, the heat, the burst of noise, metal flying sexy crazy. We done good with Bobby and Joanie, they had their roles down, Jill kissed them both, they looked like they couldn't be any more happy, pleased their Queen, that's as good as it gets. They were off talking their geek talk, making us all safe, telling them of my pride, their walk bouncy, happy in their world, our world, unlike Jr still hog tied, naked, swinging from the bucket, they prettied up the place, didn't sour it.

Jill and I went for a walk, talked it out, while Tommy led the others in completing the setup of the bunker, assigning daily chores, Robert and Tommy also would set up battle stations for everyone, if we were attacked, wanted a smooth response, we would practice that shit daily, it meant something, it meant everything.

  We held hands, kidded each other, kissed now and then, our walk relaxing, shutting out the present chaos, even for a few moments, important. Time came to  decide, there was fourteen of us, though Jr didn't have long, and Mom would never be of us, Jills choice, that left twelve of us. We werent sure about Ronnie, wished she had some obvious reason for being with us, a plump fuck pig body was not enough, though we both agreed the girl was superfine cunt meat, her personality happy, she could cook, we would install her as chief cook, put Mom to work with her, let them decide if they ever fit in.

We would do Jr as soon as we got back, not wanting him to sour the place, wanting to give everyone some release, a little blood bonding. Glad we invited the neighbors, Jan and Grover would be fine, they both loved to work, were generally happy, good looking, loved to fuck, stone cold killers, perfect neighbors. Cammy was to adorable not to want around, again, she was stupid, but funny, honest, knew her limits, fit in, could also fuck your ass off, she adored sexing people, also had no problem killing, but her way with animals was stunning, she already had a mangy fox, he looked so skinny, following her around, it was like a dog, laying beside her when she sat, where Cam went that fox was sure to follow.

It was strange and amazing, Jill telling Cam that the fox was not sleeping in the bunker, kidding that unless he was house broken, well Cammy hiked her skirt, let a piss rip, her cunt so sexy, ordered Fred, she called her fox Fred, to follow her lead, simply pointing to her steamy piss on the ground, the fox did it, looked at Cammy for approval, her head pat, his tail swinging mad, one happy fox. Fred was the bunker pet, he was also a wild fox, would attack on Cams say so, nice to have an attack fox.

  Jill was still unsure of Cain, knew he had visions, saw ahead, but didn't feel his heart, couldn't see his intent, felt a certain coldness, her fear, maybe she was jealous of him, no, no, held her, told her, not the time to doubt her minds eye, evil had powers of its' own, we would watch him, clue Tommy and Robert in on the Cain watch, we did both agree he was beautiful, his cock fat, looked obscene on his tiny frame, we would watch him, but also fuck him all we could, never pass up a beaut.

Decided it was time to include Tommy and Robert into these talks, needed to plan in case something happened to either of us, sucked talking this, but life had gotten quite violent, only matter of time we were back in a fire fight, Jills vision looming large, one thing to waste over confident fat bikers, another to face off against disciplined troops. She felt someone was missing, her smile, they would present them self, she would know, just as she knew of the others.

  Headed back to the bunker, we watched our family, everyone busy, they had cut Jr down, he was still hog tied, covered in piss, nice. Tommy was digging pits, surrounding the bunker, Robert and Sarah setting up steel poles, all had sharp points, covered with fertilizer, nice, nasty touch, wouldn't kill, we wanted to know anyone that got this close, they would cover the pits with wood, covered in brush. Bobby and Joanie up in a tree, kissing, shit you not, we were all smiles, they looked  sweet, two geeks in love. They had a M2 rigged in the tree, mounted an ammo box, five hundred rounds, knock down a mountain, all operated from the bunker, well concealed, our defense nice.

  We cooked a deer Sarah bagged, Fred digging the entrails, good fox, everyone famished, we ate the meat off the haunch, feeding each other, lot of laughs, closeness, much taunting of Jr, no food for him, why bother. Ronnie started to dry teh deer skin, another plus for her, Mom kept in the kitchen, Jill nor I wanting to deal with her, out of sight...

I sent Tommy, Cammy, Fred, yeah, whatever, he grew on us, was a happy fox, one team, Robert and Sarah the other, check outside the perimeter, then try to sneak back to the camp, Bobby and Joanie monitoring the cameras, good test, everyone was a stealthy warrior, enjoyed being invisible. Jan and Grover were clearing land, we wanted to expand our line of sight, also stockpile firewood and lumber, the Woodchuck, a trailer mounted portable saw mill capable of turning two foot thick trees into quality lumber. Jill took Cain to bed, thats how she put it, needed to connect with him, wanted to see into him. Jan and Grover were also fucking, he had her over a freshly cut tree stump, buggering her like a mad man, for a long timed married couple, they fucked a lot, a fuck lot, at least twice a day, amazing.

  I rutted Ronnie, cause she was nearby, right in front of the still cruelly hog tied Jr, her body so soft, so curvy, all woman, would let Jill decide, but I voted keeper, she was a stunning cook, enjoyed feeding us, her mother instinct, could also fuck with joyous energy, she moaned, groaned, dripped cunt juice, her nipples physically twitched with passion, mm mm, Ronnie was a perfect bunker mom, she would feed us, nurse us, love us, our den mom.

  She had no trouble feeding my pie to Jr, teasing him, he was going to die with a belly full of man juice, go girl, taunt him cruel. We heard Jill screaming, I was off, in the bunker, cock swinging slimy, by her side. She was naked, her tits red and nips hard, cunt lips glistening, looking at one of the monitors, Bobby and Joanie manipulating the cams for better looks at something. Jill explained, she was fucking Cain, got a blinding vision, a boy heading here, through the woods, he was good, She knew this, he was her missing soul, the last piece of the puzzle, she exhaled. Joanie picked him up, he was young, in a long black coat, his hair was white, his long flowing locks, he was over the top ethereal, like a ghost, he was an albino, his eyes fiery red, didn't look scared, looked intent, like he knew where he was going, shit, he was heading here, wasn't lost, he knew us, that's fucked.

Bobby contacted Tommy, who picked the kid up, would bring him in, while Robert and Sarah would try to sneak back to camp. Cain came out of the bedroom, Jesus, his cock was amazing for one so young, his body so white, hair so black, he looked like healthy death. He wanted Jill, she didn't want him, her sureness, could tell she was being insincere, telling Cain they had to meet the new kid, would be together later, she dressed, he slinked off to the bedroom. Her urgent whisper, Cain was a dark soul, it hurt her mentally to fuck him, she didnt understand the emotions, all storm clouds and raging anger.

   He was not a God, just a kid with the ability to see ahead, Jills laugh, she was stronger, could beat him, we decided to let him lie, Jills superior powers always monitoring him, Bobby sticking a mini cam on one of Cains shoes, the camera fit in a shoelace eyelet, aint tech great, could follow him around. It was wearing on Jill, not wanting another Stan, really didn't want one with power, he couldn't get out of our sight, he would know all our secrets.

  Bobby saw Robert, he was so blended to a tree, we really had to stare at the HD screen, the old goat winked at the camera, Robert was of the woods, he was good, but we never got Sarah, she just appeared in our midst, so fuck eerie, I mean we were looking for her, Robert beaming with pride, his baby, they were off, needed their time, their age difference was forty five years, yet they were passionate lovers, always together, Sarah pampering her man, his arthritis bad in his feet, she would rub them for hours, his sighs pleasing her, good girl.

  He looked even stranger up close, Fred would not go near him, feared him, he wasn't tough looking, looked angelical, but you knew he came with many violent charms, if Jill radiated specialness, this wild child was his own sun, he didnt even seem to notice anyone but Jill, their eyes locking seemed to heat the air, much power was on display.

  Jills amusement, knew his name, Trevor, had dreamed of him, his voice was soft, as if he was spent, he saw her, us, called us all by our names, told me he loved me, my confusion, Jills laugh, telling me that I was the most important one, her giggle, only one me, felt sappy, Trevor kissed me, deep, it was strange, like I could feel his energy, like kissing a vibrator. His explanation of why he was so tired, hadn't slept in days, had to dispatch, his word, many obstacles, again his word, kid was one serious killing machine, opening his coat, he wore body armor, had matching AA-12 shotguns strapped to each arm, his muscles ripped. The AA-12 was the most powerful weapon ever, an automatic shot gun, twenty round can, no one could touch that, throwing walls of titanium capped lead balls at an orgiastic rate. Around his waist he wore a wide black leather belt, holstering matching Colt SAA .45 caliber pistols, the gun that won the west, his belt buckle a large silver star, our ranger boy.He had a machete, several blood stained knives strapped to his legs, his cowboy boots black dyed snakeskin, capped with mirror shiny stainless steel tips, the fanny pack looked odd, he had it filled with Kashi GoLean bars, his preferred diet, maybe that accounted for his whiteness, kids go figure.

     He had slayed at least twenty fuckers, Jill realizing she felt them all, surges of energy she would be zapped with from time to time, voices excited, figured the time frame, they were into swapping energy, Jills need to bed Trevor, no one could deny that had to happen, just hoped they didnt set off a nuclear fuck reaction, it was all so fucking weird to us mere mortals, the look on Cammys face priceless, she hadn't a clue, though she volunteered to lay with Trevor, damn nice of her, Freds going to Trevor, showing him his belly, if Cammy wanted him, Fred wanted him, thats quite endearing.

    It was stunning, the way Trevors eyes glowed red, the whites of his eyes were red, but now his pupils glowered redhot, his arms tensed, guns pointed, body rigid, muscles rippling, all at Cain making an appearance, Jill didn't miss that reaction, no one did, us normal folk, as if watching an intense tennis match, Cain surely felt Trevors wrath, he flinched, briefly, then his face smiled, looked almost used car salesmanish, he introduced himself, was quite charming, his horse cock swung back and forth, like he was hypnotizing someone. Trevor relaxed, we all relaxed, Jills call, time to have a little feast, to celebrate our all being here, her absoluteness, this was who was supposed to be here, door closed. let it play out.

While Ronnie and Mom whipped up a a buffet of side dishes, the rest of us started working Jr, untying him, how the ropes had lacerated his young flesh, the kids got busy, Jill and Trevor side by side, he was tall, his age fifteen, but he was a man, his stomps hard, his look amused, like it was fun, but he wanted real violence, having been around enough hard cores, knew he was a firefight junkie, excelled when under extreme duress, never considered it possible one so young could be so skilled in the art of mayhem, would love to walk the line with him, safe in his cover.

  Tommy and Cammy were teasing Jr, they were gonna let Fred eat him, thats an idea that had to be sampled, Jill telling Tommy to smear some of Jrs blood, from one of his many wounds, on to his toes, hell yeah, as we all held him, Jan, his mom, teased her boy, he finally served a purpose, fox food, then she belted him in the face, exclaiming she always wanted to do that, Grover really busted his sons face, his wish that he had done it sooner, well Cammy wanted in on the family fun, a sweet knuckle sandwich to his adams apple, he made silly choking noises, Cain was not to be denied, we all knew Cain needed to do this, it was after all his older brother, he drove his fist into his brothers face like a fucking locomotive, Jrs mug distorted, bumpy, angry colors,  Cains erection same as mine, Jill sighing she wanted both of us tonight, eighteen inches of fat meat, she was giggling, how quickly Cain had wormed his way back in, we still were weary, just let our guard down.

  It was fun watching Fred chew Jrs toes off, he liked sour boy toes, Jan giggled, the fags screams priceless, we were all holding him down, working him with our fists, Grover spitting at his disgraced son, no one would miss his ugly face, as he grabbed Jrs hair with a meaty fist, snapped his head down, made him watch Fred chew his toes off, thats tough love folks.

  The trick was to get him secured to the spit, wanted his body to cook even, we werent just torturing him, we were cooking him, wanted him roasted alive, we wanted really fresh boy meat. After removing all his body hair, rubbing his battered body with olive oil, salt, pepper, giving him a high velocity enema, we lifted the metal spit onto its braces, three feet over the glowing coals, slow cooking, lots of basting him with his blood, he was freaked, we didnt care, had to see this, had great potential, the guys taking bets how long he lasted over the fire, the girls deciding what wine to sip to such a sour piece of meat.

He looked sexy, tied up, swinging form the spit, Ronnie stuck a carrot up his ass, Grover wedged an apple in his sons busted mouth, piggy, his eyes wild with fear, his skin reddening, the flames low, his skin a light brown, Robert and Tommy spinning him, wanted him even cooked. We built the fire up, his skin browning, his hair fired up, was gone, his head a series of blisters, his eyes popped, his tongue, swollen fat, wormed out beside the smoldering hose, he died hard, we cut his stomach open, ripped his entrails out, his heart, Jill letting Cain chain saw his brothers head off, ugly, distorted thing, Tommy stuck it on a six foot sharpened stake, nice warning, dont fuck with us.

  He smelled divine, cooked perfect, we butchered him, first letting the meat rest, everyone sampling different cuts of Jr, agreeing he was sweet tasting for such a sour boy, his tongue delicious, fed Mom his fried cock and balls, her disgust, Jill Tasered her, right in the cunt, Tommy and Grover spreading her legs, she ate all his junk, then we fed her his raw heart, she ate, her face all bloody, her eyes mad, told Jill Mom had to go, she was feeble, her giggle, not today, Mom needed everyones best.

  You never know, Jr was so tasty, we made him all gone, gnawing his meat off his bones, his ribs superb, grade A, we raised a glass to the sour fag, I forgot his name, everyone finding that amusing, he was forgotten, like last weeks pot roast, one less miserable bastard annoying people. We had all par taken of the feast, Fred was even sated, all felt the power Jrs flesh gave us, we took his lifes energy, made it ours, Jills command, we would need more fresh meat, it would make us invincible, like the Apaches, eat your enemies, take their life force. Cammy kidding that it tasted great also, we all agreed to that, everyone full, content, we set the watches, all headed to our cubbies, everyone paired off, Jill and I would bed Cain, the whole night, Jill wanting to draw him out, plus she really wanted both of us to do her, horny girl.

Jills Fire Chapter 9

by roccodadom44

WARNING this tale contains all sorts of bad shit, snuff, underaged, torture, gay, scat, if this bothers you, please go elsewhwere...rocco

Robert and Sarah would have first watch, four hours of monitoring the perimeter from the wall of video screens in the bunker, boring, but fuck important. Jan and Grover were taking Tommy to bed, he wanted it both ways, my bi baby, he was still undecided about his sexuality, good for him. He had become de facto Chief Petty Officer, CPO, the boss of the grunts, at sixteen, pretty fuck proud of him, kid could lead, he wasn't mean, tough as nails yes, but he knew how to make people do hard shit, get those people to feel lucky that they did it, thats a gift in and of itself. Realized that was his true gift, running all the little shit, freeing Jill and I to think big, this thing big, lots to think.

    Bobby and Joanie were off, reading to each other, tech manuals, like it was poetry, to them it was, their power strong. Their nerdiness was really their power, freed them to obsess over computers, not miss social interaction, that they were a couple accepted, Joanie had already asked Jill if Bobby could impregnate her, Joanie wanted Bobbys seed, knew they would produce a super child. We decided if things mellowed over by Christmas, the girls would all get knocked up, have babies around September, not ideal to be preggers in the summer, but Jill sensed a need to carry on with life.

  Trevor helping Ronnie dry Jrs skin, she would use it to cover a pair of boots for Queen Jill, they seemed right for each other, his reticense, a really not here quality, made for Ronnies easy, energetic spirit, they balanced each others extremes, his kissing her, Jills smile large at her children, he was freaky beautiful, with his armour off, his body ripped, she was all fuck pig, no one could look at her body and not want her, the bulge in Trevors leather pants large, Ronnie was going to be one happy piggy, she was so turned on, her cunt leaked, her nipples throbbed, skin flushed red as her thick bush, her lips parted, tongue licking them, as if she were thirsty.

  We took our time, Cain and I massaging Jill, lots of kisses, body licks, her moans driving us, our cocks throbbing with want, her pulling Cain to her, his cock buried in her pussy, I knew where I was headed, went slow up her butt, we didn't do that much, her sphincter relaxed, I was in, Jill was full of cock, her sighs, told us to get to it, we did, fucking her legless, her cums many, our cocks rubbing between her thin walls, how we hugged Jill in our love sandwich, our mutual cums intense, we flooded her with our semen, her final orgasm a holler fest, Jill was sated, we were sated, Cain snoring softly, not so much as a goodnight, little selfish bugger, though we agreed, he was one well hung kid, his meat still impressive, skin still shiny with Jills juice,mm mm.

  Both of us restless, mutual consent, we enjoyed sex with Cain, didn't want to share a bed with him, whereas Jill gave off such comforting waves of heat, Cain shivered you, the boy had issues, we agreed it was there, Jill knew it had to be, was meant to be, so be it. Cain was among us for a purpose, we all had roles to fill, would see what Cain brough to the party. We showered, lots of tenderness, she was still tingling from her multiple cums, felt good to have this time alone, her promise, I was still the one, always the one, her giggle, vision of us married soon, her preggers, all the women preggers, life would survive, her sureness so calming to me, we were on the side of righteousness, that allows the confidence to flow.

  We dressed in matching  ACUs, combat fatigues, winter issue, handguns strapped, armored up, MP5s ready, decided to go for a late night stroll, Sarah and Robert on the ball, showing us the tape they copied, a gray wolf, very rare for New England, it was a beast, where most grays were about eighty pounds this fucker had to be two hundred  pounds, looked all muscle, the way it was circling our perimeter, like it was calling us, weird. Jill got Cammy up, she had been brushing Freds hair, weird was all relative around here. Didn't think Fred would last long against the beast on the video, but we had Cammy, she would know what to do, our resident Dr Doolittle.

   Jill and I carried our MP5s, Cammy asking to go ahead with Fred, they would talk to the wolf, that it didn't sound strange, strange. Tough call, but Jill let her go, saw a good outcome, her giggle, an oversized gray wolf didn't just show up on our doorstep, he was sent. The beauty of Bobby and Joanie, we could follow Cammy on our Blackberrys, split the screen, could see the big bad wolf, jesus, he was the perfect wolf, strutting like a lion, king of the forest. His eyes bright red, like laser beams, his teeth shiny white, like a rack of razor sharp knives, his body, Jesus, throw a tank top on him, like he belonged on a beach in California, all chiseled muscle, pure predator.

   Fred was all tense, his tail stiff, back arched, growl low, Cammy pointed, he lay, as she approached the wolf, she had balls, she had power, the wolf was up to her neck, four feet of beast, outweighed her, but she was magic, we couldn't pick up her words, the nearest mike distorted, but what we heard was foreign, mix of howls, words sounding French, much circling by Cam and the wolf, ending with the huge bastard haunching down, Cammy got on his massive back, he carried her, she rode him like some trippy cowgirl, her bared tits swinging sexy, her Uzi tightly held, Fred by their side, stepping up the weird, Jill, giggling as ever, asking what's so strange about a half dressed girl riding a freaky huge wolf, her pet fox close behind, all normal for this neck of the woods.

  The wolfs name was Marcel, he was from Canada, a frogger, go figure, had come to warn Jill, evil knew her name, that was Cammys interpretation, Marcel warning that the evil ones were many, rabid, but that one was special, Lucy he called her, though he couldn't see her, when he felt her presence, his minds eye went dark, he would be as in a stupor, had to will the dark gone, his fear of Lucy deep. He also told us, or rather barked and howled to us, Cammy putting words to it, that she adopted a french accent cute, men in blue were going to attack tomorrow. Even though it was serious, serious as shit, Jill had to crack that she hoped it wasn't Blue Man Group, better to die violently than be bored to death by pretend hipsters.

Marcel was gentle to Fred, who obviously adored the big wolf, like the scrawny runt getting to pal with the class jock, they were off, telling Cam they would patrol, not only watch for enemies, also find prey. Lot of shit to digest, Jill wanted solitude, needed it, her sleeping alone, I standing watch with Cammy, she was a wreck, worried about her boys, her term, wouldn't worry much about a freak monster wolf, we saw them from time to time on the cameras, how Marcel could move, all agility, all lethal muscle, a killing machine, glad he liked us, was of us.

    Bobbys hysterics, everyone scrambling, Jill up, disheveled, but calm, She knew why Bobby was freaking, he, she corrected herself, we had forgot about the GPS chip in the cop car, what Marcel said right, Maine Staties wore blue uniforms, the cops were obviously heading to the boarded up house, wow, sometimes the smallest things will kill you, that Marcel saved us was huge, we could trust him, Jill making sure Bobby realized we had all fucked up. My time, got everyone together, even our animal friends, had to tighten up, no more mistakes, they would be deadly from now on. Wanted everyone who went outside the bunker fully body armored, always carying their chosen weapons, always wearing their helmet, radio on, always ready for war.

   Had everyone but Ronnie and Mom sleep, they would watch for the rest of the night, as they would stay in the bunker, a last line of defense, Ronnie could operate the mounted M2, supplied by a 500 round box, Mom had several fragment grenades hooked on her ammo belt, thats all she wore, she was happy to be included, Jill making one more attempt to save Mom. Marcel wouldn't sleep in the bunker, Fred joined him, they lay together, near the steel door, their body heat warming each other, Marcel told Cammy he needed space, wasn't a damn house dog, that's funny. In our room Jill and I made slow love, she was weepy, felt the strain of responsibility, who wouldn't, I loved that I could comfort her, she was giggling in no time, my tickles helping, how good she felt to me, her warmth my pacifier, her need for me my salvation, she straddled me, her glorious tits mesmerizing me, rode me hard, like she wanted my fat cock to hurt her, she needed her rough daddy, needed to feel some pain, I took her over my knee, gave her a heavy spanking, her moans sexy, her ass glowing red, on fire, her cunt leaking mad, holding on to one of her tits as I whooped her ass, sweet, her skin that of a Goddess.

  We slept solid, woke refreshed, our kiss deep, we fucked our favorite way, missionary, our foreheads together, eyes so close we could see each others souls, almost, we could read each others minds, swear we passed thoughts, we would get close to cumming, stop, whispers, kisses, jokes, the world at bay, just us, how strong this made us. I could feel my muscles growing, hardening, as if she gave me strength, felt like I was twenty five again, could fight for days energized, her feeling I gave her wisdom, her brain absorbing all my experiences, we made each other whole. Our orgasms perfect, she did her tongue thing, slightly out of her parted, full red lips, so sexy, her nipples looked ready to burst they were so hard, pink gumdrops, her supple body tensed so erotic, white flesh displayed, all woman, my woman.

  The shower always nice, soaping her body a joy, she had the sweetest nooks and crannies, love to just feel her womanly hips, the way they flared out, veed down to her perfect cunt, her thighs soft as air, her feet, her giggles as I professed my undying love of her sexy, big feet, she dug that I loved her as is, why not, Jill was perfect, she was a perfect woman, that she was a Queen, made her divine, I slept with a real Goddess, telling her that I was going to get a bumper sticker that said that, her giggle, fuck sleeping, she wanted me again, right in the steamy shower, her legs around my waist, I banged her, an animal rutting, our cums explosive, her trying to suck my face off, her soft breasts against my chest, legs squeezing me tight, her cunt holding my cock hostage, her tender words, that we all be safe today, my promise to protect her at all costs, her modesty, my facts, she had to lead us, sorry, I wasn't in her league, didn't have visions, I had common sense, could figure it out, Jill needed to destroy Lucy, almost as if it was a wild west showdown, one on one, high noon, her soft gasp, she dreamed that, her not taking it serious, because of the western theme, thought she was dreaming about some fag cowboy movie, wow, her kiss inspired, she figured we were both growing together, her King she called me, as ever, she was my Queen, our giggles, her seriousness, it was time, enough said.

  Nice to see everyone dressed, except Mom and Cain, who claimed he was ill, couldn't fight today, I was outraged, as ever, Jill worked me down, she was glad, Cain had made himself visible, no doubt he was here for dubious reasons. He went back to bed, the fag, I secured his door, a steel door, Cain was sleeping in till we returned, told Ronnie to waste him if he escaped the room, no time to play his game, he was poison, his beauty, charm a front, behind the pretty, was deep ugly. Our warriors looked ready, but not to ready, there is such a thing in combat, better to have some fear, made you aware, otherwordly aware, like it was a sixth sense. Glad it was winter, with all our gear on we would struggle in the heat, only an inch of snow cover, just enough to track or be tracked, we had three snomobiles, that was six riders, Robert and Sarah on one, Tommy and Cammy another, with Marcel and Fred following, and Jill and I the last, we would assault the invaders. I spread the others out in the woods, a ring around our old house, to flank us, also as a reserve, to attack on call.

Jan and Grover had the SAM with them, would dispatch any air cover the smokies had, Bobby and Joanie were armed to the teeth, they had one of the M2 machine guns with them, on a tripod, ready to rip away, Trevor would patrol alone, his preferred way, lone wolf, he looked like a one man fuck army, with his shotguns strapped on, his black leather coat stylish and practical, lined with Kevlar, he would rush to fill any gaps in our lines, important to keep the Staties in front of us. Felt like we had everything covered as best as we could. We let Marcel and Fred check out the area where we left the cop car, they quickly reported to Cam, two men in the woods otherside of the house, Marcel scented many more close by. Left the loud snow machines, we snuck through the minefield, Cammy telling us, Marcel could sense the mines, smart wolf, we took up positions in the tree line, near the house, Jills sigh, the house would burn today, sad, we had loved that place, our place, told her I would buy her a Castle, her giggle, she rather liked the bunker, felt secure, a home for our time.

I could see the dummy, he was fully body armored, but he stood out like a sore thumb, dark blue he wore, we were all in our winter ACUs, blended into the white dusted tree line, professional warriors, Tommys voice, the fucker was mere feet from a mine, two steps this way, boom, Jills chant, come on, he did, it did, BOOM,all the body armor in the fuck world wasn't going to save his ass, took a minute, a real minute for his fragments to settle.

  They were quick, at least twenty, all dressed to kill, my pep talk, use caution, but remember these were Staties, most of them out of shape slobs, sat behind a steering wheel, dealt with wife beaters and drunks, we would win if we fought smart, already Robert spotted the leader, he had gold braid on his collar, loser, just like the Brits in '76, the officers standing out like glowing targets. Sarah got him, long shot, through his soft, exposed throat, his head almost snapping off, blood spewing from his mouth and neck, Sarah didn't miss, ever. The others were spooked, stopped their forward movement, started firing at whatever, though we were all in that fire line, we dug in, let them waste their power, unnerving as ever to stay stil while lead crashed all around, impulse always there to run, no one did, my warriors.

  Bound to happen, Robert took a bullet, right bicep, not life threatening, but we realized we had no doctor, that would have to be rectified. Gave the order, pick targets, we unleashed a holy volley, seven fucks were sprawled, the others ran, cowards, left their wounded, one of the retreaters stepped on a mine, see ya, another down from the concussion. Marcel and Fred got one of the fuckers fleeing, let them have their fun, as they savaged the screaming lunatic, Marcel had his midsection in his over sized jaws, thrashing the fuck around like a ragdoll, snapping his back, spilling his entrails, as Fred nipped at him, chewing off a hunk of face, good wolf and fox, mean wolf and fox.

  There were three fucks living, called in the flankers, we would follow the tracks of the cops, make sure they cleared out, first had Bobby get the GPS chip out of the cop car, kidded Jill the house still stood, her sarcastic grin, giggle, hand to her ear, I got it, heard them, got everyone mounted, into the deep woods, they had called air cover, our giggles, it was a helicopter, machine gun mounted, but it was only a copter, Let Grover and Jan work the SAM, fuck not fast enough, the assholes had dropped a bomb on our house, a big fuck bomb, we felt the blast a quarter mile away, the house didn't exist anymore, just a twenty foot deep smoldering crater, the debris still descending to earth, Jill giggling, wondering if we have bomb insurance. We didn't miss with the Sam either, the copter doing it's best fireball impersonation, one of the pigs sailing to earth, his body a human torch, everyone cheering, my loud knock it off, didn't need loud cheering in my head, already wondering what would happen if they called in Navy bombers, even if we survived, this beautiful world would be reduced to smoldering nothing.

The cops had packed up, retreated down the road, still didn't believe they left their comrades, bad karma for them, that was every warriors pledge, never to leave their pals behind, we were facing evil, immoral fucks for sure. Made the call, Jill and I, Tommy and Cammy, and her full of fresh meat animals would try to find a doctor, Roberts wound clean, Jills hands made it glow, it semed to shrink, his smile, he could feel her love, that's comforting, we had powers, not just firepower, we all felt we had right on our side, that's real power. Robert and the others headed to the bunker with the three wounded Staties, who we stripped first, looking for any GPS chips, the kids teasing them, how we were man eaters. One was not going to live, his head wound serious, the other two would, told Robert to medicate them, secure them, treat them like proper POWs, no rough stuff, hostages are good. Ronnie would treat Papas wound further, the others would begin setting up small fire stations, concealed, protected with logs and metal, places for us to dig in, fight off whoever, still worried about air bombardment, but at least this kept everyone busy. Trevor would take his Harley,tire chains clanging on the frozen dirt road, head to Solon, tiny town nearby, Jills confidence, someone special was waiting for Trevor, her kiss for him deep, they glowed, so beautiful they were, He was off, an over the top Fonz for the age of violence.

  As we headed to Kingfield, hoping to find a doctor at the small medical building, Jill was seated behind me on the snomoblie, her arms around my waist, felt good, knowing she was safe, Robert catching lead sobered us all, sure Jill calmed the wound somewhat, but a head shot would be different, fighting soldiers, instead of faggy Staties, who were more interested in how much overtime they made, would be different. Still had time to dig the scenery, the snow, it was light flurries, making the evergreens even more beautiful, the stillness of rural Maine its own beauty, the smell of wet snow, mixed with pine, happied our noses, Jills hard hug, we were talking through our minds again, quite intoxicating, we were becoming Gods.

  We stayed off the roads, used trails to get to town, the main road was heavy with fleeing souls, like the Dust Bowl migrations of early last century, Jill wondering why people took furniture, what the fuck were they thinking, our society was slipping away, United States becoming undone for ever, and they clung to imitation wood, stapled crap, fuck them, as long as they kept moving, they were, Bobby and Joanie learning from Ham radio losers, people were being told to head to northern Vermont, a huge tent city being opened, they would be fed and sheltered, sheep to slaughter, rounding up the undesirables, any one who willingly entered a refugee camp deserved death, there were vacant homes every where up here, no skiers clogging the streets, the chalets empty, but these fools wanted someone to tell them what to do, save them, they feared the real game, survival of the fittest, that was the end game, call it Darwins game.

   We burst from the woods, snow machines racing, guns blazing, a large group of hooligans trying to pillage the stately Herbert hotel, a ring of bloody cops blocking them, see, we could be on the side of law and order, we must of mowed down a hundred fags, Marcel and Fred had hardons, Marcels cock at least a foot long, they really did, their blood lust so high, Marcels teeth blood stained, how he could snap a full grown man in half, but when Cammy got on his back, made a charge through the panicked mob, her Uzi laying down souls, like she was mowing down wheat, the way Marcel avoided the cops, instead headed back through the mob, at one point Marcel had two fags in his giant jaws, swinging them, battering others down, didn't know why, but we were gonna save the Herbert, Jills smile, something important lurked there, not for now, her wish to spare these cops, all of them locals, just neighbors with guns, they were awed by our powers, Jills word, they all hung on every word, that she was almost seventeen not even considered, we would leave them be, if they left us to our compound. They weren't fools, wanted to go protect their families, though several had decided to take over the Herbert, turn it into a block house of sorts, planning to cement up the ground floor windows, fortify the entrances, Jills sureness, this was to be, we left on good terms, Jills gift, we would give them one of the M2s, the cops all mesmerised by Jills beauty, her obvious Queenness, some of the wives gave us baked pies, we didn't giggle, didn't mock, were touched, beauty peeking out amongst the ugly, all agreed we would take back boring old, isolated, nothing much ever happens Maine, any day.

     We saw him, stooped over a wounded woman, Jill knew, called him by his full name, Dr Augustus Greenberg, he looked like a troll, shrunken, tiny, he had to be a hundred. My look, Jills shrug, when she knew she knew, maybe not why, but she knew this old fuck was our guy. He was quick, limber, his body all hard wired, Christ, he was the most vibrant ancient dude ever. Tommy cracking to Jill, were we opening a nursing home or what, He didn't fly, just seemed to, that's how fast the doctor was on Tommy, had him down, appeared to be pinching Tommys skull, freaky, swore his fingers entered Tommys skull, the way he froze, as if a button turned off, Jills giggle, the doctor had stilled Toms cereberal cortex, temporarily stilling the ever energetic Tommy boy, Jills quip, that was good medicine. She hugged the doctor, kissed his bald head, he groped her tits, her giggles, said his cock was rock hard, seemed oversized, his wizened voice, the doctor could still deliver, we all dug this merry senior, his healing powers strong, his brain a perfect reasoning machine, could see shit, knew Jill, his laugh, she was even more beautiful in person, her blush, great grand dad could dance the pussy.

He freed Tommy, who appeared a little dazed, but all right, Doc kissed Tommy, told him he was quite beautiful, our boy about passed out with joy, the doctor picked up his black bag, told Jill he would drive to the bunker, knew where it was, getting silly, if everyone knew where we were what the fuck was the point of hiding, Jills point, the right people knew, hopefully, only them. Docs insistance he would bring his wife, his joking, we fuck hoped, that she had robbed the cradle marrying him, he was off, precise steps, walking through screaming, blood drenched carnage, his green fedora, a nice touch, from the rear he appeared young, able, virile, strange times these.

  Looking at all the spent bodies, the crows already feasting, much cawing, I wanted out of here, saddled everyone up, we were off, headed to the bunker, again, the refugees were never ending, an infinite line of misery, the stark truth, nothing could put the world back  together again, this was the new world, anarchy was all the rage. Saw a fag, he was one of the roamers, a few fuckers were away from the masses, obvious pillagers, this creep was trying to burn a barn, the animals long gone. Why Jill wanted to know, what the fuck was the point, cause he was evil, cause he was not of us, that was Marcels answer, through Cam, French accent intact. I told Marcel and Fred to get him, but bring him alive to the compound, they were both excited, Cammy telling them to behave, their asses swinging to beat the band, they wanted to please us, that is a good thing, again, Marcel was a freak, a perfect kill machine, they were off, the fag was betweeen Marcels massive jaws, screaming, Fred happily trailing his pal, we would use the creep for a little entertainment, evil needed to be savaged, not just stopped.

Jills Fire Chapter 10

by roccodadom44

an original work by roccodadom44

WARNING  this tale contains Snuff, Underaged, Scat, Gay, be warned.....rocco

   To be home, our bunker was our home, took so much pressure off, to see all our family together, Trevor was minutes away, returning from Solon with, as he described her, a very powerful woman, hmmm, Jill could almost see her, sensed her good vibe, that meant something. Bobby and Joanie were manning the security room, also chatting with ham operators all around the world, as the internet was starting to crash worldwide, world gone dark. Joanie explained that the whole world was in a rage, rioting, lawlessness, anarchy for the sake of anarchy. Gave them both a hug, asked Ronnie about Cain, her hesitation, her nervousness, enough to alert Jill, as we opened the door to his room, I was ready to kill, wow, the room was empty, the fuck had disappeared. We got Ronnie and Mommy to agree they felt a frigid blast of air, then there was a slight cloudy vapor racing across the room and through the wall, what the fuck, over.

   Everyone was jumpy, tough to even comprehend the shit going down, we got everone settled down, Jill explaining that Cain was a vessel for evil, was no longer human, wasn't even alive, a zombie for Lucy. He knew all our secrets, Jills laugh, it didn't fuck matter, Lucy already knew, Cain was meant to stay with us till the real war came, that he was to visible, his evil to apparent, he had failed, Lucy had failed, Jills power trumped all. My turn, ordered everyone to get to work, something always needed doing, sent Marcel and Fred to escort Trevor back to camp. 

The one Statie had died, the other two looked tough, open, bloody wounds, the way Jill looked, the bright white surrounding her, powering her, her hands gently pressing on the cops wounds, the way the holes closed up, all gone, surreal, my girl, my Goddess. The cops were weeping, hugging Jills legs, the rest of us pretty much stunned out, I mean that was it, Jill didn't heal them a little, she changed them, changed the laws of physics, that was fairly godlike. She helped the cops up, told Fran to outfit them, arm them, their ready agreement, they would war for Jill, they would die for Jill, building our army, gathering our warriors, Jills giggle, these cops had one thought process, protect their Queen, building our Royal Bodyguards.

  We were all gathered around the punk we had caught burning a nearby barn, he was naked, hanging by his hands, feet feet off the ground. His stomach and back were crisscrossed with angry purple bruises from being carried in Marcels powerful jaws, the fag was on the verge of insanity, unable to control his bladder or bowels, pig. Jills honesty, telling the fag he was going to return to Hell soon, first we would torture him brutal, Jills smile, Lucy felt his pain, this she knew, just as Jill felt Roberts bullet wound as if she were hit, Jills rage, she would make him pay for his sins, would send him back to his Mistress broken and shamed.

  Jesus, sweet fuck jesus, things kept getting stranger, degrees stranger, as Trevor broke through the trees, his Harley had been customized, armor plated all over, there were machine guns, Uzis, resting on each hand grip, but who he was carrying was freaky, she had to be the biggest woman ever, it was comical the way the bike kept tipping back, her weight easily four hundred pounds, but not till they got off the bike did we realize she was at least six foot six, lots of fat, but the muscle was there, she was not soft, even her mountainous tits appeared rock solid, this was one scary broad. She was wearing mens clothes, all blue denim, pants tucked in to her bright red cowboy boots, her button down shirt embroided with red roses, shirt sleeves missing, ripped biceps exposed,around her ample waist a holster, looked like matching S and W Model 500s she was carrying, the unquestioned most powerful hand gun ever, fuck ever, matching cannons, the 500 was a .50 cal magnum, fifteen inch barrel, weighed five pounds loaded, each bullet two inches long, could blow holes in concrete, fuck sake, this oversized mountain mama was loaded for bear.

  Trevor explained, Donna was her name, he knew she was one of us, when he found her, she was holding off a group of thugs, had slain dozens, was a sight to behold, Trevors obvious awe, seeing as he was a bonified killing machine, awe was unusual for him, but Donna was a freak, a perfect wall of violence, her voice was soft, whispery soft, she was Solons librarian, hate to have her visit me over late fees, she had been waiting this day, knelt at Jills feet, dreamed of her nightly, ached for our time, her words, saw this as a chance to set things right, no more would she be ridiculed for her size, time for the righteous to rise up, her voice at last matching her size, her words like a shiny, swinging watch, we all believed, we all felt a belonging, Jills hand pulling Donna to her feet, Jills declaration, Donna was our preacher, our motivator, also a lethal kill machine, how Jill was lost in Donnas hug, like a child, we all got a hug, how good she felt, how we all agreed she had magic, her power strong, her laugh deep, full of goodwill, her loud exclamation, she was home, we all were pretty happy for our time, as happy as possible, the power here was massive, could feel the lethal energy building, like before a hurricane roars through.

Let everyone have their fun with the punk, lots of fun, he was quickly reduced to a babbling idiot, all of us guys ass raped him, while the girls destroyed his cock and balls, using knives and pliers to rip him up, his balls hanging free from his ripped open sack, how his sphincter flexed with his pain, quite a fun ride, as I ice picked his back silly, driving my excited rod up his bloody butt, evil would be broken. Jill decided that the fool wasn't fit for human comsumption, Marcel and Fred had no such reservations, Fred chuckling, he ate squirrel, raw for fuck sake, this was prime rib compared, aha, every fox is a wise guy. Let the weakened fag get a running start before our animals had him in pieces, beautiful to watch, killing machines, the way Marcel and Fred shared their booty with the other meat eating animals in the compound was quite endearing, Jills wish, that fuck humans could learn from that heavy shit.

  One of our joys, having dinner with the assembled troops, minus Grover and Jan who were on perimeter patrol, with Marcel and Fred, it was a deeply relaxing thing, a way for all of us to share ideas, worries, a dredging of our collective mind. Jill and I sat at a table with Tommy and Robert, an Officers Mess if you will, the need for a chain of command right, everyone enjoying Ronnie and Moms cooking, our need for calories big, the way we all were ravenous, like as if this wild life left us faminished for sustenance, to watch all our children, happy, all confident in their skin, all part of our blanket of good, a part freaks and losers, together beautiful and righteous.

  The conversation flowing when Donna dropped a bomb, just throwing it out there like a bit of nothing, it was everything. Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, sub yard, nuclear sub yard, that the USS Virginia, a kick ass kill machine, head of its own class of sub, was in drydock, its eight 200KT W-80 nuclear warheads, removed from the Tomahawk missles on board the drydocked sub, stored at the closed prison, guarded by marines, that the subs twelve Harpoon missles were sitting in a weapons shed pierside, still carrying their five hundred pound high explosive warhead, not nuclear, but quite spectacualr all the same. Harpoons could easily be configured to surface to surface, Roberts piping in, the arms guy up Moosehead way had a MK141 Harpoon ground launcher, that Donna knew all this, she tried to contact the authorities, all cops were the authorities to our librarian, her sarcasm heavy. As with most times in her life, she was met with ridicule, her huge shrug, if she knew their were such weapons laying about, Lucy surely knew as well.

  Like a bell went off, everyone scrambling, talking, trying to do everything, doing nothing. My booming voice got them all in order, everyone was to turn to, do their chores, work on shit, turn in early, watches set, time for some reflection, Jill and I walking the compound, her desire to act fast, saw those weapons as an answer, Donna was here for a reason, to guide us, her moral shield larger even than her freak big body. My doubts, I had been stationed their briefly for training in my military time, not a fortress, but Marines were not State Troopers, most guys catching an easy billet like a sleepy small shipyard were veteran war grunts, all used to dancing, a respite for lifers between endless  war tours. Brought everyone not on watch, Cammy was with Marcel and Fred, ideas, Bobby downloading classified photos and video of the base, brought back memories, the red brick buildings, quaint cobblestones, the imposing brick prison on the slight hill, kidding that Jack Nicholson was great there, the kids wondering what he was in for, wow, told them their assingment was to watch the Last Detail, when actors acted, or something.

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, named for a city in NH, was in Maine, an island, two lane road to enter the base from the mainland, the rest surrounded by water, the guard house staffed by rent a cops, getting in would be easy, even with monitors, so many alleys, the buildings endless, how to get at the nukes, stored in the prison, Donnas confidence, they were in the basement, in a max security cell, nice, see, the Marines knew how to make things tough for us. Joanie gave us a detailed diagram of all the buildings, loaded into our blackberrys, everyone left, except me and Robert, we would draw up a plan, assigments, much to plan, little time, Jills parting wisdom, not to overplan, let our babies do their thing, the way everyone eyes followed her, as she slipped into our chamber, my baby, our sun, we did nor survive without the Queen.

  We figured speed was the key, having access to their base intranet, we could see their schedules, watch changes, when Robert showed me the pay stubs for the civilian guards out front, eight dollars an hour, wow, surely the price of security was higher than that, we could eliminate the front gate as a worry, Trevor and Donna would take them out, their was always two guards, at eight an hour, why not three, ha ha, no difference, we would slaughter them, after Trevor and Donna would back up our asault team. The civilian wackoffs also patrolled the base and buildings, the Marines only guarding the empty prison, holding  our nukes, and any warships in port. Would instruct Trevor to take the guards out softly, give the rest of us time to fan out, wanted a full fire line, not crazy about killing grunts, but we had to have those warheads, rather Lucy could not get them, Jills solemn warning, Lucy would end the world with them, it was as heavy as possible, no middle ground, failure not an option.

  Tommy would lead his unit, Cammy, Bobby and Joanie to the sub, take out the three Marine sentries, get the stored Harpoons, they would be loaded on a tram, could be towed by any of the hyper golf carts lying around the yard, they had forklifts that would load the thousand pound missles into the semi. Gover and Jan would patrol the front gate, stop any local cops from answering any gunfire, guard the eighteen wheeler we would steal from a truck yard in Portsmouth, Grover would drive the weapons back to the compound, escorted by our motorcade of bikes and weaponed up pickup.

  Ronnie and Mom again would guard the home front, their roles cemented, accepted, Ronnies need to excel at weapons training, she wanted to be with us, set in stone, her and Mom were our own version of the National Guard. Marcel and Fred would patrol the outer base, pick off any stragglers, less chance of our being flanked, Marcel would also tow a tram to the prison door when called, speed up our removal of the nukes.

   Left our assault team, Me, Jill, Robert, Sarah, Trevor and Donna, would have to be ruthless, already called that shit, dispatch everyone in our way, no time to be hesitant, we had the interior of the prison commited to memory, my biggest fear, getting the six hundred pound warheads out of the cellar, figured the jarheads got them down there, and they were never accused of excess heavy lifting, Roberts suggestion, bring portable winches, winch the fuckers up to the ground floor, the inner prison open from the bottom to the fourth floor, see, cover all holes, do not ignore rays of sunlight poking through your plan, lest they become raging infernos, castrophe.

Her body as ever warm, comforting, crawling into bed with Jill was always the best feeling, her sigh at my soft embrace, her smile in the barely clock light, my everything. Her magic hands thrilling my skin, the gentle rubbing of her silky smooth ass cheeks against my aware cock, slipping into her with sureness, our love, familiar, yet always better, how she led me with her frantic ass waves, the way her fingers sought out my face, as if to make sure, her need still there, her trauma of dead daddy deep. Our cums unified, rolling her through several always leaving me so sated, like my purpose done, satisfy the Queen. Weight of the world, still, we slept content, sure in our righteousness.

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